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File: 1600083736678.jpg (53.71 KB, 1242x792, Tm7XET2.jpg)

This is fucking retarded I know but I'm terrified of losing weight. I really want to lose weight but I'm so scared of possibly having loose skin and shit, and thus hating myself more. I'm so scared that it prevents me from making progress and it's making everything worse. I'm about 5'4 and 205-ish lbs. anons will I be fine?

No. 630076

Loose skin shouldn't terrify you anon. Yes, it might happen but it is better in the long run than being obese and never being at your full potential. And maybe if you do have loose skin after you've lost weight in a healthy way, you could opt for procedures that removes the excess skin? I've heard that is a thing. But really, even if there is loose skin, it isn't bad, you lost weight and worked so hard, it's almost something to be proud of tbh. My aunt is at around your weight and she has been steadily loosing weight and seeing her become more comfortable and more active and confident makes me feel so happy for her. All she does us eat the same things but in lesser amounts and walks a lot. You can do it anon!

No. 630077

nowadays some insurances will even cover surgery for skin removal since it actually causes issues with cleaning and chafing, and most people don't even have noticieable scars, go for it anon!

No. 630080

I've heard that to minimize loose skin it's best to loose weight little by little rather than going on a diet & sport cold turkey. You will still see some change in your skin depending how overweight you are/were to begin with, but loosing it slowly but steadily is the way to go. Good luck! & make research

No. 630082

File: 1600085635277.jpeg (33.33 KB, 402x525, Edb0QouUcAAY6BW.jpeg)

Girl same, same.

I'm in an even worse position than you at 5'5, and 300lbs. I am quite literally so scared of saggy breasts, stretch marks, loose skin on my belly. Not only that but I'm terrified that my boyfriend is going to feel differently about me (we met when I was 50 lbs less than I am now).

I only say that because I personally find it jarring when a person with a fat face loses a lot t of weight. I'm sure I'll be fine and look pretty but WHAT IF, y'know? What if my bones being exposed really jigs him out?

On top of that, I always get really inpatient and worried about the holidays.

But we dug this hole for ourselves and we gotta get out of it.

So, double-chin up and start eating less.

No. 630083

samefag but when I say I find it jarring I mean, it's mostly when they lose it quickly and there's a lot of loose skin in the neck area.

No. 630086

File: 1600087287231.jpg (33.96 KB, 420x413, aa1.jpg)

On day 5 of Chloe Ting's 14 day shred or w/e the fuck and I swear this bitch wants me dead
What the fuck is an up and down plank!!! Why am I doing this, I'm fat!

No. 630088

File: 1600087688918.jpeg (302.98 KB, 1759x1582, EgyKSlTU4AUjogD.jpeg)

This girl started at 245lbs. It's worth it, anon!

No. 630089

I feel your pain anons, it’s discouraging to think about all the unwanted side effects that can possibly happen with weight loss, but ultimately you’re making yourself healthier which is the most important. The weight loss before and after thread on /g/ is pretty good for inspiration!

No. 630091

I know what you mean, even regular plank makes me think I'd rather be dead, the one she's doing is just cruel… but it's all for a good reason, it all HAS to be worth something in the end
that pic is EXACTLY how I feel in my head, perfect choice

No. 630093

I have a close friend who started testosterone and is nonbinary. They just got a partner a few months ago and all I know about them is their sex life/kinks. I feel so bad for questioning all of it.

No. 630096

Anon, you are on lolcow, it's okay, you can use regular pronouns here.

No. 630098

She’s probably pretty tall though. It’s worth it anyway, of course!

No. 630101

Don't NBs usually skip the hormones and just cut their hair short? Like why even take male hormones if you're not aiming to be seen as male?

No. 630102

There's no reason you need to know everything about even your closest friends' sex lives unless you want to. You can set boundaries, though newkweers don't know how to adhere to them despite talking throwing the word around kek.

No. 630105

Some mtf troon I know encourages young NBs he knows to "try hormones!" anyways to achieve a more androgynous look/"you'd be surprised at how they can help you achieve your enby goals!" Hormones are for everyone, anon.

No. 630113

It's just so painful, anon…She's the cutest and most bubbly sadist I've ever seen. But it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone. Good luck!!! We can do this.

No. 630242

File: 1600100421075.gif (892.1 KB, 260x256, UnfoldedSoggyDwarfrabbit-max-1…)

I keep getting exhausted at around 5pm every day.

I mean falling asleep on my keyboard and unable to keep my eyes open no matter how hard I try. I usually have a coffee and vitamins when I start feeling like this but they don't help. I've gotten blood tests multiple times and I'm not deficient in anything anyway. In the past I'd take a nap (especially if it's after work and I feel like I've "earned" it) but I'll sleep for two hours and go into this state that I can only describe as when you've got the flu or your period and you physically cannot wake yourself, you're just going in and out of consciousness but keep getting pulled back into a deep, deep sleep. My bf will try multiple times to wake me and I'll just instantly go back to sleep. Sometimes I'll fall asleep like this on an uncomfortable chair or even while standing up. I'll wake from the nap feeling the exact same, not refreshed which is why I'm forcing myself to stop doing it. If I don't take it, I just get increasingly more moody, depressed and tired. I'll usually either collapse from exhaustion or sit there unable to do anything for hours. Then I feel like I've wasted two hours of my day napping or sometimes the entire day just glued to the sofa or bed because I'm too fatigued to do anything. Once 11pm hits I get a HUGE surge of energy. Even if I force myself to sleep (which I usually do because work), I'll lay in bed for HOURS just staring into the darkness. I'm never even thinking about anything interesting (just stupid shit like what I'll have tomorrow for dinner) and I'm not daydreaming because I have aphantasia. I've talked to my doctor about it and she said all she can offer me is sleeping pills but she won't give them to me out of fear I'll get addicted. Has anyone had this same problem and overcome it naturally?

tl;dr regularly fall asleep at 5pm and come alive at 11pm but I've no idea how to correct this

No. 630245

Is it not the coffee you're drinking? When I worked an office job, I would start at 6am and have a strong cup of tea in the morning, and by 10am I was crashing so hard I would have to sleep in my car on my break. I got myself into a vicious cycle until I stopped drinking caffeine and since then, I haven't had that intense tiredness. Turns out I am just very sensitive to it.

No. 630249

>anyways to achieve a more androgynous look/"you'd be surprised at how they can help you achieve your enby goals
I’m sure they’ll be thrilled about the cystic acne, mood swings and dried up vagoo

No. 630256

Don't forget the receeding hairline and man-voice that are both permanent, so after they return to female they'll have that to always remind them of this awkward phase in their life

No. 630264

I crave a decent burrito.

No. 630265

I hate the placement of my eyebrows on my face. I have to laminate them and brush them up with styling gel to stop them from making me look depressed. My tails dip and go down instead of go up then slightly down at the ends. It's so annoying how ugly I look when I don't have my eyebrows brushed up. People used to think I was miserable.

No. 630267

Even if I only drink it later on in the day, like at 4/5pm?

No. 630268

Thanks so much to all of you. <3 This made me feel so much better.

I wish you all the best, anons. We can do this!

No. 630269

File: 1600103142340.jpg (76.67 KB, 583x722, 1563805093560.jpg)

>moms birthday
>buy her a $30 bouquet (cheap but it was the prettiest i could find)
>feel horrible because i couldn't find any other good presents
>give them to her
>she keeps talking about the flowers all day and how they're so beautiful, taking pics of them for Facebook and shit

>''These are the most beautiful flowers I've ever received, anon''

>laugh and say she's gotta be kidding
>''The only flowers I ever got were those basic bouquets you get from the gas station or the grocery store''
>this bitch has had 8 boyfriends and been married

>tell her jokingly she has to heighten her standards for men

>she starts accusing me of being a gold digger
>turns into long ass argument about how ''love isn't about money'', even has the nerve to ask me if I'm a whore because I expect the bare minimum from men

So fucking tired of my moms pickme ways, being a Cool Girl doesn't fucking work when you're 50

No. 630272

the world is crazy when you can cheat on your wife, but because you come out "bisexual" a lot of people will focus on you coming out and forget the fact you CHEATED on your wife.

No. 630276

Lmao, that's so pathetic but hilarious at the same time. I can't imagine being so insecure about my lack of standards that I'd whore-shame my own daughter for trying to be better. I'm glad you're decent to your mom, it sounds like she's in a lot of denial about the behavior she tolerated from men over the years.

My mom also had this weird duality about "money not being everything" and putting up with bullshit from my shitty biodad and stepdad, yet somehow expecting me to have higher standards and getting pissed at me when I merely replicated the types of relationships I saw her have for years. As if wealthy men would grow on trees and would pick an average girl like me with education and no money, especially when I didn't know how to play men's games thanks to her pandering ways. She was so nasty to me and yet she never bettered herself and waited until these men treated her like outright shit before she did anything.

I just wish women would try to be respectable examples, instead of hypocrites and pickmes.

No. 630280

Far too late to try and change her outlook on men now, at least the flowers made her happy. Happy birthday to her!
I'm kinda glad my mom is fairly based when it comes to men. But that's because my dad was a pos. I remember being like 12 and my mom crying her eyes out to me and saying 'whatever you do anon, never trust men. Not your father, not your husband, no man' because she learned that my dad had married another woman without ever telling her. He can marry two women (upto 4) at the same time, islamic laws and all, in our place it's allowed. But it really was the last nail in the coffin for my mom.

No. 630305

I like it when anons bump threads from 4-5 years ago cause I like to scroll through and see what/if I posted in it kek.
Sometimes I feel stagnated as I currently am but then I look at the stuff I posted from a few years back and realize I've come a long way from being stuck with a dead end job and a loser ex.

No. 630312

>start fresh on deviantart after years
>starting with 0 followers
>post ugly pic I did in an hour of a character from a popular video game
>pulls a few favorites, a good amount of views
>want to delete it because ugly but it's doing well so I leave it
>post piece I worked on for a few hours, has nice colors and looks good in the thumbnail
>character is not well known but from a popular series

Every time. I'm not in it for the views but what the fuck.

I always swear that I posted in a thread years ago, feel like I can remember what I posted verbatim and yet I can never find my old posts. It's frustrating tbh lol

No. 630320

File: 1600109184392.jpg (107.11 KB, 1287x1930, p0aje2ne0ka.jpg)

I'm just so depressed

No. 630323

I probably wouldn’t even recognise my old posts

No. 630327

This picture never fails to crack me up

No. 630334

File: 1600110461915.jpg (252.2 KB, 1080x1074, 1593089280931.jpg)

I am tired of the western art community. While japs are making art circles to make fan games/comics you are all complaining about stupid crap and cancelling people for misunderstandings. I am tired of walking on eggshells, i am going to draw whatever i like and make my passions projects the way i like them and no greasy transgrill with purple hair will stop me.

No. 630335

Me too anon. Depressed and just feeling really ugly. I wish I had a different face but I know that won't actually make me happy.

No. 630340

Same, I'm going back to art but I haven't considered going online yet, I saw that twitter allows us to disable comments now I guess that's nice

No. 630342

Same. People always try to claim that "Asian circles have drama too" which is true, but at least their dramas are warranted. They go after artists for tracing, stealing, scamming and being overall douchebags. No retarded "you sexualized this 20-year old minor" or "you used the wrong pronouns for the character I headcanoned as trans" bullshit. It's much more chill. I'm glad I'm ESL so I at least get to spend time within sane artist circles of my country kek

No. 630348

They have a ton of bullshit drama in the Eastern circles turn the weeaboo down a few notches

No. 630352

nta but did you read the response kek

No. 630355

Show me the Asian artist drama where they got mad for someone not complying to tranny spergouts or claimed someone was a pedophile for drawing a shirtless aged up shounen character and we'll talk lol

No. 630361

oh you lucky duck.

No. 630366

There's a macaw across the street, hidden by a huge bush/fence, and it fucking screams like all the day. My bf and I were walking around my house the other day and we're like, "is this a child?" The owner happened to be outside, said it was a macaw.

I'd be watching Netflix or some other shit and then

No. 630379

File: 1600114191984.jpg (44.84 KB, 474x671, macaw.jpg)

ngl they're cute

No. 630381

File: 1600114308531.png (469.36 KB, 480x438, sad.PNG)

Is it even possible to be considered attractive when one's face doesn't fit the "beauty standards" and you look bad/awkward on like, 90% of the photos?
My bf says I'm beautiful and that his friends think so too and I want to delude myself but in reality all I'm seeing is 4/10 face on a skinny body that makes me tolerable.

I hate living in the society and even having to think about this

No. 630384

Of course it is, anon. You're probably too hard on yourself, first of all. Beauty and attractiveness are subjective, and unique features are way more interesting and pretty in my and honestly most other people's opinion at the end of the day. You don't have to look like an IG model or girl next door or even what you think the epitome of beauty is to still be attractive.

No. 630388

Yeah, I think it is, but only by people who think you're their "type"

No. 630391

I feel all of this so hard. I'm 100% convinced that I'm not attractive because I cannot for the life of me take a good picture. I have a very round face and a weak/non-existent jawline. I have basically one angle where it isn't clear how fat and weird my face actually is. I will literally have an entire day ruined if I'm tagged in a picture on social media because I look absolutely awful in comparison to everyone else. I avoid having my picture taken so I don't have to feel this way. I know it's childish but I really think that people are lying to make me feel better when they tell me I'm attractive.

I don't have the funds to afford plastic surgery, seeing as most of it apparently requires long-term touch ups and isn't a one and done thing. I basically just need to accept that this is how I look and probably only going to get worse as I age, and I don't know how.

No. 630396

i’m in the same boat anon. i hate being so insecure about it too bc it makes me feel so self-absorbed. plus, whenever i get attention from men it’s one of the only things that helps me feel better/validates me as not being ugly, and i HATE it like nothing else. you’re right though, it sucks that we live in a time where the thought of how we look takes up so much space in our heads. it feels like brain rot to me but idek how to get over it

No. 630400

thanks for writing this. My male cousin (don't think about it in a creepy way, it was relevant to an argument he was trying to make) told me I was pretty in passing. It's all I could think about for the whole day because all I could think was "was he just trying to be nice. Does he think I'm pretty because we kind of look alike because we're related and he's just full of himself? what does pretty mean exactly? Am I conventionally pretty or just pretty when I'm dressed up with makeup on and even then I'm just BARELY pretty " It was..psychotic to say the least.

No. 630401

Idk what to do for my birthday this year. I ended a toxic relationship and am friendless. Its a milestone birthday and I don't know if I should just take a night off the weed and let my mum get me drunk while we bitch about boys or sit by myself, order my fav take out get a cake I actually like (this has not happened in the last 5 years) and smoke a load of fat ones. Honestly I think even I know the correct option is to spend it with my mum. Le sigh

No. 630402

Ntayrt but I can't feel validated by shit men say anymore knowing who they find "fuckable" is so varied and broad. Like they'd fuck a chicken sandwich if it was moist enough, and would suck up to it if it meant it would unwrap itself for them.

I've only ever felt truly pretty by other women's standards. Like if my female friends want to be around me, mimic my style, compliment me, and ask me beauty questions. THAT is how I know I have got a look that other women want and want to be around because it makes them look good too.
Gotta say, that's been rarer and rarer for me anymore but I really wish I was still a person other people aspired to be and imitated. Men are the ones who will lie to you to blow smoke up your ass either to reciprocate an ego boost for themselves, or because they want to use you. It's so sad.

No. 630403

If you'll have fun with your mom then do that, but if you enjoy alone time, then get your cake and smoke your fatties. Actually can you bring your favorite cake to your mom's and smoke up with her? Either way, have a great one, anon. Wish I could celebrate with you ♥

No. 630404

I was just about to come type the exact same shit you did. I've never, ever been interested in how men see me but the genuine compliments I get from other women make my day.

No. 630405

I can def bring the cake to my mum's and she'll spoil me in her own way but her husband is a police officer lol. No smoking allowed.

No. 630406

Still no proof

No. 630407

Samefag and thank you for the gratitude, I'll roll one up pour vous

No. 630408

Brain rot is EXACTLY how it feels, I wish I could just enjoy that someone likes me and not think of it anymore

YES anon, it's exactly the same for me, tagged photos are a nightmare, even on the days when I feel like I look ok and I thought I look good in the mirror, what can be seen on the photo is just ruining my self esteem completely.
I had photography classes at art school and had all of the theory laid out on how some people really look much better in motion as compared to the photo, and in general it's very different how others perceive us in real life as compared to a still frame, yet I just can't convince my brain it's like this. Especially if others look great.
You girls are right, and rational part of my brain thins so too when it comes to other people, it's so hard to apply to myself though. I hope I can convince myself someday i really can be somebodys type and I'm not being lied to out of pity…

No. 630410

Yes, I totally agree, nothing like a compliment from female friends when it comes to making me feel good about myself, I know it's honest and women tend to pay more attention to cool details like nice styling, good hair day, well rested-looking face, idk. It's just the nicest.

No. 630416

File: 1600118672259.gif (1.83 MB, 500x225, cryingeating.gif)

I am at my highest weight ever in my life and it sucks
I now have these huge back rolls and I hate it so so much

I am already eating better and lost 2.5kg so far, but I can't deal with these damned back rolls, I wish they'd just disappear first

No. 630421

part of my job is helping cusotmer service with questions they can't (but should) be able to answer and nothing pisses me off more than when they try to hustle me when I'm doing their job for them. Fuckers

No. 630423

I definitely have. And we are in our late 20's so definitely not a 'new queer' issue. Like they were out in HS, parents were always super supportive.

We've been friends for years but they started testosterone a few years ago. Everything that comes out of their mouth is just stuff off tumblr (idk how many times I've had to correct their misinformation).

Like do whatever with your body, I don't care, but why do I need to know about your new body odor? Or what your genitals look like?

I feel like a bad friend for not finding interest in this but I truly do not understand this transition to look…like an intersex person…

Idk I really was trying to give my friend the benefit of the doubt-they aren't like these other nonbinary tumblr kids but they are and I'm not interested in being involved.

No. 630428

File: 1600119820375.jpg (28.37 KB, 451x573, 2158a3d2a5f34e93a711c6f4229161…)

Fuck beauty standards and the detached, lifeless, empty, cold neurosis around them. At this point, we aren't flesh and bone anymore but detached, hyper-fixated obsessions on microscopic details on screens and mirrors that are totally warped and detached from real-life. I'm convinced in this shitshow of a society few people even have a realistic, healthy idea of what they look like. I'm blowing up unhealthy beauty standards with bombs. You're all beautiful

No. 630429

I feel ya anon. Just know you are more than your back rolls lol, and at least it is something ultimately within your control.

No. 630431

>You're all beautiful
Alternatively, we aren't but that's okay because beauty isn't everything and we have value outside of our appearance

No. 630432

File: 1600120208590.jpeg (6.44 KB, 284x178, download (3).jpeg)


Haha thanks anon, that's actually super cute of you

Obligatory pic related

No. 630435

Different anon but having spent time on testosterone myself it definitely does things to the way you think and feel.. ime it's a downgrade. Stunted emotions and a sex drive that perverted me to a point where I'll never complain about my low drive again! It eased my anxiety so much but then being emotionally stunted and a little perverted.. nah I'll just deal with anxiety tbh.

People don't talk about those changes often enough but they're there and it's kind of eye opening to experience both.

No. 630436

Anon we need but don't deserve

No. 630438

My anxiety and low-selfesteem makes me feel really fake. I think about what I'm going to wear days before an event. The day of, I literally think of everything I want to talk about , down to how I'm going to greet people. It's crazy. The other day I visited family after not seeing them for months and someone straight up was like "damn you're high energy today…" almost like it made them uncomfortable and I wanted to die because that's not even how I am as a person, but I try to be more peppy to mask the fact that I'm always feeling down. I hate that I can't just live life as it's occurring. Everything is so planned…

No. 630439

I wish my primary doctor would take me seriously. Whenever I go to see him he brushes off any of my concerns and rushes through the appointment, even when I've told him I'm considering suicide. He's been my family's primary care doctor since before I was born, but now that I'm in my early 20's and live alone I feel that I need to seek out a primary care doc who suits my needs and listen to me, but I feel kind of bad. Anybody ever go through something similar?

No. 630442

Yeah… there's a reason you're supposed to leave your childhood doctor. Here in the states you have to stop going to them at like 20, not sure where you live. My primary doctor would keep praising my mother because he saw the way she treated my once really sick sibling whenever she was in the room with me and it would be at around a time where she was just being a straight up asshole to me behind closed doors. I knew that I wouldn't be able to go to him later on in life when I would be experiencing mental health issues that were literally exasperated by my mom.

No. 630446

File: 1600122021647.jpg (98.5 KB, 560x590, 20060704224055.jpg)

At least they can work together to create something, western artists are so annoying and selfish they would try to cancel you out of jealousy if you happen to have 2 more followers than them.
The only drama from an eastern circle i know is this doujin group that used to do free fighting games and then went full hentai route. Now they send copyright complains whenever someone try to upload their older games. But that makes way more sense than striking someone's Patreon account because they draw something you don't like.

No. 630468

It's hard to not be in your head all the time with low self-esteem, I struggle with that too, all the overplanning and overthinking every little detail; literally no one pays even 1/10 of the attention you would so everything also seems and sounds more dramatic in that circumstance. I'm sure that person didnt mean it as in "uncomfortable" at all, probably made a remark without even giving it a thought before or after. It's really hard to shed, this mindset, if you have any way to see a therapist about it, it will really help.

No. 630471

File: 1600125132415.jpeg (471.9 KB, 1165x613, FF70AB34-DF16-40AF-902E-6D5F98…)

just got an email from the online school i want to sign up at telling me i have to meet them in person to finalize the enrollment. gonna go tomorrow but i'm so fucking nervous. i havent spoken french or even spoken to another human outside of family in over a year.

No. 630490

I'm really tired of my sister. She's my big sister and everyone tells me to be nice because she's on the spectrum. So I let this woman child live with me for the past few years. She works and pays the bills but she's so disgusting and dirty to the point it's a problem.
She doesn't cook, clean, anything. So I have plans to move which will mean she can't pay our current apartment. My family is mad at ME for planning a year ahead and giving her plenty of time to plan.
"Oooh you're abandoning your sister! How can you do this?"
She's 34 feckin years old. I feel my sis acts like a brat cuz everyone coddles her. I'm not her keeper.

No. 630497

Would it be a bad idea to say something about how you're looking for a boyfriend and living with your sister makes that awkward? I know nobody wants to admit to their parents that they're fucking but it's less personal than the real reason

No. 630504

…. you mad genius!

No. 630508

File: 1600129061338.gif (196.1 KB, 250x141, 1410889050756.gif)

One of my neighbors full-on screamed at her friend when I came home today that we need to "go back where they came from, all noisy and shit, running up and down the steps all day!! This neighborhood was great before that house moved in, they need to go back where they came from!!"
I was so confused that I didn't say anything to her.

>I've been working so much I'm almost never in the house

>housemates are quiet introverts that stay in their rooms
>so definitely not "running up and down the steps"
>she moved into the house next door just last fall
>also accused me of putting trash in front of her house
>spoiler, I didn't
>this bitch keeps filling up our trash cans, making them spill over and blow around the block

No. 630510

I hope it shuts them up! I'm sure you all love your sister but it sounds like your parents just don't want her moving back in with them and are trying to make you shoulder it instead tbh

No. 630512

That's exactly it. They kicked her out and keep goin on how this is the best solution without regarding my feelings.
But honestly it wouldn't be a complete lie. I would like to date and it will be less awkward if we lived separate.

No. 630514

Sounds like your parents know THEY will need to step up to help her if you're gone.

No. 630515

Even when you have the most common mental health issues like depression and anxiety it sucks to try and date and trust that men won't use that against you

My first ex left when I was at my lowest. I had been dealing with depression for years already and then my moms health went through a painful decline, followed by her death. Months after her death I was still in bits waiting for my newest antidepressants to hopefully kick in. I got a text from him saying he wasn't coming home. We were married so while I look back and respect his right to leave (my problems were becoming too much to live with) my marriage still ended via text.. and that always stung. He didn't remain my friend either, just noped out. Months after attending my moms funeral he blanked my entire family and me like we'd done something on him. I never lashed outwards at him or did anything more than just cry alot in those months after losing her. I'll never understand that total cut off.

Fast forward a few years and I'm dating a guy ten years my senior, he likes to be in charge but given my anxiety I initially liked being able to hand decisions over to him. My mistake. He also had a temper, if my depression was bad or if I even cried on mothers day he'd lose his shit. After a while me turning down sex was enough to result in hours of screaming. But seeing as I was diagnosed with depression I was labelled 'the mentally ill one' and he was always right.

If I only agreed to sex 5 times in a week instead of 7..it was my depression ruining things or my meds 'stopping us from having a healthy amount of sex' I was always the one with a defect. All his ranting and raving, his need for control, his one sided screaming matches… I never thought I'd have someone so clearly unwell lecture me about my mental health. He had a drinking problem on top of that and all his problems were exacerbated by alcohol. I really wish I could've recorded him at times or had the guts to tell him that simply avoiding getting a diagnosis doesn't make you a sane person.

No. 630518

I don't have any advice but speaking as someone with a loser-ish older brother I really feel for you and wish you the best of luck. I hope you can enjoy your independence sooner than later!

No. 630527

okay so

we are online only this semester due to covid at my university. I gave my school schedule to my work, no problem. But one of my professors is only offering exams outside of his class during times I work. This professor's class is from 9-9:50am on T/Th but gave the first exam on Wed at 4-8pm. I emailed the professor to ask if I can take the exam early because I'm scheduled to work at that time. The professor says okay, he will accommodate me THIS ONCE. Fine, I take the exam and tell my work I can no longer work at all Wed due to school obligations. Everything is okay. Till the professor announces today (Monday) that he will only be offering the next exam this Friday and Saturday morning–no exceptions, and that we should be grateful because everyone who complained of conflict should now be free to take his exam. fuck. what am I supposed to do, there is no choice but to quit my job but there is no way I can quit and leave with a reference before this next exam. I feel so overwhelmed and helpless.

No. 630531

File: 1600131361322.gif (620.75 KB, 440x247, tumblr_mvrbc12xZr1sisy7qo2_500…)

>when my self-absorbed friend wants to talk about planning her bday that's not until February meanwhile no one has said shit about mine that's literally next weekend
I don't always understand people. I couldn't imagine doing this to one of my friends, in fact, pretty sure even if I was that tone deaf they wouldn't have a problem telling me to fuck off. Maybe I just lose my backbone in my state of shock at the audacity.

No. 630532

Lmao this. Your parents just don't want to have to take your slob sister back in.

No. 630537

Your parents got to offload her onto you and now they get to enjoy their retirement safe in the knowledge that you are playing mommy to ..what? You're planning a life of your own??

Sounds like a good idea to create a bit of distance, not to be morbid but your parents won't live forever so the fact that they have you playing parent to her already just means you're at risk of becoming a type of permanent carer when they pass. It's their job to help her get independant while they are still around to do that.

No. 630558

It's def not worth having mental breakdowns over.
I just had a long talk with her about how it just wont work anymore. So she thinks doing the dishes one time is going to fix anything. But also mentioned to her we're getting too old for this and it wasn't going to be forever. We will have a healthier sibling relationship this way too in the long run. I don't want to be her parent, I want a sister.

Thanks anons for letting me scream into the void. It just gives me more determination to just leave the situation I'm in now… well that and I feel like an animal caught in a corner.
Wish me luck next year in a new city!

No. 630577

the wildfire smoke here fucking sucks.

No. 630584

People suck, sometimes im amazed at how everyone loves it when others remember details about them but then won’t bother remembering shit like the birthday of their friend.
at least we’re same week birthday buddies! I hope you can plan something nice, be able to take lots of pictures and post it everywhere so they can see you having a good time without them.

No. 630608

I can't stop crying about this friendship I left a year ago. I'm not over it at all and I don't know how to move on.

No. 630611

Is there any way you can put a lock on your trash can? I hate people that do that.

Also if you think her complaints are going to get worse, rather than engage I’d suggest just keeping a personal log of when you come and go from your house/what times. Maybe even lay some rubber mats on your stairs if you and your roommates are the only ones that use them. If you make an effort and document it (along with any of her psycho shrieking) you’ll look a lot more sane than her if she starts shit.

No. 630617

>lift weights for big arms and legs
>feel embarrassed to have big arms and legs
Bitch…the hell
And if I got skelly instead I wouldn't be personally satisfied. Tired of this.

No. 630618

Pretty sure I'm in danger of getting audited for something I didn't realize was illegal because I'm a fucking idiot. My life is a joke and I really need to just end myself already.

No. 630619

!!!!! I hate that I feel so nosy…. I'm sorry though anon. I hope everything works out.

No. 630620

File: 1600145427536.jpeg (44.74 KB, 828x799, Eha2pZfX0AEsN3T.jpeg)

My "real boi" friend is such a sensitive fucking baby. She will sit there and wallow in her own shit while doing nothing to fix the situation she is in. I've been through motherfucking hell and back and had the goddamn gumption to actually push through. Meanwhile she can't even dance in front of people because her sagging titties (from binding them, no less) haven't been mutilated off yet.

There are times I never wanna talk to her again but also I remember that we both understand each other on a deeper level. I just really wish she would get over herself, quit being a mega bitch, and succeed because no one is gonna hold her fucking hand.

>picrel is my face every time she comes to whine about another unsuccessful venture in her life.

Never met a NEET worse than her.

No. 630626

i'm only coming up to my 23rd birthday and my hair is thinning really bad. I even have noticed a small, receding bald spot at the top of my hair line. i have no clue what's causing this or how to stop it but its freaking me out and i just had to vent.

No. 630630

Literally how can anyone love a depressed person. Loving a piece of shit like me is so difficult and unrewarding. Unironically literally how can anyone put up with having to hold someone while they sob for an hour straight every other week. I know you’re fucking sick of me. I want to cease to exist so fucking much, i am literally nothing but a endless mental drain and burden. They should put people like me down.

No. 630631

No. 630636

anons I promise you are capable of being loved. I don’t know if this will help, but my best friend was depressed for a very long time and stuff like little jokes she made or small things about her would make me like her more. You’re still a person, people love you.

No. 630639

Both my dog and my husband snore and i cant get any fucking sleep. It pisses me off he wont do anything about his snoring at least, and fucking gets mad when i touch him so he will stop. What the fuck

No. 630640

She's not wrong though, it's not about how much they spend on you. Pretty whorish of you to be counting how much they're spending on you as a "standard for men".

No. 630642

Whenever I let my dog out in the yard so she can play and run some rando will pass by the fence and give her shitty food or candy. Why the fuck do you need to give MY dog food?? I get that you think she's cute and all but mind your fucking business. Not everyone loves to give shit to their dog, especially if she'll end up vomiting or having diarrhea. Fucking hell. I spend a lot of money and time grooming and giving her good food and some bitches just feel the need to give her food. Do they think she doesn't eat or something?? I don't even think I can teach her not to take food from strangers at her age. I just know that some day some bastard will sneak in poison and kill her, since mine is such a lovely neighbourhood. I really don't know what to do, I'm just fucking furious.

No. 630644

the only way i am able to sleep through my bfs snoring is earplugs. and when i put them in, my body has an almost pavlovian response and goes right to sleep.

No. 630645

That's what I thought, too. It's like women are purposely going back in time to when women were dependent on men when they think like this.

No. 630646

Maybe you can hang up a little sign asking people not to feed her? If they're just dumb and think they're being nice I'm sure they'd be willing to obey it.

No. 630647

If I do that I'm afraid it'll just motivate someone to give food to her. There's a lot of teenagers around here that like to break things and cause trouble on purpose. Those fuckers threw a firecracker in my dog's face once and now she's terrified of any sound that resembles an explosion.

No. 630650

Nta but holy shit I hate people

No. 630652

Ugh that sucks. Maybe you can set up a second fence inside your yard, so that she can't get close to anyone? Like a play pen kinda thing.

No. 630657

Yeah I thought so too, altough I would be able to cover only a part of the fence, since part of it is actually the gate and well… I can't fence the gate. But I guess it would discourage some people if there's less space where they could interact with the dog.

Me too anon.

No. 630667

I hate when my dad gets drunk because he acts like a fucking idiot and doesn't listen to anyone and lately has become way too fucking political to the point he defends shit he doesn't know shit about because my parents have been brainwashed by the Republican agenda but then thinks the rest of us are dumb when we tell them they're wrong. Like any time I go downstairs they're talking about "those evil BLM protesters" and they always talk about the same shit to each other even though they all share the same dumb conspiracy opinions anyway. We have literally had family arguments/debates that last hours and go nowhere at all because they don't know anything about politics and just have strawman opinions parroting shit like protesters being paid and flown out from everywhere and as far as defending the Confederacy when they couldn't tell you one thing about the Civil War because they're immigrants. I just wish I could get a job so I could move out quicker and not have to deal with this every weekend and at any family gathering. It's so draining and then they say I'm just too dumb and don't understand because I'm too young even though my siblings are almost 30?? Yeah America is fucked and I have no hope

No. 630671

I'm fucking tired of being officially in my 30's and still being treated like a child by the general public because I'm a millennial. Yep it was my fault when I graduated high school the market crashed so I couldn't get a job and had to live with my parents for far longer than previous generations did. It's my fault I'm drowning in student loan debt and have to live with roommates at this age because rent is skyhigh and I want to eat. All of this was triggered by Paul Rudds "wear a mask" skit on twitter and I'm mad I'm even assblasted at a stupid video thats meant to be a joke. It just feels like it's perpetuating the idea grown ass adults in my generation will be seen as petulant children until boomers and a few gen-xers die out completely, and I'll probably be 60 or 70 by the time that happens. Argh why did a fucking corny video get me so heated.

No. 630672

My best friend didn't get me anything for my birthday, not even a card and I forgave her because she was tight on money. She's been at several birthday parties since and every fucking time she bought presents for those friends even if she was still complaining about money. It's been more than half an year and I'm still butthurt about it.

No. 630682

I went to see it and now I'm annoyed too because it's supposed to target millenials yet it uses language and references of zoomers. Boomers constantly forget that millenials are ~30 years old now and the generation of babies born into the internet culture is a different generation already.

No. 630683

You need to bring it up, even though it is an awkward topic to discuss. Still better than let the resentment grow. Just make it clear it's not about you being materialistic and wanting a present no matter what, but more of her seeming dishonest with you.

No. 630684

she might be your best friend, but you're not hers

No. 630685

douse the bitch in cold water. (the husband that is.) and in the morning sew a tennis ball onto all of the back of his pajama shirts. he has the responsibility to ensure he doesn't fucking bother you when you want to have a good night's sleep.

No. 630690

recently it's felt like the guy I've been dating is losing interest in me. Maybe something is going on in his life, but the levels of general affection / engagement have definitely dropped. Makes me feel like I'm annoying him by asking him questions to prompt conversation but if I don't, I don't think we'd talk much at all. Guess I'm going to have to bring it up to see if this is over or not, but man I'm so tired of being thrown aside when I really feel like I have a lot to offer. And it's harder than ever to meet new people now, I hate to start all over again getting to know someone blergh

No. 630697

Love is not about pretty flowers, anon.

No. 630698

Nice, you are already 2.5kg below your highest weight ever. The direction is the most important, not the speed.

No. 630702

Hmm you seem more concerned about finding someone else after him, than losing him. To me it sounds like breaking it off with him is the right thing to do no matter if he lost interest or not.

No. 630703

i got in touch with my uni about trying to get diagnosed with ADHD and they’ve told me i either have to pay for a diagnosis privately just to be able to provide proof to uni and basically get extra time in exams and nothing else, or i have to sit and wait for months to be seen by my GP. everyone i’ve spoken to about being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult woman has told me how difficult it is and how they were fucked over for months and how they basically had to end up lying just to be taken seriously. i’m really upset. it feels like i’ve hit a brick wall and the confidence i got for reaching out for help has disappeared. i’m also terrified of my local GP because a few years ago i told them i was suicidally depressed and cried in their offices and the doctor i saw essentially told me she thought i was lying and sent a note to my university saying as much. this sucks honestly i really don’t even know what to do

No. 630709

I said I wouldn't come back but I'm so fucking lonely.

No. 630712

I don't want to lose him, I've really been trying to deepen our connection but I'm being given less and less back. I just hate having to have the 'why don't you talk to me anymore' conversation because it always makes me feel pathetic, and the answer is usually obvious right?

No. 630718

i'm sorry anon. i know exactly how you feel, i was just going through this situation months ago basically word for word. I'm projecting a bit, you're better off talking it out and honestly breaking it off regardless of his answer before it gets potentially messy, you deserve better than that. You'll find someone better suited for you and somebody that can appreciate your efforts like this

No. 630725

Nta but I'm trying to get my diagnosis too, and so much you told is true. My doctor thinks I have c-ptsd and not ADHD so I have to fight back to be taken seriously on some stuff.
I considered lying a bit with him and my psychologist so they can understand it's not that I'm "scared" but "bored".
Can't you change your GP? Talk about it with other staff etc

No. 630734

I ended up in this twitter blackhole of please donate, my (name here) is sick, here's a bunch of photos of near dead looking old people and babies. I feel fucking awful on top of my normal dread, why the hell is everything so dark.

No. 630761

Open communication ofter requires pushing through what feels very uncomfortable to voice and puts you in a vunerable position. Your bf may really be going through something that makes him unable to chat with you as much as usual and some people are just unaware how it may affect the other person. Best thing you can do is just being honest and asking. In the end there's actually nothing pathetic about wanting to feel cared for by your partner. And while I see where the "break up with him" anons are coming from, it's a very upsetting thing to put in your head before you try to openly approach the issue at all.

No. 630792

i usually just throw a pillow onto my husband's face. whenever he's startled awake from a deep sleep, he's completely confused/retarded, and doesn't know what's even going on, so i can do this multiple times in a night without him ever realizing i'm doing it on purpose lol

No. 630795

I don't know why but for some reason I seem to attract men with weird eating habits and disorders?

My current boyfriend thinks he's fat. He's actually quite skinny but his issue is that he lacks muscle tone, if he lost more weight he'd look like a skelly. He's paranoid cause in his last 15 year relationship he got a bit of a belly. He worked hard with cardio to lose it. He doesn't eat a lot and he's particular about what he eats. Like I'm glad he doesn't wanna turn into a slob but it seems like he has image issues deep down. I've been asking him if he'd go clean shaven cause he's got this sparse chin beard and equally spindly mustache, and he would look so much cuter and boyish if he shaved. He didn't want to and I thought it might have to do with him wanting to look manly or whatever, but when pressed he admitted he didn't want to do it cause he thinks he has a double chin. I mean he really doesn't? But try convincing someone with bad image that they don't have the negative trait that they're bitching about. He didn't believe me, but said he'd shave after my birthday cause he wants to look 'good' in my bday pics.

Anyway it's pretty embarrassing cause for one thing I'm fatter than him. I actually do have a legit double chin. I have an appetite like a man. And I eat weird and gross shit, I even snatched his salmon skin last night at dinner cause he said he didn't want it and yet I think crispy fish skin is like the best part.
He makes me feel self-concious by extension sometimes. Obviously he accepts me for who I am but sometimes I feel down by proxy. I haven't said anything cause if he believes he's presenting the best version of himself then I don't want to discourage him. But like I wish he was more chill and less harsh on himself.
In the past I've dated picky eaters, (a legit diagnosed later) anorexic man, and guys who were just not that into food as much as I am. Guess I shouldn't complain, I just don't know what it is about my fat ass that attracts these types. Maybe they live their food experience through me lmao.

No. 630797


> I even snatched his salmon skin last night at dinner cause he said he didn't want it and yet I think crispy fish skin is like the best part.

This made me giggle.

Srsly though you should encourage him to do some therapy, sounds like it would help him. As for only dating boys with weird body image problems, I can’t help you there haha.

No. 630799


I think I’d rather be healthy-weight with lots of loose skin than be obese with regular skin. Chase that dream body!

No. 630800

call him out when he's sober. make him feel ashamed for getting drunk and making a complete ass of himself. maybe he'll chill out a bit.

No. 630801

We tried keeping them in the back and bringing them out right before the garbage people come– still she does it. It's like she waits at the door or something..

I'm moving out in two weeks. My other roommate has more beef with her (she caught this bitch's mail along with food in our recycling) and she's also moving out in a month. So thank God for that.

No. 630804

It's just a thread pic but the "News stories that fuck with you" thread pic is so cursed to me. It really says more than a thousand words. The man looks eerily similar to my dad who was a perverted pos, too. The upside is that I'm less desensitized I guess and don't seek out stories like that anymore.

No. 630806

After being abused by narcissists, I am developing an extreme paranoia. I think everyone could be a narcissist or sociopath and they want to hurt me. I can't trust anyone and nitpick people's reactions and behaviors. I am going insane.

No. 630807

>Boomers constantly forget that millenials are ~30 years old now
This is what annoys the fuck out of me. They're forever stuck in the mindset that millenials are the current late teens when in reality the oldest ones are entering their 40s and even the youngest ones are in their late 20's. That's why they're so fucking patronizing all the time.

Also went to see the video and fuck I'm cringing myself to death. Even if it's ironic it's 100% just zoomer bullshit and trying to send a message that's way more relevant to stubborn boomers than millenials.

No. 630821

File: 1600185473294.jpeg (88.18 KB, 720x816, 7F32C46F-1719-4AE5-93BA-B0E938…)

I am SICK and TIRED of studying I just want to be held

No. 630830

File: 1600186248561.jpg (668.42 KB, 999x1667, how to stop interruptions.jpg)

Reposting pic related for anyone who needs it like I did.
I found it on the female dating strategy reddit to train men to stop talking over us, but I actually think this strategy is effective on anyone trying to gish gallop their words over you.

God I wish I could've known about this strategy growing up with my narcissistic mother. Instead she conditioned me to emotionally react to every word so she would have the upper hand.

No. 630831

wtf same I have just 1 more exam but I don't want to study I'm just laying in my bed thinking about how I wish I had someone to hold but I sabotage myself by actively avoiding the people I like thinking they're too good for me and I'm too ugly

No. 630835

I can relate. Except I think that only one narcissist in a group is enough, everyone will side with them if anything happens. I feel like I carry this sign that says "I'm vulnerable" that is only visible to this type of person. Haven't met another one but I hope it never happens.

No. 630836

File: 1600186710460.png (358.36 KB, 584x580, bratz.png)

So, like, this is a privileged bitch vent but
>been ordering food from this restaurant I like
>today, the delivery guy calls me, upset because he had to wait a little too long to get the money or something
>say "I understand" and make a mental note to give the maid the money to pay him before he arrives
>he keeps going, and outright claims he's doing me a favor by not spilling my food
>scoff, say "I hear you", then hang up before I say something rude
So…Am I supposed to expect spilled food? If so, can you just put that as a tagline for your restaurant or something? How are men this entitled even as fucking delivery boys? Lmao.
I considered calling the restaurant to complain about it, but that's how you get spit in your food, and he was probably just having a shit day. Guess I'll just avoid that place for a while.

No. 630840

No. 630847

File: 1600187256626.jpg (114.01 KB, 892x1083, 20200915_121752.jpg)

I don't want to start a fight in the /snow/ thread, but honestly, attitudes like this are why men target conventionally unattractive women in the first place for sexual harassment. Both because they know ugly women won't be believed by people who think sexual harassment is a compliment, and because they think all ugly women have been conditioned to believe sexual harassment is a compliment. Because any attention is good attention I guess huh, and uglies should be grateful for whatever they can get I suppose.

Rule #1 is that men will fuck anyone who will let them. They fuck children, old ladies, disabled people, disfigured, mentally retarded, and yes the morbidly obese if they have the opportunity. I really wish women would just believe other women by default because 9 times out of 10 the average dude really is just that "depraved" while he has the protection of anonymous, and not even that as plenty are arrogant enough to be predatory under their real identities too.

Sorry but I get so mad because other women have been shitty to me before because they either thought I was too fat/ugly to be sexually accosted, or they thought I was trying to humblebrag attractiveness by admitting I was sexually harassed and raped. Who still doesn't understand that sexual harassment and rape are all about power, opportunity, and ego in 2020?

Repost cause I didn't mean to quote.

No. 630850

I said it was a privileged bitch rant from the start, anon, kek

No. 630851

Well how long did he have to wait outside to get his money? Anything longer than several minutes is ridiculous. I feel bad for them when I don't answer the door in under a minute.

No. 630852

anon, what it says in your pic is correct though. men who sexually harass women are deranged, especially those who target women they think have low self esteem. people pointing that out, even in a mean way aren't wrong and they aren't going to be contributing to piece of shit men harassing people.

No. 630855

Couldn't have been much more than 5 minutes, the maid was preoccupied so she may have been slower than usual. I honestly felt bad until he said the shit about not spilling the food. Like, that's not supposed to happen in the first place, lol.

No. 630856

Come on anon, she wasn't saying it like all men are deranged. She said it like the man is specifically deranged cause he solicited an obese woman.

No. 630857

I dunno, he's probably getting noodle arms around the 5 minute mark holding up the food waiting. Your maid sounds aloof.

No. 630858

what? that's what i am saying. but she's blaming women for men doing it.

No. 630859

I think some people in these threads just don't think about how their words affect completely innocent people reading. The example you posted is gross, i can see why it would hurt to see this. It's cruel.

I've seen some nitpicking about appearance and i aways think about this, how a lurker with an X body type would feel reading that this feature is disgusting and ugly and seeing jokes about it.

By all means joke about personal style, uncleanliness, awful personality and cringy behaviour but physical stuff beyind the cows control just feels mean in the not fun way.

I never say anything either so don't get accused of WK but it sucks. I'm with you on this one.

No. 630863

You have spent too much time on the internet if you actually think most men would be willing to fuck obese or literal children. There's a small percentage of men that will do that, and it's much smaller if you exclude black and Jewish guys.
Most women will spread their legs open for a pity story. If you're not some autistic retard who lives on the internet, you'd know that decent-looking women will fuck men out of pity. Lots of women like having power over some male retard that they think can't get sex outside of them. And no, Tinder doesn't count as actual dating.
You need to go outside and leave the femcel echo chamber that you're in.

No. 630864

Ayrt, I know, but getting to
made me lol because it's more legitimately ~privileged~ than I'm used to seeing people be/admit to kek, wasn't meant to be an insult or anything. I was literally thinking about how I wish I had cleaning help this morning.

No. 630865

Also sexual harrassment towards "ugly" women is blatant mockery, it's not even "attention". It's straight up "I am making fun of you right now".

No. 630867

Wow, ignorant as well as racist and an antisemite. Cool beans. You sound like a mad scrote.

No. 630869

True, there was so much tit sperging in the shuwu thread bc someone mentioned saggy tits and an anon decided to say what you're saying essentially, but specified, instead of ignoring it.

With being on an image board, especially if you're looking at the cow threads, you have to know that they're talking about the cows, not you. The physical traits are gross and ugly because they're on people that this site generally thinks are awful people, so it's easier to nitpick. It doesn't translate to irl.

You're retarded if you think men on the internet aren't degenerate enough to have fat/feeder fetishes and be pedophiles wtf?

No. 630871

Nah she's a narc Stacy that thinks anyone unconventionally attractive is incapable of being desired in any capacity, be it legitimate, fetishized, or somewhere in between. All male attention 4 her only.

No. 630873

I don't understand what your response has to do with my post. Quoted the wrong person?

No. 630878

>True, there was so much tit sperging in the shuwu thread bc someone mentioned saggy tits and an anon decided to say what you're saying essentially, but specified, instead of ignoring it.
Ntayrt but I think that whole debacle started because Brittany Venti was trying to shitpost herself into relevancy again. She's done shit like that before, and proven herself not above self-deprecating posts on 4chan and the like for male attention.
It wouldn't surprise me, how other women feel about their own tits are just collateral damage to the likes of her and people like Shoe.

No. 630879

what's the difference? It's still humiliating and dehumanizing, it still has a sexual element to it, men still won't leave you alone regardless if your sexy or ugly. You really gonna brag that you got sexually harassed because you're desirable instead of because you're ugly and gross? Cause it's the same shit either way

No. 630880

>what's the difference?

Don't you see anon? She needs to feel she's better than uggos and fatties even if it's all the same shit cause she's actually attractive dammit!

No. 630881

Men who spend their life on the internet aren't typical. There's a reason why they have to go on the internet, because they've been ostracized out of mainstream society for their autism/incelism/antisocial personality. And much of that ostracization came from other men.
I'm not talking about subhuman degenerates who live their life on some Tor imageboard talking about ClubPenguin toys. The previous poster literally thinks most men would fuck anything due to them being stuck on an internet femcel echo chamber. They likely haven't interacted with a man their age in real life since graduating high school.

>Nah she's a narc Stacy that thinks anyone unconventionally attractive

You're just a bitter femcel who hasn't had a dick inside of her in years. I feel quite bad for you, but it's your fault. Time to lay off the obese lolita cosplay, and improve yourself. And then maybe you can land yourself an average guy.
But most men that you actually want to date will have a baseline of standards. I'm not talking about those weirdos on Discord or Tinder that you try to date because you're too afraid to go outside and join a club.

No. 630883

No it's not the same, a humiliation fetish is more dehumanizing than plain harrassment without weird fetishes included. My point was no ugly woman would brag about harrassment like most people here say because there's nothing to brag about, it's the kind of shit you keep secret.

No. 630886

I believe you anon, but I wish your judgements were a little more balanced. Not because I'm afraid you'll hurt men's feelings, but because generalising people like this can leave you really twisted. I hope you're just being hyperbolic with your assertions about the average man. If not I can atleast understand where the resentment is coming from and I genuinely hope you heal.

No. 630888

File: 1600190331251.jpg (112.22 KB, 618x412, 97ef2038-bb4d-4004-a022-232546…)

>men wanting to fuck children and underage women isn't mainstream
>only the most depraved internet dregs want to fuck children

You say this? Lol. During a heightened debate about how prevalent and acceptable child sexualization is due to producers thinking it was acceptable to depict those very acts in a Netflix movie from a European country that's mostly white? Hmm.

Men will fuck anyone. Die mad.

No. 630889

These bitches still crying after guys they got dumped by 2 years ago, whining to me how am I still sometimes upset about finding out my dad was just rotting in his bedroom/my current room. That shit was just a few months ago, fucking let me be cunt.

No. 630891

NTA but you're wrong, any woman from the age of 16-23 knows this. Vast majority of men are internet dwellers (I mean you can't really live in a world where most peoples entire life is on the internet and claim that going on the internet a lot is unpopular). Needless to say it's considered normal for men to look at porn, so much that women get called controlling or even abusive for not liking their boyfriends look at porn, majority of young adults browse memes or have some sort of social media that is their "thing". Come on now this isn't the early 2000s

No. 630893

File: 1600190682366.jpg (29.01 KB, 519x346, Maimouna-Doucoure.jpg)

The director of Cuties looks pretty French to me. Obviously, Napoleon & Charles de Gaulle is one of her ancestors.

Imagine getting mad that your fantasy world isn't real and that you believe that the internet & Hollywood is reality.

No. 630899

Nta but you sound pretty tilted yourself. Anyone could bring up plenty of examples of non-European sexalisation of children. I won't because the fact that shit isn't exclusive to one group of people shouldn't need to be said, and I'm not here to racebait. Secondly how is the disgusting "artistic" choices of a few symbolic of a entire race as a whole? Especially with the sheer amount of backlash against the movie. If this isn't bait I genuinely feel sorry for you anon.

No. 630900

You might just still be young if you think men wont fuck anything. I didnt realize until my late 20s that men are desperate as fuck no matter how young, attractive or old. If they arent getting any pussy at all they will go for whatever they can get thats human.

No. 630902

Where do you live, anon? It really sounds like you come from a place that's basically a desert when it comes to dick, so now you think everyone has to be a pick-me and men will only let attractive women hop on.
It's not like that in the world at large, I promise. Not everyone is struggling for semen. On the contrary, many women are trying to get away from it. Try moving to a city or something.

No. 630905

Doesn't matter, still came from a white country that didn't uniformly condemn it. Because people know it's true, the behavior from men in that movie and the little girls conditioned to be sexual is all based on real life experience because it is true. Disgustingly true.

No. 630906

I can't believe I share a board with a filthy slave owner.

No. 630907

Most men aren't internet dwellers. You're so fucking autistic if you project your life onto others. Have you ever worked a real job (that pays more than $15USD) or go to school? You don't have time to waste on this type of shit. The only reason why I can browse right now is because I got quarantined due to COVID-19 due to some dipshit at my job.
Porn usage isn't normal, because most men can get a girlfriend after a few months of trying. Most men don't even look at "porn", they just masturbate to naked images of girls like they did during the 60s/70s when there was Playboy. Are you the woman who thinks masturbation ruins people or some shit? It's just outrage since you were brought up in a Protestant puritan culture.

No. 630909

>examples of non-European sexalisation of children I won't because the fact that shit isn't exclusive to one group of people shouldn't need to be said, and I'm not here to racebait

You're not following the argument closely because clearly it's a response due to what was said here >>630863
>There's a small percentage of men that will do that, and it's much smaller if you exclude black and Jewish guys.
Anon was trying to say only blacks and Jews sexualize kids, so clearly a white country not condemning a movie that depicts the sexualization of children is an indicator of the normalcy it has to white men too. That was the point of that. Since you seemed to have missed it.

No. 630910

Imagine thinking Hollywood and the internet is reality. I'm sorry but it's time to go outside and go for a long walk. Go talk to some decent-looking guy walking his dog and talk to him to realize that you're just full of shit and a bitter femcel.

No. 630912

>The physical traits are gross and ugly because they're on people that this site generally thinks are awful people, so it's easier to nitpick. It doesn't translate to irl.
Disagree, i think people already think that certains traits are ugly and just let it out when it's acceptable because the cow is a bad person.

Like taking your example no one will suddenly start hating perky perfect breasts because a cow has them, but if the cow has imperfections it gets picked apart, like anyone with saggy or veiny boobs is an uggo who should get surgery. It cannot not affect someone who is reading and has boobs like these, and there are much better ways of making fun of them for things they deserve.

I know it's lolcow and all, but i wish we could do better. I left some time ago for some disgusting stuff said in the anachans thread and it's the same shit still.

No. 630913

File: 1600191311481.png (605.1 KB, 1024x576, retsuko-rage-1024x576.png)

I hate my shitty roommate who was forced on me because she's a relative of my boyfriend. She moved in back in January and she's been getting on my last nerve ever since.

At first, I felt bad for her because she was getting out of an abusive relationship so I was Ok with her moving into our spare room until she could get her shit together. But then we found out she had lost her job last November and didn't tell anyone. Wtf, Ok we gave her time to get a job but when we asked if she had any luck or applied anywhere she said she hadn't applied yet. Eventually we gave her an ultimatum to get a job by March or she needs to go. Lo' and behold, she found a fucking job within a week. Great, now she can start paying her portion of bills right? Wrong! My bf didn't want to charge her any rent or bills because she was still getting on her feet and it's "family". Wth man? So she's sitting here eating our food, using all of our laundry supplies (bitch washes her clothes like every other day), and staying up all night using our electricity. Also, really petty peeve but he gave her Netflix and Hulu passwords which she promptly decided to share with her friends. He's changed the password twice since she's been here but keeps giving it to her. She says she won't share it every time but seriously?

Did I mention that she has two chinchillas? Cute little fuckers but they leave poop and hay everywhere! I went into her room once to ask her something and the wall the cage is against is just covered in dry piss and I couldn't step foot in her room because off all the poop and hay scattered about. The poop and hay also make it into our lint catcher, which is just fucking wonderful. I also saw at least half of our dishes and cups sitting around in her room, and no wonder she washes her clothes all the time because they're all over the fucking floor getting hay and poop in them.

I swear to god I feel like I have some kid living here instead of a grown ass woman. When will this bitch move out already??!! I know pandemic shit blah blah blah, but her job isn't affected by it so it's really stable. I know she gets annoyed with me getting on her ass for being a filthy pig all the time so you would she'd want to leave. Free rent must be worth it. I'm about to tell my boyfriend that she goes or I go.

No. 630914

Most men under the age of 25 are internet dwellers now.

No. 630915

File: 1600191359788.jpg (254.69 KB, 1200x1200, Really.jpg)

>men who make over $15/hr would never sexualize kids!!!!!!!!

No. 630916

>Most men don't even look at "porn", they just masturbate to naked images of girls like they did during the 60s/70s when there was Playboy.
I don't believe it. Porn site have a lot of traffic. You're just coping with wishful thinking.

No. 630919

No, they are not. Stop projecting your failures onto other people. Time to go outside and feel the fresh air of freedom.

No. 630920

That clearly validates degrading conversation into racebait further instead of reporting and moving on, thanks anon I know better now!

No. 630921

File: 1600191504276.jpg (31.2 KB, 750x421, 4c7e5d9c1d4ab92df20fa5d955ac0e…)

NTA but
>Most men don't even look at "porn", they just masturbate to naked images of girls like they did during the 60s/70s when there was Playboy.
I can't with this fucking cope. By the way, do you realize Playboy is a porn magazine or? Are you in the fucking 50s when they used to have ice bucket ads so they could get away with putting that shit on coffee tables or something?
Where do you live, anon? Seriously answer. What era? When have you last spoken to a male? Tell the fucking truth!

No. 630922

File: 1600191542275.png (49.2 KB, 604x453, 835.png)

No. 630923

File: 1600191607480.jpg (33.06 KB, 360x450, Dan.jpg)

>This never happens

No. 630924

If you're going to freeload off of relatives as an adult it's usually only your parents that will put up with that shit

No. 630925

I live in Washington, D.C. in the current year. Why?

No. 630927

Donald Trump is that you?

No. 630931

anons can take the joy out of everything. thise site is just full of contrarian, hostile smart-asses. time to log off

No. 630933

The joy of delusion?

No. 630934

Anon might be like 80 and hasnt spoken to a man since 1952.

No. 630937

>Go talk to some decent-looking guy walking his dog and talk to him

Anon, you're stuttering.

No. 630939

>Most men don't even look at "porn", they just masturbate to naked images of girls like they did during the 60s/70s when there was Playboy
I'm not even involved in whatever this convo is but.. yes even 'seemingly normal' functioning men with jobs and gfs secretly get off to seeing women have their assholes stretched to the limit on ph. The amount of traffic on those sites and on that type of content easily proves that it's not just reserved for the weirdest of men.

No. 630942

File: 1600192432146.jpeg (35.7 KB, 600x400, 0621A837-1909-45E5-B617-9B78F2…)

> Most men don't even look at "porn", they just masturbate to naked images of girls like they did during the 60s/70s when there was Playboy
I have never seen a greater level of cope in my life

No. 630946

It might just be the funniest thing I've ever read on here

No. 630949

Idk why but I'm dying laughing at this. It has to be something her Nigel told her. "No honey, us real men just look at tasteful images of nude women, it's just a few weirdos on those crazy porn websites!"

No. 630950

I go to school and make 15 an hour and still run into people who are internet dwellers lmao. Who are you trying to convince that the majority of young adults aren't addicted to the internet?

No. 630952

wow. i've been working for a company as a temp worker and got the offer from them to become a regular permanent employee instead of a temp worker, and they lowered the pay in the offer from what they pay me now. why would you offer someone less than you pay them currently if you want them to stick around and accept the offer to become a permanent employee? where's the incentive? at the very least, i expected them to keep my pay the same. tf? i don't even know if its appropriate to ask how they determined the new amount or to ask why its lower than what i have been getting paid. honestly makes me mad but i feel like i need to accept since its hard to find jobs during covid

No. 630956

File: 1600193423237.jpg (62.05 KB, 726x409, coping.jpg)

>clearly it's a response due to what was said here
Seeing as anon tagged and quoted a completely unrelated post to the one you're citing…. not really kek.
>That was the point of that. Since you seemed to have missed it.
Wow that's a retarded point. I can't blame anyone for missing that nonsensical reach.

KEK. Can we go back the 70s? Tbh I wish this wasn't just cope.

No. 630958

Ask them about it, anon. They probably think they can bullshit you and you won't challenge them.

No. 630971

>Doesn't matter, still came from a white country
This is the most American thing I've read.

No. 630972

Give it a rest, you got told five different ways.

No. 630977

This guy I know is always trying to get sympathy for not seeing his kid. His kid is like 14 and he got the mum pregnant when he was 19. He told all of us drunk that he used her to lose his virginity. That she was a practice girl, but he's honestly such a loser he couldn't admit to liking her? Anyway within like 6 months of the kid being born he bailed so he could experience uni. He also likes to try and get sympathy for being 2 years older than normal freshers, he's so odd. Anyway. So he ditched the mother of his child and he ends up dating this girl me and my friends new from our town growing up. She use to give guys blowjobs outside an emo night hosted at a church for beers lol. Think of like the girl from teen mom caitlyn but Irish and just mental. And then he basically he went from one mental situationship to the next and all these drugs etc. He has a good job I think I don't know how he manages it but it so annoying to hear him feel sorry for himself about his kid. When like the kid and the mum are both going to know the dad choose uni and getting fucked up over his responsibilities. I don't know why we all have to pretend to feel sorry for him.

No. 630979

I wish I could just tell my co-worker she needs to follow her stupid FDS playbook better. Kinda sad to watch her flounder over some dick.

>bbut anon, hes just depressed and I can save him

Pls shoot me, I'm done.

No. 630980

He wants to swoop in and play cool dad now that all the hard work of raising a baby and a young kid are over. Now that the kid is a teenager he's pretty much independent. It's easy to want to visit and hang out with a teenager as opposed to the inconvenient sacrifice it would demand of him to raise a needy baby toddler. He chose uni over getting involved in the real way cause he's a cowardly loser. Now he can play victim and act like he's entitled to the teen after all this time just because he make a sperm donation over ten years ago. Gross.

No. 630994

>You're just a bitter femcel who hasn't had a dick inside of her in years.
Imagine needing dick for validation that you're attractive and worthwhile. Whew, couldn't be me. Literally all of your assumptions are untrue, but there was an attempt ♥

No. 631000

My lower back/pelvic area really fucking hurts and I can’t tell why, I haven’t had my period yet but the pain has never been like this. I’m trying to do normal things in the hope it goes away eventually but basic stuff like sitting and leaning over feel awful

No. 631002

Samefag but I replied before reading the absurd copes you've posted on the rest of this thread, and I'm dying. Your boyfriend is probably cheating on you and/or watching weird porn, luv, but you just go and keep on getting picked!

my sides, ladies.

No. 631003

File: 1600197183973.jpg (25.34 KB, 600x602, 1323476305173.jpg)

I managed to curb the intense anger outburst I used to have as a teen, but now I have just as intense crying fits.
I've been full ugly crying and bawling like a baby for two hours every weekends for the last few month. Pic very much related.
Sadly I can't really go anywhere when this happen, so my partner has to be a witness to this shitshow everytime, it's getting embarassing. And it's obviously painful to him too.

Am I condemned to always have intenses uncontrolable emotions? I just want to be a regular person, ffs.

No. 631004

I fucking miss club penguin.

No. 631005

>You're just a bitter femcel who hasn't had a dick inside of her in years. I feel quite bad for you, but it's your fault. Time to lay off the obese lolita cosplay, and improve yourself. And then maybe you can land yourself an average guy.
Hahaha. I wonder how you will feel you get older and dumped.

No. 631006

Her Nigel will fuck a teen Sicilian pool boy in front of her and she'll still say he's not degenerate in order to stay picked, don't worry. She'll never get dumped with how hard she capes for dick.

No. 631007

I don't understand how a woman could actually believe femcels are real, much less use it as an insult. Fatties, girls with downs, and so on that I've met all had bfs. Men will fuck mcchickens they aren't a prize

No. 631010

Aw anon, I'm glad you worked on your anger outbursts, but it sucks that they seem to have shifted into something else! It's never fun to feel like your emotions are uncontrollable. Do you take meds or go to therapy at all?

No. 631015

Ok this has to be bait

No. 631017

anon, are you my mom? kek

No. 631019

KEK anon you animal

No. 631020

I think I was sexually assaulted by my ex, I feel like whenever I look into the past when it happened it's all cloudy and blurry and I can't be sure. I am going to go back to therapy soon, just venting.

No. 631023

She really gives me gimpgirl vibes. I bet she's a coping female boomer who's already alone (but with a son she adores who's actually a complete asshole) and doesn't understand our newfangled generation with our internet culture and "pink-pilled" ways. Don't mind her.

No. 631026

File: 1600198199640.png (195.49 KB, 274x275, 1596860028223.png)

I have to start writing my first assignment for a philosophy class, we're meant to examine a discussion on justice from Plato's Republic and present our own take on it. It's cool except I feel kind of brain dead, like I don't have any ideas to put forth that weren't already mentioned by the prof in the previous lecture. It doesn't help that I'm an unmedicated ADHDfag

No. 631031

No meds, no therapy. Pretty sure it's stress induced by my shit job. I can't seem to keep a healthy distance with what happens at work.

No. 631033

I ended up on a similar twitter area. I can’t be too specific but basically it was a group of users who had a thread of videos of men being violent against women. It was the absolute worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Makes me hate moids so much more.
>inb4 not all men

No. 631042

My ex got in trouble at work because he didn't have access to internet at home or a smart phone so he got caught masturbating in work. Doesn't that just blow your mind

No. 631043

File: 1600199062432.jpg (39.05 KB, 720x540, 14940941c795758b1601eae39d8168…)

Il y a pas de raison anon, si c'est juste de l'administratif ils n'attendent que des "oui" et des "nan". N'oublie pas que si tu as été prise c'est parce que tu as les qualités requises.

No. 631054

I live in my parents basement and every other day my mom comes down here and roots through the storage room for an hour or so. Idk what she's doing she has literally no reason to come down here so often but I can her her moving shit around all the time and it's fucking annoying.

No. 631056

I wish I didn't feel so guilty about being unemployed. My house is clean and I'm actively looking but it feels like I'm just being lazy all day.

No. 631057

Had to take a plan b pill because a condom broke, all these extra hormones is making me feel like absolute fucking shit. Kinda want to die

No. 631058

I have a cystic pimple on the tail-end of my eyebrow and it's one of those closed unpoppables but the pressure is there. I'm watching popping videos and there's this one spa place that uses the pin edge of a scalpel to prick the bump and then out squeezes the pus. I have a pin at home but that doesn't seem anywhere near as efficient and easy as the video makes it to be. I'm so fucking jealous. All I have to hit it with is benzoyl peroxide but it hasn't made any progress since two days. I hate it so much.

No. 631078

Have you tried applying heat on it? I wouldn't pop the pimple just yet because you might push the bacteria and other gross stuff deeper into the area and make it worse.

No. 631084

sometimes i fantasize about just giving up on societal norms and not worry about trying to fit in or look normal. the idea of living as eccentrically as possible entices me.

No. 631085

> I live in my parents basement
I don't know why I laughed so hard at this, sorry anon.

No. 631089

No. 631098

It's so deep in the skin that hot water compresses likely won't touch it. I get these suckers on my face every now and then and they're so stubborn.

No. 631103

Me too, anon. I feel ya. I now just leave them alone because I found that they get worse if I touch them. However, if you do decide to pop it, make sure it do it with a thin needle that's been sterilized etc. I'm sure you know the protocol!
This isn't the best advice, but if you have a weak hydrocortisone cream lying around, try putting some on. It helps to curb the inflammation, but if you do choose to use it, only do it for a few days. Steroids thin out the skin and weaken your immune system which might mean you'll have to keep using more and more to get the desired effect unfortunately.
Good luck!!!

No. 631112

it's ok, it's kinda funny

No. 631128

Basically I didn't report information that I was supposed to report. I don't really have an excuse other than I'm a fucking anxiety-riddled idiot who doesn't read through forms thoroughly and forgets everything, including previous payments I've received. Pretty sure nobody actually gives a shit and it's going to be counted as just straight-up fraud and I can't even get in contact with anyone who can tell me what penalties I'm potentially facing here. I don't think it's serious enough that I'd go to prison but I'm counting on being yelled at and to be paying fines for potentially fucking decades

Thanks though. I hope everything works out too but I'm not hopeful at all

No. 631133

I would suggest writing down whatever you can, even if it was discussed in class by your professor. Simply typing up what you know can lead you to new ideas that weren't previously touched upon. Sometimes stating the obvious is all it takes to get that good ole Jimmy Neutron brain blast.
Good luck on your paper!

No. 631134

Femcels are real, I used to be one. With femcels it's not that they can't get sex, it's more that they don't care, can't be bothered or have given up.

Have you tried witch hazel? It's a natural alcohol that dries out the skin and dissolves the grease build up in pores that can cause spots. I use it on my chin when I need to.

No. 631137

Some anons are really mean on this side. Especially when I just try to state a normal facts. Maybe I should just stfu and lurk here. My mental health is already fucked up enough from 2020

No. 631141

>Especially when I just try to state a normal facts.
I read this in an italian accent

No. 631143

Yep, agreed. I try not to be vicious or lash out at anyone here, but even I'm not totally innocent. This place is just filled with a lot of angry, suffering people and sometimes it's hard not to get sucked into that even when you come on here not necessarily feeling awful. I grew up in a family with constant nit-picking and arguing and I'm willing to bet a lot of anons can sadly relate.

I will say though that I can't bring myself to post on /snow/ anymore. It's just gotten too bad over there with all the obvious vendettas and severe criticism against people that, imo, are really hurting themselves more than anyone else.

No. 631150

Thank you anon for explaining and understanding. The vent channel seems like the most ok one at this point

No. 631151

>With femcels it's not that they can't get sex
do you even know what you're trying to argue, because you've just admitted that femcels aren't involuntary you fucking idiot

No. 631158

Np, the thing that fucks me up around here more than anything else is anons attacking someone who is actually being vulnerable, or genuinely didn't know they were misinformed about something. I mostly see this either here or in the confessions thread. I have my suspicions that if the person is being particularly relentless, it's a scrote, but what do I know. Women certainly can lack empathy too.

No. 631160

Femcels aren't equivalent to incels. Femcels can get sex but don't for various reasons. Incels are men that want sex and can't get it.
Femcel = female celibate
Incel = involuntary celibate

No. 631164

the term was created to literally mean 'female incel', not just 'female celibate'. It's used as a derogatory term just like incel, simple female coded. Women who chose not to have sex voluntarily for whatever reason aren't femcels.

No. 631166

I’ve always read it as >>631160 from context clues, but it makes sense to function the way you’re saying. I think women who choose not to have sex should be called Enlightened instead.

No. 631171

I agree, I hate the term femcel as I understand it because it implies a womens value is, surprise surprise, measured by whether she's fuckable or not. Women who voluntarily opt out of sex with men are doing themselves a favor kek

No. 631173

I'm a femcel because I want a cute bf and I refuse to fuck anyone below my standards and I hate cute males for not dating me.

No. 631175

but that's voluntary exclusion from sex, literally not femcel. Femcel would be what, unable to have sex for medical reasons…that's really it. Your personal preference to wanting sex or not is called having standards.

No. 631176

No. 631178

I feel pissed off everytime i see a cute guy on the street knowing he wouldnt date me. I think this is as close to an incel a woman can get.

No. 631179

Men will fuck anything. Therefore being celibate for women is always a choice.

No. 631181

Told my boyfriend I don't have any faith in him to help us build the future I want. I brought up his lack of drive and ambition and how it keeps us in this rut. He's really upset. I regret saying it but no point in keeping it in any more. I might be single for the first time in 7 years.

No. 631183

Damn, this is a huge step to take, I'm proud of you!

No. 631192

I am horny and lonely but men are repugnant in my country. I just ask for a 7/10 skinny nerd, i am that desesperate.

No. 631219

Im 5 years in and need to do the same. But I'm too much of a pussy to do it soon. I do care for him but he won't work at all and panics if I bring up my worries. Even if he's my best friend I can't stay like this

No. 631261

File: 1600216584163.jpg (64.4 KB, 500x449, 1404356603118.jpg)

Pre-covid I worked at a museum's parking lot. I wore a polo and I hated it so much. It was made of a weird material and it didn't fit great on me since I have a small figure. Now I have a new job in guest services at another museum and I get to wear whatever cuteass clothes I want (while still being professional).

This morning I got an email that said we've received polos and we're expected to wear them. I can't fucking escape this shit

No. 631273

Even though I'm a grown woman, I miss my mom and dad so much that it brings tears to my eyes. They live almost a 10 hours drive away from me. I really want to stay with them for a few months, all of my classes are online this semester so it's feasible, but it would create a lot of conflict in my relationship with my significant other who does not want to be in a ldr.

No. 631277

I think one of my friends is somewhat jealous of me. I know it may sound stupid, but whenever I talk to her about the foreign guy I met a few months ago, for example, she just laughs or just ignores it. But when she talks about other guys to me, her attitude changes completely. She starts talking a lot and I, of course, am all ears because I’m genuinely happy that she is meeting someone nice.

But it’s not only about guys, though. Even when I talk about idk my university or other trivial stuff, she acts weirdly.
Although we’ve known each other for almost 20 years (we studied together), I’m really considering stop talking to her bc it’s getting annoying.

No. 631287

I've had friends like this. Always end up cutting them off because I don't have time for this shit anymore. Relationships shouldn't be one-sided like this, where one person can't show support to the other. Most of my friendships up until high school were like this. Like it's justified if the person is going through a hard time and simply can't be there for you, but if she's consistently weird and jealous of you like this, she's not worth your time anon.

No. 631288

Whoever made the recent god awful autistic OP in the celebricow thread, get corona’d

No. 631307

The one made 29 days ago?

No. 631308

Yes, I agree with you. What’s the point of having a one-sided friendship? Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a wall. She’s never happy for me.

She recently broke up with her bf and is meeting new guys. And guess what? She’s loooves to talk about them… but when I talk about what's going on in my life, she’s dismissive. I’m sad because I would like to keep the friendship, but it’s becoming impossible.

No. 631310

What the FUCK is wrong with restaurants lately?? I’ve been ordering to go orders and fast food a lot the past few months and nearly every god damn time they get the order wrong! Is something about corona making literally every restaurant do this?

No. 631312

inb4 politisperging, but I've really connected with reactionary thought lately but I feel like I'd look like a pickme if I continue. The modern world sucks obviously, but the modern "solutions" suck more.

No. 631318

>Is something about corona making literally every restaurant do this?
Yes. Basically nobody is functioning at their best right now because of COVID.

No. 631321

Honestly, in all of the times I've ordered food using a website or app in the past few years (across various different services), they've got more orders wrong than right. Two drivers showed up so high they could barely function, which probably ties into them giving me the wrong order. Sometimes employees (both the establishment's and the service's) are just lazy and don't give a fuck whether they do something right or wrong even thought you're paying them.

No. 631329

COVIDs being retarded with hiring and everyone is paid too low because because too many people are being hired in restaurants. On top of that everyone is getting lazy with cooking and fast food sales are going through the roof for some reason so it causes stress on the employees and tires them out.

Basically making burger after burger and never getting to sit down for one second while making 100 a week has melted their minds, at least my theory anyway as an ex fast food worker, before COVID you made more money and could still get some free time to yourself and to socialize to make work more bearable

No. 631332

I promise you that nobody who works for food delivery services like Grubhub is doing it because they want to. It's a shit job that pays next to nothing. People either take it because they're desperate for a little extra on the side, or because they're so incapacitated by mental illness/disability/etc that it's all they can handle. They hire basically everyone and you have to interact with people very little.

No. 631340

So is it better for everyone to not order out? It makes me so mad bc I order the one thing on the entire menu I can eat and they always fuck it up. I thought people would want us to order take out so I didn’t feel bad about it before

No. 631349

Consistently having my messages ignored and having the subject changed when talking to people is really making me feel like shit and to just withdraw from all my friends. I always make an effort to reply to stuff they send me when I’m not online whenever I get back on.

It’s not like I’m sending novels venting about stuff that would warrant being ignored. I’m sending them things I think are funny or remind me of them or just topics of discussion. Fuck’s sake.

No. 631350

NTA but i had more luck just going to the restaurant and ordering to go, fair enough i live near a street thats one of those that are packed on both sides with food places so its just a 20 minute walk to grab my food, they never get the order wrong if you're just standing there waiting.

No. 631352

God being human sucks. Ya get married to some guy you barely feel attraction too, have a bunch of kids you slave for until you're like 60 and then die in a puddle of your own piss….

No. 631354

The way I see myself fluctuates on a daily basis. Sometimes I think I'm cute, and sometimes I think I'm god ugly. I'm tired of this existence.

No. 631361

I’ve brushed my teeth twice tonight because I keep eating. I’m still hungry but I don’t want to brush again

No. 631370

I think it's better for people to stop ordering so much in general. I work at a hospital and barely go out but everytime I do every fast food line is in the highway. I never understand why so many people are willing to wait so long for fast food, as for restaurants I'm not sure but it can't be too vacant if the fast food lines are packed. Overworked and underpaid food service workers is never a good idea

No. 631371

I could have written this. I'm trying not to be angry or get judgmental because most of my friends who do this are going through a rough time, but it's like, even when I'm going through a rough time, I'll still at least respond, even if it's just something quick and a few words. It's kind of insane to me that my friends can't even take two seconds to type "lol" into their phone

No. 631375

Yeah, especially since those little things indicate that they don't really put effort in the friendship. I feel ya.

No. 631376

I have such bad self-esteem that even when my loved ones are acting objectively selfish and awful, my first reaction is still to rationalize their behavior as normal and degrade myself for being too nice. Like, they're probably actually doing life right and I'm just a doormat.

No. 631387

My dream is to open up a study cafe with a very simple menu and a simple butbeautiful layout. I would offer 5 options for coffee, 5 options for tea, 5 dessert options and like 3 savory. It would be a medium sized cafe with a lot of black, white, and wood as well as greenery. There would be different types of seating options like tables, closed off desks, couches, etc. The menu would be displayed very big with cute sketches for everything on the menu.

I fucking wish I was the child of some rich family so that I could make this dream come true, but the truth is it will never happen.

No. 631388

I mostly go to restaurants with dine out/to-go and theyre never packed even though I live in a big city. The fast food place lines can get long but that’s normal. Overall it doesn’t seem that much busier than normal, and a lot of restaurants are Even permanently closing so I don’t get it

No. 631392

File: 1600231947263.png (156.8 KB, 1280x720, 7306c852-4eda-40e8-a807-36523b…)

I think I'm a cow. I can't have friendships that last long, so everytime people get sick of it and cut off ties, I always see them later on their social media talking about how crazy I am.
This girl cut off ties with me one year ago and I still stalk her online. I don't even want to be friends anymore, I just get this morbid curiosity of waiting for her to badmouth me.
Rinse, repeat, now I need to please people, and that goes from me talking edgy chan discourse at 3pm, radfem discourse at 4, and tradwife discourse at 5, at 6 I'm a fervorous religious person. I lost all sense of self. I'm going fucking crazy.
It's like people were saying "lol retarded cunt" and I went, actually I have the same personality as you also I don't also fuck you but also Jesus bless you. It's tiiiiiring.

No. 631395

get off the internet, that should be a step in the right direction

No. 631397

This all does sound kind of cowish, but tbh I have a hard time believing anyone on this board isn't a cow in one way or another. I'm also guessing you're somewhat young. Behavior like this tends to settle the more you work on yourself and learn better coping skills, better habits for relating to others, etc. Also your friends sound like shitty people. Just because you can acknowledge that you have some cow-like traits or obnoxious behaviors doesn't justify others bad-mouthing or abusing you. I doubt you're really much worse than these people, but it might do you some good to recognize that you feel some weird pull towards people who aren't going to treat you well. It sounds like you don't have a lot of respect for yourself and it would do you some good to work through the reasons why that may be.

No. 631398

Perhaps its your diet?

No. 631404

This is going to sound so pathetic.

I can't imagine having a friend group and showing up to a friend's house and having everyone there be happy to see me, or sad that I'm not there. I realize this is supposed to be a normal part of life- people having a lot of friends or a friend group, but I just don't and never have, and never will. I feel like people only want to be around me in small doses. No one has ever decided they want me in their lives long term.

No. 631406

Maybe its because your personality is as deep as a saucepan?

No. 631407

File: 1600233442019.gif (900.11 KB, 483x483, 7ec8ee00-a169-4fad-aa33-99c2e3…)

Yeah, I feel like being in chans everyday (specially here and the robot chan) is slowly turning my brain into mush.
Thanks for your insight, anon. I was diagnosed bipolar and now I think that opened the gates of hell to how crazy I could be.
Yesterday I threatened to strangle my friend. What the fuck. Earlier this year I had a couple of guy friends, and this common friend of theirs threatened to find me, drug me, and rape me. And these people laughed at this. Why the fuck do I still talk to them.
Today I had 4 grilled cheeses and a slice of pizza, thank you.

No. 631408

I am starting to hate my boyfriend I have been with a long time. this motherfucker doesn't even try anymore, he barely showers, barely cleans its all on me. I have to force him to go take a shower, and then he wants a blowjob. Nigga you smell like ass, fuck outa here. I am not even attracted to him anymore. He is getting fat. I keep trying to get him to work out but my efforts are futile he got so lazy

No. 631409

Are you black?

No. 631410

I know I don't want to go the long road with my current boyfriend. I know what has to be done. However, I'm his only real emotional support during the pandemic – we are in a LDR and he has no friends there. I have enough reasons to do so – I had a pregnancy scare, he was very apathetic through the experience. My feelings have changed after almost 3 years of relationship. I just wanna be in love with someone I actually like, he wasn't even my crush. This situation sucks.

No. 631411

Maybe! You're very intuitive anon!

No. 631412

Yeah you’re a cow but hey, why not just lean into it go full cow balls out dick swinging? No seriously, we’d love to have someone new to gawk at. In a way, you’ll be loved by the anons for entertaining us.

No. 631413

And the sex isn't even that great. It's mediocre. The last couple of times he was very selfish, he doesn't even try to turn me on. Fck.

No. 631414

You should have hated him since yesterday. Imagine putting up with a dirty mood for another day.

No. 631415

Maybe it isn't all about you. Maybe you should start considering what HE thinks about the relationship.

No. 631416

What made you fall in love with him?

No. 631418

I led my boyfriend on for 3 years just for a crumb of attention when I actually didn't like him for starters! Oh noes…
Sorry, anon, I'm not social media inclined. If only.

No. 631420

People love to use this insult when anons complain about being lonely, and the truth is it's so vapid and untrue. How do you explain the most boring ass, vain people having a lot of friends? Some people just don't find a friend group in life - it's not that unbelievable. Also, there's such thing as having a personality but struggling to show it to others. It's all about confidence.

No. 631421

Perhaps shes not like other girls?

No. 631422

What the fuck does "having a personality" even mean? Not being a doormat? Being a loud clown?

No. 631423

Have you ever considered the problem being with you and not everyone else around you? Maybe if people can only "tolerate you in small doses", that possibly means your personality is offputting. Have you ever considered that?

No. 631425

Ive always found personality to be something you build up through experience and hardship. Kinda like when your grandmother would say something like "chin up kiddo it builds character." Of course, speaking to those unworthy is a waste of time and you shouldnt seek alot of friends but only the highest quality people. If they cant maintain a friendship with you it might be that they arent capable.

No. 631426

I'm not the original anon. And they also didn't say people can only HANDLE them in small doses, seems like they mean people only reach out occasionally, which in my opinion means they like anon. They also didn't say it was anyone's fault. Are you just in the mood to be combative. Try a little harder to make sense at least.

No. 631428

Well they're clearly a

No. 631429

completely mentally drained, so exhausted. my bf isn't helping and is twisting my words. god I'm going to have a break down in my doctor's appointment in 30 mins. it's for a psychologist referral which is good . I'm crying so hard on the inside because I'm in a restaurant right now and don't want to draw attention to myself. Im such a wreck

No. 631431

>my bf isn't helping and is twisting my words
Sounds super helpful. Hope you dump him and that things improve for you.

No. 631432

What are you arguing with your boyfriend about? Tell us the details.

No. 631434

Well, they're clearly asking for advice, and I feel like giving them suggestions. One possible scenario is that they are a toxic person and people around them do not like them because they are an offputting person and the problem lies with them, not everyone else surrounding them. I was asking anon if she had ever considered that. (also i accidentally hit the enter key before finishing my post, sorry!)

No. 631440

>Well, they're clearly asking for advice

Um..where do you see them asking for advice.

No. 631455

File: 1600237926311.jpg (36.05 KB, 500x265, 25cd32ddae4f4bc48e4fe31d0c943b…)

I'm feeling drained and unmotivated these days, not just because of the world pandemicy. I'm late on all my homework and constantly tired and sore and just feel completely off for some reason. Work giving me more and more hours and I do it because I have a lot of pride at my job but I'm exhausted. I had a complete freak out on Saturday while working on the line (I'm a cook). Then broke down crying when the chef had a private talk with me. I should be the happiest in my life because I am finally in a safe living situation, something I have never ever had. Abusive parent, spoiled rotten roommates from hell, toxic mamas boy boyfriends. I'm finally living alone so I should be at peace. But is this just adulthood for the rest of your life is like. Drained, sore all over, fake smiling, exhausted 24/7.

No. 631461

I'm so fucking scared bc I got a flu shot today and now i have a terrible headache, a low grade fever, nausea, and chills. The fever appears to be rising too. I never had the flu shot before and now I realize it's fucking brutal. I don't care what they say, I feel like I've got the flu now

No. 631464

Anon that's normal. I've never experienced that but I've known a lot of people who experienced actual flu symptoms after getting a flu shot.

No. 631468

I'm about to lose my SHITTTT. I ordered 5 items from asos and two of the items were missing. I also got a weird white t shirt in my package that I never ordered. I requested a refund for both items but I'm just fucking frustrated because their customer service is shit at responding and I've also read stories online about people getting BANNED from asos for complaining about a missing item. I also really needed one of the items for something coming up and now I need to find an equivalent to it somewhere else. It's the little fucking things that go wrong that just ruin my mood. This is what I get for trying to be nice to myself and buy nice things.

No. 631471

I don't know what kind of fucking shampoo to use. Whenever I try sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, my hair gets SO DRY, and it doesn't get better with time, it just gets dry and frizzy as fuck and stays that way.

No. 631475

I think silicons that build up along the hair shaft can cause that problem. if silicons are present in your other products it might be that the sulfate free shampoo isn't stripping them from your hair, so the silicon is creating a barrier that blocks the humectants from your conditioner from being absorbed.

No. 631478

Look for dimethicone in your hair products and see how high up it is in the list. I actually bought a conditioner with high dimethicone because that's what was in post hair dye conditioners - big mistake lol

Anyway I'm on some good shit that was recommended in the hair thread on g, garnier fructis, the conditioner is a 3 in 1 hair mask, with papaya scent. I would've ignored it without that rec but oh my god, since using it I remember what moisturised hair is like. It's so much softer AND shiny. Like you know it's good when you brush and it's like a smooth uniform layer with shine ugh. The shampoo is also needed imo.

No. 631479

Uhm did you tag the wrong post anon? Awkward because that's not even me but nice cope.

I've had that problem too. As long as the silicones are water soluble when using sulfate free shampoos the problem should go away. At least it did for me. Going with silicone free is also an option.

No. 631480

Yall here crying about how every man is a monster but then only interact with 4chan autists on discord. Or mabye your onlyfans/chaturbate clients.

No. 631483

>Uhm did you tag the wrong post anon? Awkward because that's not even me but nice cope.

God, shut the fuck up!

No. 631488

Yeah, I will have to take a good look at the ingredients, I guess… But there's just so many ingredients, I'm usually too lazy to google every single one.

Maybe sometimes the simpler answer is also the right one… Regarding Garnier Fructis. My mom always used it when I was a kid. But Garnier still do animal testing so I will sadly have to find something else.

No. 631494

Might seem scary if it's your first time, but your symptoms are actually quite normal. Don't be too afraid anon!

No. 631497

I work in a baby and child store and I would say maybe 5% of the parents I see seem fit for the job. Then you have nothing but a bunch of either negleting or emotionally abusive parents. I'm actually shocked at the amount of people who'll straight up yell at their kids in public and / or humiliate them, calling them names, making them feel small and powerless, playing mind games that the kid can't understand, etc. And I work in a nice uperclass area in a very wealthy city.

No. 631499

Most of parents aren't completely fit to have kids and just have them because it's expected of them, because it happened or as a tool to further their relationship and bring "something new" to it. Before having children people need to understand that raising a child is difficult, it takes up all of your time for the first years of it's life and you need to be emotionally stable and available, and it can be unrewarding at times. It really is sad.

No. 631525

I just found out my dad has blood cancer. Fuck this shit man

No. 631579

>crush asks me if I want to hang out
>says yes, when is he available?
>no answers in two days

Like dude, I'm already agonizing over whether I should date you or not, you are not making this easier.

No. 631583

actually he is. don't

No. 631584

My mom just tested positive for the COVID and I'm angry because she knows I have asthma yet didn't take any precautions and was going around with various people. I'm sure I have it now.

No. 631586

Hmm maybe ask him one more time, it could be that he forgot. But don't do it 2 more times.

No. 631587

I’m intimidated by other women in their 20s and 30s and it’s embarrassing the fuck out of me. My eyes go wide and I get nervous when I have to talk to them. I was bullied into adulthood so I just assume they all want to kill me. I couldn’t even talk to the nurse at the dermatologist today without my eyes getting huge ughhhh

No. 631588

I post this every few months but I’m so sick of feeling unwell. I feel like my whole life is cluttered, like my body is full of toxins just like my home is full of stuff. I can’t work out why I feel so terrible but it’s getting me so down

No. 631590

I know he gets tired easily because of work and he is not active at all on facebook, and tbqh, I tend to leave people on read a lot and it can take me several days to answer to simple messages, so maybe I'm a bit impatient just because it's my crush lol.
I'll have to see him someday again anyway, I still have some books he lent me.

No. 631597

Noooooo I had my eyes on a girl I'm not even sure is gay for over a year, but I never managed to get her contact info, but we kept bumping into each other in totally different interest groups from meetup (one of them a pride parade though she's only mentioned bfs, hence uncertainty), but the past couple of times I wanted to ask but circumstances made it that I or she had to leave before being able to talk 1 on 1. Then covid hit so obviously no meets. I checked up on her and she's joined expat groups all the way in America fuuuuuck.

Nobody uses DMs on that site so I probably would've never PMd her because I couldn't bear the idea of her ignoring my message then seeing each other irl, but damn, I meet a woman I like maybe once every 2 years or so. She was so quiet and graceful but socially awkward and so enchanting. I felt giddy talking to her, and I felt so much sexual tension that I just KNOW we would've been amazing. Like I felt this kind of strong confidence in myself when interacting with her. It felt like she was always holding her depth back in group conversation, I sound like a deluded stalker scrote so I'll stop, if only I got her number and got to know her better, now she's stuck in that idealised space in my mind. Maybe I read her all wrong and it's 1 sided but I'll never know.

No. 631655

I stumbled on some old ass blog about this crazy/abusive fundie family and I got a little triggered reading some of the posts breaking down the abuse. It is just way too similar to shit I went through as a little girl with my dad, like not having any privacy or being trusted to being beaten and yanked around for saying no and crying. I internalized this shit too much and believed no one else had crap like this happen to them. Makes me want to scream at my dad. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 631656

Anon, get outta there. I used to be a pastry cook on the line and coming home from a 12hr shift covered in food/flour is super demoralizing, not to mention the damage it did to my body. It's cool that you like it, but don't let it kill you.

No. 631661

I feel terrible for absolutely no fucking reason as well anon. I think it's better not to dwell on it and accept it as part of your life, even though it does eat your soul slowly, day after day.

No. 631665

File: 1600274514963.jpg (13.58 KB, 310x308, 20200916_124156.jpg)

Am I a hypocrite for being wary that my bf is poor? I feel bad because I'm pretty hard up myself. I live with a roommate because I can't afford a $1000+ rent on my own. I'm in a constant cycle of debt because I only make enough to pay minimums. He has a roommate too and makes about the same as me, but I sideye it a bit because he's older than me. I feel like in his several year's seniority he should have maybe gotten his shit together more instead of leaning on the partnership of his ex wife. When I asked him why he doesn't push for promotions at work (and let's face it, promotions come so easily for men and he's told me he could) he said he didn't want the added stress. I get it. The reason why I'm so comfortable at my current job is that it isn't stressful either, but the difference is I am never offered an opportunity for increased pay and responsibilities. If I could be paid more, I would. If I had options, I would. I want to make more money and would do it if I felt the stress was worth the pay. Employers looks at my experience and degrees and see woman who they know they can underpay, and even more so now that I'm of reproductive age–Murica is a cruel place. He, however, just wants it easy period.

That worries me because he wants a house and kids. Fine, so do I, but he needs to prove to me that he will man up. Tbh if he wants kids then I would prefer a SAHM situation until they're old enough for school because we have no family to fall back on and childcare is too expensive. I'm trying to heal my own trauma from being raised ignored and emotionally neglected, so I would want that time with them. Therefore I need to know that he would make enough money to pay the bills, yet so far it sounds like he expects a 50/50 partnership. Hate to burst his bubble, but I REFUSE that if kids are to be factored in to the picture. Balancing work and children means more work and stress for ME. I've read r/breakingmom and I am not signing myself off for a miserable servant situation. I'd kill myself, legitimately. I don't know how those women carry on like that every day. My mom did that and was a miserable bitch, but at least she had my grandparents to count on to help her with my care and help her buy a house when she became a single parent. Because I've cut her off, I have nobody.

Anyways, I know I have valid fears but it's not like he's given me a reason so far to believe he will be a bad man. Whenever he stays over he offers and asks what chores he could do. When he can take me out for dinner he does and he pays. He isn't violent, porn-addicted, unhygienic, messy, or mean. He agrees with my values. He has a car. He's reliable in all other aspects.
He's just fucking broke. I feel like I'll never find anyone perfect.

No. 631678

Two of my co-workers are currently not at work because they are away on vocation, on the top of that a lot of people are sick so there missing a lot of people at work. This means I have to manage my department on my own, which I usually do with the other two. Now I have to work with some lame ass dudes that have no idea what they do. Especially this one guy that drives me crazy. He has no plan on how to work in that departure and do anything. I have to finish his work as well because he is THAT slow. It drives me crazy but I can't get any other person because we are not enough people at the moment. I'm so tired and the fact that I have to do this next week as well drives me crazy, I just hope the other people are not sick anymore because otherwise I will have a meltdown with this guy.

No. 631685

> Whenever he stays over
Are you two living seperately? I wouldn't even start to think about a family before living with someone for a couple years first.

No. 631707

We have to because we both have different leases at the moment. I think it's fine to talk about family as it's something we both want, but I'm not going to commit to that of course until we are married and having lived together first.

No. 631716

ugh… My sister is a fakeboi. I almost went down that path myself til I peaked and she knows im not anymore. I havent said anything in disapproval to it, and part of me feels a responibility to help guide her away for sanity since Im the eldest. But no i fucking cant. She's hells of depressed and blames it all on our controlling christian parents, if I said anything I'd probably kill any last hope to live since she'd see everyone as against her. I mean foremost I just want her to feel some relief from depression. It's just so hard when part of why she hates our parents, distrusts therapists, and spends all her time online is due to the trans shit. I'm just letting that part ride its course in the hope she will realize it herself someday. I don't want her to hurt herself or anything because the last irl person she sees on her side is now a bigot too

No. 631717

Yeah I'm not saying you shoudn't talk about your ideal plans for the future, just that a couple years of living together, paying bills together (and getting on each others nerves in new ways) will tell you alot about whether you have the compatibility to last long term.

Small sample group here but, I've noticed amongst my friend group that there's a common theme where 2 1/2 to 3 years into living together is when those couples most commonly split.

No. 631719

File: 1600279755130.gif (8.79 KB, 300x200, angry.gif)

I need to study for an upcoming test but my period has come today and it's really hammering my concentration and willpower

No. 631730

Sounds about right, I was almost at 4 years living together with my ex and came back from an international trip that he made into hell when I broke up with him.

I'll try not to let my guard down, it's just refreshing to hear a guy talk about what he wants and it isn't video games or beer.

No. 631741

You don’t have to be a bigot to her to not suppose her! If she starts to question herself or the actions of others, then have open discussions with her. Be open about how awesome gender expression and the gender spectrum is (gag) and how cool it is to be able to like typically x gender thing but still be yourself. Talk about women’s issues specifically and how they affect women and how transness detracts from them. But like, subtly, if you can. It’s fine to be liberal and open minded and hearted and not bigoted without giving into SJW bs. You got out of it, after all. Good luck.

No. 631749

Why did you get involved in the first place? There mustve been something you liked about him.

No. 631751

Thank you,, you make a good point about being subtle. She actually doesn't talk about it to me a lot so its not like Im nodding my head yes king!! It comes natural to stay quiet. But if those things come up, I probably will slip in some terf dogwhistles lmfao. Im just being silly, I genuinely do feel strongly about what you mentioned given my experience, so you're right that may be just what to focus on. Imma be careful nonetheless since any explicit opposition could really hurt her and I just want to help. Tysm my sweet

No. 631770

I wish I had the courage to off myself. I spend day in and day out thinking about all the ways in which I'm a burden to everyone around me, how I'm a burden to society in general because I'm not working right now, etc. Then again, killing myself would probably just burden everybody worse, so I will most likely continue to do nothing and feel horrible most days and just not tell anybody because I don't want to bother them.

No. 631775

> burden to society in general because I'm not working right now
I mean you sound like the kind of person who'll change that as soon as that's possible. At least you're not one of those really smug neets.

No. 631781

I've worked for most of my life, even if only part-time at times. It's only recently that I haven't. Tbh I haven't been trying that hard because I get so disheartened by how much competition there is right now and how little work is actually available with everything being shut down. I was applying to 5-10 jobs (most of which I was overqualified for) almost every day for more than a month, all of which amounted to one interview that lead to nothing, and another where the manager ghosted me altogether

I'm not a fan of smug neets either, but at the same time, I'm sure the smugness is just a defense mechanism and that they feel just as useless as I do deep down.

No. 631787

I'm so sorry! Cancer sucks big time.

No. 631790

I don't know how old your sister is but consider asking your parents to limit and/or monitor her online time. Less exposure to the online communities that are only going to drag her further into her depression and fakeboi-phase and more exposure to the "real world" could be beneficial for her mental health. It's something subtle you could do for her without making her feel like you're against her.

No. 631791

I want to go on a vacation so much. Even just a couple of days on a place I've never been to. I want to see the sea so badly, I've never gone to the sea… I've actually never been on a vacation. My parents conveniently stopped taking them after my mother had me, and I can't go anywhere as long as I live under their roof.
Now I'm a filthy neet basically. I started feeling ill as soon as I graduated school, and I haven't felt normal ever since. Maybe I had a huge burnout? Maybe some mental illness started manifesting suddenly? Who knows. The thing is that I have bad physical symptoms (pains, nausea, dizziness, general weakness) and concentrating on a job feels impossible. I also started having anxiety attacks every other day. I bury myself in drawing because it's the only thing that fullfills me, and thanks to that I make some money that I put away for emergencies, to pay for my stuff and my dog's food.
I'm a fucking neet and I want things… it's selfish and pathetic, because I shouldn't really have the right to want anything. It makes me feel even more miserable. The people that studied alongside me at school are now having trips, studying abroad and overall being functioning humans. And I'm here.

No. 631804

I fell down the trans rabbithole on youtube at a time when I was really vulnerable and isolated, convinced myself that my years of depression were all just dysphoria related! I was a year on hormones before I snapped out of it. Get her away from any trans youtubers that she follows, that whole online echo chamber

No. 631807

File: 1600286904455.jpeg (64.85 KB, 346x512, AE15DEFA-4A77-4497-A0C5-DF7FE6…)

This thread depresses the hell out of me. Half of y’all are being mean bitches for no reason and the other half I just really want to give a strong hug and stroke your hair.

Internet hugs to all you anons specifically. I’m so sorry things suck right now.

No. 631810

Thanks anon. It's too late for me but I appreciate it.

No. 631814

My boyfriend made a very mean joke about my body because of my weight gain, and although I could see he genuinely regretted doing it, it still hurt me a lot and I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 631816

Oh god, that’s the worst. I’m so sorry anon. I don’t know what else to say, but ily.

No. 631820

You talk about yourself like you're some sort of failure, you're not even a neet when you're making money. I hope you can go to a doctor or a mental health specialist asap, because it does sound you are going through something and that something does not make you into a loser, it just makes you sick. This is a vent thread and not the advice thread so I get your frustration, I hope you get to go on a nice, calm safe vacation to the sea someday soon. Wishing you all the best, please look into resources near you that offer at least some sort of medical care, you do sound like me during my burnout.

No. 631830

Thank you, anon. It means a lot, really. I already hate my body as is, but I am trying my best

To be fair he's usually very supportive and compliments me a lot despite the weight gain, but he's human too.

No. 631833

Guilt him into getting you a gym membership

No. 631834

I'm walking home at night right now and I'm highly aware of how alone I am. Not literally; I'm on a busy city street with hundreds of people about, and there are lights from all the buildings and cars and it's almost a beautiful sight, but the realisation of my life hit me suddenly and it's becoming hard to not just cry. I'm always walking home alone, to a lonely apartment. My phone has no messages, my day tomorrow involves work and nothing else. If I were to die tonight, how long would it take for someone to notice I was gone? A long time, I am important to nobody, not here on this street and not anywhere else.

No. 631837

File: 1600289974914.jpg (17.23 KB, 720x397, 20200609_051101.jpg)

Wish i could at least send you some memes or some shit on ig so you'd have at least some messages daily, it's gonna be okay anon. I know the feeling though, cry it out.

No. 631843

I can relate too, i hope you find someone who will be able to show you that they care, until then you have us. It's not much but we're not no one

No. 631844

File: 1600290565413.png (169.19 KB, 400x209, IMG_6587.PNG)

My partner gave me a tarot card when we first met and I've held onto it for so many years but now I can't find it. I was so autistically attached to that stupid thing but I think it might've accidentally been thrown out.
>why live

No. 631845

File: 1600290614465.jpg (43.42 KB, 800x533, letsgo.jpg)

I wish i could take you somewhere anon

No. 631848

Saying that I'm making money is too good. They're more like savings. I posted about this some time ago maybe, last time I went to doctors trying to fix this I was sent to an anachan hospital or whatever they're called because they believed I had an ED because I ate very little (it was due to the nausea). It fixed absolutely nothing, I just wasted time, now I don't trust doctors or therapists and I can't stop taking xanax. I really really appreciate your concern and advice though anon. I wish you many good things.

Thank you anons, I send you hugs.

No. 631861

I relate to this a lot. I don't even know if it's all inside my head and I'm just self-sabotaging but I've never really felt I belonged in a group or that I was genuinely missed. I've so strongly internalized the mindset that I'm that kind of person you hang around with for a moment and then drop when you come across a more interesting one. It sucks. I haven't even had a proper relationship because the concept of someone genuinely wanting me around for more than a couple of hours seems alien to me.

Related vent: I wish someone asked me just once how I'm doing instead of me having to be the emotional trash can to everyone and trying to solve their problems. For once in my life I wish I was the one being carried and cared for.

No. 631866

I legitimately believe that I deserved to be abused by everyone who has ever done so. It's weird because I don't think anyone else deserves to be abused, even people who are actually abusive themselves, yet I believe that there is just something intrinsically so awful and pathetic about me that it really must be hard for people not to abuse me. I don't know if that makes sense. I'm sleep and nutrient deprived lmao

No. 631871

>there is just something intrinsically so awful and pathetic about me
Stop reading my thoughts anon

Seriously though this is a common response to abuse or even neglect that started young.

No. 631876

Did the abuse start during childhood, anon? I feel the same way and was abused since I was a kid. Abuse at that age fucks with your brain development, which is why it runs so deep

I’ve still got a long way to go but recommend taking a step back and treating yourself as if you were your own best friend. Also it may be true that people find it hard not to abuse you as you may be attracting abusive people who can sense your vulnerability. Fuck being their next victim

No. 631881

Yes. My mom verbally abused me and my dad neglected me. It's weird because I don't excuse their abuse, but I excuse it from people I was in relationships with in the past. I don't like them or want to be around them, but I feel like something I did caused them to treat me that way. If I wasn't like this, it wouldn't have happened. It's still my fault.

No. 631884

Yeah, I know what you mean.
I'm a bit conflicted, because even if I know the reason/cause that made them act like that, I don't think they are fair reasons. Or maybe they are, but it's weird to hold a kid to the same standards as the other adults in your life. I think these people are emotionally stunted and that's why they don't make the difference between kid and adult. They just see "bad person". Sage for rant.

No. 631897

I totally feel this, my family acted disgusted with me when I exhibited bad behavior instead of explaining why it was wrong or parenting me at all. Just shame the child, she’s a shitty person

No. 631920

File: 1600297555360.jpg (82.12 KB, 1200x941, Sip_d845c0_7760217.jpg)

Im really starting to think about taking my own life. I've fucked up big time, i have a partner who has major trust issues, i always have to take a picture of my food for him to let him know i really did eat. I forgot to do so, i also ate all of my food. I feel hella bad now, he lost feelings and hes talking about taking his life. All was good in our relationship, we loved each other a lot, i still do. But he doesnt feel anything for me anymore, my anxiety is messing me up, my depression is messing me up, i just feel like killing myself.

Im already thinking about how to end it, in a peaceful manner, non painful. But at the same time, im thinking about my cat and my family, and it really fucks me up. Right now im contemplating, but right now im still deciding.

maybe someone might change my mind, or maybe not. Im too far gone right now, im not sure if someone can talk me out of it. its 1 am here, so maybe i'll end it in the morning around 4 or 5.

No. 631927

File: 1600297942306.png (393.25 KB, 535x534, bfhwbfhebw.png)

i fucking hate body dysmorphic disorder. i can barely go outside and spend 6-8 hours a day obsessively looking over old photos or fixing my appearance in the mirror or taking multiple showers to try and reset my hair and skin so i try to get it right. and the problems are so repetitive that at a certain point i feel stupid and embarrassed talking to my friends about it, plus its so vain and i dont want to make anyone feel self conscious. but its not even about looking “hot” its like, i just want to look “human.” ive had this problem for 8 years now and it was finally getting better but quarantine set me back a million steps.

also i know looking at this site does me no favours but i cant stop. like ill be watching a certain cow for a while and all the criticisms i see about her, suddenly i focus on myself. even if i've never felt those criticisms about myself before. its lunacy and tiring.

idk im drunk and really sad.

No. 631942

I know it's probably difficult to gauge sincerity levels in an anonymous reply, but I want you to know that I relate to much of this, it reminds me of my (fairly recent) past. I realize now how much of my feelings of emptiness/pain/futility were like parasites I'd picked up from another individual, a contagion type of thing, and because I loved this person I tried to make their pain my own. almost like I wanted to understand them more, so I accepted that parasite as "mine" to the point that I forgot it wasn't there the whole time. and then when I felt like I'd become that parasite nearly entirely, the cord that kept me tethered was feeling that part of me that wanted to live without it. if only to see what it would be like. I could not "take my own life" knowing it was no longer "my own," so I decided I had to make it my own again before I could decide what to do with it. that was a year ago.

sorry for the blog. if nothing else, anon, I know you deserve to see what the other side of the hill looks like. hug your cat and remind yourself he looks at you only with love.

No. 631946

I’m sorry but he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore because he thinks you lied about eating? And now he’s suicide baiting and making you want to kill yourself? Please don’t do it. I think you deserve a lot better. A good partner wouldn’t react this way

No. 631948

Your partner has major attachment issues, look up either dismissive or fearful avoidant attachment style to see it's all there. It's something that totally can be healed and you can have good life together - or apart, but healthy and happy. Ending things will just upset your cat, don't do it.

No. 631949

i wish i wasn't such a fat lazy bitch all throughout my childhood and teen years and let my health go to shit

I'm changing my diet now and exercising when i can but i feel like shit more now than i ever did before

A part of me wishes i could just live my fat neet existence in peace again

No. 631950

File: 1600299379195.gif (222.25 KB, 498x414, 30D393DB-A8B2-4B35-845E-92216F…)

Damn anons, I just realized I haven’t laughed on this website for a long time. I used to have so much fun on here, it’s why I was hooked for years. Think back this past year, I have only engaged in infight to feel alive. Is this a sign for me to move on?

No. 631951

I know you have your own issues regardless of this relationship but it does sound like the relationship is playing a large part in you feeling like this. I've felt like ending things after each of my relationships reached their burnout point. I'm glad today that I didn't act on that.

Breakups are hard but if it's a relationship that's dying a slow painful death already.. then chances are you'll feel much better for leaving that dynamic and moving on. You are both talking of suicide.. go your seperate ways and find support.

No. 631952

Why do you feel worse now? You can still be a skinny NEET, too, if you want.

No. 631953

that's cause jannies killed the site

No. 631959

I'm just always feeling stessed, anxious and depressed now, i'm not sure why either lol
can't be a neet anymore tho since i'm doing an MA program, it's for the better in the long run i can't enter my mid twenties with not even a start at a career

No. 631966

File: 1600300683932.jpeg (65.71 KB, 275x264, 1598579266373.jpeg)

I literally have 6 different litter boxes with 3 different kinds of litter, and I keep that shit immaculately clean, and my kitten still chooses to shit on the floor instead.

No. 631970

Ugh fucking same. If I’m gone more than an hour or if I ignore her for work, she shits on the floor idgi

No. 631977

I have completely lost faith in the idea that anyone would be able to be there for me if I told them how bad I'm doing. I don't even know anymore whether that's accurate or not. I just assume everyone is either going to be critical or ignore me because my issues are too much for them. I can't even talk to my boyfriend anymore.

No. 631989

File: 1600304289598.jpeg (92.46 KB, 1285x1285, 2536ACE1-B389-45A8-9FC4-E6C5A1…)

I seriously want this to be over. What the fuck. What the actual fuck. Why is no one concerned, I’m clearly mentally unstable.

No. 631994

you care and it's all that matters, as self-care is the most important. try to find a therapist and you'll get better!

No. 632004

File: 1600306583196.jpeg (101.32 KB, 1125x949, 1CC246FB-6962-4D49-AEA6-35EE7D…)

bpdfag here, my psych took me off my medication because it was making my depression worse and he didn’t want me to spiral and do something worse than lame hysterical suicide baiting. My anxiety has been brutal for the past week since to the point where I am contemplating filling out paperwork for a stress leave from my part time job just to have one less thing on my plate. Talked to my counsellor today and she told me that I can just call my psychiatrist back and tell the office that I’m not coping well without my medication and need a refill. I feel dumb for not thinking of this sooner and just suffering for a week.

No. 632006

i just discovered i have adhd and im so upset i learned about it so late into my life.

I am happy i finally know something and can cope but fuck.

No. 632015

the guy i am currently into is a fucking selfish little piece of trash but he is hot and i want to take his virginity.

No. 632028

Do you

No. 632029

If you do, I'd start leaving after he cums. Don't even look or talk to him after the deed. That's what I'd do

No. 632031

I really hate my neighbor and sometimes I get paranoid of him attacking me because I've been attacked by men before….he sits on his phone and yells about women and it drives my anxiety crazy. I can't afford to move and I'm terrified to talk to him at all. He will stand outside and have shouting conversation for 3 hour stretches. What do I do, call the landlord and say this man isn't allowed to speak in his own home? Because of my anxiety? Fucking imagine? They would laugh. He lied to the landlord about my cat having fleas as well. I nearly got thrown out and had to show the paperwork proving my cat has never had fleas and is vaccinated. Why the fuck should I walk on eggshells for this as whole who literally thinks women shouldn't walk outside alone? What the fuck are my options

No. 632035

i am a weirdo, don't knock it.

that's basically the plan.

No. 632036

Can you at least train him a little? Make him eat a pussy at least. Think of the poor bitches that will unknowingly bed him after….

No. 632043

that's the plan. he seems desperate for sex and is fine with my ridiculous sexual requests. he's just very disrespectful and doesn't realize. but he wants me to respect him. fuck that.

No. 632061

I am so paranoid about my old porn sickness being dug up on the internet. I've done the best I can to delete old shit and distance myself from my past but a few of the old accounts I used to look at it I don't remember the passwords to and not to mention that their are old computers laying around in my house that are probably broken but I'm still scared because I was a dumbass kid who didn't know how to delete search history.
I really have changed and the most of the shit I looked at just makes me ill now especially now that I know how fucked up the porn industry is. There's part of me that believes I deserve to be exposed and humiliated though for ever indulging in it in the first place even if I was just a teenager. I just feel so disgusting and I want to move on from the past but imposter syndrome is strong, and the ever living fear of being exposed and cancelled hangs over my head.

No. 632062

Anon, you seem to feel way more guilty over that than you should. I think you're underestimating the number of people (teenage or adult) who did the exact same things.

No. 632067


I'm not too familiar with these situations firsthand, and I'm a coward by nature. But I take things like this very seriously, and I encourage you to be braver than me.
The fact that he lied about your cat before, spews sexist garbage, and has no consideration for his neighbors should erase a lot of your hesitation. Your paranoia is not irrational. But I understand your fear of being physically hurt.
I would encourage you to call/email your landlord (or send a typed letter if you want to remain anonymous).
You could formally label it as a "noise complaint" (because, he is having very loud, hours-long conversations, which is objectively unreasonable with close-by neighbors). Is he shouting to someone in-person, or over the phone? It could be difficult to mitigate whatever arguments your neighbor is having depending on the relationship he has to the other party, even with the landlord's awareness.
You could mention how his tone can be interpreted as AGGRESSIVE towards people who walk by him. In your apartment or neighborhood, are there children? Elderly people? He could be promoting an UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT for vulnerable people.
Have you ever felt at risk having conversations with him? You say he doesn't believe in women walking alone outside. Do you feel THREATENED, physically or emotionally?
If you have trouble recalling things on the spot, make a list. When you are done making a list, think about if your situation would be that of a friend or beloved family member. Would you consider their situation acceptable?
The answer would likely be no. Respect yourself as much as you respect your loved ones.
Of course, if you feel like speaking out would result in personal harm, then please get a second opinion from someone trusted, because I don't have a good answer for that. Actually, get a second opinion regardless, because I'm about as amateur of an advice-giver as they come.
But for you own safety (peace of mind and/or physical) and the safety of others, I encourage you to make your concerns heard, whether sooner or later.
(the words I capitalized are things to say that might perk your landlord's ears as red flags. but results may vary, and should be supported with examples.)

No. 632086

Hi. Thanks for taking your time and consideration with this. This is all shit I needed to hear. I'm going to write down most of this post and hash it out irl with someone and do the letter to the landlord thing. You've raised a few points and questions I won't get into detail with. It will definitely be good to have a paper trail if nothing else, in case something happens.

No. 632099

>but its not even about looking “hot” its like, i just want to look “human.”

That’s exactly it, anon. Well articulated

I hope you can get professional help if you aren’t already. Obsessively perfecting your appearance is only making you feel worse but it’s obviously compulsive and cannot be solved easily. It’s no way to live

No. 632111

File: 1600327795556.png (139.99 KB, 640x360, 1291948390818.png)

My period is coming up and I could literally eat all day long, but I need to lose weight. How do I stop myself, anons?

No. 632114

An extremely horrifying case of gang rape where I live has ignited many discussions about rape and assault everywhere in every news channel, on social media etc and I'm glad people are having these discussions and the rapists have been identified and people are calling for their execution. It also made me aware of people who have assbackwards, victim blaming views on assault. But fuck, I was alreading dreading these months because I'm getting closer and closer to the date of when I got raped last year and all this talk and discussion is exacerbating my triggerness, I don't wanna talk about it with anyone but it's everywhere in all news stations and in my family and I just want it to be quiet. I hope the woman can get justice.

No. 632118

Don't. Nothing good comes from fighting your body when it's dealing with a natural hormonal cycle.
Just wait until your period passes to eat less, then adapt your diet. The few days you wait won't ruin your weight loss, but forcing yourself to do it now will make you feel ill and may negatively impact your motivation for further weight loss because it will be unnecessarily difficult.

No. 632125

eat fruits and veggies? for me it's always the act of eating that i crave not the actual food, but idk how it is for you

No. 632126

File: 1600329845187.png (11.94 KB, 210x260, 1597210103241.png)

i'm kind of worried that i'll never want kids. i love children, but i've been raised to focus on my education and my career… i feel like, after i've just begun to establish myself and dip my toes into the workforce, can i really drop everything for a child in 5 years? even 10?

i have plenty of time to think about it, but it's not an option i even fathomed while i was in school. it sounds selfish and conceited but i don't think i could "settle" for being a housewife with my skillset. not for a long time at least. i learned all of this to make my own life, but now that i'm graduating people are asking about when i'll have kids? ugh i feel so icky

No. 632128

File: 1600330153138.gif (1.52 MB, 244x134, wefw.gif)

Thanks, anons! I had lost about 4 kg but now I've gained 2 kg back, I guess it's mostly due to water retention but it's still demotivating. I will take both of your advice and eat all day but only veggies. It's really mostly the act of eating, I'm not craving anything in particular, I just want to eat. My boyfriend is making me some pumpkin crisps that I'm gonna snack on.

No. 632129

if you have any doubt about having kids, don't.
Make that money, focus on yourself. You can always adopt later on.
Also reading r/breakingmom should help you out kek

No. 632155

I can’t stand my creepy boss and I have to spend all day alone with him in the office today. He’s weird and has sugar babies and always makes uncomfortable sexual jokes. He’s also made weird comments towards me and he just makes me uncomfortable. I just find him so weird and I’m hiding in the bathroom just to have some peace. God, can this day end.

No. 632169

I finally managed to get out of my abusive mother house, but my depression escalated like hell. I really don't know what to do, and therapy is expensive af. Guess I'll die.

No. 632179

Why would you lie about eating food?

No. 632185

It sounds like an eating disorder where he keeps an eye on her? That's where my mind went anyway. That or depression causing lack of appetite

Either way you have one suicidal person trying to look after another and they'll only make each other spiral in that dynamic, ime

No. 632193

>When you see obvious scroteposting trying to bait infighting in certain threads
Why can't they just leave? Why are they so obsessed with hanging around female spaces and why aren't they even trying to hide it? They try to drill into female issues but have zero experience or even empathy for what women have to go through but still barge in here and you'll get banned for calling them out for their bullshit. God it makes me autistically angry.

No. 632196

Maybe OP omitted some important details.

No. 632198

> God it makes me autistically angry.

And that's exactly what they want. Be angry if you must, but ignoring the scrotes is gonna make em leave more than giving them attention.

No. 632200

It's not really the pathetic scrotes that make me angry, it's the fact that you can't even call them out for their bullshit and that other anons will bite because they don't realize they're fighting an useless battle.

No. 632203

File: 1600339599794.png (421.81 KB, 908x643, jfkpain.png)

So fucking tired of the TRA agenda and women's spaces being used for being more non assertive to let these freaks roam and screech at us for doing absolutely nothing. Will it ever stop?

No. 632293

File: 1600352106807.jpg (143.65 KB, 1252x1252, gDnPkYOz.jpg)

I can't tell if I'm in a bad mood and it's coloring my interactions with my friends, or if my friends all happened to turn irritating within the past week.

No. 632300

File: 1600352472171.jpg (72.96 KB, 750x832, 4er56786576879830222.jpg)

recently I found a youtube channel my ex from 2 years ago had made sometime last year, it's a lifestyle / blog channel where she just talks about her day and holy fucking shit I've been watching them non-stop and I can't explain how much I miss her now. why am I doing this, why did we fall apart, why can't I stop torturing myself fuck, I just want to spend my day with her.

No. 632304

I wish JKR would have stopped right after her first TRA backlash. Everytime she does something my timeline is full of trans rights bullshit. Why couldn't she just shut up and idk silently donate money to terf and womens organizations or something

No. 632313

All she did was write under her male pseudonym, and apparently it was one scene, and people found out and ran away with it. She's not really actively being a TERF, TRAs just found an incredibly successful woman to hate.

No. 632315

Mute words that TRAs spam and unfollow and block anyone who puts that trash on your tl. At some point it was impossible to escape so I just deleted my twitter account.

No. 632316

Ffs, these past weeks i've been feeling abnormally salty and pessimistic and whaddya know, the depression is back in the menu despite taking ssri for years. So long, zoloft. Your effects would be missed.

No. 632320

File: 1600354167649.jpg (13.08 KB, 476x227, DWp-dx0UQAAeIVH.jpg)

The disappointment I felt yesterday when I checked my old friend's twitter who went even deeper in the TRA idelogy. Curiousity got the better of me and I went to see tweets mentionning her private account handle, so I can get part of the discussions to understand what's going on and I kid you not her mother fucking friend accused someone of being a terf for saying pronouns = gender. Jesus.

tldr; lost friend is in her not-a-girl phase with no commitment because she copes her rape through gender identity.

No. 632323

I thought she was championing gender critical ideas in a reasonable way before but she ruined it

No. 632326

I did something wrong again. So I'm getting punished again. I wish I knew what I did.

No. 632328

What is happening? Who is gonna punish you? What will they do? Give you the silent treatment because you said something they didn't like?

No. 632330

Exactly what you said, but I don't know if it was something I said.

No. 632332

They must be a turd at communicating. Will asking them what's wrong set them off? I'm sorry you're dealing with such an immature person.

No. 632335

my BPD senses are tingling just a little

No. 632338

For a good reason, kek

No. 632341

I just asked if something was wrong and she left the house. Siiiiiighhhh

No. 632352

File: 1600356696560.png (396 KB, 880x495, britney-toxic.png)

What do I do if I realized that I'm a toxic person?
I recently reflected a lot on my relationships (or more like the lack of them) and had the realization that I'm not a very nice person to be around. I create a lot of situations where I end up feeling like a victim, I'm generally very negative and have an inclination to focus on bad things and complain a lot and I also realized that I take more in relationships than I give (I don't think I have much to give at all, honestly). I'm also paranoid and insecure and always lean on others to make me feel better about myself. How do I become a better person? What do I give when I feel like I have nothing? How do I not bring others down to my level?

No. 632361

If you realize that those are all of your toxic traits, be cognizant of them when you interact with other people in the future. If you catch yourself having those thoughts or behaving in those ways, then stop yourself in the midst of it and correct it. Eventually, you'll learn, especially if you're consistent. Also, therapy. Good luck, anon. I think we all go through periods of self reflection where we become better people because of it.

No. 632416

I’ve come to similar realizations the last year or so, and I’ll share the things that I think have helped me but may not necessarily work for you since I can’t stress enough everyone’s different. Three words that started to resonate with me are perception, judgement, and morality. I have always made good moral choices, but because of that I have always judged everything on a good/bad moral binary instead of a spectrum that includes gray area. Getting rid of a black and white way of thinking really helped me realize that my own perception is going to be influenced by everything I’ve ever perceived, whether it be patterns in thoughts when you look at certain people places or things or it comes more in the form of self reflective cycles of judgement you recognize. Pinpointing what your mental cycle is or what thought process you go through to make decisions can help you address any biases or judgements you have of other people and find out where those came from or when you started to perceive those most. This probably sounds like garbledy geck gibberish because I’m very wordy and not very educated, but I hope if this doesn’t help that you find a path to self improvement otherwise. Take care anon

No. 632420

File: 1600361843861.jpg (67.78 KB, 500x261, orz.jpg)

Urggh, my boss just sent out an email asking us to pay attention to when visitors leave cause yesterday two visitors wandered up to the second floor well after closing time. There were two of us plus a supervisor: My coworker left for the day at closing time and I looked at the visitors in the lobby and asked my supervisor (who was counting cash in the store) if I needed to tell them to leave. He said, "No, as long as they don't wander around, they're fine." So still being new, I said, okay, bye! He also said bye to me. So I left..

Why am I so dumb

No. 632507

sounds like your supervisors fault anon

No. 632511

I hate that my lazy manbaby ex was such a charismatic and charming person to my friends and family so much that he still interacts with them. I just have to suck it up and deal with seeing his ass because I never talked about what a fuckshit he was that led me to break up with him, instead I took the high road at the time and decided not to make ventposts about our relationship problems. Tbh a lot of the reason why I bottled up so much of my sadness and frustration was because he had female friend spies on my social media who would report to him anything I said so that conditioned me to just keep things inside. Well, some good that did me.

I hate that he's happy in his new mommy bangmaid relationship. I hate that she's given him so much when I know he hasn't done back for her. I hate that the government handed him $800 a week at one point. I hate that he's comfortable. Because he didn't work or do shit to deserve any of the stuff that he was given and it pisses me off that no one knows that secret, and yet he credits himself for all of it like he's a big man.
And I could forget about ALL OF IT if I just didn't have to see his stupid fucking name and picture pop up when I go to see the social media of my friends and family.
It's a fucking curse.

No. 632544

I feel ya anon. I don't have the social media issue but my dad seems to still love my ex even though I told him that he got physical with me in arguments… I only hinted at the other abuse because no dad would want to hear the details of what he actually did to me.

A little bit of superficial charm goes far for men like that.. and it's infuriating

No. 632546

i'm a csa survivor and watch loli hentai ;-; i would do away with any pedo irl without much thought at all, but still can't stop watching this filth. it's like every time i get horny i regress and seek it out to see myself in them? i honestly have no idea and i've told other csa survivors of my dilemma and most tell me to embrace it and i've even gotten people dm'ing me about the ddlg community, you would think i would get actual helpful advice, but no. I don't want to fall deeper into degeneracy, i want to get out of it. maybe i can condition myself to be able to get off to other stuff but i already have at least 5 years under my belt. im 21 now, and always feel so ripped apart inside.

No. 632549

File: 1600373006104.jpg (68.26 KB, 890x839, 1584366610452.jpg)

(angry letter I'll never send)
You're a disgrace to all actual domestic violence survivors. The fact that you went to the media to spin this entire affair in your favor is ridiculous. The truth is, he is a piece of work, but you are too. Everyone knows it, and that's why people keep saying "You saw his track record and still went after him?", you gold-digging shithead. What they still don't fully realize, though, is that you're batshit insane in your own right. Stop trying to paint this as if you did nothing wrong and he's the only bad one. You are not an innocent battered housewife, you're a gold digger who knew she had a good ride going and absolutely thrives on negativity. Two mentally unhinged people fighting for dominance in one house, and now one of them is crying victim to the press. The only true victims here are your innocent children. I can't imagine the shit they must've seen before they could even count.
Imagine trying to portray yourself as a "god-fearing" woman, and then literally flashing your pussy at pastors in church. Front fucking row, and they had to tell you to stop coming. Fucking lol. You are in your 30s, how are you not ashamed of this shit? How many "suicide attempts" have you notified random friends about now when you don't get your way, knowing they'd go to him and then beg on your behalf for him to talk to you again? Two? Three?
What kind of mother beats up her own son and tries to fight while pregnant? Who brandishes a knife at her own children? Your own personal assistant cursed you out, and the police threatened to lock you up on his behalf that night your drunk ass was caught philandering. Don't even bring up the CSA from your past, there is no excuse for the shit you do. Even your family members know it.
All those times you left of your own volition, why the fuck did you keep coming back? No one threatened you, he sent you back all your shit. Stop claiming you were "broke and homeless" when you were literally staying in an apartment he was paying for. What, all those friends you get to run these shit stories wouldn't take you in? Couldn't any of your sisters or brothers let you live with them? Either you're lying (and I know you are for a goddamn fact), or you're so fucking toxic that even they wanted nothing to do with you.
No matter how many blogger friends you get to post bullshit, trust that everyone who's not trying to social-climb knows the full depths of your degeneracy and keeps a wide berth from you. You are a walking disaster. Your own kids have seen both of your unhinged, disgusting asses first-hand. You may think they'll forget, but that shit stays in the subconscious, and I would know. Just know that you are both the causes of ALL the problems they'll face in life. Was the money and sex worth it, you sad fuck? God, I wish I could publicly drag your ass, but I'm not a social media whore. Go post a thirst trap with another Bible verse attached, maybe then you can catch a new old man to leech off of.
I hate this entire "Kardashians but with added mental illness" tier family. I wish anyone above the age of 28 would be banned from social media. I feel fucking sick. I wish I could start a Lolcow thread on your asses, it's a brand new fucking headache and neurosis every week with you.
Also, to the other ex who uses the same playbook of lies in the media - Everyone knows you're a fucking female, PoC Harvey Weinstein, except Weinstein was actually successful. Stop putting people's names in your smear campaigns when you don't even know who they are, exactly when they entered his life and haven't even talked to them. Stop trying to speak on someone's behalf and lie on their name when they don't like you or agree with your agenda. It's been fucking years, you have GRANDCHILDREN. Shut the fuck up already.

No. 632552

if you want advice radicallyaligned on tumblr is a survivor I think and is really nice, I wish you the best. orgasms are a conditioning tool and moving away from using harmful fantasies to get off takes time and effort!

No. 632557

Here's my first world problem. I live with my parents and brother and I have bad days where I'm angry for no reason and everything sets me off. I can't do anything about it except avoid people. But on those days my mom always asks me to go into town and fetch something for her. And I asked my dad today if he would do it for me and he just fucking ignored me. aight whatever so I went and did it. I already told my mom yesterday I'd clean the bathroom, but every time my brother knows I would do it, he'll go and do half of it and then come tell me to do the rest. Bitch I was already going to, you knew that. He's in his thirties and he still uses household chores as a bargaining chip against me instead of us just splitting them up like adults. He will go complain to my mom that he does more than me when he actually did some of my chores for me without me asking him. He knows I don't even give a fuck that my parents like him more but he still needs to hold something petty over me. Frustrating.
Also my dad is starting to piss me off. I always liked him a bit more than everyone else in the family because he's more quiet and calm than my mom but he's such a fucking lazy asshole sometimes. One of the few things he does is take out the garbage and every time he takes the bathroom garbage he doesn't replace the bag. If he doesn't know where they are he could just ask me or my mom but no he just leaves it and I have to do it for him every time. This time I'm so fed up, I always put my poopy wet wipes in the garbage because you're not supposed to flush them, I'll put them in the garbage can without a bag and he can pick up my shit with his bare hands. He'll yell at me but it'll be worth it fuck these people (I know I'm an asshole but I'm so angry rn)

No. 632561

I've been reaching out more to new people offline and online these past months and the more I talk to other people the more I hate myself and realize how socially retarded and anxiety ridden I am. I wish I could chill the fuck out when i text or talk to other people.

No. 632566

Posts like this make me glad that my dad fucked each of his kids out by 19. My bro has a real selfish streak but I haven't lived with him or had to argue with him in over a decade.

No. 632570

when I first read this I thought you meant you were glad your dad literally fucked each of his kids

No. 632572

File: 1600375079416.jpg (48.05 KB, 741x741, 1598046559929.jpg)

Does anyone else feel like a huge failure because they couldn't make it in college?
I'm 24 and struggled with school all my life so college was hell for me. I feel so lost because you need college to get a decent job… but I never really had any aspirations growing up other than just having a comfortable and safe life. I'm starting to believe I have a learning disability or something because I could never focus in school. I think the anorexia I have gave me brain damage or something. If you read this thank you and to everyone struggling, I hope you find peace soon.

No. 632578

AYRT my parents are way too attached to their kids, they think it's perfectly acceptable for us to be living at home. ('m in my late 20s) My brother is fine living with them but he's a weird autist. I was living on my own until covid hit and I lost my job. Fuck I miss living alone.

No. 632582

I've always had a rocky relationship with school because I was "home schooled" but my parents didn't actually school me growing up, then randomly threw me into correspondence high school, which I never finished and the school shut down but even before it shut down I fucking sucked at it and only racked up about 7 credits in 2-3 years

went to college later and have failed or dropped out of most of my classes, I'm now on my 3rd time taking a class that I failed the first 2 times. I feel fucking stupid, my brain is really disorganized and I'm pretty sure I have ADHD or some other learning disability. I've wasted so much fucking money on school and I wonder if it's even worth it, I feel retarded honestly

you're not alone anon

No. 632586

I went to college but dropped out after my first degree, I'm average at best and just struggle too much socially so I'm not that optimistic about my future studies or job. I'm not ambitious for my career either I just want money to live a safe life (and nice people/co-workers to be around with). I'm still confused on what to do next, I'm interested in graphic design but don't even want to put the EFFORT to be better at it.
Yet I still don't see myself as a failure, I'm not bright but I focus on what I love and my hobbies. I like video games and there's so many j-rpg I want to play, I have so many artistic projects in mind, I wanna go outside more, etc. Basically I just want to be that neet artist that draw cute stuff, but without the depression.

No. 632589

I wonder all the time if school is really worth it all the time too. College is so expensive and the debt is so unappealing. I've seen so many people with degrees struggling to find work and that puts me off even more. The dream job I want doesn't even need a degree but it's a physical job and my body is a little fucked from my ED. There is so much pressure put on people to go to college and if you don't then you are a failure.
I hope the best for you anon and that we both reach our goals.

No. 632590

>I'm not bright but I focus on what I love and my hobbies
I feel you. I don't even care what kind of job I end up doing, I realized lately that I'm only really interested in having enough free time to enjoy what I love. I wish you a happy neet life, anon.

No. 632591

My ex moved back with his parents when we split, he was late twenties and his weird older sister who had never moved out was 36.. parents just put no pressure on em. Meanwhile my dad is loving his own space, always telling us how much he loves it lol. The variation is attitides is interesting.

No. 632594

File: 1600376260918.jpg (863.32 KB, 1080x1862, SmartSelect_20200917-165308_Ch…)

Unique Vintage has now bent over for the big dick troon gang that came after them for selling Harry Potter stuff. But did they do the same for Torrid? Probably not.

Seriously, why the fuck does Unique Vintage need tranny models? For fucking what? They don't have to body to even rock the clothes that UV sells.

Can't wait for them to advertise clothes with men in dresses.

No. 632598

Spineless brands. Meanwhile trannies and friends stay consuming products from megacorps that actively violate human rights in 3rd world countries with their fast fashion and makeup hoards.

No. 632603

This decision doesn't do any harm to JKR or anyone for that matter, so who cares? This is just like when people stopped buying from Dolls Kill. If the company no longer aligns with your views, stop shopping there. It's that simple. People who want to buy the clothes still can, but now the money just goes to an organization that supports transgender people. At least they're upfront about it. There's quite literally no adverse effect of this change. It's probably just a performative statement anyway. Corporations do the same shit during pride month.

No. 632607

Good luck anon! Take care of yourself.

If that makes you feel any better, I have a master's degree but I'm not going to have a good position with a good salary anytime soon… I feel like I have wasted my parents' money.

We don't have the same path but I aspire to have a safe and comfortable life (with a loved one) as well, let's get it together!

No. 632610

Yyyep. Performative bullshit and self servicing over all. Real women don’t matter.

No. 632612

I'm at my bf's mom's and needed to change my tampon and when I took it out I kinda dislodged it too quick?? My period is super heavy and this is the heaviest day and blood flew off of the tampon and onto her very nice shower curtain. I am so fucking embarrassed.

No. 632613

Kek omg does “very nice” mean that it’s one of those cloth ones or can you wipe it off?

No. 632615

It's a decorative cloth one. I'm a little bitch and got my bf to tell her. Kill me ahhhhhh

No. 632618

This happened to me once! I'm also paranoid about using bathrooms where people have those carpety things around the toilet and bath for the same reason.

No. 632619

Did you cold water rinse that bitch first?

No. 632621

Finally called out my (ex?) Friend for being a cunt online and making a fool of himself in general. Went about as great as you'd think. We argued back and forth for two hours as his main argument was some people deserve to be harassed online. He genuinely thinks he's a white knight for the oppressed by trolling and harassing people. He does it on his work account with his real name, he's not even embarrassed.

I thought he was a good guy but today opened my eyes, he was a step away from saying ”iTs aBouT eThiCs in gAmE jOurNaLiSm!!!"

He kept trying to make it about politics and implying if I disagreed with him that I support Trump or some shit. Why are men such dipshits, Christ.

The worst part is he's not even almost a tough guy type IRL, he literally used "muh fragile mental health" to try dip out of the argument when I kept making sense and he didn't have anything to say.

In retrospect I kinda bulldozed him (with FACTS and LOGIC lol kill me) and I should have let it go when it was clear he didn't want to listen. But it was satisfying to completely tear apart his flimsy world view and straight up tell him he was an angry little man throwing tantrums and nothing more.

Hopefully it's a wake up call and in months or years he'll see I'm right. He was one of my closest friends for a long time and he's smart,can be very sensitive and kind… But the last few years he's become so obsessed with Trump (he's not even American) and every iota of Twitter politics it's like he's morphed into a different person.

I'm probably wishing for too much, this convo will probably just strengthen his creepy self righteousness. He's never really done well in life so I guess he's latching onto this "good guy harassing baddies" identity because it makes him feel like a big man behind the keyboard.

God it's so embarrassing.

TL;DR men continue to disappoint. This takes the list of not-trash men in my life from 3 to 2.

No. 632623

You rekt his cringe lord Internet tough guy ass, feel good anon

No. 632626

I dropped out of university because I hated it. At the time it felt really bad because people were telling me that no matter how unhappy I was I should have finished my degree because I needed it to get a job. I don't care anymore because they were wrong. I did a training course, got a job and now I own a business.

There's many ways to succeed. If what you're doing isn't working, it's time to try something else.

No. 632631

File: 1600382301476.jpg (40.15 KB, 400x343, tumblr_p6ftdjydcd1wsge6to1_400…)

I hate how women aren't "allowed" to like cute things after a certain age and must be either sexy, motherly or office-style mature when they are past 20.

Men can be stuck on superheroes, cars and sports for their whole lives and no one bats an eye.

Even worse just becasue you like cutesy shit they assume you're a ddlg sexual deviant.

Yeah its fucking cringe or whatever but you can pry the pastel pink shit from my cold dead hands.

No. 632633

being a normie who gives a shit sounds hard.

No. 632634

>>632623 honestly I do feel good lmao

Feels weird because I hugely disagree with his ”bullying for the greater good" shit but I'm glad I fucked his mindset up like nobody clearly has before. At least I can say I did it in private, didn't swear at or harass him or call my friends to pile on and call him a dick.

And I'm not patting myself on the back like I saved the world, this was just a personal vendetta and I own that shit

No. 632638

What's the name of this plush?

No. 632640

You seem out of touch. The same people who judge women for having plushies do judge men for collecting superhero toys. (Normies like MCU movies is different) And the vast majority of people have no idea what DDLG is and have never heard of it. I'm tired of extremely online people here venting about crap like that. Just be confident and no one will give a shit.

No. 632646

File: 1600383058826.jpg (46.44 KB, 800x800, 51b03d1cef1d3fa19ac6d8612e6cc8…)


I work in the communications area so looking "presentable" was part of the gig, ofc quarantine made me be able to dress and decorate my workspace more like the pastel nightmare i want it all to be.


Mewkledreamy, new sanrio IP.


Idk maybe its because im on my early 20s, but the people I know IRL are very aware of this stuff, like to the point we can joke about furries.

No. 632667

>Mewkledreamy, new sanrio IP
Thanks anon.

I'm 30's, give off a butch lesbian vibe.. but then I have a cutesy plush collection confined to my room. People never expect it

No. 632676

unless I can sell some of the stuff I've put up online or or be desperate enough to sleep with someone for money I will have to live off of nasty protein shakes, half a jar of instant coffee and 18 bags of black tea for 10 days.

And no I really cannot ask my parents or friends for help. At least I will lose weight before my birthday I guess.

I haven't felt this depressed in a really long time.

No. 632678

Stay strong anon, this too shall pass.

No. 632683

I found mirror shards in the middle of my backyard where my dogs run around. I'm so goddamn paranoid, but to be fair, one of my old fuck neighbors always likes to complain whenever a certain dog of mine barks, and we get asshole children passing by before and after school who like to throw shit at the dogs. So I wouldn't be surprised if any of those cunts were trying to hurt them. I hate living near people. Fucking bastards. I just want to set up a security camera system to monitor everything so I can keep an eye on things. I'd hate to find one of the dogs bleeding or injesting poison or something.

No. 632686

All that goes on in my family is straight up DENIAL. Just complete denial of all the issues going on within our family and watching the years go by as the situation(s) continue to get worse. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

No. 632695

Feeling like the biggest martyr for not sharing my medical woes with my two friends because one is moving abroad and other one's mom is very sick so i don't want her to think about that shit all the time. I feel so beyond helpless and alone, I even left out details from my mom and I live with her, or she lives with me idk. I don't want to be a fucking downer to everyone more than I already am but holy shit am I suffering for it, bitch I am so young and am going to have to write a will? What the fuck. Why the fuck.

No. 632697

Can you tell us what you are dealing with? I'd like to listen if you need to vent about it.

No. 632698

I wish I knew you anon I'd take ya to a Brazilian steakhouse

No. 632707

a couple months ago I found out my boyfriends ex from a couple years ago was talking shit about him on tik tok; 4 years after they broke up. I messaged her and wanted her to take the video down because I found it inappropriate on the things she was saying (and he wasnt too happy either), instead it lead to her lying to me about a bunch of stuff that did NOT happen at all, accusing him of being an abuser…ect ended with me blocking her and we parted ways. I unblocked her today just to see if she at least took down that video, and she didnt, instead she made a video putting bad light on a girl that I know and even went to the extent of dropping her name in the comments when the video has gotten over 88k likes at this point. I dont know how to bring it up to this girl, or this girls boyfriend(who both dont like my boyfriends ex either) that I found this without seeming like I've been stalking when I was just checking to see if a video was deleted. I hate her so much and I wish there was a way she would just GO AWAY, but thats impossible because shes got a growing online presence :(

No. 632708

Yeesh not to sound ancient but I do not understand or have tik tok and I’m glad. That sucks, anon, I’m sorry. Are people find your guys’ profiles and bothering you from her videos?

No. 632712

thankfully no one has bothered me because she(as of yet) hasnt made a video talking shit about me, but she hardly knows me outside of the time I told her to take down the video.

The mutual friend of mine shes shit talking on though, I feel has it worse because that video is pretty popular now. She drops her name in the comments and is allowing other strangers to insult her. I kind of feel like shes baiting her because the caption in the video reads "I hope she doesnt find this video because I dont want more drama", knowing this other girl also uses the app.

I have no idea if I should bring it up to this girl that this bitch is doing this, or if I should let it go. I just really do not like my bf/fiances ex, she is a terrible person

No. 632748

File: 1600394024048.jpg (24.69 KB, 720x405, FB_IMG_1599498081861.jpg)

My cozy tag group has been raided by genderspecial uwu zoomers (including mods and admins) and it's getting more aggravating by the day
I only haven't left because there's still some genuinely good and funny stuff, but I don't know how long I'll last

No. 632766

I have big feet so whenever I try on sneakers it looks like I put on my grandpas shoes

No. 632767

My stomach hurts but I can’t poop I just want to go to bed because I have work in the morning!!! AAAAAAAHHHH

No. 632779

File: 1600399657164.jpeg (24.76 KB, 290x195, 7BA9ACC8-6B60-4050-9A73-25E6AB…)

It’s been 45 days and zenmarket still hasn’t sent out my packages!! I even sent them a message and they said it was because of pandemic(which I understand)! But then why were you able to send out my other packages within 2 days then!? I WANT MY WEEBSHIT!!!!!

No. 632792

File: 1600401475753.jpg (30.08 KB, 360x480, 4e8a1fd2811f901642a92f452290b7…)

>bf wants to go to sleep too early
>shoves his arm underneath my neck or head to cuddle which is uncomfortable for me
>he likes to be extra hot which causes me to sweat, I like it cold but he doesn't like to be chilly cause he's rail thin

No. 632801

tell us more, you sound interesting. hope you're okay though buddy look after yourself pls

No. 632803

>he sleeps with eyes open
It creeps me the fuck out. Sometimes I have to waggle my finger in front of his eyes to see if he's really asleep. Sometimes his mouth hangs open and he legit looks like a dead guy.

No. 632813

I want to try playing an MMORPG with friends but I don't have any friends into them. I'm not super well-versed in these gaming social circles to begin with and I have no clue where to start. Just want gamer friends to escape the real world with sometimes.

No. 632815

I still think about someone that used to work here. Wondering what they’re doing with all of their friends. Wondering if they still hate me after what I did out of hurt and anger. I went to rehab and it made me realize maybe the friendship was only fair-weather situations. But maybe that was partially my fault. Or maybe I’m just that much out of touch with social situations. Guess I’ll never know now. Either way, I’m sorry, donut. I was just in a lot of pain.

No. 632841

What MMORPG are you interested in anon? I’m in the same boat

No. 632852

I was sort of looking into FFXIV since it seems to be popular and not too full of hard to learn mechanics. I know of Black Desert Online and Blade Soul I think it was called?
What about you?

No. 632861

Found home videos of myself when I was 9. I was so happy and full of life behind a camera, and had a lot of personality. After years of just not knowing how to show it to others due to shyness, or being made fun of or told that I weird, just numbed me as a human. I wish I was 9 year old me again. I don't think I'll ever be happy again.

No. 632867

I've been feeling super low lately and I can't stop thinking about about a friend of mine who died 3 years ago. She just disappeared one day (she lived in another city) after vising the hospital for something and she said she would be in touch soon. She had a tendency to ghost and then reappear which I didn't mind because I knew she had been through a lot and a lot of bad stuff was going on for her. I offered to go stay with her but she declined and that was it. She then didn't talk to me for another year, and I spent every couple of months trying to find her on social media, dropping her a DM/text message just to let her know I was thinking of her. She never did reply. I thought maybe she just wanted space or a new start, but it turned out she had overdosed on her own in her student house. I didn't find this out until a year or so later through an old mutual and it has absolutely destroyed me ever since. I can't get over the sadness and pain she must have been feeling, the thought of her being alone when I was only a few seconds away on a text. I always told her my phone was on me at all times, no matter what time of day, but I guess she just couldn't do it any more. She was not found for a few days, and I can't get the image of her lying face down in the living room, alone, out of my head all these years later. It has been on my mind a lot this past week and I just want to scream for her. Her life was awful towards the end, which was so unfair because she was such a beautiful person with so much potential.

I have looked through our old facebook messages and I had a few smiles and actual belly laughs at some of the stuff we used to talk about, so that cheered me up a bit, but the last few chunks of conversation were really quite grim. I'm sorry for ranting on here about it, but I feel like shouting into the void might help a bit. I don't think I will ever get over the pain of losing her, and the bit of guilt that maybe I wasn't seeing signs of things to come. I will be okay soon, but I still can't believe she is gone.

No. 632869

My heart hurts reading this. I'm sorry you had to go through that. The reality for a lot of people is that they feel like reaching out for help is a burden , or just a temporary fix. It has nothing to do with you personally that she decided it wasn't an option for her to ask you for help

No. 632872

I know, it just hurts knowing that while I was texting her or calling, she was lying on the floor with her phone not with us any more. It is insane to think about. I will stop punishing myself eventually, but I am just sad that she is gone. She was only 26. I am quite sad too that her parents or no one else told me until I started trying to track her down. I was in touch with another of her friends who kindly showed me pictures of the floral tributes from her funeral and stuff like that, but it honestly felt like too much to comprehend, seeing her name written out in flowers less than a day after being told she had died. I can't even go to visit her grave as her mum hasn't buried her ashes. My plan for this year was to drive down to a park local to her and set down some flowers somewhere nice and have an afternoon somewhere I know she liked, but corona.

No. 632875

put myself as offline on anything I own, turned off any notifications, and decided to stop replying to people immediately because they've all been using me as a free therapist when I was finally happier in life due to shit I couldn't control
all these people's complaints stem from things they directly caused or can fix in the moment mostly where as my stuff wasn't an option. one of them had the audacity to come back into my life to "see how I was doing" just to use me as a venting text person. after 2 weeks of feeling anxious I think Im starting to ease up. sure I care about these people but sending me a sudden very sad message, some even suicidal sounding, its not like I can actually do anything if they live thousands of miles away not willing to fix their own made problem or seek medical treatment. Im tired of this weird guilt feeling, I just want to breathe. Being away from them set more boundaries I think and gave me back my own space for my own things to sort out.

No. 632880

File: 1600415178116.gif (1.77 MB, 244x250, sipsipsip.gif)

Seriously, who invented the meme of women who talk too much? My boyfriend is talking and talking and talking and laughing at his own stupid jokes, he can never just sit together in silence. I don't even notice it sometimes but I have PMS and I just feel like I want to strangle him tbh. I love him, he has so many good qualities but he's really fucking annoying sometimes.

No. 632889


My brother and my female cousin do this too. Both are very talkative people who ramble about the most annoying, irrelevant shit. But while my brother gets away with it, my cousin constantly gets shamed for it.

No. 632894

He's your boyfriend, why can't you just say you would like to enjoy the silence and just be with him? Imo if someone wanted to sit in silence I would prefer they just asked that we did our own thing that night instead of subjecting me to join them in it, go read a book in a different room or something

No. 632900

It's not on me, he follows me around and talks about the same shit over and over. Yesterday I wanted to go to sleep and he also went to bed with me (even though he said he wasn't tired) and vented to me about all kinds of stuff and when I told him to please be quiet, he would stop for a few minutes and then start talking again. I feel like it has gotten worse recently. I will have to find a way to politely tell him that he has been insufferable lately

No. 632903

Just say you want to be alone to do rancid farts. That works for me.

No. 632905

Thanks for the advice, anon! I will try it out later today!

No. 632906

It isn't even a joke. If I want 10 minutes to myself in the morning and my boyfriend is in the mood to talk my ear off, I just say I've dropped a bad fart and he gives me the space I need to wake up properly. It's great.

No. 632918

Lmao anon my and your bf were made from the same mold seems like; I love him and I love listening to what he has to say usually but sometimes it's like 3am, I'm exhausted and trying to sleep and he suddenly starts talking about something; and it takes more than once for me to say "let's go to sleep, i'm tired" for him to finally get a clue.

No. 632921

Yeah no, you should probably just be honest. Good communication is important.

No. 632923

I was being serious, too! I mean, he'd probably think I'm joking but I think he would get the hint anyway.

I'm weirdly relieved to know that there's anons who also have talkative boyfriends like mine. I enjoy listening to him, respect his viewpoint on a lot of subjects and he can be hilarious but sometimes it's just too much, especially at 1-3 am when I need to get up at 7 or when he has a bad day and is just complaining nonstop. Too bad men don't really have a lot of sleepover parties with their friends, then he could chew someone else's ear off for once.

What would you suggest?

No. 632926

She ended up really making me feel ok about it. No idea if it's ruined though! Maybe I will ask her drunk at Thanksgiving.

No. 632927

Recently every time I've tried going to sleep I get upset thinking about my brother.

Up until the age of 10 or so he was such a happy boy. And the images just pop into my head of him turning to face me, laughing with unbridled joy. The sound is so clear. I mean I'm glad that the memory is there but it's such a stark contrast to the gaunt, serious young man he is today.

It's just so viscerally upsetting knowing that overabundance of happiness is gone and it doesn't seem like it'll come back.

I mean in my teens I was more closed off and all business too, but I learned to be more sensitive and open in my early 20s. What I'm seeing is him just going deeper and deeper into that hole.

No. 632938

I’m genuinely scared of the trans movement. I feel like it’s only damaging to women…what’s wrong with being a girl? I’ve gone 28 years feeling okay as a girl. These days I feel it’s more sane to just be a boy or a girl. Like to just exist as an androgynous straight girl with short hair is how I live life but I don’t like even being perceived as “wow I wonder if she/they is non-binary!!!1!1!” I don’t like society right now. Wish that coronavirus would calm people down instead of exacerbate this idiotic backwards thinking….sorry ladies I’m just depressed and losing sleep. 6 am and I’m just sad about the future for women….

No. 632940

You're not alone, anon! I am quite old by lolcow standards and I think if I were a teen now, I would have been on board with thinking I was trans or something like that. I was made to feel horrible for being sexualised for being a teenage girl and a female that I did everything I could to try and look as unfeminine as possible. I hated my boobs, I cut my hair short. The lot. I think it is normal for girls to feel they are more masculine or androgynous and I think it looks great, but I do worry for young girls now thinking they are men because they are trying to escape the realities of being a female. I am all for people wanting to live their life in a way that makes them happy, but without it harming others. I don't care if someone thinks they are a duck or blue like a smurf but the minute to starts getting peddled as fact and as a legitimised escape from reality for youngsters, I'm out. The tides will turn, anon. That's how life goes. I hope you sleep soon and that your day is good.

No. 632941

I was wondering about this the other day. I always was told how similar I look to my brother and dad growing up. I was a Tom boy and got all his old clothes until I hit puberty and there was pressure in the changing rooms to have training bras and nicer underwear, rather than vests lol.

It wasn't until my early 20s I started embracing my feminine side more and wearing dresses. I mean I got molested at 14 wearing baggy jeans and a hoody and I use to hate the attention I'd get in my sports kit and never wore just socks with my school skirt always tights to be covered. Had gross instances on the bus with old men. I maybe would have been persuaded to identify more as my tomboyish self if this movement was so large back then.

Now I feel confident and embrace my femininity when I choose too and feel like I can hold my boundaries better. Although there have still been instances of being groped when put etc. but I put that issue on the men rather than my womanhood.

No. 632942

was just walking down the street to get a coffee and some guy beeped at me in a van, slowed down and waved - whatever. But then he apparently turned around and drove beside and just asked me 'hey, you got a number.'

I don't know where men get the audacity to do this but I hate it, there's not even an attempt to ask my name (not that I'd give it) or ask how I'm doing - just straight to asking me for my number. Like do you think the public road in the middle of the fucking day is your personal bar? Do they seriously think women are charmed by this wtf

No. 632949

i knew it… he only texted and met up with me because he was bored. Now he got another girl and he ghosted me. I want to text him so bad. He was my only distraction from all this bullshit that is happening around me.
Now I’m back to being lonely.

No. 632950

It hurts but it's for the best. Now you know to not let yourself care about him anymore ever and you can be sure that it's best for you to focus on yourself or other people.

No. 632952

I'm sick of job hunting and having companies contacting me all at the exact same time when they finally do it. I had an interview yesterday and another company tried to call me at the same time. As soon as I tried to call them back after the interview I left a voice mail and today I tried to call them again and they're no answering. I'm 100% sure I won't be able to contact them again and I can't send them an email either. Last week I had to choose between going to one interview or another because group interviews were scheduled at the exact same day and hour. That shit happened so many times even before that, I feel like I'm cursed.

No. 632955

I hate that shit, do these men just love rejection?

No. 632956

God I hate zoom classes, having the internet a tab away makes it so I lose attention span 20 minutes in.
I just want to fully understand the professors' explanations and not lose myself almost immediately.

No. 632967

I'm addicted to escapism and my life consists of daydeaming then feeling shitty when I confront reality

No. 632968

I wish I could always have cute nails, but I'm cheap and lazy.

No. 632969

i moved out almost a month ago and whenever family send me a photo of our dog he looks downright miserable… i feel so bad.

No. 632970

Just post more kpop dance videos on twitter

No. 632971

I hate how whenever the topic of "Does my bf/husband watching camgirls count as cheating?" gets brought up, a bunch of retarded pickme cuckqueans ask the OPs if they've talked to their men and laid down boundaries first cause women need an 'agreement' with their partners about what counts as cheating.
Um. No, they don't need to have discussed it first.
Interacting with a live camgirl and paying for her porn–which we all know scrotes will eventually do even if they claim to only have been gawking at their favorite attainable egirl–is cheating. Period. Camgirls exist because there is a demand for personalized, interactive porn.
If you wanna be a stupid bitch in your own relationship that's fine, but don't gaslight other women as if this shit is acceptable and not indicative of a spiraling relationship that's doomed to fail cause the scrote can't be trusted.

No. 632973

You know as a job seeker this is probably the most productive and organised and least procrastinating I've ever been. But also I have literally nothing to show for it?

Like in academia you've got those deadlines pushing you, or the threat of being fired when unemployed. The reward is a pass/qualification or money.

But I schedule and work on small courses to add a bulletpoint to my CV and I don't get hired. It's one of the rare times in life where it IS black and white. I've succeeded if I get a job and I'm a failure if I don't. And I end every day a failure even though I've spent the whole day acting as cook and maid to repay being a leech, and spent hours on some niche skill and applying to jobs for no reply. Like I'm working HARD with nobody lighting a fire under my ass. I don't have that natural built in motivation so it needs to be planned and I need to uphold respect for myself to keep those plans. God damn it, I should be hired just for the perseverance I've shown in the job hunting process, never mind my qualifications. If I was hired I could do whatever fucking job was desired of me, and since I'd actually get paid I'd do it damn well. But if I say I've been unemployed looking for a graduate job over a year, nearly two, the FIRST thought is that I'm probably not trying enough, or doing it right.

No. 632974

well, just lost a close friend of 4 years but i don’t care. she’s mad at me because i told my ex that sometimes i feel like i only keep her around so she won’t talk shit about me to other people. she found out and flipped shit on me and cussed me out, blocking me on everything. what do you expect bitch? you talked shit about all of your friends to me, even your best friend. don’t you think that would make me think you’re probably going to talk shit about me too? and she has in the past. she talked shit about me not too long ago and i found out from one of her friends and i blocked her immediately. then months after that she hits me up apologizing because it was lent and i forgave her cuz…lent. i hate her and i’m glad she’s gone. she puts a different mask on depending who she talks to. on her public instagram she posts lots of liberal shit like BLM, ACAB, fuck nazi’s, but behind closed doors she’s racist as fuck and uses the n-word freely and loves nazi shit like the ss symbol and swastikas and skinheads etc etc. if you’re reading this my friend, you are lucky i didn’t expose your ass, and i never will because i’m not that person. fuck you.

No. 632978

I wish I wasn't such a paranoid bitch. I just had a big piece of furniture delivered to my apartment from a local second hand store, and these two guys brought it up. My plan was for them to leave it in the hallways and I'd take it up to my room later but it was clearly way heavier than I thought, so they offered to take it up, placed it, then left. But I can't stop thinking about how they know my apartment now - they know the layout, they saw my other flatmates were all young girls, they saw my computer and other shit in my room. Fuck I'm convinced they'll try to rob me because I'm such an easy target and now I'm googling door bolts and window locks after this ONE instant of some guys I don't know being in my place. Why does my brain do this.

No. 632979

I'm ok with the odd bit of porn consumption but as soon as it's an interactive thing.. nope

No. 632980

My brain works like that too. I live alone but in a townhouse, I will struggle to get shit up the stairs by myself because no delivery man is ever seeing my bedroom and scoping out that I live alone.. hate that we even have to consider that shit

No. 632981

genuinely just going to buy a set of deadbolts for the main door and my bedroom, can't hurt right?

No. 632982

Better to be paranoid and take extra precautions than to live with rose-tinted glasses, lots of murder cases started as you described it. Those delivery men are probably regular guys just doing their job, but better be safe than sorry, you're not harming anyone by protecting yourself.

No. 632991

>>632978 I know the feeling anon, sorry it sucks not to feel safe at home. It's always good to be proactive about security so maybe that's the silver lining of this, to remind you to upgrade little things like window latches to keep the house safer.

Also if it makes you feel better, it's kind of a myth that normal delivery/service workers will scope out your place to rob while they're there. Because they would be the #1 suspect if you had a break in, you could easily locate them through their employers.

I know we get paranoid about guys being demons on the farms but there's a 99% chance those guys were just normal people trying to get through their day. And you can trust your gut that dodgy guys will give off a dodgy vibe. Especially if they're scoping your house, they'll act cagey and shifty. Or they'll look like junkies whose body language is even more obvious.

No. 632995

thanks anon, logically I know that they'd be pretty stupid to try to rob the place because of how local they are, and it's not like they stayed around after, literally placed the piece of furniture then left. Still, I hope to never see them again and I've now also decided to buy a home security camera. >>632982 is right, this has made me want to up my home security and that should put me at ease. To any anons reading this - consider doing the same!

No. 633035

This is why I bought a dog and hung up curtains

No. 633079

Met someone and thought we hit it off, which was nice because I moved and didn't know anyone in my new town. We met up for coffee twice and I even hung out with her friends. She said that she wanted to get some distance from her current friend group so she open to meeting new people.

Then I sent some text afterwards and they never responded. idk what I did that was so offensive she thought she should ghost me. idk why people can't say they're not interested.

No. 633087

If they only ignored one text maybe they just forgot? You can send more than two texts in a row before giving up on someone, maybe they have a lot going on

No. 633089

File: 1600444171467.jpeg (77.85 KB, 750x680, D7421EC4-5839-4672-96ED-1AB068…)

Moving on is so difficult. why is it so fucking hard. i lurk on their social media hoping that they’ll maybe come around and realize that they’re an asshole or realize my worth. why don’t they? i know my worth isn’t decided by scrotes and yet it hurts to be treated this way constantly. i’ve never had a single good relationship with men. after i got out of my abusive relationship of a few years and took a year to get over it , i’ve only been stuck with emotionally distant and immature men who i thought were better. i really thought this one was different. i’m a fucking idiot and it fucking hurts to not be cared about and not having my worth be recognized. i’m so fucking stupid for thinking it’d be different. it truly was just performative in the beginning. Fuck me

No. 633095

>And you can trust your gut that dodgy guys will give off a dodgy vibe.
You should definitely trust your gut if someone gives you a bad feeling, but just because someone doesn't give off obviously creepy vibes doesn't mean much. Some people are really good at hiding their intentions.

No. 633112

i have bpd. i've gotten a lot better at reining it in, except now instead of getting angry i just get anxious. i know it's wrong, but it really sucks sometimes to not have that immediate catharsis of confronting someone. now i just kind of sit with panic but it feels like i'm drowning in it. at least with the anger i had a solution for my thoughts, even if it was wrong.

i'm dumb as fuck so don't take my word as gospel but i think loose skin depends on age/genetics, how much muscle you have/gain, and how quickly you lose weight. i think you can "healthily" lose 4-8lbs per month. i'm having this same crisis too though. i hope we both hit a healthy weight with minimal loose skin to show for it at the end. <3

No. 633125

I wish I was kind, smart, funny, charismatic, anything but I'm not, I'm so fucking boring to be around and so asocial and quiet and I know no one really likes to be around me. They just tolerate me at best. I haven't hung out with anyone other than my family in over two years except this old dude who I hooked up with and got assaulted by him the second time i met him because i'm so smart that i ignored my gut feeling the first time I barely take care of my appearance because I know it's of no fucking use, I am ugly, it's no use to get a haircut or do makeup because I'll still be ugly after it's all washed away. I've given up on making friends or socializing now. I know no woman will ever find me attractive or interesting enough to ever date me, so I've given up on relationships too. I'm only going through the motions because of my mom and sister who love me very much. I'm such a disappointment in every way, I am rude to them, I'm exhausting to be around. But I'm only alive for them because I love them both a lot. I hate myself so much. I hate looking at myself. I hate hearing my voice, I hate when anyone asks me something about myself. I don't like existing.

No. 633137

File: 1600447486700.jpeg (19.92 KB, 315x280, A5E65DDD-D7BD-441C-B1A3-38C3B8…)

There’s this French exchange student in one of my study groups, and she smells fucking awful. I literally have to hold my breath even if she’s across the table. Even keeping socially distant. It smells like she wedged fucking cheese up her unwashed vagina and let it ferment for weeks. I hope she stays home tonight.

No. 633146

it's VITAL that you stop lurking at that person's profile. Block it to never have it tempt you and never accidentally appear on your feed. Trust me, it's the only way, otherwise you'll suffer forever.

No. 633153

I agree with >>633146, please stop torturing yourself by looking at social media anon. This guy's inability to appreciate you has nothing to do with you as a person, it's about his own idiocy. I know it's almost impossible not to take it personally at first, but the sooner you can take some mental space from him and appreciate the good things about yourself, the sooner his opinion will never matter to you again.

No. 633156

Ehh i texted her like four times (lmao) and she hasn't bothered to answer. I guess they could be busy but I don't know how busy you could be to not over a text over the course of a couple of a week. I'm going to give her a call this evening when I know for certain that she's free.

I don't get how it's ok to ghost someone when you have met three times in person. I'm really racking my brain to see what I did wrong. I guess I was distant when meeting her friends but they were a well-established friend group who had grew up and lived in the same town. Maybe I acted too snobby?

Anyways it really sucked because this was my first time trying to make a new friend post-college/post-COVID and it makes me think that I'm never going to be able to make friends in the future.

No. 633159

It's hard to get out of your head when there's just so much weighting on you but it's possible to get better. There are many ways to improve yourself, both personality and looks, but the willingness to do so must come first. I know it's such a common advice but it would really do you good if you see a therapist at least once and see if there's something to work out with them. There are many youtube channels or podcasts about developing positive mindset and improve your social skills, look into this, then try to practice when you go out, slowly but surely you can get out of this negativity. I believe in you.

No. 633164

Every time I mention one of my siblings to a friend she says "oh your half sister/brother?" Like why? We have different dads but we grew up together and I've literally never referred to them that way to her or anyone. Idk why it bugged me so much this morning lol

No. 633168

anon, this is extremely disingenuous. it could be anon as a person, but she needs to be okay with that. some people just don't work together.

No. 633176

>look up on how my old fandom friends are doing these days
>they all turned into insufferable twitter SJWs currently caping for tranny rights and tagging everything with trigger warnings
>they're all in their 30s and still hanging around zoomers because they can't let go of their childhood
Made me immediately stop regretting that we grew apart. Dodged a bullet.

No. 633177

You're a very sweet person and I appreciate your words. I know it's very illogical of me to be so negative all the time because it is possible to do better but I've completely stopped wanting to improve. I do the bare minimum in everything and I'm coasting along. I wish I could just wake up one day with the thoughts of improvement and the feeling of happiness very near, like a switch I could turn but that's not how it works. I have to make efforts, it won't come to me. There is this one exam I'm devoting my time to these days, it's in a month, it's pretty important. I'm spending all my energy on it and I'm hoping after it is done, I will make efforts to improve myself and my appearance. I'm too thin and ugly right now. Maybe I will try to talk and all that. It seems so impossible, but logically I know it could happen. Thank you for the time you've given me, and thank you for believing in me. I hope you have a nice day. ♥

No. 633183

I mean, it's possible, but anon literally said all the guys she's been with have been "emotionally distant and immature" including the most recent one, who pretended to be a decent person then turned out the same. I'm taking her at her word and assuming she's not lying. If you want to assume it was just a matter of incompatibility and not him being a shitheel then whatevs but I highly doubt that considering this is an anonymous vent thread and she has nothing to gain by misrepresenting the situation to a bunch of internet strangers

No. 633213


This is such an odd thing to say I couldnt even think of a response because at the end of the day it’s a vent thread on an anonymous imageboard. Analyze and assume my situation if you want I suppose

yeah, i know this drill already. It’s hard to stop sometimes weeks later even with no contact at all because I’m retarded and have too much free time. i’m the same bpdfag from a while ago. It’s hard to be content with the fact that this person doesn’t give a fuck about me and is content with being a piece of shit. don’t want to give any details at all for my own privacy. it just really fucking hurts sometimes thinking about how much they’ve affected me and how much they don’t give a shit. it tanks my self-esteem in the moment. I didn’t expect a reply to one of my spergs, thanks anons. cant let my mind wander and fixate on this garbage

No. 633217

that's not how people work, but okay.

No. 633219

Good luck with the exam! After it's off your mind it will be much easier to put things in motion.

No. 633222

Bf is going to make a pasta dish for my bday dinner tomorrow and I don't have the heart to tell him that it doesn't sound very appetizing for a birthday dinner idea. I already don't really like pasta, but he's been bragging about it being his best dish ever since we started dating that I don't want to reject it.
It's pasta fagioli. I'm sorry if I'm insulting anyone by saying this but it looks like poor peasant food and I'm a little disappointed.

Maybe it'll be good and I'll be surprised but I dunno.

No. 633223

Oh it is peasant food.
>Like many other Italian favorites, including pizza and polenta, it started as a peasant dish, being composed of inexpensive ingredients.
Broke scrotes cheaping out during bdays. Let's just go to Applebee's!

No. 633229

A nice cut of steak is a birthday meal. Pasta is everyday dinner food. My ex was shitty in some ways but on your bday you got good steak

No. 633230

You'll not be content with him not giving a fuck but it's normal and understandable, just don't remind yourself of that by investigating every little way that person shows on his social media how little he care. It takes forever to move on sometimes, especially when you got hurt. But even if some kind of karma retribution is about to happen, you wouldn't see it on his feed, maybe he has shitty time already but is just not showing it, and you are just torturing yourself seeing him being seemingly unbothered for no reason. And if you're not able to see his activity he will slowly start fading from your mind, to the point when you'll not care eventually. Fingers crossed he gets some kind of karmic retribution for hurting you but you don't need to necessarily be there to see it, just focus on yourself and hopefully, be happy soon.

No. 633232

I was obsessed with a super basic pasta my ex used to make, I'd take it over an expensive steak anytime (and I do love steaks). You know your bf best, do what you think he will like most.

No. 633233

Scrotes always whip out the pasta when they’re trying to be impressive, like all they have for reference of romance is Lady & the Tramp

No. 633250

reading comprehension

No. 633261

If I where you I'd ask him to make his pasta another night and go out for dinner for your bd instead. Just say you want a stress-free evening without either of you having to cook on your birthday if you wanna spare his feelings. I'd be bitter about it if that pasta turned out to be just kinda meh, your birthday dinner should be a little nicer than your everyday afterwork dinner.

No. 633265

Aw. I'm sorry your boyfriend decided to be so bullheaded instead of listening to you. I hope that it's better than you expect though.

No. 633289

I didn't want to believe the scrotes about male vs female island survival shows, but I am totally baffled. I am watching the Bear Grylls series season 2, and the girls team is just ridiculous. I can understand lacking strength, and not being taught as much about tools growing up compared to boys, but they just keep making dumb decisions. They wanted to find a beach, so they went to the middle of the jungle, and then they decided to split up and the team searching for a beach has been lost for days, and the team at camp just sits around and does nothing. It's constantly raining but they are all dehydrated, and only use one tarp to collect rain water, they are scared of the crabs on the island and don't try to eat them at all, they didn't think to try and build a shelter until the other team was lost for several days. I just don't understand why they are so silly. And also, if they wanted to find a beach why couldn't they have just stuck together and trailed along the shore?
Ah well. I wonder how farmers would survive on an island. I bet no one would do anything due to fear of getting sun damaged skin and nasolabial folds.

No. 633291

I have failed, I know. Sorry :c

No. 633292

The ones who sign up for that just wanted to be on tv for exposure. Watch Life Below Zero if you wanna see some cool (lol) women

No. 633293

Are you venting about a tv show?

No. 633303

My boyfriend has BPD, and I promise you I'm saying this from a place of love - y'all have the ability to move on like nobody's business. I am shocked sometimes by how little he gives a fuck over big, serious events. Stuff that drove him insane and hurt like crazy in the moment. Then like a week later he's all, "Nah I'm over it." Genuinely does not give a shit. I know it's easy to obsess and fixate and feel like the world's ending right now… but once you DO get past that point, you'll be better than ever anon.

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, I loved what she said in an interview: "Men in my life have told me I’m a cold fucking bitch because I leave when things are done… [but] I don’t fuck dead guys, when it’s over, it’s over. You’re dead to me and I move on." Let that guy die so you can go on to find your real match who's gonna be crazy about you.

No. 633309

anon, it's reality TV. They've got an angle to push and people like to see women acting like retarded stacy's.

No. 633337

> I am shocked sometimes by how little he gives a fuck over big, serious events. Stuff that drove him insane and hurt like crazy in the moment.
It's because they have stupid priorities.

No. 633345

> My boyfriend has BPD. y'all have the ability to move on like nobody's business
Doesn't bpd display differently in men.

No. 633348

No. There are just different behavioral expectations for the sexes.

No. 633350

He honestly just processes stuff faster. It's not that the emotions didn't matter at the time, but once he fully accepts they aren't serving him or others anymore, he's able to move on more easily than most "normal" people.

I think it can display somewhat uniquely even on an individual basis, but with both sexes BPD is partly resultant due to the fear of abandonment. So those with it are likely to display behaviors that protect themselves from that pain more readily than others. Hence totally divorcing themselves from whatever caused the pain, which can seem cold, but is more a coping mechanism.

No. 633352

I don't know what you farmers did but you spoke changing his mind into existence. He decided to make it tonight instead of tomorrow after I told him I didn't have a dinner plan this evening. Which means hopefully we can arrange something better for tomorrow night.


No. 633354

Happy for you anon. Don't be afraid to get more vocal about your preferences. Tell him what you want, especially on special occasions where you deserve a nice time.

No. 633364

Had a phone consult with my doctor today about blood work, etc, and I brought up that I am looking into tubal ligation. Cue "oh I was thinking of not having children at your age, but 5 years later I decided I did want them!" I'm currently 30 and would really like to have the procedure done as a birthday present to myself for my 31st, but damn I'm so fucking tired of the road blocks placed in front of me because I'm a woman. The same goes for me trying to get on Accutane. Because it causes birth defects I have to be physically checked for my IUD, tell them when and where I got it, as well as pinky promise not to get preggo and use other forms of birth control like condoms, and that's just to get the consultation to POSSIBLY be on Accutane…I'm fucking single my guy and would like to get one of the most permanent forms of birth control, isn't that enough? No, they want to look at my snatch every month to make sure I don't have a secret magical baby.

No. 633368

I'm excited to see another anon bring this up! I just started looking into a tubal as well. I'm 29, have always known I wanted to be CF and I'm finally in a position where my insurance would basically cover all of it (alleluia). I know it can be a trick to find a doctor willing to take you seriously, but you may want to get in touch with a gynecologist directly? I called up a woman's health office in my network and they said they didn't need a referral at all, I could just come in for the consult and they'll get me scheduled from there barring any health issues. I feel like they're probably more understanding and respectful than a GP considering they deal with these procedures all the time.

No. 633369

This makes me irrationally angry… they put the physical health of a nonexistent fetus above yours

If you want to the childree subreddit has a list of docs who do it. Works better if you are in the USA but there some from other countries too

No. 633370

It’s easier to transition than it is to get your tubes tied as a cis woman

No. 633377

Spoke to a school counselor type of person about starting online a psychology course at an open uni and I feel like he really tried to get me into studying to become a teacher, even though I didn't really say anything about wanting that? Maybe an art teacher but not right now, I just want to get my mind out of other shit and see if I can still actually study, I graduated nearly a decade ago.

No. 633386

I am a zoomer with green hair and it's making work so awkward, teens keep coming up and saying "I assume you use tik tok, do you have [x]?" "do you guys sell [x thing] from tik tok???" bitch I do not use tik tok you have to give me more than that. "do you guys sell the tik tok apples?" the fucking what bitch we have Gala and Honeycrisp is that what you mean?????

No. 633394

I'm not asking to be a celebrity, to be rich, to be popular, to be extremely good looking. I'm literally just asking to lead a regular degular fucking average life where I can at least tolerate the job I went to school for, meet a nice guy, and have more than one friend. Like bitch come on.

No. 633399

File: 1600466289616.jpg (7.86 KB, 237x213, 9857439863.jpg)

No. 633414

What's holding you back, anon?

No. 633417

People don't like me because I'm awkward and reserved and I'm also miserable bitch …..

I'm the hoe that cries that no one likes her but the second someone shows interest in me I think they're faking it or I get too scared that they'll soon dislike me so I retreat. I'm basically self-destructive and don't know how to stop it.

No. 633419

Bitch you're me. I'm so scared to approach new people in case they judge me for being friendless! It's an annoying cycle lol

No. 633422

Anons I feel like i’m about to have a psychotic break over something so petty but it’s just been the cherry on top of an awful week.
My week started with news that my mom is in the hosptial and will probably be ned bound for the foreseeable future and i’m in different state but there’s a lot of pressure from my family to somehow magically fix this situation. It’s also complicated because my mom was extremely physically abusive to me and financially manipulated me since I turned 16 and could get a job. This situation has been mega stressing me out this whole week because I feel so helpless and really have no one to open up to about this other than my older sister who has cut all ties from our family. Now this isn’t even the petty part of this whole thing but it is the precursor in a way. Because i’ve been stressed and sad since Monday I haven’t been really eating but yesterday I decided what the hell i’ll make myself a very lavish Spanish pasta dinner with steak and it will make me feel productive and happy! I had it all planned out for today I bought all the ingredients the night before and I was so hyped.
So, today I come down the stairs and into the kitchen to find that my fucking pig of a roommate who never cooks meals for herself (she mostly lives off of doordash) decided that today would be the perfect day to make herself a huge meal. The sink was full of dirty dishes, 3 out of the 4 burners had pots and pans full of food she hadn’t eaten yet + she was using the exact pans and pots I needed. So she made all this food and just left it there and went to work??? Is this a thing people do? And the real cherry on top was she left one of the burners running and I have a huge fear of house fires so I just burst into tears from being so overwhelmed that someone could be so thoughtless. I have totally lost my appetite and now i’m just in a bitter disassociated state in my room ready to just give up. I feel ridiculous for being so emotional and not just confronting my roommate about you know not burning our house down and leaving food out in the kitchen

No. 633427

I really don't think what you're describing is petty at all, it's amazing you didn't set fire to the kitchen in a blind rage.
One thing though - is it possible that your roomie left that food out for you to share in some sloppy potentially fire-hazardous gesture of kindness?

No. 633436

File: 1600471023100.gif (838.97 KB, 400x323, eyeroll.gif)

>plan outdoor park gathering for my birthday with bf and a few other friends
>all but one friend and bf wind up flaking out the day before
>would rather just have a day alone with bf but it's too late to cancel the whole deal on one friend who was genuinely being nice
>she just has a lot of obnoxious energy and I handle her better in a group so I'm not as grated
>but now she's going to be the third wheel awkwardly shadowing me and bf and there's nothing I can do about it

No. 633445

So my roommate comes up to me saying my boyfriend said some fucked up shit to her. I go and ask my boyfriend, he says no, and even the roommate's boyfriend said that never happened. Roommate gets confronted to only say shes 'suicidal' and 'depressed' and "totally was over the situation so I shouldn't have brought it up" and I'm just sitting here fucking baffled because if she didnt care, why did she bring it up? And of course shes hard core playing uwu victim now despite not issuing my boyfriend nor I an apology. Shes constantly doing petty shit like this and constantly getting away with it cause she loves to fall onto her trauma from her parents.

No. 633448

I am really sad i have no friends i think my one friend is distancing from me and I wanted to do something with my sister i was so excited for days but she said she lost interest so i am really sad that's all

No. 633458

Final update: It was shit. Couldn't even finish my bowl out of politeness. Also it seemed nothing like fagioli that I saw online?
He literally mixed chicken broth, white beans, olive oil, pasta, white wine, and an entire bulb of garlic to the pot and cooked it. Topped it with basil and parm. It was watery and pungent to the tongue even though I love garlic.
He didn't buy anything to eat with it like bread. It's college depression food for freshmen who think they can cook.

I wasn't rude but I think he got the message it was really underwhelming, still thanked him for cooking–even though he attempted to get me to help like twice and I didn't do it haha. I made sure I sounded flat so he'd never make this for me again. I want to sneak out of my apartment and go get McDonald's or something. I'm hungry and the garlic water is burning a hole in my stomach. This was so unacceptable.
>mfw I made us ribeye, a cheesy baked potato, and steamed broccoli for dinner yesterday and this is the best a man could come up with


No. 633461

HOLY SHIT I'M SO SORRY (also because I laughed)

No. 633463

>mixed chicken broth, white beans, olive oil, pasta, white wine, and an entire bulb of garlic to the pot and cooked it
EWw someone tell this dude cooking irl isn't like in video game… sorry fam yikes


Not Burger please explain??

No. 633468


idk what the fuck we're gonna do, im depressed and scared at the same time

No. 633469

I’ve already cried four times over it. What do we do? There goes our rights.

No. 633474

I'm considering offing myself at this point. Everything in America just gets worse by the day and I have no power to stand up against any of it.

No. 633476

I think there goes my last bit of mental health. It’s so fucked that our healthcare, access to legal, safe abortion, immigration rights, gay rights, and more rested on an 87-year old woman with cancer. Right before an election.

No. 633480


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of our Supreme Court Justices who was a liberal and highly advocated for women's rights. There were already a majority of conservative justices, and now Trump can solidify this by nominating a successor. If this occurs we could be stuck with a conservative majority for decades.

No. 633481

File: 1600478390779.jpg (1.45 MB, 1762x2200, image002.jpg)

Aw shit. RIP

No. 633483

You guys are being deranged right now. But it’s weird you guys would never lay an ounce of blame on all of the white women who voted for Trump.

No. 633484

Ugh…I know its unhealthy to stress about things I can't control but I'm seriously worried. Mitch saying he'll allow a vote for trumps nominee just shows how utterly shameless the gop is. I fucking hate it here.

No. 633486

what the fuck are you on

No. 633487

And that’s sounds race baity but i bring it up because most white female voters did vote for him. Don’t ask me why though

No. 633489

What an abysmal excuse to race bait. Fuck off.

No. 633490

other women voted for trump so we cannot be upset about likely loss of our rights? Wtf. girl. clearly most of us here didn't vote for him what is your point

No. 633493


Bitch, fuck ANY woman (or man, for that matter) who voted for Trump. What drugs are you taking?

No. 633495

File: 1600479220999.jpeg (166.55 KB, 750x528, A47B26FC-18FF-4410-A6AA-6D50B8…)

Yet Obama couldn’t appoint a Justice during an election year? No matter what side of the political spectrum one is on, how does one not see that Trump and his team are fascists? I saw the McConnell shit, too. With a majority Republican senate, they’ll probably get their way.

We’ll be stuck with a conservative, boomer, nearly all-male Supreme Court. Perhaps for the entirety of our lifetime.

One of Trump’s top picks, Tom Cotton, a senator from Arkansas, already said this a few days ago.

How the fuck has Trump gotten the opportunity to replace this many Justices!? I wish we had an actual voice. Every prospective Justice is a copy of each other.

No. 633502

…no tomato sauce?

No. 633504

Maybe I'm being dramatic but RBGs death makes me feel an incredibly extreme sense of doom. Honestly she was such a badass I've never felt so sad or genuinely mourned over a public figure. Holy fuck.

No. 633506

Same anon. Every woman I’ve spoken to has cried about it. As we should. This really is the final straw, and we’re not being melodramatic. Even if Biden has a chance of winning, the conservatives are trying to move fast to put in a Justice (even if it’s unconstitutional. When has that stopped them, anyway?)

Truly, fuck 2020. The world ending is so close, literally—we also won’t have environmental justice.

No. 633507

I can’t believe she left a burner on, she must be a fucking idiot

No. 633511

I'm freaking out too not gonna lie FUCK

No. 633512

File: 1600479903542.jpeg (217.55 KB, 750x390, 0B8EE9B7-21AA-4A34-984E-F42141…)

Truly fucking depressing. Those Pride flags.

I live in a state with a trigger law that will automatically criminalize abortion should legal abortion be federally overturned.

No. 633516

i hate it here

No. 633519

Fuck you you bunch of crybabies. God, americans are so fucking annoying. I would trade my soul to live in America instead of my third world shithole. Just move to Canada or europe, your life isn't over unlike mine.

No. 633520

stfu we're trying

No. 633522

>Waaa I have it worse
Stfu third world chan, have compassion or gtfo Don't think loss of rights in America won't make your hell hole worse
Also imagine thinking American can just move to another country like in the movies or some shit

No. 633523

Cool, I don't care about your problems either. Eat shit.

No. 633524

File: 1600481433399.png (69.6 KB, 600x353, 1596736949090.png)

>just move to Europe

No. 633526

Nah I'm just pointing out that people here think women are always innocent and can never do anything wrong when plenty of women did vote for Trump.

I think Americans could emigrate but their lives are so cushy they won't bother to. Otherwise we would see more American emigrants.(global rule 7)

No. 633527

Pls for the love of whatever, ignore the shit bait that's clearly trying to change the topic at hand

No. 633528

Does anyone want to make a suicide pact with me? I really want to kill myself but I'm too scared to do it alone. Will any anons do it with me?

No. 633529

lol you realize we would have to pay money to give up our citizenship? also we are already like a third world country in many ways, the news just doesn't tell you that? sorry not sorry im afraid my bodily autonomy will be taken away from me when i am staunchly child free? and i've already looked into moving? also telling us to move when you're in such a bad place, why didn't you move yourself kiddo? fuck i fell for the bait so hard

No. 633530

i wish i had the money and resources to just up and move wherever i wanted

No. 633533

>when you see people mourning the death of an insanely influential and powerful woman and try to bring up something entirely unrelated in order to shit on women for no reason

No. 633534

>I think Americans could emigrate but their lives are so cushy

For the rich, yes. Rich Americans rarely leave because they can get whatever they need. Poor Americans whose lives would be dramatically improved by European/English Commonwealth social infrastructure are not allowed to move to Europe or commonwealth nations. They don't want American secretaries or kebab flippers. They have refugees for that.

No. 633535

File: 1600482424752.jpeg (565.72 KB, 750x1189, B2C91203-0CE6-4068-8976-E7C682…)

Any bets on what’s gonna happen from here on out? I honestly can’t stomach thinking of an outcome.

I also feel like it’s in everyone’s best interest to care, regardless of country. Whatever happens in the U.S. inevitably follows elsewhere. Just look at how much more right-leaning the world has become.

No. 633537

>Nah I'm just pointing out that people here think women are always innocent and can never do anything wrong when plenty of women did vote for Trump.

I'll never understand this logic lmao Women make up a lot of the cows and flakes that are discussed here.

No. 633538

NO YOU ARENT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Americans have every opportunity at hand. My president just said we can pay fucking haircuts in 12 installments. Moving might be hard, BUT ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Giving up is a choice for you all.

No. 633540

I was going to type things like "What's stopping Americans from moving to the Appalachians or some other nowhere place, "losing" their passports/documentation and starting from ground zero?", but then I remembered America is basically a giant cage masquerading as a country, and all its citizens probably have government-issued tracking chips placed in their assholes from birth.
If not that, the reluctance to part with one's comforts in the "advanced" side of America and aversion to building a whole new life is a pretty tightly-locked cage on its own. Very nefarious.

No. 633541

I have naturally wavy hair and my mom keeps giving me backhanded insults like “why do people like having ugly hair?” Wtf you have wavy hair too. Also, my hair is beautiful not my fault you don’t know how to take care of it properly. Explain why you keep trying to curl your hair when you go out?? Hypocrite.

No. 633545

Again, kill yourself

No. 633552

File: 1600483459877.jpg (71.68 KB, 960x960, 41871710_1143279752502865_3729…)

so uhh leave your own country then sweaty?
Moving might be hard, BUT ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Giving up is a choice for you all 3rd world chan

No. 633561

honestly depending on where you are from i can empathize with you but you also need to accept that this isn't the way to go about it. i know what it's like to grow up and live in a third world country without clean water or working electricity. taking baths in a bucket and shitting in a hole in the ground. this sort of reality in inconceivable to most impoverished americans and you just have to accept that. just because other places have it worse doesn't mean that america shouldn't have to better itself and become safer.

No. 633565

File: 1600484120990.jpeg (14.32 KB, 750x421, D-afFlNW4AEU8H2.jpeg)

My tokophobia was already getting worse and eating up a lot of my thoughts and now the neighbors just had a baby who cries a lot.

I was already so stressed and getting physical symptoms from never relaxing and now i'll just die i guess.

No. 633570

Nah let Americans stay in their country.

No. 633572

the sad thing is that anon doesn't understand that sort of shit really does happen in america. people in certain areas do not have access to clean water and are trapped in poverty. kids are regularly kidnapped and sold into sex slavery even when they live in suburbia. a nobel peace prize winner had to literally sell his medal to pay for his cancer treatments and still ended up dead from it. america is just really good at PR.

No. 633582

Even if Americans wanted to run away, where could they even go to? Like, yeah, some of them can just go anywhere and have a nice life because it’s a looked up to nationality, but not really? Running away from your country sucks, you can have a “vip” nationality like American or any European country, but you still need lots of money in your bank to be able to stay in any country you want to flee to and not everyone has that saved in their bank accounts and if they have it, maybe the had other plans for that money and it sucks.
I’m not even American, but i think it’s kind of shitty to tell someone “lol just leave” as if it wasn’t hard to leave the place you grew up in, and gave you some sort of sense of “stability”.
If you can run away, go for it, I guess, if you can’t, don’t try to go out as an illegal kind of immigrant, because that’s just shit.

No. 633594

Plenty of peoople from shithole countries like Syria and India manage to live in Europe. Why not Americans?

No. 633596

oh man, anon i feel that. babies crying stress me out so much.

No. 633603

I forgot to buy a lime at the store and now I have to go BACK

No. 633635


No. 633638

what on earth makes you think other countries want american refugees?

No. 633639

File: 1600495792149.jpg (44.17 KB, 500x620, 1582911447083.jpg)

i snorted

No. 633640

it's also frustrating because "lol leave if you don't like it here" is the go-to conservative comeback when you dare to question the status quo in America. People have been telling me to "just leave" since I started having my own opinions at 14 and it's pretty aggravating.

No. 633647

Ya'll non ameri-fags really have it out for us huh. WE HATE AMERICA TOO. But damn, don't come for us every time we complain about America being a shit hole country.

And fucking cut it out with the "leave if you don't like it" logic. You're acting as if we haven't established ourselves in this country already and like we don't have family and friends here. It's not as easy as saying "I'm going to the UK now..". Besides, Americans moving to another country will just overpopulate that country and complicate things. We know we're not immigrants of war, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about how we wish we did't have to deal with the shit we are dealing with right now.

No. 633677

I’m seriously worried about an ex who transitioned. I don’t think it’ll improve their self hate, but maybe even make it worse because I’ve seen they nitpick way too much about themself on a daily basis.
I fucking hate it that I’m still checking up on “her” meanwhile they always kinda hated me and criticised me on a daily basis …. but that is why I’m going to therapy soon

No. 633679

File: 1600502112138.jpeg (92.93 KB, 732x471, 09A8ED0A-7A41-4244-9234-AF5C36…)

I hope somehow life turns around. not looking forward to the near future atm, I can manage it for the most part, but it’s been a struggle that’s for sure ontop of other bullshit, current events aren’t helping. i hope all you anon’s will be eventually okay

No. 633690

This has happened to me so many times. I buy lemons and limes in bags now so I don't get caught short.

No. 633693

Why do you dumb bitches think every American is some upper middle class WASP with a cushy life? You know most native american and african american women here face extremely high rates of abuse and poverty?

Damn, so fucking rude and self unaware shut the fuck up.

No. 633716

Same energy anon.
The borders have closed and even though my bf and I are like 100 km apart we can't see each other until who knows when.

It's been really tiring not being able to project yourself, make plans and shit. And life always gets in the way.

No. 633718

Life has been going better for me since a couple months, I'm about to get my first job in a nice company , live in a cool place with awesome people…

But all of my closest friends are at the worst point in their lives and I can't help them in any way. I just want them to be happy and it sounds cheesy but I can't be if they're not

No. 633722

I just spent the last three hours crying about how much I hate my body ever since meeting my boyfriend. I’m a little chubby but I honestly do have really good weight distribution and a lot of good looking / rich men have taken interest in me before (even when I was 10kg heavier). My boyfriend says he found me attractive “fat” but has made weird comments about my body in the past and sometimes likes posts about thinking fat women are unattractive. I’ve confronted him so many times about it and every time he always tells me he thinks I’m attractive, cute, sexy etc… but I don’t believe him. He does act like he loves me and always wants to have sex with me, but I can’t shake this horrible feeling in my mind that he finds me so ugly. He probably does. It makes me depressed because I know I’m really not that terrible and have what some people would consider a nice body, and I just do not understand why he doesn’t get someone skinny and small if that’s what he likes (he says it’s not, but I just can’t help but feel like that is what he likes even though I honestly don’t have much to go on to prove that.). It’s not like he’s ugly or short, women prettier than me have been interested in him. I just don’t get it.

No. 633726

You are crying over a "problem" that you created in your head. Your boyfriend assures you that he likes you and he sleeps with you, too. It is your insecurity that is the issue. Get it together, anon. And if you think you’re too chubby, go to the gym.

No. 633729

If black people have it so bad in the US why don't they ever try to move like my parents did? Like there's a ton of Africans who have moved to Europe. And if you are so desperate you can illegally immigrate somewhere.

No. 633730

He's probably dating you because he knows you are easy to manipulate

No. 633731

What were the weird comments he made?

I've been with a guy before where he wanted sex all the time but I still managed to feel unattractive. I think because in the beginning he spontaneously complimented me alot (I was younger than him and above his league looks wise) The then lack of compliments for a long time was enough to make me feel like shit. We'd get ready to go out for dinner and before leaving the house I'd ask if I look ok… couldn't drag one kind word out of him. I still knew I was above his league but small things like that got to me.

Do you think it's just that honeymoon period passing?

No. 633739

They already answered that dummy. Not everyone has the means to just up and move. Please use your common sense and reading skills.

No. 633742

Why was the suicide pact thread deleted? I really enjoyed that thread(ban evading suicide pact anon)

No. 633748

gee i wonder

No. 633760

Why do people feel the need to announce their suicide? Lol

No. 633767

Just once he said something about me being “chubby” but he assured me he liked me that way but I just feel weird about him bringing it up out of nowhere. He does compliment me and calls me cute a lot so maybe I am overreacting.

No. 633770

can't believe I missed that, any screencaps?

No. 633775

I hate myself for all the pain and hurt I've caused other people. I hope those people never think of me, I hope they aren't still affected by my cuntish actions but who knows, I really could have had a profound negative affect on them. I've finally started taking responsibility and have started going to therapy, and using other resources of self-improvement, but I'll still never be able to undo the damage I did and God that's a hard reality to accept.

No. 633778

Leave, anon, please, you're worth so much more than this.

No. 633788

File: 1600514098294.jpg (75.55 KB, 750x735, 1596231382357.jpg)

I deleted my posts anon cause i was scared he might see them somehow if he came here randomly
thank you anon bless you

No. 633819

Friend is moving into a country that fundamentally goes against her values and all I can think of is: why bother then? She doesn't have a job there, hasn't finished school, doesn't know the language, only the basics. She also has mental health issues she absolutely will not be able to medicate there the same way she does here. All for dick.

No. 633823

Does he usually come on here? I only found here through my ex and now two years post breakup I think he's recently larped me in a couple threads. Fuck these shitty men.

Love yourself anon, you deserve respect and nothing less.

No. 633824

Let me guess: Japan or Worst Korea?

No. 633827

In my experience men have fuck all empathy for any longer term struggle a woman has relating to mental health. In the beginning maybe..but that goes real quick. Sounds risky to have mental health issues and move that far for a man.

No. 633836

Ding ding korea. Gonna be honest with you, I didn't even post thinking about the guy but the actual health care. She was on multiple meds for at least 2 years, got slightly better, in the midst of getting an adhd dox and I am worried. I mean, yea life can be shit anywhere but why come up with an extra hurdle like this?

No. 633848

File: 1600520563697.jpeg (103.21 KB, 750x698, 83DF317C-11DA-43F7-ACB9-F4651F…)

So the situation isn’t AS bad anymore, bc I finally filled out enough surveys to get a 10€ giftcard to a store. Too bad it will take like 5 days for it to arrive, and I literally haven’t had anything except tea and coffee for the past 3 days bc the protein shakes make me feel so nauseous when I drink them.

No. 633852

I used to get nice gifts from my S/O. Thoughtful gifts. Gifts that were unique to me. Now I just get pins because they happened to get in a set or they were a Patreon reward of some kind idk. Or a random stuffed animal. They even gifted me something they gave me before. Did they forget? I don’t know. The birthday gift this year just felt so lazy. I’m just not feeling the love anymore.

No. 633854

Maybe they don't know what to get you anymore? I never know what to get for my friends and family.

No. 633855

That’s even worse if that’s the case.

No. 633859

Damn anon, I'm low on food and funds so currently rationing and listening to my stomach growl. You have it bad though. I hope your card somehow gets there quicker

No. 633860

Do you live in an area with any food pantries/churches/charities?

No. 633875

This. Find churches and pantries. There’s constantly food drive effort to combat covid. Don’t go hungry anons.

No. 633876

I was going to ask this. Hell I've seen all sorts of online begging on twitter where people give out their PayPal and cry that rent is due… There are people out there that'll give a few quid to anyone if it makes them feel good about themself

No. 633880

Get a job.

No. 633884

she said she's living on nothing for ten days which implies at least imo that she's waiting on a paycheck??

No. 633885

I'm 'rationing but not too bad off' anon. I'll be alright. My fridge broke so the contents were ruined plus I'd to obvs buy a new fridge. Few days of living off the sparse contents of my cupboard and I'll be fine again. Fridge arrival and payday both due in a few days.

Won't be taking the luxury of balanced fresh meals for granted anytime soon.

No. 633888

Trying out tinder when I suffer from abandonment issues was probably the worst idea ever

No. 633911

Whys it been so bad anon?

No. 633930

Not being mean but isn't 'abandonment issues' usually code for bpd, or do you mean just regular old fear of abandonment?

No. 633934

File: 1600530063338.jpg (75.01 KB, 1280x844, original - 2020-08-08T042504.5…)

Himbos are my ultimate weakness. I like to have "deep" conversations, but I prefer to have them with other women. My dream man is cute, tall, respectful, good at sex and taking care of the house and he doesn't care about politics and social issues (but also "trends" of any kind, social media and porn). But all the men I know literally can't shut the fuck up about politics. There's literally nothing less interesting than a man having political opinions of any kind. I'm at the point where I don't believe a man can have access to the internet and not have some formed political opinions he will sooner or later bore me with. Why are himbos so hard to find? Why can't men just shut the fuck up and be cute?

No. 633938

Patrician taste, anon. I always dream of a kind, gentle himbo boyfriend who doesn't care about politics and is more invested in living out life as the best person he can be helping others. Men interested in politics are insufferable, either they're straight out misogynistic or then they're know-it-all edgelords who have to have the last word in everything even if it means embarrassing themselves.

No. 633939

I know how you feel, anon. my crush has the most surface-level twitter-fed political opinions and its fucking tragic. If he was stupid he'd be perfect.

No. 633942

>There's literally nothing less interesting than a man having political opinions of any kind.
Someone finally hit the nail about how I feel about men with political opinions, really, the moment they start flapping their flappers about political issues, they stop being interesting to me as well.
They usually either repeat the same shit they heard the cool internet people talk about, or they try to appeal to whatever they think you like so they can get a crumb of pussy, it’s annoying.
I wish there was some site with only himbos.

No. 633992

There are but:
1. Id have to walk almost 9 kilometers there and back.
2. You have to wait outside. I live in a small town, and I would rather kms than have anyone I know see me there.

No. 634013

File: 1600536562960.jpg (31.73 KB, 308x326, download (1).jpg)


Preach, men should really just go back to macho fighting out their disagreements. They don't even argue in good faith, it's all just peacocking and stupid ass 'I'm speaking louder and and interrupting you, I have nonsensical circular arguments until you give in because it's too tiring to keep going with my stupidity'. Turning on the politics channel is literally like watching children fight. All sides are the same, all delusional and sexist.

No. 634026

>Turning on the politics channel is literally like watching children fight. All sides are the same, all delusional and sexist.
This is frighteningly accurate. Literally every country's politics channel is the exact same. All middle aged, balding men flapping their gums to the tune of circular logic, whilst posturing to make each other aware of who's got the most "big dick energy". You know it's bad when the language barrier doesn't obscure the fact it's the exact same crap, just a different continent. Politics is a sham and I'm convinced they get paid to make me disinterested.

No. 634030

my bf is not himbo handsome but he fits everything else, he's not into politics but he has good values

not being a twitter politics fag is so refreshing, no drama, always hears me out and then agrees that i am right lol

No. 634031

File: 1600538800722.jpg (261.55 KB, 1080x1080, e8681830772aebcf97ccdb19ffcd8c…)

I wish I was still a teenager, I feel like my teen years and childhood were robbed from me (its abuse babeyyy) and now im on my twenties and finally mentally stable in a healthy environment and keep cycling between wanting to do dumb teen or child shit and being a responsible adult.

Right now im obsessing over looking for alaska like im 13 years old and just discovered tumblr.

I hate being a mental fuck up.

No. 634033

What's wrong with moving to Alaska? You just seem like you are bitter and hard on yourself and probably others. lmao

No. 634034


looking for alaska is a novel for teenagers by john green about a cool manic pixie dream girl whos oh so tragically messed up but still attractive, nothing to do with moving to alaska.

No. 634035

You can do whatever the fuck you want anon, as long as you're not hurting yourself mentally. You're still allowed to like "childish" stuff, don't feel like shit, I rewatch gossip girl from times to times and I've binged pretty little liars last summer

Enjoy your free time and your stability in life!

No. 634043

>surface-level twitter-fed political opinions
Sounds like he IS stupid, he just thinks he's smart kek

No. 634048

I hate being in my home town and seeing some of my least favorite people I know walking around. I wish I could go far away and just forget everyone here exists.

No. 634051

Kekkkk the projection

No. 634075

he doesn't act smart tbh he's quite humble which is why I said he'd be perfect if he was dumber. he's just really naive and emotional which sadly are only good qualities in a man if he's also not easily swayed by every political post he sees.

No. 634092

>not being a twitter politics fag is so refreshing, no drama, always hears me out and then agrees that i am right lol
Where the fuck do you find men like this

No. 634094

I don’t deserve friends. I’m so lucky and my whole life I’ve always had people who have made such an effort to be there for me and be in my life and I have no idea why. I’m genuinely socially inept and friendships and forming emotional connections just doesn’t come naturally to me especially when I was younger and feels so alien and I didn’t even fully realise until now the extent of how much effort people have put in to maintain friendships with me for literally no reason on their end. I mostly do everything alone and never had a huge interest in making friends and never tried to initiate these friendships. I’m the exact kind of person who should have lost all their friends for being a bad communicator and randomly dropping off the grid for weeks or months and just being emotionally closed off and weird, I would not even be friends with myself. I feel so thankful and undeserving at how kind people around me have been to me over the years.

No. 634098

i don't think many of you would like him, he's really nerdy but yeah he's a gem his parents raised him so well lol

No. 634100

feel like shit that my mother has to cover my chemo drugs.

No. 634108

Wow, I am exactly the same as you anon. I really don't care for making friends but since everyone tries to be friends I just go along with it. I don't even send messages to my friends if I don't have something important to say because I don't want to waste their time. I even try my best to avoid social situations so if someone invites me somewhere I say no. I must really come across as a stuck up bitch

No. 634113

You should tell them how thankful you are. I think it would mean a lot to them to hear this from you.

No. 634122

I've managed to accidentally see gore like 3 times this week after years of avoiding it. It's like a shock to my system every time.

No. 634124

why the fuck is it do difficult for people to just follow the arrows on aisles and stay on the 6 ft apart stickers in the checkout aisle. holy shit people are just fatally fucking stupid and oblivious.

No. 634139

My mom hates her looks and it's true she's not pretty but I hate that she feels like this because I love her so much and it's sad see her put herself down like this. I want her to be happy.

No. 634145

i feel like i'm always in these threads complaining about my roommates but i wouldn't be in that position if they weren't such constantly frustrating people!!!! my god!!

my cat started a new special diet to help with some health issues he'd been having. my roommate has a cat and said she didn't want to pay for the medical food for her cat (not that she was paying for our dry food to begin with but WHATEVER) even tho the vet said that her cat should probably be on the same food due to their similar lifestyles, etc.

so whatever, that's fine. i asked her to help me out by not free-feeding her cat for a bit and letting him just eat in her room for a bit so that my cat didn't get into her cat's food (basically making sure that my cat only eats his medical food when he's hungry). she said it would be no problem. except she hasn't been doing what she promised to do at all and today i came home and she mentioned that my cat kept going towards her cat's bowl… because she left it out to free feed him. the worst part is that i work outside of the house (she doesn't) and so i need to be able to trust that when i'm not home that my cat's needs are being considered… which i have zero faith in.

i'm honestly fucking pissed because it's such a small thing i'm asking her to do and i feel like she's not taking this seriously. if my cat doesn't switch to this diet he WILL develop organ failure that WILL kill him and she just doesn't seem to give a single shit how her lack of care is endangering him. like i get that you treat your cat like a piece of furniture but i actually give a shit about mine and her total lack of regard for anyone who isn't her or her useless partner is astounding.

can't wait for our lease to be over so she can get the fuck out and i can enjoy my house in peace.

No. 634163

File: 1600548942814.jpg (97.33 KB, 720x720, 6-62.jpg)

What's wrong with her looks anon? Could you help her with a little makeover (new hair style, makeup, clothes, etc) perhaps??

No. 634167

I dont wanna bang my ex
my ex is ugly i dont wanna bang him
i want nothing to do with him hes ugly and a manipulator and his ego is so huge and fragile
he's not even hot and i know deep down if we fucked again i'd regret it forever

but. i. just. wanna. get. laid.
and i want that sweet sweet attention

No. 634171

update on this, she keeps posting shitty statistics of our country that show hpw much worse korea is, why go then who the hell is forcing her, but at the same time you live your life. made sure she knows she has a place to come back to if needed.

No. 634172

She's overweight with a fridge body (she doesn't gain weight in the hips, ass or boobs). As for her face, she has a bulbous nose and very hooded eyes. She's really red in the face as well. She wants to lose weight but has a problem with food and pregnancy has done her dirty…

All of her friends are really preppy so she must feel bad about that. When she goes out with them, if I'm home, I do her makeup. She has given up and since I'm far away from her I can't really help. I think she would think it's silly if I offered a makeover of some sort.

At least she looks 10 years younger than she is because of the weight.

No. 634184

kek anon go rub one out for your own sake please

No. 634196

Do genuine himbos even exist? I've never met one, sometimes I'm afraid they exist only in fiction

No. 634212

File: 1600551938567.jpeg (53.81 KB, 958x525, 5CA10ADE-0DE9-4E60-8BB2-D2563F…)

god i know anons were tinfoiling about poop posts the other day but…, trust me, i just cant say this to anyone
was about to sleep when i felt i need to use the bathroom…
turns out im apparently SO constipated ive been sitting here for the past 20 mins squeezing out massive logs of poop ….they cant be "forced" out and it hurts so bad before they do come out
i had "bunny droppings" for a couple of days but i DID poop…i just didn’t think it would result in..this. oh god. i dont want diarrhea to come out pls no

No. 634215

If you can, lift up your feet on the door or try to squat it will be much easier on you if you're not doing it already

No. 634222

Fuuuck where do I find one. When I studied abroad in japan, there are boys like this, who like cooking and playing soccer that's it, Kronk-tier. Dudes in my homecountry are fucking rekt man…

No. 634223

I thought japanese guys don't cook?

No. 634225

Younger guys do, it's seen as an attractive quality to a man

No. 634227

I'm dating a guy currently, but lately I've been kind of missing my ex. He made me feel beautiful, cute etc. New guy barely compliments me or indicates that he's like attracted to me.
I want to just kill all feelings that I have

No. 634235

I really just want some female friends. I get along with older women very well (even younger women/teenage girls kek) but it’s so hard for me to meet and befriend women my age. I am a good listener, married, and have a good job, but I can’t seem to make friends my age after moving away from my home state. I am so fucking lonely guys. What the hell do I do?

No. 634244

File: 1600557419905.gif (4.06 MB, 480x368, UnfitOpenIndianpalmsquirrel-si…)

but you're right tho. I forgot that Kronk really is a himbo.

No. 634264

>FB group about people donating their funiture
>Tranny keeps posting
>He posts his area code
>It's literally the same one as mine
>We live near each other.
Why am I salty about it? Maybe because of his "muh transphobes have no teeth" pics

No. 634268

My mom: "I'll just stop asking how you're doing since you don't take my advice about taking care of yourself"

This would be nothing new, mother.

There's not much you can do anon. I'm in the same boat, same stats and everything. It just happens. Do you find that you're always tired with no energy to do anything?

No. 634278

I was a fucking whale, and I mean WHALE. I lost over 120 lbs and now I'm finally near my desired weight, the thing is I just noticed that whenever I'm feeling anything relatively strongly, be it happiness, stress or sadness, I eat. Am I excited for something? I need food. Too much work? NEED FOOD. Someone is expecting something of me? Must eat. Am I sad, annoyed, happy? Food is the answer. I can't believe I just realized this patron after all these years, no wonder losing weight has been a nightmare. Worse thing is I don't even enjoy food itself all that much, it's just the feeling it brings? I think I developed this habit because as a kid I was always left alone at home and my parents didn't seem to realize that kids need, you know, something to keep themselves entertained? so since I just had a few toys I would sit and try to keep myself occupied until I was called for dinner. Eating became my favorite activity because I was at least looking forward to something. Damn I wonder if that's the root of my fucking life going nowhere? I know I need a therapist since this feeling of utter despair will never go away, I mean I've been like this since I was a fucking kid, but meds are too expensive and I just can't afford it. Holy shit it just hit me that I have wasted my entire life, my youth and now my adulthood to depression. Feels bad man, I wish there was a button that would give me the chance to go back and dunno, try to fix things. I don't want to die I just want to start over again. I made myself sad writing this so now I need to eat that's just great.

No. 634307

File: 1600568436943.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, Screenshot_82.jpg)

Aaaaa I hate being forced to work with community service workers with zero work ethic. All they do is waste my time, do everything wrong, and sit on their phones.
All this bitch did today for 3 hours was dishes while a volunteer and I took care of the entire facility.
And of course, I get scheduled every shift she's supposed to come in for.

No. 634323

I'm really scared that I have anal cancer. Fuck.

No. 634324

Is that you nessscseryspeed4-chan ?

No. 634325

File: 1600572247424.jpeg (87.59 KB, 665x741, F3F0B99D-E485-4B60-B0EB-D97B68…)

I just feel really dumbfounded right now but also angry and hurt.

I was friends with this guy for around 2yrs. Just platonic. I did have a bit of a crush on him at the beginning but I didn’t ever act on it. I ended up getting into a relationship with another guy and never ended up telling my friend because I felt weird about it, having liked him, and part of me was worried that he’d stop talking to me as a friend. So I just never mentioned it to him and we just messaged as friends.
One day I ended up telling him about the relationship after I got broken up with and was in terrible pain. He just seemed really cold in his response and asked me not to talk about my love life. A week or so later, he tells me that he used to have a crush on me and I admitted I used to have one on him too, which is why I felt awkward at first telling him about my relationship. He ended up apologizing for being so cold before. After this, we continued messaging as friends (only every few days) with no flirting.

Today I casually mentioned to him that I was reconnecting with my ex, thought that things were going well, and that I felt good about it. He reacted really coldly and told me that I was “dragging him into something” he “didn’t want to be involved with,” but all I was doing was talking about my life?? I expressed my confusion and he told me that he wanted to “distance himself” from me and that I had been “sending him mixed signals.” I’m just fucking hurt and confused, I ended up cutting him off. I never expressed that I wanted to enter into a relationship with him and I never flirted with him. Just wtf.

No. 634347

I feel you. It's like, if I'm happy or comfy I want to eat to enhance the good feelings, if I'm sad/stressed I want to counter the bad feelings. Your issues sound more deeply rooted than mine though, I've pretty much completely stopped the habit by only eating at set meal times. Looking back I was basically just making excuses to 'let' myself pig out for whatever reason I could think of.

No. 634350

I feel lonely but I don't want to make friends. Tried making a friend recently, realized they're super uninteresting to talk to and spend all their time playing a pay to play mobile game. I thought about reconnecting with people from my hometown but they're either up their boyfriend's ass and/or sperging about politics, gender identity, and whatever the popular twitter void tells them to screech. I don't want to waste time fake agreeing with them all day. And there's no good places online anymore to connect with people. I should try going offline for good. I doubt I'll find people my age similar to me irl but at least I won't fixated on my loneliness and hatred for the world as much.

No. 634363

I'm so interested in this guy I stumbled upon on twitter but he's kind of a big deal and I'm just a loser who can't even talk to her friends half the time. Plus even if by some weird stroke of fate happened he's younger than me by a few years and my friends would never let me hear the end of it, but he's so interesting and I am just beating myself up for ever considering getting to know him more.

No. 634376

Are you me anon? I feel this so much.

No. 634412

I used to be ok with a bit of cleavage showing (not deliberately but what comes with the territory of big titties and being cool and comfortable) but lately I hate it. I feel so self-conscious and gross even though my body is nicer than it's ever been. Boat neck cut forever.

No. 634416

My friends always complain about me not reaching for them when I get real bad or when I’m feeling sad but the moment I do it and I start explaining what’s bothering me, they turn the conversation about them somehow.
>see anon that’s exactly what happens to me!
>see anon that’s how bad I get every time it happens to me!
>anon I’m sooo used to it, y’know? I get you
At least if they could validate my feelings and give me advice (they always use the “b-but I can’t help you if you don’t tell me! Now it’s too late! It’s your fault for keeping quiet about it!” Instead of just remembering every single thing that happened to them before keeping mouth shut, I wouldn’t feel this alone.
I get it, they try to say in their own way that they get what I feel but after that, it’s nothing else. Nothing else. They just want to compare my situation to theirs every time to see who’s suffering more (it can’t never be me, right?), so I must not feel the way that I feel because years ago they went trough the same shit and it wasn’t that hard…right?
I don’t know why I keep trying.

No. 634428

Lol this was my life and I realized I can't rely on them for shit because they're just as lost and self absorbed as I am. We keep trying because we want validation, but if you're searching for help there you gotta temper your expectations cause they're not trained for it. The best person is a therapist for purely being heard, psychologist for actionable advice.

I notice a lot of other women feel obligated to offer assistance for personal issues despite being way out of their depth, then being too polite to let you know when they are - thus empty platitudes and personal anecdotes.

No. 634429

Jesus anon, they're your friends, not your therapists. You're expecting way too much from normal people who aren't trained to deal with your personal problems and issues.

No. 634430

I should get up and go to the farmers' market but there are so many people I can't be bothered… Cheap produce tho…

No. 634431

>Am I excited for something? I need food. Too much work? NEED FOOD. Someone is expecting something of me? Must eat. Am I sad, annoyed, happy? Food is the answer.
>Eating became my favorite activity because I was at least looking forward to something
If this doesn't speak to me, anon. Related vent, I've had weight and eating problems all my fucking life and even though I'm not a full on hamplanet I'm still slightly overweight and keep yoyoing. The moment I stop strictly counting calories I immediately gain back everything I worked so hard for to lose because of this exact fucking reason. Eating is a comforting thing to me and I always look forward to it because I really can't find similar joy and fulfillment elsewhere despite trying out numerous hobbies and distractions. Sometimes it works but at some point I slip back to snacking on things. Eating good food feels good and makes me relax.

I think my root problem came from my parents being health nuts and were very strictly "I eat to live" type of people which made me develop an unhealthy obsession with treats as I associate them with special occasions and comfort.

No. 634433

People act like it's super mean and self absorbed to respond like that but honestly… her friends probably think they're commiserating and relating to her, and making her feel less alone by admitting they have the same problem. It might not be the best response but I wouldn't assume they're just desperate to talk about themselves and dgaf about anon's life.

No. 634437

This might sound wild but why not just tell them it doesn't help you when they pull this shit? I had a talk like this whenever i said stuff like "oh bitch, been there" and they said how at their vent times they'd rather vent, get it all out THEN discuss strategy/relating and shit like that. Idk about you but I tend to announce beforehand what type of vent I am giving, sometimes you just need someone to know you are going through it, no commentary please unless you want to agree, afterwards we can discuss why tf i was in the wrong or right. Speak tf up.

No. 634439

I have to agree with >>634429
They’re your friends, not your therapists; they’re not trying to compete in “who’s more miserable”, I kinda feel like that’s your own projection. They’re just trying to relate to you and make you feel less alone and you sound a bit unappreciative.

No. 634451

File: 1600601576444.jpg (19.65 KB, 598x554, 1585088174361.jpg)

>be kissless virgin
>need physiotherapy and choose a male physiotherapist specifically just because you want to be touched by a man at least once in your life
>it feels so fucking good and he's cute
>talk whatever comes to your mind and make him all giggly
>holy shit is this the legendary "small talk"?
>after the first appoinment it gets worse and worse
>unable to speak for some reason, cringe because of intrusive sexual thoughts about him
>literally get wet when he touches you and start to squirm
I'm never coming back. I want to die

No. 634476

I think I kinda made my father angry but I'm not too sure about it because it's so unpredictable what sets him off. He sounded a bit pissed off when he said he was going away, but maybe he was in a rush, so I'm unsure, especially because five minutes before that he sounded more like usual. I don't know when he comes back, it could be anything to in thirty minutes or the next day, but until I see him again I'll agonize whether he will completely ignore my existence again for two weeks like he sometimes does when I made him angry or if I'm just overthinking it and he really was just hurried before he went off. Is this even appropriate for the vent thread? Sorry, am newfag.

No. 634481

Do you know that kind of friend who you just know they hate you? That friend who always bullies you, criticises everything you do and act passive aggressive whenever they can just because you can’t have nice things for yourself? That’s my closest friend.
And we’re 30 right now, not 13 years old anymore. She actually thinks her words mean a lot to me (as it used to be) and part of me knows she’s just doing it to try and make clear that she thinks so low of me, but truth is I just feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her every time she says something snarky, every time she proves me to get an awful reply which I won’t give her, I just…can’t understand how much energy she spends after all these years on this.
She complained about everything I did: what I studied, who I chose to be in a relationship, even the clothes I wore or the food I ate. When she starts to ask questions about it I just internally roll my eyes and start to think oookay, here she goes again.
Apart from that, she’s a good friend and it’s not all wrong about our friendship but I don’t know…I wish I could tell her good things that happened to me without knowing she will complain somehow, no matter what.
I tried to talk with her about this so many times and she uses the being concerned about me - card so I just stopped caring a long time ago.

No. 634482

File: 1600606679129.png (693.13 KB, 394x595, Capture.PNG)

I think some ex friends of mine are trolling me. I saw some emails in my inbox that indicated someone used my email to sign up for porn sites I would never go on. It's been a year since I've talked to them but there's no one else that would've done this. I thought they'd have moved on but I guess not. Maybe their little group got bored during covid, idk.

No. 634484

I’m just too tired of being the one who always check up on my friends, I always have a second of my day to talk with them, I wonder about how they are, if they are fine and then…I’m alone again. I feel like I’m annoying them and I know I’m just projecting but it’s fucking hard not to project when they don’t talk to me for days and I always start conversations, when they give me the same old and generic answers and when they don’t have a minute of their day to ask me how I’m doing even for months

No. 634486

"she's a good friends except she's a hater and can't be happy for me ever"
anon. she's sapping your happiness. you're 30, do you still need to cling to bad friends so you don't have to eat lunch alone or something?

No. 634488

time to update your email address

No. 634490

Why would a 30 year old spend their time on this kind of relationship. This would be immature even from like a 19 year old. You see so many posts here like this where people seemingly hate their friends and/or their friends hate them and I just don’t get why grown adults would be choosing to spend their time and energy on these relationships.

No. 634493

Your friend likes you, he admitted he used to have a crush on you because he still likes you still and you said you did too. He thinks you like him too.

No. 634495

Did the thing were you tell someone they've been cheated on and now I feel like I'm the one that's in the wrong omg.

No. 634547

File: 1600617543221.jpg (55.18 KB, 828x573, ESYk4uWXcAAtzMU.jpg)

How the fuck are people applauding this? This made me legitimately fucking angry. There's literally nothing uwu wholesome about this homophobic bullshit, I'm seething so bad I just want to scream.

No. 634555

I have this and it's specifically with sweets and shitty junk food especially. From the moment I could eat regular food when I was small, my grandparents fed me sweets and we lived down the street from a gas station. My mom would cook food only so me and my grandpa could go eat a greasy gas station burrito, i love shitty fast food and junk food. I akways specofically want chocolate. I can't get enough of it it seems, everyone else says it upsets their stomachs or some shit but I think I'm addicted and even I it does Fuck up my intestines, I like it too much to notice. I wish I was more disciplined and knew how to cook.. I'm literally gonna go get a sausage mcmuffin from McDonald's rn.

No. 634556

Samefag, I'm not fat just a medium fridge shaped bitch, but I am getting to the point where I should stop before I let myself go

No. 634561

All of my problems in my social life could be solved if i just moved, but that won't happen anytime soon cause of corona, fml

No. 634566

i feel bad for these gay troons. no wonder they are all fucked in the head and broken.

No. 634641

Trying to relate to other people and their problems is pretty normal. I mean if they're literally only ever talking about themselves and you can barely get a word in edgewise, I understand the frustration, but if you're expecting the opposite, to just talk about yourself and your problems at length with a friend without feedback or someone trying to relate at all, I wouldn't say that's appropriate. Friendships are about give and take, and people should be willing to support and relate to each other. If you really feel like you need 100% of the attention in a conversation, you need to make that clear to your friends. If it's a one-off, that might be okay, but if you feel you regularly need this and are upset if anyone speaks about their own experience, then I echo what other anons are saying in that you need to seek out a therapist. A friend can only do so much and it sounds like you need professional support.

No. 634645

>medium fridge shaped bitch
fucking kek'd

No. 634652

I often feel like my feelings don’t matter and I see how friends put a lot of effort into their other friends and they kinda left me behind…they also contact me less and less and tbh I’m tired of being the friend who has to write everyone constantly 24/7 but in the end nobody would write me for days / weeks if I didn’t write them … I’m just so tired so I’ll vent here. Maybe I should just concentrate on my newer friends at this point who give the same effort to me as I do to them

No. 634668

My guy friend is mad at my other friend who told his best friend's girlfriend that she was cheated on. He said our other friend has ruined a family and that parents should stay together for their kids. This couple fights in front of their children and the guy who is cheating tells his kids to say 'I hate mom' and hits her and all in front of them. So our friend found out from the girl he cheated with what happened and went and told the girlfriend.

The weird thing is the guy who said she ruined a family walked out on his son before he was 1. His parents are divorced because his dad had an affair. Just think its a bit fucking rich from him that woman should accept being cheated on, but he abandoned his son so he could 'enjoy uni properly.'

Absolutely hate hypocrites. Suppose his own mother should have stuck by his dad too. Asshole

No. 634673

Listening to some podcast about people’s sex lives and hearing some lady talk about how she was married for 5 years, in which she never had sex with her husband because she was raised with a fear of getting pregnant before marriage. She talks enthusiastically about how her man supports her emotionally and was there for her 100% for those 5 fucking years of no sex and was just happy to be with her and how when they finally had it it was amazing.

I feel so enraged. Why does this stunted bitch get to find a man like this? Why does she get to experience this kind of love? I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

No. 634679

I get you anon. I feel like this when I hear about men supporting women through their mental illnesses…I can't even get some of the most basic empathy. Guys will just walk out on me over small shit but other women find men who'll stay with them through thick and thin.

Doesn't seem fair, makes you question your worth.

No. 634680

Redditors are actually a bunch of babies?
>Muh 3080 grafix cards!!!! MUH NVIDIA MUH SCALPERS.

Shut the fuck it, it's just a graphic card, you consoomers. I'm just trying to read news about PC hardware, not hear you cry about scalpers and paying 1k+ for a fucking card. Your current gfx is more than fine.
Unironically hope they go bankrupt and kill themselves.

No. 634705

If your only interaction with men is through the internet, dating and social media apps, that's what you're doing wrong.

No. 634709

You can find those guys but they have savior complex, if the woman really does become better mentally and starts to create a life for herself, he gets triggered and tries to control her. Also, pretty face trumps all.

No. 634711

Shitty men can sniff out desperation, mental instability and "nice" girls who are too shy to say no to them so they flock to you, good men of sound mind often won't approach you until they've gotten to know you better. The internet is a place for the former, you can sometimes get lucky but no one who has their shit together and is not a bridge troll without irl options will turn to e-dating.

I used to bend over backwards for my exes in a desperate attempt to be a "keeper", but even if they do see you as one you'll just stay unhappy and start resenting them for not putting in any effort while you do all the hard work, and even that's not a guarantee to not get cheated on or treated like shit. In fact, I did get cheated on and I was treated like shit, even if the guy ended up being "nice" he would often be a lazy manchild who needed a mommy to clean up after him and be his therapist.

So I stopped accepting the barest of minimums and thought "might as well be single and do whatever I want without being cheated on or called ugly and crazy". I stopped being interested in men altogether until I became friends with a girl whose brother ended up being my bf.

This man is fit, good-looking, kind-hearted and would die for me, he has an amazing relationship with his sister, gives me little gifts and does favors for me all the time, is pretty generous in bed too and he was a virgin when we started dating. Literally have zero complaints about him, and all it took was growing a spine and not dating internet hobos.

TLDR: don't be a pickme.

No. 634713

Well, yes? Most women I know don’t have close male friends. Because there’s an attitude of single men and women not being able to be friends, and also, generally a single man friend WILL try to get with a single female friend. It just happens. Where else would you interact with men on a social level except in a dating context or via random internet comments?

No. 634714

> they have savior complex
I met a guy at one of my lowest points, there were red flags but it was perfect timing for me to just let them slide… I was grieving the loss of a parent.

A miserable two years followed and one day in conversation he talked about how I was so lost and low when we met and how he had lifted me out of it… It was an abusive relationship, I was depressed, drained and desperate. I went from 'normal grieving process' to losing all my self esteem. Hearing that he had such a different account of events helped push me to get out of there.

A savior complex is one thing but he actively worked against my wellbeing and then declared himself my white knight??

No. 634716

So you got lucky. Congrats. That’s not great advice though.

No. 634717

Then keep using Tinder and hope for the best I guess. Good luck!

No. 634718

Don't you take any lessons, have hobbies?

No. 634719

I feel. A personal cow I used to follow had a boyfriend that had the patience of a saint. He supported her through her mindblowing BPD fits and accepted her being an entitled NEET with no future or ambitions to do any better than to scroll Twitter all day. Didn't leave when she "attempted suicide", didn't leave when she let herself go and gained like 90 pounds. Accepted her borderline cheating on him and finally even agreed to a polyamorous relationship because he wanted her to be happy.

Of course after years of this he finally left but I need to emphasize that it took him years to grow a spine. How the fuck do these mental cases find men that have redeeming qualities to them but as a well-adjusted, working woman only comes across douchebags that belong in the gutter rather than a relationship? I know I'm being a catty bitch here but good fucking lord.

No. 634721

Kek reading this kind of 'my bf is soooo great' thing makes me suspicious. Are there even any wholesome normie men alive nowadays? Literally never met any ones my age.

No. 634725

This is going to sound gross as fuck and I swear I'm not one of the poop anons but this is some advice that will save your life. Whenever you're severely constipated and it just ain't coming out, press your fingers against your perineum or on the sides of your anus and push it out with your rectal muscles. The log just flushes out immediately. Works every time like magic.

No. 634726

Raise your standards and don't lower them, the sky is the limit!
Be happy when you're single so you have the patience to wait it out for a male who meets those standards.
Personally I go 2 years or so between new men, and when in those relationships I've never paid for food, have my drinks refilled and stuff brought to me without asking, respect and no expectation of any sexual favors or unfair household labor or…anything. They're happy with a "thank you". My most recent ex took a day off work to look after me when I had a little cold, waited hand on foot.

It's really unfair on pickmes to be honest, by all logic THEY should be treated the best, not uggos like me who can walk away from a bill or add stuff to her partners online order without worrying about paying him back. I feel like to them it's this mental thing of..I act like I deserve to be treated well, so it must mean I deserve it.

Good objective things to look out for would be a great relationship with their mothers and whose love language is acts of service.

Sometimes I see the mistreatment from bfs towards women it's hard to believe it's real. More that the women put up with it because they think there's no better. I had some fuck buddies that had kind of off behavior like that but I mean, that's why they stayed fuck buddies.

No. 634728

You probably won't ever find out unless you walk away from the keyboard and go outside

No. 634734

This unironically. They're out there but you're gonna have to dig.

No. 634742

My skin was so beautiful when I was a little punk rock teen with ugly haircuts but now that I’m in my 20s and objectively the prettiest I’ve ever been, my skin looks like shit. My breakouts make me look so sloppy and it’s so discouraging cause I really don’t see any option but going back on birth control again which made my skin really pretty but made me a certified psycho mess. I’m happy but at what cost!!!!

No. 634744

Ugh this was my ex to a T. Was the kindest person in the world, acted like he wanted to save me, etc. I was at my absolute lowest when we got together. The more confidence I got in myself and the more I asserted my independence, in the relationship or otherwise, the shittier he treated me and the more controlling he became. He started cheating on me when it became clear that I was set to get a pretty cushy promotion at my job, and left me for her two weeks after I actually got it.

Be vary,vary wary of men who have a savior complex. Hell if you're at a particularly vulnerable point in your life where you don't have much power or control, I'd recommend not dating at all to protect yourself against predatory types like these. In this state, it's very unlikely that you're going to find someone that isn't jusr as fucked up as you, or is going to take advantage of you in some way. Work on yourself and don't date until you can honestly say that you are okay with being alone.

No. 634746

I've decided to kill myself, I'm going to try it… No need to tell me not to do it, just wanted to thank this site for making me laugh when I had no one to talk to and nothing to do.

No. 634756

Why do you want to kill yourself?

No. 634759

Hope you feel better soon, anon.

Reading this kind of stuff is anyways distressing as shit because I always wonder if there's some magical sentence that'd bring you back from the brink and have you never consider suicide again. No such thing. Empathy can be a curse.

No. 634765

Bruh, what's going to happen tomorrow or the next day? What wonderful things do you think would happen to you next year? Five? Ten? It's not always going to be like this. I was there. But things are better. I still cry myself to sleep but you get stronger and that is so badass. You can do it. I know you can.

No. 634766

I needed to read this. Thank you anon. I always feel like preaching my worth to guys that make me feel lesser and I should just move on. Such a kick in the teeth tho lol

No. 634768

I wish only good days for you, anon. Hope you can experience a nice warm day, your fave foods and new songs. It may not get better but it might.

No. 634769

Pretty sure the anons dropping "welp imma gonna kill myself" messages in this thread aren't gonna do it. Maybe I'm overthinking it but for some reason I always picture an attention hungry scrote wanting to have women pat his head.

No. 634770

I have posted about wanting to off myself, not in a hysterical state but in a very deeply depressed, and warped state and there has been times when an anon has been able to kind of snap me out of it with very little words. I still feel like shit from time to time so I try to remember that maybe not everyone is full of shit when it comes to suicide posting.

No. 634772

Anon I'm suicidal the past two days, I even watched birdbox and was impressed how easy they could all just die lol. Please don't though. I know you said for us not to say but I'm telling you because I feel like offing myself. Killing yourself is never easy or painless. My uncle and cousin killed themselves and both methods were suppose to be quick but it wasn't. There last moments on earth were even more agonising than what they probably could have ever imagined.

Anon hold off. Is there anything in particular getting you down? For example I have no friends whatsoever and my parents do not like talking to me. So I have no one to talk to when I'm depressed I come on lc too. Life will get better if I get access to opportunities that can change my circumstances (e.g. Get a job, get a wage, start having an income therefore being the sole person responsible for my well being). Please let some frustrations out here. Even just typing shit is therapeutic enough sometimes.

No. 634776

It'a a shit thing to do, like that guy who livestreamed his suicide. Stop trying to upset people on your way out. That's bpd shit

Or like you said could be scrotes getting off to the sheer effort women will put into their replies to suicide bait

No. 634786

> I mean if they're literally only ever talking about themselves and you can barely get a word in edgewise, I understand the frustration
This is exactly what they do. That’s why I’m venting. I know my friends shouldn’t be my therapists, I know they can’t help me as I wish. I just lost my job and when I tried to reach them for a nice word, they turned the conversation into a “at least you don’t have to work too much hours as we do” “you know anon, I wish I would get fired sometimes too lol” “I’m sure it will pass, I’m just so stressed too because I have too much work left behind”.
Three months ago I got cheated on. When I told them, they started to ask me questions and insinuated how DUMB (exactly those words) I was for not noticing earlier. And then they started sharing some cheating stories about people who we all knew and we hadn’t seen for more than five years. When I kinda tried to say that I would prefer if they wouldn’t talk about it because I was still hurt, they started to remember all the times they cheated on someone and tried to explain their reasons.
Those are just two examples of what I have to deal with that people and I’m frustrated because even then my mind thinks it would be worse to be alone than with them.

No. 634787

You're probably right, good men don't spend their time on tinder, not to mention 4chan, reddit, kiwifarms, seeking attention on youtube etc.
All the men in my family were shit. I was molested, I was severely bullied by boys at school for being an autist, I literally don't remember any good interactions with boys and men besides my art teacher maybe (who was a gay man kek). But I still believe there are some good normie men out there, but they're very rare and I will never meet one, probably. The worst thing is, I spent so much time on 4chan in the past, it fucked my brain. So many pedos on /tv/ and even /v/. Sometimes I think literally every man would want to marry a 12 year old and groom her to become the perfect wife, but he just won't admit it openly and it scares me. Men in history had no problem with fucking kids until feminists started to push AoC laws in late XIX centry (AoC at that time was like 10 in USA, despite the fact that girls had their first period at 14, on average, so even later than now). It makes me sick.

No. 634788

I don't understand what this post is inferring. Are you saying you think the anon who posted they were feeling suicidal was only doing it to upset people?

No. 634791

The vast majority of people who are suicidal don't actually want to do it and are not in their right mind when they say they're going to kill themselves. That doesn't mean they don't deserve empathy and support.

No. 634795

That makes sense that you feel like being alone would be better after explaining it like that. It does sound like your friends are insensitive and aren't able to give you the support that you need and deserve, for whatever reason. I do still think you would benefit from therapy because everyone deserves to be listened to. Your needs matter anon. I'm sorry your friends aren't able to meet them.

No. 634797

Give them your empathy then anon. Nobody is stopping you.

No. 634807

I feel like a lot of my friends are intimidated by me. I’ve been told that all my life, everyone I get close to confesses they were scared of me at first, and many of my friends have this sort of wall up around me and I can tell they don’t feel comfortable speaking their mind because I’m too intense or something. It makes me feel like shit. Inside I feel like I project a nice and friendly aura but I guess I don’t? I don’t know how to fix it beyond completely reshaping my personality. I only have one friend I feel can be real with me all the time but even then I wonder if she holds back sometimes.

I guess it causes a vicious cycle since when I’m told this, I feel really awkward and pull back a bit, which in turn makes me come off as less friendly. Or something. I don’t know. It’s weird to be seen in a way you aren’t trying to project and I’m bewildered when people want to be seen as intimidating. It’s not a compliment, it doesn’t make me feel cool. It just hurts my feelings.

No. 634810

How do I know I was diddled as a kid for sure?

I have a very blurry memory of my female classmate telling me to put my pants down and the situation escalating from there but its so, weirdly dream-like? I never have that kind of issue with other childhood memories.

I do remember clearly that this girl was very messed up, she talked about death alot and how her father had killed himself and other age inappropriate topics (we were 8).

I don’t feel comfortable talking about this with my therapist at all tbh.

No. 634813

Try spironolactone.

>How the fuck do these mental cases find men that have redeeming qualities to them but as a well-adjusted, working woman only comes across douchebags that belong in the gutter rather than a relationship?
It makes me a little nauseous to think about. I’m a confident and completely independent person with their shit mostly together. Why don’t I attract guys like the men these messes do?

No. 634816

Not a therapist but I heard once that some people will never remember their trauma in full. The brain simply won’t ever unlock those memories. But you should really tell your therapist so that you can work on how to handle the trauma properly.

No. 634821

Maybe therapy? Lots of people uncover repressed memories once they go to therapy.

No. 634822

I don't have good advice for this but I can relate. I wouldn't say anything triggered the memory for me, but a girl my age at around 6 did something similar to me, and a few years later I suddenly realized how wrong it was. I felt a lot of shame as a kid as a result. Later on she was actually attending my high school, and we pretty much avoided each other. Idk if she remembers what she did to me or not. I'd rather keep those memories locked away tbh

No. 634825

I stopped putting in lengthy effort replies on imageboards to suicidefagging. I trust that actually suicidal anons innately know that a curt “pls don’t” message holds love and empathy. When I get the kms moods, sometimes a “same” makes me feel better, sometimes nothing does. I think everyone knows that feel.

No. 634827


Thanks for the suggestion, I have some sort of blockage with talking about sexual stuff during therapy lol, its like my brain genuinely doesn't want to open this pandora box for my own sake.


I never saw the girl again and tbh I highly doubt she turned out well considering how messed up she was, I also just kinda ignored the memory for a long time because I honestly had a pretty shitty childhood and teen years so I always had some fresh new homely baked trauma to deal with.

But at some point I was asked If my dad or any male relative had touched me inappropiately, and I was like uhhhhh no??? but after that I gave a long hard thought on the memory, and decided to just throw the suitcase away instead of unpacking.

No. 634832

I don't think a truly confident person would be this upset over another woman having a boyfriend, regardless of whether that person is a "mess." Confident people also don't tend to insult those they know next to nothing about, or regularly post on imageboards where everyone is angry and bitter 24/7. Just sayin'

No. 634833

this ties into that one anon somewhere here not appreciating their friends doing the "same" because i agree with you on this one

No. 634835

Anon, I was just thinking about this last night.
When I was like 6 or 7, I was spending the afternoon in the house of one of my male friends (with other kids) and we were riding bikes in groups of two, and I ended up with his older brother (He was like 11? Or maybe a little bit older) and exactly as you said, I have this dream-like memory of being behind him on the bike, feeling uncomfortable and seeing that we were absolutely alone on the road … I'm really wondering if something happened. I understand the feeling and I hope you feel better, truly

No. 634845

File: 1600643754853.png (420.15 KB, 530x576, 8fe526b0136f8d35b392e52520f68d…)

I vent massive shit about my friends on lolcow but tbh I don't know what I'd do without my adult circle of close female friends. I'm glad I have an outlet so I'm not bottling up my annoyed and angry feelings towards them cause no matter how much they piss me off and annoy me they always seem to find a way to make up for it later and prove themselves good friends. I don't know why I doubt them.

No. 634846

I have a feeling that something happened but no clear memory. I've had pretty extreme anxiety since I was 12, I have sexual issues for sure. I just wonder if that 'annoying gut feeling that something happened' is in itself a strong enough indicator. Do people get these false feelings sometimes? Is there smoke without fire?

No. 634847

God I hope my friends feel this way about me. I know I can be a pain in the ass but I'm sometimes crippled by the fear that they secretly hate me for it and are just tolerating me out of pity. My friends can be annoying too but I don't hate any of them for it.

No. 634875

>friend tells me they caught up with their group of friends they used to be in a guild with
>rejoins their group chat
>the entire group chat is gay and filled with them talking about wanting to fuck femboys and trannies
>one of them has a gf and has no idea
>friend remember why they left in the first place

My friend isn’t surprised in the slightest and neither am I but Jesus Christ on a motorcycle. I thought it was all just a meme.

No. 634878

anon im laughing but what the fuck

No. 634881

I did this to my ex boyfriend for all the stuff he hated like donating to black disenfranchised youth, gay porn sites, old man droopy dick pills, companies looking for autistic test subjects, jewish temple newsletters, weight loss brands and supplements, feminist journals, and even stuff they send to your physical mail. He was an enormous chode and literal worst of the worst though who deserved it, I hope you got a new email or have a strong spam filter.

No. 634888

sometimes i think it would be better to just kms because my awful father took me away and raised me to be like him and i have anger issues like him and if i made someone feel the way he makes me feel i don't think i would deserve to live in this world. he is so loud, i just want him to stop yelling so i yell harder

No. 634896

Same, except it was my mom. I hate when I see myself acting like her

No. 634901

Jumping in to say I have the same feeling with my uncle.
I have one hazy memory of us sitting under a blanket playing with a rotary phone or something and maybe I was being tickled? And what struck me a bit later is how mundane the thing we were laughing about was, and what a weirdly intimate situation to be in with a grown man alone. Liked I liked him as a relative but we weren't THAT close. He seemed a bit of an eccentric though, but idk it feels like almost a significant gap in my memory? Like it's not just because it was boring that I completely forgot the events around it, you know?

Also he had that classic pedo look with the mustache and thick glasses kek

Anyway he just kind of disappeared from my life (last memory seeing him I was maybe 8ish). I asked a cousin a decade or so later about him and they said he lived in London and nobody from the family talked to him much because he was weird. Just "weird".

I figured maybe he was atheist initially because that part of the family is from eastern europe and stauchly christian, but then later found out they all knew I was atheist and cool with it, so idk. Maybe he was gay? But I absolutely believe their solution to finding out a relative is a pedo would be to just cut them off and never speak of them again.

No. 634910

File: 1600650901855.png (1.14 MB, 972x942, sad.png)

America is on fire, our President is a fucktard, it's getting cold and dark, and my depression is creeping back in…

No. 634918

So I ended up ranting in a voice note to friends on how shitty the whole JK Rowling thing is when talking about how social media divides us, and why is she getting so much flak compared to white men who hold atrocious opinions. And went into detail on how articles debating her points are only tackling the easy shit ("sex and gender are different, JK!") etc. And I pointed out how it's fine for women to be scared of men after bad encounters, but if its a MtF it's suddenly awful to generalise a whole gender etc. And is it OK to think of a MtF that doesn't pass as a man, so long as I referred to them as a woman to their face?

And I sent all of this and asked for their opinion and insight and just got a "TERF, jk" reply.

Eeeesh kind of regretting it but they said they'd give their input later. WHO KNOWS how it'll go down.

No. 634921

Kek if she’s gonna call you a terf for that or threaten your friendship good riddance, those people are exhausting. My friends and I say shit like that to each other all the time, though, so if she’s just kidding and that’s your guys’ sense of humor it’s probably fine and she’ll reply later.

No. 634922

I just taught my early-20s roommate to clean all of the damn bacon grease off the stove and I'm so embarrassed for us both. Thank god I'm moving out next weekend, but damn it I need to COOK the last of my food before I go.

No. 634929

I only said I used to have a crush on him, and told him that I was a mess after my breakup and wouldn’t be able to get into another relationship for a long time. There were no mixed signals. I was completely clear with him. We spoke completely platonically for weeks afterwards. I think he’s just a bitter asshole who’s mad I wasn’t interested in him.

No. 634935

File: 1600657645407.png (399.4 KB, 481x646, 9584395.png)

i hate having nerve pain, someone please put me out of my misery

No. 634953

This might be a tmi rant but I'm so tired of my mom treating me like shit and like I'm the dirtiest person on earth when I'm on my period. I dont even get why, I'm a clean person lol, I even use a cup to make it easier and cleaner, I boil it on a special container which it's only for that specific use. I have separate towels, I have a separate bin on the bathroom if I need to trash pads or something, I even have my own towels that I clean myself but she always finds something to complain about, like saying I left a stain somewhere (I never do) or saying I smell (again I'm obsessively clean about it). It drives me nuts and makes me feel like utter trash when its something natural as fuck and she should understand it. I dont even know how she notices when I'm on these days

No. 634955

I have never known if either my sister or my mother were on their periods, maybe you are leaving signs of your period if she's noticing it. Does she clean the bathrooms? I've noticed before that blood can get right under the front of the toilet seat (fuck knows how) where you'd never notice unless you cleaned the toilet yourself.

No. 634959

Honestly I'm in charge of the bathroom because she doesnt really clean the house and I check for stains everytime I use the toilet lol that's why it drives me nuts. I'm guessing maybe she notices when I'm having cramps because I tend to take a pill for them or maybe it's because our periods are always at the same time.

No. 634960

I have severe scoliosis which leaves me in constant pain all damn day. Can't get good sleep at night cuz the pain wakes me. Tired all days cuz I can't sleep at night. Sometimes my twisted ribs make it hard to breathe. Every doctor I've been to says surgery might not help with pain or could even make it worse. I'm doomed to constant pain I guess, and I've kinda made peace with it. But then people wonder why I'm depressed. Like why wouldn't I be? I'm never not hurting. Nobody really gets it. I know everyone has their own problems but it still bugs me.

No. 634964

Have you ever tried amitriptyline or gabapentin for the pain?

No. 634967

I have tried many many meds and most simply do nothing or just make me nauseous/give me headaches. That's probably a medical issue in its own right but I've gotten used to it. Physical therapy helps but not much/only gives temporary relief. I'm soon going to a doctor who gives pain injections so maybe that will do some good.

No. 634969

Lol an emergency situation came up and my bf and I need to find somewhere to live for a monthish before we can movie to our new place. He asked his mom since he has the room and she said only he could stay. We've been together over 5 years, fuck you too bitch. I think this is the last straw in trying to have a relationship with his family.

No. 634970

im also a scolio-chan. do you know what degree your spine is at? at a certain threshold i hear surgery is the best option for pain relief. mine is just below it and not worth it. hope you find back pain relief

No. 634972

i really loved the movie "cuties" because it was exactly like my experience growing up at that age. Everyone I say this to basically tells me Im a pedo but no one actually bothered to watch the movie.

No. 634988

File: 1600664699509.jpg (35.5 KB, 564x376, a726d76d5309bb2accb73bd48dba50…)

i still blame myself for being groomed when i was 14. i lightly touched on it in therapy but i've been able to bury it deep. i haven't told anyone else because i'm ashamed, and every time i remember i feel so alone.

i grieve the child i used to be and i hate myself for letting her get hurt. i want to be weak and cry and be held but i just can't tell anyone. i'm in my early 20s now and i've grown so much, but it feels like that hurt kid is still inside and constantly in pain. pls hold me from afar anons

No. 635001

I'm still so salty. I don't have a bad relationship with her, it's friendly enough but we're not close. I never cause drama. I'm quiet and clean. I know she thinks my bf can do better than me (true) and that I am holding him back (false that boy is depressed and nothing I can do about that until he helps himself.) Idk I just feel so hurt over it. Oh well I'm not reaching out to fix something I never broke.

No. 635005

>tfw procrastinated starting my sex life for too long
I'm officially the best looking and healthiest I've ever been but I'm not sure I even want to have sex anymore.

Despite my drive still being high the idea just exhausts me now. I've reached an age where it's no longer exciting enough to ACTUALLY consider and it's also embarrassing to still be a kissless virgin. Masturbating and being alone has officially outweighed the effort it would take to fuck at this point.

Probably should have lost it to some random eons ago instead of only romantically pursuing men who just rejected me because I'm antisocial and was uglier back then. Now my ego is bruised beyond recovery and I realized my preference for women too late. I'm thinner and prettier but also exhausted and I have no confidence.

What a pathetic end to a saga.

No. 635009

It’s fine if you enjoyed it anon, but a lot of people have watched it and their issue is more with the way it was shot than the subject matter. They could’ve had the girls in similar situations without the camera repeated honing in on their undeveloped chests, asses and crotches for several minutes at time, effectively making the exact type of material they are trying to condemn. And it’s also highly questionable to use actual children in a movie being shot like that. They are too young to be making those choices for themselves. Really makes you question what kind of messed up parent would allow their child to be utilized like that.

No. 635012

File: 1600669067619.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2640x1980, C0BC99FF-D2E7-4B31-8325-F22472…)

I’m so sorry anon. For what it’s worth, my thoughts and affection are with you from afar. Please don’t hate yourself for what happened. The only person who deserves blame is the abusive freak who put you through that. If you can feel sympathy for the girl you were, I hope you will also develop sympathy for the woman you are now dealing with the aftermath of what she went through. You can work through this, you’re stronger than you think. But it’s okay if you need time.

No. 635016

This exact thing happened to me, anon. It's sad. Especially when it comes to realizing I prefer women when I had rejected advances because "I'm too straight" despite being deep in denial. I guess it's masturbation from here to forever.

No. 635046

File: 1600677455842.jpeg (316.44 KB, 2048x1190, BA992EA2-FDFE-4DE2-9221-B69628…)

Had a threesome last night with a fuckbuddy +1 chick he brought in and im just…irrationally annoyed about how much of a dead fish this bitch was. Like, im a stupid degenerate whore and i get off on servicing so im totes okay with licking and sucking all evening but jfc if ur gonna be so passive whyd you even fucking come all the way over to my place. Later on she said she couldnt rly sleep (which i totally understand, i fucking hate sleeping with other ppl), and they started discussing their options and then my fwb said he could just head home since he lives closeby and she was just. Weirdly clingy. Honestly i just wanted the both of them to fuck off.

No. 635057

IDK if it was your first threesome but from my experience these are pretty hard to navigate and honestly most of the time not worth the effort as you can get more pleasure having just one partner fully focused on you. And it's gonna be especially difficult with a person you don't know well, such as with that +1 girl. I don't know why having a threesome is regarded such a sex-life goal, it's nice but honestly never that amazing, except for if you consider it taboo to be with more than one person and that aspect of it makes it worthwhile for you.

No. 635058

I'm embarrassed but I don't remember the exact degree of curvature. Also embarrassed because the idea of surgery, particularly spinal fusion, is pretty terrifying to me. I've read so many horror stories about things going wrong during the surgery or drawbacks post surgery. I've kinda decided not to pursue it unless absolutely necessary, like if my rib cage was threatening my organs or something. Thank you though, curvy spine gang rise up.

No. 635059

I'm really late to the conversation but I remember reading that quite a lot of "repressed memories" recovered during therapy are false memories. There are conflicting studies about whether repressed memories are even real or not. Memories are unreliable and creating false memories is easier than one might think. I'm not trying to downplay your or anyone's experiences though, but it's food for thought! You might very well be remembering a dream you had rather than any real situation.
Dissociative symptoms are more reliable as signs of something traumatic having happened to you as a child.

No. 635064

Nta but I've heard that too so I'm reluctant to get into my concerns with a therapist.

What I have noticed in therapy is that once we go anywhere near my childhood I get this sense of panic and on my way home from those sessions I'll be struggling to get home while I'm in such a daze. Signs like that I think have to indicate something.

No. 635067

File: 1600680258268.jpeg (440.47 KB, 1574x2048, 81814BFB-ED64-4FAE-AC72-04ADC1…)

Oh yeah, l agree. Its never been on my personal wish list but in this case i just went with the flow. Unless i knew the girl well enough to know we have sexual chemistry I definitely won’t bother again however. It’s definitely for me the taboo part, im not bi but i really enjoy doing absolutely degrading shit if im horny enough. If someone is too vanilla , i dont think they should bother.

I would however would love go get dp’ed or spitroasted by two moids still lol

No. 635097

Why is it so hard to keep healthy habits? Every time I try to eat healthy (and regularly), I can do it for like one to two weeks and then I'm going back to eating shit again. Same with excercises and healthy sleeping schedule. Every time I think "hey I finally got this!" I just don't feel like doing it anymore. I'm not fat but I'm in poor shape, constantly tired etc. Every time I go for a longer walk the next day my joints hurt as fuck and I can't move. I feel like a 70 year old

No. 635105

I fucking hate how my life is currently and how out of my control how stagnant it is due to covid. I just need time to pass and then I can do my own thing. I hate this.

No. 635112

Same thing for me anon, I know how frustrating it feels. Especially because it could prevent me from actually getting the career in the long run I want just because of bad timing. What were your plans for the year, or in general?

No. 635119

File: 1600691598726.jpg (33.08 KB, 464x464, 4pf5n3cxxqh51.jpg)

>new hire at work
>25-year-old overweight woman with short hair and feminine voice
>goes by male pronouns
>wears a yuri on ice lanyard
>nametag says Victor

the lord is fucking testing me.

No. 635122

File: 1600691821895.jpeg (49.7 KB, 279x372, 30A6D3AB-E20A-4C34-B9AB-89BE0F…)

same things are happening to my friends, it really sucks, especially the job thing. some are super stressed about graduating during this, what they’re going to do, financial situation, etc.
I was personally planning on really bettering myself this year, getting the help I need and spending more time offline through getting in touch with the things I love. now I’m holed up in a shitty situation, I just want all of this to be over. It’s frustrating as fuck. I spent so many of my years being in a hole and now when I’m slowly climbing out of it it I feel like I’m back where I started. what about you anon?

No. 635123

Maybe she'll turn out to be an entertaining personal cow. Think positive!

No. 635125

25? kek good lord, praying for you anon

No. 635127

Ugh what the fuck I just got woken up at 7am some lady knocked on my door for 10 minutes before she left and now I’m like petrified to do anything

No. 635128

What is there to do, she's gone.

No. 635131

File: 1600692569243.jpg (37.38 KB, 750x791, ESpDAfOUUAAShrE.jpg)

My laptop screen just randomly started flickering, and its a half a second flick i can barely catch

I legit bought this bitch like 5 months ago and its an expensive model

No. 635132

That sounds amazing, anon, lmao.

No. 635160

File: 1600696810876.jpg (229.24 KB, 1024x683, 33160821211_3aed856618_b.jpg)

I went down a rabbit hole of videos and articles about Frances Glessner Lee's crime scene dollhouses and I know they keep the solutions a secret so that detectives-in-training don't cheat but god I wanna know what happened to Marie Jones SO GODDAMN BAD

(if anyone wants to join me in my torment a bunch of the crime scenes are available on deathindiorama.com)

No. 635161

Holy shit, stay strong anon.

I graduated last year but already had a hard time finding a job back then. I either had the right degree but not enough experience, or I was overqualified, or sometimes I had the correct degree but employers didn't even bother to check my resume so they didn't even realize it and refused to give me interviews. I got so sick of it so I left to work abroad with a working holiday visa, except my timing was horrible so the pandemic was officially declared a few weeks after I arrived, a bunch of interviews scheduled so I could work in the tourist industry were canceled, one after another, I became a language teacher as a part-time job instead until companies could open up again, caught the virus before that could happen, thought I'd die right then and there and came back to my country after that. I'm back to square one now except it's even harder to find a job now and I keep seeing people from university getting opportunities offered to them on silver platters because they're just lucky, rich enough to move to other places anytime they want or know the right people thanks to their families and friends. When are your friends going to graduate?

>I was personally planning on really bettering myself this year, getting the help I need and spending more time offline through getting in touch with the things I love.

What are the things you love? They're things you can only do outdoor or that are expensive? Do you use social media? I personally deleted all my accounts, only use messenger to talk to very close rl friends and limited my use of instagram because having to post pictures makes it easier to avoid shitposting all day long.

No. 635169

i fucking hate my life so much everything has gone wrong and i actually have nothing to live for.
why should i be alive if i have absolutely no reason to live?

No. 635173

Is it wrong to be with someone when you're not 100% over someone else? Ah, I wish I could just live in a shitty otome game or something.

No. 635176

That's really interesting anon. Thanks for sharing.

No. 635184

File: 1600699735475.jpg (60.56 KB, 720x708, 89e.jpg)

>Chats with a guy for a while
>He asks me out for a date
>Sure, why not
>He cancels two days before the date because he found someone else he's more interested in
>Okay, cool. Good luck my dude
>Five days later he hits me up again
>"Hey, it didn't work out… are you still up for that date?"

No. 635194

I dated a guy that wasn't over his ex. Found all their emails and that they even met up when we had a fight funny enough about his ex and boundaries and trust blah blah blah. It ruined our relationship because he was not over her but she cheated on him and had someone else baby. The emails between them was her flirting etc and saying how it over with the other guy. They met up and she's pregnant. He goes off the rails. I end up meeting him through mutual friends one night and he swept me off my feet. Was heartbreaking to find out I was a rebound and he was dating other girls while we were starting to go official. From my perspective don't date someone if you're not over someone else. My self esteem got dragged through the mud while he was using me for his own insecurities. I've been left to build up my own self esteem and a wealth of trust issues.

No. 635195

kinda vent, kinda would love some input anons. i just started new semester and in one of the courses the grade is mainly based on a group work. the thing is, this course would be an easy A, since the work isn't hard, you just have to write a lot.
so basically we are all in a group of 5 people and in my group 3 of them are literally useless. whenever we talk in class about work, 2 of them just sit in silence and stare at their phones, whenever I ask or say anything in a group chat, only one member of the group answers in any meaningful way if at all. the first deadline is already on Wednesday and rn I have done 90% of work (but the work is not done yet). I may sound like a retarded nerd but this shit is giving me major anxiety and I don't know what to do. should I just suck up and do the entire work with the 4th member only or just give the same energy as the majority and get a barely passable grade? i just don't know what to do if such a big part of a group does nothing
basically CS guys are fucking useless autists and i hate it here

No. 635211

File: 1600701708598.png (158.5 KB, 474x444, imageonline-co-overlayed-image…)

Rip their dicks off (in minecraft). Honestly just put in the beginning of the report what sections everyone did (make sure you get the job of final draft editing and handing it in). Unless your teacher is a female solidarity type then bringing it up will put you up for being labelled the class bitch (happened to me). Just leave a paper trail. If the professor cares then he'll speak to you about the work distribution, and give the 2 members a bad grade.

Stem shits are always so fucking passive aggressive and manipulative, good luck.

But for next time, I've found its very helpful to divide up the work early, and keep a daily log of what you did that day and who did what. If forces everyone to atleast contribute something. Also, recording your meetings openly can kick their asses up from their phone. Just try not to be totally confrontational, always make it seem like you just want to do your best work and have good intentions.

No. 635232

I am very attracted to my boyfriend but his breath. God, his breath is so bad. Sometimes it is tolerable but it has to be right after he just brushed his teeth and even then there's a distinct lake smell that I can barely stand. I'm very sensitive to smell so it's not something that I can easily ignore.

I'm at a loss of what to do. I've been honest with him about it. He barely brushes his teeth for a minute, barely scrubs his tongue, doesn't use mouthwash or floss. I've told him that he should do all these things but if I say anything more then what I have already, I'll just be a nag.

No. 635236

>He barely brushes his teeth for a minute, barely scrubs his tongue, doesn't use mouthwash or floss.
Well, there's his problem. Sorry anon but just from that description he sounds like a lazy man baby who doesn't like to take care of himself. I would be honest with him and say you won't be kissing him until he gets his act together.

No. 635237

So nag him about it? He's an adult that doesn't brush his teeth properly. That's disgusting.

No. 635240

Lmao some dudes really walk around thinking they're such prizes.

No. 635271

I hate scrotes, really I do. I wish that I didn’t have the interests that I do because scrotes infest all of them. Its so fucking lonely feeling like the only black woman in a room full of cumbrains, racists, degens, misogynists and barely functioning autists. Part of the reason I got into radical feminism too is to find female companionship and but most of those people are their own brand of obnoxious and crazy. I wish I was a fucking normie. Im so tired of feeling alone this hellworld.

No. 635275

File: 1600706740555.jpg (54.49 KB, 381x550, tumblr_inline_pmfxfz0Dbg1tmko7…)

Kek imagine being afraid of being called a nag. Cuss him the fuck out like the disgusting pig he is, and refuse to touch him.

Are the straights ok? Soon it'll be normal to hand feed your bf while be plays vidya, and change his diapey.

No. 635284

File: 1600707202292.jpg (410.59 KB, 1536x1253, o-WHY-MEN-SHOULDNT-VOTE-facebo…)

I know yeah. Just look for women who don't want to marry/have a bf, and focuses on their female friendships. Radfem theory is eh okay, but the women invested in it are usually just another type of masochist/mentally ill. If you're going to be friends with radfems look for the chill ones who don't go on about how women are suffering every second. Ones who just like dunking on scrotes and don't hold pity partys.

No. 635285

You're right, you shouldn't bother nagging. You should just dump men who can't grasp basic hygiene.
Some of us aren't bitter gays here and we have plenty of experience with coddling unhygienic scrotes. Sure you always hope that if you love them enough that they'll want to change for you, but by and large they just see you as a sucker. They never change. He's immature.

No. 635286

>Soon it'll be normal to hand feed your bf while be plays vidya, and change his diapey.
Sad to say I've read more than one account of women who have to nag their boyfriends to eat their home cooking while they're binging on video games and also women who complain about their boyfriends not wiping their ass when they take a dump thus leaving skid marks on the underwear they tell them to wash for them. Straight women need to have higher standards.

No. 635292

There was an anon on here a few months back saying her bf regularly left skid marks on their bed sheets… she blamed his mom for not teaching him how to wipe. Think he was in his mid twenties but she wanted to oh so gently bring it up with him without hurting his feelings or shaming him..

No. 635293

File: 1600708032181.jpg (5.71 KB, 225x224, images2.jpg)

>tfw you realize you used to beg your trash ex to eat your delicious home cooking instead of wendys and mcdonalds

No. 635296

Can the Y chromosome just hurry up and evaporate?

No. 635303

Reading about everyone’s shitty parents on here makes me so fucking angry, mostly due to my own issues with my family. I just wish these retards never thought to have children

No. 635316

>Its so fucking lonely feeling like the only black woman in a room full of cumbrains, racists, degens, misogynists and barely functioning autists
Sounds like hell on earth, as a woman who isn't white either I'm really grateful I managed to avoid that shit for so long irl. Can't say the same thing about the internet though.

No. 635318

It's okay as long as you're honest with the person you're with and willing to get over your ex and make it work.

No. 635321

If you're not going to nag him then at least negg him. Drop little comments about how nasty his breath is. When you go in for a kiss pull back and go "ew"

Or just break up with him

No. 635323

Tell him to floss, brush, scrape and use mouthwash properly (and see a dentist if needed because caveties cause bad breathe too) and until he clears up his smelly mouth you won't be kissing him. Or if you don't want to be that direct about it, just say ew your breathe smells and turn away when he tries to kiss you.

No. 635324

Would he be so patient if you had stank breath all the time?

No. 635333

I'm trying really hard to keep myself from drunk texting apologies to shitty ex-friends who were garbage and don't deserve it.

No. 635339

Don't do it, anon! Fuck those hoes.

No. 635357

I fucking hate math! Fuck that bitch and kill it with fire.

No. 635360

I'm so sorry that happened to you anon, sounds fucking awful. I wouldn't say that the guy I'm with now is a rebound, it's just that the relationship is very very new, and I spent sooo long with my ex, it's hard not to miss the good parts sometimes. Even though it could get pretty toxic.
That's what I'm considering really, thanks for giving me the last push I needed!

No. 635361

Best part is that I was actually having second thoughts and pondering whether I should cancel or not, so I was sort of "oh well, that takes care of it" lol

No. 635362

LC is the most slow and boring it’s ever been, peace out ladies see you in two weeks

No. 635377

I posted to a bunch of threads thismorning and then watched my posts stay there for an hour with no more replies coming in.. honestly thought something was up with the site

No. 635433

I can't stop thinking about hypotheticals and how they would have changed the trajectory of my life

> If I had just spoken more on that day

> If I didn't back out of that event last minute
> If I would have just chosen a different major

I . Can't . Stop

I can't stop thinking about what if's either.

> What if I never get married or have kids

> What if my dad dies suddenly and unexpectedly in the next few years
> What if I never find a stable job.

No. 635481

File: 1600716073728.png (399.51 KB, 680x610, 1589445485251.png)

I like 2hus because I think they are cute in the way a dog or rabbit is cute. I do not like being lumped in with lolicons! I know it's not just men, but I generally do not trust men that like cute things.

No. 635489

Something that helps me is thinking of all the times I did the “If only” thing and how it turned out entirely anti-climactic

No. 635501

Vented a few days ago about not knowing what to do for my birthday and have just made plans to spend it with my mummy and we're going to bake me a cake because I have not had any decent cake in the last 5 years. I'm very happy with this. I love my mum!

No. 635502

I understand bisexual men maybe being bothered that some women don't want to date bisexual men, but it blows my mind when other women freak out at other women for how they want to date.
A friend of mines is having drama with my other friend all because she said she's straight and she wants a straight guy, she wasn't homophobic about it but my friend seems so fucking mad about it still.
I have no idea why the friend asked her would she date a bisexual man if she was going to be mad if she said no.

No. 635514

I ended up changing my mind about the reasoning for this and settled in it is homophobic or something, I'm not sure if homophobia is too severs of a term. Because from my understanding, girls get jealous enough with other women but to contenplate that your man could also be wanting to chase cock is wild too.

Like straight guys fuck ugly girls and it doesn't put me off them so why does a man getting homoerotic with a guy turn me off. Cause I think I'm a bit phobic but like in my head. I would never hate someone for it I just wouldn't date them idk!

No. 635515

most touhou porn isn't lolicon if it makes you feel better. and it's more popular with women in asia because it's nonsexual and has all woman cast, there are other sexual danmaku games for creepy men, it's just popular with men in the west.

No. 635516

Pretty sure it's the weird expectation that women should be open to fucking every man to be 'nice'.

No. 635517

File: 1600717723660.png (63 KB, 368x490, anon!!.png)

Aw anon, I think I remember you talking about it! How sweet, I hope you both enjoy the experience and the day! What kind of cake are you making, and happy birthday!!

No. 635521

Gay/bisexual men are on average,more promiscuous and have a higher rate of disease and problematic sexual behavior.
That alone is cause to justify hesitation or to be cautious, there's nothing homophobic about it.
As to why women have a problem with it, it's what >>635516 said. Women have to be open to fucking and entertaining every degenerate they come across.