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File: 1600476546334.jpeg (19.39 KB, 200x252, 5197C01A-73DD-4FCB-B97A-6DE4F0…)

No. 633465

Our collective stupidly has spilled out into yet another thread, go ahead and let your empty cranial cavity do the talking

Last thread >>>/ot/627219

No. 633467

I just found out my bf is a Sagittarius moon and I’m reconsidering so much

I’m also drunk and high

No. 633473

I want to complain about some things but I already vent about the exact same thing on a semi regular basis here and I worry anons will notice the exact scenario being posted about made again and again without any progress, I already feel lame enough as it is

No. 633477

Sometimes Mexican music sounds like nintendo 64 mario party music.

No. 633479

File: 1600478176971.jpeg (55.62 KB, 646x647, ABFFE7F1-B031-4D15-A894-F8C69A…)

I just rejected a guy who asked me out and god i feel so uncomfortable i am sweating

No. 633482

No let it all out, if other anons get pissy at you idc i support u sweet stranger. I do the same thing and dont notice others its probably common here anyways.

No. 633497

My cousin has minimal credit history (moved here from his country for school) and could only get one a secured credit card with a low credit limit so whenever he wants to buy certain things, he has to ask me for my card. He asked me to purchase him some stuff from apple because of the free airpods deal going on for college students and I felt so badass nonchalantly handing him my card to pay for it lmao. I feel like I’m buying my younger sibling ice cream or something. He was also amazed that I didn’t need to have the payment split over multiple cards because I have a high enough credit limit lol. I have enough in the pay to my card off in full while he pays me back (not the first time he’s asked me to pay for something expensive while he pays me back) so I’m not too worried plus I get all the points hehehe

No. 633501

I watch JKNews and I'm getting tired of all the
>lul, Joe's so randumb xD
>Joe's so weird xDD
conversations. It gets old.

No. 633505

File: 1600479509470.jpg (77.89 KB, 563x644, c7e7da3080603defc39430ca04a115…)

>surrounded by crazy people in real life
>still surrounded by crazy people on the internet (but by choice)
Really makes you think

No. 633525

Had to stop watching them years ago. They’re the only channel I’ve actually bothered to unsub from because of how insufferable they are. Their 3edgy5me content was funny when I was a highschooler, but not as an adult and they never grew with their audience. I feel like they always get so defensive at any slight bit of criticism. Gina (and David to some extent) especially is the most unwatchable of them all for me, and she/both of them used to be my favorites! Her “I’m just a bad bitch” act is so boring, she’s just a one trick pony.

No. 633531

Why is it good to be excited/happy for someone to get plastic surgery but bad if you are sad/non-supportive about it. I genuinely can’t understand the logic

No. 633543

Shit opening picture, OP

No. 633544

I wanna get hype about the new harry potter game on social media but don't wanna "out" myself as a TERF for liking wizards. I hate this.

No. 633546

Make an alt/fake twitter/tumblr/discord. Lots of people have done that for new fandoms or interests

No. 633551

I wanna do sports photography so I can look at sexy men up close.

No. 633591

Why are /m/ and /ot/ separate boards? A lot of the content is interchangeable

No. 633600

Such as?

No. 633602

All of the news/celebrity/art things should go into /m/, since that counts as media, right?

No. 633606

fuck i loved soul eater so much because of the black characters innit, made me feel special, esp mira

getting emootional thinking aboot it

No. 633609

Should imo as well but admin doesn't seem to mind.

No. 633614

Because human autonomy but also because if you don't support ps it's rude to just be like "well i think you looked better before" or "i don't like ps!". It's fine to be against ps but what's the point of telling someone who got work done that you don't like it? Like, who asked.

No. 633617

Usually you aren’t talking directly to them. People post on social media about personalities or random people getting plastic surgery as some interesting and great thing that’s happening.

It’s weird that “wow, you look so good from having your bones broken and face cut open, I’m so happy for you” is considered a nice thing to say but “I hope you’re able to accept your perfectly functioning body how it is instead of spending thousands of dollars on a bandaid solution that is likely to cause health issues in attempt to slap a bandaid on the pain inflicted by image obsessed sexist society — you are great just how you are” makes you a huge bitch

No. 633621

I've never seen that before? Usually people shame celebrities for having ps, and there are social media pages to show before vs afters of celebrities. I think those are supposed to be neutral though. Just to show that celebrities aren't natural a majority of the time. Either way though, no one is forcing you to comment that you like when people get ps so idk what the issue is. It's fine to be anti-surgery, no one is putting a gun to your head and making you say you support it. I think the issue just comes in when people who are anti-ps go out of their way to tell people who have ps that they don't like it.

Also, the way I read op's post, I thought they meant talking to someone about their ps face-to-face or commenting on a social media post of someone they know personally. Maybe that was a misunderstanding on my part.

No. 633623

>no one is forcing you to comment that you like when people get ps
*that you don't like
Oops. there are probably more typos but i'm to lazy to proofread.

No. 633632

Idk where you hang out but the internet has plenty of liberals and liberals are pro-plastic surgery

> no one is putting a gun to your head

I don’t know why you have to be retarded about it. No ones forcing those people to worship cosmetic surgery or reply to people who are sad about it either.

The question was why is being happy/telling someone they look great and made a great choice by getting their face smashed in and reshaped considered a compliment, and being concerned for women’s health/body image makes you a bitch

No. 633634

Are you good? Most anti-PS people aren't posting in the comments of people with plastic surgery. Those are just called assholes no matter what they're insulting the person on.

Anti-PS people usually talk about it on their own platforms and in their own day to day convos and get told that it's 2020 and that plastic surgery shouldn't be considered a bad thing anymore. Media is FLOODED with pro-ps bullshit. I think it is completely fine to talk about how a celebrity looks botched after surgery, or that they looked better before. It's a matter of opinion. It's not as harmless as putting makeup on to transform your face, people are literally cutting themselves open because they see girls with fake asses and lips on instagram getting a shit ton of followers. It's not normal and people have every right to speak up against it.

No. 633642

I'm not being retarded about anything, just shared my opinion on it.
>No ones forcing those people to worship cosmetic surgery or reply to people who are sad about it either.
I didn't say anyone was so idk what this is even in response to. and I already answered op's question from my perspective.

I see people who are against ps commenting on social media posts and videos all the time. Go on any video where someone talks about getting ps and it's not hard to find people telling them they shouldn't have done it. I don't think it's right that people tell them to shut up though, cause everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

No. 633643


I am the OP and you didn’t answer at all. You just said
>no ones forcing you who asked you anyway

No. 633645

Like I said, I responded with my opinion in >>633614. If you were looking for an answer that aligned with your views you probably shouldn't have asked a subjective question.

No. 633648

But I didn’t say “you looked better before” obviously that would be considered mean. And you didn’t even answer why the “wow im so happy for you spending all that money to get your face bashed in” is a compliment at all

No. 633652

>“wow im so happy for you spending all that money to get your face bashed in” is a compliment at all
Because people can do whatever they wish with their bodies and it's considered a good thing to respect what they decide to do

No. 633653

NO. Leave drama shit out of /m/

No. 633654

How come anachans get shit on, their bodies their choice yeah?

No. 633660

anon being ana can literally kill you

No. 633661

First of all, this is a weak-ass argument. People don't chose to have ed's. You can definitely chose to get cosmetic surgery. Also, not everything is black and white, I can support something and have criticisms for another.
Second, there's a pretty big difference between starving yourself to death or getting extremely overweight, and getting a procedure done, which more times than not, is safe thanks to modern medicine.

No. 633663

>why is it good to support people for a choice they made/for getting something they wanted to get, but bad to tell them that the thing they want is bad and they're bad for wanting it?

Gee anon, I don't know. Beats me. How unfair.

No. 633664


>You can definitely chose to get cosmetic surgery.

NTA but isn’t that more of an argument that ana-chans shouldn’t get as much hate and that criticism of cosmetic surgery is more justified…?

> which more times than not, is safe thanks to modern medicine.

Complications from cosmetic surgery are not rare at all, and you always have to recover and often times have to go for multiple surgeries

No. 633667

No? I said it's good to respect people's decisions, and anon basically said why aren't we ok with anorexic people being anorexic. My point was that anorexic people don't choose to have an ed so they're not even in the equation of "respect people's decisions". People who get ps choose to get ps, ana people don't choose to be ana. Also, anorexic people don't get hate outside of this website.

Obviously you have to recover from plastic surgery, you have to recover from all surgeries. The actual procedure is typically safe (unless you get a shady back alley doctor), but issues during recovery can have a lot to do with how the area is taken care of. That's not to say surgeons don't fuck up sometimes, lollipop scars for example are caused by the surgeons technique rather than the patients care during recovery. I do know people who want really extreme ps have to go for multiple procedures. I don't know how common it is for people who already have their desired results to go more than once, unless they have issues. I'm not a surgeon tho, so I could definitely be wrong about this stuff.

No. 633676

So can cosmetic surgery. Something has common as tit job can destroy a woman’s health, just look up how prevalent it is. Most instances of anorexia don’t lead to death.
Actually, choosing not to eat is a choice. Being body dysmorphic is also mental illness sweaty.

No. 633682

Agree that it’s not the same, but after being told your whole life that your only worth comes from your looks it isn’t exactly making a choice in a vacuum..

Plus cosmetic surgery can literally never be “for you”

No. 633685

>Being body dysmorphic is also mental illness sweaty.
i feel like anons who say wanting to get plastic surgery means you have bdd don't quite understand what bdd is. being insecure ≠ body dysmorphia. Eating disorders are a mental illness as well, why would a neurotypical person just decide to not eat. Ed's and body dysmorphia go hand in hand tbh.

No. 633696

Call me crazy but I feel like this year has just been a prequel to something so much worse. I feel like something a lot bigger is gonna happen next year. If I had the money I would dip and leave America but I'm stuck here so I just hope and I'm wrong and next year will be a lot better.

No. 633701

where tf would you go to? A lot of places aren't even accepting American visitors

No. 633706

File: 1600506246008.png (346.45 KB, 564x559, 0415A2FD-EB4E-43BF-9EB6-F723C4…)

I feel like I do so much dumb shit on the regular that it’s not even funny anymore. I’m not even trying and random awkward stuff happens to me all the fucking time.

It’s like I’m a sitcom character with the worst luck and there’s an invisible audience laughing at my dumb ass. Even my own friends are impressed.

Like In the past month-ish
> Ghost a dude who was a bit pushy, later goes to a pub, he’s the bartender
> Hit on a cute guy and fail, later my friends reveal he’s a huge milf lover
> Chitchatting at a sister company event, ask the dude what’s his role, he’s the CEO
> Awkward event with random guy #254, decides to avoid his shop, turns out he now works at the one right near my job

Every week, my friends wait for my next “oh shit” story. I don’t even know how I manage to sleep at night. I cringe on the daily.

No. 633709

I mean I can't go anywhere anyway but to me it wouldn't matter where I went as long as I could learn the language. Korea or a spanish speaking country would be ideal since I'm learning those right now.

No. 633714

Thread pic makes me cringe so hard, I’m probably just gonna hide this thread until that shit is gone.

No. 633717

If you click on the tiny (hide) text at the very top*, it will hide just the image and not the entire thread.

*this text
>File (hide): 1600476546334.jpeg (19.39 KB, 200x252, 5197C01A-73DD-4FCB-B97A-6DE4F0…)

No. 633723

How did I not know that? Thanks, anon!

No. 633765

File: 1600511182171.jpg (119.91 KB, 657x645, yeahwegaykeepscrolling.jpg)

I envy people who can just wear whatever they like without a care in a would whether or not they look good in the clothing. Part of the confidence I get from wearing nice clothing that I like is the fact that it looks flattering on me, I just can't wear something that I like when it doesn't look good on me

No. 633773

Anon, your life sounds fun. Please tell us your stories when they happen.

No. 633791

oh my god anons I did something so unbelievable stupid and dumb just now… I'm really anxious with driving and just now while parking I hit a car. I checked and I'm 99% sure there was no damage on the car but there was a dirtmark from the bumper from my car. I drove away because I was panicked. Am I in trouble? Should I go back and leave my phonenumber? Oh my god please reply with advice asap

No. 633792

Lol naw you good

No. 633794

don't worry

No. 633796

Lol anon I hit a parked car outside a pet store once and a little kid saw, mouth dropped open. I reversed that bitch and drove off. This was 4 years ago and nothing has happened.

No. 633797

Be mean in ur profile, make it clear that fake bishits are unwelcomed

No. 633798

I lost like 4 kgs in 2 weeks without even noticing it. What the fuck is wrong with me

No. 633808

Around two years ago, I downloaded tinder to find a girlfriend or even an fwb, matched with a few ladies but it never really went anywhere. There's one girl I met off tinder that I still message from time to time but she isn't into women really so we basically talk as distant friends. I have no idea why she was even looking for women on there considering she had a thing going with her male friend back then. Anyways, I found another woman there too and as soon as we started talking she started complaining about her on and off boyfriend like I'm supposed to listen to that and give a single fuck. Is tinder not for dating/hookups for women into women? Literally every woman I talked was not into women, or into women in that superficial 'queer' way. Not in a sexual way. I got frustrated and deleted the app but now I'm thinking of making an account again and see if things have changed. I want a gf, who is actually into women!! Thing is, I even live in a place where being gay is illegal, so I was assuming that the women must be into women actually to make an account but no, it was literally all performative, woke bs. I really can't believe it. How else am I supposed to find and date women who are actually attracted to women?
Wouldn't that give off a bad first impression being so mean? I am considering it now tbh

No. 633809

Anon are you currently going through something stressful or are you really depressed? I lost around 10 kgs in a few weeks back when I was going through really bad times a year ago. Please take care of yourself

No. 633810

It’s kind of driving me crazy that no one is ever going to fall madly in love with me

No. 633812

Thank you for your concern and I'm sorry you went through that anon.
It's a bit of a stressful time, but the biggest issue is probably that I live alone and tend to eat less when I have to cook myself. I legit feel less hungry. Now I'm back home and will probably gain back now that food is great again!

No. 633814

Thank you I support you too kind anon

No. 633817

File: 1600517067263.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.09 KB, 1125x806, tumblr_578e126e7a5de5ff1a637e9…)

So what's the ship name?

No. 633821

Same, I know only freaks will ever “fall madly” for me, when it’s really just them being obsessive. Where’s my respectful, thoughtful, sexy man??!

No. 633831

I wish I could somehow know every lie that's ever been told to me.

No. 633832

Mcking? Ronger? Burgald?

No. 633833

RonKing? Because Ronald looks like a complete top and the King looks like a subby freak, totally a powerbottom.
i feel gross

No. 633835

tfw you have no idea if you just sniffed up a booger or a fly

No. 633837

Should I make alfredo or orange chicken & rice for dinner?

No. 633838

Ask sanic? He's the decision maker round here

No. 633844

I see the word seething used on here alot, never really seen or heard anyone use that word outside of here

No. 633849

McKing sounds nice tbh

you're right though, he does, despite the name

No. 633853

you right

No. 633870

ever been to 4channel

No. 633874

All girls named Regan are raging cunts

No. 633879

I've never met one but that sounds like a male name

No. 633890

Wtf I've known two girls named Regan and it's true

No. 633920

can someone just kill donald trump? like why hasnt it happened yet? can someone please just take one for the team

No. 633971

Some british guy tried to a few years ago, I remember watching a doc about it

No. 633981

lmao my mom got my niece a children’s book called “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad” and she was saying, “I’m going to send this to anon” (she said my name by mistake and didn’t even realize it until I pointed it out) which is funny cause I don’t have a dad. thnx mom.

No. 633997

File: 1600535655860.jpeg (70.02 KB, 960x645, C8012141-1B41-432B-9911-B2EBD9…)

If you went full Aiden, what would you name yourself? I’d probably call myself Jeremy, Thomas or Mathew, or something along those lines

No. 633998

It doesn't work lol some other conservative dipshit will take his place and if the assassin fails trump will milk it forever

Just look at when bolsonaro got stabbed, it gave him a huge boost in the elections

No. 634001

something really milquetoast like john

No. 634003

Charlie. I really like that name for some reason lol.

No. 634004

Bob. I just look like a Bob, y'know?

No. 634005

I just remembered when I was about 12 and tried to make a spyro oc and a comic. She was Malefor's daughter (but she didn't know that because she was abandoned!!) and I made up another dork dragon who was soo in love with her but she kept ignoring him. She also had a dragonfly but it was red. I really wish I could remember it all
I'd like to be Lars, I don't even live in a country where that's a normal name but I don't care

No. 634006

Phil because after testosterone I'd be left short, fat, bald and would pass for a Phil Collins lookalike

No. 634010

Jack is generic but sounds cheeky. But now that I think about it, are there even real people named like that?

No. 634012

I want to be a Zack, Zacks on American children's TV were always the cool ones
Or a fun rapper nickname like Big Chain

No. 634014

Was food shopping today and I kept getting stuck in the same aisle as this maybe 11 year old and I assume her grandmother, she was obnoxiously telling the granny all the different stores that 'we have to go to tomorrow' and the gran was saying shit like 'oh you're really milking me dry here' as the kid kept picking up shit and putting it in their basket

It was like a scene you'd see in a kids show. She was loud as fuck and bossing a grown ass woman around. It didn't come off as fun or playful.

No. 634020

idk how much politics is allowed itt but McConnell is the one you want offed. trust me

No. 634023

My mother would have called me Luke so Luke

No. 634027

I have one of those names where there's a female and male version of it so I'd be that lazy and just switch over. No fancy made up name with weird spelling for me

No. 634032

Alec. Short and not extremely generic, but not snowflakey, either.

No. 634037

I can only think of Shadowhunters so it's really snowflakey to me

No. 634038

Based name anon

No. 634039

I would have a fancy name like Laurent or Lawrence, it’s not too retarded and I feel like it could make me be taken a bit seriously compared to other aidens.

No. 634041

My ugly pickme friend is
She is ugly so the thinks that male attention is a compliment and that other women should be flattered like she is. She said she was surprised when a man asked for her number on the bus once. Barf.
>Has no friends
Besides my friend group (we aren't really her friends) she is friends with a tranny. Again, barf. She's really pathetic.
>Religious even though she wasn't raised that way
Fucked up and delusional.
>Thinks that feminism is overrated
>Has stupid political opinions
This is despite me telling her how shit tier they are
>Has a terrible job
She makes minimum wage despite having a college degree and seethes over my career
>Constantly sticking up for scrotes

Honestly I love making her cry because she is obnoxious and deserves it. I don't know anyone more pathetic than her. lol, My question is why the fuck would anyone want to bat for her?(hi neetlita)

No. 634042

File: 1600539755293.jpeg (22.93 KB, 256x256, BA0E6018-A62F-4E84-AD90-B58557…)

The more time goes on, the more I realise just how ugly I am. Until now, I thought my recessed chin wasn’t too bad, but my mom took a pic of me when the hairdresser was doing my hair from 3/4 behind and when I saw the pic, I realised looked like a goblin from every angle except from the front

No. 634044

Samefag thinking of getting a haircut that hides my chin from the side. Receded chin is like one of the most common failos.

No. 634047

Haha same I look like a little gremlin from any side except front side where I look like a somewhat normal lady. You should try having long bangs to frame your face, I have them and it looks good because my face is very wide.

No. 634049

Ok Regina

No. 634053

Yea same. What hairstyle ya thinkin of getting anon?

No. 634059

I would pick some weebish name, not even joking. If I chose to surrender to my delusional yaoi fakeboi fantasies I'd do it full throttle and not pussy out.

No. 634062

pick some uke name from junjou romantica, you'd be living the life

No. 634065

>tfw no tall handsome seme gf to larp as yaoi bishies and be horny as fuck together
brb gonna troon out anons

No. 634067

something weird and anachronistic like Virgil or Rudolph

No. 634068

File: 1600541300305.jpg (42.21 KB, 474x671, download (1).jpg)

Something like this but less stiff, gotta curl the hair around the jaw to hide it.

No. 634073

Why has this been posted in multiple threads?

>recessed chin

No. 634074

They are trying to turn it into a copypasta… I guess
Oh Virgil is a good one. Picking a random name from a book would be nice too, like Saul, or Rodion… I'm gonna name my next rpg character Rodion

No. 634076


I don't really trust mewing tbh.

My jaw is still shit but my tongue has been in proper mewing position since i was like 11.

I had surgery on the soft palate and there's no space inside of my mouth for my tongue to "hang" like the mewing theory says.

Im not leafy but my jaw isn't defined and I still have a double chin.

No. 634078

They didn't have chicken nuggets at Burger King, it was sad

No. 634079


Mewing is crackpot kek. Unless you're a child/early teen and have great nutrition then it doesn't do anything. Tongue posture is important yeah but unless you have superior nutritious food then you won't have anything to grow new bone with.

No. 634083

Wait what? New bone? I thought mewing was like wearing a retainer or palette expander but much less extreme

No. 634086


Actually its more like softly clenching your jaw, and making your tongue sit very tightly against the palate.

If you are a kid it will work like an excercise and stimulate bone growth, like kids who plays sports tend to be taller than couch potatoes.

No. 634088

I still dont get how to mew, im a dumbass

No. 634090

Well yeah but it’s the same concept. Your tongue acts as the retainer. Why would you have to grow new bone

No. 634091

>Zacks on American children's TV were always the cool ones
Lol watch this

No. 634105

mewing instantly makes your face look at least somewhat more attractive, it instantly lifts and pulls up your under chin fat and makes your face look less long and possibly saggy. and over time it can save your wisdom teeth if done often enough before all wisdom teeth come in/at a younger age, so i don't think it's crackpot

No. 634106

My hair is so short that for years I've just been cutting it myself and not caring too much about it being perfect. Sitting in bed right now mindlessly running my hair through my hands and I realize one side is noticably longer as I run my fingers through it.. Shite

No. 634107

I’ll run my fingers through your hair anon

No. 634116

File: 1600544763361.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.58 KB, 700x642, 010D1B9C-8D9D-4FA1-BC3F-1504B3…)

Got a panic attack because I woke up from my nap with a racing heart beat and convinced myself I was overdosing from magnesium I took this morning. Then my heart beats faster from the panic and my breathing changes so it literally does full circle. What’s wrong with you brain? You’re doing this shit to yourself

No. 634129

Why do families disown pregnant teenagers but keep around child rapists in their household?

No. 634131

i made a grilled cheese sandwich with goat cheese and gouda/havarti and now thats all i want to eat forever

No. 634135

I'm rewatching twilight and all I want is for kristen stewart to close her mouth

No. 634150

They decided to go full retard, anon

No. 634154

how many threads do we need for
>im too ugly to LIVE
>tfw no social life, must be my looks and not my stinky personality
>im kissless!!

No. 634155

Because in both of those cases it’s the slutty wahmen’s fault, duh

No. 634165

Agree so much, is there any thread on trying to get better and changing your life? That would be better imo

No. 634176

There are but they're not as popular because most of these people would rather revel in their own misery.

No. 634178

I'd kinda like to see a thread for women who just don't care/bother all that much with beauty stndards.

No. 634179

No one is stopping you making those threads

No. 634180

The only people who seem interested in talking to me are teens and small children. Like where tf do millennials meet outside the bar? I’m confused. Am I sending out mentally stunted permachild energy? Should I just become a school teacher? wtf I feel creepy even acknowledging other people’s kids when they try talking to me

No. 634182

File: 1600550445748.png (104.54 KB, 500x457, 1596928842612.png)

American's obsession with being able to drive is so weird to me.
First of all, letting 16 y/o drive seems kinda… Irresponsible? But alas, different cultures.
Then, not having a driver's license or a car as an young adult is considered pathetic
This is so weird to me, where I live most of my friends don't actually know how to drive and rely mostly on public transportation and that's okay, it's better for the environment

No. 634183

I'd go full weeb Yuya or Rui

No. 634187

I think it's because their country is so big and there doesn't seem to be good public transport.

Idk i think having a car would be way better. You can leave at any time you like and it's safer, cleaner and less irritating than the bus.

No. 634188

It's because public transport is total shit outside of huge cities. Things are so spread out in the suburbs, having no car means you're effectively legless. Roads are big and easy to drive on. But say, if you live in a city like Seattle, it's actually more inconvenient to drive a car.

No. 634189

I hate washing my hair so much. I’m so annoyed I’m going to have to do it for literally my entire life.

No. 634191

public transport hardly exists in a majority of the states and areas of shopping or school are built further away from housing areas so you'll always be relying on another person who owns a car or paying chunks of cash for an uber. In my area you can expect your store to be 8-48km as well as school. I think it's only considered 'pathetic' by others because everyone has their own life to attend so having to drive someone else around really sucks. There's definitely an expectation to save for a car by 16-19 so you no longer have to ask people for a ride. I'd love to just pay for the subway or metro but it's hardly an option since it doesn't exist much in my area. Hybrid of electric cars are available if you're eco conscious too.

No. 634197

what are you talking about? are you talking about teenage boys raping their sisters or something?

No. 634201

I genuinely can't imagine listening to multiple Clairo songs, back-to-back, in one day.
It's too low-energy, and not even in a good way. I'd have an easier time listening to Merzbow on fucking loop.

No. 634204

ntayt but are you a fucking dumbass? They're talking about how some families disown teenage girls who had underage sex and got pregnant. Meanwhile those same families keep the creepy racist uncle around for no reason.

No. 634205

but racist works too i guess

No. 634224

This mv is so fuckin cute but makes me feel so lonely

No. 634226

Finally starting to accept I'm average. What a relief not having to keep pretending I'm special.

No. 634234

I'm on the same page, anon, and it's great. Just, great.

No. 634238

Ugh I wish I was beautiful like not celebrity or runway model beautiful.

Like stock image model beautiful, I want someone to use me as a reference while I'm posing with a honeydew melon or I'm on a phone eating a bowl of cereal.

No. 634239

currently having a crisis over this

No. 634240

File: 1600556646549.jpeg (286 KB, 1908x1146, 73529D29-1E8E-49E3-B5FF-4AD19B…)

Dane Dehaan really aged like milk huh

No. 634241

The reason why I'd never work in a relationship is becuz I have 0 in common with straight males. All I wanna do is get drunk and party to the spice girls, only gay guys like this.

No. 634265

I'm experiencing symptoms of what I believe are COVID but I also could just have seasonal allergies, a cold or the flu. I'm actually terrified. If I get COVID, my survival rate is low due to my immune system etc. I'm so scared, idk what to do but just sit and feel myself feel these symptoms.

I'm scared.

No. 634267

My dumb ass was about to say "he looks the same in both pics"

No. 634276

I'm so bad at picking at food as I cook that by the time it's done I don't have an appetite left!!!! Every time!!! Ah well leftovers for later.

No. 634280

I want to lay on a very plush cushion sofa naked and drape myself with a white sheet that smells like downy, a warm breeze and sipping a cold dr pepper. In the distance I can hear beach waves crashing. I wish I was wealthy so I can do this in my backyard or some shit.

No. 634292

Sometimes people really do just want an online relationshit, with cute messages and no pressure to physically touch or go meet someone. It's a different vibe, got to thinking about it while I was listening to a song about ldr not working irl

No. 634294

I don't like using discord but people keep making groups on there for everything. I miss the days of Livejournal, Quizzila and forum based sites.

No. 634296

File: 1600565815282.png (192.85 KB, 360x450, I2_-_Edna.png)

got a haircut,removed all the hair dye on my hair and now I look fucking edna from the incredibles
I initially thought black would look suitable like light brown did, horrible mistake.

No. 634297

File: 1600566360146.jpeg (30.05 KB, 640x229, D7B73138-7DD6-4793-BC7A-76E95C…)

I wish I had light eyes so much Im one braincell away from seriously considering that dumbass stroma eye surgery.

My eyes are not even a pretty warm brown they are just black, cold and unfeeling, like its scientifically proven to be the most off putting eye color because you can’t see the pupil dilates so the human brain can’t figure out what someone with “black”(its just really dark brown) eyes is feeling.

Its genuinely one of my few big insecurities , doesn’t help that my crush is in love with a girl with big almost transparent blue eyes.

Im truly a smoothbrain anons.

No. 634300

I can't drive because I am autistic.

No. 634311

It's probably my autism but after I do myself at night, I go under the covers to be surrounded by the warm musky humidity. It's comfy.

No. 634312

I need to go to dentist so bad but I fucking hate my current one, fucking shitty perv indian. It hurts but watch me get an abscess before I find a new one.

No. 634316

File: 1600570655159.jpeg (120.38 KB, 960x960, D26D8EBC-E3C2-450B-A328-E8E0B7…)

Gonna binge watch some of Rob Zombies films. I know what to expect but holy shit this is great so far, “fuck yo mama”

i think brown / black eyes are sexy. Brown eye supremacy

Same here, forums especially.. Myspace too tbh

Hoping the best for you anon, sending hugs your way <3

No. 634317

File: 1600570743880.png (639.11 KB, 529x614, IMG_20200920_045903.png)

Or you know, continuous cooming and even longer exposure to the internet

No. 634318

File: 1600570941631.jpg (190.23 KB, 1266x1206, cri.jpg)

so i was really horny this one time and was talking with my boyfriend and i dont remember why but i told him i still remember the first porn video i watched and he asked about it and i told him i wasnt going to tell him the name or show him (felt uncomfortable) and so then he told me he did too and SHOWED me the video ;n; i didnt ask him to show me it and got v upset and told him to leave me alone and masturbate to it and he said he wasnt going to(that he was going to masturbate to me kek). now later i looked up the video and i hate myself sm, she's really pretty and voluptuous and actually has tits whereas im all flat and skinny asf, i wish i could gain weight but i just cannot, and ive always wanted to be healthy weight and the thought he finds meatier girls more attractive than me gives me an even greater reason to feel dissatisfied with my body. I always knew i was inadequate so I also hate him for confirming it. i even told him i was trying to gain weight and asked if he thought love handles were attractive (that's my ideal body type) and he said yeah they're hot. idk why he's with me and always think about it also he even remembered the name of the actress ;;;—-;;; anons i wish i didnt care i really do

No. 634319

Bby don't feel too bad about being insecure, that's normal in this situation and it was a dick move on his part to show you the video when you already struggle with self esteem issues.
There really isn't anything wrong with your body, you are not inadequate and plenty of people find your body type attractive af. Your boyfriend does too, or he wouldn't be with you.
Maybe talk to him about it? say you're feeling down about your body after seeing the porn actress and ask for reassurance that he likes yours?

No. 634320

File: 1600571585199.jpg (29.2 KB, 333x500, 0994428710316d7ea6829778156176…)

blue eyes are shit anon, don't worry. dark black eyes are like a still lake at night, so deep and dark that the moon shines far brighter in its reflection than in the sky itself. there's no need for color in an iris when you can literally see every light and star in it's reflection. in fact, large pupils are what as seen as attractive so when your eyes are so dark that the pupil seems to engulf them, it creates a warm and attractive look.

No. 634321

File: 1600571700628.png (45.39 KB, 357x391, 160012516666.png)

Lately I often make spelling mistakes which seem to be symptoms of dyslexia. Am I becoming an idiot?

No. 634322

>blue eyes are shit anon
>waxes poetic on the beauty of black eyes uwu
I mean, black eyes are fine but this is cope as fuck lmfao

No. 634327

sorry you were born with light eyes anon

No. 634328

I too long for having blue eyes but it is what it is…

No. 634332

honestly I find multiple eye colors pretty and multiple types of eyes pretty
don't be insecure anon

No. 634335

I feel like a lot of people think they would be more attractive with a different eye color, truth be told eye color only affects your attractiveness by very little, if you ugly you gonna be ugly with blue, green or brown eyes, if you're pretty you're gonna be pretty despite your eye color

No. 634336

Fuck fit, hot, rich men. Every high value men I've met doesn't give a single fuck about boob size and some even prefer them small, don't waste your time with men who can't make you feel attractive

No. 634337

File: 1600574901977.jpg (18.16 KB, 300x293, Dadbod.jpg)

Dadbod is cope from ugly, lazy men and from low value, insecure women who think loving shitty men will mean that they get treated better when in reality the fit men are the ones who will treat you right

No. 634341

This. Who actually has a preference for eye colour? Compared to everything else, it's so minor it's basically irrelevant.

No. 634343

File: 1600575671316.png (177.64 KB, 300x298, pussy.png)

JUST GOT SOMEA THE MOST DIVINE D I'VE HAD IN A LOONG WHILE FROM A 20 YR OLD IMMIGRANT MF WHO ONLY EVER HOOKED UP WITH 1 WOMAN BEFORE ME. he also almost swerved off the highway and into a ditch while driving me home but that's ok we can't all be perfect. anyway following this experience i got home and after a bit of reflection i have noticed that some of the finest men i have hooked up with have all been varying levels of foreign. is it a coincidence, or do american men just have some of the most consistently trash dick game on the planet? i wonder.

No. 634344

Was he Pashtun or Punjabi Pakistani, cause Pashtun men are really the most handsome Pakistani men, Punjabi men can vary, sindhis, mirpuris and muhajirs are pretty ugly

No. 634345

I think preferences are common but it's not gonna be a deal breaker or deal maker. Almost all eye colours are pretty either way, they're kind of an inherently pretty feature.

tbh eye shape/size is a lot more important.

No. 634346

tbf media praises light colored eyes pretty often. the only black-eyed characters I can think of that are described as attractive are in anime

No. 634366

File: 1600580218785.jpg (541.41 KB, 1894x1636, 1492992130129-1.jpg)

I took a break from LC for a while and can't help but come back and feel relieved. The lols and sense of solidarity I get is like nothing else, I don't think I'll ever quit imageboards for good unless they all get shut down.

No. 634369

File: 1600580561063.jpg (127.19 KB, 768x1024, 77f3b959f03600da66aaa9987aac42…)

he's actually v sweet i think he just thought maybe showing me his vid would make me show him my vid? i also look so sickly, plus idc if everyone in the world found my body attractive, i only care about him finding it attractive :/
and i met him online and talked a ton before he ever saw what i looked like, so i think if we'd met irl he would've never even looked my way, but i agree he must not find my body entirely ugly.
he doesn't seem to care but i couldn't blame him if he does have a preference he can't help. He does make me feel attractive but i cant reconcile it with the probability that the girl in the video is what he'd prefer i looked like, whether he subconsciously knows it or not. funnily enough >>634337 is the type of body he has and that i prefer, so there must be some truth to it (the insecure part). I just think guys with that body type look a lot more trustworthy, so i wouldnt be surprised if he thought the same of soft feminine bodies in contrast to bony ones. we both value long term commitment and he checks off my boxes of what i physically envision someone that would be a good partner looks like, whereas i…. dont look like i could handle pregnancy

No. 634371

No. 634397

File: 1600585750114.jpg (83.48 KB, 640x481, b52.jpg)

as much as it sounds like a meme being alt/goth really helps me cope and feel like myself outside of my alt appearance i can't recognize myself and I hate myself, when im feeling down or shitty or anything i just occupy myself with doing something related to my looks and it makes me feel much better and I'm ashamed of this fact.

No. 634411

File: 1600588908036.jpg (111.27 KB, 1024x768, adc3d014-b3d6-4af0-8978-99f05e…)

I woke up with the word bio-onmni-trax stuck in my head and I kept wondering what that word ment and what science study it was…. I was fucking thinking of the word omnitrix but my brain made it more complicated.

No. 634450

The top of my foot is itchy and I think itchy feet, anywhere on the foot, is the worst place to be itchy. Besides your crotch of course.

No. 634456

Is it just me or is there more blatant scrote posting going on for a few days? I've seen like 4 threads made by men on ot

No. 634457

There are no mallgoths during quarantine, just mailgoths.

No. 634460

I went to vote and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

No. 634467

haha voting machine go brrrrrrrrrr

No. 634470

No voting machine only paper here eheh

No. 634477

I understand how you feel anon, i have the same skinny body type and got boolied by scrotes and my ex for it, just know back in the 90s our body types were considered the ideal standard and soon itll shift back after the thicc craze dies down. Its possible that his taste is varied or changed since he first saw the video, and men dont really care too much when it comes to sex, theyre usually not super picky lol. If he really loves you he will love your body more than anyone's because its yours.
And an upside to being super trim is that you can wear whatever you want without looking frumpy or busting out like a can of biscuits, its an elegant, almost elven looking body type. Long skirts and flowy clothes look super cute. And we can eat whatever we want and still fit into jeans!

No. 634491

Is it normal to imagine yourself gruesomely dying? Every night I imagine various ways I could die or kill myself and it doesn't really make me feel anything awful, or happy for that matter. I'm not really suicidal but imagining someone gouging my eyes out or bring an axe to my face multiple times etc seems to be something my mind unconciously diverts to every. single. night. Is it worrying or is this something normal? I am a little disturbed at the frequency of these thoughts, it has only been happening past few months, daily.

No. 634496

I have the same issue, anon!
Last night I even had a weird dream in which I was asking someone to kill me. It’s weird and to be honest, it’s getting tiresome after so many years of thinking about stuff like that, I prefer nice daydreams.

No. 634501

Ho boy I felt the same way all through my late teens but the selection of contact lenses were really tacky back then. I have pitch black eyes in normal light too and even got the "your eyes look creepy lul" comment but over the years I've grown to like them because of how they interact with light. They can look intimidating and hard like a brick wall if we just lover our eyelids a bit, or, when confronted with several light sources or reflections, look very alive and almost "sparkly". There's also that thing when the sun hits them in the right angle and they suddenly turn light brown or even red-ish brown and vibrant. Even though light colored eyes are obviously very beautiful, I like these unique features tbh.

No. 634526

mad I’m attracted to scrotes, they’re never honest and always let you down. I’m pining for a himbo or nigel though since the last 3 dudes I dated were >>634337 tier and I want a cuddle and fuck friend after not having shit for months. idk why I keep torturing myself with romantic comedies

No. 634533

My first bf (short relationship from like 10 years ago) got in touch with me lately when he saw I was single again. The main things I remember about this guy were that he refused to eat pussy and that he was pretty vain about women, seemed to bat way above his own league… why chase hot women if you still don't deem their pussy good enough to eat?

Anyway, ten years later he is bald and fat and time has been much kinder to me. Satisfying.

No. 634538

I was studying and my book said "KK relations tell us that the dispersive and absorptive properties of the medium are not independent" and I am imagining it's the title of KK Slider's newest song. I think it would be either a mathcore song or a long ambient noise track

No. 634539

I once got a mosquito bite on the bottom of my foot. That sucked

No. 634553

File: 1600618237145.jpeg (384.09 KB, 1125x1457, 1C1FCD24-DAAE-4FB1-B0F9-F35774…)

Another anon posted this subreddit and I’m just completely baffled. These people creep me out.

No. 634560

Pure unfiltered autism

Chef’s kiss

No. 634562

File: 1600618932928.jpg (90.21 KB, 696x423, ok.JPG)

It's r/waifuism, right?
I love it. It's hilarious and fun to watch the mental gymnastics everyone is going through. Sometimes they are so close to realizing that they need help, but instead of going to therapy they just go full autismo instead. Sad!

No. 634567

File: 1600619282499.jpeg (546.87 KB, 750x680, BA6BD968-10BF-4F00-BEB2-3314F4…)

i was looking up tattoo parlors near me and saw this 5 star review with pic attached. i can’t tell if they were joking or not

No. 634571

nightmare fuel

No. 634578

File: 1600620843423.png (7.08 KB, 225x225, 37BE7E98-28C4-48B5-92BE-2D9283…)

>the waifu

No. 634589

I've done dmt and it sounds like alot of the sounds you hear while tripping too.
Also space invaders type of music.

No. 634592

File: 1600622885056.jpg (216.84 KB, 1080x1367, IMG_20200920_192750.jpg)

I am heartbroken anons, longcat/Nobiko's owner confirmed she died earlier today. 2020 really fucking sucks.
RIP Nobiko, you'll always be a legend!

No. 634599

It’s weird when white people make fun of other white people for being white

No. 634601

Passed by a guy today and got a creepy feeling as he was approaching. I was typing something on my phone at first but felt him eyeing me weirdly. I turned around right after he had passed because I absolutely knew he'd be checking out my ass… Sure enough he was and he got all flustered. I stood in place facing his direction til he was out of sight. He looked back twice more, still flustered. Oh you don't like being stared at dude? You think my gay ass wanted you to stare at me first?

No. 634602

All races poke fun of themselves for doing whack shit that the race does, this is nothing new and nothing that needs to be dissected.

No. 634614

rest in pce angle

No. 634616

No. 634618

I agree but I don’t really mean it in that kind of way I mean when they do it in a serious/dismissive way when arguing about politics to try and make their side seem more ‘authentic’ I guess? It’s kind of hard to explain but you know when they’ll characterise the other side of whatever political position they hold as being just ‘a bunch of white people’ or something, but they/their side are usually also predominantly a bunch of white people?

No. 634619

RIP, she was iconic.

No. 634623

Well there must be something about that side that drives non white people away.

No. 634627

This is a little off topic from what you meant but, Some of the classic jokes about white people (and esp white families) I enjoy, but now it seems to be stretched out a little thin like
> ever noticed how white people do this very specific thing? lol
No I haven't tbh
> What about this other totally white thing? haha
No I haven't noticed that one either
Stereotypes are funny, but only if you can relate to them being somewhat true.

No. 634643

I used to be of the camp that believed that marriage was unnecessary, and I'd just do it for tax purposes. Like, I don't need a piece of paper to prove that I'm in a loving relationship, yknow? But when I dated my ex, something clicked in my head and I couldn't stop thinking "I want to marry her, I want to propose to her and wear wedding rings, maybe have a ceremony and wear matching white dresses, but mostly just want to be able to call her my wife." We aren't together anymore and I'm not really searching for a relationship at the moment, but I like the idea of one day getting married to someone lol.

I feel half lame for feeling that typical "I want to be married!" shit, but also half cringe at my past self cause I feel like I sounded so edgy- what's wrong with whether someone gets married or not? What that paper means to them doesn't matter to anyone outside of the both of them, so… lol.

I also vehemently refused to take on my partner's last name, fuck the patriarchy and all that, but after dating my ex, I thought maybe it'd be nice to do that. I probably won't because name changes are a pain in the ass, but in my head I'd really like to lmao.

No. 634644

I just saw a twitter thread of a basic gay guy explaining how when he met with a guy on Grindr and they were fucking, the guy's girlfriend caught them in the act and lost her shit, insulted them while they were naked and threw plates at them. She locked the door so the gay dude couldn't leave so she could get an explanation and he was bragging about how he pulled her away by the hair and probably beat her up so he could unlock the door with the key and leave, all while saying she was hysteric, crazy, a bitch, a whore, etc.

Like, I don't know what the guy was expecting when he willingly had sex with a random guy he knew has (had?) a girlfriend and I think he deserved what he got. I felt horrible for the girl even though he tried hard to make himself look cool, sassy and relatable and like she was the monster. I can't stand basic insecure white gays who won't stop using American slang and gif of black American actresses in their shitty tweets anymore.

No. 634646

There's an handful of men who can really handle makeup and feminine clothes on themselves but the majority who do so at events to be seen as woke/attention look awful. The skirts look wrong on them- and I don't mean in a ~societal way,the cut really doesn't flatter them. Traditional skirts look okay.
I'm as bored as everyone else is of black suits but can't they be inventive without raiding their mother's closet?

No. 634651

I love the way you wrote about this and I have been in your shoes until I wasn't, can't see the point in marriage again unless for legal reasons. Like, changing your name is a fucking hassle but can you imagine a divorce? Even if you didn't have kids or even pets, still a pain in the ass and quite consuming.

No. 634654

Most dudes doing it for woke points don't know shit about fashion or how to make things look good on them. They just look at an article of clothing that's 'girly' and just wear it for the asspats, which they are enthusiastically given. Mission accomplished. Hell, even some boring lowkey sexist wokebro can wear a flower crown and everyone is ready to suck the shit out of his ass.

No. 634656

I got married young. It lasted all of two years before he just walked out like it was nothing… I can't see any romance or appeal in a second marriage (other people remarrying is cool but it's not for me) I wish I hadn't married so young and ruined the whole idea for myself.

I learnt that marriage isn't security, if someone wants to walk tomorrow then they will. My other break ups have been bigger events with more communication and consideration for each other.

No. 634659

>I stood in place facing his direction til he was out of sight. He looked back twice more, still flustered.

No. 634661

This is why I don't use my phone while I'm outside, you never know what creep you're going to pass and what he may do when he catches you off-guard while you're attention is focused on your phone.

No. 634663

No. 634664

No. 634667

There's also a security to having your phone out when men start acting creepy. My instinct is actually to take my phone out whenever I'm 'cold approached' by guys. They're afraid of you filming their creep shit

No. 634671

ooh smart, I hadn't thought of it that way actually

No. 634672

Serieux? That was so annoying to read, god something about the French piss me off, and I'm French as fuck.

Guy could have left, but in the end he was a coombrain, even admitted it himself "I just wanted to empty myself"

No. 634674

Had a dream I was forced to have a baby because of all the shit going on politically in the US, I ended up neglecting the baby and it got hurt really bad so I just abandoned it with my family and left to never be heard from again. My great grandkids later get a hold of archival footage via future tech because they’re curious about their past and come across cctv of me being absolutely miserable and the only one taking care of the kid while working even though my partner and family didn’t do shit. I left the baby on the bed and it fell off it and on it’s head snapping it’s neck so I had a partially brain damaged baby. I felt so bad but I snapped and lost it, throwing shit at everyone and screaming at them for not helping me have bodily autonomy thanks to laws set in place they voted for. The great grandkids were somehow super smart and figured out I was still alive and were going to come visit me then I woke up before they set off.

I just want tubal ligation man.

No. 634678

god french men for top tier misogynists confirmed for me once again. why are romance language euros like this?

No. 634684

I'm honest to god terrified of some creep putting their sperm on something and then me getting pregnant. I don't know where this came from but I'm always been afraid of getting pregnant through psychotic sneaky men.

No. 634686

I don't think semen lasts long outside of the body and without being kept at body temp? but it does gross me out when I see how obsessed some men are with the thought of making women come into contact with their semen without them knowing

No. 634687

Men are trash regardless of sexual orientation and nationality, it's the universal truth.

>j’vs emmerde c’est pas mon dos moi j’veux juste me vider

Et après il s'étonne que la meuf pète un câble et lui lance des objets à la gueule ce fils de pute.

I can't really compare to other guys besides guys from my ethnic group (who are also shit in their own way) but as someone born and raised in France I can't stand the vast majority of men there. I'd rather die of old age as a virgin than even get in a relationship with anyone there.

No. 634688

Something that's bothered me since I was a kid is mens reaction to PMS. I never understood how they know this is something, biological, that happens to us and we can't control it and it fucks with us every month and instead of having any slight bit of empathy it's turned into a way to demean us and joke about women. It's a perfect example of how men just genuinely don't care about women. It's like if women for example started kicking men in the balls every month despite the fact we know it hurts them and then laugh when they complain or make jokes at their expense.

No. 634695

i STILL don't get this meme

No. 634701

I remember in the uk a couple years ago there was talk of period products being provided free at schools and tax being reduced on period products (they had previously been taxed as luxury items or something similar to that wording) A guy came out and told women to just hold their period blood in til they were at a toilet.. made out like women are pigs choosing to let the blood out as if it's similar to pissing. This just reminded me of that

No. 634715

Ive heard about this stuff a lot, but never experienced it. Most guys just get really quiet, or are sympathetic if they know I'm on my period. Some are weirdly scared of it too.

No. 634723

Well, I don't think women should use PMS as an excuse to treat people badly on their period, because I see a lot of women do that and I think that's what guys mean sometimes when they talk about women PMSing. But they shouldn't hate on women for having periods in general.

No. 634729

> Most guys just get really quiet
I'm 32 and I've never been able to voice to my dad that I'm dealing with a rough period without getting total silence as my reply.

He visited me lately for 3 days that coincided with my heavy days. We went out shopping and out for dinner every day so I was needing to find and use public bathrooms and I told him why (I had a leaking incident so used the bathroom twice in 30 mins) I also tend to look a bit sick and pale on my period so after not seeing him for over a year I didn't want him to think that my health was generally suffering. I got met with the same silence that I used to get twenty years ago lol

That silence makes me feel so stupid for even bringing it up, but it was relevant. I was struggling to manage pain and leaks for the whole three days and then I just felt stupid for having the audacity to even mention it. My dad has a stomach condition and he can tell me about it freely and I understand his situation and ask how it is.. I mean they're both bodily functions. My period is somehow way more taboo than diarrhoea! (athough sometimes my period causes diarrhoea too)

No. 634731

File: 1600635578480.jpg (5.34 KB, 228x221, images.jpg)

today has been so boring. C'mon life, give me something fun

No. 634732

i know i'm gonna sound selfish but… when the year started, i made a promise to myself that i'd go out more and try to make friends irl and maybe even finally get over my terrible avpd. but corona ruined my plans and my social anxiety got even worse. i can't make friends in the internet anymore and now i can't meet new people irl. i feel like i'm wasting my 20s.

No. 634733

How is this selfish at all?

No. 634735

people are dying because of corona and i'm here annoyed because i can't go out.

No. 634736

That doesn't make you selfish though. It's ok to care other peoples issues while also acknowledging how covid has affected your life, no matter how minor it is.

No. 634737

File: 1600636017675.jpeg (299.03 KB, 750x753, 9B11441D-5ACA-4903-842B-D8B077…)

longcat passed away…

No. 634740

RIP legend

No. 634745

>and I think that's what guys mean sometimes when they talk about women PMSing.
nah they reference PMS when a woman's pissed off in general, even if it's justified anger

No. 634751

Hmm maybe difference is I'm not ashamed at all by my period, but I don't talk about it alot either, just go 'I'm on my period, I don't want to walk too much today'.

Maybe he's a lil bitch about it, maybe he's quiet because he doesn't want to offend. If it's important just ask him, why are you so quiet when my period is brought up? Maybe he's weirded out by talking about his daughters vagina.

No. 634760

>Hmm maybe difference is I'm not ashamed at all by my period
I'm not ashamed of mine. 20 years into having them so I've lived with long term male partners and been open with other people.

He's the same when it comes to womens forms of cancer even. We have alot of it in the family and he's so insanely awkward hearing about someones cancer surgery just because it includes breasts or a womb. I asked for updates on an aunt who currently has cancer and he "didn't want to ask because that's womens things" He won't discuss these things. Could be his oldschool catholic upbringing

No. 634762

This is really sad… rip longcat…..

No. 634767

My ear piercings never close and it's very convenient because I only feel like wearing earrings every few years at random.

No. 634774

I stretched my ears when I was a teen and a dumbass, so the holes never close. But they're just slightly too big for earrings, so it feels uncomfortable and I can't wear them for long. Shit sucks but not enough for me to re-pierce them.

No. 634778

not to spread my terf agenda to the delicately constituted women of lolcow or anything but this video made me laff

No. 634789


No. 634792

I don't care to discuss the content of this video, it could be about basketball Vs soccer for all I care but these types of videos always make whichever side they're told from look bad. You shouldn't need to cut out your opposition's side to look like a winner

No. 634837

This may be my period approaching and making me emotional but I truly hope every anon here would be happy and healthy, with no money issues. Yeah, some of you are fucking cunts, maybe you're a cunt to me in some thread and a helpful bitch in another but I still wish only good things to you. Whenever I see a post especially cruel to another anon, I hope it's a scrote because I wanna believe we're all not bottom tier human garbage like that, but even if some of you are, all the best. I now have a runny nose from muh emotions.

No. 634840

File: 1600643466717.jpeg (50.42 KB, 720x767, 183B08CD-F5A5-4C37-BAD4-1B931B…)

I love you, anon.

No. 634841

>Whenever I see a post especially cruel to another anon, I hope it's a scrote
Those posts where you describe a frustrating situation that happened with a man.. and then that one anon will go to great lengths to find a way to blame you for the way a man acted.. those are my personal fave 'totally not scrote' posts

Hope your period is an easy one this month

No. 634842

if I told my dad that he'd get annoyed and claim I'm exaggerating

No. 634844

May the shedding of your womb be efficient and easy, I love you

No. 634848

kek, I love this

No. 634850

May your insides never turn against you either, ily

No. 634855

I had to hit my thirties before I realised how insanely damaging my negative internal dialogue is, and how it's not just the norm

No. 634857

File: 1600645099896.jpeg (155.01 KB, 700x394, B5A926ED-3D89-44D5-ADEF-25AFEA…)

ive been getting into vintage doll collection and today i found a barbie from 1997 at the thrift store. the back of the box has some space to write a message for the gift recipient on it and it was made out to a girl from her aunt and uncle. i didn’t think much of it but as soon as i showed my mom the doll she told me the girl was probably dead and that it was haunted. i thought that maybe the girl grew up and just didn’t want it anymore but now im spooked. can someone please come up with a less scary excuse for how the doll ended up at the thrift store? i kind of want to throw it out.

No. 634859

i really want to buy some notebooks but i still have some i bought years ago that i still haven't used and i don't have any reason to be using notebooks.

No. 634860

There's no ghosts, no spirits or afterlife. That's all made up.

No. 634863

It’s probably not haunted, your mom is probably really sentimental and couldn’t imagine someone donating a gift with a personalized message

No. 634865

I'm so tired. The thought of walking all the way to the bathroom to wash my makeup off is literally exhausting me but I don't want to be a crusty bitch who sleeps in her makeup so instead I've spent the past 20 minutes lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself because I'll have to walk 20 steps to perform a simple task. I feel like a cow. Ariana would relate.

No. 634872

Buy the notebooks to satisfy the impulse, then gift or donate them.
There is much need for free school supplies now.

No. 634874

You're only wearing yourself out more by staying up without taking your makeup off. Just get up and do it before you literally fall asleep in your makeup.
>speaking from experience

No. 634913

File: 1600651280339.jpg (62.75 KB, 720x981, FB_IMG_1596082532854.jpg)

I will only know if I got an interview on the 14th of October and the anxiety is killing me aaaaa
I never wanted anything more in my life

No. 634914

What’s the job, anon? And good luck, I hope you get it.

No. 634915

Whenever something gets posted that reminds me of a cow’s age I’m always amazed that I’m older than them. Not by much, but it’s still like woah how do they look so fucking bad

No. 634917

Finally after 2 weeks I'll be hearing back about an interview I had today. Unfortunately it's currently 3:30am and I haven't slept at all because I'm going mad wondering if I got it. I think I did good and the job is temp and simple af for my qualifications, but also the way it was organised was so amateur I feel like they probably already had the candidate. It would just be "one of those things" if this wasn't the only interview I've had in about 6 months.

Anyway how can I handle a job if I can't even sleep the day before receiving the feedback.

No. 634920

Why won’t my one friend shut the fuck up, we’re just trying to be high and chill and he won’t stop fucking talking about nothing, literally no one is listening goddd

No. 634923

File: 1600653354961.jpeg (75.2 KB, 400x400, 7F467BDF-B028-4A13-B6FB-90D543…)

I can’t stop thinking about that bag I was wearing in a nightmare I had, I got stoned to death and pushed off a cliff, but damm, that bag was cute and practical, I need it.

No. 634924


Thanks, anon!

History of Art researcher

No. 634925

i was NOT familiar with the pakistani ethnicity discourse but mans was born to sindhi parents and raised in punjab. he kinda built like jay from big mouth in the face but?? maybe i like that kind of look. beauty is subjective.

No. 634934

when did /b/ split into /g/ and /ot/? Last year? Feels like it's been lo0nger

No. 634944

I really wish we could have a nice big feminist discussion on the drag community and how misogynistic it is (despite me loving the artistry of the dances and looks).

Like I'm not sure how many women ahve one through the journey of watching RPDR, loving it and delving more into it to realise it's pretty disgusting and it feels like there's no platform at all to discuss this. Like there's SO MUCH nitpicking for so many things, at least we could get drag queens to stop saying fish as a way to say they look feminine? We could AT LEAST make that problematic.

No. 634952

Agree. Even my suuuper feminist (albeit sjw) friend is super into drag and doesn’t seem to talk about the misogyny much and instead hails the history of it. Ugh. I hate it so much. They’re the most annoying type of gays.

No. 634957

I usually love talking feminism about anything but I don't even want to watch it for entertainment let alone to be critical of it. Just zero interest, I cannot see the appeal at all.

No. 634962

Not really related to the feminism topic, but sometimes when I'm watching drag race or a drag performance on youtube, I suddenly get very sober and realize it's just dudes lip syncing and collecting tips. I guess that's why people are usually drunk at those shows. It looks incredibly lame otherwise.

No. 634965

Seems to me that people that like drag are all gay men and straight women. I have yet to meet a gay woman who finds it interesting.

No. 634966

So there’s a trend now where men (mostly on reddit) disavow mainstream porn because it’s too rough and then want a medal for saying that they watch porn that’s under the “popular with women” header. Meanwhile upon further inspection, it turns out that the “popular with women” category is full of dry chaffed vaginas, slurs against women, and women being strangled or hit.

No. 634978

File: 1600663436676.jpg (66.11 KB, 750x830, women_and_himbos.jpg)


No. 634981

File: 1600664232684.jpeg (689.66 KB, 2048x1535, B1917340-5C31-4593-B44D-011470…)

I’ve decided to be an edgelord and shit on the discovery of the new world for my assignment.

E - had to make sure no trace of my name is seen.

No. 634982

I agree. I still watch drag race but sometimes it hits me how mysoginistic it, they compart women into this box of hyper femmininity and make a mockery of it with the gross jokes and poses. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 634983

Are you literally 12?

No. 634984

So what’s the point of mtf troons “transitioning” if they’re just shitting on bio women?

Are they…jealous of us? (Kek)

No. 634987

I have such a thing for young Gene Wilder all thanks to watching the shit out of Willy Wonka as a child.

No. 634989

It was for a required university course and I’m not exactly sure what we should be happy about as the American continents were founded on bloodshed, slavery and greed.

No. 634991

Oh man I think about this a lot as someone who got into RPDR in her libfem days, but am still fond of it even now. I always thought it'd make for a great discussion thread on /m/.

No. 634995

Wow, way to stick it to em anon. I’m sure your community college professor will be shitting his pants at your absolute anarchy.

No. 635017

No. 635021

Seething slaver whitefags

No. 635026

This is fucking cringe, anon. Are you in high school or why do you seriously believe you'll be the first one to make this ground-shaking observation? Your professor has probably had to read through hundreds of edgy essays like this, he's not going to be shocked if that's what you're going for.

No. 635029

The two types of drag fans I've met:
>Born female, nonbinary/transmasculine gender snowflake, screeches about social justice issues, constantly tries to skinwalk her favourite drag queens and posts shitty drag makeup tests on her instagram
>Straight girl who thinks the queens are tee hee soooo sassy I love gay ppl!!!! y'all!!!
Literally these are the only people I find being really invested in it. The drag scene is notorious for misogyny, drugs, degenerate sex and child grooming, I find it really hard to enjoy even from an artistic point of view. Yeah I guess the costumes are creative and shit but I just can't look past all the bad things happening in the scene and the cringy fanbase.

No. 635039

christopher colombus CANCELED after scalding college essay

No. 635040

Based for sure, it's not aggressive in tone and you explain your point well; I see no reason to pretend Columbus didn't begin one of the worst genocides with his discovery and honestly all the anons that have issue with this are an additional proof that we gotta be edgelords until it's a normalized, default standpoint on the matter.

No. 635045

What are you talking about? It's boring and cringey because it is the default standpoint, at least in an university setting. Anon feeling confident in that she's really going to rustle some crusty professor's jimmies and make him pop his monocle off enough that she feels she needs to post it here is the equivalent of some 8th grader writing an essay on how racism is BAD or that plastic straws LITERALLY KILL turtles. It's not like anon was being super insightful or bringing anything new to the discourse, it's just repeating what everyone knows simply for the sake of being "edgy". Is everyone here a teenager or something?

No. 635051

>and you explain your point well
why are you lying to her
topic aside, it was painful to read

No. 635066

Back when I was obsessed with RPDR I had awful mental health. It was a time that the positivity in that show was the only good thing in my life. I'd become overly invested in the drag queens and cry a couple of times each episode at their self love and confidence. And it was through that lens that I watched Paris is Burning, Priscilla, To Wong Foo and Dragula and was like wow so brave, so subversive and loud.

But then yeah, getting deeper into it I found the terminology troubling, I saw a weak ass video defending the difference between blackface and drag as men do it because they find women inspirational (doubtful in almost all cases) and even that drag queens are punching up so it's not mockery (?!). Explained by a gay dude calling the woman asking that question dumb. Hmm.

I just find it fascinating that there's such a big loophole in wokeness. That because drag queens are oppressed in some way it gives them free reign to shit on another oppressed demographic. Feels like that couldn't be applied in mnay other situations without being called out. And literally every cope they come up with could easily be turned around to excuse racial discrimination.

Funnier even that the straight female fans are actively derided for supporting drag queens.

No. 635072

The one dumb explanation I heard for as to why "drag isn't the same as blackface" was that "women weren't denied roles due to their gender, unlike black people" which just makes me believe people are either intentionally twisting the truth or incomprehensibly ignorant. Women weren't allowed to be on theater stages for eons, men played female roles. Even today you could argue that most lead roles are written for men. Not holding my breath until they come up with a plausible reason as to why it's any different from blackfacing.

No. 635074

Not that I agree with it at all but maybe it's because they see gender as fluid whereas race isn't. Blackfacing is seen as bad because nobody can change the colour of their skin but drag queens are fine cause gender can be presented in many different ways.

I still think it's bad and I hate drag culture but that's maybe how they view it.

No. 635076

You could argue that visual representations of femininity such as clothes or makeup are just societal constructs and not inherently tied to any gender. Which I agree with to a degree but I still find drag pretty distasteful and downright offensive sometimes.
I still binge watch RPDR though, but I consider it a guilty pleasure. It's trash but sometimes you just want to watch trash you know?

No. 635083

Can we please get rid of the word hecking? It's not funny or cute, it's just nauseating. "Omg I feel so heckin cute today uwu" please stay a hundred feet away from me.

No. 635086

>assumed conservative white male professor

On the contrary, my history professor is a white, liberal feminist who openly supports AOC, RBG and Hillary Clinton and has also started her first lesson bitching about the “ebil wyte man grrr”. I’m hoping to get a good grade on my assignment as it aligns with the liberal agenda my uni follows while still telling the truth on how the new world was discovered.

I mean, it worked when I wrote an English paper on MeToo and got a 90.

Thank you! At least someone gets it!

No. 635089

I've posted this like 4 times on here but I'm gonna do it again: I can't believe drag is considered PC since it's literally making a joke about how silly women's fashion is, how silly it looks when a man is trying to be a woman and how silly gay men act effeminate, it's misogynist, transphobic and homophobic, which should really be three strikes and you're cancelled now adays.

No. 635092

That post orgasm sleepiness is insane. I'll literally be super energetic before cumming and knocked the fuck out after.

No. 635093

is this one of the posts where you are trolling us by not stating what sex you are, but writing stuff that hints at it?

No. 635095

no? I'm literally just talking about orgasms lol. I don't think I need to state my gender considering most anons here are women.

No. 635096

I listen to MSI but i dont get this meme…still cute!

No. 635100

Sometimes I get a burst of energy after coming.. can go either way for me

No. 635106

If anyone did want to make a thread on this that would be cool. I'm too spooked to because I got some red text the one time I tried to make a thread. Also I think i'd be too rambly and vague to stimulate proper discussion on it.

No. 635107

Anyone got some dumb bitch music I can listen to? I'm feeling cerebral AND I'm sleep deprived and a bag of nerves and I just need to bob my head and feel like there's nothing to worry about because I'm going to crash otherwise.

No. 635108

here you go anon

No. 635111

Thanks anon, the intro is like an actual sedative, I feel my thoughts draining.

Kek and when I visited Switzerland a while ago there were huge DJ Bobo billboards for a concert of his and I was like who the fuck is that. Now I know.

No. 635113

He was huge in the very early 2000s
This was even in a Coca Cola commercial

No. 635120

No. 635126

No. 635158

im 20 and i just want some fucking wine…im debating ordering it on door dash and hoping they dont id me but im a pussy

No. 635159

seeing themlets out in the wild is insane. they/them pronouns in email signature is pathetic. no need to broadcast that you're doing shit.

No. 635178

Wear a mask at the packie and if they id you just say you don't have it on you. I get ID'd far less now that there's masks. They won't think you're a kid. Say you forgot it but also don't move, let then make the next move. See if they sell it anyway.

No. 635190

File: 1600700324719.jpg (130.14 KB, 1280x720, lep2skd8rj.jpg)

I gained some weight and am retaining water right now. My boobs feel giganormous. How am I gonna get anything done today? What if they get in the way of it? I'll have to go on disability after this

No. 635209

Are you a biological female?
I've never heard a woman worry that her tits would get in the way of her work.

No. 635213

Auuugh. I never got sleep. Not even in the morning, not even a nap. I've been a bag of nerves. I emailed an hour before the companys closing time and the guy said ""sorry, the person who knows is off today, tell you tomorrow!".

I hate the uncertainty. A lot of shit going on in my life hinges on getting a job right around now. Like I just want to know if I got it or not. I've had such a high heart rate the ENTIRE DAY and god knows if I can sleep tonight, I better.

I can't really aim the frustration at them, though. They don't know I lost sleep over it. They don't know i've been checking my emails literally every 10 minutes since 8am. How do I get over the anxiety?

All this emotion and physiological response for not even a guaranteed position!

No. 635214

File: 1600701829651.jpeg (59.93 KB, 499x270, F1DE42E0-37F1-479D-8C85-36E1DE…)

>Don’t brush hair
>Stringy, thin, swamp creatures looking curls begin to form
>Brush hair
>Looks like I have a dirty mop on my head
>Can’t fucking win

No. 635216

File: 1600702065510.jpg (50.82 KB, 564x564, 9d3e1efff8e4032460c550fe6a1cba…)

I love pinterest so much cause it's literally free of conversation, except for that lil comment section. You literally just go on their and look at pretty photos.

No. 635217

Use sth for curls

No. 635221

brush your hair in the shower g

No. 635227

Nta but what's sth Googled it and got an urban dictionary definition that said Sexually Transmitted Hair

No. 635233

it’s a short way to say something kek

No. 635234

sth=something I swear to god fucking zoomers

No. 635248

I am obviously a tranny

No. 635250

could've been me getting confused about the obvious

No. 635254

comb your hair while its wet after the shower and put in a light curl cream

No. 635262

>Millions of men out there
>Is with a shitty man who's ugly and can't make you feel attractive
Love yourself

No. 635266

If you ever feel retarded for smiling with a mask on think this nonnie smiles while wearing a mask AND sunglasses.

No. 635267

thanks lol

I'm not a native English speaker and not familiar with every chatspeak abbrevation in existence, calm down

No. 635273

My boyfriend is into dirty talk during sex, but I'm shy and uncreative as I've never done that before. Wishing there was a book on this because I'd just copy from it directly. What the heck do I say? My brain usually doesn't work during sex

No. 635294

I think with dirty talk it's just like narrating what's going and saying what comes to mind. Like "I'm so [x]" or "that feels so [x]" "I love how you [x]". If you wanna keep it simple but still engage him you could just respond to the stuff he says and be quiet for the rest.

No. 635298

File: 1600708325852.jpg (24.01 KB, 646x431, ratched-1.jpg)

i've only watched one episode of this show, but I love this sorta-crazy bitch

No. 635299

You know how beets are supposed to make your pee red? Well, for me, it made my poo red. Very fascinating.

No. 635302

I had a friend that almost went to the emergency room because he thought he shit out blood and was dying but then he remembered he ate beets

No. 635304

Ohh thanks for reminding it's out already, hope it's gonna be fun! With Ryan Murphy it's such a hit or miss though

No. 635305

File: 1600708881306.jpeg (39.63 KB, 540x411, 09ACFCE6-F0CA-413E-9ACA-DD3A2D…)

Thanks anons but I do all of these and it still looks bad. Consequences of shit thin hair genetics and frying it repeatedly in my youth I guess.

No. 635308

It's pretty great so far! I'm no film nerd but the directing and camera work in episode one was pretty nice imo. Finn Wittrock's performance in the beginning was cringe tho lol

No. 635313

I wish I had curls or a slight tan.

No. 635320

Even that comment section annoys me though

No. 635336

was browsing /ot/ and I saw this new thread that seemed like self promotion (like "hey guys here's this new cow and all his social media") and it was in the wrong board anyway. I was thinking of the anon the other day that said the deletion password is the same for everyone, and the thread was just 8 min old and so i pressed delete and I'm pretty sure i deleted it. holy shit the power I feel right now.

No. 635343

Mods probably deleted it. just tried to delete your post and it didn't work. I think the passwords are randomly generated unless you change it yourself

No. 635345

i just took a shit and it was pretty good. nice consistency, slid out easy, wipe was no trouble at all. only downside is my parents are back to buying that awful 1 ply gas station toilet paper, can't wait to move out and stock my place with good tp. its not my fault i have standards with what i insert into my ass

No. 635346

this reads like a poop review

No. 635347

If you can't think during sex then idk. Actual non porn dirty talk is just saying shit like 'it feels good there, lick/touch me here, please don't stop'.

No. 635358

File: 1600711009779.jpg (4.55 KB, 237x212, kms.jpg)

>inserted into my ass
Hello???? It's toilet paper? I know it goes in a little when wiping to be clean but damn.

Also, here I am replying to it, but NO MORE SHIT ANONS! THEY'RE BACK AT IT AGAIN!

No. 635364

Nta but for the last year or so it takes me so many wipes to get clean and I have to go in a bit in order to ensure I'm good…. I'm glad that I'm single because I feel gross about that whole situation. What is wrong with me.

No. 635366

But anon it’s sooo le funny and le quirky to talk about your le shit! Ex dee ex dee

No. 635368

why is shit and pooping such a frequent topic here, is it just the same three anons who keep bringing their joy for pooping up?

No. 635370

Nah I get it, that's why I acknowledged that in my reply. I suggest hypoallergenic flushable (but still trash them) wipes to feel clean!

No. 635371

it's specifically to annoy you, nerd

No. 635372

Kek, so did my ex at one point! He thought he was dying but he had eaten beet chips the night before.

No. 635373

I'm going to start oversharing stories about my large period clots, seeing as that's where we're at lately

No. 635374

Trololololol topkek, pwneddddd

No. 635375

>beet chips
Why would anyone eat beets in chip form?

No. 635376

Zoomer tier poo poo pee pee shit is the new default, apparently

No. 635378

I talked about pooping here a while ago, but I think it's probably just a couple different anons keeping the poop thing going

No. 635383

There’s literally a poop thread for that very reason. Cannot believe it’ll probably have to be a containment thread soon.

No. 635397

File: 1600713010427.jpg (356.03 KB, 1696x2560, 81zBVMvSjNL.jpg)

Midnight Sun is fucking funny. I actually laughed out loud several times. It's been such a nostalgia trip too ! Man, the Twilight really was something.

No. 635408

File: 1600713511087.jpg (11.37 KB, 275x183, images (1).jpg)

tyrrells beet chips are literally the best shit ever, and I don't even like beets. You gotta try sometime

No. 635434

What are people with YouTube as their full-time job/career going to do in the future? Like, their youtube career isn't going to last forever is it? I've already seen many big youtubers rise and fall into obscurity. I guess people like Pewdiepie are set for life even if they wouldn't get any more views starting today, but I also see a lot of small channels who claim Youtube is their full-time gig. I've been wondering about this, yt (and streaming too) just seems like such an unreliable source of income and while they're doing that they're not building a carreer and experience in a more stable field.

No. 635437

File: 1600714655315.jpeg (219.93 KB, 1574x1917, 058E30D7-51B1-4408-96AE-249821…)

I feel like a stupid basic bitch but I found Corpse through Jacksepticeye’s/Pewds Among Us videos and now I’m obsessed with his voice lol. I’m not a fan of horror but the stories he does aren’t nightmare fuel so I can still play them in the background while doing other stuff.

of course I’m really curious about what he looks like and think he’s probably hot af, but after finding out that Cry was ugly as sin, I don’t know what to think anymore so I’ll just appreciate his voice lol

No. 635451

I can’t wait to see half of them working at Taco Bell

No. 635473

Onlyfans kek. Yeah, unless they're huge and can get Hollywood connections/ their career is in the entertainment industry, then it's the new pyramid scheme.

No. 635480

If they had a decent career it will open them the doors to working at companies in a job that would require managing a community, arranging partnerships with youtubers/internet personalities, building brand's online presence etc. May not seem like it but there are a lot of more "quiet" careers one can have thanks to knowing their ways around youtube / social media.

No. 635491

File: 1600716492832.jpg (661.13 KB, 2048x2048, myheroin.jpg)

I'm so addicted to this shit it's insane. I drink so many. I never understood how people could drink more than one soda a day, but now I do. Thank god these are just seltzers otherwise I might be a fat fuck, though I do just tend to drink these over eating sometimes. Liquid lemon cake.

No. 635494

This is extremely true–I think Ricky Dillon has succeeded with this doing editing bts for other YTers now. However, I think most of the people getting into it now, no matter how successful they might get, won't sustain or find things to do outside of it. The market is becoming so saturated, and there's only so far a few thousand subs or followers will get you anymore if you don't have other skills besides being a face.

No. 635505

Ooh, I wanna try this one. I've had la croix before but it isn't my favorite seltzer brand, but I didn't get to try this flavor yet!

No. 635507

File: 1600717103175.webm (4.59 MB, 320x568, 9w22SaPz5z4Ofx_J.webm)


No. 635512

Wishing I didn't watch this, anon.

No. 635518

Aaaaa I'm on the phone with Amazon support (for my job) and the guy helping me has a voice exactly like a VN character or one of those Boyfriend ASMR things, and he's extremely nervous/stutter-y and flirty and I'm sitting at my desk blushing trying my very best not to flirt back so my middle aged coworkers don't bully the absolute fuck out of me

Ah, a fellow woman of taste. These are delicious

No. 635530

File: 1600718670878.gif (2.51 MB, 275x179, 1528459057519.gif)

No. 635540

I actually really like this lmao. What the fuck is she imitating though?

No. 635549

I decided to stop engaging with people who have formed an entire personality around their internet usage and it’s honestly great. I love normies.

No. 635570

Where are you meetin then anon? I want some normie friends tbh

No. 635572

is it cuphead bosses?

No. 635576

Danganronpa. One of them is Toko's laugh. I'd recognize it from anywhere.

No. 635586

No. 635587

The thread pic kinda makes my skin crawl.

No. 635592

Same, I hate it so much.

No. 635593

I want to a-log Ellen Degeneres so bad

No. 635599

I've been watching video game isekai anime and i'm sad that I'll never be able to make relationships like that even anonymously in an online game because I'm a loser with no self confidence or social skills kek.

No. 635606

They are mostly people I was already vaguely acquainted with. Once I got to know them a bit better I realised I was having full conversations without hearing a single twitter ~hot take or some stupid tumblresque discourse and it was so nice I just decided to go ghost on everyone that I was barely tolerating anyway lmao.

No. 635617

File: 1600722093523.jpg (5.88 KB, 169x239, 5chi8.jpg)

You assholes really let me go on for this long never telling me there was an artist like girl in red?

No. 635629

File: 1600722564546.jpg (94.47 KB, 720x720, 100fc009602b866e401f61886096e3…)

I really want to learn Latin dances and Tango but I don't want to dance with men or touch them/get touched by them.

No. 635630

File: 1600722682139.jpg (12.37 KB, 212x275, 1547239338496.jpg)

Anon are you me?
Every time I make a friend and we party up I feel this sudden irrational pressure on me and I do horrible and make terrible decisions. Sometimes even saying glhf to randoms makes me feel like this kek.

No. 635647

File: 1600723403181.jpeg (171.66 KB, 866x1390, 02D39D70-8E0E-481B-9A2D-0AF959…)

id learn to dance with ya anon

No. 635653

I've got hipster syndrome, I can't help but hate things I used to love just because they got popular or normies started talking about them. How do I stop being so fucking annoying anons?

No. 635655

File: 1600723928548.jpg (49.88 KB, 720x510, mood.jpg)

we're one and the same anon! what do you play?

No. 635657

File: 1600723984103.gif (113.92 KB, 320x600, giphy (1).gif)

Okay what the FUCK. Facebook keeps sending me notifications whenever my dipshit friend comments on her manchild trollface husband's posts.
I'm SO TIRED. Do I have to unsub from her or something? I ain't subbed to him. It doesn't alert me when she comments on any other mutual friend's posts, just his.

I don't fucking understand this algorithm hijinks. I'm just sick of seeing his ugly narcissist face and their passive aggressive social media fighting within a month of being married.

No. 635662

I just told my boss I was taking a vacation and I could have lied and said I was working at my other job but im so fucking stupid and I think about that often

No. 635664

File: 1600724371582.jpeg (119.68 KB, 1024x768, C92B8643-06F2-4CE5-A083-342DB6…)

I’ve got a houseplant addiction that pisses my roommates off but they literally have put 0 effort into decorating our space so they can suck my croton

No. 635667

File: 1600724443423.png (261.92 KB, 720x583, 89E9F399-6305-4768-AD26-5610DE…)

My bf jokingly called me his stoner princess and it made me giddy. I feel pathetic for liking it a little bit kek.

No. 635673

Kek, good for you. Enjoy your time with your new friends!!

No. 635688

eww. i smoke too but that's cringe.

No. 635694

It’s because he doesn’t smoke at all and he did it ironically. But internally it made me a lil uwu, ya know? It’s very cringe lmfao this should have been a confession instead

No. 635697

semi unrelated but why have i met so many imageboard users who dislike drug use/weed but like hentai/hardcore porn?

No. 635699

File: 1600726664987.gif (1.38 MB, 407x275, 4k85q0lihqfy.gif)

I used to think i was tougher than my brothers because my mom raised me that way to make up for the fact that I'm the only girl, but today she revealed to me that according to her it's always been that way, and that she "tested" us when we were little (like 3/4)??? she would basically relentlessly pretend to beat us and see how we reacted. both my brothers curled into a ball and shrieked in terror but i just laid there for a few minutes and went mom are you done…now are you done…NOW are you done?? can I have juice when you're done? why did she do that? why have I always had an apparent lack of self-preservation (that would have been before I was sexually abused as a kid so I can't even blame that)?

No. 635701

We are going to have a suicide wave in a few years when all the girls who got meme'd into internet sex work start realising the results of their actions. Everyone will laugh and no empathy will be had. It's even possible the correlation will be ignored.

No. 635707

Anon, what the fuck? Why?? What’s even the purpose for that? Why?

No. 635709

As if. Their new tricks will just be the gainfully employed funding their social welfare safety nets when they can't find adequate employment or don't want to work the shit leftover. They're in sex work right now because they don't want to work.

No. 635712

To be fair to that top post: Legalized meth is a "cure" for many ailments.

No. 635713

do it under a spoiler pls, I'm curious. You're self-aware and everyone here will be on board for this one, I promise

No. 635714

That's pretty optimistic. Many of them make next to nothing and won t be able to do it forever. Onlyfans might have a data breach where all those desperate women's butt hole photos show up next to their drivers license.

No. 635716

ur mom is crazy, anon.

No. 635719

>everyone will laugh and no empathy will be had

No. 635721

I like it. Very expressive

No. 635726

I saw my crush's legs today and his legs are less hairy than mine

No. 635731

Lol it’s because I purposely changed the password for my post in case someone tried to delete it

No. 635735

I haven't thought about it before but now that you said it, yeah, it's pretty much the gender equivalent of a blackface show where they dance and sing stereotypically

No. 635739

You think that's not what's gonna happen? Anon clearly didn't mean that not having empathy for them is the right thing, just that that's how they're gonna be treated. And it is.

No. 635741

Coming of age, it's the best thing to happen to your personal freedom of movement. It doesn't even need to be a car or anything, a small scooter or motorbike like they drive a lot in Asia might be even more nimble.

I can't imagine my life dictated by schedules and set routes, you'd have to live by them every day and waste so many hours of your life when it goes to all the other stops that aren't your destination.

No. 635742

I used to work with a guy that was extremely gay and one day he said, dead seriously, that he was suspicious a floater in the company was gay because he had a purple lunch box. Now every time this guy comes in with his lunch box (new one is red with sharks on it) I remember the conversation and it cracks me up

No. 635758

I'm miserable and I hate myself so much I don't know how to even start being happy with myself. Do any anons have any advice on how to dig myself out of this hole

No. 635763

Not being sarcastic/rude, but have you gone outside to do stuff? I only started not hating myself when I didn't have enough time to hate myself.

No. 635768


Everything is closed in my area because of covid,I have like 1 irl friend and im doing online school. So ive just been stuck at home and its been hard to manage my mental health.

No. 635774

Biking, go out and sketch a landscape, that kind of stuff. Just find something to do, anything, even if it isn't outdoorsy. Normies are confident because they have skills they're proud of.

No. 635776


ok ill try doing that. thanks

No. 635819

yesterday I got reminded of a girl I used to chat to online maybe about 6 years ago who made a comment about sending a nude pic to her "daddy" and I instantly blocked her because I honestly thought she was talking about sexting her father because this was before I heard about DDLG shit, I still remember the visceral disgust reading that message and only yesterday when remembering her did I realize what she meant, feel kinda bad for ghosting her over a misunderstanding but DDLG shit is still cringe so oh well

No. 635851

My absolute dumbass of a friend thought that salt was made in a lab and a mutual friend and I just spent 15 minutes explaining how we source it from nature. And then this bitch asks, "What about water?" I am in utter disbelief.

No. 635852

File: 1600755163164.jpg (110.95 KB, 1200x649, DCd34EeVoAAwEnV[1].jpg)

No. 635859

Omfg I thought I was having a stroke or something. I have some polysporin on my cheek for a cut and some of it had leaked down to the corner of my mouth causing my lips to go completely numb in that area.

No. 635869

Careful anon you might be allergic

At least she wants to learn, in fact asking such questions is what a smart person would do, most people go trough life not knowing that shit, I’m a chemist and I barely even know tbh

No. 635879

>most people go through life not knowing that shit
Speak for yourself, this is something you learn in 2nd grade in my country, how the fuck do people not know salt is a naturally occurring mineral and is literally why seawater is salty?

No. 635890

>most people go trough life not knowing that shit
Where salt comes from is something you learn in primary school and if you didn't I feel sorry for the education system you're in.

No. 635907

NEETlita's roommate is wonky looking. I feel bad for her in multiple ways. Can't believe NEETlita has had a vendetta on her for five years.

No. 635928

I was asleep for about an hour last night when I was jolted awake by what sounded like a car driving into a wall at speed.. Looked out the window, nothing. Waited to see if I would hear sirens, nothing. I think it was a hypnogogic hallucination? Shit seemed so real.

Felt really unsettled and then went on to dream about my ex rubbing his current partner in my face (he cheated on me with her and did rub it in my face at the time too) well that was a shitty night! Thanks brain

No. 635932

Wait.. What did I miss??

No. 635935

Check out the confessions thread

No. 635936

I want to learn how to draw but knowing myself and my ADHD ass, I’ll probably get overwhelmed and lose my motivation after a few days and regret spending 50€ on buying a pen for my iPad.
I also didn’t enroll in uni this year, so the pen would probably sit on my desk for a year (or more) until I can go back, and I’m not exactly in a position to waste my money right now.

No. 635954

i'm sure i'm gonna die alone with no friends

No. 635955

So learn how to draw on paper with a pencil first. I don't see why you need to spend so much when you're just starting out.

No. 635962

Fair point kek that's the impulsiveness talking. I would end up spending a bunch of money on art supplies too, that if I end up giving up would just lay around in my bedroom unused for years until I eventually throw them away. At least I would use the pen for note taking eventually.

No. 635963

I used to like this music video,
now all I can think is how fucked up his neovag is from reading the general tranny threads on kiwifarms

No. 636000

File: 1600778818161.jpeg (533.07 KB, 1242x2199, E3EB0B3E-A04F-406E-B236-C534BB…)

sometimes i go into /snow/ and am just so lost and confused by the cow threads i don’t follow

No. 636009

I'm convinced these have to be fucking fake. There's absolutely no way someone's car could get THIS dirty. hell no

No. 636010

she's just going through one of her phases

No. 636011

Just did the dumbest shit during a one min drive and hit my ma’s car against a large garbage can bc i was scared of the other car coming thru heh… the damage is not so bad except my ma financed her car. I essentially keep on royally fucking up her life. Should i kms or should i kms?

No. 636015

> my ma’s
> my ma
Does that mean your mam or your gran-ma?

No. 636018

My mother

No. 636025

File: 1600781886712.png (31.06 KB, 998x172, dfgdgdg.png)

The fucking lawn mowing guys for my apartment building were outside my living room all morning/afternoon yesterday yelling and mowing the lawn loud as shit. Now today they're outside the office room doing the same thing. This shit lasts for like 4 hours and I'm so tired of the loud noises and yelling. That combined with the sounds of fighter jets from the Air Force base flying around all day is making me insane.

No. 636033

File: 1600782192166.jpg (3.78 KB, 269x187, download.jpg)

i put too much sugar in my hot chocolate fuck i hate my life

No. 636064

Feel your pain anon, everyone around me was combining to make the most noise I've ever heard this weekend. I've never had a weekend of relaxing at home become so anxiety inducing. Could not block out all the various layers of kids, people having shouting conversations from one end of the street to the other and then various lawn care machinery all going at once. Hard to even whinge about it on here because there will always be that one anon that accuses you of 'wanting everyone to stop living just to suit you' Let me whinge, please lol

No. 636076

I grew up in a small town that was situated between small cities, where you could live in a farmhouse with no neighbors in sight and still have a modern worklife within 10 miles. It's a shame the trend is towards these big cluttered centrals full of traffic jams when everyone is trying to squeeze into the same district. Especially in countries like the US where there's no shortage of space, it's such a waste.

No. 636079

Ok this is a wild guess but could the hate bones for Ellen be extra strong bc she's a woman? Like I was watching this YouTube video and this kid was highlighting all the times she's been shitty, and in a clip she showed some bad art she got as a gift and she reacted like she didn't like it. Like so? Isn't that comedy? She is aware that she comes across as rude, it's all strategic. But the kid was like "Imagine you're a fan who went to all that trouble and you see this."
Now imagine if Ellen were a man. Would people ever critique a male comedian for not being empathetic enough?

No. 636082

My dad has always had a very low tolerance for noise, so as a kid I grew up being very mindful of that and no way on earth was I screaming/screeching and all that good stuff kids do when they're playing outside. I'm now an adult, a homeowner and I'm struggling so much hearing the local kids scream from morning til night. I don't know if I inherited my dads mystery condition or if I just wasn't exposed to enough noise early in life.

No. 636086

>Would people ever critique a male comedian for not being empathetic enough?
No. Male hosts have always been snobby divas and that's "to be expected" at most. While bad working conditions should be called out she's definitely getting extra shit to the point you'd think she was outed as a pedo or rapist or something.

No. 636096

That sounds like a really nice place to live, I hate cities so much and fantasize about living somewhere rural all the time lol. I think my goal in life is to live in the middle of nowhere, own land, and be self-sufficient.

No. 636122

Did this mf just "I'm sorry you feel this way"d me???
Fuck off dude, if you're gonna complain about your shitty life then call me aggresive when I give you some kind advice you can stick it up your ass.

No. 636125

the fact i constantly have thoughts annoys the fuck out of me. shut the hell up!

No. 636126

Everytime a man starts going on about his type or preferences, I just roll my eyes. Bitch, you'd fuck a hole in the mattress if its looking tight enough. Stfu.

No. 636130

I know someone who was made fun of on Jimmy Fallon and no one called out Jimmy Fallon for making fun of this dude’s mixtape, Ellen is trash but people are definitely reaching. She’s Ellen, not Oprah.

No. 636135

File: 1600790463574.gif (7.11 MB, 394x220, fl8DYW5 - Imgur.gif)

I'm allergic to cats and my new housemate will be bringing his cat at the end of the month. I want the cat but I severely underestimated my allergies– I stayed at my bf's house (which has a cat) and was wheezing all night.

Pls anons that were in similar situations, tell me it's gonna be okay. On one hand they haven't vacuumed in a long while so I'll be fine if I keep up the vacuuming, right?

No. 636142

Iirc there are meds for this type of allergies

No. 636151

File: 1600791037324.png (1.96 MB, 1832x720, plz.PNG)

started watching Ratched and damn how I wish it was me, being seduced and spoiled on a date by an older lesbian
IDK what's gonna happen later here but knowing what this series is about, proabably nothing good unfortunately

No. 636160

>tfw no rich older lesbian to take you away from your homophobic shithole and take care of you
How do those 90 day fiancé women do it? I'm genuinely tempted

No. 636161

Dunno who this fat guy is, nothing about twitter made me want to know more

No. 636162

i saw a video like this but the entire carpet and underneath was infested with thousands of maggots

No. 636163

Fucking cringe. It speaks poorly of your boyfriend.

No. 636169

she looks average to me. idg what the big deal is

No. 636174

she posted a picture of her?

No. 636179

File: 1600793276484.png (37.2 KB, 1438x226, Kekkkk.png)

I cannot move forward with the fic because this is just fucking me up so much I cannot fucking stop laughing why is this so funny

No. 636184

what fic is this? i want context

No. 636191

It's this Hannibal/Reader fic where you gotta make the choices to not die. Needless to say, you die if you choose this dialogue.

No. 636205

>watch random person play game I like
>some girl in their discord starts talking with nasally forced animu coomer voice
>turn that shit off immediately

This shit needs to end now. It’s like the Hollywood valley girl voice in reality tv but worse. I’d literally rather listen to Kim K get team-killed and screech into her mic than your lying weeb ass

No. 636207

She posted 4 pictures of her but I think all of them got deleted by farmhands.

No. 636214

>nasally forced animu coomer voice
WHY are girls doing this??

No. 636215

Bought myself one of those 100 gram 'sharing' bars of choc with plans to pig out. Just checked and they are actually 90 gram bars now..wtf nestle?

No. 636217

I had this happen to me today and it was no other than pokimane, jesus christ never watched/heard her

No. 636228

Because they are pickmes. It makes the coomers like them more.

No. 636263

I kept applying hyaluronic acid on dry skin and didn't feel like it didn't do anything. Little did I know that you were supposed to apply it on DAMP skin. My head exploded. My skin does not feel dry. Hail.

No. 636266

lmao I did the same thing and I wondered why my skin was getting drier and drier

No. 636367

there is something so repulsive to me about vain men. idc is a woman is vain but if a man is overly concerned with his appearance it kills any attraction and makes me want to gag.

No. 636369

I just ate some really good gummy bears, I wish I could've passed the bag around to any anons that wanted some

No. 636370

Care to explain why? I hate excessive vanity in both sexes.

No. 636372

tbh I don't think so, people have adored ellen and her sense of humor for years. People are just nitpicking her show now because there have been rumors about her being a prick floating around online for years, even before the recent allegations.

No. 636375

Just read about circle jerks and compounding with stories I've heard I am disgusted to read accounts of how men discuss their dads (!!!) showing them how to wank , watching porn together , even wanking each other! Sometimes this is with a friend. Men claim a straight man can do it, enjoy it, do it often together etc.

As a woman I never had anyone show me how to wank! Also! When I was a teenager and introduced to cocks a parent never fuxking advised me what to do! How many ways is there to touch a dick that some dads feel the need to show little timmy the act and watch some porn together.

I've heard stories about my ex dad doing something with a sister and I have convinced myself the dad touched my ex when young too. There are a lot of signs looking with hindsight.

Male sexuality is so scary, shield me sisters

No. 636376

Stupid question, what is apply on “damp skin“??? Like if immediately after washing it’s wet then damp is leaving it to air dry a lil or should you dab with cloth or do you mist some water on your face?

No. 636381

Uh what the fuck?

No. 636385

File: 1600804130322.jpeg (11.28 KB, 275x275, 64843484.jpeg)

almost every night driving home from work I see a young woman on the side of the road a few miles out from my house (in suburbs) either walking slowly or just standing still on the sidewalk. for context I'm in burgerland – she's clearly east asian but doesn't look American, if that makes sense?? her haircut (long and dark with bangs) and clothes (long pleated skirt, long socks with loafers) are an odd combo to see around here. she looks like a background character in a mid-2000s japanese horror movie. plus she stops and watches me drive by sometimes. a few nights ago it was thunderstorming, and before that it was extremely smoggy from the local fires, and she was still out. this is usually around midnight. is she just a weird girl with a specific retro style going on nightwalks or am I seeing a ghost???

No. 636393

I just thought prostitute when I read this

No. 636394

>prostitute with long socks and loafers

No. 636395

No. 636397

Maybe she’s lonely. Be her friend (ghost or not)

No. 636401

go talk to her. Maybe she's a prostitute like anon said, or someone getting high every night and that's why the weather doesn't bother her. Who knows? You won't unless you actually talk to her. And give us an update if you do

No. 636402



Literally lol'd

No. 636412

I mean she's a street walker… she's walking the street every night. Not every one of them comes with hooker boots, where I live they dress down so they can bs their way out of trouble. Men still know what they're standing around for.

No. 636415

my bfs dad tried to show him cartoon porn and talked about his porn habits openly, then again he is a very weird man

No. 636416

Prostitution is legal where I live (even street prostitution to a certain degree), so it sounded funny enough to me.

No. 636436

I do kinda wanna talk to her/befriend her ngl but I only see her while driving past her at midnight, she'd either a) spew bile at me and possess me, b) get scared/irritated that some stranger is ruining her nightwalks, or c) freak out and run because she thinks she's about to get kidnapped

No. 636506

File: 1600810954131.jpg (105.8 KB, 532x710, e853c0f38423814d03656311c8453a…)

Fuck borzois for good. This is long face cat territory. Pay your respects

No. 636512

Actually, in many places now where they are vigilant about prostitution, you’ll see girls walking up and down the roads in a sweatshirt and jeans.

No. 636514

I have some hair on my chin. I've never grown out to a point where I can actually see it in it's natural ungroomed state. But now that face masks have to be worn while shopping/at work.. I'm going to grow that shit out and finally see what my little goatee would look like. Probably won't be as visible as I think but I've been wanting to see it for yeears now

No. 636524

As a teen I used to go on walks like this in all kinds of weather to escape a dysfunctional household, next time maybe wave at her? I'd have hated it but you never know, you could make a pal! If it's terrible weather maybe offer her a ride to wherever further up? Then she can give you context.
Maybe she IS foreign and has trouble adjusting to the alternative shithole that's the US right now.

No. 636532

The leftthots thread weirds me out a little because it sometimes feels like everyone else in the thread apart from me is either the cows themselves or their friends/people in their immediate circle

No. 636552

File: 1600813015267.jpeg (36.15 KB, 526x340, 91908840-7B71-4327-A9F3-161AD4…)

I love those! Small face huge eyed cats are anime coomer propaganda.

No. 636554

Same, I try to read it and it’s like a different language.

No. 636564

Today is the first day of my period and I took a rare nap and pretty much conked out for about three hours. I don’t even remember it so I know I must have been in a deep sleep. I feel a lot better, I needed those z’s.

No. 636604

for the majority of my life (i'm in my late 20's) I thought jack-o-lanterns were called jackal lanterns. lmao

No. 636626

I used to have inverted nipples up until the first time I had sex and a dude sucked on them and sometimes I miss them (my inverted nips, fuck the dude lmao)

No. 636630

File: 1600817332640.png (548.96 KB, 680x680, 374.png)

I make really stupid faces sometimes when I fantasize about my crush. It can get really exiting and embarrassing and I can't contain myself. It's a good time

No. 636632

File: 1600817453147.png (221.87 KB, 599x441, oh.png)

I thought that I had avoidant PD, but the more I watch Grande's videos the more it seems I'm a fucking "vulnerable" narc.
It makes a lot more sense. I'm not some scared ~victim~ afraid of the mean world. I'm just a cunt pissed because people don't recognize how great I am.

No. 636633

I'm trying to get into more threads since the once I regularly frequent are drying up so everytime I see the left thot thread I try to read up but man…. Never have any idea what's going on. So weird. (If anyone has any suggestions for good, milky, active threads that are easy to catch up on please lmk!)

No. 636660

It has been pretty dry lately online, I have been looking for new cows to maybe make a thread but nothing has stood out really. I guess we just have to take what squirts we get until things start going back to somewhat normal.

No. 636670

This sounds like the beginning to one of those stories where you pick up a hitchhiker and they disappear out of the moving car and it turns out that spot you picked them up from was the scene of a deadly accident or something

No. 636673

my sister and i call our cat's neutering a bottom surgery as an inside joke

No. 636674

File: 1600822224585.jpg (801.16 KB, 1125x1352, 1597822683673.jpg)

No. 636680

Kek how have I never thought of this that’s so funny

No. 636682

it's occult lesbian stuff

No. 636687

omg this. i follow it because i used to listen to red scare but even then i have no idea who that thread is discussing half the time.

No. 636692

Gotta update my email on the Occult newsletter

No. 636708

I just looked at a current picture of a dude I was previously obsessed with for the first time in a while and thought he was ugly for the first time and it feels spectacular fuck him

No. 636711

It’s such a good feeling, congrats on getting there anon

No. 636712

I went through this a few months ago, feels amazing congrats anon
Simping is a hell of a drug

No. 636744

No. 636745


No. 636746

AAAAAAAAH NOOOOO! fuck oooooff!

(i forgive you)

No. 636752

I made my boyfriend a quesadilla totally from scratch and he was so happy…. it made me feel good to make someone happy by my actions. I hope I can do it more

No. 636753

No. 636756

hang with me in my mmo…so many places we can goooooo

No. 636759

Like 2 seconds into this I was like damn this is obscenely 2009 youtube… scroll down and look at the uploaded date what do ya know.

No. 636787

Did you make the tortilla or like just assemble?

No. 636797

Can we have farmers guild please aaaaa

No. 636818

File: 1600845815717.jpg (35.08 KB, 540x540, 48355223_2309217125981391_5137…)

I have several super niche interests and wish I had someone to talk to about them, but the communities around these interests are filled with screeching adult children and the interests are weird enough that even people here will think I'm retarded. (They're not illegal or dangerous or anything, just stupid stuff.)

No. 636831

It's always so annoying when average women get plastic surgery or photoshop then deny it, not only does it make men expect every day women to look like that but other girls will wonder why they can't look like that

I also find it annoying how more and more men are becoming pedophiles, even decent men I've met ended up revealing their pedophile tendencies. It makes me scared because I want kids and I don't think I'll ever be able to have them with any man at all

No. 636836

>I also find it annoying how more and more men are becoming pedophiles
Am I wrong to believe men have always been pedophiles?

No. 636837

I agree with you, particularly on the photoshop bit. It doesn’t help that a majority of people are so fucking retarded that they can’t tell when someone shoops. Just look at the girls in the extreme photoshop thread- so many of them shoop themselves to have 60” busts and 20” waists and their fans, even the female ones, look at their pictures and just think “this is normal and achievable.”

No. 636839

Well this is the cringeist thing I have seen all year, the fact that either a fujo or agp troon could have made this also worries me

No. 636850

None of them act like real humans do just a bunch of fragmented thoughts from degenerate online communities in echo chambers that's why it's cringe

No. 636852

File: 1600852037510.png (1.14 MB, 1005x1002, garmonbozia.png)

I'm gonna cut my bangs today but I don't know which style to choose. Leaning toward the one in bottom right picture. Votes and picture suggestions are welcome!

No. 636853

Top right is most flattering on all faces imo, but if you don't mind potentially growing it out a little, try the bottom right and see how it looks on you.

No. 636855

Bottom right easily, it will look like top left soon enough anyway. Long bangs can look good on the picture but it's annoying to deal with hair in your eyes on the constant basis. Also, if you have nice eyebrows it will be a shame to hide them.

No. 636860

I think someone asked about my interview results like a week ago and to her I say: I GOT IT, THE JOB.

Well I got an offer, that means I got it, right?

It's only temp, but I'll make as much in 4 months as I would working an entire YEAR in my home country.

This site has been such a support to me but maybe I'll have too much going on to visit now. If I knew you guys in person I'd offer you fly over and we can eat fondue in a chalet after skiing all day!

Christ almighty and it's closely related to my degree, I haven't had a position in the 2 years since I grduated and now I'M STARTING YAY

No. 636863

CONGRATS ANON you'll do great!

No. 636868

File: 1600854977516.png (35.14 KB, 128x128, tired.png)

I think i'm an Aspie.

I have so much weird thing going on in my behavior and with social interactions idk what to think anymore so I just think i'm an aspie.
My boyfriend says I'm normal to him so he doubts it.
I already went two years into a psychiatric ward when I was a teenager and I don't want to see a doctor to be sure about it since I don't feel like i need meds to deal with it. But being on the spectrum would answer so many questions I have. I'm just gathering info alone right now but I'm a bit lost still.

No. 636874


probably relating to how they're a buncha pedos

No. 636879

Why? Can't find anything on them being pedos

No. 636890

same, except i’ve gotten over most of my social ineptitude with more practice and less internet. i still notice i’m still more jittery and restless than my peers but not in a stimming tard way. maybe most of my "symptoms" were caused by being sheltered, idk.
if you think support or therapy (is that word even used for autism?) could help, you could reach out. are your symptoms hindering your life in some way or another?

No. 636893

I'd say my symptoms don't bother me too much but they sure bother my family sometimes. My sister just go off at me from time to time and i tend to not reach out socially to them.
It feels likes I'm in the alien in the family and I don't belong but they still love me in their own way and I do too. I think I'm gonna be alright without docs or therapy since my boyfriend helps me out a lot. It's just that coming to this realization hit me up with a lot of anxiety and I just cry out of nowhere from time to time now.

No. 636897


A lot of their lyrics allude to pedoshit, just look at the song Pantyshot. I've beeen an MSI fan since I was a teen and its not like I'm gonna stop listening occasionally but their fanbase is full of coomers and furries that are no doubt unironically into that shit, tiktok is full of degenerates using their clips.

No. 636904

Still thinking about that time my bf proposed to me while we were both high. He probably doesn't remember and I haven't brought it up since I don't want to get married yet but he was so excited and cute.

No. 636905

The lyrics to "Pantyshot" disturb me because they don't read like satire. They read like some ugly-ass 30 year old man making a vent song and planning to play it off as all a big joke, lmao.

No. 636918

Ah. I think that's how it is with every band that resolves around such genre, hence why I never look at any bands fandom, really.

No. 636928

File: 1600866196709.png (142.9 KB, 370x318, redmayne.png)

I thought this was anna khachiyan for a second kek

No. 636936

Thanks anons. I acted like an absolute clown over this balding fuckboy

No. 636937


No. 636940

Probably doesn't quite belong on the reddit thread so posting here. I only really visit the true crime and unsolved mystery subs. Came across a thread about a hijacked plane where 100 people ended up dying and the impact was so bad that they weren't even finding intact bodies in the wreckage. Awful thing to happen, there's still no answers on who did the hijacking or why.

Halfway down the comments the discussion turns into 'would you rather die a long death from cancer or would you rather plummet in a plane' and I just..couldn't get over how insenstive that game of 'what if' was. I've lost someone to slow painful cancer and it just hit a nerve. People who are actually dying of cancer started to join in and point out how horrible it is and people argued with them that it's not all that bad because pain relief is so good nowadays and you'd get to say goodbye to your family at least… just blows my mind that a discussion about 100 real people losing their lives turned into a game of make believe 'would you rather' I know an interest in true crime can in itself be 'problematic' because you're technically being entertained by horrific stories but every now and then people on there just go the extra mile.

No. 636946

It's not just a suggestion but a must that every mother watch her male relatives closely when she has a child even if they have always been really nice. It's horrible.
But men have always been pedos, now they're just more loud about it because the internet lets you show your sickness to the whole world.

No. 636947

It's so sad. I was talking to my best friend, and neither of us want children, but my sister is having the first grandbaby on my side of the family. I said that I'd never leave that baby alone with anyone but her dad, and I still trust my sister's husband, but like. Damn. Should she? Should we? He's a great and honest man with no perverted tendencies, but then again, I think everyone thinks that about people close to them. Like, I doubt my dad thought his best friend would molest me. My mom never left us alone with males, but my dad did–not maliciously, just not thinking. It's heartbreaking.

No. 636950

These idiots are disgusting. They care about how much they can jerk off their lacking intellect to cope with being literally retarded more than anything else

No. 636952

kek masks are the new catfish method…
this guy is a year above me in the same program and he looked like a stylish, striking asian guy with his mask on.
then he took it off.
i was so shocked, he has a huge european schnoz because he's mixed.
i wonder if other people receive this kind of shock when i take mine off too kek.

No. 636955

I cut my hair really short lately, I'm a slim person but with a fat face so it's not a flattering cut on me and I'm glad to have face masks on til it grows again lol

No. 636957

An item named “ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” was on my outlook calendar. My boss pointed it out and I have absolutely no idea how it happened.

No. 636960

My mother told me I look better with a mask on so looks like I'm gonna be breaking hearts.

No. 636962

Kek god dammit mom is a savage

No. 636966

He is looking might rough in that pic

No. 636967

I’d be worried about doing the bottom right because very few people can pull that off. Also nice file name kek

No. 636968

Took some adderall to do a midterm and brain going brrrrrr… obviously it helps me focus but I just realized it seems it helps me believe that I can in fact get what I'm trying to do done? Like if I take a little break instead of freaking out I won't get it done my brain looks like the sunglasses emoji and understands breaks are important. I'm girlboss patrick bateman.

No. 636970

Ouch mom! What is wrong with your lower face exactly?

No. 636980

There is no lack of housing in America, just lack of logic. Too many people rather keep overpriced homes and apartments on the market for years than to accept lower offers for them, and america is too careless to put effort into having people fix up the abandoned homes here. I also find it stupid how abandoned, torn up homes here cost 80k+ when in reality it should be 10$ or less

No. 636985

The same generation that complains about how everyone in their 20s lives at home is the same generation as all the landlords. I wish we had more government housing in the way that apartments were subsidized under more than just section 8 and landlords couldn’t charge upwards of $1000 for studio apartments. (inb4 move to a cheaper place, I live outside one of the top 10 dangerous cities in the US). I hate sounding edgy but sometimes it feels like the only solution for homeowning is for the boomers to die off so there’s more midcentury modest ranch homes for sale instead of the new McMansion developments that spring up every few years.

No. 636986

No. 636988

File: 1600873521280.jpg (160.72 KB, 1280x960, e2d13bf5e845a53b1b6ada2987e18a…)

I really want pet rats but I have a cat and I don't want to stress the rats out, so I'll just be content with looking at pics of cute ones online.

No. 637000

When the boomers die, the house will be inherited by their children OR acquired by shitty, money hungry developers only to buy a nice house and demolish it to build ugly, shitty glass condos. The same issue is present in Canada too, sadly.

No. 637035

File: 1600877054720.jpg (225.8 KB, 1081x1301, 4eca112.jpg)

When I read stuff like this idk how lib fems do it kek yall are strong to be able to deal with this kinda stuff and still feel powerful

No. 637036

File: 1600877104194.jpg (82.84 KB, 704x396, 704x396.jpg)

No (affordable) apartments is a worldwide problem. I will move out soon and I'm honestly worried. Competing with dozens for some tiny shithole and then having to spend half of your paycheck for rent seems to be the norm now.

No. 637041

Honestly shit like that made me give up on moving out, sure living with my mom is CRINGE but we have the completely paid off family home and two salaries, I have so much more disposable income than my colleagues they genuinely think im uber rich.

No. 637046

Currently on tv tropes trying to find the character archetype that best describes me, just like I used to do when I was 14

No. 637047

Christ. I regret ever thinking I was into any of this. Liberal feminism and porn brainwashes women into thinking they like this shit.

No. 637049

Omg. Just say no. Walk away from these weirdos. Why do you keep fucking men like this and then crying about it online? You absolute victim

No. 637055

Well are you gonna do it?

No. 637059

right? while i don't agree fully with some things in radical feminism, liberal feminism is a disease.

No. 637061

File: 1600879592386.png (4.73 KB, 225x127, visitorsdetective.png)

IDK how accurate visitorsdetective.com is but voila. I always wondered kek

No. 637062

Waiting to hear back from the anon(s) who repeated that we only have like "30 active posters" or whatever, lmao.

No. 637065

File: 1600880137083.jpg (110.64 KB, 620x413, q2plwkw8kk.jpg)

Captain's log
It has been 202 days since my bean has been rubbed. We are drifting aimlessly at sea and short on provisions. In order to ration what little we have we have starved for days. The tide is rough out here. My sole companion is the rat on board. I have seen what looks like sea monsters at the horizon. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Before I go insane, I'll jump the boat.

No. 637067

I'm about at the same place as you. I think there's value in some aspects of liberal feminism, like I think women should be free to express their sexuality and even be into this shit if they're actually into it, I guess, but libfems really want to shove female sexuality in the form of brutal and/or free sex in the face of young women, and that's really damaging and gross. They lack the maturity and nuance, and it almost comes across as predatory sex positivity, and I hate it. Anyway, porn is brainrot for everyone, and I thank radfems for teaching me as much. Love y'all.

No. 637068

tbh this counts lurkers and i think most anons are

No. 637069

it's clearly 30 people posting 500 times a day anon

No. 637080

File: 1600881290921.jpeg (125.49 KB, 564x890, 3DA2E501-7937-42A8-BA91-A37138…)

I always wanted to move in with a female friend and tackle the world together

No. 637082

whose turn is it to post epstein to the male attractions thread today

No. 637083

Me too, anon.

No. 637091

exactly this. love you bb.

No. 637092

Boston marriages <3

No. 637098

Maybe this sounds insane and rationally I don’t actually think this and I think things are better the way they are now, but does anyone else kind of sometimes miss when homosexuality was more stigmatized? Something about having the marriage, two kids and a dog kind of life just feels inherently heterosexual to me, and while I know it’s probably largely due to internalized homophobia that I feel that way, there’s part of me that misses when homosexuality existed explicitly outside of that, when it felt more underground/illicit.

No. 637102

Do you mean that gay relationships now copy straight relationships?

No. 637107

Yes kind of, but I think I probably view them as inherently ‘straight relationship’ things because of internalized homophobia to some extent. Like I don’t think it’s a rational thing but I still kind of feel that way.

No. 637111

nothing I thought ;((emoji use)

No. 637114

Someone added me in an online game a while ago and he turned out to be 13. Felt kinda weird about it, but whatever, we were just playing games. Eventually he said that all of his online friends were much older and they were all involved in furry porn communities. Alarm bells started going off and I told the kid to not talk to those people, adults shouldn't be acting inappropriate with you, don't tell them where you live, don't send pics, etc. He said he knows and brushed me off.

I looked at his profile today and he now identifies as a lesbian, anime catgirl porn everywhere, and follows a ton of hentai communities.

Idk where I'm going with this, I just feel bad for the kid. He said before his parents don't really care about him, and he clearly got groomed by a bunch of older adults. I feel like I should have done more.

No. 637118

I fucking hate men and degenerates, and now this poor kid is one of them too. That sucks anon, I'm sorry. You tried.

No. 637124

the underground illicit lifestyle is all fun and games until you're 65 years old still calling the love of your life your "roommate" and have lost many friends to suicide, addiction or aids.

No. 637132

nta but I feel the same way as she does. At least it didn't attract so many fakes and you were more likely to bump into an actual lesbian instead of pretenders whether trannies or (bi) women just experimenting. Also no disgusting couples looking for threesomes. Or maybe I'm just idolizing the past that I was never a part of. lol
What's the name of the bottom right? She's so beautiful I'm in love.

No. 637135

You could've just said women experimenting and not bi women "experimenting," but whatever.

No. 637142

the users arguing with the people with cancer are pretty dumb but idk I really don't think this is that bad, people like to ponder their own mortality and how they'd act in life-threatening situations, and what kind of terror or pain would push them to their limit. the OP of that comment probably just thought of cancer as a comparison because it's a slower and less violent demise than the topic at hand.

No. 637152

File: 1600885976825.jpg (88.6 KB, 791x1024, 3265464.jpg)

snf snrf
I smell…
unrubbed bean? and what is that? a hint of snmf snf rat flesh? I have not fed in many moons…

No. 637189

Lost 15 pounds and my nose is even bigger than it was before FUCK.

No. 637203

Better than gay couples that act like complete buffoons and fuck everything that walks and have obnoxious bdsm parties

No. 637204

If you miss it, move to my country to get stigmatized again in 2020, sure feels great to fear even wearing something rainbow related, not to mention holding your partner's hand in public. I know this is dumbass shit thread, and you probably didn't mean it like this but god damn you're so priviledged it's annoying to read

No. 637207

Yeah what the fuck. I'm sorry you had to read this and this >>637203 galaxy brained take. Retards.

No. 637214

Yea I miss getting beat up because I liked girls

No. 637215

I clicked on one of those "ask women" videos with over 9000 seething incels in the comments and now half of my recommendations are full with mgtow/scrotes bitching about women/being virgins videos.
Once again, I'm so freaking glad I'm not attracted to men and more and more women learn to ignore those entitled assholes.

No. 637225

I wouldn't mind someone mass shooting incels for once

No. 637227

We can't they don't leave the house.

No. 637251

The Queen of the Damned soundtrack was so good

No. 637255

Wow. How safe, sane and consensual all of that is. Nothing rapey going on here at all, it's just what women's sexual liberation looks like.

No. 637260

People crazy enough to commit mass shooting would rather kill other women and innocents. Maybe there are evil nurses and doctors, psychos in that field tend to be mission killers right? They would check crime records and let the bad apples rot. Ah a girl can dream.

No. 637272

Yeah I've genuinely thought about this, I wish there was a woman out there preying on sick incels dumb enough to dox themselves. But I know the reality of the situation is they'd just use it to justify their hate. They thrive on anything that could help them be percieved as the oppressed ones, it's actually really fucking annoying.

No. 637348

Meat and vegetables are so FUCKING GOOD

No. 637353

File: 1600905141959.jpeg (67.75 KB, 500x368, 1573637933995.jpeg)

I was in this thread yelling at you all for not telling me about girl in red before, well I just checked my spotify and turns out I've listened to her for over a year now without knowing.

No. 637355

File: 1600905503026.jpeg (174.44 KB, 828x447, 4DADC259-4BC4-4626-B5D2-47A5D3…)

I have thought about maybe trying to start a paranormal community drama thread, since there’s a lot of super special magical cows and all seeing eye snowflakes in the community. The problem is that the milk, while enticing, is often hard to connect back to other people, so you end up with a lot of dead ended shit and vagueposting.

No. 637366

Ngl sex is hilarious looking lmfao

No. 637368

Ooh i would love a thread like this anon, paranormal and magic stuff aways attracts some psychos and drama

No. 637372

File: 1600907906050.jpg (1.61 MB, 3069x3264, 1513534.jpg)

kek i've been beating myself up lately because i've been spending a good deal of time and money on building gundam models, which is a hobby I got into because my current scrote crush is super into Gundam (which I found out via stalking him on twitter). I wanted to have a common interest with him and used it to strike up conversation and an eventual friendship with him at work. Lately I've come to accept that though we have a nice friendship he most likely doesn't like me back, and I've been feeling like a fuckign idiot for really being that stereotypical fake nerd bitch who gets into things to impress men (despite the fact that I genuinely enjoy building the models), especially since I've since discovered that he and I have a ton of OTHER common interests that we could have discovered through normal conversation. Well I was looking through old threads on here and found a post where I talk about my interest in gunpla that's timestamped for over a year ago – a month before I ever fucking met this dude. I ALREADY LIKED GUNDAM and this year has been so crazy that I fucking forgot. I even remembered and subsequently found a .txt file saved on my old laptop that had a list of all the mecha anime I was going to start watching and the mobile suits I liked the best. I feel kind of validated that my pickmeism is not nearly as bad as I thought it was but also kind of spooked that I forgot about that? I read some of my diary entries from that time and I was also really into baking pizzas I guess? I vaguely remember baking one pizza but I talked to my mom and she said I baked pizzas like every other day for two weeks, tf.

tl;dr i'm trying to decide between an rx-79 and a gm ground type for my first master grade model which do you guys like better (picrel)

No. 637388

Left looks hotter.

No. 637389

I like the one on the left! I watched UC in high school and other day my crush and I were hanging out and talking about anime (I’ve don’t watch anime anymore, I’m basically just an Eva sperg but otherwise a total normie) and he told me he’s pretty out of anime other than gundam & it felt so fucking cool to tell him I liked UC in high school, lol. That’s so cool you’re into gunpla!! That’s such a legit hobby, also you could always tell old people you like model building and they’d think that’s dope.

No. 637392

Left even though it's colored like an old tabletop computer

No. 637394

I can relate, I've watched entire series earlier this year and then turn around and think to myself "I literally haven't watched a show in years omg" lol

one on the left looks better imo

No. 637473

I always sleep with my door locked for literally no reason.

No. 637476

To keep the monsters out

I keep mine open just so there's better air flow and the room doesn't get stuffy overnight

No. 637483

I've been rubbing my puss while sitting here bc i'm bored and now my hand smells really good, it smells like a korean restaurant now I'm hungry

No. 637484

Ew. Wash that shit, anon.

No. 637486

File: 1600928146628.jpg (145.08 KB, 807x605, 1520462605423.jpg)

I did a few hours ago…

No. 637490

I bet you're the same anon that posted a pic of her man hands holding a single scraggly pubic hair yesterday

No. 637492

ew, no

No. 637496

I love this man so much, but I feel like he's gay. I wanna have romantic dreams about him. Goodnight

No. 637505

Bitch how could you forget, never again think you like something because of a scrote. Now get the GM, those knees on the RX-79 are a bitch to deal with for a first MG. I've built quite a few myself.

No. 637508

he has a wife and mulitple kids, u think he's DL? I Never got that from kit.

No. 637591

I know that listening to Linkin Park is cringe but it's so cathartic at the same time.

No. 637596

File: 1600953182596.jpg (152.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Feels weird seeing people praise D'angelo Wallace because I remember him when he was crappy artist who would lurk the artist salt thread and post who ever dissed him on his twitter, only to delete it.

Saw someone call him the new Shane Dawson. They meant that as a compliment, but I feel like it's going to be some brutal foreshadowing.

No. 637599

My cleft chin is particularly visible today for no reason and it's driving me mad. It's such a small thing I know but I switch the part of my body I'm obsessed with every week apparently.

No. 637603

I get his smug sarcasm as a schtick, but he doesn't do it for me.

No. 637609

He thinks way too highly of himself imo and it's clear his newfound fame is not helping with that.

No. 637613

File: 1600955013448.png (109.45 KB, 340x270, 1600688133622.png)

I love this picture and I just wish it was me honestly, delicious and worry-free

No. 637614

Tbf I don't know the history of him here at all but I loved his videos on the terrible three because he didn't shy away from anything and was pretty articulate and funny when it was appropriate about it. I tried watching his other videos, and they're fine but just don't interest me. Probably too gen z.

No. 637616

I can't belive I let my ex erode my self confidence and allowing him to make me feel dumb when I wouldn't even make certain jokes around him because I genuinely believed he would not understand but I've used the same humour in front of 7 year olds and they've cracked up. Tfw you realise you dated a retard and indirectly felt like a retard by association

No. 637618

Where's that Anon Dates A Retard title card that someone made

No. 637625

My sister and I call each other "sissy" and have since we were kids. Troons and middle aged dads taking that word and perverting it, making me picture some disgusting fat man in lingerie whenever I hear her excited voice on the phone greet me with, "hi, sissy!" pisses me off. It hasn't ruined it completely (like to the point where I can't call my dad "daddy" or cringe when she still does bc she's a normie), but if it gets to that point, I'm going to kms.

No. 637631

lillie jean, amanda bret, and soren are the ugliest cows i've ever seen. i only keep up with lillie but i fucking hate looking at the thread images for the other two. farmers love nitpicking cows when they're average or just kinda ugly but these three are repulsive looking

No. 637634

Sissy had a pejorative meaning since late 1800s though, so you just were not aware as a kid, but nothing changed about the word.

No. 637642

I know there are pejorative connotations behind the word and have been aware of them since being a teen, but it was more about people being weak or gay, not whatever the fuck is going on now, ya know?

No. 637646

My dogs are awesome. So cute and funny. They make my life 10x better. Thank you for giving us dogs

No. 637649

File: 1600958951224.png (825.76 KB, 522x646, j.PNG)

Is it just me or do Jill & Shayna have almost identical faces? Especially in pic related, Shay smiles like that with her tongue near her teeth.

No. 637651

They do share a similar demented look

No. 637653

Pictures, please, if it's ok with you?

No. 637655

luv u ben man

No. 637658

File: 1600960199434.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 2873x2242, 9821B4D4-1FB4-4F75-B1FF-B62188…)

No. 637660

nta but aw, they look like the best pals.

No. 637662

awaaaawwwwww, I don't even like most dogs but they're so cute

No. 637664

Jill is slightly more attractive imo aside from her jowls

No. 637665

So cute!

No. 637669

File: 1600961147734.gif (995.43 KB, 200x200, 318H.gif)

Anon please….they're so cute

No. 637670

Aww! They do look pretty awesome

No. 637673

I’m laughing at my old lady professor attempting to be woke by showing us a trans photographer but then calling him a hermaphrodite

No. 637677

They're so fucking pretty and I'm insanely jealous.

No. 637680

ugh wish my friends dogs were that pretty. My friends have rats for dogs I swear…

No. 637683

Fucking true. I remember one time my libido was low and I came across a porn gif, seriously men fucking look like dogs humping stuff. It's so comical. Just like some people laugh at animal fucking. Maybe that's how aliens see all sex, idk.

No. 637708

When my libido is low naked women still look good to me, but naked men just look comical.

No. 637715

This shit makes me want to take my dog camping even though I've never been. I'm living vicariously through this guy since my dog looks exactly like his lol

No. 637727

I'm kind of delighted by how ugly Soren is. Like wow, that is truly the face of someone destined for cowhood

No. 637742

I posted a few days ago about some guy eyeing me up and doing the whole thing of passing me by and then turning around to check out my ass…except I turned around too because I knew he was about to do it. He got all flustered, looked back a couple more times and just I just stared him down as he walked away.

Well it's maybe 2 days since that happened and I saw him again, he was directly behind me as I queued in the nearby corner store. That is exactly why I reacted so much the other day. In a big city I wouldn't care as much but I'm going to bump into whoever the fuck this guy is all the time in such a small town.

No. 637744

I love clearly acknowledging when people are eyeing you or talking about you. Makes them shit their pants kek

No. 637748

How do you usually do it?

No. 637751

THANK YOU, kek. I actually thought he was better at being an art youtuber because at least his videos were a little more interesting. Now I find him insufferable. Also, wow, he lurked here? That’s news to me.

No. 637753

Soren is tragicomedy. Imagine being so ugly you have to write snuff cp about yourself to get mommy's attention.

No. 637760

I'd never had the pleasure of doing it to a guy like that before but when groups of teenagers talk shit about you as you're passing by them.. I love to then stop on the spot, look at them and just hang out nearby them like I'm waiting to meet up with someone. They go silent pretty quick and I get to then leave with some petty satisfaction achieved lol

No. 637761

nta but I just stare and maintain eye contact, raise my eyebrows a bit, until they look away first. I wear weird clothing so people stare and point sometimes and I stare right back until they get embarrassed and cut it out. Most people will back down first from a malicious staring contest, even scrotes.

No. 637764

It's kinda stupid, but I posted a big life change I made about moving on facebook and it's nice to see all of the likes. I only post a couple of times a year for big announcements like that.

No. 637784

Just got myself a bass bc it has been my dream instrument since childhood. Any tips or yt channel recs? Should I pay lessons or just learn easy songs?

No. 637785

i saw somone post a video on metal family in the /m/ animation thread and i just wanna thank whoever did that because it has honestly become on of my favorite things and i cant wait for more episodes!

No. 637792

im so glad that every time i've ever had the urge to take or send nudes, especially to a guy, i never go through with it. life is hard enough without naked pictures of me in some dudes hands. i can rest easily.

No. 637800

I saved 2 lab reports for last minute and now I'm reaping my shit crop. I have a solid 3 hours to write one lab report and the other will have to be late with a 25% reduction in points.

I will not repeat these mistakes again.

No. 637810

get your shit together, i'm the one who procrastinates here.

No. 637819

we're replacing the front storm door with a glass door and so far 2 of my dogs have rammed right into it face first.

No. 637822

haha I did that I'm so glad you love them too, everyone else also PLEASE watch them it doesn't matter if you don't like metal music, they're just so fun anyway and it's made by two people who do it for fun

No. 637829

Thank you, anon! They are super duper cute.

No. 637830

anon I posted this in the non milk thread, did you find him from that?! Just asking because I’ll be stoked if I helped someone find something cozy, but if not agreed I don’t ever intend to have a dog but he makes me want to get one and learn how to survive in the woods

No. 637839

>I will not repeat these mistakes again.
I said the same thing to myself and now I'm a dropout.

No. 637844

My friend saying she doesn't have an opinion on abortion because she will never need one as an asexual. Does this woman realise any scrote could rape her, and she may end up needing an abortion in the future? She never wants to have kids/is disgusted by preganancy yet she says dumb shit like thiiiis

No. 637845

You can put some masking tape or sticky notes on the glass to stop them doing that until they get used to it.
Pretty soon they will check to be sure even when it's open

No. 637847

File: 1600974528637.jpg (76.09 KB, 960x640, consequences_of_not_neutering_…)

I was too lazy to get up to get water to dilute my acrylic paint so I just spit in it, my dad is very disappointed

No. 637848

Why didn't you just ask her what she would do if that happened?

No. 637852

Fuck it, I'll ask because I thought she was smart

No. 637853

Ah yes, these are the kinds of asexuals people hate and make fun of.

No. 637854

She can stop being a self-centered snowflake and at least have the opinion that while she thinks she may never need one, other women will and that's why it's important.

No. 637856

"It wouldn't happen to me", I've had the weirdest day and this just put me over the EDGE.
>>637854 Exactly, she publically acts very woke but when we actually talk she pulls this shit. It may seem random but there's a lot of talk about abortion rights here and she just seems so annoyed

No. 637865

>It wouldn't happen to me
Kek is she not familiar with coercive rape? Something that is a very real issue that asexuals, especially asexual women, are in danger of? I'm not asexual and even I know that. Christ how short-sighted and pathetic. Get a new friend, she sounds insufferable and two faced, and that's frustrating.

No. 637867

my farts smell so bad you guys

No. 637868

Sounds like she's leaning against it but doesn't wanna lose her "woke" points, so she just tries to make the issue irrelevant to her so she doesn't have to risk taking a stance.
Except that still makes her look like she's got a room temp IQ.

No. 637870

I think I am gonna fade her ass out, done getting disappointed. We have friends who have been raped, I don't wanna know wtf she thinks of them. Sorry to sperg here, this turned into a vent!!

No. 637871

I'm angry at her for ignoring spring very real and awful your other friends have gone through too, I demand answers from her weak ass!

No. 637875

Don't apologize for venting, anon, I'd react similarly and need an outlet as well. You're among good company. She's not worth your time, and you and your other friends deserve better.

No. 637881

Coming from someone who is asexual, your friend is a complete dumbass. Just because she's asexual doesn't mean she should lose all sense of empathy for those who might opt for/need one. Corrective and coercive (as another anon mentioned) rape are some things asexuals bring up all the time. I originally thought "well, I guess indifference is better than being outright against it," but now it just sounds like she has an aversion to abortion and doesn't want to admit it. This "it wouldn't happen to me" rhetoric only holds up for so long until, heaven forbid, it does. You have more patience than me. That's the type of friend I'd drop in a heartbeat. Tell her to leave the apathy to 2015 Tumblr.

No. 637893

lillie jean blows my mind because I honestly think she looks normal and pretty when she's wearing makeup and smiling with her mouth closed but she is a fucking goblin without makeup and showing her teeth. I usually think women look fine and often better without makeup but holy shit that woman looks like a b-movie demon.

No. 637894

one time I poured my coffee in my paint because it was the closest liquid, you are next level tho

No. 637896

This shit genuinely came as a surprise to me, one ig post snowballed into her basically claiming rape happens to people who let it and I am thinking back on other convos I might have slipped past me. I should have used the vent thread but at the start I just thought she was being kinda dumb amd not thinking. Thank you ladies, I told her how I feel about this all and told her to read up on shit.

No. 637949

Guys, I had no idea pears were so delicious until today. I've had Asian pears which I hate and also had a really disgusting non-Asian pear which lead me think all pears were disgusting.
I just had a pear and it's so, so good. I am so sorry, pears…

No. 637955

They are good but make my mouth dry at the same time. I like the red ones better than the green ones, they have more juice

No. 637956

File: 1600982999393.jpeg (88.36 KB, 640x480, 77DB8AE2-DB75-44B7-A8FD-91B02A…)

My husband got office supplies for his new job in a comically large box

No. 637957

is it from amazon? they always do this shit

No. 637958

no it was some office supply vendor which made it so much more funnier cause you would think they’d be more professional lol

No. 637959

Are there women who really believe sex positivity and that women are now free to be empowered and have sex freely?

I have a male friend who is a feminist and goes on and on about sex positivity. One day he accidently spoke the truth "I wouldn't just let my daughter have sex with anyone because my girls will be protected".
No one really believes that girls having casual sex are empowered queens, the men fucking them think they're disgusting too.

No. 637970

I’m not going to get in a debate over it and I think the are things worthy of criticism with the sex positivity movement but yes I really do think sex positivity has been and continues to be ultimately a good thing.

No. 637972

When it comes to too many hook ups, not many of them really do it's true. But i think that guy might believe it's fine for his friends but daughters are different because he wants to protect them from danger like diseases, pregnancy and shit men, not because they would be worse people if they're not virgins?

I think nowadays having sex with boyfriends or one or two hook ups is normal and not so scandalous as it used to be, and that's good. I hope things keep evolving.

No. 637995

I donate a lot of my money when I feel like killing myself. I gotta stop. I don't act on attempts too much, but when I am at my lowest, I just look up causes and charities and donate to them. Yesterday's donation was to the VRR and local stores in neighbourhoods

No. 638000

someone told me they were insecure about their big rib cage, it made me kind of sad that so many girls hate things about their bodies that cannot change and are completely normal

No. 638001

File: 1600986571527.jpeg (692.06 KB, 1575x2100, 597ADE44-E92B-4D48-BB2C-9EAFD5…)

I was going through my camera roll when I found this pic of an gross old scrote watching young latinas on tiktok in the waiting room at a car dealership. This is the reason I deleted my social media. I would bet any money that girl would be absolutely disgusted to find this balding, liver spotted old fuck getting a semi in public while watching her content. There were no open seats so I was forced to sit here but thankfully one opened up before he noticed me and started to project his shit onto me. Why are grown men allowed to make accounts online? They should just stick to beer drinking and watching the game(sperg)

No. 638002

Do you actually care who looks at your social media? I couldn’t care less, it’s not like it affects me in anyway.

No. 638003

Also I feel like a man simply watching a video that has a young woman in it isn’t problematic especially on tiktok where it’s just random videos on the fyp that you don’t control. If they were like teenagers or doing some suggestive dance or something maybe but if it’s just a video of them talking I don’t get why anyone would care.

No. 638007

I mean.. that's good if it helps you get through the thoughts of killing yourself? What was the first time you did so, what did you think then?

No. 638008

Not to contribute to the circlejerk, but I feel like people are generally to self-conscious/judgemental when it comes to the art you consume. Movies, books, music, is it really so bad to give art a chance before passing judgement? Although I suppose tiktok is a stretch for art.

No. 638009

File: 1600987342904.jpg (9.62 KB, 250x250, 6188cd6dbaf72ed32af93bcbcceb76…)

I just wrote a code I'm very proud of and I'm just so happy and proud of myself for coming up with it,, moments like this make all the hours of coding and frustration worth it, I'm just so happy and I have no one to share this with. I feel great.

No. 638011

People who post pictures of random strangers on imageboards are such fucking weirdos. Also this post is so overly vitriolic for someone just watching a tiktok.

No. 638013

But it looks ugly with most clothes and makes you look huge and manly no matter your weight. We can't change it but yeah it's a self esteem destroyer.

No. 638014

Saw a comment on a tumblr post that said "what a useless scrote", then when I went to look at the blog the most recent post was calling jk rowling queen. So, which of you ladies was it?

No. 638015

What language, anon? What did you make?

No. 638016

Do things still happen on tumblr? Am I missing anything not being on there? I really miss it but it seemed like most people stopped posting and moved to twitter.

No. 638018

just because someone shat on your favorite show doesn't mean they didn't give it a chance anon

No. 638019

scrote is very common now among pinkpillers/radfems and not only a lc thing

No. 638033

Have you ever had a friend be posted here?

No. 638037

Where did that phrase come from anyway

No. 638047

Fuck the scrote defenders, anon I agree with you and all boomers should be in internet jail. Men over 45 should be eunuchs. If I make sexy pics it's for cute boys not some geriatric fuck.

No. 638048

‘Scrote defenders’ what’s there to defend he’s literally not doing anything? It’s not ‘sexy pics’ he’s looking at you can see the girl is clothed. It’s clearly just some video that came up on the fyp and you and that anon sound completely unhinged.

No. 638050

Cute boys will all eventually become the geriatric fucks you hate so much now. Such is the circle of life, anon.

No. 638053


I'm disappointed the part about cutting off men's cock and balls past the age of 45 was the only part you didn't take seriously

No. 638058

I kind of miss Sky Santana. He mass baleeted all his youtube videos, scrubbed his insta, just removed everything from existence. And there are no mirrors anywhere I have looked, just other vids from people he had beef with, so that is an era that has gone down the toilet.

No. 638059

Kek good thing we can make sperm out of literally anything in the lab.

No. 638060

EeewwW I feel offended that fugly old moids are allowed to look at young girls on a screen
True, put them out to pasture as soon as you’re done, beautiful boys have life span of a house fly

No. 638062

I know I’m a bit lactose intolerant (straight milk will fuck me up but pretty much every other dairy product is fine) but yesterday I flew too close to the sun… I’ve been buying myself some nice cheeses recently and I don’t eat a huge amount in one sitting, but yesterday I decided to eat a mix of three cheeses on some bread for lunch. Still not an insane amount of total cheese eaten, but I think the mix of having eaten THREE different types of cheese fucked me up. 8 hours later and I was dying. My stomach still feels a little fucked up today. Learned my lesson the hard way gals… gotta consume it sparingly and really savor that cheese.

No. 638063

take the lactase anon, it helps.

No. 638066

Take em out back at 25.

No. 638069

File: 1600991874692.jpg (98.6 KB, 816x664, Screenshot_20200924-185534.jpg)

Yes. That's about the age they start their metamorphosis into jaded old perverts.

Himbo androids who say nothing but "yes ma'am" when???

No. 638072

I always wonder if any of my friends are also secretly TERFs and we’re both just hiding our power levels

No. 638075

Hair makes men so cute, damn

No. 638076

There are a decent number of radfem blogs on tumblr tbh

No. 638077

I just found out a friend has similar thoughts about troons invading women's spaces, like the whole pcos reddit thing. I feel relieved.

No. 638078

Just bring up how there was a man in a dress in the women's bathroom.

No. 638079

File: 1600992855664.jpeg (51.98 KB, 748x589, 776973DD-E602-4604-86A2-14543D…)

> Himbo androids who say nothing but "yes ma'am" when???
Yes please, life would be so much better.

No. 638081

File: 1600992920949.jpg (71.6 KB, 923x882, cinnamontoastfuck.jpg)

My friend showed me this Vtuber she watches and I couldn't stomach more than 5seconds of her voice. I mentioned that the model was cute but her voice is way too played up for my liking and she was like "that's her real voice, she said so in a previous stream". I don't even know what to say because it's very clearly not her real voice and 99% of Vtubers play it up as part of their character anyway.
Sometimes I wish I was that naïve to the ways of the internet so I could stop being bitter about clearly fake people an just enjoy things like she does kek.

No. 638088

File: 1600993610723.jpg (103.71 KB, 475x596, Screenshot_20200924-191835.jpg)

>Being a terf in SECRET

Can't relate.

No. 638089

same energy

No. 638092

> "that's her real voice, she said so in a previous stream".
Classical bait. I do not understand how some people are still so naive to believe uwutubers… Maybe you could try making the same voice in front of her? Whenever one of my friends WKs someone w fake voice I end up making the same one to prove them wrong kek

No. 638095

Imagine being friends with someone who likes vtubers

No. 638100

I know that lolcow has a lot of ex-anachans and I was wondering how do I stop body checking? I had a bit of a relapse during quarantine because I realized I gained a shit load of weight and completely flipped out. I got back into my really unhealthy patterns from early college and started obsessively counting calories (and im really embarrassed to even admit this but i started going on MPA again god how much of a loser can I be?) you know the usual bullshit. I'm trying really hard not to spiral out of control and to just stop but I can't stop being a body checking freak. I can't even walk by any mirror in my house without stopping to look at my stomach and arms. I can't sit down and do my job without constantly feeling my arms and ribs. I'm so fucking ashamed and embarrassed and my roommates have started pointing out to me how often I feel myself up. I wish I could just go see a therapist but i don't have insurance and I cant even qualify for medicaid. I know this site hates ED sperging but I feel so feral.

No. 638105

I can smell her and her friend from here

No. 638106


No. 638108

Body checking is a symptom. Address the stressors that are causing you to relapse.

No. 638126

File: 1600997544726.jpg (155.13 KB, 1189x803, ugg.JPG)

what a hideous design

No. 638149

I find it very ominous whenever the meet the farmers thread gets bumped.

No. 638158

It’s so eerily tumblr-esque, I can’t believe how often it’s actually bumped.
Some anons are very talented though, I must say.

No. 638179

This would be cuter if the moons were closer to the edge and spaced farther apart. Would buy if it looked like that tbh

No. 638184

It looks like Pacman

No. 638245

File: 1601009951223.png (5.72 MB, 1606x2048, 8265B9B8-6045-42FE-A116-E44941…)

I want kare-kare so bad, but there are no Filipino restaurants around me, I don’t live close enough to my mama to ask for her to make it for a Sunday dinner, and I’m worried that I’m too dumb to get it right if I tried to make it myself.

No. 638247

Why do period cramps have to slither their way all the way to your asshole. The pain could've stayed centralized in my uterus where it belongs but nooo my period insists to give me phantom turds

No. 638248

Maybe your mum can help you cook over the phone

No. 638272

Joji's new album is actually…really good.

No. 638276

File: 1601016176606.jpg (23.14 KB, 600x628, 168966141.jpg)

>longtime friend I've known since we were 11 is venting to me about his recent breakup
>"omg I get so panicky every time she texts me uwu"
>SHE is the one who dumped HIM and she is now requesting in blunt impersonal text messages that he pay her back for all the money she spent on him
>mfw he's actually doing it
>mfw I have to be supportive of him and pretend that I don't think she's fucking based

No. 638279

im SO tempted to use some anons in meet the farmers/other self post threads as inspiration for my characters

No. 638284

This is irrational as hell but I am so scared that I somehow through a 1 in 1000 chance I am pregnant. I am still a virgin but me and my boyfriend had some light frottage through my underwear. I started getting paranoid and did research.

Apparently it is a very small chance that you can be pregnant by that. My period is starting out very light which is uncommon and now I'm paranoid it's fucking implantation bleeding.

I need to lose weight and get a regular flow again because this shit is too much.

No. 638287

File: 1601019038008.jpeg (195.36 KB, 680x910, C167C41D-9D3C-42C9-88FD-F8CA37…)

Wasn’t familiar with the dish so i looked it up, it looks sooooo good. I guess these dishes make one feel even more content when made by ur mom though, its why i never cook viet food for myself lol

No. 638290

File: 1601019249382.jpg (8.22 KB, 376x212, deutschesprache142_v-zweispalt…)

My English is getting worse and worse after spending so much time on lolcow. I hope I don't fuck it up irreparably because of this.

No. 638310

Pregnancy tests are cheap, just take one to get this irrational thought off your mind and continue with your life.

No. 638332

I'm back in my hometown after moving out for several years and damn do I not remember it being this shit

The biggest issue it's that everyone are narcissistic as fuck, it's a fairly poor town that's technically a suburb but people here have no issue displaying how shit they are of a person, when I visit my friends their families often have no issue fighting over literally nothing in front of guests but acting like high table manners is the indicator for class, it's practically considered normal for grown ass men in their 20s to date high schoolers that they end up destroying the lives of because most of these girls already have poor self esteem and no life goals therefore are being dragged even more. Ugly fat men who work mediocre jobs think they're hot shit and bash attractive women, everyone here thinks obesity is the pinnacle of attractiveness while also claiming to be health experts when discussing COVID and vaccines, everyone here are compulsive liars and average ass people who went to community college and make below the average income claim that the military or secret service has contacted them and begged them for their intelligence, or that they're in connection with satan, or whatever the fuck else that makes their boring and miserable life seem so speshal, everyone here thinks any sort of communication with people means they're flirting and that everyone is trying to get in their pants, everyone here are raging cheaters they don't even cheat decently, men will have the perfect girlfriends and still cheat with 3/10 women with personalities of cardboard.

What is it about the shitty ass town that turned basic ass people into raging narcs? At least people who live in some places like LA or New York have some sort of bragging rights, these people have sub par lives and put below average effort into everything they do and expect the world to be sucking their ass for it and when they don't get it they just cater their own reality to what they want.

No. 638349

That guy is so handsome…

No. 638356

File: 1601029909012.jpeg (311.38 KB, 1095x1195, B6A9D14A-3965-4958-980A-9DB057…)

>be almost 22 years old
>open the door after someone knocks
>it’s a security company
“Hi, are your parents home?”

No. 638361

What did you say

No. 638364

File: 1601031933142.png (Spoiler Image, 95.88 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)

Am I the only one who cringes when I see these things? Maybe it's the same face syndrome that makes them so uncanny? Or maybe it's cuz the mouths are so big? Kek idk. The way they look bothers me somehow.

No. 638366

Pretend I was a minor so they would leave me alone and not try push me to let them in kek

No. 638385

File: 1601037078534.png (1.23 MB, 798x1198, help.png)


Checked out TikTok for the first time in forever and first thing I found was this, haven't cringed this hard for a long time. Do we have a TikTok thread?

No. 638386

We don't because TikTok is also filled with СP and most of its users are underage.

However I remember some weird cows such as adult brother and sister having an account and promoting incest etc etc.

No. 638387

We do though: >>>/m/11941

No. 638390

In my dumb bitch shit early on this blessed day, seriously considering chopping off like 8 inches of hair that I've been lovingly growing just because I miss being constantly compared to a certain anime character

No. 638392

8 inches is a lot of growth that took years! If you like it, don't do it! Get a wig! Anime is for degenerates!!

No. 638394

This is actually funny if you get the context.

No. 638404

Yeah, I get the purpose of the video, I'm cringing at the girl's behaviour

No. 638418

I drank a glass of sangria then made the ridiculous decision to watch this video and now I am positively crying in this club, homies

No. 638439

Yesterday, one of the first things my therapist said to me upon seeing me was "have you lost weight?" which was nice, because yeah, I have, but also makes me want to continue not eating a lot. I haven't had much of an appetite lately, but now I find myself wanting to see how far I can push it which is retarded. Trying real hard not to go from recovering bulimiafag to anachan, girls, but people in my life keep testing me.

No. 638449

File: 1601044589518.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.33 KB, 749x802, 6AD6A771-820A-481A-B3D1-EB2CD4…)

Male sexuality is such a meme

No. 638454

What's up with people stating the obvious and being like "um the dumb and brainwashed masses don't get it xD", also it's always conspiracy weirdos. I mean I know why but tone down the narcissism.

No. 638455

Men who buy shit like that need to be put in cages or something so we can just laugh at them.

No. 638459

One time a guy told me my perfume smells like his grandma and I was so embarrassed. Maybe I should stop wearing perfume gifted to me by my old ass aunties?

No. 638467

Shayna's thread is fascinating because it's as if the thread itself has become a meta-cow. As in, its bland existence and the fact that it stays kept alive by the pure vitriol of other brain dead twitterposters and ""sex workers"" is comedy in itself

No. 638471

She literally just uploaded two implied blood-incest and underage pornos kek.

No. 638474

When I’m depressed I go through phases of eating the same thing every day. I made a huge bag of quinoa at the beginning of the week and I’ve just be eating a cup of it everyday. I can’t eat anything else. Other weeks I’ll do the same thing but with other foods. Anyone else do this?

No. 638476

I do that too anon! I obsess over a food item for a couple of weeks until I get completely fucking sick of it and then I can never eat it again. It'll be really specific stuff too, like a specific brand of frozen microwave fried rice or a ham sandwich with very specific bread, topping, and brand of meat.

No. 638477

Absolutely. Have since I was a kid. I call them "snack phases."

No. 638478

OMG yes, same, latest 3 weeks I'm not hungry for anything but basic pasta with pesto, it's not nutritious at all so I know it's not good for me but I can't stop

No. 638490

>>638439 your therapist is an asshole, especially if they know about your food issues. I hope you can get a new one or at least tell this one that the comment was inappropriate.

You don't have to be skinny to be worthy anon, take care of yourself.

No. 638496

>>638459 avoid perfumes with rose, lavender, magnolia or "powder" in the description.

Personally I think Zara's perfumes are wearable and modern at a good price point.

OT we should have a thread for perfumefags

No. 638499

there is a thread on >>>/g/72084

No. 638500

We have a perfume thread, anon

No. 638507

Aw, thank you, anon. She does know. I don't know if that's why she mentioned it, to check in, or what, but it just never feels good. The session ended up being about my ED, and I tried explaining how triggered I've been lately by my friends and how my cycles work, but I don't think we were clicking. I think I'm going to stop seeing her soon, she's nice, but she seems to think I'm too well adjusted and doesn't know how to help me, weirdly kek.

I am! I'm mindful and very, very pro-recovery, the thoughts just linger and they're pesky. I appreciate your kindness, and I hope you're always extending that kindness to yourself as well in whatever ways you need ♥

No. 638509


No. 638513

They must put crack or something in pop tarts. They don’t even taste good but every morning I literally wake up salivating thinking of eating one.

No. 638530

i feel like i ruined how i masturbate for myself. wish i could just reset the pussy.

No. 638537

This needs further explaining, you did what?

No. 638538

File: 1601053301700.jpeg (242.33 KB, 1200x848, BDB8EF64-A61C-4426-BE6F-B6BA9C…)

Anon, is it rude if i ask how u masturbate??
I worry that I messed up too, I’ve always just gotten off from my rubbing my clit and can only really cum from that and even then only if I’m laying down flat with legs straightened.

No. 638542

Same. How do I get rid of my dependence upon degenerate fetishes (like age gap bdsm tier, pls don't ask) to get me off? I haven't watched porn in over a year yet my only visual fantasies in my head are always of the scenes/videos that I grew up watching.

No. 638546

I'm in the same situation as well anon (not op) except I cum from laying sort of flat on my back with my head propped up on a pillow and legs bent/spread but lifted. I rlly wish I could cum from sitting on a dude's face but that position doesn't work for me for some reason.

No. 638550

I do a kegel, hold it and rub the shit out of my clit. It's something I've been doing pretty much since I started masturbating, but I'm pretty sure I used to be able to get off with just a little rubbing. Idk if my clit just isn't very sensitive, but I can't cum any other way, I don't think even vibrations work for me. Also, there's basically no build up to the orgasm so that sucks.

I don't have the same issue, but maybe abstain from masturbating? That's what I'm doing right now, and I've seen other anons say it helped them get rid of degenerate kinks. Also, try reading erotic stories made by women authors. Those are usually more "sensual".

reposting cause of typos

No. 638553

I know what you mean anon. Same. But maybe try to take time for your pussy and just play around with all parts and massage here and there. To ‚activate‘ her again kinda

No. 638555

Nta but that's how I come too. Been like that for 20ish years now. Never considered it a problem tbh. If I'm with a partner I just lay back and get oral to come.

No. 638557

I think it comes down to the nature of conspiracy theories, in that conspiracies are reliant on narrative/optics than fact. Which isn't to say many conspiracy theories aren't abundantly true – superficially, but, I think the crux of the difference between people like the FSF who said that there was such thing as a universal backdoor well prior to Snowden and conspiracists that might say something to similar affect is that the former don't necessarily believe in what they say /intuitively/, don't tape their webcams up, don't talk about government surveilance at family gatherings; but, they concede to that viewpoint out of necessity because of the logic and ethics that causes someone to reach such a conclusion despite themselves.

Whereas, the whole qboomer audience's definition of truth begins and ends at rejecting whatever's espoused by the mainstream, and their view of free speech begins and ends at deplatforming. If John Oliver said water is wet in that condescending way he does, qboomers would say water is dry. It doesn't matter who's right. Truth doesn't matter as long as you're winning.

No. 638559

I wish there was a city where only women could live and men werent allowed in after 3pm. Imagine the shit show troons and men would cause though.

No. 638560

It is stupid but, I noticed recently I have been developing this tiny envious streak in me in the weirdest situations. I know it is an insecurity on my part, and it is kind of embarrassing because it is little things that bother me.

No. 638569

I want to make some chocolate cake so bad but i aways fuck it up and no one eats it and i really shouldnt eat a whole cake by myself but nnngh chocolate

No. 638582

make cupcakes or a mug cake. Where do you fuck up when making a cake?

No. 638584

make one of those chocolate mugcakes. They're so easy. I hate baking but I make them all the time, can't fuck a mugcake up.

No. 638588

File: 1601056788268.jpeg (484.59 KB, 2048x1553, B79F95F2-BDB7-4CF2-A25C-894934…)

Awww shit im so tempted to make a nutella mugcake right now

Also thank u fellow clit rubbing anons, i feel like less of a weirdo now.

I just wish i could so stop faking orgasms for guys, despite the fact that PiV does feel REALLY good, i just never get there. And moids just keep going unless ur screaming from the top of ur lungs that i came ugh

No. 638593

Like what?

No. 638600

Have you ever looked a selfie your friend uploads and thought, "I love you, but way to catfish?"

No. 638603


I think that about my own selfies tbh

No. 638607

I'll try to facetime her and/or my sister about it soon! Whenever I ask her for a recipe, she's so non-specific…"a little of this…some of that…til it looks right…" like ma WHAT kek, but now this is how I teach people how to cook too, so I get it. When you're comfortable with a recipe, it comes natural, I'm just not there yet with this.

Exactly! I can make pretty simple Filipino food, and it's close but not the same, but this beast of a dish is probably a mom exclusive.

Harry Styles, anon.

No. 638611

please say sike

No. 638617

I think I have some sort of weird complex with feeling like an outsider. It is hard to explain without sounding retarded, but I am envious of people who just “fit in”. Even in my family, I am kind of on the periphery.

No. 638625

File: 1601059711313.jpg (8.74 KB, 225x224, images3.jpg)

Anon please…be nice…

No. 638646

File: 1601060607377.gif (273.77 KB, 483x281, ye.gif)


No. 638651

are you playing as a chad legionnaire or beta NCR scum?

No. 638658

I still agonize over not getting the completed game

No. 638666

what a trap, obviously free vegas is best vegas. both factions are scum

No. 638670

my favorite thing recently is playing as a 1 int cannibal named fuckhands mcgee, the dialogue is fucking golden

No. 638685

yeeeees anon free vegas is always my default choice, so that's what I'm doing on my current game.
KEK that's hilarious, I'm gonna do that next time.

No. 638690

Thanks anons, it came out actually good! a bit uncooked din the misdle but v nice

I don't know how i fuck the normal ones up, they just come out bad even when following the steps.

No. 638715

What the fuck is up with professors trying to pimp out their own works outside of class to students? Free publicity? It’s so annoying. I don’t give a shit about the film you produced with a friend, I don’t give a shit about your book. I even had one use a textbook they co-wrote in class as a mandatory reading. Im a broke college student, I’m not spending what little cash I have to support someone I won’t care about next semester.

No. 638716

im having such intense period cramps right now i think i may just keel over and die any moment lol

No. 638717

I just wanna cry about my skin. I know there's far more unfair things in the world but sometimes it feels so unfair dealing with acne for so fucking long and when I hear other girls talk about how their skin has always been clear and smooth I get so jealous. I wanted to enjoy all those years of my youth with beautiful clear skin, instead I've always had gross skin.

No. 638721

Demonic trip is fucking right

No. 638722

File: 1601065059374.png (661.1 KB, 739x500, great-period-wave-of-kanagawa.…)

sending you strong and healing vibes sister

No. 638744

Samefag, and in the future I'll have acne AND wrinkles! Woo…

No. 638747

wtf anon. no

No. 638756

File: 1601067905794.jpg (15.89 KB, 410x358, 1601045766450.jpg)

I miss 2007 youtube shit like this

No. 638759

Ty anon, this made me chuckle

No. 638769

I posted mine a long ass time ago while slightly drunk and now I'm still too embarrassed to go back and see if anyone replied to me

No. 638772


No. 638773

Oh god I remember watching this video at the time. I miss it too. I regularly think about an inuyasha AMV set to promiscuous girl by nelly furtado. Miroku/Sango based.

No. 638776

No. 638787

Since this is the dumbass thread, is this what a broken hymen looks like? i think mine broke from needing to use a tampon in an emergency years ago, it looks like this, but when i searched on google all the anatomy illustrations and pics would show a broken hymen like a gaping hole and that seemed kind of wrong.

No. 638802

File: 1601072276964.jpg (62.46 KB, 600x671, def13ab24ff4010a89f380116ac5a2…)

Pic related shows different types of broken hymens. It's not a big deal if yours broke. It was probably already naturally a little worn down.

You should do more research about hymens. Theres so much mis-information out there and most of the stuff we hear about hymens is a fucking joke

No. 638805

anon was that originally a pic of a furby i swear it was just there

No. 638808

I'm wheezing and I don't know why oh my god anons

No. 638809

File: 1601072567408.jpg (18.61 KB, 340x369, E68654e241989841ec8e339a4b781d…)

i know lmaoo I chose the wrong pic. Was gonna keep it up but I just decided to delete it lol

No. 638811

The one in the middle and the top right are horrifying.

No. 638812

So a broken one really looks like that last one? it seems so exaggerated but idk, mine looks more like the first one but slightly bigger and uneven.

I don't really mind enough to do research, just got curious after seeing the foot pussy.

No. 638814

The proana scumbags thread makes me want to throw up. Those plates of food were suggested by Satan himself.

No. 638815

Forgot to add this to my first post, but your vaginal opening could just look small.

No. 638817

mine is like the top right but ive had sex and use tampons. It just slides out of the way. Sometimes im like "oh, thats the little hole". my bf's penis is too small for it to matter, in more ways than one.

No. 638821

is it bad that images like these make me feel queasy

No. 638822

It's crazy having depression because even though having to deal with it, part of you still thinks "get the fuck over it" same with anxiety. Back when my social anxiety was horrible I had a "friend" go "just act normal…" and I would say the same shit to myself despite knowing it's not that easy.

No. 638823

And i forgot but thanks for the answer anon

holy shit thanks for the laugh too lol

No. 638862

wtf anon you have two holes separated by skin? like it never tore? also like how does a tampon just slide on over like that does it it gets pushed further in. i have so many questions lol tampons are painful enough as it is, i couldnt imagine having sex with one in.

No. 638879

Will all the weebs of lolcow stand up for this week's throwback song?

No. 638885

File: 1601076642462.jpeg (119.79 KB, 1136x640, 8EB46763-D4C8-4F84-9601-4CA5DF…)

Looking at this I’m reminded of how i dont remember tearing my hymnen at all. I was already improvising with objects before I had my first time kek

No. 638898

The hymen pushes off to the side not the tampon. I wouldn't fuck with a tampon in. Lmao I'm laughing at how confused you must be

No. 638905

File: 1601078191094.jpg (8.5 KB, 566x28, thanksihateit.jpg)

This led me to a weird place anon
It's always bothered me that I couldn't find any medical photos of hymenal remnants that actually looked like mine, google only has weird drawings and close ups that seem to be upsettingly related toCSA…but TIL there are dedicated subreddits full of high resolution photographs of hymenal remnants, tags and "pussy tongues" with comments like pic related. Rule 34 is absolute.

No. 638910

Why is this so funny im fucking dying at that woo woo

No. 638919

File: 1601079838431.jpg (259.3 KB, 1500x1414, 811UH5Bs08L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I'm so so happy that I can buy this shit now that I'm a grown ass woman. It just dawned on me. Please let me sperg out on foil pencils

No. 638925

File: 1601081063037.jpg (43.07 KB, 498x481, 51uXOHHQRiL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

No. 638930

What is a pussy tongue? My dumbass looked it up and was shocked when I saw a bunch of porn before realizing what I had truly searched.

No. 638931

Lol what the fuck. Who gets turned in from seeing "hymen tags"? I always get so surprised when I see the amount of women who post in subreddits like those

No. 638936

File: 1601082842137.jpeg (100.85 KB, 466x582, 41B4C2C2-ADE4-4C44-8F5E-9C870B…)

I think they’re gods reward for me. Crazy to think that my own brain just be making me cum no hands in the astral plane. Again!

No. 638941

how do I stop acting out and getting paranoid/angry publicly to others online? I don't want to humiliate myself anymore I feel like a lolcow. I never used to do this until recently.

No. 638942


Same! I've had 3 in the past.. well, 3 days.
Today's was so good I actually woke up mad because we were going to have a second round but my body decided that one orgasm was enough.
Damn it.

No. 638949

is it possible to use the "Date Apps" to find boys who want to cuddle/take naps together/kiss and gently fool around ABOVE waist without having PIV sex? like would there be guys who agree to this, or will they always try to escalate to fucking even if you're clear from the start? I miss being held and want it, but I also don't feel ready or comfortable having sex at all right now, for reasons. (I have a lot of anxiety related to that sorry)

No. 638954

Livin' the fuckin' dream

No. 638960

File: 1601085350233.jpeg (240.09 KB, 1114x897, 8F1C220E-3D6C-420E-8EC4-0D53A3…)

I know right! I’m annoyed I barely have dreams like those, so I still remember one I had in which my biggest crush was finally fucking me sideways, it was great, and I miss that.

No. 638961

that makes a lot more sense lol, sorry im a bit retarded tonight.

No. 638978

I hated this shit as a kid, they were always wrapped in plastic that would peel off when you sharped it and the erasers were rock hard. I'm glad they make you happy though anon

No. 638984

Penguin one is mine

No. 638998

Im on a trip and I just realized i forgot to shave my legs, now i have to spend the whole day getting looked at like im special needs, Its one of those leave in the morning and go back at night so I don’t have acess to a shower.

Inb4 no one cares, im not a burger or eurofag people do care ALOT about shaving here, its seen as very socially unnaceptable for a women to go out with visible body hair.

No. 639005

Yes it's possible. Still risky though. Make sure before you meet anyone that they know you will ruin their fucking life if they tried to push boundary.

No. 639006

Ew where are you anon? That's fucked

No. 639011

i'm going to start appreciating the smell of dead stinkbug. i fucked up and didn't take my window AC out earlier and i found two in my room today. and i'll probably see them even after taking it out.

No. 639012

File: 1601095151333.jpeg (112.03 KB, 750x750, 4B5F3863-58C8-4A00-A9D2-0AF763…)

becomes a plate

No. 639028

Are you in an Asian country?

No. 639038

I was supposed to go to uni exchange to Hong Kong at the beginning of this year and obviously it got cancelled and I'm still upset??? I just saw a photo from there and now i'm all sad this is ridiculous it's been 9 months and i'm a fucking adult why am I sad over something I had no control over and doesn't even really affect my life in any way anymore

No. 639039

I can't blame you for being upset, I get so excited for regular holidays that a cancellation would be devastating. Something as big as an exchange would be 10x worse. Not to be dramatic but it's understandable to kinda 'grieve' a lost opportunity like that, especially if you had put a lot of time and thought into planning and preparation.

No. 639040

Dude I'm still grieving over opportunities I lost out on two fucking years ago. This isn't weird at all. Covid has truly fucked up everything for everyone, and what makes it so much worse is that there is literally no end to it in sight.

No. 639043

hong kong slaps and i love it but things over there have been shit lately, even pre covid. the general vibe of the city is just stress and fear because of the fucking ccp. i really want the best for hong kong but it's sad to see it slowly becoming more and more censored. it's nowhere near as bad as the mainland but you just would get the general feeling of watching yourself from getting into politics esp near border checks.

No. 639046

File: 1601102224129.png (234.09 KB, 1200x1200, shitpostpark.png)

Oh yeah. The macho man gonna eat your ass, ohhh yeaahhh.

No. 639060

I keep mourning over the fact I planned to travel with friends in the summer and actually go places after graduation but I wasn’t able to do that and now I have to focus on finding work and I’ll probably never have that complete freedom and feel of accomplishment to celebrate with my friends ever again

No. 639068

oh god i feel you. when all of this kicked off in march i was on my study abroad year in seoul at one of the top unis and my home uni told me to come back to my home country. i lost out on so much and i feel like i’m never gonna be over it, lol. now i think there are problems with my host uni transcript too (idk if they’re gonna give me one lol) and the whole thing is just so shitty. i wanna cry every time i think about it. sorry for venting and taking over lol i just know it sucks so much to know what you’re missing out on - i had to delete insta bc i couldn’t log on and see pics from people still in seoul who didn’t have to leave. i think what makes all of this worse is that we can’t move past it - we can’t go there on holiday, can’t travel elsewhere… it fucking sucks so bad. i really hope you get another opportunity to visit and maybe even live there for a while somehow though

No. 639073

My two least favorite types of posts on here are
'I wish I was pretty, my life would be so much easier' and
'my parents are total narcs and I honestly can't wait til they both die'
There's probably way worse posts but the repetition is what does it for me

No. 639074

I swear that lately there's an anon with a very recognisable writing /typing style and every last post in that style screams underage or retarded.

No. 639078

You're gonna have to be more specific.

No. 639080

I know it's not me but I'm still paranoid it's me

No. 639084

I don't want to say too much just in case they change their style and I lose the entertainment of being able to track their tard posts lol

I didn't check in for a couple days but I see they've been posting again in some /g threads in that time, If that helps

You saged so it's definitely not you

No. 639087

Can't you give some kind of hint?

No. 639092

Has no idea what a capital letter is.

No. 639095

Anon, I wanna know! Don‘t leave us hanging like this.

No. 639100

im sure it's more than 1 anon

No. 639105

I‘m sure it‘s you.

No. 639109

why would you even think so

No. 639118

upset that volcanoes just exist and nothing can be done about it

No. 639121

I write one-sentence posts without a capital letter all the time and see other anons do it too. I'd uncap this post just for you had I not started it with 'I'

No. 639125

Are all your posts incredibly retarded though?

No. 639126

It hasn't gone away for me. In like 3 years

No. 639128

File: 1601121658274.png (4.06 KB, 290x270, disgust.png)

>Go onto pinterest
>'Somebody has saved one of your pins'
>click on the profile
>It's a profile dedicated to women n schoolgirl uniforms getting spanked and schoolboys being forced to crossdress

No. 639129

Excuse the retardation but is that a REAL smooth brain or two chicken breasts

No. 639131

The latter

No. 639133

File: 1601122457460.jpeg (88.97 KB, 713x1024, 8255EB36-1169-4242-B823-7F078D…)

No. 639139

I'm sorry to you and all the other anons that are missing landmark summers. We really are all mass grieving like >>639039 says
I had a breakthrough with my miserable shit in life before all this, I had a summer planned traveling and seeing friends but my country keeps going back into lockdown so I'm just alone in my room like nothing ever got better. I know that when we have freedom again it's going to be amazing and I'm lucky to even have my own room when many people are facing financial ruin, but it's natural to feel depressed. It's like when a kid breaks their leg and can't go to Disney world after waiting all year for it.

No. 639140

File: 1601123058006.jpeg (114.92 KB, 828x682, 007374E2-F86D-45BD-99FE-A7E988…)

Every time I go to the political side of twitter I get so confused. It is seriously hard to identify who is a fascist, who is a communist and who is an unironic racist. Idc about politics really just want to be protozoa

No. 639143

thanks for reminding me…

No. 639149

Just Luna passing the time between fixes.

No. 639154

Not possible. I've tried it they always try to fuck and then get frustrated and leave.

No. 639157

you are on lolcow dot com answer yourself

No. 639160

I believe you, I went through a phase a few years ago where I just didn't give a fuck so I'd wear three quarter length leggings with my natural legs. Had some people lean in to look at my tattoos (all smiling and interested) and then they'd notice the hair.. and grimace lol

No. 639161

I'm in my late 20s and I notice I have the most immature out look on relationships. I only want a cute bf to walk around with and have other girls jealous that my bf is cute. I'm like a 14 year old. I will not even consider a man unless he can be a trophy bf which is why in still single becuz I'm average.

No. 639166

Thing is, the hymen doesn't get broken. It's a hole in the body that stretches as needed. If that were not the case, period blood wouldn't be able to escape the body. An imperforate hymen is a birth defect, not a common/natural state.
The whole "broke your hymen" shit always pisses me off because it comes from men jamming their dicks in and us bleeding because they didn't use enough lubricant or go slowly enough. We're not supposed to bleed the first time, they're just that careless.

No. 639186

actually it depends…just do research and stop.

No. 639193

My boyfriend was incredibly gentle and I still bled a little bit.

Second this anon.

No. 639199

if ur on here ur def not "average".

No. 639207

Careful with that anon, all the farmers who believe they're actually 10/10 Stacies are gonna come for your ass.

No. 639209

File: 1601134747177.jpeg (158.51 KB, 602x707, DF553D50-636D-4D72-AFDC-A8266F…)

tru, we’re all gigastacys here

No. 639213

Like pottery.

No. 639214

What depends? Bleeding is less common than not bleeding, anon.

No. 639216


No. 639217

Bought a strapon kit, comes with two silicone toys and a harness. Will I ever use the harness? Probably not

No. 639231

No. 639249

hymen shape. there's no correct shape like you are implying and the shape also affects if it tears or simply stretches. men aren't the only ones who don't know shit about hymens.

No. 639255

I didn't say there was a "correct shape", I stated that imperforate hymens are a birth defect. Google it for yourself and find out what happens to you if you're a woman with an imperforate hymen and don't get surgery for it, lmao, holy shit.
The hymen never leaves the body. It opens.

No. 639262

I just ate a bunch of edibles and designed the ultimate knitted bathmitten

No. 639278

I got a second job today, good mood activated

No. 639280

show your master plans op

No. 639281

File: 1601141643029.jpg (30.69 KB, 750x739, cac8064e609b19e29d97f6ed3a4b62…)

im going to the cardiologist next week for a possible issue and im so fucking nervous. what if i have a heart disease or something. how will i live.

No. 639293

File: 1601143430119.gif (3.58 MB, 228x170, aa5.gif)

I bought a dress yesterday because I thought it was cute and I never wear dresses, try it on today and I feel like I look like a man in a dress. The top half looks okay but the bottom makes my ass look super long and my calves are huge compared to my thighs. I have such a weird mixture of masculine and feminine features and my hair is short rn so I don't know how to wear more feminine clothing. I don't want to look like a transbien in public. Back to sweaters and jeans i guess.

No. 639294

If spongebob was a new show that was popular with tumblr users today then they would ship plankton and mr krabs, enemies to lovers

No. 639295

It doesn't have to be a new show they already do that

No. 639299

Actually the most popular pairing on ao3 is spongebob/squidward

No. 639300

Can confirm

No. 639307

File: 1601144961073.png (1.09 MB, 1331x562, 1.PNG)

>she doesn't know
This was already a thing, pre-Tumblr.

No. 639314

How old are you

No. 639329

it could be the wrong cut of dress but i highly doubt your flaws are that bad. bdd?

No. 639332

Me yesterday, Well Jojis new album is shit
Me today, Oh there's vids now… simpin for Joji!

No. 639333

when i look at the stars i get the same feeling i get when im looking someone in the eye.

No. 639338

Do not Google that.
I googled it and saw a bunch of close upmedical photos of what I'm sure were underage patients. I need eye bleach and I'm waiting for the FBI to come pick me up now any minute fml

No. 639342

Has anyone here contract coronavirus? If so, how was the experience?

No. 639345

You do know medical photos are not the same as CP, right?

No. 639347

Nta but I was looking up 'tough hymens' lol the other day and saw the same results, didn't occur to me that it was weird. Medical pics of abnormal conditions.. didn't scream cp to me

No. 639348

Well.. they can be

No. 639349

what feeling?

No. 639350

Because it's not.
Look up the definition of CP again.

No. 639351

It's not a male board discussing this. You know we're women with our own hymens that we want to understand?

No. 639354

We know that but it's also known that certain searches can get you on a list. When you think of every innoculous thing you've ever searched don't you think there is a risk that they can be taken out of context too? I'd rather not see things like that, especially when also >>639348

No. 639355

>using google images when searching for information on genitals (or medical topics in general) instead of clicking on the first Wikipedia result like a normal person
You did this to yourself, anon.

No. 639358

I get an extremely bad vibe for no reason from Joshua Weissman the cooking youtuber

No. 639360

Nobody is going to knock my door down because I searched for info on why my hymen was such a toughie lol

No. 639362

Tbh, hes kind of a snob, so i understand.

No. 639363

Am I the only one who tore my hymen at a young age due to sports? I remember changing out of my clothes after ballet when I was ~10 and seeing blood in my crotch area of my tights. I already had my splits by then but I also didn't get my official period until I was a couple months away from turning 13.

No. 639364

Didn't hurt? Did sex hurt years later?

No. 639365

I had no idea who he is but I looked him up and he gives me that mansplaining faux-feminist probably a rapist/textbook abuser white male vibe. It's probably his face combined with his aesthetic but he looks very punchable.

No. 639366

Lmao that’s exactly what I mean but I feel bad saying it because he literally hasn’t done anything. He just has that energy.

No. 639368

You're paranoid

No. 639369

I'm a minor (17 years old) and can one of the lolcow farmhands ban me permanently .I spend way to much time on here and I'm kind of addicted. would much be appreciated.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 639374

I just got banned on my other IP address (Not ban evading, I just post using hot spot if I'm not at home or have access to wifi obviously) and it was for a post all the way back from 2018 that I 100% did not post. There's no way it was me considering someone posting about being suicidal while defending trannies. So why the fuck did I get banned for it?

No. 639376

Unbased, everyone knows that the true enemies to lovers in Spongebob is Squidward x Spongebob. Also shipping sponge bob characters has been around for a while now, I remember Deviant Art was filled with pictures of anime Spongebob getting railed by Squidward or Patrick.

Anon searching medical terms wont get you on a list especially since that deformity is more prevalent in children than it is in adults, most adult women already have had corrective surgeries preformed since they need the perforation in order to have a healthy mensural cycle. You're just being overly paranoid since it involves children. Also you don't have to use google images, just pull up the wiki article or any medical journal like >>639355 said

No. 639378

IPs get recycled, just happens sometimes anon

No. 639379


No. 639381


No. 639382

WAIT before i get banned is it true that lolcow records post history? if so is there any way to view it

No. 639385

bye bye anon love u have a good life

No. 639388

Just record posts associated with a certain IP and no users can't view them

No. 639389

If you're banned you can still browse the site though, right? I thought it only banned you from posting?

No. 639397

That's what I thought as well but if there's a ban that keeps you from even viewing the website please let me know

No. 639398

Lol anon I think you can just get some website blockers or something.

No. 639400

I thought if you get permabanned the site redirects you to farmcow.lol?

No. 639407

I did not realize this was a thing. This is hilarious and awful and I hope I never have to look at it again.

No. 639412

Now I'm scared to look at it, is it that bad?

No. 639415

It's not actually scary, just really disorienting if you stare at it for too long

No. 639416

File: 1601155519425.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 1400701829371.gif)

When I hung out on /cgl/ I sometimes used my school's wifi and one day when I tried to post, it showed me as permabanned for cp from years ago, way before I even went on 4chan. Gave me the heebies that a pedo was in my college.

No. 639418

oh lmfao, I expected gore or something like that. This is pretty funny actually

No. 639453

do we have a discord?

No. 639456

File: 1601158082422.jpeg (95.25 KB, 668x960, 258F302C-3E4F-4E27-972C-DBEADB…)

i want to make shitty cringe vent art especially related to eradicating horrible men

No. 639461

shouldn't be surprised. pedophilia will go up with pornsickness.

No. 639467

yeah, look at the top where all the board links are

No. 639493

Is it worth it

No. 639506

please do it and show us anon

No. 639509

Idk, I don't use discord.

No. 639511

I’ve never used it but do you honestly feel like the majority of anons here seem like someone you’d want to talk to?

No. 639512

anybody else sometimes forget how long they’ve been keeping up with a cow? today i realized that the shay and fupa saga started two years ago. i could’ve swore that only happened within the last year or so.

No. 639513

It's filled with males.

No. 639514

File: 1601161269037.png (306.18 KB, 600x700, 7d3.png)

Yes I simply have never been in a community discord before

No. 639515


No. 639516

My cat just ate ear wax that i took from my headphones… i was cleaning them and he smelled and went crazy licking what was on my finger.

EXTREMELY GROSS but he was so damn happy that i don't feel too bad. He goes for q tips too but i aways deny him.

No. 639519

Yep, can relate. I feel like a newfag sometimes but then I realise that I’ve been following some cows’ threads for three or four years.

No. 639550

Omg sorry I feel dumb now, thanks. I was just thinking the among us session again but I don’t wanna talk to men more than needed

No. 639556

File: 1601163136446.jpg (10.41 KB, 194x259, baby.jpg)

Yes, with Pixy. She was the first lolcow I was ever exposed to. I always felt kinda bad for her tho, even more so with watching that recent video of her idiot parents. Was super proud of her for losing all that weight a couple years back.

No. 639569

Just do iiiiit

No. 639572

My cat loves the taste of earwax too, he's always trying to lick at my ears.

No. 639576

Can’t stop thinking about dinosaurs. Didn’t realise how fucking massive they were, imagine a lizard being 130ft long. The fuck

No. 639577

File: 1601164893322.jpg (286.05 KB, 1174x1500, QuetzalcoatlusReal.jpg)

Look at these guys. They creeped me out when I first saw them. They apparently were able to fly as well

No. 639578

File: 1601164919032.jpg (28.83 KB, 489x627, ph2lftyxv1y21.jpg)

No. 639580

File: 1601165041288.jpg (151.58 KB, 700x709, meganeura-size.jpg)

DUDE imagine huge fucking bugs

No. 639583

I love these obscene beasts

also, people who like dinosaurs but get all pissed off about you bringing up dimetrodons or whatever are annoying and wrong
it's like acting like there's no reason to be interested in spiders because you like insects
doesn't make any sense, clearly we're all into this sort of thing here, I can stand to learn more, it's good

No. 639584

Is it any fucking wonder Victorians/devout Christians didn’t/don’t want to acknowledge this shit

No. 639585

Theyre such little weirdos lol

No. 639587

my cat too, she'll always gnaw on my earbuds and I'll wake up to her little cat tongue tickling my ear, it's both gross and funny

No. 639593

No adult human being is ‘cute’

No. 639604

I am uwu

No. 639608

But you’re wrong my bffs are cute

No. 639611


No. 639612

Yeah, >>639604 is adorable.

No. 639618

I get people thinking like their friends and family are ‘cute’ in a way, but just whenever I see videos of grown adults infantilizing themselves/acting like a baby and people in the comments are genuinely like ‘awww you’re so cute’ I just don’t get how they feel that way like it just makes me uncomfortable/gives me second hand embarrassment. Not even the pedo element I just don’t get how you could genuinely find it cute. I just can only find animals or maybe kids cute in that sense and even kids are on thin ice honestly.

No. 639621

*by pedo element I mean the idea they’re infantilizing themselves to appeal to pedos

No. 639625

File: 1601172963396.jpg (97.58 KB, 735x717, 750f10e10e4562ca008910adf106c4…)


Semantics bullshit again. This discussion sucks cock. And small cocks at that. I'd rather discuss pic related

No. 639630

I don't wanna be a dick, but like

you maybe not feeling so good right now?
you're probably cute

No. 639632

No lmao honestly I think we just have different definitions of cute I don’t mean ‘cute’ like pretty I mean cute like adorable. I just don’t find humans/adults cute ever and whenever they try to be I find it off putting, I’ve always felt like this.

No. 639639

No. 639645

I agree with the scenario you present (it's cringe when adults do weird ageplay shit), but adults can still be endearing and some can inspire a need to care for them. I find people who are shy and awkward cute because they make me want to stick up for them.

But also, some adults with neotenous features (like short and small people or people with large eyes) just set off that "cute" instinct we have since those traits are child-adjacent.

It's all subjective though ig so this post may be meaningless.

No. 639670

File: 1601179748083.png (28.18 KB, 357x313, wojak-crying-in-bed-face-cover…)

Texted fwb/guy I'm seeing/fuck if I know that I wanted to cuddle, got left on read. Now my tarot cards are telling me that I'm deluding myself with how this is gonna work out.

No. 639672

Where I grew up bunnyhug was slang for hoodie and tbh I miss being able to use it without the "haha you're from there" comments. It's so fuckin cute.

Also yes haha I grew up in Saskatchewan.

No. 639677

Why do you keep fucking someone who wont even cuddle u?

No. 639691

Why is hangover horniness even a thing? I feel sick and gross yet still wanna get fucked so badly! Humans are weird.

No. 639697

Why is a Bloody Mary considered a cocktail but putting vodka in your tomato soup is a sign of alcoholism

No. 639699

cuz you forgot to add the celery garnish

No. 639704

File: 1601188387481.jpeg (159.9 KB, 640x560, D3FF54C5-1CBE-4578-A717-294354…)

I can’t stop reading these write to a prisoner profiles, all these dudes treating it like a fucking dating profile while serving life in prison

No. 639705

Not trying to race bait but some minorities in my apartment complex had a giant party which involved tons of illegal drugs, fights, loud music, and so on, in a quiet neighborhood where most people work several jobs every day of the week. Mind you this is also a small town where people purposely move to get away from the loudness of the big city and everyone is tired and wants to sleep, they got evicted the following week and went on facebook to claim my landlord, who's a minority, kicked them out in the midst of COVID because they're black and claimed that they were risking getting COVID from having to be homeless even though they had no issue having 200+ people crammed into a tiny area passing around blunts and hennessy??

Seriously not trying to racebait but as a minority it pisses me off when people act out then try to blame everyone else but themselves. Very little times have I seen someone have shit be flung their way genuinely because of their race in America, most of the time it's because they did it to themselves

Schools didn't fail you for being black they failed you because you sat around, screaming and gossiping in class, got in fights, and refused to learn in class
you didn't get COVID for being black you got it because you went to parties with millions of people being crammed into a small space
You didn't get fired or not hired for being black you got it for acting out obnoxiously, getting into fights and refusing to follow the rules.
You didn't get evicted for being black you got it for having loud parties with a million and one drugs in a tiny paper thin complex filled with sleepy people who are tired from work
Anyone denying this or claiming "this is just their culture" is not only stereotyping blacks but also failing them and keeping them in a shitty cycle leaving them fucked for life

No. 639706

How else are they going to lure those fat, ugly, unemployed, desperate women they can be hobosexual with once they get out?

No. 639709

So what kind of ‘minority’ are you, out of curiosity?

No. 639712

Whenever I hear someone say "these are tough/uncertain times" my blood boils and I get the wild urge to throw something and run away forever

No. 639714

I'm mexican but live in a mostly black area

No. 639722

Sad that a Mexican would pretend racism isn’t real but I guess it’s not surprising, most of the ones I know do. What do you say to all the studies that show employers throw out resumes with black names, that black kids acting the same way as white kids get written up more, or you know.. the whole police brutality and modern slavery thing?

No. 639723

No one's saying racism doesn't exist but by justifying behavior like this is what keeps blacks stuck in the cycle of poverty. If you're getting in constant fights and always doing something illegal then it's not the police or systems fault when you can't keep a job or stay in an apartment. It's not denying racism either that so many people will be pieces of shit then use the race card when the consequences dawn on them but you're not ready for that discussion

No. 639724

It’s a cycle of gentrification, being born into poverty, treated like a criminal/stereotype from a small age, and compounded by things like in my previous post. There’s only so much black people can do for themselves without access to more resources. No one is justifying that kind of behavior, but you are saying that because these black people were unruly, everything their entire race endures was brought upon themselves. Absolute retardation.

No. 639728

You literally ignored the entire scenario of blacks being clearly unruly then trying to use the race card when they faced consequences. People like you are the issue. Also blacks here get scholarships, the local mostly black high school I attended gave free meals 3 times a day, there were grants pretty much stuck in the faces of blacks who wanted to start businesses, lots of people at my school were never suspended until a total of five or more fights and acting out in class wasnt disciplined, education was shoved in their faces and they used that time to refuse to learn and goof around. Also most of the cops here are black, most people here are black, if it was truly a situation of black people being made to feel like criminals since day one then why wouldn't they try to help themselves? And why doesn't this happen in other communities that are made out to be the bad guys?

No. 639731

>You literally ignored the entire scenario of blacks being clearly unruly

I literally didn’t
> because these black people were unruly

Whether or not they ‘pulled the race card’ doesn’t matter when your actual point is “I rarely see racism, black people are oppressing themselves”

> suspended until a total of five or more fights and acting out in class wasnt disciplined

Not really sure how pointing your school out as ass is supposed to help your argument kek
And those are cute little basic ‘perks’ you listed there, but you clearly know jack shit about black race issues, or you would recognize that that’s practically nothing and you wouldn’t ask the dumb ass question “why isn’t this a problem for the other people labeled bad guys” — because black people faced this specific history of racism? Not race bait my ass

No. 639733

tell us, o wise one, how we can fix our community, seeing as how your race is perfect and without faults.

i will be taking your advice to the next black delegation meeting. thank u

No. 639734

definitely read this as kitten mittens, eat edibles again and make kitten mittens this time and post plz

No. 639736

Okay anon, keep believing it's always the evil systems fault and all black people are innocent snowflakes and if they ever have to pay consequences for their actions it's the systems fault because black people apparently can't think for themselves

No. 639737

Would have been a nice goal post shift if it wasn’t so damn blatant

No. 639739

imagine thinking the system isnt evil. you sound like a bootlicker.

No. 639743

I agree that your scenario is cringe, but I still think that adults can be cute, just not when they’re trying to be. I think my friends are cute when they’re just being themselves, when they joke around or sometimes when they ask a dumb or naive question or when they’re particularly nice to me. It just makes me feel the cute lovey dovey feelings.

No. 639744

File: 1601197952353.gif (490.01 KB, 500x270, Pvt.gif)

I feel like a dumbass as I went to a book bazaar before the pandemic and I saw some manga I read like 10 years ago and I didn't have all the magazines to know exactly what happened and for some fucking reason I passed over it and now I can't find it ANYWHERE as it isn't printed by the publisher anymore and no bookstores I looked into have it either.I've found it on ebay in german(the original language) but I'd rather have it in mine but it seems impossible.And since it wasn't a popular manga it's not like I can find scans online either.

I hate when I decide NOT to by something because I don't like clutter and then I regret it.It isn't even anything important or life changing but it hella bugs me

No. 639753

I used to follow this girl from the tumblr TCC community that was dating a guy in prison for trying to shoot up his school. She was friends with thedeathmerchant and other popular blogs, but most have been nuked and I guess hers has been to. I'm curious to see if she's still dating him or how she's doing, she seemed nice.
Another girl I followed was voicefromdeathrow. She's married to this guy in death row and now they have a child? Are conjugal visits even allowed on death row? Or is the child not his?
Fuck, the TCC in tumblr was something else kek I really miss it.

No. 639756

Anons… I feel lethal.. on the verge of frenzy..

No. 639761

File: 1601202579917.jpg (391.91 KB, 867x650, 137377289.jpg)

Say it to their faces and break their hearts, I double dog dare you pizdets

No. 639763

File: 1601203103040.png (838.07 KB, 800x777, lkmx.png)

Go crazy aaaa go stupid aaaa

No. 639766

Played among us for 6 hours straight holy shit

No. 639770

I'm with you anon. I'm in Korea where I have had the great misfortune of seeing grown adults in public do 'aegyo', which is acting like a baby caricature with a nasal voice.