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File: 1597674685964.jpg (22.29 KB, 512x512, Love-Dairy-Free.jpg)

No. 606611

Use this thread to share internet personalities that are relatively drama free whom you actually hope/wish the best for.

>no cows that have been posted in /pt/, /snow/ or /w/, if you like them so much you can go simp for them in their respective threads
>no shitting on other people's opinions, this is a positivity thread.
>however, if you post someone that is a known shithead, you will be dragged accordingly
>no personal cows
>no self-posting
>no shilling (do not post their store links – youtube channels and social media accounts OK)

No. 606613

Safiyah nygaard, I love watching her videos so much, i love her. I wish she uploaded more often

No. 606614

File: 1597674878756.jpg (121.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'll start with JordanShrinks

>weightloss channel on youtube

>lost a LOT of weight and was relatively honest with her methods, even admitting she did some of it unhealthily
>discusses the gross and unfortunate sides of losing weight while still encouraging people
>regularly promotes healthy weight loss
>is very public and non-discrete about almost all of her cosmetic surgeries
>responsive to fans and is generally nice to people
>cute goth girl that makes my heart go doki doki

idk overall I really like her and have never had an issue with anything that she's said. I'm super proud of her for losing weight and I hope she does great things someday

No. 606616

File: 1597674964480.jpg (246.67 KB, 1080x1080, who-is-safiya-nygaard.jpg)

I run her videos in the background when I'm trying to nap! idk why I just love to nap to someone talking quietly in the background.

I always wondered if that was her real accent though, it's REALLY pronounced.

No. 606622

She has an accent? I'm ESL and she just sounds like a regular American to me.

No. 606624

her videos are simply fun. even if they're sponsored, it never seems like she does it for that youtube money.
i watched a podcast interview of her and her husband and they're sweet. he's fucking talkative but he somehow never speaks over her.

her accent is very american but…i guess that's what op is talking about? it's extremely strong, and not a "softer" standard american accent.

No. 606626

She doesn't have an accent and that's what made me wonder if she is speaking REALLY pronounced for an exaggeration or if that's just how she speaks.

Perhaps that's just me making an assumption based on her name and that's kinda effed up lol

>her accent is very american but…i guess that's what op is talking about? it's extremely strong, and not a "softer" standard american accent.


No. 606631

File: 1597675675273.jpg (32.03 KB, 410x410, whang.jpg)

i forgot to post my fave drama free youtuber: justin whang.
he doesn't care enough to get into drama (god knows the idiots he follows do though, lol) and just shitposts on twitter.
he's my dose of edgy humor without the sperging.

No. 606656

File: 1597677384153.jpg (100.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Big fan of Let's Player John Wolfe. Plays mostly indie and mainstream horror games.

>doesn't overreact to jumpscares

>since he's played so many horror games he's great at calling out overused tropes, cues, and even asset packs
>pretty much never postures about his politics or being ~woke~
>can be funny, but is never tryhard

Not to mention he is just refreshingly good at what he does. He got the best ending of Until Dawn on his first blind playthrough. I also recommend his LPs of Detention, The Cat Lady, and Lorelai (Cat Lady sequel).

No. 606659

File: 1597677523721.jpg (15.09 KB, 300x300, Emily-Snake-Discovery.jpg)

Emily of Snake Discovery is the most wonderful person and YouTuber ever. Her channel is so educational and she's genuinely passionate, knowledgeable, and willing to learn when she does make mistakes, which is rare. She's not a pettuber, even though some people stupidly put her in that category, and she's finally opening an educational reptile zoo/sanctuary! I'm just so excited for her. She's not a conventional YouTuber by any means, but she definitely deserves praise and recognition and is certainly the unmilkiest of unmilky people.

No. 606661

File: 1597677694604.jpg (69.17 KB, 900x900, unnamed (1).jpg)

Emmy Cho of emmymadeinjapan. She makes tons of recipe videos, a lot of them are odd experiments and recipes her fans suggest. She also is a bee and chicken farmer. Her social media besides YouTube, she updates about her farming adventures.

No. 606663

I only follow a few gaming youtubers, but CallMeKevin is definitely my favorite. I cannot think of any real drama he has been in, his videos are funny and he seems like a genuinely nice person.

No. 606671

File: 1597678210993.jpeg (139.25 KB, 900x900, 7936113A-F79F-4997-95AD-A5081D…)

I agree with Safiya, I also really have a soft spot for andreaschoice.

No. 606674

File: 1597678630188.jpg (161.09 KB, 1280x720, oat.jpg)

Dairy-free and delicious.

No. 606675

File: 1597678687599.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1088x1467, 3D7F661B-EC51-4049-8F07-86CE27…)

Not sure if people will know her but Jess Lizama (exoticjess). I really wish the best for her and having followed her for so long it makes me happy to see how much she’s grown.

No. 606677

File: 1597678912355.jpg (797.24 KB, 2331x3497, 9c216e4d34210d77275abe0f05c08c…)


Is LilNasX too easy?

I love him and hope nothing happens to him, drama-wise.

No. 606679


Hard agree. I feel really protective towards him like he’s my little brother or something. Seems like a genuinely sweet dude.

No. 606685

File: 1597679230861.jpeg (26.78 KB, 280x280, 97A4F42C-D7A8-43CE-9E78-EDCEA6…)

Jordan and Safiya are great.

Karolina Żebrowska is an amazing, underrated YouTuber.
>seamstress, costumer, and vintage and historical fashion enthusiast
>has written and published two books on vintage fashion
>makes great educational videos calling out misconceptions about historical women and historical fashion
>hilarious and brings modern humor to what many might consider a dry and stuffy subject
>lives in PL and posts informative videos on Polish culture and history that are entertaining to Poles and non-Poles
>very down to earth and does not shy away from honesty and self-reflection without being (overly) self-deprecating
>has the critical, internet-immersed humor of a farmer but is much too wholesome of a person to ever post on LC

No. 606687


I think she's doing her own spin on the transatlantic accent (old-timey american radio hosts/actors). She seems to enjoy historical stuff so that might be her inspiration.

No. 606692

Karolina is great! I love that she's clearly smart but laid-back. Honestly I find that a lot of historical sewing youtube have this very pretentious elitist air I easily get annoyed by (coughBernadettecough) but I never got that with her. I especially appreciate her video where she reviewed the costumes from Netflix's The Witcher because GOD were they bad and it was driving me crazy that no one on social media was saying so.

No. 606696

I like her but some videos just feel like excessive wastefulness which grosses me out. Like mixing all bathbombs or lipsticks from a store together etc.

No. 606697

Review Brah.
I get such a wholesome vibe all around.

No. 606699

File: 1597680204449.jpg (72.46 KB, 900x599, ask a mortician.jpg)

Ask A Mortician aka Caitlin Doughty. Amazing youtuber and author. She's very smart and covers fascinating topics.

On the topic of morbid youtubers, I like Cayleigh Elise a lot as well, but she doesn't make videos anymore, but check out her channel archive if you want to see well done true crime and mystery.

No. 606701

Lmao I scrolled post this thread several times thinking it was for lactose intolerant people and vegans.

I enjoy grace_africa on Instagram she's adorable and funny and I hope she has a career in comedy but being a pediatric nurse is pretty wholesome.

No. 606702

I was coming here to post these, they are two of my favourites on youtube. I can't get enough fashion history and death acceptance related content

No. 606705

I can't stand her voice. Subject matter is interesting though.

No. 606707

File: 1597680659634.jpg (543.2 KB, 1457x2048, frank.jpg)

I adore frank oceans music. I'm not entirely sure if he's been in any drama, but i doubt it. Hope he releases a new album.

No. 606709

tbf lipsticks and bathbombs are already useless. but she actually used them and gave them away in the end, plus it provided content for a million+

hell yeah! she's corny as hell but in a cute way. she's fighting the good fight and provides really good content, even if the jokes are kinda painful sometimes.

No. 606753

Aw, I like him too. Took a while for him to grow on me, but he did eventually. He doesn’t really have that “YouTube” personality, which is refreshing.

No. 606757

File: 1597684087818.jpg (135.45 KB, 1280x720, mi.jpg)

Micarah Tewers is such a ray of sunshine in this dark world. you can absolutely tell she was home-schooled but in a good way lmao, i feel like if she went to public school she'd just be a stacey and wouldn't have developed such talent. I just like how she's authentic and seriously has mad talent when it comes to sewing and costuming. she's genuinely a beautiful, funny person.

No. 606763

he's great and i agree. it's hard to find a gaming youtuber that doesn't assault the microphone or default to sexist jokes. but i have to say i miss ninetails era callmekevin. i absolutely hate the facecam, it's unnecessary. and his reliance on sims videos bother me. he did his best when he calmly trolled harry potter roleplay servers. but i guess popularity comes with being unable to be a good troll in niche communities. nothing will ever top his infiltration into the storm trooper unit on star wars rp.

No. 606770

I was very shocked the first time I watched a video in which she unleashed full weirdness. It can be so strange to see really conventionally attractive people do weird shit.

No. 606773

i agree! never really cared for any of the sims videos but his rp videos are all comedic gold, i loved the army gmod ones.

No. 606798

File: 1597686627111.jpg (75 KB, 1024x576, 1577947830_maxresdefault-1024x…)

Not sure if he's an internet personality, but I enjoy Dr. Grande.

No. 606804

File: 1597686781409.jpg (93.99 KB, 900x899, unnamed.jpg)

Any anon watches Townsends? He's adorable. Very enthusiastic about bread

No. 606807

I love how many requests he gets around to doing, I'll read a suggestion in his comments and days later the vid will be up

No. 606822

File: 1597688044126.jpg (124.49 KB, 900x900, bubz.jpg)

I love the way he speaks! Very soothing and you can tell he loves what he does.

I love Bubzbeauty. Watched her for years and got to shake her hand a couple of years ago at her book signing. She's a little cheezy (and tbh the book was hard to get through) but she's a sweetheart. I was going through a rough break-up at the same time she was separating from Tim, so it felt like we were in it together.

No. 606905

Dr Grandes videos are so well done. His dry humor is really funny at times

No. 606926

His videos rub me the wrong way

No. 606930

>no shitting on other people's opinions, this is a positivity thread.
>however, if you post someone that is a known shithead, you will be dragged accordingly

If you don't have actual deets of him being abusive or a shithead, then keep your shitty opinions unpopular opinions thread

No. 606932

stfu pickme(infighting)

No. 606934

>ur a pickme for not agreeing with my personal opinion on a YouTuber

shut up you bitter bitch and get the fuck out of this thread.(infighting)

No. 606945

File: 1597695167309.jpg (448.87 KB, 1080x1440, 73081_v9_bb.jpg)

I'm not sure this counts as internet personality but her Twitter is usually funny.

I like her, haven't heard anything bad about her and honestly hope she has good things in life happening to her. Also Russian Dolls was great

No. 606950

File: 1597695294868.png (854.85 KB, 1179x656, hey all.png)

I thought I outgrew youtube videos about guys playing video games on YT a long time ago but I love Scott the Woz. He's probably the only online personality to consistently make me laugh, and seems to have a lot of passion the really ameteur short flms he makes with his friends. He stays out of drama and seems to be a pretty wholesome guy

No. 606964

I love her, she’s got the coolest voice.

No. 606970

File: 1597696012099.jpg (26.49 KB, 400x400, leopsie.jpg)


Karolina is great, one of my favourite youtubers.

Also nominating Loepsie.

No. 606973

Loepsie is really sweet, I've been watching her since I was young, but I just can't really get over the fact that she kind of looks like Mr. Bean.

No. 606980

the fuck you just say about my wife?

No. 606994

Oh my God she totally does! Hahahaha

No. 606995


Damn, why'd you have to do this to me

No. 607007

i absolutely love his videos! I am writing a novel that takes place in the 18th century and his videos have been an amazing resource.

No. 607010

I think if I knew her personally, her doormat attitude and cringy sickly-sweetness would piss me off. But I do actually like her as an online persona. Her life is just nice (despite the dickhead ex), everything is simple and cute. I was surprised she decided to have a tummy tuck but her choice, glad that she seems to be recovering okay

No. 607018

File: 1597698987972.jpg (40.08 KB, 371x532, _555389413ed6742ec0fbac9ada50…)

Steve1989. Kind of an obvious post but I've never seen a drop of milk in his direction. Probably because he just talks about what he likes (which are MRE military rations) and literally nothing else - Youtube drama is out of sight, out of mind. I put on his vids whenever I'm trying to fall asleep, his voice is extremely soothing. You can see he really enjoys what he does, and his positive, chill attitude is pretty infectious, too.

No. 607021

Holy shit I can't believe I'm not the only one who thought this

No. 607056

File: 1597700755853.png (2.34 MB, 1334x750, B00F7021-C652-4886-9104-02662B…)

Matthew Posa has a wilderness/camping YouTube channel. It’s extremely cozy and has tons of good info for the outdoors- just an upbeat person who goes camping with his dogs.

No. 607075

I actually started watching this guy some time ago because someone mentioned him in a thread. I believe it was a thread about guys you want to fuck, he is honestly such a sweet guy.

No. 607091

File: 1597703616481.jpg (139.15 KB, 1024x682, BGZ07637-1024x682.jpg)

I love my boy Mikey Chen
He's so positive with his food channel. He comes off as a dumbass sometimes but he's not an educational channel
I like how positive he is with trying new and different foods and is really passionate with what he does and even during covid he's still trying to support small food businesses

No. 607113

Civvie11 for days. He puts out content usually related to older games and 'pro' playthroughs, he's an amusing guy with a good editor. This is probably my favourite video so fuckin well put together

No. 607134

all my bf does is watch his vids, seems like a nice guy altho i have no idea how he can eat all that food lol.

No. 607156

I miss Cayleigh so much, she one of my favourite TCC youtubers.
I found this channel, Dark Matters, that reminds me a lot of her style. The videos are shorter, but her voice is also super calming and the aesthetics are practically the same.

No. 607160

File: 1597709399806.jpg (96.08 KB, 1054x894, report.jpg)

thereportoftheweek obviously

No. 607170

KEK I'm sorry anons, I've nothing against her personally! She's lovely and very talented.

Omg I've always thought so, no offense to her but the resemblance is striking

No. 607175

didn't he post some redpill shit? I dunno why you all thirst over this ugly runt.

No. 607182

he made some bad posts on a fitness forum years ago when he was a teenager but he apologized for them.

No. 607204

I thought he was alt-right? I know he's a 4chan meme

No. 607213

Does anyone here actually thirst over him? I've always just thought he seemed really well-intentioned and nice. Wouldn't surprise me all that much if he secretly did/does harbor manosphere-tier views though.

No. 607220

File: 1597717291466.jpg (22.27 KB, 400x400, kennie jd.jpg)

I love Kennie JD. I am a tomboy who never even wears makeup but I will watch her put on her makeup and talk about shit movies anyday. She's really funny and cute and I feel like she would be a cool friend.

No. 607240

I find her so annoying. I don't know why. She seems perfectly nice.

No. 607252

She’s a cinnamon roll and I definitely agree she is not a pet youtuber since she’s been doing the education thing for years now classroom to classroom. She knows she has a wide audience and keeps her content educational and fun. Super proud of what they’ve accomplished!

No. 607264

fucking addicted

No. 607309

File: 1597724646458.jpg (136 KB, 1280x767, repweekreviewer.jpg)

Bodybuilding forum misc and r9k.

No. 607368

File: 1597732751572.jpg (154.94 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

bestdressed (Ashley)

I really like her videos and she actually got me into taking fashion seriously. Not only that but I just think she's entertaining to watch and I have no problem sitting through any of her videos.

Also, her videos on her other channel bestmess are entertaining too. I sometimes wonder why she even bothers having a second channel when her videos there do just as good as on her main channel.

No. 607371

I second this so hard. She is very informative and it's great that she travels to teach kids/people about reptiles. Also she's cute as fuck

No. 607374

File: 1597733542494.jpeg (1.86 MB, 2152x2870, 56CBF065-DF56-4CBF-A5DE-9373EA…)

Alice T

No. 607375

He once stated in a video years ago something like he browses /pol/, knows he has a lot of fans from there, and "recognizes what's going on in the world".
Even without that, I've never really understood why some people talk about liking him or finding him attractive, to be honest.

No. 607395

damn i just thought his food review videos are funny, i have never heard any of the other shit and i am a lesbo so i'm not exactly attracted to his mouse looking face and skeletal body jesus you're all jumping to conclusions

No. 607398

I hope Cayleigh is doing better now, her content was so top tier.

I'd been watch LordanARTs, he seems like a genuinely nice person too

No. 607403


I don't mind his earlier sims videos but the later ones have been extremely boring. His RP, shitty Harry Potter Games, etc. videos are so good though.

Hmm, from what I've seen he has actively distanced himself from /pol/ and openly apologized for past edgy behavior but creepy lookin fuckers tend to not reform too well once they've fallen into the alt right hole so who knows. Either way I don't watch this guy because he rambles and isn't funny.

No. 607408

File: 1597736829430.png (120.41 KB, 481x599, rb.png)

I'm not sure if he browsed /pol/ in particular but 4chan for sure. I know that a few years ago when he was a new oddity on 4chan people from /pol/ wanted to paint him as alt-right through spreading photoshopped images and mess with him in different ways such as claiming he was a victim in every new shooting or natural disaster that occurred. Somebody was stalking him in real life and either broke into his house or hacked into his cloud storage and posted his personal family pictures on /pol/.

No. 607413

I love Lindy's videos, they make me feel cozy, I could do without the bathroom humour though. I'm happy her and Tim split up, he was ugly, lazy, annoying, and a cheater, he really didn't deserve her.

No. 607419

I love her, I like her carefree approach to historical costuming and sewing, makes me feel much better about my sewing!

On vintage youtube, I really like theclosethistorian as well. I love her lookbooks!

> Honestly I find that a lot of historical sewing youtube have this very pretentious elitist air
Yeah, but honestly, on instagram and facebook many are so much worse… no fun allowed in historical costuming :)

No. 607460

File: 1597744020827.jpg (71.3 KB, 1080x681, 145ede712619a222412d62eaefbfc5…)

i fucking love sarah baska. she's so funny and so chill, i've always wanted to be like her. watching her videos always reminds me how seriously i take everything lol

No. 607471

Saying random /pol/shit is one thing, now being a tripfag there? What the fuck, I had no idea.

No. 607472

His facial hair is glorious, I love him

No. 607478

didn't he tripfag because he's a "personality" though? if people want to have a conversation with him on 4chan he kinda has to use a name on his posts.

No. 607485

I haven’t watched a ton of her videos, but what I have seen are always hilarious and she’s always chill, never in drama willingly, and is always keeping her head up. Absolute cutie and doing YouTube right, especially for a young person. Agreed!

No. 607490

Why is he on 4chan in the first place?

No. 607493

If you notice the timestamp of his post it's from 2015. This was before he blew up and became a youtube favourite and he was getting bullied in his comments section (he even turned off comments at some point), so he went to bodybuilding forums and 4chan since he thought they're the only ones who accepted him at the time.

No. 607494

Why are all the women itt women with no active following anymore?

No. 607510

Internet Historian makes (imo) hilarious videos and never had any drama that I know of. He never shows his face or real name which is a type of internet anonymity that I really like and don't see a lot anymore.
Might be too well known to be new to anyone here but eh.

No. 607515

Boris makes me enjoy cooking more.

No. 607518

File: 1597750828887.jpg (116.54 KB, 1024x1524, James_Rolfe,_AVGN,_Chiller_The…)

James Rolfe, the guy who created and acted as the Angry Video Game Nerd, Board James plus a ton of other series under his Cinemassacre production name. He's genuinely passionate about making movies and has a long-lasting love for creating art and telling stories. Watching him talk about that stuff is fascinating because you can sense how invested he is in what he does. He writes, directs, acts, films and does most of the cinematography all by himself, it's impressive.

He's been an e-celeb for 15 years at this point, singlehandedly created a whole genre but still remains the most well-adjusted one. He didn't leak sex tapes and he wasn't called out for grooming/rape/sexual abuse, he delivered on the movie he got crowdfunded just as he promised and did his absolute best, he's just a normal guy with a wife he's been with since college and two daughters. I've been following his work since 2006 and he's well worth of admiration.

No. 607519

Agree, I really like her content, like when she follows old makeup tutorials from history.

Thanks for the Ask A Mortician recommendation, I just binged a bunch of videos. Fascinating stuff.

No. 607520

Fairly specific but I love Plumbella.
She makes videos about the Sims and has a really distinct editing style and sense of humour, plus a down to earth attitude that I enjoy. Her editing is fairly hyper which I usually don't like but somehow she does it really well.
Seems like a very wholesome person, also one of the few youtubers where I'm interested in videos where she talks about her life and family as well.

No. 607522

She was once ok bit now she is just boring

No. 607524


Holy shit anon, just came here to post him as well. Absolute top notch humor but I also love how details and information he puts inside his videos, that blesses you with a lot of knowledge about gaming and movies.


This guy as well. I drop everything I do whenever he releases a new video because it's always a happening.

No. 607528

Contributing my own fav Sim youtuber. His ridiculous sadistic experiments and commentary always make me laugh and he always laughs at himself which makes even funnier.

No. 607535

Rolfe's so humble about his fame as well, he has always been. He's always been extremely appreciating of his fans and unlike this another popular online critic he never throws diva fits during his videos to shit on his own fanbase. He even constantly talks about reading fan mails and references them in good spirits. I remember him mentioning that when he created AVGN he was working a soul-sucking job and was in a very dark place mentally as a broke freshly graduated college student so I guess he learned to appreciate what he has. The video related was made by his classmates in college pre-AVGN and it's quite prophetic.

No. 607536


I like her style but her jokes are way too repetitive and self-deprecating for me, so I usually watch her videos on mute lmao

No. 607539

i didn't expect to see plumbella here!! she's one of the few sims youtubers i can tolerate for whatever reason. i love how she manages to be so chill and wholesome without it being a snoozefest lol.

No. 607547

She's such a sweet person, I can't help but love her. Sims youtube is such a chill place to go when you want to not think.

No. 607566

File: 1597758886350.jpg (129.47 KB, 1400x791, 12697471_10154040509861336_388…)

Honestly, James is a pretty wholesome guy. I've been watching his stuff since 2006 and he hasnt been in a scandal. The worst is sometimes people hate his friend Mike, but that's it. And I remember the bullshit about people shitting on him because he refused to watch or didnt like (?)the Ghostbusters reboot. But he actually gave a good reason and not the whole 'i hate women' bullshit most men were giving. I appreciated that. I think he's a really cool dude who genuinely loves what he does. I saw him live at a con panel once and he's very humble and doesnt let the fame get to his head. Good to see another farmer here who has followed James since the beginning too. i know his videos dont get the views they deserve, but he works hard on them. I still rewatch old AVGN stuff and his cinemassacre videos. His passion for filming and horror is very inspiring.

Wholesome! Thank you.

No. 607570

File: 1597759178740.jpeg (44.2 KB, 400x400, 8865A91C-2FEE-4FA0-A8DC-AAA671…)

Criminally Listed is an awesome and super informational true crime channel that has brought many, many cases to my attention that I’d never even heard of. Very high quality channel, easily my favorite for true crime.

No. 607578

omg yes, his content is always funny and you can tell how passionate he is about movies and videogames, besides, he never gets into any drama and seems like a cool guy, been watching him for years now

No. 607624

I re-watch AVGN from the first episode like every other year because it still holds up so well. His fanbase never shrinks either because the stuff he does is timeless and doesn't rely on current issues at all so he's constantly growing a new generation of fans who find his videos and start watching. I like the Rental Reviews series too, I'm happy he was able to make a reoccurring series where he could talk about movies because clearly that's something he's always been wanting to do. All the recognition he gets is deserved and I love that he has been able to do collaborations with people like Bear McCreary, Lloyd Kaufman and Macaulay Culkin. It's fascinating to see how he's inspiring even to those people who have done a long career in the industry.

Some of my favourite videos are the ones where he just talks about the most random shit ever because he's the type of person that can make a phone book sound interesting. Like the one where he and Mike just spontaneously sit on a couch and talk about their cats. Or the documentary he made about his relationship with the dragon statue from the playground of his childhood (video related).

No. 607630

The drama around the ghostbusters reboot was so fucking dumb in general
I have no idea why anyone even cared. It’s was just another forgettable reboot.

No. 607631

File: 1597765147818.jpg (173.66 KB, 467x524, JCSxrZU.jpg)

me using this thread to get recs on unproblematic youtubers to watch

No. 607635

His reasoning was pretty solid too, he said he's not going to give the industry his money for trying to cash in on a subpar reboot because it's not the Ghostbusters 3 movie that was teased for like two decades and never became reality. And people somehow twisted that around to mean that he's a sexist pig who hates women despite him never even mentioning anything about how the reboot is all female. In some interview he was asked about the drama and he said that he even received death threats against his family but didn't want to give them the pleasure of acknowledging the outrage because it would only make things worse. A lot of youtubers could learn from him.

No. 607638

Out of all the reboots this was the one he chose to have a problem with mmhmmm

No. 607652

His fanbase kept bothering him about it and asking for his opinion because he has been known to be a huge Ghostbusters fan and constantly has talked about the nonexistent third movie, that's why he responded to begin with. It was a stupid piece of shit film anyway and even the studio knew it, that's why the marketing relied solely on branding everyone with a negative opinion as a misogynist altright nazi incel even though anyone could take a look at it and see what a cheap, unnecessary cash-in it was.

No. 608051

Evan and Katelyn are always a joy to see when they upload.
Fun DIYS,and you get to see the whole process,even when they mess up!
They also just seem like nice people.(although sometimes the jokes are a bit corny..)

Agreed! Scott and AVGN are always good for a laugh,and Emily is very educational! And her animals are cute too!

can't wait to look back on this thread when someone fucks up REAL bad

No. 608089

If he's involved in any milk, it'd be incomprehensible. I loved watching his crazy videos as a kid and he's still very productive.

No. 608121

File: 1597794508746.gif (3.67 MB, 500x262, tumblr_379ce50d22322b07029c544…)

She made a bonnet with A CEREAL BOX in one of her videos. Her content is not for me, but props to her, she is talented af.

No. 608167

Thanks for this rec. The weight loss stuff isn't actually that helpful for me but she's so entertaining to listen to. I'd wanna be her friend irl.

No. 608214

I really love this girl's model vlogs in Asia. She lived my teenage model dream kek. I hope she uploads more frequently though.

No. 608227

File: 1597803038148.jpg (16.22 KB, 356x450, bonnet.jpg)

for a second i thought you meant this kinda bonnet and was BEYOND confused

No. 608258

File: 1597806040949.png (Spoiler Image, 479.7 KB, 843x536, Annotation 2020-08-18 204923.p…)

She's very pretty but she comes off as really hot crazy. On her intagram she used to make clothes for road kill she found. I'm glad that she stopped but I can't shake off how underlying crazy she must be, especially since she radiates home schooled christian horse girl energy.

But other than that I really love her content, I like how they feel like mid 2000's youtube with the non tutorial tutorials on how to make period piece clothing.

No. 608267

What the fuck

No. 608268

kek i used to love this guys stuff, haven't watched it in awhile. i remember laughing so hard i started crying when watching him play guild wars. if you like his chaotic methods you'd definitely love let's game it out (if you dont watch him already lmao)

No. 608270

File: 1597808053560.jpg (24.34 KB, 640x589, tumblr_d56f69777d37a77471400b3…)

holy shit fuck she's genuinely insane. makes me love her even more though

No. 608293

does she show any other signs of being crazy?

No. 608296

have you ever watched any of her videos? kek

No. 608438

chaotic good

No. 608448

I just love her rants, it feels like all the shit I can't say directly

No. 608463

Yo anon, just letting you know that your comment made me check out his channel and I've been enjoying his videos the last couple days. Nice rec, thanks.

No. 608847

so glad to hear this! i wasn't around (or fluent enough in english kek) to every browse ebaumsworld and stuff but piecing together the vague remnants of older internet content when i was a kid with his videos is so much fun.

No. 608856

OMG i love her voice, pure ASMR, thank you so much anon

No. 608879

Clicknetwork is a Singaporean channel that I really like specifically for Shu An. She's got a lovely personality and her Tried and Tested segment is fun to put on when I want a short distraction. Unfortunately this channel also features the gremlin Xiaxue

No. 608948

>Tfw that was me
>Tfw people called me out for bad tastes
Kill me. I'm glad you enjoy his content.

Someone already mentioned AVGN, but I love PikaSprey.

No. 609035

discovered amandabb's channel during quarantine and honestly what a gift. found her thru her sims vids (link related – honestly luv the amount of sims content in this thread y'all get me) but her "everything wrong with X" series and her vids about influencer drama are all fantastic

she always comes off very passionate, direct, and genuine!! i could listen to her rants for hours tbh it's like having a bitch sesh with ur best friend. even if i don't always agree 100% with her takes i still enjoy hearing them!!

No. 609057

oh fuck that avocado story reminded me of the time some bitch called my work and said "ummmm I bought some pineapples from your store the other day and I already cut them up and prepared them for my work party and we realized they're not sweet enough can I return them????" and I was like so….the pineapples are gone then??? you have no pineapples to return? and she was like "um yeah I threw them away obviously?" and I asked my manager and she said yeah give her a refund! Bonus points it was fucking January of course the pineapples won't be any good! Triple bonus points since she was calling ahead, I had to leave a note at customer service saying "customer will be coming in at some point to return pineapples [WILL NOT HAVE PINEAPPLES ON PERSON]".

anyway thanks for the recc anon her voice is really relaxing.

No. 609076

Samefagging hard, but I love listening to ashens before bed.

No. 609081

ashens is a good boy.

No. 609195

For me it'd have to be the lets player Chistopherodd.

He has super calming energy and seems to be the type to really enjoy games. I started on him when I saw he didn't have a facecam in the days that EVERYONE did. He savors the surroundings, doesn't talk over game dialogue and never rushes. And honestly since watching him other lets players grate on me. Super relaxing to watch.

In the decade or so I've watched him I've never heard him say anything bordering on sexist, racist or homophobic. He just seems like a really sweet man.

No. 609201

I like her videos but i find her childish in some things.

No. 609205

bernadette banner for me. She's just lovely, i use her videos to sleep as well as for entertainment. I have huge respect for her sewing and historical reconstruction.

No. 609206

I'm a massive fan of Bailey Sarian, I also enjoy Colin Furze and Ashens as well.

I don't know if he counts as a personality as such, but there's a Youtuber called Lazy Masquerade who is a British guy who reads real life scary stories - Reddit posts, unsolved mysteries, folklore, but of everything.

No. 609374

Foo the Flowerhorn seems super wholesome and gentle.

No. 609417


Had to come back to thank you Anon, I've been binging her since yesterday and she's fantastic. Very odd but I like it.

No. 609585

Love his channel too! You’re right, he’s such a chill, reliable dude.

No. 609667

File: 1597950678194.jpeg (93.64 KB, 1280x720, FBEE6D88-5953-4D45-A89D-26DA1E…)

She’s not involved in any drama as far as I’m aware but Bailey Sarian is a queen. I love how she combined the concept of true crime and makeup together. She’s a great story teller and it doesn’t get tiring for me to binge watch her.

No. 609674

Same! Genuinely love her and think she's beautiful and has really interesting makeup looks and topics to cover.

No. 609688

File: 1597952096832.jpeg (106.86 KB, 828x648, 738021BD-F061-4A53-9A7E-8E99D9…)

This guy might not be on a lot of anons radar here but if anybody is into cars as well, ChrisFix is the best car Youtuber out there. Super informative and useful videos and he’s pretty wholesome. Also like that he’s dedicated about not showing his face most of the time, it’s kinda cool.

No. 609713

File: 1597953572309.jpg (39.68 KB, 589x405, Gabrielle-Kook.jpg)

Another asian personality, Gabie Kook. She's so comfy, aesthetic, and she knows how to cook.. she was on Masterchef Korea (placed second!!), cooked professionally and it shows in her videos. I appreciate that she LOVES to eat food and stuffs her face instead of being another ana-chan food blogger. I also like her dog.

There're some things that annoy me about her but overall I really hope she continues to find success.

No. 609776

itayrt and totally fair! tbh I think it's easier for me to overlook that as I'm several years older than her and she kind of just strikes me as a typical 20/21 y.o

plus ngl I'm a petty bitch myself so I'll happily overlook pettiness for entertainment's sake

No. 609861

Her video about the poison "aqua tofana" lady got me researching medieval poisons and I got a really interesting book, The Royal Art of Poison. I mentioned it in the book thread on /m/ but I think anyone watching Bailey's channel would enjoy listening to this audiobook especially

No. 609866

not 100% sure if she's milk-free, but smokey glow's drama videos are entertaining and well put together. she put up a long video analyzing gabbie hanna's yt career, and if she made this a series I'd be stoked!
true her videos are great, even if i'm unfamiliar with what they're about i'll watch them

No. 610271

I enjoy his videos so much, he's one of the only youtubers that genuinely make me laugh out loud every time he drops a new one. His content is so comfy and it's amazing how witty he is and how well he times his delivery, like all the jokes land perfectly. He's a lot younger than me too but I still love his observations regarding the old games I grew up with and how knowledgeable he is about something that existed far before he was even born. If he ever has drama I'll be so disillusioned because he seems to be such a chill guy.

No. 610457

She's really sweet, nice and informative but she has a few quirks I'm starting to find annoying. Like overenunciating accents when saying foreign words. Sometimes she slips up and accidentally pronounces words as if they're Japanese or Spanish. I also kinda cringe when she describes tastes as [taste]-ed, like "vanilla-ed" or "peanut buttered". It just sounds pretentous. I also get the feeling that she's forcing some of that awkwardness, but that could also just be her rolling with goofs she makes on camera.

I have been watching her since before she was pregnant with her first kid so it took a while for me to get fed up though lol.

I can't remember the exact vid it was, but several years ago she was featured in some middle-aged white weeb's channel. I remember her sitting down enjoying some food while this guy was talking in stilted Japanese next to her. He called her Emmy-chan and everything. You could tell by her body language that was more interested in her food than him and it was pretty funny.

No. 610458

Love this guy. He's like a field trip to Connor Prairie personified.

No. 610537

I like daph I hope she succeeds

No. 610564

File: 1598022135693.jpg (18.47 KB, 340x222, 0d373b435a56b38749360f576957df…)

idk if anyone here would even know him but I love CoryxKenshin. He's milk-free and what I believe to be a good youtuber, just honest about things. He takes long breaks for his mental health instead of devolving into some retarded mushbrain like Markiplier. He also doesn't (usually) fake his reaction to scares.

Yes, he can be a little shouty and overuse his edits but that's kinda what I love about him

in case it wasn't clear i have a huge crush on him. I love his corny weeb ass.


No. 610574

anon, i love cory so much!
i was introduced to him after i was looking for a gaming youtuber who wasn’t annoying like the big names (markiplier, jacksepticeye, etc) and yeah cory and be a little too loud sometimes but i honestly don’t mind either. it doesn’t annoy me as much.

No. 610575

She is a cringe woman who kept joking about cum and whatnot, also had a childhish beef with other cow Pokimane, acted like a petty HS child during it, encouraging people to bully the other one just to later then go like 'oh we're fine now'.

No. 610583

i found out about him when this video was going around, and he's probably one of the only youtubers who can make me cry laughing. he's definitely super loud but i don't mind because it seems genuine? a lot of youtubers fake their reactions for comedy but it seems like that's just his personality.

No. 610586

That was so long ago, and lasted 5 seconds get over it Poki sub

No. 610598

File: 1598023907629.jpeg (113.85 KB, 1280x720, 0DD0FB5B-FD16-4E9D-91BB-EA6D66…)

if you enjoy content about animals and animal rescue, i suggest checking out animalwonders montana.
it’s a small organization who takes in ‘exotic’ animals (usually animals that wouldn’t be considered pets; beavers, crows, toucans, porcupines, foxes, skunks, etc. i don’t think she has any snakes or at least they haven’t been featured in any videos that iv seen) they also feature some regular animals like parrots, rabbits, etc.

the main face is jessi, who reminds me of that red head girl from that rio bird movie. she is really sweet and very passionate about her animals. a lot of her videos show you how she takes care of them, informational videos, updates about the animals care, and videos informing about each animals natural behaviors, etc.

she is definitely dairy free and has no milk, and she is not a pet youtuber. her videos focus around her animal rescue sanctuary. i enjoy watching her videos, her personality, her animal care, and her vast knowledge on animals.

(i hope this is the last time i have to repost this because i’m a dyslexic and illiterate bitch)

No. 610663

I agree! YT recommended this channel to me recently and I ended up binge-watching it. Thank u algorithm, you know me so well

No. 611386

Literally lasted for weeks and she kept acting like an angry HS petty bully. I used to be t3 follower of daph and hated Poki as much as PULLfags did but I grew up.

No. 616260

yes oh my gosh he's such a sweetie and I genuinely love his videos. I have a huge crush on him too lol

No. 620966

File: 1599007204866.png (1.41 MB, 1278x702, less than lethal.PNG)

Ian mccollum of forgottenweapons

No. 621069

File: 1599022899510.gif (5.43 MB, 320x184, SmartSelect_20200902-010240_Yo…)

I love DancingBacon but I swear to God if I watch one more video where his girlfriend smiles creepily at the camera I will shove her in a vending machine


She's cute and all but does she need to smile after ever single bite like that?

No. 621074

File: 1599023333358.jpeg (84.68 KB, 418x512, 8701E3B2-A66B-44BA-A4A2-F6A95F…)

Dakota Wint/Dakota of Earth is my favorite YouTuber.
He has an awesome podcast & makes videos on traveling, motivation, existentialism, poetry, spirituality, etc
I’ve been a fan of his for a long time & his transformation is incredible. Also I have a lil crush after all this time too

No. 621075

File: 1599023868926.jpg (136.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I really like Jenny Nicholson. She's been around for a while but I just found her channel and I find her so entertaining in a really calm way. The way she talks about her niche interests is really funny to me. Even when I don't know everything about the topic or franchise she's talking about, I'm still engaged in the video.

And, as others have said, I really like John Wolfe as well.

No. 621082

File: 1599024749076.jpg (269.13 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20200901-222908_You…)

Civvie is great anon. Anyone who like oldschool shooters/boomer games should give him a watch.

I also watch Ruggington. It's nothing special, just a guy who used to post funny dub clips from yugioh then, switched to posting dub clips from random animes he's watched. Though to be honest, I mainly like scrolling through the funny comments.

No. 621083

I find her chipmunk faces and enthusiasm extremely adorable. She makes those faces most of the time but there are some eats where she’s less happy because it’s mediocre.

No. 621092

Glad someone else likes her too. I normally wouldn't watch a video about someones personal rating of all the Land Before Time movies- like besides nostalgia I wouldn't bother- but she has such a way with creating a calm and enjoyable atmosphere that I totally did watch it.

No. 621107

File: 1599027736676.jpg (83.63 KB, 580x580, m_5dc70fde85acd009d7fd4c07.jpg)

Kelly Stamps.
>dry, offbeat humor
>not tryhard, doesn't do that fake "relatable" thing or try to act like a "baddie"
>cute without oversexualizing herself or being an "uwu"tuber

No. 621128

YES!! I love watching her videos so much, she's amazing.

No. 621172

unfortunately his partner Karl is a satanist and hates /k/

No. 621180

but isn't she one of those raging reylos? I saw her tweets posted on the shitreylossay twitter a couple of times.

No. 621184

File: 1599036566865.png (1.1 MB, 909x578, jenny.PNG)

She is a little bit but no one is perfect. I adore her theme park reviews, and recent hunt for man-sized spider was such a feel good wholesome things to watch!

No. 621193

ugh i love boris. i would suck his cock in a heartbeat

No. 621227

Jim Browning is a hero who continues to amaze me. It's crazy to think that one of the scammers he was targeting weren't subjected to police investigation until the BBC got involved.

No. 621234

File: 1599047730727.jpg (47.94 KB, 590x589, mo3.jpg)

Moriah Elizabeth. Her videos are so comfy and fun, i love how she doesn't rely on strong language or internet memes to be funny. She's also one of the very few art youtubers that relies on her own creativity instead of following trends or doing fan art, she feels like an old school youtuber just doing youtube for fun instead of monetary gain/fame. I have a sane envy of her, as a shy person i would love to be as charismatic and honest as her.

No. 621293

File: 1599054347140.png (697.7 KB, 1280x720, EE9C7FD1-2EF9-479C-90A2-942198…)

She’s awesome! I love how she uses her own reactions to her own content and not retarded tiktoks, I also love what she does in general, specially her squishy makeover videos! They’re kind of cozy to watch.

No. 621297

File: 1599054839431.jpg (120.24 KB, 1080x1350, dff58b05675b6b6ea065c5d03a45bb…)

PICTURRESQUE Regina's makeup looks are mesmerizing and her videos are very well produced. I also like that she doesn't talk.

No. 621303

Her hair looks extremely soft and fits her face shape perfectly. I want bangs like that.

No. 621305

she was in some scandal recently, I think she posted some anti vaxx content on insta. When confronted, she acted like a baby and said she'd never come back to youtube. Guess she did though

No. 621383

Anon this is literally kids channel.

No. 621406

It's just a girl doing fun craft and art stuff. It's not the cringy fake voice toy unboxing type of channel.

No. 621407

Li Ziqi videos are so whimsical and relaxing.

No. 621413

I simp for Moriah Elizabeth. Her videos are consistently well-edited and she seems fairly "professional" for a youtuber. Her focus on her crafts and joking instead of her personal life and wealth is nice. Her products are cute too (though I'm unsure how I feel knowing it's mostly kids begging their parents to buy this stuff). Good for kids and encourages them to be creative. Like most arttubers (kek), her art is flawed and I like that sometimes her crafts don't go well.

No. 621437

I love her. She works her ass off yet always looks so beautiful and poised. I can’t approach that goddess status but I appreciate it.

No. 621486

>She works her ass off yet always looks so beautiful and poised.
That's because it's staged, very obviously so. It's faker than the average beauty guru's morning routine.

No. 621656

It's definitely propaganda.

No. 621679

u jus jealous of purdy chink lady(Infighting )

No. 621801


Staged or not, she gives us cool content, is pretty and drama free. Cottage core hoes just wish to be like her.

No. 621827

Girl, lol. Enjoy her productions all you want but don't think for a second that she looks like that all the time. She does like 80% of the work off-camera and you bet your ass she won't be wearing makeup or letting her hair down then. Stop being down on yourself because of someone's supposed "goddess status".

No. 621873


NTA but I’ve seen a few of her videos. I have to put it on mute because I can feel my brain cells dying when I listen to an adult talk about/play with foam animals as if they’re living creatures with interpersonal relationships. And the sound effects. It’s definitely a channel for 8-12 year old girls.

No. 621880

This, to be honest. So what if it's staged?
>a beautiful woman who does hard labor, while also having the time/resources to run a YT channel with high quality cameras, commendable editing skills, and lovely time lapse cuts of plants growing
Not possible. Very good production quality, though. Not everyone or everything on YouTube is authentic, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't enjoy it. Way better than Jake Paul and other useless content filling the platform, lmao.

No. 621887

Nobody cares, go seethe somewhere else. Sorry you're jel.(Infighting)

No. 621895

??? It's not about being jealous. AIRT sounded sad that she couldn't be as poised as Li Ziqi and I told her not to hold herself to that impossible standard. There's a reason I said to enjoy her all you want.

No. 621904

>So what if it's staged?
I'm >>621486, anon said that she can't approach goddess status like that girl, my point I was trying to make was that the girl herself doesn't approach goddess status either because it's staged, so don't feel bad about it/hold yourself up to a standard that can't be met.

No. 621935

I am sorry you are too intelligent to enjoy her channel, go back to watch Rick and Morty with the other 500 IQ kids(Infighting)

No. 622121

Kek. Anon, not tryna be rude but, honest question: Do you have autism?

No. 622142

No she's a (bad) troll and you're feeding her.

No. 622178

I want to like her, but I just can't, she seems really smug.

No. 623029

I absolutely love KoreanEnglishman, or more specifically, their Jolly stuff. I saw them featured on EYK a few years back but didn't really care for them (even watched their collab video but just wasn't really interested). The video where Rev Chris reacts to Billie Eilish for the first time was recommended to me and I didn't realize Jolly was connected to KoreanEnglishman and I thought Rev Chris would go off on a tangent about Billie being blasphemous and just being uptight and whatever but I was just… really pleasantly surprised by him lmao. I'm not religious by any mean, but I love watching him and listening to him.

Josh and Ollie know such spectacular people. I know KEMan always has the typical

>introduce foreigners to korean food

>foreigners love said food

kind of formula, but I still find it entertaining lmao. The series of bringing Ollie's daughter to Korea and leaving Ollie to basically fend for himself were my favorite series by them so far, it was so much fun! I feel like whenever I watch duos, I always tend to like the hotter person more, but I really love Ollie a lot more than Josh. The shit that comes out of his mouth, how animated he is, how he's so lovingly devoted to his wife and daughter. In the podcast they did with Eric Nam, he said out of college he used to work for a homeless outreach sort of organization.

Vid attached really hit close to home to me as someone who suffered with depression and suicide idealization for years.

No. 623058

Day late but I see, that makes sense. I agree that it's bad to compare yourself to whatever you see on YT.

No. 623104

File: 1599245439969.png (320.57 KB, 493x365, ED1729AB-3C5D-459A-B7A8-29426B…)

Rev chris and his twin bro is such a fucking hottie

No. 623424

Robert Sephir for the woke (not the liberal Orangeman bad-kind) and anthropology-oriented

The only negative I can give is that it’s slightly alt-right

No. 623429

The STORROR guys. They are mental (the Hong Kong video was terrifying to me) but they seem like such a supportive group of friends and generally nice. I don’t even like parkour otherwise lol I just want to hang out with them

I love Karolina Zebrowska and Ashens too

No. 623462

The KoreanEnglishman channel gets way too koreaboo-ish for my taste.

No. 623475

File: 1599305362393.png (2.92 MB, 1912x994, 893n.png)

His use of images in this video is weird.
>speaks of Maori's origin tales relating to Atlantis
>uses an illustration of someone who has nothing to do with any of it (John Rutherford, a prisoner of the Maori)
I feel like I know what he's implying with that, and it's kind of cringe and has "wewuz" propaganda vibes.

No. 623609

File: 1599324585657.jpeg (36.13 KB, 480x360, 8E652010-3488-4F12-BAF8-2F6944…)

Elvis the alien and bionic pig, I watch their videos separately as well as the alien bacon channel, and they both seem like really cool dudes.

No. 623618

Ann Reardon from How to Cook That

No. 623646

yes anon! she’s so sweet and has such a welcoming personality. I love her videos, they’re one of the few things I can watch no matter what mood I’m in. I really like her “100 year old recipes” series.

No. 623648

I wonder if there are any fans of Baumgartner Restoration here. It's a channel by Julian Baumgartner and his second generation studio in Chicago where he provides some insight on professional art conservation. It's really soothing to watch an expert at work and compare the before and afters. He doesn't do any wacky cuts or sound effects, he focuses on the theory and methods behind art conservation, but he has a sense of humour too.

No. 623653

Fuckin love that dude!!!! His voice is very soothing and the videos really aren't anything special, yet at the same time, are such a joy to watch.

No. 623658

He also implied that the samurai were originally white.

I’m having second thoughts about this channel…

No. 623684

I love RTGame. I found him through his Sims videos, then really started following him because of Cities Skylines and Planet Coaster. I don't follow every new game series he does, but I really enjoyed his run of BOTW. I love the chaotic shit he does and the stupid jokes he cracks. I think he's one of those people who's personality really shines through lmao. Lowkey have a crush on him even though he's not the most physically/facially gifted because he just seems like a chill af dude to be around. Sometimes I'll pull up old stream videos to play in the background while I nap because I think his voice is really soothing.

No. 623687

File: 1599334537564.jpg (401.76 KB, 3072x2304, 1559617239582.jpg)

>pictures of blonde and blue-eyed kabyle girls
>"it’s slightly alt-right"

No. 623709

File: 1599336447894.jpg (53.39 KB, 700x328, Defunctland.jpg)

Not a typical ~Disney Adult~ – no cute selfies in front of the castle, no walkthroughs of the parks, no sponsorships by Loungefly backpacks or whatever.
Kevin of Defunctland takes a critical approach to theme parks and attractions with humor that is so refreshing.
Highly recommend The War for Disney's America vid for starters.

No. 623772


very good channel! I had no idea that videos about roller coasters and their history could be so interesting. Also learned a lot about disney and its history through it.

A channel that I also really like and always come back to watch is the Punk Rock MBA. He talks about music, pop culture, discuss all sort of music history. I do not agree with some of the stuff he says but I like that he tries to have some sort of discussion about everything music related. I also really like that he kind of "yells" while talking because it's perfect when I watch his videos while ironing lol.

No. 623775


another channel I like to at is Todd in the Shadows. Also a dude that talks about all sort of music related stuff. Loving the "Trainwreck Records" and "One Hit Wonderland" series. I wish he would upload a bit more tho.

No. 623784


to add one more: Dan Bell is also one guy that does all sorts of great videos about creepy places, abandoned places, dirty motel rooms and my personal favourite, dead malls.

No. 623825

Looove Todd in the Shadows! The fact that his name abbreviated is TITS makes me jolly

No. 623885

Excellent choices anon

No. 624560

I'm a sucker for good video essays so here's a couple favorites:

Jacob Geller: He mostly does video game essays. However my favorite of his is the video attached about cave diving. These are chilling stories of cave diving poetically tied together. He excels at being descriptive and atmospheric.

Solar Sands: Art meme youtuber turned art video essayist. I'm not big on his older meme videos. Has a decent back catalog if you ignore those. Recently discovered him when his "Liminal Spaces" popped up in my recommended.
Link: https://youtu.be/N63pQGhvK4M

Super Eyepatch Wolf: He mainly does anime/manga video essays. I love his accent and voice so much. Linking my favorite of his: "The Manga That Breaks People"
Link: https://youtu.be/hVYzc2Xpup0

No. 624564

Jacob Geller is great. I like how his narration is written more like prose instead of straightforward journalism. His Fear of Depths video was actually the first I ever watched, and I've enjoyed him ever since.

No. 624986

>Super Eyepatch Wolf
He knows almost nothing about anime and manga. Like a zoomer that started consuming anime in the late 2010s. His ignorance and cluelessness are so annoying. Why anon

No. 625227

File: 1599571671159.jpg (124.29 KB, 1080x1350, 69581120_144420690106489_61032…)

This thread is largely Youtubers, how about some artists?

I love Claire Hummel aka shoomlah. When artists become Famous On The Internet a lot of them turn out to be untalented hacks, swindlers, snobs, or sex pests. She's been in the industry for years (I've followed her since her deviantArt days) and could've easily gone down the same path as Noelle Stevenson and become a smug fuck, but instead she continues to deliver high quality art, writes great posts breaking down her work for learners, and has never settled for the lazy sameface "pretty girl" style that's popular these days. I appreciate that because I think it'll encourage young artists not to settle for it, either.

No. 625345

Oooh, thanks for posting her anon! I'm gonna go check her out!

No. 625719

She's great, I love her art too. An icon since the neopets days.

No. 629389

i just love this bundle of sunshine so much. warms my tiny little black soul (newfag here so i hope i linked it correctly)

No. 629395

Followed her immediately lol. Her work was such a breath of fresh air. Got any more artists recommendations?

No. 629412

I'm so glad to see someone talking about him! He's been my favourite youtuber for 5+ years and it's probably really creepy but I've been watching his videos before bed for so long that now I absolutely can't sleep without one of his videos in the background. Love his sense of humour too.

No. 629458

Yhara zayd makes some good video essays

No. 629818

LGR- Lazy Game Reviews. This guy talks about retro computers, games and whatnot. Video posted is about a super interesting Microsoft OS in the mid 90s and what got me hooked on his channel. His thrift and oddware videos are also a treat. He just minds his own business and posts this kind of stuff.

No. 629913

I'm not really into the tech stuff, but I love his sammich channel. Wish he uploaded there more.

No. 629943

File: 1600059113276.jpg (155.76 KB, 1080x1350, 76960942_464860384222116_35740…)

Glad you like her too!! Off the top of my head I'd recommend Jenna Barton/dappermouth (pic related); she draws mostly animals but her atmosphere work is amazing. I also like Tori-Jay Mordey/tori_jyeay; really striking, expressive work. Both on instagram!

No. 629946

I really like this nail channel along with a few others. I can't do nail design this well so I'm a little jealous lol. This channel in particular is relaxing to watch cause there's no commentary

No. 630314

Chris Fleming is hilarious

No. 630326

I love Chris Fleming, but I hate that I kept having "Sick Jan" and "Polyamorous" on my brain back to back for three days straight. They are legit bangers, though.

No. 630357

I had one of this guy's videos in my watchlist for about a year and I finally checked out his channel lately. His crafting videos are actually pretty neat and informative and fun to watch. Plus he talks in a nice relaxing way. I like to put on his videos for background noise.

No. 630360

File: 1600112737846.jpeg (403.6 KB, 576x864, 5D9AF198-51A5-428F-A03F-5BA325…)

Love her. Her art is so fun and full of life. Plus she’s cute

No. 630362

I have promised myself to see him live at least once even though i am an eurofag

No. 630378

Syrmor and (most of) the people in his videos, namely Jordan, Dawa, and the Korean bird. They've got a special place in my heart.

not Drumsy

No. 630612

I’ve seen him three times, three different shows/tours… so worth it, he’s great

No. 630748

Probably because I don't know much about anime myself. I only like horror/surreal stuff like Satoshi Kon, Junji Ito etc. I started watching him from his Perfect Blue video. Open to suggestions if there are better anime essayists out there.

No. 630766

He makes the types of videos where he says something very quotable and I end up saying the quote in real life so much that I forget where its from.

No. 630849

File: 1600187395935.jpg (82.78 KB, 724x653, makaani1.JPG)

Oh fuck yeah shoomlah…i think ive been following her ever since i discovered her art for bioshock infinite around 2015. She's been such a big impact to me. Speaking of artists- I love makanidotdot's work too. She doesnt post that much fully rendered art these days (?) but I do enjoy her WoW sketches on tumblr. Its very expressive and fun to study. Been a fan of her since the TF2 comic days

No. 631194

Thank you and other anon for making me discover shoomlah and makanidotdot. My art feels so stiff and expressionless, but these two have some very appealing drawings that makes me want to practise again!

No. 631233

Her work with Bioshock and her Historical Disney Princess series is what got me into fashion history, I love her so much

No. 631241

based anon, i love james so much. he was who i was going to post here as well! i used to not be able to sleep without one of his videos playing on my phone lmao. i love his voice even when he's autistically screeching while in avgn character. he seems like such a genuine and down to earth nerdy dude, i just love him sm. also had a huge crush on him in his early videos like other anons, lol. now i just see him as a cute dad kinda figure kek. he's by far my favorite youtuber

No. 631260

File: 1600216509194.jpg (30.77 KB, 526x526, cVFtlWY.jpg)

afaik, bretman rock stays out of drama and i think he's super delightful

No. 631377

AYRT here, heeeey I love makani! I thought of recommending her as well but yeah, I wasn't sure if she was actively posting art anywhere. Glad to see another fan of hers in the wild

No. 632072

File: 1600319217277.png (123.04 KB, 583x718, knudsendtrh.png)

Fredrik Knudsen and his series "Down The Rabbit Hole". In-depth documentaries about modern-day legends like Chris Chan but also interesting looks into obscure weird stories buried in history, like his great video on the Collyer Brothers. His stuff is less about pointing and laughing at cows and more about presenting as comprehensive as possible a timeline of how the internet came to view them as cows.

No. 632081

Down the Rabbit Hole is an absolutely amazing youtube channel/series, can back you up on this. I've watched almost all his videos twice now, including the lengthier ones about TempleOS (great if you want something to sort of fuck you up emotionally) and WingsofRedemption. He finished the script for his newer episode so he should be releasing it soon.

Also nominating Whang!, Wavywebsurf, Internet Historian and DeadwingDork if you want dumb-funny but well-made videos about internet stuff that'll make you laugh and interest you at the same time.

No. 632088

I present to you, Bread Sword. I personally love anything he makes

No. 632100

i was an og gayle viewer. watched every episode

No. 632123

AWFUL speech rhythm

No. 632143

I find him annoying as fuck

No. 632187

Damn, I've completely forgotten about this channel and I was just looking for something to put in the background for work, thanks! Just finished listening to PURR cat cafe story and it's crazy.

In a similar lane I can recommend J Aubrey and The Right Opinion, they both put a lot of work into their little documentaries but they're more cow focused than what Down the Rabbit Hole series is about. TRO has just recently made an over 4h long video about Nikocado Avocado and it's crazy how much research and preparation must have gone into it.

No. 632681

lol dgaf, he at least knows what he's talking about and is able to provide evidence to a deeper thesis that looks at motifs such as light, color, and music.

No. 633026

Oh man, the Wings video is one of my favorites (I thought it looked boring but I found myself rushing through work just to continue watching it); now I've just finished TempleOS on your recommendation. Jesus you weren't kidding, that was soul crushing lol

No. 654744

The only art youtuber I keep up with

No. 655002

I LOVE his portraits. Oil pastel just seems so effortless for him

No. 657494

File: 1602884466754.jpg (79.34 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Sophia Kleo

Such a genuinely nice person. I wish her and her boyfriend Harrison the best.

No. 657511

>>632143 that aint milk tho

No. 657583

Oh my god he's so soft spoken and adorable. I cannot pinpoint his accent, maybe Virginia or Georgia. That charming Southern lilt aaah

Lmao thank you anon for sharing this sweet pure man

No. 657623

I looove Michelle Choi. I like her style of vlogging, she's super chill and everyone present in her videos (friends, bf) seem so positive too. Just wholesome

No. 657637

She's boring and generic as fuck tbh. I came across a video of her making her weekly schedule and she said she "did it to get her hectic life organized" and literally 90% of what was in her weekly schedule was to "take an instagram pic" kek.

No. 657651

File: 1602905811209.jpg (12.19 KB, 400x400, Wade-Barnes-profile..jpg)

LordMinion777 (Wade Barnes). Wholesome soon to be family man, entertaining and light-hearted. Genuinely appreciates his audience and loves his wife. Friend to A-list ecelebs but remains humble and has never been dragged into drama.

He's a silly sweetheart, and business suave to boot. One of the only Let's Players I still watch regularly. He seems like a likable dude with a really good sense of humor.

No. 657680

already posted her in the youtuber thread, but tibees (toby) is a cool channel about physics and math related things, and has videos explaining those subjects "bob ross style" which I think is really cute.

No. 657706

File: 1602916385899.jpg (40.94 KB, 513x518, 20201017_013132.jpg)

Unironically jerma.. I dont know why but he's SO funny in a really genuine way. Also kinda eye candy especially considering the state of most male streamers. ADHD king

No. 657728


PULL absolutely hated her and her thread was always popping off. I can’t remember why, though. Oh well, PULL is deleted now, so it’s all lost to oblivion.

No. 657733

File: 1602919426578.png (91.06 KB, 300x300, 0C5C5313-8E5B-45EE-A3BD-FC1339…)

i love vinny vinesauce, he avoids stirring up drama even with a large & annoying fanbase. he is a sweetheart

also double recommending Karolina Żebrowska, AVGN, Ask a Mortician, Scott the Woz, Jenny Nicholson, and emmadeinjapan who i all saw in this thread. i love all of them!

No. 657734


He’s the best and his channel is fascinating!


I used to like her a lot. Too bad she and most of the other historical costumers are aggressively simping for the transgender cult and Social JusticeTM and condemning JK Rowling all the time now and in general being militant, authoritarian moral absolutists . . . Makes it hard to enjoy their content or believe they can have a nuanced understanding of history.

No. 657738

He’s like the Brad from Bon Appetit of streaming/gaming. I mean that in every way, and it isn’t really a compliment.

No. 657739

this, I follow her on instagram and her insta stories are pretty much nothing but virtue signaling/politics. and actually that's the same with almost all "influencers" I follow. I also get anachan vibes from her.

she is entertaining as fuck though, and clearly puts a lot of work into her videos.

No. 657742

Oh no, has she drunk the koolaid and denounced JKR? I haven't been watching her lately but I saw her latest thumbnails showing off her "witchy" garments and assumed she didn't care about all that.

No. 657746

I watched her witch hat video, and she didn't mention JKR or HP. I've never seen her mention JKR in her insta stories either, BUT I don't watch them every day, and she has posted stuff about ~playing with gender roles~ and ~being queer~ or something, so it's probably safe to assume she buys into the gender stuff

No. 657753

He's one of those bitchy gay dudes. I hate him so much.

No. 657849

I love Brian David Gilbert. He is genuinely talented, hardworking, original and hilarious to me.

I know he works for woke simp central Polygon so he's probably cringey on Twitter so I don't follow his socials because I want to keep liking him. I just unironically enjoy the shit he makes, I've probably watched the Pepcorn video 20+ times. I'm so envious of his musical skills, there's a stream where he made random songs from prompts and it brought me to tears because it's like watching magic happen.

Bernadette's sister is an uwu genderless enby, so she posts some gender shit sometimes to support her,but I haven't seen much else wokery from her.

I think her 'time traveling Victorian waif' persona protects her somewhat in that people don't hound her to post her opinions on BLM etc. But she's the world's smuggest woman so I don't doubt she'll be lured into sassy Troon support soon. At least there aren't many troons in historical costuming because it's a demanding hobby that requires caring about something other than your reflection

No. 657858

Oh BDG's personal channel is excellent. You're right to keep to his video content. He guested on a podcast I listened to and I had to listen to him call himself a "cis man."

And kek, I didn't know that about Bernadette's sister. To my knowledge she actually has a lot of white supremacist fans. When she posted a #blackouttuesday square, several of them complained in the comments below. She countered with a Hamilton quote. So.

No. 658263

File: 1602985647071.jpeg (21.27 KB, 300x300, tietuesday-profile_image-64e55…)

My favourite streamer is tietuesday. He's pretty funny and plays interesting games that I've actually bought and doesn't just stream something popular for views. Some of his friends are pretty cringe,but eh. He's regularly done charity streams throughout the years too.
I love Emily's content. I don't like that she breeds the scaleless gene, but her animals all seem happy and healthy.
I've been meaning to watch her, because I can't stand 99% of true crime youtube.

No. 658913

>the alcàsser girls
fuck fuck fuck you had to post that one didn't you

No. 659030

Nice to see a lot of sewing/fashion youtubers on here. I see some people lamenting that their favorites have gotten obnoxious, so just wanted to recommend one I love who's been pretty drama-free. Wendy likes to do thrift flips, recreate celeb/designer looks for cheap, and DIY typically difficult things like bras and knapsacks. Lots of videos on making your own home decor too. Not to mention she has the most soothing voice I've ever had come out of anyone, male or female.

No. 659558

jerma is legitimately the only really good streamer. his personality and quality are always on point, the man knows how to entertain.
so sad him and kim broke up, they seemed like a good couple and kim loves otto so much.

No. 660161

for a year or two 90% (or more) of what I watched on YT was booktube, and I still watch a lot of it today. my favorite booktuber was merphy napier. honestly though I've gotten pretty bored of her videos, her content is really repetitive lately and it's basically just her gushing over her favorite books over and over again. in almost every video she finds a way to mention the book rebecca. I read it because of her and goddamn I hated that book, I can't figure out what she sees in it. I pretty much only watch her for her reading vlogs these days. I used to think we had similar reading tastes but I definitely don't think that now. I still like her personality though.

No. 660197

He just seems like a nice guy. He's so sweet to his fans. he obvs understands his age range (15-19 range) and does well appealing to them. he just generally gives off very positive energy.
i'd say justin whang but the people he follows on twitter are too milky and i cant tell if hes following them ironically or not.

No. 660269

I love watching his virus videos, they are really nice and chill. He is very good at explaining security and all the tech stuff, but sometimes I am not a big fan of watching some of his "news" video that might be politics related.

No. 660289

agreed. i dont like the "youtube drama commentary videos" bc its so overdone at this point. feels like its all the same recycled ass opinions. but his gameplay and explaining viruses n shit he just makes it so funny lmao i wish he did more

No. 660608

File: 1603790396145.jpg (408.91 KB, 720x705, 019cf6a2abebadc98679f9632bbe64…)

Jonna Jinton
>swedish, used to live in a big city
>felt miserable sitting in an office while persuing education, speaks spanish and english pretty well
>decided to say fuck it and moved to her home village in the very north of sweden
>fell in love with nature and art
>met her now husband there who is a jewelry smith and has her own line of jewelry that they sell worldwide
>super wholesome, you can really tell she loves her life right now
>about 30 years old but doesnt want children
>her videos are beautiful, high effort with great music, some even her own
>incredible footage of lakes, rivers, mountains and plains
>shows the reality of living somewhere with very harsh weather most of the year, openly speaks out about how miserable she is in the winter and how she loves the spring, fall and summer

i think i read some people complain about her views but i think she is politically neutral and doesnt push any of her opinions on her viewers. she is only against living in a big city due to her mental issues that came with it

also i have a ladyboner for her

No. 660610

Ugh I love her and how she lives so much. Her videos are gorgeous.

No. 660697

If you like Jonna, you should check out the channel My Norther Heart.

No. 663612

Ashibuto Penta. Kinda cringe, but personally, her vids are fun and relaxing to watch. She mostly does simple, cutesy dancing but her movements are really graceful and controlled compared to other 'odorites'. Plus, her outfits are always cute and creative. This sounds a bit weird but I like the shape of her calves kek. They look so firm and full of muscle.

No. 676227

Beryl Shereshewsky. She tries a bunch of foreign food recipes. Kinda similar to emmymadeinjapan. What I like the most is the fact she actually tries food from a variety of different countries not just like east Asia and Mexico or something.

No. 676292

Late reply but I just watched her intro video and when it flashed to her calling the cows in the field I remembered it from a viral video I saw on Facebook. I thought it was cool as shit but I didn't know anything about her at the time or realize she had more content/an online business. That's amazing! I totally envy her life and admire what she's created for herself. I want to be artistic, create things and live around beautiful nature in my own quiet little abode (with my man). I also think it's super cool she's childfree. Nothing against women who want to be moms but it makes me happy seeing women find other paths to fulfillment. Her accent is also super cute. She reminds me of a Swiss Li Ziqi.

No. 677350

I love her! idk who she was until I saw her in this thread and omg she is so fucking wholesome, honestly. Bless this woman!

No. 677940

Shmoxd is a cool artist that makes some really cool stuff. He shows his mistakes in his videos too so others can learn from it. Chill videos to watch.

No. 677941

CurrieGOAT, another artist I think is super cool. His streatwear style is not my personal style at alllll, but his videos are so creative and informative and well produced.

No. 677943

PearFleur is also a really chill artist, she mostly does watercolor paintings. Lately she's been making her own watercolors and recording the process, and those videos are sooo nice and cozy to watch.

No. 694578

i watch a cup of jasmien. her lisp is annoying in the beginning but you get used to it.

No. 707678

Wow, I started watching her because of this comment and I am really grateful. I see the comments calling her weird and not their style, but for me it is so cool to see someone act the way she does, very creative and silly and energetic. It makes me feel less embarrassed and shy and more free to be myself. She is not perfect all of the time, but she is authentic, which makes her better than perfect and inspirational.

No. 707683

Most likely because she was a black woman living in Korea. You know how PULL obsesses over anyone who isn't them moving to Japan/Korea because if they were there, they'd respect the culture! Anyway. Good riddance to PULL.

No. 707686

Gosh I like him so so so much. My ideal

No. 707764

File: 1609704223013.jpg (172.61 KB, 874x1000, wl_30612_4114739.jpg)

i also used to be really into ashley, she also kinda got me into fashion again plus i loveeee her apartment remodels so much. gave me a lot of inspiration!
but like >>607536 said, her jokes are pretty repetitive and just turn me off. along with her self-deprecating jokes she also makes a sexual joke in nearly every video that feels really awkward and very "look at me im having sex!"

other than ashley i really like watching elena taber and wear i live (jenny), who both also live in new york and are friends with ashley (pic related is both of them, idk who the girl in the red dress is). i feel like they're more mature and i really enjoy their lifestyle videos, especially jenny's sustainability videos and elena's vlogs/ny apartment tours.

No. 752649

Just dropping some of my recent fav channels
Vid related, very cinematic and beautiful
>Amii's Ceramics
Cute pottery making
>승아네 seungahne
>Blackbean CMS
Oil pastel art. He seems like a sweet person
>Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ
If you watch a lot of Asian cooking videos you've probably already seen this channel, but it's chocolate cooking vids
>Jonna Jinton
Nordic lady
>Fairyland Cottage
Cottagecore ladies
>Becca De la Plants
>Harli G
Plant ladies

Whew, this is a long list, sorry! This is really only a couple of the channels I've been watching lmao

No. 752662

i second chocolate cacao! it's a really fun and peaceful channel

No. 752703

Rachel Maksy
>Cute and pretty vintage style, great fashion videos
>Artist/seamstress/cosplayer who makes nice things
>Calm and sweet personality

No. 752756

Moonlight Cottage ASMR
>Not usually into ASMR but her ideas are so creative and fantastical
>Super high production values
>Soothing voice with French accent

No. 752787

i thought this was a thread about how much anons hate milk (the drink)

No. 752788

Her 86m2
>Aesthetic videos about green living in the city, art, nature
>Useful craft and DIY projects
>Kind of reminds me of a more metropolitan version of Liziqi

No. 753058

I saw this last year. I hope one day to make a cute lil garden like this. All her videos are so calming.

Here, have some raptors

No. 753096

Aah thank you anon they're very cute!! Wishing you the best with your garden goals

No. 754114

I love this fruit review channel

No. 754143

개스타일 Get style TV PET
>Sweet and talented Korean lady grooms cute pets

No. 754235

Lolol I'm the anon who posted Gabie and this has aged terribly
>Gabie breaks mandatory quarantine after arriving in South Korea
>dug herself into a deeper hole by lying about it
>in the process of prosecution
>yt content gone/privatized
>husband's yt on hiatus
>her video team disbands
I hope she rises from the ashes but it's not looking good.

No. 757408

I love Sonny Side and the entire crew of Best Ever Review show. They alwas are so respectful, so optimistic, they showcase the cultures they visit in a good light, and even when Sonny eats very unconventional food he always takes it seriously and reviews it, and he finds tasty and good! he looks like your average dumb american but I swear he's legitimately funny. It's never sensationalistic. This video showcases beautiful people from Nigeria, it's nice. I love his Vietnam, USA and Philipines videos.

No. 757442

I don't care, I still think Will Sonbuchner is hiding something. Why the alias for so many years? It was IMPOSSIBLE to find his real name until about half a year ago, he had that shit locked down

No. 757453

wait what? I didn't know that was an alias??? what vibes do you feel anon?

No. 757502

I never thought this channel would have drama
also I thought he was japanese or something lol, this is the first time I hear his voice

No. 757503

please nonny I've been anxious thinking what could we wrong with him

No. 757506

I'd keep my real name a secret as well, people are fucking bonkers online

No. 760313

Anyone here like Internet Shaquille? Cooking channel that keeps his videos brief but entertaining. My favorite are his videos where he rips on boujee subscription services like BlueApron and Daily Harvest (vidrel). I /think/ someone could argue he's not 100% dairy-free because there was a time he openly ragged on other cooking youtubers like Adam Ragusea and Joshua Weissman but I haven't seen him do that in a while.

He openly stated that he's not quitting his day job for Youtube because he wants his videos to remain just a passion, so they stay not only high quality, but free of requests to subscribe, like, bell, etc. Just a super fun and funny guy.

No. 760320

>he openly ragged on other cooking youtubers like Adam Ragusea and Joshua Weissman
omg where

No. 760324

File: 1615618506626.jpg (213.47 KB, 1080x1384, 20210313_004948.jpg)

Love is date night vids with his (now!) Wife! They are so cute. Yeah idk why shaq has such a beef with Adam? You both are cooking nerds calm down.Idk about Joshua, I personally find him super annoying

No. 760331

Oh shucks lol, he wiped his entire twitter, which is where he tweeted something about Joshua Weissman being obnoxious. But the above comment gave a good Ragusea example and this reddit post collates a couple other screenshots https://www.reddit.com/r/AdamRagusea/comments/ewb1mj/has_anyone_else_noticed_internet_shaquilles_weird

He recently cleaned up his IG and Twitter so I think think he realizes now that weird beefs with other Youtubers are not a good look? But I honestly didn't mind his snipes in the first place, they were funny and just a drop in the ocean of comments those bigger channels always get anyway.

Love his date night vids too! I'm happy for them

No. 760362

File: 1615628027107.png (259.89 KB, 646x472, shaquilleshade.png)

Internet archive had some of those !
adam ragusea

No. 760364

File: 1615628171246.png (34.17 KB, 499x724, shade2.png)

josh weissman

No. 760367

File: 1615628352160.png (581.34 KB, 618x660, shade3.png)

and babish.
here you go >>760320

No. 760373

I’ve tried but I can’t get into his personality, he’s as big of a loser as the guys he ragged on because of what I can only assume is jealousy and he seems pretty insufferable. I wouldn’t call him dairy free for the comments alone.

No. 760374

Anyone shitting on Blue Apron et al. is my kind of person. Thanks for the rec, anon!

No. 760411

File: 1615636762463.jpeg (14.34 KB, 274x184, E020B415-BFE2-4628-8A82-457681…)

Neil Cicierega! Other than dissing JonTron one time, I don’t think he’s ever had any actual drama. His YouTube videos are funny, and I love Lemon Demon and all his other music.

No. 760491

Just a cute cake decorating channel I think many would enjoy.

No. 760494

Lemon Demon makes me so nostalgic lol

No. 760495

Double post, I forgot about Odile Monod, she talks about traditional Korean skincare and even if it's not your cup of tea/don't follow a strict skincare routine, it's still very interesting to listen to. Her voice is very soothing and the editing is very well done.

No. 760513

that thumbnail shoop is fucking terrifying tho, she looks like a tim burton character.

No. 760519

Honestly he's like some kind of ancient Internet God. I'm so fond of his old short films

No. 760605

i adore this channel anon, good rec!!

No. 760610

i love her channel. for anyone interested in female-fronted, high production value ASMR my go-to is Atmosphere; she's quite literally creating an asmr storyline through several roleplay videos which are intertwined. some of them are fantasy-themed, some are victorian-themed, ALL of them have astounding production value, are very relaxing, and she stars/directs/produces/edits them all in an impressive one-woman show. the one i'm linking to is her most recent; she designed and created a 3D set in Unreal Engine and we get to "travel" through it as if we were there. her roleplays are very interactive too! "we" (the viewers) are often a character in the story as well.

i've sperged about her so much i know but i LOVE her work and i think she's a breath of fresh air in such a repetitive community, and i find her work to be unique and creative and done with lots of love. do give her a chance even if you're not into asmr, anons!

No. 761186

I'm gonna be real, I love Micarah, but if she was any less hot than she currently is, there would be a MILLION lolcow threads making fun of her.

No. 761191

Oh! I met him at a convention back in highschool. He has a very sweet speaking voice.

No. 761193


Theres something about Rachel that puts me off- It's difficult to put my finger on, but she feels very… inauthentic on camera.

No. 761194

To be fair, lolcowworthiness puts a lot of weight on how delusional the subject is about their own intelligence or skill. Micarah is legitimately very good at what she does, so I think a lot of people would still give her a free pass.

No. 761199

Nah, plenty of attractive cows have threads so her looks aren't stopping anyone. She's got actual talent and knowledge which makes her weirdness palatable and saves he from being made fun of, plus she's harmless.

No. 761217

unlistenable shut-in prosody, tumblr sense of humour, basic sjw-flavored regurgitated contemptuous attitude, slappable face. she feels like a hull of a person to me.

No. 761258

She looks very uncannily like my insufferable aunt lmao. I can appreciate why she has the following that she does, but maybe her style/videos/personality just isn't for me.

No. 761271


No. 761287

Bitch this isn't some philosophy thread

No. 761671

did someone say cottagecore AND stardew valley mods?

No. 761782

Amazing! This level of creativity and care for her work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing nonny.

No. 762980

I love Karolina, I think she's a fancy, knowledgeable lady with an envidiable personality; I wish I were more like her! She inspires me to do more things outside of video games or my computer in general (reading, embroidery, etc.) and I think she's super cool. Wish more of youtube was like her, I love watching content creators (especially women!) focused on doing creative stuff/informing people on topics.

No. 763349

I like watching this guy's LP's. He plays mostly city builders, strategy games, or roleplay games like Shadowrun. They're extremely chill and informative. He actually got me into Shadowrun. He's got a soothing, cool voice but I wanted to post this vid since it was a pleasant surprise to put a face to a voice!

No. 765871

I can't think of a single cow that I'd call attractive. Some people might- but like. She gets away with being batshit because she's good at sewing and is hot.

No. 765910

I don't know if this counts but I really like this youtube channel, it is about innovations in the fields of computer graphics and artificial intelligence, I think everyone would find it interesting, because it's amazing to see how many great new techniques are being developed every day and also the simulations look really cool. And I like his accent. What a time to be alive!
You can also make your own animated 3d monster from a 2d drawing from the website linked in the video.

No. 765946

I love this channel called hundred rabbits, it's the daily life of a couple who live and work on a boat. One is a programmer and a musician and the other is an illustrator and a writer, and together they make books, games and various softwares.
All of their videos have a very specific vibes and I like how short they are. They also try their best to live a sustaineable life style while travelling.

I have tried severals of their softwares and I loves them. Their website is also really intersting, but you have to dig a lot to reach everything.

No. 765994

File: 1616290133831.jpeg (206.2 KB, 1242x1242, D1F7496C-23FD-4A24-B598-DD3A62…)

Mila Tequila, this youtuber who recounts drama from the 00’s like the Paris/Britney beef, Lindsay Lohan, the Bling Ring, etc.

No. 766002

I fucking love her and feel better about knowing too much shit about old drama

No. 766003

shes so pretty <3

No. 766005

does she just read old perez posts or something?

No. 766007

i love him. my personal fave is grad student shuffle. gave me war flashbacks

No. 766008

She makes comprehensible timelines with as much footage she can find on stuff like hilary vs lindsay vs paris drama that can be totally new for lil zoomers, for me it's just nostalgic and I have found myself going "so I definitely misremembered that all these years" a few times

No. 766065

File: 1616296066243.png (65.29 KB, 1091x347, asassad.png)

kek, thanks anon

No. 767001

She popped up on my YouTube today and I checked her out because I saw this post. I really like her!

No. 767872

This was such a good recommendation, I've been watching her videos for the last few days. I like how her coverage is really comprehensive but her delivery style is simple and to the point, kind of makes me feel like I'm chatting with a friend at a sleep over lol.

No. 769840

For the nonny who recommended me reading "the subtle art of not giving a fuck", the author has a youtube and uploads weekly

No. 771078

I really like the booktuber e m m i e. she's a double major in english and classical studies and has a lot of videos talking about that, ngl she is making me want to get a degree in those as well. I've learned so much about classics watching her channel.

No. 771105

I like Ircha Gaming! We have similar taste in Vidya, and her reviews are always enjoyable to watch. She just seems like a genuinely pleasant person.

No. 771434

If this guy has milk on him, I don't want to hear it. I choose to live with ignorance.

No. 771436

Omg, I just watched this earlier today. Glad to see someone else who's fond of this absolute madman. Long live John Warosa

No. 771847

Ovens Rocky Mountain Bushcraft is just comfy and as far as I know 0 drama. Just fun videos about life up in rural Canada/northern US. He recently got a cute puppy too.

No. 771855

I have and always will love erik, he just does dumb internet comedy shit and is genuinely hilarious. his misso is in his skits and his cute dog and his friends idk just a massively great vibe. wholesome community of shitposters and 0 milk just good laughs, wish he was more popular.
I will say he has been on a couple h3h3s podcasts so runs/used to run with that crowd but is otherwise unproblematic as far as I know. fellow students chime in pls

No. 771862

He's fucking funny. I don't follow or see him at all outside of his videos so I can't vouch for him being unproblematic but his videos are a good watch for sure. I'm not sure why his channel isn't bigger, you'd think his videos are the perfect alghoritm material.

No. 771912

LockPicking Lawyer is my favourite
>no face shown ever, not a personality channel
>humor is dry and very mild
>most videos under 5 minutes long
>politely and thoroughly explains the defects in the locks he's picked
>very good at picking locks (hence short videos)
>uses cool tools
>people challenge him or pick a fight, he's always just about the locks

Maybe my autism is showing with this one, but he's a delight

No. 771926

Yes I love his videos too! He just gets straight to the point, no unnecessarily long introductions or personal bullshit, and he's genuinely really good at what he does. I never had an interest in lockpicking or guns but he manages to make it fascinating. I'm actually considering getting a lockpick and trying it for myself now.
Also while I appreciate how his channel is not about him as a person, I feel like he's the coolest guy ever. Pleasant voice, skilled at several interesting and unusual hobbies yet not arrogant, and a lawyer on top.

No. 771931

I really enjoy Ordinary Things. I like his sense of humor and editing style, and his videos have just the right balance between funny and interesting for me. I also enjoy the collaborations with Internet Historian.
At first I was on the fence because he styles his thumbnails (and himself) similarly to a lot of annoying youtubers, but thankfully the similarity ends there.

No. 771973

he's funny. i wish he wasn't so pro porn, but on the whole he's cool.
little bit of a brag, he follows me on instagram and liked my photo in december when i wrote about my medical condition improving (my insta is private, >150 followers, and i usually just post pictures of local scenery and my dogs).
i thought it was really cool that he actually reads stuff and interacts in a small way with fans, even if they aren't growing his channel or promoting his merch. on the whole i think he's a pretty nice, genuine person.

No. 771994

Coindicentally keeping with the 'ordinary x' theme, I also like Ordinary Sausage. His channel gained a lot of traction recently and tbh I prefer the videos from when he didn't show his face yet, but they're still just stupid funny videos to waste some time with. YMMV because some people find his voice and mannerisms annoying but I find it pretty entertaining. He just makes sausages out of stuff. It kind of made me want to get my own sausage maker actually and I don't even like sausages that much.

No. 772054

File: 1617035968318.jpg (53.08 KB, 700x874, ayishat.jpg)

I like following @Ayishat_Akanbi on twitter. I don't agree with her 1:1 but she's a grounding, soothing presence on my feed who reminds me that ideology is a teeny tiny part of life and that my actions towards those immediately around me are much more concrete proof of my goodness as a person. Admittedly there's drama surrounding her because people like to purport that she's anti-woke or an ineffectual centrist but she herself is just a very chill albeit good writer.

One of my favorite quotes of hers is "Your need to be perceived as a good person is preventing you from being a better person."

No. 772056

Love that quote. Wish more people thought like this.

No. 772059

It's not her quote, so many people do.

No. 772063

I mean yeah ofc other people think that way, but I really was directly quoting her https://twitter.com/Ayishat_Akanbi/status/1300079824795508738

No. 772065

Would the opposite work? My need to be perceived as a bad person is preventing me from being a bad person?

No. 772066

his best video

No. 775402

I absolutely adore Simone Giertz. She's absolutely brilliant, funny, so so SO creative, and just everything I want to be. She's also cute as fuck and my gay heart can't help itself whenever she shows building montages lmao. She's the only person I support on Patreon, which I feel a little weird about, but it's just $5 a month so whatever. I remember when lockdown was starting up, she said she was giving away her previous month's earnings to patreon supporters who needed it, no questions asked. I love her weird projects and I wish I was even a smidge of the person she was.

No. 775458

This video & the chair is so cute, I get why you like her. Her workshop is so cool too

No. 775780

TBH his voice and mannerisms are as important a part of his videos as the sausages themselves. I love his ongoing rivalry with Babish too.

No. 776451

Technology Connections is just some dude who makes videos about household appliances/electronics. He's very informative and pretty entertaining and yes, I did watch an almost half hour video on coffee percolators.

No. 776531

I watched way more of that video without skipping or fast forwarding than I thought I was going to. And I’m not a big coffee fan!
I don’t usually have an affinity for these kinds of channels (scrote watching/using/generally interacting with _ [random electronic] in an educational or reviewing format) but the technology is always fascinating. You might like TechMoan, he even on the rare occasion reviews house appliances. Most recently being automated curtains. Another similar channel is Grand Illusions. Virtually milk-less Old English man reviewing toys and knickknacks. I know only 1 channel ran by a woman that does similar, but she reviews modern tech. Her channel is MobileTechReview.

What made me come back though was this video. This chef (iirc she was a former writer & host on Little Big Story) was trying coffee from different parts of the world, and mentioned a percolator! She tried to purchase one for one of the coffees but couldn’t find one.

No. 776966

Youtube recommended me his video about dishwashers even though I don't and never have owned a dishwasher in my entire life. It was a great watch and now I have this useless knowledge in my brain.

No. 777155

I really like the girls (well, women) from Beauty News. Their whole channel is dedicated to reporting and discussing new make-up releases. Most of their videos are pretty long (about 40 minutes to over an hour) so if you need something for background noise, this is perfect.

No. 777732

I love Bess Sonozaki, she's such a smart lesbian (and she has radfem-ish twits)

No. 777733

Thanks, I needed a better alternative to that one black girl that screams at colourpop every 30 seconds

No. 777758

Just an older guy with great skills and a relaxing voice.

No. 777897

I love James Gurney, couldn't agree more. What a great presence on art youtube (the rest of which I mostly can't stand).

No. 780856

Spooky Astronauts! I'm a horror fan and she's my favorite horror channel ever. She's very genuine and down-to-earth, has good taste, and doesn't try to be too much of a "personality" but is still entertaining. IF you're into horror she's a great channel to watch, lots of cool recommendations.

No. 782649

This channels uploads professional recordings of runway shows and digital lookbooks (and lots of it, multiple videos everyday). I fucking love watching these, it's so relaxing to look at these beautiful, masterly made clothes.

No. 786066

Miziziziz is pretty fun to follow, short simple game dev tutorials. He's probably most famous for his ".io and the rise of fake multiplayer" video essay. But I love his "four game developers jam off the same art kit" series, which is exactly what it sounds like. Great to see how creative small-time devs can be.

No. 786090

This looks really interesting, anon! Do you have any other developer channels (any type of dev, not just gaming) you can recommend?

No. 786118

Sorry, I actually don't really have any other recs, Miziziziz is more of an exception than a rule for me tbh! But I do also enjoy Game Maker's Toolkit, though that's still about game dev (obvi)

No. 787171

File: 1618865742785.jpeg (174.69 KB, 960x1280, 1A4EB1C6-53B1-43F5-96AF-513759…)

Drew Monson/mytoecold/thepophefakes

>started making youtube videos at age 12

>gained more mainstream popularity through friendship with Shane Dawson (i know, not a fan myself)
>great sense of humor (spawned the "I Was Threatened" meme, great video btw)
>very open and honest, even if it's embarrassing
>musically talented, posted original music he wrote in high school and piano covers
>talked about mental health and how he's learning to cope with it without sugarcoating anything
>disappears every so often, currently on a year long hiatus

might be cheesy and/or parasocial but i started watching him when I was just a dumb 12 year old and always admired his sense of humor and emotional intelligence.
anyone else here a fan?

No. 787292

I love him! I can always go back to his videos and laugh no matter how many times I have watched them. I've been watching him since middle school, I think I got my sense of humor from him.

No. 828037

CallMeKevin is adorable. He's cute, funny, extremely innocent seeming. If he were ever exposed for doing something shitty, I'd probably have to give up Youtube cause I've never seen a sweeter, more normal moid. No really, he's gotta be special ed or something with how normal, non-coomer he is nowaways in this world of coomer, cheating youtubers. He never tries to make edgy "le i'm going to hell kek!!!" jokes and always gives people a chance. I've never seen a more positive guy

He also makes music! He's pretty great and I don't get weird vibes from him at all. His irish accent is also not super heavy, so I can understand him perfectly. 10/10.

No. 828046

Obra Dinn is a really cool game

No. 828049

Oh I love him to death, probably one of the only streamers I've yet to get a bad vibe from. Hell, I think the only other one is Jerma. Charity hot tub stream was god tier

No. 828082

he's got them chicken little face vibes

No. 828103

that jerma stream killed me, he is honestly one of the only twitch streamers who isnt a retard i love him

No. 828132

> If he were ever exposed for doing something shitty, I'd probably have to give up Youtube
It'd sad that any time we enjoy a male youtuber this has to enter our minds

I was subbed to a commentary channel for a while there and he covered alot of cases of other tubers being perverts messaging kids.. When I read his comment section it was full of males basically saying that they're so desensitized to hearing about this shit that they don't even care if their fave tuber sexts kids… well that's one shitty way to cope with the issue

No. 851003

File: 1625983005759.png (991.09 KB, 1000x900, imagen_2021-07-11_005703.png)

Similar to you, I love garrett watts lol
I think he's super attractive too

No. 851004

I love DFB even if I have never been to a disney park lol

No. 875616

I hate loud men, you’re a masochist

No. 875629

I miss the golden age of comedy game review channels. Seems like the only one who wasn’t exposed as a pedophile or racist was Jordan Underneath, miss him. Still rewatch his entire catalog every so often alongside AVGN

No. 875630

File: 1628380394891.png (404.59 KB, 1280x720, B6EE530D-5B88-43BF-8585-D17791…)

Farewell, sweet prince

No. 875659

My dad's a loud man so I'm totally used to it.

No. 875855

File: 1628415276419.jpg (231.25 KB, 1200x801, EOK5QR8U8AAlWSW.jpg)

I absolutely love HappyConsoleGamer. I found his channel during the Shenmue I and II remasters and Shenmue III hype train but he's been on YouTube for 13 years now. It seems like this is genuinely his passion and he's not trying to be internet famous or anything. I really enjoy his attitude and approach to things. He's a chill guy and honest but not overly critical of games and doesn't nitpick for the sake of nitpicking. He does a lot of videos with his wife and they seem like a good match with a shared passion. I've never gave a shit about YouTubers personal lives before but their baby announcement was so sweet I was genuinely happy for them. He also does story time videos and the one he did about quitting smoking inspired me to work towards quitting myself. Dude looked like a fucking cancer patient before he quit, it's shocking how much healthier he looks now compared to his early videos. The only mildly negative thing I can think of is that he's a bit of a consoomer with special edition games, collectors editions, gaming merchandise, etc. But hey, it's his hobby. He doesn't shill anything and he doesn't even have merch of his own which is a breath of fresh air for a YouTuber.

No. 875868

Nitrorad. He mainly focuses on old, slightly more obscure platformers (blinx, glover, 40 winks, space station silicone valley), but he often talks about horror games (the fatal frame series, echo night, yomawari, the siren series ), and some indie games (Dujanah, the LISA series, yume nikki fan-games)

No. 875884

I love him so much his content just makes my day every time

No. 877170

I love her reviews

No. 877307

Nisipisa, she's really funny and chill

No. 877409

Yes, Anon! I love Nisipisa, she always makes me laugh. I watch her window shopping videos on bad days and they never fail to cheer me up. Especially when she does a lil voice and cracks herself up. Such a cutie.

No. 913611

Idk if she's been posted here but I love Angela Clayton. She's so sweet and I wish I was as talented as her.

No. 938247

I like MatPat, especially his serious videos.

No. 938252

I love Angela's makes, she's so talented, humble, hard working and has a truly unique eye for design. I really hope she does Coatmas this year.
I feel a little sad for her as a human because she seems to live a very agoraphobic existence without friends or hobbies she does just for fun, she really looks to be going through it since losing her poor dog and having issues with the new ones. She's one of those youtubers I wish would have a more balanced happier life even though it would mean cutting her video output in half.

No. 943444

I recommend this channel called Doctorly. It's a team of two dermatologists that answer common dermatology questions and recommend products for them.

No. 943521

I don't usually like exploring/traveling videos but I find Shiey's pretty cozy because he doesn't talk all that much.

No. 943537

If you like animals videos in general I'd suggest watching The Urban Rescue Ranch channel. This is a dude from Texas who rescues animals and regularly gets attacked on camera by an aggressive Rhea that lives in his backyard. He also has a Kangaroo. Lately he's been working on renovating a crackhouse into a wildlife rehab center, it's pretty amazing.

No. 943540

>man gets regularly attacked on camera
Kek nice selling point

No. 943846

File: 1634721383211.jpg (548.83 KB, 2048x1258, Kixstar_DHA18.jpg)

didn't know where to post this, but KiXSTAr who was a castor for R6S recently passed away in a car accident. He seemed like such a nice, happy guy among the mountains of horrid scrotes that make up the main community of this game. I'd only just found out about him too.
Really depressing, dude was only 24.

No. 944437

File: 1634770694318.jpg (139.69 KB, 768x1152, @laurajaneatelier-9.jpg)

Laura Jane Atelier. Her channel is pretty comfy and she isn't ott.

No. 944442

Except that she's a piece of shit and no one who actually works as a funeral director likes her, excluding her hoard of sycophants.

No. 944463


No. 944464

Wait really? please elaborate

No. 944477

She's overwhelmingly hated within the funeral industry, not because of her self-proclaimed "rabble-rousing", but because she's obnoxious asshole who romanticizes death and shits on families who choose to embalm (despite not even having a license to embalm herself). There's also stories about how she's bullied others within the industry and went full mean girl with her team to get a student expelled (Cait is a 37 year old woman who did this to a student at a college she doesn't even attend) over a difference in opinion.

Both stories are within the comments of these threads, including the now removed blog post where she accused another industry worker of trying to make death seem cool and sexy (as if Cait's Bettie Page wannabe look and ott theatrics in videos isn't the same?) and tried to play some feminist angle. She's a former history major who clearly only got into mortuary for a career due to her own fascination with morbidity. She's not in it to help anybody but herself and even went as far as to shut down her precious funeral home for a week in order to film her 'week in the life of' shit. It featured basically nothing relevant to the trade. Caleb Wilde, Little Miss Mortician, and Kari the Mortician are superior public figures.



Her books are also trite, NLOG-tier garbage with little 'meat' about what precisely the profession entails. Her video about why black and white funeral homes are still separate is seventeen minutes to waste your time, in which the guest speaker barely has a chance to talk and once again doesn't tell the audience much. Her 'funeral mukbang hurrhurr' video uses Lisa Rogak as a source for Balinese tribes, yet within Logak's book she herself doesn't even name the specific tribe or have any sources herself.

tl;dr Cait's an NLOG and a bully.

No. 944492

I should've added at the end there that since Cait insists on putting out content as if she's some sort of "authority" or "trusted source", you'd think that she would've used sources which are legitimate and not dubious, very likely incorrect information from a book published in 2004 with absolutely no sources itself and only two pages per chapter on each subject. It doesn't feel that far from when she lies to everyone about the embalming process and tells people in multiple videos (and her own books) that funeral directors are crooks trying to take advantage of grieving families to "sell them things they don't need". She has no shame and only cares about promoting her own agenda.

No. 944495

>There's also stories about how she's bullied others within the industry and went full mean girl with her team to get a student expelled (Cait is a 37 year old woman who did this to a student at a college she doesn't even attend) over a difference in opinion.

Really?? over a difference in opinion? Holy shit.
How come she has no thread here? It would gain traction.

No. 944498

I like Holly Gabrielle on Youtube. She's a posh brit bong who went to Cambridge but seems genuinely quite sweet and innocent and I find her videos pretty comfy.

No. 944500

>why doesn't she have a thread

It was requested, but people felt she was better off just posted in the youtubers thread until she has an actual chimp out. A little ironic given that the subreddit for funeral directors and morticians often gets posts about her and the resounding opinion is that she's undesirable and makes the profession look like a joke.

No. 944501

So instead of like, doing this very delicate care for the remains of loved ones and their family, she does it for her own gains, agenda pushing, and own morbid curiousity / dark aesthetics? because lets be honest she really looks like the type of person who never grew out of the "I love halloween a bit too much" phase

No. 944503

Can you post screenshots?

No. 944515

Pretty much, yeah. As previously stated, she is a former medieval history major. Mortuary Science was not her intended path, she changed it along the way because she has a fascination with the macabre and essentially revels in online articles referring to her as some sort of goffick qween. She got attention and the followers that she did because she's ott, talks like a ghost tours guide, and has a Bettie Page haircut (which doesn't even suit her, makes her look more troon). You can even see it in the videos where she films in her home, as most of the decor is skulls or Poe related shit/etc, which there's nothing inherently wrong with, but with context.. yeah. The people who tend to idolize her the most are non-morticians (aka most of her audience, as she's the only mortician they know of) and first year mortuary students who come into this thinking that its going to be spooky scary enoby darkness dementia raven way time.

It is absolutely not about that and yeah, I'm biased because this is also my job, but she's an embarrassment and there's a collective groan/sigh whenever we are asked if any of us "got into the field because of ask a mortician".

No. 944522

File: 1634774532884.png (223.4 KB, 887x831, Screenshot.png)

No. 944525

File: 1634774631281.png (96.49 KB, 863x488, Screenshot2.png)

No. 944532

File: 1634774760097.png (155.64 KB, 962x835, Screenshot3.png)

No. 944534

File: 1634774882649.png (105.94 KB, 882x645, Screenshot4.png)

No. 944543

File: 1634775194655.png (118.15 KB, 907x630, Screenshot.png)

No. 944550

>she is a former medieval history major
I bet she likes torture devices and shit, disgusting
>first year mortuary students who come into this thinking that its going to be spooky scary enoby darkness dementia raven way time.
Do people really go into mortuary school with this mindset? I always found it very interesting but in a respectful way (my dad worked in a similar field). Could you please tell me about those people?

No. 944580

Not everyone, but a fair bit of people do dive into it thinking that its going to be some repo genetic opera nonsense or something to add to their goffick street cred, "stilettos in the cemetery" type aesthetic and wearing black lipstick on the job. I'm unsure of how other schools operate, but mine doesn't allow students to just dive right into the major: There are pre-req courses, you have to meet with the program director to discuss your reasons for wanting to be in the profession, and you ultimately need approval to join the program. I feel like, in light of Cait making the field seem like merely an aesthetic, that process should be necessary everywhere in order to weed out the the disingenuous. I hadn't seen any manage to slip through at my campus, but have heard horror stories elsewhere about prospective students showing up decked out like a Hot Topic threw up on them thinking it would win over the dean or whoever was in charge. Its also a major where a handful will dropout before completion, just because the experience wasn't what they thought it would be and that's also fine. Some people find along the way that they're better suited for bereavement counseling, not the preparation of loved ones or funerals.

Its a superficial interest in death, not the genuine desire to work in a setting where you will bear the brunt of a lot of emotional (and physical) labor. It doesn't mean going to work with bats and cobwebs everywhere while wearing y2k steampunk and if these people are looking for that, they should find an acting troupe or a ghost tours in their local area and join them.

No. 944593

>we dont join this industry for fame
yeah. Imagine using someone's grief and pain to get famous, this is beyond me.

No. 944596

>it's about what the family wants, not what you want
holy shit exactly

No. 944598

File: 1634777330673.png (138.77 KB, 947x627, Screenshot.png)

No. 944599

>but have heard horror stories elsewhere about prospective students showing up decked out like a Hot Topic threw up on them thinking it would win over the dean or whoever was in charge.

I want to know more about this lol
also, with bereavement do you mean thanatology? or is it different?

No. 944603

>I can't imagine people getting in the business to take advantage of the grieving
This… like, this process is basically very painful for the family involved.

No. 944611

More along the lines of grief counseling, which requires a b.a. in psych iirc and I think a ph.d or/and a psy.d. Some people que up and discover, "hey, i'm actually better suited for professional counseling for those in mourning" and there's nothing wrong with that. Its very stressful to deal with deceased loved ones and their families and all the preparation which goes into the memorial, but its also very rewarding. Some families will physically stay with you at the home (or talk with you on the phone) for hours about the deceased and by the time they're finished, you feel like you knew this person, too.

No. 944829

she talks about going to bdsm clubs as a teen in her book "smoke gets in your eyes"

she shits on people wanting quick cremations for their dead children, parents who are grieving and can't bring themselves to name their dead babies, old people who don't want euthanasia. she is a pos.

seeing the interest on caitlyn itt, maybe we could create the thread afterall. i have seen some scathing reviews about her books in goodreads and i would be willing to go read it again to find milk.

No. 945400

File: 1634840393462.png (19.78 KB, 1852x122, 90.png)

>maybe we could create the thread afterall

I'm very much for it, but it does seem like she has some nutter stans around lc who think nothing she's done is milk. Meanwhile, we've got threads on people who used to be milky circa 4-5 years ago and all their threads amount to nowadays are bad shoops, but those are totally allowed.

No. 945464

Just make the thread and ignore the whiteknights. Report them and move on.

No. 945523

She plays games I like and her videos tend to be on the longer side and quite chatty. I often feel like I'm hanging out with an older sister when I watch her videos. She knows a shit ton about animals and wildlife, and iirc she works with reptiles IRL.
She believes in all that non binary tranny cringe shit, but I can push it to the side to syill enjoy her content.

No. 945524

Thank you so much for posting about this, I caught this while scrolling and it’s fascinating, now I’m reading up the thread. I would also think that wearing things that commodify superficial symbols related to death is disrespectful to the grieving process. Different cultures obviously have different practices, and I would assume you would want to be perceived as open and a safe haven for whatever your client would need, flexible and not overtly subcultural. It’s not really when you should be expressing your personality, and death involves letting go of the material, so a focus on that brings up barriers.

No. 945528

Replying to a 4 month old post but I really like Kevin too! He's very charming and funny.
This is his gf's channel, Anna Rudolf. I think she's also very charming and sweet. She's extremely good at chess. I have no interest in chess but still watch her videos because she seems so genuinely cute. I think I have a small crush on her.

No. 945532

I'm interested in a thread as well.

No. 945599

I honestly watch too much Youtube so here's some of my favorites who haven't been mentioned yet
Brutalmoose- his editing/production is insane, I love his videos where he plays 90's computer games and watches mystery VHS tapes but his retro recipe/ food review videos are probably the most iconic
Scruffy- His videos about sound design in video games are outstanding, especially with headphones. He goes into technical detail often but it's still understandable for laymen.
Tasting History With Max Miller- makes historical recipes using period accurate ingredients and recipes. Also has mini history segments with context for the recipe that are really well researched. and he's really cute ngl

No. 945626

If someone wants to craft an OP I'd be down.

No. 946342

I will work on an OP in the request thread.

anon, I might need some assistance from you, so please check the request thread in a couple of days.

No. 948018

Sounds good, anon! Thanks for the contribution.

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