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File: 1597382675950.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1560407995479.png)

No. 604193

prev thread hit cap

ask your questions faggots

No. 604203

Will I find a job any time soon?

No. 604205

File: 1597386672198.png (143.29 KB, 438x231, 1554019144255.png)

Will this ceaseless fucking shitstorm ever blow over?

No. 604206

fucking jinxed myself

No. 604207

will i ever find love sonic san?

No. 604225

Am I gonna get a boyfriend next year (but not just some guy just to have a boyfriend, but a real loving cute respectful one who I love)?

No. 604226

Aw man alright I guess respectful men don't exist anyway thanks sanic

No. 604234

Will I ever see him again?

No. 604236

>> 604234
Please somic

No. 604237

Same fagging bc I wanna ask, am i getting a job this month?

No. 604263

Will I ever change?

No. 604266

thanks for nothing sonic totem

No. 604270

Will anon ever change?

No. 604272

Will I be able to get a new place before Halloween this year?

No. 604274

ty anon <3

No. 604287

Will I be able to lose 15 kg?

No. 604302

Will things get better?

No. 604304

Will i ever get over the toxic mentality that dating 1+ person before getting married makes me a whore or is this middle-eastern mindset gonna stay with me till i die?

No. 604308

Should I quit my job and find another one?

No. 604309

Should I just tell them I can't do it?

No. 604316

does he love me uwu

No. 604320

Will I get my shit together?

No. 604328

You'll get over it once you realize that this 1) never applies to men somehow, 2) is just one of the billion rules on how to behave people will tell you in your lifetime, even if you follow them all people won't treat you any better or praise you and will just see it as "how it's supposed to be" and you'll still be miserable on top of that, and if you ever want a chance of being happy you need to train yourself to not give a shit.

No. 604360

will it work out today soon? sorry I’ve been impatient.

No. 604374

same anon, how soon is soon? it’s pretty open ended but maybe that’s on purpose.

No. 604390

I can't ascertain whether or not I want to play the Sims again. Tell me, do I want to?

No. 604417

Will she agree if I ask?

No. 604422

This means you have to start playing the sims and download sonic cc and play as sanic. Do it now
Sanic should I start chatting with my old online friends again or just forget about them forever?

No. 604426

Will it ever be ok?

No. 604443

Oh totem: I feel alone. Am I actually stupid/privileged/a bad person for choosing to not participate in, or listen to, the shitshow that is politics??

No. 604447

how about now?

No. 604463

O wise and powerful totem, will I ever find a purpose in life?

No. 604468

Should I ask for help?

No. 604469

Dear senic, will I be able to get some will to enjoy my hobbies again?

No. 604470

Thanks, sonic!

No. 604473

No. 604599

Sonic is my boyfriend fucking Gabe or no

No. 604629

Can you be a little more specific?

No. 604637

Will she return my feelings?

No. 604639

is this going to work out right now the way i want it?

No. 604649


No. 604650

WILL NOT DO, SANIC. Will it be closed?

No. 604665

No. 604680

will i find a cute boy toy this year?

No. 604684


No. 604693

should I just take the loss?

No. 604694

once more for a definitive answer.

No. 604696

No. 604774


No. 604778

will i ever be good at anything?

No. 604788

Will that one dumb bitch I hate quit?

No. 604793

Will it happen

No. 604810

Does he love me. Does he miss me as much as I miss him

No. 604816

Is this chicken bad?

No. 604817

Shit, I guess a bitch eating vegan tonight. Unless…

No. 604818

Will that one delusional bitch that hates everything quit?

No. 604846

The biggest cliffhanger on lolcow

No. 604873

will this be the year things get better for me?

No. 604876

will we get to fuck?

No. 604880

will aliens come visit earth soon?

No. 604897

I have come to accept no big dick goth but will I ever get a big dick weeb bf?

No. 604899

File: 1597470069401.jpg (39.35 KB, 789x467, 1289674648.jpg)


No. 604903

Am I working too much?

No. 604921

can I lose 30 pounds this year sanic?

No. 604928

Should I stop talking to him?

No. 604961

Just do keto

No. 604972

Will I leave soon this hellhole of a country?

No. 605297

No. 605308

Will I lose a decent amount of weight this year and the next?

No. 605436


Will they like it here?

No. 605437

Well, looks like they're moving in. I hope they're good planetmates.

No. 605442

No. 605519

does he still think about me

No. 605521

will we ever see each other in person again

No. 605522

will we fuck when we do?

No. 606144

Will I feel better this week

No. 606147

Damn sanic I asked if I'll feel better this week

No. 606742

Should anon be scared to ask you a question?

No. 606745

will trump win a second term?

No. 606748

File: 1597683537844.jpg (170.22 KB, 848x480, 304056.jpg)

No. 606758

Sanic, is it time to let go?

No. 606774

should i have 2 cups of hot chocolate for lunch

No. 606776

should i??

No. 606782

Will I ever have the balls to move out?

No. 606784

Fuck this shit, I'm doing an hero, thanks >>606742

No. 606801

Will I score well on my UCAT?

No. 606864

Am I gonna lose at least 5 kgs by the end of this year?

No. 606866

Well, am I?

No. 606918

i miss him a lot. can i please see/work with him again?

No. 607166

will i ever hear back?

No. 607236

Will I

No. 607304

2morrow good?

No. 607308

No. 607344

Is this a good idea to go forward with oh mighty Sonic?

No. 607345


Why do this to me Sonic

No. 607353

will i be able to join

No. 607364

will uni work out?

No. 607418

Am I gonna fail my first exam

No. 607420

Can I habe a pizza ples

No. 607423

No. 607465

Will I kill myself this year

No. 607466

Will I ever get soft, tousled hair?

No. 607475

Hell ya I'm happy for you

No. 607541

if you kill yourself, both me an Sanic will visit you and it won't be pretty

No. 608752

Will it be Friday

No. 608753

Will it be The Original Day

No. 608755

are you real

No. 608758

File: 1597866993641.jpg (76.54 KB, 1193x1116, 7b62d178p9z01.jpg)

No. 608760

we got our answer girls.

No. 608766

Will I get this job?

No. 608798

Will I ever escape?

No. 608800

Fuk u sanic.

No. 608809

Hey, don't shoot the messenger

No. 608832

Should I waste my time with college again this year?

No. 608834

Cliche question I know but does that one guy I like like me back?

No. 608837

does he does he does he does he

No. 608843

Ok who do you think you are sanic, priestess Pythia?? What about that black metal guy from college, did he notice me?

No. 608844

FUCK YOU sanic I just wanted answers

No. 608899

Can I trust you, sanic totem?

No. 608901

will I ever date a cutie

No. 608903

i've never seen sonic totem cuck someone so thoroughly before in these threads. gave me a good chuckle

No. 608904

am i an uggo

No. 608906

No. 608907

No. 608908

will i pass my courses this semester

No. 608909

i knew i was going to suffer but that's not a yes or no asshole

No. 608943

is he going to be my boyfriend?

No. 608956

Will I find The One?

No. 608958

Aight sounds good to me

No. 608959

Is my upper lip sweaty?

No. 608980

Do I have a chance now that talk has increased?

No. 608988

Can I see tomorrow that One

No. 608997

Will I ever be a skinny bitch?

No. 609022

Should I go to the liquor store?

No. 609023

Probably for the best

No. 609046

Will I like my next job?

No. 609049

sonic totem-chan will i get The job i want

No. 609052

>>609049 but will that help

No. 609060

Does he like me

No. 609062

Should i run away to canada

No. 609064

m-me too. i'll go halvsies on an apartment in toronto if you want.

No. 609070

Should I walk there Friday?

No. 609071

fuck anons, we can split everything 3 ways. take me to Toronto

No. 609100

Am I going to interact

No. 609148

am i going to be able to do this plan

No. 609154

will i ever be able to recover pls say yes

No. 609157

ok totem i am asking again

No. 609167

Am I healthy enough to date again?

No. 609202

Does he loves me? Is he crushing on me?

No. 609207

Is my great cost to be that I fail?

No. 609249

Ooh, I have the same question! Answer me

No. 609254

Am I a failure who makes life harder for everyone around me?

No. 609255

should i find a new job or get permanent shifts at my current one?

No. 609256

Should I quit trying to learn how to put on makeup? If I'll be honest it's not going too well sanic.

No. 609259

Asking again. Just tell me.

No. 609367

Does my hair look sexy pushed back?

No. 609370

File: 1597931014270.jpeg (23.67 KB, 328x154, 9D19B065-984C-42E5-9F05-A8CD99…)

What are you doing here Aaron?

No. 609412

Is coloured hair trashy?

No. 609595

Go to beach

No. 609601

No. 609630

covid feels bad man

No. 609637

Will i have over 1 million dollars or USD equivalent by the time i am 30

No. 609640

Will I just remain single from here on out?

No. 609645

Should I get clean from drugs

No. 609651

Oh sonic sama, will this ever end?

No. 609682

Should i stop eating these chips

No. 609684

conversely should i start doing drugs?

No. 609685

Are we going to be able to eradicate all men one day

No. 609686

Will I be able to live in virtual reality ever? I want to have a cool dragon avatar

No. 609696

Will my boyfriend fuck me when he comes out from the shower?

No. 609698

LOL prepare yourself anon

No. 609700

Is he going to think i smell weird?

No. 609726

>Yes… at a great price
he is goign to think you smell weird and reveal he has a fetish for smelly people

No. 609874

Will I stop being sick this week?

No. 609887

pls sonic…

No. 609988

Will he let me hit his g spot

No. 609991

will i get it together next week sanic

No. 610015

will my bf come over and put his pp in me ?

No. 610016

fuck u sanic… guess i'd better fire up the vibrator then.

No. 610342

Oh sonick… when will summer be over… please say soon. Please please

No. 610344

>For all of eternity

No. 610354

Will we find an apartment?

No. 610356

Will we?

No. 610357

Omg thanks sanic, will the apartment be nice?

No. 610401

asking again

No. 610410

Lets get High Anon:) I relapsed on benzos again KEk

No. 610411

Should I say no to pulling overtime?

No. 610417

Does she love me?

No. 610509

Is it gonna rain

No. 610524

Will it be as magical as I want today?

No. 610541

I’m posting emoji if you say no, Sanic

No. 610741

will i get my doctorate

No. 610792

Will I be happy?

No. 610794

I hate this cunt

No. 610800

You will be happy anon.

No. 610801

Will I succeed doing what I am planning to do for the next 5 days?

No. 610804

File: 1598037444039.jpg (40.74 KB, 508x635, c878ab1c732231eb077201f5bccb79…)

tank yooooooo

No. 610845

will i ever get to fuck my never ending celeb crush

No. 610848

File: 1598040841114.jpg (6.48 KB, 314x44, 4.jpg)

thanks sonic i'll go back to flicking the bean and crying myself to sleep

No. 610858

will everything get better with my relationship?

No. 610909

File: 1598046069635.jpeg (50.68 KB, 542x542, 870B7B3D-E7F6-48B2-A948-E9AA99…)

also thanks totem

No. 612079

will i get the beach job, sanic-sama

No. 612432

Do I have to buy a new tire?

No. 612520

Should I buy a bucket hat

No. 612526

Omg sanic will give you his! Lucky

No. 612527

Should I rest my dumb bitch injuries for another day

No. 612530

Will I manage to get a nicer body this year?

No. 612546

will I ever get over my severe internet addiction?

No. 612548

Will I?

No. 612561

Should I procrastinate working out for another hour?

No. 613190

Should I go

No. 613194

will i be happy

No. 613196

well ?

No. 613201

That’s kind of wholesome.

No. 613220

Will I finish my work in time?

No. 613222

Weird answer so I’m asking again sanic

No. 613380

Will I kick my habit this time?

No. 613385

Will I get what I want?

No. 613387

Kek sanic you’ve cucked me every time

No. 613415

By this time next year, will everything be successful for me?

No. 613444

Will the brownie I just ate get me too high?

No. 613453

Tell me, I need to know what I’m in for

No. 613544

Will following my pursuits pay off this year?

No. 613555

Why doesn't this answer surprise me? Thanks Sanic Totem.

No. 613561

Anon before u od on edibles, you had trips: yes, at a great price

No. 613998

Should I fire up a joint in my room tonight?

No. 613999

You know what fuck you sonic kun I'm doing it regardless

No. 614010

Am I gonna have diarrhea tomorrow

No. 614012

So what's the truth, Sonic? Is it me?

No. 614052

Will it be not the worst?

No. 614077

Will she fuck my boyfriend

No. 614079


No. 614137

Will I fall in love with her again?

No. 614181

Is he avoiding me

No. 614205

Should I go for it, relentlessly?

No. 614256

should I even try?

No. 614261

Should I kill myself

No. 614267

No. 614291

Will my social ineptitude someday Cease

No. 614337

am I akward as I think I am or it's all in my head?

No. 614338

what is possible? am I a cringy dork or not?

No. 614339

not my fault I am one autistic bitch. Hope u suffer too

No. 614448

Will I do it today sanic?

No. 614450

I'm annoying him?

No. 614452


What does that mean, papa sonic?

No. 614505

Is today the day?

No. 614507

How morbid

No. 614509

Sonic is a fucking liar, I had to buy 4. Motherfucker.

… Maybe it was too specific, no for a tire, but yes for tires. God dammit.

No. 614523

Am I a fukken dumbass

No. 614525

will I ever go to a meshuggah concert

No. 614527

no sonic why I'm gonna cry please

No. 614592

Sanic will I get a good grade on my coursework and everything?

No. 614593

File: 1598361782503.jpeg (65.86 KB, 663x767, AEAA734C-035A-4C3A-9D61-48D72C…)

No. 614595

rip to you my friend

No. 614596

Wait I know, you're not gonna get a good grade, you're gonna get an excellent grade

No. 614600

Should I break up with my bf

No. 614601

Haunting, thank you.

No. 614616

File: 1598365143109.jpeg (33.76 KB, 461x282, E69853EE-C6B8-499A-BC08-E0C0F0…)

thank you anon i worked really hard on it

No. 614626

is anon gonna get an excellent grade

No. 614630

See?! I told you

No. 614633

can I please see him again?

No. 614668

am I going to be HUMILIATED when the time comes to see him again

No. 614676

Will I ever be able to meet him in person?

No. 614678

Sonic, will we ever talk again?

No. 614679

Ah, I see

No. 615009

Sonic, will these girls stop pining for and being so reliant on these ain’t shit boys to the point that they feel the need to ask you about it

No. 615130

Should I take someone with me or go alone

No. 615131

So just you n me sonic??

No. 615139

Aww sounds like a cute date

No. 615183

Sonic should I look more into that program

No. 615190

will I finally make friends?

No. 615191

File: 1598411574476.jpeg (53.32 KB, 630x630, FCE973E2-0454-4668-8BFA-42D79D…)

we’re part of the sonic squad now!!

No. 615474

Can I join the sonic squad too

No. 615475

Can I join it now

No. 615646

should I stop?

No. 616452

Should I text him tomorrow?

No. 616471

Is prowling around gonna get me anything

No. 616472

something ideal?

No. 616474

Girl stop breaking into people’s houses like a crackhead

No. 616475

Press x for doubt

No. 616476

Error. Try again in 3 days

No. 616477

Will I be happy

No. 616478

I said will I be happy

No. 616479

Are you fucking kidding me.

No. 616491

Does the sun rise every day? Your answer lies there

No. 616493

anon btfo

No. 616494

T-thank you anon-chan

No. 616541

Will school be okay today?

No. 616545

Will he make me cum?

No. 616547


No. 616551

Will I get a job before 2020 ends?

No. 616562

Will I get a raise?

No. 616563

Well fuck you too.

No. 616785

Will we get married?

No. 616786

No. 616803

Will my boyfriend hug me today?

No. 616820

Will I be able to get into this class?

No. 616844

will we cross paths?

No. 616847

will i ever find real, true, reciprocal romantic love?

No. 616850

Ay sonic I have the same question

No. 616852

Oh my god!!! I got a date with sonic and he will love me truly! Thanks sanic i lvoe you

No. 616857

How about me sonic?

No. 616865

Am I full on autistic?

No. 616868

Will I get my bliss?

No. 616871

Will it explode

No. 616875

Am I just a lil bit autistic?

No. 616888

can we please be together?

No. 616891

Are they still together?

No. 616892

Are they happy?

No. 616893

sanic desu will I be happy and complete without them? thanks a ton desu

No. 616894

Will they last long as a couple?

No. 616895

Will they?

No. 616897

I'm just gonna ask you to specify that please but please don't punish me or I might cry

No. 616910

will i get a gf before i finish college?

No. 616915

why did i even ask…

No. 616919

Will 2021 be a better year?

No. 616921

If u say so…

No. 616933

Should I wait until marriage for, you know… .. .. (sweating) h.. handholding?

No. 616936

>Yes at a great price
Hmmm I wonder what…
Is humanity ever going to engineer pet chocobos to ride when going to work or school?

No. 616987

Am I gonna have my first kiss this year uwu

No. 616994

Do I have a personality disorder

No. 616999

Will I ever have a cute blonde gf

No. 617002

do i have a deviated septum

No. 617004

Diagnose me Dr Sanic

No. 617007

Sanic, don’t play with me. I’m not pill seeking

No. 617012

File: 1598560519736.jpg (90.84 KB, 350x821, sonic dead.jpg)


damn guys turns out sonic was imprisoned this whole time and has just committed suicide in his jail cell. idk what happened but i know i had nothing to do with it. anyways here's a pic.

rip sanic thank you for all the ask agains, we"ll miss you.

No. 617016

You epsteined him!! But he was supposed to see me soon and we'd fall in love and stuff!

No. 617019

File: 1598561004888.jpeg (112.1 KB, 691x1024, 4023C579-C1E7-472D-94FE-A4AEA3…)

I can see the marker lines. This is obviously fake and a drawing. Sonic is right here, see? safe and sound

No. 617021

idk what you're talking about anon. the weird thing that looks like a gunshot wound is actually just a bleeding mole don't worry.

No. 617022

no he's definitely dead and he definitely killed himself

No. 617026

S-sonic.. you’re not dead are you?????

No. 617027

I wish I was sonic rn

No. 617028

No. 617031

the stages of grief:

stage 1- denial

No. 617032

omg im literally shaking and crying right now this cant be happening

No. 617034

He is…Im sorry anon but this is the truth. He's not replying to the thread for a while now. Take as much time to grief as possible anon, since his passing is the most devastating thing on the website other than the mods here. Just remember, his death isn't your fault, forgive yourself and let it go….

No. 617048

Do I let go?

No. 617170

Will I find trv luv this year?

No. 617207

Is the Dairy purchase occurring

No. 617210

Post decides

No. 617302

Will the black sludge ever go away?

No. 617490

Will I kiss someone this year?

No. 617491

File: 1598616672671.jpeg (62.61 KB, 702x702, FA776B16-E920-4307-A999-E3417F…)

sonic… r u trying to tell me something?

No. 619044

File: 1598753157570.jpg (602.55 KB, 617x924, hdf14tS.jpg)


Okay Great blue one, it´s being 3 days, should I text him tomorrow? Give me your wisdom!

No. 619047

should i give up?

No. 619048

should I quit my job

No. 619050

well gimme a straight answer

No. 619051

>Yes… at a great price.

I´ll take it! Wish me luck anons!

No. 619053

should i bang him?

No. 619483

Should I go with them or leave to do my own thing

No. 619515

Was he right about me?

No. 619519

Should I text him or does he wanna be left alone

No. 619520

Will it be easier than I think?

No. 619521

Will I pass my exam?

No. 619522

Fuck you blue cunt, yes or no

No. 619535

Will I get a scholarship this year?

No. 619552

Does she like me, like me?

No. 619565

Should I go to a college far away from home?

No. 619570

Will we ever talk again?

No. 619579

will we ever date?

No. 619580


No. 619674

Dammit. Oh well…

No. 620119

Was that a trafficker

No. 620120

Feck u was it plainclothes

No. 620125

have i made the right decision?

No. 620127

fuck why is the sonic totem always so accurate? someone plz tell me this is bs

No. 620187

Should I stay in this shit city where I kinda like my school instead of moving to the nicer city and going to a new school where I don‘t know anyone?

No. 620203

will i finally be prescribed some fucking ritalin

No. 620209

Is he gonna text back

No. 620270

does he care me

No. 620326

Am I fucking retArted

No. 620328

HaHa tell me something I don’t know sonic. Does Chris chan know I exist

No. 620403

Would he like me if I was skinny?

No. 620405

What if I did a weed? Stoner AU that will never be realized?

No. 620413

Will I get my revenge

No. 620421

will I ever finish my book sanic?

No. 620451

Will I get to relax this week?

No. 620456

Will I lose the weight before my birthday?

No. 620462

Will things get better soon

No. 621453

sanic will i get what i want

No. 621456

should I put on makeup tomorrow

No. 621642

Should I take a peek at the infamous nerve damage pics in the Kelly thread?

No. 621643

Thanks for saving me from traumatizing myself, o great totem

No. 621669

please please please let me, let me, let me let me get what I want this time

No. 621672

am i going to pass this semester or will i be perpetually in college

No. 621674

File: 1599085743572.jpg (30.69 KB, 639x522, 97413523_2433200643447819_3011…)

ok sanic

No. 621680

Anon, no! The no here was to your question was to you being perpetually in college. You will graduate!!!

No. 621682

Wow that grammar is shitty, sorry. Trying to quit coffee…

No. 621688

Unrelated but i love this commie movie

No. 621709

Will my body go all gross and saggy when I lose the weight?

No. 621710

pls sanic i’m asking again

No. 621812


No. 622268

will my relationship with my new almost bf go right????

No. 622269

File: 1599156544897.jpg (66.86 KB, 645x639, an angel....jpg)

u know what sonic, kirby is better than u. but yes, youre probably right

No. 622563

Will the cute boy I got drunk with ever be my friend or boyfriend?

No. 622568

Will I ever stop being a fatass?

No. 622569

anon chan the suffering is just sweating your ass off at the gym but you got this!

No. 622575

Should I buy the food tonite

No. 622577

um does my co-worker have a crush on me???

No. 622578

Can a bi call herself a dyke?

No. 622614

File: 1599184525283.jpeg (13.64 KB, 200x275, 1599068782820.jpeg)

Can 80% bisexual leaning gay women post here?
I kinda have regrets about marrying at such a young age but my husband is the only man I have ever had sexual relations with
I grew up in a conservative country so I was never free to explore my homosexual side
I dont know why but I still feel supremely drawn to the idea of dating a woman and getting to know her
Feeling comfortable with each other to take things further sexually
Thing is I absolutely love my husband and feel like we are supremely compatible personality wise
It just always feels like something is missing in the romantic/sexual department which I am attributing to my gayness
Every few months/years of me denying my homolust makes me seek out lesbians to talk to hoping someone can understand and give me answers
Hell I'm doing it right now and for what I think is absolutely no reason because I should be 100% happy with what I have
Not knowing yourself fully and exploring it is true suffering
Oh and this is my latest waifu just so you girls have some eyecandy

No. 622621

Sonic, will this work out?

No. 622775

Will I turn into a succubus one day?

No. 622776

Will I get in trouble if I don’t do it?

No. 622781

KEK this fucking post

No. 622790

Can I eat the banana too?

No. 622802

Jesus anon good luck, tell us what meeting the sonic totem is like when you get back

Is he going to ask me out the next time he sees me?

No. 622803

Is this it for me?

No. 622865

Will I get out safely and have a good life?

No. 622869

Will Paralives be a good game?

No. 622888

am i a homosexual

No. 622921

Will he ever forgive me?

No. 622922

Thank you sonic-san

No. 622954

>suffering awaits
yes, you are

No. 622968

will i end up un heroing myself like i plan?

No. 623126

Will I come out on top

No. 623138

Was it the ice cream?

No. 623156

is he worth it?

No. 623246

Will I get my Big Romance?

No. 623247

Is the holiday weekend going to make my beach day gay af

No. 623248

should I go then?

No. 623353

File: 1599272341733.png (205.57 KB, 466x377, ya.PNG)

update: sanic was right. rolling again to know if ill be less frustated

No. 623371

Damn bitch it's been a whole day. What the hell did you do?

No. 623409

should i talk 2 them?

No. 623417

do they love me?

No. 623419

should i bang him?

No. 623421

oddly sensible.

No. 623435

Is he suffering as much as I hope?

No. 623436

No. 623549

Will I ever get over all the shit men have done to me

No. 623550

wow I’m giving you one more chance or I’ll actually believe you’re dead

No. 623592

Will the uncomfortable person come to our meeting tomorrow…

No. 623615

Is it happening?

No. 623622

Will I survive this thursday

No. 623649

Should i have died?

No. 623652

No and we're happy you didn't. Stay strong, anon.

No. 623842

Will I be able to reach my long-term professional and personal goals?

No. 623843


No. 623863

should i send him these tits

No. 623893

Will we ever meet again

No. 623956

Is there going to be more and should I wait?

No. 623964

will i get to marry the let's player of my dreams

No. 623965

No. 623981

will i successfully get over her? because i feel like i am

No. 623982

Should I finally submit myself to the Government and let them brainwash me completely?

No. 623990

Will I hit my weight goal by the end of this year?

No. 624053

Will I be able to move out by the end of this year?

No. 624195

Do they even care about me at all?

No. 624238

Should I try to get into a relationship with this guy?

No. 624240

Sanic am I going to marry my current partner? Does he see a future with me?

No. 624242

Will 2021 be better than this year?

No. 624244

lol great. Thanks, mighty Sanic

No. 624247

Do you love me sonic-san?

No. 624287

Will the depression-chan commit suicide?

No. 624289

Jesus christ, i sure fucking hope not

No. 624297

The totem has spoken. Brace yourselves anons

No. 624320

Will I ever deserve your grace?

No. 624325

Should I text the guy I got drunk with or just disappear?

No. 624327

Will I get a bf by 2021?

No. 624330

how about me sonic? be a real one and give me a sexy bf

No. 624332

noah fence but you’re not my type. i’ll ask again

No. 624333

Will I get a hot bf tho?

No. 624334

ok incel

No. 624347

Will my headache go away

No. 624375

have i met my soulmate yet

No. 624438

Should I tell them?

No. 624480

Should I drink a beer for breakfast?

No. 624569

Will I do well at uni?

No. 624573

Will I fall asleep?

No. 624591

Should I dump him

No. 624600

based sanic

No. 624610

Will I be normal again (you know what I mean sonic)

No. 624611

should i volunteer tomorrow?

No. 624625

will i do well in my exams?

No. 624653

Should I clean the * sonic?

No. 624660

Should I go for a walk NOW?

No. 624664

should I for a run?

No. 624670

I'm going for a walk now, Sonic, I don't care what you say

No. 624672

anon please stay in crowded areas

No. 625328

Should I change my legacy sim's partner?

No. 625368

Will I stop being depressed and do well in my exams?

No. 625369

Will I get into uni at least?

No. 625370

pls sanic i’m this close to crying rn

No. 625371

will i finish the project in time?

No. 625388

Will I quit smoking?

No. 625391

Will I ever stop being a fat fuck?

No. 625407

is the inflammation seriously flaming up again?

No. 625474

am i cute?

No. 625475

Am I cute

No. 625478

am i cute?

No. 625479

ok how about now

No. 625482

Sonic has been trying to let you down gently stop pushing your luck

No. 625484

it wasn’t all me doe

No. 625488

Damn sonic said two birds one stone

No. 625542

Will my partner ever learn how to communicate properly and stop stressing me out?

No. 625544

Kek, wow. Well I appreciate the honesty.

No. 625551

will he fall in love with me

No. 625552

anons I will actually experience love I’m so happy

No. 625600

Did Sonic Totem lie to this anon

No. 625607

Will my cleaning adventure continue tonight

No. 625613

should i buy it?

No. 625615

i need a concrete answer sonic

No. 625636

Is he going to be weirded out when I unload my mental health baggage?

No. 625637

File: 1599602920677.png (605.83 KB, 733x639, 1531544713768.png)

No. 625694

Will I get the scholarship?

No. 625695


I am afraid to ask again

No. 625697

It won’t be if he cares for you anon

No. 625698


am i being fucked with

No. 625716

Ok I fucked around. Do I start cleaning again???

No. 625727

nothing, my family doesn't approve of us because of where he's from and his family hates me because of where i'm from, so while we're really good together we just have shitty manipulative families that cause drama

No. 625734

will i get back on track?

No. 625736

well… will i get back on track, sanic?

No. 625751

Dear totem, after this epidemic fiasco will there be a second renaissance?

No. 625769

sanic do you think I'm cute

No. 626095

Will we get the house? Please let us get the house

No. 626102

Will I ever tell my dad I'm gay?

No. 626142

Is it as bad as I think

No. 626150

Do they know I’m a pervert?

No. 626175

Will I be able to finish all 6 modules today?

No. 626263

how will i do on the test

No. 626269

should i buy all that stuff?

No. 626320

Will I get into my first choice uni sanic?

No. 626353

Will big Reno happen this fall

No. 626354

will tomorrow be a good day?

No. 626355

i didn’t finish the modules, you were right sanic

No. 626385

Will I stop having grudges

No. 626386


No. 626397

Will i have to evacuate?

No. 626403

Will Borzois ever stop?

No. 626433

Will i ever get better at it?

No. 626446

Should I get an undercut?

No. 626450

I'm not Sonic, but no.

No. 626462

sonic-san, should i put any effort into this?

No. 626486

I hope they do. Sanic, will you stop them for me

No. 626490

Good fucking job you just awakened Sanic's secret genocidal urges

No. 626529

Looks like he’ll see you soon, borzoi scum

No. 626530

Do I take the adderall

No. 626655

should i eat it?

No. 626661

Will we last forever?

No. 626731

Not sanic totem but the answer to adderall is always yes ♥

No. 626835

>Not sanic totem
Kek, I like how you felt the need to say you're not the totem.
This is your brain on adderal.

No. 626840

will everything be ok and go the way i want it to

No. 626843


No. 626882

should i cut my hair?

No. 626883

Should I listen to the anon in the Stupid Questions thread and dye my hair?

No. 626888

Should I just do it?

No. 626904

Should I shave before going out tonight because "you never know"?

No. 626905

You know what I'm asking. Should I shave or not?

No. 626908

based sanic encouraging women not to conform to dumb beauty ideas

No. 626967

Am I going to be happy and free?

No. 626975

Will I fuck him?

No. 626976


No. 627127

a little speed, sanic?

No. 627134

Will I manage to fall asleep even if I don‘t eat dinner?

No. 627141

Will I?

No. 627143

eat dinner anon take care of yourself

No. 627214

I think she's already asleep, anon

No. 627226


should i go ahead with my old story idea sanic? if not i'll start this new one

No. 627229


noted though i hope it doesn't take as long as eternity god damn

No. 627316

It's fine, I'm already fat, I ate some edamame though. Thanks anyway anon, I appreciate it

No. 627715

Will my covid test come back positive

No. 627716

Plz sonic I hope you’re right, I just want to do laundry and grocery shop again

No. 627929


sanic will her dream come true

No. 627930


makes no sense in context but ok

No. 627933

sonic!!!! are you gay

No. 627935

wtf do you have a std or something

No. 627937

safe sex king. I guess knuckles is homophobic

No. 627943

Hey sanic can I get uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 627944

can I get uhhhhhhh a boneless pizza and a uhhh bottle of fries

No. 627946

>Yes, at a great price
Damn Sanic really offers the best food for the lowest prices

No. 628025

Thank you Sanic I've just received the offer today

No. 628101

Is that bitch still mad I said her discharge was bright green

No. 628124

please sarnic does he like me?

No. 628126


will that dream she had about me come true?

No. 628130

I need to know more about this, I don’t care what you say sanic

No. 628136

Sarnic doth he lyke me?

No. 628209

should i go on a drive or will that only serve to annoy me?

No. 628234

sanic will i do fine at my new job

No. 628238

well ??

No. 628241

No. 628251

will i get it all?

No. 628253


No. 628314

Will we get back together

No. 628449

Will I ever get it together?

No. 628450

Yeah, sounds about right.

No. 628453

Should I eat the pizza or nah?

No. 628455

Damn, reroll

No. 628692

Will an actual hangover cure ever be invented?

No. 628719

Should i study today?

No. 628720

Damn straight sanic

No. 629357

Will I see him if I go tomorrow

No. 629359

Sanic, you know how desperate I am
concrete answer pls

No. 629360

Will I ever meet my dream boy Sonic? Please oh mighty Sonic please !!

No. 629361

… you're not the dream boy, Sonic…

No. 629375

Sonic wants you to take the furry pill…..

No. 629430

Will I get this concept down?

No. 629431

aight what about the other concept then?

No. 629495

Sonic, should I leave?

No. 629676

sanic, i sense a chaotic energy at the park. is it something that will impact me somehow

No. 629677

scared but i must investigate

No. 629680

Will he be sad? at least a little bit?

No. 629681

Is this embarrassing for my friends to see?

No. 629682

Does he think of me?

No. 629712

sartnarg the herdgeharg will everything be okay eventually?

No. 629718

Is he ever going to text me again

No. 629720

does he like my new insta post

No. 629736

Is he gonna call me soon

No. 629740

damn anon you better charge your phone

No. 629777

does he even know that i exist

No. 629835

Will my depression ever let me leave?

No. 629920

Did he seriously curse me

No. 630054

Is there a god?

No. 630061

will she come back to haunt me?

No. 630063

Is there a version of the op image where the fucking text is readable

No. 630067

It's like Halloween season ITT

No. 630068

will he write me tomorrow

No. 630069

File: 1600082713292.png (34.91 KB, 340x169, sketch1600082765725.png)

No. 630081

Will I get this job?

No. 630104

Congrats on the new job anon

No. 630125

did he do it to hurt me

No. 630319

Will the professors respond to my emails?

No. 630393

am i gay?

No. 630552

Did I unstick it

No. 630557

Do I have one of those silent STDs?

No. 630559

Is my ex on here still

No. 630569

will my move go okay?

No. 630588

Shower with me sanic

No. 630592

did i fuck it up?

No. 630595

Should I get that t-shirt?

No. 630596

Okay then, thanks sanic, it’s not like I liked it or anything. I’m not gonna cry myself to exhaustion.

No. 630662

Will I ever be considered normal?

No. 630664

Well shit, I'll go kms then.

No. 630670

Now is a good time to ask again. So what do you say sanic?

No. 630676

Am I gonna pass my classes oh might sanic totem

No. 630677

File: 1600158987461.jpeg (45.89 KB, 1152x514, 00CDCF2C-21C2-4818-8E9E-FB849F…)

No. 630693

am I gonna pass my classes too?

No. 630694

how about my friend? will she pass this class

No. 630695

is my friend gonna pass linear algebra please say yes

No. 630696

I know you're lying

No. 630699

Are you a liar, Sonic?

No. 630701

So it means that all the unwelcome divinations are not true, for the price of all the welcome divinations not being true as well… hmmm anyway I'll update you on whether my friend passed linear algebra when she comes back so we'll know whether sanic's a liar for sure

No. 630764

My friend passed linear algebra and I also passed my class so sanic is a liar and should not be trusted

No. 630991

should i buy it?

No. 631114

Am I gonna get straight As in these exams?

No. 631115

I need to know sanic

No. 631122

is he okay?

No. 631152

am i gonna be ok sanic?

No. 631155

File: 1600207088770.jpeg (260.14 KB, 857x1024, 902BDE85-E39D-4B39-B6D1-F67DE4…)

i’m sick of your shit

No. 631218

Does he miss me?

No. 631221

>Suffering awaits

But does he miss me?

No. 631248

Should I have coffee this late?

No. 631365

Should I eat the salad and brush my teeth a third time

No. 631663

Is it a good day to go to the park

No. 631670

will he text me today

No. 631671

is it her and should i text her?

No. 631672

should i eat lunch

No. 631675

rollan again

No. 631700

should I finally leave him alone

No. 631701


No. 631864

Will my plans for this weekend work out?

No. 631867

Sonic, please. Will my plans for this weekend work out?

No. 631869

Will I get skinny and get my hair back?

No. 631899

will I find the man of my dreams (from my culture tho)

No. 631905

ooh, sanic… will I get to keep him though?

No. 632060

Should I?

No. 632063

Should I lose 5+ lbs?

No. 632064

Will he change his mind and like me if I lose that weight?

No. 632259

Is a vice free future in the cards for me

No. 632260

is he going to stop talking to me?

No. 632392

will i see him next week sir sanic?

No. 632504

is tomorrows meeting gonna go ok?

No. 632605

Should I buy a fitness tracker?

No. 632782

do it y/n

No. 632785

Am I pergant

No. 632847

Will my fiaance get the master's program

No. 632851

Will I get that thing I want????

No. 632868

will this resolve itself

No. 632878

will tomorrow be better

No. 632879

Will my boyfriend ever shut the fuck up?

No. 632951

No. 632953

Will he text me today

No. 632966

File: 1600431475627.jpeg (272.04 KB, 1080x1072, 15F4D185-DBDA-4430-86B2-3746F2…)

Will I ever get the himbo of my dreams, sanic???

No. 633010

Am I safe

No. 633149


No. 633165

This answer makes me believe sonic really is to be trusted

No. 633166

will it work out in the end?

No. 633255

does manifestation really work?

No. 633624

Maybe today?

No. 633625

Will he text me today?

No. 633820

Will this new dish turn out well

No. 633828

Should I leave the house today

No. 633839

Suffering awaits outside?

No. 633840


No. 633842

Mini brownies?

No. 633843


No. 633845

Should I get up, shower and go shop?

No. 633850

alfredo or orange chicken

No. 633851

Is this for real?

No. 633947

should i treat myself?

No. 633948

am i ever gonna be as cool as i hope

No. 633993

am I ever gonna be friends with music reviewer guy

No. 634558


No. 634563

Will he know it was me

No. 634572

Was that karma

No. 634574

should i message him

No. 634575

sanic pls

No. 634579

Will I lose my virginity in 2021?

No. 634586

based reply
will my exam be on tuesday

No. 634621

does he think of me

No. 634624

Will everything be okay?

No. 634625

will he text me this week

No. 634626

will I be invited to his birthday party?

No. 634632

Are they still together

No. 634638

Will they last longer than we did?

No. 634642

No. 634647

Will i get the job

No. 634649

Is he abusing her

No. 634669

Will it?

No. 634682

sanic I"m drunk rn and I'll pull the trigger if u tell me, should I buy a 2ds xl right now????

No. 634683

Please don't tell me to jerk off, are they done?

No. 634685

Are they happy?

No. 634707

Will this guy I'm talking to fall inlove with me?

No. 634708

Does he have good dick?

No. 634793

Alright sanic why is this dude from high school randomly contacting me? We never really talked in high school and after some digging he’s happily married. I don’t buy his weird curiosity… was it something I said??

No. 634890

with the arrival of fall will I run into him again ?

No. 634909

yo sanic do i have the corona? i don't feel good…

No. 634932

Sonic Totem, is moving to Philadelphia a huge mistake?

No. 634974

sonic did this lil shit sneak into my room?

No. 634994

Sonic, will I live long enough to be employed again?

No. 635157

sonic i slept in. did i actually miss him?

No. 635162

you know… please tell

No. 635317

Am I just imagining it?

No. 635348

Is this dickhead trying to fuck with me?

No. 636751

are we gonna be okay??

No. 636762

Am I just lazy?

No. 636763


No. 636777

Will I actually be able to sleep tomorrow night?

No. 636792

Am I gonna poop my pants tomorrow?

No. 636916

Should I go swimming

No. 636921

Am I bipolar?

No. 636927

is sonic trying to tell me I’m going to die

No. 636934

if you're the swimming anon i'd wear extra inflatable armbands this time for sure if I were you

No. 636961

Will I die alone?

No. 636965

Everyone does

No. 636990

5. Never

Anon, Sonic has spoken. You’re wrong.

No. 637297

Will he call us tonight

No. 637304

Should I pay $2 more for the color I want?

No. 637369

Will this last until the end of the year?

No. 637441

Did my explanation go through his head?

No. 637442

File: 1600917938302.jpg (32.42 KB, 600x515, 1599656069902.jpg)

No. 637457

Am I going to see this guy ever again after this year?

No. 637502

Do they even miss me?

No. 637560

Is here abusing her?

No. 637564

Am I cringe

No. 637565

oh tell me sonic am I cringe

No. 637589

Will we be fine?

No. 637606

Kinda want to quit my job because I fucking hate it, should I?

No. 637757

will he get in touch with me once he‘s back in town?

No. 637773

Am I going to be single forever?

No. 638094

Do I have to go back to redo it

No. 638125


No. 638300

Sonic Totem, will I get to suck the meat off his johnson?

No. 638306

Will I be able to not smoke weed tonight?

No. 638371

Should I kill myself?

No. 638373

Thank you, I will.

No. 638561

Do I have a chance now?

No. 639134

Should I just do it?

No. 639135

please tell

No. 639236

will he text me today

No. 639250

Should I just stop shaving my legs?

No. 639270

ooh sanic…should I shave for our date?

No. 639274

Sanic is your date now

No. 639313

Will my cosplay come out alright?

No. 639318

is my bf lying to me

No. 639437

Does my cat still love me?

No. 639637

are we dating?

No. 639653

oh great sanic, should I give him my number next time?

No. 639658

Should I text him?

No. 639683

Will I ever get my life together

No. 639684

Even if right person wrong time would it of worked regardless?

No. 639846

Should I go

No. 639877

can i actually do well

No. 639952

Will I ever stop having chronic sinus/rhinitis issues and chronic pain?

No. 639953

wow fuck u sonic

No. 639960

will i ever grow up

No. 640045

will I be able

No. 640500

Only if you remember that a caterpillar becomes a gooey soup in its cocoon before becoming completely rearranged and reemerging as a butterfly.

No. 640730

Should I take one mg

No. 640747

can i get an A in this class

No. 640761

does everyone secretly hate me and think i’m weird?

No. 640769

Is he annoyed by me?

No. 640771

Is he cute?

No. 640781

Will I get an overwhelming urge to shit while I'm on the bus?

No. 640783

File: 1601323672669.png (182.78 KB, 540x404, chao.png)

Holy shit it worked, thanks Sanic.

No. 640792

Can I speak to him today?

No. 640793

No. 640799

Did I do irreparable damage

No. 640801

Will something good come of it though

No. 640846

Will I get into uni?

No. 640978

This conversation will turn out fine?

No. 640979


So… no?

No. 640992

Am I gonna make a friend this year

No. 640993

File: 1601342615783.jpeg (92.21 KB, 567x450, 51F9DE69-5CF5-4A11-9793-959111…)

what about next year

No. 641034

sanic should i deactivate my facebook?

No. 641039

Am preganant?

No. 641041

will the sex be amazing?

No. 641047

will u-haul fuck up my reservation again?

No. 641477

File: 1601398888458.jpg (53.5 KB, 856x448, FaceApp_1598143012149.jpg)

Should I leave my job and be a neet

No. 641483

Do I have appendicitis

No. 641492

i wanna do this so bad

No. 641536

No. 641545

Can I ask him his real name?

No. 641549

neetdom is 1337dom, h8r

No. 641555

However you need to cope, burden.

No. 641662

Will he call me today

No. 641679

Hey I wouldn't get gov assistance I got a year's worth of rent and then some ready. I just wanna LOUNGE

No. 641703

When it’s over will I get what I requested

No. 641714

Does she even care?

No. 641718

Asking the same question.

No. 641720

can I please get out of here and meet him and finally be okay, please sonic, I'm tired of living like this

No. 641731

Should I cheat on my quiz

No. 641794

Will I stick it to her

No. 641819

Will I escape this hell sonic kun?

No. 641822


Ok…but like do I escape afterwards?

No. 641845

Will I sonuch?

No. 641848

Will I ever get a qt gf?

No. 641978

Should I masturbate before class?

No. 641979

Da fuck does that mean? Even if I masturbate I will be horny the entire fucking day?

No. 642062

should I call him now?

No. 642063

should I move to a new state?

No. 642065

will i ever get over him?

No. 642067


No. 642070

File: 1601455418825.jpg (17.85 KB, 400x400, 1600997849813.jpg)

No. 642393

Will going to target mitigate my murderous rage

No. 642896

Should I break it

No. 643068

Sonic, will he ever want me back?

No. 643069

File: 1601535206383.jpeg (68.23 KB, 668x500, 14692058-6698-4EDF-ACFF-796395…)

No. 643094

Will I get dicked soon?

No. 643095

No. 643188

toatum tell muh fucher am i gonn have fun

No. 643208

Am I going to get out of this rut?

No. 643257

Will i do good on this test

No. 643435

Will I get a job before the end of this year that I really love and am happy going to every day?

No. 644110

will i ever be able to do it in peace again

No. 644419

Do I deserve lunch?

No. 644421

But Saaaaanic I'm at the office!

No. 644422

Ty boo <3

No. 644425

should i wait to mow the lawn until it is sunny

No. 644426

ok, i agree. fuck my neighbors

No. 644798

Will I overcome these thoughts?

No. 644800

Kek, bring it on

No. 644808

Will I ever be cute?

No. 644864

Will I get laid this month

No. 644866

Well I get laid this month?

No. 644869

Now I'm nervous.

No. 645041

This doesn't quite feel like my regular allergy, it's worse. Did I catch covid?

No. 645048

Well shit. I know who I got it from, went to visit my cousin who later fell ill with covid. We sat outside in the garden, never touched and kept our distance, but ate meze from the same plate. Haha idiots.

No. 645051

will I get the job?

No. 645052

thank you based sanic

No. 645068

am i crazy for getting this vibe off her getting-back-in-touch message?

No. 645070

hello sir i wanna know if i'll win a mtg match tomorrow

No. 645072

dumb ass bitch totem

No. 645091

Is he going to an hero

No. 645093

File: 1601707948363.png (1.05 MB, 610x599, 34DEABD8-F56C-4B31-A03A-439101…)

soon? thank you sanic

No. 645102

OT but the bird is so cute, I love his tiny whiskers

No. 645131

Should I pierce my eyebrow?

No. 645140

is this corona?

No. 645141

ok I'm legit scared now

No. 645220

Should I make a 357 calorie hot chocolate and eat 100 calories worth or biscuits?

No. 645246

should i eat cheese and crackers?

No. 645248

File: 1601733371671.jpeg (41.17 KB, 433x339, B8F95716-8CEB-4388-B5CC-53137A…)

thanks sanic love u

No. 645249

Am i fucking up?

No. 645261

Will I get away with it

No. 645279

will we get all this stuff we saved and worked for?

No. 645280

this is not an answer sanic

No. 645302

Will I get any more tan before winter comes

No. 645396

Will my hair grow back?

No. 645596

Should I eat the cheesy item

No. 645622

File: 1601772175704.jpeg (578.85 KB, 2400x1600, A4040906-DD24-401D-A8AC-6EED54…)

samefag, that bird is called a whippoorwill! their retracted beaks remind me of pootoos, except a lot friendlier looking

No. 645699

Should I go back to having really short hair?

No. 645702

Not a bad idea per se but that doesn't help me right now.

No. 645787

is he going to die?

No. 645839

No. 645850

Do we have a future?

No. 645861

will i get in trouble this week?

No. 645936

Will I turn into an anime magical girl and save us all?

No. 645937

Will the world open next year? Sanic pls be good

No. 646029

Will all this it work out?

No. 646034

Is my boyfriend sick of me

No. 646035

aw why do u think that? :(

No. 646039

I‘ve got nothing going on, I’m becoming increasingly self centered due to corona loneliness, he works a lot and I text him too much. Hopefully sonic will answer me this time

No. 646163

Sanic what does the next year hold for me

No. 646166

Will she want some cookies

No. 646254

Do I go through with it?

No. 646257

File: 1601862793610.jpg (28.3 KB, 608x459, 4c9da86f313fa066b1184309532373…)

That didn't help Sonic

No. 646259


No. 646260

yo wise one, will I feel better or is this all in vain?

No. 646261

Well I was just about to go to sleep but now I'm not so sure

No. 646268

will i ever be happy and successful again mr sonic

No. 646269

No. 646279

Is it all uphill from here?

No. 646284

should I just end it now?

No. 646285

will I ever feel ok?

No. 646289

File: 1601865592659.jpg (27.08 KB, 517x285, 1582191688823.jpg)

well that's the last straw I needed
by this time next year, I'll either be in the ground or have my own thread on here

No. 646299

am i going to be okay after eating those leftovers

No. 646323

Should I stay up for my appointment in the morning

No. 646338

Pls sanic I’m scared I’ll sleep in if I go to bed

No. 646344

Yes or no please no cryptic

No. 646387

Based Sanic, should I delete him?

No. 646405

Does onision have erectile issues bc of Chrissy Hansen

No. 646406

Is that because he has an affinity for getting his ass pedo poached

No. 646436

Am I sexy and cute?

No. 646437

Aw, thanks sanic

No. 646456

Re-rolling for a yes/no answer. Don't let me down!

No. 646788

Will my hair grow back?

No. 646798

Is this house the one?

No. 646799

Should I drink this can of Monster? It's 8 pm.

No. 646811

We're in the same time zone thinking the same thing anon

No. 646821

Is it mutual?

No. 646829

Will my hair recover like you said other anon’s would?

No. 646830

Tell me bitch I don’t want to jerk off

No. 646833

Will he make me happy?

No. 646834


No. 646844

Do I make a latte and try to stay awake until it’s a normal Time to sleep?

No. 647260

will I hear back from them this week?

No. 647296

Asking again for this poor anon: Is this house the one?

No. 647297

Will we find an apartment before the end of the year?

No. 647524

should i move after only 1 yr at my current residence?

No. 647526

Will I be able to replace it

No. 647544

Will I stop being addicted to shaving my legs?

No. 647545

File: 1601994713680.jpeg (209.07 KB, 1200x934, DB87A069-B28F-4951-9728-544875…)

Will I???

No. 647548

File: 1601994785003.jpeg (276.96 KB, 622x1141, AF75B89F-3A1E-4870-9B3F-F37134…)

Sometimes I really don’t appreciate your answers, saniku.

No. 647549

will I ever find my soulmate?

No. 647559

has he fallen in love with me

No. 647787

Does he think of me even once a week?

No. 647789

I deserved that torturous non-answer for asking something so lame in the first place

No. 648299

should i quit my job and follow my dreams

No. 648306

KEK he has spoken

No. 648313

Does it even matter if I can't sleep otherwise?
Does it even matter if that's the only way I can stand to be awake anyway?

No. 648325

should i kms

No. 648327

but i wanna die sanic

No. 648337

will i leave my country?

No. 648353

It seems he has greater plans for you

No. 648361

Do zoomers actually experience bullying

No. 648365

should i just an hero

No. 648419

I don’t want to be here sonic. Should I finally just do it?

No. 648457

Am i getting a job before the end of the year?

No. 648532

am I autistic?

No. 648538

This casual variance

No. 649041

Am I ever going to be loved, Sonic?

No. 649125

Why do you lie to me sanic

No. 649470

totem-kun, please tell me
is the guy at work gonna try to make an actual move on me/force me to reject him instead of just enjoying people's company without making things weird

No. 649599

Fuck you sanic you demonic entity. Why do you give me false hope? Why do you deceive me with your post number predictions? I'm going to die alone and you know it.

No. 649801

will my professor finally get deported this year

No. 649807

it's not a definite yes but it's also not a no. i'll fucking take it

No. 649986

Will it finally snow in my city this winter

No. 649989

Guess I’ll get my snow boots ready

No. 650040

Is it a right time to open my avocados, sanik?

No. 650042

taking it as a yes, we will enjoy them together

No. 650107

is college even worth it

No. 650121

Was that a confession or was I imagining things?

No. 650138

Is my dad going to be okay?

No. 650140

Will tomorrow be a good day for beach shenanigans

No. 650143

well shit…

No. 650320

Should I remove that little makeup I have left?

No. 650334

Should I open the little bag of Chinese pecan sunflower seeds

No. 650342

please tell me I’m so dependent on you sanic-kun

No. 650436

Will I live somewhere different this time next year?

No. 650538

Should I go to the store for salsa ingredients

No. 650548

Should I use Tinder again

No. 650571

Would it really be that bad though I want the salsa

No. 650614

I hope you didn't anon, or else you've brought some bad shit on yourself

No. 650628

Don’t worry, I know enough not to dismiss the Totem

No. 650640

Should I go full ana-chan?

No. 650788

am i going to be fine next year

No. 650791

Will my bf propose

No. 650792

Is today going to be a good day?

No. 650817

Should I wear my new white sneakers tomorrow sanic chan

No. 650939

Salsa today sanic kun??? It calls my name

No. 650946

As I gonna look hot and have a good time on Sunday?

No. 650947


No. 650971

plans for the day still a go

No. 651221

does he love me?????

No. 651224


No. 651239

No. 651240

please. what is so wrong with me wanting salsa

No. 651367

Is he going to be okay and come home eventually?

No. 651601

Are you mad at me for buying the salsa ingredients sanic kun

No. 651607

you've gone and done it now anon

No. 651611

I’m starting to think it’s only because he wants me to make chili dogs instead.

Is that true?

No. 651627

Am I going to fail?

No. 651638

do i have a chance with her dear sonic totem

No. 651652

god damn am i always going to be stuck with parasitic losers?

No. 651663

Uuuuuuuhhh some of the devil lettuce plz

No. 651743

will this shit work out?

No. 651984

will I look good in a bob?

No. 651986

well, will I?

No. 652057

Churros today?

No. 652060

sanic-kun will she get deported before the end of this year?

No. 652063

it better be goddamn true. if i see that bitch in january

No. 652157

Sanic, should I scam some fud

No. 652159

Ah so the issue could be with the end user. Better to fail than not try at you're right.

No. 652165

Hey sonic. Just checking in to say that the salsa was really good and I will not make the chili dogs you wanted. U Mad?

No. 652229

Oh anon you gon die now

No. 652232

sanic apparently demands your tribute

No. 652242

Should I try it?

No. 652245

Okay fair, would it go horribly though?

No. 652248

File: 1602358457656.png (372.97 KB, 692x1153, B530B32C-4215-41E9-9475-5FD6C1…)

I hope he tries tbh. I got backup, I’m not afraid

No. 652505

should i get chinese

No. 652506

goddammit sanic

No. 652507

Should I go

No. 652509

Gonna need an answer now

No. 652525

Will I ever feel like myself again?

No. 652528

Now I'm sad sanik.

No. 652530

Will I have children

No. 652531

If I see u in my dreams im kms

No. 652564

Totem, should i pack things up in my current location and head out to the coast?

No. 652566

not tryna be rude but i woulda liked an answer the 1st time sanic

No. 652618

Did they know because the thing

No. 652641

will we fall in love in october

No. 652645

is this a good idea or nah

No. 652669

does this look good? because tbh i feel retarded

No. 652672

Will I lose 7 kg before the end of the year?

No. 652673

fuck off, I shouldn’t have asked

No. 652707

Yo, respect sanic

No. 652765

will i ever be able to sit down and focus?

No. 652766

god fucking dammit

No. 652844

Sanic-sama, should I eat some more rice?

No. 652973

Should I start my own YouTube channel?

No. 652990

More soup?

No. 652996

Etsy shop?

No. 653382

Totem totem tater tots

No. 654480

tytyty sanic she got fired ily

No. 654489

I’m making more salsa. Should I go get ingredient

No. 654503

Will I ever be happy where I am right now?

No. 654516

i think sonic totem is sexually attracted to salsa.

No. 654518

is he going to fall in love with me?

No. 654519

i knowthat, but that will happen either way. just answer the question, bitch.

No. 654552

will i have a good mental day today?

No. 654557

ok sorry for asking

No. 654582

Am I pregnant

No. 654614

do we really have covid or are we just paranoid?

No. 654616

do we!?

No. 654623

Will I ever get to see a UFO?

No. 654626

try harder sanic

No. 654631

guess that means they’re going to abduct me off this gay earth, cool.

No. 654653

Will I meet hot guy if I go to the store?????

No. 654687

Will I fix my shit before I hit 30?

No. 654688

That's promising, thanks Sanic

No. 654694

Will things get better after July?

No. 654696


No. 654697

shit yeah!

No. 654811

Should I get headphones

No. 654821

Sanic can you use post number to tell me how many candies I should buy tonight

No. 654840

I got earbuds instead, I'm sorry sonic

No. 654912

Is my pimple going to disappear over night

No. 654913

File: 1602639052135.png (474.82 KB, 668x668, 1601934497277.png)


No. 654926

should i get taco bell

No. 654966

Did my gay elementary school teacher get aids for trying to gaslight me saying coyotes don’t live in our area even though they’re extremely common

No. 654986

are they avoiding me

No. 654993

Should I eat some more chicken before I brush my teeth

No. 654998

yes anon, I wanna get taco bell too!!

No. 655046


I mean, that depends. Is that why you gave him AIDS?

No. 655118

Am I hurting them?

No. 655124

will i have an easy time

No. 655130

does he fancy me?

No. 655167

Is that person really as nice as I think they are?

No. 655432

File: 1602694154645.jpeg (136.43 KB, 684x459, A5AE96F4-623E-47C7-9220-0C906E…)

Well, to be clear I didn’t give him aids…. uhh maybe there was some kind of enchantment involved but I didn’t think it worked until the totem told me so

No. 655434

Am I going to get pale again in the winter (pls no pls)

No. 655450

should I sell all my expensive magic cards

No. 655485

Well bitch the hedge what will I be??

No. 655861

Should I charge my switch

No. 656855

i'm coking for a bong hit sonic, should i?

No. 656859

will I get my Aliexpress package tomorrow?

No. 656861

Will I buy this anon’s black lotus?

No. 656863

is it real

No. 656882

Yes, and it’s behind you

No. 656884

Sanic am i retarded?

No. 656885

Am i retarded?

No. 656886

will my relationship with my mom ever get better?

No. 656891

am i good enough for her?

No. 656906

Sanic, also am i retarded??

No. 656958

am i wasting my potential

No. 656960

should i be a teacher ?

No. 658359

will i pass my test?

No. 658786

Should I but those fucking scent diffusers, help me I cant decide

No. 658945

Will I ever be happy with my body?

No. 658946

No. 658950

Will I fail?

No. 659019

Will mother dearest let me out of my cage this week

No. 659088

Does anyone miss me?

No. 659092

is it worth the wait

No. 659099

Is he ever going to love me the way I love him?

No. 659149

Should I call off work today?

No. 659179

fuck it should i just talk to him?

No. 659181

not the answer i wanted try again sanic

No. 659874

sorry for being so basic sanic but WILL MY BF AND I GET MARRIED I'm so in love

No. 659875

File: 1603154204783.jpg (69.74 KB, 510x347, cuddling.jpg)


No. 659881

I will not accept this

No. 659885

Did he read the poem?

No. 659928

Should I email

No. 660127

mighty totem will it work?

No. 660128


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 660130

Will that thing last?

No. 660175

Does he think about me how I think about him?

No. 660178

will we get the apartment?

No. 660179

will this asshole answer this time?

No. 660193

is she purposely avoiding me

No. 660204

Will things get better?

No. 660206

Wiiiilll they?

No. 660325

is this a bad idea?

No. 660733

Is buying that comic off of ebay a good idea?

No. 661064

should i just buy it?

No. 661070

sonic please,,

No. 661207

sanic should i just put myself out there and get dicked down for the hell of it or should i wait until i'm a bit more stable?

No. 661209

taking it as a "yeah but don't expect too much" thanks sanic

No. 661251

Do I give up hope, sanic?

No. 661296

Is my assignment going to fail because I didn't prepare at all or will I be able to successfully pull it out of my ass?

No. 661362

ooooohhhh sanic will I ever stop being a NEET l0ser and get a real career or higher education ???

No. 662018

will i win today sanic?

No. 662030


No. 662058

No. 662080

Thx. Just about to hit 6k.

No. 662106

am i imagining it?

No. 662128

>for all of eternity

No. 662134

will it work?

No. 662135

sanic pls will it work

No. 662157

O mighty Sanic, should I call her?

No. 662160

is he going to be able to come over saturday?

No. 662167

will we get to do it?

No. 662330


No. 662344

Is stone ocean anime coming next year

No. 662916

No. 663511

Should I kill myself

No. 664972

sanic yuo stupid bitxh tell me if we’ll get to fucj it out before 2021

No. 666949

Will shit work out today?

No. 666950

Damn you furry totem

No. 666966

Will I get a job like ever ?!

No. 666977

Could I do it, Sonic-san?

No. 666978

But will I be happy?

No. 667115

will i ever get a metalhead bf

No. 667132

sanic plz

No. 667134

Sanic, will I finally decide to legally change my name?

No. 667138


Sanic, plz.

No. 667172

Will I ever get my shit together?

No. 667220

is she straight?

No. 667235

Will my food get here soon???

No. 667252


No. 667255

sanic will i get my shit together?

No. 667257

fuck you sanic you dont know me

No. 667299

Will it get approved?

No. 667301

Fuck me blind…

No. 667341

Am I degenerate scum

No. 667344


No. 667447

will yanks ever stop ruining other people's days and lives with their politics? hear me now

No. 667537

am i too old to be a sugar baby?

No. 667696

Will I change my name?

No. 667760

should i submit this application?

No. 667911

hello sir will i get that job?

No. 667912


No. 667924

Am I still going to be single when my birthday rolls around?

No. 667925

Ffs Sonic im a lonely bitch, will I still be single on my birthday

No. 667963

will i finish things in time

No. 667968

should i beat her ass up sonic

No. 667981

o great sonic totem, hallowed be thy name, is moving to massachusetts a mistake?

No. 667999

Don't listen to the totem, shay.

No. 668043

it's too late, my fate has been sealed anon

No. 668044

Nta but I'm dead anon, just finished lurking her thread too. It's the little things in life…

No. 668071

Will Kanye win the 2020 presidential elections?

No. 668077

sanic may I have some coochie today?

No. 668111

Will I ever get a bf / gf sonic

No. 668346

is he sick of me, sanic?

No. 668356

A corset will work?

No. 668466

Do I have it?

No. 668540

am i gonna regret eating all of those olives, sanic?

No. 668715

Should I get rid of most of my manga collection to make space on my shelves?

No. 668716

No. 668739

White pants

No. 668744

What if they’re actually cream colored

No. 668750

is he going to come over?

No. 668822

will the suffering end

No. 668856

do i have a chance with him?

No. 668864

File: 1604776442318.jpg (4.46 KB, 231x219, meirlthinkingaboutgettingthatd…)

sonic totem sama.. I will keep flirting with him and won't give up, thank you!

No. 668867


No. 668870

can I be forgiven?

No. 668872

Will I ever make it in the art world?

No. 668873


No. 668875

Am I going to be miserable with three hours of sleep on my 12 hour shift today?

No. 668876

Am I gonna get in?

No. 668896

is he actually trying to ghost me?

No. 668936

Should I dump him?

No. 669151

Are we in Hell

No. 669164

File: 1604808404689.gif (2.81 MB, 640x356, tenor (1).gif)

Should I get some fast food even though I binged Taco Bell two days ago.

No. 669165

sonic pls.

No. 669169

Should I kill myself?

No. 669197

No. 669232

Am I gonna hit my weight goal by the end of the year?

No. 669233

is it cancer

No. 669241

Will I get there this time?

No. 669700

Take them

No. 671370

a, i ever going to get back with him?

No. 671968

Do I really want a boyfriend?

No. 671969


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 672064

sanic knows what's up

No. 673011

Should I apply for the thing?

No. 673059

Will I ever leave NEETdom for certain?

No. 673060

That doesn't really help me mister totem.

No. 673061

Oh no.

No. 673771

gonna roll a 6?

No. 674675


No. 674933

New thread here: >>>/ot/674932

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