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No. 586506

Describe your personal most disturbing interactions with strangers, online friends, anonymous users, chats, forums, cams, social media, imageboards or communities that you have experienced on the internet.

It can be anything from creepy but funny to outright terrifying.

No. 586512

I was gonna meet up with this guy until he started saying really fucked up shit and was a gigantic asshole.

I later found out he raped a girl.

No. 586521

File: 1595176571033.jpeg (113.21 KB, 486x467, D74EE469-737D-4BD4-AB8E-6EB6E6…)

i had this dude that i went to college with (and hardly spoke to) keep trying to hangout or visit my ac island and after like not seeing him in 5 years he sends me a book on facebook like “i love you like love love but i respect your relationship and wont try anything” like dude….. idk you…. we havent seen each other in 5 years wtf was he planning to meet up and confess to me all these years? i’m disturbed.

No. 586522

I was never a popular artist or anything, I wouldn't say I'm talented at all, but I once made a comic that circulated a bit on tumblr, especially on aesthetic blogs. It wasn't an edgy comic but I guess it had some dark charm to it.

A woman in her mid 20s reblogged it, and I had an habit of checking out who rebblogs my stuff because that way I would find more stuff to follow. When I read her description and about me of her page, it says something about hitting her own unwanted child. She had a baby son, roughly between 7 to 14 months old. And she said how she had to hit him because she was mentally ill and needed an outlet for her frustrations and anyone who dared question her was an ableist, or something like that. Basically, making excuses on hitting her own baby because she is a victim and her family hates her and she has the right to do so or something like that.

I was really disturbed. I reported the blog to tumblr and never went back. I hope someone took her child from there. But that really shows that sometimes, as an artist, you have no control over your audience, or who will look at your things, or what purpose will they use it for. Just some food for thought.

(and again, I didn't draw anything edgy or remotely close to vent art, it was just very experimental).

No. 586529

I already posted about this on the Omegle thread a while back, but it’s something that has really stuck with me.

I had to try and talk a white supremacist degenerate out of fucking his 7 y/o sister on there once when i was like 14 (didn't give out my age or gender ofc, pretended i was also a 20 something male)… it was in the ask a question feature and the prompt was "what is a secret you can't tell anyone in real life" and this guy was like "I once kissed my 7 y/o sister while she was in the bath" and things spiraled from there.

After like 30 min of him trying to explain to me why blacks are mentally inferior to whites, I steered the convo back to the disturbing thing he opened with. Turns out, dude was convinced that little sister wanted his dick bc she once asked what a penis looked like. Spent like an hour+ talking him down. He was like "I really love her so I wouldn't hurt her like I was hurt as a kid" and I had to try and convince him that fucking her WAS going to hurt her… jesus.

I still think about that conversation to this day bc it was so weird to have to pretend to be a bro to this freak in order to try and talk him down… always wonder what became of that poor girl. Never been back since.

No. 586532

Had someone send me one of their suicide attempt videos they took with their phone where they were trying to run in front of an incoming train in the city but got scared off by a beeping car

No. 586534

Almost met a girl in Tinder, I was horny and wanted sex, but she spilled that she wanted to have three of her male friends run a train on me and watch right before I left my house.

No. 586535

File: 1595178775964.jpeg (18.48 KB, 256x256, 4DFB49CE-E147-41CA-829A-EA4EA7…)

I used to have to have a tumblr when I was 13-14 and was mutuals with this dude who mostly reblogged meme posts and whatnot.We would just joke around and sent each other posts,nothing sexual or suggestive.One day he sent me a video of a guy raping an iguana for whatever reason.i blocked him and never interacted with him again,I was obviously in shock and tried to do things around the house to forget about it.I also don’t know if he was trying to groom me because I never put my age in my bio,but I did reblog “fandom” related posts and I think he might’ve guessed I was a kid from that.i remember it vividly but still keep wondering what if was some kinda nightmare.

No. 586538

A popular animator making thousands used to solicit nudes and webcam shows from my underage friend. He’s greatly loved by the community though and she’s never talked about it since they broke up years ago

No. 586541

Why are men so fucking demented. That sounds disgusting, I’m so sorry you saw that.

No. 586543

Got groomed by a pedo who was also into zoosadism when I was 13, he made me send videos of me cutting myself and basically cp to him, i still have fucking nightmares sometimes and the whole ordeal made me trauma-asexual, i wonder if i have PTSD from this shit.

No. 586545

When I was 14 a friend of a friend sent me a friend request on facebook. It seemed like we had a lot of common interests(anime, cosplay, video games etc) so I accepted.
He seemed normal at first; we'd chat about our favorite shows and characters and got along well.

Then after a few months it got weird. Sometimes, late at night, he'd open up about his life and all sorts of hardships. One of these hardships was his friend getting shot and killed right in front of him.
He talked about buying a gun and going after the person who killed his friend and the cops who, in his opinion, did shoddy work investigating it.

Time went on and he just kept talking about his gun and wanting to kill people. At this point I was disturbed so I just unfriended him and went on with my life.
Then I started getting emails.
It was the same dude except this time he started sending me porn and messages like "Imagine this was you and me".
And he started talking about how I reminded him of his favorite anime character and some sexual stuff.
He talked about how he wanted to drug me and kidnap me so he could keep me locked up inside his house.

I changed my email, blocked him everywhere and luckily he left me alone.

No. 586549

File: 1595180712300.png (189.36 KB, 312x294, venom smile.png)

At the time I was really into Dead by Daylight, and I let myself queue with some randoms because I wanted to play the game. I joined their Discord group call and I just kind of quietly sat and carried them (they were pretty shit at survivor, so..).

Being the only woman in the call, they immediately got too comfortable with hearing a woman's disembodied voice and started to joke around a bit, and posting stuff attempting to gross me out, like snot and people spitting at their camera.

Their demented nasally voiced friend decides to spam the group chat with gifs of beastiality in an attempt to be gross back, and all of his friends were instantly disturbed as the group chat was flooded with pictures and gifs of their weirdo friend's porn stash. I hit the Disconnect button, left the party, unadded all of them from Steam, and didn't forget to block the kid who spammed it.

I don't play multiplayer games anymore. And I definitely won't try to be nice to randoms ever again if I do.

No. 586559

Went on a pretty popular porn site (not PH btw, suprisingly) and saw cp. The video was quickly removed when i clicked on it but i still remember the thumbnail preview pictures until today…

No. 586566

When I was 14, I had this guy on deviantart send me a note that asked if I would draw porn for him. Being only 14 (and very much not a "lewd" artist) I was obviously a bit skeeved. I sent him a note back saying I don't draw that kinda stuff. He took it surprisingly well though and didn't push it any further.

I don't think I mentioned my age anywhere on my page but I never did any NSFW art so it was weird that he would ask me for it.

No. 586579

Damn im really sorry anon, my experience with a groomer was similiar, he used to call my cuts 'cute' and also sent videos of him peeing and stuff. Although this, combined with csa, made me extremely hypersexual all throughout my teens. I am better at controlling it now.
I hope the best for you anon

No. 586587

Thanks anon, the fucker is in jail now (who would've thought hoarding disturbing porn would ever get him in trouble!) so i feel a little bit vindicted, it sucks how this kind of shit can warp our ability to form healthy relationships for so long.
The worst part is that this fucker wasn't even a fat gross neckbeard, he was a somewhat attractive 24 yo, my love starved dumb selve fell for the bait so hard, you always think creeps look like creeps but the most dangerous ones don't.

No. 586589

File: 1595185832172.gif (8.95 KB, 200x260, IMG_8762.GIF)

When I was 13, I would have sexual conversations with an 18 year old guy. I doubt he was trying to groom me, and I came in contact again when I was 15 and confronted him and he apologised though

No. 586590

>sexual convos with a child
>not grooming
nooo of course not!

No. 586592

I'm so happy to hear he is behind bars. Serves him right. It's honestly fucking terrible how men like this can literally be anywhere. They're not some basement dweller who never goes out but men who are partaking in society and you'll never know. The man who groomed me was around 30 and honestly extremely ugly, but get this, he worked for the police force and dealt with cases such as child rape! While coercing a 13 year old to send him cp.

No. 586601

He only apologised because you realized what he had done and confronted him once you were older and just a bit wiser.
Normal 18 year olds don't talk about sex with tweens without ulterior motives.

No. 586616

He never apologised before I confronted him about it. I sorta want to give him the benefit of the doubt though and say that he was just a very stupid 18 year old partly because I just want to have to think of him ever again since I can't get in contact with him anymore and he left me with a weird phobia of masturbating with my hand

No. 586646

File: 1595189176228.jpeg (39.32 KB, 252x433, 1FE53DCA-6F4B-421E-98E8-E5A70B…)

I remember always managing to talk with pedophiles, the first one being a guy in habbo, a 21 years old grown ass man, sexting a 9 years old kid.

It was shitty, I think this is why past me was so obsessed with keeping my innocence and being “pure”, but it kind of got fucked when I started joining random chats with an old friend of mine.

She was a year younger than me, but she was waaaaay too social, so she knew about lots of things. It was because of her that I used Omegle and weird radio chats in which some raunchy reggaeton music was constantly playing.

When we used Omegle, we got a guy jerking off to us. I was weirded out and told her that this was wrong and that the guy was a creep, we were around 12/13 years old, she told me that it was okay and kept chatting with him. I had to run away from there and went to my room, it just felt gross.

Then we started using the musical chats, that’s where I met human bubble bass, as a kid, I always assumed that the guy I was talking to was probably my perfect knight in shining armor, I never assumed a guy could be as fucking ugly as that guy.

I texted him a lot, he sent me a bunch of sexual texts and asked me if I wanted to fuck him and such. Of course, since I was a fucking stupid teenager, and I wanted to be cool, I always told him that yeah, I would love to.

One day he asked to meet me, and because I’m not stupid, I told him to meet me at a mall close to my home. He was just like bubble bass, ugly, with the face of a thumb and a neck beard.

That made me stop using chats like those, he never talked to me in real life because I knew that talking to strangers was a bad idea, again, I was somehow kind of straight laced when it came to stuff like those.

No. 586724

This is really specific but I once made friends with someone who had a Tumblr dedicated to the BL game Togainu no Chi. Her blog was pretty popular I guess and we started talking to each other on Skype (no camera tho). She was obsessed with Shiki from that game and got incredibly angry when fans would write fanfic of Shiki being straight or just him out of character. All she wanted to talk about was that character basically. She got really pissy when I didn't respond immediately and was just a cunt so I blocked her eventually. Idk it can be fun to bond over a game/love for a character but her obsession was too weird. I think I was in middle/high school too and she was like early twenties, yet I seemed to be busier than her

No. 586731

Sweet OP you were very naive not to expect this to immediately spiral into a thread for victims of online groomers. I wanted to read wacky /x/ stories too but unfortunately pedophiles and creeps ruin everything.
In case anyone needs to see that they aren't alone and read some supportive responses, the online child grooming thread is here >>303056

It's not as much disturbing as word but when me and my friends were 13-16 we RPd together online, there was a random user that would come to our threads to join in but within each of their posts would rp as two separate characters, usually interacting with each other in very NSFW ways. We were normally polite but even when we ignored them they would keep posting incessantly with their characters doing each other in public, or trying to flirt with us. This went on for years and eventually we stopped using the site but last year I logged in out of curiosity to find that they were still doing the same thing in the forums. I messaged them to ask about their life but they wouldn't tell me even their age or gender or nationality. I'm always going to wonder who this person was that was sexting themselves in front of us for 3 years.

No. 586741

When I was a dumb teen, I made an online friend on Skype. I thought he was a really cool dude and a lot of fun to talk to or play games with, I really trusted him and we always called and talked about random stuff.

Well, one time I sent him nudes and he blackmailed me with them. After that, he would constantly DDOS my network and cut off my wifi. He would cyberstalk me and he made me give him all my passwords. He knew my school name and he had tons of pictures of me and he wanted me to get ip addresses of people he hated so he could DDOS them. We never had any fun conversations or played games together anymore. Instead, he would just tell me to do things for him, take pictures, and threaten and harass me, saying things like "I'm gonna come to your house and rape you in your sleep" even after I begged him to stop. He only stopped when I threatened to call the police on him and I'm just so disturbed by that interaction that I can't trust people anymore.

No. 586779

I'm disturbed by the fact so many anons were willing to send scrotes nudes over the net at any age. Did your parents not give a shit or monitor your computers ffs

No. 586797

When I was 10 I would get naked on a webcam for a 17 year old on Habbo hotel. His name was Tyler and he lived in Canada. Habbo was full of predators.
A girl that met me on Myspace catfished me, and did weird shit for years. She ended up having a mental breakdown, and is now a teacher. I worry about that a lot.

No. 586801

>Did your parents not give a shit or monitor your computers ffs

Of course. It's a symptom of neglect. Why else do you think anyone would be willing to cut themselves or pee on camera for older men? Not getting adequate love and attention from your parents really does a number on your self-esteem, and makes you more vulnerable to being manipulated by pedos online.

No. 586809

I've never openly talked about this, but fuck it here we go. When I was 12-13 I knew a girl who was around 17-18 at the time we were friends. She wanted to 'date' so I said why not since we were always hanging out on the same site. We only did text chat on top of sharing the same hobbies, but she got really manipulative. I made more friends on the same site, I was hanging out with them maybe a bit more than her now. For months out of the blue she'd start sending me dm's that she was going to hurt herself or even commit suicide because I was hanging out with other girls. It really fucked me up irl so I wasn't my normal happy self.

I had enough at some point and told her this was messed up. She made a public call out post with a link to one of my accounts to her then 2-3k followers or so. One of the fans found all my info and dm'd to ask if this was me, it was so I was scared shitless. Every single account then was deleted. I had trust issues for years, still don't keep social media to this day. I'm only glad the shit she ever saw was face pictures since my family told us to never make nudes.

No. 586856

When I was 13-14 I was a chunky sad idiot and fell into the proana community on Tumblr. Eventually this dude wanted to be my ana coach and I sent him pictures of myself untill I was basically in my underwear and bra.

It is among one of the most humiliating and dumbest things I have ever done. I do not miss being an idiot kid.

No. 586868

>be me, 15 years old, innocent lil girl, don't know about grooming because I'm an ESL so my first encounters with these people are new and exciting
>23 year old man starts talking to me, giving me attention, tells me I'm so mature for my age, not like the other girls, etc.
>we start talking more and more, at some point he starts sending me pics of his asshole with dildos in it, dick pics too
>does this through fake blogs pretending not to be him, but soon starts sending them through his real blog
>i think this is normal
>he ghosts me
>months later i find out he did this to all of my other underage friends. we dox him together, find out he's 27
>during those months I befriend another guy who seems kind, understanding and very cool. develop a crush on him but never act on it because of our age difference (he's 19) and because he has a gf. he becomes my biggest support and it makes me gather enough courage to expose the first guy, driving him off all online platforms (or so I hope)
>second guy gives me a lot of compliments, talks about his fetishes to me and what he likes to do sexually with his gf
>I think this is normal (I still think that. I don't know. We were friends, right? I'm still confused)
>I disappear, but I start talking to him again while I'm 17 and he's 22
>he's single now, flirts with me, talks about sexual things. I talk to him about religion when he does that because for some reason sexual things make me afraid and uncomfortable
>he tells me the only reason he didn't send me dick pics was because he was scared I would dox him like I did to the other guy
>we lose contact luckily

This ended up becoming a story of how I was groomed once (maybe twice?). I still have trouble with intimacy. I'm a virgin and I don't know if I will ever feel completely comfortable being with someone sexually, or seeing a penis. It makes me feel gross.
I also have worst stories but I can't share them because I fear the person involved lurks here

No. 586878

Dude, me and my stupid friends would use omegle and chatroulette when we were like 9-10 years old. And there would always be men masturbating and asking us to undress on there. We would freak out and disconnect those mostly, but there was probably a few times we stayed out of morbid curiosity. It's actually insane how unchecked those sites were and how much basically child grooming probably went on.

No. 586884

>be me
>around 8-9
>playing Habbo
>meet this one guy
>we start dirty rping in my room on a pixel bed
>he asks me how old i am
>"u say it first"
>he says he is 12
>i tell him i'm 12 too
>we continue dirty rping
>he asks me for my email
>i give it to him
>he adds me
>we start chatting there
>he asks me to turn my webcam on
>end up panicking and close the pc
>spend the following 2-3 years in all panic and dread whenever someone uses the family pc because i am scared of them finding out about it
>still remember this after so many years

>another time

>be me
>use kik
>block the nth dick pic sending scrote of the day
>one dude messages me all normally
>we start talking
>"how old are you? anon you are 13? omg so cute"
>he's obviously grooming me but me the esl is too stupid
>ends up sending me porn
>"u like that?"
>says yes like an idiot
>starts sending me cp out of nowhere
>end up blocking him in horror because he sent me a video of a kid in a diaper
>didn't click but the thumbnail was enough to make me cry
>cry for days because i want to forget about all of it
>still remember this after so many years
>still horrified and absolutely disgusted

i hate men

No. 586895

Met this guy on a Vocaloid forum. I was around 13-14 and he was in his 20’s. We started dating and I would always get naked and masturbate for him on Skype videocalls while he also showed himself jerking off. Our joke of a “relationship” went on until he met up with another 13 year old girl from that forum at an anime convention and ended up “cheating” on me with her so I broke up with him kek

No. 586898

this isn't nearly as serious as other things in this thread (and is actually kind of funny) but it was a stupid online interaction that dominated my life as a teenager. It's long but I just gotta put it out there.

When I was ~13 I fell down a rabbit hole and wound up becoming a supermegafan of this washed up Jrock star. Around this time, I also started a tumblr, and went looking for other fans of this guy. The community was tiny and composed of mainly 24+ y/o's who were still clinging on from the star's glory days. There was only one girl on there who wasn't that old, she was like 17 when I met her, but 4 years difference is still a lot when you're 13.

Anyway, she was known for being the "funny one" in the fandom and the older users all would reblog her posts. I immediately looked up to her, and because she wasn't too old, she felt more approachable. We became fast friends and it was fun for the first year or so.

She would occasionally make a TMI or cringy post (about weird things like being depressed because kids used to make fun of her for being "too skinny", or arguing about how irish americans were just as oppressed as blacks in the past so racism against whites exists, her sexual habits with her autistic foster kid trans man BF, etc) but I was 13 and thought everything a 17 y/o did was automatically cool.

As time went on she began to post about family issues, especially about her dad, who was a really bad & self destructive alcoholic, and it was honestly stuff I was not equipped to handle/ try to comfort her about at the time. But she didn't really have anyone else, and so started my job of keeping her from entering depressive spirals by sending long, gushy support messages back and forth through tumblr's fan-mail feature. Even sent her a stuffed animal through the mail at one point. However, she just kept getting worse. It got to the point where if I didn't send her a message every time she made a depressing post, she would continue to make them one after another in increasing severity talking about how no one cares and she's alone and she wants to kill herself.

She also had a extremely weird obsession with shipping the Jrock star with a really old, crusty rock/metal vocalist from an older, very explicit German band. (No, these people did not even know each other) She would write GRAPHIC fan fiction about them fucking, and draw fan art of them as a couple… and then expect us all to reblog this stuff and compliment her on it. Due to this and the stuff mentioned in the previous paragraph, I took to going AWOL and pretending I was not online for days at a time so I wouldn't have to be guilted into reblogging her revolting art and coddling her through her depressive episodes.

One day, she posted something extremely concerning that suggested she was about to kill herself, and then made no follow-up posts for the rest of the night (extremely uncharacteristic for her). Me and her other online friends attempted to contact her and got no response. I wound up calling the cops to check on her because I knew her address from sending her the package. Turns out she was alive and well. Business as usual resumed, only now she was apparently going to move out of her parents house with her autistic trans orphan BF. She opened (traditional art) commissions to fund it, I pity-bought one and paid her extra to help her out, but in the end the move didn't pan out because neither her or BF were functional human beings despite being nearly 20 at this point, but whatever. I was in too deep.

At this point I was around 15 and had developed severe depression myself. I, following her lead, also began excessively depression-posting like a fucktard. One day, seemingly out of the blue, I checked my tumblr in the middle of a school day and saw she had messaged me saying she had just CALLED THE COPS ON ME after she read one of my posts which she interpreted as me being in imminent danger from myself. She has MY address bc she mailed me the commission i ordered from her. I'm freaking the fuck out in a school bathroom stall trying to figure out how I'm going to explain this to my parents when I get home, assuming they will have arrived at the house already (mom was working from home). This is the only instance in which I am eternally grateful that the police are slackers, because they never actually showed up.

Things fall apart from here. She had always been sensitive, but now she was seemingly finding ways to take personal offense at the smallest opinions I'd express on my blog. Like real stupid shit about like pansexuality or some shit, and then she would make a million posts about how everyone hates herrrrr wahhh, to which I would have to immediately respond to her assuring her i did not hate her (even when, at this point, I was starting to resent her heavily). She was still posting gross X rated fanfic and art about the jrocker and the German dude and whining about people not liking it. And then the 2016 election rolled up and she unveiled truly the dumbest opinions ever, like voting green party to fuck the system or whatever.

I realized her personality had not evolved at all in the 3 years I'd known her, while I, in turn, had grown up past my 13 y/o self who initially got along with her. I realized she, and her humor, and her tactics, did not grow with me, and that she was a full adult now who acted like a preteen emotionally. And this all culminated in me finally losing my will to put up with her BS and telling her exactly what my problems were with her, resulting in more sulking, resulting in me rage quitting the "friendship" after 3 whole years of being constantly focused on her and her emotions for hours out of each day.

Fuck, dude. To this day i think about this. It's insane to see just how consuming an online relationship, in which neither part has ever talked irl, can become, especially when one or both of the parties are unstable due to age or just mental illness. I still feel bad, but in the end she was just an intolerable person to interact with. I really wish things could have ended on a different note. She deleted all her social media, so i have no clue what she's up to today. I do hope she is still alive, truly. And I hope she's been able to grow up and mature and become functional.

I know this was annoying and long, but if any other anons have had experiences like this, I would love to hear from them. This is where i'd put a sadface emoticon if it was allowed.

No. 586927

Jesus christ anon were you abused as a child? How does someone just agree to do something like this? Even as a 13-year old dumb teen I knew I should absolutely not send some random guy online my nudes or cam with them or anything. What the fuck.

No. 586962

Come on dude, let's not shame literal children who were groomed by predators. This is waaaay more common than you think, and it is never the kid's fault for sending nudes, it's the pedophile's fault for convincing them to. Read up on grooming, plenty of pedophiles are master manipulators and can convince children that they're good friends, that the kid is mature enough for a relationship, they make the kid feel special, and so on.

Isn't that a nice thought though, "If all kids were as well-adjusted and intelligent as me child abuse would cease to exist."

No. 586972

When I was around the age of 12 I edated this 19 year old dude from Saudi Arabia for some years. I wanted to convert to Islam and marry him asap because that's what he wanted from me. He even told his parents about me once I turned 15 to get their approval or whatever. I ended up "cheating" on him when I was around 16 and a half by having sex with some boy from school that was interested in me because I realized that I wanted to expierence being a teenager and all that crap and my self esteem started to grow.

I ended up telling him so I could break up with him. He then told a couple of our mutual online friends about it and they all messaged me saying I was a whore and evil, etc. I mean cheating is wrong so yeah not excusing that but then he started to contact various family members of mine through Facebook saying he had nudes of me(he didn't), and that I was as a whore, and that I needed to be punished or something. He also kept making numerous accounts to send me threatening messages like how he was gonna destroy my life and shit. This went on for a few months until I contacted some person I knew he talked to and begged her to get him to stop because it was negatively affecting my mental health and yeah never heard from him since.

No. 586981

>I mean cheating is wrong so yeah not excusing that
Uhh, cheating is absolutely okay if the dude is a literal pedo who started dating a fucking 12 year old when he was an adult. And he was obviously an abusive psycho considering his reaction, getting cheated on is the bare minimum of what he deserves.

No. 586989

I remember starting up a roleplay account for my favourite anime character when I was like 12, and this dude would constantly hound me to private roleplay with him on Kik. I felt really awkward saying no so I just went along with it, and of course it turned sexual really quickly. This dude was at least in his 20’s roleplaying as his own OP original character and I cringe badly thinking back on it. I felt so uncomfortable because I actually had to look up how to write smut because I had no sexual experience at all and didn’t know how to respond to his messages. I didn’t know how to end it so I just continued it and slowly stopped messaging over time. Nothing as serious as some of the other things in this thread but the thought of it still makes me recoil. I went off roleplaying really soon after that.

No. 586997

People are fucking gross when it comes to roleplaying.

It never ends, just a few years ago I joined a random roleplaying chat on kik, I just wanted to do plot heavy stuff and I explicitly said so when I joined and whenever someone sent me private messages.

There was this fucker, an absolute weirdo bastard with a cute anime boy pfp.

At first I felt pity for the poor autistic teen, then it got fucking weird.

Because I wanted to try new stuff, I thought “fuck it, let’s do this and see how it goes”. But I was wrong. The guy kept asking for some fucking weird mind control bullshit fetish shit show, it was with those bland ass characters from the anime seven deadly sins, it was shit.

The autistic teen constantly asked random shit about the anime and I really didn’t give a fuck about it. I told him that I didn’t want to roleplay with him anymore and he kept trying to guilt trip me.

It didn’t work, I stopped replying him and the fucking weirdo kept messaging me every. Fucking. Second. Asking me why I wasn’t answering him and such.

He created multiple accounts to pester me and I just blocked him.

No. 587004

Back when I had a DA (6 years ago), I had a user comment on my profile. My DA was small, I rarely had any comments. And none that were so attentive
He said he was 17, but his pictures looked at least 30. I was 13-14 at the time.

I stopped replying once he said: "I love kids! My paternal instincts are so strong!" I REALLY regret not blocking him tbh

A few days later I checked on my favorite artists, I'm scrolling through this one girl's DA
I get to her profile comments and It's that guy again.
This time he's commenting out song lyrics to her. She's 14 years old
I go through more of my favorite artists and he was always on their page if it was a young girl

In hindsight I think he used my DA, -and probably others- so he could "network" to young girls

No. 587006

anon, you did nothing wrong. you can't really cheat on a freak pedophile.
it doesn't matter what anyone told you. he never loved you, he wanted to own you. those online friends were fucked in the head and did not have your best interest in mind.
you are innocent in this.

No. 587019

I don’t even know where to begin, so many repressed memories from deviantart, Omegle, and even kik
I used Omegle a lot around ages 14-18 and I get so creeped out when I reflect on the excitement males would show after I revealed my asl. They’d always immediately get pervy or think I was lying and demand proof by asking for my pics or a link to my social media.

No. 587031

I had a weird anime boy pester and guilt trip me too, why do they do it? Do they really believe no just means tsundere?
I was trying discord out and joined a normal seeming group for horror manga but somehow a 19 year old catboy trap targeted me as his new mommy gf and started to try to send me his programmer sock selfies. I repeatedly told him that I wasn't interested in any NSFW contact, but because he was so young and probably groomed I felt bad about how that was maybe the only way he knew how to get any attention online so I told him we could chat about manga if he wanted. He accepted that, he stopped using gross bwaby twalk or trying to guilt me. Then one day without warning he sent me something that looked like a nude photo so I just instantly blocked him.
I expected that kind of pestering from thirsty old men that want you to send pics but not from some supposed sub twink. It made me feel so unclean.

No. 587062

It’s so fucking weird, in all honesty, I stopped using discord and kik because of that, I feel like there’s waaaay too many groomed teenagers out there that are desperate for affection.

At first I just wanted to help them stop being so thirsty, I would just tell them that doing stuff like getting in relationships with people they just met and being so open to strangers about everything and anything was a terrible idea.

But i think they’re just so desperate for attention that they just don’t care anymore. It’s extremely shitty, and I’m no therapist to be attending people on my free time, dealing with kids is tiresome.

No. 587085

Honestly, fuck how many of us have had inappropriate interactions on the internet, if not been groomed into creating child pornography of ourselves. Thanks to the internet, men can now sexually harass women (and sometimes little boys) from whatever age they learn how to type, which could very well be 5-6 now that kids are so adept with technology.

My heart goes out to all of you anon's who've experienced this. I feel we all internalize it and learn to joke about it, but it really is screwed up that kids on any website with social interaction will be preyed upon. Take care of yourselves and talk to a counselor if you need to.

No. 587096

Bless you, sweet anon

No. 587147

Thanks anons. I guess because nothing sexual happened between the two of us that I still view it less seriously for myself. Even though when I think about if it happened to someone else I wouldn't be okay with it at all.

No. 587178

not super disturbing or upsetting like a lot of the stories here, but in the same vein. I had a "relationship" via profile comments on a video streaming website (Veoh? does it still exist or does anyone remember this site??) for a couple of years with someone who I thought was a cute Japanese boy when I was in 5th-6th grade. long story short, turned out to be a lonely fujoshi. I feel really bad about it now, but occasionally I think about all the cringy things we said to each other and it makes me want to die. she did know how old I was. I guess I mostly feel bad because I was a lonely idiot child and I'm sure she was lonely too, given the fact that she was willing to suggestively RP with a kid. honestly I don't know how to feel about it anymore.

slightly off topic but does anyone remember the site eSnips? it was like a site where you could upload/store any type of media but it had a social element to it as well. I used to do art "commissions" for people on there lmao.

No. 587214

I'm still deeply ashamed of this but I fully admit that this happened when I was just 12/13.on messenger and on Kik,there was this ugly horny boy who was in the 6th grade,for some reason he texted me on messenger (even though I was a tomboy,made no sense why he would want to see me naked)he gave me his Kik so I created and went on kik,I just thought of the most stupidest shit to just enable him… sending him stolen photos of these of these topless girls I found from a porn website (I cropped them so he would think it's me)he then sent me photos of his penis standing on the bathtub (I still remember how nasty his feet were) he would also text me stupid crap like "baby I want to fuck you" "I want pics of your pussy" etc it was amusing to me but in reality it was just fucking nasty
I don't remember the rest but It was extremely fucked up (considering I didn't block him or anything)
I wish my parents would have taken away my phone from me at that age…I wish I could have exposed him on Facebook that day,i wonder how that would have went.

No. 587222

Anon, don't beat yourself up too much. You were still just a kid yourself. Kids do stupid shit, and at least you learned from the experience. It would be more fucked up if you had done that and felt that nothing was wrong with it at all.

No. 587228

I forgot to mention I never sent any actual nudes of myself just stolen nudes of other girls found on porn sites (he always fell for it) but nevertheless I regret doing it and I'm probably going to have another sleepless night

No. 587230

I suppose so? I'm glad those dark days are over

No. 587260

When I was 15, I met a guy on a popular chat in my country. I was talking about the mountains around my city and he just said « I have the exact same view ». Turns out he is a student in my city. We start chatting for one year, he was sometimes weird, had an interesting life and was pretty hot, fit with blond hair and blue eyes. In the same time I started talking to someone else from the same website, a mysterious guy but I don’t know there was something that made me continue chatting with him. One day he just disappeared. So one year later, I met blonde guy. Turns out he was a fat little Turkish liar who actually lived 2 hours from my city. During one year, he made me think we were in the same city but we could never meet because he had troubles or was too busy. Oh and the mysterious second guy was a sock puppet he used to « make sure I was telling him the truth »

No. 587263

i discovered porn at the tender age of 8/9 because i thought it would be funny to type curse words into google. my parents never monitored my internet usage and i would look at fucked up stuff on 4chan all day, talk to pedophiles on AOL chats that tried to get me to do all kinds of things, i would show random strangers my boobs on omegle when i was 12/13/14… then when i was 17 i got into a "relationship" with a 43 year old daddy dom from tumblr and the week after i turned 18 we met up and fucked. he had three daughters and i was only four years older than his oldest

No. 587376

When I was 15, opening up to a 20 year old guy that I was “dating” on the internet that I was molested as a child just for him to say, “Is it wrong that it turns me on?”

No. 587402

I got to feel weirded out in a fujo group.

>join kik group because lonely

>it’s about anime gay porn
>have fun the first few weeks because only posts manga recommendations
>it’s over
>cow starts going full retard
>she’s a fake boy with a baby fetish
>calls the owner of the group “daddy” while everyone else is just having fun
>overshares stuff like:
>”I got a new paci!!”
>”there’s wasps everywhere!!!”
>”I’m in baby mode uwu”
>”I want to write a fanfic but my totally not OC is getting fucked, should I write something like “his asshole fluttered with passion”??”

And my favorite one in which one of the admins of the group had to come out and call her out of her bullshit:

> “I know how to speak Japanese because I watch anime, I’m subconsciously fluent in japanese”

I had to leave the group, at first it was amusing, the cow actually left a few times during the time I was in the group, but I couldn’t handle the baby talk anymore, nor the oversharing or the constant cow pictures that fucked up the flow of cute anime guys.

No. 587430

i remember back when you had to upload a picture of yourself for your deviantArt ID, i posted a selfie (i was under 16 at the time) and someone sent me a note saying he would love for me to post more photos of myself crying, with tears and snot all over my face, and that he'd paid me for it. thankfully i told my sister at the time who made me block the guy. looking back on it now i never realised how creepy it was.

No. 587602

The man who groomed me when I was 13 has been finding me on social media for years and doing scary shit. Freshman year of high school, he sent child porn of me to a classmate of mine that he found through social media. I was sent to the disciplinarian of my school after the kid reported it and spread it to other people and it was very humiliating. The groomer sent me ominous messages, and even weird bible passages about how I’m going to hell. Now that I’m an adult he’s still doing the same thing and sent me my own last name a week ago which was really terrifying.

No. 587626

File: 1595350528751.jpg (102.65 KB, 357x459, 97 - o5EwtNW.jpg)

Uhm, this is serial killer territory. Please do something about this, I am very concerned for you without even knowing you because I've been there.

No. 587630

I came here to say this. Honestly horrifying, and it's even easier nowadays with people posting more personal information on social media like TikTok/ig and shit.

No. 587660

When I was 14 I used to use kik bc everyone at school used it to talk to each other, obviously would get messaged by creepy old men dps and such but would just block and ignore but one day I got a random message from some guy asking "Do you know XXXXX(girl in my year) that goes to XXXXX (my at the time) highschool?" I was confused and assumed it was a friend of a friend so I said yeah and not 10 minutes later he sent me this girls nudes I was freaked the fuck out and asked him why he was sending me cp and he just went "haha look how fat she is" so I contacted the police and sent them the screenshots, dumb move to screenshot but was a kid, the girl got pulled out of school, a whole investigation started I had to give statements to the police, it was huge gossip at school, last I heard the guy was facing charges for possession of cp, looking up his full name that he had as his username at the time someone of the same name is a registered sex offender so I think he was charged

No. 587665

I used to flash myself on Omegle to disgusting men who never hesitated to jack off to it despite it being obvious from first glance that I was a child. Never showed my face thankfully but the memory is still enough to make me want to cry all over again. I was 12.

No. 587676

When I was 14 I was doing point commissions for cheap on deviantart just for fun. My age was publicly visible on my profile, so I actually only had contact to other teenage users before that.

One guy offered to pay me much more than I asked for for some artwork for "his game", which included several scenes of a princess violently crushing frogs, with blood and all. He said the game was about you fleeing from the princess as one of the frogs. Turned out he exclusively asked very young artists to draw exactly these scenes for him over and over again and I was too naive to understand that this is actually a fetish.

No. 587787

Reading this thread makes me feel so stupid
when I was around 13 a friend in my group was obsessed over some obscure shitty anime and had a fotolog dedicated to it (fotolog was huge in south america)
she told us about the pseudo friends she made and two of them stood out
one was a 30 y/o woman and the other an 18 y/o man
me and our other friend found this extremely weird and used to tease her about her loser friends but never thought anything of it of some reason…
looking back it's fucking weird
the woman would tell this 13 y/o girl all her personal problems, even opened up to her when her father passed and the guy must have been trying to groom her wtf
I remenber once I was over at her house playing games on her computer and this guy started messaging her
I told her to reply stupid shit for the lulz and when she did the guy told her she was being cute… ew
I feel guilty I didn't recognize what was happening at the time and told her parents or something

No. 587792

I e-dated someone who made an entire tumblr account full of explicit nude photos of me and threatened to make it public if I didn't let him use the photos to catfish other men for money. He ended up sexually torturing and raping me twice on later occasions when we actually met up.

I was 20-21 at the time. Can't really blame any of that on being a naive child. I was just very self-loathing and numb to everything because I had no direction and no control over anything in my life. He made me feel things, I guess.

No. 587793

Anon, while children are extra vulnerable, a person of any age can be abused and it wasn't your fault at all. Please don't blame yourself, that person was a monster and if they hadn't hurt you they would have just found someone else to hurt.

I hope that if some time has passed you have found some good coping skills and learned how to deal with the trauma in a way that works for you. Good luck pal.

No. 587822

Thank you. I don't necessarily blame myself for it, but I can't say I didn't realize that he was a bad guy. I knew he was a psychopath from the get-go. He regularly told me cringey shit like that my uncomfortable or in pain just turned him on more. Staying in contact with him was some weird mix of actual sexually submissive tendencies, the belief that I deserved to be treated badly, and just desperately wanting to feel alive again by any means necessary.

No. 587892

File: 1595373791718.jpeg (47.49 KB, 750x497, 7D38AE6F-A76E-4D03-A571-47898C…)

To every anon in here that has suffered/is suffering, just know you’re not alone. Those rotted dog asses will get what’s coming for ‘em.

No. 588940

File: 1595530584729.jpg (18.1 KB, 500x283, 22c3941a93a3578b56b4a5a539b5a4…)

i was a huge not-like-other-girls pickme in my high school years because i hated myself and used to post in msn threads on /b/ (before /soc/ was a thing, actually part of the reason /soc/ became a thing lol) to meet people which unsurprisingly was disastrous. from the ages of 13-16 i had countless men in their mid-20's to mid-30's flirting with me, sending me dick pics, trying to sext me, etc fully knowing my age. one of which was my "friend" who ended up telling me he "thinks he has a crush on me >.<" when i was 13 and he was 21… gross.

the most disturbing one though was this dude name eric who fully groomed the fuck out of me and we ended up internet """dating""" for a while when he was 30 and i was freshly 15. i have no clue what the fuck i was thinking, he was morbidly obese and i wasn't even attracted to him but he lovebombed the shit out of me and constantly showered me in compliments and i was stupid and lonely so i was easy to convince. he would frequently reference my age and say shit like "i know its bad and you can't tell anyone or i'll get in trouble… but you're just so special and beautiful i can't help i'm in love with you" etc its always the same old song and dance with these pedos. he'd sext me every day, sometimes more than once, but i was so naive and scared by it that it would just be him sending messages about what he wanted to do to me/what he was doing to himself and asking if i'd like that and i swear to god i would just reply "oohh mhm.. what else? c;" i literally never said anything more than that because i had no idea what to even say. i always felt uncomfortable and gross about it but still lowkey liked the attention i guess. he eventually started sending me dick pics and videos of him jacking off (disgusting btw, he had a tiny dick) and then started pressuring me to send him nudes and videos of me. he also started to talk about arranging visits so we could meet irl. thank fucking god i never did and i ended up blocking him everywhere when i got an irl 21 yr old boyfriend when i was almost 16. not great either but at least i got away from the 30 year old fat ass with a micropeen.

the saddest part of all this is that this thread is full of stories like mine and its completely normalized and we sit here and still blame ourselves despite the fact that we were literally children who didn't know better. men are disgusting.

No. 589006

Been thinking a lot about a online friendship i had when i was 15(f) and horribly depressed. he was 21 year old larper, we met through a friend who was closer to my age and wanted to get me into larping.
I would spend all evening chatting to him sharing interests in music, films etc. I went to an all girls school so having a 21 year old guy who wanted to chat to me seemed crazy mature and what i thought most 'normal' teens were up to. As i mentioned before i was having a bad time emotionally with depression and anxiety, i hated myself and had few friends at school who shared my interests so in a lot of ways I used him as a crutch to validate myself. Nothing evil happened but he would use me as a crutch too, asking my advice for his life problems (he had a young daughter and trouble holding down job due to his own mental health) and i took on a lot of that weight, worrying even while at school what i could say or do to make his situation in life easier. Now aged 23 I can't imagine talking to a 15 year old about what are actually regular life problems. I often think that had we lived in the same city and our relationship not been entirely online he probably would have tried to at the very least makeout with me as he would flirt a lot, and i enjoyed it because i thought it was a cool thing.

No. 589091

I used to play TF2 when I was around 14 years old and chatted with teammates. One time a random guy asked me to join his skype call, which I did, the fucking moron I am. He and his friends were in there with him. But as soon as I started speaking he went quiet on the call and private messaged me "your voice is so hot, I wish I could rape your throat". I immediately blocked him and left the call, but stupidly continued playing the match while I sobbed. This was years after I'd started being raped by my mom's boyfriend so I'm not sure why I was surprised but I guess I'm glad it freaked me out because I learned to conceal my gender after that. I never ended up being groomed or anything after that.

>I remember always managing to talk with pedophiles, the first one being a guy in habbo, a 21 years old grown ass man, sexting a 9 years old kid.

I've been playing habbo again sometimes during quarantine and met a 20 year old girl who is dating a man approaching his thirties - he began grooming her on habbo when she was around 12. I feel like there's nothing I can do about it because she's an adult now. It's horrifying to watch.

No. 589151

I was freshly 17 when I joined a discord server and made friends with this 23 year old guy from Argentina.

He would constantly DM me about me ignoring him and would get mad if I didn't respond quickly to his messages. He would also send pictures of himself threatening to self harm.
At the end of our "friendship" he literally threatened to kill himself for some reason I don't remember. He would get super angry I had other guy friends I actually enjoyed talking to and I think this was part of it. I had to talk him down for the next two hours at like 3 am until I finally gave up and just told him to go to sleep.

He was super obsessed with the younger girls in the server and had a mini group of girls that he spoke to specifically. After we stopped talking, a while after He eventually started to date a 15 year old and got banned because of that and all the other predatory shit he did.

No. 589234

A few years ago, I met a guy in discord channel who was involved with mgtow and would guest on popular mgtow youtube channels. Fucker was even in a once in a podcast with mister metokur lol. Things like that.
So he only heard my voice and never even saw me. Would constancy try to get me to watch things with him or talk with him on voice/video. Confessing things like how he was molested and so on.
I think back to him posting pics on the discord of things he "made" and seeing how he had stolen the images.
Just the thought of a 30+ year old man telling a woman over 10 years younger how he would take care of me rather then my boyfriend.
In the end I just blocked him and left the group.

No. 589236

When I was around 16 I started talking to an older guy, he was in his late 20s. We met on a p2p client chatroom lol. He seemed normal to me at the time (obviously he wasn't if he was talking to teenage girls) and was honestly good company. After a while I opened up to him about my csa and he flipped like a switch. He wanted all the details, he wanted to make sure he was the only person I told. He was so invasive about the whole thing and asked if I would ever call anyone daddy in bed, shit like that. He threatened to message all my friends on MySpace if I didn't feel like talking about it when he wanted to. I felt like I had no one to go irl for help and I was already deeply ashamed of my abuse so telling one person was better than everyone knowing. One day he stopped messaging me, never found out the reason, hope he fucking died.

No. 589246

Tbh I think I was the disturbing interaction on the Internet.
>Be a lonely 12-year old, hang around a chat room
>A girl my age gets a crush on me because she thinks I'm a boy and confesses
>I was always a huge tomboy and didn't want to embarrass her by correcting her and make things awkward, also my baby lesbian brain was flattered by getting attention from a girl
>Keep this up for like 2 years until she finds out the truth
>Still to this day think if I traumatized her because she trooned out later on in life

No. 589320

Not really as bad as the others but I just found out there's multuple subreddit pages for something called Misogynyfetish and I just can't anymore

No. 589856

i feel a similar story, this famous cosplayer exchanged nudes and made plans to meet up with an underage friend of mine. a few of my friends who know this happened still follow and like all of his pics. it sucks because if you wanted to come out about any of this happening, you wouldn't be believed.

No. 591167

File: 1595857032470.jpg (40.81 KB, 680x385, EPaHOMNWoAEdkza.jpg)

Ohh boy here we go.
I have been 13yo when I have joined touhou fanbase website, I did love the idea of cosplay, so I cosplayed one of characters for con and that's probably the thing I was known for at first. There was one +20yo (I believe) guy, who kept using handcuffs on me and while holding my hands, he pushed me back to sit on his knee. Once I turned 14 I kept hearing "I'm finally legal". Not to mention he has been trying to convince me to have sex with him (while I was still 14/15). I have been avoiding touhou community since then.

No. 591186

I met some of my best friends through Touhou but as someone who used to be active in that community too, there's an incredibly high percentage of creepy autists with no sense of personal boundaries in it.

No. 591448

I remember when I was a teenager going on a late night YouTube rabbit hole of witch house videos. Came across one that was really fucked up, it was a scene from some Japanese film of a bunch of starved rats eating a cat alive. It was live action and kind of old looking so I’m betting it was real, never found the video again and it scared me off watching unfamiliar videos for a short time

No. 591450

Anyone else here used to use stardoll around 2008? I had an account in secret because my parents were pretty strict on internet use. It was a hotbed of sexual role playing, which I’ll admit I was roped into as a child. Never figured out if it was infiltrated by pedofiles or genuinely just kids getting out their sexual curiosity

No. 591464

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about Stardoll. I only used it to dress up my doll tho, I didn‘t socialise.

No. 591474

That reminds me of when I was 12 and some creeper added me to a Gaia +18 forum, just randomly. I never interacted with anyone, I just liked dressing up the character and putting anime stuff in my profile. They started asking me how I liked to masturbate and to tell them in great detail how I did it. Then someone said "I think she's 15" and some other guy said "no, she might be even younger". I'm not sure what happened next because I can't remember much. But that was creepy as hell

No. 591476

oh my god anon, i feel for you. similar things have happened to me where a guy who barely knows me suddenly is like "i have feelings for u". it creeps me out a lot, because they have put a lot of time creating a person that doesn't exist (as they don't know me) and then put her on a pedestal.

the internet truly used to be a lawless place when it came to chatrooms. my friend got this guy to blow himself on webcam when we were about 12/13. i still vividly remember it, ughhh.

a guy on habbo taught me what the word "orgasm" means while we had cyber-sex. it's creepy, as i'm sure he was an adult (i must have been 11 at the time), but it's also funny in a very cringeworthy way. he was like orgasms and i was like "what does that mean?" then he explained it. god.

when i was a kid i spent all my time online unsupervised and probably did more fucked up stuff that i have forgotten about. i almost met up w a guy from habbo who supposedly was a year older than me
when i was 12/13. i was incredibly insecure and know it would be v easy to take advantage of me.

No. 591505

(maleposting, ban/remove if you want, I just think women should be aware of this gross shit)

/pol/ stuff paradoxically comes with an intense fetishization of interracial, of course every casual observer of /pol/ shenanigans has noticed this. When I was an edgy teenage /pol/ contrarian myself and porn-sick, I was little different (yes, male sexuality is indeed a meme).

A few years ago I went down that rabbithole on tumblr and discord of far right interracial lovers, and there's some creepy stuff. Beyond the porn sharing, there's people obsessively cataloging and sharing the social media of girls involved in interracial relationships, sharing their pictures off their social media and getting off to them. They're sharing photos of mothers with their mixed race children, fetishizing and getting off to that, literal family photos. And the worst I perceived was them planning campaigns to promote interracial relationships to underage/teenage girls on twitter and social media, getting off on the idea that they're 'corrupting' women.

I seen this two years ago, but I'm pretty certain they're all still at it. They all seen nothing wrong with grooming underage girls into their sick fetish.

Even if you're just uploading a family photo of you with your child, there's a chance that someone, somewhere, is getting off to the pictures and sharing your real name and profile along with it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 591516

>A few years ago I went down that rabbithole on tumblr and discord of far right interracial lovers, and there's some creepy stuff. Beyond the porn sharing, there's people obsessively cataloging and sharing the social media of girls involved in interracial relationships, sharing their pictures off their social media and getting off to them. They're sharing photos of mothers with their mixed race children, fetishizing and getting off to that, literal family photos. And the worst I perceived was them planning campaigns to promote interracial relationships to underage/teenage girls on twitter and social media, getting off on the idea that they're 'corrupting' women.

Were the women non-white or white? It's common for racial supremacists to fetishize women of different races or have fantasies of breeding out another race

No. 591518

The irony that the most self-proclaimed racist right-wing people are more obsessed with racially-charged media and pornography than anyone else. Really says something about the stability of their viewpoint.

No. 591521

I don't disagree with you. But men have been enslaving and raping women from different tribes since, well, forever. Ancient Greek wives were expected to look after the slave girls that their husbands brought into their home.

No. 591534

I remember pointing out this very phenomenon when a totally-female "anon" came in to try and convince anti-porn anons to link up with the alt-right and attack "the jews" for creating interracial porn, and getting sperged out at by that same "anon" and even a mod, kek. This was like a year ago.

No. 591540

Yeah this isn't surprising at all. There were a couple of openly racist poltards in my old online sphere and both fetishized non-white women to an extremely autistic degree. Like, very niche ethnic groups from North Africa. One basically admitted that his fetish had gotten to the extent that he no longer found white women sexually arousing, yet he regularly spoke about how interracial relationships and marriage were disgusting and wrong. He unironically supported the whole "white women for marriage, black women for pleasure" thing.

No. 591541

Not shocking whatsoever. Regressive ideas on race and human relations go hand-in-hand with regressive ideas on human sexuality and bodily autonomy, under the guise of those claims being "radical" and "feminist" when they are clearly neither.

No. 591543

One time I was browsing for porn on the internet and I came across a website that was set up like 4chan, but had boards labeled by state, and within the state boards there were threads divided by town, and I found my town and areas around it, and there were a bunch of nudes of girls that I knew including my underage cousin.

So I flipped out and contacted the local police, they said they couldn’t do shit, then I did something I really regret - I contacted the people I recognized and told them. Literally nobody except my cousin responded to me and she denied it was her. I still regret it today because either I dug up a lot of embarrassment and shame for girls that might have been better off mentally not knowing their nudes were floating around, made myself look like a fucking huge creep (they’re probably wondering how I found it) and they probably don’t know who posted it in the first place.

I hate myself a lot for that. I was in the mindset that if that happened to me, yeah I’d want to know, but I don’t know what it’s like for other people, and maybe I just contributed to a lot of negative shit instead of doing something I thought was good or helpful.

No. 591544

Holy fuck sage for same posting but I just looked it up after I posted this - it got shut down by the Dutch police… it was one of the most infamous revenge porn sites. I feel a crazy amount of relief but still the same amount of shame. At least it’s gone now.

No. 591549

You shouldn't feel bad, you were pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place and your intentions were good. Who could say what's worse, knowing that your nudes are out there or being oblivious (and therefore having no chance to try take it down, or risking a nasty surprise in future)? Both options are shit, I don't even know if I'd want to know or not because either way it's horrifying.

It's not surprising that your messages didn't get a warm response but I doubt it has anything to do with you, I'm sure those girls were really embarrassed and didn't want to address it.

No. 591695

File: 1595932099201.jpg (162.71 KB, 900x1200, Amazing_atheist_fedora.jpg)

I just remembered the time The Amazing Atheist got caught shoving a banana up his ass.

No. 591696

Lmfao at least he owned it but I remember that too.
>should have known I was into freaky shit

No. 591712

There was one for my home town too, maybe it was the same site except I'm from the UK. I remember it had posts on it asking if there were any photos of specific girls, or comments from people that knew the girls saying they were dirty so there had to be photos of them etc. A male friend showed it to me when we were both 16 and I never looked it up again because of how disturbed I was and never sent a nude in my life time because of it.
I never mentioned the board to any girls I knew or made the connection to AnonIB until this thread. I'm glad it's gone.

No. 591736

I got an invite to a discord server sharing pretty much cp of girls in my home country. I quickly noped out, but what really scared me is that I got the impression that most of the people on that server were teen/young adult boys. The pictures also had the girls´full name, age and location. Ive always yelled at my friends when they talk about sharing nudes after that. Im so happy I never took or shared any nudes. You can't trust boys or men at all with them. If you're not comfortable with the idea of the whole world seeing your nudes, you can't share them at this point.

No. 591755

kek i understand they're phallic but i'd imagine they just….smush

No. 591780



I'm really bored at work.

No. 592489

I had the same problem. I was sexually harassed by a supposed sub trap : he wanted me to send him nudes, and wanted to send some back but I refused many times (he was underage at the time, and also ugly as fuck).

He even wanted to pay for a hotel room to have sex with me. I was sexually abused as a kid so I have trouble saying "no" to people who want that kind of stuff from me (he knew that), so I just ghosted him.

No. 592518

Diff anon here but one of the pushiest experiences I had online was with an uwu subby femme boy with fucking cat ears and all.

I felt pretty isolated, 18 and living alone in a new city, was rebounding after an unexpected break up. Sunk to a new low by even interacting with such an odd guy but he lived close and I missed my geeky sub ex and I thought there was some similarities between them (I was wrong) I hated the crossdressing part. He'd take pics wearing stripey stockings with his cock hanging out and ask if I liked it. I tried to hint at being more interested in friends at that point.

Early in our interaction he asked where I lived and I had felt comfortable telling him that I lived in a certain area because it was an area with several large apartment complexes so that didn't exactly narrow my location down too much. But then the sexual pics kept coming, the 'femme but look at my big cock' thing grossed me out. When I turned down the oppurtunity to meet up with him he messaged that he was heading towards my place. He kept doing this. He'd message that he's heading to my buildings area to hang out and if I wanted to come down he's there… So glad that I never told him the exact building as he spent several evenings stood outside basically daring me to come down.

No. 592522

Things like this make me paranoiac as fuck. I've been talking to a guy I met on a forum for many years, since I was underage, but I never revealed my location or appeareance to him. He follows my accounts on various platforms, he's always been friendly and only a couple of times he told me he was interested in me romantically and suggested to meet up. I always said no because I just can't shake the feeling he could be dangerous.

Another person I met on a forum was an allegedly "13 year of girl with no friends" who wanted to meet up (she was quite eager too) after only a couple of exchanged messages. I ghosted the fucker and she never really posted anything anymore. I don't think that was a 13 year old girl.

No. 592539

You know the classmate committed a crime when distributing CP images? If it’s fresh case then I’d call the police and the school and get him kicked out.

I hope you practice all the safety preparations you can. Like making your social media accounts private. And get a restraining order if it’s possible.

No. 592805

I remember back in the G+ days, I had a guy I would talk to on Hangouts about anime and shit, and even though he knew I was 14-ish at the time, he would constantly bring up tentacle rape. He would also randomly post about it on my friend's pages. It was a little odd. I remember my friend and I were supposed to help him make an anime about Slenderman of all things and it never happened. I still have his scripts I think. Either way, pretty odd guy. He reviews hardcore hentai on his channel and always asked me what I thought of his review.

No. 592816

File: 1596069190399.jpg (13.22 KB, 192x192, 18111.jpg)

This is embarrasing, never posted about this anywhere but here it goes: I was 17 when I met this dude on social media through friends, we shared interests and he was this rawr xd so randum micro musician (aka a failed one and a fucking hikky). Started out mutuals, usually replied to his stuff only when he was talking with my friends but soon enough he was in my dms daily being cute and shit. He came off as this sweet and cool hot guy but he was 28, twenty-fucking-eight. We eventually started skyping, it was 60% of him being sexual as hell even though I stated millions of times I was a virgin and did not really know shit, surprise camming me himself wanking off no matter if I said it wasn't convenient for me. 40% was him being the most depressed ass bitch on the planet. I felt such pressure from his problems, I had my own real life problems no one my age should have been dealing with on top of school work too. Man, his WEIRD ASS FETISHES, the shit he genuinely wanted me to do once we met was too much for me as well. I had to take a break from everything that wasn't school for a while and once I came back, this guy acted like a I never told him I was going to be off for a bit, he acted like a true schizo humiliating me on socials. It kinda fucked me up for a good while. He is fucking ugly now and later on I realised he was in a local-ish cow's circles so that was a thing.

No. 592822

This is basically what happened to Amanda Todd. He's most likely a complete pussy just getting off on the idea of terrifying you and trying to ruin your life, but please try to stay safe, anon.
Reach out to the authorities if you can, there's a very high chance you're not even the only person he's collected CP of and is doing this shit to.

No. 592887

My disgusting ex, who groomed me online when I was 15 and he was 23, is posting my non-consensual pornography online, as well as catfishing random dudes as me with my nudes. I've even seen him interacting with other minors while skinwalking as me. He's so fucking worthless.

I finally reported him to the police and I am being interviewed tomorrow by a detective. Wish me luck anons. I was too scared to ask for help because I thought the cops would slut shame me. I hope the interview goes well and I don't leave it feeling more victimized.

I want to make my ex pay. I want to make him feel the same fear I felt. I want to fucking ruin his life for exploiting me for so many years. He admitted in some posts that I am a minor in some of the images. I'm going for his fucking throat. He has no idea what I've started behind the scenes.

No. 592889

Fuck that guy, and good for you anon. I hope he gets whats coming to him.

No. 592945

I fucking hate males. They are so disgusting and feeble and worthless.

No. 593030

Hope he pays through the nose anon. He sounds like a predatory monster. Hope he gets done for childporn and dies in a cell if he’s uploaded any footage of you when you were underage.

No. 593051

I hope everything goes well anon… I went to the cops for sexual assault and I was treated with nothing but respect and understanding, as surprising as that sounds. I hope the same goes for you. He deserves to rot.

No. 593221

trash him anon

No. 594115


I just wanted to provide an update. While I don't want this thread to turn into being about me or my situation, I wanted to update because I see a lot of girls in this thread have gone through similar things.

The detective who took my report was very nice. They are going to begin an investigation on my ex. My advice to girls who have been through something similar: save screenshots and evidence of as many instances as they happen. Write up a timeline to reference the date of certain events and how they made you feel. Also remember that stalking, harassment, blackmail, and revenge porn is a CRIME. I didn't go to the police for a long time because I thought I would be blamed for the bad choices I've made. But there's been progress when it comes to situations like mine. It won't hurt to start a report and get a paper trail going, especially if the offender doesn't stop bothering you

Good luck to you all. Men have been getting away with this for too long.

No. 594134

Good luck anon. Don't forget how strong you are.

No. 594209

Aside from sexual shit i went through as an adult who’s mostly drama free online i find it disturbing to get suddenly messages from autists i didn’t chat with at least since 5 years.

Like how am I supposed to respond?

No. 594212

Girl, this is for my friend who needs help like this too and is in your situation, PLEASE update more itt. Who even cares about the rules, this is informative.(samefagging)

No. 594215

When I was 18/19 I had an online little crush on a furry guy and he ended up asking me to take pics of me fucking a dog. I told him hell no and blocked him. I heard about furries being disgusting people who like to fuck animals and fuck each other in suits but I didn't really believe it much back then, I was so wrong about that…

No. 594222

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sent stupid nudes to online crushes/ online bf when I was 18/19. It all started when I got more invested to online gaming communities. I honestly feel bad for anyone who ended up doing something sexual before 18 because of these creepy older men.

That reminds me, I remember being in a Kik group for the gaming server I was part of and one of the guys was saying about how he wouldn't fuck a 13 year old because they're too young but he would fuck any boys over 14.

No. 594230

tbh making the mistake of sending nudes as an adult can be just as bad as when you're a teen, except one has more legal ramifications than the other. I had a bunch of disgusting scrotes get ahold of pictures I'd sent years ago when I wasn't many years above legal age, but legal nonetheless, I looked younger than my age (people thought I was underage when I took them because I do look younger), and they spread them to high hell saying they were recent and made deepfakes (albeit poorly shopped) out of a couple selfies I'd posted in semi private or private chats. I never want to go through that shit again and I feel horrible for any other girls who have to be on the end of vile revenge porn shit. They would call me ugly, tell me to hang myself, kill myself, relentlessly harass me via DM, and tell me how obese or grossly shaped they thought I was knowing I had admitted I had an ed in the past. I really do hope they all get their fucking comeuppance.last I heard one of the ringleaders was being scammed by a catfish.

No. 594242

When I was 15 I had a facebook account with shitty photoshopped pictures of myself doing semi lewd poses obviously clothed but still.
That brought alot of bad attention but there was one interaction that stands out as creepy.This guy told me he was in his 30's and wanted to be my friend he made a point into not making it about sex. which was nice considering i was angry at men for just sexualizing me (go figure). We talked everyday about everything my problems and his. One day he starts messaging me that he had an emergency his messaging became broken. ie. "ple elph me I canjse Stdudspassk stupid bitch" and he continues to berate me in this manner all broken and really hard to understand I become angry and ask him what the fuck is wrong? he never replies just continues. for three days he goes from insulting me and cussing me out to sending death threats. at this point I told him I was going to block him. a few hours i waited for a reply and he later messages me I am so sorry That was my daughter on my phone. I was confused. then he goes on to say that it was his wife. That i was just a stupid hoe .he begins to talk normal as if nothing happened. only for him to resume with the death threats this time mentioning my real name which I never used for that account. I asked him how he knew that and he just mentions that a stupid slut wouldnt know anything. I deleted that page and never used the email for that account anywhere else. I seriously believe i stumbled upon a person who was actually demented. and it scares me the most that he seemed normal-ish. I still have a hard time posting face photos or photos of myself online. that and One of my pictures on that facebook was being mocked to bits and pieces on some forum.

No. 594243

on what site? is it like facebook or some random site where you don't know them face to face?

No. 594249

This is the only story that's actually creeped me out.

No. 594260

Good luck, anon! Hope that piece of shit gets absolutely destroyed.

No. 594323

My ex did that and she's just now being charged (among other offenses including sending nudes to minors Krainey-style). It really does feel like an uphill battle when you do try to fight it.

No. 594830

that good that things came back to bite at least one of those guys. I totally relate though, I had an online ex who would send my social media onto 4chan kik sex threads and him and his friends edited my face onto a black slave hanging. They would spam send me that stuff.

I am honestly scared that my photos would come up somewhere one day.

No. 594887

This is most likely a long shot, but I work in the field of non-consensual pornography/revenge porn and see a lot of stories in here that relate to my job. If anyone would like to tell me about their experience, it would greatly help our company build better tools to protect you and I could offer assistance even if you don't want to press charges or don't have a reasonable expectation of it leading to anything. I know this will likely come off as sketchy, but I won't ask you for any personal information nor do I want to see the photos. I'm female and willing to do VC so you'll know I'm not a scrote trying to creep on you. Email in email field, reach out if you want to give it a shot.

No. 594962

Why even have such a site?? Isn't revenge porn illegal now?

No. 594969

Bless you, anon.

No. 596087


I have another update. Holy shit guys. The police are going to subpeona the site my ex was using for his information. I never thought I would get this far. I'm PRAYING that he got sloppy. He's kind of a stupid guy and he did this for so many years with zero consequences.

I just can't believe this is real, that people are actually helping me. I never thought anyone would care.

This is why I'm sharing my experience. I want you guys to know that it's possible to get help.

No. 596096

That's so fantastic anon! Reading your posts makes me wish I could take action against my ex who I'm almost certain has used lewd pictures and videos I sent him to catfish other men. Problem is this all happened over almost a decade ago and I have literally zero evidence that I ever even interacted with him. I've never seen photos/videos of myself pop up anywhere, thankfully. He did make a site full of photos of me once and even showed it to me, but I managed to get him to delete it. He's also from another country which I know would just complicate things even further. I guess it's more just the fear that he still could be out there doing this, or that there are all these really graphic photos/videos of me on porn sites that I just haven't run into yet.

No. 597713

This is not a really bad one or anything, more amusing.

In my cringe neo nazi /pol/fag phase as a 16 year old, I had a blog on tumblr that had quite a bit of followers (I mostly posted “aesthetic” shit and whatever). I got a lot of messages from random guys bc I’m blonde and young . One of them was a moderator on Ironmarch who lived in south africa and was a year older than me. He also was objectively very good looking. We talked about random stuff and he sent me a video of him playing the guitar. He then asked me that if I could get married to him when I turned 18 so he could move to finland bc south africa is a failed state full of black people.

No. 597720

The finnposting on lolcow today sure is something.

No. 597722

I like them can we keep them

No. 597749

South Africans are wild. I used to talk to one when I was 17 on discord. His family lived in Thailand because they fled from South Africa for some reason.

He said Thai women looked like they had fetal alcohol syndrome and he didn't like black people. Obviously, I wasn't an angel because I was deep in my edgy phase at the time but never to the point where I genuinely disliked any specific groups or said slurs. One time he posted several pictures of himself in the hat from the "cat in the hat" with a swastika on it.

I'm Mexican too so he pretended to like Mexicans after he found out. I probably would have e-dated him if he wasn't racist (whether he was self aware of it or not I don't know).

He was legit so ready to buy me shit but I never took advantage of it lmao. He also played a guitar and had a really odd name.

Wonder if he looks at lolcow since he was big into 4chan.

No. 597754

File: 1596679858709.png (32.23 KB, 853x542, E59921D7-923D-471D-A8EE-9FDB3A…)

This board is mostly finns

No. 597756

Tumblr idiots in the late 2010s, when a few people on there claim they totally got off to gore of car accidents, animal abuse, limb removal, etc, or when misogynists who wanted to abuse and torture women and it was okay because "it turns them on tho"

whether it's because everyone was trying to out kink each other with the whole "psh you like ropes and spankings? well I like being stabbed!!" shit or actual harmful people, it's bewildering to look back at the fact you can have literal murderous tendencies and have it encouraged as a kink and everyone was okay with it

No. 598014

Idk if this counts but when I was 14 I liked creepypasta. I promise I wasn’t comparable to one of those chicks that did the slender stabbing, I just liked horror movies/was practicing sfx makeup and followed a heap of cosplayers. I never actually posted my face, but I had a ‘fan account’ where I’d make memes and post about cryptids and urban legends..

I made a crappy af edit of the main creepypasta characters altered to be the one direction members on stage. It went ‘viral’ in the community and I ended up gaining like, 600 overnight. One of which was this 16 year old dude from Texas.

If you’re familiar with the slenderman myth, then you’ll know he has two human ‘helpers’ called proxies from a fan made web series that were a popular cosplay choice because their outfits are quite simple. This 16 year old guy posted cosplay photos/LARPED as one of the helpers on Instagram. I followed him back because his pics were cool and we had on and off convos on my page about upcoming movies and shit. He seemed normal enough, just a bit full of himself/dedicated to the whole role-playing thing. Anyway, he was leaving for a trip and announced (in character) that he wouldn’t be posting because he was on a mission following someone of interest. Low and behold I was the chosen scape goat for his fictional mission and he tagged me. I replied something sassy or joking because I knew it was ‘in character’ but his replies got a little too serious.

He warned me not to go anywhere alone and to carry a camera at all times. I was a little freaked out (partially because my parents were super strict on social media until I was 16 and I wasn’t meant to have an acc) but brushed it off.

12 hours later he posted a picture of his flight tickets to come to my country. In hind sight choosing me was obviously just because it fit in with his IRL plans and made his role-playing more convincing. I was so scared that I deactivated the account and emailed Instagram asking any and all posts with my username to be removed under the guise of safety. I felt so anxious that I actually got sick and didn’t eat for three days. My mum didn’t know and assumed it was a flu.

When I went back to school the next week I made my friend come whenever I needed to piss/get something from my locker (they were always happy to cut class) I didn’t use any home computer for a few days because I was paranoid since this dude has pretended to be a hacker character. I was continually stressed out and at one point messagedthe guy on a throwaway acc like ‘hey it’s (username). You were just joking right?’ (Stupid I know lmao) but he didn’t reply/see it.

After like, 8 days I realised what a dipshit I was being and stopped freaking out. For a week or two after that I’d always be a little scared whenever something on the news would pop up mentioning my city/home break in etc because i have an active imagination and feared his face would pop up. Tbh I think 90% of my anxiety stemmed from the whole ‘no social media until you’re 16!!!11’ house rule I broke. I was always a goodie two shoes but yeah. When he came back from his trip I commented using the throwaway ‘guess I survived your mission huh?’ And the dude replied ‘you got lucky. You won’t next time’

Nothing else ever came of it. TLDR: I was a weird/stupid kid

No. 598305

This is kind of cute honestly. Creepypasta fandom back in the day was great for mostly benign edgelords, I miss it

No. 598479

was invited to a discord server by this dude since we were both hobbyists posting our work on a website. the server was for his group of friends who sees the website's forum becoming shit because of mod tyranny.

anyways, i became active on the server. he and i talk a lot, sometimes going to topics that were a bit sexual with an intent of humoring the others with it, casually.

he, then, sent me a pm and said that the flirting might made the others the uncomfortable and wanted to continue with just the two of us. now, here's the thing i wasn't flirting. never, and i told him that. we got a bit silent afterwards but it was better than continuing what we started. i decreased the sexual talks and talk about different topics with his friends, like my academic-related work that i was insecure about.

dude, then, sent me another pm and did a tarot card reading me on me while i was offline for a few hours because i was asleep. and told me that i should stop or put my academics works/projects on hold because he wasn't optimistic. now, usually afaik, tarot card readers would also explained the cards they have drawn concerning one's future and all but he didn't. so i was a bit suspicious.

he also tried to propose to others to send some private information he could use whenever one of us went MIA from the server. his friends ends up disagreeing, wanting to stay anonymous and not bring irl friends and family from being contacted by him mostly. he's also proud that he sucks at cooking and calls it as his 'austictic bachelor' aesthetic.

now i think about it, this guy is kinda milky. idk if he's cow potential though since he's only active on the server. anyways, i'm glad i left. discord entirely as well.

No. 598537

god deviantart is such a gold mine for these types of things.

when i was like 12 or something i posted a rant on deviantart about how creepy and pedophillic bronies were. and then one of those obese, crusty, unwashed, smegma-ridden, fedora-wearing, dorito-crunching, mountain dew-snorting, plushie-humping, paper-fapping, fat roll-having, self stench-sniffing, flame blazer-wearing neckbeards somehow found my email, which was not posted anywhere, and sent me hate mail. and that was when i realized doxing is a thing.

to this day i have some serious reservations about the whole posting your full name on the internet thing. even when it comes to running an online business, i have absolutely no idea how people do that and go through their days not full of paranoia over it. it seems really unwise to me. sure today you like what you're putting out, but what if tomorrow your past self makes you cringe? too bad, because now your real name is attached to it and anyone can see you were once a humongous cringelord.

ok and when i was like 14 i went through this phase of drawing super buff anime dudes because i was autistically obsessed with DBZ and fist of the north star, and daydreamed about writing a comic like that someday. and some freaky motherfucker came into my notes asking me to draw gay porn for him or her, for free. they had to have known i was a 14 year old girl. there's no excuse for this kind of behavior. diss-goss-tang.

and for some reason i remember this follower i had who posted inflation porn of princess peach. i would go, and just stare at their page, pondering, what is the deal with this person and why are they following me.

probably why i'm so messed up tbh. this is probably the genesis of how i got into lolcows.

ok and you know that gore page on encyclopedia dramatica? i don't remember what it's called but if you remember it you know exactly what i'm talking about. it starts out with that pic of the adorable melon megaman hat cat. and then you scroll down and begin to see pictures of penises being squeezed by floss and pictures of people shitting and all sorts of fucked up gore and shit. now imagine looking at that when you're 11. yeah.

No. 601468

I guess it’s objectively not that disturbing an interaction, but a few years ago a friend let’s call her Sarah blew our relationship up in spectacular fashion because when someone posted a punk video on a Facebook group we both used, Sarah flipped out and said that ~aggressive music is “triggering” or whatever and shouldn’t be in that space. When a mutual friend suggested that was an unreasonable take, Sarah accused me of engineering some kind of witch hunt behind her back. It was honestly so strange but I let it slide and kept it moving as I knew she was dealing with some deep shit from her past. Anyway, it’s one of those weird ones where I’ve noticed her accumulating a lot of old or ex friends of mine and it’s like… I can’t help but feel like they’ve bonded over disliking me which is honestly just sad. Oh also a mutual told me that Sarah had a baby recently and named it the nickname that I have, which is probably the most disturbing thing of all.

No. 601523


The description of the brony here is award-winning, anon. Funny yet disgusting, A+

No. 601524


It would be interesting to know how many millions of friendships/relationships have been created vs destroyed on the internet. I wonder which is more? Sorry I’m baked lol.

No. 601799

someone i cut off in middleschool made her friend cyberstalk me on a small social media site. he was odd and possessive and i met him for two seconds at my school n never saw him again, pretty sure he was spying on me. wtf.

No. 601800

anon im so sorry, i grew up on deviantart too. it brought the worst and scariest people. usually hermits, but still.

No. 601833

i met a dude on omegle who i stupidly accepted his friend request on my fb account, we were both in middle school. he was becoming close to an incel back then (incel wasn't popular at the time or idk, this was in the early 2010s). anyways, he hates everything mainstream, women because they only use him for academic gain and nothing else, to guys who are popular and thinks they're all cumbrains, hate his alcoholic brother, his parents. thinks he's god's greatest creation because he got a lot of medals and certificates from school. only watches gore anime. his profile picture is still the same (i saw it viewing one of my stories, that one sad ball surrounding smiley face balls).

the more i talk to him every night, video chat he preferred, the more i became annoyed with him. but i want male validation so it was conflicting to balance my tolerance towards his behavior while using him as a symbol that i am actually, in a way, likable and approachable to men.

i cut things off less than a month, idk how did it but i was so relieved when i did it. felt like a heavy weight was coming off my shoulders.

he prob hates me because i'm not that edgy, insecure, hateful bitch-weeb in middle school anymore.

No. 601876

this crazy girl who is mad at me for sleeping with her bf keeps sharing a deep fake of me on her facebook.

No. 601955

make a deepfake of her screaming at a crying puppy

No. 602108

Things like deep fake make me scared to leave my house

No. 602368


The lesson here is that even if you upset someone in a way they're not legally allowed to do anything about they might just unleash hell on you anyway.

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