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File: 1424703617646.png (244.06 KB, 471x405, 1389312747137.png)

No. 57638

ITT: we discuss the past, present and future of a now dying board that was once the birthplace and sekrit bitch klub for many of us here today.

This thread was temporarily stickied. For more information, please see >>57849

No. 57639

File: 1424704003075.jpg (548.68 KB, 1280x1920, 1387904275780.jpg)

idk if anybody else here remembers Annie (pic related) but I've noticed she's been tweeting at Kiki trying to crawl up her asshole over the last year.

I want to know what happened to the the rest of the UK trips, like Eva Braun, Blue, Ophelia, Pirate Toaster, Logseux, Spoony etc.

No. 57640

Yeah she was up Jrcach's arsehole not long ago.

No. 57641

File: 1424704163694.jpg (53.31 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ni9kj2Y2Xi1ryraieo1_500…)


Also she more recently turned into…. this.

No. 57642

Spoony got elf ears. They look terrible.
Annie was always a fucking cringey mess.

No. 57643


>spoony got elf ears

huh? Like cosplay ones?

No. 57644

File: 1424704657874.jpg (57.3 KB, 314x960, spoony ears.jpg)

haha, nope

No. 57645

what the actual fuck. got any pics of them after they healed? they look awful

No. 57646

Last I heard of Logseux she was arrested and prosecuted for shoplifting multiple times and is known for being a "serial shoplifter" in her area.
Has had a mental breakdown and is now an alcholic.





Also we never did get to see that GLaDOS cosplay she supposedly did that Blue has pics of.

No. 57647

No. 57648

I think elf ears are cute but only nerdy cosplayers would get it, everyone else will thinknyoire deformed.

No. 57649

I actually wanted elf ears. Those just look fresh from surgery, so I'm sure they're better without the stitches.

No. 57650

File: 1424705628643.jpg (339.87 KB, 900x1600, tumblr_n65knzhkFg1r09urio4_500…)


From her Tumblr before she deleted.

No. 57651


That's actually kind of sad.

No. 57652

Yeah, those are super cute. I'm a bug fantasy novel fan and always loved elves.

No. 57653

The shape looks off somehow.
You have to be pretty nuts to do something permanent like this.

No. 57654

Big, I meant. Thanks phone

No. 57655


tbf they're just ears. Not like you can't hide them under hair or anything.
When I first saw them I thought they looked repulsive but now they've healed they look quite elegant.

No. 57656

Exactly. They're only stretching the tip. As long as it doesn't affect your hearing, who cares. Body mods will be the complete norm in another decade.

No. 57657

Does Spoony have a new tumblr at all or somewhere she posts? I always quite liked Spoony.

No. 57658

File: 1424705874119.jpg (1.07 MB, 1280x1167, 1387985077030.jpg)

More Annie.

No. 57659

Wow.she's not as cute as she thinks she is.

No. 57660

File: 1424706142713.png (301.42 KB, 1421x914, 1388032855901.png)

I was always quite curious about what happened to Eva Braun.

Last I hear she turned into a hardcore Christan.

No. 57661

File: 1424706721372.jpg (83.69 KB, 642x682, cxcdsfc.jpg)

No. 57662

File: 1424707187377.jpg (81.8 KB, 546x306, sdsad.jpg)

Who's this about? Eva?

No. 57663

File: 1424707514118.jpg (147.6 KB, 1024x768, peter.jpg)


Her facial features remind me of… Peter Pan?? And this is not a compliment.

No. 57664

Does anyone know about the Facebook group that all the old trips from /cgl/ belong to? I saw someone post about it on 8chan and apparently they found out who the new shitty mods are too.

No. 57665

Ophelia is still pretty cute.

I always had a love/hate feeling towards spoony. Wondering why she got that done when she always complained about being poor. Did she finally get a job? Also vaguely recall pics of her fiance and his penis…

No. 57666


Oh dude those are adorable ears.

No. 57667


According to her Tumblr she got herself into university so idk, student loans?

No. 57668

what's her new tumblr? i remember her old one that she deleted because of a stalker but thats it

No. 57669

She pulls them off really well imo. I've always wanted a similar thing done 'cause I have fucking massive ears, seeing them done this well makes me want to contact her artist.

No. 57670

Haha wait what i think i follow her on instagram and although being kind of try hard ~arteest~ I kinda liked her. i didnt know it was the same person though. what's her twitter?

No. 57671


Her Twitter was Ph0xe but it's been baleeted.

No. 57672

Yup, thats her. I don't know how I didn't put two and two together, we mutually tumblr follow each other, but I guess I didn't know her from /cgl/ well enough to realize it was the same person. Now Im curious about her past or anything, if it's anything worth nothing…

No. 57673


A basic rundown would that there used to be a circle of British trips that initially started off as friends circlejerking each other and inevitably devolved into drama (one of the highlights being that Eva Braun tried to forcefully rape a dude A.KA. Rape Rave 2K13).

Annie used to be part of this circle, mostly as a British loli familiar with the other loli's who lived in and around London. She regularly shitpost and samefag on /cgl/ and was know for being a major brownnose, suck-up and backstabber.

At one point she ran an anti-Venus Angelic Youtube channel where she would pretend to be Venus under the name Penus Pathetic, making wholly unfunny, trashy videos what was essentially her attacking Venus, a child at the time, for the actions of her mother, the person she really should have been targeting.

I know she has MAJOR beef with Ophelia, who is another Britfag and ex-underage camwhore who became famous on /b/ for smearing tampon blood on herself / sucking a used tampon whilst wearing her little sisters panties nd posting pictures on /b/.

No. 57674


Here's a link to the original channel.


After she got called out on her shitty behaviour she tried to backtrack and published this video i.e. "hurghhh I was just trolling".


No. 57675

File: 1424715827799.jpg (42.25 KB, 477x477, IMG_0089[1].JPG)

No. 57676

I want to punch her.

No. 57677

Oh my god lollll. So different from her whole earthy, 'artsy', innocent little mori girl thing she's trying to do now. Top kek

No. 57678

File: 1424716536974.png (2.37 MB, 1464x1236, 1353538196628.png)


Ye this girl's a real mess.

No. 57679

For anybody that's just reading about this stuff now and wasn't present on /cgl/ when all of this stuff was happening, you really did miss the golden age of dramu.

It…. was glorious.

No. 57680

No. 57681


>I didn't do this for attention

>almost 13 minute video talking about everything from her favourite food and colors to her college degree

No. 57682

Jesus fuck, she looks like a cross-dressing man in the right photo.

No. 57683

File: 1424722816854.jpg (105.06 KB, 578x750, 1408294923544.jpg)

More Annie from her loli days.

No. 57684

holy fuck…how old is she? she looks like someones mom

No. 57685

the nose contouring is what's killing her face tbh

No. 57686

It's not just her nose though, let's be real.
I guess the ugliness is why she's always been such an insecure, crazy bitch.

No. 57687

I get a major bitch vibe from her

No. 57688

Is she the penus wangelic girl that makes fun of venus?

No. 57689

No. 57690

I was a horrible person back then, I won't deny that. I'm really trying to be nicer. I know I'm ugly, I won't deny that either.

Just incase you were wondering how I saw this, I saw the link from my tumblr tracker, and I know who originally posted this stuff but I won't start a fight. I'm just sorry if I hurt you so much or did something to upset uou that you can't forget.

I guess I can't say anything more than I'm just really sorry. I know I don't deserve to be left alone and I won't even try and stop you or complain. I was awful, I wish I wasn't.

Regarding Kiki/Kota, I just think they're pretty and I like their hair.

No. 57691


You're not ugly, I just don't think you're playing to your strengths aesthetically.

No. 57692

she looks like what peter pan would look like irl

No. 57693

Thank you, but I look a lot worse out of selfies, I just stopped using Photoshop and use meitu instead.

Out of curiosity what do you think would suit me?
I know that was an insult, but I think Peter pan is cute. Back in the old cgl days they used to say I looked like the ugly sister from disney's Cinderella, I'd post a pic but I'm on my phone and it's already full of photos

No. 57694

File: 1424730201411.jpg (654.88 KB, 1803x1200, blade-runner-rachel1.jpg)


Ultimately that's up to you to discover. It's unhealthy to spend your life basing your appearance on what others find pleasing as opposed to what you find that comfortable.

That being said, I actually do like your look in >>57641 as it reminds me heavily of Sean Young's role of Rachael in Blade Runner, I just think it's far too heavy is all.

A toned down version would be nice.

No. 57695

This photo was from my best friend putting ganguro makeup on me. I never posted any photos because I looked awful! She put this one on Facebook and tagged me in it, and since then I'm mostly associated with this one. Every time she sees it she'll message me saying "THAT photo of you is up again!!" And she'll laugh but I'm always thinking "oh god, if only I had nudes that got posted instead!"

No. 57696

This is the kindest thing I've ever had posted about me here. Thank you, I'll watch that film when I get the chance

No. 57697


You should, it's a classic, and Sean Young is a real babe.

No. 57698

As a creepy anon I'd just like to state that the images posted in this thread are the worst possible picks.

You normally look great on the stuff that gets posted on instagram and tumblr, and I have a difficult time being an acquaintance of Laura C and pretending that I don't really know who you are or that I don't think you're incredibly attractive.

No. 57699

I don't know how I never watched it before! I'm going to bed shortly because I have work in the morning but I'll let you know what I think
I don't know who Laura C is, sorry. Kinda sucks cause that's just another person I've pissed off and don't know about.
I'm flattered, really, but Irl I look much different. It's really all just editing on meitu because I'm actually quite self conscious.

I started my life on cgl because of a personal drama, to try defend myself. In the process I became a really nasty person.

I regret everything I ever had to do with 4chan, it brings out the worst in people and for me, I became so obnoxious, nasty and superficial. I really hope you can trust me when I say I'm trying to be a better person and to also be myself instead of trying to act tough and mean to others as to not look vulnerable.

It absolutely doesn't excuse my actions, but I am autistic and my cringey ways (rather than nastiness) are mostly because of that. I'm learning how to deal with it and not be such an embarrassment.

No. 57700


>I don't know who Laura C is

I think she means Ophelia? Maybe?
Another Brtifag Anon here but wasn't Ophelia's real name Laura Renovoise or something?

No. 57701


>but I'll let you know what I think

Please do, it's one of my favourites :3

No. 57702

uh could be yyeah

No. 57703

And why isn't there an ophelia thread?

No. 57704

Because this shit is ancient and there's not much to discuss

No. 57705

You know Annie, we were all pretty dumb back then, but it was fun at the time.

Anybody that is able to look back in retrospect and apologise is good in my books.

No. 57706

Oh man, I wish. It was never fun for me, I just went from a handful of people disliking me and trying harder to make them like me to being a lolcow.

I can't pinpoint any moment where I didn't feel awful. I still do.

I've wasted my adult life tbh

No. 57707


You didn't think any of the dramu was fun? I had waded waist high into the centre of some of it with plenty of consequences and I still think it was hilarious.

Experiences are what make a person so you probably won't start looking at it the way I do until you learn to start really loving yourself,then you'll be thankful for the way you are today and what brought you there.

No. 57708

Swami of r9k/fem claims to have known her, is she just making up shit for attention?

No. 57709


Is Swami British?
If not, they yes she is probably lying.

No. 57710

File: 1424784491357.gif (517.56 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_mpvkmmlzMl1qz4rg…)

I'm grateful to have come out of it all and be a bit more self aware, but I never had fun, I'm way too self concious about people disliking me, haha. I think I was more confident before, but in an arrogant way.

I still care way too much about what people think, even random strangers on the internet, but you're absolutely right on about how this kind of stuff shapes you. Without all the drama I'd not be as close as I am to my best friends and I'd probably still be an easily butthurt brat.

Sorry for all the posts, and thanks to everyone being so nice to me, I didn't expect this at all

No. 57711


>I'm way too self concious about people disliking me

Eh, I just have a soft spot for people that remind me of the way I used to be.

No. 57712

Am I going crazy or did Spoony have >>>/b/2627 as a text post on her Tumblr when it was first linked? So she visits here…

No. 57713

>i'm way too self conscious about people disliking me
Damn i used to think you were a cunt and wanted to punch your face Annie but now you are way too sweet and cute and i can't hate you. I think we were all "cunts" at some point but that's great you got out of this phase and the dramu time on /cgl/ is old now even though i kinda miss it for some stuff (the whole dakotakoti thing when we were still wondering if she was legit, ahhh old times)
Damn now i just want to pat your head and tell you it's all good ok

No. 57714

No, it was. I remember her posting about the chinese roommate a while ago as well.

No. 57715

I'm not sure if it was the composition of 'punch your face' next to 'sweet' and 'cute' but i'm blushing.. wow, I didn't think I came across so differently, thank you!

Maybe I'm kinda messed up though that I'm seeking this sort of validation from you guys, but It's not doing me so badly right now, haha.

I was supposed to watch it in my office this morning, but I got distracted by a documentary about meth. sorry to keep you waiting, I will get to it eventually!

No. 57716

It's not messed up. People have noticed a positive change and growth in your character and want to compliment you.

In regards to Blade Runner, there are several different versions out there. There are versions with Deckard's voice over and without it. If this is your first viewing and you aren't familiar with the movie it may be easier to get hold of the voice over version first up.

No. 57717


Noooooo don't watch the voice over version, even Harrison Ford doesn't consider the voice over version a "real" version of the film because he hated having to do it and felt it brought the film down.

No. 57718


The original theatrical cut of Blade Runner is the hardest one to find because nobody likes it (most have never seen it) and until 2007 it was only easily available as a low quality 4:3 VHS rip.

If anon chooses a random version to download it will most likely either be the 1992 Director's Cut (what most people have seen) or the 2007 Final Cut.

Blade Runner is one of the most sampled films ever so once you've seen it you will probably start recognising audio from it all over the place.

No. 57719

Just wanted to say, I'm earlier in the thread saying I'm the one who followed you on tumblr and wanted to know some deets, and I'm sorry for shit stirring, mostly curious, but that is the nature of the chan. I do think you're hella cute and neat-for the record! Just sometimes when you find out someone has an ~internet past~~ you get carried away being gossipy. so yeah, consider this an apology and also keep on keepin on and I'll try not to jump the gun again.

Yeah, this. Pretty much every trip-hop/electronic/whatever style of music has sampled it at some point. Also its really different from the film, but I recommend reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep eventually too!

No. 57720

File: 1424898437421.png (353.58 KB, 607x630, Damn cgls.png)

No. 57721

Please don't sweat it. I know the culture on boards like this, I'd be a hypocrite to scold you on being curious, it's a natural.

I was just a dumb teenager back then, we all did embarrassing stupid things, but mine were just especially public and thats just something I have to deal with.

I watched a version without the voiceover, sorry I have no idea what cut though.

Admittedly I'm not really sure what was going on (unless I'm overthinking it) but I really enjoyed the aesthetic. Funny to think that in the 1980's this is what they thought the 2010's would be like, haha.

No. 57722

Swami is Canadian

No. 57723

Sorry for my ignorance, but is there any proof she's actually a girl? I seem to recall people saying the nudes and dox of her were wrong.

No. 57724

Who is spoony?

No. 57725

>its a natural
Idk what I was even trying to say, how embarrassing

No. 57726

I think to get the full enjoyment out of Blade Runner you HAVE to watch both the voice over and the version without it, as well as the alternate cuts. Then read the book. The ambiguity that Philip K Dick was going for is more understandable once you realise that even the people involved in the movie couldn't agree on what it meant.

Then head to Kabuchicho in Tokyo at night and enjoy the surrounds.

No. 57727

They both tripped on /r9k/ so it's possible.

No. 57728

File: 1425781460383.jpg (138.96 KB, 552x848, cascasa.jpg)

Does anybody know who this is?

No. 57729

No. 57730

Is it me or does she look like Annie? Damn, if Annie went and killed herself after she got nice that'd be sad as hell

No. 57731

Annie didn't get nice, she was just brown nosing us all. She's still a shitty ~nymphet wannabee Tumblr twat~

No. 57732

by my count she's still not done anything unpleasant in years, my only beef with her was that she was obnoxious and she addressed that. Stay salty tho.

No. 57733

Well she still messages Jrcach and e-sucks his cock hoping for dat e-fame.

No. 57734

You know that if youre rude to that guy he'll make your life hell. She's probably just being civil, and she was never aidoru so why would she go out of her way to befriend jrc?

annie came in here and said sorry for being a shitty person. I don't know what else you want from the kid, I think you've got a vendetta, pal.

No. 57735

As someone who used to have drama with her…even I think it's becoming silly now, it was years ago. Move on people!

No. 57736

I'm going to have to kindly request that you pull up your big girl pants and move the fuck on.

Come back when there's real drama, since you clearly watch her like a hawk.

No. 57737

No he wouldn't even know who she is otherwise.

No. 57738

JRC browses /CGL/, He started posting about her on his blog in 2011, presumably tried to befriend her for luls and annie has been sensible enough to not piss him off.

No. 57739


No. 57740

Why would anyone on lolcow post this we never let anything go.

No. 57741


It's probably Annie.

No. 57742

I'm shocked we don't have an Annie thread she's pretty lulzy herself, I heard she went full lesbo now and dropped out of uni to live at home.

No. 57743

If y'all are so keen on having an Annie thread because you actually think there is dramu or literally anything worth discussing, why don't you actually post some oc?
If Annie is the bitch y'all are cracking her up to be you best have some screen shots.

No. 57744


forreal don't cocktease me with the dramu

No. 57745

File: 1426638083424.jpg (34.67 KB, 367x272, 1402502418049.jpg)

Hi again.. sorry I saw some Linkonym referrals on my tumblr ip tracker and figured this thread was being bumped.

I have no idea who this is, sorry. I don't remember that specific name, what does he do?
Since when is being a lesbian a bad thing? I'm not a lesbian, but why is that something 'Lulzy'. I could understand what previous anons were criticizing me for but this is just juvenile.

When I was at university, everyone on cgl told me I was wasting my time on the stupid degree at a stupid university, and they were right. I might go back one day but right now I'm not sure if I would be doing it for my career or what others thought of me.

I don't live at home and I'm currently in an internship which will hopefully push me a bit closer to the career I want.

Anon, I'm really sorry I was such a cunt, but I'm really cleaning my act up these days. Honestly, I was only 16 when this all began and I'm 21 now, it feels like a life time ago, I feel like an entirely different person, I'm really sorry I affected you enough to warrant this after however many years.

I really wish I could explain without trying to excuse my behaviour. I was a horrible person and I take responsibility for that.

Sorry again for replying to this thread, I know I'm being a fun-sponge. I feel like I can't apologise enough but at the same time it's also a bad idea if I want it to die down.

No. 57746

>sorry I saw some Linkonym referrals on my tumblr ip tracker

(This should no longer occur with the new referrer hider. The referrer should be completely blank from now on.)

No. 57747

File: 1426640802748.jpg (64.23 KB, 394x424, asdasd.jpg)

I'm not sure if you meant that as in 'from now on' or not. But the linkonym link from this thread still shows on the statcounter tracker I use.

No. 57748

From now on.

None of the links in this thread (or any thread) have linkonym at all anymore. It must be cached in some people's browsers.

To confirm, try clicking the link in >>57661 (hover over it and make sure it says hideref.org) and see if "linkonym" or "hideref" appear as a referrer in the tracker logs.

No. 57749

It amazes me how dead old /cgl/ is. Whenever PT is posted on there it seems most don't know who she is, when she use to be the staple of /cgl/.
It also just keeps getting slower and slower.
It was pretty entertaining when that tripfag thing happened that one day. Came and went so fast.

No. 57750

4chan as a whole has been slowly dying. It's full of SJW pissbabies, shitty mods, and moot is gone. The only active boards are for porn.
I'm calling it now, that site will be dried up by 2017.

No. 57751

Trying to convince bunch of internet trolls that you've chnged doesn't mean shit, Annie. If you were a good person you wouldn't be here trying to tell lolcow how great you are and how you've changed and we all know for a fact you weren't 16 when the drama started so not only are you posting on lolcow but you're lying too.

No. 57752

It started in 2010, I'm 21, it's not a lie at all, cgl constantly overshot and undershot my age.

I'm not trying to convince you I'm a good person, I'm trying to understand what I did to make people react how you are and take responsibility. I don't expect forgiveness at all.

No. 57753

Annie, it started in 2012 stop lying I'm cringing so hard nobody cares you're just embarassing yourself.

No. 57754


Moot killed that board when he banned drama and he wounded all of 4chan when he upped the moderation in an attempt to make it more "corporate". Every board had gotten undeniably slower and more empty. 4chan is dying and good riddance imo.

No. 57755

Nah, 2012 was just when some girl decided to start some bizarre hate campaign against me because we fell out over something really stupid and months later her E-fame past got dragged up on /cgl/, I knew nothing about it but I got blamed.
I couldn't even defend myself with that drama because I lived in student accommodation that blocked 4chan. People were saying I was obsessed with this person I had been friends with for a matter of weeks. It was really irrational and that particular 'drama' never made much sense to any party involved.

I don't know what you're trying to achieve, what do you want from me? I'm trying to be transparent and apologetic but I feel like you'll just hate me regardless and spout out this stuff for another five years.

I'm starting to feel like sometimes I'm always going to have a handful of people who hate me. I should just ignore it and move on with my life, but at the same time recapping my past is cathartic because I get a rare chance that not many people get, to reflect regularly on my current behaviour, I guess stuff like this gives me the opportunity to evaluate my life. So, thank you.

No. 57756

You're still posting on lolcow trying to get some validation points for being a good person or whatever you think it is you are now but this is really cringey. This is some of the worst self-white knighting I've seen mainly because you seriously think it's respectable to do this just let it go and go away if you're so much better.

No. 57757

well okay then.

No. 57758

File: 1429121380832.png (765.06 KB, 899x512, 1428967090030.png)

Kelly Jean A.K.A. Ai Honey is one of those League titty streamers now.

Apparently she needs $300 to fund a Nurse Akali costume.

No. 57759

File: 1429121426519.jpg (49.26 KB, 598x714, download.jpg)


For reference this is what the costume looks like.

No. 57760

Isn't that entire costume like $20-$40 at most? It's literally Leg Avenue shit.
That combined with the wig might be like $90 at most.
Who is she trying to fool? Top kek. inb4 she claims she's sewing everything from scratch or some other bullshit like that

No. 57761

File: 1429124657385.jpg (355.91 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_nmuz74UilE1s51juko1_r1_…)

God damn spoony is almost unrecognizable from the way I remember her.
How old is she now anyway?

No. 57762

DAE feel sad that the glory days are over :(

No. 57763


iktf sister…

No. 57764





that is the saddest thing i've heard in a year. she started out so fucking hopeful and full of life, watching her demise was brutal

No. 57765


Where did you hear this?

No. 57766

scroll up >>57728


i'm feel so old and so surprised i outlived blah….. jesus fucking christ that is so incredibly depressing.

No. 57767

and jesus christ i just realized we live in the same city wtf

No. 57768


Oh shiet I remember Blah.
That is fucking sad.
Does anybody know how she died?

No. 57769

looks like she suicided… i didn't know she was a hooker as well. damn. i stopped following her around 2013 and i guess things got really tough

No. 57770

File: 1429126150578.jpg (34.61 KB, 492x398, 1308878.jpg)

I always wondered what happened to DerpQueen

No. 57771

Does anyone remember MaryJane (aka; SluttyJane)? She always did Asuka from Evangelion, common attention whore and apparently had anorexia?

No. 57772

File: 1429127721974.jpg (21.4 KB, 480x360, sa.jpg)


Supposedly it was an accidental heroin overdose, but tbh she'd been off the rails for some time and it was inevitable that she'd eventually die.

I used to speak to her a bit on Tumblr, and from what I knew she started stripping, developed a drug habit, eventually moved onto prostitution and started on harder drugs.

She would post nudes to her Tumblr daily and had a big following of guys salivating over her but none of them really interested in getting to know her.
You could see in the pictures that she was progressively losing a lot of weight and getting thinner and thinner. People speculated an ED at the time but it was probably the drugs.

She would occasionally post pictures like pic related, of her crying and talking about how depressed and miserable she was, how she wanted to die, but standard comments would be stuff like "Cheer up baby who'd be depressed with a pair of tits like that ;)" and "can you shots of your ass next".

One day she just up and deleted her Tumblr and that was the last I heard of her until I Googled her name on a whim and found her obituary.

No. 57773

File: 1429128018885.png (459.02 KB, 480x800, 1425803009726.png)

No. 57774

i still remember slater and everyone ragging on her on /fa/

rip in peace

No. 57775

File: 1429128846285.jpg (253.37 KB, 1267x1023, 1380931343229.jpg)

I remember her posting shots like this after a client beat her up.

No. 57776

Anyone got any dirt on Veggie? That bitch is shitting up /int/ these days.

No. 57777

Holy shit! I remember blah from /cgl/. I think, for being a tripfag, she was a decent commenter. I also remember her being on a "most attractive list" on /cgl/.

Ah spoony, she's still as much of an idiot as she always was. She kinda looks nice as a blonde. Those eyebrows are mess tho.

No. 57778


How so? Does spoony still post to /cgl/?

No. 57779

this is why i fucking hate the "LE SEX WORK ISN'T DANGEROUS!!!!" trope on tumblr. it is fucking retarded. 70%++ of women end up like this. they end up with post traumatic stress disorder, higher than any job out there including american veterans (which is high already).

and these bitches on tumblr have the utter fucking gall of screaming about how "STIGMA KILLS". no bitch, PTSD from when your john beat you a pulp kills. you just refuse to acknowledge it because it is POST trauma. it comes later and their ignorant asses don't acknowledge girls like blah, and try even harder to cover up their deaths/suicides.

poor blah. she must have been through hell.

No. 57780

this is so depressing

No. 57781


To be fair though that problem doesn't really lie within sex work, that's a problem that persists within sex work due to the fact that sex workers have to operate underground because of it's illegality which inevitably attracts violent men who are prone to beating up women like Blah, and they do it and they know they can get away with it because the girl isn't gonna report it for fear of being arrested for solicitation.

If prostitution was legalised and regulated like it is in many parts of the world already this wouldn't be any where as near a big a problem.

Prostitution is legal in my country and you very rarely hear of sex workers being murdered because the clients are (mostly) all required to provide ID or submit to a background check.

No. 57782

>that's a problem that persists within sex work due to the fact that sex workers have to operate underground because of it's illegality which inevitably attracts violent men who are prone to beating up women like Blah

Blah lives in a country, province, city where what she did was legal. It was legalized at the time of her death and fully "regulated" (and it no longer is fully legal, we've adopted the Nordic model right now). Streetwalking is illegal iirc but so is loitering, and Blah was not a streetwalker.

Chances are you never hear about prostitutes dying in your country because it isn't reported, not because it doesn't happen. Because your country probably has a strong pro-prostitution lobby, and because people are generally not feeling the headline "PROSTITUTE KILLED BY MAN" because it is dehumanizing.

And of course that still does not take into account the 70%+ who leave the business with PTSD, far greater than any business out there short of maybe actually on-ground warfare. You basically are dissociating for a living as a mechanism of coping with having sex with stinky, repuslive shitheads who could smother you to death with a pillow at a moments notice and end your life.

You really buy into the literal tumblr propaganda that prostitutes "enjoy" their job? Lmao. I swear to god half of the people writing those posts have not prostituted themselves a day in their life. There is nothing pleasant about fearing physical abuse and murder while you emotionally abuse your psyche. There is nothing "arousing" about thinking "wow, is this the client that is going to punch me in the face?" And if sex is not arousing, it is painful both emotionally and physically. Just because you hear dumb bitches talking about how they "lay back and take it while thinking about what they're going to watch on netflix in half an hour" does not mean that 5+ years from now, when they are dried up and useless, that they aren't going to experience some serious mental problems. That's post traumatic stress disorder for you. "Post" as in after. It happens after you leave prostitution and that's around the same time you stop whining on the internet about how your job is 100% mentally safe.

No. 57783


>chances are you never hear about prostitutes dying in your country because it isn't reported, not because it doesn't happen

I live in the UK and it is a very small country and virtually everything gets reported here, from "seagull steals chip from man's hand" to "Cornwall dog wears jumper, looks cute, 50+ pictures enclosed".

If hookers were being murdered here daily it would be all over the news because the UK is mostly so drab the news outlets jump on whatever they can get their hands on.
I'm not saying it doesn't happen, because it does and it will, but nowhere near the scale I've seen of other countries where it's illegal.

And I know prostitution is legal in Canada, but I was under the impression there were a fuck tonne of by-laws that made it very difficult to actually carry out?

No. 57784


>I live in the UK and it is a very small country and virtually everything gets reported here, from "seagull steals chip from man's hand" to "Cornwall dog wears jumper, looks cute, 50+ pictures enclosed".

i'm sorry but this made me laugh so hard +1

No. 57785


Yeah it's pretty lame :l
I mean I guess I should be happy as no news is good news but still.

We're so…. twee.

No. 57786


In my local paper last year there was a headline story about a man assaulting a woman in broad daylight in the town center.
Turns out they'd gotten into an argument and he'd slapped her round the face with a raw, wet fish.
The UK is really something else.

No. 57787

File: 1429132818109.jpg (111.07 KB, 571x343, dfsfsf.jpg)

This is the breaking headline news of my county in the UK today.

See what I mean?

No. 57788

I read the dailymail (lol) and it seems like there is a hooker dead there every single day.

The UK has fairly good printing laws so I'm pretty sure that the family could choose to just opt out of having their deceased sprawled out on the front of the dailyfail.

Also, you guys had the Rotherham fiasco… so I'm really not sure your cops even give a shit about dead child prostitutes… considering they refused to pursue actual abusers despite multiple reports… so perhaps the UK isn't the best example in the world either considering it does exactly what I said "doesn't report it". People don't care about prostitutes (you'll find it very hard to get very hard to get sympathy from citizens about prostitute deaths even when it is legal.)

It still doesn't address the other problems of this "safe" "wonderful" "career".

And no, it wasn't difficult to carry out when Blah died. It was fairly easy. Streetwalking is harder but if you stick to certain areas of Toronto it is fairly easy and the cops aren't that bad there (if you go outside of Toronto it is harder). Now it is a little bit trickier because of the new laws they put in place but even then the cops said that they aren't enforcing them (lel) so I doubt much has changed. We are completely legal though, in the sense that if I was raped and went to the cops, I wouldn't be punished, and they would try to find my rapist (even more so now under the Nordic model).

No. 57789


I actually live just next to Rotherham and there is still a massive problem with the Indian/Middle Eastern men here.
Even I am harassed daily by them simply trying to walk about the city and get on with my business and it's turning me progressively racist, so yeah I can't deny that isn't an issue. The Rotherham scandal was/is absolutely vile and the problem with these Indian/Middle Eastern paedophile gangs is still ongoing in pretty much every other city in the UK.

Thing is, the people here all knew there was a problem with it before the news broke. We all know what they're like, that's why there's such a large disparity between whites and Western Asians here. When the story initially broke it wasn't so much a case of shock as a loud, resounding "WE FUCKING TOLD YOU SO".
It's dumb though because I actually live down the road from a mosque and I regularly see Muslims hanging about outside chatting after their prayers and they've never so much as glanced at me or given me any hassle, it's these fucking scumbag perverts that tarnish their reputation but at the same time I don't really see any legit Muslims speaking out against this behaviour en masse…

I don't know what it with these people from those countries but they just have absolutely zero respect for white women. They will eye fuck you all the way up the street, we're property to them and it enrages me to no end to be made to feel vulnerable as a native in my own country.

Also don't read the Dailymail.
Just, dont. It's literally a joke newspaper on par if not beyond Fox News. It is the rubber chicken of newspapers.

No. 57790

>Also don't read the Dailymail

I second that, although the comments section online is funny for all the wrong reasons.

I also agree with all you wrote, living in a heavily Asian area myself. One time I had my crotch groped by an Asian kid walking down the street and another time I had an Asian bloke ask me for sex in his car. I've had problems with white blokes too, so there're perverts in every community. People are too touch about the subject of race when it comes to something so serious. Whatever colour a person is the crime should be treated the same. Obviously.

No. 57791

too touchy*

No. 57792


Do you think if we start wearing strings of bacon around our neck it will ward them away?

No. 57793


>omg guize dailymail moar like daily faiL!!!! LOL

So…what? I should read the Guardian? Good old, penentrated by the KGB, supported lenin and his purges, constantly telling me that being a white male is worse than being hitler and akin to being george bush (who was worse than saddam hussein)?

The dailymail was the only newspaper actually going "Wait a minute…mass immigration has it's problems, and a big chunk of them are cultural norms".

I'll agree that the constant page 3 X gives you / cures cancer story gets a little dull but it's no worse than the fucking alternative health editorials in the republican guardian.

No. 57794

I know the dailymail is shit, I'm married to a brit. We sit around making fun of it because it's pretty bad. But it's good trash. Fox isn't as good here anymore (all they talk about is benghazi)

When I heard about Rotherham I was under the impression that the investigation was conducted primarily by white people (which shouldn't matter, w/e) but I heard a lady on the team said that they just didn't pay as much attention until it was too late? That is what it is like here in Canada although not to as great of an extent (we aren't as segregated here as you guys are, I don't think, although we are getting there).

Also I am not this anon >>57793 I don't take anything the DailyMail takes seriously. The DailyMail could just generate shit posts and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Granted their coverage of Britain's pedophiles and sex scandals is far greater than that of the BBC/etc.

No. 57795


>so… what? I should read the Guardian?

No. You could be intelligent and avoid all forms of mainstream media entirely.

I haven't deliberately looked at online or viewed on television the "news" in over a year now and god fucking damn my life is so much happier now.
You don't realise just how much that garbage, agenda-centric scare mongering permeates you until you give it up.

It's all garbage. Just looking at it completely because the people that control these news outlets all have a personal agenda that they wish to impress upon you.

No. 57796


Or, given that these newspapers actually contain worthwhile information eve if it IS biased you could read it all and try and sieve it through your own common sense, intellect and knowledge until you could come to some sensible conclusions.

How do you gain your information of the world? Do you just distill understanding of the ukrainian conflict through special gills?
Do you feel the real numbers of pedophiles in kent via special sex sensors in your feet?
Do you taste the global trends in economics through exchange rate buds in your mouth.

How about just reading all the fucking papers and not acting, as many stupid fuckwits do (see above) as if one news source ALLLWAAYYZZZ LIEZZZ and x news-source is some Cartesian standard of truth.

You sound like a cunt.

No. 57797


You sound like a rustled Jewess :^)

No. 57798


OMg I dont read da daily mail it jutst rubber chicekn and rayciss 2!

>Uses jew insult

Yeah, you're definitely one of those cunts who has zero self-awareness. You get BTFO on a point of order and you giggle and go "tee hee - JEWS"

Total. Sad. Fuck.

No. 57799

File: 1429135957895.jpg (18 KB, 180x165, 1425681578134.jpg)

You are so fucking mad kek

No. 57800

No. 57801


>but I heard a lady on the team said that they just didn't pay as much attention until it was too late?

Idk how much you know about it but basically the issue with the paedophile gangs has been going on for decades now, but it's only up until very recently since it's swelled due to our pisspoor immigration handling and has become more notable.

The girls and boys that these sickos are taking advantage of tend be those from poor backgrounds living on council estates, or from foster homes and such. They have scarce role models in their lives and not very good career/future prospects awaiting them.
These men would deliberately hang outside of schools or play parks, wherever young people gathered and groom them, make them feel special, give them alcohol to make them feel adult, eventually move it onto drugs to get them reliant and then ferry through various hotels in myriad of nearby towns and cities to be used as cum dumps by their cohorts.

People have been going to the police about it for years, but these kids are from overwhelmingly poor backgrounds with nothing going for them and they're tricked into believing that these men love them, made to feel for the the first time in their pathetic lives that they're important.
They've fallen through the cracks and the police just do not give a fuck and nor do social services who view them as tricky additional case loads and so pursue easier targets instead.

People think this kind of activity is in the minority but speaking as somebody that has grown up on council estates through abject poverty I can tell you that is certainly not the case.
The divide between the classes is increasingly shortened, tempers are rising, overall wealth is diminishing, and the British people who are on the lower end of that wealth are very, very angry, but the upper middle class and upper classes are completely oblivious to this because these type of issues just don't even enter into their world view, and of course the vast majority of the police very much fit into this mould.

No. 57802

Jimmy Saville used care homes to groom his victims. The Westminster paedophiles used a large amount of runaways.

All of this. Nodding my head so much it could fall off any second.

No. 57803


>the Westminster paedophiles used a large amount of runaways

Oh yeah you can be damn fucking right a large chunk of them have got their fingers in the pot so to speak and using their positions to protect each other.
Absolutely no doubt in my mind that there isn't a massive kiddyfucking ring amongst our dear and beloved politicians.

Sometimes I wish somebody would just set Westminster on fire and piss on the rubble.

No. 57804

Yeah, I know a lot about it. I was just wondering if there was a special reason why the police didnt give a fuck in that case, because if it was the US/Canada then they would have acted on it sooner (we love prosecuting minorities and black people in this continent) whereas there they seemed to take their sweet-ass time…

Also, I thought most of your upper class tends to be kiddie-diddlers themselves? I know over here we have problems even in middle-to-upper class with the Sandusky bullshit, America is also to the #1 child sex tourist on the planet. Idk why people go to such great lengths to fuck kids.

I feel like it will just get worse. I was disappointed in reading about how Rotherham was handled (I was led to it because the same thing happened in Denmark and I was curious about where else it was happening). In American sex work advocacy there is this trope going around that 95% of the people arrested on human trafficking charges aren't actually human traffickers and are just "business men" helping out the women and taking a cut of the profit (for security, etc). It's so sad because I can see this leading to less prosecutions here. Its bullshit because to lock someone up on human trafficking charges you need witnesses or testimonies so if they're going to prison, it means their "women" are tattling on them… and then you have sex work organizations talking about how these men who are reported by their "women" are innocent. It's a mess.

No. 57805

Does anyone remember Athens?

Please say yes :)

No. 57806


>I was just wondering if there was a special reason why the police didnt give a fuck in that case

At the end of the day it all came down to political correctness and politics in general.

Mass immigration from poorer countries to the UK was and still is being touted as an overhwelmingly positive thing for the UK, and whilst I personally don't have an issue with immigrants in general, there appears to be virtually no restrictions on who can and cannot enter and reside in our country which has lead to it becoming saturated by foreign undesirables. For example we have a large problem with Romanian/Polish beggars, pickpockets and thieves, as does France. We let in all sorts, convicted murderers, rapists, paedophiles etc. which fucking sucks because I have some Romanian/Polish friends at uni and they're so fucking lovely. Like they're here for all the right reasons, they just want to get a good education and make a good life for themselves.

You attempt broaching this subject with people belonging to the upper middle/upper classes though you will be shouted down as being an intolerant racist, and that's because it's only those classes who don't have to deal with the problems these people bring. It's not their houses being broken into, it's not their children being targeted. They can afford to live in gated communities with security and are able to walk around these areas free from harassment so they don't see the problem.

It's the upper classes that are benefiting overall from the labour that immigrants bring so of course the politicians would want to keep relations squeaky clean. If there was a mass revolt against these people the government would lose trillions in revenue and taxes. They've been trying to brute force multiculturalism into the UK for years now and I really don't think it's ever going to work.

You tend not to get these problems amongst Britain's black population because their families came to the UK in earlier days when Britain was once an overwhelmingly Christian nation and so the black communities integrated pretty successfully, but it's not the same with middle eastern immigrants.

I'm not religious by any stretch, but I firmly believe that the Christian values were beneficial to a degree. Back then it was "adhere to our laws and moral values or suffer the consequences", but now we say "it's okay if your religion allows female genital mutilation, paedophilia and insists upon pressing your religion upon the civilians here because we're a tolerant nation look at how tolerant we are, care for another 7 year old?".
If you saw this shit with the Asian Paedophile gangs going on in 1940's-1970's Christian Britain within two weeks ever member of these gangs would have been ran out of the country or lynched.

Also sorry for the TL;DR, it is VERY difficult to discuss this subject in person in the UK so this is like, a huge rant/vent for me.

Also I'd be interested in hearing the opinions of the other Brit anons in this thread like >>57802

No. 57807

everything you said is truth. Our country is too scared to be labeled "racist" if we do try to take action

No. 57808



Mass immigration from poorer countries to the UK was and still is being touted as an overhwelmingly positive thing for the UK, and whilst I personally don't have an issue with immigrants in general, there appears to be virtually no restrictions on who can and cannot enter and reside in our country which has lead to it becoming saturated by foreign undesirables

LOL wut? Where was that "no restrictions" for me? Backstory: I'm American, speak English, did my Masters' in the UK, and have a partner in the UK. I spent all my time when getting close to completing my course searching for employment, and often the ONE thing coming between me and the job was my immigration status. My partner can't bring me into the country because he is still at uni and doesn't earn the required 18.8 thousand pounds per year required to bring a non-EU partner in. So yeah. Unrestricted immigration for EU, but for the rest of the world, even those of us who are qualified, did our degrees at your universities (and threw a whole lot of money into your unis in the process) and can actually add valuable skills to the workforce are basically told upon graduating "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." Moving back to the US there have been no jobs at a graduate level in my field, and I think it's inhumane to force people to live away from their partners for extended, indefinite time periods.

I wish there were "virtually no restricitons", because then maybe I could work one of the (several) jobs I was offered upon graduation until the employer found out they would have to sponsor my visa, because there are so many rules about this. Did you know that there's a shortage of accountants in Aberdeen right now, that they can't fill locally, and can't fill globally because "accountant" isn't on the shortage occupation list? It's frustrating for me, and must be equally frustrating for the hiring managers who are hardpressed to fill these roles, and to be honest, business are going to fail if they can't find the right people to do jobs, or they're just going to relocate to places where they can hire people, and your economy is going to remain fucked.

Soz, this is a really hot button issue for me.

No. 57809


They only put up those restrictions if you're from a poor country and are guaranteed to get a job doing unskilled labour since our native labourers numbers are dwindling rapidly.
That's a big, subtle part of why they hiked the uni fee's here so dramatically, they want less people going to uni because we're churning out less and less hard labour grafters.

If you come from a first world country with decent career possibilities then the UK government doesn't want you here because you're potentially going to take jobs from the people that control this system in the first place which would destabilise it in the long run.

btw what uni did you attend?
Also as an American how did you personally feel about our NHS system? Do you think it served you well enough?

I'm always interested in getting an outsiders opinion on these things.

No. 57810

File: 1429209878991.jpg (77.29 KB, 612x418, 27A3FB5100000578-3042265-image…)

Oh boy… more breaking news, Polish drifter has kidnapped, raped and murdered a 9 year old girl after snatching her from a playground in front of her mother.

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about, how long will this go on?

There is no fucking way in hell I am raising any potential children in this shithole of a country, where politicians give more of a fuck about the human rights of deviants and criminals than it does the citizens.

No. 57811

>I'm American

Yeah no fucking shit you met obstacles trying to emigrate, last time I checked America isn't in the EU, which are the only countries that have an open door to come into the UK. Hence the immigrants causing issues being from member states that were recently allowed into the EU despite being essentially third world countries.

Your experience is 100% irrelevent to the issue of EU open door immigration causing an issue for the UK.

No. 57812


I wonder if he's on some other social media?? The last I saw of him (online) was almost a year ago. He could be a lolcow but tbh I don't know much about him except an anon was on tinychat and saw him accidentally od on heroin. HIs sister saved him.

No. 57813

he's a fucking sociopath, not a lolcow

No. 57814

idk i thought he was just another egotistic special needs dude. lots of those on 4chan

what do you know?

No. 57815


Slater hangs out on tinychat.com/plsrespondr9k.

Actually generally he is always moving around to different chats, but just ask in one of those chats and they'll be able to point you in the right direction. Last I saw him he was in /plsrespondr9k and that was like…. 3 weeks ago?

I didn't know about the OD thing.

No. 57816


btw the password is "explodingknees".

No. 57817

File: 1429217324034.jpg (579.07 KB, 597x933, 1428462008503.jpg)

He supposedly also hang out at http://tinychat.com/anomic

No. 57818

god, that can't be all that he does. he's probably 30(?) and only goes on retarded tinychats where people generally act annoying and stare blankly at their screen?

i wish i was there when he had a meltdown over his ex-girlfriend.>>57817

No. 57819

File: 1429221190931.jpg (617.63 KB, 1200x1600, 1417678321361.jpg)

lol Slater

No. 57820

I remember her, she lives in my town now. Still doing the same old stuff it seems.

No. 57821

lol Slater is really something else.

No. 57822

File: 1429221526421.gif (7.04 MB, 766x572, 1417699317808.gif)

No. 57823

File: 1429221598940.gif (6.47 MB, 756x568, 1417699363822.gif)

No. 57824

File: 1429222723186.jpg (59.93 KB, 1280x720, 1426690282279.jpg)

Does anybody have the video from when Slater did a shit load of cocaine and lit his pants on fire live on cam?

No. 57825

No. 57826

File: 1429222951618.png (684.85 KB, 1366x768, 1417678291400.png)

Have some nude Slater.

No. 57827

well, at least he definitely made the best out of what he had (which is mostly $$$)

he definitely is something else though, which is why I'm sad no one has links to anything other than tinychats :(

No. 57828

File: 1429223913788.jpg (22.48 KB, 467x338, IZLNu7L.jpg)


Just keep shopping around, he pops up fucking every where. I was on Omegle once going through on the r9k tag and he fucking popped up there on cam.

I think he also frequents http://tinychat.com/reeeee9k

No. 57829

thank you

I guess I'm not really interested in talking to him, more observing and learning details about his life

just so many questions

why does he stay in that small room? looks like he lives with his parents still

why does he look fucking asian but have a southern accent? is it a fake accent? why do i care lol

No. 57830

File: 1429225175544.png (105.61 KB, 350x319, 1362799384765.png)

We Slater now.

No. 57831

No. 57832

No. 57833

No. 57834

that dog's old

where the fuck are this boy's parents

No. 57835


Slater is nearing his 30's lol.

Slater is… I just don't even know.

No. 57836

This is fucking gold holy shit.

No. 57837


The problem is that there really aren't any decent career possibilities here. It's a whole different ballgame in the US if you've just finished uni. And the jobs I was getting called back for were ones employers were having trouble filling anyway, nothing that would take a job from someone local. I'm applying for jobs here in the US, obviously, but I'm only getting shortlisted for jobs in the UK still.

I actually never used the NHS while I was there; I was registered with a doctor, and I guess it's nice to have the peace of mind of being covered, but I come from the sort of white trash family that doesn't bother going to doctors, and I wasn't about to waste someone's time with dorm flu and migraines. It would've been nice to have that sort of nationalised healthcare system here in the US, not our current "force everyone to buy into something or else they have to pay hefty fines" plan that was obviously pandering to the healhcare industry. I do hope your NHS remains protected the way it is, and worry what sort of business culture the TTIP might bring into that.

Uni is still free in Scotland btw if you're actually from Scotland. I guess they still want educated people up there (actually yeah… there's still a shortage of accountants in Aberdeen, so yes they do want educated people…)

It really does burn my beans that criminals are allowed into your country, as long as they're from Europe, but I couldn't stay even with needed skills and a partner, and like one parking ticket on my record, because I'm from not Europe. I get that y'all don't want to jeapordise any economic and diplomatic ties with the EU, because partnerships are good, but maybe a different screening system for immigrants needs to be put in place.

Beans status: burnt

No. 57838


>I get that y'all don't want to jeapordise any economic and diplomatic ties with the EU



We've been campaigning for a referendum for years and years now but our cunt politicians won't give us one because it'll hurt their fatcat mates incomes.

No. 57839

>but maybe a different screening system for immigrants needs to be put in place.

This is what you don't seem to get. Either you're in the EU and and citizens of other member states have the complete freedom to move to your country, or you're not in the EU at all.

There are no screening options, there is no way to cut down in EU migration without leaving the EU completely.

>Uni is still free in Scotland btw if you're actually from Scotland. I guess they still want educated people up there

Paid for by the taxpayer income from people within the whole of the UK. It's free in Wales as well. Both countries want to devolve from England, which is hilarious because they can't survive without the funding from parliament that they're always bitching about. Scotland single handedly pulls the whole UK down on the health and obesity rankings for EU countries as well.

No. 57840

>wanting the uk out of the eu
>being this stupid

No. 57841

I have no idea who this is, but, my god, he's gorgeous. I would let him shit in my mouth and call it icecream

No. 57842

I'll just throw up in your mouth for free. wtf

No. 57843

File: 1429260965613.jpg (36.09 KB, 376x400, 2 (1).jpg)

he looks like a FASsy morrissey

youre fucked up dude

No. 57844


>because they can't survive without the funding from parliament that they're always bitching about

Not true, the Scottish actually pull in more tax per head than the English.

I lived in Scotland for 6 years and even as an English girl I can admit what a superior country it is.
NHS waiting times are down, no fees for medications, no water utility bills, the university there is free, they have far superior conservation and wildlife protection laws unlike the English who apparently just want to bulldoze fucking everything and murder whatever species because of false data or to build some new fucking train line to cut 10 mins off a journey to London that only the rich would be able to use, AND they've banned fracking outright.

England can go fuck itself I hate living here. In Scotland I actually felt like they gave a shit about my future, but in England I'm just a potential cashcow for parliament.

No. 57845

no more down syndrome dude pls

No. 57846

You realise Scotland is the most sparsely populated country in Britain right? There are less people in the entirety of Scotland than there are in London. Even if they pull in more tax per head, there aren't enough actual people to make up the difference.


>So, even by the most generous measure, Scotland raised £53.1bn in 2012/13 and spent £65.2bn, leaving the country £12.1bn short.

No. 57847

Fuk banned.

Maybe another time, secret mystery Britfag ;__;

No. 57848

No. 57849

File: 1429749412022.png (15.14 KB, 401x60, rapethreat.png)

(Temporarily stickying this thread for visibility.)

I wanted to bring to everyone's attention an interesting event that occurred in this thread a month ago.

I will preface by saying I would otherwise never consider revealing confidential information like this. I am only disclosing these details due to a rather flagrant violation of global rule 5. So, this is a highly unusual circumstance.

On March 18, I received an email from Annie Chaplin requesting that this thread be deleted. Here is the subject and body of the email, with two small privacy redactions:

(complicated) Request to delete a thread

Hi Admin,
I apologise for not filing a formal report, I don't think I can really explain myself properly within the character limit.

I just wanted to say firstly that I will respect your personal initiative and any decision you make, this is just my own personal opinion and it's liable to be bias, so I can completely understand if you disagree.

I'd just like to comment on the thread regarding, uh, myself. It's the 'Cgl nostalgia' thread but it derailed into what I feel it violates the rules of "No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world. Just use common sense. Even if what you are doing may be technically legal, please don't plot a year-long "psychological warfare operation" against someone "for the lulz". This site is not for ruining people's lives." As frequently these threads devolve into harassment and threats. I feel very strongly is vendetta from a certain two individuals and I have received threats via tumblr via a distinct pair of IP addresses. I'm thinking of filing a police report just to scare them off but I also feel like it might worsen the situation and put me as the target of physical violence.

I would argue that the thread offers nothing to most visitors of lolcow, I think that any real drama from many years ago is obscured and there is nothing really to say past comments on my face and comments about how I acted when I was a young teenager, there's unfortunately nothing I can do about it and I don't really remember what I did so It's difficult to make amends with anonymous faces. I think the content of lolcows is usually quite extreme cases of bizarre behaviour and I feel that discussion about me is unwarranted and personal, as opposed to sharing content to entertain other users.

The two individuals I've already flagged for sending me 'anonymous' messages via my tumblr are an ex friend and a girlfriend of an exboyfriend, If you would like a reference for their IP addresses they are (82.x.x.x) (Newcastle, UK) and (86.x.x.x) London UK, I may just be paranoid but I feel as though I recognise their typing mannerisms. I don't expect you to reveal them to me but I thought it would be useful for your decision in moderating.

For the longest time it's been quiet and it's really quite depressing that I'm still being talked about negatively despite my best efforts to not be a shitty person worth talking about. I hope you can understand my situation.

We occasionally receive requests of this nature. I have no problem with them. Everyone has a right to present a valid case for why they think something is violating the rules or is unethical or harmful in some way.

I took this report seriously and began reading everything in the thread. Some of her claims seemed to be plausible, though I had limited knowledge of the situation and had never heard of her before. Regardless, I definitely did not see any indication of real "harassment and threats", at least not in the thread itself. Nothing in the thread violated any rules and I saw no reason to take any action.

The one exception was the very last post in the thread:

If I ever see you at mcm again I can and will rape you

I immediately deleted the post and banned the poster, whose IP was registered to an anonymous proxy service.

The post seemed noticeably dissimilar from everything else in the thread, which was relatively tame discussion for the most part. There was also some convenient timing: that post was made shortly after Annie had sent the email.

The proxy service in question is poorly implemented and does not actually anonymize users well. A small amount of investigative work definitively confirmed that the person behind the proxy was in fact Annie.

I responded to Annie's email and mentioned that I was aware she made that post. She admitted she used that proxy and made the rape threat post.

tl;dr Annie attempted to convince me to delete this thread. Presumably to increase the chances of my being persuaded of her claims that she was being stalked and threatened by posters in this thread, she used a proxy to fabricate a rape threat aimed towards herself.

Annie is permitted to continue posting in this thread and other threads if she wishes to, however, if she does, she must identify herself in the name field at all times.

No. 57850

Fucken Annie, I swear. She's been one of the most batshit people in the UK scene for several years.
And yet she came on here and some people were eating up her 'I want to be a better person' shit.
Seriously insane.

No. 57851

Unbelievable. Good job, Admin-sama. You truly are the best admin.

I like to think that people are genuine when they say they want to change. Proof is always in their actions though.

No. 57852

God bless Admin-sama

No. 57853

File: 1429755482266.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2015-03-26-16h57m27s17…)

>The proxy service in question is poorly implemented and does not actually anonymize users well. A small amount of investigative work definitively confirmed that the person behind the proxy was in fact Annie.
So can I get a bit more detail on this? I'm interested in what the flaw was that allowed you to figure out the originating IP.

No. 57854

Slater would pop up in our tc room often. He was such a fucking faggot that we banned him automatically if he cammed up. Dudes a total skeeve too.

No. 57855

once a lolcow, always a lolcow

No. 57856

But now that this is stickied, does anyone remember Athens on /cgl/ and /r9k/ and /a/ etc? I think Spoony or Eva Braun had a thing with him but I can't remember

No. 57857

when i saw this thread was stickied, my heart stopped. this is what happens when i leave for a day lol.

god bless admin-sama <3 funniest shit I've read in a long time.

No. 57858

Ahaha, how fucking embarrassing! Annie, changed so much, I see. Guess the previous anons were right to say she's just putting on a show. Can't believe she tried to pull that. Best Admin.

No. 57859

I have nothing to say in my defense. I was a big idiot who acted impulsively to try and have the thread removed.

Sorry,again, to admin, I shouldn't have tried to decieve you and I know now I just have to pull my big girl pants up and get on with it.

No. 57860

yeah seriously. just move on with your life dude, there are worse things out there than being mentioned on lolcow. no need to make shit up just because you are butthurt.

No. 57861

These "I was dumb" posts are just getting redundant now. Admitting that you're an idiot doesn't change the fact that you're an idiot.

No. 57862

File: 1429778564104.png (12.75 KB, 495x156, ss (2015-04-23 at 09.40.19).pn…)

It's a possibility she used something like hidemyass.

Pic related, using hma, but it doesn't actually mask my ip and still shows up under my ip on my tumblr tracker.

No. 57863

File: 1429779578237.png (244.86 KB, 595x842, 1421803477031.png)


No. 57864

You're such a loser it's hilalrious, nobody gives a fuck if you say sorry you're still going to stay a lol cow.

Someone really ought to make her her own thread.

No. 57865

File: 1429784088556.gif (933.84 KB, 278x222, bowie.gif)

ugh, spoony. these barely register as elf ears to me. if i didn't know she modified herself i would just assume she had naturally pointed ears. i never heard spoony mention being a fantasy nerd, but then again i only ever saw her making an ass out of herself on /cgl/. meh. not digging her eyebrows either.

No. 57866

File: 1429785992168.webm (932.16 KB, 640x480, nyuu2.webm)

You know, I thought it was a good try, right up until you said "try and"

No. 57867


Just tossing this out there, but Annie if you're reading this, which you likely are, those "two distinct IP addresses", one of them belongs to me and is from when I messaged you on Tumblr asking if you knew Kamile because we go to the same university.

I don't know why you're trying to spin it as me harassing you, as I've always been friendly to you in the past. I only asked because I noticed we had her as a friend in common on FB, not because I was trying harass or stalk you jeez.

I have stuff up on this board about me as well, from years ago, and you know what I do? I ignore it.
If you've really changed that's what you do, you bear the penance of your stupidity. You don't try to erase it and act like it never happened because that only draws further attention to it and now look what you've done.


>a small amount of investigative work definitively confirmed that the person behind the proxy was in fact Annie

Good job Admin-sama, I'm glad we have somebody who knows their shit finally running this gig. You were well worth waiting for after the Maxfag and Staminarose catastrophe.

No. 57868

File: 1429792447182.jpg (4.32 KB, 251x201, 1360704639217.jpg)


>I think Spoony or Eva Braun had a thing with him but I can't remember

I think I remember Athens but I never had anything to do with him. Was he even in the UK? Warosu only turns up this picture.

No. 57869

Lol, I only went on this board once because all the mods say that /cgl/ is literally the shittiest board on the site. I remember there was a thread that was people taking pictures of themself for whatever arrogant reason and there was only one that wasn't a lardass and I told her she was pretty. I immediately got the response "go back to tumblr plz" from one of the jealous lardasses. If you get jealous this easily don't fucking show selfies on 4chan. Just dont

No. 57870

yeah, everyone gets mass triggered so easily on halfchan nowadays

I was gone from it for like half a year, I cam back and in that space of time ansexual and bigender became a thing on /lgbt/

the whole SJW thing isn't as nuts as pol would have you believe, but it's slightly noticeable or more common

No. 57871

she pulled a sarkeesian

No. 57872

"I think your pretty"
overweight cgl comes in

No. 57873


Man, has /cgl/ really gotten that bad?
I haven't been back in years, not after Moot came a long and shoved his huge, Kike nose into it and ruined everything.

No. 57874

Also just want to chime in, tossing aside the whole lolcow hardass shitposting demeanour, how appalled I am at Annie for conjuring up a fake rape threat as a means of getting her own way.

Seriously, it's this kind of behaviour that demeans and belittles women and actual rape victims. I really hope you're ashamed of yourself, but I know you're not, not for the fake rape threat but only because you ended up getting fucking caught.

No. 57875

He was in the UK! I have a couple of pics of him, he was very prevalent on /r9k/. By prevalent I mean he spent all day every day making "Femanons, do you _______?"

He had a sick obsession with talking about women on /r9k/ and asking us why we all had daddy issues, why we were all whores, why we were all broken. Like I'm telling you, on /r9k/ there were posts constantly about women, being covered in semen, etc. But they were made by two distinct people. One was Craig who was a bot, and he would just spam the front page with "cum on face" threads automatically.

One was Athens. His threads were kind of different. You could tell. They would start when he would come home from work and they would all be the same pervy, question-style femanon format.

He had a sick obsession with cosplaying girls, girls with tattoos. Like more so than some guy who just fetishizes these things and faps to them. He was obsessed with talking about it. That's why he spent so much time on /cgl/. He was absolutely fucking obsessed with the stereotypical daddy's issues, broken, loud-mouthed cosplay girl. It was creepy and he is creepy.

(Also there was funny drama on /r9k/ where is ex-gf came into the thread and called him out for being a fucking sociopath that was hilarious. Shit I miss the golden days)

No. 57876

File: 1429805475577.gif (497.34 KB, 500x335, VvqovT5.gif)


>i never heard spoony mention being a fantasy nerd

I am heavily interested in the fantasy genre and fantasy literature but to a lot of people who are diehard fantasy fans unless you've got a 1974 edition of D&D stashed away in a cupboard somewhere or have bothered to learn Tolkien Tengwar apparently you don't really count.

At any rate the ears are more Draenei/succubus inspired than anything else.

And don't you give me that look Bowie you saucy minx.

No. 57877


It just confirms how the crazy drama-filled people who cry rape/death threats to escape taking responsibility for their actions are full of shit.

No. 57878

It's I remember a comedian I like killed himself because he worked in movies (at this time people took these threats more
Seriously because people didn't lie about it as much) and he lost his job and all his friends in the buisness couldn't speak out for him at the risk of losing their jobs (he was accused of rape after taking a girl to the hospital with a blood clot in the private area) essentially her friend was there and she sued him for rape after she died to pay for the funeral (the funeral ended up being super cheap and shoddy, cause said friend ran off with the money) and after he died she couldn't take the guilt and admitted she lied TD;LR false rape accusations can seriously fuck up lives

No. 57879

It's seriously fucked she'd do that and then just think she can say "oops sorry" and pretend it didn't happen, serious maturity levels there.

No. 57880

It's because she likes to act as if 2 people are constantly harassing her as a scapegoat for her own awful behaviour.

No. 57881

I don't know whether it was Annie's intention that in attempting to remove this thread she would protect any future career opportunities in the event that employers Google her name, but just FYI Annie making false rape threats against yourself look a billion times worse than silly adolescent antics that people no longer really cared about.

GG shooting yourself in the foot.

No. 57882

I feel like…. christmas came early

No. 57883

What's her tumblr, full name, other info?

No. 57884

Admin's stickied post has her full name in it.

No. 57885

Annie Chaplin
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ka_ni_na/
(She uploaded something on there 10min ago)
She has removed her twitter and tumblr, I believe. Or perhaps she changed the names of them the past 2-5 days.

No. 57886

Oh and if someone remembers her ex-boyfriend's twitter (the one who she moved to an other town for), then please tell. I want to ask him why he broke up with her on new years eve 2014 (other than the fact that she's been a douche to him in the past).

No. 57887

File: 1429818358025.jpg (228.92 KB, 1222x612, 1354403708975.jpg)


This guy? The one she forced to wear brand to a convention?

No. 57888

Yeah, that guy. Also known as Kyle, his former twitter name was @kgyts

I don't know if he'll spill any deets, but hell, I'm willing to try.

No. 57889


Well if you want yo try, here's his Tumblrs that he's active on:



No. 57890

File: 1429819307076.jpg (41.04 KB, 960x637, 1351500279575.jpg)

Have a picture of Annie in burando making fun of Eva Braun/Amber as she hangs black-out drunk over a toilet bowl.

No. 57891

File: 1429819439831.jpg (286.55 KB, 1365x2048, 1354405006593.jpg)

No. 57892


Was she eating in the washroom? That's disgusting, not kawaii at all.

No. 57893

Thank you, anon<3 Sent him an ask

No. 57894


She deleted her Instagram, too.

No. 57895

This is the most hilarious shit right here. I wouldn't be surprised if Annie herself did most of the "WOW SHE'S TOTALLY CHANGED I FEEL SO BAD FOR HER" anon posts in this thread.

>"Golly gee, I'm so sorry for being such a rotten bitch when I was younger! I swear I've changed and matured! I'm honestly so sorry for all the drama, I've put it completely behind me and I'm ready to take all the drawback for my foolish actions!"

>Make a false rape threat towards yourself on anon and report it to the admin with a sob story about fearing for your life attached
>Get your cover blown because bitch can't proxy
>"Oopsie-doodle! I did bad didn't I? I'm so sorry again everyone, do forgive me!"

At least grow a fucking spine you weaseling fuck.

No. 57896

File: 1429822160909.png (8.69 KB, 657x116, 1351642057255.png)

Moar Annie drama.

This is what Annie sent to Ophelia through Tumblr after they had a falling out.

Annie was the only one that Ophelia confided in about her infertility.

No. 57897

File: 1429822188623.jpg (135.25 KB, 519x437, 1351642133142.jpg)


And Ophelia's response.

No. 57898


I'm also interested in hearing more about this

No. 57899

File: 1429823105840.jpg (212.45 KB, 1000x504, 1354409107059.jpg)

No. 57900

I'm not completely sure how admin-chan figured it out, but whatever. Even though you don't give a direct request to the server of the website you're browsing, a proxy can be detected quite easily - they're not nearly as anonymous as you think, especially if you're using a cheap ass free low-anonymity address. Admin could have implemented a script that strips the proxy address off and they could just check the server logs for the IP doing the request at the time the message was posted. This is just my guess.

No. 57901

Oh man, I know this isn't the point of the post at all but I totally remember that diet pill saga.
What a dose of nostalgia.

No. 57902


Me too but mostly because I bought the diet pills as well and they didn't do shit kek.

No. 57903

This thread makes wonder how often the admin gets requests to remove threads like this from lolcows.

No. 57904

If you search Annie's name and usernames on a /cgl/ archive, like https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/, you can see many posts defending her in response to criticism made by others. A lot of those posts absolutely scream of Annie's writing style. I'm nearly certain she samefags constantly trying to defend herself on /cgl/, and has for years.

No. 57905

>I'm not completely sure how admin-chan figured it out, but whatever
Why would you post wild conjecture when we have the person that figured it out as the admin of the board?
A properly setup proxy wouldn't be handing out her IP address, like the admin said it was poorly implemented. I want to know what the flaw was that allowed him/her to figure it out.
Also I have to ask do you have any idea of how the mechanics of a proxy server actually work?
>Admin could have implemented a script that strips the proxy address off and they could just check the server logs for the IP doing the request at the time the message was posted.
The entire point of an anonymous proxy server is to make it so you can't do that.

No. 57906


No. 57908

/cgl/ got raided by tumblrtards some time last year, and now you see them talking about fat and slut shaming. Also a lot of newfaggotry. The board also became incredibly slow.

However, the people who are always crying "go back to tumblr" and whine about sjw's are equally annoying.

No. 57909

>The entire point of an anonymous proxy server is to make it so you can't do that.
Do you know yourself how proxies work? If Annie used a low-anonymity web proxy, it's completely possible to use a certain script to read her browser's settings concerning proxies when she made a request to the lolcow server. Why are you getting so mad anyway?

No. 57910

Admin-sama I'm impressed and a little bit jealous of your computer/internet skills.
If I pray more to PT, will I somehow absorb your powers?

No. 57911

I don't understand the logic here. You say a skinny girl is pretty and a lardass starts berating you for being a SJW? Shouldn't it go the other way around? Like lardass telling you you're a shitlord for liking a skinny girl amidst all the landwhales? Someone please explain.

I think I stopped going to /cgl/ after the first post that agreed that tanning your skin for a cosplay is racist and how JNig is actually a really talented person and cosplay without wigs is totally alright because ~cosplay is for fun, so you shouldn't put any effort or thought into it~.

No. 57912

File: 1429866178507.gif (153.92 KB, 1116x1392, 2ca68e40196bab525fc7ef255f2942…)

All his expressions and mannerisms are fake as fuck.

No. 57913

I love this!

No. 57914

I love this >>57849

No. 57915

The only Laura C I know of is Aranel Cosplay.

No. 57916

File: 1430066178013.jpg (626.9 KB, 2000x1000, o-159836068-facebook.jpg)

She reminds me so much of the best friend from Ferris Bueller's day off. (For those unfamiliar with this awesome movie, it's the guy in the red hockey jersey)

No. 57917

who is this?

No. 57918

She looks a bit like Totemokawaii.

No. 57919

Twinning tho

No. 57920

Bodyline ain't ~burando~

No. 57921

So >>57909
If it was that un anonymous
A she fucked up and b
Assuming the admin is logging packets he could literally read single packet to find out where its coming from if it's that "low anon". This "scrpt" nonsense confuses me. Do you think that the proxy server has a decoder ring and admin sama hacked it?
If its what im starting to think due to no response is it was literally the browser cookie that got her caught. Which really isnt related to her proxy at all. Just sloppy browsing.

No. 57922

No. 57923

So if I want to insult someone on tumblr anonymously without them being able to track my IP address how do I do that? Admin sama you frighten me.

No. 57924

Install Ghostery, block everything.

No. 57925

Ghostery is not enough. You need to use Tor (not NSA-safe though) or pay for an anonymous VPN. I assume that Anthony. I post or send is going to be read by someone I don't want to read it bc I'm paranoid

No. 57926

Tumblr blocks certain TOR ip addresses from sending messages because of spam

No. 57927

also don't get Ghostery. Use NoScript and only allow tumblr and txmblr

No. 57928

Your basic tumblr kid isn't tech-savvy enough to understand how to use x-forwarded-for or even be able to do so as x-f-f runs on the server, not in the browser. Just use a VPN+noscript and send all the hate you want to. Tumblr users can't implement any server-side scripts as they're only limited to client-side javascript scriptlets which should be blocked by noscript. Unless they contact staff of course, but the tumblr staff probably doesn't give a shit about some petty internet drama.

No. 57929

The X-Forwarded-For header is a value passed on by "low anonymity" proxies. If you use such a proxy you have no way of not exposing your real IP.


No. 57930

Yeah, mostly use proxies to stream tv shows. But I also think it's a good policy not to do anything on the internet that can get you arrested. Like sending death threats.

No. 57931

Thread is unstickied for now and will remain so, unless another interesting event occurs.

No. 57932

File: 1430295791765.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2015-03-26-16h31m07s24…)


No. 57933

Thanks anon!

No. 57934

Ermm did anyone else notice how blue she is? That doesn't look healthy…

No. 57935

>tfw spoony posted on MPA

Just browsing and that was the last thing I expected to see all of a sudden
It's not a new picture though so I have no idea if it's a fake or really her

No. 57936


Eheh I'd rather not discuss that kind of "stuff" here, but I also browse and use lolcow as with Staminarose and Maxfag.
I was worried somebody might recognise me from that thread but I never imagined somebody from lolcow might use the forum too. It's kind of embarrassing since I expect you'll go comb my posts now, but it's just the risk that comes with having a dodgy teenage history I guess.

At any rate if you ever want to chat on there, I'm always looking for new friends who've had similar experiences with disordered eating. I was anorexic in my teens and it's something I've never been able to let go of. MPA is a great support group.

No. 57937

File: 1430527402138.png (563.95 KB, 637x578, ita-plz.png)

Anyone seel Dolldelight's latest cringlefest of a "lolita" fashion project that she wants $30000 in donations for?

No. 57938


Can she just fuck off already? Her designs are shit and pure ita.

No. 57939

Nah I wasn't gonna comb through your posts or anything like that, it was more just surprise. Like it's a small world, I guess.
Yeah for sure, MPA actually has a very nice support community on it.

No. 57940


Well I mean you're free to do so if you want, it'd probably make me feel validated in the disorder given my current weight aha

But yeah, small world, it's crazy.
I used to be on MPA a few years ago, but I had a hard time adjusting since the death of LJ. I'd been frequenting the ED communities there since 2006, and then all of a sudden they went super SJW and insisted you start whiting out all mention of food, were not allowed to post images of bodies that motivated you and were immediately banned if you made any comments that could be misconstrued as "encouraging an ED" which was ridiculous because half of the girls there were overweight or obese, hell yeah I'm gonna congratulate them on their hard work when they start losing weight. I've never been comfortable with encouraging lower weights though.

You should add me on MPA, it'd be nice to talk to somebody who frequents both MPA and lolcow.

No. 57941

File: 1430700349152.png (255.72 KB, 728x745, BUT THAT'S WRONG FAGGOT.png)


>Those Hot Topic-tier dresses

>Leopard print
>That model with the shitty Demonia looking boots and tumblr choker
>Cheap black Halloween costume lace
>Lolita inspired

I want to believe it's a joke but there's no way it actually is

I know fuck all about lolita so like
She probably doesn't either, but can someone tell me where the lolita inspiration is? Is it just meant to be because they're kinda frilly or something?

No. 57942


more like they took ~inspiration~ from anime itas

No. 57943

that leopard print bro
looks more gyaru than lolita or ita

No. 57944

What the fuck?? These look like cheap halloween dresses you'd get at party city or shit. Saggy frills, clashing patterns, motherfucking deep V neckholes and whatever the fuck you'd find from a generic hot topic "gaffik lolita" design. This doesn't even look like cosplay-tier ita but just cheap ass party dresses. The leopard print one is the only decent design and coordination but it's not lolita in any way, it looks more like a hostess outfit.

No. 57945


Can't forget she appeared in that god awful TLC My Strange Addiction show having a fake tea party for 'living dolls' as the show likes to call Lolitas. She doesn't have a clue.

No. 57946

It's grey paint. What, you've never seen a passed-out Homestuck before?

No. 57947

File: 1452130182031.png (131.83 KB, 400x400, 1426627629619.png)

Reviving this thread with some nostalgia.

No. 57948

File: 1452130314299.jpg (50.93 KB, 800x600, 1354088440357.jpg)

No. 57949

File: 1452130521877.jpg (78.56 KB, 900x675, 1419204455224.jpg)

Anybody else remember Krissy/OrangeDoom and her teeth.

No. 57950

File: 1452130742283.jpg (441.95 KB, 667x1000, the-zelda-project-hyrule-5.jpg)


Or the Adella dramu when she candidly mentioned that she superglued elf ears onto her child model for the LoZ project instead of using spirit gum.

No. 57951

File: 1452130881908.jpg (190.55 KB, 711x549, tumblr_m2azx3ZWCw1rspdbpo1_128…)


No. 57952

File: 1452130979138.jpg (52.67 KB, 500x751, large.jpg)


No. 57953

File: 1452131046833.jpg (117.86 KB, 640x960, Shitbrooch.jpg)

The infamous poop brooch.

No. 57954

File: 1452131187976.jpg (617.21 KB, 1158x1558, 1382166013453.jpg)

Miyu (who has pretty much dropped off the face of the earth) & Yaya.

No. 57955

Can't believe this one was 2011, fuck…

I remember the day it got posted and /cgl/ exploded.

No. 57956

File: 1452131341023.jpg (1.04 MB, 798x1024, 1433709350521.jpg)

No. 57957

File: 1452131514600.jpg (287.55 KB, 1288x1304, pHaaIwA.jpg)

No. 57958

What's the story behind this?

No. 57959

File: 1452132236743.jpg (79.46 KB, 600x450, 61747337.jpg)

Talia_speaks anybody?

No. 57960


I know that the new users have to come from somewhere but still your post made me so, so sad…

No. 57961

File: 1452132449789.jpg (108.83 KB, 333x500, 1358118144625.jpg)


No. 57962

File: 1452132618331.jpg (72.76 KB, 497x576, 1385851114550.jpg)


No. 57963

Damn I miss Ashlee, she was the reason I even go into lolita.

No. 57964

No. 57965

File: 1452132651282.jpg (39.16 KB, 426x511, 33200et.jpg)

The CharmsxAoi Iron Gate choker incident.

No. 57966

File: 1452132851979.jpg (39.35 KB, 378x466, 1386147168930.jpg)

No. 57967

File: 1452133032013.jpg (113.28 KB, 600x900, i_love_you_by_gutterface.jpg)

Joji/Gutterface and her BJD scams.

No. 57968

File: 1452133170779.jpg (157.86 KB, 400x562, 1425526152089.jpg)

lol Ophelia.

No. 57969

File: 1452133532135.jpg (195.37 KB, 852x1136, 1398095598586.jpg)


No. 57970

File: 1452133986908.jpg (107.9 KB, 918x918, 8281_10153152758851879_8560843…)

This was one of my favourite dramas because it kept on delivering. Adella's such a mess.

No. 57971

What was this cosplayer's name again? I remember the first time I saw her picture and how horrible I thought the face she made was.

No. 57972

File: 1452134172824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.19 KB, 800x800, 1350004067246.jpg)

Who else Zerodomon/Akiwarumono here?

No. 57973


I believe it was busu-chan or something.

No. 57974

File: 1452134315398.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.37 KB, 341x512, akasan-shana-tan-busukawaii-co…)


No wait, it was Busukawaii!

Goddamn she was terrifying.

No. 57975

File: 1452134535640.jpg (254.95 KB, 1023x819, 1400253478918.jpg)

And who could forget the magic of neo-classic-neko?

No. 57976

i made that song!!! lol i'm so proud that people still remember it. that was when i had no full time job and too much time

No. 57977


Oh my god Agent Molly, what an honour!

I feel like I should be more shocked encountering you on here, but actually the gaping hole of inactivity in this thread is making it apparent to me just how few of us there are left.

Truly this was the golden era of /cgl/ for which there will never be another.

No. 57978


Seriously though the lyrics to that song were fucking diamonds:

>before I leave, rub since cheese, in the crack of my ass

>cause' the won't know that I'm white if I look yellow from the back

>windchimes tell my history

I still kek

No. 57979

omg i remember this!

the 'i used soap as lube and shoved a pen in my ass to see if i grew a magical faekboi prostate' saga was the most amazing thing ever…

No. 57980

This is magical.

No. 57981

haha I actually posted about this in another thread but I feel actually directly responsible for /cgl/'s demise. the tl;dr is back in like 2012 every thread not literally lolita/cosplay related was deleted, so I sent moot an IM on aim saying if we expanded the content to include other j-fash subcultures there'd probably be less shitposting. moot said ok make a thread asking for the general consensus and i'll sticky it, so I did and the response was basically yes. so then after that he amended the allowable content but also added the "no directly attacking others" or whatever rule and implemented janitors who literally sucked all of the fun out of /cgl/ and deleted every dramu thread. i even IM'd moot asking if we could just have one thread dedicated to all drama and he said no LOL.

so actually that wasn't really a tl;dr but I actually pretty much stopped going to /cgl/ after the change that I fucking asked for lol. I stuck around for a while when I did 4chan cup for /cgl/ but then I stopped caring about that too. I was so excited to stumble upon lolcow a few months ago and see that the spirit of golden /cgl/ was still alive and well!!

No. 57982


Oh God Molly you cunt lol, I even remember the day moot came to /cgl/ and stated that he'd "forgot the board even existed", you fucking summoned him.

Still it was bound to happen one day eh', you can only get so big before you eventually topple.

tfw everybody blamed me for what happened.

I got scapegoated by Agent Molly. Classic.

No. 57983

File: 1452142206229.jpg (268.19 KB, 533x485, cumslut.jpg)

haha oh wow sorry LOL. yeah I sincerely wish I could go back and stop myself from trying to be "helpful," I had no idea moot would fucking kill the board. It sucks because /cgl/ was one of the last online communities I actively participated in and I never quite found anything to fill the void lol.

No. 57984

That sucks, you couldn't have known what would happen. Expanding the types of topics allowed was actually a good idea.

No. 57985

The last time I ran out of spirit gum, I used eyelash glue. At least use something that is safe for that poor child's skin.

No. 57986


Same fam'.

lolcow is good, but, the level of dramu is not quite the calibre it was back on /cgl/, and I frequently find myself nitpicking the board in comparison with /cgl/ or getting into unnecessary slanging matches with other Anons.

/cgl/ for the most part was always united as this black hole of hyper-coordinated ruthlessness and it was fantastic. Soooo much OC.

No. 57987


lorrrrd. MJ. I was on /cgl/ this one time and she was blackout drunk on Everclear and a female "friend" of hers raped her on webcam/posted screenshots of it. I always wondered what happened to her… I'm glad she's still alive, I guess. Hope she's in therapy. That was a disturbing thing to witness

No. 57988


Fuck, I miss pre-Dakota era /cgl/. Lolcow is snoozeville in comparison. As soon as all the cows make their shit private everyone here just gives up.

No. 57989


No. 57990

LOL Jessica! Her drama was my favorite, even more so than Gutterface. I remember an anon calling her at work at Taco Bell pretending to be from the IRS trying to get her to say she's female and state her full name as proof. Also the macro ninja, hngg all my nostalgia-

What is ol' Akiwarumono up to these days anyway??

No. 57991


That entire project was a scam to get people to pay for her cosplay vacation.

No. 57992

She also did that tf2 cosplay and that hideous yoko cosplay too right?? Gosh I forgot the drama with her but she was such a lolcow. Does anybody remember that one girl who did that Maria Holic cosplay? I forgot her name but apparently she was a drama queen too.

No. 57993

Does anyone else feel like the cosplay community on /cgl/ is fucking dying? It just doesn't seem like people are willing to make an effort in keeping the community alive. It seems there has been a shift from concrits, comments and discussing how to craft now that there are so many tutorials and people started making pages on facebook.
Or is it just me?

No. 57994

A lot of us including myself feel like cgl is like beating a dead horse. I used to lurk on cgl until a friend told me about lolcow and tada Im here. It got way too boring when the admins decided to delete and drama threads and just derail any entertainment and no fun allowed in general. Its just boring threads about fashion, bad cosplay threads with the same regurgitated crap, who should I cosplay as threads and so many boring threads. Ive lurked cgl at around 2007 when things were REALLY interesting. Miyu, Akire, Usagikou, Precious and so much more.

Now its just boring Jessica Nigri and old hag Yaya and its just so boring. I miss the old days tbh.

No. 57995


I don't know why, but she was the only cgl shit poster I didn't mind.

Bonus video of the cringe fest dance contest. She's Asuka.


No. 57996

>searches thread for own past trips/names
>no results
>99% relief
>1% disappointment

anyone else caught these feels?

No. 57997

And i'm the guy who put the video together and uploaded it. What a weird reunion.

No. 57998


A lot of what kept the cosplay community alive in /cgl/ was the rampant competition and desire to one-up other cosplayers.

Once moot banned that everybody just kind of gave up. Who wants to put so much money and time and effort into a costume when you have nobody to have a bit of healthy competition with?
Whenever I made my costumes I kept a folder filled with pictures of existing cosplayers doing the same costume and I'd study them and say "okay this is great, but here's how I'm going to do it better".

No. 57999


No :( R.I.P.

No. 58000

I never really understood why the cosplay side of /cgl/ didn't just pack it up and move it to lolcow like everyone else seemed to. I mean sure we have a few cosplay-centric threads but it's time to let /cgl/ die.

No. 58001


A lot of the ones left on /cgl/ were the ones who at the time we're campaigning against the continuous drama and actively complaining to mods and moot about how /cgl/ "should be for cosplay and lolita and nothing else" and how "the constant drama is so immature and brings down the board overall".
Then one day their wish was granted, and it turns out they fucking hated it.

We know for a fact a lot of these old trips browse and actively use lolcow as we've seen them occasionally appear in other threads/dramu outing themselves i.e. Kelly Jean, Chokelate.
They refuse to admit that, yes, they really do enjoy the dramu and come to lolcow in order to view it, but they'll never admit it because it makes them look like hypocrites.

No. 58002

I think I'm almost jealous. Like…some part of me wanted to be responsible for destroying /cgl/.

I'm the one who started all the parfait doll drama though, so that's my small claim to anon fame.

No. 58003

>tfw warned people repeatedly against the inevitable destruction of /cgl/ with the new rules being brought in
>people laughed and called me a faggot
>moot lied and told everybody that I was samefagging in a debate thread in order to garner further support for the changes
>it worked

People who sucked up to moot were the worst. The guy was a scumbag.

No. 58004

Slight OT, but there is a Moot thread please feel free to post any details as I really do like reading about the shit he was doing.

No. 58005


It's really not that interesting, it's just years ago when the changes were being originally implemented there was a debate thread in which moot was posting.
I happened to be posting in it too, just stuff like how it was a bad idea, that like it or not drama would always be connected with cosplay and lolita, that it was integral to the continuation and development of the board's culture.

I wasn't posting with a name or trip, just as Anonymous, but moot went and linked to every post in the thread I'd made, I think about 5 or 6, and then in a dick move added links to posts not made by me but by other people who used the same ISP as me which means he didn't even bother to check my IP.
Some of the other posts made by others read shit like "ily mootykins" that moot tried to claim that I had posted, and then on top of it because my IP was dynamic and changed every 20-30 mins, he stated to the board that I was resetting my router multiple times in the thread to avoid bans.
I challenged him and told him to ban me, he said that he wasn't going to bother banning a "samefagging ban-evader", that I was here forever anyway. I responded with a nasty quip about his failed startup Canv.as. and how the only reason he brought in 4chan passes was an attempt at recuperating his monetary losses and that he was full of shit when he stated he wasn't making any money off of 4chan, and I guess I hit a nerve because he banned me for realsies then and there lel
The board lol'd and cheered on his desicion. moot lied, /cgl/ died. Fin.

Seriously though the guy was the most insufferable faggot and I hope he steps on Lego everyday for the rest of my life.
That thread actually really pissed me off because as a guy in the position of ultimate authority on the board he shouldn't be framing users is attempt to further his agenda.

No. 58006

File: 1452202696223.png (530.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-07-21-33-19…)


Oh Agent Molly, this is a drastically different tune to what you were singing back when the new changes were being heralded in.

>now we have a cleaner board with a broader variety of things to discuss. I will miss the drama and I would be okay with a single drama general thread, but if we had to go back to the way it was before for drama I wouldn't do it

I see you are also one of those people who campaigned for the culling of drama/tripfags, had their wish granted, applauded it initially, gradually realised what a horrible mistake they'd made and then later migrated in secret.

No. 58007

File: 1452204054927.png (298.45 KB, 1075x1173, 2016-01-07 21.57.52.png)

moot always had a habit of lying about the stats of users, information only he and mods were privy to, in order to try and make himself look better.

No. 58008

File: 1452204127118.png (114.93 KB, 1080x585, 2016-01-07 21.58.29.png)


In this one he tries to claim that one user in the thread is accounting for 10% of all posts in the thread, 42 posts in total, which the person replied to that he had only made 5.

No. 58009

Dang he really sounds really childish. Can't say I have any pity for him or what happen to 4chan (though I'm sorry for some of the posters).

No. 58010

File: 1452205293626.jpg (293.68 KB, 1600x878, 1355101811374.jpg)


Moot saw the declination of 4chan and jumped ship in January so it's not really a problem for him.

Another screenshot from a thread on /q/, for the short time when /q/ existed, when moot just straight up locked a thread and refused to discuss any of the problems that were now actively plaguing /cgl/ because of the new rules he'd introduced.

No. 58011

Um anon, I hate to burst your bubble, but if there were 42 posts and anon says they only made 5 of them, moot isn't wrong in say they made 'about 10%' of them. 10 % of 42 is roughly 4.

No. 58012


No I meant moot stated that the poster had made 42 posts in total in a thread containing 250+ posts.

No. 58013

File: 1452206235416.jpg (42.55 KB, 300x450, 58f1f7559e3b0e0a58aabbb029c1e7…)

Aka-san or Akasan. Now she goes by Akari. I think Busu-kawaii is the re-uploader's account name or something. She was known for her weird duck face and shooping among 2ch users around 2010. When she found out that she was made fun of on line, she was so shocked that she changed her name. lol


No. 58014

I will never stop being butthurt at the fact that I "dicovered" cgl right at the moment of its death. I wish I could've seen it in its hayday.

No. 58015

There's nothing worth seeing.

No. 58016

oh no that fucking picture

>ewww girls have hair and stuff comes out of their vaginas ewww look how gross girls are at /cgl/ guys! i'm going to vomit ewww

>Many other boards were filled and still have worse shit than this

Fucking hypocrites, man.

No. 58017

oh wow i can honestly say I don't remember writing this like, at all, LOL. I guess I had some sort of stick up my ass or something? either way again I thought I was doing a "good thing" at the time but I realized not long after the rules were implemented that it was actually a pretty shitty change that ruined the board

No. 58018

Guys I just remembered years ago that I made Derpy Carnival, and I just googled it and several people ACTUALLY GOT PHYSICAL DRESSES MADE.

My head is trying to comprehend how long I've been on /cgl/ and the fact that I actually did that and it became a real thing. Life is odd sometimes.

Does anyone else remember derpy-chan?

No. 58019

that last person is so underage. theyre talking about discharge like it's precum and they dont even know its called discharge

No. 58020

File: 1452221820639.jpg (96.38 KB, 250x278, 1300413412465.jpg)

yes, and I still have a lot of the spin-off macros saved.

No. 58021

Don't make a massive post omitting a bunch of crucial facts whilst complaining about someone else doing the same thing. You were a serial ban evader, and you know it. You also know everyone on /cgl/ cheered about you being banned because you're you, it had nothing to do with the argument at hand.

No. 58022


I actually never really got banned on /cgl/; do you not remember how unbelievably lax the rules were on that board? It was fucking chaos, but that was what made it so good.
That was why it annoyed me when moot lied and implied that he had this massive log of bans for me that simply never existed.

>it had nothing to do with the argument at hand

It had a lot to do with the argument at hand considering he went ahead and lied a second time in connecting me to posts I never made, which as an administrator is a scummy thing to do.

No. 58023

Are you talking about Fatty Arbuckle? That was the first real Hollywood scandal. It sounds almost exactly the same except Fatty didn't kill himself and Maude Delmont, the girl's friend, didn't do it to get money for the funeral so I'm not sure if it's the same case or not, but it would be pretty eerie if it was a different one. It's actually a pretty interesting story that even shows how rabid SJW types existed before tumblr (and I admit, the gamergate fiasco reminded me of this case a lot).

Actually, is anyone interested in a thread on /b/ for old hollywood drama (or just old hollywood in general)? Asking because I want to talk about this scandal but it's too OT.
so in short, you're exactly what >>58006 described

No. 58024

I was just thinking today how I want to make a dress with that fabric to see who remembers.

No. 58025


No. 58026

hah! I think I skimmed over the last sentence of that post somehow. yes, that's exactly what happened and I don't have any problem admitting what a huge ignorant entitled mistake it was

No. 58027

I hate the trip/drama culling but think it was necessary at the time. We literally had like 80% of the threads being exclusively dramu or trip circlejerking and it was the fucking worst. Especially at the height of the kooter hype. Now that everything has settled and most of the trips have left I wouldn't be against putting down the no singling out rule anymore, and letting a new generation of trips and potential lolcows to come in. But we know that's not going to happen, unless someone somehow manages to contact moot 2.0 in Japanese and convince him.

No. 58028


I'd be interested, I love scandals.

No. 58029

File: 1452387321643.jpg (73.13 KB, 640x960, kipi_kasumi_cosplay_s05.jpg)

No. 58030

Holy shit, that story came to my mind a few hours ago for absolutely no reason and I couldn't remember the guy's name.

No. 58290

Goddamnit spoony get off the internet already. You're yourself one of the cancer tumors that killed /cgl/.

No. 58293

Yeah, cosplay is pretty much gone from /cgl/. It's mostly jfash and lolita now or just generic girls posting to the feels/other offtopic threads. Moot banned all drama and it resulted into this >>57998 , which was what was keeping the cosplay side alive.

Cosplay has turned into a huge hugbox of a hobby anyway, after Tumblr started briging political issues and JNig showed people it's easier to slap on a bikini and bits of worbla to get a lot of attention and recognition than to actually work on a costume, the "old-school" style cosplay went underground. And you rarely see people experimenting with stuff anymore, it's always worbla on top of worbla.

No. 58294

Spoony likes to point the finger at everyone else for ruining /cgl/, somehow unaware that she had a huge part in it.

People still hate you to this day Spoony, take a fucking hint or at least stop making it incredibly obvious when you post.

>inb4 "you're giving her attention by talking about her" yeah I know

No. 58298


When will you idiots learn to keep your fucking mouths shut and stop bringing her up Jesus fucking christ.

No. 58299

hi spoony

No. 58302


No I'm fucking sick of seeing perfectly good threads destroyed because people can't control their emotions the second somebody even whispers about some dumb, washed-up camwhore from the noughties ffs get a grip, it's pathetic.

No. 58308

please stop spoony. just. stop.

No. 58311

>implying spoony isn't relevant to a thread about /cgl/ and retards on /cgl/

To be honest, if you didn't make it painfully obvious it was you posting most of the things in this thread since it's been bumped (such as what >>58290 referenced), you probably wouldn't have even been brought up. You didn't have to talk about shit in first person as if no one would notice. You didn't even have to talk about it at all.

This is a thread for /cgl/ oldfags, do you think we can't tell when it's you?

No. 58313

>this is a thread for /cgl/ oldfags, do you think we can't tell when it's you?
I'm embarrassed for you right now.

No. 58322

>implying you aren't Spoony.
Well this was fun, time to let this thread die again.

No. 58326

This reminds me of the "everybody is spoony" threads on /cgl/.
Ah, memories.

No. 58395

Then just stop posting? Get over the fact that Moot called you out for being a not-/cgl/ drama whore that was only trying to stir the pot with board drama? It's 2016 Spoony, and as much as this is an old /cgl/ nostalgia thread just move on already.

No. 58402

>still calling me spoony
Smh tbh fam.
She's in this thread for sure but I'm not her.
Can we get back to interesting /cgl/ drama now and not the "spoony and her legion of cuntsuckers show please. It's 2016 and I'm bored.

No. 58890

File: 1452598175633.jpg (125.59 KB, 642x939, 18a9c7127ff556df7286c5fbd75ccd…)


You laugh, but I've actually discovered that using a huge (not very fashionable) bag with a pig on it keeps them away. I had no idea it would work when I first tried, but it's like fucking magic. I call it a tote, but it's my secret anti-rape bag, and SJWs would call it my racist bag.

Pic related.

No. 58926

Derpy-chan is still well loved among /cgl/ oldfags. I saw Derpy-chan and Derpy Carnival mentions on nostalgia threads a couple times last year.

No. 74691

Will someone please talk about housewife chan with me?
She tried to do a raid today and failed miserably and then tried to backpedal and say it wasn't a raid.

I guess she's right? It's not much of anything if you're just doing that shitposting all on your own.

No. 74694

i feel bad for her, she basically thinks she's funny and a master troll. it's like shes those lame stereotypes of people who think that going on 4chan means you can be an edgy cringemaster and everyone applauds you.

like, she went on a tirade about how freaked out she was that someone didn't find her 'go kill yourself' comment hilarious and even started a thread! wtf i don't get her.

No. 74696

>she basically thinks she's funny and a master troll.
omg I know. It's so fucking sad. I mean, I shitpost sometimes and browse quite a bit… but I never take it this seriously.

>like, she went on a tirade about how freaked out she was that someone didn't find her 'go kill yourself' comment hilarious and even started a thread! wtf i don't get her.

Oh I missed this!

Drama in the most recent lolita gen is a pretty great read in the archive btw.

Also I saw a screencap of her trying to post several threads at once all with the same image of what looked like CP. It was a guy about to shit on a baby. At least that's what it looked like.

She's a nasty one.

No. 74702

>secret anti rape bag

Someone should make matching pig-shaped knuckle keychains

No. 74731

Based moot for outing you spoony tbh

P.S what is your tumblr? I want to spam it with hate

No. 74743

>was a guy about to shit on a baby. At least that's what it looked like
That's one of those pictures that just looks really weird in the thumbnail, it's actually a shirtless guy with a shaved head leaning over his baby. Kind of like the one that looks like a pitbull murdering another dog but they're actually just laying on a red rug.

I'm getting sick of their shitposting and the janitors being too slow to catch on, it's annoying to scroll through threads and see all these OT comments and derailments. It'd be easier if they just had a trip I could block.

No. 74783

Just saw this on the front page of /cgl/


What the fuck? Why? Why the fuck are threads like these allowed to stay on the front page?

No. 74882

right? It's so gross

No. 74883

>I second that, although the comments section online is funny for all the wrong reasons.

The comments section is great. It's an illustration of how Middle England isn't buying the PC bullshit and never has. The majority of people stand against the liberals here.

No. 76063

File: 1456999984847.jpg (213.2 KB, 1393x748, IMG_20160303_020926.jpg)

She strikes again! Said she's using proxies.
This is her gross fetish.

No. 76072

Mixed race-chan and housewife-chan are the same person, right?

No. 76089

Alright, I'm about to vomit. Significantly worse than that old bash quote with the liquid dove soap.

No. 76616

Housewife chan is mixed race, she's admitted it a few times. Idk who the other anon is but they bicker quite a bit.

No. 76667

It's been 2 or 3 days since that "POST COSPLAY FEET" thread went up and it still hasn't been taken down. I bet one of the mods posted it which is why it hasn't been deleted yet.

No. 76939

Nah, I think the mods and janitors are having a hell of time right now trying to combat someone who's using proxies to shitpost non stop because she wants to be a fucking keyboard warrior.

No. 77054


I haven't been on cgl for days and wasn't there often enough to remember much, but I remember the spit shit, ugh.

My favorite troll will always be Tiffy. Wonder if she's still alive. She was old and unhealthy as fuck fifteen years ago.

No. 77147

>just got banned again for talking about lolita and my financial situation in that feels thread

I feel like the janitors just look for any lead out to ban posters these days. They hate cgl that fucking bad.

No. 77150

tbh the feels thread are the cancer of the board because they're ALWAYS 100% "I-I just spent all of my money on burando and now I'm broke and I want my dream dress #9385903!!!1111" whining.

No. 77156

No. 77169

I still love the style as an idea, as, I still like to look at it when done well, the way I love to look at haute couture (I know they're not the same thing). I don't want to wear it or get into the community. It would just cost too much to do it well, and the pay-off isn't worth it.

No. 77172

It is expensive, but personally my place is to keep maybe 3-5 dresses at a time, and sell one each time I buy.

No. 77173

place- i mean plan.

No. 77176

But it's still more relevant than the foot fetish thread.

No. 77257

This. At least it's still cgl related. That foot fetish thread belongs on /s/. That's like posting "cucumber dildos thread" on /Ck/.

No. 77671

I feel like you could totally get away with that shit on /ck/ tho

No. 77677

please try it out and let us know what the results are, anon.

No. 77753

I don't frequent the board anymore but when I did, we could get away with having self post threads and things of off topic nature.
The self post thread for /ck/ had like 200 some replies and no one really stirred any shit at all.
They're a chill group of people who like and get jokes.

Jokes on cgl on the other hand…

No. 78958

>that shitliver faggot "housewife mixed race chan" who keeps being assblasted over her ban and pretending that she isn't bothered

No. 82548


another one of these fucking threads…

cgl should just be deleted at this point :/

No. 82562

so not that the /fit/fags aren't annoying as fuck on /cgl/ but i fucking hate the shitty weeb arguments people have on there. like everyone on /cgl/ is weeby as fuck but try so hard to be holier than thou and end up embarrassing.

>japanese pronunciation arguments

>engrish vs use of japanese on clothing
shit like that is cringy as fuck.

No. 83423

Please don't vote us out of the EU anon, plz

No. 83743

There's a cgl consensus if any of you want to give feedback

No. 83746


>What type of chromosomes do you have?



This for me is an extremely stark illustration of just how bad /cgl/ has gotten. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 83761

File: 1459207541105.png (49.26 KB, 444x287, 3557_wpm_hires.png)

You do know there are more than 2 potential chromosomal combinations, right? Do you think genomics are SJW propaganda?

No. 83769


Yeah and I know that they're incredibly rare to the point that they're largely irrelevant where a cosplay & lolita survey is concerned.

Just say whether you're biologically male or female, fuck.

No. 83803

Spoony, what the fuck is wrong with you? Literally no one should be so apart of board culture that they have to argue with the cuck Moot himself about how "banning drama will ruin the /cgl/". Who the fuck cares? It gave birth to lolcow, which is honestly more organized and just a more interesting board. We don't have to stick to just cosplay and lolita here.

You're like a fly around shit. You think somehow you're apart of anonymous boards and play all these iconic roles, but you're just a mentally ill leech.

No. 84274

File: 1459528109776.jpg (234.14 KB, 1906x956, df.JPG)

What the actual FUCK have they done to the 4chan layout?

No. 84277

It's probably just april fools, if you go to the catalog it's the same as before. I think the archive is the same too.

No. 84296

It's an April fool's joke because moot joined Google. I don't use google plus but apparently it copies the layout.

No. 84346

There was a CWC nameget on /tv/ too

No. 86683

Is it true that some anons figured out who housewife-chan is? Pics? Who is she?

No. 86691

Nobody knows shit.
All they know is what that person has said about herself. I'm VERY surprised in this day and age seagulls believe everything the bitch says.
>"Types poor English? She MUST be japanese like she said!"

Anybody remember "Francis"? That completely made-up bullshit troll that made annoying ass threads, talked like a retard, and was borderline fetishistic? I don't see how "housewifechan" is any different.
It's clearly some autistic uggo's boredom concoction which is why they can spend upwards of eight hours a day fagging up threads and ban evading.
Hell, it might even be Spoony for all we know since she's so damn skilled at ban evading.

No. 86692

Frances was real. I had her on facebook for lulz. She would post pictures of packages she would order and it had her full name and address on them. She would check in to all these like women's conferences and shit. People would pretend to be her, yes, but she was a real person

No. 86693

Yeah and people took it upon themselves to use her identity to troll on cgl. That's not a real person if multiple people use that identity to create a false persona.

No. 86696

I mean a good chunk of the time that WAS her posting, though. Like she would post screencaps of her bans to facebook and be like "does anyone know how to get unbanned from this website?? i don't know why they banned me I just wanted to talk about pantyhose and disney" or whatever. So, little of column A, little of column B

No. 86698

You can't prove that. Nobody can prove that it was actually her. Photoshopping fb caps back then was as common as it is today. Stop believing everything posted on the internet.

No. 86699

You can just friend her on facebook. She's real. Unless you think that someone decided to spend all that time making a fake account for a 40 year old lady obsessed with mary kay, in in which case… what?

Also you can't prove that it was all fake, either.

No. 86701

I could easily take some whiney lolcow from facebook, screencap a bunch of their whiney/stupid updates, and pose as them on 4chan.
Am I that person if I choose to smear them and troll with someone else's identity?

No. 86702

I bet I could mimic their typing and behave as they would too, just to add the cherry on the flimflam sundae. Seriously.

No. 86703

i dont know why its such a stretch to think francis was real and posted on 4chan lol

No. 86704

Because it's not like it ever posted a timestamp or did anything to indicate it wasn't just some person stealing her pics from the fb and reposting to cgl with her inane, retarded questions she asked in her groups.

Anyway, I'm sorry if you were involved with that troll but it really was obvious after a long while. It's not legendary, and it seems like the only people who ever bring it up in an endearing way on cgl were involved with it.

No. 86706

I don't believe a troll would go through those lengths. Obviously people were pretending to be her, we agree, but how can you not agree that she herself was ALSO posting to 4chan

No. 86707

>a troll would not go through the lengths to repost pictures on cgl and troll on and off for a solid year
If we have serial ban-evaders like housewifechan who can be on 4chan for upwards of 8 hours a day for 3 months solid and counting, I can believe it.

Maybe real Frances posted on cgl, like once, got banned. But clearly the foolery that followed was not her.

No. 86709

You don't have a way to prove that she only posted to 4chan once and neither do I so I guess none of this matters. Either way this comment on getoffegl sums up how I feel:

>Frances is a real person. She is a living and breathing weirdo who got butthurt that people found her lack of social skills and obsession with pantyhose creepy who pops up time an time again to remind us that she loves pantyhose and is upset that we didn't accept her with open arms years ago. She has had facebooks with different pictures of her and pictures of her Mary Kay stuff. If I were to take a guess, it seems like she has some sort of disorder that makes her just not be able to let it go and pick up the social cues that we don't want to talk to her about Mary Kay and pantyhose.

>On 4chan for some reason people like to pretend to be her, especially whenever she pops up to remind them she's upset they banned her and that she loves pantyhose. Some Frances are trolls, but one of them is the real Frances. I would guess that his is the real Frances, and not one of the trolls. If it is a troll, pulling some extended Frances social experiment, this person has fallen so far down the Mary Kay hole that they have just become the next incarnation of The One True Frances.

No. 86717

Is anyone else following the spergfest in the friend thread? I feel bad for the anons in that thread who actually just want people to talk to kek

No. 86718

I'm not sure what's worse, HWC or the people who engage/goad her on

No. 86734

The people who engage her are worse. Not gonna lie I thought HWC was entertaining for maybe a couple days just because people were getting so butthurt over an obvious troll.
Now she's just incredibly annoying because she's clogging up every single thread with her bullshit. I wish people would stop replying to her because all she wants is attention.

No. 86764

Friend thread got purged. I don't normally say this but thank god for the mods.

No. 87067

File: 1461132836062.jpeg (1.32 MB, 2608x3680, image.jpeg)

How about the "popular" trips from back in the day? What happened to them?

No. 87153

I seriously wish HWC would fucking die. It was kinda funny at first but now they need to fuck off.

No. 87157

Man, RIP gorgeous-era Charms.

No. 87165

I wonder if it's even still the actual HWC or if it's a bunch of trolls imitating her now.

Also fuck the SF comm for derailing the local comm thread. AGAIN.

No. 87178

Spoony, Charms, Ophelia and Choke are all lolcows now. Spoony is an insecure piece of shit with a sad body who constantly browses drama boards in order to furiously shitpost whenever someone mentions her. Charms is a doped up, obese sugar momma to an aging anorexic lesbian named Scraps. Ophelia is still infamous for those bloody tampon pictures, isn't she? Choke's business is choking up as the western Lolita community begins to realize she is nothing but a sham.

Annie tried to get this thread taken down by using a proxy to submit false rape threats about herself and then report it to Admin-sama.
Miyu stopped doing internet stuff (right?) and is now heavy into lifting and bodybuilding. Pretty sure Maryjane has a thread here on /snow/. Finally, Voldie got fat as fuck and constantly stirs up drama on /cgl/ by being an insufferable attention whore.

And Pixyteri is still Queen.

No. 87259

Eh, just my two cents:
Charms is a camwhore, Choke is a scammer/shitty webshop owner, Ophelia seems to have gone underground since all of her druggy camwhore shit surfaced. Haven't checked up on her for a while. The bloody tampon pics are almost understandable considering how she was being 'groomed' (or claimed as such) by the audience that those pictures were released to, but she just seems caught in a downward spiral now. Spoony's actually the only one who doesn't completely annoy me, even if the mere mention of her name seems to infuriate most anons to the point of incomprehensible sperglord rage. Say what you want, but I'll be forever grateful for the times that she rolled over on Charms & exposed the milk that was garnered through slow, careful tending. She is a grade-A farmer, through and through, if she can only learn to keep her identity concealed.
And for the past few months, I'd say she's been doing pretty well. Maybe she learned something from her thread.

No. 87377

okay spoony

No. 87423

File: 1461259388769.jpg (19.16 KB, 306x306, exyd3ka.jpg)

No. 88497

why do people hate trips so much nowadays? nothing wrong with identifying yourself.
besides, there are non-trip attention whores like Zekia who make a goddamn thread that said "post your favorite seagulls" with a picture of herself as OP pic.

No. 88503

Tripfags were always hated, anon.

No. 88516

>local comm thread
>sf talking about their local comm
>calling it derailment

You're fucking retarded.

No. 88530

Are YOU retarded? They keep talking about that tripfag Tim and how omg she's totally ruining the comm! It's fucking annoying.

No. 88531

Oh fuck off. 98% of the time, the only reason to tripfag on an anonymous image board is if you crave attention.

The only exception is if you're actually a relevant and important figure regarding the discussion topic, you want to contribute useful content, and you don't want impersonators. It's very rare that that situation applies to a tripfag. And even then, they shouldn't tripfag outside of that one thread.

No. 88542

File: 1461706239460.jpg (268.75 KB, 1125x681, Tripfaggots.jpg)

No. 88548

There's literally 3 posts talking about Tim you sperg.

No. 88550

well, for starters, it completely defeats the point of having an anonymous image board.
even if tripfags didn't share images of themselves or details about their personal lives like they usually do, it would still be completely unnecessary to create an identity for yourself on a chan-style forum unless you're specifically looking for attention and recognition from the user-base.
As you can probably tell by the high sodium content of /pt/ and /snow/, this is a really bad idea anywhere, but most especially if you're delusional enough to hope for acclaim and praise from your farmers 'round these parts.

No. 88557

You didn't see the previous thread, did you…

No. 88576

I know everyone thought Angela was kawaii and shit but honestly I find her face so punchable and she's got a shit personality to boot.

No. 88620

Anon said sf is shitting up the thread again - meaning the new comm general, not the old one.

No. 89054

File: 1461996938279.jpg (45.58 KB, 523x530, 1459659820937.jpg)

i think i'm gonna stop posting in the feels thread because that's the third fucking time i've been banned for posting in there despite the fact my posts have been cosplay related feels

No. 89057

I've been banned for self-posting… in the self-post thread. The mods are off their rockers 99% of the time.

No. 89263

File: 1462117430425.jpg (512.76 KB, 900x666, 21_P_1292110673122.jpg)

I was just Googling images of the EOS Max Pure Green circle lenses and this image popped up on a site selling them.

This is Miyu right?

No. 89264

File: 1462117472013.jpg (1.38 MB, 2437x1840, 1384377808010.jpg)


Older picture of Miyu for reference.

No. 102300

It's not that hard to use a proxy man. You're giving these people way too much credit.

No. 102301

There's a ton of newbies as of now and they all fucking engage her. It's cringe every time.

It's fucking annoying that she pretty much has the power to get shit deleted though.

And does anyone remember that chick that supposedly got in touch with her husband and it turned out they "knew" each other. Yeah fucking right. I call conspiracy like a mother fucker.

No. 104555

Who is HWC? I tried googling her and I just found a discussion about menhera fashion here


It seems like HWC is against menhera? I don't really like the fashion too. It seems really, really ~edgy~ to me. People say it's suppose to be about mental health awareness but it seems like it'd be worn by tryhard girls who love to brag about their supposed mental illness over social media. I have a big mouth and I'm pretty open about my problems I meet, but that kind of behavior is just obnoxious to me.

No. 104753

For me, I just like it because I enjoy goth/horror stuff and I liked pairing those things before I even heard of Menhera which is only part of Gurokawa style. I see no difference in liking something like this and liking horror movies and people who enjoy the horror genre aren't all jackasses with obnoxious "mental health issues" - that part is just the theme for this fashion and it is a problem in Japan actually as they don't address it like the westerners do.

No. 104755

what a great blog

No. 104762

Still doesn't mean it isn't edgy af tho

No. 105236

Menhera is actually meant to be a coping mechanism with mental illnesses because in Japan mental illness is considered almost worse than the plague and receiving treatment is almost impossible. You turn your mental illness such as depression and anxiety into a fashion style to try to rise above it and not let it control your life. It makes sense. The westfags just turned it into another generic gurokawaii/creepycute substyle with needles and pill capsules.

No. 105242

tbh that rising above your mental illness is what caused me to be drawn to it but you're right, it's been diluted to just another edgy jfash.
i'm surprised tumblr hasn't fully latched onto it yet since the concept behind it is (admittedly) so tumblr.

No. 105245

idk what mental illness is like in Japan but here in the west I think the context is very different. You have tons of girls saying "I'm so depressed, feel sorry for me" esp on social media, and I think it's fine to be mentally ill in a lot of circles or even encouraged to be open about it. So that's why menhera seems very attention seeking to me. Like "I'm just trying to express my special snowflake mental illness guys!!!! Look at me!"

No. 106706

File: 1470495134506.gif (1.7 MB, 320x179, popcorn.gif)

I have no idea what's happening in the Instagram Thread but I'm having a great time wading through whatever went down while I was asleep.

No. 107220

Glad you were entertained!

No. 107221

HWC is loose in the menhera thread again.
Also the anon that talks to her husband made an appearance again.

No. 107223

are you vendetta anon?

No. 107224

No, I seriously was saying I wouldn't be upset if she sent me vag pics. She never did and I've never fucking spoken to the girl.
I'd probably laugh if that happened, like what?

No. 107225

oh ok. if you were vendetta anon, i would've ripped you a new one for being so annoying.
i'll have to admit you did amuse me a great ton especially because vendetta anon got so butthurt all over your posts.

No. 107226

Yeah, I don't know who that is but they post every time she posts.
The rage about shoop bothers me on that board. I used to use photoshop for fun, why is using a beauty cam any different?

other than making the quality of the photo look bad - all her pics do kind of look overly optimized. jpeg artifact type stuff.

No. 107227

File: 1470905874490.jpg (49 KB, 680x510, 5be.jpg)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, seagulls are too fucking dumb and thirsty for drama. What she's saying doesn't even sound real, she's never revealed any personal information or anything and people are still talking about her life like it's a real thing despite the lack of proof. She revels in the attention she gets and probably masturbates to her little porno fantasy whenever people reply to her shitty bait.

I'd get it if there was actual meat in that drama but they look so fucking dumb trying to 'bust' someone who's probably making everything up for shits and gigs and enjoying the attention.

No. 107228

There's definitely another anon in that thread. If that's just her posting from another device with a different IP - eh, maybe but I doubt it because she once bragged about using proxies. That's some low grade shit. Literally anyone could do that and she tried to make it sound like she was some leet hax0r getting unbanned from 4chan like no one has ever managed to do that…

Also I've seen the theory that several time someone said she wants people to think she's not real that way she can keep at it and still get the attention.

If you go look at the old menhera thread though you'll see she definitely shows more signs of irritation than before. I'm pretty sure other anon has dirt on her.

No. 107229

I started following her the first time she posted in like the first or second thread but I don't believe I've seen her around that often. The photo quality is probably because of her pastel editing or she over sharpens to make up for the bluriness when she edits her face.

No. 107230

Yeah I only followed her because she posted in a thread.
Her insta is fine? I don't get what the anon's issue is.

No. 107231

There's gulls that have problems with anyone that looks half way decent. Zekia cosplay has that creepy stalker vendetta anon that posts insults whenever she posts. They once made a bait thread called "favorite cgl users" or something like that with Zekia as op pic to make it seem like she made the thread.

No. 107232

She wouldn't get any attention if people would just hide and report her bullshit lbr

No. 107233

I did? Mods are asleep, that's why she posts right now.

No. 107234

there'll always be people who fall for her bullshit and rage at her. she 100% does it for the attention and if so much as 1 person replies to her then that's giving her exactly what she wants.
people who reply to obvious trolls are the reason why cgl is known as the easiest board to troll.

No. 107235

Iirc almost all of the mods (or all of them) are from California and it's 2 A.M. there.

No. 107236

If I knew how to get in contact with HWC, would anyone be willing to help me destroy her?

No. 107237

Sure, but I need proofs first
Anything will do

No. 107238

Bro I would 100% be down for spamming HWC. If you manage to get her info, post it ASAP.

No. 107239

But you probably don't.

No. 107240

I've got her KIK. Part of the username for her kik is used in her shitty trip she used to shit up the menhera thread with.

I don't want to spam her, I want to destroy her. Someone needs to get close to her so she trusts them and then they need to shit on everything she's trusted them with .

No. 107241

Half a kik username doesn't exactly prove her identity.

No. 107373

vendetta anon is back. i'm pretty sure we won't be having another instagram thread after this one.

No. 107429

Haven't been on cgl in about a year and it seems it's moving slower than ever before. Has it decreased in polarity or have I just gotten used to faster moving boards?

No. 107494

i've been feeling like cgl has been slower lately too. it is still con season so most people are hanging out at cons and not posting on cgl as often though.

No. 108189

Frances, "Frances", has made a presence again and caused some drama on RC after getting added to it. And then banned lol

No. 109461

At this point I honestly wish HWC would die in a freak accident

No. 110694

Why is /cgl/ so hellbent on pointing out that a lot of Asian cosplayers shoop? Anyone who thinks with their brain instead of their dick can tell that no one ACTUALLY looks like an uguu kawaii baby-chan.

No. 114735

wonder what happen to drep queen I only she had drama with Voldemort

No. 115505

Was Frances the one who was obsessed with panty hose and dresses? I had been trying to think of her name for a while now

No. 117610

The closet of frills threads are bringing in a whole new crowd.
Posts are reading like they're fresh off of facebook.
Telling people to lurk more just get bitched at.
I got 'warned' for telling someone to lose weight.

wtf cgl

No. 117623

No. 120016

idk if this is too obscure but I remember back in old cgl days a user named Matt and Tenlied or something and they started dating. They were pretty popular tripfags on the board but lately I've been seeing mutual friends going on about how he was abusive towards her?

What was that drama about? It seems like all the old tripfags are trying to be forced to pick sides and a gofundme was set up for Ten.

No. 120663

as per usual with people who claim to have info on HWC, they state they do and then post nothing.

I assume you mean the galactic butthole handle she uses?
but which part, unhelpful anon?

No. 120755

File: 1481443415976.jpg (655.67 KB, 1538x991, fucking really.jpg)

sure would be nice to get that info already.

No. 121010

I thought that worthless cow killed herself.

No. 121165

File: 1481786862797.jpg (330.85 KB, 1122x798, ama121416.jpg)

Almost nightly AMA threads from her now attention whoring.

No. 121219

You're partly to blame on why she keeps coming back and doing them since you keep replying to her bullshit.

No. 121221

I like the one anons idea that we gather as much as we can to get close to her. I have a sneaky suspicion its a guy now.

No. 121223

The motives/petty behavior is distinctly feminine. You can gather as much information on her as you want but move it to her thread and stop replying to her. You can't complain about her shitposting and reply to her at the same time, because that's the only reason she has stuck around as long as she has.

No. 121253

I'm not the only person posting in those threads? Also when I spam, she gives up replying.

And I don't usually bring her up in other threads. There's a lot of people who like to bring her up from time to time.

No. 121255

Do you really think just because other people reply to her it makes it okay for you to do too? You posted proof yourself you keep replying, asking multiple questions and egging her on.

Don't act like she's so terrible when you are encouraging her and her endless bullshit.

No. 121301

Shut the fuck up. You must be HWC, this isn't the first time I've seen someone post "hurr let's keep replying to her to get info!"

For one, you don't even know it's a girl.
Secondly, this person could literally say anything at this point or try to frame someone else. Without a specific timestamp showing face we don't know this isn't some obese neckbeard from r9k.
Stop. Replying.

No. 172272

I had stopped replying for a month and she continued on. Like I left /cgl/ for most of November. I wouldn't post but when I lurked, her threads were there.

She still does it if I reply or not so…

I get that she could frame someone else but so far she refuses to admit she is anyone.

Also, I'm not her but the other person who is always trolling the board. Some have called me out on it before, saying that I actually troll more than she does.

She's just annoying for being an attention whore. I don't think she is some god awful person, but I do think if she can have threads all to herself then other people should get the same. I just think she's being unfair to people. Also I just want to know what she looks like because I bet it's not all it's cracked up to be and it'd be fun to have a good laugh at her for once as in the past, she was just being a hypocrite by calling others ugly and saying she's so amazing looking when there is no proof of this and she's clearly talking out of her ass. But if you're going to talk out of your ass this much, it's time to back something up.

It probably is just a fat neckbeard from r9k or /v/ because that story about her husband having bodyguards and shit is just too far fetched on top of being convenient.

No. 172275

>she, she, she, she

You don't know this. It's probably some greasy old dude. Why is this so important to you?

No. 172365

They are referring to themselves that way. Should I just start calling her a he? Are you fucking triggered over this persons gender?

I even said that it very well could just be a guy from another board RPing.

No. 172374

>Should I just start calling her a he?

Would be accurate.

No. 172379

File: 1482045510944.jpg (438.97 KB, 1189x1498, thiswaspostedsuddenly.jpg)

HWC's got a thread with fucking 15 replies to her and I'm not any of them.

So you see. People will respond regardless of if I help them or not. And I report her and hide the threads now. Jani's are shit, whatever.

Also who is this and why was it randomly posted to the CoF thread?

No. 172385

I know this girl and she could be HWC. She lives in Japan. Although she does have social media.

No. 172412

That doesn't change the fact you are still encouraging her when you reply to her. This isn't hard to figure out, just because all the cool kids are injecting the marijuana doesn't mean you have to too.

No. 172506

Okay, so I said, I'm not responding to her anymore? She still got several replies. Why are you still hounding me for something I quit doing?

No. 172652

You are getting shit and people telling you to fuck off because you've provided us with proof that you are/have been a constant in her threads and encouraging her. It's not just one post per thread either, your screenshot shows you going to her thread and asking her consecutive questions to make her think more people are interested in those threads.

That and this "OMG I'm an even bigger trollz than the big bad HWC!!! look!!! look at how much I trollz every1" shit you are boasting. If it's true you are just as bad as she is.

I wouldn't be surprised if you are actually HWC at this point, you seem to completely lack the ability to understand why what you did is annoying/wrong and think that you should be able to get away with it because you are le ebin troll.

No. 172655

>being jealous of a girl because she's married to a jap

you people are such turboweebs, lol.

No. 172682

>I wouldn't be surprised if you are actually HWC at this point, you seem to completely lack the ability to understand why what you did is annoying/wrong and think that you should be able to get away with it because you are le ebin troll.

MTE anon. And hopefully our dear admins are taking note of the IPs behind those particular posts. HWC would be a fool beyond belief to think moderation is the same here like it is on cgl. Who knows, we may have an even bigger reveal and scandal than we did with keek week soon.

No. 172857

They even used HWC's favorite buzzword, isn't it pretty much confirmed that it's her at this point?

No. 174036

Please use >>>/snow/223482 to discuss HWC.

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