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No. 563330

Previous thread: >>>/ot/551905

No. 563339

my stupid question: difference between this and the dumbass shit thread?

No. 563342

dumbass thread is when u want to post something but it doesnt fit any thread

No. 563412

I usually ask questions here, and just leave my stupid thoughts in the dumbass shit thread.

No. 563456

I've been on this stupid site for three years now (got directed here by someone who also hated hc brown) and still don't know how to use the fucking catalog.

No. 563457

What don’t you understand anon? Not trying to sound rude, just want to help.

No. 563462

You click on the catalog, it opens and you can easily view the threads on here and click on those you want to look at


No. 563527

How to deal with being chronically lonely?
I am once again left with no one to share thoughts and feelings with and I am feeling worse than ever. I just want to be comfortably alone.

No. 563553

Is it considered rude to stare at other people's dogs while walking by?

No. 563556

Find a hobby that occupies a lot of time, stay active, enjoy small things that make your day brighter. It basically comes down to distracting yourself.

No. 563561

I smile at peoples dogs and if the dogs tries to approach me I politely ask if I can greet the dog, it always works but I have to make polite small talk with the human while I secretly conspire to steal their dog.

No. 563591

This might be a little childish but I once used to be the same and I cope with having my own little online diary. I basically have this throwaway Instagram account which is private and has zero followers and I just post about whatever I am thinking about on there and it really helps me get things off my chest, because it's like I'm speaking in the void and no one is judging what I say or think

No. 563599

Distraction is just what I need. I bought oil paints a while ago etc and I guess I need to bust 'em open and learn to just enjoy my company and not get overwhemled. Thanks anon.

This is kind of a sweet idea. A throwaway account just for vents. Or maybe a blog or an actual diary or something? I think I could benefit from that. Not childish at all if it helps you. Thank you anon, I greatly appreciate your help.

No. 563603

File: 1591096496758.png (1.08 KB, 306x78, tumblr_d113b99da261eb96c4a8cd8…)

You're welcome! I hope you will feel better soon ♥

No. 563696

When women scream and moan really loudly during sex are they faking it? My next door neighbor moans so loud during the whole time they're fucking. I always assume a girl is faking it if she does that becuz most girls who really are enjoying it are silent the whole time and then moan when they cum….(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563729

Some people are vocal that’s all.(Do not reply to scrotes)

No. 563733

She's prob with a man, men love it when women moan loudly so it's part of the performance.(Do not reply to scrotes)

No. 563736

It makes it feel better(probs breathing) and it helps the fragile male ego survive(Do not reply to scrotes)

No. 563753

how do you know if you still like a guy or not?

how do you tell a guy that you prefer him with longer hair?

someone I like (??) cut his hair short and he looks 28 going 40, what do?

No. 563791

Does anyone really like eating ass or is everyone lying?

No. 563806

I don’t think they’re lying and I hate that it feels so good kek

No. 563809

How was this flagged for scrot bait? Maybe anon is just a girl who doesn't personally moan? Farmhands are ridiculously paranoid

No. 563814

Yeah I thought anon was just being a little bitchy, I didn't detect scrote either but I'm glad I opted to do something else before I replied to that. Sheesh.

No. 563823

Farmhands will let obvious baiting/infighting continue for hours but flag that as scrotposting? lmfao

No. 563830

Why is this site obsessed with small tits?

No. 563832

They're objectively more attractive than big tits, less prone to sagging due to age, less stretch marks, remain perkier

No. 563833

Because they're participating in it.

No. 563845

Glad to see someone else shares my tinfoil about mods tripdropping and infighting kek

No. 563848

File: 1591119497702.jpg (87.91 KB, 969x2048, 20200602_133347.jpg)

I feel really dumb asking this, but my dad told me this was a radon detector in my room right above my bed..but I feel suspicious thinking it might be a camera recording me. It's right above my bed. Idk during an incident my dad admitted he knows what I do at least in other parts of the house via cameras that were always recording inside and that he was able to view via his phone and my bf said it hasn't always been there and I have terrible memory and am paranoid…please tell me this doesn't look like some kind of camera and I am just freaking out for no reason lol

No. 563849

just take the cover off and see whats underneath it, youd be able to find a camera lens somewhere if one was hidden inside

No. 563851

He is likely telling you that because he knows it'll scare you and be detrimental to your mental health. No "discreet" camera looks like that. cover it up with a poster

No. 563853

My house has really high ceilings, even in my bedroom…maybe I can get my older brother who knows more about this kinda stuff to get his ladder and come check it for me. Thanks anons.

No. 563893

I don't think the site is but in the mainstream media you get 'big tits are better' rammed down your throat so much when people express the contrary opinion it probably sticks out more.

No. 563895

Maybe check amazon or similar for fake cameras and what they look like? There are lods of different ones, there's also camera detectors

No. 563904

File: 1591122514882.jpg (55.1 KB, 666x500, 43qk2q.jpg)

why is the thread pic an emoji

No. 563976

Why the hell is your Dad even recording you in the first place? That's friggin weird. Am I missing something here?

No. 563981

I'm OP and yea it really is, it gives me panic attacks. Like I will be cleaning and come face to face with a camera after being bent down and feel so awkward knowing I have to continue cleaning in front of the camera. Even if you are family, I thought you couldn't be recorded without your consent…I'm honestly not sure what to think.

No. 563999

File: 1591128388926.jpg (162.56 KB, 1129x1546, 20200602_160358_kindlephoto-17…)

Samefag, but in this pic is one of the obvious cameras. I've been up close and seen the lens.

No. 564003

Yeah…Im really confused tbh. Why is he recording you? Do you need assistance of some sort? If so thats understandable, but if not, and you are a grown adult, this is fucking creepy without a better explanation….

No. 564031

I guess what I want to know is if this is illegal. I am an adult but with i guess.."severe" disabilities, both mental and physical that have unfortunately left me dependent on my parents. I feel like i am being taken advantage of, sometimes he smacks my butt, even in front of my mom. I feel uncomfortable and don't know if it is safe to contact someone about my rights. My dad is what you would call influential maybe is the right word in this town.

No. 564035

anon, this really is not okay, you have rights even if they’re designated as your caretakers, and even then, it’s beyond disgusting and perverted that your father would touch you in that way and set up cameras.

No. 564036

Thats really concerning anon. I wish I knew how to help you. Are there any other adults you feel you can trust enough to talk to about this? Your bf's family maybe? Someone close enough to you to understand the situation? Be safe anon.

No. 564052

If he's your caretaker and he's touching you like that, then that's sexual abuse. You need to contact social services or someone you can trust, because that's disgusting.

No. 564053

If you have any privacy at medical/psyche appts you could mention it there, and ask to get a social worker involved in looking into your home.

My dad was pretty sketchy with overstepping boundaries and not allowing me privacy as a teen. It put pressure on him when a social worker was assigned to the family and interviewed him 'just to make sure all was healthy in the home'

No. 564056

Same what other anons said but i wanna add that you need to know that no matter your disabilities on dependance to your parents, it's never ok to touch you like that. You have your rights, hope you can contact someone who can shed some proper light on your situation and rights.

No. 564118

can you share what those disabilities are. Are they diagnosed by a doctor or what? I'm asking this for a reason to make sure you're not being gaslighted. Please answer, this is actually making me nauseous as someone who works in a field that deals with catching this (possible) abuse on the daily.

No. 564125

the way anon is casually mentioning all of this makes it feel like she doesn't realize how fucked up this all really is or could be. Either she's been sheltered and brainwashed into thinking this is a normal family dynamic, or her severe mental and physical issues are inhibiting her from seeing this. Either way, I hope they respond.

No. 564173

I don't know where to find the link to click to use it. Pls no bully I know I'm dumb

No. 564187

CPTSD, epilepsy, fibromyalgia (though i am also getting tested for discoid lupus), personality disorder and OCD. I have spent a lot of time in the ICU this year and have a history of being in hospital/psych wards. Yes, it has all been diagnosed by a doctor.

No. 564193

My dad says he has most of the cameras for safety reasons, but we have never been robbed before and live in a wealthy area. I guess I am just scared because I don't want to believe I am being watched in maybe a more perverted way

No. 564207

File: 1591146846756.jpeg (156.57 KB, 1242x354, 17892455-202E-498D-A1ED-1B51FC…)

At the bottom.

No. 564261

I have actually heard about families installing baby monitors and such to keep track of family members with epilepsy, just in case they have a nasty fall during seizures, but with consent.
And you should have the right to not be watched in your own room. Do you think you have enough of a relationship with your mom that you could speak to her about the cameras in the rest of the house?
Seconding what everyone else said about talking to a trusted person like a social worker or the family of your bf

No. 564334

oh my GOD thank you anon… It's also at the top right of the page on desktop… jesus. Thank you have an excellent day!

No. 564373

File: 1591159862328.jpeg (32.22 KB, 500x225, 7120B52B-E9E0-4B17-A860-181E38…)

You’re welcome.

No. 564478

Thanks, good to know. Unfortunately since the corona thing started people (understandably) don't let others touch their dogs so I have to be content with just looking and smiling.

No. 564481

Should I buy a garment steamer for the sole reason that I really hate ironing? Are they even interchangeable?

No. 564496

Is it a bad idea to sign up on some dating apps right now?
I don't live in America, if that counts.

No. 564507

How do I get the chemical dye smell out of my brand new denim jacket?? I have already washed it twice, soaked it in vinegar, sprayed it with Febreeze and the smell is still fucking there

No. 564533

Did you run it through the dryer after you washed it? If so RIP

No. 564535

I don't have a dryer so I just hung it outside…is there anything else I can do?? I will try soaking it in baking soda solution too, maybe that will help

No. 564538

Yeah, we used to steam clothes at the second hand shop I worked out to get creases out. I didn't get to use it because I was underage at the time. Apparently there were safety risks, you can't do it in a really enclosed room, something like that but it definitely works.

No. 564598

Why did a stupid hijabi’s daughter looked at me funny when I’m out wearing a mask? If I don’t wear one I’ll get a fine. I hate stupid kids and their moms.

No. 564635

this site has actually gone to shit…. burn the whole place to the ground.

No. 564638

What? Her mother wears a mask too. Kid is about 14 years old.

No. 564640

Are you seriously getting triggered over someone being describes as a hijabi?

No. 564644

Are you really assuming I give a shit about that? Who goes on an imageboard to call a random person stupid because their child stared at them with their own two eyes while walking past. Why are you assuming they stared at you because of your mask?

No. 564649

considering hijabi isn't a slur, I'm pretty sure anon is more alarmed by the fact that op is complaining about eye contact, something non-autists take part in pretty regularly.

No. 564653

let me fish out the answers out of my ass
ah yes, they looked at you because.. hmm.. uhhhh.. ok there it is

the answer: you're a cunt

No. 564655

She giggled at me and stared at me in the bus for a full good 15 minutes. I mentioned the mother’s a hijabi because she covers her face and her entire head. Just stop posting already, wtf did I even do? I meant to call the daughter and mother stupid because she raised her. The daughter didn’t wear a mask.

No. 564658


Jesus christ

No. 564661

I can guarantee this didn't happen but go off. You went from saying they stared at you funny, to giggling and eye raping you for 15 minutes. Stop adding to the story and also stop telling people not to post just because you don't like the response they gave to the question you asked kek kek kek

No. 564665

>but go off
Fuck off to twitter

No. 564666

I made it brief because bitching about it as a wall of text isn’t necessary. I’m a muslim, retarded assfuck.

No. 564669

I love when anons are vague as fuck at first - and when people call them out they dramatically add to the story and get mad lol.

No. 564671

No. 564672

stfu and stop flooding the thread. No one gives a shit that you called the lady a hijabi or that you're muslim. literally no one. Your mood disorder is FLARING right now.

No. 564675

No. 564715

What is it called when I can’t drink straight milk without getting the shits, but I can still eat things where milk is an ingredient? I thought maybe it had something to do with heating up the milk, but I can even eat overnight oats made with milk. I can have other dairy products just fine so I don’t think it’s lactose intolerance. Is it a milk sensitivity, or is my stomach just stupidly picky?

No. 564726

Yeah that's just a light lactose intolerance. Straight milk is one concentrated dose so it overwhelms your stomach but if it's mixed in with stuff it's easier for your body to deal with it. Dairy by itself is gross and bad for your skin anyway, your body is saving you from yourself

No. 564740

Thanks anon! I actually don’t like the taste of straight milk to begin with anyway, but was just curious about what the hell was going on lol.

No. 564762

File: 1591200627767.jpeg (675.49 KB, 1242x1192, 1569236934021.jpeg)

Why did I get a random "we received your return!" notification and money from asos, yet no email? I haven't returned shit

No. 564767

Chicago anons what's the deal with little village right now?

No. 564773

An error in the system, karma? I dunno it's free money.

No. 564774

True, maybe I'll donate it

No. 564779

File: 1591206019244.webm (5.92 MB, 204x300, chivo2121 rage.webm)

not from chicago but apparently gang members are fighting looters and this angry man is glad. His rage makes me laugh, but of course, it's concerning.

No. 564787

Anyone else after drinking tends to get lethargic? Not even sad, just stares into the distance for 5 minutes straight. I hate that my friends can enjoy themselves and laugh while I'm too busy ??? to have a coherent thought.

No. 564792

I'm the first to pass out at parties not because I drank too much but because I get sleepy. I just wanna curl up and take a nap.

No. 564793

This is not meant to be race-bait, I won't argue on it anymore.

But christ these machismo idiots make me so ashamed to be fucking Latino. This shit is cultural and I've always tried to see the best in us but it's just not something I can deny anymore.

My uncles are racist my grandparents are racist. I know they had it hard growing up but it's not an excuse.

My dad used to tell me stories about how in highschool, masses of black and Mexican kids would have actual race wars/brawls in the gym. It's just a perpetual cycle because it's just that ingrained in our culture, especially so in burgerland.

We be waitin on that great extinction.

No. 564795

if you meet your partner's parents/family for the first time, do you feel compelled to bring a gift? if so, how big?

eurofag here; i'm thinking for bringing crepes for when it happens within the next month or so. i cant bake because shit kitchen so it sounds like the best option. we haven't been together long so even a relatively cheap bottle of wine would be too much, methinks.

what do you guys think on the topic? i thought it was universal but apparently not.

No. 564797

I think something you'd do yourself - so like crepes - is the best choice. I always made sth like cookies or cake and everyone seemed happy.

No. 564799

Crepes is nice (are you french?). It can be eaten at a/the dessert and shared. Nice way to bond.
Maybe bring a topping along (jam, nutella?) so they're not in a spot if they have nothing on hand to spread on them.

No. 564800

My dad used to be one of the only mexicans in his school in Compton and would get beat up with his sister on black history month lol
Every culture and group has this issue.

No. 564801

It always has a different effect on me; sometimes I get the lethargy that you mentioned, I feel sort of disconnected from reality and unable to talk to people, sometimes it makes me energetic and I talk like a waterfall. There was a time when I would downright feel depressed and I would have crying fits after drinking like one glass of champagne.

I think it amplifies the mood you were in before drinking

No. 564802

File: 1591209519869.png (888.99 KB, 2152x1078, 2020-06-03 at 1.37.06 PM.png)

Nah I've seen a lot of positive posts on twitter when searching Chicago keywords. The horse guy rode around in LV and went live on tiktok, there's videos of him waving and talking to random Hispanic bangers, and I believe there was a black/brown solidarity march in Pilsen. Mexicans are racist as fuck though and that's not gonna end any time soon

Did anyone see that demented fake flyer going around about a race war shootout at Cicero? It was funny as hell

No. 564806

File: 1591209736141.jpg (203.24 KB, 990x1394, 591133364430.jpg)

This is the flyer. It's complete nonsense which makes me think it was made by a cop or some /pol/ agitator

No. 564814

Reminds me of that article about some paletero man getting shot by black men and all these cholos came out of the woodwork looking for them.

I love how badly put together it is.
The cowboy boots lmaooo

No. 564819

yeah i figured it's better than something bought, it's fairly cheap and everyone enjoys it.
i am french, lmao. i didn't even think of bringing jam myself though; thanks for the tip!

No. 564821

So I signed up on Bumble and is this a thing? Every other dude has a picture with an attractive woman in his profile like why? I wanna see how you look, I don't wanna know that you do in fact know some gorgeous ladies. This one dude had a picture where he seriously looked liked he was staring at the womans chest. So weird. Just upload your own pics lol

No. 564829

i've seen that so many times! more on tinder than on bumble, but a lot of them write "she's just my sister/cousin". those who don't are really confusing though. do they not realize they make it look like they already get enough pussy??

No. 564833

Ahah, knew it.
Tu peux ramener du cidre doux avec si tu veux vraiment go overboard mais les crêpes et de la confiture, honnêtement, je ne vois pas comment qui que ce soit n'apprécierait pas.

No. 564837

File: 1591213187004.jpeg (18.55 KB, 257x229, 3B6428D0-974D-4F20-BF52-34FFA1…)

How do I cope with the fact that people I hate exist

No. 564838

Jams and cheese would be okay too, maybe a plant but that could be seen as a burden. Be sure to check if they have any allergies tho

No. 564840

haha peut-être si je retourne chez eux! askip ils aiment bien le cidre dans cette famille.

cheese is a good one! i'll make sure to ask for allergies.

No. 564863

If you aren't required to deal with them irl, just pretend they're dead. One day they will be!

No. 564886

Tips on introducing yourself to slightly internet famous person in dms? Would they prefer to be treated normally or should you discuss their work?

No. 564888

Just treat them like they're another cow on /snow/ or something. Observe from afar and laugh at their shitty behavior without sucking yourself into the drama or stooping to their level.

No. 564895

Ok, so I’ve only ever met famous people irl, but if you want to befriend or date a celebrity, rule #1 is you NEVER approach them. You act natural, ignore them, and they will approach you. They won’t really be interested in getting to know you if you approach them like a fan. So, admittedly, I don’t have experience cold messaging celebrities online… but I plain would not DM this person. I would wait for them to message me first. Do you know if you have caught this person’s eye at all? Is he following you too?

No. 564905

I usually just DM them and act like I would with anybody else. They will probably take more time to reply however.

No. 564927

Would it be weird to donate magazines back to the comic shop I bought them from? I got them during a huge sale so they were practically free and I told the owner I was only buying them to read, not resell. They were also donated to the store by the person who originally owned them.

No. 564976

i dm literally anyone at the worst times and when i'm drunk. my fave rapper thinks i'm funny apparently
just do it it's funny as fuck

No. 564994

Not weird at all, especially if they are donated to begin with
Support local businesses anon!

No. 565000

thanks for bringing some levity to the table

No. 565076

why do people have to judge others with weight problems so much

No. 565080

The glass beads in my weighted blanket have moved to the edge. Is there a way to redistribute the weight? I keep googling but keep getting ads.

No. 565083

it's the ultimate form of hating other women. sometimes vendetta spergs here fascinate me because it's just she's fat she's fat she's fat and it's so passionate. does weight correlate to worth in these anons' eyes? there are pro-anas, anti-anas, people who laugh at the pro-anas, there's everything. honestly, we're just animals. we're little cats. some cats are chubby, some are lean. this does not affect the cat unless it stops eating or makes itself sick from eating too much. nobody moralfags about the cat, nobody kicks the cat if it's putting on weight for the winter. the cat is happy.

No. 565087

I have struggled with maintaining a weight for a long time. I go from ana to obese and back to ana. I'm currently obese again and can't even leave my house. It really sucks because its like this is the only problem that does not evoke sympathy.

Are weighted blankets worth it? do they actually make you sleep more?

>does weight correlate to worth in these anons' eyes?
Yes, it does. Even I feel like I'm a 'better person' when I'm skinny. Even though nothing has changed personality wise, I feel like I'm bad person when obese and get treated very badly for no reason.

No. 565089

It's not aesthetic and yeah, this applies more to women. Alcohol and smoking get a pass because you don't see it.

No. 565098

yeah, it's the ultimate self-hatred for women and sometimes i feel like a tinfoiler that is Awake to the fact that it literally doesn't matter, women fat women thin and we're the ones perpetuating it and continuing the feeling of self-loathing for being human and carrying weight that we will pass onto our daughters

No. 565114

nta but a weighted blanket is worth it if you have sleep issues. At first your back will hurt until it gets used to it but it's so nice having weight on top without having to use 3-4 blankets.
I got a specific one for summer so I don't have to deal with heating up too much, I use it in winter as well with more blankets and it's heaven.

No. 565115

I don't usually judge fat people solely for being fat, though deathfats are impossible not to judge out of sheer horror. But I'm always gonna project on people who have noticeably gained weight, because for me gaining weight has always felt like failure and represents my life going downhill. Likewise, losing weight looks like success (obvious anachans excluded). I know it's not fair, but it's so deeply ingrained to feel that way about myself that I'm just going to assume the same about others. Maybe not everyone hates themselves and their lives when they get fat, but I sure af did.

Funny you brought this up because I've been reading old Charms threads today, watching her completely ruin her body over time and it's just miserable. It's worse to see than if she was just fat to begin with.

No. 565119

OT but projection and being so shameless about it is gross. Do you have bpd by chance?

No. 565121

File: 1591253154661.jpg (4.89 KB, 160x159, 1441306121421.jpg)

Do robot-chans ever get tired of 'hi bpd-chan'ing everyone who experiences feelings? Get out of /ot/ if you don't like hearing people be candid about their thoughts

No. 565122

What exactly do you think projection is? It's me thinking to myself "damn that sucks for them, they must be unhappy", because I would be unhappy. I fully acknowledged that maybe it's not a fair assumption but you can't seriously think it's BPD or even unusual to imagine other people may feel similarly as you do.

No. 565124

It's almost like anon was thinking in black and white terms… wait a damn minute…

No. 565135

File: 1591255670407.jpg (207.73 KB, 1587x1200, 1585905793521.jpg)

what do u do to get over a dude and enjoy your own company

t. simp

No. 565138

I personally judge overweight-chans only if they are always WHINING about how fat they are for compliments and attention, while never doing anything about their weight. Ever.

No. 565139

File: 1591256526556.jpg (21.22 KB, 400x398, simp.jpg)

There's nothing you really can do, anon. It's in the past and you'll think of him every time you see the literal word "him" and there's not much we can do about it. If it's recent, maybe time will help you but if it's not that recent, I'm afraid it's part of you at this stage and you'll remember him when you're old. Connection can be tragic, I'll always miss his love but it is what it is. Keep good feeling for him in your heart.

I'm mostly skinny, chubby in the legs/ass and i've never judged anyone on weight because i feel i've never been judged on mine. Maybe skinny women who get praised feel strongly about it and so do chubby-chans if they place value on being THICQUE and get their feelings hurt when people point out that they're still overweight. I don't know, bodies change a lot, I'd hate to throw a stone only to discover i'm living in a glass house when i struggle to get my favourite dress on after a depressive episode.

No. 565140

>you'll think of him every time you see the literal word "him"
i dont want this to be true

No. 565143

Sorry anon, I didn't mean this to be a doomer "it's over" sort of thing but if it's really not going, there's no point obsessing over moving on when you're not ready. Accepting his presence in your day to day thoughts can be okay too. Many are in our situation, people years on think about past loves they never got over who now live in different countries, have married someone else, have died. It hurts very much but I'm glad it happened. Now you can empathise with others who are and will go through this, and now your world view is widened.

No. 565144

That's a nice mindset to have, anon. I really wish I could have thought this way, too. But it's also this weird fact on how whenever I would befriend a chubby woman, they would always start throwing their insecurities at me and jealousy. I don't know why every relationship with chubby-chans would turn into toxic ones, when I would never do or say anything bad but exist. I don't treat people like garbage, and even if I think they're garbage, I keep it to myself and just not talk to them. So far the only good relationships w fat/chubby-chans that I had were with much older women who are actually sane about it and got their things in mind.

No. 565145

My breakup was less than a week ago but I don’t want to feel this heavy, painful longing for the rest of my life

No. 565146

do discord servers just die after awhile?

No. 565147

They do, it all depends on what kind of users you have OR how u take care of it

No. 565149

Why wont the farmhands talk to us or ban spam, but they will ban us randomly for no reason?

No. 565150

definitely a user problem, there's a sperg that killed the vibe and i'm positive it would be more active if he wasn't there kek

No. 565151

I feel that. My old server died in activity back when I kept these kinds of spregs or debatefags, and all I can say, really, is just kick him off or talk to him before doing that. Most likely he will start victimizing himself, but it's only his fault that he's like that.

No. 565152

it's going to be hard for a while, but time heals all wounds. yes you don't want to hear this and just want to get this over with, but you simply have to wait and do your best to keep living and make more memories without him.
also, don't become a shut-in. if you used to go to the restaurant with him, go to the restaurant with a friend or family member. that way your last memory of x activity won't be with him, and some day the last time you did x or went to y with him would be ages ago.

No. 565155

I actually prefer the silence from farmhands right now. I've reported some newfaggotry recently and had it dealt with in minutes. There have been some odd bans but i prefer the feeling of being just among ourselves with them silently chloroform ragging spergs and taking them out back to pasture.

No. 565175

any american anons know about tax returns?
i already got my refund in march, but at the beginning of april i got two more forms stating my health insurance coverage from when i switched over to a new job towards the end of the year. do i have to resubmit everything or what?

No. 565180

I'm going to visualize this every single time I report a post for the next ten years of my life

No. 565196

Second this anon >>565180 good visual description. I agree for the most part except in selfposters/Erin Painter's case. That farm hand posting her weird thinly veiled threat emails almost killed me.

No. 565289

I bought into the weighed blanket meme a year ago. I'm not sure it's helping me sleep better (if it does, it's not incredible difference) but it is comfy af and I miss it to no end when it's in the wash.

No. 565321

weighed blankets are amazing. i'm using mine right now and was literally thinking 10 minutes ago how secure and comfortable i feel.
highly recommend. the only downside is it makes it so much harder to get out of bed in the morning.

No. 565366

If your significant other has a cold sore does it mean they cheated on you? Hypothetically, of course. I'm not paranoid you're paranoid

No. 565387

Unless it’s on his dick you’re probably just being paranoid.

No. 565401

Not sure if this is the right thread for this (maybe we should have an advice thread?) but:

How do I become a less sensitive person? Is it autism? Sometimes when I write or speak or even just look in the mirror, all I can think about are possible criticisms from others. Whenever anyone says something slightly mean, I take it very hard. I don't know why. I'm trying to at least not let this sensitivity show, but does any anon have advice on this? For example, today my boyfriend told me sometimes he slightly misses being single, but he'll never leave me and still enjoys spending time with me. That's really not that bad, I know, and I'm trying not to let it get to me but it feels like normally I'd freak out over that and cry about it or whatever.

No. 565406

He has oral herpes, they can remain dormant but then break out randomly at any time. It could be due to things like stress, diet, or weather. No it doesn't mean he's cheated unless you have compounding evidence.

No. 565409

I'm a toxic person, or maybe I'm not, maybe it's my way of justifying acting bad when I'm already seeing myself as bad. I cannot say no and see myself as good at the same time. Anyway, think about why you have ever said a comment about some girl who was wearing a bad outfit or something like that. Nobody cares about her, it's just funny to point out other's fuck ups. People laugh, we bond in us vs them laughter, certain behavior is rejected and other behavior is accepted to build a sense of community. You are not good, you are not bad. Statistically, you are liked by some and disliked by others. You cannot change this. You can cope with this by adopting fuck you i'm edgy like me, you can "i'm baby" 23 year old woman with pastel hair your way into trying not to receive criticism because you're so openly vulnerable, or just live with the fact that we humans like to pass comment and none of it is actually relevant. i find it interesting that you seem to have used this site before to follow a cow (not knowing about advice threads) but you admit to taking it hard when someone makes a small comment. Do you make those comments about cows too? Do you read and laugh at comments? This isn't necessarily bad behaviour, literally nobody doesn't indulge in this.

No. 565419

Tbh anon if my bf said he "missed being single" in any capacity I would be suspect of his ability to remain faithful in the future. Imo that's not something you'd say if you were in a perfectly fine relationship?

No. 565420

I don't see other people as people and it was that way since I was like, idk, 4. Sure, they perceive me and think about what they see but they don't register as human beings but just background noise. I simply exist on my own. I'm probably both the edgelord and the pastel hair at the same time, fuck I don't even know. I look down on other people. That's how I cope, I think, but it's more of a subconscious cope I adopted early.

No. 565470

same for me. sometimes it feels weird but it makes life a lot easier, so i try not to think about it.

No. 565496

Can you tell how a scratch happened on your car? I accidentally scratched my car against a pole and I have too much pride to admit that to my parents lol. I don’t want them calling me out when I say I don’t know what happened or that I just found it like that.

No. 565512

Not really unless your parents are insurance adjusters lol just be like some asshole scratched me in the parking lot

No. 565517

girl I lied to my parents once like this when I scraped my car against a pole and said I thought someone hit me in parking lot and they called the store for security footage kek so make sure wherever you said it happened doesn't have security cameras hahahahah

No. 565534

Anyone who's taken a lobe piercing, when did you start wearing lighter hoops? I got mine done in December, had to take them out a month later due to surgery which probably messed up the healing at least somewhat.

Some sources say 6 months, others say you should wait until the lobe is fully healed so depending on your body up to 8-9 months. Some other person on the internet told me 12 months like I'm just confused. I kinda want to start wearing some of my cute jewellery by late summer at least. Idk anyone with experience?

No. 565551

is it weird to message an old college professor that you haven't talked to since you graduated 5 years ago?

just to say 'hello' and was thinking of how much i enjoyed the class

No. 565552

File: 1591310784954.jpg (8.32 KB, 200x201, lobes.jpg)

lobe piercing? are you sure you named a right one? it shouldn't take more than 6-8 weeks and it's still being very generous with time, often 1 month is enough.

No. 565559

It's not weird at all

No. 565562

Anon are you me??? I literally just told my mom about a scratch I got on my car two weeks ago today (pulled into a tight parking space poorly and somehow my red car got all the damage and the silver car I hit looked perfect), I’m terrified of my dad seeing it cause he’s observant and just like, annoying about this stuff but I was gonna lie to him and say someone else hit me in the parking lot at work. No way for them to know, don’t worry about it haha. Good luck anon, I’m in the same situation completely!!!

No. 565565

What distinguishes someone between being unconventionally attractive and just ugly? What are some must-have features in order to be attractive conventional or otherwise?

No. 565573

there is nothing you can do but try out other styles and subcultures and see where you fit in. objectively i'm weird-looking but in the gothy, vaguely druggy outcast group i fall into i'm considered good looking in a weird way. I think you'll only upset yourself if you keep trying to lean into a normie style that is just accentuating features that make you unattractive. it's also about developing some sort of character or thing that just clicks in you and you learn to field men more easily and you'll find someone who wants all your weird clothes off. If you're weird it's an absolute shame not to go with it

No. 565574

To me unconventionally attractive has a lot to do with personality, and if you’re charming in general people will gravitate towards you and start to find you attractive. I’ve had many crushes where on first glance I wasn’t attracted to them at all but once I got to know them I found them exponentially more attractive.

In terms of just physical features I would say has to do with having one or two non “ideal” features with the rest being conventional kek. Or at least having your other features balance the rest of your face out.

No. 565591

You have to figure out what aesthetic suits you best. Not to say that if wearing goth style suits you but you feel insecure wearing it you have to deal, because if you feel uncomfortable you'll look it. I think convention is just a term used to describe someone at ease. There's so many conventional beauties that are all styled and look different. They just wear the look so well they become hallmarks.

Although, being thin with curves, having clear skin, thick hair, a symmetrical face with well balanced features can't hurt anyone.

No. 565601

ANON GUESS WHAT. I went out and bought a small bottle of ultimate compound and used a clean towel and rubbed it over the scratch and 99% is gone!!!!!!!!!! I went and got a car wash and it was still good. Try it out

No. 565615

i caught my brother using KF so i got curious and checked out his search history.. it's nothing but KF

should i be worried

No. 565620

should he? two sides of the same coin, he just prefers others to hear his take coming from him whereas you either prefer the company of ony females or just don't care for putting a name to your thoughts on some sex worker. Have a chat with him instead of posting about his history online?

No. 565626

Most likely, KF is a cancerous cesspool. How old is he? Does he actually post, or just lurk? If it's the latter, it might be not be so bad if he's just looking at cows.
If he's actually involving himself in that community and/or talking about daily life, he's in for a bad time.

No. 565633

he's 16 and i don't know if he has an account but from the quick glance on his history i just saw him browsing a bunch of threads, that's it. i know i cannot act all high and mighty because i use LC myself but i'm already fucked up and don't want him to read some autistic KF thread and think whatever bullshit they're spouting there is true.
anyway, i will try to look more when i get the chance to see if he actually has an account. i hope he just lurks tho

No. 565645

My brother and I ended up finding each other on a cringe board back in the day except I was the younger one. Did you see what cows he looked at? If it's one you know about casually talk about them see if he can understand the fun in it or if he's an edgelord

No. 565647

Apparently full healing takes longer than that which makes sense considering how skin healing works. You can of course change to other studs pretty quickly but there seems to be a general consensus you should wait longer to wear hoops or dangly earrings - particularly heavier ones. So was just wondering others experience since opinions seem to vary so much.

No. 565656

It's such an invasion of privacy to check someone's search history behind their back. If I were you I would be more worried about why I felt so comfortable violating someone's privacy and boundaries.

No. 565679

What's the meanest thing you've ever said to your parents or vice versa?

No. 565680

I can't remember exactly, nothing stands out because I got used to so many stressful situations like this growing up that it blends into one. I guess the most hurtful thing I can remember doing is yelling at my father that he had abused me and was living in denial. The meanest thing he 'said' was smashing my head into the window and breaking it. It was sobering when we had to actually get the window repaired and it couldn't be forgotten about as quickly as it usually would be.

No. 565689

Why do some people have fetishes for serial killers/murderers?

No. 565692

It feels good to be "better than" someone I'm interested in, however imaginary and delusional the whole thing is, because largely relationships in my life have been me being abused, lashing out and getting abused again. I know they'd obviously be abusive too but it's just clinging to an extreme ideal from being made to feel extremely victimised. Sometimes it's just attention seeking though, which is gay

No. 565693

Idk if this counts but my mom tearfully screeched that I "could care less" about her feelings, and my response was just "It's 'couldn't care less.'"

No. 565694

The meanest thing I've ever told them was probably "eat shit" to my mother and nothing to my father, because I'm scared of that man, kek. Compared to that, they've spent so many years drilling into my head that I am useless, a disappointment, I only bring them shame and unhappiness, even animals behave better than I do, they'd rather murder me and not even the cops can take me away from them, etc.

No. 565697

my mother told me (mid argument about her shitty parenting) that even though i was planned, she wasn't ready to have kids when i was born, and i told her she shouldn't have had children then. felt cruel at the time but i think it was a logical response

No. 565699

I've said to my mom she doesn't care about me and I told my dad to go to fuck himself. My mom said I'm too sensitive and weak when I was depressed and my dad called me a sadist once

No. 565703

But anon just said she was planned. Her mom should be prepared for that or at least take responsability instead of blaming her

No. 565704

Oops, I sound off without reading and i've been up for two days straight. 'Scuse my sperg

No. 565708

>Le coping mechanism

No. 565709

No. 565747

Told my mom a few times that she should've aborted me. Harsh I know, but I had a lot of trauma and mental health issues growing up (and still do) and it's clear that my parents had no interest in really dealing with it. "Talk to your therapist" was their go to response whenever I was distressed.

Also called my aunt an cunt once. But it was right after she called me a bitch. My family is fucked up.

No. 565799

Is the term "egirl" used to describe someone who is a camwhore/online sex worker? Or is it a term for just any girl who savvily uses the internet? I always presumed it was the first one but now I see it used so often, and it's even sought after as a title.

No. 565804

When I was little my mom had the habit to kiss me goodnight with a peck on the lips. When I was 14 I she kept doing it and I remember being half asleep once when she did it and I said "ewww gross".
She never did it again.

No. 565811

I've gotten additional lobe piercing this year late February and switched to dangly earrings about 3 months later, obviously not 24/7 but these few hours I was wearing them I had zero issue. You are right it's very personal how fast your skin would heal, OP mentioned having surgery so that definitely would prolong the process, but generally I think if the recommended time has passed and you don't feel pain putting in heavier earrings it should be fine.
I still would maybe take something small for a change if necessary if i was going out with biggest and heaviest hoops ever bc im paranoid but generally 3+ months seems optimal, maybe double that time bc of anon's surgery.

No. 565826

Yeah, it's been a bit over four months since the surgery where I had to take them out so I think I'm going to start wearing my lighter hoops for a few hours sometime later this summer and see how it goes. I'll be wearing studs most of the time to sleep/relax in anyway. I'm still going to refrain from the bigger/heavier earrings. Thanks anon!

No. 565829

E-girl is a camwhore-chan who always tries her best to be not like the other girls, panders to men and sucks money off said men, too, while shamelessly hating other women, usually is fake around them or is openly hating them. There r diff types of egirls: uwu ones, girl next door, edgelord, etc. Thing that makes them equal is that deep down they are fake as fuck and all they want is validation on internet. The type who would start screaming at the other girl (or being passive aggro) on game's voicechat if they took their Mercy.

No. 565831

File: 1591346503504.jpg (146.6 KB, 1024x764, MAMMA-MIA-main-edited-1024x764…)

>Reading about anons heavily soliciting for advice about if they should go for a heavy or light hoop in their lobe piercing as a recovering ratty stick n poke artist/qualified safety pin self-piercer

No. 565832

The radfems are at it again, bring back tranny janny for the love of christ

No. 565837

Would you say that living abroad for 5 or 6 months just like the rest of the local population is long or not?

No. 565843


you'd definitely get more of a feeling of life there as opposed to a tourist or someone on a business trip…but it's pretty short overall.

No. 565845

I once told my mother "I wish you would hurry up and fucking die" before I grabbed her face and poured a cheap bottle of wine down her throat.

No. 565848


e-girl's whole identity is being fuhmale on the internet which as we all know, isn't for girls.
you're zoomer, literally everyone your age is online. most don't know shit about computer or the internet outside of brain rot for the masses. addicted to twitter? e-girl. 50 hrs in animal crossing? e-girl. ironic blingee edits? e-girl. into revival 90's fash? e-girl.

No. 565852

Egirl is a younger woman who tries to get money from men by e-whoring herself out online. Bathwater is a form of egirling, so is having twitch subs.

No. 565894

File: 1591361864846.jpg (100.39 KB, 750x746, egirl.jpg)

Egirl is an aesthetic started by girls online but >>565852 makes it really obvious that social definitions and the reflection of them in media is run by men, egirls were a thing on instagram and musicly for a while but guys online only started paying attention to the label when there was a crossover between egirl styles and what they call thots. Now when men look at egirls instead of recognizing an organically female-created aesthetic movement they just see a porn category.

It's like how many normie men only know what cosplay is because they saw it in porn, so they think all cosplayers will readily suck their dick.
>inb4 hi radfem even though I'm not hating on SWs

No. 565902

My dad told me not to have kids because "it's not rewarding like people say it is" Me and my sibling are perfectly fine adults and we weren't particularly difficult kids either so god knows what his problem was. I was 29 and in a long term stable relationship when he said it to me.

Shitty to feel like my own parent would never feel happy for me if I started my own family. My mom died a couple years prior so I had such a moment of just feeling like I had no intimate connection to family and might never get it back.

No. 565909

>twitch subs
crazy how some of the biggest e-girls are actually dudes
don't define women this way

No. 565911

am I really about to risk breaking quarantine for sex?

first time, perhaps only time, I'll be able to
literally want to kill myself due to lack of affection
im horney

death (maybe, but I do have asthma)
one of the reasons I said I wasn't going to protest was because my chances of catching it were way higher, but if I do this there's no pretense and I'm just shallow
sex might not be good

No. 565914

My dad got cancer and he said that I was the reason due to all the stress I gave him
he died within a few years, like less than 2

I don't even remember if we were on good terms after that conversation

No. 565917

If you care that your friends will be disappointed at you for skipping the protest but not the sex, is it really worth putting the strain on your friendships when you don't even know if the guy is any good at fucking? Lockdown isn't even going to last much longer.

No. 565919

I don't have friends, this is just a personal outlook

No. 565920

My mom has told me an endless amount of fucked up shit throughout my whole life so it's not easy to pick, but off the top of my head I can recall the time when I was in primary school and she was blabbering about the hypothetical decision of a life or death situation where she would have to pick which kid to save between me and my younger sister, and she said she'd save my sister without thinking twice. She had absolutely no reason to say that to my face, it's hard to hear that your own mother would leave you to die without a second thought. Even though it would be a fair decision, she should've never said that out loud to her child, and she said it more than once too

No. 565925

Mom used to go into extreme detail about her (admittedly) traumatic birth, when I was about 4 or 5, and I felt guilty for causing her that much pain. She used to say that she didn't want children and that just added to the guilt.

Then, when I was about 12, she said that she wished she aborted me when she had the chance.

She used to always call me selfish when I was the one staying awake all night (and failing at school because I was tired) because she'd get stupid drunk and I'd have to put her to bed and clean up after her. It wasn't the worst thing she'd ever said, but it was the projection that drove me kinda insane. She was selfish, not me.

I haven't spoken to her in years and I'm finally happy with my life.

No. 565927

I feel bad because almost all these responses are about anons just defending themselves from their parents being shitty or guilting them. This is why I don't believe most parents when they say their children were "mean" to them unprovoked. I've said mean shit to my parents too, but it was really self-defense.

No. 565944

Do French French and Canadian French languages differ significantly from each other? And Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese spoken in Portugal? I mean like words used in everyday speak and grammar, I know they can understand each other just fine etc. but I was wondering if it's similar to how UK English and US English differ or something else.

No. 565947

In my experience it’s quite similar to how British English and US English differ : quite different pronunciation and different slang that you wouldn’t necessarily understand if you’re from the other country.

No. 565952

Yikes. I lost my mom to cancer and in the back of my mind I always blamed myself for causing her some stress in the year or so before her diagnosis. It's a horrible feeling to have, don't know how any parent could encourage you to feel that way.

No. 565960

pretty much. i think european portuguese sounds ugly as shit and québecois french is challenging most of the time, but if they speak in the "official" dialect then it's no biggie.
just like english, if the accent is too thick and the slang is too local, it can be unintelligible.

No. 565965

my mom was pretty agressive and violent for most of my life, and it got worse when my father passed away. she also hated how my coping mechanism was to bury and hide my emotions, esp sadness. arguments got nastier on her end because she wanted to create an "electric shock" within me so i'd stop whatever behavior and show emotions for her own ego.
relationship got very bitter on my end so i called her fat (she'd always bring up her weight as well as mine), dumb (difficult educational background), and said i didn't care about her weak tears while she was crying.

our relationship is much better thanks to distance, time, and me finding the words to explain how she made me feel for so long.

No. 565978

Huge difference between breaking quarantine to see one person and breaking quarantine to join millions in a mob. I'd go for it, we've all probably have already been exposed at this point. Take some vitamin D and C supplements and go get that dick

No. 565988

This has been confusing me for a long time, but what is the difference between people of color and colored people? I’m black myself and I genuinely don’t get how POC is better than colored people.

No. 565996

You're putting "people" in front of "color" so that they're people first. That's what I imagine it is.

No. 566001

No difference at all. It is futile to come up with new words if meaning stays the same. If people are ashamed of their identity, it doesn't matter how they are called, it will start sounding like slur after a while.

No. 566005

personally I dislike it because what people mean when they say it is "nonwhite". I'm fine with being called nonwhite because I'm not white. "person of color" sounds weirdly condescending.

No. 566012

its so people don't start using coloreds as shorthand again
people are fine saying whites, blacks, asians
but saying coloreds harkens back to a time where that was shorthand for lesser

No. 566014

"Nonwhite" implies that white people are the default race, it wouldn't make sense for an asian person to refer to black person as "nonwite".

No. 566016

"colored" is outdated and considered offensive because it was used during Jim Crow

No. 566034

File: 1591386273380.gif (3.73 MB, 750x750, gif (5).gif)

dont need it but i have wanted it for months now…… should i just buy it? its on sale right now

No. 566037

yes, you've wanted it for months and it's on sale.

No. 566038

Go for it i guess, you need to start being more honest with your friends. I broke quarantine and it was the worst sex I've had to date kek, serves me right

No. 566040

File: 1591386633006.jpg (597.02 KB, 1000x630, Coloured-family.jpg)

True but it's also a genuine race in South Africa, pic related a group of Cape Colored people

No. 566044

i caved and bought it thank u anon!!!!! ngl i feel so guilty bc its a plush but i think once i receive it it wont disappoint

No. 566045

I say black. Is black wrong or offensive now? I just never saw anything wrong with it.

No. 566046

If someone is obsessed with sonic the hedgehog and collecting a hoard of sonic shit is it pretty much confirmed that they are autistic?

No. 566050

Diff anon but I remember listening to a radio show years ago where the discussion was about the term colored and if it's offensive. Many callers said it was but some said black is offensive too. That was about a decade ago and I've heard plenty of people call themselves black since then.

No. 566051

Why do I keep seeing people write things like “fuck 12” at the protests and stuff? What’s the 12 mean?

No. 566053

12 is a slang term for the police

No. 566055

Samefagging from vent thread, mb.

Anons, I hate myself. Bought a dress for 39 EUR from Mohito, threw out the check, just to find out 2nd strap is not in the bag. I don't know what to do.
it's okay without a strap, my breasts are holding the dress, but jesus fucking christ. Have you ever experienced it? Should i just go off and steal a strap…

No. 566059

Yes I am old enough to remember black having a negative connotation and the term African American taking its place. Maybe in the 90s. But I feel like there's nothing wrong with black so I went back to using it at some point. Or at least I think there shouldn't be anything wrong with it.
Plus a lot of people are from all over and I can't look at someone and know where they are from. They could be AA, African, Cape Veridian, afro-Latin, etc.
I autistically don't want to offend.

(Reposted to fix typo)

No. 566062

No it isn't, it's actually better to say black if you are talking about specifically black people because the way 'poc' is used can sometimes conflate a lot of very different experiences. POC is fine but if there's a more specific term you can use to describe what you're talking about then you should use that.

No. 566063

Is there a thread of women we find sexually attractive or just attractive? For lesbians, bi, and straight women if that's fine for anons I guess. Like it could be just someome we admire or find really pretty, or someone who we really want to fuck, dunno. Or just posting some random stock picture explaining why we like that kinda person. If there is no thread for that, should I make one?

I just miss dating girls. I want to kiss a soft girl's lips and not think of scrotes for a while.

No. 566066

Yeah there's like 2 over in /g/ if i'm not mistaken, women you're ashamed to say you'd fuck (where i go lmao) and women you find attractive, there's also a cute girls thread somewhere, think it's /m/, just generic gifs of priddy gurls, women you're ashamed to say you'd fuck is king though because i like hearing people justify their attraction to cows kek

No. 566071

I had a crush on a guy that treated me weirdly at the start of our friendship (met him a year ago) and all the shit he said kinda made me fall out of love with him
Now that he is kinda interested in me (at least sexually) I can't seem to feel anything but confused feelings. I may even feel a slight "ew". Just slightly though. In a way I feel like my past self would had seen this as a once in a lifetime opportunity but dunno, feels off? I even thought about having him as a husband, please no bully I'm dumb as fuck.

What is this feeling? I quite don't get it. Any advice?

No. 566075

No. 566081

What do I do if I'm having a mental crisis. I don't have insurance, but I really need some help, like right now.

No. 566086

Call a crisis line or talk to a friend. Can I help you anon?

No. 566089

In my country you go to the emergency room or to a hospital but i'm guessing you're american. Call up some hotline i guess.

No. 566093

That kind of remark is a bit unnecessary to someone who is ongoing a crisis and might potentionaly make it worse; I'm not American and my country doesn't do the whole hospital schpiel either. We don't even have proper counseling hotlines even if there's a suicide one that in my experience does not work. Whenever I've had mental crisis all I could do was suck it up.

No. 566095

File: 1591393538880.jpg (135.32 KB, 716x537, 20190111_114715.jpg)

I've been under the impression for all of my life that to have cold sores, you have to have some from of the herpes virus, because the virus is what causes cold sores. Is that correct or incorrect?

Earlier I was discussing with my husband the stigma around cold sores and how they're inaccurately associated with high sexual activity, sexual promiscuity, bad hygiene, etc. when that's rarely the case, especially with HPV. He mentioned that he'd had cold sores (or a cold sore, I can't remember exactly) before even though he didn't (or thought he didn't) have any form of herpes, STDs, or STIs. I told him that he'd have to have some form of the virus, even if transmitted non-sexually, to have a cold sore. He denied and responded saying that he got tested before we became sexually active (he had a sexual history but I didn't, I lost my virginity to him) and that the results for "everything" came up negative, but he didn't specify "everything" he was tested for. I got my mandatory HPV vaccines as a teenager but it's possible, if I'm correct, that he could be carrying some form of herpes and have no idea. For our own sake, which one of us is correct? Is there anything else that I'm missing?

No. 566097

what's the herpes obsession on /ot/ kek

No. 566101

Sorry if that's been asked before, I was unaware there was a prevalence of herpes discussion, lol. I just figured this would be a good place to ask.

No. 566104


I had cold sores way before becoming sexually active, my immune system was shitty.
You should ask this question elsewhere kek

No. 566105

I got my first outbreak as a small child, had no one diddle me or anything. It can lay dormant as well but yea, the stigma sucks ass.

No. 566107

In 4chan /x/ we have a thread called /div/ where we practice divination and trade tarot reads. We also read for other anons. I love trading tarot reads and discussing occult stuff, but I dislike how 4chan is full of shit incels. Would a thread like that be cool for lolcow or would it be too complicated?

No. 566108

I think you're both right, I think it's just the original virus that causes them to appear doesn't have to be transmitted sexually. As others said, you might get it as a child from hugging/kissing family members or something, and then it stays with you and flares up later in life? Something like that…

No. 566110

Would it be entirely weird to just never tell people that my dad died? My closest 3 friends know but I just feel like never talking about him in the future, but I already think about how people tell me that I am "faux transparent", they know vapid shit about me and make it a huge deal when I mention I played the drums as a kid or some shit. I drank so much coffee and feel like I am overthinking this.

No. 566112

It's not weird, one time a friend sat me down and asked if my dad was dead because I had just never spoken about him kek, if you don't feel like talking about it don't. You're not obligated to be transparent, the vapid shit is fine, nobody has to share anything kek

No. 566114

Fuck people and their opinions man. Do whatever feels more comfy for you. People don't actually tell everyone every aspect of their life and certainly people don't overshare their story unless autistic. It's okay to no say these things even to your friends if you preffer so. Either do it when you are ready or give it an outlet/go to therapy if it hurts or causes problem in your life. Your friends sound dumb lol.

No. 566124

My father is in a bad way and in a nursing home. I don't tell people though because it gets awkward and they ask questions. I'd rather just not talk about it.
So not weird.

No. 566128

Thank you both, I needed to hear that! The friends I told I knew were mature enough to understand I didn't want people to know, the others just get their panties in a twist acting like I am some mysterious bitch. It's not only very unsettling to talk about him but it feels freeing to just not tell, I think I'm gonna carry on with that.
>>566124 sorry about your dad, anon it feels easier to just not tell and have that "space" so to speak where that doesn't exist and no one pities you

No. 566130

How do I know if my friends are toxic? One specific friend of mine makes me feel bad about myself but I can't tell if it's just banter (We're both sarcastic/crack jokes at each other) and I'm just being too sensitive due to my extreme insecurities, or if they're actually an asshole.

No. 566136

>sorry about your dad, anon it feels easier to just not tell and have that "space" so to speak where that doesn't exist and no one pities you
Wow that's exactly how it feels.

No. 566143

It must be just universal, I also had that little voice in my head that told me not to look vulnerable/didn't want people to come opening up to me about their kinda similar but not at all situations. Hugs to you anon!

No. 566165

Amerifags , how much do you owe in student loans? I just graduated undergrad and owe 33k.

No. 566180

I think the way to tell would be to tell them that sometimes the things they say hurt your feelings. If they tell you you’re overreacting or are a dick about it, then yeah, they’re a jerk.

No. 566188

Is there a way to request a permanent ban? Not even just from posting but from going onto this site completely?

No. 566189

You can get a ban for posting but don't you think the onus should be on you replacing your own behavior instead of people having to IP ban you? You're gonna do the same again on another site if you act like that

No. 566195

Does anyone else feel like a failure to their parents despite technically not being one. I've graduated college and I work yet I feel like they're underwhelmed or ashamed of me.

No. 566196

NTA but I like this response

No. 566217

Is Jesus black?

No. 566218

In spirit and skin tone, yes
But he was from the middle east so more than likely tan skinned

No. 566222

File: 1591421259747.jpeg (41.23 KB, 322x400, 37847AF4-11AB-4CB3-9794-685E8B…)

So something like this?

No. 566243

File: 1591429703016.jpg (7.17 KB, 229x220, ohyeah.jpg)

I'm sure they're very proud of you. Hell I'm a high school dropout with a GED. I know I'm not the person my parents expected and wanted me to be, but I don't sweat it. I am making the best of my life so it's fine. I hope you overcome these self-doubts, Anon!

No. 566245

File: 1591430560863.jpg (45.68 KB, 750x920, thinking....jpg)

Why do normies cry/get angry when they get their information leaked when they are openly racist on their public social media accounts where they have their full name, school they go to, and just about anything that you shouldn't even share online? I don't understand. Especially when they see other racists get doxxed, they continue to do it. How much of a dumbass can you be?

No. 566246

We all agree that /pol/fags are retards but even they have the sense to keep it anonymous, who even posts shit under their real name? Why would you want anyone who's ever heard of you to be able to see you in real time? It's crazy

No. 566247

It's pretty funny. I'm currently looking at people exposing people they go to school with, are family with, or just random strangers on Twitter. What a shit show.

No. 566249

Yeah i feel bad for this one Latina highschool girl who was going for the bhad bhabie thing who got doxxed in ig comments for rapping the n word, i can't even remember her name but her shit had so many likes but it was all still up with the comments off, just her full name and of course the geolocation of the high school she still attends with the posed picture. nosocialmediafags can be annoying but it's retarded not to be anonymous/shell account or only close friends added

No. 566250

yeah, kek. "Look at me, total strangers, I'm at this bar right now and will be there for the next two hours"? wtf are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself raped and murdered?
I don't know if it's because I'm from the based generation (early internet, parents told us to never tell information and anybody you talked on internet was actually pedo in hiding out to groom you) but I just want to check some sens into these girls.

No. 566288

Not sure where it belongs so I'm asking here. Kissed someone yesterday. Today my throat hurts and I basically never get cold. Is it possible that I got something shitty from the person I kissed with? One day is pretty fast for symptoms of some kissing virus to appear so idk maybe I really caught the cold but that's just so ootc for me

No. 566292

>Unironically catching cooties

No. 566298

Are (straight and bi)women actually attracted to men?
Whenever my friends show me a picture of their boyfriends or dates and say "Isn't he cute" or whatever I immediately think hell no but smile and nod.
I mean I do think some celebrity men and fictional characters are good looking and charming, but if I think about having sex or having a relationship with them, I cringe.

No. 566300

I also cringe and think "hell no" but am cursed with bisexuality. We (or at least bi women) are well aware of how little he brings to the table. I'm at least aware enough not to pull the "isn't he cute" and don't generally show any photos of my men. The one time I did, I was told he looked 12 kek. Sex with men is fun and interesting and I like the intimacy but also the lack of feeling sometimes. It feels like it's what I should be doing and it validates my unsure sense of where I fall in all of this. I couldn't sincerely see myself sticking with a man for more than a month or two and the thought of a marriage to a man is abhorrent and frankly sounds like self-harm. Like I said, they're interesting and I like hearing their stories and getting to know them but I don't like to keep them around too closely as they start getting ideas.

No. 566316

Am bi, but honestly I'm only attracted to a really specific type of men (long hair, somewhat muscular and maybe a beard lol) but with women it's almost anything goes. I also don't see myself ever really being with a man but that also might be because so many of them garbage.

No. 566323

lol I like how you treat men as some interesting alien creatures that can entartain you sometimes maybe. I support this.

I think that, of all, proves women are attracted to men. Attraction is much more than just "he's good-looking". With women, I think almost every woman is pretty but that's shallow attraction. When I get attracted to a man, it's always deeper and more complicated than just the face. I'm seeing a guy rn and my friend literally told me I don't want to take pictures with him because his face is ugly lol. I can acknowledge he's not objectively handsome but still I'm attracted to him very much, and I genuinely like his features. It's honestly all so complex

No. 566329

attraction is a complex topic for me but i think more women are attractive than men. women simply are more beautiful and sexier.
while i think my bf is adorable and cute and i like his body, i'm not delusional and don't show him to people more than necessary. but since i find so many men "meh", appearance isn't the main thing for me.

No. 566330

double post story but man my bf is a bit wonky, and that's ok. his nose is huge but i like it. he has skin issues but idc. his body is doughy and i love it. but i know those don't make for great pictures so i just don't take many lmao.

No. 566334

I'm straight and I would say a lot of my attraction to men relies on non-physical attributes. Most men aren't really that eyecatching to me and if I passed them on the street I wouldn't think twice, but if I got to know them and it turns out that they're funny, charming, kind, etc. then I will start to feel attracted to him even if he's not necessarily a perfect 10/10.
Also men that aren't literal models or actors often photograph terribly lmao. Even cute guys I know IRL always look sort of awkward or goofy in pictures.

No. 566352

Unfortunately, yeah. But I can admit men (especially the little rat men I find attractive) are less aesthetically pleasing in a conventional sense than almost all women. In fact I'd say the ugliness juxtaposed with just a few harmless/endearing features (small frame, large eyes) is what attracts me to males at all and fascinated me artistically for years.

All of that said, I do prefer women and wish I was also a lesbian. And I enjoy unconventional/"frumpy" women just as much haha.

No. 566403

Is it possible to become a worse kisser as time goes on?

I'm reflecting on how things were with my most recent ex, and realised in the 2 years I dated him that he never fucking got any better at kissing. My first few bfs were reasonably OK at kissing because I'd correct any shitty techniques as most exes were virgins, and they learned quickly.

I was single and didn't kiss anyone for a few years then got this most recent ex and I just couldn't fix him up. I tried having makeout sessions again and again but they just left me feeling awkward, even when I was like "follow my lead" it was still awful. I gave up about a year in and then we just kissed dryly on the lips. I've been complimented on my kissing in the past, so why would I suddenly become incapable with this dude?

Same with the sex tbh, he never got good at foreplay. He had all the opportunity but he remained bad. Not even selfish, just…bad. Is he doomed? Am I? Do you just get bad at making out with age?

No. 566404

Maybe you were just with a retarded cuck. Pick better men.

No. 566408

Is kissing really this much of a dealbreaker? Are people still having makeout sessions? I'm gonna side with the guy on the kissing because it's just dumb but the sex has me dead. How do you not just never text him back after he shows how bad at shagging he is? Once it all it takes, better to have less sex than constant mediocre sex

No. 566412

I would be up for it, anon. I've been in the /div/ thread sometimes and got some readings from based anons.

No. 566431

Yes. Women have been memed into oversexualizing ourselves thanks to male gaze, so this question annoys me. Though roasting men is fun. Other than appearance (baseline is average), my attraction is based on personality, how well we go together, and how he makes me feel. Other women also have more responsive desire.

No. 566451

Was the Karen meme really started by black women? I thought it was by men to shut down anything a woman has to say but a friend of mine and a few twitter threads tell me it's because of black women?
I wouldn't be even mad but some women wanted to point out that using karen to discredit anything a woman wants to contribute to the discussion is pretty sexist but black women immediately started saying it's white women playing the victim again and how complaining about it is racist. I didn't know Karen applies to white women only or did I miss something?

No. 566453

Do I just have to lose weight to have smaller cheeks? My whole life I've had chubbier cheeks even though my body is in normal BMI range. How long will it take before I lose weight on my face? Fuck

No. 566454

from what i’ve seen, karen is a white women who plays victim, doesn’t mind her business, or is racist. i’m pretty sure it was started by black women after the permit patty thing went viral as a universal name for women like that.
i heard using a gua sha helps with face fat. never tried it though.

No. 566458

File: 1591464038815.jpg (52.29 KB, 500x498, tumblr_peemu2qTxO1qan53i_500.j…)

How do I stop being horny all the time? I feel like a freak.

No. 566465

Thanks, anon. I had no idea. The thing is I need to do a presentation related to modern slurs and their evolution, karen being one of them, and now I can't use it. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

No. 566479

No, that's a caucasian nose, Jesus was jewish.

No. 566483

File: 1591467338263.jpg (56.45 KB, 976x725, _87264971_jesus_bbc.jpg)

This is what a typical man from his region and background looked like 2000 years ago. It's not literal rendering of jesus but this is closer to what he would have looked like than a white blonde man with flowing locks or a black man.

No. 566493

What about “dindu” (as in dindu nufin) that’s the only modern slur I can think of

No. 566498

How to make all of your photos (no matter what) have think pink tint to them or just pink in them in general? I want to have a pink diary instagram but IDK how to do that. The tutorials that I've seen do not help me. Maybe some kind anon knows what I should do or can rec a helpful guide? Of course it would be the easiest to just take photos of pink objects but I want to document my life, so yeah…I just want to make any photo have pink in it

No. 566499

Why not download a photo editing app and just mess with the colors?

No. 566500

filters? esp japanese/korean apps have tons of filters like that. if you mean real camera photos, idk photoshop?

No. 566522

I feel like an idiot cause I can never get it right
Can you recommend any specific app?

No. 566526

Is it alright to be inspired a lot from a particular cartoon character design?I mean they would look identical (same color of shirt but different shoes,same hair color but different hair style)but not exactly the same (even share a few personality traits)
Or would I be a copycat?

No. 566531

LINE camera is one. i'm not big on filters but they have quite a few that you can set to be more or less strong.

No. 566587

VSCO or Lightroom.

No. 566592

is there a less lame version of a mantra along the lines of "this too shall pass"

No. 566595

>is there a less lame version of a mantra along the lines of "this too shall pass"
"it really be like that sometimes"

No. 566597

File: 1591483846546.jpg (68.48 KB, 512x502, 4774872429.jpg)

is there any simple word for these showers with benches? every time I search that in apartments it takes all results away so I have to look through them. also is it impossible to get an apartment with one without it being over priced luxury ones? feels like it

No. 566598

I have never seen benches like that in anything but fancy modern places. Maybe if you search for recently renovated bathrooms you'll come up with something.

No. 566599

You could do the cheap version : flat with a douche à l'italienne + plastic bench that's just the right fit?

No. 566600

You could try making one
Something simple out of PVC–but covered in some sort of laminated marble pattern plastic sheet to match the design the shower
The thing you have to look for is some sort of 3/4 bath with only a shower and no tub

No. 566601

Where should I go if I have questions about race and racial identities?

No. 566610

probably back to your containment board

No. 566611

I doubt I'd get a good answer on an imageboard
I was hoping for some sort of lecture or some online video forum

No. 566623

I'm wondering if I should limit my bf's calorie intake.

He's a tall man, pretty active, but when he was undressing the other day, I saw slight stretchmarks on his thighs.

I don't particularly care if he gets chubby or wants to get chubby but does this mean I'm over-feeding him? I cook all meals and desserts.

No. 566625

Guys almost one year ago I guess I had a fight with a uncle that I used to talk a lot growing up. The fight happened because he was talking shit about my mom finances and at the time she was sick and working two jobs. I was kinda pissed with him even before this BC since I reached 17 or so he started being a sexist asshole and would say a lot of negative things about women in general. The fight basically consisted in me telling him to never talk to me again and that I have lots of friends I can talk to and I would not miss him. The problem is that he is a neet and doesn't live the house or talk to other people bc of a trauma he suffered when he was young. Now BC of this fight spending time with my grandma who has dementia and lives with him became really akward. Should I suck up to him and apologize or should I ignore it? What do you guys think?
I really love my grandma and spending time with her

No. 566626

>I'm wondering if I should limit my bf's calorie intake
Uh oh
>I cook all meals and desserts
Oh thank god. It's from a place of love.
He's a shitty man but as you said a neet. You're definitely doing a lot better than him and haven't an obligation to say a word and an olive branch may be snapped by a man whose ego you hurt. Does he deserve an apology? You have to sit with this question with yourself

No. 566627

Everyone has those lol. He most likely got them as a teenager when growing.

No. 566628

I feel like being a woman, anon might know about stretch marks. I'm sure she noticed new, purple marks

No. 566629

These were dark, yes.

He hasn't mentioned them so I guess he doesn't care enough to vocalize but as someone who went from 240 lbs to 140, I worry I only overcook since used to weigh more and feed my siblings

No. 566634

File: 1591489648457.png (347.9 KB, 924x308, blow.png)

If you're on windows paint.net is a free image editor or you can pirate Photoshop. There's many ways to add a tint to an image but the quickest way of doing it is by gradient mapping.

No. 566698

You already answered your own question, because they're normies. They don't know how to behave and the general etiquettes on the internet so they behave exactly like theywould irl and don't even know getting doxed is a possibility. It's not like people who are used to the internet and who are used to hiding their real identity for literally everything because they're aware of potential danger online. And this doesn't apply just to racists, normal people who are just stupid or kind of assholes are also concerned by this.

No. 566746

Slow down on your porn/soft porn intake. That’s what I did.

No. 566749

File: 1591511875140.jpeg (65.23 KB, 1200x675, 50A504D1-F78C-463E-900D-82FB1B…)

What would you do if imageboards stopped existing?

No. 566753

Im repulsed by anyone, family or not, showing affection towards me. Always have been. It's like a feeling of dread overtakes me just thinking about getting a hug or saying I Love You. I don't know what's wrong with me

Can anyone relate or..?

No. 566754

get a life

No. 566756

Literally 90% of the world carries the herpes strain that causes cold sores. American sex ed is as bad as they say huh.

No. 566758

Invent one and cash in

No. 566759

omegle or find forums to lurk

No. 566760

Yeah. My culture family never hugs or says I love you. I found it shocking and embarrassing when I went to school aboard and everyone wanted to hug me as greetings like wtf??

No. 566761

i only browse them when i'm bored so i guess i'd take up reading or find even more dumb youtube channels to binge

No. 566782

Is ASMR a meme or is there something different about me biologically? ASMR does nothing for me except make my skin crawl.

No. 566783

Do you develop feelings with time or do you fall in love fast? do you usually go into a relationship already in love with the person (or with a big infatuation)? I just started dating someone, I like him as a person, I love cuddling, I'm attracted to him but I don't have any deeper feelings I think. I lowkey feel like I'm deceiving or using him for intimacy, Idk

No. 566786

It's for autistic people. You are having a normie reaction, grats.

No. 566824

is this bait? Even if you don't get the famed tingles, it can be very calming and a nice way to fall asleep.

No. 566837

Any time I have to hold in a shit for too long I fart blood for the rest of the day. Is this bad?

No. 566841

Time to get checked for cancer, anon.

No. 566850

I can't decide, should I take 5 or 6 inch dildo?
I'm a virgin.
Help anonettes.

No. 566853


Anon, please go to the doctor. This sounds very bad and not healthy at all. I hope this is nothing serious. I've also read that holding shit for too long isn't good either. Wishing you the best!

No. 566869

I think I may have bipolar. I say this because I have noticed I go from intense weeks of feeling happiness, optimism and love for everyone - to nihilistic, suicidal and at my lowest for a couple weeks. I genuinely feel awful for everyone close to me. I know it's unfair. I'm not sure what to do about it, because I don't want to have to rely on medication just to be a sane person. What should I do apart from consider suicide?

No. 566872

Check your hormones, especially thyroid.
I control better my emotions when I started to take HTP-5, it helped with my serotonin levels (but research/read about it if you want to take it). Also work on my emotions/thoughts helped a lot, you will have these strong emotions but you can learn not to fuel these with thoughts, and you don't need to act on them if you don't want to. When you gonna gain control over your emotions, they won't act so strongly anymore.

No. 566875

It's girth that count. That inch isn't going to change much. The girth is the difference between you going ouchie or being able to take it at all.

No. 566897

A lot of people rely on medication. There's no extra shame in it just because it's for a mental health issue. I'm quite skeptical of a lot of psychiatric medication as well but it might help you. You could always go off them if the side-effects are too bad. There's different types of therapy that could help you as well.

No. 566903

not every time someone makes an exagerration or a joke is it bait. like
you tell us queen

No. 566913

Does it make more sense to live in a loft rather than a condo or a more typical apartment?

Looking over everything, it just makes a bit more sense–all the utilities are included which not only saves money but also means I can kinda abuse it and have my aircon running 24/7
It's a bit more open, which means floorspace is easier to work with

The only downsides I can see is that there's traveling I have to do inbetween the garage and the room, but I could probably invest in some sort of trolley, right?

Does anyone from Saint Louis have any experience living downtown?

No. 566919

Depends if you're alone or with a partner. Loft aren't supposed to have many walls/doors.
I refuse them because I know I would end up murdering my so about videogames noises at 11pm when I'm winding down. I need the damn walls and doors.

No. 566921

I'm alone, so it probably won't be an issue then–I like the kind of open aesthetic

No. 566923

You do you then. It sure makes for nice aestetics.

No. 566924

Should I watch evangelion or will it depress me?

No. 566927

are you sensitive to topics of mental illness, parental/adult expectations on kids, abuse, and less straight forward media? if so yes
i watched it when i was younger with little experience or self awareness and it barely moved me, while others of the same age i was at the time were destroyed…who knows

No. 566932

I can’t say whether I’m sensitive. I do know that anime tends to put me in a low mood, even if I enjoy it. I think that kind of escapism gets to me, but I’m really intrigued

No. 566934

be careful, then. if you use it as escapism it's pretty sad overall. make sure not to watch it on bad days, watch it during the day and don't watch too many episodes in one sitting.
it's interesting and iconic but it's not doraemon.

No. 566936

thanks! I’ll try to pace it out then. Are the Netflix subs ok or should I find the original translation?

No. 566942

I don't think NGE can be fully enjoyed to its best extent until you're closer to 30. Most people say that they saw it as a teen (aged 14-20) and thought it was bland and pretentious, but fell in love after rewatching it at 25+. Happened to me as well. You really need to see it from an adult's perspective to "get" the dialogue, character motivations and narrative it lays at your feet. Hideaki Anno was a clinically depressed, disillusioned 30-35 year old when he was writing the series and that's probably why it resonates with the like-minded demographic so much.

However I don't think NGE is depressing. It's more like peer support fiction for depressed people.

No. 566947

i'm lowkey a pretentious weeb so i'd say to find the famous subs.

No. 566949

Become an irl effortposter.

I know instantly.. I wouldn't bother with someone who doesn't give me that rare, unmistakable, special, seemingly mutual feeling. Maybe this is part of the reason why i'm forever alone.

No. 566959

Is being into bdsm just more retarded self harm? My fetishes went from spanking to just straight up being murdered. Not even joking about that.

No. 566962

Depends, which aspects of bdsm are you into? It's not necessarily all getting hurt or hurting

No. 566964

just make sure you get yourself keen first or have lube. go slow. good luck!

No. 566972

IRL I guess mostly being forced to do things, spanking, choking. Never liked anything that was a sharp pain.

But then when I read erotica it is straight up snuff/torture porn. I don’t necessarily feel guilty about it, because I don’t want to be the one doing it. But still pretty fucked up to get off to the idea of getting hanged while being raped anally. Lol obviously most people would not consider that bdsm anymore.

No. 566999

sounds like suicidal thoughts and self harm based on sexual abuse. go to therapy, anon, before you get trapped in a sexually abusive relationship.

No. 567007

I love getting my tits sucked, I'm afraid to breastfeed when I have a kid, any anon that has had a kid and get off of titplay?

No. 567014

You probably wouldn't want your dad or mom to suck your tits–how do people think about getting off when their children get involved?
It SHOULD be the same premise but they are younger, and if them being younger changes things, you've got more to worry about

No. 567017

Except I have never been sexually abused. So it just seems extremely retarded. I did start watching hardcore porn when I was 8-9 years old so that probably rotted my brain tbh.

No. 567025

I would like to fucking take advantage of Amazon right now. It wasn't Amazon Marketplace, and it was an ordered by amazon straight from Amazon, I got my package, but it's still marked as "expected delivery date xxx" Can I just pretend like I haven't received it and get my money back?

No. 567032

Yeah that’ll do it. You sexually imprinted on violence like a lot of us who ended up on the wrong side of the internet as a kid. IME, you may never stop having arousal response to the fantasies, thoughts or images. But you’re not doomed yet and you can stop if you really want to.

No. 567033

Thanks anons! I already bought a dildo and can't wait for it!

No. 567037

Yeah anon I know. Just feels so… hopeless? Like I will forever let men treat me like shit, I have had 35-ish sex partners, and I have never had a man buy me dinner. Even the few times I thought it was so romantic, the guys just ended up using me for sex.

No. 567039

sounds like scrote bait to me. why list how many sexual partners you had?

No. 567059

Wanga Bunga Munga Zunga Monky Man

No. 567064

Please shut up.

No. 567065

Maybe anon was just trying to drive a point home? Damn not everything is scrote bait, chill lol

No. 567068

look at the self cow thread, there are so many lifelong cum dumps on here
scrotes were right

No. 567069

these people should get a hobby then, maybe they'll gain some self respect.

No. 567073

It feels hopeless but it isn’t. 35 isn’t even that bad, not lolcow approved but not anywhere close to despicable.
>inb4 seething roastie scroteposts
Cease all porn use immediately. Cease casual sex. Abstain from masturbation. Only consume relatively wholesome romance that connects with you emotionally. After a month (or longer depending on how much you coomed before), maybe try training yourself to get off using vanilla imagination. However it’s critically important that you stop masturbating immediately if in the middle of it your thoughts start slipping into abusive fantasies.
It’ll be hard and you’ll relapse but honestly, it changed my life. I was so pornsick I just radiated “worthless bpd fuckhole” energy and guess the type of dudes that get attracted to that. As with all things, through discipline, I think about the fucked up shit less and less. Every now and then I get exposed stimulus, but the chimp like id arousal becomes more and more subdued. I have almost reverted back to a state of being before porn. Kdrama-like romantic gestures excite me, being spoiled and doted on and pursued excite me, holding hands excite me, good long back rubs can almost make me cum. It’s great. It feels fucking good to cum without the “I’m disgusting” afterthought. It feels good to cum when you feel loved.

No. 567086

Honestly it's very fun and you need to stop investing so much feeling into it kek. I dunno, you clearly hate yourself instead of being an actual skank. LIke me personally why would i want to be bought dinner? but don't whorepost on /ot/ generally, you get jumped on because there's so much conflation with women's sexuality and morality even from other women kek. Sucks that you feel used though, is this sudden or do you always let it happen? Do you let it happen or enjoy playing into it? Do you enjoy the sex or is it fine?

No. 567095

Tbh even wholesome romance is something that should only be enjoyed in small amounts.

No. 567098

I would pick men who are pornsick creeps over fucking weird manchildren who get emotionally overinvolved and honestly damage you a lot more than getting fucked and chucked ever will. Guys that you actually do really have a thing for telling you they love you really soon, not interested in having sex, literally dates your friend, invites you over to the house while that friend is still with him, you go over… fucking kek i just hate his ass! i graphically described how i'd strangled a cat (i didn't) just so he'd literally never want to speak to me again but i still called him after a quarantine dicking down at like 3am fucking HELL

No. 567099

>I would pick men who are pornsick creeps
I stopped reading. No one asked about your emotional unavailability and fear of intimacy lmao

No. 567102

i love the buzzwords to try and drag me? cool so don't read, why were you so personally offended you had to let me know fucking kek it's okay bpdchan i love you really

No. 567162

Why does looking at childhood pictures make me sad?

No. 567180

What ages you the most, an eating disorder or smoking?

No. 567185

it really depends anon, i'm a pretty heavy smoker and will see effects more than a social smoker who goes out a lot. same with an eating disorder. what kind? anorexia? depends. untreated severe anorexia will age you like milk, but less severe cases may not see it that much. are you worried about how you'll age? what parts?

No. 567188

Is it weird that I spend so much time online yet have almost no online friends?

No. 567191

nah. you can dick around but people who seek out proper intimate irl connection are batshit

No. 567198

Yeah anorexia, it's a question i've been asking myself for quite a while but i don't know where else to ask. I'm afraid that losing and regaining weight will age me like shit and give me wrinkles or a shit body, i see anons nitpicking "ana-chan/former anachan bodies" and i'm afraid of having what they nitpick about

No. 567206

smoker ayrt, yes anon, i'm sorry but the anorexia ideal is truly a joke. you're posting pictures of naturally thin women, teenage girls and maybe the occasional bonelord but it is a very brief phase of muh skinny black jeans and you will look like shit for the rest of it. wrinkles really don't matter to an extent with age but a bad body and shattered metabolism is hard to come back from. it's not sustainable, there are no longterm anas who look good. i still smoke, though, because i weigh it up and really don't care about wrinkles as much as i care to quit my habit. you might decide similar, too. i may well get cancer, you may well similarly get dangerous side effects you pretended not to know about. it is what it is

No. 567209

I've changed my mind about casual sex vs relationships irt to personal harm. Mindless casual sex has its risk (STDs, rape etc) but the emotional damage the average person will experience from it really pales compared to the damage of a bad or failed relationship. I guess its a matter of risk tolerance, take your pick.

No. 567210

Thanks anon. Genuine tinder and letting men fuck because you're bored is terrible but i'm fine with the very few hookups i've had so far. Get in and out if he's sexy and you're up for it, no need to fool around with a relationship for a while for any reason, only thing that still fools me for the relationship meme is consistent good dick and i still bail kek!
>the emotional damage the average person will experience from it really pales compared to the damage of a bad or failed relationship
Absolutely, some people see sex as so sacred and can't fathom that to some people, a relationship really is just more risky.

No. 567217

File: 1591600620528.gif (500.09 KB, 498x498, IMG_8161.GIF)

For most of my life so far I've never really had a singular 'passion'. My hobbies changed every 3 months, with me obsessing from one and then moving on to the next thing.I often lose the friends I made when I joined a hobby since I often leave them once I leave the hobby . How do I stop doing this?

No. 567218

Astrology and woo anons
I feel like my Pisces ex whom I had big telepathy when we were together is calling me with his mind (I’m also a water sign) have felt this for days that he wants me to contact him, how do I know this is for real and not a delusion? I don’t really miss him but kinda still love him
Should I go ahead and say hi?

No. 567220

Does anyone else find themselves growing more empathetic and mellow as they get older? Like I find myself perplexed at alot of the edgy shit I would find entertaining or just apathetic towards just a few years ago

No. 567221

As someone who was brought up as a teenager online - i've gone from edgy (wouldn't blink at irl gore, cp, etc that people would troll with) to extremely empathetic and angry. I've not mellowed out but I definitely feel for people now.

No. 567226

I have always been a really empatehic person, but over years I started being more tough and less naive. Basically, I stopped taking anyones bullshit and wiping everyone's asses unless it's a close friend. Over time I also realized that the less people are around you, the better. Internet lets people be lying bastards or dramaqueens because they can't do the same thing IRL.

I feel bad for any sort of a random, sure, but I stopped being a whiteknight in shining armor who would 'slide into dms' to listen to their problems. I'd rather take care of a good, trustworthy friend than a random who would eventually use me as a nothing but shoulder to cry on 24 / 7.

No. 567233

I am/was like this aswell for all my life, until I found my passion last year. And I am 23 now, so you might grow out of it aswell. Just keep experimenting with different hobbies until something sticks

No. 567255

So, I'm on a dating app because I was feeling extremely lonely and friendless lol. It's only been 4 days and I've been talking to like 3 people. Would it be rude to just delete the account? Or should I explain it to them?
I just wanna delete and try to live alone for a bit before clinging to another person.

No. 567256

I was also engaging with a good few men who persistently made the effort to connect every day despite me legit not opening it for days at a time but it means nothing. You are meat on that app. Delete kek

No. 567257

File: 1591609529957.png (655.91 KB, 1171x633, Capture.PNG)

Looking at the Taylor swift clip for you need to calm down.
Is it me or is this supposed to be a swastika at 1:24 ? What the symbolic? Shooting arrow on it ? But it only looks like a swastiska when the arrow get there.
I tried to look it up but I only end up with press about how she was in a picture with a guy in swatiska shirt (accidentally).

No. 567258

That screamed swastika to me and should have to everybody in the production team

No. 567262

Pisces men are weird and that’s coming from a Pisces. If your relationship didn’t end on a bad note, then why not?

No. 567263

This is encouragement enough, thank you.

No. 567270

I really don't get it.
The clip has really high production value, it feels really expensive to shoot and edit. It can't be a mistake, it's a choice but I don't get what it means.

No. 567293

god i hate that i know this it’s supposed to be a “5” as in track 5, which ended up being “the archer” on that album. she/her team likes to drop hints like this pre-release and “track 5” is like a thing for her as in it’s usually the most emotional off the record

either way they should have definitely gone with a color other than red for the target and definitely not such a black and blocky 5. really confusing

No. 567298

Oh, thanks for the explanation, anon, it really was a headscratcher.
It was actually even more swastika like to me because of that 5 who really looks like an S (like in SS).
Maybe it's because I'm eurofag so I've seen a lot of this degenerate imagery.

No. 567303

If I'm literally spending my life in my room and only going out if it is essential (like food), could it be worsening my depression?
Would a 'change of scenery' make me feel better?

No. 567307

Go outside, to nature especially.
No matter how introverted you are, you need to go outside at least 2 times a week.
I've been in the same situation, sitting all day in room will make you feel worse mentally and physically.
You don't need to socialize, just go to nature and take a deep breath

No. 567310

Like other anon said please spend some time outside and ground yourself. Get fresh air. Take a handheld video game or your laptop with you to a park. Open your windows at home more often as well if you can.

No. 567318

yes yes yes and yes.
also, move more. no you don't have to become a fitness legend, but go on walks. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever. especially if you feel anxious or sad.
grab a coffee or even just a small bottle of juice from the store and sit outside for a bit while drinking it.
read a book in a park.
just sit there listening to music.
anything. it really helps.

No. 567321

Thank you so much anons, I've been in this room for literally 3 years and honestly I didn't realize how much it was worsening my health. My sister tried pointing it out and I really thank her for it. I will take your advice. At least go out in the evenings for a stroll when the weather is less hot. I don't have any friends but I can go out with my sister and alone sometimes. I really appreciate this place a lot sometimes. ♥

No. 567343

Where do people find ebooks and PDFs these days? I mean free, not amazon. I feel like amazon has destroyed all the ebook sites.

Do people not steal anymore?

No. 567346

Libgen for me.

No. 567354

z-library. used it a lot this past year.

No. 567372

I get mine on 1337x. is, it gets me my normie non fiction and fiction english books alike. I'll also give a try to the good old thepiratebay, it still has the odd ebook I can't find anywhere.
If I need something french, I'll go to Yggtorrent.se or fourtoutici .top (dunno if it's your interest but I'll put it out for other anons anyway.

I wish I could find somewhere with textbooks and academic books, so if anyone have that in their pocket, pls share.

No. 567373

I'm not baiting I swear, not a transphobe or super conservative either. Can someone explain to me in plain terms why drag queens aren't cancelled?

I used to love RPDR and follow drag queens, I loved the performance art and the costumes, appreciated the effort they put in and liked the popularisation of sort of blurring gender lines, buuut I think their terms and how they present themselves are really problematic. AFAIK drag queens mainly identify as male, but their representation of women is often bimbo like? And thye'll use female specific slurs like cunt and bitch, and it left a bad taste in my mouth when I realised the term "fish", to indicate someone is female passing, is referencing vagina smell rather than like a fish pout as I previously thought.
And I mean, why is it OK for men to be referencing truly looking like a woman like this? Moreover, why is it accepted as a super progressive thing? If it's FROM men, and ABOUT women, it isn't reclaiming slurs in any way, it just feels like one of many ways women are demeaned.

But it's done in suuuch an overt way and is so widely accepted by progressive people that I feel like I'm missing a trick here, you know?

No. 567376

because they're men and progressive people love to suck dick

i also think a lot of progressive clueless followers believe drag queens are trans women because they are stupid

No. 567381

Gay men are untouchable precious babies, fucking weird the way people compartmentalize gays as if they're not just like icky straight men.

No. 567392

I use IRC (server IRChighway) since I found a guide for it a long time ago. It was a bit of a hassle to figure out how IRC works but it works like a charm. I also used to get a lot through dropbox shares.

No. 567399

Many trans people are against drag queens for these reasons.

No. 567404

this plus libgen.pw and googlesearch "(book title) vk (format)" when you are lazy and looking for something popular

No. 567405

Gay men can do literally no wrong.

No. 567406

They’re not just like icky straight men, they’re worse.

No. 567408

IRC is cool but I don't like the fact you can't really browse.
You have to know the book you want before going in.
… I guess I should go showrooming in libraries but it feels like such a cunty thing to do.

No. 567409

Anyone else feel gross masturbating to the idea of real people, especially if you know them personally? I always feel like a creep or a predator and I can't look at the person the same way again. I know it's completely normal to do so but I always have to make up someone in my head or else I feel like a huge loser.

No. 567412

Do you know what the counterarguments from drag Queens are?

No. 567414

This and unironically. They can be shitty as any dyke but they are missing the key component that takes it from "i've just been hanging around the wrong people" to a vested interest in hating you.

No. 567415

I'm the same way and I'm not sure why. I can't even do it to fictional characters which is stupid but my brain won't allow it.

No. 567419

Nah i pure do it to random men and it's funny. It's just in your head, you're not a bad person for thinking hohoho i'd like to imagine him in a more provocative and perhaps less dressed manner.

No. 567422

I Only feel weird about masturbating to someone I haven’t slept with. If we have fucked before it’s fair game tbh.

But I would not give a shit personally if someone wanked off to my pictures.

No. 567427

Same, anon. I'm a writer and I feel like I'm sexualizing someones perfectly good character and guilt-trip myself over it.

Well I'm a lesbian so I think it's harder because I have some kind of complex about "perpetuating the male gaze" (stupid, I know).

No. 567428

Ayrt "hehe masturbate over men funny". I'm not trying to latch onto your experience and make it about me now, but I get the shame complex. I experienced attraction only to women from about 8 and went through countless tales of saying i was a lesbian because i was a kid and being honest about how i was looking at women that way and being met with visceral, you're a predator disgust. This happened right up until 14 when bisexuality kicked in which was an absolute shock to the central nervous system. I understand the shame and experience it with women to this very day and I don't consider myself worthy of women at all because I am disgusting, predatory etc. Maybe this is why i cling onto the ironic objectification of men. Nothing is stupid about thinking you're perpetuating the male gaze because it's been instilled into you anon, as it has with me. You're not irrational for the traumatic and shameful experience of growing up vilified for liking women. I'm with you on that one and am rooting for you to be able to honest to god rub one out to a woman and understand that it is okay and you're not a monster for wanting that. What counts is how you behave towards a woman and as long as you're not fantasising about anything nasty or thinking about hurting her, you're a-okay to imagine her with her top off.

No. 567447

how many people actually pee in the shower? the idea of it weirds me out a bit but i've been told it's common

No. 567449

My entire family does it and it makes me want to die

No. 567452

I mean, i've done it since forever. It all goes down the drain and why would i get out of a nice hot shower just to sit on the toilet and pee? it's a waste of water to flush and i'd just go in the shower and use soap to clean myself after

No. 567464

I do it all the time, especially when I still lived at home when we had separate shower and bathroom.

No. 567468

All your showers must smell of piss and you just got used to it

No. 567478

File: 1591635354437.jpg (30.69 KB, 750x739, cac8064e609b19e29d97f6ed3a4b62…)

Does anyone have tips on writing a good essay? preferably on the argumentative kind of essay. Im stuck on it and i dont know what to do you guys…My writing is bad and i cant form an argument worth shit.

No. 567484

not specific enough of a question. Usually my students struggle with the idea that you're supposed to bring up the opposing side and show that you understand why someone would argue for that point. You just have to make sure you place it in the last body paragraph and end it with a rebuttal.

No. 567487

Ya, i understand the anatomy of an argumentative essay, but i usually struggle with forming ideas and writing it down in a paragraph…I just felt like my writing isnt good and strong enough for this kind of essay after all. huuhuu

No. 567501

I'll pee in the bath and stew comfortably in the warmness of it.
What are you, some kind of precious princess?

No. 567536

What is the best website to write personal blogs on? I don't want an audience, just a place to vent and unload my thoughts. I tried wordpress but setting it up is such a pain in the ass. Is LiveJournal good?

No. 567537

So what I was taught and what really helped me is to make a argumentation scheme (I hope this makes sense, esl sorry) before starting to write. So basically you start by brainstorming various arguments on both sides, research and select the good ones. Then you write yourself a building plan in which you exactly write what you wanna write in what paragraph so you know what goes where before you start to write. And only then you start to write. And because you already know what you wanna write and where it goes in your essay it should be pretty easy.

No. 567538

tumblr, you can set it to private with passwordprotection if you use a sideblog

No. 567553

Is there not a current Kenna thread on lolcow? I searched through the catalog but could only find a locked old one. Is discussion on her banned or something?

No. 567559

So you can't private the mainblog? Gotta have a sideblog?

No. 567576

Is it weird to check into a hotel for one night just to be completely alone. I'm sick of my family to the point where I'm willing to drop 100 bucks to sleep somewhere else for a night. However I don't know if it's smart to do during quarantine and I feel stupid for even wanting to.

No. 567578

Nah she's just hella boring

No. 567591

I did something like that once with my friend when he was having an argument with his parents. It’s really not that strange.

No. 567599

I’ve had a few of my friends say their doing this right now, not weird.

No. 567600

is there any resource like a book or youtube channel for tuts of very basic things like cooking, cleaning or doing housework in an efficient way? something that assumes you're an adult child

No. 567605

Does anyone else have a friend who just shits on every little thing you do.
"You parked crooked"
"Why do you do X this way, it's that way"
"How do you not know how to do this"

I get it's part of the territory to take and give insults, but sometimes I feel like it's out of control.

No. 567606

I have done it but only spent like 25 dollars in a hotel near downtown. Look for something cheap and safe. Take a notebook and write down all your problems with possible explanations/solutions. Family sucks sometimes but its very to grow and learn to handle em than runaway all your life.

No. 567608

Not a friend but my sister can be like this sometimes, now I’m ultra defensive and snappy if people bring up the tiniest thing

No. 567609

Yes but it was my gramma lmao and she did it because thats what her mom did to her. SET YOUR BOUNDARIES. Tell her to stop or arrivederci.

No. 567610

File: 1591659218428.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2280, PNG image.png)

Is catcalling an America thing? I hear a lot of women say they’ve been catcalled in their life, even saying that getting catcalled at 9/10 is fairly common, but I’m 18 and I’ve never been catcalled in my life (probably because I live in a mainly Muslim area and my family making sure that the only skin I showed was my collarbone and arms). Am I just a very rare exception who’ll probably just get catcalled later in life, or is it not as conman as some women make it out to be?

No. 567612


No. 567615

Living in the UK I never experienced catcalling but when I visited Muslim countries I'd get catcalled a lot actually. I think it's more common if you live in a big city, living in a more suburban or wealthier area kind of reduces those chances.

No. 567616

>Is catcalling an American thing?
It's a pretty girl thing

No. 567617

That's funny. I'm muslim and wear a hijab and have gotten cat called. Not in my neighborhood though, in the city while at uni. It's not a compliment in any way to be cat called and you should consider yourself lucky to have never had to experience it.

Muslim countries are notorious for having men come up to you and literally try to marry you while wearing acid wash jeans and having gelled up hair and smelling like a mix of sweat and nicotine, thinking you'd be flattered.

No. 567618

I grew up in a Mexican community and was catcalled from the age of 10 onwards

No. 567619

Lmao ayrt those men are so hilarious. I'm arab so I'm pretty used to the whole propsal in the street meme. Your description is 100% accurate.

No. 567621

Im fat and ugly as shit yet get catcalled, it's a shitty men thing anon

No. 567626

Not a dumb question, but doesn't warrant a thread: Where do I buy a reliable taser and pepper spray? Everything on Amazon has mixed between positive and 1 star reviews on the same item. I need a taser that's strong and pepper spray won't break, jam when I need to use it, or leak. Cheap taser reviews admit that they don't think the stun is strong enough to repel a grown man, so where do I get a high quality one? I don't mind splurging on the gun.

No. 567631

Is there any milk on Jenny Nicholson the Star Wars Youtuber? Im super curious tbh

No. 567632

Why do people on yt repost comments of others? What's the point?

No. 567638

Why are there so many finnish people on lolcow? I'm just surprised I never see anyone else from Northern Europe poke their heads out much on here but for some reason it's suomi nation up in here.
No hate obviously but really curious.

No. 567641

i've never been catcalled but i do get a lot of creepy men who pull over on the street and ask where i am going or if i need a ride whenever i am walking

No. 567643

unsure if they have them there but the womens festival or event here usually has a booth or two for all sorts of weapons against men. The quality is good but thankfully we haven't had to use the tasers or pepper spray yet in my family. Otherwise searching 'womens protection tasers' found sites like womenonguard and thehomesecuritysuperstore. If that's still not good enough hunting stores sometimes have them next to the guns or flash lights.

No. 567644

File: 1591668202460.png (8.6 KB, 384x90, puuro.PNG)

I've noticed this on other imageboards too, I thought it's illusory and I just pay more attention to it since I'm originally Finnish myself but this can't explain it, I have counted and it's like 4 Finns for each Swede or Norwegian anon. Why??

No. 567645

Älä postaa tämmöstä (kuva)

No. 567649

Maybe finnish people are bigger fans of imageboards lol? I mean Sweden has a higher population than all of the other nordic countries so you'd think they would be most prevalent. Not that Sweden is doing best at.. basically anything anymore kek.

No. 567650

I ate 800 calories every day for the past 7 days on my period (1200 is the standard to lose weight) and now that I'm done with my period, I weighed myself and I weigh exactly the same as before I started?…… What does that even mean. I can honestly guarantee that I ate that amount of calories, I barely ate because I had no appetite. Wtf is going on?

No. 567651

Is it normal to think about your upbringing heavily in your early 20's? Every issue I have right now I keep relating back to the way I was raised. It's starting to make me really depressed and angry at my parents, which in turn makes me feel like an edgy teenager when I'm really an adult.

No. 567652

No. 567655

you only wanna find an excuse to shit on her bc she's nice to trannies

No. 567699

What makes a slice of life story good? If I'm writing a story, should I make it have a subtle narrative or will that take away from the magic?

No. 567701

Every slice of life has some sort of minor narrative, even in something as extremely uneventful as My Dinner With Andre has the two characters thinking differently about their lives after their conversation.

No. 567711

Just have lots of funny hijinks + unexpected feels. As far as narrative goes, you can go either way, SOL is quite varied in the degrees of plot.

No. 567715

Does your boss have access to view your paystubs, even ones from like five years ago?

No. 567718

All yootube parrots are

No. 567719

File: 1591684803129.png (506.34 KB, 680x510, 2f0.png)

I don't understand interest rates. If I put $5000 in a savings account with a 2.8% interest rate, do I get 2.8% of the balance every month or every year?

Some bank accounts say interest is paid monthly, does that mean I get 2.8% of the balance monthly, or does it mean over 1 year I will get 2.8% of my average balance back?

No. 567725

It seems a lot worse in America. I've lived in the UK and around central and eastern Europe, the worst over there was Turkish men staring at you in Vienna, I had a dude pull up by me at night too. It was also the biggest city I lived in though. Oh also when I was 13-16 and a pudgy awkward girl, I had a spike in catcalls then for some reason.

America was terrible. The moment my bf was out of sight I had dudes chasing me down. Once I even speedwalked ahead to get into a shop and the guy FOLLOWED, I snuck around the aisles to lose him. I've wandered around EE shitholes at night, but I have never felt so unsafe due to being a woman as I did in America. I genuinely did not want to go out at night on my own.

I never understood the awful anecdotes about being pursued until I went to America and realised most of those experiences probably came from there.

No. 567744

File: 1591692192058.jpg (16.52 KB, 268x265, 1567894728529.jpg)

That last part made me wanna scream anon

No. 567752

I'm 26 and American and I've only gotten catcalle a couple of times in my life. I guess I'm too ugly like >>567616 said

No. 567753

I was an 11yo kid and I got catcalled, it's about making you uncomfortable, not appreciating you being pretty.

No. 567763

That must have been bait, no reasonable woman really thinks catcalling has anything to do with beauty. It's simply objectification and the exercising and flaunting of structural power.

No. 567780

This. I'm tired of this "It's a compliment! You have pretty privilege!! Just cover up lol" bullshit. Anyone who says it unironically is either baiting, a male or they just lack empathy.

No. 567781

Social ineptitude is a cultural norm in Finland so we "flourish" anonymously on the internet. We're savvy finding ways to communicate like a bunch of hermits, take SMS and IRC. Gotta work around not wanting to see anyone because socializing is a pain in the ass unless you're drunk.

No. 567809

Is there any way to ease stomach pain caused by lactose intolerance??? I had a latte after lunch and I forget to take my lactose pills. My stomach hurts soo fucking much. I've already thrown up twice and I thought I got rid of all of the milk but I'm still in pain hours later

No. 567811

Finnish people are huge imageboard nuts to be honest, our own native board (Ylilauta) is one of the most popular sites in the Finnish internet sphere with tens of thousands of individual views per day. Finns have always been extremely tech/internet savvy with a traditionally active tech scene so the online culture is very familiar to us and the board culture in particular resonates with our dark and dry sense of humor. Compared to Swedish people who hate everything offensive and controversial and aren't that into internet-related topics. You're bound to find at least a handful of Finnish posters at any imageboard.

No. 567835

Thanks for the explanation, anon.

No. 567837

Water retention on periods don't just go away after a day. Several pounds of fat don't just get burned after a week of eating slightly less (especially with no sport), the amount of carbs/fat/protein also plays a role in how much fat you loose and muscles you gain/loose, muscles are heavier than fat etc.

No. 567839

Fun and interesting cast and narrator.

No. 567864

weed, pepto bismol, hot ginger tea, a warm shower with the water directed on your stomach, heating pad, or a nap.

No. 567952

Do Finnish chads or normies go on imageboards? That would be interesting

No. 567953

Idk but it happened to me and I have noticed it happened to some of my peers as well, it went away after I turned 25 tho

No. 567962

girls how hard is it to learn C#

No. 567964

guys wtf is wrong with me . I’ve been driving for 7 years now and I still struggle knowing how much space I have between me and another vehicle. Parking in between two cars is still a challenge. Passing in between two cars on a road with no lines is like playing a game with the devil.

No. 567972

Not hard. If you're doing it for gamedev purposes (or even if not), Unity Premium is currently free because of rona and they have a course called C# Survival Guide which is great and comprehensive.

No. 567974

maybe get your eyes checked? could be poor depth perception. do you have any trouble driving at night/during rain?

No. 567975

Vision problems as other anon said. Could also be a symptom of dyscalculia as well if you happten to have struggled with math. It can affect not just doing actual math but your perception of distance, time, etc. My cousin has pretty severe dyscalculia and she struggled to rememember the difference between right and left sometimes when she was driving for a good while lol. She got the hang of it though so most likely vision problems but could be an added factor.

No. 567978

>difference between right and left
Dude this shit fucking sucks. I only found out about dyscalculia when I was an adult and everything made so much sense.

No. 567983

seconding this, I have dyscalculia and this is something I experience. It might also be a related thing like dyspraxia.

Same. I was only diagnosed in my early 20s and I think my life would have been way different if I'd gotten support for it as a child. I was a reasonably smart kid in most areas but my teachers all thought I was lazy or stupid because certain things just wouldn't click for me.

No. 567992

I've been seeing a lot of chicago posters on here and it's kind of freaking me out because it feels like the fourth wall is breaking seeing that real life people in my area are also on here . I can't help but ask, did anyone here go to UIC/Depaul/Loyola?

No. 568014

How does one know if they have social anxiety vs. bad social skills?

No. 568016

anxiety can be knowing what to do and say but not being able to due to anxiety, bad social skills are just lack of …social skills?

No. 568017

Is it bad to masturbate to pics of my ex?

No. 568021

Not bad, just a bit sad maybe.

No. 568050

Does anyone else feel really immature for their age and struggle to talk to people who are the same age as them? I will even talk to people younger than me and think "Damn they have their shit together more than me".

No. 568059

I'm definitely immature in the sense that most people my age have their shit SOMEWHAT figured out but I can still hold a conversation well. Intelligence-wise I'm good, it's just.. emotionally I'm still a teen really.

No. 568061

Ty anon that exactly what I wanted to know

No. 568232

Do cool toned fake tans exist? Or at the very least neutral toned?

No. 568237

My parents did a DNA test, my dad found out that he's 80% Native American and my mom 60%. They're from small towns in Mexico so that's to be expected but they're not indigenous culturally, just Mexican.

I want to look into where my parents are from native wise but I don't know where to start.

Is it worth it to do a genetics test even if they're kind of sketchy?

Also any other Mexicans/Mexican Amerifags do digging into their native heritage or do you just leave it alone?

No. 568249

This was asked a while ago and it still depends on your own skin tone and how most self tanners are very orange or green based.

No. 568252

oh well that wasn't me. I know most self tanners are orange or green based, but in theory orange and green can be both cool and warm right, so this doesn't mean much to me.

No. 568253

cool or warm** I didn't mean at the same time lol

No. 568268

does intuitive eating actually help the relationship with food? is it worth gaining weight in order to stop craving food and to prevent future binge eating episodes? my goal is to have a healthy relationship with food but i dont know if this method is beneficial or not.

No. 568276

MexAm anon here, I don't feel like shelling out for genetics tests so I just ask around in my extended family. I found out a few interesting things but typically digging into Mexican heritages is boring because it's like, our options are "Mostly White European" or "Mostly Native" and we all have some small time war general or crooked politician/religious figure in our past lol

If you're interested in your specific genetic makeup more than your family history, the test might be worth it for you. You can also try looking up the population demographics of your parents hometowns! Sorry for blog response

No. 568290

Anyone else's dimples get deeper in the morning? lol

No. 568302

why are some people obsessed with audrey hepburn?? sure she was very pretty, seemed like a nice person, but there’s a certain subset of people who are obsessed with her and know every detail of her life. i’ve lived with one of these people before, very strange and there were pictures of audrey everywhere. why is it her in particular that people latch onto and become obsessed with

No. 568313

People also have Marilyn Monroe fixations in the same way.

No. 568316

It’s funny because those two actually had pretty depressing lives if you look past Hollywood glamor

No. 568318

She's one of those people that are famous just for being famous. Like how there's criminals who are notorious just for being notorious despite not doing anything special or interesting.

No. 568330

>She's one of those people that are famous just for being famous.
Uh, she was a well known actress and even an Oscar winner, anon. I don’t get the obsession around her either but to say that’s she’s famous for being famous is kinda ridiculous.

No. 568332

How many people who are fans of her in 2020 ever actually saw one of her movies before thinking she was cool just because of cultural memes? And how many legit like her movies and aren't much more attracted to the mystique? You get the same thing with actors and singers who die young, that becomes their selling point more than their actual content.

No. 568335

there's a difference between being a pop-cultural icon and being "famous just for being famous"

No. 568400

do you think younger men (early 20s) would be into roleplaying as a vampire during sex or similar cringy scenarios?

No. 568486

make him read twilight first or introduce "kin" to him so that after making him watch a vampire anime, you can manipulate him into believing he's the cool vampire guy reincarnated IRL and #doubles dfi so you can do the roleplay you've always wanted

No. 568496

Anyone else tend to wake up from sudden loud (but imagined) noises or voices? I woke this morning startled from hearing a loud male groan of annoyance/frustration? right next to me. I live alone.

I think it's called Hypnagogic hallucinations, where your brain is on the edge of waking. Not my first time experiencing it. Tell me I'm not that weird

No. 568511

Why are so many people on here so vehemently against the term Karen, yet okay with stacy. Karen is literally allotted for middle aged women who feel the need to disrespect retail workers and minorities for dumb shit in public, which I hope doesn't apply to anyone who uses this site. Stacy seems to be used for anyone who doesn't dress in lolita while at Trader Joes and can make eye contact.

No. 568518

Because Stacy is a compliment with positive connotations, even if it's used out of resentment/jealousy. Karen is an insult and has been adopted by men as their go to excuse to be sexist.

I don't know who you think is going to be offended by it, but no actual Stacy would be insecure enough to give a fuck about being praised for their top tier looks and popularity with a stereotyped name.

No. 568519

File: 1591845317036.jpg (24.64 KB, 428x494, 1553794204984.jpg)

How come males use a lot of anime girl reaction images but girls don't use cute anime boys reaction images?

No. 568520

It's also called exploding head syndrome, I've had it a few times

No. 568521

I have spongebob reaction memes
Is he a cute anime boy

No. 568537

i've seen that BTS, BTS Army, AND John Cena in total collected $3,000,000 for Black Lives Matter, but where does the money donated to Black Lives Matter go? is there a way to track it?
also, from my understanding BLM is not a cohesive organization like what the U.S. government is saying antifa is, so why does Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc. exist? their website is not giving me cohesive or transparent answers

No. 568540

samefag, i found this quote about the foundation

“The BLMF provides grants, movement building resources, and technical assistance to organizations working advance the leadership and vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America."
can anyone break this down for me. it seems like gibberish to me (i'm not at all discrediting the blm movement by the way)

No. 568542

Why is it so easy for me to talk about certain things with certain sexes

I'm a horny little slut and I want so badly to talk about porn and stuff with my best friends since elementary school like I would my college friends

But I have so much more in common with them so I'm always talking about cool stuff I like that isn't porn

But when someone of the opposite sex arrives its so easy to talk about my body and what it does and doesn't like

What the fuck?
Should I even want to talk about that stuff with my friends?

No. 568544

It sounds like they give out money to struggling black focused areas
whether it's people attempting to do something for the black community, organizations trying to do something for the black community, or businesses

Think of BLM as the government–the money is going to government organizations like the department of education or the IRS
Only in this case, I'm not as able to talk about specifics because I don't know which places the funds are going.

But if you REALLY wanted to know, you'd ask them directly instead of asking for more information from a fucking imageboard of all places.

No. 568545

Oh, and I'm sure tons of this money is being used for bail funds for people unrightfully arrested if I had to take a guess as to one specific place

No. 568546

i'm in stupid questions let me be

No. 568547

When did the phrase bipoc take off? I've never heard it before last week and suddenly I'm seeing it everywhere

No. 568551

I think I first saw it in 2016 or 2017, but it was still used pretty rarely, at least among the crowds I hung out with. I've seen it more lately with all the shit on Twitter.

No. 568552

kek, this sounds plausible but too evil for me. I suppose watching the twilight movie together works.

males are braindead. when they get their hands on an acceptable term to spew misogyny, they go apeshit. people spam karen like boomer now. it's divorced from it's original meaning and is annoying as fuck to hear. otoh, stacy is a piece of lingo that means beautiful and has positive connotation since beauty is valued.

No. 568553

Same! I had to google it. I was like… there’s no way ALL of you are bi??

No. 568554

Because a lot of the people who post here are the exact kind of person the word does apply to. Hit dogs will holler etc.

No. 568557

most farmers are not middle aged women who yell at retail workers

No. 568562

The only difference is that they're not middle aged

No. 568568

Lmao Most people on here don’t even leave their houses and can barely talk to people, let alone yell at them.

No. 568570

File: 1591854150764.gif (8.53 MB, 637x637, source.gif)

Has anyone seen the 06ep of The Good Fight? It has a story line about transfem getting into women sport competitions, the unfairness of it and how you can't talk about it without getting dogpiled.

Holy shit, I always thought it was a lefty show to the core. Are even leftist peaking?

No. 568572

anon most of the bitches here probably too scared to ask for more sauce at a restaurant

No. 568573

Men in women's sports seems to be the easiest way to change people's minds.

No. 568576

As some one who's a hardcore leftist I don't feel that trans women should compete in sports. If cis women get barred for naturally producing too much testosterone barely transitioning trans women shouldn't compete because testosterone is such a strong chemical that heavily effects the body. It's weird how completely brain dead some of the "protect trans lives" crowd is, like there's a huge difference between a trans woman wanting to live her life with out being killed vs a tans woman wanting to be famous for her sports accolades.

No. 568590

Yeah, I don't see how anyone who isn't straight up politically delusional thinks it's fair for trans women to compete against biological women. It's straight up an advantage like taking performance-enhancing drugs would be to an extent. Competing in sports isn't exactly a human right either.

No. 568630

If book pages weren't made out of trees, what would be the next best material for them?

No. 568648

What the hell? Now I have to go watch that episode, no way can this be real. Which season is it?

No. 568659

Maybe this belongs in the dumb shit thread, but anons, how many of you close the toilet lid before flushing? Im curious on how common it actually is.

No. 568668

I think you can make paper out of hemp so maybe that? Can't think of anything else.

I only usually close it after I take a dump to be honest. Urine is sterile and it's my urine anyway so I don't fucking care honestly. I'm pretty lax with these things however.

No. 568685

File: 1591874022834.png (1.43 MB, 1191x692, troonfight.PNG)

It's last season, s4e06. Also they picked a regular looking troon (like he's not ideous, but you see it's an actually troon complete with proeminent lower jaw) with the patented deep voice to play the troon part.

It's like bizarro world. I'm a big fan of the Good Fight (was since The good wife actually) but it has always felt very lefty preachy. This really cam out of the left field for me (no pun intented).

No. 568732

How to stop reacting to women who are jealous of you IRL…..I really wish I had more female friends, got a new job but a woman with whom I work keeps always green-eyeing me and whenever she stares at me she would start whining on how phat she is, etc, assuming I would give her compliments… In the end she started being passive-aggressive towards me and is trying to dress up the way I do… Which is weird considering she is fat-chan and much older than me.

No. 568736

Do you think the protests still would have happened (or at least happened to the same extent they have), if we hadn’t been on lockdown just before?

No. 568739

Do the grey rock treatment and ignore her. Do NOT give her attention. Also don’t tell her any personal information about yourself that can be used against you. I would start wearing professional fashions that only you can wear so you can laugh at her inside when she tries to copy you.

No. 568741

No. Not at all.

No. 568744

File: 1591884642134.png (592.42 KB, 680x423, pic.png)

Honestly, the whole fact that she is trying to dress up like me is laughable alone. I wear only dresses because my closet is filled with them, barely having any t-shirts or hoodies, but Im a big fan of shorts.
She is a very fat-chan who seems to be around 70kg if not more, while I am a fit-chan… Dresses that she wears look like pic related on her. But the hands area is veryyyy tight and shorter.
But yeah! I wore shorts today at work, she didn't come today but co-worker took a picture of us. Not gonna be surprised if the next day she will show up with shorts.

I have read about grey treatment earlier, it's pretty nice but It'll be difficult to get used to it ngl.

No. 568745

File: 1591884938578.png (157.92 KB, 420x355, 1591480735413.png)

I do use manga dudes reaction images sometimes. Videogame dudes as well.

No. 568747

Do any of you have family members or roommates that drink tea?
If so, do you get pissed off at them for spilling a few drops here and there when they carry tea?
I'm asking because I'm currently the one getting mad at and it's not intentional at all. I always clean up after myself but it's not like the tea drops are visible and I don't put honey or sugar in tea so it's literally just grass and hot water. It's just stressing me out and I cannot enjoy my tea ceremony anymore. Fuck.

No. 568751

I know this gets discussed every few weeks, but is the majority demographic of this website young (18-19) or are the older farmers just less noticeable? I'm 25 and sometimes I feel like those awkward old ass kids in school who got held back 5 times

No. 568756

If it wasn't obvious, I want someone to confirm that I'm, in fact, suffering a great deal of emotional trauma without a good reason. I'm a sensitive person and being yelled at for a minor thing is deeply mentally scarring. ;_;

No. 568759

I think the userbase is just getting younger as time goes on. That is unfortunately the way things go sometimes.

No. 568762

I really hope you’re a troll or else this is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever read on here.

No. 568763

What are you talking about? Us oldfag (~30) post all the fucking time.

No. 568764

I know, right?
I had to cringe hard. Even if that were true, the response was so petty.

No. 568765

File: 1591886646316.jpeg (82.7 KB, 345x311, 3D7BA203-1E0E-413F-A20E-82EE86…)

I try to but they’re not as widely available? I’m gonna curate my own folder lol

No. 568781

File: 1591889406426.png (1.47 MB, 1440x1080, Azumanga Diaoh - Episode 17 [1…)

I'm a lonely girl in Sweden. I don't speak Swedish so I don't have a job. I'd like to make some friends IRL or Online, online would be fine. Anyone have suggestions for how to go about doing this? Thankyou!

No. 568782

on their website it doesn't mention any of that. they use actblue and it seems like the money goes to whichever presidential candidate they want to win

No. 568796

How did you end up in Sweden without speaking Swedish?

No. 568802


I am dating a guy, that's how I came here, from Australia. He's also introverted, though.

Technically I can get on reasonably well with English, but it's a major barrier to work.

No. 568805

But why did you come there? Did you not know how difficult it would be to work? Is he supporting you? It just seems like your life is on hold at the minute, you have no friends right? So why didn't he come to you, he has English right?

No. 568808

The level of esl here

No. 568810

I'm a native English speaker? Just because i'm not speaking standardised American English doesn't mean i'm fucking esl lmao sit down monolingual-chan

No. 568813

Ah, I'm jealous. My bf and I want to move to Sweden (or anywhere in EU) but neither of us have any connections there. Do you need to be a citizen to work, or just speak Swedish?
I'm actually ESL and it's always funny to see what "hi esl"-chans flag as bad English…

No. 568815

Great choices were made woof maybe learn swedish? Don’t they have language classes for expats? I’m sure you’ll meet friends there

No. 568817

ngl, i'm esl and your grammar is worse than mine

No. 568821

I have traits of autism and it affects how i come across and my accent sometimes. A speech and language therapist said it was called switching registers. The great ESL debate is so stupid because sometimes people come across weird for many reasons.

No. 568823

Sure. I speak 3 languages but OKAY.

No. 568825

So do I. So why are you still so assblasted? I'm sure you don't sound great in all of them.

No. 568832

>>568817 follwoing coma complications I devloped Algraphia, they said my writing is fine. I go on social media and it is all Hur hur hur you must be thick. grammar is a set a rules people learn AT SCHOOL. Nothong to do with intelligence. also NTAYRT.

No. 568833

>>568796 my ex best friend pulled this off. once past 25 she would dawn over men, encourage women to get drunk, shop lift expensive clothes, all she was after was a non British man ( she is from London) at the age of 37, still not marriage or kids and that is all she has been talking about. I think she is his mistress " He wants to love me but he couldn't"??? I should post her in personal low cow thread. she is deluded. she thinks she has PLENTY of time to have kids as she is a health freak. she has a disabled Aunt as her auntie had her at 43.

No. 568834

I mean this the nicest way possible, please learn to integrate and write your posts better. You stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 568836

Post her

No. 568840

>>568739 I did a similar thing, I could afford high end fashion. she could only get primary, all she did was brag about her ART degree from a shitty uni, when people discovered what uni I went to they were like wow what is that like? she was furious I was only there as a freaking volunteer I was going to leave but I had so much fun seeing her get all red faced and ready to cry.

No. 568842

Because they're disgusting weebs and most girls outgrow that phase.

No. 568846

>>568732 I compete in international fencing, there is all groups there including old people, we do not fight against them. This one man who would NOT shut up about his sex life to me met a woman at a gangbang orgy, for the first 4 months all he did was make fun of her " Bukkake Queen'. The men would put money in the pint jar, cum on her and she got to keep the COINS, she also pretends she is dinner lady for fun. I told him she is hard up for cash you are wealthy she id doing all this degrading things with you to be IN your life, she made you block many female friends or she won't drink your piss. she was arguing about me with him for 3 fucking years. The dude invited me to an orgy and made is VERY obvious he liked me, after a fencing comp she was giving me evil states I guessed she was a 60 year old cluster B and was super nice to her ( she would have looked insane if she lashed out) she waited till I was in the car park and made threats. I told her step back no one takes a whore seriously are you going to carry on making violent threats or shall i ring the police? I am not rolling around with a 60 year old woman over a man that I made clear I had no interest in. I told him to control her. she put her face into mine and said I will make sure you will NEVER EVER have the chance to speak to him again. I told her HE INVITED ME TO ORGIES, and had a code for when you were about. HE was always contacting ME! she then said I must give up fencing? This year I won silver, before that GOLD, his squad are elderly co can't do much moves nor do they visit other countries etc. i said NOPE NO WAY, He can stay if he stops harassing me, if you come along I will get you banned, we are on CCTV camera and I made a recording of your threats. They both left. The hubris of him thinking I would be interested in his 70 year old cock. kek.

No. 568848

>>568834 I jsut explained left temporal lobe issues following a Coma In coma rehab as long as you read and wright that is good enough for them. I am not taking medication with nasty side effects so I learn to write better. I know you did not mean to sound cruel, but it gets very annoying, I have to slow right down and read each word. That will take too long.

No. 568857

>The hubris of him thinking I would be interested in his 70 year old cock. kek.
You're a legend

No. 568858

No. 568859

>>568858 stop getting so triggered, just ignore my posts.

No. 568860

>>568834 HOW? I had to relearn, my left lobe of my brain works too fast. people can think I am dumb if they want, better than me spending 30 mins to write a post to " integrate" i have been here 4 years BTW.

No. 568861

How is it that I generally have ok periods, light, short and not too painful. But then every once in a while I get hit with a hellish period? No changes in lifestyle and I'm not young either.

No. 568862

>>567725 yup, the won't take NO, GO AWAY as an answer, they also call you Mami? I compete in sports so have an athletic body, not a big booty.

No. 568865

No. 568867

No. 568870

Honestly i'm on schizanon's side

No. 568880

File: 1591903928547.jpg (111.94 KB, 425x282, crime.jpg)

Why do so many women love true crime? 90% of women I've met from the ages of 25-65 just eat it up. I know of famous cases and have read a little about them, but I don't go listening to podcasts or watch true crime channels or read murder mystery books.

No. 568881

For me I feel like part of it is it gives me a (probably false) sense of security, like in a way it makes me feel as if I’m more ‘prepared’ if anything were to ever happen

No. 568883

The other anon hit the nail on the head. Women are often the victims of violent crime so the fascination could probably be linked for their desire to survive.

No. 568888

This. Since I was little I was taught to be very submissive. The kind of girl who has to hold her tears when someone raise his voice. So when I grew up and learned about all the violence -men- can commit It was a shock and I started to read true crimes to normalize it in my head. To feel I know whan can happens if i let my guard down. I consumed a lot of time reading cases in my early 20s. Now I dont do it since I already know almost everything true crime. Sorry if poor english.

No. 568890

exactly, you wanna know about true crime to be aware what the world is really like for women and how to avoid early death

No. 568901

Definitely agree with anons, being a woman = having to constantly worry about being raped, killed, kidnapped, attacked, etc. Men don't have to keep safety in the back of their head at all times.

Podcasts and tv shows give women a "safe place" where they can live out their worst fears and try to understand them from every possible angle. It can make us feel neurotic, but we also feel more prepared for the world in a way.

No. 568909

At what point do you tell your significant other about any mental illnesses/disorders that you have?

I've never really dated before but would like to eventually get a bf, however I'm a bit nervous about telling a guy that I'm on the spectrum. Is it something I should be upfront about in the beginning, or wait until a deeper connection is made? There's such a stigma about disorders so I'm curious as to when people open up about it.

No. 568912

For the same reason anons say women watch shows about serial killers and murders, is the reason why I stopped. I've watched so many in which women with best precautions still ended up being horribly butchered in the plain daylight, by someone they knew, in public, etc. It's disheartening and I'd rather not think about it anymore.

No. 568913

I just tell guys from the start. I kind of mention it at an appropriate time on the first or second date or while we are texting. I mention it kinda casually, maybe list some symptoms if they aren't too familiar, etc. Then we continue the conversation and see that I am otherwise a pretty normal person.
Telling them as soon as possible also helps to weed out a certain portion of insensitive and dumbass people which is a bonus.

No. 568917

I just like it because it's interesting. I grew up watching it with my older sister, we were both horror fans so it made sense.

No. 568929

With autism I'd mention it from the beginning. I dated before getting the official diagnosis and IME men often misinterpret autism behaviors for 'mind games' Makes things a lot easier if they know.

No. 568932

One depressing thing I learnt from years of reading and watching true crime is that one of the very few things that can save you from being raped..is being on your period. I read two different stories where men had no problem violently ambushing strange women or breaking into their home to attack them but the sight of a bloodied sanitary towel put them off.

No. 568959

Kinda riding off the other anon's talk of women in danger from killers, is it… fucked up of me, to want to walk home from work (at earlier hours, never after 5 PM)? My boyfriend basically forbids me from doing it out of worry, and gets REALLY upset at me if I do. I get how it's dangerous, and he says there's kidnappings in the area of women jogging/walking/whatever, but I can't even find.. any report of that. I know there's like, a chance of it happening, but it pisses me off to have to spend like 7-10$ on an uber (trying to get a car), when I can walk home for free AND get exercise…

No. 568961

Why not ride a bike, anon? You won't be as vulnerable, get exercise, and save money.

No. 568963

File: 1591922679140.png (38.14 KB, 706x308, sigh.PNG)

I recently found r/TruFemcels on reddit. Just reading through the posts on there make me feel paranoid as hell of men and relationships, like the comment attached here. I'm 18 and I don't have any relationship experience. Is this post and other comments made by femcels true or accurate?

No. 568966

True, but my main issue is that I don't try to walk or anything /to/ work, just on the way back, just to make sure I get there on time (I'm someone who takes a little while to wake up, usually giving me only so much time to get to work)

No. 568970

Men won’t even commit to beautiful women so no, this take isn’t entirely true.
I’m sure there are loving men out there, there must be, but I’ve yet to find one.
Who knows. Wish I could offer comfort.

No. 568971

All incel stuff is cope pretending why they personally can't get a relationship is actually not their fault but the worlds, just read the last sentance and she basically admits it. I know more hot women who get cheated on than ugly women since they attract men who just want an ego boost in getting the hottest girls they can and don't care about the partners at all.

No. 568972

>men don’t cheat on beautiful women
Lmaoooo femcels and their magical thinking around beauty is causing actual brain damage

No. 568975

Because it's interesting. And because, like others have said, it's a sort of safety in an odd way. Watching true crime stories and the perpetrators getting caught makes women who themselves have been victims feel slightly better.

No. 568978

Femcels and incels are so fucking funny the way they hate each other but are exact copies of each other. Men get laid easier, women get laid easier, if you're ugly you're out of luck, sexual objects this, commitment that, etc etc. Just take regular showers and grow a backbone.

No. 568981

>Is this post and other comments made by femcels true or accurate?
Cheating is the cheater's decision and not the other partner's fault. Vent spaces like r/TruFemcels don't offer much. The femcel and lookism subreddits are incredibly autistic, though may have slivers of common sense.

>I'm 18 and I don't have any relationship experience.

If you're around average, your looks won't seriously affect your chances. Being wary of men (especially when dating) is necessary, but don't let it balloon into paranoia. Without knowing your personal circumstances, focus on building your career and friendships. Reach a place where you're okay being single. Also read Lundy Bancroft's Why Does He Do That? to learn about abusive men.

No. 568982

My temp job position is gonna end next month. They’ve already extended it and will not extend it anymore. I don’t even know if I qualify for unemployment. Is it stupid of me to apply for a US army job? I’m trying to get into HR/stay in admin and the US army has a position, though there is a physical training portion and I don’t even know if I’d last because I’m puny and weak lol. I know beggars can’t be choosers and if I’m so desperate I should just apply for retail, but I’m trying to avoid going back to retail because my parents are in the high risk group and have a bunch of medical conditions and I don’t know what’s worse: not being able to pay the bills or risk bringing home covid and losing them to it.

No. 568986

Beautiful women get cheated on all the time. I'm guilty of having femcel beliefs concerning men, but i can't blame any woman for believing this because men are really cruel to ugly women and they don't get as much sympathy incels do, so you end up just being stuck in this ideology because of the constant reaffirmation their beliefs get. I can't imagine actively engaging in a group like this and spending all day seething about shitty men. It's time for them to realise that men not desiring you can be a blessing and get a hobby instead of letting them run rent free in your mind,

No. 568987

Exactly this. Incels/Femcels are unable to step outside of themselves and see how their insecurities are affecting how they interact with people, and instead adopt a victim narrative so they can avoid any self reflection.

No. 568988

File: 1591929834011.jpg (207.23 KB, 750x737, extfU6D.jpg)

Is there a point in getting diagnosed with aspergers? I've suspected for a few years now that I have the 'tism…

Pic related– I was actually being conservative when answering.

No. 568990

No. Not like you can cure it. All the diagnosis does is look bad on record and get you discriminated.

No. 568991

Can you link the test you're taking? I'm curious.

No. 568993

No. 568995

What are some digital hobbies or actual helpful skills to build while in quarantine besides from art and writing?

No. 569005

Cooking has been a useful skill for me to practice recently.

No. 569027

Ok but what about recieving therapy for autism? Doesnt that make a difference in quality of life, even if it's a late diagnosis?

No. 569032

>gets you discriminated
Good thing autism is covered under disability

No. 569034

It’s not if you didn’t get diagnosed until you seek it out in adulthood. They take that as not being enough of a sped to qualify for aid.

No. 569065

anon it's not worth it, you're just going to wind up injured lol. basic training is the hardest shit I've ever put my body through, and they've made it harder since I was in. Unless you are willing to spend ~6 months training on your own before you even ship out to basic, your bones will get fucked. The standards are the same for all privates, no matter what job you are enlisting for or what section of the army (regular army/reserve/national guard). You also have to maintain these standards, so you'd have to change your entire lifestyle as well. Just get a retail job and be really really careful about washing your hands and disinfecting your clothing and anything else you bring home, and quarantining anything that cannot be easily wiped down. Be diligent about wearing a mask.

No. 569067

I just bought three cute notebooks, what should I write in them?

No. 569098

Is preparing for SAT from Khan Academy a bad idea? I don't really have any other options right now.

No. 569114

no, why would that be a bad idea?

No. 569127

I just thought maybe because it's free it wouldn't be the best way since everyone else I know is learning through paid programs and I don't have that option and I feel kinda incompetent because of it. But I'm looking through the course and it doesn't seem bad at all so I'll be giving it a good sincere try.

No. 569132

I like to write movie reviews in mine kek maybe list your favorite shows or songs during the hell year that is 2020

No. 569159

Should I bother legally changing my name? I've been thinking about it for at least a year or more and it's not something I'm about to do lightly, especially when I went through how many documents I'd have to change. I think my last name is plain ugly, it's technically made up anyway and when I search it it's common among a completely different ethnicity and I don't want that perception when job hunting. But at the same time, my first name is fairly unique and has always gotten me compliments. I know a name change won't help me get away from the past if I dislike myself, the new one I'm almost certain on is English which isn't my ethnicity either (but it's my nationality and my culture so I'm not being a teaboo or anything), and it's also more unisex or masculine. I would share the first name with one of my own characters which makes me feel bad but I'm not pulling an Eloise Frazer (lol). Has anyone here legally changed their own names for whatever reason and tell me what it's like, from the process to living with it? Any regrets?

No. 569168

Why exactly is Jordan Peterson hailed as a genius??
I kept hearing about him so I checked out one of his lectures and he's teaching plain old psychology infused with right leaning ideology. I don't think there's anything special about him but a lot of people seem to think he's some sort of intellectual mastermind who's saying things that have never been said before

No. 569170

dumb white men eat his shit up, they need someone "smart" to cling to and put their bigotry in an academic vernacular. and his ability to argue with sj dubba us. i think contrapoints made a video on him which was pretty good, no matter if you like her or not

No. 569174

Honestly, Jordan Peterson getting hooked on benzos and being a brain damaged vegetable now pretty much is one of the best things to ever happen. I feel no remorse for him or any of the brainless incels in love with him. Dude wrote about rules for life, these misogynists couldn't wait for another dumb man to tell them how to live and then got hooked on drugs and became a drooling brain-dead mess. It's just so beautiful.

No. 569183

What happened? This is news to me.

No. 569184

File: 1591976594953.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, 9BE13D7D-FB94-4C4A-9BC4-F5D1B7…)

Kek. Share the deetz then anon ffs.

No. 569185

No. 569188

the comments under that video are embarrassing

No. 569194

No. 569195

Go look at his thread on kiwifarms. Everything about this farm vegetable and his cringy daughter is archived there.

No. 569206

You have to wade through so much Kiwi autism to get anything useful. The thread is 96 pages with most of it being fans pretending they're not fans.

No. 569207

Should I make a tumblr just for venting? Or should I make an instagram just for venting?

No. 569209

I'd say tumblr, simply because it's not as popular as it used to be and because you can passeord protect a side blog if you want to and post privately

No. 569210

Then use logic and only skim over the last 4 months-ish. It didn't happen years ago, it happened now. You got the info, you got the article about it. Now you know what happened. No one's gonna go to kiwi farms and dig for what you might find interesting.

No. 569213

Are the people who use tumblr now a little… chilled out than before? I wouldn't want to get dogpilled because I said something wrong.
Otherwise I like tumblr better too because IG is pretty image-based while tumblr is good for writing.

No. 569215

The hardcore extremists have moved on to twitter since the nudity ban.

No. 569216

Where can I go to start reading up on the venus(and/or margo?) threads? Is there a lolcow summary of her? I've tried typing in lolcow.farm/venus or venusangelic.

No. 569220

Pulltards had a pretty okay summary at some point, there's also the funny ass era when she went there while streaming before coming here. They locked the pull thread just before she could skim it properly, many keks were had.

No. 569222

Or don't bother since there's nothing.
One video of a rickety old man playing with a toy and lots of his strange daughter self promoting.

No. 569223

Please no bully. I have been making myself poop a bit too early for months just because I hate pooping and I want it over with but now I'm trying to stop and it sucks. Someone tell me I will recover and I can start pooping at normal rates? I'm too scared to google this.

No. 569229

I genuinely have no idea what your problem is

No. 569232

Just practice holding it in? I mean what else is there anon, butt plugs? Lmao.

No. 569234

Pooping is genuinely one of the joys of life that has always been there for me, is this the coma anon again?

No. 569235

I've forced myself to poop too often and now I feel like I need to poop a lot and I'm trying to reverse it by waiting longer and I just want to know I haven't destroyed my body for life by doing that

No. 569238

Isn't there a toilet thread in /g

No. 569239

Well now I know about it. Hasn't been active in a few weeks tho. I didnt mean to get too descriptive but I had to be more specific lol

I am not coma anon

This is the plan. Hope it works.

No. 569244

Period. I love the time I spend pooping in the comfort of my toilet. Away from the world and the feeling of lightness you get after a good poop is why I'm still holding onto life.

No. 569249

He does on and on about how to " raise your kids right" His daughter is dating a PUA Guru that runs a cam girl operation in some poor 2nd world country. She got broke up with the father of her Baby ( who is her dad's manager) less than a year after the child was born. Only eats meat and says his Benzo addiction was for his Auto immune disorder. She poses semi naked around her child and where her dad can see and has a grumpy attiude problem. I will kek so hard If Mr Chad thundercock PUA Mater is grooming her to be his latest cam girl she is nearly there already. He must be so MORTIFIED, worth noting his Benzo Coma came out after his daughter started acting out.

No. 569251

Who tf uses Amino except people younger than 12 and people older than 40?

No. 569254

But anon he's not hooked on benzos..silly. He's having a totally rare and extreme reaction that so isn't addiction.. it just really really looks and sounds like addiction

Isn't he the guy always telling people to own up to their shit and take responsibility? Like it's one of his main spiels. The fucking irony

No. 569255

>people older than 40?
Boomers use Amino?

No. 569259

I once joined a lesbian amino when I was like 16 and I saw at least two over 40 men in that place. Bet there are more.

No. 569260

We are the same, you and me.

No. 569282

Is it possible for your skin's undertones to be both neutral and warm/cool? I have a really hard time distinguishing the vein color on my wrist/hand (can see purple, blue, and green all throughout), and have friends told me it looks like I have a neutral undertone. At the same time, I think I'm better suited to warmer tones in makeup. Am I just warm, neutral, or a mix of both?? lol As for the gold/silver test, I don't think one looks better or worse than the other.

No. 569286

you have to be 18 to post here. i got nearly a perfect score on the SAT using the ALEKS college alegbra course & taking practice tests. you can find the course free on edx hosted by arizona state university.

looking at the ALEKS website, they actually have an SAT math course. worth checking out but i still swear by the college algebra one.

i didn't study for the writing part, but if you want to just use practice tests. when are you taking it?

No. 569287

I'm not 100% sure but isn't neutral technically neutral because it is both warm and cool?

No. 569296

Yeah that's what I figured but I was browsing around and just saw someone say neutral-warm so it got me wondering if that's really a thing lol. My veins point one way and but the colors that I've found suited me point another.

No. 569297

You might be in between a neutral and cool skintone shade. There isn't the only cool undertone though, cool pink undertones are just what's represented in most complexion products. There are pink undertones, silver, and even olive skin can be cool or warm toned. You should check out this video. It helped me figure out my undertones when I was having trouble.

No. 569298

I have read before that it's possible to be neutral but leaning more towards either warm or cool, so maybe it's that? I have the same thing actually, color-wise I'm definitely cool but my veins are both blue and green.

No. 569301

Why are people spending so much on old video games now? Do they really just keep them in their house as collector items instead of playing them? Even PSP and DS games are selling for over $150, it seems so absurd to me

No. 569304

probably trying to recapture the past or some shit

No. 569308

Autism/an expensive form of hoarding

No. 569313

File: 1591997072317.jpg (37.79 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)

Does anyone here have hyperhidrosis? Is there a natural way to solve it?
I've been suffering from it since I was a teenager. I had guys comment on and make disgusted faces when they touched me and felt that my skin was damp and it makes me feel like a monster

No. 569317

there are surgeries for hyperhydrosis and other prescription creams. what has your doctor told you? what have you tried already?

No. 569318

Thanks for the video!! Super helpful!

Glad to know others are in the same boat! I thought maybe at first I was just really bad at distinguishing the color of my veins and was going crazy but nah I guess I just lean more towards warm lol.

No. 569320

Can tracing actually help you improve your drawing skills?i If so in what ways?

No. 569329

I've tried every antiperspirant there is, but I also sweat in places that I can't put antiperspirant on, like my forehead or my crotch. I haven't been to a doctor but seems like a good idea

No. 569346

Yes, muscle memory. Your hand starts to “learn” better control

No. 569353

Is it normal for a girl to tell you that your voice is sexy? I don't know anything about Austrian culture, but do Germanic people just say that to you and don't mean it as anything?

I've never had friends say that.

No. 569364

fun hobby, looks cool, makes them happy to look at. like more expensive stamp collecting

No. 569377

having hyperhydrosis in your crotch is the absolute worst. it's one of the hells of my life tbh.

No. 569443

You can be an adult and still the take SAT it's not that uncommon

No. 569497

agreed. sometimes it looks like I've pissed myself. plastic chairs are my mortal enemy

No. 569535

how effective are change dot org petitions?

No. 569542

Anon, I am 18, I failed a year once.
I'm not taking SAT but the entry test for a university I really want to get in and they structure their tests exactly like SAT. The test will be in late August unless it gets delayed due to the corona situation worsening in our country.
I checked the algebra course on edx and it's self paced with I think is nice. Will look into the ALEKS SAT maths course too. I'm extremely bad at maths so it's overwhelming for me. But I really want to get in. Thank you so much for you help, anon.

No. 569555

Not very in this current climate, I would say.
In the US, the previous President had committed to at least glancing at them if they get enough signatures. Not the case currently.

No. 569645

Should I install a dating app

No. 569655

I was hungry while eating oats and thinking about what I was going to do next. While eating my mouth kinda watered at the thought of eating something else… Is this a sign of emotional eating?

No. 569656

Is therapy a waste of time? I want to go , but I don't have insurance. I feel like my mental health is declining at a rapid rate because I'm in my early 20's and the stress of finding a permanent job after college and having no friends anymore is making things unbearable. I've already tried medication but it didn't help.

No. 569657

it means your mouth watered at the thought of eating something else

No. 569674

They might be worth something if we had a president that could read but right now they are useless

No. 569701

Do you guys know any modern music that is so beautiful you could cry (I know this is subjective)? I want to learn to enjoy my life more and would like to listen to more gorgeous/uplifting stuff. I still love my sad and depressing music but I need to stop listening to it as I want to feel that life is beautiful.

No. 569703

No, but a lot depends on how well given approach will work for you. I'd recommend looking up opinions before choosing a therapist and if it happens you'll not feel comfortable after first meeting, just go ahead and look for someone else.

No. 569705

File: 1592072786152.jpeg (25.61 KB, 250x250, 5499EAC5-1396-49E4-AD0A-10F04E…)

How do I grow a tougher skin? I wanna be able to be yelled at or spoken shit to without going in shock. Problem is I’m socially inept with no IRL friends and often quiet.
>inb4 retail
Planning on getting my first job soon and I know it’ll help tremendously but I’m hoping to learn beforehand so I don’t totally shit myself

No. 569710

It's something that only comes with experience and always stings a bit even through thick skin.
No advice is really helpful but try to take whomever's bad day they're unloading on you as constructive feedback, as in you'll definitely do better next time.

No. 569720

What do you mean by modern? Classical modern or like pop, rock… I think post rock lends itself very well to crying. Also this song

No. 569721

How much eye contact from strangers is normal?

Ever since I remember I always felt like strangers on the street stare at me quite a lot. I've even had people take creepshots of me on two occasions. It's mostly males in all ages. Is it some weird way of asserting dominance?

No. 569722

Could mean that you are really pretty anon or maybe really ugly.

No. 569723

we in a pandemic, no. unless you live in NZ or somewhere with a competent government sure it'll be a fun time waster.

No. 569757

You get out of it what you put in
>Is it some weird way of asserting dominance
Unironically yes
Learn to gray rock, alternatively, look down on people

No. 569761

Just not classical, would love some pop, rock and everything in between (just no jazz). I was absolutely thinking about stuff like post rock. Will check out your rec! I liked what little I heard of Godspeed You Black Emperor!

No. 569766

I cried to Ulver - Shadows of the Sun once, I never cried to a song before, but I can't remember which song, I think it was maybe Let the Children Go. The whole album is good though

No. 569784

Is there any information on how many users lolcow has? How many unique posters do you think there are? I wish it showed how many posters there were in a thread, I feel like it seems as if there's like 10 active posters on the whole website.

No. 569786

Let me know what you think anon. Maybe I can think of some other stuff as well (that isnt radiohead)

No. 569792

There are only 10 posters and they’re all me on different devices, I’m not even lying

No. 569793

Could you stop infighting with yourself then please?

No. 569794

I think it helps if you’re trying to figure out how an artist draws or improve certain techniques, but if you only trace it can be detrimental

No. 569799

Never, me

No. 569800

Based schizo-chan

No. 569801

Wow, anon. Thanks for introducing me to my new favourite band! Fuck, this is so good!

No. 569814

You guys ever just, like, forget how to spell out of no where? Should I be concerned?

No. 569816

Do you feel like a guy being really into bodybuilding/fitness is a red flag? I do but idc if I’m just being paranoid.

No. 569817

Hmm. Those types tend to be fairly emotionally unstable underneath it all and use working out as a coping mechanism like drugs to hide their insecurities and mental issues. In my experience anyway, and its not just men who do that.

No. 569818

Sorry *idk

Yeah exactly, and I kind of also feel like a lot of the time it overlaps with other things, like I feel like a lot of manosphere types are also into it and that they tend to have a lot of pseudoscientific/irrational beliefs about health and body image in general

No. 569823

Am i on the wrong side and a bigot for agreeing with Jk Rowling? I feel like i am

No. 569824

Also possible they’d be very controlling over your body, making you feel bad for eating like a fatty and not hitting the gym. Or the other extreme being they cope with their chicken breast and brown rice diet via feederism, shockingly common…

No. 569826

No. 569829

Imo yes, but obviously everyone here will say no and I feel like you probably know that unless this is literally the first time you've ever come here

No. 569831

No. 569833

Well can you explain why she's wrong? I read both sides a lot and i agree with her. I respect trans people but saying biological sex isn't real and that the trans movement hasn't become so saturated and mainstream that kids, narcissists and fetishists haven't invaded the movement big time is delusion

No. 569834

No, it would be too long to type to try and address everything in that post and I don't want to waste my time plus it would just cause a bunch of anons infighting here that would probably last for days. There are obviously a lot of people who have written responses or made videos explaining why she's wrong but you said you've read both sides so if that's true and that's still how you feel I doubt anything I say is going to magically convince you.

No. 569837


no. but why does it matter? are you really gonna let rando's opinions change your view?

No. 569840

I'm just open to change my mind, that's all.

No. 569841

No. 569845

Do trans men use men's public bathroom? Why there aren't news about that?

No. 569846

why are there so many bait posts today

No. 569847

File: 1592094850280.gif (210.73 KB, 400x249, 90b.gif)

when i pee i pee
when you pee you pee
when she pees she pees
when he pees he pees
when it pees it pees
when we pee we pee
when you pee you pee
when they pee they pee

No. 569849

All the troony repsonses have me JK Howling.

No. 569850

There's no point of giving it a go unless you yourself are as obssessed with the gym as they are. A lot of them tend to have severe mental issues stemming frim their body image and possible steroid use and it can get toxic fast.

No. 569851

I've heard most trans men usually just use the the womens bathroom and only use the mens one if they are feeling brave.

No. 569857

They use women’s since they’re scared to get physically and sexually assaulted, unless they pass really really well which most tims don’t

No. 569865

Is it it true that most people in Japan (particularly the men) are really short and frail?
Or is that just a stereotype?

No. 569869

It’s true that the average height is shorter and the average weight is lower (if that’s what you mean by frail)

No. 569877

By frail I meant small frame/non-muscular/skinny. Maybe puny is a better word to describe it

No. 569879

NTA but yeah, the young ones especially can be really skinny. Like, thighs the size of a wrist and even smaller than a Japanese girl's.

That said there is some bias there because I'm more likely to notice and remember a scary skinny guy than an average one. They're not all that tiny but they do seem to get to a size I don't often see on guys at home, and big guys are certainly rarer.

No. 569893

Lol I saw someone who was living in Japan for years say that visiting Korea was like a culture shock for her because the men there are all so tall, manly, and attractive compared to the ones in Japan.

No. 569933

i've lived korea and japan. i thought japanese guys were more attractive than koreans tbh. japanese guys were, on average, skinnier and smaller though. but i felt like i saw 100x more hot guys in tokyo than in seoul tbh, they just had better hair and style. im more into the natural look though.

No. 569961

are there a lot of hapas in japan? Are they actually ostracized like hapas say they are there?

No. 569962

Are femcels…being ironic? Are they making fun of the term "incel" while simultaneously still discussing the struggles they deal with as women who are involuntary celibate. Do they carry the same type of anger as incels?

No. 569968

Femcels carry their anger inside. You won't see a femcel shooting up a gym because they fault themselves for being ugly.
This is the fondamental difference between men and women. Even at their most angry, they go "well just fuck everybody and ignore them.
Here, have a poignant femcel essay : https://www.reddit.com/r/Trufemcels/comments/h8nsmq/a_mood_journal_entry_of_mine_anyone_else_feel_the/

No. 569969

interesting video on the subject.

No. 569975


can we stop saying hapa please? hapa is specific to mixed race hawaiians. you wouldn't call a japanese/white mixed person mulatto because it has a specific meaning. just say half, or learn the term in the native language.

No. 569977

I've read their subreddit a bit. a lot of them seem really young, I think there are more high school age kids there than I've seen on male incel subs or forums. I think they're serious, but they're not as angry or bloodthirty as incels. Mostly they just seem sad and frustrated.

No. 569979

>they're not as angry or bloodthirty as incels. Mostly they just seem sad and frustrated.

this is how this stuff starts though, it wouldn't surprise me if echo chambers like this could still get bad.

No. 569982

i saw and met more mixed race people in korea, japanese people kept to themselves more so i didnt talk to strangers long enough to get if they were mixed or not. in korea though it was like i was meeting mixed people left and right, at least in seoul lol

in japan two of my close friends are mixed and it all depends how you look. if you look pretty white or black or whatever, you'd be seen as that first and foremost and not mixed or asian. the half white girl would get mistaken as local japanese every once in a blue moon, but she and my other friend were almost always were treated as foreigners. blasians are definitely treated worse. things can get pretty racist, especially behind closed doors.

all in all, they seemed to have decent lives. if anything they are treated kindly, at worst condescendingly, as a foreigner. again im not mixed though so i cant speak for everyones experience

No. 569983

anotha one

No. 569985

Nta but how are mixed people treated in sk?

No. 569988

Speaking of this do japanese or korean guys really prefer white girls? I read both ways

No. 569990


if you're attractive, you'll be treated well lol. young people seemed pretty chill around foreigners and mixed people. some cringey people might stereotype you esp if you are half-black and try to show off their rapping or something lmao, but most people i met had interests beyond korea and wanted to learn about other cultures.

no matter what, i found koreans to be very kind and welcoming, at least the young people. i didn't stay in korea for long but i made korean friends within days whereas making japanese friends tooks months, if not years lmao.

No. 569991

i found that most of them preferred asian girls. white girls and other foreigners might be a quick fuck after clubbing but its hard to have a relationship with language and cultural barriers.

No. 569993

People act like there's only 10 active users and start tinfoiling about who you are if you get into it and it's really embarrassing

No. 569994

I've wondered this too, i don't know but last time i checked the discord server there were 2000 members so there's that

No. 569995

What are signs that someone has BPD that aren't extreme and malicious. I suspect it's on a spectrum right? I only ever read about exaggerated examples and insane people with BPD on here.

No. 569996

They would fuck white girls but generally prefer dating their own. They have racial inferiority complex which can affect dating white women.

No. 569997

They don’t vet the server or anything so there are tons of dudes in there

No. 569999

We are extreme and malicious. Can't wait to torture you

No. 570003

You can search the term "quiet bpd". Those with quiet bpd are more prone to really low self esteem and will be more about self harm. They'll also self isolate so are not harmful to other and you won't really notice them.

No. 570005

The average in japan for men is 5'7 and 135lbs, meanwhile in korea it's 5'9 and 160lbs (that's close to europe/usa minus the obesity), so yeah big difference. Plus korea is amongst the fastest growing countries, meaning lower average height but many taller young people.

About dating, there are like a gazillion videos on this on yt (usually titled something like "why i left japan/korea" or "why i would never date again…" kek) but in general japanese people/men seem to keep more to themselves (plus only very few speak english) and it's difficult to know how they really think about you because they tend to put on a polite facade while some koreans might be openly rude to you. Japan has many hapa or white girls on tv or as models but they don't really see them as fellow "humans", I also heard about people (normal ones, not our gaijin cows lol) living there for 10+ years who said they do have acquaintances but making true friends who open up to you is close to impossible. Imo korea appears to be a lot more modern and comfortable to live at as a foreigner, also just by the fact alone that they don't have the same "all women must be housewives" viewpoint that japan still has.

No. 570006

File: 1592121409414.jpg (37.66 KB, 476x474, IMG_8409.JPG)

What is tumblr like now, 6 months after the nudity ban?

No. 570013

File: 1592122291279.jpg (25.33 KB, 384x384, IMG_8363.JPG)

Is there a link between high testosterone and liking fat women, or is it just a /fit/fag meme to justify their taste in women to other men?

No. 570014

yes, to both.

No. 570015

I can only really speak for fandom tumblr. There are fewer active users but it doesn't feel terribly different. A lot of people ragequit because of ~whoreophobia and it got kind of quiet for a few months but I just followed new people who were still active and things are more or less back to the way they were now. I'm seeing slightly fewer memes and socjus posts on my dash now, but that could be because I'm following fandom sideblogs and people are still sperging out on their mains.

No. 570016

it's a fucking wasteland, kinblr is on life support, most people that are left are moderate to severe drug addicts, usually pills

No. 570017

Pretty sure there isn’t. But I’ve always felt like I had to watch my weight, appearance and food intake because my parents would make comments all the time, and my ideal type ended up being bigger bodies (not fat though). I think it might be some kind of projection on the other person? I thankfully didn’t become anorexic but I heard that anas tend to overfeed their partners and live vicariously through them.
Maybe, deep down, fit guys want to see someone eat whatever they please and not manage their appearance the way they do?

No. 570020

maybe i live in a bubble lmao. my dash is mostly just the same old meta and fanart with the occasional acab/jkr is a stinky terf post.

No. 570025

yeah honestly most of the people i followed have turned to adderall, xanax and sex work online and offline. and they're still calling each other out like it's 2014.

No. 570038

Anon! There’s an app here in Sweden called GoFrendly. It’s a female only app for finding friends! I’m from Stockholm so I’m not sure if it works well outside of big cities but you should give it a chance!

No. 570046

It's still the same es ever to me tbh almost every single one of the active people I see are people who are of course mixed with races (mostly Asian) to kin anime characters but when they post their selfies they are just white, they still make callout posts with screenshots taken out of context (there is now a new term they keep using aka crypto-fascist or crypto-TERF), it also seems like there is this new trend of being mentally ill + a drug addict (as if just pretending to be mentally ill wasn't enough) so the kinnies rb a picture of the anime character they kin and make a delusional "only I am Naruto uzumaki reincarnated" post 3 minutes later, then boast about how many xannies they took today and yesterday and the day before but then tell people not to do drugs and you shouldn't glorify it, bla bla. Also the people who used to be really popular back in 2015-2017 are still on the site and now 21-23 years old and still kinning and still making callout posts while calling everyone a retard and blaming it on their self dxed autism, which is very embarrassing

The most recent drama I witnessed was this basic white girl (literally, so white looking) got called out for faking her race and pretending to be black/arabic, etc. for so many years and even getting her mother to lie for her to her friends but before everyone called her out, they all used to love her and even her friend (who is also popular as hell and also doing some racefaking) used to defend her whenever someone accused her of faking her race even tho it's so obvious that no black or arabic person looks like that lol

In conclusion: everything is still the same for me but less hornyposting on main

No. 570051

No fucking way am i reading a lolcow post about the amar drama

No. 570053

Samefag, if you're talking about Lisa being the other racefaker, I always got that, she doesn't look black at all but she's constantly using the N word, do you have like proof or is it just common sense? It's surreal still seeing her there, in the last year I've mentally grown up a lot and it's making me quite sad to look back on Lisa who i used to idolise and just see her as a fucking loser

No. 570059

I've never got the Lisa hype, she's 20+ and acting like she's still in highschool, same for her friends i.e. nonpsychotic.

No. 570061

I just thought she was really beautiful and cool and the tumblr clout seemed nice back when I was 15-16 but I'm older now and she's just any other messed up pseudoNEET and i kind of feel bad for her, ruling that dying site means a lot to her i think. Honestly i feel like mental illness/drug use might be keeping her in high school, she has like npd and conduct disorder or something right? It makes sense she'd fall on the last hurdle into adulthood, she's not as high functioning as she wants you to think

No. 570062

I had a feeling that someone was gonna know it's Amar I am talking about kek

I was talking about her friend but yes, Lisa is still acting like this is 2016 tumblr as if she isn't a full grown adult now who is old enough to have a job and not rb the nth tumblr callout of the day and tag Marilyn Monroe posts as #me. I do not know if there is actual proof for her racefaking aka her admitting to it because she also somehow convinced her sisters to follow the entire Blasian Mexican Russian gimmick too lol she is obviously Asian but definitely not the other races she claims to be

Xiii (god that's literally the most retarded fakeboy name ever) is literally the same as Amar but Lisa is defending her like it's her last lifeline (like she did with Amar when people accused her of faking her race) so I cannot wait for Xiii's Black, Asian and Native ass to get called out in the future

No. 570066

File: 1592127359939.jpeg (7.79 KB, 189x292, sides crippled.jpeg)

>old enough to have a job and not rb the nth tumblr callout of the day and tag Marilyn Monroe posts as #me
pic related
Honestly she's been at it for like 5 years, isn't she bored? I have no idea how she cares so much in June 2020 to like edit amvs of amars face and think it's anything but sad. She says she has a job but I kind of doubt it

No. 570068

Unironically, how did Lisa even get popular? Some of her shitposts are/were funny, but the constant anons licking her ass are kind of excessive.
Is it really as simple as not being white (but claiming Russian for the aesthetic + racefaking as black too because why not I guess), posting heavily filtered selfies and using slurs every two seconds?

No. 570072

Honestly idk how it started i really can't remember but I think she's only still going because her blog serves as like an amber alert system for what remains of the kinnies on tumblr, like if you get a post through her blog most people will see it. I used to send her asks until recently literally not caring about her response but just using her to get a joke I sent in actually seen by people kek

No. 570092

File: 1592129978745.gif (1.74 MB, 313x313, oh nooooo.gif)

Captioned 'menace to sobriety'
She moved out and lives with her boyfriend or something right? Tbh her and her sisters were always kind of tragic, they're full of smoke and mirrors but they just seem to have had really shitty lives so I kind of don't blame them for acting out online. If i recall correctly her dad got sent to prison for robbing either a bank or a store. Either way her only followers are Slateresque mindless immature addicts, actual 16 year olds or kinnie oldfags like us who return every so often to examine the mess

No. 570093

File: 1592130211404.png (21.08 KB, 410x507, about1.PNG)

It's pretty depressing tbh I completely understand if someone also had a phase like that a few years ago (because tumblr communities can fuck with you a lot), even I had one and I grew up but she's still going at it and never really moved on. It's like she cannot live without cheap internet drama that no one outside her little bubble gives a fuck about because life isn't all about woke tumblr politics and which 14 year old abused their partner. The only difference is that she's not that active like she used to be back in 2016 (which was her prime, the cringy "I can read minds and I am a child of the stars" about pages were really something). One thing that's also depressing is that she also got her little sisters into the entire kinnie Tumblr world. They also act the same way as she does (being edgy, saying slurs, etc.) and I don't know if it was also her who managed to get them into this but she said they both were trans at age 13. I'm sure they'll also start posting about doing drugs in a few years like their beloved big sister.

She used to be very popular back when she first started her Tumblr (idek which year but her blog used to be http://archive.ph/izayaorihamha.tumblr.com). She was basically known for "cancelling" everyone and everything and attacking people, but one day she decided to delete and I think she came back a year later with another blog (which was probably http://archive.ph/computerworm.tumblr.com - http://web.archive.org/web/2019*/computerworm.tumblr.com) and then (http://archive.ph/evilfriends.tumblr.com). She said she deleted the old one because people were "using a mentally ill kid as their attack dog" aka basically refusing to own up to her shitty behavior and blindly harassing people over internet drama because she is ~sooo mentally ill~ and it's the peoples fault!1!!1!!

On her newer blogs she also used to get into a lot of drama and she was known for canceling a lot of people with Amar. I think she was also the one who wrote the first callout ever or something like that (which was basically her drama with this Lucas dude https://bpdshizuo.tumblr.com/post/149683302991/ronnie-unhelthy-callout-posted-82916) and then the entire Ackee thing came (http://archive.is/XDEdG) and so on. Back then she also used to boast about abusing Benadryl (even had her own little gang called Benadryl boys) that probably attracted a lot of other kinnies who wanted to be as cool as Lisa-sama and started worshipping her bullshit.

I swear you can make a documentation about this.

Sorry, deleted the post to correct some typo I made.

>followers are Slateresque mindless immature addicts, actual 16 year olds or kinnie oldfags like us who return every so often to examine the mess

This is so true lol they all behave like she does and it's literally like a religion where they worship the infamous Lisa for no other reason except for cool kinnie points.

No. 570094

Yeah i remember her and her kinnies dogpiling me back in the computerworm days. It's just hard to take her seriously anymore, she's clearly very powerless offline, no offense I think she has cerebral palsy or something and she's clearly a bit stunted and the MWAHAHAHA IT'S LISA shit is really getting sad when you point out her past like this, makes me realise she really is childish kek

No. 570103

>they just seem to have had really shitty lives so I kind of don't blame them for acting out online.
that's literally every cow

No. 570104

2020 kin tumblr deserves a thread in /snow/

No. 570107

Where do you get the best memes?

No. 570109

make it

No. 570110

This. I'd be so down for that.

No. 570145

Wow Koreans/Korea sounds great! I've been meaning to go when I get the chance

Why didn't you stay in Korea? It must've been hard living in Japan because the people seem awful and unbearable

No. 570158

Is it beastality and necrophilia if you fuck raw meat

No. 570171

No but it's surf n turf

No. 570184

Aren't day all underage?

No. 570185

Not the anon(s) you're replying to but for short tourism stays I'd recommend Japan over South Korea. They are more hospitable and will not scam you. It is socially acceptable to eat alone in Japan and in SK it is less so.

South Korea seems better compared to Japan for work and social life. SK is similar to America in many ways. It's nationalistic (flags everywhere), lots of cars on the road, a lot of churches, and they look down on foreigners that don't attempt to assimilate. South Koreans do seem like loyal friends to have.

No. 570188

Kek, Lisa? She's like 20 at least and her sisters are above 16

No. 570192

As an American I've always felt that SK is very similar to the US, but better lol.

Guess that's just your personal taste because most people prefer guys to look and act like actual men instead of awkward little boys.

No. 570199

I don't like SK. It sounds like the USA but 5x more pretentious and rude.

No. 570215

ATAYRT and I agree lol. At least Americans are known for small talk and smiling and not as openly rude as Koreans!

No. 570219


job and life circumstances beyond my control. i'm back in usa for now, but want to go back to japan. i liked korea a lot, but in all see japan as a better place to live. japan, despite being less "western" in many of it's cultural facets, was just more suited to my tastes. i enjoyed the high standards that the entire country is built upon and although the lack of social interaction and general shyness of people there sucked, it just felt like home to me.

No. 570220

>>570192 it's not their body types that were my taste though, they generally just had better faces and dressed like actual adults and not like some eboy or kpop stan. to each their own though

>>570215 yea koreans and even japanese are known to shit on you for looks, weight, acne or other things unwarranted lmao. i'm not fat but my half friend got dunked on weekly by random aunties for being chubby. expect to be roasted for meaningless things and get a shit self image

No. 570222

I cant seem to get any proper info on whats a good price USD for lazer hair removal (for legs entire).

I feel like every place is trying to upsell me and whenever I look it up its either ads, disguised ads, or reddit posts about unrelated areas.

No. 570231

the dating thing is spot on. i was approached for a few dates but it never amounted to anything because of language barriers. it was cute seeing guys try, and our conversations were mostly engrish and google translate. it's not impossible to fall in love, but it's hard to joke and vent to someone who gets only half of what you're saying, you know? besides, most japanese boys think that foreigners are fuck, not date material because of traditional values. they only want to show you off if you are a model tbh and whine if you don't wear makeup.

it's not impossible to make friends if you have a brain though. It's easy to make friends from work, who in turn introduce me to locals. All you have to do is be the proactive one, because the japanese person will probably not be the one to step up and ask you to hang out unless it's some big work event or party where they want to show off the foreigner. if you are a austistic introvert in america with no friends, you will be an autistic introvert in japan with no friends. being white or mixed isn't a personality.

No. 570249

that's the origin of the phrase but it has taken on a different meaning colloquially.

No. 570275

I always bought my korean cosmetics from ebay.
I just added products to cart and I'm surprised at how expensive is shipping cost!
I've always bought my items with free shipping, but now all sellers take fuckton money for shipping.
What happened? It's because of corona-chan?

No. 570279

reading all this positive shit about SK knowing about the Nth room cases and spy cam porn is bizarre.

No. 570296

This, also the fact that people on the street or trains will straight up come chat shit about your pimples or hair, very extra ~visuals~ focused rude bullshit

No. 570316

How do people even be anachans? I get hungry if I don't eat for 2 hours but somehow people can starve themselves for days? Just curious how they kill their appetites like that.

(and no I'm not trying to be ana myself, just curious)

No. 570317

They (we) don't, that's why they're so batshit. Back in the old pro-ana days you'd see lots of posts about what to do to distract yourself when you're hungry, nowadays girls just make do. Usually staring at thinspo for hours works really well.

No. 570319

Once you get used to not eating it is actually pretty easy. You get weird binge days where you want to eat a lot but as the other anon mentioned there’s things you do to distract. Basically, the high of not eating overpowers the desire to eat. When you do eat, you feel so sick it makes you not want to eat again. It is really fucked up and that’s why anorexia is so deadly. Once your brain is wired to think this way it’s hard to go back. I’ve relapsed 5 times now.

No. 570320

Why does it appear that most TikTok teens have the same style of house? Like, huge white rooms with basically no furniture and a view of some water.

No. 570321

I was gonna post this in the relationship advice thread but it's a purely hypothetical situation

let's say I got into a relationship with a man and moved in with him, do you think he'd be offended by me having a dildo, one that is flesh coloured and has all the detailing of a real dick? I know some anons will think I should just throw it out if I get in a relationship/share a place with a guy but the dildo in question cost A LOT of money and I do not want to get rid of it, especially since relationships end and I don't want to end up alone and dildoless. I know I don't have to let someone know about all my private possessions but I wouldn't want to keep anything from a partner. I also think it'd be worse if he came across a big ol dildo in my drawer one day.

follow up question - would you be offended if a guy you have moved in with had a fleshlight? even if he didn't use it while dating you?

No. 570325

Do australians know what their ancestors did to get banished to hell island?

No. 570327

> would you be offended if a guy you have moved in with had a fleshlight? even if he didn't use it while dating you
Not if he was up front about having it. If I discovered it randomly one day, I’d probably be pretty hurt or confused. Same works for him probably. If this is someone you care about and trust, I would ask him about it. You will be living together after all, so open communication is key.

No. 570329

I kinda wanna use tapatalk. Are there some forums on tapatalk you guys visit?

No. 570330

cause they're rich

tiktok actually has a filter which prioritises certain videos gaining more traction. the filter or algorithm can tell if the surroundings in a video look 'clean' and 'well kept' as opposed to 'messy' and 'poor looking' I guess which means you're more likely to see vids with pristine surroundings and not bedrooms with clutter everywhere.

tl;dr there are tiktok teenagers in their poorer looking surroundings, you're just less likely to come across them cause tiktok is biased. also applies to people they deem ugly


No. 570333


Put it in a safe so your descendants find it in 50 years after getting all excited about jewels and gold.

No. 570334

Of course they do, what do you think made them so tough?

No. 570338

Knowing that they probably specifically clear out a room to film their videos on so the algorythm likes it.

No. 570340

based Tiktok is the only thing that will make zoomers clean their rooms

No. 570343

Being jealous of an inanimate object is sad AF but I guess that's most people. If you just moved in might as well see if he's cool with it to get as much info to see if you're good together before you've entagled your lives any further.

No. 570346

Lol, why he should feel offended by that?
Of course I wouldn't be offended, he's not cheating on me.
Also it's understandable that most people don't want to fuck all time, just to masturbate on their own.

No. 570361

It's even more disturbing knowing that most of the participants in the Nth room were young people from 10s to 20s. Some as young as 14.

No. 570365

File: 1592167699653.jpeg (76.57 KB, 720x695, E9D2EFED-D57B-489B-AB12-A9D407…)

Anyone here do online sw? How do you keep your online persona hidden from people you might know IRL? How much money do you usually make? What platforms do you use? Is it worth it?

I want to make some side cash but I don’t want my IRL image to implode. Please spill the tea digi-hos

No. 570376

I watched this youtube video last night and decided to search it up on twitter to see if there was anymore discussion about it. I keep seeing people mention a person named “Jules” (who is apparently a mod on this kids chat site) and how he’s terrible, but can’t find much more info. Does anyone know anything about him? Is he a pedophile? Also I keep seeing the term “maps” here and there while searching, is there any relation to pedos??

No. 570377

Related to my question, why do you guys use dildos? I have the impression it's just a piece of hard cold plastic inside you, I'd rather use fingers

No. 570378

all I know is maps stands for "minor attracted person", the twitter woke way of saying a pedo

No. 570380

I have tiny fingers

No. 570381

I’m a bit of a size queen so my small fingers just don’t really cut it for me compared to my dildos. I own mainly fantasy dildos, so different shapes give me different stimulation.

No. 570382

nta but MAPS have been a tumblr thing since 2013, twitter just decided to steal it

No. 570383

God this clears up so much, I saw someone saying "MAPS DO NOT INTERACT!!" and I was so confused because what is wrong with maps? They help you get where you need to go.

No. 570386

Nobody is saying that Korea is the perfect country, it was only in comparison to Japan. Most Koreans are calling for the heads of those involved in the nth room scandal, while in Japan you can just legally buy "sexy" pics of toddlers in bikinis. In Korea neckbeards fap to teen idols, in Japan neckbeards can touch preteen idols. In Korea males might bitch and moan about feminists but they do at least exist and they have to accept that women are in the workforce, while in Japan even to this day it's still the norm for women to stay quietly at home. So many of them also just accept their men cheating, there's a gargantuan gap between their mindset and the way korean or also chinese women think and act.

No. 570412

Will using my insulated water bottle for cold iced drinks make it unable to keep hot drinks hot later on?? My dad was giving me shit about it saying that my grandma said putting ice into them somehow ruins how they hold heat… did my grandma bullshit my dad or is this true?

No. 570420

Happy , positive anons, is this just the way your brain is wired? Or is it based off of your environment and situation being good? Or is it something you had to work towards. Happy people really really really amaze me. I am the most bitter bitch on earth lmao.

No. 570421

I've never heard of that before. What kind do you have?

No. 570423

It's fine, anon. They're designed for either. As long as it's insulated, you can use it for hot drinks one time and cold drinks another. I think grandma was trolling.

No. 570428

I'm not necessarily super cheerful all the time but as a mentally healthy person who is not at all prone to depression or low self esteem, it's 99% my parents. idk how but they managed to never make me feel bad about myself for anything, not even by mistake, and I came out of my childhood with zero baggage or trauma. My life is nothing to brag about and probably looks lame on paper (few friends, chronically single, no degree, mediocre job, live at home, average looks), but it's hard to feel bad about things like that when nobody you actually care about is judging you for it, and that you're fortunate in the ways that really matter.

They're also very financially stable and generous, no doubt it's much easier to be happy when you don't have to worry about money.

No. 570430

I read a self help book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck” a while back and the dude says that happiness is fake and fleeting, you’ll never be able to truly obtain happiness or control when you’ll get those chances to be happy. You know what you can control though? The type of shit you’re willing to put up with. Like a “figure out what type of bullshit you want to sit through for the next 80 years of your life rather than figuring out how to obtain happiness that you’ll never actually get.”

I think I’m pretty happy, or at least more at peace with myself most days. Existing in a neutral state when the alternative is being depressed as fuck with few truly happy high says sprinkled here and there is a very nice place to be. That book helped me change the way I think about a lot of things that affected my happiness, and I also switched up job environments (retail for a boring, office job), and even though I get paid less, it’s done wonders for my mental health. I don’t think my brain is wired this way, most of my life up until maybe this year I went through bouts of depression and was constantly suicidal. Life experiences, slowly figuring out what made life worth putting up with, and what I want to look forward to keeps me going. I know maybe I’ll get shit for taking advice from a self help book, but I don’t have health insurance for therapy and it’s helped me changed my way of thinking for the better so I don’t give a fuck lol. It might be common sense, but when most of my internal thoughts only swung between immense self hatred and nothingness, it’s nice to see that shit laid out for you in words.

No. 570432

It’s an animal crossing themed one from controller gear lol no idea how the quality of the rest of their stuff is, it was a present!

Dammit grandma lmao. But thank you anon!

No. 570435

My thoughts exactly, it shocks me how backwards japan is compared to korea and china despite being right next to each other. I can't comprehend how anyone can stand living there without going crazy

No. 570436

My family is very negative and it made me a negative person from a young age. As a result I would surround myself with negative people and we would make each other more negative as a result. I was also very depressed. And then I started to realise that most happy people (or seemingly happy) are usually positive about things. I then applied the fake it till you make it strategy and it took a few years to manage to develop positive thoughts without forcing them. I would literally force myself to find a positive thing about every situation I would encounter in real life or see in tv. It felt dumb at first but I got in the habit and like I said it made me more positive on the long run, and I’d go as far as to say I’m a happy person overall now. People also respond way better to you when you’re positive so it’s the opposite of a vicious circle if that makes sense.
Tldr ; fake it till you make it worked for me

No. 570441

what do y'all assume a "pedestrian walking in roadway" fine would cost

No. 570452

Samefag but I think what I admire most about koreans is how passionate and vocal they are. If there's something they don't like they'll never stay quiet about it.

No. 570467

Where do anons go for their beauty, fashion, and other girly stuff? I'm literally autistic, and I'm tired of being such a fucking weirdo. I learned how to do the most basic stuff forever ago, but I can't take a picture for shit. What am I missing? Where should I go? Does anyone have any tips?

No. 570478

Are you asking in terms of stores or inspiration.

Stores - Asos.com, boohoo.com, zara, h&m, sephora, ulta

Inspiration - I don't watch her and I know people like to clown on her as a person but BestDressed dresses like an everyday fashion forward young adult. JennieIm, Kelsey Simone.

I'm assuming you're asking for fashion and beauty tips that are appropriate for the real world and not online weeaboo bullshit


No. 570479

Also, whatever you do, don't take makeup advice from popular beauty gurus who wear rainbow on their eyelids and bake their faces every day, that shit looks horrific in real life and is only cute for instagram photos.

No. 570484

Yep less flights means less space for cheap air mail. Still can't get SAL from Japan and it's probably similar from other countries.

No. 570498

Why are people from high school trying to find me on Facebook?

I don’t want to be found

No. 570499

Then delete it and get rid of your social media existence

No. 570508

Does anyone else walk past a dude no matter how ugly or attractive and assume they're checking you out? I remind myself two seconds later that I'm the most average fucking cunt on earth and that the thought probably stems from some kind of insecurity.

No. 570514

File: 1592196074494.jpg (38.42 KB, 461x437, EWXtQWeWsAEvtHg.jpg)

Lmao yeah, even when I was a frumpy fatty.
Mostly it's just worry instead of hope; the times I've been hit on or flirted with were uncomfortable and weird. Perhaps it's similar for you?

No. 570525

File: 1592201754537.jpg (13.17 KB, 179x199, bonk.jpg)

How do i meet guys my age (19) without using social media/tinder?

I tried going to the public library before the pandemic to see if i could find a cute guy interested in reading but it's always a ghost town.

No. 570528

You're probably not wrong though? Don't guys constantly make judgements on whether they would or would not fuck literally every single thing they see?

No. 570531

If you're in a college etc you can meet guys like that. Most women I know started dating someone in their universities.

No. 570544

I don't know, for some reason I expected there to be tutorials… yeah, at least I know better than to take beauty gurus seriously

No. 570555

Just buy your products locally instead of polluting the planet, dummy
You're not gonna die because you can't get your kawaii uwu plastic makeup palette, I promise

No. 570569

Where do people find discord servers? Do you usually already know someone in the server like is it weird to join as a total stranger who knows no one there? I’ve never used it before and find it so intimidating.

No. 570570

you can use sites like disboard to find servers surrounding your interests if you don't already know people with/in servers. most of the time people joining servers are strangers if the server is being advertised publicly. it's not weird at all, hope you find some cool servers anon!

No. 570572

Most girls just emulate whatever people around them or people they look up to online are doing. One autist I know irl who’s very pretty and has a very nice style, is hyper obsessed with vintage/50s style and will watch hours upon hours of vids and tutorials about that specific time period. But obviously she looks like a weirdo to strangers.

Unironically check out r/femalefashionadvice. Don’t look at the posts at all, they’re terrible. The sidebar/community info has some great resources for learning about fashion for a complete noob.

No. 570580

>thinking anon's make up order is " polluting the planet"

No. 570585

File: 1592219079158.jpg (685.64 KB, 936x1072, mybby.jpg)

does anyone else think naturally ginger/readheaded women look particularly feline and feminine? I've always thought they were striking af but as an adult woman I've been noticing more and more they have more "catlike" facial features? my blonde haired blue eyes ass always envied my cousin growing up and she's a legit ginger angel bombshell at my age whereas I look 12 in the worst way possible.
pic related, I wish I looked like Lauren Ambrose, kill me

No. 570587

How hasn't 4chan been shut down yet? All of the incels who committed mass shootings cited 4chan as an inspiration. Isn't this enough for the police to ban the website?

No. 570595

I don't find "catlike" faces particularly feminine

No. 570598

They say it's a honeypot operation, that moot handed the keys over to the FBI years ago, and it's more use to them that way than shut down. Take that with a grain of salt but the FBI have been proven to not only lurk but also post.
Also, look at everything else that inspires deaths every year and continues, nobody important really cares enough to call for it to be shut down.

No. 570604

This. Seems way more useful to keep it open to do some data mining and pedo circles infiltration instead of shutting it down and lose trace of all the psychos.

No. 570654

>Also, look at everything else that inspires deaths every year and continues, nobody important really cares enough to call for it to be shut down.
8chan had a similar incident but that was shut down.

No. 570668

If someone says they’re a woman on 4chan, what’s the chance they’re LARPing?

No. 570669

50/50 because there are also a lot of desperate pick-me's on there

No. 570675

there's also an entire board of mostly women.

No. 570694

Which one? I’m not that familiar with 4chan.

No. 570696

/cgl/ the cosplay board, where this site spun-off from I think

No. 570825

File: 1592253004149.jpg (121.23 KB, 550x477, IMG_8402.JPG)

Are south East Asian/ Middle Eastern men (or most men who come from religious and/or sexually conservative households/cultures, really) generally more or less porn-sick compared to western men? Their cultures seem to have many eggshell marriages and stigmatise (mainly women) for having sexual experiences before marriage

No. 570832

I'm a south asian exmuslim and guessing just as porn sick, though the men probably know their family's cultural expectations and to hide it. I don't think they'll be as deep into BDSM but still might have performance issues or weird expectations from too much porn because they're expected to not have premarital sex. Islam especially has the double standards for women so I don't think Muslim men are far from the porn-sickness in western men.

No. 570841

Who cares they're misogynistic, that's even worse

No. 570842

Rather than making assumptions about a specific culture, why not just focus on what you want and ask for that

No. 570843

How do you know when to cite a source in a research paper? For direct quotes?

Everything I know about the subject came from some source, so should I just put a citation after every sentence?

No. 570848

Just once per paragraph is fine (if it's the same source for the full paragraph). And you don't need to cite general knowledge.

No. 570862

So basic definitons and descriptions and such are fine uncited?

No. 570865

Middle Eastern? Very porn-sick. It's just that most of them hide it better, while others discuss that shit openly and proudly like some Western men.

No. 570872

How the FUCK do I get on the track of education I should be at as an almost 22 year old?

I never went to school. LITERALLY. I was homeschooled, barely, as in, my parents would give me problem solving books that I'd end up cheating on, and I'd play some Jump Start games whenever I could. That's it. Now I have fucked up ADHD and I've got the education level of a five year old. It's SO embarassing and I despise myself for it because I try to sit down and go through things, but lack of education, and said adhd makes things a hell.

Is there a good place to… start? Should I just try going through some early math games and stuff, and go back to the problem solving books? My attention span is very low, and I get VERY easily frustrated. I want to be smart. I want to be educated so bad.

No. 570876

Wow, I'm so sorry. That's literally considered a form of child abuse. I would look into affordable but credible online schools like WGU. They let you complete your degree/certificate at your own pace. If you don't care to get any form of diploma and just want to be educated, try out coursera.

No. 570877

>high standards that the entire country is built upon
Lol what high standards?

>it just felt like home to me

How? If you're American wouldn't Korea feel more like home to you?

No. 570878

seconded. Disgusting hypocrites who shame their sisters, cousins, nieces for intermingling with men in professional non sexual settings, yet have the dirtiest shit on their computer and flirt with anyone with a pussy on instagram. The men in my family are very liberal yet still traditional and religious, meaning while they aren't absolute prudes, they also aren't horndogs.

No. 570882

i was homeschooled too. the amount of homeschoolers i've met who were clearly educationally neglected is alarming. no advice for the adhd thing but community colleges offer very basic foundational math classes for those who need it (assuming you're an american)

No. 570887

I've become like 3 peoples person to vent to, and while I think I'm a good person for listening I'm not sure how to respond. I'm not qualified to give advice but I dont want to say nothing at all. What am I supposed to say after they vent? Just the generic "yeah that's not ok hope things change"? I'm not a very emotional person who's good at comforting I dont know how to respond.

No. 570891

You should check out Khan Academy, they have really helpful videos and explanations for most subjects. Their math goes back as far as I think kindergarten all the way to college so it would be easy to pick whatever level of basic math you're comfortable with and work your way up from there. I also have a horrible attention span and I like Khan Academy because you can set the speed of the videos to 2x (and the videos are already short, they're usually 5-15 minutes long).

No. 570902

I'm so sorry your parents failed you anon. Try to find an adult education center to get your GED or high school diploma. Khan Academy and community college are also good suggestions to catch up. Tara Westover's memoir Educated might be a good read, she also had no formal education until a late age.

No. 570908

i got banned from lgbt for saying PIV sex was heterosexual :/

No. 570912

the public transportation and general cleanliness of the cities man. the bullet train system is a genuine work of art and affordable for most people. a woman would sweep the train car every 10 minutes even if there was not even a speck of dust on the floor, lol. no one littered, left shit smeared on public toilets or spat. people actually respected the land and public spaces (which is part of my work). i'd rather live in a place that invests resources into bettering public spaces and technology for healthier quality living. seoul was also very clean but parts of it had trash lining the streets (mostly due to club culture). both cities were immensely cleaner and better maintained than most american cities. love and respect to america, our national parks (until recent) had decent protections and maintenance. but god forbid even a fraction of our taxes or budget goes into practical or even affordable things like bullet trains or fixing basic infrastructure.

no shade to korea, was a lovely place. i just know more japanese and therefore feel more comfortable there. i went to japan knowing how to read and speak basic language so i felt less a fish out of water (even though in seoul EVERYONE speaks english)

No. 570915

LGBT community doesn't consider PIV heterosexual. Don't forget what the T stands for.

No. 570916

lmao since when is 4chan full of pussies now that I think about it probably always been full of them

No. 570932

Nta but if everyone in Seoul speaks english how is that not more comfortable for you?

No. 570935

That is hilarious
Classic leg butts

No. 570939

How is modern waist/corset training different from how it was historically? Like how does it avoid all the deformed rib stuff

No. 570941

It isnt risk free if that is what you're asking. It still fucks up your internal organs and blood flow and restricts breathing. They're not as bad as corsets but still can lead to tons of short/long term health complications.

No. 570946

how normal is it for your parents to nag you daily to get up and get things (phone, tv remote, etc.) because they're too lazy to do so themselves and scream at you if you don't?

No. 570948

Are the original threads on pixyteri still accessible? I want to start the journey from the beginning, but the earliest threads on her that I can find are from 2014, which seems to be well past the beginning of the saga unless I'm misunderstanding.

No. 570954

The site was started in 2014, so those are the first threads here. The earlier threads about her were on different image boards.

No. 570961

Oh, duh. In any case I was able to find a copy on the wayback machine of a detailed article about her on encyclopedia dramatica so I would recommend starting there for anyone else out of the loop who is curious.

No. 570967

my mom will call me from a different room or floor of the house to grab something for her that is just out of arms reach.

No. 570999

How often do you get guys trying to slide into your dms on social media?

No. 571015

Not often at all, honestly. Every couple of months, maybe. Depends on if I’m posting sexy pics/selfies or not. The girls who get a lot of messages are definitely either super hot or doing something to invite it, because my antisocial ass barely ever has anyone reach out, especially guys.

No. 571020

This is going to sound so dumb because I don't know how to put it into words, but does anyone else remember when they were young (6-13 yr old) and every experience just felt so intense (in a good way) because it was all so new and not overplayed. I remember being 12 and in the backseat of the car, while my dad was driving on the highway. It was night time, the windows were open, and there were a bunch of buildings lit up. It felt like I was experiencing life, it made me high in a weird way. Now I drive down the highway at night to clear my mind and it's just not the same.

No. 571021

It's gonna get worse in time

No. 571036

This might not be stupid.

Can you change the type of guy you're attracted to? Like I know people are attracted to a person that fits their kinda traumas. Like if you had distanced parents as a kid you'll subconsciously seek that out to try make amends and because it's the type you know.

But after my 4th ltr where the bf was avoidant to the point of us breaking up, like idk how to ignore that innate attraction, you know? Like I'm trying to be better and know my worth, but what good does it do if I'll pass on securely attached guys and keep getting butterflies for dudes who can't tell me if they've got a fucking problem, you know?
I'm trying to be less insecure and jealous but can I change to a secure attachment type? Or am I doomed to find healthy guys dull and chase avoidants the rest of my life while they exacerbate my insecure feelings that they don't like me all that much because they never learned to express themselves?

No. 571042

Objectively, I'm not good looking but is there a chance a dude would find me cute if he likes me?
Like sometimes you start finding a man attractive even if he isn't really cute but his personality makes you automatically like his appearance too.

No. 571044

Can you get rid of a fetish? Is there a way I can train myself to not be into it anymore, or to at least be more aroused by vanilla?

No. 571046

Don't forget what site you're on.

No. 571059

First thing is to stop completely consooming any fetish material, block things/sites/accounts that remind you of it. Try not to masturbate during these times. After at least a month or so only look at cute romantic media whenever you feel the need to. And if you ever feel the urge is to strong, just get down and start writing why you're doing this. Reflect on it. Don't give in ok. I used to have a hugr kink for ddlg and gross shit like that. Now I'm pretty vanilla. I wish you good luck anon. Thing is you might never get rid of it but you can lower your attraction to it upon realizing it is harmful for u

No. 571068

Yes, anon. I'm sure you're more attractive than you think you are, thats the case with everyone who isnt a complete narcissist. You'll find someone.

No. 571069

Don't forget what the LGB stands for, same sex attraction.

No. 571073

What do you do if you say your ex's name to your boyfriend?
I've never done it but I'm really paranoid that it might happen, either in conversation or during sex so I want to be prepared.

No. 571077

This. Also, T isn't a sexuality lmao

No. 571082

How would anons here feel about a guy who has payed for sex? Is this a dealbreaker or are you okay with it?

No. 571087

Not sure if this is bait but nope. He will be immediately cut off. When I was 16 I had sex with a middle aged dude and we talked a while and he told me he paid to fuck a tranny and then was like 'It's sad she has to do this in order to live' like… you literally contributed to the demand directly retard. He was also extremely pornsick and it was an awful experience so I'd avoid men like that. At all costs.

No. 571090


disgusting loser, deserves death

No. 571097

Unattractive/overweight anons, have you ever had a nice boyfriend who was attracted to you and secretly didn't want Stacy?

No. 571098

Dealbreaker. Not only is it disgusting, it's pathetic and betrays a slew of mental issues going on with the male.
It takes someone truly defective in the brain to literally pay to use a woman's holes (or a man's, for that matter).

No. 571104

That's a dealbreaker, anyone (male or female) can use dating or hookup apps to find someone for a mutually pleasing sexual experience. Massive red flag if he has to resort to paying to use someones body. He's either incredibly selfish in his sexual desires or he can't connect with women on any level in order to consensually fuck. No thanks.

No. 571106

Not bait, just wanted to know if I was overreacting by thinking it’s awful.
>tfw brainwashed by society to be accepting of degenerate men

No. 571108

Definitely not overreacting.

No. 571118

Does anyone else think they look better in selfies than in real life? I am not even working my angles or all that shit, I genuinely just look like a better version of myself in front facing pictures. I've even been told I look so much better which…rude..but true. It honestly scares me when meeting guys through SM. I don't want them to think I'm a catfish when I literally am not trying to be.

No. 571119

I think I look better in real life because I have no fucking clue how to take selfies before getting bored and doing something else. I don't think theres anything wrong with looking better in selfies (unless you're using a face modifier or whatever) since it's just angles

No. 571124

Why does my exbf still watch every single instagram story of mine? Should I just remove him from my followers or block him? We aren't on speaking terms.

No. 571127

he's just spying on you, or trying to remain in your head. just block (or soft block if you want something less radical)

No. 571130

Does not liking very feminine looking men anymore means you've grown up a bit? I genuinely don't feel attracted to the frail looking boys posted on /m/ anymore.

No. 571132

i don't think it has anything to do with growing up but more like it's just your taste in men changing

No. 571133

you're probably more focused on reality as opposed to anime/kpop/model men?
when i was younger i only had eyes for beautiful feminine men but ever since i started dating for real i can't imagine myself with a skinny guy who will only look pretty until he hits 25 lmao.

No. 571143

what this anon said, plus he might not even be watching it really. I know some stories I just immediately tap to get to the next person but that counts as a view

No. 571146

Maybe it wasn't a big deal but I was letting it get to my head. Cried all night yesterday thinking about him. Finally deleted all his pics today and soft blocked him. Feels freeing.

No. 571150

When I was in my teens I liked hairy, hunky big men but now that I'm 30 I find myself attracted to beautiful and feminine looking men. Am I regressing or something then

No. 571171

I'm not really overweight anymore but I'm definitely below average in looks/physique, so I'll speak from experience and hopefully it helps someone.

I unironically think being average/ugly can be a dating advantage if you use it to make people focus on the rest of you–even when I was fat all of my bfs have been objectively very good looking, loving, and popular. I've thought about it a lot and I really think it's because they saw me as someone who I has more to offer than looks–in my case it seems to be my "intelligence" and quirks, along with how I present myself and treat them as a partner.

I'm going to try my best not to sound like an annoying tradwife in this next part: the key to dating success for me as a non-Stacy has been taking my mother's lame cultural sexist ideas of female servitude and adapting them to my own values. Even though I think it's bullshit that those expectations exist, men are extremely simple and usually appreciative of (ugh, sorry) traditionally "feminine" behavior. You don't have to be a doormat "sub" like Shoe or something, just little gestures that feel natural to you but seem like you're putting in extra effort. I do very simple things like spritz on some perfume before I go to bed with my bf, and whenever I'm going to meet someone I make sure to grab a pastry or snack for them on my way there. Generally just make sure you're more interesting and desirable than Stacy, and make sure you truly see your own value (because I guarantee you are worth way more than you think)

No. 571174

Similar here. When I was young I liked older, hairy, masc type men and now that I'm 30 I want younger, less hairy, feminine men. My previous type now completely turns my stomach.

No. 571179

I need to buy a new hair dryer. What should I keep in mind when I buy one? Any tips or recs?

No. 571183

I don't think it has anything to do with growing up, tastes can just change over time. Too much of the same thing gets boring.

No. 571199

As a Stacey with a nerd personality, I have noticed most guys don't go for the hottest girls, they definitely value more homemaking skills and such over looks alone. Very attractive girls have a problem of being considered bang material only, men find it hard to concentrate or see you as a person if their main interest is sticking the dick in you.

Think of the cliche wife, brown or red hair, more demure dress, maybe a more thick or curvy body. The cliche girlfriend, shag or fling is blonde with more feminine clothes and a more slim or athletic body. "Stacey" is an invention by men who have never dated any women, as most normal men find it easier to handle and treat as a human, more average looking girlfriends.

Also Stacey types are unlikely to bother doing kind things for males since they get attention even when putting in no effort, plus kindness is usually ignored when they are predisposed to sex.

No. 571201

Glad to hear that ladies. Idek why so many young women are into these types. I'm sure part of it is just personal taste but i also think that society has told us for too long what type of men we should find manly and attractive.
Those ugly ass men are already crying how women aren't attracted to ~real men~ anymore. They've been too confident in themselves so it's their time to know what it feels like to not fit into standards set by the opposite sex.

No. 571203

It seems dumb but maybe intentionally take bad pictures to counter it? Some people look better from the direct front (or even from 1/3 or profile) where most people will see you in 360 and from weird angles. Not your fault, but it's better to show other angles for transparency.

No. 571207

It depends on your budget. If I had a shitload of money, I'd definitely get the Dyson dryer. If you spend less than $100, they're all honestly very similar. I have a $50 Chi ceramic dryer that's good enough, but obviously nothing special.

Keep in mind the size/weight, especially if you travel a lot or use it for blowing out your hair. Mine is bulky and gets tiring to hold after a while.

No. 571210

"go for" meaning date long term, move in etc. The couples I see are usually evenly matched average folk rather than the incel dream of Stacey+ disgusting guy

You definitely get the most "interest" as a Stacey in terms of thousands of "matches" on dating sites, etc, but the vast majority of those people don't want to homemake with you.

No. 571219

>i also think that society has told us for too long what type of men we should find manly and attractive
Yeah I'm prob going to sound like a cynical oldfag but I reached a point where I realised I was going more by societies standards than my own. I love how an attractive man is basically a man not doing much to improve himself and just being his hairy and smelly self with no worries, meanwhile an attractive woman diets, wears uncomfortable shit, invests money on products and smells like roses at all times, oh and shaves every inch of herself.

I had a friend who would gush over her 'manly' (hairy and fat) hubby so much that tbh she really highlighted it to me. She put so much effort into her own appearance but described loving his manly smell (meaning his b.o) Really feels like we've been duped into accepting that shit as attractive.

No. 571224

Is there a better and/or cheaper Juul alternative? I had a Juul for years and they're just so ugly and flimsy for the price. I'd ask the stoner thread but I specifically want a nicotine vape.

No. 571306

File: 1592389593355.jpg (317.12 KB, 1304x2048, Eag2tMaUwAA0W2_.jpg)

i genuinely cant tell if this is shooped, bad angles, or just weird body proportions… maybe a little bit of the three???

No. 571308

Love that uncanny floating head illusion.

No. 571312

Do all guys notice acne scars when they look at a woman's face? I know my bf does and he comments on them.

No. 571315

I'd say most peple notice acne scars and that includes men. I certainly do on myself and others. It depends if he's a dick about it and doesn't let it go even after you told him tat it makes you uncomfortable

No. 571321

If you live with someone and they regularly give you the silent treatment over what seems like small issues is that basically a doomed relationship?

No. 571322

I don't think it's shooped especially since she looks like…that..(though I can't help but find her sort of cute for some reason?). My best guess is unfortunate body type + fancy new iPhone type camera with a wide angle lens function. The mask on her chin also creates a creepy effect

No. 571323

Everyone does

No. 571328

I mean yeah everyone notices flaws but what kind of comments does he make?

I had an ex who would feel the need to point out fat women to me to just say 'look how fat she is' Noticing is normal but commenting might be the weird part, depending on the context of the comments.

No. 571330

why do people get dark, wide circles under their eyes when their nose breaks? like in surgery or after a fight for example - what causes such dark bruised areas?

No. 571333

They're pitted scars that I have from severe acne I had a few years ago, he says that I look like I've been picking at my skin like a d* addict and that if I used Dove soap it will clear my skin.
Anyways, I just ordered a derma roller from an online pharmacy, so I stop being self conscious in a few months.

No. 571334

What an asshole anon. As long as he isn't a dermatologist he shouldn't make any comments like he knows better. I am annoyed just hearing about it

No. 571336

He's an idiot, and dove soap won't do shit. Most people know what old acne scars are and know not to bang on about it, he's either braindead or he's out to ruin your confidence.

No. 571345

Local business owner got caught saying racist shit and someone screencapped it and there was a big cancel hullabaloo around it.
A week later and now the business owner is trying to say that those screencaps are fake (he first claimed he was hacked).

He's saying that the Facebook caps could have been faked using the inspect element function in google. I thought he originally meant someone photoshopped the caps, but his people are now arguing that someone can change what your Facebook comments say from the inspect tool.

Is that possible even if the caps were on someone's mobile? If all screenshots can be faked then why should anyone ever believe anything ever then?

No. 571346

Did you guys noticed the following:
Men who had access to high education, who does well financially and have power (political, fame, etc) prefer model built women.

Men who came from poor backgrounds, had no access to high education, becoming rich or not, prefer curvy women.

> Why is that?

No. 571354

File: 1592401469024.png (284.6 KB, 1827x895, aliens (2).png)

omg, the fact that people still dont know stuff like this. YES it is 100% possible and can be done on phones in exactly the same way as on PCs by inspecting the html. i just made pic related to show you and it took me 5 seconds. posted it before & deleted as it had one of my google account avatars in it lmao

No. 571357

This is bait but ok people become attracted to the “assigned hot” phenotypes they’re exposed to frequently, it’s that simple, humans recognization of beauty is 90% meme. Way back in the days it was the opposite, where looking well fed and lazy was desirable to yuppies.

No. 571360

Is it possible to hide a thread here? I’m tired of seeing liara roux’s boobs

No. 571362

What jobs are out there that require very little customer interaction? 5 years in the service industry and I'm done being a punching bag. I don't mind interacting with colleagues/management/team etc but I need a career path that has literally 0 client interfacing. I can't take it anymore.

No. 571363

File: 1592402268901.jpeg (192.43 KB, 1638x2048, 65263C78-95E8-43D8-9B4C-F68E8E…)

Okay so I’ve always lowkey thought about dating a woman and as of lately I’ve been highly considering it. But I’ve always only been attracted to guys but I’ve had times where I’ve gone out and girls have hit on me but I was too dense to realize until after it happened. but thinking back to those moments I always wished I would’ve exchanged numbers and at least got to know them. There was a time where a bi girl was flirting with me and I was flirting back but then my drunk friend ruined it by asking to kiss her so it never went anywhere. But I remember my heart racing and I still think about her even now my heart is beating a little lol.A big reason why I’ve never tried to a date a girl is because I know how hard lesbians have it in finding a partner and I don’t want to feel like I’m experimenting even though I guess I would be? But like I’m not trying to in a bucket list kind of way I truly want to see if I’m at least bi? But I don’t want to use another woman as a test you know? I guess my stupid question is how do you figure out if you truly would be in a relationship with another woman if you saw yourself as straight most of your life and without leading a girl on? That’s my biggest fear I truly don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings. Sorry if it’s so long and so dumb! Be brutally honest and if you have advice please tell me!

No. 571364

File: 1592402276772.png (6.69 KB, 268x118, del.png)

click on the little line thingy.

No. 571365

I think you're looking at it from the wrong angle. It's not that men prefer certain traits when they belong to a certain social class, it's just a matter of what kind of women they're exposed to and expected to date. "Upper class" society is expected to be fit and self-disciplined, while it's been proven that poor people are systematically fucked over nutritionally and exploited by trash food companies. So of course poor men will have a dating pool that includes a lot of curvy women.

I don't know why I'm responding to bait anyway, I have a lot of energy this morning

No. 571368

Hallelujah. Too bad it doesn’t work for the catalog.

No. 571371

Go and date whoever you want. Just clarify you are bicurious!

No. 571372

Why do you think you need to experience relations (sexual or otherwise) with a woman to know you're into banging/marrying them? Did you think you were asexual before experiences with men..?

Can you masturbate and orgasm to the idea of pleasuring a woman? How do you feel about growing old with one? Those answers are a good place to jump off.

No. 571374

I just think it's funny, if I were a lolcow this would 100% be my defense if anyone ever capped something stupid I said to cover my ass.

No. 571380

oh totally. don't get me wrong, people can obviously say it just to cover themselves, but people still need to be aware that it's a thing and how goddamn easy it is. people will always blindly believe things they read on the internet i swear

No. 571414

Was this site down for most of yesterday for anyone else? If so, does anyone know what happened?

No. 571415

Yeah it was down for me for like 10 hours

No. 571425

Is it possible to get migraines but never throw up from them? I keep getting these excruciating pulsating headaches where it blurs my vision and I become hypersensitive to light and sound and have to lie completely still in a dark room, it makes me feel extremely nauseous but I never actually throw up. Could it still be a migraine or is it unlikely for someone to get migraines frequently but never actually get sick?

No. 571431

All the people who've had to go to the doctor for migraines that I've known havn't thrown up from them. In my experience vomiting is usually a digestive problem not a pain problem.

No. 571452

anyone been arrested for jaywalking? how much was your fine? my situation was a little..different.. but my charge was changed to pedestrian in walkway still

No. 571463

What the hell did you do anon

No. 571473

pedestrian on interstate → pedestrian in walkway. put 2 and 2 together if u know current news lol

No. 571481

>Is it possible to get migraines but never throw up from them?
Yes. Some people even get migraines without an aura. See a doctor about it because there's a simple test to find out if it is actually migraines your suffering with. It's possible to stop a migraine attack with a drug known as a triptan. If the triptan doesn't work then it could be another headache disorder such as cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia or hemicrania.

No. 571488

Oooh i'm eurofag so took me a while

No. 571490

oops i should have specified america

No. 571499

i'm so confused does that mean i'm retarded?

No. 571504

Yeah I am too

No. 571519

it's hard to explain w/o giving away my area/identity

anyways i think its $200 i answered my own stupid question

No. 571526

can someone explain the Amanda Seyfried lolcow memes pls

No. 571528

Happens at least once every month. Admins Onlyfans doesn’t make enough to pay fees, very sad.

No. 571533

I think Admin-chan just forgets to pay the server bill. Sometimes I wonder why she keeps this site, it doesn't seem like she likes it very much.

No. 571553

is it normal to cry with your partner early on…? i don't mean cry because of them, but cry with them or about problems your relationship faces that can't be fixed?

my bf has held me crying countless times and he has cried to me a couple of times. we also get melancholic easily.

is it a normal hidden side of relationships or are we both just sappy idiots?

No. 571566

>early on, problems our relationship faces that can't be fixed, crying countless times
I wouldnt call this normal, do you have existing issues with mental health? Like a personality disorder or depression?

No. 571570

this sounds very middle school but idk it depends on the situation I guess there's not enough details in your post to really say

No. 571571

if you're both sensitive people, i think it's normal. if it was one is making the other listen to their sob stories it could be a little weird and should be held off. you seem to be emotionally supportive, seems good to me

No. 571577

i do have a long history of bottling up my feelings after trauma. he's just a sensitive guy even if he doesn't like to show it.

…yeah it does. i'm a little embarrassed because now it sounds like we're that asian tumblr couple crying and making out at the same time lmao.

yeah we're both sensitive. we're big weenies i guess

No. 571583

I have mental health issues (trauma too) and whenever I'm in a relationship I find it always brings out alot of crying and emotions, opens up a pandoras box of repressed trauma I guess.

At least he's sappy too so he'll understand. I've dated guys who get all angry or who think women cry just to manipulate men.. if you're a crier stay away from men like that.

No. 571619

Is it weird I've spent so much time online but I barely have any online friends? Basically I have some people I talk to on facebook and outside of that I really haven't made any online friends.

At my age, 26, it doesn't seem like people who are down to make online friends don't seem to have a lot in common with me. I guess there are discords to meet people but I don't feel like spending a ton of time reading boring/cringey conversation hoping to click with people.

No. 571632

In the same boat here. Still looking.

No. 571645

File: 1592435773688.jpg (101.47 KB, 758x1054, IMG_8594.JPG)

How common is it for people to think a lot about something that makes you happy, but not participate in it? I probably won't wear lolita, but think about in depth how to coordinate dresses and what hypothetical blouses, head pieces, legwear etc would look good with it as well as what you could buy within your budget even though I'll never wear or buy any of it (because I don't think I'll look good in it)

No. 571650

Idk if it's normal but I also do this, like I will be deeply interested in something for years but never actively participate in it. I honestly wish I didn't do this because it's hard to talk about it with other people and explain why you care about it so much and know so much about it but aren't involved in it in any way.

No. 571652

I think it's pretty cool! Have you ever considered keeping a journal of all the coords that you've come up with? Not necessarily something you have to share with the world, but something tangible that you can look back at and smile at?

No. 571657

Sure saves you a lot of money, not quite the same but I have a habit of filling my amazon cart with things that I'd love to collect. I pretend like I'm about to buy them and then log off. In reality I keep my house very uncluttered and minimilistic so that way I get all the pleasure of browsing without the clutter or cost

No. 571748

My boyfriend and I are in a discord group chat with our friends, is it shitty if I literally only look at the nsfw channel to keep tabs on the weird/uncomfortable shit he says? (Nothing like … BAD bad, but like, saying "I wish that were me" to stuff levels..) I tell him it's uncomfortable and that I don't like it, and he still does it.

No. 571761

If you are uncomfortable with it you should tell him, and if he starts gaslighting you with "uh, you are so controlling/jealous" maybe start posting male models and do the same to piss him off. It makes me mad that it's accepted for men to look at porn while in a relationship, i find it really shitty.

No. 571769

I wouldn't say that's shitty of you. It's sad that you have to do that often because he doesn't accept that you're uncomfortable with that sort of stuff. Does he make you feel crazy for doing so?

No. 571772

That's half of the average lolitas nowadays anyway, with the only difference being that they commit to buying and then wear it maybe twice at best. It's all talk, obsessing, posing and flexing.

No. 571784

My back is killing me, and some time ago when I was visiting my mom and asked her to rub my back she said I wasn’t even tense or anything then she said something along the lines of how when you get older, the worse it gets. Does that really happen?
Older farmers pls say it ain’t so.

No. 571786

whats wrong with looking at porn while in a relationship? in healthy relationships both parties can admit to each other that they still have eyes and find other human beings attractive without cheating.
i understand where the discord anon is coming from but, man, that’s nothing. "i wish it were me" is almost a meme. it’s not literal. you should probably stop hurting yourself by looking into a private server where he looks at porn lmao.

No. 571804

looking at porn is not a neutral act, people (men) don't bother examine how evil the industry is because it gets their dicks are hard.

regarding >>571748, i can't infer exactly what she's referring to. but if you find his behavior cringey or gross, just leave him. trying to change other people usually isn't worth your time. imo talking about what makes you horny on a discord server with your friends in it as well as your gf is weird and unattractive.

No. 571806

The over abundance of porn consumed nowadays isn’t in anyway healthy, nor does it’s consumption equal a healthy relationship. How naive to think that porn exists in a vacuum and that by allowing it, you’re allowing the global exploitation of women.

Honestly leave him if you’ve expressed it makes you uncomfortable (it should) and he’s responded showing he doesn’t care. Porn is not normal, it’s only in the recent decades that it’s become such a open piece of media, which does have severe consequences for women.

No. 571809

I'm >>571804 and damn sister you are based.

No. 571814

Would I be happier if I was back in Mexico? I seriously wonder about it sometimes like would I be happier if I was in Mexico fighting for it to be a better place so families wouldn't feel the need to come to the United States for opportunity and safety?

No. 571817

Why are my nipples so low on my boobs? Whenever I see shaynas boobs I get kinda envious, her nipples are at the perfect place.

No. 571826

Mexican farmer here, no don’t come back, idk where you are but you have no idea how much I want to leave despite me loving my country, violence against women is a huge problem as is violence in general, economy keeps getting worse, jobs are scarce and badly paid. You’d soon lose hope and have your soul broken over not being able to do shit. This is a sinking ship and as bad as murka is I know my life would be better there, it’s quite sad.

No. 571829

Bragging rights to discord scrotes >>571814
My country is literally top worst places to live but I feel this sentiment. People there seem to able to live somewhat easily you know? Everyone is kinda poor but as long as you’re not destitute, it’s so easy to make a modest living selling bread and working cafe shops. Attending first world uni I think about this all the time and feel guilty since my homeland peers would kill to trade places.

No. 571835

it depends on the dildo, a piece of hard cold plastic doesn't sound too appealing but the one I have is made of silicone and has dual density, meaning its hard at the core but has a softer, squishier outside. I'm a virgin but from the reviews I read before buying women were saying it was the closest thing to the feeling of a real dick. as for the cold part, yeah that sucks but it soon warms up. I use fingers too but they're too small and don't come close to the feel of my dildo

No. 571844

Why would you need to look at porn while in a relationship? like anon said, it makes you feel uncomfortable, like you aren't enough. I have a hard time finding a men to date because they are all porn addicts. It's gross.

No. 571846

Is it obnoxious of me to ask a good friend to put a sort of content warning before posting news about rape/sexual assault? She posts them inbetween memes and stuff which I reply to. But those posts seriously manage to send me into a spiral sometimes. But I think it'll be rude to ask her to do that.

No. 571850

Dildos are usually made of silicone or something similar though, not hard plastic. I prefer them over dick because I like really heavily textured toys. I like fingers too, tbh dick is low on the list of things I enjoy

No. 571858

No not really. I know a good number of ginger women and most of them are really beautiful but not in a catlike way. I know a few that look like potatoes with a red wig.
More than anything, I wish I had green, grey or blue eyes. Hair color doesn't make me jealous weirdly enough but I always wished for a different eye color.
I find that having a non dark eye color immediately makes you more more attractive and interesting which makes sense considering it's not so common.

No. 571872

Migraine sufferer here, I do throw up every single time, multiple times.

No. 571876

lots of you sound so insecure, jesus. don't take this out on your partner.

No. 571878

So I work as a contractor for a company that has a huge campus, I'm an office worker in their shipment building. Tbh management in my building keeps dicking me around and I'm unsure about my job security because it's been almost a year and they haven't extended a direct hire offer to me. Contract is set to expire next month and I get the feeling they'll only renew it temporarily to keep me on my toes again. There's no HR to talk to, and usually whatever questions I have are routed back to my recruitment agency whom I've never met face to face and have no pull in getting me a permanent job.

I've been job searching and last night I noticed the company posted a direct hire listing for an administrative assistant which I presumed was in a different building. It was two weeks old but it said applications were still open. I applied to it and then mentioned in my cover letter that I was already working for them as a contract hire in a different building and so I already had experience with their administrative and quality duties. Was this stupid of me or a good move?

No. 571880

This doesn't answer your question but they might not legally be able to hire you, agencies I've worked with in the past have a 'no poaching' rule where contractor sites can't hire agency workers whilst they are currently working there through the agency. Check your contract to find out.

No. 571882

Yeah anon, i don't want my boyfriend to respect me by doing the min effort of dropping porn, i am just insecure.

No. 571888

ah yes, the 'you're just insecure' line, perfect for deflecting any responsibility from the man who is acting in a harmful way, and pushing it all onto the girl who is expressing her feelings of upset. If you think of yourself to be below the priority of someones porn addiction then fine, but don't try to bring other girls down to your level with the same tired dismissal those porn addicted men use. It's a bad look.

love you too anon

No. 571903

Thanks anon, they can but a certain person in corporate doesn't seem to like me and has been an obstacle. Other contract hires from my same recruitment agency were given offers, because they were trained for more important functions right off the bat. Whereas I'm expected to keep pestering and inquiring when I can be trained for those functions too since I was trained for unrelated things when I first signed on. It's a bit discouraging, not knowing what will happen in two weeks is the worst part.

No. 571907

The only things that separates
your man from fucking that woman he's fapping to on the screen are the physical distance, and his own fears of not being able to have his cake (being secure in a relationship with a woman only committed to him at the end of the day) and eating it too (fucking another woman without consequences).

Men who respect the women in their life don't have wandering eyes and, as a baseline, don't support the porn industry. They exist out there anon, porn is not an inherent instinct.

No. 571930