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File: 1583511332546.jpg (56.38 KB, 587x471, EFEchHwU0AEJxFK.jpg)

No. 521640

We have a tradthot thread, but what about pickme lefthots like the ones from Chapo and redscare?

No. 521661

belongs on /snow/

No. 521675

Gosh, Aimee Terese was so cringe, I'm so glad she's gone. Other anon is right about it belonging on /snow/ but I support a thread for this. Though tbh I think it could be merged with the tradthot one since they're all alt-right pickmes regardless of how left they claim to be.

No. 521682

I get annoyed by women like these but at the same time pickmes has become a general insult for any woman who dares think slightly different. Like there's a specific mold to be and act like a woman, and anyone outside it is a feminazi or a pickme

No. 521711

File: 1583523814459.jpg (88.38 KB, 768x1024, ECRKjn7WsAAtVES.jpg)

I googled her and she looks like a bad taxidermy of communismkills

No. 521757

aimee terese went off the deep end but this was funny

No. 521774

I'd love a thread too! Maybe this one should just be moved?

No. 521775

Is this really true? Pickmes aren't just girls that don't like traditionally popular media or topics, they have a specific way of making sure they shit on the women that do, or use language that is desperately male-pleasing or overly-sexual. Love the idea of this thread either way.

No. 521779

You can think slightly different without being male identified and sucking up to scrots/throwing women under the bus for attention and validation.

No. 521785

are you guys just dense or what? she's saying the term gets thrown around, which it does, especially on here. a lot of anons throw around tons of gender based insults when people say things they don't agree with.

No. 521790

I understood what she's saying. I haven't seen the term misused much myself, but if it is, reiterating what pickmes are would only serve to help the content of the thread, no?

No. 521794

File: 1583533468042.jpg (30.12 KB, 640x640, OhgflzJ_d.jpg)

If I looked like this I'd also think that rape is a compliment tbh

No. 521795

Yeah seems a bit overused, even outside of LC.
I've legit seen men call a woman a pick me although she wasn't even attempting to pander to their asses in the first place.

No. 521800

File: 1583534254905.jpg (277.04 KB, 1080x1313, IMG_20200306_173644.jpg)

Lefthot/tradthot solidarity.

No. 521803

that's disgusting anon, my god have some compassion for your fellow women.

No. 521807

Why is her makeup so badly done?

No. 521810

Oh? Like what? What thoughts do you have that are so different that you get called pickme?

No. 521812

File: 1583535438852.jpg (159.12 KB, 942x649, IMG_20200306_175701.jpg)

This fellow woman? Nah I'm good.

No. 521816

Christ anon how do you manage to sound so annoying in just a few words

No. 521817

Her pickmeism doesn’t negate the scrotoid mentality that just wafts off your low quality shitposts. Here’s your (You), now fuck off.

No. 521819

>you can’t be crass on an anonymous imageboard

I’m tired of this meme.

No. 521823

Gonna tell me about those different persecuted thoughts or no? Give me some perspective pls.
>you can’t be laughed at for saying dumb shit on anonymous imageboard

No. 521824

>why isn’t this female circle appreciating my lazy joke making light of rape

No. 521831


I technically agree to a certain extent but are you new to imageboards or something?

No. 521834

So why are "people" angry at some farmer insulting a woman who would have no problem making fun of rape? Reddit as fuck.

No. 521845

File: 1583541188915.png (37.8 KB, 539x195, x.png)

I support a thread for this. I thought it was pretty well-known by now that this sort of NLOG behaviour is dumb and will never make you exempt from misogyny but they still continue to do it.

No. 521856

>pickme cow routinely calls rape victims too ugly to be raped because she wants hugs and dickings from leftist beta males

>how dare you point out that cow's beliefs probably stem from the fact that's she's abysmally ugly herself

No. 521862

File: 1583544246828.png (1.22 MB, 1200x1281, Screenshot_2020-03-06-19-17-08…)


No. 521873

It came off as male-tier shit humor when they relate the woman's attractiveness to the likelihood of being raped. Even if she is terrible and has a wonky face, I paused a bit after reading that because it is kind of in bad taste.

No. 521939

File: 1583564299563.jpg (39.72 KB, 441x653, lgovosfv4c241.jpg)

>I fundamentally think they are disgusted and horrified by working-class people’, says Khachiyan. ‘Real women don’t live up to the liberal-feminist pieties’, adds Frost. ‘And I think that’s very threatening for the uptight, white, overeducated, liberal women to be confronted with’, replies Khachiyan.

Ah yes, the white PhD dropout Manhattan art hoe podcast grifter who "works" a whopping 2 hours a week and walks in literal fashion shows knows what Real Working Class Waman feel, unlike those ivory tower neoliberal feminists.

No. 521941

File: 1583566061269.png (77.2 KB, 246x385, 89A6C125-8508-4EC6-86F3-C392F1…)


She did grow up in New Jersey anon… idk where but from little snatches of information I remember it was someplace like pic related

No. 521945

I thought it was funny in a "taste of your own medicine" kind of way, not gonna lie.
I don't agree with the message, but targeted at someone who makes rape jokes centred around women's attractiveness themselves? They can take it.

No. 521959

compared to the average american libfem Nina has far more class consciousness and at least acknowledges the working class, other then sanders most liberal polticains barely mention supporting the working class anymore

No. 521960

File: 1583571173338.jpg (413.82 KB, 923x1481, IMG_20200307_035155.jpg)

Evidently not. The audacity of this autistic centipede looking hoe.

No. 521962

try to spin it however you want, you don't look good coming out of it.

No. 521964

I suspect the negative reaction against Terese illustrates how reactionary and/or alienating materialism taken to its logical conclusion can appear in a liberal cultural sphere. A basic example of Aimee’s divergence from other online leftists would be her opinion on “identity politics.” Many leftists seem to consider identity politics as any political critique which concerns a non-class formation such as gender and race. There can be bad applications of identity politics (for example, judging Kamala Harris as a better candidate than Bernie Sanders due to the historic significance of a black woman becoming president) so it must be carefully modulated, but necessarily must also exist in a socialist perspective for fear of a class-first approach failing to serve the interests of historically marginalized communities. I have seen examples of online leftists who publicly identify as socialists retrospectively label the civil rights movement as an example of identity politics done well in spite of identity politics only being explicitly theorized (I believe) in the 1970s.
On the other hand, Aimee and her ilk acknowledge the existence of racism, sexism, and bigotry of other kinds and the need to combat that through their politics. However, she understands these forms of discrimination to stem from material relations of inequality (think the formulation of black and white races being formulated in the 19th century as a justification for slavery). As she understands societal relations to be grounded historically in materialist relations, she believes the best way to address racial and sexual inequities is through a universalist, economic movement. Identity politics is not a necessary component of a socialist worldview, but rather an inherently liberal and incompatible element which can be wielded by the ruling class to undermine worker solidarity.

I can understand being personally annoyed by her but as a neophyte to leftism I do find her Twitter feed and podcast very educational and illustrative of what a rigorous Marxist approach can be like. And it’s telling that she often riles up some of the most annoying people who inhabit or orbit the leftist twittersphere.

No. 521967

wtf is that wig

No. 521968

It may just be me spotting the obvious but since several years there is a general pattern of discriminatory slangs being created online to target specific parts of the population and associated behaviors, but exponentially grow in popularity and lose almost all of its initial meaning in the process, to become a commodity label you can slam on anything you dislike if deemed fitting enough for it.

I think about now generic terms like hipster, normie, more recently soyboy, cuck, incel/femcel and now maybe pickme, which has the same kind of potential

sage for our of topic ESL ramblings

No. 521969

Listen to your mother. Two wrongs don't make a right.

No. 521981

>omg they're so gratuitously cruel

She kept showing up on my timeline because the right-leaning people I follow kept RTing her, and although the posts were always cringe and terrible, I had no idea she was this bad.

No. 522025

Is this a tranny?

No. 522089

File: 1583606039870.jpg (73.22 KB, 750x1041, kp6yfeqnng041.jpg)

tl;dr "token female agrees with me" porn and I'm trying to intellectualize it

Anti-idpol left consists entirely of gf simulator paypigs deepthroaing an entire thesaurus to convince themselves that their motivations are entirely distinct from those of chuds who beta orbit tradwife ecelebs. In the meantime their leftist yes girls like Khachiyan and Nekrasova are overtly salty that they have no access to the trophy wife lifestyle due to being aesthetically challenged, having to settle for a socialist LARP with bill splitting soyboys instead.

No. 522095

When I first started listening to Red Scare I didn't know what Dasha and Anna looked like and from the way they talk about other girls you'd think they look like supermodels. Both have weird faces imo, and Anna being 35 makes the whole pro-ana, ketamine snorting, cigarette smoking thing pretty cringe, its not like she's in her early 20s.

No. 522103

File: 1583607504668.jpg (11.01 KB, 200x200, 1516508290266.jpg)

It's even funnier once you read her twitter and clock that it's entirely a cope for being unattractive, much like her politics. It's not like she can become a hot trophy bimbo or a glamorous neolib girlboss that she's foaming at the mouth about. All that's left is minmaxing the edgy punk gf. But it doesn't age well, hence why she's getting progressively more insane and sad/thirsty on main. Dasha is a bit more honest:

>“They were like, partying and dancing and lying down on the floor with their thin legs, and I was like, Wow, my life’s okay, but I would literally trade it all — the podcast, Adam, my status as a socialist icon… — I would trade it all to be an extremely hot and relevant model for five seconds.

Aimee Terese, who worked corporate in the past, is basically exactly the same. Imo she and Anna are the closest thing to an actual femcel. An ideology stemming entirely from being rejected by the very NYC elite they desperately want to be.

No. 522136

File: 1583612472454.jpeg (12.78 KB, 406x305, 1551456926953.jpeg)

My pronouns are hee/hee/heee

No. 522143

File: 1583613438301.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 1575147200879.jpg)

Lmfao, I'm saving this

No. 522178

File: 1583615298316.jpeg (70.24 KB, 640x633, 7C419AD1-F54A-4064-A3BD-874E4F…)

Anna used to be pretty, I don’t understand why she went out of her way to start dressing less feminine and cut her hair if she and Dasha are so obsessed with trad aesthetics

No. 522215

File: 1583619870421.jpg (157.96 KB, 824x797, IMG_20200307_171651.jpg)

Pretty but not trophy wife worthy, also profoundly insecure. Rather than live with being a standard beta Becky or properly looksmaxx (which she sees as beneath her), she chose to overcompensate by (unsuccessfully) convincing herself that she's above it all. Even her fanbase is laughing at how she's wants to be a fragile bourg kept woman to an apolitical Chad while LARPing a pozzed druggie art hoe aesthetic. Maybe it's a thinly veiled scream for being loved for her "true self". In any case, it's too late for her to pivot from that, hence why she gets more psychotic by the day.

Pic related, top kek at the seething envy and projection.

>my film studies soyboy would like to fuck these women, but he doesn't have any money or stability that these women require, so he settles for me, a scrawny sjw who foots the bill every time we go out while convincing me that he's really into my edgy anti-establishment aesthetic

No. 522253

i still think dasha is incredibly hot and her hot takes are so much less annoying than anna's

No. 522273

File: 1583623171354.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 08694ECE-3E99-49BC-95BA-E37F8F…)


She’s been dating a equally Jew-y looking musician for some time now, chill anon. She literally picked her looksmatch in every way kek

No. 522275

That's exactly what I'm saying. It's all she can get.

No. 522337

why are you talking like a scrote. "It's all she can get" "she would be dating chad thundercock is she were prettier"

No. 522367

You know nothing about the person being discussed, do you?

No. 522370

I like Nina because she triggers chapotards so much, she calls them out for being the pathetic sjw morons they actually are

No. 522371

omg finally!
i discovered redscare and the other dusts after finding out dasha and adam friedland were dating.
all of these ladies are so god damn insufferable

No. 522582

File: 1583699755957.jpg (91.29 KB, 900x675, DprOVOwU0AAdZP8.jpg)

They wish they could be babebuxing socialites but all they get is a smarmy leftist beta male who got called a sjw once so now he's trying his best to prove to /pol/ that he's t-totally cool and misogynistic like them.

No. 522720

Could someone possibly spoonfeed about the overall motivations of these people? Are they basically leftists who really really don't want to be associated with sjws or feminists? How do they see themselves?

No. 522783

File: 1583733405422.webm (2.4 MB, 320x568, praxis.webm)

Whenever I hear about these pickmes I remember this parody of them and how it triggered anna

No. 522798

In case with lefthots, they're basically shoeonheads but leftist because conventionally unattractive.

In case with chapocels in general, it's:

>/pol/ack but wants free shit

/pol/ack trying to disguise his inceloid pet issues and culture wars as material problems of the working class
>overcompensating sjw who's terminally embarrassed of being a sjw
>invertebrate sjw who for some retarded reason sees reactionaries as cool so he's desperately sucking up to /pol/acks by bribing them with white male idpol (only to be told that he's a retarded cultural marxist who needs to be physically removed)
>assorted betas and omegas who choose leftism because know that they wouldn't thrive in a tradmasc environment but still cling to their own retarded brand of limp wristed nerd "masculinity" that usually amounts to bleating at rape victims on twitter

No. 522802

thank you. i think i get it now. its such an awful mashup that i wanted to make sure i had it right

No. 523045

File: 1583785212981.jpeg (38.32 KB, 640x425, B92CC490-8704-420A-BEE7-A66A13…)

Excuse my link on the image board. Its recommended reading on Dasha and Anna


No. 523105

this is retarded and i hate the red scare hoes. they're not nazis or crypto fascists. they're just edgy upper middle class idiots with large egos and no filter

No. 523164

"crypto fascism" just means "i can afford to be mean to literally everyone and still be successful"

No. 523173

no she's always been attracted to skinny/nerdy types

No. 523184

No. 523190

File: 1583808941169.jpg (246.78 KB, 1200x1200, a4199857364_10.jpg)

I do think she wants to date a working clsss socialist man, but she knows she would have nothing in common with that type of person

No. 523411

Do you think Adam is paying Dasha or is she dumb enough to fuck him for free?

No. 523421

somebody redpill me on amber frost

didn’t they break up a while ago?

No. 523447

people call her ableist or whatever, she's just generally annoying but i don't think she's the worst. these women can be really… something else. i think she's decent when compared to the others, but still very grating to listen to tbh.

No. 523461

they broke up because he cheated on her with that witten girl lmao

No. 523474

File: 1583878147602.png (1.68 MB, 1401x804, 242555.PNG)

Not sure if this fits exactly, but I've seen people unironically praise sh0eonhead for being 'leftist'. Apparently her side Chanel, Brainlet, has some basic soc dem leanings. This excuses every other 'pick me fuck leftists' thing she's done because A. She's creating a anti-sjw>light leftism>leftism pipeline and B. what if she slowly stops being an anti-SJW???
Her 'leftist' channel apparently

No. 523486

she'll never stop being an anti-sjw. i'm glad she's helping sway people, i guess, but she's still a hack and you can easily see the difference between people who genuinely are angered and passionate, and whatever the hell she does. her fake outrage is cringy, as usual. the performative 'scumbag' leftist art hoe crap on touted by many of the women and men posted about ITT is very different, but just as fake. all of these people are fake and have never known struggle, only dispassionate signal boosting for the sake of social currency. it's very irritating, but could amount to something valuable. doubtful, but worse things could be 'trendy'.

No. 523551

I remember hearing something about Dasha using one of the guys from cumtown to boost her popularity and then dumping him, any milk on this anons?

No. 523567

prob true but they broke up at least six months ago. she's funnier now at least

No. 523833

Are you fucking serious lmao that happy merchant looking ass actually cucked her

Lefthots might actually be more beta than tradthots

No. 523886

Yeah her and https://twitter.com/gaywithyourdad had a whole beef over it because the girl took a picture in her apartment after she fucked Adam. So not only did Cumtown dude cheat on her but he cheated on her in her own apartment lmao

No. 523887

>merchant looking ass

No. 524019


No. 524040


no that was a way later fight. dasha cheated on adam and that's why they broke up. nick mullen alludes to it on cumtown; that adam stepped in jellied jizz in their shower and dasha claimed it was just cottage cheese she spilled while she was eating in the shower

No. 524142

they both cheated on each other. witten happened during their relationship but the fight happened way later. i hate that i know this

No. 524153

ngl that whole bit was fucking hilarious.

No. 528086

File: 1584605919048.png (52.39 KB, 541x564, jeje.PNG)

not exactly about well-known lefthots but it's getting really annoying following women for political commentary and then finding out a decent portion of their feed is male pandering and sex work shit disguised as not sex work shit? what is this? her feed is similar to her curious cat but with more political tweets. like, the level of pandering is off the charts with these girls. sucks because sometimes they're sort of funny. i don't want to read about these women allegedly wanting to be anally gangbanged or receive cum tributes. what is this sexy political fusion thing??

No. 528479

Not quite related but whenever I scroll past this thread the OP pic fucking triggers me cause it looks like my cousin who's a total stacey stereotype and now in older age acts all trad because her metabolism finally slowed and her job prospects are shit without a man to support her. Bleghhh, she even has that same scowl face too.

No. 528583

wait can you post the full story of why they broke up? I've heard so many different versions

No. 528633

you know, it's possible to make just the op pic disappear ! on top of it, click on "file (hide)".

No. 528919

it's the only way men will let women have any power or clout; if they can still be above her by objectifying her

No. 529341

File: 1584768440964.jpg (2.41 MB, 1365x2048, IMG_2908-1365x2048.jpg)

tbh i have less of a problem with anna than i do with dasha, whose schtick is steadily running out of time/getting old to me. the attention seeking kinderwhore "i'm a sad waif teen" fetishizing, obsession with one's own eating disordered behavior, plus the catholic phase and obsession with ~ironically~ wanting to come off like a victim of sexual abuse, etc could be "acceptable" or "make sense" if she was 22 and freshly out of college or smth but it's kind of embarrassing and "how do you do, fellow kids?" when you're pushing 30 and it's obvious you never really matured past the shit you saw on your tumblr dash during your late teens/early 20s. it's also embarrassing to see people act like she's the first person to come up with the "aesthetic" she is constantly trying to affect, or like it's hard to understand what she's doing. if you changed one or two variables she would basically be ginger bronson

No. 529342

both anna and dasha are annoying and pathetic. i still think anna is worse though

No. 529348

I’ve always wondered if everyone in her social network just quietly nods their heads and participates in her personal fantasy of being kinderwhore/sad tumblr girl…. to me she looks like your typical impoverished Slavic fruit stall woman from the 90s era…. She doesn’t exude youthfulness or vulnerability

No. 529432

where can you see Dasha's tumblr cringe content?

No. 529461

i hate pickmes….but imagine calling women out for being pickmes menahwile acting like a 30 year old women is ''super old'', and the other lookist comments too.

No. 529698

i didn't interpret it that way. there's a difference between being too old for a certain schtick and old in general. even teenagers can be "too old" for certain behavior if it's way below their expected maturity level.

No. 529780

She’s so weird looking. I don’t get why neither her or Anna get work done, they have the means and the motivation.

No. 529873

Dasha is pretty harmless to me, she just acts kind of cringey especially in that Sailor Socialism meme interview she did which I don't find funny and think is really overrated. Anna on the other hand always has retarded takes and is constantly hostile to women.

No. 530383

File: 1584913605929.png (104.54 KB, 500x457, born-to-die-world-is-a-fuck-ki…)

Anna is a jaded idealist. Despite what she says, on some level she does believe that somewhere out there she'll find a tradchad who will love her just the way she is (or alternatively, entirely for her super vibrant militant pickme personality that totally offsets her monstrous appearance). Seeking surgery would be a public admission that her ideas about men or her own sex appeal are a silly cope and a testament to the fact that no amount of beta female virtue signalling and sexual deference will help her compete with those 7/10 neoliberal girlboss stacies who get into beneficial relationships without serenading beta male dicks on Twitter 24/7. The same chapos who nitpick her politics and smugly declare that they no longer find her fuckable because of some minor error in her "class analysis" will become shitlib classcucks in a second the moment an attractive normie libfem gives them a chance, while Anna continues contorting whatever's left of her spine in hopes of attracting a husband she doesn't have to pay for.

No. 530603

I think Anna sometimes says things that are genuinely interesting and insightful, but sometimes it’s like I can literally hear the cogs turning in her mind desperately trying to think up a contrarian or ‘shocking’ take when a topic is brought up and it just comes off insecure and is draining to listen to. I think theyre smart and know people these days have short attention spans and that controversy sells so sometimes the podcast just feels more like two people spitting ‘hot take’ tweets at each other other than a genuine conversation so ultimately a lot of what they say ends up seeming very surface level and reductive

No. 530611

File: 1584932792419.jpg (194.78 KB, 1080x841, IMG_20200322_230532.jpg)

The only time she's "insightful" is when she's blatantly, hilariously projecting.

No. 530613

I think Anna and dasha are just New York party girls, simple as that. They don’t have the looks or the money to be socialites or beauty editors at conde naste, so instead they pretend to know about politics online. Last month Anna didn’t know what Super Tuesday was?? Even if you chalk it up to ignorance, most 35 year olds would know what it is, and those who don’t aren’t shilling themselves as a political commentators. Their whole personas are just ugly girl copes (Anna much more than Dasha), theyre basically just larping as attractive girls. If they came from money or were reasonably attractive, they’d be Cat Marnell, not female chapos.

No. 530618

Idk I don’t feel like they would describe themselves as, or are trying to be, political commentators though, I think they view themselves more as pop culture/ social commentators

No. 530619

Doubly hilarious considering how much unprompted catty vitriol Anna directs at the liberal Conde Nastie type specifically.

No. 530620

The liberal ‘conde naste’ type definitely deserves the vitriol

No. 530715

dasha came across like a moron in that interview. it only became popular due to people having incredibly low expectations for hot women.
you can tell even anna doesn't respect her because the podcast is only listenable when they have a guest on who anna respects as an intellectual peer. in that case she puts in effort and can be insightful. when it's just anna and dasha she goes on autopilot and you can hear the cogs turning like >>530603 said.

No. 530728

One of those videos is about women aborting boys due to gender, as if it's a widespread problem, when her literal only example of it is a small Reddit thread where most of the women were speaking hypothetically.

… yet girls being aborted due to gender is an actual phenomenon and the women are often pressured, even forced, to abort due to the overwhelming misogyny within their culture. She conveniently doesnt mention this at all, though, because god forbid she lose her anti-feminist points with her neckbeard audience by shedding light on reality.

God I fucking hate her.

No. 530729

I didn't think she came across as a moron in the interview. I interpreted it more that she was genuinely baffled and thrown off by the interviewer's otherworldly stupidity.

No. 530749

how? the interview makes her look very dim and she answers every reasonable question with a terrible answer. infowars girl didn't say anything stupid enough at first to warrant dasha's dumb answers. her answer for "why do you like bernie sanders?" is "because he's a socialist". she couldn't even answer "why do you like bernie sanders?" without a stupid answer. she asks what he stands for that she likes and she tells her "eating the rich". obviously her tone doesn't help these terrible answers, either. i don't know why the left touts this interview around like it's some hilarious own. thankfully she's wearing an 'endearing' outfit and is cute enough to force people ignore how ridiculous she sounds, because the left should be clowned based on this interivew, honestly.

No. 530763

>the left should be clowned based on this interivew
Not nearly as much as the side saying we'll all be eating rats if Bernie gets elected.

No. 530780

everyone knows infowars is a joke. if popular opinion often holds that people who like bernie are out of touch bushwick idiots, it'd be great to not confirm their idea of your camp by giving braindead, cringy answers to the easiest questions imaginable, and then hold this embarrassing interview up as some clever own? it's bad all around and does the left a disservice. shows an astounding lack of self awareness for so many on the left to watch this and somehow come out thinking that their side won here. normal people on the left deserve better than to be represented by annoying parsons dropouts and wannabe socialites that can't answer very simple questions that literal children can answer, without resorting to very embarrassing memetier responses. infowars and the idiocy on the right aside, i expect the left to recognize when something serves them and when it doesn't. you have to be delusional to watch this and think this is good PR for the left.

No. 530827

yeah this would probably make more sense if "good pr for the left" wasnt a right wing talking point pushed to make genuine leftist arguments completely invalid over semantics or something. if you want better political representation for the left, start with ignoring the behavioural demands of the group filled with literal nationalists and worse. you dont exactly have to try hard to look better than an incel, thats why theyve convinced you every micro-action matters.

No. 530829

File: 1584975670572.jpg (45.08 KB, 670x400, Angela-Nagle.jpg)

What do you think of Angela Angle?

No. 530841

realistically yeah, obviously the right operates in bad faith so whatever, but that's not my point. i expect better of the left, and i expect them to be able to tell when they're embarrassing themselves? if you don't think it's pitiful that the left lauds terrible answers and acts like the right is getting btfo'd by her "cool" demeanor and responses, or whatever they want to believe, idk what to say to you. they enable way too much dumb yet smug behavior that alienates people whose views are genuine and aren't part of an aesthetic. surely there are people who aren't always operating in bad faith who would be put off by someone acting like dasha in this video while also giving such terrible answers.

No. 530880

But when she did that interview she didn’t have a leftist podcast and was just an individual person at a rally, it’s unfair to ask people to act as if they’re representing some collective ‘left’ at all times and wouldn’t be possible anyway since everyone would have a different interpretation of what that means. It would be unproductive to try and sincerely engage with an infowars reporter who is just spouting nonsense, you can’t have a genuine argument with someone like that, so her response was probably the most appropriate

No. 530894

That attitude of clamming up, staring at your phone and performing forced "sass" only seems "cool" to the socially retarded.

No. 530905

I don’t think it’s cool necessarily but I think it’s just a genuine reaction to being ambushed by an infowars reporter and ultimately probably a better response that trying to sincerely argue with someone like that who has no interest in actually engaging and end up on some kind of ‘hysterical sjw cringe montage’ video

No. 530912

she was hardly ambushed. her response is exactly the type of material that would end up on sjw cringe montages, she just seemed more aloof and spoiled rather than angry. it's still cringe compilation material. her answers were still just as ridiculous and insulting to her own intelligence. either way, it's less about her and more about how the left has chosen to act like she owned the infowars girl.

No. 530916

I hate Dasha just as much as the rest of you, but I agree with anon >>530905
that she reacted well in the infowars interview. Ashton Birdie looked so desperate at the times Dasha wasn’t taking the bait.
>You know Venezuela!?
>Heard of it
was better than anything Red Scare has on their Patreon

No. 530925

i don't see it. i've seen countless teens give ace interviews to right wing sources while giving some sass and substantiated answers that don't make them look just as stupid as their interviewer. there's literally no reason why dasha couldn't have given a short and reasoned answer as to why she supports bernie and his policies that don't play into the exact tropes the right has of the young left. "i like him because he's a socialist" and "eat the rich" caricature shit is exactly what everyone would expect of her when they see her and is exactly what the right wants to see.

she looks and seems remarkably out of touch, which, again, is exactly what the right wants. it's hardly an own at all. idk how it's top notch trolling to act like the retard your opponent expects you to be. the only reason anyone is giving her a pass at all is because she's a cute girl in a whimsical outfit. this is literally just like hot girl syndrome. like idc that she didn't do a great job randomly, but the way the left tries to rewrite reality by pretending this interview is not embarrassing is what shocks me. that college kid that owned crowder genuinely whooped his ass, hard. dasha and this girl, not at all.

No. 530926

Okay and all those people who gave good answers in your opinion, where are they now? What impact did they make? Because people still talk about the sailor socialism interview and it launched a huge platform for them. What they chose to do with it after is another issue, but the reality is the right, and the left, is not looking for a reasoned response on these interviews. These interviews are solely entertainment and it’s pointless to think giving infowars and their viewers a genuine response is going to do anything. Infowars is a total echo chamber and the reporter was not acting in god faith, you expect her to give analytical, informed responses to things like ‘everyone in Venezuela is eating rats!!’ Sometimes you have to just meet people where they’re at and match idiocy with idiocy

No. 530963

they weren't attractive girls in strange, whimsical outfits. they were mostly men, so they didn't garner a hit following and "create impact" with men because they obviously didn't fetishize them the way they do her. i already said that literally the only reason why people praise "sailor socialism" is because she's a cute girl in a cutesy roleplay tier outfit.

if dasha was a dude he'd have been (rightfully) mercilessly mocked for seeming like an out of touch and well-to-do braindead brooklynite shilling his half-hearted politics solely for the sake of earning social currency. and "they're eating rats" came at the end of the interview, after she already couldn't offer better responses to very simple questions. i'm just saying, i don't think that interview makes the left look great or clever at all. they're so blinded by their boners that they don't apparently see that.

No. 530965

but based off the opinion of the majority of people in this thread, Dasha nor Anna aren't pretty and everything they say is 'ugly girl' cope, so dont think everything is just based off how she looks nor that she's so extremely pretty guys would follow her just because of it. Also almost none of the people who liked the interview or follow red scare are straight men it's like all girls and gays

No. 530972

File: 1584994365500.png (Spoiler Image, 317.73 KB, 790x365, dasha.PNG)

like one anon here said dasha isn't pretty. i disagree, i think dasha is pretty and i made that clear like 3 times already. not that it even matters, what we think is attractive =/= what men think is attractive. and lol what, literally assloads of men on the left love her and want to fuck her.i mean, even the idiots on /pol/ have tons of threads talking about how hot she is. anna is a different story. she's coping for sure, but a lot of men do actually find her attractive. the red scare pod subreddit has plenty of either anna or dasha is so hot posts submitted with photos of them that get plenty of upvotes where men apparently go on at length talk about fucking them, so. twitter is filled to the brim with coomer leftists drooling all over her tho anyways.

No. 530973

I agree plenty of men find her hot, but disagree these men make up the majority of the red scare audience and even more so disagree that these were the majority of the people who praised the sailor socialism interview. Idk it seems like a lose lose, if you're unattractive everything you say is 'ugly girl cope' if you're hot it's just 'hot girl sydrome'

No. 530977

can you please give it a rest, you don’t to state your opinion over and over and over again

No. 531035

Nagle doesn't seem to fit the 'pick me' female leftist label at all. She's a serious academic and essayist that critiques the current wave of leftism very well. She's also one of the few leftists in media that isn't so fucking clueless about the online right/alt-right and their tactics and ideology.

No. 531064

The bar for "female organism agrees with my retarded moid opinions" clout is extremely low. Neckbeards said they wanted to fuck Christina "Based Mom" Hoff Sommers during gamergate. Incidentally, she is also a perfect specimen of the "unattractive or past prime female trying to gain relevance by cheering on betas" niche.

Half the ugly cows on this website have orbiters. If Dasha and Anna were attractive, they wouldn't need to capitalize on the social fringe of absolute losers. They'd be normie Stacy influencers/models and eventually well kept trophy wives.


Dasha is not ugly, she's extremely average and plain. Anna is an absolute goblina.

"Hot" to internet incels who would reasonably fuck anything =\= hot to actual well adjusted real life people, especially attractive/rich men. Fuckable =\= desirable or worthy of investment.

Hot women can do much better than Adam Friedland.

No. 531068


Im the anon who said she looked impoverished and I stand by what I said. In Ukraine [where I grew up] she is a 4-5…. Cut her head off and maybe she could be a 6

No. 531202

she doesn't belong in this thread anon

>In Ukraine [where I grew up] she is a 4-5…. Cut her head off and maybe she could be a 6
are you okay? you sound male and/or unwell tbh

> Incidentally, she is also a perfect specimen of the "unattractive or past prime female trying to gain relevance by cheering on betas" niche.
she looks fine. she has a cute figure and a cute face etc, but yeah her appeal is that she's female and cute, not that she's a captivating and astute political or social commentator. yes the bar is low for men, they'll prop up anyone female that shares their opinion, like you said about hoff sommers, but most people would consider dasha art hoe attractive

No. 531220

ive only posted in this thread once fyi (>>530715).

No. 531242

Has anyone actually ever listened to an episode of Red Scare? What do they even talk about… the hosts seem to know little to nothing about politics so is that actually what they discuss? They can’t just word salad an entire hour long episode.

No. 531249

yeah, i’ve listened to many episodes of red scare and previously would have described myself as a “fan” of the show (though like most self-professed fans of the show i was critical of the hosts). i dropped it recently because it stopped hitting that golden ratio of freewheeling dumbass contrarian hot takes to genuine and insightful discussion. it seems like anna is vying more and more for a position within the IDW and/or wants to be respected as a serious intellectual but in her efforts to do so has just adopted extremely milquetoast conservative opinions and regurgitates whatever comes across her twitter feed. at one point she retweeted this tradcath anti-abortion take that claimed the woman’s womb is a spiritual gateway and the act of aborting a fetus permanently profanes it or whatever and then when questioned on it she unconvincingly claimed it was just a “joke” and she retweeted it because it was “so obviously absurd.” meanwhile she’s openly admitted to having multiple abortions. it’s boring, hypocritical, and unoriginal. she’s just a careerist and will adopt whatever position she thinks will boost her notoriety and market value in the twitter/podcasting realm. hilariously she also claims to be an old-fashioned moralist.

oh, dasha’s sudden post-breakup conversion to catholicism has been irritating too. it’s obviously a disingenuous attempt to latch on to an obscure twitter subculture.

sorry for the rant. anyway, the episode topics vary depending on the guest. if there’s a guest it’ll usually focus on whatever that person’s area of expertise is. sometimes the guests are accomplished and intelligent people like Glenn Greenwald, other times they’re retards like Deanna Havas. if there’s no guest they’ll usually just recap current events in the political/media/art/fashion world. sometimes they do movie reviews. they’ll talk about authors they like and discuss recently published essays or op eds. commonly recurring topics are the MeToo movement, Hollywood scandals, their diet/beauty/exercise regimens, Zizek/Paglia/Baudrillard, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, their Russian heritage, sex, eating disorders and the body positivity movement, and girlbossery (which they define as careerist liberal women).

No. 531260

Thanks anon, I do appreciate the thoroughness of your post. I only knew about the hosts through being an ex fan of other breadtube influencers. Your description makes the podcast seem more likeable than what I’d suspected it’d be (sans whatever Catholic and trad stuff they seem to be interested in now?? Like what?)

The usual topics seem to be pretty female oriented. I’ve seen a snippet of them doing a live podcast and the audience was majority women. It seems like orbiters make up most of their twitter hype but less of the people who actually support their Patreon and listen to their work.

No. 531266

Nta but I think they’re funny when they talk about pop culture, it’s really like a Joan Rivers type of commentary and it’s enjoyable to listen to people who don’t buy into celebrity worship. I listened to the pod for 5 or 6 months and combined with their online presences, they just keep pushing the politics harder every episode even when they sound like literal retards, but they get more praise for that from their replyguys than pop culture commentary obviously, and you can tell who they’re pandering too. Their episode where they review the Netflix Goop Lab show is pretty good, if you want to hear their more pop culture-y side.

No. 531295

The orbiters, despite acknowledging that Anna is a femcel lolcow and Dasha is an aging kinderwhore riding her coattails, like them for being female tokens who perpetually yap about how #metoo is a cash grab by careerist attention whores (palpable envy), Harvey Weinstein is "merely" a Bernie Madoff of sex crimes (one would think that a retarded socialist would consider financial crime by white collar elites to be the most evil thing in the world), rape is just when you regret bad sex and you need to give men blowjobs. That and a bunch of "muh white working class men oppressed by urban liberal women" culture war/male idpol bullshit wrapped into faux concern over class issues. The amount of time Anna spends whiteknighting rich men and absolutely seething over the idea that someone somewhere got a payout for a sexual harassment claim is incredible. The only rich she wants to eat is her female competition it seems.

The thots are basically Lauren Southern et al, but, like, "left".

No. 531323

I got irritated when Anna went on a trip through Europe recently and said she hated Riga (my city) because it was "drab, full of scowling faces and homeless people"; not necessarily untrue, but it really pissed me off when she then said that she "feels Slavic" and because of that will confidently preservere when COVID starts really hitting the US. If you really wanna feel "sLaAviC!!" and stick to your surface level conservative ideals then come live in this part of the world away from your upper-middle class NYC bubble lol

No. 531330

She's not even Slavic. She's Armenian.

Anna is a particularly insufferable example of a failure-to-launch post-Soviet Bloc Brighton Beach trash who escapes their shithole country because of how backwards and conservative it is, then proceeds to berate America for not being like their "spiritually superior and unliberal" shithole country of origin, all while refusing to set foot in it ever again. If you hate how liberal and woke America is, why don't you fuck off back to where you came from? I'm sure they love ugly ass pretentious pseudo-communist art hoes there and will totally listen to what you have to say. As one of the other anons in this thread said, you'd be a decrepit fruit stand lady over there. Paying attention to ugly women for their "personality" and "insight" is something that can only be enjoyed in the liberal West you seem to despise so much.

Source: Russian immigrant.

No. 531334

File: 1585071411321.jpg (416.16 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20200324_173451.jpg)

No one in particular, it just really annoys me when people glorify Russian communism so much. Especially when their understanding of it seems to be very minimal and it's just for edge points

No. 531338

LMFAO Aimee Terese had an autistic femcel meltdown over this picture because vibrators are the greatest neoliberal capitalist evil

No. 531360

> If you really wanna feel "sLaAviC!!" and stick to your surface level conservative ideals then come live in this part of the world away from your upper-middle class NYC bubble lol

she doesn’t really, she just wants a way to differentiate herself from everyone else in her left-wing urban hipster milieu. she LARPs as an old-fashioned conservative slavic moralist because that makes her speshul and unique among her brooklynite peer group. if she actually lived somewhere where that archetype was the norm she would invent a new persona to distinguish herself. it’s all a LARP really

No. 531399

This is so stupid. It's a valid criticism that the #metoo movement has had little trickle down to the average working woman and predominantly benefited a small amount of the most privileged women, and it's a very shallow understanding of socialism to think that means you would necessarily view white collar crime as the 'worst thing in the world' like obviously their is nuance and nothing is that black and white. I hate how people use women's age as an insult and to dismiss their arguments like Dasha being 29 (which is still young anyway) means anything, we're are all 'ageing'? I think a lot of what they say is very obviously exagerrated or tongue in cheek for comedic effect and it's weird for people to take things so literally.

No. 531421

If that was their problem with #metoo why don't they advocate for the women who are left out? they just use it to attack other women and repeat male-pandering bs about how women who were raped are just "regretting bad sex" and how feminists are prudes and man-haters for making a big deal out of sexual assault. this isn't good-faith criticism of #metoo from a class perspective, it's just patriarchal shit covered in a thin veneer of leftism

No. 531423

"Women lie about rape to get money" is woke now. Real lobotomy hours.

>I hate how people use women's age as an insult and to dismiss their arguments

I think the funniest thing about the whole edgy anti-idpol """pro working class""" left is that much like tradthots and other reactionaries, they never hesitate to tap into liberal tokenism, damsel in distress posturing, bourgeois respectability politics and "buh but I'm a waman/black/gay are you saying I can be wrong on wamen/blacks/gays?" the moment their bullshit is challenged (as our lovely exhumed corpse Aimee Terese has demonstrated when people started giving her a taste of her own venom). The perpetually projecting goblin you're whiteknighting is not opposed to the idea that women's politics may stem from their age/sexual market value or lack thereof, quite the opposite. That's probably 90% of her takes on women and feminism.

The fact that some rich women have been able to speak against sexual harassment takes away nothing from working class women. In fact, it has probably done more for them than cosplay socialist whining about how white urban man buns don't have enough money.

It's all tongue in cheek sis, relax.

No. 531429

You don't understand, blogging about how Scarlett Johannson asked for it is prakthith and totally helps working class women.

Rich women should shut up about rape because they're rich and better off than 99% of men on Earth, but rich male comedians like Joe Rogan must be protected against mean internet comments at all costs uwu. They may be millionayahs, but they are the voice of the alienated male working class and thus effectively trailer trash by cultural proxy. Also, Peter Thiel is #goalz, slay king. Prakthith.

No. 531438

It has done nothing for them, it has offered a spectacle to shut women up and had no meaningful impact

be honest, do you really think that there's nothing worth critiquing in the idea that a lot of these women were chummy with Harvey Weinstein as long as it could further their career and had all the resources to do something to stop it happening to another girl but waited until it would benefit their career to speak out? Do you not think people are ever genuinely victims but also exploit this victimhood as a means for personal profit

No. 531456

Implying chapocel whining about metoo is doing anything but shut up women up. You posed next to Bill Cosby's Hollywood star, wow! Totally owned those bourgs, man.

Be honest, do you really think that the likes of Dasha, Anna, Amber and Aimee give two shits about working class rape victims and not just a) lamenting their inability to do what the #metoo crowd supposedly did for clout and b) thus grifting on male leftist sexual resentment that's no doubt amplified (and socially approved) towards rich women they can't access? Succs are so adorable, you guys think it's all that subtle when you preface your impotent incel rage towards women with "rich" or "neoliberal"?
The wokes already got busted for trying the same thing with "white", you gotta try something else.

I guess your incel-LARPing-as-succ thing would be a little more convincing if the absolute cuntrags you're worshiping weren't e-fellating rich men as we speak.

No. 531458

I don't know 90% of the words or references used here, idk what a succ is or about the Bill Cosby thing, I was just talking about Dasha and Anna's comments on the preformative aspect of #metoo which I think has a valid basis

No. 531463

And it's the only performance and grifting that bothers them, whereas rich men doing what they can to get ahead results in nothing but awe and cunt dripping. Incelesting!

No. 531515


t. tweaked out 34 year old hot topic pro ana whose only job is a podcast

what is anna gonna be in a decade lmfao

No. 531520

god those replies. imagine wanting to please this 'community'

No. 531526

it all makes sense once you realize that khachiyan is just a gay male version of gimpgirl555

No. 531529

But do you actually disagree that when you're old, fat and cellutitey tattoos probably aren't gonna look good..

No. 531531

I would agree, and say it's fine to dislike tattoos but Anna comes across as a pick me by saying it about women in particular.

No. 531532

Nta but being fat and cellulite-y is its own problem lol. Go to the tattoo parlor as much as you want, but going to the gym and eating well should be a given, you dumb fuck. Reeks of scrote or Anna, what’s the difference.

No. 531533

because the tweet was about women, no ones gonna end every tweet with 'men too!!!' also surely no one would deny it is a fact that society is a whole lot more critical of women's looks and ageing, so it probably wouldn't be as big a deal for men, she said it's a bad idea for women, not that it looks worse for women. Idk, the tweet comes off to me as relatively light hearted and also true. I feel like theres a lot of interesting things to genuinely criticise Anna for but a lot of the posts in this thread seem so nitpicky and emotional like people just have irrational hate boners. I get hate following celebrities but hate listening to a podcast and picking apart every benign tweet the hosts make seems on another level to me

do you have any reading comprehension? in the context of the tweet she was replying to it was referring to when you're old and cellulitey

No. 531535

NTA, and I've personally never cared for tattoos, but reading that thread almost makes me want some.

>Tattoos tend to look dirty, ultimately. That's why they work for men (rugged, tough) but don't really work for women (tarnished, used).

>And more generally why girls of today are absolutely doomed

>Most tattoos are tacky and ugly. Human skin is beautiful, and should remain unobscured.

It's literally just men crying because women are doing something to their bodies that they don't find aesthetically pleasing. Most people who get tattoos do it because they want to or they like how it looks. Telling women they shouldn't do something they like because one day they'll be old and fat is a standard that would never exist for men.

No. 531537

Exactly, these are the kind of guys Anna and Dasha pander to by being leftist tradthots. I don’t get why some people ITT are caping for them so hard, cause they really do judge literally every choice any woman makes except for them! Their twitter replyguys are literally the bottom of the barrel from both leftist twitter and like, thirsty moderate trad twitter lol, that thread was so gross.

No. 531538

I mean you're literally on a website solely born out of the desire for people to judge and criticise every choice women make

No. 531539

>And more generally why girls of today are absolutely doomed
imagine having these people in your audience, imagine wanting to have anything to do with these kind of people

No. 531549

Socialization relies a lot on plausible deniability and people being charitable to others. You're never going to see any single tweet that will spell out for you, beyond doubt, that "she is pandering to misogynists and being a cunt to other women because she is bitter about her social status", and the comments in this thread are gonna sound nitpicky because you're seeing the tweets on a case by case basis and not her persona as a whole and the feedback loop with her followers and orbiters.

This thread is about the phenomenon of pickmes pickmeing. If you're skeptical about the existence of this phenomenon, find another thread.

No. 531601

i mean, tweets like "you shouldn't feel bad for the women trump raped because they were prostitutes anyway" make it pretty obvious. if we can clock shoeonhead as a misogynistic post wall pickme based on what she says then anna is one beyond reasonable doubt tbh
it wouldn't be a bad take if there was anything about anna's fashion choices or behavior that would age well. even her incel replyguys think she comes across as a bitter old maid unable to cope with the fact that she's no longer 22 lmao

No. 531646

it's pretty obvious anna panders hard. anyone who questions this is being charitable to the point of ignorance

No. 531647

anna has dug her own grave cultivating the audience she has. some of the replies:

>It’s inadvisable for women to be over 27 years old

>Exactly. The butterfly at 20 turns into a gypsy moth at 40.

anna is an unattractive childless woman in her mid 30s. she ostensibly wants to be liked and respected for her thoughts and opinions but has decided to amass an online following of tradcon men that think women are only good for their looks and should be discarded past their mid 20s. good luck with that anna

No. 531659

Good, I'm glad she gets comments like this. Women who are this vile toward other women deserve it.

Spoiler alert: your skin is gonna look like shit when you're old and gross, regardless of if it's tattooed or not. There's really no point in making aesthetic choices in your youth based on how it will look when you're old and ugly, because you're going to be old and ugly anyway.

No. 531761

>So, I’m reading Bronze Age Mindset (statement of fact not endorsement, fellas) and in it he makes the old claim that men are better at focus and women are better at multitasking. WRONG! We women absolutely excel at concentration, when it comes to concentrating on ourselves!


a narcissist with no self-esteem

No. 531763

i mean, it's just sad. she's honestly worse than shoe.

No. 531791

>Don't flatter yourself, you're not a sociopath. Just a garden-variety millennial narcissist.
>Pinned tweet
>Anna in charge of understanding the concepts she's referencing

ask me how I know that her incomplete PhD is in useless shit

No. 531793

And all the male replies telling her that she's such a vapid and self-obsessed bitch that it must be true.

No. 531800

I can't post ss but she made a tweet saying vanity is "harmless"

No. 531803

And that she's "vain" not narcissistic lmfao.

The thot thinks sociopath and narcissist are two distinct concepts with no overlap whatsoever, I don't trust her to correctly distinguish between vanity and narcissism.

No. 531808

ironically anna (correctly) frequently makes the point that narcissists don’t necessarily have a high opinion of themselves. often they have very low self-esteem and obsess over their negative qualities. the only real criteria for being a narcissist is excessive self-fixation and a dependence on other people to affirm your self-image. anna clearly hates women and hates herself for being a woman. she can keep calling women vain, self-absorbed, & frivolous and hoping her reply guys will grant that she’s the exception. it won’t happen though.

No. 531814

Narcissists are by definition insecure. Anna is a fairly typical one due to her comical reliance on external validation about how she's totally not like the other thots.

No. 531851

Does anyone know where Aimee went? I tried finding her twitter and only found screencaps of her takes on Reddit. It appears that she often says milky shit including pro-pedo stuff, also mutually thirstposts with Anna (I remember there was a cringey exchange between them about how wet they get it when men order food for them without asking because that's very alpha kek).

No. 531911

File: 1585167414535.jpg (333.09 KB, 942x938, 20200325_221531.jpg)

Anna is so ugly it's offensive. A man in a dress.

No. 531958

File: 1585175531230.jpg (77.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

sick of seeing that retarded okie boomer slut all over my twitter timeline

No. 531961

she’s not a pickme though?

No. 531970

Different anon, but any woman who does the shit she does for scrote attention can be safely assumed as a pickme.

No. 532001

She would have been pretty attractive if it wasn't for the retarded mullet and thick ass eyebrows

No. 532011

File: 1585182751201.png (2.69 MB, 1296x1370, Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.31…)

One look at her Instagram shows that she at least is trying hard to cater to a straight male audience with her looks.

Wouldn't say that makes her a pickme like >>531970 suggests. She's treading into dangerous territory though by pandering to thirsty moids (who immediately turned on her when the found out about her boyfriend).

No. 532013


Okay anon. This is waaaaay past what even passes for “normal” interest in a cow on this board. You can’t stop talking about her and it’s even spilling onto other threads for totally unrelated cows. Tell me. Do you know her personally or something?

No. 532040

30 year old bernie boomers drooling over this under the guise of fighting for socialism

No. 532090

…literally just selfies and standard pictures any young girl would post. She's not milky at all.

No. 532092

she's a twitch streamer for betabux now lmao

No. 532095

being a twitch streamer is in itself milky?

No. 532099


>Friedan’s women, in their comfortable homes with their comfortable allowances, with all of that marvelous free time, were the biggest experiment in UBI the world has ever seen, and they were desperately, wretchedly unhappy, to the point of mental illness. Because that is what being paid off and discarded does to a person.

>A capitalist state that holds the purse strings is far less accountable to its dependents than a husband. If he annoyed me or didn’t give me enough money, I had immediate recourse due to both the value of my labor and my proximity to him.

my God how do you make 300k a year running the most influential "socialist" podcast producing takes like this

50s housewives are just neets on UBI who are just given money for doing nothing but they also control their husbands with their labor

t. amber frost, class issues understander and proletarian oppression prioritizer

No. 532105


How do you even begin to compare today with 1950s housewives who lived in isolated suburbs, no internet access, extremely limited venue of hobbies, no ability to leave the house most of the time but required to spend hours everyday maintaining extremely elaborate and fragile hairdos and layers of caked on makeup while zonked out of drugs that aren’t even legal anymore. Wtf is she trying to even say I’m honestly offended someone would be this austistic

No. 532120

Moved to >>>/snow/949693.

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