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No. 4795

Can we have a thread for discussing/recommending manga?

I recently got back into reading manga and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

Post your favorite series!

No. 4796

I'm into Pokemon Adventures (before Gold & Silver) and Shaman King.

My girlfriend read one called "Girlfriends", I think.

No. 4797

I love slice of life BL, and I have no attention span so they're all one-shot chapters or volumes.

> Otona no Manaa

> Your Story I Have Known
> Hand Which
> Shinjuku Lucky Hole
> Konbini-kun

Long psychological series:

> Monster

> xxxHolic
> Kankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru
> Pet Shop of Horrors

No. 4798

I think I have an eclectic taste in manga, I definitely prefer it over anime, anyway.

Ones I'd recommend:
20th Century Boys
>complicated on many levels
>Science fiction, thriller
Saint Young Men
>comedy, slice of life
>that one manga about Jesus and Buddha being roommates in Japan
>horror, thriller
>pretty gory but not gratuitously so
>pretty standard, unfortunately unfinished because the author was hospitalized
>Josei, juxtaposition between a punk girl and a girly girl being friends

For more standard Shojo manga:
Boys over Flowers
>basically a classic, poor girl in a rich kid's school
Red River/Anatolia Story
>modern girl in ancient Anatolia
>nerd girl slice of life
Beauty Pop
>tomboy hairdresser girl slice of life
Ore no Monogatari
>big strong dude with crush on dainty cute girl
>cute guys doing stuff

More 'mainstream':
Assassination Classroom
>students in charge of assassinating their teacher

tbh I can go on and on, so I'll stop here.

No. 4816


Yes, definitely! I've gotten back into it recently as well.

I really like gory/depressing/psychological, so here's a few recs (some are cross-genre):


Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan
>realistic yandere personality
>results of abuse

Oyasumi Punpun
>realistic romance/tragedy slice of life w main character changing form as his personality changes, starts as a bird doodle

Aku no Hana
>romance/tragedy slice of life
>mentally and emotionally unstable characters

Plant Doll(s)
>like Petshop of horrors, but with doll-girls
>good ends & bad ends


anything by Junji Ito

>more mystery than horror

Franken Fran
>comedy/horror, lots of experiments and gore

>like Saw, but with rabbit heads

Litchi Hikari Club
>boys, uniforms, gore


Ayu no Monogatari
>slice of life/tragedy
>each chapter +1 despair
>has several spinoffs

>also watch the film if you're interested in a good cry

here's a great site for horror/psych stuff. → http://spiraphobia.tumblr.com/recommendations

No. 4818

Seconding Frankenfran and Ito stuff for horror!

I'll check out the others you posted too. I just love thriller/horror manga for some reason!

No. 4841

You have great taste anon!

No. 4897

do any of you read fanfic you'd recommend?

No. 4901

i've read enough fanfiction to start a smithsonian museum on yaoi…

did you have a fandom in mind?

No. 4903

Lol I still remember reading my first yaoi fic.

Any fandom might do! Sometimes I'll start reading fanfics from fandoms I'm not familiar with, stop because I like it so much and go read the manga or watch the anime and then pick the story back up.

No. 65755

Sorry for necro'ing this thread, but I'd like some recommendations for new mangas. Preferably a gender bender josei type manga (or anime) in the vein of Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish). Shoujo mangas like W Juliet and Ouran Host High School are also welcome.

A long, long time ago, a super nice anon recommended some historical romance mangas. On the off chance t'es ici, please re-recommend them, merci <3 <3 <3

No. 65807

Pic related is my waifu.

No. 65821

Thanks for bringing this thread back from the great beyond.

Unfortunately, I have no suggestions for you, but I look forward to seeing if anyone has recs for you since it appears we have similar tastes.

These look interesting–thanks for mentioning them!

I find it interesting that someone would ask for recs for any type of fic–beyond fandoms, there are so many genres… we could've recommended heartwarming stories about childhood friends falling in love or super fucked up revenge rape torture stories… does anon really not have any type of preference?

No. 65827

just finished molester man
It was cute

No. 65874

Ressentiment is a good one.

No. 65903

Any Jojofags? How are you guys liking part 8 so far?

No. 65907

I'm a robot so I'm not too sure If I can post in this thread or if its just sticking to the board itself.

Before I make my suggestions I'll say what I like and dislike, I usually enjoy things that are Seinen with good art, I don't really enjoy the other types of stuff like moe/sol/harems/school settings unless there's a unique twist, that all being said there are a couple popcorn manga I'm a sucker for.

Okay so my suggestions are.

>Alive the Final Evolution

Think of something a little akin to the tv show heroes, tragedy strikes and several people are given powers that change themselves and their personalities, this fellows a kid given powers but is somehow able to not be driven by them, art is decent enough and the story is nice as well if not a bit out there.

>those converse shoes


Actually decent enough art and a nice gradual increase in stakes as the story moves on, simple summary is people that die and revived and take part in a alien/monster hunting game to finally win enough points and escape. very good story besides the ending.

>If you grow attached to characters this may not be for you sad but cool times ahead


Basically a very slow burning zombie manga, it's not like highschool of the dead, it has very good art and great characters. I guess its slowly about how a failed manga artist with no drive in life takes back some control, bonus points it has the use of imageboard posts throughout discussing the downfall of society.

>also qt girl gets infected sees weird shit becomes super strong

>Onari master kurosawa

honestly stick with it, I guess you have to be a certain type of loser but this can strike a chord with you at times and quite feelsy, character growth is very well done and the story a bit silly helps it along.

>bully blonde girl is best girl

>Dungeon Meshi

comfy as fuck, take a manga based in a dungeon and add cooking to it, nice art for food how to make monster meals and a little bit funny at times, comfy.

>makes me hungry


29 yr old losers hits his first of three moteki moments and decides to grasp at it before it disappears, basic character trying to better himself and score a gf, nice art and relateable characters

>ultra heaven

hard to explain, surreal art and nice scifi future setting, swap out drinking bars for psychic drugs and replace everything with VR, worth a look.

can't be assed to type more junk like berserk is amazing art and story, basically a medieval story that slowly turns low fantasy and grimdark

>griffith did nothing wrong

popcorn manga the two KamisamaNoIutoori

try not to get attached to the characters

I can rec some anime and films too if needed or any interest , junk like ghibli or mindgame for example

No. 65914

I fucking love Gantz. It legit made me cry a time or two, but I'm an easy crier. Has it been finished? I took a break from reading it about a year ago.

No. 65919

its all done fam

No. 65932

Thanks, anon–you're the best! I thought I'd be overjoyed to read that, but it's so good I'm a bit bummed it's over. Looking forward to finishing it up after reading it all over again!

No. 65955

File: 1454579794595.png (310.82 KB, 617x581, 6464564.png)

I just started reading JoJo after binge-watching the anime last week. Not up to part 8 yet, but Jesus Christ, this shit is so good.

No. 66013

I used to be very into JJBA but I've taken a break. I just prefer to read the series in large sittings instead of a single chapter every month, especially because of the fights being multi-chapter.

I'm not the other anon but I've read some historical manga.


Rose of Versailles, Red River, From Eroica With Love, Emma
Poe no Ichizoku, Kaze to Ki no Uta, Heart of Thomas, Orpheus no Mado

>not really romance-y but very history

Innocent (love this one, it's like a super OTT seinen version of RoV!), Vinland Saga, Historie, Wolfsmund, Kingdom, Hishintan, Innocents Shounen Juujigun, Shoukoku no Altair, Souin Gyokusai seyo!/Onwards to Our Noble Deaths

No. 66069

same anon again

I forgot to add this, I use a site called mangasee for reading my manga its similar to mangafox but it allows you to view one chapter at a time rather than a single page, the only problem is that it may not have some mangas.

also another manga called


Maybe it's the shota inside of me but I really enjoyed this as well, the art is very beautiful and the story isn't too outlandish, mostly just a older woman meeting her husband to be and finding out hes younger than her.

the art is worth a look at the very least

remember to use mangasee


No. 66074


Use this place if you're looking for recommendations.

No. 66079

File: 1454610577650.png (574.94 KB, 844x1225, 015.png)

If you like Gantz you should try Oku's newest series Inuyashiki. pic related
It's still ongoing but I really like it, more so than Gantz tbh.

We have similar tastes so you'd probably like it too, if you haven't read it already. The main antagonist fucks with people on image boards in a couple scenes lol.

No. 66122

I've heard of it but never checked it out, its the old man turned into a mecha.

I'll give it a go cow/anon

No. 66159

File: 1454630630837.jpg (32.88 KB, 558x480, 1442614615408.jpg)

No. 66166

I'm loving this anon feels comfy.

>tfw no tall tomboy gf

reminds me a little of girls of the wild or tasogare otome which I found super cute as well.

just got up to 50, its really good but gah waiting is gonna kill me

No. 66170

File: 1454634358797.png (257.49 KB, 600x1000, 1449845060917.png)


Yeah, I've been holding it off for a while but caught up today. Feels are too strong man ;_;

No. 66175

File: 1454635301114.png (809.26 KB, 835x632, Dead_Tube.png)

Hey guys! >>4816 here, happy to see this thread gaining more posts. I've been trying out lots of different manga, here's some I can suggest from the horror genre.

Lighter Stuff (little to no violence; focus on characters' relationships):

Online: The Comic (ongoing)
>female-oriented; josei/shoujo
>qt boys helping MC in a real survival horror PSP game
>heroine suffers from some amnesia

Gakkou Gurashi! (ongoing)
>survival; slice of life
>qt girls having qt friendships but also enduring mind-shattering moments and psychological suffering

Darker (prominent violence, gore):

Dead Tube (ongoing)
>corrupted niconico douga-like website hosts competitions for vids with the most views
>naturally leads to some really fucked up compositions

Dolls Fall (ongoing)
>qt orphan girls being rekt by supernatural beings and the 'matrons' of the academy
>made by the same author as Corpse Party

Harem End (completed; short)
>group of actresses play harem archetypes (loli, tsundere, ojousama, etc)
>they respond to women's requests to punish specific male targets

Fukushuu Kyoushitsu (ongoing)
>bullied girl takes revenge on every single one of her classmates

I guess that's all I'll list for now. I'll check out some of the suggestions in this thread too!

Side note: does anyone have an anime-planet account or hummingbird or something? While I like this thread, I wonder if there's a better way to swap and track others' recommendations and reading lists. I'm always hungry for new manga. I probably scan for new ones at least once a day.

No. 66194

Psychological suffering sounds fun.

I'm curious about those sites you mentioned for sharing recs, but I really treasure the anonymity of posting to lolcow.

No. 66196

File: 1454637251639.png (290.17 KB, 500x495, 1449853005112.png)

No. 66243


No problem! Here's my anime-planet for anyone who has one, and/or would like to track shit I'm doing (kudos to you, lol.)


I made a MyAnimeList before, but couldn't keep up with it…maybe I'll make another sometime.

No. 66467

No. 66479

File: 1454717415516.png (80.62 KB, 356x402, 1336241096660.png)

Thanks for the detailed recommendations. I just picked up Online: The Comic, Dead Tube, Harem End, and Fukushuu Kyoushitsu.

I use MyAnimeList to keep track of the manga I read. I don't know if Anime-Planet is used more often than MAL for manga, but MAL is popular enough and most people seem to have one.

Side question: Does anyone else go the extra mile to make reading manga extra special? I either put on suiting music or put the kettle on for tea. I like when the mood is set.

No. 66480


I always listen fitting music like you and have snacks ready.

No. 66481

I devour manga as I consume other media: quickly and throughly. I consume and am consumed in the process. There's no need to set the mood since there will be nothing outside of the story and art until I am distracted externally and regain myself.

No. 66486

File: 1454719318600.png (863.78 KB, 1420x787, Capture.PNG)

She is too fucking cute.

No. 333953

I'd recommend reading

Shuzo Oshimi - Happiness, Flowers of Evil
Sui Ishida - Tokyo Ghoul
Junji Ito - Black Paradox
Kuraishi, Yuu - Apocalypse no toride
Masaya Hokazono - Freak Island (Very gory)
Saku Nonomura - Otonari Complex

I tried to get into inio asano work, can't find myself enjoying, it had to put down goodnight punpun since it made me very depressed.

No. 335582

Recommending Beauty Pop because it's the first I've ever read and is pretty underrated

No. 335673

>Sui Ishida - Tokyo Ghoul

Is the manga better than the anime?
I thought the first season started very strong, but as it went on it got harder for me to keep up with the characters, ignore the plot holes, and tire through fight scenes that I thought went on for way too long.
It felt very tasking.

No. 335693

File: 1544204596937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.46 KB, 1200x854, golden-kamui-8921275.jpg)

golden kamui is bestmango

No. 335695

The manga is so much better than the anime. The only good thing about the anime is the opening theme song.

No. 335703

YMMV I dropped it for the same reason anon >>335673 dropped the anime.
I found Happiness by Oshimi Shuzu straight after and it was everything I wanted Tokyo Ghoul to be except for the bullshit timeskip so keep in mind I am not a fan of shonen bs

No. 335774

Have you noticed how much delicious fanservice in this series there is?
The sea otter soup anime episode aired last week and I was so giddy lmao.
The mangaka draws such perfect, muscular, hunky men. Complete with all the scaring and unique characteristics to each character.
Ugh I love Sugimoto.
(The plot and the Ainu culture are also fantastic of course, but I can't help but notice the comedic fanservice bits).

No. 335784

File: 1544213609472.jpeg (110.58 KB, 640x901, DFD848A8-24D6-4E20-AC6B-D9DD3D…)

For the most part if a manga was adapted into an anime, the original manga will be better. There are some exceptions but a lot of recent anime have pacing and animation issues.

My two favorite manga series, Dorohedoro and 7seeds, are getting anime and I am worried about the quality of the shows. 7seeds in particular has a really bad studio on it so people on 2ch were already making jokes about it, like saying “oh with gonzo, it’s dead on arrival” and “haha good luck gonzo”

No. 335788

>the lighting on the characters
hoo boy sorry anon, it's going to suck. they can't even make a nice poster.

No. 335794

I’m really sad about it because the series is huge, something like 35 or 36 volumes. Not only is it going to look bad but I doubt they can fit the entire story into an anime unless it’s 30+ episodes. It’s a total monkey paw.

No. 335800

File: 1544216452025.jpg (134.28 KB, 860x1236, c58cd436eca32ff0d9bfc73b7cbc40…)

It's better, at least the first part. If cute boys suffering is your thing you'll love it.

No. 335807

File: 1544217257972.jpg (100.94 KB, 497x418, tumblr_mohsy7S2HH1qf36jfo1_500…)

I read about the 7seeds anime announcement on twitter, but that's what it's going to look like? I'm disappointed.

But between that, Dorohedoro and Fruits Basket, it's nice to see older manga getting anime adaptations. I really want more shojo manga to have reboots like Fruits Basket will, because I was sick of seeing things like Otomen or Switch Girls getting a drama adaptation, or things like Peach Girl or Lovely Complex getting half-assed anime that weren't adapting the entire manga just like Fruits Basket. I also wish Gunnm could get a new anime instead of the shitty movie where Gally looks like a humanoid bug.

No. 336932

Fruits basket reboot will be great now that the material is all ready. They should really go back and redo all the animes that got a crappy anime-original ending once the source is complete. There's quite a few of them.

No. 336941

Yes, definitely. I was more thinking about shojo manga because they were less likely to have full adaptations, but I really want an Eyeshield 21 anime that doesn't suck ass. The only good thing about it was the voice actors, they should redo everything and keep the voice actors.

No. 336945

File: 1544385657388.png (527.88 KB, 1590x1200, 1515884495404.png)

trail of blood from shunzo oshimi is gripping and perfect for farmers who are into psycopathic familial relationships. i wish i had it all right now to read!

the way the expressions and drawing styles change precisely is so awesome to look at..

No. 336948

Shoujo manga are sometimes adapted into live action instead of anime.

Too bad about Cat Street, I really want to see an anime for that but it got a live action drama instead.

No. 336982

File: 1544389375608.jpg (33.41 KB, 640x640, 2021f05d9d6dea5aa8820c3d230d67…)

nooo why does this look so shitty when the manga is awesome..

No. 336989

she looks like lola tyrell lmfao

No. 337004

Kek she wishes

No. 337343

Wait, IS THIS 7 SEEDS???? noooooooooooo

No. 337346

File: 1544439907604.jpg (1.86 MB, 1439x2000, Screenshot_20181210-135012_Man…)

My absolute favorite is the Bride's Story

Genre:comedy, romance, Seinen, slice of life, drama, history

The story has more than one protagonist and Brides. The main bride of the manga is Amir and we start with her story. They all generally take place in Central Asia in the 19th.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of this manga and the attention to details and the brilliant designs. Reminds me of my past and my culture (we share similar cultures after all) and the setting feels so nostalgic to my childhood. The story and relationships are so captivating and made me root for all of them. It is a heartwarming manga and I would definitely recommend it to: history enthusiasts, romance lovers, and those who enjoy the fine arts and a good story as well.

No. 338253

File: 1544584459720.jpg (24.11 KB, 247x350, i216777.jpg)

Anyone liked Otome Youkai Zakuro?

> It's the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calendar has just come into effect. The fox-eared girls living in the youkai part of town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers, to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro's strong personality collides with human sensibilities?

Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Seinen Supernatural

No. 338257

I followed the anime when it was airing and it was so fucking good. Probably one of my favourite, and the Hoshino Lily character design and art makes it perfect. I never got far in the manga though, is it finished?

No. 338267

It's been on hiatus for years unfortunately but what's there is great.

No. 338270

yes! i loved this anime!!! it was like a good version of inuyasha. i especially loved susukihotaru and riken's ED theme their seiyuu sang.

No. 338362

Yes! I loved this, it was so cute.

No. 339493

File: 1544838359114.jpg (1.97 MB, 1437x2048, SmartSelect_20181215-043824_Ma…)

My dear anons, I was reading this manga called The Blue Eyes Of Horus and I just fell in love with the captivating story. Unfortunately, only 12 chapters are translated and I feel like dying because I want to read more.

So I'm asking for recommendations of a similar manga: historical drama with a female lead, set in anywhere in the world except for Japan and Korea (already had enough ) full of drama and suspense (doesn't have to include romance, just want something exciting)

I have already read most of the popular historical manga, I just want something new like this one.

No. 339584

Anatolia Story comes to mind right away. But it's such a classic that I think you probably read it already.

Scarlet Palace is about China.

Otoyomegatari >>337346 and Emma are both really good historical shoujos but they're not action packed. They might also be too socially aware and not exactly a light wish-fulfillment read.

Have you read Claymore? It's a fantasy shounen but I still like it.

No. 339585

Seinens written by female mangakas are really good stuff.

No. 339609

Thank you for this. I stayed up late reading it. I hope translations will pick up again.

No. 339677

I haven't read Scarlet Palace so I will definitely check it out!

No problem, I really hope so. It hasn't been updated for 3 months

No. 339788

I would recommend Orpheus no Mado by Riyoko Ikeda - it's set in early 20th century Germany and revolutionary Russia - but scanlations are slow as fuck.

Savage Garden by Hyeon-Sook Lee in 19th century England is okay too.

Madame Petit is really nice, has a bit of a retro vibe to it. Main heroine is Japanese, but it's set in 1920s Europe.

If you're okay with Chinese stories too, I would recommend Chang Ge Xing, which is abslutely great, but it's been on hiatus for some time now because of some beef between the author and publisher.

No. 339822

Love the art on this one

No. 339825

Whoops I meant Chang Ge Xing

No. 340581

File: 1545011371615.jpg (276.07 KB, 900x1280, 18.jpg)

I wish I could talk to my friends about Yankee Boy and Otaku Girl without them giving me the side eyes lol. I swear it's really fucking hilarious and doesn't have an actual pedophilia. The little boy's crush on the lady is so adorable and funny. Hopefully the author isn't one of those fucked up mangakas that try to write a romance with a literal child (I shudder everytime I remember Usagi Drops)

Thank you for the recommendations anon, I read Madame Petit for the past 2 days and really enjoyed it. Reminded me of Waltz Wa Shiroi Dress De, but I liked the characters in Madame Petit better.

No. 340584

This looks super cute! Thanks for the rec, anon!!

No. 340588

File: 1545011922047.jpg (909.25 KB, 1442x2048, 10.jpg)

I love that manga, it's so funny, but I'm not optimistic about the ending. Too many shotacon jokes, and an actually adult man shotcon character, for me to believe the author won't go with pedo ending.

On a similar manga, I've been reading Watashi no Shounen and while so far it's great, with good characters, the adult woman actually acting like a grown up about the boy crush on her, I'm super worried it WILL end up the Usagi Drop way. Like damn, even if they became a couple only after he turns 18 it's just creepy to have parental figures turning into romance/unintentional grooming.

Let's hope for the best anon.

No. 340602

>Too many shotacon jokes, and an actually adult man shotcon character.

This is why I don't bring this manga up everytime we talk about manga and what we read recently.

No. 340912

File: 1545137497641.jpg (77.13 KB, 317x475, 33383419.jpg)

Can anyone recommend some top tier Josei? I'm kind of graduating from shoujo tropes but they'll always have a speshul place in my heart.

Right now I'm reading They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter. It's pretty good so far and makes you wonder wtf is happening and wtf is going to happen. The story isn't typical which is such a breath of fresh air.

No. 340976

File: 1545149164492.jpg (79.17 KB, 600x860, 127906_2457940.jpg)


Haru No Noroi is a really good josei manga and pretty short,too.

The main character is dating her dead younger sister's fiance to try to sort out her unrequited love she had for her sister.

Really heavy psychological plot without being too dramatic imo.

Also Cheese in the Trap is totally different from any josei I've read.
It's realistic and relatable and even has suspense/thriller themes when the mc has to outsmart a persistent and unstable stalker

No. 340998

Wow cheese in the trap is a bit boring innit

No. 341009

agreed, it's incredibly slow-paced and almost too realistic. all her mundane af uni problems are tiring me so fucking much like it's enough I have to live it, why on Earth would someone read about it for fun? Still, I won't drop it lel

No. 341015

op said it was relateable but as an amerifag, i cant relate to rich people in college lmao

No. 341027


It gets more interesting in the second and third seasons with the stalker,break-ins,obsessive copy-cat and putting together the pieces of the story like Jung's,Inho's and Inha's past

No. 341047

File: 1545165605592.jpg (15.07 KB, 225x319, xg.milWod-f.jpg)


Alright this is gonna take a while, please be patient with me (sorry if there are so many spelling mistakes too)

1- "Shall We Have Dinner Tonight"
I know, it's a webtoon not a manga, but you seriously have to give it a try if you love Josei, food, and romance! It's about two strangers with many past broken relationships, bonding over food. They talk about their past relationships, how they ended, and what aspects of their personality that affected their relationships negatively.
I honestly don't read Josei a lot because it bores me, but this one made me so engaged with the story and the relationship developments of the 2 main characters.

2- "Mizutama Puzzle"
Short and sweet romantic story of an older female and younger male. The male works at a restuarant and faces so much pressure from his boss. Same with the female who is an office lady that always gets yelled at by her boss. They always see each other at the train but never talk, well, untill something happens.
I really like this story because of how short and straight forward it is. Great for a light read and when you need your fix of romance.

3-"Evyione: Ocean Fantasy"
This is shoujo not a josei, but I thought it reminded of so many josei manga I read in the past. A merman (who is the king of some land in the sea) falls in love with a human princess. Instead of bringing the princess down to live with him in the sea kingdom as a corpse, he goes to the human world giving up his form and powers. In exchange, he becomes mute and cannot talk to any human. It is a retale of the "Little Mermaid" but much darker, and with gender swap. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is sensitive to sexual topics such as rape and the like. This is not a light story at all, but I love the element of the fairy tale in it.

4- "Her Shim-Cheong"
Yeah this is a yuri josei, and while I don't read yuri at all, this one caught my attention. It's a story about a begger and the wife of a powerful minister, and the relationship they both have.
This story grabbed my attention for the inside politics of old Korea. I like plots centered around politics and who takes the power in the royal palace. Also the relationship between the girls is kinda intriguing. I think even if you are not a lesbian or yuri lover, you would still enjoy the story.

5- "Gokusen"
I left this for last because I honestly don't remember anything from it? I have read it years ago but I remember liking it (maybe). I know that this a cult classic, so I thought I would put it here, just in case you might like it.

No. 341141

Is it ok to just list the top classics that everyone loves?

These are all so famous and well known in the manga community but in case you're new, here we go:

7 Seeds
Kakukaku Shikajika
Ashita no Ou-sama
Hyakki Yakoushou
Nodame Cantabile
Chihaya Furu
Kimi wa Pet
Bokura no Kiseki
Paradise Kiss
Honey & Clover

Paradise Kiss is my personal favorite among these. 7 seeds was also mentioned earlier in the thread.

No. 341151

>new to manga
>on an imageboard
Cmon anon……these are just too obvious.

No. 341187

New to josei since she specifically said she was just graduating from shoujo. She also said "top tier" instead of "underrated" or "not well known".

I mean these are probably too obvious but you never know!

No. 341213

File: 1545196261808.jpg (90.46 KB, 436x436, fefc8345b6c896419cc33f9c8f84c5…)

I just got into Killing Stalking, a Korean manga (Manhwa). It's about this guy who is obsessed with a seemingly all-around perfect good looking guy, and he decides to break into his house one day. To the stalker's dismay, he founds out his crush is a serial killer and is kidnapped by his crush. The story follows what happens during throughout their dynamic and the stalker develops Stockholm syndrome.

At first I was so engaged with the comic because of its smart use of psychological themes, but then I got a bit disappointed with how it became a bit too much of Yaoi fulfillment. But maybe I'm interpreting the sex scenes wrong. If any anons have read this, would love to know what you guys think or if you guys have any other recommendations (this was my introduction to BL/Yaoi/horror thriller and I really like it so far).

No. 341228

it's been discussed in the overrated fiction thread. I remember it completely went to shit around… I think chapter 20 something? I hated all the female death too, it was gross.

No. 341285

yeah I kind of just read it as smut now, so I guess it has that going for it.

to give it some credit, the woman hating in the comic is intentional from the mommy issues and what not

No. 341312

Legit thought this was an Attack on Titan fanart, but with the characters aged weird.

No. 341320

infantilized levi and sleep deprived jean

No. 341326

That's what I thought ks was before I actually bothered to look it up. I had no idea what snk was about either so I assumed this was like a part of it.

No. 341342

i wouldnt be surprised if this was originally intended to be a fanfic, like how 50 shades of gray was originally a Twilight fanfic kek

No. 341435

>Kakukaku Shikajika
I downloaded this one a couple days ago and love it. It’s made me tear up a few times already and I’m only two volumes in.

No. 341725

File: 1545291202996.jpg (113.57 KB, 1111x615, IMG_20181220_102652.jpg)

Sorry for blogpost but I need to vent a bit.

I'm really starting to dislike the webtoon "I Love Yoo", I had such high hopes for it when it first started. I liked the female main character for being an "unconventional" protagonist. However, after 88 chapters, there's 0 character development, no relationships development or some sort of romance (seriously why is this labeled as romance???) It feels like a self insert harem fest at this point.

I hate how the author completely forgets ALL the other female characters too, and only show them as a plot device to serve in building Shin-Ae's bland character. I also don't get how every guy in this comic wants to fuck the main female character so baaad when she doesn't have: a character to begin with, the looks, intelligence at least??? Money? Power? Anything?
We are not given any reason as to why every handsome rich guy want to be with and around her. There's no chemistry between the characters at all for me to ship them at least.

God!! I'm genuinely frustrated because I really liked the story and the art at the beginning. Seeing it go down the harem hell makes me sad for the lost potentials.

No. 341913

do you seriously think this is going to upset people or is this just a meltdown

No. 341946

Good artists are not often good writers. They're two different skills that have nothing to do with each other. Too bad, there should really be more collaboration.

That's why the best mangas are often adaptations.

No. 341960

File: 1545334664306.jpg (218.53 KB, 844x1200, 14.jpg)

I only discovered this today but it's weirdly enough funny despite the gangster gap moe gag

No. 341970

I like it too. Especially when it was his wife's birthday.

No. 341978

Could someone help me remember/identify this manga I was reading? I want to finish it so badly but it’s been years and I can’t remember the name.

It was ongoing at the time (maybe 2-3 years ago) and had something about dolls in the name (or something similar). It was about these girls that go to either this boarding school or live in an orphanage. The headmaster lady tells them to never leave their room at night past a certain hour, and when they do their bodies are found horribly mutilated. Something like this.

No. 341981

Dolls Fall? It fits the description but already ended at like 24 chapters

No. 342018

what manga is this?

No. 342019

No. 342021

File: 1545341338498.jpg (342.3 KB, 844x1200, 27.jpg)

Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband

No. 342142

I really liked Haru No Noroi, so thank you for the rec! It reminded me of some of Banana Yoshimoto's short stories, in case you're interested in stories with a similar vibe.

Are there any more manga like this, with that kind of psychological, sincere feeling? I feel like most times someone suggests a psychological, death-related manga, it's usually macabre, but I liked the atmosphere of this one - it's really "genuine," idk another way to put it, with an optimistic ending, I'd say. It's down-to-earth, I guess.

On another note, are there more manga with doting, lovey-dovey guys? I was looking at shoujo but I realized I feel too old for most of its tropes now, and most of the guys are jerks or just aloof…

No. 372871

File: 1550062346112.jpg (27.07 KB, 246x350, i265577.jpg)

Anyone read Sensei no Shiroi Uso


I like the drama but get a strong femcel vibe from it.

> Popular women are slutty manipulators

> Popular men are rapists
> Popular women have bad sex lives because their husbands secretly desire other women

No. 372884

Just read the last three tl chapters out of curiosity and it seems pretty cool actually
>rapist has pregnant wife
>decides to kill himself because rapist scum
>mother of his child stops his suicide attempt and orders him to stay alive and take responsibility for being a fucker
>turns himself for being a rapist after calling a taxi for the in-labor mother of his child
I have no idea how this development came to be but the ex-popular-girl wife seems like a badass mother and it looks like justice will be served so I'm not so sure it's a female incel story.

No. 372895

Why would you read the last 3 chapters… I was still on chapter 10 ugh. I had to revert my eyes immediately due to spoilers.

No. 372896

I don't believe in spoilers as I enjoy seeing how the plot develops more then if there's any plot twist.

No. 372901

That's great anon, I'm happy for you, but my enjoyment comes from immersing myself into a fresh experience.

No. 372937

I read it but I really hate this manga.
>rape guy goes drinking
>goes and follows a girl into the bathroom
>other people only say "haha good ol rape guy, just can't help raping those virgins" and do nothing
>rapes girl
>girl is now in love with him
I hate every single one of the characters in that manga.

No. 372946

Reminds me of that rape hentai everyone was posting here a couple of weeks ago. Shit's gross

No. 373083

The other people didn't know he was a rapist.

Did you read just up to there or beyond? Reviews say it gets better but…

Also forgot to mention fat girl gets bf stolen by stacey.

No. 373094

File: 1550088517539.jpg (329.7 KB, 1120x1600, 13.jpg)

>The other people didn't know he was a rapist.
Didn't they though? I thought this page implied they knew what was going on, plus his friend should have known he was married.
I still read it, am up to date with all the chapters and it is still pretty terrible.

No. 373103

This is gross af

No. 373119

author married Inio Asano, bet they are a fun couple to hang out with

Glad I didn't read it, I was kinda curious but I haven't had good experiences with Inio Asano langa so when I found out this manga was made by his wife I skipped it

No. 373131

File: 1550092623435.png (2.54 MB, 1762x2466, Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 4.14…)

His male friend was confused about how he got her, he didn't know he assaulted her.

> I still read it, am up to date with all the chapters and it is still pretty terrible.

Aww OK, I'm going to lower my expectations then as I continue.

No. 373251

i have had a few people (a lot were feminists in my social circles, as i am involved with some radfem groups being one myself) tell me they don't like punpun/have issues with the manga. i have only read the first volume, so no spoilers please, but is asano's work particularily misogynistic? it seemed to be at some points in vol. 1 (porn, hating his mother) but i was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. i had a fakeboi acquaintance irl recommend it to me, lol. i find it interesting so far but i'm just hoping it's not gonna disappoint me.

No. 373259

I enjoyed it and Solanin (his other work). I've only read 3 volumes of Punpun though. From what I've seen I feel like those negative parts are cast in a bad light and not celebrated. There's some creepy predatory stuff, but it was portrayed in a way which was neutral or negative. The way I interpret those bad parts is that everyone is kinda fucked up in their own way and they're messing each other up too. I'd say keep giving it a shot.

No. 373260

Asano himself said in an interview that he made Punpun only to create shock and to be as edgy as possible.
I'd say it can be very interesting artistically and has some fun plots, it's low key misogynistic even though the female mangaka character is pretty cool from what I remember, but then again I read it when I was an edgy teen.
For his works I think his latest is actually the most interesting: Dead Demons Destruction
It's a sol/syfy where he actually draws the darn backgrounds for once instead of using filtered photos and most of the characters are female.

No. 373262

File: 1550106466138.png (45.26 KB, 242x318, 2ulzKK1qe9d48o1_250.png)

Interested what other anons have to say about this, my memory of Punpun is fuzzy but I remember there is some physical/sexual abuse towards female characters.
I like Solanin better, it's more palatable than Punpun imo
Punpun is only more fun because of the imagery but it's a rough read.

No. 373263

There are depictions of violence against women and most male characters have some awful dealings with female characters. Although I think it is obvious these men are meant to be shitty regardless (and so are many of the women).
As for Asano, there is one of his works (Umibe no Onnanoko) that features excessive scenes of young teens having sex. Take that as you will.

Still personally love Punpun and some of his other manga though.

No. 373279

>Asano himself said in an interview that he made Punpun only to create shock and to be as edgy as possible.

Not that anon but I had no idea!
I looked up another interview and Asano also mentions that Punpun is supposed to be a dirtbag:
Punpun is too serious, therefore has a hard time communicating. He is also awkward and kind of annoying."Goodnight Punpun" is about Punpun meeting various people through the series and how he starts to understand his “true self.” Punpun is his own individual, so there is no need for the reader to always agree with or understand Punpun's thoughts and actions. I myself do not believe Punpun is a “good person” as typically defined by society, but by creating a main character that, from an entertainment standpoint, would never be cast as a main character, I wanted to show readers that people like him exist.

No. 373488

OK read a bit more, up to chapter 33 now. Thanks for not spoiling me. Apparently the female acquaintance knew. I'm so confused, is the girl there Ayaka? Her best friend just let her get raped?

Reading the other posts about PunPun this definitely sounds like something written by someone that would be his wife. It's a similar edgy wackiness. (though I only read about 10 chapters of punpun before dropping it out of boredom though I really liked Solain) The characters aren't convincing, they all have some sort of extreme drama / mental issue. The self insert main character is a pedo. Why?

However the pacing is really fast and things happen quickly and it's engaging. It's entertaining for that reason though it's as you said, all the characters are written in the most edgy way possible and I hate them all.

No. 373491

I'm trying to figure out how much of the characters strange decisions is the mangaka being edgy vs a cultural difference. I'm sure it's mostly the former but wondering if it's 70% vs 90%.

No. 373543

I am a radfem and I dropped it without finishing because of how ridiculous and unrealistic it was becoming with its portayal of women. It's supposed to be edgy and shocking and all, but the shittiness commited by women is augmented by like 500% compared to real life while men are at 0-50%. I don't have a problem with lack of realism if that's what the piece is about, but the way most women act in punpun doesn't make sense even within the manga itself when you compare it to the men.

No. 373725

eden it's an endless world

No. 374265

Finished c48 latest scans.

I can finally look at this. While she did look cool at the moment she still stood by the rapist, the whole thing is more convoluted than that.

The drama got so tiresome at the end. The men have way too high EQ. I've never seen men that introspective and aware of people's feelings. The femcel feel stopped midway but then restarted after the pedo arc with the student, especially with misakana. It really feels like a revenge on the popular kids type of story.

That being said it was still an enjoyable soap and I half heartedly recommend it.

No. 374273

File: 1550269283153.jpeg (11.65 KB, 188x267, fuckingmiddleschoolers.jpeg)

I rec Otto no chimpo ga hairanai.
As the title says the protagonist is unable to get penetrated by her bf because of some sexual trauma she had earlier in her life. It's a josei with explicit sex scenes but they are all in good taste so far and it has a very interesting indie vibe.

No. 374279

I love this manga and I love u anon for mentioning it

No. 374338

does anyone know of any managa about like, yankee type guys seducing/falling for good girls? sorta like MARS? maybe more smutty though- I love the delinquent boys who become all romantic and in love with the good, 'pure' girls.

No. 374344

Ahh seconding this request!

No. 374346

Is Azumi any good? It's been on my radar for a while but was put off by the length.

No. 374388

kinda what y'all are looking for- not the best but only one that came to mind http://www.mangahere.cc/manga/heart/

No. 374430

Can anyone recommend anything without romance? I'm kinda fed up with it irl and could use a distraction.
I'm open to any other genres. Maybe not smut tho.

No. 374433

File: 1550296886300.png (136.66 KB, 862x1236, 1463827845718.png)

I've been really craving to read something like Mizukami's manga. Really loved Sengoku Youko after the protagonist swap. I like the simple but still unique stories and characters.

No. 374451

File: 1550306727845.jpg (191.96 KB, 1024x575, 947c0317f9f8a8f3560631a01e1e35…)

Just started reading Somali to Mori no Kamisama and:
>World full of non-humans, where nearly all humans got hunted down
>A child gets found by a golem
>Decides to go search for child's parents
>Golem is at the end of it's life, having 1-2years left to live
Pretty good world concept and background drawings. Currently at the end of Vol.1, but will keep reading for sure.

No. 374567

No. 374597

Shit anon I didn't expect so many, thanks a lot!

No. 374856

Any recommendations for manga that's like Phantom of the Opera? I read one a looong time ago and have no idea where to refind it, but was wondering if anyone knew of similar ones!

No. 375161

Thoughts on Bokura no Kiseki ?

No. 375451

Thank you, anon! I will check it out

No. 378197

File: 1550931278884.jpg (35.18 KB, 350x525, 91bcwx4rxph21.jpg)

Korean webtoons are basically manga too right?

I just finished Que Sera: https://mangakakalot.com/manga/que_sera_sera

> Single-motherhood, 30s characters, romance, drama.

While reading it it felt really generic but after finishing it I'm hit by the usual sadness of having to leave these fictional people. Really liked it.

No. 378858

Thanks for recommending this anon, I really liked it. The ending was was really sweet.

No. 378860

File: 1551055410514.jpg (260.98 KB, 1120x782, Brides-Story-2-3.jpg)

Since I didn't meant to bump the thread without content I want to ask: did anyone else have issues with Otoyomegatari (Bride's Story)?

It seemed so intriguing at first and as a whole it s better than not but Amir and Karluk are so boring. The start is pretty slow and I read it mostly for the educational content, its interesting to see a culture so rarely depicted get some spotlight. Every other bride throughout the story (like Pariya or the twins) is interesting but Amir and Karluk drag the story down.

No. 378940

Thanks for reminding me that this manga exists. I'm like a dozen chapters behind but i agree that the main couple is the least exciting one.

I don't remember then as boring though, it's just that their story seemed like a bit more complex than the other couples. It was less about the plot twists and bubbly feelings and more about their personal journey and self growth and stuff. Especially for the boy.

I really like this author.

No. 378948

Began reading it a while ago, yeah the pacing is weird at times. The beautiful detailed art makes up for the slowness, though.

No. 378994

If I had to detail why I didn't like Amir and Karluk as much it mainly comes down to Amir. She doesn't really have any flaws. In the context of her environment she might be a bit odd but to the modern day reader all of her oddities are positive attributes. And one of the more salient points of conflict, the age gap between her and Karluk ends up amounting to nothing when she ends up falling for him romantically. Karluk definitely develops and is forced to grow up and that is interesting but the reasoning for their odd arrangement is never really explained and Amir never really seems to have a problem with it outside of a few failed attempts to seduce him.

Not to say I dislike it, but Amir and Karluk just aren't my favorites compared to the other Brides.

No. 379200

File: 1551116946962.jpg (668.19 KB, 813x1200, onoda.jpg)

I started re-reading Yowamushi Pedal recently and I still love this series. I've only read a bit past the end of the first interhigh and I hate that it kind of degrades into shounen battle scribbles but the first 27 volumes are a great standalone sports story.

One thing I also really like about it is that the protag is very shy and awkward but all the characters are friendly to him, even the villains. I wasn't sure if it was a self insertion thing but the mangaka originally made the MC a girl and I'm guessing carried the personality over when the editor told him it had to be a boy MC

To me a lot of his manga have the same buildup and execution, so I became kind of disinterested after reading a few. I read his interview after Punpun and it felt like he was admitting that he was tired of writing the same stories over and over, too. Haven't read Dedede but at least it sounds different.

Also some of his stories are pretty gross with how kids are treated by adults and family figures.

No. 380137

Moved to >>>/m/3745.

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