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File: 1430106480186.jpg (233.09 KB, 568x452, 715009211.jpg)

No. 3745

Can we have a thread for discussing/recommending manga?

I recently got back into reading manga and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

Post your favorite series!

No. 3746

I'm into Pokemon Adventures (before Gold & Silver) and Shaman King.

My girlfriend read one called "Girlfriends", I think.

No. 3747

I love slice of life BL, and I have no attention span so they're all one-shot chapters or volumes.

> Otona no Manaa

> Your Story I Have Known
> Hand Which
> Shinjuku Lucky Hole
> Konbini-kun

Long psychological series:

> Monster

> xxxHolic
> Kankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru
> Pet Shop of Horrors

No. 3748

I think I have an eclectic taste in manga, I definitely prefer it over anime, anyway.

Ones I'd recommend:
20th Century Boys
>complicated on many levels
>Science fiction, thriller
Saint Young Men
>comedy, slice of life
>that one manga about Jesus and Buddha being roommates in Japan
>horror, thriller
>pretty gory but not gratuitously so
>pretty standard, unfortunately unfinished because the author was hospitalized
>Josei, juxtaposition between a punk girl and a girly girl being friends

For more standard Shojo manga:
Boys over Flowers
>basically a classic, poor girl in a rich kid's school
Red River/Anatolia Story
>modern girl in ancient Anatolia
>nerd girl slice of life
Beauty Pop
>tomboy hairdresser girl slice of life
Ore no Monogatari
>big strong dude with crush on dainty cute girl
>cute guys doing stuff

More 'mainstream':
Assassination Classroom
>students in charge of assassinating their teacher

tbh I can go on and on, so I'll stop here.

No. 3749


Yes, definitely! I've gotten back into it recently as well.

I really like gory/depressing/psychological, so here's a few recs (some are cross-genre):


Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan
>realistic yandere personality
>results of abuse

Oyasumi Punpun
>realistic romance/tragedy slice of life w main character changing form as his personality changes, starts as a bird doodle

Aku no Hana
>romance/tragedy slice of life
>mentally and emotionally unstable characters

Plant Doll(s)
>like Petshop of horrors, but with doll-girls
>good ends & bad ends


anything by Junji Ito

>more mystery than horror

Franken Fran
>comedy/horror, lots of experiments and gore

>like Saw, but with rabbit heads

Litchi Hikari Club
>boys, uniforms, gore


Ayu no Monogatari
>slice of life/tragedy
>each chapter +1 despair
>has several spinoffs

>also watch the film if you're interested in a good cry

here's a great site for horror/psych stuff. → http://spiraphobia.tumblr.com/recommendations

No. 3750

Seconding Frankenfran and Ito stuff for horror!

I'll check out the others you posted too. I just love thriller/horror manga for some reason!

No. 3751

You have great taste anon!

No. 3752

do any of you read fanfic you'd recommend?

No. 3753

i've read enough fanfiction to start a smithsonian museum on yaoi…

did you have a fandom in mind?

No. 3754

Lol I still remember reading my first yaoi fic.

Any fandom might do! Sometimes I'll start reading fanfics from fandoms I'm not familiar with, stop because I like it so much and go read the manga or watch the anime and then pick the story back up.

No. 3755

Sorry for necro'ing this thread, but I'd like some recommendations for new mangas. Preferably a gender bender josei type manga (or anime) in the vein of Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish). Shoujo mangas like W Juliet and Ouran Host High School are also welcome.

A long, long time ago, a super nice anon recommended some historical romance mangas. On the off chance t'es ici, please re-recommend them, merci <3 <3 <3

No. 3756

Pic related is my waifu.

No. 3757

Thanks for bringing this thread back from the great beyond.

Unfortunately, I have no suggestions for you, but I look forward to seeing if anyone has recs for you since it appears we have similar tastes.


These look interesting–thanks for mentioning them!


I find it interesting that someone would ask for recs for any type of fic–beyond fandoms, there are so many genres… we could've recommended heartwarming stories about childhood friends falling in love or super fucked up revenge rape torture stories… does anon really not have any type of preference?

No. 3758

just finished molester man
It was cute

No. 3759

Ressentiment is a good one.

No. 3760

Any Jojofags? How are you guys liking part 8 so far?

No. 3761

I'm a robot so I'm not too sure If I can post in this thread or if its just sticking to the board itself.

Before I make my suggestions I'll say what I like and dislike, I usually enjoy things that are Seinen with good art, I don't really enjoy the other types of stuff like moe/sol/harems/school settings unless there's a unique twist, that all being said there are a couple popcorn manga I'm a sucker for.

Okay so my suggestions are.

>Alive the Final Evolution

Think of something a little akin to the tv show heroes, tragedy strikes and several people are given powers that change themselves and their personalities, this fellows a kid given powers but is somehow able to not be driven by them, art is decent enough and the story is nice as well if not a bit out there.

>those converse shoes


Actually decent enough art and a nice gradual increase in stakes as the story moves on, simple summary is people that die and revived and take part in a alien/monster hunting game to finally win enough points and escape. very good story besides the ending.

>If you grow attached to characters this may not be for you sad but cool times ahead


Basically a very slow burning zombie manga, it's not like highschool of the dead, it has very good art and great characters. I guess its slowly about how a failed manga artist with no drive in life takes back some control, bonus points it has the use of imageboard posts throughout discussing the downfall of society.

>also qt girl gets infected sees weird shit becomes super strong

>Onari master kurosawa

honestly stick with it, I guess you have to be a certain type of loser but this can strike a chord with you at times and quite feelsy, character growth is very well done and the story a bit silly helps it along.

>bully blonde girl is best girl

>Dungeon Meshi

comfy as fuck, take a manga based in a dungeon and add cooking to it, nice art for food how to make monster meals and a little bit funny at times, comfy.

>makes me hungry


29 yr old losers hits his first of three moteki moments and decides to grasp at it before it disappears, basic character trying to better himself and score a gf, nice art and relateable characters

>ultra heaven

hard to explain, surreal art and nice scifi future setting, swap out drinking bars for psychic drugs and replace everything with VR, worth a look.

can't be assed to type more junk like berserk is amazing art and story, basically a medieval story that slowly turns low fantasy and grimdark

>griffith did nothing wrong

popcorn manga the two KamisamaNoIutoori

try not to get attached to the characters

I can rec some anime and films too if needed or any interest , junk like ghibli or mindgame for example

No. 3762

I fucking love Gantz. It legit made me cry a time or two, but I'm an easy crier. Has it been finished? I took a break from reading it about a year ago.

No. 3763

its all done fam

No. 3764

Thanks, anon–you're the best! I thought I'd be overjoyed to read that, but it's so good I'm a bit bummed it's over. Looking forward to finishing it up after reading it all over again!

No. 3765

File: 1454579794595.png (310.82 KB, 617x581, 6464564.png)

I just started reading JoJo after binge-watching the anime last week. Not up to part 8 yet, but Jesus Christ, this shit is so good.

No. 3766

I used to be very into JJBA but I've taken a break. I just prefer to read the series in large sittings instead of a single chapter every month, especially because of the fights being multi-chapter.


I'm not the other anon but I've read some historical manga.


Rose of Versailles, Red River, From Eroica With Love, Emma
Poe no Ichizoku, Kaze to Ki no Uta, Heart of Thomas, Orpheus no Mado

>not really romance-y but very history

Innocent (love this one, it's like a super OTT seinen version of RoV!), Vinland Saga, Historie, Wolfsmund, Kingdom, Hishintan, Innocents Shounen Juujigun, Shoukoku no Altair, Souin Gyokusai seyo!/Onwards to Our Noble Deaths

No. 3767

same anon again

I forgot to add this, I use a site called mangasee for reading my manga its similar to mangafox but it allows you to view one chapter at a time rather than a single page, the only problem is that it may not have some mangas.

also another manga called


Maybe it's the shota inside of me but I really enjoyed this as well, the art is very beautiful and the story isn't too outlandish, mostly just a older woman meeting her husband to be and finding out hes younger than her.

the art is worth a look at the very least

remember to use mangasee


No. 3768


Use this place if you're looking for recommendations.

No. 3769

File: 1454610577650.png (574.94 KB, 844x1225, 015.png)

If you like Gantz you should try Oku's newest series Inuyashiki. pic related
It's still ongoing but I really like it, more so than Gantz tbh.


We have similar tastes so you'd probably like it too, if you haven't read it already. The main antagonist fucks with people on image boards in a couple scenes lol.

No. 3770

I've heard of it but never checked it out, its the old man turned into a mecha.

I'll give it a go cow/anon

No. 3771

File: 1454630630837.jpg (32.88 KB, 558x480, 1442614615408.jpg)

No. 3772

I'm loving this anon feels comfy.

>tfw no tall tomboy gf

reminds me a little of girls of the wild or tasogare otome which I found super cute as well.


just got up to 50, its really good but gah waiting is gonna kill me

No. 3773

File: 1454634358797.png (257.49 KB, 600x1000, 1449845060917.png)


Yeah, I've been holding it off for a while but caught up today. Feels are too strong man ;_;

No. 3774

File: 1454635301114.png (809.26 KB, 835x632, Dead_Tube.png)

Hey guys! >>4816 here, happy to see this thread gaining more posts. I've been trying out lots of different manga, here's some I can suggest from the horror genre.

Lighter Stuff (little to no violence; focus on characters' relationships):

Online: The Comic (ongoing)
>female-oriented; josei/shoujo
>qt boys helping MC in a real survival horror PSP game
>heroine suffers from some amnesia

Gakkou Gurashi! (ongoing)
>survival; slice of life
>qt girls having qt friendships but also enduring mind-shattering moments and psychological suffering

Darker (prominent violence, gore):

Dead Tube (ongoing)
>corrupted niconico douga-like website hosts competitions for vids with the most views
>naturally leads to some really fucked up compositions

Dolls Fall (ongoing)
>qt orphan girls being rekt by supernatural beings and the 'matrons' of the academy
>made by the same author as Corpse Party

Harem End (completed; short)
>group of actresses play harem archetypes (loli, tsundere, ojousama, etc)
>they respond to women's requests to punish specific male targets

Fukushuu Kyoushitsu (ongoing)
>bullied girl takes revenge on every single one of her classmates

I guess that's all I'll list for now. I'll check out some of the suggestions in this thread too!

Side note: does anyone have an anime-planet account or hummingbird or something? While I like this thread, I wonder if there's a better way to swap and track others' recommendations and reading lists. I'm always hungry for new manga. I probably scan for new ones at least once a day.

No. 3775

Psychological suffering sounds fun.

I'm curious about those sites you mentioned for sharing recs, but I really treasure the anonymity of posting to lolcow.

No. 3776

File: 1454637251639.png (290.17 KB, 500x495, 1449853005112.png)


Sure I won't mind posting mine.


No. 3777


No problem! Here's my anime-planet for anyone who has one, and/or would like to track shit I'm doing (kudos to you, lol.)


I made a MyAnimeList before, but couldn't keep up with it…maybe I'll make another sometime.

No. 3778

No. 3779

File: 1454717415516.png (80.62 KB, 356x402, 1336241096660.png)

Thanks for the detailed recommendations. I just picked up Online: The Comic, Dead Tube, Harem End, and Fukushuu Kyoushitsu.

I use MyAnimeList to keep track of the manga I read. I don't know if Anime-Planet is used more often than MAL for manga, but MAL is popular enough and most people seem to have one.

Side question: Does anyone else go the extra mile to make reading manga extra special? I either put on suiting music or put the kettle on for tea. I like when the mood is set.

No. 3780


I always listen fitting music like you and have snacks ready.

No. 3781

I devour manga as I consume other media: quickly and throughly. I consume and am consumed in the process. There's no need to set the mood since there will be nothing outside of the story and art until I am distracted externally and regain myself.

No. 3782

File: 1454719318600.png (863.78 KB, 1420x787, Capture.PNG)

She is too fucking cute.

No. 3783

I'd recommend reading

Shuzo Oshimi - Happiness, Flowers of Evil
Sui Ishida - Tokyo Ghoul
Junji Ito - Black Paradox
Kuraishi, Yuu - Apocalypse no toride
Masaya Hokazono - Freak Island (Very gory)
Saku Nonomura - Otonari Complex

I tried to get into inio asano work, can't find myself enjoying, it had to put down goodnight punpun since it made me very depressed.

No. 3784

Recommending Beauty Pop because it's the first I've ever read and is pretty underrated

No. 3785

>Sui Ishida - Tokyo Ghoul

Is the manga better than the anime?
I thought the first season started very strong, but as it went on it got harder for me to keep up with the characters, ignore the plot holes, and tire through fight scenes that I thought went on for way too long.
It felt very tasking.

No. 3786

File: 1544204596937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.46 KB, 1200x854, golden-kamui-8921275.jpg)

golden kamui is bestmango

No. 3787

The manga is so much better than the anime. The only good thing about the anime is the opening theme song.

No. 3788

YMMV I dropped it for the same reason anon >>3785 dropped the anime.
I found Happiness by Oshimi Shuzu straight after and it was everything I wanted Tokyo Ghoul to be except for the bullshit timeskip so keep in mind I am not a fan of shonen bs

No. 3789

Have you noticed how much delicious fanservice in this series there is?
The sea otter soup anime episode aired last week and I was so giddy lmao.
The mangaka draws such perfect, muscular, hunky men. Complete with all the scaring and unique characteristics to each character.
Ugh I love Sugimoto.
(The plot and the Ainu culture are also fantastic of course, but I can't help but notice the comedic fanservice bits).

No. 3790

File: 1544213609472.jpeg (110.58 KB, 640x901, DFD848A8-24D6-4E20-AC6B-D9DD3D…)

For the most part if a manga was adapted into an anime, the original manga will be better. There are some exceptions but a lot of recent anime have pacing and animation issues.

My two favorite manga series, Dorohedoro and 7seeds, are getting anime and I am worried about the quality of the shows. 7seeds in particular has a really bad studio on it so people on 2ch were already making jokes about it, like saying “oh with gonzo, it’s dead on arrival” and “haha good luck gonzo”

No. 3791

>the lighting on the characters
hoo boy sorry anon, it's going to suck. they can't even make a nice poster.

No. 3792

I’m really sad about it because the series is huge, something like 35 or 36 volumes. Not only is it going to look bad but I doubt they can fit the entire story into an anime unless it’s 30+ episodes. It’s a total monkey paw.

No. 3793

File: 1544216452025.jpg (134.28 KB, 860x1236, c58cd436eca32ff0d9bfc73b7cbc40…)

It's better, at least the first part. If cute boys suffering is your thing you'll love it.

No. 3794

File: 1544217257972.jpg (100.94 KB, 497x418, tumblr_mohsy7S2HH1qf36jfo1_500…)

I read about the 7seeds anime announcement on twitter, but that's what it's going to look like? I'm disappointed.

But between that, Dorohedoro and Fruits Basket, it's nice to see older manga getting anime adaptations. I really want more shojo manga to have reboots like Fruits Basket will, because I was sick of seeing things like Otomen or Switch Girls getting a drama adaptation, or things like Peach Girl or Lovely Complex getting half-assed anime that weren't adapting the entire manga just like Fruits Basket. I also wish Gunnm could get a new anime instead of the shitty movie where Gally looks like a humanoid bug.

No. 3795

Fruits basket reboot will be great now that the material is all ready. They should really go back and redo all the animes that got a crappy anime-original ending once the source is complete. There's quite a few of them.

No. 3796

Yes, definitely. I was more thinking about shojo manga because they were less likely to have full adaptations, but I really want an Eyeshield 21 anime that doesn't suck ass. The only good thing about it was the voice actors, they should redo everything and keep the voice actors.

No. 3797

File: 1544385657388.png (527.88 KB, 1590x1200, 1515884495404.png)

trail of blood from shunzo oshimi is gripping and perfect for farmers who are into psycopathic familial relationships. i wish i had it all right now to read!

the way the expressions and drawing styles change precisely is so awesome to look at..

No. 3798

Shoujo manga are sometimes adapted into live action instead of anime.

Too bad about Cat Street, I really want to see an anime for that but it got a live action drama instead.

No. 3799

File: 1544389375608.jpg (33.41 KB, 640x640, 2021f05d9d6dea5aa8820c3d230d67…)

nooo why does this look so shitty when the manga is awesome..

No. 3800

she looks like lola tyrell lmfao

No. 3801

Kek she wishes

No. 3802

Wait, IS THIS 7 SEEDS???? noooooooooooo

No. 3803

File: 1544439907604.jpg (1.86 MB, 1439x2000, Screenshot_20181210-135012_Man…)

My absolute favorite is the Bride's Story

Genre:comedy, romance, Seinen, slice of life, drama, history

The story has more than one protagonist and Brides. The main bride of the manga is Amir and we start with her story. They all generally take place in Central Asia in the 19th.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of this manga and the attention to details and the brilliant designs. Reminds me of my past and my culture (we share similar cultures after all) and the setting feels so nostalgic to my childhood. The story and relationships are so captivating and made me root for all of them. It is a heartwarming manga and I would definitely recommend it to: history enthusiasts, romance lovers, and those who enjoy the fine arts and a good story as well.

No. 3804

File: 1544584459720.jpg (24.11 KB, 247x350, i216777.jpg)

Anyone liked Otome Youkai Zakuro?

> It's the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calendar has just come into effect. The fox-eared girls living in the youkai part of town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers, to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro's strong personality collides with human sensibilities?

Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Seinen Supernatural

No. 3805

I followed the anime when it was airing and it was so fucking good. Probably one of my favourite, and the Hoshino Lily character design and art makes it perfect. I never got far in the manga though, is it finished?

No. 3806

It's been on hiatus for years unfortunately but what's there is great.

No. 3807

yes! i loved this anime!!! it was like a good version of inuyasha. i especially loved susukihotaru and riken's ED theme their seiyuu sang.

No. 3808

Yes! I loved this, it was so cute.

No. 3809

File: 1544838359114.jpg (1.97 MB, 1437x2048, SmartSelect_20181215-043824_Ma…)

My dear anons, I was reading this manga called The Blue Eyes Of Horus and I just fell in love with the captivating story. Unfortunately, only 12 chapters are translated and I feel like dying because I want to read more.

So I'm asking for recommendations of a similar manga: historical drama with a female lead, set in anywhere in the world except for Japan and Korea (already had enough ) full of drama and suspense (doesn't have to include romance, just want something exciting)

I have already read most of the popular historical manga, I just want something new like this one.

No. 3810

Anatolia Story comes to mind right away. But it's such a classic that I think you probably read it already.

Scarlet Palace is about China.

Otoyomegatari >>3803 and Emma are both really good historical shoujos but they're not action packed. They might also be too socially aware and not exactly a light wish-fulfillment read.

Have you read Claymore? It's a fantasy shounen but I still like it.

No. 3811

Seinens written by female mangakas are really good stuff.

No. 3812

Thank you for this. I stayed up late reading it. I hope translations will pick up again.

No. 3813

I haven't read Scarlet Palace so I will definitely check it out!

No problem, I really hope so. It hasn't been updated for 3 months

No. 3814

I would recommend Orpheus no Mado by Riyoko Ikeda - it's set in early 20th century Germany and revolutionary Russia - but scanlations are slow as fuck.

Savage Garden by Hyeon-Sook Lee in 19th century England is okay too.

Madame Petit is really nice, has a bit of a retro vibe to it. Main heroine is Japanese, but it's set in 1920s Europe.

If you're okay with Chinese stories too, I would recommend Chang Ge Xing, which is abslutely great, but it's been on hiatus for some time now because of some beef between the author and publisher.

No. 3815

Love the art on this one

No. 3816

Whoops I meant Chang Ge Xing

No. 3817

File: 1545011371615.jpg (276.07 KB, 900x1280, 18.jpg)

I wish I could talk to my friends about Yankee Boy and Otaku Girl without them giving me the side eyes lol. I swear it's really fucking hilarious and doesn't have an actual pedophilia. The little boy's crush on the lady is so adorable and funny. Hopefully the author isn't one of those fucked up mangakas that try to write a romance with a literal child (I shudder everytime I remember Usagi Drops)

Thank you for the recommendations anon, I read Madame Petit for the past 2 days and really enjoyed it. Reminded me of Waltz Wa Shiroi Dress De, but I liked the characters in Madame Petit better.

No. 3818

This looks super cute! Thanks for the rec, anon!!

No. 3819

File: 1545011922047.jpg (909.25 KB, 1442x2048, 10.jpg)

I love that manga, it's so funny, but I'm not optimistic about the ending. Too many shotacon jokes, and an actually adult man shotcon character, for me to believe the author won't go with pedo ending.

On a similar manga, I've been reading Watashi no Shounen and while so far it's great, with good characters, the adult woman actually acting like a grown up about the boy crush on her, I'm super worried it WILL end up the Usagi Drop way. Like damn, even if they became a couple only after he turns 18 it's just creepy to have parental figures turning into romance/unintentional grooming.

Let's hope for the best anon.

No. 3820

>Too many shotacon jokes, and an actually adult man shotcon character.

This is why I don't bring this manga up everytime we talk about manga and what we read recently.

No. 3821

File: 1545137497641.jpg (77.13 KB, 317x475, 33383419.jpg)

Can anyone recommend some top tier Josei? I'm kind of graduating from shoujo tropes but they'll always have a speshul place in my heart.

Right now I'm reading They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter. It's pretty good so far and makes you wonder wtf is happening and wtf is going to happen. The story isn't typical which is such a breath of fresh air.

No. 3822

File: 1545149164492.jpg (79.17 KB, 600x860, 127906_2457940.jpg)


Haru No Noroi is a really good josei manga and pretty short,too.

The main character is dating her dead younger sister's fiance to try to sort out her unrequited love she had for her sister.

Really heavy psychological plot without being too dramatic imo.

Also Cheese in the Trap is totally different from any josei I've read.
It's realistic and relatable and even has suspense/thriller themes when the mc has to outsmart a persistent and unstable stalker

No. 3823

Wow cheese in the trap is a bit boring innit

No. 3824

agreed, it's incredibly slow-paced and almost too realistic. all her mundane af uni problems are tiring me so fucking much like it's enough I have to live it, why on Earth would someone read about it for fun? Still, I won't drop it lel

No. 3825

op said it was relateable but as an amerifag, i cant relate to rich people in college lmao

No. 3826


It gets more interesting in the second and third seasons with the stalker,break-ins,obsessive copy-cat and putting together the pieces of the story like Jung's,Inho's and Inha's past

No. 3827

File: 1545165605592.jpg (15.07 KB, 225x319, xg.milWod-f.jpg)


Alright this is gonna take a while, please be patient with me (sorry if there are so many spelling mistakes too)

1- "Shall We Have Dinner Tonight"
I know, it's a webtoon not a manga, but you seriously have to give it a try if you love Josei, food, and romance! It's about two strangers with many past broken relationships, bonding over food. They talk about their past relationships, how they ended, and what aspects of their personality that affected their relationships negatively.
I honestly don't read Josei a lot because it bores me, but this one made me so engaged with the story and the relationship developments of the 2 main characters.

2- "Mizutama Puzzle"
Short and sweet romantic story of an older female and younger male. The male works at a restuarant and faces so much pressure from his boss. Same with the female who is an office lady that always gets yelled at by her boss. They always see each other at the train but never talk, well, untill something happens.
I really like this story because of how short and straight forward it is. Great for a light read and when you need your fix of romance.

3-"Evyione: Ocean Fantasy"
This is shoujo not a josei, but I thought it reminded of so many josei manga I read in the past. A merman (who is the king of some land in the sea) falls in love with a human princess. Instead of bringing the princess down to live with him in the sea kingdom as a corpse, he goes to the human world giving up his form and powers. In exchange, he becomes mute and cannot talk to any human. It is a retale of the "Little Mermaid" but much darker, and with gender swap. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is sensitive to sexual topics such as rape and the like. This is not a light story at all, but I love the element of the fairy tale in it.

4- "Her Shim-Cheong"
Yeah this is a yuri josei, and while I don't read yuri at all, this one caught my attention. It's a story about a begger and the wife of a powerful minister, and the relationship they both have.
This story grabbed my attention for the inside politics of old Korea. I like plots centered around politics and who takes the power in the royal palace. Also the relationship between the girls is kinda intriguing. I think even if you are not a lesbian or yuri lover, you would still enjoy the story.

5- "Gokusen"
I left this for last because I honestly don't remember anything from it? I have read it years ago but I remember liking it (maybe). I know that this a cult classic, so I thought I would put it here, just in case you might like it.

No. 3828

Is it ok to just list the top classics that everyone loves?

These are all so famous and well known in the manga community but in case you're new, here we go:

7 Seeds
Kakukaku Shikajika
Ashita no Ou-sama
Hyakki Yakoushou
Nodame Cantabile
Chihaya Furu
Kimi wa Pet
Bokura no Kiseki
Paradise Kiss
Honey & Clover

Paradise Kiss is my personal favorite among these. 7 seeds was also mentioned earlier in the thread.

No. 3829

>new to manga
>on an imageboard
Cmon anon……these are just too obvious.

No. 3830

New to josei since she specifically said she was just graduating from shoujo. She also said "top tier" instead of "underrated" or "not well known".

I mean these are probably too obvious but you never know!

No. 3831

File: 1545196261808.jpg (90.46 KB, 436x436, fefc8345b6c896419cc33f9c8f84c5…)

I just got into Killing Stalking, a Korean manga (Manhwa). It's about this guy who is obsessed with a seemingly all-around perfect good looking guy, and he decides to break into his house one day. To the stalker's dismay, he founds out his crush is a serial killer and is kidnapped by his crush. The story follows what happens during throughout their dynamic and the stalker develops Stockholm syndrome.

At first I was so engaged with the comic because of its smart use of psychological themes, but then I got a bit disappointed with how it became a bit too much of Yaoi fulfillment. But maybe I'm interpreting the sex scenes wrong. If any anons have read this, would love to know what you guys think or if you guys have any other recommendations (this was my introduction to BL/Yaoi/horror thriller and I really like it so far).

No. 3832

it's been discussed in the overrated fiction thread. I remember it completely went to shit around… I think chapter 20 something? I hated all the female death too, it was gross.

No. 3833

yeah I kind of just read it as smut now, so I guess it has that going for it.

to give it some credit, the woman hating in the comic is intentional from the mommy issues and what not

No. 3834

Legit thought this was an Attack on Titan fanart, but with the characters aged weird.

No. 3835

infantilized levi and sleep deprived jean

No. 3836

That's what I thought ks was before I actually bothered to look it up. I had no idea what snk was about either so I assumed this was like a part of it.

No. 3837

i wouldnt be surprised if this was originally intended to be a fanfic, like how 50 shades of gray was originally a Twilight fanfic kek

No. 3838

>Kakukaku Shikajika
I downloaded this one a couple days ago and love it. It’s made me tear up a few times already and I’m only two volumes in.

No. 3839

File: 1545291202996.jpg (113.57 KB, 1111x615, IMG_20181220_102652.jpg)

Sorry for blogpost but I need to vent a bit.

I'm really starting to dislike the webtoon "I Love Yoo", I had such high hopes for it when it first started. I liked the female main character for being an "unconventional" protagonist. However, after 88 chapters, there's 0 character development, no relationships development or some sort of romance (seriously why is this labeled as romance???) It feels like a self insert harem fest at this point.

I hate how the author completely forgets ALL the other female characters too, and only show them as a plot device to serve in building Shin-Ae's bland character. I also don't get how every guy in this comic wants to fuck the main female character so baaad when she doesn't have: a character to begin with, the looks, intelligence at least??? Money? Power? Anything?
We are not given any reason as to why every handsome rich guy want to be with and around her. There's no chemistry between the characters at all for me to ship them at least.

God!! I'm genuinely frustrated because I really liked the story and the art at the beginning. Seeing it go down the harem hell makes me sad for the lost potentials.

No. 3840

do you seriously think this is going to upset people or is this just a meltdown

No. 3841

Good artists are not often good writers. They're two different skills that have nothing to do with each other. Too bad, there should really be more collaboration.

That's why the best mangas are often adaptations.

No. 3842

File: 1545334664306.jpg (218.53 KB, 844x1200, 14.jpg)

I only discovered this today but it's weirdly enough funny despite the gangster gap moe gag

No. 3843

I like it too. Especially when it was his wife's birthday.

No. 3844

Could someone help me remember/identify this manga I was reading? I want to finish it so badly but it’s been years and I can’t remember the name.

It was ongoing at the time (maybe 2-3 years ago) and had something about dolls in the name (or something similar). It was about these girls that go to either this boarding school or live in an orphanage. The headmaster lady tells them to never leave their room at night past a certain hour, and when they do their bodies are found horribly mutilated. Something like this.

No. 3845

Dolls Fall? It fits the description but already ended at like 24 chapters

No. 3846

what manga is this?

No. 3847

No. 3848

File: 1545341338498.jpg (342.3 KB, 844x1200, 27.jpg)

Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband

No. 3849

I really liked Haru No Noroi, so thank you for the rec! It reminded me of some of Banana Yoshimoto's short stories, in case you're interested in stories with a similar vibe.

Are there any more manga like this, with that kind of psychological, sincere feeling? I feel like most times someone suggests a psychological, death-related manga, it's usually macabre, but I liked the atmosphere of this one - it's really "genuine," idk another way to put it, with an optimistic ending, I'd say. It's down-to-earth, I guess.

On another note, are there more manga with doting, lovey-dovey guys? I was looking at shoujo but I realized I feel too old for most of its tropes now, and most of the guys are jerks or just aloof…

No. 3850

File: 1550062346112.jpg (27.07 KB, 246x350, i265577.jpg)

Anyone read Sensei no Shiroi Uso


I like the drama but get a strong femcel vibe from it.

> Popular women are slutty manipulators

> Popular men are rapists
> Popular women have bad sex lives because their husbands secretly desire other women

No. 3851

Just read the last three tl chapters out of curiosity and it seems pretty cool actually
>rapist has pregnant wife
>decides to kill himself because rapist scum
>mother of his child stops his suicide attempt and orders him to stay alive and take responsibility for being a fucker
>turns himself for being a rapist after calling a taxi for the in-labor mother of his child
I have no idea how this development came to be but the ex-popular-girl wife seems like a badass mother and it looks like justice will be served so I'm not so sure it's a female incel story.

No. 3852

Why would you read the last 3 chapters… I was still on chapter 10 ugh. I had to revert my eyes immediately due to spoilers.

No. 3853

I don't believe in spoilers as I enjoy seeing how the plot develops more then if there's any plot twist.

No. 3854

That's great anon, I'm happy for you, but my enjoyment comes from immersing myself into a fresh experience.

No. 3855

I read it but I really hate this manga.
>rape guy goes drinking
>goes and follows a girl into the bathroom
>other people only say "haha good ol rape guy, just can't help raping those virgins" and do nothing
>rapes girl
>girl is now in love with him
I hate every single one of the characters in that manga.

No. 3856

Reminds me of that rape hentai everyone was posting here a couple of weeks ago. Shit's gross

No. 3857

The other people didn't know he was a rapist.

Did you read just up to there or beyond? Reviews say it gets better but…

Also forgot to mention fat girl gets bf stolen by stacey.

No. 3858

File: 1550088517539.jpg (329.7 KB, 1120x1600, 13.jpg)

>The other people didn't know he was a rapist.
Didn't they though? I thought this page implied they knew what was going on, plus his friend should have known he was married.
I still read it, am up to date with all the chapters and it is still pretty terrible.

No. 3859

This is gross af

No. 3860

author married Inio Asano, bet they are a fun couple to hang out with

Glad I didn't read it, I was kinda curious but I haven't had good experiences with Inio Asano langa so when I found out this manga was made by his wife I skipped it

No. 3861

File: 1550092623435.png (2.54 MB, 1762x2466, Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 4.14…)

His male friend was confused about how he got her, he didn't know he assaulted her.

> I still read it, am up to date with all the chapters and it is still pretty terrible.

Aww OK, I'm going to lower my expectations then as I continue.

No. 3862

i have had a few people (a lot were feminists in my social circles, as i am involved with some radfem groups being one myself) tell me they don't like punpun/have issues with the manga. i have only read the first volume, so no spoilers please, but is asano's work particularily misogynistic? it seemed to be at some points in vol. 1 (porn, hating his mother) but i was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. i had a fakeboi acquaintance irl recommend it to me, lol. i find it interesting so far but i'm just hoping it's not gonna disappoint me.

No. 3863

I enjoyed it and Solanin (his other work). I've only read 3 volumes of Punpun though. From what I've seen I feel like those negative parts are cast in a bad light and not celebrated. There's some creepy predatory stuff, but it was portrayed in a way which was neutral or negative. The way I interpret those bad parts is that everyone is kinda fucked up in their own way and they're messing each other up too. I'd say keep giving it a shot.

No. 3864

Asano himself said in an interview that he made Punpun only to create shock and to be as edgy as possible.
I'd say it can be very interesting artistically and has some fun plots, it's low key misogynistic even though the female mangaka character is pretty cool from what I remember, but then again I read it when I was an edgy teen.
For his works I think his latest is actually the most interesting: Dead Demons Destruction
It's a sol/syfy where he actually draws the darn backgrounds for once instead of using filtered photos and most of the characters are female.

No. 3865

File: 1550106466138.png (45.26 KB, 242x318, 2ulzKK1qe9d48o1_250.png)

Interested what other anons have to say about this, my memory of Punpun is fuzzy but I remember there is some physical/sexual abuse towards female characters.
I like Solanin better, it's more palatable than Punpun imo
Punpun is only more fun because of the imagery but it's a rough read.

No. 3866

There are depictions of violence against women and most male characters have some awful dealings with female characters. Although I think it is obvious these men are meant to be shitty regardless (and so are many of the women).
As for Asano, there is one of his works (Umibe no Onnanoko) that features excessive scenes of young teens having sex. Take that as you will.

Still personally love Punpun and some of his other manga though.

No. 3867

>Asano himself said in an interview that he made Punpun only to create shock and to be as edgy as possible.

Not that anon but I had no idea!
I looked up another interview and Asano also mentions that Punpun is supposed to be a dirtbag:
Punpun is too serious, therefore has a hard time communicating. He is also awkward and kind of annoying."Goodnight Punpun" is about Punpun meeting various people through the series and how he starts to understand his “true self.” Punpun is his own individual, so there is no need for the reader to always agree with or understand Punpun's thoughts and actions. I myself do not believe Punpun is a “good person” as typically defined by society, but by creating a main character that, from an entertainment standpoint, would never be cast as a main character, I wanted to show readers that people like him exist.

No. 3868

OK read a bit more, up to chapter 33 now. Thanks for not spoiling me. Apparently the female acquaintance knew. I'm so confused, is the girl there Ayaka? Her best friend just let her get raped?

Reading the other posts about PunPun this definitely sounds like something written by someone that would be his wife. It's a similar edgy wackiness. (though I only read about 10 chapters of punpun before dropping it out of boredom though I really liked Solain) The characters aren't convincing, they all have some sort of extreme drama / mental issue. The self insert main character is a pedo. Why?

However the pacing is really fast and things happen quickly and it's engaging. It's entertaining for that reason though it's as you said, all the characters are written in the most edgy way possible and I hate them all.

No. 3869

I'm trying to figure out how much of the characters strange decisions is the mangaka being edgy vs a cultural difference. I'm sure it's mostly the former but wondering if it's 70% vs 90%.

No. 3870

I am a radfem and I dropped it without finishing because of how ridiculous and unrealistic it was becoming with its portayal of women. It's supposed to be edgy and shocking and all, but the shittiness commited by women is augmented by like 500% compared to real life while men are at 0-50%. I don't have a problem with lack of realism if that's what the piece is about, but the way most women act in punpun doesn't make sense even within the manga itself when you compare it to the men.

No. 3871

eden it's an endless world

No. 3872

Finished c48 latest scans.

I can finally look at this. While she did look cool at the moment she still stood by the rapist, the whole thing is more convoluted than that.

The drama got so tiresome at the end. The men have way too high EQ. I've never seen men that introspective and aware of people's feelings. The femcel feel stopped midway but then restarted after the pedo arc with the student, especially with misakana. It really feels like a revenge on the popular kids type of story.

That being said it was still an enjoyable soap and I half heartedly recommend it.

No. 3873

File: 1550269283153.jpeg (11.65 KB, 188x267, fuckingmiddleschoolers.jpeg)

I rec Otto no chimpo ga hairanai.
As the title says the protagonist is unable to get penetrated by her bf because of some sexual trauma she had earlier in her life. It's a josei with explicit sex scenes but they are all in good taste so far and it has a very interesting indie vibe.

No. 3874

I love this manga and I love u anon for mentioning it

No. 3875

does anyone know of any managa about like, yankee type guys seducing/falling for good girls? sorta like MARS? maybe more smutty though- I love the delinquent boys who become all romantic and in love with the good, 'pure' girls.

No. 3876

Ahh seconding this request!

No. 3877

Is Azumi any good? It's been on my radar for a while but was put off by the length.

No. 3878

kinda what y'all are looking for- not the best but only one that came to mind http://www.mangahere.cc/manga/heart/

No. 3879

Can anyone recommend anything without romance? I'm kinda fed up with it irl and could use a distraction.
I'm open to any other genres. Maybe not smut tho.

No. 3880

File: 1550296886300.png (136.66 KB, 862x1236, 1463827845718.png)

I've been really craving to read something like Mizukami's manga. Really loved Sengoku Youko after the protagonist swap. I like the simple but still unique stories and characters.

No. 3881

File: 1550306727845.jpg (191.96 KB, 1024x575, 947c0317f9f8a8f3560631a01e1e35…)

Just started reading Somali to Mori no Kamisama and:
>World full of non-humans, where nearly all humans got hunted down
>A child gets found by a golem
>Decides to go search for child's parents
>Golem is at the end of it's life, having 1-2years left to live
Pretty good world concept and background drawings. Currently at the end of Vol.1, but will keep reading for sure.

No. 3882

No. 3883

Shit anon I didn't expect so many, thanks a lot!

No. 3884

Any recommendations for manga that's like Phantom of the Opera? I read one a looong time ago and have no idea where to refind it, but was wondering if anyone knew of similar ones!

No. 3885

Thoughts on Bokura no Kiseki ?

No. 3886

Thank you, anon! I will check it out

No. 3887

File: 1550931278884.jpg (35.18 KB, 350x525, 91bcwx4rxph21.jpg)

Korean webtoons are basically manga too right?

I just finished Que Sera: https://mangakakalot.com/manga/que_sera_sera

> Single-motherhood, 30s characters, romance, drama.

While reading it it felt really generic but after finishing it I'm hit by the usual sadness of having to leave these fictional people. Really liked it.

No. 3888

Thanks for recommending this anon, I really liked it. The ending was was really sweet.

No. 3889

File: 1551055410514.jpg (260.98 KB, 1120x782, Brides-Story-2-3.jpg)

Since I didn't meant to bump the thread without content I want to ask: did anyone else have issues with Otoyomegatari (Bride's Story)?

It seemed so intriguing at first and as a whole it s better than not but Amir and Karluk are so boring. The start is pretty slow and I read it mostly for the educational content, its interesting to see a culture so rarely depicted get some spotlight. Every other bride throughout the story (like Pariya or the twins) is interesting but Amir and Karluk drag the story down.

No. 3890

Thanks for reminding me that this manga exists. I'm like a dozen chapters behind but i agree that the main couple is the least exciting one.

I don't remember then as boring though, it's just that their story seemed like a bit more complex than the other couples. It was less about the plot twists and bubbly feelings and more about their personal journey and self growth and stuff. Especially for the boy.

I really like this author.

No. 3891

Began reading it a while ago, yeah the pacing is weird at times. The beautiful detailed art makes up for the slowness, though.

No. 3892

If I had to detail why I didn't like Amir and Karluk as much it mainly comes down to Amir. She doesn't really have any flaws. In the context of her environment she might be a bit odd but to the modern day reader all of her oddities are positive attributes. And one of the more salient points of conflict, the age gap between her and Karluk ends up amounting to nothing when she ends up falling for him romantically. Karluk definitely develops and is forced to grow up and that is interesting but the reasoning for their odd arrangement is never really explained and Amir never really seems to have a problem with it outside of a few failed attempts to seduce him.

Not to say I dislike it, but Amir and Karluk just aren't my favorites compared to the other Brides.

No. 3893

File: 1551116946962.jpg (668.19 KB, 813x1200, onoda.jpg)

I started re-reading Yowamushi Pedal recently and I still love this series. I've only read a bit past the end of the first interhigh and I hate that it kind of degrades into shounen battle scribbles but the first 27 volumes are a great standalone sports story.

One thing I also really like about it is that the protag is very shy and awkward but all the characters are friendly to him, even the villains. I wasn't sure if it was a self insertion thing but the mangaka originally made the MC a girl and I'm guessing carried the personality over when the editor told him it had to be a boy MC

To me a lot of his manga have the same buildup and execution, so I became kind of disinterested after reading a few. I read his interview after Punpun and it felt like he was admitting that he was tired of writing the same stories over and over, too. Haven't read Dedede but at least it sounds different.

Also some of his stories are pretty gross with how kids are treated by adults and family figures.

No. 20110

File: 1553022252757.jpg (364.31 KB, 1792x1200, Initial D v22 c258 cover.jpg)

Reading Initial D. I love Takumi, although I kind of wish he'd lose a race for once.

No. 20122

I used to be a big fan of Yowapeda and I agree, the first 27 volumes are great. Even though I adore the new cast (I love Gen 2 Hakogaku even more than the first) I just could never get into it after the inter-high ended. Maybe because I was watching the anime along with reading the manga, either way I'd like to give it another chance, I still hold the series dear to me.

No. 21850

File: 1553452686481.jpg (24.5 KB, 246x350, i281871.jpg)

No. 40823

File: 1563488625346.jpg (161.45 KB, 713x1024, l051.jpg)

I am in fucking pain because I fell in love with the Amane Gymnasium manga by Usumaru Furuya (one of my fave manga authors ever) and only one chapter got scanlated.
If it gets published or fantranslated, I would highly recommend it to farmers, especially if they are dollfags! It's about a young women who works shitty office job just to be able to live the BJD maker life. Stuff happens and her set of OC dolls inspired by Moto Hagio's oldschool BL manga come to life. The art is great and I love all the characters (from what little I've read). It's such a mature take on a concept that seems very childish (tried to play an otome with same premise and couldn't stop cringing).

I also loved 51 Ways to Save Her by the same author, though it deals with heavy stuff as it's about collapse of society after tsunami hits Japan hard. Sexual violence against women is portrayed, though not in a titillating manner and with psychological gravity (not to mention the women eventually manage to fight the pigs back).

Furuya is so underrated, his seinen comics are one of the best.

No. 40846

i just got done logging all the manga i've ever completed into a document (24 pages fuck me) and i can easily make a pdf for anyone who's looking for something to read.

No. 40895

>24 pages
Bitch, tf? Also yeah. I'd appreciate a recommendation or two if you have the time.

No. 40906

i've too much time on my hands, you can name most genres and i can pull five titles/authors up for ya in a heartbeat, no probs.
also the document i have is indexed, so it has a table of content, headers, alphabetized after author name, with alternate titles and categories in genres, so like yuri, yaoi, shounen, seinen, shoujo, josei, horror and then whatever at the end and some of them are highligted as they're the ones i enjoyed or have re-read a lot of times.

No. 40908

can you post the document?

No. 40910

Seconding this! Please post is somewhere

No. 40911

the pdf manga list: https://docdro.id/ShuEjGm

No. 40943


i knew other people had to do this too. I log absolutely everything i consume, not just manga, all media, if i watch a movie or a show,or read a book, i´ll write it down and exactly what chapter, page and stuff i left it and if i really liked it i´ll mark it with another color.

No. 46662

File: 1567157606373.jpg (431.7 KB, 1080x1629, IMG_20190830_111642.jpg)

I have just finished a reread of Video Girl Ai (I've first read the manga over 10 years ago) and I am shocked how well it holds up, or maybe how much the shonen harem romance genre has declined.
All of the characters are portrayed in a realistic and sympathetic manner. Everyone acts like normal teenagers (maybe just slightly older than 16 years old, but it depends on the person). There is no dreaded 'catty females fighting over a guy' plot. The heroines support each other, sometimes even to a point of emotional masochism. Attempted sexual assault is shown to have long-term psychological consequences for the victim and her loved ones (the attempted rapists get trashed as well). There is no pedo bait whatsoever (I realize that it's a low bar to clear…).The author is comfortable showing female characters as actual human beings with emotions and bodily functions (in fact, the short sequel manga deals with a different protagonist learning out that girls are human beings first and has a slight anti virgin/whore subplot). I was pleasantly surprised by the scene in pic related. What other harem romance dares to mention oily hair?
This is ecchi, so closeups of panties are to be expected, but they are not as many or as forced as in current manga. All of the characters could be developed more, as we don’t know much about their family or hobbies, but it’s a problem with both the girls and the protagonist’s Chad best friend.
You also have to deal with the protagonist being unable to decide between two girls, but it's shown in a psychologically believable way and therefore wasn't annoyingbto me personally.

If you are looking for some ~based and pinkpilled~ manga, obviously this ain't it… but if you like straight male-centered romance (as I do, cause the female love interests are more relatable to me than a protagonist of a reverse harem), this is one of the best. I love that while the characters represent some types (the tomboy and the perfect cute girl), they don't act like retarded cliches. Seems like Katsura based his characters on people and not manga archetypes.

No. 46852

File: 1567268542260.jpg (515.38 KB, 1280x1982, 364bc439e8693b669d70a7eba55e76…)

Are you me, anon? I fell in love with Video Girl Ai when it was originally being released by Viz in Shounen Jump. Part of me always thought I looked back on it through rose-colored lenses, but it really is a fantastic romance with great characters. Even with Katsura's faults, his style and story-telling are really mature and his characterization should be something many aspire to.

I also appreciate his ability to showcase more than romantic love within the series. You see plenty of characters display love in the context of friendship and how people mistake love for something else and vice versa…It's really well rounded.

tl;dr great taste, fellow farmer.

No. 49003

File: 1568165102268.jpeg (73.41 KB, 500x589, 4F50E85D-5576-43B6-B4D4-4C279F…)

Pandora Hearts.

It's been finished since a lot of years and the author made another manga if you really like her art/writing style… (I was too sad to read it so I can't recall the name lmao)

Warning: lot of confusion and sadness.
I cried a lot.

(Picture related; my favorite character in the manga ;;)

No. 49022

I really need to reread this. I like how her art slowly found its own 'voice', it's interesting to see the style and designs go from typical 2000-ish goth/punk to what I'd call more shoujo-y and historically influenced - compare Xerxes Break's clothes and his name to a later character like Oswald.

Are you talking about Vanitas no Carte? How is it? I swore off pirating it because I wanted to spend the money legitimately but that just made me put it off indefinitely…

No. 52979

Seems like it that Ai Yazawa has started working again! It has been 10 years since she started her hiatus.
She released few new pages in 2013. This year she re-released her old series with brand new material.
I hope this means that she is well enough to continue working with Nana, too.

Nana had huge impact on me when I was a teenager. It sounds kinda stupid but I feel like part of me can’t grow up before Nana is finished.

I try to not get my hopes up. In the past ten years there has been positive news every once in a while and every one of them has given me hope that Nana will continue.


No. 52985

Omg that's great news!! I really hope she'll finish Nana. I was always curious about what kind of illness she had that prevented her from doing so for so many years.
Paradise kiss and nana remain my favourite anime/manga ever, they have shaped me as a person more than I'll admit lol

No. 53073

File: 1569804273118.jpg (42.61 KB, 400x400, 6GCzZdzC_400x400.jpg)

Different anon but if you're still checking this thread I personally like vanitas no carte. It updates about once a month and you can read the chapters on Amazon. They're $1.99 per chapter. Vanitas to me is a dick but a loveable one. It's not as popular as Pandora Hearts was but I think it might be because you have to pay to read VnC. I kinda like how she draws Vanitas more than Pandora Hearts but Pandora still has a soft spot in my heart.

No. 53730

I recently found out that Tokyopop is still publishing manga, I thought they went under in the US but they have been releasing a new edition of Aria. On their website nearly everything they publish is Disney stuff for kids.

No. 54544

File: 1570399741315.jpeg (188.91 KB, 728x1036, 7E4F6CEA-794F-4F43-A098-52072C…)

give dungeon meshi a fucking anime already

No. 56840

Anyone read Mousou Shoujo Otakukei? Wonder if I should try it.

No. 56842

This is cute but you know if it had an anime it wouldn't be the same

No. 62912

I'm looking for a manga that involves a young boy and an older woman who was the vIctim of CSA, he walks in on her crying and her body changes (he sees her as an adult for the first time) something like that. The anatomy was really good. It was posted here a while ago.
Not hentai btw

No. 62964

Sounds interesting if it's psychological. I doubt that but just in case - it's not Oyasumi Punpun (thread pic), is it?

No. 63034

Read it, it's short and it's actually funny instead of just being "I'm a cute nerd gf xD, did you get that reference??" like in wotakoi. There are specific reasons why some of you might enjoy it but it's spoilers from the second half of the manga.

No. 63052

I'm 7 chapters into Rumiko Takahashi's new manga, MAO. The first chapter felt like an InuYasha speedrun, but I love the personalities of MAO's characters better and character interaction in the early chapters (which are pretty much what I'm reading) is actually tolerable.

I'm still in my to-drop-or-not-to-drop phase of reading, but if anyone wants to check it out I'd say go for it.

No. 63724

File: 1574356672645.jpg (269.53 KB, 500x685, 6a00d8341bfb8d53ef0148c7280e72…)

Just saw on twitter that this manga subscription site has licensed Terra E and I'm soooooooooooo excited to reread it! The first time I read it, it was with fan translations so I'm excited to read it with more, uh, professional translations.

No. 63887

I don't remember the women in it being a survivor of csa but maybe you are looking for "Watashi no shounen"?

Actually, never mind. I think I remember the manga you are referencing, but can't remember it's title. Wasn't the female protagonist in that one a teacher or something? There was also another women 'Stacey' character that ended up getting pregnant from the MC ex-bf that was abusive? and some 'all men are rapists' rhetoric thrown in the mix?

No. 63945

I am losing my shit because I know the exact seinen manga you are talking about, but I can't remember the title and I can't find it! I was sure it was by Oshimi Shuzoo or Inio Asano but it's not. Guess I will waste what's left of my night trying to find it

OK, I got it!!! It's right here in this thread >>3850
The title is Sensei no Shiroi Uso.
Not sure if this is the same manga anon's looking for though…

No. 63956

File: 1574471532113.jpg (18.99 KB, 359x499, 41P5zJTIMYL._SX357_BO1,204,203…)



ntayrt but this is the manga anon was looking for in case anyone else is interested >>>/ot/484223

No. 63960

>4 years ago
are you still alive anon? godspeed.

No. 64004

I wish someone translated this! I really would like to read it…

No. 64218

Why is Black Butler so fucking slow? Only 15 pages a chapter, and they're released monthly, and of course it's happening when the story is getting interesting. I know Toboso is working on the Disney villain otome game but it can't be just that, right?

No. 64223

She had been sick for a while.

No. 64235

I didn't know about that. What happened exactly, is it chronic or she'll eventually get better?

No. 64792

I want to rant. I just finished reading a white supremacy sci-fi manga. It really disturbed me. I can't believe that japanese people would write such cuck nonsense. It even got another manga re-adaptation decades later.

It's some really scary stuff all about how white women are the best. Yes I'm kink shaming, not remotely turned on.

No. 64796

> I can't believe that japanese people would write such cuck nonsense
Kek why would you hold any high expectations for them

No. 64818

You're right, used it as an hyperbolic expression. I was most shocked by the prolific use of the n word with no censorship. This type of thing would not get published in the states.

No. 64821

>white supremacy sci-fi manga
What the fuck? Name? How can something like that exist?

No. 64894

File: 1575059499922.jpg (251.4 KB, 824x1200, 20569.jpg)

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share, but eh for the sake of discussion… It's called the domestic yapoo from the 1970s. There was a more recent re-adaptation in the 2000s that is untranslated.


No. 64898


I am speechless. And it's also pretty clear that this was written by a sever masochist with a lot of racist issues and self hate and a touch of scat. o o f

No. 64902

File: 1575067280486.png (298.34 KB, 689x454, u77h77h.png)

Started reading Litchi Hikari Club 2-3 days ago and I must admit that I really, really love it and it's been an enjoyable ride so far.

I knew it's a horror manga, but never expected it to be this gory. (And also sad imo.)) Wish there were more volumes out, this entire manga was a roller coaster of emotions. The way everyone's drawn (and their lips especially) is a solid 10/10 in my world and the gore is top notch so if anyone likes gory, horror mangas then feel free to read this.

It's also kinda Nazi Germany themed (the Author himself said that it's written in a world where the Nazis have won WW2), but it doesn't really focus on it except for a few things here and there. There are also two rape scenes.

Especially the scene at the end with everyone's dead, gutted bodies floating in the water with Kanon singing "I pray that God feels pity for them." in the background legit made me start sobbing. Just thinking about Tamiya, Dafu and Kaneda's three wishes at the end of the Bokura no Hikari club volume is quick to bring tears into my eyes. The trio (and Raizou) are definitely my favorite characters. When they had Litchi snap Kaneda's spine in half, it was probably one of the worst scenes ever and when I found out that Jaibo put him on some drugs to keep him paralyzed and quiet, I was literally livid. Also HATED the way Nico went from this cute, hardworking boy who was happy to make friends to a brainless follower of Zera who never questioned that faggot once.
Zera and Jaibo fucked up so much, man. I really want to hate Jaibo, but he's too pretty and cute. He definitely deserved that head slam tho. All hail Litchi for giving me the satisfaction of that.

No. 64904

make sure to read the prequel bokura no hikari club, as well!

No. 64905

Just finished reading it today and what can I say?.. The tears keep coming.

No. 64958

I know this is a fetish manga, but it honestly reads more like a bizarre horror, sometimes dipping into very black comedy. The stuff about body modification and turning the "yapoos" into completely dehumanized creatures, on top of them seeing humans (or at least humans of the dominating race) as gods reminded me of Shinsekai Yori, though SSY doesn't have the weird racial stuff, or the bodily fluid obsession. God, I hope this shit wasn't an inspiration. That was a very good anime.
Even more than the racism (which is off-putting in itself), it's insane to me how much thought was put into even the most putrid and/or minute details. There are multiple walls of text dedicated to how this twisted society handles offal alone, for fuck's sake. So much scat and urophilia. The living furniture made of rearranged flesh from multiple bodies is pretty horrifying, too. Reading this makes me want to turn vegan, not own any pets, and fully subscribe to atheism.
I kind of hope the author of this died alone and never bred. Whatever mistake happens in your brain to make you imagine the content of this story shouldn't risk being spread.

No. 69584

I wish Way of the Househusband got a real live action tv-series.

No. 70774

File: 1578094915228.jpg (77.67 KB, 225x337, 2904-qk921503.jpg)

Omg that looks fucking hilarious.
I've never liked japanese tv shows but this looks hilarious. Fingers crossed they make a full series of it.

So many great recommendations in this thread! I'll add Nekodamari to the list.

It's labeled an ecchi and seinen but from the few chapters out (10) but it feels more like a josei.

It's about the cats of an office worker, their daily lives and how they interact with the main character (who feels really relatable as well in the few times we engage in her story.)

I explained it really bad but it's just a cute comfy manga about an office worker and her spoiled cats.

No. 70785

File: 1578097951390.jpg (1018.06 KB, 800x1095, ddfqgf3-bd8797ef-6187-4603-b1f…)

Oshimi is a great mangaka if your a fan of the psychological genre, my favorite being Happiness and Boku Wa Mari No Naka (Mari being my favorite of the two because while reading you're unsure if what's going on is supernatural or if the MC is just crazy.)

I know it's a really popular manga at the moment but incase no one's heard of it, Beastars is one of the best manga out there right now.

Best way to describe it is a realistic, darker Zootopia.

No. 72246

File: 1579070322771.png (456.88 KB, 1225x442, yoshikawa.png)

Just finished Drifting Classroom by Kazuo Umezu. I really enjoyed it, though it could get pretty outlandish at times and you gotta suspend your disbelief.

The fact that so many children survived in a desolate wasteland is lol. AND performing surgery with rudimentary tools and no pain medicine? AND surviving the black plague?!

I love stories about apocalypses, though, and things that turn into a typical Lord of Flies situation. I'd recommend Dragon Head for that, too

No. 72268

>manga literally about an earthquake causing time travel
>gotta suspend your disbelief

Not sure if I can recommend anything you haven't already read anon, but here's a few;
Apocalypse no Toride/Fort of Apocalypse
Meteor (basic plot is similar to dragon head)
I am a Hero (live action movie adaptation is surprisingly good but author shoves in a bunch of his gross personal fetishes)
Sprite (ongoing, haven't read it in a couple years so honestly can't say if it's good or not)
Metro Survive (not really apocalypse but basically if the first part of dragon head was the entire story)
Girls' Last Tour (very chill, personal favorite)

The whole recent pandemic of shounen survival manga has some apocalyptic elements if you can stand to read shit like "uhhh….giant flying goldfish/children's toys/animals with human faces…..and they eat people"

No. 72328

Ha, fair enough. For some reason I'm able to stomach magical elements like time travel but still get confused about children overcoming their physical limits.

Out of that list, I've only read Apocalypse no Toride, so thanks for the recs! Last night I started Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou, so I'll check out your list after I finish that.

No. 72329

Anyone reading Zipman? I’m really liking it so far. Just some fun, bullshit shonen.

No. 72365

File: 1579148860554.jpg (254.91 KB, 900x1350, nyankeesss.jpg)

Lately, I've just been trying to find some humorous, feel good, manga. I've been reading this series called Nyankees, a mixture of the words Yankees and Nyan. The story is about gang shit, but everyone is actually a cat! It's such a funny concept, I love it.

No. 72368

Ooh definitely going look this up, I fucking love funny yankee manga.

No. 73248

File: 1579808751118.jpg (936.42 KB, 2189x3770, p5utmqzinel21.jpg)


I found this pic with links to each manga (in reddit comments).

Lots of shoujo isekai I've never heard of before. It's nice to find something that isn't a recycled shounen ecchi harem series, although some of the listed manga are kinda trite as well.

No. 73251

Isekais are predictable once you've read 3 or so. Still, they're my guilty pleasure.

No. 73261

File: 1579814059042.jpg (122.78 KB, 550x777, GhpmzrR.jpg)

Right now I'm reading Kusuriya no Hitorigoto and I really like it. It's about a girl working in the imperial court who studies medicine and solves mysteries. It's really cute and funny, plus the art is great.

Thanks anon. I like to make fun of dudes who watch isekai, but shoujo isekai makes me kind of understand the appeal.

No. 73262

Thank you. I'm getting into the isekai villainess trope. Some is pure gold.

No. 73326

File: 1579886292415.png (69.72 KB, 300x450, D_.3HyoJPMi.png)

Do you anons read Korean webcomics?
Ever since I read "The Moon That Rises In Day" I have been obsessed with Korean webcomics. I like how they write romance more, since it's more direct and passionate. If you have anything similar to these I listed, please recommend.

My current favorites are:

"Que Sera Sera"
I personally don't like older women/younger men romances, but this one made me not care at all and root for their relationship. Even other relationships around them.

"A Good Day to be a Dog"
The title sounds stupid, but this comic, by far, is my favorite out of everything in the list. The romance development is very exciting and beautiful. Also because this is my favorite author and I like their writing.

It talks about this cursed girl whose family members turn into dogs at night. To break the curse, she needs to kiss someone she loves and loves her back. She crushes on one of her coworkers (they're teachers btw) and this coworker's friend kinda hate her to death. You get the gist. Of course, one night, everything change.

"Devil No.4"
I'm just starting to read this one, but I absolutely love the art style and concept, don't know about the romance though but I like the characters themselves.

In this world, devils work like corporations.This devil no.4 needs to have a contract with this girl who lost everything and at the lowest point of her life. He can give her anything she wants, at the cost of her soul…

"Love Deficiency"
I underestimate this one because of the simple art style and silly concept. But holy shit the character's development is so goood I had to add it here.

The female protagonist boyfriend dumped her, which causes her to have the "invisibility" illness. This illness affects heartbroken people and make them completely disappear and die just like that. She clings to her boyfriend and begs him to stay with her in the most desperate ways, but he completely shuts her down because she is so clingy and over-affectionate throughout their whole relationship. While she was harassing her ex-boyfriend to stay, she meets another guy who have the same illness and they decided to work it out together. However, their personalities completely clashes and there's absolutely no hope in their relationship…

No. 74472

I posted about Que Sera last year too. Good rec >>3887

No. 74474

>Do you anons read Korean webcomics?
I don't know about the anons here but most people do ever since they took over. From what I've seen nobody really reads manga anymore. I used to read a lot of webtoons a couple years ago but I eventually got bored of it just like I did with manga.

No. 74476

Same anon but I think that korean comics are so much better than japanese comics too

No. 74481

Korean webtoons are mostly trash. The art is lazy and sloppy af, most of it being digitally done just highlights this. I hate the layout with excessive white spaces and little to no background.
>nobody really reads manga anymore
Lol in what world?

No. 74505

Eng translators are really behind on translating shoujo whereas eng webtoons is 60% shoujo.

No. 74803

I randomly remembered that I've always wanted to watch the 90's Vampire Princess Miyu TV series since I've read about it as a kid in an anime mag. It made me realize how fucking dark many of 90's popular shoujo titles were. You could easily confuse them with shonen if not for the usually flowery/girlish art style (anime often changed that). So many titles were about the approaching apocalypse (X/1999, Angel Sanctuary, Please Save My Earth…), societal issue manifesting as monsters of the week (Tokyo Babylon, Miyu, probably some more of Kaori Yuki's manga and stuff I forgot about… Yami no Matsuei as well I think), not to mention all the fucked up relationships between characters which were treated in a more or less tactful and psychologically believable manner depending on the author
DAE else miss this style of manga (or anime)? Has something in that style been published recentlish? The only title that comes to my mind is Hell Girl which is old as fuck by now.
Crap like Madoka Magica, Maho Shoujo Site etc. don't count as it's edgelord shit made by men for men and it's much less serious and dark than the mentioned titles.
I just want my dramatic and angsty shoujo full of gore, realistic trauma and battles. I realize that in the 90's there was this cultural fear that the world is coming to an end for real, but I don't think that the time for tragic shoujo has passed.

No. 74809

Now and Then, Here and There (a series about the effects of almost all water on earth being dried up) was my first anime I ever watched that wasn't One Piece.
Imagine my surprise when 10 year old me in the 00s found out that not all anime were that gripping and interesting and that anime fans preferred shows about cute girls doing cute things.
Even more recent stuff about the world ending is just so stupid and brain-numbing that I just can't get into it (not to mention so many current shows out of Japan is just the same show but with a different setting. Maybe I shouldn't say that when I want more of the same as well lol)
I don't mean to sound pretentious or anything because I respect creating art that other people enjoy even if I don't. I just saw this post and was like YES, this is why I don't like anime nowadays and whenever I saw that dozens of neckbeards on other forums try to recommend me stuff and it's all the same shit.
Rest in pieces, dead genres. You didn't deserve this.

No. 74838

>please save my earth
I never read this one but from the same mangaka I loved Mirai no Utena. It's hard to explain the story because it's only 11 volumes long but a lot is going on. It's about reincarnations and time travel. If any of you have the opportunity to read it somehow then do it. I never managed to find scans though, I read the French translated volumes in a public library a very long time ago.

And speaking of CLAMP, I grew up reading some of their manga (CCS when the manga was abrely concluded, clamp detective school, etc.) but I never read X/1999 because I wanted it to be over before starting, but we all know how that went. I've been told the anime adaptation has a proper ending, did anyone watch it? Is it good?

No. 74841

File: 1581126170351.jpeg (88.48 KB, 902x1280, 65ED9638-9C96-4C92-81F4-248246…)

Mr Villians Day off temporarily soothes my depression. Gib moe demon bf.

No. 74846

If I remember right you get your pick of two different endings, one for the anime and one for the movie. I wouldn't really call either ending good though.

Off topic but man, I used to love Clamp but now I can't even keep up with what's on hiatus and what's been straight-up cancelled, which wouldn't be such an issue if stuff like xxxHolic Rei and TWC weren't literally just plot twists and cliffhangers. Got some false hope when their 30th anniversary website went up but seems like they're still just doing Clear Card and random merch. At this rate at least one of them's going to be dead before they get anywhere close to wrapping up their multiverse stories.

No. 74856

Of my God, I love this series anon (even mentioned it in the anime critical thread)!
I wish that it was not completely forgotten. Such a hardbreaking story.
I don't know how it was in the other countries, but here in the 90's and early 00's manga (and anime) was loved by fans for offering relatively mature stories in cartoon packaging. It was very common for the early fans to shill manga/anime for having insane depth in comparison to american comics and Disney movies (lol). The early fans were also watching some moe series, but they were a rather niche interest. Basing your life philosophy on Japanese doodles has always been cringe, but at least in the past people had more reason to do that. I miss manga/anime that are written like normal stories and not some bizzare storm of medium specific retarded tropes. I love older series for that reason. I feel like it's very rare nowadays that something not retarded gets made in the first place and becomes popular enough to get an anime.

Yeah the anime and movie have different endings. The movie is beautiful but dumb (literally just a bunch of fights thrown together), I would watch it after experiencing manga and/or the TV series as it can still spoil some plot points.
I watched the TV series as a young teen and loved it, I think it's relatively good and the ending is okay. Probably not as good as what Clamp had in mind, but fitting the story. The manga is amazing though and worth reading even though it will drive you insane how there is no ending lol.

I wish I could get into newish Clamp works, but for some reason they don't grab my attention. The latest thing I enjoyed by them was Chobits. I adore their 90's stuff though.
I can't believe that I forgot about Clover, it's the fucking best and the story is sort of concluded (there was another volume or two planned, but the story seems complete as it is TBH). It also is a dark/psychological shoujo with some violence thrown in.

I can't believe that the Clamp ladies are old, it seems to me like they always were around and they always will be! Apparently the X ending has been already written and drawn but there were issues with a publisher. So maybe we can get it someday, even if Clamp is no more. At least I hope so.

No. 74884

By good I meant "well-written" for context, I'm not sure if you're saying it's not very well-written or if it's a sad ending. And for some reason I thought there was an anime, and the movie was just concluding the story kind of like with Evangelion. I'll check it out in any case, I think I'll start with the manga first though if possible.

About how CLAMP isn't grabbing your attention anymore I feel like that's the general public's opinion about them too. The only comments I see about them nowadays is either
>when will [literally whatever series] have an ending?
>can they stop with the crossovers already?
>is [whatever series] a direct sequel of [another series] or a soft reboot?
They were so insanely popular in the 2000s too, I never really noticed until recently how they're not really all that popular anymore.

No. 74885

>By good I meant "well-written" for context, I'm not sure if you're saying it's not very well-written or if it's a sad ending.

Sorry if I wasn't clear! I meant that the ending is fine, but not amazing. Both the movie and the anime present 2 different, plausible conclusions to the story. The thing is, I believe that Clamp had a third option in mind.
The manga is the best and the most fun, tho anime follows it very closely. If you prefer anime, you can watch it first. Just don't start with the movie. You might also want to read Tokyo Babylon first as it introduces two major characters and another one that is important to the story.
BTW here is a link to a cool tumblr full of X meta, including discussion of a possible ending! Best read after enjoying either TV series or the manga of X.

I wish I could enjoy their newer series but something makes them very boring to me. I can't even get through the first few pages. Something about the writing seems stiff to me. Any time I reread something from their old body of work, I fall in love all over again (even if some of their content is problematic. Good thing I never got into CCS lmfao).

No. 74886

Yeah, I meant sad. I honestly haven't watched either though, just read the manga and then read summaries of both endings, so I can't comment on the writing. My fav couple ends tragically in manga, anime, and movie but I guess that's what happens to side characters.

90s and 00s were Clamp's golden years. Tokyo Babylon, X, CCS, Chobits, and to a lesser extent Kobato and Tsubasa were all very popular, mostly mainstream series.

But Kobato (2005-2011) is the last 'new' series they did. Since then there's been Gate 7, which was abandoned after 4 volumes, and a bunch of reboots/sequels. Drug & Drop made it two volumes, Rei and TWC lasted a bit longer but then both were dropped so they could focus on Clear Card and it's anime adaptation.

So, for the last decade they haven't really been making anything 'new' at all, and they've not been able to keep up any of the sequels/reboots they've been doing. It feels like the only reason CCS Clear Card didn't also get abandoned is that it was probably a pretty good moneymaker, though I don't actually know what wider reception to the anime has been. Sequels are fine but I think they pushed themselves too far with the whole "95% of our works are connected and you have to read them all to understand everything" and now they've dug themselves into a hole and can't continue anything.

No. 74951

I could never get into Kobato. I liked the first chapter but I think the local scanlations stopped so I forgot about it for a long time. Now I'm not even sure where I should start reading it. It's a mess.
Tsubasa is Kingdom Heart tier bullshit TBH.

No. 74958

>Tsubasa is Kingdom Heart tier bullshit TBH
I never tried reading it since it's a crossover and I wasn't up to date with everything CLAMP published but I noticed since it exists that it attracted the same audience as KH, maybe that's not a coincidence.

Alright, I watched the first episode of X (so the TV show instead of the movie) and I feel like I should read Tokyo Babylon first so I'm starting with that and then I'll go back to X (either the anime or the manga first, idk yet) I'll have enough free time and motivation the next few weeks to read a lot of things so I'll try to read as many CLAMP stuff as possible and I was thinking about finally being up to date with Kaori Yuki's manga too. I'm in the mood for shojo manga nowadays.

No. 75229

Holy shit all this time nobody told me the three main characters of Clamp Detective School showed up in X but as adults? I loved the manga so much as a kid I had a crush on the blue haired guy. Good to know Clamp started the crossover bullshitery in the 90s at least.

No. 75230

Same. Clamp universe really activates my autism as a kid. When things were still all honky dory in Tsubasa where they just travel to different Clamp worlds gave me joy.

No. 75231

File: 1581480995444.png (261.25 KB, 818x467, 1556677005721.png)

Stop it, you almost make me want to read Tsubasa.

No. 75259

Yeah, they've been doing the crossover stuff/connections from the start. Like Chobits sort of but not really being a sequel to Angelic Layer. Side note, if you're into Clamp School Detectives they also show up in Duklyon (power rangers but in the school), and Man of Many Faces is about Akira doing some phantom thief shit. Heads up though, it's kinda fucking weird. Like, "9 year old dating a 5 year old" weird. Also for some reason he has twin moms.

No. 75349

File: 1581569344562.jpg (224.5 KB, 673x439, imagen-3-e1554504586721.jpg)

Has anyone read Reiraku/Downfall by Asano Inio?

I've always loved his works because of umibe and punpun but reading reiraku made me realize how much of a narc he is. The more you read the more you realize the manga is just an autobiography.

MC is a mangaka, his wife is in the same industry, the MC's office/house is literally Asano's office/house. Following this logic he goes on to cheat on his wife with a possible loli??? I haven't had anyone to discuss this with so maybe I'm being retarded

No. 76052

I finished reading X1999 like a week ago. I haven't seen any of the anime adaptations yet though because I started reading a bunch of other manga but holy shit I didn't think the cliffhanger would be that bad. It's easily worse than Nana's hiatus. And I was also stupid enough to read Legal Drug and Drug&Drop right after that one, I'm so frustrated. And thinking about it, I'm realising that a bunch of manga I read or wanted to read from the 2000s are or were on hiatus, or are updated very slowly and arent over yet. This might be why I kinda gave up on reading manga for a long time.

No. 76072

Welcome to hell, anon. Imagine that the ending has already been completed and someone has already seen it.
You may now watch the anime and movie and pretend that one of those endings is how the manga would end. Or you can make your own.
What are your fave characters from TB/X?
If you want more vintage Clamp feels, I highly recommend Clover (apparently it also was never finished, but you can't tell from the story) - IMHO it has the most wonderful art in all of Clamp's manga or RG Veda if you would like to read a proto-X with an actual ending.
Shirahime Syo is a wonderful oneshot as well.

No. 76082

Welcome to the club babe. I legit had dreams to become mango artist and join CLAMP and make them finish all of it and be a hero.

No. 76180

The X movie is kind of bad but it has amazing animation, it’s like fan service for the character designs

No. 76183

That's the cutest thing, I appreciate that you wanted to save us all from this hell
I actually forgot about the cliffhanger and had wanted to re-read it recently, good thing I read this thread and remembered not to reopen that wound

No. 77745

File: 1583266268214.jpg (1.18 MB, 836x1200, 1.jpg)

"The Lies of Sheriff Evans: dead or love" is such a charming manga.
It is kinda refreshing for some weird reason? The characters are so lovable even though they're all losers. I kinda of like the humor, it doesn't even bother me when it repeats itself again and again.

Anything similar to it?

No. 78058

Ao no Flag is ending next month…

No. 79468

It went to shit

No. 82705

File: 1586303880182.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 435.01 KB, 1080x1577, C46791E2-7C1A-497C-9F22-786B20…)

Ending almost redeemed how bad it got. Hopefully Kaito might do an extra chapter or illustration for the book release.

No. 83295

how the fuck does the ending redeem ANYTHING?

I'm all for LGBT content but it really seemed like his best friend was toxic pushed him into a relationship. He made his family and his best friend worry by moving away/quitting school because "oh no he don't like me". It was overly dramatic and manipulative, and in the end it worked.

No. 88044

File: 1589188595581.jpg (140.46 KB, 600x423, 206088l.jpg)

Anyone else reading Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru? I like it a lot despite myself lol; if you're especially tolerant of ecchi bullshit i recommend giving it a read, the main couple is quite wholesome and the author has definitely done their research wrt cosplay. Also it's crazy how much more enjoyable these kinds of romcoms are when the main guy has a personality and goals

No. 88111

Anon, I just caught up and now I’m pretty bummed that the translation group dropped it since it’s getting an English release. It’s mad good though.

No. 88151

File: 1589256629177.png (822.69 KB, 891x817, gfdfg.png)

Thanks for the recommendation! this is right up my alley.

Lately I'm very into funny, lighthearted mangas with shojo hints. I'm also trying to get into the isekai genre, but it's heavily male oriented so it's been hard finding something I actually enjoy.

I'm currently following 3 mangas. "Tensei Shite Yandere Kouryaku Yaishou Kyara to Shujuukankei ni Natta Kekka" is about a girl who is reborn as the rival character in a yandere game, so she is trying to avoid getting killed by the yandere characters. The other one is "Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta", which is basically the same idea (I think it recently got an anime adaptation), however while the first one is a bit darker, the second one is mostly comedic and focuses on the main character being a lovable idiot. Both are fun reads if you're looking to just have a good laugh and not a deep, interesting story.

Last one is The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, A Rún. It's kind of a dark fairytale, it gave me very heavy ancient magus bride vibes but without the romance.

No. 88156

I love The Girl from the Other Side! It's one of my favourites! I can't wait for the new volume to be released

No. 88189

>The Girl from the Other Side
I was interested in this series but the mangaka has made similar stories that end with a daughterwife, which I really hate.

No. 88199

Oh my god no, not another Usagi Drop. I want to have hopes though, so far there hasn't been any hints of romance….then again neither did Usagi drop and look what happened

No. 88220

I’m thinking since they already did it before they might not repeat it this time

No. 88946

File: 1589544584195.jpg (54.16 KB, 355x500, NEOBK-2125603.jpg)

I don't even like yaoi much but I stumbled upon Boku no Mama chan (43) Kaihatsu Nikki. And I don't really have much about this but it's literally some wet dream of Freeman and Cumberbatch shipper. It's weird.
I wonder if manga authors do something like that a lot. (Baestars sounds like Zootopia fanfic to me, too)

No. 88951

File: 1589548509539.jpg (30.51 KB, 236x368, e71093107a1c8b5490185004bae6c3…)

Anyone here read Kimi Wa Petto? I don't read manga much but I want to read similar stuff/more Josei so if anyone has any recs that would be great.

No. 88953

Are there any isekais out there with main character being nothing special and trying to make do in a strange, alien world. No chosen ones, no op powers just a fish out of water moments and crushing realization they'll never experience modern plumbing ever again.

No. 88986

konosuba? lol

No. 89115

Akiko Higashimura's work is great if you haven't read it already. Princess Jellyfish is her most popular work. The Full-Time Wife Escapist starts pretty slow/drawings are meh but is pretty interesting if you're looking for stuff w/ a feminist pov

No. 89178

>Ascendance of a bookworm
Bibliophile girl isekai'd into being poor and sick. Decides to print her own damn books. What a legend.

Maybe check out some otome isekai titles. The MC usually uses wit and diplomacy to deal with her situations instead of cheats.

No. 89228

I just started reading it and as a cosplayer who is also trying to get into making my own outfits I love this!! thank you anon for your recommendation!

No. 89828

File: 1589870004066.jpg (587.16 KB, 1440x2048, 1 (1).jpg)

"My broken mariko". It's short, only 4 chapters, but will make you cry like a baby. Awesome art too.

No. 89881

Someone in another thread mentioned Nana, so I wanted to ask if you can recommend any manga like Nana since it got discontinued

No. 90196


The author also did Paradise Kiss which is fashion focused and lovely if you enjoy her art style.

She also worked on Princess Ai which you should absolutely never read unless you want to read Courtney Love's mary sue princess-angel-rockstar self insert whine.

No. 90243

God I just read it and its so incredibly sad, it has me crying in my room rn

No. 90314

I also read and tbh, I get that it's sad and meant to be hella depressing, but it has that infamous cliché depression/suicide theme to it that you can easily find in every other suicide-related manga, so it's a 7/10 to me. The art is very nice though.

Also the entire "father rapes suicidal daughter" trope is so overused.

No. 90366

Have you read Mars? It doesn't have the fashion but also is a more mature shoujo manga.
She only contributed a single drawing to Princess Ai, I think. Personally I have a soft spot for it but the protagonist is a total Mary Sue, won't deny it. It's also never been finished (the sequel is missing a final volume, I think). I read it as a teen, so IDK if I would still like it if I read it now for the first time (I enjoyed my reread a few months ago though!). It's trashy fun.

No. 90380

If you liked Nana and decide to read Paradise Kiss you might as well read Gokinjo Monogatari, it's also about fashion and romance but it's more light-hearted than both Nana and Paradise Kiss. Paradise Kiss is actually its direct sequel.

No. 91304

I mean I guess, but what I found kind of unique about it is that it follows the friend and not the girl who committed suicide (and in fact doesn’t show the suicide at all). I thought it was a really intense look at the aftermath of an unexpected suicide but managed to do it with a certain lightness and humor to it.
I also really appreciate that it’s not all male-gazey and that it shows a really close friendship between two women. I especially like how much of a gross mess the female MC is at times, cause you don’t see that sort of “unflattering” portrayal of a normal woman much in manga.

No. 91608

File: 1590205290686.png (337.59 KB, 928x465, Untitled.png)

Just read it and agree with this take. Also the scene where the old men in the bar are all trying to talk to the main character is so fucking accurate. Funny too

No. 92450

I don't know if you can help me but I'm looking for a manga. It don't think it was yaoi or shonen-ai, yet unexpectedly emo-edgy-sadistic character kissed MC. Probably fantasy, they played with cards. That's all I remember sadly

No. 92552

File: 1590526831976.jpg (45.95 KB, 300x429, loveless-938.jpg)


No. 92730

Sadly no. I'm 90% sure there wasn't even romance plot

No. 93499

this is so vague it could be literally anything lmao

No. 94270

Shit, yeah I know. The only thing I remember is that I learned about this manga from /y/, when they were talking about gays in not-bls. But after looking through 20 Discussion threads I couldn't find it and I'm top tired to do it again.

No. 95052

File: 1591528202061.png (67.49 KB, 221x500, 0d95ec6d1d035c6230c8755c99f8f5…)

Okay so this might come across as autistic nitpick but its something I can't stand about beaststars

The author really tries to put most herbivores as the weak animals without really trying to explore the potential herbivores have with some of them being super strong. Take Louis, a fully grown male stag will never be taken down by a single wolf(i mean, wolves are not particularly that big except very few). A full grown Stag is actually 6 times heavier, The Author also often has fucked up biology in this, i mean panda being carnivores, and lions being apex makes no sense with animals like tigers existing, what is even more dumb is bears getting S.R.D (strength reduction Drug) so they don't go berserk, and also considering how tigers hunt and eat bears, but they don't get S.R.D

Biggest fuck up i saw was seeing a hippo in carnivore lock down, against a herbivore. . . A HIPPO does not even EAT meat, damnit.

Its one of few things that take the fun out of animal kingdom ideology of the series

No. 95057

>A HIPPO does not even EAT meat, damnit.
Might wanna fact check that anon.

No. 95076

Pandas can and do sometimes eat meat, and they have the digestive system of a carnivore, which is why they need to eat so much bamboo. If they were biologically fully herbivorous they'd be better at digesting plant matter and wouldn't need to be constantly eating and shitting bamboo.

Also, lions are apex predators irl. Apex just means at the top of the food chain of a specific environment, which they are. It doesn't mean "lions are the strongest and would beat anyone in a fight". Lions are apex predators, and so are tigers, and eagles, and killer whales. It's kind of meaningless in the context of the series where all animals live together rather than being split into different environments, but it's not wrong to say lions are apex predators. They're just one of many.

As for the drug, idk it's been a while since I've read it but I got the impression that it was given to all extremely large predators and not just bears over 2m. There's a lot of world-building stuff that doesn't get fully explored in the series.
>tigers hunt and eat bears
lmao anon idk what your boner for tigers is but you know there are different kinds of bears, right? Tigers are not out regularly hunting down adult grizzlies, and even when they do it's not a guaranteed win.

>a fully grown male stag will never be taken down by a single wolf

This is kind of another "tigers kill bears" thing. They can and do, but that doesn't mean it's common or normal. A solo wolf hunting a large herbivore can be successful, but it would take a long time and wouldn't be worth the effort. That's why they hunt in packs in the first place.

But, again, all kind of meaningless when you're talking about a fistfight between anthropomorphic cartoon animals whose biology literally can't match the real world. Like, you have an issue with the food chain stuff but you're okay with the fact they all have hands, and reptiles and mammals can produce viable offspring? Lmao chill out and lower your expectations, anon. It's just a shounen manga. Maybe watch some national geographic while you're at it so you can at least be accurate if you're going to nitpick.

No. 95083

Stop it anon you're gonna make the furries mad

No. 95147

I was gonna say that. Hippos have been absolutely known to eat meat.

No. 95207

Yami no matsuei? Tsubasa chronicles?? Fake???

No. 95225

File: 1591621596611.jpg (208.38 KB, 1920x808, Zootopia-disneyscreencaps.com-…)

Hippos eat meat when they are low on Iron but they aren't carnivore hunters in the traditional sense
>But, again, all kind of meaningless when you're talking about a fistfight between anthropomorphic cartoon animals whose biology literally can't match the real world. Like, you have an issue with the food chain stuff but you're okay with the fact they all have hands, and reptiles and mammals can produce viable offspring? Lmao chill out and lower your expectations, anon. It's just a shounen manga. Maybe watch some national geographic while you're at it so you can at least be accurate if you're going to nitpick.

My issue is that all herbivores are portrayed as weak and frail for no reason and that the only way for a herbivore to match a carnivore is with a gun, I mean fucking zootopia did this better by showing larger herbivores being a match for carnivores

No. 95260

File: 1591638742941.jpg (561.34 KB, 1080x798, 20200608_195148.jpg)


I can't believe but I actually found it and I'm literally so dumb, because there are a lot of things to remember in this manga and I remembered only the kiss

It's Kamisama no Iutoori Ni

No. 95562

Thanks for sharing your find

Glad you found what you were looking for

No. 95941

I wanna vent about naruto, specifically the (lack of ) devolepment of the female characters
I think I'm more disappointed of Narutos female characters lack of development then other Shonen series is cause I feel they had way more potential to be great
They had great and unique designs, awesome non-sexualized fighting styles and seemingly great interactions with the main cast

And then they just all stopped mattering

No. 95981

File: 1592174217908.png (70.85 KB, 500x375, ismokeweed.png)

Same anon, I agree so hard. Kishimoto wanted to develop Sakura more as well, his editors just told him not to. In my honest opinion most of them are fine up until the end chapters, I know everyone hates Sakura but she's my favourite.

No. 95992

Hey, I like her too!

Judging by the amount of Sakura-centric fics I came upon, she has a dedicated fanbase among girls, it's mostly scrots who keep bashing her.

No. 95996

Her fanbase on Tumblr and maybe Twitter is pretty huge. Some men like her, but they aren't too common.

No. 96023

File: 1592192743771.png (280.17 KB, 1024x659, d6zbpdf-1904403c-7b44-41e4-98c…)

I was talking about most of the female cast, they all had so much potential

No. 96069

They did Sakura so fucking dirty, all that build up just to be a housewife with a shitty husband

No. 96072

Never liked any female character in this series. I don't know what it is with shounen male mangakas, but how can they manage to write such a shit cast of female characters alongside complex, deep male characters?
yeah we know you're ignorant about women, but just write them normally like how you would write a male character?? They are humans too not just a pair of boobs and asses.

No. 96118

>complex, deep male characters
They aren't deep either tbh.

No. 96125

I would argue Neji was but I mean he kinda got pushed to the back and brought back to make NaruHina a thing so that happened.

No. 96147

Wow, it's almost as though Naruto is overrated garbage!

I get having an attachment to the series because of nostalgia; it was a lot of peoples' first anime. People need to stop defending it, though. Naruto is basically a bunch of manga tropes repurposed into one story, and everything it does, some other manga does better.

For instance, Sasuke's backstory is a shameless ripoff of Kurapika's from Hunter x Hunter. I understand that Kishimoto imitates Togashi out of love for his work, but it's really fucking irritating when people act like Togashi is the one who copied Kishimoto. This problem wouldn't exist if Kishimoto was a less derivative writer.

And for anyone about to say Naruto came first: the thing that come out in 1997 was a one-shot. The actual series of Naruto started a year after Hunter x Hunter.

No. 96234

File: 1592344515884.jpg (53.68 KB, 487x444, takako.png.jpg)

Can we talk about Shimura Takako?
I love how she handled trans issues in wandering son, and binged the rest of her work and I'm not sure what to say?

Her work initially came off as posi LGBT content but I had to stop reading when one of her stories alluded to a man jerking off a kid. is wandering son just a fetish fantasy wtf

No. 96236


No. 96237

Honest thoughts: I watched the anime for this and thought the writing was very good, even if I don't necessarily agree with most trans politics, this had a very mild approach to it. I really do hope the author isn't just writing fetish fantasy because that would be very gross.

No. 96250

I heard some people were angry about the ending of Wandering Son’s manga because one of the main characters decided not to go through with being trans, even though that’s pretty damn realistic

No. 96256

Yeah for a place like Japan I could see someone just conforming.

No. 96283

File: 1592417761054.jpg (500.45 KB, 1440x2048, she doesnt know why she lives.…)

an anon posted a panel from this manga on the panels thread.I ended up reading it and I liked it.any other-preferably short-manga about depression like this kek

No. 96336

honestly really glad they added that kids can just be exploring themselves and it's not a hard ur gay/trans etc

No. 98858

File: 1594448367860.jpg (38.45 KB, 424x450, nanaaa.jpg)

I'm looking for a josei or seinen manga with angst and romance and hopefully not something related to fashion. WLW preferred but I can go hetero as well, just no MLM. I've scanned through recommendations both from this thread and the girly manga thread already so looking for some fresh recs.

No. 98862

File: 1594452622574.jpg (292.52 KB, 1008x1446, gunjou.jpg)

Gunjou seems like it could be right up your alley.
Plot: "The story of a woman who asks the lesbian who is in love with her to kill her husband and their life on the road after the deed is done."

I know there are a small group of diehard fans for this manga. The angst level was actually so high that it turned me off of it, but if angst is your thing, you might love it.

No. 98864

File: 1594453056298.png (486.54 KB, 810x518, Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 03.3…)

The premise sounds interesting and I wanna give it a try but what on earth is this art style omfg

No. 98865

Yeahh thats reason #2 why i dropped it

No. 98866

Yeah.. Read chapter 1 but I can't go on. It's just way too ugly. Still appreciate the rec though anon, the angst factor was totally acceptable for me <3

No. 98956

why do their ears contain the fucking void

No. 99022

Is Horimiya good? I tried to read it 2 times and i always dropped it less than 5 chapters in. I feel like it's a bit dated since tattoos aren't really taboo at all anymore, should i keep reading, does it get interesting?

No. 99025

No. There’s a point where it does get interesting, we get some angst and some cute moments, but then it all goes downhill and nothing.fucking.happens.again. The story got super stale, Hori is fucking weird and not in an amusing way, and it just feels like the mangaka doesn’t really know what to do with it anymore.I’m still bitter about it because for a while it was one of my favourite mangas.

No. 99138

Any anons have recs for a comfy, feel good shoujo manga? I like manga centered around couples in love with a slice of life kind of feel. Nothing super sexual or anything really cheesy but just a nice depiction of a couple and their life together.

No. 99436

File: 1594889232505.png (867.31 KB, 758x1088, Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 04.4…)

So pissed that I got into this shit again knowing I should never start reading an unfinished series. The art is gorgeous and I want to keep reading but I've caught up on all chapters and I can't stand the ideao of waiting months for new content till it ends. I'm a clown.

It's called "Where The Shooting Star Falls, Wait There" (yup, retarded title)


No. 99457

File: 1594906263744.jpg (286.2 KB, 1440x2024, chapcover.jpg)

Skip to loafer is super comfy and down to eath, it's not finished yet though.

No. 99540

File: 1594975803716.png (524.08 KB, 1129x1600, zRdLlEh.png)

is anyone reading bouquet for an ugly girl? it's about a, well, ugly girl who becomes friends with the most popular guy in her class. she has a crush on him and he seems to like her too but she's overly aware of her below average looks (compared to her classmates) so she's constantly jumping to conclusions and thinking that he must hate her or something. i think it's really funny and heartwarming, and the misunderstandings aren't as annoying as they are in other shoujo manga.

No. 99611

any anons have read chainsaw man here? i've been really enjoying it, but i've actually only got around to chap 38 because i always read like 60 things at once i forgot to continue it.

No. 99620

this was super cute anon! Though got to admit was a bit disapointed that there wasn't more chapters yet. Thank you for sharing!!

No. 99621

I love it, been following since the 1st chapter. I really like Fujimoto's style and characters.

No. 99625

Yeah I read it every week.

No. 99631

I love it, Fujimoto is a genius their works are the best.
RIP my boy Aki, I just want him to stop suffering. FUTURE IS BEST!

No. 99647

same here, the entire manga just has this atmosphere that i haven't really seen done in manga before. it's like, kinda nihilistic? but not in the sense that life has no meaning and shit, but it's more like "everything in the world is shit and most people you know are assholes, but you might as well enjoy what life gives you". it also doesn't really go too serious ever so it doesn't feel like it's flip flopping between moods.

No. 99727

File: 1595167453304.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 829x1233, 1594387821279.png)

not gonna lie, i actually hate Chainsawman, i didn't like most of the characters + MC is annoying. but damn: it's making me sad

No. 99753

File: 1595183708701.jpeg (58.57 KB, 661x254, 265BAB64-7860-470A-B6C2-E6F3E2…)


No. 99758

haikyuu always looked really boring and unengaging to me, was the ending any good?

No. 99760

File: 1595186048155.jpg (120.72 KB, 1080x1219, STOP.jpg)

I'm so sad and happy at the same time.
It was the only manga I've ever bothered to keep up with.

No. 99767

I think it’s really good!! It sort of wraps up everything nicely while still keeping to it’s ultimate message. There’s a timeskip but it’s satisfying to see their growth, rather than feeling like a cheap “oh theyre older now ok the end” sort of cop out. I loved seeing everyone’s successes and failures, and how there’s never really an antagonist- everyone’s working towards the same goal. It’s a very fulfilling series, I highly recommend reading it all!!


No. 99768

might give it a go then. don't wanna pit the two series against each other, but i've always been a kuroko no basuke fan and when i saw haikyuu coming out it got my attention for a bit, but somehow the intial concept and what i saw of the character's personalities turned me off.

No. 99776

Funnily enough I feel like I couldn’t get into KNB because of the main character’s personality haha! If you mean Kageyama’s insufferable cockiness in the beginning, I think his overarching growth throughout the series very much makes up for how he is in the beginning.

No. 99909

I'm so glad it can rest in peace, the fandom is so fucking obnoxious and toxic

No. 99932

That's every fandom tbh

No. 99976

File: 1595311038212.jpg (33.48 KB, 426x480, ai-yazawa-please-come-back.jpg)

Is re-reading Nana considered self harm? It should be!!!

No. 100004

most definitely, its my favorite self harm method

No. 100019

Why? Because it's depressing or because it's still not finished? Or both at once. Because yes either way

No. 100800

File: 1595660299599.jpg (39.27 KB, 411x290, pls.jpg)

I'm now on chapter 42 of my Nana re-read and I wish Hachi aborted that stupid baby and moved on with her damn life instead of playing house with Takumi WORST BOY but that's just not how she is. I get it but she makes me so upset. My memory is pretty fuzzy on what goes down beyond this point in the manga so should be fun re-reading the coming chapters.

I don't understand why Ai Yazawa doesn't just give us closure and do an epilogue at the very least. She has been ok health-wise for a while now it seems…

No. 100807

I've been thinking the same thing for a while but getting an abortion in Japan is pretty difficult I heard. I need to have your husband/boyfriend sign a paper with you if you want to abort and doctors can still refuse for whatever reason, like "you're a woman so you're supposed to have babies" or "good thing you're pregnant even if you don't want to, it'll force you to grow up and stop fooling around". If you're ever in a similar situation as her then you're probably stuck in a similarly shitty situation.

No. 100858

I get the social stigma but Takumi has helped at least one ex get an abortion before and that was on the table for Nana as well. I don't think he would prevent her from aborting the baby.

No. 100865

I think Hachi's guilt from cheating on him probably played a role. Honestly I should reread the manga now that I'm a grown adult with more life experience but it's just too depressing by itself and there's still no ending in sight. At least Yazawa has recovered from her illness…

No. 100890

this was about where i dropped the series, it was too upsetting

No. 100898

File: 1595741836800.jpg (94.71 KB, 794x794, nana.jpg)

It's hard to relate to Hachi in that series of events imo but she said something like

>Nana O. was MIA, Nobu failed to show up for a while (he came to the apartment to meet them after some hesitation) but Takumi was there and firm. Hachi just wanted someone who is unquestionably there for her and pushed everyone else away to pursue that sort of stability.

This was brought up between chapter 42 and 53, not sure exactly when but she ends up talking to Nobu finally and she admits to herself that it wasn't to spare anyone's feelings but rather to keep herself comfortable.

Man I forgot how fragile Nana O. becomes about midway. The panic attacks and constant crying… kind of pathetic. Maybe an unpopular Nana opinion but Ren is a piece of shit imo and his death was probably a good thing in the long run. If Nana survives it, which she seems to have since the narration is retroactive, she'll be a stronger person eventually. RenXNana is dysfunctional as fuck. Also the flashforward bits seem to signal that Nana K. would end up with Nobu if Ai Yazawa got around to finishing the series.

No. 100919

File: 1595765255680.jpeg (42.77 KB, 441x695, DBEB86C1-0818-46A8-B1FF-DE0418…)

Abou Yazawa already being somewhat healthy, she is working on redrawing her old series to warm up to drawing again, apparently she spent so much time without drawing that her art quality kinda went downhill, so if she did anything Nana related it would most likely look like shit.

Tenshi Nanka no Jai already got published with updated artwork.

No. 101016

I remember she had some event IRL related to remake of this manga that still got delayed because of her health.

Talking about Nana… Am I the only one who can't seem to stand Hachi (Nana Komatsu) now? Ive been reading it again after many years and even though back when i was little I loved Hachi, now I couldnt even finish chapters because of her sometimes. Shame that i still love her character design, but personality is definitely not my cup of tea.

No. 101032

Found this thread pretty amusing, she points out a lot of the same stuff I thought as I read the manga.

Eh, at this point the fans would accept a less than perfectly drawn Nana over nothing. Imo she's got some GRRM shit going on, seems like she's avoiding ending her story because she's worried about it being received poorly due to its content.

Ok sorry about this fucking essay but

I hated Hachi as a kid and now I like her a little bit more. Her irrational behavior is frustrating but nearly every character in Nana is irrational and messy. Her marriage of convenience to Takumi made absolutely no sense to me as a kid and at my current age I understand that a bit better. I still wouldn't have kept the baby and married that abusive asshole if I were her but I kinda get it. Hachi is a spoiled person who takes the easy road, or the road people in her immediate vicinity expects her to take. She's weak-willed like that, but I appreciate that she knows that she is that way and learns to make slightly healthier choices as the story progresses. Towards the end I think you do see Hachi grow a as a person, she is able to put others first and doesn't let Takumi completely control her. She does become more cynical towards her own love life but still Hachi's arguably the more positively evolved Nana of the two. Nana O's arc is a complete downward spiral.

The tragedy of Nana the manga, rather than Hachi's disappointing marriage, comes from the two bands and their shitty members who can't do the right thing for themselves at any point. Yasu is arguably the only exception to this. Nana O. starts as this magnetic person you think is independent (because you see her through Hachi's perspective) but turns out she is overcompensating for how scared she is of loneliness (once you see Nana's own perspective as well as her bandmates). Her "strong personality" reveals itself to be a flimsy front for her desire to control those around her. That is the true reason for Nana's rivalvry with Reira as well. The latter is able to inspire the loyalty of pretty much anyone around her including Nana's own supposed soulmate Ren. I don't think Nana has that big of a passion to sing really, it's all about "proving herself" so people will do as she says and she can force them to be with her. Nobu is probably the first character to tell Nana to fuck off with her controlling behavior and arguably the only character who is able to break free from Nana's script fully.

Funnily enough, if Nana came straight to Apartment 707 and told Hachi to stay with her instead of being a coward, Hachi would have booted Takumi when the babygate thing went down. Nana's true soulmate (Hachi) slips through her fingers because she can't get herself to tell her what to do like she used to. Perhaps the way she learned to let Hachi be her own person (in the worst possible time to let her do that too tbh lol) is Nana O's one character growth for the better. It does end up triggering panic attacks for the rest of her life and becomes the catalyst for her ultimate downfall but hey, she did do a non-toxic thing for her best friend, technically??

Not sure why Yasu never regrets introducing Nana to Ren. It clearly ruined her life, but everyone seems to think it is some incredible romance. Then again, this manga has a way of not letting its characters realize things are shitty. It even has literally everyone cheering a pedophile on, yikes.

No. 101055

How did everyone here start rereading Nana at the same time I did? Lmao

It's a great manga in the beginning but I feel like the plot gets too messy around the last 20 chapters. Too many new characters get introduced, it keeps jumping to future then back to present often for seemingly no reason, everyone is still messed up on a downwards spiral and…

>It even has literally everyone cheering a pedophile on, yikes.

Yeah what the fuck up is with that. Shin is only 13-14 iirc and sells his body to old women (and men) and everyone is like "uh…not good but oh well". Even Hachi, who is supposed to be a mother figure and had a good upbringing, is like "Well Shin don't prostitute yourself TOO OFTEN mmmkay?"
I understand that at the beginning they might not be able to do much to stop it, but I dislike how as the story goes on it becomes something "normal". His romance with Layla the pedo is sickening and then he gets thrown to jail for weed possesion and everyone is like "welp". Poor kid. At least Layla fucks off to Takumi but the kid has already groomed :/.

I like Nana O.'s development as a character. She is on a downward spiral and her character flaws are apparent but if we assume that manga is going to get finished one day, I think her development could be really good. She seemed a little too great in the beginning (along with her romance with Ren) and I am glad that illusion got shattered.

I believe the manga does paint a realistic picture of how messed up people are in entertainment industry (or those involved with them). Going from various insecurities, egoism, "success no matter what" mentality, need for acceptance and really messed up stuff like pedophilia, it shows how fucked up it all can get.

No. 101058

I stopped reading around when they had those winter (?) camps. The one Hinata went to uninvited. Those were the latest chapters, but I stopped reading. I am not good at keeping up with the new chapters of manga, so it just sort of happened. I might go back to finish reading it now that is over. I did see the last chapter and was definitely not expecting Hanger to become Argentinian lol. I did get a little emotional though, so I am sure I will enjoy the ending more once I actually know what the heck was going on.

No. 101088

I really don't get why Yazawa introduced a million fanclub members with their own subplots. So much screentime is wasted to show their boring conversations. And then there's Junko and her guy discussing old news over and over, which I ordinarily wouldn't mind but the manga ends up sidelining the two titular Nanas in favor of a bunch of side characters. The two women barely get "screentime" and that sucks.

>nana O

Oh yeah, I like her arc a lot despite it being a negative one. I didn't mean to come across as though I dislike her. I just feel very, very sad for her.

Also its extremely frustrating that not a single soul in the manga is able to recognize a toxic dynamic. Every single character is seen supporting a shitty relationship, whiteknighting an abuser/cheater, encouraging co-dependent behavior etc. It's odd that more level-headed characters like Yasu, Miu, Shin, etc. are also participating in extremely irrational ways of thinking when it comes to these relationships. They're only willing to half-assedly call Takumi out, and even then they usually ignore his dickishness. Maybe it's a Japanese thing to not have criticisms of people's relationships but these are already pretty blunt people with no sense of boundaries.

One thing I find exhausting about Josei manga in general is that they're irrational despite showing "realistic" grit. They depict human tragedies and hardships pretty candidly but the way the characters behave can get way too dramatic and it ends up hurting the story especially if the story is a long one like Nana. Nana's premise is great and there is a lot to love about it but the execution is strange to say the least.

Why the fuck is nobody pointing out how retarded like 80% of the relationships in Nana are? Why is nobody criticizing anyone?

No. 101222

File: 1595872798013.png (506.58 KB, 1064x893, nana.png)

felt it was more on-topic here

No. 101312

I’m reading Nana for the first time right now, but I haven’t fully finished so I don’t have as many deep insights on the characters as other anons, but since we’re talking about Nana can I just ask-

What drug is Ren addicted to? I know they mentioned he did cocaine once(?), but most of the time he’s seen smoking so I assume it’s weed since it’s also mentioned that he smokes weed as well? I had to laugh in that scene where someone (don’t remember who) freaks out because they see that Ren has marijuana and they’re afraid that he’ll get horribly addicted when marijuana is one of the least addictive drugs and relatively harmless (maybe I’m biased). I’m on chapter 76 so I don’t know if they talk about this later on. Kind of a nitpick that doesn’t really matter.

On another note, I don’t really feel like Ren and Nana have chemistry. The whole manga builds up to the idea that they have this incredibly toxic, but codependent relationship but I don’t really get why they seem to like each other that much in the first place? Nana seems to like independence and is very driven toward her career while Ren is laidback and likes to fool around. Other than the fact that they’re both punk (and that Ren looks like Sid Vicious I guess), why are they so drawn to each other? I’m not criticizing the manga, maybe I’m just genuinely missing something. I don’t see what they get out of each other’s company.

Good tier list. Nobu best boy and Miu best girl for sure.

No. 101330

Yep, he is addicted to coke and smokes some weed as well. In an earlier chapter Reira actually asks if he is smoking weed in a light tone and asks to get a puff of it (turns out it was a cig) though. Seems like an inconsistency to me tbh, Yazawa decided weed was a problem for him later on as she developed the story more.

Yeah I don't really think Ren and Nana have much chemistry. Nana has far more chemistry with Hachi and I actually think she is in love with her but doesn't realize she is bisexual yet. She has a history of acting "princely" for women and seems to be really interested in "treating them right" sometimes.

As for why Ren and Nana are so drawn to each other… it's because the plot needs them to. Nothing happened between them that grounds their relationship. They just met as teens and it was… love at first sight aka sexual attraction. Nothing more. Then again, nearly every character seems to have a boner for Ren when he is one of the plainest characters. His personality seems to shift depending on what the plot needs him to be like. Sometimes he is all about hard work and cold-blooded career moves, sometimes he is willing to throw everything away for a friend. Sometimes he is loyal, sometimes he randomly makes out with people. It's a bad character whose only trait is that he is hot and good at guitar.

It's also unclear how Nana is doing internally. She had that panic attack saga and it didn't really get resolved, she just kinda got over it once becoming Ren's wife. Is Ren framed as a positive influence on Nana? I'm not sure. The framing is all over the place.

No. 101363

File: 1595928391466.png (Spoiler Image, 312.07 KB, 872x824, cliffhanger uwu.png)

Just finished my Nana re-read and I am so empty inside. How dare she leave us hanging for ELEVEN years…

No. 101366

tell that to X/1999 fans, bitch!
just kidding

No. 101387

fuck the ao no flag ending the les character up with a man? what the fuck? saying she loves both men and women? this girl who struggled to feel anything for her boyfriends? okay. the only redeeming thing about it is that apparently jp twitter was speculating that her husband is a tranny, by looking at the way he behaved, and i saw reddit comments saying they wouldnt like that because it kinda implies trans men arent real men LMAO id fucking love that, her husband being just a self hating woman makes it 100000 times better and would actually make sense since shes les. get triggered redditors

No. 101615

File: 1596061492643.jpg (286.99 KB, 1002x1280, 20181224_150940.jpg)

I will forever be sad they only translate one chapter a year of this absolute masterpiece…

No. 101618

What is this anon it looks pretty cool

No. 101622

It is from the sequel to Innocent, it is Innocent Rogue. Both are good reads, the first is loosely based on a real historic family the art is delish.

No. 101624

File: 1596065102737.jpg (302.82 KB, 963x999, Db77cVNX0AES52v.jpg)

I could gush for hours about the FL Marie. She is my goddess.

No. 101827

Just picked up Innocent. Usually when people say the art is good they mean barely passable but wow. This is the best manga I've ever seen, visually. Hope it's not retarded in the text

No. 101845

Ugh it's shit.

No. 101848

why you don't like it? Most people (including me) love it, so I am interested about your point of view

No. 101849

The plot feels rather absurd, characters are quite flat, and nearly every character is a flamboyant psychopath.

No. 101851

File: 1596189122179.png (1.13 MB, 1734x944, come on lol.png)

This made me kek

No. 101854

Welcome to pre revolution libertine France.

I will argue the flat characters.

No. 101858

Same. It's amazing that she was created by a japanese man. Proving that that they are capable of creating something other than moe waifus, I

>>101849 I don't think the characters are flat. The manga brings up a lot of interesting themes like gender roles and class. But it's jarring how some look like they came straight out of a visual kei band.

No. 101863

IMO I liked the first series but Rouge is like the mangaka going off the rails with his obsession with Marie, she’s like an OC donut steal of Oscar

No. 101864

Tbf visual kei is basically rococo punk.

Rogue is supposed to be about Marie, her obsession with gender equality and how that obsession lead to her downfall. I was at first annoyed she disappeared and you only learn of her fate via Henri's death scene, but it grew on me.

No. 101873

I used to read it a while ago, I stopped where Marie got the baby. What happened afterwards?

No. 101892

Rouge is already completely translated, anon. You can find in on Mangadex

Marie's kid grows up as a genderless child, Marie ends up getting killed by recolutionaries, everything else just dies like in history but in a very visually pretty fashion.

No. 101895

But themes being interesting do not equal good characters. A lot of the events in the manga seem so disjointed and whimsical. What the fuck was that quartering execution where the uncle pulls a bunch of completely retarded stunts? Why is the torturer… like that? Are we doing gritty France circa 18th century or are we doing yaoi?

Charles is grating as a protagonist. Just somme fagboy who keeps running against that "idealism" wall which he can only afford to do due to his higher class. He can afford to fuck up a million times. For a manga about class-struggle, it's certainly an odd choice to follow a noble who is framed as righteous and "one of the good ones". Cool yeah nice theme if you don't read any theory I guess.

Marie's edginess I do not understand how anyone can look past. I love edgy characters but Marie is straight up just a psychopath. What is there to her besides not wanting to be tied down to narrow gender roles and being a sadist? Nothing so far and I'm halfway through the manga.

No. 101896

File: 1596222199810.png (Spoiler Image, 165.98 KB, 1000x1437, k27.png)

That didn't end up happening though? And I'm glad it didn't.

I dislike Charles too. Other than that, my criticism of the manga is that it comes too close too torture porn many times. The writer tries to tackle meaningful themes but it ends up lost in gore fests a lot.

No. 101897

File: 1596223741754.png (607.17 KB, 1714x582, Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 15.2…)

Constant circlejerking about how beautiful everyone is. I'm hate-reading at this point.

No. 101901

I started reading Innocent few years ago, but I was quickly put off by the dumb, overblown writing. The art is gorgeous obviously, but I wish the author got someone more skilled to do the script, because he fucking sucks at it.

Recently I took a peek at Rouge to see if maybe something improved, but nope, it's still shit. And Marie is annoying with her third person pronouns.

No. 101903

The way manga is produced by the same person for both writing and art is really fucking stupid. Very few people are actually competent enough at both to drive a good narrative. I've yet to see a manga that does both in a top tier way, usually one lags behind the other rather noticeably.

No. 101906

Leave it to farmers to eviscarete things better than Marie does it.

No. 101910

I like Shinichi Sakamoto’s art but I agree that his writing isn’t that great. So many people say Kokou no Hito is a masterpiece and I thought it was a slog, I liked Innocent more because it had better female characters. KnH was all about male fantasy.

No. 102116

Can anyone help me remember the title of a manga? It was a short one-shot about a girl whose lifelong best friend suddenly starts acting strangely and and asks to be taken to the sea immediately. The MC trusts her friend completely, so she doesn’t ask any questions and basically kidnaps some dude and makes him drive them to the sea, while she reminisces about their friendship along the way.
SPOILERS in case this gets identified and someone wants to read it; there’s a big twist at the end it turned out that the best friend never existed and actually was a sick / injured space alien who disguised itself as a girl and planted false memories in MC’s head in order to manipulate her into helping it reach the sea, as there was a spaceship waiting there to rescue it. There might’ve also been some lame romance subplot between the MC and the driver guy iirc
I remember thinking it was pretty good and I’d like to reread it, but for the life of me I can’t remember the title or any of the characters’ names.

No. 102135

That description sounds familiar, I think I've read the summary blurb while browsing manga before. Unfortunately I passed on it, so I have no clue what it was called.

No. 102570

File: 1596534827741.png (1.11 MB, 1852x1156, having a normal one.png)

Still hatereading Innocent Rogue

>pregnant 12 year old comes to executioner's side gig of medical practice

>oh no, baby is a product of rape
>its dad is bourgeois and mom is a noble whose family exchanged her for money, classic ye olde shit
>they miraculously save her life during labor by performing a c-section and somehow putting her back together
>but wait, there's more
>turns out they saved her life so they could execute her a couple weeks later
>turns out she killed her husband by accidentally pushing him down the stairs during an argument about how her blood is superior to his
>12-year-old pushed a grown man to his death
>teen mom cracks up laughing OTW to her own execution because "thank god the disgusting commoner's jizzum devil has been expelled from mine body!! rejoice!"
>they yeet her
>suddenly, rest of the executions are called off for the day because the king felt like pardoning folks
>rape victim classist weirdo teen mom died for nothing

I hate it here

No. 102579

File: 1596541855405.png (1.1 MB, 844x1200, now this is sex appeal.png)

I started reading Kakukaku Shikajika, Way of the House Husband, and Bouquet for an Ugly Girl thanks to this thread and am so happy I did. I'm actually interested in reading more manga now.

Does anyone else feel genuine love for the art in the MP100 manga? I know ONE's art can be considered amateurish but the genuine sincerity it has is charming. That and it manages to get the characters' feelings across better at certain points than the anime does thanks to the roughness of it all. I find it REALLY funny that in the anime that the artists are admittedly horny for Reigen and purposely draw him hotter than the manga design for him implies, even accounting for the art's quality. Serizawa's non-NEET design changing so drastically between the manga, show, and OVA is also funny to me since after the final CLAW arc he looks decently consistent in the manga. I wonder if they're just trying to figure him out. Poor guy can't keep a face shape

No. 102591

The art isn't even all of his own making, he's got five assistants drawing the most complicated parts like hands, feet and clothing. He doesn't sketch, he just takes a picture of one of his assistants in a frilly dress, uploads it to the cloud and traces over it on his tablet. Video related.

No. 102592

File: 1596551418007.jpg (274.59 KB, 869x1238, owjdklLNnV1ri6k2no1_1280.jpg)

Samefagging to add, I was hoping this relationship would be developed, but noo.

No. 102593

damn i'm glad i found someone who hates it too, the storylines are so bizarre and edgy

not to mention the historical inaccuracy is off the charts

as a baguettefag it grinds my gears to see dumbass weebs who think they're history experts because they read that shit

No. 102594

Anon same, I just read past that part and was so disspointed that it went nowhere

No. 102595

File: 1596553287790.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 2166x1600, the fuck.png)

the fuck is this?

No. 102597

File: 1596557317000.jpg (27.13 KB, 700x644, 1593191222917.jpg)

Dios mio…

No. 102604

File: 1596561188019.jpeg (752.81 KB, 1900x1404, B6EF1B32-26D5-4EBA-8758-4A8A1A…)

i too hate it here

No. 102605

>I will now perform the surgery…



No. 102606

I'm glad people are discussing Innocent. Like it or hate it. I miss oeople discussing manga.

No. 102611

I love Innocent and Innocent Rouge because it reminds me of 90's edgy shoujo like X/1999, Kaori Yuki's works and the like. Rec if you know more stuff like this.

No. 102622

Come on, X/1999 is shit, but Kaori Yuki was never that bad.

If you want shitty Kaori Yuki ripoff for fujos, I recommend Baroque Chrysalis. As for other edgy stuff, Nakamura Asumiko, Lee Hyeon-Sook, Chiho Saito (but you probably know that one already), Yuu Higuri, Chronicles of the Grim Peddler and Horror Collector.

No. 102625

what… a beautiful duwang

No. 102626

>Come on, X/1999 is shit, but Kaori Yuki was never that bad.
I love X/1999 though I am aware it's not perfect. I wish we got a proper ending. Maybe once the Clamp ladies are dead and people are interested again in theor old work it will finally get published lol.
>Lee Hyeon-Sook
Ahh, I love Flowers of Evil, read it like 10 years ago or so.
>Chiho Saito
Only read Utena, any specific titles that I should check out?
Need to look into the rest of your recs.

No. 102638

No. 102644

File: 1596586259483.jpeg (46.4 KB, 690x1004, ED38D7D3-253A-4C0E-94E8-D0BCBE…)

If you haven’t read anything by her yet, you’d probably like Maki Kusumoto manga. K no Souretsu is pretty fun

>Asumiko Nakamura
Also her, especially Copernicus no Kokyuu

No. 102651

anon please, you have the anime or film endings to choose from. meanwhile I'm a dumbass who got invested in the xxxHolic/TRC multiverse which is never going to end because they keep adding new series to it. They have been doing a lot of reboots the past decade so maybe once CCS Clear Card is done X/1999 will get another chance? Their art style has changed so much tho, I don't think it could have the same vibe as it did in the 90s.

No. 102692

apparently the ending of X has already been drawn, it just wasn't published anywhere because Clamp refused to make any changes to it and the publisher thought it was too extreme or something.
The film/anime endings do not answer the question of what the fuck is going on with Kamui and his real wish. I've seen some pretty interesting analyses on tumblr in that regard, but I just want to know the actual ending of the goddamn story.

No. 102794

File: 1596712771283.png (Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 1892x1166, jesus christ.png)

Innocent Rogue being absolutely disgusting as usual

No. 102796

File: 1596713230973.png (1.24 MB, 2026x978, smooth.png)

smooth talker

No. 102797

I don't know I loved Innocent/Rouge, it's melodramatic as fuck and despite the obvious use of pattern brushes & cie it was still a pretty read. My favorite parts were whenever the aristocratic lifestyle was showed, even exaggerated it's fascinating. I'm also pretty sure Zero is male but whatever, I wonder how the other traductions with gendered language (spanish, french..) went for his/her speechs especially at the end)

No. 102804

kek von Fersen was the best. But I can't get over him and Antoinette as well as others looking super animu when others characters were drawn more realistically.

No. 103274

I hate how Sansons don't have eyebrows.

No. 103289

File: 1596975678822.png (148.35 KB, 500x338, tumblr_inline_ohfkr6CucC1rxlxn…)

Marie Antoinette stole all their eyebrows.

No. 103291

Glad to see Innocent discussed here, I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about the series. I was originally drawn in for the gothic Rose of Versailles take on the Sanson family (for some reasons I love reading stories about executionners), but the way it has turned out disappoint me so much, such a convoluted and overdramatic mess, and too much Marie wanking who is now just an edgelord who changes her opinions every few days. I'm following the official french publications, so I have no idea how it's going to end, but I'm probably going to be very disppointed, I'm mostly reading it out of habit and love for the original manga and Kokou no Hito. The video above here >>102591 crushed my dreams, I really thought Sakamoto was just This Good at drawing lol.

I'm pretty sure Zero is male as well, I get vibes of "Marie wanted a girl and was disppointed to get a boy so she decided to troon him out". She's not even dressing him neutrally, he looks like a girl in all but name. If you look at IRL "gender neutral" kids, it's often boys who get this treatment because mommy would have preferred a girl.

No. 103299

File: 1596983040654.png (418.79 KB, 810x1200, vonfersenetma.png)

Got excited because of the names… then I saw the images and realized Im surrounded by plebs itt.

Let me educate you with the GOAT french revolution manga (pic related)

No. 103300

File: 1596985267214.jpg (1.32 MB, 1200x1561, axel_von_fersen_1769_gustaf_lu…)

Now that is a manga where the art style made sure I could never get into it or take it seriously.

No. 103302

you do realize that a lot of fans of Innocent are also into Rose of Versailles, right?

No. 103304

Umm, Rose of Versailles was mentioned several times during the discussion, we know about it.

No. 103312

I agree with you on the Mary wanking part. For some reason everyone loves her, and I get that she can be cool at times, but she's just become an edgelord and the author seems to have a huge boner for her. Who's she even supposed to be? An OC? Is she based on a figure that really existed?

I loved Innocent when it started off with Charles, everything felt more in order and I appreciated showing the struggle of someone born to become an executioner despite a meek and peaceful personality.

No. 103313

Meant to write Marie, sorry.

No. 103317

The real Charles-Henri Sanson had a sister named Marie-Josèphe, but she's only been mentioned very briefly in the Sanson family records (I believe she married the executioner of Reims and that's it). The real Marie-Josèphe obviously never became an executioner (I don't think there were any female executioners in France even during modern times), so you could consider her Sakamoto's OC. I thought she was a pretty neat character in the beginning, but she got hit hard by bad characterization during Rouge, she changes her motivations every few chapters and her list of accomplishments became pretty ridiculous and her trooning out her kid really left a bad taste in my mouth. I was obviously not expecting a 100% historically accurate and realistic interpretation of the Sanson side during the Revolution, but I would have honestly preferred if Charles-Henri had remained the protagonist.

No. 103378

Ah I see! Thank you for clarifying. I tried to look into it myself some time ago, but as you said the real person was nothing like the character, who seems to take inspiration from other figures as well. At some point she feels like an edgier Oscar from the Rose of Versailles.

No. 103387

Even the way she had the kid was hilarious. mounts infinifat retard husband "we're doing this!" and for what exactly? I don't get why she decided to become a mother

No. 103391

God yes, that part kinda creeped me out wasn't the guy mentally a child?. Sakamoto tried way too hard with the shocking situations in Rouge, the Révolution was already horrifying enough on its own, no need to add edgy imagery.

No. 103497

Nta but thanks for the rec anon. I've been enjoying it. It's a light read and I can totally relate to Tabata (sad but true)

No. 103513

Best part is that he appears in the final chapters, having lost weight after worrying about Marie. He looks just like all the other bishounen in that manga kek

No. 103518

Honestly I prefer the way non-bishie characters are drawn in this manga. They're more realistic and have unique faces instead of the copypaste doll face.

No. 103621

By the way, do the one scene wonders historical figures like Sade or Napoléon have any importance in the manga or was it just "haha famous people wink wink"?

No. 103707

File: 1597222446479.png (Spoiler Image, 2.65 MB, 2012x1196, family quality time.png)

in case you were wondering what's going on in innocentland, marie tied up her brother to… idk what end really.

No. 103709

i think he decided to keep wearing the shibari under his clothes like a corset to like… snap out of having a conscience or something

No. 103713

File: 1597224798662.png (556.9 KB, 920x886, what.png)

mister bean has entered the chat

No. 103716

What a handsome man.

No. 103724

…was shibari even known in France during the revolution period?

No. 103726

File: 1597229807011.jpg (Spoiler Image, 615.69 KB, 1740x1278, seriously?.jpg)

The artist just wanted to draw that, I suspect.
Don't forget that he was tortured by his father and grandma too. Then he does it to his son, continued the cycle fo abuse. I nearly quit the manga when it opened like this, only kept reading because someone with taste I respect recommended it to me.

No. 103736

And it’s not one of those visual metaphors the mangaka is into drawing? Goddamn dude

No. 103785

yeah no he definitely wears the shibari under his clothes for real and then a guy accidentally unravels the ropes by cutting them in a homicide attempt and henri faints because he can't function without them lol

No. 103788

>If you must ask "why"… then ask the pain!!!


No. 103790

You're all making me want to see how crazy Innocent can get. I thought it was supposed to be a serious take on the french revolution because of how a former online friend described it for so long.

No. 103791

I hated goodnight punpun. Mostly because I dislike reading that types of stories anyways so I knew it will not appeal to me. Although, I love the art.

No. 103807

Punpun is the breaking bad of the manga world

No. 103821

Everyone I know loves it, but I really don't like it. I know it's supposed to be weird and uncomfortable to read, but it feels so disgusting to me… and fetishy.

No. 103822

It has some serious and good moments in my opinion, but don't expect anything too accurate to the real events. It's VERY dramatic and there are some odd things like the ones posted here before.

No. 103840

Same here, my bf loves it, and I just couldnt read it fully because I kept feeling like absolute shit. People shill Inio Asano so bad

No. 103852

File: 1597277679248.jpeg (39.43 KB, 203x312, 0CC82E86-1D9D-41D6-9F45-DB4F18…)

This manga is such a train wreck, I’m honestly mostly reading it because the mc is pretty cute and I got a few reaction images from it.

No. 103874

what is fetishy about it? i've only seen pictures of this one and was going to check it out

No. 103879

File: 1597298564982.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.48 KB, 744x1024, d4111ceb46eb0a601298dd2d3862f0…)

Not that anon but for me it is the fact that everyone suffers and everyone gets fucked
Pic related, not the worst example, but it annoys me.

I feel like japanese people have a thing for suffering+sex. It's too seen on other manga to not be a fetish. The manga Emergence is a very big example, a scrote recommended it to me and I fell for the trap of reading it, I ended up crying the whole evening.

No. 103883

I would probably be okay with suffering-related storylines but high schoolers having sex is a hard pass for me. I do not ever want to see that shit.

No. 103884

i think innocence plays a big part too, in most sex scenes the girl doesn't seem to be enjoying it and there're weird whimpering moans

No. 103886

Then you're up for a surprise, because Oyasmi Punpun is not the only time Inio Asano has touched that subject. In fact, A Girl on the Shore's premise is " two junior high school students who enter into a casual sex relationship". Haven't read that one, and I never intend to. I think the picture from the OP of this thread is from that manga.

No. 103887

Read the Girl on the Shore, and there's no scenario, it really is just "two bored teenagers have sex", there's zero substance, and the sex is pretty hardcore, I've read tamer hentais. I've only read the first half of Punpun, but even at this point it was already misery porn and it was such a drag to read.

I really don't get people who shill Asano's mangas, every character is miserable and the setting is bleak, I usually like grimdark, but there's always a feeling of boredom that make the stories a chore to read (also he once said he wanted to be a girl and people jumped to "omg trans girl!!1") Apparently Solanin is good because it's not as dark as the aforementioned works, has anyone read it?

No. 103888

I have and is the only Asano’s manga I can tolerate. It talks of young adult going through the first hardships of life and feels way more sincere than any other of his works. I’d recommend it, it’s still pretty depressing but the message to the end is somewhat light and freeing.

No. 103895

A guy I know loves it because it's "so deep and misunderstood" when really it's just some sort of humiliation/corruption porn. Guys love jacking it to this shit and call it a masterpiece.

No. 103902

Men love touting their gross wank material as d33p and complex masterpieces. Look the men who will go awful lenghts to explain why some anime girl wearing skanky outfits is actually metacommentary for some shit and how the teen fanservice in eva is so meaningful and how that red bitch's clothes in ttgl are very practical, even though big boobs in that barely supporting 'bra' would hurt. Tards. Just wank to your porn, doesn't have to be deep.

No. 103903

>Men love touting their gross wank material as d33p and complex masterpieces.

Truth. It's the same with movies.

No. 103915

Oyasumi Punpun is one of those mangas that I feel are needlessly dramatic. It could have kept the fact that he and his parents are drawn as shitty bird characters and their dysfunctional relationship and that be it. Why throw in the manic pixie dream girl?

I may be off mark but it's like a Walmart version of 20th Century Boys, in a strange way.

No. 103917

I am so glad we’re all on the same page about Inio Asano because I always get called stupid for saying I hate his work. I’ve tried all of his mangas and besides Solanin they were basically all that same weird masturbatory plot line about a loser asshole man with no good reason to be depressed taking his frustration out on women (usually sexually). The fact that men think that’s So Deep tells you a lot about men’s true nature. His art is great but there’s no level of visual beauty that can redeem his shit ass incel stories.

No. 103918

Glad you're waking up and ignoring gross scrote opinions of what is great d33p art.
I remember being new to manga and asking guys for recs of something that wasn't macho fanservice for men stuff, and getting…ecchi recs.

No. 103927

Oyasumi Punpun wouldn't be as popular among male manga readers if it was only about the dysfunctional family/ unstable bird guy growing up. They like to preach about how d33p it is beyond the porn, but I bet they would never pick it up if there weren't explicit, crude and rapey sex scenes between teenagers in it.

No. 103929


I feel like Punpun is so popular because it's "baby's first suffer porn manga". The fact that it starts relatively happy and just gets more bleak helps hook in people who are not used to reading things like these, in my opinion.

I read it as a teenager and it made me cry for days, it felt very relatable at the time and I was already depressed and looking for stories to make me feel like shit. As an adult I'm not sure I would have the same opinion, it's extremely bleak and if I remember right even Asano said that he was a in a really bad place when he made it and wouldn't write something like that nowadays.

No. 103933

> Look the men who will go awful lenghts to explain why some anime girl wearing skanky outfits is actually metacommentary for some shit

You mean Kill la Kill?

>Men love touting their gross wank material as d33p and complex masterpieces.

Pretty much this! with everything. Always has been, always will be, has been a thing since the last century started and it doesn't seem like it will stop.

No. 103936

I'm so happy there's people who agree that people like Inio Asano a little bit too much too. I'm sorry to hear they call you stupid, usually people do that when you tell them you hate x popular author for whatever valid reason.
Most shitty weeb men recommend shitty weeb manga. I hate when people recommend OPM, MHA Jojo or One Piece. It's just buff men living power fantasies. I think only certain men who are more into art could recommend better manga but honestly? Always ask women for recs.

No. 103944

Fully agreed however with all the nutters that genuinely recommend Innocent to people I now wonder if there is a female version of this un-self-aware worship of shitty manga.

No. 103946

What is Innocent? lol

No. 103951

Scroll up.
The difference between punpun and innocent is that innocent is actually entertaining. I went into innocent expecting to hate it because I hate torture porn, but in the end it was so absurdly ridiculous that I couldn't help but binge it. Rouge, however, I would not recommend.

No. 103958

Yeah Innocent is A LOT of things but it's certainly not boring. In fact the main problem is that it's a mess that doesn't seem to know which genre it should stick to. That and the excess disgustingness. But there is some clever shit among all that.

No. 103960

Big, huge, massive disagree
I lumped Rouge with Innocent when I said it but I find both of them to be very boring and stupid. I just read them to find retarded scenes to post here.

There have been so many manga I've been recommended that turned out aimless and melodramatic like Innocent. I bet there's a pattern of mediocrity just like the coomer taste pattern men fall into.

No. 103964

What's your favourite non-boring manga? I want something good to read.

No. 103986

File: 1597355130614.jpg (121.87 KB, 630x738, ocihibi.jpg)

Honestly there is nothing I've read that I thought was legitimately non-boring. Berserk is my favorite and even that has so many boring chapters, weird/gross character dynamics and is unfinished therefore not something I would even recommend to anyone.

As an unrelated rec for those that like wholesome content this little manga called Ochibi-san by Moyoko Anno (yes the evangelion man's wife) is super nostalgic for me. I actually bought all the ebook volumes on amazon and archived them into PDF.

No. 103987

>innocent sucks and is boring
>there is no manga that isn’t boring
>criticizes series with torture porn
>reads and enjoys berserk

No. 103990

Isn't Berserk full of rape?

No. 103993

Yes. Every time I see a screencap of that manga casca or whatever her name is has her bare titties out and is being sexually assaulted by goblins or some shit. My brother thinks it's high art.

No. 103995

It is, Berserk is one of those omg deep art scrote favorites that is a bunch of depressing sex and violence and male power fantasy. Nice art though.

No. 104002

There's nothing inherently funny about this scenario but the way you described it and your brother's idiocy in such a blasé manner made me giggle

No. 104004

I didn't say Innocent is boring due to the violence, I said Innocent manages to be boring despite so much theoretically exciting stuff happening.

No. 104012

Innocent, and Rouge are… bitchy. But that was libertine France. A time of excess and bitchiness. The people were, EXTRA. It's a decent story and gorgeous art.

No. 104017

File: 1597375970949.jpg (161.91 KB, 639x909, D_4Ti1mX4AE5vK-.jpg)

This tbh. I personally think that's the main appeal of the manga aside from the art, especially when you have these moments of Marie Antoinette using social media as a metaphor to emphasize what was going on from her perspective (she was a teen after all).
These little details made me appreciate the story for what it is: completely over the top.

No. 104021

Ohh, I did like the social media segments. Reminded me of Snotgirl (western comic) in a good way.

No. 104384

File: 1597436386354.jpg (580.87 KB, 1500x2106, 91DqlasB5eL.jpg)

What are your thoughts on Made in Abyss?

Completely ignoring the loli/shota pandering (which is something very hard to do), I find the caving concept extremely interesting and the body horror genuinely fucked up. If the mangaka wasn't such an overt pedo it would be a great manga.

No. 104385

I've only watched the anime but I really enjoyed it. As you said, interesting concept and cool horror elements. Love Riko as a character, yay for brave and tough girls. Wish the characters were older but it is what it is. I at least can't recall too much outright fetishization of the characters, like no weird romances, half naked poses or focusing in on their bodies. Maybe that happens more in the manga though.

No. 104400

what opinions are to be had besides that it's lolicon garbage? if you remove the lolicon and the body horror there is nothing left of the manga lol

No. 104418

It's just so overtly loli/shota bait, I can't morally justify reading it. Like it's not even subtle and it's produced so much fucked up porn of tiny, toddler-like characters.

No. 104427

File: 1597462893475.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.14 KB, 512x493, 641617c03c2a1c1003e436da628904…)

I kinda like it- or well, I would like to say I like it, but the extreme moral guilt I feel when reading it does not justify it.

The main characters are kinda cute and interesting, the woldbuilding is AMAZING and mesmerizing, the art is very detailed and good, the creatures are pokemon levels of engaging, and the story is an alright story.
But jesus fucking christ all of this is outweighted by the disgusting shit that happens in this manga. I've tried following it, and I still read the updates, but at times I felt so fucking disgusted (everything about Bondred or whatever his name is an example) that I felt like I was reading a fucked up fetish manga and wanted to throw up. I just don't know if I can still justify myself reading it, but man, it's still kinda engaging and good. But jesus christ it always makes me feel like a degenerate when I finish reading some sections.

The sad thing is that the anime is not that toned down compared to the manga, and the manga really does go places. So I can't even recommend that one, even though, shit, the worldbuilding is fucking great. I really don't know anymore, but as far as 2020 goes I haven't even touched it, don't want to give time to a misery porn-ish story. The guilt is strong in me. I don't know why or how can japanese people like seeing cute, innocent, and weak characters getting brutalized, traumatized, suffering, and having an overall shitty time. Even WORSE if they are literal kids.

As an example, the whole story about Irumyuui (had to google the name). She was an indigenous kid from a small village near the abyss, she was deemed as "not fertile/not suited for pregnancy" or something like that, so she is deemed as unworthy for the village and is exiled as an offering to the abyss. Shit happens, and the group that she is traveling with gets sick to the point everyone is having diharrea (explicitly shown on the manga by the way) and dying. So more shit happens, and in the end, she gets granted a wish, which was "being able to give birth"(yikes). So every other day she woul give birth to a tiny small bunny-like mammal, who of course, would die and traumatize the girl, rinse and repeat. The group she was traveling with even start eating the bunnies and call her a savior. Well, even more shit happens, and she becomes a whole vessel and constantly gives birth. I don't know if I want to keep writting this, you get the idea. Pic related.

Yikes what I just wrote made me feel even worse about this shit. I think I'm done with it. The bad outweights the good.

…Point is, if anyone here is interested in this manga or anime, just stop. Stop right there. Don't do it. It's better to left some things unseen.

No. 104433

>that spoiler
holy shit, am I glad I immediately stopped reading this around the first scene of a bdsm punishment for a kid. What the fuck??? what even is that weeping orb on her, I have no idea what's going on in the pic
I can't wait till people realize they were roped into reading a pedo fetish fantasy all along. Yikes. Of course probably some fans are reading it for the pedo content, but I've seen a lot of reasonsble anime fans (ie nondegenerate women) praise this bs. Apparently series popularity turns off critical thinking in some people.

No. 104435

That bdsm punishment scene is exactly when I quit as well. Since then my exposure to this manga has been from random images online and shit like anon's spoilered example. No fucking thank you.

No. 104439

Anon I'm deeply sad to inform you that the weeping orb is not an orb but the hole where her babies come from

>I can't wait till people realize they were roped into reading a pedo fetish fantasy all along. Yikes.

This is exactly how I feel, I definetely feel something like that.

>I've seen a lot of reasonsble anime fans (ie nondegenerate women) praise this bs. Apparently series popularity turns off critical thinking in some people.

This is the sad thing, anime fans who don't really interact with these hardcore fetishy things think you can turn a blind eye and just enjoy the story and the world inside it, but then it gets worse and worse and I swear to god it adds up.

No. 104443

NTA but a lot of people who are unaware of fetishes legit cannot pick up on blatant fetish content. They might think "oh man this scene is uncomfortable" but they don't realize it's something someone jacks it to. If they knew they wouldn't be able to look at it and ignore those elements unless they're also scum.

No. 104459

Imagine making a child character from a village, and then making her whole backstory and personality about fertility and pregnancy. A child, whose theme is fucking pregnancy. And then you have her birth every day.
How do people not get that it's a fetish manga? There's so many instances where the characters (who are almost all children) are put into a sexual situation, or their genitals and intimate parts are the focus. I dropped this shit when the half android boy from the abyss or something was introduced and the other children began talking about his dick. It's disgusting. I can just imagine the author jacking off to his drawings of half naked and tortured/suffering children. How did this shit even get an anime?

No. 104485

I'm glad I stumbled upon this discussion. I never looked into the manga or the creator and did not think the anime was "that bad". I was even recommending it to my friends. I've done some digging now and boy do I have ragrets.

No. 104489

File: 1597510548593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.53 KB, 188x267, descarga.jpg)

> I dropped this shit when the half android boy from the abyss or something was introduced and the other children began talking about his dick.

This was a very big red flag that I was told to ignore because it was just "children being children" and I was dumb enough to believe it even though my brain was telling me something was seriously wrong. Seriously, don't ever listen to fans of this manga, they'll try to bring you down with their degeneracy and insist that these things are "normal".
Pic related is something that made me feel seriously sick to my core, NSFL. Basically Reg the android boy gets captured and "experimented" on. This includes, for some fucking reason, putting a machine that sucks some kind of liquid out of his groin. Look at the way it is drawn with the blindfold and tell me this isn't some kind of fucking degenerate kink. This is seriously not okay.

No. 104491

File: 1597512211853.jpeg (106.86 KB, 653x469, images (24).jpeg)

You know a manga is bad when even your degenerate friend tells you it's over the top. I don't want to post pics but the Tsugumomo manga author seriously likes to draw kiddie bodies it's fucking disgusting. Worse his art is very nice to look at if you look at the monsters, it's a shame how many author ruin their work by adding pedo shit… and I'm pretty sure he uses reference pics

No. 104500

File: 1597520292237.jpeg (821.46 KB, 1500x2095, CC86F1E0-EEDD-45D9-8756-2C771D…)

I don’t have much to add to this discussion, since I wholeheartedly agree with everyone saying this series is a thinly veiled fetish fodder, so I’m just going to leave an example of a typical galaxy brain pedo defending it.

No. 104502

It's because of people like this that works like Made in Abyss get so popular despite being porn for pedos with a bit of worldbuilding.

If a work includes abuse and violence, there's a huge difference when it's drawn by a person aroused by it and a person that just wants to depict it as part of a story or character. Even if you can't tell exactly what it is that makes it different, you can just feel it. Most of the time it's the way the chacarters are drawn, and the fact that most of the things they do revolves around sexual themes in one way or another, even when those themes shouldn't be there. The argument "this character looks like an 8 year old but is actually 200!!" is automatically invalid. These bastards are still attracted to the body of a child.

Of fucking course they experiment on him by putting a sucking machine around his genitals. Of course. That's the first thing a normal person would think about when thinking about ways someone would experiment on a child when making up this scene. Right. Blindfolded, no exams on other parts. Ffs.

No. 104512

Is the manga worse than the anime, in terms of the thinly vieled degeneracy? the way this guy presents it is that there're a few scenes of nudity in order to showcase the themes

No. 104518

File: 1597529427379.jpg (6.26 KB, 203x250, 1564001384241.jpg)

there's a reason why the MIA fandom is mostly male and why so many men trip over themselves to love and defend it.

No. 104520

>if you see a pedo fap fodder for what it is and you are disgusted with it, guess what?
>You are the fucking pedo! Checkmate, sjws!
Absolute galaxy brain

No. 104523

See these posts:
It would be bad enough if these were the only two instances of unsettling things happening but there are WAY more and nudity is NOT the only problem. The anime does seem to be toned down compared to the manga, but I can’t say that for sure, as I dropped it pretty early on.
The people defending Made in Abyss dismiss people who are uncomfortable with it as pearl-clutching prudes who can’t deal with children getting hurt in fictional scenario. But the point is not depiction of children‘s suffering being inherently wrong, but rather how it’s depicted. This may be a really random example, but there’s an old Russian movie called “Dead man’s letters” in which the main character sees a hospital ward full of children dying from radiation poisoning and it’s completely harrowing but at no point are they shown shitting and pissing themselves, with their skin peeling away, as kids in Made in Abyss would be, in great detail. Showing violence and suffering sparingly or in understated way can sometimes hit much harder than full on explicit gorefest when it comes to visual media.
Tsukushi goes way beyond showcasing themes with the levels of graphic detail he inserts into scenes of children having bad time. And maybe I am being biased but he does seem to relish in it. Like, is showing a sucking device attached to underage character’s dick front and center really necessary? How can anyone fucking defend this? Jfc

No. 104525

>If a work includes abuse and violence, there's a huge difference when it's drawn by a person aroused by it and a person that just wants to depict it as part of a story or character. Even if you can't tell exactly what it is that makes it different, you can just feel it. Most of the time it's the way the chacarters are drawn

This. But I wonder what the difference is. Is there somewhere I can read more to comprehend this phenomenon?

No. 104527

Ima, Sokoni Iru Boku was an early example of a war drama where most of the characters are children suffering terribly. And yet nobody was offended or considered the series a pedo's wet dream. Too bad that nobody remembers it, it's a good example of what MiA is supposed to be according to those retards.
I remember Narutaru being infamous years back for presenting violence against children (or rather young teenagers) as well as some sexual scenes, but none of that felt fetishy to me as well, just twisted and uncomfortable (but in an intended way). YMMV though. None of the content was as sick as any of those scenes in MiA.

No. 104528

Samefag, because the above essay was apparently not enough for me lmao.
I also find it super disturbing that this guy >>104500 justifies random sexualization of children as “funny“ and “a bit awkward”. Iirc, there’s a scene where Riko mentions Reg’s dick and another little girl asks her if it’s like her “Papa’s rod” (yes, exactly what you’re thinking of) and it’s played off as a joke. Like, if that’s the kind of humor that appeals to you, I’d be happy to throw you off a cliff myself.

No. 104539

i remember when i was first reading made in abyss the entire premise pissed me off. like there was a giant crater in the ground that made people go insane if they delved into it. i was just like then don't go down? it's easy. problem solved. manga over.

No. 104548

Wow amazing actual 5head

No. 104557

Do you write the video scripts for Cinema Sins anon?

No. 104580

I've never actually read any article covering this, but >>104523 and >>104527 are some examples. It would be nice to analyse this phenomenon.

No. 104590

I'm glad you're all talking about this because when I heard about Made in Abyss when the anime started I had an employee I usually trust at a bookstore/comic store telling me that the manga is a masterpiece and a personal favorite. I'm glad I didn't listen to him and buy the first volumes back then, it seems like it's even worse than I thought.

I never read or watched Made in Abyss but usually when I see that difference it's because of the amount of details between what's fetishized and the rest of the artwork. I don't know which examples I could give but I've seen many artists on twitter post comics about it after their TL were flooded with fetish art that looks completely SFW if you're not used to this type of shit to explain it.

No. 104614

Any manga recommendations for MCs who survive a crime?
Nothing tragic please

No. 104627

The way to make the distinction between fetishization and the creator processing their own darkness/trauma is usually found in the framing.

Let's take a rape scene for instance.

Is the rape scene showing the victim sprawled in a pinup-y way and blushing? Where is the camera lingering? Are we seeing her nude body shown delicately or flushed and soft, etc? If shit like that is shown it's a fetishy scene. The same scene can be framed properly by showing the victim's face in a close up to focus on her pain, not showing the nudity in a soft or appealing way, etc. Joan's rape scene in Mad Men is a good example, there is nothing sexy about it at all, you're there with her and you're being victimized alongside her instead of spectating, peering from a distant or leering camera. I don't remember the show too well but Handmaid's Tale had similar scenes where the protagonist's suffering was what the scene was about and it was framed thusly too.

Who the camera is "with", and how it chooses to display other characters/acts is how visual mediums tell you what the film/comic/cartoon thinks about the subject. No matter what your text (script) says, if your camera is leering at the female character then she is not empowered. There are exceptions of course, like in a film primarily on the female protag's side might have a section where the camera is "borrowed" by someone else's veiwpoint and you might shift the way she is framed for a bit but that is also for a very specific purpose.

Always pay atteniton to how the director/artist chose to frame a scene. It says far more about what they think about the topic than their retarded aftar-the-fact interviews.

I'm not sure about manga examples because I frankly don't read a lot of that due to how poorly they seem to tackle tough subjects.

No. 104630

Good post

No. 104631

Manga and comics are a visual medium just like movies and TV shows, I'd say your example works just as well. Same thing for anime adaptations too.

No. 104645

Listen, many women would also recommend Jojo. Jjba is not just buff dudes, the stories of each jojo are wonderful and full of rich characteristics. The plots are fun and exciting to follow, no matter what your gender is.
Finally, jjba author doesn't shy away from making his characters (no matter how strong or macho they are) show vulnerability, poses and dress them in feminine clothes etc.

I know I didn't read it any sooner because I thought the same as you, I was dead wrong. It is actually a wonderful journey with meaningful lessons to learn with each jojo

No. 104658

It's not flawless but Jojo breaks away from hypermasc and enters such a queer and whimsical territory. Definitely worth trying out the later arcs instead of giving up at early Jojos.

No. 104802

Really cannot bring myself to care about anything so male-centric to be honest. Also I've heard that female characters in it are handled very badly.

No. 104865

I haven't read it in a while, but what's exactly wrong with One Piece? It's full of buff dudes, but there are tons of women as well (yeah, I know Oda can draw like only six female faces) and the plot is complex enough.

As far as I can tell neither OP or OPM take themselves very seriously (but I didn't read OPM much). Dunno about MHA, never touched it.

No. 104889

This is exactly how I feel about most shonen and popular anime.
I hate opm, I hate one piece, I hate dragon ball, I hate jojo. If a man loves it it's probably shit.
I just hate all manga that "anime fan" scrotes might like. Literally fuck all of them, I see them on conventions and online all the time and they're the fucking annoying to deal with.

You know the type. They dress in anime shirts and have those over the shoulder backpacks. They probably play smash bros and wear glasses, they might vape too. They have watch a bunch of ecchi anime and read hentai manga. They think they know better than you, they think they're the ultimate anime fan. They gatekeep shit. But ask them about their favorite anime and they all like the most tasteless, boring, normie shit ever. "Oh I love My hero academia" yeah I know, you look like you do. And they think they're so smart and smug because they have anime icons and watch anime meme compilations on youtube.

I rather have smart women talking about their favorite anime to me than ugly scrote talking about his "superb taste" anyday.

No. 104898

All of this, kind anon. You could not have said it better.
Fuck shonen anime and fuck shitheads that think this is what they should recommend to literally anyone, no matter what is their taste, because apparently battle shonens are the pinacle of japanese entertainment and art

No. 104908

Exactly. The problem with these shit heads is that they treat anime as a whole genere instead of a medium to tell a story (aka, animation).

I'm instantly turned off by any stupid male power fantasy, anime or not. Thing is, anime is just, well, japanese animation. My taste is always the same, I seek well written female characters in movies, books, and even music. Why would I suddenly seek out "one of the greatest current year anime" which is probably just another male power fantasy just because a loud scrote and his friends recommend it?

The problem is that kind of anime is what sells mad cash. Trash. I feel like japanese animation rarely ever goes outside this norm. And even japanese directors and animators get frustrated about this, because they never get to explore their full artistic and storytelling potential. It has to always be the big tiddie anime girl and a strong determined anime guy.

No. 104911

Narutaru is still fetishistic though. I had my teen edgy times and I remember checking it out and wanting to throw up at the rape of that one girl with the worms while screaming "I'm sorry". Jesus christ. It's on youtube. Not going to link it.

The rest of the manga is even worse because at the end the main protagonist fucks a dude with radiation poisoning, kills the whole world, and then has a teen pregnancy. Oh and she smojes while pregnant. Sounds pretty Nemu-esque in my opinion.

I'm just tired of being sold disgusting freak shit as the pinnacle of good manga/anime. I regret getting influenced by anitubers, tv tropes and 4chan weeaboos so much.

Just try to stay away from anything that looks too edgy because it is probably fucked up.

No. 104912

Tbh I only like shonen shit just to see hot guys beat each other up. And I unironically like spiky hair for some reason.

No. 104914

Japan hates women and 99.9% of anime/manga reflects that. Even works by female mangaka are rife with misogyny and/or pedophilia. I'm so sick of this shit.

No. 104919

That's why I really liked:
this manga to be honest

No. 104924

The worm scene you are talking about didn't seem fetishistic to me, at least in anime. Just downright disgusting/terrifying. It wasn't sexual/erotic in any way.

No. 104926

Because I’m a shameless fujo, I like to watch the extremely homoerotic tension there always is between at least two characters in shonen anime/manga. Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose or if they’re just so socially retarded that they think obsessive admiration is not gay af, then again, I’m basically Amazon Prime.

No. 104934

I'm a different anon but honestly, I respect that. I still love Jojo though.

No. 105005

It is for this very reason I cannot stand scrotes with that "a hentai character went through more than Ellie!" meme. The manga is just as over the top with its "please feel bad" message, but every "feel bad" moment is shot in a way to get the viewer off.

No. 105010

While I am turned off by poorly portrayed female characters, I don't really get why being fit and beating shit up has to be a male power fantasy. Maybe I'm just too much of an outlier but sometimes I really enjoy well choreographed animated battles or something zany. I personally think it's only a male fantasy if it specifically excludes women by only showing them as flat characters or coomerbait/prizes. If it doesn't exclude women it's not a male power fantasy, it's just a power fantasy that some women aren't into.

No. 105025

Shonen manga like BnHA, Naruto, Bleach, OP etc. are written for a target audience of teenage boys, galaxy brain. I've never seen a female-oriented power fantasy tbh. Sailor Moon would be probably the closest example.
>If it doesn't exclude women it's not a male power fantasy, it's just a power fantasy that some women aren't into
No, it's still a male power fantasy that some women enjoy regardless of not being the target audience.

No. 105026

>I'm instantly turned off by any stupid male power fantasy, anime or not

This. And it feels like Japanese writers are nearly incapable of writing a story without putting women in the backseat or using them as objects or plot devices. I'm trying to think of something that doesnt do this in anime, but it's tough. The fact that shonen is such a hugely popular genre in manga/anime is a big tell all.

No. 105027

>No, it's still a male power fantasy that some women enjoy regardless of not being the target audience.

This, and half those women are picks me who enjoy it. makes me think of the women who shill for GoT so hard despite it being a straight up power fantasy for men to enjoy.

No. 105046

agreed. the torture was meant to mirror the way the girl had tortured another girl (the girl who controlled the monster/“dragon”) which aki and her group had done by forcing her to eat worms and sodomizing her with a test tube, hence the claw rape and worms

while i don’t think that scene in particular seemed fetishistic, just gross and unsettling like you said, the work itself tells me the creator is royally fucked in the head and may have enjoyed some elements the audience is meant to be squicked by.

No. 105052

When and if women are included in mangas made by men, they're either there as trofies, plot devices, to be the female love interest to the male lead and for fanservice. When a woman is a protagonist, she's very sexualized and I've noticed that many authors (this happens in movies too) go down the lesbian road, which unfortunately is obviously a fetish thing.

Men just really like to full every piece of media they do with their fetishes and sexual preferences. It's like they can't make a story without their dicks, and it always comes off as disgusting.
For some reason when a woman does it it doesn't feel as bad, though it might an impression I have. For example, Adekan (which I love) is full of fanservice, but it doesn't feel gross, just nice to see and kinda funny.

No. 105055

File: 1597854282979.jpg (79.07 KB, 720x629, sad vinny.jpg)

I'm really not that into anime and manga anymore. I used to be really into both and read and watched so many things but now current trends are shit, the most popular series now don't seem interesting or unique at all to me, fanservice is way too over the top and I'm saying this as someone who grew up reading Love Hina. I remember reading Bastard when I was in high school and being shocked that this was published in the Shonen Jump back then but not anymore. Some of the manga I was really into are either updated really slowly like Black Butler and many BL series or they're on indefinite hiatus like Nana. The only things I read now from time to time are BL one-shots because they're short and stupid but in a good way.

I had a lot of manga I sold at some point to make more space and get more money and I regretted it at the time, but now I regret buying so many books to begin with as well as merchandises. I'm going to sell more from my collection. Reading so many series was really fun at the time but I don't have the patience for this anymore and whenever friends recommend me recent series like Kimetsu no Yaiba or My hero academia I get annoyed. Getting old and jaded and participating in fandoms in my teenage years to compensate for my lack of social life irl really ruined this hobby for me.

No. 105056

>For some reason when a woman does it it doesn't feel as bad
Have you seen Citrus or Kodomo no Jikan

No. 105059

Japan has an ass-backwards view on gender and they think if something has battle in it it's for males. Does not mean a western viewer has to pidgeonhole themselves into Japanese ideas of what genders ought to enjoy.

Also think some of you read what I wrote with your eyes closed. I specifically mention stories that don't flesh out their women are inherently exclusionary of women therefore male power fantasies. I'd put Naruto in the male-centric pile, you can go check the Naruto threads for why.

No. 105062

File: 1597858040833.jpg (301.53 KB, 931x1323, 乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…5…)

Do any of you guys have recomendations where the mc gets reincartinated as the villianess of the story? Im currently reading pic related and im also reading Beware of the Villainess! Which i know is not a manga, i dont mind what kind of comic it is aslong if the story and art is good.

I thought Citrus was written by a man?

No. 105063

>not enjoying battle shonens =/= being a slave to gender roles
You are not revolutionary or special for being a woman loving male-audienced manga.
What are the 'good' examples that you are thinking of?
Anyway enjoy your shitty male-centric manga, just don't pretend it's some misjudged Holy Grail of Equality. You are trying too hard to justify your interests. It's like claiming that galge represent genderneutral fantasy of romance/pov even though the writing is male-centric, the pov is male and you are exclusively banging sad and hot chicks (oh, but it can't be a male fantasy since I enjoy that the hero is helping out the heroines pick up their shit mental health and they are really well written, I swear!!!)

No. 105064

Not really, would you like to elaborate? I've seen the latter includes children and teacher romance?, but in my reply I wasn't referring to pedophiles.

No. 105065

File: 1597859165676.jpeg (559.24 KB, 720x972, 45833.jpeg)

They are both manhwas and it's a rewind time plot rather than reincarnation but: The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass and The Villainess Lives Twice
Alternatively: Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

No. 105074

Survive as The Hero's Wife and Who Made Me a Princess are both manwhas but good
Also you might be interested in this post. I know it's Reddit but it compiles several villainess LN/manga including several manwha recommendations https://www.reddit.com/r/manga/comments/azo3gg/can_you_help_me_find_these_otome_game_based_manga/

No. 105078

I read Virtues of the Villainess and Common Sense of the Duke's Daughter, and I'm currently going through Fallen Princess on Webtoon. Common Sense… is probably the most realistic take on the genre so far, but I got a bit bored with it.

Virtues… and Fallen Princess are not strictly formula, since the heroine of Virtues… discovers she's the villain of the book and tries to avert the ending, while Fallen Princess is less meta and has freaky Friday plot between seemingly stereotypical "dark haired ojou villainess" and "blonde innocent heroine".

I can't get over the fact that to make an industrious shoujo main character with her own agency, the mangaka has to literally introduce a villainess and then subvert it with an isekai plot. It's pretty depressing.

No. 105094

File: 1597873560005.jpg (904.44 KB, 1495x2321, 50eb086ba88dbf3c1f6b5a32c1c86d…)

>stories that don't flesh out their women are inherently exclusionary of women therefore male power fantasies

You just described Gantz and it frustrates me so much because the whole concept, art and fights are really good, but almost every female character in it are the embodiment of one-dimensional fanservice.
Also Kurono is the shittiest mc ever, and that ending was a complete dissapointment.

No. 105095

same, I had to drop it after I realized what I was in for with every single female character. It's ridiculous how bad the portrayal and treatment of them is.

No. 105101

Actually nvm I don't respect you anymore

No. 105113

Isn't it just the worst when an otherwise enjoyable series is ruined by shitty treatment of female characters? I want to reread Gantz because goddamn those monster designs are awesome and the whole thing was generally really exciting to read, but I feel kinda sick thinking of the female characters and don't want to bother.

No. 105118

File: 1597888095575.jpg (405.62 KB, 1327x747, inuyashiki5.jpg)

If you don't want to bother yourself with Gantz there's Inuyashiki from the same author. It has a cool concept, amazing art, mc is a wholesome 50 y/o man and while there's barely any relevant female characters, at least fanservice is non existent as far as i can remember. Don't expect a great ending though.

No. 105122

sometimes wonder how much my typing style blends with other anons that type similarly and this makes me a bit paranoid. Or maybe relieved?

No. 105181

File: 1597929717124.jpeg (158.76 KB, 728x1138, 21607EEC-0B3B-4B7F-B9A8-2291B4…)

Even with “feminist” “empowering” manga written by women, the bar is on the fucking ground and it makes me feel bad for Japanese women if this is their idea of female liberation.
Case in point: Rose of Versailles. Oscar is sexually assaulted by multiple male characters that you’re supposed to like by the end of the story (including her ~tragic~ love interest whose only actual inconvenience in life is her not sucking his dick), and her needing a man to quell her hysterical woman emotions is constantly pushed as well.
Don’t even get me started on people who call it “sapphic representation” either because lesbianism is treated as a childish phase at best and the creator has only teased the possibility of Oscar liking women for marketing purposes (see that shitty otome game).

No. 105183

I feel you and I agree, but to be fair RoV was written in the 70's and for that time probably was feminist/progressive AF.

No. 105198

This seems scientifically impossible but do female centric battle manga exist? I tend to lean towards more male oriented stuff and seems frustrating how most shonen tend to write female characters like garbage.

The few I can think of are sports and I personally don’t like that genre.

No. 105224

File: 1597940078504.jpg (247.83 KB, 1038x700, ga-rei-zero-featured.jpg)

The only manga I can think of are those from the Touhou series and potentially Revue Starlight. Madoka has some combat in it as well.

Blood+ has a female protagonist but she mostly just fights vampires.
Ga Rei: Zero is an anime prequel to the Ga Rei manga series and is very good and has a female friendship/rivalry. If you accept it as a self-contained series and don't attempt to read the actual manga it is pretty good.

No. 105240

I’m not sure if it fits what you’re looking for, but maybe try After School Nightmare

No. 105246

Great manga, I thought I was the only one who knew it

No. 105247

nta but based taste anon!! <3 i watched both of these anime on TV back when they came out. super nostalgic

No. 105250

File: 1597950028623.jpg (21.07 KB, 400x224, 3c3357ae8533d6b8ddd737ed4e741d…)

I know this is the manga thread, but the anime Seirei no Moribito (based on a light novel series) is too good not to recommend for this. There isn't a ton of combat but when it happens, it's really intense. The lead character is a female bodyguard in her 30s (fucking iconic) and it's pretty realistic. She's not some superpowered god. In one instance where she has to fight multiple people she barely survives by the skin of her teeth. Wonderful show with beautiful animation.

For actual manga I'd say Claymore or Angelic Layer. The latter is basically about battle dolls but it's not sexual (by Clamp) and many of their "owners" are female too.

No. 105260

Progressive for 70s Japan, maybe, but that really isn’t saying much and it’s always westerners in the present who I see praising it for supposedly being woke.
It’s frustrating because there were parts of it that I really loved (even from a feminist standpoint) but others aged very badly to the point where I can’t recommend it to people.

No. 105261

Feminists are weird.
They often praise some low quality scraps thrown for them or see feminism in a obvious fetish of the creator.

No. 105264

File: 1597954107722.jpg (94.21 KB, 300x424, bougetsushou.jpg)

WRT Touhou manga: it's been years but I remember really liking Silent Sinner in Blue. I don't know how much sense it would make to an outsider/newbie to the series, but if you liked LoLK or IN it's a nice read. I wish canon touched on the Lunarians more, because they're very interesting (and fucked up).
The other official manga I found boring (or cringey in the Inaba manga's case) and dropped after a while tbh.

No. 105267

deprivation will do that to you

No. 105269

Check out minotaur.club for a bunch of isekai reccs, including a whole boatload of otome villainess isekai.

No. 105282

I went in blind and it was so worth it. The only bummer is that I’ve tried reading the mangaka’s other series and haven’t liked them as much.

No. 105285

File: 1597962885256.png (1.52 MB, 753x1548, 4433f45.png)

same. can't wait for part 6 to be animated.

No. 105289

Claymore. Very long but I liked it

No. 105290

I both love and hate RoV so much. I feel you on how we're supposed to give a shit about Andre, but i just can't.

No. 105303

Sorry but you're a pickme piece of shit if you enjoy muscles! /s

No. 105312

guess i'll go to pickme hell for liking funky ghosts and muscle lmao

blame stardust crusaders for giving jojo that reputation though. most of the fights past part 4 are more about resolve/outsmarting the enemy than male power fantasy, and that's the main reason why i love stone ocean and steel ball run. jolyne's stand relies purely in how it's used, and johnny has to master the spin otherwise he will never be able to walk again.

personally i find them a lot more exciting than star platinum who is overpowered from the start.

No. 105314

Post part 4 is such a different ride, it's sad that people dismiss this manga just because of its earlier FNS vibes.

No. 105409

I'mma let you finish but how dare you re: pt 4 lol. Josuke is by far the "softest" Jojo up until that point, he has a super sweet friendship with Okuyasu that borders on romantic but is very pure, he and his friends are often seen hanging out at Tonio's restaurant whose sole stand ability is to heal people through his food, Kira is a unique villain who often relies on his wits more than strength and even has to run away to survive at one point, and overall Morioh is a big ol' fluorescent-hued town of friendship and community even though there are some darker moments.

No. 105424

Oh sorry, I meant to include part 4.

No. 105428

File: 1598053013073.png (84.41 KB, 525x295, 34970937609486545.png)

No. 105429

File: 1598053199526.png (680.25 KB, 738x474, 01.png)

nayrt but I like Josuke and Okuyasu's friendship. They're the jojo equivalent of Timon and Pumbaa.

No. 105430

File: 1598054268883.png (1.03 MB, 1500x1060, 506f26244641bf8bcd8e21c49ad043…)

I love them, I ship them so hard but not because I'm perverted (at least when it comes to this). It's just so rare to see a relationship that starts with a super close friendship in hardly any media, and they're really wholesome. But I agree, they're also dumb and hilarious. There were so many feels when Josuke was crying over Oku "dying" before he decided to come back.

No. 105463

This is why as a female I love jojo. Araki wasn't afraid to show male vulnerability/genuine emotions that contradicts society's general idea of masculinity.

They feel more like humans and less "masculine males fantasy power battles" that shounen heros fall into.
Araki could have written some female characters better though, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of the series (especially part 6, since most of the cast are females)

No. 105468

Thank you all for the recomendations! I am really enjoying these mawhas especially >>105065

No. 105470

>They feel more like humans and less "masculine males fantasy power battles" that shounen heros fall into
This. Hell, the protagonist of part 7 is paraplegic and you can feel his struggle.

No. 105472

Another thing that makes the characters feel more "human" than you're average shonen manga protagonist is that there's no powerlevel or rank bullshit, no tournament bullshit, and the characters fight for their lives or to save other people most of the time. Even the competition in Steel Ball Run didn't feel like one of these fighting tournament at all.

No. 105488

File: 1598112778629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 679.01 KB, 760x1200, x21.jpg)

>still can't read the civil war arc without crying because of Johnny's past and Hot Pants backstory

No. 105501

File: 1598129128342.jpg (64.04 KB, 1080x869, 1597517028609.jpg)

There was a scene where Johnny was laying on his belly, pounding his fists against the ground and crying out of frustration because he fell from the horse or there was something he couldn't do because of his disability. That scene stuck with me and makes my eyes water every time I think about it.

No. 107101

File: 1599430097969.png (534.57 KB, 374x1058, 1592463058737.png)

If anyone can recommend me manga about young depressed salarymen or office ladies having a shitty, boring life or going through funny stuff then go for it. And don't recommend me wotakoi, I found it boring and bland as fuck, and Fujoshi Rumi did the same thing infinitely better. I think Aggrestuko is a good comparison to what I want to read and watch these days but I've only watched the first season and I don't know if it gets very different later on. I'm sick of reading stories about teenagers doing cool or unrealistic fantasy shit that have 500 chapters and I'm liking reading BL manga about salarymen more and more these days.

No. 107122

File: 1599459514858.jpg (130.5 KB, 225x350, unlucky-mansion.jpg)

Any recs for something similar to Unlucky Mansion? I really like how rude the characters are, how the protagonist is frank and assertive, and how the characters aren't high schoolers. It's at times silly but also mature. Enemies-to-lovers is a cute trope, that is definitely welcome. No doormat character in the main couple, I don't wanna read about a shy maiden or whatever. Thanks in advance!

No. 107129

File: 1599473813120.png (202.88 KB, 845x1200, Z11.png)

Maybe Nomiya Keibuho wa Yurusanai? It's about a lady that starts working for the special support room which deals with cases inside of the police force. Her coworker puts up a professional front, but is actually pretty immature, it's very funny lmao

Uramichi Oniisan which is about a depressed guy who's starring in a children's show. It's not really about an office, but the main characters are all in their mid twenties to thirties. You might've seen memes about it

Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store is also very good. It's just about the people working in the store, but there's a new stone-faced part timer that is the source of a lot of the comedy. Pic related

Also, have you read any of Niyamas BL already? I love how she draws older men, Mujaki na Wanko to Nekokaburi is so good it's unreal

No. 107152

Thanks for the rec. I'm so bored I already started Nomiya Keibuho wa Yurusanai and I like it a lot so far. And yes, I read Niyama's BL manga, I was thinking about her manga when mentioning BL manga I like. I even bought physical copies of Boku no Omawari-san and the one you mentioned.

No. 107154

Seconding Uramichi Oniisan and Nietzche-sensei. The latter has a short live action as well but it's absolutely not worth watching. It's a running joke in the manga that the main character likes middle-aged men, but for the live action they decided to make him a fucking lolicon instead, including at least one scene with an actual child (I stopped watching after episode 2). Because Japan, where pedophilia is more acceptable than anything a little bit gay.

Not depressing but if you're into food stuff Wakakozake and Midnight Diner both have a more adult atmosphere.

Think it got mentioned earlier in the thread but She Doesn't Know Why She Lives is another one, though she's not really an office lady.

No. 107169

Thanks, I'm also starting Wakakozake, it's simple but very comfy. Makes me want to eat out at restaurants in Tokyo again, now that I'm back in my country eating alone at restaurants on a whim is seen as super weird here so it's just not the same. I also checked She Doesn't Know Why She Lives but it seems to heavy for me right now. I think I need to read things that are putting me in a better mood before reading that one, that one hits a bit too close home.

>The latter has a short live action as well but it's absolutely not worth watching

Like 99.999999% of jdrama for TV lol. I can't deal with the shitty acting, it's like they only care about making decent movies and never give a shit about TV. I'll check the manga though.

No. 107170

this manga slaps. all the characters are unique and good

No. 107172

File: 1599502629356.jpeg (660.51 KB, 1697x2542, 27965FB1-1564-4735-BDD0-11216C…)

Is Re:Zero’s novel worth reading?

No. 107173

is grass red?

No. 107181

Any thoughts on the ending of School Live!

No. 107182

File: 1599509505252.png (232.5 KB, 500x639, EQjkJmoXUAEN3tf.png)

I've been reading Dead Dead Demon's DeDeDeDe Destruction by Inio Asano. It's about two high school girls (though they graduate pretty quick) and them dealing with the looming threat of a spaceship that's been above Tokyo for 3 years. It's mainly slice of life with a lot of the sci-fi stuff happening in the background.

I've really been enjoying it. I haven't read any of this other works but I feel like without the sci-fi element I wouldn't be as into them.

No. 107202

File: 1599519492974.jpeg (140.72 KB, 426x629, A67D55C7-B93D-49D2-BF8A-16807C…)

I love this manga, it’s somehow cozy but also really cool.
He’s the one who created Oyasumi PunPun, it has awesome art like dead demons dedededededestructuon, but I don’t know, the story was too sad to my liking.
>tfw no bunny suits to wear with my bff while hanging out.

No. 107214

>tfw too retarded to know how to interpret this

No. 107222

File: 1599529889491.jpg (50.25 KB, 225x350, 255713.jpg)

Marry me

No. 107230

File: 1599536063355.jpeg (304.05 KB, 1242x1283, DC4F6CE8-EDFE-45D7-953A-44D191…)

Yes, anon!

No. 107362

I’m daltonic and I want an honest feedback from someone who has read it

No. 107780

No it’s currently a cluster fuck just wait for the anime

No. 107828

Aku no Hana sucked

No. 107844

The anime's shit too

No. 107951

True, it’s chuunibyou edgy garbage. Whenever a weeb tries to compare it to oyasumi punpun I cringe. Both are coming of age stories but punpun is a product of his surroundings vs one lonely boi with a normal family having a boner over a manic pixie dream girl

No. 108732

File: 1600817208894.jpg (229.4 KB, 873x796, e87e9f0ed487d301b391ce8584d92b…)

thoughts on berserk? i know the gist of the story and like the art from a far, but hear it goes on frequent hiatus? i've been waiting to start it because of that (fucking hate when mangas are infrequent) but honestly want to read it so bad. should i just start it and deal with the bad release schedules?

No. 108741

don't do it

No. 108742

No. 108743

I think it’s essential to understanding anime culture because multiple series have paid homage to it.

I recommend not reading it, but watching the movies->animated series. The manga is beautiful but you will be blue balled and I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemies

No. 108748

File: 1600822062872.jpg (174.34 KB, 1355x653, 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwOq4xiDfru…)

Berserk Hiatus chart up to May, 2020.
I think Miura published like two chapters recently but that's it.

No. 108749

why is he like this???

No. 108750

All I wanna ask is how would he keep his arm stub beefed up like that, boy bout to have one noodle stub

No. 108751

it is not finished and the updates are way too slow. wait till it is done.

No. 108767

I think now is one of the best time to start Berserk, they are not on the boat anymore and there have been some interesting developments in the latest chapters. At least read it for the art and the characters, it's worth it just for that.

Common theory is that Miura is a perfectionist when it comes to art and he is unfortunately not getting any younger, so it takes him several months to finish one chapter. I really don't like how private the manga industry is and how we almost never get information of the authors' health, like did we get any kind of closure on whatever happened with Ai Yazawa?

No. 108776

Does any anon have any recommendations of slice of life mangas with drama(not the sad type, but more on the line of interesting things happening between the characters) and overall just them living their life? I would prefer if they were 20 something and not high schoolers but it's fine if the manga is good. If someone actually replies, thank you so much lol

No. 108793

He switched to drawing digitally and has a studio of assistants that were being trained so he can keep Berserk going while doing other projects

No. 108809

Read away anon, the good Berserk ends after the Conviction arc, and that was completed years and years ago.

No. 108819

File: 1600882952810.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1321, Aria-destacado.jpg)

Aqua/Aria is a slice of life about gondola rowers in a futuristic Mars, it's very laid back but it's one of my favourite series ever. The main characters are three teenagers and three young adults with mostly adult characters as supporting cast

No. 108856

File: 1600910319159.jpeg (283.69 KB, 750x672, 648E395A-B3E3-4362-983D-67CD94…)

I started reading Showa Genroku Rakugo and it seems pretty cool, but I can’t believe how shitty the official English version looks. I had to double check to make sure the volume I downloaded wasn’t a scanlation, it makes me want to just watch the anime instead.

No. 108857

File: 1600910465660.jpeg (574.93 KB, 750x1059, 09D1F470-EFC4-40C2-8FF4-7BE0E7…)

Another one, there are a bunch of pages like this.

No. 108873

File: 1600921432311.jpg (3.71 MB, 5760x3780, 1457218176910.jpg)

The anime is absolutely gorgeous visually, the voice acting is great and the OST is too, you wouldn't be missing out watching it instead tbh. I would be rewatching it regularly if the ending didn't fill me with rage every time I remember it but it's 11/10 until that point.

No. 109148

File: 1601162299942.jpg (105.59 KB, 450x636, Albert-Ke-no-Reijou-wa-Botsura…)

I tried reading most of these "reincarnated as an otome game villain" stories, because I like the concept. but they always end up being reverse harem or a regular friendship manga with no romance.

The only manga of this genre that I like - for now, since it's only 8 chapters- is The Daughter of the Albert House Wishes for Ruin.
I like the character of the villain, and there's actually some hints of romance between her and the butler. Also, not all the guys are head over heels for her.
It's good for now.

No. 109440

i feel the same way about reverse harems, they're usually so boring. it just makes the main romance feel less special when there's like six other ikemen simping for the FL.

I haven't read the one you linked but I'll look into it! it's too bad it's only 8 chapters, hate to see when good mangas have slow scanlations. I have a few recs for non harem otome inspired mangas if you ever wanna check them out! some are better than others obviously but these ones butter my biscuit and deliver good stories in addition to romance. they are all either completed or have over 50 chapters and ongoing. The ML's range from manly stoic dudes to gentle and kind. Also some aren't pure reincarnation otomes, but they have otome like elements and protags.

Beware the Villainess
Bring the Love
Because I'm a Villainess I'm going to Keep the Last Boss!
Why are you doing this Duke?
The Evil Lady's Hero
As You Wish, My Prince

No. 109474

I love you anon

No. 111960

File: 1602896359949.jpeg (60.59 KB, 318x364, 69864099-CC77-4A11-A6D1-8981CC…)

Beastars ended… A lot of people are upset about the ending but I’m not too miffed about it. It does feel like a whole lot of build up for nothing but I’m just happy thinking that maybe these dang kids can just live a somewhat normal and peaceful life from here on out after all the shit they’ve gone through…

No. 111964

I’m just always glad whenever a shonen manga ends, I don’t want to see another monster like one piece brewing with unnecessary filler and seemingly unending arcs for random characters.
I feel like the ending was nice, it felt a tiny bit rushed but not too much? I don’t know at what extent it would have been necessary to have long ass individual explanations of what happened to each character and how they felt.

No. 111967

Is there a lesbian otome villain manga out there where the villainess ends up with the protagonist? I want that

No. 111977

File: 1602928091273.jpg (220.61 KB, 600x849, I-Favor-the-Villainess.jpg)

I have good news for you anon

The LN has been licensed in English as well


No. 111994

Ooh thank you anon!!!

I ended up reading this one and the "villainess" and her butler LI are cute but I also want her to end up with the protag lol

No. 112445

File: 1603223036503.jpg (345.44 KB, 1000x1420, omaidens.jpg)

Was I the only one who couldn't really relate to O maidens in your savage season? I know that, when the anime first aired, lots of male anitubers were praising it, but after reading the first volume of the manga, I just didn't 'get it'. I thought it may be because it was written by a man, but it wasn't. Though this is coming from a person who's never been in a relationship before

No. 112459

yes! i agree with both of these statements anons. kind of irked me to see so many people complaining that it was lazy writing to have the manga ended the way it did, which i find to be a cop out for people being upset that the series didn't turn into long winded drivel. what else was paru going to write about? an arc about Legoshi having a normal life? some were seething that they didn't get every detail fleshed out, and w/o it they feel like it's not a complete story. also people were complaining that characters weren't fleshed out enough?? which is kind of stupid imo since we got nearly 200 chapters of character growth. idk i got overly attached to this series since it's unlike anything else i've ever read

No. 112549

I haven’t read it myself but I know the general premise from friends. Fwiw this is a shounen manga, it was entirely printed in a magazine “for boys.” Not that women never read or enjoy shounen stories, but when it comes to a topic so close to home, the framing likely seems somewhat elementary because the author was attempting to write it in a way that would get the opposite sex to empathize (no easy feat).

No. 112554

Mari okada is famous for writing stories about teens coming of age. She tends to nail the first part of the story and then completely fucks it up towards the end climax.

Even with relationship experience, this manga was complete fucking shit. Without spoiling more it’s a lot of “hey isn’t this shocking?” Moments with no fucking reason.

No. 112706

File: 1603398100502.png (Spoiler Image, 964.66 KB, 2133x1509, 0362-004.png)

New Berserk chapter dropped, and it's one of the most insane we've had in a while. The art is breathtaking, new interrogations are surfacing, but we are pretty much getting confirmed a decades old theory in all but name. Damnit, it's going to be harder than usual to wait for the next chapter.

No. 112711

I could never get myself to relate to it and actively avoided it because it felt fake, and very "male" kind of writing. This is basically what men think women's sexuality is like. I despise it.

No. 112712

Samefagging but I hate O maidens in their savage season, it feels as if a male with a very slight grasp of what women's sexuality feels like wrote it, and to be frank, even if Mari Okada wrote it she must be retarded because it just feels like teenage boy pandering, as if they had a look into a "secret life of girls" that truly does not exist, it's vouyerism
Umibe no Onnanoko, even if it's written by a male, felt slightly more realistic than this, just slightly. I preffer My lesbian experiences with loneliness waaaaaaaaay better

No. 112785

Can someone tell me what a maiden's savage season is? Sounds like PMS.

No. 112813

I think it's supposed to be a girl's puberty/ adolescence

No. 112840

>My lesbian experiences with loneliness
That's the shit.
I wish there were more autobiographical mangas by female mangakas that get famous in the west.
Her stuff is so raw and real.

I also wish there were more manga about girls hitting puberty that hit on the awful aspects of female puberty like PMS, the awful pain of your periods, how shitty pain pills and birth control makes you feel, the body dysphoria that a lot of girls get when their body fat placement changes/increases.
There's nothing cute at all in the female coming of age experience.

No. 112856

Thissss. I agree with everything you said.
>I also wish there were more manga about girls hitting puberty that hit on the awful aspects of female puberty
>There's nothing cute at all in the female coming of age experience.

This is my exact problem with O maidens in your savage season, they advertise it as that kind of story but end up giving more attention to the males and having sex with them.
Just look at this shit. Who the fuck talks like this at this age, it feels like a fetish thing

No. 112857

Someone please spoil me, what happens at the end? does the wolf furry bang the horny bunny slut or what?

No. 112859

>I also wish there were more manga about girls hitting puberty that hit on the awful aspects of female puberty like PMS, the awful pain of your periods
Evangelion kind of did that

No. 112862

it did and kudos for that, but it wasn't the focus of the story

No. 112864

Mari Okada is either a turbo virgin or a transwoman who transitioned late

No. 112865

this screams teenage scrote fantasy kek. how old is the girl meant to be? the really short skirt and closeups of her ass made me gag either way

No. 112866

>I also wish there were more manga about girls hitting puberty that hit on the awful aspects of female puberty like PMS, the awful pain of your periods, how shitty pain pills and birth control makes you feel, the body dysphoria that a lot of girls get when their body fat placement changes/increases.
There's nothing cute at all in the female coming of age experience.

There really isn't. I wish there was an anime like this for girls that was 0% moe and more realistic or maybe horror like.

No. 112868

File: 1603537890513.png (380.24 KB, 851x476, cfds.png)

Yeah exactly. That train gropping scene is like
>blonde girl (who btw has sex with her teacher or something) asks guy to grope her (the guy has a train crowd fetish, can't remember the name fo that shit)
>guy touches her ass
>they both get out and the girl is like "why don't you practice having sex with me"
>guy says no because he wants to do it with the childhood friend he likes (basically hoes=bad, pure maidens=good, in the scrote way)
>girl gets super disappointed to the point of crying
>girl tells him "but you got hard thinking about it didn't you :^)"
Seriously. Who the fuck does this.

As for their age, I'm not sure. I tried googling and nothing came out.

No. 112872

Just another example of how the purpose of teenage girls in anime is to be scrote wish fulfillment.

No. 112874

To add insult to perjury, train gropping is the biggest problem regarding using the train as a woman in Japan. If it happens to you, you better not make a scene, because making a scene is look down upon in japanese society. This is why they have separate women-only carts.

Video related is another one that pisses me off.
>Girl who is repulsed by sex breaks her hymen in gym class
>Immediately is in pain, and she's laughed at (and I get the feeling it's supposed to be comedic, but I couldn't find it funny at all)
>Goes running to the bathroom, but doesn't know how to check herself (again supposed to be funny, I would be fucking scared in that situation)
>Nothing about the hymen bleeding, she's fine just minutes after
>Forget about everything, here comes a dumb scrote to flirt with her
>Well of course, she's ugly with glasses, and a ~super beautiful girl~ when she takes them out
>Dumb himbo scrote calls her beautiful and she blushes, she wants him to go away but he's like "haha cool it's like we're flirting :)"
>Girl runs like she didn't break her hymen seconds before


No. 112878

Tbf anon your hymen breaking does not cause bleeding since there's no blood vessels there. It's something with the vaginal wall that bleeds during penetration. Still doesn't change the fact that Mari Okada is some virgin or hidden scrote though lol

No. 112879

File: 1603543238582.jpg (37.5 KB, 362x368, okada1.jpg)

No. 112880

>worked on horou musuko (wandering son) as script and series composition

No. 112885

>from shut-in to an anime director
so that's why everything she writes is trash

No. 112895

So she didn't have friends growing up. That explains so much. Her work feels like some friendless teenager's fantasy of what friendships are like.

>She tried to change her image in middle school, but one day her friends told her: “Stop trying so hard to be someone you're not.” She felt outed, as if her entire identity had crumbled, and from then on she stopped attending school.

No. 112897

Why do you all think that just because the author is a woman the story has to be realistic? She wanted to show something idealized and she did that. I'm not defending the story itself but I'm defending authors' right to write non-realistic shit.

No. 112898

>Her mother attacked her, but even as a middle school student, Okada was taller and stronger. She easily restrained her mother, leaving the frail woman in tears.
I don't want to go full conspiracytard on this but these lines struck with me, was her mom a midget to make her easy to restrain or was she unnaturally tall for a "girl"?

No. 112899

Maybe the mother is on the lower side of short and Okada is on the higher side of tall.
You are seriously acting like radfems.

No. 112900

holy shit mari okada is a milky troon cow confirmed
>You are seriously acting like radfems.
kek and?
Even if it isn't meant to be ""realistic"" it's still shit

No. 112901

Imagine your overly sensitive shut-in child who is stronger than you restraining you (what does that even entail? hitting? what)
seriously what the fuck

No. 112902

Imagine a mother attacking her own child.

No. 112903

I don't think hitting your mom is a good thing though

No. 112905


No. 112909

File: 1603564029368.jpg (601.3 KB, 1000x1404, galko.jpg)


oshiete galko-chan sorta covered that topic. I haven't read the manga but I've watched the anime but and it was mediocre, and sometimes felt like it was written by a man, but I sorta like the fact that it covers topics like period and other bathroom talk and the relationship between galko and otako, especially in the final episode, is kinda cute. I also hate how 99% of the promotional material is just galko's breasts. I remember loads of male anitubers praising this too. I think it's because most anitubers are either low-key incels or have no real exposure to what women experience, so when they get a glimpse of it, even if it's a glimpse that's incorrect, they praise it to high heaven

No. 112912

The original manga is indeed written by a man, and he has a fixation on big breasts judging by his doujinshis. I've only watched the anime and for what it was, I didn't mind it, it was a simple SoL with no real conflict, it was nice enough to pass the time.

No. 113049

Attacking how tho? Was she hitting her daughter lightly or completely obliterating her?

No. 113274

File: 1603864416459.jpg (130.69 KB, 610x949, 68846846.jpg)

any anons read Banana Fish? I'm on vol 11 of 19 and I really can't tell if I like it or not. I feel like I'm just waiting for it to get good. I kind of enjoy the art style and find the "mysterious drug and gang rivalry" aspect to be entertaining enough, but Ash on his own is too much of a Mary Sue to be compelling. Also if any anons have seen the anime, would you recc?

No. 113285

Haven't read the manga, but the anime's fantastic. Dont remember Ash being a Mary Sue at all. Would def recommend, although idk how different it is to the manga

No. 113306

Ash certainly has a bit of gary stu-ism. He's a guy with insanely high IQ that gets kidnapped just for his genius, he's an extremely good manipulator and plays every adult around him (he's 17), and on top of this is a great at combat and shooting, and takes out whole maffias Rambo-style. Oh, and should I not forget, super hacker and businessman. But it's all OK, because he gets sexually abused, a lot, because he's just that beautiful.

I finished this in anime form when it was airing, so I don't know how much it differs from the manga. It was fine, but it drags out waaaaay too long, there are some really "suspend your belief" moments with Ash, the trauma-porn can be a bit tiring, japanese guy is useless and never gets better. I'd not rewatch it, but if you're invested in Ash and his journey to escape his past, then you can probably ride it out.

No. 113315

I used to have the manga and couldn’t get into it, I probably read up to volume eight or so. It never gave me that “gotta read the next volume” feeling. Also the first shojo action manga I read was Basara so that probably didn’t help (because this series kicked so much ass lol)

No. 113345

Glad you communicated all this so well, I only saw part of the anime and disliked it for the same reasons. Heard so much hype behind this series and was just left confused and disappointed.

No. 113374

Agreeing with everything you said and Ash was pretty much the reason I dropped it but I feel like you have to look at it as it is, in other words edgy BL from the 80's to early 90's. They were all like that.

No. 113377

SNK chapter 134 was finished today, but is not published until early November. The wait is killing me. This is one of the only series I am absolutely not sure how it'll end and every new chapter just makes me more and more intrigued/confused.
And kind of scared since there's always a possibility it ends with some Game of Thrones level shitfestery.
Any theories?

No. 113379

>>113306 This. Ash is great until they pull that 400+ IQ super-hacker crap. Completely ruins the "from the streets" vibe of the show.

I would argue that the political aspect in the show is really good. Also, I heard manga fans claim that the books expand on this aspect better, so if you like political dramas then you should continue reading.

No. 114260

File: 1604671339001.png (694.48 KB, 960x1788, Untitled.png)

I read this manga, and I want you all to know about it. It's a comedy/romance story about a hero and a villain in love, and how they hide their relationship from everyone and try to meet up during fights. It's called Love After World Domination.

No. 114273

It gives me immense joy that whoever translated this pulled in the Hercules meme, A+ localization

No. 115431

This makes me wanna read Shaman King again for some reason… I'm gonna do it.

No. 115804

File: 1605894130570.png (31.41 KB, 878x745, wat manga.png)

Hi I read a manga but I can't remember the name or anything. It was a dumb comedy romance manga about an assassin boy who is really overpowered and has to kill this rich girl but falls in love with her the second he sees her. So he stalks her and then becomes her bodyguard and whatever. It wasn't long because it's still ongoing. The characters looked sort of like this. It was just some random not well known manga but I hope someone might know it anyway. The art and the story were nothing special but the romance was cute and the gags were funny.

No. 115856

File: 1605920312668.jpg (80.91 KB, 1280x1068, 19507.jpg)

was it this? i dont read spy/family but your drawings remind me of them

No. 115880

No, these were high school age characters, they did look similar, but the art style was more wonky. But what you posted looks interesting too, I will check it out

No. 115980

Very important question: how does Otomen end? I've read the almost the entire series long ago and I remember more or less what happens and who the characters are but I couldn't read the last volume and I can't find scans. Is Asuka's father really a troon or did he actually become a deadbeat father for other reasons he hid from everyone?

No. 115996

File: 1606058366235.png (1.6 MB, 847x1200, Fluctuations of Hitman S - Vol…)

this one? It only has 5 chapters. Fluctuations of Hitman S

No. 116005

That's it!!! Thank you anon so much I will bookmark it so I can read the future chapters.

No. 116017

The scans are all available on MangaSee if you want to read the end. I never finished it (it's the kind of manga where I can't stand any of the characters) but it's so weird to look back on these old series with troon shit way before any of the current problems were happening (like Kuroshitsuji too).

No. 116287

Is there any new shhoujo/josei manga that scratches that Ai Yazawa itch? It's been so many years, I don't believe there is no other mangaka serving those kind of character-driven stories.

No. 116360

File: 1606372590476.png (379.24 KB, 403x407, 59846329465325367.png)

I'd like more recs on this as well, but I enjoyed Tramps Like Us (also known as Kimi wa Petto). It made for a cute live action show too. Confident but down on her luck businesswoman unofficially adopts a homeless young man and makes him her "pet." Despite how that sounds it's not sexual (though there is romantic tension), it's more about how they grow to know one another and each other's struggles, how they negotiate power dynamics, come to terms with their families and lives, all while helping each other become better and healthier people. I found it satisfying and wholesome while still touching on those more mature, grown woman navigating her life themes.

No. 116397

File: 1606408023726.png (621.67 KB, 986x604, do42oad20201106105442.png)

Fuck, kimi wa petto was such a good story but then they had to turn badass boss bitch sumire into your usual "uwu what is love" protagonist and I was utterly disappointed. Still a fun read though.

I have 2 recs. First one is Fushigi no Kuni no bird. It's about an Scottish woman (well known for being an adventurer and writing books about her travels) who decides to travel to Japan during the 1800's. She hires a translator and starts her journey to Hokkaido where she wishes to learn more about the Ainus. What I really liked it's how Isabella has to learn to actually accept and understand other people's cultures, and also how the early Westernization of Japan had it's issues. It's based on a book called unbeaten tracks in Japan.

The other one it's Savior's BOOKCAFE, not an amazing story but it has its charm. 30 years old lady get's isekai'd and it's expected to be a savior, but because she's older she's not exactly thrilled and instead tries to live a calm, secluded life and open a book cafe.

No. 116400

File: 1606410853509.png (490.5 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20201126-171022~2.p…)

Is anyone else reading Chi No Wadachi? It's a very slow, dark psychological story about a kid in a bad home situation but I can't decide if the slow pace makes it more mature or just makes it feel boring and fake deep.
It's not a spoiler to say that half of every chapter is just the main character making this face.

These seem really good anon, thank you. I didn't realise how much I wanted am older female isekai story until now, I usually hate isekai.

No. 116402

LOL yup, I’ve always said that Chi no Wadachi is one of the only mangas that can make a 5 second event span three entire chapters. I don’t mind it though because the art is really good so it’s at least fun to look at, but yeah the pacing is ridiculous.

No. 116406

I fucking love this manga! I don't mind the pacing but I wish that the chapters were translated/released faster…

No. 116407

i'm kind of nervous that fukishii is gonna end up turning out like seichi's mom. i'm not all caught up though so hopefully i'm wrong.

No. 116432

It does seem like something this author would do. He seems to have a thing for making all the female characters crazy or evil and I’ve been picking up visual foreshadowing that all is not right with her. Would suck though.

No. 116505

Nayrt and I agree.

I'm not sure exactly what's happening in the last chapter but the author is really effective at creating an awkward feeling when he shows the disabled cousin Shige. I'm dreading something awful will happen and the MC will get the blame, I hate the slow motion car crash feeling of the two of them together with no safe adult supervision. My completely baseless theory that two boys are half brothers because these kinds of manga are always like that, and maybe the mom originally threw the MC because she wanted the other one.

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