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No. 449751

A thread to bitch about religion and all the horrible shit it brings.

Note: this isn't necessarily an athiest thread. People who identify with a particular religion, but hate religious extremism within their religion, are still welcome.

No. 449772

I've never understood why people believe in the bible. If you ask them why, they say "the bible says so!" So the book is giving the authority to itself?

No. 449781

Yeet not to sound 5edgy4u but fuck organized religion i'm here 4 this

No. 449783

It makes no sense. They act as though it's fact that the Bible is the word of god and yet there is absolutely no proof of such a thing. Not to mention most of them haven't actually read it, just heard some priest's perception on it. How do they just roll with this so easily???

No. 449800

the bible is just a mess of chapters dedicated to genealogy, war, and garbled anecdotes on sex race and the like that are contradicted many times over throughout. then there are the verses that people quote like a checkmate on both ends of belief but at the end of it the whole book is a jumbled mess of words that takes too much effort to prove true. ive had to read through it multiple times and all times it was just a horrible fever dream of an offering for literature.

as a side note, i still have a brother who still attempts to teach me a life lesson through some random genesis verse and i politely listen because i love him but i shrivel up inside.

No. 449813

I think the Bible is interesting literature - the Western Canon has been influenced by it for the past couple of millennia. So much of our media references stories or makes allegories for biblical events, that I think it is still important to read as a piece of literature.

No. 449820

it's gross how basically every religion is anti woman, buddhism (women cant be monks), judaism, christianity, islam, all of them. they all serve the same end.

No. 449823

It's one of the things that makes it so damn obvious that religion is made by men to benefit men. No legit god would put the biologically disposable sex on a pedestal like that when nature itself can take or leave them.

No. 449832

Cool thread idea.

I had a really strange upbringing, my parents were really strict and really lax at the same time. I posted about them in the vent thread once but I think it fits here more.

Basically my parents homeschooled me and my siblings for religious reasons. They never told us why exactly, when I was a kid I thought it was because schools taught evolution but now as an adult I'm pretty sure it had to do with sex education. They were really strict about what we could watch. We weren't allowed to watch any thing with magic in it, so no princess movies (cinderella, pocahauntas, snow white etc) or other kids movies with magic (pinocchio, sword in the stone etc). However, we were allowed to watch it if there was some kind of loophole, like we were allowed to watch pagemaster because it was imagination(I think?) and alice in wonderland because it was a dream.

But we were exposed to violent media way younger and my parents didn't seem to have a huge problem with it. When I was a little kid I played Castle Wolfenstein 3D, which has really bad graphics but still… you're going through a castle shooting Nazis. And there's this one level where you fight zombies, and my mom said that at first she wasn't okay with it because she thought they made the zombies with occult magic, but then was okay with it after she found out the zombies were made with science. Like…. okay.

They totally dropped the ball on homeschooling us and didn't teach us hardly anything beyond reading and writing and basic math. No history, science, or anything else I can think of, Idk what the fuck kids learn in normal school. They didn't even instill basic hygiene habits in us (I didn't know that you were supposed to change your underwear every day until I was like 18). The only things they really bothered to teach us were things relating to the bible/religion and the only time we got socialized was when we went to church. My parents never talked to us about sex, or almost any non superficial topic that wasn't religion, and now I feel really weird talking about these things as an adult. And what's funny is that my parents have a shit ton of old books and a lot of them are Christian "how to talk to your kids about sex" books. The only few times sex ever came up it was just "don't have sex til you're married or you'll go to hell".

And almost all of my memories of church are extremely negative because every time we went to church all they would do was talk about how the end of the world is coming soon and how the book of revelations was coming true. Or they would guilt preach (tell you you're not being a good enough Christian). This impacted me at a young age and I grew up believing the world was going to end, and I genuinely believed that I wasn't going to live to be 12 and when I turned 12 I was like "wow, I'm really old now". I felt like the future would never happen, which I still feel now, and I never plan for the future because I feel like it will never happen and constantly feel like the world is on the verge of ending and like every thing is pointless.

I can't watch any movies or anything about the world ending, even if it's a comedy because it's just really triggering to me. I am such a maladjusted adult, have trouble forming relationships and even relating to people and a million other mental health issues. I live such a stagnant life now, I feel extreme guilt for innocuous things like masturbating. I realize that it's not competely religion's fault and that it's motsly my parents neglect that made me this way, but I still believe religion heavily contributed.

Saged for blogposting.

No. 449836

>They totally dropped the ball on homeschooling us and didn't teach us hardly anything beyond reading and writing and basic math. No history, science, or anything else I can think of, Idk what the fuck kids learn in normal school.

That sounds about the same as my public school experience

No. 449846

sorry to hear that anon. Hope you've caught up on history and other important topics adults should know about to have properly developed ideologies.

I have nothing nice to say about religion. I hate the idea that one is so afraid of dying that they have to make shit up and act like they know the answers to anything. I also hate that they act like it's impossible to be a good person without religion. I respect an atheist trying to do the ethical thing over a religious person who is mainly doing it bc they think sky dad will punish them.

No. 449866

that's what i found questionable as well. why would god dismiss the entire half of the species that he supposedly created the universe for? there is no reason for him to never address the half of human population like quran. it's always "you and your wives", "tell that to your wife" and shit. it's so obviously man made.

No. 449989

The Bible says God created man to reap the rewards of the Earth and woman was created simply to keep men company. No wonder men are so fucking entitled when they're raised on a religion that teaches them we were literally created to please them.

No. 450036

I was sent to a Catholic school when younger, later a Christian one. I know nothing about evolution, but have been able to recite The Lord's Prayer and my Hail Marys since I was 5. I had one weekend to learn them, or get paddled. Every day, my school made us recite around the rosary before we could eat lunch. That, on top of the fear of hell and my dad being a crazy clean freak narc, I developed OCD. Anytime I messed up the rosary by one word, I would become fearful and start over again.

My dad used to make me scrub the molding of the walls in our bathrooms when I was a little kid with a tooth brush. He told me it would "make me a good wife" and "(women) might as well be good for something."

He used to (and still tries) to cram religious bullshit down my throat. He's obsessed with Jews, Israel, and the end times. I never believed it as a kid, but my parents guilted me into it, but once I reached adulthood, I couldn't bring myself to keep regurgitating this dogma, especially with access to the internet and being able to vaguely learn how the earth might of come into existence without a creator.

I still feel so dumb, my education from those schools were so poor. I've wanted to be a scientist since I was a small child, I'd lie to my parents to stay after school and watch Bill Nye. I am absolutely in love with physics, but that's a degree that requires a bare minimum education to start, that I don't have due to being pulled out and homeschooled a few times. Fuck, my mother smashed my first grade project model of Jupiter I was so proud of.

Oh, I'm a welder, and my uncle got angry and told me that it's not a "woman's job" and I'd be to incompetent to do it; which is hilarious because my welding instructor told me the best welders were often women due to our patience and attention to detail, lol. My grandmother told me, "If a woman doesn't have children, what good is she?" because I said that women have more to offer the world than some stupid thing my dad said I can't remember. These were all in the context of a religious conversation. I swear religion only exists to create women into a form of bartering value.

I have too many stories for this thread.

No. 450040

>And almost all of my memories of church are extremely negative because every time we went to church all they would do was talk about how the end of the world is coming soon and how the book of revelations was coming true. Or they would guilt preach (tell you you're not being a good enough Christian).

that was my experience too. just constantly afraid that we were all going to die. i was so wrapped up in that fear that i would think that thunder was the second coming. i remember one time hearing but not seeing a jet fly by but i was so freaked out about that noise that i immediately started praying to be let into heaven. so embarrassing to admit but your story is pretty close to what i went through.

No. 450151

I'm so happy that I never got any religious upbringing, more like slightly pagan (by this I don't mean wiccas or stuff like that but my country's original paganism) so I didn't even know who Jesus was until I went to preschool. And even then I didn't realize it was actually a big deal.

No. 451934

i grew up mormon but luckily my parents were not the most strict about it. it still fucked me up though.
never believe a mormon telling you about their religion. mormonism is a cult, a large and spread out one but it is a cult. started by a pedo and with more than a few in present day leadership.

No. 453112

Exactly. This is so relatable. I would look out for signs of the apocalypse. Like one time the moon turned a pinkish color and I got really worried the world was about to end because there's a bible verse about the moon turning red.

No. 459532

christianity is abuse, yes that sounds extreme but think about it you got a dude that tells you how terrible you are constantly, but he loves you anyway, because he's so great. You are guilted into things with oh but I created you, how could you treat me like this, like it's any of his business. and maybe it would be okay for an infallible god to say that kind of thing because he won't use it to abuse you since he's perfect but that attitude enables abuse within the church, and to my mind god was created in the image of abusive men so you know

No. 459541

Is Mormonism like an American form of Christianity? How did it get so popular if it is so cult-like and different from other denominations of Christianity?

No. 459545

there's a really good south park episode about this.

but yeah, it's an american spinoff of christianity. it was started by a guy (joseph smith) who claimed that an angel had visited him and given him golden plates that he had to translate, and that "translation" is now the book of mormon. it allegedly is describing what happened in america during biblical times and has a lot of fucked up shit in it.

No. 459573

I know too many families who have dealt with alcoholism and suicide as after effects of catholic priests molesting boys. My friends have alcoholic or dead fathers..or abusive PTSD fathers. They are the first generation to decide they don't want to go to church every week and fill the donations bucket.. their mothers and grandparents still fill those donation buckets like idiots

Then every time we have a referendum to make gay marriage legal or have the right to end pregnancy you have church going pensioners barking the loudest when they aren't the ones hoping to get married or finding themselves pregnant..

No. 459777

I don't get the Jewish thing about covering your hair… by wearing a wig, and some object to wearing a wig for obvious reasons anyway. Covering your hair for the sake of religion is stupid anyway, women are 'supposed' to have it long pretty but it's also a thing to cover up and punish? I can only imagine the backlash from trying to get around it by wearing it short or going bald, even if you had the choice taken from you by alopecia they'd probably explain it as God taking your hair away for being an imaginary hoe. You can't win.

Also I met this sheltered Christian guy in high school (never said hell, only "heck" and we were 16) and one day our table got into a debate over abortion. He thought abortion was wrong no matter what and that women should go through the pregnancy anyway because if they don't want the kid they can always put it up for adoption - so I told him about a classmate of mine who got pregnant at 12 by her uncle and aborted it. Should a little girl, not even a teenager yet, go through the physical stress and horror of carrying the product of her abuse to full term? Then she'd have to suffer the pain of choosing to care for it or give it away and then the child would have to live with being 'unwanted' and possibly learning they're a product of incestuous rape. I wasn't trying to tear his faith down by disgusting him but it made me angry at that moment that his naive arse could afford to say those things because the only life he's ever known is his cushy middle class background where he can afford to be religious and none of the priests tried to molest him. It was fucking awkward.

No. 459778

from my observation, for different groups, it's a coping mechanism, for others it gives them a purpose / feel superior over

No. 459785

I don’t get the pro-life people who think adoption is a better option. Children put up for adoption are miserable because they will wonder about why they were abandoned, many kids never get adopted at all, the entire system is underfunded, and it’s rife with abuse and neglect.

No. 459791

The major thing that bothers me so much about Christians is how they usually don't conform to anything Jesus preached in the second testament. Have any of them read the thing? For the most part Jesus preaches such chill, hippy beliefs that have nothing in common with the average conservative Christian community. Sometimes I feel like I'm a bigger fan of Jesus than Christians are kek.

I was lucky to be raised by agnostics and my first school was so multicultural it payed respect to several different religions, so we got to enjoy and compare the good parts of these cultural traditions equally. However it never sat right with me that the kids from traditional Muslim families were given permission to skip learning anything about other religions. The proposal that parents shouldn't be able to make that call was a hot topic in the UK at the time but now it seems there is a high occurrence of non-Muslim families opting their child out of learning about Islam in religious education classes instead. This doesn't bode well for the future.

No. 459811

women having to cover their heads is not just jewish, it's also in christianity and islam. women have to cover their heads because apparently hair is arousing to men, and a man might see your hair and get an erection and by doing that you're damaging his relationship with god. then if he rapes you it's your fault and you have to be executed.

No. 459823

They ignore or deny it completely because it doesn’t fit their narrative. I could t count how many people have said to me that adoption is easy and not expensive, and then revert back to ‘well she shouldn’t have sex if she doesn’t want babies’ as soon as it’s pointed out they are incorrect about adoption and every source proves it.

Hell, you get posters who follow this line right here on lolcow.

Adoption and foster systems are nothing but a virtue signal to point at, and turn the other way when the kids talk about how those systems abused,neglected, and molested them.

No. 459848

It's no secret that pro-lifers are actually just pro-fetus. They don't give a fuck what happens to that kid as soon as it's born, even if it grows up in a crack den.

No. 459852

I wouldn't even say pro fetus. They're just anti-women having sex and not being punished for it

No. 459860

You know what i really, really fucking hate? People forcing their religion on me, OK, you believe in x thing but can you STOP trying to guilt trip me into liking it? Stop acting like i killed someone because i said "i don't believe in God", these type of people always get so weirdly defensive like, not everyone has to be religious and religion doesn't make you a better person. If you want to believe on God that's fine but why do you have to force YOUR rules on MY life? I always get on heated arguments with my family when they try to shill me religious shit when they know i don't believe on those things, specially when is misogynistic garbage, look at me John, im going to study on STEM and be childless, i don't give a fuck if the Bible says i should be cooking and wanting to die while waiting for some average joe to come at home. I'm also lesbian so fuck that noise even harder lmao.
I also hate when you're doing a debate and someone says "No, that's not correct", oh ok but why? "bEcAuSe ThE bIbLe SaYs So" bitch the fuck? What kind of argument is that? Use your brain or something this is embarrassing, you could give me a good answer based on facts or your opinion but instead you force your bullshit on a serious debate, the Bible IT'S NOT FACTUAL you just can't answer a question like that.

No. 459864

Women are fertile just two days or something per month while men are fertile all year 24/7 yet we are the ones being punished. A woman could literally have sex with 120 guys on a arrow and won't get pregnant if she isn't ovulating but a man can impregnate any women at any time of the year, shit makes no sense.

No. 459869

Oh yeah, I’m well aware of that but recently read about the wigs in Judaism which is why my thoughts were focused there for that post.

I’m gonna make a sweeping blanket statement but I just don’t see any benefit of being religious which I couldn’t find elsewhere and it’s always something paltry like "I made friends at church". As if you couldn’t find that elsewhere, like a hobby club? You’d probably be more into it too. I don’t need a religion to teach me how to be kind or love others. I’m lucky to live somewhere where the Christianity is tame to the point of toothlessness, all the stories I read about some parts of the US baffle and scare me.

I like the idea of Jesus, especially the joke portrayals of him where he’s just a friendly magical chill guy, not the rest of it.

No. 459907

I align more with atheism/agnosticism as an adult, but I was raised in a Christian household. Even as a kid, I noticed the inconsistencies and ridiculousness of the Bible and mainly attended church to see my friends lol. I think the biggest thing that drove me from religion is the sheer hatefulness of most Christians. My dad used to be somewhat chill until he started going to church more often, now he goes on crazy rants about how gay people can just find God and magically become straight and gleefully said that Kate Spade was going to hell after seeing the report of her suicide on the news. My mom baptized me in a Catholic Church when I was a baby and still brings it up to tell me that it makes me a Christian. Pretty much all of my family, extended relatives included, are outright hateful towards gays, women, minorities (even though we’re minorities lmao), and other religions.

I can’t see myself ever believing in God. Not to be 2edgy but after reading the Bible, i can only conclude that Yahweh is evil. How am I supposed to believe that he’s so good and loving when he purposefully flooded the globe, murdered Job’s family just to test his loyalty towards him, and wants anyone who doesn’t worship him to burn in Hell? I’ll pass.

No. 459916

Many people who were put up for adoption as babies wish they were aborted instead when they find out they were the products of rape and/or incest.

No. 459919

File: 1568023531723.jpg (124.94 KB, 755x1000, c90ac0f6-5b66-4073-a4af-c78579…)

My family are non observant Jews. All my life I assumed that since religion wasn't based in fact or logic was the result of avoiding and shunning argument/debate, but recently I found out that there's actually a huge tradition of rabbis arguing over scripture and questioning interpretations - Passover literature is often designed to encourage children to ask questions about Jewish tradition and history. I'm just so confused that in thousands of years of religious argument, nobody came to the natural conclusion that God didn't exist?
Tbh I also used to hate most things associated with the Abrahamic religions but in the past year I've been obsessing over Christian hagiographies, religious art, religious buildings, choir music etc… I don't think we would have nearly as much beautiful art and genuinely lovely tradition in the world were it not for the Abrahamic religions, and I'm struggling to reconcile that with my feminist, pro-choice, anti-pedo beliefs. Anyone going through anything similar, finding out about the “good” sides of religion and ending up in a weird in-between?

No. 459922

I've always hated the Abrahamic religions, particularly Christianity and Islam. I care less about Judaism since Jews don't proselytize like Christians or Muslims. I was raised Catholic because my ancestors were forced to convert to avoid being murdered by European colonialists. They would always spread diseases to indigenous people and then say they are dying because they aren't Christian. They brainwash my people and destroy their cultures, languages, and traditions and used Christianity to justify it.

No. 459937

>recently I found out that there's actually a huge tradition of rabbis arguing over scripture and questioning interpretations
90% of Judaism is about arguing lol

>nobody came to the natural conclusion that God didn't exist?

Because it would destroy their very identity. The Jewish religion was what helped Jews keep their culture alive despite constant assimilation attempts and violent pogroms made by Muslims, and especially Christians, towards Jews during their time as a diaspora. The Jewish god's existence is what was used to justify the extermination of the Canaanites and claim the Holy Land for the Israelites - the ancestors to the Jewish and Samaritan people. The crazy thing is though, historical evidence reveals that the Israelites were actually Canaanites themselves…which is a whole other story.

No. 459938

Over the past year I’ve been looking at religious art purely from an artistic standpoint. It did make me think ‘I want to know the deal with the religion that has shaped so much of the culture in this part of the world’ but this thread made me think it’s not worth the effort to research. I only cherry pick the iconography I like (for that AeStHeTiC) so whatever I go on to produce wouldn’t be authentic anyway.

No. 459943

>finding out about the “good” sides of religion and ending up in a weird in-between?
I'm very passionate in defending the humanitarian good that some religious people have done worldwide, specifically some historical medieval capuchin monks and a few ecclastic nuns, but also your garden variety types of charity that most local places of worship do. Some people argue that good deeds done by religious zealots don't count because it's just to get into heaven or to convert others etc but I don't agree completely. Instead I hate that religious organizations have been allowed to profit from the PR of genuinely good, empathetic people that just happen to also be religious. Why do the rich men at the Vatican get to preach about things that poor hardworking people did thousands of years ago? Especially when often these 'holy' people were disowned from the church and only spun as saints years after their deaths. They don't dare preach about living people in case that person uses that platform to go against the disgusting church. Most charitable lipservice work the Vatican funds would not even be necessary if it hadn't done so much evil over the years either.

I do also love most religious art and architecture. I wish there were better ways to support the conservation of historical religious places without indirectly putting money into the pockets of the current day leaders. The Notre Dame fire has been a mess for that.

>If you want to believe in God that's fine but why do you have to force YOUR rules on MY life?
I have some theoretical sympathy for Christians who want to "save" people's souls from eternal damnation by converting them, if they are really motivated with a concern to stop someone they love instead of self righteousness. The sympathy stops once they actually become preachy or hateful though, fuck that.
I think I have a lot of tolerance for it specifically because I haven't had to put up with this stuff. If I was around evangelical types a lot I would probably burn a church.

No. 459952

>I’m gonna make a sweeping blanket statement but I just don’t see any benefit of being religious which I couldn’t find elsewhere and it’s always something paltry like "I made friends at church".

I'm not anti, just trying to show a different perspective as to why some people are religious.
I was raised catholic, but for some years as a teen turned against it and even thought about joining buddhism - mainly because I was around some weird friends, who basically behaved like obnoxious yt atheist "intellectuals".
Right after I finished school I become depressed and one major thing that led to me breaking down and crying every single day was the sudden fear of death. Like I couldn't watch news or movies or listen to songs anymore, just the thought of me getting older or my parents dying made me lose my mind. Focusing more on religion again, on the belief that there is a heaven, that my dear grandparents are watching from above, that life won't just end after a couple decades, helped me a lot. Religion is supposed to give people hope, to help them if they feel scared or uncertain. And if every person on this planet would just abide by the 10 commandments, wouldn't this be a much better planet?
Even though the people there I live are very strictly catholic, we still behave a lot different from what I heard that american christians behave. So I guess that's why non-religious americans might be annoyed by them, but these "god created a flat earth, we must stay kissless til marriage" or the above mentioned spending time or finding friends/your partner in church-types definitely don't represent christianity in general, it's not a thing in other countries.

No. 459956

Oh boy do I have some anti-religion rants.

Firstly, I attended two religious schools growing up. I felt like a lot of time was wasted on learning Bible stories when it could have been better spent learning first aid or sign language or even just an hour of reading. Different organisations would regularly come in to pass out flyers and give lectures which were labelled as "sex ed". Some highlights from that era were:
>flyers that said contraceptives don't work and that oral contraceptives are actually an abortifacient so you're killing a little baby when you take the pill :( and contained "horror stories" from people who got pregnant while using contraceptives or had some rare, serious problem with them
>classes where teachers would compare people who have casual sex to dirty/regularly used items (like a dishcloth and we were a nice, clean new dishcloth and every new partner makes you dirtier) with demonstrations ofc, telling us that being lesbian was a phase and we'd get over it, passing around little plastic foetuses, talking about how disgraceful teen pregnancies were (even though they happened regularly and visibly pregnant students would just…disappear)
>organising debates that were very strangely worded ("Do you think we should kill babies? Yes or no?" "Do you think we should allow people to have religious freedom or should we go back to the days of Roman times when Christians were tortured?" "Should we just leave people in third world countries to starve and die? Yes or no?") etc. and very few people would pick the "wrong" choice as they'd be ripped into by the teacher in front of the whole class
>not giving us the HPV vaccine which helps to protect sexually active women from getting cervical cancer
>encouraging us to do "feminine" subjects (and discouraging us from doing STEM related ones) and recommending we pursue "feminine" jobs like being a teacher, receptionist, secretary etc.
>bizarre pseudoscience related to sex for example, that when you have sex chemicals are released that bond you to that person forever and you never experience it again with anyone else so you should save yourself for marriage and never consider divorce
>classes on how to shave, apply makeup, cook and what to expect from pregnancy (although in that teacher's defense, it probably helped a lot of girls who didn't have a mom/sister figure and were too embarrassed to ask these questions but it was still patronising)
All of this while living in a country where abortion, gay marriage, contraceptives and divorce were ILLEGAL up until quite recently (like the last 40 years) and where women/gay people/children have been severely abused by the church.

Then I have people close to me who are religion-obsessed (they rejected the religions they were raised with but just latched onto something else which seems to be quite common) and it fucking annoys me. They go around telling people that they won't go to heaven unless they "accept Jesus" before they die. They're convinced that everything in the Bible is 100% the truth and if you attempt to bring up some bizarre Bible quote, they'll come up with some explanation about how it was a product of the time (then why tf are you still reading it in 2019?) or it's some kind of metaphor for something else. They try to drag people to church on a regular basis or hand out Bibles/flyers. They voted not to legalise all of the laws I mentioned above which disgusts me and they always claim it's "freedom of religion" but never seem to think about women or gay people's freedom to live their lives. They mentally can't accept that someone isn't getting the same wonderful, spiritual experience they're getting from religious services or by flipping through some old, archaic text (you must be pretending to not have the same experience, right??). They have actually told me that people who don't have a religion are rapists, murderers, criminals etc. because they aren't following a moral code (as if laws don't exist and honestly if you need a fucking book to tell you that murdering someone is bad then I worry way more about you killing someone than I do myself…) Their churches manipulate their followers into voting certain ways, donating all their time and money and tell people what to wear, what to listen to, what to watch…it's so sick that this is happening to this day.

I made friends from different religions later in life and realised that it's all just the same misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic bullshit but under a different name. I haven't seen one yet that isn't.

No. 460219

>I think I have a lot of tolerance for it specifically because I haven't had to put up with this stuff.
That would certainly be why. I used to feel the way you do until I actually started experiencing this shit first hand when I briefly lived in the US South. The thing is, the kind of people who think you're going to burn in Hell if you don't worship their God and think there's nothing wrong with that… are not decent humans. Especially when you're talking about people who think non-believers should burn in hell, but serial killers and rapists should go to heaven as long as they ~ask god for forgiveness~. The way these people's morals have been warped by their dogma is both insane and dangerous.

No. 460470


Man I really hate people/organizations like that. They're so fucking irrational it's ridiculous. It probably sounds a little contradicting coming from someone who's Catholic and believes in the weird laws from the Bible but these people take it way too far. I always felt that if people didn't put so much force onto children to get into religion and make them believe they'd be damned for eternity there would actually be more people interested in it. My younger cousins are forced to go to church every Sunday and they absolutely hate it. I was never forced to go to church but rather taught simple lessons from the Bible that just make you a decent person (and other supernatural stuff, idk) by my mother and as I got older I naturally developed an interest in religion.

I also really don't like imposing my beliefs onto other people. Obviously, like any other religious person, I'd like people to join or whatever. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna sit here and vote for laws that only benefit people who are in my specific religion. There will NEVER be a time that everyone collectively decides to join one religion, so I might as well at least make life easier for the people around me because what they do really isn't my business as long as they aren't sitting there doing the absolute worst a human could possibly do. I feel like I can barely trust churches at this point. They spout utter nonsense even though the scriptures suggest otherwise, and people believe it because they refuse to analyze things for themselves half the time. They could potentially put a lot of people in danger.

No. 460614

baptism is fucked up when you think about it

No. 460631

kek baptisms always make me think of this video

No. 462816


>I think I have a lot of tolerance for it specifically because I haven't had to put up with this stuff. If I was around evangelical types a lot I would probably burn a church.

Be glad you aren't exposed to evangelical types, anon. They are extremely cruel.


You don't even need to go to the deep south anymore to be exposed to nutty Christians. I'm in California and we have a lot of migrants from the Southern diaspora/Dust Bowl who moved out here and raise their children in fundamentalist Christianity. They are usually the ones who end up joining separatist shit like the John Bircher Society, or their kids grow up to become bitter asf Neo-Nazis because they get raised in these little suburban bubbles as their parents don't take them anywhere and don't teach them anything. They are typically always regressive conservatives, and yet benefit from living in a socially and economically liberal state with some of the highest incomes in the country, all the while complaining about America's lack of morales and blah blah blah.

My local community college had to change their free speech policies because we kept getting these extremely aggressive street preachers on campus who would verbally abuse you instead of being quiet like you're supposed to, or just say hello and ask politely if you would be interested in xyz.

One of the worst incidences we had on campus happened when this one nutty dude came up there for a week and would secretly tape record students (specifically women) while carefully editing out him making derogatory remarks to people passing by, calling people names like 'slut' and 'dyke', so that it would look like the students were attacking him and not vice versa. Come to find out he would later post it on his youtube channel so that men could harass the students anonymously.

No. 468496

Are any other farmers from Europe? How do you feel about the muslim invasion? I've always hated religion so seeing the states bend over to please this violent religion because otherwise they'll get labeled as "muh racist" or whatever is infuriating to me.

No. 468499

Not European, but I feel like I’m a way it’s a case of a white saviour - most people recognise that it’s a shitty and violent religion, but they pull the ‘its their culture!!’ card because they view non-whites as less civilised so they wear their tard wrangling gloves with them and don’t poke the bear, because notice how people who defend Islam will demonise similar behaviours and traditions within their own cultures

No. 468509

What baffles me is that there is no other religion that massively creates situations like those mentioned in this video.

No. 468523

What’s a good response when someone says “have a blessed day”? I don’t want to be an asshole bc they’re being nice but it also just makes me uncomfortable. How can I be nice without saying “you too” since that doesn’t resonate with me at all? I know this isn’t a big deal, but I live in an area with a lot of Southern Baptists and it always just irks me.

No. 468524

Just let it go, anon, getting annoyed at this is similar to getting annoyed at someone saying ‘bless you’ when you sneeze. It’s more of a polite saying than it is a religious thing

If saying ‘you too’ doesn’t sit right with you then you could always reply with
- ‘hope you have a good one!’
-‘enjoy the rest of your day!’
- ‘stay safe’
- ‘enjoy (whatever activity they’re doing)’

I dunno, this just seems like such a nonissue

No. 468535

There is no reason to feel uncomfortable about it as this person is just nice and wishing you a good day. I would feel flattered if someone said that to me, or even something more extremely religious like "you will be in my prayers" if I am having a difficult time.

I am agnostic so to me it doesn't rfeally matter, but this person is saying/doing a positive thing according to their own personal beliefs.

It is only weird if you want it to be.

No. 468549

Recently I've been exploring niche and alternative religions/spirituality and it's made me realize some things about the mainstream faiths.

It's absolutely true that religion is created by men for men. And not just for the social control but the spiritual aspect of it too - it's created to serve the male psyche and the male spiritual path. The reason self-sacrifice and resistance to temptation is repeated in pretty much every faith is because that's what MEN are supposed to do if they want to self-actualize. They are the ones who spread themselves and their seed everywhere and get "eaten" up by desire for women. Asceticism, servitude and self-control is the true no bullshit path for a man to become the best version of himself. None of this serves women since out function biologically and socially is different.

Abrahamic religions have twisted this and made out women to be at fault for men's weaknesses instead of promoting them to master themselves. They insist women cover themselves, be modest and submit to men's will. However when women are oppressed, there's no true resistance men have to face, meaning they stay weak and primitive and they never master their sexuality.

Anyway don't buy into it, women aren't meant to be self-denying and ascetic. On the contrary - the opposite creates a better society and better men. Self-denying women enable male evil to grow.

No. 468561


Religions are pyramids where the most outstanding members of the community are those with $$$ because they are blessed (and they give money to the church)

eg the Catholic Church gets so many donations from companies lobbyists and more recently young churches like Hillsong controlling media and stars

But why?

>They promote sheltering women to the point of making them stupid …so forcibly that they are submissive whilst also promoting anger and abusive behaviour in men to “protect the cause”

>That mix makes as many kids as possible so the stupid indoctrinated babies can fight the “holy war” or whatever tf that specific religion calls it

>Religious Conservative nuts are pro life so they can continue having soildiers for their war

Welcome to the biggest MLM to ever exist

No. 468650

One thing you can't have is pure Religious faith and at the same time believe that your countries security net, financial system and infrastructure will maintain you forever, it's really one or the other and it's easy to live without god with abundant infrastructure and well maintained utilities. It's not the same when you're starving and impoverished, surrounded by stronger people and at risk of being taken advantage of. Your perception shifts when you're not comfortable anymore, and i don't think people should live comfortably, they should live engaged with life.

No. 468670

IDK self-control is a great life skill for anyone and vital in the modern day west where abundant temptations like casual sex, substance abuse, junk food, social media, ect can fuck your physical and mental health up.

No. 468677


I agree with you anon on that. The west has swung really far to the other extreme end of religion into straight up nihilistic tier self-indulgence, nothing is sacred anymore, we shouldn't care, blah blah blah.

No. 468735

I'm not of faith and I have no problem controlling my vices. Idk why people need religion to tell them not to do bad shit.

No. 468747

For the same reason some people need to go to the gym/library instead of just working out/studying at home, or need to be in a group setting to stop smoking/drinking or learn a new skill.
It's actually one of the good aspects of religion. It externalizes. Let's face it, we humans are pretty weak on our own, whatever we do. We find strength and guidance in others. There's no shame in it.
You delegate your education to the community, you delegate feeding yourself to the community, you delegate informing yourself to the community, transporting yourself, building shelter for yourself, etc. How are you even wondering why people delegate morale to the community? It's natural.

No. 468756

If anyone here cares… this is what the cult I was raised in did to a lot of us.

No. 470536

File: 1570543810027.gif (533.19 KB, 245x245, me_reading_reddit.gif)

As a secular, big city Euro-anon, I feel so bad for you guys. I have a higher education so I take it for granted that everyone I interact with is atheist over here.

I say somewhat offensive (but only if you believe in some magical dude up in the sky) things about religion when the topic comes up due to news and whatnot. So far, nobody's reacted badly to it since everyone's on the same page anyway.

I remember talking to some American girl about christianity and she was flabbergasted, like, "omg how can you say things like that so openly?" and, honestly, I was confused about what she was asking me about. Well, turns out she can't say things like that her in town (she's atheist but most are religious) and that sounds like hell to me. So unreal.

I feel sorry for you guys who have to live in an environment with so much bullshit.

No. 470699

Work in a Catholic hospital and a patient asked me if believed in god and I said no, I’m an atheist. She actually broke out in tears then told me I was going to hell. This is in the Deep South. Never made that mistake again.. it’s easier to lie and go about my day than to deal with those kinds of reactions.

No. 470704

File: 1570570750717.jpg (71.98 KB, 740x430, france-muslims.jpg)

>big city Euro-anon
>I take it for granted that everyone I interact with is atheist over here.

i laughed

No. 470713

File: 1570572093297.jpg (369.26 KB, 1600x854, the_family.jpg)

That's crazy! I'm not sure what I would do if I were in your position. I'm sure she meant no harm but that's a crazy amount of brainwashing she's under. Sucks to be her.

Ah, yes. I'm sure you know more about my country than I do.

As a side note, I recently watch Netflix's documentary called The Family. It's about some crazy christians amassing political power across the world. (Oh, and of course, it's all men in the political positions within the group. The women shown are all brainwashed into just wanting husbands. Gross.)

Be sure to watch it if you want to feel hopeless in today's political climate.

No. 470746

Speaking of that documentary, did anyone think that they’re interpretation of Jesus sounded really homoerotic? Like they apparently rejected the “all loving” Jesus and insisted that he was actually some super macho dude who would’ve been a marine if he lived in modern times. Which is ironic, given how a lot of them supported straight up supported homophobic policies. Also their excuses for politicians who got caught in sex scandals to stay in power. “But God wants them too!” Lol, I definitely not religious but even I don’t think God would give a shit about modern world leaders. Given that shit changes constantly in comparison to how old Christianity is.

I know most religious leaders a misogynistic and overall terrible but even when I try to look at the Family from a Christian perspective, it’s still bizarre as fuck to me.

No. 470748

The irony of it all

No. 470799

What is it with religious people being so comfortable saying shit like that to people? A Catholic lady once straight up told my dad that his brother is in Hell for committing suicide. Why would you tell someone that they or someone they love is going to hell? It's the most autistic shit I've ever heard.

Also, how can you love a God who does this? How do you seriously believe anyone who is an athiest or commits suicide is going to Hell and not think "gee, that's pretty fucked up of god"?

No. 470800

Lotta butthurt fedora tippers here, I see

No. 470803

File: 1570596741479.jpg (167.68 KB, 863x1024, andrea-yates.jpg)

I just went down the extremely depressing rabbit hole of learning about Andrea Yates a couple days ago. I thought I vouldn't hate extremist Christians anymore than I already did, but boy howdy was I wrong.

>Andrea Yates and husband are Quiverful (meaning they believe a woman's duty to God is to stay at home raising as many children as she is able to pump out)

>she gets post-partum psychosis, on top of being schizophrenic
>husband takes her off meds to get her pregnant with a fifth despite psychologist emphatically telling him that's a horrific idea
>she goes absolutely insane, has to go to psych ward multiple times, including for a suicide attempt where she admits she wanted to kill herself so she didn't hurt her children
>husband is instructed not to leave her home alone with the kids ever
>she is barely functional, displays inability to care for children by doing shit like trying to feed her baby solid food
>husband dismisses doctor's orders not to leave her alone with the kids as well as the fact she's obviously not fit to care for children, and gives her alone time with them for an hour daily
>she is convinced she is evil, and if her kids grow up they will be evil too and go to Hell because of her
>so she drowns them one by one in the bathtub to ensure they'll get into heaven
There's so many more awful details to this story too, like how her husband didn't allow her to use disposable diapers to make caring for all those babies she had back to back easier. Because he felt a simple life was "godly". He also had them all living in a 350sqft remodled school bus until the 4th or 5th kid (which should be considered chil abuse IMO).

Obviously, a lot of factors played into this tragedy, but if her husband wasn't more concerned with keeping his wife a baby factory for the sake of their toxic religion than he was for her mental health and his kid's safety, I really feel like this wouldn't have happened. Also, fucked up as it was, in her head she was "saving" her kids from burning in hell. Like, yeah… if you teach people that they'll end up in hell for pretty much anything, is it really such a shocker that someone suffering from severe psychosis thinks killing her children while they're still "innocent" is the best option?

No. 470809

they really just sent her to jail first before the ward and tried to get the death penalty for her? christ.k

No. 470832

Yup. The American judicial system is pretty fucked and Texas is the worst of it. It didn't help that this was during a time where very little was understood by the general public about post partum depression/psychosis. Especially in an area that can't fathom the concept of a woman not being thrilled about having 5 kids in 7 years.

No. 470833

I was raised christian, but not very strictly and it still fucked me a bit. Just basic thing like believing i will go to heaven. I noticed how kids are always playing and having fun, while old people are boring and just sitting around. So i thought if i go to heaven as a old person, i will just sit around for eternity, but if i go to heaven as a kid, i will play and have fun for eternity. So i genuinely wanted to die as a kid, just so i could play forever. Luckily i knew suicide was a sin.

No. 470857

because a lot of religions think that normal shit is a sin so people follow religions that tell them not to do normal natural things and because these things are normal and natural it’s incredibly hard to resist them

No. 470868

I don't so much mind the polytheistic gods, then a being can be pure evil or good. But these followers of the Abrahamic god. How the fuck can christfags say their god is just and loving and also worship stories that committed genocide towards children 3 times. That shit is bananas. At least the muslims and jews say, "Well yeah he's an asshole, but oh wellz."

No. 470877

damn bro you really dropping it on the one!!!

No. 470906

>How the fuck can christfags say their god is just and loving and also worship stories that committed genocide towards children 3 times.
That's not true. There are 2 main theories amongst christians that try to explain this. There are some people who say that god allows bad things to happen because he's actually not inherently "good" (more like neutral, without bad there wouldn't be good) while others do believe he is - but simply not almighty enough to prevent or stop everything evil in this world even if he tries and wants to. I don't know amongst what kind of people you are, but normal christians do question the tales about catastrophies that are told in the bible, or also just horrible things in their lifes (like why do children die of cancer?). I study teaching and this is one of - if not the most asked question about religion that students like to ask.

No. 470912

I was raised Christian my whole life, one of the weirdest part abt it is the fact that they forbid the use of condom in the old Christian family handbook we used to have ( this happens when your whole family is registered as christians at your local church where im at). The other thing is there was this very demeaning pastor, who HATED manga and thought you wont get into heaven if you dont worship god and im like ?!? Bitch ill go and haunt your ass for fun.

No. 470916

Don't wanna antagonize you - but why is he so aggressive and genocidal then? Why does he not do good, but punishes so harshly if I am to criticize him? Has he given up? Why should I still grovel at his feet then? Has he become lazy with age and now just sends me to hell because I don't kiss his ass enough?
Can you explain? I just don't get this shtick.

No. 470924

>why is he so aggressive and genocidal then? Why does he not do good, but punishes so harshly if I am to criticize him?
Are you being punished right now? I don't think so. Nobody says you should get punished for doing that. There's much more good than evil on this earth - we just tend to focus on the negative because it weighs more in our eyes or because it touches us more. Atm there are less disputes than ever in our history before, it just feels like there's more because we know so much (thanks to news, the internet,…). The average person thankfully can live a life free of hunger or war. And on the other hand, how could he have predicted or prevented that humans do awful things like producing and using nuclear bombs? The "he's not almighty but would want to help" bit applies more when it comes to illness and drought - but even those are partly caused or worsened by humans themselves (like certain people exploiting the poorer majority in 3rd world countries). But there are small miracles happening and I think that those are caused by him, like somebody healing despite being told that they basically have no chance anymore, a couple getting pregnant despite having given up hope already, somebody finding a matching donor, a family being saved because in the end the father/mother did find a job and so on.
>Has he given up? Why should I still grovel at his feet then?
You shouldn't. "Groveling at hiss feet" has not been a thing for ages. It's more about respect and trust, to him and other people.
>Has he become lazy with age and now just sends me to hell because I don't kiss his ass enough?
Like I said above, nobody thinks you deserve to get punsished for not believing or criticising him or christianity. Many christians don't believe in hell - and even if it exists you're not in danger of being thrown there as long as you don't commit a real crime. There even are some people who believe that rapists or murderers could be forgiven and could go to heaven because afterall we're all his children - which I disagree with.

No. 470929

Thanks for the answer, anon. I really appreciate it.

No. 470953

I was always told/taught that catastrophes happen because "it's the devil's doing" (god's almighty but he couldn't prevent his own creation from unleashing hell on us, interesting) and they will continue happening until one day god decides to defeat and lock the devil in the literal pits of hell and return to earth and/or "it's god's will and he doesn't always need us to understand why he does something xyz way but it's for our best will"

In hindsight this is so stupid, because it excuses 'god' 100% of the time and it can be used to explain anything as god's doing and can't be argued against.

No. 470954

>how could he have predicted or prevented that humans do awful things like producing and using nuclear bombs?

because he's supposedly almighty and allknowing

No. 470960

That's why I said that I and many others came to the conclusion that he's not completely almighty. He wants to, but he can't always.

No. 470965

do we have any muslim or hindu anons? would be interesting to hear their perspectives

No. 470977

Fucking excuse me mate? Did your god NOT slaughter children in those tales? Yop it did. So what's good about worshiping that? How are you going to excuse a faith that is monotheistic? Did your god not create the "evil" and "sin" and punish it's own creation with such nonsense? Fuck that blatent hypocrisy. It claims omnipotence, yet was rebelled against by an angel that wasn't given the free wi it gave mortal man. It claims it is infallible yet, that was failed over and over again.
It is a failure of a faith that allows hypocrisy and nasty deeds be done, and I give a hearty fuck you to all that back that thought process. Do not excuse it.

No. 470979

Lmao at this mental breakdown

No. 470989

>It claims it is infallible yet, that was failed over and over again.

wait, are we talking religion or communism?, well, i guess its the same thing.

>Fuck that blatent hypocrisy

second that

No. 470990

Nah, I'm just sick and tired of the mental gymnastics they go through to defend a shitty god. You ever see a mental breakdown?

No. 471001

I imagine you to sound like Greta Thunberg because that's how autistic your post sounds lmao

No. 471002

>Nah, you're having a mental breakdown.
nta but how is a text a mental breakdown. religious ppl sure are retarded.

hating on greta thunberg in 2019 is like hating on justin bieber in 2010.

No. 471005

You just come off as slow and unhinged. I dont hate greta thunberg you just sound like a massive sperg lol

No. 471009

>hating on greta thunberg in 2019 is like hating on justin bieber in 2010.

Except hating Greta is justified, Soros shills btfo with your bugs.

No. 471044

He actually is almighty, he’s just not doing much to stop the catastrophes because he gave humanity free will and if having free will means to fuck up the planet with its constant wars, genocides, etcetera then so be it. Also, life on earth is not supposed to be a “heavenly utopia” to live on anyway. If you feel like blaming something, blame Eve for biting the apple.

No. 471063

1) Adam knew the apple was dangerous and didn't tell Eve, so it's his fault, too

2) The Bible is a work of fiction and none of this shit happened in the first place

3) Which means that some guy two thousand years ago decided to blame literally everything bad that's ever happened on women, despite the fact that men cause the majority of the world's problems

4) So this ancient book most "Christians" haven't even read has little relevance in a society that values women as human beings

No. 471068

If he's almighty he should've prevented his own(!) creation from becoming the devil who in turn made us humans "sin" and he should've prevented that we, also his own creation, became sinful with free will. But somehow we get the blame for his mistakes.

No. 471076

He gave angels free will too. If no one had free will, then we’d all be mindless robots; how boring.

The devil influenced Adam and Eve to turn away from God which in turn got kicked out of paradise. Satan has rule over this planet which is why things are the way they are and the people in power do his bidding but it is up to us to come for him through faith alone and surrender ourselves to him, God’s just letting him have his fun, for now.

The old saying “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist“ applies here.

No. 471082

>Did your god NOT slaughter children in those tales? Yop it did. So what's good about worshiping that?
So you believe that "it" exists and all those stories in the bible are 100% true?
I think it's quite telling how you're absolutely losing you're shit over me answering some other anon's questions. Do I sound like I'd want you dead for not believing or being gay or whatever? No. So there's no reason for you to get so angry over that. I'm not doing anything to you.
Also interesting that 99% of the anons in this thread are solely shitting on christianity and not on any of the other religions. It's 2019, christians as a community haven't done bad things in a long time, most of us are normal citizens, yet you act as if we're out there crusading you right now at this moment. The world has far bigger problems, yet you choose to focus on getting worked up over what others believe.
That's not how a normal discussion is supposed to go, you only want to accuse and to hate.

No. 471088

>Also interesting that 99% of the anons in this thread are solely shitting on christianity and not on any of the other religions

For me personally it's because thinking about islam makes me fucking depressed. The amount of shit happening in my country because of moon-god-man is insane and makes me scared to be a woman. Guess where I'm from kek

No. 471090

>That's not how a normal discussion is supposed to go, you only want to accuse and to hate.
meanwhile in the OP
>A thread to bitch about religion and all the horrible shit it brings.
Why would you expect the discussion to go any differently? I'm NTA and but personally it is beyond me that anyone expects religion to be taken seriously, or given any respect, or receive any responses other than disdain and bewilderment. If you believe in nonsense for no good reason people are going to respond negatively, what a shock.

>Also interesting that 99% of the anons in this thread are solely shitting on christianity and not on any of the other religions.

Because we… live in western countries with a christian majority. I went to christian schools all my life, you think I'm going to be more invested in my opinions on hindus or buddhists or even muslims? And it's appalling that you're pretending Christians haven't had a massive resurgence in doing bad things lately, with the scary regression in abortion laws. You keep playing dumb and innocent like your beliefs aren't harming anyone just because you as an individual aren't hating on anyone. We don't need to be 'crusaded' to face ongoing residual bullshit because of patriarchal religious beliefs ingrained in society, and we are perfectly entitled to 'accuse and hate' in response.

No. 471094

> Also interesting that 99% of the anons in this thread are solely shitting on christianity and not on any of the other religions.

I imagine that’s because majority of anons are from white majority countries, within which the major religion would either be atheism or catholicism/Christianity

Here’s a hot take though; each and every single religion is a tool made by men to shame and control women.

I was raised as chatolic and what turned me away as a twelve year old was the constant belittling of my sex, the disproportionate amount of evil women to men, the themes of ownership over women and children, crusades in gods name, dumbass shit like Eve coming from Adams rib, a whiny god that little to make my life good (has abusive parents, like many children globally) that STILL felt entitled to my prayers, and the final straw was realising just how utterly fucked up it is to impregnate a woman with your child just so that you can later have said child tortured and murdered in an awful way.

No. 471100

>I imagine that’s because majority of anons are from white majority countries

As usual, the people who whine the most on every platform are the ones with the least to whine about. First worlders are fragile self absorsed creatures.

No. 471106

>it's appalling that you're pretending Christians haven't had a massive resurgence in doing bad things lately, with the scary regression in abortion laws.
That happened because americans are dumb, but it's got nothing to do with the over 1 billion non-american, normal christians in other parts of the world. Try to think outside of your own country for once.
>>471100 is right. Abortion and all other rights concerning gender equality and the likes mostly exist in countries with christian majorities. Be glad for not having to experience real oppression.

No. 471110

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where religion just wasn't a thing we talked about.

We learned about lots of different religions in school, and read and studied them all like fairytales. God and Jesus were like Santa. Some figures we all knew were fake, but that some people pretended to be real for fun.

I try not to judge because I think a lot of people use religion for comfort and a sense of control in a universe that doesn't care about them. It makes a lot of sense when I read people explain how religion helped them through difficult times. You don't have to fear death because you were promised eternal life. You don't have to fear losing your loved ones because you are told you will see them again. It doesn't matter what wrong you have done in this world, because in some religions like christianity you only have to ask forgiveness for your sins, and it's all good.

It's a very interesting thing to look at from an outside perspective. I've never been oppressed because of religion (been told I'm going to Hell and that my mother deserve the chronic pain she has for not being religious, sure), but even then I think those people would just be assholes regardless of their religion or not.

No. 471163

>God creates powerful angels to serve him even though he's all- powerful and doesn't need the help
>He gives the angels free will even though they have no purpose but to serve him
>Has a favorite Angel whose free will caused him to be a narcissist
>Creates humans just because he feels like it
>Favorite Angel gets jealous and decides to fuck with humans
>Humans get fucked up
>God: "A-ackchually this was part of the plan all along lol"

God doesn't exist but if he did he's either a massive idiot or a sadistic fuck conducting some sort of narcissistic social experiment where he treats people like shit and punishes them if they hate him for it. The Bible is just a giant book of contradictions and has basically been a political tool for most of it's existence.

Also, next time a homophobe tries to throw the Bible at you, tell them the King James Bible is named after a bisexual man. Apethorpe Hall literally has a secret tunnel that connects James' bedchamber to George Villiers'.

No. 471403

It is possible for an outsider to know more about your country than you do. Look at China, for example.

No. 471415

nta but fuck off with that ~people in first world countries have nothing to complain about~ bullshit.

No. 471426

Christianity is the largest religion in the world.
I'm not white and I don't live in a white country, but this shitty religion has been forced on my people and now it's being used to perpetuate misogyny, homophobia and other fun shit. The abortion debate and the struggle for women to have access to them is NOT America-exclusive.
I'm tired of Christians pretending they're not responsible for prejudice and pain in the world. Because what, Islam is worse? Fuck off, that's your cousin.

No. 471466

If God still exists, they're not a very good one.
I think there's an equal number of bad and good in the world and you just choose to see the good more.
There aren't less disputes than ever, we have just moved on to dispute different things in more covert ways.

Those 'little miracles' are just coincidences to me.
If God has the power to create little miracles but chooses to do them to only a select amount of people, some horrible people, then God isn't just, smart nor powerful enough to deserve worship.

No. 471467

Both deserve criticism lol

No. 471494

Do you think I use "swear words" because I'm angry? Sorry to rankle your christfag boots, but I say fuck like people say please. It's just a word, don't give it power.

Now, do I believe the tales of your bible, ahahahaha fuck no it's horrendously inaccurate. It's the fact that christians, jews, and muslims do that's terrifying. If you don't follow your own book of rules, well, don't know what to tell you. If you're willing to kill or die for your god, that's a sad existance and puts you up for Darwinian selection. Do I know decent christfags? Sure, but I still distrust their sycophantic ways. Just like I distrust atheists that say people of faith must die. Assuming dominance over another is wrong.

No. 471537

I wish y'all little dumbasses showed the same fervor and dedication to pinkpill threads but apparently not since there's a scrote or pick me every so often coming in there shamelessly. I hate y'all

No. 471539

File: 1570802807657.png (684.82 KB, 987x555, IM0eYeA.png)

ok, this thread is epic

No. 471542

I've contributed to the PP threads in the past infinitely more than this one, but I've been done with them ever since they combined it with GC because I'm sick of seeing troons everywhere.

Also, my antireligion stance is largely because of my PP ideology. The main reason I hate religion so much is because of how it's been used as a tool to brutally oppress women. Between the quiverful movement and abortion bans, I'm at a loss how any PP person could possibly take issue with this thread.

No. 471546

Because religion has nothing to do with gender for this thread. Goddamned either get dicked or ride your vibe.

No. 471758

When i was hospitalized for a suicide attempt, there was a nurse who briefly attended to me and would talk about how i needed faith in god, that all life is precious, etc. Thankfully she was really nice to me and didn't tell me that i could have gone to hell, but i was still a bit bothered. It felt like the was trying to convert me but in a really sweet tone.

2 Years from then I've thought about it a bit more, she seemed like a really humble person who likely grew up in a poor household. I notice this a lot since i live in a third world country, but poor people seem to be really religious. Often people who will walk on burning coal to tell you about how God saved them from damnation.

No. 471923

Its most likely because god is a symbolism of hope. but these people live in a chaos looking for order in life so god is one way to direct all that rage and hope and just plain sadness and turn it into happiness or weird cult that makes you feel like you belong. That's the way I see it. I came from a troubled childhood and remember clutching to my bible as if that would save me from all my sadness I would "talk to god" instead of talking my feelings out I would question god too. I wondered why he made people so hateful. Now that i am older I have realized that all this talking was done to myself. It was all me. So in a sense i started to work on myself and personality. Religion and the idea of a more powerful being at your side is a comfort thing. who really knows? Though more people use it for justifying their horrible actions and ideals than for doing good.

No. 471925

Was it a medical ward or psych ward nurse?

I've had the experience of visiting someone regularly on a psych ward and hearing all the religious delusions that unwell people were screaming about.. then once a week the hospital let them go to a fucking in house mass.. ffs

No. 472024

Thankfully just a medical ward. I was hospitalized in a regular hospital and was awaiting judgement on whether to be sent to a psych ward or not. Thankfully i wasn't sent; i imagine the nurse problem just would have become worse.

Sperg incoming but psych wards and third world countries don't go together. Count in also what i said about poor people being extremely religious, and you've got a situation in which you're locked in a nut house with religious nuts. There's strong beliefs that the mentally ill and/or the suicidal are possessed, so if you're unlucky you'll get a nurse or a doctor that think the best solution is you praying your illness away. I'm in no way saying that's the norm, but imagine getting a doctor that thinks it's their job to convert you. That's probably where some of the more serious patients "break" and start screaming bloody murder about religion. At that point i can't even be mad, just sad.

No. 478203

>"y-y-you t-t-t-too"


No. 487010

My friend's hardcore Christian sister is so goddamn stupid and incapable of critical thinking. Anytime she's faced with any moral dilemma, she has to try to find a passage about it in the Bible to tell her how to think, no matter how cut and dry a situation is. She has literally said she doesn't think for herself because "we're supposed to let God do the thinking for us".

I hate people like her so goddamn much.

No. 487890

I'm atheist, but I can't really handle the lame criticisms people have against Christianity. I speak about Christianity in particular because that's the one I'm most familiar with.

>People at churches are hypocrites

Well yeah, if you read the gospels and epistles, it's said by both Paul and Jesus that this was going to happen, and there's warning against this and it's clearly said that subversive people will enter the church.

One of the overarching themes of Christianity is that people are fallen and corrupted by sin, and that this world is a broken, fallen one. Criticizing the state of the world, and how things are bad, or how people at church are hypocrites, really does nothing to actually refute Christianity as a religion.

No. 487964

I knew a woman who never felt proud of herself, any good thing that happened to her because of her own choices, she said it was all God and not her. I was honestly trying so hard not to tell her to be selfish for once and take credit. She passed an exam she studied hard for, but nope it was Jesus

No. 488044

This isn't exactly the same thing, but I hate people who put their entire fate "in the hands of god" instead of trying to build their own future. My brother liked this girl at his church, but she didn't want to be with him because she thought she was "meant" to be with this other guy that God had supposedly told her she was supposed to be with. And the guy had no idea, they had never dated or anything like that. She just picked him randomly and was like "yeah that's the one because god says so". Spoiler; it didn't work out. I've seen people do similar things with astrology.

I hate this so much, it's so depressing when people have that mentality. I've known so many people like that. And then if they fuck up and sin they take the blame for it, which doesn't make any sense.

No. 488462

Same, I'm agnostic but there's a lot of dumb criticism of christianity especially in more casual ways. Like when people get offended over people sending prayers or something like that. It's not like it hurts you. It's just them wishing you/others the best. What's that to be mad about?

Not that many are religious where I live anymore but I was baptized catholic and went to catholic school. Overall it was a pretty nice school but there was definitely some cult-like mindset going on. My mum wrote a piece in the local paper where she was critical of the catholic church and their power and a decent amount were being obviously cold towards her after that.

No. 488467

What’s wrong with thanking God/Jesus after being asked for help? Give credit where credit is due.

No. 488834

I only take issue with this when it comes to medicine. Like a doctor works hard to save someone's life and you give God all the credit instead. People like that should just live in fucking mud huts in Kenya or whatever if they think doctors are that unimportant.

No. 489234

Anyone here ever read The Book of Job, its actually my favorite part of the Bible because that was the start of what me becoming a non-believer
This was the story that made me skeptical of Christianity when I was a kid. I figured as a kid, if this is what god does to those who are the most faithful, why in the world would I want to worship this god

No. 489238

Knowing doctors, it really is a miracle that most of them don't kill the majority of their patients

No. 489248

I'm more of a spiritualist agonistic and skeptic who teeters between some level of believing and non believing. After being forced to go to private Christian school as a kid, even one of the more accepting branches (episcopal) I've hated organized religion since I was about 12 years old. Something about the idea of having to go to a physical church to pay respects to something you don't even know exists just grosses me out, but the actions of certain religious organizations / the proselytizing is what really gets me. The fact that so many churches are discriminatory and holier than thou and honestly don't follow the principles of the Bible itself at all are what makes me despise organized religion as much as I do, I guess. I always found sermons incredibly boring to begin with but I'm at the point where at times when I think there might be a deity that I think I shouldn't have to give money or swear allegiance to have faith in anything, it's stupid to do so. Religion as an organized sect has never done anything but disappoint me. Frankly I don't understand people whose social lives hinge on the circle they form in a place as absurd and as honestly creepy as a church. And I never will. I'll wear religious iconography sometimes in form of angel necklaces / pins that i inherited from my grandmother, but in all honestly I find the idea of churches/churches running charities pretty repugnant even if I consider myself antagonistic spiritualist. I seriously don't like churches/the idea of forming a social circle of people around religion.

No. 489295

Okay wow I guess doctors being human and making mistakes means all doctors are worthless trash!

Go back to leeches and bloodletting, see how you like it.

No. 489438

laughing at you playing like Islam hasn’t infiltrated France in a bad way. It’s absolutely everywhere, even the grocery stores are filled to the brim with « halal » and almost every uber driver I’ve had is a fucking Muslim creep. All in the name of religious equality(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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