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No. 402655

I know we have gender critical shit, but I wanted to make a thread about troons. More specifically friending a troon. I moved into an apartment last year and my next door neighbor is a troon. We started to hang out after I got locked out of my apartment and she let me stay at her place before the locksmith arrived. We relate to each other because we play Splatoon and sometimes go out together.

Are you friends with a troon? Do you hang out with a troon? Is the troon normal or some militant hon?

No. 402657

i have several FtM friends. all of them are pretty ordinary people. we like to smoke together and sometimes play little steam games or whatever. tbh it feels no different than having any other kind of friend, it’s about the quality of a person more than their identity.

No. 402659

>befriending the lowest form of human life ever

No. 402668

Only online, not exactly friends but I have exchanged some comments with a FTM who seemed like a decent person and I have nothing but compassion for her because it must suck to hate yourself this much and I wish she would learn to love herself as she is instead of trying to be a dude.
And the MTF I know is the stereotypical anime obsessed communist transbian so I while I don't actively despise him I don't feel anything either.

No. 402669

I have a childhood friend who might be a troon. Idk how to handle it tbh. We grew up in an extremely sexist and homophobic country and he always had "feminine" interests like art, fashion, literature etc. and his friends were 90% females. He claims he's into women but has never openly shown any sign of sexual interest towards either men or women. Idk if he's a agp or hsts. I wish he could just be a male with "feminine" interests without hating himself.

No. 402674


I have three trans friends and it genuinely changed my view from being gender critical to understanding them.

No. 402676

I'm cool with the MtF trannies who are into men. The ones who are into women I stay away.

No. 402680

I had two MTF friends.
One was a textbook narcissist bisexual guy with other mental illnesses as well who sexually assaulted multiple girls, made up lies to beg for money, was obsessed with anime porn and would say things like “I can’t wait to get my vagina and show it to everyone. I’m going to be so much hotter than you then.”
The other was a self-identified gay guy with several mental illnesses and severe drug addiction who trooned out from browsing /tttt/. He now talks about how disgusting “breeders” are and identifies as a lesbian for dating another MTF.

No. 402683

Someone from my high school transitioned into a woman.

They were always an absolute dick to women. Every girl was apparently hideous and disgusting and needed to know, they used to say all vaginas smelt terrible and that's why they liked men and generally talk crap abut women all the time. They'd lie about everyone, spread rumours and talk shit constantly. A girl's mother died and they said it was due to HIV because she got around when actually it was cancer.

They transitioned after high school and claimed they had no friends because of it. In actuality, the dick is friendless because they were truly one of nastiest pieces of work I've ever met. Plus, if you spread hatred for women and cultivate friendships with people who hate women, they're hardly gonna back you up when you become one.

No. 402684

I know someone from high school who trooned out a year or so after graduating. He was super morbid obese, probably around 400lbs. He would always talk kind of feminine so I had assumed he was in the closet but afaik they identify as a woman now, but he was a pretty nice person at least.

No. 402689

i have to, one is a teen so idk if they will get out or not, the other one is a sweet person i have know for a loong time at fist i din0t know thet were trans now they are more vocal but thos anoying so i don't main, they are online in my day to day life i don't have troons friends usualy they are nasty and try to be why to friendly wint me

No. 402691

I have multiple IRL friends that are trans. They're all men. I pity them and hope they stop before they mutilate their dicks, but all 3 are ugly dudes that probably gave up on life as men. They make even uglier women tbh.

All 3 are quite respectful people that are lefties, they treat women well, and are mostly concerned with being okay with their own bodies from what I've seen. They don't sperg about pronouns or whatever and have been quite patient with their friends that didn't quite grasp the trans thing easily.

I'm personally against transitioning as a treatment for gender dysphoria and want more research on this stuff done and not inhibited but… I can't say any of that to them. I simply give them friendly support. It's not my battle.

No. 402705

No. 402722

I read and post in the GC threads but I actually have a lot of trans friends irl. Sometimes I feel guilty.

My M2F friends all came out as gay before coming out as trans. I suspect they got some serious shit from their families and figured that being a straight woman would be easier than being a gay man and for that, I feel really bad for them. They don't make an effort to look/act feminine beyond how an effeminate gay man looks/acts (nails done, heels, basic makeup, long hair- think Jonathan Van Ness or James Charles) which just kind of adds to my theory. They usually date/fuck gay men or people who have a fetish for trans people/"traps". They're also obsessed with drag queens. I find it all a bit insulting to both women and gay men at the same time but I bite my tongue. Being a woman to them is just a hobby or a way to attract gay men, I've seen it firsthand. They always seem to put their comfort over the comfort of "cis" women so you have to be prepared for that when befriending one. I don't think I'd go out of my way to befriend another M2F trans person, I'm distrustful of ones I didn't know pre-transition. It's easy for a lot of anons to say "Why would you befriend someone like that?" but I knew all of these people pre-transition and it's just one aspect of their personalities.

My F2M friends are generally a lot more chill. Again, they've all announced that they were lesbians before finally becoming trans which makes me feel like it was caused by self-hatred. Some were tomboys as kids like me. I guess I'm still a "tomboy" and sometimes I wonder if I was born a few years later or if I came out to my parents (and was disowned), would I have gone down that path too? They're also way more chill about talking about being trans openly (they'll discuss binding or having periods or taking testosterone while M2Fs would rather you either see them as gender ambiguous or imagine that they've always been a woman and there was no "transition" whatsoever) and I appreciate that. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells not to insult M2Fs but I feel very relaxed around F2Ms. One friend's personality changed greatly after taking testosterone and I don't talk to them anymore.

I still use whatever pronouns they ask me to use because they're my friends and that matters more to me than some radfem views I have. I just wish they could be themselves and dress however they want or date whoever they want without having to adhere to some shitty strict gender rules. I wish I could talk to them about things like this without sounding like a "terf" to them. They're genuinely my friends, I'm genuinely concerned for them. I know that the GC threads are full of hate but I don't think it's the solution, from what I've seen getting hate makes them want to be trans and uphold gender roles even more. The threads also have the most extreme cases, most trans people were rejected by their families/friends and just wanted to feel accepted. Instead of finding gay communities, they found the trans community which is a lot smaller and tighter-knit. Sad tbh. Anyway, that's just my take as someone who exists in both trans and GC circles.

No. 402724

Oh god, someone I used to go to high school with trooned out. He was your typical scrawny weeb, had trouble interacting with anyone, played a card game with lolis (they were his waifus that he weirdly humanised while also sexually objectified), and had a tendency to go on rants about how lesbians are the scum of the ducking earth. Like, REALLY long and vicious rants - in a school full of out and proud LGB and with a lesbian mother.

Few years later he’s suddenly a woman, has taken on the name of his high school crush who rejected him, and is apparently a lesbian.

Not me, but my partner had to pretend being friends with him for quite a while because he’d come along during a biweekly group hangout. According to my OT he just complained about how little money he has because he had to buy titty skittles so would expect others to pay for his meals and drinks now that he’s a ‘pretty girl’ (his words), whenever they went to a place with loyalty cards he’d be the one who gets the stamp/sticker/freebie, would stare down all the women that cake along (they very quickly stopped coming), and would still go on very long rants about lesbians - but this time about how much he just LOVE LOVE LOVES them!

I remember that we only found out he trooned out because we saw him in the city in a shitty wig, smeared red lipstick and an aliexpress knockoff Creepy Yeha collar and my OT texted a group chat asking when troon boy started cross dressing fucking lmao

From what I know he has unsurprisingly lost the vast majority of his friends. He was uncomfortable to be around to begin with and now he’s very much the type to claim that every little thing is about him and that the world is out to get him, being a narcissist has this funny effect of making you unlikeable.

No. 402728

1000000000% this

No. 402731

I don't have any mtf troon friends but I have two acquaintances who are ftm. They're extremely tumblr-y though as one of them even identifies as "asexual" and I'm not that close to either of them. One of my closer friends identifies as non-binary but seems to be secretive about it as she's never talks about it at all with irl friends. Honestly, I see them as almost misguided more than anything. Thinking about it now, I'm surprised I haven't really been acquainted with someone who's mtf since my social circle is extremely liberal and into nerd stuff. I guess I come off as too apolitical and modest irl for mtf to want to associate with me and I'm a bit too uncomfortable with mtf individuals anyways. I get the impression that I'd have to be walking on eggshells if I interact with mtf people.

No. 402739

Had a troon friend. When he came out everything started to be about his transition. Begged us friends to use female pronouns but used male online. Last time I heard of him he had cut his dick. Not worth it.

No. 402750

I've had several troon friends and they're honestly a large part of what turned me from hardcore transadvocate to GC. I'm sure there's probably some out there I wouldn't mind being friends with. However, from my experience with them both online and off, they're typically just so damn unstable in many ways and when I found out the mental illness statistics it all made so much sense. Especially the 60% narcissism, only one troon I've been friends with hasn't been a huge narcissist. I would reccomend going into any friendship with one with caution and don't ignore any red flags.

No. 402759

When I was younger I knew two who were pretty alright, one of which just naturally looked really feminine and passed well enough without HRT (Asian). They were really, really shy and tried not to draw attention to themselves.

Every other one I've met since then has been pretty stereotypical and loved anime and was very sexually charged. The trans people I know before in person and online were pretty reserved in general but that hasn't been the case in the past 5-7 years. I think there's been a change in the type and personality of those who pursue transition and that's why there are more people coming to dislike transpeople. From what I've seen trans people have very up front personalities, you can quickly suss out if their subdued and reasonable (more or less given the nature of dysphoria) or if they're kinda kookoo and concerning.

No. 402767

I have a few MtF and FtM/nb friends and I like them, I just don't really discuss gender shit since I'm afraid of being branded a TERF for having skeptical/GC views. I guess I'm compassionate but GC. My bf is more terfy than me and I worry about introducing him to them for that reason, but I think he has basically the same feelings as me e.g. afraid to open up too much because of being rejected. I'm softer on transition and pronouns and stuff but just get fed up with current trans politics and I'm kind of of the opinion that nb people who aren't trying to be androgynous or look like the other sex are just trying to cope with sexism, so I feel sorta bad if that's why they're doing it because I was in the same place once. I bounce around about my opinions and that makes having trans friends kind of weird at times but I honestly don't think about them being trans much and take them as individuals/the gender they identify more with.
I've met some people who were pretty tolerable in most ways and/or cool but they had really annoying politics. One of my friends is actually probably what people would consider the typical anime AGP but I think she's a good person and talking to her in a private group chat showed me that she's more reasonable than she appears on social media and has critical thinking skills. Another friend started dating a passing/stealth trans woman and idk how bf and me are going to go about meeting her but she sounds chill and like a nice person as well
>>402722 you and I seem to have commonalities
>inb4 someone >she 's me

No. 402870

I actually went on a date with a MtF a few weeks ago. I was open to it because I have had some MtF online friends in the past. Found out that he named himself after some final fantasy character and just had bottom surgery. He was actually pretty nice at first but things got weird fast. He kept pressuring me to go into his car and continue the date somewhere more private. I went into his car but kept the door open and he all of a sudden got this crazy look on his face that I now know as the autogyne smile. It was like he dropped his feminine act as soon as he got me into a space that he could control. He got really aggressive and pushy, unlike any woman I have been on a date with. As a bi woman I was open to dating a MtF but not anymore. His actions reminded me of a creepy predatory dude and they were not covered up just because he was wearing a dress and lipstick. I am pretty conflicted on trans issues because I now know that MtFs like this really do exist and should not be in female spaces, but I do worry about my trans friends who are not creepy like this.

No. 402875

Sister is a troon, i consider us close the closest out of my family, but I wouldn’t say we’re friends. I care about her a ton, and it’s unfortunate, but my family is pretty fucked. I am very guilty of being unable to comprehend her being trans. Like I just want to shake her and tell her her gender identity and sensitivity isn’t worth straining an already tense family life. She’s a lifelong neet, she needs to get a job, her first, learn to socialize and understand how the world works before deciding to dismember herself and ostracize the only people who will help her along the way. I have a very hard time sympathizing for someone who thinks a new gender will give them a second opportunity at life, like my sister seems to. But she’s my sister, so of course I love her, but I do know if she does decide to get surgery, I’ll be honest with her, and ultimately probably lose her entirely to this mental disorder.

No. 402879

File: 1556257249951.jpg (110.21 KB, 1200x1200, catscreem.jpg)

>autogyne smile

What is it about this smile? I know what you mean. Its not a normal smile. Its a scary smile.

Glad you got out of that situation OK anon.

No. 402883

It is much scarier full force in person. I am OK but I was spooked. Never again.

No. 402971

I have a FtM friend. We are childhood friends, knew each other since we were like 7. He decided to transition like 2 years ago. I don't really see him as a man, (I respect the pronouns) however, not really as a woman either. He has always been different.

I am not a GC/TERF/whatever exactly but I am pretty skeptical of all the recent trans stuff. Specially knowing the family history of this friend of mine I am pretty convinced all of these people are at least bit fucked up mentally and have deep serious family ans self problems which it's just unfortunate, so I try to be empathetic. I don't know up until when transitioning actually helps with their problems, I think a lot of it is trying to cope with mental illness in a wrong way (changing my gender will improve my life and save me). But I also believe they should be able to, even if their motivations come from tumblr brainwash.

I'm much more critical when it involves children transitioning, and when people talk like being trans is just so normal omg just accept it lol like they are not like 0.0001% of the population and this is a complex and fucked up problem that needs to be treated as such (still, I think we need to respect the people themselves).

That being said, I confess I am WAY more wary of MtF's tho, since I think a lot of it has to do with AGP and all that sexual weirdness that freaks me out. I think some of them are legit but most are just a messed up mind and do it for sexual pleasure, to emulate the anime girl they would like to fuck or something.

No. 402976

I live in city, and I am interested in arts and music. I take part in different kinds of subculture stuff. Yes, I know lot of troons and I am friends with them. I have met some online infamous troons in real life.

No. 402984

So you are no longer critical of the concept of pink brain and gender roles because troon friends?

No. 402996

Isn't starting a trans friendly thread with the word "troon" contradictory?

I don't know many trans people but one of my closest friends is a amab transwoman. I didn't think anything would change at all other than her gender identity but she has since cut ties with some people for being transphobic and I can't help but worry she will eventually end our friendship too. We still do all the same things that we used to but sometimes I feel like I need to be guarded, I'm prone to accidentally offending everyone I talk to and I struggle to keep up with social politics. We've always had small disagreements even before her transition since she will challenge anyone for being problematic, but she has always understood genuine mistakes happen and has been happy to answer the most basic of questions, we've also agreed to let some topics lie. However I worry that if we fought about trans topics it wouldn't end so well, she is naturally very involved in the TRA scene wheras even though I support trans rights I still sway gender critical on some issues. We've talked about it before and she reassured me I'm only being anxious, she knows I'm an ally and I just have to trust her to trust me. Ideally our differences only keep us more grounded and critical as people.

No. 402999

>trans friendly thread
where did you get that idea i thought this was about troon friends

No. 403004

File: 1556285458835.jpg (93.82 KB, 500x484, 1555856667364.jpg)

>I actually went on a date with a MtF a few weeks ago
Anon why… I'm glad it didn't escalate further. I have yet to meet a transbian or bi troon who isn't a predator creep, even creepier than normal men.
Gay troons are usually much better, but they still portray women as walking caricatures and are generally annoying with the "I'm more of a woman than many women because I doll up even just to go to the convenience store" bs

No. 403007

I had a mtf friend, she was pretty chill and didn't sperge about the trans stuff like I read on this site.
But then she was a total bitch and stabbed me in the back so we're not friends anymore.
In the end it was probably bad influence from her dad but oh well.

No. 403013

I was pretty close friends with an MtF for a while and it was an exhausting, toxic relationship that I let go on for way too long. She was a total narc and she was the only one allowed to have any struggles. I couldn't complain about any problems in my life without her going "well at least you aren't trans!!". I couldn't even date without her being bitter about it (probably because the only dudes into her were chasers looking for a pump and dump). I cut her out of my life a couple years ago after some fucked up stuff she did to me yet she still tries to pop in my life like nothing happened.

No. 403015

>I worry a troon will end our friendship if I dare disagree
read:mental ill man giving ultimatums to emotionally bully women into entertaining him
what do yall expect exactly lol

No. 403031

One of my closest friends is ftm. He's also gay and into BL so when I heard about his transition my first thought was just "oh boy here we go another self-hating fujoshi" but idk, I'm totally fine with it. He seems more like himself as a dude. I don't know how to explain it but pre-transition he was always just really awkward but that awkwardness is gone now. Him being a dude just feels really natural.
Transitioning seems fucking rough though. The hormones and the surgeries and strangers being nosy about your gender and what not… I could never do it.

No. 403038

I have a FtM friend who is lovely but he has a lot of issues. He's not your typical "I want to be a cute gay prince uwu" transtrender, he's fat, balding, has a pencil mustache and looks a lot like my uncle but he's happy just being a guy. And he's a good person and a good friend.
I also have a MtF friend who has a weird name, is into BDSM and is a bit aggressive with her opinions but is a pretty cool person in general. Her (normal, female) gf recently dumped her when she found someone else so I feel really bad.

All in all, they're nice people but every trans person I've met has been deeply troubled.

No. 403047

Most of my friends into troon shit are one of those nonbinary beings (I'm into nerdy crap so I have to deal with these types) who make no effort to transition other than getting a hair cut but ree if you ~misgender~ them. Some of them used to be tomboys, some of them were feminine presenting straight girls. I just pay lip service and don't bring up gender stuff with them.

And the few FTM friends/acquaintances I have are almost in their 30's and thus pretty chill, but obviously had a ton of internalized misogyny that drove them to transition. Most of them were straight girls though so they're living their life as "gay guys" now. One of them expressed regretting transitioning to me multiple times. One of them is paradoxically quite gendercritical and what trannies consider "truscum". One of them was a GNC lesbian NEET since her teens before transitioning and I feel so bad for her because now she's a 5ft6 manlet who sounds like a 14-year old boy, lost her hair and gained explosive acne in return. I have a real hard time thinking of them all as men because they're so obviously women with the way they act and think.

And then the MTFs. Lord in heaven. They're all perverts and obsessed with loli anime girls. Even the ones who feel okay and level-headed at first turn out to be degenerates. I mostly stay the fuck away from them and don't interact other than a friendly hello if I run into them.

No. 403064

I have several troon friends mostly because i make friends all across the political spectrum, if they're not rude then there's only a few groups of people I'm absolutely not willing to be friends with. Not to mention I'm into gaming and nerdy weeb garbage so AGPs and fujo fakebois are a given. Not like you can avoid them nowadays, every single fandom has group special little troon/enbies and you're not allowed to criticize the horrible content that they post, most people get by being quiet and pretending.

Some troons are alright and really just want to chill, as for the ones that feel the need to reaffirm themselves "i'm a GAY MAN and NOT a fujoshi!!!1!" you just have to pay lip service and not nod to everything they say. Don't acknowledge their deficiency and just refer to them as their preferred pronouns and they'll let you stick around. Same with TiMs, if they get too pushy just leave. They'll bitch for a while but without any proof of you being a transphobe they can't really do much. They're really hypocritical and undecided as well, hence tranny AGP gamers pretending to be woke weebs and crying that an anime girl showing a little bit of boob, but also basing their entire personalities around a qt anime girl. Fakebois reee at fujos to hell and back, but they often hang around actual fujos in denial and other cringy fakebois.

I've recently been dabbling in GC stuff but i feel bad since i know there's some okay troons out there. Even so I'd imagine some people would call me a TERF even though i don't even identify as a radfem, lol. I guess the most i would call myself is skeptical. I don't trust this new trend.

No. 403113

I have troon friends and they're just like regular people lol

No. 403114

I have a few FtM friends and they're based. Never understood the hate they get. I know there's a lot of weird fujoshi ones but those ones don't go outside so I've never run into them; they're irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. As some others here have said, FtMs are way more relaxed and easier to talk to than MtFs. I think I'm only comfortable around them because I see them as butch lesbians. Or like, men lite. They probably wouldn't like to hear that, though.
MtFs are cancer though. Always either incapable of socializing to an annoying degree, or always loud and in your face with no boundaries whatsoever. Shoving their politics into everything and believing people give a damn. No matter how well they pass physically, you'll always be able to clock them as a man because of how narcissistic they are.

No. 403130

>waaah I don't understand the rampant troon hateeee they're all so normal!!!
There is no rampant troon hate anywhere else besides lolcow. Get a grip. This thread reeks of insecurity.

No. 403149

I'm really conflicted about this. On the one hand I'm gendercritical, radfem, hate trannies, you name it, but on the other hand I'm also part of a discord server with a few very sweet girls who turned out to be ftm (or more like fakebois). Of course they don't know how I feel about this and for some time I also didn't know that they're "boys". I thought about leaving whenever they bring up terfs etc, because in my opinion this whole thing is just wrong, they're simply young women who were always outsiders, who have niche interests, one has an ED, etc. they're simply not comfortable in their bodies in general and now think this means they're born in the wrong body.
But on the other hand they're also super nice and funny (I mean, they still do behave like normal girls, not like guys) and the trans topic comes up very rarely, so I can tolerate it.
I think another girl is also a against this, she said she's a radfem and I noticed that she reblogs stuff from terf tumblrs, but she also plays along with their pronouns and stuff.

However, being friends with a mtf is absolutely impossible for me. I couldn't contain my hate and disgust towards them.

No. 403151


>>402971 here

I really identify with this. I think it is a phase and coping mechanism.

This friend of mine in particular had more then one very traumatic family experience, was kind as tomboyish and liked yaoi and not popular during high school. Had a ED that almost killed her. I can see why all the tumblr brainwash convinced her that her life would be better as a guy.

Still a very nice and funny person and I really enjoy being around them, and I hope that things turn out better for them and if transitioning is going to do that, cool. I don't really think that is the answer, but who the fuck am I. That's how I feel about trans people half of the time.

However, maybe because I can't relate at all to men and their weirdness and sexual fantasies that I am so disgusted by incels and AGPs and can't really have much empathy for them. They all strike me as rapey and narcissistic. Then I get spergy by them trying to infiltrate women's spaces and demanding to change the significance of what being a woman is. Fucking men. FtM people are rarely so pushy and twisted as these people.

No. 403152

Reeks of troons and their shills too

No. 403159

yeah, pretty much all the troons i know have issues (and i know alot). or if i don't know them well enough, well, sorry but i have noticed that lot of the nonbinary girls just aren't very attractive and i guess that might have caused something.

i'm pretty chill with ftms and gay men troons, they're often cool and nice enough. most annoying thing about ftms is some cringy fakeboi weebery. though i know couple of hc ftm trans activists and they're really self righteous and annoying. nonbinaries are more varied, lot of them are nice but they have way more annoying activist type whiners.

autogynephile mtfs are just creepy, especially since i am the type of girl they often larp as. hanging out with them often feels like they want to wear my skin, and being a lesbian doesn't help either.

No. 403185

I have like 4 troons in my close friend group, which I'm kind of surprised about because of the shit I post and see on here. 3 of them are gay men and one's an AGP, I've been slowly trying to help(?) the AGP I guess. A lot of the AGP seems to get it from childhood abuse & untreated anxiety, which definitely isn't the case for a majority of them, and he's a few years younger than me so he sees me like an older sister in a way. I've dropped a few troons and TiFs throughout the years, but these 4 I'm okay with, mostly because they're not the cringy activist types and just focus on gaming more.

No. 403204


I also relate, anon. I love the gender critical thread, but I still love my troon friend. I don't know his reason for transitioning but he also doesn't bring it up a billion fucking times. He's actually just a pretty chill person, though I think the only kind of surgery he's considering is top surgery (I don't fucking blame him. Have you seen what they have to do just to give you a dick?). He's just trying to be him and that's it.

I guess it bothers me most when troons start invading spaces. It actually makes me so mad and I can't discuss it with any of my friends because they're all into the whole "let troons do what they want! They're the gender they say they are!1!!1" and I don't agree at all. Go ahead and be trans, do it if it makes you feel better I guess, but don't complain 24/7 when you transition and you run into problems. Especially if you're a fakeboi/girl

No. 403205

I'm the same as you. I'm OK with troons if they're chill and accept the fact that they are just a guest in the spaces of their desired gender. When they start getting pushy and entitled about it, it's as repulsive as if someone demanded you let them sleep in your bed and eat your food.

No. 403208

Yeah, I think it's possible to respect people individually while still being against the ideology in general. I don't even mind using certain pronouns as long as I don't feel this it's being demanded from me with a death sentence in case I get it wrong once.

No. 403217

Jeez, I have a really great friend who's bisexual and AGP. I feel so bad for him because he was a victim of online grooming as a child and is obsessed with dickgirls and crossdressing. He completely 100% knows and has admitted that it's a porn and grooming induced fetish. Seriously, he's a damn sweet person and I feel so bad that hes trooning out to feel comfortable with himself because csa and a fetish gone rampant.

No. 403318

I have one genuinely nice, but obviously troubled, mtf friend who I have known since kindergarten and whose family has known mine for a long time. As a child, they were very shy, socially awkward, feminine and nerdy but she loved music and made many friends in school band. We went to different schools and lost touch for years, but I later learned that she was bullied a lot in middle school and was being medicated for depression. It wasn’t until the end of high school that some friends came in contact with her again and we learned that our old friend had started transitioning. A couple years before, she had come out bisexual.

At first, our friend seemed happier, healthy, actually looked very nice and feminine without really trying and many people around her had been very supportive. I thought it all made sense at the time and she would be one of those to successfully transition and be a happy stealth “normie”. She was making more friends and socializing with a very diverse set of people. Even religious and conservative people liked her. She was never a creepy, perverted or aggressive person and was always been polite. She also didn’t do an extreme 180 personality and image change, so I had no worry about including her in my life again. But after she suffered a series of health problems and an injury that prevented her from working, her depression worsened and she started caring less about her health and appearance. Although she became increasingly involved in local trans activism and made more trans friends, it seemed like her self image and long term goals suffered the more involved she became with TRA circles. She gained a ton of weight and suffered financial setbacks that forced her to go off hrt for quite some time so she ended up not exactly masculine but more like a post-menopausal fat woman. It was honestly shocking compared to a few years ago because she used to be quite attractive and not instantly clockable.

I actually do lean towards radfem and do not buy into the majority of TRA politics but I just feel really bad for her and others like her. I can’t bring myself to hate the mild-mannered, non-aggressive ones that suffer from such self-hatred and confusion. My friend and I both are already in our mid-thirties and the damage has been done to her body, so it’s not like she can just go back to being a nerdy feminine boy again. She has better relationships friends and family than other mtfs that I’ve known but she STILL has never been on a date, can’t drive, never finished college, never had a long-term job and still lives with her aging parents. Years ago, she had said that she looked forward to big changes and finding love after transition. She said she felt like discovering she was trans saved her life. But transition only had a temporary positive effect and now she is really back where she started. Nothing drastically improved like she thought it would. All I can do is be kind to her but I really wonder what her life would have been like had she not started transitioning and lived as a femme, bi man.

No. 403375

Thanks for choosing to use one of those freaks as the OP image, sweaty. Its real cool the way I have to hide it out of disgust each time I visit.

No. 403387

it's literally eddie redmayne in "the danish girl", not an actual trans person. you need to stop being so sensitive.

No. 403391

I used to be friends with an MTF a few years ago, it was all chill until they started badmouthing FTMs for being failed women before they transitioned ("how hard could it be?"). Then they started trying to talk about their "lesbian" struggles and I stopped seeing them.

No. 403400

>Its just a man dressing up and pretending to be a women
Now you mention it there is a huge difference.

No. 403448

Lol the projection. Literally all mtfs are failed males; betas.

No. 403464

I have tried to be friends with troons, but they are a minefield. I've never met one that wasn't extremely salty about not being born a sexy teenage girl. I've luckily scared off the few that wouldn't leave me alone by being aggressively assertive about not censoring myself about my period, or being a woman, or woman-centric issues I face, because if you're going to be my friend I'm not going to treat you any different than my normal male and female friends. I've had troons try to be my friend but pull that 'that makes me dysphoric' shit with me but if you give troons an inch, they'll take a mile.
Recently I had one try and be my friend from my last job. He wanted me to give him a makeover. Fuck that. Creep. I blocked him when I quit.

No. 403484

I tried to make a few mtf friends but as soon as they knew I was “neutral and supportive” on trans issues they only spoke about that and how depressed they were. I couldn’t take 48 hours straight of some man’s mental breakdown because he works in a fucking grocery store and isn’t a hot woman or a lesbian. I have a female-only disability and I'm in the closet, so whenever I meet someone new I try to explain that to them first. But these scrotes fucking turn around and go “I know you can’t walk or go outside, but GOD I wish I could be you! A cute girl with a hot body!”

Another one came out slowly over time just pretending to be a shy beta dude, bleeding me of patience and grains of info on being a lesbian. He’d constantly send me pictures of pokemon girls (the ones that look 13) that seemed innocuous "oh cute art" but later he told me these were his ~twansition~ goals

There’s no way I could have kept a stable friendship with any of them with those constant retard questions. “do you grab other girls boobies like anime haha? Can u tell me how lesbians masturbate? Do u cum easy? Whats ur fetishes? Can u exxplaaaaaain? Can we be girlfriends now?”
Now I tell any tranny to disappear on sight. I really wish I went off on any of those mouth breathers.

No. 403568

I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate for this, but my best friend is trans. I think they're awesome and do a lot to support me. When they began to transition I thought they would cut me off because they knew I disliked trans people but it turns out they didn't care so much and aren't interested in trans communities very much.

Also where the fuck are you guys meet so many troons? I'm in uni, where you would expect to be way more trans than normal but I only met one last year and I don't think I've met any this entire school year. Are you guys really involved in LGBT circles? I do know of one group on campus that does have a lot transpeople but I think everyone involved is kind of odd.

No. 403631

i have ftm transgender friends since while i will respect their pronouns, i ultimately consider them female so i feel safe around them.

i don't think i could ever be friends with a mtf. a "straight" one, maybe (as in a gay dude who decides to present as female) but i could never, ever let a transbian close to me. most bio women don't trust them.

No. 403658


The "buy me stuff Im a girl" thing gets me everytime, like bish did you buy random shit for dumb toxic bitchs when you were a man? No?

I only know two troons, and one only saw once and then never saw again. None are really close friends, and none have ever really trooned out hardcore on me or on social media. One was a transbian on HTR; tried to ask me out (the one time we interacted) but accepted my rejection of his femininity pretty normally and didn't press it. We follow each other on instagram and they have a GF now. The other I know better and he doesn't take HTR or insist on female pronouns but is def on some transbian crossdressing vibe which is sad because he is fairly decent looking guy who makes a hideous girl, and I'm pretty sure it's the reason why he currently single and none of the girls I know who are friends with him would even consider dating him.

I guess I'm lucky in the sense that I've never had a real troon horror story but I think the cost of living in our city is so insanely high it makes it kind of impossible to live here on that BPD crisis 24/7 can't work depression everything revolves around gender type lifestyle that proliferates in other cities like Toronto or whatever.

No. 403676


I go to a performing arts highschool so there's a fuckton there. Mostly fakebois tho, it's hard to find any 'genuine' troons that don't complain that much. My only choice is to deal with it or be lonely as fuck since everyone in my school acts like a retard and thinks you 'have to' try anything once even if you've never felt the urge to

No. 403687

I was very close to a guy friend for years, and then one time he very nervously told me about how he wished that he could be a girl/transition and how much he likes women's fashion and makeup and stuff etc. This was before the troon trend and naive me thought "Oh we're close enough that he's comfortable with telling me this"
but then after it soon started turning creepy. Him basically wanting to wear my skin and making all kinds of hints that women's clothing was definitely a sexual pleasure for him.
He was pretty much always begging to borrow my clothes, makeup, dress him up etc. He was very interested in my clothes because I wear gothic lolita and he was always talking about how cute it was, saying he wish he could dress like that etc. So he started becoming "interested" in lolita fashion and would send me "lolita" clothing he wanted to wear and ofc it was all the weird costumey "lolita" pieces of crap.
The sexual hints started coming soon after when he told me that he was comfortable with buying women's clothing now but basically all he was buying was cheap women's lingerie (corsets, garter belts etc) and he started talking about how much he loves satin in a very creepy demeanor…
Around this same time he started taking estrogen and then was seeming "serious" about transitioning…
Then one day he straight up told me he got a sissy dress and I completely nop'd out and stopped talking to him

No. 403691

One of my best friends came out as ftm a few years after high school, and we're still pretty close. He's definitely on the more rational spectrum and we agree on most things in regards to trans issues, and was always extremely forgiving when I messed up his pronouns (which I did a LOT for a long time)

I also had a mtf ex coworker who I hung out with for a while, pretty much the same story. Really down to earth and lovely.

I guess I should feel blessed that I've never encountered a "militant hon" outside the internet.

No. 403869

What's the point of going to a performing arts high school? You don't like the people there and it's not like theater is a vector to a great life. You made a mistake.

No. 404050

Cutting ties with people if they constantly insulted me or my way of life, whether accidentally or deliberately, wouldn't be bullying. Neither is having differing opinions or beliefs.
You don't know my friend or my life, she's not a bully.

No. 404247

I have a very close MtF friend who I've known since forever. She always had body dysmorphia, was bi but usually too shy and quiet about it. When she "came out" as trans nobody was surprised. I support her and respect her pronouns but again, she's always been down to earth and admitted she had mental issues.

No. 404330


Well it's not that I genuinly hate everyone here. The only aspect that gets on my nerves is the troon/lgbt stuff. It's one of the best schools in my area and they have a lot of fun stuff to do here so I can't consider it a mistake. Everyone is nice but they do a lot of dumb shit

No. 404377

One of my teachers was “lesbian” mtf when I was in high school. I was surprised that the school let the teacher stay, because it was a very southern school, but he’d been teaching there for a long time before he transitioned, so I’m assuming they had to let him stay or else it probably would’ve ended in lawsuits.

Anyways, the teacher was generally okay. I never really felt as if he was being predatory toward me or the rest of the young girls in our class. He had all sorts of trans and lesbian pride flags and posters hung around the class, and he made it very clear what his views were (they were very tumblr sjw type) whether it was in our lessons or whatever else. He also ran the GSA at our school. Around that time was when I started getting into gender critical views, so some things did stick out to me that really seemed AGPish. First thing was that he named himself after an obvious and very specific female movie character. Another thing was that it seemed like he was trying to imitate how his (ex)wife looked. Everyone knew his wife because she was also a teacher at the school. It was almost like he based his entire look off of her. The teacher also came off like a narcissist to me before I even knew about the correlation between agp and being a narc.Those were the only things that were weird to me. Like I said, he didn’t come off as predatory thankfully (but I don’t truly know what he’s like so who knows what his intentions were). At least Jonathan Yaniv isn’t trying to become a teacher.

No. 404417


Aren't teachers not allowed to openly express their views to students, or is that just a thing with some schools. Like you're allowed to have certain things in your classroom but I figured it might be against regulation to have lgbt flags. Idk maybe I'm just dumb and never understood that rule correctly.

Anyway troons like that really peeve me off. I mean it's fine if they're genuinly nice people but how they present themselves seems so fake most of the time.

No. 404465

File: 1556574372432.jpeg (103.07 KB, 995x796, A5FAAD9F-A626-453D-9381-DD75AA…)

>into BL

Come on sis.

No. 404526

I befriended a mtf troon in the psych ward a few years ago. He was in there for attempting suicide, and was the only one on the floor who had to be in a room with 24 hr video surveillance so he couldn't try again while there. He was very small, short, quiet. He actually passed pretty well, but that might of just been because he was still a teen. When I first met him I thought he was just a hairy, broad faced girl. He was clearly just a very sad/depressed gay boy. It was easy to talk to him though. It was just like talking to a girl. We tried to stay in touch after I got out, but he was just too depressing. Constantly talking about his next psych ward visits and how depressed he was. As someone dealing with my own depression, and not wanting to go back to the psych ward, I cut contact with him. I haven't spoken to him in years. I do hope he's doing well now. Hopefully de-transitioned and just living life as a feminine gay man. If he did end up successful in killing himself, I hope it was quick and painless.

No. 404532

In my country it would be illegal not to let a teacher have LGBT flags.

No. 404593

File: 1556613998835.jpg (62.89 KB, 960x946, 1552008138004.jpg)

A friend of mine turned transbian last year. He was always a weird guy, 31, kind of meek and a vocal SJW who used to date one of my female friends. He started dropping hints on Twitter about being trans with vague tweets and then about being outraged by getting strange looks for buying girly sandals and makeup. I don't blame them though, since he has a very masculine build and frame that it was kind of jarring to see him crossdressing. Eventually he came out a trans and crossdressed full-time. Our circle of friends was pretty supportive for the most part, up until the claimed he was a lesbian and identified with autogynephilic tendencies. I respected (her) at first, but as soon as he started taking hormones he completely transformed into an insufferable cis-hating weirdo. He kept wanting to wear slutty, ill-fitting blouses and dresses with no bra so you could see his ugly moobs and nipples. Soon after, he started to enter the female bathroom with us whenever we went out as a group, and it was making us really uncomfortable because we knew this guy for years as a man and now suddenly he decided to become one of us girls (barely passing Hon) and enter our spaces. After we told him that it was making us feel a bit uncomfortable, he lost his fucking shit and started tweeting how trans are superior than cis women and how he wants someone to donate their womb to him so he can get pregnant and have a baby. Last time I checked up on him he was doing drag shows and getting mixed up with really unsavory degenerate shit.

No. 404686

I'm really sorry for what happened with your friend (it's better that you cut contact before he goes physically violent) but that pic you posted keeps making me laugh. idk why it's so funny

No. 405463

My ex-girlfriend transitioned after we broke up. As a woman she was butch lesbian with very masculine features. I wasn’t suprised when she first told me she was going to transition.
Referring to her as a male is weird because I was in love with a woman. I loved that person who was a woman that time.

I was suprised how many surgeries he decided to have because he always kinda looked like a guy. I saw picture of his father and it looked like a carbon copy. He did not pass as a woman, lol.

The person he is now feels like a stranger. It was not that man I was in love with because that man did not exist back then.

He seems happier as a man, though. We catch up in every once in a while. The surgeries sound god awful but he is happy with the path he chose. The woman I knew was petty and selfish but he seems to be more mentally stable now.

It’s weird that as a man I don’t find him attractive at all.

(Sorry for incoherence with personal pronouns. My native language does not have gendered pronouns so it’s confusing for me)

No. 405465

Fuck anon this sounds like the dude was filling the AGP tranny checklist box by box. Glad you got out. I guess he felt liberated when he could let all his bottled up misogyny out in the open after keeping it in during his male SJW phase.

No. 405510

I have an obnoxious MtF online friend.
Communist, "lesbian", not to mention they're a furry with a foot fetish they make very public. They post selfies with their ugly 5 o' clock shadow and thinks wearing an earring and mascara makes you a girl. I'm a biological woman and I was disgusted when they said "I can't wait for when my doctor asks me when I had my last period heart eyes emoji" the level of delusion is absolutely insane. They also got mad at me for saying "retard" in a discord call, referring to myself. They started straight up lecturing me about how I shouldn't use it, even though I'm intellectually disabled, so if anyone is qualified to use it it's me.
They also make shitty "breakcore" music which is just someone else's song with stuttering on it.
I know some trans people that are really cool, but I really struggle to respect this person.

No. 406135

I work with a MtF.

She got a new vag and is succeeding in lactating (?)

She's actually pretty nice but talks a lot about boy stuff that no one else cares about.
My bf is very conservative and is intrigued by her because she passionately talks about video games he likes, but it's organic with her because she was boi.

Part of me wonders if he'd smash since she has a vag and it's not technically gay.

Also she's a bit of a horse girl, so I could relate to her in that way.

No. 406545

I have an ex-friend of mine I met in middle school who decided she was a fakeboi. At first she identified as FtM, but still wore dresses and had longish-hair and would always go on about how boys can be girly too. But then eventually she rolled back to "stargender" and said she was a they.
I get the impression she first decided she wanted to be FtM because of a combination of factors. For one, she was a huge fujo. Even when we were like 12 she would send me tons of yaoi fanfic and fanart, she even told me she wanted to be a guy for a day, "just to figure out how a penis works," multiple times. She had some sort of sexual trauma she was dealing with too. I think I can kind of blame myself for her trooning out, because when we were about 15 she texted me saying she hated her breasts and wanted to rip them off. I was fully on the tumblr tranny train at the time and suggested she might be experiencing gender dysphoria, and it was sometime after that she decided she was FtM.
I tried to be considerate of it for a few years, I wasn't GC at all back then. But she kept piling more and more shit onto it. A few months after declaring herself male she came to me claiming that she had headmates too, and that's when it started going too far for me. She made tons of incestuous yaoi fanfic to "cope" with her trauma too and would make me read it, she was just using me as her personal emotional dump and it was clear to me she needs therapy, not testosterone.
I finally gave up on her earlier this month when her family was getting their home foreclosed. She didn't want to stay with her relatives because they were "transphobic" and would respect that she wanted to be a they/them, despite making no effort to not look like a girl. She convinced my family to let her stay for 2 weeks, and did absolutely jack shit besides lie on the couch and make a filthy mess, all while talking about gross porn to my younger siblings in the meantime. When we finally yeeted her out after giving her so much free food and board she decided to insult us all for being "rude." I only hope the relatives she's stuck with now hate trannies as much as I do lol

No. 406556

you guys want to believe these people are not nutjobs but i can say with 100% certainty that all the mtts sound like narcs already and i can already hear in your posts how they're walking all over you. you guys need to grow a backbone because the placating isn't necessary and unless they serve a tangible purpose, i would cut these cancers out before they're confirmed to be completely malignant and vengeful.

No. 406574

>she has a vag and it's not technically gay
It is gay and that's not a vag, that's a manmade wound-hole.

No. 406582

I'm not a troon but can talk about video games like a pro too since I'm very tomboyish

He must act the same as pre surgery like nothing changed and you can notice it just by the 'organic' part

No. 406590

I love befriending troons, provided they're not too crazy (or at least not crazy towards me). For once in my life I can hang out and have higher status than the female-presenting people around me, and the troons get the validation of being friends with an actual woman, talking about woman things and basking in the femininity they so enjoy. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, I'd highly recommend it to autistic anons who have socialization issues.

No. 406592

That's a little sad, but you do you anon.

No. 406593

That's a little sad, but you do you anon.

No. 406594

I don't think it's a good idea to let autistic anons become accustomed to troon level conversation and social habits. Troons are abusive men anyways. I really think it's a bad idea keeping their company or even recommending that women keep their company. Normalization of unhealthy behavior.

No. 406601

Are you fugly IRL or something?

No. 406602

I mean, I get it, but troons believe they're superior to you. They think they do womanhood better than you. They're narcissists, it's their M.O.

No. 422218

>Troon was only friends with girls
> cosplay community

>found out he sent all of them photos of him being a cissy

> he sent me the same photos

He was so rich that he had a whole room of dresses

All troops are the same rich or poor they are women cosplayers

No. 422300

I'm friends with two genuine FTMs and they're both completely normal and free of all the fuckery I see from troons online. I know several MTFs including former friends and almost all of them are fucking psycho or perverted or both.

No. 422305

My former friend is a FTM as well as a fujoshi and is kin with a Danganronpa character. Used to pride herself with her bisexuality but now calls herself gay and a bear. Was friends with her before she became troon (and kin) and seeing her end up this way is sad, especially considering she's got aspergers and will most likely not realize how stupid she's being until she's gone through with her planned surgery. Everyone around her are encouraging this behavior as well so lol

No. 422343

I have several experiences, both with FtM and MtF.
The FtM I was friends with was a total asshole. He tried to pass as cis when he still had obvious boobs, fujoshi to the root and would get mad if we asked anything about his personal life, even if we wanted to help. We had a fight over really petty shit and we don't talk anymore but I heard he's still a spiteful shittalking piece of crap.
One of the MtF I met was someone at work, and while she's not really right in the head (self-diagnosed autism, transbian and weirdly religious), she always acted friendly and nice towards everyone. We get along pretty well.
The other MtF is the promiscuos type but we still get along pretty well. We have similar body types, she's on hormones and already had round hips and a small chest, so we borrow clothes from one another and talk a lot about what society expects from women and rant about manbabies.
Luckily neither of them ever said the "but you're cis, you're privileged" to me. I also never treated anyone, male or female, any different unless they proved they are assholes or creepy people. Even if I start ranting about gender norms they usually agree with me. I guess as long you don't befriend the transtrenders and the really fucked up people, there is no difference between them and cis folks.

No. 422357

I had two troon friends, one was a ftm who was probably the single worst person I've ever been friends with. Absolute psycho narc with severe internalized misogyny who lied about the craziest shit. The other was a mtf who was mostly fine and only ever said one thing that irked me in regards to being trans. She genuinely just wanted to be a normal nerdy girl, not some hentailicious APG fantasy.

Shit to avoid
>anyone whose idea of what a woman should be like comes from hentai or fanservicey anime
>anyone who puts trans on a pedestal over real women
>anyone with any red flags for being a narc (keep in mind most troons have an NPD diagnosis, so you really can't ignore this one)
>anyone who thinks refusal to fuck troons is bigotry

No. 422415

Has anyone had an experience with being friends with a pre-t ftm and then them becoming an abusive and angry person after being on t? Is this a symptom of testosterone therapy or was the case of my friend an anomaly?

No. 422422

This isn't uncommon at all, anon. Violent crime rates are far higher among ftms on testosterone than any other group of women. I myself had experience with this personally. I was friends with an ftm who was already very unstable then once they got on testosterone, they were crazy and aggressive on another level. Talking regularly about shooting tons of people, destroying road signs in hopes it would cause an accident, and a girl even said they sexually assaulted her.

No. 422480

Thanks for the response anon. I’m sorry about your friend, it’s really disappointing seeing that happen to someone you are close to. I’ve know several ftms, and have been friends with two, we began our friendships long before they came out to me. One of them was also accused of sexual assault, verbally abused me and cut themselves off from everyone, all post testosterone. Another I think is a self hating lesbian, always chastised me for my sexual activity when we were younger, after taking t theyve said they are poly and constantly she constantly talks about sex on her Instagram. I’m talking everyday posts asking if anyone wants to hook up with her. I feel like the side effects of hormone therapy especially testosterone on women need to be talked about a lot more, “informed consent” clinics don’t talk about the side effects enough and neither do the doctors that prescribe hormone therapy. I feel like lots of these people are going to regret this for the rest of their lives

No. 422574

i made friends with an ftt and i'm starting to see the difficulties. she's so nice and it was easy to tell she was a woman as soon as i met her. we have a few hobbies in common and we enjoy playing a game together. i met her friends about a week ago and they randomly bring attention to how they call themselves he/they pronouns and 'eggs'. i've never reacted to it so they probably think i'm a plain boring girl. they don't really talk to me outside of my friend and don't make effort to do back and forth when i do talk to them. they make excuses to leave after she does.

she seems pretty stable for a troon and she never explicitly brings up her transness. she never talked about her personal life and doesn't expect me to pity her. honestly, i think it's only because of the clique-y crap she identifies as a man. should i stay with her and enjoy our mutual hobbies or do you think her friends will get in the way?

No. 422575

Yup he wanna smash

No. 441600

Kek all the fakeass internet-mom types virtue signalling via concern trolling about trannies in their lives.

No. 441601

Anon, grow up and learn to cut out fucking trash when you see it.

No. 442798

online, yes. i used to be friends with a lot of mtfs but i stopped liking them after a bunch of them were called out to the community as being rapists and child groomers. womp womp.

still friends with a bunch of ftms online, including some who have detransitioned but individualised their experience/not gone full gc. i don't respond to terf kvetching or try to share gc stuff with them (if i did, we wouldn't be friends any longer). they just seem like any other nerdy girls to me.

No. 442820

I'm friends with some TiFs I play games with. Pretty much the same as any other friendship with a group of girls, I just don't say anything when trans topics come up because I like playing vidya with them and it isn't worth it.

No. 442822

I have an IRL troon friend. She was annoyingly loud and dominated conversations but was genuinely nice. She married a very nice normal woman and I thought all was well. Turns out she left her nice wife to go be a porn star. IDK what the point of this is that's just been my experience.

No. 442840

From my late teens to early adulthood, I had two IRL friends come out as MTF to me. One of which I suspected had some kind of gender issues, based on how eager they always were to think of themselves as female. Especially after I started drawing this still little comic featuring my friend group as reversed genders. They were super interested in the character that was supposed to be them and asked me to draw her a lot. They dropped out during sophomore year and only hung out with us after school. They had been bullied out of school for coming out as gay a month before and decided to just give up. He had been suicidally depressed for years before then so I was really worried for his health.They were trailer park poor but really intelligent so I thought it was a shame that they'd fuck up their chance to make something of himself so young. It took several months, but I convinced him to come back to school and at least get their diploma so they wouldn't end up like the rest of their family. He went back after I graduated and finally finished, then came out as trans publically and started his transition.

Years later, she's by and far the most tolerable troon I've known in my whole life. No troonery online, no trying to wedge herself into biologically female spaces like bathrooms. No e-begging or talking on and on about her nu-vag or dilation or vindictive hatred of women. They're also way happier and mentally stable. They're a married homeowner with a nice job and just happens to be MTF.

The other one… Not so much. One came out to me 4-5 years ago after telling me how much they felt like a woman. They based this 100% on their desire to wear makeup and dresses. I tried explaining to him that womanhood is the state of being a woman and not wearing dresses and makeup or doing other stereotypically feminine things. They were not having it. They'd also express longing over my relationship as his biggest sexual fantasy was having the same dynamic I have with my partner (small girl and big muscled dude). They would ask me for makeup tips, places to buy it and fashion advice and expressing playful envy/complimenting my figure (which I found weird because he felt that in his mind saying that kind of weird shit was okay now that he was female?). They came out, changed his name and started transitioning soon after. They pass pretty well since they always looked mildly effeminate, but they very much have that internet trans personality, though not nearly as obnoxious and loud about it.

No. 442843

Recently I found out that my sister's friend who I've known for years is a TiF now and had a double mastectomy. She's a pretty chill person though. Doesn't act like an entitled TRA when someone accidentally says the wrong pronouns or her old name.

With how mainstream transgenderism has become I think she only transitioned because she's pressured to fit into a gender role. Like she took it to heart when someone called her a man as a joke or certain people gave her shit for not being girly. Honestly I think eventually she'll detransition and just accept herself as a masculine woman.

No. 442853

It's sad seeing these things happen to people who were comfortably living as butch lesbians before the fad started

No. 443564

File: 1564904790766.jpg (33.12 KB, 426x332, Bad_52a9df_5938639.jpg)

I was "friends" online with a troon that I didn't even know he was one because he introduced himself as female. Let's call him Sakura (he had an equally cringy nihongo nickname). I learnt about him being a dude 2 years into knowing him through our common friends in his group. If only he had more online presence other than that site we would all hang out at, he would be worthy of a thread, I can guarantee you that.

>Biggest snowflake ever, he would have a cringy ass loli OC (used as avatar) that he would spam everywhere and make fanart of himself and his bf that refuses to be called gay/bi bc "traps aint gay"

>His views on him being a troon was "I just wanna feel cute and dress cute, I don't wanna have the bottom surgery etc" aka just the fetish/stereotyping part of it basically
>Claimed that many people have told him that he behaves like a kitten, coincidentially his oc had cat ears
>Everybody collectively despised him, he acted like he was hot shit 24/7 and had a god complex, a complete narcissist.
>Only people that associated and actually liked him were his 2 orbiters, one of them was the boyfriend I mentioned before and the other was another dude (that we were closer with out of the 3) that later on became his next sla- I mean bf.
>He would flat out abuse his second bf, Idk about the first one. As mentioned before I was close with second bf so he told me everything, basically Sakura was super controlling and would tell him why talk to anyone else and make friends irl when you can talk to me uwu, Sakura ended up making friends irl and would forbid him into introducing him into them. Would openly call his bf his slave and degrade him infront of everyone. Sakura would also throw hissy fits because I started becoming good friends with the guy and that would end up in him manipulating him into blocking me. In general super controling and manipulative.
>I remember having the period talk, asked him when he got his and just said "I haven't got mine yet", we were 16 at the time and I suggested he should see a doc cause it wasn't normal and he threw a fit out of nowhere.
>I was in a fb group chat with Sakura, the 2 orbiters and 2-3 other friends and the trio would be a circlejerk of his huge ego. Everyone who dared offend the queen would be banned or ignored.
>Sakura bullied me to no end calling me an idiot,useless and pathetic when I was in a very vulnerable period and was painfully obviously pissed about her bf having (extraordinairly few) other friends other than her.
>I ended up ragequitting that group chat, saying that he would act very toxic, he surprisingly chased me back blowing up my DM's, got super angry when I ignored him and spammed my page on that site with cussing, later on got a screenshot of the group chat from a friend that was still there of him saying "I can't believe this bitch won't accept my apology, I really intended to say sorry, even wrote down in a piece of paper "reminder to apologise to (me) ". Let me tell you, when I opened up the dm's it was him literally saying "I'm sorry I guess but idk why you mad I didn't do anything wrong lmao"
>I learnt some days ago the trio is going strong still and he has gone back to bf #1.

All in all fuckery.

No. 444092

I was friends with a tranny. It was such a shallow friendship, I think he thought that was how female friendships are supposed to be? All he wanted to talk about was fashion, makeup and sex. After a while he started mimicking me. This was an online friendship. At first I was flattered because often times friends tend to use each others phrases and such. But it turned straight up weird and I felt he was trying to steal or copy my femininity in a way. He started typing just like me and poorly copying my humor/jokes. So it seemed I was chosen as this blueprint for what he wanted to become. Then he showed me this cheap ass wig he bought that looked completely like my own hair. Then he copied my makeup. Then he started asking a lot about what kind of clothes I have, what kind of shoes I wear etc. He asked what kind of fabric I think ''feels the best against my skin'' which I found weird. After talking for a while it became clear to me he seriously thought women were turned on by certain fabrics/clothing items like trannies are. I stayed for a while because I was the first person he'd told that hes transgender to. He was a very depressed/insecure person so I felt I had to be there for him. When we talked about relationships, he said he was straight - but once he passes as a girl he might want to try dating men. Obviously, because getting fucked as a ''normal straight girl'' is the ultimate ''EUPHORIA'' or whatever they call it. I left in the end because I felt he was using me as some kind of makeover mommy to turn him into the perfect little girl. He didn't really have any personality outside of being a tranny. I'm sure he had it when he was a normal man. I believe some of them think women do not have depth and are soulless barbie dolls, so they copy that.

No. 444096

''autogyne smile'', never fails to crack me up.

No. 444097

>I’m going to be so much hotter than you then

Their ultimate goal. They don't want to be equal to their female friends, they want to be better. Ideally so much better that you feel like shit in comparison.

No. 444101

>But she’s my sister, so of course I love her, but I do know if she does decide to get surgery, I’ll be honest with her, and ultimately probably lose her entirely to this mental disorder.

That must be horrible to witness, anon. It is a form of suicide. Would you ever consider confronting her and risking your relationship?

No. 444104

> I started drawing this still little comic featuring my friend group as reversed genders
Why the fuck were you writing gender-bent friendfic? Your friends were okay with this?

No. 444115

Where do you think you are? You think normies are the majority of this site's userbase and not weebs who of course have weeb friends? Normie radfems get a clue

No. 444130

Most MTF I stay away from and luckily never associated myself with because they have some serious fucking issues. I do however am close with a few fakebois and 'nonbinaries' women. They overall are really sweet and chill but omfg they all have some fuckong mental illness or disability that they constantly fucking complain about. On top of that they stay in heterosexual relationships and dress extremely feminine but hate it when you say "she" it's pretty backwards but really hoping that this would go away and people would realize it's ok to be yourself.

No. 444164

Men believe themselves to better than women and that even includes being a better woman than actual women. This is why I never bought into the trans bullshit that people who are born female are privileged over those born male. Seriously, what the fuck is “cis” and “AFAB” privilege? If you’re born female then you will always be viewed as biologically inferior with your only talent being making babies.

No. 444250

Yes we did. This was 11-12 years ago. Genderbend stuff wasn't a big deal and my friends were psyched over it. They thought it was a cute, funny thing and would suggest situations for me to draw, usually based on things we did while hanging out. We weren't into anime so it wasn't creepy fanservicey manga shit. Just stupid situations I'd come up with in class instead of doing homework.

No. 450435

I dated a troon for over a year.

Autogyne freak who just 'wanted to be fucked like a girl'. Mental illness LARPer who threw things at me in anger any time I proved her/him/it wrong about literally anything.

Decades older than me and hid me from family. I was a fucking naive idiot. I learned a lot from this, thankfully.

It became incredibly clear very quickly that he never liked me in the slightest, just wanted someone gullible to lick his weird, surgically brutalised genitals.

I was very pro-trans before dating him. Now I'm fiercely gendercrit. I am aware this has been influenced by my personal dislike of this person, but I can't see other troons as anything but fetishists now. Troon lolcows with secret fetish twitters have reinforced my opinion.

Stereotypical game-obsessed, communist transbian. Every gendercrit meme rolled in to one. Astonishingly low levels of self-awareness.

No. 451445

There's two mtfs and one ftm that I'm friendly with, but I'm increasingly distancing myself from them because I no longer believe in gender thetans, and I don't want to get mixed up with whatever crazy they're hiding. The two mtfs are god ugly and don't pass, and the ftm is the stereotypical garden gnome, short, bearded, balding, with a soft smiling face.

I met another troon just a couple days ago, friend of a friend, whining that his marriage is falling apart. Wtf did he expect, his wife thought she married a man, not a loon in a skirt.

No. 451451

>influenced by my personal dislike of this person

Don't second guess yourself, anon. 99% are like that. I read both CC and the troon subs, and the stereotypes are there for a reason. Read a post on the partners of troons sub on reddit yesterday. Woman (real) is 29 working full time, troon "girl friend" is 34, hasn't worked in years, is supported by her, has BPD, rages when she asks him to look for a job, and he doesn't even do any house work or chores but plays vidya and smokes weed all day long. Lazy bastard probably likes headpats and cat ears too.

This stupid woman was literally fine being in a relationship with a trooned out manchild that's approaching midlife, jobless, fast.

No. 451521

A very large amount are autistic and he was trying to collect you for his real lesbianTM collection, so he could evolve to the next stage. With a narcissist as AGPs always are, you're not a person to them, they have no empathy, and they can actively be dangerous. Never get into an enclosed space with a troon. As the other anon said, the AGPs are creepier than the average dude in the streets.

No. 454764

I befriended what I thought was a talkative gay man in an online video game once. Color me surprised when he asked me to refer to him with she/her pronouns. He constantly talked about his sex life, discussed how he attended prestigious group sex parties in graphic detail, and unironically used the phrase "chicks with dicks are just better". I was bored so didn't really objectively mind the friendship and just eyerolled a lot. Eventually though his superiority complex and male socialization made even mundane everyday conversation completely unbearable.

No. 454766

>"chicks with dicks are just better"
Sounds like a bi man I know.

No. 454771

bi dudes with tranny fetishes are literally the worst.

No. 454799

i'm a fujo so i'm into bi dudes in theory but the tranny shit disgusts me.

No. 454814

I knew a bi guy who called himself a “proud GAMP” and would always look for tranny sex partners.

No. 456208


No. 456233

File: 1567262083985.jpg (38.44 KB, 750x730, 36c5db51d6a37b6fbb6bf6d9560761…)

No. 456297

I got to know one MtF very briefly. They were a friend of a friend. They generally seemed okay-ish, but they were boring as fuck. They didn't have any of the infamous red flags like constantly wanting to talk about having a vagina so they can get "fucked like a girl", but they definitely gave off fetishism vibes, such as calling their hormones "titty pills", going on about them being ""lesbian"", and them thinking being hit on by desperate strangers constantly is a good thing.

Despite their efforts to present as feminine personality and mannerisms wise, the "boring typical generic Internet male" was constantly there. Programming, video games, STEM stuff, and no talent beyond just sitting on a computer and playing MMORPG games all the damn time.

He wasn't butt fucking ugly, but he didn't pass that well either. Those hulking man hands and broad shoulders are easy as hell to point out, and facially wise, he looked like every other generic freckled, ginger dude.

I got really bored of them because eventually all it just was was them constantly bitching and moaning about being depressed or mentally ill without any effort to improve their situation or have any more productive outfits besides "BIDEO GAME GOOD", plus he was like every other dime a dozen boring internet male, just with a bit of confusion and extra more mental illness sprinkled in.

No. 456533

They are mentally ill men. I would stay away.

No. 457200

was this ftm pscyho narc extremely misogynist? i feel like i've come across the odd ftm psycho narc… usually lesbian pre transition, kind of sadist, but fun and charming!

No. 457242

File: 1567493226984.png (303.32 KB, 633x602, Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 12.1…)


>They are mentally ill men.

and women

No. 457272

Wait onision pedo wife is on reddit?

No. 459974

My friend is a transwoman and befriending her made me tone down my radical feminism a bit tbh. Not that I'm not still grossed out by AGPs, but transwomen who lived as gay men before are fine in my experience. Usually super fun and pretty.

The people I know who ID as nonbinary are more of a mixed bag. Some of them are legitimately really gender nonconforming so I can understand their motivations behind it, but the completely feminine girls who ID as nb or even transmen… yikes.

No. 460060

Pffft you allowed your beliefs to be wavered because they're "fun and pretty"? Being "fun and pretty" doesn't stop trannies as a group from being misogynistic and oppressive of women though.

No. 462540

Knew an ftm in highschool before he transitioned. Was always a very shy and withdrawn guy, family problems and what not at home. He liked hanging out our nerd group but for the most part didn’t connect to girls outside our circle. I saw him and his bf a few months ago, and He’s still very socially awkward but he seems truly happy, and much more confident. I don’t really have a negative experience. Dude is just trying to live his life and I can respect that

No. 462552

I'm sorry but this is creepy. I don't see a man and tbh I don't see a woman either but a little boy. This image is in poor taste.

No. 462556

That was written by a Troon.

No. 462567


Gay men that transition are sometimes even worse than AGPs, they feel like they "own" femininity (their misogynistic idea of it) and feel like they are entitled to act like the catty high school girl stereotype and call other girls "bitches" and "cunts" because, they are one of the girls, right?
You call yourself a radical feminist because you are grossed out by AGPs that never pass but give a pass to gay MtF because they are attractive/passing? You are GenCrit at best.

No. 462581

File: 1568553368291.jpeg (104.27 KB, 1080x1080, 9DB0A02E-4516-4DC8-A004-81A719…)

> I was 16
> he asked me to call him papa
> I was still in school
> he sent photos to every girl he knew in his underwear saying things like “my legs are better than yours”
> We met because I was into Lolita

No. 462583

File: 1568553563171.jpeg (262.02 KB, 1080x1350, A510288B-3778-42B1-9E28-9E0F2B…)

Now he posts shit like this in his account

No. 462767

> We met because I was into Lolita
Reminds me of this thread >>>/snow/433040

No. 463078

Late reply but yes, it's amazing the degrading and miserable shit you'll do in the name of affection when you're young. I was 21 at the time, which should be old enough to know better but quite evidently it wasn't.

No. 463954

File: 1568982641080.png (642.76 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.png)

mfw the only "female" friend I have is a troon
We were friends for four years and some months ago he started to identify as female. He's so annoying now because the only thing he does when we hang out is talk about his shitty "lesbian" relationship with a fat ugly girl who is as love starved as him. Literally he lost all his hobbies and the only thing he does is share r/traa tier memes on facebook. It's not a pleasant experience to watch someome you appreciate turning into a miserable estrogenized blob

No. 464796

Months ago I was posting in this online community that was exclusively female. I received a super long private message from a guy who basically stalked all my posts and comments and said he felt like he was in love with me and understood my soul, blah, blah, blah. I gave him my discord and we continue chatting. One day he tells me that he’s been posting in the community as another account pretending to be a woman. I thought it was weird as fuck, but I acted like it wasn’t a big deal bc I didn’t know what to say. He told me he wished that he was a woman and we could have a lesbian relationship together. And basically, he started becoming super manipulative, gaslighting me, insulting me. I tried to ghost him. When I did he tried to publically out me & shame me for basically having depression and guilt trip me into talking to him. Then, another user called him out and everyone unanimously agreed he was a manipulative, psycho and kicked him out.

Well, he’s trying to rejoin this all female community by coming out as a transgender female and saying everyone is transphobic for wanting him out.

No. 465124

Surprisingly never met one; I know a lot of FtMs, 5 who surgically transitioned to be exact. They were all mentally ill, and intolerable to be around once politics is mentioned.

One of them very clearly has autism that I find more severe than an Aspergers diagnosis. 4 out of 5 presented as women their whole lives and only two mentioned feeling dysphoric or gave hints they felt born in the wrong body as long as I've known them. One of those FtMs fully presents as male, and has since childhood, but even they chose to go by "queer man," agender, or enby.

Someone I used to be friends with since high school that clearly displayed enjoyment of being a woman, wearing form fitting clothes, being verbally sexually flirtatious about her very female figure, and trying to make her breasts look bigger (she said she loved them), started testosterone this month and now hates them. Somehow a man and non-binary at the same time too. She just looks like a dyke now, and she's always liked women. Another lesbian in denial. Jesus christ.

No. 465156

I know an FtM, I feel bad posting this, because he's a nice person in general, but he's attracted to men and always, always fetishises all fictional male characters to an uncomfortable point. He also has several blogs about his sexual life, and generally acts like a flamboyant white gay(tm) man. At least he's not enby fake and he passes tho, I think most of the people who don't know that he's trans assume that he's male. But i guess once you are a fujoshi it stays with you forever.

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