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File: 1555239764405.png (89.65 KB, 700x500, Blair-Witch-700x500.png)

No. 398477

What horror movies scare you the most? What tropes are most scary to you?

The Visit scared the shit out of me. I'm terrified of old people and crawling. The Blair Witch Project also fucks with me because witches and forest are the other things I'm afraid of.

No. 398478

OP here- it can be horror stories in general, doesn't have to just be movies.

No. 398479

Oh man, fuck The Visit. The old lady under the house and also everything to do with the diapers… does pure disgust count as fear? It was my personal horror even if it's not objectively that scary.

Anyway I got so fucked up from the jump scares in the Grudge when I was young that I haven't really watched many seriously scary movies since then. I'll watch low key stuff like Hereditary and Babadook, and movies old enough that the shock value has dissipated (the shining, the exorcist, the omen etc), but if something has the reputation for being really horrifying I'll usually give it a miss.

As far as stories go- nothing has scared me as much as the skinwalker copypasta from /x/, in particular the goatman story (https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Anansi%27s_Goatman_Story). I also really liked the forest stories from nosleep (https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/3iex1h/im_a_search_and_rescue_officer_for_the_us_forest/).

No. 398481

>Low key stuff like Babadook
>Low key
Christ anon that movie fucked my shit up so bad I was traumatized for several months. Slasher horror or gore doesn't do it for me but psychological haunting? That's the stuff that gets me dropping bricks like it was going out of style. I'm also absolutely horrified of creepypastas that have a similar theme of being followed by an evil entity that seems to get closer and closer.

No. 398484

the thought of drowning, waking up mid-surgery or getting buried alive really makes me get all panicky and scared

No. 398486

the invitation really crept up on me. cults scare the shit out of me truly. and it follows, the idea that you're being followed by an invisible entity that only you can see and it can look like everyone? fucking hell no, thank god i'm shut in who never gets laid.

No. 398488

I'm not that scared of things that aren't real. Possessed dolls, evil spirits and similar stuff in horror movies never scare me. However, horror movies about actual psychopaths and murderers fuck me up so bad. Nothing scarier than being chased by a sadistic psycho

No. 398507

I'm terrified of nuclear war. I've woken up from nightmares of it. I live near an AFB that is primarily the home of the B2 Stealth bombers, it's a prime target for a first-strike.

I still have a hard time watching The Day After.

No. 398528

Anything to do with epidemics, infectious diseases or biological warfare scares the shit out of me. World War Z terrifies me to this day, or other films where the zombies can run fast, like 28 days later or even I Am Legend.. Whenever I watch a zombie film I end up having this recurring nightmare where I’m trapped in a building with zombies and my only choices are to get eaten alive or jump off the roof. Most people I know find the zombie genre laughable though

No. 398536

i agree with >>398528
nothing's scarier when you're stuck in a zombie apocalypse where the zombies run at you like you're in the last of us game. if they were slow like the walking dead then it'd be tolerable i guess but them running at you? a nightmare

No. 398612


I only really watch horror films but zombies are the ones that give me nightmares for some reason.
If you haven’t seen “The girl with all the gifts”, I highly recommend it.

Found footage is more stressful imo, when you can actually find one that isn’t ass that is

No. 398615

Being helpless/running out of options and also getting stuck, growing up and even now I've had recurring nightmares about running away from someone who wanted to hurt me and sometimes never being able to find help. I've had dreams where I've called 9/11 and got hung up on, or was never able to get through at all.

Its scary but also incredibly, beyond frustrating thinking about being in a situation where there's literally no options left except to suffer and eventually die, and also knowing your body will never be retrievable. I've seen enough spelunking/extreme cave exploration videos to where the idea of it doesn't totally scare me anymore, but what does scare me is getting stuck somewhere and being helpless and knowing you'll just have to wait for your death, i.e. Nutty Putty Cave. YouTube Video related, I guess don't watch if you're claustrophobic.

No. 398625

Cancer and other terminal illnesses. Hospitals in general scare me and make me feel eerie. Cancer, CF, and other specific wards are terrifying to me because there are literal people dying at different rates.

Maternity wards, especially when you know that people are in active terrible physical pain in the rooms surrounding you. I was there when my niece was born and while we were walking to my SIL’s room, you could hear deep moaning and yells of pain and that just made me want to run out back into the waiting room area.

SIDS is also horrifying. I want kids but just the thought of walking in and finding a cold corpse of an infant scares me more than upsets me. I stumbled across a stillbirth video on youtube, and they actually put pictures of the kid and and i swear to god they painted its lips or something but that also freaked me out. Something about just how un-alive it was. Corpses in general do that to me though.

No. 398630

Just seeing that thumbnail triggered me. When that whole thai cave boys shit vent down I saw other videos of these fucking idiots who willingly crawl into tiny holes as their "hobby" and one case there a guy died because he was stuck head down and they couldn't save him no matter what. I wish I could unsee, this literally gives me nightmares.

For me it's the exact opposite. I feel like I could at least fight off an evil human, but monsters? I'm not even scared of what they might do to me, but of how terrifying their faces look like. When I walk outside during the night, I'm not scared of rapists, but of looking up and seeing some creature sitting in a tree and then jumping down on me. I'm also scared of something laying under my bed or being in my room at night, I know that's so childish lol

I'm also really sensitive to corpses, but only if they started decomposing, like already half skeletons, not "fresh" ones. (had to google how to write "decomposing" because esl and no…)

When I was a young teen nothing could shock me, but the older I get the more sensitive I turn?

No. 398640

For some reason, it really really scares me when people in horror movies slam their heads against things repeatedly. Like the mom in Hereditary slamming her head against the ceiling over and over.

Also, there is something so scary to me about people crawling around on all fours super fast, whether it be on the floor or on the wall/ceiling in movies. It's so inhuman and unnatural looking that it makes my skin crawl.

No. 398644

That head banging shit is freaky, I think it's probably because normal healthy people don't intentionally hurt themselves, and seeing someone do that sets something off in our minds that something incredibly wrong with them.

No. 398645


FUCK I was about to post the same because not a long time ago I read about this story in the nutty putty cave for the first time and I honestly couldn't breath after finishing it. I'm not claustrophobic but fuck this, I rather die instantly than going trough this kind of death. They even called the wife of this dude at the almost end to say goodbye to him while he was still hanging there. Stories of people suddenly facing death is generally something that freaks me out because it can happen to everybody and everywhere.

Also cave related that scares me: Encounter possibly paranormal or frighting appearances in places where you can't flee easily. Video related about a guy that explores mines and suddenly hears some unusual sounds while being down in an abandoned mine, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. he managed this situation like a pro but fuck if this would happen to me somewhere.

Weird sounds start around 12:00 min.

I can't watch and listen to this without getting teary eyes.

No. 398647

I have a love-hate relationship with body horror, especially when involved with sex organs. That one hentai artist's (behind that holes hentai) work always fucks with me. And when an anon on /g/ posted her fetish for women with uncontrollably morphing bodies it filled me with a bit of panic.
100% it's where I go if I want to feel uncomfortable though lol. Used to draw my own too in an attempt to desensitize myself, which worked to a point but the idea of it happening to me is still horrifying.

Also afraid of the ocean, and all of my uneasy dreams involve fish/the ocean/tanks in some respect. Funny because my suicide plan was (and still is if I ever get low again) to jump into the ocean, and I do love fish.

I think I have a love-hate thing for all my fears honestly haha.

No. 398649

Being watched from the outside looking in. Specifically if it's from a dark place like a woods where one cannot see who may be watching.

Becoming lost. Someone verbally announcing that they are lost and something or someone else overhearing that. I HATE it when people hear noise in the darkness but decide to shout "Hello!" or "Who's there?" before they even confirm what it is they're trying to address, or if they'd want to.

No. 398678

File: 1555269608035.jpg (75.34 KB, 440x440, eyewitness-museum-440.jpg)

Statues and to some extend mannequins. Statues will almost always scare me, unless they're smaller than a regular human being. Big ones are the most terrifying. I've had multiple nightmares where I'm forced to go to parks filled with statues. Mannequins aren't as bad, normal clothing store mannequins are fine. Museum mannequins however scare the shit out of me.

That really cheesy creepypasta trope where computers, games, websites, programs etc. are self-aware, break the fourth wall and do some creepy glitchy shit. Like creating creepy files on your computer or something. Add some glitchy backwards music and I'm not sleeping for days. Doki Doki Literature Club is kind of a dead meme already but when it was still relatively new and mysterious, I couldn't even finish the game after the creepy shit started and I had nightmares for weeks.

No. 398712

Home invasions really freak me out. Also "mind fuck" horror, particularly when it involves gaslighting

No. 398733

The Day After and Threads are pretty scary the first few times you watch them. I watched Miracle Mile for the first time the other day and its kinda a cute but cheesy take on nuclear war. Not much of the actual nuclear stuff plays out on camera. Its almost got a John Waters feel to it and I recommend it for anybody who wants to watch something related to nuclear war but doesnt want the in your face reality like in most nuclear movies.

No. 398744

>I've had dreams where I've called 9/11 and got hung up on, or was never able to get through at all.
that's so typically dream-like insidious and horrible and a bit absurd lol
I'm also scared of sudden or slow accidental death by oneself

>I HATE it when people hear noise in the darkness but decide to shout "Hello!" or "Who's there?" before they even confirm what it is they're trying to address, or if they'd want to.
Same, I guess sometimes it can avoid misunderstandings between humans but I have a natural urge to conceil myself and hide and assess the situation carefully first before doing anything

The slenderman game is actually terrifying for me. I would probably shit my pants and die playing VR horror, too, but I'm actually a bit curious, too

Kidnapping and human trafficking is scary. Nocturnal Animals did a great job building some chaotic tension of a situation that's about to escalate.

there's more but that's scary enough for now

No. 398753

fUCKING HELL claustrophobia and this cave shit is my worse nightmare

No. 398759

The movie Lake Mungo is probably the only horror film I've lost sleep over since my childhood. It's pretty creepy in an existential sense (the idea of dying and being stuck haunting your home and watching your family struggle to move on) but I also cannot fucking handle dopplegangers. The idea of seeing my dead self makes my skin crawl, I refuse to even google the movie because I know a still from that fucking beach scene will probably appear on the webpage somewhere.

No. 398783

Reading eerie stories late in the dark, or reading about creepy rituals. Aspects of the unknown and eerie that don't quite involve monsters, but imply them. Every time I pull this shit at night I have to close all the doors in my room in order to ensure nothings going to come out and nab me…

No. 399198

File: 1555384062727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 2000x1500, Joplin_2011_tornado_damage.jpg)

Tornadoes. I lived in Dixie alley (tornado alley but for the deep south) all my life and now live in the trad Tornado alley (not by choice) and as a kid I had a pretty bad fear of weather in general after a tornado hit our town, it was extremely minor but I was caught out in public when it happened and it was scary enough being separated from the rest of my family. Basically unless the sky was 100% clear, I was anxious. I actually enjoy rain now and even thunderstorms but tornadoes scare me enough to wanna move completely. I would 100% be willing to move to a different state just to get out of that danger zone.

I still watch tornado videos though. Morbid curiosity is a bitch

No. 399205

I was terrified of Tornadoes as a child, which is odd because I don't live in an area that gets them. I once drove through a tornado warning once while on a road trip and when we got out of the storm, I pulled over to cry. I actually thought I was going to die.

Anon, I hope one day you get to move out of your tornado prone area to a place where you don't have to worry about them.

No. 399206

I can imagine how terrifying getting caught in a tornado would be. we don't really get em in the northwest but they fascinate and terrify me.

No. 399219

I used to feel like that. Storms were monsters and I expected constant hail and tornadoes. At least until it flooded a couple years ago with Harvey. Now I am bothered by simple rain. It's calmed a bit, but I used to get sick just seeing storm clouds.

No. 399226

The natural disasters I'm most scared of are volcanoes. I'm scarred from when I was little and watched the old lady falling in lava in Dante's Peak. Learning about pompeii in high school didn't help. It's only a very remote fear though,
>tfw australian
>everyone thinks we live our lives are full of danger because of our animals
>I actually just feel lucky af that we're in the middle of a tectonic plate and aren't likely to experience many volcanoes, tsunamis or earthquakes

We don't get many tornados either thankfully.

No. 399228

I live in Pennsylvania- pretty much all of it is Amish country, but there's enough mountains you'd think we'd be okay aside from thunderstorms- nope, we get tornadoes on occasion- pretty sure we had a small one the other night because my god it was loud. There's been others nearby and it's wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

No. 399287


No. 399302

File: 1555425837351.jpg (9.06 KB, 480x360, 2003.jpg)

I watched the cell phone footage of The Station nightclub fire when I was in middle school and it haunts me. The concept of being crushed and trampled to death, stuck in a doorway because the people further inside are burning alive is just horrific.

No. 399340

The idea of someone watching me or an omniscient figure being present scares me. I have this big painting of Jesus in my house that scared the shit out of me when I was 12 to the point of tears. I felt like i could see his expression change or see him blinking it scared me so much.

No. 399353

At my grandparents' house they had a big portrait of themselves (clearly they were huge narcissists lol) and after they died that painting terrified me, I felt like they were in there watching me

No. 399441

My difficulty with watching The Day After stems from the fact I live in the area the plot is set in. I know most of the filming was done in LA, but there's multiple shots specifically made to look like portions of the city I live in. Hell, one shot is of a street I can see from my window. I've only seen the entire movie once.

No. 399443

Getting murdered by someone I trust is probably my biggest fear.

Supernatural stuff is scary but crazy murderers are real.

Also, Blair Witch is one of my favourites because we never actually get to see the witch and nothing is ever explained. So many modern horror movies are packed with jump scares and all the monsters/demons/ghosts etc are explained away. Kind of takes away the fear element if you know what and how to fight something.

No. 399448

The murdered by someone you trust thing is terrifying, I can't imagine getting married one day, having kids, only for them to snap and kill everyone.

No. 399473

Rooms without windows. It's maybe ridiculous for others but it really triggers my claustrophobia, no matter how big the room actually is and the fact that it's always pitch black and you're dependent on electricity to see something. Also why do even rooms without windows exist? The answers in my head are very scary

No. 399475

I’m terrified my toddler is somehow going to end up falling off our 9th floor balcony

No. 399501

Being kidnapped by some stranger man. You don't know what kind of disgusting shit he's going to do to you or the extent of how bad it is but either way you know it's going to hurt like hell. I also have too much dignity and hate the thought of dying at the hands of some sick asshole.

Same here. I'm in the midwest and the area around where I live gets tornadoes pretty much every summer and my heart drops when I hear the sirens going off and it isn't a test. I don't have a basement so if my house gets hit and I'm in it, I'm definitely screwed.

I also have a weird fear of lightning no matter how bad the storm is. I get so paranoid that it's going to zap me through my window so I end up hiding in my bathroom where there aren't any, constantly checking the weather radar on my phone to see how long I have to wait for the storm to pass. My cat always runs under the bathroom mat too when it rains so at least I have company lol

No. 399796

This got me thinking about how I’d feel trapped in a windowless room and I feel really uneasy now. Like not knowing what time of day it is or anything would psychologically fuck me up.

No. 399798

I remember watching a scene from the walking dead where Daryl and another guy, can't remember his name find a naked woman tied to a tree having been eaten alive by zombies. The thought of being helpless and vunerable like that still scares me. Hated that scene so much

And unrelated but appendicitis. It's the one thing I don't ever want to experience because of the pain I've been told is terrible and you can't request a doctor to remove an organ because you're scared of it lol

No. 399799

My biggest fear is having a retarded kid.

No. 399800

I went on a cruise one time when I was little and we stayed in an interior room with no windows. I ended up getting the stomach flu and was quarantined to my room (could not leave under any circumstances) and it was awful. Couldn't tell what time it was and all I could do was watch VHS tapes that they brought me and draw. My poor mom who had to stay with me and have her vacation ruined

No. 399815

Mine is similar. I have a really irrational fear of someone I love (boyfriend, future kids, etc) suddenly getting really ill or injured and becoming severely mentally/physically handicapped as a result. I watched it happen to my dad after suffering a severe stroke and as horrible as I feel saying it, I've grown to resent him for it. People really underestimate how much of a burden it is to become a caretaker for someone so needy. It's so incredibly draining and has consumed my life. If I found out my kid had a severe disability in utero, I'd abort without any hesitation. I'd still love them if anything happened to them after they were born and grown and I'd accept the responsibility of caring for them, but I would never willfully choose that life for myself. It's hell, and people shouldn't be made to feel bad if they're not a perfect saint in that situation.

No. 399820

Not to sound edgy, but nothing really scares me anymore. I used to have all sorts of irrational fears, hearing airplanes flying above my house at night and imagining them crashing… ruminating over it for hours to the point of exhaustion. Tidal waves, terrorist attacks. I think my extreme paranoid has sent me in the complete opposite direction as an adult. The only time I feel scared is when I think I’ve forgotten a bill or left the house unlocked.

No. 399827

You wouldn't be scared of a terrorist attack? C'mon dude.

No. 399839

I’m saying I used to have an irrational fear of them. In public, constantly worrying and watching people. Little things would set off panic.

Not afraid of this anymore. Radical acceptance I suppose.

No. 399841

My nana had a similar painting anon. It was very detailed, painted by a pretty well known artist at least locally at the time (she was a dancer so she knew a lot of arts people) and her stare was always so scathing and judgmental, it really captured her brassy aura right down to her piercing eyes. Nobody wanted to take the thing after she died a few years back so my aunt has it stashed in the spare bedroom and moves it up to the attic whenever someone stays in the room.

Fun fact: my aunt and uncle were staying in her old apartment after they'd gotten married, my nana had moved and they were temporarily shacking up there, and the painting was still up in the master bedroom. on the night of their wedding they had to take it down because they didn't want her "staring" at them. The painting is really that haunted looking lmao

No. 399849

Submechanophobia - fear of underwater man-made objects. Didn't even know there was a word for this, but I definitely have it. Especially shipwrecks. Footage of the Titanic underwater (hell even the CGI renditions of it sinking) make my skin crawl and I feel so legitimately afraid.

Maybe it was sparked by that scene in Jaws where the dead guy pops up in the shipwreck window.

It reminds me of a real life story that's probably the most horrifying thing I've ever heard. Back in the 20s, a ship called the SS Kamloops sank in Lake Superior. All of the crew members died, and one man's body is still stuck in the ship. Since Lake Superior is so cold and there's so little oxygen down there, things don't decompose like they would in other bodies of water. So this guy is freakishly well-preserved with a weird waxy white film covering his body, giving him the nickname "Old Whitey". Divers have seen him down there, and he'll even sometimes get caught up in the current of your swimming and appear to follow you.

No. 399851

duuude i feel this so hard. i have nightmares about this news story to this day https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-36024638

No. 399852

>Footage of the Titanic underwater
holy shit this, I cannot handle that shit. Which sucks because the concept of finding old shit underwater is cool to me but the actual visuals make me want to crawl out of my skin. That old whitey anecdote is actually nightmarish though. I'm morbidly curious and want to look it up but I know I'll actually lose sleep tonight if I do.

No. 399854

I did, against my better judgement. There aren't really any good photos of him. All that comes up when you Google it is a corny ghost photo from a thumbnail of something, pictures of the shipwreck (which fuck that all on its own), and one picture where you can kind of see his legs behind a ladder.

People apparently go down there just to see him, which is really fucking weird if you ask me.

No. 399855

I remember watching that ages ago and will never be able to get it out of my mind. And now I’m terrified to be in a similar situation as those people.

No. 399949

Holy shit anon I'm exactly same, photos of submerged ship wreckage freak me the fuck out and make me feel like I'm drowning. I absolutely feel the cold water around me and I get the feeling of absolute helplessness.

>Divers have seen him down there, and he'll even sometimes get caught up in the current of your swimming and appear to follow you.

DUDE. This is some putrid nightmare fuel right here. I would have PTSD for the rest of my life, I have no idea how people go down there willingly.

No. 400043

If you wanna combine your fear of underwater corpses and claustrophobic caves, there's the story of David Shaw and Deon Dreyer.

Deon was a cave diver who never came out of a freshwater diving hole he was exploring. His friend, David, found his body in the cave 10 years later and planned a mission to bring the body back to his family.

Well the body came loose, instead of being anchored to the cave wall like David had planned and he ended up getting tangled with it and the line on it. He died down there as well, but because of his efforts, both of their bodies floated to a point where they could be recovered. So he did accomplish his goal in a way.

It's just such a horrifying scenario all around. Being in a dark, cramped area with limited oxygen and immense pressure weighing down on you - all while you're tangled up with the 10 year old floating corpse of someone you knew.

Oh, and at some point Deon's head became detached from his body and you can see it floating with his mask on briefly at 5:52.

No. 400134

that video got debunked, you can find the same sounds in his video on iTunes etc.

No. 400694

File: 1555802679485.webm (3.36 MB, 852x480, 1551044220511.webm)

The idea of world ending in the very near future due to dirty humans shitting it up has been messing with me lately. I don't want to be extinct yet.

Also my building catching on fire because of this shit: >>399302. Irrational because my building has amazing fire safety and is two feet away from a fire department but I'm still scurred.

No. 400697


I read this short story when I was a tween and very into creepypasta, but this one is actually by the author of Fight Club. It stuck with me for a long time partly bc of the sheer trauma of what happens to the character and partly bc his writing style still makes me hold my breath after rereading it today. It might come off as a little cheesy at first but you gotta read til the end, only takes like 10 mins.

It's abt a boy who gets his insides sucked out by a pool drain thing and lives. Fuck common household stuff killing you.

No. 400702

Fuck, I remember this. No, I won’t read this again, but wasn’t this the story where the kid’s sister got pregnant because he jerked off in the pool or some shit?

No. 400703

Honestly, I’d do it.

No. 400704

Cave diving is just asking to die.

No. 400724

File: 1555809754088.jpg (137.92 KB, 500x375, vertigo.jpg)

Looking down rows and rows of staircases like this makes me so uneasy. If I look down them in person, I always have a death grip on the rail because I feel like I'm going to fall over

No. 400730

Hey me too! It's triggered a lifetime of dreams about staircases. Being chased up them, down them, climbing huge ones that are missing stairs, missing landings, missing railings. Often what's chasing me is a Xenomorph so it's a great example of childhood traumas getting mooshed together.

Lately the dreams have faded and while I don't miss the creatures I do miss the wierd stairs.

No. 400733

We Lost the Sea has a song about this. stories of reckless nobility like this always make me wanna cry.

No. 400750

File: 1555817063595.gif (995.78 KB, 500x271, giphy.gif)


Do you experience a visual distortion, as portrayed in Vertigo?

I feel compelled to jump off of ledges, bridges, and piers if there is a particular distance between me and the ground or water.

No. 400754

Yeah a little bit. Not as extreme as that gif but still.

I just become hyper aware of my balance (or lack thereof) and get a feeling of anxiety combined with a weird compulsion to lean over the rail and look down. I think that's the "Call of the Void" or whatever. I get a similar feeling on balconies and bridges as well.

No. 400773

Going blind. Anything with poking/inserting shit/stabbing the eyeball is freaky too.

I don’t like needles. I’m fine being around them. But having them inserted in me gives me the heebie jeebies. I hated getting shots as a kid and it hasn’t gotten much better now that I’m an adult. On the plus side, at least I never had the urge to try heroin because of it.

No. 400785

this is dumb but my one and only real fear is that one day i’d somehow get pregnant without realizing it, and by sheer luck, not show any physical signs and give birth unexpectedly. a là that old show “i didn’t know i was pregnant” or whatever it was called. i’d be fucking stuck with an unwanted child and a child would be stuck with a mom who doesn’t have any intention of being a parent. i could only hope that somehow, in this hypothetical nightmare scenario, i’d be able to adopt the baby out to someone and make it closed so they couldn’t find me or vice versa.

everything to do with motherhood absolutely disgusts me and turns me off. literally even reading about shit like breastfeeding physically repels me so much. i HATE it when moms decide to interject into shit and blather on about their babies and all the vivid, nasty descriptions of bodily functions coming from their kid, or even just tame shit. it’s the droning on about it that bothers me too. with all due respect i don’t give a fuck about your kid. just because i’m a woman doesn’t mean you should come up to me and show me pics of your baby and explain to me all about them. i don’t want to know. i don’t care. i would much rather hear about literally anything else in the world. i get it, people’s kids are their lives and they want to share that, but there’s a time, place and certain people you should be sharing it with. if i’m just your coworker or some random person, not a close friend or family then why do i even need to know?? idk. i don’t talk about this in person much because people hit me with the “you’ll change your mind, you’ll want kids one day!” and it’s such a cope and also ridiculous. just because you decided to throw away your 20s and dedicate the next 18+ (let’s be real it’s more like 21+) years to debt, stress, and messes of all kinds doesn’t mean i should do the same.

this kinda went from being a fear to a rant but oh well

No. 400786

I’m afraid of this as well. I’ve no desire to ever have a kid, and realizing I was pregnant past the point of being able to have an abortion would be so horrifying to me.

I’m also afraid of rape, getting trapped in a crowd or in a building with limited exits, and in the last couple of years I’ve become afraid of pit bulls. Now that I have my own dog, I’m sometimes so worried that we’ll be attacked and I won’t be able to save her. I’m sometimes worried about other breeds of dogs but I’m most afraid of the breeds under that umbrella.

No. 400804

I guess this doesn't really suit the thread but having a kid and not having a kid are both my biggest fear. Having a kid because I'm terrified of ruining my body, getting fat and frumpy, losing my individuality, spending all my free time, money and energy on someone other than myself, and having a lazy manchild husband who doesn't help and cheats/leaves. Not having a kid because it will be not stop judgement and stigma for the rest of my life, people will look down on and pity me as a sad lonely spinster no matter how I actually feel about my life. And maybe I will actually get lonely at some point, or suffer in my old age when I need someone to look after me.

But in the end I'd rather regret not having a child because that only hurts me, whereas having one and regretting it hurts your family too.

No. 400851

Extreme crowds to the point of constant body to body contact and being unable to get out because its so packed. I can't help but instinctively hold my breath when watching stuff like this.

No. 401432

Same, except the fear is because I feel as though I'll find something/someone staring back at me in a creepy manner.
I used to live in an apartment complex and the ground floor was completely dark and had this weird crawlspace that was pitch black, ensuring that someone could hide or pop out of there if they desired to.

Also thalassophobia makes my entire mind and being retract

No. 401459

Boy howdy do I have the hellish nightmare for you
There was another car around 400 meters behind him that got spiked into the ground six times at 300MPH. Less than 20 seconds slower and the dude filming this would be ULTRADEAD

No. 401466

I have the same fear of having children and then not being good at parenting/~fulfilled~ by it.
Would rather be old and regret not having children rather than old and having children that hate me because I failed them.

No. 401507

I think I'm desensitised because nothing scares me while I'm awake. Jumpscares in films don't scare me but I keep watching horror films hoping that one day I'll finally find a film that stays with me for a long time or makes me really uncomfortable (will keep an eye on this thread for recs).

Just before I fall asleep or as I'm waking up I'm prone to sleep paralysis and night terrors. That shit is genuinely scary. I've seen shadow people walking around my room, insects crawling all over my bed, a little girl trying to play hide and seek with me, aliens trying to abduct me and I'll hear things too (like ghostly voices calling my name over and over). It's worst when I'm fully conscious and walking around but I'm still hallucinating (so I guess one part of my brain is still sleeping). It's actually enough for me to never try hallucinogenic drugs because I know what my mind is capable of creating and I'd rather not encourage it lol. I'd love to be able to control the hallucinations/dreams so I could lucidly have nice experiences instead. For some reason, even though I know none of these things are real or scary while I'm awake, they still make my heart race when I'm half-asleep.

No. 401523

File: 1556023036578.jpg (195.49 KB, 1392x811, reno.jpg)

nta, but thank you for introducing me to this! it's made even better by this map I found showing going on in the video (made by the guy driving)

I also read about the three people in the other car you mentioned. Their final words are recorded as saying "we're gonna die! we're gonna die!"

This was a very upsetting way to start my morning.

No. 401542

Thalassophobia is my favorite to watch. I'd be horrified to witness or encounter underwater mechanisms irl, but I find videos of these things fascinating.
I'm even scared of getting too close to pool grates.

No. 401585

What about this?

No. 401654

Ever since I was little I have had this fear of rolling over in bed in the dark at night and opening my eyes and seeing someone with black skin (not like, black in terms of race necessarily, just straight up black skin) crouching next to my bed and staring at me and smiling widely and all you can see is their eyes and their teeth. And then before I can scream they cover my mouth and kidnap me or kill me or rape me. I'm in my 20s and I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and am afraid to roll over because I feel like I can sense this person staring at me. I have no idea where this came from, I'm guessing I saw it on tv or something when I was little and it stems from that.

Also I'm afraid of Earth getting hit by a meteorite or something and there's nothing we can do about it so we just have to wait for our impending doom while we watch it get closer and closer to us.

No. 401658

I don't really know why, but I have a fear of standing on/looking at corners. Like Blair Witch style, though only staring at corners from afar also makes me uncomfortable. Facing walls works too. (It's not because of the movie though because I've had it since before I watched it).

No. 401851

I'm that tornado anon and holy shit. Gonna be honest here and say that even during my extreme "fear of bad weather" phase I would still sit in front of the window when it was storming and recite facts I learned from the Weather Channel to my parents (which I watched all the time, literally almost 24/7) because it would calm me down because in my head if I could learn everything I could about bad weather then I'd have nothing to be afraid of, I was like obsessed and terrified with it at the same time. Kinda sad actually

And then as a teenager and now adult I had/have this ironic (unironic?) desire to go storm chasing sometimes. My guess is that its probably some dumbass coping mechanism i.e. if I put myself in control of a situation that involves my fear it won't be as scary idfk but fuck just imagine literally driving into the path of a tornado or trying to drive away but it still manages to do something like this. I know in reality I'd full on shit myself if I ever actually was given the chance to chase a tornado though.

No. 402026

File: 1556119112285.jpg (184.53 KB, 1135x596, twistex.jpg)

>imagine literally driving into the path of a tornado or trying to drive away but it still manages to do something like this
It helps if you're not driving right into the tornado with cars that can't handle bad roads. The people who died ended up going offroad in a Chevy Cobalt which is a low powered FWD car with skinny tires, and the guy in the video was driving a yaris with traction control that wouldn't allow him to go above 40mph.
Nothing is going to save you from ending up in 300mph winds, but you can sure take steps to make sure you're not in that situation in the first place.
Stormchasing does look like a lot of fun besides the whole risk of death thing.

No. 402037

this one is so retarded, hopefully someone will see it and laugh because this thread is scaring the crap out of me but! when i was a little kid i used to be afraid that dead bodies would fall on me, or come zooming around corners and smash into me. i have no idea why my brain came up with this but it still scares me.

also, i hate, hate walking past empty rooms with open doors at night. i scoot past them and don't look inside because i think i'll see a stranger in there, not moving, just staring at me. it's one of the scariest things i can think of.

No. 402038

This is some Darwin award level shit. Why wouldn't they get a vehicle made for off-roading for this very reason? Tornadoes change directions quickly, they should know they might have to get off the pavement to avoid them.

No. 402040

Chevy Cobalt was my first car. I totaled the front end of it going 15 mph once and hit another vehicle.
It has the worst crash test ratings too.
0/10, would not recommend driving into tornado with.

No. 402072

there was this one specific jesus statue in a church i went to when i was 5, it was the typical giant jesus stretched out on the cross type of statue, but the sculpting of the face was really creepy, and it looked extremely real. i only went there a couple of times, but i always ended up freaking out because i could swear i saw the statue crying and breathing.

No. 402131

Me too. I have to have all the doors closed in my house. And the windows covered. Jesus christ do I scare the crap out of myself imagining that I'm going to see a face stare back at me at night through a window.

No. 402132


Holy crap I feel the same thing about doors and windows
My biggest fear is to turn and see someone pushed up against the window
My step dad leaves them open at night and I can’t stand it

A open door to a dark room and the blinds pulled up on the window are a deadly combo for me

No. 402139

I have the fear of fallen bodies >>402037 combined with this one >>402072 bc it remains me of when I was a young child and saw statues of jesus on the cross, I though that this bloody body will fall on me or dream of it.


>hate walking past empty rooms with open doors at night.

this remains me of the story from a good friend of mine that once witnessed somebody walking into a room in her apartment where she lives alone, but when she checked she didn't find anything or somebody there. It was late but she was dead serious about seeing a figure walking around. Also reported that her cats were meowing at something damn.

No. 402208

>A open door to a dark room and the blinds pulled up on the window
I got a cold shiver down my shoulders from picturing that lol

No. 402381


Oh anon, me too! I thought I was the only one because people always give me funny looks when I say I'm scared of shipwrecks - not being in them but just looking at footage of them.

I don't like large things where they shouldn't be, is the easiest way I can say it. The totem poles in the room at the Royal BC Museum used to freak me out, but the ones outside were fine. I've had nightmares about giant paintings, too. One museum I've been to had plaster facades of medieval churches in a room - similar effect with the impending doom and dizziness feeling.

No. 402382


The nightmare inducer for me is the Kursk disaster.


No. 402387

I'm a grown adult with a very overactive imagination. Due to this, I am scared of the dark. I've never slept on my own without a nightlight or lamp on. Heck, I even have a backup nightlight in case my regular one fails.

Two things I watched in my early adolescence probably fuelled this fear lasting into adulthood - the Eugene Tooms episodes of The X Files, and the TV movie of IT.

I'm also scared of experiencing anything paranormal, because my stubborn refusal to believe in it helps me to sleep at night.

No. 402396

I came here to say something similar. It’s embarrassing, but I’m 31 and terrified of the dark and ghosts. I can sleep in the dark if someone is with me but I have to have a light on otherwise. It really interferes with my sleep, but my mind races otherwise. I should probably get some kind of therapy for it. I just hate it bc I can handle all other kinds of scary things but for some reason this is my big weakness.

No. 402398

This kind of shit horrifies me.

No. 402906

I was brought up on horror novels I was too young to read, and then witnessed and experienced shit that's too awful to tell. Horror doesn't work on me. But something that terrifies me is a piece of arty farty ass music called Different Trains by Steve Reich. The second movemnt, called Europe During The War. It's the recorded accounts of the holocaust by real survivors chopped up and made into musical snippets that a frantic string quartet mimics, accomapnied by authentic sounds of air raid sirens and train whistles of actual cattle trains that brought victims to concentration camps.

Every time I listen to it I have a near breakdown. Maybe I'm just weird.

No. 402928

I have grown up believing I'm being watched at all times. It terrifies me to this day. I've learned to cope with it but I used to only change in windowless rooms, check every mirror in case it was the kind you could see through, cover any and all cameras on my electronics, etc. I used to have frequent panic attacks over it.

Never figured out where the fear came from.

No. 402935

I have this problem, too. I have always been very imaginative and when I was a child, I had to check every closet and under the bed in my room because I was so afraid of ghosts. I am 28 now and while I try to pull myself together, I have to admit that I still check under the bed every now and then. I don’t even think that ghosts exist, but the idea itself is just terrifying to me. Even in my dreams, it usually is not the ghost itself that is the worst thing, but rather the fear of the unknown and the realization that everything will change. I try to tell myself that even if ghosts/demons existed, they perhaps aren’t that scary or that I could still fight them (like in the movie IT that >>402387
mentioned, this fucked me up, too, but IT can be defeated!). It helps a bit.

However, I am also very sensitive when it comes to horror movies and I think I perhaps scarred myself by watching too many when I was younger. When I watched Hereditary last year, I was in a state of panic for two weeks and the images are still keeping me up at night sometimes. Most of my friends were a bit scared of that movie, but I know that my reaction (not being able to sleep, thinking about the movie 24/7 for a while, panic) is not normal.

No. 403168

>The panic in their voices

No. 403215

Same. I sleep with my lights on too, during summer months I try to stop and get myself used to sleeping in the dark or "dark" since I live in north and there wont be too dark during summer nights. Sometimes I'm even scared of the thought that there is dark outside during the night, because on other hand having lights on makes me feel so vulnerable and visible.

My electricity bill would be lot cheaper if I stopped doing this…

No. 403216

I had this as a kid too anon, but specifically in my grandmothers shower I would feel like every single gap or screw in that bathroom was a camera or peephole and I was always trying to shower in a protective way . I was interested in spies so it made sense that I would be imagining tiny caneras, but it worries me that it was specifically that house. I can only hope it was a weird manifestation of how I just didn't feel comfortable there for normal reasons.
Not a real fear as much as uneasiness

No. 403242


I actually feel you on this. It's not something that happens all the time but once in a blue moon I'll go through a time that generally lasts around two weeks where I can't sleep with the lights off for the life of me. I at least try to use a very well lit lamp instead but the silence of the room gets me even more. I'd just be so worried about something getting me. The slightest noises would wake me up the second I closed my eyes and the later it got the more I felt fear. It honestly feels horrible because I wouldn't go to sleep until around 4 in the morning. The only way to get me to bed quick enough would be a melatonin and watching Peppa pig or pingu (I don't know why, I guess it's because I think those shows are still really funny).

No. 403503

Fuck anon, I'm nearing my 30's and still like this. I'm deadly scared of sleeping in pitch dark and quiet, I always need to have some white noise and a small light on to help me fall asleep. If I'm sleeping with someone else there's no issue, but alone? I'll freak out over every small noise. I thought I would be done with this shit when I was an adult.

No. 403668


tbh it sounds like it was meant to induce breakdowns

No. 403670


nightlight anon here.

Me too, honestly. I'm in my early 30s and was always sure I'd grow out of it. I do love horror movies now, ironically, but it's not the recent ones I've seen that fuck me up. It's still 90% my overactive imagination or nightmares I've had.

No. 403904

as someone who has experienced what i believe to be paranormal (or, at least, something that appeared paranormal to me and is actually rationally explained but i perceived it as paranormal and was scared of it), i also have this fear. since i was a kid, because i apparently was experiencing this shit as a child as well. i also have a fear of sleep paralysis just because i know it can cause intense hallucinations. i've had SP a few times but fortunately never saw anything horrifying.

what i do is wear an eye mask and ear plugs. every night. that way, in my mind, i won't be able to hear or see anything. this helped me a lot; i can sleep in total darkness and feel comfortable just because i know i won't perceive anything weird, and if i somehow do, i can rationalize that i imagined it or dreamed it because i have my senses blocked off.

hope that helps you guys.

No. 404038


tell us about your paranormal experience anon?

No. 404040

The head slamming thing is terrifying, it was the only scary aspect of The Happening and Birdbox.
I think it scares me because I saw a boy in my class do it when I was little. The normal every day lesson was slowly interrupted by this steady rhythm, as we turned to see him banging his head against the table we at first thought was just trying to be disruptive. He wasn't lifting his head high enough from the table for us to see his face, and wasn't hitting very hard, but it was a regular movement. I don't remember what happened then, but he was ok and we learned later he was epileptic.
I also witnessed another unexpected fit in university and I was just as useless, because in the split second I again just couldn't make sense of what was happening. She was behind me and at first I thought she had randomly started humming, but as I turned to look she was running in circles, it was only as she fell to the ground a second later and started shaking was it obviously a fit. She came to just fine almost immediately but she had never had a fit before in her life.
When a person is doing something irrational but there's no blood, or expression of pain, it defies whatever your brain could automatically tell you is happening and that just sends me into a panic.

No. 404057

bit of a tl;dr ahead

my mom tells me that when i was a kid i would frequently come into her room at night and tell her to "tell the people in my room to stop talking". this all stopped after we moved from that particular house. could have just been me having vivid dreams, who knows, but it creeped me out to hear.

one particular apartment complex we lived in was pretty ghetto and had a high amount of deaths inside the apartments. i had the worst nightmares of my life in that apartment. extremely, extremely vivid nightmares all revolving around the apartment itself, being trapped in it while something terrible was happening, my pet cat being killed inside the apartment, a hideous blue demon jumping onto my bed (and a blue hand that would come out of the walls), being raped by this demon, etc. also in that apartment i was alone one night and a door closed behind me. this door was set into the frame weird so you had to push fairly hard to close it. it was wide open, no windows were open, and i heard it scratching on the carpet as it closed. i was too afraid to look behind me as i felt intense dread until i turned around and saw it shut. i almost had a mental breakdown when it was combined with the nightmares. i saw stuff out of the corner of my eyes in that place all the time as well.

rationally, maybe i was having some kind of temporary psychosis, but idk

beyond that, i once lived with a roommate who had this awful idea to go visit some "haunted woods". at the time i was wary since i don't like that kind of stuff but went along with it. we wandered around this spot in some random woods that was supposedly haunted. i didn't really feel anything until later that night.

when i was trying to fall asleep i heard weird scratching along the floor (it was wood paneling.) i tried to ignore it and just fall asleep. then, out of nowhere, i heard the most disgusting moan coming from the hallway. it's hard to describe but even thinking about it now makes my eyes water. it just sent me into this gut fear and revulsion. i sat there and tried to compose myself for a bit before i got up and went down the hallway. nothing was there and i went into my roommate's room. she was dead asleep. i woke her up and asked if she had heard that, which she hadn't.

those are the two biggest ones for me. i'm sure they can all be explained away but they definitely cemented my fear of ghosts/paranormal. i do NOT fuck with that shit. i think very "get the fuck away from me" thoughts when i feel scared, and imagine a protective aura around myself which helps. nowadays i haven't been living in a place that i've felt that same sort of awful energy, so i'm ok. but i still try to keep it out of my life and tell myself it's not real.

No. 404082


Honestly thinking about paranormal shit really gets me. I try not to but once someone brings it up at night it really messes with me. I believe in it but I haven't had many experiences. The people who have experienced stuff while living in the same house together was my mother and my sister. The only thing I've ever experienced was having the house phone yeeted at me from across the room, and even though that should have scared me I was so exhausted from just coming back from school that all I could think was "leave me alone, I just got here" and nothing really happened after that.

No. 404086

Can I add my paranormal experience here too?? (a thread for that could be interesting, maybe)

I grew up directly next to a cemetery in a very old house and as such have had many paranormal experiences, ranging from mild like me thinking I saw something out of the corner of my eye to all of the burners on the gas stove being turned on when we were gone and the house catching on fire (luckily, the fire did not spread far). Another time every sink in the house burned down and the basement flooded.

My mom told me when I was little she would often come in to check on me during my nap and I would be staring straight in front of me having a full conversation even though there was nobody there. Another time, the cedar chest at the end of my bed had been moved to block the door while I was napping which would have been impossible because it was a heavy cedar chest and I was like 5. My dad actually had to climb out onto the roof and bust open the window to get in my room.

For about a year straight my parents would hear what sounded like an old time-y radio coming from the attic reporting on WWII (it's important to note that in the cemetery, only veterans can be buried). They looked in the attic repeatedly and even cleaned the whole thing out and found nothing.

Back to the basement, it is super creepy and everyone gets a bad feeling about it. Everyone in my family has fallen down the steps at least once but the stairs are not rickety or abnormally narrow or anything, just normal stairs. Well after our basement flooded from every sink being turned on they had to dig under the house (I can't remember why exactly, I was quite young) they found that as a result of the frequent hurricanes, erosion, and being there since the Civil War, some graves had shifted and ended up underneath our house! It was pretty creepy knowing that they were under there all that time.

I actually think that I'm not as afraid of paranormal stuff now as a result of being exposed to it. The last encounter I had at my house (my parents still live there but me and my siblings are in college) was about 4 years ago when I looked in the mirror and saw a dark figure behind me with its hand on my shoulder. Mostly I was just sad when I was little because all of my friends were too scared to come play at my house.

No. 404571


This affirms my wish, I will not live in an old house.

No. 407572

Paranormal Thread!


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