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Inspired by the What scares you? thread.

Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?

No. 407535

Not to me personally, but I only had a friend I occasionally see at work tell me how he had to move with his family to a new house because his youngest son kept seeing a ghost. The ghost apparently stalked the kid. There were also physical manifestations, like suddenly the table would get covered in dew when they were sitting at the table. There were noises and things moving, so it didn't take long for them to get the fuck out and find a new place.

This case is similar to my mom's friend, she was working in a hotel and there was a ghost, a man with a German Shepard that would stalk people in a particular room standing beside their bed and telling them that they need to get out of his room and kept repeating that.

The other case is with my brother. Once he saw a ghost in our guest room. When he described the ghost, it looked like my grandma, but he was too young to know how she looked like and we didn't have picture lying around.
That guest room was also the place were she used to stay when she came to visit us. To this day, my brother doesn't dare to go near the hall where the guest room is and if he is, he quickly rushes to shut the door.

The last case I have to share is with my friend, that was before smart phones were a thing (yeah, I know I'm old).
She was on some Christmas fare that was outside and during the night. Everyone was drinking but she wasn't and she claims to have seen light balls of different colors being in mid air and moving in a peculiar fashion, not something that was being carried by the wind or even how things usually move. When she went to tell others, everyone thought she was drunk. The next day, in the news there were more reports of such light balls near where the fare was but nothing was taken seriously and people just concluded it was drunks seeing things.

No. 407559

I have little hints of ghosts sometimes (or delusion) , they're small and have all had to do with one of my relatives that has passed away. The night my grandma passed I had saw her earlier in the home and then was back up at my place getting ready for an exam. The clock stopped on my wall at her time of passing, it's still stuck at that time. Then later before midnight I was upset in the kitchen sitting at the table and thinking of a particular memory in my grandma's kitchen and right at midnight my stack of dishes over beside the sink shifted and fell into each other without breaking and the second hand on the clock ticked. It was odd.

As a child I think i saw a ghost at a local known haunted site. I use to stay with my nan in the summer at a caravan park and there was a run down old abandoned building. I along with my cousins decided to investigate it and we got chased out by a haggard old woman that appeared out of absolutely no where.

The other week I was woken out of my sleep by a voice saying my name in a loud whisper. It was very crisps and sharp that I woke up immediately and was spooked. My window was open and it was about 6am I went to the front of the building and only person I saw was a little girl running with a backpack on which I thought was odd for that early but I don't think she knew my name. That one still spooks me. I get little bumps and bangs in the night here.

I also remember when I was young I had a skylight so I could see the stars at night. I had a book light and was geeking out really late and got a weird feeling I was being watched. Looked up at the skylight and clear as day there was a woman, not elderly but not young with wild hair looking in at me. Brunette. Thin but not gaunt. I thought it mustnt be real so looked back at my book but was scared and looked and she was still there clearly staring at me idk why but I stood up to open the window and she went off to the side. I never look out windows at night now lol. Idk if that was paranormal or a lunatic. When that video went viral of the guy kissing the doorknob it freaked me out. We don't know what weirdos are up to in the night. This post is all over the place I'm. Going to sage.

No. 407569

When I was 19 I was on my way home from a friend when I saw a UFO. I was walking through a forrest late in the evening when I looked into the sky and saw what I assumed was a shooting star, so I stood still watching it. I realised that the 'star' was not burning out but only becoming bigger as it got closer, it was below the atmosphere and it was not actually falling, but moving instinctively. It followed the outline of the silhouette of the trees in a way where the UFO only would have been visible from the exact spot where I was standing, as if it knew I was there - I could not have seen it had I taken one step to the side. As the UFO got closer and bigger I was able to see its outline - it was a flying saucer UFO, as seen on tv. It hovered for a few moments, then it flew to the side and I was no longer able to see it behind the trees. I had another mile to walk until I was home and when I was about to walk inside, the UFO appeared again, this time there was no trees, it was directly above me, made a few zig zags and then quickly dissappeared into space.

After this I got obsessed with the whole idea of UFOs, I was constantly reading about them, always wondering if the UFO had little aliens in it or if it was human made, always staring into the sky when I was out at night, hoping that I'd see it again.
I told my parents about my experience and my father told me that when he was a teenager he had the exact same experience - he had been on his way home in the evening and had seen a light that followed the outline of the silhouette of the trees in the horizon, in a way where it only would have been visible from where he was standing. I remember being a little annoyed that he sounded so indifferent as we were talking about his story and mine. He said that he'll never know what happened and that there's nothing he can do about it, so it's not something he thinks about often. It's been five years now and I've reached the same conclusion. I don't want to spend any of my time being obsessed with UFOS when I'll probably never know the truth, but I know what I saw and it still freaks me out a little to think about

No. 407616

File: 1557243576602.jpg (40.29 KB, 800x486, efdesfd.jpg)

This happened like 4 days ago.
So i work at a store, a bit of an old building built on a small hill, it has a basement-ish(due to it being on an hill). The store itself is upstairs.

I was working with another girl, the two of us were the only ones working, closing shift.
We have a key to close the store with, its usually somewhere around the cash register, and that night was no different, we had both seen it lying close to it, in the same spot, during our shift.
Fast forward to closing time, no key.
We panic a bit and worry it fell in a trash-bag that we had just taken out to the trash container because the key was close to the trash so it may have fallen into it. We searched the floor, nothing, looked around the usual spots, nothing, we were quite puzzled and commented on how we had seen it lay right there, both noting the same exact spot.
We agreed to go check in the spot you hang it after closing which was located in the bosses office, we also exit through the basement when we close up. We wanted to check everywhere before we went into the trash to look for it, because we were quite certain it had to be there since we had both seen it lay close to the register.

It was in the fucking basement office…

How i have no clue, only me and her had been there the whole night. There is always one person at the register so no one could have been able to move it without one of us noticing.

No. 408015

When I was a kid, I would always see this figure walking past the top of the stairs, going into my little brothers room. I could never get a real good glimpse of it so I never thought too much of it and thought I was just seeing stuff. When I was a teenager I didn't see the figure anymore so I always chalked it up to just being a kid and imagination and that kind of thing.
One night, years later when I was about 20, my sister and I got home from a party and we were hanging out in the lounge room (at the bottom of the stairs) with her boyfriend. I looked up briefly at the stairs and saw someone disappear into the room and I freaked out but I had also been drinking so I was more calm than I usually would be. I said out loud "oh, he's back" and my sister said "the man in the hallway?"
Turns out she saw him too, and so did my mum and brother as well.
We started talking about it (freaking out her bf) and she said the family who lived there before us, the father disappeared during a scuba diving trip and the body was never recovered so she always thought it was his ghost.
Even more spookier is that our own father took up scuba diving as a mid-life crisis hobby…
anyway that's my spoopy ghost story.

No. 408033

File: 1557321644452.jpg (42.42 KB, 640x640, 1553492434497.jpg)

You saw a strange woman staring at you from a skylight at night and you opened the window for her?

No. 408094

She scampered off before I opened it, I felt compelled. Since then I don't even like looking out windows at night.

No. 408221

it's strange but, the only story I believe on here is this one. The ghost hauntings are just delusion or overactive imagination.

Four of my family members claim to have seen triangular UFOs in the 80s and 90s. And two of them witnessed one together. I'm extremely jealous of people who have seen them.

No. 408368

Sorry if it's too long, but I need to contextualize it
When I was a 14, I was diagnosed with chronic depression. By the time I was 17 I'd done a few treatments but nothing really helped me significantly. So my mom decided to take me to this place where ceremonies of an african-based religion took place. This religion is quite common in my country so I wasn't scared.
This is how each ceremony went:
1st we would sing songs to call the good spirits
2nd we would do a circle and keep circling around the room
3rd we would keep circling around the room but this time, we had to spin our own bodies at the same time (like the earth that rotates in its own orbit while also rotating in the sun's orbit)
4th the "Father" (he was like a priest of some kind) would have a talk with us
I went to these ceremonies a few times, that's how I know how everything went because on the first ceremony, during the 1st part, I "fainted". Or at least that was my impression when I woke up on the floor with the Father's helper trying to wake me up by doing crosses on my forehead with powder coal. My mom says that I was gone for about 2 minutes, that I just fell to the ground and that my body started convulsioning and my eyes were rolling. At the end of the ceremony the Father said that was an evil spirit who was glued to me for a long time, and that he was feeding on me or something; he also said that should grow my hair because my hair was my protection lmao
I went to this ceremony a few times after the first incident but rapidly grew bored of it

No. 408409

I always chalk this up to a weather balloon or something, but…

When I was 9 (the year 2000), I was in my front yard waiting for my mom to get my brother and sister out the door so she could take us to school.

I lived out in the middle of nowhere, by a mountain that the sun came up from. This morning, as the sun was coming up, what I can only describe as a classic UFO shaped thing (grey, round, with a small 'bubble' on top, but all grey) came floating over the mountain, slowly making its way directly over my house, above my head.

It was very low, probably only 20 ft above me, and completely silent. I saw it go over the mountain which is far taller than 20 ft, so it dropped altitude in the time it got to me.

I watched it float away and a few minutes later my mother returned to put us in the car. We had that morning routine for years and I never saw anything like it again.

No. 408859

File: 1557583510505.jpg (6.29 KB, 335x355, man-silhouette-leaning-vector-…)

I probably did write my experiences in another thread before. I have 2 stories of mine (I remember one of them myself and the second is what I told my mom when I was little) + the story that took place when my mom was 7yo I think.

First one was when I was still living in the village (house build by my parents btw, so no spooky history). I told my mom that the old man visited me at night. Seems like he was not-so-scary spirit, since I wasn't terrified when talking about it to mom. Also after time some other ghosts joined him, because I said that "the room was filled with people".

Second one I can still remember myself. Took place after we had to sell our house in village and live in grandmas flat for half a year. One night I woke up and had to pee, so got up. While sitting on potty I turned my head to the hallway and saw 3 shadow people. First thing - they weren't solid black, they were transparent with no visible features besides their silhouette. There was a woman, with curly hair gesturing with her hands, standing in my room's doors. She was "talking" with a man, who was wearing a hat. At the end of hallway, next to my grandma's doors, there was a man leaning against the wall (just like in picrel). There was actually nothing creepy about them, they were basically acting like a real people during the day. I have been looking at them for a while and then went back to sleep. Also they did not react to me in any way while I was standing there.

Third story is my mom's - she has been living with grandma and siblings in tenement house. She once woke up in the middle of night and went to the kitchen. There, she heard someone heavily knocking their front doors, so she went to wake up grandma. Once grandma opened the door, there was no one in the hallway. Apparently their neighbor died this night.

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