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No. 385537

Have you ever walked out of a job or just quit on the spot? what happened that pushed you over the edge?

No. 385581

I actually got home just now from asking for my first (they never paid), and final paycheck.

I quit my job yesterday morning. I needed my pay because I was resigning, and there was shock. Apparently the manager I told yesterday I was quitting, told no one else like he was supposed to. There was a whole ordeal of paperwork I was supposed to sign, but this morning, I was just given a notepad and told to write down my reason for quitting as transportation issues. In reality, the management was absolute shit.

The Walmart I worked at is supposed to employ about 600 people; it looked to have no more than 40 people while I was there. It was horribly understaffed, nothing got done. Merchandise was all over the store, broken, hazardous waste too. Nothing ever got put back, stock boys never did their job. Products are in cases, and none of the employees were given the keys, so customers would wait 45 minutes just to get their $5 items. Online pick up was the same way. Only 1 cashier and 5 open self-check-outs for a store that's got hundreds of people coming in and out throughout the day.

I was the "customer host" where I had to confront customers who forgot to pay or were stealing. I was never properly trained, nor did I have a walkie to call in management when a fight broke out. I was on my own. I had customers make sexual advances, where management was nowhere to be seen to report the incident. I could not leave my post, but somehow had to keep my section of the store clean, while also reading receipts, making people go back and pay.

Cashiers never knew what they were doing, so taking off tags was a bitch. Things get really hectic when you're a 108lb white girl telling a strong, angry black customer he forgot to pay. They think I target them because of their race, when the reality is, I'm only allowed to scan certain items, which he happened to have. No security came up to help me, and things could have turned really bad.

Managers also made fun of disabled customers, and the ethics hotline does nothing, rather, they tell the very managers you're calling against what is happening, leading to mysterious "schedule changes," aka less pay. We had several disabled customers who purchased large amounts of goods ($400 worth), and they were not allowed to take their motorized carts outside. The customer reasonably asked if I could assist her out, but I am not allowed to leave my post, I told her I needed to call management. I had no walkie and had to leave my post, and ask a cashier to call for me. After 30 minutes, management never came, the customer became angry, accusing me of not calling. I was having difficulty listening to her, offering her assistance, while simultaneously trying to read the receipts of 3 people and making sure two other people didn't sneak out the door. I'm supposed to have another customer host at the door with me, but management doesn't want to spend the money to hire enough people. What makes it bad, is they never taught me what to look for on the receipts. I didn't get any real training, I was winging my job, which made it incredibly difficult to be timely.

My final straw was when I got in trouble for not knowing who to call when the cashiers, the return desk, credit services, AND a vendor ALL needed me to call management around the same time, and I didn't have a walkie. They all wanted me to remember their long request (of code numbers I couldn't remember because I didn't know what they were, no training), and I still needed to greet everyone coming though the door and print stickers for returns. I was so overbooked trying to remember these things, that my area got trash, and maintenance got upset with me, "Remember to clean your station! It's your job!" I do remember, I'm too busy! There's supposed to be two people to a door!
Additionally, some customers were upset with me; I didn't give them return stickers because they ignored me when I asked them if they were doing a said return. My last straw was when services got upset I was allowing customers to stand in the return line without receipts. I already told the goddamn customer, they don't listen. They ignore me and stand in line anyway, and even get really angry; I let them wait in line 45 minutes in line just so that services can tell them they can't return without a receipt. Hilarious, and worth getting yelled at for.

All of this for part-time, minumum wage, and the job can be up to a 45 minute drive one-way. I can take crappy customers, but I expect a certain level of decency from managers. I'm not risking my safety anymore, because there were a lot of instances I needed a manager I haven't mentioned, and they never came.

No. 385583

We already have a career thread where you could ask anons about their experiences here >>131699

No. 385601

Yes, once when I was in a seasonal position at a clothing store. I had never worked retail before. Training consisted of 3 days of watching videos. I was then placed by a register.
None of my coworkers wanted to help me even a little. If I asked anything, they would do an exaggerated sigh and make me feel bad about it. I was by myself, I never had worked retail in my life. Customers would yell at me for my incompetence, and I didn't know what to do a lot of the time so all I could do was apologize at them until they left. On Black Friday something in the system got messed up, for every customer who wanted to pay with card we had to call some credit security number and get a verification code from them, which took around 10 minutes per customer. Either the customer and I would sit in silence while the credit people put me on hold awkwardly or they would yell at me.
I was then transferred to working in returns/online order pickup, which was even more miserable. Every day, at least 3 people would scream at me for a good ten minutes at least. There was this one lady who slapped my hand away when I tried to give her a receipt. A lot of the time the online order they requested just wasn't there for whatever reason, very awkward to say
>so sorry, I know you already paid for your order but it isn't there. I'll try to call someone who may or may not answer to get your order together, if they don't pick up I'll go myself I guess, sorry to anyone who is in line.
People would yell at me for the quality of the product, for not being fast enough, etc. Some of what they said was justified and true, but I was trying my best everyday to be polite and kind to everyone, I just had not received any real training. I came home crying every day I worked there because some people are just nasty. Most of them were the stereotypical "can I speak to the manager" middle-aged white women. I can understand being frustrated, but not to the extent you continue screaming at someone who is obviously apologetic and trying to remedy the situation.

Rather than quitting on the spot, I did something shitty and got myself fired. Since I was alone a lot, I was thinking "if I just left right now, would anyone notice I was gone?". So for a month I would go to work, clock in, leave the building, and clock out when my shift was supposed to end. They caught on eventually (but I got a month of wages I didn't work for).
Since then, I have never worked retail. I only do food service for my part time jobs. Sometimes I get paranoid that what I did will fuck me over because the place I worked at was very big, also I feel too embarrassed to walk around the mall where the store was as well.

No. 385666

How did you so stealthily sneak in and out of work for the shift times whilst dragging around such giant balls?
As long as you don't include it in your resume I wouldn't worry about it following you, since you managed to get a whole month of wages then they clearly couldn't prove all of what you did or else they wouldn't have paid you and would have even pressed charges. Obviously avoid working in that company and maybe even that mall, but it's not going to follow you to a different city or into another work sector. You'll be another faceless outrageous story for the managers to tell each other over beers, but stuff like that happens all the time in chains with a high turnover rate.

No. 385689

It's fucking hilarious and speaks to the shittiness of retail that you managed to clock a month's worth of shifts that you never worked and no one noticed the whole time.

I've never quit on the spot in person. I've left plenty of retail jobs by just not showing up the next day and blocking the store phone number. Or emailing in a stupid shitty excuse ("my mom's dying") that I couldn't work there anymore then never checked the response. It's stupid and I feel bad for doing these things instead of quitting like a normal person. Currently I'm struggling to find employment so maybe that's my karma.

No. 385698

We would clock in on some random register. There was a register set up in a private area, I think so that the people working in online returns could scan the receipts. I would wait until no one was there, sign in, and leave as stealthily as I could. Same thing for clocking out. If I was working long enough to get a lunch, I would come a bit early before my shift ended, like an hour before, take my "lunch" and hang out in the break room. Then I would hang around the store folding clothes for another 30 min and then clock out.
I don't understand why anyone would work retail over food service for minimum wage work. I worked at a literal McDonalds for an entire year and was treated much better, the customers were generally polite and my coworkers were fun. Retail somehow manages to be both incredibly stressful and boring as hell.

No. 385721

Really? I thought working at fast food places was supposed to be hell on earth. I really need a job while I'm in school so maybe I'll suck it up and apply to McDonalds lol.

No. 385725

Craigslist ad was deceptive, I think this guy was just trying to cast the widest net possible to hook someone like me. I had a bad feeling about the business right from the start. Absolute shit pay, terrible reviews on yelp/Google - mostly about the boss. He was an insufferable obese 5'1 manlet. I was nice and pleasant until about a month into the job he started pulling attitude with me, he was being overly nitpicky, insulting, etc. I was just making banner ads for his shitty website. So, basically I just stopped being all cheerful and pleasant in response. I still put out the same quality and amount of work, I just stopped being pretend nice lol. He reeeeaally hated that. One day he completely blew up at me and just screamed at me, it was mostly unintelligible, but one of his phrases was for me to "put on my big girl panties".. I knew then it was over.

Problem was he handed out physical checks. So I had to sit there for two days and pretend to work like this was still my job. Anyways yeah the second I got my check I left the building and ghosted him with no regrets. Also fuck Craigslist.

No. 385728

The McDonalds I worked at was one of the nicer ones, maybe I wouldn't recommend it if the one in your area is in a seedy location. The job is incredibly simple, you can learn everything in a week. Most people are in a better mood too and are nicer to you. I think in retail customers come frustrated because they have already been shopping for some hours.
Both pay minimum wage, only difference is that you have to dress up and look fashionable if you are working with clothes.

No. 385759

I quit my restaurant job mostly due to built up stress from a co-worker who was assigned the same duties as me, trying to make me do a majority of his work while he slacks off and goes on his 10 minute smoke break every hour.
I remember the last week of work I had a moment where I cried in the bathroom during my only break because I didn't want to deal with my coworker.
The last straw was completely unexpected, but I remember hearing a waitress crying in the kitchen because she had to take a table of 4 black people and the other waitresses had to calm her down.
At that moment I was telling myself "Holy shit, it really can't get any better here."
I finished the rest of my shift, which was probably less than an hour left. I had a shift the next day and instead of going to work I sat on a bench in Walmart and wrote my resignation letter to my boss. I remember a few minutes after I sent the email, I was promptly taken out of the HotSchedules system so I couldn't see any of my messages anymore. Now I have a way better job not in food service or retail, fuck that shit lol

No. 385853

Op here
Yesterday I walked out in the middle of shift. It was a long time coming with all the stuff I put up with and shit minimum wage pay. Got called by my manager and by the main manager/owner of the shop saying they didn't want to lose me as a worker. I think i might get a raise. I'm not fired anyways and I think they know I'm not messing around anymore

No. 385865

I quit a job on the spot due to sexual harassment and stalking. I’d give more details, but I’m certain the perpetrator (a very psychotic woman) lurks here, and ultimately posting my experience would only encourage her to go further. That said, no retail job is worth destroying yourself mentally. If it feels wrong, dip and never look back.

No. 385894

I didn't exactly quit on the spot, but company I was with was fucking around with my pay. I came to this company with 4 years previous industry experience which was reflected in my wage agreed upon. Like why the fuck would I leave a job for lesser pay (I felt burnt out in previous company so was trying to progress in a different one). Anyway so the company puts you on probation with stipulations you have to pass training and complete an accredited module which was attractive because now I'm certified forever.

So I start out with 8 or so other people and go thru the program. I and one other person actually pass the module and complete training. We both got put into different depts and everyone else had to continue training and later got their roles.

So after a few weeks performing my actual job and recording stats on this team whiteboard. It's to keep us competitive since sales is a huge part of the job and commission is aggregated into bonuses. I remember 'winning' employee of the month but not being eligible because I was on probation. This happened 3 times before I was sat in a room and signed the official contact and then was allowed to get measured for company uniform for going out on sales calls.

Yet my monthly wage never reflected the contract I signed with the company when they OFFERED me the job initially. I knew what role I was going into from training others didn't there were other positions being advertised at the time. I had several meetings over this and was being told I was back on probation for bs reasons. I had a line manager fabricate I threw stationary across the room at her. There was a very bizarre office atmosphere. My whole department was controlled by female line managers reporting to this absolute cunt of a man. He would literally get IT to mirror your screen and you'd be watched an entire shift, they'd have access to anything on your screen emails etc. You got penalised if you didn't socialise outside of work with colleagues, they were apart of the company's soft values, reasons they kept telling me I was still on probation even though I signed about 5 contracts while working there.

I finally had enough and came out of a meeting frustrated after speaking with the finance department and saying I was going to seek impartial advice elsewhere. They gave me an ultimatum that didn't make sense to me so i basically left the room with everyone thinking I was going to go back to my desk to shut up and take it.

Instead I went to the bathroom and phoned someone that I knew had expertise in this area. They told me to go back and quit and I'd get compensated. Which I did, my last paycheck was massive with all my back pay. So after speaking on the phone I went back to my desk and the bitch line manager that had been my nemesis and always telling tales was gossiping with some other daft cunt and I just interrupted then. I said, "Anon you're aware of the meeting I just had with Head of Finance. Well you can tell them this is my cease date and I'll expect my wage to reflect that." then I gathered my belongings, left behind an over priced blazer I had to pay for and bumped into another catty bitch on my way out. "where are you going anon you don't have a break now?" "I don't work in this shithole anon."

Bumped into my old line manager at the petrol station the other day. I had a nicer car.

No. 385896

Wait, a waitress cried because she was scared of black people?

No. 385908

File: 1552409270488.jpg (14.48 KB, 255x292, 49803091_1983206475061201_1151…)

I fantasized about just walking out of my old job mid-shift because I was so sick of the drama and gossip that came from my coworkers, my managers unwillingness to actually deal with it properly, being forced to deal with dangerously unhygienic situations, and the horrible turnover rate we had because the job was so hard. I felt like I was the only worker there who actually gave a shit about doing a good job and having a nice work environment.

I was scared to quit at first but after having a breakdown at work in front of one of my managers and my other manager not giving a shit that I was injured and couldn't finish my work for the day, I said fuck it and put in my 2 weeks notice the next day. I would've just quit right there, but I wanted the rest of my PTO so I stuck it out. Surprisingly, the bitch manager actually wrote me a letter of recommendation, which is another reason I stuck around for 2 weeks.

I hope you got that raise in writing and they don't try to fuck you over once the think they've reeled you back in.

No. 386059

I have a story, but i didn't necessarily quit, i just got myself fired.

I remember my first job at 18 years old in Mcdonalds. My cousin got me the job since he used to work there and put in a word for me. I also got another offer from a different McDonald's that was further away. After accepting the job in the closer Mcdonald's, my training consisted of a high speed explanation of how to do things. I got yelled at immediately for not knowing what i was doing because i hadn't been taught everything and i was really flustered. The other employees would get pissed off when i asked for help. For the first week i was like, OK i'm new, it's OK, i'll get better.

Fast forward 2 weeks, i still don't have a proper schedule, everyone hates me because i wasn't a social butterfly like my cousin, who they adored. I got shouted at even though i was doing everything correct and was trying my best. They would always find something to nitpick me on, people would talk shit about me constantly.

Every time i got a call for me to go to work, i wanted to cry. You'd think that working in fast food, the customers would be the people who make me want to kill myself, but no. Apparently managers think i am a piece of shit because i don't want to overshare my life with the other workers that would rather see me gone (maybe dead) and because i don't smile enough, even though nobody else is smiling. I could tell every time they called me, the managers were doing everything in their power to avoid having to bring me in and only did so because they were desperate.

I told my parents how bad work was, they didn't care. My mum told me if i quit, she would beat me up. She also kept in correspondence with my manager who updated her on everything. He probably told a bunch of lies.

One day, I just decided to give up. My managers decided i was too useless on the till (it's almost as if shouting at me and making me anxious isn't helping me think), So I was set to the task of filling boxes of chicken nuggets and i just decided to not put any effort into it. Thankfully i got fired 10 minutes after for letting the chicken nuggets go cold all over the counter and being slow. I cried because i thought my mum was going to scream at me. Whilst i was still traumatised by the experience, my sister decided to scream laugh down the phone to her friends about my failure. Oh, and i only got paid £4.25 an hour.

This job messed me up so bad because i was already a very anxious person, and had self esteem issues. I thought i was a failure in life and i would never ever find a new job.

I now work in primark where i get paid £7.95 an hour. Sure the customers can be little shits sometimes, but they don't compare to anything that went down in Mcdonalds. I never get nagged at, shouted at, in fact i even get praise for doing a good job and they literally give me as much overtime as i want when i have time off from uni. And a proper fucking schedule.

No. 386063

She was crying because she assumed she wasn't going to get tipped. Apparently her whole day she was getting bad tips, but that one was the only table she had to serve black people and it just set her off as soon as she sat them down.

No. 386078

That's absolutely ridiculous, I do not miss working at a restaurant.

No. 386090

Myself, I liked waiting tables (or at least tolerated them), but then our black customers tended to tip the best (Japanese restaurants are like that).

I quit on the first day of a bookkeeping gig for the first time in my life recently; the job itself was okay, but it was a horrible commute and the place might as well have been on fire as far as organization was concerned. Much as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many accountants ruin the books.

Just a rule of thumb I've adopted since; the more government funding a non-for-profit has, the more ineptly run it is. So like >>385601 while I was in a similar position, I managed to clock at least a few days I never showed.

No. 386518

>I had a nicer car.

The rest of your story was fine but this is kinda naive. Where I'm from at least, many of the ppl you see trying to show off their money don't actually have much of it.

No. 386555

just started new part time job as a waitress at a small ramen place (it literally has 8 tables) near my school, pay is 12/h which is minimum wage, but can't help but feel pissed off because… my boss takes my tips. she and her husband own the place, they're chinese immigrants - tiger mom type, batshit crazy and infuriating to work with. boss lady will roughly grab my arm to get my attention, nitpicks literally everything i do.

i work friday nights and sometimes the tips are really good, i can't help but feel i'd be making more if she'd let me keep them. at the very least i'd be fine with being paid 3/h plus tips and if i don't make minimum wage at the end of the night then i get 12/h. that's how it was at the old place i used to waitress at - 3/h but if we didn't meet minimum wage we'd get 9/h (which was the min in that state).

i highly highly doubt i'd convince my boss to do this. really pissed because i didn't find out she did this until after i started working there (i think she briefly tried to explain it to me when i applied but i couldn't understand what she was saying to me cuz ESL and i didn't think that was even a thing restaurant owners did).

i feel bad because i literally just started working there but like… it sucks so bad and i resent my boss and i'm the only person working at a given time besides boss, her husband, and sushi guy who doesn't speak english. + boss plays the SAME. EXACT. PIANO CD all day every day. i know i need to start looking for a Real Waitress job that will actually pay but i'm kind of nervous to work in a legit restaurant. fuck

sorry this isn't a quitting experience but goddamn i can't wait to walk out one day

No. 386814

Quit, quit, quit.

Trust me, it doesn't get better. I worked at a sushi place with Chinese immigrants, family owned. The physical abuse gets worse and worse and god forbid you have a mental health issue, they simply will not understand.
I finally quit after suffering badly with an eating disorder that no one fucking took notice to except my loyal, wonderful customers, and my boss decided not to let me eat ANY food from the restaurant (even on my days off).
Please get out while you're sane.

No. 386864

If you are too scared to work in a real restaurant, I would recommend a cafeteria-style place where you just plate the food and ring them up. A lot of those places have tip jars or a built-in tip system on the register, you end up making more than minimum wage. I worked at one of those places, it was easy and I made around 14/hr. Mistreatment isn't worth minimum wage, search elsewhere.

No. 386929

Oh man. This reminds me of the Chinese run Japanese restaurant I used to work at. One of the managers wouldn't stop laughing at me whenever I ordered one of their bubble teas, and insinuating I was getting fat. I wound up quitting over email because it hurt my feelings lmao.

No. 386983

I haven't but I honestly go to work everyday fantasizing about it, I hate my job so much.
I just waiting for something better to show up or at least for the 3 month mark.
But I don't know if I can make it, tbqf.

No. 386989

Worked at a hotel for a month. They had lost 6 fully trained members of staff and I was the first new person they hired, so it was always going to be difficult. The general manager was lovely, but she would leave at 6PM every day, and as soon as she did it was hell. Evenings were our busiest times, and I would be continuously left without being properly trained on anything to deal with both the bar and reception every single night I worked. And whenever I made a mistake this one shift manager who spent her whole shift chatting to colleagues would tell me she'd "already shown me how to do this" (even though she never had). And of course then we would have customer complaints about how badly run the place was that I would again have to listen to alone as the only damn person on the desk. It got to the point where we were so understaffed and busy that two of the managers were fighting over whether I should be on the front desk or running food in the kitchen and kept ringing me up to tell me I needed to be with them. I also worked with two absolute idiots that had been working there for 2 years, yet I was teaching THEM how to do their jobs.

It sucked, because my boss had really high hopes for me and I was a really quick learner, I even tried to work around when they didn't remember to uphold the holiday I booked off during my interview, but the Christmas rota came out and they'd put me on 9 days over every single special occassion and it pissed me off so I just walked out at the end of November and didn't come back.

No. 387313

Whole lot of drama at my workplace currently
Male employees are complete drama queens who keep picking fights with younger female employees, claiming stuff like "so and so almost ran me over in the parking lot!" When as it turns out they were several meters away from him, going out his way to make a fuss about how one of us didn't wash our hands after eating and he will get sick and die, claiming another employee verbally attacked and abused him by asking him if he had an issue with her, silly stuff like that. When people stopped believing him to I asked him to video what happened or record it, he then goes out his way to claim he has to do all sorts of legal stuff first to do that

No. 387328

The only job I quit after the first day was working at a chain bakery. I applied to it out of wanting to try a different field of work, and the day I arrived for training the manager was like a completely different person. She even forgot that I was coming in that day despite giving me a schedule after my interview. Her training was a fifteen minute rundown and as soon as another shift came in she ducked into the backroom to play with her phone. I was borderline useless because she also didn’t add me to their register system, so any time I had to cash a customer out I would have to interrupt another employee and ask them to use the register.

I need to get a job that has actual benefits but I like my current place because it’s all women with zero employee drama. The only negatives are having no insurance and its location.

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