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No. 36619

Does lolcow like ASMR?

Do you have any favorite ASMRtists, farmers?

Pic related, it's theukasmr. Ephemeral Rift is cool too.

No. 36621

Ppl have a new fetish every month

No. 36624

All of this stuff just seems like girlfriend roleplay for sad virgins. Yeah, you watch the pretty girl with big tits whispering to you because the noises do science things to your brain. Sure, bro.

No. 36629

It's not a fetish. Have you ever heard people say "Morgan Freeman has a nice voice", or some actor or actress has a nice, mesmerizing voice?

Some people, through genetics mostly, have very beautiful, soft voices which are only enhanced when they whisper.

Most of the best ASMRtists are men.

No. 36636

Nahh, pretty sure 90% of people watch/listen to asmr to help them sleep or relax. It really does work. Of course there are specifially some gf/bf roleplays, those are a bit creepy imo.

No. 36637

Here's one for the femanons:


TheFrenchWhisperer is great, his videos always have interest subject-matter, he's also loaded and lives in Chile with a bunch of legit archaeological relics he has "procured".

No. 36647

I really enjoy the unintentional stuff. My biggest dislike is the extremely personal stuff where they talk about how much they love you and shit, that just gets creepy to me.

No. 36926

i like sachiasmr (i think that was her name) and rrcherrypie. they dont put their faces in the camera, i can just enjoy the sounds of playing with toys and cooking.

No. 36986

I love asmr. I actually have the equipment to make my own, but I don't have the guts to upload. Maybe someday.

I think my favs have to be Ephemeral Rift (he's a weird guy but his videos are always amazing and have a lot of love), Psychetruth, heather feather (another odd one but very good quality triggers), and a Korean one named Minyu. FastASMR is also good.

I used to like whispering rose, but lately the quality of her vids have dropped despite acquiring a 3dio and almost every video has her tits generously spilling out, which attracts the creepy pervs that give ASMR a bad name. She made a really butthurt video about it, but YouTube consists of the lowest common denominator so of course your comments are going to be hurr durr big titty or "put a shirt on slut!!!!"

No. 36987

I wish somebody would take requests but not put them on youtube cause I kind of want an ASMR video of my crush lol

No. 36988

I'd definitely listen to a femanon who did ASMR, I think it would be quite cute.

EphemeralRift is kind of odd isn't he?

No. 36992

Well if you guys have requests I can give it a shot. no video of course, but I have a blue yeti, a 3dio and a tascam recorder so I have a couple different options as far as sound quality goes. I don't think I could do anything like hairbrush one (no wig, dunno how well 3dio would pick up my own hair) but anything else not creepy I could do I think.

No. 36993

I think it works when you're talking about something you have an interest in. Are you a lolita? Are you a cosplayer? You could talk about these interests if so. If you have a genuine interest it translates well.

No. 36997

There are freaks in every type of community and of course there will be the kind of people that will take this as something sexual but I think the majority of the people who are into ASMR are in it for the relaxation like myself. My favorites have to be Ally (ASMRrequests) and Yukino (Japanese ASMR).

No. 37005

Yeah, my biggest interests are like make up and hair, so I guess I could talk about that stuff, but I'm pretty shy - hence why I've never uploaded anything I've made. (Most of it being no talking stuff like ear cleaning, crinkles, etc) It sucks because I really enjoy making it, it relaxes me too, but I just can't make myself put it on YouTube. I just have low self esteem I guess.

No. 37006

I only discovered ASMR a few weeks ago but I love it, really helps me go to sleep. My favorite is Fairy Char, and I also like Miniyu and Yukino.

No. 37011

Fairy char is another weirdo but I do like her stuff. As long as she's not doing the "fairy speak" or love and light shit (which takes me right out of it) she's very relaxing.

No. 37031

Ally never did complete her departure role-play

No. 37034

Didn't she get a deal with some movie company to complete it? Maybe that's what she's working on.

No. 37035

NVM, maybe I'm thinking of someone else. I swear someone "important" noticed her departure videos and wanted her to make a legit one, but now I can't find any info surrounding it. I must be thinking of someone else.

No. 37039

>my biggest interests are like make up and hair
Sorry to derail, but this is depressing to me. Of all the awesome and nuanced things in this world, your biggest interests are makeup and hair? There's obviously nothing wrong with caring about both those, but it is disheartening for anyone to have superficial things like that as their biggest interests. Just like guys who say their biggest interest in life is lifting weights.

No. 37042

Don't be too harsh on her. She's probably sweet.

No. 37056

So what? Should her biggest interests be biophysics, Buddhism and thinking about world peace?

Make-up and hair is fine.
Since my interests are weeby af I just tell everyone my interests are people. ( Alas why I love to shitmouth all the cows on here )

No. 37077

Well, anime at least is… abstract and has wide breadth and even some depth. Having anime, manga, or Japan as main interests make way more sense than "makeup and hair".

No. 37079

well, good for you for being so much above everyone else. coughKIRSTENcough

No. 37080

opps, not you anon, I meant >>37039

No. 37115

I think it's cute when a girl gets really passionate about makeup and fashion to be honest. Male here btw.

No. 37128

No one cares, faggot.

No. 37129

Dick or GTFO

No. 37130

>Male here btw

This make your opinion irrelevant

No. 37131

>tfw have above average dick
>tfw all of my 3 ex's said before seeing it "yeah, dick size doesn't matter, blah blah blah"
>tfw all of my 3 ex's said after seeing it "Actually… I was lying. Big dicks are awesome."

No. 37135

Post nudes or get out

No. 37136

Pls anon show us your big dick.
I hope you have a beautiful suckable dick.

No. 37137

I'd post my dick if I was drunk.

Thats gay dude.

No. 37140


You are an attention whore. Please leave.

No. 37146

So anyway Caroline asmr is rly good

No. 43655

I stir ice water when I'm in a social event or restraunt with co-workers. It seems to calm me down and reduces my nervousness.

No. 43667

Funny thing, for some reason, I find the traditional whispering gf/doctor/haircut roleplay boring and cringeworthy haha.

mah nigga

I also like Ephemeral Rift,Soundsculptures and Bonobos (not ASMR per se, but quite pleasant to watch at).

No. 43677

its not supposed you be asrm, but these still trigger the asmr for me
the intros are pretty bad though



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7jH00LAlHE (best)

No. 43700

Heather feather is really annoying and she's reddit as fuck but also really good so i deal with it and go to her, or The One Lilium

No. 43706

I like this cat one with purring and brushing.

No. 43709

I have a friend who claims it's not fetish material for him, but then goes on about how he watches the ones with girls with big tits and that it makes his "whole body tingle when she whispers to me". Then he'll claim it's to keep him calm, but that the ones with male voices are stupid. Then again, he is a sad autistic virgin in his early 30s.

No. 43739

maria is by far my favourite.

No. 44232


I listen to this girl a lot because I love eating sounds, but … there's something about her videos that is kind of creepily sexual. I usually tab out because watching her creeps me out, but listening to her is very relaxing.

I'm not super fond of roleplaying stuff, that gets too weird for me.

No. 44298

Dana is my fave! I don't find anything sexual about her videos thought…?

No. 44802

All I hate is the slow production. I'm running out of asmr

No. 45190

I don't get ASMR. I feel like I'm the only person that it doesn't work on.

No. 47949

On the topic of food ASMR/mukbang I came across this one girl who eats entire fucking CAKES in one sitting. I am so disgusted I had to share my horror. Just thinking about how taxing it would be on the digestive system and insulin and all of that shit is making me gag.

And I do normally like watching people eat (normal amounts of) delicious looking food.

No. 47950

what the hell? does she vomit it all up??

No. 47951

this cunt BLARGH

No. 47952

I hate to speculate but it's very possible? There are few videos of her eating together with her twin (!!!) sister and she doesn't gorge down her food and she's also a healthier weight. Like her sister had some yogurt meanwhile she ate a whole tub of ice cream.

No. 47963

why does she eat it with chopsticks? and why did she choose GREEN FUCKING CAKE that is disgusting

No. 47999

File: 1448346167446.jpg (179.04 KB, 1280x860, tumblr_no5wx3qbyO1shgnwpo1_128…)

I like ASMR but I never get "tingles" or whatever the fuck feeling your supposed to feel. But having something for my brain to focus on instead of thinking of embarrassing things I did 10 years ago helps me sleep lmao. I can also fall asleep to relaxing music and stuff like that, but the sudden popular gain of ASMR its nice to have tons of new content available at my finger tips for soft/relaxing noises.

>and by relaxing music I mean the majority of the maple story soundtrack

No. 48008

Look at that floofy seal

No. 48010

>maplestory soundtrack

muh niggy

No. 48023

It's a green tea cake hence the color

No. 48108

File: 1448557431950.jpg (181.95 KB, 1065x453, ss (2015-11-26 at 09.04.21).jp…)

I'm a girl and I prefer girls over men ASMR artists. I'm not really sure why but I find men's voices more intimidating rather than soothing. Listening to girls feels more like a friend over doing "crack an egg on your head" for fun/relaxing reasons. I dont get tingles either but I find the videos help put me to sleep quicker.

My all time favorite is BrittanyASMR. The triggers she often does are right up my alley and I really like her voice. My only critique about her videos is sometimes she talks about negative things happening in her life which I find distracting from my relaxation, or speaking a bit too fast. But most of her video recently have been really great. I love her tongue clicking and ear cupping.


No. 48109


Ahhh I listen to Minyu too. She does the best eating sounds imo. I usually find the chomping sounds disgusting but hers are so relaxing. I love the marshmallow video she did

No. 48114

I'd probably be into ASMR a lot more if the main point of it wasn't whispering. I mean, some people have voices I could listen to for days on end, but calm and soothing shouldn't always mean speaking in whispers. They always sound so forced and it's gross. Anyone have any recommendations for ASMRs that are not whisperers?

No. 48122

I just figured out what it is! It's just the angle from her videos and the way she sways from one side to the other, often with her mouth out of focus that kinda gives me the creepy "blowjob angle".
I don't think it's on purpose though.

No. 48128

Just search ASMR no talking on YouTube. I hate whispering too but I can usually find a video to suit me.

Something about whispering vids is really not relaxing to me. I like to have asmr on in the background while I browse the Internet, but whispering makes me feel like I have to pay attention so I can't just space out.

No. 48129

Used to, now I feel even more depressed when I listen to them.

No. 48329

I like her, but sometimes her videos make me uncomfortable, like the way she talks about how she "loves" and "cares" about you like… idk I don't like that shit lol

No. 48743

Maria, Ardra, and CuteBunny are my top three.
Ardra intrigues me

No. 48951

I like some of them, but a lot of them make me uncomfortable.

I don't like it when they speak RIGHT on the microphone, I prefer just soft voices.

I also don't enjoy the simulation videos, like doctor or massage ones.

I just enjoy the talkative ASMR people, where they read a book or just ramble about some gadget. It's relaxing.

I've been told I have a really good voice for recording, I've always played with the idea of doing ASMR reading videos, since a few others have also stated they don't like the simulation ones and just want voices.

No. 48961

That's why I like GentleWhispering. Maria usually speaks softly without sounding forced.

No. 48967

I know what you're talking about. Recently I've been listening to ASMR all the time (couldn't stand it before) because it makes me feel less alone and lets me shut off my thoughts but it's starting to make me feel numb now, in an unpleasant way. It's like overdoing weed or sth.

No. 48982

Ha ha I fucking love that. Especially when she says stuff like "it's important to please you".

No. 414798

Reviving this.


I largely enjoy Dana's videos, but I feel this is somewhat sexual? Especially the way the title is phrased and how they look into the camera, makes me feel really uncomfortable. The sounds are nice, but the whole setup reminds me of porn.

No. 414802

No. 414809

Weird, I did a ctrl-f to find any threads with ASMR in it and that didn't pop up for me. My bad.

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