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No. 404494

>Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia and may overlap with frisson.

Love it? Hate it? Don't get it? Sperg about it here.

No. 404501

Sounds isolated from everything else genuinely make me want to throw up, I remember when I was a kid the Rugrats in Paris DVD had all these behind the scenes clips and one of them was a Chuckie ninja scene without any of the words of music, just effects - it was the most vile thing I had ever heard and ruined the movie for me for a good few months.

Although for some reason I love videos like linked. Maybe because they’re not really isolated sounds as much as this just what you would hear if you were actually cooking and they all interplay?

No. 404561

I like having ASMR on in the background when I'm on my PC. I have bad tinnitus and don't always feel like listening to music to drown it out. I don't get "tingles" I don't think, nothing as other people describe, but I feel relaxed and it combats my tinnitus. I don't like talking videos, I just like the more white noise-y sounds.

No. 404602

My bf likes to listen to ASMR videos because they help him fall asleep. Sometimes he'll ask me to whisper about whatever I want and stroke his hair when I'm sleeping at his place. I don't think he gets the "tingles" but it does relax him to the point of making him almost instantly fall asleep. I have the exact opposite (misophonia?). I can't stand any kind of sounds at all when I'm trying to fall asleep so I have to sleep with earplugs in. All of the typical ASMR "triggers" trigger me in the exact opposite way. Sudden loud noises like the chopping in >>404501 makes me anxious and all of the "human noises" (eating, talking, mouth sounds) are so erratic that they make me angry.

I've always thought it was really funny how different the effect these sounds have on both of us!

No. 404615

Anon who posted the video, and tbh the sound of her eating kinda ruins the otherwise nice videos for me so I usually turn them off once she’s done cooking. It’s uncomfortably loud and isolated from other sounds and I also just don’t wanna listen to other people eating unless I’m with them for lunch or something

No. 404626

I enjoy it. I don't really get tingles though.
Until recently I had untreated ADHD (because people around me thought I was "just lazy"), and I'm still going without medication because I'm scared of the long term effects. ASMR helps me relax and think less erratically but it has to be a certain type of sounds, otherwise it can very easily distract me even more. Usually I just put on a pomodoro timer and Latte ASMR in the background and it works.

Cooking like >>404501 is relaxing to watch on its own but it's bad for work. When you're cooking it's nice to follow along without the chef's annoying, fake-happy chatter.

No. 404634

I feel like what has happened to me is the same as guys with porn that I have watched to much ASMR that I have developed more and more niche interests that before I could get tingles from simple tapping with nails or someone playing with slime but nowadays I only get tingles from some japanese guy whispering onomatopoeia for scratching sounds while scratching a plastic tube's letters out or something

No. 404635

Is erotic asmr a niche or is it mislabelled? I've found shit like "18+ earlicking asmr" and it just sounds like audio porn.

No. 404636

Any ASMR that's labelled as erotic or is intended to arouse you is just porn. The point of ASMR isn't to make you horny.

No. 404750

If it's labelled like that it's porn lol. I enjoy earlicking ASMR but not when it's like that. Earlicking and close breathing are some of my biggest triggers but a lot of people make it weird.

No. 404925

It's really the only thing that can get me to sleep when I really have nothing else to back me up. Sometimes I listen to it just to listen. Honestly I look at it as a savior. I'm really happy that the community blew up because now it's so easy to find what you need but at the same time it's really oversaturated to the point where people have started running out of ideas and are doing the same things over and over.

No. 404984

I have a friend who tried doing ASMR videos, but everything was so shit. She was so set on trying to make it big in the ASMR scene and be internet famous like she's been trying to since forever.
Her microphone was terrible, her acting was atrocious, her webcam was more than likely the one attached to her laptop. I'm glad she only made 4 or 5 videos.
Anyways, I do enjoy some ASMR type videos. I do not like the roleplay type ones, mostly people eating and breaking/squishing random objects. Also cat purrs.
Video attached is fucking hilarious.

No. 404992

So fucking true. If this specific ASMRtist who last posted several years ago deleted his channel I would be beyond upset. I really should download his vids. His 6 yr old niche stuff are truly the best thing to put me to sleep after all of these years of ASMR. I hate remotely sexual ASMR but I admit he's the exception, as his voice is the perfect amount of barely accidentally flirty, without being cringey or unbearable. I'm so embarassing for having this specific asmr thing but it's not something I can explain to others in detail.

No. 405000

who is it? that sounds really interesting.

No. 405005

I enjoy ASMR here and there, usually as a way to help me wind down before I go to sleep, though I find it's the visuals I like more than the sounds.
Scalp check videos specifically trigger me and weird as it is, I've also found a response when I watch monkey grooming videos so much so that I actually prefer them over the usual ASMR channels. I've learned so much about random troupes of monkeys in Asia just cause I click around the monkey-related videos in my recommended so much lol.

No. 405074

i can't sleep without an asmr video anymore, it helps me to drift off and not be consumed by racing thoughts.
i just can't handle male asmr-artists, it feels too personal and too close, like they're right behind me yikes. i have had really good experience with like medical rp, skincare rp, korean asmr and very specific channels.
yvette asmr, jellybean asmr, dana asmr, esc reality asmr and goodnight moon.

No. 405138

Okay. Disclaimer: I can't stand the boyfriend roleplay… but I like these creative roleplays combined with his soft spoken voice. My most favorite are Welcome to Purgatory and The Passenger.

No. 405595

I really miss my cat.

No. 405620

I enjoy Dr T. ASMR’s sci-fi themed ASMR stuff a lot, as well as those videos where Tingting ASMR pretends to be an ancient Chinese princess.

No. 405630

Makes me feel sleepy as soon as it comes on. Also makes me feel incredibly relaxed in my neck. Can't stand the eating videos though.

No. 405744

Her a d goodnight moon are great. The dragon egg one puts me sleep. And I wish tingting asmr would do a video explaining her skin care routine.

But tbh, I think unintentional asmr is the best since I don't expect it

No. 405747

Her a d goodnight moon are great. The dragon egg one puts me sleep. And I wish tingting asmr would do a video explaining her skin care routine.

But tbh, I think unintentional asmr is the best since I don't expect it

No. 414811

Reposting here from the other thread.


I largely enjoy Dana's videos, but I feel this is somewhat sexual? Especially the way the title is phrased and how they look into the camera, makes me feel really uncomfortable. The sounds are nice, but the whole setup reminds me of porn.

No. 415059

i only get this response with certain music i like. i find ASMR videos pretty uncomfortable, especially the roleplay ones

No. 415321

I don't get how anyone can enjoy ear breathing/licking/mouth sounds. They're so fucking gross.

No. 421065

Unintentional asmr i guess. No idea why but as soon as the video started, I got tingles?

No. 421364

I listen to videos to fall asleep and I prefer soft-spoken roleplays because background mumbly talking is relaxing to me but autoplay eventually always comes across some fucking slobbery ear-eating crap. I've woken up gagging from nightmares in cold sweat because it triggers my disgust respond so hard. I wish there was a way to preemptively block those videos lol

I like FeMaleASMR because they just do weird stuff but are super earnest and never sexual about it. The huge sense of purpose they show using random stuff from their house to perform "medical tests" is what gives me tingles.

No. 453542

I need recommendations for new ASMRtists, the ones I follow don't upload enough.

I really like whisper videos, preferably female and somewhat inaudible audio.

No. 453548

I'm a big fan of queen of serene for asmr in general, she has a soothing voice to me and has the best hand movements video I've ever seen. I think whispers red has a couple of really good inaudible ones if you enjoy fluffy mic sounds

No. 453842

RelaxwithReena is one of my favs and she seems so genuine and kind and it shows in her head massage and other videos
AsmrNara is really nice too she’s a Korean channel but does eng subs if you wanna know what she’s saying
MiyalingASMR is good too I love her setups and how sweet she sounds, she’s super comforting
I love LatteASMR too she doesn’t upload too often but her videos are really long and so detailed

Anyone used to watch Palegea(sp?) asmr? I used to love her old videos even tho some are pretty sexual charged but she was gone for almost a whole year and her whole appearance has changed and looks like she got a boob job and her videos are getting age restricted now, she genuinely had really good videos too

No. 454054

I liked Pelagea's old videos too, but then she turned into some sort of Belle Delphine. So sad…

No. 455993

any good asmr roleplay youtubes where they talk quietly rather than whisper? i find whispering so grating and it just makes me want to scratch my ears off.
i usually listen to WaterWhispersIlse's old roleplay videos but i would like to find some new stuff.

No. 456016

I like wwi a lot too. I'm in the same boat, and most of the time I turn to ASMR Jonie because she almost never whispers, she talks a lot in her videos, they're long and I like the Mexican accent.

Does anybody else hate it when the asmr triggers are super ostentatious in what should be a normal life roleplay situation, the whispering, tapping, ear to ear, mouth sounds, random sksks and most annoying of all super slow speaking? I want people to just talk like they would in real life but a bit more calm and relaxing with maybe a little bit of ambient sound.

No. 456070

Thanks for the suggestions!

And yes I hate when a video is over the top scripted or fake. I can absolutely tell when someone is writing nonsense, or typing on keyboard just to make sound etc.

I don't know who these videos are targeted to, I can't get asmr unless stuff feels or is real.

No. 456082

people like you are extremely creepy and should off themselves.

No. 456114

nta but what is creepy about what she said. tbh that fake shit videos is whats creepy

No. 461672

Any asmrtists you can recommend me? I've been listening to the same 3 people and it's getting kinda boring.

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