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No. 34970

I was on a popculture site aimed at young adults. Someone made a thread about pedophilia and a lot of them were saying they feel bad for them because they cant "help it" and not all pedophiles act on their urges.

maybe, right now people just feel sympathy but once people start coddling a group of people and feeling bad for them, eventually they start wanting to fight for their rights and "tolerance". I wonder how this will all unfold in the future.

some comments from the topic
"I pity the pedophiles that are living a law-abiding life. The word "pedophile" alone is taboo and it only causes extreme disgust and hatred from most people."

"The only reason why people are being sympathetic towards pedophiles is because they can't help it."
"''Most of the time'' —→ because statistically, the majority of people hating on pedophiles (i.e. most of society) have never been a victim/related to a victim of pedophilia, therefore ''pain'' and ''sadness'' cannot possibly be the resulting feelings. Therefore, these feelings can only come from ''moral judgment'' inherited from the past generation."

No. 34976

Pedos, incest or bestiality, place your bets!

No. 34978

They've already tried, ever heard of NAMBLA?

No. 34979

Incest is already accepted in many areas and will probably be accepted by most people in the not so distant future, at least so long as they don't have a child together.

Pedophiles will probably be accepted so long as they never act on their urges.

Bestiality will never be accepted.

No. 34980

but nambla is a bunch of old creepy men. they dont have young, hip tumblerinas behind their cause yet.

No. 34986

I don't think it will ever happen.

No. 35004

Well, it depends what you mean by accepted?
I don't hold their urges against them, they just can't act on them. Get a young looking 16-18(whatever age of consent is where they are) Willing adolescence/adult and imagine they are even younger. lol that's idealistic but the only option I see fit.

Acting out those fantasies is wrong obviously because you are fucking up some childs life for their entire life for a few minutes of pleasure.

No. 35006

Sometimes I wonder if it's something that all pedos can't help because some of the super disgusting depraved ones just…I can't see them as anything other than subhuman.

I'm glad there are pedos who control the urge, but those who don't are better off dead imo.
I've seen young reoccurring victims of cp resurface again and again thanks to some sick fuck resharing them on tumblr and Twitter until they're finally banned. Little children, forced again and again to do these disgusting things and then on top of that for them to be permanently redistributed on the Internet. I can't see that sort of thing as anything but evil, ugly, kill-yourself depravity.

No. 35008

It will never be accepted mainstream.

Pedophiles should be thrown into hot water vats.

No. 35009

I'd like to have a few goes with them first, myself. For science.

No. 35011

It's a mental condition, so I feel bad for them.
No one chooses to be attracted to kids, and the way society balks at it only makes it harder for these people to be treated. Their only options are 1) suicide or 2) repression until someone finds their 2D lolicon folder and they get jailed for wanking to fictional children. Imagine if we had the same stigma around paranoid schizophrenics and called them murderers (for the ones who exhibit violent behavior because of their delusions), narcissists (for the ones whose delusions are made up of them thinking they're Jesus or some other important figure), or demon-possessed freaks (for the ones who just "act kooky").
Child molesters/rapists should be killed, though, and the ones who try and make child rape acceptable by calling it "childlove" or whatever are fucking disgusting creatures.
I'm ok with it being accepted as long as the focus is on how to medically treat them, not normalizing their sexual dysfunction.

No. 35012

>hurr durr it can't be helped they have no choice
Are you fucking serious? There's plenty of help for them in most first world countries. They're the ones who refuse to receive chemical castration and would rather get caught fiddling a kid instead.

No. 35013

oops, diddling*

that or caught with cp

No. 35014

Yes, if you have a fucked up brain, destroying your body's sex drive with chemicals + risking gynecomastia, bone problems and increased potential for health problems such as cardiovascular disease is always the answer. No one should bother trying to develop actual solutions or specific medication for specific issues, ever.
What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 35015

Also, define "plenty of help". If you mean therapy (disregarding the fact that a lot of the time, therapists actually refuse to take on clients that are pedophiles because they get too disgusted or enraged), you're full of shit tbh.

No. 35016

Holy christ this is the most narcissistic and sociopathic comment I've read today. literally kill yourself.

No. 35017

>plenty of help
There's help specifically dedicated to pedophiles who don't want to act upon their desires. What you said doesn't apply. Try harder pedo

No. 35018

How is it narcissistic or sociopathic? I'm not even a pedophile (though I have been molested as a child, gg).
If someone has a fucked up mental condition, there should be work dedicated to eradicating it. Chemical castration is literally considered "cruel and unusual punishment" in the US when used on sex offenders, are you going to call the civil liberties union narcissists and sociopaths too?
>Literally kill yourself
You first, retard.

No. 35019

Like what?
>Try harder pedo
Not a pedo but you tried lol

No. 35020

>waah waah there's some negative side effects to this medicine therefore I'll exaggerate the fuck out of said effects and make myself an excuse to fuck up other people's lives instead

There are helplines specifically dedicated to pedophilia. Now shut the fuck up and stop spilling your horseshit here.

No. 35022

Why shouldn't there be a medicine for that specific problem made? There are still fucking child fiddlers running around even though it's an established thing.
In fact, it's an inherent problem if the only known solution to anything is chemical castration. Someone with their head as far up their ass as you would never admit that, though.
Things would be objectively better if there was a specialized drug for pedophilia, and all pedophiles were required by law to take it (forcibly, if necessary).
>downplaying the negative side effects because you're such a sociopath you refuse to admit even disgusting people are people

No. 35023

And what have these helplines accomplished? How many pedos have stopped being pedos because they call a helpline from time to time? How many children have been saved?
Fuck off.

No. 35024

You know what the fuck else is bad for you? Birth control pills. There's a chance they might give you cancer! omg!

Does that mean people should stop using them?

I don't know, do you? If not, you fuck off first.

What a selfish degenerate you are. Samefag on top of that.

No. 35029

Everything gives you cancer. Not a good comparison, but nice try. And good job dodging my entire point because you know you're wrong. :^)
>I don't know, do you?
That doesn't even make sense, unless you're trying to say I'm a pedo, which would be fucking kekworthy. Just because I'm not a retarded sociopath and think sick people need to be treated accordingly (as in they're sick, not movie villains), doesn't make me sick. Next you'll be saying I'm JNig because I think her thread is boring and people need to shut the fuck up about her.
And I'm not samefagging at all just because I made more than one response ITT to you (without trying to imply I'm a different person). I don't think you know what that word means. tbh I don't think you know anything at all.

No. 35036

I'm asking you how the fuck do you know whether they are effective or not?

I don't care even if there's literally no help at all, it still doesn't justify their behavior. The attraction itself isn't wrong, but acting on it despite knowing the damage you can do to others directly or indirectly is inexcusable. You realize a lot of child molesters aren't born attracted to children? They just do what's been done to themselves as a kid. Most of the times when a pedo does what s/he wants to there's more than one person victimized. How is all of this shit justifiable to you because some pervert out there needs to bust a nut?

No. 35048

>how the fuck do you know whether they are effective or not?
Because there are still offending pedophiles today, like that piece of shit Australian who made Daisy's Destruction today and the women who helped him, maybe??
>The attraction itself isn't wrong, but acting on it despite knowing the damage you can do to others directly or indirectly is inexcusable.
I literally pointed this out in my very first post ITT (>>35011) but you jumped on me anyway. What the fuck?
>You realize a lot of child molesters aren't born attracted to children?
Actually, according to a quick skim on Wikipedia, studies report that there are "one or more neurological characteristics present at birth that cause or increase the likelihood of being pedophilic". Additionally, pedos have lower IQs, tend to have lower grades in school, have higher rates of non right-handedness, etc.
>They just do what's been done to themselves as a kid.
Only 30-35% of child molesters were molested as children, according to statistics. Most of them are simply born fucked/10. Regardless of the "source" of the problem, it's important to actually treat them and approach things in a grown-up manner instead of ignoring everything until said pedo actually hurts someone to sate their fucked up mental issues, then going full angry mob mode instead of taking steps to prevent things like that from ever happening again. In fact, if your point about people becoming pedophiles because they were molested as children themselves is true, that would be even MORE of a reason to find a proper form of treatment for them. Things could only get worse.
>Most of the times when a pedo does what s/he wants to there's more than one person victimized.
Who the fuck is saying they should be allowed to do what they want? Their sexual compulsions are not even close to good or acceptable.
>How is all of this shit justifiable to you because some pervert out there needs to bust a nut?
It's not. You just literally interpreted me saying that pedophiles who haven't harmed kids should be treated humanely and have steps taken to treat their brain problems as "PEDOS R GREAT STOP BULLYING THEM U GUYS R MEAN ITZ A MENTAL CONDISHUN THEY DESERVE TO FUCK ALL THE CHILDREN!!!!". If you treat someone like an animal, you will get an animal.

No. 35067

>Because there are still offending pedophiles today
Because they never tried to get help or fix it in the first place

No. 35071

It starts with sympathy and coddling then it leads to something else. It will probably lead to kiddy sex dolls being sold in sex shops, more porn with pedo themes and a girl who looks under 18, the age of consent will be lowered to 12, we might get underage bikini model magazines and idols like Japan has.
I think It's a sexual obsession because gay and straight people can control themselves around people they find attractive, they don't have some strong desire to rape them that they can't control.

No. 35072

What does lolcow think should happen to pedos who abuse and kill kids then?

No. 35093

Holy crap

shut up retard

>they don't have some strong desire to rape them that they can't control.
You cannot be fucking serious. Pedos, like any other homo sapien, are capable of self control. Rape doesn't happen due to impulse or loss of control. People rape because they're able to. It's a choice. Simple as that. Not to mention most underage sexual abuse are carefully coordinated and planned beforehand.


No. 35095

>Gets BTFO
>"shut up retard"
Thanks for proving my point that you don't know anything at all.

No. 35100

>>Gets BTFO

Honestly I didn't even read a word of what you've written. I can waste my brain cells on more entertaining things than your incoherent diatribe.

No. 35107

>I didn't even read
That's why you don't know anything.
You prove more and more that you're a butthurt retard who can't take the fact that they're wrong with every post you make.

No. 35110

I think offended pedophiles should undergo massive punishment.

Non offending pedophiles should be monitored and receive counseling. That's all.

Once they offend, it's a lost cause.

No. 35111

I'm not subjecting myself to anything that comes out of that sack of shit on the top of your neck anymore. I've already seen more than enough of what you had to say for yourself in >>35029. Keep memeing your way around though.


hahaha that's funny

No. 35113

So why do you keep responding? You're a fucking idiot and you're still massively analpained that I proved you wrong. Stop posting.

Agreed, but I think they need more than counseling. IMO, some sort of medication/rehabilitation process should be formed.
A lot of pedos are very manipulative people and can bullshit their way through counseling.

No. 35115

Do you girls think that men in their mid to late 20s who consider girls aged 14-16 attractive are pedos, or ephebophiles?

Have you ever had experience with that sort of man as a younger girl?

No. 35118

>analpained that I proved you wrong
How the fuck can I be analpained when I didn't even pay attention to whatever the fuck you wrote? Honestly you fucking suck at arguing. You sound like a 15 year old which is why I don't want to bother with you anymore.

>consider girls aged 14-16 attractive
Are we solely speaking physically here? Then they're just the average male.

No. 35126

If you "don't want to bother", why do you keep responding? For fun?
You're the one who's 15 if your attention span is too fucking low to even read a post.

No. 35128

I've met a man who went on and on about being an ephebophile and liking me because of my "childlike body." He also offered me five thousand dollars to move in with him to "play video games" and be his "waifu." Same creep had a fetish of cumming in someone without a condom and pretending he was getting his daughter pregnant with another daughter, so…well.

No. 35130

>a post
YOUR post.

No. 35132

Over the internet?

No. 35133

I never said or even implied it wasn't my post, dumbfuck. You're getting stupider and stupider with each response.

No. 35135

>I never said or even implied it wasn't my post
lmao what? Your post specifically. I don't read it not because of the lack of attention span, but because it's from you and I already know what to expect judging from your previous sorry attempts at forming a coherent argument.

Holy shit please continue posting. I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

No. 35139

Kind of, he found some of my work through a friend of his, pretending he had a "exciting business proposition" and wanted to meet for coffee. I said I was busy so we set up a Skype date. Big mistake. He was a weirdo.

No. 35141

And your shitty attempt at pretending you're not bleeding out of your rectum at this very moment is a shining example of good argument/debate skills lmao
The fact is: Non-offending pedophiles need actual treatment and medication. A shitty hotline or the occasional therapist won't cut it, and there are still children being abused to this day. Your retarded screeching at anyone who says this won't help anyone but yourself feel self-righteous.
Keep doing what you're doing though :^)

No. 35142

Erm, speaking as a dude, the "cumming inside without a condom" thing isn't really a fetish, it's just normal. The idea of getting a girl who is fertile as fuck pregnant is edifying.

No. 35143

Definitely the type of guy who browses /r9k/

No. 35147

>speaking as a dude
>"A-Anyone here out to find a bf?? Tee-hee, j-just look at my dick you silly girls. /r9k/ showed me this place…"

No. 35148

Pretty gross tbh

No. 35151

>Everyone on the internet is a caricature


Of course, not like we evolved to find the idea of reproducing satisfying and physically enjoyable. Not like the optimum age for a girl to get pregnant is her teens. Derp.

No. 35155

Okay can you please leave now?

No. 35156

Yeah okay friend, go impregnate a 14 year old girl and see how well that works for her physical health, her life, her parents and your criminal record.

No. 35157

Dude. Your comment was entirely unnecessary because I wasn't referring to only sex without a condom, I was using it to explain that he used that to fantasize about fucking his daughter and impregnating her. Leave.

No. 35160

Don't even bother, it's one of those /r9k/ freaks. Just insult him enough and hopefully he'll leave.

No. 35161

Some people are capable of restraining their urges. Perhaps you should try it.

His actual biological daughter? Yeah, that's pretty fucked up.

No. 35162

>Just insult him enough and hopefully he'll leave.
You don't really understand how robots work, do you?

/r9k/ fucking loves outrage. They go out of their way to tumblr and twitter and whatnot to look for their daily dose.

No. 35164

>implicitly admits he wants to fuck a 14 year old
Yeah, that's it. Get out.

No. 35165

Just stop replying to him holy shit. He'll always have more to say and there's nothing you can do to stop him

No. 35166

There's a difference fantasy and reality. And no, I've seen a few hot 15 year olds but 14 is too young. That doesn't make me some sort of "pedo". As far as I know pedos like prepubescent girls.

No. 35209

I have a few questions, if anyone would like to share their knowledge/opinions.

What treatment is there for a female pedophile? Is it even possible to chemically castrate a woman?

I know there aren't a lot of documented female pedos, but if (and I mean if, since I don't know) there's no treatment for them, should they just be put to death or what?

No. 35227

I can't recall what I was watching, but I believe it was a documentary on Netflix. They interviewed a female pedophile, didn't show her face but she looked like an average 40 something year old woman or so, she said she couldn't control her feelings. Once she put her finger in her friend's daughters vagina because it was her first period and she was supposed to be in there helping her. I can't recall much after, anyone else remember?

No. 35228

Asians like little girl vagina. Chinks are not civilized and pretend to be.

No. 35230

Weak b8

No. 35236


sew her fanny up

No. 35241

Well, they really should just put all pedos to death, but you know you have people fighting against it saying it's wrong to kill these sick fucks.

You can also tell the ones that are for it are all men themselves.

No. 35246


I was typing out some long ass shit about how chemical castration prevents men from acting on their pedo urges, so why don't women have something like that, bla bla… but I just read about how chemical castration doesn't even always work that well. So I guess they can't be helped. That's pretty sad.

I'm gonna fuck off cuz my original questions are now irrelevant.

No. 35253

Optimum age to get pregnant is in her 20s because an underdeveloped body doesn't sustain a baby well and she can get bladder/uterus damage and increase her chances of dying moron

No. 35256


Nah you've got weird sick bitches over the internet too y'know? Not gonna do the #notallmen thing but there is sicko women too.

But yeah, I agree. You'll always get the "buh its wrong to kill dem :'<" and "buh they're only human >;|"

Ugh no wonder england has so many fuckin immigrants

No. 35258

I don't feel bad for these pieces of shit. They have a disgusting and potentially dangerous fetish, it must suck to be them but they can't be treated like normal human beings. Society's safety >>> their dicks.

No. 35263

File: 1442013763872.jpg (328.73 KB, 2000x1334, shutterstock_940935581.jpg)

Capital punishment by firing squad (with indisputable evidence, and not beating the bush with injection bullshit). Otherwise life in prison without parole.

No. 35659


But I love the lethal injection punishment. :C

No. 35726

File: 1442146258032.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.55 KB, 800x1200, image.jpg)

>more porn with pedo themes
Like those "fucking my babysitter" or "banging my daughter's friend" videos?

>and a girl who looks under 18

Aren't there a lot of those starring in porn or is it just me?

>Pic related, Piper Perri

>Pic may be NSFW, spoiler imaged just in case anyone gets triggered by a girl in lingerie

No. 35728

File: 1442147164676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.01 KB, 385x460, littlelupe.jpg)

That looks like a busted 25 year old wearing braces, lol.

A better example might be Little Lupe. A guy was arrested for child porn because police found pics of her on his computer. They had to go to court to prove that she was of age.

No. 35740

File: 1442150379115.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.58 MB, 1280x720, del.webm)

Or that Monroe chick. I keep hearing about her on 4chan.
She's like 30, but looks 12. The fact that she has a fanbase disturbs me a lot.
>I assure you this is not CP

No. 35744

Lol wow. Maybe it's better to have adult pornstars who look like preteens so that pedos can satisfy their urges without actual child porn, but it's pretty creepy.

No. 35827

she's cute af but idk, sth always keeps it away. the real age i mean. she looks so young but she doesn't look like an actual child to me and i have no idea what that is. it's like passing for another gender, where some tiny thing will stop you from passing, sth people just naturally pick up on

No. 35830

Yeah, maybe it's the fact that she's rubbing her tits like an adult woman and gazing/smirking into the camera sexually?????
Like seriously, anon, what the fuck. You just sound creepy

No. 35831

What's her name?

No. 35859

Most pedos are offending, though. Most have at least watched CP. The CP industry is $20 billion/year, only 3x lower than actual adult porn

No. 35861

a pregnant 14 year old would die in child birth

No. 35866


There have been children younger than that get pregnant and give birth successfully.

In my own country last year a 12 year old got pregnant and decided to keep it, giving birth successfully.

No. 35881

its still horribly dangerous and you have to monitor it before and after. no one recommends it. not to mention anyone who has actually been a girl knows its hard to get pregnant when you first start your period. i started mine at 13 but it would disappear for 3+ months at a time and come randomly so im pretty sure i wasn't even ovulating all the time.

pedos LOVE to pull this "well, if a girl can get pregnant that means its the healthiest thing in the world and i can stick my dick in it!!"

the earliest healthy age is like 22-23, early 20s if i recall correctly

No. 35905

Is that true? holyshit, that makes me sick to my stomach.

No. 35906

Are you in Mexico? That's beyond revolting. It should be a mandatory abortion. That is insane to allow a girl who isn't even in puberty to have a child. Why is she having sex?
(hopefully she wasn't raped, but either way, it should've been aborted!)

No. 35907

I watched that link for 3 seconds and felt sick. Nope. I know she's an adult, but she looks like a child and she is doing porn because CP and pedos. nope. sorry, still gross

No. 35908

How did she decide to keep it? 12 isn't an adult!! That isn't her choice.

No. 35923

but at 12 you knew enough to decide on this sort of thing, no?

maybe she's just a rly mature 12yr old iono

No. 36003

true, abortions should be mandatory at that age, not only its a risk for the kids health they also have to give up their childhood. it's just really sad for them.

No. 36028

whats her full porn name?

No. 36061

Pretty sure it's just "Monroe", which makes her hard to find (as that last name is common among porn stars).

No. 36430

any of you know unteralterbach? i have never met another girl who did. in places it's pretty clever satire. very libertarian

No. 36568

I downloaded the game a while ago because it was popular on 4chan, but never actually bothered to play it.
Is it good?

No. 36570

No, but I'll check it out.

No. 36604

well i thought it was very funny. being german helps, though. i'm not sure if the english version is any good (can't be as good as the original). i don't think you need to be a pedo to enjoy it, just very open-minded. maybe my mind is too open

No. 36653

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, it's been all over /cow/ for the last couple of days but a transgendered SJW named Sarah Nyberg has been outed as a pedophile and has openly admitted to being a pedo and sharing CP of her cousin who was 8 at the time to people in IRCs and forums in like 2005 over the period of some years. Since then, Nyberg has become a prominent voice in SJW circles so when this news dropped, has been backpedaling like crazy. The worst part (and what makes this relevant to the thread topic) is that a lot of her SJW followers are either denying that Nyberg is a pedo in the face of facts or outright trying to justify her former pedophilic actions/statements. These are people who are actively trying to change how society thinks. Maybe "pedosexuality" will be a thing.

Most of the relevant links and proof are in the OP of the /cow/ thread:

No. 36660

i'm kinda sjw-y myself but the fact thes people are defending this piece of shit blows my mind. they're saying he (you're a pedophile dogfucker, fuck your pronouns) was just being edgy for laughs, but if you read the chat logs, that's obviously not the case. it's not jokey stuff like "hurrr kids are so sexy. i want to rape them" it's like… casual discussions about how he got turned on from tickling his 5 year old cousin and heartfelt admissions of pedophilia.

the only reason people are defending him is because they can't divorce the ideology from the person. it's like how conservatives flocked to defend josh duggar. it's incredibly myopic and disgusting in every case.

No. 36981

Can I get a non-risky source on that?

No. 36984

>i'm kinda sjw-y myself
just why
just stick to reddit and tumblr please

No. 37044

Lethal injection is hard to come by these days (ethical and supply issues). .300 magnums are as common as dirt, though.

No. 111612

Abortion is banned in A LOT of countries.

No. 111613

Are you literally retarded? People who are 14 and less get pregnant all the time. The youngest pregnancy in the world was a girl who was 5.

No. 111655

Anon, an outlier doesn't change the general rule.

There's people who survive being cut traumatically completely in half (around 15 I think), and live the rest of their lives with no bottom half, it doesn't mean that being cut in half is actually healthy and won't have any impact on your wellbeing.

No. 111679

who cares, pedo

No. 111689

File: 1475529455368.png (329.58 KB, 1172x1304, polbtfo.png)

Really makes you think.

No. 111695

Disgusting, i want to kill them all with one bullet

No. 111915

>13 year olds

>not 16-17 year olds


No. 111918

File: 1475745468935.jpg (39.44 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

kek pedos trying to justify their shitty fetish and pretend their are sane and normal, they resemble sjws when they try to push and normalize their shitty agendas

No. 111952

File: 1475773204183.jpg (253.17 KB, 2048x1365, anime manchild.jpg)

Why pedos are hated and will (probably) never be accepted in our lifetime:

It's useful for society to have something to fear and hate. It used to be queers. Then the queers threw tantrums like the divas they are, got homosexuality removed from the DSM, turned activist, and got things turned around for themselves. But people still thought trannies were fucked up for a long time. It was okay to be creeped out and hateful toward a dude in a dress. Now that's changing, trannies are everywhere in the media (even though they're less than 1% of the population in real life), and they'll eventually get their trannyness unmedicalized like the homos did. Society was running out of "deviants" to hate and fear, so the pedos looked like good candidates, especially since the advent of the internet helps fearmongering about pedos. "What creepy pedo is YOUR child talking to online?!?? Stay tuned for our exclusive investigative report…"

Feminism. Feminists accuse men of misandry, but nobody could ever hate females more than other females. Women, especially as they approach menopause and, earlier, the end of their realistic childbearing years, resent girls and young women for still being supple, hairless, and cute. They don't want men to be attracted to young girls instead of their saggy, hairy selves, but it would look bad to be nasty about little girls or teens, so they try to make men look like perverts and predators for their natural attraction. "You're attracted to that 17 year old girl?! You pedophile! She's 1 week away from the age of consent! You should be attracted to my mature body and moustache! These aren't stretch marks, they're life experience, honey, and if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best and" blah blah blah.

Some pedos are just really nasty people. They hurt little kids, and sometimes kill them. Or they force them to be fags, which is why all boylovers should be put to the sword. Good pedos are kind and good at rubrubs and licking, but not all pedos are good pedos. So some of them deserve to be hated on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 111955

stop posting everywhere. you're severely sheltered.

No. 111981

>doesn't know what misandry is
>"rubrubs and licking"
holy shit kill yourself

No. 111985

I really hope this is just bait, because you just make yourself look retarded in every single point you make, from not understanding why homosexuality was removed, to not knowing what the words you use are, to saying gay people should all die but pedos are okay.

It's impressive honestly

No. 112118

File: 1476023173036.jpg (250.14 KB, 960x667, 1419552020391.jpg)

Why can't you be like this man's girlfriend?

No. 112122

She looks so done though…

No. 112141

she's just asian

No. 112143

Holy shit someone let /jp/ out of his NEET cage.

No. 112145

Puberty is considered adulthood in most cultures, so yes about 13. That was pretty normal until recently. And it's not pedophilia, which is attraction to prebubescent children, and unlike attraction to pubescent teenagers, is abnormal.

No. 112149

Anon, puberty isn't the point where you are now sexually mature. Puberty is the process during which you are becoming sexually mature, but someone who's barely started it is not. The reason the age of consent generally sits around 16-18, is because that's when puberty has absolutely ended for most people. At that point once the process is finished, they are sexually mature.

Don't be retarded, no matter how you look at it, you are attracted to an abnormal group of people, and one who isn't properly developed to the point where they can handle the potential consequences of sex.

And no-one cares about the difference between pedophilia and hebephilia.

No. 112218

>And no-one cares about the difference between pedophilia and hebephilia.

The authorities do.

No. 112227

can someone tell me why i keep seeing commercials on anthony weiner? why is the media celebrating this douchebag and why is he getting his own documentary? blm is such a big deal but the media doesnt care about 50 year old paedophiles preying on young girls? the entire scenario reminds me of the order of the voting amendments despite what the constiution states. sick. history repeats itself

No. 112241

I'm sorry, are we in a court room right now?

No. 112243

Hopefully the voluntary removal of their balls will help. Kids should be protected from pedophiles, and if it has to come at the expense of the offenders, big whoop.

No. 112252

Pedo fucking shits

No. 112256

I'm sorry, didn't you say no-one?

No. 112272

I understand context can be hard to understand anon, but obviously I wasn't saying that literally no-one alive cares, because you just showed that you care.

I'm saying that none of the other people in this thread give a shit about the semantics of the issue. You're not winning any battle by going "Oh no I'm not a pedophile I'm a hebephile!" in a discussion about it. It's like acting like going "I'm not a heroin addict I'm a meth addict!" is going to make you sound any better when the discussion is clearly about addicts in general.

No. 112274

First of all this is wrong, age of consent has historically been about 13 and still is in most countries in the world. 21st century USA isn't the only place that ever existed.

Second of all sexual attraction is involuntary and doesn't hinge on any modern considerations of psychological maturity or whatever, it's based on physical appearance. Attraction to people who have reached puberty is completely normal, especially for men for whom it is near universal since men are normally attracted to youth. This is in no way connected to pedophilia, which is extremely marginal and deviant by nature, since prepubescent children aren't fertile and have none of the sexual characteristics that are normally considered attractive.

No. 112275

>First of all this is wrong, age of consent has historically been about 13 and still is in most countries in the world. 21st century USA isn't the only place that ever existed

Historically there hasn't been an age of consent, don't make shit up. And no, people marrying at younger ages doesn't mean they were having children at those ages.

Also, I'd love to point out how you said "This is wrong" when the part you're talking about is where I mentioned that puberty is the process during which people become sexually mature, and a pubescent person isn't yet, then continued to go on about the law.

>attraction to people who have reached puberty is completely normal, especially for men for whom it is near universal since men are normally attracted to youth.

Kek, no, and literally every scientific source disagrees with you. Most men don't find 14 year olds attractive, and I'd challenge you to find me something that says they do.

Post pubescent people? Sure, because they are sexually mature. But the reason we have a set AoC law, is because people mature at different times, and you can't have every case be a guessing game of "were they mature enough yet". An arbitrary age by which almost everyone has finished puberty makes it much, much simpler.

>This is in no way connected to pedophilia, which is extremely marginal and deviant by nature, since prepubescent children aren't fertile and have none of the sexual characteristics that are normally considered attractive.

And pubescent children aren't capable of safely having children, if they're even fertile (they're not usually, not until later puberty). And before you go "Yeah well some people can have kids in puberty", please refer to

Just because some people can survive things with modern medical attention doesn't mean that it's healthy or that we should bet on it going well.

No. 112280


>the age of consent generally sits around 16-18

This is what I was saying is wrong.

>Most men don't find 14 year olds attractive

Literally every healthy and normal man finds reasonably mature 14 year old girls attractive. Many will pretend they don't, solely because actually fucking them is frowned upon and often illegal, so by extension post-puritanical modern society puts a stigma on attraction as well. Kind of like how American media will label some celebrities as "sex-addicts" because they like to fuck a lot of women.

>An arbitrary age by which almost everyone has finished puberty makes it much, much simpler.

I agree. I wasn't talking about what the law should be, just about what it is and has been most commonly, and about normalcy of sexual attraction.

>And before you go "Yeah well some people can have kids in puberty"

I don't know what you mean by "in puberty", since puberty in girls starts around 10 or 11. The point that has for most of human history been considered that when a girl "becomes a woman" is her first menstruation, which indicates fertility. This happens at about 13 (even slightly earlier on average).

No. 112288

>thread is supposed to be about pedophilia
>itt people are talking about 14+ year olds

Huh? Those are post-pubescent minors.
Pedophilia is defined as sexual attraction towards prepubescents and children under 13 years old.

Don't we all understand why trying to fuck or have romantic relations with someone who is both emotionally and sexually underdeveloped is a bad idea, yes? If not, you may be a pedophile, or someone who dismisses logic because you have a mental disease.

>Literally every healthy and normal man finds reasonably mature 14 year old girls attractive. Many will pretend they don't, solely because actually fucking them is frowned upon and often illegal

I'm sure many men think young teen girls are cute but there's plenty of men who would not find them attractive for the same reasons they wouldn't find a 20-something year old with the same lack of maturity and no prospects attractive.
Attraction is not based solely on looks. This is a long-standing, objective fact.
However, maybe an opportunist would see a teen that young as someone who can be groomed into a sex role without having to work on her own resourcefulness or personality whatsoever. The older man doesn't have to be too clever or work on relationship skills of his own because he knows the teen's experience with relationships would be next to none. I imagine part of the reason older men go after teen girls is exactly because the sense of power they feel in those kinds of relationships IS the attractive factor.

>The point that has for most of human history been considered that when a girl "becomes a woman" is her first menstruation, which indicates fertility

Which is convenient for history because I'm sure most of old history didn't have a census to account for all the preteen girls who lost their lives during pregnancy, childbirth, or the effects afterward. The simple fact is a 13 year old's body isn't going to be as suitable for childbearing as opposed to an older teen, and they're more likely to have problems or die. Just because someone's fertile doesn't make them good candidates.

No. 112313

>This is what I was saying is wrong.

So you think that people who aren't fully sexually mature, let alone mentally, should be allowed to have sex?

>Literally every healthy and normal man finds reasonably mature 14 year old girls attractive.

No anon, this is just your coping mechanism. Most men do not find 14 year olds attractive, and going "Oh but they actually do, no-one will tell you though!" doesn't make you right, it just means you're claiming you're right and that evidence doesn't matter.

>I don't know what you mean by "in puberty", since puberty in girls starts around 10 or 11. The point that has for most of human history been considered that when a girl "becomes a woman" is her first menstruation, which indicates fertility.

Do you know anything about the actual biology of puberty, or are you just talking? Because it is a process, that takes many years, during which the person gradually sexually matures. It's not like an on/off switch, and it's not the same for everyone. It's not at all uncommon for the first menstrual cycle to happen at 15, or even older, and the first cycle does not indicate full fertility, or ability to carry a child.

No. 112317

File: 1476233572928.jpeg (42.38 KB, 320x323, image.jpeg)

Try again. Historically, girls didn't start menstruation until about age 15.

No. 112320

>Attraction is not based solely on looks

I don't want to wade into the '14 year olds, yes or no?' debate, but I'd say for guys their raw sexual 'one night stand, no effort required' attraction is based almost entirely on looks.

No. 112321

Anon, you realise most people don't actually do that, right?

You can't just move the goalposts to mean specific hypothetical things in which you might be possibly right. If you say men are attracted to 14 year olds, we have to take it as a whole.

And the answer to that is that no, most men are not attracted to 14 year olds, and you're just projecting your deviancy onto others.

No. 112322

But I specifically didn't want to say most men are attracted to 14 year olds. I just wanted to point out something I saw that I disagreed with, without disagreeing with the overall conclusion.

No. 112330

lmfao that image is spot on

No. 112342

I fucking hate when people compare pedohilia to sexualities of the LGBT. Like no. Pedophilia isn't a sexuality, it's a mental illness. Just like mass murders are mentally ill for wanting to kill people. Should we just let them be too?

No. 112350

>raw sexual 'one night stand
The reality is, with many one night stands, finding the most attractive mate to bang doesn't happen for a lot of people. Mitigating factors of attraction can include drugs/booze and simply the will to compromise on looks in order to fulfill sexual gratification. Plenty of people sleep with people they weren't really attracted to and regret it later.

This echoes what I'm trying to say about older men getting into relationships with younger teens. They aren't necessarily physically attracted by the prospect of a "hot" young teenager. What they're actually doing is finding sexual gratification knowing that they're in power or dominance over the teen. The teen could be ugly for all the man cares. All I'm saying is other insidious factors come into play in these kinds of age differentials that's not solely based on physical attraction.

No. 112352

Generally there's truth to this, but I think there are occasions where the guy, even if he's 10 years older or more can genuinely love a 14-16 year old girl too.

No. 112354

It's not that I don't think it's ever existed in the world, but I think given the risks, it's fair enough for people to question a relationship like that and certainly make it illegal without satisfying certain parameters. Surely if a man does love someone that young I'd like to think he'd be committed to waiting until she's at a consenting age for sexual relations for longevity's sake. I question someone who is immediately thinking of sexual intimacy with a teen while showing seemingly little concern about the mental or physical implications, regardless of how small they are.

To love someone isn't to put them at risk without their full understanding of what those risks entail. A teenage brain isn't done developing and they simply lack logical function to make proper long-term decisions. For that reason I don't think it's unfair to put these kinds of relationships under scrutiny.

No. 112391

Didn't homosexuality used to be considered a mental illness? That changed because…?

No. 112393

Because it was proven not to be, as it didn't hurt anyone else, and didn't necessarily cause distress for the person who was homosexual, meaning it didn't meet the generalised criteria for a mental illness.

Pedophilia, or hebephilia are considered paraphilias inherently (unlike say, sexual sadism, which can be a thing people have that they only do with a consenting partner and doesn't distress them, no harm or difficulty functioning is inherent) due to the fact that acting on the urges would automatically put someone at risk, as a minor is unable to both consent mentally, and undertake the possible risks of physical sexual activity.

To use the example of sexual sadism again, it changes from simply a different facet of a normal sex life to a paraphilia when it is the only thing you can enjoy, the to detriment of your partner (who may not be fully consenting in the action, if they are at all, which isn't at all uncommon), and when it causes you serious distress. Homosexuality tends to only cause distress because of outside factors, religion, family, societal expectations. A person with sexual sadism may be distressed because they realise that it's hurting other people, and that it makes them feel terrible afterwards. Same for pedophilia.

There are many aspects that make something a paraphilia instead of a recognised sexuality, it's interesting if you choose to look into it. I hope this explained it alright.

No. 112421

Historically where? Considering how climate affects people's biology you can't say all girls start menstruating at 15, it'd be different all over the world.

No. 112422

I mean, you're right. But my issue is that if people keep misusing pedophile it can potentially lose it's severity over time. It'lll be like: "oh he's a pedo", but he fucked a 16 year old so people might react as harshly. I think it's important to separate the pre-pubescent crimes from the post-pubescent ones because it's more severe if you're pre-pub, yeah?

No. 112423

Sure, and you're right in a courtroom, but they don't even use the word pedophile in a courtroom. The charge isn't just "Sex with minor", it changes, depending on the age. Sex with a 5 year old is going to get a pretty large sentence, whereas with a 17 year old might at most get you a couple months, depending on your behaviour with it, or none if you say it was at a club or something like that and she lied about her age.

For conversation though, pedophile tends to just mean "person who is attracted to minors while being absolutely aware of the fact that they're minors".

I also find it kind of dumb how people use the whole "age of consent laws are so arbitrary, a 18 year old having sex with a 17 year old could go to jail!" line. Like, it's just flat out not true, every state in the US has age restrictions like that, that go up to like 4 years in some places, though usually around 2.

No. 112762

>All the tranny rights will bleed over into pedo rights
Kek, all this means is that it'll be that much easier to get my hands on a lolibot.

No. 112945

How long before this thread is moved to /manure/?

No. 114638

tfw sexually frustrated female.

just want a "boy" friend.


No. 114644

out of all the threads, you decided to blog post that here?

are you saying you want an older man or a 10 year old boy friend or what?

No. 114647

th-the second option!


No. 114649


I drew my own manga to illustrate my fantasy since its so niche. The heart wants what it wants. Men repulse me unless they look or act like a little innocent boy.

No. 114654

Is this some weird attempt to bait people?

This is just cringeworthy, and it's pretty obvious you're putting it on.

What's the point of this?

No. 114655


why is it bait? It's true.

No. 114656

Because no-one over the age of like 14 talks that way, it's irrelevant to any conversation going on, and you're just looking for people to get upset at you for being a pedophile.

But it's way too obvious, you'd have to be an idiot to not see it.

No. 114657


I didn't want to bait anyone. I just want to get it off my chest. I have no where to go. Been banned from 4chan and every other chan is slow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114666

if you were too autistic for 4chan maybe you should take the hint and stop posting anywhere

No. 114680

File: 1477891821268.jpg (75.5 KB, 600x450, 67b.jpg)

>I was on a popculture site aimed at young adults. Someone made a thread about pedophilia and a lot of them were saying they feel bad for them because they cant "help it" and not all pedophiles act on their urges.

Pedophilia has to be the one of the only exceptional times where I would allow for the death penalty.

No. 114681

Yeah just because puberty STARTED, that doesn't mean you're mature. Girls may have started getting periods way earlier, but their bodies still only have become mature around age 16. This is the same case for the part of your brain that governs decisions, it's mature around age 16.
If you'd have intercourse before that, there will be psychological and physical damage. The bigger the age gap, the worse the psychological damage btw.

Ancient Roman women got their periods around age 14, Renaissance Europe around age 16, after 1900 this dropped again to 14, with today some girls starting as early as 8 and 12/13 as average. I don't think climate is the number one influence, like one anon tried to claim. Most doctors blame obvious new environmental influences which came with the industrial revolution, which makes a whole lot more sense.

No. 114682

Why won't the mods move this thread to /manure/?

No. 114683

Why would it be? It's not a shitpost, and actual discussion went on in it.

No. 114700

File: 1477913942181.jpg (42.49 KB, 404x404, 0a9.jpg)

Well to be fair one anon kind of meandered off on a rant and from there the thread kind of went on a downward spiral but i'm still in tune with it I want to have a meaningful discussion.

There are a multitude of factors contributing to the fluctuations of menstrual cycles and maturity beginning at earlier ages, the most obvious would be weight gain across the board which exacerbates hormone fluctuations causing maturity to occur much earlier same reason anorexics stop menstruating when they lose a large portion of their body fat, fat contains steroids, proteins and carbohydrates required for hormonal development.

I'm not sure what anon means by "climate", remember that humans are beginning to have children at later periods of life now this is why women are still fertile at older ages now 40+ granted with horrendous birth defect chances and almost guaranteed c sections. For some fucked reason no one brought up human gestation periods which is a pretty big part of goddamn sexual maturity in females.

Fatter girls start periods earlier because of this fluctuation of hormones, skinnier ones may have periods at the age of 16 or 17+.

As stated in the thread multiple times the law deals with sexual and mental maturity not only physical, the age of consent is not fucking 13 across the world or historically and if it were "historical" you know damn well it would be because the life expectancy as late as the twentieth century was 42, the twentieth century took a huge population slash followed by immense growth after WWII following the baby boom age, the only shit you could cite for pedophilia is the middle ages disgusting shit the twentieth century was an age of development for humanity not regression. Citing as old as 500 years is a disgusting fallacious tactic.

What's worse is comparing homosexuality or feminism with pedophilia - a paraphilia or sexual perversion. The argument of "homosexuality was a mental illness" is the most fucked sophistry I've ever heard from pedo supporters you should be ashamed for using that shit in the name of your pedo asses.

And i'm still pretty much for the death penalty for pedos unless someone convinces me otherwise. Of course the evidence would have to be substantial enough to justify it, though it's pretty uncomfortable seeing the japs sexualize minors and their disgusting age of 13 traditional marriage shit it's ultimately harmless.

Japs are so fucking traditional they won't let their goddamn emperor step down because he must die as an emperor for fuck sake don't use this shit as another tactic in your pedo defense, the whole "cultural difference" thing is an argument for another day.

No. 114701

Amen, anon.

No. 114702

I agree entirely with you apart from
>And i'm still pretty much for the death penalty for pedos unless someone convinces me otherwise

Serious punishment, but I don't support the death penalty for anyone, it's unnecessary and opens up way too many avenues to get shit wrong and execute an innocent person, which has happened a fair bit.

It's even more fraught when you start talking about mental illnesses, which paraphilias are. Not the sort that gets you out of prison and into a mental ward, sure, they do still know what they're doing and that it's wrong, but at the very least it's a factor that needs to be taken into consideration when sentencing the person.

I think one of the most important things we can do is give more publicity to the fact that therapy is anonymous, and help is out there for pedophiles, that they shouldn't be ashamed of simply having that illness (not in an accepting it way, but in an accepting you have an illness and that as long as you don't do anything to anyone else, that doesn't make you a bad person).

Our society is way too focused on lynching pedophiles instead of treating them and avoiding it ever being an issue, which I think is just ridiculous. It doesn't stop people doing anything, and it just hurts the people who are sufferers who wouldn't ever hurt a child (don't have statistics, but the vast majority I imagine, same as most people with sexual sadism don't kidnap and torture people).

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