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First of, I thought it'd be nice to have a thread to vent about girls(/guys) we hate for no good reason. So please share your stories

Now here is mine, I think need to get something of my chest
>know girl online
>she has a degree in meds and an abnormally high IQ (it'S at 180)
>changes her profile pictures every 3 to 14 days
>they are always stunning and there is something about them that I can't grasp
>the pics are also very washed out and heavily edited (not like the typical airhead instagram type, it's a personal style)
>has thick black hair that must be twice the amount of my generic hair but at least I don't waste my time with straightening it as she does
>even has a big head but it has a nice shape and looks cute
>tiny nose, weird shape though
>big light brown eyes
>nice lips but overdrawn which infuriates me because she has a massive bottom lip and a tiny upper lip
>decide to stalk her online
>find all sorts of social media where she posted hundreds of selfies
>nearly fall asleep clicking through La Gallery de Narcissism
>find old ones that look like a pretty different person
>conclude that she found the types of makeup, angles and lightening to make her look as if she was special
>I also chatted with her briefly and she actually sounds a bit dumb and naive (I expected her to be more sophisticated and mature)
>told me she seriously used to believe she was going to be alone forever and never become happy
>now has a partner who wants to marry her
>tells me that she was wrong about being sad forever and thanked me because I once told her that it's silly to believe she'll never find happiness
>tells me that she likes me
>ghosted me shortly after

What type of woman with a shred of self-esteem bases her happiness on being with a man? I hate how dumb and ignorant she is? I know I should feel sad for her but I feel angry because she thinks she is special.
And about her looks. Despite knowing that she was an ugly child and a not much prettier 20 years old, I still feel bad because I can't seem to figure out how to look put together as she does. I wish she posted a bad selfie, so I could feel better. But the lightening, the angles, clothes for photos, it's all calculated. And even though her pictures are washed out, all moles are edited away and she applies five filters - I feel jealous.
I tried editing my pictures (in my own way, not copying her) but it feels wrong to me. I don't want to show people a false image of myself. I like my photos raw. And I'm dumb to not realise that this a pretty good feature of mine. But I'm frustrated because I can't look perfect as she does. I know that someone who probably owns a terabyte of (edited) selfies who thinks they are doomed and lonely forever has a fuck-ton of insecurities. I wish, I really wish I could rub this into her face. The triumph would last a day, after I wouldn't be able to look at myself anymore.

This is my first post on this site and I hope I'm posting this thread correctly.
Thank you for listening

P.S.: I hope she doesn't come to this site, she'd prolly recognise it. I know tis obsession is pretty unhealthy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336238

Please fuck off, you insufferable fag.

No. 336259

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go there

No. 336275

This post would be better off in the vent thread. We don't make whole threads for sub-topics like this. There's like ten threads that circulate: Take part in one of them.

No. 336277

Same Anon. Actually the thread linked above is better. Just don't make whole threads for personal problems.

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