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No. 321959

Talk about the good, the bad, the ugly.

This seems to be a subject that people on this board like to talk about and has derailed many a thread in the past so I thought we could use a place to talk about it. If a thread is being derailed by talk about American politics, culture, whatever, it can be brought over here.

No. 321960

I live in NI and I do see USA as a land that upholds freedoms and the right to believe in what you want. In some ways the states is very progressive and very regressive. I've always fantasised about moving there one day but obviously shootings scare me and the bigotry (since coming from a small cesspool of sectarianism). How do you US citizens actually feel about the day to day? Are jobs hard to come by in Stem fields?

No. 321964

I live in an area that's got a huge concentration of gun owners and I feel 100% safe going about daily life. Of course, considering all of the mass shootings you see on the news, maybe it's foolish of me not to ever worry? Idk. As for jobs in STEM, there are plenty. Especially in big cities. I would think it wouldn't be difficult to find something and maybe the company you work for now (or will work for in the future) has a branch over here to transfer to.

No. 321968

Lots of STEM jobs, but hard to come by art ones unless you have connections up the ass. Also, almost everyone conceal carries guns, knives, tazers, etc. every day no matter what state you're in. This is important especially if you're a woman. The mass shootings you hear on the news aren't apart of daily life at all.

No. 321972

If you’re in an extremely liberal city like Los Angeles, you’re not going to come across gun owners as often as other places in the states. Then again, a place like LA has its own set of issues such as the fairly high cost of living and horrendous traffic.

The states really are just so varied in their character though. You can’t really generalize America entirely for that reason.

No. 321977

Not a citizen but visit frequently because of friends and family there. They actually live close to the recent mass shooting in Thousand oaks which is a shame honestly.

I never felt in danger because first of all it's California, and to be honest, I'm also white so I can't tell how a black gal might feel in the same situation. Though there was some local outrage over a local dive bar having a noose displayed, although the owners always assured it wasn't for racist reasons.

Everyone I talked to was pretty excited about where I was from. I never felt excluded and quite frankly, american people can be extremely helpful for no reason. Not saying that non-americans won't be too, but you won't have to fend off people trying to help you out when you already called AAA 5 minutes ago.

It's honestly a solid country but idk why everyone is so hellbent on calling it the best country or the free world, when imo Australia is just as pleasant with a better healthcare.

No. 321978

Same anon. A lot of gun violence is in areas that people don’t necessarily choose to move to. If you’re a suburban-fag then you’re fine for the most part.

And idk why people go on about bigots and racists, for every racist old lady at Walmart theres some pink haired sjw spoiting their nonsense. Its a pretty even playing field. Sure there are trashy people, but thats universal.

If anything the US is just boring AF to live if you arent from a major city. And even then its just alright. This is coming from someone who lives aborad and is currently back home to visit for a few months. I dont have a valid license or a car that I can use. My rural-suburban neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks or any decent lanes to bike in. People get married and pop out babies starting at like 19 amd have no real view of the world outside of their hometowns, but that can be said for small town folk in places like the UK or Australia as well.

I also think a lot of housing and apartments can look gross and ugly when you get into newly built suburban areas. At least down here in Texas.

No. 321985

>in Texas
Hey, I'm visiting right now! Waco is a shit hole. kek How is this place a college city? It's in such sharp contrast to when I was in Austin last week. Which, it's hard to beat because Austin is far and away one of my favorite places I've been in the state.

No. 321987

Wish we could stop having weekly mass shootings, sheesh. Wtf is going on?

No. 321995

If I told you the truth you wouldn't like it

No. 321996

>hello fellow americans, I'm totally not american how do you do?

No. 321997

Is it more jewish conspiracy theories? If so then ya, I'll pass. I think we have different definitions of the word "truth"

No. 322000

I really am American and I like being American overall, but I'm sick of seeing these in the news all the time

No. 322001

America is cool but as a Brit, something I don't like whenever I visit is how you need a car or some other vehicle to get basically anywhere, particularly if you're not in a huge city centre like Manhattan. In the UK, even in London, you can basically just walk most of the time.

No. 322010

I'm American and live in a Midwest state. I'm from a suburb of a larger city so I've never experienced half the problems people shit on the midwest for. Everytime I go back to visit it feels so nice. I've been to smaller cities and really hate them just because there isn't a lot to do but I think that can be said for any small town anywhere in the world so eh. I find people who needlessly shit on the country as a whole to be really cringe and ignorant since, as has been said in the thread already, America is large enough you really can't generalize it. I see Americans who live abroad do this a lot and all it does is make them seem like they think they're "not like the other Americans". Obviously, not all are that far up their own ass but there are a lot like that.

My hometown is perfect for the type of lifestyle I want and all in all, the reasons people shit on it are just stereotypes so it really isn't as bad as people make it out to be. America of course has its own problems and different parts have different issues as well but I actually like living here since it has to be far better than in certain places in the Middle East.

I hate this too tbh. My hometown has a good public transit system but realized they could do better so they're finally expanding it. I'm in a small college town atm though and the public transit is abysmal. You either hope there's a bus that goes somewhere you need(there normally isn't), or you just call an Uber if you don't have a car.

Same anon. It's honestly sad.

No. 322011

This is my main issue with America. i love my country but we are built to support cars and there are hardly any walkways here or public metros outside a big city. I live outside DC and far away enough where it takes a long time to get there. I like walking and i'm sick of how much the cars get priority over people walking. I can't afford a car right now, so it's extra shit.

Also, uber is expensive

No. 322015

Shootings aren't actually a huge problem once you cut out gang violence. Gang members target rivals, usually.
You can stay safer, if you're still worried, by staying in places with less violence. But mostly, just don't go into shitty neighborhoods. https://crimeresearch.org/2017/04/number-murders-county-54-us-counties-2014-zero-murders-69-1-murder/

No. 322020

I live in Chicago and I hate it. Overall there’s a lot of violence due to gangs. The city is changing for the most part due to gentrification but I live in “the hood” so I still hear gunshots nearly every week. I live in a black neighborhood and there’s some bullshit going on outside of my house daily. The other day a girl ran her boyfriend over with her car and dragged him down the whole street. Even in nicer areas you still get horrible people going over there to steal so I mean it’s a shit fest here.

No. 322021

This. I hate the whole culture of “look at that perfectly average well dressed guy WALKING and waiting at the crosswalk! He must be a crackhead or a drunk who lost his license” No Betty, maybe he doesnt feel the need to get in car and drive 2 minutes away for his lunch break.

I wish crosswalks worked better near my town. You have to wait super long for a chance to cross but the light goes back to red after 5 seconds.

No. 322031

i used to walk to work and the grocery store because at most it was a 30 minute trip. i didnt feel the need to buy a $30k vehicle just to make those short trips. people really do look at you like youre poor or have a drug problem. and forbid you tell someone you dont have a car or license because the idea of willingly not wanting to drive is so far removed from people that its weird to prefer to walk.

but i imagine it was only so weird where i was because its not built for pedestrian accessibility.

No. 322036

It pisses me off, anon. This is why so many americans are fat asses. No one is encouraged to walk. I'm from a pretty big city, so walking is the norm, but anyone outside the city walking makes no sense to a lot of people. Mainly because no sidewalks and pedestrian walkways are there for people. Places are built so far apart that you 'need' a vehicle to get around. Luckily there are bike paths here, but it's still shit.

No. 322039

oh totally! i live in good ol southern burgerland and it really does live to the stereotype of rampant obesity. parks with walking and bike paths are just now becoming a thing theyre introducing instead of it just being a small playset and three football fields. sidewalks will end randomly along a roadside or if it goes too far away from a main road so youre walking in overgrown grass and mud. its unbelievable.

No. 322044

File: 1541691752989.jpeg (473.79 KB, 1600x1063, 1BB379F4-520F-49B7-A088-78615C…)

I live in the PNW, and I love it. Mass transit here is normal, and a good majority of people bike everywhere (including me). I feel really fortunate, because I don’t need to drive or even have a license to get anywhere. I couldn’t imagine living in any other part of the country because of this. Also, no sales tax is amazing. Always a shock whenever I go to another state because I forget that it’s the norm most places kek. Move here guys, it’s s piece of heaven.

No. 322045

>sidewalks will end randomly along a roadside or if it goes too far away from a main road so you're walking in overgrown grass and mud.

This is like where i live right now!! I have side walks in my area cuz there are houses, but as soon as you get to the main road, the sidewalks end. They can easily build some, but choose not to. On a nice day, it's okay, but the grass is so overgrown that i'm afraid of being bitten by a snake.

No. 322046

Same anon you replied to, my family members literally bring up my lack of driving ability every time they see me as if its a fucking intervention lmfao and I’m here for three months at most every year or 2.

“Anon we REALLY need to get you a license” 99% of the time they say it because they reached out to me to do some favor for them like babysit or house sit and got pissed because they had to pick me up or drive me home. Or because I can’t do school drop offs for their kids while they go off on vacation. Just whenever they want something basically kek

No. 322061

No it's white men are just being "mentally ill" and they keep killing themselves because their "American Dream" isn't guarenteed anymore and they have to work like everyone else.

No. 322066

I would ideally like to attend grad school in America as a Canadian. I think you guys get more funding than us.

Also, damn your strong dollars!! I remember when CAD and US were relatively balanced

No. 322069

I live in San Francisco, California and I interact with a lot of tourists from all over the world for my job.

I find it funny that both San Francisco and California are both romanticized by people who don’t even like America. But the truth is San Francisco is fucking filthy. Sure Coit Tower and Alcatraz are nice but what you don’t see is people shooting up heorin in board daylight or th rampant amount of homeless people (Okay, most tourists come across that but you get my point). I don’t think it’s a uniquely an SF or American thing but since I’m from here I think about it a lot. It’s kinda like how a lot of Americans romanticize Paris but when Paris has its own problems (Not trying to rag on Paris, just saying that no place is perfect).

Also another thing about California is that the coast (like SF, L.A, and San Diego) is nice but inland California is straight up hicksville, save for Tahoe.

No. 322071

Like some other anons, I don't have a car now and it makes it impossible to get anywhere here in a small "city" in the South. I miss when I was abroad and the public transportation was so reliable and safe, and I could walk everywhere. Here, sidewalks suck and I feel like I'm going to get stabbed or approached by some drug addicts for money when I walk to the grocery store. The upside to being an American is that I think society can be a lot less strict…you can kind of do whatever you want without pissing most people off.

No. 322076

Which places should I visit if I can fly from state to state but I don't have a car and a driver licence? Besides NY I mean. I want to either visit either Japan or the USA once I graduate and it's going to be in a long time but I want to make plans already.

No. 322077

I'm from SF too (born and raised) and I feel like the city's gotten a lot worse in the past few years. The homelessness problem is completely out of control (straight up tent cities in some places). I've heard that the people in shelters are families with TWO parents working full-time. It's ridiculous how unaffordable the city has become. Kind of hilarious that every bougie restaurant has Help Wanted signs when no waiter could possibly afford SF right now (not gonna get into gentrification politics but obviously a city cannot be 100% software engineers lmao)

No. 322078

Ruralfag from the Midwest here, I hate having a car, but it's the only way I can get to work 40 minutes away from my house since it's the only place that paid well that didn't require college education. Winter is a bitch too. Everyone sucks at driving. I've had to go through 2 cars because of it rusting so bad from the salt on the roads, but I guess my fault since both of my cars were under $500. KEK
I wish I lived in a city, I went to go visit a friend in LA last year and we did everything by walking and busses. I felt like I had purpose in life. I'm cooped up in my house all day because I'm surrounded by cornfields and the only way to get anywhere is by car.

No. 322097


Honestly, I hated SF. I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly but something just didn’t click for me.

For reference, I live in NYC. It is also a shithold. Come visit but don’t bother attempting to live here alone unless you’re pulling $80k+/yr in salary.

No. 322108

I live about an hour from SF, I like visiting there but I would never want to live there. Once you take one step out of the designated event area, there are homeless everywhere and everything smells like piss.

No. 322110

Healthcare sucks out here. It's more affordable to pay healthcare as a single person than being married. You can seriously get charged $150 for gauze because hospitals are so money hungry. I went to the emergency room for a panic attack a few years ago and we were billed $7,000 to stay there for 4 hours.

No. 322116

That's why you got to get public aid. Cheat the system.

No. 322126

austin and central tx really are nice. north tx isn't really that pretty.

No. 322148

I'm in central EU and I hate, HATE the US vs EU debacle. The constant point fingering and culture fights between us these years has been soooo tiring. Your country has good and bads, ours have goods and bads. We should instead all unite in hating the brits, fuck those bastards

No. 322151

I agree, the English should not be considered European or an ally of humankind

No. 322152


The Brits have been better allies to us than the shitstains in central Europe so how about no.

No. 322153

>We should instead all unite in hating the brits
This warms my little Irish heart

No. 322154


You're mistaken if you think I have any love for the Irish.

No. 322158

no one cares you salty brit lmfao

No. 322159


I'm German. Shouldn't you be passing more archaic abortion laws or something?

No. 322161

shouldn't you stop muslims from raping?

No. 322162

You think legalising abortion is archaic? On a board with majority women? Embarrassing.

No. 322165


And this is why the rest of Europe doesn't like your backwards little country.

No. 322168

Hun, you realise that you're talking to multiple people?

No. 322170


It's so pathetic it took until 2018 for Ireland to make abortion legal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322171


I'm from Italy, we had abortion legal since '81. Nice try tho

No. 322183

Any DC/DC area anons here? Might be moving there for work. I like DC when I visit but might have to live in a suburb and commute into the city. And I won't be bringing my car with me

No. 322186

File: 1541712061367.jpg (46.68 KB, 723x587, 1511723853640.jpg)

there was literally another mass-shooting today

No. 322216

I'm in NOVA, so I'm pretty close to DC (35 mins away)
It's expensive, but fairly nice. It's like NYC, but way smaller knit and the areas you want to avoid at night are pretty obvious.

Dupont circle is great though, which good bars and night clubs.

No. 322217

samefag, but i wanted to add that the metro is okay, but can get expensive. Still, it's semi clean. Only bad thing is that it does shut down after midnight-1am

No. 322233

thank u anon. I used to live in Boston, I feel like the t/metro are kind of similar, and has shitty hours, I think it closes at around the same time. The stations and trains in DC are a lot nicer though. Rent-wise it seems to be about the same as Boston, maybe a little cheaper. My 400sqft apartment in Boston was 1.9k/month, hope I can find somewhere same price/cheaper. Ideally I would like to live in the city, lets hope my job application goes well and they offer me a good salary

No. 322234


I grew up in Northern VA (Fairfax county) and I'll be honest, getting around without a car is hard. It can be done, but it's not as easy as in a lot of other metropolitan areas. The Metro is not great. BUT your experience can differ dramatically depending on where you are specifically.

My experience of growing up here was weird because as an adult, I see why my parents chose it–it's got a lot of job and shopping options, it's got good infrastructure, etc. But I found it really fucking boring to grow up in. It felt like a place without a history–restaurants and shops that exist everywhere, people (including my family) from all over the world, no one with roots more than 10 years old. I have good memories, but it was never a place I remotely considered living in as an adult and the traffic makes it hard to explore. But the city itself is fun and the museums and culture of it are amazing.

No. 322242

thank you!! yeah will not be bringing my car because I think I would road rage too hard and my head would explode, but hopefully if I'm able to live in dc near a metro station it will be possible to just use the metro.

No. 322263

I visited a friend in SF and found it pretty ridiculous that despite having a decent job, he's stuck in a miserable shack of an apartment.

Idk how people do it if they're not engineers. Even Oakland is stupid expensive now. I guess you share an apartment with 2 or 3 roommates and hope for the best, or uber any extra hour you get.

No. 322267

No problem , anon! All the big cities like nyc, boston and DC are really great. Just expensive to live in. I hope your new job and apartment go smoothly.

No. 322269

Yo, fellow NOVA anon. I'm in Loudon country and it's a pretty okay place, but without a car it can suck. I really , really wish they'd have more bus and metro service, because i live near things, but without proper sidewalks, i can't get to them without taking risks on the road. It's frustrating.

No. 322316

>Move here guys

Fuck off, I bet you came here from California.

No. 322347

I've travelled a good bit of the US this past year, and I have to say that eastern Virginia and West Virginia are the most beautiful areas in my opinion.

No. 322361

Nope, born and raised here. Get used to people coming in, you’re the type of p-lander that’s the most embarrassing. Bitching does nothing kek

No. 322499

How come I never see anybody complaining about the racist portrayal of foreigners in american cinema?
Every other country out there uses mostly people from their country to portay the hero AND the villain.
Yet in so many US movies it's always
>american "hero" vs italian mob
>american "hero" vs evil russians
>american "hero" vs yakuza
>american "hero" vs nazi germans
>american "hero" vs chinese mafia
Oftentimes it's not even the main theme of the movie, but the killers just "accidentally" happen to be all Russians… What makes the American guy who killed a dozen the good one and the Japanese guy who killed a dozen a cold blooded killer?
Strangely not even tumblr sjw seem to care about this, but I find it incredibly off-putting. They truly think of themselves as superior.
Why do they get away with this?

No. 322503

I think you must have tunnel vision, there are plenty of movies with Americans vs Americans. Also the Italian mobsters in American movies are specifically Italian Americans anyway.

No. 322507

it's hard to find art jobs ANYWHERE in the world unless you have connections.
not us related, but art schools are, in my opinion, a great place to make connections (more than a great place to actually learn art).

No. 322511

It's not racist if the plot just so happens to be an american guy battling the mafia of another country. That's pretty racist of you to assume. Also the italian mob is italian-american, you dipshit.

It's funny you're referring to retarded 80s movies like Samurai Cop, there's no politic motive behind goofy movies these.

No. 322514

For some reason the film industry is obsessed with those over the top stereotypes. I don't think anyone cares/notices because the examples you gave are of white people or places the US have gone to war with, so somehow it's justified. I cringe when I hear a baddie with a fake Russian accent in a film.

No. 322523

3 out of your 5 examples is whites against whites KEK.
Are you trying to say nationalist?
Most movies like this that release now do poorly, they used to be big over a decade ago. But who am I to say I haven't been to the movie theater in 8 years lol

No. 322536

Not even that, the odd foreigner is usually the punching bag or butt monkey of the film unless they're Jackie Chan.
See: Beni Gabor in The Mummy, Indiana Jones' sidekick Short Round, every laundry service operator in every movie ever

No. 322558

So you think you Americans are allowed to say and do whatever you want to foreigners as long as they're white? KEK
I'm not american, I'm not as obsessed with race as you are; if you look down on people from another county - no matter what they look like - then you are a racist in my book.

>That's pretty racist of you to assume.
According to the anon above you I can't be racist against you, since afterall the US is a country and not a race…

This is exactly what I mean; the criminals (or the dumb loser-like guys who're only there to be made fun of) are living in the US (so no good "american guy battling the mafia of another country") but they constantly do have foreign accents etc.

No. 322567

the anon above her is sperging about art school.

No. 322598

File: 1541783829589.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, 084.png)

>I'm not american, I'm not as obsessed with race as you are

>Makes a post about American movies being racist

>Apparently doesn't know what race is
>Thinks movies with Nazi villains are racist

No. 323402

Do you guys think Trump will get reelected?

No. 323404

Because the avg American citizen is just trying to get by. Plus, Hollyweird is run by American Jews. Take it up with them!

Inland is full of conservative farm people and coast is full of degenerate shitlibs

I really can't understand why everyone is so obsessed with Californians saying they wish we would burn to death lol.

No. 323407

>f you look down on people from another county - no matter what they look like - then you are a racist in my book.
you tard, do you know the definition of racist? you're using it incorrectly. the word you want to use is NATIONALIST.

No. 323419

>if you look down on people from another county - no matter what they look like - then you are a racist in my book.

hmm so israelis looking down on palestinians and palestinians looking down on israelis are automaticly racists ? Kurds looking down on turks are also racists ? bosnian people looking down on serbs are racist ?

great analysis there, anon

No. 323428

We just need an electable Democratic candidate next election.
People who shilled Clinton last time are responsible for giving this current idiot in chief a spot in government.

No. 323431

Uh yes, despite the "racial" similarities they're different ethnicities and have different cultural bgs, also Europeans looking down on Arabs/Jews counts as racist all the time but they're technically the same race.

No. 323436

File: 1541954396825.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, 1531508892158.jpg)

Ok so people are on the verge of racebaiting again but nobody answered my question.

No. 323455

Bernie wouldn't have won lmfao. People who didn't vote, voted third party, or voted for Trump are the reason Trump is president

No. 323464

I'd recommend seeing Washington DC if you want a nice city to visit. I was only there for a short time but I really enjoyed it, it's a very clean and beautiful city with lots of good touristy things to do and see. I also like that it's a good central location for the East Coast so you can easily fly out to other eastern cities you want to see.

No. 323510

why are people such cows when it comes to their politics? so many people have to "announce" their leaving one side to go to the other, it just screams attention seeking rather than actually discovering what they "truly believe in".

the elections happened and a few of my townie friends were talking about how some girl they thought was cool turned out to be a right winger. took one look at the girl's instagram and a majority of the people she follows are all right wing internet personalities like milo, lauren southern, and rando trad girls.

this reminded me of this long thread that was retweeted on my twitter timeline months ago of some guy who was bragging about how he used to be an alt-righter but now he realized he was brainwashed and is now a communist. took one look at the guy's following list, all left wing internet personalities & companies.

both of these people, all they know is discussing politics. how exhausting must it be to be friends with this person if all they surround themselves with is politics?

what do other anons think about these people who make announcements about themselves going to the "other side" of the political spectrum? all i know is that once someone starts bragging about their political beliefs, it's a red flag.

No. 323625

I'm not sure who can really compete with Trump as far as having a die hard fanbase and also appealing to people outside of that.

No. 324881

When people start talking about politics more than their daily lives and real world interests, it's never a good sign, no matter what those politics are.

I also hate it when people profess to 'know' that they're right. People who believe that shit are dangerous, whether they're political or not. They stop being objective.

No. 325912

Studying in baguette land and I absolutely adore Paris and France as a whole. I grew up in the middle of fucking nowhere Southern California, if you wanted to do anything interesting or fun you had to drive 45 min to an hour. If you have no car, you have no life. I also lived on the east coast for a bit and basically encountered the same thing. I’m in Paris now so cost of living sucks but there’s so much to do and see, every inch of the city has something interesting like museums, flea markets, I even catch myself just looking at the different architecture all around. I also lived in Normandy for a bit and visit Rhone Alpes regularly which are way more rural but still 10x better than the beige brown rocks and weeds I grew up around. There’s always a castle to visit, an ancient ruin to see, a regional cuisine to try. I seriously don’t want to go back, France is so much more pleasing to the eye than Southern California, and honestly a lot more friendly than they’re given credit for (in my opinion)

No. 325918


I've taken a few vacations in Paris and Nice and I've always found that if I make an effort to speak some French the people instantly loosen up and become friendly. They usually still switch to English because my French isn't very good, but it seems like they appreciate that I made the attempt.

No. 325954

Objectivity doesn't exist anyways. You'll always have bias, no matter what and thinking you are being objective just makes you less prone to acknoweledge your bias.

No. 326067

>I also lived in Normandy for a bit and visit Rhone Alpes regularly which are way more rural
In Rhone Alpes it depends on where you go, you should try to visit Annecy and Lyon. And if you're rich enough or can find nice deals maybe you should try to go to the mountains there on winter holidays if you like skiing.

I'm French but not white, and I find it funny because I visited Paris for a few days for holidays some months ago with some relatives and in some relatively touristic places and employees everywhere would immediately start talking English to us. Same thing with an Asian friend when we visited the south of France together. It was really awkward.

I didn't see your reply, sorry. I see that Washington DC is small, maybe in the case of a long trip I should visit bigger places like New York or Florida and then end the trip with Washington DC?

No. 326829

baguette fag here AND from Normandy ! Which part of Normandy did you visit ? Haute or Basse ?

Well to be fair if you go further into the countryside it'd be the same as what you described, just as any country that is similarly developped. A lot of train lines are closing due to too few people taking them and a shit ton of towns become more and more isolated because of it, and the result is the same as where you're from, no car = no life.
But France's countryside is beautiful and underrated.
I'm very glad to see someone enjoying France, as Paris often gets bashed for being filthy and filled with assholes (which is true, ngl).
How long are you staying there ?

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