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File: 1539303065057.png (5.03 MB, 1440x2155, 3 years ago.png)

No. 308261

Tracking down the cows n flakes of yore who graced the old Ashley Isaacs threads.

Wondering what happened to Little Sprout set me on this mission.

Are they all still brattish sp00ps or did they ~recover~?

Investigations ongoing…

No. 308264

File: 1539303368277.jpg (39.33 KB, 492x322, e.JPG)

"Little Sprout" was given her name because every meal involved six sprouts. EXACTLY six sprouts.
Her insta name was questtorecovery, except she said she wasn't trying to gain weight. She was an asshole to her mother who also had to care for her brother who had Down's Syndrome.

She disappeared from insta, deleted her blog, etc after CPS was called to investigate her home situation after a tip off from someone on Instagram.

Here was a typical meal.

No. 308265

File: 1539303450520.jpg (78.06 KB, 868x586, 11.JPG)

3 years on and now she's working at Starbucks and attending college. She's scrubbed up well and seems she beat the beast that was her eating disorder.

Eilish/Sprout on left.

No. 308267

File: 1539303598736.jpg (141.75 KB, 971x637, 1427338424222.jpg)

Now looking for whatever happened to gummy_bearprincess. She was a friend of Ash's until she actually decided to recover for real and unfollowed Ash, sending Ash into spasms of rage.

Did she dump her diet of sugar and fro yo and gain weight? Did she trash the plastic Disney crockery and start eating from adult plates (seeing how she was 40-ish and had a child of her own)?

No. 308269

(this was a mementos day because she posted only THREE sprouts).

No. 308289

Anyone else remember Ashley's friend Erika? I'm curious to know how she and her kids are doing

No. 308348

I wish I knew where Dante is…

No. 308390

he's in each and every one of our hearts anon

No. 308427

Was Ashley Isaacs that half-dead looking skeleton with the permanent band aid on her face? What happened to her? Did she finslly croak?

No. 308433

She posted a video on IG last Wednesday, so I guess she's still alive and unwell.

No. 308434


How the fuck? link to her IG?

No. 308441

Not that anon, but there's still an Ash thread on autosage

and her ig is the same as ever:

No. 308443

oops - ash thread

No. 308445

With the return of the Starbucks cup and the possible relapse in action, maybe just maybe…

No. 308549

I constantly wonder about what happened to Erika…

No. 308558

File: 1539350356736.jpg (62.01 KB, 830x830, 36700059_771513823237938_48294…)

samefag, after some detective work, i found her facebook. she looks well.

No. 308559

File: 1539350479471.jpg (146.59 KB, 960x720, 31143732_718978915158096_25189…)

No. 308866

I noticed that she'd started a facebook account with a fake name, but I forgot it and that perv Henry Roth/Bill Bockmann switched off his thing where you can see their friends.

She does look well, but she always did really. Her shoulders still look bones, but here >>308559 her arms look toned and she really does look good.

As much as I liked her, then had doubts about her, I hope she's doing okay if not only for the sake of the kids.

I'm going to look for some of the others later. It's good reading past Ashley threads because they're genuinely amusing. It was weird to see the first mention of Aly on there before she got her own thread.

I was going to ask about one of the people mentioned, but not sure if it was really something I should do seeing how she was really fucked and had friends on lolcow. My memory's bad, but it was starchild or something?

I saw someone who was mentioned once and she'd recovered. It's good when that happens.

I was thinking about Ash earlier and how I wouldn't be surprised if she reached the age of 60. Her deterioration is really slow, but it amazes me she's still alive. She never even seems to get sick. Amyway, that's Ash and she's still spoopy.

No. 308891

same, anon..same

I love you, anon

No. 308898

File: 1539380713807.jpg (241.4 KB, 750x1334, before.jpg)

Okay, another one that mentioned 3 years ago.

Her name on ig was annagirl11
this was her then

No. 308900

File: 1539380752245.jpg (79.32 KB, 959x960, now.jpg)

this is her now

No. 308903

File: 1539380850063.jpg (144.56 KB, 640x640, 10603479_768026213258592_46670…)

I honestly thought she'd be a goner.

No. 309090


wowwwwww, i love these transformations. i truly hope she's happier.

No. 309357

I wonder how Shmegeh is these days….

No. 310370

That's really impressive. Good for her.

No. 310405

What happened to crying Emily? Last I heard she had a baby and was doing better, but no receipts.
As for Ember & Emily, they're both recovered and Emily is into some woo crystal shit now and Ember seems relatively normal after an incredibly cringy hood phase.
As for shmegeh who the fuck knows? There's a few candids where she looks better but it's hard to tell. She's not dead, and she's still working at hot topic as of 2-3 months ago. What a sad life.

No. 310477

Why are all the anons saying she "was doing better" when the last thing of her was screenshots of her sobbing because she's horrified she wont be a good mother and general crying emily things except she was knocked up this time.

No. 310478

What happened to the that vegan ginge girl who made the most hideous food possible and if I remember correctly wanted to make a recipe book kek

No. 310505

Still spooky, still eating nothing but laxatives and supplements, still obsessed with being solely for daddyjesus and pretending she’s a nutritionist/professional therapist/worlds sickest woman.
Grape juice fasting gave her crohns, bone broth is the new miracle diet. Still trying to become a poster child for cystic fibrosis by occasionally forcing a dry cough in videos. Eating $1200 worth of garbage pills, paid for by human daddy.

No. 311387


crying emily is fine if i recall, there is a snapshot in the proana scumbags thread.

No. 311588

File: 1539798302136.jpg (159.78 KB, 954x960, 37607882_1849743711714292_5752…)

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