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No. 306108

What is your favorite Pokemon and generation? How did you get into this series? Discuss.

No. 306139

Favorite from each gen:

I - Mew / Meowth / MissingNo.
II - Jumpluff / Corsola
III - Skitty (obv)
IV - Probably Drifloon
V- Reuniclus / Chandelure
VI- Klefki / Flabebe line
VII - Eh, not sure.

I've played since RB came out. I remember being a little kid and my brother, who knew I loved cats, told me about this new cartoon with a bunch of monsters, called Pokemon. That there was even a talking cat! I was all over that shit.

Then he showed me Red version on the Super Gameboy we'd gotten, and I was super hyped. I don't even remember when, but I began playing on his file and catching MissingNo.
(The best pokemon, obviously)

The rest is history.

For the most part, I like every gen, I feel like they all have something I like. But my all time favorite is probably Gen II, but I also really liked Gen V.

No. 306153

I love cute Pokémon, like Jigglypuff, Oddish, Mudkip, Drifloon, and Vulpix. Gen III will probably always be my favorite, because it’s the first gen I played when it was new. I also love gen I. I’ve been working on a playthrough of Yellow where I use the Ditto glitch to fill the Pokédex. I’m mostly done with it, but I’ve taken a break for now.

I got into the series because kids at school liked it, and I tried (and failed) to make friends with them. I started watching the show, then my dad bought me a used copy of Yellow for $10. Now Pokémon is really nostalgic for me. I still watch a couple of indigo league episodes once in a while.

No. 306156


No. 306171

File: 1538942369355.png (72.72 KB, 500x522, long.png)

Egg-cellent taste

No. 306174

I'm not an extreme fan of the franchise, but I love Solrock. Ever since I captured in on Emerald it's always been in my team no matter what.

No. 306178

Wow this is so retarded

No. 306179

File: 1538942832531.jpg (68.61 KB, 1080x1620, bthwtmyb6vcx.jpg)


Someone is cranky, take a hit from this, you'll feel better


No. 306180

File: 1538942840490.png (856.52 KB, 500x1141, 98704225167983440.png)


I think I've already posted this on lc but

No. 306182

When I was little I watched the original anime on tv and had a whole bunch of Pokémon books. I also saw the first movie in theaters and had some random merchandise like an electric pikachu toothbrush.

I didn’t play the games until a friend gave me an old game boy advance sp with a copy of pokemon crystal. My favorite 1st gen pokemon were Lapras and Sandslash

No. 306190

I’m pretty old so I got into the series when I was subscribed to Nintendo Power as a kid and got those little Pokémon Power mini-magazines they included when Pokémon Red and Blue were about to be released in the states.

My favorite generation is probably gen II probably because it’s the one I played the most and was just such a significant upgrade from the first one. My starter was Cyndaquil so Typholsion is probably the closest I have to a favorite Pokémon. I missed out on gens III and IV though and have been meaning to play those for a while.

No. 306193

I'm 19 and I started with Pokémon Pearl on the DS.
I also loved Pokémon Ranger and Explorers of Darkness / Time, also on the DS.
The gameplay is kind of too shallow and repetitive for me now but I still love the pokémon. Piplup best starter

Lol I love Pokémon memes

No. 306196

File: 1538945441296.gif (517.58 KB, 320x240, 2abc08cfec428e91938274a40219b0…)

favourite pokemon is and always will be espeon. best pink cat

favourite generation is X and Y, i know a lot of people dislike that generation and even i dont really know why its my favourite, it just is lol. second fave is 3rd gen.

got into pokemon when the first games came out in europe, i was like 4. have liked it ever since although never been quite as obsessed as i was between ages 4-11. i watched all the episodes of the anime back then too.

No. 306198

File: 1538945741018.jpg (84.92 KB, 800x800, 5853865.jpg)

I was aware of what pokemon is when i grew up but i never played the games bc we were too poor and 3rd world to have gaming consoles and the anime seemed too childish for me. then i really got into pokemon go when it came out (i still play lmao) and played moon and ultra sun when they came out. moon was alright but ultra sun was very boring and i felt like an adult playing a game for 8 year olds. I'm considering getting alpha ruby/omega sapphire once uni goes on winter break because a friend who's really into pokemon said it's her favourite and i don't want to be a fake fan that only plays pokemon go lol

anyways, my fav is tangela and i was quite upset when the cut 1st gen pokemon concepts came out earlier this year bc tangela's evolution looked mega cute

No. 306486

File: 1539012805750.png (269.24 KB, 624x544, tumblr_ofsbvtLmfi1ueqbsbo2_640…)

i'm obsessed with pokemon. primarily the first two gens as they're the most nostalgic for me, but i still play almost all the games (at least the new gens if not the gen-specific sequels they always get). i'll admit i forget the names of most of them past gen 2, but i still love pokemon so much! it's a huge part of my life.

my fave pokemon is bulbasaur (the whole line really), and my fave gen is pretty evenly split between 1 and 2. r/b/y was a masterpiece, g/s/c was a masterpiece that expanded. it's too hard for me to choose.

i will always hold pokemon close to my heart. have some nostalgia from a simpler time.

No. 306679

My favourite game was Pokemon diamond for the DS, my favourite Pokemon in general are cyndaquil and bulbasaur

Was always more of a digimon girl tho

No. 306895

>favorite pokemon
I have a lot that I love, but absolute favs are probably Houndoom and Wailord.

>favorite gen

GSC, followed by DPP and XY.

>how did you get into the series

I was in 5th grade and had a huge crush on this kid in my homeroom who was super into pokemon like everyone else was at the time. We had the old ass brick gameboy at home so I asked my parents for one of the games. They got me Red and I wound up loving it so much I didn't even give a shit about impressing him anymore.

I was pretty obsessed with the series until being disappointed with RSE. I thought it was going to be a sequel more in the vein of GSC (which I was obsessed with to the point of actually completing the pokedex, the first and only time I've ever done that). I didn't really like the music, the style, or many of the pokemon that gen.

When DPP came out I put off playing it for years because I didn't have a DS. When I finally got the money for it I picked up Pearl and loved it a lot. Then BW came out and thought it was shit so I stopped caring again until XY. I wanted to play Sun and Moon, but my 3DS was lost on an international flight so I never got further than a few gyms and haven't bothered replacing it since the 3DS is being retired anyway.

No. 307395

File: 1539156109683.png (445.32 KB, 1024x668, 200___429_misdreavus_line_by_i…)

I only ever played SoulSilver when I was stuck in a mental health hospital, but I like the designs of a lot of the pokemon and think they're very cute.

My favourite is Misdreavus and his evolutions because he's a gothy lil shit.

No. 308383

File: 1539318727894.jpg (69.21 KB, 845x480, gF5fgPfTaGF5gPYDQsYOnC0-RxlRJu…)

God,i missed pkm so much,eversince my brother sold the gameboy and most of the pokemon game that he had,i never got the chance to catch up with the pkm franchise in general.But,im getting my first console in years and a bunch of new games( including pkm sun and y) im so excited to play!!!!

No. 308405

I remember when the games came out and everybody at day care had 'em.
Weirdly, I didn't find a favorite Pokemon till after I dropped it when entering college and then rediscovering during gen 4. Good ol Baltoy is my pal.

Favorite gen is five because it's the most complete, there were a lot of cool Pokemon and it was the last before crap like mega evolution and z crystals. And Unova might be best region.

No. 309367

What's weird is having a favorite Pokemon from when you started playing (I started w/Red) and, like, I feel guilty changing it lol. So I like to have a top 5 for each generation.

I: Charmander (my first fav. It was also my favorite number–4. And the mascot of my favorite color. It was destiny). Flareon, Magneton, Haunter, and Gloom round out the rest.
II- Cyndaquil, Politoed, Lanturn, Magcargo, Porygon2
III-Mudkip, Skitty, Shiftry, Metang, Camerupt
IV- Empoleon, Luxray, Dusknoir, Toxicroak, Roserade
V-Eelektross, Chandelure, Swoobat, Audino, Trubbish
VI-Chesnaught, Litleo, Pyroar (yes, I'm counting them separate because I love both of them), Espurr, Klefki
VII-Litten, Rockruff, Mimikyu, Tsareena, Salazzle

My favorite gen is 2, 3 or 6. I really did not like 5 or 7. 5 was better when they released the sequels so you weren't bound to just Unova Pokemon, but I think I will always have negative memories towards it because an incel-tier guy asked me out by saying 'hey, will you check out my team?' and he had named them "Anon/will you/go/out/with/me". And that was… not good. Don't do that. Unless you absolutely know someone will say yes, don't do it.

I just haven't gotten around to liking gen 7. I finished Sun, never finished the sequel. I'm salty they didn't do any sequels for XY. Z was there… calling their name. But they didn't answer. They had way better trainer customization options than SM/USUM. Like. I just don't understand. XY brought back my love for Pokemon that was lost with BW. I know people say the plot was weak for it/mega evolutions suck, but I really enjoy the game every time I play through it. It's one of the games I'll do type-restriction challenge because they make it fairly easy to at least get half a team going at the start for various ones.

Remake-wise, I loved HGSS. So. Much. I loved having your lead follow you around and I loved Lyra's character design. It's a feel-good game for me. I liked the mini-game things that were next to the National Park.

No. 415435

File: 1559042579120.gif (1.44 MB, 498x228, tenor.gif)

I fucking love this movie and probably will go see it again in a week or two! It's absolutely joyful and fun. I am looking forward to a sequel.
I really wanted to play the original game, but then I found out it's really simplistic and for kids only. Maybe that's for the better, since I am still paying for my Switch.
Really bummed about lack of merch where I live.

No. 415442

This movie was super wholesome and a breath of fresh air between edgelord superhero movies. It's nice to just have a simple cute story with beloved characters once in awhile.

No. 415458

I loved this movie, I thought it was so cute and sweet. It was like a dream coming true to see CGI Pokémon in the big screen. My friend didn't like the movie and it was her suggestion to go, she said it was "too childish"…

No. 415465

I really loved to see a more character focused Pokemon story. The Pokemon world is so interesting and yet Nintendo does NOTHING with it. You can tell so many interesting stories in it and yet all the Pokemon anime movies are a cliche fest centering on Ash (who's not a very interesting protagonist). I wish we could get more stories like Detective Pikachu. It's sad that I have to dig for the few good Pokemon fanfic and fancomics (like It's a Hard Life) to experience a good story involving Pokemon (other than the movie, of course).

Weird to hear that the movie was too kiddy for someone. To me it was clear that just like PoGo, it was targeting grownass millenials AND their kids. The plot was obviously easy to understand, but there were plenty of things for adult pokemon fan to enjoy.

No. 415495

Loved the movie, hated the ending though. Also couldn’t get over how ugly a lot of the Pokémon were

No. 415551

Hope you don't mean Mr Mime, there is no way this fucker is not ugly.
I also found the ending the weakest part I am always bored when the time comes for the Final Boss battle and all action Hollywood movies tend to do it recently.
I liked Mewtwo not being evil. I wish it was explained why Tim understood Pikachu. I assume cause he was his father but yeah…#

No. 415557

I love the movie too, anon. The Bulbasaurs made me cry tears of joy.

No. 415561

I saw it on the opening night in my country and there wasn't a single kid in the theatre, it was almost exclusively young adults.

No. 415934

I fucking love Pikachu. He's the mascot and the first that I saw when the first season would play on TV. I felt like a basic bitch for loving Pikachu when a lot of my friends around me would pick other pokemon as their favorite, but now as an adult I don't give a fuck because Pikachu has the most merch anyway so I'm never short of finding cute Pikachu things (both a blessing and a curse).

My dad bought and let me play the first generation of games when I was like… 4 years old or some shit but I didn't get too far (up to where the Snorlax is blocking the path) because I could barely read and understand what I was reading lol. The first game that I finished from beginning to end was ruby/emerald, but I didn't play any of the games before or after that until Sun/Moon came out. Sun/Moon was the first pokemon game I actually bought for myself with my own earned money lol. I really want to get alpha sapphire/omega ruby to play some day!

TV show wise, I fucking love the Sun and Moon series. Absolutely love it. All the seasons are really fun to watch and I'll watch them whenever I happen to catch them on TV, but Sun and Moon was the first one where I really watched all the episodes in order (I'm very much behind now, but I would watch it weekly when it first started airing for the first few weeks). I loved how much more slice of life-y it is, and even if people shit on the art style, I think it's fucking cute as shit and I love those moments where they switch from really simply and cutesy, to more detailed and ugly faces lol. At some point I was watching it subbed because the dub was taking too long to come out, and even though Netflix has it now, I'm too used to the subbed to want to switch back to the dub (which is only what they have). The OP/ED are cute as fucking shit and I downloaded the songs and sing along to them too. I haven't watched Detective Pikachu yet but I want to so bad.

No. 415938

File: 1559148393561.png (950.74 KB, 1000x1000, baltoy2.png)

My favorite Pokemon is no one else's. That sounds snowflake-y, but it's true. When I test people they never guess. Coincidentally, it came from the Generation I played the least.

No. 415942

File: 1559150281137.gif (729.46 KB, 320x238, tumblr_otlx8aSqx71uh3x51o1_400…)

I was into pokemon from 5 up until a few years ago (grew out of it? idk). At that age I just watched the show and had toys. I was only allowed to start playing at 10 when my mom bought me a gameboy advance and leafgreen for me for my birthday. It was a really fond memory.
Growing up my favourite games were by far the Mystery Dungeon ones, the humour appealed to my young self and I preferred interacting with pokemon as characters rather than owning/training them. I bought the newer PMD game a couple years back and I still haven't finished it since I'm just not into vidya much anymore.

Anyway Mime Jr. is cutest pokemon and you can't change my mind. Sinnoh/gen 4 will always be close to my heart since I played Pearl and PMD:EoT to death when they came out. Most of my other favourites (Darkrai, Gallade, Vespiquen) are also from that gen. Popplio is fave starter though.

Thinking about it makes me want to play again, but I know I don't have the energy anymore. Sad!

No. 415943

Is Sun and Moon worth watching for someone who loves Pokemon world and slice of life, but isn't keen on typical Ash and Team R antics?

Your fave one is Baltoy? Why? That is an interesting choice, I must say.

No. 415955

Hm, that's tough to say. I only got about 15 episodes in before outside factors stopped me from watching/keeping up, so take my words with a grain of salt I guess lol.

As for Ash, at least the episodes I've watched, there's a good dose of focus on the other characters. The very first few in the series are centered around Ash and one of the companions in the group so you get to know them a bit more. I personally don't find that Ash overtakes the show that much this season because they have to balance out such a big main cast (5 companions instead of just 2 or 3). Also, I know pokemon is all about battling, but I loved that so far I've seen minimal pokemon battles lol. There's a big one in the beginning and I've seen the Brock/Misty scenes that come up later on, but I don't think there's a whole lot of it, mostly just school and life antics.

For team rocket, they didn't really seem to cause all that much trouble. There's like one episode I watched where they fucked shit up, but the majority of it is them dealing with the Bewear who's basically captured them, and I think the scenes with them dealing with Bewear are really funny and entertaining to watch. Most of the shots I was thinking about when I mentioned the "changing from a cutesy, simple style to a more detailed ugly face" were of Team R.

That said, I hope you decide to pick it up and watch it anon! I love it so much.

No. 415967

I dunno. It's cute and I like the Jomon doll look.

What about you?

No. 415979

File: 1559158852432.gif (83.92 KB, 564x546, d7q71lh-0b9c7ec5-6f28-4aae-a98…)

This thing has my heart. I've played every gen since I was little and to me, the games just keep getting better. X&Y is my favorite tho. For now.

No. 415980

File: 1559158930017.jpg (44.73 KB, 421x810, tumblr_pnhejuCrED1rytk0m_540.j…)

Same. And it wasn't even the story, just seeing the bulbasaurs got me so emotional… That scene looked so incredible, hopefully there's gonna be more scenes set in nature in the sequel(s)

Gen 4 is definitely the one I've played the most, it was the first one that multiple of my friends had too, so finally getting to play with others (which other people obviously got to in earlier generations) elevated it sooo much in my eyes.

My favorite is Totodile, probably because he was the one I got in the Mystery Dungeon quiz.
I got into the games because of my older brother, who had grown out of it by then so I got to play all his vidya.

Anyone here played Stadium?

No. 416007

File: 1559162908754.gif (1.02 MB, 400x373, tumblr_pg20y5J94w1uqk9d4o1_400…)

This dopey fuck is my fave Pokémon of all time. I don't care if they aren't particularly strong, look at it go.

No. 416008

The N64 games? I clocked so many hours on them as a kid. I still think they're revolutionary in the way that they let you use your Pokemon from your RBY/GSC saves. Plus there were achievements in Stadium that gifted you special Pokemon you could use in your games too (Psyduck with amnesia was my favourite). Also, the minigames were TONS of fun with friends. Why haven't we gotten games like Pokemon Stadium for recent generations?

No. 416012

File: 1559163309064.gif (859.23 KB, 330x330, 409.gif)

I can't pick one favorite pokémon but this guy makes me smile

Also I really enjoyed the mystery dungeon:explorers of time/darkness games, but I held off on getting the new 3DS game because I didn't like the new look of them. Anyone played it and would recommend?

No. 416030

And the likelyhood yours is actually unique is super high.

No. 416056

File: 1559173915228.gif (756.89 KB, 499x374, 1CCD152F-6AC6-43A4-881D-10834F…)

this fancy bitch has been my fave for years but ugh honestly any of the bratty pink pokemon (jigglypuff, smoochum) were my shit when i was a kid playing pokemon channel for gamecube lul

No. 416072

With rental pokes, yeah. I'm kinda sad my gameboy buds never got a crack at it, but then again that might make the play through way too easy.

No. 416159

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