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File: 1536369243394.png (1.42 MB, 2092x1198, elongated muskrat.png)

No. 292678

Previous thread:

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

No. 292683

The Ariana milk is overflowing. It’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from.

No. 292688

bpdPete will be jealous over a dead guy lmao and probably go on a coke binge to ~out do him~ or some shit and get Ariana back focused and worried about HIM. This will probably be him comforting her "hurrr me I have a bigger dick anyway, don't be sad baby."

No. 292691

prediction: bpdete is going to continue to sperg in the media and get more insane tattoos to keep attention on him. ariana will break up with him, cancel her tour and check in to rehab

No. 292699

Hope this is a wake up call for some of these stars. After tweeting their condolences about Mac they should get their asses checked into rehab. All these lil xans and what not are gonna look so hypocritical the second they go back to their 'drugs drugs ayyy lean xan' spiel.

But realistically, nothing will change. Nothing changed after lil peep, nothing will change after mac.

No. 292705

eeeh celebrities have been dying from drugs for decades, i don't really see them changing just bc some rappers died and they sent condolences to them. the whole industry is circulated around drugs so a lot of it isn't surprising, just sad.

No. 292709

It never is. If literally no one learned from peep, whose death was way worse, no one will learn from mac. I think they'll keep dropping like flies until 2020 at the earliest, then it'll be a bit less common.

Speaking of lil xan, if post malone isn't the next to go, it'll probs be him, pump, or (fingers crossed!) takashi.

No. 292719

Takashi doesn't seem like a drug addict. If anything he will end up getting murdered because he talks so much shit lol

No. 292720

File: 1536372201962.gif (5.22 MB, 294x300, giphy.gif)

Idgaf about any of these people but butthole eyes, BPDete, and Elongated Muskrat are some of the funniest nicknames I've read this yea.

No. 292762

I never heard a song by Mac miller in my life. Just listened to a few. Completely forgettable.

No. 292780

Anyone else think BPDetes numerous gratituous tattoos of Ari are a sort of tactic to make the relationship progress faster and to make her feel sort of owed to the relationship? Like how some guys give expensive gifts on the second date and force you to accept them so you feel like you owe it to stay. Especially when you consider his basically immediate proposal.

No. 292783

absolutely. i'm sure it working with how vulnerable ariana seems to be

No. 292788

And considering theyre tattoos, it’s not really like she has any day over whether he gets them or not.

No. 292789

say** fuck

No. 292809

It's really transparent manipulation.

No. 292810

Nevermind how many of these new tats are covering tattoos he got for his last girlfriend.

No. 292812

No. 292813

File: 1536383448522.jpg (52.25 KB, 639x694, DmiwVWkWwAA9SL6.jpg)

No. 292816

Nicki is so fucked. Wrong thread but lmao @ BTS choosing the absolute worst time to collab with her in her entire career.

No. 292817

File: 1536383849992.jpg (156.19 KB, 810x1200, Dmi31Z4UYAEBPiM.jpg)

No. 292819

people with BPD don't suicide, they just moan and threaten about it a lot but unfortunately for everyone else they never do it.

it's part of his lovebombing.

No. 292823

Damn, that shit looks painful.

What's with the Nicki Minaj family? Her brother molests children and she starts fights with them?

No. 292829

This is hilarious, they’re both such trash

No. 292839

I have BPD myself (except I got medication, therapy and don't post about it all the fucking time on Tumblr) and honestly it surprises me that Ariana openly said she ended her relationship with Mac because it was toxic and she didn't want to be his 'mother' etc… yet she's now marrying someone with BPD AKA toxicity in diagnosable form. Now, I'm not psychic folks but that will certainly not end well. Girl needs to ditch him when his mood is stable and go on a long holiday away from the public eye and just have a fucking break.

No. 292847


The smol baby bois cannot be involved in this nasty female drama uwu

No. 292891

Absolutely. My sister had a loon guy obsessed with her who got her name tattooed just to try and manipulate her into dating him (didn't succeed thankfully). Crazy fucks gotta be crazy, and I hate men like them so much

No. 292972

apparently it wasn't nicki and it was someone named rah ali?

No. 292986

She's Nicki's friend apparently

No. 292989

Nah it was really at Nicki. Ali was just the one who elbowed Cardi, she's Nicki's bodyguard. Nicki always targets how women can't raise their kids right.

>Nicki talks shit about Cardi's baby and steps on her train and tries to make her trip

>in exchange Cardi throws a shoe at her

Meanwhile Nicki lost a baby according to CDAN to a drug binge. Apparently it ain't the first time. The irony, her talking shit about other women not being proper mums - meanwhile she's out here getting miscarriages due to drugs. Also, as we all know her brother is a convicted pedophile and her mum is on a war track to slander and call a 8-year old girl a liar (starts at 11:22).

People whom's kids Nicki has gone after
>Lil' Kim, Kylie Jenner, Remy Ma, Mariah Carey, Cardi B

Nicki's go to insult is that someone can't raise their kids right. It's probably because she's projecting on how shitty she is.

No. 292996

People have already started with fucking knot jokes and its killing me

No. 293008

The best thing that Nicki Minaj has done lately was dubbing a character from Steven Universe who only appeared in one episode, kek
She's a better voice actress than a "rapper" imo

No. 293015

that was four years ago

No. 293039

i saw pete at a comedy club in nyc recently. i cant believe he didnt fall off the stage, he was so fucked up. it was kind of sad. i hope he is ok after this.

No. 293040

Fuck I love Cardi. She was a stripper working with the worst of them, so you know she's been through it. Real as fuck with a good personality. Nicki had a good team and concept behind her early work (still love Did it on Em lol) but now it's clear that she doesn't really have a direction.

I really can't believe their teams let this shit happen at NYFW - Eagerly awaiting the shitty diss tracks now :)

No. 293042

Same. Why do people think he was so talented?

No. 293050

That's the pun

No. 293054

really! korea hates scandals but they chose the messiest cow in the american music industry atm to collab with?

No. 293070

but it wasn't a pun

No. 293071

literally quite a few american artists have been wanting to work with them and they chose nicki.

anyways, i don't really like cardi or nicki, just casually enjoy some of their songs, but whatever beef they've been having is so stupid. i think they should've just let them go at it on the red carpet instead of whatever ghetto cinderella situation went on.

No. 293101

Remy Ma also said Nicki does things behind the scenes to make others look bad and her better. Did it to lil Kim, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and now doing it do Cardi. Couple of weeks ago TMZ was going in on Cardi bringing up random old shit and "racist" skits she'd done, reaching really really hard. It's obvious Nicki paying TMZ.

Something aint right with the entire Maraj Family.

No. 293105

File: 1536467303008.png (7.82 KB, 1118x52, b7B57cB.png)

Not surprising. She's so miserable and insecure.

No. 293109

She really doesn’t seem to like other female artists.

No. 293111

her early career was built on countless songs with her dissing lil kim

No. 293115

>her early career was built on countless songs with her dissing lil kim

But copying her at the same time.

No. 293125

Elongated Muskrat is aces, lolcow can deliver

No. 293159

File: 1536479236957.png (802.02 KB, 720x996, Screenshot_2018-09-09-09-44-13…)

Ariana posted this pic 10 hours ago, unable comments (expected and understandable) but did not caption it. Wondering if Pete is mad tbh

No. 293161

disabled* sorry

No. 293170

This makes me so sad. I really fear she's going to have a massive breakdown. I don't approve of her choices since getting with Pete but her mind must be really dark right now.

That said I'd like to hope Pete isnt mad that she posted that in memory of a deceased loved one, ex or not.

No. 293173

fully agreed. Ariana is a cow but she must be so fucked rn, she should take a break

No. 293186

right - especially the instagram comments. She is a sufferer of anxiety and PTSD and I know seeing thousands of people blame & threaten you over the death of a loved one that you have tried to help must be fucking with her so badly.

I absolutely loathe Pete but I hope he's actually being decent and supporting her. She needs to return to therapy.

No. 293189

I just looked at other pics, her comments are restricted (and probably curated by someone, bc everyone is defending her, which is reassuring,)
I hope her management will make sure of her well being at the moment, and won't let her do crazy shit

No. 293191

She's got her coke and her millions. Its okay.

No. 293209

bpd knows no logic, he's probably super jealous and flipping out. he probably feels very threatened

No. 293211


imo the last thing she needs is pete getting involved, i hope she's actively seeking out professionals for help during this time. she has the resources for it and knowing the kind of person he is along with the bpd he's just going to make things worse for her

No. 293212


lmfao everyone wants pete to fuck up so bad, can't wait for the tears when he turns out to be supportive of her throughout this instead of this monster y'all are making him out to be.

No. 293213

>this monster y'all are making him out to be

I mean the dude has BPD, it's not a stretch to think he would flip out over what's happening in Arianna's life.

No. 293231

Also DJ Akademiks, Cardi B, Joe Budden, Charlamagne tha God, Dj Envy, Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato and Azealia Banks have said she has tried to either blackball them, fuck with their money and get people to stop working with them.

Funnily enough Nicki is no longer the IT girl, so her record label is letting her screech into the wind.

Iggy dropped an album, apparently one of the reasons she wasn't releasing stuff anymore is because Nicki arranged her to be blackballed. Lil Kim is also making a comeback, so Nicki must be furious.

Shether is in the top 5 disses of all time. Same reason why it still isn't on Spotify, was taken down on Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and RnB websites multiple times. Nicki just happened to start dating Nas after it came out, conveniently.

No. 293235

did you see him being supportive of manchester? no, he fucking made a shitty joke about it that Ariana had to defend him on. he's literally branding her and himself with shitty tattoos in a bid to stay together and has already threatened to kill himself if she left him. he willingly partook in homewrecking as she cheated on her now dead ex. people with BPD have 0 empathy and melt down if theyre not the centre of attention. he's a ticking timebomb that's already running short on its fuse.

No. 293269

even with all the shit that has happened to ariana

she's clearly a dumb bitch who left a druggy for another one. i'd get fucked up if someone i loved for two years left me for psycho pete and got engaged to him after a month

No. 293272

Lmao who throws shoes in public? I'm sorry, Nikki wasn't the one acting like ghetto trash at a high-class event

No. 293275

They both are, but I agree that Cardi is way trashier. She's about as big of a cow as Nicki all things considered.

No. 293306

Nicki was only classy because she knows someone like cardi could beat her ass. Let's not forget when she called out little 100 lb something Miley Cyrus in public because she knew that little ass rich white girl wouldn't do shit.

No. 293311

This. Nicki Minan has attacked and dragged multiple female artists with provocation, she’ll talk shit about Cardi’s child but is happy to hide behind her bodyguards when the chickens come home to roost. Cardi dindu nothing.

No. 293312

fugg, Minaj without provocation

No. 293324

>Nicki was only classy because she knows someone like cardi could beat her ass

Imagine Nicki trying to run, or move quickly in any way. It's a grotesque thought tbh

No. 293325

I find Grande annoying but god damn, do I feel bad for her. Harassment and death seems to follow her around. She's so young and has already experienced so much of both. She doesn't have a good life, celebrity or otherwise.

No. 293327

File: 1536511040745.jpg (845.64 KB, 1000x1023, nicki-minaj-2017-butt-moments.…)

i despise nicki minaj so i never google her, but what the FUCK

No. 293331

When you beat someone's ass for making comments you dislike, you literally prove to the world that those comments are true. Cardi B is a trashy whore and clearly a shitty mother, or else Nicki's comments wouldn't have her so triggered.

No. 293333

This, people give Nikki shit for being #ratchet but I've never seen her act the way Cardi B acts on talkshows, sticking out her tongue acting like she has a mental disability.

No. 293342

imagine dedicating an entire song to your ''big fat ass'' when it's a) an implant and b) looks like this

No. 293353

Imagine singing dumb shit like "fuck those skinny bitches" over and over again when this could have applied to you as well if it weren't for these fucked up implants.

No. 293360

Nah I'm pleased trash like Cardi is fighting trash Nicki like we all win seeing shitty celebs fight.

No. 293361

File: 1536518984854.jpg (101.7 KB, 744x908, 3b295e35fa620a6c246a81bdffabf6…)

Ariana can't be too far from a full on Britney meltdown. I feel bad for her, and obviously Pete is in now way equipped to help her. Someone in her family or management really needs to just pull her out for a while.

I doubt they will though, because she's everyone's paycheck. Not an Ariana stan at all, but It makes me think of Avicii and how his management kept pushing him and guilting him even though he was so obviously at his wit's end, and said so. She needs some serious therapy and time away from the spotlight (and Pete)

No. 293366

legit feel the same way. shes gonna be on a drug and alcohol fueled binge and end up in rehab sooner or later, and look back at her engagement as the worst decision of her life

No. 293397

This. I hate Nicki with passion but Cardi is just ripping off her bit while being way trashier and has even shittier songs than Nicki does. They're both garbage.

shETHER is glorious though. Remy knows what the fuck is up.

No. 293408

Pete is really the Kevin Federline of this situation

No. 293418

If Ariana announces a pregnancy in the next few months, you might be psychic.

No. 293422

And Britney still hasn't regained control of her life from that, iirc all of her finances are STILL controlled by her dad and managers or something because she was considered mentally unfit because of this incident. Ariana better back away now if she ever wants to be in control of her own life.

No. 293476

I'm not a fan of Arena Grenade but someone seriously needs to take her out of the spotlight asap so at least she'll get some peace

No. 293508

File: 1536543463537.png (908.35 KB, 1188x1174, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.35…)

welp! we called it.

No. 293512

Still says they're engaged on wiki, but what is this trying to say?
>arguing that he posted the photo of mac to ariana

No. 293520

did you even look at this instagram page? it's not even in english, you have to be trolling to imply that it's a reliable source

No. 293523

I only saw screenshot sorry not trolling just thought it would be interesting if true because its what a lot of anons said would happen. Him being completely emotionally un-supportive and chimping out over Ariana thinking about a DEAD guy.

No. 293525

>Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged to their Wikipedia has been removed
>Pete was pissed and arguing that he posted the photo of mac to Ariana

Am I missing something or did somebody not proofread this before posting it?

No. 293526

Its translated from another language.

No. 293537

File: 1536552731039.jpg (122.91 KB, 569x938, C4ABD374-635B-4020-8880-B685E7…)

here's a recent pic of butthole eyes out n about by himself

No. 293538

File: 1536552756280.jpg (189.09 KB, 1858x1116, EB58CE71-9E99-4BF4-8CC1-181686…)

No. 293542

well he's wearing her hoodie so he's being supportive!!!

No. 293544

looks angry and coked out lmao

No. 293581


>Implying it's not funny as fuck that Nicki accidentally started a fight with a legit blood gangbanger who will fight her

>Implying it's not funny as fuck to see two cokeheads square up

Nicki probably peed her diaper ass realising Cardi would beat her ass. Cardi is the perfect rival to Nicki, because Nicki is shady and pretty much plain evil at this point.

Cardi on the other hand is a loudmouth with no filter and will screech autistically everything in public what Nicki does behind the scenes. It's basically Cardi snatching Nicki's wig off. Everyone knew Nicki does that shit, but it never before went mainstream.

The beauty is that they probably hook up with artists for collabs and Nicki ain't hot anymore, figuratively and literally. She's getting replaced and she knows it. Nicki has made so many enemies, lots of people will be on Cardis side just for that.

It's like the WWE for cokeheads, all we need is Katt Williams to host it. Nicki obviously has been coking up, her right nostril is dilated and about to collapse. You can see it just by looking at her latest pictures.

No. 293592

That second picture makes him look like a school shooter

No. 293638

homeboy looks like he's next on the OD train.

looks like someone edited the page to remove the engagement info, and it was revised by someone else. the page is also semi-locked from vandalism so who knows. wouldn't be surprised if he did get salty from her talking about her dead ex though, feeling threatened by a dead ex is very BPD.

No. 293840

File: 1536589965924.jpg (95.01 KB, 1366x581, SW03.jpg)

homeboy looks like he's on his way to kill some younglings

No. 293854

nigga look like he's going on a shooting spree

No. 293866

No. 293882

I think most people side with Cardi in this because both call themselves "bad bitches" but at least Cardi had the balls to act it out. Nicki is all bark and no bite, only talking shit behind a screen or towards girls who obviously can't fight back, and the moment someone tries to confront her irl she hides behind her bodyguards.

No. 293905

this 100%.

If you're gonna rap about how you'll beef a bitch in real life if they talk shit - you better be doing that or you're going to look mad dumb. Words n actions have consequences, sometimes the consequence is a shoe thrown at you at a fashion event. That's a no biggie.

Meanwhile Nicki talking how she will fight all of these girls, but the second they square up she let's her bodyguard handle it and runs off.

>inb4 but Cardi should have behaved better because there were sum European WHITEY'S THERE WHO ARE ALL CLASSY

There were more coked up sexual deviants in the building that day than a state prison.
Let's not pretend fashion models aren't catty bitches and that for example Cara Delevingne and Naomi Campbell didn't throw hands at each other in 2015 at fashion week.

No. 293948

File: 1536611722857.png (20.26 KB, 766x144, lF3u4RS.png)

No. 293961

>I don't like having a big ass anymore

lol Kim is about to lose a shit ton of weight and make being boney cool again.

No. 293963

didn't kanye pressure her into get such a big ass?? I kind of feel bad for her

No. 293965

I think she's just begging for attention. Kanye likes it, so she'll keep it.

No. 293966

File: 1536614798521.png (248.23 KB, 1242x1675, IMG_4505.PNG)

Well she's losing weight now

No. 293968

>>inb4 but Cardi should have behaved better because there were sum European WHITEY'S THERE WHO ARE ALL CLASSY
I really don't get this. What white person (or person of any race) thought of Cardi B and Nicki as classy before this debacle, lmao? A Hispanic stripper from a reality show and a Trini/NY rapper whose most iconic song is about big dicks and her ginormous fake ass don't exactly scream class or high society. I'd maybe understand if it was like, Lupita Nyong'o and Duckie Thot having a scrap, but we all know we don't have to worry about that because those two are actually classy.

No. 293971

Lowkey hope she does. The obnoxious THICC trend needs to die. I can't pinpoint exactly why it annoys me. Maybe because the "thick" celebrities that started it have fake asses. Or because it makes obese people super full of themselves. Or that they make BODY PARTS a trend (big butt, big lips). Kind of disgusting. And the way it influences men in a bad way too. Curvy girls are fine (REAL curvy girls) but plastic asses are just disgusting.

I just miss Nicole and Paris.

I wonder what her ass implants will look like if she loses enough weight though.

No. 293980

File: 1536617228176.png (368.69 KB, 884x465, LmWZEfc.png)

No. 293982


No. 293985

sorry for my edge, but he needs to stop blueballing me and just die already

No. 293986

Them, or their agency?

No. 293994

why? he seems like a nice enough guy? wtf is wrong with you people? i dont like his music but he seems decent

No. 293997

Jesus he looks like he belongs in a white supremacist group.

No. 293998

His music is fire, istg if he dies right now I'll be so fucking pissed.

No. 294000

because i want to be right about him being the next rapper to die and my fetish is post malone dying and being dead

No. 294003

I think she had a big (fake) ass before she hooked up with Kanye. She might of gotten more bigger implants since she got with him though.

No. 294005

A lot of people want him dead, when his plane was going AWOL people were praying that he would die. Idk it's weird man.

No. 294006

was this guy born under a dark star or what

No. 294007

Fella must've got in a fight with a gypsy or something to have such abysmal luck

No. 294009

Why would you consider it bad luck?
He got out alive each time and is super rich and famous, even becoming a meme from his almost fatal incidents.
If anything the man is the luckiest of them all(or he made a pact with a demon, tradding safety from stardom)

No. 294010

Lmao people are gonna try killing him just to keep the meme going

No. 294013

wtf?? is there any reason for it? that's really fucked up. he seems nice.

No. 294015

Probably pissed off an old girlfriend who happened to be a wiccan or something. I don't like believing in the supernatural but who knows what's out there.

No. 294016

ngl this sounds like a monkey's paw senario

No. 294017

He gives me horrible vibes. If I tried, I could probably justify my distaste for him, but that sounds like a waste of time.

No. 294018

he has always seemed like a humble kid to me, tbh. people seem to do this lots, like they did with lil peep: say shit for edge points about them dying just because their aesthetic is fucking retarded or they look like white trash/trashy.

No. 294020

peep seemed like a typical misogynistic rapper from his
lyrics except for the uwu sadboy gimmick. dunno if this one is the same though misogyny is probably not the reason why people hate him cause it never is

No. 294022

that's actually terrible. I knew a lot of people made fun of him for lokking like he stinks, but I didn't know people hated him like that
Even worse than they look now, cause her thighs will be skinnier.

No. 294023

peep was misogynistic, but definitely waaaay less misogynistic in his music than most rappers, imo. most rappers are so fucking terrible wrt that.

No. 294026

don't start this again pls the ot board has been decimated enough

No. 294027

File: 1536626286637.jpg (50.4 KB, 450x675, IMG_4507.JPG)

>I wonder what her ass will look like

It's starting to look fucked up because she's got stick legs and protruding ribs with a big ass kek

No. 294030

is this surgery regret or the ultimate humblebrag? for someone that hates their ass she sure does go out her way to show it off

No. 294035

She's been known for having a huge ass for a long time. About 10 years now

No. 294038

KK looks pretty disgusting, she used to have a flat ass around 12 years ago. I'm curious to know how much is stuffed in there and how often she touches it up. She'll look like a floating ass in a few years if she keeps this up

No. 294041


Honestly looking at this pic I just wished she didn't have a fake ass. If she worked out her glutes and didn't have fillers I think she'd look amazing. She clearly wants to be skinny but still has nice curves. If only she had a natural ass that fit her frame I think she'd look so much better

No. 294044

File: 1536636018514.gif (1.16 MB, 320x222, giphy2.gif)


Kim K currently looks like how Momokun invisions herself to look.

No. 294057

File: 1536640491245.jpg (136.18 KB, 743x1157, yhxugK4.jpg)

She has anatomy like a real life J Scott Campbell drawing.

No. 294117

File: 1536658658142.jpg (140.89 KB, 1200x900, potmeetkettle.jpg)

>Be Nicki
>call Lil' Kim an ugly monkey on "Stupid Hoe" and black womens hair nappy on it and "did it on 'em"
>pay me pedophile brothers legal fees
>make fun out of Cardi B for being an ex stripper
>Make comments about how strippers and prostitutes are degrading themselves and your body is no way to make money


>Get into a brawl with Cardi B and backed into the corner

>get on me podcast and share me views



I am loving this drama, Cardi B is being accidentally a farmer AND a cow at the same time. Meanwhile Nicki is getting milked for all that she has.

No. 294120

it's pretty rich hearing Nicki say that strippers are degrading themselves like what she does is all the different. How is the anaconda music video and writing songs about all the men you fuck, any better than being a stripper.

No. 294147

I have so much second hand embarrassment for Nickel. Everything she did to dead Lil Kim's career is coming back to her. Its glorious.

No. 294159

this is nitpicky but how does someone as attractive as ariana manage to date the most fugly men. none of her exes were decent looking whatsoever.

No. 294162

lol i was thinking the exact same thing, i swear as soon as kim and her sisters lose weight and get their implants taken out everyone wants to be skinny again

No. 294209

So wait he didn't even waste a day to go out and get papped instead of being by Ariana's side to comfort her? Thank god he wasn't the one with her during Manchester, imagine being this unempathetic.

No. 294280

File: 1536676203516.png (847.92 KB, 962x534, dafugnicki.png)

I've been posting a lot about Nicki today, sorry admin. It's too much funny shit to pass up on.

So Nicki needs a new team really bad, not only was the Barbie Dreams video bad and the editing a disaster…. Also her nipple/areola is once again visible. Second time in a week. This time around it was only a partial nipple though, in her credit.

>no one in her PR team caught the fact that for an entirety of a shot, that's used twice in the video - her nipple is showing

>inb4 prude

No, I just think this video is a trainwreck and the fact that no one even caught the nipple frames how bad it really is perfectly

No. 294283

she seems to be drawn to grimy looking boys with problems. it's definitely a type for some girls, often pretty girls. they want to 'fix' them

No. 294287

i mean.. i do feel bad for her. kim k has always been an ambitious businesswoman. even if you don't like her as a person, her maturity and desire to make products and not just bank on her "socialite" thing and make half-assed music or whatever like everyone else is admirable.

but she's known for having a big ass and being 'sexy' and showing it off, so she has to maintain THAT image now too. and kanye's been nasty about it, apparently telling her if she doesn't keep it up then he's gone. he even discourages her from losing any weight because he wants her to keep her porny appearance.

they have children now. i'm sure kim wants to keep it together for the kids. it must be exhausting and somewhat embarrassing to go from an independent working woman to a sex symbol trophy wife of some rapper. and i'm sure that she's terrified he's going to cheat on her if he hasn't already, because that's what powerful men to do their wives.

it's just sad to me.

No. 294339

The thing that bugs me about this with Ariana specifically, as someone who really does like Ariana genuinely, is that we all know she CAN'T fix guys like these. She also isn't in a mindset for it. She's 25 and struggling with mental health and ever since she got with Pete her immaturity increased. She becomes more stupid with whoever she's dating (Ricky, Pete). It's almost sad to watch. She needs a guy who's more mature and calmed down, not into drugs or alcohol and has his shit together. And jesus christ she needs to stop hanging around Nicki Minaj.

She says shes in her happiest state but she can't talk about Manchester still without crying and she now is going to be more fucked up from people telling her Mac's death is all her fault. I love her but she's not going to be "fixing" any guy soon and she needs to find a mature guy.

Tldr she's in no mindset for this & her tastes are shit

No. 294344

I'm sick of hearing about Manchester with her. She was out of the building before it even happened. She's milking it now and its pathetic. How can you have PTSD if you didn't even experience the tragedy? She was in a car away from it, when it happened, jc.

No. 294346

her boobs look like they hurt.

No. 294347

Kanye talked about cheating on her on his last album. He even made a whole song about what a doormat she is. She really does need to leave him; he's a batshit coon.

No. 294352

Kinda how guys at war and are communicating over the radio and you can hear as it cuts and knowing someone died can give you ptsd. For Ariana is probably knowing young fans died to watch you and you couldnt do anything. Probably gives her anxiety knowing they used her to kill innocents. I'm sure she saw the scene. >>294344

No. 294353

It's sad Kim is probably starving herself now to keep him interested. Kanye is so disgustingly pornsick. He makes me actually defend Kim.

No. 294356

Idk… I have a hard time feeling sorry for Kim. She could have some self-respect and just leave him— and be absolutely fine. Her kids would be fine, their probably being raised by nanny’s anyways.

No. 294357


No. 294361

Kim only stays with Kanye to compete with Jay Z and Beyonce.

No. 294363

Speaking of them, Beyonce also should have dropped Jay Z's ass long time ago. I'm sick of her being lauded as a feminist icon while she stays with that cheating piece of shit.

No. 294366

Honestly it could be the fact her fans died, at her concert. She probably is suffering a lot knowing they literally died when they went to see her. That's pretty traumatic and a lot of us won't ever know that feeling, that people had died when they wanted to see you. That'd fuck me up too. I can't help but have mad sympathy.

No. 294368

Competing to see who's husband is the shittiest? kek what idiots.

No. 294369

The only sympathy I have for anyone are the parents of the children who died.

No. 294371

I feel the exact same way. I loved her but I'm less of a fan now because she stayed with him. It just feels like she's settling for him when she can get any loyal guy she wants. She's choosing to stay with a man who went out of his way to cheat.

No. 294372

Exactly, and also the fact that they were literal children.

No. 294373

While I feel sympathy for her, 100%, I do gotta admit I don't like that she defended her fiance cracking jokes about her concert being bombed and the mother of one of the dead kids saw it and demanded an apology from him (there's still no apology from Pete over that)

No. 294374

File: 1536685381386.jpg (137.15 KB, 962x1089, 40B6F88600000578-0-Touching_do…)

I personally couldn't live knowing people died because of my existence and she'll always hold a sense of guilt like she will with Mac even if it's not her fault directly.

No. 294376

me neither. I read in an interview that she stopped therapy after writing "get well soon" and I honestly think she'll be going back there soon. She hasnt left her apartment in days from what I've seen

No. 294378

what are those lumps?

No. 294380

File: 1536686166982.gif (1.07 MB, 306x172, tenor.gif)

>kim k has always been an ambitious businesswoman
no, that's kris. kim would be nothing without her.

No. 294382

File: 1536686293697.jpg (35.85 KB, 615x410, South-Carolina-rally.jpg)

i was thinking the same thing lmao. the tattoos and colours of his shirt is such a bad combo.

No. 294395

What was the deleted post about?

No. 294408

This. Kris is the business woman of the family, Kim and all of her other sisters are stupid as fuck. I can't get over how retarded Kim sounds when she talks, it's so distracting. Kris is not a good person or mother but without her none of them would be where they are now.

No. 294413

File: 1536691525592.jpg (18.65 KB, 236x314, 47f9f7fd2563dc80f1b9568f74a8cb…)

No. 294416

>Terrorists plan an attack to kill young girls and women specifically just to shock people
>They choose Ariana's concert because she draws in the specific crowd
>23 people dead, 120 wounded, youngest fatality was was 8 years old
>You KNOW they chose your concert knowingly and YOU drew the crowd there because you're popular with young people
>wahh how can this affect her in any way she didn't even see the bomb go off!!!
I get that people can reach sociopath levels with their hatred of celebrities but wow.

No. 294422

nta but i'm pretty sure i saw it. it was whiny racebait/claiming the only reason why anyone could ever dislike post malone is because he's a white rapper.

No. 294433

Massive amounts of survivors guilt. The knowledge that her fans came to see her specifically, and she wanted to give them a good show. only for a tragedy to happen and for many of them to die and get injured.

No. 294519

With the whole Nicki and Cardi drama, I'm completely on Cardi's side. While I think what she did was trashy and ghetto as fuck, I'm glad she did it. Nicki has shown time and time again to be a bully towards basically all female artists. Has she EVER had any real beef w any men??? barely. Cardi has shitty music but i'd take her over nicki any day. Cardi is stupid as fuck but she doesn't try to go after every girl she see's making music. Nicki will fight any and all female artists because she's just that insecure. Her fans are retarded as well, they make her genuinely think she's the shit lol. I've honestly never liked Nicki, she always came across as a MEGA jealous and mean girl.

No. 294525

It really doesn't take much effort to sell repackaged colorpop.

No. 294539

>it must be exhausting and somewhat embarrassing to go from an independent working woman to a sex symbol trophy wife of some rapper. and i'm sure that she's terrified he's going to cheat on her if he hasn't already, because that's what powerful men to do their wives.

uhh what? correct me if i'm wrong but didn't she go from sex symbol famous for sex tape to businesswoman and then to sex symbol trophy wife? like i get what you're saying and he's a dick but it's not like kanye started dating martha stewart and made her get her ol tiddies out when all she wanted was to be a classy businesswoman

No. 294543

I know it’s lolcow but this is a really shitty and insensitive comment. If it weren’t for her, those people would still be alive. Think about how you’d feel if you were the reason a lot of people died. You’re as bad as BPDete if you think it’s something she can just get over.

No. 294544

Beyonce probably can't drop JayZ because he'd fuck her over if she did. That guy has made a lot of careers and sure as fuck he knows how to wreck them forever.

No. 294547

File: 1536710470181.png (335.62 KB, 1280x720, wtf.png)

Nicki looking so uncanny like Kim with those twig legs and diaper asses lmao

No. 294551

I agree with you. I lost respect for Cardi as a female artist due to some other unrelated bullshit, but I absolutely can't stand Nicki for some of the reasons you mentioned. Seems like getting her wig snatched by Remy Ma last year wasn't enough, someone else needs to put her in her place again.

No. 294554

File: 1536711102453.jpeg (57.81 KB, 600x600, 7EA2684B-AC9F-4F8D-9360-DF01FB…)

so apparently kanye is in colombia rn

No. 294556

Sorta feel bad for her. Surely there’s some sort of deep seated issues with her body to fuck herself up like this. Her figure looks like an excellent reason to sue the surgeon for gross malpractice. She’s a caricature of femininity.

No. 294566

She has issues all over. Abusive, drug-addicted father, narc/emotionally abusive mother, child-molesting brother.
When she was first getting into mainstream rap, she was basically pressured into the sex kitten route because it's not the 80s/90s anymore, and female artists need sex appeal these days. There's at least one interview where she comes close to crying because the interviewer keeps stressing how sexual the name "Minaj" is, even though she explained she wasn't even the one who came up with it. She probably keeps it up now because she's convinced it's the only way to sell records.
I wouldn't doubt for a second that Nicki's a CSA victim and she just refuses to acknowledge or deal with it. She's screwed up. Her mother, especially, seems like the type to blame a child for a man molesting them, and I don't doubt she internalized that. It's why she (potentially) bailed her pedo brother out of jail and stayed quiet when he was arrested, and why she hangs out with Tekashi 69, another child molester.

No. 294571

Goddamn that’s sad. I mean, I really dislike her but nobody deserves that. She’s been used her whole life and people adore the results of the abuse.

No. 294581

File: 1536717860272.jpg (53.63 KB, 357x573, IMG_4514.JPG)

Idk how or why this girl gf so famous. Maybe because she's child porn presented in a legal way. She's not even 16 yet and her tits are always on display…I can't even imagine how many adult rappers have fucked her already.

No. 294583

did you just… forget about "catch me outside how bow da"? that's her whole thing.

No. 294584

Yes but I thought she would just be a passing meme but now she's a famous rapper and making music with a list rappers and I really don't get it lol
And it seems like she just gets more and more famous everyday.

No. 294585

I had forgotten about her until she got into a "fight" with jojo siwa on twitter. I didn't realize she actually had fans.

No. 294588

Her song Gucci flip flops went gold

No. 294589

This is definitely inappropriate kek

No. 294590

Can you link the interview?
Also, I'm pretty sure her mother did say her brother's victim was lying, iirc.

No. 294591

File: 1536718864796.jpg (66.89 KB, 353x421, jojo-s-guide-to-the-sweet-life…)

Ugh I would rather have teens look up to be like Jojo than that white trash.

No. 294592

It's weird to think that these two are in the same age group. She looks like a kid and bhad bhabie is already shaking her puss on people in public. I didn't even know this type of stuff was legal lol

No. 294646

JoJo Siwa and had bhabie two sides of the same coin, Both young and exploited pedobait.

No. 294653

File: 1536732444187.jpg (34.57 KB, 540x225, ariana.jpg)

What do you guys think of this?

No. 294654

it's 100% true. they're right.

No. 294655

Why do women always get blamed for everything? Yoko Ono got blamed for the Beatles, Grimes got blamed for Elon Musk,…

No. 294658

Don't forget when Ariana was blamed for being groped by molester priest.

No. 294664

If she's under 16 are we even allowed to post about her? She's a well known public figure but I don't know if that makes a difference.

No. 294668

This is so gross. The pornification of this poor, dumb girl. Did she get fake tits? Everyone says "she couldn't have!!!" but she had tattoos at like 13 and it's not like there's any shortage of unscrupulous plastic surgeons in FL, plus, with her mom enabling her lunacy, I don't think there's anything technically stopping tweens and teens from getting breast implants with parental consent, as I know for a fact that 16 yo private school Boca Raton girls would often get boob jobs for their bdays.

No. 294679

Janet Jackson was blamed for the "wardrobe malfunction" when Justin ripped off her bra cup.

No. 294680

I mean, accurate. I don't like AG but I fail to see how Mac's OD has anything to do with her at all? Even if he did it bc of seeing her with Pete, that's still not her fault, that's just sad white boi syndrome.

No. 294681

The Grimes and Elon musk thing is just funny af. Grimes was talking about his dick, his family and wanting to get pregnant to a billionaire to azelia banks, she's a loose mouth and a financial risk lol

No. 294683

I doubt she's gotten implants, she just has big breasts. Now that she's more in the spot light I wouldn't be surprised if she's gotten some sort of work done but probably something smaller (like veneers).

No. 294692

Funny about this
One of the paul brothers(logan or jake?) not sure which, actually owns/runs a “talent” agency that pretty much focuses on meme celebrities.

They monetise the shit out of people, put them in vids, find them gigs/interviews. It’s why for a while she was in all of those viners vids, and I guess is now a rapper?

No. 294708

I was talking about the critique she got before the banks-stuff happened, when they were still together. Musk-fans were blaming her that his work wasn't progressing as much.

No. 294719

AG and MM were dating for years and even talked about getting married but she broke up with him bc he was abusing drugs, and then 1 month later marries another druggie, it seems like she really wanted him to be miserable like that. Also she acts like a hardcore feminist and cute ewe lil girl at the same time which is a bit ironic. Men are nothing but an accessory for her.

No. 294721


>thinking Jojo isnt white trash with a declining hairline

No. 294722

File: 1536757940641.jpg (541.17 KB, 1544x2376, sad.jpg)

Kendall Jenner "breaks the internet" with a really bad shoop

No. 294726

Wtf, I just remember her as the annoying girl from Dance Moms. Since when did she get all popular? Is she a Disney star or something now?

No. 294727

White girl acting ghetto gets record deals from corrupt Atlantic records, that’s how.

No. 294730

Daniele breogili aka bhad bhabie is half jewish half Italian lil hood girl lmfao

No. 294733

She is the most boring celebrity/model I've ever seen. She could spread her pussy and it'd somehow look completely mundane. She nearly blends seamlessly into that grey, drab beach she's running on.
I guess it's better than being a hot mess, but I just don't know how she does it.

No. 294734

I'm assuming she was molested when she was younger because she's very hyper sexual. id be shocked if she isn't completely fucked up and drugged out by her mid 20s.

No. 294735

Pimp Mama Kris working over time. It's widely speculated KenDULL is in the closet

No. 294737

no, she makes music and merch that kids eat up. I don't get the issue a lot of people have with her. I mean her mom was kind of trashy on dance moms but she wasn't the worst.

No. 294739

>half Jewish
(((Atlantic records)))
Makes even more sense

No. 294741

her face looks so botched

No. 294744

What do you mean?

No. 294746

Looks like a cryptid.

No. 294760

that anon means because she's half jewish its why she got a record deal cos ~the joos run everting~ I mean she's actually a lil hood girl. She's definitely not a white valley girl. She's a ghetto Italian jew.

No. 294763

Jesus I would hate to be the kid. I get she's succesful in the teenybopper demographic but she and her (ghostwritten) book look awful. I would hate to put my name and face on such piece of trash. Though judging by your comments, there is a huge chance she will not change much in the future.

No. 294766

>teenybopper demographic
more like literal 7 year olds. no one above age 11 would be into that.

No. 294767

It's just Disney-tier BS. She'll either end up going off the deep end when she's an adult, or fading into relative obscurity and living a normal life.
I just don't get how she's okay with such a tacky, trashy aesthetic. The "It's okay to be a kid for life" thing is whatever, but the neon colors and traction alopecia-causing struggle ponytail is just such an eyesore. She's already prematurely balding, ffs. It's like they're determined to make her look like a giant baby.

No. 294781

the fuck is her pussy supposed to be, a plastic Barbie's one?, also look at that hand. Fucking spooks me. Looks like it belongs to 50 y/o

No. 294790

A mess.

No. 294798

Lmfao my mom started watching KUWTK and also thinks Kendall is a closet lesbian.

You think since her dad came out as transgender and everybody was going on about how *~brave it was, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if she was also a lesbian. But what do I know?

No. 294804

Danielle really looks into it, damn gurl

No. 294818

Some of Danielle's music is surprisingly decent, she really does sound like she is enjoying what she's doing.

No. 294824

Disgusting video.

No. 294827

not to wk, but you ever consider that if her boobs are bigger than they were two years ago it's because she's still going through puberty. Like mine stopped growing at 17.

No. 294830

boohoo poor men I don't like AG but if she doesn't want to stay in a relationship she doesn't have to just because it might hurt someone

No. 294831

this girl being exploited but I don't think she's putting on an "act" she's a ghetto Italian Jew.

No. 294832

How does Kendall get touted as the natural one when she's had so much shit done to her face

No. 294838

because her body isnt ballooned out into strange shapes. despite the work, she looks the most normal in a swarm of fucked up plastic surgery

No. 294845

her face is literally stuck in one expression. #SuperModel

No. 294850

Wow, her hair looks so dirty and matted here. Kinda like dog fur that hasn't been maintained for a long time. Wonder what the stylist was going for.

No. 294855

File: 1536776417169.jpeg (29.31 KB, 472x472, 0690a352886c4d908c838d45760855…)

you do sound like a wk. yes, of course i did, all of us basically kept growing, but most of us didn't quadruple in size. if she was a normal teen, it wouldn't be question, but the fact is that she's fucking 27 yo pedophilic rappers and is trying to get into the entertainment industry and has a mother that is enabling and propelling her into pedoville. and they don't seem like normal big boobs, imo. she's always wearing tube tops and generally, boobs that size don't retain that shape.

idk how youre gonna act like this looks like a normal kid with normal big boobs

No. 294871

She's fifteen. Lots of girls that age have boobs. In middle school I knew girls with huge boobs. She's also mentioned wearing push up bras so that makes a difference too.

No. 294874

I mostly just feel sorry for this kid. She spends most of this video talking about how much she hates women, which is kind of sad.

I like that video where her and Bella Thorne beat up a pedo.

No. 294875

Isn't it weird how Americans ree out about Kpop and anime being pedo bait but have no issue with a 14 year old having her tits out and giving lap dances…

No. 294876

>I'm not like other girls, I'm not a hater
>spends the whole video hating on other women

She's not even talking about the song lyrics, she's just talking about how much she hates women. Those black rappers are rubbing off on her.

No. 294878

Where do you live that all girls are flat as boards? I'm a chestlet but come on, her boobs look normal/natural, plenty of people have chests that size as teens. Also I'm pretty positive most surgeons won't operate on someone whose breast tissue is still in the peak of growth, and if they were willing, it wouldn't have turned out looking even remotely good.

No. 294879

looks like she's just gained weight and hit puberty. Her boobs do look real. She's probably been dicked down by several thugs at the tender age of 15 but I don't believe she's gotten surgery….Just a push up bra

No. 294882

> Also I'm pretty positive most surgeons won't operate on someone whose breast tissue is still in the peak of growth, and if they were willing, it wouldn't have turned out looking even remotely good.
as i said, in south florida, yes they will. i know of multiple young girls that have gone to unscrupulous doctors in so flo (it's not illegal with parental consent), it's just not recommended by fda.
>Where do you live that all girls are flat as boards?
not flat as boards, but her boobs are much bigger than the average 15 yo that's that skinny, lbr.

No. 294883

She's not really a little hood girl. Her real accent sounds totally different from her black southern accent that she puts on.

When you listen to her talk in these clips she sounds not like your typical middle class white girl….not to mention she always talks about being in fights but there is only one real fight she has ever been in and she got beat up and was crying/begging the girl to stop kek

No. 294884

At 14 I think it is unusual to be that chesty, her popularity is predicated on having a somewhat unusual look.

No. 294887

She is going to be a very ugly adult.

No. 294889

It's almost like those are two different groups.

No. 294918

they're not. gross men who like this stuff hate stuff that sexualizes things they don't want to fuck. they use stuff like that to dickwave about how superior america is.

No. 294925

It’s unusual but it’s not unheard of. My friend went from being flat to having double Ds at 14. She was still very awkward looking otherwise though and this was a decade before the instathot look became popular and became much easier to get out of the awkward/ugly stage thanks to YouTube make up tutorials and whatnot.

Her big boobs helps with her image but it isn’t the only reason she looks so mature for her age.

No. 294927

You make it sound like Americans have a collective hiveminds though, which is false. I highly doubt the ones reeing about Kpop being pedo bait are also cool with a 14 year old having her tits out

No. 294944

Malu is an even bigger cow than Danielle

No. 294948

File: 1536786657225.png (277.73 KB, 555x571, pEv0C09.png)

No. 294952

It looks like they just tried to shoop out her nude thong? squints where else do you see PS?

No. 294971

File: 1536788256923.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.48 KB, 1000x1500, celebsflash-com_kj_nude_angels…)

That's what it is. It's pretty embarrassingly bad photoshopping for a book.

No. 294980

go back to your koreaboo containment thread.

old irrelevant men being pervs is old hat. maybe Kris is ashamed to not only have married some old dude who gets his rocks off by larping as a woman but also to have had a gay daughter with him. who knows.

No. 295042

what in the fuck… alien pussy

No. 295091

I think I'm on a list now lol

the girl on the left has really nice teeth, gotta be veneers right?

No. 295094

Probably veeners. She looks really uncomfortable while the cash me out side girl looks super into it. She's probably more experienced at 14 than I am at 27.

No. 295099

Why couldn't they just put her in some sheer underwear or something, instead of this photo-shopped mess? Also, her hands look terrifying.

No. 295100

Why couldn't they just put her in some sheer underwear or something, instead of this photo-shopped mess? Also, her hands look terrifying.

No. 295104

This is hilarious. This pose, the shapes, her expressionless face, the setting, photo editing, it's so amateur looking

No. 295123

>a good personality
Anon, are you on crack? She's the definition of a dumb bird, and a hypocrite in every way.
I'll never understand how Azealia Banks is cancelled, but ghetto garbage like Cardi B gets a pass on being trash, making trash comments and starting trashy fights. Her music isn't even good aside from Bodak Yellow.

No. 295126

Trash is the new trend. Nobody wants to be skilled and successful anymore, now they're all "musicians" for being bad, trashy and sexed up. Smart, well rounded people only get to be popular if they're rich to begin with, andnthey usually have skeletons in their closets too.

No. 295133

File: 1536813443697.jpg (162.55 KB, 533x849, bb.jpg)

ofc Tana

good point anon

This post haunts me. I bet everyone who reads it can picture those exact girls they went to middle/high school right now.

No. 295138

>I'll never understand how Azealia Banks is cancelled, but ghetto garbage like Cardi B gets a pass on being trash
Azealia is darkskinned. Simple. Sucks someone who is talented and actually makes art is hated so much by black people.

No. 295139

File: 1536814618346.gif (476.1 KB, 326x250, o_on_bway.gif)

When I looked her up on tumblr to try and find this post, it's all just gifs of her bouncing her very fake looking tits
Huh, that's weird, I think to myself. She seems young for a boob job. She must have gotten them the second she turned 18, no mother in their right mind would co-sign on that.
>go to her wiki
>March 26, 2003 (age 15)

Well. I'm definitely on an FBI watchlist now.

No. 295142

Nah, Cardi is trashy but she's fun. She doesn't try to pretend she's not trashy. She's crazy in a way we can all enjoy.

Azealia is violently crazy. Cardi will be just as cancelled when she's assaulted that many people or been as publicly racist or has a chicken massacre in her apartment closet for years. Not as much fun. Not cute and silly.

No. 295143

the mother isnt in her right mind though. danielle's father has said for years that she signs off on whatever she wants and has let her do whatever she wants.

No. 295145

File: 1536815381202.jpeg (75.6 KB, 640x960, 8BE224AD-A7EE-42D4-B1D9-8F5D45…)

Cardi has assaulted multiple people, on many different occasions, calls black girls cockroaches and apes (she's not even black btw), cosigns her husband's homophobia, and attacks other girls instead of her husband when he cheats. As for "cute"….Anon, she looks like Winslow, lmao.
Azealia is mentally ill, but intelligent, talented and stays true to who she is.

No. 295146

they're both trash and both need to be thrown out lol

No. 295148

I don't disagree (even though AB makes better music). I just don't like seeing Retardi get excused, lmao.

No. 295149

>Azealia is intelligent
No, she's not. Not even a little bit. She's a better musician though.

No. 295152

Maybe "intelligent" was an exaggeration. It's just that she's basically a genius when placed next to Belcalis.

No. 295157

File: 1536816464596.png (1.93 MB, 1204x1472, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 1.24…)

I wanna get cyber bullied azealia banks at least once before I die

No. 295160

File: 1536816912805.jpg (205.86 KB, 1800x2381, azaelia_banks_zayn_twitter_gal…)

I meant cute like endearing, not her looks. Look at how popular and fun Cardi is on talkshows vs Azealia on Wild N Out, where she's the world's biggest buzzkill and proves she can't dish it or take it when she's not behind a keyboard. I'm not saying it's right, but it's easy to ignore people's shady past if they're a good time. There's no doubt that Azealia has more raw talent, but she's publicity nightmare. Azealia would probably leap across the desk and bite a chunk out of Jimmy Fallon's arm if he tried to ask her some cutesy question.

>intelligent, talented and stays true to who she is

ok anon
Cardi doesn't act like she thinks smarter than everyone else though, Azealia does.

No. 295161

File: 1536817144154.png (988.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4519.PNG)

She was in a relationship with some Butch lesbian in her 20s when she was only 13. Her mom lets her do what she wants. I doubt she's had a boob job but I wouldn't put it past her mom to let her get plastic surgery if it will help her career.

No. 295162

File: 1536817164178.png (464.57 KB, 1254x1076, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 1.25…)

No. 295165

File: 1536817309116.png (108.22 KB, 775x460, ss.png)

>she's not even black btw
why are you so dumb anon?

No. 295168

>Azealia would probably leap across the desk and bite a chunk out of Jimmy Fallon's arm if he tried to ask her some cutesy question.
Cardi would do the exact same shit as long as it was a black girl she heard might've slept with Offset, or who made mean comments on Twitter. She is ghetto, racist trash with a weird superiority complex over looking sort of black but not too black. The difference is, her entire ass and titties would be hanging out and she'd be 10x trashier and more disgusting than AB. Also, literally everything in those screencaps just reflects how much less retarded AB is than Cardi, and that she actually self-reflects. Cardi would (and has) come out with lame shit like "Your pussy smells like hair glue", "You're an ape" or "Your kids are ugly", only to launch into hysterics about how it's wrong to sleep with someone's man or go after their kids after it's happened to her.

No. 295170

File: 1536817695586.jpg (53.09 KB, 620x460, jknsv.jpg)

It would've taken you all of 2 seconds to search "Cardi B parents". She's not your typical Afro-Latina by any stretch.
>typical intelligence of Retardi B fans
She's exaggerating that tiny drop of black ancestry she has, and people buy it because she's ghetto trash with a huge mouth. It's lame.

No. 295172

she self reflects but then goes back on twitter/instagram and does the same thing all over again. does it really matter how much self reflecting she does if she never changes?

No. 295175

File: 1536818311671.png (99.71 KB, 581x169, 455623.png)

"my mom was mean" doesn't make racist comments any less racist? This is basically the equivalent of "sorry you're so offended by my "joke", you just don't get my dark sense of humor"
also why the fuck would I know who "XoCheapy" with no context. 0/10 bad post.


Her mom just looks like a light skinned black woman and her dad is hispanic? So she's mixed? I don't understand what you're trying to get at. Cool double post btw. 1 overly filtered blurry picture doesn't prove her mom isn't black.

No. 295178

This is the equivalent of middle school boy pulling on their crush's hair.

No. 295179

File: 1536818766128.png (299.94 KB, 454x465, Cardi-B-Mom.png)

Her mom is biracial, her dad is either Mestizo or white.
She's about as black as Halsey is, but no one in their right mind would go on about how Halsey is a black woman. She's not black, she's just a hoodrat with big lips.
Not a double-post, I just hit "Reply" too soon and needed to add a few words.

I'm not saying she's defensible or that her actions aren't shitty, I'm saying she's less idiotic than Cardi. No one can actually discredit this, because it's the hard truth.

No. 295184

File: 1536819217929.png (41.26 KB, 949x91, rents.png)

>It would've taken you all of 2 seconds to search Cardi B parents.
Why do people refuse to believe that white-passing latinx people exist? You can tell literally nothing about someone's ethnicity from a picture.

christ, no one here is saying Cardi's not trashy.

I swear to god every time someone mentions AB's name even once on this website I get more convinced she's a farmer because batshit stans immediately come out of nowhere arguing about how smart and beautiful and talented and normal she is and completely ignoring how absolutely insane she is

No. 295185

File: 1536819396212.png (738.54 KB, 892x888, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 2.10…)

This is Cardi B's sister. What would you call her? she looks like any other black girl to to me. btw I agree with you about azealia being more intelligent and 1000x times more talented than 99% of rappers male or female.

No. 295186

File: 1536819489850.png (995.67 KB, 818x816, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 2.10…)

winslows natural hair

No. 295187

Pretty sure that's her half-sister, from her father's other relationship (note that Cardi is the spitting image of her mother, but Hennessy looks nothing like her). I'd call her biracial (Mestizo and black).
Halsey has kinky hair naturally too. Also, I remember Cardi called that same hair "fucked up" (from her mother's side) and hair from people on her dad's side "pretty". The racism is strong with her, lmao.

You realize Dominican and Trinidadian don't automatically mean black, right? Her mother is biracial, and her dad isn't black at all.
No one has said AB isn't insane, or that she's super smart. Cardi is just a complete and total brainlet, and the sooner she disappears, the better.

No. 295190

File: 1536819835055.gif (963.57 KB, 335x190, GgqTg8C.gif)

>hypothetically attacking someone you think might have slept with your husband
>literally biting a security guard's boob and punching her in the face because she told you you needed a hand stamp in a night club
>punching/spiting in the face of a plane passenger for not letting you cut in front of everyone to get off the plane faster and calling the Delta employee who steps in a fucking faggot
but muh mom was mean

No. 295191

>I agree with you about azealia being more intelligent and 1000x times more talented than 99% of rappers male or female.
too bad she can't rap for shit

No. 295192

File: 1536819972811.png (1.67 MB, 960x1124, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 2.25…)

LOL halseys tragic wannabe black girl hair. There's barely curl pattern. Bet she had to tease it for hours to get that lift. Must get oppression point. BLACK NUBIAN QUEEN!

No. 295193

No. 295196

huh never mind I thought this was about iggy azalea

No. 295197


No. 295198

>huh never mind I thought this was about iggy azalea
lmao anon I was gonna say… really?

No. 295199

She actually can, though. She can rap, write and sing circles around most of the industry. Meanwhile, Cardi can't even write her own raps or enunciate her words. Let's not even bring up singing, lmao.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 295200

Guys lets not turn this thread into Stan Wars.

No. 295201

>rap and write?


no, she's terrible. even her stans acknowledge this.

No. 295202

that anon thought she was talking about Iggy azalea

No. 295204

write and rap definitely which is really saying something nowadays amongst all the ghostwriters mainstream rappers have but yeah her singing makes me cringe…. I'm guessing everyone round her is too scared to tell her the truth.

No. 295205

File: 1536820443317.png (602.79 KB, 803x375, 455623.png)

Yeah, and Halsey is mixed too (an idiot, but mixed) So is Pete Wentz. So again….she's mixed. Just because she's not 100% black doesn't mean she's not black.

ok again tho, having beef with people you think slept with your husband or personally offended you vs assaulting random strangers who mildly inconvenience you or won't let you break the rules


go to bed azealia

No. 295206

y-yeah sorry about all the confusion, I'm kind of still half asleep. I shouldn't post so early in the morning.

No. 295207

there was this screenshot of azealia saying she use to refer to her LaGuardia classmates as LagFags in an endearing way.. she'd fit in on lolcow.

No. 295209

Holy fuck, I didn't even remember it being that bad.

No. 295210

Mixed =/= black, though, especially when you're literally less than 1/2 black. Her making racist comments toward black women shouldn't be given a pass just because she "acts" black enough, the same way no one logical would make excuses for Pete if he started calling people the n-word.
It's not just beef, she assaults people because that's her upbringing.

No. 295212

I couldn't tell you a single Cardi B or Azealia song. There just shouldn't be any dispute over whether or not Azealia is a toxic, racist, violent, insane person at this point. I'm p convinced she just samefags all over these threads at this point. Like 90% of the posts defending her are
>she's not crazy she the most sane person and a very stable genius!! she's the smartest person I've ever seen and a god tier rapper. i've never seen someone so smart and talented and sane before!!!! literally every other "artist" is TRASH compared to her
the other 10% are
>yeah she's crazy but I like her music alright

No. 295214

her music is good/good lyricist but yeah she's unhinged

No. 295217

File: 1536822507087.jpg (147.39 KB, 961x1200, Dl8memCUUAAuIbG.jpg)

i didnt even realize there was drama with mgk and halsey's bf lmao i cant even figure out what happened

No. 295220

They're both so ugly. Watch her date Pete Davidson next, honestly.

No. 295257

I thought you were referring to the beef between Eminem and mgk at first and legit thought this was a picture of Em.

No. 295259

#stoplyingaboutFINLAND is killing me for some reason lmao

No. 295289

So they both tucked Halsey? Not at all surprised.

No. 295321

File: 1536848188290.jpg (200.68 KB, 1024x576, mgk-pics-galore-cover-1024x576…)

I hate that I think MGK is hot. He's so trashy looking but has amazing facial structure. I just want to watch him suck a bunch of dicks.

No. 295349

File: 1536852828742.jpg (127.5 KB, 636x909, 44884fb954555a63ebee41d022b731…)

azealia on lolcow

No. 295351

“White passing” Latinos look white because they usually have a lot of white ancestry in them, js.

No. 295360

File: 1536854190202.jpg (67.68 KB, 290x402, 1298669048_christina-aguilera-…)

uhh no??? my best friend is hispanic and literally has black ancestry and I had no idea she was hispanic until I heard her speaking spanish on the phone with her mom
both of her parents are latinx and her mom barely speaks english, but her mom looks white too
I'm an irish stereotype and she's as pale as I am. Stop acting like you can tell anything about someone's ethnicity from a picture

like how Christina Aguilera's dad is Ecuadorian and she did a whole spanish album but she looks like the most basic white bitch

sage for blogpost

No. 295361

Please stop. And Latinos can be fully white, not just "white passing".

No. 295362

what's the correct phrasing then?

No. 295372

Just use latino/latina. Latinx is some cringe shit.

No. 295375

latino/latina just means they are from latin american countries, it's not an indicator of race. assuming they are "poc" is like assuming all asians are east asian and not SE asian or indian.

No. 295377


it's the dark-skinned racial purist anon who thinks mixed people should be a separate race kek

No. 295380

nta but don't mixed people of any kind have different cultures than people of a full race?

No. 295382

Hispanic isn't a race. Most Latin American countries are mixed to hell and back, with most latinos having some form of white, native, or black ancestry. There can be white latinos, just as there are native, mixed, or black latinos.
t. Mexican

No. 295393

But Latino isn’t a race. It doesn’t matter if they can’t speak English or not. If they have white features, they probably have at least some white ancestry. Christina’s father most likely has white ancestry. Latin America was at one point a collection of Spanish and Portuguese colonies and plenty of other Europeans came over (like German, Italian, Irish, etc).

No. 295411

Not involved there, but are you that person who insisted all mixed race women look 100% black, then suddenly changed your mind and said anyone who disagrees is just jealous because they're darker than them and want a black boyfriend or something? Only she obsessed about other people being dark-skinned or whatever. It was weird and smacked of projection.
Regardless, not everyone is an American who believes in the racist one drop rule. Sorry, lol.

No. 295434

goddamn i just want celebrity gossip, not this retarded skin color sperging. anons, control yourselves

No. 295517

Yeah lets bring it back to gossip, but as a latin american born and raised I can see why this bullshit of white passing can annoy some anons, esp if you are white and latino. Keep your race shit to yourself north americans
sage for irrelevant latin rage, but pls lets just gossip

No. 295529

File: 1536877524956.jpg (25.13 KB, 750x400, machine-gun-kelly-750x400.jpg)

mgk is super hot, he has a great face and he's tall af.
If he wasn't so white trash he could be a model

No. 295565


love yourself anon

No. 295577

he's only like a 6/10 on a good day, anon…

No. 295582

File: 1536884711406.png (370.62 KB, 619x673, cardi.png)

So, people are spilling tea on Cardi B being a shitty person. This is long, so even the cliffnotes pasta version I found is sort of lengthy. Triple-posted (lmao) to bold the wilder bits.

-Some guy cardi had a crush on threw some money at her on stage which made her mad. Her (C) and the guy was suppose to exchange sex for money but he smelled her (fishy) and started swinging towards the roommate. Birdie got mad and tried to fight the girl and after kicked her out
The girl went back to work and found Cardi got her suspended because she lied and said she had a disease. The girl went to clinic and got checked came back and showed the boss her papers. Cardis friend (spotlight) punched her in the face when she came back. Says Nicki doesn’t deserve what she’s going through and is very generous. Comments are telling her to go on QR and hopes Nicki calls her for Queen Radio.
She couldn’t fight back because she was on probation and cardi knew that and the first they yelled was “call the police on her”

-Cardi told her she’s too pretty to say she’s black and she should lie and say she’s mixed with Spanish. Cardi didn’t want to be caught hanging around her in front of her Spanish friends. The girl met her in manhattan because some girl ran up on her and she (C) was into Santeria at the time and she told cardi about her. She told cardi to come to Sues bc she could make more money there and she didn’t think they would hire her. She felt bad for cardi because she looked fucked up

-Cardi went down to sues but they told her they couldn’t hire her because they didn’t have her type of look. The girl lied and said cardi was her cousin and the manager hired her. She couldn’t get an Apt. in her name so she asked cardi could she stay with her and she’ll help with the bills. She bought her weave and gave her her old dancing clothes.

-Cardi would be arguing with everyone in the club which effected the girls relationship with everyone. She started meeting guys and making more money and the longer cardi worked The more she became indignant and volatile and was doing coke and taking Molly.

-The same thing she did to the girls in the club and Nicki is the same thing she did to her. She threw a large cup of hot coffee on the girl in front of cops and started yelling things the girl never did to her. She knew when to act out bc the girl was on probation and couldn’t react. Cardis friend punched her in her face in front of the club manager and no one did anything. When she fought back security guards came and she lost her job, couldn’t go to a club in queens (where she’s from) because cardi was lying on her

-Says cardi targets beautiful women and is a serial bully, all her victims are the same. When she seen the bartender sisters and Nicki she saw herself and started crying. Says cardi is crazy/nuts and someone has to stop her.

-She’s 39 and lives in Costa Rica now

No. 295583

i mean..she was on love and hip hop

none of the women on there are decent people and theres tea on all of them considering most of them are just fucking the men for tracks and/ or attention and met them through means such as escorting and stripping in the first place

No. 295585

In some angles he can be attractive but most of the time he looks like a swag faggot

No. 295586

I wonder why she would choose to have a baby with the blackest man she could find if she feels this way about black women kek
She better pray her daughter gets most of her features from her Latina side.

No. 295587

It's honestly kind of rancid how some people give this woman a pass, call her "cute" and say she has a "good personality". She's a disgusting human, even by reality TV standards IMO. At least most reality stars stay relatively unknown except to people who follow the show(s).

No. 295588

She stayed with him after he cheated, so she definitely just wants him for the money, and a baby is a good way to lock him in if he decides to leave.

No. 295593

File: 1536885945134.png (386.84 KB, 935x492, mua.png)

Cardi's former makeup artist talks about her experience with her. She was a complete bitch the entire time, moved around while she was trying to do her makeup constantly, cursed her out and didn't pay her. She's in tears in the second one, because up until that point, she had strongly admired Cardi and was a huge supporter.
The same MUA has done work for other rappers like K Michelle and KashDoll without a hitch, so it's not even like she was incompetent.

No. 295642

he looks like he knocked up his high school girlfriend when he was 16 and refuses to pay child support

seek help

No. 295645

File: 1536895562642.jpg (24.5 KB, 620x342, Films 5-1.jpg)

he looks like neville longbottom before he got his teeth fixed

No. 295651

there's simple logic behind this if you try to think about it for two seconds. take danielle, a 14 year old who looks OLDER than she is, being sexualized. she is young but appears much older visually, you aren't conscious of her age. kpop girls appear very young, that's their whole schtick, from the makeup to the clothes to mannerisms. this being sexualized automatically becomes creepy, because you are looking at something that visually reminds you of a child.

No. 295652

He looks like a gay 80s pornstar

No. 295653

Sorry but I'm one sentence in and I'm already confused
>Some guy cardi had a crush on threw some money at her on stage which made her mad. Her (C) and the guy was suppose to exchange sex for money but he smelled her (fishy) and started swinging towards the roommate. Birdie got mad and tried to fight the girl and after kicked her out
threw money at her, who's her? cardi? or her roommate? who's Birdie? Tried to fight the girl….what girl? Cardi kicked her out of the club?

also I just watched some of that video, why the fuck was she doing that in the middle of what looks like a crowded airport line? there's literally people behind her in line and she's talking about exchanging money for sex

Not saying Cardi's not crazy and this isn't something she would do, but this just reads like someone trying to jump on to Cardi's fame
>I told her I'm 34 years old I don't even need his money
So she's a 34 year old stripper (but don't worry she wasn't even stripping that long) with a child, who can't afford to live without a roommate, and has to live in someone else's house, and needs to pay for court to get her child. But at the same time she's so much better (smelling) than Cardi that the man Cardi likes is throwing $1000s at her on stage? And wants to pay her for sex? But she doesn't even need that money because she's 34 years old?

Eh. I'm sure there's some kernel of reality in it, but otherwise I can't buy it.

No. 295662

lol they 100% are.

No. 295664

I hate Fraudi B and her god awful, ghostwritten music. That's all.

can you take your hateboner for americans somewhere else? like, cool it.

No. 295665

File: 1536899656390.png (482.34 KB, 582x592, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.1…)

Same with this one. I don't doubt for a second that Cardi is a rudeass bitch, but I have a hard time believing that Cardi, who was on a popular TV show and was probably in a hair and makeup chair everyday, would throw a hissy fit because she doesn't understand how makeup works.

Also just looking through her insta seems like she mostly does prom girls and trashy hometown "models" (not even Bridal), why would she be doing Cardi's makeup? It can't have been before she was famous or at least up and coming, because she says she's always been a fan of her music and and she was doing the makeup for a performance and Cardi's assistants yelled at her too. She says she didn't get paid but if she didn't even get halfway through the makeup and did a terrible job according to Cardi….why would she? She didn't provide any proof that the makeup she did wasn't in fact awful. The shit from her insta just looks pretty trashy, she seems like just your run of the mill small town girl who watches youtube tutorials and calls herself an MUA (her makeup style reflects that anyways). Seems like her real gripe if anything is that she was a fan of Cardi's.

I don't give a single shit about Cardi but this all just sounds like bullshit

No. 295666

The roommate is the one who had money thrown at her, Birdie is most likely Cardi's friend. Apparently, she has the medical documentation to prove the part of the story where she had to get herself tested because Cardi lied about her having an STD to get her fired.
>also I just watched some of that video, why the fuck was she doing that in the middle of what looks like a crowded airport line? there's literally people behind her in line and she's talking about exchanging money for sex
Because like Cardi, she is ratchet and ghetto. This is how they are.
>But at the same time she's so much better (smelling) than Cardi that the man Cardi likes is throwing $1000s at her on stage? And wants to pay her for sex?
Guys throw money at attractive dancers in clubs and pay them to fuck, it's not like she told him her life story. As for smell, I think Cardi low-key just smelled that bad. At least one other person who knew her said the club they worked at had a dressing room so tiny, there was no hiding anything. She allegedly always had in a tampon, cut the string for shows, and said she just "got too wet all the time". She also apparently talked about frequently having yeast infections herself.
I honestly believe this (specifically the racist shit) because it fits that trashy, anti-black NY Dominican character to a T, and other people who knew her can confirm she was always hanging out with Spanish prostitutes. The only thing that's shady is her always arguing with people, she was known for being talkative and friendly (as long as you're not an attractive black girl, kek).

No. 295669

File: 1536900088984.png (574.31 KB, 597x598, eri.png)

She's done makeup for Erica Mena (pic related), Kash Doll, K Michelle…I really doubt she's just some nobody who does trashy looks like you're claiming, anon. She's done makeup for celebrities, but they're not the only people in her repertoire.
>She says she didn't get paid but if she didn't even get halfway through the makeup and did a terrible job according to Cardi….why would she?
She didn't get halfway through because Cardi cursed her out and threw her out. It's customary to pay someone you book in advance, generally.

No. 295672

File: 1536900755512.png (761.67 KB, 812x594, 1399.png)

She's also done work with Imani Hakim and J Mulan. The video she posted on doing Cardi B's makeup is from January 2017 on her YT, so it wasn't far from the time she had been working with other well-known people. Seems she does more "regular" clients nowadays, so if the story had come out this year, it would've been questionable.

No. 295674

Forgot to add that she can't exactly post evidence since I doubt Cardi's team would let her take photos during the thing, and if she did, releasing them after things went so badly would be a recipe for a takedown notice.

No. 295677

In the full video, she has a photo with Cardi the first time she did her makeup, (around the 1:02 mark) so there's proof she has done her makeup atleast once. The second time (when she had problems with Cardi) she did the same look as the first time, and for whatever reason, Cardi didn't like it.

No. 295684


>I just want to watch him suck a bunch of dicks.

kek he does look like one of those active duty fake army bros who suck each other off. and yes he's fine as fuck

No. 295685

Cheers, bb.

No. 295686

Can't embed but here's J Biebs high as a kite

No. 295692

Jesus christ what the fuck happened to him?

No. 295694

Lmao, I just realized Cardi = Birdie. Whoever wrote the tl;dr was being petty.

No. 295699

what the fuck did I just watch?

No. 295703

Why are rich people like JB even doing meth? If you can afford better why go for the cheapest, most fucked up shit?

No. 295711

Fuck, he looks like he smells like shit

No. 295716

File: 1536924830675.jpeg (45.28 KB, 1280x720, 215C0A9A-ECEA-4B97-B17A-DA71AC…)

Cole Sprouse keeps popping up in my feed, can we talk about the mess that is his ex gf Bree? Spouting lies about abuse and industry people cutting ties with her after she chimped out when he dumped her

No. 295734


Have to disagree, I think Kourtney looks way more natural.

No. 295744

Yes, what's the milk with her? She seems like a BPD neckbeard panderer. She has/had everything, but chose to be a twitch thot?

No. 295749

She's not really a celebrity. Maybe you can make a thread for her on snow.

No. 295752

You’re response was literally “No u!” but okay

No. 295787

Holy shit, he looks like my tweaker brother here…definitely meth.

No. 295797

Id put her on snow, but a lot of her well known dramu was her dating cole and the backlash she created towards him by claiming he was an abuser.

No. 295814

File: 1536954883436.png (1.24 MB, 1652x1208, file.png)

No. 295816

i'd be interested in a thread about her/this. was he really abusive or what?

No. 295820

why would you post this…….

No. 295823


Isn't Cole Sprouse relatively attractive? How'd he end up with this? yikes

No. 295842

Was it the Cellar? Cause I've seen him mad fucked up wandering around there and Washington Square Park. He's gonna fuckin die either from the drugs or by getting jumped or something, mark my words.

No. 295845

File: 1536959189249.jpg (46.53 KB, 480x480, 18013235_344807759249482_71147…)

i mean i guess shes attractive too. i think she was trying to be a model for a while and now she's a con thot/twitch thot/costhot

No. 295848

Ngl most cosplay photos of hers are skin shopped, like most are.

No. 295853

you think this weeb mess is attractive? she looks like shuwu, she has the same "who" face shuwu has.

No. 295860

File: 1536959826517.jpg (9.02 KB, 180x280, images.jpg)

Shuwu is more inbred looking. I wouldn't even call this one a weeb mess, since it looks like all the weebishness was picked up after Cole dumped her. All of these average/above average women going into cosplay/gaming/whatever after they realize they can't make it in the real world as a 'hot girl', much like Shuwu, actually. Was there ever any proof Cole was abusive? He said she burned all the bridges in town or something?

No. 295865

File: 1536960264951.png (213.29 KB, 393x546, Gu51rgJ.png)

No. 295869

File: 1536960608007.jpg (412.78 KB, 1332x1200, sleazecore.jpg)

No. 295871

he looks like an absolute pervert

No. 295878

was he really intending to look like somebody's perv uncle from miami in the 80s

No. 295879

Props to this dude for giving zero fucks.

If I had his money I wouldn't give a fuck about my appearance either lmfao

No. 295880

File: 1536961328852.jpg (54.85 KB, 952x702, khkkj.jpg)

why lies? there's no proof it happened nor that it didn't happen. Just let it die already, he's happy with Lili I guess - btw I love how Casey and KJ mocked Cole's pretentious post, I know it's all jokes and giggles but imho Cole is such a fake deep ~intelectual~ miracle lyrical spiritual individual lol.

No. 295882

Giving Dov Charney, Terry Richardson vibes. Nasty.

No. 295887

he aged so terribly

No. 295889

He's got a touch of the Aaron Carters~

No. 295891

are they really dating or is it just pr?

No. 295902

shes cute but definitely seems milky enough to start up a thread

No. 295907

You missed my point completely. She's bragging about all the money she's getting because she's more desirable/better than Cardi and how she doesn't even need the money
>had to start stripping at 34 to pay court bills? to get her kid back?
>can't afford to live alone
>Was clearly already in so much trouble with the law that Cardi "targeted" her because she knew she couldn't retaliate
>34 year old mother renting a room in a 19 year old's house (if this happened 4 years ago as you say)
>I'm 34 years old I don't need this! trying to brag about much more mature she is when she got in a fight with someone almost half her age
>cardi targets beautiful women, so of COURSE she targeted me!!

Cardi is def trash as fuck but this woman seems equally if not more trashy than Cardi. Just sounds like some washed up nobody who got in a catfight with an immature teenager years ago trying to get some attention.

>She allegedly always had in a tampon, cut the string for shows, and said she just "got too wet all the time"

I don't understand what this is supposed to mean? It's definitely weird but I don't understand why this is bad? This honestly seems like it would be a good precaution if all strippers did it to keep as little fluid as possible on the pole. It's not like they could wear pantyliners

>She also apparently talked about frequently having yeast infections herself

>She traded sex for money
What about either of these things is shocking? A sex worker getting paid for sex? A girl who works in a dirty place where women regularly rub their crotches on everything and put dirty dollar bills in their underwear gets yeast infections? I'd be more surprised if she didn't. Who gives a shit, this seems like some real reaching

No. 295913

wow Hailey will just do and follow beiber in whatever he does. She voluntarily married a crackhead in a courthouse. Once a Stan, always a Stan.

No. 295915

File: 1536964609209.png (577.06 KB, 952x487, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 5.23…)

>Her makeup turned out flawless
lmao this is the most vanilla boring makeup ever, it looks terrible. she really does look like she made her look caucasian.

>I'm the biggest Cardi fan!!!

>They invited me to go to the club with them but I said no I was too tired
>Cardi specifically requested me to do her makeup!!
uh huh sure

that's about as far as I made it
Cardi's whole character is trashy/aggressive. Literally the only song I've heard by Cardi is Bodak Yellow and that song is about "bloody shoes" and how she doesn't give a fuck about anyone else. Why are these people getting their feelings hurt when she's not nice to them?

No. 295918

File: 1536964869051.png (239.93 KB, 597x422, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 5.40…)

This looks like the same time, and it's from a video about her doing a donation drive in Houston. This makeup looks like shit. It doesn't even look like she has anything other than mascara on, and that lip color is terrible. It makes her look like she's dead/dehydrated

No. 295919

not a cardi fan but nicki is working over time

No. 295926

Now I'm starting to wonder if both Azealia and Belcalis are farmers, because this salt and personal investment is a little too much for someone who's "only heard Bodak Yellow", kek.

No. 295927

File: 1536965701178.png (16.84 KB, 527x191, hb.png)

apparently not yet

No. 295932


god damn, this girl seems like she holds Nikki waaay too high but this is some real Fraudi B expose shit, what a piece of trash.

No. 295944

Cardi B's best friend since they were in their teens, Hoodcelebrityy, speaks on their falling out. Starts at 7:30.
>She supported and congratulated Cardi B when she was signed to a label
>Cardi has some sort of conflict with the label
>Hoodcelebrityy gets signed to the same label, doesn't get into any issue with them and they actually help her a lot
>Cardi suddenly does a 180 despite their closeness, cusses her out, tells her they're not friends anymore, etc all because she didn't drop or reject the label for Cardi's sake/in solidarity (she also never once supported or congratulated Hoodcelebrityy on getting signed)
>She says she's hurt and doesn't think they're going to ever patch things up, but in respect to the friendship they once had, will never speak ill of her
This is probably the chillest, least ghetto person Cardi has ever known personally, lmao. I like her voice.

No. 295946


Pete Davidson just wiped his IG, right after Ariana Grande made a heartfelt post about Mac Miller's passing. He's such a manipulative pissbaby.

No. 295957

He wiped his IG months ago when fans critisized him for commenting "cute" on a pic of Ari and her grandfather.

If you're gonna post milk at least make sure it's not spoiled.

No. 295958

Ugh what a shit bag

No. 295960

He had it back up at some point after that. He just wiped it for the second time, dummy.

No. 295972

File: 1536970494055.jpg (16.39 KB, 500x281, idon'tknow.jpg)

Did yall read what I was responding to? I'm not even defending Cardi, I just don't think any of this is milk
>sex worker has sex with men!!
>teenage girl gets mad when someone she has a crush on pays attention to another woman!!
>girl whose job it is is to rub her crotch on a dirty pole gets yeast infections and has bad hygiene!!
>girl who write songs about violence and not giving a fuck about anyone is mean to someone!!
>girl who talks constant shit might also be racist!!

She's pretty publicly trashy, I just don't see how any of this is EXPOSING her? Like if she was guilty of tax fraud or something then I'd be surprised, but I don't know what you are expecting if you find any of this milk. I'm def believe she's just as bad as described, but I also think you're stupid if you think some rando woman yelling in an airport and some girl who does prom makeup crying on youtube AREN'T trying to monetize off of Cardi.

No. 295975

Why are you so pressed about people confirming the obvious, if only to open the eyes of fools like >>295142 and >>293040? Why did you reply to two posts that weren't even aimed at you? Why have you been trying to attack the credibility of literally all the people who have come out and said "Yeah, she's a shitty person" and insist it's all for money?
I dunno, anon. You sound like either the bird herself in full damage control mode, or a closet stan mad that her "trashy but lovable and REAL" illusion is finally being shattered by hard reality. It's milk for anyone who was fooled by her fake pluckiness, and vindication for anyone who knew it was BS. If you really aren't invested in this, you'd just ignore it.

No. 295978

>aimed at you
*aimed at you negatively
My bad.

No. 295992

top kek anon. methber is the male britney spears but will unfortunately still be successful no matter what trashy things he does just for being male

No. 295999

>Why have you been trying to attack the credibility of literally all the people who have come out and said "Yeah, she's a shitty person" and insist it's all for money?
what's your damage anon, what are you even talking about? respond to what people? the one anon that posted 9 times about the girl crying on instagram and trying to EXPOSE cardi for having a yeast infection?

= 9 posts of someone going hard to E X P O S E Cardi acting like this is hard hitting breaking news, but for sure jump down my throat for a couple of posts questioning someone who clearly has a vendetta. christ.

by all means expose away, but at least do it like >>295944 and not with that garbage

No. 296006

You really went through the thread and quoted a bunch of posts about a rapper you claim to have only heard one song by, and not a single one of them even has the word "expose" in them. It's all just speculation, some obviously by more than one person. I know because at least one of those posts is mine, lmao.
You really do have some personal investment here. I'm sorry all this shit's coming out about an artist you like, but calm the fuck down. Seriously. Being a stan of anyone is just unhealthy. Are you going to keep this up if you find out she's like Nicki and starts caping for child molesters? Just let it go, ffs.

No. 296014

Speaking of tax fraud, it's crazy how so many celebrities get way with that. Look at Emma Watson.

No. 296015

>what's ol Pete boy thinking right now

"how can I get her to pay attention to me again? another empty suicide threat? no, no, I just did that one two days ago…."

No. 296027

hahahahah is his fly unzipped in the first pic

No. 296030

File: 1536977197246.png (125.92 KB, 500x367, bbc.png)

do any of y'all remember cole sprouse's cringe "social experiment" which … wasn't even a social experiment?

No. 296036


I have no idea what this is about but it screams "I was only pretending to be retarded!" What happened?

No. 296039

No. 296044


I cannot comprehend why anyone gave a fuck about online shenanigans of a washed-up ex-child star of a shitty Disney TV show

I do not mean you anons remminiscing, but the people who interacted with him back than and screeched about betrayal and so on

Just why

No. 296048

this is the first time I've heard about the poc post but I'm not surprised he deleted because of it. he looked gross back then

No. 296104

god hes so fakedeep uwu it hurts. i commend him for finding creative ways to stay relevant. lucky him he has a tv show to get legions of new tween fans and stay in the limelight. poor little bree, if only she wasn't a fucking psycho she coulda put a ring on it and pulled in his dollary doos

No. 296107

File: 1537002085062.png (536.95 KB, 750x1334, 7656C723-3D8E-411A-9486-CB2E10…)

Not sure how true this is because this is the only source I found stating this, but kudos to those that called it for her breakdown, I hope this means eventually she and bpdete will call it quits and she can get actual help. If she is truly hospitalized, you think he showed up to support or is letting her tough it out alone because “muh borderline”

No. 296109

oh god I know it's old as hell but damn
>The way I move, feel, argue, and all the discourse of my life, changes in order to succeed within that space. This adaptation to environmental and social pressure will allow me to succeed, much like Darwin had so brilliantly noted. You take a role and embrace it, but know that you are never whole, and those who fall in love with you or otherwise fall for your performance, not you, for you is never constant.
e d g y
Would say it's happened ages ago so he's more mature now but no, he's the same fakedeep edgelord, just read any caption on his photography. Hasn't changed a bit.

And his bro Dylan is getting more exposure now thanks to Cole, he immediately switched gfs, according to her - cheated - and moved on to more famous Barbara Palvin. Long live the popular memes on my insta radar about Dylan dating his long lost sister lol, they really do look weirdly alike in some shots

No. 296128

These are just rumors. I saw one where she was carried in by her family "screaming and crying." She posted a pic on her story being in her home and she has not left I think. If she did paparazzi would've been all over it like when she came back from Manchester to post headlines like "first time out since Mac's death" or something. I'm sure these won't be rumors soon enough though.

No. 296158

thanks for reminding me how much i hate ohnotheydidnt

No. 296175

This misunderstanding of Darwin triggers me. If anything that's Lamarck bitch

No. 296303

She's just posted a bunch of insta stories of the street. Seems like she's in a cathartic mood. This poor girl.

No. 296329

Please forgive me for being retarded but what exactly was his "social experiment" beyond getting a Tumblr and interacting with fans on there?

No. 296343

exactly, that was his social experiment. having fans think they were learning about him but he was learning about them or something? it was stupid af and fake deep.

No. 296396

he was only pretending to be retarded kek

No. 296423

She got a piglet lmfaoooo can't wait for her to neglect it the way she did with her goats and dogs the second she got bored of them

also she's lying in bed with pete (or at least someone with a tattooed arm). if it is pete then i don't think they're breaking up anytime soon.

No. 296496

To be fair she did send her goats to a farm because she realized she was being selfish with them and she has people to take care of her dogs. A piglet though? What a weird way to mourn

No. 296498


This makes me so sad and I never liked him. There's something so morbid about how he's clearly not ok and those people around him just treat him like someones pet dog. "Awww" and stroking him.

Entertainment industry is so fucked up.

No. 296508

Those people probably are star-struck and don’t know how to react in the moment tbh. It seems pretty obvious to us he’s on drugs though. People treat celebrities so differently.

No. 296705

File: 1537177748540.jpg (62.32 KB, 768x451, image.jpg)

No. 296760

File: 1537200128135.png (2.01 MB, 3382x952, views from the sixteenth birth…)

from twitter.
What's with these (famous) men? What do they even talk about when one is 31 and the other 18 (possibly 16)?

No. 296773

they just have sex and go out and be seen for clout

No. 296789


idk much about Pete and his relationship to Ariana (what I do know is his lame comments about his dick being forever hard but thats just typical male behavior) but I wouldnt see every person with BPD flipping on smth like that. If he's medicated and not taking recreational drugs, he should be able to feel empathy and support her at least somewhat in what she's going through

No. 296793

Yeah but he's also running around getting tattoos of her everywhere, which doesn't strike me as the most stable behaviour. BPD isn't a disorder you can slap medications on and call it a day, it requires therapy to be effective.

No. 296800

It's funny as hell to see tumblr fucks give up on their fake man-hating for 5 minutes to defend this "totally disabled uwu bpd softie" douchebag who is clearly not getting any treatment and disrespects the living hell out of their new Woke Queen since both Nicki and Grimes have taken themselves out. All he talks about is how much he loves fucking Ariana. He's always high as fuck, and even weed is bad news for borderlines. If HE doesn't care that he's borderline why should anyone else?

No. 296806

lmao chill i literally just said idk anything about him, i don't know anything about his drug habits, if he's in therapy or not, I literally just said his sole diagnosis isnt enough to draw such conclusions. My intent wasnt even to defend him personally.

very fair point, i have to agree here

No. 296810

medication doesn't even come close to "fixing" BPD, it just takes the edge off or treats comorbid depression. it does literally nothing for impulsive destructive behaviour, uncontrollably intense feelings, identity disturbance etc. I know he's not getting DBT because if he was he wouldn't be engaging in half the behaviours he's displayed (impulse tattooing in a new relationship is a huge red flag by itself). wiping his IG again is another impulsive behaviour obviously triggered by Ariana. there's already reports of him threatening suicide if she leaves him and him being paranoid she will break up with him. he's just a sick unstable fuck taking advantage of someone just as sick and vulnerable.

No. 296812

blogpost but medication (if combined with therapy and will) can go a long way. SSRIs wont do much but there are some anticonvulsants and antipsychotics out there that act like good mood stablizators. Since my mom stared being properly medicated, she's literally a new person. Still hard to live around but actually responsible and not more toxic than most of my friend's parents.

No. 296836

No. 296840

fucking great, hope it is for real and Elon loses
I am worried he will buy his way into being not guilty

No. 296859

That turn out to be fake apparently.

No. 296866

File: 1537222658816.jpg (21.27 KB, 560x315, wochit_20180814_cook_276576_56…)

good. did you guys see that dane cook has been with some singer since she was 17 or s/t? he's 46 and she just turned 19 and it's so fucking uncomfortable and his justifications are pathetic. it's like, obviously, you're just a midlife crisis creep.

with this predator face and this behavior, i have no doubt that he's going going to be metood anyday now

No. 296877

ew what the fuck

No. 296879


what the fuck? people literally half his age don't want to hang with 17 year olds. also nice brows you creep

No. 296882

dane cook is super cringy so it doesn't surprise me. he's like that guy who thinks being an asshole means your cool, and he validates people to act like shits irl.

No. 296888

Goddamit I hate this so much. I'm having PTSD flashbacks to shitty middle/high school boys regurgitating his shitty standup and Family Guy nonstop, so the age demographic fits for him at least. Is he even relevant anymore?

she's reached the highest possible level of chuckle-fucker

No. 296891

Thank god its fake. There's no way men "just start" dating an 18 year old. They were dating before she turned 18, just not being public about it. The damage is probably already done though because it was viral "Drake is dating an 18 year old so can I!!"

No. 296907

Now that this is confirmed fake it's been confirmed by Millie Bobbie Brown, a 14 year old, Drake gives her dating advice.

No. 296911

oh my god

No. 296913

I'm so fucking angry that they will not let these children be children

No. 297018

File: 1537257443141.jpeg (118.99 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20180918-105311~2.j…)

Scooter putting in the hours and working for that moolah.

Do you think Ariana went to him and said this isn't enough about her and how she's the victim?

No. 297022

I know the "shutting down restaurant for her" was fake, but aren't they actually going out or isn't she one of his global harem?

No. 297069

File: 1537274722670.jpeg (383.79 KB, 1125x1506, 1EC96A07-9502-451E-A8DA-3EE72F…)

if an american spirit cigarette was a person = cole sprouse

No. 297075

He must be exhausting to be around. KJ, on the other hand, seems an actually fun guy

No. 297149

Kathy didn't just bring the tea, she spilled it on the floor and mopped the floor with it lmao.

No. 297150


Wow. Well, now I see why she's been buddying up with YouTubers 30 years her junior. It does suck what happened to her

No. 297158

I doubt it, mostly because if anything she's hiding from the media right now

No. 297164

The post she made about him was was nice too to my surprise. I thought she'd just talk about stories that centered on him doing stuff for her or something but it was actually pretty sad and respectful. She also missed the Emmy's which would've been a great time to say, "I'm here despite losing someone very closing to me." and whatever else. I don't really believe this either.

No. 297177

I hadn't even heard of that Trump thing but I gotta say, that photo crossed the line tbh. I'm by no means a Trump supporter but it just screamed a washed-up actor yelling "look at me" with cheap shock value. It was simply tasteless and not witty or original at all, just sick. Guess that's why she's in a youtube podcast spreading her rich white libertarian wokeness.

No. 297186

It was a reference to Trump having said Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her you know what" and that's why she (Megyn) was upset…

No. 297197

File: 1537303178047.jpg (103.81 KB, 634x751, 505D7B1000000578-0-image-m-10_…)

(samefag) seems like I was right after all lol

maybe some of y'all will stop demonizing all people with bpd on sight now? shit's annoying, elon's the true cow itt, pete ain't do nothing wrong

No. 297215

that's nasty af!! I used to listen to his comedy acts like 10+ years ago and then stopped caring, but why is this allowed?

he's legit the right age to be her dad. that shit is so gross. Also, his brows scream bad botox

No. 297217

>unironically being a bpd apologist
found the anon with bpd

No. 297220

I'm a anon with bpd and let me tell you. Any borderline going without treatment especially those on drugs and fucking around using their BPD as an excuse to do so without criticism can eat shit. Also dumbass can't even pay attention to the thread, where he's repeatedly made a fool of her and mocked the things she's got PTSD from. You're probably just as bad as him.

No. 297221

>pete ain't do nothing wrong
Lmfao okay Pete

No. 297222

it's not really that he's a monster, he's just an annoying dramatic cow

No. 297226

File: 1537306926245.jpg (80.66 KB, 819x1024, rs_819x1024-180918134910-634-p…)

No. 297234

File: 1537308332400.gif (1.66 MB, 368x207, tumblr_inline_nob64sEoEJ1tq8es…)

I went on her instagram and their couple pics actually look like dad-daughter pictures…

No. 297235

it was tasteless and dumb, but i dont think it crossed the line. really dumb on her part, but he deserves stupid shit like that.

No. 297237

File: 1537308950765.jpeg (60.16 KB, 300x300, A7074090-0C5D-4B2D-858F-D70D5F…)

Vomit inducing. The man’s titties are bigger than hers.

No. 297240

Found the BPD. Everybody hate "y'all" get over it.

No. 297242

he has a tattoo of his own name LOL

yeah, this dude is definitely 100% untreated. no one gets random fucking tattoos every other day unless they have some severe, deep seated issues.

No. 297244

File: 1537309777760.jpg (53.48 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-180211151949-634.d…)

nothing short of horrifying.

No. 297247

This is all kinds of absolutely disgusting.

No. 297262

File: 1537313361256.png (533.99 KB, 720x1280, dh.png)

I know he's not relevant anymore but this is still kind of bonkers.

I get forgetting to take your swiss army knife out of your pocket, but how do you "accidentally" bring a loaded gun to the airport?

No. 297264

this is the most horrific and yet totally believable thing I've ever seen. She needs to love herself.

No. 297269

his taste in tattoo subjects/styles is so all over the place it makes toopoor's look cohesive and well planned

No. 297270

he looks like her dad lmao
i'm disgusted by both of them

No. 297272

>he stands near her
>"omg he's so supportive!!"

No. 297273

File: 1537315238515.gif (702.42 KB, 400x160, frodo-ultimatedigust.gif)

I know this is bordering the man hating thread, but why do we live in a society where it's totally okay for men to date very young women? it's so fucking gross and they really do look like father/daughter from this pics. Like, I know some people are okay with age gaps, but this is really sick to look at.

No. 297278

File: 1537315882728.png (44.53 KB, 598x289, CHGYqmh.png)

No. 297279

People probably just can't get over the fact that pre-teens used to get married off to old dudes back in the day I'm guessing. It's fucking gross and terrifying, yeah she's 18 but how long was he waiting for that, would he date younger? He's probably a pedo.

No. 297282

File: 1537316071386.jpg (22.33 KB, 392x462, a349d7015347c3f91ad8480ba7c5b8…)

I thought men aged like a fine wine????

No. 297283

I think there's another thread around here talking about how women are sexualized as early as 13 or 14, but men wait around until they're 18, like it somehow fixes them drooling over them for years. It's really nasty.

and maybe i'm an old lady in her early 30s now, but 18 year olds are stupid and rarely have real life experience. Anyone in their 40s and SANE would never want to date a teenager. Men are nasty af

No. 297288

Omg, he needs to shut his gross mouth. Like anon said >>297279
he's one of those men justifying massive age gaps because 12 year old girls were married off in the olden days when no one lived past 40 and having as many babies as possible so 1 or 2 could survive was a thing.

We live in a modern era and men are still trying to justify dating, marrying or fucking women 20 years their junior.

No. 297291


Yeah it's all about the age of consent with them. They're disgusting, you just know they'd go after them if they were younger than 18, they just wait till that so they can't get thrown in the slammer. Doesn't make it less transparent and less disgusting and less of a pedo. I wish this was a more common realization.

The only reason to date a teenager is if they're looking to fuck a girl who looks young as shit. 18 and 40 are entirely different age categories and they have nothing in common. What do they talk about? I'm sure he gives her the typical pedo line of "wOW YOU'RE SURE MATURE FOR YOUR AGE!!"

No. 297300

The women who date older men are just as much to blame as the men imo. Most of them have the trad thot mentality when I comes to older women and seem to think they will never age past 23 and get off on bashing older women.

No. 297303

I don't think they're just asuch to blame, but they are to blame, partially

No. 297304

They're less to blame imo, sometimes it's gold digging but a lot of the time it's a subconscioua defense mechanism to make a man value them more. But yeah, they need to fucking stop. They need to love themselves and date age appropriate men, not pretend balding wrinkly losers are attractive, not assume the leverage from being the young attractive one in a relationship is worth the loss of dignity/power, and most of all stop boosting old farts egos and making them more entitled. We all age and it's a short term solution to a long term problem that throws other women under the bus.

No. 297321

Sad to say but this still seems less crazy than getting an Ariana tattoo. Even if he just got the pig, tons of people have tattoos of their pets. That pig's not gonna dump him, it's just a cute picture of a pic. (Though it will probably always remind him of their failed relationship.)

I know this is an old video, but I guess I never really heard him speak aloud outside of characters on SNL occasionally, but is this his genuine personality and way of speaking? It's so much worse than I could have ever imagined. He's like someone doing a parody of a man child with an exaggerated accent and oversized fake teeth to be as irritating as humanly possible.

No. 297335

Lol, I bet this is how Shoe wishes how people saw her and Pregory.

No. 297336

10 bucks they get rid of the pig in a few months. they bought it on impulse to cheer Ariana up and once that high wears off they'll realise they're stuck with a giant "micropig" (they dont stay small, they get to the size of a large dog) and give it to a farm. he has tattoo of a pet that's going to be tossed aside.

No. 297339

Why does he talk like he's part of the mob lmao

No. 297368

>my bauls
gee, I wonder why a girlfriends parents wouldn't be impressed by him?

No. 297380

Is he an inbred? Wtf is wrong with his face

No. 297384

File: 1537339740648.jpeg (23.55 KB, 443x332, images.jpeg)

Paris Hilton kept her pig even when it got big. They might surprise us… hopefully.

No. 297385

he sounds like gilbert gottfried

No. 297391

I don't think so. I honestly think that the older partner is just a predatory POS looking for a borderline underage kid to fuck and take advantage of. 18 year olds are dumb and still pretty impressionable and probably think it's cool. I'd be just as disgusted if the genders were reversed.

No. 297401

Paris Hilton is a huge lover and advocate of animals. Ariana has already gotten rid of a bunch of pets in the past.

No. 297405

>muh age of consent
lol all this says about men is, if the age of consent was 14 they wouldn't care. Even 12 year olds. If the age of consent was 12 men would not fucking care and if you'd say anything about a grown man dating a 12 year old being wrong they'd just say MUH AGE CONSENT. I'M ALLOWED.

No. 297408

Paris has a history of mistreating/getting rid of her pets too.

No. 297446

I remember being a part of a forum when I was young well before 18. There were other young users and we would post about highschool stuff etc. There was a picture thread this was back before social media so we could all share photos and get to know each other. Some male forum members started a timer for my 18th birthday. Exceptionally creepy. There were so many hot of age girls but they were all so clever and interesting I think it intimidated a lot of the guys that they started hitting on the dumb young ones. Men have the most fragile egos

No. 297489

Sometimes they don't even give a shit if you're not legal. When I was 13 I used MSN messenger and I remember some guy in his 20s being a total creep and telling me how much he wanted to "cuddle and have sex with me"

No. 297497

That’s a very roundabout way of justifying his pedophilic tendencies… men never cease to surprise me.

No. 297744

That's his Crohns anon! Don't be mean

No. 297754

>he made a period joke
>I'll comment on this by depicting his severed head

what? poor excuse. she should let that news anchor fight her own battles. megyn kelly didn't pose with any plastic heads so don't drag her into this.

No. 297881

Yeah most people are still really impressionable at that age. They were in training bras just a few years ago and are craving to be validated as adults.

I really blame her parents more than her.

No. 297943

Oh so that's why he always looks constipated

No. 297954

So she got outed as a bullshitter, a bunch of people who know her IRL called her out on lying the fuck out and never having lived with Cardi.

Cardi worked at the club she claimed she got her a job at way before Marie started working. All of her shit turned out to be a lie.

No. 297961

and no one is surprised. 99% of the time these people who try to "expose" these celebs just want clout/money or have personal vendettas.

No. 297977

File: 1537452239531.png (811.88 KB, 1734x1098, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.0…)

Noah Cryus selling her tears for $12,000. Noah is super milky

No. 297980

She could have sold it for $100 each and probably made money. rofl

Either way, this shit is weird af

No. 297982

ikr. no one gives a shit about noah enough to pay 12k. tears are infinite too, might as well sell it for 100 a pop

No. 298031

is this not supposed to be a tongue in cheek joke about their relationship?

No. 298046

File: 1537462554930.gif (4.95 MB, 384x286, quintab.gif)

>>295653 >>295907
Me, the OP that got attacked for questioning this clearly insane person and accused of
>trying to attack the credibility of literally all the people who have come out and said "Yeah, she's a shitty person" and insist it's all for money?


No. 298053

No. 298056

File: 1537463723776.jpg (244.39 KB, 1034x1200, ygber5f6788.jpg)

No. 298061

dear god he looks homeless. feel almost kind of bad for him because out of all the teen stars, he is truly talented and did grow up basically the most disadvantaged w a teen mom and eating out of food pantries, no dad, etc. i think this mess was inevitable.

No. 298065

kek I though he was just some dirty, rando soundcloud rapper at first. so gross.

No. 298066

so he's basically he's on his way to being one of those "jesus freak" hippie bums that panhandles and hands out tracts to passerbys in between boiling meth in gas station bathrooms and engaging in PR relationships for his handful of remaining fans smh

No. 298073

Justin is washed up.

No. 298112

not really a "fan" of pete or ariana myself although she makes some bomb music — i was under the impression BPDete was semi-stable before meeting Ariana? I imagine he had to stay on track to keep the SNL gig, and he was killing it for a while imo. I remember some of his weekend updates were funny as hell, especially 2017-early 2018

obviously he's back to using and he looks like a dead man walking. he clearly got used to ari's residual A-list drugs and money (used for more drugs). it's really disheartening to see because i almost liked him for a little there.

No. 298127

What phase is this?
He’s had a wigger phase, David Sylvia-wannabe phase, sleaze phase…

No. 298129

No. 298486

more like meth

No. 298888

File: 1537627794806.png (607.04 KB, 800x533, 345uQzs.png)

You'll never guess who got a new tattoo

>Got the quote “mille tendresse” on the back of his neck.

>The French phrase made popular by the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s means “a thousand tendernesses” and is the exact same design that Grande, 25, has on the back of her neck.

>The tattoo is the couple’s fifth shared design and ninth total inking inspired by their whirlwind romance.


No. 298892


No. 298895

With that mad dye job I thought this was bieber at first lel

No. 298907

her jawline is so perfect fuck

what's with that foundation though? did they forget that she self-tans 5 shades darker?

No. 298911

Yikes that’s a really unflattering pic of Ari

No. 298913

File: 1537633693989.gif (1.7 MB, 370x272, giphy.gif)

>perfect jawline

also how the fuck is ariana ok with this??? even if they're sooooo in love it still seems creepy

No. 298919

This guy's really out here trying to get her attention more than Mac

Also this is creepy as fuck. Like why.

No. 298983

>graphic design is my passion

No. 299018


her back looks so dirty… it's probably self tanner but that looks nasty

also they need to break up before they both have a matching Rick Genest look

No. 299023

He looks like a primate. Absolutely disgusting

No. 299055

It's def creepy, especially if he's copying tattoos she already had? I wonder if they discuss this or if he does it as a "surprise"

No. 299066

Can we talk about Kylie Jenner and how thats def Tyga's baby. Idk who she think she's fooling. Lol

No. 299079

her neck looks hairer than his entire fucking face

No. 299099

In my mind he shows up at her apartment after she's been working on music all day and is like babe look what I got today! And turns around and pulls the collar of his shirt down to show her and she grimaces and goes oh! wow! cool! then goes and thinks what the fuck have I gotten myself into I can't dump him at this point

but in reality they're probably both high as fuck and she likes that he does it

No. 299119

I'm sure every woman had an experience like this as a child. Especially during the early internet. I remember having some chat program as a child and older, Turkish men adding me constantly because of my age. I got so many notifications I had to delete it. They would call me and if I answered they'd immediately go on video and expose their genitals. Really disturbing that they're so eager to expose children to something so graphic. I've had a highly negative opinion of Turkey and Arab countries ever since and I think it's gross that they think they're "modern" and "progressive" compared to other Arab countries

No. 299123

she's of italian ancestry, it's pretty normal. i have the same thing. kind of like the she keeps the neck hair.

No. 299133

not gonna lie recently ive had a newfound love for this motherfucker. i hope he checks into rehab soon. idc if he looks like a "bum" cuz imo he seems a lot better off dressed like this than how he dressed when he was a "brand". but seriously.. the video of him all tweaked out really made me sad.

No. 299187

Tons of women have that regardless of ancestry. It's really normal. Idk what >>299079's problem is, maybe she's a hairless rat.

No. 299209

Nta, but yikes to your statement AND her neck; that's definitely not normal for a women… It looks like it's on her face as well and only covered up by makeup.

No. 299222

… It's normal body hair. You've been watching too much anime.

No. 299225

I'm wonderbread white and have a really hairy face…

No. 299234

it really is normal for women. you obviously don't know much about the female body.

No. 299243

how are you this sheltered? even if you're socially isolated now, did you not go to school and notice that a ton of girls have this? a lot of women don't have it and a lot of women shave it off but i've seen it everywhere.

No. 299248

Why so triggered? I went to school, go to Uni, have a job and while I do know a girl with a little bit of hair on her upper lip, I've really never in my whole live seen a single women with so much and such dark hair on cheeks/lower neck/upper back like Ariana has.

No. 299249

It's the anorexia

No. 299265

Well, I have. It's the norm in some parts of the world. Get over it…?

No. 299294

Because you’re implying this is inherently weird when it’s the norm, especially for girls with dark features? You’re the oddball here sweetie.

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