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No. 276204

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?


No. 276210

I guess it can be empowering if you're privileged enough to have only high end clients. In my personal experience it's godawful. I am a heroin addict (in recovery from everything since 1/12/2017) so I had to settle for any man willing to pay me at least $80/hr. I screened them but you can't really tell how they are from a short email conversation.

I had 3 regulars who treated me extremely well and actually cared about me. All the others were gross and mean/disrespectful. Just try to imagine having sex with someone you're not attracted to, who is frankly disgusting, when you're not horny… multiple times a day. It really destroyed my soul.

It made me feel like shit about myself. In my experience it made my addiction worse because I hated myself for doing disgusting things with multiple random men a day… so I had to get fucked up to numb myself. So I had to make more money, have more sex, hate myself more, need more heroin, and on and on… it's a horrible cycle that's REALLY hard to break. I can't even imagine how horrible it is for people who are trafficked. Or people who have a pimp.

When I see all these randoms acting like camming is somehow equal to prostitution I get seriously fucking mad. It's insulting. Tons of people act like they care about prostitutes online but I feel that they just say this stuff in order to seem "woke"…. for example when FOSTA-SESTA was in the news tons of people were trying to seem woke by posting it but now. nobody is talking about it even though it's an ongoing issue.

No. 276212

I'm an escort, and it's alright. The job itself is very up-and-down. Most of my clients are middle/upper class, and I've met some very great people through it. On the other hand, I've always had a very low sex drive and I've only ever been attracted to three clients.

I wouldn't describe it as empowering. It's not an industry you want to stay in for very long and the income is very unstable. Tumblr/twitter sex workers are really cringy and most of them exaggerate the more glamourous aspects of it. also "whorephobia" lol

No. 276214

how did things get so bad for you?

No. 276216

I'm sorry you went through this shit, I hope you get better.
>Tons of people act like they care about prostitutes online but I feel that they just say this stuff in order to seem "woke"
It must be infuriating when you read stuff like "educate yourself!" or "talk to sex-workers!".

No. 276218

I’m an escort.
It's not glamorous as people online make it seems, unless, as it was said before, you’re privileged enough to only get top clients.
I’m afraid most of the time when I’m going to meet a new client, it’s a risky job for numerous reasons and I don’t enjoy it.
I’ve found some nice, really nice and good people, but they’re the absolutely minority. There’s a lot of gross and unpleasant people, requests for all kinds of really bizarre, disturbing and disgusting fetiches, people asking discounts, people just asking nudes to masturbate, this part is really annoying, revenues are very unstable too.
This not the kind of thing I want to do for long.
I’m grateful for being psychologically and physically able to do it, otherwise I’d be on the streets. I want to change my life one day and I don’t like this job but I’ll be grateful to it forever.

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