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File: 1527050079112.jpg (126.86 KB, 940x400, secrets.jpg)

No. 252343

Share something you haven't been able to / literally can't say in real life or online under the protection of anonymity. Get it off your chest. You don't even have to explain it, either.

I didn't see anything like this in the catalog, so I hope it's fine.

To start here's a secret of mine - even though I love my boyfriend immensely, I almost always think of other guys I know during sex.

No. 252345

So… I'm changing my name legally and reinventing myself.

No. 252354

I've gone beserck on people before

this was this girl that kept posting child porn and then when people called her out about it she said "it's cute!!!"

anyway, she blocked me on twitter and I made a hate account, I reported her to the fbi but I would also take pictures and compare her to men, I would find her information and eventually found her mom and sent her everything

also I got some fat injections from my waist to my hips

No. 252363

can i ask how that ended

No. 252368

File: 1527055817810.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.94 KB, 1024x768, F6F095F6-E292-4757-96FC-CAB4C4…)

Im basically in a md/lb type relationship atm. Its weird because we arent even having sex, he just comes over and I treat him like a 1 year old basically and we both love it. Im in it for the dependency factor and i like how he ‘needs’ me in that sense. Im pretty sure he had mommy issues, but he’s cute and its just fun tbh.

I live in animu land (Tokyo specifically) and everybody at home thinks im this worldy traveller who has this exciting life in a major city abroad and im just like… im just sitting here feeding this grown ass ikemen a bottle if milk while watching Netflix

No. 252371

I've been single for a while but back when I was with my ex I always thought of other guys during sex, too. I started to feel weird about it when I went through a period of fixating on this hot guy that used to bully me in middle school.
So I guess here goes my secret ; I WANT to fuck this one guy who used to bully me, I remember when we met again, he was surprised to see how much I had changed and even complimented me, I would have ripped his clothes off and fucked the shit out of him if I wasn't in a relationship already. Guess it's a revenge fantasy? I keep it secret because the guy is dumb af and mean, the only thing he has going for him is his hotness and I heard he's a great lover.

No. 252380

I've been starting to get close to this guy. We haven't done anything, but we've had long talks about private stuff, there have been times that we talked for so long we both fell asleep, and it's just really pleasant being around him.

It makes me feel guilty, because I know my boyfriend would be bothered by all this if he knew (though, tbf, he's told me about a similarly close friendship he has with another girl). I know I'm treading dangerous waters, but as long as we don't actually get sexual, I think it's fine for us to just remain close friends with some odd tension here and there.

No. 252381

I'm about to break up with my boyfriend because I snooped and now know too much. It isn't even about sex. This woman - who is an idiot - wrote that she will cuddle him until he falls asleep. Spent the whole night crying because that is the most important and intimate part of our relationship.

Sex (again)? Could have gotten over it. This? No. Not if he's encouraging her to say things like that. I'm going to have to tell him I know.

No. 252386

I'm staring to get sick of some of my friends. They're not making any effort for anything. One of them just doesn't want to see me and my group of friends because she's lazy or she doesn't want to waste money on restaurants, cinema or other things even though we almost never do that too. We live in the same city and we're in the same college and I've seen her like 3 times this year. I love my friends and all that but they're also really stuck up. Don't even think about going to bars to relax after work or classes like almost everyone does, or partying, they'll reply that they don't want to because there are other people there (except one of them and I think she's tired of this too). I feel like I'm missing on my youth because I have nobody else to hang out with so I mostly stay at home. It's a secret for obvious reasons.

Another one is that I ate pork a few times and drank beer once in secret despite the fact that my family is Muslim. Bacon is overrated and beer is nasty. If my family knew they'd kill me but they won't find out anytime soon.

No. 252398

I've got many:
I'm addicted to picking my nose.
I started masturbating when I was just 12 (but am still a virgin nearly 11 years later).
I don't have any friends so I pretend to go out, meaning I just drive around for hours at night without actually meeting up with anybody, just so that my parents stop bothering me.
I secretly eat at night, all my drawers are filled with empty packagings.
I made multiple fake accounts to stalk some former online friends of mine (but I'm so bad at it that they eventually found out lol).

No. 252403

>im just sitting here feeding this grown ass ikemen a bottle if milk while watching Netflix
anon I was ready to be annoyed with you but your secret is hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.

well, I kinda agree that's it's worse than sex. Sexy talk indicates it doesn't mean much emotionally, it's easier to fix, lovey-dovey talk is worse. How did he respond to her texts? Maybe expand in Relationships thread if you wanna

>I started masturbating when I was just 12 (but am still a virgin nearly 11 years later).
wow anon same

No. 252406

understandable tbh, if I met my "bully" from high school (I used quotes around bully because it wasn't repeated behavior, just a couple one-off incidents that he probably doesn't remember that affected me really strongly) and he complimented me it'd be a massive turn on.

No. 252408

excuse the double posting but I didn't want to mix up the replies with secrets.

1. I hate almost all my friends (while simultaneously liking them). Deep down I think they don't deserve me, like a grumbling mother with "you'll miss me when I'm gone". But seriously I think they don't appreciate me and take me for granted.

2. I tell people I'm asexual/aromantic but I think the reality is that I have nothing to miss as I've never been in a relationship, so I have 0 motivation to take initiative. I'm also very shy and act awkward with guys and would rather avoid situations like getting hit on. I'm perfect at subtly yet effectively discouraging boys, lol. I'm used to being alone, I'm comfortable like this. I just genuinely don't want to be in a relationship, like ever.

3. I used to be suicidal and fought through this by myself. Won by myself. It comes back but never with an intention of acting on it, so I think that's a big accomplishment, I'm really proud. Recently a girl killed herself in my town and my parents were discussing it and they were like, what terrible things have to happen for a person to do it, how did nobody notice. How did parents not help. And I couldn't help but smile a bit… if they only knew.

4. I'm weirdly spiritual, like I think I have a special connection with nature and her forces. Maybe we all have, but just never notice it. I genuinely love this planet and things like sunsets, birds chirping, a fucking snail on my porch sometimes make me cry in awe.


No. 252409

holyshit this is a female incel board

No. 252410

>Farmers having friends and being in relationships
>Holyshit female incels!!!

I'm guessing your parents dropped you on your head as a baby.

No. 252411

so I guess mine is that I was sexually abused repeatedly by a family member when I was 5 and nobody knows except my parents. the family member continued his life normally and completely turned his life around and has been sober for over a decade and has been really good to his family since then (my aunt lost her son in a shooting #JustAmericanThings and said family member was extremely supportive during that time, as well as helping to take care of his aging grandparents). i'm incredibly conflicted. he has genuinely become a "better" person but seeing other members of my family praise him for turning his life around when they don't even know the worst thing he has done is just…I dunno. sometimes I fantasize about telling everyone but that would just ruin my life tbh.

it's weird, I've had to pretend it didn't happen for so long that I almost forget it happened to me. I'll read some news story or something about a kid getting abused and I'll have that stock response of "oh, how terrible, I can't even imagine." Like, yeah you can, idiot, it happened to you.

also I'm a virgin and even though I have a high sex drive part of the reason I haven't sought a relationship is because I'm terrified I'll get a boyfriend and then have some kind of episode when I see his dick lol.

No. 252412

Points 2 to 4 are exactly me. Even the suicide part, it's a constant struggle and I had an acquaintance kill herself recently as well. I don't have any friends because I'm socially lazy.

I masturbate regularly, but after I'm done I have zero desire to have sex and to do anything to get a bf so I'm destined to be a virgin forever.

I don't know what's wrong with me but it feels good that I'm not alone. Tbh I don't consider these a secret, exception being the suicidal part.

Anyways, I love you all. Even though this doesn't mean anything to you, I find these online interactions extremely meaningful and comforting.

If I had to share a secret it's that I was a hacker, though I hate using that term, I did a good share of illegal stuff for profit. I'm good now, I swear.
Sometimes I have nightmares about getting arrested and every time I see a police car or get an anonymous call, that's one of my first fears.

No. 252414

I don't know how to flirt and I act autistic around men.
I've dated before, I just don't feel comfortable doing it with guys I don't trust.
I also never get hit on, partially because I never leave the house, partially because I look utterly non-sexual, I'm like a human sea cucumber, quiet, bland and kinda strange looking.
I don't know how to make myself look feminine and attractive, I've asked before but if I ask too much, people on the Internet get angry and I have nobody to show me irl. I don't trust sephora girls because they might just put a bunch of slap on me and call it a day, and then charge me for it.
I I'm nearing my mid 20s and I still look like a tard because I have to prioritize school and rent and can't afford to look nice.

No. 252415

Plenty of rapists and molesters seem like 'good people', the only difference between them and yours is that yours was shit on both the inside and outside when he was abusing you. Now he's just shit on the inside.

Anyway if you think it would ruin your life I don't blame you for not telling people, but he's a danger to other children. Even if you didn't do it for your own sake, it would be better to make people suspicious enough that they don't leave kids alone with him etc.

No. 252416

>but he's a danger to other children.
yeah I've definitely thought about that. He's never really around the kids in my family luckily, and only during the occasional family gathering so he's never alone with them. I don't plan on having kids but if I did I wouldn't let them near him and if my brothers have kids (they don't know what he did) I'm going to try and steer them the same way.

No. 252417


I don't really have friends anymore too, it's not that I mind actually because I like spending time on my own, but it's annoying when my family asks about it since I barely go out so I just tell them I text and call people and that seems to do it for them.

No. 252422

File: 1527073034127.jpg (22.83 KB, 500x271, sad.jpg)

I never had any close female friends and now I feel it's too late to even make them (I'm 26). I feel like I missed out so much on life because of this. I'm not like a "not like other girls" kind of girl even though probably something about my "aura" could give that impression idk I just feel I'm more awkward around around other women than a goddamn incel. I just fear getting ridiculed again, I was kinda picked on by my peers all my life, especially girls (well I was weeb-ish/emo lol so I kinda deserved it I guess but I was a quiet shy type, not obnoxious). My boyfriend is literally my only friend, it's pathetic.

No. 252424

even if you had a great group of friends you will see each other like once a year after college because that's all you'll feel like. Hanging out with friends as adults is a meme, due to sitcoms needing a premise

No. 252426

Dude, I'm the same. I wish we were friends.
I'm always sad when I see groups of 2-3 at the movies. I'd probably never go if I didn't have my bf as a built-in friend.

No. 252431

i trim down there for hygienic reasons but i've never actually shaved. i'm super hairy.
i've got hair on my butt too. inside it as well. makes me feel gross lol

No. 252438

>4. I'm weirdly spiritual, like I think I have a special connection with nature and her forces. Maybe we all have, but just never notice it. I genuinely love this planet and things like sunsets, birds chirping, a fucking snail on my porch sometimes make me cry in awe.
oh man me too. makes me feel kind of pretentious but who cares lol.

No. 252453

As long as you don't also think nature had a special connection with YOU, and pull a Timothy Treadwell. Nature is impartial, and will fuck you at any sign of weakness.

>snails are pre cute tho

No. 252457

When I was 14 I lied about being sexually abused. I didn’t name names or get anyone in trouble or anything. I was in the hospital and felt like the trauma I did go through wasn’t “bad enough” to justify my mental state so I lied. I never mentioned it again to anyone and refused to answer anything about it. I feel so guilty but because it literally never came up again I’d feel like a fucking idiot to be honest now. The only person I feel inclined to tell is my mother but I’m too much of a wimp.

No. 252470

Maybe just talk to a therapist about it, even if you can't tell your folks, there's no reason to feel guilt although I get exactly what you mean.

When I was about ~6 I was molested by a male babysitter, but it didn't go very far because my mom's voice about how it's "bad" for people to touch kicked in so I locked myself in my room before things escalated.
I felt extremely guilty though because her lectures on sex (extreme Catholic) made me feel like I was bad too so I kept it secret for years.

When I was a teen I acted out and had sex with some of my boyfriends, and my Catholic mom hated that even more. One time we were arguing and I told her about the molestation in anger, and she called me a liar.
I told her later as an adult, and now she pities and claims she doesn't remember me telling this to her as a teen–in proper narc fashion.

So tbh, I don't think you'll get much closure telling a relative because they're often in denial. My mom wanted to believe she did a good job as a parent so she was in denial of my molestation until I was an adult. Yet she's still awful dismissive of it, and maybe that's because I found out she was molested as a teen and was equally treated with indifference. She didn't have the mental tools to process it or help anyone else. A therapist would have been a better person to tell for me, with the benefit of relative secrecy too.

No. 252496


Same but he was my step brother, I haven't told any of my family members and he's actually the quite opposite. He's still a pos he just got out of jail a year or so ago for a separate issue. Honestly his train wreck of a life is a really good revenge for me. I've been going back and forth whether I should ever tell my mom or not but lately I've been coming to the conclusion of no. Its unneeded drama and I don't want to make our relationship awkward. However I am going to therapy etc so It's not like I'm keeping it 100% untreated.

No. 252518

A few years ago when I went home for Christmas, I found a porn DVD in my old sock drawer. (I was putting my clothes away.)

My family consists of my mom and my dad. The printed photo on the disk was of was of your average porn-aged girls. My parents were in their 60s at the time. And I doubt it was my mom's.

I broke it in pieces and threw it out.

I still don't know what to think and no one knows, not even my partner.

No. 252528

I think my shoplifting habit is relapsing

oddly enough when I was a teenager, I just use to steal normal shit teen girls steal, makeup, clothes, hair products, lingerie, games, movies, CDs, jewelry and craft stuff

I've even taken trips to different cities with friends, such as keywest, housten, denver, and ontario just to spend the days stealing, only nearly got caught several time, got caught once but only because I was 14 and was dumb as shit, was being super obvious about it and they let me off the hook since it was 2 am and it was under 20$, I've traveled to tiny, under population of 900 type towns and stole, since I find them easy to steal from

I've stolen shit from construction sites, like cones, signs and stop lights, those flag things they put in the ground, when I go to restaurants or shops and they have air fresheners in the bathroom or cleaners I take those, or forks and stuff, it's gotten to a point where I have trouble leaving places without stealing, however I have never nor do I want to steal from a person direct

Currently, I'm a stressed college student with an underpaid job, I do grocery store walk outs and self-care type things like makeup, skin and hair products, lingerie, candles, movies, tea, etc, they don't happen often however, I try to pay but I'm stingy and rent is expensive

No. 252568

Completely normal. I haven't met a girl that didn't naturally have some hair between her buttcheeks, and I used to shower with 44 girls every day. I have butt hair as well and my husband does not want me to get rid of it because he says it's 'there for a reason'.

No. 252594

Anon are you me what the actual fuck
Do you live in a Muslim country?

No. 252597

i'd be careful. getting caught as a 14 y/o is kinda funny. getting caught as a grown woman is cringe

No. 252598

I guess my biggest secret is that I'm incapable of being faithful to men or respecting them. I cheated on my last boyfriend after a year of being together, I have two long distance boyfriends at the same time for different reasons, and one very close male friends I use to comfort me emotionally and as wank material. I lied to every guy I've been with about them being the only one for me, the absolute center if my world. But I always had at least 3 different guys for different needs. I despise men deep down and even though so many of my friends are male, I can't see them as anything but deserving of what they get. I don't know why I'm like this and I wish I wasn't, it definitely has to stop soon. It's weird because whenever I've had a girlfriend, she really was the centre of my world, my everything. I go out of my way for girls. No one knows how much I love women and despise men though.
Another secret is that I think so might have been molested. I have been masturbating since I was a toddler, basically. I have no memories of discovering masturbation. I have an intense unexplainable fear and disgust of men going down on my vagina. I made the mistake of mentioning these things to someone before and now they figured out that I might have been molested, I denied it and brushed it off but the truth is I do believe it might have happened.

No. 252607

I honestly dislike that md/lb stuff and don't see why anybody would ever be into it but the way you described it is just…it seems nice?

No. 252612

No I'm in Europe, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to find alcohol because in the places I know, you have to hide the fact that you drink. I tried beer in a bar and bacon in a fast food chain.

No. 252649

My husband's ex has completed her year of rehab and mandatory parenting classes. She's finally gotten permission for overnights with her kids and I am so fucking relieved. I'm tired of being their primary parent for the past 4 years . The days they spend over there are like a breath of fresh air. Now she can deal with them being teenaged little shits. I will be hoping she stays on track so she can get them back 50/50.

No. 252651

I posted >>252612 too early, so I forgot to ask you where you're living. I'm going to guess you're not Muslim but you're family is as well, would they give you shit if they knew?

No. 252657

Why do you continue dating men instead of women? Your heart lies with poon, go for that

No. 252663

File: 1527115257460.gif (688.16 KB, 500x267, F8236849-36F5-41B3-97A8-1F3C9A…)

Probably has to do with the ikemen aspect of it all

No. 252676

Fuck i'm all kinds of jealous of you rn

No. 252683

jesus christ anon, that seriously sounds like what you said …. get help

No. 252685


anon that's fucked and you should 100% tell a therapist. jesus fuck that's sick. its obvious you have issues and its not your fault and feel regret but goddamn that's fucked. healthy people don't do that ever.

i'm a weirdo and two of my therapist have legit asked me if i killed one of my pets (I DIDN'T I JUST MISS HIM AND I HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT LOSING HIM STILL…) they seemed to think it was a huge deal and got super serious about it. teeelll emmm

No. 252687

>I've stolen shit from construction sites, like cones, signs and stop lights, those flag things they put in the ground

lol the fuck? Why would that even be of use to you?

Stealing those flags is pretty fucked up too - they're sometimes used to mark underground power/gas/water lines in an area where digging is going to occur. You could be compromising someone's safety by taking those.

No. 252689

Tbh I think you were a kid under stress and sometimes violent outbursts are expected. When I was having visitation issues with my abusive biological dad when I was 13, I took my anger out on some pet fish. Because I wanted to fuck with living creatures as I felt I was being fucked with, as a means of feeling like I was in control of something as clearly I had no agency and couldn't even refuse to stop seeing my abuser.

As long as you handle stress and anger differently today, I see no reason to see a therapist unless it absolutely eats at you or you feel like you'd do it again as an adult under pressure.

No. 252690


if you had a traumatic childhood and randomly snap in anger and have even hurt animals you should absolutely get that checked out. i've seen anons cry therapy over "i'm sad and anxious like i just sleep all day" bs, but anon actually could use it.

No. 252691

Wow, that's pretty fucked, anon. At least you didn't enjoy it, though.

On the topic of animal death, I hope my mom's dog dies. That bum bitch neglects it, then comes here straight out of jail and expects my father and I to take care of it. Smells like death because she doesn't bathe it, pisses and shits everywhere, and it never shuts up. I hope it gets heartworms and I hope she ODs.

I know this isn't the moms thread or the vent thread, but she's such white trash… She makes me and my father look horrible, the neighbors almost called the police one time after she had a spat with her junkie boyfriend that turned violent (she tried to choke him out). We need a fucking restraining order, it's not fair that everyone else in the family gets to cut contact except for us.

No. 252700

Your mom sounds like a grade-a piece of human garbage, anon, but that isn’t any reason to wish harm on the dog. I would say instead maybe find it a new home—that way it’s with a family that wants him and you aren’t doing your mothe a favor.

No. 252703

She is one. I would try to find the dog a new owner if she'd let me, but she's waaaaay too attached to it. She wants it, but doesn't want any of the responsibility that comes with owning it.

It's an ugly dog too. Her breed is unpopular where I live and she's over 10 years old, so she doesn't even clean up well anymore. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone else would want her.

No. 252704

> I have been masturbating since I was a toddler, basically. I have no memories of discovering masturbation.
All my earliest memories are being a 2 to 3 year old and my parents trying to make me stop masturbating. I don't remember learning "how" and I'm pretty positive I was one of those babies who in the womb was doing it.

I don't understand people who like to claim they were abused because they had "too much knowledge" for their age. Babies can masturbate in the womb. Depending where you're from and how your parents monitored your media intake as a child, it's not improbable you would be super aware of sex at a young age. Some people are naturally drawn to sex or relationships as a way of coping. However, I don't have the full picture of your life and such, so don't take what I'm saying as me trying to say you definitely weren't molested. I just get tired of hearing people claim that because they knew about sex early they must have been molested even though they have no recollection of anything like that happening to them because I was molested later in my life repeatedly when I was the ages of 9-11 and never once have I thought I may have been molested earlier than that because I happened to know shit about sex early and masturbated very early as well.

Also, you sound lesbian. Embrace it. It's a nice feel.

No. 252710

Yeah but there's a difference between being an adult and doing that and having done that once in childhood under duress and general ignorance.

No. 252711

So, in child protection, when a child uses terms that an adult would use (fucking, pussy, blowjob, etc etc etc) it’s a red flag because the child has likely learned the language in inappropriate situations.
Same goes for children who display overtly sexual behaviour (grinding on furniture or people, flashing, groping, etc etc) it’s very different from early masturbators but it’s easy for laypeople to get confused without knowing the context, and not knowing how we interview children/what we look out for.

No. 252722

I'm the anon you responded to and sorry, I'm just sensitive to it because I feel like I know quite a few people who claim they were abused on nothing but the fact they knew certain things when I'm like, yeah, you had permissive parents and you found their porn, that's not molestation and that doesn't mean you were molested and just forgot about it.

It's interesting you say that, though. Since I was a toddler, I exhibited a lot of those behaviors in general, such as:
>getting undressed in front of adults despite the fact I was discouraged from doing so
>getting undressed in front of boys my own age
>grinding sexually on rugs, furniture, laps, etc.
>masturbating over clothes in public despite pleas from parents to stop
>being extremely interested in genitals and bodily excrement of myself and other people to the point of it being embarrassing/inappropriate

all of this was me as a toddler to the age of around 6-7 I want to say. I grew up in a very sexually repressed christian household, and for that matter, one that didn't allow TV, music that wasn't christian, etc.

I've always been drawn to that stuff for some reason. I have an identical twin and she never exhibited the level of interest, nor did she do any of the "sexual"/exploratory behaviors I did as a child. So it is interesting, but I would never want to speculate because I'd feel like it's wrong to think something happened when there's no proof.

No. 252725

I'm in love with my friend who has a gf
I could be dating him right now if I hadn't rejected him before now I regret it so much
But it was only recently that he opened up to me about a lot of things and now I know he's perfect for me
I'm just waiting for them to break up really and I'm thinking about getting a bf to dump him later when it happens

No. 252734

I want to break up with my girlfriend but don't know how. I don't know why I got into a relationship with her when we already had a close friendship, I guess it was just that she had a crush on me and I caught on and just thought it would be the right way to go. I love her, don't get me wrong, but not in a romantic way. I just don't want to break her heart and I'm staying in this relationship for her happiness. It's not right and I know that, but I just can't bring myself to break it off

No. 252737

I'm still pinning after my ex.

We've been in an LDR for a few years when I was 16. Now I'm 28, with a bf I've lived with for 5 years but I still can't shake him off.
I don't know if it's because I've never got to date him IRL and don't have the closure to just forget him but it's driving me insane.
I love my bf, we have everything in common, we see the future the same way, love the same things. Meanwhile, my ex turned into some kind-of SJW with a gf who has she/her tags on her Twitter. We clearly don't have anything in common left. I don't even respect or trust him but I can't help thinking about him. How maybe it's magically going to revert back to a romantic 16 yo puppy love.

I hate it and I hate myself for it. I never talked about it to a therapist, it's too humiliating and I have no idea what would make it go away.

No. 252738

I'm really into feminism and all that stuff. Thinking about how women are treated makes me feel like shit, I cry a lot thinking about every poor woman that has been raped, etc. But for some reason, when I masturbate, thinking about girls being raped turns me on A LOT. I just imagine women being kidnapped, raped and murdered, and it just…works for me, I guess.
It's so weird, like, I fantazise about killing all rapists and that kind of stuff, and then I masturbate thinking about rape ???? I feel like a huge hypocrite, but nothing else turns me on that much. Thank to god I just think about that when masturbating, and after that I just get back to my regular feminist self.

I actually have masturbated thinking about Junko Furuta's case. (Even after I cried when I read it for the first time). I felt like a fucking monster afterwards.

No. 252740

Oh hey there’s no need to be sorry!
Some kids just masturbate. Some kids just insist on being naked. It’s not an indicator of abuse unless there’s other stuff going on.

No. 252741

I used to be a malingerer when I was a kid. I used to rub my cheeks to make them red (I have sensitive skin, it doesn't take much).
My parents took me to the ER, to the allergologist, countless times to my primary doctor. They were all baffled by it. They tried to convince my mom to get a biopsy to test it but since it was on my face, my mom refused. (thank god, I would never have told the truth even under the threat of a scar).
I wasn't even doing it for the attention, I just wanted to skip school because I was bullied by the teacher.
I stopped at 12 and never told the truth to anybody. Just pretended it stopeed happening.

I also used to have nose bleed out of nowhere. So everytime I wanted to get out of something, I light punched myself and started profusely bleeding.
Sometimes I did it in a bath just to look at the red water or put the blood in little cup to watch it coagulate and play with it.
Thinking back on it, it was some weird shit. Upside is, I've seen so much blood that it's just a commonplace thing for me.

No. 252754

It's nice too hear I'm not the only one. I definitely do keep it a secret though. My former friends once asked me when I was aroud 18 if I ever tried to masturbate, since I absolutely didn't want to have sex and of course I strongly denied, lol. So admitting that I actually do and still am a virgin even nowadays is impossible.

According to my parents "texting doesn't count".

Anon, I'm >>252398 and I did that too as a toddler. I started masturbating for real then I was around 12, but already rubbed myself on the edges of tables,etc. as long as I can remember. I even had this tree in our garden which I climbed up and did that while sitting on a branch. My parents tried too stop me and even "jokingly" told me later on but, I was so mortified that I pretended not being able to remember, when in fact I do. I had no idea why I did that or what I even did.

My parents went to a psychologist with me when I was around 5 because I never slept. I don't know whether they told her that but they later said that they had a hard time trying to convince her that my father didn't do anything to me and I believe them.

Some time ago I started thinking about this again and whether it has anything to do with my repulsion and fear of having sex now as an adult, so I googled it and there are so many sites there worried parents write about their babies doing this, so it's absolutely not something only you did.

No. 252760

>I have been masturbating since I was a toddler, basically. I have no memories of discovering masturbation. I have an intense unexplainable fear and disgust of men going down on my vagina.
It's the same for me anon. I did masturbate basically all my life.
I've never had sex and proably never will but I get these randomn thoughts or images of a head coming close to my vagina and then the feel wanting to kick or rip that head away.
And that head has the face of my father.
I don't even want to lie down with my legs open since then I get these thoughts. I love him so much and can't imagine him ever doing something to me, so what is wrong with me to constantly get these intrusive thoughts?

No. 252764

Decided to add this since the other stuff is already embarassing enough: I know it's wrong and as soon as it's morning I feel disgusted by what I did, but I read and get off to incest fics. Actually only father and son though, not daughter.

No. 252766

I fucking hate my father. I don't think he ever did anything to me as a kid, but between the age of 12 and 16 he would make comments about my 'sexy, black jeans' and how I should wear them more often because they made me look slim and womanly. He would constantly remind me not to get fat and watch what I eat, so I ended up gaining weight on purpose with the hopes of making the comments stop. They did, and were usually replaced with "useless, fat cow" if he bothered talking to me at all.

I started losing weight after moving out and gaining some distance from it all. I'm in my mid 20s now and the few times I've met him, he still makes comments about my appearance.

I know that some people out there think it's normal for a father to compliment his daughter in such a way, but I think it's disgusting, especially when they're teenagers.

No. 252770

That’s fucked up and it sound like it would have felt horrible. Glad you’re far away from that creep.

No. 252784

I think fathers low key wanting to fuck their daughters happens more than people want to admit. I've seen lots of examples like behavior you've described.

No. 252789

I don't really like my cats anymore. They are cute and all but also so annoying.
We got a new cat after my old one died and tbh she was the sweetest cat of all time. She would always come and sleep at my side even when I went to sleep.
Anyways the new cat we have is really annoying. She talks all the time for no reason. She'll wake me up at 3 in the morning because she demands to get pet. She is only 1 year old so she has lots of energy that get's tiring for me. She and the other cat play/fight constantly which is annoying as well.
I'll move out soon and I'm glad I don't have to take them (they'll stay with my mom)
I still like them but also very tired of them.

No. 252790

File: 1527158806874.jpg (15.11 KB, 302x210, DVUdVmmUMAAKETs.jpg)

i kiss my cat in her tiny cute mouth! sometimes when i'm about to sleep she lays on top of my chest and i just have to do it because she's so cute. thing is… my cat constantly haunts the cockroaches around my house, tortures them and keeps them inside her mouth, eventually kills them and eats them. no wonder i get sick. but she's so cute.

No. 252796

I feel the same way about my cat and I feel so guilty. My old cat was great, he was very chill and loving and died about a year ago, and the cat I have now who is about three constantly shits on the carpet, constantly scratches my door, constantly yells over the tiniest shit, etc.

I'm also moving out soon and probably won't see my cat for a long time and even though I'll miss her I'm kind of relieved.

thats fuckin wild anon lol. I do get the urge to kiss my cat when she's being really cute but I usually just kiss her between the eyes or something.

No. 252797

File: 1527159914077.jpg (41.15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

gross anon

No. 252798

You're so sweet anon!

I kiss my cat often and talk to her. I think she likes that because she often starts purring if she's not purring already.

I don't kiss her in her mouth, I kiss her either on top of her head, somewhere on the side when she's on top my work desk, and mostly I like to kiss her paws, which is probably even worse but I find cat paws so cute.

My favorite part is when she comes from the outside and gives me a headbump, like a feline high five.

No. 252814

Damn I'm glad I'm not the only one!
I really really like cats and I would love to have one in my new apartment but then I think about the two I have here and how much money they costs and it's not worth it.
If my one cat would still he alive I would be alright taking a cat like her but any other cats seem too much trouble.
I'm glad I came to this realization I wouldn't want to have a cat just for the sake of having a pet again.

No. 252815

I don't kiss my cats cos they wouldn't stand for that, I do love putting my face in their fur and smelling them even though they've been rolling in dirt all day. Cats smell so inexplicably good.

No. 252819

He didn't reply and later deleted it.
I broke up with him because he has been lying to me every day for months about what this girl is to him. Told him over and over I just did not want to be lied to (he's cheated before). He lied, dozens of times.

I'm a fucking mess. I was about to move back to our shared city (I've been away for a few months for work but visiting regularly for substantial amounts of time.) My dog is afraid of me because of my crying.

It would have been 5 years together in June

No. 252823

I love the way cats smell, didn't even realize it was weird until I met someone's cat at their house for the first time and I just automatically picked it up and smelled it. They were like "…did you just smell my fucking cat?" lmao

No. 252833

File: 1527171361309.jpg (122.96 KB, 811x608, OkgtPCi.jpg)

One morning I jokingly put a cat ear headband yeah I have one it's from my teenage weeb days on my sleeping boyfriend and god he was so cute I wanted to scream I want to do this again…

No. 252875

kind of same, anon. I usually get off to fantasies/fiction about rape or where the consent is dubious. It´s very common for women to fantasize about being raped or forced into sexual situations, but that doesn't mean you condone it or actually want it to happen to you or anyone else in real life. You sound like a very decent person so don´t feel bad about what you fantasize about.

No. 252892

Ha, that made me laugh out loud. But I totally agree, glad I'm not the only one who loves the cat smell. Dogs are cute and I like them almost as much as cats, but most of them smell unpleasant or just straight up gross.

No. 252915

No. 252918


My bf wears my cat ear headband sometimes. It's so cute. For Halloween a few years ago I was a witch and he was a witch's cat :3c

No. 252941

I had a sex dream about Logan Paul last night.

I found him repulsive before and still do but it was kinda hot.

Obvious secret because if I told anyone, they would never let me live it down.

No. 252942

It's okay anon, if he had but a redeemable personality he'd be pretty fuckable.

No. 253003

I wish my boyfriend was ready to get married. We’ve been together for years and he wants me to move to his country and wants everything related to marriage except the label, since he still thinks it’s too soon.

No. 253016

I used to be super misogynistic despite being a girl myself. I said the absolute worst shit, and it honestly makes me so sad now. I'm a lesbian, and I desperately want someone to love. Looking back and thinking about the shit I said makes me so sad because I can't even think about saying that to a girl now; they're way too precious.

I also hate people who have no self confidence and just say self deprecating stuff while trying to make it a joke while it's clearly not. Go get some fucking help nobody likes you when you say shit like that; it makes everyone uncomfortable. After for the, most part, beating my depression I can't stand this behavior.

No. 253019

My parents got rid of my cat and I don't know where she went and no one knows this other than my parents and myself

No. 253020

go do this on 4chan or a site with guys, bot.

No. 253037

I'm super shallow. A few years back I ghosted a guy from 4chan after talking to him for a month non-stop. He didn't even do anything wrong, he was just very lonely and wanted a friend but I caught feelings for him and insisted on seeing his picture. He was really ugly so I stopped talking to him the day after without any explanation. I felt angry at him for being ugly.

No. 253045

I live in a small house with my mom and my sister, and me and my little sister’s bedrooms are across from each other. I have my boyfriend over a lot and I’m positive my sister can hear us having sex even though we try to cover it up with music and don’t go wild or anything.

She’s over 18, and I have point blank asked her before if she could hear it and she said no, but she texts me every now and then telling us to go to sleep earlier when me and my bf are just in the room talking at a normal volume so I don’t think it’s a stretch.

My attitude is fuck it though cause she can tell me to stop and we’ll be more considerate, but until then she can put her headphones on!

No. 253065

File: 1527252988425.png (9.46 KB, 306x306, 1517019002443.png)

I've got a couple.

I run in a lot of neo-liberal circles and lately I've been questioning a lot of the rhetoric, which led me to delving into gender critical and radfem spaces. I wouldn't say I'm a TERF but I'm pretty sure I would be considered one by extremists now. I still think trans identities are "valid" but I've been realizing socialization is tied a lot into people believing they're trans, and the argument that "some men have vaginas and some women have penises" and to ignore your biological sex in favor of your gender is both flawed and dangerous.

I'm attracted to women emotionally but not sexually, and I'm attracted to men sexually but not emotionally. I don't feel like I'm attractive or "worthy" enough for male attention so I just don't bother. I go back and forth on giving myself the asexual label because I don't know if my low sex drive/lack of desire for it in general is really because of my lack of self-esteem, or what, and calling myself lesbian or bi still feels disengenuous? Shit is complicated.

I think I might genuinely be autistic but I'm scared to get tested lol.

No. 253066

>that first one
Basically in the same place as you rn. Trans people are a-okay with me (a close friend of mine is ftm), but complete denial of reality is something I can't stand anymore. Especially that "I'm trans but since I've always been X inside I will deny the world ever seeing me as my birth gender at all!!!!" thing.

The amount of AGPs and AAPs I've seen lc call out has also made me see it in a slightly different light. Like what you mention about socialization, I think a good chunk of trans people are either GNC and transition because of that or fetishize a stereotype and then transition because of that. Although as a disclaimer I don't believe all trans people are like that, some are genuinely suffering from a what I'd consider a condition.

No. 253079

AYRT and I agree with you completely. At one point I considered myself trans and was thinking about seriously transitioning, but I realized over the years that my problems with my gender weren't related to my physical sex but with societal expectations regarding womanhood. Deconstructing womanhood and watching detransitioned women videos has helped me a lot with that.

That's another discussion that the trans community doesn't want to discuss because they think it incites violence or that it invalidates their experience and harms the movement. Transtrending is absolutely real and it's a problem.

No. 253268

My mom's my only friend.

It's entirely pathetic but I actually enjoy it.

No. 253298

I have a boarder that has his girlfriend over every weekend and they have sex often, I hear it all the time but it never has bothered me.

I don't think it's a big deal hearing someone have sex through the walls unless they're obnoxiously loud and yelling, most normal people will just roll their eyes and get back to doing what they were doing.

So don't worry about it man, she probably doesn't even give a heck.

No. 253304

18 years ago I was molested by my 14 yo cousin when I was 7 and never told my family.

Now I have another cousin who looks like me and is the same age. I just found out she spends a lot of time with his mother. I'm not sure how often she sees him if at all, but now I'm feeling like I have to warn her parents. I'm scared to death he might do something to her.

No. 253314

Samefag, but when I said "is the same age" I meant "is the same age I was when he molested me"

No. 253320


Please do say something, for her sake. You'll also never get over it if something did happen to her that you could have prevented

No. 253327

My parents and sister are my best friends but idc if it's weird or sad, one day they're gonna die and I'm going to be glad I spent so much time with them. I use the same logic for living at home.

No. 253383

As an anon with no siblings and distant parents you're very lucky. Never feel ashamed, especially with living at home. Nowadays it's the smart thing to do with cost of living. Save up money and enjoy your family.

No. 253388

I'm bisexual and love watching porn where beautiful women fuck ugly men. I guess I have a degradation fetish.

No. 253404

During high school I used to go to my best friend's house often during the weekends and one day I thought it was a good idea to masturbate in her bed while she slept next to me. Being watched is a huge turn on for me but I feel so disgusted that I actually did that. I've never told her and I don't think I ever will because I am 100% positive it'll ruin our relationship for good and I don't want that at all.

No. 253439

I sometimes masturbate to gay porn, fisting, hentai/toon stuff or even old people porn when I get bored of normal porn.

No. 253444

>not getting ate out by your high school friends

No. 253464

different anon but
>tfw my only female friend in high school was a massive prude and never masturbated and thought the idea of mouths being anywhere near pussies was disgusting
wish I went to an all girls school tbh

No. 253472

File: 1527368479345.jpg (102.89 KB, 625x586, 4a9b286d0288f4b479112771962b1b…)

I hate people with BPD, but I have every single symptom listed on its diagnostic criteria. Kill me.

No. 253478

I have a hard time empathizing/connecting with people and almost always try to manipulate them and control them in some way. Nearly all of my interactions are automatically based on how it will benefit me or how it can hurt them. Up until a year or two ago I realized how fucked up all of this was. I never knew how abnormal this behavior was because I was born into it (Narc dad and passive bpd mom) and I hardly socialized as a kid/teen so I never really learned to integrate. I now stay away from dating and potential friendships because in recent years I've become more violent and sadistic. Because of all this I am now seeking therapy and trying to rebuild the relationships I have in a much more healthier way.

No. 253479

I fantasize about torturing men every night to help me fall asleep and have done so for years.

Not even an edgy radfem, just a sexual sadist.

No. 253480

me too but im not into torture. i just want to punch them in the head while riding them

No. 253490

File: 1527371054075.png (Spoiler Image, 212.52 KB, 480x640, 1411072523808.png)

I do too sometimes, but it's not sexual for me. Maybe it is me being an edgy radfem, but I like to think about men tourturing other men.

No. 253496

Just found out my cat may have been killed by some dogs from the neighborhood. He had been missing for months. My mom was taking a walk around our property and heard this from a guy who said the dog's owner told him that. I'm furious.
I just want to know if it's true before I take any decisions but if it indeed is true, oh boy these dogs are fucked. I'm planning to poison them by using rat poison/whatever means I can. I fucking loved that cat, he was the best pet I've ever had.

>inb4 it's not the dog's fault

I don't give a fuck.

No. 253500

File: 1527372484654.gif (996.71 KB, 245x245, giphy.gif)

10/10 this is a great plan, anon. I'll definitely do this if some shit dog does this to my cat.

No. 253502

Don't get caught or it won't be worth it.

No. 253503

File: 1527373061047.jpg (155.3 KB, 1200x900, DFg5UqAUMAAeYXG.jpg)

young guys turn me on :/

No. 253504

gross. why was your cat even outside you irresponsible shit?

No. 253505

You’re a sick, evil fuck. Your cat probably ran away cause you’re a pet killing psycho

No. 253507


This. If you loved your cat so much, why did you let him out to be killed/tortured/sick/lost?

No. 253508

do it, anon

No. 253511

if the dog's owner apparently knew the dogs had killed a cat and didn't try to do anything about it and find the owners, they're a bastard. fuck those dogs and the careless, shitty owner

No. 253512

Because it's a fucking cat not a dog, he's free to go anywhere whenever he wants to. If you emprison your cats inside your house/chains them then you're the sick ones here.
These dogs shouldn't even be close to my property, it's because the dumbass owner needed signal for his cellphone and let them tag along. Call me whatever you want it won't stop from doing it.

No. 253515

Now that we're talking about killing dogs. When I was a kid I'd feed street dogs poisoned food.

No. 253516

What is the fucking point? Killing someone else’s pets won’t bring yours back. You’re just vindictive, evil, and childish. If you seriously do it, you have to realize you’re a bad person. Without question. Have fun living a life as a shitty person. I hope you get caught, get on the news, and have crazy dog people harass you like what always happens when a sick fuck kills or hurts a pet. You make me feel sick

No. 253517

What the hell is wrong with you psychopaths?

No. 253519

I had a violent childhood.

No. 253520


If you hadn't let your "beloved" cat outside, it would still be alive now. Food for thought, lazy fuck. Take him for walks, play with him, spend time with him.

Cats are domesticated animals, like dogs. Would you let your fucking dogs outside without supervision? Oh, but it's just a cat. Go get a new one from some backyard breeder.

You shouldn't have cats

No. 253521

I don't know why everyone responding to this OP isn't as equally freaked the fuck out about a pack of vicious dogs roaming around attacking other animals, maybe even people next?
>well OP shouldn't have let the cat out
And maybe the hick asshole owner who let his hounds loose shouldn't free-roam his monsters either. At least the worst damage a cat can do is kill a bird or mouse, these dogs could kill peoples' pets and maybe even small people.

If OP doesn't do the community the service of poisoning the rat bastards, then I hope there's an animal control or police she can call to report that shit.

No. 253523

>about a pack of vicious dogs roaming around attacking other animals, maybe even people next?
She has no proof this even happened
>Just found out my cat may have been killed by some dogs from the neighborhood. He had been missing for months. My mom was taking a walk around our property and heard this from a guy who said the dog's owner told him that. I'm furious.
So a random guy told OPs mom this MAY have happened

No. 253524

fuck off the dogs are probably in a yard and attacked the cat that entered.

cats as pets don't go outside you retard. they are not safe because of predators, cars and other people. and by predators i mean hawks and birds and shit that kill them. i hate cat owners thinking that cats are fine outside. you're not an owner, you're just a stupid bitch who doesn't want responsibility and feeds and lets inside a helpless animal fending for itself most of the time. cats left outside even part of the time have half the life spans as indoor cats. idiots like you should not have pets.

No. 253526

i think OP is just a nasty shit who hates dogs and wants to kill them off. OP's cat was probably found and is in the pound because most states don't recognize ownership of neglectful owners who leave their cat outside even with a collar and tags or chip. there's a reason that shelters make you sign a waver to never let the cat outside. i hope the cat never gets back into OP's """care"""

No. 253527

>fuck off the dogs are probably in a yard and attacked the cat that entered

Oh sure, that's why the owner is gossiping about it in the community, because it was such a sad accident.
You can calm down, it was just my opinion, sis.

No. 253528

File: 1527375833916.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2000x2000, 7A6DB0EE-C765-4F85-ACE8-F937C5…)

Yep. The fact she wants to murder someone else’s pets says that alone but also the sperging about needing the cat to be outdoors.

No. 253530

According to anons (probably equally insane) mom who didn’t even hear it from the dog’s owners

No. 253531

>inb4 it's not the dog's fault
>I don't give a fuck.

Fuck off. As if an anonymous person telling me I'm bad/evil will make me feel guilty. This is the sharing secrets thread, I'm not seeking for your validation. This is my point: the owner would deserve it for being a shitty person who knew it was our cat. As I said before I don't it that's true YET.

No. 253533

The dogs sound like they've been a problem for awhile. Hence the little game of telephone, people don't take stalk in improbable rumors…

No. 253536

File: 1527376035559.jpeg (75.83 KB, 948x410, A1C2B31B-B3B1-4DE1-8147-15B5FA…)

>the owner would deserve it
Yeah and you don’t deserve pets full stop, you psychopath. Posting in this thread doesn’t mean you’re free from people calling you out for the crazy bitch you are

No. 253542

boohoo, sorry your illusion of a hugbox was broken when you outted yourself to be a huge crazy vindictive cunt. i think you're missing the point by miles if you think you and your family aren't at fault for letting cats outside.

if OP's mom is as nuts as she is then maybe they do. also it' stock, not stalk. OP sounds like she either hates the neighbor or just dogs in general. even if the dogs are a problem. the problem is letting her cat outside in the first place. we shoujld just be glad that OP's mom didn't hit it with her car or OP would probably try to poison her too.

No. 253550

Thanks for the correction. Now will you quell your passion for this just a tad?

No. 253551

Reposting the same comment four times, can’t even use an image board probably. Good job, you’re evil and stupid!

No. 253553

lol no. OP is a crazy cunt who wants to seek revenge on animals that may have done something.

another thing is that if OP let her cat out like a shitty owner then what's stopping her from killing other cats by leaving rat poison filled food outside?

No. 253558

How do you even know she's not just super pissed and venting out hyperbole anyway?
Seriously, if she wanted to poison those dogs tomorrow, you being upset isn't gonna change her mind anyway. Especially if you think she's crazy to do it.

No. 253560

that doesn't mean we can't call her out on being a piece of shit.

also why the hell should i care about what you have to say? you're just kissing her ass for know reason, you're either her or a shit who thinks that letting a cat outside is fine.

No. 253561


No. 253563

Yeah cause telling them to “breathe” when they’re writing calm responses back to totally makes you look like the bigger person. Ffs. I hate that shit.

No. 253564

you know that typing like one or two sentences isn't effort right? sorry about your shit opinions. i think you should go back to crystal cafe.

No. 253565

Anon's right, you need to relax.

No. 253566

im not the same anon you fucking retard. go for a walk.

No. 253568

>go for a walk

it's been 10 minutes? why don't you tell that to people who have been here for 2 hours. ffs, mind your damn business.

No. 253569

that's not the same anon as me you idiot.

No. 253570

I’m not even the anon they were telling to relax. That’s why I said “they.” You cant even tell which replies are coming from the person supposedly needing a walk.

No. 253572

>fuck off the dogs are probably in a yard and attacked the cat that entered.
Did you even read what i posted? The owner literally BROUGHT his dogs to my house

>most states don't recognize ownership of neglectful owners
Where did I say I'm from America?

I never expected anyone to support me on this, I'm just stating what I'm going to do if I find out it's true. I live in a big ass farm I don't see what's the problem letting my cat out at least I know he won't attack another pets.
>OP sounds like she either hates the neighbor or just dogs in general.
>we shoujld just be glad that OP's mom didn't hit it with her car or OP would probably try to poison her too.
Wow, you're projecting.

I clicked New Reply just once have no ideia why so many comments came out.

No. 253573

>mind your damn business
you're debating on a public forum lul

No. 253574

Is this your trademark?
Writing in all lower case, filling in as much curses as possible in every single sentence and being so triggered that you can no longer distiguish between "your" and "you're" like in the other thread you're currently sperging in?
And why are you responding to yourself? lol

No. 253575

And I'm not the one who told you to 'breathe' but I'm starting to agree even more.

No. 253577

No. 253578

dw anon, i think some people ITT are just triggered because they're being judged about leaving their cats outside.

i feel like we must be getting raided by high schoolers or something.

i also can't believe the logic of someone saying "OP doesn't care about your opinion" and then thinking someone will give a shit about theirs.

No. 253580

are you okay anon? i think *you" should take your own advice and go for a walk…

No. 253585

Nobody told me to breathe
I didn’t write >>253560
I’m >>253563
I think people getting all fake concerned and condescending in arguments are fake cunts, that’s all. If you’re only resort is to tell the other person (who is typing normally) to “breathe” or “take a walk,” you lose.

No. 253590

>implying i'm actually involved in this internet argument
i'm just an anon who is forced to see this sperging.

No. 253592

And yet you chose to get involved, too. You’re not better than them for telling them to “breathe” or whatever (I don’t wanna keep track of which anon said what). They could be cracking up at this whole thing for all we know.

No. 253593

i don't care who is better, dumb bitch. this is lolcow

No. 253594

i'm the one who you told to "breathe" and tbh i find it hilarious how badly triggered you were that you felt you had to chime in. you can hide the thread if it's too much for you :^)

No. 253595

i think you should go outside anon. maybe you could put that energy you're using to good use!

No. 253633

how young?

No. 253652

I masturbate to shota hentai. It's ok, anon.

No. 253664

File: 1527389632575.png (1.54 MB, 537x1216, rotten.png)

I'm friends with a girl I find overly clingy, emotionally/mentally draining, and downright insufferable to be around only because she often showers me with gifts. I don't think she has any idea that I'd have cut her out of my life long ago otherwise. I know I should feel guilty about it, but I don't. She's using me for emotional support, I'm using her for monetary gain. It's a fair trade.

No. 253674

pukes profusely

No. 253680

File: 1527399877581.jpg (94.33 KB, 848x480, yvfq6u289yz03.jpg)

Don't be like that, anon.

No. 253739

I hope you die slowly surrounded by the sickos that produce that trash

No. 253791

File: 1527429844573.jpg (15.54 KB, 288x253, beetle.jpg)

I'm a psycho bitch
>killed around 3 hamsters (I liked and still like playing rough with pets)
>1st bf-
Isolated him so he ended up with 0 friends
Made him cut himself in front of me
If he even looked at a female I would cheat on him straight away
In total probably cheated on him 6 times maybe more?
Verbally abused him
>2nd bf
Isolated him as well
Threw tantrums until he stopped being friends with female friends
Cheated on him as well…multiple times
Manipulated him all the time
Laughed at his dick
Poor boy ended up in therapy because of me
>3rd and current bf
Extremely jealous over him to the point that at one point I was asking about his ex gf multiple times a day…
In my dreams when he annoys me or anything I physically abuse him
Cheated on him once so far once as a punishment for lying about his ex ( it was white lies if anyone wonders lol)

I've been to therapy but I still think I'm not at fault for anything. I still think all my bfs deserved what I've done to them and as of hamsters…. I feel shit about it

No. 253792

I think you might be a sociopath anon. The fact that you said you feel bad about the hamsters doesn't make sense because you claimed in the first paragraph you still like playing rough with pets. How old are you? I'm curious.

Good that you are getting help though.

No. 253793

Yes I claimed I like playing rough with them but not to the point of killing them of course

No. 253794

What do you like about doing this? Why do you believe your boyfriend's deserved this?

Surely this is a bored troll

No. 253795

Nah, don’t fucking own any animals if you still “like playing rough” with them, whether you feel bad about it or not. Get yourself some actual help before you do real damage. That shit isn’t cute, anon.

No. 253796

Why do you still like playing rough with animals yet feel bad about the hamsters? What was it about the hamsters that made you feel bad?

No. 253797

I feel like this is a child trying to be edgy.

No. 253798

Next time try to make your bait be a little less edgy.

No. 253800

I think they deserve it because they hurt Me?
I can acknowledge that they probably did nothing wrong but at the same time I still think they deserve what I did to them.
I really don't know why I like it. Probably because I like having power over them.
I feel bad because they died because of me of course
I find it amazing that people can't believe fucked up people exist? Lmao
This is a secrets thread and I'm posting this in here for a reason

No. 253801

It’s a secret thread, yeah, but nowhere does it say we have to accept your shitty sociopathic tendencies as routine. Fuck, you seem like a manipulative and lying douchebag. I’m happy neither of your relationships worked out if you treated them like that.

No. 253802

How did they hurt you though? Because they looked at other girls? What do you mean by hurt you?

I'm so confused.
So you like playing rough with them but feel bad when they die? What exactly do you do to them?

Also, how old are you?

No. 253804

Anon, you should probably kill yourself. You clearly can't empathise with people or animals or anyone other than yourself and therapy hasn't changed or helped you. You are most likely going to be no help to society in any way shape or form so it's probably a good idea to remove yourself from the world.

No. 253805

Because they might have lied about something miniscule or they haven't given me attention ( that includes giving attention to others lmao)

Also I feel uncomfortable answering the second question but yes I do feel bad when they die even if I like playing rough with them. I'm sure this makes sense?

I will be 22 in 2 months

No. 253807

I don't get your logic though. How can you enjoy torturing them but also feel bad when they die?
Same as how come you can very clearly describe how you torture your ex boyfriends psychologically and physically, yet feel uncomfortable telling us how you torture and play rough with your animals? It's a secret thread and you are anon, why do you feel uncomfortable just saying it?

No. 253808

>or haven’t given me attention

Get over yourself—you think you’re hot shit and every person you date needs to give you their undivided 100% attention all the time? That’s some manipulative bullshit. I feel sorry for anyone who dates you and I feel sorry for any animal you come in contact with. The fact that you seemingly think nothing is wrong with your behavior is disgusting.

No. 253810

You’re not cool. You’re not edgy or dangerous. You’re lame and needlessly cruel. Get therapy.

I wish posting shit like that was a banable offense.

No. 253811

I get the vibe they were actually trying too hard to be a yandere type and somehow appeal to the farmers. It's hilarious that everyone thinks they are fucking lame though.

Anon, nice try to go into damage control 'i feel bad about the hamster'
No you don't, or you wouldn't have done it. I bet you are fucking ugly on the outside as well as the inside. I can't wait till someone actually hurts you one day.
You sound like a fucking loser lol

No. 253812

Either spill the beans on what you do to the animals/hamsters or fuck off.
You can't claim to be sooo cool and edgy that you kill animals and fuck with people's lives but then say 'oooh I feel uncomfortable saying what I do to them and I feel bad when they die'

No. 253813

It's been a long time since I cringed this hard. Congrats

No. 253815

File: 1527433252308.jpg (83.55 KB, 640x481, 988BFB3DWJ.jpg)

You dropped your
>Welcome to my twisted mind

Is this 2003 again?

No. 254095

I have this male friend who's a sub, he's tall and kind of handsome. I used to think I wanted a male sub for myself until he opened up to me about his preferences/fetishes, we talk about sexual things all the time. I really dont want a sub now they're so fucking pathetic and repulsive. I feel bad for saying this but my friend is a pushover who puts women in a pedestal/is a radfem man(?). Really, it's ridiculous how he has no self respect at all. I like me a man with at least some level of dignity and masculinity not some manchild who needs his gf to boss him around.

No. 254115

I've been thinking about fucking my married boss so often lately. I'm a baker and he is the chef. I just think about sucking his dick while I'm baking pie shells and cheesecakes all day. I don't want to be in a relationship with him, I just want sex. But obviously, I don't know how to tell if he'd be down for an affair. He's flirty with most girls here (hostesses, lounge girls, etc.). But chefs being flirty is normal. I'm one of the very few attractive female cooks, too, not to sound vain. I know I shouldn't want to but maybe I'm just an asshole. I just wish I could subtly find out if he'd wanna fuck without, ya know…. losing my job.

No. 254130

I think being overly nice is the way to go, anon. Try touching him 'accidentaly' often to see how he reacts, smile a lot, go out of your way to help/impress him. If possible try to be alone with him as much as possible and see how he behaves around you; I find men much easier to read than women so you'll know if he gets uncomfortable.

As for married men, I met a legal adviser at a meeting some time ago and I think about him all the time. To make things worse not only is he much older than me he's obviously ready to do it. He offered me champagne and everything trying to make me stay for an after party but I left. I'm just looking for sex, nothing else. Idk if I should contact him, he gave me his card and all.

No. 254132

Oh gosh, my chef is much older as well. Twice my age (in his 40s) but looks youthful still tbh. Older men are just really attractive and drive me wild.

Do you know if he wants just sex? Because I've had issues with older men wanting relationships and that definitely needs to be made clear right away. If he, too, just wants a good fuck, I say go for him because you probably won't be able to get him out of your mind if you don't try. I'm someone who hates thinking about "what ifs", they truly haunt me.

No. 254136

File: 1527486552453.jpg (41.72 KB, 480x270, OItnWGv.jpg)

No offense but this is cringy as shit anon, are you fucking 15

No. 254140

Don’t do it

No. 254147

I thought this wad a secrets thread not a homewrecking advice thread / how to loose your job and get the worst reputation around professionally and personally.

No. 254155

B-b-but they want something. It doesn’t matter that they’re actively becoming a part of the breakdown of a marriage because it’s really all the men’s fault.

Seriously tho anon don’t waste your time. The farms love this shit and think you’re an asshole if you call someone who wrecks homes a home wrecker.

No. 254159

Jeez I'm not trying to steal him away from his wife, like I said I just want sex. Afterwards, we'll move along. Not like I want this job permanently, it's just paying my way through college to get my actual dream job.

And damn, I wouldn't even exist if my father hadn't cheated on his wife with my mom. (although my mother didn't know he was married so different situation, I guess)

But anyway, I'm definitely gonna try and fuck him now.

No. 254161

Sad you can’t get any single guys so you gotta lower your standards to married men like a sleezy slut with no morals. Don’t worry anon, there are available men who would fuck you, you just gotta be a better person first.

No. 254163

>wouldn't even exist if my father hadn't cheated on his wife with my mom.
So is being a shithole genetic or did he teach you his awful ways?

No. 254164

I hope he fires you instead lol

No. 254165

I have a boyfriend, actually. Love him to pieces and emotionally, we are the perfect fit. We live together, we never fight. Like literally never. Always laughing and cuddling and basically a perfect relationship except - my ass isn't getting sex! He's gotten really fat and hasn't been up for sex. So I want to fuck, I JUST REALLY WANT TO FUCK. Ugh, it sucks. It's all coming from sexual frustration tbqh. What can ya do? Lol

No. 254167

Wait so you’re going to be cheating on your boyfriend (who is apparently amazing) with a married coworker? Anon. Sort your shit out. Sexual frustration isn’t an excuse for bad decisions.

No. 254169

>So I want to fuck, I JUST REALLY WANT TO FUCK. Ugh, it sucks. It's all coming from sexual frustration tbqh. What can ya do? Lol
You sound absolutely retarded.
Just because you're a dumb and needy slut you're willing to ruin another family's life…

No. 254170

It's not a good idea to fuck around with your boss or any coworker for that matter. Why not just use tinder like a regular person?

No. 254171

And her own apparently perfect relationship.

No. 254172

Okay, to be fair - I'm not even sure I'd actually try to. This is the secrets thread, it's like this little fantasy that I really wanna do but honestly, I don't even know if I have it in me. I keep telling myself "who cares, just do it!" but um. I haven't. I'm also a super goody toe shoes at work. I know I shouldn't actually fuck that up. But posting about it made me feel so much better. I do want to but it's different once you step away from the computer.

No. 254173

>Jeez I'm not trying to steal him away from his wife, like I said I just want sex.
So you think that after fucking him everything will go back to normal and she'll never find out…?

No. 254175

But you just wrote
>I'm definitely gonna try and fuck him now.
less than 10 minutes ago?!
Not saying that it isn't good that you stay away from doing that shit, but it definitely doesn't make you appear any less mental…

No. 254176

>I'm not even sure I'd actually try to
But fifteen minutes ago you said
>I'm definitely gonna try and fuck him now.

I’m glad your attitude has changed. Don’t do it, anon. It’s a mistake. Talk to your bf about your sexual frustrations and be a mature adult. You might never argue but you’re about to take a grenade to your perfect relationship and destroy any sense of trust, intimacy, and loyalty. And aid a man in fucking up his marriage, too, if he’s game. You don’t wanna do that, no matter how horny you are.

No. 254177

I said that like "if i could, i'd do it out of spite because y'all angry." not literally. Sorry that's my own fault.

No. 254179

Are you stuck in highschool? I expect this kind of mentality from a 17 years old, not a grown ass woman.
>My bitch mom told me to clean my room! REEEE! I'm going to make it even filthier just to spite her!!! REEEEEE

No. 254181

It's human nature to get caught up in your feelings, relax. I just didn't like anons coming for my throat for having some hoe thoughts. I made this thread so we can share secrets under the protection of anonymity, not rip at each other to absolute shreds. Damn. People have bad secrets. People think bad things. Surprise.

No. 254182

Lmao wow. You want something so hurting people to get it is okay.

You know most people get past this stage by about fourth grade, right?

Goddamn home wreckers are disgusting.

No. 254184

You really should clarify if something is just fantasy or if you’re actually planning it. It’s not our fault you seemed sincere
>I just wish I could subtly find out if he'd wanna fuck
>Afterwards, we'll move along.
>I wouldn't even exist if my father hadn't cheated on his wife with my mom.
>But anyway, I'm definitely gonna try and fuck him now.
Are you surprised people took you seriously when you wrote about it like it was okay and going to happen?

No. 254185

Anon you should do what you want. I've had sex with an older married man and it was honestly one of the best sex I've had in my life. The psychological and taboo aspect of it makes the whole thing 10x hotter.

No. 254186


Congrats? Pretty pathetic that was a sexual highlight for you. What happened to having standards and self respect? I’d rather be celibate than some married man’s taboo fuck toy

No. 254187

Honestly don't know if I'm as ballsy in RL as I am as an anon but this is literally it. It's hot. It's taboo and bad and fucking hot. Props to you.

No. 254189

Anon, taboo sex makes you cum 10x harder lol

That feeling when you know you shouldn't be doing it but you can't help yourself. Being super dirty and embracing it. Nothing makes you cum harder.

I'm glad someone knows what I mean!

No. 254191

I don't think it's all that bad to fuck a married men, he's the one who should be protecting his marriage.

No. 254192

So an orgasm matters more to you than letting him know he’s scum for cheating on his wife?
Ya nasty.

No. 254193

Well, I can't spin this any other way so yes. The orgasm of fucking a married man old enough to be your dad is much better than fucking some boring Tinder pretty boy.

You're right. It's 99% their fault.

No. 254196

File: 1527495127506.jpeg (38.58 KB, 600x350, 4A0264C0-E53F-4153-B16B-32A340…)

It’s both y’all fault and you’re gross.

No. 254197

Preach, anon. Yes.

And honestly what do you guys expect?
>>wowzer, there are assholes on lolcow.farm

No. 254198

Original anon has a committed and practically perfect bf. She’d be cheating too
Speak for yourself. The worst sex I had was taboo. Guilt and shame killed any euphoria I had.
>old enough to be your dad
You got daddy issues, anon? I find old men gross. Give me a fit and fine twenty-five year old any day.
>You're right. It's 99% their fault.
Helping someone do something shitty is still shitty. You’re not blameless just because they’re in the wrong, too.

No. 254202

>You got daddy issues, anon?
Nope. I love my dad and never thought about fucking him.

>I find old men gross. Give me a fit and fine twenty-five year old any day.

That's the thing, older men aren't my 1st choice either. If I had to pick one type as my favorite, I'd actually pick younger guys. I've had some wild experiences with them as well. My point is that doing something taboo makes things much hotter for me. Fucking a random guy my age and who's single will never come close to some other things I've done.

No. 254248

I consistently fantasize about murdering my abusive ex.

No. 254259

I feel fucking disgusting for sharing this, but I swear I'm the only person that has this problem. I've googled it and haven't found anything. Basically, I make myself poop a lot. I push toilet paper up my butt or wrap it around my finger and push it up there to stimulate the pooping and it happens. I started as a teen and haven't stopped since. I'm worried I'm doing damage to my asshole, but I feel the need to be empty. It's not that i enjoy pooing, i just need to be empty. I always wash my hands like crazy and try to clean about it (i don't actually touch my poop) but I'm a disgusting freak. Itried again and again to stop doing it and the longest I've been is a month.

I hate myself and I'm probably damaging my body.

No. 254260

File: 1527503758504.png (272.94 KB, 640x480, 5FB7517F-F736-4C5D-80F0-CC269D…)

Therapy. Yesterday.

No. 254262

im sorry but lol wtf

No. 254263

It's kind of like how people force themselves to throw up but from the other end. Honestly I don't know why I do it. I am funny about my weight and don't like it to go over a certain number but the pooping thing startedwell before I was overconsious of food. I'm too scared to go to a therapist and am just trying to stop doing it altogether. I know it's gross.

No. 254264

I also use large amounts of toilet paper to wipe because i feel dirty and ashamed. I average a roll every 2 days.

No. 254265

It’s scary but without therapy you’re not gonna get over this. If you could just not do it I’m sure you would have already stopped because it’s gross but here we are.

There is therapy for people who eat their poo anon. This is weird but not the weirdest or grossest thing a therapist will have encountered.

No. 254266

Why don't you try an enema or something instead of your fingers?

My secret (not really, but I want to talk about it) is that I only use baby wipes. I might use tp when I pee, but I only wipe my butt with baby wipes. Have since as long as I can remember.

No. 254267

What is your diet like? I'm vegetarian (not like actual fresh fruit and veg but a standard diet without meat) and I poop every day no problem. I'm clean by your perspective most of the time. Maybe change your diet so you don't have to force it. I just eat home-cooked pasties, pizzas, cottage cheese, waffles, pasta, cheese, a little bit of actual vegetables, plenty of fresh water.
The biggest contributor to bad popping is meat because it just collates up in your butt.

Also I kinda poop like a bunny, I dunno if my body does it or it's subconconcious but it's broken up into smaller poops

This is now the poop thread (sorry everyone)

No. 254268

I used to give myself enemas too, but the equipment was hard to hide and my boyfriend would question it. I buy extra toilet paper while he's at work. The finger thing isn't that bad because the actual fingers don't touch the poo or skin, it's all toilet paper.

No. 254269

Also I use a lot of toilet paper too but I run a little water over the paper half the time, which helps. Problem with baby wipes is they don't flush and clog up the pipes >>254266

/poop thread

No. 254270

I eat plenty of vegetables and lots if fruit, i have no trouble going normally, but a fee hours after pooping naturally, I'll do the toilet paper thing to force more out. Thats the thing, i poop normally too, i just keep doing it more until I'm empty. From the outside I'm a slim normal looking person and most aspects of my life are healthy and normal. Relatinships, work ect…but then I do this.

No. 254271

I feel like there must be some small medical problem as well as you just wanting to, it reminds me of if you get a UTI and keep peeing small amounts every so often. I would go to a doctor and not just a therapist (also would be good to check if you have done any damage with your pooping habits)

What if you're at an outdoor event or a long party, camping, etc and you can't get to a bathroom?

No. 254272

Staying at people's houses and camping ect I can hold off but as soon as I get home I do it.

You might be right about the medical thing actually, my grandma died of bowel cancer and my mum has IBS and get colitis sometimes.

No. 254299

File: 1527522586367.png (34.45 KB, 187x178, 012015D4-16EB-4D65-96A1-E12593…)

As a teenager, I suffered from constipation, like BAD. Pooping every two weeks or sometimes not pooping for a month, and I’d always clog up the toilet at home. My mum is a nurse, so she brings gloves over time to time, and I keep some in the bathroom so I can break apart the poop with my hands so I don’t clog the bathroom. It’s extremely gross.

No. 254318

File: 1527527272265.png (290.77 KB, 1707x1155, poop knife.png)

>not having a poop knife

No. 254329

No. 254340

>dishwasher safe
n-no thank you…

No. 254381

Sometimes it hurts too much to read the June thread because her behavior reminds me of mine when I was in my late teens and early 20s, and it's painful to recall what an asshole I was, and how much I was hated.

No. 254433

hey anon that's actually pretty common. Accepting that you have BPD is really hard, especially when there's such a bad stigma around it. But please believe me, having BPD doesn't make you a bad person. Seeing a therapist can really help. Hope everything works out for you

No. 254440

>too late to make close friends
>26 years old

jesus fucking christ

No. 254446

poop thread; I almost always take my shirt off when I poop. Sometimes my pants too (only my shirt if I'm in public). It's almost subconscious, I had never even really payed attention to doing it until I saw someone mention doing a similar thing once. Not gross, just weird I guess.
Might be because when I was younger I often had really bad constipation, so I would get all sweaty whenever I pooped. Not sure when I started doing it lmao.

No. 254447

I hear that a lot of little kids do this, maybe you just hung on to the habit. It's kind of funny

No. 254451

I'm 29 and have only online friends. So you're not really alone.

No. 254460

File: 1527563692254.jpg (11.65 KB, 474x337, tfw_when_no_ghost_bff.jpg)

I'm a serial ghoster.
I never mean it to happen but when I feel that people expect anything from me, or if I did something that might make them not like me anymore, or even if I forgot to text/call one day, I get super anxious and scared and proceed to shut my self in for days while having night terrors related to the person I'm ghosting, feeling like the scum of the earth and secretly hoping they will find me and punish me for being shitty to them.
Yes, I'm seeing a therapist now.

No. 254465

I like ghosting people tbh. I know it's a dick move but I can't be stuffed to answer calls/messages every day so I just check to see if there's anything important and let them hanging. That's for family and friends. For potential dates I just take a lot of time to answer and it always works on guys, they're eager to reply no matter how long I take. I've already been ghosted in the past and oh well I don't really mind it.

Lately I've been having fantasies about fucking native american men and it's weird cuz I'm not american and not even white.

No. 254466

I don't enjoy sex with my bf very much. I tell him my sex drive isn't too high but with my ex we'd have sex all the time and I loved it.

No. 254478

I developed a fetish for fucking french twinks with my country's locally made wooden "dildos" (not dildos, they're just penis-shaped statues) after after a bad encounter with stuck up French men that I hated but still wanted to fuck because they were good looking. Stepping on them with local leather shoes would be a plus but not necessary.

No. 254483

I'm a serial ghoster too. I'm not proud of it and I justify it by saying that I'm doing people the favor of being ghosted, and I don't think I would make a good friend.

To add, I think that having been severely bullied in elementary and partly high school left me emotionally empty. I can't connect with people. I don't mean it in an edgy way, I don't wish harm upon anyone, it's just that I can't feel any empathy towards anyone but my closest family. I can tell that some people seem to be genuinely nice and interesting to talk to but I have no desire to maintain contact with anyone outside of professional or work related reasons.

No. 254485

same anon, it's so draining

No. 254488

File: 1527575104137.jpg (26.69 KB, 324x278, 12213_1213577092107_324_278.jp…)

No. 254489

Anon, please talk to your boyfriend about how his lack of intimacy with you is making you feel. This is a better idea then possibly

- fucking up your boss' marriage/life
- fucking up your "perfect" relationship
- losing your job
- giving yourself a bad reputation
+ so much more

This is something you need to sort out personally, if he won't make sacrifices for you, then just dump him and go for other horny people on tinder. Easy.

No. 254494

Lol you sound literally fucked home wrecker-chan why not just become a prostitute till you get your dream job if your so obsessed with sex and ruining peoples lives.

Real talk though this isn't a real argument this is retard logic. Its a common fallacy retards use to justify adultery.

No. 254496

Take it easy, she just wants sex. She doesn't want to steal him from his wife.

No. 254497

That's why she should sell her ass, she'd be getting sex and being paid for it, win win.

No. 254498

The type of men that typically pay for sex are terrible at it anon. Unless you get lucky and find a semi young/not autistic sugar daddy.

No. 254499

That's a terrible idea.
No. She needs to either communicate with her current boyfriend about having more sex, or if sex is that important to her, she needs to dump him and be single so she can have lots of unattached sex. She needs to leave the married guy the hell alone because it's morally wrong and could also fuck her over in the workplace. If she really wants the excitement of escorting, it's up to her, but she needs to realise that she isn't going to get quality sex that way. If she doesn't care about actually getting her rocks off, then go for it, but I don't think suddenly turning to escorting is a good idea.

No. 254500

I had sex with a family member many times when I was young and I constantly blame myself because they can't/don't date anyone or even try. I feel like I ruined their romantic life.
I'm younger than them, but I also pressured them each time.
The people who know make fun of it or call me disgusting for it.

No. 254501

Objective reasons to not do this beyond "MUH MORAL COMPASS!" that you should consider (in no particular order):
>it could complicate if not result in you losing your job if an inappropriate work relationship is discovered
>he probably does fuck other staff, which does not bode well for your own sexual health
>as a married man, he will likely have emotional baggage and/or sexually perform in a way that his wife is used to, and he will not cater so much to your wants which is not fun and will make you feel like second rate shit
>if this is something you wind up regretting, you will be forced to see and interact with this person until whichever of you quits or is fired first, which would still be unpleasant regardless of how long term you'll be there

No. 254503

I was on call with my friends the other day and I just wondered if I could get away with masturbating while talking to them. I honestly hate myself sometimes for ideas like that.

No. 254504

Been there, done that.

No. 254513

What is wrong with some anons? Fucking a married man is wrong. This is like basic morality. Participating in breaking a woman’s heart, trust, and security is fucked up. It doesn’t matter if she “steals” him, it matters if she gives a shit about other people in any capacity

No. 254514

Degenerates will be degenerates

No. 254516

Lately a lot of anons have implied that anyone who doesn't condone things like that is a simply jealous harpy, only concerned because she's scared of men being stolen from her. It's weird, how fucked do you have to be to think like that?


No. 254521

Who cares? If anything she would be helping her, now the betrayed wife know that she married a cheating scum and she can divorce him and find herself a faithful man.

No. 254524

Chances are they'll fuck a few times and nobody will find out. It's bad but it's not the end of the world.

No. 254533

I recently found out that my friend is dating a scum bag. He seemed like a normfag whem i met him, but in the past four years hes

>gotten a girl pregnant and completely deserted her. He even admitted doing so because he “thought she was just after his money” and flips his story alot on the topic between her faking being pregnant/ it being another guys baby/ her being after his money

>nearly raped a mutual friend of mine, like physically ripped her clothes off while she told him to stop and had her in tears and everything until she physically kicked him off. Again admitted this but said something along the lines of “atleast i stopped myself i didnt actually do anything”
>has a known past of having ldrs with underaged girls
>has been caught at clubs and using tinder

My friend just brushes this off because “he treats me goooood and thats all that matters, the past is the past!” shes such a fucking dumbass and i cant stand being around either of them anymore because they are such scum and after finding out all of this i want to cut them out of my life for good damn

No. 254539

>He seemed like a normfag whem i met him.
If he fooled you then he fooled her too.
>"he treats me good and that's all that matters, the past is the past."
Did you ever think this is the result of the brainwashing he's been doing to her, and trying to justify the sunk cost of being with him for four years?

She's stuck in an abusive relationship.

No. 254560

I’m coming out as a lesbian.

First here… maybe irl in a couple of months?

No. 254571

Good luck, anon! I hope everyone accepts you and you find a cute gf to be happy with, too. Unless you already have one, in which case I hope everyone accepts her as well!

No. 254605

It is to the guy's SO.
>inb4 she shouldn't have married a scumbag/it's not MY fault he's willing to cheat!
Lol shut up.

No. 254616

Well it truly is not a stranger's fault when a married man chooses to cheat.
It's his vows, and his wife that he isn't protecting.
Other people aren't responsible for unstable relationships and most won't poke their noses into that business.

The big reason why anon shouldn't do it is because men like this tend not to give any fucks about any women they're with at any time.
That includes not disclosing transmittable sexual diseases, and generally treating all women like disposable fuck garbage.
If anon wants her fun, fine. But that man sounds nasty and the sex probably ain't much worth it.
That's the REAL reason why this is harmful to HER.

I'm sorry, but all other hissy fits about "morality" read like you're a scorned woman who's been cheated on and blames other women for being temptresses.

No. 254618

anon you sound like a a sperg. the guy cheating in the first place can be construed as a moral issue, so your point is moot anyways. you realize you can dislike men without having to defend shitty women, right?

No. 254625

I'm not a sperg just because you don't agree with my point.
>the guy cheating in the first place can be construed as a moral issue
Lol, yeah?
If the guy wasn't an open flirt with his entire restaurant crew I'm sure this all would be a non-issue and the thought wouldn't ever crossed anon's mind.
>your point is moot
What made it moot? That I think a married man's infidelity speaks louder than what a single woman wants to do for fun? Or that I think there are more tangible, worse consequences of having sex with a liar and womanizer than the general immorality of sleeping with a married man?

How am I defending her when I'm merely saying it's a married person's responsibility to not cheat? And that there are negative physical outcomes that can arise from this that should be taken more seriously than feefees about the act itself?

No. 254628

Your reading comprehension is poor eh? A married man cheating is simply a moral issue as well. If you don't see any issue with a woman fucking a married man, what issue do you hold with the man? Is it because you claim he has a moral obligation to his wife, but the woman only has an obligation to herself?

No. 254631

Nta. But yeah he swore to be faithful to his wife, the other woman have nothing to do with their deal. She doesn't have any obligation towards her.

No. 254633

I mean, that line of thinking is super edgy and knee-jerky. Are you seriously trying to tell me that no one should care about something just because it's only morally wrong? It just seems like it's only this kind of thing because "men deserve" it or some shit.

No. 254635

My reading comprehension is fine. If there's something I'm missing then maybe you should articulate yourself better than insult me.

>A married man cheating is simply a moral issue as well.

Arguably worse, because he took the legal and moral vows to not be an adulterer.
>Is it because you claim he has a moral obligation to his wife, but the woman only has an obligation to herself.
Precisely, and this is not a claim but a 100% truth.

No. 254636

I just don't think it's that big of a deal to be the other woman, it only happens because the married man allows it.

No. 254638

If this piece of shit flirts with the whole restaurant where they work, I bet he already cheated or will cheat the first chance he gets the chance. He's the real problem.

No. 254640

NTA or any other anons replying to you, but would a woman throwing herself at a married man (even if he turns her down) still not be at least a bit of a jerk in your eyes?

imo anyone, male or female, hitting on a taken person is at least a little shitty. Their intentions are still to get someone to cheat, even if that doesn't work. I agree that the person in the relationship has the most responsibility, though.

No. 254643

>still not be at least a bit of a jerk in your eyes
It's not that I don't think that.
My only points are that
1. It is absolutely the fault of the married person if they cheat.
2. It's a bad idea primarily because there are tangible outcomes that could befall anon that are worse than knowing she slept with a married man.
3. Hence concentrating on anon's morality is missing two major points and makes the anons honing in on just that come off as they've been cheated on before.

No. 254645

This is honestly some edgy teen bullshit. Of course the guy is 99% at fault and is responsible for his marriage, but saying to that it's fine to not give a fuck about the wife is cringy. No shit you don't need to feel moral obligation to the dudes wife, but is it immature? Yes. Society is crafted from moral obligation, and many laws are based on moral issues, like underage drinking. There's no difference between a 20 and a 21 year old but the law. People who have a devil-may-care attitude about stuff that isn't illegal are usually pieces of shit anyways.

No. 254646

No one's saying it's not the married man's fault, we're just saying it's cringy that you think people shoudn't give a shit about morals just cause it's not technically illegal. It's not illegal to pick up money off the ground if you see who dropped it, but it makes you a piece of trash.

No. 254648

>many laws are based on moral issues, like underage drinking
As are liquor laws in the southern USA.
And it's outdated and shown not to work too well.

If I were you I wouldn't conflate cheating to actual morality laws anyway, since there are no federal laws against infidelity.

I think you should read my third point >>254643. It's not that I think you don't think it's the man's fault, it's how you go on about anon's moral fault when that isn't the biggest issue at play.

No. 254650

A woman who want to sleep with a married man is probably not going to change her mind because it might hurt his wife. She could even feel bad about it, a little sad for the wife but still do it because she's horny / get off on "stealing a man".

No. 254651

>since there are no federal laws against infidelity

No money to be made.
Good natured anon doesn't realize "morality" laws exist because of money, classism, and/or racism.
Not because the government has good intentions to regulate everyone's lives on specific moral issues.

No. 254653

The morality issue or lack there of is only not an issue to you. The issues you brought up can apply to literally any man under the sun.

>no federal laws against infidelity.

That's actually not entirely true, infidelity is grounds for divorce, so while you don't go to jail or get fucking stoned, you get legal rights you wouldn't otherwise have.

I still think you're missing my, and other's points. Your attitude of "Anon doesn't need to give a shit about anyone but herself." is cringy regardless of what she's doing.

No. 254659

>infidelity is grounds for divorce
That's called a prenuptial agreement, a contract.

I mean I could make a contract with another person that forbids them from ever buying bananas from the grocery store, but it doesn't mean they've violated an actual law that tears society apart if they do.

>"Anon doesn't need to give a shit about anyone but herself."

I've never said that so don't put that in quotations as if I have. You're confusing me with I presume this anon >>254636, and I'm not here to defend their stance.

No. 254673

I'm going to stop after this, but your attitude in general is super shitty. You keep accusing me and other anons of being cheated on because of how 'butthurt' we are, and seem to be too tryhard in justifying knowingly fucking a married person. Not only that but you're trying to hang on this idea of what is and isn't illegal as a defense. It seems more like you help people cheat and just want everyone to agree with you.

No. 254674

you don't need a prenup to divorce someone for infidelity.

No. 254675

Different anon. While I think it's morally bad, it's not really the other woman's fault. The married woman would be better off getting rid of the cheating husband anyways, why spend the rest of your life with a piece of shit? The engaged person is at fault, regardless of gender.

No. 254677

Literally everyone is in agreement that it's the cheaters fault.

No. 254681

>but your attitude in general is super shitty
I think you're projecting considering I'm the one who's been insulted at least twice just because I'm adamant about my opinion.
What have I done to you?
>You keep accusing me and other anons of being cheated on because of how 'butthurt' we are.
I never called you "butthurt" and I didn't accuse any specific anon. I just said that the focus on the morality of the "other woman" is detracting from the larger issue, and yes, does make the anons lingering on that seem like scorned exes.
If that's not you, kindly discard it as it doesn't apply.
>you're trying to hang on this idea of what is and isn't illegal as a defense
No, no, no.
You brought the legality argument into this, right here >>254645. You tried to say how society is based around moral obligation and hence why we have morality laws.
Just because I pointed out that it's not the case, doesn't mean that was ever "my" argument. Nice try though.
>It seems more like you help people cheat
How would anything I say "help" anyone cheat lol. Please just stop, it's all nonsense.

No. 254682

>no federal laws against infidelity
There are no federal laws against being an asshole to a random pedestrian on the street either, but everyone would agree that it's wrong and would call you out on it.

It's both people's fault regardless of sex, being a "home wrecker" is just as bad as being that pushy dickbag who keeps suggesting sex because the bf "doesn't have to know".

If you only act a certain way because the law prevents you from doing otherwise and base what is wrong or right on its legality, you're not a good person.

No. 254685

Except in one instance the "homewrecker" is being invited by the cheating spouse, whereas a pushy dickbag is sexually accosting and harassing someone who may not want to be cheating.

No. 254687

Anon, you do have a bad attitude, and have been trying to justify someone who fucks a married person with "hurdur moralshits btfo".

No. 254690

Being passive doesn't mean you're not at fault.

No. 254691

How do I have a bad attitude?
>justify someone who fucks a married person
I've said from the beginning that there are bigger, tangible reasons for anon to not want to do this than "muh morality."
Never that it was green-lit a-okay.
>hurdur moralshits btfo
Stop 4channing and talk like a real person.

Being passive can imply coercion.
I'm surprised you actually think being asked by a married man to cheat is the same as being sexually solicited unwantedly.

No. 254696

Anon, you're using those "bigger tangible reasons" that only you give a shit about to justify why no one should care about morality.

No. 254698

>that only you give a shit about

Yeah because catching an STD from the married womanizer is no biggie.
Risk losing her job or making a hostile work environment? Child's play.

What anon really needs to do is give a shit about the feelings of a stranger she's never met before because some douchenozzle of a man won't keep it in his pants.
You've got to be fucking kidding.

No. 254699

Can you guys stop sperging about this subject? Yes, anon is a bad girl. Get over it.

No. 254700

The things you mentioned have nothing to do with whether the person is married or not. It's not like fucking some single guy at work suddenly means he has no STDs and shit won't hit the fan? What are you on?

No. 254701

Focusing on your priorities isn't a bad thing anon. I don't think it's that big of a deal if keeping your head on straight has cost you some social ability. It takes continuous effort to maintain social abilities.

No. 254702

>have nothing to do with whether the person is married or not
Says you. I'd say a guy who openly flirts with women and lets on that he's down to fuck while he's married probably has more cock-fungus than the typical single guy.

I'd say having the rumor that anon slept with a married man–as opposed to a single one–isn't going to go over well at work and in her social circle.

But okay anon, you do you.

No. 254706

This isn't the unpopular opinions thread anon. I wish i lived in this world where single men were all virgins and not just non-committal shitheads who fuck anything that moves.

No. 254709

Why virgins? Don't you want a man who's good in bed?

No. 254715

how else can these men in anon's dream world be free of STDs? obviously married men who want to cheat have more STDs than men who can fuck whoever any time!

No. 254717

I'd take my chances with a single man without an extensive sex history than a married dude who makes his cock available to any other woman willing.

It's so sad how you're turning a blind eye to that difference because you want so badly to be right. It's cute.

No. 254721

you're the one assuming that the single guy has a less extensive sex history, though. you can't just suddenly be right because it fits your narrative.

No. 254726

File: 1527613569488.jpg (45.78 KB, 450x507, 198a6d9d9a60854aa2c6eba8f0c355…)

Ah yes, I should assume the single guy is the true liar and put him on equal sus as the MARRIED MAN WHO'S CHEATING AND FUCKING EVERYONE AT ANON'S RESTAURANT.

I bow to your superior logic skills!
I am defeat!

No. 254729

If you end up with a virgin and take his vcard you should be more worried than with an experienced guy. He'll want to experience more women.

No. 254731

Dude, calm the hell down. Your entire argument is based on random assumptions and yet you still think you have reason to call out others for doing the same thing.

Both parties are just making assumptions, but you're the only one saying yours are somehow more right and you think that makes you correct.

No. 254735

>but you're the only one saying yours are somehow more right and you think that makes you correct

Bullshit lmao. This entire argument is anons insisting their morality is the end-all. Feel free to throw more bias my way though and pretend you're reading equal.

No. 254739

Actually anon, the "entire argument" was you >>254616 starting shit to tell people they were wrong for caring about morality. People's opinions about morality aren't assumptions. In your first post you made the assumption that STDs were involved.

No. 254744

>starting shit to tell people they were wrong for caring about morality

Only that it was all they were focusing on.
Either way, they proceeded to act like that care for morality was the end-all.
Which still contradicts your point.

>your assumptions though

Well that anon didn't even cheat yet look at all the assumptions anons placed on her.
Again, fuck off with this "they're right and you're wrong" bullocks. You're not fooling me by repackaging the argument.

No. 254746

Can anons stop acting holier than thou and just let shit go?
Like you know you're won't convince these 'morally corrupt' people right?

No. 254748

do you actually read what you type? you instigated an argument cause you got upset that someone mentioned the morality thing, people were "stuck on that" cause your first post was talking down to people who care about morality. no one cared about anything else you had to say until you kept bringing it up, because it was fucking stupid. also, most of the replies are talking about cheating in general, not anon specifically.

No. 254750

The only person acting "holier than thou" is the bitch who thinks that people who have morals are butthurt bitches who were cheated on.

No. 254755

>do you actually read what you type?
Yes, and have clarified my position reasonably for about the umpteenth time by now.
>you instigated the argument because you said people were "stuck on that"
And I stand accurate on that, as evident.

If you don't care about my opinion then fuck off and stop being triggered.

No. 254756

the only one who seems to have gotten triggered is you, 2 hours ago, over moralfags.

No. 254761

Yeah not like you've been ankle biting the entire time as well. Pft.

No. 254762

Do you realize that you're the one who started off calling people names for "having hissy fits about morality" and then sperged out about people paying too much attention to that part. You keep being so surprised anyone is mentioning morality, but you brought it up.

No. 254774

>Who cares?
Please develop some human decency and compassion.
>Other people aren't responsible for unstable relationships
No, but you are responsible for you own actions and their consequences
>I'm sorry, but all other hissy fits about "morality" read like you're a scorned woman who's been cheated on and blames other women for being temptresses.
Yes. Because the only way to care about other people is if you share their exact experiences. If you understand something is wrong, it’s because it’s happened to you. /s
Just because someone else did something worse, doesn’t let you off the hook for being complicit and helping them do it.

I left my response >>254513 nine hours ago and just came back, before people accuse me of sperging for hours. Because apparently you can’t have a negative opinion on an anon’s actions without people thinking you’re obsessive.

Here’s it clarified for anyone confused: in most societies, it is considered shitty to sleep with your relatives, married people, and those who are underaged. You can think differently. But you’re in a minority. And you’re pretty shitty imo. Yes, it’s all based on personal opinion, but in my opinion, you should refrain from things that fuck over other people. You can be selfish and think differently, that’s your right. And it’s my right to think you’re a piece of shit. End of.

No. 254777

Don't even bother. Anon is too upset that no one cares about her autistic STD tinfoil to remember that she was criticizing you for being a "scorned woman" who has "hissy fits about morality".

No. 254785

>it’s all based on personal opinion, but in my opinion
Literally no one asked for your opinion about what's right or wrong. People just want to share their secrets without anons sperging/infighting about it for hours. If you don't agree with something just report it and move on for god's sake.

No. 254786

People were sperging about morality before anon even posted.

And you know what, based on the reactions, I'm gonna say scourned exs was pretty on the nose.

No. 254789

I wasn't saying she was the first, but she's bitching that people keep talking about morality and not paying attention to her precious tinfoiling.

No. 254792

Idk being concerned about STDs and how coworkers would treat you does seem more than tinfoiling and actual valid concerns.
I don't know why you both can't agree to disagree because both sides have valid points.

No. 254794

I mean, I wasn't even that anon, I just thought the STD anon was being super autistic cause the people talking to her weren't arguing the points she wanted. It wasn't as if people brought up the morality shit at random, but she sure as hell acted like they did.

No. 254804

I don't think anon was being autistic.

And if this were the unpopular opinions thread I'd say I'm tired of autistic being used to describe any dissenting opinions.
You're all being very stubborn.

No. 254819

>Literally no one asked for your opinion about what's right or wrong.
What site do you think you’re on?

No. 254822

>If you don't agree with something just report it
What? Why would you report someone just for disagreeing with you? Anon. No.

No. 254823

I mean literally. Like literally autistic. It definitely strikes me as literally being autistic when you spend over 2 hours trying to make people talk about a point you brought up and then getting upset that they were focused on a different thing.

No. 254834

Because you're not acting as "autistic" lingering here for another hour to convince us why another anon was more autistic than anons who were also responding for the same length of time.


No. 254836

>if i tell the other anon to stop it means i win!

No. 254837

File: 1527619811771.jpeg (560.51 KB, 1125x1171, B8B9B60A-95D0-452E-8FE1-0E904A…)

I know my friends boyfriend is cheating on her but he got my nudes from my ex so I’m forced to keep the secret.

No. 254840

What thread you think you're on? 'Sharing secrets' or the 'judge my secrets and give opinions no one asked for' thread?

No. 254842

if you don't want people's opinions then just write your secrets in a diary

No. 254843

Do you seriously think you can just write whatever you want on here and no one else can respond or disagree? That’s absurd. Don’t share if you don’t want people to comment on your shit life choices. This isn’t your diary.

No. 254844

sorry this thread didn't turn out to be a free-for-all hugbox full of edgelords.

No. 254846

Stop projecting and shut up.

No. 254850

Report shit you don't agree with, post a critical valid opinion/not just bash the OP and don't infight/sperg, is it that hard?(no, report things that break the rules)

No. 254852

Right, but just because she's being "invited" doesn't mean that she should accept. Just as a husband is at fault if some lady solicits him for sex and he accepts. The two are no different.

No. 254853

>report shit you don't agree with

How new are you?

No. 254854

If you care so much you should do that instead of whinging at us to.

No. 254856

File: 1527620613474.jpg (24.65 KB, 500x500, you.jpg)


No. 254858

guess who's the butthurt one

No. 254861

>Report shit you don't agree with
That’s not how this site works. Where do you think you are? Besides, you’re not even following your own rule. Report us and move on, then.

No. 254864

Secret that I'm ashamed of because collecting someone's hair is weird.

>There was a boy who used to hang out with me and we'd play pokemon together as kids because our parents were friends.

>We were 11 and liked each other but were still kinda in that ewww boys/girls are yucky phase.

>He would tell me he loved me on the swings and then be embarrassed and say JUST KIDDING.

>We wore matching pokemon shirts.

>He slept over one night.

>I ask him if I can come into top bunk with him.

>He agrees.

>Nothing bad/sexual happens, he drifts off to sleep.

>I proceed to snip a piece of his hair with nail clippers and keep it.

>Things are normal until our parents have a disagreement and move away/stop talking.

>I still think about him and sometimes try to find his social media when drunk to this day.

>Literally noone knows about this

Leroy where are you?

No. 254865

YOU! Lol

No. 254871

I have really bad body odor below my armpits and honestly I don't know what to do. It's weird because I had lost it and it came back all of a sudden. Once I hooked up with this cute guy and all the while I was thinking about my smelly armpits wondering if he had noticed it. He actually put my own blouse on me when we were leaving and I was scared out of my mind lol.

No. 254876

when i eat onions or garlic or curry my armpits (and vag) smell like it. it could be something like that.

No. 254877

Maybe geff a blood test or look into your diet. Certain foods change the smell in your body chemistry and also when you are sick it can happen too.

When I get the flu my armpits smell like weed

No. 254925

I smell my own crotch whenever I sit down and I get paranoid that other people can. But nobody, not even bf, ever says they smell anything.

I think we just smell ourselves and are really aware of it.

No. 254938

That might be hormonal, so consider seeing a doctor. If it’s not hormonal then it might be something on your skin. I assume you use deodorant?

No. 254940

I racked up $3k of paypal debt from paying people to pick up my shifts at work. Mostly on really bad and busy days when my anxiety is through the roof and I know people will be extra shitty. My job took away time off flexibility they offered when I first started three years ago, and I don't qualify for family medical leave because ironically I haven't worked enough hours.
My company also allowed people to start hustlin' coworkers for money to pick up whereas before they weren't allowed to pick up for extra money. Now nobody picks up for free anymore, and here I am.

I'm horrified at the debt but I'm not sorry for it.
I fucking hate my job but the only thing I can do is keep my head afloat until this fall when I fulfill one of my dreams that only working through this company can I achieve.
After that, I'm out.
I'm sure there's a government job someplace where if the pay isn't good like my current, they'll at least have health insurance and I can apply to get my student debt forgiven after a few years.

I'd love to have a job I love where I'm actually fulfilled attending to and don't dread it.

No. 254943

>Donald Trump lol

No. 254944

Same and mine always smells really sweet and fruity. Weird shit.

No. 254952

Can the anon who has sex with the married man at least tell the wife? like don't let her waste her damn cause her husband's a cheater.

No. 254953

She just wants to cum. Drop the moralfag bs.

No. 254955

anon i'm not saying you're ill or anything but that's a key symptom of diabetes

No. 254956

One time I accidentally spilled hot tea on my boyfriend (sat down too quick on the couch and it splashed up). As he screamed and writhed in pain, I couldn't help but laugh. I didn't even feel sorry for hurting him. I liked it. I had a hard time trying to hide my smile and apologize at the same time. Even as I type this, I have a huge smile on my face just thinking about it.

I think I might be a sadist.

No. 254958

My secret isn't really bad, more embarrassing. I going to major in computer science and i don't know anything about computer science(Don't worry I've been an 18 year old loser my entire senior year). Both my parents went to this school and they both studied CS, but that was a million years ago. My mom only worked for 15 years in it and my dad still works in this field, but I have no clue about what he actually does.
I'm also female and not white or asian so I'm worried about how my actual classmates and teacher will treat me.

I stopped talking to my only friend when she went to prom with some other people. (I don't blame her, I knew our friendship was dying and I straight up ghosted her) Now I have no friends and it's my own fault.

Another thing is I just realized my dad fits into computer science stereotypes, he's over fifty and he watches anime. He watches like every single anime that comes out each season. Every time i see him watching anime it's a new fucking show.

Also I catch him looking at porn on his computer occasionally(Why can't he door?! ugh) and I found his porn mag stash in my parents room a couple years ago when I used to steal food my mom was hiding.

No. 254960

Samefag; I'm sorry if this post should go in the vent thread or confession thread, but most aspects of my life are secrets cause I never tell anyone anything.

No. 254961

A woman who will sleep with a married man is a piece of shit because she knows she’s taking part in destroying another woman’s marriage and happiness.

Choosing your own orgasm over the emotional well-being of another human being who’s marriage you have actively taken part in damaging is the most immature, selfish shit.
Seeing women say it’s because the man deserves it is hilarious because they know damn well it’s not the man that is going to be hurting. They don’t care about hurting other women, just blaming men and getting an orgasm.
Some of them probably sit there calling themselves feminists on the same day lol.(derailing; infighting)

No. 254966

I had no idea! But I’m pretty sure I just eat too much fruit kek

No. 254967

I'm sure the anon who posted that several hours ago probably doesn't give a shit. Stop fighting.

No. 254970

Not the fighting anons (although I did say my peace a few hours back) but who made you the boss? Why do you think you can tell anons what to do?(derailing; infighting)

No. 254972

Because you're still derailing even if you do it hours later.

No. 254983

When I was around 8-9 years old I lived in a really small town populated by ~1000 people. All the kids knew each other, and we would play games together at a playground. Sometimes one of the older guys would join us, I'm not sure if he was an older sibling of someone. My guess is he was 16-18 years old. We didn't think much of it, we just thought it was pretty cool that a teenager would want to hang out with us.

He developed some kind of obsession with me. A bit stalkery tbh. The first incident I remember occurred when we were playing hide and seek one evening. Everyone scrambled to find a hiding-spot, but I didn't know where to go. Then I heard him calling my name from inside/underneath a couple of bushes, and he gestured at me to come hide with him. So I did. He held onto my shoulders from behind as we hid and waited. All of a sudden he got really touchy feely.. Like slowly moving his hand down my body hoping I wouldn't notice. I was pretty scared tbh, and it felt kinda wrong even tho I had no idea about child molesters and pedophilia. Luckily I was a smart kid, so I made up some excuse and quickly got on my bike and pedaled home. Honestly I didn't think much of it, somehow I just knew I should get away from the situation.

In the summers everyone spent most of their days swimming in the lake, it was only a short bike-ride from my house. I distinctly remember diving down underneath the wooden pier, and someone grabbed my ankle as I was going up. I turned to look around, and of course it was the same guy.. He seemed to be targeting me for some reason, but luckily there were tons of other people around at that time. But one time me and my brother went down to the lake alone, and there was no one else there. Pretty awesome we thought. After a while I hear a moped approaching (most teenagers owned a moped in the countryside), and guess who I see coming towards us.. The same fucking dude again. He sits down on the pier and watches us for a while. Doesn't say anything, doesn't join us, just sits silently watching us play in the lake.. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if my brother hadn't been there with me.

Sometimes he would try to lure me and my girlfriend into his house. He was listening to white power-music, and asked if we wanted to see his swastika-flag, lol.. She wanted to, but I convinced her otherwise. After that I started trying to avoid him, but he'd still join our games sometimes.

Nothing super-bad ever happened, and I'm not exactly traumatised by it. It's only recently come back into my memory, as I'm trying to process my childhood. I wonder if I was just lucky nothing worse happened, I never ended up alone with him. I don't remember his name sadly, but part of me really wants to know where he ended up. I really think he has a criminal record by now, probably something related to molesting children.. I wonder if someone else had the same experience with him.

Idk man. I've never really told anyone about this.

No. 254985

I constantly think about a co-worker of mine. It's really sad and pretty pathetic but my husband is a total shithead whom I can't leave because we have kids( he doesnt work and he doesnt want to, he doesnt allow me to leave the house, he's reckless with our money, possesive and a bit of a narc..) Well this guy is always super nice, funny,cute and we share a lot of the same interests and he actually has a drive in life and goals! I've just developed a huuge crush on him but I am never planning to act on it unless we both end up divorced or something lol. I've been trying to be around him less at work since I keep getting kinda flustered around him, but we somehow always end up chatting for a long time and later I can't get him out of my mind. UGH I fucking hate it.

No. 254991

Drop him, anon. Your hapiness is worth more than standing this lazy sack of shit. I say go for it and divorce him, the kids will definitely understand your reasons. Just be extra careful because he sounds like the type of guy who gets agressive when his wife tries to leave him.

No. 255007

I’ve been having a love affair with my 43 year old supervisor for 6 months (I’m 23). Nobody really knows and I think it’s in part due to my issues with aging and wanting to feel younger. We do borderline ddlg things and he calls me his little princess. I’d be fired if we were ever found out. Disgusted with myself on many levels.

No. 255012

I'm disgusted with you too, woof

No. 255013

Do you get anything out of it? Like money, perks, etc.
I can't imagine having a fling like that just for the kinky sex. I'd milk that idiot for all he's got.

No. 255016

Damn. Is he at least hot/good in bed?

Just waiting for the sperg anons to show up, it shouldn't take long

No. 255018

File: 1527654060997.jpeg (12.29 KB, 258x196, Unknown.jpeg)

A few years ago when I was 18 I lost my virginity to a 30 year old man while I was on vacation in Mexico, we had a brief "relationship" but I don't even think you could call it that, we hooked up for like 3 days of my 2 week vacation. He was from New York and worked for a big investment bank. I remembered his name and looked him up on facebook when I got home, turned out he was engaged - I found his wedding invitation and registry and everything online. I remember staring at his fiancee's facebook, wondering if I should message her and tell her. I decided that I definitely wasn't the first girl he's cheated on her with - I don't want to sound mean but she seemed like the type to want to sweep that sort of thing under the rug while pretending like everything was ok. I know I meant nothing to him, idgaf (losing my virginity was more or less meaningless to me). Today the memory randomly popped into my mind for the first time in years and I looked him up again. Turns out they got married a few months later and had a son, and have a baby girl on the way. I would never say anything to her now, but I still feel so guilty about sleeping with him. Obviously I didn't know he was engaged and I wouldn't have if I knew. It makes me think that he still sleeps with tons of other women while his wife is home with the kids, and either she doesn't know or she does know and doesn't care/doesn't want to care. To top it all off he seems to be an upper level executive at his firm now, I work in the same field and am terrified i'll come across him someday although I doubt he would remember me

No. 255020

No. I actually have feelings for him, at first it was a kinky fling because I thought I’d leave the job, but ended up staying. He is attractive and treats me well, and a good fuck, and I sometimes feel like I’m in love with him but from a fucked perspective. Like a father figure.

He takes care of me in some ways, like working on my car, buying me things here and there, but we are both poor.

I already know it’s fucked up and disgusting. I can’t stop it.

No. 255022

I had an affair with my former boss, it turned out messy as fuck and tarnished my professional reputation. All of our coworkers found out, and in typical sexist fashion I got all of the blame while he got none. Be super duper careful at the very least… if you actually want a relationship with him try to take a job elsewhere

No. 255024

I have intense cravings to eat chalk.

No. 255026

>rich executive husband
>two kids
>he's likely cheated before
Yeah nothing you tell her will cause her to leave. In fact, she may turn it around and call you crazy. Don't even waste your time. I just hope you're okay.

No. 255028

I could see it happening, and he is actually looking to transfer elsewhere so that the affair doesn’t eventually effect my own professional path. He does genuinely care about me.

If I want a relationship with him, though, I’d have to break up with my bf. I sound like such a cow. Someone shoot me.

No. 255030

Lol anon please. You're not the first person to have an affair and it's not an offense to die over.
But yeah, you should probably male a decision about that soon.

No. 255031

You should break up with your boyfriend anyways, or at least tell him you're a cheating hoe so he can do it for you smh

No. 255033

I am only attracted to 2D, the bodies of real men repulse me. It's embarrassing, most people tend to grow out of this before adulthood but I just can't find anything else attractive.

No. 255038

I’ve been trying for a full year. It’s codependant, and a mess. Borderline abusive. I finally took the hardest first step in terms of ending it a few months ago by moving out and into my own place. Smh, I know.

No. 255046

File: 1527658859369.jpg (56.46 KB, 540x389, ashjsd.jpg)

I had this male friend who introduced me to his girlfriend a while back. I had no feelings for him up until they recently broke up a month ago. The worst part is, I got close to his ex girlfriend so now I feel like an awful bitch.

I don't know what sparked this sudden ??? feeling. They're only recent but holy shit do I really feel guilty. I really hope this goes away since they're both wonderful people… And I don't want to get rejected and have her hate me

No. 255106

I have slept in the same bed as my mom until I was 20 years old, it was not by choice.

No. 255110

Please elaborate… that’s awfully distressing to me for some reason. She forced you to?

No. 255135

Oh I'm not even considering telling her now. It was like 3 years ago, it would totally seem psycho on my part if I told her this late. I just feel guilty about it still. He bought me expensive jewelry and shit on the trip which I sold because it made me feel so bad every time I wore it… but I often let guilt consume me so I need to just get over it considering how long ago it was

No. 255137

Are you sure you're the only employee he's fucking? My boss acted the same way, that he genuinely cared about me and wanted a relationship with me, til I found out he was fucking three other girls I worked with and telling them the same thing (and yes out of all of those I was the only one that anyone found out about). Twenty years is also a HUGE age difference in terms of pursuing a long term relationship. Not trying to kill your dreams just want you to take everything in consideration so you don't get burned like I did

No. 255161

Why so many farmers end up with these gross dirty old men? Disgusting tbh

No. 255163

low self-esteem and the only men that give them attention lul

No. 255164

Some older men are seriously hot tbh. I find a lot of older women attractive too. It's a different flavor.

No. 255180

I was a sex worker for around 6 and a half years during and after college. I've probably had sex with several hundred people (possibly a thousand but I can't be sure with the repeat callers). I moved town with my escortdosh to minimize the chances of bumping into former clients by accident (which was becoming a hassle, admittedly. I mean they weren't dicks about it, for the most part, but it's like meating your manager everywhere all the time and being reminded of work).

I still read punter reviews occasionally. I had made a very good impression on the people that booked girls from my agency, so now they occasionally reminish about me in comparison with the new girls.

It's not a nice job, though. I wouldn't do it again if I didn't have to. Then again I didn't do it the first time without having to, so eh.

Anyway yeah, I would definitely not tell anyone about it unless there was incredibly good reason.

No. 255186

I was raped and molested when I was a child. Wish I was braver back then. Now it feels like it's too late to tell anyone this happend. Even my own mother.

No. 255190

File: 1527711353475.gif (994.04 KB, 320x240, F7D5DFE7-08CD-4267-BF1C-6A7D66…)

When I’m stressed my armpits fucking reek. They don’t smell when my life is going okay. I also sweat when I’m nervous or uncomfortable, so essentially all of the time.

No. 255194

when i was in highschool (about 14/15 i think) i had a youtube channel and my videos were boring and badly edited and just me talking about things i liked. i uploaded maybe 12 videos max before i deleted it because some people at school watched it and nobody said anything mean but i was bullied badly at school so i didn't want to risk it. obviously my channel didn't do well but i was getting a couple hundred views and some nice comments by the end of the 3 or so months i used the channel and i think it could've kept increasing for a while. i kind of wish i kept doing it but i'd never start uploading again now at age 20. i don't post in the threads about people i'm jealous of, but i'm definitely jealous of people who have enough moderate success that they can make pointless videos about their thoughts and not need a crappy part time job

No. 255198

$50 that you are biologically a man.

No. 255203

I’ve been doing cocaine regularly for the past couple of days. My friends and family are aware that I have a history with it but I haven’t told a soul about my recent and frequent usage. I feel like I’ll get judged (and I understand why). I know it’s bad but I just hate myself sober.

No. 255226

I told my family and it made my life living hell because in my case it was incest and I eventually reported it to the police directly because they didn't do shit. I got yelled at, told I was "splitting apart the family", etc. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I feel like most people I meet who did "nothing" as children who were sexually abused, while they don't have "closure" (though I still feel like I don't really have it…always blaming myself for how I could have presented it better as a 12 year old, etc.), they seem to be able to live better with it. That might just be me, though.

My point is, damned if you do, damned if you don't. I hope you are able to find a therapist who you can talk to more about this.

This is me with alcohol. I even hate myself when I'm on it, but I hate being sober more. I feel like everyone will judge me and that I'm just going to be seen as a failure even if I do graduate college and such.

No. 255245

No. 255249

Nah. I get attention from plenty of young men too, but from my experience the older guys are more experienced, respectful, appreciative, successful, mature etc.

No. 255254

why do you need a guy to be more experienced and mature than you?

older men are not more respectful, they just know how to play the game better.

No. 255259

Things literally nobody knows about me, at least up until I made this post. I’ve never even sat down and written these things out before.

-Life long history of self harming in such a rare manner that I have not encountered anyone else who does it. It has resulted in significant deformities to the part of my body I do it to. I have been doing it since early childhood and I’ve just given up on overcoming it. I used to care about stopping but it’s easy to hide anyway.

-Gonna kill myself sometime within the next 10 years. I’ll hold off long enough to go back and finish school, see my animals live out their last years, and to try a few last things that might change my mind, but I’m just so numb and bored with my entire existence I think I will do it once I’m sure my family is set and my parents will be cared for. Nothing means anything, I’m just biding my time being alive. I’ve already taken a lot of the steps needed to minimize my involvement in people’s lives over the last few years. I left most social media and a small following behind, I went from job to job, I moved, I abandoned hobbies. I have fewer friends with each coming year and that’s fine, it’s part of the plan. I don’t want anyone to really miss me.

No. 255260

Really? The older guys are more experienced and successful but younger guys are more respectful and appreciative and easier to talk to. I think dating older guys is easier tbh but I'm liking younger guys more.

No. 255262

Yeah I agree, I don't have the best experience with younger guy, I would even say some of them are completely sexually inept. Older guys will eat your out 100% of the time.

No. 255267

It's annoying that people never consider this. If experience and maturity are so great, why are older men fucking you instead of women their own age? Oh yeah, because they want women who are young, dumb and hot. You are doing yourself and other women a disservice by letting older men think they're owed easily manipulated early 20s pussy their whole lives. It wouldn't kill most women to want to be the mature, experienced one for once but they'd rather be some old losers fucktoy.

No. 255268

it also kills me when women say "younger guys are so immature" as if that matters. set them straight then. lead by example. because it's not that younger guys are immature it's that you're immature and desperately need someone to lead you.

No. 255270

There is nothing wrong with wanting to fuck young and hot people, I fully intend on becoming a MILF and fucking younger guys.

No. 255271

Come on, anon. I'm so experienced and mature; far too advanced for the stupid boys in my age group! Older men respect me waaay more and love me for who I am.

Weird thing though, my 32 y/o bf I met when I was in high school last year doesn't really like spending time with me unless we're having sex :/ I wonder what's up with that. Perfect relationship otherwise <3

No. 255273

>because it's not that younger guys are immature it's that you're immature and desperately need someone to lead you.
This is so true. Lots of people out there don't want an equal relationship where both pull their weight, they want a mommy or daddy to enable their immature ways.

No. 255276

he doesn't /just/ hate hanging out with me except for when we're having sex, he likes to hang out with me to teach me stuff and show me new things too!

No. 255277

What with all the farmers being bitter over who other women wants to fuck?

No. 255282

Nobody is bitter or jealous of your daddy, don't worry.

No. 255286

Because fucking old men is gross unless you're old too, tumblr.

No. 255287

Is fucking older women gross?

No. 255288

Yes, retard kek. Are you trying to pull the sexism card?

No. 255289

That's just retarded.

No. 255290

Good argument, you really got me.

Daily reminder to keep it in your age group until you're at least very late 20s+. And if you don't, don't try to justify it by saying your peers are too immature.

No. 255291

Take care of your own pussy and stay out of other people's sex life, that's fucking creepy.

No. 255292

>t. insecure teenager who's spent a bit too much time on tunglr

No. 255293

You're the only one who sound insecure. Shouldn't you be happy that hot young women are fucking older guys so you can have all the precious inexperienced boys to yourself?(infighting)

No. 255294

i can smell the triggered on you

No. 255296

Okay, I normally don't like to accuse anons of being other anons, but I feel like you've been shitting up this board a lot lately. Every single time someone criticizes something about sex or being a whore, you pop in to call them bitter, insecure, jealous harpies who want to keep all men to themselves.

It's very reminiscent of that ana sperg and you never even bother to sage it. Are you ever going to take your liberal bs somewhere else?

No. 255298

I never said any of that, I just think it's dumb to act like older people are unfuckable.
I'm guessing you're the same person who always speculate about that or that post being by the same person? You know plenty of people can share the same opinion?

No. 255299

>I never said any of that
I'm sure. No one's acting like older people are unfuckable, but they have no business dating or fucking people out of their age range and below 30.

>I'm guessing you're the same person who always speculate about that or that post being by the same person? You know plenty of people can share the same opinion?

Nope, this is actually the first time I've done so. People can have the same opinions, but it's suspicious when you consistently word your posts the exact same way.

No. 255300

Uh… why do you care about who other people fuck?

No. 255301

Yes. Also "Fucking older men is so hot, I want my married boss!" and suddenly we have a "Do you really think cheating is bad?" thread.
But no, we are just jealous femcels…

No. 255302

>they have no business dating or fucking people out of their age range and below 30.

I disagree with that. If both people are attracted to each other and want to fuck around I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

No. 255304

>I just think it's dumb to act like older people are unfuckable.
Men seem to have no problem with it and I genuinely find old guys gross, fight me.

No. 255305

Right and this is exactly what makes me think you're a naive teenager or maybe even a creep yourself. Either way, take that gross sex positive shit back to tumblr.

No. 255306

That's just your personal preferences.

I'm a grown ass woman and I've had older lovers, I wasn't traumatized by it lmao.

No. 255307

>I'm a grown ass woman
Sad! Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

No. 255310

If you want to fuck older men you have daddy issues and if you want to fuck older women you have mommy issues. Period.

No. 255312

File: 1527751928854.jpg (35.62 KB, 500x503, 689b9e4a91c554a18842ddca4ae438…)

B-but anon, how could anybody resist the average daddy?! Acting like older people aren't fuckable is just dumb, period.

No. 255314

I'm extremely paranoid of my boyfriend's relationship with his sister. The two of them just give me this off feeling. I think I just put too much importance on my intuition but damn I've never had this gut wrenching feeling as strong as when it's about them.
He wanted me out of the apartment when she came over to visit. He said she was shy. We haven't met before, so I kind of understood. But I ended up having to hang around a train station for like 4 hours and it just made me super paranoid that it wasn't his sister or something. It was just an odd situation and my friends didn't help when they joked around about what they were doing for so long.
She always texts him at night like A LOT.
They shared a room together for a long time and whenever she was home we would never be able to talk on the phone.

idk I guess they're just really close and I'm not used to that. I've never had a close relationship with any of my siblings. I can't imagine texting them as much as his sister texts him.
I feel disgusted even writing about it here. I'm so fucked for thinking this way

No. 255318

Girl no. You are NOT fucked up for thinking that!! It's completely NOT normal for a brother and a sister to behave like that. Your intuition is screaming at you for a reason. Listen!

I 100% guarantee that's not his sister visiting and if it is, that they're into some weird shit. Don't let ANY man kick you out of your home either!! Wtf?! If she's so shy she can pay money for a private room. Or he can pay. Hell if I'd leave my home I pay rent for to make some dudes "sister" comfortable.

I have a feeling he just played you real good and literally made you leave your house so he could fuck his side chick. Stop letting him make a fool out of you!!

No. 255320

Eh, some. I think girls who want to fuck older men are just extremely insecure and know that being the young, attractive half of a couple gives them leverage and an ego boost. They've also been brainwashed by society to think of old men collectively as George Clooney silver foxes in suits instead of >>255312, the reality. They annoy the shit out of me, not gonna lie, but men work very hard to make us feel like we owe them our youth and peak beauty no matter how little they deliver their own.

Men who want to fuck older women just have porn on the brain. I don't think it's that deep with them.

No. 255321

Okay >>255318 is pretty ridiculous so here's some actual advice.

If you've been together with him for at least a few months, it's reasonable to say to him you'd like to meet his sister. You could even word it as "family" to not specify, but I think you should be forward and say that you want to meet her. If he makes an excuse (I.e she's really shy) then pitch something like a movie, that way she doesn't need to interact with you constantly.

Before you jump to any conclusion about their relationship you really need to meet her in person, see how they interact.

Tbh from your description it sounds a bit weird, but I have a friend who is very close with his sister (they call each other everyday for about an hour) because they had an abusive childhood. Try not to panic or build up a story in your head until you've met her (or any of his family really).

No. 255324

I prefer going to my brother's place when I know his gf won't be home because it takes a long time for me to get comfortable around other people (and I just don't like her lol) but the fact that he actually basically kicked you out when she came over is weird. I agree with >>255321 I think you just have to find an opportunity to meet her in a casual setting. It definitely could be that she's just shy/hates meeting new people and is very clingy towards her family and your bf just isn't realizing how odd this looks.

No. 255326

Maybe it’s not about his age? Just saying there is such thing as genuine attraction to someone based on emotional and mental connection gasp scandalous, I know. Age is such a small factor

No. 255327

Kek I'm sure the middle-aged man who's fucking (not dating, but fucking) his 20-something y/o dingbat of an underling behind his wife's back has a ~deep, emotional connection~ with her.

>Age is such a small factor

Top fucking lol. I'm curious: how do you feel about ephebophillia, anon?

No. 255328

I am the dingbat anon fucking him, lmao.
He’s not married.

All I’m saying, is two consenting adults are free to be together regardless of age. If there’s a genuine connection between two ADULTS, why does age matter? Not all “old men” are unattractive, or gross, and not all of them are manipulative assholes after young pussy.

No. 255329

File: 1527762981054.jpg (16.53 KB, 480x360, OnFOHkH.jpg)

>He’s not married
Oh, guess you're the only one who's cheating in this situation.

>Not all “old men” are unattractive, or gross, and not all of them are manipulative assholes after young pussy.

You're one to talk, lil miss "we do borderline ddlg things and he calls me his little princess"

No. 255331

Yeah, not something I’m proud of… hence it being a secret and a source of shame! The whole situation is a mess, really, especially since it’s emotionally charged on both ends. He thinks he’s head over heels in love with me… I foresee disaster and a jobless future. Someone stop me christ

No. 255332

>Not all “old men” are unattractive, or gross, and not all of them are manipulative assholes after young pussy.
It's kind of you to cape for old men like this, but I can assure you men won't do the same for you once you hit 30+ and become worthless to them. It's true, age doesn't matter… when you're young. It's all fun and games until the tables are turned and men your own age think they're too good for you.

My bitterness is broadcasting loud and clear but I'm 26 and have felt this way since my early 20s and being exposed to what men really think about women. In principle I refuse to fuck over my future self or other older women by aiding and abetting sleazy, entitled old men.

No. 255338

Stop reading MRA, incel and repill forums girl.

No. 255339

Yeah, going outside and talking to men is enough.

No. 255341

Idk, my grandma got into new relationship at 35 and 50 yrs old, she was never invisible to men.

No. 255345

Like >>255341 , my mother met the love of her life at 50 (who is nine years her junior) and had men her age hit on her before that.

I think a good chunk of men are gross (probably around 60% of normal, law abiding men), but a great deal of them are also not. Some young men even prefer older women.

>inb4 handmaiden

No. 255349

this, my grandma is fucking 80 and somehow has men from her nursing home and church spoil her and even take her on dates

almost all the older women I know had no trouble pulling younger men (yes even the ones that want serious relationships), MILF and older women porn isn't popular for no reason, men obsess over MILFs and redpill men are in denial because they want to convince themselves their revenge fantasies are true when it's far from that, if an older woman is having trouble finding a date chances are it ain't because you're older, plenty of men love older women, just don't be fooled by the lie of mgtow

No. 255366

Here's a life-hack. Men say they're into 18 - 24 year olds, ultimately. That doesn't mean they actually are into them. Their image of what an 18 - 24 year old looks like comes from movies and porn, in both of which the girls presented as if they were barely legal are actually very legal, and possibly 30+ years old.

I have a friend that's 37 years old, but she's well kept, and you wouldn't know she's over 30. One time we were out and a group of guys was hitting on us. When I asked them to guess her age, they all thought she was ~20 something. They literally have no ability to actually guess ages. If you don't look shrivelled up they imagine this must be because you've just hit puberty. So don't worry your head about that.

No. 255367

That's gross and degrading but also I'm kind of jealous.

No. 255371

having and sharing an opinion on something that someone else is publicly sharing isn't creepy, that's retarded logic anon.

No. 255384

anytime i see anyone on here mention something about "men", i automatically ignore the rest of their opinion. and not because i want to defend men, in general men are shitty, but for different reasons. most of the people on the site seem to get their idea of men from /r9k/ or other areas of the internet. but most men (and most of the population for that matter) don't even use the fucking internet for stuff like that. everyone who's ever said anything about "men" on this site is clearly talking about incels, who are at best 5% of the male population, and 99% of the male population on forums.

No. 255400

I want deets on your grandma, looks and behavior

No. 255401

she use to model when she was young, my guess is that all her erm.. male-friends were men who were crushing on her throughout her life and now that my grandpa passed away they went for her, since I live in a small town where everyone has been knowing everyone since they were young, she looks like you're typical italian, curly short brown hair, green eyes, olive skinned, very pear shaped and super short like 4'9


she's kinda an airhead, not to talk rude about my grandma, she acts like your typical traditional old woman, nothing really significant

No. 255422

File: 1527805264908.png (420.64 KB, 1454x1164, 20iavs0.png)

>Their image of what an 18 - 24 year old looks like comes from movies and porn
Porn is one thing (though I'd argue men don't consider pornstars the height of beauty), but we know how old actresses are. And movies prove what I'm saying.

My argument was about early 20s rather than barely legal/teen girls though, since that's backed up by more stats that I've seen. Eg that OkC data where men of all ages consistently rated women in their early 20s the most attractive while women's prefences went up with their own ages.

No. 255423

But your image doesn't contradict what I'm saying. It shows that the vast majority of roles are distributed to girls 26-30, but it doesn't tell us what they are cast as. We'd also need to see which of these roles are more visible. Cultural perception isn't shaped by random young actors in a very small production. So I think it's perhaps a little questionable to try to reach some conclusion via IMDB credits. For all we know it could be the case that everyone from the 16 to the 35 range are cast as young adults (which would contribute to men's confusion about age ranges)

Now, perhaps men rate women in their early 20s higher or send them more PMs, but isn't there something of a non-sequitur here? On OKC you declare your age, and it is this declared age which statistics track. But I'm not saying men don't like the idea of fucking very young women. I'm saying they can't reliably tell how young you are by looking at you outside some upper and lower limits (and on OKC they don't have to. They can simply search in these ranges first. You literally wear a label with your age for their convenience). For example if they did see an 18year old, I think they'd be able to tell she's very young (because 18 year olds are basically kids). But if they're looking at a 20 - 35 year old (possibly older women, too, depending on how well they're maintaining themselves) they can't reliably ascribe her age to her. They just think she looks young and they default to saying she's 20 something (or if they have more info -has she finished college? is she working?- they might say 25, but it's clear they don't come to their conclusion through their perception).

I think we should expect men to want to go for younger girls. At the very least there's a social expectation to that effect. Men are praised for getting with girls in proportion to how young they are. I'm not so sure they can tell who the young ones are, though.

To add something to this. I remember reading that the average age difference in the vast majority of relationships is something like 3 years. Shouldn't we expect much larger age differencies if men systematically tried to get into relationships with far younger women AND also avoided relationships with fairly young women in their 30s?

No. 255425

Gosh, my aunt is unbearable. She lives in our house since she's 'taking care' of my grandpa (he's not even here as often anymore but that's her excuse) and makes me and my parent's lives hell. Once she made me so angry I grabbed the sharpest thing I could find (a pen) and was ready to stab her face with it. Lucky for her, she didn't came back to the living room until I calmed down.

And I'm supposed to live with her when I move out. Absolute hell.

No. 255427

we need to boost the cougar thread again

No. 255431

how the hell is it gone?

No. 255444

I've also experienced this. When I ask guys to guess my age, young ones consistently guess me to be as old as they are, and older ones just see me as "a kid". One guy I dated was 22, and he always told me I looked 18-19 even though I very much do not. My ex said I look my age, we were born 2 months apart. Another guy that liked me said I look 21 because he's just turned 22 and doesn't know shit. Some teen Chadlets in a high school next to my university thought I was 17.

I used to worry about looking old but according to most of the users here I'd have been called a haggard old crypt keeper at 18 because I have hereditary nasolabial folds, that's just my fat distribution in my face, and I was uglier (and therefore older looking) than now because I didn't have money and couldn't afford to look pretty.

People don't know shit and most can't guess anyone's age correctly unless it's really obvious. There are so many older-looking teenagers, young-looking late-20somethings and the in-betweens that it's really hard to tell for sure.

No. 255449

I secretly enjoy watching videos like related, and sometimes fall asleep to them.
I like listening to the chaos, drama, and yelling. Even though I know videos like this are abusive and wrong. I shouldn't be okay with them, but I can't stop watching.

I grew up in a divorced, majorly dysfunctional family dynamic. Both my mother and biological father were pretty narcissistic and even today, my mom loves to stir up drama and arguing.
When my mom remarried, I used to listen in on the hours-long arguments she'd have with my stepdad until one of them would get so pissed off they'd leave the house I didn't have a car to flee in growing up so our arguments lasted way longer.
Sometimes after I got home from highschool, my mom would start an argument with me over something absolutely petty (not liking my tone, a dish left in the sink, a complaint about my friends, a less than perfect grade, not knowing what to cook for dinner, etc.) then proceed to harass me for hours. She'd follow me around the house yelling and riling me up some more. Our fights would last anywhere between 2 and upwards of 6 hours. I'd always be completely emotionally and physically exhausted afterward.
She also loved to do things to purposely piss me off. Going into my room when I asked her not to, reading my diary and snooping through my belongings, saying certain words and phrases to get a reaction from me. Just awful shit.

When me and bf moved in with my parents temporarily after I graduated, even my bf thought my mom was super aggressive. He was witness to at least a couple of her shitfits towards me. He noted how she always had to have last word, and would start yelling at me about her issue at hand but would evolve her arguing until she'd basically yelled at every facet of my life by the time she was through.
This was when I was 24.

So I dunno. I feel like if I told people this they would think I'm nuts. I'm just really accustomed to dysfunction. And maybe deep down, it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one to have grown up in chaos.

No. 255482

Fuck it anon, he probably already showed others lol expose his ass

No. 255484

I second >>254991
leave him. You deserve to be happy. You'll be a single mom but you're technically already one because you're the bread winner already and sounds like he doesn't do shit to help you anyway. You got this, drop that bitch.

No. 255486

I mean as long as he isn't married I don't see the issue. I'd fuck my boss too if I was interested and we were both single.

No. 255492

I agree with >>255318
it's strange that he kicked you out of the house why didn't they both just go somewhere else together? I don't think that's his sister anon

No. 255530

>He wanted me out of the apartment when she came over to visit. He said she was shy.
>We haven't met before
>She always texts him at night like A LOT.
>They shared a room together for a long time
>Whenever she was home we would never be able to talk on the phone

Anon… That isn't his sister. Hate to say it but you seem to be a side chick.

No. 255625

My brother used my computer to look at foot fetish porn. He forgot to delete the history. I'm too mortified to confront him.

No. 255627

make fun of him. shame him.

No. 255628

at least it wasn't illegal or violent. I found out the same way that my brother is into lolis.

No. 255638

Just leave the poor guy alone. Footstuff is innocuous. My big brother has a 64GB flash drive with all his favorite facial abuse scenes. With filenames followed by brief comments like "puked her guts out", "regrets being a whore", and "burst blood vessels".

I thought about telling our parents, but then what would the point be.

No. 255648

Every so often I will daydream, in graphic detail, about killing pedophiles/child abusers.

Like stringing them up by their intestines and stuff.

I don't think it's wrong necessarily, just too macabre to talk about in polite conversation.

No. 255650

Oh god. You should totally tell your mom and make sure you let her know how graphic they are. Whether the porn obsessors want to accept it or not, it DOES impact how you go about sex IRL when you have that much exposure.

No. 255656

What is wrong with you?

No. 255657

What would you tell your mom? She's an older woman. I wouldn't even know how to describe it to her without making it sound stupid. And she loves us, it'd fuck her up if I showed it and his notes to her. It fucked me up when I saw them. I knew he had issues getting with girls, but he was always nice to me. I couldn't think he was this hateful. I can't look at him now.

He's not in risk of doing anything to anyone IRL. He spends all day in his room browsing /arcanine/ and incel forums on reddit.

No. 255660

This reminds me of when my older brother played porn games while I sat beside him. He lives in another state so a day before his left he called me at 3 am to show me something and it ended with both of us looking at porn. I remember him clicking on a My Little Pony game and Rainbow Dash female version appearing, ugh. He's not a brony or anything weird, it was a random game thank god he didn't knew the characters. This went on for some time until we got tired of looking and went to sleep. We never talk about that day. So cringey.

No. 255671

Huh, yeah, that's really weird.

No. 255677

NTA but unless your parents are completely useless when it comes to raising kids, they would talk to him about how clearly fucked up he is and get him help. That's the type of shit people should be in therapy over. Describing it to her isn't hard, just tell her he's into very violent porn and gets off to women being brutalized.

>He's not in risk of doing anything to anyone IRL. He spends all day in his room browsing /arcanine/ and incel forums on reddit.

So basically he's a confirmed misogynist? He obviously has a disturbing mindset toward women and needs help. I'm not sure why you think he's not capable of hurting anyone when the incel community is an endless source of violent fantasies against women and even men bragging about hurting them. Ffs there's been at least 3 mass shootings done by incels.

No. 255689

Do you love your brother, anon? If you do I think you should help him by telling your mother or confronting him yourself. I'd hate to see my older brother turn into a disgusting incel even more so if he's nice to me.

But what do I know, all I've found in my brother's archives was ecchi, League of Legends fanarts and anime girls with huge tits. No big deal.

No. 255690

…that's really fucked up. I hope your brother never touches a woman. Ever.

No. 255691

Foot fetishes are extremely common, that’s not very jarring or worrying

No. 255692

I'm frustrated that my siblings still refuse to get over their issues with each other and their families. My mom died recently and one of her biggest wishes is for her children to all love each other and get along/spent time together. It actually greatly depresses me because what helps me cope is trying to live a life that would make my mom proud but there are things like my siblings petty bullshit that is out of my control. Sometimes I wish I could get them to talk it out but I've been told before by a therapist and some friends I shouldn't try to force things and be a "fixer". It rarely works out for me but I always have some dumb optimism that I can fix other peoples shit/mediate.

No. 255694

I found out my dad was into granny porn and deepthroating the same way, I was absolutely disgusted.

Why don't men know how to clear the fucking internet history? I'm pretty sure he even bookmarked one porn site. On MY computer and while I was still underage.

No. 255698

??? Anon you need to shame the shit out of him, that's disgusting.

No. 255699

I used to share a computer with my dad many years ago and I found his porn folder. It was just very normie stuff. Years late I was using his computer with him and I ended up going to the desktop by mistake and seeing some videos that he saved there. I pretended I didn't see it. To be honest I don't really mind, I watch porn too.

I saw that my mom googled "naked men" once as well.

No. 255703

Once my brother wanted to show me something and started scrowlling through his browser history in front of me. There was a lot lesbian porn searches and videos, he was pretty embarrassed so he just told me 'Who cares, I'm a man' and deleted everything. I think your dad didn't expect to be caught or he just doesn't care.

Idk why but reading this made me chuckle. I caught my father only once and it was hilarious.

No. 255705

If I brought home a test with a grade less then 85 my russian grandmother would beat me with a belt, until my mom moved me out of the shared family house at age 14. One time she punched me in the head and dragged me into a shower by my hair because I locked the bathroom door, because I didn't want her to go inside while I was taking a shower. I wasn't allowed to show or bath alone because she needed to be there to make sure I did it right, I basically had no privacy or bodily autonomy. She told me if I ever locked her out of a room in her house ever again I would live to regret it. She was an orphan from the age of five and I don't think she ever had any idea of what it was to raise a child because she was essentially an unwanted child passed over to relatives.

Sometimes after she went mental she would cool off and start crying and begging me to forgive her. One time I came home when I was 7 from school and she was crying hysterically because she had to send food to her sister's family in Russia and she made me promise I would take care of them when I grew up. Other times she would be paranoid about me getting sick. I remember her asking me sometimes to lie on the bed with my legs open so she could examine my vagina and then putting baby oil on it, she did this until I was at least 10. I remember hating it because she kept the lotion in the fridge because she thought everything needed to be refrigerated or it would go bad and it felt so cold and unpleasant. I am pretty sure this somehow technically falls under child abuse. She was constantly telling me not to touch leaves,dirt, other kids ect because of germs and because of that I have problems to this day with sex because I have unceasing paranoia about STDs, I see all bodily fluids like salvia/semen ect as inherently dirty.

I can't share any of this shit with anyone I know because I don't want to be another stupid bitch complaining about her mental health "condishuns" and other bullshit that is so rampant with this fucked generation and also who the fuck would actually hear this disgusting shit and see me normally afterward? Its cute to talk about depression and other shit like that for "aesthetic" and people are accepting of that, no one wants to hear about this type of fucked up shit. People can sense I am closing off major parts of my personality/thoughts from them but they don't know exactly what so they just think I am a cold, feelingless, self-centered person. I've accepted I'm going to die alone surrounded by my many cats who will undoubtably eat me when I die. I'm not even sure what I think I will get out of writing this massive wall of text on a anonymous message board other then disgusting innocent people.

No. 255707

When I'm having problems with friends or partners, I seek help online, but I sometimes switch things up. I like to do little "experiments" where I post the same personal issue twice, but with the genders switched, just to see if the response is different (obviously, on 4chan, if I pretend to be a guy who's fed up with his girlfriend, the response will be kinder and more understanding). Then, I pick what seems like the most straightforwardly helpful, non-vitriolic advice.
Other times, I think of what I'm going to do/say to the other person, then make a post pretending to be them on the receiving end of my plan of action. When I do this, I make sure to sound generally bemused and unsure of what to say (basically neutral, a blank slate and a mirror for the reader) so I can fish for other people's reactions, and get a sense for how they might actually respond. Then, I tweak my "plan" accordingly to try and get better results in reality.

I'm convinced I do the second thing out of anxiety. I don't lack empathy or anything, I already have a general idea of how most people I know would react to a lot of things I'd say and do. It's just that there's always that lingering doubt, and having strangers confirm my expectations, or even introduce a new point of view entirely, is nice. On the other hand, when I was a little kid, I actually used to post on online forums with bullshit problems just to troll and/or see how they'd respond out of curiosity, so part of it might just be that. I'd never admit any of this to anyone IRL, I'm pretty ashamed of it.

No. 255709

I do the same thing anon!

I don't think it's a sign of abnormality. You're just trying to map out social outcomes.
Other people would probably do it too if they thought about doing that. Wish I had anonymous forums when I was in highschool because damn I would've saved myself so many headaches if I could have gotten critical, yet honest, insights.

No. 255711

Jesus absolute Christ, I am so sorry, anon. I can't even begin to imagine how painful it must be to hold in something like this. I hope that you find someone to confide in that will whole-heartedly accept you. Anyone that could even think of judging you for your story is a monster. Your upbringing isn't your fault, you had no control over the things that you've gone through.

No. 255714

I understand not wanting to overshare to friends, social media, nor the general public. But really anon, mental illnesses are not bullshit and you should seek a professional.
You have plenty to vent because your abusive, neurotic grandmother molested you.

Contrary to popular belief, I think our generation is actually the most progressive about mental illness thus far. It's not stupid. Yes, there are indeed special snowflakes and malingerers. Yet I'd rather put up with their vocal minority than go back 20–worse 50–years ago when mental illnesses were truly stigmatized, ignored, and 'treated' with barbaric and inhumane ways.

Your grandmother is the dumb bitch, not you or anyone else who has mental damage from childhood because of adult abusers. Sadly(?), I'd be one of those people who would view you as "normal" because there's too many children who had to endure that, myself included.

No. 255720

im sorry about all the bad shit but you brought back memories of my grandma and mother putting baby oil on my vagina sometimes as a kid, i have never heard of this anywhere else and i have no clue why they would do it.
must be some weird european shit idk

No. 255745

The only reason I haven't dumped my boyfriend is because he's super good looking and I still love the sex. Before dating him I knew he was very mentally ill but I still gave it a chance because I thought I could help "fix" him. Surprise surprise, he's still fucked up in the head.

No. 255752

My dad is into bondage (meticulously organized kink.com shoots). He makes backups of the ones he likes. He has ~100 DVDs with that stuff in it. I don't mind because I like bondage, and it saves me the hassle of downloading it.

Also my aunt once brought me her laptop to fix the gazillion viruses she had somehow downloaded, and I copied her firefox profile. She's religiously into DP.

No. 255769

I stumbled onto my dad's porn pinterest account. He gave me his former computer and deleted the browser's histories but forgot to remove the websites auto-login. It was just naked girls and lesbian porn, nothing too gross/extreme thankfully, but all the girls were in their twenties or early thirties which felt…weird. Intellectually I realize most people in their sixties find people in their twenties physically more attractive than people their own age, but it's just awkward knowing that my dad lusts after girls my own age. I guess I'll understand when I'm in my sixties and I find men young enough to be my son attractive…

>I saw that my mom googled "naked men" once as well.
Your mom sounds innocent haha

No. 255770

I remember a vague memory as a kid walking into a room and seeing my older sister naked and wrapped in clingwrap. Like her body. She was in her 20s I think and there was 2 adults in the room. For some reason I don't think it was sexual but I've never asked her about it. I thought maybe it was a dream, but why would a little kid dream about that? I've never seen her naked.

No. 255771

Fuck that's nuts. Sorry to hear that anon.

No. 255774

just fucking don't. i cheated on a boyfriend that treated me like shit in high school and was also cheating on me with multiple women

not only did i feel bad for cheating, he told everyone about it and only i caught shit because of the whole fiasco. almost 10 years later and i still can't shake it off

No. 255779

My greatest fear (outside of torture/rape) is dead whales

No. 255783

I slapped by boyfriend's face once. To make things worse he has aspergers and cried because of it. I felt terrible.

No. 255784

what did he do for you to slap him

No. 255786

We were arguing about our relationship and how dense he can be. I was telling him he had to listen more to what I say because often he has no idea how people normally think. He acted like I was being crazy and we went back and forth arguing until I got really angry and slapped him. I have anger issues and I know it's a terrible thing.

No. 255792

When I was like 6? o so my female babysitter taught me about periods and taught me how to make out. It felt weird but not bad? I also had to touch her tits and idk the situation was weird but I kind of put it in the back of my head. I'm just glad she didn't touch my pussy but sometimes I wonder if that's the reason why I started having "boyfriends" at an early age and also liking girls.

Maybe it had no effect but I feel kind of weird and I've only ever told my current boyfriend. Kind of wish she hadn't but I wasn't harmed so idk can't complain some people get actually abused but thoughtthis would be a good opportunity to let it out.

No. 255794

This is really bad, I know how hard is to control one's temper but, I'd brake up with anyone that slapped me.
I mean, you know the guy has aspergers Idk why you were even arguing about him being dense.

No. 255800

Yeah I know. I feel extra bad because he's an ultra sweet and soft type of guy who doesn't even raise his voice when he's upset. I was 100% wrong and I have changed since then.

No. 255823

i'm addicted to porn. i can only cum to japanese male feet worship videos

No. 255840

File: 1527980798992.png (383.01 KB, 491x331, 1514631838076.png)

I am Maladaptive Daydreamer, and have been one ever since I can remember. Essentially, I can have very intense daydreams for hours and hours a day. Daydreaming in itself isn't a problem, but I do it to the point where it effects my life (ex: putting off school work, shutting myself away in my room). I want to stop this, but at the same time I can't because I enjoy my daydreams more than real life. Like, I could daydream for hours about living in a forest, with my own small farm and gardens, with a qt hubby. Or daydream about a movie/tv series I just saw. I have done this for so long that I have my own giant universe with so many characters and different plots. I'm afraid if I stop daydreaming I'll just become very depressed. I have developed my characters so much that letting go of them will be painful. I haven't even told this to my bffs because I'm afraid they'll think that I'm crazy…rip me

No. 255841

just because what happened to you wasn't "as bad" as what happens to others doesn't mean it didn't happen - you can still feel weird/bad/etc about it

No. 255842

This made me audibly laugh for some reason. Probably the exclusivity.

No. 255844

And here I thought I was the only girl that liked feet

No. 255846

no way! we lurk in the shadows. do you like armpits too?

No. 255859

You are me. I have an entire multiverse of derivative characters with complex relationships with one another, and an entire history of interactions building on one another, progressing an overarching plot and developing the characters. I'm also attached to them and the story and I enjoy thinking it up.

I don't think my daydreaming influences my life negatively. I think my life sucks and that's why I daydream.

I've considered writing it down, but much of it is incredibly derivative. Still might do so, though. I don't imagine this is so much different than how a normal creative process works.

No. 255860

Me too. Never knew the name of it. But mine affects my life. I don't know how to stop. It's an addiction now.
How do you not let it affect you or your life?

No. 255861

Ups meant to reply to >>255859 for second

No. 255862

Woah, I do this too. How often I do it makes me cringe, but daydreaming still makes me so happy.

>I'm afraid if I stop daydreaming I'll just become very depressed


No. 255863

If you have a chance, try writing or drawing the characters and their world for an outlet. At least you're doing something productive with it (plus those hobbies are relaxing).

>tfw used to daydream like this whenever I had a chance (in the car, sitting alone, waiting in line at the store)

>but since puberty hit it's all sex based instead of full stories
>literally thinking of characters fucking in my head all the time

At least masturbation is easier.

No. 255864

Of course it affects my life. It makes it minimally tolerable.

I'm joking that daydreaming isn't the problem in my life. Working a pathetic job that consumes most of my time and energy and having basically one friend total is the problem with my life. The solution to this isn't to strangle out the little bit of creativity that survives in me when it becomes inconvenient to my productively toiling away at the fucking mine. It's not even my mine.

Maybe this point of view sounds unhinged or ridiculous to you, but I think the ease with which we brand every disposition that makes us less efficient a problem and try to eliminate it is what should concern us.

The problem isn't that the burst of creativity can't accomodate our obligations. The problem is that our obligations can't accomodate this creativity.

Anyway, as purely practical advice, I try to front-load what I have to do and leave a few hours open for myself, or at least specify breaks for this purpose and for music.

My mother also once low-key admitted to doing this. Perhaps it's more common than we think and it's simply the case that nobody will admit it to anyone else.

No. 255865

Sex based is good too. Go write erotica or something.

No. 255866

I do end up drawing a lot of porn, actually.

No. 255867

Are you good? Are you on any site?

gib H-F profile link

No. 255868

I don't post online, and wouldn't be dumb enough to link to lolcow anyway kek.

No. 255870

It used to be so much worse in hs, now that I am in college, I'm working on what makes me happy irl, learning how to love myself, and focusing on positive things in my life to minimize daydreaming. I still do it and it still effects my life, but it is much easier to handle now than it was in hs and middle school when I hated my life and just wanted to escape it.

It's kind of like a cycle. Feel awful -> daydream, shut myself away -> lose touch with friends, get bad grades -> feel awful -> daydream, shut myself away. It's hard to break out of it but I'm trying…I do draw and write but it doesn't really help much. Like, when I was a kid, I was really happy so there was a balance between me daydreaming and having fun irl. Then shit happened and now it's maladaptive.

No. 255965


One of the leading researchers on the subject has called it a dissociative disorder so do't feel bad on yourself because "I daydream too much" there's compelling evidence it is much more significant and maybe even genetic in nature.

No. 255971

I honestly thought I wrote this is in my sleep or something until I got to the end (not my writing style kek) but shit, anon. Me too. It’s been like this for years. I’ll sit for hours on end just daydreaming and I relish my alone time because other people/activities interfere with it. Oof.

No. 255972

>sit for hours
I like to walk around slowly, usually I am either in the garden doing circles, or I walk to and from the front door to some point on the ground floor.

No. 255987

Source on this?

No. 255989

I only do it before bedtime nowadays. In my case I started "abusing" this mechanism when I was going through trauma as a child.

No. 255990

File: 1528051151514.jpg (67.45 KB, 640x359, 8cf81d1f024835a75aedee18aec7bb…)

Same. Since I can rememeber I literally spend all day (and night…) dreaming. Whenever I read a book, watch TV or even just see or hear about something I always insert myself in that story.

I always imagine one of my favourite characters (they're not "originals" though, just from a book I really like) accompanying me, walking and sitting next to me wherever I go and me explaining everything I do to him. I have 2 "stories" that I continue living out inside of my head for over 10 years now.
It's affecting me so much, I want to pay atention during class or talk to others but I'm literally trapped inside of my head and it nearly makes me angry if i get disturbed talking to my imaginery friends. I can't even stop doing that while I'm writing this. (But I also don't want to, because it's so much more fun than real life!!!)
Also, now my life might be shit and i do it in an attempt to flee reality, but as a kid I was super content and still did that all the time.

My former best friend once admitted to me that she also relives stories she heard and thinks about how they might continue, but this was when we were just like 11 and now she's super succssful in every aspect of life, so I hardly doubt she does that anymore…
I thought about writing on ao3 or something like that, but all these sites are in English and i'm not a native speaker,so…

No. 255993

I've done the same stuff as long as I can remember, anon. And it feels like the older I get the worse it becomes. I've noticed that I use it as a form of dissociating - whenever I'm in an unpleasant situation, my mind starts forming up a new daydream, a scenario with my characters I've created. I can't focus on anything else anymore, the story just keeps going on in my mind and I shut the world around myself off. I love them a lot more than real life and it sometimes worries me, but I can't stop.
> I'm afraid if I stop daydreaming I'll just become very depressed.
I had a phase in my life where I gave up my daydreaming and tried to focus more on my real life. I've never been as miserable as back then.
>I don't think my daydreaming influences my life negatively. I think my life sucks and that's why I daydream.
This. I'm lonely, not in a relationship or have that many friends to hang out with so I guess it's also a coping mechanism.

No. 256021

I outright play out parts of the story when there is no one around.

It's a miracle that I haven't been found out yet.

No. 256025

No. 256029

To those who have admitted having Maladaptive Daydreaming, if it ever were to be part of DSM and recognized as a disorder would you ever come out to your friends/family? Part of the reason I'm afraid to come out is that I don't want people to view me as disabled or patronize me for having something like this. What I have noticed is when someone admits to having a mental disorder they are automatically babied by people around them. I'm also afraid that people will think I am trying to be a "special snowflake uwu" and competing for disability points. I'm 100% sure that once MD becomes mainstream, every other person will claim to have it like they do with depression, ADHD or OCD.

No. 256043

i daydream all day long blasting music rock back and forth

No. 256050

jfc these typos lul ex dee couldnt see past the tears i guess

No. 256052

I don't know. It's a weird thing to talk about and most people tend to shame people for that kind of lawless creativity. If you're not using it to sell something, it's taken to be a childish waste of time. For myself, I'd rather shame them. If it was part of the DSM I might at most bring it up in order to criticize the tendency to pathologize what is injurious in a society, when we could just as well pathologize that arrangement of our society, instead.

it me. Some of my characters even have theme songs.

No. 256056

My friends compliment me on my looks all the time. I thank them but secretly I’m sure they’re being patronizing because I’m fat and ugly. Im not sure if they’re trying to boost my self esteem or they’re being honest but I hate it and I wish they’d stop being attention to my face. If i deny it, they’ll draw in other people and be like “what no look! Isn’t she so pretty?” And I wanna sink into the ground and die as these mutual friends (usually guys) are forced to smile and agree. And I can’t tell them to stop outright because they’re just being nice and I’m a stupid cow.

No. 256076

When I reflect on stuff that happened throughout the day I also daydream. I kind of imagine it like my life is a TV show and think of the funny stuff that happened. Also I imagine fictional characters "reacting" to my life. I do this while listening to music and pacing around my room. What's really lame about it is that I still imagine characters from a shitty wwffy on Quizilla. Clearly a sign I spent too much time on there as a teen.

No. 256080

Don't be so hard on yourself anon. I'll bet your friends care about you and are aware that you have some self esteem issues and just want you to feel good.

No. 256296

Late because I haven't been checking up on this thread since before these were posted but you guys are some of the only reasonable people who replied to me. Those are valid points (instead of calling me a whore, as if that would help) so I thank you. Plus lately I've been thinking I'd like to marry my boyfriend, like I can actually visualize a happy future so I'm not going to cheat. But not because of "muh morals" but because of actually good reasons. Anon will be good, promise.

I might buy my bf some viagra, though, and make him take it one way or another.

To stay on topic, a secret of mine - I have OCD and I constantly feel like there is oil and germs and other shit on my skin. I take showers twice a day and wash my hands so often, they tend to be dry and cracked. I have anxiety and don't want to be viewed as "odd" so I don't tell anyone.

No. 256302

File: 1528166174997.jpg (24.24 KB, 500x250, 5932814d8c231c30027267d65d5288…)

I daydream about sex 99% of the day every day mostly because I'm so bored and unsatisfied all the time. My masochistic tendencies are getting worse too so I just daydream about being humiliated and dominated in brutal ways by a man. Like…Boyfriend to Death-tier kinks turned out to be my guilty pleasure I never even knew I liked before. I feel ashamed and disgusted at myself.

No. 256479

same here, I even sometimes space out in conversations. I want to bring it up to my therapist but it feels too embarrassing and I wouldn't want to go on some sort of list. Also, who's your fave b2d boyfriend?

No. 256480

please take my advice and actually talk to your boyfriend about this though, communication is very important. Glad you came to a good decision though.

No. 256481

I don't know if it's a coincidence but all those posts you quoted were mine lol. Either way, I wasn't haranguing you about it because I could kinda tell you weren't gonna do it, you just needing someone to talk you down from it. Trust me I know, sometimes I post anonymously hoping for the same kind of feedback. It's not helpful when people treat you like you've already done something bad.

I think you did the right thing.

No. 256521

I'm sorry that it affects your concentration so badly. I think you should definitely mention it to your therapist so that she can help you. If I still had a therapist, I would, even if it is a little awkward to bring up. Psychologists ask about your libido for reasons so it's not like it's a topic that is completely inappropriate and should be avoided in a mental/health setting. Just be honest with them.
>Who's your fave b2d boyfriend?
Strade. His character design and description are really exotic. Thinking about some sweaty, motor oil-smelling, fucked up German snuff film maker ruining me in the most depraved ways possible is so hot. I wish his route had some more humiliation and piss play in it bc the watersports in Vincent's route was so good but I didn't like Vincent as a character.
What about you, anon? Who's your btd husbando?

No. 256553

i've been showering and getting dressed in the dark for a couple of months now. it doesn't need to be completely black, just dark enough that i can't see myself properly. it's been getting more difficult as it gets dark later at night, but it's been easier than seeing and hating myself.

today i looked at my face while i washed it though. it was still a little light outside so i looked at myself properly for the first time in a couple of months without crying. my skin looked bright and my eyes are nice and my hair looked really shiny and healthy.

i haven't really had anyone to talk to about hating myself and i don't have anyone to talk to about thinking today that i looked pretty. it's such a stupid thought but it was really nice to feel like i was seeing myself properly again and enjoying it.

No. 256554

Therapy. Now.

Anon, please don’t live your life afraid of your reflection. You deserve to see your beauty every single day. This is a mental illness. Please please get help.

No. 256594

I do the same thing, but for some reason, when I daydream, I see the daydream in front of me and it replaces what I'm actually looking at. For example, I'll be daydreaming and seeing something from my daydream, and then when I finally snap out of it I've been staring at someone for twenty minutes.

It's gotten especially bad, I'll be at work (I do data entry and digitization stuff) and I'm not seeing what I'm working on, just what's happening in my head. I've almost gotten into several accidents while driving because I stop seeing the road. I don't know how to stop. Even if I could, at this point my daydreams have been going on since as far back as I can remember, I wouldn't know who I am without them.

No. 256596

File: 1528244160525.jpg (98.6 KB, 1000x828, 66c29143-7714-4d0a-bae5-3b39e4…)

I am unable to masturbate.
>I really want to be able to masturbate. I've been trying since I was sixteen, but I just don't feel any pleasure.
>I've tried almost everything: I bought sex toys, lube, watched porn, tried different positions and methods
>nothing works
>I've never had an orgasm
>I'm 22, a virgin, and I've never felt sexual pleasure

I feel like such a loser. I think it's probably the meds I'm on (Zoloft for several years now) but I'm terrified of going off them because before I was on Zoloft, I tried to kill myself 5 times and was admitted to mental hospitals 7 times. The last suicide attempt left me with two broken legs and a broken back and I was in a coma for three days.

I'm terrified of what I might do if I went off the meds, but I want so badly to be able to feel something, to be able to have sex. I just feel so inadequate and empty.

No. 256598

have you tried pillow humping?

No. 256600

do you get horny/wet and just can't get to an orgasm, or can you just not get aroused at all?

No. 256603

It is almost surely the Zoloft. Would something like Wellbutrin be OK for you? Its supposed to have the least number of sexual side effects.

No. 256604

So I've got an online sub now. TBH I don't get off to it but its super amusing. "Hey do [stupid thing]" and he is delighted to do it. Its only been a short while but I'm having fun with this.

No. 256605

i also suspect it's the zoloft from what i've heard from friends who have been on it, but just to rule out the obvious, you've tried clit stimulation with a decent vibrator right? not just dildos?

No. 256615

Honestly, you should really really consult your doctor. This kind of thing might be a result of the drugs you're taking, but as you are saying, it might be too dangerous to get off them, and you don't have to risk this. Maybe you can shift to different medication that won't have this side effect, but this is something your doctor can help you with if you consult with them.

Alternatively, it might not be a side-effect but caused by some other illness or disorder, in which case you also need to consult a doctor/therapist

No. 256618

File: 1528252044772.gif (1.98 MB, 500x474, 12f80b06-a450-4dd0-a006-5d4da7…)

No.. do I just like… grind on a pillow?

I generally don't get aroused unless I sort of force myself to. One thing that used to work was listening to BLCD, it would get me pretty aroused but after a while it stopped working. Sometimes reading smutty fanfiction works, but then I get hung up on bad word choices and my arousal just disappears because some author referred to eyes as orbs or whatever.

Maybe, I'd like to try it. The other (very embarrassing) problem is that my dad goes to every psychiatrist appointment with me. I'm 22 but he's very overprotective and overinvolved in my life. I've tried hinting very un-subtly that I can go to the appointments on my own, but he either doesn't notice or ignores me. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I also can't exactly ask my psych about switching to Wellbutrin so that I can jack off in front of him, either.

Oh, yeah. Never dildos. Penetration terrifies me, I can't even put in tampons because it hurts too much.

I talked to a normal doctor (not a psych) and she did an examination but said there was nothing physically wrong with me. She was worried that because of my injuries from the suicide attempts that there might still be nerve damage and that could be causing the lack of sensation, but she ran tests and everything works down there.

At this point I'm pretty sure it's the Zoloft, but I just don't know what I could do to fix it. I know it's not worth falling back into suicidal depression so that I can jack off, but it still bothers me. I'm also worried that maybe it's not the Zoloft at all, but that its psychological. I was molested almost weekly for around a year when I was five-six and I wonder if it could be a result of that, too.

No. 256620

i can't cum from sex toys too. i have to grind hard on either my hand or a pillow or something.

No. 256621

Dude you need to stop going to see your therapist with your dad. Holy shit. Your therapist must be terrible if they see nothing wrong with this. Just stop seeing your therapist and see a new one on the sly. You certainly can not talk about your molestation with your dad present. Given your past suicide attempts I'm not surprised he is overprotective (this is apparently common) but it isn't helping. Antidepressants can interact in odd ways with your period so if he's pushy you can act all flustered, "I don't want to discuss my menstrual cycle with you in the room!".

No. 256625

>The other (very embarrassing) problem is that my dad goes to every psychiatrist appointment with me. I'm 22 but he's very overprotective and overinvolved in my life. I've tried hinting very un-subtly that I can go to the appointments on my own, but he either doesn't notice or ignores me. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I also can't exactly ask my psych about switching to Wellbutrin so that I can jack off in front of him, either.
Huh…? You know your dad is legally not allowed to come in with you if you don't want especially at your age. This even applies to minors who've visited a psychologist unless you're in some sort of bizzaro, fucked up country. Just tell your therapist that you don't want his annoying ass in there with you. The therapist's job is to keep everything 100% confidential and make sure you feel safe, not have your dad breathe over your shoulder during private sessions about YOU. I'm sure he can handle you "hurting his feelings" over not wanting him in the same room as you for what 30 minutes.

No. 256626

File: 1528254091048.png (150.78 KB, 371x363, f838508c-fec5-479c-9ccf-081fed…)

Yeah, I've tried grinding really hard into my hand, but it started to sting so I stopped.

I don't see a therapist, I haven't for around 9 months. I'm starting back up with therapy this week though. A psychiatrist is someone who prescribes the medicine; therapists only listen and give advice, etc, but can't prescribe meds. I see my psych every 6 months or so. My dad has never joined my therapy sessions, except for when we did family therapy back when I was in middle school/early high school, which we stopped doing because it would always turn into a screaming match between my mom and dad.
I'm hoping next time I visit my psychiatrist I can get some time alone with her, but even then there isn't much she could do because in September I'm moving to a different country.

No. 256632

File: 1528257217678.png (64.09 KB, 507x540, hoodiewojak.png)

>have bad social anxiety and ASD so i have trouble relating to people and i am cursed to a life of social retardation
>when i see someone im intimidated by or if im nervous in a social situation in general, i will imagine the worst things possible happening to them:
>them getting kidnapped/tortured
>them becoming a paraplegic
>their family dying

it reduces my anxiety because imagining their reactions humanizes(?) them when they seem so socially above me. i should also add that i have absolutely never fantasized about hurting anyone and i never would.

i cant be alone in doing this right?

No. 256636

You gotta be straight with him and tell him there are things you don't feel comfortable discussing in front of him. If he questions, tell him you're an adult and need some semblance of privacy from your father.

No. 256643

It sounds like you might be like me and have vaginismus maybe. I can get sexually aroused but as soon as it comes to any kind of penetration my brain goes into panic mode causing muscle spasms which make penetration impossible. The same thing applies to tampons and even OGBYN pelvic exams, I just can't have anything near me.
My nurse practitioner was kind enough to do step-by-step exposure therapy with me, just so she could finally go through a full exam and get a sample (this was over the course of a year+). She made a mention of there being other kinds of specific therapy for vaginismus that would teach the patient to become more relaxed and open with their body's desires but I'm so flighty I can't imagine going through with it.
That said I can't orgasm either. Doesn't matter how much rutting, it's just not pleasurable for me, I immediately get turned off and feel disgusted, like there's something wrong with me. I've all but written it off as being vaguely asexual at this point.

You also cannot keep allowing your dad to attend therapy or psych appointments with you. He needs to sit outside and be your support out there if he wants to come. You need privacy.

No. 256674

I tend to talk to myself, or rather it's more like daydreaming aloud. I'll imagine a conversation and I verbalize my answers. I've done this as long as I can remember. I've gotten better at not doing it in public, but sometimes the urge is so strong I can't help it.

No. 256734

Well, that's good to read… I always thought I was the only one.
When I'm alone, I like to imagine being with my favourite characters in an heroic-fantasy world, having aventures, conversations…and I verbalize my answers too.
I've always had the "head in the clouds" (hope it's the accurate expression, Esl here) but I've the feeling it get worse lately. That in itself is not that bad since it helps me to find some funny banters/dialogue and inspiration for my writing job. But sometimes, I find myself stupid for doing that.

But seeing so many daydreamers here makes me feel a little bit better about my cringy self.

No. 256785

i also never had an orgasm, god knows i've tried. and i'm 26 :<

No. 256790

File: 1528313069604.jpeg (360.7 KB, 569x1128, 4722A91A-088E-41C6-BA4E-FF21F1…)

Thanks to some info from an acquaintance , I found out that some guy who has been obsessed with dating me for years reported me to immigration under a false claim.

Last year I was nearly deported (let off with a warning and a possible mark on my immigration record, along with my visa being cancled and further use of said visa being denied, basically everything you could get without actually getting a deportation sentence.) For the longest time I though it was my abusive ex who decided to create this lie because well…we fucking hate each other. But oh was I wrong. It turns out it was some guy who I’ve known for like 10 years. We were pen pals back in high school and he’s always wanted to be with me, sent me messages, even reached out to my mom at one point and just up and started talking to her in Facebook for no reason at all. He was always annoying and just always there and never seemed to go away. Now that I look back, it was after he reached out to me last year and started being creepy attached. (“In those 3 years I was depressed because you never reached out to me despite being in the same country, I asked my dad if you could stay at our house if you want, lets get married. Please just go out with me.” ) I kind of brushed it off when I was back in my home country for a holiday, because I was not interested and staight up didnt like him like that. Suddenly, about a few weeks after I cut contact with him completely, I had a bit of an issue getting back in the country (lots of questions about my motive to be in the country, blahblahblah) and a few months later I had a full on visit from immigration due to more claims of me doing things outside of my visa, with vague instagram screenshots attached that had nothing to do with said claims, but could kind of be construed as such if you were really reaching.

I pretty much know it was him because i havent spoken to him since before I got questioned at immigration, yet he had enough information about my situation to go and tell my acquaintance verbatim what exactly happened to me and specifically under what context. All under the guise that he was an ‘ex boyfriend’ who I dated (we NEVER dated).

I was always pissed off because despite the chargybeing completely false, it was basically ‘guilty until proven innocent’ and its hard to convince people who walk in there thinking that you are lying. All of this trouble going through a new visa process because I denied a fucking pleb and refused to go out with him. According to said acquaintance he thinks I was banned from the country for 5 years, and he’s happy about it. Kind if goes to show you his motive there.

No. 256791

Wow, what a freak. Did you or your acquaintance confront him about it?

No. 256809

My boyfriend just got a large inheritance after his estranged grandmother died. I'm so relieved to catch up on bills, get overdue car repairs, have a nest egg for the future, etc., but we are having fun blowing through it. Last night we bought a bunch of drugs/booze, got a hotel, did lines off each other's bodies, fucked all over the room, and tomorrow he's taking me on a shopping spree. I know responsibilities come first and we aren't going to just blow through it all, but we've needed this after struggling for so long. All the work and bullshit we've been through the past three years has been worth it. I don't have any where else to gloat without sounding like an asshole. I know I still sound like an asshole regardless. I am so happy.

Also tomorrow is my 30th birthday

No. 256817

File: 1528325114215.gif (1.1 MB, 500x375, nervous-anime-gif-7-1.gif)

I am happy for you anon, but drugs?
Please be careful. So many people wrecked their relationships or even whole lives because of drugs.
Wishing you all the best tho

No. 256828

I think of all anime as stemming from a sexually charged, pornish place. I feel weird discussing it with people because of this.

No. 256830

What isn't like that…even childrens cartoons have had adult innuendos since forever. Sad but true in this fucked up world.

No. 256833

Woah I thought it was just me. Maybe because the (mostly male) audience tends to sexualize the characters? Most of the Rule 34 shit I've seen tends to be anime, even completely innocuous characters like school girls. I even used to think Sailor Moon was porn related before I knew what it actually was about.

I get that western animation has adult themes too, but it seems so much more overt in anime. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can't watch anime without thinking a female character is going to be eventually bound and gang-raped.

No. 256906

Read/watch more shoujo and josei.

(Although I agree that anime with (non slice-of-life) plot of any kind will inevitably have fan service. Girls are hot, cool…but not if they're in HS, sorry.)

No. 256919

This is why poor people stay poor, even after acquiring some wealth.

No. 256920

>thinking a female character is going to be eventually bound and gang-raped.

Me too, but it turns me on, because I'm bi and sadistic towards girls (s-sorry. I try not to be mean)

No. 256921

>I'm bi and sadistic towards girls
Disgusting, but not surprising. I don't see how this is should be accepted better than your average "guy here" post.

No. 256922

>S-sorry about wanting to torture you girls, but no need to be afraid hehe
…sounds just like a guy.

No. 256923

Yeah all poor people do blow. That's the reason. Brilliant.

No. 256926

I doubt even most of the men who've come on here have straight up enjoyed seeing women bound and gang raped…

No. 256932

To be fair these BDSM fantasies are mostly female fetishes. Getting tied up etc

No. 256933

No it's mainly weird sadistic men wanting to hurt women and ugly women with no self esteem who can only find love by letting dudes piss in their mouth and beat the shit out of them.

No. 256934

File: 1528377774022.jpg (128.3 KB, 1456x1061, zL0OueMr.jpg)

Men really don't care too much about BDSM.

No. 256935

Maybe some light bondage, but not literal gang rape, retard.

No. 256936

>men are more into femdom than they are into male dom female sub

Anon-chan, you've made my day with this graph.

No. 256937

99% percent of men who say they want a woman dominating them only mean they want her to be on top from time to time lmao.

No. 256938

>99% percent of men who say they want a woman dominating them only mean they want her to be on top from time to time lmao.
That's true. That's why the "gentle femdom" thing got so popular, they're extremely vanilla when it comes to femdom.

No. 256941

I know this (sadly), but if I'm with a vanilla guy I'd rather he like me taking the lead at least. I could never be even a vanilla-tier sub, myself.

Knowing more men are okay with this than I previously thought puts my mind at great ease. Although I'd ultimately want a guy to peg and smack around, I can settle if I love him.

No. 256944

lol guys are very protective of their assholes. Finding one you can lead and smack around won't be too much of a problem though.

No. 256946

All of the respondents were most likely 3rd degree soyboys since they found out about the survey from reddit, tumblr, or a tweet from a sex posi twitter account, but go off.

No. 256948

>implying I wouldn't like a pushover soy boy bf
No, we don't all want to domme Chad.
Although I respect women that do.

No. 256949

It seems like a lot of guys into femdom are just lazy tbh

Isn't it funny how "dominant" men expect women to enjoy almost getting murdered and shit but the submissive ones tend to be just pillow prince vanillas

No. 256951

a soy boy isn't just a pushover, it's more like lazy, libfem fuckboy who majored in liberal sharts and will never have a real job. find a REAL pushover bf or one of the legendary sub chads, soy boys are shit.

No. 256954

kek im dumping my bf of four years and running away to meet some guy i met online who lives several states from me.

No. 256957

File: 1528381504598.png (925.09 KB, 883x882, z4xO8RZ.png)

Do sub chads really exist? I would do anything for one of those.

Do get yourself killed Anon.

No. 256958

Don't * lmao

No. 256960

>I would do anything for one of those.

Put an add on soc or fit, maybe you wont find a 100% brochacho tier chad but at least one that looks and acts like one.

No. 256962

File: 1528382761536.jpg (23.21 KB, 515x515, 1505231647558.jpg)

kek i know what he looks like and shit. we skyped and now i wanna go visit him to fuck his precious little virgin brains out. if anything im the danger to him. he's 23 and im 25 so the age difference isnt spooky or anything. i'm only visiting not moving there kek.

No. 256967

Not what I meant. It’s that poor people spend money recklessly when they get it because they’re not used to it

No. 256969

nta but is he a robot? Is your current bf/ex one?

Asking to see if people genuinely have luck with those fuckers. If he's just a well-adjusted virgin, congrats.

No. 257000

Every few months or so I start to question if my bisexuality is really lesbianism. Every time I've come to terms with the fact that I'm most likely a lesbian, and I get around to coming out, people tell me I'm not gay because I've been with men for the last few years.

I'm back to thinking I'm a lesbian and my best friend is a lesbian as well. I know she and I have feelings for one another, but we haven't acted on it because I've been in a relationship with a man for the past 9 or so months.

No. 257023

how are you a lesbian if you're dating a man right now? you're probably straight anyway

No. 257027

File: 1528401356319.png (314.68 KB, 423x384, 1479107848065.png)

not a robot. I met him on /vg/ tho.
he has a job and comes from a good family. we both just happened to like the same video game.
my current bf frequents the chans a lot. he used to be a /pol/ fag but switched it up to /o/. he got super fat and lazy and doesnt ever want to fuck so after wasting months in trying to resolve our problems i gave up and am going to give out of state dude a shot.
i havent felt this happy in ages and it feels so good lasses.

No. 257028

If you’re most likely a lesbian, why did you enter a relationship with a man only nine months ago?

You owe it to him and yourself to sort your sexuality out before you get even more involved with him.

No. 257029

i was just about to say this. like, if you consistently date men and enjoy it… you're not a lesbian lol

No. 257041

Yeah we were reckless for a night. A single night to celebrate my birthday and a fortuitous windfall. And right now I'm back to doing the same damn thing I did before we had money; laying on the couch browsing lolcow, trying to get some naps in before I have to go back to my shitty job in the morning. You expect us to invest in stocks or some shit? We know this money isn't going to last forever. I doubt you or anyone else on here wouldn't gladly accept a small fortune and treat themselves somehow. You sound bitter.

No. 257045

nayrt but how much of a windfall?

No. 257055

They probably reacted that way because you said "large inheritance" at first which does make it sound like you could make a responsible and lucrative investment with it to improve your life in the long-term, rather than a small sum better spent on immediate bills and a bit of fun.

No. 257057

>I doubt you or anyone else on here wouldn't gladly accept a small fortune and treat themselves somehow. You sound bitter.
No, my parents are wealthy. The number one rule is to live within your means and have a reasonable lifestyle. You wanna life your life worrying about bills, like you mentioned, then keep blowing through any cash you come across. Hotels, blow, etc, ain’t cheap. Worrying about bills shouldn’t be your norm. And no, not invest. Although the fact you think that was your only alternative proves my point. You can have money in the bank, you know? You don’t have to spend it. You can do this thing called saving, and not having debt, and not worrying about finances. Just don’t be wild for “one night,” which was as soon as the opportunity presented itself. It isn’t your fault. It’s a failing in teaching. The same reason footballers with million dollar contracts end up bankrupt. They don’t know how to deal with money without going overboard.

No. 257060

they could just get coke for 40€ jesus, they have one party and buy some clothes and here you are preaching about living within your means …

No. 257061

Where did I say all of the money is already gone or that we don't have bank accounts? Get out of here with that condescending "It isn’t your fault. It’s a failing in teaching" bullshit. I mentioned in my original post that we put most of it away for our nest egg. We haven't even made a dent.

I don't even know why I'm still arguing with you at this point. I just wanted to brag.

Lol I'm not going to specify how much it was.

No. 257063

>I'm so relieved to catch up on bills, get overdue car repairs, have a nest egg for the future, etc., but we are having fun blowing through it
>bills, overdue car repairs
>blowing through it

Ok then. You do you.

No. 257065

One party night isn't going "overboard." Sounds to me like you wanted to lecture anon, which I don't get why considering you come from money and likely have never dealt with debt nor poverty to be preaching about it in the first place. Lol.

No. 257066

Kinda gross that you used the money from a dead grandma to literally fuck and do drugs, other Anons are right in that this is why poor people stay poor. That isn't what people who get rich and stay rich do with their money. What people think rich people do and what they actually do are vastly different.
See also: The people who advertise their wealth are usually, in fact, living on borrowed time and some of the people who appear poor are actually rich and not wanting desperados crawling around after them.

Anyway, I hope you spend the rest of it wisely, and remember it isn't "free money" but an old woman's life savings so maybe be a bit more respectful. You may as well shag on her actual grave at this point.

No. 257067

If it makes you feel any better, he and I would still be fucking if she were still alive.

No. 257072

I LOVE big dick. Scrotoids don't like hearing it but I love a big dick stretching me.

No. 257073

How do you define 'big?' I never know what anyone means when they say this.

No. 257074

Nowadays I'm taking one that's about 7.5 inches and thicc. I love it.
Taking average ones never felt as good.

No. 257075

I'm married with a young baby but damn I want to fuck a few other guys I know. One in particular who is open about being an absolute deviant and would be fantastic in bed. I fantasize about him choking me with a belt while he fucks me and calls me a slut. Another guy is a virgin, so I think about taking his v plates and making him obsessed with fucking me in every way he can as he becomes insatiable.

…but, in reality I adore my husband and will only have sex with him. And sex with him is awesome. So I'm thinking of taking my filthy thoughts and making some drawn porn as an outlet.

No. 257077

I kinda know this feeling, I just live out my fantasy of pimping out my cute subby boyfriend on the Sims 4 lol.

No. 257081

>You expect us to invest in stocks or some shit?
You actually should. It's not as complicated or risky as it seems, look up passive investing (particularly Vanguard ETFs) and read some relevant subreddits (financialindependence, investing, the finance sub for your particular country). Once I did some research and realized how simple investing can be my mind was kinda blown.

I mean personally I have no issue that you had a big night, it's not like you need to save every penny. But you could make a chunk of money last forever if you wanted it to.

No. 257082

I find group sex way more sordid than anything in the same level according to chart. Pretty ok with most things except the very end and scat or cutting, but I am disgusted by group sex. It is so rare for me to be attracted to one individual so I read group sex as group of people I'm not attracted to and also doing all the work, and not in a sexy way

No. 257084

I'm not a guy? I'm just really into BDSM. I can't be the only girl into Sm here.

No. 257091

You're still even more disgusting than normal male posters. I'm sure you are the only one who enjoys watching women get gang raped here, sick fuck.

No. 257098

Why though? I don't want people to actually be gangraped, obviously. Sadism is just a fetish.

No. 257099

why do those thing turn you on

No. 257100

It's a fetish you're disgusting for having, you're on the wrong site if you're unironically bitching about kinkshaming.

No. 257101

Hell if I know. I think I have a hurt/comfort thing going. So I like girls in distress as a prelude to aftercare, sort of.

>It's a fetish you're disgusting for having

I know you think so, but why am I disgusting for having it?

No. 257102

>Why am I disgusting for having a rape/abuse fetish?
are you retarded?

No. 257103

Well, since you're incredulous about it, clearly there must be some fairly obvious reason you think so, so you won't have any trouble explaining it to me.

What do you think is the problem with sadism as a fetish?

No. 257105

The problem with it is that getting off to the thought of women suffering is objectively disgusting and it means that there is something wrong with you.

No. 257106

You’re getting off on the abuse of women and you’re wondering why other women are uncomfortable hearing about it? Like other anon said, this isn’t the site to share that you like being sadistic to women. I mean, obviously you can, but you’re gonna piss off a lot of people and end up in a back and forth.

No. 257110

You keep reasserting that you strongly disapprove, but not explaining why you strongly disapprove. Just saying X is objectively disgusting is not an explanation of why you think that this is the case. It's just a repetition that you think it is the case. Should I conclude that it's just a gut feeling you have?

Yeah. I don't get it. I don't approve of the actual abuse of women (obviously, I wouldn't approve of myself being abused). I'm into the S in Sm. Other women are into the m in Sm. I'm genuinely struggling to see the problem with this. You two could help if you shared your reasons for thinking there is such a problem. Are you conflating this with an abusive relationship or what is going on?

No. 257111

First part directed to

No. 257121

If you honestly don't see the problem with deriving sexual gratification from causing and/or viewing others suffer, I think there legitimately is something wrong with you.

Go back to fetlife or wherever you came from, creep. Seems like you're new anyways because you don't even bother to sage your bs.

No. 257127

This is still you being incredulous. If you feel this strongly about something, you should learn to articulate your thoughts about it. If you can see the problem, then tell me what it is. My suspicion is you don't "see" a problem, however. The idea makes you uncomfortable because you personally aren't a masochist. But if that's all this amounts to, it's rather trivial and limited to you.

The problem with rape isn't that the rapist derives sexual gratification from suffering, it's that they're inflicting suffering on someone who'd rather not be suffering. It's weird to make the problem about what the perpetrator is feeling. It's really not about them. We wouldn't think better of them if they felt awful about it but felt compelled to do it for some reason (e.g. their honor, tradition, some disorder etc)

No. 257132

Do you think self-mutilation on account of mental health issues is wrong? How is the outcome of that any different from being a masochist?

No. 257134

>If you can see the problem, then tell me what it is.
I've already told you twice: getting off to the suffering of others is immoral.

>My suspicion is you don't "see" a problem, however. The idea makes you uncomfortable because you personally aren't a masochist. But if that's all this amounts to, it's rather trivial and limited to you.

I don't even know how to respond to this. You're suspicion is wrong and it makes you sound borderline sociopathic. Onision-teir.

>The problem with rape isn't that the rapist derives sexual gratification from suffering

No, that anti-social behavior definitely is part of the problem. I don't know why you can't see that.

>it's that they're inflicting suffering on someone who'd rather not be suffering.

By that logic, if a rape victim felt indifferent to or even enjoyed being raped, the rapist should shouldn't see a day in prison.

>It's weird to make the problem about what the perpetrator is feeling. It's really not about them. We wouldn't think better of them if they felt awful about it but felt compelled to do it for some reason (e.g. their honor, tradition, some disorder etc)

The motive of the perpetrator is always relevant to any crime, including rape. I agree that it would still be wrong no matter what that motive was, but it is relevant.

The amount of mental gymnastics in this post is unbelievable. You a trans gal by any chance, nonnie?

No. 257135

I voted for Trump. I'm not proud of this, but yeah. It was an odd time in my life.

No. 257136

About a year ago, when I was still single after getting out of an abusive "relationship" with a man much older than me, I seriously thought I was a lesbian for months before telling anyone. I've known I'm at least bisexual since I was 11, so thank you >>257023 for saying I'm probably straight! Anyway, around that time a year ago, when I came out to my grandfather and told him I thought I'm a lesbian and could see myself exclusively dating women in the future, he told me I'm "probably not gay" and to "give it time."

Then, about a month later I told a coworker of mine the same thing and she flat-out told me I'm not gay.

Shortly after that, I pretty much jumped into a relationship with my boyfriend. It's been very fast-paced; he told me he loves me after about a month of us dating, and I didn't say it back until 3 or so months in; he talks about marrying me one day and I'm generally very "ok" about it, but not ecstatic. There was a time a few months ago, around the 5 month mark, when I thought about breaking it off because I just could not stop thinking of being with women and that it would make me happier.

No. 257139

I think it depends on whether self-mutilation is done on due reflection or compulsively. If it is an autonomous choice where they are in control, I don't see the problem. If the person doesn't want to want to harm themselves but feels compelled, or it's the only way for them to avoid bouts of depression or they can't even bring themselves to reflect on whether they should be doing it because of serious psychological issues, then that is something they can be helped with. If they have thought about it and they understand what they're doing but enjoy it for some reason, meh. At the very least I couldn't say it's immoral.

>I've already told you twice: getting off to the suffering of others is immoral.

Yes, but I'm not asking you if you think getting off to the suffering of others is immoral, I'm asking you why you think that getting off to the suffering of others is immoral. I'm asking you to justify your view so that I can understand what your objection to sadism is about.

>if a rape victim felt indifferent to or even enjoyed being raped

If a rape victim wanted to be having sex, she wouldn't be much of a rape victim? Isn't rape literally unwanted or compelled sex? How can sex that is neither unwanted nor compelled be rape in the first place? Wouldn't that be more of a problem with your view? You seem to be arguing that the problem is pain, not whether they're willing participants, not I.

>that anti-social behavior definitely is part of the problem.

But the tendency to derive gratification from suffering isn't an anti-social behaviour. It's not even a behaviour. It's an emotional tendency. You can have a tendency in perfect isolation from others.

>The motive of the perpetrator is always relevant to any crime

I mean, mens rea matters, whether someone intended the criminal act, or did it negligently, but how would the motive matter? I don't know what you have in mind.

>You a trans gal by any chance


No. 257143

>At the very least I couldn't say it's immoral.
But you can criticize people for making self-destructive choices. This is why society goes hard on cigarette smokers, hard drug addicts, or terribly obese people and the like. Inevitably, you can't control the choices everyone makes but you can still criticize them for being bad choices. The same can be said for sexual masochists who can end up getting seriously injured and end up with brain damage or even die from certain fetishes like asphyxiation as an example. The reason why I compared it to self-mutilation in particular is because the compulsion to masochism can show up due to mental/emotional health issues and unresolved trauma just the same.
If you think it's okay to take advantage of people in that way, and genuinely can't see why other people would have a problem with the concept of receiving sexual gratification from making other people suffer, I would at the very least think that something in your brain isn't wired correctly. Immoral could be another conclusion.

No. 257150

>I'm asking you why you think that getting off to the suffering of others is immoral.
It's immoral because you're putting your own sexual pleasure above the well-being of others and not only do you see nothing wrong with it, but you don't even make an effort to prevent these unhealthy thoughts in yourself because you are too fucked up understand why they are wrong. You also encourage self-destructive behavior in others by acting on them, which is abusive.

>If a rape victim wanted to be having sex, she wouldn't be much of a rape victim? Isn't rape literally unwanted or compelled sex? How can sex that is neither unwanted nor compelled be rape in the first place?

Statutory rape isn't always necessarily unwanted or compelled, does that mean it isn't rape? In a situation where person A did not have the proper ability to give or revoke sexual consent, yet person B had sex with them anyways, person B would be a rapist no matter how person A felt about it.

>But the tendency to derive gratification from suffering isn't an anti-social behaviour.

Arousal is not emotional, it's a physical response, also known as a behavior. Arousal is an inappropriate, anti-social response to have to the suffering of others, thus it is an anti-social behavior.

>how would the motive matter?

The thought process the perpetrator had before and when they commited the crime gives insight to behaviors that raise red flags and to how likely they are to do it again.
A person can also be forced to commit a crime by another person. Not saying it's common, but I'm sure it's happened. If the perpetrator's motive had to do with that or maybe self defense (in the case of a crime that didn't involve anything like rape, of course), it would certainly be noteworthy.

No. 257160

nta but holy shit you sound nuts. you're also going on about statutory rape when it's legal jargon and nothing more. you're the one who is supposed to have a moral obligation yet you're going on about legality?

also this thread should have been called the shaming secrets thread.

No. 257161

>Arousal is not emotional

this is how you tell who's never been in a relationship before

No. 257162

It’s not called “your diary.” Don’t post on the Internet, and especially on here, if you don’t want other people’s opinions or judgements. It’s that simple.

No. 257163

lol calm down i didn't even post ITT. you people are just crazy.

No. 257164

>opinions and judgments

sure those are fine but fighting an anon tooth and nail is embarrassing.

No. 257166

Sexual arousal is not strictly tied to your emotions kek, if it was hook-up culture probably wouldn't be a thing.

What do you mean? Should I have said "fucking a minor who is to stupid to consent (because s/he is a minor)" instead?

Idk what's nuts about acknowledging that sadism/rape kinks are abusive and you're fucked for being into it.

No. 257167

i'm not into it, but you sound crazy because your arguments are all over the place and not even glazing the topics. and you realize that 18 year olds can be put in jail for "statutory rape" of their 17 year old gfs who's parents arrest them over shit, right?

you said arousal isn't emotional, not that it's usually not. don't speak in absolutes and people won't assume you are.

No. 257170

>you realize that 18 year olds can be put in jail for "statutory rape" of their 17 year old gfs who's parents arrest them over shit, right?
Not where I live, but I see your point. My bad, just pretend I said "fucking someone who's too young and stupid to consent" instead of "statutory rape" then.

>you said arousal isn't emotional, not that it's usually not. don't speak in absolutes and people won't assume you are.

I was talking about fetishistic arousal when I first mentioned it. I feel fine saying there is absolutely no case where that is emotional. My bad again if that wasn't very clear, assuming everyone speaks in absolutes unless they clarify that they aren't is weird to me. Like a #notallmen situation.

No. 257173

I masturbate to incest erotic literature.

It’s so so fucked and I don’t feel that way about any of my relatives or real incest. I just like the taboo aspect of it. Like the characters are so attracted to each other, it doesn’t even matter that they’re related. I feel gross about it afterwards but it honestly makes me come like nothing else. I’ll try anything else but some nights it takes too long and I’m tired so I’ll just pull something up. Ooh whatever. At least it’s just literature, I guess

No. 257196

That's pretty vanilla and harmless tbh, you shouldn't feel bad about it unless it suddenly makes you more attracted to your relatives.

>Like the characters are so attracted to each other, it doesn’t even matter

This idea is a massive factor in almost all my fetishes, but it usually means conflict, angst etc. That shit is the last thing I want IRL, I just like the drama and heightened emotions in fiction.

No. 257221

File: 1528458990695.jpg (156.21 KB, 1257x595, x.jpg)

I still play Neko Atsume and I'm as obsessed as ever. I look at let's play videos of the new VR version and I want that so much it's adorable.

Also I renamed two of the cats with most fitting personalities after my ldr bf and myself and now I'm always waiting for them to appear, preferably sleeping together on a big cushion or some shit. Like it's almost comforting that despite our distance at least our cat forms are right next to each other. ;_;

No. 257251

Adorable anon

No. 257324

2 summers ago i went to a house party and my drink was drugged with something. idk what, but it was strong. i remember drinking two glasses of the wine i bought and then i took one shot from a guy with my friends and suddenly i started feeling weird as fuck.

i was passing out sitting upright in my chair and i could literally feel myself falling asleep, but i couldn’t do anything about it, so i grabbed onto a friend and told her to get me out of there.

by the time i got home i was having hallucinations and all i remember was thinking someone was coming to get me. didn’t know who or why, i just felt that. went to the hospital and everything got worse. i have no memory of it, but my relative was witness to all of it and told me in graphic detail how i tossed and turned for hours, ripped off all my clothes multiple times and insisted someone was coming to hurt me.

it’s by far the most embarrassing and upsetting moment of my adult life. i know doctors and nurses are there to help and they see crazy shit all the time, but i still felt like a specimen for all the wrong reasons when i was told about how i was acting

blood tests came back negative for whatever drug they were testing for. i’ll never know what i was dosed with or who did it or what their intentions were and i’m always going to be slightly haunted by this

No. 257609

Sounds like a bad shroom trip - so it was probably something like LSD? I would think it's more likely someone put something in your wine glass when you weren't looking vs mixing something into a shot glass (did your glass look different from the others?).

You basically had a really bad trip - probably because you started feeling weird, unexpectedly, in a different environment. This is scary but you made it out safe and as far as "embarrassing" Medical staff sees a lot worse shit with people who've intentionally done a fuck ton of drugs or suffer from hallucinations. Honestly, your friend is aces for taking you home.

No. 257612

After my boyfriend that I was absolutely smitten with dumped me, I got really angry at the whole prospect of love and emotional relationships, because I'd invested so much of my time, money and effort into nourishing this relationship. I decided that I'd had it with romantic dating, so I signed up for sugar dating sites as a way to almost rebel from him, as he is from an extremely wealthy family and I would never have taken advantage of this, but he changed me. I'm only freshly 18 and I feel like a mess. I don't feel attraction to older men, and I have never been interested in matchmaking style dating. I guess it's just teenage angst, but I'm worried I might get myself in trouble doing this. I'm just so angry and hurt and this feels like a coping method. I feel so alone, this isn't me.

No. 257627

Some girls get lucky with sugar daddies but most of them aren't worth the trouble. When I tried it, I accepted a man's offer to fly me halfway across the country, then almost flew back home immediately. Almost immediately after meeting him, he started groping me, and it was so damn awkward that people stared and some woman mouthed to me if I needed help. I felt so stupid, I hadn't even considered asking him to give me some time to get comfortable. I know realistically I shouldn't have had to ask that but he had already given me some money at that point so I didn't know what to do.

Be careful anon. Some guys have significantly less money than they imply or think sugar dating is just another term for prostitution. Tell at least one person, even if just an online friend, before you meet someone. And be very, very clear about your boundaries and expectations.

Honestly though, if you don't want to do it, don't. Sex work is fucking degrading; anyone who's ever said they enjoy it/it's empowering is full of shit and is just trying to compensate for the stigma of the industry. Give yourself time to heal and get over your ex.

No. 257651

The bf works a lot, I work a lot, we see eachother in the morning before work and in the evening after work.

Very rarely do we get the same days off, aside from Sunday, which we usually spend being lazy/tired fucks.

Still, in spite of both of us working a lot, I have more energy and usually want to still go out after work, he does not. Which makes me want an adventure buddy to go out and do stuff.
That might sound like just a friend, but I have friends, we have friends, our friend outings are very geeky/guy-ish
It's a secret because… Well, I'm bored. Very bored. I want an adventure buddy specifically for that– go out on mini adventures. Try new things with more frequency, do more stuff.
It's not even remotely a sex thing, just wanting someone else that's still wide-eyed and bushy tailed and wants to not have a dull moment and share that with someone else.

No. 257692

>My boyfriend is literally my only friend
same and i get really paranoid about breaking up and losing the only person i really talk to :/

No. 257717

>I guess it's just teenage angst
It literally is, don't fuck yourself and your future over because of it. You're just not old and experienced enough to know what you can handle with men, you're consciously aware of the fact that you don't even want it and you just want to be spiteful. It's a recipe for disaster.

Remember the best revenge is living well and selling yourself to old men is not living well (from your ex's perspective at least. No man is going to regret dumping you because of it, they're just going to think they did the right thing). Keep your head up high, focus on improving yourself through your hobbies, interests, health etc and don't make rash decisions - your anger will pass.

No. 257729

Wealthy Chad literally drives women insane LOL

No. 257731

>Some guys have significantly less money than they imply or think sugar dating is just another term for prostitution.

Well, to be honest, those guys are not wrong. That is a form of prostitution except with the added benefit of pretending you are in relationship.

I agree that sugar dating to get back on ex is a terrible idea. You should study, work (or both), enjoy your hobbies and if you want to neet up with men, get Tinder and hoe it up with guys that you find attractive cause you want to (or find new friends or potential relationship or whatever). Sugaring is dangerous and capable of making you miserable even if you are 100% on board with the idea, cause you can always meet some psycho. You can't even add it to your CV.

No. 257738

File: 1528590318076.gif (762.63 KB, 275x155, 30E027FC-C730-4719-B7F6-DD9E2C…)

I can’t believe I need to post this again but I know a sugar baby that got raped with a hot curling iron.

Seriously stop risking your life for some dumb fuck, and unless you are 100% clear with the dangers of the sugar bowl don’t do it.

There are hundreds of websites about scamming sugar babies and how to take money of new girls.

Seriously, stop.

No. 257747

>or think sugar dating is just another term for prostitution
But it is

No. 257752

this. sugar dating only isn't prostitution if you find a super autistic guy who doesn't want to do lewd shit with you. i've gotten paid to just sit with a guy in a movie. that said i would never have sex with someone i was sugar dating because that's stupid. most of the men use sugaring as a way to take advantage of girls who would be making much more money being traditional hookers.

No. 257761

Would be cool if there was a way of ripping off shitty men in a safe way. I'd try it myself if I wasn't so scared of ending up in a ditch somewhere.

No. 257834

One of my close friends had started doing it when she was underaged, it looked so simple and easy. I haven't gone on any dates yet, I don't even like dating. I'm hoping it's just a phase because I've always been shy and socially awkward. I don't even feel good taking money, even when I've worked hard for it. Thanks for the advice, and I'm really glad you got out of that situation, that seems terrifying and I couldn't imagine what I'd do if that were me.

>No man is going to regret dumping you because of it, they're just going to think they did the right thing
fuck, that hit me hard. It's definitely a phase. I could never actually go all the way with any of these men, I just like playing with the thought of it, but what you said completely shattered that. Thank you anon

what the fuck are you even talking about? Can you even read?

In my mind I was counting on going on a couple dates and keeping it platonic (like >>257752), but I know that's not realistic. I can't even stomach going on tinder myself.
>You can't even add it to your CV
holy shit lol

I'm disgusted but not surprised. I think I just got caught up in the glamour of it.

No. 257867

I have a boyfriend who I love very dearly and see a bright future with, but as I’m bi there’s a part of me that feels like I’m missing out on sex with women. I had a girlfriend, but we never did it and the only girl I did have sex with was through a threesome with the bf.

I just want to have sex with another woman. This is a purely physical desire, but I’ve never really met other gay women who would be into a fling. My boyfriend said he’d be okay with the idea, but I know he probably wouldn’t be as he has some insecurities from exes who left him for a woman.

I know this will never happen, but I think about it too often. Sometimes I even imagine my bf is a girl when we’re doing it lol. It might be a case of the grass is greener, but good god I get horny fantasizing about eating a girl out.

No. 257869

Are people claiming that being a sugar baby isn’t a cutesy term for prostitution? That’s some serious disconnect from reality if they are.
This is why it’s such a scary thing to have sex work treated like something empowering by these Twitter hookers who try and make it cute. There’s girls being told it’s safe, normal, and a get-rich-quick plan when it’s a really easy way to be raped, injured, or murdered. Lucky ones will only get ripped off. Glamorising sex work is a trend straight outta hades.

(I’m not against sex workers themselves, they deserve protection from violence/rape/pimping..all the bad shit, and they aren’t bad people for doing it.)

No. 257871


No. 257936

i'm >>257752 and like i said, there are situations where you find someone who doesn't want sex and that's totally different, but there are tons of people who think going on fake dates and fucking for money isn't prostitution. they end up getting super lowballed and fucked over.

No. 258374

File: 1528728064540.gif (846.84 KB, 500x281, nervousaf.gif)

My bf asked me to marry him and I'm lowkey scared. I haven't given him an answer yet and I don't think I want to(to give him an answer I mean). I'm afraid lol I love him and he doesn't even care about marriage but during the years he's finally opened up about it and I know it's because of me, a wedding is a huge thing for me. Next month would be our 6 years anniversary and he says he would like an answer by then. I'm shaking in my boots Anons.

No. 258375

I understand your trepidation but congratulations!

No. 258378

Thanks Anon! It's just you know when you're little and you imagine what your wedding day would look like he would've been the last person I'd picture to be my husband lol. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing really. I just expected to… be a lot further in life when I got married

No. 258379

Are you afraid of committing? It's understandable since it's a big decision and it'll be a big change in your life. Do you see yourself being married to your bf? Or if you want to have kids, do you see yourself forming a family with him? If you do then just go for it, since from what you've said your bf is serious and committed enough about the idea to pop the question. The wedding doesn't have to be soon, you can go at your own pace to get used to the idea and plan the wedding (even if both your families might rush you both) after getting engaged. It's a big decision but I'm sure you'll be fine, good luck anon!

No. 258382

I do see myself marrying him, I've actually been with him since I was 17, no kids but we do want some. I think I'm afraid of saying yes now and later on down the road I'd come to regret it since he was my first in literally everything (kiss, sex etc). I'm afraid that if I say yes now and later on I found out I'm not happy with the decision past me thought was a good idea at the time. When I was in HS this one teacher told me something that's really been in the back of my head for a long time. He tried to commit suicide ( my bf) and obviously he was unsuccessful but at the time I was really close to this particular teacher so I told him because well he asked if I was okay that day (which is what he asked every day) but that particular day I decided to be honest and he really pulled me aside and said that, that type of person would bring me down with them. Basically by staying with him I would slowly be at the bottom like him. That scared the shit out of me because between the both of us I am the more responsible one. And he deals with a lot of mental illness issues (which he has gotten better with dealing with over the years). I'm just afraid that what if the teacher was right, what if I am selling myself short and am I better off with someone who wont bring me down? I feel so shitty for thinking like that but jesus.

No. 258385

>marrying your first, mentally ill and suicidal boyfriend at 23

No. 258388

>Share something you haven't been able to / literally can't say in real life or online under the protection of anonymity. Get it off your chest. You don't even have to explain it, either.
Whew well I've never told anyone this before, but when i was around 5 or 6 years old I had pretend sex with my little brother, who was 3 or 4. I was copying a scene from a romance show, getting nude under the covers and kissing him. There was no penetration, but I feel as if I abused my little brother. We never spoke about it. Beforehand, about a year back, I was molested which made me very sexual in nature. I remember masturbating as young as that incident happened. I read about how molested kids seem to molest kids in the future. I will never forgive myself for this.

No. 258395

W-Why not anon

No. 258396

I accidentally found out my bf plans on proposing and his idea for the ring, unfortunately he plans on doing it in December. If I didn't know I wouldn't have cared about the wait, but now that I know it's going to be a horrible wait

No. 258397

If you're unsure, don't do it. Don't let him pressure you into giving an answer so soon. If you do say yes, you can be engaged for years before marrying so don't worry about it.

Kind of damaging and inappropriate thing for a teacher to say. Only you know him as well as you do, your teacher only knows what he sees in class. Has your bf improved? Is he taking meds or going to therapy? Has he shown suicidal thoughts since? Are you willing to help him through some rough patches in the future? If you don't feel able for that, maybe it's time to rethink.

No. 258398

That was extremely inappropriate of your teacher.
Look, either you want to marry him or you don’t. Either is okay. Don’t reject him because you feel other people don’t approve or that you’re missing out on something others have had. Don’t accept him because you’re afraid of losing him or because you don’t want to hurt him.
Do you want to marry him? Spend a damn fortune on a wedding to walk down the aisle towards him? Spend the rest (or at least a good chunk kek) of your life by his side?
Don’t worry about what future you may or may not feel, you can’t predict that. Focus on how you feel now. Don’t ask yourself if you love him, you can love someone without marrying them. Ask you self if you want to commit him. If you do, they’re you should be happy and rejoicing. If you don’t, then let him go so he can find someone who does.

No. 258399

So me and my fiancé are both rather mentally ill so I'll give some advice and give some questions for you to ask from a point of experience
Does his mental illness get in the way of your relationship? And be honest with yourself on if it's actually draining on you and/or doesn't feel worth it in the grand scheme of your relationship
Is he still suicidal today? And if so wait. This isn't just for you but for your bf as well. Having a past suicide attempt at age 17 will mean nothing later down the line when you're an adult and as you go down the road to recovery but currently suicidal people aren't ready for a dramatic change in their life. And if things get worse it's harder for you to get out or slow that relationship down. Personally I recommend a couple years post previous suicide attempt so you know they've gotten better and they just don't think they are because they haven't been triggered by anything again. Also count self harm as a thing to wait on too. It is barely above suicide attempts and honestly it's best to marry someone whose worst coping mechanism is better than self harm.
Why did that teacher tell you that "people like that will bring you down"? Is it because he is lumping all mentally ill people together or is your bf someone who uses their illness in a toxic way? There are people who will use you or go down a really toxic path when depressed because they just can't bring themselves to care. Just make sure that isn't the case because that's a toxic relationship you shouldn't have to live. I've been that person to friends before. Not intentionally, but I did it. It's horrible and I now see just how much it hurt the people around me, but I couldn't see it then. No matter how much he loves you if he's doing that he needs to stop or you need to get out. This is for your own good, trust me
Does your bf have a life long mental disorder or is this a curable one? Are you ok with the burden of helping them recover if it's possible as well as the possibility that they fail? Or are you ok with your bf always having some issues for the rest of your life?
Are you an unhealthy coping mechanism for him? Is your relationship co-dependent?
Now, this is a question that is irrelevant to his mental health but good for the whole highschool sweetheart thing. Have you ever found yourself to be with him just because you didn't want to find someone else? Because you didn't think you could ever find someone like him? Because you don't want to get with someone after having already lost your virginity with this guy? Because you live in a small town with all the same friends from high school? Do you feel that you have to be with him because you've always been with him? Potentially worried about what your parents might think? Or maybe because your friends joke that you'll always be together.
If you've answered all these questions and decide you want to be with him, ask yourself more. This is a very important time in your life and a very critical decision you have to be sure of before you answer. I hope this helps at least a bit. And good luck

No. 258418

He had suicidal thoughts last year but as far as I know he has been feeling better lately. He does not take meds anymore, he had some last year (I cant remember the exact name of them at the moment), he says when he first tried them (years prior) they worked fine but they stopped working and they only made him drowsy so he stopped taking them. He had a therapist but she left his primary care doctor's office and hasn't had one since.
I was 17 when he attempted he was 19 at the time I believe, he has self harmed before (way before I knew him and it was actually pretty bad they're still on his arms but he's covered most with tattoos). Honestly sometimes it is a bit draining if I am being truly honest, but I don't mind helping him. And regarding my teacher… I'm not quite sure why he said that, he's never met my bf so I'm not sure if he was just basing it off of his own personal experiences or just generalizing. I don't believe he sees me as an unhealthy coping mechanism. He has told me that he likes that I keep everything realistic, if that makes sense? He's more of a dreamer and I'm the doer. So for an example if he says he wants to do X thing I'd be the one to make up the plan to make it happen realistically and going out and getting it done together. He's helped me a lot on coming out of my shell and I do the same for him I think. I'm with him because I choose to be tbh, I wouldn't mind being by myself ( of course I'd care if we broke up etc, but I say that to say I'm not with him just to say I'm in a relationship). This actually does help thank you for this!
Thank you for your input! It's not like I'm trying to get you guys to sway me a certain way or anything I just needed to talk to this out with someone and needed different perspectives I guess. Sorry for all of the blogs. I do see myself marrying him in the future, but I don't think I want to at the moment.

No. 258433

When I was in 4th grade my parents made me go to a catholic school and I became friends with a girl who was a bit of an outcast like me.
We eventually got to the point of her inviting me over for a day to her place.

Her parents were eccentric, but nice. I think they were just excited their girl finally made a friend. I think the weirdest thing up until that point was that they gave me a cup of lactose-free milk with a load of ice chips in it which I had to discretely pour down the sink. I was still getting used to consuming food at other peoples' houses and the texture/taste squicked me out. I found out their diets were odd because the girl had a heart transplant surgery when she was smaller.

Next she invited me to her room. I forget exactly what she did but she made me feel the transplant scar. It was really uncomfortable.
I remember her room being really cluttered with stuff, not much standing out to play with.
I forget how we got on the subject but she offers me a massage. I mean, my family would give me massages and scratches all the time so it didn't seem so unusual. She told me to lay belly down on her bed so I did. I just remember her straddling my back with her crotch and giving me one of the most painful neck massages and making weird grinding motions.

I never went back to her house, which turned out not to matter since I think she transferred to a public school a grade later. But I always felt so guilty for being so weirded out by her, like I should have been more compassionate because of her heart condition, I felt like I should have just tolerated the weirdness but in truth I had been molested when I was younger by a male babysitter so I had an aversion to weird touching as it was. So I just didn't tell and just let the friendship organically fade.

I just find the whole thing unsettling and I don't tell a lot of people. Sometimes I wonder where she's at as an adult and what her take on that situation was, if she even remembers that.

No. 258489

>recently suicidal
>doesn't take his meds
>doesn't go to therapy
>history with self harms
>"sometimes it is a bit draining"
>"He's more of a dreamer"
DON'T DO IT ANON. For the love of god. You're going to end up with a toxic manbaby asshole who doesn't have a direction in his life and bails out on everything with threats of self harm.

No. 258498

>> bails out on everything with threats of self harm
That's literally not the type of person he is at all Anon, far from it. I know what type of person you're describing and he isn't it. Trust me if he was I would not be with him.

No. 258530

In healthy relationships, you're not required to be someone's caretaker and counselor because they refuse to seek help.

This is your first serious relationship so you have nothing to compare it to. Please leave him.

No. 258537

This advice is so useless and unhelpful. She’s not being abused, she’s not being gaslighted. They’ve been together six years and their issue is whether to take the next step in commitment. Telling her to leave because he had mental health issues she’s well aware of makes no sense. She doesn’t seem unhappy at all with him

No. 258549

I was in this same exact situation. I left. It was too draining to be dragged down by a depressed manchild who refused to get help, or help himself, or do anything with his life, despite having the resources. It was ruining MY life. Love was not enough to save him or us. It's been a year since and he still hasn't changed.

I'm so much happier now. I know you don't want to hear any of that, but I think you'll find in a few years of the same old shit you're just wasting your time. You'll look abvk and wonder if you could've done better.

The answer to your question is yes. You are selling yourself short. You are deserving of someone willing to put as much effort into life as you are.

No. 258558

My mother has gotten several abortions in her life. At least 8. She told me once that she had gotten pregnant in high school, this was in the late 1960's. I've known about from a young age and I never thought it made her a bad person. she's a narcissistic, selfish alcoholic who neglected me as a child. she continues to routinely abuse drugs and has never so much as tried to get sober. Her getting an abortion? Not even in the top 100 reasons why she's a terrible person.

Now I was told that my mother has had SEVERAL abortions in her life, before and after I was born. I'm still pro-choice but I can't help but wonder if the reason why I'm her only child is because, somehow, she wasn't able to get an abortion.

No. 258592

Sounds like she made several great decisions but couldn't escape you, anon.
It's not your fault though, she's definitely a person who shouldn't have had kids (as many people who get abortions realize).
And I'm sure, in your own way, you've turned out fine and can far surpass her shortcomings.

I can tell you my mom never had abortions, but she's a raging narc who shouldn't have had me yet every day I strive to make better decisions than her.

Although I'm impressed your mother had access to so many abortions. I thought back then they were much harder to get ahold of and more expensive. Hopefully you inherited some of that devilish determination and put it to use.

No. 258608

File: 1528776574574.jpg (163.04 KB, 400x1246, e3ff3a372956a6126d9d1d114fae72…)


Wow, assuming that a mentally ill person is not putting effort or will blackmail significant other with self-harm is disgusting.
I agree that anon has to think seriously about her decision, but you don't know what's her bf like. Just because someone was suicidal at 17 does not mean that they will threaten anon with it. Don't assume he's a manchild just cause we are talking about a guy.
Not saying that anon should be with the guy forever if that does not make her happy, but assuming that people suffering from depression are dragging everyone by default is so cruel. You are just confirming what mental illness tells them.
If anon is not up to the task of handling life with her bf knowing the high points and risks, she should go. Her bf deserves someone who will love him and won't think he's dragging them down cause of illness they can medicate if necessary. As long as they both put effort, things should be fine.
Obviously they have to want to do it.

No. 258609

Doublepost as I just read that anon bf is not taking meds. This might be bad. IMHO he should consider seeing another shrink or seek therapy. There are many treatments available and it is dangerous to leave depression untreated. If he's aggressively against medication and hurdles everything on anon… well, that's a warning sign. Otherwise my point stands.

No. 258622

I’m not sure where i said he refused to get help but i did not say that. He had a therapist before and she left he never said he wouldn’t get another one. We’ve been having a problem with our health insurance but obviously once thats situated he’ll get another one.
He’s willing to try other meds just not the one he was on previously. I never said he was against treatment. I’m not sure why some anons are making it seem like he’s some unhinged guy who doesnt know how to do anything without me because thats not the case literally at all. If i painted that picture that wasn’t my intention lol.
But thank you for this!

No. 258636

File: 1528786303966.jpg (67.24 KB, 720x540, zB4CJXc.jpg)

Sometimes I open my bf's instant mac n cheese boxes and eat those little cheese packet powders on him.
They're not even particularly good; exactly how you'd imagine eating powdered, salty, fake cheese. I usually dip my finger in twice and throw the rest out.

I think mentally it's my little way of annoying him about food while he drives me fucking crazy all the damn time. Just my little version of 'payback' that's actually just a minor inconvenience considering we live across the street from three major grocery stores.
It's petty as fuck.
I don't even like macaroni and cheese and think it's overrated.

No. 258649

>as long as they both put in effort

That's the entire point, he's not putting in effort. also, i have depression too but i don't fucking burden people with my shit & refuse to get help

No. 258652

Thank you for clearing the situation up! I didn't think that your bf is unhinged or lazy, but wasn't sure about the meds thing. Sorry if it seemed like I was overreacting. I wish you and your bf the best. So many bitter anons in this thread that assume the worst as soon as they hear that your bf is having depression.

No. 258730

I wish my sister would stop dating. She has autism and her dating life is a complete train wreck. I don't know what to do to help her.

She's extremely naive and goes for the worst type of men.

No. 258845


You have to know your audience. Theres a lot of straight up man haters on here and most of the ones that aren't have a guilty til proven innocent attitude towards them. Look at how many people are willing to throw him under the bus with absolutely no remorse. They know full and well that a mentally ill persons SO is potentially the only thing keeping said person sane. Its apalling how many people here have absolutely zero sympathy for your bf and instantly advise you to break it off with him after learning of a single detail.

No. 258851

>being this big of a fucking handmaiden

No. 258854

anon, the OP even said that her bf is trying. stop knee-jerking about handmaidens.

No. 258904

imho if your immediate reaction isn't a resounding "yes" you should say no and revisit later in a couple of months maybe

No. 259232

I'm in a group chat thing and I know some of the people on the chat post here and sometimes I wonder if I ever get into fights with them/call them names anonymously. Feels bad to think about , Ive been trying to only lurk a thread or two to avoid that possibility.
Another is I love my bf very bf very much, but sex has been very unsatisfying lately, so often I day dream about being overpowered by a woman,thinking about my stupid 2-D husbandos or mastubating like crazy. I feel very guilty about it, its not his fault he's sick. I wish he was better already, man.

No. 259233

I like joining "male only" discord servers. They don't actually check if you're male so it's pretty easy. I'm even in a "secret" incel discord.

No. 259239

I hate a lot of my friends, but one more than the others. She is basically a NEET now, no drivers license, no job, and no degree. She dropped out of school to work on her art, mind you her art is awful and she only really does ugly "Anime chibi" art. She's genuinely thinks shes good enough to take commissions and make enough money off of them to go to an art school to study animation. All she does is draw Markiplier fanart, write Markiplier fanfics, and just spergs about him all day making her very uninteresting to talk to. She's very immature and I'm positive she has no intentions of trying to be independent.
I honestly have no idea how I've stayed friends with her for this long but honestly I like being able to see where this train wreck goes. She's my own personal lolcow that reminds me to keep improving and doing good in school

No. 259244

You are the company you keep

No. 259320

I'm jewish and I'm only attracted to aryan looking men, meaning blonde and blue eyes and speaking either german or with a german accent. I have strong sexual fantasies of raping a nazi officer and then breaking him and having him as my househusband/sex slave.

It's fucked up because my grandparents were in a concentration camp, luckily they made it alive but they lost a lot of their family members during that period.
I feel like a filthy traitor. Every time there's a memorial, these fantasies are even stronger.
I wish there was a male german prostitute willing to rp as a nazi officer but I'd sudoku if anyone found out.

No. 259321

I'm sorry Anon but I can't stop laughing.

No. 259332


What's it like? I'm particularly interested in what the incel server is like. Has any been suspicious that you're a woman?

No. 259337

holy fucking shit anon

No. 259402

>Has any been suspicious that you're a woman?
lol they NEVER suspect you're a woman!

They talk about the usual incel things like "black pills".

No. 259404

nta but incels/neckbeards/robots never suspect someone of being a woman unless they accidentally say they are.

No. 259408

>lol they NEVER suspect you're a woman!


They think women are are unable to find their sekrit clubs and the only thing they do on the internet is post on facebook and play candy crush.
Basically they project their mom onto every single woman.

It's kind of like all those retards on 4chan being shocked that /cgl/ is majorly female and that lolcow.farm is populated mostly by women.

No. 259425

Do you have any stories to tell us?

No. 259478

I sometimes sort of wish I knew a cow or snowflake irl. It would be oddly fascinating to see anons around the globe gossiping about a person you briefly knew from high school or have seen at the mall. (ex. "I was in the same math class as this porn actress, she was nice but looks different now")

No. 259593

I have the terrible paranoia-festering fear of getting raped one day.

I've also always been extremely shy and scared around men as a child and teenager, I sometimes I wonder if I was raped at a young age and if my subconscious repressed the memories.

No. 259770

File: 1529036691013.jpg (28.28 KB, 564x564, 1842ea97a337cd95b3283fa13befe7…)

This isn't something you should ignore, there's a book called the gift of fear and it talks about exactly this "prediction" type of thinking.

You should invest in whatever type of self defence you can, I'm talking ink sprays, pepper spray, knuckle keyrings, tasers, attack alarms and even self defence classes. These can even give you a boost of confidence and can help ease the fear. I wouldn't suggest knives though, as they can be used against you, and they may be illegal to carry around/conceal.

No. 259792

I was supposed to go out with my friends tonight. I blew them off because I said I didn’t feel well.

In reality, I masturbated multiple times, ate half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and played a few visual novels.

I have no regrets

No. 259794

I did get sexually assaulted but it was by a good friend. But I haven't let that stop me from traveling solo or walking alone night. You're way more likely to get assaulted by a close friend or family member than a stranger. Telling women they need to be constantly paranoid is damaging.

Self-defense classes seem like bs to me. If you really want to keep yourself safe then you should run.

No. 259796

Kek, nice.

No. 259799

lul the pink quirky self defense weapon meme. it won't protect you from the real predators- your boyfriend, your uncle, your friend's boyfriend

No. 259810

> implying I wouldn't tase the shit out of all three of those guys if they tried anything

No. 259814

you keep that shit under your pillow?

No. 259818

Because apparantly advising women to take safety measures = BE PARANOID AT ALL TIMES WOMEN!

Also, if you live in a big city, there are creeps all over the street, the reason why stats for stranger rape isn't so high is due to the fact many women avoid it by not walking at night and whatnot, sorry not everyone is a sheltered princess like you

If you're a grown woman, chances are your creepy uncle isn't going to touch you up in your sleep, obviously you can't protect yourself from any rape possible but the point of self defense is to lower the risk, it's as dumb as telling people not to take birth control or use condoms because it isn't 100% effective

No. 259827

I get worried about being into pegging because I feel like that's a weird kink to literally everyone.

No. 259834


i've been paid to have sex before and would probably do it again since it was a huge confidence boost for me. i've also been considering camming/making porn for the same reason, i'm insecure as shit and i feel that people paying to see me would make me feel better about my looks

No. 259844

If your partner consents and you don’t do it in public, do what makes you happy anon.
I’m not into it at all but it’s not like people wearing bondage in public or disgusting ddlg shit.

No. 259873

Only as weird as male on female anal. Although it's probably rarer due to anal stimulation in men being considered "gay."

imo it shouldn't even be a super kinky thing, since if done right it brings pleasure to both parties with minimal pain. It's literally just anal.

t. bitter pegging fan

No. 259959

>If you really want to keep yourself safe then you should run
Why didn't you run away from your good friend then?

No. 260039


You're both right imo, I have been doing martial arts for almost ten years but the fear remains

Also yeah, most people I know who got raped were assaulted by close individuals they had known for a while, friends and family.

No. 260163

I've become friends with a guy who already has a girlfriend and he asked me if I wanna date him as well, I guess he's a poly or something. I've met his girlfriend a few times and she's cool with me. I don't even find him attractive but I'm so ugly that I'm considering it, I don't wanna die a virgin.

No. 260169

Love yourself, anon.

No. 260174

I'll never understand people that care so much about being virgins. What's the point of fucking just for fucking?

No. 260176

It's more than just fucking, you also can feel lonely and worthless because you never had any romantic attention from anybody. Another thing is that being an adult virgin is a turn off for a big number of people out there.

No. 260181

Then you should work on your self esteem instead of fucking guys you're not attracted to

No. 260186

My mom is having a child with her new husband and I honest to god hope the child doesn’t live through the pregnancy.

No. 260187

He's the only one who ever wanted anything to do with me and he's nice to me. He's ugly but he's at least more good looking than I am. His girlfriend is leagues above me as well.

No. 260189

That guy sounds like a cunt. He's using you because he thinks you're an easy fuck.
Don't let him be right. Go fuck a dude who CARES and doesn't see you as a side piece. Guys like that are narcissistic assholes.

No. 260191

He really isn't a bad person, I can assure you that.

No. 260192


there's no reason to rush into losing your virginity. the right person will come along and view you as more than just a quick fuck, and it'll be worth waiting for

No. 260194

How do you expect the situation to play out? Do you think he's going to be committed? He can't even commit to his own girlfriend. Please dodge this bullet. You can be friends with him but don't try to date him. And If you already FEEL worthless, you're probably self sabotaging by getting involved with emotionally damaging situations. Because you think you deserve it, and you don't.

No. 260196

I'm already in my mid 20s…

I don't expect a proper relationship. I just expect some sex and that we hang out once in a while. I wouldn't want to take the place of his girlfriend.

No. 260204

Lol sounds like it will be a great memory!!!

Find a guy who is at least single to lose the v-card to. The additional drama that WILL happen from the gf isn't worth it

No. 260217

If you are desperate then use tinder instead, poly people are crazy and creepy.

No. 260233

I'm 24 and I rushed into losing my virginity when I was 22. I dated a guy who I wasn't attracted to and the "sex" or whatever that was was really unenjoyable. But maybe I needed that to finally realize that I shouldn't force myself to do anything I'm not ready for. I'm still mad at myself tho that I spent too much time with a person who didn't appreciate me and didn't care about me.

No. 260729

I just passed a drug test by hiding a bottle of my boyfriends pee in my pussy. Gross to think about but I can’t wait to start my new job lol.

No. 260733


I hope you will get fired soon.

No. 260744

Get the stick out of your ass lol. Pot is in the process of being legalized in my state and the hiring manager said to my face “it’s gonna be legal in soon anyway, I personally think there’s no point but it’s company policy”. I’m not gonna stop smoking for an every level job that sees its employees as disposable anyway.

No. 260749


Boohohooo little Susan is unable to be happy without pot…people like you are the reason humanity is devolving

No. 260751

do you drink occasionally?

No. 260752

No. 260755

The level of unnecessary hostility is incredible, thanks for reminding me that straight edge people are miserable lol

No. 260790

File: 1529349715153.jpg (61.64 KB, 600x555, ENl3v3e.jpg)

I've been lying to a friend about what I think of her writing. She's an aspiring author on Wattpad and wants to get published one day. Since she's really sensitive to criticism of any kind, I can't bring myself to tell her my real opinion.

>She blocked users for pointing out her numerous spelling and grammar mistakes because "the readers should enjoy the story, not look for any mistakes."

>The writing reads more like a to-do list of actions than a novel. There's no tension or build-up anywhere.

>The characters are all Japanese, however the names don't reflect it. I asked her if some of them are supposed to be biracial or immigrants but nope, all full Japanese born in Japan.

>According to the summary, it's a unique and "never seen before" kind of story but most of it is just a rehash of anime character tropes and shoujo manga storylines.

tl;dr I'm a pussy

No. 260801

Don't worry, life will take care of that for you. Other people are going to call out her weebness and bad writing.

No. 260813

File: 1529355337061.png (495.27 KB, 640x470, 1505270203939.png)

>You are the company you keep
yeah I know.., I'm all she's got next to her ex boyfriend, so I'm slowly trying to distance myself from her. It's difficult when you live in a small town.

wish I wasn't such a weenie about letting people go

No. 260815

If you can’t abstain for the short amount of time it takes weed to stop showing up in your piss, you have a problem

No. 260818

Weed can take weeks to months to stop showing up in your piss if you consume it regularly especially if you have been using for a long time and have a higher bodyfat %.

No. 260823

do you even know anything about weed

No. 260824

I'm becoming super salty about other people's achievements and it's embarrassing.

I had to leave college because of my mental health and didn't get to graduate despite being a passionate and well graded student. Seeing my friends, who had worse grades than I did and put in less effort, graduate leaves me seething. I feel the same seeing my high school friends (who I keeping telling myself are less talented than I am) succeed. I know deep down they deserve their success but I constantly find myself thinking about how it's unfair and I deserve it more… Basically being a spiteful bitch.

My failures are turning me into some narcissist while simultaneously making me hate myself.

No. 260826

Apologies in advance because this is long. A friend of mine who worked as a bartender told me to come in to his place one time during the day shift, basically saying ‘I’ve got a surprise for you’. It was way across town from me but I hadn’t seen him in a while and was thinking whatever, I’ll get some free drinks and hang out in a cool part of the city.

It turned out that one of the daytime regulars there was an actor who I’d had a crush on since I was a little girl. He was in his seventies and in my eyes, he was still adorable. He had this amazing speaking voice, it made you so happy just to hear him talk. He wasn’t supposed to be drinking any longer, so he’d nurse a screwdriver all afternoon long. He just liked being out of the house and he also loved bars. I pretended I didn’t know who he was, because he did not like the idea of ‘fans’ but we hit it off. My bartender friend never let on that I knew the actor, he told me later he thought we would get along, and besides he was feeling lonely that day.

He was friendly and had a snarky sense of humor that was similar to mine. It was nuts, actually. My friend stopped working there, but I had to keep going back. At first it was just one or two days a week but in the end I was there whenever I knew he’d be there. He would always save me the seat to his left at the bar and if someone was sitting there when I came in he’d tell them they had to go because his ‘best girl had arrived’. We would sit next to each other and do work, he had stopped acting long before this and mostly worked as a script doctor and I worked in marketing for shitty movies. I was pretty painfully in love with him the whole time. He was well aware of that but didn’t seem to mind it or me. I don’t know why. Nothing ever happened, but we would sometimes get into some serious conversations and he’d pat my hand or my back. He gave me little presents at Christmas time. I still wear a ring that he got for me, it was from a street fair near his house. It has a little silver bird dangling from it, sometimes he would call me Birdie, as a nickname. It’s nothing like my name so I don’t know why he called me that, but I never take it off.

He was married, had three daughters and tons of grandkids and was a great grandfather, he was one of the nicest men I’ve ever met and when he died it fucked me up pretty bad. Near the end I knew he wasn’t in great health, but the illness was sudden and it was the kind of situation where he was there and then he wasn’t. The family had a private funeral and they cremated him, so there’s nowhere I could even go to say goodbye to him. If there were a gravestone, at least I could sit and talk with him, like we used to. I get sick thinking about it because I miss him so much.

I’ve told this secret once before, also on an anon board. No one, including my husband, knows that I did this. I still love him. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll see him again when I die.

No. 260833

I'm sorry for your loss Anon

No. 260838

Before I start: I know how weird/autistic this is.

Sometimes I like to make fake Tumblrs and pretend to be someone I'm not (not with pictures or anything), I like to make up fake backstories and fake stories about my day/ life etc. I don't know why I do this. It's fun I guess? It's a sort of roleplay for me and I even go as far as to send 'asks' to myself to make it seem like I'm more popular than I am. This doesn't last very long, I do it for a few months but then I notice how autistic and depressing I'm being so I usually delete it. Then a year or so later I do it all again, wash rinse and repeat. Right now I'm some escort named Olivia and I write about my 'clients'. It's been a couple of weeks since I've logged on however, I feel guilty.

No. 260840

Maybe you can channel that creativity into a writing career, anon?

No. 260841

I write here and there. But maybe I should write more.

No. 260844

File: 1529360358631.jpg (158.81 KB, 600x824, 1458874802450.jpg)

I know how you feel. I'm not in the exact same situation as yours and in my case it's not really a secret because I complain about it to my very close friends but I won't be able to graduate this school year because I couldn't get a mandatory internship due to things that are out of my control (lack of money so I can't look for an internship outside of my city, good grades but employers don't want to spend money on an intern, I'm literally the only one in my grade who's not white and I'm worried it's not helping in my case too because of stereotypes associated to my ethnicity, etc.). Even though I got grades good enough in the first semester of the year as well as literally every other semester, unlike at least half of the promotion.

Meanwhile mediocre at best students in my grade, including one who cheats ALL THE TIME and humblebrags about it, found super interesting internships that are well-paid and will most likely graduate in a few months because they give a good first impression despite not knowing how to act like professionals, having terrible resumes, and not even having the grades that comes with obtaining a master's degree. I had a horribly low self-esteem before college because people who weren't even as good as me would brag about their basic achievements and I thought I wasn't good enough because I thought they were better than they actually were, and I hate that they're being rewarded for their shit grades and behaviors even though I supposedly live in a "meritocracy".

The best way of not being too pissed off by this is to ignore these people as much as you can and pretend they don't exist (not your friends of course, but the people you know from college and who aren't very close to you) and avoid social media where they brag about this like facebook and such. Do you think you'll be able to go back to college if you would like to? No matter what your choices are regarding college I wish you good luck.

No. 260845

When you make these Tumblr accounts, what images do you use? Do people notice you're a fake account?

No. 260846

Nope. I even take time out to make my theme all pretty etc. I just reblogg a lot of things like a regular tumblr lol. Sometimes I post original content but it's usually just like maybe something I bought or something about a show etc. There was this one time I did catfish tho and it was too much for me to handle so I deleted it. Basically just think about a fandom blog. But with different aesthetics. Every time I 'revamp' I become a different aesthetic blog.

No. 260847

This actually seems…like it would appeal to me a lot.

No. 260850

i fucking LOVE it when misogynists die
BYEEEEE xxxtentacles

No. 260862

kek I love people saying "hey a man just died don't be cruel" to anyone not falling over themselves to mourn him. I would've been cruel to his face if I'd had the chance I don't give a fuck. Also the people calling him a """""kid""""" because he's 20. I'm his age and I've managed to not to beat the shit out of anyone lol. He's an adult.

No. 260865

Honestly if you take out the autistic part of me living a lie, its actually really fun LOL. Like its fun seeing how long i keep it up, how i’ll design the theme, what my personality will be like. My typing style etc.

No. 260868

File: 1529368240794.jpeg (262.35 KB, 750x1113, DD31C037-5D8C-4AB7-9F1F-C827F9…)

His fans are saying they’re gonna kill themselves over this. Check the replies to this post. Really bizarre

No. 260869

File: 1529368467162.png (50.37 KB, 1030x404, melon.png)

people's reactions have been all kinds of stupid, as exemplified by this hot take courtesy of melon.

>"let the kid rest in peace"

I hate this especially. He's gonna rest in peace no matter what anybody says that's how death fucking works

>X didn't suicide, so u shouldn't either
I'm about to fucking explode

No. 260876

i'm shocked that people are so shaken up over this? dude was a total scumbag and played with fire every chance he got. he regularly called out other rappers and threatened them, and you can find plenty of videos of him getting into fights. what did people think was gonna happen to him, exactly? he was going to turn his life around and become a star citizen just because he posted two times about a charity run by his mom? yes it's sad that he went out that way, but everyone is acting like he was the kurt cobain of souncloud… and dead or alive, i will always give the side-eye to woman beaters.

No. 260877

fandango's always been a piece of shit. idc if he was "ironically" buddies with antifeminist dudes and shit a couple years ago and now he's all #woke

No. 260883

I’ll be honest, I was a fan of X when I was really depressed. The music didn’t help me and while I felt like he ~*understood me*~ like his other fans do, when I found out about the domestic violence I couldn’t listen to him anymore. His music didn’t resonate with me anymore. Fuck that guy and anyone who worships him.

No. 260887

I'm not the type to celebrate celeb deaths but this guy was a legit monster. He deserves little sympathy. He was also a 20 year old adult not a kid.

>In the No Jumper interview, he describes rooming with a gay inmate whom he repeatedly calls "a faggot." He says he told a guard: "If he does anything I disapprove of, I'm gonna kill him." After a week or two, when his cell mate "started staring," Onfroy responded by placing the boy's head on a concrete slab in the cell and stomping. "I was gonna kill him," he says, "because of what he did, because I was naked. He was staring at me. I started strangling him."


No. 260897

They're the same idiots who made the stupid fucker rich and famous to begin with. Glad I never heard about this fool until today and good riddance.

No. 261359

I only wash my hair once per week unless I'm going to an important event.

No. 261393

I cheated on my Ls test because the sheets with the questions were laminated and someone had already circled the correct answers. When I was in highschool all of my friends got their licences asap, I didn't care because I didn't want to drive due to my extreme anxiety, I just needed a form of ID.

No. 261587

Well, I've done it >>260163
I'm now in a "casual relationship" with a guy who's in an open relationship. It sounds really pathetic, but he's the only guy who's ever treated me well and I enjoy spending time with him.

No. 261747

as long as it makes you happy anon, you don't want to get upset over this guy you don't even really like

No. 262266

My uncle who tried molesting me when I was 7 died today.

No. 262268

Oh anon.
Was right. Love yourself. You can do better. And this won’t end well.

No. 262317

File: 1529798094063.jpg (18.14 KB, 218x184, QZ2tyaX.jpg)

I used to be a liberal but after the last election (USA), my peers have no chill, and I hate them now too. They take everything they see on Facebook and CNN for face value, and anyone who disagrees with the one view is satan. Everyone is poly and/or trans and always self-absorbed.

Last year, I went to the Womens March because I believed in the movement… but all I saw were people taking selfies with their signs. So disappointing. I get why Trump won now.

I don't tell anyone this, because conservatives and liberals would think I'd support the other side when in reality I hate like 90% of the country.

No. 262347

Nice. Fuck him

No. 262395

Yep the one view thing is annoying. People have no identity, they just have a pre-agreed list of opinions which you have to share or you're A Bad Guy.
Socially it's terrible because the implication is you have to exactly share every single opinion in order to communicate. How can anyone have an open-minded, engaging conversation in an echo chamber?

No. 262400

On the rare moment that I voice my skepticism on a news article or anything to do with Trump, I get literal bullies calling me names. Like calm the fuck down, Chelsea. I hate him too but we can't just blindly believe shit. I like how John Oliver said this exact thing in a recent piece, concerning the immigration thing and how everyone jumped to conclusions because of the damn echo chamber, but no one curred. This shit makes me depressed for this country.

>look in militant liberal fb profile

>about section lists mental illness
>of course

No. 262501

This will blow up in your face, and you will regret this.

No. 262502

Hope he burns in hell

No. 262503

I started a youtube channel that's just me playing those mobile otome games. For some reason that makes me happy and I kinda feel like a loser haha..

No. 262504

Not as long as you stay realistic about what it's about.

No. 262508

that's very nice anon, it sounds cosy

No. 262523

sounds cute! I've been thinking about making one for portable rhythm games

No. 262693

jill threads are the most fun for me because she's the same age as me, same height and we were into the same things when we were younger.

it's just fun seeing a fat version of yourself starting to look like an ogre and never growing out of their weeb phase. like, i hate myself, but i'm thankful i don't look as busted as jill does. boosts me right up. bitch ugly

No. 262712

File: 1529910808018.jpeg (64.91 KB, 468x510, C07F71AB-F6BF-46C9-B2EC-98D913…)

my best friend has been copying me for years now. she’ll buy / do the same things I show interest in after mocking me for it or telling me she’s indifferent towards it (ex. decides to get the same style cover up on our matching tattoos / wants to get the very specific and meaningful tattoo I’ve been sitting on for years, changes her IG posts when I switch things up despite never liking my posts, tells people to call her by a different name after I did the same due to trauma and gets upset when people don’t call her by her new name, etc.). most recently, she started dating my boyfriend’s friend. now she constantly tries to highlight the “similarities” in our relationships. I don’t know what to do because we’ve been through so much and I do love her, but at the same time I can’t bring any of it up because I know she won’t ever admit to it. she’s also incredibly disgusting hygiene and living-wise. I’ve cleaned her house for her multiple times and she just continues to live in filth. I’ve given up on helping her in that aspect… but I think what has bothered me the most is that when I discovered I had PTSD a few years ago, she suddenly claimed she had PTSD too and talked about the EXACT same symptoms I told her I experienced. I feel like she’d tell our friends about it before I did on purpose to seem like the “original”(?). just a few weeks ago, I had to call her out on it because she said that she “didn’t really have it anymore” / “it just went away”. I explained that it’s not something that just “goes away” after a few years, to which she just shrugged and said maybe she was different.

No. 262714

I’m white with loads of fine hair and didn’t realise this is not the norm. How the hell does anyone shampoo everyday without having their hair totally fucked up?

No. 262715

Ditch her.
If you can’t just immediately ghost her entirely, at least make a point to never ever enter her smelly trash palace again. Unclean people deserve to be abandoned.

No. 262717

Good genes? lol
My hair is also rather fine, but no matter what type of shampoo I use or how often I wash it, it always stays healthy.

No. 262719


my gf has done this for years. she literally can't help herself sometimes. like same situation, even copying the things i've said about my mental illness issues too and pretending to her friends etc that she always had those same issues (when i know her and i know she doesn't). the ptsd too. and some other weird stuff. and that's not mentioning the interests and hobbies she gets from me. it's weird. when i confront her about this stuff she's always like "i didn't realize i was doing it, okay? i want you to like me please i just wanted you to like me anon!! i'm so sorry!" and i drop it cause i feel like an asshole.

i think some people are legit like that and they don't realize when they're doing it. seems like most people grow out of this in high school, but lucky for us, some just never do…

No. 262720

Wow I gotta use a particular brand without any parabens or pthalates or whatever’s and it’s so dry it’s splitting if i shampoo more than weekly, and oily as hell if I use leave conditioners. Dry shampoo and lukewarm showers are all it can take on a daily basis. (Most likely my own fault for being an undernourished little fucktard for ten years)

No. 262737

I find that I come here less and less for actual lolcows and moreso to post anonymously in the generals.
I don't know if I can quite put my finger on it, but basically all the cows I want to discuss have threads that are not active. Most of the threads that are active are about other women and it's…excessive nitpicking about their looks? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the shoop/candid comparisons and bad makeup. Yet some threads constantly revolve around bringing down someone's looks, and imo that does not good material make. I don't feel like people should catch shit for just being ugly on the internet; they have to actively be doing stuff to make them bad and lulzy persons too. Many cow threads that could be active right now get glossed over here in lieu of looks nitpicking.

Theoretically I could bump those threads but I'm not that invested, truthfully. I'm a casual reader and I'd just be sleuthing material from the other sites.

Maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe all of this is getting old. Idk. Maybe I'd feel better if I were on the internet less, but a part of me feels like I'm out of the loop and not in the know when I avoid it too.

No. 262742

Why are you still with someone you think is a child and shuts you doqn whenever you bring this shit up? Is she hot?

No. 262768

I feel the same way, I think the reason why farmers nitpick at a cow's appearance is because they usually make their looks apart of their internet persona and it turns out they are ugly af irl. It does get excessive

No. 262814

I love my beta orbiters. I unironically would bang many of them, but they'd certainly see that as me reciprocating, so I can't do it. They need to be kept on a tight leash and never forget who's boss.

I don't even care how trash they are, I just want to lead my own army of beta husbands and rule over the land as an ultimate authority, respected for my power and leadership, adored for my charm - like a goddess dictator queen.

>tfw that is never going to happen

No. 262818

I laughed.

No. 262821

I love this site with my whole entire being and the drama keeps me going, but damn you bitches are MEAN!!! I know that these people deserve it, but people calling dasha fat just makes me want to die….i gained so much weight after something really traumatic happened to me and when I see people posting about DASHA of all people being fat it makes me feel like a piggy….of course I can't stop reading though because the drama fuels me

No. 262822

>>262712 In my experience, people who don't have PTSD really romanticize it? I've met a lot of people who jump at the chance to call themselves traumatized and as someone with PTSD it's kind of upsetting/annoying, so I definitely think I know how you feel. I guess you just have to weigh your options. Do you love this friend? Do you love her more than her drawbacks? It seems like maybe she needs to get her own identity, but that's not something you can just tell her to do, I guess. Me personally, I would probably just endure it, especially if you really love her. I guess she's just showing you a sort of extreme sort of love. Maybe go shopping with her online or something and help her find her own things. And if you find at any point that the positives don't outweigh the negatives, maybe start tapering off with her. seeing her less and talking to her less. I'm sorry, that sounds like a really annoying problem, and I hope that you can figure it out.

No. 262825

You seem like you are living life to its fullest. Congratulations and may you have a bountiful harvest of beta male money and attention.

No. 262833

Get away from her no matter what(and doesn't matter how).I escaped the exact same situation a few months ago.I rented an apartment with my closest friend (4 years)and just in 6 months she was almost skinwalking me.I didn't attend uni this year due to my health problems and while the situation at home was extremely creepy(buying same things-makeup,accessories,clothing,things related to hobbies she never even liked a bit in her life-,posting photos all over social media especially with this stuf-sometimes when i wasn't home she would take some of my stuff and post pics with them lowkey claiming things were hers,i had ppl ask me about where she got those "things" when they were actually mine-.I started to attend school later this year and shockingly she was telling all the stories from my childhood,moments with my boyfriend,all my trips and memories as if she WAS THE ONE HAD THEM.As soon as i started going back the school and learned about all these things,i kicked her out of the house(oh also she was extremely dirty like your friend as well,i cant count how many times i had to clean moldy dishes that was hers and clean bloody pads left open in the bathroom,it was extremely disgusting,but she went on and said everyone that i was filthy as fuck and she was cleaning after me kek)and ever since then im so,so much better.I have no idea why there was a extremely weird and creepy situation like this,but whatever the reason,get away from that person.No matter how long or how good your friendship was.

No. 262873

lol ikr. I have a fridge body, broad shoulders, and a big nose so you can imagine how browsing this website sometimes makes me feel kek but it's too amusing to stop.

No. 262926

File: 1529982469285.gif (687.01 KB, 500x235, tumblr_ndcv6tAC2T1s22704o1_500…)

I'm trying to like this new roommate.

>leaves dishes in the sink for days

>never wipes down kitchen
>loves soup so she spatters it everywhere everyday
>once left coagulated soup ball (??) on the stove
>brings the outer shower curtain into the tub
>spits onto the bathroom sink faucet
>shower mat always wet
>produces so much trash because everything she eats is prepackaged
>first week here her gf broke up with her
>bawled LOUDLY for hours into the night
>check up on her and she seems to have calmed down
>I go to bed
>she walks outside and have a two-hour crying shouting fest with gf on the phone
>it's 1am
>it's been a month
>her bags of shit are still in the living room
>it used to look pinterest-y, now it looks like a storage room for her shit
>I made room in the bookshelf so she can put her books away
>bag still there
>roommate currently violently coughing like a cancer patient
>she is still leagues better than my previous roommate

The little things.

No. 263560

It's not that men are more into femdom than they are normal sex, it's just that gentle maledom is vanilla sex, so it isn't even considered a fetish
Most men that are into femdom are into gentle femdom, which is basically just vanilla sex with the roles reversed
For a man to be into dominating women as a fetish, he has to be dominant enough for it to be considered hardcore BDSM, otherwise it's just normal human sexuality

No. 263567

>gentle maledom is vanilla sex

lmao no it's not. there's nothing dom anything about vanilla sex. why would you even think that? cause the man does the work in missionary? does it turn into femdom when they switch to cowgirl or something?

No. 263570

being penetrated is inherently submissive, you're placing yourself under the physical control of the person doing the penetrating

No. 263571

So if a woman rapes a boy, do you think she's still the submissive one since she's being penetrated by him?

No. 263573

i internally refuted my own argument even before you responded, so i'm not going to bother defending a position I don't actually believe for the sake of not appearing to acquiesce to someone on the internet

are you denying that it's normal for men to be the dominant partner, or did I just misunderstand your post

No. 263577

File: 1530230155899.jpg (59.21 KB, 464x453, tumblr_inline_pa691gH6wL1uht4y…)

>women are born to be dominated by males
>it's just biology

No. 263578

I wasn't the anon you were replying to

No. 263580

i was born into a cult which my family has since left, and i struggle to relate to normal people as a result.

its not something i'd ever want anyone knowing, but at the same time i often get the urge to tell people.

No. 263596

File: 1530239118876.jpeg (110.58 KB, 537x446, 1FD9DC4D-55E7-459C-8DB1-69A864…)

Anyone else like watching feederism videos because it motivates them to never become fat and disgusting

No. 263599

an admin of cytube likes to dox people

No. 263606

I think codependent parenting is bullshit and only harms the kid

No. 263610

Damn anon, that must feel very alienating for you.
From 5 to 12 my dad made me almost convert, ironically it was a rabbi that questioned me if I really wanted that, to ortodox judaism.
It was a secret from everyone even extended family, my mom made me say I was alergic to pig and shellfish in the family get togethers, saturday was all about reading the Torah and jewish self help books, the one friend I invited home was made to listen on and on about why she should convert too from my dad…

I never talked about that with anyone until like 2 years ago, even though it was quite traumatic tbh.
I know it must have been way worse to be in an actual cult, there's no way to compare it, but I think you should just take your time with digesting your experience and eventually talk with someone you trust about it.
It's not like you were the one that chose that, so there's no shame if you think about it.

No. 263614

I think you walk a fine line to becoming a hambeast if the only way you care about your own health is in relation to someone else's looks.

No. 263656

I mean, not really. I’m pretty sure almost everyone cares both about their health and physical appearance. I guess I’m just lethargic and need some extra incentive.

No. 263683

thanks for the kind post anon. sounds like you went through some similar things - i had to lie to people as well about what was really going on, like when you said you were just allergic to pork, when we went to cult gatherings when other members were visiting locally i had to just say it was 'camp'.

i agree that i should talk to someone about it, to be honest i never really did that before cause as a teenager i pretty much just didnt want to face it. but ive recently had some nice conversations with my father about it, so thats a start.

the really hard part is letting go of this resentment i have towards my grandparents, since they're the ones who joined in the first place. my parents have forgiven them but i just feel angry at them…

No. 263708

Well comparing yourself to borderline immobile, morbidly obese binge eaters on yt isn't exactly setting a high bar for yourself.

No. 263916

I get off to monster and bestiality animations.

No. 264077

me too anon

No. 264144

i met this guy on okcupid a few months ago. we held great conversations, he was witty and sarcastic and we would make slightly flirtatious jokes, but it never went anywhere extreme. one night, he has to go into work bc of servers or something. i ask if he wants me to call him and make the drive easier. we’d never talked on the phone before. holy fuck his voice is hot. we keep making sexual jokes but i tell him i have to “be good”. to make a long post short, i made him cum in his boss’s office. i haven’t stopled thinking about it since. a few days later, he goes to europe for a few weeks so no texting. i’m thirsting hard, thinking he probably ghosted me. today, he texts me back and shows me pictures. all i wanna do is hear his voice again and fuck him in his office eventually.

No. 264145



No. 264152

Yes. If I don’t feel like working out on a given day, I put on 500 pound life or some other fat show and it honestly helps. It’s not going to be the best workout of my life but I’ll get through it, when the alternative would have been skipping it all together.
That’s a reach. Different motivations work for different people.

No. 264155

>different motivations
See >>263708. It's really not that motivational to do the bare minimum, in the 500 pound people they are actively working on becoming fat by eating over 5000 calories a day and not moving.

Try comparing yourself to an actual fitness guru, or someone who actually lost weight on yt instead of targeting the lowest hanging fruits.

No. 264156

Exactly. Congratulations on not being absolutely pathetic and revolting, now challenge yourself for real lmao.

No. 264161

>It's really not that motivational to do the bare minimum
Are you confused? It’s not like watching to get fitness tips kek and it’s not like watching to be like “oh I wanna look like that.” It’s like a warning sign of “if you get lazy, you’ll get fat.”
You’re an idiot if you think people watch 500 pound people to “challenge themselves” in their workouts. You don’t get what it’s about.

I also watch fat people when I feel hungry so I don’t eat. It’s a willpower thing.

No. 264162

Maybe the real reason you don't motivate by watching fit and attractive people vlog or eat is because you're intimated by people doing better than you, and the only way you can feel good about yourself is saying you're better than 500 pound landwhales. Which the majority of the population is by that standard.
Yet you'll hide your mediocrity by claiming it's for "motivation" lol, just admit you like watching a good trainwreck because you get off on being marginally less pathetic.
For the record, I watch similar videos and there's always pathetic people like you saying dumb shit like "hoho using this so I don't overeat today" as if anyone needed a video of a sad hambeast doing a McDee's mukbang to do just that.

But don't worry, your secret is safe in this thread.

No. 264163

You sound buttblasted, I too get motivated to maintain my weight by watching fatties around me and online.

No. 264165

Protest some more about it, you don't sound mad at all either.

No. 264167

I really doubt them posting in the secrets thread was them wanting admiration for their action. I don't think they were trying to be impressive.
I think it's silly to expect everyone to want to be the best at everything. Maybe anon has other priorities so being super fit only gets maintenance attention. And I'm saying this as someone who does prioritize being fit, but because I want to put time and energy into being fit, I have to put less energy into other areas of self improvement. There are only so many hours in the day and when you put a lot of effort into one pursuit you're inevitably going to be just average or barely average in others.
Maybe they work full time and have other obligations outside of work, so the time they could take to work out is limited to none. If that's the case and you're not an ectomorph, then yeah you're going to be dancing on the edge of being fat constantly. Comparing yourself to a fitness guru who makes a living on being fit only makes sense if you have the free time and passion to do it. If you're pretty much sedentary and can't immediately change it, I don't blame you for just wanting to make sure you're at the bare minimum, and only telling people on a secrets board with an embarrassed picture attached, no less.

No. 264168

The level of projection in that post is ridiculous.

No. 264175

>Maybe the real reason you don't motivate by watching fit and attractive people vlog or eat is because you're intimated by people doing better than you

What is wrong with you? I use blogilates when I want to work out at home. She's perfectly fit. But I also kick my butt by watching fat people because its motivational when I'm feeling less energetic and enthusiastic. It's like a shot of fear. Why are you so bothered that some people use fat people as a warning to not be lazy or quitters? Are you fat yourself?

>I watch similar videos


No. 264177

I watch drug rehab videos to motivate myself to not get too crazy with my Tylenol. I-It's a slippery slope my dudes, I only watch them to kick my own ass!

No. 264178

if you're a recovering drug addict, it is totally reasonable to watch other drug addicts on youtube in order to not relapse. Its a good reminder of where you used to be and the issues with how you used to live.

Wtf is wrong with you? Stop being triggered people use you as motivation to not be slobs.

No. 264182

>it's good for ex drug addicts to watch other drug addicts
Lol, how verifiably untrue.
Tell me, do you think recovering anorexics benefit from watching youtube videos of current anorexics talk about and practice their habits right in front of the camera?

No. 264185

Nice goalpost moving. Watching disgusting fatties to motivate yourself if 100 % normal, I'm convinced most people use those walking eyesore as motivation.

No. 264187

you're fucking retarded
>Through authentic and fictional stories, these movies and TV shows can embolden people to fully commit to their sobriety.
>they should serve as a reminder to all of us in recovery that where we once were, others are now. And if we don’t take care, we could be there again

You don't know what you're talking about and you need to learn to google. Its an actual technique that works for some people. Stfu. No one cares that you're upset people like to watch fat people so they can remain not-fat. Instead of bitching about it, how about you try working out yourself instead?

No. 264188

Just because you watch a 500 pound obeast doesn't make you magically skinny. Obviously if this actually worked, you wouldn't have to be watching these videos or getting so defensive at me for pointing out this isn't about 'motivation.'
If it's your truth, then go be happy with it because my opinion won't change for you. In fact you're just reenforcing it.

So why don't we go back to some other worthy secrets, hm?

No. 264189

>it works for some people and here's my two links to prove it!
That's nice, enjoy the rest of your evening.

No. 264191

This make no sense at all. No one talked about magically transforming into a skinny model in front of your computer just by watching feeder videos.
The key word is motivation, but I'm guessing you're just a butthurt fatty and don't know what that means.

No. 264193

>butthurt fatty
I think you should stop projecting now.

No. 264194

>Obviously if this actually worked, you wouldn't have to be watching these videos

kekekeke when fatties don't realize you have to work out all the time, not just when you want to lose weight.

instead of shitting on how other people motivate themselves, motivate yourself and get rid of the weight you're painfully insecure about.

No. 264195

File: 1530425499888.png (88.12 KB, 220x286, 3T3zBUL.png)

I think most people in fandom have got something wrong with them. Pic very much related.

No. 264196

NTA but yeah if they're fully recovered and aware of how unhealthy their behavior was, watching anas might very well remind them why it's important to keep up their new lifestyle. When I was
dependent on drugs I definitely would've watched someone doing a lot and just want to do some myself, but now that my mindstate is different I can watch that and just feel put off. Just because you've been addicted or prone to something in the past, it doesn't mean you're doomed to be at its mercy forever. Some people can look at their previous or potential rock bottom and feel pushed to improve instead of yearning to go back.

No. 264197

File: 1530425715556.jpeg (5.44 KB, 240x176, images (3).jpeg)

>when anon believes watching videos is a workout

No. 264198

You're an absolute retard.

No. 264199

Don't you have an Amberlynn Reid video to be watching? Lol, go exercise your sausage fingers elsewhere already.

No. 264201

File: 1530426013263.jpg (140.46 KB, 640x640, J0831-Art-Hr-Giger-Alien-Dark-…)

Giger's work and alien specifically is so wrought with phallic and yonic imagery. It's sexual in nature. The whole movie seems to be based around human psychosexual fears. Imo if you're some level of aroused by it, it just means your human sexuality is up and running. I think wanting to fuck something that looks like a collage of human dicks and pussies and mouths is a lot less concerning than wanting to fuck an actual animal.

No. 264202

I like to watch weird fetish videos of feedees from time to time. The pudgy stomach especially disgust / motivate me.

No. 264204

File: 1530426141594.jpg (26.23 KB, 450x423, 1530293259290.jpg)

>Imo if you're some level of aroused by it, it just means your human sexuality is up and running.
>fucking an alien that wants to kill you is less concerning than fucking an animal

Jesus fuck.

No. 264205

>tfw I want to fuck a xenomorph and am also not a monster fucker, generally speaking
It's the sexual imagery in the design, as well as that sleek black body. I'll admit I'm a degenerate.

Anyway, what kind of argument is going on ITT right now? Why are you all so angry? Someone can look up to fitness models and get a rush of fear when looking at fatties, those aren't mutually exclusive. I like crime videos because they remind me to be careful, as well as fulfilling the morbid curiosity itch. Watching fatties probably provides something similar.
Never change, lolcow.

No. 264206

are you actually illiterate?

>Yes. If I don’t feel like working out on a given day, I put on 500 pound life or some other fat show and it honestly helps. It’s not going to be the best workout of my life but I’ll get through it, when the alternative would have been skipping it all together.
>But I also kick my butt by watching fat people because its motivational when I'm feeling less energetic and enthusiastic.

still waiting for the proof behind
>how verifiably untrue.

Verifiably untrue? Then surely you can provide links?

No. 264207

Because everyone likes to argue everything into the ground here. Even you feel the need to throw in your two cents.
You're right, this place doesn't change at all.

No. 264208

>Why are you all so angry?

Whenever weight or working out is mentioned in any capacity, fat (or ana) anons sperg out for hours.

No. 264209

>the only people who disagree with me have eating disorders
You sound exceptional, maybe you're part of the problem.

No. 264210

>itt autistics who like to watch feeder fetish videos and daydream about xenomorph porn
Whew lasses. Entertaining secrets though!

No. 264212

goddamit anon you got me. I'm not even into aliens I just think calling that 0-100 is unnecessarily dramatic considering it's all based on human genitalia

No. 264213

>I like crime videos because they remind me to be careful

Wow anon, CONGRATS on not being a literal convict, are you proud of yourself for not regularly committing crimes serious enough to get time? Why don't you stop being so mediocre and try looking up to someone who's never even been arrested.


No. 264215

I really got under your skin about those obesity videos, didn't I? Hopefully we'll get past this, anon.

Secret: I'm no centrist or fencerider, but sometimes I think my liberal friends act extremely hostile so much that I can understand the pushback against progressivism in the past few years.

No. 264219

I'm the anon you're responding to, I just dislike the two party system. It hampers forming an opinion issue-by-issue, and I doubt it's accidental. People who care about what others think and/or care about being sensitive to the well being of others are afraid to have any opinion that could be interpreted as right-leaning, so the only people willing to admit to right-leaning views either don't care about or are willing to risk being seen as cruel. I think the current interpretation of the two party system is designed to make people feel that they have to choose between empathy for others and personal freedom, when really there's no reason that you should have to choose unless your life is in danger.

No. 264221

I feel like you fundamentally misunderstood what they meant when they said crime videos teach them to be careful

No. 264246

i have sensitive teeth

No. 264268

I know it's probably his BPD but i'm jealous of the way Pete Davidson gush over Arianna Grande, i've always had amazing but very shy bf, they never bragged about me or acted gushy / proud. It makes me a little sad, I hope I can find a healthy relationship with a guy not afraid to show how much he likes me one day.

No. 264269


Lol I dated a guy with legit diagnosed BPD and I can assure you that all the gushing will die off soon enough and everything will go to shit. Fun while it lasts I guess but I really wouldn't be jealous, it's such a fucking mess in the end.

No. 264308

If a guy gushed about me like that I’d assume he was using me for publicity/money or pathetic. Not to mention most of his comments are seriously objectifying and misogynistic.

No. 264351

me too. one time when I was little I was sitting on the sidewalk eating icecream with my mom and she was showing off to my friends that she could bite right into her ice cream without any pain and we were like woah!! didn't find out till a few years later that her incisors are fake lol she fucking dunked on us

No. 264462

I've never had a real relationship & I want to be able to date around a few times before settling down, so I'm actually kind of scared of the person I date ending up being the one. I know it's not very likely but I'd just feel like I missed out on certain experiences by only dating one person. Obviously just sitting around and not dating anyone isn't helping me either way though, lmao

No. 264737

I'm a trust fund kid.

No. 265511

my ex best friend used to constantly wish death on his mom and she got cancer and died and I'm glad and he deserved it.

No. 265533


on a similar note with this anon,
my dad was abusive and had anger issues that he took out on my brother and mother. most of my time growing up i secretley wished he would die (he was already old when he had me). so when i was a preteen and he passed, i wasn't even that upset because at least i didn't have to fear him anymore.

now i regret that, obviously.

No. 265561

I have no romantic attraction to my girlfriend. Like I love her a lot don t get me wrong but, it's just not in a romantic way. I got with her when she asked me out as a way to get over my 6 year old crush on my best friend and it's a sh itty thing to do I know.she's been going on about us getting married and I just, I can't do this anymore. I've been thinking about how I'm gonna break up with her for months but I'm scared of hurting her in the process.

No. 265605

you got to break up with her she doesnt deserve being with a guy that doesnt want to progress the relationship if theres no future your both wasting each others times being together

No. 265606

Wait, is that anon not a lesbian?

No. 265608

honey, that's a dyke

No. 265609

well doesnt help I read that while bit drunk oh well

No. 266112

one time there was a huge scam scandal happened in the lolita community some girl who's name i forget now got in trouble for charging back a bunch of purchases, and was refunding personal sellers to save face. when that happened i pretended to be someone who sold stuff to her, and she refunded me almost $900. i used it to buy christmas presents for all my friends.

No. 266145

I remember this and she was a massive cunt for scamming actual brand companies so kudos to you for being able to pull that off

No. 266782

Having a mentally ill SO is really taxing. I don't mind most times, but sometimes.. I kinda don't want to do it haha. I feel wrong for thinking that, I love them of course but sometimes the constant reassurance can be really annoying. I know they just can't //stop// being mentally ill I know that's not how it works, but sometimes I feel like there's no way I can keep us both up you know? So that's why I like to have sleepovers with my friends sometimes so I can have like a mini breather if that makes sense? And I feel kinda guilty because they're not very good at making friends (I have more than them) and they don't really like the ones they do have. Sometimes I snap, because like I said the reassurance is annoying if you have to constantly do it, and I give them attitude when I don't mean to but I can only say 'It'll be fine, really!' 'It's okay! You're over thinking it you didn't do anything wrong!' or 'No ones gunna remember you saying that thing haha' so many times before I just throw up my hands. I'm not sure how it's reassurance if every time I try you find a reason to why it won't work. Like jesus kid, I'm sorry I don't know what else to say to you to make that minor thing go away! I feel like a bad person for thinking any of this lol. B-But I don't think it's wrong to want to not have to take care of someone all the time.

No. 266784

i know this is a secrets thread, but i just wanted to say you should really really rethink your relationship. i'm in a similar relationship and i just don't feel like you do. you need to be a certain type of person to hold that responsibility, and if you're not you can't become them. i'm really not trying to be mean, just saying that if it's too much for you it won't ever stop being too much.

No. 266788

I know what you mean, and I have thought about my relationship and I'm not sure how long you've been in yours but I've only been feeling this recently. Had I been feeling this the start of the relationship I don't think it would've lasted this long to be honest. I just feel frustrated since we're trying to move currently and I'm not sure if that's whats causing him to sperg out or something (since the current place we have now is really small and we need a bigger place for more room). He is going back to therapy though so there's that.

No. 266804

I have a crush on this guy, and he likes me, too. He almost told me he loved me, but I have a boyfriend, and he has a girlfriend. We're basically (tacitly) keeping each other as back-up on the off chance that things go bad with our current relationships.
I don't really know if I'd seriously date him, though. I might just be infatuated and horny.
My boyfriend knows about my attraction to him, but he also realizes that there's no need to worry about me running off unless he dumps me himself, or if things take a very bad turn.

No. 266805

…It's not normal to have a 'backup' when you're in a relationship anon. If you're looking for backups that means you don't have faith in your current relationship or you believe that in the future it will not last. So you might as well rip off the band-aid now and break up with him.

No. 266808

I feel like more people do this than they admit, especially if they have large social circles. I mean, haven't you ever met someone and thought you'd consider them an option for dating if you didn't already have a person you loved? It only becomes a problem if you're actually carrying on an affair IMO.
Knowing you won't necessarily be alone if things turn sour doesn't have to mean you don't love your partner, or that you lack the required amount of faith in them for the relationship to work. It'd be nice if once you fell in love, you'd know for a fact you'd be together forever, but nothing in life is certain, and I guess that scares me. Things just happens in life, and people change in all sorts of ways. You can't really predict it, or stop it. Then again, I have heavy paranoia, so my coping methods most likely don't exactly veer on the healthy side.

No. 266811

>> Haven't you ever met someone and thought you'd consider them an option for dating

No lol

No. 266812

Sorry for being a filthy allosexual

No. 266840

nta but I'm a "filthy allosexual" and I don't see other people as potentials when I'm in a relationship. You sound like you're just in a relationship so you don't have to be alone, and that's not love.

No. 266846

I enjoy flirting with teenage boys and teasing them in online games. I never say anything sexual though.

No. 266849

File: 1531163296257.jpg (24.97 KB, 450x675, caMm6N8.jpg)

No. 266863

I can't really prove it, but I well and truly love the guy I'm with. I just don't believe most things are certain in life.

No. 266865

People aren't naturally monogamous. We just pretend.

No. 266882

Polyamory is for people that only care about sex, I'm sorry.

No. 266891

No… Many of us are, happily so.

No. 266893

>My boyfriend knows about my attraction to him,

How? If my boyfriend knew about my "back up" and my attraction to him all hell would break loose lol

No. 266895

polyamory is for people who are too immature for real relationships and the challenges they include.

No. 266902

That’s why most of them are obese degenerate furries. It’s just another layer of dysfunction.

No. 266913

tbh poly couples are always uggos. it's all literally the ugliest men i've ever seen that also have the massively unattractive trait of possessing male sexual entitlement that is actually worse than the sexual entitlement conventionally attractive men that work on their appearance, possess. females in poly relationships are generally fat and/or fairly unattractive and desperate to prove they have something that makes them more special than more attractive girls (it's a sad situation that ugly men make them feel they have to push their sexual boundaries just to keep their affection/love).

it's largely unhealthy, and i believe it's especially unhealthy for women, as they're goaded and coaxed into these relationships because men are complacent and entitled, and told that they're being more 'logical' by opening themselves up to disease, and that the preservation of our health is illogical or that our natural inclinations to be monogam