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No. 244869

Apparently the man who killed 10 people yesterday with a van in Toronto was an incel.

Are we supposed to worry about incel terrorists now? Their website is full of incels praising the killer.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

No. 244880

>Is there any way to fix this problem?

Yeah, kill them all

No. 244882

File: 1524590047206.jpg (109.67 KB, 576x432, TwoDoors.jpg)

Just put an anime bodypillow inside and shut the door whilst they're fighting over it

No. 244885

Seems like incels don't stay obediently in their momma's basements anymore.

>Is there any way to fix this problem?

Yeah, fix men.

No. 244887

It's rare that any of these faggots get the courage to even go leave the house, so no, I see no reason to worry.

No. 244894

I think incels/mgtow should be killed but the law wont abide by that because morals and shit so imo we should put them in jail, they're not taking literal warning signs seriously until its too late, then again all people who say insane shit on the internet should at least be checked and monitored

No. 244902

I just don't understand why they center all their worth as a human on getting laid, like women are just objects that only exist to serve them(or "chads).
When I read the rant threads here in this site the girls, or most, have very real problems going on in their lives and don't act like it's all about "tfw no bf".
Why are men so fucking vapid? It's really disgusting.

No. 244904

They believe that they're deserving of sex simply for being men, so female "withholding" sex from them is taking away from them something that they're rightfully entitled to and at the same time they think not having sex make them non human since they don't have access to what is supposed to be the ultimate human experience; being biologically validated by having a female accept their seeds. So women are making them subhuman trash by not giving them sex. It's a mix of evo psych retardation, self hate and autism….

No. 244905

LOL Incels are so fucking odd. They are obsessed with the idea of sex with a woman, but have any of them actually envisioned talking with one?

Imagine the cringe.

No. 244909

It's pure autism. They hate us, but want to fuck us. If they want a human experience try making a friend.

No. 244912

If all they want is sex then why don't they pay a prostitute?

No. 244918

because women who have had sex with anyone other than them are disgusting sluts, obviously. the only woman that could be okay is a pure virgin waifu who dedicates her entire life to him and what he likes

No. 244921

Do incels even kiss? I wonder what they imagine sex to be like.

No. 244923

Like porn, probably. Exaggerated moaning, rough treatment and the woman crying.

No. 244926

For real though, is this some crazy mother complex? Because it seems they are just looking for a mother surrogate they can fuck.
Didn't their mother loved them or something? And why so many of them are half asian?

No. 244927

I think most incels are kissless virgins.

No. 244929

Many incels are "ethnics". They hate their own race of women because they say those women prefer white men over them.

No. 244937

yet they don't have the confidence to socalise and integrate with society, I can't see them being able to throw a woman around in the sheets lol let alone get a moan out of one. Like I am trying to understand their expectation if they fantasise about it enough.

When I was 14 and coming to understand my sexuality I fantasised about Orlando Bloom. I never expected anything fo Orlando Bloom or ever envisioned I'd pursue him. Luckily in school I was surrounded by other boys and developed crushes and got to explore how the real world works. Expect nothing. There will always have to be effort put in for something, fuck even if one of these nerds had the courage to hang around a pub enough they might get kissed by a loose bar chick or at the very least strike up a conversation. No one is obligated to be interested in you, you've got to sell yourself.

No. 244942

They need to focus on getting their friginity out of the way! I remember that term got introduced to me when I was 10. Being a frigid was the uncool thing. I lied about losing my friginity to a guy from another school at 11. The pressure got too much man. I didn't officially lose it until 14/15, you got to be sure about these things!!

No. 244948

you're thinking of shy guys. Your classic Incel is more like Elliot Rodger who made endless approaches but for nothing as he was so repellent

No. 244960

Elliott Rodger actually never approached a single girl, he just showed up to different places and was infuriated when beautiful blonde women weren't flocking to him.

No. 244961

I've read somewhere that women can instinctively tell from a facial expression if a guy is a narc or psychopath.
I guess that's why no girl, or at least the healthy ones, will never approach incels lmao.

No. 244965

then you read some bs.

No. 244973

Then why do so many girls date narcs or psychopaths? If this was the case then girls wouldn't date abusive guys

No. 244975

No. 244976

>at least the healthy ones

No. 244977

>Consistent with earlier research, her team found that women dislike the faces of men who score highly on dark triad traits. Fascinatingly, women were able to perceive and negatively respond to dark triad faces even after drinking alcohol. “When people are shown these faces, they’re seen as less attractive and more threatening,” Brewer confirms.

No. 244979

No I don't understand why girls date abusive guys. I've never have had a problem with it myself. But I guess it's a case of "no real girl dates an abusive guy" then?

This study is somewhat flawed. The way the researchers determined someone who had psycopathy or narcissism was based on a self-reported survey. Then they morphed the people with high scores onto control faces. Overall I don't think the study is definitive.

Regardless I think the results in real life show that some women can detect shitty men and some women can't.

No. 244982

Yeah, it would be insteresting to read a better study that also touches the women mental health.
My mother was very depressed, and a bt suicidal, when she got with my father, who is 30 years her senior and has a lot of narc characteristics.

No. 244985

Wait, but aren't those men the ones with the highest numbers of partners? Something isn't adding up.

No. 244986

I've had poor mental health and have been suicidal. But getting together with someone abusive never seemed great to me.

I just don't get the idea that attracting the opposite sex is a matter of morality. Plenty of douchey frat guys and other types of bros get girls.

No. 244990

>I just don't get the idea that attracting the opposite sex is a matter of morality.
>Plenty of douchey frat guys and other types of bros get girls.
Maybe it's a variation of the dark triad? Like something that separates the asshole rapist dudebro from the schoolshooter incel? I wonder how would they score on openness and agreeableness.

No. 244992

Do you know what openness is? It's openness to new experiences and ideas. Definitely a lot of frat guys do not have high openness.

I think it's a looks/social awkwardness thing. For example, a lot of people used to think my ex was creepy because he had a neckbeard and was really socially awkward even though he was very sweet. He's cleaned up and become less awkward since then and people's perceptions have changed.

Look up the Halo effect. But I think ugly girls get just as punished for their bad looks as ugly guys if not more.

No. 244995

>But I think ugly girls get just as punished for their bad looks as ugly guys if not more.
Yes, but how come girls don't shoot schools because of that?

No. 245000

Mental health treatment is looked down upon among men. Real men need to "man up" and not seek help.

No. 245004

True. It's a men's problem they need to fix on their own.

No. 245007

I'm still not convinced it's all that simple.
A lot of women avoid mental health care for inumerous reasons, yet they don't go on violent rampages.

No. 245010

They try, but they often try to fix their problems in destructive ways. Look at PUA/Red Pill/MGTOW etc

It's a bunch of men trying to find solutions to their problems, but in the worst manner possible.

No. 245012

Maybe cause men have more testosterone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyways men are more likely to get antisocial disorders, while women get anxiety and depression more often.

No. 245023

Narc and psychopathic men are more predatory and more likely to pressure women into sex. How does it not add up?

No. 245035

all this stuff is going by reported statistics, and most people, especially men don't report it.

tbh i think a lot of social obligation bs weighs into why these people become like this, mainly because of their parents. having really normie parents causes outcast children to be more and more closed off. of course i don't think it's my or any of your job to fix it, but the whole "manly" shit that is pushed on these guys needs to stop. too bad incels are too busy irrationally hating everyone and trying to kill people than standing up for themselves for real.

No. 245042

>incel culture becoming more prominent
>the population of males in countries like China and India are largely outnumbering females

4chan was also frozen for the entire day and most people are betting it was because of this incident.

No. 245058

>but the whole "manly" shit that is pushed on these guys needs to stop
They push that onto themselves. It's not women.

No. 245062

my boyfriend will beat you up!!

No. 245063

There has been a noticable uptick in sexual assaults and rapes in China and India due to the excess (in millions) of men without access to women there.

No. 245065

welp, i guess this is what happens when you keep killing female babies

No. 245070

I love how they always blame women for everything but in actuality it's other men that punish and push the hyper masculine shit onto them.
But no, let's look for an easier target to hate. Gosh I hate incels.

No. 245075

i explicitly said that. it's family dynamic, their fathers. what the fuck, i'm not an incel.
i even said they need to fix it, as in men.

No. 245080

>Why are men so fucking vapid? It's really disgusting.
The men that aren't vapid aren't incels.

No. 245081

this is what happens when men legitimately believe women do not have their own sexual subjectivity and only exist to facilitate men's

No. 245084

There is already an incel thread in snow >>>/snow/344954

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