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File: 1521836318423.jpg (58.09 KB, 520x390, haggis.jpg)

No. 236372

What kind of foods do you have cravings for?

No. 236373

>that OP image
After seeing that, nothing.

No. 236374

There is nothing wrong with haggis, it is very tasty.

No. 236439

those really salty licorice candies, the ones with ammonium chloride on them. I really want a bag of those right now but they're hard to find in burgerland.

I'll eat anything and I'm sure that thing's delicious but it looks goddamn revolting.

No. 236442

it looks like a diaper

No. 236444

it's called salmiakki you uneducated murican but I'm glad at least one foreigner enjoys it

No. 236447

Sweet carbs like cereal, bagels, scones etc, always. And greasy fatty food like pizza and McDonald's.

No. 236448

Cream cheese and deep fried sushi, juicy sweet fruity stuff like gushers, fruit by the foot sour candies, etc
Cookie dough especislly those pillsbury seasonal cookies
Cheesecake, weeb foods

No. 236449

ah TIL. The kind I'm used to is from a German brand so I didn't know the finnish name for them hah.

No. 236450

No more "revolting" than hot dogs, chicken nuggets etc which are otherwise known as "pink slime". You can but vegan haggis if you don't like the idea of offal.

No. 236453

yeah like I said I'm sure it's tasty I'm just freaked out by the presentation because I'm unaccustomed to it lol.

No. 236461

Why start off the thread with such a disgusting image, OP?

No. 236465

Agreed. I can't think about food anymore after looking at OP image.

Bad choice.

No. 236476


No. 236478

File: 1521856529753.jpg (21.13 KB, 500x491, Smoked_Salmon.jpg)

Cold smoked salmon and other seafood delicacies. Satisfies the salty and fatty cravings without the guilt of resorting to fried food.

But it feels super weird. Bf jokes that I'm a "bear." When I go across the street late at night to the store to pick up a $16 package of smoked salmon he says I'm going on a salmon run.
It's an expensive habit though, and I can go through a package of that stuff straight in one sitting.

No. 236488

god I love cold fish. I do kinda feel like a bear when I eat it though.

No. 236489

File: 1521859649974.jpg (12.32 KB, 398x265, shirataki.jpg)

I'm strangely addicted to the texture of shirataki noodles and rice. I can't get enough. I just wish I could find a good ramen recipe that has simple ingredients I can find in a rural grocery store.

That's half the fun of eating fish, anon.

No. 236496

i worked at a sushi place for years and got hooked on spicy blue crab with cucumber and creamcheese in a roll with seaweed on the inside AND outside. so goddamn good but our chefs would only let me order it at the very end of the night because it was a 'specialty order'.

smoked salmon with a tiny bit of cream cheese is also so goooooood.

No. 236498

fuckin green olives

No. 236499

Cereal. Something about milk (or milk replacements) and the crunchiness of even blander cereals is addicting.

No. 236508

there's this hawaiian food place near me that has pulled pork and macaroni salad…I want some so bad but they're closed right now.

>That's half the fun of eating fish, anon.
oh yeah I wasn't complaining. feels good…primal…

No. 236534

I hate it when the cereal gets too soft and the texture becomes disgusting.

No. 236556

File: 1521890737916.gif (670.41 KB, 500x243, vag.gif)

varg… is that… you? show us ur patrician thulean perspective.

No. 236564

Why do people like crunchy cereal so much? I won't eat it unless it's soggy

food i'm craving is those dorito tacos from taco bell and crab rangoons

No. 236568


i'm always craving fries :( well actually anything crispy and salty that i can dip

No. 236581

It's just haggis. Surely it's no more "disgusting" than looking at any other image of meat. Only unlike say a hot dog, nuggets etc haggis is made of simple unprocessed ingredients that are protected with E.U legislation.

No. 236585

File: 1521902335449.jpg (191.83 KB, 1024x678, Boudin.jpg)

OP image made me want some boudin.

No. 236606

Fuck, me too. My favorite cereal takes over ten minutes of soaking to get soggy and everyone who's ever seen me sit in front of the bowl waiting commented that it was bizarre that I wanted it soggy.

I don't get it.

No. 236640

It's really no different to me than the concept of a sausage; taking some unsavory cuts of meat, mixing with filler and spice, and leading the mixture into an animal casing. I've never had it before though because the real deal with the lung offal is banned in the US.

Looks interesting.

No. 236652

Made me want some kiszka. Still want it a day later.

No. 236653

Soggy is gross. Crispy is the best. It tastes fresher or something idk how to describe it.

No. 236654

cajun food is the best food

No. 236671

File: 1521936080505.jpg (38.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

At the moment, chicken and potato paprikas

No. 236672

>thick, rich curries
>creamy pasta
>avocado sushi

No. 236675

Barely pregnant anon here, waiting on my takeaway order

My MVPs are
Sweet potato fries with tons of garlic mayo
Jalapeno cheese poppers
Mashed potatoes with as much butter as humanly possible
Chocolate ganache
Chocolate truffles
PANCAKES PANCAKES PANCAKES especially with cream cheese and strawberries
Mac and cheese
Steak is my fucking favourite, medium rare more on the rare side
Sunny side up eggs
Black pudding ♡ (irishfag)

No. 236685

File: 1521943959005.jpg (60.91 KB, 384x550, fritos.jpg)

My ana-chan ass wants Fritos Scoops constantly because they taste like salt and nothing else.

No. 236732

Same anon. A crispy hot salty French fry with cold maple ketchup is the best.
I like anything crunchy and fried tbh, which is why I’m sad that most fast food places won’t do vegan fried stuff because the coating of nuggets is the best bit. Also I’m addicted to ice cold full fat Coke, and slush drinks.

No. 236733

Samefag but green olives and garlic bread, with fruit ciders. I love strong contrasting flavours, I guess.

No. 236739

Baked potato with spiced butter and crispy bacon bits. Spicy chicken wings with honey and garlic glaze. Salty french fries, always, and I'm pretty sure you could make me eat anything if it is deep fried.

No. 236785

eat well anon!! i hope you will have a healthy and happy pregnancy <3

No. 236866

File: 1522022251246.jpeg (63.78 KB, 418x352, C81A7A55-B4EE-4FFF-9740-C00527…)

These magic fuckers. American snacks are mostly gross in my experience.

No. 236876

Now I want fried haggis.

No. 236881

I’m pretty put off by the look of it but I’ll try just about anything. Is haggis something worth making myself? What are the dominant flavours? Do I eat it hot or cold?

No. 236883

It's pretty delicious, very savory in that way offal tends to be but without the bite you'd get from liver if that makes sense? The onion, spice blend and oatmeal helps smooth it out.

It traditionally tends to be eaten hot with mashed turnips and potatoes on the side. I had a neighbor who used to swear by chilling and slicing leftover haggis for sandwiches. You can do pretty much anything with it, though. I've seen people make haggis burritos, or you have dishes like chicken Balmoral that use it as an ingredient.

Also, if you have a choice, always go for a smaller haggis. The oatmeal expands, so you don't want to end up with a ton of leftovers if you're not hosting a big meal.

If you like it, blood pudding is also really good, especially fried up for breakfast.

No. 236960

I have never tasted american snacks. I want to taste those.

No. 236963

Seasoned Nandos fries that you dip into nandos hot sauce. I love love love…

No. 237246

File: 1522164698509.jpg (36.88 KB, 450x450, heksendrop.jpg)

I love heksehyl licorice, the one with the witch and the werewolf are the only one I tasted so far, and it' impossible to find strong liquorice candy in my country.

Doritos load, a triangle of cheese cover with doritos dust and fried, it was limited edition the time I tasted it .

I love good houmous, and it's so hard to have the do it perfectly, and with hot falafels it's so delicious

No. 237277

File: 1522175164567.jpg (18.85 KB, 300x300, cheetos-ketchup-flavour__59002…)

fuck the US for not selling these

No. 237281

I love haggis, Polish kishka is similar in flavor. Blood anything is yum.

No. 237282

Jamaican oxtail stew. It’s so freaking good but oxtail has become really expensive in the states, while it used to be considered little better than offal now it’s become a meat that’s part of the main dish on pricey prix fixe menus, crazy.

No. 237314

File: 1522186558166.jpeg (115.08 KB, 640x959, 33AD2ABD-8061-4521-95E6-418DA5…)

Good white bread in all shapes. With some butter while it’s still semi warm ooof

No. 237317

File: 1522187337607.jpg (67.15 KB, 458x458, crunchy-apricot-muesli.jpg)

A lot of people can't really understand my obsession but I fucking love muesli. Preferably with a ton of dried fruit. I sometimes eat a kilogram per day. Not even drenched it milk, I just eat it dry..

No. 237319

white bread + butter + honey was my everything as a child

No. 237321

They’re Australian. Shapes are great. The pizza ones are pretty good too, but only the original ones. The new versions are utter shit.

No. 237322

File: 1522187651123.jpg (426.34 KB, 1260x1890, aligot.jpg)

This bad boy right here

No. 237324

File: 1522187755587.jpg (35.06 KB, 400x300, Mon-Kou-105.jpg)

>debating on ordering a chinese takeout binge or being good and fixing myself a healthy dinner

I really want pork and other fried delights…

No. 237325

File: 1522187881608.gif (2.05 MB, 1364x1060, 4856556.gif)

>Roasted chicken
>Spaghetti carbonara
>White peach syrup
>Pringles sour cream & onion
>Pepperoni pizza
>Melted cheese (fondue/raclette)
>Cheese panini

Holy shit that made me hungry

No. 237330

Same, for some reason halloween ones taste better
I also crave honey stuff a lot like honey cakes
Im a huge sucker for little debbie brownies and fudge rounds too

No. 237334

File: 1522189740754.jpg (90.63 KB, 640x640, 112.jpg)

Freaking out because I went to two Walgreens yesterday and they were sold out. And I have Walgreens couponsss!

No. 237338

What the fuck is that? It looks delicious

No. 237339

i always crave roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli with parmezan and balsamic vinegar in the last 2 months. that or gyros. whatever else i eat just feels so underwhelming lol

No. 237340



No. 237343

That’s sounds fuken amazing anon

No. 237366

File: 1522200977452.jpg (31.62 KB, 600x900, dolme.jpg)

Right now I'm craving some dolme. It's absolutely delicious.

I fucking love heksehyl, been my favourite since childhood.
I also love hummus and falafel. Good taste, anon.

No. 237368

File: 1522202025507.jpg (363.27 KB, 2048x1536, k4SrHu5.jpg)

All I can think about is biting into a chewy, fudgy corner-piece brownie. I'm trying to be good and keep away from sugary simple carbs for now, but I'm weak around them. That and some coffee-flavored ice cream..

No. 237472


No. 237843

hey anon, are you french ? ( just
wondering )
Thank you, licorice is so underrated where I live, and middle eastern cuisine is one of my favorite, knowing how to cook it would be a dream for me .

No. 314682

Peanut butter, almond butter, pistachios, whole wheat toast with grass-fed butter, mashed potatoes, chocolate banana muffins, everything with cheese.
I've lost weight, but these are the things I miss most. I could have them, but I wouldn't have enough calories left for filling foods. I save enough to have a special Saturday brunch with my bf, or to go out in the evening, so I'm fine. But I miss having apples with big gobs of almond butter.

No. 314690

File: 1540218775023.jpg (45.73 KB, 640x480, D680-smoked_salmon3.jpg)

This guy over here. Lowkey planning to move to Norway for unlimited, cheaper supplies

No. 314700

File: 1540219406944.jpeg (101.27 KB, 800x600, B0F48E8A-906D-48CA-99A8-527D42…)

Love dolmades. Right now I’ve been craving moussaka for like two weeks.

No. 314704

cheap salmon here is oily trash and even then you'll rarely find it under 10 dollars lol

No. 314706

File: 1540219794583.png (83.35 KB, 340x191, sm.png)

A slice of toast with caviar, hard boiled eggs and cucumber would be great right now.

No. 314760

File: 1540227928060.jpg (46.74 KB, 700x394, LWwkYU9.jpg)

I really want a nice steak with some french fries right now.

No. 314768

File: 1540228614490.jpg (47.36 KB, 550x413, vegetable-lo-mein.jpg)

I'm a whore for vegetable lo mein, especially the kind with really thick, soft noodles.

I think caviar goes nice with cream cheese on a bagel or cracker

No. 314785

Ah, I assumed that it would be a bit cheaper in Norway since it's produced there… sigh. Then I'll stock from my country, here it's about 5 Euro for 200g

No. 314788

File: 1540230275051.jpg (39.03 KB, 472x310, curry.jpg)

I've been craving red thai curry for weeks but I'm too lazy to cook anything lately.

No. 314995

File: 1540247000630.jpg (41.2 KB, 640x445, ceviche-de-tiburon-1-640x445.j…)

I wish i still lived by the coast to get some ceviche for cheap, here it's mad expensive and served in really small portions

No. 315008

File: 1540248348233.jpg (119.32 KB, 750x422, perfect-roasted-chicken-mscs10…)

I'm always craving a good roast chicken with a side of super creamy mac and cheese shells and cornbread.
My mouth is watering just thinking about it lol I need to head over to Boston Market soon for a quick fix
Another thing I crave is kefta kabobs with some garlic sauce, basmati rice, whatever they call that salad with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, and hummus. Put all that in a pita… perfection.

No. 315089

File: 1540256203401.jpg (98.87 KB, 600x451, pork-souvlaki.jpg)

Pork souvlaki wrap with extra tzatziki

No. 315095

Broccoli. It’s so good just steamed and peppered.
Steak au poivre, roast duck with lemon, good quality butter, proper yogurt with home grown fruit. Roast carrots with honey, sachertorte or kladkakka with fresh cream.

Any cooks here?

No. 315101

File: 1540258797591.jpg (172.37 KB, 1024x703, bf50551e2121fbfe2400_1024.jpg)

bread is my shit anon. im more of a whole wheat and grains kinda gal. i don't buy loaves of bread anymore because I can eat an entire loaf in one sitting

No. 315119

File: 1540263682545.jpg (93.51 KB, 1080x720, lobster-bisque_LRG.jpg)

Anyone here love lobster bisque as much as I do? If a restaurant has it on the menu, I will ALWAYS order it. Whenever I go to Texas de Brazil, I get like five or six helpings of it. So good.

Broccoli in a good stir-fry is killer. There's a Vietnamese place near me that does great stir fry, and the broccoli is always cooked just right.

No. 315120

File: 1540263698639.gif (833.47 KB, 500x316, tumblr_mbphedR6J91r6aoq4o1_500…)

I have shameful food cravings…

My favorite of all time is macaroni and cheese (Velveeta or Cheez whizz) and 2 eggs on top. That way when I cut into the egg the yolk covers the macaroni. That craving came about during lunchtime and I wanted both eggs and macaroni and cheese.

I crave hamburgers with peanut butter as well and another craving would be french fries with vanilla ice cream.

I'll see myself out of this thread now.

No. 315124

Stir fried broccoli is a gift from the gods. >>315120
No French fries and ice cream is great don’t go anon. Especially if the ice cream has chocolate sauce. My go to junk food is toast with peanut butter so thick and melty it drips or family size bags of chips. Dunno how I’m not 200lbs lol.

No. 315129

File: 1540265760866.jpeg (66.01 KB, 550x412, 857F0B00-F79E-44FD-B2EB-23CDF5…)

Falafel with homemade humus…

No. 315130

ive been craving falafels for daaaaays.

this thread makes me happy. cooking makes me so happy

No. 315131

File: 1540266556581.gif (1.25 MB, 480x264, D8B7E085-A793-44AC-8328-8265BC…)

Yeah, I love seeing what othe people eat. I would like to try new things I see here

No. 315133

File: 1540266616816.jpg (30.24 KB, 500x500, Kuhne_Chopped_Kale_9fe443b5-af…)

I'm absolutely not a health food freak. I'm not even German. Just love this green shit straight out the jar with some bread. Wtf

Fug I'd ravish that

No. 315139

Never seen it before but it looks like pesto. I’d eat it. Is it bitter?

No. 315141

File: 1540268774630.jpeg (52.51 KB, 600x600, 3F253658-4D2B-4F23-A7AB-56E6B7…)

maraschino cherries! i sometimes just buy a whole jar and just sit there and eat them one by one…. in the bathroom at work bc I’m ashamed of my habit and praying no one sees me walk out of a bathroom with an almost empty jar of cocktail cherries.

Id make that lo mein my bitch.

No. 315151

I wish I knew what it was like to crave savoury foods like y'all instead of wanting baked goods or toast or cereal or literally any sweet carbs 24/7. I want dessert after every meal except breakfast because I have sugary porridge for breakfast gdi.

No. 315156

Chocolate and pastry are the best food groups. Love proper food but nothing beats a good dessert.

Semi related; there’s a new baby in the family and I wanna cool something for the parents. Anyone know any good freezeable meals that aren’t casseroles or mac n cheese?
Making quiches, soup, and a fruit pie but would like more meals for them.

No. 315159

The worst stuff, fried chicken burgers slathered in mayo, chips and dip, poutine, whatever. I can't stomach more than one or two bites of cake or dessert stuff though.

No. 315177

Lol I'm the total opposite. Not a fan of most deep fried things, beef, or mayo, but I love cake and chocolate.

The best kind of cake in my opinion is dark chocolate cake with whipped white icing, or spice cake with whipped white icing.

No. 315190

File: 1540286009740.jpg (51.03 KB, 1024x683, roasted-pumpkin-recipe-9568-3.…)

roasted pumpkin, sweet potato fries, guacamole, chestnut mushrooms, and blueberry pancakes

my diet is mostly cereal and baked beans tho, gotta love being poor and ana

No. 315201

File: 1540292092405.png (810.89 KB, 791x1000, N1_14506590.png)

No. 315202

once a month i will make burritos in bulk to freeze when i want something quick for a meal. i love eating things out of tortillas lol

it would still involve a little cooking but freezing bulk components to meals, like a bulk pasta sauce or shredded protein of some sort or meatballs. prechopped vegetables for stir fry.

No. 315234

File: 1540302591336.jpg (110.58 KB, 600x600, 13-600x600.jpg)

Just eel sushi. I want it all the time, it's such a huge craving of mine, god I love it so much.

No. 315353

Aw, you’re a sweet person. Maybe some hearty stews would be good too?

No. 315357

File: 1540315914839.jpeg (339.85 KB, 1240x1860, F54E4978-5AA5-4EE1-A141-97D7FD…)

I’m a tofu freak and love it any way, even unprepared. The only problem is I have a slight soy allergy and it makes my throat swell a little. But it’s hard for me to care because I love it so much. I try to not eat it TOO often but damn it’s one of my happy foods.

No. 315412

I love how it absorbs anything you marinate it in.

No. 315415

File: 1540321953028.jpg (180.52 KB, 1000x667, 1-Salmon-Sashimi-with-Ponzu-3-…)

Me too anon! I could eat salmon sashimi and eel sushi everyday and never get sick of it. I'd do it too if it wouldn't break my bank lol.

No. 315523

>Loaded Diaper The Image

peanut butter and bananas

No. 315540

kladkakka? you mean kladdkaka? it’s really good. pic related is a mix between kladdkaka and semla. ugh this thread is giving me cravings

No. 315541

File: 1540333490084.jpeg (111.12 KB, 700x700, 74B24155-85CF-4432-B025-A83CAA…)

forgot pic

No. 315543

Obviously meant kladdkaka. It’s delicious but pedantic corrections aren’t.

No. 315558

Yes I love lobster bisque! Also crab bisque is really good. I love any seafood soup tbh, and soup in general.

No. 315565

Why does this thread show up just as I start a diet ;_;

No. 315656

File: 1540354460283.jpeg (3.14 MB, 4608x3072, 16DD4C26-FD33-495A-A511-2D82F4…)

My grandma used to make these marzipan fruit cookies when I was a kid. She’d use a little paintbrush to make them look beautiful. So nostalgic, I wish I could make them.

No. 315675

Whole grain bread is great. I really hate dieting. I can't ever seem to make room for grains without going hungry for most of the day.

No. 315778

I have a mighty need for some raw salmon rn but i'm a poorfag so no can do.

No. 321809

Does anybody have any good soups or bisques for picky eaters? Deep into salty and savory flavors

No. 664851

Sorry i accidentally abandoned this thread.

kinda good
What country makes em
At firs ti thought it was coins. a kg
yommy yommy
hell yea
look kinda good
steak yom
that falaf looks too dark
hmmm maybe
hell yea

No. 664907

File: 1604286883780.jpeg (19.22 KB, 225x225, 1D150048-4C0F-4431-A0E2-7437F4…)

No. 664969

File: 1604298482457.jpg (97.83 KB, 1200x1200, strawberry-shortcake-cake-thum…)

No. 664970

File: 1604298622121.jpg (431.22 KB, 680x1022, 14.jpg)

and this

No. 665010

File: 1604315072991.jpg (104.77 KB, 1200x676, salmon roe.jpg)

I really want to try pic related, it looks so pretty. Can any anons tell me what it tastes like?

No. 665012

File: 1604315568054.jpg (786.01 KB, 4095x3071, NINTCHDBPICT000486990216-1.jpg)

If only it wasn't 6am

No. 665013

it is SO salty. i really don’t like it. the texture is really weird too. like. slimy and hard to bite but they stick onto your teeth somehow.

No. 665015

aw. I like salty af things though so I'll still try it. I see people eating it on bread with cream cheese sometimes, maybe it's good with that

No. 665016

Tastes salty, has a fish odour. Less strong aroma than black caviar. They have a membrane that gives you satisfying tiny crunches (best thing about it imo). Not pleasant in large quantities. I like it thinly spread on buttered toast.

No. 665027

I used to like it on bread with butter back when I was a kid, but after growing up I cannot stand it. This thing is slimey as hell, along with that it's way too salty even for me, a person who loves salty stuff. However It may still be good with butter and bread, because last time I tried it I had to try it by itself.

No. 665030

Toast the bread first, it will be much better. Nice and crunchy. I can't imagine eating it with regular bread, it's not the right texture combination and probably why you find it too slimy.

No. 665032

god damn it anon i'm fighting with myself for an hour now whether to order or not… I think I'll give in

No. 665034

Bon appetit! Which sauce will you be having with them?

No. 665045

File: 1604322097911.png (620.72 KB, 1000x504, DSC_0979.png)

Sweet and sour 4life

No. 665053

Humblebrag much, egotistical bitch? I’ll have you know that you’re a poser, you probably didn’t even eat them. I don’t even see any sauce. You disgust me.

No. 665057

I didn't eat them because I'm waiting for you to come over so we can share, please hurry!

No. 665064

I stopped eating meat but jsyk this made me miss the sweet sinful taste. Did you even bother with the fries or did you try to finish them in their 60 second shelf life? Kek

No. 665078

Lol these poor soggy bastards, I didn't even bother ordering.

No. 665160

File: 1604333442835.jpg (223.99 KB, 1024x541, 8309935428_fbfc175f2d_b.jpg)

Mexican breakfast cereal,it sucks how supermarkets don't have them here,yet I live in Texas.

No. 665165

A poco no hay cookie crips o zucaritas choco en texas lol?

No. 665184

You might as well go on a trip to miami, they got those cereals, as far as I know.

No. 665187

Selling this crap should be illegal, poor kids who're fed this every morning.

No. 665199

Mexican? I always thought those cereals were from the US.

No. 665200

Fuck them kids, these cereals are for adults who eat nothing else kek

No. 665202

In any case, the adults in charge of the children shouldn’t be buying cereal and giving it to the kids as a meal.

No. 665213

The trix cereals are absolutely addicting, worse than crack. And way too expensive

No. 665245

Tristemente no,como quisiera comermelos.

No. 665262

I'm craving sloppy joes right now, I'm gonna make some when I wake up from my nap.

No. 665364

File: 1604354538877.jpg (4.12 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

plain mcdonalds burger

no not cheeseburger

No. 665372

File: 1604355042929.jpg (107.18 KB, 732x839, kz9xp9mtf4121.jpg)

A saucy tri-tip sandwich, with some salty fries, and a cold diet coke

No. 665378

Are you me, anon? I love mcdonalds plain burgers, it's the best when you are drunk.

No. 666635

File: 1604506136748.jpg (360.92 KB, 800x534, Swiss_fondue.jpg)

Ive never had it but i really want to try fondue

No. 666640

There's a really good Chinese place near me and I'm hoping I can get some sesame chicken and taro Boba tea for dinner tonight. I crave that place constantly.

No. 666645

Its really delicious, I love cheese fondue with potatoes or bread.

No. 666684

File: 1604509283761.jpg (87.48 KB, 1500x1000, Shrimp-Cocktail-Sauce-Recipe-S…)

I want shrimps but they're expensive here

No. 666688

I really crave some mcdonalds burgers right now. Last time I ordered anything from mcdonalds was in June in Japan when I was barely recovering from covid and tried to gain the kilos I lost by shitting to near death for two whole months. Eating so much of it kind of disgusted me at some point but now I'm ready for some big mac. I wish there were gran club house burgers where I live too. I also want to eat a shit ton of gyoza and xiaolongbao.

I really want to try it too. It smells awful but so does raclette and it's delicious so I'm sure I'd like it a lot.

No. 666690

Aww anon, I want some big mac too! And last time i had McD was during june too. Damn. I miss me some burgers tbh.

No. 666693

File: 1604510440679.jpeg (250.64 KB, 1000x1229, 960F0AEA-8385-4813-AE75-A83F0E…)

Hope you’re feeling much better at this point anon. Burgers always sound sooooo good, but I’m personally not a fan of McDonald’s.

I could go for some biscuits and gravy though.

No. 666698

Yeah I feel way better, it took time for me to recover so I went back to my country, now I've gained those kilos back and I'm not tired all the time for not reason. Mcdonalds burgers taste good where I live and in Japan, I've been told it's shit in the USA and probably in Canada as well, it makes me a little morbidly curious. I loved going to Friday's in Tokyo when I was craving western food and sometimes I ate the giant burger, it was great and I also miss it, but in that one shitposting thread I remember someone saying it was shit so I'm starting to wonder if it's also different depending on countries or if I just have shit taste. I also miss Mister Donuts so much.

No. 666729

File: 1604512832445.jpeg (29.25 KB, 240x200, 7498AD11-BE44-481E-8AD8-EC8600…)

A grilled pesto chicken sandwich

No. 666770

File: 1604515510502.jpg (118.43 KB, 1000x667, 190208-delish-ramen-horizontal…)

I really want the foods I can't make at home and can't get from fast-food places around here. Covid's making me miss restaurants. I really wanna eat some good ramen again, I wanna eat that fatty pork belly and drink that broth again. The ramen restaurant in my city offers taoyaki balls as an appetizer and they're sooo fucking good too.

Biscuits and gravy are so fucking comfy. I try to make some whenever I make bacon for my family.

No. 666796

Ohoho. I just bought a pack of mild sausage after seeing this. Tomorrow is biscuits and gravy for breakfast day.

No. 666803

File: 1604517538275.jpg (312.18 KB, 1260x709, kare-kare-50518463.jpg)

In the mood for some sinigang or kare-kare especially. Might make my bf indulge in filipino food with me this weekend, I'm missing home.

No. 666871

I’ve had McDonald in Japan’s and the US, and tbh I think it’s all pretty garbage. No judgment if you do like it though! We all have vices baby.

I could eat that all day long

This looks delicious as hell, what’s in it anon? Idk much about Filipino food

No. 666889

File: 1604525047626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.72 MB, 2817x4608, IMG_20201031_142030__01.jpg)

Craving good restaurant quality ramen. Also, brown sugar boba. I got some on Halloween (pictured) and it was so good.

No. 666903

File: 1604526596780.jpg (75.47 KB, 960x720, le-relais-de-l-entrecote_80217…)

steak and fries

No. 666904

Anon I think someone puked on your steak

No. 666907

May not look like it, but this sauce is divine

No. 666915

Divine boogers?

No. 666937

File: 1604529172226.jpg (84.75 KB, 750x1000, yamis_mango_rose.jpg)

No. 666941

What's the sauce made of?

No. 666943

I wanna believe it's a chimichurri sauce but that green does look like barf.

No. 666972

File: 1604533112451.jpg (164.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i always fucking crave super spicy tteokbokki with mozzarella
never tried this shit until i went to japan last year and im addicted now. i live somewhere with a low asian population and where tteok is hard to come by and the local asian market only has it in stock 25% of the time i visit but when i see some i buy all of it lol

No. 666974

ohhhhh my god i've been obsessed with this ever since i saw some random guy on youtube try it. it's really really easy to make though, you could always make it yourself? i always make this version of it and it's so simple you just gotta get the ingredients which arent that rare!


No. 666976

i always make it myself, i would assume i don't even live within 100 miles of a korean restaurant but it's just hard to come by the rice cake (tteok) itself and i don't feel confident enough to make those from scratch
i have made it so many times now that i dont need to follow a recipe anymore, i make mine insanely spicy and insanely cheesy lol

No. 666979

I’m so hungry this looks amazing.

No. 666985

I dunno if you're interested but there's ramen cup-style tteokbokki online that you could have shipped, it's vacuum sealed so it won't spoil or anything. I bought it to try from an asian mart once and it's pretty bang on. Just add your own mozz!


No. 666987

File: 1604535863624.png (13.46 MB, 2648x2172, E92C8474-7879-46BA-B8BA-207CE0…)

this is a gateway drug to putting tajin on fucking everything, I swear… dangerously good combo. Chili dried mangoes are probably my favorite format of mango / spice / salt, fresh mango is super good as it is but once you dry it? Magic ensues

No. 666999

i've never added cheese to my tteokbokki before but now i really wanna try this

No. 667040

I had a weird craving for KFC last night. It was pretty weird considering I haven't thought about or ate KFC in years.

These are delicious. My cousins had them out this past Christmas but I was too drunk and full and didn't eat as many as I would have liked.

No. 667050

I could go for some KFC fries and gravy. Good shit.

No. 667076

File: 1604547582418.jpeg (29.04 KB, 243x340, 5A124D19-93E9-479A-9DC5-64DCA5…)

I think about these all year and allow myself to buy two stingy packets at Christmas as a treat (shipping to Australia is insane/low supplies.) I miss the caramel flavour but original will do

Half my motivation for visiting family in Norway are these

No. 667079

Kinda look like dildos from the thumbnail.
What do they taste like?

No. 667092

Hahaha true they do.

They have a light, kind of strawberry milk taste. Really subtle and not too sweet; so good with hot milk/chocolate. A bit ‘thicker’ and more chewy than normal marshmallows

No. 667101

these look so chewy and tasty, I wish they had them in the US

No. 667136

Currently on a diet but already planning my cheat meals for the next few months, these are what I've been craving the most
>a big greasy beef kebab
>cheese pizza with white sauce (gonna have some next week for my bday)
>chocolate pop tarts
>thick cut chips with garlic sauce
>thai food, mainly laksa, pad see ew and red curry
>butter chicken with cheese naan
>fish and chips with scallops
>any noodle based asian dish, I'm not fussy at this point

And from reading this thread I now really wanna try >>666972 and >>666803, they look really yum.

No. 667154

What does Jules coom taste like?

No. 667161

just broke vegan to get some mac and cheese balls delivered to go with my vegan burger. so worth it, I love being home alone so no one needs to know my hypocrisy. fuck I miss cheese

No. 667175


Closest thing I can compare it to is a less sweet version of a strawberry and cream chuppa chup. Just a really light taste. The caramel ones (called ‘cola’, my personal fave) kind of taste like white choc late

No. 667182

>less sweet version of a strawberry and cream chuppa chup
Nta, but that's exactly how I imagined the taste according to the way they look. Companies have perfected their colour coding of taste that well. That's cool.

No. 667233

File: 1604576978029.jpg (8 KB, 225x225, forbidden cheese.jpg)

I crave for blue cheese so much. I've been vegan for 8 years now and I still miss it.

No. 667244

The recipe is kept secret, but apparently thym, cream, butter and dijon mustard.

No. 667272

File: 1604581071820.jpg (174.44 KB, 1080x1080, daa55b5a14d5223582aef6cc88c58f…)

Bitch me too

No. 667284

They sell big boxes of those in my local grocery store at Christmas, they're fucking amazing

No. 667291

Seeing this on the front page made me legit drool

No. 667318

File: 1604585563810.jpg (103.3 KB, 1200x630, Corona-Doener.jpg)

The food of my people (germans)

No. 667372

File: 1604589174865.jpeg (7.26 KB, 275x183, ihearthisiscalledlox.jpeg)

thinking about you, lox anon.
i want to put smoked salmon sashimi in my face hole so badly now

No. 667396

i haven't had one in like a year, fuck. not like there aren't döner stores at every corner here in germany which makes it extra pathetic.

No. 667421

Fuck you, now I want some too. There's one restaurant on my way home so it's gonna be hard to resist temptation.

No. 667439

Nothing is cheap in Norway, it's the world's most expensive country second only to maybe Switzerland. Last time I visited, something like a 0.5l bottle of sparkling water cost about 4 and a half euros.

No. 667442

File: 1604593963200.png (249.29 KB, 550x550, vegemite.png)

i crave fifty of these so bad now, ah shiet. ausfags you add cheese? I don't but looking for this image I see someone does. my cousins used to have it with tomato sauce and I'm still traumatised

No. 667467

File: 1604595593896.jpg (41.63 KB, 474x474, 892c1f8608943cb61383b6b4de5513…)

I'm craving thick slices of figs and nuts bread with cheese or seasalt butter on it.

No. 667468

File: 1604595645990.jpeg (145.64 KB, 1004x752, 88D942D1-2515-492C-BE2F-55C224…)

Anything savory. Particularly a cheeseburger atm (pic rel is from Red Robin ♥ ). Is there actually a scientific reason for why we crave salty and sugary foods around our periods or was that just a bamboozle tactic?

No. 667473

File: 1604596141900.jpg (110.36 KB, 400x500, 500_F_200428217_6NG5llWEpxASPR…)

I miss cookie nuts with condensed milk… no way i can buy them here.

No. 667475

I used to take testosterone (tarded gender phase) and while on it I craved meat like I never have before.

No. 667477

File: 1604596559249.png (1.61 MB, 1440x640, KR4_18_baklava.png)

All Nordic countries are crazy expensive except for maybe Sweden (or Denmark, but in Denmark they tax everything out the ass so probably not), if you want food that's cheap and good you go to France.

I would commit genocide for some baklava rn.

No. 667499

I never crave any salty or sugary foods (or any type of food specifically really) around my period, do other women really have that?

No. 667505

Is this a real question? Have you ever been around other women during their periods?

No. 667511

I get the typical cravings. I feel drained right before my period so my caffeine intake goes up and then the chocolate cravings kick in. That's how I know it's coming

No. 667531

You're not alone, I don't experience any sort of cravings either.

No. 667536

Yes but we don't really talk about our periods soo..

Thanks for replying

No. 667541

File: 1604602597863.jpeg (117.33 KB, 678x509, 47F1F24F-8FDB-4E30-9AEF-A382DF…)

That or the breakfast baconator.

No. 667545

File: 1604603263991.jpg (166.83 KB, 1200x900, fishfingy.jpg)

Nothing fancy, fish finger sandwiches with a bit of salad cream

No. 667552

Fuuuck baklava is so good, I could go for the type with like, ricotta filling right now. My office always gets huge plates of it as xmas gifts so I won't have to wait long.

No. 667607

File: 1604608753774.jpeg (100.45 KB, 640x480, A18EBCDF-0BE9-4D23-ABA2-18473C…)

warm comforting kanafeh, i miss my mum

No. 667617

File: 1604610059565.jpg (188.31 KB, 1200x1680, cbad327d330e1bb49b468b9a487d10…)

> tfw cheese is too expensive

No. 667623

File: 1604610772792.jpg (228.1 KB, 1000x1500, gymshoe.jpg)

A combination of italian beef, corned beef, and gyro meat…

No. 667625

yes adding cheese always improves vegemite. the best is putting it on toast and under the grill

No. 667663

These pictures just made me feel very nostalgic and lonely

No. 667686

File: 1604618802985.jpg (69.05 KB, 960x613, TetianaGalkinaBell.jpg)

Im kinda missing my moms Holubtsi, or maybe all of our Ukrainian dishes, man i just wanna eat all of my traditional food rn.

Holubtsi/stuffed cabbage will always be the best tho

No. 667687

File: 1604618824558.jpeg (301.61 KB, 1200x1200, 5568743D-CC0E-4950-8422-210BEC…)

It never looks great but paella. The only restaurant that sells it in my area took it off the menu. Ready-made versions taste shit and I can’t cook. Fuck

No. 667699

Oh damn, these are love, now I want some too. But only these my mom makes! They're never good enough in restaurants.
In polish they're called gołąbki which means "little pidgeons" which definitely confused me a lot as a baby, does Holubtsi have similar meaning?

No. 667717

Crazy how almost every country has their own version of this. Does this have meat and rice in it?

No. 667727

This looks so yummy. I wish we could have a nice LC potluck where everyone just bought their favorite dishes.

No. 667772

Hated this growing up because it made my grandmother's house smell like cooked farts.

No. 667930

File: 1604652074117.jpg (32.64 KB, 720x720, IMG_5189-720x720.jpg)

I always crave banana shakes

No. 667935

If you haven't tried them, dolmades > (power gap) > any cabbage-leaf containing version thereof

No. 667936

File: 1604653267795.jpeg (81.74 KB, 1077x555, ikeameatballs.jpeg)

I miss IKEA's meatballs reeeee

No. 667947

Ikea food is honestly not that good, it's never hot and prob sits in the buffet all day. But damn if I don't get excited for it every time, I love making a day out of an Ikea shopping trip and meal. And the sauce is delicious tbf.

No. 667954

File: 1604657296586.jpg (73.22 KB, 512x384, unnamed (8).jpg)

pierogi with spinach and sheep milk cheese…

No. 667960

i've never had this but it looks delicious

No. 667985

File: 1604662206654.jpg (1.01 MB, 3024x4032, yo8dx5946mb21.jpg)

can't stop think about…her

No. 668073

File: 1604673750807.jpg (38.98 KB, 315x547, istockphoto-1129337562-170667a…)

A glass of pineapple juice with lots of ice

No. 668076

I had cravings for sour gummies for days. I just got back with 3 packs - worms, bears and strips. In the process of getting high so that I can enjoy the fuck out of them when the munchies hit.

No. 668082

Haribo Twin Snakes. Please get them and indulge.

No. 668093

File: 1604675689633.jpg (62.44 KB, 569x643, 61kpn0JQp L._AC_SX569_.jpg)

Speaking of, I have to avoid Starmix in shops because if I cave in and buy it I eat it in one sitting. I'm not like this with any other food, it's disturbing.

No. 668120

File: 1604678895075.jpg (119.46 KB, 1200x1800, mango-lassi-vertical-a-1200.jp…)

A cool mango lassi with some butter chicken, fuck.

Those indians know exactly what the fuck is up

No. 668122

I do the same fucking thing with those Twin Snakes (which I think are actually in one of the other mixed bags too), even after feeling weirdly sick after 2 or 3. I don't know what the fuck it is about gummies, but they destroy my willpower to stop at a rational serving size.
When I was low carbing, I ate the sugar free regular gummies. Mother of god, those things double as an extraordinarily tasty super-laxative.

No. 668129

Candy lovers, you'll love this site. https://shop.candyclub.com/shop-all/
I love candies so much, but they're not worth spending money on. These candies are super expensive too but the site is so nice to look at and think of which ones I'd like to buy… I'd like to try some cinnamon gummy bears.

No. 668134

Most of that candy looks like the same candy you can buy at the supermarket but a different brand. Is it that much tastier/better that is has such an hefty pricetag?

No. 668153

Probably not, like with clothes you probably pay for the brand more than for the item. But you never know
They sell a 6 oz cup for 7$, you can buy 1 kg of haribo candy for 8$

No. 668173

File: 1604684933159.jpg (12.71 KB, 392x392, 43909_XXX_v1.jpg)

Excuse me World Market where the FUCK are these chips they were my favorite chips ever and they don't sell them anymore. I was so addicted I would go in every month and buy like 3-4 bags just to get my fix. I am so upset over stupid chips :(

No. 668190

I love haribo but I wont eat any of the jellies/gummies with that white foamy stuff on em

No. 668341

I got a box from them for free many years back. While I'd never actually pay for this overpriced shit, I got hooked on some cola flavored sour belt candies they sent me. Been butt blasted ever since because they are impossible to find in stores. I don't want to have to order them online.

No. 668508

File: 1604728838048.png (139.29 KB, 320x400, Deli-Sliced-Hot-Jalapeno-Peppe…)

I wanna eat like half a jar of these atm

No. 668510

File: 1604729065909.jpg (260.48 KB, 1500x1500, 91sS2DSnMqL._SL1500_.jpg)

Shiitt you just reminded me I need to pick some of these up next time I go to the store. I love salty foods at night. Also sweet & spicy baby gerkins

No. 668514

Nice, I just grabbed two jars of the jalapenos and a jar of the olives with garlic today. I put that shit on everything.

No. 668528

I love green olives. I picked up a brand of kalamata olives from Gaia a week or so ago and diced some up with fresh tomato and mushrooms and sauteed them together with seasoning. After cooking some pasta with salted basil water, I added it back with parmesan and a little olive oil.
It was pretty fucking great, thanks for reminding me of it

No. 668576

I didn't even know they had olives! I'll have to take a look. I'm very intrigued by the blue cheese one. I only had blue cheese for the first time a couple months ago and still find it a delicious, delicious novelty. I'll make any excuse to eat it kek.

No. 668581

My cat always craves olives. It's his favourite food by far. Love them too myself, I prefer the black, bitterer ones.

No. 668675

File: 1604757186637.jpg (165.28 KB, 1000x1000, o.jpg)

I'm craving a good donair pizza, but it doesn't exist here so I am out of luck.

This sounds so good anon, I want to cook this soon.

No. 668677

File: 1604757516261.jpg (61.64 KB, 590x311, 123432.jpg)

Donairs are so good and I'm so angry they're not a worldwide food staple. Garlic fingers too, pizza without garlic fingers feels like burgers without fries.

No. 668697

File: 1604761776472.jpg (1.03 MB, 1200x800, blueberrygrunt.jpg)

If I slice up white pizza really thin I can kind of pretend it's the same as garlic fingers, but nothing in Murica scratches my donair/donair sauce itch.

Also, I miss wild blueberry grunt, but specifically how my grandmother makes it.

No. 668698

This just looks like blueberry cobbler. Buy frozen wild blueberries and add cinnamon to whatever cobbler recipe.
The donair looks exactly like cheese sticks from Papa Johns tbh

No. 668704

Scratch that on the donair, I was looking at the garlic fingers. Looks like I'm going to be a retarded bitch today

No. 668718

File: 1604765176990.jpg (48.29 KB, 625x417, burek_180114_shutter.jpg)

Just a really greasy meat burek. Especially the one my mom makes

No. 668730

mmmmmmmmmmmm yes

No. 668734

File: 1604767072731.jpg (64.62 KB, 640x640, 364551011_0_640x640.jpg)

These aren't even that good but i've been non stop wanting them for days now.

No. 668799

Shit food for your period

No. 668814

>>667699 hello its me the holubtsi poster

Hell yeah, restaurants never make them as good as my mom does or anyones slavic mom, I think Holubtsi do have other meanings? im not so sure if theres a similar to yours, might research that

Usually ours has minced meat inside but we also put rice in it

indeed! it is yummy, man wish that too ngl


I get you, it does smell weird but it tastes great atleast

i might try that one out when we have a big family dinner! thanks for the suggestion

No. 668842

When I was a kid the neighbor/friend's mom would make us peanut butter sandwiches with those chips on the side. It was such a good meal to seven year old me. I never eat them now because you're right they don't taste that good kek

No. 668944

Never understood the appeal of those, and I'm a huge chip afficionado. The chip itself is too bland and dry. The flavoured versions are not any better, they just put equally dry and dusty spices and since the chip below is flavorless you end up feeling like you're eating spices with a spoon.

No. 673198

File: 1605274613113.jpeg (153.89 KB, 768x1152, redpepperhummus.jpeg)

God I want this right now

No. 674525

File: 1605456641967.jpg (58.97 KB, 640x640, 11120011_0_640x640.jpg)

spoonful of this in a mug, add boiling water. like drinking a warm cup of pure umami, iz delicious

No. 674568

File: 1605462432668.jpeg (12.94 KB, 256x256, 5011187108477_T1.jpeg)

These but they discontinued them :(

No. 674582

File: 1605464453533.jpg (718 KB, 1800x1200, korean-barbecue.jpg)

It's been almost a year since I had kbbq. Why even live?

No. 674959

why are all ukfags mentally retarded

No. 674985

File: 1605500390644.jpg (269.23 KB, 1500x1500, 6000202089611.jpg)

I want to fry it up with potatoes and onions

No. 675440

File: 1605553288116.jpg (322.95 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_npm5mdp8FN1rcbta1o1_128…)

i have nearly constant cravings for chinese-american food. perfect combinations of savory, sweet, and spicy… i know it's not "authentic" chinese food (which i have had and enjoy), but it's beautiful as its own thing. even just looking at this pic makes my mouth water

No. 675444

Poor nutrition.

No. 675445

File: 1605553553670.jpg (26.94 KB, 500x454, Starbucks-White-Chocolate-Cran…)

No. 675478

File: 1605556324168.jpeg (44.29 KB, 400x600, 2A4A32E0-A1BB-4CE1-BD41-3AA11D…)

Eternal sadness until I can crack open the jar where my eggs are pickling. I love the sour taste of vinegar, but weirdly enough am not a big fan of pickles especially the sweet ones.

No. 675494

is this real

No. 675501

File: 1605558019859.jpg (101.22 KB, 1024x779, wolf.jpg)

I can't wait to spend my savings on watermelons(and other melons) next summer.
I truly believe I would be satisfied with eating just them for weeks straight.

No. 675504

Holy shit, anon. I love pickled eggs so much. This, pickled spicy okra and pickled beets. Mmph.

No. 675522

Lol I make these for my stepdad. He can never leave em alone long enough to properly brine. The waiting game is tough.

No. 675539

Pea Soup. Don't skimp on the fresh parsley.
There's something really sweet about the idea of adult men being impatient little shits and being so excited about food.

No. 675596

yeah, you use beet juice to add some other flavor besides the spices you put in and they turn pink. a lot of people use beet juice as a way to turn easter eggs pink.

No. 675826

File: 1605601250239.jpg (119 KB, 837x1260, 876543.jpg)

The concept of pickled eggs is wild to me, I've never heard of it before. Do you eat them just like that as a snack or something?

Talking about eggs, I love stuffed eggs. So good.

No. 675828

i love pickled eggs. I moved to the US so I make my own with white vinegar and the americans are always laughing at my gross vinegar fridge eggs

No. 675829

File: 1605601846337.png (550.8 KB, 392x613, egg.png)

I have mine with chippies

No. 677557

Would you lovely pickled egg anons have any specific recipes you'd recommend? I don't live in the UK anymore and I haven' had any in ages, but I've never made them before, and this thread has made me crave them like crazy.

No. 680198

File: 1606173679632.png (501.65 KB, 650x366, Mayak-Eggs.png)

Reading all the posts about pickled eggs made me crave mayak eggs, which are marinated, not pickled, but they're so good. There's nothing like mixing them with your rice and folding that in some seaweed.

No. 680211

File: 1606174657115.jpeg (8.01 KB, 253x307, OIP.jpeg)

No. 680215

File: 1606175017724.jpg (1.48 MB, 2731x2731, indian-butter-chicken.jpg)

No. 680284

File: 1606179387690.jpg (103.28 KB, 600x480, 2298058.jpg)

There's a pizza place in my hometown that serves an absolutely godly pizza with shrimp, coconut flakes, parsley and brown butter. I wish corona was over already so I could take a trip back home and eat one right now.

No. 681442

File: 1606315824683.jpg (22.89 KB, 293x300, 1764MiniSaltedCaramelM1-min.jp…)

These with a cup of black coffee are the best treat

No. 681450

I'll be having these for dinner today with a cabbage salad and some greek yoghurt. I crave them every winter, they're the perfect comfort food and give me the warm fuzzies.

No. 681470

Ugh I hate this the smell makes me want to puke. It's a staple for christmas holidays and my dad likes to eat in the living room and make it smell disgusting and I have nowhere to escape. And meat and bones in aspic which is even worse, looks horrendous and smells even worse. I hate holidays

No. 682130

File: 1606397927515.jpg (222.78 KB, 1460x1100, Mt7Y4V8.jpg)

Beef. Either raw minced beef (but only in small quantities because I´m not too sure if it´s really safe) or all types of soup bones. I like broth, marrow, meat and fat/tissue, also bones if they´re tender enough to be chewed

No. 682138

this looks like shit

No. 682139

Thanks for this! As it made me realise how lucky I am to be vegetarian.

No. 682140

I am alarmed at the quantity of what appear to be hot peppers in that broth. If those are what I think they are, drinking that broth would burn a hole right though your body, possibly all the way down to the Earth's core.

No. 682142

I'm gonna guess it's green onions but still the dish looks disgusting. I hate anything with bones in my plate.

No. 682146

sounds good and not hard to make at all, will try sometime soon

No. 682150

Are you okay anon? This looks revolting and smelly.

No. 682159

NTA but i've had that meal and it's actually quite tasty and very nutricious (great for iron deficiency/anemia) i'll agree it does look nasty tho kek

No. 682171

File: 1606403851727.jpeg (74.92 KB, 826x620, 1447288402620.jpeg)

I love bone marrow and never thought about putting it in soup. Bone broth soup is amazing though. Really good for the skin. I dislike how stores only sell bone marrow in cross sections like in your pic though. I like having it in restaurants when it's lengthwise and spreadable so you can put it on toasted bread. Pic dropped.

No. 682173

Kek at the replies to this

No. 682180

that bone marrow dish looks really interesting. Never seen it in a restaurant, but also never looked for it yet tbh

No. 682185

The OP pic is the worst thing i've ever seen. What the fuck?

No. 682187

Have you never had soup with bonemarrow in it? Where I live vegetable soup is made with bonemarrow simmering in it, although it typically gets removed before serving.

No. 682190

File: 1606405329361.jpeg (141.62 KB, 960x640, 8DF62D0C-0B7C-42E7-81DB-C776ED…)

I really wanna eat some shawarma rn. Beef on a bed of rice with garlic, tahini, and hot sauce on top. Mmmmm

No. 682389


i'm alarmed how alienated people are from food. not recognizing what food they are seeing, seeing mere bone being disgusting wtf

do you eat mostly processed food

No. 682959

Peppermint candy canes that are hard and not chewy.
Here theyre all raspberry or strawberry flavored. Sometimes places will have the small chewy melty ones but i like the hard ones.

I could also go for some Taco bell and Chick fil a
Man im not in the US anymore and i would kill for this and the holiday panini (which i heard they discontinued)

No. 682975

File: 1606508289297.jpg (109.55 KB, 1300x1950, Aloo-Gobi.jpg)

Aloo gobi with some raita and fresh roti…

No. 682986

Is that cauliflower in there? Looks so delicious.

No. 682991

File: 1606509407186.jpg (39.4 KB, 640x489, dd38171145e14a7508ea213415707b…)

I crave rangoons 24/7

No. 683000

Fuck you anon, I really want some now. I will make it a point to hit up the Chinese place after work for pickup smh

No. 683002

I have no idea what crab rangoons are so I find this image so hilarious

No. 683006

yessss it's cauliflower and potato curry. One of my fav dishes!

No. 683226

These things are the worst part of going out for Chinese food. Spring roll superiority

No. 683585

File: 1606595121413.png (13.86 KB, 200x200, 737F93EC-3295-4ED2-9791-D1348A…)

This fella

No. 683641

is it a bugsnack?

No. 683700

File: 1606603142316.jpg (117.76 KB, 1143x762, Just-how-bad-is-bubble-tea-for…)

I have a serious boba addiction and regularly drive 40 min roundtrips just to get a drink that i can barely digest and is probably giving me prediabeties. Help.

No. 683701

File: 1606603174960.jpg (40.51 KB, 683x1024, 020ffc9819c70126596233e983b9d5…)

I want a vanilla milkshake specifically from Big Boys

No. 683706

a vanilla shake sounds so delicious right now

No. 683710

I was craving ben and jerry's a few hours ago, even though I've never had ben and jerrys before. I went to my local store and they were selling it an a bit of an expensive price-£6 a pot, so I didn't eat any ben and jerry's

No. 683718

that pic is just straight up milk

No. 683746

Anon you need to make it easier on yourself and your wallet. Either hike it once to the asian grocery store, or order the largest bag of “tapioca pearls” you can find on amazon to save yourself the gas, time and effort. They just have to be boiled! You can get reusable fat straws and powders or juices of whatever flavors you like too.

No. 683762

File: 1606608265268.jpeg (55.34 KB, 630x473, 5c375291240000a400c480ac.jpeg)

i'm craving pizza rn but i can't spend with takeout this month

No. 683853

Yes and I want to eat them all lol

No. 683857

I'll buy you a pizza anon. Well I would if there was a way without you having to give me your address.

No. 683878

twitter? (im not op)

No. 683901

No. 683924

Why not make your own pizza?

No. 684741

File: 1606741980151.png (2.06 MB, 1200x1100, hkmt.png)

Some hong kong milk tea and egg tarts from a dingy mom and pop shop

No. 687869

File: 1607138316980.jpeg (61.45 KB, 500x500, AB3F95DC-6E46-4D99-94D5-739C99…)

I don’t care if I’m a filthy weeb I miss living in Japan and being too lazy to cook dinner and going to the supermarket for a prepackaged dinner instead and finding a slightly discounted salmon donburi to eat aaaaa. I miss grilling some cheap saba to eat, why is it so fucking expensive and hard to find in the states aaaaaaaaaa

No. 687876

File: 1607138956541.jpg (71.15 KB, 1600x1071, dan tats.JPG)

Urgh, yes. I need some dan tat too

There's this sushi place near my old work place that did 50% off everything from 5-6pm. It was always so fresh cause it was right next to a fish monger. Damn I miss it so much

No. 687879

Just went to a place that serves cookie dough like ice cream. 0/10 tasted like margarine and not much else. Still ate the whole thing though :/

No. 687880

Here’s a good recipe if you want to make them yourself. I’ve used this recipe a few times and it’s legit.


No. 687883

File: 1607139713382.jpg (253.87 KB, 1552x873, 43898_Rumba_Website_RecipeHero…)

I love these crunchy fuckers.

No. 687912

ooo! I've always avoided making these cause I thought they used lard. Definitely going to give these a try, thanks!

No. 688569

i want a Døner kebab full of mass produced meat and garlic dressing

No. 688572

File: 1607238312486.jpg (382.23 KB, 1139x774, 66.jpg)

Sweet and sour chicken balls. The pinnacle of shitty western Chinese cuisine.

No. 688578

These always look good and I want to try them, but never have,
What's the texture/consistency of tripas like? Is it chewy? I feel like it would be chewy like octopus

No. 688594

Not if they're prepared well. That's notoriously difficult to do though, so it often turns out chewy.

No. 688659

Different (and late) anon my I'm totally going to buy the ingredients, I saw a video and it's more easier than I thought lol

No. 688730

File: 1607257328142.jpg (118.68 KB, 1000x587, maitake.jpg)

I want mushroom pierogi.

No. 688892

File: 1607280721026.jpg (86.11 KB, 1200x630, bejgli.jpg)

Walnut beigli. Poppyseed filled is disappointing, and poppyseeds are so hard to get in stores in large amounts

I'm strapped for ideas involving ground sirloin, so if any anons have favorites that include it now would be an extra appreciated time

No. 688903

Ok you can give the poppy ones to me, they are 30 times better than any othr filling. If you add a lot of marmelade in the poppy then it will be great

No. 688914

Is there a way around the bitterness or whatever that taste is with the poppyseeds? I use a shit ton of apricot preserves, but it never cuts it fully. I wonder if adding cinnamon or a little lemon juice would help

No. 688920

green tea ice cream with red bean paste, lemony grape leaves (extra lemon), princess cake, my meatball recipe, my mom’s meat dumplings

All at this very moment

No. 688928

I don't know, I like the bitter taste. My friends tell me of a chocolate-poppy seed cake but I haven't tried it, they say poppy seeds go great with chocolate

No. 688994

File: 1607293953358.jpg (132 KB, 600x900, makowiec_zawijany.jpg)

The poppy seed roll looks very similar to a Polish dessert, makowiec. It's sweet and delicious– no bitterness. Try looking up some recipes if you're looking for a way to sweeten poppy seeds.

No. 689549

I think that it's because of the seed age. I'm going to try it with fresher organic poppyseeds and see if that helps. I might try something with chocolate too, since it was confirmed after mentioning the other anon's post that they taste great together.

No. 689555

File: 1607367024047.jpeg (43.98 KB, 540x540, snapshotimagehandler_137253237…)

Rhubarb and Custard sweets. I used to have them from those little old sweet shops when I was young.

No. 689732

File: 1607382486826.jpeg (83.57 KB, 600x450, 4A727EAC-EBEC-4439-80BA-4CDCFD…)

Outback steakhouse. I used to go all the time with my mom until they closed down the one by my house. The closest one is so far, but I miss going so much…Whenever I see those “restaurant breads” ranked and the Outback bread isn’t #1, I’m offended. It’s so fucking good, fuck out of here with those Red Lobster biscuits.

No. 689734

Rye bread is amazing
Hard agree about red lobster biscuits, they're fucking revolting

No. 689751

It’s actually not rye bread! I think it’s honey wheat or something? I’ve seen copycat recipes but have never tried to make any of them but I should lol. I didn’t want to hate red lobster biscuits, when friends first told me about them I was so excited to try them but maybe I should’ve lowered my expectations so I wouldn’t have been so disappointed lmao

No. 692816

File: 1607751150890.jpeg (233.46 KB, 1200x1800, 1B9CC7DB-CB5E-4812-9B6C-9D2D53…)

Baklava. I only had it once at a party a few years ago, but it’s heavenly sweet taste and thin, flaky, crispy crust will be seared into my mind forever.
My family has firmly sealed the idea of “special foods”, meaning sweets or time-intensive foods as reserved only for the holidays, so I wouldn’t get it now. But I want it ever so badly.. it’s so good. Try it if you have the chance

No. 692819

unbelievably based anon, baklava is the best dessert i've ever eaten

No. 692830

Baklava is sooo fucking good, it's so juicy and sweet and crunchy all at once. My fav is the type with ricotta in it.

It's so fattening though, last time I had some I must have eaten at least 1000 calories worth lmao. My company works with a lot of lebanese people and every xmas they give our office big plates of it as a gift, I have to control myself this year ugh

No. 692833

File: 1607752882345.png (399.58 KB, 497x454, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 12.0…)

If you like Baklava, you are absolutely not ready to discover warbat. Same concept, except filled with sweet cheese.

No. 692933

File: 1607769241598.jpg (20.37 KB, 500x500, dc1807c501b2c9dad651782fb00963…)

I always wanted to try out different snacks from countries, especially the US since we do not have anything like that, i only saw poptarts at my store but they are too expensive.

So anyway, i've gone to a site and browsed for snacks there they have tons of international ones. I really do not know what to pick, can any US person recommend me something good?

just wanna fill that cart with some goods so i can share it with my siblings

No. 692934

File: 1607769335955.jpeg (398.34 KB, 2000x1043, 0C59224A-FFE2-47A0-B6D7-E38358…)

i love these little things like you wouldn't believe

No. 692947

Anon wtf, I've only seen the original and light versions. I want a bigger variety of tiny wax-coated cheeses.

No. 692951

File: 1607771605475.jpg (1.05 MB, 1541x1557, IMG_20201212_121352.jpg)

No. 692954

I love plum dumplings, but I never ever prepare them. Just like any food that has to be boiled then fried (or boiled then baked etc, needing to be heat processed in multiple ways). Fuck that, it's too much hassle.

No. 692960

You don't fry them though? You just fry the breadcrumbs to caramelise sugar.

No. 692965

If you do the crumbs separately and not roll then fry, the dumplings will be damp and taste shit.

No. 692994

Not in my experience. You're probably doing something wrong.

No. 693013

You're the one doing it wrong. It's no skin off my back if you want to cut corners, but don't pretend it's going to taste the same.
Personally, dumplings are one of those things that aren't worth doing at all if you don't intend on doing it well, but you do you.

No. 693204

File: 1607810191128.jpg (124.32 KB, 620x929, DSC5926-620x929.jpg)

pizza with artichokes and bacon is my favorite hawaiian is close second

No. 696323

File: 1608243624179.jpg (1.48 MB, 1536x2400, DukGuk-13A.jpg)

Not to brag but, I got to work remote today so I've been simmering a pork bone broth for a few hours now. Added onions, garlic, peppercorns, star anise, and ginger. Also added a beef heart to stew.

Gonna strain it and add salt in another hour or so. Gonna use it for rice cake soup. I'm gonna shred some egg, seaweed, scallion, and beef heart to top.

No. 696944

File: 1608313373870.jpg (142.54 KB, 1000x1384, F12A0965-3.jpg)

adjaruli khachapuri

No one in my city makes it ;-;

please save a bowl for me anon

No. 696947

File: 1608313533478.jpg (923.36 KB, 2814x3192, fp7giolun8fz.jpg)

also kobe beef sashimi, steak tartare, any kind of savory raw meat. cheap chinese food, flamin hot cheetos, and girlscout cookies.

No. 696952

File: 1608313904329.jpg (123.15 KB, 680x1020, chicken-fingers-4.jpg)

tendies pls

No. 697060

Oh my god that looks delicious. I swear any combo of cheese and bread appeals to me, it's the best.

No. 710292

What are you noming on farmers?
I'm about to go to the market to buy some fish and vegetables to roast.
What's your favourite fish? Mine are hake and sole, such good meat mmmmm

No. 710297

I just had a chicken burger my dad made for lunch.
>What's your favourite fish?
Rainbow trout all the way

No. 710320

File: 1610110992828.gif (1022.75 KB, 250x150, toxic-sludge.gif)

I ate trout with spinach and avocado the day before yesterday, today I'm having hake with potatoes and mushrooms.
I'd be eating fish every day if it wasn't full of mercury. Fuck pollution.

No. 710323

oh I'd fuck him all right, that voice

No. 710324

Hahaha same here, same here

No. 710341

Anon I thought I was the same one with the sentiment. Fish is so fucking good, I would eat it with every meal if I could.

No. 714263

File: 1610650076412.jpg (586.94 KB, 1920x1441, 09876543.jpg)

really wish I had an entire bucket of raw snap peas to eat rn now. the vegetable of vegetables

No. 714288

Ot but, who is that sexy cloud of waste?

No. 714380

It's Hexxus, the sludge monster from the first ferngully movie voiced by Tim Curry.

No. 714393

File: 1610658518391.jpeg (116.97 KB, 720x362, 5DB9618D-AEB4-45BC-B132-A0D481…)

Feeling homesick, I want mollusk dishes

No. 714399

File: 1610659116706.jpg (108.54 KB, 640x640, C9Iw9pFWAAUPNCv.jpg)

My mouth waters when I think about these. Just a corn dog with American Cheese inside.

No. 714421

File: 1610660419655.jpeg (83.94 KB, 678x452, 47B6DE25-6DF8-4AD1-B45F-F93DD8…)

ramen forever

No. 714429

File: 1610661184368.jpg (399.01 KB, 900x598, 1407199995390.jpg)

This or salad. I ate creamy pasta for breakfast and then two cake doughnuts so even thinking about terrible food makes me feel sick.

No. 714443

What is this,anon? Looks delicious.

No. 714455

It's just sushi, but in ball form lol. Eating raw fish makes me feel so healthy, especially with their omega fats and stuff

No. 714477

File: 1610667834078.jpeg (125.25 KB, 512x640, 8921DE59-F866-4792-B703-EA18C7…)

I want a plate of gyoza so bad… what are some comfort foods you anons like?

No. 714491

File: 1610670083873.jpeg (90.48 KB, 826x620, 1383780633985.jpeg)

Scalloped potatoes might be one of my fav

No. 714494

File: 1610670939728.jpg (120.78 KB, 680x1020, da166f55ba3dc17ddb34e94657ac9d…)

Pasta with pomodoro sauce or sauteed veggies with rice

No. 714588

File: 1610686593412.jpg (112.25 KB, 580x873, tripe soup 3456.jpg)

Tripe, tripe, and more tripe.

No. 714790

pomodoro sauce… she's so pretentious. it's fucking tomato sauce.

No. 714824

god YES. good taste anon

No. 735191

File: 1612932290775.jpg (178.95 KB, 960x960, 3CQ3C3100A3AD3EE29C7E9lv.jpg)

I'm on my period I will now spam a bunch of food I'm craving

No. 735196

File: 1612932563578.jpg (49.23 KB, 736x1104, fdbd2576625d4ede6c1831cc0c6cee…)

No. 735200

File: 1612932824341.jpg (51.08 KB, 610x722, e4b260a35dadd449cae629acadd099…)

I'm so hungry help me

No. 735275

My fellow citizens and neighbours have no taste. The stores around me keep discontinuing products I love because there's not enough demand. The latest things they discontinued are a frozen veggie lasagna I loved (it's 10x better than the regular meat lasagna they still sell), and cheese popcorn. How the fuck is cheese popcorn not popular?! They still sell fucking peanut popcorn, that's what these people wanna buy, but not cheese popcorn? I have waited years for companies here to start producing cheese popcorn I tried abroad, and when they finally do, it flops.

No. 735292

File: 1612941905534.jpg (44.94 KB, 728x1092, tmp_HEsKeh_145de1f1701e5af7_62…)

I want the thickest, sprinkliest, the most diabetes inducing milkshake imaginable
I don't normally even like milkshakes but I got a wicked craving for one right now. Even better with tons of whipped cream and some white chocolate thrown in it

No. 735315

File: 1612945397954.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, -FABK2474-KaeseWeintraubenSpie…)

Could annihilate a plate full of appetizers. Wish there was vegan gouda

No. 735339

Appetizers are the bomb. I often lack the willpower to stop eating tasty appetizers to leave enough room for the main course.

No. 735382

dayumn i would sit in a whole room of incels just to smell that

No. 737894


Violife does the trick if you can get hold of it.

No. 741808

File: 1613577939649.jpeg (32.92 KB, 554x554, 8widndw8sj).jpeg)

No. 745460

File: 1613964709776.jpg (142.12 KB, 1217x694, carciofi-alla-giudia-5.jpg)

No. 745466

I walked past a Chick-fil-a the other day. I can't let myself have that kind of thing. I'd never stop. Its not worth the calories for me, I'd rather have a shit ton of healthy food for the same. It just sounds nice sometimes.

No. 745505

File: 1613970222360.jpeg (299.62 KB, 640x825, 3CEA7E13-58B4-42F9-BEE1-72B47F…)

I want pizza with lots of meat and sauce, like a really nice juicy pizza
I want nachos with quac, even though I’ve never eaten quac and don’t really know what it is (avocados? Can’t really eat them at the moment because of the scandal)
I love pizza so fucking much, sometimes I like to roll a slice up like a carpet and eat it like a spring roll, it’s the most delicious thing in the world.

No. 745519

>Can’t really eat them at the moment because of the scandal
Wait, what scandal? Why can't you eat them?
I've been craving avocados and eating 2 a day lately. I've been making a salad with mixed greens, olive oil, chopped avocado, and parmigiano reggiano. So refreshing and tasty, and goes great with Italian food (had it with ravioli and lasagna).

No. 745535

No. 745536

Also samefag that sounds fucking delicious . I like me a good salad with any pasta dish

No. 745540

Holy shit this is horrific. Luckily, my avocado supply is not affected. Regardless, I should be less lazy and go buy more produce from individual farmers on the open market instead of conveniently buying from the big chain store across the street. The big chains don't give a shit about their customer's health, their employees well-being or the communities they operate in. The open market isn't even that far away. I've got no excuse. Fuck those murderers.

No. 745923

File: 1614018816113.jpg (202.49 KB, 1440x810, 22499244_1535056843230683_7954…)

I just want a piece of this stupid cone shaped cheese, I just ate a whole block of cheddar but it's tasteless, from the store. I want this one, it's hard and dry and smokey and delicious ugghhh i'm hungry

No. 746158

Is that Boulette d'Avesnes?

No. 746413

No, it is called prgica, I haven't tried the cheese you mentioned but it looks soft, this one is really hard. I want to try that cheese, it looks delicious…

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