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File: 1521836318423.jpg (58.09 KB, 520x390, haggis.jpg)

No. 236372

What kind of foods do you have cravings for?

No. 236373

>that OP image
After seeing that, nothing.

No. 236374

There is nothing wrong with haggis, it is very tasty.

No. 236439

those really salty licorice candies, the ones with ammonium chloride on them. I really want a bag of those right now but they're hard to find in burgerland.

I'll eat anything and I'm sure that thing's delicious but it looks goddamn revolting.

No. 236442

it looks like a diaper

No. 236444

it's called salmiakki you uneducated murican but I'm glad at least one foreigner enjoys it

No. 236447

Sweet carbs like cereal, bagels, scones etc, always. And greasy fatty food like pizza and McDonald's.

No. 236448

Cream cheese and deep fried sushi, juicy sweet fruity stuff like gushers, fruit by the foot sour candies, etc
Cookie dough especislly those pillsbury seasonal cookies
Cheesecake, weeb foods

No. 236449

ah TIL. The kind I'm used to is from a German brand so I didn't know the finnish name for them hah.

No. 236450

No more "revolting" than hot dogs, chicken nuggets etc which are otherwise known as "pink slime". You can but vegan haggis if you don't like the idea of offal.

No. 236453

yeah like I said I'm sure it's tasty I'm just freaked out by the presentation because I'm unaccustomed to it lol.

No. 236461

Why start off the thread with such a disgusting image, OP?

No. 236465

Agreed. I can't think about food anymore after looking at OP image.

Bad choice.

No. 236476


No. 236478

File: 1521856529753.jpg (21.13 KB, 500x491, Smoked_Salmon.jpg)

Cold smoked salmon and other seafood delicacies. Satisfies the salty and fatty cravings without the guilt of resorting to fried food.

But it feels super weird. Bf jokes that I'm a "bear." When I go across the street late at night to the store to pick up a $16 package of smoked salmon he says I'm going on a salmon run.
It's an expensive habit though, and I can go through a package of that stuff straight in one sitting.

No. 236488

god I love cold fish. I do kinda feel like a bear when I eat it though.

No. 236489

File: 1521859649974.jpg (12.32 KB, 398x265, shirataki.jpg)

I'm strangely addicted to the texture of shirataki noodles and rice. I can't get enough. I just wish I could find a good ramen recipe that has simple ingredients I can find in a rural grocery store.

That's half the fun of eating fish, anon.

No. 236496

i worked at a sushi place for years and got hooked on spicy blue crab with cucumber and creamcheese in a roll with seaweed on the inside AND outside. so goddamn good but our chefs would only let me order it at the very end of the night because it was a 'specialty order'.

smoked salmon with a tiny bit of cream cheese is also so goooooood.

No. 236498

fuckin green olives

No. 236499

Cereal. Something about milk (or milk replacements) and the crunchiness of even blander cereals is addicting.

No. 236508

there's this hawaiian food place near me that has pulled pork and macaroni salad…I want some so bad but they're closed right now.

>That's half the fun of eating fish, anon.
oh yeah I wasn't complaining. feels good…primal…

No. 236534

I hate it when the cereal gets too soft and the texture becomes disgusting.

No. 236556

File: 1521890737916.gif (670.41 KB, 500x243, vag.gif)

varg… is that… you? show us ur patrician thulean perspective.

No. 236564

Why do people like crunchy cereal so much? I won't eat it unless it's soggy

food i'm craving is those dorito tacos from taco bell and crab rangoons

No. 236568


i'm always craving fries :( well actually anything crispy and salty that i can dip

No. 236581

It's just haggis. Surely it's no more "disgusting" than looking at any other image of meat. Only unlike say a hot dog, nuggets etc haggis is made of simple unprocessed ingredients that are protected with E.U legislation.

No. 236585

File: 1521902335449.jpg (191.83 KB, 1024x678, Boudin.jpg)

OP image made me want some boudin.

No. 236606

Fuck, me too. My favorite cereal takes over ten minutes of soaking to get soggy and everyone who's ever seen me sit in front of the bowl waiting commented that it was bizarre that I wanted it soggy.

I don't get it.

No. 236640

It's really no different to me than the concept of a sausage; taking some unsavory cuts of meat, mixing with filler and spice, and leading the mixture into an animal casing. I've never had it before though because the real deal with the lung offal is banned in the US.

Looks interesting.

No. 236652

Made me want some kiszka. Still want it a day later.

No. 236653

Soggy is gross. Crispy is the best. It tastes fresher or something idk how to describe it.

No. 236654

cajun food is the best food

No. 236671

File: 1521936080505.jpg (38.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

At the moment, chicken and potato paprikas

No. 236672

>thick, rich curries
>creamy pasta
>avocado sushi

No. 236675

Barely pregnant anon here, waiting on my takeaway order

My MVPs are
Sweet potato fries with tons of garlic mayo
Jalapeno cheese poppers
Mashed potatoes with as much butter as humanly possible
Chocolate ganache
Chocolate truffles
PANCAKES PANCAKES PANCAKES especially with cream cheese and strawberries
Mac and cheese
Steak is my fucking favourite, medium rare more on the rare side
Sunny side up eggs
Black pudding ♡ (irishfag)

No. 236685

File: 1521943959005.jpg (60.91 KB, 384x550, fritos.jpg)

My ana-chan ass wants Fritos Scoops constantly because they taste like salt and nothing else.

No. 236732

Same anon. A crispy hot salty French fry with cold maple ketchup is the best.
I like anything crunchy and fried tbh, which is why I’m sad that most fast food places won’t do vegan fried stuff because the coating of nuggets is the best bit. Also I’m addicted to ice cold full fat Coke, and slush drinks.

No. 236733

Samefag but green olives and garlic bread, with fruit ciders. I love strong contrasting flavours, I guess.

No. 236739

Baked potato with spiced butter and crispy bacon bits. Spicy chicken wings with honey and garlic glaze. Salty french fries, always, and I'm pretty sure you could make me eat anything if it is deep fried.

No. 236785

eat well anon!! i hope you will have a healthy and happy pregnancy <3

No. 236866

File: 1522022251246.jpeg (63.78 KB, 418x352, C81A7A55-B4EE-4FFF-9740-C00527…)

These magic fuckers. American snacks are mostly gross in my experience.

No. 236876

Now I want fried haggis.

No. 236881

I’m pretty put off by the look of it but I’ll try just about anything. Is haggis something worth making myself? What are the dominant flavours? Do I eat it hot or cold?

No. 236883

It's pretty delicious, very savory in that way offal tends to be but without the bite you'd get from liver if that makes sense? The onion, spice blend and oatmeal helps smooth it out.

It traditionally tends to be eaten hot with mashed turnips and potatoes on the side. I had a neighbor who used to swear by chilling and slicing leftover haggis for sandwiches. You can do pretty much anything with it, though. I've seen people make haggis burritos, or you have dishes like chicken Balmoral that use it as an ingredient.

Also, if you have a choice, always go for a smaller haggis. The oatmeal expands, so you don't want to end up with a ton of leftovers if you're not hosting a big meal.

If you like it, blood pudding is also really good, especially fried up for breakfast.

No. 236960

I have never tasted american snacks. I want to taste those.

No. 236963

Seasoned Nandos fries that you dip into nandos hot sauce. I love love love…

No. 237246

File: 1522164698509.jpg (36.88 KB, 450x450, heksendrop.jpg)

I love heksehyl licorice, the one with the witch and the werewolf are the only one I tasted so far, and it' impossible to find strong liquorice candy in my country.

Doritos load, a triangle of cheese cover with doritos dust and fried, it was limited edition the time I tasted it .

I love good houmous, and it's so hard to have the do it perfectly, and with hot falafels it's so delicious

No. 237277

File: 1522175164567.jpg (18.85 KB, 300x300, cheetos-ketchup-flavour__59002…)

fuck the US for not selling these

No. 237281

I love haggis, Polish kishka is similar in flavor. Blood anything is yum.

No. 237282

Jamaican oxtail stew. It’s so freaking good but oxtail has become really expensive in the states, while it used to be considered little better than offal now it’s become a meat that’s part of the main dish on pricey prix fixe menus, crazy.

No. 237314

File: 1522186558166.jpeg (115.08 KB, 640x959, 33AD2ABD-8061-4521-95E6-418DA5…)

Good white bread in all shapes. With some butter while it’s still semi warm ooof

No. 237317

File: 1522187337607.jpg (67.15 KB, 458x458, crunchy-apricot-muesli.jpg)

A lot of people can't really understand my obsession but I fucking love muesli. Preferably with a ton of dried fruit. I sometimes eat a kilogram per day. Not even drenched it milk, I just eat it dry..

No. 237319

white bread + butter + honey was my everything as a child

No. 237321

They’re Australian. Shapes are great. The pizza ones are pretty good too, but only the original ones. The new versions are utter shit.

No. 237322

File: 1522187651123.jpg (426.34 KB, 1260x1890, aligot.jpg)

This bad boy right here

No. 237324

File: 1522187755587.jpg (35.06 KB, 400x300, Mon-Kou-105.jpg)

>debating on ordering a chinese takeout binge or being good and fixing myself a healthy dinner

I really want pork and other fried delights…

No. 237325

File: 1522187881608.gif (2.05 MB, 1364x1060, 4856556.gif)

>Roasted chicken
>Spaghetti carbonara
>White peach syrup
>Pringles sour cream & onion
>Pepperoni pizza
>Melted cheese (fondue/raclette)
>Cheese panini

Holy shit that made me hungry

No. 237330

Same, for some reason halloween ones taste better
I also crave honey stuff a lot like honey cakes
Im a huge sucker for little debbie brownies and fudge rounds too

No. 237334

File: 1522189740754.jpg (90.63 KB, 640x640, 112.jpg)

Freaking out because I went to two Walgreens yesterday and they were sold out. And I have Walgreens couponsss!

No. 237338

What the fuck is that? It looks delicious

No. 237339

i always crave roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli with parmezan and balsamic vinegar in the last 2 months. that or gyros. whatever else i eat just feels so underwhelming lol

No. 237340



No. 237343

That’s sounds fuken amazing anon

No. 237366

File: 1522200977452.jpg (31.62 KB, 600x900, dolme.jpg)

Right now I'm craving some dolme. It's absolutely delicious.

I fucking love heksehyl, been my favourite since childhood.
I also love hummus and falafel. Good taste, anon.

No. 237368

File: 1522202025507.jpg (363.27 KB, 2048x1536, k4SrHu5.jpg)

All I can think about is biting into a chewy, fudgy corner-piece brownie. I'm trying to be good and keep away from sugary simple carbs for now, but I'm weak around them. That and some coffee-flavored ice cream..

No. 237472


No. 237843

hey anon, are you french ? ( just
wondering )
Thank you, licorice is so underrated where I live, and middle eastern cuisine is one of my favorite, knowing how to cook it would be a dream for me .

No. 314682

Peanut butter, almond butter, pistachios, whole wheat toast with grass-fed butter, mashed potatoes, chocolate banana muffins, everything with cheese.
I've lost weight, but these are the things I miss most. I could have them, but I wouldn't have enough calories left for filling foods. I save enough to have a special Saturday brunch with my bf, or to go out in the evening, so I'm fine. But I miss having apples with big gobs of almond butter.

No. 314690

File: 1540218775023.jpg (45.73 KB, 640x480, D680-smoked_salmon3.jpg)

This guy over here. Lowkey planning to move to Norway for unlimited, cheaper supplies

No. 314700

File: 1540219406944.jpeg (101.27 KB, 800x600, B0F48E8A-906D-48CA-99A8-527D42…)

Love dolmades. Right now I’ve been craving moussaka for like two weeks.

No. 314704

cheap salmon here is oily trash and even then you'll rarely find it under 10 dollars lol

No. 314706

File: 1540219794583.png (83.35 KB, 340x191, sm.png)

A slice of toast with caviar, hard boiled eggs and cucumber would be great right now.

No. 314760

File: 1540227928060.jpg (46.74 KB, 700x394, LWwkYU9.jpg)

I really want a nice steak with some french fries right now.

No. 314768

File: 1540228614490.jpg (47.36 KB, 550x413, vegetable-lo-mein.jpg)

I'm a whore for vegetable lo mein, especially the kind with really thick, soft noodles.

I think caviar goes nice with cream cheese on a bagel or cracker

No. 314785

Ah, I assumed that it would be a bit cheaper in Norway since it's produced there… sigh. Then I'll stock from my country, here it's about 5 Euro for 200g

No. 314788

File: 1540230275051.jpg (39.03 KB, 472x310, curry.jpg)

I've been craving red thai curry for weeks but I'm too lazy to cook anything lately.

No. 314995

File: 1540247000630.jpg (41.2 KB, 640x445, ceviche-de-tiburon-1-640x445.j…)

I wish i still lived by the coast to get some ceviche for cheap, here it's mad expensive and served in really small portions

No. 315008

File: 1540248348233.jpg (119.32 KB, 750x422, perfect-roasted-chicken-mscs10…)

I'm always craving a good roast chicken with a side of super creamy mac and cheese shells and cornbread.
My mouth is watering just thinking about it lol I need to head over to Boston Market soon for a quick fix
Another thing I crave is kefta kabobs with some garlic sauce, basmati rice, whatever they call that salad with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, and hummus. Put all that in a pita… perfection.

No. 315089

File: 1540256203401.jpg (98.87 KB, 600x451, pork-souvlaki.jpg)

Pork souvlaki wrap with extra tzatziki

No. 315095

Broccoli. It’s so good just steamed and peppered.
Steak au poivre, roast duck with lemon, good quality butter, proper yogurt with home grown fruit. Roast carrots with honey, sachertorte or kladkakka with fresh cream.

Any cooks here?

No. 315101

File: 1540258797591.jpg (172.37 KB, 1024x703, bf50551e2121fbfe2400_1024.jpg)

bread is my shit anon. im more of a whole wheat and grains kinda gal. i don't buy loaves of bread anymore because I can eat an entire loaf in one sitting

No. 315119

File: 1540263682545.jpg (93.51 KB, 1080x720, lobster-bisque_LRG.jpg)

Anyone here love lobster bisque as much as I do? If a restaurant has it on the menu, I will ALWAYS order it. Whenever I go to Texas de Brazil, I get like five or six helpings of it. So good.

Broccoli in a good stir-fry is killer. There's a Vietnamese place near me that does great stir fry, and the broccoli is always cooked just right.

No. 315120

File: 1540263698639.gif (833.47 KB, 500x316, tumblr_mbphedR6J91r6aoq4o1_500…)

I have shameful food cravings…

My favorite of all time is macaroni and cheese (Velveeta or Cheez whizz) and 2 eggs on top. That way when I cut into the egg the yolk covers the macaroni. That craving came about during lunchtime and I wanted both eggs and macaroni and cheese.

I crave hamburgers with peanut butter as well and another craving would be french fries with vanilla ice cream.

I'll see myself out of this thread now.

No. 315124

Stir fried broccoli is a gift from the gods. >>315120
No French fries and ice cream is great don’t go anon. Especially if the ice cream has chocolate sauce. My go to junk food is toast with peanut butter so thick and melty it drips or family size bags of chips. Dunno how I’m not 200lbs lol.

No. 315129

File: 1540265760866.jpeg (66.01 KB, 550x412, 857F0B00-F79E-44FD-B2EB-23CDF5…)

Falafel with homemade humus…

No. 315130

ive been craving falafels for daaaaays.

this thread makes me happy. cooking makes me so happy

No. 315131

File: 1540266556581.gif (1.25 MB, 480x264, D8B7E085-A793-44AC-8328-8265BC…)

Yeah, I love seeing what othe people eat. I would like to try new things I see here

No. 315133

File: 1540266616816.jpg (30.24 KB, 500x500, Kuhne_Chopped_Kale_9fe443b5-af…)

I'm absolutely not a health food freak. I'm not even German. Just love this green shit straight out the jar with some bread. Wtf

Fug I'd ravish that

No. 315139

Never seen it before but it looks like pesto. I’d eat it. Is it bitter?

No. 315141

File: 1540268774630.jpeg (52.51 KB, 600x600, 3F253658-4D2B-4F23-A7AB-56E6B7…)

maraschino cherries! i sometimes just buy a whole jar and just sit there and eat them one by one…. in the bathroom at work bc I’m ashamed of my habit and praying no one sees me walk out of a bathroom with an almost empty jar of cocktail cherries.

Id make that lo mein my bitch.

No. 315151

I wish I knew what it was like to crave savoury foods like y'all instead of wanting baked goods or toast or cereal or literally any sweet carbs 24/7. I want dessert after every meal except breakfast because I have sugary porridge for breakfast gdi.

No. 315156

Chocolate and pastry are the best food groups. Love proper food but nothing beats a good dessert.

Semi related; there’s a new baby in the family and I wanna cool something for the parents. Anyone know any good freezeable meals that aren’t casseroles or mac n cheese?
Making quiches, soup, and a fruit pie but would like more meals for them.

No. 315159

The worst stuff, fried chicken burgers slathered in mayo, chips and dip, poutine, whatever. I can't stomach more than one or two bites of cake or dessert stuff though.

No. 315177

Lol I'm the total opposite. Not a fan of most deep fried things, beef, or mayo, but I love cake and chocolate.

The best kind of cake in my opinion is dark chocolate cake with whipped white icing, or spice cake with whipped white icing.

No. 315190

File: 1540286009740.jpg (51.03 KB, 1024x683, roasted-pumpkin-recipe-9568-3.…)

roasted pumpkin, sweet potato fries, guacamole, chestnut mushrooms, and blueberry pancakes

my diet is mostly cereal and baked beans tho, gotta love being poor and ana

No. 315201

File: 1540292092405.png (810.89 KB, 791x1000, N1_14506590.png)

No. 315202

once a month i will make burritos in bulk to freeze when i want something quick for a meal. i love eating things out of tortillas lol

it would still involve a little cooking but freezing bulk components to meals, like a bulk pasta sauce or shredded protein of some sort or meatballs. prechopped vegetables for stir fry.

No. 315234

File: 1540302591336.jpg (110.58 KB, 600x600, 13-600x600.jpg)

Just eel sushi. I want it all the time, it's such a huge craving of mine, god I love it so much.

No. 315353

Aw, you’re a sweet person. Maybe some hearty stews would be good too?

No. 315357

File: 1540315914839.jpeg (339.85 KB, 1240x1860, F54E4978-5AA5-4EE1-A141-97D7FD…)

I’m a tofu freak and love it any way, even unprepared. The only problem is I have a slight soy allergy and it makes my throat swell a little. But it’s hard for me to care because I love it so much. I try to not eat it TOO often but damn it’s one of my happy foods.

No. 315412

I love how it absorbs anything you marinate it in.

No. 315415

File: 1540321953028.jpg (180.52 KB, 1000x667, 1-Salmon-Sashimi-with-Ponzu-3-…)

Me too anon! I could eat salmon sashimi and eel sushi everyday and never get sick of it. I'd do it too if it wouldn't break my bank lol.

No. 315523

>Loaded Diaper The Image

peanut butter and bananas

No. 315540

kladkakka? you mean kladdkaka? it’s really good. pic related is a mix between kladdkaka and semla. ugh this thread is giving me cravings

No. 315541

File: 1540333490084.jpeg (111.12 KB, 700x700, 74B24155-85CF-4432-B025-A83CAA…)

forgot pic

No. 315543

Obviously meant kladdkaka. It’s delicious but pedantic corrections aren’t.

No. 315558

Yes I love lobster bisque! Also crab bisque is really good. I love any seafood soup tbh, and soup in general.

No. 315565

Why does this thread show up just as I start a diet ;_;

No. 315656

File: 1540354460283.jpeg (3.14 MB, 4608x3072, 16DD4C26-FD33-495A-A511-2D82F4…)

My grandma used to make these marzipan fruit cookies when I was a kid. She’d use a little paintbrush to make them look beautiful. So nostalgic, I wish I could make them.

No. 315675

Whole grain bread is great. I really hate dieting. I can't ever seem to make room for grains without going hungry for most of the day.

No. 315778

I have a mighty need for some raw salmon rn but i'm a poorfag so no can do.

No. 321809

Does anybody have any good soups or bisques for picky eaters? Deep into salty and savory flavors

No. 664851

Sorry i accidentally abandoned this thread.

kinda good
What country makes em
At firs ti thought it was coins. a kg
yommy yommy
hell yea
look kinda good
steak yom
that falaf looks too dark
hmmm maybe
hell yea

No. 664907

File: 1604286883780.jpeg (19.22 KB, 225x225, 1D150048-4C0F-4431-A0E2-7437F4…)

No. 664969

File: 1604298482457.jpg (97.83 KB, 1200x1200, strawberry-shortcake-cake-thum…)

No. 664970

File: 1604298622121.jpg (431.22 KB, 680x1022, 14.jpg)

and this

No. 665010

File: 1604315072991.jpg (104.77 KB, 1200x676, salmon roe.jpg)

I really want to try pic related, it looks so pretty. Can any anons tell me what it tastes like?

No. 665012

File: 1604315568054.jpg (786.01 KB, 4095x3071, NINTCHDBPICT000486990216-1.jpg)

If only it wasn't 6am

No. 665013

it is SO salty. i really don’t like it. the texture is really weird too. like. slimy and hard to bite but they stick onto your teeth somehow.

No. 665015

aw. I like salty af things though so I'll still try it. I see people eating it on bread with cream cheese sometimes, maybe it's good with that

No. 665016

Tastes salty, has a fish odour. Less strong aroma than black caviar. They have a membrane that gives you satisfying tiny crunches (best thing about it imo). Not pleasant in large quantities. I like it thinly spread on buttered toast.

No. 665027

I used to like it on bread with butter back when I was a kid, but after growing up I cannot stand it. This thing is slimey as hell, along with that it's way too salty even for me, a person who loves salty stuff. However It may still be good with butter and bread, because last time I tried it I had to try it by itself.

No. 665030

Toast the bread first, it will be much better. Nice and crunchy. I can't imagine eating it with regular bread, it's not the right texture combination and probably why you find it too slimy.

No. 665032

god damn it anon i'm fighting with myself for an hour now whether to order or not… I think I'll give in

No. 665034

Bon appetit! Which sauce will you be having with them?

No. 665045

File: 1604322097911.png (620.72 KB, 1000x504, DSC_0979.png)

Sweet and sour 4life

No. 665053

Humblebrag much, egotistical bitch? I’ll have you know that you’re a poser, you probably didn’t even eat them. I don’t even see any sauce. You disgust me.

No. 665057

I didn't eat them because I'm waiting for you to come over so we can share, please hurry!

No. 665064

I stopped eating meat but jsyk this made me miss the sweet sinful taste. Did you even bother with the fries or did you try to finish them in their 60 second shelf life? Kek

No. 665078

Lol these poor soggy bastards, I didn't even bother ordering.

No. 665160

File: 1604333442835.jpg (223.99 KB, 1024x541, 8309935428_fbfc175f2d_b.jpg)

Mexican breakfast cereal,it sucks how supermarkets don't have them here,yet I live in Texas.

No. 665165

A poco no hay cookie crips o zucaritas choco en texas lol?

No. 665184

You might as well go on a trip to miami, they got those cereals, as far as I know.

No. 665187

Selling this crap should be illegal, poor kids who're fed this every morning.

No. 665199

Mexican? I always thought those cereals were from the US.

No. 665200

Fuck them kids, these cereals are for adults who eat nothing else kek

No. 665202

In any case, the adults in charge of the children shouldn’t be buying cereal and giving it to the kids as a meal.

No. 665213

The trix cereals are absolutely addicting, worse than crack. And way too expensive

No. 665245

Tristemente no,como quisiera comermelos.

No. 665262

I'm craving sloppy joes right now, I'm gonna make some when I wake up from my nap.

No. 665364

File: 1604354538877.jpg (4.12 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

plain mcdonalds burger

no not cheeseburger

No. 665372

File: 1604355042929.jpg (107.18 KB, 732x839, kz9xp9mtf4121.jpg)

A saucy tri-tip sandwich, with some salty fries, and a cold diet coke

No. 665378

Are you me, anon? I love mcdonalds plain burgers, it's the best when you are drunk.

No. 666635

File: 1604506136748.jpg (360.92 KB, 800x534, Swiss_fondue.jpg)

Ive never had it but i really want to try fondue

No. 666640

There's a really good Chinese place near me and I'm hoping I can get some sesame chicken and taro Boba tea for dinner tonight. I crave that place constantly.

No. 666645

Its really delicious, I love cheese fondue with potatoes or bread.

No. 666684

File: 1604509283761.jpg (87.48 KB, 1500x1000, Shrimp-Cocktail-Sauce-Recipe-S…)

I want shrimps but they're expensive here

No. 666688

I really crave some mcdonalds burgers right now. Last time I ordered anything from mcdonalds was in June in Japan when I was barely recovering from covid and tried to gain the kilos I lost by shitting to near death for two whole months. Eating so much of it kind of disgusted me at some point but now I'm ready for some big mac. I wish there were gran club house burgers where I live too. I also want to eat a shit ton of gyoza and xiaolongbao.

I really want to try it too. It smells awful but so does raclette and it's delicious so I'm sure I'd like it a lot.

No. 666690

Aww anon, I want some big mac too! And last time i had McD was during june too. Damn. I miss me some burgers tbh.

No. 666693

File: 1604510440679.jpeg (250.64 KB, 1000x1229, 960F0AEA-8385-4813-AE75-A83F0E…)

Hope you’re feeling much better at this point anon. Burgers always sound sooooo good, but I’m personally not a fan of McDonald’s.

I could go for some biscuits and gravy though.

No. 666698

Yeah I feel way better, it took time for me to recover so I went back to my country, now I've gained those kilos back and I'm not tired all the time for not reason. Mcdonalds burgers taste good where I live and in Japan, I've been told it's shit in the USA and probably in Canada as well, it makes me a little morbidly curious. I loved going to Friday's in Tokyo when I was craving western food and sometimes I ate the giant burger, it was great and I also miss it, but in that one shitposting thread I remember someone saying it was shit so I'm starting to wonder if it's also different depending on countries or if I just have shit taste. I also miss Mister Donuts so much.

No. 666729

File: 1604512832445.jpeg (29.25 KB, 240x200, 7498AD11-BE44-481E-8AD8-EC8600…)

A grilled pesto chicken sandwich

No. 666770

File: 1604515510502.jpg (118.43 KB, 1000x667, 190208-delish-ramen-horizontal…)

I really want the foods I can't make at home and can't get from fast-food places around here. Covid's making me miss restaurants. I really wanna eat some good ramen again, I wanna eat that fatty pork belly and drink that broth again. The ramen restaurant in my city offers taoyaki balls as an appetizer and they're sooo fucking good too.

Biscuits and gravy are so fucking comfy. I try to make some whenever I make bacon for my family.

No. 666796

Ohoho. I just bought a pack of mild sausage after seeing this. Tomorrow is biscuits and gravy for breakfast day.

No. 666803

File: 1604517538275.jpg (312.18 KB, 1260x709, kare-kare-50518463.jpg)

In the mood for some sinigang or kare-kare especially. Might make my bf indulge in filipino food with me this weekend, I'm missing home.

No. 666871

I’ve had McDonald in Japan’s and the US, and tbh I think it’s all pretty garbage. No judgment if you do like it though! We all have vices baby.

I could eat that all day long

This looks delicious as hell, what’s in it anon? Idk much about Filipino food

No. 666889

File: 1604525047626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.72 MB, 2817x4608, IMG_20201031_142030__01.jpg)

Craving good restaurant quality ramen. Also, brown sugar boba. I got some on Halloween (pictured) and it was so good.

No. 666903

File: 1604526596780.jpg (75.47 KB, 960x720, le-relais-de-l-entrecote_80217…)

steak and fries

No. 666904

Anon I think someone puked on your steak

No. 666907

May not look like it, but this sauce is divine

No. 666915

Divine boogers?

No. 666937

File: 1604529172226.jpg (84.75 KB, 750x1000, yamis_mango_rose.jpg)

No. 666941

What's the sauce made of?

No. 666943

I wanna believe it's a chimichurri sauce but that green does look like barf.

No. 666972

File: 1604533112451.jpg (164.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i always fucking crave super spicy tteokbokki with mozzarella
never tried this shit until i went to japan last year and im addicted now. i live somewhere with a low asian population and where tteok is hard to come by and the local asian market only has it in stock 25% of the time i visit but when i see some i buy all of it lol

No. 666974

ohhhhh my god i've been obsessed with this ever since i saw some random guy on youtube try it. it's really really easy to make though, you could always make it yourself? i always make this version of it and it's so simple you just gotta get the ingredients which arent that rare!


No. 666976

i always make it myself, i would assume i don't even live within 100 miles of a korean restaurant but it's just hard to come by the rice cake (tteok) itself and i don't feel confident enough to make those from scratch
i have made it so many times now that i dont need to follow a recipe anymore, i make mine insanely spicy and insanely cheesy lol

No. 666979

I’m so hungry this looks amazing.

No. 666985

I dunno if you're interested but there's ramen cup-style tteokbokki online that you could have shipped, it's vacuum sealed so it won't spoil or anything. I bought it to try from an asian mart once and it's pretty bang on. Just add your own mozz!


No. 666987

File: 1604535863624.png (13.46 MB, 2648x2172, E92C8474-7879-46BA-B8BA-207CE0…)

this is a gateway drug to putting tajin on fucking everything, I swear… dangerously good combo. Chili dried mangoes are probably my favorite format of mango / spice / salt, fresh mango is super good as it is but once you dry it? Magic ensues

No. 666999

i've never added cheese to my tteokbokki before but now i really wanna try this

No. 667040

I had a weird craving for KFC last night. It was pretty weird considering I haven't thought about or ate KFC in years.

These are delicious. My cousins had them out this past Christmas but I was too drunk and full and didn't eat as many as I would have liked.

No. 667050

I could go for some KFC fries and gravy. Good shit.

No. 667076

File: 1604547582418.jpeg (29.04 KB, 243x340, 5A124D19-93E9-479A-9DC5-64DCA5…)

I think about these all year and allow myself to buy two stingy packets at Christmas as a treat (shipping to Australia is insane/low supplies.) I miss the caramel flavour but original will do

Half my motivation for visiting family in Norway are these

No. 667079

Kinda look like dildos from the thumbnail.
What do they taste like?

No. 667092

Hahaha true they do.

They have a light, kind of strawberry milk taste. Really subtle and not too sweet; so good with hot milk/chocolate. A bit ‘thicker’ and more chewy than normal marshmallows

No. 667101

these look so chewy and tasty, I wish they had them in the US

No. 667136

Currently on a diet but already planning my cheat meals for the next few months, these are what I've been craving the most
>a big greasy beef kebab
>cheese pizza with white sauce (gonna have some next week for my bday)
>chocolate pop tarts
>thick cut chips with garlic sauce
>thai food, mainly laksa, pad see ew and red curry
>butter chicken with cheese naan
>fish and chips with scallops
>any noodle based asian dish, I'm not fussy at this point

And from reading this thread I now really wanna try >>666972 and >>666803, they look really yum.

No. 667154

What does Jules coom taste like?

No. 667161

just broke vegan to get some mac and cheese balls delivered to go with my vegan burger. so worth it, I love being home alone so no one needs to know my hypocrisy. fuck I miss cheese

No. 667175


Closest thing I can compare it to is a less sweet version of a strawberry and cream chuppa chup. Just a really light taste. The caramel ones (called ‘cola’, my personal fave) kind of taste like white choc late

No. 667182

>less sweet version of a strawberry and cream chuppa chup
Nta, but that's exactly how I imagined the taste according to the way they look. Companies have perfected their colour coding of taste that well. That's cool.

No. 667233

File: 1604576978029.jpg (8 KB, 225x225, forbidden cheese.jpg)

I crave for blue cheese so much. I've been vegan for 8 years now and I still miss it.

No. 667244

The recipe is kept secret, but apparently thym, cream, butter and dijon mustard.

No. 667272

File: 1604581071820.jpg (174.44 KB, 1080x1080, daa55b5a14d5223582aef6cc88c58f…)

Bitch me too

No. 667284

They sell big boxes of those in my local grocery store at Christmas, they're fucking amazing

No. 667291

Seeing this on the front page made me legit drool

No. 667318

File: 1604585563810.jpg (103.3 KB, 1200x630, Corona-Doener.jpg)

The food of my people (germans)

No. 667372

File: 1604589174865.jpeg (7.26 KB, 275x183, ihearthisiscalledlox.jpeg)

thinking about you, lox anon.
i want to put smoked salmon sashimi in my face hole so badly now

No. 667396

i haven't had one in like a year, fuck. not like there aren't döner stores at every corner here in germany which makes it extra pathetic.

No. 667421

Fuck you, now I want some too. There's one restaurant on my way home so it's gonna be hard to resist temptation.

No. 667439

Nothing is cheap in Norway, it's the world's most expensive country second only to maybe Switzerland. Last time I visited, something like a 0.5l bottle of sparkling water cost about 4 and a half euros.

No. 667442

File: 1604593963200.png (249.29 KB, 550x550, vegemite.png)

i crave fifty of these so bad now, ah shiet. ausfags you add cheese? I don't but looking for this image I see someone does. my cousins used to have it with tomato sauce and I'm still traumatised

No. 667467

File: 1604595593896.jpg (41.63 KB, 474x474, 892c1f8608943cb61383b6b4de5513…)

I'm craving thick slices of figs and nuts bread with cheese or seasalt butter on it.

No. 667468

File: 1604595645990.jpeg (145.64 KB, 1004x752, 88D942D1-2515-492C-BE2F-55C224…)

Anything savory. Particularly a cheeseburger atm (pic rel is from Red Robin ♥ ). Is there actually a scientific reason for why we crave salty and sugary foods around our periods or was that just a bamboozle tactic?

No. 667473

File: 1604596141900.jpg (110.36 KB, 400x500, 500_F_200428217_6NG5llWEpxASPR…)

I miss cookie nuts with condensed milk… no way i can buy them here.

No. 667475

I used to take testosterone (tarded gender phase) and while on it I craved meat like I never have before.

No. 667477

File: 1604596559249.png (1.61 MB, 1440x640, KR4_18_baklava.png)

All Nordic countries are crazy expensive except for maybe Sweden (or Denmark, but in Denmark they tax everything out the ass so probably not), if you want food that's cheap and good you go to France.

I would commit genocide for some baklava rn.

No. 667499

I never crave any salty or sugary foods (or any type of food specifically really) around my period, do other women really have that?

No. 667505

Is this a real question? Have you ever been around other women during their periods?

No. 667511

I get the typical cravings. I feel drained right before my period so my caffeine intake goes up and then the chocolate cravings kick in. That's how I know it's coming

No. 667531

You're not alone, I don't experience any sort of cravings either.

No. 667536

Yes but we don't really talk about our periods soo..

Thanks for replying

No. 667541

File: 1604602597863.jpeg (117.33 KB, 678x509, 47F1F24F-8FDB-4E30-9AEF-A382DF…)

That or the breakfast baconator.

No. 667545

File: 1604603263991.jpg (166.83 KB, 1200x900, fishfingy.jpg)

Nothing fancy, fish finger sandwiches with a bit of salad cream

No. 667552

Fuuuck baklava is so good, I could go for the type with like, ricotta filling right now. My office always gets huge plates of it as xmas gifts so I won't have to wait long.

No. 667607

File: 1604608753774.jpeg (100.45 KB, 640x480, A18EBCDF-0BE9-4D23-ABA2-18473C…)

warm comforting kanafeh, i miss my mum

No. 667617

File: 1604610059565.jpg (188.31 KB, 1200x1680, cbad327d330e1bb49b468b9a487d10…)

> tfw cheese is too expensive

No. 667623

File: 1604610772792.jpg (228.1 KB, 1000x1500, gymshoe.jpg)

A combination of italian beef, corned beef, and gyro meat…

No. 667625

yes adding cheese always improves vegemite. the best is putting it on toast and under the grill

No. 667663

These pictures just made me feel very nostalgic and lonely

No. 667686

File: 1604618802985.jpg (69.05 KB, 960x613, TetianaGalkinaBell.jpg)

Im kinda missing my moms Holubtsi, or maybe all of our Ukrainian dishes, man i just wanna eat all of my traditional food rn.

Holubtsi/stuffed cabbage will always be the best tho

No. 667687

File: 1604618824558.jpeg (301.61 KB, 1200x1200, 5568743D-CC0E-4950-8422-210BEC…)

It never looks great but paella. The only restaurant that sells it in my area took it off the menu. Ready-made versions taste shit and I can’t cook. Fuck

No. 667699

Oh damn, these are love, now I want some too. But only these my mom makes! They're never good enough in restaurants.
In polish they're called gołąbki which means "little pidgeons" which definitely confused me a lot as a baby, does Holubtsi have similar meaning?

No. 667717

Crazy how almost every country has their own version of this. Does this have meat and rice in it?

No. 667727

This looks so yummy. I wish we could have a nice LC potluck where everyone just bought their favorite dishes.

No. 667772

Hated this growing up because it made my grandmother's house smell like cooked farts.

No. 667930

File: 1604652074117.jpg (32.64 KB, 720x720, IMG_5189-720x720.jpg)

I always crave banana shakes

No. 667935

If you haven't tried them, dolmades > (power gap) > any cabbage-leaf containing version thereof

No. 667936

File: 1604653267795.jpeg (81.74 KB, 1077x555, ikeameatballs.jpeg)

I miss IKEA's meatballs reeeee

No. 667947

Ikea food is honestly not that good, it's never hot and prob sits in the buffet all day. But damn if I don't get excited for it every time, I love making a day out of an Ikea shopping trip and meal. And the sauce is delicious tbf.

No. 667954

File: 1604657296586.jpg (73.22 KB, 512x384, unnamed (8).jpg)

pierogi with spinach and sheep milk cheese…

No. 667960

i've never had this but it looks delicious

No. 667985

File: 1604662206654.jpg (1.01 MB, 3024x4032, yo8dx5946mb21.jpg)

can't stop think about…her

No. 668073

File: 1604673750807.jpg (38.98 KB, 315x547, istockphoto-1129337562-170667a…)

A glass of pineapple juice with lots of ice

No. 668076

I had cravings for sour gummies for days. I just got back with 3 packs - worms, bears and strips. In the process of getting high so that I can enjoy the fuck out of them when the munchies hit.

No. 668082

Haribo Twin Snakes. Please get them and indulge.

No. 668093

File: 1604675689633.jpg (62.44 KB, 569x643, 61kpn0JQp L._AC_SX569_.jpg)

Speaking of, I have to avoid Starmix in shops because if I cave in and buy it I eat it in one sitting. I'm not like this with any other food, it's disturbing.

No. 668120

File: 1604678895075.jpg (119.46 KB, 1200x1800, mango-lassi-vertical-a-1200.jp…)

A cool mango lassi with some butter chicken, fuck.

Those indians know exactly what the fuck is up

No. 668122

I do the same fucking thing with those Twin Snakes (which I think are actually in one of the other mixed bags too), even after feeling weirdly sick after 2 or 3. I don't know what the fuck it is about gummies, but they destroy my willpower to stop at a rational serving size.
When I was low carbing, I ate the sugar free regular gummies. Mother of god, those things double as an extraordinarily tasty super-laxative.

No. 668129

Candy lovers, you'll love this site. https://shop.candyclub.com/shop-all/
I love candies so much, but they're not worth spending money on. These candies are super expensive too but the site is so nice to look at and think of which ones I'd like to buy… I'd like to try some cinnamon gummy bears.

No. 668134

Most of that candy looks like the same candy you can buy at the supermarket but a different brand. Is it that much tastier/better that is has such an hefty pricetag?

No. 668153

Probably not, like with clothes you probably pay for the brand more than for the item. But you never know
They sell a 6 oz cup for 7$, you can buy 1 kg of haribo candy for 8$

No. 668173

File: 1604684933159.jpg (12.71 KB, 392x392, 43909_XXX_v1.jpg)

Excuse me World Market where the FUCK are these chips they were my favorite chips ever and they don't sell them anymore. I was so addicted I would go in every month and buy like 3-4 bags just to get my fix. I am so upset over stupid chips :(

No. 668190

I love haribo but I wont eat any of the jellies/gummies with that white foamy stuff on em

No. 668341

I got a box from them for free many years back. While I'd never actually pay for this overpriced shit, I got hooked on some cola flavored sour belt candies they sent me. Been butt blasted ever since because they are impossible to find in stores. I don't want to have to order them online.

No. 668508

File: 1604728838048.png (139.29 KB, 320x400, Deli-Sliced-Hot-Jalapeno-Peppe…)

I wanna eat like half a jar of these atm

No. 668510

File: 1604729065909.jpg (260.48 KB, 1500x1500, 91sS2DSnMqL._SL1500_.jpg)

Shiitt you just reminded me I need to pick some of these up next time I go to the store. I love salty foods at night. Also sweet & spicy baby gerkins

No. 668514

Nice, I just grabbed two jars of the jalapenos and a jar of the olives with garlic today. I put that shit on everything.

No. 668528

I love green olives. I picked up a brand of kalamata olives from Gaia a week or so ago and diced some up with fresh tomato and mushrooms and sauteed them together with seasoning. After cooking some pasta with salted basil water, I added it back with parmesan and a little olive oil.
It was pretty fucking great, thanks for reminding me of it

No. 668576

I didn't even know they had olives! I'll have to take a look. I'm very intrigued by the blue cheese one. I only had blue cheese for the first time a couple months ago and still find it a delicious, delicious novelty. I'll make any excuse to eat it kek.

No. 668581

My cat always craves olives. It's his favourite food by far. Love them too myself, I prefer the black, bitterer ones.

No. 668675

File: 1604757186637.jpg (165.28 KB, 1000x1000, o.jpg)

I'm craving a good donair pizza, but it doesn't exist here so I am out of luck.

This sounds so good anon, I want to cook this soon.

No. 668677

File: 1604757516261.jpg (61.64 KB, 590x311, 123432.jpg)

Donairs are so good and I'm so angry they're not a worldwide food staple. Garlic fingers too, pizza without garlic fingers feels like burgers without fries.

No. 668697

File: 1604761776472.jpg (1.03 MB, 1200x800, blueberrygrunt.jpg)

If I slice up white pizza really thin I can kind of pretend it's the same as garlic fingers, but nothing in Murica scratches my donair/donair sauce itch.

Also, I miss wild blueberry grunt, but specifically how my grandmother makes it.

No. 668698

This just looks like blueberry cobbler. Buy frozen wild blueberries and add cinnamon to whatever cobbler recipe.
The donair looks exactly like cheese sticks from Papa Johns tbh

No. 668704

Scratch that on the donair, I was looking at the garlic fingers. Looks like I'm going to be a retarded bitch today

No. 668718

File: 1604765176990.jpg (48.29 KB, 625x417, burek_180114_shutter.jpg)

Just a really greasy meat burek. Especially the one my mom makes

No. 668730

mmmmmmmmmmmm yes

No. 668734

File: 1604767072731.jpg (64.62 KB, 640x640, 364551011_0_640x640.jpg)

These aren't even that good but i've been non stop wanting them for days now.

No. 668799

Shit food for your period

No. 668814

>>667699 hello its me the holubtsi poster

Hell yeah, restaurants never make them as good as my mom does or anyones slavic mom, I think Holubtsi do have other meanings? im not so sure if theres a similar to yours, might research that

Usually ours has minced meat inside but we also put rice in it

indeed! it is yummy, man wish that too ngl


I get you, it does smell weird but it tastes great atleast

i might try that one out when we have a big family dinner! thanks for the suggestion

No. 668842

When I was a kid the neighbor/friend's mom would make us peanut butter sandwiches with those chips on the side. It was such a good meal to seven year old me. I never eat them now because you're right they don't taste that good kek

No. 668944

Never understood the appeal of those, and I'm a huge chip afficionado. The chip itself is too bland and dry. The flavoured versions are not any better, they just put equally dry and dusty spices and since the chip below is flavorless you end up feeling like you're eating spices with a spoon.

No. 673198

File: 1605274613113.jpeg (153.89 KB, 768x1152, redpepperhummus.jpeg)

God I want this right now

No. 674525

File: 1605456641967.jpg (58.97 KB, 640x640, 11120011_0_640x640.jpg)

spoonful of this in a mug, add boiling water. like drinking a warm cup of pure umami, iz delicious

No. 674568

File: 1605462432668.jpeg (12.94 KB, 256x256, 5011187108477_T1.jpeg)

These but they discontinued them :(

No. 674582

File: 1605464453533.jpg (718 KB, 1800x1200, korean-barbecue.jpg)

It's been almost a year since I had kbbq. Why even live?

No. 674959

why are all ukfags mentally retarded

No. 674985

File: 1605500390644.jpg (269.23 KB, 1500x1500, 6000202089611.jpg)

I want to fry it up with potatoes and onions

No. 675440

File: 1605553288116.jpg (322.95 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_npm5mdp8FN1rcbta1o1_128…)

i have nearly constant cravings for chinese-american food. perfect combinations of savory, sweet, and spicy… i know it's not "authentic" chinese food (which i have had and enjoy), but it's beautiful as its own thing. even just looking at this pic makes my mouth water

No. 675444

Poor nutrition.

No. 675445

File: 1605553553670.jpg (26.94 KB, 500x454, Starbucks-White-Chocolate-Cran…)

No. 675478

File: 1605556324168.jpeg (44.29 KB, 400x600, 2A4A32E0-A1BB-4CE1-BD41-3AA11D…)

Eternal sadness until I can crack open the jar where my eggs are pickling. I love the sour taste of vinegar, but weirdly enough am not a big fan of pickles especially the sweet ones.

No. 675494

is this real

No. 675501

File: 1605558019859.jpg (101.22 KB, 1024x779, wolf.jpg)

I can't wait to spend my savings on watermelons(and other melons) next summer.
I truly believe I would be satisfied with eating just them for weeks straight.

No. 675504

Holy shit, anon. I love pickled eggs so much. This, pickled spicy okra and pickled beets. Mmph.

No. 675522

Lol I make these for my stepdad. He can never leave em alone long enough to properly brine. The waiting game is tough.

No. 675539

Pea Soup. Don't skimp on the fresh parsley.
There's something really sweet about the idea of adult men being impatient little shits and being so excited about food.

No. 675596

yeah, you use beet juice to add some other flavor besides the spices you put in and they turn pink. a lot of people use beet juice as a way to turn easter eggs pink.

No. 675826

File: 1605601250239.jpg (119 KB, 837x1260, 876543.jpg)

The concept of pickled eggs is wild to me, I've never heard of it before. Do you eat them just like that as a snack or something?

Talking about eggs, I love stuffed eggs. So good.

No. 675828

i love pickled eggs. I moved to the US so I make my own with white vinegar and the americans are always laughing at my gross vinegar fridge eggs

No. 675829

File: 1605601846337.png (550.8 KB, 392x613, egg.png)

I have mine with chippies

No. 677557

Would you lovely pickled egg anons have any specific recipes you'd recommend? I don't live in the UK anymore and I haven' had any in ages, but I've never made them before, and this thread has made me crave them like crazy.

No. 680198

File: 1606173679632.png (501.65 KB, 650x366, Mayak-Eggs.png)

Reading all the posts about pickled eggs made me crave mayak eggs, which are marinated, not pickled, but they're so good. There's nothing like mixing them with your rice and folding that in some seaweed.

No. 680211

File: 1606174657115.jpeg (8.01 KB, 253x307, OIP.jpeg)

No. 680215

File: 1606175017724.jpg (1.48 MB, 2731x2731, indian-butter-chicken.jpg)

No. 680284

File: 1606179387690.jpg (103.28 KB, 600x480, 2298058.jpg)

There's a pizza place in my hometown that serves an absolutely godly pizza with shrimp, coconut flakes, parsley and brown butter. I wish corona was over already so I could take a trip back home and eat one right now.

No. 681442

File: 1606315824683.jpg (22.89 KB, 293x300, 1764MiniSaltedCaramelM1-min.jp…)

These with a cup of black coffee are the best treat

No. 681450

I'll be having these for dinner today with a cabbage salad and some greek yoghurt. I crave them every winter, they're the perfect comfort food and give me the warm fuzzies.

No. 681470

Ugh I hate this the smell makes me want to puke. It's a staple for christmas holidays and my dad likes to eat in the living room and make it smell disgusting and I have nowhere to escape. And meat and bones in aspic which is even worse, looks horrendous and smells even worse. I hate holidays

No. 682130

File: 1606397927515.jpg (222.78 KB, 1460x1100, Mt7Y4V8.jpg)

Beef. Either raw minced beef (but only in small quantities because I´m not too sure if it´s really safe) or all types of soup bones. I like broth, marrow, meat and fat/tissue, also bones if they´re tender enough to be chewed

No. 682138

this looks like shit

No. 682139

Thanks for this! As it made me realise how lucky I am to be vegetarian.

No. 682140

I am alarmed at the quantity of what appear to be hot peppers in that broth. If those are what I think they are, drinking that broth would burn a hole right though your body, possibly all the way down to the Earth's core.

No. 682142

I'm gonna guess it's green onions but still the dish looks disgusting. I hate anything with bones in my plate.

No. 682146

sounds good and not hard to make at all, will try sometime soon

No. 682150

Are you okay anon? This looks revolting and smelly.

No. 682159

NTA but i've had that meal and it's actually quite tasty and very nutricious (great for iron deficiency/anemia) i'll agree it does look nasty tho kek

No. 682171

File: 1606403851727.jpeg (74.92 KB, 826x620, 1447288402620.jpeg)

I love bone marrow and never thought about putting it in soup. Bone broth soup is amazing though. Really good for the skin. I dislike how stores only sell bone marrow in cross sections like in your pic though. I like having it in restaurants when it's lengthwise and spreadable so you can put it on toasted bread. Pic dropped.

No. 682173

Kek at the replies to this

No. 682180

that bone marrow dish looks really interesting. Never seen it in a restaurant, but also never looked for it yet tbh

No. 682185

The OP pic is the worst thing i've ever seen. What the fuck?

No. 682187

Have you never had soup with bonemarrow in it? Where I live vegetable soup is made with bonemarrow simmering in it, although it typically gets removed before serving.

No. 682190

File: 1606405329361.jpeg (141.62 KB, 960x640, 8DF62D0C-0B7C-42E7-81DB-C776ED…)

I really wanna eat some shawarma rn. Beef on a bed of rice with garlic, tahini, and hot sauce on top. Mmmmm

No. 682389


i'm alarmed how alienated people are from food. not recognizing what food they are seeing, seeing mere bone being disgusting wtf

do you eat mostly processed food

No. 682959

Peppermint candy canes that are hard and not chewy.
Here theyre all raspberry or strawberry flavored. Sometimes places will have the small chewy melty ones but i like the hard ones.

I could also go for some Taco bell and Chick fil a
Man im not in the US anymore and i would kill for this and the holiday panini (which i heard they discontinued)

No. 682975

File: 1606508289297.jpg (109.55 KB, 1300x1950, Aloo-Gobi.jpg)

Aloo gobi with some raita and fresh roti…

No. 682986

Is that cauliflower in there? Looks so delicious.

No. 682991

File: 1606509407186.jpg (39.4 KB, 640x489, dd38171145e14a7508ea213415707b…)

I crave rangoons 24/7

No. 683000

Fuck you anon, I really want some now. I will make it a point to hit up the Chinese place after work for pickup smh

No. 683002

I have no idea what crab rangoons are so I find this image so hilarious

No. 683006

yessss it's cauliflower and potato curry. One of my fav dishes!

No. 683226

These things are the worst part of going out for Chinese food. Spring roll superiority

No. 683585

File: 1606595121413.png (13.86 KB, 200x200, 737F93EC-3295-4ED2-9791-D1348A…)

This fella

No. 683641

is it a bugsnack?

No. 683700

File: 1606603142316.jpg (117.76 KB, 1143x762, Just-how-bad-is-bubble-tea-for…)

I have a serious boba addiction and regularly drive 40 min roundtrips just to get a drink that i can barely digest and is probably giving me prediabeties. Help.

No. 683701

File: 1606603174960.jpg (40.51 KB, 683x1024, 020ffc9819c70126596233e983b9d5…)

I want a vanilla milkshake specifically from Big Boys

No. 683706

a vanilla shake sounds so delicious right now

No. 683710

I was craving ben and jerry's a few hours ago, even though I've never had ben and jerrys before. I went to my local store and they were selling it an a bit of an expensive price-£6 a pot, so I didn't eat any ben and jerry's

No. 683718

that pic is just straight up milk

No. 683746

Anon you need to make it easier on yourself and your wallet. Either hike it once to the asian grocery store, or order the largest bag of “tapioca pearls” you can find on amazon to save yourself the gas, time and effort. They just have to be boiled! You can get reusable fat straws and powders or juices of whatever flavors you like too.

No. 683762

File: 1606608265268.jpeg (55.34 KB, 630x473, 5c375291240000a400c480ac.jpeg)

i'm craving pizza rn but i can't spend with takeout this month

No. 683853

Yes and I want to eat them all lol

No. 683857

I'll buy you a pizza anon. Well I would if there was a way without you having to give me your address.

No. 683878

twitter? (im not op)

No. 683901

No. 683924

Why not make your own pizza?

No. 684741

File: 1606741980151.png (2.06 MB, 1200x1100, hkmt.png)

Some hong kong milk tea and egg tarts from a dingy mom and pop shop

No. 687869

File: 1607138316980.jpeg (61.45 KB, 500x500, AB3F95DC-6E46-4D99-94D5-739C99…)

I don’t care if I’m a filthy weeb I miss living in Japan and being too lazy to cook dinner and going to the supermarket for a prepackaged dinner instead and finding a slightly discounted salmon donburi to eat aaaaa. I miss grilling some cheap saba to eat, why is it so fucking expensive and hard to find in the states aaaaaaaaaa

No. 687876

File: 1607138956541.jpg (71.15 KB, 1600x1071, dan tats.JPG)

Urgh, yes. I need some dan tat too

There's this sushi place near my old work place that did 50% off everything from 5-6pm. It was always so fresh cause it was right next to a fish monger. Damn I miss it so much

No. 687879

Just went to a place that serves cookie dough like ice cream. 0/10 tasted like margarine and not much else. Still ate the whole thing though :/

No. 687880

Here’s a good recipe if you want to make them yourself. I’ve used this recipe a few times and it’s legit.


No. 687883

File: 1607139713382.jpg (253.87 KB, 1552x873, 43898_Rumba_Website_RecipeHero…)

I love these crunchy fuckers.

No. 687912

ooo! I've always avoided making these cause I thought they used lard. Definitely going to give these a try, thanks!

No. 688569

i want a Døner kebab full of mass produced meat and garlic dressing

No. 688572

File: 1607238312486.jpg (382.23 KB, 1139x774, 66.jpg)

Sweet and sour chicken balls. The pinnacle of shitty western Chinese cuisine.

No. 688578

These always look good and I want to try them, but never have,
What's the texture/consistency of tripas like? Is it chewy? I feel like it would be chewy like octopus

No. 688594

Not if they're prepared well. That's notoriously difficult to do though, so it often turns out chewy.

No. 688659

Different (and late) anon my I'm totally going to buy the ingredients, I saw a video and it's more easier than I thought lol

No. 688730

File: 1607257328142.jpg (118.68 KB, 1000x587, maitake.jpg)

I want mushroom pierogi.

No. 688892

File: 1607280721026.jpg (86.11 KB, 1200x630, bejgli.jpg)

Walnut beigli. Poppyseed filled is disappointing, and poppyseeds are so hard to get in stores in large amounts

I'm strapped for ideas involving ground sirloin, so if any anons have favorites that include it now would be an extra appreciated time

No. 688903

Ok you can give the poppy ones to me, they are 30 times better than any othr filling. If you add a lot of marmelade in the poppy then it will be great

No. 688914

Is there a way around the bitterness or whatever that taste is with the poppyseeds? I use a shit ton of apricot preserves, but it never cuts it fully. I wonder if adding cinnamon or a little lemon juice would help

No. 688920

green tea ice cream with red bean paste, lemony grape leaves (extra lemon), princess cake, my meatball recipe, my mom’s meat dumplings

All at this very moment

No. 688928

I don't know, I like the bitter taste. My friends tell me of a chocolate-poppy seed cake but I haven't tried it, they say poppy seeds go great with chocolate

No. 688994

File: 1607293953358.jpg (132 KB, 600x900, makowiec_zawijany.jpg)

The poppy seed roll looks very similar to a Polish dessert, makowiec. It's sweet and delicious– no bitterness. Try looking up some recipes if you're looking for a way to sweeten poppy seeds.

No. 689549

I think that it's because of the seed age. I'm going to try it with fresher organic poppyseeds and see if that helps. I might try something with chocolate too, since it was confirmed after mentioning the other anon's post that they taste great together.

No. 689555

File: 1607367024047.jpeg (43.98 KB, 540x540, snapshotimagehandler_137253237…)

Rhubarb and Custard sweets. I used to have them from those little old sweet shops when I was young.

No. 689732

File: 1607382486826.jpeg (83.57 KB, 600x450, 4A727EAC-EBEC-4439-80BA-4CDCFD…)

Outback steakhouse. I used to go all the time with my mom until they closed down the one by my house. The closest one is so far, but I miss going so much…Whenever I see those “restaurant breads” ranked and the Outback bread isn’t #1, I’m offended. It’s so fucking good, fuck out of here with those Red Lobster biscuits.

No. 689734

Rye bread is amazing
Hard agree about red lobster biscuits, they're fucking revolting

No. 689751

It’s actually not rye bread! I think it’s honey wheat or something? I’ve seen copycat recipes but have never tried to make any of them but I should lol. I didn’t want to hate red lobster biscuits, when friends first told me about them I was so excited to try them but maybe I should’ve lowered my expectations so I wouldn’t have been so disappointed lmao

No. 692816

File: 1607751150890.jpeg (233.46 KB, 1200x1800, 1B9CC7DB-CB5E-4812-9B6C-9D2D53…)

Baklava. I only had it once at a party a few years ago, but it’s heavenly sweet taste and thin, flaky, crispy crust will be seared into my mind forever.
My family has firmly sealed the idea of “special foods”, meaning sweets or time-intensive foods as reserved only for the holidays, so I wouldn’t get it now. But I want it ever so badly.. it’s so good. Try it if you have the chance

No. 692819

unbelievably based anon, baklava is the best dessert i've ever eaten

No. 692830

Baklava is sooo fucking good, it's so juicy and sweet and crunchy all at once. My fav is the type with ricotta in it.

It's so fattening though, last time I had some I must have eaten at least 1000 calories worth lmao. My company works with a lot of lebanese people and every xmas they give our office big plates of it as a gift, I have to control myself this year ugh

No. 692833

File: 1607752882345.png (399.58 KB, 497x454, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 12.0…)

If you like Baklava, you are absolutely not ready to discover warbat. Same concept, except filled with sweet cheese.

No. 692933

File: 1607769241598.jpg (20.37 KB, 500x500, dc1807c501b2c9dad651782fb00963…)

I always wanted to try out different snacks from countries, especially the US since we do not have anything like that, i only saw poptarts at my store but they are too expensive.

So anyway, i've gone to a site and browsed for snacks there they have tons of international ones. I really do not know what to pick, can any US person recommend me something good?

just wanna fill that cart with some goods so i can share it with my siblings

No. 692934

File: 1607769335955.jpeg (398.34 KB, 2000x1043, 0C59224A-FFE2-47A0-B6D7-E38358…)

i love these little things like you wouldn't believe

No. 692947

Anon wtf, I've only seen the original and light versions. I want a bigger variety of tiny wax-coated cheeses.

No. 692951

File: 1607771605475.jpg (1.05 MB, 1541x1557, IMG_20201212_121352.jpg)

No. 692954

I love plum dumplings, but I never ever prepare them. Just like any food that has to be boiled then fried (or boiled then baked etc, needing to be heat processed in multiple ways). Fuck that, it's too much hassle.

No. 692960

You don't fry them though? You just fry the breadcrumbs to caramelise sugar.

No. 692965

If you do the crumbs separately and not roll then fry, the dumplings will be damp and taste shit.

No. 692994

Not in my experience. You're probably doing something wrong.

No. 693013

You're the one doing it wrong. It's no skin off my back if you want to cut corners, but don't pretend it's going to taste the same.
Personally, dumplings are one of those things that aren't worth doing at all if you don't intend on doing it well, but you do you.

No. 693204

File: 1607810191128.jpg (124.32 KB, 620x929, DSC5926-620x929.jpg)

pizza with artichokes and bacon is my favorite hawaiian is close second

No. 696323

File: 1608243624179.jpg (1.48 MB, 1536x2400, DukGuk-13A.jpg)

Not to brag but, I got to work remote today so I've been simmering a pork bone broth for a few hours now. Added onions, garlic, peppercorns, star anise, and ginger. Also added a beef heart to stew.

Gonna strain it and add salt in another hour or so. Gonna use it for rice cake soup. I'm gonna shred some egg, seaweed, scallion, and beef heart to top.

No. 696944

File: 1608313373870.jpg (142.54 KB, 1000x1384, F12A0965-3.jpg)

adjaruli khachapuri

No one in my city makes it ;-;

please save a bowl for me anon

No. 696947

File: 1608313533478.jpg (923.36 KB, 2814x3192, fp7giolun8fz.jpg)

also kobe beef sashimi, steak tartare, any kind of savory raw meat. cheap chinese food, flamin hot cheetos, and girlscout cookies.

No. 696952

File: 1608313904329.jpg (123.15 KB, 680x1020, chicken-fingers-4.jpg)

tendies pls

No. 697060

Oh my god that looks delicious. I swear any combo of cheese and bread appeals to me, it's the best.

No. 710292

What are you noming on farmers?
I'm about to go to the market to buy some fish and vegetables to roast.
What's your favourite fish? Mine are hake and sole, such good meat mmmmm

No. 710297

I just had a chicken burger my dad made for lunch.
>What's your favourite fish?
Rainbow trout all the way

No. 710320

File: 1610110992828.gif (1022.75 KB, 250x150, toxic-sludge.gif)

I ate trout with spinach and avocado the day before yesterday, today I'm having hake with potatoes and mushrooms.
I'd be eating fish every day if it wasn't full of mercury. Fuck pollution.

No. 710323

oh I'd fuck him all right, that voice

No. 710324

Hahaha same here, same here

No. 710341

Anon I thought I was the same one with the sentiment. Fish is so fucking good, I would eat it with every meal if I could.

No. 714263

File: 1610650076412.jpg (586.94 KB, 1920x1441, 09876543.jpg)

really wish I had an entire bucket of raw snap peas to eat rn now. the vegetable of vegetables

No. 714288

Ot but, who is that sexy cloud of waste?

No. 714380

It's Hexxus, the sludge monster from the first ferngully movie voiced by Tim Curry.

No. 714393

File: 1610658518391.jpeg (116.97 KB, 720x362, 5DB9618D-AEB4-45BC-B132-A0D481…)

Feeling homesick, I want mollusk dishes

No. 714399

File: 1610659116706.jpg (108.54 KB, 640x640, C9Iw9pFWAAUPNCv.jpg)

My mouth waters when I think about these. Just a corn dog with American Cheese inside.

No. 714421

File: 1610660419655.jpeg (83.94 KB, 678x452, 47B6DE25-6DF8-4AD1-B45F-F93DD8…)

ramen forever

No. 714429

File: 1610661184368.jpg (399.01 KB, 900x598, 1407199995390.jpg)

This or salad. I ate creamy pasta for breakfast and then two cake doughnuts so even thinking about terrible food makes me feel sick.

No. 714443

What is this,anon? Looks delicious.

No. 714455

It's just sushi, but in ball form lol. Eating raw fish makes me feel so healthy, especially with their omega fats and stuff

No. 714477

File: 1610667834078.jpeg (125.25 KB, 512x640, 8921DE59-F866-4792-B703-EA18C7…)

I want a plate of gyoza so bad… what are some comfort foods you anons like?

No. 714491

File: 1610670083873.jpeg (90.48 KB, 826x620, 1383780633985.jpeg)

Scalloped potatoes might be one of my fav

No. 714494

File: 1610670939728.jpg (120.78 KB, 680x1020, da166f55ba3dc17ddb34e94657ac9d…)

Pasta with pomodoro sauce or sauteed veggies with rice

No. 714588

File: 1610686593412.jpg (112.25 KB, 580x873, tripe soup 3456.jpg)

Tripe, tripe, and more tripe.

No. 714790

pomodoro sauce… she's so pretentious. it's fucking tomato sauce.

No. 714824

god YES. good taste anon

No. 735191

File: 1612932290775.jpg (178.95 KB, 960x960, 3CQ3C3100A3AD3EE29C7E9lv.jpg)

I'm on my period I will now spam a bunch of food I'm craving

No. 735196

File: 1612932563578.jpg (49.23 KB, 736x1104, fdbd2576625d4ede6c1831cc0c6cee…)

No. 735200

File: 1612932824341.jpg (51.08 KB, 610x722, e4b260a35dadd449cae629acadd099…)

I'm so hungry help me

No. 735275

My fellow citizens and neighbours have no taste. The stores around me keep discontinuing products I love because there's not enough demand. The latest things they discontinued are a frozen veggie lasagna I loved (it's 10x better than the regular meat lasagna they still sell), and cheese popcorn. How the fuck is cheese popcorn not popular?! They still sell fucking peanut popcorn, that's what these people wanna buy, but not cheese popcorn? I have waited years for companies here to start producing cheese popcorn I tried abroad, and when they finally do, it flops.

No. 735292

File: 1612941905534.jpg (44.94 KB, 728x1092, tmp_HEsKeh_145de1f1701e5af7_62…)

I want the thickest, sprinkliest, the most diabetes inducing milkshake imaginable
I don't normally even like milkshakes but I got a wicked craving for one right now. Even better with tons of whipped cream and some white chocolate thrown in it

No. 735315

File: 1612945397954.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, -FABK2474-KaeseWeintraubenSpie…)

Could annihilate a plate full of appetizers. Wish there was vegan gouda

No. 735339

Appetizers are the bomb. I often lack the willpower to stop eating tasty appetizers to leave enough room for the main course.

No. 735382

dayumn i would sit in a whole room of incels just to smell that

No. 737894


Violife does the trick if you can get hold of it.

No. 741808

File: 1613577939649.jpeg (32.92 KB, 554x554, 8widndw8sj).jpeg)

No. 745460

File: 1613964709776.jpg (142.12 KB, 1217x694, carciofi-alla-giudia-5.jpg)

No. 745466

I walked past a Chick-fil-a the other day. I can't let myself have that kind of thing. I'd never stop. Its not worth the calories for me, I'd rather have a shit ton of healthy food for the same. It just sounds nice sometimes.

No. 745505

File: 1613970222360.jpeg (299.62 KB, 640x825, 3CEA7E13-58B4-42F9-BEE1-72B47F…)

I want pizza with lots of meat and sauce, like a really nice juicy pizza
I want nachos with quac, even though I’ve never eaten quac and don’t really know what it is (avocados? Can’t really eat them at the moment because of the scandal)
I love pizza so fucking much, sometimes I like to roll a slice up like a carpet and eat it like a spring roll, it’s the most delicious thing in the world.

No. 745519

>Can’t really eat them at the moment because of the scandal
Wait, what scandal? Why can't you eat them?
I've been craving avocados and eating 2 a day lately. I've been making a salad with mixed greens, olive oil, chopped avocado, and parmigiano reggiano. So refreshing and tasty, and goes great with Italian food (had it with ravioli and lasagna).

No. 745535

No. 745536

Also samefag that sounds fucking delicious . I like me a good salad with any pasta dish

No. 745540

Holy shit this is horrific. Luckily, my avocado supply is not affected. Regardless, I should be less lazy and go buy more produce from individual farmers on the open market instead of conveniently buying from the big chain store across the street. The big chains don't give a shit about their customer's health, their employees well-being or the communities they operate in. The open market isn't even that far away. I've got no excuse. Fuck those murderers.

No. 745923

File: 1614018816113.jpg (202.49 KB, 1440x810, 22499244_1535056843230683_7954…)

I just want a piece of this stupid cone shaped cheese, I just ate a whole block of cheddar but it's tasteless, from the store. I want this one, it's hard and dry and smokey and delicious ugghhh i'm hungry

No. 746158

Is that Boulette d'Avesnes?

No. 746413

No, it is called prgica, I haven't tried the cheese you mentioned but it looks soft, this one is really hard. I want to try that cheese, it looks delicious…

No. 784826

File: 1618589453582.jpeg (114.45 KB, 680x1020, 6AD26C68-FB39-42AF-9975-E97FDB…)

Bruh I think browsing lc makes me hungry for some reason. Maybe cuz it feels like lazing around and comfy, even when there’s bickering.

No. 785160

File: 1618618234513.jpg (142.62 KB, 630x886, darkchocolateandpbicecream2.jp…)

chocolate peanut butter ice cream on a waffle cone…

No. 785590

Mukbangs are gross but I wish that were me rn

No. 785606

>ruins the first bite of fish by dousing it in chili sauce
I know he's korean but jfc, imagine not wanting to taste fresh fish on its own first.

No. 785617

imagine the smell…

No. 785631

File: 1618687837313.jpeg (91.96 KB, 620x620, D91DBD97-BE82-4388-A1E5-8EE6B3…)

I’m trying to cut out meat completely so I can be a vegetarian but every week or so I crave BBQ wings like crazy. Sometimes I resist the temptation, sometimes I don’t.

No. 785641

Have you tried any meat replacements for it? I used to do cauliflower wings when I first went vegetarian, but now I've moved on to seitan, TVP highly recommend. TVP is so fuckin good, and those Gardien orange chicken pieces when I'm craving bbq

No. 786863

File: 1618834429475.jpg (274.25 KB, 550x825, Pączki_z różą_01_maniapieczeni…)

No. 786875

File: 1618835451818.jpg (133.91 KB, 798x532, paczki_01.jpg)

Pączki are the shit but these orange bits on top spoil everything for me.

No. 789494

File: 1619181736363.jpg (69.89 KB, 800x450, 49eb7f2f-7d85-4f3b-8d89-20b92b…)

I love broth so much (I'm making turkey broth rn). It's so nutritious and rich in minerals, it fights inflammation, after water it's like the second best thing to drink when you need to hydrate and it's so simple to make. I don't know why I hated it as a kid

No. 789531

Broth feels like a warm loving hug to my stomach.

No. 791746

oh yes! I have this really nice broth paste, and put some fresh herbs in it while it’s still on the stove and let it sit for a a few minutes. so damn good

No. 791760

File: 1619392340714.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 232.28 KB, 711x295, B0197F5E-C43D-4DCA-B71B-979859…)

Is this caca? Ewwww

No. 791794

this made me laugh so hard

No. 791803

What the fuck it's making me sad that nobody replied to this. Did you get snacks, anon?

No. 791809

File: 1619396219261.jpeg (33.72 KB, 450x450, 886f8a2e-efd8-49d2-849b-bd5424…)

Pudding. Except, I'm a vegetarian. It doesn't look very appetizing, but it's yummy. I wish I could have this with some grits

No. 791936

>It doesn't look very appetizing
No it doesn't. But eh, stuff it in pastry and you won't see it just taste it, and all's fine.

No. 791947

>pork mince

How the fuck is this pudding?

No. 791959

File: 1619413677776.jpeg (109.91 KB, 640x429, 6D8CB2FA-4D56-4261-A99B-4D1BC3…)

I'm not good at cooking and I'm very lazy, but I want one of these silly rainbow cakes so bad

No. 792269

I guess it's called that cause it's soft and kinda falls apart, I would attach a pic, but it's hard to find one since that specific brand is only sold in my state. I believe in Scotland and the UK they also have a sausage-like food called pudding.

No. 792278

No. 792287

File: 1619454287199.jpg (63.1 KB, 720x480, 2in1baby.jpg)

My fave part of a cooked breakfast is the black or white pudding (bonus points if the place gives you one of each instead of making you pick one)

I've been meaning to try out ones in pic, white pudding…inside some black puddding.

No. 792453

I didn't go to my senior prom in high school because it landed on my birthday, but my aunt and cousin surprised me with a (very lopsided kek) homemade rainbow cake! I love rainbow cakes because they make me so nostalgic for that memory.

No. 792459

File: 1619463418610.jpg (62.73 KB, 336x512, karintou.jpg)

Trying to find a non-offensive image of karintou is near impossible, but I love these things. The first time I ever had it, my host mother in Japan gave me a bag before I left. I opened it up a few days later and was basically addicted to them, they're just fried crunchy pieces of dough covered in brown sugar. It's a shame they look like literal pieces of poop lol

No. 792630

File: 1619479310651.jpg (283.1 KB, 1080x1350, Clean-Eats-Teriyaki-Green-Bean…)

Doesn't look like shit to me anon they look more like dried sausages, I'd be surprised to bite into one and find out it's sweet

Craving some teriyaki beans right about now

No. 792646

That looks absolutely scrumptious anon

No. 792806

File: 1619497057934.jpeg (73.97 KB, 500x375, B10369A5-D2DB-4E22-B3B5-34E546…)

my friend had one for a birthday awhile back so I can definitely relate to having a good memory associated with this type of cake

the marbled and pastel ones are also super scrumptious looking!

No. 792838

File: 1619499744206.png (456.11 KB, 616x456, no u anon.PNG)

No. 799793

File: 1620244914345.jpeg (30.89 KB, 628x449, Gyoza.jpeg)

No. 799795


No. 799804

File: 1620245450041.jpg (94.98 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_98804160-stock-p…)

cream rooooolls

No. 804208

File: 1620744937254.jpeg (713.07 KB, 1100x600, 7A7FE028-9D03-4B03-8245-178EDF…)

Permafrost. Ancient bacteria and viruses? Sounds tasty to me

No. 804287

File: 1620755422353.jpg (151.82 KB, 1400x1050, ay_111015926.jpg)

I'm partial to mammoth meat myself

No. 820333

File: 1622497520144.jpg (122.7 KB, 600x900, How-To-Cook-Snow-Crab-Legs-1.j…)


No. 820364

fuck i want it

No. 820372

File: 1622501924041.jpg (45.41 KB, 623x560, ch91o17q9bw21.jpg)

And IIIIIIeeeeyeeee will always love you

No. 820433

I want this too ahhhhh
I live in a city where fresh seafood is only available in fancy restaurants. There are no fish counters in our supermarkets, only some prepackaged stuff like mackerel or frozen prawns. I haven't had scallops in years!

No. 820451

File: 1622510976867.jpg (62.36 KB, 687x516, kelloggs-smorz-cereal-outside.…)

One spoonful will immediately give you diabetes but that's okay it's worth it

No. 820463

Crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans are by far the tastiest of all meat imo.

No. 820541

File: 1622526835647.jpg (84.3 KB, 725x725, Ground_Dakota_Taco_w_Poured_Dr…)

Indian taco. If you know, you know.

No. 820550

File: 1622530163216.jpeg (84.57 KB, 800x800, 516AEA59-F34A-43A9-AAA8-570BDC…)

just discovered and tried the yakisoba version of these. I need like 3 more fucking bags of this shit asap but I don't want to pig on them

No. 820558

File: 1622533374266.jpeg (152.81 KB, 1000x667, F7715F97-056D-4970-816C-6E9214…)

russian school cafeteria cutlets and mashed potatoes

No. 820561

File: 1622535140134.jpg (29.25 KB, 625x415, 902141e2c2d10fd6f0a38f7fb0297d…)

I miss all this simple stuff… I also miss steamed beetroot

No. 820613

These things are crack. I love them

No. 820619

File: 1622545316093.jpeg (10.57 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Air dried duck feet

No. 820623

File: 1622545711215.jpeg (11.26 KB, 107x141, 75821F41-FA85-4739-9F99-6162E1…)

It tastes amazing, like a real cachapa with cheese, but kind of salty and perfect, I wish they sold a small version so I don’t eat the whole damn bag on my own.

No. 820717

This picture is haunting

No. 820720

File: 1622557993583.jpeg (761.42 KB, 4032x3024, 6E12B205-4DD7-4E34-A97C-1253B6…)

Had a nachos bell grande for dinner last night and it was about as trashy as this one, but now I want it again except it’s 9:30AM

No. 820812

File: 1622567741564.jpg (84.11 KB, 868x964, freddo.jpg)

Miserable and premenstrual so I'm eating like a 2 year old today. Love these things

No. 821099

File: 1622595642621.jpg (104.89 KB, 564x846, suanlafen.jpg)

this shit was my crack when living in china but it's so hard to find here orz

No. 821131

That looks incredible. Have you tried making it at home? I assume it wouldn't be quite the same but I feel like it would still be good.

No. 821143

alas… even if i knew how to cook, finding the right kind of noodles is rly hard
like the broth exists in a bunch of Chongqing noodle recipes but these particular noodles (glass noodles made of starch) hit differently and they're mega hard to find even in sichuan restaurants for some reason

No. 828217

File: 1623442881672.jpeg (382.76 KB, 900x1200, 31726C64-137F-46AB-A869-072112…)

I want to guzzle gallon worth of salt and butter on some crawfish

No. 828218

The asparagus looks so out of place lmao

No. 828232

kek you're right it looks like it was placed there by a passive aggressive vegetarian or something

No. 828316

File: 1623448323874.gif (901.94 KB, 260x146, blove.gif)

No. 828319

Nta, but oh gosh I hate her videos. She always eats with a ton of sauce on her face, and as someone who regularly wears long nails, it makes me cringe to see her stick her nail in the bowl and get a bunch on sauce/food underneath them

No. 828320

Spoiler that please.

No. 828325

The nails and the dainty hand movements to match lol

No. 828333

File: 1623448954881.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.25 MB, 480x270, food.gif)

No. 828338

i don't even like seafood but something about seafood boils specifically with bloves sauce seems SO yummy to me.

No. 828339

File: 1623449118290.gif (Spoiler Image, 805.97 KB, 260x146, sideeye.gif)

My favorite one

No. 828358

File: 1623450034929.jpg (48.51 KB, 678x381, lutong-bahay-dinuguan-1-678x38…)


filipino pork blood stew

No. 828367

One thing I hate about seafood mukbangers is their overuse of butter and sauces. I know it's to rev up their lipsmacking and sucking noises for their asmr perverts, but still. Seafood is so enjoyable on its own, I cringe when I see king crab dunked into some pleb chilly sauce.

No. 828369

File: 1623450868359.jpg (186.25 KB, 1080x1023, bun_bo_hue.jpg)

I have cravings for pho and bun bo hue regularly. I really want to learn how to make them at home but it takes so much time and so many fancy expensive inredients I can't get sometimes in my Eastern Euro craphole, and I'm really sad about it. Vietnamese food is so fucking good tho.

No. 828401

You could use dangmyeon, the glass noodles made of sweet potato starch, used in japchae. The Woks of Life uses that.

No. 828521

File: 1623469359584.jpeg (96.96 KB, 900x550, AC9E4217-39D0-45AC-84FB-CEEAB0…)

just ate a small version of this and I want more god I want more it is so good

No. 828523

This is one of my favorite candy bars ever, such good taste anon

No. 828551

File: 1623474945276.jpg (134.62 KB, 1200x676, 65d4fd33-9d36-4c94-aa8c-38e7d4…)

Can't stop thinking about food lately and planning the next meal.

Today I had god tier spicy palak paneer with garlic naan.
Tomorrow I'm going to a dim sum house with my fiance. I can't wait for soup dumplings, shu mai, chicken feet, and those rice noodle rolls one can only get on weekends. Not to mention the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and eggplant. Jfc I want some right tf now.

No. 828888

File: 1623526150593.jpeg (292.14 KB, 2000x2000, f7432c9f-3bff-4a58-9c5e-dec472…)

I had this for the first time and it's so good.
(I moved this from the shitposting thread)

No. 828901

I'm gonna have to try this! it's so cute

No. 828908

Does anyone know how I can make a spicy tea? I know it seems simple but if i add spices to tea I just end up with a spicy sludge at the bottom and normal ish tea. I even tried it with a sweet hot sauce but it wasn't enough and it was kind of gross. I want something spicy enough to make me sweat, I have a cold lol

No. 828916

Oh my god that pic is making me so hungry

No. 828917

>bun bo hue
BASED I hope some of the hole in the wall viet joints around me survive the plague because they make it the best

No. 828925

I just use cayenne

No. 828926

cayenne, cinnamon and just strain it after a while so no sludge. hope you feel better, anon!

No. 828930

Boil water with a hunk of peeled ginger root, and make tea with that. You can make super spicy ginger tea depending on how long you boil it for. Cinnamon sticks and cloves could work too.

No. 833515

File: 1624065107636.jpeg (533.96 KB, 750x603, 8D728DC8-EA6F-48A3-8DBA-30DF81…)

Durian. Yes, I’m one of those people who don’t think it’s smelly. I love it so much and it’s such a rare treat for me too because it’s so expensive where I live since it’s all imported. When I visit family overseas they’ll take me durian picking, and they’ll always make fun of me for being the foreigner girl who likes durian but I don’t care because they keep feeding it to me lol. Frozen durian is expensive here too. My mom just brought some home and I’m the happiest girl alive right now!!!

No. 833762

File: 1624098571256.jpg (11.67 KB, 280x131, gy92k68989j51.jpg)

These limited edition Smarties from like 2004. They were the best candy ever and I still think about them.

No. 834574

File: 1624178213403.png (700.55 KB, 848x866, Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 6.34…)

boiled peanuts, if only they didn't make your lips look like a dehydrated asshole

No. 834603

File: 1624183765756.jpg (27.53 KB, 600x600, khoresh-bademjan-2-FP.jpg)

Goat khoresh (basically a Persian curry) is my ultimate comfort food, tastes like home. All the best flavour comes from the goats head but my fiancée has banned me from bringing home goat heads as they stink out the apartment (fair point tbh) so I just use the meat now. Still one of my favourites dishes.

No. 834604

I remember these being really perfume-y

No. 834754

I need to know what the texture is like. Are they wet? jelly like?

No. 836406

Yeah we had flavoured smarties in 2001 in Australia and I loved it because it was the only time I could make a pack last longer than 5 minutes by sucking the flavouring off each one at a time.

No. 837651

File: 1624561521466.jpeg (807.07 KB, 3000x3000, 680D8FD0-C640-4FA5-80F5-D9F15B…)

nonnies, if my diet suffers so should yours. this is the best fuck ice cream ever to hit store shelves. put it in a cone, making sure to get some of that THICK chocolate from the top at the bottom of the cone and it's an ELEVATED "drumstick" like Bougie Style. It's so good. browned butter is so simple but it makes everything so much better imo

No. 837662

Ugh I want this now, fuuuuuck

No. 837664

File: 1624562887845.jpg (79.27 KB, 696x478, Ciorba-de-burta-in-oala-sub-pr…)

tripe soup

No. 837695

I have some annoying adult things I need to face soon and when I get them done I need to buy and eat one of these in one sitting. Looks like that kind of ice cream.

No. 840757

File: 1624918755402.jpeg (20.63 KB, 338x450, starbucks.jpeg)

For the past few days I've been really craving an Americano from Starbucks with the blonde espresso specifically. The blonde espresso just hits different.

No. 840768

File: 1624919503117.jpg (60.79 KB, 680x1020, FINAL-spring-rolls-1-5.jpg)

No. 840769

I just order 2.5kg of soup from those sites that sell foods only in amounts over 500g (ex chefevolution)

No. 840790

File: 1624921055305.jpeg (146.63 KB, 1200x675, 7A59E2E6-6BAB-4B23-BA6F-ECAD98…)

I want ihop so fucking bad, specifically the cupcake pancakes

No. 840831

I'd order something else and then want to steal the top pancake off your stack, roll it up and eat it while you left for the bathroom

No. 840833


No. 840861

does that mean no whipped cream for me? ruthless!

No. 840886

File: 1624927923587.jpg (40.73 KB, 300x300, mcdonalds-Bacon-Double-Cheeseb…)

Cheems borger

No. 840892

No. 841272

Anyone tried MrBeast burgers? Is it good? Should I get one today?

No. 841273

Fuck I haven't had fresh durian in so longgg

No. 841518

Pretzels and cheese

No. 841609

My boyfriend likes it more than me, we've had it like 4 times from the same ghost kitchen. They are large but that's about the only compliment I can give, I don't get the hype. The fries are always soggy, too, even though we basically live 5 minutes away

No. 842039

File: 1625031006239.jpg (4.7 MB, 3024x3025, spaghet_sandwich.jpg)

No. 842040

shayna got lost on her way to twitter

No. 842042

File: 1625031457226.png (3.48 MB, 1200x1800, 8824FA05-3FA4-4D09-989F-06322C…)

Beef stroganoff. I haven’t had it in about 15 years, my favorite childhood memory of it was when it was being served for lunch in my school cafeteria.

No. 842047

File: 1625033149488.jpeg (608.85 KB, 1457x2185, 0046120C-70F7-4F6D-9916-A6080C…)

pretzel bites and cheese dip…

No. 842050

File: 1625033539002.jpeg (114.92 KB, 900x656, 1A62BD1C-9663-46A1-981B-956E46…)

Sweet cream cheese pretzels…

No. 842053

nonnie my mouth is watering

No. 842054

is that garlic bread? looks good

No. 842055

yeah, garlic texas toast!

No. 842076

File: 1625037285002.jpg (30.03 KB, 540x540, aaaa.jpg)

No. 842088

File: 1625038835736.jpg (172.77 KB, 879x847, Screenshot_8.jpg)

I'm fasting rn so the idea of drowning myself in this seems irresistible

No. 843527

I haven’t had popcorn since my crohns diagnosis and it was my favourite food, so about a year now. I literally dreamt about it last night. Truly the ultimate craving is the one you know you can’t have.

No. 843764

It's shit for the price

No. 844077

File: 1625222028462.jpg (29.36 KB, 540x540, ShotType1_540x540.jpg)

YES. i also love the pistachio orion, and kofila is what i want to eat every day!! nonny let's be friends

No. 844080

Anon thats my FAVOURITE! but it got discontinued in the UK. Probably because it isn’t baked bean flavoured or a boiled piece of meat.

No. 844084

Awww, that would be great because i am still trying to learn local language. I haven't tried too many sweets there, but orion chocolate with coconut, AND especially blueberry are my love. Super glad that their stuff gets a discount in Tesco pretty often lately (even though I think that Tesco is a lame store and I prefer Lidl).

No. 844272

File: 1625246799704.jpg (18.37 KB, 600x600, powerade-berry-and-tropical-fr…)

Mmmmm blue flavour

No. 844287

reminds me of middle school sports

No. 844308

File: 1625250337782.png (197.67 KB, 300x700, CB53CDBF-544E-491C-A1AC-6EFFF2…)

That blue tastes like crayons, this blue is better.

No. 844923

File: 1625324644192.jpeg (86.02 KB, 660x660, Best-Ikea-foods-660x660.jpeg)

I want the Ikea Restaurant to open again so I can go there

No. 844952

Same, might just pop in to buy frozen meatballs and sauce, too lazy to do it myself.

No. 845140

File: 1625346929100.jpg (20.46 KB, 400x386, 23781cf1eaf9b57b8b57b7b7451d24…)

Spicy potato soft taco is sooo good

No. 845272

File: 1625358734997.jpeg (22.37 KB, 318x593, 85223955-E885-48F1-BAB5-D464D3…)

I need

No. 845284

I'm with you!!

No. 845300

I wish they had potatoes at taco bell in my country

No. 845365

taco bell potatoes are overrated

No. 845366

I thought they took these off the menu? Please tell me they're back!!

No. 845385

They're back, yes. I've been inhaling them all week.

No. 846902

File: 1625551921772.jpg (378.38 KB, 1240x1344, Chimichurri-Jar-w-Spoon.jpg)

I could eat chimichurri from my favorite Argentinian place with a spoon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

No. 846911

File: 1625552425146.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-07-06_012029.png)

I wanna make this cake so bad cause it just looks delicious

No. 846954

Hardboiled eggs, love the texture

No. 846957

what kind of yolks do you go for?

No. 847315

I love cakes like this. A nice cake with lots of lightly sweetened cream and some fruit for some added sweetness. Simple and delightful! I don't need any other type of cake in my life.

No. 847321

File: 1625589666054.jpg (103.03 KB, 500x500, 2273_4_cdfc4726a2f3_o.jpg)

me and my sister ordered desserts lmao, i ordered this double chocolate cookie do but anons my eyes are always bigger than my belly and i bet i wont be able to eat half of this without feeling sick but i am hungry and cant wait for it to come

No. 850387

File: 1625915586998.jpeg (182.97 KB, 686x862, 3C3FA696-3C78-40D2-8260-6F1779…)

I want this specifically, the same fruits in non-cake form won’t satisfy me.

No. 850388

I wanna eat fucking bibimbap with lots of beef in it and then drink a can of milkis so bad. Too bad the 7/11 here doesn't carry Milkis anymore and the nearest korean food stand here serves the smallest portion of fucking beef

No. 850417

that's so cool, so perfectly smooth… the pineapple must have been huge

No. 850429

File: 1625921551005.jpg (159.69 KB, 1024x1024, 1488106684.jpg)

Should I? I always feel shitty after eating these but I've been craving picrel so bad. Can't handle the 2x Spicier version tho. Has anybody ever had the 3x and lived to tell the tale?

Oh hello local nonitas!

No. 850461

Aw milkis! It's been ages since I've been able to find it locally to me, I fucking love that drink.

No. 850472

U Can just get the pink one, it's sweet and not as spicy, but still good.

No. 850549

I always eat 2x spicy it’s so good it burns but I think you get used to it as it starts to cook down

No. 850550

Cool not cook stupid autocorrect

No. 850561

pink one is the best, though I like OP's pic related as well. I have just discovered Buldaks, any other ramens/instant noodles I'm missing on?

No. 851423

File: 1626029198721.jpg (60.11 KB, 569x439, kalamanasi1.jpg)

NTA but if you're interested with other noodle brands you should try these. They're called Pancit Canton and you can probably find them at your local Filipino/Asian groceries. This one is a personal favorite of mine. One pack of the flavoring goes a loooonggg way imo.

I thought I was the only one who loved that drink. Most of the people I know said they didn't like it because it tasted like carbonated medicine. Personal fave is the strawberry flavor!!

No. 851653

File: 1626052716627.jpeg (129.96 KB, 600x800, E56117E4-FB88-481D-81DC-B1AA7A…)

Been forever since I had a hot dog from a cart

No. 851676

felix is that you

No. 851740

File: 1626063252460.jpeg (379.28 KB, 1280x1668, 562581ED-531F-4066-A3FE-F122BD…)

No, you pernicious phallus puffing fangirl. It is I.

No. 851768

File: 1626067230098.jpg (52.09 KB, 600x600, 1970204.jpg)

No. 851894

I saw these all the time in American movies, so I bought one when I visited. I was shocked how small they are! Half the size of our local hot dogs from carts. It's just a snack, not a meal. It was particularly silly how small it was compared to all other food there sold in gigantic portions.

No. 852098

File: 1626109525330.jpg (204.15 KB, 1456x2185, falafel-7.jpg)

The falafel around me sucks. It's always poorly seasoned or too dry or you can tell it's a box mix.

No. 852371

File: 1626129368143.jpeg (74.05 KB, 1200x1200, CFEBC019-1827-4C16-8DE2-1A32AC…)

Terrible for my teeth but god I love them.

No. 852386

File: 1626131254783.jpg (128.9 KB, 1200x1200, tteobokki.jpg)

doubt there are any asian markets nearby that sell tteobokki, I'd have to order those from my country's capital

No. 852393

I've always wanted to try this

No. 852399

Nta but I love it so much, it's probably favorite Korean dish. I don't know how to describe it, maybe like a chewy and dense rice gnocchi. The traditional saucy is fishy, salty, slightly sweet and spicy, it's delicious. Better yet if it's topped with cheese.

No. 852581

oh i made this recently and was surprised I didn't botch it. so good.

Gochujang makes everything good.

No. 854556

File: 1626338378083.jpg (1.67 MB, 3216x2136, sunomono.jpg)

So refreshing in the summer

No. 854589

File: 1626340449353.png (61.71 KB, 480x480, McNuggets_6_spicy_A_sre7q1.png)

A month ago or so, my local mcdonalds was selling spicy chicken mcnuggets and I fucking loved it. They are not offered anymore so I am suffering.

No. 854596

The BTS meal was such a dogshit shill but the sweet chilli sauce was so good and I'm pissed it's gone now. Cajun sauce was poo though. Can't believe anyone thought either of them were actually spicy at all.

No. 854607

I miss the spicy nugs, esp with some ranch, they were so good

No. 854635


Use your own spices. The man can't keep you down.

No. 854653

I'd love to have a bowl of this in my current 30+ degrees weather

No. 854776

I tried some but the batch I had tasted only like oil. Like not spicy or salty it was insanely oily

No. 855274

A silly question but what's the name of this dish? I've been in love with sesame seeds lately and want to make this and the picture above yours with five times the seeds.

No. 855591

File: 1626457645151.png (179.39 KB, 260x381, Traditional_Chex_Mix.png)

Apparently this isn't sold in my country which is weird because I've definitely had this multiple times before. They need to bring this to my country.

No. 855645

File name, anon.
It's sunomono salad with harusame

No. 855774

File: 1626477170304.jpg (13.37 KB, 171x294, hot bufflo wing.jpg)

No. 855777

File: 1626477337208.jpeg (439.96 KB, 3000x3000, cd912f6f-007a-4baf-96dd-aca1c0…)

I love frozen burritos, especially the Great Value ones. They taste WAY better than the name brand ones that come in the purple pack, the El Monterey ones. I like to cook the burritos half way, then split them open, add sour cream, cheese and taco sauce.
It's so good.

No. 855781

File: 1626478924853.jpg (78.53 KB, 976x1463, DSC4614-2.jpg)

This looks delicious. Thanks for sharing anon, I'll have to make it some time. In the same vein, Naengmyeon has been my constant craving lately. Cold korean noodles that are super bouncy and chewy. The instant packages sold at Korean markets are surprisingly very good.

No. 855809

the noodles and broth look like an organ or sea critter preserved in formaldehyde

No. 855820

File: 1626482986330.jpeg (11.16 KB, 215x215, e9af6667fd50b033eab167b0351727…)

People can shit on generic brands all they want but I love the Great Value ice cream. Better than the other brands and cheaper too. The coffee one is excellent

No. 855864

File: 1626484798458.jpg (43.59 KB, 600x600, margarita2_600x.jpg)

I love great value ice cream, I love great value.

No. 855868

File: 1626485299404.jpg (55.5 KB, 504x504, ciabatta and olive oil (1).jpg)

my fave comfort food

No. 855876

Anon I'm gonna lose my mind. My city is going through a heatwave right now and I would absolutely kill for a bowl of this, I haven't had it in so long.

No. 855880

File: 1626486062871.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1080, imagen_2021-07-16_204047.png)

I love HEB ice cream like you have no idea

No. 855882

File: 1626486101336.png (3.91 MB, 2190x2190, imagen_2021-07-16_204122.png)

No. 855883

File: 1626486219225.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1080, imagen_2021-07-16_204156.png)

No. 855884

File: 1626486325406.png (10.57 MB, 3376x3376, imagen_2021-07-16_204355.png)

No. 855887

File: 1626486423197.png (4.47 MB, 3096x3424, imagen_2021-07-16_204619.png)

I swear by god, HEB ice cream is the best kind of generic ice cream there is!!!

No. 856030

Oh… whoopsie. Thank you and sorry for the tism

No. 865607

That looks like a tub of play doh lol

No. 865615

File: 1627478141272.jpg (215.6 KB, 1280x720, download.jpg)

I want some nam khao so bad but I can't have carbs this week, pain

No. 865788

File: 1627487425712.jpg (22.25 KB, 500x500, milka-cow-spots-chocolate-bars…)

Milka bars. Esp the cow print ones

No. 865794

This pic made my mouth water. For me it's the jalapeno pieces. It's like this ONE BRAND still seasons their shit like they did in the 90's, there is so much seasoning, it's the best

No. 865871

seconded nonnie. need that milka creaminess right now

No. 865879

File: 1627493398905.jpeg (3.1 MB, 2898x2298, FOCACCIA-BOCCADASSE.jpeg)

Ligurian focaccia. I found a decent recipe and it's really good, but I can never get it as good as what I had on the Italian Riviera. I legit have dreams about it

No. 865949

Sardine sandwich full of mayo. And cheese ice cream. Been years since I ate those, they were my favorite.

No. 865979

File: 1627498377618.jpeg (23.8 KB, 450x450, AAEB3F77-EE8F-40BD-AB73-3E049B…)

No. 865998

File: 1627500209240.jpg (882.32 KB, 3264x2448, 2ccd60c03bea249f09ac3c4e09102a…)

Roast belly pork. Greasy and delicious.

No. 866001

File: 1627500529899.jpg (133.02 KB, 1000x665, aae57f1a615c5a97f2b5fe20149ef6…)

South Indian seafood. I hated seafood until I tried crab, crayfish and squid there. Nothing better.

No. 866030

These incredible buffalo style 'chicken wings' made out of oyster mushrooms, my city is rife with vegan junk food places but these things alone just blow the rest out of the water. They are so crazy good. The dumbest thing is that I had them yesterday and I'm eyeing them up again today. (Yes I'm on my period)

I also want ice cream but it's like I remember it differently, the idea of ice cream is always way better than the experience of ice cream, it's only been happening in the past few years. Maybe I just need to get only the best gelato or something, no vegetable oil shit

No. 866267

File: 1627521556744.jpg (79.76 KB, 1230x630, broth.jpg)

I'm simmering some beef bone broth, it'll be nice and gelatinous just how I like it.
I've been sipping instant broths at work instead of ordering a full blown lunch which is saving me $$$ and calories. I wanted to buy instant bone broth but for a good brand it's like $36. So, nah. I'd rather spend $4 on the bones and have real broth.

No. 866297

pigs are smarter than dogs

No. 866569

Tastier too!

No. 867455

File: 1627640481674.jpg (68.44 KB, 720x720, air-fryer-smiley-fries_l-720x7…)

They want to be eaten, it's their life's purpose.

No. 867499

When I was younger I would eat these with a fork to rip up their smiling faces before I ate them.

No. 867513

i love these SO much and i want them now. i'm always too stingy to buy them when i'm away for uni but when i'm back home i always pester my mom to buy them like i'm 12 again kek

No. 868178

you've eaten a dog?

No. 868199

I have. It was good ngl.

No. 868203

Do you troll so you can feel better about eating creatures who lived short and awful lives?

No. 868214

File: 1627703547295.jpeg (46.89 KB, 533x400, 80947137-E568-4CC7-9A14-984C88…)

When I was in elementary school, the students would go to lunch at staggered times because the lunchroom wasn’t big enough for everyone. The youngest kids ate last, and if there was extra food at that point the lunch ladies would roll it out on a trolley and anyone who wanted more would take it. So picture being a tiny kid and a granny with a warm smile rolls up to you with a stainless steel trolley, and piled up on it is a mountain of these smiley faces.

It was good times.

No. 868222

File: 1627704173797.jpg (1.42 MB, 1500x650, 0143_Brio-Photography-hero.jpg)

Brisket. More specifically in fat white bread sandwich with pickles, onions, and a nice spicy sauce. I love how a good smoked brisket basically melts in your mouth.

No. 868227

not the thread pic which looks like nasty caca <3

No. 868238

I wasn’t pork anon and wasn’t trolling. I had it as a kid and no I never feel bad about eating any animal.

No. 868239

Go back

No. 868245

Just watch Dominion, and see how animals we eat are treated, and try to reconcile with the fact that they feel fear and pain in a manner similar to how we do.

No. 868256

You go out there and you reform those farming industries nonny. I still don’t feel bad about eating meat. Other humans feel pain and fear just like me but I don’t have the compassion of Christ to feel bad for every mf living and dying horribly every day on the street.

No. 868263

I merely ask that you come to terms with the reality of factory farming. I don't want you to hate yourself for eating meat anon, I just ask that you to consider the cost.

No. 868335

ntayrt but girl you had an entire thread to bitch about people eating meat, why sperg at this specific anon?

No. 868442

File: 1627738411746.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2880x2304, 4faa23f1-7a72-4ef1-b535-66c7e6…)

I just want some good mandi

No. 868652

>I don't want you to hate yourself for eating meat anon
>spergs about pigs being smarter than dogs (a well known fact anyway, you're not David fucking Attenborough for telling us that) when literally no one asked
>continues to sperg about factory farming, something barely anyone thinks is a good thing, in a light hearted thread
Anon, just go. And yes I'm a damn dirty meat eater, but I actually eat vegan roughly 80% of the time and was strictly vegan for almost 4 years, so don't even try it. It's people like you that put people off learning about things and trying vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

No. 868756

File: 1627760376581.jpg (153.18 KB, 930x930, tomahawk.jpg)

Tomahawk steak

No. 868839

File: 1627768786816.jpg (768.88 KB, 1200x891, gimbap_plate (1).jpg)

I wish I had never tried the bulgogi and jeyuk kimbaps from the korean place near my house because now it's all I ever want to eat

No. 868868

Really it just comes down to how much you empathize with animals, considering how much they suffer in the process of being consumed. Have your opinions, I'm not gonna campaign to get you to go vegan. Just know that you are eating things that are subjected to considerable fear and pain before they die.

No. 868870

File: 1627771476259.jpg (172.17 KB, 1069x1500, 81KDvlpNXxL._SL1500_.jpg)

They discontinued the mix over 5 years ago and I used to eat this growing up a lot. I found a copycat recipe and it's in the oven right now

No. 868903

Tastes just like mom's I'm happy

No. 868934

Not all animals are factory farmed. Factory farming is far less common in places like Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Non-factory farmed meat is even widely available and clearly marked in supermarkets in some countries.

No. 869291

File: 1627827759411.png (66.58 KB, 374x479, birthday-cake-detail[1].png)

i miss this one so much
i always saved the cake bits for last to chew on

No. 870712

I relate so hard. I used to work at a little shop near a university in a big city. We sold a few prepackaged restaurant foods (the restaurants would deliver them in the morning). These often would sell out because it was a quick way to get lunch on campus. Anyway, one of the restaurants was a Korean place. When I started working there, I was a poorfag student and had never had Korean food before. The day I tried some of the Korean food was the day I got hooked. My favorite was the vegetable or cheese/vegetable kimbap. Also the japchai, jjajangmyun, and tteokbokki. Every day I had to do the shop closing I would hope for the vegetarian stuff to go unsold so I could buy it cheaply with my employee discount or even get it free.

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I even let myself get temporarily dragged into some Korean Christian cult solely so that I could occasionally get free food during the bible study. It wasn't worth it though, they started asking me to testify and stuff. I did once but then they said I needed to cry during it so I bailed after that. (No I didn't cry.)

No. 870716

File: 1627976928412.jpeg (48.75 KB, 502x620, 1583402421946.jpeg)

I can't wait until this thread hits the limit so I don't have to re-hide this vile OP pic every time I clear my history. It looks like a busted corpse full of maggots.(dont go in thread to complain about thread)

No. 870736

I miss a lot of the restaurants at my uni that I ate at before the pandemic started. A lot of them were mediocre but they had good deals and I have memories attached to them. I'll probably never eat at any of them again since many of them went out of business and I'm graduating soon.

No. 871736

Molasses cookies, pumpkin pie, and eggnog

God, I love fall, I’m so hungy

No. 871737

>3 years ago
Think you’ll be waiting a while, nonna.

No. 871740

I could really go for nothing more than smashing 3 fruit roll ups into a ball and shoving the whole thing in my mouth.(namefag)

No. 871774

Make a candy burrito out of a fruit roll up and gushers.

No. 871785

someone should actually do this and make a video of it because our current selection on the subject is pretty abysmal.

No. 871786

nta but oh my god that sounds incredible. can you imagine if you added sour straws to it as well?

No. 871787

sugar addicted muricans lol

No. 871796

File: 1628054547601.png (444.68 KB, 500x375, 40210fa21494035b899f5963ddb750…)

No. 871810

ayrt I sometimes add plain potato chips for the crunch. The salt helps balance out the overwhelming sweetness too.

No. 880406

File: 1628877062266.jpeg (688.16 KB, 3264x2448, b5b3558565056bbfcabe4bea126ceb…)

I want a party sub all for myself

No. 883563

a really disgustingly oily cheese quesedilla idk how to spell it
also parsnips and stuffing from christmas dinner
and also skips (uk crisps theyre like little flowers flavored like prawns)
cold sausages in a hot dog bun
a spoonful of clotted cream

No. 883564

samefag but this reminded me i need to do a pregnancy test

No. 884518

File: 1629259596127.webm (1.61 MB, 640x360, kxQfE8628bcOCGJE.webm)

I always wanted to eat the food in the "Telephone" music video, they made it look so appealing.

No. 884540

Kinda OT but this is also my favorite ever look on Beyonce

No. 884542

File: 1629263982846.jpeg (248.23 KB, 1800x1200, gulab-jamun-recipe-2.jpeg)

Gulab jamun is my favorite sweet treat ever

No. 884580

oh dear god I miss Indian buffet

No. 884686

I’m on my period so I guess that’s why I’m craving red meat. I just wanna go feral on these fucking things like a cartoon.

No. 884829

File: 1629292831596.jpg (52.04 KB, 800x1200, Actifry-Chicken-Burgers-Hint-o…)

Nobody knows how to make a good breaded chicken burger. I'm sick of ordering one only to receive a soggy patty with stringy bits of fat. I just want a crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, consistently textured chicken burger, please lord.

No. 884909

File: 1629298376179.jpeg (88.05 KB, 600x600, 6A550685-634B-49DE-89CE-722688…)

I love sooji halwa.

No. 884957

File: 1629302187430.jpeg (262.9 KB, 800x1105, 083693B4-A900-4EE2-9C56-98A593…)

It’s a rainy day, and the humidity is making my tatami smell dried grass-sweet and exactly like the leaf wrappers for zongzi. Kinda weird, but now I’m really craving the kind with lots of lean pork.

No. 884962

Are tatami a pain to take care of? My inner weeb wants some.

No. 884966

File: 1629303045266.png (396.1 KB, 600x338, imagen_2021-08-18_111030.png)

these look like tamales and now I want some as well

No. 884969

Not at all! You mostly just vacuum it like normal flooring, and then wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it air out to dry from time to time. They’re nice - the igusa reeds they’re made from smell really good (kinda like sweet hay), and they feel a lot cooler to me than carpet or hardwood during the summer.

No. 884997

File: 1629304823554.jpeg (74.79 KB, 1200x667, jalebis-1200.jpeg)

Sooji halwa is also amazing. Now Im just thinking of all the great indian delicacies.

No. 885032

File: 1629306590679.jpg (32.2 KB, 500x500, motichoor-ladoo-recipe-2-500x5…)

I love laddu, they're so good. I feel rich eating them. Hopefully I find a good Indian dessert place and I get to stuff my face with them again soon.

No. 885036

File: 1629306643742.jpg (135.65 KB, 1200x1598, Baked_ziti_.jpg)

Im making baked Ziti

No. 885041


Too gamey for me, even when the professionals make it.

No. 885243

File: 1629316951268.jpg (29.15 KB, 650x400, EvVfOEIXMAAh3_7.jpg)

Where's mine, nonny?

No. 885269

I want some salty, crispy chips. All the time.

No. 885306

dumplings and noodles LOL

No. 885310

I love peanut butter on a toasted bagel, is that weird? it's honestly delicious

No. 885318

What could possibly be weird about peanut butter on toasted bread?

No. 885333

Jesus christ anon, you're a freak. If you're going to do something like that at least keep it to yourself or take it to confessions thread.

No. 885356

My god anon what's wrong with You??? What's next, you gonna add some chopped banana on it? Scandalous.

No. 891908

File: 1629913877871.jpg (121.61 KB, 1590x864, bde559438bdbac72c643564d7a3c07…)

tgi friday's chicken tenders. i haven't had them in years

No. 894899

File: 1630265308935.png (2.15 MB, 3000x3000, bacon.png)

I was craving bacon, so I got these, I just throw them in the Microwave for 30 to 40-ish seconds. Imma make some eggs and toast.

No. 894954

Putting peanut butter on anything with a hole is just obscene and you should be ashamed. What would your grandmother think?

No. 895025

I only buy this bacon when I go camping because it's so easy to heat up in the morning. It's so thin and has such a good crunch I really want some now

No. 895691

File: 1630350642286.jpeg (32.13 KB, 500x500, 8B4B3DED-B5BB-454D-AD9B-8BDB79…)

I wish I had 5 bags of these.

No. 895802

this bacon is an incredible ingredient for sandwiches. you don't even have to heat it up…easiest blt in world. easiest bacon turkey guac…i need a sourdough loaf

No. 895866

File: 1630364571748.jpg (269.56 KB, 1200x1200, McD_Big_Mac.jpg)

Big Mac
Mig Bac
Borger plss x
I'm drunky send Borger pls

No. 895880

I'm American but why do hamburgers have the middle bun… Just why…

No. 895884

Soaks up that delicious mystery sauce

No. 895886

Not American, but I appreciate the middle bun. It's got the ideal bun-to-meat ratio (unlike the double cheeseburger which is too much meat) and it makes it so that the tastes of bun/meat/condiments are well combined and melded with each other (Again compared with double cheeseburger which has distinct layers).

No. 896158

File: 1630395716201.jpg (78.43 KB, 1365x2048, beef roll.jpg)

fuckkk why are these such a pain in the ass to make they're so good but they need like 6 ingredients you can't get in separate respective stores

No. 896546

Depression food. It always sounds good in theory but it's always disappointing irl nonners.

No. 898085

File: 1630529060638.jpeg (641.83 KB, 2448x3264, 22D815E3-6F57-44ED-85A1-045895…)

They sell these in the Uk in Lidl every summer and they are unbelievably delicious

No. 898155

Really need to lock this thread so the ugly shit OP pic can be banished to the shadow realm where it belongs.

No. 898232

File: 1630540420225.png (550.33 KB, 602x452, middle-bacon.png)

Thick cut smoked middle bacon

No. 898238

File: 1630541650332.jpg (1.37 MB, 932x1072, mixed-pastry-.jpg)

Pastries, especially the kind with apple filling

No. 898278

>some good pepperoni pizza
>a burger with bacon and cheddar
>curly fries
>an oreo milkshake
>brown sugar boba
>matcha ice cream
>barbecue in a bun with sauce
>hot dog with pickles
>strawberry fanta

No. 898290

Why was bacon historically a poor persons food? I’ve never understood that, it’s so tasty and you’d think a malnourished factory worker would love to have that extra fat.

No. 898296

It was quick to grow and was fatty. Most poor ppl in the city at the beginning of the industrialization era could only get like a slice of bacon a day with their wages and that usually went to the "man of the house". In the countryside they had more but not that much, most food was grains with some seasonal veg and beans.

No. 898310

I keep thinking I want buttery garlic noodles but I don't even actually like them. Something about the flavor profile feels too plain.

No. 898328

I constantly crave noodles with butter and salt but I can't have it too often, curse this tism.

No. 898630

I keep thinking I want rio mare tuna because I love tuna and their packaging looks appealing. But every time I buy it I'm severely disappointed and often can't finish the can and still stay hungry and have to get something else. Happens with any of their tuna salads and pâtés too. They have a specific taste that's too… heavy? strong? for me. And it's not the taste of fish.

No. 901093

File: 1630854268775.png (929.97 KB, 1080x552, 1601123265_capa_churrasco.png)

I wish the scrote on the camgirls thread would shut up about roast beef, I want some rare to medium bbq so bad now

No. 901102

File: 1630855020031.jpeg (90.76 KB, 800x533, 22A7A442-83E7-41FF-AC47-850EA4…)

This sad looking sandwich. You dont know how good this is unless you grew up in a post soviet country

No. 901107

Omg I want some… my mom used to make them for our birthday parties it was the best

No. 901146

Delicious. I've been poor and just having the melted cheese on the bread is yummy.

No. 901160

I used to eat this every day when I was young… my fat dad kept the fridge well stocked with cold-cut roast beef & ham, and brie & cheddar & gruyere, and the pantry with baguettes, bagels and boules… oh, what a time it was. To be fair I weigh less now than I did in 6th grade. But I enjoyed every bite…

No. 901165

The truth of roast beef, in the traditional style, black-pepper-trimmed and roasted brown outside but the brown penetrating not much deeper than the surface, with ruby red flesh the main expanse, incomparable with a shake of sea salt and a crack of black pepper, you may find only at the rare grocery which roasts its own, and which moves enough beef that it is daily fresh. Inquire of the deli man, "is this house beef? how frequently do ypu roast a roast? when shall I come that I may have it freshly roasted, freshly cut and dripping?" Such roast beef, but only such, is a delicacy.

No. 906222

File: 1631287049533.png (620.38 KB, 780x474, paletas.png)

these are so good, I wish I could find them in larger sizes. the walnut has little pieces of nut in it and pairs so well with the chocolate. I was worried the chocolate would taste cheap like most ice cream bars but it doesn't. so decadent. the strawberry ones taste like valentine's day and the coconut ones are like summer dreams

No. 906235

reading this was a blast thanks hannibal lecter.

No. 906255

I love the coconut ones so much, so creamy

No. 907125

File: 1631373155973.jpg (97.21 KB, 640x360, chocolatefudgeloafcakeercipe.j…)

I've been craving chocolate so badly for the past few days. I initially wanted to train myself to barely eat any sweet stuff but I think I'm gonna cave and bake a chocolate fudge loaf cake tomorrow.

No. 908605

File: 1631455437501.jpg (626.05 KB, 2048x2048, best-ever-spaghetti-meat-sauce…)

I'm going to make spaghetti with meat sauce. Husband has a mid shift all day so it's gonna all be for me!

He doesn't like my kind of sauce anyway. I like to make it a touch sweet and spicy, which I think goes well with the acidity of tomatoes.
I'm gonna get comfy and campy.

No. 908681

File: 1631464711722.jpeg (38.8 KB, 550x550, images (28).jpeg)

I'll never be happy if I don't have these

No. 908749

Yooo these are legit so good, anything by Lotus is bomb. I tried Lotus cookie butter in Czechia and still crave it sometimes lol.

No. 912321

File: 1631672622587.jpeg (56.25 KB, 701x438, 848837272777.jpeg)

I am pretty sure I could eat this everyday (spicy smashed cucumber salad)

No. 913198

File: 1631741582831.png (145.32 KB, 274x234, 1587104591145.png)

tfw no boba where you live

No. 917085

File: 1632070811295.jpg (170.23 KB, 421x400, 400.jpg)

Split pea soup, bean soup, Chicken noodle, tomato soup with crackers and grilled cheese sandwiches, Broccoli soup, French onion soup with texas toast, beef stew, chili, Taco soup with tortilla strips or chips, pulled pork or chicken with coleslaw, beef pot roast, swedish meatballs, sloppy joes, burgers, Baked subs, hot dogs, chili dogs, brats with chili or chips, fish sandwiches with frozen fish filets, chicken sandwich with frozen chicken patties or fresh chicken breasts, BLT's, Pigs in blanket, corn dogs, Homemade pizza, Pizza rolls, french bread pizzas, cottage pie, rotisserie chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Stuffed chickens cordon bleu or broccoli, shish kabobs, Spinach-bacon mac n cheese, Tomato-bacon pasta, Chicken & broccoli casserole, Stuffed Peppers or cabbage whole or casserole, KFC bowls diy (mashed potato, corn, gravy, chicken), Chicken nuggets, Salmon, Pork chops (shake n bake, seasoned, or stuffed), Chicken fried steak with gravy, Fried Chicken or chicken wings (baked or actually fried), Shrimp, Pot pies, Swiss steak, carnival food (sliced polish sausage, sliced peppers&onions, sliced potatoes, fried in skillet, serve with ketchup or sour cream), teriyaki stir fry with onions sauce/brown sugar/garlic base and whatever veg/protein u like over rice, Steak bites with mushrooms and onions, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Orange chicken, Beef & broccoli with rice, salmon patties (15oz can salmon, drain, remove bones, sleeve crackers grind up, half green pepper, small onion, dill weed, garlic, s & p, 1 egg. fry in veg oil), Spaghetti, Lasagna, shrimp or chicken fettuccine add fresh spinach, Beef Stroganoff, gyros, Paninis, quesadillas, fajitas, tacos burritos or nachos with beef/chicken/shrimp/fish, Sloppy joes, Chicken and rice, chicken and noodles

No. 921743

File: 1632459209552.gif (1.35 MB, 540x405, tumblr_52e5fd5a2a8cfff4eb1a979…)

i want spicy tuna onigiri now

No. 921773

beans…. refried…. black….azuki….beans….

No. 921837

File: 1632476100096.jpg (364.98 KB, 1217x1825, Beef-jerky-GettyImages-1819594…)

Smoked/jerkied deer meat. I had a smokehouse on my property growing up and we made our own. Pic related is beef but looked most like the finished result I loved.

No. 921839


No. 921909

this reply made my day

No. 921913

File: 1632485173279.jpg (27.77 KB, 814x814, 71281841_2978289448912998_5775…)

sushi, sashimi from various fish and meats, frutti di mare pizza with mozzarella (rucola on top), pizza with mozzarella and goat cheese and blue cheese and extra cheese probably, pasta al limone, pelmeni with chili oil and smetana, lemon meringue pie, piña colada, chevre with cherry jam, a ridiculous hamburger with chevre in it too, another ridiculously huge meaty hamburger but make it extra spicy hot and cheesy, scampi, crawfish, salmon roe, devil's food cake, any mousse cake at all, reindeer jerky, mint tea with honey, walnuts, zefir, okroshka but with shrimp instead of sausage, anything with false morel, anything with octopus or squid or escargots, absolutely anything with matcha, especially matcha boba tea, mint white chocolate (it's literally blue), ruby chocolate, mochi, buldak noodles, vanilla soft serve ice cream, whipped cream stabilized with mascarpone, shamouti oranges, persimmon, spinach pasta with pesto genovese and parmiggiano

No. 921919

samefag I forgor warm meat pie that's like sliced in half and stuffed with blue cheese, fried bacon, salad and hot mayo

No. 921988

File: 1632493089156.jpg (2.1 MB, 4752x3168, veg.jpg)

apples, carrots, celery

No. 921996

File: 1632493498993.jpg (73.32 KB, 426x639, chicken-gyros-with-tzatziki3-a…)

gyros pita

No. 922065

File: 1632499427611.jpg (711.46 KB, 780x780, pheasant.jpg)

Roast pheasant

No. 923566

File: 1632631553108.jpeg (46.05 KB, 488x488, 4574574576474646.jpeg)

These taste too fucking good for the macros to be as good as they are. No I can't believe it, they must be lying on the label.

No. 923572

File: 1632633986831.jpg (792.74 KB, 2765x2074, MifvwUa.jpg)


No. 923579

They are pretty good ngl

No. 923765

File: 1632665852287.jpg (1.63 MB, 4940x2779, shepherdspie_2077_16x9.jpg)

It's a rainy day here and I just had some shepards pie for the first time in ages.

No. 923813

File: 1632669625681.jpeg (13.04 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)

Medjool dates, peanut butter and a bit of dark chocolate. Better than any cake/candy/dessert

No. 923957

File: 1632674065151.jpg (32.93 KB, 512x512, 512x512bb.jpg)

anon you have absolutely IMPECCABLE taste

No. 924033

One day I will try cooking every food mentioned itt. So much I never even eat yet..

No. 924092

File: 1632684243969.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.42 KB, 458x346, testicles.jpg)

Even these?

No. 924851

File: 1632768769533.png (882.83 KB, 913x960, imagen_2021-09-27_135252.png)

I want hamburger

No. 924858

File: 1632769719533.png (1.19 MB, 1480x1480, salmon_sashimi.png)

salmon sashimi

salmon sashimi

No. 925024

File: 1632779103850.jpg (225.93 KB, 680x453, nomnom.jpg)

pork belly with plum sauce and an icy cold beer

No. 925049

File: 1632780763992.png (95.54 KB, 155x275, 1632689431838.png)

Call me a fat cow but I want what she's having

No. 925058


No. 925079

File: 1632782306627.jpeg (97.57 KB, 680x450, F8F67AEF-28C6-40F2-B1A8-AFA055…)

My grandma used to make cranberry glazed meatballs and I really want them. Honestly they were kind of shit because the meatballs were always loose but my grandma made them so I loved them. She’s dead though.

No. 927079

File: 1633022937530.jpeg (137.21 KB, 735x1103, 2D45D876-C476-4B7A-A0BF-67B483…)

I want a whole tub of choco ice cream with cold bananas and choco sprinkles.

No. 927082

i'd demolish that avocado toast

No. 927094

File: 1633023472952.jpg (51.77 KB, 900x1260, Pesto-Pasta.jpg)

What are your comfort foods anons?
Mine is spaghetti with pesto sauce, and I will be eating it today again
Nom nom nom
So oily and herby so damn easy to make

No. 927097

File: 1633023723246.png (65.6 KB, 780x439, PAIN.png)

i wont her.

No. 927105

love the falling piece in this picture, really gives a sense of dimension and realism, makes me think that it's being served to me. the picture is extremely communicative. nice choice

No. 927165

File: 1633027109193.jpeg (106.95 KB, 650x433, 4A678A9C-F7B0-44FE-ABB9-F0B5A4…)

Some chicken feet. I want to lick between them toes and bite the meaty “palm” part.

No. 927185

File: 1633027693633.jpeg (728.54 KB, 2000x2000, D6F12000-F0F8-419F-B9F9-7B5F84…)

chicken katsu for some reason

No. 927216

File: 1633030404535.jpg (625.57 KB, 900x790, Mamaliga-with-cheese-Main-1.jp…)

Cornmeal with feta, eaten with hands

No. 927227

Love it. Takes about a minute to make, feels like a warm hug eating it.
I prefer it with (liquid, not greek) yoghurt, either drinking it on the side, or pouring it over like a sauce.

No. 927281

File: 1633036635037.jpg (25.88 KB, 625x415, 14a1a87cf8e43a7a3478d4d2f6c04f…)

Can I have your simplest, best recipe anons? I never ate this and didn't even know it exists. I do love corn though, it's the best

No. 927327

Put salted water to boil. When it boils put in a teaspoon of butter and add cornmeal while stirring as if making oatmeal but less. It's done when you're done stirring it in.
Add cheese when it's off the stove. You really can't go wrong with it. Unless you also manage to fuck up porridge. There's no hope for you then.

No. 927340

Samefag, BEWARE:
do the stirring on medium heat with a long wooden spoon as the meal will bubble and burst and hurt you!

No. 927360

File: 1633045929693.jpg (183.61 KB, 1400x850, SummerRecipe_GreekStyleFries_1…)

Truffle fries with feta and tomato.. mm

No. 929625

File: 1633318249402.jpg (36.16 KB, 828x779, Tumblr_l_445091016998960.jpg)

No. 929627

Who's titties are those?

No. 929641

Is this gore or ham? I can't fucking tell anymore

No. 929654

No. 929686

Are you ok cult anon?

No. 929691

I hope these are only those fake boob balls things. I'm weirdly fascinated by this image rather than repulsed.

No. 929949

I found it on Tumblr with 7k notes so if it was gore I'm sure it would have been removed. I was hoping someone else would solve the mystery. Googling pancake titties yields lots of results but they are ultimately irrelevant.

No. 931155

File: 1633459220570.jpg (476.9 KB, 567x850, Tomato-soup-with-grilled-chees…)

Witchcraft anons, how do I break a lactose intolerance curse?

No. 931161

File: 1633459992166.jpg (255.15 KB, 1378x919, bacon_joint.jpg)

I think it's pork that has been rolled into a roasting joint but instead of being roasted, someone has sliced it and fried it.

No. 931165

Drink kefir milk, strengthen your gut

No. 932720

take lactulose (the enzyme you're missing) pills before a meal with lactose. You can buy those at the rug store where I live, even at Ali sometimes.

No. 932721

*drug store, dammit.

No. 932737

late but these are obviously pig nipples. It's not a mystery

No. 932739

Nta, but you say this as if everyone knows what swine nipples look like

No. 932742

you don't have to be intimately familiar with pig anatomy to surmise that those are some sort of pig flesh from the texture and coloring. i didn't know what they looked like either but i just used my brain to imagine, then googled to confirm and yeah. pig boobs. call me sherlock holmes i guess

No. 933035

it doesn't help with cheese but lactaid milk and ice cream is legit

No. 933414

kind of like an olive, still crunchy just a bit wet..?

No. 934031

File: 1633729929819.jpeg (57.59 KB, 600x600, B699F860-AA00-48B6-B871-757274…)

These cookies, they’re delicious because they taste like peanut, not like disgusting ass peanut butter.

No. 934102

File: 1633733951562.jpg (33.54 KB, 298x400, 3e048536f4c592bd2723f886ce8628…)

All i want is a bag of chicharrones and a cup of cucumber and mango smothered in lemon juice and hot sauce/tajin is this too much to ask.

No. 936158

File: 1634001360808.jpeg (121.45 KB, 1000x973, cafe-mocha-1.jpeg)

I want a mocha.

No. 936161

Liver. Thats why I know I'm getting my period soon

No. 936193

I always get a kicker from Dutch Bros and it is fucking delicious, but the lines are so long nonnie it makes me wanna die

No. 936213

File: 1634005045357.jpg (37.99 KB, 720x960, Tumblr_l_509262040119845.jpg)

No. 936218

based hispanic anon

No. 936228

you can either imagine this photo as a representation of youth (zoomerism) or you can imagine the sadness if it's a grown, middle aged person's photo

No. 936241

File: 1634009115089.jpeg (56.92 KB, 1176x748, 3BBF59E3-208D-4FB5-A9FB-AF6482…)

Gives me these vibes.

No. 938307

File: 1634215147616.jpg (311.44 KB, 2048x1536, 16_01_89_SpaghettiCarbonara_Fi…)

Currently making carbonara because I've been craving it for over a week. Sadly I couldn't find any pancetta though.

No. 940540

Day before yesterday I went to a restaurant with a friend,and while we ordered other dishes, the waiter informed us that the dish of the day was sarma.
Yesterday I played EU4 and all that I could think of while watching the Ottomans conquer my native territory is mmmmm they're bringing sarma.
It's getting cold and no wonder I crave it. I'm going to a funeral tomorrow. There'll be sarma.
OP pic also sorta resembles a weird sarma.

No. 940552

File: 1634417681009.jpeg (302.76 KB, 1895x1269, kimchi jjigae.jpeg)

I'm addicted to this stuff, I used to only eat fried foods for takeout and now I look forward to eating soup once every two weeks wtf

No. 940556

File: 1634417977180.jpg (110.93 KB, 1080x1440, Tumblr_l_175347058386910.jpg)

No. 940558

This is very Swedish, and also disgusting.

No. 940566

Carbonara is my ultimate comfort food. I like when it has peas.

No. 940577

The only good pizza is the one that has eggs. If you don't put eggs then you're doing it all wrong.

No. 940589

File: 1634419477166.jpg (451.06 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20211016_232209.jpg)

I want to contribute to this thread more often, so it maxes out and we can make a new one without this war crime of a thread pic. Today's craving: Mapo Tofu, extra sechuan pepper on top please

No. 940598

File: 1634419889525.jpg (46.73 KB, 1080x810, Tumblr_l_3165132417332.jpg)

Nominating next thread pic

No. 940601


No. 940602

I always wondered what this tasted like, but aren't there like Chinese, Japanese and Korean versions of this? Which one is better to try, the original Chinese version?

No. 940603

So this is the frutti pizza I hear so much about

No. 940610

My stomach has been depressed for years now because of all pizza places in my city decided to phase out eggs from all pizzas. The new generation doesn't even know what pizza with egg tastes like.
Such a tragedy.

No. 940613

og chinese version is best imo. preferably from an authentic sichuan place

No. 940734

Ive had flatbread with cheese, egg, bacon, and pineapple. Hawaiian breakfast pizza. God I loved it. I'm starving

No. 940862

Yes minus the peppercorns, I know they're the 'heart' of the dish, but I absolutely can't stand that numb feeling. Spice is fine, whatever that is is unbearable.

No. 941317

I unironically want to try this one day, it would be amazing to be in a hot tub and eat chips and dip while watching some tv

No. 941662

File: 1634523681329.jpeg (68.15 KB, 600x600, E90B645C-3F17-40F4-8BD0-B3E467…)

No. 941664

Hell yeah, the holy grail of my childhood.

No. 941666

ew, those things taste like absolute shit

No. 941669

I have a whole process to making an incredible bath that doesn't make you feel all hot and uncomfortable after 20 minutes. I could elaborate in 15 bullet points but I'll condense it to the 2 most important parts: a food shelf and a mini fan blowing on you. The snacks may be better with chopsticks in case of wet hands. and the fan sitting on the toilet or shelf nearby gives a great gentle breeze that feels amazing when you submerge and go back up. My snacks of choice are grapes or hot fries.

No. 941724

File: 1634526897981.jpg (30.6 KB, 500x349, steak.jpg)

Ribeye steak with homemade peppercorn sauce

No. 941756

File: 1634530662294.jpeg (33.78 KB, 400x400, DC9F95ED-859C-4D47-B005-C52903…)

I see this, and I raise you… the superior edition.

No. 941758

they don't sell this in mexico, where gansitos are from. What the fuck.

No. 941767

i can't stop eating apples and peanut butter it's such a good flavor combination

No. 941809

File: 1634537317671.jpg (12.91 KB, 400x225, s-l400.jpg)

all the time

No. 941813

My mouth is watering omg

No. 941815

File: 1634537621356.jpeg (152.8 KB, 1400x929, C44D1FB6-8215-4D0C-B673-0713FE…)


No. 941822

omg what is that ? bolognese pizza ?

No. 941826

Deep dish pizza

No. 941834

thank you anon, wasn't sure because the cheese and sauce are in reverse order !

No. 942304

File: 1634587601358.jpeg (718.72 KB, 1000x1000, sangan_styling.jpeg)

Chicken noodle soup with lots of clear broth. Perfect balance of light and satisfying.

No. 942414

i want a personal cheese pizz from pizza hut, rola cola candy because i cant find them anywhere, deviled eggs, my mom's enchiladas. this thread made me so hungry. im trying to be healthy but i need to make a fat grilled cheese now

No. 942420

File: 1634594862925.jpeg (91.19 KB, 600x600, 851977BC-3B3C-46CF-8012-07FE89…)

Pork belly bao
I had some yesterday and now I want more

No. 942421

Are the enchiladas green or red

No. 948146

File: 1635034972803.jpeg (212.89 KB, 1000x515, 20024010-9C30-43B8-BA90-9504C8…)

No. 948165

File: 1635036999824.jpg (134.77 KB, 720x540, Vegetarian-Thanksgiving-Side-D…)

Mashed potatoes and stuffing only

No. 948167

Yum taters

No. 948179

File: 1635038102774.png (439.53 KB, 600x600, imagen_2021-10-23_201504.png)

No. 948206

I never tried a cheesecake from Costco, is it good?

No. 948208

I liked it. It's not too sweet!

No. 950637

File: 1635293342073.jpeg (113.23 KB, 640x896, B053E689-0EAB-4EE5-82D7-E6A9DD…)

No. 957652

File: 1635892021069.jpeg (77.26 KB, 500x333, F6963917-0D5A-41A7-BAF4-73DAB4…)

I successfully defended my thesis today and am going out to dinner tonight, please give me your recommendations. I live in an American urban area of several million people so have access to most types of foods. I’m considering sushi right now though I know that’s a little run-of-the-mill. I like ethnic foods of all sorts.

No. 957657

Congrats anon! I'd go and get sushi/Japanese or other quality Asian food myself!

No. 957725

File: 1635895730836.jpg (80.51 KB, 690x861, Tumblr_l_3239292255950.jpg)

No. 957730


No. 957737


No. 957738

You’re a inbred

No. 957744

File: 1635897256641.jpeg (94.85 KB, 680x936, 3C2772B4-AB05-437D-8AF9-08FA01…)

I wouldn’t mind some diabeetus.

No. 957746

See now this I'm okay with

No. 957748

Ur cringe with diabeetus. Go back to watching family guy

No. 957749

File: 1635897405969.jpeg (118.04 KB, 1200x1200, 5F206BA6-82D6-4D88-9A38-CD00E0…)

No. 957754

Diabeetus was a meme before Family Guy, nonnie

No. 957764

This, kek

No. 957805

Samefag, I got Indonesian! mmmm tempeh

No. 959128

File: 1636001975939.jpeg (150.54 KB, 1000x899, 585EAB17-A65D-410A-BAA7-0E9306…)

Egg salad sandwich, yum

No. 959176

File: 1636012101011.jpeg (10.71 KB, 260x194, download.jpeg)

I'm pregnant so this will be fun
>Country food, like country fried steaks, biscuits, country ham and homemade jellies, especially fried apples. I do go to cracker barrel a lot
>Breakfast foods like pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns
>Homemade green bean casserole
>Carrot souffle
>Donuts but only specific ones and chocolate with rainbow sprinkles, picrel
>Baby carrots baby carrots baby carrots
>Bean burritos
>Homemade chicken quesadillas
>Prezels and beer cheese
>Charcuterie boards
>Bison milk ice cream
>Bacon jam and peanut butter on artisanal sourdough or homemade pumpernickel
>Cosmic brownies
>Peanut butter and marshmallow flush sandwiches
>Marshmallow oatmeal
>Rosemary and white wine roasted poultry
>Wine and soy sauce sauteed mushrooms
>Sherbet based punches
>Those chocolate cake pops from star bucks
>Lox bagels
>Lobster Mac and cheese with Sriracha

I own a restaurant so to give meaning to my experimental dishes lol

No. 959224

File: 1636022565089.jpg (292.92 KB, 640x942, devils-food-cake-123456789-1-o…)

I'm goint to make a chocolate cake tomorrow. Specifically a variation of Devil's Food, where there's a bit of dark cherry jam between the layers. Strong chocolate mousse ganache.

No. 959634

File: 1636054996924.jpg (250.6 KB, 1120x884, tims-crispy-chicken-sandwich.j…)

The first version of the crispy chicken at Tim Hortons was my fucking jam. I ate it every time I worked, I was just so fucking good. I don't care how processed it was, it was godly. And those potato wedges, hoo mama. Now they use these weird strips that they also put into wraps, instead of cutting up the patty,(because it saves time and Tim Hortons wants everything to be done in literally 23 seconds) and it's no where near as good or easy to eat.
Anyway confession time, while I was working once I went into the office and wrote an anonymous email to head office basically saying I'd kill myself if they got rid of the crispy chicken sandwich because they would end promotions randomly all the time, because I wanted it that much. I don't know if it worked or not, but they did keep it around and it was the same patty for nearly seven years. Heh.

No. 959742

I want one of those huge ridiculous cinnamon rolls like right now

No. 960748

File: 1636148831932.jpg (27.19 KB, 290x513, bef02d3b64ac1143cc01eb71f7ac75…)

I am craving noodles completely drenched in chili oil.

No. 960749

File: 1636148872830.jpg (33.93 KB, 290x435, 8a50547c65b98d456b342a1eb8f679…)

And japchae.

No. 960750

File: 1636148950330.jpg (95.28 KB, 480x720, b017553e53648f64dd7cd01880c85b…)

And I am almost always craving teokkbokki. I am actually in the process of making it, I need to grind my rice now.

No. 960755

File: 1636149266252.jpg (47.05 KB, 563x419, 2331e33d82e8c71dacca9aec5ea0f3…)

And lastly, weirdly enough, nattō with mustard and green onions. I am hungry

No. 960764

What does natto taste like? I'm curious to try but i can't find it where I live. I've heard it's really good for you

No. 960802

nta I tried it once and it was unbearably sour.

No. 960804

that's really weird anon, I don't think I've ever had any natto that's sour. It's usually just savory and a little pungent, kind of like fish sauce.

No. 960807

File: 1636154790831.jpg (65.72 KB, 604x453, Natto_on_rice.jpg)

ayrt and it's a bit hard to describe. As this anon said >>960804, it's very savory and pungent. It's literally fermented soybeans, so imagine a really, really strong tofu/miso, with slimy bean texture. I don't like it as much on it's own, but with mustard and green onions on top of rice, I think it's really good.

No. 960815

they probably mean sour like, fermented. kimchi and sauerkraut are sour in the same way, or beer or kombucha.

No. 962312

File: 1636299981537.jpg (344.35 KB, 1080x1329, Chinese barbeque chicken.jpg)

Char Sui marinated chicken, grilled to blackened perfection, with grilled asparagus and a light Asian slaw on the side

No. 962319

I want to try natto but always flake. Every time I go to the asian grocery store I want to buy a pack. Next time I think I will do it, it's only like 3$.

No. 962361

this is so sticky that it kinda looks a little gross but i can also just tell that it's absolutely DELICIOUS. i'd love to try this!

No. 963934

File: 1636448123245.png (717.94 KB, 910x810, 23ADC6C9-AAFE-4DDF-A4BC-AB4D72…)

Mhmmmm meat stick

No. 963935

File: 1636448146583.jpeg (52.94 KB, 300x400, AF10A1CF-751B-41E5-8C1B-723B7E…)


No. 963966

File: 1636456413183.jpeg (268.66 KB, 1200x819, 7485B95E-CDA7-4497-A589-50F687…)

Dying for a chicken halal snack pack rn. I’m not Muslim but there’s a kebab shop down the road run by the sweetest little old man and his wife that makes a killer one

No. 964071

File: 1636465378716.jpg (175.09 KB, 611x1500, 81WYyzz-kxL._SL1500_.jpg)

I'm still not over the fact that they stopped producing this one. This was my go-to when I was too lazy to cook and I loved the taste of this sauce. Tried to dupe it but nada. Fucking miss this so much.

No. 964673

File: 1636534695242.jpg (239.44 KB, 293x600, 7454_2017-12-29-10-58-47.jpg)

oh damn, my mom never bought the original so i only ever had picrel but it was the best thing ever until they stopped producing that one too. also
>3 servings
i always ate the whole thing by myself kek. maybe i'll give this recipe a try https://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/3571511536044157/Farfalle-mit-Kaese-Kraeuter-Sauce.html

No. 965038

Fuck Imma make these this weekend

No. 965058

File: 1636571181938.jpeg (109.64 KB, 800x550, F8077304-57BB-432C-A82D-CAAAAB…)

I want chocolate ice cream and milk chocolate.

No. 965119

File: 1636577831663.jpg (124.83 KB, 800x800, 1912_Leftover-Ham-Banh-Mi_550.…)

Banh Mi specifically from New Orleans because they have the best bread. God, I miss living there and eating like a queen every weekend for relatively cheap.

No. 965153

I want apple compote but I couln't post an image because all the images I found on google are gross mushy dry apples and I want apples floating in cinnamony apple sugar juice like in preschool

No. 965177

I'm op and my edeka still sells the Farfalle from your pic. I eat this from time to time as well because this is my replacement of the miracoli one but it tastes completely different imo. Still like it tho and yupp, I eat this one sitting as well lol.

No. 965394

It's not like there isn't some here in Safeway, but I miss going to Coles in Australia and getting bell peppers stuffed with cream cheese. I miss Coles. Their shitty easy to go food was so comforting.

I also miss my ex-boyfriends moms cooking. Slavic food is something else.

No. 965465

File: 1636616615041.jpeg (732.37 KB, 1242x1102, 372CB86F-4E77-45AF-950D-5473ED…)

Jeez do I want to make this!! Craving some chunky Chilli (maybe w beans) on the side Ooo

No. 965475

File: 1636617218616.jpeg (138.8 KB, 1280x720, E9405ABE-A0BC-444C-A56F-6AD918…)

Crushed roasted peanut on top, and a traditional pinch of sugar is perfect for this bumee noodle btw I want to eat this like, now

No. 965490

I could live off of noodle based dishes for the rest of my life ugh I’m craving some nice saucy wheat noodles, crispy tofu, and veggies, specifically broccoli and cabbage.

No. 965537

File: 1636623633325.jpeg (292.33 KB, 1600x1063, 0CC40884-3787-427B-A5B6-A5340B…)

I have a bad cold rn but as soon as i get my sense of taste back i'm gonna go to that great sichuan restaurant and murder the hell out of some mapo tofu

No. 965539

File: 1636624282394.jpeg (245.85 KB, 1408x1120, E34EF47E-17E5-4656-88E7-5C3B96…)

also i want to have rou jia mo again. i ate tonnes of them when i was in china and i can't find them here. i miss chinese food so much

No. 965858

>bell peppers stuffed with cream cheese
I like pickled bell peppers stuffed with cottage cheese, and oven roasted pointy peppers (idk how they're called in English, we call them "pointy peppers") stuffed with cottage cheese.
The fist type I treat like a salad, the second type I treat like an entree.

No. 966257

File: 1636687463633.jpg (232.36 KB, 1500x1399, 91tZPTy3LjL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

This was my lunch every day for like 2 years

No. 966260

are you poor

No. 966265

Yes but that's unrelated kek

No. 966268

You ate shrimp ass and piss soup

No. 966271

Nta but it’s divine actually

No. 966273

So I finally made lentils&rice (and veggies and spice) to try.
Verdict: I don't care it's a ~complete protein~, both of those things taste better on their own.

No. 966274

Are you poor

No. 966286

How did you prepare them?

No. 966290

Really want to never again hear the phrase "complete protein" in the context of nutrition for normal people. Like are you planning to live on a desert island and eat the same two foods for the rest of your life? No? Then getting or not getting "complete protein" in your diet is literally never going to be a fucking problem in a million years.

Literally all of the focus on "complete protein" and shit like that from redditors and other manmonsters (and all americans) is a gigantic cope because they refuse to follow the one most important fucking rule of nutrition which is EAT YOUR FUCKING VEGETABLES especially leafy greens, which they refuse to admit is true because it would mean their mom was right and they would rather eat steak get fat and die young than admit that.

No. 966313

And I'll do it again

No. 966415

I hate to tell you this but complete protein sources are necessary for life. If something is a complete protein it means that it contains all essential amino acids. They're called essential because you're body requires them for nearly every biological process. If someone isn't getting enough essential amino acids from their diet, they will end up physically and mentally ill.

No. 967485

File: 1636831282325.jpg (171.87 KB, 735x919, 128ece9de180c1b86b3a3c09ee2baf…)

Just bought around one kg of tteok, will do lots of tteokkbokki les goooo

No. 967788

File: 1636862267617.jpg (71.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Matcha anything, really. But I am sad thinking about matcha mochi that I can't have aagh

No. 967789

Samefag, I'm currently torturing myself watching this video

No. 967836

If a tteokkbokk could tteok bokk a tteokkbokk would tteok as much bokk as a tteokkbokk could tteok.

No. 967843

how much tteok would a tteokbokk bokk if a tteokbokk could tteok bokk?

No. 968504

File: 1636946434803.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1578, C35571EB-36BB-45F1-9A3C-A3C726…)

Ice cream + root beer

No. 968514

File: 1636947081254.jpg (74.91 KB, 806x453, good soup.jpg)

I became vegetarian a few years ago but every winter I still want a warm bowl of caldo de albondigas. There will never be a good vegetarian substitute.

No. 968517

File: 1636947343768.jpg (29.88 KB, 655x368, albondigas-de-seitan-655x368.j…)

Seitan or textured soy are pretty close. They're super tasty if you prepare them well. Damn I'm hungry now lol

No. 968519

When I was a kid I loved albondigas so much that I would compulsively sneak to the kitchen to eat more out of the pot. I had no self-control.

No. 968609

That looks amazing. I don't know how you'd replicate the broth but pressed tofu might be able to approximate the texture of the meatballs. For the broth I'd try shitake, porcini, canned tomato, chopped parsley, bay leaf, vegetable oil, and perhaps some MSG plus whatever spices/seasonings are traditionally used.

No. 968635

Try some marmite/vegemite. It's super pungent and umami, but it simulates beefy/meaty tastes very, very well.

No. 968943

File: 1636998258214.jpg (422.79 KB, 2048x1152, index.jpg)

i wonder if yours is the spanish version of german leberknödelsuppe (liver dumpling soup). in my home town/region it's traditionally served as the starter course, especially at weddings, but i'd always eat way too many dumplings and didn't want to eat the main course anymore kek

No. 969014

Thanks nonnies! You guys gave me the drive to go out and get what I need to try to recreate it.

I would do the same, my mom hated it since it would leave more vegetables than meat.

Looking at a recipe they do seem to be similar just the choice of meat is different. I can't help but wonder what it tastes like since liver tends to have a distinct flavor profile.

No. 969265

I always thought this was a weird starter cos the dumplings are so filling, but they are delicious.

No. 972688

File: 1637349609993.jpeg (156.34 KB, 1280x720, mukbang.jpeg)

I really just want to buy a birthday cake from the grocery store and eat it all by myself.

No. 972690

I wish I had the money to do this, my bday was yesterday and it felt quite miserable.

No. 972698

Happy belated nona! I hope you will be able to get some cake soon! ♥

This is basically my yearly tradition. I don't eat it in one sitting but I get myself a small cake that I don't share with my family and I just dig into it with a fork. I think eating a cake without slicing into it is so funny.

No. 972728

File: 1637351438174.jpeg (56.51 KB, 1200x1377, A8CEBDDF-29E3-448B-B5E9-E7FD41…)

I really want to do that someday! I would get a cute, small custom cake for my birthday to stab with with a spoon, it must be really nice.

No. 972738

this cake is so pretty <3

No. 972850

File: 1637357350037.jpg (93.6 KB, 600x600, 3741874_Coppenrath-Wiese-Lust-…)

i actually do this from time to time, not with a custom cake from a bakery but with these frozen cakes we have here in germany. they're actually pretty nice for frozen cakes and i absolute love the carrot cake one. other flavors are strawberry cheesecake, cherry cheesecake, chocolate, and apple pie. they're not very big - probably as big as the ones in your pic - so you can totally get away with eating the entire thing in one day if you take breaks. i think it's like eating four slices of cake, so it's not that much.

No. 972858

File: 1637358038514.jpg (59.51 KB, 1200x630, 20200916-deepndeliciouscake.jp…)

The icing is better than sex

No. 976923

File: 1637731724246.jpg (317.41 KB, 1655x1590, 5e83562842820.jpg)

No. 976932

I ordered some of these the other day. We got apple pie and strawberry cheesecake

No. 976946

My fav is bananarama!

No. 976956

I always think I don't like banana but enjoy it every time I have it… Maybe I'll try that next time!

No. 977206

File: 1637782335139.jpg (124.79 KB, 800x862, 4ed48891-red-taco-dip-chowhoun…)

No. 977207

File: 1637782481987.jpg (49.75 KB, 450x450, the-durty-bird.jpg)

I should be eating this every day, but instead I'll never eat it again. I seethe. I seethe.

No. 977208

mmmm my favourite is bananarama too

No. 977247

best pussy

No. 977275

File: 1637787228921.jpg (664.16 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

Oily, salty, crunchy, tender, give me fish n chips!!!

No. 977291

Wow is this that soupy taco food I keep hearing about?

No. 977297

birria tacos

No. 978216

File: 1637895190780.jpg (30.71 KB, 500x375, 5637d5a682a86515605a7892eb6e32…)

No. 978276

File: 1637903664202.jpeg (33.73 KB, 450x450, 886f8a2e-efd8-49d2-849b-bd5424…)

I need to go back down south and get some liver pudding and grits.

No. 984430

I want sunflower butter so badly rn

No. 984431

Alligator. When I had it in New Orleans it was so fucking delicious, I regret not getting more of it.

No. 984432

To be fair, all food in New Orleans tastes better. I sadly didn’t realize it until I moved away.

No. 984434

You're a million percent right. I think most of my favorite meals I've ever had took place when I visited.

No. 988344

File: 1638936420513.jpeg (59.02 KB, 554x554, 夏和食.jpeg)

No. 988348

what is this looks delish

No. 988359

Finally had udon with chicken and pork, those are some slippery fatass noodles kek

No. 988365

File: 1638938628947.jpg (47.06 KB, 352x470, 9443fae70ceee27a0b5d6c251428e1…)

Cold/hiyashi sudachi udon noodles. They are super refreshing, slightly sour and umami!
I am not sure if that's karaage or fried fish, but there's also chawanmushi (a type of salty egg pudding, kinda like a mix between an omelette and pudding)

No. 988368

Thank you so much

No. 988583

Oh yeah I love udon noodles, you have to love chewing on their thickness

No. 988885

Oh I did! They were delicious and retained much of the flavors than your typical string noodles. 10/10 would eat again.

No. 996703

File: 1639672440619.jpeg (74.05 KB, 600x400, DC43D177-B94E-439C-BFDE-E09D97…)

I’m obsessed with grits suddenly having never liking it before. But I like it a specific way with smoked gouda and kale and scallions. Maybe I’m craving carbs. Can’t wait for cheat day.

No. 996704

Kale on grits? Interesting

No. 996708

Yeah just some sautéed kale and mushroom is good too!

No. 996962

File: 1639684486352.jpg (201.56 KB, 1000x1500, This.jpg)

Pesto, pesto, pesto pesto peesto (with shrimps and cheese)

No. 996978

pesto, pasta, chicken and siracha is my favourite meal anon!

No. 997202

File: 1639716632683.jpg (121.96 KB, 736x1104, 5ab1fef7e3a199b6eb9bab552b20b6…)

White wine

No. 997205

File: 1639717012399.jpg (48.29 KB, 500x500, 5c4f69089da07c6f07aeae9d-origi…)

that looks nice. i'm dying for cucumber mint melon refresher rn

No. 997232

File: 1639719870498.jpg (88.46 KB, 628x950, 999d641e3cd98f3db163a05efe8721…)

I guess I'm just craving a refreshing drink. I would also love green tea high ball or yogurt soju. Maybe plum liqueur.

No. 997248

File: 1639721625053.jpg (124.32 KB, 735x551, 87d2dd3b68b792aebe7c74fd51e738…)

I love pesto too but I keep looking at your picture and I crave chasoba/kawarasoba

No. 997249

File: 1639721878664.jpg (57.97 KB, 640x427, cucumber-lemonade1.jpg)

Omg this reminds me of this cucumber lemon water I had during work lunch the other day. They grated the cucumber flesh into the drink, it was so refreshing!

No. 998338

File: 1639831883071.jpg (26.75 KB, 522x417, 716c2ZwUOXS._SX522_.jpg)

not even into sweets but I can (and do) eat whole boxes of these so I can never buy them, it's dangerous

No. 1001580

File: 1640135657300.jpg (117.53 KB, 736x1104, f991a1a852cd6f89530f5c0377c904…)

I want umeshu so bad

No. 1001855

Pesto is like a drug to me. I could drown in pesto and die happy.

No. 1002169

File: 1640204451510.jpeg (149.49 KB, 900x540, A4CFB9AB-C63B-412C-80EB-A3997D…)

Can’t wait to have hotpot on Christmas cozyyyy

No. 1002178

I thought this was umeboshi and hot water and it reminded me of my host mother in Japan who used to make it for me because I always had stomach problems. Good times. Umeshu is good too, too bad I can't drink alcohol.

No. 1002375

File: 1640217408505.jpg (71.92 KB, 736x483, d1428d24642e023aa465c51c02712e…)

I would kill for a bottle of magkeolli right now. Regular or with coffee.

No. 1002383

Omg i tried makgeolli and few weeks back and that stuff is sooo good. So many variations too

No. 1002398

god i wish that were me

No. 1002477

File: 1640225364310.jpg (14.44 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)


No. 1002486

File: 1640227131068.png (619.05 KB, 750x750, stouffers-qcrch148jid9ocwry4yd…)

Neither. Picrel is god tier, everything else is GARBAGE.

No. 1002491

File: 1640227447606.jpeg (146.11 KB, 1000x1000, 4F7C478C-EDE3-4F8E-88A9-FA95C2…)

Annie’s supremacy. Love that crazy bitch.

No. 1002502

File: 1640228568550.jpg (15.54 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

make your own you people of walmart, its not even hard and its incredibly better… and not congealed corpocheese slime. annies is ok at least its organic. but if you eat the mac that comes with the wet sauce goop you're genuinely gross.

boil da watta. make-a da pasta. putta the cheeses. stir til melty. Manza!! its easier than sleeping.

No. 1002572

File: 1640235004074.jpg (147.67 KB, 1200x1200, chicken-alfredo-8-1200[1].jpg)

>eating mac and cheese
Just make some alfredo, you peasants. I hate both, but at least alfredo has dignity.

No. 1012077

File: 1641055574220.jpg (1.14 MB, 3000x2000, iwannatouchandbiteit.jpg)

No. 1012092

File: 1641056749219.jpeg (217.64 KB, 1600x1289, A982A759-3718-4D17-AEBB-5F4104…)

try some red ribbon candy nonnie

No. 1012127

There's something so sad about seeing British and American brands brag about their product containing REAL fruits/cheese/flavours
Damn bitches, you live like this?

No. 1012165

I guess a lot of them do. They're also the only people who brag about making certain meals "from scratch". Especially americans. Like it's something special for it to not be out of a box or a can when it's normal for the rest of the world. Worship of frozen foods and take out actually is kind of sad.

No. 1012207

am american. I was in the grocery store the other day and these two girls were shopping near me. One was like "oh do you want to get pesto?" and the other said "no not the jar kind." the first was like "?? where do you get it?"…"I make it." "Like from like basil leaves or whatever?" "Yeah it's not that much work." "Oh my god that's so cool!"

It's a sad state here. Jarred pesto is literally a lie, it doesn't taste anything like basil or pesto. Dried basil is also in fact a lie.

I've posted short easy pasta recipes when people asked for easy healthy recipes on 4chan/reddit and literally get people arguing with me like "That's way too much work just for pasta! If I'm having pasta I just want to dump sauce out of a jar." Like, a 15 minute four ingredient recipe, and the only labor is cutting up 2 slices of bacon. Cook in pan, add half cup wine, add chopped kale from bag, cover 10 minutes, uncover til wine evaporates and pan is sizzling again, add cooked pasta, add olive oil, salt, pepper, mix, done. sprinkle parmesan, eat. They acted like this was some insane amount of work.

It's so bad here that even mac & cheese with the powder packet is too much work for most people, so the boxed mac that comes with a nasty goo sauce packet is becoming more popular, and even worse those easy mac cups.

It's so bad here that zoomers don't even eat cereal with milk because it's too much work and you need a clean bowl and you need to sit up at the table. They just eat nature valley bars in bed. Degraded

No. 1012408

File: 1641078364847.jpeg (79.93 KB, 645x224, yep.jpeg)

>the only labor is cutting up 2 slices of bacon. Cook in pan, add half cup wine, add chopped kale from bag, cover 10 minutes, uncover til wine evaporates and pan is sizzling again, add cooked pasta, add olive oil, salt, pepper, mix, done.
That's the first time I'm hearing of kale-bacon pasta, wew

No. 1012484

it's supposed to be broccoli rabe instead of kale in the actual italian recipe but I can't get that here in the winter, other than that it's traditional. As a fibrous dark green vegetable, kale isn't far off. I'm not really getting what about this is so weird to you? if you think this is strange you would be truly shocked by what most americans eat.

No. 1012706

I recently went to Ireland and I had white/black pudding. I figured it would taste how I thought it would but fuck that shit is tasty. I found a shop here that makes white pudding and I bought a buttload. Idgaf I'll eat the whole thing in one sitting.

No. 1012737

That shit is so good!!!! I'm a burger and for some reason a diner near me as an "irish breakfast" that includes a small ass piece of black and white pudding and I leave that shit for last because it's my favorite bit. It's probably not even the best black/white pudding so I can't even imagine how good the real good shit tastes. There's a British butcher in my city that sells it and it's pricey but god damn I want to buy myself some and eat myself sick

No. 1012747

I'm ok, I made an excuse not to go to the cult stuff anynore after they asked me to testify and cry. But mostly I stopped going because at that testifying meeting, I thought there would be a huge korean buffet but it was western food. And not even good. So that really annoyed me!

No. 1012748

Damn that sounds good kek. I think I'm gonna make that soon. Anything I can sub the wine for though? I don't have any and don't drink so I don't want to buy it just for this recipe.

On the topic of pesto, italian basil is stupid hard to find in my neighborhood (only have thai basil) so I make a lot of kale pesto. I love it! I never bought jarred pesto because it's so expensive for such a tiny jar. I got an italian basil plant from a friend and it's growing well but slowly. Can't wait to make pesto with it!

No. 1012749

NTA but that's so funny. Glad you got out of the cult though, and I hope you're still getting your fix of korean food! God I fucking love korean food so much. I always make a joke about how I've been eating from the same kbbq restaurant since I was in the womb because my dad told me a story about how my pregnant mom forced him to take her to this 24 hour kbbq place at 3am once. The place is still there after all these years and still delicious as fuck. I also love naengmyeon!! I always crave it in the winter for some reason.

No. 1017351

File: 1641437771301.jpg (45.47 KB, 650x352, 3b0807d38d5aac5463311909955fb4…)

I am craving corn porridge so bad, maybe it's cause I'm sick

No. 1017355

ive never had porridge before! this pic is so cute and i love cinnamon. is it like oatmeal?

No. 1017356

looks delicious

No. 1017357

Wild boar. Tastes exactly like vegetables (you are what you eat) and is the most delicious, freshest tasting meat ever. Way better than eating beaten cattle and poultry.

No. 1017361

File: 1641438441479.jpg (22.12 KB, 600x315, 0b39bbaff9db790e654e7378ec82e9…)

I think the texture can be similar, but it's less "flakey", if that makes sense? It's gooey, a very simple porridge with sugar and cornmeal. Some people add cinnamon as the pic I posted, some add a bit of cheese bits (mozzarella) so it melts with the warmth of the porridge and gives it a cheesy, slightly salty and sweet flavor as well.

No. 1018488

Actually, I hid this memory for quite some time and never told anyone about it. I was at a university where … people generally were not religious. The memory only recently resurfaced and I felt like I could finally admit this anonymously. I'm so happy someone was amused by it, because I started giggling to myself when I remembered it.

I love it so much too, and for six more months I won't get it, oh god (I'm temporarily in a country where this type of food just isn't available). I also missed it during covid because it's the best when freshly made.

If I ever finish my dissertation, I promised myself I can go to Korea to eat and sightsee. But mostly to eat.

No. 1018499

samefag but I think I still need yo try naengmyeon! In winter I used to order jjigae (various ones). I love korean savory pancakes so much too. I made it during lockdown at home but though the Wholesome Queen of Korean Cooking Maangchi is amazing (vidrel), I think it's still better when someone else makes it.

No. 1019061

File: 1641564822523.jpg (673.8 KB, 1500x1282, hotteok1.jpg)

If/when you go to korea, get hotteok! A small little pancake that's quite thick for it's size, with a super crunchy exterior and super soft interior. The sweet ones usually have a brown sugar and cinnamon with pumpkin seed filling, and I've tried the savory kind filled with japchae, both very delicious! I saw an EYK video about it once and the first time I went to korea I was determined to get it. 10/10 absolutely worth it and for all the korean street food that takes over my city (korean corn dogs are all the rage but I will not deny that they are delicious), hotteok never really seemed to come over here. It's a shame because it's so simple and so damn good!

No. 1022636

thank you!! This looks incredible. Exactly the kind of thing I would love.

No. 1023938

File: 1641943632420.jpeg (570.98 KB, 2560x2288, 35A05A50-30D4-4272-A2E2-1FCB0B…)

this smells so much like the early 2000s. ridiculous amounts of nostalgia wafted up from it

No. 1023953

File: 1641944850284.jpg (58.08 KB, 640x360, 330howj5im261.jpg)

I would love a big bowl of hot and sour soup right now

No. 1023962

No. 1024010

it's so pretty i won't one

No. 1024073

does it taste like guava? i bought some kind of guava drink recently that tasted like bubblegum and not guava at all. rip my $4

No. 1024814

File: 1642009115141.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1107, 46DF3F17-BC0E-4F7A-B717-A4B7FB…)

I rlly want a big bowl of pho with extra bean sprouts and onions and coriander and an obscene amount of garlic and sriracha and lime juice

No. 1024829

File: 1642009690208.jpeg (123.88 KB, 828x680, 8BB0F72D-ECB5-4F28-8F65-A02CE5…)

Really considering spending $30 right now

No. 1024841

My nigel is making Cambodian pho this weekend and your post has got me extra hyped for it. Friday can't come soon enough

No. 1025224

I got it, it was so worth it. My belly is so full and I still have a full bowl.

No. 1025235

File: 1642027595709.jpg (109.19 KB, 716x716, c5647e4c99e0d3103a0c3f38458992…)

I want grilled mochi with cheese so bad.

No. 1025437

File: 1642040466984.jpg (347.56 KB, 1500x1114, 297785008.jpg)

No. 1025441

>$17 for pho
>need to pay extra for standard garnishments that should come with the soup order

Highway robbery, although pho is delicious.

No. 1025535

Damn I haven’t had these since I was a kid

No. 1025543

File: 1642050443248.jpg (434.07 KB, 2000x1778, m63024.001.jpg)

I want it now

No. 1026014

The pho came with a ton of garnishments already! I just love extra extra sprouts, jalapeños cilantro and green onions.

No. 1026176

File: 1642101224901.jpeg (447.14 KB, 1664x1800, C9A5CD0A-E2AE-4638-985D-CD5F6B…)

Salmon poke bowl. Sushi rice, furikake, crunchy fried garlic and scallions, crab salad, edamame, masago, mango, ponzu, hold the mayo. Someone send me an ubereats gift card hhhhn.

No. 1026259

That looks so good, though I prefer tuna to salmon personally. Hit up Jason R. Womack for a Doordash gift card

No. 1030126

File: 1642388267542.jpg (77.81 KB, 500x500, 27383929393938.jpg)

Mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella
mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella
mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella
mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella
mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella
mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella

No. 1030134

File: 1642388996227.jpeg (172.68 KB, 960x936, 5257837C-1EA3-4517-B719-8149D3…)

Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I’ve been low carb for so long this is all I think about. And fresh toasted everything bagels smothered in cream cheese.

No. 1030152

File: 1642389790511.jpeg (189.28 KB, 1200x1800, 7810BC75-B22A-4548-83B2-321979…)

Ceviche. Plz.

No. 1030173

I just had grilled cheese and tomato soup nona!! hoping you get some soon!

No. 1031747

File: 1642527824730.jpg (122.46 KB, 533x800, MoleSauce8006047-min.jpg)

Mole mole mole mole mole

No. 1031787

thai green curry pleeeasseee

No. 1031975

I would kill for some pad thai right now. I've been craving it for days.

No. 1032648

File: 1642592714045.jpeg (730.95 KB, 1000x667, Tom-Kha-Gai-19-mini.jpeg)

Thai food is the best, I miss having Tom Kha with rice so bad. The fattiness of the coconut milk just elevates everything.

No. 1032828

File: 1642608034997.jpeg (124.22 KB, 720x480, D479C561-373E-4EA5-8977-662AC6…)

Crunchy spicy tuna rolls with soy sauce, please.

No. 1035229

File: 1642748005576.jpg (57.81 KB, 500x500, licorice-candy-licorice-allsor…)

No. 1035231

No. 1035232

I've never actually tried these, just admired how pretty they are.

No. 1035234

What, did you want like a story with it?

No. 1035235

i advise you don't lest the fantasy be broken

No. 1035241

Idk I'm a big fan of licorice

No. 1035242

File: 1642748631046.jpeg (762.21 KB, 4176x2784, B5FFE4F4-90CD-44EF-9355-14CAC4…)

The S A L T
This and chicken katsu

No. 1035243

They're really good and you get licorice of varying bitterness, which is nice. Also very nice chewiness to them

No. 1035257

lol i'm sorry anon. i don't like them but regret making my post.

No. 1035264

Spicy fried chicken…

No. 1035265

File: 1642750968385.jpg (268.79 KB, 736x981, 0eaa3e01704df7a2b45f2d29d3df14…)

Oops, dropped my pic

No. 1035282

God that looks so good I wanna cry

No. 1035302

File: 1642755140755.jpeg (22.31 KB, 368x207, 5cd6097d210000580073a657.jpeg)

I want to eat 5000 coffee crisps

No. 1035305

File: 1642755451754.jpg (96.47 KB, 1200x606, bigBIG.jpg)

they are second to a mr.big imo

No. 1035306

I'm not gonna argue with that, it's absolutely true

No. 1035386

these had good potential buy sorry guys, too sweet

No. 1035393

what can i do with most of a can of chili beans?

please don't say chili this time, I can:t get the fake meat or bulgur wheat to make that right now.

sorry, depressed and need food assistance

No. 1035394

I'm actually so fucking sad, I'm? barely eating. So if anyone wants to suggest some easy vegetarian meals, please do it.

I miss my fucking dad so much and he's dead.

No. 1035502

File: 1642775674052.png (763.19 KB, 629x633, cheeeeeeeese.PNG)

I made the mistake of watching videos of people trying cheeses and it's making me want cheese so fucking bad. Not the blocks of shit from the supermarket, those have a time and a place, but I want that good expensive shit right now. I'm lactose intolerant although harder cheeses are fine, but I love love looooooove soft cheeses.

I'll admit that I'm no cheese connesiour and can still be picky and not like some of the funky ones, but I've been venturing out of my comfort zone a lot. Picrel is my favorite cheese, Fromager D'Affinois, which I picked up completely randomly. The sign said it was "the creamier cousin to brie" but that meant nothing to me because I'm not well versed in cheeses and I actually don't really like brie all that much but FUCK is it good. Like damn good butter, although sometimes it starts getting too funky for me so I gotta stop eating it.

No. 1035503

File: 1642775763525.jpg (210.83 KB, 500x500, MeredithWEB.jpg)

Another one of my favorite cheeses. It's like really salty butter, no funk at all so the only thing keeping me from eating huge amounts of it is my own gut and salt tolerance

No. 1035508

I'm sorry anon. Something easy is rice with cauliflower/green beans and peanut sauce, tastes better than you'd think

No. 1035511

I'm so, so sorry for your loss.

What do you have in your fridge nona? If you are able two, these are two recipes I really like off the top of my head.

Crisp Gnocchi With Brussels Sprouts and Brown Butter: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1020453-crisp-gnocchi-with-brussels-sprouts-and-brown-butter?action=click&module=Collection%20Page%20Recipe%20Card&region=Easy%2030-Minute%20Vegetarian%20Recipes&pgType=collection&rank=7

Stir-Fried Cucumber With Tofu: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1021338-stir-fried-cucumber-with-tofu?action=click&module=Collection%20Page%20Recipe%20Card&region=Easy%2030-Minute%20Vegetarian%20Recipes&pgType=collection&rank=14

I also make this once a week because it's a huge family favorite. https://biancazapatka.com/en/asian-chili-garlic-noodles/ The sweet and sour tofu sauce she talks about is non-negotiable imo. It really makes the dish. If you can't make it now, I'd highly recommend for the future.

No. 1035628

thanks so much anons, it was a year ago but lately I'm crying all the time because I miss him so much. He wasn't even that nice to me sometimes but God he always made me laugh. I'm struggling so much with life and no food sounds good to me. I'm eating too little and it's making everything worse.

All of these options sound nice, thank you. The brussels sprouts are especially interesting because I haven't had those in awhile. I'm temporarily in a different country for research so I will check at the market this weekend for them

No. 1035959

My favourite drug!
Apparently, lolcow loves to hate on the French, see replies to >>1031481
My stomach vehemently disagrees with them and worships the French. All my favourite memories of France include cheeeeeese

No. 1036156

I only meant to get the cheese I posted today but my impulses got the better of me and I wanted some cheddar too so I picked up some english cheddar I’ve had before… then while browsing I saw the comte so of course I had to get it!!! I’ve never had it before but I’ve seen it featured in videos where people rave about it. I saw the cheese shop had mimolette too, which I thought was illegal in the US? But they had it… I’ll get it next time though! Gotta eat all of these first heh

No. 1037072

File: 1642876819680.png (489.03 KB, 720x450, -recipe-1090-W720xH450R1.png)

i believe in germknödel supremacy.

No. 1037088

I randomly get cravings for my favorite childhood foods sometimes. About once a year I get in the mood for cheapo bologna, cheese, mayo and lettuce sandwiches which were a common lunch while I was growing up. Yum.

No. 1037153

Must be nice being a richfag

No. 1037220

File: 1642882107595.jpg (414.28 KB, 1600x1061, sdfsfsdf.jpg)

I'd kill someone for these rn. Specifically with apples and raisins.

No. 1037224

I could be recruited for this cause…

No. 1037256

File: 1642883649065.jpg (1.22 MB, 1800x1200, 61728.jpg)

eat up, precious cow!

No. 1037270