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File: 1519069758622.png (367.98 KB, 1175x738, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.49…)

No. 229936

>A quarter of straight porn searches by women are for videos featuring violence against their own sex. Five percent of searches by women are for content portraying nonconsensual sex. While men still search for significantly more porn than women, search rates for these more extreme types of sexual content are at least twice as common among women than men.

>Those statistics make for fairly surprising reading, but are the facts Dr Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former Google data scientist, discovered when he was given complete access to PornHub's search and views data for his upcoming book. "If there is a genre of porn in which violence is perpetrated against a woman, my analysis of the data shows that it almost always appeals disproportionately to women," he writes.

Why is this happening?

No. 229938

They’re tranny dudes?

No. 229944

Cause that’s my fetish…

No. 229945

This. Same thing years ago a report about how "women" were becoming more sexually violent were reports of transwomen violence. Some may be women of course but a considerable amount will be trans

No. 229979

I don’t have the answer for this but one thing I do know is that it will be used as justification to abuse and harm women. Just like people are saying women are hypocrites for wanting to not be harassed at work while 50 shades of gray is popular among women.

“Oh but women like violent porn so surely they must not mind being assaulted!”

No. 229988

File: 1519082668503.jpg (206.65 KB, 640x495, 1474498020903.jpg)

Reminds me of how back in my tumblr days I followed this ~ultra progressive 3rd wave feminist~ girl who was very open about wanting to be choked out during sex. I know I shouldn't generalize based on just one person, but I'm pretty sure the whole sex positive movement has something to do with it. Getting off on being beat up is "liberating" now, apparently.
The other contributing factor is how commonplace violence is in porn these days to begin with. Fetishes are based more on people's experiences as opposed to some sort of natural preference, and since women have always watched pornography, they too tend to get bored and start looking for more and more fucked up things to get off on. Unfortunately it's far FAR more common for a woman to be the target of violence in these videos.
Consider how 20 years ago traps were far more of a niche fetish. Now it's normal for a man to want to fuck a tranny.

lol, it figures

No. 229989

Yeah keep in mind, because of trannies, so many data for years to be come are going to be skewed. Male who identifies as a woman murdered someone? Check that into the woman's category of violent offenders in women's history.

No. 229991

This, and


Close this thread, nothing else needs to be said

No. 230043

brainwashing mostly, it started with just wanting slightly naughty roleplaying and spanking for you to be ~kinky and interesting coolgirl~ then slowly turned into wanting to be tied up, which is fine since I myself have had bondage fantasies even before I knew what all of that was.. then later turned into "oh well you wanna be tied up and spanked? so boring most girls nowadays wanna be choked out with their hair pulled" it slowly evolved into cutting, brutal slapping, weird shit including hanging you but one of those hooks through your asshole, "Teehee I wanna be stabbed it rlly turns me on"

brainwashing at it's finest, everytime I see someone claim how they're into "fucked-up shit" all I hear them say is "I'm an attention whore edgelord who conditioned myself to like things after spending too much time on bestgore until I got turned on"

No. 230047

I dunno but when I was younger I was too guilty feeling to imagine myself as an instigator. My tastes are broader now.

No. 230055

This. The motivation is pretty much just impressing men, because we all know men love inflicting violence on women and nothing says 'cool girl' like wanting it.

But anyway, I don't think porn searches are a great representation of women's taste. You can be pretty confident that most men watch porn, but plenty of women don't and the ones who do are probably very desensitized to sexual violence. Written porn is more popular with girls from what I can see, and m/m couples feature in the overwhelming majority of storioes these days. Anyway, with the advent of hardcore SJWs smut is getting less and less rapey/violent and if it is, it has to be tagged to hell and back.

No. 230078

I used to have excessively violent and degrading sexual fantasies as a teenager, but I was sexually assaulted at a young age. There was also a family history of sexual abuse that I found out about quite young which I’m sure influenced my development. Add that to wanting to be a ~coolgirl~ like other anons have said, and I guess I’ve always had a wild imagination. Put them all together and it just went too far, until it got to the point where imagining the worst of the worst still couldn’t get me off. I eventually realised that porn was making the problem way worse and stopped watching it, then stopped myself from thinking about these things whilst masturbating. Now my favourite fantasy is having loving sex with my boyfriend and it gets me off quickly.

Tl;dr there’s lots of factors that can influence your sexual development at a young age and you don’t realise the potential consequences until you’re an adult. By then it’s too late and you have to actively choose to stop finding those things a turn-on.

No. 230079

I have a similar story to yours anon.

But to answer OP >>229936, at my worst I was having a good masturbation sesh probably once or twice a month. And I'd usually find my sources on a chan board which is different than actively searching. I don't really believe that women search for ultra violent niche porn any more than men do, or that it's being done in any greater frequency.
It's men who drive these things.
It's a man who sexually assaulted me as a kid. It's a man who put those ideas into my head. It's a man who encouraged me to seek out those ideas. It's a man who's behind paying women to film and produce these acts.

No. 230090


Could you cite the source for your green text?

For those of you who are unaware of Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, last year he published a book entitled Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are.


I found an interview with him after the publication of his book in which he states:

>Porn featuring violence against women is also extremely popular among women. It is far more popular among women than men. I hate saying that because misogynists seem to love this fact. Fantasy life isn't always politically correct. The rate at which women watch violent porn is roughly the same in every part of the world. It isn’t correlated with how women are treated.


No. 230091


Does his data account for trans? So many statistics in so many areas (medical, criminal, sociological) are now muddied by trans.

No. 230095

Men are going to take this as a weapon against women instead of reflecting on their own fucked up porn viewing habits. I don't watch porn anymore, and my fantasies now are the most boring normal shit ever.

No. 230103

Lol, I want to know too. The vast majority of trannies watch porn and I can't name one TIM youtuber who hasn't done at least one dildo unboxing video. If they were included in this, then that's probably why the stats are so fucked.

No. 230104

I quite happily see porn made illegal, if people actually listened to the law. The sex industry is so fucked and creates negative outcomes for both sides, although it’s demonstrably more pervasive for women. I don’t see how women don’t realise that by being ~sex posi~ they’re actually making the things they’re so against worse!

No. 230182

yep, and girls always have these ridiculous stories claiming how they got wet from the pain of waxing like shayna did, like we know how sex works does she really expect us to believe that the pain from getting waxed made her wet? whats next did you cum from a papercut?

or june claiming sitting on a leash doing nothing while greg plays cod and eats cheetos is sooo kinky and pleasurable
sometimes I don't know whats worse, what pretentious edge lords claim to like or the people that believe they genuinely enjoy it

No. 230219

maybe because it's easier for them to train themselves to like these scenarios than to work through the alternative despair.

i feel so fucked up and desperate about this topic. all my life i've felt so horrible and upset about violent rape scenarios and watching them or even just thinking about them makes me hate myself or feel incredibly sad for myself and women everywhere. i'm tired of being so sensitive and i want it to stop but its not an option to train myself to like it because it simply doesn't turn me on and i think it's horrible.
i want to love myself, love women, and love the female body in general without feeling so much despair and fear when i'm forced to witness its degradation and torture.
how do i begin to do this? i really want it both ways. i don't want to sacrifice any love or tenderness but i want to stop feeling so deeply horrible about violence against women.
i want to have some basic compassion but not really…care so much you know?
i feel like hating yourself or winding up liking your misfortune are both easy ways out.
how the fuck do we do this

No. 230221

If this touches you so much, stop watching the shit. It won't make anything better, but it also won't make anything worse.

No. 230222

it's not just watching it though. people bring it up every fucking day even if it's just as some sjw political topic. even when i get off the internet coworkers and relatives always want to talk about rape as just a conceptual talking point and it always makes me really fucked up even if i'm able to hide it. i just want to be more detached about the whole concept in general.

No. 230223

I admit this. Well, not "ultra violent" porn but nonconsensual acted out yes, more spesifically when it starts out as nonconsensual but she ends up liking it. "Forced" and "hesitant" are tags I search… I only watch lesbian porn so women are on both sides.
I don't like that fact about myself but sometimes I just find myself watching it and searching for it. I want to stop though. I recognize it as so gross and I hate porn industry but still I'm being a hypocrite and sometimes can't resist it as I'm weak minded.
I have absolutely no background with sexual violence or molestation myself.

I am a lesbian so idk if that makes difference, it probably does. I don't imagine myself being the one that is being forced, but I get off seeing it. I think porn and internet has fucked my head tbh. But in real life I would never enjoy anything like it.

Sorry if this counts as a blog post, just wanted to share since I contribute to that data and I'm not a tranny.

No. 230227

>more spesifically when it starts out as nonconsensual but she ends up liking it.

anon that's exactly the aspect that makes it something that only exists in a fantasy and not an actual rape fetish. what you're into is more like a fairy tale where your "aggressor" happens to be someone who is able to turn you on so much that you end up loving the whole experience.
maybe it's still a little fucked but it's incredibly common across sexes and sexuality. i'd be more worried if you were into the kind of shit where the victim is freaking out and in agony the whole way through, so like actual nonconsent, not just fantasy reluctance

No. 230232

You need to tell them you’re sick of hearing it, anon.

No. 230234

yeah i have been recently. i don't want to be so upset by it though. i want to not be bothered but it's always bothered me no matter what stage of my life i'm in or how my self esteem seems to be. i'd just like to know how other women manage to not be upset by it but i realize that's kind of dumb because we're all so different so what works for someone else isn't going to necessarily work for me.

No. 230284

File: 1519185522106.png (496.71 KB, 912x686, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.5…)

No. 230293

why do we teach this to women? eww.

No. 230295

it was being discussed in the man hating thread, everyone agreed it seemed like massive satire or a man larping

No. 230308

I agree with a lot of the stuff said by professionals about not accepting it etc. But if I’d have seen my rapists IRL I think I would have passed out in panic, not calmly flirted with them. Wtf?

No. 230316

I can imagine she is less traumatized because she was practically out of it when it happened. I've had plenty of sex where I was so drunk that I was falling in and out of consciousness during it and it barely registers as anything in my memory. It might have took her too long in a numbed mental state to realise what was happening to truly experience shock. So the framing as rape in her mind afterwards is mainly an intellectual realization.

No. 230343

OT but I think this is where the MRAs like to nitpick. I’m >>230308 and I’ve also had sex like this, where I’ve been way too drunk etc, that technically/legally is rape but definitely doesn’t feel emotionally like rape. She clearly didn’t feel any huge trauma from it and it kinda feels like she wrote the article for shock factor, which is a vile thing to do.

No. 230350

>Now it's normal for a man to want to fuck a tranny.
Only if he's a faggot

No. 230357

the thing porn is that, a lot of people find vanilla porn boring. good old plain sex satisfies me just fine but when it comes to porn i never watch vanilla stuff.

No. 230362

I like vanilla porn lol. But even if I use what I think are vanilla search terms, the video always ends up getting aggressive/rough and that makes me uncomfortable.

I'd like more genres/scenarios if the actual sex wasn't always super rough/aggressive/violent.

No. 230365

Why can't they see how irresponsible it is to publish shit like this? How much harder it will be for rape victims to be taken seriously if they come forward because now men are like "well it couldn't have been too bad and you probably even enjoyed it!1"

I mean a few well known misogynistic assholes retweeted the link to this article and the replies were horrific. Talking about how all women secretly want rape and they hate all women just because of this one woman who clearly isn't in a very healthy headspace. There were women in the replies saying "I fucking hate women."

it just fucking sucks. I mean she has the right to share her story obviously, I just wish she didn't do it publicly like this. The response has been heartbreaking.

No. 230378

I think 3rd wave feminism hasn’t helped though. You see a lot of feminists supporting violent sexual fantasies in porn and proclaiming to be victims of sexual assault/hating men for it, then apparently not being able to see how the two might be related? Like I accept that people will do what makes them happy and that doesn’t mean they deserve to be assaulted, but there is such thing as cause and effect.

No. 230387

Yeah I've never been able to say this out loud because of the kind of people I'm surrounded by, but 3rd wave "liberal" feminism makes me extremely uncomfortable. Or at least a good portion of it. Like the whole "posing nude is empowering" and "sex work is empowering" thing…I just don't agree. I'm not going to shame another woman's choices, but at the same time in my eyes they are just giving men exactly what they want - they make think they are empowering themselves, but at the end of the day men are jerking off to those images of them and then throwing them in the garbage basically. They aren't going to see her as any more of an individual human being - the exact opposite actually. The world doesn't care about them or their thoughts or their reasons for doing what they do, it doesn't care if she is finally comfortable with her body after years of an eating disorder or something and now wants to show it off - all these people know is here is another naked woman showing them what they want to see, and they'll never have to respect her or listen to her.

Maybe I'm wrong. I try to avoid talking about it, because a lot of girls get mad and I understand why. But this is just my opinion. Porn in general makes me sick to my stomach. I just think whenever I see women playing into men's hands and thinking they are empowering themselves by doing exactly what men want to USE women for - they are doing the opposite.

No. 230423

Underrated post. This is exactly it. Post an underwear selfie, 99% of your viewers will ignore your empowered caption and just see another “slut” who only has their body to offer. I see so many SWs like “yeah but men give me their money” so fucking what man, you’re still a slave to their desires because they’re paying your damn wages!!

No. 230435

THIS. Sex work is stupid because it’s all about making content for men. Even camgirls think they’re empowered because they do it all alone, but once that picture or video is on the internet you can never get it back. You know why men love pictures and videos of naked women but never want to actually spend time with them? The picture/video is a product. They can whip it out at will, and it’ll never age or talk back or tell him no or call him a gross creep.

No. 230438

and i hate how people will compare it with physical labor (which actually happens)

No. 230439

File: 1519247382820.jpg (4.61 KB, 206x221, endme.jpg)

>women watching fucked up porn is also men's fault (USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 230440

>men dressing as women being called women is the reason more "women" watch fucked up porn


No. 230444

File: 1519248206962.gif (1.94 MB, 159x146, 1513040982250.gif)


>Muh trannies muh women are super cute innocent angels that can do no wrong


No. 230446

Sexual abuse and conditioning probably has a hand in it honestly.

No. 230447

I don't think that's the case actually. Men and women both get conditioned to this shit really early on, especially now that we have the internet and pages like pornhub. If an 11 year old kid (no matter the gender) looks at degrading porn that's going to influence how they view sex, because kids cannot distinguish between porn sex and real sex. Most parents think that their little angels would never look at such things and don't talk to them about it, failing to show their kids that how people are treated in porn is not how you treat people.

Honestly, I think most porn now is just some sick fucks pushing their fetishes onto normal people, who start getting attracted to women being shat on because human sexuality isn't fixed.

No. 230449


I seriously fucking hate how things are between people right now, everyone wants to shit in each other, to find a reason to hate each other even more.

No. 230475

Agreed. Perhaps it's hypocritical for me to be pointing fingers here but honestly, it can all be traced back to SJWs and identity politics.

It's not about what you do anymore. It's about who you are, what in-group you belong to. And there's always an out-group out to get you. Everyone's pointing fingers at each other and arguing over who has it worse.
lolcow is not innocent. Sure, man-hating threads are a way to get out your frustration and vent, but there's no denying that 90% of the progress feminism made in the last century came from working WITH men.

What happened to the idea of people having common ground? Why is everyone so paranoid and suspicious of each other? Why is it always us vs. them? It doesn't have to be this way.

No. 230477

Locking this thread due to the numerous amount of gender threads. Please take the discussion to >>>/ot/229274

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