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File: 1717731762121.png (4 MB, 1170x1932, baby doggy .png)

No. 2039249

thread rules:
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>don't reply to bait
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No. 2039254

fujoshi are actually really smart women.

No. 2039257

File: 1717732355005.png (395.11 KB, 614x648, 1707335736454.png)

>looks at the state of /fujo/
as a fujoshi, i humbly disagree

No. 2039259

Context of this meme

No. 2039260

He's holding it in because he's mentally challenged

No. 2039262

unpopular opinion: threadpic sucksss OP

No. 2039265

Ikr? The dog's mouth and neck in that photo looks like a fuckin dick

No. 2039268

Never post this image again.

No. 2039270

Kuai Liang is the true hottest moid in Mortal Kombat. Not Liu Kang or Scorpion.

No. 2039278

Why are you a fujoshi?

No. 2039279

File: 1717735747635.jpg (124.97 KB, 866x1390, portrait-portrait-homme-barbu-…)

Idk why people say ugly people are rude. It's the 4-5/10s that are the rudest imo. Male version would be like this

No. 2039282

That's a 5 to you? For me, that's a solid 2, anon.

No. 2039289

I used the hounddog cause my unpopular opinion is that they’re gorgeous babies. They can cry all the time if they want

No. 2039291

Actually the rudest people are the barely scraping average that look decent only when they hyper-hypergroom. Like the kind of person who becomes a huge critical cunt because they facetune their selfies and go to the gym a lot. Even though there's nothing even remotely attractive about them at their base stats and they only get by due to height/tons of grooming, they believe themselves to be like the gatekeepers of beauty and taste because of how much effort it takes for them to be a 6. Like the kind of gay guy in a full face of male makeup that never posts a photo without facetune but has the gall to call others average or homely, or the bitch that needs fake hair and a full face of makeup to look like "herself" yet always shits on other women even though underneath the paint and fake lashes she's just a regular old chickenhead. It's pure ego

No. 2039297

That's true. The closest experience I have to this is highschool. The mean girls looked decent, but that'd because they always wore makeup. On those days when they would come to class without it, they looked like zombies. There's something particularly bitter about lower-average people who scrape hard to even pass as cute.

No. 2039298

well yeah that's kind of what I was trying to say lol. i have worked with ugly women/men and pretty women/men and they were always quite pleasant. the rude people were always average/slightly below average beckies/johns with fake eyelashes (in the case of the women) who believe they were better than everyone else.

No. 2039301

Like you'll very rarely see a genuinely pretty girl or handsome man bother with the petty drivel of trying to hurt or spite people because they don't need to. Its people who have deluded themselves into thinking they're somehow in the upper echelon of their tiny little vacuum because they do cardio and apply makeup every day. Oh also, men with small cocks. If you see a man whining all day about women or pop culture, he's got a cocktail weenie.

No. 2039303

>If you see a man whining all day about women or pop culture, he's got a cocktail weenie
kek so true. their self hatred seeps into their vista and makes them hateful little beings

No. 2039306

In a reddit hate thread, I posted a screenshot of a little dick redditor complaining about women trying to say that they like small dicks because "he knows they just wanna be nice". Straight from the horse's mouth, even dicklets know they're genetic lottery losers.

No. 2039307

I've seen a man with the most subpar little weewee refer to multiple women that he had never met and that were just kind of floating around in the public sphere as homely/pedestrian/average and all three of them were better looking than him. Small online cults have taught online "personalities" so much delusion

No. 2039308

The man of small endowment will try to hide it from the world but we can all see

No. 2039311

I thought this was a popular opinion until today, my friend says she's going to make her cats go vegan and when I asked my other friends how to convince someone not to have a vegan cat they said what's wrong with that, then I googled it and a bunch of newspapers are shilling some study where they polled cat owners and owners of cats on vegan diets said they're healthier. No one should own a carnivorous animal if they can't handle other animals being killed to feed it, and people should stop doing junk science to try to support this practice. I suspect/hope this opinion is popular here at least but irl it seems like people have been convinced all animals can be vegan.

No. 2039314

the longest living cat in the world ate bacon and eggs, with occasional cat food so it didnt go blind. cats eyesight can degenerate if they dont get certain nutrients. I wanna alog your friend
>they polled cat owners and owners of cats on vegan diets said they're healthier
no shit

No. 2039316

Yeah they can go blind, they can die of malnutrition, develop urinary crystals/stones, heart conditions, and a whole bunch of other shit. I don't usually get mad or take arguments with people personally but I got so upset by the convo I can't even look at my phone rn lmao. Apparently 'science has proven they just need supplementation and they're fine' as if synthetic taurine added to some sweet potato is as bioavailable to a cat as actual taurine lmao and as if they didn't need a specific protein and fat balance vegetables can't provide. I can't believe people fall for studies that are just surveying nutty people about whether they think their abused pet is doing well.

No. 2039323

>I'm ugly, fat and depressed. Other ugly fat and depressed people can you chime in and tell me your experiences?
>actually un-ugly,skinny and not depressed people go through that too! Also I'm sure your not ugly

No I am. Stop doing this some of us are ugly asf AND fat. I know I'm ugly because when I wasn't fat ( I was shaped like before the fame meg thee stallion in my teens) I was still called ugly.
I know people don't this mean well but sometimes I just want to tall to other ugly,depressed fat people and get advice to loose weight, help with my mental and coping with being ugly.
I don't need some pretty mentally well skinny person telling me they have bad days too.
I know sister.

No. 2039357

Apparently cats can be fine eating vegan food. The problem is that with what's currently on the market, most cats won't eat enough of it to cover their needs.

No. 2039364

'Apparently' meaning what? What made it apparent?

No. 2039384

This op picture looks so cursed

No. 2039388

just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. feed your cat normal fat food. get her some of that nice pâté that kitties seem to love

No. 2039392

This isn’t an unpopular LC opinion but it is an unpopular IRL opinion, everyone would be so much happier if they just logged off. and I think if they logged off for a few weeks or even a few days, they’d start to become more cognizant as to how weird it really is to publicly broadcast their personal lives (and for some people the lives of their children). Posting big long paragraphs about your private thoughts, sharing family moments that would normally just exist in a private photo album that strangers don’t have access to, posting photographs of your house, posting photos of your KEYS when you buy a car or a house, posting your naked newborn, even just simply posting photos of your face. It is abnormal and so careless. Social media is an incomprehensibly dangerous device.

No. 2039397

I haven’t had friends in more than 15 years. the internet is one of the few “social” interactions I have.

No. 2039417

This isn't all that unpopular, most people know they look at their screens too much, people are just addicted and can't stop. Myself included.

No. 2039420

The whole "YOURE THE PEDO!!" Argument really got people in a threshold, even if you actually thought someone saying naked kid pics are weird were a pedo wouldn't that make you MORE inclined to not take or post them?

No. 2039426

A lot of issues would be fixed if people understand the most popular opinion isn't the correct one

No. 2039437

i miss how things were before the massification of the internet. I really wish i could travel back to the 00s

No. 2039444

Cats are obligate carnivores and die without dietary taurine. Taurine is sourced through animal protein. You can "apparently" feed a cat vegan food, but not for very long before they get sick and have severe nutrient deficiencies. If you haven't looked up what taurine deficiency does to cats (or how scientists learned this information in the first place), do yourself a favor and don't.

No. 2039451

NTA and I think feeding your cat a vegetarian or vegan diet is awful but the people who support vegan diets for cats seem to know they need taurine, they just think it can be synthetically supplemented and that these supplements are just as good as dietary taurine (people think this about supplementation of human diets too even though we have a lot of evidence it's not really the same). It's not just taurine either, there's several other things a cat gets from meat almost exclusively like arginine, D vitamins, and the correct macros.

No. 2039474

I had the biggest laugh the other day. This woman from my highschool now in her 30s still posts like a teenager and shares absolutely everything to her fb. I was scrolling and saw a post of her biscuit and coffee and some caption about her morning and her brother went off on her lol. Idk why it's still up days later he basically said no one cares or likes your posts and she just wrote back who asked you kek

No. 2039484

File: 1717758806873.jpg (49.63 KB, 726x723, cd5c59d6a4aa1aae8c12784c2be73f…)

He deserved the same amount of hate that Gabi gets. It's insane that even people who don't like Floch regard him as a good character, but then turn around and shit on Gabi for killing Sasha (mind you, Floch basically inadvertently killed Hange by being a Jeagerist) and refuse to sympathize with her at all.

No. 2039529

Nah he was based. He was right till the very end. He wanted his country to survive and get protected at all costs, while she just wanted the glory of being a soldier who kills "her" country's enemies and proove she's "one of the good ones". But I actually like both characters, just for different reasons. Floch would've fought for me if he knew my situation, but Gabi would laugh at me and tell me I deserve it for not succumbing to it, and might possibly be the one to kill me to get glory and praise. But tbf I'm looking though this all from my personal lens. From the characters' lens, Floch sees himself and his nation as victims and wants revenge and to defend themselves and be the last ones standing, while Gabi thinks she and her people who are living much better more comfortable lives are the ones who have worse and the only way for them to rest is to eradicate the weak peasants with no weapons or technology to protect themselves, to prove to the world she and her people are the better ones, but it probably won't go their way knowing how the world and Marley operates, they'd just double down on exploiting them and keeping them with less rights so they won't rebel or fight back. She sort of figured that out after meeting the Blause family and Kaya.

For Floch, the reason people like his character even if they hate him, is the way he was written as the opposing voice to the main self-righteous characters. He started as cannon fodder, saw the costs of the war and how the survey corps are handling it all first hand, survived the suicide charge, and decided he doesn't want anyone to go through what he went through. And wanted a sure-fire way to end the war, hence joining Eren when the he revealed the rumbling plan, because from his perspective that's the most logical solution. He wanted the fallen soldiers before him's deaths to have meaning and lead to something, and wanted his country to be finally free. You can't not respect that or at least see where he's coming from even if you dislike him or disagree with him. Notice how he also celebrates the fallen soldiers during the Liberio raid, remembers their names and the number of them, and tries to keep their memory living on. Because he doesn't want anyone's hardwork to go to waste. He also has that "fuck it, I'll do it myself" attitude to assure what he wants to happen will definitely happen. And Hange understood that about him, and admitted he was right, which is why she mourned his death (Jean did, too.) I don't know how it's his fault she died though? That was Eren's wall colossal titans, and he could see the future but didn't let her live lmao. She's the one who charged at them to hinder them.

No. 2039530

are you the sharpeifag from back then? either way terrible pic

No. 2039533

The simple explanation is male fans. A male character can be complex and nuanced, any female character who isn't a perfect waifu doing the right thing all the time is an annoying bitch deserving of death. Happens in every fandom of any piece of media.

No. 2039547

I hate how normalized it is for people to act as unstable and irrational as they do on the internet, especially over minor things. At this point I feel like we should treat online sperging just like how we treat people irl for acting crazy

No. 2039574

we can't really treat online spergs the same way we treat irl ones though. in anonymous spaces ostracization isn't an option so you can't purposefully avoid them like you would your local weirdo. it's helpful when they're retarded enough to sign their real names to their insane ramblings like facebook boomers, but even then it's easy enough to just make another free profile on whatever social media site they're using. i'm afraid our only real option is to identify the unhinged and permanently destroy their access to the internet (unless they are entertaining).

No. 2039603

Offal > muscle meat

No. 2039608

People used to understand this nutritionally.

No. 2039618

minions are cuter and more adorable than spongebob. liberals don’t want you to know that

No. 2039648

File: 1717771562689.jpg (396.03 KB, 1079x1078, 1696920633803.jpg)

Brave and true.

No. 2039665

the deathfat minion from minions 2 is my favourite

No. 2039667

No. 2039672

File: 1717773560390.png (337.57 KB, 768x768, IMG_1161.png)

>tfw no minion husbando anon talking about her crush on a minion in /g/ like the kirby anon
picrel looks like one of the jannies
miss her so much

No. 2039683

Beef liver and cabeza are so tasty.

No. 2039701

Autistic men are the shitbulls of the human race. Euthanize them please

No. 2039708

I’m more of a chitterling gal

No. 2039713

I'm all for people taking care of themselves, but if a dude starts exfoliating, I think he's gay.

No. 2039721

I wish more men were gay then, their skin is so nasty.

No. 2039725

Enjoy your shit stained, dusty moid. I’ll have the “gay” ones for myself

No. 2039732

I like moids who can take care of themselves, but none of them seem willing to shut their yaps about it and that insecure signalling is gayer to me than exfoliating. Buddy, I don't care about your skincare routine. Shut the fuck up and let the results speak for itself.

No. 2039737

I think this is only an unpopular opinion here, but Trump being a felon and qualifying to run for president shouldn't be grounds for felons to not have to disclose themselves for job or rental applications. Trump got charged incessantly until one stuck for giving a woman money to leave him alone. Very different from some lowlike with an armed robbery conviction not getting hired at Allstate.

No. 2039739

No. 2039769

And it’s really really frightening and upsetting how parents will post their babies or toddlers naked or half dressed because they think it’s cute but aren’t comprehending that men jerk off to those photos. All men are pedophiles and it disgusts me that there are women who are still refusing to protect their children.

No. 2039772

the internet has taken over many parts of people's social lives and rebuilding (or building if they never existed in first place) is a long term process that may be near impossible for many.

No. 2039778

The kid posting bothers me the most. There's literally whole websites dedicated to stealing kids photos from Instagram/Facebook/YouTube so pedos can jerk off and compile

No. 2039783

I was a little kid when I first got my own cell phone. I was 9 years old. This was back when Omegle was a big deal, and yeah I did exactly what you think I could’ve done. It haunts me and keeps me awake at night thinking that there’s a man out there with a screenshot on his computer of my 9 year old boobs. It aches my body to know that my parents threw a phone in my face because they didn’t want to communicate with me or have a relationship.

No. 2039817

It's true but a lot of people are in to deep now to quit. It's scary how we went from don't post your real name to having droves of people post every single detail about their lives. More people using the internet has only ruined it tbh, especially now when there's a lot more kids/teens. I'm seeing a small community of zoomers who are opting out of social media whic is kind of cool, but it's embarrassing you developed an "addiction" to social media in the first place that you feel the need to make leaving it a big deal.

No. 2039820

I got mine at 7 because I cried to my parents that I needed it "for safety purposes" to reach them (which is a lie, I just wanted one because my friends had smartphones and cool games on them). Thankfully my parents had the sense to give me an old school prepaid flip phone with nothing but Snake, email and that box stacking game for apps. I think 3/4 of my friends got groomed and openly talked about it between themselves as if it's no big deal, bragging how a guy online called them sexy and pretty. I was so jealous back then but now they all have severe trauma from seeking out similar men irl and getting abused. Thank god my parents and my guardian autism protected me.

No. 2039822

I hate buying clothes, it's not even that I don't like clothes it just makes me feel so empty.

No. 2039824

i hate buying clothes because a pair of jeans is 50 usd

No. 2039829

it is extremely embarrassing to suffer from a “social media addiction”, but it doesn’t really feel like an addiction for zoomers and gen A’s because it’s such an integral part of our lives. There are babies born in 2012 who had a cell phone in their hand months after they were born, and just don’t know an existence without having your face in your phone and scrolling social media apps.

No. 2039889

It sounds better than it really is. I dated a guy who used retinol and a dermal roller but he turned out to be a raging faggot Redditor who constantly was virtue signaling about what a "feminist" he was. Oh and he couldn't get hard either LMAO. NEXT!!
Nona I'm so sorry. Kids seriously do not have the maturity to have unsupervised internet access. Phones and technology replacing parenting has been a disaster for so many people. In a way I'm one of the lucky ones because I kept to myself and listened to Vocaloid. Luckily a lot of older zoomers have realized that neonates don't need ipads so I think the zeitgeist is changing for the better.
Social media is literally engineered to be addictive. It's sickening. I think if Silicon Valley burned down tomorrow the world would be a better place.
I have an internet addiction which is as retarded as it sounds but how am I supposed to quit when all my schoolwork is online? And when I block sites I just migrate elsewhere. I know it's a pure skill issue but I've been chronically online since I was seven sooo I'm in real deep.

No. 2039892

I don't understand what there is to be addicted to? It's an endless stream of uninteresting mundane crap.

No. 2039897

It’s easily habit forming, the repetitive movements of scrolling and typing and turning your phone on and off becomes second nature. And attention is the most addictive drug. Think about how people love to do whatever they can to get attention from people online, positive or negative kek. It’s not about the content thats online, it’s about how being online itself makes them feel.

No. 2039945

I don't get it either, I actually struggle to use social media. Like as in there are things I'm supposed to use it for (work related self-promo and art) that I constantly forget to do because I find it so hard to remember to open up some app and scroll through it liking and following other people's mundane shit on a regular basis and trying to ignore the more than 50% stupid ads I see while scrolling. I understand addiction to games or actual forums/boards where you are likely to get in arguments/discussions more.

My parents didn't give me a cellphone or even laptop until my late teens though and I think a lot of the younger people addicted to social media get addicted because it rewires their dopamine reward pathways at an early developmental age. I wasn't allowed to routinely watch TV either until high school and at that point I never really could get into it after, if kids grow up with real hobbies and not staring at screens they're more likely not to train their mind to want the rewards from screens. iPad babies had no chance.

No. 2039952

The apps are deliberately designed to get you addicted to scroll and keep posting for likes. It doesn't have to even be that interesting because your brain will crave that one interesting post in a hundred. (seriously, literal hundreds of millions of dollars have gone into researching how to make people addicted to social media and it shows)

No. 2039954

I've known totally normal men who use skincare like retinol for acne and moisturizer because they don't want to look like shit but they're not gonna be the type bragging about their 12 step skincare routine to anyone who will listen, they'll just do it and have nicer skin than most men. It's only something associated with narcs and gay men because it's considered unmanly so most normie men will be embarrassed to talk about it unless they're narcs or considered effeminate anyway (gays). No one actually enjoys having acne, ingrown beard hairs or nasty dry peeling skin though.

No. 2039955

It's crazy to me that newborns as young as a few months old have already developed the habit of scrolling endlessly. They don't even watch the videos; they stare at them for two seconds before scrolling down.

No. 2039961

addicted to distraction and not thinking, being fed garbage can still become an addiction when people feel so low

No. 2039964

If only people were as willing to invest money into tech that's actually useful for the general public instead of how to fry everyone's brains? I read an article by some AI researcher a few years back commenting on some controversial AI app that men could install onto their phones to psyop their wives into wanting to have sex with them more (yes really) and he was basically saying that the only reason AI researchers develop apps like that and not useful apps that would improve humanity is that's where the money is. He basically was saying it's the choice of funders what kinds of things AI is developed for and there's huge potential to develop useful things that's untapped because there's more money in developing mass psyop tools.

No. 2039965

Reminds me of Idiocracy and the monkey scene

No. 2040146

It's a shitty self-defeating cycle though. People feel low because social conditions are bad so they retreat to the comfort of their internet enabled devices where everything is shiny and fast-moving and entertaining. But when everyone retreats to their devices that's when no one is out there engaging in the real world. People staring at their phones leads to themselves and others feeling low because they lack the basic social interaction and excitement necessary to feel good about their real lives. The faster you can get to young kids and hook them on devices the less likely they are to respond with joy and endorphins to real life things that could actually make them feel happy in a sustainable way. The less likely they are to invest in things that could create real social bonds and joy the more likely they are to feel like shit and retreat to their devices.

No. 2040221

Maybe I'm just salty because I'm editing a powerpoint presentation right now but my unpopular opinion is that all the ppt templates and designs with a ton of different colored backgrounds, fonts, colored text boxes, and images are fucking aggravating and do not in fact make a presentation easier to parse for the audience. I unironically wish we could just go back to white/black/grey background with white/black/grey text and the occasional colored text or image for emphasis, I hate graphic design is my passion style overwrought ppts.

No. 2040232

oh i absolutely agree, was answering the question. tech has decimated real world social connections and spaces.

No. 2040265

While I don't support sex work, I understand it. The process of getting a job can take months to a year, then you have to hope they aren't going to fire you, often times for vague/no reason, and hope they give you enough hours, and pay enough which doesn't fucking happen if you're trying to escape for an abuser. I wanna give up and go on the pole but hey I'll always be the bad guy regardless of what I do

No. 2040281

AYRT and yeah I'm not saying you're wrong, just describing why this becomes so damaging. Child brains develop properly when they experience slow, gradual rewards in response to slowly, gradually building skills and engaging with their environment. Now they get dopamine burnout from having devices where they click a bunch of times or are completely passive and a bunch of stuff instantly happens that is very rewarding to the dopamine system. Once your brain gets used to that you actually start to be incapable (cognitively) of responding to slow gradual rewards for doing something. Like 100 years ago a kid might have wanted to shoot at a target with a bow and arrow. The kid would have to go find sticks and twine to build the bow and arrow, it wouldn't work but maybe eventually the kid could build one that worked. Then they would have to learn to shoot at the target. Then eventually they might learn to hit the target. Now a kid can keysmash on an iPad and download an app for target hitting, then smash the screen and a bunch of exploding lights and rewards will instantly reward the kid for 'hitting' the target without the need for any prior skill-building. Then that kids gets into higher schooling and doesn't understand why basic skill-building from the ground up is necessary to reap bigger rewards, and gets frustrated, so they go back to their little computer where they get rewarded instantly.

No. 2040284

I understand why women resort to 'sex work' but the women I've known who di it usually ended up earning next to nothing after a month or two, usually you make a bunch of money at first just from being new (men get off on the novelty of exploiting new previously un-exploited women) but then they'll move on to the next exploited women and you're back where you started except you may be fired from any real job you get in the future if someone outs you as having done sex work. I know a bunch of women who started camming, made like 2k/week the first few weeks, and after a couple months were making nothing.

No. 2040330

At this point enough to have food, rent, bills, etc is enough. Even just being a stripper or something seems better than just getting ignored by jobs for months and then evicted

No. 2040354

My unpopular opinion about onlyfans girls is that if they're already doomed to go that route, the vast majority of them don't even know how to stage a photo or presence and exploit scrotes brains. Even the extra ones that pay photographers. They don't realize men want candid perversion and not softcore glamor shots. If a woman was desperately selling nudes from Gaza she'd get 1 million overnight. They want to rape you with their money, not see you happy with it.

No. 2040356

AYRT and my point is you won't pay your food, rent, bills with it for more than a couple months in most cases. You'll be tricked into putting nude, lewd and degrading images of yourself on the internet that never go away just for 1-2 months' rent and bills and then if someone you knew stumbled upon your OF you might never be hired into a normal job ever again.

This is the truth nona. Men don't pay good money on OF or camming websites to see women become independent and live good lives, they pay good money to see women destroyed. If you're not sufficiently destroyed they'll rapidly lose interest.

No. 2040359

I wasn't referring just to OF and online stuff. If a woman can make money doing that more power to her, I was referring to real life stuff like dominatrix, erotic massage, stripping, hell even working at hooters or something . Of course putting up any form of workers rights, fair pay laws, etc would basically eliminate majority of sex workers which is probably why they aren't doing it

No. 2040367

True, but i think the thing that keeps women out of sex work other than shame and not wanting to be exploited is that most women would have no idea how to even start or they know they would fail, which is something i feel like most people ignore about sex work. I know if i tried to become a stripper right now i would get laughed out of the venue considering a lot of strippers nowadays who actually make money tend to looks like instagram models.
This is true anon, i've always felt like women who do the extra shit are doing it to feed their own ego, the scrotes don't care, they just want a decent camera, lighting and angles and that's it. I've also found that they don't like it when a woman does porn and is too beautiful or gets surgery of any kind, so trying too hard to look nice probably upsets them, yet these cam girls keep doing shit like that which only serves to make them look desperate. Maybe that's why some moids like that bimbo shit.

No. 2040369

To become famous on onlyfans you need a pimp. Most men on the site are there to get into parasocial relationships with the women.

No. 2040370

You're probably right that irl sex work like stripping has a bit more longevity, it also leads to more real-life 'full service' sex work and sexual exploitation that a lot of women have a hard time stomaching for good reason. But although it may pay a little better I think very few women can mentally recover long term from doing these things. There are other jobs you can get if you're considered attractive like waitressing, working at a casino, or even hooters like you said that don't involve full-service sex work that pay similarly but don't require literally sleeping with gross moids that most women would prefer.

No. 2040374

it's literally just stigmas, I've seen stripper anons in the sex work thread claim there were the highest earners who were chubby with tubular breasts. The more stigma you add around everything women do, the more women just give up. Nowadays there's people claiming women who work blue collar jobs are all thots who are just fucking other co workers on their breaks, female nurses get hate, lower end customer service work, etc. It just feels like regardless of what you do as a woman, you can and will be hated for it- so why not just do what makes the most money fast especially those trying to escape various situations like abuse?

I'm not doubting you but I'd like to see statistics on this? I only knew a few strippers, none of them would dare do sex or anything

No. 2040376

> they don't like it when a woman does porn and is too beautiful or gets surgery of any kind
Because the more average or homely looking girls are more attainable in their eyes. Easier to form a parasocial relationship. The pimps would often talk about this.

No. 2040378

Sorry I don't have stats only hearing the experiences of strippers and 'erotic masseuses' in person and online. I know not all of them do full-service sex work but a lot of them seem to be pressured into it. You might get certain strip clubs that try to stay 'clean' and crack down hard on actual sexual favors but a lot of them don't and actually will incentivize/pressure strippers into giving sexual favors or they will get fired, also that's often the most lucrative part of being a stripper. I am not a stripper so I can not speak to the percentage of women that work in one type of club or another I can just say that of the strippers or masseuses I knew, most did full-service at one point or another.

No. 2040388

I can only speak for my area which is more affluent but even on local forms where they "review" sex workers,it seems very unusual for USA women at least to do full service? I suppose if you're in an area with higher prostitution rates you're essentially competing with other women who are doing it all for less. I guess YMMV but most strippers never did full service


most strippers don't ever do any sort of prostitution so there's that, It's probably more common among underground stuff like erotic massages and such

No. 2040395

Agreed, I only use LC and Discord. Can't fucking stand any other social media. I even hate LinkedIn.

No. 2040408

File: 1717817624209.png (79.13 KB, 592x360, scrotebible.png)

This site doesn't even fucking list the "various academic studies, journal articles, and research papers" they cited from, anon. Plus, have you seen who founded the shitty site? Why the fuck would you pay attention to this obvious garbage?

No. 2040415

expecting academic studies to be done on strippers is your first mistake, still way better than "trust ME but i have nothing"

No. 2040421

Then the site is lying. But then I'm not surprised. Trying to dupe women into that shit is easy when nobody questions your authority or demands actual statistics.

No. 2040436

Yeah I don't think some moid/pimp opinions are better than 'trust ME but I have nothing except what actual women in sex work told me.' If you need moid opinions to convince you though go one one of the many reddit subs where men talk about getting sexual favors from strippers or 'massage parlors' though they have no shortage of stories from the moid perspective.

No. 2040438

why don't you provide statistics then other than expecting people to blindly trust you? also this site isn't duping women into thinking it's easy, they literally point out most of those women have been harassed, don't make ~that~ much money, increased anxiety, etc

No. 2040442

SW reddit
Only a portion of sex workers actually have sex with clients

No. 2040453

File: 1717819381722.png (341.81 KB, 1107x875, sexworkersAMA2.png)

NTA but it's hard to get real statistics on sex work because most of the people providing the stats are people invested in sex work continuing. Usually you can't even get porn actresses to talk honestly about their experiences until once they have quit porn for good. It's very hard to find high-quality research with reliable numbers (see imgrel). So as with any underground type of career women form their opinions largely based on what they hear from other women. We also have the brains to realize some women are incentivized not to be honest about what they're experiencing, especially if they're given a platform online or by moid-run platforms like Pornhub or Reddit.

No. 2040456

What is this reddit poll supposed to prove? Reddit, a website that is mostly moids, also has a high userbase of women who sell online (OF and camming) content, do you really think this is representative of the average stripper or illegal immigrant in a full service masseuse parlor?

No. 2040465

exactly. theres no real way of saying how many women are actually doing FS or not, but it is possible to make money without doing FS. I feel like this is important to acknowledge since some extremely desperate women will do SW regardless, but informing them of safer options is much better than telling women "if you're gonna sell yourself just be prepared to be a full on hooker then"

No. 2040471

From what I know, most of the users on this site are escorts, a lot don't offer FS. Also there are strip clubs where strippers can literally get fired for letting people touch them, if you think the average strip club is just a front for a whore house you should lay off hollywood movies

No. 2040476

It's also helpful to tell women that in a lot of workplaces their bosses will draw them in by telling them they're not expected to do FS but then they ultimately are either expected to, or drawn into doing so based on the fact they get minimal tips just for stripping alone but are offered huge tips for FS (this is the experience I've heard both firsthand and secondhand from strippers). The problem is that a lot of women have no idea what they're getting into when they start these jobs and their employers won't tell them, the same way a lot of women who get into porn are told they will only have to do scenes they consent to, then be raped on set and forced to do 'exit interviews' where they're not allowed to leave unless they say they consented to the rape. If you want to do stripping or work at a 'happy ending' masseuse parlor absolutely knock yourself out networking until you know with 100% certainty which ones actually require you to fully prostitute yourself and which ones don't, but it's still good to know that many will claim up front they don't require any sexual contact and then they actually do, or won't protect you if you get raped.

No. 2040485

That's true too, but being honest about both sides is especially helpful to desperate women who look to SW for survival. There's multiple women reporting they're literally fired by groups they're in for giving FS, so much that other girls will accuse others of doing full service in order to get her fired. There's definitely options where you can make good money or work in areas that are strictly no full service no exceptions

No. 2040490

>are escorts, a lot don't offer FS
Mmhmm the platonic escort industry is booming. Maybe it isn't me who should lay off the hollywood movies. I haven't watched a mainstream hollywood movie in like a decade but I do know multiple women personally who do sex work and most have been pressured to do some sort of contact SW (even if not PIV) more than once. You can say I'm just making that up and take your chances, it won't hurt me and all I can do is hope it doesn't hurt you.

No. 2040500

I'm sure there are some strip clubs where this is the case, but finding reliable statistics for this will still be impossible. The only way you can really know is talk to girls who work at that location of that strip club and ask them what the club's policy is, not just for offering 'happy endings' but also what protections are offered for women when a client tries to pressure them. Looking for some kind of reliable academic stat won't help you understand what you're getting into because it's a shady industry at the best of times and often people running the industry won't be honest because some of what they do may be illegal. If you really have absolutely no other options and want to look into this industry you should at the very least ask actual local sex workers about it and not look to the internet for answers because most likely the internet won't have the real answers.

No. 2040501

there's literal sites like whatsyourprice where moids literally pay women to take them to dinner and don't even ask to touch them, you can even look at your local SW review site and only like 2 of them actually do FS

No. 2040509

You're so right anon, sugar babying is 99% of the time just about lonely moids paying a nice girl to talk to them over dinner, a sexual or romantic component is rarely expected. If only you could get me and other lolcow users to download sugar babying apps to see how many moids are just looking for a nice girl to pay for a conversation, we'd all realize sex work has nothing to do with sex and is just 'conversation work' actually.

No. 2040512

you're the one that sounds like a moid trying to pressure women into FS sex work
>yeah just walk into any strip club and girls will just sell themselves for nothing!
>dont even THINK about doing this for survival purposes unless you're gonna sell your pussy!!

No. 2040519

Yes you're so right anon, pointing out that 'sex work' usually has a sexual component is just moid logic, and when I tell women that participating in sex work is a bad idea/they'd be better off being a cocktail waitress at a casino or high-end bar if they're attractive enough to be a stripper it's because I actually want to pressure them into full-service sex work. My advice that girls who are desperate enough for stripping should talk to strippers who work at the joint they're considering working at is terrible advice, instead they should use apps where moids offer them money to go out for 'dinner' because what moids say on an app is far more reliable than what fellow women working at our prospective workplaces might have to say!

No. 2040536

27 is the new 18, and 50 is the new 30

No. 2040537

This is very true and also very unfortunate.

No. 2040542

File: 1717823135971.png (193.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.png)

I agree with you, mainly because i am 27 and i am still in the same life situation as i was when i was 18.

No. 2040544

Just out of curiosity nonna what would help you get out of that situation or make you feel you'd progressed in your life? This usually wasn't the case for my gen (young millennial) and I'm wondering what's driving it.

No. 2040545

I love 50 being the new 30 though kekk, its about time people realized 50 isnt old

No. 2040546

I responded to your first post not the edit and I think it's fine that people are realizing 50 isn't that old, but unfortunate that people are spending their young adulthood feeling like children. I don't think 50 is the new 30 though, maybe 40 is?

No. 2040548

I'm working on it right now, but it's mainly just a money issue and trying to appease my parents by dragging myself through higher education. At the same time, i feel like the only jobs that can make enough money require a degree, but i have been dealing with undiagnosed adhd and failed university twice, i am now doing an associates degree, but i am moving very slow with it because i was scared of failing anything. Aside from that, i don't have any friends and i have a ton of family that i am not close with at all because i cannot relate with them, plus i have autism so trying to make irl friends is extremely difficult for me because i have zero social skills, worsened by being a shut in aside from working shitty warehouse jobs. Idk if i will ever be able to live a stable life on my own tbh.

No. 2040552

File: 1717824279771.png (168.14 KB, 1080x451, 1000000308.png)

Stripping is fine, and sometimes if that doesn't make a lot of money and you seriously need cash ASAP doing forms of sex work that doesn't actually involve sex is a safer option than just running to the street and hoping you don't get STDs or murdered. At this point in the economy, most girls aren't doing this just for the sake of easy money. Pushing the idea that most women in sex work are giving full service is literally pressuring women out of safety when plenty of women make money without actual sex.

No. 2040555

>pressuring women out of safety
what safety? it's not safe at all.

No. 2040560

If you need to do some form of SW, doing it without full service is safer than just opening your legs for money because "it's what's going to be expected anyway"

No. 2040566

America is such a depressing third-world shithole.

No. 2040572

This seems to be an autism/adhd issue nonna and not the usual issue of people without developmental cognitive disorders 'just not growing up' but it sounds like you are on your way to getting a degree that will help. The only advice I can offer is that fear of failure often holds us back too much, failure to some degree is usually necessary to move forward and so fearing it is mostly pointless and it's helpful to just see failure as a stepping stone if possible.

No. 2040573

AYRT and I'm not at all suggesting that women choose full-service sex work over other types of sex work. I literally suggested that if you want to try stripping you should just talk to other girls who work at the place you're applying to and ask them so you go into it eyes open. I don't think any form of sex work is really a good idea because I've seen so many women in my personal life start down that path and end up doing things they weren't originally okay with doing, but if you're desperate you should definitely try to choose the safest option. I just think it's BS to suggest that 'most' sex work doesn't involve sexual anything and point to sugaring apps where men name their price for a first 'date' when most sugaring leads to actual sex work. Actually stripping is probably still safer than sugaring, even though no type of sex work is fully safe.

No. 2040574

>Pushing the idea that most women in sex work are giving full service is literally pressuring women out of safety when plenty of women make money without actual sex.
And pushing the idea that you can make money as a sex worker without ever actually having sex is only going to make naive women who wouldn't otherwise get into SW think it's a great opportunity to make quick easy money with no risk, and more than likely find themselves in unsafe and degrading situations. It's way more likely that you'll sell some idiot a fantasy of getting rich by conversing with old men, that anyone is going to trick a sex worker into having sex when she didn't have to. Women with the social skills to completely avoid sex and still get paid already have the experience to know it's possible.

No. 2040576

No one actually thinks SW is a great opportunity, but in survival mode it's necessary for women to know they can make money without having sex if that's what that resorts too. There's even places that will actually ban/fire girls for giving full service. In these sorts of situations there's many many ways it will play out but demanding women into thinking that they have to have sex to make money just isn't reality

No. 2040580

Yeah I've known one (1) girl who did sugaring where she literally just met a guy for lunch to talk repeatedly and got paid like 500 bucks per meeting, this girl was from a super rich family and didn't 'need' to do this work at all which is why I suspect she was able to say no to anything other than 'platonic' meetings. Every other young woman I've known who has tried sugaring has ended up having sex with the clients or running out the back door freaked out when she realized what the client wanted, it's just unrealistic to expect moids to pay women thousands of dollars just to chat with them. It's unrealistic to think most strip clubs are fully 'no contact' even if some are. Most will say they are for legal reasons but let actual sex work happen without actually admitting it up front. Hooters probably won't let actual sex work happen on the premises but it's closer to high-end waitressing than 'sex work' in terms of expectations. Trying to trick girls with false promises that they can do 'sex work' and make tons of money without ever doing anything relating to sex is just how the sex work industry operates; it draws people in with false promises only to take advantage later.

No. 2040590

I'm not saying it isn't possible, but you're promoting the idea like it's an easily attainable solution to being poor. It's like insisting that an aspiring actor can become rich and famous as long as they pick good roles… when the reality is they'll probably be an extra and make money waitressing on the side, unless they're particularly talented and lucky and in the right place at the right time.

Of course it's preferable if someone desperate for money aims higher than immediately prostituting themselves. If they can get a job at a strict, reputable strip joint and avoid it, great, and I suppose they have to know those places exist in order to find one. But if they are in survival mode and inexperienced I just can't imagine them being able to navigate those situations in the first place. Having the luxury to pick and choose amongst potential workplaces. Knowing whether a place "bans" full service for show, or REALLY bans it. Encountering men who really don't give a shit about the rules and will pressure or force or convince them to ignore the ban. Thinking that as long as they don't have full on sex, they won't be impacted mentally, physically or emotionally by SW. You can state that it is factually a possibility but there's really zero advantages to emphasizing it, unless you want to encourage regular women to think of it as a safe, glamorous alternative to a 9-5.

No. 2040593

I guess the SW begging to work at McDonald's to live over doing sex work doesn't mean anything? Also have you seen how people react about tipping now? Serving was a great way for a lot of struggling women to avoid SW but now people act like huge assholes about tipping. It's always "you dumbass shouldn't took a job where you expected customers to pay your bills!". I literally just got off of a thread of a bunch of people cussing out servers for demanding them to shut up and bring them crap because some kids were complaining about people who drink 9+ cokes in one sitting. If you serve you're fucked anyway. Every single thing you do as a poor person is wrong now

No. 2040598

Yeah I'm struggling to understand why on lolcow of all places in-person forms of SW like stripping and sugaring are being promoted at all. Obviously we all know some women resort to these jobs out of desperation but what's with the burning desire to pretend they're actually super safe and lucrative and scrotefoil about anyone who warns they're not?

No. 2040599

I guess I can speak about the handful I know
>one worked at a massage parlor, strictly wasn't full service, didn't even let clients touch her vag
she was also poor and needed something fast, idk how it works anymore but there was a whole "community" of erotic massages that never did FS and still made good money

the rest are the typical "stripper single mom" stories where they just get ditched out of the blue and need to think fast to make money before they get evicted once the first of the month rolls around, and ofc even if they got hired by somewhere the next day, the hiring process alone and time between their first paycheck will just result in them being evicted if they don't make money

No. 2040600

I don't think people suggesting anything is better than SW are saying poor people are all wrong for doing anything, I think they're just concerned about women convinced to do various forms of prostitution and prostitution-lite to pay their bills because many of us know this ends up screwing women over even worse long term?

No. 2040601

I don't think anyone claimed it's good, safe or anything else? even the people "supporting" it seem to only claim that women should resort to these in survival situations. No one's pulling an OF podcaster and saying "wow you get so much money by doing nothing teehee", it's more like "don't do this at all unless you absolutely need to, and if you need to here's how to be safe"

No. 2040602

People here were suggesting anons go on 'whatsyourprice' and other sugaring apps to see how 'most of the moids on those apps don't even want to touch the girls I swear' and if someone said that wasn't the reality of sugaring they are accused of being a moid wanting to push women into full blown prostitution, like idk what to say nonna but when's the last time you've seen a moid discouraging women from sex work

No. 2040603

>I don't think people suggesting anything is better than SW are saying poor people are all wrong for doing anything
I wouldn't be surprised if the same people making a fuss about survival sex workers were the same ones flipping out about how servers rely on tips, bootstrapping about the economy, etc. even the shitty house anon that use to shitpost here would say "shut the fuck up and work at walmart or something" and then when multiple anons pointed out how walmart and other corps dont answer applications, don't give reliable hours, etc she just said "wow you must be too stupid and useless to even work at walmart then"

No. 2040605

Well I made posts in this thread saying sex work is dangerous and I've never made any posts flipping about servers relying on tips or bootstrapping about the economy. You know nuance in conversations is possible right? The last conversation on this thread I was posting about how Mcdonalds has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard but I still think sex work is an even worse option for most women who just want money quickly as it might fuck over your mental state, your physical well-being and (if the wrong people find out about it) your hireability for life. I understand that there are literally no good options for some people and I'm not saying there are easy answers to the question of 'how do I make quick cash' but pushing sex work as the best option also seems fucked up to me. I know a bunch of women who went into sex work and ended up not making enough money to live anyway but also having severe trauma that prevented them from doing anything else. I know one girl who did sugaring and had to literally move to another continent to escape her 'sugar daddy' who started stalking her across Europe. I haven't personally done sex work but due to PTSD from something else and other chronic illnesses ended up having dramatically limited job options from being too unhealthy to apply for a lot of jobs I was able to get a year or two earlier. I have several friends who did 'survival sex work,' most got out and now say they regret doing it at all and I feel like the least we can do on one of the only women-dominant websites on the entire internet is to be honest that it's not 'easy money' and can ruin your whole life. The very least we can do on lolcow is not point to moid-run websites as 'sources' on how most sex work doesn't involve touching anyone or being touched and is easy money.

No. 2040606

technically, you're both wrong and right. there's definitely lots men out there willing to pay just for dates, maybe not big money just to eat dinner but it's something when you're trying to survive and its food. I'm not doubting there are moids who try to push women to go further but if you take safety precautions (only meeting in public, no real names, etc) it is a lot better than giving up and telling women who are in survival mode they should've just gave up and had sex

unfortunately we live in a world where bad things happen, it's better to educate people on how to be safe if they're going to do things like escorting anyway, especially since we're entering a lot of huge economic troubles and people would rather stand around screaming about how everyone just isn't trying hard enough than to do anything

No. 2040608

first of all - let me get everything clear
I am not encouraging sex work, I do not want women to do SW, if it was up to me no one would have to do this to survive. On the same page? great

anyway - my point being is that women who DO need to do these things for survival should look into options that don't involve possible STD transfers or other dangerous situations if that's what they need to do, and that these types of things are completely possible. Do you understand now?

No. 2040610

If you just need any kind of food idk how it is in third world countries but most wealthier countries have food banks where you can get free food without even needing any documentation about how much you earn or where you live, and it will be ebough food to feed you for a couple weeks instead of one fancy meal. Anyone who lives near a university or any Sihk community center can probably get free meals too. Literally no one in this thread told women to 'give up and have sex' they said to use precautions to avoid getting themselves in situations they weren't ready for, I'm willing to listen if you're able to quote the person who said 'give up and have sex' in this thread.

Saying 'look at sugaring apps to see how many men are willing to pay you a ton of money for absolutely nothing' is not educating women on how to be safe if they're 'going to do escorting anyway' it's literally just shilling sugaring as a safe way of money where 98% of the time men don't want anything physical from you which is blatantly not true.

No. 2040615

This is the truth. Even the 'happy hooker' stereotype is alluring to moids precisely because it lets them imagine her eventual destruction.

No. 2040617

So the original anon who said she understands SWers clarified she doesn't mean no-contact forms of SW like onlyfans and camming (which are the most likely to avoid STD transfers or danger). She said we're talking about stripping or working as masseuses. Then several other anons iirc said stripping and masseuses often involve dangerous situations and at the very least should talk to other women working there to find out what's actually expected. In the meantime other anons threw in reddit polls about how most sex workers don't do FS and moid 'SW review' websites where they talk about how they don't actually want anything from women. If people are so concerned about women being able to survive why are they shilling moid-owned and moid-operated websites that promote the happy hooker myth instead of providing any actual resources for women in desperate situations?

No. 2040627

Lolcow the only website where you simultaneously get dogpiled for suggesting that some women have male roommates or move in with boyfriends to lower the cost of rent because 'omg no woman needs a moid to halve the cost of her rent, ever' and also get dogpiled for suggesting that stripping or happy ending massage parlors are a non-ideal way of earning money and might leave you traumatized and with fewer viable job options

No. 2040633

NTA nothing wrong with minimizing risks but anons were just being realistic by pointing out that minimizing risks may be a lot harder than you make it seem with your argument.
Yes and that's why it is the best website.

No. 2040642

Maybe I can clarify if I try to put them into the lense of pickmeism. Gabi is a true pickme, killing her own race of people so that she will look good in comparison. If she kills all the people of her own race, then the world will think she isn't a piece of shit like they currently do. It's basically like a pickme putting down other women so that men think she's the better one, even though she is still one of them. Floch would be the antipickme. He wants his race to stop being oppressed and killed just for literally existing.

No. 2040656

> Gabi is a true pickme, killing her own race of people so that she will look good in comparison.
The only Eldians Gabi killed was Sasha when the latter attacked her city, Gabi killed Sasha in defense of her city.
> Floch would be the antipickme. He wants his race to stop being oppressed and killed just for literally existing.
He doesn’t just want that, he wants to genocide non-Eldians. The Yaegrists did more harm to the rest of the world than the rest of the world ever did to Eldians, Yaegirats murdered 80% of the population of the world of Attack on Titan.

No. 2040660

You're right about Gabi, I should have said she wants them murdered. And to Floch, you are still correct but I and others view it with more sympathy because of how he and his race have been treated. They were both treated badly, but one wants everybody from her race to suffer for how they were treated, and the other wants everybody who oppressed them to suffer for how they were treated.

No. 2040668

The economy just sucks. No one wants to live with a moid or do sex work. Every single time I see people grabbing their pitchforks to demand better conditions there's always a select few dumbass bootstrappers coming in to shut the whole thing down like "wow you morons I have this and that you should've pulled yourself up and worked 5 jobs and not slept you prissy little bitches!" And then it just leads to more dog piling about sex work, tipped jobs, living with moid roommates, giving up and becoming a trad wife, hell I've seen anons here admit to selling drugs to get by. So much fucking shit could've been prevented this if there wasn't many economic issues

No. 2040835

As a concept, video essays are not bad. They are a visual, more casual version of academic/philosophical exploration and could be a site of interesting discussions. Where it becomes unbearable is that they are approached in black and white terms and the brain dead audiences raises up these no-credential literal whos as authorities and accept whatever they say as fact.

No. 2040948

Nta, but the world was actively genociding the wall eldians for 100 years, what do you think the point of sending titans on them was? In the beginning of s4 we get a glimpse at the true intentions behind the genocide, getting rid of all eldians on the island to steal the resources of it. It was never about revenge and a hate cycle, that was a cover up the whole time, and it worked in tugging people's heat strings and riling them up against paradis. Then iirc Tybur gave his speech and sort of admitted the truth and that paradis wanted peace this whole time, but Marley broke the peace treaty on purpose because of their greed, and Eren is their punishment and the consequences of their actions biting them in the ass. They deserved it and had it coming the whole time. Did you actually watch the show or read the manga or are you basing your opinions on twitter takes about it or something? It's bigger than just Gabi vs. Floch, it's the oppressed standing up to their oppressor, fighting back and taking revenge, while the oppressed tries to play victim and get sympathy and beg for forgiveness they don't deserve and never bothered to earn. I don't know about you, but I prefer being on the oppressed's side because I see myself in them and it's very satisfying to see them destroy their enemies. But also, remember this is a fictional story and supporting the rumbling doesn't make you a genocidal maniac in real life, it's just an interesting way to explore that idea through fiction. That is before Isayama chickened out and made it about love all along or whatever. Also I'm not saying you're the bad guy for being on Marley's side, just explaining why I and many others are on paradis's side and like or agree with and respect Floch. also he's hot. but the show has shown us the perspective of the paradisians this whole time, and made us sympathize with them for so long and made them the heros/protagonists of the story, and we saw their experience first hand for 3 seasons, so it's a bit hard to take the other side's story seriously in comparison because they have it waaaaaay better and are the aggressors. The show initially wanted us to be on paradisians' side until the very end, but the ending was retconned and that was dropped.

No. 2040954

Longterm relationships, romantic or otherwise are unhealthy and the other party is only an enabler. People should spend more time alone and stop relying on others.

No. 2040999

Most based take ever. I think needing to be in a relationship is unhealthy, regardless of the reason, whether financial or emotional. If you can't survive on your own, there's something wrong with you.

No. 2041002

What if you’re not really relying on them for anything and you just wanna shower someone with love who also happens to love you back

No. 2041007

No. 2041012

Ayrt, this is a terrible way to simplify it.
>Gabi is a true pickme, killing her own race of people so that she will look good in comparison. If she kills all the people of her own race, then the world will think she isn't a piece of shit like they currently do.
Because she's a child who's been indoctrinated into that since birth and is literally being trained to be used as a weapon against her people. And she did not have this mindset for the entirety of the series.
>Nah he was based
It's not about who was more based. It's about the fact that they're both (pretty similar imo, when you really look at it) characters who have done terrible things for their country and were very annoying in the beginning but went though character arcs that changed them a lot. But only Gabi still gets hate for who she was in the beginning while Flock gets "wow, what an amazing, well developed character!".
This is true.

No. 2041014

could i ask why? is it just because you think love isn’t a real thing or

No. 2041018

I dunno, I feel like people lose their own identities after too long with others

No. 2041020

Humans are social creatures, we're meant to survive together. Now I'm not saying that has to be in relationships as we know them but
>If you can't survive on your own, there's something wrong with you.
is bullshit.

No. 2041021

Are they losing their identity or is it just possible that they’re growing and changing throughout life, yknow, how everyone does? I was a very different person when I first met my husband but that was also 8 years ago kek, of course you’re going to make some changes in that long of a time period.

No. 2041024

Second ayrt, fair enough, but I do see some people who like Gabi and her growth, but the thing is even in his introduction, Floch was right and wasn't doing or saying anything wrong. Unless you think wanting the deaths of his comrades to actually mean something by the survivors achieving something, not wanting to be disrespected for being cannonfodder and his life being dismissed and seen as replaceable, and choosing Erwin over Armin and telling Armin he deserved to die as wrong. Was Gabi this mega based when she was first introduced? though I think she was cool for bombing the muzzie equivalent in AOT, but I think using the fact she's a little girl to trick them into putting their guard down was a bit of a dirty move, especially going in her underwear, that was kinda weird. But she bombed uggos so whatever.

No. 2041026

Both. Why I said longterm. People shouldn’t be around others for too long because they slowly become the other and then stay stagnant. Things would be better if people stayed alone for this reason

No. 2041029

Nta, and I guess that's not a bad thing, but why would you need to be loved and love someone back so bad? What's in it for you? That kinda registers as a dependency to me, just a psychological one, and as sad imo.

No. 2041033

>what’s in it for you?
There are mental and physical benefits to being in a healthy relationship with someone who you love and that loves you back? Not only that, but it also just feels amazing kek. To be obsessed with someone who’s completely obsessed with you and only wants the rest of their life to be in service towards you, it’s heaven on earth. I don’t think there’s anything ‘weak’ about that. What’s weak is being so cynical and edgy about emotions that keep the world going round.

No. 2041035

Samefag, I just realized something, why would anyone want to defend Gabi so bad when she killed Sasha, a better and more interesting female character with cool themes and backstory regarding racism, classism, othering, internalized self-hate and so on? Gabi didn't add anything new, yeah she's from the other side blah blah, but we already have Reiner, Bertholdt, Zeke, Annie, Pieck, and Proco for that. I think that's enough perspectives lmao. They all were doing and believed the same stuff as her, but one felt guilty for it all, one betrayed Marley, many died fighting for Marley, and the rest joined the alliance to defend Marley. What's the point of Gabi's character other than her interaction with Kaya and realizing the other side isn't bad? We already had that plot with the warriors? And the same outcome of them still defending Marley and the world and oppressing the people of their race. I don't hate her but she's a bit redundant when you think about it. Points deducted for being the reason Falco exists, I hate that little shit so much he's so annoying. He's the other side's Armin or something. I also hate Porco, fuck Porco, fat ugly annoying pos who bullied my boy Reiner.

No. 2041036

You’re saying that as if it’s a bad thing though, what if change is exactly what you needed and existing with your counterpart has made your life better? Also, if you’re happy, you sleep better, cry less, and aren’t hurting others (especially yourself) I don’t see why there would be anything wrong with being in a long term relationship with a person you feel like you’re meant to be with. People often feel the way you do, either because they’ve been abused or simply haven’t experienced that kind of positive attention.

No. 2041042

Ok but it's not really necessary like food and water and shelter? I don't think it's that big of a deal or important in life, it's so overrated. I can replace all of that with my hobbies, interests and bank account that will probably make me happier than any person obsessing over me could. I think someone being obsessed with you can be weird and uncomfortable, I don't like thag at all, and I had my fair share of people who act like they can't live without me, and it's such a burden and responsibility where you can't slack off or take a break so they don't get upset and start drama. Idk how could you like something so stressful like that. I prefer quite and solitude, and hanging out with my friends when I crave socializing. If I had to live with someone and wake up everyday to them being there and coming back home to them and never having any alone time or space and never get to experience the feeling of being alone ever again I'll go full psycho. It's just more freeing to be alone and have the option of being temporarily around someone or people in general and being able to opt out of this whenever you want without any consequences, which isn't really a thing in relationships since the person might be upset about it and make drama at best, endanger you at worst, or give you financial issues and not being able to find a place to live in if you're that intertwined with them. Sounds like a nightmare and a ground basis for abuse, no thanks, I'll spend my time alone and be safe for the rest of my life.

No. 2041044

Because it’s just an illusion. Infatuation clouds your vision. Personally, I find all relationships stressful and am better off without them.
Also, you’re literally proving my point by saying being in a relationship makes you happier -> makes you healthier. People are too reliant on relationships.

No. 2041049

Doesn't help that she's trying to paint people who aren't into this illusion as mentally ill abused people who never got positive attention in their lives, as if that's their fault or something? The funny part is whenever relationshipfags break up with someone, they get mental breakdowns over it and act like it's the end of the world, but it's actually their fault since they're the ones who insisted on wanting to be in a relationship. Then they get addicted to it and try to get in another one, as if they learned nothing from their previous experience.

No. 2041055

Kek I love how you don’t even deny that they’re severely mentally ill. I never used the word abused, that would be crude.

No. 2041057

I never said wrong, I said annoying. Again, it's not about who was more "based".

No. 2041059

Yeah she’s basically exhibiting the trait I was trying to describe, where another person becomes a part of who you are and you can’t move on from that.

No. 2041060

>you sleep better, cry less, and aren’t hurting others (especially yourself)
Damn nonna neither of these things should be dependent on having a partner or not.

No. 2041068

Well yeah I would say that my husband and the father of my child is a large part of my life and existence, which is the case for most married people I would say, because if youre not interested in making your mate a part of your life then why even be with them?

No. 2041071

Is it okay if I ask, what fulfills your life for you personally? I’m kind of curious to know what makes a single childless person happy. Would it just be work? food? TV?

No. 2041074

That’s the original opinion I posted…There’s no reason to be with any person longterm

No. 2041081

Your original post that you shouldn’t be with anyone period, my post is saying that you shouldn’t be with someone unless you’re going to be with them for the rest of your life. Is that what you meant in your original post?

No. 2041083

You're just insulting yourself, your brain is just like everyone else's, wired to need companionship in your life. Don't think you're magically exempt from this or "above it".

No. 2041085

with the advent of patriarchy male-female relationships have never been about these things and are a form of female slavery for leaders to placate and control other males. it hasn't been that long and most relationships still are based on female drudgery.

No. 2041086

My bad, but I think my point still stands. I don't see why is Floch annoying when he was actually right. I think people hated him because he stood up to the main cast everyone loves, but at the end it turned out he was right about them all along and they weren't really worth defending and worth disliking him over. Even in the events of s3 before we knew what we knew in s4, his main thing was thinking Erwin deserved the injection more, and I don't see why would anyone disagree with that. Armin is useless in comparison.

No. 2041088

Isn’t slavery when you’re being forced to do something you don’t want to do for no incentive? Thats not what being in a consensual loving relationship is though. Maybe if you’re in an abusive, unloving relationship?

No. 2041089

My point is that people both lose their identities and become too dependent on the other party in relationships. I also believe this to be true with friendships.
My conclusion is that people shouldn’t become too close to each other and only maintain diplomatic relations. Sorry for shilling scrote religion but as far as I remember, the cause if unhappiness is it’s pursuit in itself. Being in a relationship is a downward spiral in that very pursuit.

No. 2041095

>People often feel the way you do, either because they’ve been abused or simply haven’t experienced that kind of positive attention.

No. 2041096

I used to think it was just some cliche but it's true that you ought be pretty alright in yourself, by yourself before you meet someone if you want it to truly be healthy long term. They add to your life but they aren't your saviour or your life fix that everything balances on.

No. 2041101

So do you just believe everyone should have no friends, no spouse, no personal relationships because it’s too likely that you all might grow and learn new things from each other within the experience of spending time together? Is that what you consider a downward spiral, essentially having a loving group of people surrounding you and supporting you?

No. 2041104

Ok well even if it’s crude it’s still correct. Thats not to insult them for being a victim of someone else’s behavior, it’s simply pointing out cause and effect. Yeah, of course a victim of abuse is going to think that every relationship is just like how there’s was. Much like how people who are in healthy happy relationships forget that there are abusive relationships.

No. 2041112

I don’t think it’s possible for most because they, like you, are already addicted to the drug - however, ideally, yes.
Also the way you describe things once again proves my point, you see through a tinted lens where the exchanges aren’t a fabrication when in reality all interactions are a play, an act.
Not advocating against support btw. We need food and commodities etc

No. 2041113

Kek, I am above it. Even the friends I have aren't ones I'm actually close to who know everything about me. I keep to myself and know how to deal with my emotions and feelings on my own without any external help. You could never trust another person with that stuff because they can always use it against you, you can't read their minds or control them fully to trust them, it's very naive to think they'll be on your side and never wrong you when there's nothing for them in it. And even when they're well-meaning, they can't truly help you or fix your problems for you or make you feel better, that's your job and you'll always be better at it than anyone else, because you know yourself more than anyone ever could. Putting that much power and control over you in someone else's hands is retarded imo. There should be clear cut boundaries no matter what.
Nta but this is so sad to read. You can't fathom an existence that doesn't revolve around a person feeling certain things about you? You can't enjoy anything or be happy and content without someone being involved somehow? Sounds like addiction.

No. 2041127

You sound very urban, like from a city or large town. Imagine a world where people rely on eachother and the incentive not to fuck you over is life or death

No. 2041128

Second AYRT, would you be kind enough to answer the question? I would really appreciate it I am fascinated to know what makes you smile or brings a warm feeling to you

No. 2041130

That's a fair take, but in my experience, I had people obsessing over me and treating me like an entire support network because I was unfortunately good at keeping it up and giving life changing advice that genuinely helped them in their life, but it was stressing me out and draining me emotionally and mentally, since I'm the type that doesn't go to others for that stuff and prefer dealing with it on my own, and I never asked for help with anything in return because I doubt people with so much shit in their lives could help me and had the decency of not wanting to burden anyone. When I told those people their obsession and worshipping of me is exhausting, they were respectful enough and actually gave me the space I wanted, so I wasn't abused in the slightest. But I still concluded this is a negative thing and it's better to avoid it. It teaches unhealthy habits imo and makes a person too codependent for their own good that they'd get lost if they end up alone in any situation. It's like when parents do everything for a kid and control all their decisions, so the kid ends up too retarded to deal with anything on their own or decide anything in their life. Not necessarily abusive, can be well-meaning, but still ends up fucking the person over long term. On a more personal blogposty level, my problems are too unique and complicated for anyone to actually help me with, so I refrain from opening up to others or venting to them or ask for help or support etc., and I know a huge part of long-term healthy relationships is sharing stuff like that with the other person so they'd understand you, but I prefer burning myself alive over revealing that to anyone, and they'll just think I don't trust them or love them and make it all about how they feel and it would be super annoying to deal with I'd probably end up beating them into a pulp. I just can't stand the kind of crybabies that are addicted to thats stuff, sorry.

No. 2041131

>all the interactions are a play, an act
Ohh ok. You’re schizophrenic. I hope you’re able to find peace nonnetta

No. 2041133

I'm not any of the other nonnas upthread btw nor am I against women in relationships. Of course they can be fulfilling and a positive to your life but it gets dangerous when your basic (mental) health and your identity is dependent on having them near you. Especially if that person is a man. This doesn't just go for romantic relationships either.
>what fulfills your life for you personally?
My hobbies, learning new and useful things, experiencing new things and places, gaining different perspectives on life while still somewhat emphasizing with them, living in harmony/low stress, being able to express myself and my ideas through various mediums, dedicating myself to things that are important to me, friends and just listening to people I like(mostly women kek), being able to help other people and animals, freedomz/doing whatever the fuck I feel like, like you said good food that makes me feel good is nice too, reaching goals/surpassing myself.

No. 2041136

No I’m not, I just understand that people rarely say what they think.

No. 2041139

It’s okay if you think that, but living with paranoia isn’t healthy

No. 2041143

This conversation is retarded. We are all wildly different as people, we have different needs, experiences and feelings. One nonnie acting "above it" shouldn't be rustling this many jimmies. She's just a regular person and she isn't above anything, she thinks she's self aware but she is not, she is just as unconscious as the average person.

No. 2041147

Good try, but I actually come from a villager farmer family and grew up doing child labor. The villager life is exactly why I'm blackpilled on this shit. They never loved me, they just wanted a little child slave to do all the work for them, and if I don't fo that, no food, no sleep, and not allowed to go inside the house, and that was the norm and how everyone older than me lived. Only lived in the city during the school year since the village didn't have schools, and the school kids were very obviously different from me and more "spoiled" and "softer" in a way. I'm happy for them though, they had massively better lives that whenever I talked about what my life is like they were just shocked, so I learned to never talk about it because I hate that look of petty and shock on their faces. And this is like 10% of the story kek.
You know the country music sentiment of "I'll stay right here and enjoy the simple things"? That's me. Cartoons make me happy, cooking for myself makes me happy, drinking beer makes me happy, listening to music and dancing makes me happy, singing my favorite songs makes me happy especially when I nail it, discovering and learning new things makes me happy, having a nice relaxing shower makes me happy. It's that simple. But also I love money and being able to afford more luxurious stuff and lifestyle, like official merch of my favorite cartoons and bands and the such. These are too expensive so I buy them sparsely.

No. 2041155

I have no desire to disrupt your peace; if buying cartoon funko pops is what brings you joy, then that's just as good as cradling a baby you created with the love of your life. More power to you nonna!

No. 2041157

You’re in the UNPOPULAR opinions thread. What the fuck did you expect?

No. 2041158

Speak for yourself.


No. 2041160

This condescending tone just shows how poisoned you are

No. 2041161

most women do the majority of domestic labor in the household. that doesn't necessarily cross the line of abuse but it doesn't make it less sad that women have such low standards. "love" has been a psyop for women to ignore how most long term relationships with shared finances and living spaces to ignore the transactional aspects of these relationships (which men are very aware of, hence them seeking mommy mcbangmaids).

No. 2041164

samefag, this is why east asian women can adopt the 4B/no marriage mindset easier; their cultures didn't get the romantic love psyop the way western women have. they overtly understand and see how transactional heterosexual relationships have and continue to be.

No. 2041165

Nigel-havers can't fathom some women having different lifestyle.

No. 2041167

All worthless work is pushed onto women. Chores steal time from your life and give you nothing in return. It's fucking heartbreaking

No. 2041169

But if you don’t want to do the housework you can always hire someone to do it? At least in the US. I choose to do my own housework because there’s a specific way I like things and I’d also feel so weird if there was some random stranger in my house kek. I guess there are some women who are abused by their husbands and a part of the abuse they experience is being forced to do work for their husband or pick up his slack, which is horrendous and absolutely not an acceptable relationship that should go on longterm.

No. 2041171

NTA but I do have an idea of a nigel free lifestyle because my mom is single now, but she also has kids so thats why I was kind of curious as to what really makes your life feel worth living

No. 2041172

Most normie women like men that are macho, loud and obnoxious assholes who have anger issues. They won’t admit it but they think that behavior is masculine and they see those men as protectors.

No. 2041174

Fe dom/aux vs. Fi dom/aux in a nutshell kek.

No. 2041176

File: 1717872280084.png (797 KB, 1280x720, wtf.PNG)

No. 2041180

Not gonna lie I do love me a loud obnoxious macho asshole

No. 2041181

Ayrt and I buy shirts and jewelry, not funkopops, don't have anywhere to put these and they're ugly and useless. That aside, did you just compare a baby with a plastic toy? Lmfao. I might not want kids or find happiness in that, but I wouldn't go that far. I actually never brought up having a kid in this conversation btw, just the aspect of a romantic relationship between 2 adults, having kids and having mother-child relationships with them is in a whole league of its own. Not for me, but I can understand some people find happiness in that and I hope they take it seriously enough to take care of their kids properly. Can't see myself doing that though, I can't even bother with a pet so I doubt I'd be good with a whole human child.

No. 2041184

Excessive cheese ruins any and all foods.

No. 2041185

Asian sunscreens are usually not good for spf, they feel nice because they're watery and the gross spf chemicals are diluted. You're not getting the marked spf unless you apply a ton. Asians are tan anyway (kpoops use white filters) and have high collagen for anti-aging so they dont realize it.
American sunscreens feel gross but they actually work without applying half the bottle

No. 2041186

Well because I asked what brings you joy in your life. I assumed that you were saying that your material items bring you as much joy as having a child or getting married would for the colloquial normie woman. And I totally understand that, it is much better to abstain from having a bebe if you know you aren’t able to care for it wholly.

No. 2041187

>couple up with aggressive man
>he beats you
>surprised pikachu face

No. 2041192

I’ll one up you and say cheese is unnecessary altogether

No. 2041197

Don’t worry he can’t throw a punch

No. 2041202

I see it as different genres of happiness that are compatible with different types of people, I'm the materialistic happiness genre, others aren't, and I don't really care or mind. It's only a problem when they try to push their genre of happiness on me and tell me there's must be something wrong with me for not being like them, then I give them a taste of their own medicine.

No. 2041207

I agree. Especially the yellow/orange type. The biggest crime on earth is putting that gross shit on sushi! I hate California for doing this to sushi. The retarded local restaurants in my non-western country copy these stupid trends and it's hard to find proper non-deep fried non-cheese and mayo and sauces sushi.

No. 2041210

since we're talking about food now my unpopular opinion is cream cheese is disgusting, its only good when its used in desserts

No. 2041212

For women, yes. For men, 25 is the new 40.

No. 2041219

Then why are all my friends dating timid ugly moids who are leagues below them in both looks and personality? Life is not a high school movie.

No. 2041222

Holy shit this sounds disgusting, why would they do that? Sushi is such light feeling food too, WHY.

No. 2041225

On the contrary, its hard to have too much cheese. I fucking love cheese nonas.

No. 2041229

Or lower since men bald at 19 now

No. 2041233

File: 1717874238302.jpg (13.93 KB, 720x480, mouse-3241715-thumb_1024x1024.…)

hamsters are kinda ugly. rats and mice are cuter.

No. 2041242

I’m not saying I support gay rapists but I do respect the grind

No. 2041246

You shouldn't. They like children just as much as straight men who rape.

No. 2041247

Not girl children though(bait)

No. 2041256

Boy children who are raped by men grow up to be rapists that rape women too. You're retarded and nothing will ever get through your dense skull.

No. 2041260

people who aren't outside all day like them for that, they look good at work but offer some protection.

No. 2041262

File: 1717875069982.jpg (2.85 MB, 2160x3840, 20240608_222802.jpg)

Depression on a plate.

No. 2041274

I hate the fact this is the only type of sushi you can find in my shit hole country. With chipotle mayo sauce and fried and greasy and almost nothing inside. Sushi is ruined.

No. 2041279

are you from a latin american country

No. 2041283

nta but i eat like 2 pounds of cheese a day and i whoelheartedly believe its a strong antidepressant. and i’m also somehow not fat, by the grace of God. i suggest you all try it out kek

No. 2041291

If it's fresh real hard cheese, then it won't hurt you. It's high in calcium and low in lactose so good for lactose intolerants, and the fat in it is healthy fat. But the weird processed pre-cooked American yellow/orange cheese is where the danger lies. That stuff isn't even made from milk, it's fat and oil with coloring and flavoring. It's why it's usually labled as "cheese analog" and the such.

No. 2041295

I think everyone should experience at least 1 public humiliation ritual in their life. I was grandiosely humiliated publicly when I was 18 and I think it just forced me to grow as a person and stop caring about the past.

No. 2041302

Or maybe you could do self reflection like a fucking normal human? Although I do understand but many people nowadays don't have a sense of shame anyway

No. 2041306

Shame is a healthy emotion that works hand in hand with the self reflection that is required after being humiliated, I think

No. 2041322

I think femcels exist and this thread proves it with the amount of anons who completely denounce romance

No. 2041324

Ignore them they never leave the house

No. 2041326

I might sound a little moid with a podcast-ish but I do genuinely believe that if you go out into the world expecting to find shit then you'll find shit. If you go out expecting to find gold then you'll find gold. Or at least silver.

No. 2041333

>a little moid with a podcast-ish
tiktok slang is ruining our lives

No. 2041336

anotha white boy with a podcaaaaassstttt

No. 2041344

I get a little saddened by posts like that too. I just think to myself Wow queen you live like this? I know it sounds corny but I just wanna give her a hug

No. 2041347

this is true, the law of assumption is strong and beneficial!

No. 2041408

Most East Asian women aren’t feminists. Where did this lie come from? Just because the birth rate is low in east Asia doesn’t mean people aren’t dating. Even South Korean women have said that feminism isn’t popular amongst women in Korea and westerners are exaggerating the impact of a small online movement

No. 2041410

words have no meaning

No. 2041435

Saying "male fans" are why he's popular and she isn't is retarded. If Floch was a woman, he would still be praised. If Gabi was a man, she would still be hated. In the end, they were on different sides still. And the Yeagerists weren't the bad guys in the end, imo. Lots of other people think that, which is why he is liked. Gabi was still on Marley's side throughout the end, which is why she is disliked. Marley isn't likable in any way shape or form.

No. 2041436

Some of us are straight but hate men.

No. 2041440

I have no dog in this fight because I'm engaged, but why does denouncing romance make someone a femcel? Isn't that the female equivalent of incel? It doesn't make sense. An incel is someone who is involuntarily celibate. You know, want's to have sex but no woman wants to have sex with them, so they hate women. But somehow a woman not wanting romance or sex is the equivalent of that??

No. 2041441

men arent capable of loving

No. 2041442

saying it's easier for women to adopt the 4B mindset is different than saying most women are feminists. a more transactional view of relationships is the traditional mindset and not in and of itself feminist.

No. 2041447

what is your relationship with your dad like? do you think he loves you or your mum

No. 2041455

Exactly! People are starting to hate Reiner, Pieck etc. and already hate all the alliance, even Armin and Mikasa because of the shit ending and that they were in the wrong but too self-righteous to realize it. The Yeagerists include people like Hitch, Rico, and Louise, and the queen Yelena (to an extent) who everyone who hates the ending and likes the Yeagerists like. There's also discussion about of Sasha was alive, would she be a Yeagerist or an alliance member? And people want her to be a Yeagerist because she'd want to protect her family. She was so cool, I miss her.

No. 2041457

Same, I think I get most of my protein from cheese. Delicious, delicious stuff.

No. 2041460

he used to beat my mom because men are subhumans

No. 2041461

This is a rare case where I want the "cocokbreath" blackpill anon to bully straight women in relationships.

No. 2041464

I don't disagree, but femcels are volcels specifically. I do agree with the moid sentiment that women can't literally be involuntarily celibate, because men are just that easy. Though by the same token, any man can also get laid if he is willing to be with his fellow man.

No. 2041465

I was agreeing with
>A male character can be complex and nuanced, any female character who isn't a perfect waifu doing the right thing all the time is an annoying bitch deserving of death.
Which is literally true even aside from Gabi and Floch.

No. 2041467

Ah yes, the classic moid tactic of blaming women's reaction to abuse on the hands of men affecting their behavior and mentality towards moids on them.

No. 2041470

File: 1717882019545.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1475x1776, IMG_3247.jpeg)

No. 2041479

I remember when season 3 came out and he was introduced (especially cause of the Floch vs everyone) scene, a lot of people didn't like him and felt that he was an annoying asshole. Then he grew in popularity.

No. 2041497

Fair enough, but I think it's stupid to dislike him or think he's annoying back then, because again, he was actually right. Tbh with you first time I ever read the chapters of that arc and watching it later on when it was animated, I didn't even notice his presence and I completely forgot about him. Then rewatched the show from s1 to s4 in on go last year because I only read the manga of the s4 arcs and never watched the anime adaptation. I actually rewatched it all because of memes I saw about him and was like "who's even that what? I don't remember this guy….", but I liked him immediately in s3 because for the millionth time, he was right. Even in my initial read and watch I wanted Erwin to be picked.

No. 2041507

Adult sheep and rabbits are cuter than lambs and baby rabbits.

No. 2041513

I think adult cats are cuter than kittens.

No. 2041523

File: 1717883928832.jpeg (265.3 KB, 2048x1537, licensed-image.jpeg)

adding on, when conservative online moids call people "sheep" I just think about how cute sheep are. I wish I was that pretty.

No. 2041534

can i also just say from experience, that sheep are playful, as are lambs, and like it when they sing to you? you really can summon them with song, i've done it like three times. also, mice are the cutest!

No. 2041549

NTA but I hope you understand that the arguments you use to strengthen your viewpoint can also be used to counter it as well. You're establishing a subjective social philosophy of your own in order to disempower certain notions widely practiced in society. While I agree with your core philosophy, your means of validating it is built on undermining your opponents ability to decide what's best for their rational self interests and minimizing the emotional proclivities that inform the nature of their relationship.

No. 2041554

facial hair of any sort is repulsive. yes this includes pcos/gnc women i’m not sorry.

No. 2041559

elaborate, please

No. 2041560

God I feel so fucking bad for them. Those random youtube videos that show up on my feed where PCOS women gotta explain how they carefully wax or shave their beards. Goddamn, that's a personal hell.

No. 2041562

>when in reality all interactions are a play, an act
Judith Butler is that you? I knew you were a secret TERF.

No. 2041566

Being a femcel is completly logical abd i actually wonder why more women are not femcels. Relationships on paper sound great but that's not reality for women. Am i seriously insane if don't want to gargle cock and balls, pregnancy risk, cleaning up after a moid, your moid looking at porn, putting up with beauty standards when moids look like shit?

No. 2041569

The word you’re looking for is volcel

No. 2041572

shakespeare said something similar, you think he would’ve been a secret farmer?

No. 2041586

ntayrt but i don’t think she was blaming anything on her, that anon was just asking a question

No. 2041588

>women can't literally be involuntarily celibate
Except there are lots of women who can't get a boyfriend, there are less common than moids but they exist. Hell I was 27 the first time I got asked out, which is exceptionally late.

No. 2041598

was he a faggot? if so, yes. if not, he'd be a kiwitard.

No. 2041650

The first post you've made (assuming you're the individual I am replying to) enforces the status of a partner (either in a romantic or general sense) as someone who sponsors self-destructive traits.
>Longterm relationships, romantic or otherwise are unhealthy
>the other party is only an enabler
Enabler defined in the Cambridge dictionary means someone who allows or makes it possible for another person to behave in a way that damages that person

This is the guiding principal upon which your ethics of care is built on. People that may cooperate to advance their mutual interests encourage the other to be at their worst in order to ensure the partnership is a success. In the next post you either negate the possibility of love or advance the idea that it's an unfavorable state to be in since it's followed by a loss of identity thereby suggesting that the preservation of said identity supersedes the need to feel deep affection.

None of your arguments have made rational evaluations for why these things serve as obstacles to perfect ones person-hood. By minimizing the necessity of the core traits valued in civil society, you've essentially denied both men and women of having the necessary rational agency to make an informed choice concerning their well-being. This line of reasoning is eerily similar to how men subjugated women by denying them their rights by portraying them as being mentally unfit to exercise them in a beneficial manner.

No. 2041662

he was bisexual iirc, so 50/50?

No. 2041690

Don't be obtuse, that kind of questions is asked for malicious reasons.

No. 2041721

how is it malicious to ask how your relationship with your father is, especially when the topic at hand is relationships with men? uncomfortable questions being asked during a conversation with a difficult topic doesn’t mean you need to deflect by pretending as if it’s blaming the anon for what she experienced. she seems to have had no problem answering the question, but i feel like if she considered it to be an inappropriate question she could’ve declined to answer it.

No. 2041781

It's used for malicious reasons. If you answer anything other than "i love him so much even more than my mom uwu!!" Then people discard any critique at men you try to make and write it off as daddy issues. But something often that people don't think or don't want to think about often is that even if a father treats her daughter with love and respect, that doesn't mean he respects women as a whole and isn't complicit in their dehumanization. Why do you think the saying "what if that was your mother/sister/daughter?" is a thing? Because often men don't give a shit about women unless they're related to them, and even then they still don't give a shit and nitpick their behaviour for not worshiping them.

No. 2041804

I feel bad for them but it's rare for women with PCOS to have beards. All the physical health symptoms are so much more common and worse, plus I think the rare PCOS woman who grows a beard can usually stop growing it/reverse it with spiro

No. 2041813

I've noticed people doing this on lolcow too (often) but that doesn't seem to be the case here, I think it's kind of reasonable to ask 'what about your dad' if you hear someone saying men are incapable of love because that's the main/first male that models love for many girls. Anyway I think that anon is straight up delusional but my dad doesn't really love anyone too, it's just that social relationships are a basic need like water and shelter for human beings, you can't survive without them and will die even if you delude yourself that your low-quality relationships are preferential to higher-quality relationships as the anons in this thread are. Anons here should look up feral children who always have a million health problems and die young even if they're found at relatively young ages, are all mentally retarded and can't even walk properly

No. 2041818

you can get real, non sexual love from women, you dont need men to feel loved.

No. 2041819

but you do understand that your feelings are likely influenced by the abuse you experienced, right? thats something everyone knows. that your life experience, especially your traumas, has an effect on how you feel and view things.

No. 2041824

That's not what the conversation was about though. Nona's unpopular opinion was that all relationships, romantic or otherwise, are bad for you lmao.

No. 2041831

Nta but why is that a problem? If someone doesn't want to be in a relationship specifically because of these feelings and experiences, so be it, let them do what they know is best for them. I don't understand this insistence that they're missing out on something or doing something wrong for not being in a relationship, and all this investigation and treating it like the end of the world. The OP is right you niggas are addicted to that shit.

No. 2041844

NTA but I think it is extremely reasonable to not want romantic relationships (although most people naturally will and I don't think that's a bad thing), however people who think they or any other human being can survive and be healthy without any human relationships is just wrong, like it's not even really something like an opinion that's subjective, it's false. Most humans cannot even survive for a short time without relationships, even the feral children that survive only do so because they are brought up by social species of pack animals and they basically don't turn out fully human. Once you are an adult and had other human relationships your whole life you can live a few years in complete solitude, although most people also won't survive that. Coping therefore that it's 'better' for these relationships to be of low quality (transient and with people who don't care about you) seems silly in that context. It's like saying you would be better off without any real skills, just briefly trying to learn a new skill for a week and dropping it and never picking it back up for your whole life.

No. 2041845

NTA and I don’t mean to make it sound like the end of the world but yeah, it does make me at least a little sad that this anon was so drastically traumatized and is so unable to move past her trauma to the extent where she feels the need to isolate herself because she’s afraid of walking back into a similar situation. It does make me feel a little bad that she’s afraid of having friends or someone to love, because I’ve been there before too and I understand that apprehension very well.

No. 2041868

Some of us don't want to either survive or be cared about, some of us genuinely find solace in solitude. The high quality vs. low quality relationship shit sounds like pretentious pseudointellectualism though even if that's not your intention. Yeah yeah we get it being social good, but that has its limits and it's not everything, being alone also has its merits and positive impacts on a person. Someone who turns out worse after spending time alone just doesn't have what it takes, people are different, not everyone is gonna benefit from relationships and socializing the same way regardless of the kind of people around them. And you keep bringing up that feral kids argument, I'd prefer living like them and dying extremely young than living the regular urban everyday life but that's just me. Their lives sounds more fun and interesting.
Ok? But she's not responsible for the way you feel. She seems alright the way she is, and if that what works for her them so be it. And I don't blame her for living like that when this is the kind of response she gets for even declaring that. Like it struck a string with some anons and offended them so badly they had to write fanfiction about how she must've been abused and experienced great trauma!!1!!1! as if she said the most groundbreaking controversial take ever. Why does this shit rile up so many anons and make them go feral lmfao. Again, she's right you're addicted to it so badly you can't imagine an existence without it.

No. 2041888

>she’s not responsible for the way you feel
I never said she was? I was just answering your question
>she seems alright the way she is
I don’t think she would be saying ‘every human being is weak for desiring social interaction’ if she was 100% all there, but we can agree to disagree
>they had to write fanfiction about how she must have been abused
She did make multiple posts saying that she was abused and that she believes it shouldn’t be taken into consideration alongside her opinion
>you can’t imagine an existence without it
You’re absolutely right nonners, I cannot imagine an existence without having people that I love and who love me back surrounding me.

No. 2041891

Call me racist - I don't affiliate finances with Indians/middle eastern people. If I'm trying to buy something, do business, etc and I see the other person is Indian I will just hang up and block them. I don't work for them or anything else. Never been scammed though

No. 2041894

I think Anthony Bourdain is obnoxious and boring.

No. 2041898

Do you know what geisha are?

No. 2041899

Calling it "SW" is stupid and retarded. Call it out and call it for what it is: prostitution.

No. 2041904

Those were 2 different anons kek. And your last sentence is exactly why we think you're annoying and retarded.

No. 2041908

Not all of it is prostitution anon. Calling everything prostitution just waters down how dangerous it is compared to other forms of sex work.

No. 2041910

I dislike the term "[blank] coded." It's filler. You aren't adding anything to the discussion, it just tells me you have little to no media literacy. You get your talking points from tiktok.

No. 2041912

Of course you’re going to find someone else’s joy retarded and annoying when the greatest pleasure you receive is from opening a new package in the mail

No. 2041921

You're literally doing the same thing you're accusing me of kek. Why does my life choices make you seethe so badly if you're happy and so content with yours?

No. 2041923

What could possibly be intellectual at all about the idea that transient relationships with people you barely know are low in qualities you would want from a relationship? I don't agree there are merits or positive impacts of total solitude, it is probably the worst thing for all people other than going without air or starving. If you don't want to even survive then you're not talking about a lifestyle that's better and you can't claim to really think other people are harming themselves, you just admitted to not even wanting to live.

You're also projecting other people being 'offended' onto people who are just making simple, obvious points so it seems like this struck a nerve with you if anything. It's a controversial take because it's false, that's all.

No. 2041926

I was part of the conversation and I normally call it prostitution but working at Hooters was being lumped in and tbf that's not prostitution strictly speaking.

No. 2041929

Ayrt, I'm not sure what conversation you mean tbh, I don't keep up with this thread much anymore.

No. 2041930

Oh I thought the 'don't call it SW' anon was responding to the argument about 'sex work is good actually' this morning, where everyone involved ended up calling it 'SW' because people were talking about literal prostitution, stripping, camming, OF, 'platonic' sugaring dates and Hooters all in the same conversation. I think that's the kind of situation where 'prostitution' doesn't apply although I don't like the term sex work either because I don't think it can really be 'work.' It's exploitation.

No. 2041938

What is considered seething…? I thought we were just having a conversation. If you’ve been seething this whole time then I hope you’re able to relax

No. 2041945

I don't like the insinuation that sex work is work but not all forms of it are prostitution. SW is a convenient umbrella term that also includes porn, stripping, etc as well. If someone comes up with a better word that includes all forms of selling sex I'll use it.

No. 2041947

You're the one who's trying to make snarky replies and being all high and mighty about "loving someone who loves you back", as if that matters. I literally don't care about that shit or think it's an achievement, but you're trying to pass it off as one and acting like it makes you somehow better and enlightened. Newsflash: it doesn't. No one is missing out on anything by not being in a relationship or being "loved". That shit brings nothing into the table that money and objects can't.

No. 2041951

Only female ones. The male ones’ humongous nuts ruin all rodent species.

No. 2041962

A lot of you don't have ADHD or autism. Your personality is just a weird one, or worse, unlikeable. Work on your self esteem instead of proclaiming the latest excuse as to why you're insufferable to many. I am not referring to you all specifically but to a lot of young men and women irl and online today

No. 2041963

I've started noticing a lot of anons with violent and rapey fantasies of moids, and all the power to you but I find it pretty cringe because it feels preformative somehow with how they have to one-up moids in aggressive behaviour. Sorry but women will never be as intimidating as men.

No. 2041966

Bleak that women can't be free even in our fantasies without being 'cringe.'

No. 2041967

As the other anons stated the issue is that sex work ranges from anything to nude modeling to actual prostitution, and then that gets wrapped up into treating women who simply just did mild erotic modeling or even just gogo dancing with women who risk STDs and all kinds of other crazy stuff

No. 2041970

Oh no anon, they have autism. Your condecension means nothing when you're up against lonely turbo autists whose entire security are 2D bishis

No. 2041973

was just talking about this with a friend. people have begun to lack any agency and excuse any and all behavior with their proclaimed wonderwheel of disorders. even if that is the case (which I can guarantee it isn’t-you’re not autistic, you just are braindead from being chemically addicted to your phone and mimic any and all behaviors which are fed to you on there and autism has been the trend for a while) that’s not something people aren’t supposed to be actively working to improve. I feel like even just having a conversation with people irl has turned into an opportunity for them to tiktok-diagnose you. it’s infuriating and brain numbing. the next time someone tells me I “have a touch of the ‘tism” im going to smash their head into a wall.

No. 2041978

Most autism and ADHD diagnoses is just people who are BPD/NPD but not in the "stereotypical" way but they just have a huge disregard for others/quite literally just want the entire world to twist and turn specially for them

No. 2041979

Maybe here kek. But the cashier at the grocery market, the randos on my campus, or the 20 somethings on reddit etc. who cry ADHD makes me think otherwise. Plus they're handing out this diagnosis to people of all ages like it's free cotton candy at the carnival.
>im going to smash their head into a wall.
kek, I'm a little nicer so it'd be my own head.

No. 2041983

Oh you're insane and have literally no evidence to back this up. Inb4 I'm one of them im not autistic or one of the annoying whiny derailers. I'm assuming you're accounting for the amount of literal minors and early 20s retards that have migrated here that cry all day about their inability to communicate. They're insufferable but this place attracts people with actual autism because all imageboards do.

No. 2041985

People with autism want the entire world to twist and turn for them btw. Just because autism isn't a cluster b doesn't mean autistic people can't be narcs who want constant accommodation. I would argue that it's a trending hallmark in young people with autism now, online spaces exacerbate negative qualities and traits rather than allowing people to grow it stagnated them into a perpetual state of adolescence.

No. 2041988

You're right anon, I definitely don't have ADHD or autism. I don't think it's a requirement to post here?

No. 2041992

Yeah I disagree that most autism diagnoses are NPD/BPD, just because they both share one trait (self absorption) doesn't mean they have anything else in common. People with NPD/BPD are often glib, charming, exceptionally good or convincing communicators, and even when they're not they tend to be outward focused, violent, promiscuous, obsessed with relationships, none of which is especially common for autists (except violence in some cases).

I do think ADHD (especially) and autism are somewhat over-diagnosed especially by people who self-DX but I also think they just genuinely are on the rise. It's not really just genetic I think autism is often caused by some sort of brain/brain stem damage that is more common in modern children and that's why you see a lot more of it.

No. 2041993

It's such a weird post kek

No. 2041997

I agree they’re both on the rise and it’s entirely due to children being screen-dependent from birth and thus their brain chemistry getting completely fucked. but I refuse to believe that every twenty-something I meet has autism/adhd hybrid retardism. there’s definitely something wrong with them, they’re just trying to twist it to be cute and trendy. and I’m not exaggerating when I say every. college campuses are swarming with these idiots.

No. 2041999

Does every twenty-something you meet claim to because if so where are you meeting all these autistic people? Like is it a specific type of college degree that attracts them?

No. 2042001

I’m not exaggerating when I say ninety eight percent of college students I speak to eventually claim autism, usually within the first ten minutes of conversation. I’m a stem major so that may have something to do with it. I wouldn’t think they have this same problem over in the business school but what do I know.

No. 2042003

File: 1717912381932.webp (46.59 KB, 640x799, wee.webp)

autism is contagious especially through the internet.

No. 2042005

I don't think it's -all- screens as controversial, surprsingly i knew kids like this who grew up in the boonies with little to no internet access who still acted this way. I feel like it's mostly because we grew up in the "daycare generation", which is basically child anarchy, likes of COCSA and COC abuse in general, since the teachers often had loads of kids to chase there was nothing done about kids beating each other up and dog piling each other. Now we have zero tolerance policies which just gave asshole kids a boost and made children confused on morals

although these sorts of conversations require everyone to be extremely mature though, anytime you try to discuss the mental effects of bullying and how common it's gotten too many edgelords want to shut it down and claim we're all sensitive pussies like yes ??? messing up childrens psych leads to fucked up adults

No. 2042006

fuckin hate the threadpic and hope OP gets a pube pulled by their pantyliner

No. 2042014

Agreed. Calling it ‘sex work’ just whitewashes the reality of prostitution. I don’t like it as an umbrella term either, if you are talking about stripping or porn you can just use those words.

No. 2042017

You are exaggerating and I doubt you interact with enough people to claim statistics.

No. 2042018

That's weird, I don't think I've met any college students who claim to be autistic and I work in a STEM department of a college. But it's common I think in compsci and somewhat more common than average in math or physics.

No. 2042023

I'm not sure why it has suddenly become trendy to think that autism is caused by lifestyle factors when it's always believed not to be something that is usually or can be 'induced' and is often diagnosable at an infant age (also was already quite common before kids had devices). I think the devices make developmental issues much, much worse but I don't think they usually cause them. In fact I'm not sure that they even can cause them.

No. 2042025

I don't like it as an umbrella term either but I feel like we need an umbrella term for these things, I just wish there was a better one. People aren't going to start listing every separate form of 'sex work' every time they talk about them all but I struggled to even think of a term with the same meaning that didn't include the word work and couldn't think of one. Sexual exploitation? But there are some forms of sexual exploitation that don't get paid. idk.

No. 2042032

I believe this. I wouldn't call it autism..but an offshoot of it that's like a social contagion of sorts idk.

No. 2042034

the artfags in my area also say they have ADHD kek.

No. 2042069

Gender dysphoria is a real disorder adjacent to body dysmorphia and non-trannies can suffer of it, and not understanding this is the reason why so many "gender critical" communities fall out of favor with desisters. Painting all TIFs with a broad brush calling them "AAP"s or simply "misogynists" is absolutely embarrassing and shows how much they don't understand the mechanics and psychology behind the disorder and the complete refusal to properly interact with the people they preach so much about shows how much they actually care about "saving young butch lesbians" or whatever.

No. 2042093

Super unpopular opinion but I've never had a good female therapist/psychologist. They fucked me up more, actually. I know I'm not the only one with this experience. That's the one field I don't like chosing women to work with, unfortunately. Everything else, from gynecologists to a random cough I will always chose women over men.

No. 2042095

Are you implying male psychologists are any better?

No. 2042101

Yes. Idgaf. That's my unpopular opinion, specially if they're no older than 35.

No. 2042108

I haven't really seen anyone deny that body dysmorphia about gender exists, they just don't think it's an excuse to offer body-mutilating surgeries. They're not offered for any other type of body dysmorphia or BID or anorexia.

No. 2042111

So many people I know had nightmare experiences with female therapists too, I don't trust male therapists either but I think the type of women drawn to therapy almost all have something really wrong with them. Men usually seem like they're in it for the money or some highly specific pet issue they care about.

No. 2042112

Well… it's definitely unpopular, and it's not like anyone will regard the opinion of someone who has allegedly had so many psychs that she can quantify them like this.

No. 2042121

Passive aggressive much? The shoe must have had fit for you

No. 2042126

NTA but I think some anons here just get mad whenever anyone suggests that men might be better than women in literally any career or context. I think you can risk getting a really bad male therapist because some of them are megacreeps but I agree with the first anon that I hear more bad female therapist stories from my female friends than bad male therapist stories and also the ones I know personally are off people. I think therapy just attracts a lot of off people in general though and people who really want to help and are humble about it are in the minority.

No. 2042152

I hate my family, having a big sister who is supposed to be 'hard' and 'tough' just for being the big sister and if she doesnt live up to this role hell rains on me that something is wrong with me because it would make her fail her assigned role in comparison. lmao

No. 2042153

fyi, i've been called 'too harsh' or 'too unfeminine' for the standards given to me and it is killing me inside.

No. 2042154

Are you having a stroke? I must be a psychologist because anon sounds dumb?

No. 2042155

>theyre malding bro
There is literally no way that anon has had enough psychologists to decide this. All psychologists are greedy and generally not anything I would describe as exceptional, trying to decide one is better than the other based on your small amount of experience with them is just ignorant.

No. 2042162

to add, my unpopular opinion is that firstborns accept their role without question, like when my sister came home she did a 180 and became bullish and tough towards me, call me a lot of smothering names, basically borderline TIF behavior but she was a sweet girl with her boyfriend. She became two-faced. Why do older siblings act like this?

No. 2042166

>my experience accounts for everyone

No. 2042177

older sisters are borderline tifs, they are allowed to act as hard as they want while we get discouraged, thats my opinion

No. 2042180

They might just be going off their own experience plus secondhand stories though, or maybe they tried a bunch of different therapists, some people 'therapist shop' and the exceptionally bad ones were women. IDK but I don't find this that unusual of an opinion, a lot of women think this.

No. 2042197

>borderline TIF behavior
Absolutely rent free. Just say moid behavior.

No. 2042263

File: 1717940715226.jpg (86.96 KB, 750x1000, stitcheyepull.jpg)

The "wholesome furry" thread in /m is so retarded. Why even call it "furry" if it's not the gross sexual shit when that is at the very the core of what being a furry is?
It's the equivalent of calling a thread "cute non-offending pedo images" and it's just pictures of cute kids and babies. Like sure the images are innocent on thier own but you named it in a gross sexual way which literally ruins the point and implies they are still for pedos. Thinking stitch or simba is cute doesn't make you a furry for fucks sake

No. 2042274

>It's the equivalent of calling a thread "cute non-offending pedo images"
WTF that's wild, it really isn't. i'm not a furry or anything but as far as i know furries is synonymous with anthropomorphic animal enjoyers. i'm not going to defend that group because yes it's majorly composed of perverts but your analogy is insane, hyperbole or not

No. 2042278

People who don't work are evil, when they have the means to do so.

Everyone wants to throw hate at the ultra rich and how they don't really work for their wealth yet gain the most from everyone else's labor.
Well, your standard NEET has the same mentality, sans the capital.
From what I've seen, entitled people who think they're too good to work don't become altruistic when they come into money. They just hoard in their bunkers full of junk and expect everyone else to tow the line to keep up the supplies of goods and services which don't come from fucking nothing.
If society were fair, we'd actually pay the most stressful, most tedious, and hardest jobs the most. Instead that goes to faggots playing with imaginary numbers and not even breaking a sweat most the time.
Why does everyone else have to sacrifice their life to provide shit for you just because they were forced into a system where they had no choice but to play the part for money so they could survive as a baseline? It's fucking bullshit.

No. 2042283

How do you feel about lolita fashion threads then? Cause like, doesn't everyone associate the word with a fetish and gee some of those clothes sure do look like a play on appearing as young as possible.

Anon I legitimately know autistics who like fursuits and art but aren't zoophiles.

No. 2042295

I don't know how this happened but furries managed to convince normies that being a furry was not sexual at all and that it just meant you liked fictional anthropomorphic animals. See the other two retards who replied to your post as an example.
Whenever I see furries getting shat on on my social media, everybody in the comments is always defending them, claiming the fetish aspect of it is minimal or done by a minority, or trying to justify their attraction because they aren't real animals. As if them being 2D made it ok and not fucked up at all. These people given men the benefit of the doubt are so fucking stupid.

No. 2042298

File: 1717944326313.jpg (102.86 KB, 598x400, 1000003040.jpg)

video game graphics peaked with the sims 1

No. 2042300

Neither are more cute, it's just a different kind of cute imo.

No. 2042301

Furry fandom could actually be normal on nerd standards if it wasn't infested by hypersexual gay and bi moids, who unfortunately make up most of it. Female-only furry spaces are pretty chill (like the /m/ thread). Coomer moids ruin everything.

No. 2042309

Loved this shit, love the detail, love the kinda creepy air it gave off sometimes, loved the custom skin creator where you could make your sims anything you could draw

No. 2042312

ts1 was very pretty but also terrifying in details like the burglar music

No. 2042314

Agreed. There's something so shitty about NEETs who are just content to be on their computers all day just because they're privileged enough to have well-off parents who can provide for their failsons/faildaughters. Meanwhile the rest of society works and keeps the world running. There's a reason why slothfulness is considered a sin.

No. 2042315

i miss it so much

kek i clicked the video even though i knew it was coming, it really is a special kind of scary

No. 2042319

File: 1717945594064.gif (4.28 MB, 414x348, megan-interesting.gif)

I wonder what the "nowhere girls" have to say about this. Probably some form of "NEET girls good, NEET boys bad".

No. 2042322

I don't disagree but lets not pretend that NEETs freeloading on a few people max is the same as the ultra rich exploiting the masses to gain and retain their wealth.

No. 2042324

That fucking clown

No. 2042327

I'm just waiting for someone to come in here and rail against welfare programs as if the socially maladjusted masses on neetbux affects them as bad as the collective of CEOs strangling the entire economy.

No. 2042328

It's saying that NEETs would do the same shit if they became rich tomorrow, they just cannot do it today because the exploitation is not the same level–you are correct.

No. 2042330

Nothing wrong with welfare but the people who put the most into it a la taxed during their working years deserve the most from it when the time comes for them to need it.
Willful NEETs should get the least.

No. 2042367

File: 1717948985491.jpeg (143.87 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_1196.jpeg)

Kekk. Wagies whine about a small percentage of people instead of figuring out you can all just collectively stop working as a form of protest, but no you’re just straight up envious of people who are able to stay at home or be NEETs. All about tearing each other down like crabs in a bucket and never about actually attacking the people who dictate work hours and wages, crazy! Also welfare is extremely hard to come by and you can be on the list for years and even if you technically qualify they can reject you for no good reason so no, people are not walking around willy nilly “wasting” your wagie tax dollars (that btw aren’t yours once it’s taken out of your paycheck) they are wasting that on inflated military budgets while neglecting every system where these tax dollars were supposed to be used on (education, infrastructure, social services, etc). The very fact you don’t want to acknowledge this tells me your rant is full of seethe and cope and this is why wagies should never ever complain about anything, you are unable to sacrifice anything to make your conditions easier. It’s all about “what about muh family and muh car and muh bills!!” when someone advise you to do something for the greater good, all about that reptilian lizard brain survival.

No. 2042370

whats the point of working anymore. You arent going to own a house.

No. 2042402

So true queen.

No. 2042403

> instead of figuring out you can all just collectively stop working as a form of protest
You're incredibly retarded. Some people have no choice but to work or risk homelessness. Must be nice having mommy and daddy pay for your chicken tendies everyday.

No. 2042405

>collectively stop working as a form of protest
Alright, so no electricity, water, gas, or Uber Eats for you.
Sound dandy?

No. 2042408

The problem isn't NEETs here. You're almost there. keep thinking about it.

No. 2042411

Did you ever consider someone can hate both rich people and lazy assholes not helping the situation by hiding behind the smokescreen of only blaming the rich people?
You're still part of the problem of exploitation, you just handwave it because it's not on the mass scale of a billionaire but the village still doesn't like you.

No. 2042415

"I've got mine, fuck you and blame the rich."

No. 2042418

To derive meaning in life instead of just uselessly existing like NEETs do. Even in tribal cultures, each individual has a task they're supposed to do to ensure the survival of the tribe. Like rich people, NEETs just waste space and resources, and then complain how miserable they are.

No. 2042421

nta but i doubt any of you work doing something important

No. 2042422

>normalfags are brainwashed to think wagey slaving gives them meaning
jesus christ thats beyond pathetic. Feels good to NEET and be able to learn skills and enjoy my hobbies.

No. 2042425

Some anons here have education in STEM fields and medicine.

working a wagecuck job like McDees =/= career employment
If everyone thought like you there would be no doctors, engineers, or scientists who are passionate about making the world better. Sorry you're the weakest link.

No. 2042427

Or maybe you're coping by projecting.
And following the logic of your protest idea, wagies exist in the utilities and doubly so in the service sectors.
Would mean no internet or tv for you. Did you even think that part through or you gonna proceed to tinfoil about how everyone else must secretly be as underemployed as you?

No. 2042428

>but muh skills and muh hobbies
>it's all about ME! ME ME ME!
This is exactly proving anon's point that NEETs are just as selfish as rich people. You're still gaining from someone's else's labour because someone else (the rest of society) is subsiding your existence.

No. 2042432

There is nothing wrong with NEETs so long as they acknowledge that they are lazy parasites that provide nothing of value to society, have no reason to continue living and have no purpose beyond consumption.

No. 2042434

At this point we should just euthanize them like we do with male retards.

No. 2042444

You're able to do those things on the back of someone else's wageslaving that you're looking down upon.

That said I feel frustrated about this >>2042370 as well.

No. 2042446

you dont stop being a parasite just because you work. You are still polluting the planet by using public transport/cars. And for what? to put money in your owner's pocket. lmao.

No. 2042448

i didnt ask to be born. I am not going to wageslave just because someone didnt use a condom. Life is too short to waste it working.

No. 2042449

File: 1717953126771.jpeg (127.74 KB, 736x667, IMG_1197.jpeg)

I miss when mannish bodies were accepted on women. Now you have to look like a tranny with fat deposits hanging on your body like one of those fat goats from the middle eastern

No. 2042450

what about that is mannish

No. 2042453

Being a leech who does nothing all day but consoom has nothing to do with pollution with car usage.

No. 2042457

I agree with the sentiment but disagree with calling it "mannish". It's muscular women bodies. I agree that I prefer that era though, I have that body type they used to like in the 2000s, like Britney Spears and stuff, I would've been a celebrity back then with my looks. I hate the modern standards, they're so ugly. Everyone used to look better in the 2000s, not the men though, those were ugly.

No. 2042458

File: 1717953426310.jpg (30.83 KB, 547x525, 1000017225.jpg)

>actually saying womp womp

No. 2042459

File: 1717953515685.webp (548.77 KB, 1410x1600, IMG_1198.webp)

>You're incredibly retarded. Some people have no choice but to work or risk homelessness
Womp womp, then I guess nothing will change then. You’ll just work, complain and die, what a sad life while posting on an imageboard kek
t. wagie who’s life mirrors the sisyphus myth
Wagie create their own prison and then point and cry when they see people who are free. Why not follow them instead of complaining?

No. 2042460

the average wagey is a bigger consoomer than your average neet. The know they have nothing going for so they waste all their money on crap likes clothes and things they dont need in an attempt to fill the void they feel. I dont consoom, i havent bought a single thing in over 5 years. Because i dont need them, i got my hobbies like drawing and playing guitar.

No. 2042461

The whole "snatched waist" thing is retarded, most people can't shrink their waist even with extreme diet and exercise

>t. skinny rectangle-chan

No. 2042465

How does it feel pretending your dead-end job produces something worthwhile for society? You applaud yourself and others for basically being filler while you can’t even afford a home and will own nothing, you will end up like NEETs in the future if you keep complaining. I really wish people like you would stop bringing up blue collar jobs because there’s no guarantee your call center office hunchback ass is doing any of those excruciating jobs kek, almost virtually no one here does construction or works in agriculture so you are basically a screaming little bug person complaining about a small segment of the population who have special conditions.

No. 2042469

File: 1717954155841.jpeg (63.67 KB, 640x421, IMG_1201.jpeg)

Kekk, I’m not a NEET and it’s hilarious watching other wagies complain about this shit while doing nothing to make their lives worth living. Helpless little retards

No. 2042470

All these womenchild NEETs coming out of the woodworks, wewlass

No. 2042473

I hope every woman becomes a NEET relying on charity and benefits until the entire system crashes and their husbands starve the death

No. 2042474

I have no real problem with neets fyi, but I don't get this "be like me, just don't work you dumb wageslaves!" attitude. Where do you think your food will be coming from, your clean drinking water, your clothes, even the buildings you live in if everyone just stopped working? Do you want to go back to an agricultural society where everyone works the land to have food on their plate at the end of the day?

No. 2042479

It's pretty ironic when you realize you could be a socially accepted NEET by getting a husband, but most of the girls here are too stupid to see it, or just flat out can't land a provider husband lol

No. 2042481

>NEET relying on charity and benefits
If only that was the case. The reality is that most NEETs have mental illnesses from rotting their brains being in front of the screens all day while they constantly stress out their own mothers about never having a future. I just feel bad for the mothers.

>just whore yourself out in the mercy of a moid!
This is not a good advice that you think it is.

No. 2042482

It beats being a drain on mommy and daddy all your life.

No. 2042483

>where do you think your food will be coming from, your clean drinking water, your clothes, even the buildings you live in if everyone just stopped working
It’s definitely not coming from you, with your useless ahhh
>do you want to go back to an agricultural society where everyone works the land to have food on their plate at the end of the day
Pretty much, sounds good. What’s wrong with that?

No. 2042484

Also, most people with the NEET mindset end up pushed out into the real world, but because they feel they've been better than everyone else, they don't develop any skills and end up working at Walmart or something LOL

No. 2042485

You wouldn't survive an agricultural society, retard

No. 2042486

>rotting their brain sitting in front of the computer screen
And what are you doing right now anon? Doing puzzles and rearranging a rubix cube? KEK

No. 2042488

Terminally online cope

No. 2042490

At least the NEETs in the NEET Recovery Thread have the self awareness that they can't just rely on their parents forever. For the NEETs unashamed of their lifestyle, where do they actually think they're gonna go?

No. 2042491

File: 1717955076335.jpeg (54.24 KB, 550x550, IMG_1181.jpeg)

And you’re barely surviving now with more technological advancements that should have made your life easier so wyd crying about NEETs when you should be grinding and being an outstanding citizen? Go and grind girlboss, what are you doing here wasting your time

No. 2042492

While browsing an imageboard throwing your retarded opinion away in this thread and doing god knows what else. Beautiful irony

No. 2042494

It's Sunday. Normal people don't work on Sundays. Idk why you've psyopped yourself into believing that its a fruitless endeavor, working. Maybe it has to do with your own inner lack of self esteem. Do you think you can't do it? Is that why you've resided to NEETdom? Because you know you've already gone too far? Well I'm here to tell you that it's not too late to stop being such a fat, unwashed, lazy loser. You can go back to school and fix your sham of a life. Try it. You might actually stop being so depressed and angry all the time, if you worked for something in your misrable, pathetic life. Maybe you won't kill yourself! That would be nice

No. 2042496

nta but chiming in to say I have a cow irl and look down on all of you

No. 2042499

File: 1717955483517.png (124.45 KB, 377x400, kaigo_kurumaisu_woman.png)

There is nothing wrong with being a NEET so long as you are disabled to the point that you actually cannot work even if you wanted to. I genuinely think it's scummy for people to NEET for no reason other than being lazy. Even more so to have the gall to act pretentious and holier-than-thou while doing it. It is incredibly selfish and indicative of low-quality, forever-a-child behavior. I hate the system that we live in and I don't deny that there this genuine societal and economical reasons for why someone would wish to NEET. However, I think people who NEET and then go "Haha, stupid retard wagie have fun being apart of the system!" while not only being intentionally obtuse to the work and value of work people provide that allows them to NEET comfortably but taking advantage of it too are incredibly retarded. To NEET and have to rely on the everyday 'wagies' who work and do things so that you to have the things you need to be comfortable while badmouthing people who actively put an effort into such things are weird. It shows a general, almost psychopathic, disconnect from humanity. People who suckle on a benefits system meant for people who're actually in need for it and putting a strain on those who actually and genuinely need it because they can't physically work due to disability or chronic illness are scum. I wouldn't mind NEETs as much if it weren't for the fact that they're incredibly unaware and selfish. I swear, it's as most NEETs view themselves as modern day Diogenes.

No. 2042500

>It’s definitely not coming from you, with your useless ahhh
Terribly childish response to someone who's actually trying to have a meaningful discussion with you without condemning you for being a NEET like most other anonns here. Makes me think I struck a nerve.

You wouldn't have much time or money to put towards your valued hobbies in an agricultural society (nor is it likely you'd have many rights as a woman)

No. 2042503

>fat, unwashed, lazy loser
Damn that’s how you feel about college students? I’m not a NEET I just don’t get people who dislike them, you won’t come across most of them in real life because they already don’t go outside, but if you are claiming to see a lot of them it says a lot about you (being the pig slop that you are) and the people you attract in your space.

No. 2042504

being a retard is not a disability. put on the vest and go be a greeter, slob

No. 2042506

Ikr? I don't know if I necessarily HATE NEETs, but the way they showed their asses in this thread definitely made me lose a lot of respect for them.

No. 2042507

I said disabled to the point of being unable to work. Such as being completely paralyzed, suffering from terminal illness, missing limbs, etc. Also, I'm against NEETs, not for them.

No. 2042510

File: 1717955883766.jpeg (76.37 KB, 735x732, IMG_1202.jpeg)

I support the NEETs on this website

No. 2042512

Fair. However, there aren't any bitches here fresh out of Iraq or something missing their arms. They're just mentally ill (retarded) and have been coddled by their parents for far too long.
Quit backpedaling and trying to cape for NEETs then. They're the equivalent of homeless people.

No. 2042514

Neet stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training. College students are by definition not neets.

No. 2042518

File: 1717956079384.jpg (139.21 KB, 1289x1598, tumblr_5de8b60ad2330979103b59e…)

if youre a neet you can neet, but you need to stfu when it comes to victimhood, economics or politics even if you have chronic illness or some flavor of anxiety (aka retardation with a faster heartrate), or one-no-leg. Living like royalty basically and should be grateful for it and stay humble. honestly should honestly be made to take calls for FEMA or other volunteer organizations but picking up the phone might make them explode ass-first from social anxiety and Chrons

No. 2042525

Albums should be listened to back to front and individually. The mixtape, and later shuffle button are the worst things to happen in music history

No. 2042527

File: 1717956452945.jpg (312.79 KB, 1080x720, 1649140587513.jpg)

pic related is dumb for not being a NEET

No. 2042528

We aren't talking about actual autism, we're talking about people who clearly aren't autistic and claiming to be

No. 2042534

I think wageslaves are jealous of NEETs and that’s all there is to this infight, just underlying bitterness and misdirected anger

No. 2042535

Honestly? I think it goes both ways. It's very apparent when NEETs feel attacked for being what they are.

No. 2042575

Nonna… do you seriously believe a person that watches porn respects women?

No. 2042580

Samefag im not the anon that started the convo about relationships, but if were talking about hetero "romantic" relationships, it doesn't matter if you have the best dad ever he most likely has objectified/dehumanized women and turns a blind eye whenever it happens around him and also favours mens opinion/intelligence/capabilties/feelings/existense over women.

No. 2042583

I don't get why professors care so much if students cheat on assignments to the point where it harms well-meaning students.
For example, I'm taking 2 online classes over the summer and the professors do not allow you to see what questions you got right or wrong on assignments, in fear of someone re-uploading the answers. So you have no idea what you're getting right and wrong. Seriously? I get basic precautions, but at that point if someone cheats and doesn't learn the material because of it it's their own fault. If this class is actually useful for the cheater's major their karma will come the next semester when they don't know shit. If it's not, then the college is just financially extorting them anyways by making them take this class. You're doing too much.

No. 2042599

I don’t think there’s any such thing as cheating. Knowledge is out there, if you decide to use it in your work I don’t think that’s cheating thats just using your resources.

No. 2042659

Depending on who you are free money of some kind (not necessarily welfare) can be extremely easy to come by and tons of tax dollars are being wasted by these programs, even though welfare and disability are really hard to get. Illegal immigrants in many countries are paid more than a lot of the working population for nothing plus given free housing, certain regions have UBI for specific groups like troons that they can all get without much trouble, hell even a lot of government positions are practically welfare because they barely work but get lots of tax money.

>that btw aren’t yours once it’s taken out of your paycheck

Deranged take though. Obviously once your money is stolen it isn't, strictly speaking, 'yours' anymore, but it should have been.

No. 2042663

Also even working wagecuck jobs like McDonalds is important. People need food service workers. Maybe it would be better for people not to eat McDonalds specifically but having cheap and easily available food of some kind is always gonna be a necessity even if it was better quality. Same with most of the jobs people consider worthless like janitors, truckers, retail employees, babysitters.

No. 2042676

This is the greatest opinion posted in this thread in the last week at least, shuffles and mixtapes completely ruined the music industry beyond repair in so many ways, not just music listening but production, pay structure, everything.

No. 2042677

I'm the first anon out of those three and I don't get what porn has to do with that post at all?

No. 2042680

The convo was not about hetero or romantic relationships it was some retard claiming that all relationships with other human beings are bad.

No. 2042682

K-pop is appealing because it takes aspects from geisha culture and hip hop culture and combines it(kpop)

No. 2042684

What aspects does it take from geisha culture? Geishas are japanese

No. 2042689

The dancing for me. Small but intentional movement.(kpop)

No. 2042694

I thought it borrowed a lot of stuff from 90s UK pop music and 2000s hip hop and rnb

No. 2042696

Nta but it changes what it takes inspiration from depending on the current trends and what's selling.

No. 2042715

For the most part that just looks like run of the mill hip hop dancing to me with some interpretive or club dancing elements. I don't think there is a huge variety. I used to do hip hop dance (various kinds) and we would get these in our choreo class sometimes, they were pretty much the same moves as the rest of what we learned in our hip hop classes.

No. 2042719

Tbh my only thorough knowledge is blackpinks first album and a few EPs. Love them(kpop)

No. 2042734

Every unpopular opinion thread has people bringing up the same bannable topic huh

No. 2042746

And then you meet a bitch like me and will tell the mods to eat shit and talk about what i want to anyway

No. 2042747

Kpop is child prostitution and soulless trash that's inferior to both the things you mentioned.

No. 2042750

idk about the child prostitution thing but yeah kpop sucks and south korea in general is just really overrated

No. 2042773

A couple with blonde hair and blue eyes looks weird because when they kiss it looks like an incestual relationship between brother and sister

No. 2042781

Would you say this about an Asian couple with black hair and brown eyes?

No. 2042786

Who said this had anything to do about race you weirdo?

No. 2042790

Well because obviously an Asian and African with black hair and brown eyes wouldn't look like siblings, it was just a random example.

No. 2042794

You’re assuming they don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes and think it’s exclusive to only Europeans. Laughable.

No. 2042799

So you think a black man with dyed blonde hair and blue eyes and a white woman with natural blonde hair and blue eyes look like siblings having an incest relationship? But people with other haircolors don't?

No. 2042801

Black people and white people aren’t the only race that exists on this planet. Think about it for a second, I know it’s hard for you

No. 2042811

Are you American, why the race obsession? Did the conversation even have to do with race? Could've easily asked the OP if they thought the same about brown-eyed redheads dating other brown-eyed redheads or something, kek.

No. 2042827

I just used an obvious example of two people with similar coloring which would be common to see out in the real world lmao no I'm not American and holy shit it seems like the other anons on this thread want to make it into a race discussion.

Okay, let's go with brown-eyed redheads (although they're much less common than blondes and I've never seen a two-redhead couple in my life). Do they look like siblings if they date?

No. 2042830

what the fuck is wrong with this animal

No. 2042834

Blond haired blue eyed people are significantly rarer than brunette people, so wouldn't it make more sense to use a similarly rare hair/eye color combo?
>it seems like the other anons on this thread want to make it into a race discussion
But you did that? I just don't see a point in dragging Asians and black people into it, blond isn't a race kek

No. 2042835

File: 1717972435911.jpg (20.05 KB, 474x351, 1000003936.jpg)

No. 2042836

Blonde haired blue eyed people are not that rare if you include people with dyed blonde hair which is a lot of people in many countries.

I am entirely uninterested in making this a race discussion and I'm starting to think this is just thinly veiled bait. If the original anon wants to answer the question though she should feel free, does this apply only to blonde blue eyed people or does it apply to the billions of people all over the world who date people with their same coloring? If this is just bait then stop baiting.

No. 2042838

Nta but if it's bait then stop replying and report

No. 2042839

I didn't initially think it was and I don't want to get banned for reporting bait that might not be bait.

Anyway can we go back to actually interesting topics like NEETs or the fact that mixtapes and playlists destroyed music

No. 2042840

Not bait, it's just very weird to read "blonde haired blue eyed people" and start thinking "What about brunette Asians specifically, and black men with dyed hair??" by any metric. I don't agree or disagree with the original anon.

No. 2042842

That's because the modern and current trend is hip-hop/rap, so they do that. Go back 10-20 years and you'll see different dances and choreography that was actually sexy and interesting. SNSD is a mine for that stuff, I suggest checking out Genie, Gee, Into The New World, Lion Heart, Mr. Mr., Show Girls and other hit songs by them to see the variety.

No. 2042850

Not any weirder than saying that only blonde haired blue eyed people look like siblings and the rest of all other people in the world don't but anyway, hypotheticals aside people only look like siblings if they look like siblings and I can only assume people that think this are faceblind. There is some precedent for the idea that some people date people who look really similar to them but for genetic diversity reasons most people actually aren't attracted to people who look too similar to them and will usually naturally be drawn to people who are somewhat genetically different.

No. 2042852

So what do you guys do for fun? Are you barren of stimulus that this is an interesting discussion for you?

No. 2042854

I think you should calm down and eat some bread or something.

No. 2042856

Semi-unrelated but my unpopular opinion is that lyrical dance and some contemporary dance styles based off lyrical dance are the most boring and overplayed style of dance I can think of. They got really popular around the early 2000s for some reason and now even on shows that are supposed to showcase different dance styles it seems like the majority of contestants wow everyone by doing the same 10-20 rehashed lyrical/contemporary moves over and over again while making pained 'emotional' faces but lyrical/contemporary dance usually completely lacks musicality and is closer to an acrobatics/acting hybrid rather than sharing the qualities of most other dance. Can't wait for this trend to end.

No. 2042858

This is all dumb. People with the same eye and hair color don't look like siblings just because they have just two phenotypes in common. Anyone who thinks that should go outside.

No. 2042861

wanna know something really funny me and my husband have opposite hair and eye colors but our actual facial structure (eye shape, noses, lips, face shape) basically make us look like fraternal twins. People usually think we’re siblings kekk

No. 2042862

Yes, and we don't need to bring up random races to say this obvious fact.

No. 2042864

the real unpopular opinion is that theyres nothing wrong with couples looking the same, that’s actually kind of cute. it makes perfect sense to be attracted to someone who looks like yourself

No. 2042868

I think it's fine for couples to look similar but it's pretty rare because most people are naturally not attracted to people who look the same as them. As an offshoot from this I think it's cute when couples have really similar style and aesthetics but I weirdly don't see that a lot.

No. 2042872

He was moaning in that picture don’t worry he’s ok

No. 2042893

It's just retards bringing up the same fucking topic every other damn day. I'm tired of seeing it. Who gives a fuck about blonde hair blue eyes, why do I keep seeing shit either praising it or hating on it here nonstop. Nonas/trolls need some new fucking material. Beating a dead horse at this point the horse is just mush.

No. 2042897

Jackie Onassis looked like a fucking lizard

No. 2042914

File: 1717975325135.png (2.84 MB, 1170x1578, none of you are funny .png)

I think it’s time for memes to stop being a thing. Everyone is so fucking unfunny and now just repeat the same reference over and over and over again to some unfunny image or saying or person. Like the chick fil a cashier making that dumbass face being treated as the peak of comedy. We’ve full circled all the way back to unironic Lel XD i’m seewww random and quirky haha can’t take me anywhere! humor

No. 2042917

I can't wait for dbdr to actually sort his life out and get a loving relationship.

No. 2042926

The original 'lel I'm seww random' media was unironically funnier, like those can has burger cat images or whatever might have been kind of retarded but at least they were cute. Most memes don't even have cute or relatable going for them anymore.

No. 2042932

I’m gonna piss on you anon(dumbass shit posting)

No. 2042933

everyone thinks they’re a comedian and no one knows how to naturally be funny

No. 2042937

Anyone working in health who posts tiktoks is extremely untrustworthy.

No. 2042941

Ever since the child gf meme, I've wanted them to end

No. 2042942

your dentist stops in the middle of caring for your infected hairy gums to take a tiktok of her findings, wyd?

No. 2042943

This is true too, aren't they supposed to maintain confidentiality? I don't blame doctors or nurses for privately gossiping about patients who do dumb shit or have weird health problems but posting it on social media for everyone to see is just fucked up.

No. 2042946

>hair gets pushed up into the gum lining of a tooth like a popcorn kernel

No. 2042949

File: 1717976718008.png (463.59 KB, 442x622, 777.png)

The moid in this picture didn't do anything wrong (if any of it actually even happened).

No. 2042951

Wait I haven't been following the discourse, are there really people who think the bartender did something wrong?

No. 2042953

KEK other than that facial expression (which gives it away as fake) this is based.

No. 2042955

Whenever I see that photo, there are a bunch of people calling him a cringe male feminist and complaining about him potentially interrupting an innocent man trying to flirt. Most are moids (of course), but some women say the same thing.

No. 2042956

Apparently he's a good man.

No. 2042961

File: 1717977254692.jpg (88.12 KB, 720x719, 0185ec8c19a7abcad00741d1c4101f…)

Ugly people should not reproduce. Ugly people often have diaseases and are weak so they just ruin the genetic pool.
Since there are more hot women than men, hot women should still fuck only the hot men (18-23) and women should team up with other women to raise the children like lionesses do. Men get euthanized by 28.

No. 2042962

Men get offended at the idea their behavior is seen as creepy. There's a story similar to that image where a female coffee shop worker wrote a note to a female customer asking whether a guy in the shop was bothering her. A bunch of men in the comments were angry saying "this is why men can't get girlfriends or approach women," "the bitch was jealous a pretty girl was getting attention," etc.

No. 2042964

>cringe male feminist
Acceptable critique.
>interrupting an innocent man trying to flirt
The women saying this are dumb and need to go outside. Ain't nothing innocent when a man's flirting is bad enough to creep out the male bartender. Moids caping for predators is unfortunately not surprising though.

No. 2042965

I remember this after someone turned it into a soyjak

No. 2042967

You have the exact same takes as the rapists that used to pillage and murder villages and steal attractive women to breed with. Maybe you should consider going permanently offline before your brain turns into a pile of molten shit.

No. 2042970

>Men get euthanized by 28.
Why not just sterilize them and make them work to provide for the women and children? Seems like a waste of manpower.

No. 2042975

She literally wants to phase out women except for bangmaids, weird ass bitch

No. 2042977

Men reach their peak testosterone 17-21. They also hit the wall at 25 and im tired ugly balding visceral fat carrying men so they should die. So they should get sterilized like you said but at 25.

No. 2042982

what if the hot man and woman have ugly kids? it happens

No. 2042984

How?? Men aged 17-28 when they are the strongest do all the physical jobs abd women do all the other stuff. Also men are not good at raising children and even the best ones would at least install some misogyny in the way they raise children.

No. 2042985

Topicals always work faster than sublingual or oral medications/supplements

No. 2042986

>mentions eugenics
>”you’re a rapist!!!!!1!”

No. 2042988

They don't reproduce. The women become nannies or just work and the men work im the mines until they die.

No. 2042989

Yeah and restricting "ugly" women from having kids is just weird. The whole thing reeks of incel alpha fucks beta bucks nonsense but applied to women for some reason.
Doesn't that just leave all of the hot young dudes to work in the salt mines though?

No. 2042990

You need to work on your reading comprehension.

No. 2042992

are you just ugly and don't get hit on?

No. 2042993

ayrt, was this reply meant for another post?

No. 2042994

Go tell your parents that

No. 2042995

Okay enjoy your ugly moids then

No. 2042996

ntayrt If the hot woman and the hot man happens to have an ugly child, the ugly child doesn’t reproduce, that is what they meant.

No. 2042997

lol and the supposed hot woman and moid still get to reproduce and potentially make more uggo kids? none of anon's ideas make any sense and come off like she's really bitter about something in her personal life

No. 2042999

>”i think men should”
>”x should be killed or culled”
>”x is lazy”
>”x genes are”

don’t you people ever eat, take a nap, climb a mountain, go kayaking, eat some fruits, go for a walk, watch the sunset, ponder about life and take a break? goodness grief

No. 2043002

dont your eyes hurt everytime you see any ugly moid, dont you ever wonder what we could do to solve this pressing issue

No. 2043003

Wish i could. My mom who was/is pretty decided to breed with an ugly post wall man in his 50s and i had asthma, skin conditions, hair falling out since 11 and cancer. Im also uggo.

No. 2043004

why are the topics of discussion only ever shit like eugenics and hatred of motherhood? suchh twitter scrote ass conversations

No. 2043006

There are no ugly moids in the sunset sweet nonna. Go look for yourself.

No. 2043007

we still need people to work, ugly or not, so that would be their purpose in life.

No. 2043008

Im heartbroken the way they are so offended and defend ugly moids.

No. 2043009

no, no not really anon. i don’t really care about men

No. 2043010

I think it might be 4channers, they've been posting screenshots from here and onto /r9k/

No. 2043011

the sunset only lasts for so long, sweet nonners.

No. 2043012

Most of these anons have ascended past caring about ugly moids. Their existence simply doesn't rattle our world because they don't even register in our awareness. We're beyond such trifles. Please join us.

No. 2043013

But after the sun sets, the stars come out. Go find hot guys in the constellations or something.

No. 2043014

That also explains the sudden racebaiting and same dumb topics over and over.

No. 2043015

Wish i could if wasnt being shoved every 5 seconds with repulsive creatures. Literally every single moid is ugly.

No. 2043016

You said people, not men. Can you go larp elsewhere, programmersocks.

No. 2043018

Also im just sick if ugly fat geariatric balding men being shilled as attractive.

No. 2043020

Find better things to look at. I'm serious. This is an unhealthy degree to dwell on aesthetics. Or idk go hang out in ugly man psyop and distress yourself further.

No. 2043022

Whats the point if even nonnies are irl monsterfuckers

No. 2043023

not the original poaster buddy. i wish trannies and ugly moids would be filtered out of the gene pool. inb4 theres no way a woman could say such a thing…

No. 2043026

File: 1717979152332.jpg (108.47 KB, 736x855, 6170dab240cd101057f28444d92c34…)

Sexyy Red is the hottest rapper right now. Her music is catchy and fun. I don't care if she's a minstrel show or ghetto! She reminds me of the nice ghetto girls I know in real life.

No. 2043027

i can do all of that and still hate men

No. 2043028

I completely agree dancers that dance to lyrics have a hard time finding the beat they fucking dance and hit on weird runs and notes

No. 2043029

You literally can't even reproduce. Please fuck off.

No. 2043030

I don't look for ugly men. They are all fat ans gross and are still allowed to be human.

No. 2043031

What is with some of you trying to sound like channers. You don't look integrated you look even more new faggot

No. 2043034

anyone who disagrees with you is infertile

No. 2043035

I don't understand why are you all so angry. Are your nigels ugly or something? Why do you care if ugly moids die?

No. 2043036

Yeah but why waste your energy on this?

No. 2043038

File: 1717979327185.jpeg (40.44 KB, 680x625, GOheqDqa4AAyOuV.jpeg)

soyjaks are funny. i like soyjaks

No. 2043039

File: 1717979365082.png (371.01 KB, 1008x567, FNACDevs.png)

Agree, I'm still sad they got banned

No. 2043041


No. 2043042

Incredibly based take. Even if NEETs refuse to work by "sticking it to the man" it doesn't change the fact that they're still lazy unambitious slobs who contribute nothing to society. If their reason for not working is because it lines the pocket of some other shmuck, then why don't they volunteer at nonprofit organizations or charity that actually lead to a societal good? They are just lazy, and no worse than other types of deadbeats like alcoholics and drug addicts.

No. 2043044

No. 2043046

Ntayrt but I’m an oldfag and I’ve seen ‘poast’ used similarly to ‘moar’ for years without issue. Is that frowned upon now?

No. 2043047

I feel like ugly people should reproduce because ugly people always make pretty kids, I see it all the time

No. 2043048

Ive tried ignoring it but the lanafags, constant ads with bearded ugly men, beautiful women being called mid and men in their 50s being paired with a woman that looks like their daughter… i just want to see death

No. 2043049

How does one even become a neet though? Just have parents/partner willing to financially support them?

No. 2043050

its just a newfag that came from social media trying to larp as an oldfag. True oldfags came from /cgl/

No. 2043053

I think it’s annoying because she said ugly women shouldn’t have kids and should die too

No. 2043056

Is poast a thing I just though some retard had fucked up writing post so much their phone autocorrects to it

No. 2043057

Nta but aren't most of them on some government program?

No. 2043059

With the way anons cry about being unattractive like in /g/ why would you wish that fate on your children

No. 2043060

Alcoholics and drug addicts are worse because they kill people

No. 2043061

Being a neet is fine if you're mooching off of someone who can financially afford it. If you're just mooching off of peoples niceness though that's not cool

No. 2043062

I didn't say they should die. Ugly women should not reproduce but can die of old age. Men should die by 28. Grandmas look cute but ugly old men look like a swamp monster

No. 2043066

Why are you so shallow

No. 2043068

File: 1717979951815.jpeg (297.57 KB, 2048x1112, GOJZHw7a8AAyPVW.jpeg)

you get me nonny. i understand why they were banned but still

No. 2043070

Unironically: Go outside and touch grass. Please see some nature, away from people and off of the phone. All of these
>ads with bearded ugly men
>beautiful women being called mid
>men in their 50s being paired with a woman that looks like their daughter
are problems that only affect your personal life because of the internet and other humans. You will completely avoid them if you spend time off of social media and don't keep up with regurgitated celebrity slop. Most of us are having fun when we talk about killing off moids, you don't sound like you're having fun. You sound like this is a genuine stressor for you and I really hope you find peace.

No. 2043071

File: 1717980074629.jpg (111.32 KB, 720x935, 191f66534f2f40ce8612c88e5930ef…)

I think neets should consider joining religious institutions.

No. 2043072

what did ugly women do to you

No. 2043073

make ugly babies

No. 2043074

Just my experience being on gov programs, but majority of them require you to have a job or be enrolled in school unless you have a disability. They're not just gonna give you free housing, food, etc galore just because you dont want to work

No. 2043076

I literally don't give a fuck about moid circumcision because it doesn't affect me directly since I'm not a moid, and I don't see why any woman should give a fuck about it at all.

No. 2043078

I believe that you are a newfag too

No. 2043079

thank you for the insight

No. 2043080

what did the ugly baby do to you

No. 2043081

be ugly

No. 2043083

Don't pretend that anyone has actively used that except for complete neckbeards in the past decade.

No. 2043084

Pro circumcision moids also get so much more hostile kek. Once I pointed out to a moid majority of the world is circumcised and got called a bunch of named, got diagnosed with 5 different personality disorders, got called old and fat (I was 18 and 100 lbs at the time), probably damn near got doxxed if I hadn't blocked him. Even though I disagree with circumcision I don't even bother dealing with those damn psychos

No. 2043087

Concentration camps at this point

No. 2043088

Women risk pregnancy, stds, abuse, their parterns having porn brain rot, cheating, bear carrying child and birthing it. Also when you fuck men then can install their male cells into you/alter your genetic.

No. 2043089

Religious institutions full of voluntarily celibate adults considered "pure" are just dens of rapists (and/or those who participate in married people's adultery).

No. 2043090

>hatred of motherhood
imagine shoving out a baby out your cooch because you let a man shoot his toxic semen into you.(blackpill goes to 2X)

No. 2043092

Keep crying faggot it’ll never be the same thing.

No. 2043093

Men are repulsive irl too

No. 2043094

You're all arguing with men who can't even create babies and their balls don't work

No. 2043095

>away from people

No. 2043096

File: 1717980479465.webp (139.69 KB, 1420x1080, IMG_1206.webp)

>Male genital mutilation is just as bad as female genital mutilation

No. 2043097

>i am so special for rejecting the innate desire to reproduce
people like this always seem like the type that would make their kid call them by their first name if they did ever reproduce, God forbid

No. 2043098

i thought we were just talking about ugly men not infertile men?

No. 2043100

Ok and what's that got to do with how attractive you find a woman

No. 2043102

I think women should be allowed to have opinions regarding the penises they interact with.

No. 2043103

funny how women who know the horrors that comes with pregnancy and motherhood are called “4chan scrotes” but it never rings straight alarm bells when you faggots keep mentioning “innate need to procreate” literally shut the fuck up with that shit already, tired of you tradfag women thinking your pussy has to be used as a baby incubator when nothing about this world is innate or fully natural. just stop, it plays into oppressive gender roles which people think are innate when they mostly aren’t

No. 2043104

I've been rescued from creeps by male bartenders before, this image looks fake but the idea/sentiment is not. I know all moids bad and whatever but some men working as waiters or bartenders do pick up on women being creeped on and try to save them for the sake of their job responsibilities, can't believe men are raging at them for cockblocking or whatever. Hell some bars I used to frequent had signs inside the stalls of the women's bathrooms with a number to call (for the front of the bar) if you went to the bathroom to escape a creep, they would distract the guy for you while you went out the back entrance.

No. 2043105

None of it matters. You'd have killed yourself and your family thrown a party already by the time any of your eugenacist theories came to fruition.

No. 2043106

Male circumcision gets done under anesthesia with proper tools. Womeb get their genitals cut off with a self harmer blade and are left to bleed.

No. 2043109

And what does any of that have to do with you personally?

No. 2043111

What did the nuns do to you nonnie?

No. 2043112

You sound really upset about this for some reason but none of your sperging will change biological truth.

No. 2043113

You sound like an angry virgin

No. 2043115

Imagine acting like feminist is an insult.

No. 2043116

ntayrt you’re both retarded tradthots.

No. 2043117

I just told you?? If all these are possibilities the least a man can do is be beautiful

No. 2043118

Kek great minds think alike

No. 2043119

Tell your mom I says hi.

No. 2043120

how am I a tradthot for being anti-motherhood? nigga-san are you serious???(infighting)

No. 2043122

tardthot minds(infighting)

No. 2043123

I'm not a zoomer is that an insult

No. 2043124

did you read something wrong

No. 2043125

AYRT and yeah I forgot to say this in my post but I think a big part of the reason contemporary/lyrical dance are so shit is they focus on dancing to lyrics rather than the beat. There are other dance styles like west coast swing, occasionally lindy hop, and usually hip hop that will occasionally match a dance move to a lyric but it's usually only to emphasize certain moments in the song and otherwise all the dancing has to be on-beat, meanwhile contemporary/lyrical dance is basically 'dancing to the words and theme of the song without listening to the music at all' and then doing weird acrobatics to pauses and instrumental parts of the song that don't even rhythmically match. I understand that good contemporary/lyrical dancers are achieving great feats of fitness but dance should be about musicality too not just about how good your extension is or how many weird rolling backflips you can do, go be a circus acrobat or something. It also makes dance feel inaccessible to normies who just want to dance socially because most of the promotion of dance on TV is arhythmic acrobatics instead of grooving to music in a fun or creative way.

No. 2043126

Being a mother isn’t inherently oppressive at all. Also
>gender roles
Go back to tumblr kekk bye

No. 2043127


No. 2043129

Honestly I'm really glad for you if the biggest issue going on in your life right now is that men are too ugly for your tastes.

No. 2043130

aint no fucking way

No. 2043131

Do you think it’s your duty to flop like a fish and use your hole to take dick anon when it statistically doesn’t even guarantee an orgasm or pleasure in general. Stop trolling you slut

No. 2043133

Having babies isn’t super trad, you don’t need to be married or religious to fuck and then pop one out kekk I don’t know why children seem to think that reproducing = religious

No. 2043134

I wasn't planning on coming out until after pride month to be more edgy

No. 2043135

Ntayrt, I'm not doing as bad as you but I understand your pain, I'm in a similar situation. Sorry you had to experience that. I hope we both get out of it either alive or dead, if you're into the latter that is.

No. 2043136

NTA but genuinely what the hell is wrong with you

No. 2043137

>being a mother isn’t inherently oppressive at all
tell us anon, tell us exactly how it isn’t oppressive. gone on and tell us

No. 2043139

Pregnancy is body horror

Acting like gestating a parasite is some wonderful experience

No. 2043140

Yeah to try to re-add some nuance to this conversation I don't mind NEETs who actually have productive 'hobbies' that don't pay much, volunteer, create high quality art or even do and post interesting independent research, but the idea this is what most NEETs do is a cope. I know more non-NEETs who are professional-level good at their hobbies and volunteer than NEETs (tbf I don't know a lot of NEETs but it's not like you can choose either one of work/school and useful hobbies or volunteering, many people do both).

No. 2043142

Do you know what being trad is?

No. 2043143

Absolute tardthot coping

No. 2043144

Completely agree, Mariah amato is a perfect example of a lyrical dander with no musicality

No. 2043146

Is it sexism to tell other women to stop sucking dick and taking dick? Gasppp how dare you tell me to close my legs. Just close your legs, many women are able to have self-control and don’t think it’s their nature’s duty to shit out babies that will always be tied to you through the father. Women can’t procreate on our own, you retards think we are flowers or some shit and can asexually reproduce kek. And news flash motherhood was a good tool on oppressing women for a long time and still is, you must be baiting

No. 2043147

Sir I have no problems getting my groove on on top a dick. I could get off with a controller. Maybe go have a wank and cool off

No. 2043148

Women don’t exist solely to reproduce you fucking retard kys

No. 2043149

I don't participate in those threads but as someone who has been both attractive and unattractive at different life stages being an unattractive woman is really not that bad or the end of the world. The people who treat you like shit or subhuman for not being a bimbo blow up doll are worthless anyway and you don't need them in your life. If you actually go outside and have a personality most semi-normal people don't actually especially give a shit except in dating contexts, there are some serious disadvantages to being unattractive but it's truly not something that should be or feel life-ending.

No. 2043150

Who are you being oppressed against? How are you being oppressed by having a child? Really women with children are far far less oppressed (at least in developed countries) because that’s the majority of the women in the world. Oppression is the act of prolonged unjust treatment or control. What prolonged unjust treatment is occurring by choosing to bare a child? I live in the U.S. so I don’t know what kind of oppression you might be referring to

No. 2043151

Biologically speaking, yes it is. Humans have a hemochorial placenta and our babies basically hijack our blood supply and manipulate our hormones to facilitate their development. And the reduced mobility that comes during the third trimester might as well be oppression.

No. 2043152

It’s clearly a man or a retarded mumsnet poster. They need to go back

No. 2043153

nta but i think you’re gonna need to sit down for what i’m about to tell you

No. 2043155

>only a man could ever be able to understand that we are all evolutionarily developed to reproduce and continue life on earth

No. 2043156

But when I or any other anon say relationships and romantic love is lame and we're above it, it's the end of the world. Can't believe anons think feelings are more important than looks and physical reality but here we are.

No. 2043157

It also speeds up the aging process and the mother’s body fights it at every step of the way.

No. 2043158

It’s not a woman’s only purpose in life to pop out a kid. I don’t care about evolution or whatever the fuck. Women do not need to have children for their lives to have meaning. There is other shit you could be doing with your life instead of having a baby and all the side effects that come with that.

No. 2043159

File: 1717981385093.jpeg (57.71 KB, 275x275, IMG_0943.jpeg)

Newfag. You just need to be carefully fondled and molded, you’ll wake up some day

No. 2043160

Newfag still doesn’t know what a tardthot is.

No. 2043161

We all know that all life technically exists to reproduce you fucking autist. Human women can and do exist for purposes that aren't reproduction. Stop purposely misunderstanding the point.

No. 2043163

Kill yourself.

No. 2043164

>mlehh pregnancy is having a parasite!!
Then don’t do it. But acting like it’s some crazy unbelievable inconceivable act of tardthodtism to reproduce is just beyond retarded. Stop acting like a child.

No. 2043165

Women actually evolutionarily developed to be as picky as possible, not to reproduce with anybody at all. That’s the moid optimal outcome.

No. 2043166

Does that meme imply that feminists are women-molesting dykes? If that’s the case the that’s true.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2043167

Pro choice, bitch. Let women choose if they want to be mothers and shut up

No. 2043168

Listen dude, just tell us if you’re a man

No. 2043169

>moving goalposts

No. 2043171

Do you want to give your definition of what you think a tradthot is? Because if you think having a baby makes a woman a tradthot then the crackhead woman sitting on the corner must be super trad

No. 2043173

You are gay. Go suck a cock you tranny worshipping faggot.

No. 2043174

Can you tell us then?

No. 2043175

Guys please. Can we not take this same stupid bait for one day?

No. 2043176

>How are you being oppressed by having a child?
You really need to ask why having to take care of a tiny helpless person might oppress someone? Having a child takes time energy and resources that women (because it's usually single women raising kids not single moids) would otherwise be able to use to enrich their own lives. It's a handicap that childfree women do not have.

No. 2043177

Oh I completely agree that women should be able to choose to become mothers, which is why this whole thread talking down on women and immediately accusing us of being ‘tradthots’ for exercising our freedom to have a child is just as annoying.

No. 2043178

File: 1717981615537.jpeg (108.62 KB, 750x773, D30C31B2-B62A-4967-8670-3107CA…)

>”it’s the innate purpose in a woman’s life to churn out babies!!!”
I just know it’s the chinless bitch from like a week ago bragging about her nigel. Kill yourself, I hate conservative women

No. 2043180

I don't know her but I will look her up, this is a major pet peeve of mine. Relatedly I also hate the trend of putting literal ballet to unrelated music that doesn't match rhythmically or thematically and then calling it a cool fusion genre, traditional ballet already had a serious problem with lack of musicality in favor of technique but it's far more obvious when people try to superimpose a 'trad' pas de deux over some imagine dragons song or whatever is trendy now. The whole reason ballerinas used to be pretty good at musicality is they would rehearse with live piano accompanists and would have to match tempo and rhythm, it's so dumb to practice ballet to recorded songs that don't have similar rhythmic or melodic structures, throw in a lame hip hop move every 20 seconds and call it a fusion genre.

I think a lot of this started with modern dancers like Martha Graham but at least modern dance was usually done to appropriate music.

No. 2043181

Poor nonnie, her chin is now on lolcow forever

No. 2043184

tardthot moment

No. 2043185

The circumcision baitposter got mixed in with the actual tardthots.

No. 2043187

This may be hard for you to understand but there are women in this world who do want to care for our children, and do feel that our lives are far more enriched and fulfilling by taking care of a child as opposed to doing whatever the fuck else kek. Making the conscious decision to have a child is consenting to sacrificing your time and energy to caring for your child. Youre acting like women are being ostracized and forced into motherhood like we’re some burqa wearing muslimahs and that’s just not reality kek.

No. 2043188

No. 2043189

You're getting called tradthots because you said women's purpose was to birth children retard

No. 2043190

This might blow your mind but some women find having children and being good mothers is enriching

No. 2043193

This may be hard for you to understand but there are women in this world who do want to care for our children, and do feel that our lives are far more enriched and fulfilling by taking care of a child as opposed to doing whatever the fuck else kek. Making the conscious decision to have a child is consenting to sacrificing your time and energy to caring for your child. Youre acting like women are being ostracized and forced into motherhood like we’re some burqa wearing muslimahs and that’s just not reality kek.

No. 2043194

imagine your chin being turned into a lc meme. unpopular opinion her chin is not that bad

No. 2043195

Yes but it’s a choice, not something that should be destiny for all womankind like you keep proposing like a dense motherfucker. I wouldn’t mind if your ass was to stay barefoot and you aren’t able to own any property or vote because you must be one of the few women on this planet who fits the male-created stereotype of being one dumbass bitch.

No. 2043198

I’m dying why did the site not let us post for a second, the duplicate posts kekkkk

No. 2043199


No. 2043201

Is that the one in the vent thread?

No. 2043202

I see women with worse jawlines than this every day, I agree.

No. 2043203

You have a tranny brain if you’re not a tranny. Only a tranny whitewashes female experiences

No. 2043204


No. 2043205

Are you okay? The topic at hand is women choosing to have children, thats why this conversation started. Nobody ever once said that “it’s your destiny” it’s been repeated multiple times that biologically, all humans exist because we are supposed to reproduce, so making dumbass comments like “wow I can’t imagine giving myself a parasite and subjecting myself to listeria and E. coli and bluefins disease just for a screaming meatloaf” just makes you sound retarded and like you’re trying too hard to sound cool kek. Of course you can choose to not have children, but acting like other women are somehow wrong for having children is nonsensical.

No. 2043207

dont respond, this is the moid that posted cp last time

No. 2043208

>female experiences
Spending quality time husband and your children and your grandchildren as a loved and respected member of your community.

Would your prefer women do be blue-haired feminists screeching at the patriarchy?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2043209

whitewashes? Its obviously a man and that is not the right word, you sound like a virtue signalling tumblrina.

No. 2043211

it’s literally the same topic every single time

No. 2043212

I understand that but like >>2043193 said
>Making the conscious decision to have a child is consenting to sacrificing your time and energy to caring for your child.
Motherhood is not a fairytale. I have great respect for most mothers but the ones that think womens only purpose is to be an incubator and anything else is feminist brainwashing should go get off lolcow and just attend their babies kek

No. 2043214

File: 1717982392633.jpeg (336.72 KB, 750x1042, IMG_1208.jpeg)

uh oh, you’re retarded!

No. 2043215

And how does any of that want or fulfillment negate any of the very real costs to her time, energy, and resources? Pointing out motherhood's legitimate detriments and costs does not shame women who become mothers, and in fact bringing these facts to life makes it easier for mothers to be properly compensated for raising the next generation.
>Youre acting like women are being ostracized and forced into motherhood like we’re some burqa wearing muslimahs
I think you're mistaking me with someone else. There are multiple anons disagreeing with you.

No. 2043217

I haven’t read any posts during this conversation that sounded as if anyone here thinks that’s women’s only purpose, there are posts saying that biologically we only exist to reproduce, which is factually true, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the freedom to choose otherwise.

No. 2043218

You’re not a woman, go away

No. 2043220

No. 2043221

I feel bad for you. You sound like a mentally underdeveloped man.

No. 2043222

Are you that one retard who keeps coming on here to screech about baby penises

No. 2043226

Oh shit. I knew priests were terrible but never heard about nuns doing shit like this. Sorry for making light earlier.

No. 2043228

>very real costs to her time, energy, and resources?
What cost are you talking about? Like lack of sleep or weight gain of what? Because taking care of my children, though it is exhausting, doesn’t make my life worse or drain my resources?

No. 2043229

>woman in conservative setting

No. 2043231

Don't reply to malespam. Report and ignore

No. 2043232

This is just an unpopular IRL opinion I feel safer next to a baby than I do next to a man

No. 2043234

It's 1000000% him. If you see a post referencing "the tranny janny", he is online and posting like a schizo

No. 2043235

Because you want them. Most women get frustrated because don't have anyone to help them so they don't have time for themselves alone.

No. 2043236

No shame in not knowing, anon, it's kind of a taboo subject.

No. 2043237

Most retarded take in history, you sound super brainwashed.

No. 2043238

It's so amusing to me how detached men are from reality that anyone who uses critical thinking and has self control or doesn't throw themselves at the feet of terrible men is an "angwy dyke"

No. 2043241

Lets get end this thread fast. This threadpic is pissing me off.

No. 2043243

That's such a good burn, gonna start using it. I cringe at subhuman moids who want a wife and child and talk like that retarded anon, those "people" have no personalities, identities, interests or hobbies at all and are the most boring empty shells of human beings ever.

No. 2043246

It's just a dog howling.

No. 2043247

I agree with this, there’s a massive lack of community around mothers in the Americas and I don’t get why that is. I can’t imagine finding out my friend is pregnant and then backing away from her and leaving her floundering postpartum.

No. 2043249

Stop I love the hound dog pic his flaps are cute

No. 2043250

Body hair is absolutley disgusting on men.

No. 2043252

too many shit-flinging ape scrotes infesting this site

No. 2043257

Do some of you really think women aren’t capable of having conversations like this?

No. 2043258

you are very naive if you dont think the anon posting shit like this >>2043208 is a penis monkey

No. 2043259

Nice try.

No. 2043261

>health changes from pregnancy and childbirth
>recovery period from pregnancy and childbirth
>mothers have less free time overall than non-mothers
>extra chores (time, energy, cost of cleaning supplies, etc.)
>less chances to advance at work, especially if primary caregiver (missed meetings because the kids are sick, work hours must accommodate child's schedule, etc.)
I could keep going but won't clog the thread with more examples because countless feminist writers and mommy bloggers alike have written about this subject. Just because these costs are worth it to some, doesn't make them any less real to the majority of moms.

No. 2043263

File: 1717983335533.jpeg (268.63 KB, 658x1299, A918804A-DBAE-4001-BBD1-7314F6…)

He reminded me of this type of autist. Genuinely what goes on in their brains? They seem so empty and soulless. I wonder if they have hobbies, literally anything. True NPCs

No. 2043266

I prefer men with beards. I wouldn't date anyone who didn't practice good hygiene so the poop particles meme doesn't get to me.

No. 2043267

I couldn't imagine being so fucking pathetic that you'd spend hours of your time harassing women because it's the only way your receive attention. I also can't imagine being such a useless piece of dogshit that you save cp on your computer to spam on a website you're mad at for not validating you or accepting your evil brand of schizophrenia. Euthanasia is valid sometimes. You are a skidmark on the community you try to be part of.

No. 2043270

Exactly. The nuclear family is bullshit and slavery for women. Women should team up to help raise thir children like lionesses. Being a mother is tough work and its not for everyone. That's why its important to point out the negatives (sounds kind of pessimistic but yeah).

No. 2043276

But these are all things that you’re consensually walking into, it doesn’t feel like a cost’ because it’s something it feels like my pleasure to care for my children and create a happy home for them. Also if you’re healthy before you have a child you’re far more likely to come out of pregnancy healthy, at least in my experience.

No. 2043279

its okay hes probably gonna end up blowing his brains out soon, no sane mentally healthy man would spend hours of his day arguing with random women on the internet about shit like circumcision

No. 2043282

Those trolls are the true cows of this site. Wonder how many mods have kept tabs on the ones they've reported to authorities. I bet the milk flows

No. 2043284

Fear him, fellow women, for he is autism incarnate.

No. 2043290

we need to find a cure for autism soon

No. 2043291

It's different because in the case of moids it's even for their benefit, kek.

No. 2043292

File: 1717983773683.jpg (42.56 KB, 602x403, 1000000314.jpg)

Aw damn that's crazy what kinda weirdos would do such thing

No. 2043293

i like how you didnt try to deny any of my claims kek

No. 2043294

Just abort and abandon moids with autism in the woods, they aren't needed.

No. 2043297

You don't feel like its a cost because you want those children. A lot of women are dumb and misinformed so they end up in a situation they were probably not fit for. All the things the anon that replied to you listed are very real and its more beneficial to point those out instead of pretending pregnancy and being a mother is a magical movie.

No. 2043302

>But these are all things that you’re consensually walking into, it doesn’t feel like a cost
So? That means we shouldn't talk about them so that women know what they're getting into or compensate mothers for their unpaid labor? I don't understand why every time women try to openly talk about the downsides of pregnancy and motherhood, other women have to come in and derail the discussion about how it's okay because it's all worth it.
>Also if you’re healthy before you have a child you’re far more likely to come out of pregnancy healthy, at least in my experience.
But that's not everyone. Just because you have a good experience does not mean that every mother is so fortunate. Some women are perfectly healthy before pregnancy yet have terrible pregnancies and complications.

No. 2043303

When your only argument is posting animal pics

No. 2043304

Uh huh.

No. 2043305

Awww, they're so cute! Please post more.

No. 2043307

I’m incredibly blessed that I have the support of people in my life who love me, but I can’t imagine what it must be like for all of the women who only have their husband and their husband is constantly abandoning them at his job or doing whatever else.
Kekk who is this queen

No. 2043309

We should ban any circumcision talk on this website except maybe for 2X

No. 2043310

I wasn't trying to argue + this is my first contribution to this discussion. I just find it funny to be butthurt about literal nature

No. 2043311

File: 1717984034728.jpg (124.13 KB, 736x981, 1000015325.jpg)

Oh wait, we're arguing about whether or not pregnancy is good and if mothers are "stupid whores" again? Well at least it's better than the hoard of NEETs unironically suggesting that people just quit their jobs to mooch on conveniently rich parents and welfare checks.

No. 2043313

i agree but unfortunately i dont think thats gonna stop the circumcision autist from screeching about it on literally every board

No. 2043314

You just know those poor eldest girls are stuck caring for their younger siblings.

No. 2043315

They seem that way because they are that way. They're just so low iq they never think for themselves or do anything with their lives, so they just go with the flow and follow societal norms because it's the safest path and "what you do". Anyone who thinks and acts that way, male or female, is a walking red flag to me.

No. 2043316

Imagine being not rich

No. 2043318

>stupid whore
Your post was the first use of that itt, but okay.

No. 2043319

Why would we not talk about these things? The reason why there’s a strong reaction everytime the same “having baby hard” bait is posted is because these are all things every woman already knows, that motherhood is hard, however the bulk of us still choose to do it because it is just an innate desire; so acting like it’s just insane that women could have children and that they shouldn’t do it at all is always going to be met with a negative response because it’s just not biologically realistic.

No. 2043320

Well, when nature doesn’t care how damaged you are in the process, only that it works, it makes sense to be bothered by it.

No. 2043323

Yeah, imagine not having rich parents and actually liking the field you're working in.

No. 2043324

Noah fence but if it’s an innate desire then why does it have to be shilled so hard and why do males have to coerce females into it? don’t bother responding, this is just for anyone who’s dumb enough to engage with you seriously

No. 2043328

This just proves her point. Ofcourse stupid animals that don't have the kind of intelligence we have have nothing better to do with their lives other than producing. We're smarter and better and can actually choose what to do with our lives, humanity evolved the way it did because it chases comfort and pleasure, not because it chases survival and reproduction. We're beyond and above that at this point.

No. 2043329

Every other week, one of you retards crawls out of the woodwork just to bitch and moan about pregnancy and the mere concept of women finding happy marriages and being okay with becoming mothers. When you're not explicitly calling them "stupid whores", you're implying it.
Don't be daft.

No. 2043330

But it doesn’t need to be shilled because the majority of women just do it, it only looks like it’s being shilled recently because of the whole tradthot psyop trend that’s been going on for the last 2 years

No. 2043331

This. Idk why mothers are the only group of people that get shut down for discussing their journeys, including ups and downs. It's like people think moms need to be "punished" for reproducing and are no longer allowed to face hardships. I've seen moms even get shut down and cursed out for complaining about changing tables and shopping carts like "shut the fuck up you chose to have kids" as if women should just turn their kids into the state or something right then and there for not pretending to be happy go lucky 24/7 kek. No one would dare tell a business owner, someone in grad school, or hell even trades men to sit down and shut up because they made the choice to do all that, even fathers never get silenced as much as moms do

No. 2043332

My take on circumcision as a woman that has sampled intact penis and cut penis. Uk based. The circumcised guys from here had to have medical intervention in their teens for whatever reason and get the foreskin cut.
I thankfully haven't been with ant unclean dicks. The intact ones are definitely more sensitive you can even see it in their dicks and the nerves twitching, you can use the foreskin to give a hand job and putting the hood up and down can add a funny visually lol. Circumcised guys seemed to take longer. Didn't bother me. And it doesn't bother me if they have less pleasure as long as I get mine. I think it's a weird practice to deem it a necessary procedure required at birth but I guess I am aware of instances were some dudes had an issue with the foreskin getting to tight or something and needing removed. I'm not a professional in that area I can only share my experiences as a woman. I have no I would rather fuck a cut or uncut dick I truly do not care as long as it's attached to a man that is clean and not an sti risk(not an unpopular opinion)

No. 2043335

People shouldn’t be pressured into becoming mothers. Pushing that it is natural to become a mother and this is an unavoidable urge isn’t helpful. The complications of motherhood may not bother you but it does dissuade others. If women are so naturally compelled to become mothers then why is this enough to put others off? That is their main argument for women that don’t want to become pregnant, that it doesn’t suit them because of how much of a burden and potentially harmful to their health it could be.

No. 2043336

File: 1717984644231.jpg (85.79 KB, 880x558, 1000000315.jpg)

Being upset about mammals being poorly built is one thing, projecting that on people who reproduce isn't the answer though

No. 2043338

>doesn’t need to be shilled
>is in here shilling
>trying to get women who have had negative or mixed experiences with it to shut up
k then

No. 2043339

It’s crazy how terrible women are treated after having birth, even though it is shilled so hard. Do some of you think tradthot shit appeared out of a vacuum? Women have always been socially pressured into this.

No. 2043340

I understand what you’re trying to say but the bottom line is that it is natural to become a mother, and it is an innate desire. But that does not mean that it’s ‘unavoidable’, women who don’t want to have kids or aren’t ready for them choose to continue to avoid it because they don’t desire motherhood. I think now hypochondria and fear of motherhood is more common just like how mental illness and anxiety are more common now.

No. 2043341

I'll agree knowing the risks of pregnancy and child birth are necessary my Grandma born in the 30s use to believe for a very long time babies came from bellybuttons we've come a long way on sex education and prenatal care. I disagree with it not being a natural instinct for women to want to be mothers. Obviously there will be exceptions but it's hard to fight biology I mean the economy sure doesn't encourage it and again you'd like to think everyone is perfect and only has children if they have the means but it's a result of having sex and is always a present risk factor. So yeah education good, shaming women for actually wanting to be good mothers bad.

No. 2043342

>every woman already knows, that motherhood is hard
Look, if you didn't grow up in a place with subpar sex education and surrounded by little girls who get sold a false bill of goods about motherhood, then I'm really glad for you. But there's a lot of women who don't actually know how hard it is because they've never been exposed to those facts and that reality until some irresponsible moid impregnates them and they have to readjust their life. There's a lot of r/childfree transplant assholes who muddy the waters and are misogynistic pricks, but there are multiple anons who are trying to have genuine discussions about these things.
>“having baby hard” bait
>acting like it’s just insane that women could have children is always going to be met with a negative response
Most replies to the "imagine shoving a baby" post were clowning on them.

No. 2043343

I don't think anyone was pushing it, just explaining why some women would choose to have children. Plenty of mammals go their entire lives without reproducing and that's normal. Insulting women for becoming moms and then insisting "we're all demanding women have babies" because others have pointed out to you it's simply just a life goal for many people is weird

No. 2043344

Can you tag posts that are shilling? And posts where I said women with negative experiences to shut up?

No. 2043345

Truly unpopular. Even if they practice good hygiene though particles get stuck to hairs on your face anyway a lot worse than they get stuck to skin alone… but I mean that's fine people are all walking around with dirt and germs I still don't see the aesthetic appeal either though

No. 2043349

I thought the NEET discussion was really interesting and would prefer to talk about that than the 5x weekly pregnancy sperging and moidbait

No. 2043350

Yes please. Do you think there's a way to NEET responsibly?

No. 2043352

shieet this pic goes hard

No. 2043355

I'm all against circumcision but killing yourself over a piece of skin is a complete pussy move. No sympathy

No. 2043357

File: 1717985344403.gif (683.38 KB, 220x164, girl-freaking-out-screaming.gi…)


No. 2043358

a baby killed himsflf?

No. 2043359

I don't want to participate in the rest of the pregnancy sperging yet again but I agree that this is unfortunate. It's something most people eventually do so I don't think it should be so stigmatized to talk about both the upsides and the downsides. A lot of people have many complaints about their jobs but it's rare to hear 'well you shouldn't have gotten a job if you didn't want to experience those problems, idiot' whenever someone wants to discuss the downsides of their situation. There might be a disconnect here because most of the oldfags are getting to the age where they might have children but a lot of the newer lolcow members are young enough to find the conversation annoying, I know it's not a motherhood support website and probably not the place for it but I get why women would want a women only place to discuss their lives where they normally feel they fit in and the vitriol slinging is a little much.

This conversation on the unpopular opinions threads on the other hand is always tiresome and baity, it's never productive and always shits up the entire thread for like 6 hours with hundreds of posts that are just a rehash of the same conversation 2 days earlier, can we talk about literally any other 'unpopular' opinion that isn't the extremely popular (for lolcow) opinion that women who have children are all tradthot handmaidens cucked by the patriarchy? Like there were people trying to have interesting conversations in this thread before the pregnancy spergery started for the millionth time

No. 2043360

king of the hill is better than the simpsons

No. 2043362

the gif and the caption together are making me kek

No. 2043364

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-47292307 if you actually read that article his doctor botched his surgery and gave him other issues. UK offers circumcision as a last resort for phimosis I wasn't aware there was a term for it but makes sense they were both teens when it happened going by that article.

No. 2043365

They still feel pleasure.

No. 2043368

why do you care about male sexually pleasure though

No. 2043371

I said this earlier in the thread (buried under pregnancy sperging) but I think it's actually fine to be a NEET if you are doing something to contribute to society even if it isn't paid or is low paid. Like I think if you are technically a NEET but you are a carer for a family member, heavily volunteer in your community, or practice useful skills at a high level (like being an accomplished artist or tradesperson who doesn't get paid much, or do independent historical research you plan to actually share and distribute on a free blog or something) it's not worse than working a job for money. I do think some of the NEET posters in the discussion had a good point that many jobs in the modern economy are essentially 'bullshit' jobs that don't help much or more than what a lot of people do for free. However even people working 'bullshit' jobs pay taxes and support themselves/families rather than freeloading which has an inherent utility. I think the ideal solution would be if we as a society could both get rid of bullshit jobs and bullshit income taxes that go to completely useless shit, and find a way to encourage NEETs to actually do useful things with their time even if they are supported by parents or disability.

No. 2043374

Because he’s gay

No. 2043375

imagine shilling paying taxes as something good

No. 2043377

Imagine a man assraping you

No. 2043378

To play devils advocate here most straight women probably care about their moids performing well in bed and circumcised men are more likely to jackhammer women for hours due to their lack of feeling, I don't think it is remotely comparable to FGM but there are reasons women might prefer for moids not to have sexual dysfunction. Also on a really basic level saying 'lets cut this piece of skin off so degenerates who don't wash their dicks can pretend they do' is disgusting

No. 2043380

>siding with the cp posting scrote
dumb pick me(infighting)

No. 2043382

I don't actually think paying taxes is necessarily good (I have mixed opinions but I think most taxation is theft) however the type of NEET who lives on tax dollars and tax outputs of other people while acting superior about it is annoying because all they do is benefit from money stolen from other people on their behalf. The taxation discussion can be a whole other discussion imo but if you live off public money and shit on people who actually get off their asses and work to pay for your lifestyle it does come off as hypocritical. If you're a 'taxation is theft' person at least try to benefit from tax money as little as possible (it's not really possible because taxes pay for a lot of shit you definitely use like roads and agricultural subsidies but at least to the extent you can).

No. 2043383

I fucking wish circumcised moids had majority of their pleasure removed, maybe they'd stop raping women or running around thinking with their dicks then

No. 2043384

Most people aren’t contributing to society kek, wageslaves are built to make more capital for millionaires and billionaires to get rich.

No. 2043385

Paying taxes is actually great I love getting my tax return it’s like a present

No. 2043386

I'm ignoring most of the dumb moid posts I just came back after leaving the thread and saw a nona asking why women would care about moid pleasure so I answered. I don't side with any scrotes in this thread

No. 2043388

god i wish i lived off tax payers money. I dont think most neets do, we are just supported by our families.

No. 2043389

File: 1717986224305.gif (2.93 MB, 640x360, stan-twitter.gif)


No. 2043392

Yeah most people aren't contributing much good to society via jobs which is why I mentioned that the ideal solution would be to change the entire structure of work and the economy so paid jobs were actually useful. You can read all 4 sentences of a paragraph you know

No. 2043393

its a paradox for sure. I always see single and CF women get cursed to the nines, next minute the same people are treating mothers like they deserve to be hung over the most minor things

No. 2043396

Then the problem with that unless your family is very wealthy (in which case you are part of the problem other people are identifying of wageslaves slaving themselves to death for rich people to profit) is that eventually if your family stops supporting you, you will be fucked unless you used your time as a NEET to build useful skills.

No. 2043397

thats my point you absolute fucking lunatic. if circumcision damaged moids that badly they wouldn't be able to experience sexual pleasure at all and therefore wouldnt rape or anything

No. 2043399

you can be a normie with useful skills and still go unemployed and replaced by a toaster. We live in the AI age, your job is going to be replaced by robots very soon.

No. 2043400

My unpopular opinion is that SSRIs and other psyc drugs might be a large contributing factor to serial killings/mass shootings and other bizarre crimes.

No. 2043401

Most women are dysgenic and unhealthy not as much as men but it's still pretty bad.
People forget that 45 - 65% of people are supposed to die before the age five because their genes are so bad.

No. 2043403

ignore him he's developmentally delayed

No. 2043404

Most AI is completely worthless and does nothing to replace any even semi-useful job let alone the actually useful ones like farming, water plant treatment, transport, factory work, medicine/health care work, etc. If AI could replace totally bullshit jobs that would be a good thing actually because at least theoretically it would open people up to do more useful work for money since AI doesn't need to be paid.

No. 2043407

The dog is going like ooooooooooooo

No. 2043408

>it is an innate desire
It is not.

No. 2043409

A lot of the babies that used to die in childbirth died because of bad sanitation or because they were abandoned, not because their genes were especially bad. If their genes were so great why is our population so dysgenic now just a few decades after we lowered childhood mortality

No. 2043410

Low I.q person payed by billionaire Larry Jackson to destroy black children and culture.
It's a long game to destroy African - Americans and people like Drake are all for it.

No. 2043413

>practice useful skills at a high level
If it's okay to ask, who or what determines what skills are useful and their level? Like, I'd imagine someone going out survival camping but recording it to post on the internet would count as useful (edutainment content), but someone doing it by themselves for their own enjoyment wouldn't count? Although I guess the person posting online is probably profiting off of that content and therefore doesn't count as a NEET.
>even if they are supported by disability
The disability system is completely fucked over here in burgerland and makes it hard for people on it to do anything with their lives. Any money earned from places like part-time work gets taken out of your benefits, and if you earn over a certain amount you no longer qualify. The threat of auditors deciding that your involvement in hobbies or volunteering means you're not too disabled to work also encourages them to stay inside and keep their heads down. I wish there was more security for disabled NEETs so that they could more easily participate in society without risk of losing the benefits that enable them to participate at all.

No. 2043414

>can’t spell
>thinks it’s others that are low iq

No. 2043415

bread and circus, baby

No. 2043416

If it wasn’t then there wouldn’t be 8 billion people nonna, but it’s okay if you don’t agree

No. 2043417

>rapists rape just because for sexual pleasure
you're seething so hard you can barely string together a coherent sentence. how is anyone supposed to take you seriously when this is how you get when you're angry kek, literally going into testerics over circumcision.

No. 2043418

Ugly women create ugly incels I'm afraid.

No. 2043419

>I think now hypochondria and fear of motherhood is more common just like how mental illness and anxiety are more common now
this projection just shows YOUR mental illness. wanting children is a biological impulse

No. 2043420

I hate to sound like UBI sperges, but I wonder if having some sort of support like that would take pressure off of NEETs and their families. I think there's a lot of NEETs who perform unpaid labor for their friends and families, albeit they're not as vocal as the stereotypical ones withering away for lack of tendies in their gamer caves.

No. 2043423

What projection? Hypochondria, anxiety, and mental illness are all more common now…that’s just a fact

No. 2043424

Based, you are correct.

No. 2043425

My unpopular opinion is that life is boring. There is nothing fun existing as myself. The problem is probably me. Anything i manage to like its because i can insert it to my imaginary daydream where im a famous superstar singer. I hate spending more than 2 hours a day not consooming internet because i hate being alive.

Im a terminal NEET. Killing yourself should be more normalized.

No. 2043426

There's 8 billion of us because of industrial agriculture and modern medicine helping us survive childhood and live longer. Most of us are having fewer babies than our ancestors.

No. 2043427

It's okay to ask but I think that's highly subjective. In my opinion a 'useful' skill is anything that contributes value to other people in a concrete way. So obvious examples are volunteering at a homeless shelter or inventing things for people to use, less obvious examples like survival camping and posting it to educate other people also count imo. I think a lot of human activities have potential/inherent worth, for me the main factor to make something 'useful' is are you in some way sharing/spreading good to other people, and are you actually pursuing/building a skill or skills that you and other people could use later (e.g. if you stopped getting NEETbux or whatever)? I actually think even survivalist camping for your own enjoyment counts if you would be able or willing to survive off of those skills later and teach them to other people in a case of need. I'm using a pretty broad definition here but I still think a lot of NEETs don't qualify, since many of them spend time mainly passively consuming (media, products, the money their families bring in or tax money, drugs, etc)
>disability in burgerland
I don't live in burgerland but it's similarly difficult to be on disability here, that was just a theoretical example since I know most people on disability benefits barely make enough to survive. I was just using that as a theoretical example of why you might have money, probably not the best example.

No. 2043428

You spouted off your mental illnesses and tried to use them to justify YOUR lack of desire to have children. Like the other anon said, if it weren't a natural impulse, then there wouldn't be 8 billion people on earth

No. 2043429

go live in a new city

No. 2043430

I think it's more of people have an innate desire to have sex…
Here: sex feels good -> let's have sex -> man ejaculates -> woman becomes pregnant -> guess we'll keep it because of (no safe abortion/boredom or whatever reason). Obviously some women have a burning desire to become mothers. However, attributing 8 billion people on Earth for women having an innate desire to become mothers is incorrect. The introduction of oral contraceptives and other self-contraceptive methods (ie. IUD) has lowered birth rates around the world, especially in countries where the women are educated or actively receiving education.

No. 2043432

The UBI discussion is interesting and I'm not against it in theory but I think in current conditions it would be disastrous/impossible to implement. I do agree that a lot of people who don't 'technically' count as employed or in education do perform useful roles in society, hell even SAHMs could be an example of this that someone upthread called a NEET even though childcare and cleaning is something you could get paid for if it wasn't your own child.

I wish we (not just on lolcow, in society in general) could have nuanced discussions on UBI because some of the ideas underpinning UBI aren't bad, but I don't trust the current government of any major country to implement it in a way that wouldn't just fuck most people over even more.

No. 2043433

You read something wrong.

No. 2043436

Nonna I have children. I was talking about women who may not have a desire to have children.

No. 2043438

Yeah the problem is probably you (I mean this in the nicest way) and I think boredom is usually the result of not wanting to try anything new or apply yourself to something that might bring you fulfilment. Rather than immediately jumping to wanting to kill myself I would try different things first to see if you can make life worthwhile and enjoyable for yourself. Even simple acts of care and kindness for other people (or animals) can be surprisingly fulfilling.

No. 2043439

I just wonder why it is whenever we have an ugly conversation the immediate default is that you can only be speaking to a man which I kind of find insulting, in what fucking world do men want children or want to take care of them? What men are on lolcow talking about the intricacies of motherhood?

No. 2043443

Probably in the same world where they’re shooting up malls and killing themselves because they can’t have them. There’s one sex for which reproduction is its only purpose but it’s not women, lol.

No. 2043445

We can go gyatt for gyatt (fuck that we can go rizz for rizz)

No. 2043446

Women got rights barely a 100 years ago

No. 2043449

If there were only one sex required for the purpose of reproduction then women wouldn’t be involved in the process at all. Both sexes exist solely for the purpose of reproduction, everything else that we’ve developed over the course of history is just luxury blessed upon us by the grace of whoever

No. 2043452

Work is shit. Work is ass. I don't understand how people wake up everyday and spend the whole day doing some torture chamber on a screen.

No. 2043454

>what is sexual conflict
The American educational system and its consequences

No. 2043455

Being a NEET is perfectly reasonable. It's natural.

No. 2043456

Most people do this in order to not die and in order to have enough money left over to experience simple pleasures like eating food, talking to loved ones and participating in hobbies. It's pretty simple really

No. 2043460

Foreskin? Good thing circumcision exist.

No. 2043463

The American education system must have failed you if you really think men are the only ones responsible for reproduction like mpreg seahorses kek. No matter how it makes you react viscerally, we all ,men and women both, exist solely for the purpose of creating more people and continuing life on earth. It’s not ‘sexual conflict’ that’s just life. If you want to do other shit and enjoy the luxuries available to you as a human instead of sacrificing your time and energy to create more life, that is always up to you, however it doesn’t change anything.

No. 2043465

Sexual conflict means we have different ideal reproductive outcomes. For moids it’s reproducing with anything that doesn’t run away which is why you’re in this thread fervently shilling your interest as our interest in a misguided attempt at getting a freebie.

No. 2043466

Shilling what? Do you think that having a discussion where you’re on the opposing side and have firsthand experience can only mean that you’re shilling it? I was only sharing my experience in response to the ideas and preconceived notions surrounding pregnancy, because I felt like it was relevant to what we were talking about.

No. 2043467

We were not meant to toil the way we do. I can't even blame someone to want to escape it.

No. 2043473

This thread should be autosaged and replaced with dumbass shit

No. 2043475

Both are cancer and belong autosaged.

No. 2043476

>in the vagina

No. 2043477

At this point you all should just start going on 4ch boards because it's what you sound like.

No. 2043478

it’s been 6 months…

No. 2043479

Probably because they need to survive you dumbass privileged retard

No. 2043482

I mean I semi-agree with her sentiment, work really is horrible for most people but it's just the reality that most people need to work to survive, hard to grasp how someone could 'not understand' why people work

No. 2043483

A lot of people would have died in childhood but because of vaccinations their isn't a survival of the fittest situation anymore.

No. 2043486

It's actually mostly not vaccinations, it's literally just better sanitary practices and overall living conditions. Most things babies get vaccinated for are later-childhood/adult diseases, they just give them to infants because it's easier then. But even though there isn't a survival of the fittest situation anymore there were tens of thousands of years of human history where there basically was, and we still have tons of dysgenic people now just a hundred or so years after solving a lot of childhood mortality, so obviously it isn't that easy to breed dysgenic traits out of a population long term since we had 10s of thousands of years to do it.

No. 2043490

My unpopular opinion is this is one of the best unpopular opinion threads.

No. 2043493

File: 1717989565859.jpg (136.35 KB, 736x981, 1000014791.jpg)

The best one was the thread where that one anon turned out to be super racist to spanish-speakers and native-americans, which got her verbally bashed from front to back by a latina anon KEK

No. 2043503

File: 1717990669763.jpeg (63.51 KB, 720x540, IMG_2817.jpeg)

You know, as terfy as I am, I think most “cis people” are just as imprisoned by the gender caste system as trans people are. Bodybuilders and women who get so much plastic surgery they look like sex dolls are a good example. I’ve had so many women question me in the bathroom because I have short hair even though I’m quite clearly biologically female, they’re just gender cops

No. 2043509

why am I attracted to him… I bet he's a manwhore like all bartenders

No. 2043512

File: 1717990874190.jpg (84.08 KB, 1600x900, meme.jpg)

already? fuck…

No. 2043513

I think this is true although the rise of TRA ideology has either created or happened in tandem with a rise in gender role policing and stricter sex stereotyping. If all trans people disappeared tomorrow people would still be performing sex stereotypes but troonism is an excuse to claim that women or men 'should' be recognized by their dress or stereotypical interests when this line of thinking was already subject to a lot more criticism/going out of fashion prior to the rise of gender ideology. Now we're not even allowed to criticize it or we're evil terfs which is part of the problem.

No. 2043514

That's actually kind of sweet. Wish they would do it with troons creeping inside the women's bathrooms, too.

No. 2043517

Uhhh I think you read my post wrong, anon.

No. 2043518

Yeah, sorry, that's why I deleted it. Thought you were quoting a different post

No. 2043519

You are cancer and your existence should be autosaged

No. 2043525

Epic reply

No. 2043529

My unpopular opinion is that one of the major (not the only or even biggest okay I know) reasons why poor people are often less likely to cook their meals at home is that people in small homes without air conditioning or with very expensive (for them) electricity bills is that during hot periods of the year cooking indoors makes their home environments way too hot and is too exhausting. I've heard people talk about all the other reasons like that they work long hours and are too exhausted or live in food deserts but irl I talk to so many people who talk about how they 'can't cook right now' because it will overheat their home. This is especially bad for foods like baked bread which is actually cheaper to make at home than buy but requires like an hour to preheat your oven every time. A lot of foods like premade bread and sandwich meats and cookies are 10x the cost of just making the same thing in your house but people will still buy them just to avoid making their house 100+ degrees inside.

No. 2043533

holy shit you guys are fucking psychos. that nona literally has a normal chin and you freaks turned it into a meme. this website has so many actually insane women

No. 2043539

>nitpicking a retard
>zomg psycho wimmin!11
do you know where you are?

No. 2043542

Nta but this entire site is overrun with newfags that want to use this as a chatroom so it doesn't really matter where we are.

No. 2043543

i'm a newfag for saying that you're weird to have another posters face and using it as a meme lmao

No. 2043546

ma'am this is the cyberbullying website. we make fun of people here

No. 2043547

When did you start using this website?

No. 2043552

But you can't handle when people make fun of you. Laughing my ass of because I know you're just some powertripping fag pretending to be a hardass when half your post history is you being an autistic sperg

No. 2043554

2014. Suck one.

No. 2043555

You’re proud of that huh

No. 2043556

Can you actually see their post history

No. 2043559

im not even the one who posted the chin memes. unclench

No. 2043563

Your attempt at being shady doesn't really work when you're also here and simultaneously bragging about being a bully.

No. 2043565

>calling me out on being a cunt means they're MAD

No. 2043566

When did I brag?

No. 2043567

They are mad.

No. 2043568

No. 2043569

You are constantly bragging about using this website longer than others, like that’s an accomplishment. I know that this isn’t the first time you’ve done this. You’re as much of a cow as anyone else here kek.

No. 2043572

You're getting very schizophrenic
>I know this isn't the first time you've done this
It is.

No. 2043575

No. 2043581

Yup please take your abilify and stop spreading your misery here

No. 2043582

Projecting anger on everyone else while screaming yourself, yeah probably

No. 2043586

i dont understand whats going on here

No. 2043589

Imagine if a charged you $4,000 to take you the middle of a forest and let you bang some sticks on the ground.

No. 2043596

File: 1717997350492.jpg (153.43 KB, 333x493, d3jky3p-61f5cf11-b09a-4e94-bb6…)

they need to do this to moids next.

No. 2043602

The ground won’t fight back, but men will.

No. 2043615

Even worse, imagine working for 18 years and paying for your child’s education so that they will take care of you when you become old but they become a lazy NEET that leeches off you instead. To those who want to have children, force them to study hard so they never turn out like these parasites

No. 2043618

I don't know which is worse. This, or that dumb boot camp for "alpha males".

No. 2043622

zoomers are a lost cause
never fails to amaze the way some women are willing to waste money on Gwyneth Paltrow type shit…easily can do this for free.

No. 2043626


No. 2043628

its just a video of a woman banging sticks am i supposed to telepathically know what the circumstances are

No. 2043634

Can’t you read the text in the video?

No. 2043635

No. 2043636

Most literate lolcow anon

No. 2043643

this, at worst, is just goofy. Alpha male bootcamps are purposely predatory towards mentally unstable boys and men to brainwash them into extreme levels of misogyny to build a bunch of mini elliot rodgers. They're basically just trying to jonestown insecure moids but instead of offing themselves they will just off women

No. 2043657

American architecture is really pretty. Genuinely cant think of anything prettier than a traditional American house with a cute porch and a white picket fence.

No. 2043659

Avant garde bullshit needs to die

No. 2043660

I read this as American charcuterie kekk

No. 2043667

File: 1718001470824.jpg (67.81 KB, 600x900, eod-american-flag-charcuterie-…)

they are also very pretty

No. 2043668

File: 1718001619697.jpeg (114.87 KB, 686x447, IMG_4269.jpeg)

You have astoundingly shit taste.

No. 2043670

File: 1718001858593.gif (307.23 KB, 750x490, Michigan-Historic-Porch-01.gif)

are you a jealous canadian? imagine not thinking this is pretty as hell

No. 2043673

File: 1718002067125.jpeg (135.42 KB, 686x386, IMG_4273.jpeg)

Imaging having the o drive through pic related for two hours a day.

No. 2043674

that looks cozy too, i like how big and open it is

No. 2043676

>How do you feel about lolita fashion threads then? Cause like, doesn't everyone associate the word with a fetish and gee some of those clothes sure do look like a play on appearing as young as possible.
wtf furries and lolitas have NOTHING in common you sicko.
Men sexualizied animals and made a community out of it, some women joined and desperately try to say "b-but it's not all sexual" even though they joined a sexual sub-culture that won't ever change because men run it. Instead of making their own community they chose to enter a sexual one. Doesn't matter if you're a prude at the local orgy; you are now part of the orgy club. Doesn't matter if your friends sit in the corner going "well WE aren't having sex and we're at the orgy too so that means orgies aren't sexual". It's always been inherently sexual at the core.

Lolita was never sexual, it was always just fashion. Men sexualizing women for wearing non-sexual fashion isn't new nor is it the women's fault. Saying lolitas are sexual is like saying nurses are sexual just because men get off to it. Also what fucking lolita clothes are you even talking about that "plays on looking as young as poossible"? I've never seen anything sexual in actual lolita fashion, only in shitty ita fashion that all lolitas hate and that has never been accepted as lolita within the community to begin with.

No. 2043677

men used to bully women into lolita too for being weird girls. If anything they got repelled by the pure autism aura it exudes.

No. 2043680

1. Your hobby is named after a fictional 12 year old girl who was groomed by a pedophile.
2. You dress like little girls.

Can you really blame laymen and laywomen for being weirded out lolita?

No. 2043681

*weirded out by

No. 2043689

File: 1718003833930.webp (198.36 KB, 1000x1373, GothicLolita04.webp)

>dress like little girls
tf kind of little girls you know that look like this? do you live in an old mansion thats being haunted by the ghosts of victorian children or something?

No. 2043693

None of you end up looking like this though, you just look like pixyteri

No. 2043694

i am not into the fashion, but who cares? those women do it because they enjoy fashion, not because they want to be sexy to moids

No. 2043695

NTA but lolita was never named after the book, it appeared as a dress-up fashion that went against the country's growing culture of seriousness where they were pushing students into mindnumbing wageslave jobs. it was about having fun. it was basically the japanese girls' punk of the time kek.

it's a loanword(?) in the same way in korean "sponsor" means prostitution, but in the west sponsor means to support someone. in the west lolita means something sinister where as in japan lolita means cutesy fashion. i'm not a lolita but i am into fashion in general so that's how i know.

No. 2043699

lolita definitely has a punk soul. they dress for themselves and to have fun. it's very anti male gaze.

No. 2043706

No it didn't, hope this helps.

No. 2043707

Nona, that is a highway stop… Like when you are driving the highway and get off to get some fast food or gas for roadtrips/truckers.

No. 2043739

File: 1718009849939.jpg (856.74 KB, 1079x2537, paris review lolita fashion.jp…)

>Because the word lolita became associated with little girls in Japan as a result of the character lolita.
okay so i actually searched up what you have been saying to see if there is any connection and i can't really find any. it seems to just be cultural associations. it still stands that in japan lolita acted as a counter-identity culture which became popular in the 70s onwards. (kek at the use of "cis-male" in the article because that phrasing implies lolita fashion has been, and still is, under an apparent trans-male influence. seriously just say "male.")

from the book "Comics as a Nexus of Cultures" an essay on Lolita by Dinah Zank said:
>Originally made famous as the name of a literary character, Lolita has today developed into a multifaceted term. Psychology, literature, comics or youth subculture—all these fields advance their own definitions of Lolita. This is especially true in the case of Japan, where affection for adolescent girls, as well as the development of a protected and idealized image of adolescent girlhood (shôjo bunka), has a tradition that can be traced back at least to the early Edo period (1600–1868), if not further. From this source has sprung a decidedly distinctive girls culture, which is nowadays characterized by a highly stylized, cute and childlike appearance and behavior (kawaii).

so it seems that even if the lolita term came from the book, it was repurposed to fit the culture at the time which had nothing to do with the novel, but just "kawaii" as a girls subculture. the essay goes on to say that the girls that call themselves lolitas that dress up in the fashion lolita is separate from the genre of lolicon/"lolita complex" which is the perversion of "kawaii" that men turned into something sexual.

ooh this is interesting:
>In Japan, by contrast, the development of the term took a slightly but significantly different route. The first Japanese version of Nabokov’s Lolita was published as early as 1956, but there are no signs that a problem-dominated discourse like the one in the West was ever sparked off by the book. One reason for this may have been that Japan had by then already developed its own, positively connotated kind of idealized girls culture (shôjo bunka) in the Meiji-period (1868–1912) and the first half of the 20th century. Neither child nor married wife, the adolescent girl, for a preciously short period of time, stood outside the rigid Japanese social structure, thus gaining an exceptional position of freedom away from the daily duties and usual expectations of society. The idealization of this status in shôjo bunka was influenced by the glitteringly romantic Takarazuka theater, which, to the present day, is performed only by female actors.

so it seems that lolita fashion is more closely related with takarazuka than the western book… which is a relief. to respond to your statement i can see where you were coming from but fortunately it is not connected.

No. 2043752

responding to my own post now i'm over the delete time, i read further up on Lolita and in Anna Kiper's book Fashion Portfolio: Design and Presentation. in the 2000s Lolita evolved into a street fashion style as a revolt against the restrictive japanese society of the previous generations, alongside lolita were the decora and anime styles which encouraged escapism through clothes with associations to fairytail imagery. it held a focus on rebellion against current social norms which were "suit and tie", in contrast lolita was about extravagance and bright colours and cartoonish outfits. once again not connected with the book Lolita, but rather young women's formation of identity against the rigid fates that were decided for them. Lolita fashion philosophy really is about having fun.

No. 2043774

>posts a picture of a gothic lolita and not a sweet lolita
Disingenuous af and I love lolita.

No. 2043776

File: 1718015539996.jpg (260.01 KB, 480x640, 1000019249.jpg)

Anyways, while autists itt try to skirt the point–yes, if a normie saw picrel and heard it was called "lolita" yes they would believe you are into some kind of ageplay.
Normies don't care about the 2deep origin story of how it came to be, they only care about how it looks at face value.
The entire point is something can objectively not be a fetish even if outsiders would presume it to be one.

No. 2043793

My big sister would absolutely scrote me around by virtue of being the elder sister.

No. 2043801

Homosexuality always leads to degeneracy and should be punishable, like pedophilia.(bait)

No. 2043807

I’m not a furry but I’m chill with them even the degen gay/bi men in the fandom. Mostly because they’re the few nerd artists out there that sexualise men without turning them into ‘femboys’ indistinguishable from women and don’t insert female characters into their porn

No. 2043809

if you sexualize cute shit like that it's on you for being a degenerate

No. 2043811

Only moid homosexuality, I’ve never heard of lesbians being pedo degens or the likes

No. 2043817

dont engage with bait nona

No. 2043818

No man should have a foreskin. All males should be circumcised.(bait)

No. 2043827

people who bait obvious shit to get replies should jump off a bridge.

No. 2043828

This is true, but of course most moids seem to disagree and even feign that it’s the same as fgm because god forbid a man caters to female taste

No. 2043829

an orgasm isnt based on want? lmao where did you pull that from, I am open to an actual discussion if you have any evidence to back this up. Does that mean animals and children also "want it" if they are physically stimulated by someone? 100s of women here can assure you this "you want it if your body responds" trope is not true based on lived experience.

No. 2043830

stop engaging with an obvious retard posting bait

No. 2043833

same anon, Id say its about consent that makes it rape. For example, I am very attracted to my partner's brother, but if he raped me it would still be rape because I do not want to have sex with him and would not enjoy it if not consensual, which it wouldnt be since i dont want to ruin my relationship, rape isnt based on how much you want it, you can rape someone who frinds you attractive but it is rape if she did not want to have sex, not based on if the moid thinks her body reacting to direct stimulation is happening? its literally about did she want to have sex or not

No. 2043835

kek try harder I was actually interested in engaging with this bait but you made it too low hanging fruit

No. 2043837

It’s not too late to get circumcised

No. 2043838

you should kill yourself

No. 2043839

kill yourself failmale kek

No. 2043843

File: 1718021893612.jpg (50.59 KB, 399x400, ryuy4ekrwja11.jpg)

hopefully your dick gets cut off someday

No. 2043844

Being an object of adoration and sexuality for women is more important, until then, may your genes never pass on

No. 2043845

Stop responding to the scrote, he's been baiting pretty much all morning and afternoon now. Report and ignore.

No. 2043847

that's what you get for forbidding "scrotefoiling"

No. 2043852

File: 1718022300498.jpg (71 KB, 533x551, yuck.jpg)

me when a failmale doesnt kill himself and instead decides to troll female ibs for a crumble of female attention

No. 2043855

File: 1718022374464.png (470.82 KB, 700x753, 1696484363571.png)

me when a retarded scrote that should die in a war writes stupid gibberish

No. 2043857

also never too late for suicide. males should kill themselves more.

No. 2043858

It’s never too late for him to get circumcised, penis enlargement surgery, a hairline transplant, removal of facial hair and so on. Though if I need to suggest these basic things perhaps it’s too late… no use for moids unless they’re a concubine of women

No. 2043859

Dicks and balls are the ugliest thing in the world.

No. 2043862

my unpopular opinion is that moids like him should just commit suicide. they're too far gone to be useful in any possible way. they're too brainrot to have a decent and dignified life. they bring basically nothing to society, absolutely nothing. emotional and monetary leeches.

No. 2043874

The very fact they autosaged dumbass shit/shitposting thread which was fun and kept this one up speaks volumes kek. Give us dumbass shit thread back pls

No. 2043893

Yeah I think it's very telling.

>inb4 take it to /meta/ wah wah wah

No. 2043902

I prefer to read books out of order. Find out the plot in detail beforehand, jump around wherever I'm most interested, and fill in the gaps. Apparently this is "the worst way to read", I disagree, I read a hundred times more often this way. There is no such thing as a "spoiler".

No. 2043914

I usually don't read books entirely out of order but I have always enjoyed 'spoiling' myself by reading the last few pages first and occasionally some other parts of the book to know (and anticipate) where it's going. The only time I don't do this is with mysteries. I don't think spoilers are actually bad since reading (or even watching a movie) should usually be about the journey, not about the element of surprise.

No. 2043967

File: 1718030199545.jpg (48.21 KB, 500x457, 1715823581065.jpg)

my unpopular opinion is i'm kind of a tif chaser, and it makes me laugh when clearly straight anons are disturbed by it. like, i'm a homosexual and you aren't, no surprise you think they're disgusting, to me they're just women with a certain type of internet experience and mental illness baggage that i'm compatible with and attracted to, that's what differs them from regular normie butch women (which i'm also attracted to). granted, i am against surgeries but tbh i'm not too bothered by top surgery. it's a permanent thing so detrans women have the scars too, and they're still hot to me. as sad as losing boobs is there's always other things. transgenderism is as real as transracialism to me, which is to say it's too ridiculous to take seriously. if anything i find their efforts to "be like men" super adorable and kinda hot if anything kek. whenever i come across cute ones i'm always hoping one day they'll come around and just drop the trans thing but keep looking the same. that's the problem when they do change their minds, somehow their tastes change too to be more gender conforming and tbh they lose their appeal to me… like where are the based detrans women?
saddest truth is they're somehow mostly superstraights contrary to what a normie would believe given the gender nonconformity. tbh there's not enough representation for people like me. in the days of yore tifs and lesbians were cool but now there's a division and it's unironically because of Woke kek.

No. 2043979

god nonna are you me? I find some Tifs hot for the same reasons. I'm friends with one and I want to date her so bad but I know she's got so many issues. She'd be a really cute butch. Sigh. It doesn't help she's into older, fat hairy men. (Typical TIF taste)

No. 2043981

I'm not disgusted because you want to fuck a woman. I'm disgusted because you want to fuck a person that's mentally ill to the point of psychosis. TIMs need euthanasia, TIFs need a mental hospital.

No. 2043984

TBH I sometimes find TIFs physically hot too (before the long term HRT makes them look physically unwell) but I can't be attracted to them irl because of how stupid their opinions/ideology are and I find self-hating people unattractive in general. But I get the physical appeal of some early-transitioner TIFs, I just try not to say it out loud because ultimately I think they are harming themselves and that sucks.

No. 2043996

It makes perfect sense. A TIF is just a mentally ill tomboy and tomboys are adorably hot.

No. 2043998

Nta but most of this site is mentally ill. I understand that it might be predatory to chase specifically mentally ill people to date, but in this case I don’t think that applies

No. 2044001

TIFs are not only mentally ill but actively trying to harm themselves further though, they also show physical signs of their mental illness the further they are into transition and become physically unwell in a variety of ways. I don't know if it's always 'predatory' because other mentally ill people might be attracted to them but I personally can't be attracted to people who are seriously unwell and constantly harming themselves and can't think clearly or have proper conversations about issues.

No. 2044005

Quit moralfagging about it. You’re the same ones who take unprotected dick and have the nerve to criticize lesbians for their preferences

No. 2044012

ayrt i did say i have mental issues that are compatible which i don't want to blog about here so it's not like i'm a "sane" zomg lesbo predatorrr preying on the loonies kek. and even if i was idc i'm an internet addict tomboy pussy lover and as a zoomer they're all tifs or detrans so what now? not to infight or anything i mean i do get where you're coming from, which is why i preemtively wrote certain things as one has to these days. i don't blame you though.

No. 2044018

Whatever, I don't fuck people that are so mentally ill that they can't even tell that they're biological women. It's not moralfagging, I'm just not a retard-fucker like you apparently.

No. 2044025

Fellow TiF chaser here. I don't understand my brain, it can differentiate the same "I want to look like a man" feel from a butch as disgusting, and from a tif as extremely cute. I guess the era of tomboys is truly dead

No. 2044026

You’re hating on women for no reason. Are you straight?

No. 2044033

Had you been born a little earlier (like really early zoomer or late millenial, maybe in a less TiF infested area) it wouldn't have even been an unpopular opinion. I know exactly what type you're picturing and they've always been extremely popular with women because of their softness (i get it too). Some butches fit the bill too

No. 2044118

Saged because it might've been said before.
I feel like a good chunk of autism diagnoses are given like candy and the criteria for such a diagnosis got more relaxed in recent years, especially with the rise of the quirky autism content on TikTok from both allegedly diagnosed people and "doctors" who in my opinion are questionable at best.
Most of that content is like "oh, you are a multifaceted human being who has hobbies, isn't phony and doesn't act like a capitalistic robot? Congrats, you've got autism".
How is this type of content supposed to genuinely help actual autistic people (diagnosed or undiagnosed) and women especially since it is harder to spot it in them?

No. 2044126

It's not supposed to help them. Almost all TikTok content including the supposedly helpful or educational kind is done for the glory, money or attention of the creator. Quirky autism content is no different.

No. 2044133

The Smiths have never made good music. Garbage made by a whiny faggot, for whiny faggots. Even worse is that I have an idea on what the average smiths fan is like and I swear they're the worst fucking type of hipster. I'd deal with NSBM before I'd deal with them.

No. 2044135

Kek the one ftm that I dated in my teens detransitioned because I hated men so much and spoke about it every day (that was the year I was sexually harassed at my job every shift and the bosses dgaf. The assistant manager was dating a 16 year old girl so no wonder his values were warped—the 16 year old hated that I knew she was dating a predatory moid too). Anyway it got so intense that after 6 months the ftm eventually said I could use she/her pronouns for her. Turns out the way to detransition your friends is to make the goal of their detransition genuinely the most disgusting thing you have ever encountered. Not because you actively want them to detrans (you actually weren't thinking of that at all), but because you genuinely just think about 'how you hate how all men right now and how they are just sexual predators and stalkers and molesters and the men around you don't care about their reputations and will just let things happen to you, and that as a result they deserve mutilation and castration.' And then saying "You're the only man I trust." really drives home that they're not men, apparently, and that they have the option to not be thought of like that. Apparently that gives them incentive to not transition. Who knew. For the record I have never dated a tif since because I do believe that attempting to transitioning out of the victim-gender and into the predator-gender is a pointless endeavour. You cannot identify your way into another class and take any privilege or even lose privilege, because it's a system created by the people living within it, the privileges within any class relies on society giving it to you. This is why even "nice" men cannot live outside of their own privilege. This is why even mtfs keep their male privilege (and they make sure of it by upping the aggression/violence). Regarding tifs, their self esteem is already so low that the only thing they know how to be aggressive towards is other women. It's genuinely pathetic how women are so cucked even by our own sex. This isn't blackpill btw because I'm no fatalist, I believe that the only way to make changes is to alter the institutions and how we think of them.

No. 2044137

Lesbian here. Would touch a pirahna's mouth before going anywhere near a TIF. Even ignoring all the gendie shit, they tend to be the most annoying fuckers you can be around, besides TIMs of course.

No. 2044160

oh my fucking god I thought this was a person with a ton of loose skin from the thumbnail and was horrified

No. 2044168

File: 1718042443840.jpeg (53.06 KB, 640x436, IMG_5603.jpeg)

Everyone is fat or/and a whore except for me(0/10 bait)

No. 2044169

nya but please die

No. 2044172

No. 2044178

I agree, nonnie. TIFs are so hot, especially in the frog voice androgynous stage. I had a crush on one for the longest but she was too much of a pick-me in the end for me to date. She was super sexy though.

No. 2044194

Jannie is an autist for red texting the most sarcastic obvious joke. I’ll take my ban now.

No. 2044225

cmon jan this was kinda funny

No. 2044228

any time someone reads my text and doesnt respond i call them a fat whore or faggot in my head

No. 2044229

Based and everyone needs to do the same

No. 2044230

As a bisexual, I really wish there were more tomboys who didn't automatically assume they're trans these days. I just like cute boyish girls who don't genuinely think they're scrotes and this trans meme is ruining my fun

No. 2044232

I'm bi and I think both tomboys and tifs are hot. I feel guilty for admitting this. I don't see tifs as men as much as they cry hard about it though

No. 2044236

Average lolcow ""radfem"" be like

No. 2044243

Don't let them silence you nonna I'm a chaser too, too bad they're all straight fuck my life. And, yes, I'm also unironically attracted to the mental illness that TIFs have.

No. 2044246

File: 1718047031633.png (Spoiler Image,2.98 MB, 2000x1444, 1624726850049.png)

Never said I was radical or even a feminist. Sorry that you're a retard-fucker who'll eat out some crazy bitch that would want you to call it a dick. I would rather fuck a woman that's not psychotic, and actually knows she's a woman. Duce.

No. 2044266

File: 1718047949628.png (939.25 KB, 1660x916, whadaafug.png)

No fugly woman would have the audacity to act or would even be recorded as an advertising model with a GIANT FUCKING BANDAID on her forehead. What the fuck is this shit? Oh, it's pretty privilege, the thing all stacies and mids that wish they were stacies claims doesn't exist. If I showed up to an interview or a job with a GIANT FUCKING BANDAID on my face I'd be laughed out of the room

No. 2044292

File: 1718049362214.jpeg (156.14 KB, 580x870, IMG_1182.jpeg)

Am I crazy for saying or noticing that men have way more opportunities for employment than women and they still have the nerve to say they don’t? Every aspect of a woman’s job involves soul-tearing people schmoozing that dictate your career growth while men can just walk on to a construction site and provide for their families. Employment for women seems limited for women

No. 2044307

Was this post made by an AI?

No. 2044310

This 100%, and then moids use SW as a female privilege as if most SWers wouldn't happily build houses or use cranes or some shit instead of exposing themselves to STDs from gross fat men all day and risking getting arrested

No. 2044324

You have to be mentally ill to get an IUD just to have sex(baiting)

No. 2044327

Lol I kind of agree nonna. Also the hormonal IUDs are pushed so much on women who don't need them/aren't sexually active for the most random reasons, it's weird.

No. 2044329

because they get $$$ everytime you get one

No. 2044336

Yeah I know that's why, it's still weird and creepy though. I think I've had the hormonal IUD pushed on me at least 30 times by doctors, probably more.

No. 2044344

Can I ask why? I have a copper one. I just feel like it's better than pills and the hormonal version and condoms.

No. 2044358

NTAYRT but condoms are temporary, cheap, and don't pose any real risks to your body. Sticking a device in your cervix surgically and keeping it in there for years on end that may poison your body with metals/plastics long term (and hormones if you get the hormonal IUD), needs to be removed surgically, risks puncturing your uterus/vaginal canal, is known to often cause pain and period disturbances seems like a lot of risk to go through just for sex with moids.

No. 2044361

This thread is such a weird mix of lesbophobia and hatred for heterosexual women

No. 2044365

That's basically most of lolcow, not just this thread

No. 2044367

Misogyny is a serious problem here.

No. 2044369

There is a lot of genuine misandry here but also there's a lot of posts that use a thin veneer of misandry to just attack and shame other women. Not even just straight women, maybe even lesbian or celibate women who happen to feel some affinity for their dads or brothers.

No. 2044372

Exactly. I assume some of them are baiting and can't say the rest for risk of getting banned, but I do think there are some women here who just hate other women and spread that vitriol here. Usually because they hate themselves or believe themselves morally better than whomever they're shaming.

No. 2044374

Even when the posts here are not the specific brand of misogynistic/hateful you're talking about I get the feeling from many posts here that bitter or lonely anons assume everyone else on lolcow to be like them. The post yesterday about 'you're actually not all autistic' being a very mild example, I think sometimes people here are projecting their own life experiences on others and have a hard time believing people with completely different lives could be drawn to the same internet spaces for different reasons. It's like the anons who will see a woman shitting on scrotes and say 'these are the same anons calling beautiful celebrity women ugly in other threads' as if it wasn't possible to post here and not nitpick women's appearances. In general a lot of projection happens on the internet especially when people are anonymous, it's like the old adage of 'everyone's male on reddit.'

No. 2044391

File: 1718055019777.jpeg (55.98 KB, 576x1024, IMG_0340.jpeg)

I disagree with the whole notion that transition is conversion therapy for gender non-conforming children because if anything most young TIFs are more feminine than the average woman. Like you can’t tell me that the average woman wears more makeup and pink than this person. If anything it’s more like an alternative subculture

No. 2044394

Oh man I haven't seen this face in a while

No. 2044397

There are different types of troons who transition for different reasons. Lesbians/gay men (HSTS) might feel social pressure to transition as gnc homosexuals, which you could argue is conversion therapy. AGPs and yaoi-addicted straight girls might transition for their fetishes. Many transition to feel speshial.

No. 2044409

The female privilege is having to devalue yourself to get a dollar meanwhile male privilege is getting automatic respect for the bare minimum of working a shitty job to “provide” for his family. We can say all we want about sex work but there’s something about it that makes men mad and it’s the fact that the top earners are able to become rich and actually choose who gets to touch them or not, many of them aren’t the stereotypical street walker and the very definition of the job is continuing to expand. Men literally just want women to suffer for conditions their forefathers have created and what they continue to perpetuate

No. 2044425

That's true now as transition has become more acceptable and trendy but at least originally it largely was pushed on GNC women especially lesbians or girls suspected to be lesbian. Even now a lot of GNC women and lesbians get pressured into trooning out even if plenty of gender conforming women/girls do it too now that it's the hip and trendy thing to do.

No. 2044428

and he doesn't get pestered for working late, drinking, etc. If he needs hours a video games and a beer its fine! he works so hard! he deserves a break! even though mom nurses and other staffed are expected to lift fat people and wipe ass for 14 hours straight, often no lunch break and then go right into making dinner, cleaning, childcare as soon as they get home. Moids are allowed to vent, they're allowed to pick up shifts without being treated like they're neglecting their families, and so on. in my next life hope to be a moid

No. 2044432

No nonna kek, wish to be a beautiful orca or something definitely not a man, you would be cursed like they all are
>even though mom nurses and other staffed are expected to lift fat people and wipe ass for 14 hours straight, often no lunch break and then go right into making dinner, cleaning, childcare as soon as they get home
This reminds me of those tiktoks and yt shorts of these women making elaborate lunches for their working husbands and always making excuses that he “provides” and “works so many hours” but women manage to multitask while working long hours so what’s stopping him from making his own lunch? They love pampering and treating their husbands and bfs like toddlers who are unable to care for themselves

No. 2044434

I don’t agree that birth control is bad for women, I think it’s one of the most important things to getting and maintaining women’s rights. Women being able to choose when they want to be pregnant (if ever) and how many times, is monumental. Especially in a way that they have control over and don’t have to rely on a man using it.

I also feel like when people bring up the potential side-effects, it’s not out of concern for women or our health as the conclusion they come to isn’t: ‘we need to do more research and improve it’ it’s: ‘we shouldn’t have it at all.’ I also find it suspicious that anti-birth control sentiment is rising in a time were abortion rights are being threatened and more people are promoting the ‘trad’ lifestyle.

No. 2044437

Your social observations don't change the physical facts of the harm it has done to countless women. Rather than say you dint agree its bad, perhaps consider saying you know it causes harm but those women being harmed isn't as important as the wider global benefit

No. 2044439

Samefag, it gave my sister a brain tumour and she is in legal process for damages

No. 2044440

I don't think BC existing is bad for women because it may be the best option for some women, I'd rather it exist than not. However, I think it is strictly speaking 'bad for' most women physically, there are safer/better birth control options, it would never be approved if it was invented in the 21st century (the safety profile is too shit) and it's telling hormonal birth control was not developed for men if it's so great because shouldn't men have and want all the 'good' things women have? I know scrotes are less threatened by pregnancy but lots of them really fear and hate the idea of getting a woman pregnant too yet they won't subject their own bodies to this shit, they want us to. Hormonal BC is also bad for women who don't take it because it's in the water and affects us all.

I bring up the side effects of BC a lot because it absolutely destroyed my life. It is one of the worst things that has ever happened to me and I will never live a completely normal life again. Happy for you if you're one of the lucky women who isn't badly affected by it though, the worst part is I didn't want to take it and wasn't sexually active when I was forced to take it.

More research won't help because we already know that what these hormones do to the female body and there is no way to make them not do that. Instead there should be more research into alternatives that aren't hormonal. In fact there are already many non-hormonal alternatives but they are less profitable for the pharma industry and slightly more inconvenient for either women or men so they're discounted.

Also not everyone lives in the US. Abortion rights are only being 'threatened' in one country in the world right now to my knowledge. Not everyone lives there, people are just waking up to how misogynistic and deceitful medical science has been. And I don't even get to be truly happy for all the women who 'need' BC because the sheer number of women who take it causes it to pollute my water sources too and worsen my diseases.

No. 2044441

there are some people who post crack shit that they know that will get replies. not all baiters are as blatant as the moid who was posting here earlier.

No. 2044443

There's that too but I'm sure many of the opinions are genuine. I have opinions too that some people might assume are bait because they're not mainstream or popular, sometimes people just have opinions that don't align with the norm. It just appears a certain type of otherwise controversial opinions are very popular here which I would describe as 'trying to go so far in the other direction from libfem all female choices good rhetoric that it turns into all female choices bad.'

No. 2044444

too bad the conversation is never "BC has a lot of side effects watch out for them" and it's always "you're poisoning your body you should stop that". it's almost like it doesn't come from a place of genuine concern, it feels more like virtue signaling "I'm better than you because I dont have to put toxins in my body and fear pregnancy"

No. 2044446

I've never seen anyone tell any woman 'you're poisoning your body stop that' but I have seen so much of the opposite and experienced so much of it personally it makes me sick. In every situation I've experienced, warnings about BC do come from a place of genuine concern while recommendations that women go on BC almost never do. 99% of the conversations I see on this topic (with the rare exception of some super-religious person who is against all forms of contraception) is just women with bad experiences warning each other about the risks.

No. 2044447

I literally posted about getting pregnant after years on BC and someone congratulated me for being fertile after poisoning myself with lead for years lmao