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File: 1715789813276.jpeg (344.32 KB, 816x1016, IMG_2575.jpeg)

No. 2003994

return of the nun edition


No. 2004000

damn I was too busy infighting to make it a different threadpic that isn’t a nun. nuns re overrated

No. 2004007

Good to know the retards that take glee in creating shit threadpics are the same retarded baiters that shit up threads with their infighting. Who woulda thought? Anyways, nuns are so fucking back nonnas

No. 2004009


No. 2004015

>not knowing infighting is apart of the culture

ok retard
if only AI-chan beat the cunt OP with the threadpic choice, would have been hilarious(infighting)

No. 2004020

File: 1715790523148.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1475x1776, IMG_0764.jpeg)

No. 2004023

Gonna start infighting with you right now.

No. 2004033

not bait, it’s pretty much a confession. this is the confession thread is it not? kek

No. 2004061

If confessions had a different threadpic theme, what else would work? Criminal women in courtrooms?

No. 2004068

you're insufferable, that's my confession.

No. 2004110

omg yes, something different like we should be allowed to change it up. maybe a dear diary theme or something?

No. 2004118

My confession is I think my boss has groomed me a bit into finding him attractive but I don't think I really mind I like the attention, I feel special

No. 2004119

Omg what if we use banjo kazooie and barnie pics instead

No. 2004127

i don’t appreciate your sarcasm anon

No. 2004129

I cheated on my ex moid for no reason.

No. 2004135

Maybe some super mario rpg and teletubbies then

No. 2004138

Let's all agree not to infight on this one, eh?

No. 2004139

kek wtf

No. 2004141

I don't trust Canadians

No. 2004147

most moids tell people you cheated anyway even if you didn't, might as well

No. 2004151

I love the nun theme, personally. I associate nuns with lolcow now

No. 2004158

I've cheated on every partner I've ever had. If I ever break up with my current partner I'm probably not telling the next one. The previous ones all know and none of them left me though.

No. 2004177

yeah because you’ll have them whip you into shape if you ever dare say something as sinful as calling someone a fatty

No. 2004199

Boring ass take

No. 2004208

No. 2004212

I'm sorry you have no nun to rap your wrist with a ruler nonnie

No. 2004241

Personally I think men need to be under the illusion women are monogomous with them but there's no point for women to be monogomous with men unless they're married or engaged.

No. 2004252

I don't cheat and never cheated but it's so hard to feel bad for moids who've gotten cheated on. They'll use it as an excuse to emotionally abuse the next girl and then claim being overly restrictive is cause they got cheated on or constantly obsess over the ex that cheated and make everything about them

Even women can get cheated on by multiple men and handle it gracefully and leave, moids will forever resent women for their high school gf cheated. And you know what? Majority of the time it's directly tied in with the moids actions. Most "victims of cheating" I know are emotionally neglectful moids who either ignored their gfs majority of the time for no reason or obsessed over other women, are shocked when their gf weeks validation from other men

No. 2004286

You should try it sometime, its fun kek

No. 2004447

Confession… I’m so attracted to my boyfriends pecs but I bet he’d think it’s weird…. Like I wanna suck his nipples and squeze his little pectoral fats lol I wanna eat his boob

No. 2004670

I’m so glad I’m not a heterosexual because how is being attracted to your partner’s chest even slightly weird?

No. 2004684

Why do so many anons want to fuck their boss

No. 2004728

I really don’t care about love at all. I just want to fuck men and throw them away

No. 2004729

So many women with low self esteem, it's sad. It's weird to want to fuck any man in a position of power.

No. 2004760

I tell everyone I don't want to have kids but really I am just not reckless enough to have them. I don't care that the other mentally ill poors always say dumb shit like "you find a way to make it work". I'm actually devastated I'll never be a mother. I'm not willing to make a child suffer like I did for my selfish biological clock (older Nona here so it's not like my financial circumstances will suddenly drastically change for the better in this shit hole country).

No. 2004799

No. 2004806

Oh Nonnettes…I have fallen down a rabbit hole. Specifically a rabbithole about Conor Mcgregor kek. I know next to nothing about MMA/UFC/Sports in general but I got recommended a video on youtube along the lines of "I'm worried about Conor…" it peaked my interest for some reason. It was just some MMA autist going on in great detail the last 5 years of Conor Mcgregor's coke-fueled life and dramas. I spent the next like 3 days consuming milk about this Irish manlet. I fucking hate him but I found a video that is just a compilation of him using the twitter voice message feature (does anyone even know this is a feature?) and holy fuck it made me kind of love him kek. He's a very Aaron Carter/Bam Margera tier celeb cow for me. He's probably not going to live much longer.

No. 2004823

File: 1715827855579.png (9.34 KB, 64x64, Literally_The_Sorriest_Cop_On_…)

It's extremely rare for me to ever get offended but i think i'll never get over how insulted i felt when Disco Elysium gave me the sorry cop and boring cop types, they were way too precise with the descriptions and since then i always feel like such a loser for mostly being pretty grey over anything and people's feelings kek, even on things i hate. I feel placid as fuck, negative-thread-avoidant ethnicity.

No. 2004824

File: 1715828002767.jpg (164.61 KB, 660x481, dolce-far-niente-by-august-tou…)

I'm a serial dater. I'm broke because of the high rent in the area and I don't want to put any strain on my family so to save some extra money I go on dates with tifs or desperate lesbians. (I'm a lesbian I'm just not interested in them in the first place) I always appreciate the chivalry of insisting that they help pay most of the time and I have genuine fun in having one one conversations with someone. My more naive friends think it's very admirable with the amount of experience I have but in reality life is always more mundane. Despite hanging out with so many people, figuring out their quirks, and even going on further dates with them is boring. Like I’ve felt more isolated personality-wise than ever, maybe it’s because of the necessary first stage small talk, or how many of their interests don’t align with mines. It’s a trap I’ve put myself in and I know that it’s my fault, but food is food.I wanted to give some insight in this thread especially how I’ve seen /m/ fags thirst over tifs like they’re some nerd girl monolith.

Insane tifs are some of the most boring in my opinion. Their personality comes a dime a dozen. They’re interested in semi-niche internet media but haven’t picked up a book so any mentions of historical or current affairs leave them puppeting the same shit over and over again. They’re also the most hypocritical with other gendies and the most autistic. They behave without an ounce of social awareness in their body. It’s fun to see as an outsider with rose colored glasses, but being on a date and have them mention something like Welcome Home with the expectation that you already know it can be so cringe worthy. They also believe that other people around them are inherently more shallow than them, as if they’re in a video game and the cis straight npcs have struggled with nothing worse than seeing their parents argue. It’s also ironic because they always come from richer families but spend their money on drugs so they can LARP struggle. I used to fantasize about dating or having sex with nerdy girls, but their performance in bed and personality are awfully mundane. Maybe that’s a perk for you nonnies, but always be careful with what you wish for kek.

No. 2004826

Please elaborate, I've wanted to play Disco Elysium for so long

No. 2004829

nta but do it. it's awesome. i will always shill this game (pirate it though)

No. 2004846

I'm not sure if i can really explain it well. The game has a lot of emphasis on the mind, almost all of it is dialogues, even with yourself. Some reply options may seem a bit goofy but i was being honest when i picked mine and as you do you come to unlock Copotypes, which also give you some kind of additional traits, they are not way too many honestly but they're written well, there is no way that they're not missing more relatable ones but personally i really felt pointed out by these.
I also suggest you to play the game, i went blind and i wish i could do it again! As the other anon said, pirate it because there has been some issues between the creators/publishers at some point.

No. 2004856

during my first playthrough i also got assigned the boring cop type because i was trying really hard to get kim's validation, so i kept choosing the tamest dialogue options because i didn't want to look bad in front of him. idk what that says about me

No. 2004932

I just realized I have been using the wrong bra size for most of my 20s, i accidentally bought one that's one size bigger and it fits perfectly, haven't told anyone about it yet because I told my family i could buy my own underwear since i finished highschool, well why not confess my mistake to a bunch of strangers online, right?
Now that you mention her i realized that i haven't seen many more threads with AI op pics, either she got banned or anyone who tries to make a thread with AI OP pic gets banned.
Then again i haven't been very active on here lately so i could be wrong.

No. 2005252

you feel isolated because you are whoring yourself out for meals and pursuing mentally ill women whose ideology you don't even believe in

No. 2005319

It’s hard being bisexual so I’m just going to have to be straight for the rest of my life I guess kek

No. 2005411

why did Orpheus look back is my weed out question for code monkeys

No. 2005416

I like mid guys.

No. 2005417

This is worse than a paraphilia

No. 2005418

Men always accuse their exes of cheating so there's no reason to stay loyal at all

No. 2005422

No. 2005429

i'm guilty of that too

No. 2005672

It's so humiliating to have attractions to irl men because i remember how utterly unattractive i am to men and that there are more attractive women who will lust over the most unconventional men who are the subject of my attraction and i could never have a chance with similar men. I am blessed i only get crushes once in a blue moon and it's not any that are in my life so i can can forget about them and get over it in a swift pace. I feel like the only way to cope with this is to never date and remain celibate because i have no chance at all and i don't need to feel this pain every day of my life when i have other things to do that are more important.

No. 2005716

Losing weight and getting healthy didn't do shit for my wellbeing. I lost who I was when I was bigger and less concerned about what I put in my gullet. I feel lied to by everyone who told me I would feel so much better. Great. I have a healthy body and now a completely broken mind. A healthy body and suicidal thoughts. A healthy body, for what? So I can live longer? I don't even want to live. Life is so boring and mundane. I'm tired of hikes. I'm tired of workouts. Tired of cooking. All these things I used to love when I was bigger, now I just find them useless and bland. I used to love cooking dinners for my friends and family, now they all make jokes that I never invite them over or make dinner when I'm visiting. I'm so close to just snapping after years of hard work. What's the point? I hate it here.

No. 2005865

I masturbated to a single picture so much it pavlov'd me into getting wet every time I saw it

No. 2005885

Are you still at a calorie deficit? The brain can't make the base chains of the various happy chemicals without a certain level of cholesterol/fats in the daily diet. Before you make any drastic changes, I would try adding more omega 3 fats and vitamin D into your diet for a week to see if it helps.

No. 2006023

You can't say this without showing the photo

No. 2006048

i second this, come on nonny lets all see

No. 2006073

I am not even joking when I say I am not attracted to irl men. The only porn I watch is animated porn, actual porn is so disgusting tbh idk what’s wrong with me
But I don’t like hentai or anything like that I’m not a pedo ew

No. 2006225

animated porn but not hentai? what are you watching then? asking for a friend

No. 2006239

I'm not attracted to real moids either and people don't get it, my friend tried to set me up with one of her moid friends and I got so offended, did she think my husbandofagging was a joke?

No. 2006258

I miss browsing old incel boards before they got overrun by male zoomers. They were funny albeit depressing at times.

No. 2006309

NTA but animated porn exists outside of Japan, what is this question?

No. 2006311

I hate my bf's body so much he is so skinny and malnourished, idk whats the fuss with wanting lanky men but I'm telling you this is not it it's gross and I feel disgust when I see how his legs and thighs are the same size as his knee and he only wears shorts so I always see that freak sight.

No. 2006319

He looks gross because he's a twig, not because he's lanky. there are plenty of short/medium guys who also look like starving aliens

No. 2006404

If I were pretty I’d be selling vagina but I’d just find cute virgins on tinder to sell to who are desperate to fuck a baddie for once in their lives

No. 2006409

Are you looking at drawings of TF2 characters or something?

No. 2006410

animan studios is my favourite yaoi

No. 2006447

I love cheating in online video games. The more competitive, the better. It's just so fun, especially because I hate moids who play competitive games and making them rage quit is incredibly fun to me. I gaslight them really hard too when they accuse me.

No. 2006450

Give his knobby lanky knees to me nona. Cut them off and mail them to me I'll cook them up

No. 2006476

File: 1715960396201.gif (7.78 MB, 640x640, IMG_0678.gif)

I wish I had cancer or a chronic illness so I have no excuse to live or work anymore, plus the amount of sympathy and understanding you get because you’re dying from it kek. I know dying of cancer is horrific and wouldn’t wish it on anyone mentally stable but holy fuck I can’t do this anymore, I don’t hav the strength to fight anymore.

No. 2006480

Kek wtf is that anime part real?

No. 2006482

kek anon, what games do you cheat on?

No. 2006503

I literally have no idea, just saw an anon post it awhile ago and I found it extremely funny

No. 2006505

I cheat in pretty much every game I can that has a competitive aspect to it, but mostly shooters. I cheat a lot in shooters like TF2, Overwatch, Valorant, CSGO etc and here and there in MMOs like WoW and FFXIV (not as worth it), some old cheesy games that cheats are really easy to find for like Ragnarok Online, Maplestory, Audition Ayodance.

No. 2006519

Moid behavior. You demonic scum have ruined my favorite game.

No. 2006526

What's your favorite game, nonna. I won't cheat in it just for you.

No. 2006539

Tf2 because I am autistic… stopped playing over a year ago because the cheating and bots were so annoying that you can’t play casual legit anymore, and the community servers attract the most unfunny retarded scrotes ever. I think if you’re using your powers to fuck with moids that’s fine but I’ve had great interactions with other women on there. I think most of us play legit and it makes me sad to see a woman cheating

No. 2006551

Yeah TF2 is completely fucked because the most popular cheat program out there (LMAOBOX) is incredibly accessible and only costs like $10. Also the scripts for the bots are open source. I would say at least 30% of players you think are good are actually cheating subtly. It's Valve's fault though since they've abandoned the game. I used to play TF2 legitimately too back when I played UGC Highlander. I don't play anymore if it makes you feel better. I'm really surprised there's other women who still play that game, it makes me nostalgic. Godspeed, nonna.

No. 2006585

File: 1715964266920.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.36 KB, 960x960, 1657846837488.jpg)

No. 2006603

She's baiting that's not me. Anyways I'm not posting because it's equally as embarassing

No. 2006605

No. 2006700

Weeds really creep me out. I had to pick a few today ick ick ick.
I haven't told anyone this because I think they'd laugh at me and my mom would just think I'm trying to dodge chores.

No. 2006708


No. 2006715

File: 1715971308686.jpeg (481.92 KB, 1366x2048, 82A106DD-298F-4CBE-B735-D8E036…)

i don’t think i’m ugly but i hate being average/plain. even if i do slather on makeup there’s still my awkward, apple-shaped body. i feel like i need to get a measuring tape and measure my proportions because they shift every time i look in the mirror

idk i just wish i was offensively beautiful. it’s corny and juvenile but i want to turn heads. and if i can’t have that i want to wake up with clear smooth skin PLEASE my pores are clogged and gross

No. 2006733

Anok is such a real genuine beauty, so beautiful. It makes me seethe because I almost look like her (I’m not white I’m black don’t come for me) but I always get dunked on it for it. I’m glad people aren’t dunking on her for having those features and taking in her beauty. Almost no woman turns heads naturally, it requires a lot of painful beauty rituals and makeup. It’s all in the makeup and clothes nonnie, and definitely the body.

No. 2006739

I feel bad for my mom, it's clear that her only goal in life was to have children and now that we are all grown up she's aimless, she spends all her days watching TV, she has no real passion or hobbies.

No. 2006811

>she's aimless, she spends all her days watching TV
Doesn't sound that bad

No. 2006813

File: 1715975705989.jpg (152.85 KB, 1024x1024, 1000000451.jpg)

I'm about to lie on my resume.

No. 2006851

about what?

No. 2007018

I'm so sick of being socially invisible, I feel like some kind of ghost passing through the crowd.

No. 2007022

My husband really needs glasses but I've told him and he gets upset and claims he doesn't and also, over the years I've gotten a few wrinkles, some greys, and cellulite spots and I know his vision is too poor to see them so I don't get him glasses out of vanity. Kinda scared of the day he gets them and my aging body changes come into 4K clarity for him.

No. 2007030

File: 1715985911726.jpeg (27.65 KB, 563x494, 4389754385403.jpeg)

When I was in hs I had a brazilian coomer twitter friend who once sent me a jav link and since then I've been fixated on one specific moid. I don't watch porn anymore outside of his stuff. He's older and fatter and uglier now but the mere sight of him makes me want to plop my coochie on my phone screen and pull him out like it's a suction cup. It's so shameful.

No. 2007044

nta but the only western animated porn i've known about is shitty fan flash animations or shit like zone, i'm surprised anyone is genuinely into that

No. 2007046

Try to introduce her to some hobbies

No. 2007392

Rape threats directed at men are funny as fuck. I'll sic John Wayne Gacy on your ass you little faggot

No. 2007394

Nope they'd love it

No. 2007395

This is a blessing

Diabolical slut

No. 2007410

I was falsely accused of rape in high school. I'm not a moid, just crossed a girl with diagnosed bpd. It haunts me to this day. I want to post online and share things, but I'm terrified of her and her friends who bullied me. I'm a coward. No one believed her in high school because the story didn't make sense, but on the internet, no one cares. I never faced any real problems, the police actually got involved and she backed down when everyone called her a liar and said she wasn't lying, they were "false memories". I guess I'm afraid of being "canceled". I know it's stupid, but the feeling of everyone ganging up on me for something I didn't do makes my skin crawl. No one would've bullied me in high school if it weren't for her.

No. 2007490

Speaking from experience the other nonna is right. Obviously there are people who are born attractive but so much of it, especially for celebrities, is due to flattering photos, styling, and ability to invest in their appearance. I very distantly knew a now somewhat well-known celebrity in school, and you would not have thought twice about their appearance if you saw them on the street. Now I see people salivate over them. It’s made me reconsider how much of our attraction to others is due to their appearance vs. how other people perceive them.

No. 2007585

I don't know if this is the right thread but having to take care of my disabled brother throughout 9-18 was probably the worst thing I had to experience. It sounds really dramatic, but having to take care of him was like taking care of an oversized animal. He couldn't do anything. We were poor so my mom refused to get a proper babysitter and just made me watch over him after school, if I refused she'd blame me if we "didn't eat that week." He couldn't talk, he couldn't go to the bathroom on his own, instead he was wearing diapers as old as 10. He screamed over ANYTHING. he bit people, vomit over himself from overeating. Couldn't sleep by himself, would touch shit with his dirty food covered hands, pissed on the floor or leaked through his diaper,walk around naked,still had to get his ass wiped at 13, and ate nothing but chicken tendies of course. I don't know why but taking care of him put me in genuine distress back then. My mom wasn't much different since she frequently had meltdowns where she'd cry or scream over him. tbh that whole thing scared me into never having kids. Sometimes I feel bad for him, because there's something about slightly "aware" but non verbal children that's very uncanny to me. Like living a life you can't fully engage with.

No. 2007586

If it can help you nona i know that a lot of brothers and sisters that had to take care of their disabled sibilings felt the same but are scared to admit it. I understand that things like that are delicate but i can't imagine putting that pressure on another child, i hope you get to enjoy your life now nonnie.

No. 2007590

That's not dramatic at all, it would be an absolute nightmare for an adult let alone a child. Whenever I read posts like yours I get scared out of having kids too, it's a genuinely life ruining scenario.

No. 2007659

After HS i moved out from my insanely controlling home to live with a relative. I was so hyped about finally getting to socialize outside of school, i swore to myself i'd get a gf or bf. I also am autistic and had no idea of how to even approach someone, so i'd just stare INTENSELY at this girl in my class. I would not break off eye contact even if she stared back. I did this as a kid when i didn't know how to talk but this time it felt really forced, and a part of me told myself to stop. We had a friend in common and she never complained or seemed really bothered (i think) but i'm sure it wasn't fun to have someone regularly stare at her like that. The worst part is that i'm capable of being pretty funny with people i have crushes on, but for some reason i tried something different. And it wasn't even a 'real' crush, i was just desperate to develop one after my years-long infatuation with a girl ended, so i picked the first girl i thought was pretty. Later in the year i genuinely developed one (on another girl in my class) and didn't repeat this, i just tried to not seem too flustered around her, thank god kek
Yesterday i read a thread of women complaining about shit autistic moids do and i was mortified to find an example similar to this story. I periodically remember it and cringe so bad i feel physically ill and want to hurt myself

I have relatives in this exact situation (they live in a place with little to no support for such children) and it makes me want to sob. That last phrase is extremely real, on top of the hardships of caring for a low-functioning kid, you can't help but wonder how they experience the world and if they feel pain from not being able to really engage with it. It's tragic, you're not dramatic at all for feeling this way. I'm glad you are able to focus on something else now, hope your brother gets to live the rest of his life in a decent state

No. 2007852

File: 1716048349686.jpeg (278.58 KB, 2690x1864, feeling peachy keen.jpeg)

When I get a redtext mentioning how schizo or retarded or autistic I am I feel like a cut character from Girl, Interrupted. It's a good feeling. Yeah, I am a retarded psycho… that's why I feel so at home on these boards.

No. 2007856

You have to be a retarded schizo to browse the boards and also want to be a farmhand so you’re valid as fuck

No. 2007892

I’m sort of a snake

No. 2007899

This is not a confession but drawfag who did the stupid questions threadpic, please bless us once again… think about it, then you get to choose whether it's a nun or not.

No. 2007902

I love using twitterfag language, it makes anons so annoyed

No. 2007921

I'm infatuated with Venus Angelic even tho I know she's awful kek. I have an insane little fantasy to go to Japan and help her get better and be healed cow besties 4ever.

No. 2007931

I'm not infatuated but I've thought the same thing. I wouldn't mind if she's totally useless and stays at home all day, I imagine making her bathe and feeding her healthy food. Her actually improving. It's not sexual or romantic for me.

No. 2007932

Who? It's hard to believe there is a 3D man out there who can move his hips to a camera without looking like a hellspawn with palsy.

No. 2007938

I just can't figure out of I'm pretty or ugly. I guess I'm just average.
Kek, based anon.

No. 2007959

File: 1716053825486.jpeg (30.23 KB, 640x613, on mah puter erryday insantiy …)

I feel like such a loser when my mom walks in on me sitting in bed at 7 pm with my earbuds in. I have a job, I have the right to be a lazy retard when I can but it still makes me feel like such a loser. I don't even miss having a social life anymore, every time I see someone now they annoy the shit out of me and I can't stop thinking about how much I want to leave. Having no social life makes me feel abnormal but at the same time I have enough fun on my own, I don't even sit inside all day I just don't have friends I actually like spending time with anymore.

No. 2007974

Overcharged a troon and hid some merchandise from him because he was stretching new stuff out

No. 2007981

Elaborate, that story sounds juicy

No. 2007983

Which thread

No. 2008012

took off the on sale sticker and just hid some clothing he was already asking about, saying we sold out, the joys of working at a boutique. these types seem to have the money to spend too, I'm guessing he is in IT but not the basement dwelling type, the impossibly tall, wide yet lanky type

No. 2008026

Kek, did he end buying anything at full price?

No. 2008029

a lot of them do sex work too. I rarely see them have normie jobs like being cashiers or nurses

No. 2008126

I don't really see that here for tims, it's either IT, game dev or wellfare autismos
he got nearly 1k worth of stuff, my boss was so happy when I sent her the numbers!

No. 2008350

God, please forgive me. I told myself I would never go on 4chan again, but I had to go on /sp/ to get a link to the boxing match.

No. 2008358

what boxing match anon

No. 2008382

I find myself really pretty in the mirror but I never get complimented so I guess I'm average too.

No. 2008392

File: 1716071201410.jpeg (133.97 KB, 932x907, IMG_0984.jpeg)

apparently everyone in middle school and high school had conspiracies anout me being a lesbian based on the way i acted around boys. in reality i’m straight and my behavior (me being standoffish and uncomfortable) was a result of trauma and abuse. kek i am glad that i had a short stint as a local lesbian icon even though the people. i went to school with were retarded.

No. 2008408

It's the heavyweight championship between Fury and Usyk. It's for my dad to watch for free.

No. 2008410

I think I'm turning mentally male. Not like in the tif kinda way, but in the bad humor sense

No. 2008420

stop going to 4chan and consuming male centered media.

No. 2008430

File: 1716072084320.jpg (31.18 KB, 634x570, 382f2cdf45d6206bf6a36dc0ccccc6…)

I decide which side to take on wars by comparing the beauty of their males. I'm still baffled about what's going on in ukraine because both sides look identical.

No. 2008434

Same nonnie, except I'm stuck on Israel and Palestine. Literally both ugly, don't care

No. 2008435

File: 1716072194976.png (119.12 KB, 480x640, df30zqg-5744968f-ff15-4321-af9…)

I don't use 4chan

No. 2008438

nonners am I supposed to believe in that considering the picture you're using…?

No. 2008440

Maybe bragging abt whatever retarded alt-chan she goes to. Sad. Yeah 4chan is too mainstream!

No. 2008443

I just think they're kinda funny. And yeah I don't use 4chan, I've browsed soyjak party though

No. 2008444

File: 1716072562859.png (328.99 KB, 506x504, itsover.png)

I also find soyjacks funny but everytime I go to 4chan and adjacents I feel like my brain is getting rotten the same way you can feel you're getting sick from someone who sneezed near you outside. it's bad for the soul

No. 2008448

Yeah I don't really use it outside of /raid/, I'm not even sure why I like it, considering I never liked 4chan or actively used it.

No. 2008453

I just post schizo manhate there and leave. I get so many enraged replies but barely read them

No. 2008458

doesn't soyjak have a bunch of CP on one of their boards? (and i heard that they also sneak cp into some normal looking videos and images)

No. 2008459

yeah the owner is a pedophile who posted daisy's destruction on the wiki

No. 2008468

Which specific board? And yeah CP would get regularly spammed until they did something to "fix it", im not sure if the problem was actually fixed though lol. And yeah one specific user edited a video where it's a little soyjak dancing then cp would play.

No. 2008491

File: 1716074590087.jpg (25.19 KB, 500x375, 825f0d5ae86d9f6da767ecbd0a0847…)

wojacks and soyjacks are fucking ugly. I dont save ugly shit to my computer or phone. I'm better than you

No. 2008505

I find some strangely cute.

No. 2008513

Jodi Arias is objectively pretty. Seriously, she looks perfect in every photo she's in.

No. 2008514

She's so pretty

No. 2008515

Based. Those pictures should all be banned here

No. 2008519

File: 1716075126316.png (25.82 KB, 600x800, 3047744975_preview_188.png)

>Those pictures should all be banned here

No. 2008523

File: 1716075326412.jpg (90.6 KB, 736x743, d9934f9c940efef127d19d530e87c0…)

Its okay anon I like nonpolitical obscure soyjaks too. Which one are you?

No. 2008538

File: 1716075935761.png (71.79 KB, 374x343, angel_on_the_back_by_soygemvau…)

Probably spicy or salty

No. 2008541

Kek the umami one, it doesnt even look like a soyjak anymore

No. 2008546

Soyjaks are everywhere now, they don’t really mean anything

No. 2008552

File: 1716076375867.jpg (58.34 KB, 735x414, b27ec8cd1049376dc26e7395543d55…)

That's awesome I'm umami

No. 2008557

File: 1716076659214.gif (2.94 MB, 540x304, 4F5D3F34-5552-4DEF-B8B8-80C588…)

Coffee/Tea is best consumed in the evening, not the morning. Nonnies with a 200+ iq will understand

No. 2008558

File: 1716076705847.png (4.44 MB, 2048x1152, C9D7D474-F3F2-4D6B-8909-832038…)

Nta but my favorite ones are the ones about a very specific topic usually made by genuine non meme schizos

No. 2008559

I have a full cup of coffee before bed

No. 2008560

File: 1716076778011.jpg (62.64 KB, 736x919, 07a5c5e0d59be33d0ebf3a9c3cba4f…)

Same. I also love it when animals are soy'ed.

No. 2008561

File: 1716076812564.jpg (76.14 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

These are cute. Weirdly enough, I actually hate wojaks compared to soyjaks

No. 2008568

So true, the ones meant to be tolerable evoke a primitive rage in me. Especially the horny ones

No. 2008573

I had a dream last night about Charlie Damelio dying in a plane crash, kind of like how Aaliyah died. Haven’t been thinking about her at all and only heard of her because of the whole tiktok thing during the pandemic. Why do my dreams do this shit?

No. 2008582

File: 1716078343087.jpeg (106.86 KB, 1882x1882, IMG_4410.jpeg)

I love this one, would definitely rather be in a room with bear over any male.

No. 2008593

Same happened to me, just because I didn't talk to males, didn't have male friends, didnt have any crushes, and wasn't interested in dating (didn't help that not a single one at school was attractive plus they were all loud and obnoxious). there were also rumors about me secretly being a boy and a prostitute for some reason? I don't even dress masculine nor sexual, I think the students who disliked me were just throwing around whatever and seeing what sticks or looking for a reason to avoid me (once the lesbian rumors started some people backed away or moved their spot whenever I was near them)

No. 2008748

Anon this post made me binge read the entirety of their wiki and now I have the fucking knowledge of a zoomer moid autist. I didn't even realize 5 hours passed until I had a splitting headache and realized that it was dark out.

No. 2008773

kek I love reading their wiki honestly it reminds me of encyclopedia dramatica from a while ago

No. 2008777

You know those people have tried to raid us before right? They also posted a shit ton of wojaks back then

No. 2008892

anons don't even care that that site is full of cp and ran by a pedo, there's no reasoning with them

No. 2009131

Nothing in my life is going well lately and the only thing that's been making me happy are vtubers. A lot of them have been playing my favorite games recently and as pathetic as it sounds, their "company" is the one of the few thing keeping me together. I'm hoping to become a tuber myself and hopefully make some friends when I get a new computer but I won't be able to afford one for a while. I only watch female vtubers though.

No. 2009196

In my years of teaching, the most triggered I have ever been by something a kid has said was when a toddler asked if I was a girl or a boy. I ignored his question but he pressed the matter further.

I know it's kinda stupid but no violent sped or sperg teenager assaulting me has ever pissed me off as much as that innocent question because I am so unambiguously female.

No. 2009211

I would advise not to. Its best to keep it as a hobby rather being a vtuber yourself I've worked with vtubers and the novelty and magic wears off quick when you see what the actual reality is being a vtuber fan and being a vtuber having fans is very different especially if you're a female vtuber (coomers,people doxxing you for "archives",creepy moids asking for fetish shit) sure there are good sides but it's best not to sugarcoat it

No. 2009214

I streamed for a while and it was really fun! i met some really nice people i am still friends with. Wish i could stream more but my internet sucks.

No. 2009263

I’m only GNC because my face and body dictate it.

No. 2009270

It's not your fault nonna. Kids are already dumb and these days are being conditioned by library drag shows and other weird shit that confuses their brains. Says way more about that kid's parents than you.

No. 2009296

children are fed so much bizarre and outright inaccurate shit regarding gender nowadays that it's not too surprising you'd eventually encounter a kid who asked such a dumb question even if it's obvious that you're female. his confusion probably wasn't based on your actual appearance and more likely stems from what he's being taught at home or what media he consumes.

No. 2009301

Good fortune.

No. 2009410

I think the bruises people get after paintballing are really hot. Sometimes I scroll through the paintballing subreddit just for the bruises. I wish I could convince my bf to go with me kek.

No. 2009420

around 2012 i was in the tumblr "hbo war fandom" and just want to say i apologize for shipping the actor versions of these irl grandpas. still a shipper to this day but real people are off the table for me now. sorry to all the grandpas and their loved ones.

No. 2009446

going to sound like an evil vain bitch but i really hated my old manager because she was fat and smelly. literally smelled like pork and sweat in a small store that was always cold and every time i walked behind her she had this curious habit of farting like a horse. all that on top of being smug about being my manager + really bossy and obsessed with giving me busy work. i bet she's still working there too

No. 2009453

I appreciate your concern anon but I'm not worried about any of that. I know any vtuber friendships I potentially make would be shallow at best and harmful at worst. I mostly just want an excuse to be able to play games guilt free again and I think streaming would allow me to do that. It would also alleviate my loneliness although again I know the chat would mostly be a faceless crowd of retards. I already made a design anyway, and if I end up not liking streaming, I stop. No harm done.
That's nice anon! I hope you can go back to streaming again someday.

No. 2009486

File: 1716136699419.jpeg (522.52 KB, 1876x2048, IMG_1061.jpeg)

I love pretty material things and organizing them and taking pics of them like pic related. Especially stuff that matches merch of my husbando. I feel like an autist when I do it tho.

No. 2009488

This is so cute anon!! Gintoki, top tier taste. I thought I would pick up a Gintama husbando but I think I just didn't watch enough episodes.

No. 2009489

I don't think anything is wrong with that

No. 2009491

this is not vain, being around someone that gross daily is terrible.

No. 2009499

File: 1716138764502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 1284x1793, IMG_0119.jpeg)

I slept with my coworker. It seemed like we had a thing for each other from the start, but I chocked it up to him being a very charming, genuine listener, maintains eye contact type person. Then the other week my other coworker confessed that coworker 1 had begged him to stay at the bar with us and not leave him alone with me. The other coworker left lol and me and coworker 1 talked in the parking lot for a min. The other night we all went out again, me knowing coworker had a crush on me, and while smoking outside together coworker was obviously frustrated. He confessed without being explicit that it was hard to be around me. Long story short I told him I felt the same. We stayed up all night talking, him mostly telling me how he watched me and just liked the way I carried myself, how I was nice, etc. Then we set an alarm for early this morning to seal the deal. He had a big curved dick and was shaking with nervousness the whole time. It was so cute. I’ve never slept with a coworker so let’s hope this goes well (it won’t!). SMH.

No. 2009527

girl is this like an office/white collar job , blue collar or like service industry; cause this is about to get so messy omg

No. 2009591

If I told everyone in my life what I really thought of them I'd have no friends left. I'm scared of being completely alone but I have everything muted because I just don't want to deal with it all, I feel so fake but I haven't had a real click with anyone since I graduated. Everyone my age takes themselves so seriously, I was playing a song in my car with a friend recently and she started complaining that they said nigger once or twice when the guys were black themselves kek? What am I even supposed to do with that, might as well just live it up by myself at this point.

No. 2009675

Girl, what is the number one rule? Don't get your meat where you make your bread. Start shining up your resume, because either it goes great, and you need a new job because your coworker can't be your husband, or you need a new job because it goes bad and it's awkward and discriminatory.

No. 2009899

Service industry of course! I’m going back to school in the fall so, won’t be working there as much at the end of the summer. He only works once or twice a week. This is a second job for both of us so …

No. 2010126

I absolutely love my boyfriend, he is everything I could ever dream of in a partner. But I’ve always known I liked women as well, yet I’ve never been with one. Mostly because the handful of relationships I’ve been in have been very long. All 9 years of my adult life were spent in 2 different relationships with men. I’ve never known how it feels to be loved by a woman and I wonder if I had, maybe I would’ve specifically avoided men romantically and ended up with a woman in the end. Maybe I would’ve ended up like plenty of other women who realize they’re not bisexual but they’re actually lesbians. Because honestly other than my partner? Men scare and disgust me and I would never willingly associate with another man should my current relationship ever end. I know this is kind of a weird confession and I hope I don’t offend anyone with my complaining. I just kind of wish I had gotten to experience what it was like to be romantic with a woman at least once, I just feel like it would’ve changed a lot for me. I was just very unsure of myself and insecure, I didn’t want to ever hurt another woman while I was figuring my life out.

No. 2010131

girl this is so humiliating for me but yoji agawa. the jav in question included him spitting in a girls mouth and that scene in specific fried the wires of my teen brain. don't ask why, it's one of those bizarre human phenomena like moids that are fixated on armpits. I promise it's not in my control, I would choose so much better.

No. 2010191

Well, props to you for actually delivering instead of whining about how you can't possibly say who it is on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 2010249

>whining about how you can't possibly say who it is on an anonymous imageboard.
kek nta but i feel called out. most of us don't wanna name names because some anons try to turn others into a ___-chan or accidentally become recognizable

No. 2010280

I love watching old noodlerella/cosy YouTubers around this era vlogs

No. 2010286

I've been going to my city's hockey game and been becoming a superfan in case I can land myself a hot hockey player bf lol

No. 2010310

File: 1716178624026.jpeg (422.12 KB, 1456x2184, IMG_1445.jpeg)

I love larping as an ancient woman when I make flatbread (it’s the only bread I know how to make kek)

No. 2010315

Aren’t mods able to see our post history? Or how does that work? It’s something I always wonder about! Do the mods have narratives crafted about us when looking at ban history, for instance? Idk!!

No. 2010317

I want to confess about something criminal that i've never done but i fear that it's not really allowed, i wish i could do it because i'm holding the knowledge of mankind from it.

No. 2010326

File: 1716179743338.png (994.84 KB, 1822x1306, IMG_1446.png)

No. 2010327

If you plan to do it, you'd best not confess.

No. 2010328

That’s so embarrassing wtf

No. 2010334

it’s through ip addresses, no? you can use a vpn and avoid that, unless you’re someone especially spergy like pakichan.

No. 2010335

NO, i just mean that i wish i could confess, it was some angsty teen stuff if you can imagine, to be honest the revelation would not be that surprising to us but i wish i could prove it to the scientists lurking in this thread without them questioning me too much.

No. 2010339

If you didn't do it, then what's the harm in sharing?

No. 2010344

if you haven't done it then its not criminal nonnie

No. 2010345

Just feel disturbed knowing that i used to think about something that horrible without any sort of influence. Anyway my revelation is that i had high testosterone aside depression when i was a teen and i'm 100% sure that it contribuited to some weird behaviour, i'm convinced that there is something wrong in there that makes people think specific dangerous things under certain situations which is why crimes are mostly caused by moids, shocking i know but i could have helped the scientists. I know that i also sound like i'm not taking responsibility for being that deranged when i was younger but it would just be too long to explain.

No. 2010347

girl what are these cryptic ass posts. did you fantasize about committing a klebold or something? it’s not a crime if you didn’t actually act on it. plenty of people have thoughts they would never act on.

No. 2010349

I believe you. I've heard of FtMs committing more crimes after getting on T.

No. 2010353

I understand feeling disturbed and ashamed. None of us know who you are though. Up to you if you want to share what you thought of, but none of us can track you down. And with the entire site being anonymous, you don't need to go around with that baggage kek you can just post and go to another thread without looking back.

No. 2010358

Yeah but i'm not even from places where things like that happened and i understand what you mean but i was really convinced to do that sort of stuff, it wasn't just some kind of weird occasional thought, i'm just glad my depression won over it and that i was born a woman i guess. I wasn't even one of those weird girls that would romanticize those people since i had no idea they even existed, it just feels like there was something weird in my brain back then and sometimes when i see how certain moids act it reminds me of when i was younger.
To be honest i don't mind if i'd have someone tracking me down from this now kek i'm just not too sure if it would have been too much for what it's allowed.
Thank you, sounds stupid but i kind of wish i could have offered my mental illness to experiment on how to prevent those things but all i can do is just feel guilty about it.

No. 2010361

NTA I'm the same and I did actually "get help" which kinda fucked me up had a shitty experience at the loony bin I guess I got what I deserved. Right now I'm just coping and trying to move past it, even though some people would think I don't deserve it. I mean, what's the option, to kms? Not able to do that sorry.

No. 2010364

that makes us three. also "got help" for it.

No. 2010372

Yeah, i've gone through therapy but it kinda sucked here, i actually got better when i got older, my hormones got balanced and had healing friendships, i'm sure there are much more issues to it but i really think that my high testosterone had a big impact on it somehow, anyway i hope you can get to feel well too nona, i'm not mad at you, just at me, haha.
I sincerely hope that no other girl felt the way i did even if i can't know, but it's good that we all went through without doing anything harmful.

No. 2010377

fucking hell, I feel less alone now. Can't really do therapy for obvious reasons but I've reached a stage where I'm able to draw some dark humor from my situation and not completely spiral every time something reminds me of it. Also writing helps.

No. 2010391

File: 1716184642699.jpg (993.88 KB, 2048x2040, FDhQrXDWEAApM-Q.jpg)

Then let's make this a good life together ♥

No. 2010400

File: 1716185457426.png (74.18 KB, 859x687, 98758576444765.png)

thanks nonni I'll try

No. 2010443

File: 1716189950406.mp4 (775.3 KB, 460x816, biting.mp4)

Years ago I went to meet a guy and he started restraining and basically sexually assaulting me, but he stopped despite really wanting to go further because he complained that my genitals smelled revolting. I went to a doctor after that and apparently I had a case of bacterial vaginosis that happened to be completely asymptomatic to me personally, like I couldn't smell it and it didn't feel uncomfortable at all but I just had this random infection even though I never get any issues like that. The BV cleared up easily after that with little fuss. It feels like some sort of bizarre divine intervention.

No. 2010483

Nonnie that's so awful, i'm glad to know that it wasn't anything serious and that's true, it feels like you got protected by it, i hope that moid rots in hell.

No. 2010484

I thought Duolicious was a dating app for people who use Duolingo. Like a sister-app, made by the same people. I only know of it because of the thread here, so up until literally right now I just thought there's a lot of weird ass people learning new languages.

No. 2010498

Reminds me of women who've shared their stories of avoiding being raped.. just by happening to be on their period att. The rando scrote attacking them even having the nerve to act all offended that while he's forcing her clothes off he has to see a bloody pad. Suddenly all squeamish.

No. 2010508

I remember reading about a woman who avoided the same fate by telling her assualter that she had aids.

No. 2010752

I bought some tarrot cards as a joke and bought them to work, and gave tarrot readings to people and we all thought it was a laugh.
I did a reading for this anoying guy and since he had just been anoying me i 'shuffled' the cards but put all the ominous sounding ones at the top.
When i drew the cards and explained each one i only read out the bad explanations.
The reading really unerved him and he started failing at the job and his exams, he quit a short time after.
Sometimes I wonder if it was the reading i gave and whether i was responsible.

No. 2010758

Nonnielle, I thought the exact same thing too and wondered if they made a date for the Duolingo owl.

No. 2010768

I had an autistic teacher in high school who collected anime figurines and was a redditor (confirmed.) I was the only person at the school who took any interest in math and he tried to be my friend but I was kinda mean to him because people shipped me with him. Whilst I wouldn’t go back and entertain his wishes, and whilst he is still a moid, I feel sorta bad about it. He recommended a physics book to me I never read.

No. 2010770

thats creepy, you did good

No. 2010772

Yeah I know.

No. 2010797

I drunkenly kissed a friend from work despite knowing his girlfriend. I almost don't regret it because now I have to deal with the fact that I am a nasty piece of shit, but idk how

No. 2010838

i really want to live in japan one day and for some reason i've always been attracted to asian men (my first crush in school was a vietnamese boy who was a lot shorter than me kek) does that mean im weird? i feel like a fetishist for some reason..

No. 2010843

yeah you have yellow fever but that's ok nonnie we still love you

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