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File: 1715183401489.jpeg (146.05 KB, 621x554, IMG_0460.jpeg)

No. 1995264

art-chan will be vindicated edition


No. 1995313

omg what a cute threadpic!!

No. 1995314

top-tier thread pic, beautiful

No. 1995322

Love the pic!!!

No. 1995331

Threadpic is so cute I'm going to cry, whoever nona drew it thanks for sweet art you give us

No. 1995347

Do you feel helpless at night? I can't do anything in the dark, I lie in bed and try to be as silent and inept as possible, I'm afraid of violent burglars. How can you feel more secure? It's not really a problem, I've always been used to it since forever. Is it normal behavior for woman living alone?

No. 1995355

Why does the ends of the banana taste better?

No. 1995370

I think this is normal when living alone because until I got cats/distraction I used to always worry about the world and future problems but I also have anxiety. Having my cats reminds me even if its for a short while, things will be ok / I have them by my side.

No. 1995374

How do you clean your cats teeth?

No. 1995377

Do you pronounce 'conjuring' like conjah-ring or con-juh-ring? I always said conjahring but everyone I know says conjuhring (I'm esl). I feel insane

No. 1995379

Conjahring but I'm canadian

No. 1995380

Con-juh-ring, it's spelt like it's said, but when speaking fast it's easy to see how to U turns into an A.

No. 1995383

So it's like tomayto tomahto?

No. 1995407

Sort of yes, the simplified English version is jah, the British English is juh.
So it'll be based on how you're taught and no one would judge you for it.

No. 1995408

File: 1715187032780.mp4 (7.69 MB, 576x1024, ssstwitter.com_1715114388300.m…)

american nonnies, do you really have to go to extreme measures like that to sneak food to the cinema? do they search your bags or something? cause where i live i just hide the snacks in my bag

No. 1995411

I also just hide snacks in my bag but they've gotten taken away before. Some theaters check your bag, some don't

No. 1995421

File: 1715187594869.jpg (32.45 KB, 770x436, female-condom-176420274.jpg)

Have you ever watched "educational porn" or whatever? I once watched a video about how to have sex with the female condom just out of curiosity. I'm generally someone who avoids porn at all costs though

No. 1995446

most cinemas don’t check, some do like in the cities or certain states like new york for obvious reasons kek. with some theatres i feel like you can just walk in without even having to pay for a ticket and watch a movie

No. 1995458

Is it nice to listen to music in the shower? I never tried it because it seems annoying but also kind of nice.

No. 1995467

I used to work at a cinema and someone could have gone in with sticks of dynamite strapped to their shirt and I wouldn't have thought twice tbh.

No. 1995475

i've gotten my bag checked but i live in a shitty high-crime area so it's not unusual for venues to have bag checks. some stores here won't even let you carry a purse inside their premises

No. 1995524

Brushing them (they make little cat tooth brushes and tooth paste) is the gold standard, but even I don't do that. Then dental treats like greenies as well as water additives like VetraDent. There are sprays and wipes, but they don't work very well. There is also prescription foods that clean the teeth as your cat chews, you just have to ask your very for the prescription. And finally once yearly to every other year dental cleanings by a vet.

No. 1995529

The first time I went to a theater in a big city, my purse was packed with candy (as is tradition) and the ticket kid asked to check my purse for candy contraband so I shamefully opened my purse and he stared directly at my bags of twizzlers and gummies before saying I was clean and could go in. I hope he's living his best life.

No. 1995534

I find it kinda overrated unless you have a really good speaker. The shower mainly drains the music out and unless you love your playlist it can be annoying to want to skip a song but feeling stuck

No. 1995575

I just walk in with my snacks in my hands. No one working at the theater gets paid enough to care except managers and managers aren't out there checking tickets lol

No. 1995645

Did I do the right thing? I gave a man 10 dollars because he told me that he needed to buy an inhaler for his son, the inhaler costs 18 dollars and I had a bit more of money but I wasn't sure if it was a good idea.
It was at the mall where my gym is at, it's not common to have people asking for money in there, even though the mall is basically for medical stuff (it has a bunch of offices of doctors that work there, but it isn't a hospital/clinic there's no operation rooms or emergency facilities)
And since security wasn't kicking him out, I'm guessing it wasn't something common of him.
Idk, I just don't know if I should've given him the 20 dollars or if I should've given him any money at all. I guess I just felt bad about his son because I know that it sucks when your asthma won't stop, I mean, he wasn't there with the man but, the man was holding an used inhaler.
I just don't know if I did the right thing.
I didn't see the man again after my class, I wonder if he got to buy the inhaler or something.

No. 1995662

You didn’t do anything wrong imo but I don’t believe that guy. Like did he forget his wallet or something? Cuz a job at the food court probably pays $18/hr, why is he panhandling at the mall.

No. 1995663

You sound nice nonnie but don't give moids money, let them fend for themselves/give each other money. You are no ones mom. It is not your job. But just know you are nice and sound lovely.

No. 1995666

yes you were extremely kind. you didn't have to give him anything and you gave him more than half of what he asked for

No. 1995667

That's what I was thinking about later, and the man was dressed like your average middle class man. I will just try to forget about this and pretend nothing happened, I may never see that man ever again anyways.

No. 1995689

it's kind of you but men target women for charity because we are more socialized to be kind and give and that always skeeves me out.

No. 1995806

Is it normal to get period like pains when it’s not your period. I’ve been getting them a lot for awhile

No. 1995818

No. Some women will have ovulation pain the day/time the egg releases from the ovary, but if you're cramping throughout the month, that's not normal. Are you otherwise having a normal menstrual cycle with normal discharge?

No. 1995869

File: 1715212268740.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.74 KB, 1588x1002, uterus.jpg)

happens to me sometimes, and it turned out that I have some moderately bad ovarian cysts. no idea if it's related though.
picrel is my uterus.

No. 1995933

WHAT THE FUCK. How do you live?

No. 1995936

have you guys ever ate a whole cart of ice cream, just a pint.

No. 1995938

The surgery videos would go so hard, love watching surgery videos it makes me feel like picking a scab

No. 1995940

I just KNOW the inside of my uterus looks just like this. What treatment did you get for those anon?
I used to be bulimic, a pint is light work kek

No. 1995941

yes i have

No. 1995945

a pint is nothing hell yes

No. 1995949

ok thanks for the reassurance nonnas because I’m about to finish one of the buy one get one free ice cream i got from the store and i don’t want to feel like a fatso kek

No. 1995957

can you pls spoiler this

No. 1995962

File: 1715217119524.jpg (Spoiler Image,229.08 KB, 1364x833, uterus2.jpg)

that's actually the inside of my abdominal cavity. my uterus is the pink lemon-shaped thing with the tubes coming off it, the white bloodsoaked thing is one of my ovaries, and the medical instrument is holding open an empty cyst sac that hemorrhaged when it burst.
Because it was hemorrhaging and my abdominal cavity was filled with blood, I had to get a laparoscopy. they cauterized the wound, sucked out the blood, and removed the blood clot. I'm not sure what the treatment is if it bursts without hemorrhaging.

Sorry about that

No. 1995963

Why do many overweight people insist they're "not fat"? Is "being fat" now seen as only synonymous with obesity for most people (like language evolving with people getting bigger) or is it just a delusion thing?

No. 1995965

are you gonna remove your uterus

No. 1995975

I was wondering if someone was spamming when I saw this on the front page, very interesting

No. 1995977

Probably delusion, especially if it someone who was skinny but gained a lot of weight.

No. 1995995

Nayrt but one time I walked past a homeless guy to give my change to a homeless woman instead, I felt really bad but she had a kid and I only had so much change. I wish people didn't have to panhandle

No. 1996050

File: 1715222630257.jpg (1.3 MB, 2754x4896, 3_people_cosplaying_as_Rei_Aya…)

Should I even bother cosplaying as Rei even if I'm not bone thin?sorry for the retarded question.

No. 1996053

Do it for fun

No. 1996062

As long as the cosplay fits, just do it.

No. 1996064

I use IRC only to pirate books, and a random user messaged me.
>nice name
>Who are you?
>new user
>Why are you messaging me?
No more replies. What was that all about? I'm not too familiar with IRC, was that an aborted scam tactic or something? Maybe you're just as confused as I was.

No. 1996086

what the fuck is duolicious

No. 1996096

Ngl my immediate thought was duolingo dating spin off

No. 1996107

Late but I say con-jer-ring. Is this a southern american thing or am I just retarded

No. 1996115

Retard from California and I say it the same

No. 1996156

Dating app created by an anon on 4chan. Attracts the worst type of women for the worst type of men

No. 1996161

if they breed the offspring should be brain chipped and maybe lobotimized before they access the internet

No. 1996164

It's so scary seeing my scribble as the threadpic, thank you for honouring my effort OP

No. 1996183

Nta but its cute! Good job.

No. 1996196

File: 1715234169432.jpg (98.73 KB, 1280x919, debu_01_16.jpg)

go ahead, best rei is chubby rei

No. 1996198

The threadpic is so cute!!!

No. 1996228

File: 1715237230791.jpeg (41.13 KB, 525x680, F7y1tFEWMAABB0m.jpeg)

How do I become less of a pushover especially with my mom? I hate being in this state and yet im so afraid of being yelled at or being a bad example of my group. I envy the troublemakers the people who speak their minds. I feel trapped by a lack of finance and being a loser pushover for most of my life. I feel like a mentally stunted teenager instead of the adult I actually am

No. 1996230

File: 1715237495089.png (463.67 KB, 437x672, stylish.png)

Are scrunchies still in-style?

No. 1996245

you can just try to stand your ground with little thing, maybe try to lead your mom first.

No. 1996306

Yes. The standard has shifted to looking really fat as fat. And now normal healthy weight people are seen as too thin

No. 1996325

You need to figure out the root of why you feel this way. Were you expected to be your parents' therapist when you were younger? Did you have to take on the responsibilities of an adult when you were a kid, like being held responsible for feeding your siblings, taking them to school and putting them to bed while your parents did something else? Did your parents micromanage your life and guilt trip you for not living up to their retarded fanfiction standards? Do you have autism, BPD or OCD? Are your parents massively retarded to the point where they truly think The Neighbors will run them out of town with pitchforks if you don't do the dishes? Are they narcissists?
If you don't figure out why you're a doormat in the first place you won't be able to effectively stop being one, you need to address the specific cause of it. Otherwise, you're going to be guilt tripped again and the cycle will repeat.
Being angry at yourself doesn't help, btw. Learn to look at things objectively. Are you even being asked or expected to do something, or did you decide for yourself that you had to do that thing? Are you being pressured into something, or did someone make a suggestion and you felt like you had no choice but to agree?

No. 1996337

Does your sense of rhythm get better with age?

No. 1996339

On the internet maybe, on more left leaning spaces and I see the opposite on right leaning spaces, this isn't true in real life, you're far more likely to find an eating disorder based on being skinny, than one on being fat.

No. 1996340

Would you iron your cosplay beforehand?

No. 1996343

Doubt it, there's a reason you need to start something like music or dance when you're a kid to be any good. We just get more awkward and uncoordinated with age.

No. 1996346

any skill can be developed and nurtured, though it'll depend on the amount of time and depth of focus you put into it. everyone has different starting baselines but 'innate talent' doesnt seem to be as big of a factor unless you're getting close to the top

No. 1996520

Is it normal to have small crushes on your in-laws/partner's relatives? Like not dreaming about them constantly ofc, just a slight attraction. I feel weird about this.

No. 1996526

No that isn't normal, ew

No. 1996527

It's normal there should be a slight resemblance or sharing of traits. My ex's dad was very similar to him in appearance and personality and he laughed at my jokes a lot yeah I sometimes felt attracted

No. 1996528

It’s normal to feel attraction anon. Is it bc they’re hot or nice?

No. 1996532

both, moreso because they're hot, does that make me a bigger weirdo

i feel like lots of people have experienced it before but it sounds really weird when you say it out loud (because it's just too close to incest). Logically, as you said, if they share a good amount of traits then there's just more of a propensity to be attracted to them too.
I've searched this up and i've found an overwhelming amount of reddit threads talking about guys having crushes on their MIL. I know scrote sexuality is not to be taken as a yardstick for 'normal', but i guess it does occur more frequently than you think.

No. 1996600

Gets better with practice but you're levelcapped by age and physiology tbh some are just built different when it comes to music or sports

No. 1996602

Nonnies please help me I’m a tard. I put on some fake tan last night using these drops that you mix into your moisturizer. I used some in my normal face moisturizer and when I woke up this morning I was shaken. The fake tan stuck to the side of my nose and around my eyes in such a way that It looks just atrocious. How tf do I get fake tan off my face?? I tried washing my face a few times but it only barely helped.

No. 1996603

You need to scrub the dead skincells off but you probably already did that beforehand. Just washing isn't going to do much because the pigment has bonded with your skin. You can get fake tan remover if it's really bad.

No. 1996606

Could I use an exfoliating glove or would that be too rough to use on my face? My skin is pretty hardy so I’m willing to try. I looked into the fake tan remover but it wouldn’t get to me in time to matter. Feels bad I had to go to work like this I want to kms.

No. 1996635

what fake tan drops did you use?

No. 1996638

I mean I'd personally not use it on the thin skin directly below your eyes but on your nose.. you're going to need it. Can't you pick a fake tan remover up from your local drugstore instead of ordering online?

No. 1996654

I have no idea,it would be my first time cosplaying.

No. 1996737

The Tanologist ones. They actually work really well but I decided to apply it using my hands instead of what I would normally have done and use a makeup brush to blend it out better.

No. 1996795

Isn't this video really pedophilic? Why did they have to have a literal child from HS act out sex like 3 times?

No. 1996809

File: 1715286300043.png (284.26 KB, 660x824, Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 4.21.…)

ive been in the same boat!! ive used the b.tan tan remover mouse and sugar scrub, any sugar scrub also works too but use it with the mouse should get it off!!

they sell them at amazon, walmart and other beauty stores


No. 1996979

How often do you read fanfiction?

No. 1996991

Fwiw looking it up, the actress seems to have been 21.

No. 1996996

What are you getting/doing for your moms for mothers day? I'm stumped.

No. 1997001

true, but in the context of the video she's at most 18 and looks really young too

No. 1997008

Does Harry Styles strike anyone else as a Robbie Williams skinwalker or is it just me?

No. 1997034

I have never listened to his music but Robbie Williams is class so probably. Harry styles looks like he's in his 40s and I know he's younger than me and I've still a good bit to go until 40. I fucking hate Harry styles he's such an unoriginal fruit. They're both aquarius men if that means anything but Robbie Williams wore pink clothed years before Harry and didn't make it his entire personality what is Harry styles personality he's such a boring celebrity fuck Simon Cowell

No. 1997075

Whenever the mood takes me a few times a year, I will spend a week reading fanfic I have already read.

No. 1997077

Never. I tried once because I was so desperate for new materials from my favorite author, so I checked out the fanfics. Everyone revolved around sex, and then when I was reading the descriptions, someone had shipped the main character with his underage apprentice that he raises and I was so disgusted that I left and never looked for anything ever again.
I'm falling back on the ol' standby: flowers.

No. 1997149

How old were your parents when they had you? My mom was 25 and dad 31. I’m almost 25 and if I had a kid now she’d be a disaster like me

No. 1997153

40 and 57. I believe that if my dad was younger I wouldn't be posting here.

No. 1997171

Anon from former USSR countries, do you agree that Russians are like the Texans of the former USSR?

No. 1997210

18 and late twenties, and they'd had a miscarriage before. I wonder what the fuck my grand parents were doing to let that happen but at least my father was put in prison and has been since

No. 1997222

Mum was 31 and dad was 30

No. 1997243

Sorry you were born to a shit dad nonna. I was kinda worried when I asked the question that it would get bleak really quick because i remembered that my coworker said his parents were 10 and 20 except his dad didn’t go to prison, they’re still together and she had to give birth for like 20 years straight

No. 1997245

mom 36, dad 42, definitely believe in the autism sperm phenomenon

No. 1997271

26 & 30, it’s insane to me that I’m older than my mom was when she had me. Could not imagine

No. 1997272

Jesus christ that's terrible, I feel so bad for the mother and children that sounds like hell. Also thank you for your sympathy but he wasn't a massive part of my life so it didn't effect me as much as it could I do wish that did get charged for grooming and domestic violence on top of "accidentally" killing two people but it's better than nothing and I hope he's having a shit time

No. 1997287

32 and 42. i was a surprise bc mum had been told she was infertile

No. 1997381

Mom was 18 and dad was 30-something. Absolutely revolting.

No. 1997394

baby oil, wetwipes

No. 1997396

47, 38(almost 39)

No. 1997407

File: 1715308973035.jpeg (33.85 KB, 275x275, 3B87354B-2D7B-483B-A43D-7CCF24…)

Am I reading too much into this? I recently made a personal IG with my face as the profile picture. A moid requested to follow me. He’s an acquaintance of my friends but I’ve never met him. He doesn’t follow a ton of people and the ones he does seem to be people he knows in real life. I accepted his request because I thought he was gay but apparently he isn’t. He likes my stories sometimes but I only post memes and music on them. I have reason to suspect he’s become good friends with my ex recently. My ex hasn’t posted on his own socials in years but his friends occasionally look at my stuff. Does it sounds like my ex may be keeping tabs? Or is it that this moid is interested in me?

No. 1997409

35+ 45+

No. 1997411

They never went away imo

No. 1997421

wtf is a female condom

No. 1997423

my mom had my oldest sister when she was 16 and my dad was like 27 and then there's a big gap between me and her and she had me at 40. i'm okay i guess but don't like my dad

No. 1997440

What does it mean when the guy in my class wears Keith haring shirts and also Theodore kazcynski shirts? Other than that he is retarded, what the heck does this mean about his beliefs ?????

No. 1997441

File: 1715310550245.png (411.21 KB, 800x2000, How_to_use_a_female_condom-172…)

You didn't learn about that in sex ed? It's a condom that you insert inside the vagina before sex, it's similar to the male one but for female anatomy

No. 1997449

This looks so retarded and uncomfortable, like a 5D chess version of regular condoms kek. might as well just use the original kind.

No. 1997452

Samefag also ntayrt but my school didn't teach this either

No. 1997456

File: 1715311013480.png (729.63 KB, 868x784, BEGONE.png)

>has had these ever since starting puberty
>never and am not sexually active
>never shaved the pubic hair down there, but I am hygienic
>they are never inside the folds of the vulva

ok ok…what exactly are these (sometimes itchy or hurting) cysts/bumps hidden in my pubic hair or on my bikini line?(the fold of my groin/thigh) Do they indicate something far more sinister? What causes them? How can i make them stop popping up? I've noticed they're less present when i eat less sugar…but ladies, it's been over a decade…

No. 1997481

both 18, deadbeat dad ran away when he found out mom was pregnant, mom ended up shacking up with a psychopath who abused the both of us and stayed with him for a decade. needless to say i had a fucked up life, no loving guidance and had to raise myself, moved to a different city 6 hours away as soon as i graduated hs. i'm 28 now on antipsychotics, trying to heal from the trauma of being abused and not being loved as a child, its really hard and i've nearly kms multiple times but i think i'm on my way to creating a better life for myself, or at least i hope so

No. 1997487

How old are you and where are you from? Not trying to make you feel bad or anything, it's just that they did teach it to me in highschool in my 3rd world country so I'm very surprised

No. 1997489

It might be, but that's a way to not get STDs, and the moid has no excuse to say he "forgot a condom" if you have it with you. You can insert it one hour previous to intercourse. They're not as common though because male condoms are obviously easier to find, but still

No. 1997490

Go to a dermatologist

No. 1997492

28, Burgerland the sub-par sex ed here is basically a stereotype at this point kek. The basic common sense stuff was taught tho just not every type of pregnancy prevention, or maybe I didn't remember idk

No. 1997495

We're the same age! It's on nonna, in my country a lot of people still think that if you get pregnant with the IUD inserted your baby will be born deformed or something

No. 1997504

i would have if i could… my mother says i inherited this from her unfortunately.

No. 1997506

girls what do you think?!

No. 1997507

Is there maybe an ingrown hair in it? Sorry I don’t know what else it could be

No. 1997518

He is weak willed and easily influenced, iirc both are Tiktok memes at the moment.
Does pus come out when/if you squeeze it? if so it's a boil which you can be more prone to if you have ezcema or a nutritional imbalance, not necessarily a hygiene problem in some cases.

No. 1997544

why are autistic people represented with dumb shit like puzzle pieces and helicopter hats

No. 1997547

File: 1715317275112.gif (4.61 MB, 480x560, 260AABEF-24CF-4BD6-8339-189CBC…)

I think some have had pus. I’m too scared to squeeze I don’t want infection. But what sort of nutritional imbalances??

No. 1997548

It means he’s a faggot who has a problem with capitalism now that it means women can avoid his worthless ass most likely

No. 1997556

Good, good you shouldn't be popping them for that reason plus it can cause them to spread. Nutritional imbalances could be a deficiency or not eating enough nutritious food or perhaps a trigger food, you mentioned you don't get them as often when you don't eat sugar, maybe try to replace sweet snacks when you can with things like apples or frozen grapes. Stress, hormones, tight clothes and a blocked gland can also cause them.

No. 1997575

Because they’re retarded

No. 1997646

31 and 35 I think, very good ages to have children, I'd prefer if my dad was a bit younger but still, very well balanced family, good age for income but not too perfect as to be spoiled, I am not worried about them dying anytime soon.

No. 1997647

Mom 32 and dad 31, totally average but when I was a teenager I thought for some reason that they were already older than every other parent. Also kinda embarrassed that at my current age my mom was pregnant with me while I'm still a virgin husbandofag.

No. 1997660

File: 1715337992787.png (843.35 KB, 1342x698, lolcor.png)

What's the deal with sillypoo and why do some anons hate them while others love them? Some nonnies even say bringing them up should be a bannable offense. Do they name drop lc or something? Genuine question, not trying to bait.

No. 1997665

one of their members was associated with the alt-right and has made racist comics in the past.

No. 1997666

My mom was in her late 30s and my father in his early 40s. My mom was a insecure late bloomer who settled for the left over trash and my father an autist who couldn't bag anyone else, so that explains why they got kids relatively late, I'm the oldest too. My father's dead already and I'm not even in my 30s yet.

No. 1997669

Not only that but the alt right one is clearly not a Le Based Feminist like some people want to think. I feel like a lot of their art feels meanspirited in general (specifically towards women) but they hide it behind a mask of irony. They want to appeal to both kiwifarms scrotes and lolcow femcels but they secretly hate these two demographics.

No. 1997671

I don't think it's this deep anon.

No. 1997672

Their videos bring in a lot of edgy retard gender zoomers

No. 1997673

No. 1997675

Kek, this is just untrue and it's pretty obvious based on the comments. I love the way anons just pull any random take out of their ass and slap it on the table like it's a cold hard fact and not a soft warm turd.

No. 1997678

Why are you so defensive over some shit art.

No. 1997681

Look up HeHeSilly comics that's one of the creators the other one obviously condones it and does her own scrote pandering, not as bad as her. There's shit about them on previous Art salt and unpopular opinions threads

No. 1997683

You're the one getting your jimmies rustled, I'm just giggling at you. Chill out.

No. 1997687

No. 1997690

Sillypoo is funny. They make funny videos. The art style is cringe and garish, some nonas dislike them just for that, some nonas love that. One of them made completely unfunny tasteless* comics in the past and in some people’s eyes not much has changed. They have kiwiscrote fans which is enough for some to dislike them by association or at least find the spinning titty animations pandering (personally not on board with that theory because I get tired of trying to care about what men think to the point we’re not even allowed to spin our titties in a cartoon, but maybe they are pandering to men I don’t know).
*jokes where the punchline was misogynist and/or racist, like 4chan-lite edgy humor tier. Just something that comes to mind when new fans of their women’s day videos call them based radical feminists or whatever, kinda makes me roll my eyes.
Everyone taking it a little too seriously if you ask me. Lots of over-defending them and over-persecuting them based on retarded videos and webcomics.

No. 1997694

Now that's a based take, that's a cold hard fact

No. 1997695

Well, that sucks, finding rad-adjacent content not made by cringy boomers or alt-right weirdos is impossible I guess.

No. 1997696

Anon they're just goofy animations and that's all they should be to you, they don't need to be radfem for you to enjoy some completely unserious nonsense.

No. 1997699

tbh I didn't know about her besides the pearl clutcher comic. Does anyone have screenshots of that their alt-right friend made?

No. 1997700

Wasn't there like a thread about those pickme bitches or they're in the art Salt thread or something. Please no derail/spam of their shitty comics

No. 1997702

Kek unhinged.

No. 1997703

Just search HeHeSilly, the comics were deleted from the website, but they’re still on Pinterest and there’s a Reddit post on r/RightCan’tMeme.

No. 1997706

Some were posted here >>>/ot/1917973 you could have googled that though

No. 1997707

Found the art salt post >>1919470

No. 1997720

damn, this makes me think that sillypoo was just an outsider looking in and pivoted to pandering to farmers. The consensus online is that terfs are adjacent to the alt right, and that terfs mostly support white feminism, so sillypoo probably thought that we'd overlook their racist,anti-feminist past, ignoring the fact that this site bans racebait and a sizeable portion of terfs are woc. That being said, I have seen racist stuff on this site not get banned so it wouldn't be hard to imagine that they're just another racist white lurker

No. 1997729

Anyone can open the cybergirls video and see all the comments are from teenage gendies with like 2 “based terf”s thrown in

No. 1997749

Eh, not really, it’s mostly Kiwi Scrotes, women praising them, a few offended gendies getting dunked on and 4tran troons trying to pretend they’re cool about it, and some normies praising the animation and not commenting on the gender stuff.

No. 1997766

People were posting stuff like total woman victory and using fucking sharty slang like ‘fe, it was absolutely not for us and it directly lead to this website getting worse. Fuck off shillypoo you will never be one of us.

No. 1997803

File: 1715351923894.webp (87.37 KB, 1155x648, 3231CB35-C3AB-4321-9F81-87B271…)

i have dots on my face that look very similar to hers, is that normal? i’ve always thought they were basically acne or my skin being especially rough

No. 1997805

It just means that you have clogged pores or skin prone to whiteheads

No. 1997808

those look like little moles to me but idk

No. 1997812

Yeah I'm actually unsure if nonnies means the texture of her pores or the dark beauty spots she has

No. 1997827

Literally nothing about sillypoo was “rad adjacent”, god lolcow and reddit have made feminism so retarded

No. 1997838

File: 1715353724400.png (204.54 KB, 806x1202, Screenshots_2024-05-10-11-07-3…)

What purpose does it serve to post blatant lies, are you just assuming no one will check you on your bullshit? All of the top comments look like these.

No. 1997841

Some real loser speak over here.

No. 1997872

Kek those first two are definitely zoomers come on

No. 1997932

What disorder is it when you cycle through moods on a seemingly biweekly basis? I was happy and functional for two weeks or so and now I'm depressed again for no discernible reason. Nothing happened to me. It's just like my brain chemistry changed.

No. 1997936

Can't diagnose you but possibly borderline or bipolar disorder? I have both (dx'd). Kek

No. 1997946

Thanks I'll look those up.

No. 1997961

Do you think it's a red flag for someone to not have a phone? Both, in platonic and romantic relationships.

No. 1997962

For lolcor users everyone is a zoomer now.

No. 1997964

18 for both

No. 1997968

Both 33 year old gen Xers

No. 1997969

30 and 31. Seems optimal, I want to have an kid around that age.

No. 1997974

For what reason? I've met people who didn't have phones in recent years but they were older extremely anti-technology people. Even poor people have phones. I'd be highly sceptical.

No. 1997975

Oh god here we go again. Every time we someone makes a comment about them or says they liked such and such, the anti-sillypoo league come screeching out of the woodwork and then proceeds to sperg for hours. It's just two random artists who you don't like, move on.

No. 1997978

They were 25/26, they already had their own house, my uncle helped with the clinic facilities because he was a doctor with his own clinic at like 31, my aunt helped with the legal stuff because she's a lawyer. My mom had a nice position at her job, my dad was working for different farms as a veterinarian.
I'm 28 and I just managed to get a job, but it isn't even full time, I have to wait for them to call me, I made 100 dollars that I haven't been paid yet, and I have to pay 90 dollars or more to do a course in order to opt for more hours at that job.
I don't think I could possibly handle the responsibility of having a child, I would just kill myself, I'm so glad I don't have a boyfriend or sex in general.

No. 1997990

Do you guys eat the crunchy part of the Chicken or do you throw it away? Like the edible part of the bones. Think it's called the cartilage maybe?

No. 1997995

I do. I also break the bones and suck out the insides.

No. 1997996

If the skin is super crispy I can, but otherwise I get disturbed and spit it out. Im definitely the type to pick apart my chicken, I refuse to eat any weird parts or veins.

No. 1998000

Thats really healthy bc bone marrow is packed with nutrients and I didn't know you could do that?? Just not a thing I've ever seen at least in my family. Will try next time I get drumsticks and wings lol

No. 1998002

no. i pick out every tiny little bit of fat and all the veins. i've only just become ok with eating chicken thighs because they have so many weird bits i have to pick off before i cook it

No. 1998003

Wtf anon how strong are you

No. 1998007

she's right though, the video attracted outsiders

No. 1998016

A chicken bone is pretty easy to snap in half, even easier once it's been cooked.

No. 1998026

I love the inside of the bone too.

No. 1998070

>puzzle pieces
the old autismspeaks logo had puzzle pieces because the organisation wanted 'to complete the puzzle' or 'find the missing piece', essentially curing autism

>helicopter hats

hats like that are associated with children, and autism is mostly associated with childlike behaviour

No. 1998144

What age do you start saying "woman" rather than "girl"?

No. 1998151

If the person is 18, unless I’m only talking to a close girlfriend casually. It’s always woman around moids, 100%

No. 1998157

I usually say "lady" tbh.
Depending on context, 16-18.

No. 1998158

Depends on the situation and context. My aunts call each other girls among themselves and they're all in their 50s because they're close enough and close enough in age.

No. 1998163

20+ for me

No. 1998166

I say girl regardless of age, but if she's over middle-aged I'll probably say lady instead of woman or girl.

No. 1998169

I know a woman who does not ever say woman, girl at every age from birth to death. And yes, she does call adult males men.

No. 1998175

Idk, I really only say man if I'm criticizing something about a guy. It's typically guy or dude. It's like when your mom calls you you're full name instead of your nickname.
I don't think girl is infantilizing like many people seem to though. To me it's more affectionate and kind than calling everyone a woman.

No. 1998219

why are french people so uppity about their food? they love calling those delicious baguette-esque grocery store bread fake bread. no it’s still bread and looks like a baguette to me

No. 1998246

File: 1715375078333.jpeg (715.39 KB, 1290x1442, IMG_7195.jpeg)

Is it possible for a dress with this hemline to be made shorter (as in by a professional tailor, not attempting DIY)? Sorry if this is a stupid question I know nothing about tailoring/sewing

No. 1998254

I like when europeans insist that americans only eat wonderbread and do not have access to fresh bakery bread.

No. 1998258

Because they usually don't taste as good as the baguettes you can find in an actual bakery, they're not nearly as fresh and crunchy. Good for you if you find it delicious though, at least it's usually cheaper.

No. 1998259

yes, that would be a quick and easy alteration

No. 1998265

kek ikr, the fresh bread they bake is so good especially when you get it early in the morning when they put them out. publix does that for their fresh baked breads
i don’t want a freaking cracker chip for bread I want it to be crusty on the outside and pillowy soft in the middle. would argue burgerfag baguettes are way better than that peasant stuff french people cry about being authentic, that shit could be carved out and worn as a shoe for how hard and rock solid it looks

No. 1998299

Please can somebody explain this to me. Could it be that my body is only able to produce healthy hair when it's around a certain level of fat?? I've always been around 50-56 kg for all my 20s (my height is 166 cm), with only three exceptions when I was 60 kg at 22, then at 26 and now at 29 years old. And I remember my hair always started to grow like crazy at that time and it finally had some texture and glow to it. And now it's the same. Every time when I was below 59-60 kg my hair was falling out like crazy, it didn't gain any length, it wasn't growing at all, and it was really thin on the temples (I was even diagnosed with AGA at some point at 24). Now it's thick and looks good. I'm mad because I really wanted to lose weight and stay around 54 kg. I don't look fat yet but basically all of my jeans are too tight for me on the belly and thighs area (the places where I gain weight the most). People tell me I shouldn't be losing weight but I think they just don't see it as much as I do. I literally can't button ANY of my jeans and I'm wearing sweatpants all the time. Fuck idk what to do why is my body my enemy

No. 1998329

Your body might just run better at a certain weight, not what you want to look like sure but everyone's body is different and some function completely fine underweight bmi while some run better at an overweight bmi, which you wouldn't be at your weight anyway.
Listen to what people are saying and go to a new shop for jeans, even big big people wear jeans.

No. 1998334

It means you're only getting the needed fats/oils for healthy hair growth when you're eating a lot. Try taking a salmon oil pill for a couple of months and see if it affects your hair the same way.

No. 1998367

That's not fair uhhh. Thanks for the advice anons

No. 1998375

What do you eat when you're losing weight? You might not be getting enough fat so switch out carbs for more fat and protein. Also eat veggies and fruit. Like >>1998334 said something like cod liver oil may help.

No. 1998456

I don’t understand why “the powers that be” would need to use something else like an incident to distract people from their own bad actions. Why would they care about the backlash?

No. 1998461

File: 1715392578550.jpg (378.54 KB, 1440x1080, 75cd4ac5dd89c644df925ae6999c5a…)

>posting this here too.
I need help. I bought a neem oil spray to get rid of a spider mite infestation that popped up a few days ago on my potted Mandevilla plant. The potted plant resides outside on my terrace where it's sunny.
I sprayed the whole plant thursday night and will again saturday morning or night. Will the spider mites kill my beloved flowering plant? How do I get rid of them? How long will it take for them to disappear? What else can I do?

The color of the flowers seemed to be sucked out and muted…not as vibrant. I'm worried my plant won't survive.

No. 1998490

How is it that metal band scrotes keep their hair more properly groomed than TIMs? Shouldn't they be trying more is it the delusion that covers it for them?

No. 1998494

I hate these creatures they almost killed off one of my favorite plants. Neem spray it all over, including the soil, it's branches. Wipe done every inch of it with paper towels or rags to kill the mites and take them off. It's a long process but do this twice a week. They like wet soil with dry air so if you can spray your plant with a hose upon each watering. Let the soil dry out between watering if the plant will allow it.

No. 1998501

Probably because the metalheads in question have had years to learn to take care of their hair and are mentally stable enough to keep track of their hygiene. With agps, they usually decide to troon out in a quick and sudden swoop and don't understand that female impersonation is a skill that hsts and crossdressers who pass well usually spend decades honing.

No. 1998503

Is it normal for magnesium vitamins to cause chest pain?

No. 1998505

How invested are anti/fujo infighters actually? It's easy to sound angrier online than you really are, bit seeing the sheer amount of it clearly someone cares.

No. 1998510

You can dust the soil with diatomaceous earth

No. 1998513

You should repost with a spoiler or you might get a ban, but it looks like it.

No. 1998514

File: 1715398247236.png (Spoiler Image,169.95 KB, 920x544, NoAI.png)


No. 1998519

Okay, will do. How can I prevent them from coming back??
That's interesting, I don't think I've ever heard of that.

No. 1998523

It looks off, maybe the lighting, but I don't think it's AI.

No. 1998524

Can you be legally prosecuted if you send an email to a congressman/government official telling them to kill themselves

No. 1998527

It's a real photo by Jeff Wirth.

No. 1998528

Can I get suggestions on what kind of no show underwear to buy or what to look for? Like what materials, etc.? Are thongs better or are bikini/fuller coverage types okay too?

No. 1998533

Only thing that helped my plant was the neem oil treatment, I either changed out the potted soil or dusted a top layer of diatomaceous earth, secluded it from other plants not to spread, only water it when soil is dry now, and cut every leaf off that was badly infected. It signifanctly hurt my plants growth but it's still alive. Plants from grocery stores seem to always infest with gnats or spider mites. All my plants are bought from home stores now.

No. 1998536

Autism be like that, but I respect anons fighting the good fight kek Personally I’m okay with being scandalized by my little drawings than justifying my morals to wack ass concern trolling.
It’s not illegal to be mean. Buuut depending on how bored these fuckers are, there’s always a small chance they’ll fuck with you a little.

No. 1998539

I find Lululemon bikinis good. Things are pointless though

No. 1998542

I only have 26 teeth is that bad? I'm also fat

No. 1998543

lol i only have 24 from getting them pulled out as a kid and i'm also fat. are we both bad?

No. 1998546

Nice to meet a low teeth fat nona, love you! Wish you the best

No. 1998548

u too nona… Kiss!

No. 1998550

File: 1715401093624.jpeg (45.54 KB, 544x538, IMG_7011.jpeg)

You can always lose weight but you can’t grow more teeth.

No. 1998569

Does the length of a garment like a dress for example generally vary at all depending on the sizing? I don’t mean if it is a version that is specifically in “petite” sizing, but say in a shop that does not offer any kind of additional tall or petite sizing ranges. Would the length of a dress in a women’s size 00 and the length of that same dress but in a women's size 10 generally be the exact same, for example?

No. 1998571

File: 1715404091622.gif (9.22 MB, 1694x956, IMG_4532 (1).gif)

What are you doing right now mommy

No. 1998572

Samefag sorry it autocorrected from nonny to mommy but i like mommy better so i’ll leaving it like that kek

No. 1998574

watching chinese propaganda slop

No. 1998575

i was gonna tell you but i ain't nobody's mommy

No. 1998579

Playing checkers online

No. 1998585

Having a mental breakdown because my dog is being put down today and then I have to go on holiday with my nigels family and I've left my area like five times ever and h3 just lectured me for saying everyone one earth is retarded so I decided okay let me show you and here I am mid mental break down. Also my dad was saying some retard male suicide bait. Fml.

No. 1998599

I'm going to write one more reply to the retarded infight of the minute, then I will make my dinner.

No. 1998617

Is there a secular way of saying "God forbid"? ex. God forbid something were to happen…

No. 1998618

freezing to death in my carbon monoxide trap while pirating Veep on my friend's windows 7 laptop

No. 1998620

going down a rabbit hole on wtf "kaliacc" is after randomly seeing it mentioned on /snow/

No. 1998637

File: 1715412660144.png (109.43 KB, 701x669, g.png)

samefag I am so intrigued by this article, I'm half-convinced it's parody

No. 1998649

Is not recognizing whether someone's conventionally attractive some form of face blindness?

No. 1998653

in 2020 there was a "movement" on twitter where a bunch of terminally online racists gathered together and decided that the hindu religion belonged to Aryans actually. One of the sort of main accounts that posted also stuff like that if you have blue eyes you are destined to be a ruler and if you have brown eyes you are to sweep the streets, got doxxed and turned out to be Indian. This guy's name is Rohit Okhandiar and he then also made a troon cut a swastika into his stomach, groomed 14yos into having anorexia and being also racist and promoted a shitton of crap. Then he made a NFT scam with his fellow pedophile friends, and scammed them also. They even sued him for it. This dude honestly deserves a thread on himself but he would actually enjoy the attention too much.

No. 1998655

File: 1715415132994.jpeg (Spoiler Image,195.61 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_7386.jpeg)

Why are the admins here such snowflakes like what’s the big deal? It’s animals hunting. You should be happy for her providing for her baby and looking beautiful that goat was probably a moid.

No. 1998660

Because women

No. 1998665

It’s just fucking retarded at this point they’re more snowflakes than they are over at tumblr with their trigger warnings. If someone gets upset by that picture honestly that’s nobodies problem but theirs and they should not be on the internet.

No. 1998668

I mean this place is basically run like an unholy mix of subreddit and imageboard capitalizing on the absolute worst of both formats. I also wish they wouldn’t try so hard to be edgy when you get banned for criticizing them.

No. 1998669

Why does this image look fake

No. 1998676

That was my question. I posted it asking if it was AI. Don’t think it is, it looks odd because it was taken by a drone or something. It literally got deleted and I got permabanned with the farmcow layout. I don’t know if it was autonomous because I got unbanned straight away.
It’s a beautiful picture. Nature is scary and beautiful.
It’s so stupid, they tell people to kill themselves, call them retard in ban messages, and then clutch their pearls over a dead goat. Like are you people edgelords or not?

No. 1998678

Either that or they have weird tastes.
>t.i'm both

No. 1998679

Animal gore is a penis having activity.

I feel like because it's just such a weird picture to take like how tf has the cat not run off, how do you feel safe, how is the goat so well posed? Humans can just get lucky Ig.

No. 1998681

I think it actually isn't, when I thought it was one of my reasoning was the very photogenic cat on the left, in an expression that looks very cutesified and inspired by stock images. As for the seeming continuity error of the cat on the right, I didn't realise it was standing up and pointing its head into a cavity.

No. 1998692

Calm down edgelord not everyone wants to see dead animals.

No. 1998696

I think it might be a photo of a taxidermy/statue, there's something off about the lack of blood splatter or signs of struggle and it definitely seems staged
(also you wouldn't normally see mountain goats in such a open area afaik)

No. 1998700

Idk if your ex is the type of person to make his friends check on you, but to me it also sounds suspicious. Has he dm'd you or just likes your stuff?

No. 1998703

For under 18 I say girl. For over 18 I say woman.

No. 1998705

Nvm found the og, he must have had some really fucking good lenses and they must have been storing the carcass in the snow

No. 1998711

eh can't really blame the farmhands this time considering that there are occasional gore raids here, so without the spoiler, and if someone saw it on the front page without context it's better to be cautious

No. 1998733

Sorry that you’re repulsed by a fundamental truth of nature, I’m sure you identify with the butt ugly loser goat instead of the powerful and beautiful mountain lion because you’re a bottom feeding loser and you know it.

No. 1998740

NTA but don't call the goat a loser, mountain goats are extremely hardy and hard to hunt- which shows how strong and skillful the mother cougar is, if prey was easier to catch she wouldn't have evolved the way she has. Also the goat is a nanny/female, you can tell by the thinner horns.

No. 1998758

I want to stop drinking soda so I've been drinking tea instead but I always put sugar and plant milk in it, does it even matter at this point? Tea kinda tastes better tho

No. 1998760

Milk and sugary tea is way better than drinking most fizzy sugar syrups, even the sugar free and diet ones are terrible for your health. Unless you're dumping several tea spoons of sugar in the tea, then I recommend using honey as a replacement

No. 1998762

Thanks nonnie! I put one sugarcube so I should be good.

No. 1998771

thanks. i will look into declogging my pores
i wasn’t referring to the dark spots yeah

No. 1998772

How do I stop digitally stalking people

No. 1998774

Has any tall anon ever purchases those blouse dresses and it was actually good enough for their height?
I want a blouse dress and every time I buy it, ir looks like a slightly longer blouse kek.

No. 1998778

unfollow accounts and change your password to make it too hard to log in

No. 1998785

Does a soviet communist traveling to America and starting a revolution in the state she moves to sound like an interesting concept for a story? Idk I've had it in my head for a long time but it feels too stupid/cliche to actually write it down.
Perhaps you could upsize so it's longer and reconstruct it so it fits you better? Depends on how much you want it though lol

No. 1998818

>Animal gore
How detached from life can you be? Did you eat meat today? Where the fuck do you think it comes from. This is not gawking over some freak accidents, this is natural life as God made it. An animal providing for its young.

No. 1998819

>Animal gore is a penis having activity.
I love it when extreme veganism and extreme misandrism come together in a special take like this, it can truly only happen on LC. Beautiful.

No. 1998822

What's the opposite of "It's the thought that counts"? I could've sworn there's a saying that's basically saying it's the results that are most important but I for the life of mine can't remember it.

No. 1998824

animal gore is still distrubing to see

No. 1998825

Ends justify the means?

No. 1998827

Actions speak louder than words?

No. 1998828

nobody here really eats lions or tigers, also when we do eat meat its professionally butchered so we're not biting all the raw meat and blood straight out of the corpse the way actual animals do. An animal looking all ripped up is animal gore and it doesnt mean youre vegan or should be vegan for thinking that stuff like that isn't really necessary

No. 1998831

That's the one I've had stuck in my head, too, but I feel like you could only apply this to a few selected situations, so I wasn't sure if that's really it. But if someone else says this might be it, it really might be lol Thanks

No. 1998832

True. I don't want to see stuff like that without a spoiler, it's like seeing any other gore or NSFW imagery without warning

No. 1998865

>natural life as God made it
>extreme misandrism
what is wrong with the userbase here lately

No. 1998867

Any factory farmed animal that gets "professionally" butchered suffered a lot more and during longer time than a goat that was grazing around freely until finding a quick death by getting bit in the throat. And those are the ones you eat in your burgers, so keep in mind how much of a detached fake ass hypocrite you are.

No. 1998880


No. 1998884

no i thought they only gave you the shits if you're low on mag

No. 1998887

how do people who do coke deal with their runny noses the next few days?? do they just keep doing it and it doesn’t get really runny?

No. 1998891

>m-muh misandrism
Misandrism isn't real, men are inferior subhumans, men are supposed to die young, men are expendable, men commit 98% of all violent crimes, men are useless. Wtf is with this kind of zoomer pickme libfem users lately, go suck dick on twitter.

No. 1998899

doesn‘t get runny in the days after

No. 1998900

did you reply to the wrong person? i agree with you

No. 1998924

i'm going to try boyshorts then, it's mostly for light colored pants i own not leggings

No. 1999022

So you think nature is yucky and shouldn’t be talked about. Only moids can take interest in yucky things like animals hunting. Women can only like widdle fwuffy bunnies.
Shut the fuck up. You’re pathetic.

No. 1999029

>So you think nature is yucky and shouldn’t be talked about. Only moids can take interest in yucky things
Nta but you guys make up shit so hard kekkk

No. 1999030

Anon are you making up people to be mad at again?

No. 1999047

Good for you that gore is natural but the vast majority want and per the rules require gore to be spoilered. Btw you ping as a penis person because you don’t understand integrating, following the site rules or boundaries like a typical scrote.
Waaaaah women hunt waaaaaah, let me post my gore pictures uncensored you pathetic wimmins waaaaah. No fuck off, spoiler that shit you self centered troglodyte, this sites not about you and your sensibilities or hard woman larp. If you want to stare at gore pictures do it on your own time with your own eyes creep.

No. 1999068

What are nonnas thoughts on hfy (humanity fuck yeah)?

No. 1999087

Is YanSim still being developed? Last thing I heard was Alex apparently grooming someone in the past.

No. 1999096

How do you all feel about wearing gold and silver jewelry together?

No. 1999097

I think it's cool, depends on the outfit though.

No. 1999210

How to stare at qt city moids so I can fully intake their prettiness and not look away like a scaredy cat. Scrotes get to eye rape but I can't even look for more than thirty seconds especially if we make eye contact

No. 1999223

Mixing metals is fine imo. Not a big deal if you balance it well.

No. 1999235

you are an eyeball fiend stacy and it is your right as a woman to stare at the pretty moids until your vision is glut with nice-looking moids and satisfied. facts. you can stare better than them. i believe in you nonners

No. 1999240

>eyeball fiend stacy

No. 1999247

If the last video you watched, whether it be YouTube, tiktok, whatever, was sent back in time and shown as "entertainment of the future" what would they think?

No. 1999252

What kind of apocalyptic hellscape lies in store when six hours of a fake rainy room is entertainment?

No. 1999264

it's the bad blood music video. it would be considered demonic probably.

No. 1999288

The last vid I watched was an hour long Livestream of my personal cows. They would probably think the people of the future are ghetto and retarded.

No. 1999291

Everyone would be so confused by this artsy shit.

No. 1999308

That would actually he pretty disturbing lol. Imagine if it was shown as a live showing on some 50s/60s program. Just, silence and rain as the entertainment of the future.

No. 1999319

Oh dear mercy me, nonnadoll. I don't think they have weather in the future! This must be the only way those poor lost people know about rain. What a world.

No. 1999326

The darkest tinted fullest faced sunglasses you can find. I have nice big sunglasses that cover half my face and are practically black so no one can see my eyes, it makes people watching so easy.

No. 1999331

I feel like they wouldn't understand the emotional impact of this and/or think humanity loves ants in the future

No. 1999345

File: 1715469560004.jpeg (259.36 KB, 1600x1068, IMG_8598.jpeg)

sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but how easy is it to actually be an "LGBT" refugee ? i hear about it from rightwingers in that ill intentioned immigrants "lie about it" to get into european countries but what does it entail ? do you have to "come out" in some way formally ? honestly is that even a real thing ? i'm asking because i'm gay, born and raised in a muslim country. i've just been kind of fantasizing about it kek the truth is that it's killing me lately that i'm same sex attracted while in this country and i constantly feel like i'm living a lie within my family and just environment in general. i'm scared of accidentally being outed through my online activity (even though i never attach my name) and risk getting arrested or harassed and disowned for the rest of my life i want to know about the process just in case, not in a hurry or anything

No. 1999361


No. 1999421

What does it mean when a guy says I'm on his mind?

No. 1999430

He likes you or he's masturbating while thinking about you.

No. 1999439

Really? It couldn't mean anything else?

No. 1999478

It means he's thinking about you a lot. Everything else is down to implications and context.

No. 1999479

he's using evil eye on you

No. 1999480

did you check out the exmuslim subreddit?

No. 1999486

NTA maybe he's a serial killer too, unlikely but those are the only three things a man could mean by that.

No. 1999543


No. 1999552

How should I reply?

No. 1999655

is it normal to have cramps before your period starts? for context i was blessed with painless periods, this is one of the very first time i actually feel pain but i havent started bleeding yet. Sorry if its a bit TMI.

No. 1999660

i didnt say anything about what women are supposed to like? i was stating my own opinion in response to the flimsy points that were made, and now you're retaliating with even more special ed tier thoughts. theres a world of difference between a plate of steak and a mauled gazelle in the forest

No. 1999667

File: 1715488326726.jpg (97.22 KB, 920x518, 2976741048.jpg)

At what point in a friendship is it appropriate to say something like 'love you' to the homie? Is that corny and weird? I'm overthinking, I haven't gotten this close with a girl in friendship before.

No. 1999669

just say something like "i love our friendship" and start wiggling in the word love and see how she responds, i dont think its corny in fact i think most women desire this from our female friends now more than ever but for some reason just aren't always super comfortable being forthcoming about it. dont be nervous queen im sure your bestie loves you nooonica

No. 1999679

Yeah, I always get cramps for a full week before it actually starts.

No. 1999681

Depends on the language you speak I guess. My best friend started saying that she loved me when we had like a week knowing each other because everyone was shipping us aggressively and marrying us between classes because we got along quite quickly.
But I've also had friends that I've never told them that I loved them, even in a drunken state I wouldn't say so to them.

No. 1999691

I like ones that make humans scary.
Same reason why I like watching videos about the horrors of inbred dogs and other animals. Humans are prettg powerful, it's quite scary.

No. 1999705

>marrying us between classes

No. 1999710

We got married like three times as far as I remember, mostly because I wore white those days and she happened to wear black.

No. 1999725

Super normal. When I was a teen I had 2 weeks of cramping before my period, 1 week of cramping so bad I couldn't leave the house during my period, and 1 week free from pain. Took birth control for 10 years and stopped, and now I get pain usually day of starting and that's it.

No. 1999728

What's the context? It could be harmless like he's just thinking of you wondering how you are doing and hope you're doing well. Or it could be like >>1999430 said

No. 1999731

He sent it to me out of the blue. We hadn't talked in weeks.

No. 1999734

Probably just thinking about how you are doing then

No. 1999736

File: 1715495102764.jpg (2.49 MB, 1346x1800, 208084fgsdl.jpg)

thanks nonnie shope it comes by tomorrow i am in so much pain no idea how you guys do this every month

No. 1999742

Anons with siblings, are you your parents' favorite child?

No. 1999754

….. and masturbating?

No. 1999769

No. 1999777

No, my brother is my mom's and my sister is my dad's.

No. 1999783

I'm my dad's favorite because my brother is a low-iq autist.

No. 1999863

How did Grapefruit ever become popular as a fruit when its just a pink, sour orange?

No. 1999873

I think my parents have no favorite kid. If anything I suspect that my youngest sibling might be their most disliked kid because she's annoying and still depends on my parents for basic shit.

No. 1999911

File: 1715513471519.gif (757.5 KB, 347x263, sicily1922.gif)

I'm Esl and I thought for the longest time that "grapefruite" was just another way to say "grapes" so when I found out that you shouldn't mix your benzos with grapefruit I stopped eating grapes KEK. I found out when I went in the states for the first time and found a copy of "the art off cooking" by Rombawer in a yard sale and it had some illustration on cutting grapefruit in shapes or something and my mind litterally exploded. Why the fuck is it called "grapefruit"? It evokes purple vibes not "pompelmo" vibes.
>end of useless blog spot

No. 1999914

I used to think I was my mom's favourite but I came to realize she just hates on the daughter that is not present at the time with the other so… maybe not.

No. 1999956

I used to be but the tables turned (going to college for a liberal degree + changing careers instead of staying in a job I hated + not having kids = boomer repellant)

No. 1999963

It's tasty and eating it is fun.

No. 2000083

no, my father was a felonious deadbeat loser (now dead for real) who only cared about a son that he fathered with another woman and my mother neglected me in favor of my brother that she had with her second husband because she is a bpdchan who hates anyone that isn't a moid and saw me as competition. these experiences blackpilled me to start hating men at a young age.

No. 2000106

Don't know if this is just me being peculiar or if there's any scientific basis, but: My lamp has three different color options. The white one is good for working, the yellow one is cozy and then there's the blue-ish one. What would you use that for? It's so uncomfortable, I don't think anyone would ever use it intentionally.

No. 2000114

I'd use it to wake myself up if I'm feeling sleepy or when I just woke up. Blue light makes your brain active, which is why using phones and computers or watching TV before sleep is bad for you.

No. 2000115

What happened to that “things that make you sound like a scrote” thread? Not the post like a moid one the one from a few years ago where anons would discuss things they post that gets them scrotefoiled by other retards who constantly abuse the report button. Most of the things posted in there were innocent (like liking certain anime kek), being GNC/not prepackaging your thoughts in performative feminine speech. Didn’t know you now have to talk and act like a female stereotype to post here(ban evasion)

No. 2000118

File: 1715523113989.jpg (8.01 KB, 768x461, yellowwhiteblue.jpg)

The blue-white light one is probably also for working/daytime use. Blue and white light wavelengths are similar to the daytime sun and trick your brain into thinking it's daytime, whereas yellow lights are more similar to old incandescent lighting or candles and are better if you want working light during the night.

No. 2000121

Should still be buried in the catalog, it was cancer

No. 2000131

so who got post #2000000 ?

No. 2000139

it's still there but reached the post limit because some anon had a meltdown and kept posting her tits over and over again because of other anons trolling her with scrote accusations, so nobody wanted to make the next thread for obvious reasons

No. 2000150

No. 2000154


No. 2000157

No. 2000161

Jeez. How many anons have posted themselves on here?

No. 2000167

It’s always the crazy ones ruining a genuinely good thread idea.

No. 2000168

Samefag can someone link the thread? The search engine is absolute crap

No. 2000170

when this happens i question whether or not it's actually an unhinged nonna posting herself or someone posting revenge porn

No. 2000181

Nta but I think the one in 'things that get you called a scrote' was real because one of the photos showed that she was inside a hospital room

No. 2000194

triple samefag found it myself, here’s the link for anyone who wants to read this treasure of a thread
thanks a lot you useless bitches kek

No. 2000201

Anons what jewelry brands do you like? (I know there's the fashion thread in /g/ but the question was asked there by someone else recently and didn't get many replies)

No. 2000208

I replied "cool"
Hope that's ok

No. 2000216

Is it wrong to surround yourself with a group of people for one thing that benefits you, but secretly disagree with everything they do and are?

No. 2000226

Morally yes but sometimes you need to do things to get ahead.

No. 2000233

No. 2000245

mejuri and melanie auld are my favourites

No. 2000262

has anyone else noticed that no one really says the word crap anymore

No. 2000282

if you were gonna kill someone how would you do it? there are so many ways to choose from but i think i'd maybe just take someone hiking and shove them off the high point of a cliff

No. 2000284


No. 2000288

File: 1715529448839.jpg (178.77 KB, 1300x956, police-officer-using-a-mobile-…)

No. 2000289

As long as no one knows the two of you are going out for a hike that's a good plan. There are multiple cases I can bring to mind where someone shoved someone else from a height in a secluded area, but people knew they were going there or the killer told people they were there and that they 'fell'.

No. 2000291

No way would I ever even think about killing someone, Mr. FBI agent-san, don't worry.

No. 2000293

Where can I buy jirai kei fashion? I’m sorry I’m stupid

No. 2000299

File: 1715529681351.jpeg (Spoiler Image,568.91 KB, 1400x1400, IMG_4976.jpeg)

Girl this is gonna be on your episode of whatever true crime show you end up on.
“She went on sketchy online deep web image boards asking for advice on how to kill him”

No. 2000301

Anyway she should never throw the body into water or dump it in a forest.

No. 2000312

Is it true that talking to yourself positively helps your self-confidence/love? I tried it a bit and I feel really weird, but I lack so much faith in myself that I’m willing to do it if it works

No. 2000315

File: 1715530196628.jpeg (66.72 KB, 904x479, IMG_0534.jpeg)

if you’re gonna do a crime, don’t post it on lolcow of all places kek

No. 2000317

It is actually true, I encourage you to do your own research into the subject though rather than just taking an anons word for it. It's hard to do, especially if you suffer with self loathing, but it does help and that impact becomes exponential the longer you treat yourself with kindness.

No. 2000319

im not gonna commit a crime im just genuinely curious what you all would do kek i feel like the way you'd choose to kill someone can say a lot about an indiviudal

No. 2000331

Don't know.I was raised by maids so probably not that much

No. 2000342

Idk nonna, I think you shouldn't do that, you also shouldn't drug him with over thr counter medicine, gag him and kill him in his house, you also shouldn't just put him in the water tank and take everything in his house while wearing a nurse or cleaning lady uniform, and you also shouldn't cover your face with a face mask, glasses and a hat.
It would be a bad idea to take his own car while making sure that you have his driving license, and maybe you shouldn't make sure to change your whole identity and identify as some gender special in case things go south.
I think it would be a bad idea.

No. 2000346

if i really wanted someone to die i'd probably commit murder suicide

No. 2000377

How do I organize my life

No. 2000380

Look up youtube videos about the area you want to organize.

No. 2000434

This guy I openly admitted to being interested in started saying disgusting fetishistic stuff and being borderline rude whenever I'm around ever since I admitted to being interested in him. He changed his social media picture to an ugly fat guy while doing this. Why is he being like this?

No. 2000436

They can't help but tell on themselves

No. 2000439

Ok but he doesn't even look like that fat social media picture

No. 2000442

I meant the gross fetishy talk, dunno about the picture. Have you done a reverse search on the image?

No. 2000450

I think he’s trying to disgust you on purpose since he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings for him unfortunately

No. 2000454

maybe he trying to neg you or see how low your self esteem is

No. 2000455

Yeah, it's from some random popular movie, nothing weird.
But why wouldn't he simply tell me that he's not interested?
But I already told him I was interested in him.

No. 2000457

Either trying to disgust you on purpose OR trying to see just how gross he can be with you still being interested because then he gets to abuse you without a problem. Either way it's a childish gross thing to do so he's not for you. Try talking about how you're going on a date with an imaginary guy when he can hear it and see if he stops when he thinks your taken.

No. 2000465

he's probably trying to seem funny and quirky, thats gen Z males way of being "interesting" kek. Pretending to be some tumblr daddy dom whos lulz meme king

No. 2000466

>But why wouldn't he simply tell me that he's not interested?
nta but he's immature and stupid, you're dodging a bullet by finding this out now rather than after starting to date him.

If you wanna intimidate him a bit and everyone already knows you were interested in him, you can just casually tell everyone else (so behind his back) that he started doing this. Just be honest, that you were mildly interested in him and when he found out instead of saying he wasn't interested he started saying weird fetishistic and rude shit around you. It makes him look super pathetic and you're just stating facts! Before the rumor gets to him I'm sure the others will start to notice (if they didn't already) that he was suddenly extra rude to you so they'll see that you're right.

No. 2000469

File: 1715539364436.png (903.4 KB, 1510x760, zz.png)

How does mercari work? ive seen so many good quality figures at such a low prices i don't think it's legit. also because it says that you have to buy on buyee and from what i've heard buyee shows cheap anime figures and once you're gonna buy them they charge you a lot for shipping

No. 2000472

it has less to do with you - he'd probably do it to plenty others - and more that he saw a great opportunity to feel superior to you. it's like hazing, but on an individual basis.

No. 2000477

>ive seen so many good quality figures at such a low prices i don't think it's legit.
They're legit, people don't give a shit about most series once a new flavor of the month appears.
>also because it says that you have to buy on buyee
You don't have to, the company pays to be affiliated with JP shopping sites
>buyee shows cheap anime figures and once you're gonna buy them they charge you a lot for shipping
Any company you buy with is going to do that, it's not cheap to ship anything out of Japan post-covid. Also it's not just randomly posting cheap shit, you're looking at english AI translated listings from Mercari.

No. 2000479

>But I already told him I was interested in him.
he might want to see how desperate you are and how shit he can treat you, if you're cool with degen fetishes

No. 2000503

Cause men are retarded and vary from one extreme to another. They’re either super blunt or cowardly and spineless and don’t have the balls to tell someone no.
He probably thinks in his retard moid brain that this is way better than out right rejecting you and breaking your heart

No. 2000506

File: 1715541312381.png (228.97 KB, 412x442, Screenshot_168.png)

to wash your scalp (hair) you don't need to part your hair and wash the parts right? you can just wash the hair over your scalp. i have never understood this and i usually spend a few hours parting every bit of my hair like i'm wearing braids

No. 2000511

File: 1715541549218.jpg (248.8 KB, 700x813, 1688920508240.jpg)

what do misogynistic scrotes mean when they say women's bodies are made for popping out babies. isn't that true for every living organism on earth? to pass on its genes and then die?

No. 2000518

How did he react when you told him you were interested? How did you actually did it? Face to face?

No. 2000519

I always kinda counter with it's something our bodies CAN do, not something they're made to do, sounding like an oven.
I just don't think they're over the fact more women are controlling their futures by NOT popping out babies so they try act as if it's our only true purpose which is very lame in a spiritual level, very uncreative.

No. 2000520

Yes. Hearing the stories my family went through vs me it's night and day. I am also spoiled by her, so while it isn't directly stated, the signs are there.

No. 2000525

yeah but i don't get it because using their logic human males are made to nut inside of human females

No. 2000528

Just tell them their bodies are made to die early from harsh manual labour.

No. 2000529

where is that screenshot from?

No. 2000535

Could just say well if the Gspot is in the male anus then clearly men were meant to take it in the rear, bodies are weird, even animals in the wild don't have picture perfect pregnancies, without modern medicine human babies die very easily, my great grandmother had like 12 children and 3 made it to toddlehood.

No. 2000539

yeah and i feel like thats why the
>blehhh you only exist to have kids!!!11
response from 45IQ scrotes always falls flat. like thats what we're all here to do kek.

No. 2000540

ntayrt but it is kind of something we are made to do, the human form was designed with the sole purpose being reproduction so that the human race could continue. thats not to say theres anything wrong with women choosing not to have children and deciding to live a different lifestyle, however nothing can really change the fact that both male and female bodies are designed for and only exist to reproduce. Now we just have more activities to choose from which is why its more desirable to delay reproduction, as opposed to 100 years ago when basically all you could do was either go to war or have a whole litter of kids kek

No. 2000544

this should probably go in unpopular opinions but i dont think the prostate is the male g spot i think they're faking it

No. 2000574

But that's just really not how evolution works, in a perfect ideal of evolution that is how it would work but it doesn't, the human body is not a perfect reproductive machine, more often than not there are complications that kill both mother and baby which does not add up to how babies progress ie thriving with their birth mothers touch and words.
I think again this is clear with animals, animals very often have pregnancy complications, some animals have sex for pleasure, some animals pop out babies and then give no shits about motherhood and these are the baseline monkey brain ooohahh must sex for babies species.
It's just too narrow a view to work, again pregnancy and all that is something we can do not made, if we were made to, we'd be far more perfect in that regard but we need so much extra intervention for successful reproduction.

No. 2000583

i know what you mean about how not every human body is able to reproduce but the bottom line kind of is that we all exist to do, of course not every single human body is going to be flawlessly capable of creating children, but that is what we're here to do. Just like how there are animals that cant reproduce or have issues in gestation/childbirth that can be fatal to the mother and baby. Injury and fetal complication isn't isolated to human mothers kek.

No. 2000588

>its too narrow a view to work
It doesn't really "need to work" because it inherently does work. The majority of adults are parents kek. That's just the way life is and always will be, even if there are a demographic of people who choose not to or are physically incapable of it

No. 2000594

Is it weird that I can tell where I'm at with my cycle by how and what I post on lolcow

No. 2000626

Nah I feel you

No. 2000630

I agree with you.

No. 2000685

File: 1715550045835.png (162.06 KB, 436x449, tinfoil cat.png)

Casn you explain this? Elaborate? I'm interested in this conspiracy

No. 2000698

I don’t know too many stories with that premise. Go for it! Stories don’t have to be 100% original, people care more for the quality of writing

No. 2000739

always hated that video. genuinely stopped liking tame impala's music because it's so pathetic lmao

No. 2001139

Will a tranny pay the other half of the commission he ordered from me or will he block me after i send it? Place your bets!

No. 2001143

my mom was 30 and my dad 20.

No. 2001146

what's the most kind of filling food to keep you full for a long time?

No. 2001151

Carbs will make you feel fill initially but protein will give you a fullness that lasts a long time. So I say a sandwich with hearty bread and steak or chicken or turkey. Eggs too and some vegetables have protein too like potatoes, corn, chickpeas, brussel sprouts.

No. 2001153

>the human form was designed with the sole purpose being reproduction
I'd say the purpose is "survival of the species", rather than reproduction itself and they're not quite synonymous
>only exist to reproduce
If that was truly the case we'd just be fucking and pumping out babies with no regards for with who the other person was, yet even something as small as a bug has elaborate methods of finding a suitable partner worthy of reproduction. We'd also die as soon as we became infertile, because there would be no evolutionary need for us to stay alive. The ability to do X doesn't mean it was the sole purpose, it means it's merely one option in the many ways to further the species, and to have more options means a greater chance of the species to survive. We're not truly individuals, we're a species and everything we do is essentially for the species at large.

No. 2001156

I'm frankly scared of most carbs, in my head things like bread is "empty calories with no nutrition"

No. 2001158

Just pay attention to nutrition . Depending on what bread you buy, there are a lot of vitamins and fiber. Also, empty carbs are ok in moderation especially if you're eating it alongside stuff that's good for you.

No. 2001161

Anything high in protein. A quick one could be a nice chicken or egg sandwich with some tomato and some cheese. The bread also gives you some carbs and energy without it being heavy on carbs.

If you wanna feel full for a long time then you have to prioritize meat.

No. 2001210

Is it inappropriate for a teacher to invite her student over because the student is friends with her daughter?

No. 2001211

why doesnt the daughter invite the friend herself?

No. 2001214

Sorry, it got a bit lost in translation. I guess what I meant to say is if the daughter was friends with her student and wanted to invite her over, would it be inappropriate for the teacher to allow her to?

No. 2001243

Has anyone clubbed alone? How was it

No. 2001277

no, why would it be? i had plenty of friends whose parents were my teachers or substitute teachers and it never stopped me from hanging out with them

No. 2001296

if you were at a party or someting with your SO and they decided to go home without you, not because they were angry but because they felt tired/bored, how would you react?

No. 2001303

if they told me and i decided not to go with them it would be fine, but if they just left without talking to me i would be pissed and probably fight about it

No. 2001320

Yeah, what >>2001303 said. I wouldn’t mind as long as they gave me a heads up. Leaving your so there without telling them you’re leaving is kind of shitty though imo.

No. 2001323

Going out alone is always potentially dangerous but it can be fun. If you do go clubbing by yourself just dance and don’t drink, or at least limit yourself to 1 drink. Keep an eye out for anyone that might be watching you, and take your own Uber/Lyft/whatever home. If you drive, park somewhere well-lit and time it so that you’re walking to your car when lots of people are around.

No. 2001325

If an old online friend that you don't really get along with anymore were to remove you from their friendslist, would you prefer they gave you a reason for it first or just ghost?
The context is you used to be close but aren't anymore and recent conversations just feel awkward.

No. 2001333

It'd only be one more awkward conversation.

No. 2001364

It is the stupid questions thread after all

No. 2001399

Are there lesbians who have M/F ships?

No. 2001405

I do, but only one because the chemistry between the two characters (and the actors) is incredibly strong and I really love the show.

Most M/F ships I see in movies or shows lack chemistry and feel like forced plot points to me. I also notice this issue in modern media when straight people try to add homosexual couples to the story. It doesn't feel organic nor believable.

No. 2001406

*straight writers

No. 2001430

No, not at all. I was friends with a girl who's dad was my algebra teacher in eighth grade and I went over to her house all the time.

No. 2001463

Is it Mulder/Scully?

No. 2001478

File: 1715621605894.png (156.38 KB, 1041x822, F5VJtjvbYAArXLz.png)

Is there some kind of resource or book on how to properly compliment strangers and acquaintances irl, without seeming awkward?

No. 2001504

Is it worth it to get a professional bra fitting done if your breasts are on the smaller side?

No. 2001511

Go braless. Free yourself. I did it 13 years ago and never looked back.

No. 2001520

File: 1715624999034.jpg (24.73 KB, 564x564, 4c84b2ed91984faef32370d7583b41…)

this might be the dumbest question ever asked here but i need help with something that keeps bothering me

so okay, i asked for 3 days off at work. 5/13-5/16. that's 3 days off. but if i look at the calendar and count 13 to 16, that's 4. but i have 3 days off. right? or do i have 4 days off??????

No. 2001525

13, 14, 15, 16. Four days off.

No. 2001526

but 13+3 is 16

No. 2001529

if you were actually made to just reproduce or that was the "sole purpose" you would die as soon as you hit menopause /can't do it anymore and yet many women live beyond that

No. 2001531

If you want to have the 13th off then you have to count that day too. 4 days.

No. 2001532

i guess it's just fucking with my brain because yeah i'm getting 4 days off but it feels like i should be saying i'm getting 3 day off

No. 2001546

we need the dumbass shit thread back

No. 2001556

samefag but i want to add this. the only thing you can name as the purpose of humanity is to survive. reproduction is technically tied into collective survival as a species (not so much anymore) but it's optional and secondary compared to your own survival. after all, you only even have the chance to reproduce if you can even survive in the first place. the sole purpose of your body should be defined by the things everyone needs to do survive (eat, piss, shit, sleep) since if you don't do these things for long enough, you do actually die. reproduction is optional to your body in comparison and always has been no matter what era you were born in.

No. 2001622

It makes me sad that human beings have higher brain function and we still delude ourselves into thinking so basically. This is why scrotes can’t be better because to them sex is a biological imperative that they feel entitled to rather then a logic puzzle we need to solve for. Someone else pointed out that if our only goal is to reproduce menopause would just be death for women. It feels more accurate to say our design is based on survival until reproduction but, for women at least, we have transcended our biology. It’s kind of sad to have all this upper brain function but as a species fail to cultivate it into something better because too many retards (especially of the male variety) are running around pretending like we’re incapable of deeper thought and deeper meaning.

No. 2001704

If we think about it even animals have higher value than just reproduce, so why can't we? Specifically women tho, we'd be so much more advanced as a species if there was no oppression of women. The idea of biological imperative has actively held back mankind through patriarchy.

No. 2001765

Can anyone recommend me more songs like this one?(kpop bait/off-topic)

No. 2001818

What apps would you recommend? About anything at all

No. 2001822

I've been tracking my period with Clue, I use the free version. I like it because I can write down whenever I have a pms mood swing and stuff

No. 2001829

Cookie run ovenbreak is a nice game.

No. 2001844

inaturalist, if you've ever been outside and went "wtf is that bug/plant/animal" they can answer that, it's very cool

No. 2001854

focus keeper, musi, and the plain old google app. you can do translations and reverse search everything to ever exist. you can also hum a song and it'll recognize it

No. 2001862

Nonograms Katana is unironically a great time waster.

No. 2001872

File: 1715643503548.png (29.72 KB, 400x400, IMG_1271.png)

Merlin Bird ID

No. 2001889

Why would a creepy boyfriend makeout (all him, she is reluctant and uncomfortable) and call his girlfriend kitten in front of me, she is my friend and this is my first time meeting him, why would he do these things?

No. 2001917

He’s disgusting and doesn’t see her or probably you as a real person because you are women.

No. 2001919

You need to start yelling cringe and spray them with water bottle every time they start doing that

No. 2001925

he's trying to look passionate by being cringe as hell i think

No. 2001929

Showing off, he probably thinks you want him or is trying to subtly make you part of their relationship. Like other nonna said start calling it cringe or pretend to be into your phone, whatever makes him stop. Back your friend up in whatever subtle way you can and feel comfortable with.

No. 2001930

Why did the husbando thread turn into the picrew thread part 2?

No. 2001946

I don't really know, i think it started just for a new threadpic but i lost track.

No. 2001964

I dropped a small plastic package of embroidery yarn in the roof gutter when I was closing my window, how do I get it out? It's too high to get it with a ladder.

No. 2001965

Open the window and use tongs? Or maybe you could find a long stick to try to get it to drop on the ground.

No. 2001969

Do you think woodpeckers ever get bored of doing that thing when they peck at trees? I like watching them do it but sometimes I catch glimpses of what I think is ennui in their cold woodpecking eyes. They're so cute

No. 2001970

File: 1715649188848.jpeg (93.35 KB, 720x960, variation-ai-image.jpeg)

Has anyone else seen this picture? Or a variation of it?

No. 2001972

I don't think so…but now I'm getting creeped out like this is a AI version of the "have you seen this man?" Thing. Anon my skin is crawling

No. 2001973

Thanks nonnie, I'll try using a broom or something. Tried using an umbrella lol but it was too short.

No. 2001988

File: 1715650426422.jpeg (91.06 KB, 936x457, Image 2024-05-13 at 9.31 PM.jp…)

What do they mean by "Title of Authorized Signing Officer"?

Are they talking about personal titles (Ms. , Mrs, DR., etc) or company titles (CEO, Founder, Manager)?

No. 2002005

I saw pictures of people posing with heart-warming sculpted stuff so if it's a matter of AI or not, i think there is a chance that this is a decent AI pic. The ground looks weird to me, his tattoo blurs out, i don't think he would put his art on the ground like that as if he just made it in the same day, he must have painted the tongue for sure. Why is he still wearing the headphones and nothing else. The shadow of the sculpture is also kind of weird compared to his own. If i'm wrong then i don't care, but i just don't find it really convincing.

No. 2002009

No. 2002024

File: 1715652983912.png (833.62 KB, 689x738, 6581d8a8cefc010bea250360.png)

Yes, it's AI. There are quite a few variations and boomers really like it.

No. 2002031

File: 1715653317165.jpeg (32.46 KB, 590x273, Image 2024-05-13 at 10.15 PM.j…)

Samefag wtf does any of this mean.

Date at ? This ? Day of ? 2024

Authorized signature for the Bidder? Do I sign my name or the company's name?


Please can any businessnonny explain to me (a retard)

No. 2002037

Just last week I was thinking "we'll probably always be able to tell when it's AI haha…right?" then comes the Katy Perry pic and now this I'm scared

No. 2002039

I'm not from burgerland, can someone

No. 2002046

I think the cia assassinated nonnie midpost…

No. 2002047

No. 2002099

Is a worm a bug?

No. 2002102

No, it is an animal.

No. 2002106

why is it not common to lynch fags and troons anymore? i feel like we can outnumber them

No. 2002107

its a type of fish

No. 2002108

File: 1715658877408.webp (40.71 KB, 458x687, 7b2b9310-ca9b-4777-8dbc-672975…)

No they're food

No. 2002109

Just do it yourself

No. 2002112

Hey can you delete this it's really gross thanks

No. 2002113

Why does my hair feel heavier everytime i cut it from hip lenght to waist lenght?

No. 2002119

Maybe you have some sort of neurological condition that makes you feel weight wrong? Or maybe there is some sort of paranormal entity (i.e., a poltergeist) that pulls your hair taut when it's short so that it gives the illusion of heaviness. This could be because the ghost has some sort of neurosis involving short hair. The only way you can be sure is consulting local libraries and folk historians in your area to see if there is any basis for a haunting localized to your scalp area. Pay close attention to the 1920s as that's when short hair became popular for women.

No. 2002124

Kek i love you.

No. 2002219

maybe the hair dresser put so much hair product in your hair it literally is heavier

No. 2002223

has anyone ever taken the abortion pill? I'm not sure what to expect and googling can only tell me so much.

No. 2002228

Would make sense but i'm avoiding going to saloons this year, i think it's the ghost

No. 2002274

is a barbie a good gift for a one year old?

No. 2002275

No. 2002278

get crayons or a board book w animal pictures instead

No. 2002279

I don't think they really have the thoughts and consciousness to play with dolls.

No. 2002285

Don't they have labels about how they're chocking hazards for babies? Because of the accessories like the shoes or removable clothes? I'd say that's the more important thing to check when looking for a gift for a baby.

No. 2002292

Veteran mom here
Playmat, books, sippy cups, blocks, play tables, and bath toys

No. 2002298

Oh my god Zeke and Luther?

No. 2002325

what counts as an outdoors cat? mine poops outside but comes home right after

No. 2002337

That's an indoor cat with manners

No. 2002339


No. 2002363

>Wake up next morning
>It's gone
A bird probably picked it out for me kek

No. 2002366

How do you fix a worn out charger wire that's starting to split? I can't find a replacement online. It still charges my device for now I just don't want it to get worse. Should I superglue or tape the broken area?

No. 2002373

Use electrical tape to wrap it up

No. 2002435

Why are trannies so obsessed with lain? I don't get it

No. 2002441

Incel to tranny pipeline leads troons to identifying with ““femcel”” media. Also she’s underaged and trannies love that, kek

No. 2002444

>nerdy and crippled
>highly delusional and borderline schizophrenic
>poor executive dysfunction making them incapable of showering and taking care of their poop-smelling dickwounds
>love living vicariously through personas of little girls because they’re all creeps and predators
>flimsy and fake womanface identities based on internet algorithms targeted towards real women
>autistic males more interested in anime and child shit
>trannies just straight up being misogynistic womb envying pedophiles who are addicted to lolicon

No. 2002473

File: 1715699360644.jpg (24.79 KB, 275x192, 1709170287742.jpg)

How do I fix ugly feet? They are wrecked by wearing only steeltoe boots year long but it is really hot right now and I NEED to free them and wear sandals. I won't go to a pericurist cuz poorfag. I tried putting on nailpolish but looks like lipstick on a pig. I'm deeply ashamed but also really too bothered by the hot weather to go on like this…

No. 2002478

I wear steal toes too and proper fitting ones will make a big difference in the actual shape and using one of those grater things after soaking your feet in hot water will make them soft and pretty again. No need to paint your toes as long as they are straight and have no dirt under them.

No. 2002480

All feet are ugly,you'll be fine.

No. 2002484

Thank you, as soon as this pair finishes to break down I will have to buy new ones and I will be very careful on the fitting nona! I also have this two "dark spots" on the toes' knuckles and I tried scrubbing them and filing them but they remain no matter what. Any tips?

No. 2002499

How do i tell my pilates teacher i cant go tomorrow because i am menstruating without telling her that?

No. 2002504

there's a career thread, there's a post grad thread but there's no grad student thread
should i make one

No. 2002515

You feel under the weather, might have caught a cold from a friend you met last week who only got symptoms yesterday and you really don't want to risk infecting others.

No. 2002524

Why do anons keep calling lolcow lolcor? Or is it just one anon with a writing quirk? I don't get it.

No. 2002526

It's a meme from a copypasta (that was originally posted in one of the /g/ bunkers)

No. 2002535

File: 1715703278246.gif (602.88 KB, 400x225, IMG_3792.gif)

Don't worry nona! After my second toe lift my feet were looking amazing for the summer sandal season! Plastic surgery is the answer to everything.

No. 2002544

I've been getting "unable to create comment" errors all day on reddit and it's coincidentally after I made an inflammatory comment about gendie shit, and only on that sub, am I shadow banned or something? I didn't get an actual warning/ban message. (Yes I know reddit whatever I use it for a niche hobby)

No. 2002554

All feet are ugly anon. Footfaggotry is a psyop to make women insecure.
God is telling you to stop using reddit.

No. 2002556

stop wearing socks at home / when you sleep
i had a fucked up toenail (like the smallest toe) and dropping socks sort of fixed it

No. 2002566

all of that just to get downvoted and banned. don’t even try, reddit is incel and tranny paradise

No. 2002568

No one cares about your feet.

No. 2002569

Don’t listen to them. There is such a thing as pretty feet. I have pretty feet

No. 2002570

File: 1715704892914.jpg (8.53 KB, 259x194, sldfhdhkdds..jpg)

>stupid questions thread
>policing posts

No. 2002572

oh god not you again

No. 2002578

Don't post it we don't wanna see it.

No. 2002583

Ask your mom if you want a well behaved answer.

No. 2002584

File: 1715705594012.jpeg (87.8 KB, 1024x768, IMG_0574.jpeg)

soak, tight sock training, heelsmaxxing if desperate, invest in at-home pedicures they sell cheap nail polish now. callus shaving too. skincare for your foot basically. lotion to moisturize and make them glisten. the propaganda they tell us about feet or female beauty in general is that it needs to always be painfu, that is a lie. feetmaxxing and foot beautifying can be achieved through the zen art of foot self-care. please make sure to keep your foot safe and healthy away from dan schneiders, as they will want to destroy the precious potential of your toenails and knees. there are flattened feet which brings foot pain and naturally curved feet. do not fall for psyops such as constant high-heel wearing or pretty shoes leave those for occasions. better yet just test out becoming barefoot and shoe-free. those are for the real enlightened ones. ballerinacels have wasted their lives only to result in ugly busted FEET

No. 2002590

Blessed and Based nona, thankyou so much. I actually go barefoot all the time when at home/alone. I love the sensation. I see it is not enough now. I will embark my barefoot in the city journey!

No. 2002592

File: 1715706065319.png (29.63 KB, 160x320, ed.png)

Why is ED down AGAIN? (for the millionth time)

No. 2002593

based. try not to wear heels and socks too often, fungus grows way too easy on toenails. it’s pretty hard considering you have to wear closed-toed shoes for safety/work reasons but that’s what the elites want you to think to keep you away from a barefoot life. elevated shoes are the way to go as well, as well as sandals but you said you live in the city so wearing sandals or shoes that allow air in should be doable

No. 2002595

someone probably forgot to pay for the server again?

No. 2002597

Lord give me strength not to infight.

No. 2002626

not a question, sorry if this doesn't help.

No. 2002691

Probably a rather naive question, but what kinda things would warrant a business trip? The only thing I can come up with is building a building and checking the progress. But other than that? What would an office worker have to travel 150 miles for that he can't finish up with a webcam and mic?

No. 2002694

Corporate events?

No. 2002695

Social control? Meeting in person holds much more importance. Also maybe helping out a smaller branch if you have a lot more expertise?

No. 2002779

Training, onboarding new staff to a new site, networking events, in person meetings where you have to demonstrate company products or talk to stakeholders, things like that.

No. 2002868

I just unlocked that memory of my in highschool telling a guy with a 5/20 average that he'd better not try med school as he was clearly not working hard and should try other ways around getting into the medical field

Idk, so arrogant of me to tell him what he can and cannot do with his future

I beg for forgiveness and hope not to make such mistakes again

No. 2002886

wtf i meant to post in the confession thread

No. 2002892

How can you feel somebody observing you?

No. 2002924

have you ever had a lava lamp?
i didn't
but i wanted it

No. 2002931

File: 1715725782570.jpg (49.69 KB, 400x399, 01547556558634.jpg)

no i had one of these though. i used to love pulling the pieces out of it

No. 2002935

How yo get around twitter not letting me screen shot wtf

No. 2002940

i would touch these in the store every time i saw them lol

No. 2002966

File: 1715727487371.jpg (57.88 KB, 750x600, 135891.jpg)

Why does water straight from the faucet taste better than water from a cup? I legitimately forget to drink water for days on end because drinking it from a cup is just so unappealing to me, but greedily slorping it from the kitchen sink is the shit. Also hose water is legit the tastiest, especially on a summer day.

No. 2002977

If you get banned from posting while you’re using your phone connected to wifi would you still get the ban message if you used your data instead or connected to a different wifi network? Swear im not trying to ban evade or anything im just clueless with techy stuff and curious

No. 2002990

no but i still want one. there is one with an alien that looks awesome.

No. 2003011

File: 1715729954911.png (360.47 KB, 450x500, 1705244515727.png)

I have two. Sometimes I forget to turn them off

No. 2003025

Are you my cat, anon?

No. 2003036

>want to add an actual terf radfem anti troon character in game
>not a negative or evil character
>want to actually sell it in public like on Steam
Is it possible to sell a censored version on Steam and have an uncensored patch dlc avalible elsewhere? I could probably throw in some other things like blood, lewdity, and violence in the uncensored version but I just want to sell at least some copies before it gets taken down by the trans agenda.

No. 2003037

I have the same issue, try using a (solid) water bottle

No. 2003080

Disregarding all the other stuff, yes you can add a censored version and have a patch, Crush Crush and many other games have this type of thing.

No. 2003101

Do any other OCD anons have sperg outs when something you’re ruminating on doesn’t make sense? I’ve had this scenario that is playing out in my real life that has two very possible ways it’s playing out but I can’t fully find conclusive evidence for either.

No. 2003310

Does anyone else get a feeling of being trapped when you make plans for the weekend or several weeks ahead? Like the feeling that now you cannot do whatever you want anymore

No. 2003348

File: 1715759986525.jpg (27.66 KB, 500x341, 1000013355.jpg)

Is there an antidepressant that does not make you a zombie? Currently coming off Lexapro which erased my feelings of hopelessness and doom, but everything else as well. I was not having a single thought or feeling while I was taking it

No. 2003372

Why does skinny look better than fat or even just chubby? It should be neutral but to me it truly isn't, skinny clearly looks better (in clothes) but idk why
Like when I see an edit of a chubby cosplayer (for example) to look skinnier I'm hit with how it really does look better afterwards

No. 2003376

File: 1715762030419.jpg (62.97 KB, 425x640, 6df568fdadf2f642f6c1a29b1251f0…)

Cultural standards.

No. 2003377

You have been brainwashed.

No. 2003381

Cosplay is for nerds, most anime characters are thin as a stick too so your brain associates it with that

No. 2003385

I'm actually pretty sure that's the most normal take ever because I think we are like… naturally inclined to find average physicality more appropriate. It's just in our genes, same with animals. So no don't be delusional she isn't brainwashed. But paying too much attention to other people's looks is a disease in itself typically linked to being a giant loser as well so as long as she isn't bullying people for being overweight I don't think her statement matters or is anything for her to "unlearn" because it's just hardwired into us as mammals.

No. 2003386

Dancing is the number one anti-depressant we know of, it works much better than even medicine and comes with 0 negative side effects. Other than that other exercise is also effective, and it can be as simple as walking - and again no negative side effects.

"But I went to the gym once, it doesn't work for me" yeah no shit taking one pill wouldn't help you much either. Start with taking a 30 min walk every day. Walk 15 min (you'll notice it really isn't that far), turn around and walk home. And that's 30 min easily done. Commit to doing it for a month, see how you feel. You don't have to become a gymbro to exercise, you just have to get some light movements going.
"What if it's my brain that is broken with bad chemistry" trust me you're not the first depressed person to ever live, the studies were done on equally depressed people and there's nothing unique about your condition.

No. 2003388

it's to do with "health". if you're fat it = unhealthy, even when a lot of skinny people are malnourished as fuck (victorias secret models etc). like >>2003376 said a cultural beauty standard

No. 2003392

ayrt, I'm sure that is probably the case- but how and why? I've been told things like wearing socks in sandals is disgusting but I just don't see it, it just looks like socks in sandals. I've been told fuller lips is more attractive, but I feel like I objectively see thin lip sizes as equally attractive. Yet when I see chubby vs skinny I instinctually see one as more "attractive"

No. 2003393

Idk why people dance around the reality of it, it's so performative. Feeling guilty for finding normal bmis more aesthetically pleasing than high bmis is wild, browbeating people and telling them they have to "unlearn cultural beauty standards" because they don't think being fat is attractive is so disingenuous. These are the same people that call people "big" instead of fat now and regularly bully people for their looks so it's all so hypocritical, nothing but theater.

No. 2003394

My problem is even if someone is within the "healthy" range, skinny still appears to look better. It makes me (who is chubby) feel like shit and I hate that I see it that way.

No. 2003395

You aren't brainwashed. It's normal.

No. 2003403

Animals in the wild across a vast variety of species are hardwired to care for the most optimal offspring and often eat or abandon anything outside that. It's just biology and genetics. If it makes you feel bad, I think instead of trying to "unlearn" how you feel (ie lying to yourself and everyone around you while feeling exactly the same way still) you have to focus on telling yourself okay, x or y looks better than the way I look and that's fine. Acceptance of the fact that there will always be a sort of lottery or hierarchy to things rather than beating yourself up is a much better alternative to living in constant emotional turmoil. You don't have to hate yourself for being outside of your own aesthetic preference, you can change it if it truly bothers you but at the same time psychological acceptance of your own perceived flaws instead of a frantic need to try to erase them is preferable first.

No. 2003411

I agree with you tbh.

No. 2003413

Why am I never happy with my hair length? If it's long I dream about cutting it super short, when it's short I want it super long

No. 2003417

you're a cute contrarian even to yourself nona
I'm 100% the same, so glad extensions exist for this reason kek

No. 2003434

File: 1715764599235.jpg (38.17 KB, 542x543, 1603020661990.jpg)

>you're a cute contrarian even to yourself nona
C-can you see my post history? Glad I'm not the only one who feels like this, seems like most people find their signature haircut around my age and stick to that for years while I'm still struggling to find what compliments my face

No. 2003444

ayrt those people I find are super normie though haha
I know there's apps you can upload a photo and try different styles but idk if they're trustworthy, like wont sell your image or use it for some weird algorithm. you any good at photoshop? what style do you current have?

No. 2003458

Is it normal to get new freckles and moles when you're an adult?
The other month I was in the shower and noticed that I've got a new freckle - small, flat, brown, in between my breasts. It doesn't hurt or look strange but I've never noticed it before. It's new.
Obviously I googled it and now I'm worried because it's coming up with melanoma/cancer shit and I'm stressing out about it.

No. 2003462

Yes. You aren't dying. It isn't melanoma

No. 2003476

Ignore the brainwashed thing and the moidy "fat ppl are just unattractive by default!" because it is cultural norms and beauty standards. Even where I live where models tend to be smaller males are now finding skinnier women 'boring', they need curves they need flesh, because we are now a bigger country.
You'll find if there's a bigger model and you go lolcow reddit-tier seethe over it irl people (other than sexist males) will think you're overdramatic. Really you only need a pretty face.
Beauty is subjective anyway, most women are gorgeous and most men are disgustingly rancid.

No. 2003483

File: 1715769526803.jpg (25.59 KB, 390x390, a205d5ea110d3a8c3c7c1cca8ee2da…)

I don't trust those apps kek I have a long bob like picrel (same soft wave pattern) but with slightly thicker hair and it makes my head look huge, I'm letting it grow longer so I lose volume, what's your hairstyle rn?

No. 2003490

If humans shed up to 100 hairs a day, and we have about 100k hairs on our head, doesn't that mean all our current hair would be lost in 1000 days? Shouldn't it then be really short? HOW DOES OUR HAIR STAY LONG??? I've been wondering this for two whole decades now

No. 2003538

My beautiful retarded nonna you should know hair grows back also

No. 2003590

But… if someone has ass length hair, it can't grow back this fast… Idk nonnie this feels like something science can't explain

No. 2003612

File: 1715776331193.webp (305.2 KB, 1200x1600, lol.webp)

about the same length but I've let it grow back blonde + have a fringe (bangs)
same as you, want to either cut it or desperately want it to be waist length kek not a swiftie but she's the closest I could think of
what are you thinking of doing?

No. 2003638

Is yandex better than google? What kind of search engine do you recommend anons?

No. 2003640

I love two brain celled nonnas

No. 2003691

Does anyone know the exact moment when Reddit became so pro-trannies? A year or some major event related to that? Aside the rising acceptance for them offline from unpeaked people and wokes, how did it happen with Reddit specifically? When trannies started to really take over various subs?

No. 2003702

I also need someone to explain it to me

No. 2003704

I had greek yoghurt with mixed nuts at 10am and then 2 boiled eggs at 2pm. Is it normal to still be hungry at 3pm?

No. 2003710

File: 1715781624588.jpg (70.28 KB, 1200x1200, egg-leafy-green-salad-image.jp…)

if you put those boiled eggs in a salad you might feel more full

No. 2003720

That's not bad, at least bangs make a bob more interesting. I'm fighting my urges to dye mine black, my goal is to reach waist length in two years and stay a while like that

No. 2003721

Yes, it's normal. That's barely anything.

No. 2003787

These kinds of meals always leave me hungry as fuck too kek I don't get why they're constantly pushed as sooo filling and healthy for when you're dieting or trying to eat better.

No. 2003873

Yes. Those are snacks, not meals. >>2003710 would be a nice lunch.

No. 2003879

What was the name of that male cosplay model Momokin went on a trip with (well him and multiple people) a few years ago? He was ripped and was dating(married to?) some other cosplayer. I believe they were in Mexico or some South American country. I remember she was kind of thirsting over him. And anons thought she would try to fuck him.

No. 2004035

How can you tell whether a person is shy and takes a while to open up, has a lame personality, or is uninterested in you and just keeping you around because they're bored?

No. 2004079

Compare your lunch to others: who else do you see eating two boiled eggs and nothing else of substance for lunch?

No. 2004143

Honestly? The sun
They use UV rays to help heal depression, and I've personally noticed sitting in the sun greatly improves my mood
As far as pills go I'm not aware

No. 2004152

What is personality fagging? Having such an obnoxious personality you get recognized when you post?

No. 2004156

Yes, basically

No. 2004170

Particularly when they lean into it and respond as themselves.

No. 2004240

Seems like discharge talk is happening a lot today, can anyone explain why it's so taboo to eat your own discharge and why nonnies are surprised by it when men eat their own (much nastier) cum all the time?

No. 2004243

idk its pretty gross, even your vagina doesnt want it

No. 2004274

But why would you eat your own discharge

No. 2004279

>men do it so we should too!
Do you live your whole life like this?

No. 2004280

discharge is literally the stuff your body cleans away from you. Its a waste fluid just like piss is. Can't compare it to cum at all because that has at least a point to be inside someone else.

No. 2004281

I think both are pretty gross

No. 2004289

eugh women who eat their discharge are on the same level of disgusting as crazy pissdrinkers

No. 2004302

What makes someone a normie?

No. 2004315

File: 1715796804235.jpg (33.52 KB, 567x542, Ew94HehWYAcmAgz.jpeg.jpg)

this was actually so disgusting to read. are you a scrote.(scrotefoiling)

No. 2004318

It's fine. They are just prudes who think vaginas are gross.

No. 2004319

Idk I thought it was a normal thing, I’ve been eating it since I was 12 or so. I was very shocked to find out most women don’t do it and even find it repulsive

No. 2004324

A regular person with mainstream interests and political views, who has lead the "expected" path in life reaching most if not all milestones when you are expected to reach them and no significant set backs in life caused by an abusive upbringing and/or mental health issues. Someone who meets social norms and expectations very well.

No. 2004326

But WHY are you eating it? For what purpose?

No. 2004329

I love eating pussy but eating your own discharge is still weird and disgusting as shit. Yes you probably get some discharge in your mouth from eating pussy but that's just an unfortunate side effect and not the main point. Ideally you wash up before oral sex anyway.

No. 2004356

Because it tastes good and I like the texture of it

No. 2004382

Men who eat their own cum are absolutely disgusting porn addicted weirdos. Congrats on being the on the same level as a porn addicted moid.

No. 2004387

File: 1715798804411.jpg (38.95 KB, 640x640, 1655201161671.jpg)

No. 2004495

File: 1715804174825.webp (45.02 KB, 922x436, product-challenge-butter.webp)

Did the challenge butter deer always look this fucked up?
It feels like AI, but googling it just brings up this image. Real Mandela vibes rn.

No. 2004498

jeeeeezzz nonna i was just scrolling by, I didn't need to know they do, im gonna puke and cry

No. 2004502

You’re lacking some micronutrients or something

No. 2004509

How do I keep my studio apartment cool with no windows? I only have a patio. Any suggestions for A/C?

No. 2004513

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it, the same time I don't think there's anything wrong with eating your own pussy juice. It would be a bit gross though since discharge is thick.

No. 2004545

why is it that i’m encouraged to get shot up with fentanyl during labor but i can’t smoke a blunt to help me cope with contractions?

No. 2004565

File: 1715807274759.png (151.15 KB, 1732x740, dude shut up.png)

What the hell is the point of this? Google.com already generates its own responses USING ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE. WHY THE FUCK DO WE NEED "AI OVERVIEW" WHEN GOOGLE ITSELF ALREADY HAS THIS FUNCTION? God its a fucking annoying eye sore I'm gonna alog

No. 2004580

Gonna A-log to google?

No. 2004610

How do you cook veggies to actually get them to taste delicious?? What herbs or cooking styles do you use pls I want to be those people who eat 90% veggies

No. 2004621

Roasting or stir fry, I partial stir fry partial boil if using in noodles or anything with a broth.

Roasting - Soak, dry, coat in oil, salt pep, mixed herbs, garlic, lay out, oven.
Stir Fry - Oil in pan wait for hot, veg in, cook a bit, seasoning on, eat while crunchy or wait until softer but may need to add water if you like soft.
"Mixed herbs" if you don't know your herbs, garlic and flaky salt. Broccoli takes soy sauce very well.

Honestly you can get in a shite tonne of veggies if you make soup, miscellaneous vegetable soup is great, just any veggies + potatoes + onions + some seasoning (salt n pep) + veg or chicken stock and you're good to go, can make multiple servings.

Also you can add scallions onto literally anything, lettuce always goes good in sandwiches. Delicious Leek recipe - Cut into chunks fry on both sides, 1tbsp miso, garlic, 1 tbsp honey, salt, 125ml of water, add to the leeks in the pan, cover and cook for 5-10 mins.
Easy veggie side dish is pickled veg, get to picklin' and you never lack side dishes again.

No. 2004622

I really feel like I'm going crazy, I know there a animal that breathes fire but Google says their is none???

No. 2004627

I have been summoned. It depends on the vegetable. Hard earthy/root vegetables like carrots should be added from the beginning along with your meat, preferably before it, and seasoned with exactly the same seasoning as the meat. Like in stews or grilled/BBQ foods, especially Japanese curry, it's perfect for this stuff, same thing goes for bell peppers, big chunks of onions and garlic, potatoes etc. For leafy greens, blench them in boiling water for 30 seconds exactly, then add them to your broth/stew/rice etc., and eat them along with the protein and carb of your dish in one bite so their taste would disappear if you don't like it. I do this with arugula because it can be too bitter or spicy for my taste at times. Another great way is to chop leafy vegetables and cook them in olive oil with garlic, tomatoes, tomato puree and lemo juice to create a pasta sauce with tuna or really any ground protein you like or without it and you can make the protein on the side. I like eating leafy vegetables with pasta, asian noodle dishes, and in salads. I also eat it raw straight out the packaging sometimes or on the side. But if I want to make a salad, I use my favorite condiments and spices to make a sauce. My favorite sauce is equal parts light mayo and honey mustard, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, cujin seasoning (optional), Italian seasoning (optional), dry thyme and rosemary (optional), lemon juice, exrra virgin olive oil for the healthy fat since I don't buy avocados that much or eat olives that much either, and let your vegetables marinate in this mix for a while to gain the taste, and for the dry herbs to soften up and not choke you or get stuck in your gums lol. The vegetables I go for are the ones we always have at home, so lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grated carrots and cucumber, arugula, cabbage (white or red), some parsley just because I like the way it tastes lol. You can also add the seasonings I mentioned to plain greek yogurt (no mustard or mayo though but you can experiment with that) and use it on your salad for extra protein. You can add chicken or tuna and pasta to your salad to create a whole dish as well. Another method is to chop some vegetables like carrots, spinach, peas, corn etc. really small and add them to beaten eggs and make an omelet with it or egg rolls. I add these same vegetables with some green beans to my noodle dishes like homemade ramen, teriyaki chicken with noodles, Singaporean curry chow mein etc.
Seasons your vegetables and meat with the same stuff and cook them together and the same way. Make seasoning packed salads dresses. Eat stews, broths, grilled/BBQ dishes, and noodle/pasta dishes to incorporate the vegetables with different combinations of seasonings and carbs and proteins for variety.
I can share my homemade ramen and Japanese curry recipes if you want to try them out.

No. 2004628

Anyone here that has headphones/music addiction? How to get rid of it?

No. 2004633

That's a dragon and they aren't real, please get some rest.

No. 2004635

Samefag, this post reminded me of sandwiches >>2004621 kek. And yes, sandwiches are another great way to have lots of vegetables. I make tuna sandwiches with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pickles, some sweet corn, and my mayo and honey mustard dressing. I make turkey sandwiches with the same vegetables as well but only plain mayo and honey mustard, no seasonings. I add 2-3 lettuce leaves and 2-4 cherry tomatoes (sliced in half) or 2-3 normal tomato slices. Sliced cheese is optional in sandwiches to me, but I try to go for natural cheeses most of the time.

No. 2004637

What program is best to use to compile screenshots? Will any art program do or is there one that’s best? I’m looking for specifically free ones, would’ve gone to the request thread but that’s more about asking people to make stuff than find stuff and the Help Me Find thread doesn’t seem to apply either

No. 2004650

File: 1715813122479.jpg (189.9 KB, 1403x1403, 1656189623706.jpg)

NEET anons what's your plan for when your parents/providers either die or cut you off? I have some NEET friends and the older we get the more concerned I am for them

No. 2004651

Thank you so so much my beautiful nonnies for the in-depth tips! I’ve taken a screenshot of everything and I’ll be experimenting until I find a bunch of veggie meals that work for me, I’m not very fond of cooking but I hope this can be a fun challenge for me. Tysm again mwah i love you girls

No. 2004664

>muh prudes
why is this always the go-to argument kek. the majority of women, including normie women who have sex, even the ones who absolutely love sex everyday, or eat pussy, etc don't eat the discharge

No. 2004671

No problem, nonny! Have fun. Cooking is actually really nice to me. You just need to find recipes you actually genuinely like to enjoy making them and feeling like a professional chef kek. And with time you get better and faster at it and be able to improvise. I also forgot to mention my favorite stir fry/asian sauces ingredient: worcestershire sauce. Not an actual asian sauce but a good replacement for fish sauce and oyster sauce since I can't find them anymore. I mix it with soy sauce, some stevia (for sweetness), and apple cider vinegar as a replacement for cooking wines since I can't find these either, and I honestly got addicted to this combination kek. I added to every asian dish, even peanut butter sauce, which is great with broccoli btw. It just adds lots of depth and "umami" to sauces. I also use the middle eastern 7 spices mix for extra taste, and sodium free chicken bouillon for extra flavor. I have an impossible palette and need 100 spices to enjoy food kek.

No. 2004675

Tmi I taste mine sometimes to see what would I taste like to someone else and because I'm just curious about what a pussy tastes like in general, and I'm my only reference for now. I read that it's healthy for men to eat female discharge and can have positive effects on their health but not sure if that's true. And I don't know how would that apply to women.

No. 2004678

No. 2004682

Thank you anon, it worked great, should make screenshot compilations easier for me in the future

No. 2004685

File: 1715815794116.gif (474.11 KB, 220x220, IMG_0642.gif)

the way the moid in the white is standing with his flat washboard ass is killing me kekk

No. 2004689

I'm not even lesbian or bi, but I don't think it's a big deal. Why is someone who eats pussy more grossed out than I am?
Because it's such a prissy thing to be disgusted by. Most of those women you're talking about probably gargle dirty dick but go "ewww gross" over their own discharge, which is necessary to keep your pussy from drying out and encourage the right bacteria to grow. Cowards.

No. 2004694

>which is necessary to keep your pussy from drying out and encourage the right bacteria to grow.
Well duh but how does eating it benefit that? Personally I'm opposed to ingesting any type of bodily fluids because of the texture, not because of some anti-vagina/anti-discharge campaign.

No. 2004703

Cool. Nobody said you had to do it. But a lot of women will say that vaginas/whatever comes from a vagina is gross, but then put their toilet water-soaked bf's dick in their mouth.

No. 2004704

I don't eat my pussy juice but I like to smell it. It smells nice.

No. 2004708

I swear he never looked this fucked.

No. 2004769

File: 1715823056634.jpg (67.77 KB, 640x480, 1000016719.jpg)

Discharge is like the boogers of your vagina. It's normal to have some, but it's just gross to eat them. Imagine putting discharge in your mouth when you could be chewing gum or having a slushie. Fuckin' weird. I got snapped at by another anon for calling it gross, but it just is. But I suppose more respect is due for discharge-eating anons than those hopeless pickme girls who pretend they don't taste the smegma on their nigels' dicks.

No. 2004772

Is there a difference between something being bejeweled vs bedazzled?

No. 2004782

Late answer but my mom was around 29, and my dad was 50+, they're distantly related, too, from my dad's mother's side. I was born sick with red skin and respiratory issues and chronically low vitamin d, and I had to be hospitalized and given treatments for the vitamin d deficiency for a while. I still suffer the consequences and my health is still shit at 22, but the nail in the coffin is my inbred looks.

No. 2004784

Bejeweled: wearing lots of jewelry, bedazzled: being amazed and impressed by someone. According to the Colin's dictionary.

No. 2004787

Mom was twenty, dad was twenty two. I think I can say with confidence and experience that people should definitely wait before having kids.

No. 2004794

If it's clothing bedazzled would describe an item covered in small diamantes, bejewelled could mean literally jewellery, or a clothing item with large jewel like gems, that's my understanding anyway

No. 2004845

When i see #[fandomname]twt what is that? How is that different than the usual tag on twitter with just the media's name

No. 2004862

what do you do with collector's items that aren't suited to display like storyboards, lobby cards, animation cells etc? i only buy them to digitize + preserve and have no idea what to do after. obviously they have value to fans and i'm not going to throw anything in the trash after i scan it but i don't have the means to resell them online and the clutter is starting to stress me out.
i even thought about putting art and looseleaf like that in the library donation box in case a fan might find it but that seems even more stupid than throwing it out.

No. 2004868

yeah it was because its just one of those "aesthetic" screenshottable movies, not because theres any meat to the plot or well developed characters

No. 2004869

If by minors you mean teen girls 15 years ago kek, then yes it was. Edgefag girls on the chan and Tumblr shilled Vincent Gallo and consequentially the movie as a sexy grungy "I can fix him" type of thing. I think it was fuelled by him also being a raging misogynist and le bad boy irl.

No. 2004872

I'm so sorry nonas i just felt like it would have been better to put it in the movie thread kek.
I mostly meant nowdays, i really didn't know about it much, but thank you.

No. 2004875

All good anon, maybe /m/oviefriends know if it had a revival or something.

No. 2004878

If someone offered you money, however much you want, to kill another person on their behalf, and you knew you'd be able to get away with it, would you do it?

No. 2004883

Leon Chiro? The manlet right?

No. 2004885

Only if the person was like, a rapist or pedophile or something.

No. 2004888

yea but only if the target was male, i could never kill a woman

No. 2004897

Is eating, reading, and listening to music at the same time too much?

No. 2004899

File: 1715833208214.gif (992.4 KB, 245x200, 1000016752.gif)

Depends on the target, and how much I'm being paid since getting away with it is already guaranteed in this scenario. Am I going after a man or a woman? Do they have a family with kids? What did they do to make you that mad?

No. 2004904

live your life nona

No. 2004907

File: 1715833932065.gif (476.01 KB, 500x241, 1000016753.gif)

Your reply reminded me of this song.

No. 2004912

AYRT in this particular hypothetical you'd be paid $750k for going after a roster of individuals, both male and female, none of them have children but they do have family members and bfs/gfs, and they'd be getting exterminated for attempting to blackmail the woman who hired you to do the job.

No. 2004914

File: 1715834643672.png (343.62 KB, 1334x1537, 1000016754.png)

>trying to blackmail the woman who hired me
Okay, how many targets are we talkin'? And are they spread out? If I get paid high enough to do it, I'll do it if you say so anyway.

No. 2004916

KEKK i think of this scene all the time lmfao

No. 2004931

My mother was 35 and dad same age

No. 2004972

does anyone else have constant strange coincidences happening to them? stuff that is so crazy some stars would have to align and they somehow do over and over again?

No. 2005007

What is the “nobody” thing on /x/

No. 2005010

My mom was 19 and my dad was 26

No. 2005036

Is wearing only one shade of eyeshadow seen as bad taste? I can't be assed to learn how to blend or highlight or buy multiple brushes.

No. 2005046

Shitty meme that started around 2019, maybe earlier, an autistic attempt to larp as the antichrist made by annoying tripfags, another nail to /x/'s coffin

No. 2005052

If you knew a man, got interested in him and may have had developed feelings for him, what would you do if you found out he's friends with a lot of feminine men and an avid lgbt supporter?
Subjectivelly speaking, is this man a dating material?

No. 2005058

I'd think he's a bisexual man and i don't date that. A man who has his head on his shoulders has other business to do and think about than gay rights. Lgbt support shouldn't be even on his radar if he's not gay.

No. 2005059

who's your favourite personalityfag cow(without mentioning them)? mine's one of the lowest iq anons on this site. I keep finding her posts just because she cannot help herself and keeps pointing to her infights. She gets into infigths, accuses everyone who disagrees with her of samefaging, and then when the admins start hitting anons with the ban hammer everyone who disagrees with her gets multiple bans, while her side always gets one single ban, meaning she's the one samefagging kek. What an insane person.

No. 2005061

>A man who has his head on his shoulders has other business to do and think about than gay rights. Lgbt support shouldn't be even on his radar if he's not gay.
Where do you find men like this, serious question

No. 2005063

To add, I feel like most men nowadays especially in the west, are eating up the propaganda as of late. So it's literally difficult to find someone who's like actually does not want to interact with it. It's just so tiresome to be next to a person, especially a guy that's an avid supporter. It's like walking on egg shells and if you accidentally say they xer is a he they would sperg out on you over it. It's all so tiresome holy lol

No. 2005064

And you have to be careful with the ones that don't support it though, they too might be hiding/projecting their own sexuality so it's like you never know the man who apparently "hates" it is actually gay inside
Why is it like this?

No. 2005065

A certain anon with a very limited and distinctive vocabulary…

No. 2005079

Eastern europe kek

No. 2005097

I know exactly who you're talking about. I have wondered if she's actually a farmhand not logged in, because she'll be alogging and breaking rules left and right while starting constant fights, yet she never gets banned. While everyone else who says anything against her does get banned.

No. 2005100

It's already been confirmed she ban evades, jannies caugth her ass talking in third person.

No. 2005109

File: 1715857721554.jpg (63.41 KB, 735x704, 9865489dbaf07c5b96031069fc28cc…)

Do adult males think they're going to become Messi? Like do they think theyre a part of the football team they cheer for. I don't think they know the little men inside the tv don't know they exist.

No. 2005111

Ntayrt but I would do it. I'd feel bad for the woman tho

No. 2005112

File: 1715857884927.jpg (Spoiler Image,686.68 KB, 3500x3500, fcf.jpg)

Kek sport moids are so odd, it's like religion to them.

No. 2005114

I think they would let Messi top them

No. 2005117

It must be true, i've been with a moid that was like >>2005109
and he was bisexual, even though he had no experience with men

No. 2005118

>letting an ugly manlet top anyone
Straight men truly have shit taste.

No. 2005253

Can I make meatballs without bread crumbs or eggs? I assume they would stay together, cause burger patties have no egg or bread and they still stay together.

No. 2005259

Do you have beans

No. 2005260

Should work, but they won't be as soft as meatballs usually are

No. 2005262

You know how your memories, after enough time, feel like they happened to a different person entirely? What year breaks that continuity for you? For me, I feel like the same person I was in 2020 but not 2019, even though I've still changed since then.

No. 2005263

Damn. What if I just use breadcrumbs? I could make some.
Don't think so

No. 2005265

No. 2005283

Question for farmers who are moms or experienced with marriage: what happens when the mother refuses to take care of the children when the father is being lazy? What does the average scrote even do when you stop changing diapers and cooking? I know they don't actually exist in real life, but is it possible to be a dead beat mom? I assume the man just leaves but what if he cares about the children? And the mother is just DONE and fucking kills the dog he brought home as a surprise. How likely is it that he will become a single father? Is it possible to dump the responsibilities of a child on a male? Please keep in mind that the woman in question is more violent and insane than the average woman (diagnosed npd)

No. 2005287

File: 1715872094076.gif (769.06 KB, 500x240, 1000016761.gif)

Now on a mission to take back some independence, escape to cut off my family for the greater good, and even finally cut my fucking hair. But to really drive it home, I want to eventually change my name. Anons who had to shed their entire identity to become a different and better person, what names would you recommend?

No. 2005291

By the way I'm not married or anything lol I'm quite young, but I have some questions I need answers to. We always hear about the shit men put us through but I wonder if it's possible to reverse that? Do you think it's possible to turn a man into a "single dad" and dip? Obviously the children would be traumatised and the father would barely take care of them at best but the woman in question doesn't care at all. She would rather play video games etc. Are there any women who successfully pulled this off?

No. 2005294

I changed my name, if not my identity. Think you'd make a good Lise?

No. 2005299

It's simple and perfect. Thank you.

No. 2005300

>they don't actually exist in real life, but is it possible to be a dead beat mom
Have you ever heard of childhood neglect? The kids just get fucking neglected when the mom gives up. And it does happen.

No. 2005305

Choose something nice and normal, don't go the troon route of naming yourself Genevieve Alice Dementia Raven Way. if a name is too "unique" it will sound like you named yourself, and you're very likely to cringe at it later in your life. I changed my name for similar reasons to yours and I can't emphasize how much being easily Googlable can fuck up your life. You don't have to be one of a billion Olivias, Annas, Mias or Emmas, but just be reasonable with it.

No. 2005318

Depends very much on who the father is as a person
>child can become neglected (in terms of physical needs, emotional needs, or both)
>child could be posted online to fish for sympathy and become a prop in his single dad sob story
>dad could whore himself around and look for partners willing to be replacement mommies
>child could be shipped off to grandparents/relatives and father would call once or twice a month
>could be physically fine but have their head filled with misogynistic ideology if it's a moidlet
>child could become violent
No telling for sure. Mommy issues are on average a lot more severe and most kids who grew up neglected by their mother or mother figure end up with really bad anger issues or something a lot worse (ask me how I know).

No. 2005328

File: 1715873755754.jpg (1.11 MB, 1537x1223, 20240516_162949.jpg)

Can anyone tell my why this happens? I can't wear jeans because they always look extremely weird in the crotch area. I have tried much tighter jeans because maybe it's the extra fabric but even the tight jeans look really bizarre and crumpled like this in the crotch area. It's beyond infuriating. I just want to wear jeans like everyone else.

No. 2005332

it means that the fabric has been really stretched out and it's time to consider throwing out your jeans. This happens when you buy really cheap and low quality jeans pretty fast.

No. 2005334

How does one find "good" single dad material, then? Is there a way to test their maternal instincts or is it like the lottery?

No. 2005335

Thin fabric but also the fit of the jeans is not right for your body shape. This happens to me a lot because I have a bit of a fupa and large thighs/ass, if the inseam is too high up and the jeans don't accommodate my belly and ass this exact camel toe situation will happen.

No. 2005336

These have def been stretched out but I've tried on countless new jeans and tighter ones but they all look really weird in the crotch area like this it's ALWAYS fabric crumpling like this and weird camel toe like its impossible for jeans to look "flat" across the crotch for me. Every new pair I try. I just don't know what to do or what because I don't think jeans can be tailored maybe my body is just really fucked up.

No. 2005338

If you explained why you're asking these very specific questions, you might get better advice.

No. 2005339

I have a fupa/belly too but narrow thighs and a flat ass. What would you recommend?

No. 2005340

I'm asking for a friend.

No. 2005352

Hang around a support group for recently widowed parents?

No. 2005355

Anon, please don't do that. For… whatever reason you want to.

No. 2005358

File: 1715875291677.webp (9.54 KB, 300x296, IMG_3737.webp)

why, what’s the worst that could happen?

No. 2005399

Long skirts

No. 2005410

Are social dancing clubs/events good places to find a boyfriend?

No. 2005438

I feel like it’s gotten so much harder to find a partner naturally these days once you leave school. Not to sound like a moid but on one hand, I get women complaining about men approaching them at the gym and networking events because you want to feel safe, but I feel like the dialogue around it has gotten so extremely autistic and it contributes to Gen Z isolation problem. If I want a partner, why would I not want to pick from someone who has a similar lifestyle as me? If I’m not allowed to date at work, but also not at the gym, or the pottery class, or the library, or the park, or the volunteer group, then what does that leave? Just sleazy guys at bars and online dating?

So to answer your question, it’s a better place to meet guys than others, but don’t be surprised if decent moids don’t approach you. My experience is that only predators have the gall to cross these new social barriers.

No. 2005449

is this pronounced lease or lee-say?

No. 2005465

What do nonas mean when they say fujos are a redflag when it comes to lesbian relationships? I've seen this sentiment across multiple threads. I'm aware it has something to do with bisexuality, preferring les4les but is there another element?

No. 2005469

For one, it's very likely you'd be the eternal rebound and permanent second fiddle to his dead spouse that you'll never be as good as. Worst case it's a Rebecca situation and he's a psycho who drove her into an early grave by working her like a mule.

No. 2005555

Why do I keep getting periods when I'm medically underweight? Isn't it supposed to stop?

No. 2005556

maybe you'd have to be more malnourished

No. 2005613

If I get an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on a website does that mean my employer blocked the site?

No. 2005641

i’m only saying this cos you said the word “medically” but i’m assuming you have a bmi like 17 thats just barely underweight? if our bodies were that delicate the human race would not have survived. there was a reason you used to have to miss three consecutive periods to be considered anorexic to show that the periods stopped from an eating disorder and not something else. not trying to sound like i’m in favor of eating disorders here just trying to reassure you.

No. 2005664

Whats the deal with cyraxx? He's a lolcow from my state so i'm intrigued

No. 2005667

most likely

No. 2005673

File: 1715891617575.jpg (46.64 KB, 535x892, Screenshot 2024-05-16 151416.j…)

Just learned of these long sleeve shirts that women buy to tie around their waists while working out, called a pump cover. I guess it sort of makes sense because they want to cover their butt while wearing leggings or shorts but not wear something heavier while getting sweaty, but it doesnt really make that much of a difference imo, and they could also wear something else. Im just confused how this is selling. Does it not seem kind of dumb? just wear basketball shorts, no? Or a huge oversized t shirt?

No. 2005674

i was bmi 13 and still got my period, it really just depends on the person

No. 2005676

idk people will buy anything thats trending and manufacturers will sell anything that people will buy
that's actually so stupid, just wear large pants

No. 2005683

In what thread should I ask for lewd images of The Eltingville Club crew? I’m desperate kek
rule34.xxx has shit tier images

No. 2005692

Ive heard of people tying shirts around thier waist, but not for this reason. Usually its just a way to carry a shirt or jacket when it gets too uncomfortable or hot.

No. 2005695

Basketball shorts are legit uncomfortable to work out in if you are sweating hardcore, the way the legs will flap amd dangle and stick to your legs is such a disgusting feeling. Tbh, I don't get the pump cover because if you're not getting the weird scrunchi leggings then your ass isn't really noticeable.

No. 2005709

Do any of you shit in the company of your partner?

No. 2005713

>Tbh, I don't get the pump cover because if you're not getting the weird scrunchi leggings then your ass isn't really noticeable.
To be fair there's tons of places online where men post ass creepshots of women in completely normal looking leggings

No. 2005750

No. 2005751

i know this sounds retarded but what are you supposed to do if your post gets redtexted but youre not actually banned? like you can see one of your previous posts has been redtexted, but there's no BANNED! halting message that prevents you from making posts? is it supposed to just be the honor system and you don't make posts even though you're still able to?

No. 2005753

It means your ban has expired or the farmhand only put few minutes

No. 2005756

you probably just got a short ban that expired before you made the next post, you're good

No. 2005757

Should I start writing smut stories? I want to but I feel gross about it.

No. 2005758

How do I know what my positive traits are? Everytime I see shit like "list 5 good things you like about yourself" I always draw a blank, I have no idea what my qualities are.

No. 2005759

Doesn't mean anything, sometimes farmhands just red text without banning

No. 2005762

What is it that makes people smell like "outside"? Even if you only go outside for a minute it's like everytime you'll come back in smelling like outside

No. 2005765

I'm sorry, but I'm laughing at the absolute surviving your body insisted on. She's like, "Don't worry miss, I know we're going through a horrific famine, but I want you to know that I am in it to win it, I am giving 110%, and I will produce offspring who will also survive this famine. We are not quitters in this body, the reproduction facilities will remain open no matter what."

No. 2005767

it's super hard to self-reflect like that without some outside opinions in my experience. All of my "good" traits I only picked up on from being complimented by others

No. 2005769

Smells are molecules. So if someone goes outside and walks through a cloud of the complex scents that make up the certain smell of an area, some of the molecules will cling to her clothes and hair, and so you'll smell it when she comes inside. Unless you're talking about that unique smell that you get year round everywhere, and that's a combination of ozone and the smell that soil bacteria release.

No. 2005863

If you live by farms when they say "you smell like outside" that could just be polite-talk for "you got the cow manure stink on your clothes" especially when they lay the fields with it for the crops. My trick is to always have cigarettes so if I ever go into someones house after being outside I'll smoke a cigarette before I get there so all they smell is pleasant tobacco and not any foul odours related to manure, crack, poverty, & all the other offensive stinks that permeate the outer world. Hope this helps!

No. 2005897

Why so many people that are popular online are american/british but not australian? Where are all the australians??

No. 2005900

They have a nice climate and so they don't feel the need to sell their soul for views and clicks. Instead of doing that they just go see a koala or swim in the ocean, etc., Australia is like a sort of 5D heaven

No. 2005902

>pleasant tobacco

No. 2005926

>t. aussiefag

No. 2005930

damn, this is the second time an employer blocks npr from me lol, damn republicans

No. 2005936

Is being a sex worker inherently being a pickme because you live off male approval?

No. 2005940

Pickmes center their lives around emotional validation/approval from moids, not making money for survival, so I don’t think so

No. 2005966

So would a streetwalker who needs to do it to survive not be a pickme? But a woman who does OF online as a hobby and tries to promote herself and appeal to internet scrotes would be one?

No. 2006061

how do you guys cope with death threats

No. 2006068

Doesn't answer your question but my friend calls this "sun scent" and she sprays perfume on everytime she gets inside the faculty building under the AC. So I started calling it that, too. In my case I'm sure it's just me sweating.

No. 2006090

i always tell myself instead of being suicidal imagine everyone you hate and who hates you dying instead

No. 2006093

Real, wish it came true

No. 2006113

How do I stop drinking? I don’t drink by myself but I do drink casually, and when I do it’s to excess. I can’t stop myself when I’ve started drinking, so all I can do is stop myself beforehand, but the first couple of drinks feels so good and freeing… but it’s seriously ruining my social life.

No. 2006115

This is going to sound very stupid and it may not be helpful for you, but I just drank more and more tea.

No. 2006132

Have you tried switching to drugs instead of alcohol? I made the switch and neither myself or my liver regrets the switch. They are also more hard to get so you have to go to more trouble unlike just hopping over to the corner store for a bottle of vodka.

No. 2006155

smoke weed instead

No. 2006156

Don't recommend this kek

No. 2006160

Depends on what language you speak, in English it’s pronounced like ‘lease’.

No. 2006170

laurie wired is trans, right???

No. 2006177

Does cool-toned henna dye exist?

No. 2006178

Our bathroom door cannot be closed properly, so technically yes

No. 2006179

File: 1715935195179.jpg (30.17 KB, 333x400, 82ca808e5ac62fec5ea1cf24563a73…)

Nope, you need to mix it with indigo to get cool darker tones, or you can use indigo without henna if your hair isn't very light

No. 2006180

what's with other celebs having a vendetta against fka twigs? i understand just not liking her music or artsy gimmick but the disses that other celebrities specifically give to her makes no sense
>azealia banks calling her a gold digger
>dasha (if red scare podcast counts lol) calling her aggressive
>apparently charli xcx doesn't like that she fucks famous men (? like most celebrities do?)
is all of this really because of the shia labeouf thing? it's weird because i don't recall him being that popular or having fans past his disney/transformers movie years

No. 2006222

do it nonny. you only live once. be free of shame

No. 2006294

How do I encourage my nigel to lose weight?

No. 2006341

If he doesn't yet know he needs to:
You tell him you're worried about his health and that he needs to get it under control, if he's an adult he'll understand he has none of the excuses women do and he'll start trying to losing weight.
If he already knows and you're willing to play mommy:
Tell him directly the areas he needs to improve, what is his caloric intake vs exercise? Does he do a job that means he should eat less? (inactive). If you do fitness will he go to the gym with you?
When he's sad about his fatty self encourage him, if he still doesn't get it, send him heart disease statistics.

Fun mini non specific things you can do:
Loudly talk about how fit and great you feel and that the world would be better if everyone felt like this.
Invest in a shirtless Henry Cavill body pillow and mumble "you may not like it but this is what peak male physique is" while you spoon it.
Go on scenic walks.
Gaslight him into believing mcdonalds doesn't exist.
Apply for secret eaters (Uk only advice)
Do dance work outs for couples.l
Get him into kpop, literally foolproof.
And so on.

No. 2006342

just dump him. no one needs fat men

No. 2006353

Let him see you watching tiktoks of hot young fit guys kek

No. 2006377

if he doesn't want to do it for himself already and you somehow force him to lose weight he'll just get fat again

No. 2006391

You don't and there's a deeper problem than just his appearance. He thinks YOU deserve him being ugly and fat, or else he would work to change it. He doesn't give a shit about impressing you. Do you think he'd stay a fatass for his dream girl? Well, he probably would knowing the audacity of scrotes, but you deserve a man who makes you feel like their dream girl. You shouldn't have to beg him and coax him into being a good partner for you.

No. 2006396

I tried literally everything with my ex bf to try to nicely encourage him to lose weight. I cooked only healthy meals, suggested signing up for exercise classes or going on scenic hikes together, was trying to bring up as much as possible how concerned I was for his health. But nothing works if the person doesn't feel motivated to do it themselves.

No. 2006414

File: 1715956112221.gif (870.13 KB, 220x220, IMG_4770.gif)

> you think he'd stay a fatass for his dream girl? Well, he probably would

No. 2006561

Can someone please bully me into going on a walk? I need to get in shape but I'm retarded and lazy.

No. 2006571

Girl are you really gonna sit inside and scroll the internet all day? Go stretch and get some fresh air! Circulate! I can feel your veins getting sluggish from here.
ilynonnie, hope that wasn't too mean. Have fun on your walk!

No. 2006579

I won't bully you but when I go on walks I often see cats in windows, butterflies, frogs, pretty flowers, cool birds, ect. I even saw a toad the size of my fist the other day. Don't you wanna see that stuff too?

No. 2006584

>I even saw a toad the size of my fist the other day.
Please tell us more about the toad, that sounds so cool

No. 2006588

How many times in the past have you told yourself you want to get in shape just to sit on the couch and scroll instead? If you had gotten up and went for a walk then you would be in better shape by now

No. 2006595

File: 1715964642538.jpg (169.95 KB, 640x960, 9021aab731929fdd621c3f6bb2a176…)

Never been to a rave or music festival so forgive me if this is common knowledge, but why do lots of women show up to them dressed like they just got off their shift at the strip club? I don't get it, the moids in photos are usually just wearing normal clothing meanwhile the women have titties and cheeks out in elaborate outfits that don't seem conducive to spending hours dancing kek

No. 2006597

For attention, what else

No. 2006600

Because as much as anons will scream nlog at you for pointing it out, the fact is that most women are simply not based and take any opportunity to thot up to compete with other women no matter how uncomfortable it is or retarded they look.

No. 2006607

Attention and free drugs like MDMA

No. 2006610

Any online stores eu anons could recommend to get posters from?

No. 2006621

Having been to actual raves and music fests, I can tell you that the girls dressed like this are a smaller minority. But you don’t see the people dressed normally because those don’t make as sensational a photo to share online.

No. 2006638

Groomed and socialized from birth to participate in peacocking behavior while moids get to be people

No. 2006655

I'm back from my walk, thanks nonnas. Saw some pretty pink flowers and a cat.

No. 2006687

File: 1715970147622.jpeg (5.63 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Are portable Lazer hair removal machines worth it?

No. 2006703

Good luck nona! Hoping that I can do the same as well one day. I agree with >>2005305 in not going with an unrealistic or easy searchable name. For names, I really like gender neutral or at least shorter names.

No. 2006704

Why do some white supremacist like native Americans?

No. 2006707

I feel like reviews for alot of them are dodgy. Either they give them out for free to gather good reviews and even when it's not that, people write reviews after using em for a few weeks. Long term use reviews are rare.. and usually negative.

No. 2006709

I'd get one just to try it on random moids on public transportation. No idea how they work but imagine zapping the back of some guys head with it

No. 2006710

i might need to do makeup for a wedding and I have never ever done makeup, once for prom and my mother did that, are there any good wedding guest/soft looking makeup tutorials out there that go start > finish like they assume no knowledge? Most ones for adults I see assume basic knowledge but I have absolutely no experience.

No. 2006711

From my experience of living in Washington state, there are white supremacists that try to have a "spare native american" in their life to feel like their connection to the indingenous means they are intertwined with truly being American. And they do that because they don't want to feel anymore guilt when they tell anyone else to go back to where they came from. Weird, I know.

No. 2006716

over at youtube you can find tutorials about makeup for weddings.. but first maybe do on yourself and also have brushes with you

No. 2006717

i dont think so.

No. 2006719

I actually never thought of looking for long term reviews, even generally. This is helpful, thanks.

No. 2006793

When a product advises one to "shake well before use," how long is one supposed to shake it? How long and how much is presumed by the adverb "well" in this case? I want to use dry shampoo right now but the label has made me apprehensive because I'm unsure how vigorously, and for how long the can must be shaken, to achieve good results. How long and how fast and how much do I shake the can?

No. 2006796

Lmao anon just shake it for like 5 or 10 seconds. Shake it hard enough you hear the little metal ball in it rattling around. You'll know if you didn't shake well enough because it'll only release gas and not or not enough product.

No. 2006802

My issue is, is that all these tutorials are like ok you've done your face so let's start with eyes lips blah and it's like no I haven't done my face I don't know how to, seriously they all kinda expect you've been riding that patriarchal makeup wave since teenhood.

No. 2006803

Nta but there's plenty of tutorials on base makeup too. You just might have to stack several different tutorials instead of expecting it all in 1.

No. 2006812

I haven't watched it but going by the title (and length) it's probably a good video for you

No. 2006818

Thanks for helping me if you couldn't tell I have autism. I wish they would just say that on the bottle. You should work for the can companies as an advisor on public relations with the mentally retarded. I could be your reference.

No. 2006854

File: 1715978830098.png (80.25 KB, 1338x420, 02D875-A899E7.png)

HELP ME NERD NONNAS WHAT SHOULD I DO? I already backed up my files of course. I don't even know what the problem is? The computer works normally and I only had it for 2 1/2 years. Every once in a while it'll crash but that's not unusual for computers and I haven't seen any error messages.

No. 2006872

HEY which parent do we all look like? I look like my mom

No. 2006908

File: 1715980824823.jpg (250.63 KB, 1170x1170, 1000016788.jpg)

I look like a carbon copy of my mom, and I'm honestly not very proud of it. Don't get me wrong, she was cute when she was my age, the problem is that she's one of the people I dislike the most.

No. 2006914

I wanna know what the fuck this is right now anon KEK

No. 2006915

I have my dad’s face with my mom’s eyes.

No. 2006917

No. 2006919

File: 1715981127644.jpg (67.45 KB, 760x834, 1000016789.jpg)

Here's the context.

No. 2006920

I don't even know anymore, everyone says I look more like literally any other family member of mine. Some say that I look like my dad, others say I look like my mom, some people even say I look like my aunt (mom's sister).

No. 2006922

Is this one of those mobile games ads? Kek

No. 2006925

Fathers carbon copy

No. 2006927

I'm sorry but this is genuinely hilarious

No. 2006930

Everyone tells me i look like my mom.

No. 2006934

Did you disable Superfetch? If using an SSD, that should be one of the first services to disable as its main function is to swap frequently used apps in/out of RAM as needed (placing a heavy load on the HDD/SSD).

No. 2006935

Neither, kek. Interestingly enough, i look more like one of my aunts on my mother's side.

No. 2006936

KEKK such a fun time

No. 2006937

I very very luckily avoided my dad's genes kek

No. 2006938

aww it’s really cute when that happens lol

No. 2006950

File: 1715982187789.jpeg (40.48 KB, 198x171, IMG_0696.jpeg)

KEKK forgot about that, a classic

No. 2006954

i know i'm late to this post but i'd just like to add that walking 25-30 miles a week can expand your lifespan by up to 15 years.

No. 2006957

i look like my dad in pictures but not so much irl. apparently i look more like his dad but ive never seen him (he died long ago) so i had to trust the aunties on that

No. 2006966

It's not like the cinema's food sales make a difference to the staff, it doesn't add to their paychecks. I can't imagine they get paid enough to give a shit lol

No. 2006976

My dad, my mom is pretty dissappointed about it.

No. 2006979

Where I'm at, we just buy what we want from the dollar store and shove it in a fat ass purse. That's it, nobody checks us. The only thing I'll buy from a theater is some popcorn, because I'll smuggle my own drink too.

No. 2006983

I followed these instructions but didn't see Superfetch anywhere, I don't think my computer has it (mine has windows 11 if that helps)

No. 2007038

Neither, I've never been compared to either of them.

No. 2007042

It might just be called "Sysmain", then.
Disable that service and hopefully that will work.

No. 2007064

Is the term "Third place" currently trending on tiktok or something?

No. 2007081

Eh I mean it's a pretty common discussion point these days when people feel so online, the internet and tiktok is primarily American and America has some of the most third place unfriendly states anywhere.

No. 2007120

How do I know if I am a bad person?

No. 2007122

Raped or killed anyone recently? Don’t bother worrying if not

No. 2007128

If you have people that at least sorta like you, then you're at least not too bad at being a person.

No. 2007130

have you committed any violent crimes or seriously harmed or abused anyone? if you have, yes. if not, maybe but less so.

No. 2007132


No. 2007139

As long as you remember to say the rosary twice a day like most people then you're a good person!! If you don't then you're probably not a good person sadly

No. 2007146

Have you ever made a "omg I invited 50 people to my BBQ and no one turned up" reddit post

No. 2007168

What's the difference between the normal syosetu website and the ncode. one?

No. 2007197

what can i drink that gives me a boost of energy that isnt coffee?

No. 2007198

energy drink lol

No. 2007204

When im on a diet i cant sleep what do i do

No. 2007207

Maybe green tea?

No. 2007209


No. 2007275

File: 1716002405656.gif (4.2 MB, 155x275, 1688142379202.gif)

My dad bought a used Dell venue pro 8 at the auction. I got a replacement battery and a charger. The pre boot system assessment gives a message the hard drive is not installed despite it having a hard drive. Do I need to get a new hard drive or is there something else I can do to check the hard drive? So far only spent like 55 dollars.

No. 2007290

File: 1716003237210.jpg (120.23 KB, 894x955, 81ckgHGO3WL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

English Breakfast tea. I like Twining's

No. 2007295

Can someone kill animals when they were younger, and grow into a normal person?

No. 2007301

I mean… relatively. Men regularly do that as kids, so I guess by men's standard of "normal" which is just a husk of a human

No. 2007305

i did and i'm pretty normal.

No. 2007308

Nyrt, what kind of animals? Because I'm nervous about if what I did as a kid was worse..

No. 2007310

What did you kill and how many?

No. 2007311

Bunch of puppy stompers damn

No. 2007313

frogs. i don't remember but not very many. i did worse to them than simply quickly kill them though, let's leave it at that

No. 2007314

I knew it'd be a small creature like a frog. I'm definitely worse then

No. 2007316

Now what did YOU kill?

No. 2007317

let’s NOT leave it at that

No. 2007318

Depends. I used to catch wasps in tupperware and shake them to death when I was a kid. Now I deeply regret it and feel terrible about killing bugs, even spiders. I try to catch and release. I think in some cases you can grow to become empathetic but in the cases of those who would torture larger animals, well, I'm not so sure.

No. 2007319

I'm too scared to say..

No. 2007320

Okay you don't have to say the specific species, but can you answer this? Was it the kind of animal that would be a common pet?

No. 2007321

but not too scared to kill presumably medium–large mammals?

No. 2007325

Yeah, though it was a stray as far as I can remember

No. 2007326

Okay I just wanna ask another question. Why did you do it?

No. 2007328

At the time, the animal was considered a "pest" basically. It also wasn't my idea but a friends, so it felt like I was helping her get rid of a "rat" or cockroach essentially

No. 2007331

Okay well, you didn't seem to do it out of pure malice or sadism. You were a child and you were taught that killing the animal was right. I wouldn't say that event makes you a bad person. You even show remorse now, after all.

No. 2007378

Is there a way to lurk someone’s private insta without following them

No. 2007438

Might be a poor connection between the HDD and the motherboard stopping the pre-boot assessment detecting it. Power off the system first, remove and refit the HDD, then power it back on. If that doesn't work, try and boot into an OS like Ubuntu with a USB live partition and use gparted (or equivalent, it's been 10+ years since I fucked with Linux) to check if it can recognise the HDD. Failing that, the HDD may be bad and require replacement.

No. 2007473

Why does every New York transplant talk like that

No. 2007508

How can I grow up emotionally without getting into a relationship?

No. 2007534

Living on your own in a foreign country.

No. 2007547

Is there anyone here who knows how to write expressions in GIS software? I rarely use GIS so I've been struggling writing an expression that gets me what I want. I want a filter that does the following: From field A exlude NULL values, and then from everything that remains, in field B exclude values 1, 2 and 3 but keep 4, 5, 6. Hope that makes sense. Lmao I have no idea what I'm doing.

No. 2007560

make small changes of taking responsibility, being thoughtful, and taking care of yourself. what's so immature about you now?

No. 2007578

Egg yolks in orange juice.

No. 2007841

I don't want to do that, it always sounded more like a bother than anything else.
What do you mean by taking care of myself and taking responsibility?
>what's so immature about you now?
I've just never been in a relationship and I've always heard how you grow up so much and learn so much about yourself when you get in one, I just feel mentally stunted.

No. 2007975

File: 1716055033829.jpg (127.59 KB, 853x942, 484.jpg)

What would you call this haircut, but on a woman?

No. 2007976

No. 2007977

No. 2007978

Pixie wolfcut

No. 2007982

barista who doesn't fuck around about iced chai lattes

No. 2007984

File: 1716055335411.jpg (44.74 KB, 674x1030, 9a725ebd386a79e3be6db6b7ad1ee6…)

Aw I actually likw how it looks on a woman.
Thanks, it did show up though most don't have the curtain bangs.

No. 2007994

Objectively correct answer

No. 2008005

Lol, it's ok anon I like it too. I just think it's very lesbian looking.

No. 2008040

What a cute haircut, I should try it next time.

No. 2008090

Yes you learn how to live with another person constantly and communicate with them, you don't learn general responsibility. Finding yourself isn't gonna happen without actually stepping out of your comfort zone, a relationship can help but it's ultimately up to you so uhhhh live in another country alone.

No. 2008091

File: 1716060987288.png (1.01 MB, 1112x759, d2d4dc5aa40cb341489bf946eda3b8…)

Should I start a youtube channel? I just want to talk about things that interest me, don't care for having an audience or anything. Or should I make a neocities, or a wordpress blog? I want to have a corner where I dump my thoughts on things but not sure what that place should be..

No. 2008095

Probably depends on what those interests are and if they're best shown on video or discussed through text with a few pics. You can even do a combination of both. Neocities takes some effort to actually build the website you want to post on, if you don't want just plain text sitting on a white background.

No. 2008098

Youtube needs more time and equipment (mic, camera, lights, backdrop, editing) than a blog. So I'd say go with a blog.

No. 2008102

start with blog, can go to youtube later if you want

No. 2008105

File: 1716061801158.jpeg (69.99 KB, 500x375, IMG_7212.jpeg)

This is going to sound zoomer as hell, but at what age should I unironically consider myself aroallo? I dont plan on putting it in a twitter bio or even telling anyone really. Im 19 and don’t really have much experience or interest in dating men but I’m sexually attracted to them. I’m not even as radfem/Moid hating as some of the nonnies here. I’ve definitely heard about women who said they essentially felt asexual until their twenties but idk if that applies to me maybe being aromantic towards men

No. 2008107

Do you masturbate?

No. 2008108

No. 2008114

Girl this isn't tumblr, you're still so young. I didn't date / feel anything for a guy until I was 25

No. 2008115

i'll assume you meant aroace ,youre still young and not feeling sexually attracted to anyone all the time doesnt mean you're asexual, asexuality is a sexual disorder( which means repulsion to anything sexual and that includes masturbation) which is caused by sexual trauma considering you've stated you dont have experience just means youre still figuring things out, whatever you do dont give into the gendie brainworms a woman who doesnt want to fuck all the time isnt a gender, it just means you arent interested in sex for the timebeing and thats ok,dont label a normal feeling

No. 2008116

Girl please. This is so made up. You haven’t met anyone who suits your taste sexually or who has woo’d you romantically. That’s normal. That’s not an orientation.

No. 2008117

Thanks, anons. So I'm gonna go with a blog first and see how I feel. But I also want to build a website on neocities, I'll learn something new and I actually want to make some effort. I'll mostly write about books, art, kpop and random internet stuff I have thoughts on, all of which I think would translate fine on any of the medium I mentioned, I think. I'm kind of excited.

No. 2008118

(nta) aroallo is a new different thing lmao, look it up

No. 2008119

If you experience sexual attraction and you masturbate you're not asexual, I understand that not being obsessed with sex like 100% of scrotes and not finding sex that interesting and important like media tries to trick women into thinking may lead to you to wonder if you're asexual, but it's more likely that you're just free of porn brainrot

No. 2008120

So like, you feel sexual stuff towards men but not romantic feelings? That's still either being straight or bisexual
Do you like women?

No. 2008121

It took me several minutes to realize this wasn't a random word in some other language

No. 2008123

She’s literally straight but hasn’t fallen in love. That’s it. I guess she could be bisexual but she didn’t mention liking women so I’m gonna assume she’s straight. She overcomplicating it so hard. Being 19 sounds so hellish sometimes, I’m glad I didn’t go through puberty during all this spicy straight labelling bullshit.

No. 2008125

Chill, you've just not come across a guy you like yet and/or have been prioritising developing other areas in your life (good for you). There's not always a keyboard smash sexuality behind every little slightly uncommon experience.

No. 2008130

Is it okay for me, as a fully grown adult woman, to swing on a swing set in a children's playground. There's one close to me and I've been craving it for so long to relive the nostalgia but I'm afraid of looking like a retard. Kek.

No. 2008132

Imo you're only too old to do something when you lose the energy and motivation to do it, its not really a good thing.
I'd probably rec going with a pal if you're shy about it tho.

No. 2008134

I sometimes swing on the swing set on the beach, just do it.

No. 2008138

I wish there were adult sized playgrounds.

No. 2008141

relevant video

No. 2008144

I can barely understand wtf he's saying.

No. 2008150

KEK. This is exactly how I feel. Thank you, anon.
>>2008132 is right. I'll make my friend come with me so I don't feel like an autist.

No. 2008225

Reminded me of the last time I ever went swinging.
Went with a male relative who wanted to swing too, he somehow landed wrong and was in a fetus position cupping his balls for a good 5 minutes. I was laughing like a kid again and he realized at that moment he was too old for the swings. Good times.

No. 2008229

Does anyone remember that one alvin & chipmunks fan artist from the late 2000s (?) who nuked their account after they got caught tracing kid stock images for their art? It was a female artist I think

No. 2008241

I'll be honest emigrating as a first-worlder always sounded like a meme to me, there's all the administrative hassle, the difficulty of finding a job and the isolation of moving to a new place, also with my current housing situation I can't afford to give everything up and go to a random place.

No. 2008268

>"How can I emotionally mature without being in a relationship?"
>Assumes relationships are the zenith of human maturity and the height of personal growth.
You sound immature as hell posting something like this anon. If you want to get into a relationship go do that. If you don't want a relationship, then just live your life. People can be 80 years old and still think that they have more room to grow up. It reminds me of this proverb by the wiseman Osho, something like: "A healthy person never goes to the doctor and asks 'Why am I so healthy?' so if you're alive you shouldn't be asking 'What is the purpose of living' unless you aren't really living."

No. 2008279

File: 1716068987353.jpg (117.56 KB, 1200x797, this-dog-groomer-turns-pets-in…)

What do you think of dyeing dogs?

No. 2008283

Unnecessary and tasteless

No. 2008300

This is kinda dumb, but when I spend all day with people, and then go home to be by myself I can feel a bit lonely after initially getting back home, but if I am home all day by myself, I am 100% fine with being alone. I think it's super weird because it's kind of the opposite of what I hear other people say.
My question is: Does anyone else have this? Where you feel lonely after breaking off from a group/leaving family/etc… but when you are alone for a while you feel fine?

No. 2008301

Cute when done well, none except the right are cute in your pic.

No. 2008307

Absolutely, once I get over initial bye-byes I can be alone for a year without feeling the need to meet again (I've tested this, year is my max so far, did so by moving across the world)
I do so well alone, I thrive alone.

No. 2008388

There's an obvious difference between a 12 year old and a 16 year old, but not so much anymore between 34 and 38. To those anons with large-ish age gaps with their siblings, how big is it and around what age did you start feeling equal age-wise?

No. 2008409

When i turned 23 and my sister was 29, find it similar with other women but not with moids, they make me uncomfortable in general

No. 2008456

so i have two younger brothers and all of us are really good friends, the three of us travel abroad together on a sibling trip at least once a year etc. i really lucked out with them (especially considering they’re men, if i were unlucky i could have ended up with raging incels as brothers) because the rest of our family are a mess. one is 3 years younger than me and the other one is 11 years younger. i don’t think i’ll ever feel equal to them because i was a parentified child and played a huge part in raising my youngest brother who atm is 17.

No. 2008492

I'm eight years away from my older sister and I didn't feel like we were equals until I was about twenty seven.

No. 2008658

do any of us chew tobacco

No. 2008660

That's for 50+ year old rednecks and trailer park trash.

No. 2008662

i have faith that we have both of those types of women on this board!

No. 2008688

I think I ate rotten kimchi. It smelled very foul
Am I gonna die, nonnies

No. 2008690

No. 2008691

>out with friend and her bf
>They joke around
>then her bf is like “lmao be quiet, be quiet” and puts his hand in her face
>she kind of laughs it off but then later tells me she absolutely hates it when he does that
>when she brings it up later that day he claims she’s overreacting

Is she overreacting??
Now, i obviously don’t think she is. I think moids who say stuff like that low key have some kind issue with their gfs. If my bf ever did that in front of someone I’d be embarrassed and would immediately kill him. but I also have anger issues so

No. 2008707

that's so fucking disrespectful, I would dump a moid for that. imagine enjoying yourself with a friend then your scrote tells you to shut up and puts his nasty hand on your face. out of my life forever the moment he did that.

No. 2008715

Doesn't matter if she's overreacting or not, if she hates it, she hates it and should consider if she's willing to put up with something like that for the rest of her life.

No. 2008725

Politely laughing off or delicately avoiding the most straightforward knee jerk reaction of "hey stop doing that" is usually them already knowing that he'll only twist it around. She found out for sure now. He's either allowed to disrespect her in front of others or he's a victim of 'her sensitivity'

He's a copy and paste of millions of other men reading from the same script

No. 2009186

Does anyone have that pink and white comic about heterosexuality in women being conflated with self-sexualiszation?

No. 2009199

How hard is it to just not fucking do it if your gf says she doesn't like it? If anything HE's overreacting by blowing her request not to do that out of proportion.

No. 2009246

File: 1716116096786.png (978.32 KB, 863x753, v0-xps6msj0h7cc1.png)

Can any dogfags tell me if it's bad that I sometimes don't take my dog for a walk until 4 to 5 in the afternoon during my free days? The last time I usually go out with her the evening before ranges from between 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.. She only asks to go out in the late afternoon and sleeps the rest of the time, though sometimes she does get a bit restless but then settles down and goes back to sleep. I don't know if letting her hold her pee for that long might be bad since she's a small breed and doesn't have a ton of bladder space. FWIW she hasn't had any pee acccidents since she was a puppy 8 years ago.
Wondering this because I saw someone on Reddit call herself abusive because she didn't take her dog out until late in the afternoon due to mental illness for a while. I'm just lazy kek but if it's bad for my dog I'll obviously take her out earlier from now on

No. 2009248

Starve him.
Kill him.

No. 2009251

Dog knows when it wants to go out but when she gets restless maybe take her out and see what happens? I too would be concerned at my dog only peeing in the afternoon but I have a backyard so.

No. 2009253

Wow I can't believe you come on here to post your weird fanfic about hurting your dog. This has to be bait because EVERYONE knows once it passed 4PM a dog's tactile senses are heightened as well as the constriction of the olfactory nerves that occurs ~2-3 hours before sunset, thus taking a dog for a walk after 3PM is actually an arduous march filled with suffering and overstimulation for our canine friends. Your post actually makes me concerned for the welfare of your dog. You should be taking him for a 4-hour walk EVERY morning before dawn when his brain is best able to absorb the vitamin D from the sunlight so his serotonin levels remain neutral for the remainder of the day. The 4-hour walk should be at least 15km as well so that the dog's leg musculature can get a good workout and prevent canine diabetes. If you insist on basically torturing your dog by taking him for walks when you get home from work, at least consider going to the vet and getting a prescription for canine Ritalin so that your dog isn't suffering from acute pain from the afternoon march as well as keeping his mind active when you're gone for the day - if you can't do that, I suggest quitting your job so you don't have to abandon your dog for more than 30 minutes at any given time. Hope your post was bait but I replied because I just felt so bad for your poor dog that you're abusing.

No. 2009258

She's always up for peeing but sometimes can only poop later in the day, which is why I tend to only go out with her when she asks

Kek ok chill. I was just wondering whether I was giving my dog future kidney stone and incontinencec issues because she is chill with holding her piss for 15 hours even though her bladder is the size of a peanut

No. 2009264

kek nonna she's using hyperbole for humor. you're fine. just make sure your pup is getting enough water so you know her lack of morning peeing isn't from dehydration.

No. 2009265

She has adjusted herself to your way of life so she probably doesn’t think she even can bother you before it’s “time” to go out but yeah it would be healthier if you took her out to pee more often, you probably are stressing out her bladder which could lead to health complications as she ages. When she gets restless that’s probably her wanting to go but just obediently waiting until later for you because in 8 years you have basically conditioned her to wait. A dog would piss every couple hours if it was outside, she might even be drinking less water than she should so yeah you should address this. It’s easy to forget pets will arrange their whole life and eating habits around your schedule sometimes to their own detriment and you have to be in charge and make the best decisions for them.

No. 2009272

I take her out between 8 and 9 a.m. during the weekdays, though. I guess she taught herself to only get antsy once I'm moving around and getting dressed? Man, now I feel bad, poor thing. I'll take her out for a nice walk right now and make sure I don't let her hold her pee for longer than 9 hours max from here on. Thank you for telling me, nona! And also thank you to the random mentally ill woman on Reddit for making my retarded self think about whether what I'm doing is bad for my dog

No. 2009300

I wouldn’t feel too terrible if I was you, presumably you take her for checkups and she’s a healthy dog? I just think based on what you said it’s worth evaluating if she’s getting all the relief she should be getting because it’s the right thing to do and also so you don’t accidentally cause her any preventable health problems. Give her a little scritch from me and have a nice walk!

No. 2009310

Is dallas worth watching?

No. 2009335

No, she's generally very healthy, but I don't want her to be super uncomfortable for such a long time just because she tries to be a good girl. The walk is done, and I'll be sure to tell her the next scritch she gets is in your name, nona!

No. 2009349

Does varg have the money to sue me if I make ai gay porn with the likeness of his younger self? I'm from the 3rd world so I doubt we have a law against it.

No. 2009360

he's an aishill himself so i doubt so

No. 2009366

I love wild posts like this

No. 2009393

What can you call a household dynamic that has existed since childhood where you have to save food on your room and bag them in the fridge because it’s always eaten impulsively by other family members?

No. 2009414

Greedy bastard house

No. 2009467

Genuine question do men just have gross poop or does my nigel have GI issues, whenever he poops he says he frequently has to flush 2-3x or else there will be streaks on the sides of the toilet. I never have this issue

No. 2009470

Men eat like shit and don't take care of themselves, that's why their shit is nastier. But if you eat the same food as your bf he probably has some medical issues or doesn't digest something well

No. 2009474

We eat the same stuff, guess he’ll go to a doctor soon

No. 2009502

How much does it hurt to get all your pubic hair removed with wax at a salon by a professional? Especially for someone who has a lot of hair and who finds removing the bikini line very painful but bearable.

No. 2009507

It hurts but only for like a minute or so. A good technician knows how to chat and distract you to make the process go faster. Also if you do it repeatedly, it hurts less and less each time.

No. 2009508

Where the fuck can I find a nice quality print or poster of psychedelic art that is not AI slop?

No. 2009513

If you're normally a coffee drink, do you still drink coffee during your period? Do you find it helps with the cramps if you abstain from it?

No. 2009664

I know it hurts less when you get used to it in theory but I don't get it done often enough for that to work for me yet. Like twice a year maybe and at some point getting appointments gets difficult so I shave sometimes when it gets too hot and I want to wear shorts or dresses. I'll just try to get it done once and hope it won't hurt too much. Should I trim my pubic hair beforehand so it's not too long and difficult to remove?

No. 2009710

Ngl I'm too retardo to notice changes like that with my periods.

No. 2009740

Have you ever heard of a toilet brush?

No. 2009797

File: 1716149170617.jpg (148.12 KB, 1076x1078, Fx35AFzX0AA0_mA.jpg)

I have a small youtube channel, one of those commentary channels that "does a thing while talking about a topic" and in my latest video I talked about eurovision and I accidentally misgendered the 2 enby troons, including the winner. By "accidentally" I of course mean I fully did it on purpose intending to play innocent afterwards kek
Though now I'm wondering now what exactly sounds like a good excuse? How can I word it and get away with it?

Optimally I would be able to say "oopsie my bad" without saying anything like "twaw" so that IF a terf/gc was lurking they wouldn't be to put off and unsub. The LAST thing I want is to end up with an audience of all troons with the terfs chased away, but I also don't want to get cancelled kek

No. 2009820

I abstain because it normally makes cramps worse, but if my cramps are really bad because I have too much poop inside me, I'll drink it to get everything moving.

No. 2009826

Do you have a certain print in mind, or are you open to anything as long as it matches your style? Because if you're open to anything, go to a hippie shop in the nearest big city, they'll always have prints/wall hangings available.

No. 2009834

If you’re going to post it somewhere, you can post it on 4chan but not here probably. Just make a request on /r/ and then post the deepfake as if it was someone else linking it would be cool though

No. 2009847

File: 1716150295322.jpg (132.61 KB, 1242x1193, GN7lWjvasAAuUmn.jpg)

Is this realistic?

No. 2009849

he needs to eat more fibers and learn how to use a toilet brush. tell him you will start spreading period blood on the toilet seat if he doesnt clean his shit stains.

No. 2009850

no, there would be skin

No. 2009852

with an eating disorder and a positive attitude anything is possible nonna

No. 2009854

Lmao, no. Your rib cage doesn't bend like that.

No. 2009855

That looks much less than 30 kg of fat lost. unless that woman is 6 feet tall or something.

No. 2009860

You cannot convince me the pic on the right ins't shooped. But unless the woman on the left is very tall, yeah a 30kg loss would probably put her in the skelly range.

No. 2009862

With Korean weight loss transformations, I would be suspicious because they use a lot of filters and photo editing there.
I don't think she was fat enough before to cause loose skin

No. 2009865

Is it a stupid idea to keep driving with a broken fuel gauge if I know exactly how many times I can safely commute on a full tank?

No. 2009871

The waist is 100% shooped and it doesn't even try to look convincing (Koreans love their ps) and getting a thigh gap depends on your bone structure (but is probably shooped too)

No. 2009873

Why is everyone in the shayna thread so retarded? I don’t follow her but I took a quick glimpse and I was in autism hell

No. 2009875

I'm a shayanon and it's my personal tinfoil that a lot of the hardcore posters in that thread have been personally victimized by her at some point. She was a huge bully back in her moderately e-famous tumblr days. She's also really boring lately and seems to be somewhat reversing her weight gain spiral which anons really hate. She didn't crash and burn as badly as everyone was predicting back in the Covid/Fupa saga.

No. 2009880

It's mildly stupid, but us broke people have to make hard choices and as long as you keep track you'll be fine. Plus, worst case scenario, you run out of gas on the side of the road. Maybe keep a gas can in your trunk in case you have to walk and get some?

No. 2009883

LMFAO please be joking. You need to log off if you’re questioning the realism of this before and after. The shooping is off the charts. I’m sure she got skinnier but the body is so edited these photos are basically meaningless.

No. 2009896

My friend sends me shit like this all the time and my brain hurts from it, it's likely not even the same person to begin with and the after is so heavily photoshopped it blows my mind she can't see it. Like you think weight loss makes you grow 20 fucking inches taller??? The proportions aren't even close to the same nor does the after look like a real human, which you would see if you just looked at the real people around you

No. 2009906

File: 1716154172455.png (290.01 KB, 926x532, realistic weight loss.png)

Yes totally!!! Picrel for similar situation!!

No. 2009921

You're genuinely retarded if you think right isn't shooped.

No. 2009933

Kek real

No. 2009946

Seeing anons being unsure about whether it's edited makes me wanna kms

No. 2009948

It's edited, don't kms

No. 2009958

File: 1716156479462.png (144.15 KB, 1024x768, 1000016820.png)

Anons who hate their birthdays or don't celebrate it, why do you feel that way?

No. 2009961

it means nothing. i'm too old to want presents and recognition just for being alive another year.

No. 2009965

I just don't care, and I also get unwanted attention from family members I don't like.

No. 2009970

I was buting my own cake and food to celebrate every year and I realized last year that frankly, I didn't care and I didn't want anything.

No. 2009975

It's just another day on the calendar.

No. 2009986

File: 1716158071954.jpg (81.76 KB, 500x500, artworks-2UJd8MV9jySdKzkY-zfzx…)

nonnas who work at pharmaceutical chemistry, how is it working in the industry? (Im in 3rd semester and idk if i can make it)

No. 2009988

I used to hate my birthday out of self-loathing and depression. I felt disgusted that someone like me was given another year on this planet. After getting over those feelings (well, sorta) and beating cancer though, I'm now happily "meh" about my birthday. Like >>2009975 says it really is just another day.

No. 2010005

I hate attention and gifts

No. 2010034

simply do not acknowledge criticism related to misgendering. the best way to handle a controversy is to ignore it.

No. 2010053

Why do loser men from 4chan want kids so much?

No. 2010056

What is this a parody of?

No. 2010057

Same reason most males want kids, some form of legacy (most men will never achieve anything else)
A lot also plan on pawning childcare off to a woman so as long as the "legacy" is alive, they don't care after that.

No. 2010062

I've met serious losers who still wanted to get married and have kids someday. From their own mouths, they even said "legacy" as the exact reason too. I still can't believe they really thought they would leave behind a legacy. A fucking legacy of WHAT? Never going outside for weeks straight at a time, not getting a license or even a good job, and chronic porn addiction? They were total losers in the upmost definition, and still had the delusion to believe they even had a legacy at all. Don't know shit about watching kids, more than likely never even changed a diaper before, but wanna have kids because they think their genes are that important. Male narcissism is like no other.

No. 2010063

Playboi carti's "Die lit" album cover, the anime is bocchi the rcok

No. 2010065

Same deal in NZ. Assuming you mean sodas and not flavored milks, check an asian grocery if you have one around you.

No. 2010067

is there a reason why it’s impossible to find strawberry flavoured drinks in australia? the closest you can find is always raspberry, never strawberry. i once asked if there was a reason for it, and instead got met with whining about how artificial flavourings aren’t good for you… god forbid someone is curious about something

No. 2010089

Why do people still smoke regular flavoured cigarettes when menthols are exist? Not only are they healthier and help cure sore throats because of the menthol but they even taste better so I'm not sure why some people like regular cigarettes.

No. 2010101

Kek we own toilet cleanining supplies and he cleans up after himself, I was just worried about the poop part

No. 2010138

Does anybody else’s chin fat ever feel weird? I’m not fat but because of my pcos there’s extra fat underneath my chin and it feels like it’s stretching out my face sometimes lol

No. 2010155

I don't have chin fat… are you sure it's not your lymph nodes or something?

No. 2010202

I share a birthday with the same person who sexually abused me as a child (and our birthday's being the same is just a coincidence, but), so I've hated my birthday forever. Typing this sounds so fucking dramatic but I swear it's true. Don't even bother to tell anyone in real life when my birthday is unless they ask.

No. 2010216

5 days late to say wellbutrin/bruproprion
thought it was common knowledge that menthol is terrible for your lungs. something about fiberglass particles?
i had a really terrible birthday one year as a teen where i was just like depressed and crying all day and i hated the added attention of it being my birthday and having everyone tell me how i was supposed to feel that day. as an adult the expectation that it still needs to be a ~special & celebrated~ day brings up those same feelings. i also feel like im walking around with a bullseye on my back, like even tho i dont mention its my birthday someone could find out at any moment and then i will need to put on the act to not make it awkward that i dont like my birthday

No. 2010217

Am I the only one who thinks the ideal male height depends on the rest of his features? A guy with a pretty face looks better when he's shorter, like 5'7" to 5'9", while a guy with a strong masculine face looks better when taller. I keep reading people saying men being tall is always better than being shorter but this is just not true for me, and it seems like a case of overgeneralization.

No. 2010234

i think we really overblow hights importance to a man's attractiveness. i know a lot of nonnas on here are not interested in being with men IRL, but the larger the height difference between you and a guy the more inconvenient dating him is. its easier to hold hands with a guy who is 5'10 than one who is 6'3

No. 2010271

Oh it probably is kek

No. 2010276

I find his height to be important in proportion to my height. It's not great when he's within 3" of my height because I can't wear heels, but being beyond 9" of my height gets into neck strain territory. Something in between works out best.

No. 2010282

I'm 5'7 but like cute tall guys. Over 6', no over masculineness

No. 2010316

Is it a big deal to use ChatGPT to help with writing a cover letter? I had it write some general stuff and then opened a new tab and wrote my own using some of the phrases and structure that I liked and could remember. So my cover letter isn't really AI-generated, but like…AI-assisted. The problem is all my formal writing gets flagged as AI, and I'm wondering if jobs typically run your cover letter through it and how much credibility they give to it. Like, some of these AI detectors like GPTZero are saying my shit is 99.99% AI even though there are sections that are completely new that I thought up later…I'm not sure what to do because humanizers just make you sound kind of retarded.

No. 2010324

i dont know nonna, if you really need the assistance then you should definitely use your access to it, but i always think its better to author it using your own words because that will assure that it is the most authentic to yourself and your work style. maybe skim through some online cover letter templates and look through the thesaurus for a little bit to get a rough draft going?

No. 2010325

so many people use chatgpt for cover letters these days lol go for it just try to make the writing sound less robot-like after

No. 2010329

Ayrt, I looked at online cover letter templates too. I feel like using thesauruses to change up word choices often make it sound way more stilted and uncanny. When I looked back on the original ChatGPT-penned cover letter later, it didn't resemble it very closely aside from words like "end-users" and "managing multiple priorities." I just asked ChatGPT so I could have a more customized template to compare, if that makes sense. I think I'm pretty okay at writing, but even running old essays through it turns up to be "probably AI generated" and I have no clue what to do about the fact that my formal writing style apparently sounds like AI. I think I just feel guilty this time because I did actually ask ChatGPT for assistance.
Yeah, I thought it wouldn't be a huge deal because I feel like none of my employers have ever scrutinized my cover letter closely and half the time can barely remember anything about my application, but my mom told me they run them through AI detectors nowadays and it psyched me out a bit.

No. 2010350

how quickly can i escape from being culturally illiterate?

No. 2010357

What is it with people who literally tell you they are attracted to you in public but when you message them in private they're all distant?

No. 2010371

How do you make a long midface look shorter?

No. 2010387

Would you date a 20 year old as a 24 year old?

No. 2010397

Why not? If he's mature and shares enough interests, I don't see how that would be a bad idea.

No. 2010399

If it's photos then pointing the camera upward at your face with a slight side angle or way over head will help. Use blush in a larger circle area but not at the bottom nose tip, always above. You could try drawing over the lips with a good coverage matte lipstick so your lips become bigger taking up more space. Add volume to your hair, mascara on lower lashes, bang sides lower than your chin, hair past collar. Hate to say I recommend too face matte if you want something hard to remove but comfortable for hours.

No. 2010401

Whatever your top speed is.
That's what pedos want you to think.

No. 2010403

Shit you're right, anon. Let me quit being a crib robber, my ass is four years older than him so that's too much, silly me.

No. 2010409

Anything to do with corporate/formal speech I think chatgpt is good for. These are brainless templates that don't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things and therefore I think there's no shame in using ai for stupid shit like that.

No. 2010424

No because I feel like I get on better with people in my own life stage. When I was 20, I was in university, doing drugs all day every day, and broke. Now that I'm in my mid-20s, none of those things apply to me anymore. It's annoying hearing someone younger than you complain about all the shit you've already gone through but imagining that they're unique in their suffering. I think a lot of people underestimate how much personal growth a person goes through from ages 18 to ~25/26. It's not just the year difference, like if I was 36 and dating a 32 year old or if I was 54 and dating a 50 year old, it wouldn't be that bad even though it's still the same age gap, because in those scenarios we'd both be in the same stages of our lives.

No. 2010427

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the guy to be younger because men age worse anyways?

Plus when you’re old and frail it makes more sense for the man to be younger and stronger so he can help you, which is more natural than the other way around, having to help an older man that is heavier than you.

I think men should be able to take care of women and that includes old age

No. 2010430

i'm out of shape so i'm not too fast

No. 2010451

No. 2010468

history sperging but people have this image that men used to marry kids/teens and that was seen as normal, when in reality that didn't happen outside of the top rich people doing it purely as a facade to keep wealth within the family. 16 year olds were still considered little girls who should play with dolls. and if you look at marriage records an age gap where the man is younger by a few years used to be super common (this is all in my euro country at least) just 100 years ago, i wonder where the hysteria around the woman having to be younger came from

No. 2010512

As another anon said, once you're older it doesn't matter anymore, but at your ages it does. When I was 23 I started dating a 19 year old moid, it was shit. Helping him basically grow up into an adult and listening to all of his retarded teenager/new adult issues when I was already in my mid to late 20s was not only annoying but also felt really uncomfortable and often made me question what the fuck I was even doing. Also he began balding at like 21, all the anons going on and on about zoomer men being hotter because they haven't hit the wall yet apparently only know cute Tiktok e-boys

No. 2010529

Let me guess, you're from France.

No. 2010568

NTA but I have also found this looking through old British (old old) marriage documents, since marriage was a transaction, if it wasn't an important transaction it was fairly common for a woman/girl to say no to a man they didn't like.

No. 2010580

Does anyone know what happened to encyclopedia dramatica? Is it finally shut down orrr

No. 2010595

Plus they didnt consumate the marriage in their teens/childhood if they got married for political reasons, they knew that childbirth was risky.

No. 2010599

Yeah, that's true. It was always 20s, not a lot of age gap either. My opinion, they just imagined it, or somebody deliberately lied and all moids picked that up. They also tell all the time that "women's peak fertility is 16 yo", while it's late 20s-early 30s. It's just lies.
I know that in victorian England it was on average 22 and 24 yo for women and men respectively, and a little before that, at the end of 18th century, it was 28 for men and 26 for women, which sounds unbelievable to me almost, that's nost what i grew up hearing, kek.
Also back then averyone under the age of 21 were considered a minor, saner times in this regard.

No. 2010622

Say you accidentally heard a baby say their first word their parents have never heard when they aren't present. Is it better to tell the parents they said it or pretend it didn't happen so their parents have the joy of experiencing it "first" ?

No. 2010635

They changed domains I think

No. 2010641

Apparently you’re supposed to pretend it never happened kek so the parents can feel special

No. 2010647

Ok link domain pls

No. 2010654

Don't say anything, let the parents experience their first word

No. 2010661

What female outfits scream "I am celibate and have mental disorders"?

No. 2010664

Corset over a T shirt.

No. 2010672

File: 1716217297444.jpeg (806.93 KB, 828x1240, IMG_8396.jpeg)

No. 2010677

slipknot t-shirt
Bad fitting glasses
messy hair
wearing jeans with strains
untied converse shoes

No. 2010753

Can endometriosis tissue go away on its own? Can your body realize "whoops, this isn't supposed to be here" and gets rid of it? Or am I stuck with the pain and adhesions forever unless I get invasive surgery?

No. 2010754

File: 1716224454588.gif (8