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No. 1801622

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

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No. 1801628

I really want to find a decent job before end of december. Send your positive vibes, nonnies.

No. 1801633

Sending them your way, nona! I'm in the same boat over here as a tech major.

No. 1801679

Never had an in-person interview before, so I'm very very very nervous for next week. This is the final round of interviewing – if I get through this, then I have the job. My social skills are pretty poor and my charisma is low as well and it's a secretary position so I know it's mostly about being a "good fit". I can do the work, but will they like me?

No. 1802134

File: 1701922259979.jpeg (42.33 KB, 600x401, IMG_0215.jpeg)

I don’t want to be a medical lab technologist
I don’t want to be a medical lab technologist
I don’t want to be a medical lab technologist
I don’t want to be a medical lab technologist
I don’t want to be a medical lab technologist
I don’t want to be a medical lab technologist

I hate the medical field. I hate hospitals, I hate the people. “it suits your personality” I’m a fucking loser? Thanks.

Why does my family keep pushing me away from STEM, especially computer science?

No. 1802220

File: 1701930200445.jpg (46.31 KB, 563x560, 6636ef4807e491c5051e13f3c71816…)

That feel when you used to study computer science, failed out of it, and now half way through studying to become a lab tech, the job all my high school teachers told me to do, kek.Good luck with following your dreams though, don't be like me.

No. 1802226

How would you describe your personality? Shy? Hands-on?

I want to do something relevant like in FAANG, or something like that. I want to build something relevant or be a part of something useful. Not a fucking lab tech.

What was the hardest part about a comp sci degree, in your opinion?

No. 1802228

No hate against lab technicians/technologists but I keep getting pushed into it by the people around me and I hate that social pressure. Sorry.

No. 1802259

File: 1701935982195.gif (845.22 KB, 500x281, IMG_1650.gif)

Finally got a job offer after 6 months of searching and 2 years of being treated like the office bitch by my manager. Can’t wait to get some actual fucking work done again. No more dropping everything to set up water and glasses or pick up food for her meetings, or wrangle contractors for repairs to the shitty office, or sitting awkwardly caught in the middle of her tantrums to senior leadership. I genuinely feel like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders since sending back my signed contract.

No. 1802261

Computer science is good work, but the job market is currently bad, it's hard to get work with no experience. Software industry is massively bloated with plenty of non-profitable companies and products, which are now dying due to the ongoing crisis.

There's many things other than FAANG that are relevant, anything running infrastructure. My current work affects billions because it's infrastructure.

No. 1802280

File: 1701940899706.gif (3.01 MB, 150x150, F7BOaMCWsAAC1TO.gif)

Had a final interview at the start of the week, and went through the first two interview stages last week. Pretty sure it was a cultural fit interview, and most people say that it's usually a formality with HR to check you're not a sped… But the truth is I totally am a sped, so I'm worried they realized that and are about to reject me. The HR rep even said that she didn't have much to ask me because the hiring manager and my would-be boss had given me "glowing reviews", so I don't know what I would done differently. I'm pretty sure I was the first person that advanced rounds that quickly for this position, so I probably just wowed them, but now there's going to be a couple more people after me that are going to wow them so much more that simultaneously isn't a sped. Total pity party.
Something something fate something something it wasn't meant to be but damn it I really wanted this job!!!!!!!!

No. 1802298

I received an email that pissed me off so I decided to slack off while I'm at home today. I'll just pretend I'm working. I feel sick because of my periods anyway and my manager is making me lose PTOs that I'm entitled to so I don't even feel bad.

No. 1802300

There's literally nothing concrete indicating you're not getting that job, calm down.

No. 1802449

Still haven't done anything at all and I haven't received any calls or emails yet. Nobody ever checks what I do with any software and they can't fire me because they need me and we're already short staffed. Just two mire hours of slacking off and I'll catch up tomorrow at the office where I'll be able to focus better. Fuck work. Fuck my boss. Fuck my shitty company and my shitty client they don't deserve me.

No. 1802484

How can you be on lolcow and also want to work at FAANG kek

No. 1802486

Update from the turbotard who lied on her resume! Thank you so much to the nonnies who gave me advice on the situation. Unfortunately, it is a wrap on this one. I couldn't weasel my way out of having to show proof of past employment. They were asking for someone who could vouch for my time spent at both of the jobs I lied about, but I don't have anyone who could cover for me. I think things are at the point where I might as well just cut my losses. I fumbled, but valuable lessons were learned! I'm gonna keep lying and embellishing the hell out of my resume, but specify that those experiences were from volunteering next time around kek. I can't feel that bad about how things panned out because wtf else would I have expected from putting myself into this situation. Also, they low-balled me on their offer, so maybe I shouldn't let desperation make me feel like I can't come across something better. Tl;dr Don't me like me, ladies

No. 1802491

Has anyone had to deal with work place harassment to the point where it's escalated to HR? Luckily, I have a union but it's so fucking exhausting. I do my job, keep my head down and be polite and professional and it's still a problem because I don't worship the ground my supervisor walks on. I wish I could pivot into a different job and avoid it entirely but the job market is a nightmare here.

No. 1802515

I blocked a recruiter on LinkedIn due to their weirdly aggressive messages after I dropped my resume into one of those "easy apply" positions. At first he told me to send him an email with the application instead, which he didn't have listed anywhere. I decided to ignore him. Then he proceeded to just write "hello? you applied? hello??" a few times before sending the job listing in a link and asking me to send an email again. If you don't want resumes through the "easy apply" function, don't make it "easy apply" in the first place. Not that I want to work with someone who types like an impatient teenager anyway.

No. 1802586

nta nut what do you mean?

No. 1802646

FAANG is like the antithesis of what anons want in society/internet culture. Massive consoom, turned every website and interaction into a transaction, evil megacorps that not only allow no anonymity, but straight up surveil your entire life…

No. 1802651

You did what you had to and I'm proud of you, nonnie. You will get a way better gig. It's sus for any company to ask proof of past wages imo.

No. 1802711

Do you guys announce your new position on Linkedin? I've been unemployed for a long ass time and I don't really wanna flex a new job but I also don't wanna bring attention to the fact that I've been unemployed for this long compared to my peers who had jobs right out of schoool.

No. 1802775

LinkedIn is bullshit. I just make shit up on there half the time

No. 1802777

Happy for you, nonnie.

No. 1802791

That really means a lot! And I agree! I've done this in the past, and it tripped me up this time around because no one has ever pressed me on it before. This approach is incredibly reckless and, truly, if transparency, honesty, and integrity could pay my bills, I wouldn't be doing things like this at all lol. When the corporate world doesn't make give you any points of access to climb the ladder, you've got to make your own!

No. 1802829

>doesn't make give
Doesn't give, oops

No. 1803009

I was promoted months ago but I hate linkedin so much I didn't even think about logging in to show that. The issue is that I work in HR so maybe I should do something about it.

No. 1803137

Sending good vibes your way! You got this!
Not a chance. LinkedIn is shit.

No. 1803293

I'[m on lolcow because I'm a loser who's bored.

I wish I had a high flying six-figure tech job, it's more of a fantasy

No. 1803499

Lol, thank you for the kind words (well they calmed me down at least), but I did just get rejected, lots of "it was so hard" and "we loved you, no negative feedback". Not shocking stuff. I hope everyone else in this thread has more luck than me rn!

No. 1803705

Is it better to negotiate a salary over the phone immediately when you receive a verbal offer or wait until you have a written offer and call/email then (and which form is better?)? If I choose to follow up after, how do I indicate I'm interested in the job but not in the initial offer/want to follow up?
I know I'm being super autistic about it but I've never been able to figure out the right way to approach it. Thanks for the new thread!

No. 1803758

I currently work at a state-owned university. For most government/civil servant jobs, the salary had to follow a pre-established, really outdated level system that got outlawed a few years back. But now I'm really confused wether our wage is negotionable.
Currently I'm a part-time, temp-worker until I graduate, but then I'm 100% to become a proper FTE, and I see it as a pretty good time to discuss an increase in salary. The only thing is, I'm not actually sure if there's some kind of internal wage system I'm unaware of, or if there's any other law applicable here. When I interviewed for the role, I was too nervous to really negotiate well, and feel like I struck a pretty shitty deal. And yet I'm not if it's unrealistic to really dispute that in 6 months or so, I don't want to come across like a crazy person trying to fight for a salary increase when the range is set in stone.
I wish I could discuss this with my colleagues but ours is one of those cultures where asking about things like this is taken as blasphemy.

No. 1803788

Sorry anon that's tough, hope you have a bit better luck next time.

No. 1804063

I'm very socially awkward, but just being kind/ humble and genuine has worked for me many times.
You got this!

No. 1804130

File: 1702056589025.gif (266.42 KB, 220x275, cat-grin.gif)

I am sick of jobs lying to me.
>apply to job within 5-10 miles of my house since i dont have a car and it's hard to get around on public buses here
>Interviewer calls me "actually, the job is an hour away in another state."
Every fucking time. These jobs need to held accountable for wasting my time. I am reading the job description and no where does it say the job site is located in another state.

No. 1804145

LMAO anon I had an interviewer do that and it genuinely shocked me that someone would do that. My HR call never mentioned another location and they got annoyed hearing my concern after they randomly announced in the interview that it was in a completely different part of the US. I called it and said that this was the first time I ever heard that, and that the job wasn’t advertised as being in completely different region of the country! Like what was I supposed to do, wag my tail, be agreeable, and say it’s great to move to a completely different state where I know no one for the same salary I could get in my current city? THEN the lady said that actually they are under no obligation to even discuss the location with me until later on after I’ve invested even more time into the interview process. WTF.
I obviously did not get invited back for a second interview in this case. Just consider it a bullet dodged, these people are fucking insane. The same ones even had the nerves to tell me that I needed to tell them the other places I was applying to. Like holy fuck how stupid do you think a candidate is to tell you the other job opportunities they are applying for or considering so you can potentially sabotage them? I say that because these people seemed actually insane with no boundaries. I kinda wanna write a Glassdoor review now.

No. 1804157

I'm sorry this happened to you as well. These are the same companies that are always hiring and 'people don't want to work anymore' but we do, just for a livable wage and not gaslit into self doubt. I hope I find a good gig soon. it's the worst not having a job during the holidays, but i really feel like most jobs wanna let you go around that time, like clockwork.

No. 1804455

Thanks anon. Like you said, it's a waste of our time. I had to wonder if they already have the position filled for an intern or something. If you had been enthusiastic about a random location change that would have just been retarded so I'm thinking that when they do this, it means they are not considering you at all since you're kind of set up to fail if that makes sense. Whether you give a pleasant or negative answer it's clear that they're a bunch of rude assholes who will probably treat you like shit. What benefit is there to wasting their time on a bogus interview and being a bunch of rude fucks if not for some legal requirement for a position they already have filled? I wrote my glassdoor review and I hope it stays.

No. 1805002

I am probably not helpful in this regard, because i have autism and i have really bad social deficits that make it hard to do any job that requires a lot of talking. I prefer anything that's hands on or physical because i don't have to rely on my personality to get hired.

No. 1805010

>Go to job interview
>Interviewer tells me it's a shitty job and talks about how much she hates her employees
>'Ok but let's talk about your schedule'
How am I supposed to feel about this, I'm glad to have a job but that's so offputting. At least she was honest kek.

No. 1805027

I feel like I’m in an awkward spot because my coworker is doing a teaching program and admins want me to fill in her position while they’re doing their student teaching. My current role has a lot to do but it’s very easy. Their work involves event planning, managing student workers, email blasting, and assisting classrooms. I’d rather do my clerical monkey work to be honest. They’re having me shadow in a few days and I’m getting nervous, I don’t know if it’s going to make me look bad or have a if I’ll have a panic attack during it

No. 1805029

File: 1702134078902.png (48.54 KB, 1280x368, AHHHHH.png)

Like I get I'm Autistic but I've seriously had a rough go with employers not understanding what Autism even is. I'm going to look for another job as I don't want to stay at my current one anymore. I do not have the energy to rewrite this so it's capped. One thing I do want to clarify is the program I use and excel are two different things I have to learn. I've already done two excel courses and there's zero resources for the other program.

No. 1805032

Run unless you really need the work.

No. 1805046

If you leave this job. On exit interview politely complain about lack of training, no pre established systems for said training and lack of management communication and disability support leaving employees with no clear direction and expecting work goals outside of your job description and responsibilities that are not communicated. The ex interviews get passed to HR. Your shithole boss will probably get fired after you leave. Bad middle managers deserve no sympathy.

No. 1805052

I think I'll see how it goes, I haven't worked in a while so I need something to put on my resume and I could really use the money. I only have a high school diploma so if I don't work consistently I'm scared I'll end up unemployable.

No. 1805062

It's okay, if you need it you need it. Is this an "open-availability desired" or "flexible schedule" type job? She's probably just mad her employees have lives outside of work, that's usually what it is. If that's the case make sure you set your availability from the start or she'll chip away at it and give you a headache every schedule.
But yeah normally an employer complaining about hating their employees in an interview or onboarding is a clear sign to bail asap, it's all downhill from there and you'll likely become another employee she hates and she probably gossips if she can't even stay professional for an interview.

No. 1805065

thank you for this nonnie. I show up on time despite living 20 mins away in another city, I'm basically strapped to my desk working hard, and people are appreciative of the other tasks I do for them. I've had one meeting early on but that was because I was poorly trained. My family also think there's a hidden agenda since the company is merging soon. When I do quit I'm going to leave the resignation letter on my desk and send one to HR with my gmail after I leave. Not staying around to train the replacement either. I've been told my communication is bad but it also goes both ways and he said he doesn't like to "micro manage". I feel like I should look for a job with a team setting so there's better communication all around.

No. 1805095

It’s been almost 2 years since I left my last job and I updated my resume to apply for data entry. I've never done that kind of work before but I'm somewhat tech savvy. I’ve looked at some jobs but I’m afraid to apply cuz I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing. I also considered learning medical coding bet it seems like a lot of calling people to confirm things is involved. Anyone have experience with either of these?

No. 1805110

I'm trying to file for unemployment and they have yet to accept my claim. I'm so tired and done with this shit. All i want is some money to last me the rest of the month while I job hunt. I dont even have time or can afford to be unemployed. Why does this country not give a shit about its own citizens

No. 1807205

Samefag but I found out the papers I signed is a PIP. My mom keeps telling me to stay and is like “nooo it’s a good job” the writing is on the wall and I’m going to use however long I have as a means to find other work. The laundry list is unattainable to achieve I might as well dip and start fresh with more understanding employers.

No. 1807251

File: 1702274331705.jpg (29.57 KB, 563x590, tr9lPy1.jpg)

Wow I feel you so much nonna. I'm a MLS and I hate it, can't believe I wasted four years of my life to do this shit. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find a way out of this field.

If you are not into lab science at all then I highly suggest you do not go into it. I really enjoyed the science and theory in school but actually working as a lab tech in a hospital is soul-sucking.

No. 1807257

I've come into a job I really love at heart, been there a month, but slowly working out how fucked corporate culture is, how I'll never be properly trained, we're constantly understaffed, and how I'll be taken advantage of over and over again and quite possibly never be 'developed'. But I've had awful luck with jobs these past few years and this is the only one I've not thought about walking out of straight away, the people (coworkers and customers) are generally great, but management suck cocks in hell. I think I'm going to try to stay for at least 6 months and reassess then, but I'm concerned my soul might die.

No. 1807317

what kind of job is it nonna?

No. 1807322

Do you have any advice anon? Does anybody? I applied to a lot of positions but I got no reply. All of the people I know got positions because they knew somebody on the inside but I don’t.

No. 1807325

Someone gave me the number and email of an HR. How do I approach them for a job? I can’t mention the person that gave me the number/email because they hate them lol. I don’t know how to do social interactions well.

No. 1807542

File: 1702307470473.gif (3.49 MB, 640x360, drinking-retsuko.gif)

Was at the Christmas party last Friday. Everyone was super drunk. One of the new joiners in HR pulled me aside and said everyone in there hates me. Thinking about quitting and getting a new job. I don't think I've talked to any of them much but they'll mess up any job progression.

No. 1807578

I wish people would get drunk on our parties, ours are just super-boring.

No. 1807579

Wow. Honestly this sounds like someone trying to sabotage you in order to get themselves in a better position if you quit/choke. Fuck them, Id bet youre good at your job and that person sees that and cant do better, so they want you gone instead. What the actual fuck. If I were you Id be devising my plan on how to climb the ladder. If everyone hates you then no reason to pander to them right? Go forth and conquer.

No. 1807645

You need to learn to totally separate your work self from your real self. You're there to get paid and have something on your resume. Bullshit your way through the parts of your job you're not trained in, because if you don't, you're going to get replaced by an incompetent moid who thinks he's god's gift to the company. Look for another job, but remember, it's not going to be that much better than the one you have when it comes to management and training, so choose your next job based on convenience and pay.
KEK that one fucker hates you. HR is full of petty assholes, you should never listen to what they say. Pretend it never happened and carry on as normal.

No. 1807651

It's HR and I'm a programmer. So I don't think it's for competition for roles. Any promotion needs HR approval so it's bend the knee or quit. I'll probably just leave but I'd like to know what I did to tick them off. I'm a bit loud on work nights but I don't think I ain't no bitch.

No. 1807657

Here in Ireland it's sacred tradition to get super drunk. Even during the '08 recession my Dad still took his apprentices out for a night of covered drinks.

No. 1807755

The contract between my company and our client (a pretty big company) was about to end but there's a new contract so we can work for them for one more year and if everything goes right, which is never the case, the client can accept to add one more year. I'm praying that everything will be fine, that I'll keep that job for 2 more years, and that the client will refuse to work with us again so I can be fired for reasons that depend on my employer which means I would be unemployed and actually earn my unemployment money back. Because I really need a big break and I've heard that work for other accounts within my company is ever worse but for different reasons. We'll see how it goes.

No. 1807759

Don't let it get to you,, nonnie. He was displaying his true colors. HR is filled with disgusting, soul less people. You are better than him as a programmer. if anything, get a better job that pays you more for less or the same work.

No. 1807785

My mental health's been interfering with my work performance but I don't exactly know how to tell my supervisors "hey I've been suicidally depressed for like the last two weeks, my bad."

No. 1807786

Fucking same

No. 1807818

File: 1702323166735.gif (381.8 KB, 500x273, sadpanda.gif)

I just applied for unemployment and pray i get accepted. it's only $300 a week but it will keep going until I find a job. i am living on my savings and scrapping by. I'm mentally exhausted, nonnies. Please send your positive vibes. I'm smarter than this, but no job is responding.

No. 1807827

Yeah it’s difficult. If you were performing well but you were always tardy because your [insert mental issue] makes it hard to leave the house that’s one thing - you could have that conversation and keep yourself out of trouble through explaining - but when you’re suicidally depressed and doing a bad job there’s not really an out, people don’t know what to say, your boss wants performance and will get tired of it the longer it goes on. If you have a good track record before this and you have to have the conversation then you can lean on that, and even if you’re lying you can say “it’s gonna turn around!” or whatever. The one time I told a boss, like, look this is just where my mind is and that’s how it’s gonna be right now, because she was pressuring me about my visible poor mood. I did some fake smiling to get her off my back but she caught me doing my 1000 yard stare like ten minutes later and pulled me aside. She asked me if I could be at work that day and I said yes but this was as good as my mood was gonna get. She pressured me again like “can you do this” so I deadpanned and said she could send me home and cover the shift if she felt that was best for the business. She pursed her lips and went home (she was on a business-hours schedule and I was doing an evening shift.) you can only do so much, you’re a person, gotta spell it out sometimes.

No. 1807837

Followup on angry hopper in last thread post.
Now its monday and they tried to dispatch me and I was like 'guys I booked it off last week sorry N/A' and my HR called me and was like "whats wrong" and I was like "I am not good but I will be seeing my dr tomorrow" and she was like "do you know when you will be back you never take days off so we are worried" and I was like "well my de gave me medication last time so we will followup and see but no i dont feel comfortable disclosing but no I don't think it will be a month or anything if thats what you are wondering" and she was like "ah ok we miss ya" and I was like "ya lol same ig" lmao idk I guess they were hoping I would forget I was sick and accept tomorrows work but no I am REALLY not doing well

No. 1807864

After getting laid off in the pandemic & changing metaphorical hats about 8 times in the last 3 years, I think I finally found the industry I want to work in. Anyone struggling to get a job that hires & pays quickly and generally is chill as fuck and you don’t have to do much, look into traffic control & traffic flagging. Most of what I’ve done when I actually have to work is hold a stop / slow sign & use a walkie talkie, and the other 90% of the time I’m either in my car using my laptop to play vidya or outside enjoying the fresh air and admiring the nature. I like that it isn’t the same thing every day, variety is the spice of life. It pays a little less than previous paths I’ve walked, but I’ve learned not all money is good money & I’d rather have a job that pays me fairly and lets me be peaceful vs a job that works me to a pulp and pays me $2-3 more for the “pleasure”.

No. 1807866

wishing you the best nona

No. 1807909

File: 1702328952969.png (53.47 KB, 200x200, 80d5cd7ee4d64c95b4bed1fa5d6e7b…)

im so tired of my coworkers constantly criticising and shit-talking each other. healthcare is fun

No. 1807918

Could you provide some details about where to apply? Do you work for a contractor or for the government/state/city/DOT?

No. 1807919

Sounds pretty good, I wonder if I can pick that up as a temporary job during uni vacations

No. 1808013

File: 1702334792716.jpg (79.8 KB, 634x558, 1000045063.jpg)

Update: Holy fucking plot twist, so HR just called me today with a formal offer! I cannot believe they just overlooked the fact that I lied about having the two years of experience they required for the role I applied for. The stars have aligned in my favor, nonas. I start this Wednesday.

No. 1808130


No. 1808132

Happy for you!!

No. 1808165

I don’t want to go into too much detail, hence the vagueness. I want to become a scientist extremely badly. I took a few gap years to explore my interests and gain experience, which allowed me to uncover my true career goals. For the past few years I have been dreaming of being a researcher and contributing to my field of interest. I’m so excited! I fought through a lot of obstacles— poverty, depression, traumatic events, loss of family members, moving across the world —and finally registered for college to study full-time. Unfortunately, my living situation is very hectic again due to my prior experiences and I am not able to move out as I cannot afford rent elsewhere. I really feel that I must move into my own place, but I cannot earn enough to do so whilst studying full-time, so I think I must either study part-time or not study at all this semester, just so I can make ends meet. There have been some other setbacks contributing to this as well and overall I just feel so disappointed that I guess my goals are a lot further out of reach than I thought. I was so excited and positive, but now I’m not so sure.

No. 1808166

How did you do it????

No. 1808172

Kek good for you nonnita!.
We need more advice about how to lie your ass off in this thread apparently.

No. 1808196

File: 1702346362252.jpg (48.84 KB, 1179x704, FwG279eWYAYFIKI.jpg)

Praying I get one of these two jobs I have interviews for this week.

One pays alright and isn't in my field (secretary shit), but everyone seems very nice. The other is in my field, pays way better (10k more), and is a government job to boot. I really want a government job. But I've also not touched a programming language since…August, so I'm worried they'll toss a Leetcode problem at me or something. Is it unprofessional to ask that? "Will you guys ask me to build a card deck or some shit." I feel they shouldn't, this is just a small hick state. But you never know.

Both seem pretty difficult for varying reasons. Government job for technical skill, secretary job for social acumen – which I lack. I'm trying not to doom but life hates me kek what if I don't get either.

No. 1808202

Let us know how it goes. A lot of places overstate the amount of experience they need, so you'll probably do just fine. If you're able to do the job well, it will help confirm my suspicion that employers are inflating the experience requirements.

No. 1808235

File: 1702349055936.jpg (77.43 KB, 828x1073, 1000004485.jpg)

Thank you so much!!
I think it was just a culmination of factors that happened to work in my favor. The person I'm replacing for this role is retiring, I was a good cultural fit for the organization, and the fact that since the year is coming to a close, they probably prefer to end it off with someone in the position instead of starting back from square one. I just kept a good poker face throughout my interviews with them. I'm not charismatic by any means, but faking it does wonders if you can help it. >>1808202 Kek, this is part of why I applied! So many places exaggerate about the level of competency they need for listings they put up. When they were explaining what the job would entail, nothing they said sounded out of the scope of my actual prior experience. And then they said it was totally fine if I had little or no experience in the things they listed as qualifiers in the original posting. I'm hoping things continue to go smoothly!

No. 1808362

I have an interview with a hiring manager in the same government agency that I did interviews a few weeks ago for 3 other teams. The recruiter won’t admit it but said that some of those hiring managers that were interviewing at that time have filled their vacancies while others are still trying to fill their positions. I’m basically left to connect the dots here that I didn’t get offers from any of those 3 positions since I’ve heard nothing about them. How am I supposed to do this interview with this other manager and not feel like shit that I did interviews for 3 separate teams (one of which had 2 openings on the team) and I was basically rejected by ALL of them? My self confidence is so fucking low right now but especially so considering the other hiring managers didn’t want me.

No. 1808391

government people are weird. the reason is, once they get hired they stay for 40 years and can't be fired without the union busting the door down so weirdos just stay. I was hired a while back solely because of the sports team at my college. I did not play sports.

No. 1808474

I'm not sure if I should post this here or in vent. I make good money. I'm really good at my job. Boss loves me, company loves me. The problem is I don't love any of it back. In fact, I fucking hate it. I want to quit and just be an artist. I have enough saved up to just be unemployed for a couple of years. I just want a break. I don't want to force the creative energy out because work has drained me so much. I feel like such an asshole for even complaining too because I know so many people who can't get a job or are struggling to get by and I'm over here bitching that my six figure job is draining my artsy fartsy energy poor me. I'd just be such a disappointment to my family if I did what I wanted to. I'd look so frivolous to my friends. I feel so trapped.

No. 1808530

Nonnas, some power is watching over me. We got 30 paid leave days from this year onwards, and I noticed yesterday that I hadn't spent 7 days this year. We were understaffed for four months and had some weeks being blocked from paid holidays (cuz they redesigned shit around and we were the cheap manufacturing hand to move stuff, furniture etc.), it was not easy to get any moment to use my days. I talked to my dept. manager, we placed two of the seven days shortly before New years eve and the remaining five I was allowed to take into January (otherwise I would have lost em and wouldn't have been financially compensated either).
My dept. manager was kinda doubtful we would get em validated by the big cheese since he denied other people's request (who work other departments where they're not understaffed and have other privileges I don't at the base of the food chain), but he did.
I got 35 paid days off in 2024 nonnas.

No. 1808615

If you're so financially stable that you can be unemployed a few years just do it. But it's good to have a plan or art project you want to accomplish so that time doesnt get away from you. Not to be all yolo but seriously it's your life and it shouldn't be lived in fear of other people's opinions or beliefs. Time is too precious to be spent in fear of doing things we love.

No. 1808638

I don't know how it's like in your country but in mine there is a lot of competition for government jobs and on top of that they like to recruit either internally or based on recommendations. You have pretty much no idea of knowing why you were not chosen, it's possible these hiring managers already knew who they wanted but had to conduct a few interviews for legal reasons, or maybe you were in competition with people who have more experience, but it doesn't mean that there's an issue with who you are/your background and that you'll never be chosen for a similar position one day. I know it's much easier said than done but try to stay motivated, you should not let them see that this affects your self confidence. And it really shouldn't nonna!

No. 1808666

samefag, no way of knowing why or no idea why* kek

No. 1808787

Thanks nonas. It’s not that competitive I think but I could be wrong. I had one team I really wanted to work for and I just felt that the last guy did not like me at all. He was a “wife guy” and started talking about his wife not long into the interview which I found kind of unnecessary. Not like a brief mention but “we fell in love” or something…

This is another predicament but I’ve been noticing that in interviews it is so common for an interviewer to reveal what they’re truly thinking by taking points that I said about myself and turning them into something else. Like for example
>if I mention my “leadership qualities” then they later say something about how they “don’t want someone who can’t be on a team” and “can’t cooperate with a team” when I literally have been on teams for the past few years in a support role
>if I say something about being detail-oriented and wanting to help improve the current processes then they mention eventually “well we don’t want a perfectionist, we need someone who is comfortable with mess”
>this one wasn’t a quality but I was telling the team leader that relocating would be great for me and then he goes on about how “I’ve done it myself and I know how that hard that move is” when I was trying to emphasize that I want to move and that I have good assistance from my family to help me make a move so I’m in a better position than the average person relocating
I’m just so tired of what I feel is the interviewer putting words in my mouth or misconstruing what I say to something negative so they can use it against me. I try to address it when it comes up but sometimes it’s hard to get a word in because they usually briefly mention it and follow it up with a question. I just feel like these people immediately must have disliked me or not wanted to hire me because it seems like such reaching. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong to make these people write me off so quickly. This phenomenon even happened when I spent multiple days of doing research on the company and prepping for my interview AND doing prep interview work for the interview beforehand with the recruiter. Does anyone have something similar happening and have any advice? Is there anything I can do to change this?

No. 1808958

Hospitality lol
Bullshitting is what I've been doing fairly successfully, in honesty not being formally instructed has worked in my favour on a handful of occasions so far when I've gotten things wrong and can't really be blamed. I think I'll start to look on the side as you suggest as well, as I would really like to get straight into the higher position I'd like rather than wait and hope for a promotion, ultimately.

No. 1809692

Nonas I'm a ball of nothing but anxiety and rage right now. I managed to land an amazing internship at a really good company and now I just need my college's approval for it. I initially told the company that I was free to start in January because I could easily manage to both work and study at the same time as I've done this multiple times before, so they set the starting date at Jan 22th which by me, is completely fine.

The problem however is that turns out, my college will only allow me to start on February 12th, nothing earlier than that, even though I am 100% fine with studying and working at the same time. The college will just not budge on this. I sent the company an email requesting them to see if they can change the start date to what the college wants but I'm fucking terrified that they'll rescind the offer because of this date change.

Maybe I'm freaking out for nothing but in my homecountry companies will 100% drop you if you try to change the start date of an internship like this and will just go for their next option instead. I'm just so terrified and above all so fucking livid at my college for being so stubborn. I'm a fucking adult, if I can handle my own schedule or not it's my problem, I don't need them telling me what I can and can't do with my time like this.

Nonas please…how well do companies react to requests involding the changing of internship start dates? Are they more flexible than I'm imagining? Will they just drop me?

No. 1810142

servers! how much do you make and whats your schedule + hiring look like? need a change.

No. 1810150

I had a desk job at a company, the first one I had since graduating. It was fine until my mom got sick and passed away, to which they gave me 3 whole paid leave days for.

None of my coworkers asked me how i was handling it either. Left that job pretty quickly. I had to move back home and go into retail so now I’m just a fucking loser.

No. 1810188

hospitality management is so fucked up

No. 1811109

I feel like I'm being gaslighted by my colleagues. Almost every if not all conversations come back to our department being overwhelmed with tasks, no working capacity etc. and they include my role in their examples and I'm… chilling. Like I work maybe 2-3 hours, most of my time is spent staring into nothing and working ahead. I hear them being weeks behind on answering e-mails, and it might be true (I can't see anything going directly to their address), but for the most part I don't see that on our work mail. They talk about e-mails or one-hour routine meeting taking up half of their day, and I'm left even more confused. I'm praised for my work so it shouldn't be that I'm just putting so less research into answering questions. Today we had one another group discussion like this and I need to nod along, I feel like I'm going insane.
And I'm not saying that I want more work (I already do whatever I can do to help out others), but I'm not sure if we're playing pretend for the leadership not to catch on, or they're actually for real. I work with gen Xers for reference.

No. 1811167

How am I supposed to get an entry-level role if there's hardly any and of those that are "open" half of them are fake and going to an intern who's already in the company?

No. 1811173

So sorry to hear about your mom passing. You will find something better than retail. I believe in you.

No. 1811195


Ty ;( taking it day by day(emoji)

No. 1811212

File: 1702503238770.jpeg (58.19 KB, 480x642, IMG_3234.jpeg)

I’m sorry about your loss anon. Your coworkers and previous job sounded like shit anyway. You’re not a loser some things just happen and you’re doing the best you can. It also doesn’t always have to be like that.

No. 1811302

I’m struggling with whether to change my job or not. I’m a phlebotomist at a plasma center, and I work full time. The pay is okay, the work is kinda boring sometimes, but I’m good at it and it can be relaxing bc it’s so repetitive. It’s not exactly my dream job. But I really like my coworkers, I get a long with them really well, and sometimes I don’t always fit in at jobs because even though I have a good personality, I don’t exactly know how to behave that professionally- like in corporate environments, it’s difficult for me to fit in.
I’d just like a job with more regular and set hours, and a job where I have weekends off. I’d like to be able to make plans. My job also has a high turn over rate and we’re always short staffed, which adds to the stress.
I don’t want to just get comfortable in an unideal situation, but I keep thinking that that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. What if I do change jobs, and that job is awful? I don’t know what to do nonnies.

No. 1811603

File: 1702534379572.png (849.2 KB, 1076x725, Screen Shot 2023-12-03 at 2.11…)

All my problems would be solved if I could get a job. But oh wait, entry level/junior/associate/developer I positions require 2-3+ years of experience. Why call it an entry level position then? Okay, whatever, I'll apply but know that I got rejected. It's fine though, but I'll apply to another job that I might be underqualified for, but you know, just in case I get it. Oh okay, never mind, I got rejected again, but aww the nice HR no-reply email said they were impressed by my resume and skills and would keep it in their system if there is another opening that would suit me better! Hey, there's a job that I got rejected for a month ago but they opened a new opening for the same job position! Wow, fuck you!

… is how I've been feeling about the fucking job search in tech. It's pretty bad for entry level people like me and I know there's some fault of my own too (ie. not having side projects or w/e). But goddammit, every company is looking for senior developers when there really aren't that many to go by, so why the fuck aren't they hiring juniors?! How the fuck do they think seniors got to where they are? By training juniors to intermediates to seniors to principal to staff developers. I hate this bullshit industry and job market. Sometimes I think I should have slaved at my old company but the past doesn't matter anymore.
So my tips on getting a job:
1. Just jump into the tech industry as someone with senior experience.
2. Joke. Ask for referrals from anyone you know. That's the only surefire way of knowing you'll be able to talk to the recruiter who'll actually look at your resume instead of it being stuck on some shitty outdated job system, then over to the next potential steps.
3. Pray. This doesn't do anything but it calms the nerves, so really, you can do something else, like yoga or something.
4. AI/LLMs are becoming super hot, so try to make some shitty web app that includes that.

Good luck, anons. It's really, really bad out there if you're just starting out or trying to make a lateral job change.

No. 1811606

Because it pays really well if you can jump through all the hurdles and your career will be set for life if you continue to do well (enough) and if you don't make any big fuckups.

No. 1811611

File: 1702535153138.jpg (42.72 KB, 544x680, Fc6eFgTXwAAIC2Z.jpg)

being a pushover is so fucking tiring, and i wish i wasn't like this. i asked if i could have someone cover my shift tomorrow, and they clearly didn't even try to look for anyone; they instantly responded saying that they don't have anyone, which is utter bullshit. there hasn't been a single instance where someone's covered for me, yet I've taken on so many extra shifts for people in the past (and even recently, even though i'm currently severely anaemic). thank god i'm going casual soon.

No. 1811655

>interview for a job that would require me to "wear many hats" and deal with very irate customers
>low pay
>lady on phone tells me "we don't pay more because we don't want to just put a band aid on the problem"
>job gets re-posted constantly for months now


No. 1811912

how useless is an art history degree career wise really? folks keep telling me its a terrible idea but giving it up to become a stem monkey or whatever else is considered actually fruitful rn is so soulless. shit sucks

No. 1811930

Wow I feel like these posts could've been written word for word by me. Been desperately trying to claw my way out of this field for almost 3 years now to no avail. I even tried applying to grad school twice as a way out but failed both times. Hang in there my fellow MLS nonas.

No. 1811955

I have one hour of work left today and I'll have my weekend. Should I dump some of the work on my coworker for tomorrow? It's just quick, easy stuff but they're emergencies that can't wait until Monday. For context I'm about to lose 4.5 days of PTO this year which means I worked 4.5 days too many for free. They'll expire in 2024. I think I deserve to get some rest.

No. 1811957

Why don't these jobs understand people want a livable wage and not to do the job of 3 people but get paid for 1? I've seen so many job reposts, always 'urgently hiring.'

No. 1811958

Do what you can in the next hour and leave the rest.
Also you should call off for 5 days and tell them to apply your PTO to your paycheck because fuck that.

No. 1811960

Now I've witnessed one of those phenomenons where a job posting is only put out so they can hire an intern (me). Apparently 3 other people applied and came in to interview for this role, I feel so bad for them.

No. 1811976

I can't do much right now because anything I have to do now depends on other people and if they can answer their phones. I'm supposed to stop working at 6pm but always stop at 6:30 or 7pm because people always call me back too late.

>Also you should call off for 5 days and tell them to apply your PTO to your paycheck because fuck that.

If I did that I'd already be on holidays, be late in my work, and my coworkers wouldn't be able to take on everything. It would backfire on me more than anything else. And I can't have these PTOs converted in money. My boss was retarded and refused some of the days I needed months ago because "what if you need them later" and now that it's "later" I'm overworked and we're not enough people for everything going on. You know what? Now that I'm typing this I think I'll slack off for today.

No. 1812050

File: 1702572867512.jpeg (46.32 KB, 736x598, robot.jpeg)

Trying to think of an occupation that won't
>get oblitared by AI
>pays well
>isn't something that would really want to make me kill myself like anything health related

No. 1812056

Highly technical trades? Might still want to kill yourself though

No. 1812063

being zoomer is pain. I was looking forward to living as a freelance artist and just right when my career was starting to take off India dropped its child pornography deepfake machine lmfao life sucks

No. 1812109

India as a country really needs to be nuked off the map.

No. 1812224

I hate how the only options for overnight work near me are warehouse, gas station, or McDonald's. There was many more places open overnight years ago. None of the places I apply to will interview me because so many people are applying too.

No. 1812269

I majored in business and graduated with honors solely because I was pressured into getting a "practical" degree. It didn't do much for me besides get me mediocre insurance agent jobs. I regret it because if I followed my desired "low value" niche and networked in that field, while learning business and marketing like a minor or side endeavor, I'd be making more money now. I went so far in the practical and general direction, that I am not specialized enough to stand out, and have >2k applicants just like me for every job I apply to.

Art history, if you plan your time well and know which organization you want to attach yourself to, is on the same level as any other non-stem degree in my opinion. If you make the most of the connection opportunities you get and do your best to intern at the museums or whatever are in your target area, and then maybe learn basics of business/marketing so you can do your own thing on the side if you ever want to, is not an automatic death sentence for a fruitful career. Especially if you can finance well and get as little into debt as possible, or get assistance with it.

The hard thing about picking a path in life is that common advice leads to common results.

No. 1812272

File: 1702583291636.jpg (994.73 KB, 1942x2046, 135062.jpg)

I'm in the same boat. My husbando art/porn has some decent pull but I'd probably have to work my ass off to actually make a living. I might have to resort to health related shit but I'm a hypochondriac and I hate old people. Plus being something like a nurse is basically being a waitress with a nursing license and getting bullied by your coworkers is common. Have genuinely considered being a CO or CBP but I don't think I want to get tazed or pepper sprayed in the academy. Nor would I want to be locked in with murders or rapists.

The more companies outsource to India the more I want to snap. My ex worked in IT and it was unbearable working with the Indians because their English was shit and they'd use a phone in a crowded and loud place. I'm not trying to racebait at all but that's literally how it is.

No. 1812299

>go to local job searching website
>shitty retail job ad for hiring urgently end of the year
>two weeks or so later
>same fucking ad
How am I supposed to interpret this? Does it mean they did not find people they deemed qualified the first time?

No. 1812343

So I went into the civil service when I flamed out of college. Now, fifteen years later, I have a skillset that should let me jump into any payroll job anywhere but without a degree and accompanying debt millstone around my neck I am apparently unhireable… even in other local government jobs. Tell me not to waste my thirties getting into an obscene amount of debt for a piece of paper, nonas. Or lie to me and say this round of applications will be the one where I get past the second round of interviews.

No. 1812442

File: 1702592369112.jpg (107.88 KB, 720x555, Tumblr_l_18319271737502.jpg)

How can I even allow myself to do this

No. 1812486

sometimes they just relist the ad just so it stays on top of the search results instead of being pushed back several pages by newer listings

No. 1812490

LMAO that pic is so fucking sad, the same moid will complain about affirmative action despite living in a world that sees him as the default and assumes him to be more competent than any woman. All of that and men still stick their noses where they don’t belong. Reminds me of that women in tech conference that got raided a bunch of Indian moids identifying as nonbinary because they were risking deportation. Not to mention how many “competent” international (aka Indian) moids in tech will start cheating groups to cheat on interview assessments. I never even knew of such things but I’m not surprised. I hope the tech industry starts to discriminate against these shady scrotes because they are much more likely to try and lie their way into jobs.

No. 1812491

File: 1702594152536.jpg (369.27 KB, 1079x1577, Tumblr_l_20992671977311.jpg)

Is there a way to do this?

No. 1812515

Anons I finally got an offer for a contract to hire role that is going to pay more ($5-15k) than the full-time roles I was looking at. I didn’t go through a temp agency but just want to encourage entry-level anons to consider a contract to hire role because they might actually be better than looking for full-time positions atm. I know they have their own issues but god the situation for FTE entry-level in my city is fucking awful. The recruiter at the agency was an absolute angel from heaven too, I feel like agencies might be better/helpful recruiters compared to internal recruiters.
More people should do this, but sometimes their manager will actually encourage it. I remember dealing with this awful hiring manager who had to be trying to fuck with me because she was scheduling interviews on wrong days, ignoring my emails, etc. I thought the recruiter was actually more competent than her but he ended up ghosting me too. I just wrote a bad Glassdoor review so the higher ups at the company can see it.

No. 1812518

Btw samefag I was unemployed for 7 months and started looking in January. A month or so ago I contemplated suicide because of how hopeless it felt so I encourage you guys to keep trying no matter what.

No. 1812519

Ok, I actually want to do this. Love the recruiter who said she'd get back to me in 48 hours. No email. No text. Nothing in 5 days time.

No. 1812567

I read this in Phil Leotardo's voice

No. 1812594

Can't drive, no college degree and I'm a misanthrope. Is there even anything for me out there? I'd like to learn a trade but I need to save money for school and my current job just isn't cutting it anymore. Working honestly makes me suicidal.

No. 1812637

>I just wrote a bad Glassdoor review so the higher ups at the company can see it.

its funny how these recruiters and HR people forget they also had to look for a job before, and will have to again in the future

No. 1812652

Kek when the recession hits these HR losers will be fucked too. I hope they get laid off based on performance-reviews or something because scheduling candidates on the wrong days and not even apologizing for the mistake is just inexcusable. I'm definitely going to allude to who tf it was in my review so I can shade her as much as possible.

No. 1812674

I got friendly enough with a HR manager at my last job and she shit talked every interviewer right afterwards to me. For example she'd rag on some poor lady for being "too serious" during a job interview and I just thought well I would be too if I had been laid off with 2 little kids at home. The funny thing is we outsourced our HR stuff to a 3rd party so she didn't even have to do paperwork or anything. Her only job was interviewing and setting up parties, and she really thought she was a bossbabe for it. Fuck HR.

No. 1812847

File: 1702610668395.jpeg (58.7 KB, 640x659, IMG_6750.jpeg)

does anyone have good advice on how to begin preparing for interviews? Just the thought of them makes my brain shut down. Do you nonnies have any good tips for someone who doesn’t know where to start?

No. 1812916

Unfortunately you really have to sell yourself nowadays and interview well to land a job. I suspect because a lot of people are highly skilled and seeking higher salaries due to educational standards raising, you need the extra oomph to stand out and make them want to hire you. This is what I learned by the end of my miserable suicidal 7 months of unemployment before I finally got an offer.
> Prepare some good questions beforehand. Google can help with the questions but ask a mix of practical ones about the team to show you're smart and perspective ones (like their view on the team's challenges, their opinion on where they see the company in five years) to connect with the interviewer.
> Research the company. Then you are going to bring attention to your research (yes, literally say you printed out the company bio or read up on their press releases so they will explicitly know). Research a day in advance on the company by reading press releases, financials, Wikipedia, etc.
> A lot of companies will ask you what your interest regarding the industry they're in. Frankly most of these industries are kinda irrelevant to us corporate people who just apply for specific jobs regardless of the company, so if you don't give a shit about the industry, then talk about the company's growth potential within that industry, like the market share and cite some press release where you can see the company expanding in their industry (like they opened a branch in Canada or something). Also you can try to talk about the potential of the team and the job duties you would like to learn more about.
> Show active enthusiasm and attentiveness. Take notes during the interview even if you're just scribbling. Show enthusiasm and nod, say "yes", and react as they talk to show you're following. SMILE. Show extreme interest in the potential of the company and stress your desire for internal advancement and growth within the company.
> Print out the job listing and go through it meticulously to have a few stories that will serve as evidence of your skills because they will ask those damn behavioral questions and want some evidence to get an idea of how you work in the workplace. Use STAR format for these story questions and try to avoid rambling if you can.
> When they ask you to describe yourself, use the EXACT words or descriptors in the listing. Highlight them and write them down on a sticky note to reference in that interview to make sure you hit each one. I know this seems blatant but they will probably be happy at this point that you put so much effort into combing through the job listing and everything else that they'll hire you LMFAO.
> Your last question you should end on is "Do you have any hesitations in hiring me?" so in the case that if they honestly answer what they're unsure about, then you can try to clear them up.

Anyway if I think of any more tips I'll try to add them. I think I could write a book or sell a course at this point.

No. 1812928

Samefag and also another random tip
> Try to make yourself seem like you'd fit within the team. This is just an example of a thing I do but if for instance you notice they have ear piercings or gauges and you have some piercings as well then move your hair behind your ear to show your piercings too. Try to mirror their vibe as much as possible and seem down to earth. I do the piercing thing usually because you typically overdress for an interview (usually a blazer) and by showing piercings like them, then I create relatability instead of possibly coming off like a corporate square and also seem like a better fit for their team.

No. 1812954

I'm in the same boat as you right now. Don't give up. I heard you can study to get certifications online and use that to get remote jobs. I believe in you

No. 1813058

Worked my ass off in my final year of high school to get into good unis and even got scholarships (don't pay enough for international students, 2000 Canadian barely covers books.), I did a year in a vocational school where my family moved to just as a wait to go to uni but turns out we couldn't afford to send me. I'm pretty demotivated and feeling a bit hopeless. Tried and still actively trying upwork but many don't respond or want rising talent or people from certain countries i.e Us only, UK, India. I sighed up as a 'job seeker' where I live and you are required to submit 5 job applications a week, tricky thing is I don't meet the language requirements to get most jobs here, don't have a license or any higher education so that leaves me with very few jobs that I have a chance of actually getting. I enter as many as I can find, mostly remote and also trying to allocate time to learn language and obtain B2 to increase chances of being able to apply for more. Land one interview, don't get the job and feel even worse, but keep trying despite crippling depression. Get message I'm not upholding to jobseeker agreement, considering opting out of being a jobseeker as it's just someone looking at what I'm doing rather than getting much assistance like it was advertised. And feel like just mindlessly applying to just meet the requirement only to not land anything is going to make continue spiralling. Going to try to arrange a meeting to see if I can get further assistance since they claim to offer help with education, internships or financial aid. Feeling it's going to go down hill as I haven't been submitting the required 5 jobs a week, but less. Maybe face to face will make things easier? Maybe it will make it worse… I am eligible disability money as I do have Major depressive disorder and other stuff but I haven't declared my mental health status because it will fuck me over long term and I don't generally mention it ever. You will be marked down as only being able to work 30%-50% as I have a friend who is on disability and they are marked down to not be able to to do more than that.

No. 1813344

Have you considered being a process operator in a factory? It doesnt require education, you get to mostly work alone and at least some businesses pay good money. (This is true where I live of course other coyntries might differ.) Downsides it is often shift work so I wouldnt recommed for your entire life but for example you could do it a couple of years to save money and go study. That is what I did. I work as an engineer now and my wage is still lower than back then kek.

No. 1813593

Just apply for random shit, don't be a retard. You're more likely to get a job this way and you won't get your benefits cut. Apply everywhere, I mean everywhere, look for factory jobs, customer service, stuff that you've actually gone to school for, anything. Once you get a job offer accept it and start the application process again. There's no point losing money and support because you're too autistic to apply for jobs you don't like the sound of.

No. 1813778

File: 1702666421659.jpg (33.32 KB, 749x721, FoTKsJOaIAAEB0W.jpg)

>job posting closes today
>interview was meant to be today but
>got rescheduled for monday
trying to take this as a good sign, i have a more days to prep, but i'm also nervous. please don't have closed the position, i really want and need this job.

No. 1813812

File: 1702668050860.jpg (109.51 KB, 608x680, shogi cat.jpg)

I hate job aggregator sites that don't get rid of removed listing so much it's unreal.
Been trying to get a job near me for months now, and they all require either 5+ years of experience or a car (which I can't get due to not having enough money), and when I do find something that I can get to turns out the actual listing has been closed for hours or even days.

No. 1813813

I want to get a new job with a bigger and more experienced team but everything that hires from my country is paying so much worse than what they used to pay like 2 to 3 years ago.
Fuck me, I don't even have enough experience and credentials to go after the leadership and senior positions.
Sad, I might try a secondary job at least, just so I can actually improve my skills

No. 1813814

I agree with what >>1813593 said. You need to keep those benefits. Your life will be way more stressful without them. Remember that most job postings online are BS or scams, so no need to spend your already dwindling precious energy on perfecting those applications. Meet the five-per-week requirement and only put effort into the legit ones, the ones that you want, or those that you are most qualified for. If it helps your mindset, think of applying to jobs as your current employment. You wouldn't give up on your work because of one failure if it meant losing your benefits and salary, would you? You have to keep moving forward.

No. 1813891

So I'm paranoid about something. Hardly anyone at my job takes a lunch break or a break in general. We're salaried so I know the rules are different. A young woman in my dept mentioned she works from 7am to 10pm with no breaks because she's "a snacker". I thought that was insane but it seems not uncommon here. My bosses have meetings 24/7 and eat during them. A coworker on my specific team does intermittent fasting and works all the way through the day. This is my first salaried gig but I take breaks as often as I would when I was hourly. My lunch breaks are usually 30-45 minutes and I take a couple 10 minutes breaks to walk around the building or get some air. For some reason, I'm paranoid that people look down on me for doing such things. I also finish all my work by 4pm every in-office day and by my employee handbook, it says I'm allowed to leave when the work is finished. Despite this, I feel worried, paranoid, and guilty all the time. I really want to stop feeling this way. The culture here is a pretty typical/traditional American corporate.

No. 1813897

You make good money and do your work, thats all that matters imo. I wouldn't consider it an issue unless someone mentions something- even then just stand your ground about being finished and having a work/life balance. "I enjoy conpleting my work in a timely matter, and in regards to lunch- I priortize nutrition in order to hand in the best quality of work." Thats all. You sound fantastic and anyone who has an issue, i would not be surprised if it came from jealousy or enviromental pressure to 'perform' as everyone else does.

No. 1814022

Working like that will burn you out and send you to an early grave. You don't want to fit into that work culture! Some studies show people stop being productive after working a certain number of hours (around 5) and that taking breaks is good for overall well-being and job performance. Don't let them worry or change you, nonnie.

No. 1814834

As someone who comes from the country of la grande cuisine, where at work you get at least one hour of lunch break if not two, I don't get people who just snack as they work or don't eat at all. I live in another EU country where I only get a 30 minutes lunch break and it breaks my heart not to be able to sit down and enjoy my food without rushing. It really all depends on people's and countries' eating habits and also what the work law says (if it's reglemented or not of course), some prefer a short break or no break at all, some prefer a long break.
I just wouldn't care about the other colleagues, as long as they don't try to impede on my lunch break.

No. 1815040

I wish I was autistic burger anon, thats somehow less of a handicap here than not being one.

Thanks anon. I live in a place where cost of living is insanely high, there is no choice to cave into disappointment or be picky. My pace of applying had just gone down but thinking differently has helped. I'm still actively applying to the small pool I have due to my lack of qualifications apart from high school or meeting language requirements. I've applied to anything I can meet, snow shoveling, cutting fish, cutting wood, cashier, paid volunteer work, kindergarten assistant and all came out empty. Hopefully I'll land something soon or there will be a bigger pool of jobs available for me or I have a chance of getting benefits since I'm not on any.

No. 1816280

File: 1702803974323.jpg (73.97 KB, 500x647, Little Bunny Sunshine.jpg)

Is getting a bachelors degree even worth it? I had the most average grades in high school, no extracurricular's, and didn't take the SAT/ACT. I didn't try to apply to any unis and went straight into community college. I found an associates program I think I would be decent at and started with it this fall. My parents are pushing me to get my bachelors; the plan is to graduate with the associates, work for a bit, then go back to community college and this time transfer to a uni. But I don't have any ambition or desire to pursue a bachelors. I wouldn't even know what to study and the transfer process seems very daunting. I feel like I'm stuck as a permanent wo(man) child who can't do anything and will never live up to my parents ambitions. I want to do something simple that even my stupid self can do and won't burn me out, I think an associates is perfect for that. Even so I can always go back to school later right? There is no rush to get my bachelors so soon (unless I really want money) and slightly above minimum wage is enough for me while I live at home.

No. 1816303

A lot of jobs require a bachelors by default, I would recommend it if it makes sense for you. If you don't care or want a job that does not require it, that's fine too, but generally you do get paid more in positions where it is required. I transferred schools multiple times, the process is actually quite easy, and starting at a community college is a good, cheaper idea. I would recommend starting to actively look into some sort of interest or career path now and not put off thinking about it for later. If you feel like you're not ready its true that there is no rush, but also you never feel 'ready'. It's best to just rip the bandaid off and do it or you'll just get stuck at your parents house and feel like a woman child, I did that for a while and I just felt like shit making minimum wage and going nowhere and it did not at all make me more prepared to go back to college.

No. 1816468

If you don’t make connections to get a job while getting your associates, go for the bachelors. Most jobs require a bachelors or equal experience so if you haven’t networked into a position to earn that exp in the current market you’re likely going to need that bachelors to get into higher paying positions. There is also again people do not like hiring 40-55 years old with little exp and education in higher jobs. They believe you can’t teach an old job new tricks. It gets much harder to break into a lot of professional offices because of this and women without exp in their 30-40 are assumed to be housewives with no skills even with a degree and may not get hired due to sexism. You’re parents are most likely right unless you get find a professor who has connections (it happens), you socialize at an event (and get a recommendation), or get an opportunity offered by the colleges or unis career center. If you want your associates and you want to skip the bachelors you have to network and then stay at that job for 2 years so you have 2 year education and 2 year exp to equivalent bachelor. That way you can move positions if you’d have too by getting past recruiters.

No. 1816784

File: 1702839393346.jpg (42.62 KB, 564x564, Rosemary.jpg)


Thanks for the insight! I guess I'll into transferring but maybe at a later time. On that note are there any fields or programs you guys would recommend? I've been weary of tech and most stem programs since I don't think I would well and also how screwed the market is for them. Technically going into healthcare is the easiest way to make a lot of money and always have opportunities but I don't want to do that either. Are there any "easy" (not really, just simple enough to do), well paying careers that don't take too long to get into ie no masters?

No. 1817795

File: 1702878471646.jpg (27.87 KB, 482x309, Tumblr_l_186215033859635.jpg)

>most job listings are fake
Interesting post

No. 1817836

File: 1702881115482.jpeg (92.51 KB, 680x593, IMG_8782.jpeg)

I’d fucking believe it. Companies are always doing slimy shit for money. I swear I’ve applied to several jobs with relevant experience and haven’t gotten even one call back. And of course the same job listing is posted again like nothing happened. I’m losing it

No. 1817972

File: 1702896065251.png (677.04 KB, 720x976, IMG_20231218_044043.png)

I just don't trust these job listings tbh, it's HR being scummy like always

No. 1817981

My employers think $20 is a lot to pay someone per hour and basically shame me and my skills. Meanwhile their branch managers make half a mil per year. My mom works in the oil industry where jobs pay really well and she said their branch managers make 200k-300k at most.

No. 1818003

File: 1702901077703.gif (1021.17 KB, 200x149, eyis.gif)

I'm genuinely not looking forward to finishing my education and start job hunting. Granted I don't live in the US but it's still bad here and companies keeps complicating the qualification process. Alot of my friends easily found jobs but they work in different fields than me and they are all intelligent and ambitious women and I'm super proud of them and I love them but they had to do weird shit like taking psychology tests during the job interview.
My teachers in middle school where obsessed with teaching us how to make a good CV and they basically said "you should not under any circumstances break the mold of a traditional CV, but also employers refuse to read your CV if it doesn't break the mold and is innovative", and "employers are going to throw your CV out if it isn't eyecatching, but also if it's too eyecatching you will never get hired".
I told my parents about my friends job interviews and the shit I was taught in middle school and they told me they didn't have to do all that when they where job hunting lol. It just feels so degrading like companies wants you to dance for them.
I'm passionate about what I do and I don't think I'm stupid but I'm not the top of my class either. I don't have much charisma either so I'm scared that I'm going to bomb all my job interviews. I also struggle alot with writing stuff like CVs I know you can pay people to make it for you but I still need a job to put on it. Like, I can't get job interviews because I don't have a CV, but I don't have a CV because I don't have a job?
it doesn't help either that I started my education late. If a company wants to hire someone without experience of course they will go for the younger person

No. 1818008

Companies will bitch and moan about having a labour shortage but then I'll be fired after my first day with literally no explanation. If they really cared about having a decent amount of employees they wouldn't be pulling this shit.

No. 1818025

My coworker has been searching for part time jobs online and they showed me one that was obviously a scam (they received a check in the mail to buy gift cards for “company supply purchases”), it’s so infuriating. I recognized it immediately but not everyone has been in workplaces with a lot of scam drama

Having an associates is a good start, I was able to get my first $20/hr job with an AS. I’m working on a BA now and I feel like having one of those will help get over some application hurdles, but during covid I did apply to jobs I didn’t feel qualified for. At this point I’m using uni and my current job for potential career paths through connections. I’m kinda salty about transferring into a BA program at 30 when I also need to work full time for my insurance, so I’d suggest doing it now if your family can help you out.

No. 1818059

I wish indeed, linkedin and the like would just ban those aggregator websites that repost adsfrom 2 months ago.

No. 1818232

I’ve heard indeed is the worst place to look for a job as they repost listings. Is LinkedIn any better?

No. 1818257

LinkedIn and Indeed are the same for me. I often see the same jobs reposted to both.

I'm frustrated because I did a final interview for a well-paid position after 4 interviews in total and a dumb psychology and aptitude test on top of that, only to be told that they decided not to hire anyone at this time. Last week another company told me they decided that they didn't want to hire anyone after all. I'm 100% sure most job listings are fake. I also haven't received so much spam, scam attempts and phishing attempts in my inbox since I started applying for jobs, even though I try to be super careful about every job listing I see. Luckily I have several email accounts and only use this one to apply to jobs, but while every other inbox stays empty, this one gets spam daily. Kill me now, kek.

No. 1818266

I feel so torn between absolutely hating my current job but also knowing that I should be grateful for having it. I never actually had to go job hunting because as soon as I graduated university I was hired and assigned a city to work at by the government. So reading all your experiences here… oof

Once I was really fired after only half a day.
My teachers always told us to never work for Monsanto because they're so exploitative but the summer after high school I of course needed money, so I took their offer for working on a field. It was boring af, so I'm pretty sure I didn't actually do anything wrong but after lunch break some higher up came and told me they have too many workers here and since I'm the newest, I have to go…

No. 1818569

File: 1702937172266.png (303.53 KB, 446x591, 1700579215149.png)

went in with such high expectations and i choked. they asked me a lot of tough scenario questions and my customer service skills are shit. and i answered a few easy questions wrong, i just got so nervous (mac vs ip address – i KNOW what that is, i just could not fucking think of it in front of the interviewers). god damn

No. 1818576

God damn it, I have a "performance review/bonus review" meeting today in 2 hours. There's no way I met all of my goals, just gonna white-knuckle the rest of my day and hope for the best. Wish me luck nonas I want to die

No. 1818578

I just got back from an interview with the same. I was confident in who i was as an employee and I still choked on some what if scenarios. I hate it. i tru;y hope they hired me because i know i could do better. Sending all the luck to you!! we got this. it happens. as long as they also liked your personality, you should be okay.

No. 1818580

You got this!

No. 1818586

>"We really like you, so don't go anywhere! We'll get back to you!"

No. 1818673

i hope my autistic slurred voice and fish-eye stare attracted them somehow

No. 1818764

File: 1702946788986.gif (1.91 MB, 640x360, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii.gi…)

help anons
should i become an accountant? i'm looking for a stable, mundane, and decently paying job. from what i can tell, most people view accounting as boring number crunching but i that sounds like exactly what i would want/be good at. i just want a normie office job ~

No. 1818768

same, anon. I have been thinking about it too. But i cant decide between going freelance with my art and just neetmax or go to college.

No. 1818769

There's always a need for an accountant. Definitely.

No. 1818781

you don't even have to be a CPA. if you learn accounts payable and accounts receivable on youtube, practice a bit in Quickbooks, and apply for a local business to help out the accountants/admins that could be all you need to become office wagie.

No. 1818795

are there any hotels in your town? its a good chance one of them needs a night auditor or security

No. 1818836

File: 1702950667745.gif (422.7 KB, 330x360, hanakokoyanagi.gif)

i'm kind of similar in the fact that i make dolls as a side hobby while i mill around undecided in uni. current plan is to find something stable to make money in, save up, and neet for while with my dolls.


thank you nonas for the input.

No. 1819160

I think if it’s something you’re willing to try then go for it. I’m not an accountant but I work a lot with invoices and it’s basically like playing a puzzle.

No. 1819274

File: 1702994853805.png (7.81 KB, 165x127, murder.png)

>most job listings are fake
>Hard to get an interview even for something begginer like fast food or retail
>Compaines "desperate for help" only to schedule one person to do the work of 3 people

I pray that all nonnies are able to find employment somehow

No. 1819282

File: 1702995831396.jpeg (152 KB, 750x706, IMG_7442.jpeg)

As far as making money as an artist goes heard it’s better to start with an Etsy and then once you have a good rep you love your shop off of it. Or would it be better just to avoid Etsy all together? I heard they’re getting worse with the take downs and straight up taking down entire shops.

No. 1819294

File: 1702996961179.jpg (27.13 KB, 346x495, cf4406a399974ca00e6a96bc1a468c…)

I will always believe this. 10000%.

I applied for 50+ jobs in 2022 in my hometown. Followed up with all of them. Got 3 callbacks. I had to move to the biggest city near me cause there had to be more opportunities. Applied for 11, got like 3-4 callbacks. Okay, a bit better. However, one place that wanted to interview me was not able to schedule a time to come in. Ended up calling twice asking them when it would be good to come in. The lady (she was like their customer service, this was a small business) who I talked to said "Oh that's just how the Manager works!" Yeah no fuck that. Luckily I found a job right after that whole fiasco and have been working there for about a year.

Every time someone bitches about how nobody wants to work, I will always bring this up. There are plenty of jobs open. Why didn't I get a callback then if we are SO desperate?

No. 1819300

I've seen many Instagram posts about this, etsy just banning stores that they claim "violated guidelines"
I read a comment on one post saying that dupe shops false report legitimate artists as dupe sellers to deplatform them and honestly I believe they're right.
I think it depends on what you make artist wise. The jewelry/charm trinket style artists are the easiest to copy alongside those who draw and sell merch of their art. I think if you make some kind of complicated handcraft you can skate by but jewelry and merch artists are the most targeted so beware if that is the type of art you are selling.

No. 1819304

Thank you. it's been horrible trying to find work all of 2023.

No. 1819732

thank you. I’m so tired of stores with signs that say they’re hiring when they’re not. I swear I’m a dependable little worker who knows how to kiss butts and always arrives early, I just want a jobbbbbbbb

No. 1819736

My workplace has kind of an out-of-touch upper management with shitty communication, so my department has really high in-group loyalty and camraderie just from dealing with that. I'm the latest one to join them and I really feel like the odd one out. Even though I'm the "new guy", I feel like I'm one of the least enthusiastic people there, and yet I'm one of the most productive and fast workers just because I'm good at Excel-fu. Today we had a little Christmas thing, and it ended up leading into some pretty long ranty group conversation, where they obviously were venting about the management, but talked about loving our team. I don't feel like I could reflect the same emotions, and I'm afraid they might be onto me, and might soon realize I'm not a nice person and kind of a lazy colleague. I'm a robotic woman, largely motivated by money, but even I can recognize how rare it is to get such a non-toxic, benevolent and nice team together, but I'm not entirely sure how to get along with people who are just plainly better people than me. I'm not actually anyway as nice or considerate as any of them, and I often feel like I agree with the observations the upper management makes about us (such as workload not being excessive and that we work too slow in general), so I'm in kind of a cognitive dissonance because I also have to keep siding with my team, or else I feel like I'll poison the well.

No. 1820127

I applied to some dog daycare a while back that paid bum nothin but I was kind of desperate for anything. still am, actually. the listing said they encouraged felons to apply. I don't have any felonies, and I have a lot of experience with animals. they said they found somebody else. I'm starting to think my lack of felonies is disqualifying me.

No. 1820378

i've been so stressed about work and yet still procrastinate so much it's unreal. i discovered that i am bipolar and very likely autistic (after thinking i had narcolepsy) and so i've gone through a bunch of meds this year alone and the sleepyness was so so bad. it was really such a combo of bad things. i ended up missing meetings, not being great at delivering things on time and gone from always showing myself on camera (work from home) to never doing it anymore because i'm always so tired. my eyebags looked like they had eyebags!!! at least my end of the year reviews had a happy ending, saying i'm getting back to my old self, but i still fear i might get fired + i'm having to deal with weird ass withdrawal symptoms from changing meds

also this whole linkedin culture stresses me out so much. you telling me i gotta make content now to stay relevant? i'm not a content creator wtf. i barely have energy to login and reply to anyone there, having to put this façade and pretend i'm not actually terrifying of being Seen

hope i can move to an area i actually enjoy

No. 1820913

I had a second interview today and although I don't know if I got it, it was a nice experience. The people that would be in my department and the head said that with my experience I'd clearly be a really valuable addition to the team. Even if I don't get the job, after 6 months unemployment that's so nice to hear.

It's also almost like a mid level role responsibilities (with a paycheck to match) despite me having had only about 2 years of experience. Biggest issue is that even after 2 interviews I don't know what I'd exactly do kek, they keep referring to it in really vague terms, and I've tried to probe on specific tasks and they talk about me carving out my own role related to my strengths with the possibility to work from home whenever I see fit. It's so bizarre because all jobs previously has been like do you have experience with this machine? OK because that's what you're doing in this job. This feels like that sort of management speak vague and all, ALL the questions were about soft skills which I answered well.

I almost feel like I'm not ready for this level of responsibility but if not now, when? If offered I wouldn't turn it down because I've never had such a wage with such benefits. When I was entry level I used to think man, how can these managers take like 2 months off for holiday? With this position I could! Have any other nonas had a position like this when they thought they'd be unprepared?

No. 1820951

Just try the job out. There's no consequences for leaving it if it doesnt work out after a few months. I hate that they're being vague with you too.

No. 1821275

I just got my first job and I’m already trying to talk myself out of it/the industry. I did some research on company finance roles and my job (cash management) is what I now know is a “boring” department compared to others. This job was not my first choice in job title/industry (my background isn’t even in finance or accounting, it’s in economics and I have a grad degree) but I took what I could get since I was unemployed for months and it was my first offer. I haven’t even started this job but I looked back at the job description and it just seems like accounting which is not what I wanted to do. I’m scared at the career prospects and the thought that I am going to potentially set myself back years of experience in a dead-end department scares me. Having to start over in another entry level role just so I can change departments freaks me out. How do I stop feeling like shit until this job actually starts?

No. 1821298

What's the plan if you back out of taking the job? Stay home and continue applying to other, more suitable jobs? Start the position even if it sucks and just don't stop applying to better jobs. If it is truly unbearable you can quit, but it ain't over until the fat lady sings. I had to grin and bear it for six months this year in a shitty dead end position but I did eventually get out after applying to a shitload of other jobs and now my work situation is far better. It would've been a lot more grim if I spent those six months unemployed. Don't psych yourself out, you're not even at the starting line yet, nonita.

No. 1821381

I manage a small store. I have an autistic employee. I hate him at this point. I secretly hope he fucks up again so I can write him up and fire him. He is useless, doesn't learn or listen. He is always complaining about the dumbest things. He listens to every conversations and will repeat personal details he heard to clients (which makes them very uncomfortable). Nobody can stand him anymore, he annoys everyone. I have done everything in my power to help him. I have been patient, I gave him many chances, researched on how to manage autistic people, asked advice to friends that work with autistic people, but nothing changes. I used to really enjoy working with him and was very proud of the progress he was making at first. I don't know what to do anymore. I have no help and it's taking a toll on my mental health. Upper managmnent and HR don't do anything to help me. I am not a special educator or a social worker. I am not paid enough to deal with this.

No. 1821447

It’s either stay at home and take this job for a year to save money OR try to find a government or research job in policy with my background (econ) in the capital city of my country (so, moving out and having to live paycheck to paycheck). I know I want to go back to my field at some point but I think only taking this corporate job did I realize how much I’ll miss it. But yeah it seems like the best option is just to suck it up because otherwise I’m unemployed. What scares me is the number of people saying you get “pigeon-holed” in this new industry that I’m entering. I already had a hard enough time trying to find corporate jobs in my hometown with a highly skilled background but a niche area might make it even worse. Plus I’m scared of having to eventually start all over and have all the experience turn into nothing when inevitably shift to something else.

No. 1821465

As much as I love being a florist, it does not pay the fucking bills. I sat on my ass for years to get a bachelors degree only to get rejection emails or reached out to by MLM'S or fucking LinkedIn entrepreneurs. Does it ever get better? I'm beginning to feel burnt out from being poor.

No. 1821578

if you are fired for absences can you collect unemployment? i dont have a history of calling out, i just really need to stick it to my boss for making me shoulder all of her responsibilities

No. 1821695

I'm studying to be a history teacher and my bf is studying to be a school band director…. I am so worried about being able to survive in the future with how the Burger economy is doing. I guess I won't have summers off. This shit sucks.

No. 1821960

It depends on where you live I think and if your employer has a record of your absences + their warnings. Employers will fight to avoid having to pay your unemployment and so tend to collect a lot of documentation beforehand so they can win the case.

No. 1824162

Hi nonitas, I'm pretty discouraged right now, I just finished my degree in IT earlier this year and I've been struggling so hard to find a job as a developer. I'm overqualified for trainee jobs but don't have experience for a jr position. Also the market is just so bad right now (at least in Argentina) so it's not like there's any trainee job openings anyways. I'm angry at myself because I was offered jobs a few years back when I was studying but rejected them due to wanting to focus on university. Now I keep being told by local Devs that the golden age is over
If anybody has advice I'd be super grateful

No. 1824210

File: 1703255985264.jpg (141.81 KB, 768x1024, 1665860708806.jpg)

Anon you sound like a responsible and motivated self-starter. Its not your fault that your graduation coincided with the worst time in history to be seeking a role in your field of study. Your grit will carry you through this. Broaden your job search to include things that you just think you'd be good at or could tolerate (office admin roles, tech support, sales, literally whatever) while you save money and continue to build your skills. I do think that the web dev job market will recover eventually, but if there's something else you could see yourself doing, now might be a good time to teach yourself or pursue that thing. Best of luck to you

No. 1824219

NTA but this is why I don't sign warnings. They can kiss my ass.

No. 1824277

my mother thinks freelancing is not a "sustainable" job. i can earn $30 (in local currency, so it's worth even more) or so for an hour of relaxing work, while having a basic bitch job i'd be earning way less and working way more. it's just a matter of getting enough commissions, but she scoffs whenever i get any and actually turns people down telling them im "busy". if i spent all day working on commissions on a "9-5" schedule, i would be swimming in cash. she doesn't seem to understand this.
she says i "can do it on the side, but need stable income". she doesnt understand that commissions can even be booked up for 2 years in advance. that's 2 years of stability. a 9-5 can fire you anyday, too. indeed i think having multiple clients "employing" me is more stable than being at the mercy of one.
mother gets angry when i advertise myself and try to hustle. she says "get a real job" "instead of wasting time playing childish games" and belittles me.
i think it is because she does not accept my career path and considers carpentry and various handyman work to be "below" me, because i have a masters degree (in history- it's useless). she is embarrassed of me.
besides, i love fixing windowsills for my neighbors, restoring furniture, carving figurines of saints and painting icons, painting baby portraits. i also have 2 gigs teaching local kids art, though that is glorified babysitting. doing all this makes me feel in touch with my community (i am very asocial otherwise) and makes me feel useful. i prefer it to having a repetitive desk job with no clear objectives or goals.
the classism and normie tunnel vision is pissing me off. she hated working behind a desk, but considers it a "serious and dignified" job that she sees me in as well.
i understand her "financial stability" concern, but she's wrong about that also.
sorry for the vent.
maybe i'm just childish, and she's right.

No. 1824281

I think both of you aren't wrong, anon. No job at this point is stable. I agree a 9-5 can fire you anytime, but free lance is also difficult. No matter what, you gotta do what makes you happy and what works for you. I think free lancers are awesome, ngl. Sending positive vibes

No. 1824290

thank you.
i'm thinking of getting something part-time to get insurance and keep her happy. but there is no way i'm going to get a regular job full-time if i want to remain "in the market" with my art.
i genuinely worry the regular job will only take time away from me and reward me too little. the job market is terrible and chews people just to spit them out. i'm privileged in how i have the option to somewhat avoid it, and it feels like a waste to get into it. if that makes sense.

No. 1824309

There's a colleague who keeps calling me aunt despite being only two years older

No. 1824347

HR and my manager are gunning for me after making it known my supervisor has been discriminatory towards me. I had a panic attack in my managers office and it's being spinned as concerning conduct. Pray for me nonas luckily I have a union but it's getting to me

No. 1824382

I’m with you anón. Freelance can be unstable… but also furry commissions have been steadily feeding me for over 12 years now. I have so many clients I only have to open slots every couple of months and there’s a waitlist. I have a pretty useless degree as well, most people who graduated from my career are working in front of desks bound to their schedule and I wouldn’t trade the amount of money I’m getting AND the freedom of traveling/going out at any day of my choosing for anything.

No. 1824389

(Samefag, I didn’t realize what thread this was kek Sorry for the seeming bragging! Just wanted to encourage nonnie over there. On the downside, nobody believes I can “make enough money online and earning in dollars” so everyone assumes I’m a camwhore kek so points for you all with socially acceptable jobs)

No. 1824436

File: 1703267559735.jpg (80.92 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

>apply for job #1
>have interview scheduled soon after – do very well, they offer me a position
>job #2 that i'd really love to have also calls me in for an interview that same week (i applied for this like a month ago)
>postpone accepting the offer for #1 because i thought i did okay in #2 and expected to get it
>get a call from #1 saying they've moved on to other candidates
>just got an email from #2
>"you were great :) but we've decided to go with someone else"
>right back where i started
can nothing go right for my autistic ass? am i just destined to work at a warehouse? i genuinely feel like crying but everyone i know irl is just going to yell at me that it's my fault. life is so tiring and bleak kek

No. 1824447

That is so frustrating, anon. I'm sorry. This job market is the worst I've seen in years. I am sending positive vibes your way. You'll get the job you want soon.

No. 1824896

File: 1703284858381.gif (1.72 MB, 498x247, again.gif)


i've been looking into accounting and while i would be willing to do all the work the major + cpa would be, i'm not sure if the pay is worth it. also the fact that you work insane hours while only being compensated for the minimum 8. so my dilemma is, should i continue on the accounting path or do finance? i see a lot of accountants wanting to switch into finance since they are paid much more ~

No. 1824944

File: 1703285809402.jpg (77.35 KB, 640x640, da39f200a526b081f8f53412613f8d…)

Unfortunately you have to be as underhanded as employers in your mindset… and simply accept offers and cancel if a better offer comes.

It's not your fault you didn't know one of the many arbitrary sins of the fatties who run HR is that you should never postpone a job offer. Don't be to hard on yourself.

No. 1825025

Finance bros earning a lot is a myth. Per hr they earn below min wage, just work insane hours. Or their daddy bankrolls them because they work in his consulting firm if they're nepos. You will also have the most insufferable coworkers ever, to add insult to injury. With accounting you can at least work a regular 9-5 and move into tax and assurance in private companies, that's what my friend and his boyfriend did. They like their jobs a lot.

No. 1825762

can't you just show her how much money you're making? is there a reason why she seems to think that you would be able to find a desk job now but not later? you have a degree + useful, specific skills, i don't see why you wouldn't be able to find another job in the future if you wanted. it sounds like you're still living with her so maybe she's worried that you don't earn enough to be independent idk? but if you do, or don't plan to move out anytime soon, then it should be fine. ngl before knowing what you do i was a bit more on her "side" but it's actually much more sustainable than other types of freelance jobs (in this economy i mean - people will always need to build and fix things) + it's super cool and you seem very into it!

No. 1826295

is finding a salaried job I could do at my computer with 0 experience a pipe dream in 2023 (well, 2024 soon)? Even if it's not much or a few hours a week I'd take it. And no not trying to be lazy or something, it's just I have a social disability alongside health issues, so anything active or involving communicating via voice I am horrible at.

I do sell stuff online and I've had a lot more success with that than I thought but I'm not really sure how much I could increase my income unless I start getting creative, but it seems like this is less viable than ever with how much stuff is being duped. Selling fees are also steep as hell.

No. 1826299

I've been trying to get one for a year and I have a business degree and 3 years experience. I do have agoraphobia. Unfortunatley just finding work at a irl slow-paced place is much easier than lucking out and getting 100% remote. Both are worth trying for though. Especially some government jobs where you don't interact with the public.

No. 1826302

I was hired for a job but told them in the interview I was out of town for 2 weeks (I applied over a month before the interview).
He said it was fine and that theyve already done the Christmas roster.
Last week I got a text by the manager saying to do X module which I've now done. He was kind of abrupt because I needed him to send me where exactly the module was.
I know this is probably obvious but how long do I go before I call them to ask when I'm meant to work?
I'm enjoying not working lol so thats why I've put it off.

No. 1826318

Honestly this post is kinda confusing but you should let them know now when you're available to start and let them get back to you with the schedule. Idk why you would wait

No. 1826390

You're never going to get her to see sense. Don't tell her when you have work, don't let any potential clients speak to her at all, hide literally everything about your work from her. Definitely look into moving out if it's feasible. Your mother will do anything she can to sabotage you until you break and start making pennies at a suicide-inducing 9-5, then she'll gloat about it. Some people cannot pull their heads out of their assholes long enough to see how retarded they're being.
Also she sounds lowkey mad that you don't hate working. Playing childish games is getting you 2 years of stable income without any aneurysms or sleep deprivation, that's more than she got when she was miserable at her serious and dignified office lackey position. Boomers are truly desperate to make everyone suffer as much as they did.

No. 1826533

I'm more than half-way through finishing my degree in physics and I have no fucking idea what to do once I finish Lol. I only chose to study it because I enjoy maths but I never thought beyond that and I'm kind of scared. Since I was a kid I wanted to study physics and had all these ideas about doing a master's degree in astrophysics or other things I don't even remember but with time I lost motivation and don't even know what to do now or what I want realistically.

It even worries me the fact I've never had a job so I have no idea how to handle people. It doesn't help either that I'm way too shy and introverted and get anxious easily and there are no good job offers for that field in my country so most likely I will need to leave.

I'm scared of fucking up, making the wrong choices, and not doing anything with my degree because I know way too many people who had that happen to them and in best case scenario they became underpaid teachers because there is no scientific field to work in. Help.

No. 1827451

I'm trying to get into freelancing after spending 6 months in a dead end office job. How do you nonnies find work inperson/online? I just recently started fiverr…

No. 1829405

Is it worth it to work for yourself? I am wanting to quit and go into my nigel and his dad's business for cnc machining. I basically would be learning a trade. I currently do a lot of project management for a construction company. It would pay less at first, but his dad is slated to retire in a year and a half. I only have 3 years of experience in my current construction industry, but I quickly which is how I've ascended. Is there any reason I should stay in an office? I like what I currently do, but sometimes the social aspect is really draining for me. But, I am scared if I work for myself that I'd never really see anyone and I'm afraid it'd somehow make me crazy.

No. 1829455

I am a certified poorfag and I signed up for some program to help me pay for school.

No. 1829462

over ten people ahead of me on the waitlist… please Lord let me get into this course!!!!

No. 1829566


No. 1829607

File: 1703639851493.png (483.67 KB, 689x668, Fenneko.png)

I want a cool work friend like Fenneko. Everyone here sucks

No. 1829609

working with your partner and his family might be messy, have you been together long?

No. 1829679

We've been together for 5 years. His dad gets along really well with me. His mom accepts me. The plan is for us to get married before the business is bought by us. I am mostly just scared to do something totally different. I've been trying to get an additional associate's in business administration.

No. 1829717

It has now been 11 months since I was laid off. I am desperate to be financially secure and independent again. My goal in the new year is to get a full-time salaried job with health insurance, like the one I lost. I can't afford to stay unemployed for another year or two because my savings will run out.

No. 1830096

My boss got a little pissy with me during our checkin call this morning because I didn't hop over to a client site over the weekend to-once again-correct an error an employee made on paperwork because I was out of town for the holiday.
It's not the employee's fault that he rushed and wrote an incorrect date on the paperwork.
It's not the employee's accountability that he has been shown how to correct this sort of error before.
This isn't my boss's fault for hiring this dude who doesn't comprehend or write well outside their mutual language that I am not fluent in.

Nope, it's my fault because I did not let my boss know I was out of town for the holiday and did not rush to go babysit a grown ass man to ensure he writes correctly–when I had interrupted my holiday plans the week prior to re-train him when he bungled the client's procedure!

My boss said my behavior is why clients are canceling us. Um, are you sure boss? Cause it seems like clients are canceling us based on the people you hired, and not for my lack of not being on standby enough for putting out all the fires. But yanno, I just gotta eat this shit and pretend he has got a point.

No. 1831750

>my manager instates a lowlife piece of shit as an account supervisor
>dude acts like he frequents r/antiwork mixed with some hoodrat shit even though it's one of the easiest jobs in the world
>never communicates, dumps his work on his team, unexcused callouts, timecard fraud etc.
>huge victim complex whenever he is disciplined
>blames everyone but himself
>employees quit because of him
>client upset at our company because of him
>every time I try to train new employees to replace him he hazes them out or won't show them shit to secure his job
>my manager who put this guy there is constantly on my ass to get rid of him without understanding the shortstaff dilemma (shoulda done it yourself, faggot)
>HR not supportive in neither disciplinary counseling nor finding me worthy replacements to hire
>nothing works on this piece of shit moid, in neither write ups, improvement plans, or anything
>finally get HR/leadership permission to term him but I still need him due to shortstaff
>a couple months go by
>finally have the staff to term him in spite of his hazing attempts
>he fucks up big time
>term him on spot with cause since he was trying to blame everyone but himself
>forward documentation to HR
>HR scolds me for terminating him on site instead of suspending him while they investigate
How much of a piece of shit do I have to prove this asshole was so that my cheap fucking company can rest assured they won't pay for his unemployment??? I wish I could smear campaign this guy for how much grief he caused me this past year. He can go enjoy working at McDonald's for all I give a fuck. He doesn't deserve the shit from my shoe bottoms.

No. 1832104

>my boss is the nicest
>I can express my creativity
>coworkers are nice
>I love my coworker I work most with
>working times are perfect for me
>free meal
>lots of hugs
>not much money
>I have to see the person that traumatized me so much a few times a year
>I have to scream like crazy
>after work I sometimes feel so stressed I have to come down for a few hours to feel normal
>I’m cleaning all the time

No. 1832612

Tips about getting into the waitressing/resturaunt industry and what 'look' they generally go for? don't be afraid to be blunt

No. 1832644

I don’t know if this applies to every country but here generally there’s not a set look, it depends on the place’s image. Generally if you’re young they would hire you pretty much everywhere, especially in places desperate for workers, and then once you have a little experience working with food etc. you can then get your way into working at more high end or specialised places. You can just find places where you like the vibe and it matches your energy and appy there. The people you’ll be working with are more important than the job itself

No. 1833369

Got a job at the beginning of December and I already hate it and I don't even have a good enough excuse for hating it.

I work fast food , about 7 hours max usually, 3-4 days a week and I simply take money at the window which I don't mind since it's usually really easy. So , overall very easy job with plenty of free time but I know they want me to learn headset because I work closing but I genuinely can't do it.

I almost always can't hear the customers when they speak but when I can hear them , they go way too fast for me to catch up and i still can't catch up when I ask them to repeat it. it's unnecessarily stressful for me and I don't even think my other coworkers want me to take orders either because they didn't seem excited or understand why I had too when the manager said I needed to learn. Probably because we already have at least three to four other people during my shift that can do headset and usually if I'm working past closing , there's still always one person that can do headset. Again , don't see why I have to learn it when there's a line of people who can do it while I take money.

I just don't see myself keeping this job if they put me on headset. I'm hoping that till I do quit. , I don't get out on headset and than maybe I can either get an autism diagnosis or find a job that allows me to do work that doesn't require me to take orders from customers and doesn't require me to rush when working. I can keep to myself and work at a steady speed.

No. 1833536

have you explored different ways of managing your stress? is it a lot more stress than you felt at your other jobs? if there a path to advance? overall the pros seem to outweigh the cons. finding somewhere without miserable bitter coworkers can be difficult.

No. 1833542

Feeling like an absolute mong because I need to be pep-talked into taking basic steps like
>revise your resume to include recent coursework projects and previous job
>start actually fucking applying for positions you see in LinkedIn notifications
>look up behavioral questions and practice answering them
because what if I need to spend more time working on my technical skills to compete with the hordes of other applicants who do nothing but look up paywalled interview questions instead? It's all so fucking overwhelming! Even though I am almost done with my MS and can solve problems that would have given me a mental breakdown in undergrad, I still feel like I would get laughed out of any technical interview since it seems like you're expected to just immediately recognize and vomit out canned solutions to fucked up trick questions that have nothing to do with the actual job responsibilities. Wish I'd been born twenty years earlier and gotten in before this field became such a bloated meme career.

No. 1834160

I put in my three weeks at a fast food company I have been with for two years. Two of these weeks I am on approved vacation and was set to work a couple of days when I went back.

The other morning I noticed I was kicked out of the work group chat and terminated. I asked my manager about this over text and she stated that
> 1/6 is a Sunday and you do not work those days so I cannot schedule you

but 1/6 is a saturday and i work saturdays and wrote for that to be my last day? after i said this she never responsed to my message…

i feel so fucking livid i know this is life and managers can show true colors but can i file for a week of unemployment or do i have no case? i had no write ups or talking tos nor was i notified that i was fired before my notice was up. she didnt even answer when i asked if i was dismissed early, just said 1/6 is sunday and stopped responding?

its been a couple days and i cant get over this and i know i need to. i want to bomb them with bad reviews or leave an honest one but i know its probably a waste of time. it just hurts.

No. 1834178

I put in my three weeks at a fast food company I have been with for two years. Two of these weeks I am on approved vacation and was set to work a couple of days when I went back.

The other morning I noticed I was kicked out of the work group chat and terminated. I asked my manager about this over text and she stated that
> 1/6 is a Sunday and you do not work those days so I cannot schedule you

but 1/6 is a saturday and i work saturdays and wrote for that to be my last day? after i said this she never responsed to my message…

i feel so fucking livid i know this is life and managers can show true colors but can i file for a week of unemployment or do i have no case? i had no write ups or talking tos nor was i notified that i was fired before my notice was up. she didnt even answer when i asked if i was dismissed early, just said 1/6 is sunday and stopped responding?

its been a couple days and i cant get over this and i know i need to. i want to bomb them with bad reviews or leave an honest one but i know its probably a waste of time. it just hurts.


No. 1834230

I'd like to find my first job ever but I don't even know if I should search for it in the city I live in or in the one where I'll study next year.

No. 1834359

Get one in the city ur currently living in because than maybe , just maybe , the experience will help you find a better job when you do move

No. 1834372

Screenshot ALL the messages about Saturday being your last day, any other Saturdays you worked, any confirmation your manager gave about you working Saturday (doesn't have to be this coming Saturday, any previous Saturdays are fine), your shifts, your contract, anything like that, and DO NOT tell her or any of your old coworkers that you're doing this.
See if there's anyone you can talk to before you file for unemployment, I'm not a burger so I don't know what the employment laws are like over there but you might be able to get your manager into hot water for what she did.

No. 1835049

File: 1704020341766.jpeg (13.64 KB, 225x225, IMG_5893.jpeg)

I work in a large company spanning multiple job sites. I am flexible with any hours, any shifts and any work site. I get shunted around without complaint to pick up slack for the various part time moms and all their schedules. Anyway, out of a team of 70- 2 of us will be rostered to one site on even given day. So the combinations of coworkers are endless- you might see someone once every 2 months etc. there is a turbo autist who would commit war crimes if she could. Anyway unfortunately we worked at another company together before this one and she directed all her hatred towards me and that has carried over into this job. She refuses to talk to me which is very difficult if we are operating dangerous equipment. Our manager has been aware of this for years. All of a sudden we have been rostered together after three years of being kept apart. I never call my manager or whinge about anything and do whatever they tell me cos I’m a complete doormat. Anyway I came straight out of the gate swinging and told her “I don’t ask for much- but I cannot work with .” She got all defensive like I wouldn’t have done that roster, it’s hard with sick calls etc etc. and I was pissed so carried on with “I will go to any site at late notice- we have 15 sites and 70 staff members I shouldn’t need to work with her if she won’t cooperate with me. If you cannot accomodate this request then you need to manage her and it needs to go through HR because she is the aggressor. And that sounds a lot more work than just not rostering us together.” Anyway the phone call did not end on a polite note so now I am worried I’ve fucked everything over some stupid autist I could’ve just swapped shifts around. Anyway thanks if you read this far. How much is “fuck you money” to rage quit a job if you have no debt and no other job lined up. 6 months of expenses? 12?

No. 1835115

anon, it's good that you stood up for yourself. if i were you i'd just wait and see if they make any changes in the future (e.g. continue to keep you two apart). if not, try going through HR and if that doesn't work, fuck off and find a new job. also make sure to write down in detail (including date, time and location) what your coworker does as proof that you aren't making shit up.

No. 1836446

I hate my job so much, I dread the holidays ending so much, but it pays so well and my parents are so proud because of it…

No. 1836579

Is it possible to get into a job in your 30s. I'm 26, but had my first kid and want another, I don't plan to work until they're school age but by the time they are I'm gonna have a hell of a resume gap. I was a technical writer before but I'd like to pivot into something more interesting. Is there even any resources for finding a job post baby? I can't imagine it's an uncommon predicament

No. 1836581

It’s very easy to become a nurse, a lot of middle aged women do it once their kids are in school or even wait until they’re teenagers or adults

No. 1836791

sorry for late reply nona, happy new year to all I didn’t mean to leave you hanging. I applied through a private traffic control company, I googled “traffic flagging job [city, state]” and found one that has an office within an hour drive of me. there are a few inter-state companies, but all vary state to state since road laws/traffic safety laws all vary but they also pay for your certification in orientation, at least I haven’t heard of a company that makes you pay yourself. I’m unsure about international flagging jobs, but in the US if you look up “traffic control company” usually theres really easy one page application like “do you currently have a job? do you consent to a background check? do you have a license and a car?”. if you don’t have a license or a car, look up a “mentorship program”, it’s $1/hr less and then they send someone in a company vehicle to pick you up/drop you off for work. best of luck, I hope everyone finds a job that pays the bills and feels like easy money in 2024!

No. 1836809

No, once you turn 30 all jobs disappear and you crumble into dust. What kind of question is that? Being a mom is more of an issue to an employer than being 30.

No. 1836850

kek yeah it sounds like a major cope
maybe even an excuse for not having to work at all, afterall she will be 30 already lol

No. 1836964

I'm sorry to hear you decided to have a child

No. 1837573

Fuck, anons. I hate working so much. I teach during the day and work retail at night because it's the only part-time job with hours after school. I wish I could afford a teaching degree so that I could get a better job but I'm so afraid to put myself $60k+ in debt.

No. 1838418

nta but this thread is full of freshly graduated uni students worried about not finding a job and you're surprised that she's worried about not managing to enter a completely new field at 35 after years of being a stay-at-home mom? obviously it's not impossible at all but depending on the industry it may be more difficult, it's not too crazy to ask for tips lol

No. 1838499

just applied for a few very shitty remote $12/$13 usd an hour jobs. hope i get one of them

No. 1838541

File: 1704350118086.jpeg (75.65 KB, 749x541, IMG_4988.jpeg)

What would be the ramifications of lying to my job and saying I need to fly back home for two weeks because of “family reasons”? Assuming no one finds out I just need a break from my life. Anyone done it?

No. 1838695

File: 1704368987103.jpg (49.72 KB, 1023x682, 1000000225.jpg)

How do I know if I'll be fired or my manager reduced my tasks because I'm very obviously struggling?

I have very obvious ADHD and my manager recently told me that she noticed that switching between tasks seems to be difficult for me and therefore she will delegate some of them to a coworker. I honestly have no idea if this is genuine or a sign that I should start looking for jobs

No. 1838704

File: 1704369976818.jpg (77.09 KB, 540x620, tumblr_beedfcd5f1f74257040dda9…)

Filled out a job application for the first time in years because my current job is just getting worse and worse. I'm pretty sure I fucked it a lil but idgaf anymore. either call me for an interview or don't. My days of doing appeasement dickriding during the hiring process are over kek.

No. 1838705

Is your manager generally supportive/accommodating? If this feels in character for her and your workplace has a disability positive culture (obviously it's all corpo bullshit, but some workplaces are willing to make accomodations for the sake of looking progressive and retaining employees better) then it might be fine.
My workplace does the whole disability awareness/culture shit but I'd still be worried that I seemingly did poorly enough for my manager to notice and take that initiative, though.

No. 1838710

What on earth is that pic anon?

No. 1838715

Twitterfag image

No. 1838735

This image is horrifying, anon

No. 1838736

Switched jobs to get away from a dumbass absentee admin. New jobs admin is both a dumbass and absentee. I wish there were still work from home jobs out there….

No. 1838739

are you actually going to fly home? just tell them you're taking vacation to visit your family. or are you planning on hiding out at home for 2 weeks? if you feel the need to explain why you're using pto then tell them your fam is the one visiting you and you're taking the time to be with them. or you'rw doing projects around the home

No. 1838761

your post did not benefit from the addition of kevin james' big naturals

No. 1838765

I'm attaching that pic to my next application because fuck it, what have I got to lose at this point.

No. 1838768

>retarded overused twitter meme
Wow totes memequeen based trolol exdee

No. 1838780

Did a bird shit in your hair this morning or something? Calm down.

No. 1838781

Sorry I just thought it was a funny pic

No. 1838782

I chuckled, nonna!

No. 1838799

Change it to “personal reasons” and it’s not a lie. You don’t have to tell your job anything specific.

No. 1839588

I’m quitting my first job that I’ve been at for almost 3 years and I have a few questions:

Since I’m quitting and giving my bosses 2 weeks notice once I find another job, who am I supposed to use as a reference in applying to new jobs? I haven’t had another employer in years and how am I supposed to ask my current bosses to vouch for me when I’m trying to leave them?

Can you get away with lying about the level of the position you previously held? I was told a year ago that I would move up to the next level of technician but we’ve been too busy with other shit for me to get trained. So on my resume I want to fluff it up and avoid the possibilty of being asked why I haven’t moved up in a company i’ve been with for almost 3 years. Is there a possible way for them to find out I lied about that?

And on top of that, I was originally working for them under a temp agency for what was supposed to be only 6 months but they kept dragging their feet on hiring me in and it ended up taking a year. Should I include that agency in my resume or can I get away with not including it at all, and just exaggerating my time as an actual employee at my company? I feel like this one would be easier for them to find out I lied

No. 1839611

My company has gone through a regime change. I have seen multiple VPs and directors fired within months of each other. They have hired more VPs than were fired and promoted a director to VP. They're still trying to figure out which VP everyone will report to. Currently I have three VPs all thinking I report to them and assigning me work. One doesn't know shit about our industry and is an idiot. Another is a blowhard and an idiot. The other one is cool and I really hope to get to report to them, but I will most likely get stuck with tweedle dee and tweedle dum. I should probably be updating my resume. I don't get paid enough for the shenanigans of the two idiots. Any tips from anyone who has endured similar circumstances would be greatly appreciated.

No. 1839613

i've known of companies who post job listings all the time but its just to avoid any legal issues or backlash because everyone they've hired is through recomendation. If you post your cv and portfolio without knowing anyone there it will go into the trash, unread.

They call nepotism "networking" nowadays and as an eternal shut in with bad social skills from low income background it makes me want to do a flip.

No. 1839631

I was meant to start a job around Christmas, I messaged my manager asking for him to give me the log in to access my roster and haven't heard from him at all.
I'm nearly 2 months pregnant now and was wanting to save some extra money for baby stuff.
Idk if I should call the store and be like "hi yeah I asked you to give me a log in and you ignored me, can you do that so I know when I can work thanks" or just never contact the work again.

No. 1839639

File: 1704428335641.jpg (134.07 KB, 1024x1024, image1_0 (1).jpg)

absolutely sick and tired of ppl from my work just not showing up or being late EVERY shift and not getting in trouble but i call in sick 3 times 4 hours before AND got people to cover my shift for me but i get in trouble?

after i had to go home bc of a migraine i got a warning (?!) and was told next time i should call in ahead of time SO I DO AND I GET ANOTHER WARNING?! this is so bullshit im sick of being punished for being ill i have an immune disorder why did they hire me after knowing this and then get mad when im sick??? why did they hire me after KNOWING that?? so fucking stupid i hate this i want to be a neet in a depression pit again but also pls dont fire me

No. 1839649

Wow I wish I could have a phone call with you right now to explain all the stupid reasons this is happening to you because I have intimate knowledge of it from past jobs as a supervisor/manage privy to staff meetings and the HR stuff that bosses don't tell employees. If this is anything like where I worked the reason you are seeing inconsistent enforcement of the Time & Attendance policy is because your bosses are lazy (they don't check employee punches in a timely manner / writing up people is work so they don't go looking for it) and you are telling on yourself (you call, someone records the tardy in a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper, now there's a paper trail that your boss is accountable for). Now that you're in hot water you don't really have the option of not telling on yourself, because their eyes are on you and there is probably some stupid jargon in the handbook that says that's an Unexcused Tardy and immediately terminable or something retarded. (You need to read the handbook if you haven't btw, do not rely on manager's interpretations because they will only tell you what they want you to hear.)
>im sick of being punished for being ill i have an immune disorder why did they hire me after knowing this and then get mad when im sick??? why did they hire me after KNOWING that??
Use that! Laws vary but where I worked all the bosses were scared shitless of firing someone that could claim they were fired due to illness, because if it went to court that employee would win and more importantly (to the boss) it would reflect poorly on the boss who fired them. You could probably get your write-ups wiped off the record if you have some Drs note or some kind of paperwork that explains you need accommodation for illness (as much as you're comfortable disclosing – you don't have to tell your job any real medical details, that's private; your doctor might have advice on this if needed). Do not be afraid to go to a higher level boss with this! if you have a middleman supervisor jump right over them, and mentions to their boss the way the policy isn't being fairly enforced too because that's a possible discrimination lawsuit if you're a protected class lol not sure you want to go down that road but trust me they're thinking it

No. 1839659

Samefag: also even if it's not a legal concern for them that you have an illness it doesn't hurt for you to play the pity card when it's justified like this. You shouldn't have gotten a warning for leaving early if you had a medical reason. Your boss doesn't understand your illness and needs to be reminded. (Or is an asshole or is actively trying to fire you and time & attendance is the lowest hanging fruit in terms of paperwork… but I don't want to freak you out with worst-case possibilities.)

No. 1840387

This is what I always suspected. My resume goes into the fire as soon as I send it in. I have tons of skills but I'm a shut-in. I'm wondering if I can bribe someone there to recommend me.

No. 1840935

File: 1704520115784.gif (1.09 MB, 500x281, 7cb.gif)

>tfw went for degree in cs
>just hoping for a simple office role when i get out
>fast forward a year
>desperately applying to fast food joints and janitor positions and warehouses because i desperately need cash coming in by the end of feb, my savings are gone
>too autistic to get hired anywhere else i suppose (16 interviews, one offer got revoked due to hiring freeze, i'm also this anon >>1824436)
>mother not even hiding her excitement that i a.) won't be able to move out b.) can continue to serve as her live-in wallet c.) will be "humbled" after daring to go off to college in hopes of getting out of this awful, small, shitty town
i'm tired. tired of telling people how tired i am kek. will working in a warehouse seriously fuck up my hands? i like to draw, i don't want them to break on the boxes and shit

No. 1840943

I'm so glad I'm not alone in this fucked up boat. I'm in almost the exact same position nonna. I'm applying to grocery stores and considering applying to grain elevator jobs, but it'd probably be too physically demanding for me. I didn't expect a great job in cs, but I can't even find positions to apply for. If I wasn't dead inside I might cry.

No. 1840959

praying for us both, nona. it's crazy how terrible life is

No. 1841075

Your hands, your back, your feet. Not joking. I know from experience. It will break your soul. Every day I would hear women crying in bathroom stalls next to me. Try to get literally anything other than a warehouse job. Hell, even a waitress would be better. The only 'pro' of warehouse jobs is not dealing with customers. In every other way warehouse jobs are shit. The one I worked at only gave 45 minutes lunches on 10 hours days(7 days a week mind you) and we had to meet time/volume quotas. They are dirty with no air in summer or heat in winter. They patted us down when we left to make sure we weren't stealing merch. We weren't allowed to leave the building during lunch. I would rather pick up shit as a janitor than go back to a warehouse job.

No. 1841416

I despise the "what about our company interests you?" question. NOTHING. I read your about page and I can barely comprehend what the fuck it says. God.

No. 1841747

girl get a job in a hotel as front desk or housekeeping or with a cleaning company, don't go to a warehouse

No. 1843158

Government denied my UI without any real reason, so I'm hard core job hunting this week. I took 2 weeks off to see my family for the holidays, but back to this shit. Please send me lots of luck, nonnies

No. 1843373

i think i will go for anything else yeah. my mom said working the warehouse was the worst time of her life (and she also said she wants me to try applying there kek…i could've posted this in the vent thread but god what a cunt). maybe janitor work won't be so bad

No. 1844072

Would you get hired on again before telling your former workplace (1 year ago but I frequent as a customer and the store owner likes me a lot) before telling ideas on how to improve the workplace? I would like to work there again and I'm quite confident in my ideas and ablities (sales went up when I was there) but quit on a good standing. I am talking stuff that would make it more managable and get rid of the high turnover. Any ideas appreciated on how to approach. Currently I have a binder of ideas I'm making to approach the store owner with and hope to get rehired (which I know she would do) but not sure how to approach my ideas and improvements. (On the intial meeting or would you wait until hired?) I would like to go back as I see a big oppourtunity for growth for her business and myself.

No. 1844304

I’ve grown tired of my job. I’m too socially awkward to help people, to answer people’s questions, to deal with rolling out so many new procedures and policies. I feel like I can’t function. Each time I socialise at work, I end up feeling so much worse about myself. Each time someone asks me a question, I tell them whatever BS will get them out quicker. I know I’m the problem, but I have no clue what other job would suit me better. I just want to have headphones in all day and do my own thing. I’m tired of people.

No. 1844308

Good luck with the job hunt, anon!

No. 1844319

Why the fuck do people just not fucking respond when I apply to a job???

No. 1844343

it's likely that there were no people who ever saw the application and you got filtered by a bot, unfortunately

No. 1844386

Art/Writing commission anons, how did you get started? I don’t have any social media and I’m not really sure how you build clientele, but I do know it’s not a fast process. I’m so tired of working OT in a physical labor job just to stay above water with bills, supporting my family, and rising housing costs. Every day feels like rolling a boulder up a hill and I’m so tired. If I could build a supplemental commission basis I could work less physical hours and at least be comfortable in my apartment while I work on comms for people. I daydream about affording to travel to see family across the states or treat myself fancy self care stuff or new furniture. Honestly having more time at home would be worth it. Maybe I could finally get a cat to cuddle too.

No. 1844779

Been applying to jobs and no one wants me because I’m a failure. I want to kill myself already lmao

No. 1845311

I hope another anon will be able to give you more detailed advice (or another perspective), but one thing that seems "obvious" to me is that you shouldn't tell her all your ideas in a way that gives away your solutions to her issues before you're hired. But of course, your ideas and more generally your knowledge of the company, your analysis of the situation and your past performance are big advantages for your application, so you should mention them. After expressing your motivation etc., you can tell her that you've identified X areas with room for improvement, or that you've identified the main challenge for this business, and that you've been working on X measures that could be taken to improve X / solve X / achieve X (you can prepare a presentation if the meeting allows for that). Only you know how much detail you can give, but basically, I don't think you should hand over all your work before you're sure you're hired. Even if you're on good terms, it seems a bit risky to me, she could be wondering why you left only to come back a year later or something else. In any case, good luck anon.

What's your job?

You're not a failure anon, it's hard for so many people these days..

No. 1845701

is the Easy Apply function on linkedin worth it? or is it better to manually apply? sorry if it's a retarded question, at this point i'm struggling to find anything legit on linkedin.

No. 1846143

Returned back to work after being on EI and now they're not scheduling me kek after the whole month of asking when I could return while I was sick. Terrible.

No. 1846627

Out of 200 applications, majority of the ones that lead to an interview was from using the easy apply button for some reason. One of them almost ended in a job as well until the company decided that they didn't want to hire anyone right after my final interview. Either way, I think the trick is to adjust your settings and keep an eye out so you're one of the first ones to apply to these roles. I'm talking mere minutes after the listing has been posted. Anytime I've applied to one that's more than 24 hours old nothing happens. I'm in Europe, though, it might be a lot different for people in the US. It sucks because I've spent hours researching companies and writing good cover letters overseen by career coaches and heard nothing back from jobs I was actually excited for, while farting on an easy apply button has yielded the most results.

No. 1846632

It's SLOW. You need to learn what you can write/draw quickly without doubting yourself, come up with a rough idea of prices based on how long it takes you to finish. Places like Tumblr are good for getting customers. Interact with everyone, reblog their art and writing, write fics for their art and draw art for their fics. It doesn't have to be polished. A couple of paragraphs or a rough sketch is fine. TIFs can be good customers so battle through their trans boi bullshit- even if the TIF you're sucking up to doesn't give you money, you'll attract desperate gendies who're willing to throw you their tardbucks. Tag all your art and writing even if it's a paragraph or a shitty scribble. Have a ko-fi, the tip function enabled on your Tumblr, have a BUSINESS Paypal so they don't see your real name and address. If it's available in your country have a Cashapp with your business name. ALWAYS send invoices through Paypal. It does help to be mentally ill, gendermysterious and not white, so stick that in your bio. Make it clear that any non-payment is literally equivalent to genocide.

No. 1846675

My people!
I still love science but have really come to hate biomedical lab work. I went into this field to do research, not stare at a centrifuge and listen to my coworkers’ vapid gossiping all day. They did not tell me that loving trashy reality tv and talking shit was a job requirement. But when I complain to my family they suggest I go into nursing instead because “they’re always looking for nurses!”. Yeah no shit, it’s a horrible job and no one wants to do it. From the frying pan into the fire. I’ll take the centrifuge.

Yeah this happens all the time and they fucking laugh about it. One guy bragged to me about how two hundred people applied to the listing for the job he had already been given, and all of them were tossed in the bin without a look. Apparently they’re legally obligated to have a publicly available job listing but not to interview anyone. The guy was borderline incompetent too, and lazy as fuck. He spent more time hanging around the coffee machine than in the lab but our supervisors didn’t care because they hired him for his personality, not his skills or work ethic. All the work he didn’t “get around to” got dumped on me. Most of my colleagues were the same so nobody appreciated it when I pointed out the wildly (and easily verifiable) uneven distribution of work in our group. And as much as I would have loved to burn that bridge to cinders, I had to suck it up because needed the reference and their “network”.

No. 1846690

Thank you sm Nona, this is hugely helpful & I appreciate your advice a ton. I hope you have something really good happen to you today!

No. 1846734

File: 1704905761519.jpg (217.25 KB, 2560x1538, Classic-Lasagna-14-scaled.jpg)

I start my new shitty job tomorrow which pays more than my last shitty job. there's so many scam listings it's been hard to find anything real for low entry level grunt work type shit tbh. my grandma is offering to help me pay off some debt that would allow me to go finish the degree I was working towards prior to the onset of bipolar disorder though, so maybe hope is just around the bend. she's a genuine meanie head narcissist, as in the personality disorder, but I will kiss ass if that means I can get a better job and pamper my little cat. and maybe one day adopt a little chihuahua. fingers crossed I guess.

No. 1846939

Depressed. A human contacted me regarding a job, but the hours and pay are terrible. How are people dealing with this??

I just would like an office job, 9-5….looks like I can add that to my list of stupid dreams.
God this happened to me anon. He always has excuses about why x wasn't done but apparently everyone thinks he is God's gift to mankind. This makes me so mad, they are running a company, not a party.

No. 1846967

I graduated college last month and everyone is so happy for me, but it just makes me want to cry. I have no relevant job prospects and I feel like the world is so fucked up I don't even want to live in it. It's to the point where I can't even just go outside and see someone without having some harsh judgement on them, like "they're fat and addicted to sugar and don't take care of themselves, people are so lazy" or "those people have to take the bus, that's so sad they're poor." I turn it on myself all the time too, like I didn't take an internship or do enough work when in school so now my classmates will all get jobs before me. I know it sounds like a cop-out to just give up and I don't want to, but I can't imagine working a 9-5 and missing out on life but I also can't imagine not working a 9-5, the income wouldn't be stable enough. Has anyone else ever felt like this?

No. 1846987

i'm on my last few days at my shit job from here >>1764339 and it's so weird. my bosses are ignoring me completely. another coworker is leaving in a few weeks and they are signing a card for her and gathering money to buy her a gift. i don't think they are doing that for me. they also usually buy us food on special occasions and let us know beforehand so the secretary can gather our orders. this isn't happening either. i just come to work every day, do whatever work is there, and then i sit at my desk and fool around until it's time to leave. at this point i just hope i'll get my reference letter without any delay because i'm not in the mood to bother my boss about it for weeks after i've already left.

No. 1847005

Thank you so much!

No. 1848008

I just started my first job and I have no fucking idea how people did it back in the day where you had to wear suits/heels and had no hybrid work schedule. I cannot wait to see how millennials and gen Z continue to change corporate culture bc I think it’s only going to get better. Does anyone think that the traditional corporate culture is partially why boomers are so bitter? It just seems like needless suffering, esp in regards to remote work because they insist on people being in the office but in my experience it makes little difference and just inconveniences people with kids and other responsibilities. Wasn’t worker productivity higher than ever with the pandemic (when everyone was remote) or something?

No. 1848037

File: 1704985812726.png (102.19 KB, 1200x1200, HFNnYrqruqvI_-Skg2C7ZYjdcXp-6E…)

Wait till the zoomie finds out those things were traded in exchange for upwards social mobility and its only gonna get "better"

No. 1848041

No need to be condescending, but who caused those things? Boomers and their predecessors. Eventually with millennials and Gen Z taking over, things might actually change for the better. And yeah maybe it’s shallow but I think WFH or a hybrid work schedule is a huge step in the right direction. And again, not having to dry clean suits and wear uncomfortable shoes to work.

No. 1848049

File: 1704986639799.png (126 KB, 537x483, f26.png)

>Eventually with millennials and Gen Z taking over, things might actually change for the better.
lol, bless your hearth

No. 1848052

I think Millennials and older zoomers will make good changes for the better. There are obviously some jobs that cant be remote, but most jobs can. I like the hybrid approach as well. I think the jobs will get better productivity wise, but we just need our wages to increase to make our horrible inflation right.
A millennial in her 30s here who did the whole snow storm braving to get to work, only to have work close 3 hours later.

No. 1848063

Thanks anon, I hope so too. I know there’s a lot to be pessimistic about and I don’t want to come off as naive bc yeah I know wages are shit compared to what we could have made 50 years ago for the same productivity. HOWEVER I think there are some wins that we can celebrate and view as positive changes in the workplace. I think there likely will be some millennials who have history from past toxic workplaces with boomer leadership that will still try to uphold those old corporate standards and there will still be terrible Gen Z and millennials bosses who have unreasonable expectations, like to torture their subordinates, etc.

No. 1848067

>productivity vs wages graph
>WFH or a hybrid work schedule is a huge step in the right direction
that only works for white collar office jobs. the essential jobs like waste management, water treatment, medicine, agriculture, textiles, construction, logistics, manufacturing –basically everything that provides us with the physical needs of life will never be WFH. and they are a large part of the stagnant wage problem. I don't think you're really talking about them but the vast majority of people who need an increase in wages are not in any kind of field that could ever be WFH.
>Wasn’t worker productivity higher than ever with the pandemic (when everyone was remote) or something?
productivity went up because every business did massive layoffs and the people left picked up the slack and were doing the work of multiple people.

No. 1848070

>that only works for white collar office jobs.
same jobs that are about to get raped by automation, outsouring and H-1bs. Younger people are still not getting that is not corpo being cool and hip with the times when they agree to changes while those positions erode.

No. 1848081

Younger people don't understand that productivity is a codeword for less jobs available, less pay for more work, and more profit being funneled to the top instead of paying wages. People pushing productivity just see numbers on a spreadsheet, they don't care about real life or the people doing the work.

No. 1848083

I just saw this video on ig of this dude who scams pedos out of thousands of dollars thru telegram and snapchat. now I wanna just scam and never get a job
we need a /scammer/ thread.

No. 1848089

Scammer thread seconded. Or a general “here’s a loophole to take advantage of” thread. Or a living in poverty thread…

No. 1848536

>my supervisors are locked in the office and start talking in lowered voices but you can still hear everything and can kinda figure out that they’re talking about you

fucking hate working with this bitch. all because I didn’t want to send an e-mail that had already too many higher-up people’s hands in it and me being a lower position one I didn’t feel comfortable replying and everything.
I want to get the fuck out but I’m too stupid for any other job, I lucked into this one. I also can’t drive well.
Wtf I didn’t do anything and she’s making it a big deal and everything. Plus I’ve no friends to vent to I fucking hate myself and I’m crying again.

No. 1848584

Sorry anon, when people like that are wrong they love to surround themselves with people who say they're right. Maybe you should have sent the email, who knows. But you should at least get a chance to tell them why you didn't send it and get some understanding. I hope you find a better job, tons of women think they're stupider than they are, I bet you're more able than you think.

No. 1848845

> get raped
You sound like a moid

No. 1849005

>can't filter by a very specific time frame on linked (last 2 days)
>can't filter out companies
useless piece of trash

No. 1849063

I work for a (like, z-list) influencer owned company and it's such a drag how we all have to comply with her every whim and impulse. She doesn't even drive sales, literally her only "job" here, because all her followers are dead accounts and bots and everyone knows it. She has hate accounts dedicated to her with more reach than she has, and that's just because the few thousand real followers she used to have over a decade ago turned on her over the years and are still autistic about it. Why am I taking direction from a nearly 40 year old trust fund kid who couldn't even succeed at instagram? We lost a couple other employees last year and honestly I wish I left with them.

No. 1849172

What's stopping you from moving on to something better? Is it a difficult field?

No. 1849182

A job is a job. It's only difficult because the company doesn't have enough people to cover everything they want to do with it, but that's basically all companies these days.

No. 1849222

isn’t working a 9-5 just like being in highschool, schedule wise. except you get paid for it, that’s how i plan to rationalize things once i get a job. i didn’t miss too much of life in hs (probably because i had no social life but whatever)

No. 1849254

It's better and worse than school. Better because you get paid and don't necessarily have to do any work at home (not having to study or do assignments is the biggest relief istg), but worse because you have to do it forever. School has an end date, work just looms in front of you forever and gives you existential crises.

For what it's worth, when I had a job with hours 7-3, it did actually feel like school because of the early finish.

No. 1849329

How do you deal with being constantly undermined at work? My job is really clear and specific and it overlaps ever so slightly with two other roles but only in a way where we could collaborate together. Instead these two other roles want to horde the tasks and ideas I create and suggest constantly it's not my job to do it even though it's in my job description and very clearly stated.

For example, say I created a presentation to deliver that had a clear goal that aims to collect some useful data. My manager (the other two roles are in different teams so with a different manager) says they are extremely happy and excited to see the outcome. I tell these two other roles that I am doing this a month in advance, ask for feedback, and nobody bats an eyelid or even asks to collaborate. Once the results come out and I share it with the other two as if I didn't i'd get reprimanded. I get told "are you the right person to be doing this" by one person and "give me the data so we can avoid you having to do the next steps" by another and I'm just so confused. There's nothing wrong with the data, it's extremely useful. I am fully capable to do the next steps and arguably I am better placed to do them.

Have any nonnas been in a similar situation, how do you handle it? I'm a sensitive person so I can't help but take it to heart and get upset. For context I have been bullied by another person already in this role and these two people are friends and work in the same team as the person who bullied me so part of me assumes it's just because they simply don't like me for some reason. If it matters, everyone involved are women 40+ aside from me.

No. 1853726

I need advices. I know if I cannot make a living with my art I have what it take to be a nude life drawing model. I know some people who need models for their classes, I have a body type that is "popular" in classic art and I just need to learn how to hold good poses. I know other female artist who did that as a part time job.

I'm torn on the aspect of it being similar to sex work toward how I'm objectified, I'm using my female body as a money maker, and it will be used by others. As someone who love drawing from nude life model, I know it's a respectful setting, but still I wonder. I know I will never work as a model for one person (unless it's another woman who's work I deeply respect).

What do you think nonnies ?

No. 1853736

Being a nude model for art class isn't sex work, if you're uncomfortable I think it's just not for you. Just be careful if you decide to do it because you don't know moids / teachers, heard some drama about it in my old school.

No. 1853741

it's how you feel about others viewing your naked body that matters nonna but i don't think nude modelling is objectifying in the same way that something like stripping is. i've taken life drawing classes and there is nothing sexual about them. that said you can't control how moids think and behave so even if it's a professional environment you may still have uncomfortable experiences.

No. 1853764

What the other anons said, stripping for men in a club or doing prostitution is completely different to an academic setting and those students are learning for their education. I don't see the objectification factor but that's just me, you're still a person no matter if someone draws you nude or fully clothed. I understand why you would feel this way though, it's not a job for everyone.

No. 1853819

This or worse happened to me at every job I've ever worked. At this point I just see it as human nature. Truthfully people just suck and are fucking weird.

No. 1853843

Are you thinking of living solely off being a nude life drawing model? None of the ones I've met do it for a living, it's always something they do as a little extra income on the side. That being said the setting is entirely non-sexual, but there are obviously moids who sign up for these courses thinking they get to ogle a naked lady for hours, so as long as you can handle that you'll be fine.

An old colleague of mine, a 50 year old man, is a nude model for an art museum which hosts the same free workshop every year where anyone who signs up in time is allowed in. His favourite part of the job is apparently to see how many young men leave the auditorium the moment they realize they'll be staring at his doughy, dangly body and not some hot chick, kek.

No. 1853850

Humiliating. You're getting spineless responses from anons but don't do this. Obviously its not the same as prostitution but its clearly objectifying and is blatantly humiliating.

>As someone who love drawing from nude life model, I know it's a respectful setting


No. 1853858

Not all nudity is objectification, there's nothing wrong with drawing naked bodies and it's way different seeing how the skin folds and textures interact with the light and movement than seeing it in a picture or through dolls. It's legit a learning experience, it's not for all people to do but anon asked about the experience because she's interested in it. I know your post is bait and I won't change your mind but it's not the outrageous thing you think it is. The poses are not even sexual, they look like something you would see in a painting, I don't know anyone with braincells who gets scandalized over nudity in paintings these days.

No. 1853873

If someone is not used to being nude around other people then yes it's very embarrassing. But having attended nude art classes myself, no one there just openly goes there to masturbate or get off to their nude gesture drawings, and photos are not allowed. I'm bisexual and I never felt like I was looking at porn, never got horny thinking about the girl's boobs or ass (or some dude's penis for that matter) because I was focused on getting things right and passing the class. And not all models do full on nudity, some keep their pants and undergarments on, or get covered with a piece of fabric (which makes the drawing even more interesting). It's a lot of eyes, sure, but the intention there is not one to humiliate or pornify. The intention is to learn.

No. 1853877

i've been to many nude live drawing sessions and its more akward than anything and people really do keep to themselves and focus on their work.

Its one of the least sexually appealing settings ever.

No. 1853880

From what I have heard and seen there is a bigger chance the person modeling has a thing/gets off on being nude publicly than the students themselves being the creeps kekw.

No. 1853884

Basically, people in there are too busy doing their own thing with their drawing to even get into horny mode. It's no different to painting other subjects, and the humanity of the person has to come out through the drawing, not their sex appeal or whatever. If you go to your local art school and check out the drawings of the people in class most of them will be pretty innofesnsive I believe, it's better to do it in a group class with supervision and a contract anyway than to simply model for some random art guy you met at a party.

No. 1853891

>sign up to nude figure drawing class to ogle hetties
>model is an old, ugly, saggy moid with too much confidence

No. 1853904

Saggy old people are some of the best models to learn from believe it or not kek

No. 1854715

Thank to all nonnas for the advices ! I was wondering what other women who also took drawing class think of it.
>An old colleague of mine, a 50 year old man, is a nude model for an art museum which hosts the same free workshop every year where anyone who signs up in time is allowed in. His favourite part of the job is apparently to see how many young men leave the auditorium the moment they realize they'll be staring at his doughy, dangly body and not some hot chick, kek.

kek nonna that hilarious.

No. 1855075

File: 1705293419569.png (83.88 KB, 520x391, AAAAAAAAA.png)


Same boat. This degree was so difficult to get. Yet now I feel like it was all for nothing and I'm just right back to how shitty my life was before it. I knew the degree alone wasn't enough, but I did an internship and still nothing.

Last year I was extremely confident my life's positive trajectory would be continuous from now on. It never is, it never is.

No. 1855280

I work in admin for a small (about 10 people in the office) company with a lot of downtime, would I be retarded to write fanfiction on the company time using a a company laptop? I wouldn't tell them I'm not doing work ofc. I know it's dependent on a lot, but how screwed would I be? Has anyone done something like this? I used to do it at my old job but it was on my phone and my office gets clients that come in so I'd rather not look like I'm sitting on my phone all day. I tried googling it but it's a lot of people on reddit saying my shit is going to get jacked / I'll get sued for not doing work on company time. I'm just really bad at looking busy and I think they'd probably prefer me looking busy than staring into space or whatever.

No. 1855300

Who tf gets sued for 'not working on company time'?? If you have downtime, that's on management. Pretty much everyone is gonna do some online shopping or google stuff at work unless the company is very strict.

Maybe a good strategy would just to be opening your personal email in the web browser and emailing yourself fic? It's not like your email is a suspicious looking website. Realistically, you should assume IT can see what you're doing (if you have IT in a company that small). But there's a good chance they don't bother looking or care and you wouldn't get in any trouble even if they did know… so my issue with writing fanfic at work is that it would be humiliating af if anyone saw what you were doing. Maybe your fanfic is not embarrassing and you don't care if anyone knows, but I would die if anyone knew what fic I read let alone write kek.

All that being said, I did get in trouble once for wasting time on the internet at work. I had a snitch coworker unfortunately, it was embarrassing because it was a kpop forum and I was reading weird threads lmao.

No. 1855560

Heads up: The company will know what you're doing on their devices. They have software to monitor sites visited and some have software to monitor keystrokes. Don't do this.

No. 1855588

If you have a little usb with something like ghostwriter portable, you could just write there and not have anything in your browser history. Keyloggers aren't really something that's common. I'm in IT and at one point had steam on my work laptop to play stardew valley kek, but I knew what I was dealing with in terms of spyware (nothing). But network / internet browsing may be examined more carefully, so I think a little usb would be better. If you know how, you could even encrypt it, or have another partition on it that has normal stuff in it, like a powerpoint, and then encrypt the partition where you have your fic.

No. 1855589

not every single company will but yeah, this is not a lie.

Also you might check your contract, some companies feel entitled to everything the worker produces even if its not company time. I remember a few years ago about a woman who wrote a children's book in her free time while she was employed at some wagie office job and when it started selling they did sued her over it.

No. 1855722

File: 1705341710540.png (40.84 KB, 725x627, Screenshot_535.png)

this job pays $8 an hour and is listed as "entry level". fucking bleak. i also haven't heard back from anything i've applied to this month (not even a rejection email). are they sniffing out the fake company on my resume or what

No. 1855744

Why not write by hand? You look busy and your company can’t see what you’re doing.

Seems like a fake post to me, nonnie. Indeed is mostly scams these days. It’s rough out there.

No. 1855749

Tbh, and I hate to say it, but I've written fic by hand. And I was always so worried someone was gonna see it. Not worth the risk! Sometimes I think that my fic is out there on a loose sheet of paper, tossed around by the wind, only to end up in someone's hands…

No. 1855757

>I work in admin for a small (about 10 people in the office) company with a lot of downtime, would I be retarded to write fanfiction on the company time using a a company laptop?
Using your company laptop for anything other than work is retarded enough, but writing literal fics. I used to write my fics on paper at work and then type them on my own laptop when I got home. I understand the temptation, but it's absolutely not worth it. they monitor that shit.

No. 1855763

i specifically installed onlyoffice to use offline. Fuck every writting aplication being on the cloud, i know everything i type on google drive or office ends up feeding their machine learning and being used by their ad algorithm.

No. 1855780

I quit my full time temp office job at the end of of the year because I felt I was wasting time and wanted to focus on my art. It was kind of a retarded move, but I still live at home so I'm not going to be homeless or starving anytime soon. I applied to a part time job and basically got it, but since living in NEETDOM for 2 weeks I feel my fear of the outside world creeping in again. I'm thinking maybe I can go to community college, but not even sure what I would study… This feeling that I'm a failure is hard to deal with.

No. 1855841

Everyone makes mistakes and fails. Don’t let it get you down. Wallowing in your failure will only worsen your situation. Take the part time job, look into classes if it’s affordable (but don’t go into debt if you aren’t serious about school), and do your art on the side. I don’t mean offense, but you sound young. You still have plenty of time and life ahead of you.

No. 1855894

Has anyone worked in Background before and know if 'professional' outfit photos make a difference? Probably right?

No. 1856031

I have a good internship right now, but my contract ends later this year and I'm already having such a miserable time applying to jobs. I spent months making a new portfolio (I'm a graphic designer) and most employers don't even LET me link my portfolio! Everyone makes me make an account on their garbage, buggy company portal! I get asked to record myself or write lengthy paragraphs about the dumbest, most unrelated shit as an initial application step as if they'll go through hundreds of videos and essays!
I'm decent at what I do and the company I'm interning at is really well known so I thought I'd be fine, but holy shit. I don't even read ads anymore, I just scan them to check I know the softwares they need and apply without knowing what the job really is. I'm so scared I'll go back to being a NEET when my internship is over, even though I'm so different to the person I was back then.

No. 1856148

Have you tried networking at the place where you’re interning? Talk to your colleagues and see if they have any advice. They might be able to help you out or put you in touch with someone who can. It’s weird to me when companies bring on interns with no intention of hiring them. You already have loads of experience there! Good luck, nonnie

No. 1856192

>feedback this year was that I need "more site visibility" and should join a site group aka do shit like make posters for pride month and whatnot
>increasingly being asked to do petty tasks for coworkers because they're too lazy and obese to walk and pick things up
>direct manager is clueless about the technical aspects of my job making it almost impossible for me to learn more than I already know
Yeah, I'm leaving. Already had an interview. Hope it works out.

No. 1856197

I've been using company laptops for writing stories and applying to other jobs for years. Maybe not the best idea but in my experience everybody has better things to do than bust your ass over it or even check whatever monitoring software there is in the first place.

No. 1856385

I really question who's getting these jobs in my state. I mean WHO do I keep losing to?

No. 1856441

>>1855280 here. Probably just going to risk it tbh, because I really don't suspect a keylogger and can't find anything like that when I root around. I'm going to steal this idea though >>1855588 because it assuages my biggest paranoia of having my work saved to the file directory or my internet access being brought up. Thankfully, I don't write porn or anything NSFW beyond being a little cringe, so hopefully they find it charming and productive instead of embarrassing and a breach of their work guidelines if I ever get caught. I'll let you all know if I lose my job over fanfiction though

No. 1857015

Got three rejection e-mails today from three different HR team members at a job I applied for at their company. I sent a group e-mail back asking which of them are trying to fake their quotas this week and I got an e-mail back where I was told I was now on their blacklist for having a bad attitude, kek.

No. 1857016

File: 1705424289418.png (30.6 KB, 1486x333, Screenshot_527.png)


No. 1857055

At this point I might just go feral and run around in the woods until I die of hypothermia, sounds a lot more productive than trying to get a job these days.

No. 1857150

This is a red flag and I wouldn't apply again. Either:
>Company is too retarded to sort through candidate. You want these people to be in charge of you?
>extremely unrealistic and wants their perfect little princess 5+ years experience at intern pay enployee. Again, you want these people to be in charge of you?

No. 1857182


lol yes, I see my classmates taking their return offers or having lined up jobs at places like Microsoft but I now have nothing because I ditched my return offer to do something else.

I'm trying to find a job and there's places replying but every single one that does is giving me a technical assessment. And I can't pass one to save my life. I feel like such an incompetent loser and idiot. I wouldn't have to be going through any of this right now if I had just taken that return offer.

No. 1857428

I want to work in biohazard cleaning. But nobody is fucking hiring.

No. 1857705

Cause one then

No. 1858503

>hear about the concept of a PhD as a pre-teen
>"sounds good, I will internalise this as an ultimate life goal"
>15 years later
>halfway through PhD
>o shit i literally never thought about what would happen when I got this far. I thought it would never happen

I have a creeping feeling that academia might not be the best place for me… did a year's secondment as a research assistant in a topic I was super buzzed about and it was soul crushing. My own research is leagues more interesting to work on, but looking at the career path and the chances of landing a decent academic job after is making me wonder. I'm scrolling through looking at jobs and kicking myself for not doing accounting or something else that gets you a soulless high-paid job right out of school. It would be ridiculous to go back for more degrees or a masters after a PhD and there's no way I'm going for a postdoc/RA position. Anyone done a career pivot after years in postgraduate limbo?

No. 1858506

File: 1705494670212.png (576.74 KB, 1108x1069, doomer.png)

Please god, make a meteor hit the earth soon

No. 1858516

When I finished defending I had no real desire to continue in academia so switching to industry wasn't a very hard decision. I fell into my current role, it has nothing to do with what I wasted 5 years of my life on but it pays fairly well. You should be able to pivot into high level PM or protocol writer roles. What did it for me was attending my society's conferences and getting myself on their radar. If that's not financially feasible you should talk to your alumni services, they helped vouch for me to get a decent job postdoc. Be aware this job market is awful so you won't be able to land something without a referral.
Congratulations on finishing as well, that's no easy feat.

No. 1858517

Sick of my fake and gay office job and want to switch to social work or teaching since I love helping people. I live in a country where both are paid decently. But am I asking for trouble with these infamously draining fields??

No. 1858535

keep your office job and volunteer somewhere once a month. no need to pick up one of the roles that society uses as a punching bag. lots of people in those jobs would love an office job. unless being a teacher or social worker in your country is significantly more enjoyable and respected than it is in the US, which I assume you're not in since you said they're well-paid

No. 1858985

Girl, I regret becoming a teacher so much… I just want to sit in some office all day and do boring but quiet stuff…

No. 1859082

File: 1705523533240.jpg (329.7 KB, 1242x1118, 1669222698770828.jpg)

I think 6 or 7 people in total are quitting in the span of one month. It's insane because we're in two countries, our client in from my country and instead of hiring more people here to complete our team the higherups are hiring unqualified people who don't know shit about the language, the market and laws here to do a proper job because it's cheaper. It's to the point where one of the people who are quitting is actually just not renewing his contract because the company doesn't want to keep paying him because they don't have the money for that. This is a project that started in mid-2021 and one of the first people who started with me left after her contract was over and speculated that this idea of asking for help from our "coworkers" from abroad would result in our boss outsourcing our jobs little by little to that cheaper country so I should fuck off asap before it's too late, and I believed her but I didn't think it would happen so fast.

I have a permanent contract and was promoted a few months ago and our contract with the client will last at least one more year. I'm praying that I'll find an apartment before that date so if anything goes wrong I'll just get fired because I'll be useless and expensive for the company so I would still earn unemployment benefits for some time and I'll be able to chill and find something else at my own pace. But this is really scaring me, as if we weren't overworked enough, now we're even more understaffed than ever. By the way, my manager refused to let me take a 2 weeks long break exactly when we'll have nothing to do before we get more workload and it pisses me off. I'm still getting a week, I'm not sure that's long enough to properly rest.

No. 1859099

I got a job, i decided to write that i used AI stuff on my CV and i have a feeling people now think i know more than i actually do, I'm just an intern right now but I'm still pretty scared.

No. 1859515

I'm trying not to freak out about my job interview tomorrow. It's my first in-person interview since I got laid off a year ago so it feels hugely consequential. I've been preparing for the past two days but I'm worried I'll get so nervous that I completely blank out and forget my answers.

No. 1859683

Bit of a long/spergy post sorry nonas

So I finished my degree in December and have since since been undergoing the process of applying and being interviewed for a specific organisation. I know I shouldn’t get too excited I have to do medical etc and they can reject me for seriously dumb stuff if they feel like it.

But, so far, I’ve applied for a role that uses my degree (sort of) and genuinely sounds interesting. Gives me a chance to have good career progression, as I work my way up I might actually be involved in some decisions that might actually prevent bad things from happening to people around the world, good pay/housing benefits, could go to cool places and after a few years, switch to a comfortable government job in the same sector. slightly glowy aspect but only within the organisation for preventing harm kek Mandatory work period is 9 years which seems a lot but I feel it’d go fast

BUT, I passed the aptitude test for the organisation super well (not a humble brag providing context , I’m surprised I managed though. Maths and I don’t get along) and can apply for literally any job in the organisation. Meaning the pipe dream I had until about four years ago before I became a cynical, ‘cost of living’ and ‘no time or money for hobbies just focus on being sensible’ influenced bitch is available. My mum is happy to have me at home and I help out/she likes the company so it’s my own nerves making me this way and worrying about rent etc. Anyway, if I have the guts to change my application, I could do it. I always wanted to work with animals- I interned at a vet, worked at a marine park with dolphins for a few days and adored it and I used to make cash by grooming peoples horses and exercising dogs before pursuing my degree (which I did enjoy, it’s related to my interests but not my biggest ones). If I wanted to, I could apply tomorrow. The pay not as good, no real, career progression, work itself would be repetitive but I’d be, at least for four years (way less time than the other) have my curiosity satiated and so I can focus on a better career in future.

Logically I know all things point to the first option/s if I make it and that I can and will always work with animals on the side/have pets (part of the reason I want this is so I can get a house for me and my dog) But I’m 25 this year, I’m still young and now is the time to do ‘crazy’ things I didn’t get to do before/won’t in future.

I realise this is a bit cryptic and that no one but me can choose (if I make it lol) but I’d love any insight or for someone to slap some sense into me. My siblings all had very definite career paths and I’d be the first in my family to pursue this kind of thing so I’m lost with no one to speak to except here for the moment

No. 1859773

File: 1705573449460.png (41 KB, 921x722, capitalism.PNG)

I'm so tired of these incredibly weird job ads that want me to grovel and beg through several paragraphs. This is an entry level position in a specialised field, it's a fucking google form, but I'm expected to put in so much effort and humiliate myself so much for the chance to get paid crumbs.

No. 1859775

>we can exploit you because we told you beforehand

No. 1859777

Wow it’s amazing how I can feel the aura of a shitty work environment just from looking at this.

No. 1859885

i've had the same job for almost a decade. 6 months ago if people asked me how my day at work was my answer would be something like "can't complain, kinda stressful, but I love this job." i am still working the same job today but now i am absolutely dreading clocking in every single shift. it's amazing how your life can change under new management, especially when your old manager was so nice and helpful and your new one is lazy and doesn't care about anything except how much you can kiss their ass.

No. 1859948

We have a recent hire at my company. He's a troon and I found his twitter and he's posting sexual, creepy shit on it. Hasn't scrubbed any of it. Should I mention this to my bosses, who are all woke and drink the Kool-Aid? Even the other women I work with use his pronouns and shit.

No. 1859985

Our company just sent out an email about our shitty Friday "company social gatherings" (aka sit around with a bunch of neckbeards and play shitty games that I don't own) haven't been getting the attendance they should have, so now they're going to:
A. make it twice a month, and
B. make it mandatory.
Is that legal?

No. 1860002

Take screen shots/recordings and archive the account, then sit tight. You should hold your cards until he crosses a line. Document everything in the meantime. Godspeed, nonnie.

No. 1860017

What's that site for archiving shit again? Not Wayback Machine but the other one that KF would use?

No. 1860260

Lmao no, unless it's part of your job, as in it happens on the clock. Fuck that.

No. 1860261


No. 1860336

File: 1705613399856.jpg (73.19 KB, 564x752, tinsel.jpg)

i wish i knew what to do with my english literature degree. i graduate in late 2025 and am a bit uncertain.

archiving and library are competitive, low paying fields. but secure and fulfilling!

teaching english to young children seems nonexistent in terms of esl/dangerous and stressful in a classroom.

im thinking i can just go for my masters and work in academia? or i wonder if english tutoring could work as a freelance thing and give me good work life balance?

i dont want to be rich. just stable, fulfilled, and have time to work on the things i love. maybe id land a job somewhere outside of my degree.

at any rate, im just dreading the 9-5. i want to work for myself, i really enjoy doing that right now with animals. maybe ill become a ballet teacher and english tutor both in my late 20s.

No. 1860369

I’ve been having a hard time since I received a PIP. I’ve decided that I’m tired of doing
Administrative work and want to switch over to software testing. I’m autistic and they have courses that I can take for it so im trying to get into a program. My husband has been going against it every step of the way because our moms are trying to help me and he thinks his mom is overbearing and is annoyed with her sending links to the program. All I wanted was a chill job where I don’t have to be severely overworked and bullied at the office for being weird.

No. 1860462

Yeah, is that still active?

No. 1860483

I received a PIP too, last year. Except I know the reason behind it: my bosses can't lead their way out of a wet paper bag. Fuck PIPs, fuck shitty bosses, ignore your husband, and train for what you wanna do, anon.

No. 1860496

File: 1705629973249.jpeg (79.7 KB, 513x603, 6A3B066C-A43A-4731-84EE-2A7B8E…)

I finished my second day at my new job and I cried again

No. 1861062

File: 1705662182643.jpg (202.88 KB, 1075x1798, FrY5X_vWAAEYLwx.jpg)

Any nonnas work in education? I'm worried the place I'm at got sued again and it's going to cause a closure. Stupidly tiny non-profit college that was already short-staffed. I'm not faculty, but basically support staff (paper-pusher/assistant/odd jobs). Not sure if I should jump ship now or ride it out because money. If anyone's been in a company/school closure and dealt with the same, please share experiences.

>couple years ago, the institution was sued by ex faculty for a mess of state-level issues
>stuff like dogshit adjunct pay, not paying for breaks, obscene working hours, wrongful termination, etc.
>enough people wanted to join that the judge sent it to class action
>that by itself paid out about 1/3 of what the school makes in profit y/y
>I was warned there was another lawsuit pending around summer
>fast forward to ~17 weeks ago until now
>resident manager quit
>assistant to the departments quit
>dean of academic affairs quit
>maintenance staff, IT, multiple reception/events positions quit
>1 department chair quit
>it's possible the dean of undergraduate affairs quit, because that person doubled as said department chair
>both admissions coordinator and admissions counselor quit over break
>multiple faculty members quit at random times, left a few classes in limbo
>new hires are ALL either existing grad students or straight nepotism. to their credit, they DO have relevant jobs, but these are ALL immediate family, masters students, or VERY recent graduates
>undergrad has been feeling it since staff communication is a disaster and it's hitting faculty

A few positions were filled again (1 receptionist, some events person covering resident life, the assistant to departments… that's it). I genuinely expected to be laid off, but somehow I was given more regular hours. My guess is someone different left. I've not heard back about why so many people quit, all have been really sudden contract breaks and they peace out without saying much at all. Are we fucked? I know usually this shit just leads to bail-outs and a restructure, but this was all over 1 semester.

No. 1861129

I rechecked the email, it's going to be an all-day event, "but we ask that you show up for at least 3". I've got actual fucking work to do. 3 hours of my work time being eaten up by having to socialize with scrotes means my output will take a hit. My bosses have been threatening me to become a faster worker, too. I fucking hate this mixed signal bullshit. What should I do, nonna?

No. 1861982

>rude sexist moid coworker was bitching at me
>I was right and he was wrong but he didn't want to admit it
>Customer comes to my defense and coworker storms off
>Two other customers start laughing about him "why the hell was he so mad what a weirdo lol"
>Feel smug the rest of the day

No. 1862143

I applied to a job like a month ago and never heard back, now they contacted me and sent me the technical challenge to be completed within 72hs, I wasn't expecting this and therefore wasn't preparing for it, I feel like it's such a short amount of time and I'm studying as much as I can but it's already been 24hs, I'm starting to feel defeated

No. 1862150

They just sent it with deadline without asking you when you'll be able to start? That's weird af
Maybe explain you didn't expect it so you can't start right now, but you will later?

No. 1862683

>job called on thursday
>did not realize this until today, saturday
>recruiter wanted to talk on friday
is it worth calling him back? the guy also told me to EMAIL him but he couldn't email me? so fucking weird and i'm furious

anyone here ever do data analyst work btw what's it like

No. 1862685

how'd you do nona?

No. 1863311

Turn up about 15 minutes late, attach yourself to a group, smile and nod, wander around a bit. Attach yourself to a different group, wander off. Re-attach yourself to the same group, repeat. By this time you'll have been seen by anyone who's keeping track of attendees as well as other members of staff. Leave as soon as it gets crowded. Don't tell anyone you're going or offer any explanations, just go. If anyone asks why you're not at the neckbeard convention, say you're going later, since it's an all day event. Go back for like 15 minutes every 2 or 3 hours. You'll be seen by multiple people at multiple times, you won't waste 3 hours of your day on scrote games, and you'll be able to do your job.
And your company sounds retarded, sorry. Your output is suffering because you're trying to do your job correctly. Use all the shortcuts you can, as long as you hit the numbers and don't fuck up too bad your bosses won't care.

No. 1863385

me when i went in for a tech support interview and the recruiter was like "we want you as a programmer instead, here's a take home project, we get that you told us x and y are what you're comfy in and z isn't on your resume and ALL our open positions are for x and y (you didn't apply for them, but anyway…) but we need you to write in z, you have a day,"

No. 1863391

I think it's soon enough to send an apology and reach out. It's worth trying

No. 1863394

Programmers deserve only misery tbh

No. 1863411

girl kys

No. 1863414

You're right


No. 1863686

jealous and broke kek

No. 1863691

your husband sounds like he is not even your friend? not to be reddit-y but like.. talk to him and make him fall in line. what good is a husband if he is not supporting you and making your life better

No. 1863843

>someone venting about the job market in a thread for doing so is touchy
why is lc full of cunts now? it genuinely seems worse than usual

No. 1863849

idk if its too late now but is it possible to use help from chatgpt for this? good luck from another tech anon, i hate this job market too

No. 1863875

a lot of TikTok girls who want to live out their mean girl role-play on here

No. 1864056

Why not a high school english teacher? Seems like the most straightforward path if you dont mind a masters

No. 1864061

Wait fuck, I cant read. You said you want to work for yourself and being a teacher is literally the opposite of that, nvm.

Maybe freelance writing? Editing? Could be a nice side hustle at least

No. 1864159

File: 1705898574310.png (3.07 KB, 747x105, Screenshot_72.png)

it's too late; i managed to beat out a solution for the first problem, but the second confused me. it involved a dto and i didn't know what that was at the time, or how to make sense of it in relation to the code

No. 1864504

yup. i have a zoom call scheduled for this thursday. i think i sounded too cheery over the phone, i hope that doesn’t work against me. i never know if i’m being too cheery or not cheery enough. pretending to be a normalfag is HARD

No. 1864550

>got another call from a different company like immediately after phoning him back
holy shit maybe i will be saved from fast food after all

No. 1864557

So I failed it ofc, I'm sad nonnies.
That's actually insane, why would they try to get you for a programming job if it's not what you applied to? Some skills are transferable but not necessarily. HR is weird.
I don't mind take home projects (though most of them are just doing free work for them, it's exploitative and gross and one day is not enough time wtf), for me it's just those stupid "challenges" that track your browser activity and don't even let you copy and paste (having to manually write down a url is stupid). They're not even close to what an actual work environment is and what you're expected to do.

No. 1864616

quit my job at the hotel on Thursday and i feel guilty as hell b/c even tho ive been half-assedly applying for the last month i still quit without anything lined up. im applying to a minimum of 8 jobs a day starting today and im writing them down to keep track. my husband has been so supportive of me quitting that piece of shit hotel, i just dont want to let ppl down by being an unemployed scumbag for too long i miss my cool genx coworkers already

No. 1864796

File: 1705968025498.png (97.35 KB, 1480x657, Screenshot_77.png)

what the fuck is this. a cult?

No. 1865107

it's spam. the names are keysmash and the text seems randomly generated

No. 1865410

I did a zoom interview this morning for a staffing company to find me a job and ugh i dont want to work as a receptionist for a construction company. why is finding as job so hard, i'm 28 and despite 150+ applications on linkedin, nothing. i got the degree like society said i should and in the end i'm part time at retail, i feel so stressed. i want to be like my peers who have a 9-5 but can live comfortably. does it ever get better?

No. 1865505

I have a job and I’m trying to look for something else. Have had one interview so far and didn’t make it for the second round.

No. 1866331

three interviews this week, one of which is for a retail position. i don't care about it at all and i hope one of two works out. godspeed to me

No. 1866354

>answer Teams call, say hey
>"oh anon, something is wrong, I can't see you"

Yes it's because I don't want to have my cam on. People who insist you turn it on are the worst

No. 1866359

Anyone else work with people who should've been put into anger management classes at some point in their lives? Just had one of our company drivers come up to the office in tears after the manager of our sister company flew off the handle at him for being parked in the loading dock (which he normally does before his afternoon run) while the manager was trying to pick up something in his truck. Like who the fuck gets that angry over someone being in the way momentarily? Dude was screaming and calling the driver a fucking idiot, piece of shit, cursing out his family, etc. Jesus christ I need to get out of here kek

No. 1866377

Good luck, you got this!
KEK I also have permanent IT issues and connection issues with my camera, I don't understand why these dipshits insist on seeing my face when we're speaking. It's always the retards who spend half an hour on some drivel that could have been a very short email who have an obsession with cameras too.

No. 1866423

You'd want to kill my managers then. I hate it too and now we have meetings twice every month where we eat in front of the camera during lunch break and talk about work. Makes me want to quit but I really shouldn't.

No. 1866464

I just started a contract to hire job and my manager keeps saying stuff about me leaving or not continuing this job with the hopeful full-time offer. The other day he said that I should add comments to my work in case I leave and someone else needs to understand it—which I agree with and understand as it’s helpful but the thing is that he keeps bringing me leaving or not continuing this job after “the contract is up” and specifically that I may decide that I “don’t like this job and decide to do something else”. When I talk with the recruiter from the agency she tells me that it’s going to be full-time as soon as they can convert me since they were on a hiring freeze and that I can be optimistic bc like 90% of people get full time offers as long as they’re showing up and doing the work. But I hardly talk to her now and I just hear my manager basically doesn’t expect me to stay. The whole situation has made me super paranoid and now I’m trying to schedule interviews just in case I don’t get an offer. What do you anons think? Am I right to be paranoid and has anyone experienced this?
I also keep seeing people who talk about contract jobs as stuff that you don’t have to put on your resume but for me it was either this or a huge unemployment gap so I will have to put it on my resume regardless.

No. 1866600

>"oh anon, something is wrong, I can't see you"
Yes, the camera uses more bandwidth and every time we have one of these meetings with a dozen people streaming video the experience is horrible.

No. 1866604

>have crush on coworker
>don't want to act on it because it's my workplace
>most of my waking hours are spent at work
It's not fair! How have we managed to ruin being horny like this?!

No. 1866625

I just started at the post office and I regret it already. I know it’s a good job and I’ll be fine and a career position is opening up soon which I could get but damn my postmaster pulled some bullshit on me day one that was so stupid it stressed me out.

No. 1866935

what hours do nonas work? does a 9 to 5 really cut into your life that much?

No. 1866947

I work 4 days on/4 days off, and my hours vary- usually 6-4 on a weekday and 6-2 on a weekend, but often less and occasionally more.

9-5 would actually ruin my life, if I ever lose this job I'm going to have to work part time because I can't go back to it. Even if I was going to work 40 hrs a week, I'd do an early shift so I have the afternoon free to get shit done. I can't do anything before 9 or after 5, it's the worst.

No. 1866957

I used to work 8-4:30 before I left my job, but I honestly prefer 6-2pm a lot more.

No. 1866971

I need you ladies to pray for me. I just have to pass a background and drug check after 3 rounds of interviews after 7 months of being unemployed so if I can get the best blessings it will mean so much

No. 1866980

Praying hard for you. You freakin got this!!

No. 1866985

sending you prayers nona. it's unethical but my mom used to pass drug tests a lot by borrowing other people's pee kek, could try that in a pinch

No. 1866990

is anyone who reconditions/repairs things and resells them here? I already sell stuff online but I was wondering if it would be a relatively decent skill to learn; for some reason a part of me thinks it's already something too many people do or the profit margin/opportunity cost isn't that great. I started thinking about it because the other day I spotted something for a few bucks that was a 18th century piece of furniture that was in decent shape, just needed some work.

I also have all sorts of tools and machines I inherited as well as a fully equipped garage.

No. 1866999

I have a dwi but they're supposedly fair chance so I just really need this whi8le I finish my probation the summer so bless you both

No. 1867069

i've worked a 9-5 for about 5 years, it's not the best schedule i've ever worked but i've grown to like it. i think most of the appeal is the fact that the entire world caters to your schedule, more or less. i remember before every "TGIF!" would annoy me because i would be working all weekend and Friday was always just another day, but now my schedule is the one you assume most strangers to have. the biggest drawback IMO is scheduling appointments. when everywhere is open the same days/hours as you and only those days/hours it can be hard to get things done sometimes.

No. 1867138

had my first interview of the year. i really don't know how i did – the guy said my lack of experience was iffy but he also said he liked my application enough that he wanted to reach out to HR and see if they could ignore my lack of a driver's license. retail interview tomorrow regardless, i'm just going to wear jeans and a hoodie kek

No. 1867189

On weekdays I don't have much time or energy for hobbies. Adjusting my sleep schedule is hard because I tend to stay up late to have more free time and I'm always sleep deprived. I do like the consistency though, working different shifts every week really throws off my routine. Though before I could have a random Tuesday off and go to a dead empty shop, museum etc but now everyone works the same hours as me so everything is always crowded. 9-5 isn't too bad once you get used to it, but if part-time work paid the bills I'd go back kek

No. 1867216

I work shifts (day, evening and night). I enjoy aspects of it, such as having some week days or mornings off when most people are at work. It makes it easier to schedule things like medical appointments, and it's also great when you are cohabiting with someone, because you both get a bit of alone time without having to make an effort. That said it takes its toll on your body and can't imagine working like this for the rest of my life, especially night shifts. Also, I used to have a job where I only worked evenings, and once I switched to my current job I remember how happy it made me to suddenly have days where I finished work at 4 pm and I could enjoy the entire evening off with my then bf.

No. 1867220

Yes. I work 9-5 and there's fuck all time for anything. Weekends are usually fully booked weeks in advance and I don't even look forward to them because it's just engagement and housewarming parties these days. After I get home I am mentally incapable of doing anything, although oddly enough I love my work and genuinely feel productive there.

No. 1867223

9-17 is horrible, no free time. My work lets me do 7-15, that gives you enough free time in the afternoon to do things. Where I am you even get enough sunlight in winter after work. I'd do 6-14 if I was allowed.

No. 1867269

9:30-18:30 (1 hr lunch break) in a country where it’s dark by 5pm. Awful.

No. 1867300

I work 7-3 and it’s hell honestly. If I lived closer to my job I’d just do 8-4.

No. 1867327

>I'd do 6-14 if I was allowed.
6-14 would be perfect. Unfortunately I work for local government which is super traditional and strictly 9-17 (on the upside I never work overtime either).

No. 1867436

Compared to my old hotel shifts (7:30AM-4PM/10:30AM-7PM/2PM-10:30PM guess which one I did less of in the three years I worked at a hotel. If you guessed the early one, you're correct), I'm satisfied with 8:30AM to 5PM/9:30AM to 6PM. Sure it's still hard to motivate myself to go for my Wednesday after work swim, especially since my department leader always needs to put a team meeting at 8:30AM when we close up shop at 6PM. But I try to make the most of it.
I also work at least one weekend per month and some bank holidays too (I'm in the tourism industry), only from 9:30AM to 3PM, but I get two days of to compensate the weekend shift, and I can take the two days off within the next 14 days, and have a long 4-day weekend instead. I usually catch up on chores at home or travel somewhere near in that case. I really can't complain when it comes to the normal schedule.
However we have the UEFA soccer cup this summer as the country I'm in is the hosting country, so we're going to have to plan a third location where my colleague and I are working most likely the whole 31 days (even though we only host four games) from 1PM to 9PM. On the days where we have soccer games played here from 11AM to 9PM. THAT schedule is going to suck ass, and the town is going to be full, including my public transports to get back home after a shift because I live past the football stadium.

No. 1867565

I've been trying to get employment at a bank as a teller or something similar. I've been struggling to even pull any interviews though. Does anyone have any advice?

No. 1867596

I unironically work from 6-7 to 18-20+. When my boss goes home she always tells me to not stay too long but I just can't get it done faster.

No. 1867637

i'm starting my new job next week but in my old job i worked from 8-8:30 until 4:30-5:00, 40 hours/week, with 30 minutes of break every day. i also had two hours of commuting so my schedule was:
>6:15 am: get up
>6:55 am: leave to catch train
>8:00-8:30 am: arrive at work (earlier or later, depending on which train i got, if there was a delay, etc.)
>4:30-5:00 pm: leave work
>6:00-6:30 pm: arrive at home
i didn't do shit after work. i just came home, made dinner, took a shower and went to bed. rinse and repeat. my new job is a 15 minute walk from my apartment and 37 hours/week. my new boss said he doesn't care when and how i work so i guess i could work 6 hours one day and then 10 hours on another day, but we'll see. i hope i can work from 7 am to 3 pm so i have more free time.

No. 1867653

I take public transit to and from my 8-5 job (we get an hour for lunch) because I don't drive
5:30 - get up for work
6:45- leave to catch my bus
7:40 - get to work
8:00 - work starts
5:00 - leave work
5:15 - catch my bus home (sometimes I'm able to scoot out a few minutes early and get an earlier bus)
6:30 - get home
So yea, it does cut into my time a lot compared to when I can get a ride kek. By the time I get home I'm tired and only get a couple hours to unwind before I have to go to bed so I'm not dead the next day. I have even less time for hobbies now that I have to study and do homework for a night class I'm taking.

No. 1867658

I used to do work and school and most days I would be out for 14ish hours. It does start to wear on you longterm, especially if you live in a place that has very little sunlight like I do. I would always be sad because I would leave my house before the sun was up, and be home after sunset.

No. 1867660

>interview at fancy retail store
>go in a nice pair of jeans plus hoodie because wtf, it's retail
>interviewer ends the interview with giving me a loooong lecture on the importance of appearances when she has like ten million tattoos, piercings, and a face full of acne
>can also barely speak english (typical white trash)
i mean….sure i was wearing jeans but kek the irony. you look(ed) absolutely gutter omg i hate this fucking state

No. 1867680

I mean even if it's retail who the hell wears a hoodie to a job interview—not really sure what you expected nona kek. The whole point of interviews is so that they can get an impression of you before hiring, if you show up dressed like you don't care about being there then they'll think that attitude also translates to your work ethic. The only time I could see the interviewer not caring if you wore a hoodie is if it were an interview for a job in construction or something like that where your appearance doesn't really matter. Just wear a knit sweater or a nice shirt next time and they probably won't care

No. 1867690

Was gonna say this. Some people are wildin. When I worked at starbucks, this guy showed up in a hoodie and a pair of basket ball shorts, expecting to get the job. At least wear a pair of slacks and a nice blazer over a plain tshirt. Showing up in a hoodie is trashy

No. 1867691

Dress better for a job interview, newfag.

No. 1867701

Think I just fucked myself over with my job. I fucking hate anxiety. I fucking hate being so lazy. I hate myself but it's my fault.

No. 1867718

yeah, this one's on you, nonna. it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. you can still ask about a dress code after you got accepted. take this as a learning experience.

No. 1867719

Nonnie come on now. At the retail level the "interviews" are nothing more than retard filters to see if your common sense meets a minimum. The character of the interviewer is irrelevant. Fact is, they saw you and assumed you would become a PITA down the line.

No. 1867728

Why is it always people with tattoos who lack self awareness?I know they're retards but that's amusing

No. 1867730

File: 1706215610181.gif (4.98 MB, 320x240, 1441751476958.gif)

Did you just compare having acne to dressing like shit on purpose?

No. 1867733

The only person who lacks self awareness is the idiot anon who went to a job interview dressed like they were heading out for a morning walk. Trying to mock the interview for having tattoos and acne is completely irrelevant.

No. 1867734

>because wtf, it's retail
Exactly, she could tell you were thinking that just by looking at you so why would she hire you?

No. 1867735

> fancy retail store
> jeans plus hoodie
anon, regardless it's a job interview

No. 1867745

You're right, it IS just retail, but you can't show you don't give a shit to a potential employer right off the bat. You get the job and THEN put in the bare minimum because fuck it's just retail.

No. 1867789

a sweater and jeans would’ve been leaps and bounds above what you wore, what in the world were you thinking? Are you special needs ??

No. 1867807

really? i poked around a lot online and casual wear was supposed to be acceptable for retail; i've dressed up nicely for office interviews

No. 1867814

ntayrt but whoever you found online lied

No. 1867815

"Casual wear" runs the gamut from clothes you would wear for a first date at the movies/coffee shop to raggedy old t-shirt with basketball shorts. You can get away with the former for a retail interview, not the latter (unless the place is a desperate shithole you wouldn't want to work at in the first place).

No. 1867818

huh…well i guess i'll be more careful next time, but it's also not that big of a loss. there are a million retail jobs out there. also she tried to lecture me on my own job experience (i told her i'm coming from IT and was responsible for dealing with a lot of tough personalities and she immediately went on to say "well in IT you don't really deal with people at all!" despite coming from hair care herself….and then proceeded to return to that point even though every example of my behavior given related to working with a colleague, it was annoying)

No. 1867831

Casual wear does not include a smelly hoodie, you terminally online zoomer
You honestly sound super insufferable and have no world experience.

No. 1867844

calm down nona

No. 1867849

I honestly need to. I apologize.

No. 1867859

Nonas who work public-facing jobs, how do you deal with degenerate patrons in your workplace? I've been working in public libraries for 2 years now and I feel like I never get used to people doing stuff like shitting and pissing on our furniture, leaving used needles in the bathroom, shooting up in stairs wells, etc. And also the aspect of having to deal with strange behaviors/verbal abuse from homeless people so often is getting tiring. One of our usual homeless patrons actually ended up leaving (unused, thankfully) condoms all over the library, and harassing all the female employees when we confronted him. Sometimes I wonder if I should quit or go work for some rural library in a small town.

No. 1867862

>go work for some rural library in a small town.
My mom works in one. The same shit happens there to + more MAGA retards who want to defund the library and will harass the employees to see if they're planning on hosting a drag queen story hour because they saw it in the news once.

No. 1867924

>weed legal in my state
>job offer from a private airport for a customer service position
>drug test after i pass the background check
what are my chances nonnies? my last two places here also drug tested me but didnt care about testing positive for marijuana. since ill be around planes tho idk

No. 1867932

My mom and I have both worked at rural libraries before, and this shit unfortunately happens at rural libraries as well. Especially addics pissing, shitting and overdosing on furniture. It sucks and I wish I had better advice for how to deal with it.

No. 1867956

Stop smoking and exercise for a bit. If It's airport-related. They most likely won't let you test positive for weed. But that's okay, just exercise it out nonnie

No. 1867963

Idk why everyone in this thread is so angry with you and calling you a newfag and shit. People at my retail job wear hoodies to work all the time even though its technically against the dress code. I dont see how it should matter for an interview tbh. I don’t necessarily view it as much more “dressed up” than a tshirt or whatever. At least you had jeans on and not sweatpants.

No. 1867987

I would suggest trying to get a job in a school library instead. Kids or college students can be easier to deal with than mentally ill adults.

No. 1867988

maybe they're looking mostly for narcotics that can be trafficked. stuff like cocaine. but drink a lot of water and sweat it off just in case.

No. 1867999

I wake up at 7AM, fuck around for 2 hours, start work at 9AM (sometimes 8AM, sometimes 10AM), work until 5PM (sometimes 4PM, sometimes 6PM). I don't have a set work schedule, as long as I get ~40 hours of work done within a week I'm good. I like the consistency of working ~9-5, although the existential dread does get to me sometimes

No. 1868012

Any nonnies in sales? How is it?

No. 1868022

Depends entirely on the quality of your product/service, otherwise you feel like a scammer. And whether you're built for it… the dreaded networking. If both conditions are met, you're basically paid to socialize. If not, it's awful.

No. 1868061

Am I wrong from only wanting an associates degree right now? I'm in a Health IT program and I feel so much pressure to go into a bachelors program when I don't really want to. Does that make me a loser? My parents keep telling me an associates is nothing and that people would look down on me for it. But I have no idea what I truly want to do in life, I don't want to be pushed into a career I'll hate. My current program is easy enough and there are numerous job openings for it, I don't see a problem in just staying there for the time being. Maybe when I have a greater idea of what I want to do I'll go back for a bachelors…

No. 1868062

Now 3 weeks into my first sales job, and it's great! Seconding what >>1868022 says though, you have to be built for it. I have great coworkers and good products that I feel confident selling people on, and customer service is my favorite type of work to do, so it's really clicking for me. Whereas the most recent hire before me seems to be having a lot of trouble because he's very meek/nervous and seems like a slow learner. My manager seems to be getting frustrated with his performance and I'm waiting to see what happens to him after his 90 day review. So even if you land a great place to work, you need to be someone who can be confident/outgoing to feel comfortable.

No. 1868078

File: 1706255741782.jpeg (26.19 KB, 500x373, 1593479780047.jpeg)

I wanted for years when I was younger (in high school and the beginning of college) to be a freelance artist, and I finally accepted I just cannot do that. I need structure, leadership, and feedback based on policy and directives and not personal taste. I still paint from time to time but it's just not realistic as a career for me. Totally restructured and moved into a job in security and it feels more natural. There's a rule for everything. I also have enough independence to do things at my own speed. I have also considered law enforcement but that's TBD. I live in a semi-liberal U.S. state, so there is a constant push and pull between party lines considering what police are "supposed" to do. I think I would get frustrated and burn out really quickly.

A rule of thumb I try to go by is to dress a step above the manager who will be interviewing you. Which for retail pretty much always means to avoid hoodies, sweats, and sneakers. If it's a fancy retail store, it probably has a uniform of some sort, so it makes sense to dress business casual for the interview. I try to stick by that rule because it takes the guesswork out lol.

No. 1868096

This. I work in sales at the moment (not for much longer, handed in my notice last week) and though I enjoy the environment and the social aspect when we do have customers, the economy sucks and the stuff we sell is too expensive for anyone who isn't an idiot with too much money to buy it. So we have barely any customers and I'm bored out of my mind most of the time if I don't get lumped with a bunch of admin work, and my manager puts an insane amount of pressure on everyone to meet honestly quite delusional targets. I do sometimes feel like I'm scamming people because I know the product is overpriced, but I have to tell myself if people are stupid enough to buy it that's on them. If it was a product that actually did well that I believed in I think I'd really enjoy the job though, or at least like it enough to stay.

No. 1868129

i hated every sales job i ever worked. every training was always like "okay, here's how you find someone stupid enough to pay you for this thing they don't want or need." it felt so predatory. even upselling at retail jobs makes my skin crawl.

No. 1868210

There is also a difference between regular sales and B2B sales, it feels less scummy selling to businesses with resources versus individuals.

No. 1868253

No, an associates is completely okay as long as its in something useful (not general studies, for example). Health IT seems like it’d be pretty stable, and I’m pretty sure you only need an associates anyway. And your parents are wrong. Lots of nurses, xray technicians, dental hygienists, et cetera only have associates degrees and I’d say those jobs are pretty well respected.

No. 1868350

Samefag but can anyone please answer this and tell me what they think? No one irl has been helpful and I don’t want to consult Reddit (moids) to ask what they think

No. 1868354

another interview today with an interviewer and a company i met up with last year. i am hoping she doesn't call me out on the (half-fake!) experience on my resume. i'm going to tell her i wasn't sure if i could use it or not as i wasn't paid and there weren't any w-2 forms to show the company

No. 1868358

Anon I put a class research internship on my resume under work experience and still passed an extensive background check (which dug into my employment dates) so you’ll be fine. The key is to not include it if they ask for a list of all the places you’ve worked when you submit the background check info. Embellish your resume but do not lie on the background check.

No. 1868376

Yeah that’s weird for him to always talk about it. I think you should keep your eye out for other opportunities to be safe.

No. 1868414

Yeah, that's super weird, I would be watching out for new job opportunitie because he sounds like he doesn't think you are a fit tbh. I would be wary of him trying to hurt your job performance and stay vigilent. How strange.

No. 1868568

NTA did you do it through your uni? Did you name it as your employer? Or was it in collab with an unrelated company?

No. 1868610

Thanks anons, it’s been hell lately bc while I finally got a job after over half a year of unemployment, I feel like I’m on thin ice all the fucking time. He was saying these comments about a contract being great since I can just part ways if I don’t like it since the first day that I got there before I even had a chance to prove myself! Yet the recruiter was telling me how much they wanted me beforehand when I got my offer and my manager initially bumped up my salary from what I was initially asking for to try and compete with other offers. I’m so confused as to what is going on, I guess I’ll just have to try and fix my resume, and then schedule interviews discreetly.
It was with a professor in my department so I just put my university name down. I have other references but if I had to I would just ask the professor or the teacher of that course to be a reference.

No. 1868645

the issue is that i interviewed in sept 2023 without this job on my resume. this job is from jan 2023 to july 2023 and it's in my field so it's weird that i didn't have it on the application. interview got postponed so i have more time to think up something, at current i'm sticking with "wasn't paid, wasn't sure if i could include it as the company had went under after i left, but a lot of research led me to understand start ups go under all the time blah blah blah" (hoping she won't even ask though)

No. 1869633

I have to talk to my corporate manager about being taken off of one of the properties I analyze for and I’d like advice. It’s not a question of asking, I need to be removed and no longer work with her directly. It’s a lot, will break it into two posts. I hit a breaking point on Friday after about seven months of her being cruel to me. She goes out of her way to say mean things to me, she tells other I don’t support her, she will not do work that is assigned to both of us, she refused to learn one system we use that I am adept in so she would pile work on me for those properties, if I make an editing error (like leave an extra line in a report that usually is edited out) she berates me like I destroyed something or lost revenue. I’m not perfect, but I am very good at my job and have been excelling. I have seven properties total, and my managers and the teams at those other six (this manager was actually pulled off two of those and replaced with another and it’s been night and day- she was pulled because they were not generating the way they should have) all love me and I really do go above and beyond, and I’m very proud of the work I put out for them:
>I went on vacation for a week, and brought my computer with me to work half days. She was aware of this, and forced me to work full days instead by saying “it wasn’t on the calendar so she didn’t know” then directly said to me that she knew it was happening, but she couldn’t go easy on me and laughed about it. You don’t put half days/intermittently working on the calendar.
>she had me do the laborious work on the budget for an entire property, while she directed the process to get the budget approved/meetings, but also gave me all of her work for three properties because she was busy with all three budget processes.Typically managers will do less projects or meetings during this time- she instead gave me more. She would berate me for cutting deadlines close, and in the next sentence assign me something new after I explained my workload needs to adjust if the deadlines she sets are what she wants.
>I worked a full eleven hour day, took a break, and finished the budget and two meeting presentations from 2am-11am. I messaged her the files are there for her to edit and upload, I felt sick (didn’t tell her it was from exhaustion until later and she said something like “sometimes that’s just what you have to do”) and was signing off.
>when I started the next day, she told me I immediately needed to edit and upload the budget, there were a few days the numbers needed to be adjusted. I thought I must’ve made a huge error and it was a ton of work. It was not. I timed myself, it took seven minutes to edit and upload the budget file. She had the team wait 24 hours for seven minutes of work, and when the team asked for deadlines to not be so close, she blamed me.
>I realized she had been taking credit for my work. She would say “we” for things that were all me, or if she asked me to do something and I confirmed only with her, she’d say she did it. This includes one massive project for the entire company that she didn’t touch.
>assigned an entire project to me after I sent a resource to her team without asking me if I had the capacity for it (I don’t)
>texted me to tell me I have shitty communication because I clarified I would not be doing her presentation slides while I was on vacation

No. 1869643

oh my god that looks horrible I’m sorry nonnies I will try to make it less horrible to read- so the Friday final straw was when she’d asked if I had time to do something for her, I said I could if it took less than an hour. It was not a task that takes less than an hour. I didn’t respond to her because busy. We had a one on one meeting the next day, and she asked about the task saying “the task you said you’d do” and something in me snapped and I said “you mean the task that I said I’d do if I had time, and then I didn’t?” and she seemed surprised and then went “well, you didn’t respond so I didn’t know what was going on” so I just let the silence sit and listed out what I need to do that day, and said “so you also want me to do that, after our meeting at 5:30. You want me to do multiple hours of work at 5:30?” and she was silent. Then asked “I mean did you need help?” And I said nope, I got it and I’m going to hang up now so I don’t work late again. She tried messaging me that she spoke with someone about moving the deadline for me… and I realized she must’ve told this person it was my task and I was the one that didn’t have it done yet? I blocked her phone number, muted and hid her messages on the messaging app we have. I am planning to do the work I am assigned for her, will speak with my corporate manager and tell her I’m no longer comfortable speaking with her directly and need to be removed. I had told this corporate manager just a few weeks ago that she has not been professional towards me for months, and I thought doing good work would fix that, and that it’s been hostile and I needed a manager to be aware it was happening if it didn’t improve. I just don’t know if going to her and saying I’m refusing to work with her is the right way to go, but I can’t do it anymore. It’s been months and it’s like she’s trying to punish me, it all feels malicious and I’ve never dealt with something like this before.

No. 1869656

have two interviews next week and my stomach is CHURNING with anxiety already. idk why? I think its because the last interview i had threw my completely off-guard with the questions they asked and so I don't think it went well

No. 1869680

My jaw is on the floor. I’d be losing my mind. Hope everything goes well for you. It’s probably good you told the corporate manager about her, you definitely need to go over her head. You are probably not the only person who knows she’s like this but you never know if people above someone are aware since they’re usually being asskissed.

No. 1869683

there's a youtube channel called erin mcgoff, she has a lot of interview advice

No. 1869699

File: 1706405115608.jpg (14.08 KB, 402x387, 8c1c6ea0efaae985f5f9368fbccf36…)

never mind nonnies we are so fucking back

No. 1869749

Thank you, hearing I’m not overreacting means a lot to me. I feel shitty because I don’t want to cause stress or create a “thing” but I know at the end of the day, she’s the one who created this situation. I did tell her a few times she was being inappropriate, she’d try, then revert. There’s something in her that’s just off. She had every chance to be decent towards me and it’d be water under the bridge, and she couldn’t do it. I am not exaggerating when I say there hasn’t been a single week since last summer that she hasn’t done at least one fucked up thing towards me, and I rolled with it all and set my mind to getting through it and becoming even stronger, but Friday just broke me and all of my feelings came flooding in. The best thing is, I did my self evaluation recently and I was able to say I exceeded all of my goals without fluffing up a single sentence; it really put in perspective how delusional she’s been towards me/my performance.

No. 1869804

Nta but it's weird that he's been saying this from day one, it could have been a way to prepare you for the fact that they won't be able to renew your contract/offer you a full-time position, but in that case you know it has nothing to do with you and it's just something they had already decided. It's weird though that he just keeps hinting at it instead of scheduling a meeting with you to talk about what's next? He has to announce it at some point (whether they can keep you or not). Maybe you could even bring it up yourself? Did he seem satisfied with your work overall? Could you talk again with the recruiter? In any case, good luck nonna! And idk if it's cultural or not but where I live people definitely put all work experiences on their resume, even contract work.

No. 1870033

I really resent how everyone I know held out for a job they truly enjoy and found fulfilment in but now that I’m having trouble finding work in the field I went to grad school for it’s “well just apply at the local supermarket?? work is work”
I have, they don’t want me because I’m grossly overeducated and too old
When they were focusing only on what they wanted they were admirably Trying To Achieve Their Dreams but when I try to do it I’m just being difficult and all the rejections are just excuses, apparently.

No. 1870358

honestly i'd be fine with working at mcdonalds or something if it meant i could afford my own place. i just hate the idea of waking up every day to hitch-like like ~20 minutes into the city (longer with traffic) just to flip borgers

No. 1871499

Anon you’re not alone, I applied for like a year for grad school related stuff until i got my first offer in some general business/finance corporate role that pays my ideal salary, it’s nearly double what I would be making working in my field. I find the work boring but right now I just have to be grateful that I can earn this much and save some money while living at home unlike my peers who took government jobs in random cities and have no savings to their name.
Having a job is way better than having no job though, or at least that’s what they say. Keep applying and trying, this job market is awful because so many experienced people have been filling entry level jobs. The only entry level jobs these days that seem to not have so many experienced people competing are those internship programs that require you to be in school.

No. 1871551

I am really depressed. The job I work at has been getting strict on me for my time notes and overtime. I don't even care about making more, I just want to get my tasks done each day. I work for free from home home on the weekends. I just like my little dumb job and it makes me so sad how bureaucracy and liability is making them crack down on me. I have asked to waive my lunches and see if I could sign something that means I wouldn't need to clock out for lunch or if they could auto take out my lunch time (i don't take my lunch). They could also auto end my work day at a given time. I forget to clock in and out because I'm so absorbed in my work.

In general, routines are so hard for me, I have to literally force myself to do anything "routine" so I sincerely doubt I'll remember to clock in and out accurately even if I do that for 3 weeks.

I know it's a liability thing, but if I sign a paper and leave a paper trail that I requested it, I really wish they could grant it. I'm thinking of quitting over this even though I like what I do. Idk.

No. 1871583

Currently majoring in accounting because I can’t deal with STEM, medical, or teaching but I want job stability. Hoping I can achieve that goal while working decent hours. I NEED time for me and my hobbies. Working in the tv industry was fun but the hours and lack of benefits sucked ass.

No. 1871839

Do yourself a solid and stop working for free. The company doesn't appreciate it and nor does your mental or physical health. Log off, have a lunch break, stop doing free overtime because your job is just so wonderful. Set an alarm to log off if you have to. This retarded attitude isn't going to get you anywhere, get a fucking grip nonna.

No. 1871842

if they are strict about time make sure you don't work a single minute more than you're paid for and don't do anything overtime.

No. 1872015

I don't find anything much more compelling than work though. Lunch is such a waste. Spend 30 minutes in an office environment and do nothing, it feels like a timesink. It is too dangerous in this area to take a walk.

I get why they care, but I've offered multiple solutions.

No. 1872021

It's great that you have a job that you find so rewarding, and you're lucky that your employer isn't trying to take advantage of you, but if you carry this mindset across all your jobs in the future you're setting yourself up for serious exploitation. I understand being in the zone at work and not wanting to interrupt that, but you're going to burn out sooner or later. Without proper rest your health and productivity are going to suffer if they haven't already. You feel fine right now, but it'll happen eventually whenever it does creep up on you.

Could you take up a simple hobby like reading or drawing to fill the time you feel like you have to waste?

No. 1872034

File: 1706629908812.gif (222.08 KB, 500x281, bullshit.gif)

I hate that I have to apply makeup just to increase my chances of getting a job in this stupid timeline.

No. 1872048

I'm going to have to apply to office positions soon and I'm kind of nervous about this kek I've had makeup on my face maybe once or twice in my entire life. I'm trying to get into skincare so I can at least keep it at only concealer but even that is going to be awful. I can't stand having shit on my face, especially around my eyes and the one time I tried doing full-face makeup properly it took forever and looked like shit and it felt so embarrassing… Like everyone would think I'm insecure about my face to the point of having to cover it up. Being a woman sucks so fucking bad and it's all due to moids

No. 1872065

I relate to this. My hope is finding a WFH position so I would only have to wear makeup for the interview and any rare special occasions. Fuck makeup and the unwritten expectations for women to wear it.

No. 1872066

File: 1706632343413.jpeg (295.35 KB, 1170x806, IMG_0634.jpeg)

I need to know if I’m crazy for noticing this but I recently learned that my past employer created a full-time job for the only white male to continue working for them. The rest of us had to find other jobs once we graduated and our graduate research assistantships were up. Am I wrong for noticing that they never bring on research assistants full time and of course they hired the only white male student who has worked there in years? The people in charge are older nerdy white men who seem to get along with him better than the rest of us even though I tried my best to be friendly—they would literally ignore mine and my female coworker’s greetings while being much more friendly and exclaiming this guy’s name when they’d see him. The graduate researchers were typically either black, Asian, and/or female so this guy was actually the only white guy. The part that really bothers me the most is that this guy was not that smart or particularly impressive compared to the other people I worked with (but now remembering how they were friendlier with him is too tbh).

No. 1872086

I've spent years fucking around in first undergrad and then grad school with next to no connections and only one shitty period of work experience to show for it, and despite the immense pressure to get a fucking job here I am doing nothing again. My excuse for the past three years has been that the world will end soon, but it still hasn't and I am even further from being a functioning member of society. Maybe I should just harness my NEET powers of reality-ignoring and lock myself in a room for a year to crank out a shitty self-published game or something.

I've also heard male Asian students complaining about not getting offered RA positions recently, and I've noticed that the only people I know who got jobs before graduating are white dudes getting returning offers (and one instance of borderline-nepotism). This is in a competitive STEM field as well.

No. 1872092

Grateful I can work for my family part time getting back into the workforce after years of neetdom learning how to interact again. I saw a really cool morgue specialist job I'm going to apply to seems mostly about just ordering stuff for the facility and documentation and I have lots of transferrable skills. Pays a ton requires no skills and is a gov job. Can't hurt to try

No. 1872104

That sounds like a really cool job anon, I wish you luck!
You're not crazy, at my previous work (tech research, don't want to be too specific) all the guys buddied up and hang out outside of work while the female and "minority" employees were left to their own devices. And I say minority with quotes because all you had to do to get disqualified was be foreign. Literally just be Italian or something. And I live in Europe.
I noticed the same. And it was just like OP said - guys with mediocre skills who everyone including themselves gasses up as these tech-savvy geniuses. If I or my colleagues did something good it got mentioned as an anonymous "someone suggested XYZ", but those guys got credit by name. Pissed me right off to be honest.

No. 1872110

I just sat through a 40 min long group interview, only to find out it's another pyramid scheme. How is this legal? I am not paying you $100 for my training to maybe get it back in 30 days

No. 1872172

A new IT moid has started and sits two desks down from me and the cube area I'm in has smelled like shit ever since. I think it's his hoody. It's a really heavy winter type and I bet he's let his disgusting moid sweat sink into it for years without washing it. It's like there's a diseased animal near me. Wish I could put him down.

No. 1872220

Ever since I got talked to, I have completely lost all my passion for this job. It is a mega turn off. I think I'm going to put in my week's notice.

I'm going to work for my father in law's business because they will trust me and let me work however much I want. I know labor laws are there for a reason, but I want to be exploited. To me, a day at work is a day wasted and I'd rather get sucked into it because it is aggravating showering, doing skincare, exercising, etc. all the shit that happens before and after work. The only days I enjoy are days off and only if I've really gotten everything completed. Maybe I'm just autistic.

No. 1872229

I’m in the same boat as you nonnie. Although I get paid I also had a talking to a while back as well and got put on a PIP. The moment that happened I lost all drive to do my job. I have an interview with an academy tomorrow so I’m hopeful I get in. I hope your new job with your family’s company.

No. 1872241

I wouldn’t mind being told to flip burgers by someone who’s actually had to flip burgers themselves because at least they know what that’s like and might have some genuine advice. It’s the flippant hypocrisy that’s pissing me off. None of these people would deign to flip burgers or stock shelves even if they were to lose their current job.
A 20 minute commute sounds normal/short to me but I definitely wouldn’t want to hitchhike, that sounds awful. Do you live somewhere really remote?

Yeah I wouldn’t mind a boring job that has nothing to do with my academic background if it at least paid decently. Unfortunately my skill set is very specific and doesn’t really transfer to other fields so I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The closest I’ve gotten is recruiters who want to retrain anyone with a vaguely STEM background as an IT consultant but those programs mean signing a contract for many years and you don’t get any input into where they send you after you finish your training. Apparently they gauge your pay check too so you’re stuck working for pennies for a company of their choosing for years until you’ve paid them off.
>The only entry level jobs these days that seem to not have so many experienced people competing are those internship programs that require you to be in school.
I’m seriously considering going back to school for this exact reason, and for networking in general. Everyone I know who got a job in our field, got there straight out of school through connections they’d made there. Once you’re out of the loop you’re shit out of luck.

No. 1872458

Currently working a dead end office job. I've picked up an online course in accounting & book keeping and I've been doing all my course work on the clock lol. If I speed through it I can finish it in 6 months.
Does anyone have any advice for getting into accounting? Is it hard to find decent employment? Id like to further my studies later and do more higher up finance jobs too

No. 1872595

>Do you live somewhere really remote?
it's not too remote – checked google maps and apparently we're 25, 30 minutes from downtown. that's still a vast distance when you don't have a car and you have to drive like ~10 minutes to get to a bus stop though kek

No. 1872770

You do sound a bit autistic. Have you tried getting into a hobby that requires a lot of work? I put my autistic energy into gamedev and it feels a lot healthier to put all that care and effort into something I actually own, and not someone else's business. I make some money from it too, so it doesn't feel like just a hobby.

No. 1872787

Is it wrong that I don’t compete tasks at work that are due AFTER I clock out?
I work a wagie job from 7-3 and my main role is preparing and shipping out orders. It can get very stressful the first couple of hours of the shift and it doesn’t help that my coworker is an old lady that doesn’t have as much energy as me so it’s basically me doing like 17 orders per shift.
The predicament is that towards the end of my shift when it calms down, orders that are supposed to be done at like 4, 5, and 6 pop up but I ignore them and just chill out for the last hour. Why should I do the evening staffs work when they don’t contribute to the morning orders? idk maybe I sound lazy tho

No. 1872857

I'm getting very sick of my boss. He is very emotional and whenever somebody upsets him he gets very catty and gossips about all of his baggage with them. I wanted to be an engineer but I spend my time babysitting a 50 year old man instead. Fucking demoralizing.

No. 1872870

you could ""acidentally" stumble on it and drop hot coffee and offer to get it cleaned.

No. 1872875

Does closing have a bunch of closing responsibilities? Most jobs the closing team has more responsibilities with prep for the next day and cleaning, etc which would make you an ass, but idk what kind of job you work.

No. 1872887

I agree with other anon. >>1872870
Spill coffee on it and then he'll have to actually wash it. Make him do it. It boggles my mind how men are okay with not washing their clothing and just sitting in their own filth.
Or you could be a bit petty and leave a note when the office is closed or way before the opening hours about how he smells really bad and should wash his hoodie. (or just steal it tbh) Just make sure not to get caught.

No. 1872977

Kek I feel the same way. Men in managerial roles are the worst and yet they always say to women “don’t bring drama into the office”. Mine throws shit around in his office and will gossip about the people he hates.

No. 1873094

File: 1706726144925.jpeg (89.88 KB, 612x419, IMG_0638.jpeg)

Office nonnies what do you do when you’re bored in your cubicle and there’s nothing else to do? I usually go on my phone to use the internet but I notice my boss has sites like sports blogs he likes to browse on the computer. All of the sites I use (lolcow, reddit, youtube) I’m too embarrassed to use during work. Lately I’ve just been browsing LinkedIn on my computer but I fucking hate using it for hours and wish I could look at something else that wouldn’t be classified as inappropriate or unprofessional. I feel enough shame for using Reddit to answer questions I have regarding Excel or coding. Any suggestions or recommendations?

No. 1873101

she could try going to HR about this. just ask HR what to do if someone brings something that stinks to the office everyday, you can't possibly be the only person finding it gross. depending of how it goes they could call him and ask him to wash his fucking coat and wear deodorant. moids who dont wear deodorant in public should be executed honestly.

No. 1873102

a lot of times i'll go on buzzfeed and find one of those "14 stories that are so crazy you wouldnt believe it" articles to find something/someone interesting to read about on wikipedia kek.

No. 1873109

I read on my phone or ereader if I can get away with it.

No. 1873129

I don't know if you have an eBook-reader or are potentially interested in one but it could be a good investment and since you could use it without internet at work you wouldn't have to worry about reading anything that could be inappropriate.
It is potentially a bad time because of the economy right now but getting in to stocks/investing might also be worth it. Especially if you don't start with investing immediately but maybe read about news and observe before you feel comfortable investing small sums (at home, don't trust your work pc). I always want fellow women to get rich, better than pedo moids. We have to get greedier as a sex to get more power worldwide. But be careful and don't treat it as gambling.
Since you mention coding you could also begin a small project at work. I wouldn't be ashamed about looking up questions, most moids at your work probably watch porn there.

No. 1873134

I watch documentaries if nothing is going on in the office. Since we're on another floor than the rest of the team nobody is there to come and control what we're doing and our department manager trusts us enough to do our jobs when there's work to be done

No. 1873195

is makeup really that important for interviews? i have no idea how to use it because i've quite literally never worn it

No. 1873206

I just wear glasses and hope they don’t notice I don’t actually wear makeup

No. 1873222

File: 1706731193041.jpg (64.37 KB, 941x941, FqeynnsWwAEArVx.jpg)

browse lcf on company time, play on my switch or read something on my kindle

No. 1873280

i binge wikipedia at work lol. i am now very knowledgeable about industrial disasters and aviation safety.

No. 1873281

Do any nonas have helpful recommendations for a job for a mentally recovering bipolar autist who's afraid she'll botch interviews? I really don't like remote or stay at home work because my computer easily distracts me, but I'll take pennies for anything, I'm bored out of my skull being jobless and need money pronto. I'd not mind something like writing by commission jobs if it paid $10-20 per article. I have an associates in communications, and I don't want another crappy retail job. I also have almost no friends who can refer me to any jobs, I could try relatives although they live in other states.

I'm not mentally up to par for a very demanding position, but I nonetheless prefer something that'd involve me getting out of the house and talking to people. I'm trying my hardest not to apply for disability when I'm pretty sure it contradicted me being on medicaid. I lost my job last year, they laid me off for having a mental break and never officially gave me a pink slip, I considered confronting HR for their shit practices but it's a waste of time. Yes I know this is a mouthful and I sound like a deranged bitch but should I wait until I'm in a better headspace or search for temporary or low tier positions until such time as I'm up to par?

No. 1873354

no. i don't wear makeup and i have 3 offers on the table. being clean/nicely dressed and likeable is what matters

No. 1873455

Sales or waitessing? Found a sales job with a base pay for $500/week +commission which isn't terrible for being a big company here. I essentially live in the 'LA' of my country and am looking for the best money for entry job.

No. 1873611

Depends on the company for each in my opinion. Either job can be a crap shoot but if you can tell what the general environment is like at either place before making a choice then that would be the biggest deciding factor for me. If you're asking about which to apply for at all, I would say apply to everything and feel each option out based on the interview. If you're only focused on making the most money, chances are sales would be higher maximum pay, but if it's an expensive restaurant serving can make decent money as well.

No. 1874105

>zoom interview scheduled for today
>get ready and am waiting…waiting
>interviewer no show
why do i even try?

No. 1874129

No. Most female bosses who even interview me dont wear any. I just wear glasses and make sure my hair looks okay in a ponytail.

No. 1874133

I am going to interview for Paris Baguette. Anyone here have any experience working for them?

No. 1874139

>had an interview last week on friday
>interviewer had to reschedule, said she'd email me
>thursday now
>no word from her
should i assume she changed her mind or something? been rejected from this company before btw

No. 1874170

Email her or better yet, call them. Make them uncomfortable.

No. 1874216

File: 1706818742403.jpg (13.05 KB, 460x464, 56d851db2076d81e37f2563fdd88f7…)

Nonnas I'm in dire need of some guidance for my socially-inept ass.
You see I have this kind of distant female relative who has a background in design and landed a cozy job at Microsoft and currently works from home. I barely know her apart from the fact she's hardworking and nice but..
Like I really want to ask her what kind of certs and post-college education she pursued to kinda get a similar deal as I too have a degree in design and marketing. But I have no idea on how to approach her without sounding like a desperate noob…what what Can I do? How can I approach her?

No. 1874270

I would just shoot her a text message being polite and upfront that you're curious about any tips she can give you to get into her line of work. Don't pretend you're reaching out just to catch up only to reveal ulterior motives, be honest that you'd like any help she's able to give you and maybe offer to treat her to lunch or something as thanks after she agrees (if she agrees). Basically the more effort she puts in to help you, the more you should put in to thank her. I think most people wouldn't mind helping out acquaintances this way as long as they're polite about it.

No. 1874402

My job is paying me the most I've made, but it's coming with health risks to my back (I carry about 15 lbs of items on me, required to stay on all day) I don't think this will benefit me long term. I eventually want to move to working from home, don't know how to really get on there. I have some redbubble items that give me ~$25 every holiday season, but how could I find something that could generate at least $60k a year? I have no college degree.

No. 1874446

File: 1706833558480.jpg (132.47 KB, 575x336, Darknut_AOL.jpg)

I just now got fired from my job at a video game company. They said it was a "stakeholder decision". Any other gamedev anons in here that I can commiserate with?

No. 1875133

Four weeks in and I've gotten a callback for a third interview with a panel for a job I consider myself a very strong candidate for. How do companies justify this? It's not like this is the only employer I'm talking to. Even if this interview goes well and I get an offer by the end of next week that's still 5 weeks from first contact with me to the offer letter. That's so fucking long! Like, aren't they worried good talent will accept positions with competitors who hire more quickly? For reference, I landed my last few jobs in about three weeks.

No. 1875513

The concept of "You snooze, you lose" doesn't seem to be of high importance for many employers now. It's whatever could save money to fit their retarded ass profit chart that's failed year after year. Hopefully this isn't the case, but there's a possibility you may be overqualified where paying you what they know your worth would be is too risky for the business. I hope all goes well for you nonnie and you do get the job though.

No. 1875613

I'm on a break until next Monday… I asked for the break to be 2 weeks long because I'm allowed two weeks until the end of May and we'll get more work to do in the middle or the end of February but my manager refused because of one training session that will last 2h at most on Tuesday, which will be recorded and which I don't even need because I've worked on this project for so long I know exactly what will be said again. Just thinking about it makes me seethe, I really need to get more rest.

No. 1875622

If it's a big company that's unfortunately normal. If they receive a lot of applications it'll make things longer on their side, but you can safely assume that there's a very strict and specific hiring process and recruiters aren't allowed to skip steps to waste less time because it has to be applied the same way to all candidates and hiring managers for all the job offers. When I got my current job I got an interview and a job offer fairly quickly, same thing when I got my internshio years ago because the companies were part of huge groups but tiny teams so things could be flexible. I had cases when job hunting when it took months for me to get either a positive or negative answer with other companies. Once it took so long that I got a negative answer a month after the final interview because of some unexpected budget cut, became so desperate I moved to another country, and got a new positive answer two months later because the CEO decided to let the hiring manager spend more money than planned at the last minute but it was obviously too late.

No. 1875642

Perfectly understandable and it is a large company. That being said, the company I work for right now is substantially larger and only took three weeks.

No. 1875669

I had a job interview that went a bit sour the other day. The interviewer only needed to know my availability. that's it. She didnt ask me any other questions and i felt a bit dehumanized. I dunno if i should call them back

No. 1876222

I got a job at Walmart it’s one of the higher paying minimum wage jobs, I’m grateful i got one, I’m gonna stand at the front and check receipts. This sounds awful. I’m gonna get so bored what should I do to pass the time?

No. 1877217

wtf do you mean, check receipts at walmart? Are they actually telling the greeters to do that? I thought they were just doing it because they were bored standing there. I always say no and walk by.

No. 1877296

Nta but yeah that's literally their job. Besides Walmart I'm pretty sure a couple other smaller grocery store chains do that too.

No. 1878224

That's so stupid. At Costco it makes sense cuz they put a big number on the receipt and the receipt-checkers just count the number of items you have to verify. Wtf are they looking at it for at Walmart? It's not like they can see what's in my bags to count items or match them to what's on the receipt.
And all that's aside from the fact that they can't make you show them your receipt on your way out anyway (only stores that require a membership can do that). I always feel kinda bad for being rude but I'm not standing in line just to leave the fucking walmart lol

No. 1878861

File: 1707185728904.jpg (1.1 MB, 2000x2744, le-gray-eugenie-1856.jpg)

>passed phone screen
>passed technical assessment
>now they want to call me in to discuss the company, me, and the job (not even any live coding segments)
please please please let them be desperate and be willing to look past my autism. or please let me tap into some unknown stacy energy and be able to talk without seeming too much like the inexperienced sped i am. the guy even said they were rapidly expanding and needed someone loyal to train on their tech, that could be me. i'll work for pennies. please let this work out. i don't know why i'm praying in an lc thread i just need to get this out. if this doesn't go through i really will have to work at mcdonalds or something equally soul-sucking

No. 1878868

best of luck nonnie!!! I'm rooting for you

No. 1878943

>new manager
>he hires a friend of his and makes her team lead
>she’s allowed to go sit on her ass in the break room being on her phone for literally over half her shift
>i take my phone out and get snapped at that phones aren’t allowed
>told earbuds also aren’t allowed suddenly
>been working here for 7 years with my earbuds and doing work just fine
Yeah I’m fucking done pretending to be fine with this. Higher management has been contacted, and their response will dictate what I do next. I’ll either transfer departments or get a new job idc anymore. The way this new boss treats me like I’m a shitty new worker combined with the favoritism is too much.

No. 1880710

I went to a second interview with a company, and they provided me with homework that will take 4 hours to complete, according to their estimation. After doing the assignment they want me to hold a two hour presentation showcasing my work, my analytics, recommendations and reasoning for completing the task the way I did. In total this is 6 hours of unpaid work, and I'm just scrolling through the 5-page instructions they sent me feeling completely overwhelmed. Is this normal?

No. 1880739

Homework? Nah, no hired employee gets homework that's done on unpaid time. Even Freelancers get their hourly rates paid when they do a job external to a company. That is fishy as hell, nonna.

No. 1880743

Yes but also no. They basically want you to work for free then tell you to fuck off if they feel like it

No. 1880806

its normal in the tech industry. we have even more shit to do in our processes. idk what industry you are in, but yeah. the market is shit now and i assume other industries might be copying our hiring processes. tip for you. what they want to see is how you reason and solve problems. the take home task is not supposed to be something that the company is working on.

No. 1880808

nona why are you not changing jobs? 7 years at the same place means you are being severely underpaid for your skills and years of experience

No. 1880813

most good candidates are talking to multiple companies at the same time and looking for best fit + best offer. if you tell a company you have another offer on the table they will speed up the process for you if they are interested in you. this is also how you can negotiate a higher salary. the market is the employers market now because of mass layoffs recently so the processes are getting longer because companies have more talent to choose from

No. 1880859

thanks nona. i just got out (literally standing in front of the place right now) and i think it genuinely went well. however i can’t drive. really hope this isn’t a deal breaker but i also fear it may be considering they said something about running a license check. christ

No. 1881010

I have a corporate job where I was basically lied to when I was hired, my role doesn't match my description and I've been fucked for paychecks due to inept accounting. I found a conversation today where my boss was shit talking me/my relationship after knowing he was basically trying to spy on me while I was on my phone/listened to me in the bathroom to make sure I wasn't making phone calls (???). I want to leave but I don't know if I should leave for another job in this field or if I should hold out to find a job with my degree (very far from this field).

I'm confused and stressed, the money is good but I don't know if it's worth it or what to do with myself. Any tips or advice or anything Nonnas? I'm at the end of my rope already.

No. 1881020

NTA but i think some people just get comfortable, but I tend to change jobs every 2-3 years. There's no raise in hell that matched with just changing to a new job and starting off with a higher pay.

No. 1881024

whenever you know he's spying on you start saying out loud you will kill yourself. then if he reports to HR, you can say how does he know that, was he spying? if he denies show proof of the conversation he was shittalking your personal life. unless he's actually the owner of the company or something there is nothing he can do because what he is doing is abuse. outcrazy him.

No. 1881159

Anyone here that works with NGOs? What did you major on?

No. 1881188

I don’t work for one but my degree is in economics and I’ve found that nonprofits want an economist with a PhD or a ton of experience in a specific sub-field who will work for nothing. I love my discipline but I have no idea who would work for them unless that person were on a visa and risking deportation (which I highly suspect is the case in most cases). A lot of people I know who work in social sciences have a MPA. Most are white libfems and tranny handmaidens so be careful.

No. 1881228

Fuck with him. Like other nonnie- say you wanna kill yourself, talk about how your cat died, talk about how its so hard to shit when you're in the stall, fuck it, fart too. Make him crazy. Make him uncomfortable. Deny everything. Gaslight him. We're women nonnie, we can do anything better than a moid can do. Don't worry about your job. Make an email everytime they don't pay you on time or mess your hours. Know the labour laws too. You got this, he sounds like he's sexually frustrated you don't give him time of day and good, don't.

No. 1881397

Thanks for your input! After looking through the assignment and doing some research I'm fine with what they have requested and think it's an alright way for them to check if a candidate has the resolve needed to do this job. It's marketing, not tech, so there's a lot of research involved, comparing numbers and competitors and coming up with strategies on how to beat them. I've got some relevant experience, though not at this level. I think in the end I will decline doing it on the basis that I'm probably not who they're looking for, and honestly I'm just too burnt out from going through similar processes that ended up nowhere to find the motivation to do it, kek. It sucks being broke, but I'm surviving for now.

No. 1881746

I am currently studying Nursing but I'm thinking of switching to International Relations because I am starting to hate Nursing due to how rude the people are in here and the fact that I'll have to work for min wage for a while before getting my license. Has anyone made a similar switch?

No. 1881970

are you willing to learn? if a licence is mandatory for the job you can show how motivated you are by saying if it is mandatory you are willing to learn how to drive
don't do what other nonas suggest kek.
>role doesn't match the job description
print out the job description, book a 1:1 with your manager or skip to discuss this discrepancy if it bothers you a lot.
>accounting fucked up the paycheck
follow up with accounting every day to ask where your paycheck is. involve your manager/put him on cc. if your manager is not helping, involve your skip. be polite but persistant
>boss shit talking you
this is the biggest issue imo. decide whether you want to take this to HR and request he be disciplined and you be put into another team. if the company is big enough this could be possible. in any case i would want paper trace of him doing this (meaning collect evidence and take it to HR. cc your personal email to all correspondance with HR so you have proof of communication).
>quit or wait until you have a new job
depending on how much savings you have, and what industry you are in, and how much this is affecting your mentla health, you will have to decide what to do. in my industry shit is tough right now and i would not quit my job without having a new one lined up. so if you are in the same situation i would do the bare minimum at work and spend my energy on applying and interviewing to other jobs so i can jump ship asap. if you have savings/can rely on your family maybe you can quit and be unemployed for a few months. or maybe you can just stop delivering and wait for them to fire you. might get a few extra paychecks that way. i am really sorry you are in this situaiton nona

No. 1881972

yeah this is why i am asking. i switched jobs 3 times in the past 6 years and i have trippled my pay. at some point you can't double your pay when job hopping but even 10-15% more that you get by switchign jobs is more than the usual 2-6% raise you normally get yearly…

No. 1881974

nona don't take an opportunity away from yourself
> I think in the end I will decline doing it on the basis that I'm probably not who they're looking for,
you are literally taking the chance for the job away from yourself by not even attempting. don't ever do that, don't ever hold yourself back. the world will hold you back and tell you no enough as it is. you don't need to do it to yourself

No. 1882004

I intend to become a future admin of lolcow.
The local college offers the following computer degrees: Programming, Networking, and Cybersecurity.
Which is best?
None of the admins seemed to have been good at programming. I can't see much being needed.
The Networking and Cybersecurity ones are both Information Technology degrees which may be more helpful than programming.

No. 1882010

Overheard my coworkers from my work placement talking about their ages from the next room, and they think I'm 20 because I'm in college … I'm almost 24, I've just been a NEET for the last few years. It was probably best for the world that I stayed reclusive while being mentally ill and it not being managed too well, but it's embarrassing to be so behind in life. What's worse is that they brought up a guy who's apparently 21 and someone said, "no, so-and-so is older than [my name], he's 21 …"
I know it's good that I'm at least doing something with my life, but it's so embarrassing interacting with normal people after being a shut-in for years. I feel so behind in my employment and education history, like Lillee Jean or Shayna (well, without the porn).

No. 1882110

I'm in the same position. Exact same age too. I just go along with pretending to be younger. I don't know how to be confident in my path. I've had people react weirdly when I said my actual age, I may be paranoid but I think someone thought I was slow because of this…I have good excuses for starting late. I'm doing very well considering my upbringing.
I also feel like I'm in a daycare a lot of the time. Studying for exams feels more and more tedious.

No. 1882168

Wow lots of career challenged 23 year old nonitas here today, including me. Same basic situation except I have a useless degree that I picked at random because I didn't know what to do with my life. I'm privileged to even have that but it doesn't make figuring out your future less terrifying. I still work retail at almost 24 in a college town and everyone assumes im still in school too. I haven't updated my name badge because I don't want people to know I've been working there 5 years. I've applied to a lot of places but heard nothing and it's hard to motivate myself when I don't even know what I want. Socially Im super behind due to isolating myself in college because of anxiety and also just hating school. I feel like everyone else has friends and a flourishing new career fresh out of college or not long after. I feel so stuck. Im glad I'm not alone. I dont have advice as I feel like a loser probably 80% of my day but I wish luck to you both with whatever you want in life kek

No. 1882178

nta, but I've found peoples' judgment far more burdensome than actual work and I wish "nobody cares" was actually true. I got an internship purely out of dumb luck when I was still young and…yep, even back then I was getting backhanded comments about my age and being too old. the worst part is that I do look much older than my actual age and not in a stately, cool way, but more of a crack addicted pirate way. I wish more jobs involved not having to deal with other people.

No. 1882219

guess who passed and starts work on Monday?!

No. 1882225

File: 1707445875076.jpg (170.47 KB, 1000x667, 22b06232-13af-4502-be29-69e47a…)

I am currently working as a support worker. My role is assisting people living with a disability access the community and function at their baseline; I work specifically with those with severe mental health issues.
I absolutely hate this job. This job in particular -I've had some bad ones- has lead me to absolutely despise people and grow really critical of mental illness (despite having lived experience of a mental illness kek). Despite this, I feel obliged to stay until I get my 'proper job' once I finish my psych degree because it's casual and very good money. But I don't even know what my proper job is anymore - I don't want to work with people in this setting anymore! Sounds absolutely retarded, but all I wanna do is work somewhere posh where I feel like a professional. Is that a clinical psych? Maybe, but that means working another three years casually in similar roles.
My current work is only one or two days a week because I am studying and I live stably with my nigel (very supportive). I am so lucky to be in the situation I am, I know that; a mid-tier job that pays well for measly hours. And yet I'm dying. The mere knowledge this is presently my job and I have to continue working in some of the worst houses I have ever been in (roach infestations, animal abuse, daily second hand smoke - almost always social housing because these poor mfs never had a chance) with moids who creep on me or scream in my face is mentally crippling me.
Nonas, though my situation is very unique, do you have any advice on getting through this?
Pic unrelated but ABBA is keeping me alive atm.
TLDR - Job working with individuals with mental illness. Intense work. Work's made me severely bitter and question my future career. How to get through a job like this until I finish my degree.

No. 1882232

congrats nonnie! thats fantastic
unfortunetly this happens more than you think, it just gets really hard dealing with people in general. I wish you luck, maybe more practice will help

No. 1882552

People always say to ask for feedback after you get rejected but does anyone else find that if you do, most of the time they will either ignore you or give some vague, generic response?

No. 1882667

nona you can take this in a negative way (you are old and behind in life) or a positive (you look 20 when you are older!) btw i am 35 and never went to college and i might go now just for fun. do you think i am behind in life? nah. you are young, and even if you were not, there is no one measure tape we all need to measure against. life is fluid and it really doesn't matter when you do things. you will live until you are like 90 years old, and you will have to work into your late 60s. you are only getting started, there is time for everything

No. 1882668

i think this is beyond our pay grade… if i were you i would talk to someone who worked as a support worker and share your thoughts/experience with them and see if they can give advice and tell you how they coped with it. good luck nonnie, i know support work and nursing are probably the most difficult professions, i respect people who work those jobs immensely

No. 1882669

yes. companies are scared (and sometimes advised not to) to give actual feedback in case you try to see discrimination in it. so while it is always good to ask, don't expect anything useful to come your way. it might once in a blue moon but usually not. you could try to get creative in asking for feedback, for examplle "what is one thing you think i should improve upon in order to have a better chance of getting a similar position in the future?" rather than "can you give me feedback on my performance?"

No. 1882671

I'm 27 and still in uni for my bachelor degree, I'll be 28 when I'm doing an obligated internship, I'm already dreading the question "how old are you"? kek but it's what it is. Better to be uncomfortable for a couple of years now than digging an ever deeper hole because you're embarassed.

That said, I think being 23 and still in school is pretty normal? I went back to uni at 25 which is definitely unusually late but if I had gone back at 22ish I wouldn't have stood out much age-wise. Lots of people drop out and go back in their early 20s. Maybe it's different where you are.

No. 1882902

File: 1707502231224.jpg (155.63 KB, 1024x1024, 1000007474.jpg)

I'm going to start working as a cnc machinist. Fuck yeah. I should never have gotten into the solar/construction industry. My 2 weeks can't come fast enough.

No. 1882913

I took a crack at working in residential solar and it was so depressing. I love the tech but all of the residential installers are basically predatory banks trying to get people to take on shitty leases. Congrats on the change.

No. 1882917

Based, I work in manufacturing (in the offices right now but I did work in the plant for a few months) and we need more women and less neurotic moids in this line of business

No. 1882918

Yes, I am/soon to be was in residential. It was fun learning about electrical, roofing, all that though I was a project manager, but it was frustrating how so many in construction offices….don't care to learn anything about the industry or construction. It's a little sad because it's really interesting.

You are 100% correct, and especially in CA, that it is very predatory. It made me a little sick seeing leases and power purchase agreements get so much traction.

But really, I think it's the construction aspect that I loathe. Our CEO was an electrician and now he cosplays as a business bro. It's so embarrassing because it's clear our company suffers from it. We are like a 100-200 employee company and I could see that we are going down.

No. 1882928

oh nonnie. you shouldnt compare yourself at all. if it helps, i took some time off after high school and after my associates so ill be graduating with my bachelors at 24 instead of what, 22? due to mental issues as well. i also have no friends and little clue what exactly im going to do career wise, but life is much better now. i hope it is that way for you? in the grand scheme i dont believe it matters how late we start, but just that we try our best and begin somewhere. i got my license at 20. started ballet at 21. we have to start somewhere and work with the hand we were dealt. im so sorry you ever felt that need to compare yourself.

No. 1882942

I feel like I only hear about such massive increases in America. You can get more money by switching jobs here sure but it's definitely nowhere near double or triple.

No. 1882948

Welp now I feel extra discouraged in going back to university for a second Masters in my early 30’s. People were already really weird and annoying about me being 27-28 at my last job (where most people were 25-26) and I’m sure it can only get worse. I’d probably get an internship supervisor who’s younger than I am. Shit.

No. 1882961

i have had a few interviews where the guy is like "we don't normally hire people with ba degrees let alone cs degrees so i am worried you'll leave us in a year lol" and even though i reassure them that isn't the case they see thru me and i don't get the job. god it pisses me off that i was born into this retarded nothing state every single day. i hate it. why the fuck do i have to work minimum wage, i'm too smart for this

No. 1882965

I'm in a very similar position. I kind of wish I could just go back to being a NEET, it's all too embarrassing. I really dislike being around zoomers in my classes, they make me feel absolutely ancient. At least it's only a few years though, try not to think of it as catching up but as taking your own path. Also, it's better to correct everyone on your age as soon as you can than wait and have them think you've been somehow intentionally deceiving them.

No. 1883055

Same boat here. Horribly overeducated for anything that doesn’t require a degree (“we want someone who isn’t actively looking for greener pastures”) and it’s not like I can reasonably pretend that I’d rather work retail than put my degree to use for 2x the salary and better hours. Unfortunately anything that does require my particular degree wants 5+ years of experience. I’ve been applying to positions that require a degree or experience related to my field but naturally they’d rather just hire someone with the proper background. It’s like being stuck in limbo and I honestly don’t know what to do.

No. 1883062

i am in europe. its totally possible in certain industries. but after a while you don't "double" your pay, but you still can geto 10-20% more, which is miles more than you would get staying at the same company and getting your usual 2-5% yearly increase

No. 1883212

This game company that rejected me for a position of character design because I don’t do enough street fashion, just posted their demo. And I found it hilarious because the characters looked off season/culture . Not a fit for me, I guess.

No. 1883336

I am in my last semester of a topic-specific education major and I am having so many doubts about it now because I realize how plausible it is that moid students could take photos of me or of my feet for sexual purposes and post them places. I also am so afraid of having male coworkers. I know this is stupid because I will face evil men like this everywhere… but I need someone to tell me it'll be okay.

No. 1883402

I'm a bit confused, is your issue with the sort of men that your line of work will attract, or just the fact that you'll be around men at all? Because if you constantly worry yourself about the possibility of being victimized at all, you'll unfortunately miss a lot in life. Just keep your wits about you and don't engage in unnecessary risk with men and you'll already prevent a lot of potential problems. It'll be okay, anon.

No. 1883438

It's casual and very good money but is it worth it if it's mentally crippling you? Probably not. OT but can't pets be removed from such homes? The animal abuse is horrible…

No. 1883456

The animal welfare in my country is very hit and miss. (Used to work for them too lol). Because what I have witnessed isn't the worst of the worst (not puppy mill tier, but still abuse and neglect) then it could be benched indefinitely or dismissed as 'if that's how she treats her dogs/birds/fish and they're not actively dying then we cannot do anything'. Also could get in serious trouble by reporting due to confidentiality of clients.
Thanks for your honesty, nona. I hope I'm able to follow your advice and find a better gig.

No. 1883546

Nonnas I'm so pissed off about myself though admittedly what happened probably happened because of the sleep deprivation my upstairs neighbor has subjected me to I lose my work keys somewhere on the way to the public transport after an appointment I had in the evening after work. And because it was too late and dark to retrace my steps yesterday, I'm going on a wild goose chase now to see if the keys I lost are where I surmise that I lost em, but with no guarantee that they'll be there because there might have been someone that picked em up. It was near a T-Mobile call center parking lot, so I'm going to go check with daylight if they're there and ask their front desk if anyone found anything but I have less than 20% faith that the work keys are still there. I fucking hate all of this.

No. 1883585

I went back to school to quit fruitless uni studies and found a career I really enjoy. It's really practical and now it's time for me to do some on job learning. I'm excited but also really frustrated because I'm super self concious and lately I'm so worried I will not make it. In this career you should get your feet between the door early, mostly through on-job-learning and after your first employment only the sky is limit. But if you fail to do that you are doomed. I know the standards are not very high but I still worry so much. Also it's very moid dominated and I'm not sure if it's an advantage or will make it a lot harder for me.

No. 1883598

I would rather put in some work and make it myself nonna.

No. 1883606

learn to spell, traddy.

No. 1883607

I'm native Swede so sometimes this happens lol

No. 1883608

okay muhammed(infighting/bait)

No. 1883609


No. 1883620

File: 1707563604849.jpg (375.07 KB, 2000x1000, hidden-figures-everett-1582921…)

It's, unfortunately, not an advantage since moids like to buddy up with other moids and often get jealous of smart, competent women. What worked for me was befriending as many women at work as I could find from any department. I didn't explicitly ask for anything from them since I just wanted female friends but HR ladies recommended me for all my raises and promotions. They also told me about hidden work benefits nobody else knew to ask about.

No. 1883630

What makes you ever think it's advantage to work as female there? Any examples?

No. 1883632

This is getting so ot but I already have a man and I'm not looking to replace him. This is about my career and not about my love life.

So far it has been an (sometimes frustrating) advantage because moids in this field for some reason absolutely love to see a woman doing their thing and chat me up (I'm currently only female in sight). Frustration is involved when they love it too much or test my boundaries. Either they will see it as a sign that I'm committed to this or as a sign that I'm incompetent due to my gender. I will definitely keep an eye on the women possibly working where ever I will end up but I'm fairly certain it's all moids even in hr.

No. 1883647

You made me very curious, what field are you in?

No. 1883663

Mechanical engineering and production technology officially, in reality I make metal parts.

No. 1883697

Sorry for being retarded but are you trying to say you quit college and went to trade school? Or is it an apprenticeship?

No. 1883703

I was studying something totally different in university for years and went to trade school to get an actual job more suited for me. I hope it will turn into apprenticeship but times are not good.

No. 1883737

So you want/need attention from moids and consider getting that as advantage on your career. Interesting way to tell what you actually enjoy/want from your career.

No. 1883739

What do you mean by
>when they love it too much or test my boundaries.

No. 1883783

this is cool!! i hope you can find the connections you need to thrive, nonna.

No. 1883790

I love my new job, I've been working there for just over a month and everyone says I'm doing a great job so far. I'm getting along with all of my coworkers and our boss/the owner is really focused on making sure we're happy and taken care of. I'm apparently really lucky to have gotten the job when I did, because the owners before the current one were boomers who didn't have the same level of concern for the team. Whereas when the new owner came in, one of my coworkers expressed concern for how many fumes we could be exposed to around the machinery we use and he immediately started working on improving ventilation.

But for how busy my job can get and how limited I still am being inexperienced, I actually look forward to coming into work every day. I feel so incredibly productive and I'm forming positive relationships with our customers as well. We have an end-of the week meeting focused on calling out team members for doing a great job and it's just so positive and different from previous jobs I've worked. I just want this feeling to last forever honestly.

No. 1883792

This is very cute nonnie, I am so pleased for you. You don't have to answer but what industry/area is it? As you mentioned machinery and customers, and I am just curious

No. 1883795

Thank you nonnie! I work in printing, usually for other businesses. Apparently there used to be a lot of ink fumes in the air but I don't even notice it practically ever because the air flow is good. It really does pay off to have leadership that's concerned about safety.

No. 1883813

Whatever. Standing out and networking more easily is an advantage. Moids will be moids and I have absolutely no remorse about them liking me for my gender though I wish they would rather genuinely find me nice person and good worker.

Nothing too outrageous or straight up harrasment.

Thank you nonnie. I wish I can prove myself in this upcoming training and get some self confidence to boost me.

No. 1883865

Funny when you worry about your gender effecting your career, but same time hoping it will effect in a way you can gain advantage with it.. seems like you really enjoy the attention you are getting from these men, so what next you gonna tell me you would suck dick for getting better salary?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1883871

this made me happy to read

No. 1883873

Should I just walk into the restraunt I want to apply at and ask to speak to the manager? How does waitressing work

No. 1883891

don't ask for the manager right away, that's scaring your potential coworkers, kek. just go inside and ask someone if they're hiring and then the person will call the next person in charge.

No. 1883911

You are genuinely putting words to my mouth so I feel like this conversation isn't getting anywhere. Take care nonnie.

No. 1883918

>Funny when you worry about your gender effecting your career, but same time hoping it will effect in a way you can gain advantage with it..
Nta but wanting to max out your natural advantages while trying to limit disadvantages is like.. pretty normal? Women have been disadvantaged for no other reason than being women alone for far too long and still are, so why shouldn't she use her gender to her advantage is the opportunity presents itself?

No. 1883931

Where did she say she's literally sucking dick. You're mad over something that wasn't said or even implied. And everyone sucks figurative dick regardless of gender and field to climb the ladder, if that's what you're on about.

No. 1883941

>resume has 3 years of supervisory experience front desk at a hotel
>at the front desk you are truly every other department as well
>interview for in-room-dining supervisor
>get told my resume has been auto-rejected since there is no f&b experience
doesnt matter that ive done more complex work, doesnt matter that i have a college degree, doesnt matter that in-room-dining has been part of my responsibilities as front desk at other hotels. the game is fuckin rigged nonnas

No. 1883966

i always thought that surely if i apply to enough jobs i'll find a nice job even without connections. i'm the first one in my generation of cousins to have a college degree so our family isn't well connected or anything. we just don't know people the way well off people do. now i happened to get a job because of "connections" because the guy saw my last name and thought i was someone else's relative. i am that someone else's relative but we are not in touch and we never will be again. basically we have the same boss but in two completely different companies that belong to the same boss. i ended up getting the job, the pay is nice, there is no clocking in/clocking out so i can come and go whenever i want, and so far my boss has been nice as well. i'm so glad and happy i got this job but it pisses me off that i got it through my last name. i just got lucky this once in my life.

No. 1884054

>We women
nice try

No. 1884056

yeah, sadly connections are more important than anything, and best ways to get jobs is to be recommended by someone already working at the company. now that you are "in", make sure you grow your network and connect with your coworkers on linkedin, etc. eventually they will leave this job and go work elsewhere and then you can message them and ask them to refer you to an open position in their new company. this is how it works, sadly. but congrats nona, i am glad you got a nice job

No. 1884069

Connections are relatively easily built up from 0 in uni by attending field-related lectures and events and staying for networking drinks afterwards. You don't need a lot of connections to get your first in (unless you're in a very competitive field I guess). I guess it's too late for you now but maybe it's useful to someone else reading this.

No. 1884101

>field-related lectures and events and staying for networking drinks afterwards
half of my uni years were spent in lockdown with zero events going on and people refusing to be social even through online means. things might have been different if covid hadn't hit.

No. 1884121

if you want to build connections in your industry here are some good options
>attend a conference (employers sometimes pay for 1 conference per year for their employees)
>check out the meetup app (or facebook groups? do people still use that) and attend industry-related meetups or afterworks

No. 1884178

That's a fair point.

No. 1884234

I got an offer for a good job after almost a year being unemployed and really looking, a verbal offer over the phone but getting the offer email is still somehow ongoing because their emails bounce back. They tried emailing me and I tried emailing them and it's kind of like…what now? I swear to god I just want something to sign. If it falls through because I'm a bit inconvenient/I chased them up too much/I didn't chase them up enough I will be very upset. The situation feels more precarious than any interview I've had because I'm SO CLOSE yet have nothing.

> Your last question you should end on is "Do you have any hesitations in hiring me?" so in the case that if they honestly answer what they're unsure about, then you can try to clear them up.

kek thanks for reminding me of the time I misinterpreted this advice and in one of my first interviews I asked at the end "so have I given you any reason to NOT hire me?" followed by possibly the most smug look in existence and he just stared blankly for a few seconds before saying he'd need to look over his notes after the interview to know that. I still got it because it was a shitty minimum wage ticket checking job but still kek.

No. 1884412

Nta but this is a nice, uplifting comment ty nonna you are right ♥


Makes sense, thank you for your reply and good luck anon!

No. 1884531

two more job interviews coming up. three, actually, but i don't count the fast food interview as an actual interview. might be two though as one place is telling ME to call their HR guy to talk about the position. i've watched quite a few interview prep videos though and i think i can mask a little better just from giving them a try so uh…fingers crossed (again)

>are you willing to learn?
i am but i've never had anyone to teach me. my aunt's stopped reaching out after the pity glow wore off (i asked her shortly after my father passed) and her grandkids came back to town and my mother's thoughts on the matter have always been "a boyfriend should teach you how" (and i've never had one of those). shit sucks but i can't really do anything about it

No. 1884732

did you ever even ask anyone? because the way you wrote it it sounds like you're complaining no one has offered

No. 1884843

if their emails are bouncing that seems a bit sussy. do they send out unwanted emails to people so often they ended up penalised by google? anyway, you can offer to come by the office and sign it in person nona

No. 1884845

cant you go take classes to learn how to drive? maybe you burgers do it differently but no family member taught me how to drive. i went to driving school and learned myself. but this nona is also right >>1884732, the world does not revolve around you. if you need help you should ask. if they can't help you then go to driving school

No. 1884867

In the U.S. most people learn from someone they know but the DMV has driving lessons as well. I don't know what they cost these days but you can also work on getting your permit at least first to show initiative, and you don't even need to get behind the wheel to get it.

No. 1884943

i don't have $200+ usd to spend on driving courses kek…they're expensive here. cheaper ones are cities away.

did you read my post? no? here:
>i asked her shortly after my father passed

>work on getting your permit
i have that already. the first time i got it back in 2018, everyone who said they'd teach me never followed through on it. second time, in 2023, same thing. at least this particular permit is meant to last me several years…

No. 1884994

poor wording of my reply but i meant recently, it just sounded like you weren't being pushy enough about it. i had to teach myself how to drive watching youtube videos and driving in my neighborhood.

No. 1885040

that's why i asked if you are willing to learn. if you want this job bad enough and the only obstacle is the driver's licence you could say you are willing to get it to fulfill the requirements. it would show how dedicated you are. it would be an investment toward getting a job and it was what i did with my first "nice" job that wasn't service work. but the more i talk to you the more you sound like one of those poeple who finds excuses to not do things rather than ways to get them done soooo good luck nona.

No. 1885071

who let you use their car?

unhelpful and condescending. i really hate how cunt-ish farmers are these days, holy shit

No. 1885104

(i hate that i've been checking lolcow all day)
at the time i lived with my parents and used their car. my parents both worked 2-3 jobs at once so they couldn't help me, nor did i want them to because they have hair-trigger tempers.

No. 1885139

ok well nobody would or will let me use their car. that's part of the problem. good for you though

No. 1885162

they literally had no idea kek

No. 1885481

Anyone have experience with Lyft or Uber?

No. 1885624

I'm staying home today even though I'm not supposed to because I have my work computer on me and there's that one guy at the office I cannot stand anymore. I need a good pretext for that and for tomorrow though because we're all supposed to come to the office three days a week for specific days we can't choose.

No. 1886661

How do you cope in one of those bullshit office jobs where you just aren't busy? I always feel like an asshole because everyone else talks about how swamped they are with work, and how busy it is, but I have never really experienced in the past three years I've been in office work. Even with a large backlog of work, I just get it done in maybe a day or two on top of existing work.
I have a new job where I was essentially told that I'm mostly being hired just to supervise an area of the department, which mostly just consists of waiting around for emails. Most of the actual admin work is done overseas. I feel like I spend all day doing crosswords and maybe I'll have some work come in, finish it in about 10 minutes, and get back to crosswords. Are people actually as busy at work as they say, or are they inefficient, or are they just pretending like I am? I've just never understood it.

No. 1886696

File: 1707820578756.png (489.23 KB, 1280x900, 1000004794.png)

had surprise interview today somewhere i have been going to and in contact with for a while now. it is my dream job! i had a feeling i would be interviewed soon and i am so glad i prepared because everything went great. i love everything about the job and everyone at that place. i should find out within a week or two if i get it. i know there are at least two other candidates they interviewed today and it make me super nervous to see/hear them! i hadn't ever had a job interview before but i already knew and spoke with the interviewers a lot and i felt great the whole time and after. i am nervous but i have great speaking skills and stressed my strengths that apply to the job and they know i want the job really bad. one of the employees even gave me her number in case i do not get the job so she can contact me about anything that comes up. i hope i get it, i really think its the job and place for me. wish me luck pls.

No. 1886709

Think I’m just gonna accept that I’m not cut out for a career. I’m going to work on all my hobbies and interests and try to make a living from it. And doing fun shit like selling my crafts and doing face painting at funfairs can’t be boring. Seasonal fun shit like that is better than working in an office. I may never be rich, but at this point who gets rich from a 9-5. And I’ve been poor all my life anyway.

No. 1886864

Good luck, nonny! I hope all your work so far pays off!

No. 1886876

Keeping my fingers crossed for you nonna, good luck!
Good luck to you too, it's a very grueling path so it's a good idea to get at least a part time job so you have some guaranteed income while you establish yourself. Stick with it and you'll succeed.

No. 1886949

>apply at crappy legal call center
>get hired
>have nervous breakdown in the middle of training
>get sent home early
>is terminated on the second day of training

I hate myself lol

No. 1886960

Don't beat yourself up, anon. It wasn't meant to be and it's good to learn that now rather than invest a lot of time and energy into a job that isn't a good fit. You'll find something else!

No. 1886967

Samefag. And still no work keys found, I've asked everywhere where I've been on Friday before losing the keys, asked the clerk at the office entrance if any keys were given to them for keepsake, I filed a report at the public lost and found office. Still nothing.
I don't think anyone would fire me for losing em because we're understaffed but this makes the beginning of the year very difficult until I get replacement keys. Wish me luck that someone out there is honest enough to give em back.

No. 1886971

maybe see if any of your coworkers who do work have anything they need help with. it sounds like your position is totally obsolete.

No. 1886978

Thank your lucky stars and work on side projects. You might be the first laid off, so make sure you look busy and only submit excellent work.

No. 1887003

I hope so cause I’ve been unemployed for almost 2 years and didn’t have much luck finding anything. I’m not too sad but I feel like I’ve disappointed my family.

I told the managers that I’m in good condition for training and was about to get hands on but they decided to pull the plug anyway.

No. 1887008

you'd probably make way less with that degree even if you became a spook
just don't tell them you have a secondary degree
tell the people at your workplace you got mugged

No. 1887032

File: 1707845911835.gif (492.56 KB, 220x117, he-is-speaking-guy-explaining-…)

My job has been so boring, especially since my role has been consistently shifting towards working with the one colleague I have the hardest time getting along with. She's our quasi-leader (internally supported, but not made official in any capacity), but we also share some roles with each other. She's a sweetheart honestly, like 20 years older than me, and very very professional and meticulous. But that's exactly why she's like the complete opposite of me. My workstyle is trying to get things sorted out fast, AFTER all information's on the table, not sticking to highly formal channels and I speak pretty fast and my thought can be all over the place. She always wants to discuss things when almost nothing's known yet, and it's 99% anything we plan ahead will need to be scrapped anyway, but she hates needing to think on the spot and takes extensive notes on every little thing. It just leads to both of us being frustrated with new assignments; me feeling like we're doing extra work for no benefit and waiting for her to finish a thought, and her at me for shooting ideas looking for something to stick and offering quick solutions without analyzing every little detail. I wish I could work with the two people similiar in age to me, but sadly our work rarely overlaps.

No. 1887059

i never finished high school so i don't have many job options. i recently got a waitress job that lasted for a month because my manager texted the work groupchat one morning saying that all trained wait staff must be "on-call" and available to come in on 2 of their off day. i only have 2 off days and work 40 scheduled hours a week. i said i couldn't do that and that on-call wasn't mentioned during interviewing. after my shift he began removing me from shifts in the future and told me to not come back over text. now i'm back to unemployment, but i've been applying. i have an interview for a bartender soon at the local dive bar. i am bad at interviews and have always just been hired on the spot when businesses are desperate for employees. hopefully they are desperate

No. 1887092

>Are people actually as busy at work as they say, or are they inefficient, or are they just pretending like I am? I've just never understood it.
Well, all three. Unless you do fulfill the exact same role, you don't really know how busy someone is kept. My small department is pretty weird in that every assigned role is pretty fucking unequal in how much workload they get. I have colleagues that spend a lot of time sitting around browsing the web waiting for work to come in but then periodically get overwhelmed, and others who have plenty of administrative bullshit to deal with daily on top of being overloaded periodically. But the one who claims to be the busiest is the one woman who doesn't have much going on but is just very inefficient. I'm pretty sure she isn't pretending, or she's an insanely good actress, but when I volunteer to jump in and help, as my tasks are probably the least time-sensitive, I clear out her backlog in a day of work while she's still working on the same ticket from 4 days ago all day.

No. 1887120

I've been working for a really good boss for years and he's gone out of his way to make sure I can keep my job. I genuinely like him. But working outside for four years is really starting to take a physical toll on me. I have interviews for some work from home jobs lined up. Should I feel this bad? It's not a high paying job but he's been a great boss and I'm worried what's going to happen if I leave because I do so much.

No. 1887138

you are easily replaceable anon, if he's been so good to you maybe you guys can come up to an agreement that is easier on you.
Do what is good for you.
NEVER stay with an employer out of 'guilt' or thinking you're the glue that keeps it all together. You're not

No. 1887147

No, work is a business from both sides.
>I'm worried what's going to happen if I leave because I do so much.
The world won't stop turning because you left a job anon.

No. 1887148

Nope, do not feel bad for leaving the job. It's a professional choice, not a personal insult. Besides, moving on from a job after four or more years is pretty routine. Good luck!

No. 1887159

International relations? Might as well burn your money, or better yet, give it to me.

No. 1887213

You're right, I appreciate you

No. 1887241

can anyone share their experience working in a bakery? even a grocery store bakery counts.

No. 1887283

I worked in the bakery of a supermarket as a teen and student. It was fine as a part-time job, don't think I'd want to do it full-time but it wasn't particularly stressful or anything.

No. 1887301

I’ve worked in one but I didn’t do the actual baking/decorating. But usually bakers’ hours are early. If you’re working at a place that makes donuts for example, those bakers come in to work at like 4am. Some places have overnight shifts where the bakers make the stock for the next morning. Different bakeries vary on how much you interact with customers. At my place, the bakers didn’t have to interface much with customers unless they had really specific questions about processes or ingredients that only the bakers could answer. Customers can be highly specific and get cranky even if one tiny detail is off or if icing letters aren’t perfectly to their liking, for example. Another thing that that you will probably be hot and sweating, you’re going to be around ovens and stoves a lot, especially if the kitchen is small. Also be careful about safety hazards and have bandages ready, even the most experienced bakers there would get burns. Full-time hours seem hard to come by, you’d probably be part-time. I don’t know a whole ton about that industry other than what I’ve observed, but if it’s something you’re interested in then maybe give it a try? You could try working at one of those bigger franchises where they’ll be more specific with recipes and steps, and if you like it then maybe you could eventually work somewhere where you might have more creative freedom and could come up with your own ideas. In some places, the bakers also get added tips on the sales so that could be a slight financial bonus.

No. 1887349

I worked at a bakery, although it was bought out by a grocery store chain. I worked the front part so I can't bake for shit. My neighbourhood was chill, the occasional angry grandma and crazy person. Otherwise, I liked it. I disliked smelling of sweets at the end of it.

The most annoying part was memorising what bread was bread, but with time, it is very easy.

No. 1887476

any nonnies work fast food? i have an interview coming up this thursday and i expect to get it because it's …. fast food kek. it's at a spot that's almost always dead whenever i'm there (right next to chick-fil-a and popeyes) so i'm hoping i won't have to deal with many customers

No. 1887483

I used to work fast food (mcdonalds and wendys) and I really loved it, it was super fun and fast paced which I like. But may I suggest getting into a trade like traffic control where you stand but also make double the money.

No. 1887495

how easy are seasonal entry level jobs to get into? there's been many in my area lately and I'm kind of interested.

No. 1887726

I like working fast food but imo it's the kind of job where your relationship with your coworkers can make it either a blast or miserable, especially if your store is always dead and you have lots of downtime to chat. I've made genuine friends who I still talk to working at mcdonald's but it was definitely a bit hard when my social anxiety was at its worst. The work itself is easy and fun

No. 1887746

Everything is competitive now compared to years prior. Recently I couldn't get a seasonal temp office job even with 4 years of experience so dont take it too personally if they don't call you back. Still worth shooting an application to them if it's not too time consuming of a process.

No. 1887805

That was my major and it took 3 years for me to land a career making six figures. Every single degree depends on how you utilize it. I've met engineering majors who work as substitute teachers because they couldn't figure out how to make a good resume, not be autistic in interviews, and not fall into depression over a few rejection emails. You really don't want to just hop around from major to major, though. Sit down and figure out what it is you want to do. Actually take the time to research career opportunities and what your major is going to consist of at your school before you just jump out of nursing because you don't like it. Totally fair to not like nursing but you don't want to be making this same post next semester, right?

I'm making $150,000 in my new job starting in a few weeks. I can't bring myself to let my friends know how well things are going for me since everyone around me seems to not be doing so well. It just feels cruel to say something like that to people in shitty financial/career situations out of their hands. Please let me brag anonymously at least.

No. 1887818

Unless you have a master's/PhD and 30+ years of work experience I'm calling bullshit

No. 1887820

I work in a tech company but not a technical role. Sell your soul. It pays well.

No. 1887843

File: 1707901175849.gif (3.6 MB, 600x600, 1671818445986.gif)

I am giving myself 2024 to NEET and then I am starting college next year at 23yo. I didn't want to start college because I feel like I am too dumb for it, but I am already rotting away in my NEET cave so I might as well give it a try. I am scared, but I hope it works out. I was thinking of accounting, even though I suck at math.

No. 1887877

thank you anons! i wasn't expecting to get so much information, this is really helpful.
why do you want to wait all year? not sure if you're a burger but i found the workload of taking online courses at community college to be extremely low. particularly the CTE courses, the gen ed courses were a mixed bag because most of them were "taught" by whoever they could find to do it $400 a month.

No. 1887889

i am not a burger nonny, lol

No. 1887910

File: 1707914352960.jpg (4.24 KB, 225x225, 1655309868167.jpg)

I study a STEM field in an university, and I am actively looking for a trainee position for the summer. I just got a rejection letter for a position, they mentioned they got over 4000 applications. FOUR THOUSAND. I live in a small country with just a few million people, how the fuck is it even possible to get that many applications?? How the fuck am I supposed to find a job if I have to fight with thousands of other applicants over shitty entry level trainee positions.

No. 1887919

I've worked in bakeries for years. At least in the places I were in the work was very stressful, physically demanding and the early hours and weekend shifts sucked. The flour gets fucking everywhere and many workers get respiratory issues after years of working in a bakery. It's fine for a while but I switched careers as have many of my old colleagues.

I worked in a very hands-on artisanal bakeries, so I can't say how bigger factory bakeries are. From what I've heard it's pretty boring just watching the conveyor belts run, and the big machines can be scary. I heard of a woman who lost her arm in some kind of crushing machine while working a big baked goods factory. Also, how the work is might also depend from country to country, how well paid the work is, are there unions to negotiate better salaries and overtime compensations etc.

No. 1887925

That shitty company is probably over exaggerating.

No. 1887928

God I hope so. It's a big medical company though so I could believe that many people applied.

No. 1888320

agree with >>1887925 or it's very possible people from other countries are applying

No. 1888582

give us your secrets nonny PLEASE i have a degree in global studies and world languages and anthropology and I can't seem to break out of retail roles

No. 1889195

I'm too honest to say I got mugged. I told the colleague that takes care of the keys yesterday that I lost em Friday evening. He tried to chew me out saying that I should have told him already by Monday and that I can't hide shit like that (which, fair, but the pressure I put myself under was far higher than him trying to admonish me, probably cuz I come from a household where I got yelled at for smaller issues).
In any case, I got new work keys, my insurance would cover any costs up until 50k in case anything needs to get done (changing locks), with only a small participation fee of 150€ from my pocket. But I doubt it'll come to this because I didn't hang my keys on a keychain that indicates where the keys might work, the keychain had the name of a hotel that doesn't exist in my town anymore, I lost em further away form where I work and live, and if anyone is honest enough in this town, maybe they'll be given back to the police and/or the lost and found office. So I don't really worry.

No. 1890654

does talking like this really work? maybe it's because i'm autistic but whenever i watch "interview help" videos they sound and look so psychotic and fake to me.

that said i tried emulating erin: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/uWwFjgdgFPU and the interview didn't end 14 minutes early for once. i felt fake and psychotic all the way through it but maybe that's just how normalshits are.

No. 1890676

These answers sound so generic, it wouldn't work in my field.

No. 1890724

I'm autistic too but this guy sounds way more autistic than me, wow. Super vague and trying too hard to flatter.
Personally I answer this question by picking specific points from the job ad and relating them to specific experience or skills I have (like "the job posting mentioned X kind of project and this is something I'm really excited to learn about, I've done Y project in a previous role and enjoyed it a lot" or "the job uses Y tool which I've been learning in my free time and I'd love the opportunity to use it at work and in a team"). I find that mentioning company values always comes off fake unless you have very specific proof that you care about those values ("you guys are a sustainable company and I care about sustainability a lot, I volunteer at Z related charity"). Ultimately, all your answers should serve to tell them more about your actual skills and experience.

Erin's advice is really good overall (just a little bold sometimes if you're not a senior in your field and don't have much leverage). And I think it's normal to feel fake, even normies feel it and joke about corporate language being dumb. It's just worse for us autists because we have to force ourselves not to be monotone or weird.

No. 1890738

I was in an interview. I was told they wanted to call me and I got all excited thinking they were about to hire me. No, they wanted to call and tell me I was rejected.

Supposedly that's kinder but I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing. Wish me luck nonnies…

No. 1890743

Does anyone have good remote job recommendations for an autist with an associates degree in communications who's really not in the mental place to work a physical job right now?

Worse come to worse I can try a temp agency if I do want a physical job, I'm just in desperate need of money between jobs right now and mentally recovering from a very bad last few years

No. 1890790

There's tons of work in social media marketing, and some in doing comms targeting employees or clients within a company. The former probably requires more knowledge you might not have, but I work in the latter and all my coworkers have a background in communications or journalism (and tbh a lot of them have really poor English and aren't very good at what they do and overly rely on AI, but seem to do well in the career anyway).

No. 1890794

Thanks Nona, I'll check it out. I still need to make a LinkedIn page and stuff

No. 1890816

File: 1708115464060.jpg (34.07 KB, 357x261, unnamed.jpg)

had the worst phone screening ever…i was so nervous. it did not help that my mom psyched me out right before it…but my pitch was all over the place, i trailed off weirdly, i said "yeah" and "um" a lot, it was very bad. ended in ten minutes, was meant to be a 30 minute phone call. she also repeatedly stated "oh i bet you want a tech position right? you said you 'wore different hats' and did tech stuff at this position too, i bet that's what you were happier doing right? you probably don't have much vested interested in things outside of your field" and i wasn't sure of how to answer. i told her i was open to this role, but she didn't seem convinced…and i also didn't explain myself clearly enough. i had a whole script and it just fell apart.

i really don't…think i'm ever going to get a career job at this point, the interviewing process is just too fucking difficult. it's too much. my mind isn't wired for it. i've had so many phone screens and maybe 20 interviews and i honest to god can't. i can't not be monotone, i can't smile as much as i can, i can't be "bubbly and personable," i can't drudge up any interest in these fucking companies (they always see through my answer), i can't stop uptalking, i'm just tired. i try my best! but it never gets easier. the interview i thought i managed to "mask" well in, i didn't get. i never fucking get it. i can't even put the desolation i feel into words.

but god in the case of this interviewer it really threw me off that she jumped into "YOU DON'T WANT TO WORK THIS JOB DO YOU? YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE?" rather than the typical "so, tell me about yourself" question (which i prepped for!). i want to die so bad

No. 1890893

I've had similar things with phone screens. Usually it's a recruiter or "talent acquisition specialist" who doesn't understand the job requirements or your resume. Unfortunately you have to be rather firm and unyielding with them, basically be willing to tell them that they're wrong and explain why.

No. 1890899

This is done so there's no record of why you were rejected if you ask for feedback. Reduces risk of bias lawsuits.

No. 1891117

File: 1708143383608.png (924.73 KB, 1280x720, kaoru2.png)

I got through a final round interview for a job I'm trying to get. I feel like I have good prospects of getting this one but I know I can get burned at any second. It's happened multiple times before.

I mean, just recently I had a closing interview with a company that sounded very enthusiastic about bringing me in, literally had me fill out forms agreeing to background checks and drug tests, toured me throughout the whole building, took me to lunch, had me meet with the entire division (Probably more than 10 different people), gave me a gift bag, and even told me they were going to take me to dinner the night prior (Although the person that was going to apparently got sick). All this before even having been extended an offer. Only to then get a rejection letter in the mail a couple of weeks after.

Employers love just dangling a carrot in front of you that you'll never actually get.

No. 1891299

I'm so anxious about my job opportunities when I move to America. The place is very remote and if I can't get a job in one of the like 3 places nearby then I'm kinda fucked. Why is the US countryside so bad for work? Crazy

No. 1891549

It's a huge issue. Everyone is congregating around the same handful of cities because employers increasingly consolidate their operations there and buy up anyone who hasn't.

No. 1892094

If you genuinely like him and he's been good to you, you can try to make your departure the least complicated for him. Like tell him well in advance, train your coworkers as needed etc. But yea you can't jeopardize your career/well being just because of him.

Wtf.. At this point something unexpected must have happened because why would they even bother doing all this for people they're not set on hiring? It sucks, good luck for your final interview nonna.

No. 1892240

got an online job interview at my dream waitressing/hostessing restraunt. its a one-sided video interview and I am so excited. please keep me in your thoughts nonnies. the location is fantastic and I essentially live in the LA of my country so this job is hard to come by. aaa I am so excited.

No. 1892251

Anon, that is really unusual and i think they really did intend to hire you from what you describe. Sometimes internal things in HR can explode in a bureaucratic fireball and cause offers (or intended offers) to fall through (i've seen this happen from the inside). Either that, or you were one of just a couple finalists, and it ended up going to the other person. Which is disheartening, but it shows you have what it takes and will land a job soon. So don't stress.

No. 1892255

Starting a new job as a barista and I sent in my info for a background check on tuesday and they haven’t gotten back to me yet? It’s almost been a week with no word for an orientation. Should I be worried nonnas? Did they rescind the job offer?

No. 1892266

They wanted to background check you as a barista?? honestly I would call them to follow up if you haven't heard back but good riddance, sounds kind of extra for that kind of position

No. 1892491

she has 20 years of experience on you, she is probably working as she should and you should put your ego aside and learn from her nona

No. 1892503

tech is going through a lot of layoffs and downsizing and many companies are not even doing internships this year, so i believe they could have 4k applications. a few months ago we got 500 in a DAY AND A HALF before TA took the listing down. we're in a tech bubble burst (although not as big as the one from a few decades ago) so things are going to be tough for a while in tech.
>How the fuck am I supposed to find a job if I have to fight with thousands of other applicants over shitty entry level trainee positions.
make friends with people who work in tech and ask them to refer you to roles you are interested in. it's the only way these days

No. 1892507

nta but with your background i would respec into UX writing or copywriting and get me a nice job in a startup/scaleup. gets you a good tech salary and work/life balance

No. 1892517

you just need to learn to tell them what they want to hear. put yourself in the recruiters shoes. what does she want to hear? that you WANT this job, in fact you are EXCITED to join the team because you think the company is cool/you heard good things about the vibes there/you think their product is important/whatever.

i am sorry you had a bad experience nona but next one will be better. just remember to ask yourself what does this person want to hear from you, and give them that. interviewing is a skill that you practice and learn, it's totally doable. it's good to apply to jobs just to practice interviewing tbh

No. 1892519

from what you describe it sounds like they wanted ot hire you but they lost the headcount. the hiring manager is probably almost as disappointed as you are, because now they don't get a new employee to help out. it sucks but this was not on you

No. 1892577


Or, it's possible I failed the behavioral check. I was visibly nervous throughout the interview and my eyes kept darting away when being spoken to. Even though I sounded good on paper and think I did well on both technical rounds, I probably disappointed them behaviorally-wise.

I also wasn't driving at that point in time, since I had no car, so I got a ride to their location from a family member. I didn't want to admit I don't drive (I live in U.S. car-dependant hell), so I just white lied saying my car broke down, but maybe that still made me look bad by making them think I don't have reliable transportation.

They're a huge high-security R&D that you can't enter without authorization and since they weren't expecting my family member, had to also call the recruiter who set up my interview to let them know about him, issue him a card, let the front desk know about him when I leave…Probably caused a PITA.

They also wanted to show me around other buildings, like their gym, which required driving me around since their area is so large. At the end of the interview, hiring manager walked me out with asking where I parked. I thought I just could slide by without anyone noticing I didn't drive myself there but nope. fml


I can't be sure why, but I don't think I ever would have and never will. I am pissed at them for wasting so much of my time, though.

No. 1893258

>apply for mcdonalds
>somehow don't get it
>apply for rally's
>get stood up (i wait for an hour and 30 minutes and the guy never shows)
>apply to the local dollar store
>no response
>all this with a fucking degree
you have got to be kidding me man. why am i so radioactive. if i don't get this retail job i really might just rope

No. 1893267

nonna don't sweat it. I'm 25, recently went back to college so I can train to work as a librarian. my degree in english got me tutoring jobs but it's not something I want to do forever, so I'm changing that! there is no world in which a 24 year old is "too old" to be at college. try and stop thinking about your circumstances with so much judgement because you're doing something good for yourself (which is more than what 95% of the population is doing). Enjoy your time, you are not behind <3

No. 1893274

Pretend you don't have a degree next time you send in a CV. They probably think you'll get easily bored of the job or feel like you are too good for it

No. 1893294

i also have a degree and spent the last 3 years as a supervisor. i applied for literally "any" position at costco (thats an option they give you) and its been almost a month but ive not gotten an interview. i have interviewed elsewhere, but every position ive applied to that im overqualified for ive not gotten any response.
what >>1893274 said is basically the advice my therapist gave me when i was crying about being a month without a job

No. 1893508

The scrote at my job has once again received all the credit for something I spent weeks on under his useless "supervision". The first time this happened it was in a big team meeting so I spoke up (I wasn't confrontational obviously, just thanked him and asked the team to share if they have feedback for "our" work, and he looked really upset). This time it was my coworker presenting my own work to me and crediting it to him because he's seemingly hijacked it and pushed me out of the conversation after I finished most of the work, possibly when I was out of office (but I had been communicating with her when I did the initial work and sending her the files so she's at fault for not remembering I literally worked on this).
I don't even think he's doing this on purpose, he's just a stupid, disorganised scrote who sucks at his job but gets by on seniority. My coworkers don't understand the kind of work we do so they trust that he's good because he's a man.
I am doing my best to have another job lined up soon and I hope that he gets fucking overwhelmed by work when I leave.

No. 1893689

you didn't ask for advice but if you want to, you can give him direct feedback about his behaviour and it will probably make him stop. look up non-confrontational feedback techniques, but it's basically
>remind him of what happened
>tell him how what he did made you feel/how it is preventing you from gaining recognition for your work
>ask him not to do it again
usually this is enough for poeple to become aware of what they are doing is shitty and stop. if not, next step is to go to your manager and explain the situation and ask for them to advise on what you should do (and also tell the manager you have already given direct feedback to the moid, managers hate it when you come directly to them before you tried to handle the situation on your own).

No. 1893887

I have a college degree in an interdisciplinary major and I have minors in CS and philosophy. I'm working on an Associate's degree in Business Administration which I should receive by the end of the year.

I feel weird. I'll be working for myself at a manufacturing shop shortly, but I want to insulate myself should anything ever happen. I'm so afraid of not getting a job if something catastrophic were to happen. I have job experience, but I have worked at 3 places the last 3 years although I did work at an entry level position for 6 years while I was getting my bachelor's.

I'm thinking of getting certificates for in-demand skills like cloud computing or whatever in the meantime, but I feel like I am behind everyone else in terms of my work experience. I feel like a degree and education don't mean shit anymore.

No. 1894320

Nonnas, please lend me your best interview wisdom. I know it's best to keep it conversational to alleviate nerves but I finally got a chance in my own field (design) and after being unemployed for 5 months I'm so nervous I'll drop my spaghetti where it really counts. I never know how to prepare for these things!

No. 1894482

ok! another retail interview. part time, 15 to 20 hours, pays about $~15 usd. that's an okay rate in my state, i really hope i get it. this is pretty much what i want right now, while i continue to grind for a career position. wish me luck.

No. 1894760

I don't buy it, how is it even possible to forget that you didn't do something you're being credited for?? Even for work that you've only partially contributed to it should sound wrong, let alone something you've only supervised. Plus you said that last time he was visibly upset when you pointed out that it was also your work. It would be a nice revenge if you could leave him with tons of work (that he's already doing alone supposedly!) but of course only if you have something else lined up and only if you're sure that you're not going to regret this job. Maybe the issue can be fixed. You could talk about this to someone (under the pretense maybe you're scared it could impact your performance review or something). Like the other anon said, ideally it should be the scrote first if he is your direct superior.

Good luck anons!!

No. 1895105

anyone else have coworkers who lean hard into learned helplessness? my coworker's job title implies that she knows how to use a computer but she barely knows how to navigate word and outlook. her constant issues take up at least an hour of my work day, sometimes more. today she couldn't attach a file to an email for some reason and i showed her a work around (drag and drop from folder instead of using the attach file button in outlook). she kept whining and complaining about having to drag and drop and how much it sucks and that she wants to use it a different way and why won't it work and why can't i find out what's wrong??? i have no clue what's wrong with that file in particular and googling doesn't help either, but there is a fix - just drag and drop - so i told her to use that fix for now. i got pretty annoyed and afterwards she was like "anon, you're so strict and mean sometimes…" yeah, because you're a fucking idiot, coworker.

then later she asked me something while i was in the middle of something else and i told her to please sideline it for now so i can finish something for once because it's been really difficult to get shit done if there's new stuff piling up constantly. which happens because of her. she nodded and agreed and said she's having the same issue with barely getting anything done. of course she's not getting shit done if she needs me to fix her "computer problems" every few minutes!!!!

No. 1895269

Think about what they want to hear not what you want to say

No. 1895274

I think she has a debilitating crush on you

No. 1895378

It's for a Starbucks inside another store but I dunno if it would still warrant a background check? Either way they still haven't gotten back to me and it's been a week but yesterday was a holiday to be fair… But I'm sorta freaking out because it's never taken this long to hear back after a check and I really want this job as silly as it is to desire to be a Starbucks barista.

No. 1895461

No. 1895571

sounds like a typical boomer, its like computers give them anxiety and they can no longer read when they're sat in front of one

No. 1895880

File: 1708496311109.gif (104.41 KB, 220x124, texting-retsuko.gif)

Interviewed today, should I send the recruiter a thank you or cc/bcc them in the thank you emails I send to the interviewers even if she specifically wasn't present? For further context I already sent her a note after our original screening so it could sound redundant, there were two people on the panel today so I was planning on writing two letters anyways. I feel like such a tryhard but getting into corporate is such a weird waltz.

No. 1895940

applied to me dream job yesterday. i love having a goal and grinding towards it. i know i will succeed

No. 1895967

me too nonnie! best of luck to both of us ♥

No. 1896670

File: 1708550465079.jpg (33.76 KB, 463x399, tomoko.jpg)

Are there any good jobs where you don't have to talk to anyone (within reason) that pay decently? I have a seasonal retail job but I really dislike interacting with customers and co workers. The music they constantly play in the store bothers me too and I can't tune it out. I have Aspergers for context. Also I have a two year degree in horticulture but I've realized that the jobs generally don't pay well (unless you become a manager or business owner, but for that you need to have good social skills) so I'm not sure if I even want to continue down that path.

I just applied for a part time warehouse job but from what I've read warehouse work is very physically demanding and can be mentally taxing. However the pay is really high and I wouldn't have to interact with customers. Is it worth it? Can any nonnas here tell me their experiences working in warehouses?

No. 1896779

i think it went well. i also have two more career interviews coming up. i really hope…..i get one haha

No. 1896851

File: 1708564785517.gif (1.12 MB, 320x320, SH.gif)

Despite having a respectable STEM degree and my CV containing a relatively well-rounded experience/skill list, I keep getting rejected from the most entry-level jobs near me. It's gotten to the point where I feel sick after applying now, because getting the rejection emails makes me ashamed.
Doesn't help that the job I actually studied for has 0 openings in the 60km radius around me, despite everyone always complaining about how short-staffed the labs are.

I relate to this a lot, nonny. I know I'm 25 days late but I hope things are starting to look up for you.

No. 1896864

Nonna what the hell is this gif kek it’s the first thing I saw when I opened the main page. Good luck nonna, I’m about to start the job search too because there’s not much room for me to grow in my current job, and it makes me horribly miserable just to think about applying to jobs again

No. 1896876

NTA but it's from Silent Hill 1. It's in the school portion of the game.

No. 1896878

I fucking hate all of my moid coworkers leave me the fuck alone

No. 1897056

i don't think it's a good idea personally as a woman. warehouse jobs attract a lot of creepy men. i've even known men that have left warehouse jobs because the other men were ex convicts and extremely creepy.
i don't know what it's like to have aspergers but honestly most decent paying jobs do require a level of socializing that you don't seem comfortable with. what about working in a library, getting a cert in library technical assistant or being something like a laboratory tech.

No. 1897819

I am taking programming courses and I feel like I should just give up. This is the third endeavour I've attempted in higher education, and I'm scared I'm destined to just be a retail wageslave for life. The problem is I have such a hard time getting through things that I don't 100% understand from the get-go. And I equate not innately understanding it with me always being too stupid to understand it regardless of how hard I try. Is it worth it to continue if I'm only mediocre at best in math? These problem questions are just making my head hurt and if I can't apply this to real life should I just look for something else to do? I just want a job I'm competent at that earns me enough money to live on my own.

No. 1897850

Plan to get certified in safety management, trying to get the groundwork for an actual career started bc I'm almost 26 and I can't keep working these dead-end low wage jobs. Any nonnies ever work in this field?

No. 1898087

My same exact situation. I've kept up my optimism for a while but I can't anymore. I am applying for different jobs that aren't all what I studied for and I am at least getting a couple interviews now, but my whole life is a track record of nothing ever working out that I can't even imagine how others get their dream jobs or anything. Despite how depressed I am, I still work hard at applying, preparing for interviews, cover letters, redoing my resume, and whatever else. I mostly do it so I can be like "I did everything right and tried my absolute best, so surely it cannot be my fault that it didn't work out" even though I still feel bad anyway.

No. 1898141


>I have such a hard time getting through things that I don't 100% understand from the get-go

>And I equate not innately understanding it with me always being too stupid to understand it

I was probably one of the dumbest out of my graduating class and feeling like I was constantly surrounded by super smart programmer moids I will never be able to compete with, but I still graduated for what it's worth. It took a combination of sickening persistence (Always doing extra credit and all HWs/projects/assignments, no matter what I get on them, just to carry my grade up) , grade inflation from generous professors, getting help from professors and classmates (On time. Don't wait until the last moment. This is super important), or occasional underhanded methods like going on Chegg when I had very a bad professor and I got particularly desparate.

I am a huge moron. I still did it. So I'm sure you'll be able to as well.

>I'm scared I'm destined to just be a retail wageslave for life

I just can't assure you about this, because the job market is so fucking bad right now. I took a CS degree to avoid the job search difficulty that would come with a libarts degree yet feel I may as well have done one anyway because not even my internship, nor the job I did teaching programming for 2 years are helping show I have "experience" and not just a degree.

No. 1898225

i managed to get a pharmacy/retail job for a pretty good hourly rate with a start date next week. meanwhile, i interviewed for better role that has consistent hours and better benefits that has a start date 2 weeks from my pharmacy job's start date.
what do i do nonnies? i initially wanted to work for a week and get some of that low effort training money, cause fuck at will employment but at the same time i dont want to burn bridges or overburden the workers by making them understaffed… im also poor and would like to make some money while im in between jobs. anyone been in this position before?

No. 1898300

>at the same time i dont want to burn bridges or overburden the workers by making them understaffed
Sorry if this is blunt but the employees will REALLY dislike if you are hired and just immediately quit or call out a lot. Retail pharm workplaces like CVS or Walgreens always schedule as few employees as possible during shifts, so unless you are at some kind of 24-hour store one person not showing up usually fucks everything up for the other person or two working.

No. 1898373


You have to look out for your own best interest. Corporations never will.


That's stupid. This is a management issue, not hers.

No. 1898384

Did you get the second job for sure? Does it also pay well? You can do whatever you want, if you make up a nice excuse and only quit the retail job after a few days it can't be that bad.

No. 1898530

That's not anon's fault nor responsibility.

Do what's best for you. If you can legally work there for 2 weeks, make some money and leave without issue, use your rights and do it. Corporations aren't family and they have no compassion for you either.

No. 1898544

If you haven’t started the first one yet, you’re not going to leave anyone short staffed really. Assuming they’d still have to train you and whatnot.

No. 1898589

If you told any of this to the manager at the pharmacy they wouldn’t hire you.

No. 1898995

>apply for job
>on paper: "you will manage a few employees"
>in the interview: we have 331 departments and you will manage them all, on top of a few other duties
>all for 40k a year
>labeled as "entry level"
huh i'm flattered that they saw my resume and thought i could do that but also there's no way in fuck. i absolutely can't. waste of time

No. 1899011

>Did you get the second job for sure?
i'm doing the pre-employment stuff rn so i think so? i did a drug + tb test yesterday, will do my tb follow-up on the weekend and get an extra vaccine. if all of that stuff is clear (it should but who knows) then yeah. i'm always overly anxious something unexpected will happen and screw me over tho.
>Does it also pay well?
it pays as well as the pharmacy job (it should be even more once im out of training but i didnt ask because the interview was VERY corporate) and is reliably full-time while the pharmacy is 'part-time' which i know is another way these pharmacies like to screw their employees over.
i've talked about it with my family and they raise some questions like what if a future employer asks about EVERYWHERE i've worked in the last x years. i thought i'd just not mention it but i dont know if lying by omission is something that could ever haunt me.
im also scared of the possibility of this job not working out for whatever reason - i wanted the pharmacy job so i could become a licensed tech so that'd be a plan B if that happens. the pharmacy is a big employer nationally (burgers know) and they have a few stores in my town… its all frustrating, i wish the hiring manager didnt go on fking vacation which pushed my start date so far back that this became an issue.
rn i'm thinking i'll contact the pharmacy and let them know the start date and let them decide so i'm not burning any bridges. i will probably wait until my lab results come back tho just in case.

No. 1899041

40k? That's ridiculous. I was making 50k and supervising 9 employees and I couldn't handle a year of doing that. They're definitely preying on you hoping you'd take it for the credentials. I mean, unless you have other managers to fall back on who take over your job for you once you clock out, I'd say it'd be a safe bet, but the pay is definitely not worth it.

No. 1899115

>what if a future employer asks about EVERYWHERE i've worked in the last x years
You lie because they can't know and a 2 week (additional) gap raises no questions in the first place

No. 1899203

>didnt ask for salary because interview was very corporate
nona this is odd. if you are taking drug tests and have been offered the position then be a big girl and say "we haven't discussed compensaiton, what is the salary for this position?"

No. 1899550

File: 1708752454189.webm (2.73 MB, 854x854, 1637485431645.webm)

i'm getting tired of applying to jobs. in a perfect world, out of 10 interviews, you'd be guaranteed one offer. but that isn't the case for me

No. 1899683

File: 1708762583095.jpg (86.63 KB, 1027x768, jessicaofficeresized.jpg)

Honestly, if you have a hard time coping with the emotional aspect of learning to program, you probably wouldn't enjoy programming as a job. It takes an extremely long time to get to the point where you feel very comfortable and familiar with what you're working on, even as somebody who can pick up new concepts fairly easily.

In most positions, you will constantly be learning new technologies and having to overcome the same sort of issues that you're overcoming now. Additionally, there's the added pressure of not having concrete metrics that you're evaluated on, like grades, which makes it hard not feel anxious about your own performance and whether you're working and learning fast enough.
Most companies have absolutely terrible on-boarding processes. Despite how bad some university classes are, they're planned out, changed ever year in response to student feedback, intended to teach you things, and designed such that a smart and hardworking student could understand 100% of the material (all to varying degrees of success). At work, you're given terrible resources that have often been outdated for years, you will have to do a lot of troubleshooting and learning on your own, frequently find yourself with problems that none of your coworkers know the answer to, and you will sometimes be given work that is literally impossible to do with the resources you have. It will be up to you to identify when that's the case, get your (busy) coworkers' help, and make sure you're not asking for help frivolously (because as much as your coworkers say "feel free to ask questions, we're here to help (smiley face)", they will get annoyed if you're asking questions that you should know or be able to figure out the answer to). And when you inevitably make mistakes or feel like you're learning too slowly, your only points of comparison will be people that are much more generally experienced and/or have longer tenure at the company than you, which can absolutely destroy your self-confidence.

I don't want to discourage you too much, but of the people I know who graduated with CS degrees and got SWE jobs (in a much easier and stable job market, mind you), probably 75% of people felt "unsupported" in the ways I described. The other 25% were either extremely talented or lucked out with companies/teams/team members that had plenty of time to help them and onboard them. Quite a few people from my graduating class are looking to get out of software engineering (or have jumped ship and are now desperately searching for a new job) precisely because of the issues I described. Of course, it's still not a bad idea to break into tech by starting in software engineering, seeing how long you can hold out, and then trying to move into less technical roles. But ultimately, lots of people don't "make it," and I think having feelings like the ones you're having now is one of the top reasons early-career people end up not being happy as software engineers.

No. 1899999

i got the job at the lingerie place. i know nothing about fashion and am also a huge sperg so i’ve been reading articles on how to be warm and polite kek. i hope this works out
but also, i have a question for nonnies that work luxury retail…(or even retail in general i guess — i know it varies depending on coworkers and store but): do coworkers or customers think it’s weird if you say the same thing over and over/have a script? i’m specifically thinking of initial greeting for customers

No. 1900031


ntayrt but yeah, imposter syndrome is a massive problem. I experienced it badly at my SWE internship. I was specifically told my main responsibility is to ask questions but had no idea what to even ask. I tried to listen in to what the experienced developers were saying between eachother but literally felt like they may as well have been speaking Chinese. It felt impossible for me to even think of what to ask when I couldn't understand even a modicum of what was being said.

No. 1900088

ayrt - i know the starting salary (its the same as the pharmacy as i said), i just don't know how much it'll increase in a few months once im out of training.

No. 1900181


that wouldn't weird anyone out but my advice for working luxury retail (especially if it's commissions based) is that strategy just won't work very well for making sales.

the whole job is basically vibes based and it really does start at the door. you'll eventually get the hang of this but some people don't want to be greeted at all, while other people will be offended if they don't get a greeting. so hopefully you can see what i mean where a script where you treat everyone identically isn't the best idea. honestly i wouldn't worry about it though, you'll see what i mean after a few months. older customers will want more formal service, younger customers will want more casual service, etc.

if you want to get autistic about it my advice is try to play a game where you guess what's the next thing the customer is going to want, then be ready for it. if they ask for a size you know fits small, have the next size up ready. then when they inevitably ask for it, you can hand it to them immediately. that's basically luxury retail in a nutshell. little things like that are way more important than stuff like greeting people properly.

also if you're a sperg you'll do fine because luxury retail you're actually supposed to start off cold and standoffish with customers on purpose. then as the transaction continues you slowly warm up. it's kind of evil but it works.

if you start at a 10 on the enthusiasm scale then you have to continue at 10 the whole way through. it's not only exhausting if you're dealing with someone for an hour+ but if you dip to a 7 or 8 it gives the customer the impression that they're a burden. so it's much better to start at 5 with your greeting and slowly move up. you shouldn't really hit someone with a 10 until the very end when you're ringing them up. so you can basically be cold and autistic for over half the time you're helping someone lol.

this works because from the customers perspective you seemed like a bitch at first and ended up being really sweet. emotionally they will always remember that experience much more fondly over someone who was just simply nice the whole way through (which is also extremely forgettable).

No. 1900380

Is there anybody else who finished medical school and don't wanna be a doctor at all? I graduated in 2021 and I only worked in emergency med for 8 months,and quit.I don't want to be a doctor,but it feels like I will be trashing so many years of effort..but honestly I absolutely don't want to do it.To make the matters worse,I'm from a 3rd world country but passed my exams and got registered on UK…Any anons with a similiar story?

No. 1901637

Nonnie reading your post made me cry. It’s so unfair. I was in your same position and I know that in a few months (I ran off to grad school) I’ll be in it again . This whole process sucked the life out of me, I don’t even know what I want to do anymore. I’m not autistic but I’ve seriously started considering if there’s something wrong with me, I used to just think I was shy and stuff. It seems like we have to dance but no one taught us the moves.

No. 1901645

I hate how his ugly mug clogs up videos about interviewing. It’s fucking shit and unnatural.
We need more normies (who know wtf they’re talking about) to upload videos of themselves getting interviewed. It’s actually weird that there aren’t many videos. I get that most people who upload videos are trying to make a buck as well (or else they would be working in hr or recruitment lol) but it’s bizarre how shit the quality for this is

No. 1902393

Oh let me add something about Erin. It’s a bit of a no-brainier but I used to do it thinking I was showing a problem I have and how I’m working on it.
Don’t mention a weakness that’s actually relevant to the job i.e don’t say you’re bad at communication if you’re applying to a consulting job where communication is key or you’re bad with quantitative reasoning if you’re applying to a data analyst position.

No. 1902474

late but thanks for the tips. i’ll try to put this into practice today

No. 1902562

adding my AI hobby on my CV was a mistake.

No. 1902927

Why would you even add that??

No. 1903683

NTA but why do you find it so perplexing? People put hobbies and interests on their resume and knowing how to use AI is a useful skill, too.

No. 1903905

File: 1709051459752.gif (67.65 KB, 220x250, concern-robot.gif)

>job may want me to go to Libya for three months for a project
>unstable country literally half the world away with no human rights for women
It wouldn't be alone, I'd be with my (woman) boss and the job's in the capital so presumably the chances of being attacked are lower, but I'm still kind of concerned even if it's a great opportunity for my resume. It's a long way away and there's still plenty of unrest in the region. We don't have any male employees who do what I do so it has to be me. Idk I'm probably overblowing it, we may not even get the contract, and it's essentially a paid vacation on the weekends but I just have this concern I'm having a hard time shaking.

No. 1903918

My (West European) country's government has an active advice out against traveling to Libya, including the capital. Other countries are noted to have safety risks or have the advice to only go for emergencies, but Libya is completely in red with the warning not to travel there at all no matter what. I wouldn't go. Better safe than sorry, your life isn't worth a +1 on your resume.

No. 1904159

seconding what that nona said, do not fucking go to libya

No. 1904176

File: 1709064575748.jpeg (825.58 KB, 1170x2013, F611EA1A-EA9F-44F9-B108-5DA93F…)

The US government is straight up like, don’t fucking go to Libya, they target westerners for kidnapping and shit.

No. 1904182

most countries advise aginst going to libya at all. the country is completely disorgansied with barely any giverment, high criminal and terrorist activity and any illegal traffic you can think of. this is a "don't go anywhere without an armed escort" kind of country. many countries don't even have embassies there so you can't even count on consular assistance if shit goes awry. look up what your country's travel advisory is but if you can help it do NOT go to libya especially with only another woman for company. your chances of promotion don't mean shit if you end up faced with the wrong end of an ak-47.

No. 1904204

File: 1709066176523.jpeg (354.39 KB, 1170x1130, D77D5A31-926B-4546-94C5-FA062D…)

The US government straight up tells people to have their will and funeral wishes recorded before going to Libya

No. 1904212

Anon, please for the love of god do NOT go. And tell your boss not to either.

No. 1904223

even men shouldn't go but women especially shouldn't. you're not overblowing it, your company took out a shitty and dangerous project without thinking. your boss and you are not protected with he buddy system in the slightest, you'll just both get kidnapped together. in a lot of places, big cities are only safer for the populace themselves. foreigners are seen as being infinite sources of cash either out of the assumption all westerners are rich, or that their countries will pay the ransom if the family can't.
there are plenty of unstable countries you could probably get away with being in as a foreigner, but libya isn't one I'd bet on

No. 1904430

File: 1709074910847.png (1022.34 KB, 1200x600, phyllis.png)

I finally found a job nonnies.

Now let's hope I just don't do something to fuck it up.

No. 1904435

Congrats nonnie!

No. 1904445


Thank you nona!!!

No. 1904615

I started looking up interview advice for autistic people
Yes that’s how desperate I’ve become . If anyone knows good youtubers i could watch to mimic please share

No. 1904640

still in training but i work in a small department store (maybe ~7 people) and i never talk lol. i talk to customers but to my coworkers i usually just give one word responses. i don't mean to be unfriendly i just can't think of anything to say, it's always awkward though

No. 1905267

Thanks kind anons. I don't want to flat out quit my job because it's been a good job apart from this nonsense but I expressed more concern to my boss. Turns out it's not likely to go through anyways because they're mad at the price we quoted them (as if we shouldn't be quoting a massive price for going to one of the most hazardous places in the world). It made me lol because they're already scrambling and grasping at straws to find someone to do the work because for obvious reasons no one wants to go to Libya. Anyways, the tl;dr is she refuses to lower our rates unless the scope of work is changed and we don't have to physically go there (we'd instead go to Greece or Italy to be in a similar time zone and train them remotely), so it's not likely to happen. Beggars can't be choosers.

No. 1905310

recruiter on linkedin messaged me for a remote job i really want. he seems new to recruiting too and the last time a newbie messaged me on linkedin like this i got a job offer. fingers crossed tight as hell this works so i can leave home and be a proper adult finally id like to take my mom out to a nice meal then bounce forever

No. 1905315

People love talking about themselves, you don't have to be genuinely interested, just ask them about their weekend plans or whatever. If you want to feign social skills anyway.

Hope you get it!

No. 1905342

thanks nonnie

No. 1905369

I may start looking for a new job. I’ve been at my current one for nearly four years. Problem is that, in that time, I’ve removed myself from all social media, including LinkedIn. I really value my online privacy after some incidents I dont want to get into here. However, I’m worried that the lack of LinkedIn could hinder my job search. Any thoughts, nonas?

No. 1905389

Depends what field you work in I guess. I work in the public sector and I’ve never had a LinkedIn because I find it deeply cringe. I’m completely social-media free now and love it. Makes no difference to my work, but I do admit I may have to set one up if I decide to sell my soul to a private employer.

No. 1905458

>everyone always complaining about how short-staffed the labs are
They are lying liars who lie. That, or HR and staff management at these places is completely incompetent. I’m a fully qualified lab technician with years of experience in medical sample processing and PCR and I still couldn’t find work at the height of the pandemic, when everyone was crying about how terribly understaffed the labs were. I applied to multiple hospitals and commercial labs and they either never got back to me or sent me a standardised “thanks for your interest but no thanks” email in response. When I brought up the discrepancy between the cries for help in the media and their actual hiring practices to people I knew who worked at these hospitals, they just shrugged and changed the subject.

I’m the ayrt and unfortunately things aren’t really looking up. I’m still very seriously considering going back to school for a different major (not least because years of rejection have really soured me on the field) but that would require me to take out a loan, which I’m hesitant to do with no guarantee of finding paid work afterwards.
Go into STEM they said. It’s guaranteed work they said.

I relate to this so much, anon. Idk what stings more, the automated rejections to applications I poured so much time and effort into or the rejections that come after I do get invited to an interview and get my hopes up. People around me keep telling me to stop tailoring my cover letters to the position I’m applying to and just send out the same generic one, but an old supervisor told me they see through that right away and always throw those applications out. It’s painful to keep writing new ones but there’s no point in sending something generic they’ll throw out on principle, so I guess I’ll keep doing it.

Hopefully at least one of us finds something soon. If you do, please update us!

No. 1905636

Spent the last week doing multiple interviews at a pretty cool startup and got an offer letter ($36/hr, 1-10pm shift with 2nd half of shift alone, 15 minutes bike ride from home) but the wfh job that ghosted me last month (26/hr, 9-6) just came crawling back into my inbox and idk what to do. Ik know it's dumb but I would feel so guilty backing out of the startup because I spent so much time interviewing and they're really excited about me, and it's also objectively a better job. But people make me so exhausted much even dealing with them for half a shift feels like too much, I just want wfh so bad even if it's boring and pays less.

No. 1905674

I just got an offer letter, finally, after exactly 13 months of unemployment! I'll be making less than my last job, but my interviewers brought up that I'd be a strong candidate for promotion after my first annual review (or even sooner). I'm just happy to have my career back.

No. 1905687

I mean personal connections are probably more valuable. You limit yourself with LinkedIn to an extent but other sites exist. You can also make a personal website to compensate for the lack of a linked for maximum SEO

No. 1905692

a lot of employers will list positions with no intention to even fill the position. IMO it should be illegal to do this, it makes everything such a hassle

No. 1906444

File: 1709218496367.jpeg (262.48 KB, 749x836, 1703946471366.jpeg)

Fellow job hunter nonnies, I would really appreciate your advice. Long story short, my time in school got cut because of a toxic advisor relationship, and in January they told me I'm leaving this semester. Right now my anxiety is through the roof because I feel overwhelmed with performing well in school, my GTA job, and job hunting on top of that. I feel pressure particularly to get a job because my rent ends by the end of July and if I don't get a job, I'll have to move back with my parents (and so spend money on moving). I'm so nervous that the situation may be that I find a job at the end of the summer or something and then I'll have to pay moving fees AGAIN to god knows where. My parents are lovely and they help me, but I feel awful when they have to sacrifice their finances for me. Another point of anxiety is simply managing all 3 of these important things. I need to maintain good standing academically and in my job, and often I feel like I have to sacrifice either time on that or time for job applications. It doesn't help that my mental health is in the toilet (though I'm really trying to remain positive and proactive, nonnas).
Does anyone have any advice on how to balance graduation and job apps? Thank you in advance.

No. 1906487

It's so cringe. I might have to do it anyway, but I hate the idea of not only participating in the cringe, but people being able to track where I work and live. As time passes, I value the privacy of being an anon online. Social media horrifies me and it was the best decision to quit.
>personal connections are probably more valuable
That's a really good point, nona. Networking sucks, but it's probably a better option for me than LinkedIn. Regarding SEOs though, that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid kek. I want to minimize my name-attached digital footprint as much as possible.

No. 1906533

have you tried maybe making a gofundme or fiver, for some extra cash?

No. 1906794

I've been applying for every retail/service/receptionist job I can find and I get more actual rejections than no-answers. It's making me sick. Technically some of the rejections are "we aren't actually hiring, we'll keep your shit on file" which is maybe worse because I never apply on third-party websites like indeed, I always go through the actual company website. Why are they deliberately wasting people's time???
I've started straight up lying on applications to try to pinpoint what the problem is, but no progress so far. Honesty doesn't work, making up experience doesn't work, hiding my education doesn't work, cover letters don't work. I don't know what to do.

No. 1906806

Don't take the rejection personally, nona. There are a lot of factors that impact hiring and it's not always about you as a candidate. It often has more to do with the company than your resume and qualifications. Keep trying. It's hard to be resilient and preserve, but the only way you'll find work is if you don't give up. In the meantime, can you network or volunteer to make new connections?

No. 1906819

Have you tried applying to government jobs

No. 1907504

Work is so dull that my coworker and I Teams each other countdowns until it's time to go home. "I don't want to be here" is a common phrase between us as well. This is how we get through it, but I know I'll eventually change jobs one day when I get enough experience. I really am not looking forward to going through the job search since it's worse than this reality.

No. 1907512

Right on I'm stalling on my current job search because it makes me feel suicidal

No. 1907619

>got new job
>background check is taking forever (has been 3 weeks when my last one took 3-4 days)
At this point I could have sent all of my info to the HR person myself. What is the point of dealing with these garbage 3rd party companies?

No. 1907635

File: 1709306196115.jpeg (48 KB, 992x688, it's over.jpeg)

i just had a 90 minute case interview

No. 1907874

I looked at govt jobs but the pay/hours aren't worth the complicated application process where I have to pay for fingerprints/background checks/drug tests/etc.
I don't know how to network. I know some people, but they all have specialized skills and haven't been able to help me so far. Volunteering might help. I looked at a few local organizations that I thought I'd enjoy helping out at but they want me to do a whole job application process too. I don't have enough self-esteem to endure begging to do menial labor for free and getting turned down right now. I'm gonna have to put a pin in that idea and come back to it next week maybe.
Big fucking same, anon.

No. 1907927

Oh my God. Is it even worth it?

No. 1907937

dont stop applying for jobs until you clock in, and if you live in a work at will state keep applying and interviewing until you know for fact you work past 90 days since a lot of places will fire people to avoid giving them benefits/ reduce their hours

No. 1908002

Yeah I know. I'm not one to trust an employer. This background check in particular is pissing me the fuck off because I need to relocate and I can't give notice to my old employer and apartment or deposit on my new apartment until these blatantly ESL third party verifiers figure out I didn't lie on my resume. It's just a waste of time not only for me, but also the company that hired me.

No. 1908085

do you know if it's a background check taking that long or do you think it's just some excuse to take forever/decide to not hire you? I never heard of a 3rd party out of country background checker, nevermind one that took that long

No. 1908096

What country are you from? Every single time I have been background checked it is by a third party service. For me in the US I have seen GoodHire, HireRight, CheckR, and Sterling. These aren't HR staff for your direct employer. They are separate companies with a bunch of people that do shit like verify your SSN is real and check for your college in a student Clearinghouse to make sure you didn't lie about it. The cheaper of these companies use reviewers from other countries who cost less salary wise.
In my instance they keep on failing to verify my past employment which forces me to supply payroll documents myself. They are basically being paid by my employer even though I'm the one doing the work.
I don't really know what else to say besides that this is very clearly not a case of my new company's HR stringing me along.

No. 1908099

USA. Literally never happened to me even when I worked in psych wards and around kids. It took a couple of days max since they just get my background straight from the state for cheaper

No. 1908104

Interesting, that may be why. I am an engineer but not in a position to register with a state or carry a professional license. My work is completely private and I'm subject to super generic tests. I'm sure the forklift drivers, secretaries, janitors, operators, IT people etc. all had to do the same screening I did.

No. 1908246

im worried my new job working at a med desk is too easy so i feel guilty af. im only at the end of week 1 but everyone is so laid back and there's no urgency for anything unlike my last job. it's night and day difference. im sure it will get busier, but right now i feel useless b/c (1)im still training and (2)there is literally so little to do. im here another hour and a half and we have all of one patient coming in. maybe the phone will ring once or twice.

No. 1910263

File: 1709485801554.png (461.52 KB, 863x1443, 1000021339.png)

I'm bored of looking for an appropriate thread for this resource, but here's a database of some academic sexual misconduct cases: