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No. 1944468

why the fuck is this stupid fucking website so obnoxiously slow holy shit, do you mfers know how to code??
don’t reply to bait.

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No. 1944478

I have a visceral reaction when a comment anywhere online mentions having spoons, or not enough spoons or using too many spoons in relation to mental health. It’s dumb and sounds dumb and i want to insult anyone who casually brings it up without explaining the premise in the first place. It takes too much energy. See? Easy, understandable by everyone and gets your fucking point across without saying SPOONS.

No. 1944481

File: 1711870844820.jpg (165.32 KB, 720x1274, Screenshot_20240331_021601_You…)

I've been getting shorts of this woman talking about breeding domestic silk moths and every new video just gets worse. She says they can't properly break free from their cocoons bc they've been bred to produce more silk for their cocoons, but on top of this, their mouthparts used for chewing out are almost nonexistent. So unless they get help they'll just die in their cocoons covered in their own feces. They have no ability to fly anymore, and because of this must rely on humans for food, protection, and finding mates. And mating is also horrible as she says that the males are so dead set on mating that they usually won't detach from the females so she has to separate them by hand. Or that even if they separate the males will just forcibly reattach to the female because they have such a strong desire to mate. She says this happens with wild moth populations but the females are capable of flying and can actually get away. So these females are unwillingly stuck with males on them until she comes to separate them. They live nothing but a miserable existence.

No. 1944490

I am a first generation American with Danish and Swedish parents, and after being forced to be around them my whole life, I hate Scandinavians so much it's unreal. I cannot bear their vulgar and basic sense of humor. After having been forced to watch dozens of Danish comedies, I have concluded that this "humor" is literally "haha poop funny". There is no Danish sitcom that is complete without several shit jokes per season. Moreover, while they like to pretend that they're attractive, they're all ugly. Scandinavians are potato-faced troglodytes (myself included), who are on par with the likes of the Irish and the Scottish. The average Scandinavian man looks like Benny Andersson from Abba. Every time I hear Americans calling Scandinavians attractive, I cringe because I know that they've fallen for the Scandi government psyop.

If you actually visit Scandinavia, you will know that they are ugly. Additionally, their culture is riddled with reprobates. It's not uncommon for Danish children to start drinking at the age of 13, and I imagine the rates of childhood alcoholism are some of the highest in the world (except for Eastern Europe). I want to kill myself every time I'm visiting and I'm forced to hang out with my cousins, because they are all alcoholic, drug-addicted wastrels. Despite the fact that I have grown up in far less fortunate circumstances, they have done almost nothing with their lives when compared to me. To top things off, they have this smug superiority complex that leads them to believe they're superior to literally everyone on earth. If you are not Danish, they will look down on you. If you are not Swedish, they will look down on you. I have literally seen, with my own two eyes, a Swede who almost certainly lies on the left side of the bell curve try to claim that he was smarter than an American Harvard grad, simply by merit of him being Swedish (while drunk, of course).

One thing you don't appreciate if you haven't been around Scandinanvians is that they constantly compare themselves to other countries to make themselves feel better. It's like if I spent a significant portion of my time talking about how much better America was than Brazil. I don't do that because that would be obvious, arrogant and pathetic. My whole life, I have resisted being taught Danish and Swedish, because I do not want to interact with these people on their terms. They will speak MY language. You have all been lied to by the cartel of Scandinavian government PR.

P.S. Finns are okay though. Norwegians are also probably like Swedes and Danes, but I don't know them well enough to speak with authority.

No. 1944494

I think I've seen a video of hers where she cuts them free of their cocoons, but usually they are boiled inside them and then separated once the threads unravel to make harvesting quicker. They are bred this way for increased production and profit, there's no care for their lives or wellbeing

No. 1944508

Despite it all the feeling of wanting to die doesn't go away

No. 1944509

im actually disabled and everytime i hear munchiefags crying about their "spoons" for their nonexistent illness like POTs or some other dumb shit just makes me want to murder them. you're born in a perfectly healthy body and you wanna run around pretending like you're actually suffering just so you can get attention and abuse the SSDI system? anyone who does this deserves to be drowned publicly.

No. 1944512

thank you for this post, im not scandinavian but i also hate them because theyre just boring, autistic and annoying. i dont know how they all havent killed themselves yet. their culture and food and everything is miserable

No. 1944516

TIs don't need any fucking coverage. It's a bs psyop to have videos of schizos talk about being TIs. These aren't the same thing. Normies think that spying and political refugees are a thing of the past or are some type of ninjas who are kicking pistols out of gangsters hands. Fuck no, there are real targeted individuals who know or have known someone who got legitimate intel on "the next happening" and so people all over the globe can be alerted of them and monitor their devices and influence them through always knowing their next step and being there and knowing who to send or what to say. It's not just a schizophrenic manifestation of fear. Real TIs would not make videos about measures they are taking to avoid being followed. Real TIs would not willfully discuss their lifestyle and give away their whereabouts while filming with a cameraman. If you know you are a TI, you just keep yourself from whistleblowing and try to make the best out of your fucked up life. Building fucking waterbottle fortresses isn't going to help.

No. 1944525

I can feel how my best friend doesn’t like me anymore. I know she loves me (and of course I love her too) but it’s pretty obvious how she doesn’t like the kind of person I am.
Every time I talk she tries to refute what I’m saying, no matter what the topic is or who I am talking to. She always has a negative opinion to say about every little thing in my life, even making up stories about me that make no sense at all.
She’s always against me in front of other people and when we’re alone, all is good. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells when I’m around her.
It hurts because I can feel she doesn’t appreciate me anymore, she doesn’t appreciate the efforts I make for her, she just takes me for granted all the time.

No. 1944527

I think they're just overly-sheltered.

No. 1944572

My brother became a Putin dick-sucker and he talks about how good Putin is and russia so fucking often and I just have to nod because if I say anything that implies his precious Putin is actually a murderer he won't shut the fuck up for at least another hour. But my god it's so annoying. What is it with men and them getting into heated fights and rants about politics when they don't even understand the whole picture?? And it's not like their opinions matter in any way.

No. 1944580

File: 1711887249399.jpg (224.31 KB, 2048x1539, 110090623_152828853086322_4788…)

i hate my fucking neighbour so much and i hate how public/social housing works in my city.

i used to be friends with my bpdchan neighbour because i was a naive fucking idiot who thought i could help her through her problems, turns out she's an utterly useless human being so after she blamed me for her losing her kids because i had to pick up after she drunkenly neglected her two sons who are under the age of 10 and i had to look after them for like 5 hours until their grandmother picked them up, i completely cut her off.

it's 11pm on a sunday night right now, my partner has work tomorrow and there were fucking cops roaming up my driveway with flashlights, fucking spamming my doorbell half an hour ago (i don't fucking answer the door after 9pm) because they're looking for her. I want her to die. I genuinely wish for her death every fucking day.

We have public/social/low-income housing spread out into suburbs so that the tenants can 'integrate' into society, she's been given a 3-bedroom house in the suburbs because she has two young kids, those fucking kids haven't even lived with her for any amount of time since she moved in because she keeps having them taken away because her retarded ass won't stop fucking drinking and smoking weed.

according to the housing department, she could get evicted for disturbing people because if she interferes with 'the quiet living of her neighbours' then that's grounds for eviction.

Except it's not that easy! because social housing tenants have housing caseworkers who don't want to go through the effort of finding new accommodation for these retards once they've settled somewhere because a homeless client is a million times more difficult to manage, and the caseworkers will fight tooth and nail with 'muh heckin fuckin homelesserino!!!' advocacy groups to keep them housed.

the best advice you'll get in these situations is being told to fucking move. and it's so stupid. why are you housing these disruptive retards and then making it other people's problems? there's probably a single mother out there on the public housing waiting list who actually has consistent custody of her kids waiting for a home and they're giving houses to retarded irresponsible slobs like my neighbour who realistically should be kept in one of the run-down public apartment blocks.
I'm not trying to insinuate that she should be homeless, I just want her to be housed elsewhere so she can fuck off and they can give her house to a more deserving family.

No. 1944588

no but you are spot on kek. i moved from finland to norway as a child and my family eventually moved back. i want to move back too because i prefer finnish culture, but all of my friends are here, the salary is way higher and my norwegian skills are far more superior to my finish skills. norwegians are way more introverted than danes and swedes, being equal and not feeling like you're better than anyone is a huge part of the culture. literally the opposite of american culture. i kind of like it tho because it makes a lot of people humble and chill. it's a great country to work in because worker’s unions are huge here and because the equality principle is so big lots of people have an inherent dislike for über rich ppl (who don't contribute to society and try to avoid taxes).

norwegians def have an inferiority complex and constantly compare themselves to the rest of the world. it's very pitiful because danes and swedes have made a way bigger impact when it comes to culture and what people from those countries have achieved abroad kek. i avoid reading the news because nothing ever happens here and because they are ridiculously sympathetic to moids for some reason. lately there has been a big debate about how hard it is for moids to get gfs and how they fall behind in society, it's infuriating. i also hate that people here complain a lot, in finnish culture you have a more 'suck it up' kind of attitude whereas here people whinge and whine for the tiniest of things. very big victim culture. however, this may vary a bit from district to district as the different parts of norway have kind of different local identities.

No. 1944594

The world is evil

No. 1944626

Found out the reason my ex had been so hot and cold with me was because he read my journal and got pissy he wasn't the best I've ever had. Serves him right for snooping in my documents, I was nothing but kind to him. Also, he'd call other women hot in front of me all the time but expected me to idolize only him like a virgin? We met by hooking up I don't get why he was so insecure. Very hypocritical

No. 1944652

I reconnected with a friend yesterday and I was excited to talk to her again, but she proudly and loudly stated she's nonbinary. I can overlook it, but it's so annoying. Another friend used to be a proud lesbian but finally succumbed and had a they/them button on her shirt. I'm so sick of this. The worst part is we're not young, we're all 30 or approaching 30.

No. 1944655

Reading Instagram comments, especially on women's fitness pages, makes me so glad that the male suicide rate is going up.

No. 1944669

A childhood friend of mine "came out" as NB at 30 and after they married a guy that trooned out, and an older coworker's SIL that came out as NB immediately started using it as an excuse to act like an NLOG and make fun of all the "boring straights" in their family

In my opinion this is like the millenial life-crisis equivalent of boomers buying a motorcycle or a boat. Just a bunch of unhappy people trying to get back the feelings they used to have in middle/highschool before adulting wore them down

No. 1944684

My ex-girlfriend wrote me this long-winded apology email and signed off with her new pronouns: she/they. Thank god I’m no longer with that retard.

No. 1944688

So attention seeking. Why would you sign off a personal email with your pronouns?

No. 1944698

My aunt just came to my house to pop off at me because I hadn't been round to my nan's in a while and the family have left birthday cards there for me and my daughter - it's not out birthdays yet and I was planning to go see her, but I am so fucked off with my aunt. She's a martyr, "I shouldn't have to be running round for you" yeah well I didn't fucking ask?? She berates me like I'm a child in front of my daughter and all I could do was stand there. Because I don't expect family members to turn up to tell me off on my doorstep.

She didn't even stop to ask why I hadn't been to see my nan. I dunno, maybe because I've just started a new job after being promoted and I'm working longer hours? Maybe because I've not been very well? Maybe because my nan is 93 with a rapidly deteriorating short term memory and I am struggling with seeing her fade before my eyes?

Urgh this family is fucking ridiculous.

No. 1944744

I sympathize with my bf's mom even though I think her enabling sours her relationships with others but I definitely hate his dad and i won't be convinced to twist his neutral behaviors into "good" ones because my bf can't handle his parents are kind of shitty and his dad is in particular shitty. i fucking hate him, he's never been actually nice to me or says such catty ass/racist shit.

No. 1944761

I threw out my back in the shower fml. had back problems all my life but I am too freaking young for this shit. didn't even do anything fun, just stooped wrong and I guess that was enough.

No. 1944797

i hate that people treat islamophobia as if it's on the same level as racism and how many shield the religion, especially when it comes to moids committing crimes because it's in line with their beliefs. kek i miss the edgy atheists of the 2000s where were you when we needed you the most. i'm genuinely not trying to bait, i just read an article about a girl almost being honor killed by her dad and brother's because their religion said so.

No. 1944818

wonder what % of men would drop dead if all rapists suddenly got a heart attack

No. 1944827

My friend keeps sending me tcc stuff she gets on her tiktok fyp to make fun of them and while it was funny at first it's just fucking annoying and embarrassing to do at our age, most tccfags are just retarded minors. It's also suddenly made me suspicious because why does she get this type of content so much on her social media feeds if she isn't positively interacting with it? I keep having thoughts that she's overcompensating by shitting on them constantly to show that she's so against it to hide the fact that she's one of them. I wish she would act her age and just block and move on if she's so bothered by that stuff instead of commenting some edgy threats and showing the screenshots to me like I'm gonna be like "wow, you sure showed them!" She complains to me how nasty they are for x y and z but like girl… what were you doing at the devil's sacrament? How the fuck would you know that if you weren't part of the community itself??

No. 1944831

They are not meant to live to adulthood, you're supposed to boil the cocoons. But also is the mouthpart part even true ? Because what I was taught is different, I got told that the reason they are boiled is because the silk moth will open the cocoon using a sort of corrosive (is that the word ?) saliva that will damage the thread. A lot of wild moth species also have no mouths and live using stored energy from before metamorphosis, they breed and then die. The pairing part, also sounds a bit overdramatized, I'm pretty sure normally a female moth will emit pheromones and the male will smell them and then they mate and that's it.

But yes this is why "peaceful" silk where the moths are not killed is not actually better. Not to mention if someone was not careful and too many moths bred there would be pest problems I think. Don't believe in this person's moralizing speech, at the end of the day, she makes a hobby of making moths suffer. People who are obsessed with exotic pets are all crazy people who act holier-than-thou to overcompensate, anyway.

What I hate in the islamophobia debate is how little space there is for people with common sense who dislike religion to talk. Because you will instantly be lumped in with the rightoids who think race = religion, who are likely the reason islamophobia started being seen the same as racism in the first place and hate on non-muslim MENA women more than they do white muslim converts.

Your friend needs to stop tipping her lolcows kek

No. 1944870

I don't even believe in islamphobia. That religion is a curse and nothing can tell me otherwise. It's heavily violent brainwashed cult that hurts women and children. The sooner we get rid of islam, the better for the entire world.

No. 1944887

1 in 5 men have sexually assaulted someone before, and that’s just the ones who admit to it, and also doesn’t include all the fetishists who would rape a woman as soon as the opportunity presented itself. My guess is that like 50-90 % of males are rapists or want to be

No. 1944893

i rly think you should be honest with her and tell her what you just told us in a friendlier way because i agree with you, she def is interacting with them in a positive way if she keeps getting that stuff on her fyp. its weird when grown women are into true crime

No. 1944896

I’m so fucking upset I’m SO hungry I literally haven’t eaten in like 30 hours because I’ve been vomiting and shitting myself for the last two days. All I want is some goddamn sushi but I’m not having any yet because I want to be able to actually enjoy it.

No. 1944897

finally got rid of fleas. worst part was my trip back home from the wwoofing place, i had several fleas on me and had to endure just sitting with them for 14 hours in a bus/train.
i also got chilblains and since i used gloves to hide them (they looked awful) the wounds got stuck to the fabric and it was painful as hell to unglove

No. 1944900

where are you from

No. 1944902

You're right about the saliva but the mating part was true. She showed her having to separate a male and female after hours of them being stuck together. She says that unless she separates them the most of the time they just won't separate and the females won't get to lay eggs. She also told this horrible story about how when she first got the moths she stupidly housed them all together and a majority of the females never got to actually lay eggs bc the males wouldn't leave them alone.

No. 1944905

Was talking to this lady I was into but I can't believe her whole fucking personality is cats. I love cats, I've always had cats, I like seeing other people's cats especially if I've met the cats, yes but this is fucking weird. She will just spam me pics of her cats but you can barely tell because they're such shitty pics and all she reposts is cat memes and videos. I am not even exaggerating, it's cat stuff and some troon support memes, apparently today is some goddamn tranny day again so yeah, I'm over her.

No. 1944906

This condition is truly evil. Laughing, talking, eating, and smiling all cause pain. My head constantly feels like it's going to burst from how tight the muscles are. There's no cure for this either, this is just my life now. I don't know how much longer I can deal with this, I'm sorry everyone. At least now I have a valid reason to rope.

No. 1944907

I don't know of anywhere else I can just scream into the void besides this place. Social anxiety is so hard. I've been making progress but it's so hard to keep up and progress. I just want to be a normal person. I'm so weird and awkward. Conversations are so hard for me, standing up for myself is so hard, performing my job is hard. My anxiety fucks up my life. I know that I am being hard on myself, I know that if I am the way that I am because I allow my mind to win sometimes. I know all of this and yet I keep overthinking and fucking up. I feel like everyone hates me and I know this isn't true but my mind can't accept a different reality. Fuck

No. 1944917

I haven't dated in 2 years due to first going through a rough time health-wise and now wanting to build my self esteem up again, and I feel so lonely because it's also severely distanced me within my female friendships. We're in/approaching our late 20s, so I get that a shift in priorities happens around this time, but half of them barely have a social life outside of their relationships, the other half are still extremely fixated on dating – as in, they just see and fuck different guys every single day and admit to having no passions of their own, so it's still ALL they talk about.

The main thing that gets to me is how much effort I see them put into shitty men (and I mean spending hours coaxing guys who do things like take creepshots and hit on 19-20 year old girls in their 30s, mentally ill bpdfags, literally awful people) in comparison to friendships. I've given one of these friends hours upon hours of dating advice, and she's left me on read or one worded me both times I've started to bring up feeling severely depressed myself. It's either things like that or noticing they're turning into pickmes (talking to me about competing with other girls for a specific guy, then also keeping the theme in our conversations and weirdly bragging/hyping themselves up while throwing in subtle put-downs at me).

I already do feel sad about not being on the dating scene right now, even though I know my confidence lately is too low for that to end well for me, but I feel even worse because it's starting to feel like that's the only thing life is about. I know I should make new friends anyway, it's just sad to watch all my previous friendships fall apart over this too because they just don't care about anything besides men anymore.

No. 1944961

It's easter and I'm not talking to or going to any of my relatives parties. I don't care if it seems edgy or selfish

No. 1944968

I hate that this is legitimately the only online space for women I know and yet anons are so judgemental and infight about everything when you post. I'll have you know I never infight. I'm the perfect anon. I say please and thank you. I have the perfect record. Just once or twice I forgot to sage. I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…

No. 1945020

AYRT, it's normal for a pair of moths to remain attached for several hours when mating. Up to an entire day even. It's to avoid other males mating with the same female, maybe that's why they wouldn't let go if there were a lot of other moths present. Moths are not social, wild moths live dispersed in nature, this situation would be a clusterfuck for them with the whole pheromone thing. Surroundings are important.

No. 1945029

Tried on 5 or 6 of my sister's shorts she wanted to sell but I couldn't zip up any of them. I thought I was about my sister's size but I guess not. Now I feel shitty.

No. 1945033

File: 1711910545625.jpeg (43 KB, 600x330, IMG_8535.jpeg)

my medication journey is killing my body slowly and I don't know what to do.

>lamotrigane struck me with accursed reaction after working fine for two months, ended up in ER

>abilify was so hyperaroused I didn't sleep for a solid month and akithisia made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack 24/7
>caplyta started off fine the first week and a half then now my kidney and stomach is groaning at me, can't sleep more than a few hours at a time

over the last few days I've had multiple wailing crying attacks from the stress. psych recently added busprione to taper down the anxiety. I'm starting to feel like I'm treatment resistant or some shit. It hurts. It hurts so much.

No. 1945037

I feel the same anon. What's even weirder is I'm an oldfag so I know things have never been perfect, but it feels worse these days somehow. Kind of insane how much time I've spent on here when I'm very sensitive and try to be nice on an imageboard of all places.

No. 1945043

I feel the same way, I'm too sensitive to deal with the regina george larpers

No. 1945086

>tfw middle school is when my friends started being mean

No. 1945104

i think im full of hate and autism, whenever a french person from Fr*nce speaks, I am so absolutely disgusted, it's not even a joke. It's so disgusting. I physically feel ill.

No. 1945114

I don't like how everyone reacts so flippantly to the most random posts. It's like they want to fight instead of just having a good time together.

No. 1945118

those are some wacky treatments for bipolar disorder. whatever happened to give people some temporary lithium and some SSRI

No. 1945130

File: 1711913714141.jpg (129.31 KB, 840x1179, frenchpastries.jpg)

Just eat some french pastries… better now?

No. 1945144

modern psychiatry/SSRIs are basically placebos. these doctors spend months fucking around with their patients pretending to know the root cause when they don’t know which is why they’re happy to give a bunch of prescriptions to you to make you go into a merry-go-round that ends up with you dependent on these drugs, making the pharmaceutical industry loads of money and maintain their power in the government and education fields. not to mention the murkiness of trying to medicate and medicalize psychological issues is what really gets me, they treat mental illnesses like you have a physical disease.

No. 1945153

I ruined Easter by trying to reassure my family that trump (who I don’t like and wouldn’t vote for) isn’t going to bring about the end of the world, I am now a ‘Fox News regurgitator’ and ‘it’s like we don’t even know you anymore’. All because my grandmother sounded like she was about to cry over it and I didn’t want her to be sad. They are so lost in the high of constant fear that trying to hiring them down a bit just makes them angry. I really, really thought my family was smarter than this.

No. 1945157

unfortunately carbs, while often delicious, cannot cure autism

No. 1945161

File: 1711914644270.jpg (63.87 KB, 563x567, c435de49d9e290c10bdf6caf96606a…)

I feel you nonnie. I got hit with this sudden sense of dread and emptiness this morning.

I am convinced I will never be happy regardless of my circumstances in life. I have no idea what I'm even doing anymore and I have a hard time settling down. I've been reading up on stoicism (which is kind of moid-ey, I know) and it's helped a little bit but I always end up drifting back to these feelings of emptiness. It's frustrating because I do all the things I'm supposed to do (eat right, exercise, sunshine, I'm also on medication for bipolar 2) but I still can't seem to be satisfied. If I didn't have to depend on a job for health insurance for my medication I would just drift around, being able to come and go wherever I want sounds like heaven.

No. 1945164

That looks delicious and now I want some french pastries with an iced coffee.

No. 1945167

SSRIs have made my mania worse and other mood stabilizers besides lamo require extensive blood testing, which I'm not a fan of. I'm trying to ride out the effects of this to see if it works and wanting to stay on because it's the least painful of the three. If I could've stayed on lamotrigane, I would've, it was the one that in the past worked for me. The problem is once you have anything resembling an allergic reaction you can't be on it.

I actively refute SSRIs as a treatment option. do objectively feel better when you omit side effects. It dismantled my entire life to live with unmedicated bipolar for two years. I lost my job and pretty much all my friendships to this horrible disease and the decisions I made under it. As evil as big pharma is I actually had some success in the past on psych drugs that did work for me but my body chemistry changed in the time I was off medication. It happens. Problem is that you have no idea how youre going to react to anything. Plus being bpd, adhd and an autist on top of bipolar my brain is effectively swiss cheese

If I end up treatment resistant it is what it is. I need to find a local DBT group or something. Im so fucking tired of what this has done to me

No. 1945170

this makes me want a mushroom tartlette

No. 1945174

friend moved to a country where they zombify every autist and mentally ill woman, almost made her get on lithium for mild anxiety, watching this is tragic

No. 1945175

A piece of half melted chocolate fell on my arm and as I was licking it off I realized that this is why I’m a perma virgin. Doesnt help that I’m watching this romance show with a really attractive male lead.

No. 1945185

that's horrible, nonna. may i ask which country it is?

No. 1945186

don't worry anon, us fuckers also do that sometimes

No. 1945188

south korea, never let a friend move there for a moid

No. 1945248

That’s better than licking some moid’s dick tbh

No. 1945297

I just want to die. I won't do it, I'm too scared, and I'm sorry if it's too much for lolcow vent thread but that's it. My mental illness has made me so stupid, unlikeable, lazy, I can't hide it from anyone any more, I'm sick of making excuses, I'm sick of myself and the life situation I've gotten into, I wish something would kill me. And I don't even have it that bad, there are good moments, just a lower-middle class wagie etc. But I cannot cope.

No. 1945380

File: 1711923479093.jpeg (20.13 KB, 302x225, 1648764192773.jpeg)

I'm so fucking upset. A few months ago I pulled away from my close friend turned fwb because I realised I have strong feelings for them and I didn't want to get hurt. I realised that I miss them too much so I have been speaking to them again and confessed my feelings. turns out they also had feelings for me but thought I didn't feel the same. anyway now nothing can happen because they said they are kind of on the precipice of seeing someone. they said that me telling them that I had/have feelings for them has brought up a lot of emotions for them and they need some space to process. I fucking hate myself I want to die why do I ruin everything

No. 1945432

Wish I could wake up and be in 2016 and stop myself from doing such horrendous shit

No. 1945440

Sounds like you dodged a bullet

No. 1945442

t. Donald Trump

No. 1945446

I think I'm coming down with bronchitis after working in a woodshop room for the last month

No. 1945448

It's not unusual to say "them" if they don't feel like revealing the gender of the person they're talking about.

No. 1945449

Me with 2020. Hell i'd even go back to 2016 too. Save myself the damage early. Or take my younger selves with me and educate them on how not to be dumb

No. 1945454

Sometimes I get this overwhelming longing for friendship and companionship, I wish I had a big friend group I could always talk with. But then out of nowhere I get hit with this massive frustration and disdain for all people and wanting nothing more then to become a hermit. And then, that feeling goes away, and the cycle repeats. I have one good IRL friend that I always am able to talk to even when I’m in that negative cycle, but any of my online friends or communities I’m part of become the worst and I get filled with such deep contempt and annoyance. This would happen with other IRLs too, and I’ve only managed to keep this one longterm IRL. But then it goes back. I feel like this is why I can’t make or keep long friendships, I just keep flip flopping between being a very present and happy participating person in relationships and communities, to wanting to be alone forever and hating everything and everyone. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and it makes me so upset.

No. 1945460

My internet stalker is getting out of control. I'm angry there are no authorities I can report his ass to. He is trying every single social media account I used to use to try and interact with me. In the process of moving my art to USB and external hardrives, I keep seeing notifications of his messages on every site I've ever posted on. Trying to select which friends I tell about my new account (not even using social media, just art gallery sites), and there he is again.
This shit has been going on for over 7 years. 10 years. I've lost track.
He's not even invested in me in a normal way. (obviously) He's some ex of a friend and wants to talk to her but she disappeared off the internet ENTIRELY and he wants to talk to me so that he can have his psychotic mental cycles of loving her, hating her, being confused about the treatment he's receiving, and questioning how to get in contact with her. I'm fed up with trying to explain it to him. I just silently ghosted him and am trying to block him, but he's got alts up the ass and VPNs and I can't shake him. He tells me it's him every time too. I'm losing my fucking mind.
He's a ghost. A wraith. He won't get over her. Why is he still trying to contact me. I tried being nice and this is the treatment I get??? Fuck me.

No. 1945467

God I wish I could be seperatist and still be friends with women in real life. I truly despise hearing about real moids or interacting with them in any way shape or form and it's becoming so debilitating that I almost start getting annoyed when my friends mention males in their life to me (although I feel bad about it kek). I'm sorry I just really don't want to hear about your woes about your boyfriend. Break the fuck up. I don't want to hear about some other mutual friend we have apparently obsessing over your 'guy bsf.' Be fucking real oh my god oh my fucking GOD how old are you acting like this over a fucking moid? I just don't get it!!!!!! I don't!!!!!! you're fucking stirring up shit on your own I don't give a shit so stop coming to me about problems concerning the shitty males in your life!!!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1945490

I wish I could go back to 2015 or 2016. I hate myself and I hate my life.

No. 1945493

File: 1711929056323.webp (16.74 KB, 600x400, 1000016879.jpg)

I'm fucking going insane, I can't draw without my earphones in my ears, but my Bluetooth earphones' charger fucking disappeared for some reason and the adapters for my headphones, for both of my fucking phones btw, also disappeared and I want to die because I've been wanting to draw and write but I just can't without some retarded random background music. I also hate to do anything with my computer in front of me when I'm not like, using it, as in I need to be doing something that isn't just listening to music to justify turning it on.
So now I will have to admit defeat and buy either an adapter or new Bluetooth earphones because my charger and my adapters fucked off somewhere for some reason.
Like how the fuck did that even happen? I still don't get it, I've checked all of my bags and purses, all of my pencil cases and tiny bags too, just where the fuck are they? This is literally the first time in my whole 28 years of life that I've lost something like this.

No. 1945500

Anon I'm so sorry I've dealt with an internet stalker too and I know how taxing it can be. I can't imagine someone doing it for seven or ten years, half a year to a year, maybe more maybe less that I dealt with was bad enough. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope something awful befalls that creep

No. 1945512

It might be best to disappear off the internet entirely too and return after a year or two. Nuke every account at this point because I can see why she did. It's better to be safe than sorry. Likewise, you'll get peace of mind too for getting rid of this pest.

No. 1945526

God, I couldn't relate more. I immediately get put off when a woman mentions her moid partner or a moid friend. He's never a fucking prize either, always seems like a waste of time. I'm so glad I found a few women who do not associate with moids irl, love hanging out with them because we never talk about men and it's so refreshing.

No. 1945530

File: 1711931308569.jpg (968.88 KB, 4080x2663, if3ldk2w2j841.jpg)

How do you cope with still being in love with someone who has chosen people they hate over you? I feel this deep level of humiliation from my soul ever since my ex broke up with me. I'm a mess even a year plus on. Especially because he kept saying it was him, I was amazing and special and he loved our relationship, but that he had too much anxiety for a "real relationship" and had to end things. This is painful enough on it's own but what I've heard from others is that he's now spending time with people he told me he hated. He has a savior complex and an intense desire to fix people so he doesn't have to deal with his own problems and now it seems his entire social circle are people who he doesn't like but use him because he's such a doormat. He'll drop everything if one of them asks for help and then complain about them afterwards when he could've said no. I know he's been doing favors for someone he went on a rant about how much he hated them to me. Some girl he was coworkers with seemed to read his people pleasing wrong and think he was in love with her and is now as obsessed as I am. I think she might be entering back into his life and all I think about how unfair it is. How painful it is to be told you make him extremely happy but he still doesn't want to be with you, and then purposefully chooses to give his all to people he doesn't like. It feels like when scrotes cheat on their wives with the nastiest types of women just to humiliate them. It's not like I was a perfectly well adjusted person and it was foreign to him. In reality I have a much worse sob story than most of the people he's prioritizing but because I actually take agency over my mental health and would reciprocate his kindness he couldn't handle that. I hate him so much for what he's done to me and how he's obliterated my self esteem. He came into my life rescuing me at truly the most vulnerable I've ever been and then discarded me like I was nothing for people he doesn't care for. I can't stop ruminating over this and it's taken over my life the past year. I want to be normal again but the steps I've tried to take to move on have all fallen through as well. I'll keep trying but it gets disheartening when I can't seem to get anything right AND I'm always told it's not fault of my own. Why do people pleasers do this? Why do they ALWAYS invest more time into the people they hate instead of the ones that care about them?

No. 1945549

I’m sorry for you Nona. You will get through this in a few years.. it happens. He’s not worth your worry, love yourself first. I know that’s not helpful when you feel this way but it truly is the answer. Men are retarded and your emotional depth probably made him uncomfortable. Like you said, you could regulate yourself and reciprocate so he didn’t get some weird ego boost from having to “save” you. In his head he needs any relationships narrative to give him an ego boost. It’s not real

No. 1945569

I hate being alive

No. 1945593

File: 1711936337587.gif (152.66 KB, 220x145, ramen-noodles.gif)

I went to a new ramen place pretty far from my house today. I got sat in a nice private booth with curtains. It was cozy. Maybe 10 mins after I got sat, some woman with two loud kids sits directly in front of me in the other booth. They are extremely noisy and just got there. I make my ramen order and try to ignore them.
While waiting for my food, I hear her asking the kids what they want to watch. She puts on a show or program on her phone and I see it through the veil of the curtain. I sat there for 5 mins before raising my voice "Do you have headphones or no for that?" I just got so frustrated. I just wanted to eat in peace.
She turned the phone off. I guess she didn't expect someone to say something? I just hate people who want to watch things on their phone loudly in public. Stay home.
My ramen was delicious at least.

No. 1945595

File: 1711936462640.gif (3.25 MB, 498x498, 0567.gif)

Not necessarly something emotional but looking back to it weirds me out.
I'm pretty sure my ex used lolcow somehow, or maybe he just browsed it.
I knew about the existence of it before him but i wasn't really interested in the contents until i saw other threads, that happened later on so i didn't really know much about it and i never really asked how he knew it or what he knew.
I think he was into actual cows and had something for a certain type of femcel girls, which i really wasn't even though he would try to push that idea.
I don't know if i regret not asking it but i find it stupid that he would mention this site to me since it's supposed to be a girl only place, not like he ever gave creep vibes, i think that he thought i used it but i would always brush it away since i thought people knew it just as much as 4chan back then.
I always had issues with moids but even if this hurted me back then now i think it's funny that he would often accuse me of being a lesbian that didn't love him enough, anyway i've been trying to get better with life and i don't really want to deal with men or romance anymore, i'm just not someone that wants to be involved in that in the end and moids can't have friendships with women and i'm too insecure to be in a relationship with another woman but life is much more than that.

No. 1945597

ME TOO! I hate the spoon bullshit, I don't know where the hell it came from but now all of the worst people I know are talking about "not having enough spoons" to handle the smallest most menial things

No. 1945600

I find Scandinavians physically attractive, BUT you're so right about the poop/fart jokes. I tried watching that show Norsemen (it's supposed to be a comedy inspired by the show Vikings) and most of the jokes are poop jokes or jokes about someone getting fucked in the ass. There's an entire episode where it turns out that the antagonist character is revealed to be the "Shitting Log Stalker", who dug a series of tunnels in the ground near the communal "shitting log" so that he can spy on everyone and grab their butts.

No. 1945606

File: 1711937194174.jpg (68.53 KB, 563x399, eb796da589ec2efcaae2837b203544…)

Anyone feeling like anime in the last 3-4 years has only become gimmicky shit? It all started with isekai and I get it, I get the appeal of SAO even if I don't like it and I think it's lazy, but right now around 80% of anime circles around a single gimmick and then it gets so boring it's sad. I used to like Komi san because at the beginning it was cute but the author could wrap it up at the 10ish volume and it's still going! The one about the bitch with big tits, Uzaki, Nagatoro, Takagi san, Mashle etc… their concept is good for a very short serie and yet, they're the most popular around. I get it, I can't have all 2deep4me anime but all I ask is to have a decent story and not the story that's build around a single, short gimmick that gets boring after 3 eps. I'm not new to anime and I consumed my shit but I also remember when there were "Lucky Star gets good after 4 episodes" memes around because the first 4 episodes are shitty but if it came out today, modern weebs would eat that shit up. I know I shouldn't care about anime that much, I'm an adult with a big girl job and big girl responsabilities but goddamn, seeing one of my favourite medias getting ridden with shitty products and other manga getting little to no adaptation makes me sad, back in the day more stories had anime adapts and that's what I miss, the variety. Right now if I search up "Reincarnated as", at least 5-10 manga/novels get in the results with the same shitty gimmick, it was good for a couple of things but now please stop. Good thing that my favourite manga got an anime in the early 2000s because it would be fucked if it came out right now. I don't like books unless they're manuals because I want my entertainment to be a full experience, I don't like many irl shows because sometimes I cringe at the acting and I don't like stuff like podcasts because again, full experiences. Anime and cartoons were my favourite media but western cartoons became wokey and gendie shit (ex. Owl House) and Anime has become boring as fuck because the japanese have shit taste and that's what sells because they still believe that they have a chance with their perfect waifus so right now only that shit gets adapted so they can self insert…boring. I bet that if there were women deciding what to adapt and what to leave out the animation market, a lot of shit would get pulled from the studios in favour of more deserving manga (Witch Hat Atelier when? sigh) or more comfy shit like Aria.

No. 1945610

when I read about spoon theory, because I thought it was some actually researched stuff with just a silly name, I thought "…why is this a thing? Why can't you just say you have no fucking energy??" and I'm mentally ill, that shit is made up by people who want the mentally ill label without the scawwy and bad words. Grow the fuck up because mental illness isn't fun and yet they make it like a game.

No. 1945612

No. 1945620

Yeah everything has gotten very lazy and very pandering. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with pandering to your audience but nowadays that's ALL a show usually has to offer. This isn't a recent thing either imo, definitely grown in number for the last decade which is why its so damn noticeable now but back in the day there was at least an attempt at having real substance to your show alongside whatever gimmick they're trying to sell.

No. 1945634

File: 1711939419097.jpg (70.02 KB, 1024x1280, oogolkuetqyb1.jpg)

idk why but recently i keep fantasizing about men getting tortured and murdered and its kinda arousing. im also browsing the "male ryona" tag on pixiv a lot..

No. 1945643

People who bring their annoying kids into restaurants are the worst. Even worse when they feel the need to use their phone on speaker.

No. 1945644

The spoon shit always sounds like childish pseudoscience to me. It's genuinely annoying. Like, the fuck you needed one spoon to take your trash downstairs on trash day and another to get yourself the mail? It's childish and pathetic

No. 1945647

>Anyone feeling like anime in the last 3-4 years has only become gimmicky shit?
yes except it's been for the last 17 years

No. 1945675

Agreed. I genuinely dislike Muslim men, I think Islam and Sharia Law is dangerous and has absolutely no place in modern society, and yes, I find it scary. It’s a religion built by men, for men, and women are openly abused and treated with less respect than dogs. I’m an islamophobe. If I ever said this publicly people would act as if I called someone the N word and said I hated black people or something.

No. 1945712

My ex and I broke up yesterday and I see he's back on OK Cupid. I can only hope he's looking at the website to look at our messages and see how badly he fucked up rather than trying to find a rebound girl. Only time can tell with that. I just see it in the sense that I hope I made the decision to date someone who knows better.

No. 1945716

I really can't stand waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxiety

No. 1945721

I hate my lazy ass so fucking much nonnies. I don't know if it's plain old laziness or I have some sort of disorder but my studies are going horrendously bad and it's all my fault. I shouldn't have ignored the problem. I should've sought help right form the start instead of believing I'm some megamind who can cram and pass these difficult exams. And nothing else in my life is going well either. I won't kill myself because my parents are going to be devastated and I know they didn't work their asses of just so their daughter jumps in front of a train. I won't do it but I've been thinking about it in the last couple of months, I'm neck-deep in so many problems, the easiest solution would be to just end it all but it's not an option. Besides it would be very shitty of me to commit suicide when there are so many starving and poor people out there, people who have it so much worse than me and yet still keep fighting and surviving. It would be such a shame to throw away my life when I have food and a roof over my head, something not everyone can say unfortunately. But how the hell am I supposed to get myself out of this mess? My counselor isn't doing shit and refuses to test me for ADHD even though I'm 90% sure I have it at this point. I'm ruining my own life, it can't be just laziness if it's this bad. I don't know nonnas. At first I thought gaming was my problem but when I stopped it I just found new ways to waste my time. It's not even internet addiction that's the culprit, I reduced my screen time a lot but then I started going outside and wasting my time going on walks in parks and window shopping. It's like I actively want to sabotage myself without thinking twice about it. Why am I like this, is this insanity or am I stupid? Probably both. Sorry for rambling but even thinking about this shit makes me cry from desperation. It would be great if this motivated me to get up and start unfixing all the damage but of course this never happens. What happens instead is me finding some way to calm myself down and escape the pain by doing something pleasurable and then I forget an issue ever existed. And that's exactly how I dug my own grave. I relied on escapism to soothe me but instead of spending minutes, I spent literal MONTHS "escaping". If I could clone myself I'd beat my own ass so I knock some sense into my thick skull.

No. 1945736

I really wish I was super rich

No. 1945743

God help I want to die

No. 1945748

If I could I would really like to suddenly die, I have no aspirations anymore

No. 1945750

Stalker ex found my baby registry and left 3 messages in the guest book. One saying I'm a whore, the other saying he's the father and he's going to prison.
If he clicked to buy one of the items my full fucking address was on display.

I have no idea how the fuck he found it seeing as I had to link it to my mother and she had to enter a password for it to see it.
His friend had added me at the same time as he was commenting on my baby registry, I was worried that since he could have accessed my address and thought maybe the friend was giving me a heads up.
But no it was just the friend laughing how they were drunk together.
I told him I'm going to the police again because I am terrified of this harassment and I hope it scared the fuck out of that friend because he immediately unadded me.
I don't understand how the friends could sit by and play into my exs fucking obsession, they seemed like ok people when I met them. I couldn't imagine encouraging the spiral down of a friend to the point of police getting involved. I hope that's the end of it, I hope he's gone back and told my putrid ex that the police are being contact and finally i can have some fucking peace.

I feel like such a fucking idiot that my shit was just online on that registry for him to find. I don't understand how it happened since I had to link it directly and give a password, unless he's somehow in my account or something?

Combing through all the screenshots I've collected around the stalking I've found more stuff that I hope the police would take more seriously but I fucking doubt it. I'm sick of just being brushed off over it. Does he really have to kill me before I'm taking seriously.
Screenshots of him admitting that his friend was coming to kill my pet, screenshots of him admitting he's stalking me, admitting he watched necro porn.

It's been 4 fucking years leave me the fuck alone. Or better yet just kill yourself.

No. 1945764

Came across an ad from someone looking for a couple of friends to vacation in their cabin in Norway for a couple of weeks in exchange for chopping some wood there, and I really wanted to take them up on that offer except I'm not close enough with anyone to ask them to join me. Sucks.

No. 1945781

People have no courtesy for others these days, but I'm glad she turned it off for you when you spoke up. Everywhere I go, I see kids on iPads and phones too. They can't even eat without looking at a screen. It's dystopian.

No. 1945789

I rejected a guy I work with a year ago and now he’s somehow my new manager. all he does when he talks to me is say “yeah there’s rumors going around that me and you have a thing” and the first time he said this to me I was confused and asked for more information, but now he’s been repeating it as a talking point every fucking day. I’m probably just gonna go to a different department, this guy is annoying. He also knows my dad too so this complicates things.

No. 1945807

File: 1711971453567.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x540, 1671134240380.jpg)

Porn on front page. Bumping with image. Typical moids.

No. 1945815

it's my birthday today and my own mother hasn't come to me to utter a simple "happy birthday"

No. 1945817

happy birthday nonna!

No. 1945818

Eh, not really, nona? The variety was bigger from the 90's to the early 10's. Then only shitty moeshit has been adapted, as long with the big shonen of the month serialized on big magazines. There's no "in between" anymore.

No. 1945821

same happened to me 2 years ago and everyone in my family forgot, i cried so much

No. 1945824

File: 1711972966767.jpg (104.79 KB, 1080x1044, hypothetically.jpg)

Why can't my neighbor find a hobby that doesn't involve a power drill? He can't just finish a project in a week or so, he always drills just enough to wake everyone up for a few months every morning.

No. 1945825

I'm starting to regret quitting my job without having another one in check. I know it was the right thing to do. I know I'm jumping ship before the place sinks. I just wish I had more time to aquire one before I had to go to protect my mental and physical health.

No. 1945833

File: 1711973757334.gif (24.51 KB, 220x314, sweet birthday wishes.gif)

i know it's no enough or the same, but i wish you a happy birthday from us nonnies !

my vent which is also mom related i initially came here to post is (spoiling to not take away from your vent and my wishes): she doesn't give a fuck that i'm harassed by moids which is why i stopped going to my FREE public state uni/faculty. i already know she doesn't believe in me in the first place. i know she thinks i'm worthless and she only likes me because i keep he company and she reels in the fact that without her i'm crippled. i know nothing i do matters because i will never compare to my brother to her. i just hurts to know that she couldn' give less of a fuck about my safety either. i already know i'm aimless and not doing anything worthwhile like my peers, but at least i'm doing my work remotely. she's never encouraged me academically except through beating me as a child and then she didn't care anymore once i was in middle school. guess i's because she's illiterate and has internalized misogyny so she can't see the worth in in it but i don't think that's quite it. the truth is that it's an excuse to poke at me for, beating me hen (and now sill sometimes) and berating me now. it hurts because i love her a lot and it's clear that i don't matter to her even remotely as much

No. 1945834

My anxiety is really bad and I just wanna shut myself in my room and never come out but I'm forcing myself to be normal despite that. My grades are taking a hit though and it's freaking me out even more because I really really need to keep my grades up since I'm in the honor society and if I don't keep them up I'll just spiral even more.

No. 1945836

met up with a guy i met on 4chan and we fucked and now hes ghosting me and i wanna die

No. 1945837

File: 1711974239720.gif (21.81 KB, 340x270, 1711378503950.gif)

Happy Birthday, sweet nonnie! Have an awesome day.

No. 1945840

No offence nonna but what did you expect

No. 1945843

I matched with this older guy on a dating app and he asked me about my life so I told him about my job and my degree and how much I like it. He immediately got kinda weird because apparently me working a lot means that I don't want a super serious relationship? Like wtf? I don't even know how to respond to that.

No. 1945848

You don't. Don't give older dried up scrotes attention.

No. 1945850

Nearing 30 is giving me an existential crisis just about every other day lately. I feel like I failed and wasted my entire 20's and I have nothing to show for it, while my peers have started their careers years ago, have moved in, married, or even started families. And I have nothing. Honestly haven't felt this suicidal in years because I feel like "there's still time" is not working for me anymore.

No. 1945853

It means you ignore him. Seriously, either he has major baggage that he hasn't dealt with, or he's already trying to neg you so that you go into the relationship feeling like you owe him.

No. 1945857

it means he's a loser and got insecure and icky because you're faring better than him career wise also are independent so you don't need to put up with his bullshit.

No. 1945859

You can make it. I bought a business and made a series of really stupid decisions at 27 and lost my entire life savings and had to declare bankruptcy (ruining my credit). It's only been five years and already I've dug myself out of the hole without anyone else's help. It sucks monkeyballs(I basically ate out once a year for those five years, never bought any clothing or shoes, and had zero luxuries ever), but it can absolutely be done.

No. 1945865

File: 1711976503505.jpg (47.36 KB, 564x738, disappoint.jpg)

My birthday is in four hours and I'm dreading it so much. It's not that I'm afraid of growing older, it's just that I hate the fact that my family and people around me don't give a fuck about it. I always make the effort of getting birthday cakes, gifts and plan a small birthday party or birthday dinner for all of my family members' birthday but somehow they never do it for me. If they did bother to celebrate my birthday it will be lackluster and I can tell they're just doing it for the sake of getting it over with fast. It sucks so bad knowing that I'm not loved as much as everyone else in the family. I think only my sister cares about my birthday because she's the only one who gives me birthday gifts every year. I actually prefer celebrating my birthdays alone because then I won't be disappointed. Yesterday I told my family members that a small birthday cake would be enough for me but apparently just now they only bought like four slices of cake to share. There wasn't even any candles for me to blow. I guess it was partly my fault for saying that if there's no small cake, even a slice of cake would do; but it still stings to know that my family members don't even bother to make an effort to find a proper birthday cake for me. God I hate my birthday so much! Thank God I'm a genius and ordered a proper birthday cake for myself in advance with a cute picture of my husbando to eat tomorrow. I don't even feel like sharing the cake with them anymore. Fuck them all! No one loves me so I will love myself instead. Hah!

No. 1945867

>I always make the effort of getting birthday cakes, gifts and plan a small birthday party or birthday dinner for all of my family members' birthday but somehow they never do it for me
Yeah, don't do that anymore if you feel bad about them not giving you anything. Have a happy birthday!

No. 1945908

Why didn't I die in my sleep! Why didn't I die in my sleep! Why didn't I die in my sleep! Why didn't I die in my sleep! I can't fucking take this anymore!

No. 1945911

Happy birthday anon! I hope you enjoy your cake. Who is your husbando and what kind of cake did you get?

No. 1945958

It's hard to realize that everything in life is transactional and I have nothing to offer. Not necessarily material-wise. I just wish things weren't like that

No. 1945962

Thanks anon! Yea, in the future I'll just get everyone a single cake slice and be done with it.

Thanks very much anon! Can't wait to eat my vanilla and hazelnut ganache husbando cake. Unfortunately, I can't tell you who's my husbando because he's super duper cringe kek!

No. 1945972

I think my ldr bf that is flying across the country to come see me again soon has a live in gf. Gonna make him take a video of his whole place and examine it for signs of a woman not sure what else to do

No. 1945981

None of these adults should have kids if they can't keep them entertained for 20-30 mins during a meal. I remember having crayons and paper when I went outside if I got bored, but other than that? Just play with my imagination.
Yeah, she said something along the lines of 'oh, they just needed to see this thing.' before turning it off. Like I said, I played out for at least 5 mins before i even chimed in, so what the hell were they even watching that was so important? Ipad moms are the worst. If we survived in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s without ipads, so can your dumb kids.

No. 1945983

based OP gif, emma roberts is underrated (but also not a very good actress though)

No. 1945984

Happy birthday, nonna!

I'm going to tell you right now as someone who is 35+. Yours 20s are a stepping stone, but you can still make a new fresh start in your 30s. Please dont act like your 30s means it's all over. You can still career switch, go back to school, get a degree online, etc. People even do this in their 40s and sometimes 50s. You'll be fine

No. 1945993

i am so ugly holy fuck. i have jowls due to facial structure (i lost weight, mewed etc, still there) and my eyes are so uneven i look like quasimodo. i don’t even wanna be “pretty” just not this ugly holy shit man let me be average at least PLEASE

No. 1946008

thinking about my bf's ribcage makes me kinda horny

No. 1946011

If you were interested, the uneven eye thing can be fixed partially with make up or more permanently with a partial eyelid lift. My cousin got it and I was shocked at how well it worked, because she looked like the kid on the cover of the Mad magazine.

No. 1946019

You've got like 50 years of life left anon, you've got to keep going. Try not to compare yourself to others but to make changes and take steps that'll improve your quality of life for your future self. I know it isn't easy, I'm still in the process of getting a degree despite turning 28 soon, so I don't think my words are empty words. Every big or little thing you do now can make a difference for yourself tomorrow, in a month, by the end if the year, the end of the decade etc. you can do it.

No. 1946027

I just can’t cope with this reality. It doesn’t matter how much time passes, it never hurts less. I’m never going to be over this and I can feel that the rest of my life is going to be an empty shell with a projection of normalcy on the outside and absolutely nothing on the inside except waiting to leave this world

No. 1946030

God i’m so fucking annoyed I don’t know what’s been wrong with me but for the last two weeks i’ve been extremely sick. Only yesterday did I start to feel better and I thought Oh maybe I’ll feel back to normal tomorrow only to wake up drenched in sweat like someone dumped a bucket of water on me. And I absolutely hate showering. I hate getting my body and hair wet, I hate being cold, I hate having to wait to dry off (I can’t use a hair dryer it’ll make me sweat)

No. 1946041

Glad I took the initiative to take photos of myself at the event I attended with my friend group.
They mostly made sure to take pictures with themselves or with other people.

I want to call them jerks, but maybe it's just less insidious than my emotions would have me believe. I don't believe anyone does it to me actively on purpose. Maybe I just didn't pester them enough for photos together, maybe I'm just not likeable enough for someone to want a photo with me or think it okay to ask me. Idk. This tends to happen to me though, where I go to an event and everyone takes cute pictures together and I am the one least included if any at all. I'm sad.
Even friends who didn't have cameras still were included in way more pics and it's not like they were better dressed. Some are uggo scrotes. I don't get it.

No. 1946042

are you really cute?

No. 1946046

Congratulations, you are feeling what every single person feels when they turn 30. Those people who you think have it together feel like they've wasted their 20's, wish they had more time to live life before starting a family or wonder if they should have done something else. It's normal. Everyone goes through it, you just need to find your own way to deal with the fact that time keeps passing.

No. 1946058

Suicide is cringe and I don’t really want to have to commit suicide, I just don’t want to live anymore. I’m done trying to find people and things to believe in only to have that hope brutally killed. I simply don’t have the energy to take the chance to believe in anything or anyone anymore. I spend all the free time I have outside of necessary activities sitting in silence, staring at nothing. I don’t want to involve myself in anything anymore. I am always, always left heartbroken. Living like this is boring though which is why I don’t want to live anymore. I can’t kill myself but I don’t want to live. So I have no options or future moves so I’ll sit in silence until nature or chance gets me. And I’m going to hate every fucking second of it.

No. 1946082

People say so.
Maybe I'm just too intimidating or seem unapproachable.

No. 1946086

probably intimidatingly cute don't worry nonni u good

No. 1946093

Aw ok, I wanted to draw him for you but it's ok anon. Happy birthday!

No. 1946094

I can't take this chronic pain anymore. I'm at work and I'm tempted to just close up and go find the biggest building to jump off of.

No. 1946110

What is your chronic pain?

No. 1946111

File: 1711991050655.jpeg (90.2 KB, 355x513, IMG_5206.jpeg)

i have to go back home today and i’m bawling my eyes out. it feels so unfair. each time i leave my boyfriend it hurts even more than the last time but hes in uni and living at home and im doing online uni at home. i get so lonely because i dont have friends but i have some hobbies and side jobs but its not the same. i feel so alone. myself, mostly content, but very broken. long distance is hard. he handles it so well. he is a great person. i wish i could be around him always but its impossible. he cant move with me and i cant move with him right now. then when we graduate we will have to try to save up to move together but how the hell will we visit each other with full time jobs? maybe if we go to graduate school. i just wish it was easier. it feels so rotten and unfair and it makes me bawl my eyes out. i love him so much. it has been two years already but i think we can hold on for another few years.

No. 1946118

Head pain stemming from my jaw. All of my head and facial muscles are fucked and it feels like I have a severe tension headache 24/7, like someone is squeezing my head so hard it's going to burst. I wish I could reach in there and tenderize my muscles myself. No health insurance, doctors didn't know what was wrong when I went anyway. I can barely sit down at my desk, I can barely work, I can't even start streaming like I wanted to because talking causes pain. It's going to be one year since this started soon. I'm ready to throw in the towel, I was already depressed anyway.

No. 1946132

Well if you plan on dying anyway, you might as well blow some money on trying a few more doctors. Make one of them refer you to a specialist at least.

No. 1946133

I don't have any savings

No. 1946140

Not even an emergency fund?

No. 1946148

>was little kid watching mean girls
>see the burn book part
>write a thing like that about my family
>one is really mean like that my mom is too fat to fit through a door
>mom finds it and is fucking devastated and heartbroken
I get why people beat their kids

No. 1946154

Nope. It's over for me lmao

No. 1946168

I hate talking to terminally online friends from childhood and getting referred to as "chat" like some sort of streamer. Or having streamer jokes I don't understand constantly referenced with new retarded vocabulary words. Makes me feel old.

No. 1946169

Well, I sort of understand how you feel. My pain is not physical but it is severe and long-term and I also want to die and doctors can’t help me. When you run out of options and have no moves left, it’s difficult to not consider suicide.

No. 1946176

>getting referred to as chat
That doesn't even make sense. You're one person, and you have a name. I hate terminally online losers that constantly watch Twitch. A lot of them act like carbon copies of one another, even down to their personalities.

No. 1946194

One of my friends complained to me that she buys way too many books and never finishes them and then buys more. So I told her to only buy another book if she finishes one of the ones she already has at home or maybe go to a library since you have to return the books after some time. For some reason she got mad and dramatic at me for that like wtf I just tried to help and gave a normal response

No. 1946199

>say literally ANYTHING on crystal cafe
>get banned


No. 1946227

sorry nonny but people with shopping addictions, like any other addiction, don't want people to reason with them. they want enablers and fellow addicts who hype up their overconsumption

No. 1946243

I'm sorry anon, I wish I could take your pain away. Having mental anguish is already so painful, I've wanted to die before my age even hit the double digits. I kept living because everyone said it gets better but now I think it's time to finally admit defeat. Dealing with both physical and mental pain is just impossible. I hope you can find peace somehow anon.

No. 1946258

Probably an IP issue.

No. 1946265

back in cram school so i can pursue my dream of being a doctor. my parents are paying for it but holy shit i am paying with my soul
it sucks that i can't vent with anyone without being reminded of what a privilege this is… but is it really a privilege when my mother makes it clear that i'm being a financial burden? that my dad thinks that i'm a lost cause? that i am using my savings because they provide that bare minimum and i'm afraid of them running out? that i'm sacrificing my youth while i see my friends with degrees and financial freedom?
every single thing costs money, and i pay emotional interest on top of that. i never stop bleeding money. every day there's a tiny expense and with every penny spent there goes a little bit of my freedom. i hate being in this position. i hate being a late bloomer.
my only sanctuary now is the gym. it's almost like self harm. the pain gives me purpose. it's like i'm paying my debt by suffering. i feel so alone… the only thing i have is that i'm answering my life calling. gotta hold onto that so i can feel a little better

No. 1946273

I hope you can achieve your dream and have a little bit of relief nonna

No. 1946277

so on soc?

No. 1946284

thanks nonny. i want to be a paramedic so i can work with (hopefully unsuccessful) suicide attempts and be there when people wake up. show them that someone cares enough. hope you have a good day, thank you for your kindness

No. 1946302

My childhood friend used to be this religious homophobic girl who was weirded out by me being gay and now that we're older, she's a she/they kweerio who loves trannies and supports gendie crap. Kek. From one extreme to another, what a joke.

No. 1946305

Nonnie, you're not a burden or a lost cause. It's sad that instead of supporting you through a very hard academic path, your parents are adding to the stress and anxiety. It doesn't matter if you're a late bloomer or if your studies take longer than you expect/want. I know this is corny, but hear me out! Whenever you hear unkind comments from them, know that I will astrally project behind their backs and cheer you on! With pom poms and everything! I sincerely hope your dreams come true!

No. 1946325

The fact that other people have it worse and everyone has problems doesn't make me feel better. If anything, it makes me even more hopeless and feel like life really isn't worth it.

No. 1946339

Same. It puts things in perspective, sure, but the perspective is bad. I want to see people succeeding to help me keep hope alive.

No. 1946356

It's crazy that so many religious extremists end up supporting tranny agenda and becoming they/thems. Reminds me of when catholic school girls dropped all their morons and became hos during college.

No. 1946386

I hate when people say stuff like "Omg, don't judge!!" "Who are you to judge??" Why do I need to be someone to judge? If I can, I will and kinks are gross as fuck, Tiffany, but this applies to everything.

No. 1946391

I’m such a failure in life. I think I’m gonna convert to Christianity and become a nun.

No. 1946394

it'd honestly be good news if she died

No. 1946396

Yeah, I came from a religious Muslim family and attended Catholic schools my whole life(kek, what a combo), but even from a young age I never liked religion and knew there was something off about it. I also was sort of into the whole lgbt stuff because I'm gay, but always knew there was something off about trannies and gendies with their over the top genders like fucking, bananagender or whatever. I didn't see why I had to be in a 'community' with them.
So it's funny seeing my friend go from one extreme to another. Guess she was repressed and needed to rebel? Or maybe it was the social contagion. It just seems like they don't think for themselves and go along with whatever is trending and because they don't wanna be seen as some evil nazi who's gonna get cancelled all over Twitter.

No. 1946397

So fucking tired of my mother getting mad at me when I'm angry about something.
I want to move out so bad. But then I'd get a roomie who is a stranger and I'm already too retarded for typical employment. I've had so.many bad roommates in the past, I can't fucking do that to myself.
I fucking hate this shit. I'm not allowed to be upset that her ADHD ass dog chewed through my childhood memorabilia while she lays her cunting ass in bed. I didn't want this breed of dog in this house because I knew she'd make me take on the brunt of its raising. Yeah the dog is cute but she's a fucking tornado that destroys things if left alone for 5 minutes.
"I always wanted a yorkie" holy shit piss off terriers are the worst dog breed if you don't have a farm for them to lose their mind in.

No. 1946398

i hope genie wiley is having the best possible day

No. 1946410

Jack black's young picture vs how he looks now should be proof enough to not get fat

No. 1946412

all the they them gendies i knew in hs were openly racist and hated on black people, it was fucking weird

No. 1946414

I don't know when I'm going to feel okay again. I was setting myself up to go to the art therapy center and consult with them sometime this week and was smacked with a major wave of exhaustion this afternoon. Now I don't wanna go, I just wanna stay home and mope

No. 1946421

My uber driver was so wonderful today. He helped me run my errands because I'm ill and not able to walk like I normally do, he was so patient. A lot of drivers get annoyed and drive off if someones taking too long but he was incredibly kind I tipped him like $30 because he earned that shit. Thank you legend

No. 1946427

Good people should actually be professional and earn their wages. You were treated how you deserved that should be the norm

No. 1946450

File: 1712002662083.jpg (41.11 KB, 735x678, e71dff1e626eb140b4bfae016c6518…)

Nonnies I dont really know what to do, I think being bullied when i was a kid/teenager fucked me up in the head, its impossible for me to form connections with people. I just recently got a job and I thought this might be a good opportunity to meet some people, but its impossible. Im unable to have a conversation that is longer than 5 minutes and when I do its exhausting. I'm fine being in silence and not talking with anybody, and that is what I have always been doing, but two years ago I told myself I would make an effort to make conversations with people so I could possibly have more friends but it just has not been working. So I wonder if its really worth it? I exhaust myself having conversations I would rather not have at all just for some results that simply arent being fulfilled. What is the point? I have made all kind of small talk with my coworkers, where are they from, what are they studying, how long have they been working and how are they enjoying it, but nothing. I have seen videos on how to improve conversation skills, have read articles, have gone to therapy for four years to get over my social anxiety. nothing. Yesterday a new girl came into my job and it was so humilliating to see how she got along with everyone so much better than me that I have been here longer. I'm not trying to criticize her but it just makes me feel like I'm worthless. I have no friends to go out with, I rot in my house all day while people outside are enjoying going out and it just makes me so suicidal, I have struggled with this for so long and it just doesnt seem to get better, both my social skills and my suicidal thoughts.
Nonnies I'm sorry if this reads so awkward, I wrote this after spending the whole day crying in bed, so my brain is not really focused right now

No. 1946495

If I get this job I'll have money but I won't be doing something that I like. I'll basically do it just for the money.
And I'll be sad I won't have time to shitpost on imageboards, draw and talk to AIs who understand me more than most idiots irl kek.
Monkey's paw it seems. Maybe work for a few months and save up all the money then take another break.
ffs I just want to draw all day and work out, and I fucking HATE they require going to the office.

No. 1946504

I feel like I'm forgetting something

No. 1946508

File: 1712004511105.jpg (10.77 KB, 552x480, 1000023448.jpg)

aw nonna what, you really warmed my heart here. i'll do just that. thank you very much for taking time to read and reply to my little ramble. the road is hard, but it's not impossible! cheers!

No. 1946513

He's always been fat and that hobo beard does nothing for him.
He looks old cause he is.

No. 1946585

File: 1712008961014.png (450.26 KB, 585x548, Screenshot 2024-04-01 172629.p…)

this is dumb lol but i went on queering the map out of curiosity and didn't expect to be so sad, the messages from SSA women in less 'progressive' countries like the middle east, asia, india etc really broke my heart. i live in north america and even though my parents are immigrants they have more of a progressive mindset towards SSA so i've never struggled personally with my sexuality and coming out so to see women and girls reminisce on past relationships they'll never get to continue or how they'll never get to safely express their love for another woman fucking shattered me. i was on the site clicking on random points crying for close to an hour. picrel says "i wish i could love you in a next life" and it made me ugly sob (i'm even tearing up just typing it out). i hope all these women can be safe and happy in the near future.

No. 1946595

I can't tell if a cut on my finger is infected or if I should leave it alone. It's red around the outside but it's also right on my knuckle

No. 1946600

File: 1712009986562.jpeg (154.91 KB, 500x618, IMG_1917.jpeg)

I literally just spelled my name out to you how did you manage to still fuck it up I am so tired of people hearing my name and just spelling it however they want when I go out of my way to spell it out for them don’t get mad when I ignore a name over the intercom and on a screen that is spelled completely different from mine and isn’t even close to what my name sounds like when you could have just listened to me in the first place instead of just checking out and doing whatever you want instead of your job giving me the “uh huh”s as I’m spelling it out stupid fuck imagine being so retarded with a head full of diarrhea that you do shit like hear a name like Rochelle or something and call out Rodney I swear moids are so fucking stupid and I’m glad you feel embarrassed for fucking up so hard and having everyone stare at you for being such a retard

No. 1946603

Actually amazing how little i get done in a day

No. 1946621

I’m so sick of everyone in this tiny ass town having a staring problem. Every time I’m backing my car into my driveway and someone happens to drive by they fully turn their heads to stare at me while I do it. Fucking weirdos.

No. 1946622

Meeting adult disney fans is so weird. Not a fifty something auntie that wants to treat her family to disney world vacations and does travel agent mlm stuff as a side gig, but the millennials that are obsessed with all the movies and disney plus. I can't even remember like 90% of the plot in any of their non-pixar movies.

No. 1946626

Stare at them back and don't break eye contact until they do. I used to have the same problem until I started staring back. Don't let them win. You're powerful nona and the Lord God is on your side. They are influenced by the dark energy of their hero, Satan, and when they are confronted by the true heroism of your stare they will back down. You need to stare back at them, and look them in their sinful eyes, and feel the power of our Lord, Jah, pulsing through you. The power of the true God will rebuke their disingenuous fervor and they will back down in fear.

No. 1946627

Fucking same holy shit. Even when I drive past them and they're walking on the footpath they turn their head to stare at me. What the fuck.

No. 1946629

I need you by my side when things get tough nona. You are so poetic

No. 1946640

You and I will meet countless times in the astral plane, far removed from the worldly pains. We have been alive before and you were the hummingbird suckling the sweet nectar of my being, the flower that never wilts. Separation is a mere illusion, like the difference between noise and music, and we are liberated from the worldly pains of observation. I see you across the endless plains of poppies and hydrangeas and we will rejoice in the power of our Creator and I will assist you. When they stare at you nona, remember that there is no pit so deep that the love of our Lord is not deeper still, and remain steadfast in your faith of our Lord, Jah. The Lord is so great, that the very sign of a problem necessitates that there is a solution. These people that stare, they drown in their judgement and their sinfulness, and we are the better for it: we've chosen the way of grace, and there is no end for us.

No. 1946646

I need bigger eyes so I can make sure they see me staring back harder and more intense

No. 1946654

KEK nona you're eyes are enough already. We are only observed when we negate our inner power to observe. They stare and we must stare back, our energy meeting their energy, and because our spirits scream exaltation to the Lord, we are victorious against them. If we are the endless brook that carves its place in the landscape towards the sea of being, then they are the rocks that line our limits. They can't possibly understand us because they negate glory and goodness, they are the dark armies that seek to lead our waters astray, but through the power of the one Lord we scatter them like insects. Water is unstoppable, no matter what our spirits will move towards the complete sea of godliness.

No. 1946660

Stop nona I'm falling in love with you. Don't make me sin.

No. 1946671

File: 1712014283834.jpeg (152 KB, 750x706, IMG_7442.jpeg)

I wish I could stop being depressed. I hate being so unmotivated too. I’d do anything to get back my insane motivation to draw and socialize that I had as a teen. I just want to be able to function goddammit.

No. 1946689

nonnies i have to leave my boyfriend again and get on my flight soon i cannot take this pain each time!

No. 1946696

No. 1946713

i miss my mom so much. i keep waking up in the middle of the night praying that everything that has happened these past few months has been one long, terrible nightmare and that i am going to see her walking to the bathroom or sitting in her office chair doing her makeup. i've been back home helping my grandpa with my mother's estate and sorting through her papers, and all i want is to hear her call my name again, touch her, hug her one more time. i want to walk into her room and instead of seeing a pile of her clothes on the bed, see her laying there watching tv on her ipad or taking a midday snooze. i wish she had never died. i wish i could have saved her life. i keep thinking about all the little signs that something was wrong before everything went downhill and i regret not telling her to go to the doctor sooner. but her doctor also told me that by the time she started showing signs of advanced cancer (fatigue, weakness), she was already terminal. so my mom was dying back in november/december when i first noticed that she wasn't her usual self. i just picked her casket and the flowers for her funeral, and now i will pick the clothes she will be buried in, the necklace i bought by accident that she ended up loving. i've also already picked a message for her gravestone, and i'll be writing a memorial for her. i asked also to see her privately before the funeral service, just so i can apologize and cry and tell her i love her without feeling like i am putting on a spectacle for other people.

No. 1946720

File: 1712016452535.jpg (7.89 KB, 225x225, images-1.jpg)

I felt this. I hope you feel better soon

No. 1946742

I’m going to start swinging at the moids at my gym I swear to god. Please, just rack your weights when you’re done. I’m not weak, but it can be difficult to lift six 45lb plates off a machine or squat rack or whatever. If you’re strong enough to be lifting/pressing that amount of weight, you should have the strength to remove the weights when you’re done. Just have the decency to clean up after yourselves holy fuck

No. 1946764

I hate that he won’t just tell me when I upset him and instead he has to act all cold and stop replying to me. And I hate college, I’m not having fun I want to play sports again but I have no one to play with and I can’t meet anyone who will play with me, I just wanna play tennis or soccer again like I did when I was a kid but I have no one to play it with. My boyfriend pisses me off because he ignores me for long stretches of time and I feel like I have no one

No. 1946776

>tell mom i don't want to eat greasy fried fish, trying to watch my weight
>she cooks it for me anyway
>smell lures me into the kitchen
>once again: i am trying not to be tempted but her literally setting up the plate for me and shit gets me to eat
>take my time, watch a movie
>she immediately bullies me for eating it "for an hour" and "hogging out"
i can't wait to MOVE holy shit i hate this fat retard. she's overweight herself so she's always doing shit like this knowing i'm trying to lose and not regain all the fat i used to have. it's always the people you expect to be on your side who fuck you over

No. 1946781

I hate being a teenage girl (I am an adult, just still a teenage adult), I hate everything about it. I hate the modern culture around it, I hate that so many women my age have completely replaced their personalities with tiktok, lululemon and stanley cups. I hate how overconsumption is pushed on us and I hate how the idea of “fun” for our demographic is getting drunk and fucked up and going to clubs to twerk on guys. And if you’re not like this you’re weird or “off.” I hate how for men my age, it’s totally socially acceptable for them to have fun by playing video games together or other regular fun shit but not for us. Obviously that’s not me saying all girls my age are like this but still I just hate the culture that’s being pushed on us I hate it all, I am not gender dysphoric but I really do wish sometimes I was born as a guy because it’s too horrible and I don’t want to live in this society like this I can’t even make female friends my age because it’s difficult for me to meet one’s who haven’t been brainwashed like this, maybe it’s just the area I live but I’m tired of it, we’re so sexualized and it’s so normal to not only sexualiza yourself but also all the other women around you, I hate it I just want to talk to more regular girls like me it’s difficult in the university I go to though because it’s too tiktokified

No. 1946794

I notice how inconsiderate moids can be in general from these actions of theirs. Even something as small as not putting the toilet seat down after a piss for the next party is inexcusable.

No. 1946804

my friend is pissing me the fuck off with her "oh i just find it really hard to reply to text lol!!" bs when she can reply to her boyfriend perfectly fine. surely you understand how fucking annoying it is when we're having a conversation and suddenly you disappear and don't reply for 5 days. she constantly has 15+ notifications because she isn't replying to anyone and goes on instagram just to ignore it, it's genuinely almost like she's doing it for attention? god it annoys me so bad because i'll wait 6 days for a reply, reply immediately to her and she still won't answer for another 3 days, like what the hell are you doing?

No. 1946812

They want to be scared, they want to have something to fight for, they don’t want to be bored in this first world of decadence so they get angry when you try to take away the boogieman that makes their lives a little more interesting. Sorry anon, I know how it be.

No. 1946817

i just took 8000 mg of acetaminophen again i'm so done

No. 1946827

That's a bad way to die girl. It takes a long time and hurts the whole time. You should go throw up.

No. 1946828

I am extremely averse to social media and taking selfies but I wish I wasn't. I've just been vibing through life looking hot and going places and completely ignoring my camera because every time I try to take a picture of myself I die of cringe. but when I'm trying to make friends (especially online) I feel like I have no way to prove that I'm actually a cool person with hobbies because I don't document it, as dumb and vain as it sounds. Even when I meet other people who "hate taking pictures" they have an instagram full of selfies. Every time I've tried to do that, I get too nervous or insecure and end up deleting social media. I feel like a freak. I don't want to have to do this performance for others but I also want to make friends

No. 1946839

Better for her to just hate me and move on than for her to ever know the truth. I’d sooner be waterboarded than ever confess that.

No. 1946849

You don’t have to do all that to make friends. I’m friends with people who are barely on social media at all.

No. 1946864

Who the hell hurt PearlyThings to be this much of a pickme?

No. 1946879

I’m certain I have zero creative talent but I think I want to get into drawing and my biggest problem is having ZERO privacy in this household like I cant have my religious family seeing me attempt to draw attractive cute boys

No. 1946881

ya rly nonnie. Moeshit got big the moment lucky star aired (around 2007ish). I can't think of any early 2010s anime I liked.

No. 1946886

I'm too autistic for normies and too normie for autists. I've never fit in anywhere, I know my way of being makes people uncomfortable. Its a lonely life

No. 1946893

I'm the same way. I have BDD and social anxiety so I don't use social media at all but then I worry that people will think I'm some weird freak for not using it like everyone else. however, I have been able to make plenty of friends irl by improving my social anxiety and putting myself out there more

No. 1946899

Same nona. Im working really hard to transition out of being chronically online and I have made some irl friends and some of them are so normie and boring. It's infinitely better than interacting with the 4chan moids that comprised my social circle back in the day (sad) kek.

The way I see it if they won't communicate with me via text message than they aren't worth exerting energy on. Oh you just want to add me on snapchat to send me pictures of your eyeball to increase your snap score? Bitch byeeeeee

No. 1946910

Its not so much that I find them boring, its that I give off an uncanney valley feeling to people. Like I'm human but not. And I do that to everyone, normies and autists both are uncomfortable around me

No. 1946917

Update: my grandfather just died. Hospice came pronounced him dead. I stayed in the room when the service came and took him away. I feel very numb and have a terrible headache.

No. 1946924

The fact i can't go back to 2018 fills me with rage and despair everyday. Knowing that i can't go back and fix the things i did has been enough to make me suicidal everyday. I just want to go back. Things can, and will, always become worse. I just want to wake up from this nightmare and find out that it's 6 years ago.

No. 1946927

Me too, i've never liked a single picture of me except from my childhood ones because at least i was a cute child. I know you don't need a social media prescence to make friends, but when you are autistic or non-normie, i feel like you don't have much avenues for socialisation to begin with, so it's like i've closed a door to help myself from not being a friendless loner.
Unironically, it was getting burned by moids. She uses the misogynistic ideology to help herself cope with being highly insecure and not conventionally attractive enough for the moids she likes. But at this point she is mostly doing this for money, there are a decent amount of men who will marry her and probably think she's clever.

No. 1946928

So sorry for your loss, nonnie.

No. 1946934

Holy shit, I could have written this post. I get trapped in the exact same cycles of desperate longing for friendship and then complete distaste for interactions with people. I only have about six friends combined IRL and online, and I even get really annoyed by them sometimes. I also don't know what to do about it, but I hope we can both figure it out soon.

No. 1946938

Sending you my condolences nonna. I'm sure he loved you very much.

No. 1946969

i have thoughts and opinions but i can’t seem to make other people understand or care. i wish i had telepathy. i wish i had social skills. people call me “boring” for being quiet but when i do speak they don’t even bother to listen or give me that look like i grew three heads. why can’t they just leave me alone and not prod if they’re gonna do this to me? i feel like a pet that just follows people around. noone wants to listen to my thoughts. and my “friends” wonder why they don’t see me anymore. i wonder how it feels to be charismatic and talk about literally anything you want and everyone will listen to you regardless of how stupid it is.

No. 1947001

i'm a tulip in a cup, i stand no chance of growing up. i'll live to watch you have my fun. i'll root for you. i love you. you, you, you, you.(wrong thread)

No. 1947039

I hate it when sites send you an email with a confirmation link/code with a fucking time limit and it doesn't even get sent right away. How the fuck am I supposed to use the code "within 15 minutes" when you at the earliest send it at 14m and 59sec ffs

No. 1947124

A 12 year old died in a school shooting near me today, and two other kids are severely hurt. We don't have school shootings like the US has, this is awful.

No. 1947145

NTA but I thought of 3 early 2010s anime that I loved and started to get nostalgic for that time period now. Great.

No. 1947153

moeshit was a painful stab,but isekai was the final nail in the coffin
I miss 90s anime and early/mid 2000s, so much fucking soul even if the bug eyes artstyle was dumb

No. 1947158

How do I move on from accepting the fact my ex hurt, lied, and manipulated me? How do you move on from that? I've learned trying to tell him how hurt I am won't change anything. We're over. I guess I know I'm looking to find signs from him he regrets those things, but I can't find those signs. It just hurts that I had gotten myself in this situation that quickly became one sided. How could I let this happen? But at the same time, I'm glad this was quick. This was my shortest relationship. Ever. I guess that's a huge positive, getting over him isn't going to be so long. Like we broke it off for good 3 days ago, I can be more generous to myself and allow myself to grieve the situation. I just started talking to someone else, so I think I'm trying to fast forward the emotions. If anything happens, I don't intend for this new guy to be a rebound.

No. 1947226

I need so much gold to craft that fucking legendary armour set. Jesus christ. I know it's supposed to be a long term goal but fuuuuck, I'll need a few k.

No. 1947262

I just want a cute girlfriend to live out the rest of my days with. We'd be so cute. Have so much fun together.
But I'm a lame neet and not even that pretty

No. 1947266

Kek, this

No. 1947296

Let's date

No. 1947332

File: 1712066598512.png (25.64 KB, 642x705, feelsguy.png)

I just can't find the positives anymore nonnies. I can't tell if I'm hating everyone because I'm in a bad place or I'm in a bad place because I don't actually like any of my few friends. I broke with my best friend half a year ago and I'm glad I did, it's just so hard to make friends after that. I like talking to people but there's always such a disconnect, even people I've known for years, I just don't trust them. I'm not going to be open with them because all they ever do is talk shit. I hate being this shitty, negative person, it drives people away (understandably) but I just can't be fucked to act nice anymore. I haven't been able to be myself with anyone the past while and it's eating me from the inside out. I'm a shell of a person.

No. 1947344

Everybody is tired of hearing me vent about my ex. I've already told him off like 10 times but I just can't let it go. He wasn't even a good boyfriend to me. So many false promises and barely gave me any crumbs of affection. He was holding me at arm's length the whole time but I was delusionally taking it very seriously with him. I need to let it sink in that just because I was around his family, friends, and there for him when he needed me doesn't mean he loved me. He was just using me. He didn't care about me the way I did about him. He didn't even give me the decency of a goodbye because he looks down on me and lowkey always has. That's why he'd always talk about other women being hot in front of me. One time he complimented this girl's crystal necklace at the dispo and when I wore one (that I've always had) a week or so later he mocked me for "wanting a compliment too". He saw me as a dumpy loser and honestly I was playing into it, I was too desperate and he exploited that. I'll never forget that time we were at the weed dispensary, he didn't have enough for the cart he was going to buy so he was going to let me withdraw money from the atm to cover it.. when their atm only gave out 50's and I decided not to, he insisted to search my car for change. After like 15 minutes of him tearing up my car like a crackhead I gently was like sorry I don't have change in here.. dropped him at home and that was the last time I saw him

No. 1947361

>I broke with my best friend half a year ago and I'm glad I did, it's just so hard to make friends after that. I like talking to people but there's always such a disconnect, even people I've known for years, I just don't trust them.
I understand how you feel nonny, it feels like after some point it's just harder and harder to make new friends, but you do deserve better friends who understand you. I am in a similar position (breaking up with a very important friend) and it takes a while but eventually we'll find people who love us and we love them back again. I'm not really close with the people who I befriended in school anymore, I feel like a shell of a person too. But we must go on. When you're ready you can socialize again.

No. 1947365

I support you fiona apple nonna who posted on the wrong thread.
Holy shit , good riddance nonna. I know you might not feel this now, but you'll feel so much better soon. Being around a person like this would drain any energy and happiness you have in you. Soon youll feel relieved.

No. 1947371

I want public bathouses to be a thing (I would love to washup after work and unwinding in a quiet place) but I know that moid will go and vandalize it, piss in the hot tubs and overall spreading infections because they're gross. Sigh.

No. 1947382

why are moids such entitled fucking drivers? i was running late for work this morning and some fucking retard was doing everything in his power including cutting other people off in order to not let me pass him and stay in front of me, then when we got to the single lanes he drives slow as fuck. im just trying to get to work you fucking mongoloid im not racing you i dont even fucking care about you just get out of my fucking way

No. 1947384

So, my ex and I broke up 4 days ago and I felt like looking at our old messages on OkCupid to see what really happened between us. In the midst of going on the site and logging back in, I see the green dot next to his profile photo. I take a screenshot of some of our early messages, unmatch with him, and bookmark his profile so I could come back to it. In my head, I'm hoping he only came back on to do the same, as it turns out, he's still online and that concludes to me he's going straight to swiping. That's his way to move on and I accept it, I don't see any chance getting back with him because of how deceitful he was in our relationship.
I looked through his answered questions and two that really stood out to me that I ended up internalizing and expecting from him was how he shows he cares for someone (physical touch) and if he was ready to settle down and get married right now (absolutely).
Within a few months of us being together, he freaked out over me bringing up how I'm doing my part in saving up to have a child in 2½ years and wondering hopefully I'll meet my financial goal in that time. His response to all this was, "You're expecting me to marry you when I have debts the take care of first. Having a child takes time, it might take years to actually be ready. Let's take it a day at a time and just enjoy our time together for now." Along with that, over time, I felt like I was the only one initiating hand holding, cuddling, and hugs. I felt so lonely and unloved, when I brought up my concerns of us having some distance, he asked "What do you want me to do?" And I responded I'd like more closeness and affection. Overall, he made me feel like expecting him to be more touchy with me was unrealistic, because he can't read my mind. In my head, it's how someone expresses they care about someone they love, and from his OKC profile, he confirmed that's exactly how he believes it to be too.
Is it unreasonable to hold him accountable over those things he said on his profile? Because he consciously answered those questions and many women, like myself, will take note of those things, whether he sees them as small details or not, they do matter when it comes to consistency. He's going around dating sites with this fantasy image he projects of himself instead of his truth, where those two details (not even including the sex related details that were inconsistent with our real life relationship), that only leads to more heartbreak. I'm more concerned for the next woman my ex ends up with hoping to have a relationship with a man who's ready to actually settle down and get married and be physically affectionate, because he is not going to be that person despite his dating profile stating he is absolutely those two things.
I want to reach out to my ex to let him know he will repeat this never-ending cycle of having 3-4 month short term relationships if he keeps those answered questions of (absolutely wanting to settle down and get married right now) and (he shows he cares for someone by physical touch) unchanged because the next person he will be with will expect the same things I did. Should I reach out for the sake of the next woman or honestly let it go and let another woman experience heartbreak from him?

No. 1947392

Thank you nonna ♥ I hope your life will be uphill, it will be okay. I don't know how but it will.

No. 1947409

Thanks I'm trying not to be too down on myself but my pride is definitely hurt and so is my self esteem from that loser

No. 1947493

The harder pill to swallow is that perhaps he just didn't want to get married and have a kid with you, anon. Men are always hunting for their "best" option and know fairly quickly into the relationship if you are a person that they are going to take seriously, or just a person that they are gonna have fun with and take advantage of.
When a man doesn’t agree with and critiques your plans, believe him.

No. 1947509

How old are you two? I'm in my late 20s and ready to settle down, but if someone I had only been with for three months said they want to have children with me in the near future I'd also freak out and leave them. Being on the same page about wanting children is important, but talking about the specific timeframe you're planning to have them is too much when you're still only getting to know each other.
Unless your biological clock is ticking, settling down and getting married doesn't mean wanting to have kids within the next couple of years. Especially not if there are debts to take care of. There's no point in seriously thinking about starting a family before handling things like that, so what he said regarding that topic sounds completely reasonable imo.

All that aside, if he has a history of self sabotaging and leaving good relationships, it's his own issue. It's not like he's staying together with women for years on end only to blindside them once it actually gets serious. A few months is such a brief amount of time, whoever he breaks up with in the future won't mourn the breakup for long.
Just let it go. It's not your problem anymore.

No. 1947514

Gosh anon! You're so sweet. I wish you will have an awesome birthday this year since you're so kind.

On another note, my birthday went sort of okay today. My narc mom almost ruined it though. First thing in the morning too! I can tell she doesn't want me to enjoy my birthday because she doesn't even wish me a happy birthday until the rest of the family did. Then she just had to make a hurtful comment to me saying I should be giving her presents on my birthday from now on because she gave birth to me. Funny thing is she has stopped giving me birthday presents since I turned 18. Plus, I don't even expect or want any presents from her so I don't know why she's being nasty to me. Not gonna lie, I almost gave up on enjoying my birthday today but later during the day my colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake at work and my long distance friends texted me happy birthday. Then when I got home from work, my husbando cake was delivered safely. I ate it all alone. It was delicious and my husbando looks amazing! Next time I'll definitely celebrate my birthday alone, or at least celebrate it away from home, far away from my family members. To all anons out there, I wish you all a very good birthday this year. Don't let other people ruin your birthday because celebrating your existence is important.

No. 1947551

>Should I reach out for the sake of the next woman or honestly let it go and let another woman experience heartbreak from him?
Absolutely do not do this. It's his business what he puts on his dating profile even if he's lying. Giving him unsolicited feedback after your breakup is unhinged, nona. Block him and don't look at it ever again.

No. 1947556

File: 1712075454979.png (869.86 KB, 698x748, 0a1bc812-ac3b-4237-abee-f40e5c…)

There was a dead mouse in my shoe.

No. 1947560

I left my shoes outside ONE time and a snake was in it. I shake my shoes out now every single time. That's really traumatizing, anon

No. 1947583

That reminds me of the time I fell asleep after eating pringles and left the lid off. I put the lid back on when I woke up and the next time I went to eat them there was a daddy long leg spider in there. I only very recently started being ok with eating pringles again but I have to look in the container first and lift all the chips up to make sure there's no spiders at the bottom.

No. 1947599

File: 1712076457587.jpg (59.52 KB, 735x736, 20230627_021717.jpg)

I just lost my debit card for the probably twentieth time after buying gas and I want to bash my head against the concrete. Total mental breakdown because of my dumbass inattention and the realization that i have $40 in my account for the next two weeks

No. 1947604

File: 1712076564970.gif (2.18 MB, 350x218, goodbye-world_poohbear.gif)

The way my soul would have instantly left my body.

No. 1947642

I've had so much bad luck recently, I wonder if I'm cursed.
I'm legitimately thinking of buying an amulet or something, at least for a little piece of mind.

No. 1947666

When my house was full of cockroaches (the small ones) they'd get inside the coffee bottle, but because it was so hot they'd like, disintegrate and kinda spread their little pieces sometimes so small you could confuse it with coffee powder, took me almost one week to realize that the mysterious thick coffee powder I was drinking every morning was no coffee powder at all but dead roaches swimming in boiling hot coffee.

No. 1947672

Girl, no, that sounds like a dirty house situation.

No. 1947674

>you never clean your house or kitchen, so you end up drinking roaches

No. 1947676

We're both in our 30s. The thing that confused me is the first week of us being together we were talking about our future goals and plan and how we imagined it could be, he was happy that he finally met someone who was focused on having future goals. We basically spent our first weeks comparing and contrasting how we'd work together and finding joy in how similar we thought. He asked me to be his girlfriend within 2 weeks of us meeting and we'd spend nearly all day together.
I felt completely blindsided that me bringing it up again a bit more seriously made him push back. Like, I was stressed if I'd be able to meet this financial goal in time. He told me he wanted to have 3-4 children so I said, well if we'd want to let that happen without much risk, I'd have to have my first child in my mid 30s. He brought up the idea of "maybe next year having a child could happen" when we first started talking.
You're definitely right though, it's not my problem anymore, he's gonna be someone else's problem, he wasn't physically abusive so it's not an urgent issue, just psychologically, he's too used to overselling himself and disappointing others.

No. 1947679

Kek, I had something similiar happen to me when I was a poor kid.
At least it seemed to work ad an immune boost, I rarely get sick. Silver lining.

No. 1947685

I can't get over two Kpop idols I loved committing suicide because it makes me feel like I'm bad luck or something. How in the fuck does that happen to someone twice? They were my favourites. What the fuck

No. 1947701

You really made two people's suicides all about you?

No. 1947703

>How do I make someone else's suicide about me?
Nona I don't think they knew about you so you don't have to worry about making them kill themselves you probably aren't bad luck.

No. 1947705

Girl, yikes.

No. 1947718

The only ones i know who commited were jonghyun, sulli and hara….
Are those the ones you are thinking of?

No. 1947729

I can't stop eating sugar even though i'm rapidly gianing weight adn it makes me hate myself

No. 1947768

What do you usually like to eat? There should be a substitute for it.

No. 1947770

>How in the fuck does that happen to someone twice?
almost as if the idol industry is terrible or something

No. 1947775

Right? Almost as if Korea has surpassed Japan by highest suicide rate per capita. Starving yourself, being treated like a piece of meat, forced to get plastic surgery, living in debt to your company. What a glamorous life.

No. 1947784

girl they don't even know you

No. 1947799

In a vent post years later when I'm depressed and wondering if there's something about me that can see depression in other people and worrying about my actual friends because it even happens with celebrities who don't know me, yep. So many dumbass quotes.

I'm not being literal.

No. 1947810

Idols kill themselves because of reasons stated here: >>1947770 >>1947775
They are miserable. It's shocking there aren't more idols deaths in Korea right now.
>something about me that can see depression in other people
I'm totally empathetic vibes.

No. 1947826

Sulli and Moonbin and I feel like the fans did make him kill himself though. He was overworked and nobody paid attention. I went to a big concert recently and a member looked at me and her eyes were dark, sad and depressed. I felt weirded out that she's the only member who interacted with me a few times and she looked like that, that's the first time I felt guilty

I know that's a meme but their eyes really were nice and it's normal to gravitate to people with qualities or vibes you relate to especially because Kpop is so parasocial. That's what I mean as well, there should be more suicides but it's my favourites and Moonbin wasn't that famous. I feel like I do attract negative energy. I don't mean I caused it, that's retarded

No. 1947842

Get ADHD meds and just use them as an appetite suppressant. Probiotics and multivtamins can help too

No. 1947863

Kpoppies really are the worst. Even when their idols die from mental health related reasons and over working they still continue to Stan this shit. Anyone into idols is disgusting to me.

No. 1947865

Go join them nonny, your comment is so tone deaf, you aren't the center of the universe

No. 1947881

File: 1712087466846.png (320.59 KB, 782x653, Screenshot 2024-04-02 154922.p…)

I bought a 16oz tub of this thinking it'd be lighter than their shea body butter tub without reading reviews, and it is this thick paste that does not easily absorb into skin. Now I'm stuck using this for the next few months.

No. 1947886

Kpop is addicting because the parasocial aspect targets depressed and lonely people and even when you get a life the parasocialism has already done its work though. The only other people who were there for the deaths are stans and other idols, nobody else really cares, they parrot things to feel superior and shit like sis they didn't know you like it's revelatory

I am tone deaf for 5 seconds in a vent post that isn't as literal as your autism is making you believe but you're not for saying go join them. I get your baggage with the choa girls, that's one thing but moralising your rabid Kpoppies seething is cringe(kpop derailing)

No. 1947892

Slap it on your feet and wear thick cotton socks. It will rock your world.

No. 1947900

My life is miserable and sad and I'm tired of pretending it ain't that way. I'm literally gaslighting myself to avoid confronting the reality of my situation, I don't even know how did this happen to me

No. 1947908

Girl, shut up already. No one cares about your suicidal plastic men.

No. 1947912

But I got the most quotes and counting so not really sure that's true. If you wanted me to shut up you'd stop quoting to seethe with your retarded takes(kpop derailing)

No. 1947914

Why don't you kill yourself?(alogging)

No. 1947918

I promise things can get better nonnie, things can change in an instant.

No. 1947919

Remember ladies don't engage with baiters whose only interaction they get with others is rage responses online

No. 1947921

Life can't be that bad for you, you're still around complaining?

No. 1947923

NTAYRT but do you also think life can't be that bad for people who are starving to death or living in extreme poverty because they're still around complaining? I don't want an answer I just want you to think about it for a second

No. 1947924

It’s ok to admit that life just sucks sometimes. Why do you feel that you have to pretend all the time? It’s not healthy to suppress things like this.

No. 1947926

my fucking slob roommate won't stop singing and i can hear still hear her clearly through my noise-cancelling headphones. she's not even that bad at it but she thinks she's REALLY good at singing because she did theater in high school and is in a singing org at our university. the things that i would do just to yell at her to shut the fuck up, man.

No. 1947927

They have no control of their situation. They definitely have no internet access to bitch on lolcow. It's narcissism to compare yourself to helpless people.

No. 1947928

You're totally right, nonnie. Also sending some positive vibes your way.

No. 1947929

Adult theater kids are the absolute fucking worst. Just die already, Robert Reed ass faggot.

No. 1947933

How do you know she has control of her situation? How do any of us know she isn't homeless, writing that on a library computer? I think a lot of you guys forget that that is, or has been previously, reality for some of us. Bottomline, please just have some compassion. If you don't have anything kind to say, just avoid responding.

No. 1947936

It's their choice. Victimizing grown women and men is pathetic.

This isn't the annoying empathic victim thread.(infight bait)

No. 1947940

I use kerasal for my feet and it works well, but I'll consider that too thanks!

No. 1947942

What crawled up your ass today?

No. 1947945

It must be a horrible parasite that makes it hard for her to read the title "Vent Thread" kek

No. 1947946

Girl, take your ass back to twitter and write your soap operas there. This aint the place.(infighting in the vent thread)

No. 1947951

The vent thread also isn't the place to try and infight over someone's personal struggles. I'd recommend you lurkmoar.

No. 1947962

Why can’t I just die already????

No. 1947966

>Girl, [bitchy insult].
And told anons to kill themselves for being depressed twice in a row. Jeez. It's a vent thread, ain't nobody going into detail to justify all corners of a sentence posted off the top of their heads that you want to interrogate.

No. 1947974

My ex came from a super rich family and was good looking enough to have people from all demographics come up to compliment him on the street, but he was also pretty mentally ill and would sometimes keep me up for hours while negging me and throw tantrums when I turned down sex. It was kind of a mutual breakup because I didn't want to put up with it and he didn't want to change.
It's been quite a while and even though I know it was for the best, I still partially feel guilty and dumb for it. I've been single since then and am not pretty or otherwise particularly attractive, yet I threw away a relationship with someone out of my league who took me on a lot of fun, nice dates that other girls were jealous of. In a way, I feel like I should've just sucked it up, I don't know

No. 1947976

I would’ve sucked it up and done any crazy sex shit he wanted other than butt stuff

No. 1947980

Once it's two weeks to my period, I INSTANTLY become more irritated and moody and start eating and sleeping more. I don't know how to explain it but it's such a nasty feeling, it's not just emotional/psychological, it's almost physical, like a nagging feeling in my chest and tingling in my arms, and my head and face feel tense, too. Sometimes my lips jump a little. If I have nothing to be annoyed with I find something in my past to get angry about. I wish there were a place where I could just scream or destroy the surrounding things uncontrollably.

No. 1947982

Nah, nonnie. No amount of money or good lucks makes up for having to deal with a moid that throws a tantrum whenever he’s denied sex. I guarantee you if you had sucked it up and gave him what he wanted, he would have just kept escalating his behavior.

No. 1947983

if you landed him, who's to say you can't find another slightly less rich and less hot moid who doesn't have the insane baggage? i'd trade it off for somebody sane

No. 1947986

Hate when two men or two women are friends & retards ship them

No. 1947988

File: 1712092701090.jpg (27.87 KB, 400x550, moles.jpg)

I hate that I'm a mole person, similar to picrel. Every year I seem to get a few more moles on my head and I'n not even 30, when I'm lucky it's in my hair so I can use my nails to slowly scratch it off without anyone really seeing it… if I don't it hurts every time I accidentally touch it, like when brushing my hair. It hurts really bad! I can't get those surgically removed because it would require them to shave my hair in that spot, but scratching with my nails I can scratch only the mole without it taking any hair out. I need it to form a scab so I can scratch it open every day until it's flat and no longer hurts. So I just have a tiny open wound on my head for like 2 weeks at a time.

The ones on my neck or my face makes me cry even when they're tiny. Sometimes old ones seem to grow bigger too. I tried to have some removed with laser and it made me so happy to think they were gone for good… but they came back "because of too much sunlight" despite the fact that I wore sunscreen every day. I paid so much money for it too. And now they're back bigger because the whole laser area came back (they went over the lines a bit to make sure they got all of it). At least they stayed flatter this time, which is a little less gross than having gross brown bumps.

I had some checked out and they're "harmless". In fact the nurse who looked at them (wanted to see if it would be covered by health care) said they wouldn't remove them because "they're the same color as your skin". Bitch If I matched my foundation to my moles I would be in fucking blackface. It just sucks to have these ugly ass bumps grow all over your head and neck unpredictably. I wish the laser had worked.

No. 1947991

Me too. I hate shipping culture and that's it's seemingly 99% of any female fandom

No. 1947999

most men are fucking retarded and I'm tired of pretending otherwise

No. 1948003

Just want to pay someone to write an app or something so I don't have to wake up in the morning and check my messages and news and not see people getting killed or screaming about politics that's not relevant in country. They don't use NSFW tags because it's awareness and that's ok.
Important topics are important but let me censor myself from the world until at least noon.

No. 1948013

my mom will tell me she doesn’t want anything sometimes when we go out to eat but then proceeds to get furious when i don’t offer her any of my food. her reason is always “i didn’t want my own i wanted some of yours i only wanted a little!!!” and it’s so stupid and unnecessary to me. i am more than happy to buy you your own shit, but i don’t want you picking off of mine. and i’m not wrong for that, right?

No. 1948027

it’s like i buy six wings and i only get to eat four because she decided she didn’t want to just save her four wings for later and eat two now. fucking annoying it’s like dealing with a big child all the time

No. 1948029

Isn't it bad for moles when you damage them? Like can't they turn cancerous or whatever

No. 1948037

File: 1712094890304.jpg (72.9 KB, 622x702, 1676490497842.jpg)

I have been increasingly stressed out for a while now. Easter was a disaster, my relationship is stressful, my money situation is unstable at best. and today I finally snapped in the most embarrassing way. I was walking my dog when two retarded little kids tried to scare the dog or something, like we were crossing a street and they intentionally came in front of us and jumped towards the dog. I didn't think, I just screamed and swore at them to get the fuck out of my way. I instantly knew I overreacted, but I still think it was deserved, you shouldn't bother strangers in the street. One kid went away but one approached and I apologised to him, and told him to say that I was sorry to his friend. But that's what you get when you don't raise your kids to behave in traffic, someday they will encounter someone at the enf of their line like me. I have felt like shit the whole day, not just for that though. I literally feel my mental health degrading more and more everyday, I need to change my living situation etc but still lack the courage to do so.

No. 1948044

Stop being a Kpoppie.

No. 1948047

Bring back the tupperware, bring back the tupperware, bring back the tupperware, bring back the tupperware, bring back the fucking tupperware, jesus fucking christ.

No. 1948052

my mom is like this too, they think they're saving money or not getting fat this way

No. 1948057

I live in a city that’s homeless population has exploded in the last 2 years and there have been multiple times where I’ve seen a dead person on the sidewalk and had to call 911 to come get it. Today I was lucky enough that when I stopped and saw a guy who looked as if he wasn’t breathing, he woke up while I was on the phone with 911. That’s the first time that’s ever happened but I was so shocked because heroin and opioid and fentanyl or whatever the fuck addicts all look so slumped and their breathing can get so extremely shallow to the point where they look literally dead. I’m very very grateful he didn’t die in public like that, but it teaches me a lot about someone can be literally just a few mere breaths away from their death.

No. 1948078

That's horrible anon but thank you for at least alerting the authorities there's probably others that just walk by.

No. 1948084

Made a logo for someone with my own handwriting for their band and noticed all I got was a 'big thanks' hidden in the description while he credited himself for it, It's my handwriting I made many mock ups for it and spent weeks on it. so I decided to confront him about it and he says "was tagging you not enough?"

No. 1948086

Diabetic feet are triggering to me. I feel so bad for the people having to deal with that condition. Nonnies please watch your sugar levels.

No. 1948087

I have this mutual on Instagram that fucking enrages me everything she posts, she’s literally the most unfunny person ever and she tries so hard to let it now she’s goth/alt and forces it so hard it’s so unnatural. She forces meme humor and it falls so fucking flat and she openly lovebombs about her friends while being super cryptic and it just annoys me so much!!!!!!! And she always posts I had a horrible traumatic day but do not think about messaging me about it! I’m like girl SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
I never understood people who openly posts shit like that on social media

No. 1948088

Smack him with a dmca nonita what an ass

No. 1948099

File: 1712098823475.jpg (41.15 KB, 640x651, 20240327_091518.jpg)

He doesn't even want to talk with me anymore nonnas.
It's fucking over

No. 1948108

Moonbins actual cause of death was never disclosed and it was never confirmed that he committed so you are disgusting for implying that. I feel that the other anons are right you are making it about yourself.

No. 1948110

Kids should know better than to scare a stranger's dog. Who knows what the dog or owner can do to them, right? I hope things get better for you though, nona. I haven't been doing the best either, but I like to think about how it's all temporary anyway.

No. 1948113

File: 1712099608553.jpg (105.29 KB, 1234x1227, 1705795321918.jpg)

Had a dream that I was in a romantic relationship with one of my moid friends. I wouldn't date him IRL but he's handsome and nice and this reminds me that I'm going to die as a permavirgin

No. 1948126

I have decided that if he doesn't contact me again i will pretend he got in a coma and no one warned me. You may not like it but this is what healing looks like

No. 1948130

Here we go nonnas. I'm drunk. I texted my ex and he responded back. Convo so far
>What's up? You good?
What do I say back? How do I nott sound pathetic. It's 00:30 heree. No weird shit

No. 1948131

I want love

No. 1948132

why do normies think it’s cute to drunk text their exes?? your ex is not god, what the fuck is so goddamn speshul about exes and why do people cry so much over their exes

No. 1948134

ask him how his day was

No. 1948139

Tell him [redacted]

No. 1948142

Your probaly right nonna but I'm in the hole now
>How was your day?
>You ok?
I think this was a bad move I need to pivot

No. 1948145

just say your ok and you wanna talk and catch up?

No. 1948154

>I'm fine. Talk tomorrow?
>[laugh emoji] Sure. Go to bed
Thanks for the advice nonna but I think the was unsalvage from the start. Ugghhh

No. 1948160

I'm just gonna open with this next time. Fuck him is he doesnt get it

No. 1948165

Of course I'm making it about myself, it's the vent thread. It's well established even among his hardcore stans the company overworked him, he even had a mental health issue on stage at a concert and apologised for it after on live (which has happened several times) but wasn't allowed time off for that. This isn't a disgusting observation to make. There will be other unknown factors I won't speculate about but Kpop stans denying very simple facts as though they're outrageous is disgusting to me honestly. They ignore it to feel justified in turning a blind eye every other time it's obvious which is a lot of the time…(no kpop)

No. 1948168

I just read that post again and it's denying he committed suicide and saying I'm disgusting for implying he did. The police said it was a suicide. You are batshit. Jesus what is wrong with this thread lately

No. 1948169

coming from the relationship advice thread because i don’t want to keep whining there. but my bf is talking to another girl more than he’s talking to me and has been talking to me less and less. i’m so anxious all day and since i do use discord often throughout the day i feel a pang of sadness seeing them in call for 12 hours a day. i’ve stopped initiating conversation for the past week and he’s only started the conversation twice, and it’s to talk about music. usually we’d chat or call until the early morning and we couldn’t stay up anymore. but now he’s on call with her. when he does text me it feels rushed and not focused since he’s talking to her. we had been “together” (if you can even call this a real relationship) for 5 years and it took him two weeks to have someone take my place. i feel so insecure and sad. i didn’t think id be that easily replaceable.

No. 1948170

Killing myself this weekend most likely. Have NaNO2 and reglan. Just can’t do this anymore, nonnas.

No. 1948174

You know how people throw garbage away into the trash bin? You should do that but delete his contact, effectively getting rid of the trash in a digital manner.

No. 1948182

I remember you, I'm shocked you haven't broken up with him already. When someone does this to a 5 year relationship, it's a clear red flag of deeper issues with them, not you. You're better off this way than having eventually moved for him only to find out how little he values people in his life. Let him be the new girl's problem.

No. 1948184

Replying here again. You were never in a real realtionship, you never met, it was just pixels on a screen. Just block and move on.

No. 1948189

coming from relationship advice, but i just want to yell about how tired i am of trying to figure out what i did wrong to be treated like shit, i'm so tired of being punished for just being around

No. 1948197

Being on any part of the internet today is just like:
>Ragebait x 2
>People falling for ragebait
>Random 16 year old's opinion
>Ragebait x 3
>Actual schizo predator ramblings
>People agreeing with schizo
Why has it gotten so bad. I can take nothing I see online seriously anymore because it feels like 95% of everything is just bait trying to enrage me for clicks or attention

No. 1948222

It's everywhere too. Even here on lolcow

No. 1948234

Most social media has horrible moderation so people just end up getting brainwashed by misogyny and then pedaling it everywhere they go

No. 1948236

The internet is easily accessible to everybody, anywhere, at any time rather than being stationed at one place in the home. It's gone to pure shite as everything is essentially shrunk down to a few places where everyone congregates. Long gone are the days of niche forums and strong communities. Now everyone must be shoved together under a few different websites, fighting.

No. 1948246

This place is a magnet. Anons lurk here just to be snarky or outright cruel, knowing vent means someone isn't always thinking straight and pressed send on the first iteration of their thought, so they're easier to bait and make defensive. It's also basically turned into the advice thread.

No. 1948248

this gets reiterated like everyday but i feel like social media is going to stop being a thing soon, definitely not because people will grow out of feeding this kind of shit but more because meta and “Ecks” will eventually be banned the same way tiktok is kek

No. 1948295

I don't mind it so much on LC because at least everyone is anonymous so when I see something retarded I use all my willpower to convince myself it's the same retard over and over again. On social media though, it's like you can find someone's entire life story and everyone they've ever known after you click on their profile from their retarded post about some stupid thing. It's like nobody can identify grifters anymore and everybody believes their grifts. I guess that's what pisses me off the most, like I never wanted to believe that there was so many stupid people in the world but unfortunately it seems like there is: I don't even think I'm that smart myself, I just know I'm smarter than people that reply to ragebait all day long and base their whole identity on what they read on Twitter or some shit.
I miss forums really bad. Honestly I think LC is my favourite website on the internet. I used to come here just to read cow boards and stuff and I usually would use PULL, but once that shut down I started posting here a lot more and I really like the atmosphere. I think anonymity is really helpful in making people be less retarded somehow, or at least it helps me not judge retards as harshly.
I don't think so nona. The only reason TikTok is getting banned is because there's Chinese people on it and the US government thinks China is #1 evil in the world. The US government likes Twitter and Facebook because those companies share all their user data with the government at any time. It's gonna get weirder and weirder when AI infiltrates more of Facebook. I haven't had FB since like 2014, never used Instagram, had TikTok for like a year during the pandemic before it got boring, and I stopped using Twitter a weeks after the Musk takeover. At this point I just can't stand using social media but I hate that so many of my peers are addicted to it and don't know how to read a book. I don't mean that in a dismissive way or to say like "oh if you don't read you're dumb haha!" but one of my old coworkers hadn't read a book in 10 years. I never ever want to be like that or willingly associate with people like that.

No. 1948304

>I stopped using Twitter a weeks after the Musk takeover
I wish I could quit Twitter, but I like using it for following Japanese illustrators and crafters. I admire your resolve to rid yourself of those websites though.

No. 1948313

idk i feel like someday a lot more salacious info will come to light about what Zuckerbeg and Musk use their apps for and it's not just socializing

No. 1948319

I'm sorry nona. You've probably already thought about your circumstances but please, try to reconsider. Life sucks and things get bad but they don't always have to be like that. I hope you don't go through it.

No. 1948324

Once TikTok goes away you know some other western app with similar features will come in and take over

No. 1948325

Please don't do it, please reconsider and get help, stay safe nonna

No. 1948327

She can if she wants to.

No. 1948328

Is this a discord boyfriend or an IRL boyfriend…? You should find another guy to be on call with for 12 hours and post cute things about to your social media. Just move on. If my real life boyfriend pulled this shit I'd go Lorena Bobbitt mode.

No. 1948333

Be honest, are you the Kpopfag?

No. 1948334

I know what you mean. I hate social media but damn it gets so lonely without it. I feel like one of those "phone bad" boomers sometimes kek

No. 1948339

what does kpop have to do with her post?

No. 1948342

It's the suicide empathy bait troll.

No. 1948345

The suicide threats should have their own thread so this one doesn't get spammed with talk downs.

No. 1948350

I hate it when a friend gets a boyfriend and suddenly all our convos are about him and I feel like I have to be supportive but I don't want to hear about their sex lives and compatibility so then I contemplate isolating myself and having no friends and being a schizoid and I have started hanging out less already natirally and it's sadly preferable

No. 1948355

shhhh dont verbalize that no it wont. the next cool popular trendy thing will be not using social media.

No. 1948360

Well obviously, I'm pretty sure Instagram and Youtube already have features analogous to TikToks.

No. 1948361

File: 1712112298260.webp (12.9 KB, 320x288, oiup63g2xx2c1.webp)

woman if you don't break up with him i will kill you both. i promise there are men out there who will prioritize you, this ugly discord daddy moid doesn't deserve e-pussy from two women let alone one. if you let it go on any longer it will genuinely become your fault. stop being a martyr for your own suffering! break up with his ass and preferably leak his misshapen dickpics to his server too

No. 1948371

you’re talking to flavors of woman who pick up and date men on 4chan and think they would be healthy, viable, responsible boyfriends and partners and it always makes me laugh. some of them even let these moids from 4chan/discord impregnate them after a few years. i shiver a little whenever I see a pregnant anon here knowing she let a literal beast nut inside her, energetically attaching himself to her for eternity and she thinks its a good thing to celebrate and be happy about. you’re so right, anon knows that man isn’t shit but it’s the BPD/undiagnosed mental illness that makes her seek out these kinds of men but this isn’t the advice thread you should just sit back and relish on the toxic cyclical patterns these anons engage in, it’s like a trainwreck you can’t look away from kek

No. 1948375

you make a good point nonna.idk several of my friends have bpd and sometimes they just need someone to help them snap tf outta it so i guess i just see that pattern again

No. 1948385

i used to be exactly like that nonnie too and it’s super nice you care about poor nonnie cause i definitely did not have a friend or even stranger like you when i was letting my ass get stepped on and played around with a moid that looked like my butt cheeks when i sat too long wearing a pad during my period - ugly as fuck. it’s so obvious that dude is trying to have two women on rotation and it’s easier to do it when it’s online. i don’t know nonnie but she deserves so much better

No. 1948432

I don't know what that means, I'm a regular adult

No. 1948451

Mood kek I made the mistake of telling one once that I was sick of hearing about him and she seethed over it for 5 years before cutting me off with an essay about it out of the blue.

No. 1948458

abigail breslin is so unattractive ugh i hate seeing her when i look at the thread

No. 1948462

same but with emma robert's horse face

No. 1948470

i'm sick of being oblivious to whether or not someone is into me. met this guy and we're gelling super well, talked upwards of 5 hours on multiple occasions now, a lot of my friends are saying i'm practically glowing and that he seems into me as well, but i can't be sure for myself and am too much of a coward to make a move. doesn't help that i've never had experience with a guy. this sucks nonas

No. 1948512

Such a first world problem but the post have lost my expensive baby shower dress and it's very frustrating.
It hasn't moved since it was apparently picked up from the store on the 25th. The shipping should have taken 2 days.
I've contacted the post and they've emailed asking what was in it lol so I think they've properly straight up lost it.

The shower is in 3 weeks so I don't know how long I should wait before looking at other options. The only other expensive item of clothing I've ever bought was my wedding dress, I usually hate spending money on myself like this and it sucks that this is the package that was misplaced.

No. 1948524

File: 1712133284338.png (222.33 KB, 635x471, 1703704956455191.png)

I just got an email to come to a Performance Improvement Plan. Just fucking come out and say I'm fired, be decent

No. 1948532

So, I know I'm childish. But after working on the same side of the unit for 3 weeks I'm really sick of it and asked the other na if we could switch. She said "no". Fine, I just asked nicely and moved on. Next I hear my name and her and the other aide are talking about me and I'm so fucking sick of people being two faced at this job.

No. 1948553

File: 1712138352731.jpg (36.24 KB, 476x475, c32a5d672c619e5d9e1eb1f86b311c…)

my boyfriend is mad at me and withholds affection from me as a form of punishment, even when he's over it and he's calm again.

All because I made a small joke at the expense of the porn addiction he has that's basically ruined our relationship and he's been extremely deceptive about "doing better" and it wasn't even a nitpicky or mean joke. He didn't even communicate that he was mad and played it off like a joke until he snapped at me when I was leaving his room.

usually it makes me extremely anxious and I used to beg him to stop being mad at me because it's exactly how my parents treated me when I was younger knowing it would terrorize me.

tonight was the first time I haven't felt anxious. I refuse to react and let him have that power over me. I'm sick of being pathetic and retarded.

I think I'm genuinely starting to lose my feelings for him. I genuinely cannot comprehend withholding my love or affection even if I'm mad because I'm not an abusive controlling fucking freak. I'm genuinely starting to loathe and resent this shit and how stupid I was trying to be nice to him and love him when he doesn't deserve anything. fucking useless retard. I'm sick of being a victim because I'm nice and I love the wrong people. It's gonna be a real kick up his ass when I finally have the means to leave.

No. 1948559

Thanks to my neighbor, we have small rats running around our backyard.

No. 1948561

I'm not looking forward to getting another shit tire job with shit tire pay and making my already bad mental health worse. There's almost nothing worth applying for, all the postings are for places you know will treat you like shit.

No. 1948562

Nonna you've probably heard this a billion times already but please get rid of him. Porn addictions irreversibly change brain chemistry and make you more accepting of rape. It has been proven over and over in the 90s and that's why scientists can't legally experiment with the results of porn addictions anymore. It permanently makes you a worse person. If you don't want to hear the phrase "can our daughter stop calling me daddy because it makes me horny" someday you HAVE to let go.

No. 1948567

Hey nonnita. I'm in the same boat, but I have been for 13 years now. Don't fucking be like me.

I'm still with him because of poor life choices (money and i didn't realise how bad he was until we moved in together several years into the relationship) but I'm so hopeful you can get out. Listen to your gut. The way he's treating you is not right. The empathy gap is real. Now I'm a codependant mess who will probably have to go on blood pressure medicine.

No. 1948573

>girlfriend pokes a joke at boyfriend's porn addiction
>pornsick moid gets mad at her
God, moids are so pathetic that it's not even funny. I believe in you though, nona. I have faith that once you get the means to do so, you will lose this useless louse of a man. Save up that money and leave him quietly. The fact that your emotions are changing around him, and you're not getting anxious anymore is a great sign of your development. Take it easy.

No. 1948580

fuck him fuck your moid, stay strong and don't give him the satisfaction. I've been through this so many times and he is 1000000% punishing you. Also you should cheat on him while he's having his little meltdown.

No. 1948584

>"can our daughter stop calling me daddy because it makes me horny"
what a horrifying sentence holy fuck. no doubt it has been uttered by many a moid

No. 1948585

you should joke more about it then gaslight him about not doing it. traumatize him back.

No. 1948587

I love how right wingers used to do the "left can't meme" joke all the time framing rightwing memes as le funny dank zingers and leftwing memes as a wall of text explanation with bottom text but now their own jokes have become those facebook boomer level, preachy "pronouns amirite???? 50 genders!!!! libtards OBLITERATED" with no funny buildup, punchline or timing. They're so stuck in their 2016 glory days while everyone who's actually funny moved on because talented comedians are able to observe the world around them and base their humor on that.

No. 1948601

I'm really very certain that my mother will end up homeless in the future. She stopped working for a LONG time only a few years after I was born and now has a hard time finding and keeping a job because of mental illness + her record. I just want to be completely rid of her but I also feel like I'm going to end up feeling guilty and at least giving her money. It's just not fair. She ruined my life in so many ways, has treated me like a germ my entire life, and I've had to work against all my disadvantages to even get to where I am now, it's not fair for me to feel like I have to take care of her.

No. 1948606

Feel like shit because I just realized I'm gonna have to break up with this moid I've been seeing the last two months, he's too emotionally unavailable and I like him too much, I'm only going to get hurt in the long run. Sucks because I really like him and I don't usually like anyone. Part of me is scared that maybe I'm self sabotaging but another part of me feels very strongly that I've given it a fair chance and it's not going to work out for me, he broke up with his ex recently and I get the sense that he's still not over her. I guess that's just the way shit goes sometimes.

No. 1948607

Kek nonna tell us what the joke was.

No. 1948612

Emotionally unavailable moids are the worst. Don't worry, you'll see you made the right choice when he doesn't even fight for you or offer to improve and just says "k"
You don't want that trash in your life

No. 1948619

Great.. I touched my pimples and now they're even more visible than before

When am I going to have clear skin again?

No. 1948626

I caught up with an old best friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and she spent the entire time obsessing over a guy who has a girlfriend, talking about trans rights and pro sex work. She mentioned internalized misogyny a few times so maybe there’s hope but damn. I’m sad I just wanted to shit on men together but she’s still in pick me mode over these fucking rape ape losers. It was really disappointing.

No. 1948627

I was reading Shayna’s thread and I realized I have a friend who does the same thing, although she’s not an e whore or sex worker but the thing where if someone is slightly nice to her she completely obsesses over them and gets clingy and thinks it means way more than it does. This realization kind of made me cringe and want to cut ties. It’s pathetic just love yourself stop chasing after people.

No. 1948629

I really want to do nothing today

No. 1948631

your friend suffers from bpd. run before it's too late.

No. 1948639

We’ve been friends so long how did I not notice this and why do these type of people seem to be drawn to me

No. 1948642

I was supposed to get my package on yesterday but the fucking courier service is shit and it was returned to the warehouse with no update
I really wanted this fucking thing,I've been waiting for it for one week, I am so pissed
normally I have no issues waiting but with this specific courier there are ALWAYS problems, fuck them for ruining my mood

No. 1948644

File: 1712149646889.png (116.34 KB, 498x498, IMG_2085.png)

i think i failed chemistry again. there is no way I’m getting into grad school. I’m such a failure in everything. Academics was the only thing left and now i screwed that up too and the class drop period is over so I can’t drop it or anything. I wish I killed myself years ago, it’s just not getting better, it never will.

No. 1948647

it wasn't even a proper joke, he was in bed scratching his nuts and I laughed and said "this mf in bed jerking off for the past hour" completely passively, we literally joke like this all the time.

No. 1948648

you're introducing new bacteria into your pimples, don't touch them! it will make it so much worse.

No. 1948650

your bf is sensitive af. you should start bodyshaming him.

No. 1948651

see this has already been brought up, because not only am I genuinely disgusted and disappointed in the fact that jerking off and porn seems to take priority over my entire wellbeing and existence, I've also watched my best friend's mental health get screwed into oblivion by her pornsick moid too. She is way more mentally vulnerable than me and it made me angry to the point where I used to rant and blow up about it all the time in front of him and he accused me of "bullying him"

which I was, I wasn't consciously trying to bully him, but fuck it. it wasn't nice of me, but it's also really not fucking nice to have my entire existence, wellbeing and self esteem getting destroyed to shit over "muh heckin giant futa horsecock hyper ass hyper breasts!!" coomer garbage. I have genuinely never hated myself more than I do now.

as far as I'm aware, he's viewing porn way less and all that but the damage is done. I don't care to snoop because this is very much in irreversible addict brain territory, I don't care anymore.

No. 1948653

You just did yourself a favor if you were planning on going into academia.
Regardless, schools have become more accommodating towards students who want to make up their grade or retake a course, so you should figure out what your options are. If you can get a note from a counselor saying you're depressed or whatever then it could help.

No. 1948655

I did so awful on my exam I went from having a 90 to a C. I know I didn’t do well on the exam because I did not adequately prepare but I thought I at least got a 70 or something. Wtf. And the professor leaves the exams in the front of the class too so everyone can see each others grades (median grade on that exam was a 70-something)

No. 1948656

Fake a break in, steal everything of value that can't be traced, put it in the woods and dump him two weeks later. Wear gloves, a hairnet and a mask. Fuck moids like this, they don't deserve anything

No. 1948659

Damn, this scrotey gay.

No. 1948677

why do anons even date moids at this point? the dick cannot be that good if he's a coomer. He's definetly ugly too.

No. 1948678

It feels disrespectful to say but longterm depression really does feel like a terminal illness. It's going to kill me one day, I just don't know at what point I won't be able to take it anymore. I've already had multiple close calls.

No. 1948680

I hate being lonely but I hate reaching out to others even more. At this rate, I'm just gonna die alone because I'm retarded.

No. 1948682

Felt. Same boat

No. 1948684

File: 1712153284419.jpg (22.29 KB, 411x390, images.jpg)

Thinking about when did I really stop enjoying all the things I used to and it might had been when I started using lolcow more and more. I used to have hobbies and like things but the only thing I ever do now is post shit.

If I could I would really make a lost of things that no longer feel like joy to me but I guess I won't.

No. 1948706

Seeing people get the days of the week mixed up is funny like I know what you are (NEET)

No. 1948719

nonas my boss gives me the biggest creeps sometimes. it feels like he's always trying to get closer to me or relate to me and i cant always tell if it's just me overanalyzing everything or if its really him being weird. it's hard to explain without giving specific examples but it's like anything that he finds out i like, he will bring it up in conversations in front of me like he's trying to get me to notice him talking about it. he's like the male version of a pick-me, he's the hero in all of his stories and he has a story for literally everything. any experience you've ever had in your life, he has a story for. i feel bad venting about it because sometimes i do appreciate little nice things he does like picking up coffees and whatnot, but some days i just can't fucking deal with him. he's very protective of me at work, like if someone from another department asks for my help or mentions my name he's on them like a hawk. one time one guy (that i dont have any problems with) from another department brushed my arm when he walked by as a "hello" type thing, my boss saw it and confronted the guy on my behalf and i haven't seen the guy since. now he probably thinks i complained about him to my boss and it's just an awkward situation when that wasnt the case at all. i was actually more creeped out that my boss took it upon himself to come to my defense when i didn't ask for or need defending. im just so annoyed by it but tbh his position has a very, VERY high turnover rate so i'm hoping i can just outlast him at this point. this job is good for me, pays well and i get along great with pretty much everyone in the company, there's no way im leaving because of his creepiness.

No. 1948727

I’m thinking about how much unlocked potential I have and its never going to awaken because I have zero discipline. I’m good at math, I’m good at picking up new languages whenever I try, I have a good height and decent face but I’m a fat shit, have zero dating experience and I’m about to drop out of university for the second time because, again, I have ZERO discipline. I’m turning 25 in three weeks and all I can think about is how I genuinely wasted the last 8 or 9 years of my life. I have crippled myself and I dont even have an excuse. Pathetic. Now I’m stuck fantasizing about a me that doesn’t exist and doesnt have a chance to exist anymore.

No. 1948737

Everytime you know he's looking at porn or girls you should just say "wow can you be anymore pathetic?". Over and over and over again.

No. 1948742

I feel like a teenager writing this but my home life is so suffocating. No chance of moving out either with this shit economy. I feel like a fly on fly paper, can’t go any way.

No. 1948758

Maybe you need to find something practical to do, like a trade that involves the skills you're good at. Uni is difficult because you have to take care of everything yourself and it's not easy to build up the necessary discipline without outside pressure. Good luck nona, you can still turn things around no matter what

No. 1948799

File: 1712159852645.gif (2.69 MB, 540x540, tumblr_49f117a7e62e816fab7fd30…)

No reply this morning so I messaged him again. seen.png. I'm just going to nurse my hangover with wine and die a little inside from my cringey self.

No. 1948817

my right eye feels wet in the outer corner today and it's driving me NUTS. ive been rubbing it so much i look sick.

No. 1948819

Girl wtf…stop messaging your ex, block him or at least delete the chat and save yourself from more embarrassment and pain

No. 1948823

I have phases where I occasionally have trouble eating; I simply have no appetite and forcing myself to eat will cause me to have a severe stomachache.
Today I ate a sandwich for lunch with a cup of coffee, and later this afternoon I had another sandwich and my stomach has been hurting so bad I feel like I'm going to throw up if I move too much and it's 6pm now. This is something both me and my siblings suffer from time to time in different degrees, these phases are rare and far between but it fucking sucks.

No. 1948828


i must have misophonia or something because listening to it for like five minutes has me gritting my teeth and wishing death on content creators, it drives me up the wall.

No. 1948832

You're right. He's blocked and I've deleted his number from everything I have. I just get really sentimental when I'm drunk. I need to work on myself

No. 1948833

File: 1712161547133.jpg (113.39 KB, 634x1027, 01c2c340653091aed7ffca0880caf1…)

I wish I was part of the jetset

No. 1948835

I don't like people calling it an "illness" because it carries the message that it has an organic cause when it's a normal reaction to today's society
it's the world that is sick not the people

No. 1948853

What's jetset? Jet set radio?

No. 1948861

nta society?

No. 1948862

famous rich people doing famous rich people stuff like yachting and partying

No. 1948866

File: 1712163182932.jpg (41.42 KB, 735x699, df79d8a7621955cced1119985e96cf…)

It's so hard to open up even when I know it's "safe" and "permissable", I wish I was a normie who could talk to my friends and family about my trauma, life and feelings without feeling like hiding and erasing their memories. I'm avoidant and I will always be

No. 1948869

be avoidant its good most people literally odnt give a shit about your trauma and will use it against you t. tried to open up

No. 1948871

File: 1712163615831.jpeg (145.49 KB, 1905x1067, IMG_1091.jpeg)

why am i so unlikable? why does everyone avoid me? i shower everyday and have good dental hygiene so i know i don’t stink. why do people always stay away from me? it’s been this way since i was a little kid. why does the universe hate me? i just want to end it i cannot live forever like this

No. 1948913

I'm not gonna shake my fist at the sky and claim woke culture has ruined my trust in people's good intentions, but the way it has taken form in so much empty virtue signalling and lazy online activism I quickly lose respect if someone shows any inclination towards being an online activist of any sort, even if it becomes from a genuinely good place. If I see someone trying to act like a good person online I immediately think they are being fake and only doing it to look good for strangers online rather and would never ever bother to donate anywhere themselves, go to a protest or just take any sort of actual stand based on their own opinions and values - whether it would be considered a "correct" stance or not.
I am not saying that you have to do any of these to be an actual good person (hell, you could even argue donating monthly to charities is just you patting yourself on the back for being such a great citizen but at least you are DOING something), and I know by this I am pretty much calling others sheep. But I've just gotten so jaded to all this fake posery, especially when it's adapted from takes based on political climates in other countries that don't apply to your own, it just shows that it is just them trying to win points online. Idk if my vent makes sense, my thoughts are all over the place when it comes to this. I'm just so tired of people prioritizing LOOKING like a good person than actually putting in the work to actually BE one.

No. 1948932

to be fair you have a point nonna

No. 1948934

I miss the 2000s aesthetic so much, clothes were much more fun back then

No. 1948945

ok am i crazy cause i think if you aren't skinny, say 22-24 bmi, rectangle shaped women look better in clothing that isn't super tight than hourglass. like this fashion youtuber with a slight pear shape i follow showed some outfits and one was in a bikini and a tight dress and she looked great in those but she normally looks whatever in her regular blouse jeans outfit. and i saw on instagram an incredibly rectangular shaped woman but she looks incredible in all of her outfits (non skin tight, usually with a cardigan or jacket but they're always cute) but seeing her in her underwear in her get ready with me was a shock from the contrast. like what's up with that.

No. 1948950

It's because most clothes are tailored towards that body type

No. 1948974

Can't find a job and while it's my fault, I can help but feel miserable. I literally wish I could just be like, a speed bump or something. They can cover me in asphalt in front of the Home Depot, like to prevent all the shoplifting or whatever I don't care.

No. 1948984

it's true because it doesn't obstruct/change the line of the clothes most of the time.
even a lot of people who are thin and interested in fashion want to be more rectangular because of it.
i remember in the 00s when being thin was popular, a lot of women didn't want hips or any kind of curve to their bodies so you could "look good" in the type of clothes that were popular at the time

No. 1949003

SA warning. Don't re ahead of this triggers you

I don't know where I should post this because I'm like nervous and scared. But after YEARS of recovering I finally want to tell Hyun of "Hyun's Dojo" that one of his VA's sexually assaulted me.

A couple years ago Miketastic or Mike KO became my friend. He used the fact I was going through a difficult breakup to get close to me. Soon after he visited me in my apartment. He was suppose to be my friend but came with chocolates and flowers. I reminded him we're just friends.

He assaulted me on my sofa. He pretended to be high, but he literally started doing it right after he took a puff off the blunt. He leaned over and said he wanted to cuddle me. When I said no he was more aggressive. He's a 6'4 200 pound guy, there was nothing I could do. He shoved his fingers up my ass. When IW as getting desperate I whimpered for my sister. He pretended to pass out and got off and was "sleeping"

No one wanted to listen to me. The next morning I confronted him. First he said it didn't happen, then it was a dream, then he remebered but said "We're all just animals." He left that morning. I was stupid and didn't want to piss him off, so I was mild. However when he went to his car he picked me up off the ground, hugged me, and sniffed my hair. When confronted he said it was just a deep inhale, a sigh. This was not the case.

I don't know what to do because I feel like Hyun wont do a damn thing

No. 1949037

tell him that you have plenty of energy to go to his house and confront him in person if he’s gonna try to ignore you kek

No. 1949088

I think my boyfriend of 6 months wants to break up. I have no idea why. We haven’t fought or anything. I think he’s interested in another girl. I work long hours and am tired, he expects me to visit his place 1h away and lets me take public transport home at like 11pm. He knows I wake up early. He always expects sex every single time we meet. I had a gut feeling about him before but now I understand why. He’s very cheap also. Idk why I thought it would be different this time. He also gets mad when I say I’m tired from work and claims I have a bad attitude. He doesn’t give a shit about me. Whomever his new girl is congratulations.

Also worth to note, he started acting this way as soon as we booked an airbnb and flight tickets for my birthday in a few months. I don’t understand why?!

No. 1949090

The honeymoon phase of the relationship is over for him. The chase was fun and exciting, but now that he has you he might be realizing he doesn't want you that much to take time out of his day to see you.

No. 1949091

force him to pay you back, he sounds like a fucking piece of shit. if i could i would jump him for you nonita

No. 1949098

my phone triggered an SOS in my bag without me realizing it and i feel fucking terrible. it freaked out my mom (she's an emergency contact, so it alerted her) to the point of her crying and it called 911. i noticed about ten minutes later but like i said i feel terrible now, i can't imagine how she felt.

No. 1949104

I'm sure she's relieved anon don't worry. You guys can joke that at least you both know the SOS on your phone works as well.

No. 1949119

I have to get new glasses and I hate looking for new ones so fucking much. They're expensive since they're prescription and all that crap, but even if I like them in the store, once I wear them daily I start to hate them and I can't drop 100-200€ again for new ones. I wish I could just wear contacts but my retarded eyeball lenses are deformed therefore it's also expensive as shit

No. 1949126

Try clearly contacts nonnie, I buy my glasses there for <$100cad total and they always come quick and have prescriptions and filters too.

No. 1949134

Nonnie try shifting your energy into animals (i have cats) and yourself. Do not care about other humans. I know its really hard not being liked but as long as you like yourself, who cares. These people do not know you. You do not know them. Volunteer in your community and get some cats. You will need another human again.

No. 1949135

Never need another human*

No. 1949149

I hate how pms actually affects how angry and upset I get at things omg it’s just unbearable. I have this friend who I’m close with but she’s very inconsiderate and rude at times and usually I don’t care because they’re small things and I’m not perfect all the time either but right now for some reason it’s all come bubbling up to the surface and I could barely sleep last night because of how angry I was and i’m still having imaginary fights and confrontations with her today. And before you say just talk to her last time I told her something she did made me upset she was such a jerk about it that I almost ended our friendship there and then.

No. 1949159

I hate PMSing way more than I hate the actual period, so I understand how you feel, nona. I hope you can settle things with your friend the next time things get uncomfortable for you rather than thinking of the old issues. Maybe you can say it gently like "that's not very nice of you to say" so that she feels like an ass if she even dares to escalate in an accusatory way.

No. 1949170

I'm sorry nonna, you don't have to be perfect to have a friend who treats you with respect. PMS sucks but I think for a lot of women it doesn't make them irrationally angry, it just makes it harder to put up with all the bullshit in their lives (and women do have to deal with a lot of bullshit).

No. 1949196

asher is the ugliest name ever

No. 1949198

Its such a tif name, never seen a real man named asher

No. 1949204

There is asher angel, that kid who was billy batson in shazam, but this is the only male asher I know. Very gay name, no wonder tifs love it.

No. 1949215

Men should not have kinks or fetishes. It's unnatural for a man to be picky when it comes to sex. Even more unnatural if he decides to pressure his partner into fulfilling his degeneracy instead of catering to what she wants. He should be happy a woman is even giving him the time of day.

No. 1949220

I beat Disco Elysuim like 5 times and since the first playthrough I always ignore the Gay Prostitute on the Balcony, because I dislike how the options were all Flirty and weird, he looked Sickly to me. So I'm just now finding out that Kim is gay, for some reason it makes perfect sense. In my world though, Harry is not gay and has no history of gayness. It does not fit his character, I like how they handled it, it wasn't heavy-handed, and you can play the game as many times I have and never find it out

No. 1949223

I agree with all of this. Men shouldn't be catered to at all given their proclivities. They're whores, looking at all the various porn scenes and photos on their screens, and they want a woman to be happy and willing to cater to them as well? Barf.

No. 1949228

Kek there was this tif who was head over heels for me, named Asher, and Ash for short. Tifs love that fucking name, huh? Then she changed her name again to one of my favourite character's names. Barf.

No. 1949235

I'm already at rock bottom, I don't need to give myself a shovel

No. 1949238

I fucking hate men so much I fantasize about taking knives to their throats hammers to their skulls and acid to their ugly fucking faces. Garbage shittier subhuman deformed abusive retarded knuckle dragging fucking humonculi I fucking hate them all so fucking much I love seeing them kill themselves so much it’s unreal

No. 1949240

Me too. Seeing the rising rate of male suicide makes me ecstatic. The garbage is taking itself out.

No. 1949262

I wish the troon men would just commit suicide just like all the other miserable retarded men. Liberal women have given scrotes way too much space in the world of “womanhood” and spend way too much time literally sucking their dicks.

No. 1949270

i just want to move on

No. 1949272

>doing famous rich people stuff like yachting
You really, really don't want that. Trust me.

No. 1949284

is it wrong that i blame a lot of this messs on faghags wanting to transform their gay moid besties?

No. 1949304

Okay, it just hit me it might be stress. Third restless night in a row and I just completely broke down.
Currently in uni learning fullstack programming, and most people in class are struggling with keeping up with the current teacher (including me, which makes me feel like an absolute idiot), on top of it he expects us to do a HUGE group project that is clearly above over current level while also doing a pretty complicated individual that all has the exact same deadline, and he actually is expecting us to do some of it during our weekends because he's so out of touch when it comes to newbies. Meanwhile the uni also wants us to try to find an internship which has proven to be quite hard due to the current economy.
And I'm also struggling with my social life, it's partly my own fault for not taking the time to reach out to people (though I'm usually the one to do so, so it would be nice for them to put in the work for once but oh well) but I also have to tell some of them that I currently can't go out to random, expensive brunches like I used to, but they are more than welcome to visit - which they usually just wave off.
These are honestly just fairly minor issues to be stressed over, but I guess I'm weak like that kek

No. 1949306

there's a lot of reasons men troon out but imo the main cause is feeling like a failed male and wanting to be a woman because it's supposedly easier. plus they get stuck in the tranny echo chambers online where they're told how taking hormones will fix everything wrong with their lives

No. 1949311

>puts on decent clothes to try and get out of depression funk
>get huge nosebleed within 20 minutes
why bother

No. 1949312

Sometimes I look back on my first days of practice and feel like shit for not reporting the scrote that showed me porn while we were working. I didn't consent to it.

No. 1949315

File: 1712185301063.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, 1000022658.png)

I swear I'm this close to snapping on my mom. Why is she encouraging my sister to move out into an apartment with a moid she hasn't even been dating for a year and that we barely know anything about? "Well anon I moved in with your father after not that long." And look how that turned out! Stuck with an OCD-having abusive male for years who doesn't give a damn about you. I want to throw it in her face that the guy she dated before my dad cheated on her MULTIPLE times and she took him back—like you really think you're a good judge of character when you routinely chose the shittiest men? Actually retarded, I don't know why women encourage other women to be hasty and dumb when it comes to moids when it only ever turns out badly.

No. 1949319

oh i didn't mean i blame faghags for trannies, but for pushing the whole rhetoric on libfems. back in early 2010s when all this was starting you could see a lot of women with newly troon friends who were their former gay bffs. i know a lot of libfems are pick mes but a lot of moids hate the tranny movement, so it has to be coming from somewhere else.

No. 1949346

sorry for misunderstanding I definitely agree with you. I remember in the beginning the tranny poster child was a sympathetic feminine gay man, something completely nonthreatening. I imagine for a lot of normie women that is still their perception of trannies.

No. 1949364

I've remembered a song from 2018, it was a song that I felt communicated my pain well and comforted me for that. Now when I listen to it I remember how the artist now makes happy songs and I'm still depressed and still relate to it. I'm glad the artist is in a better place but I feel even worse knowing I'm in an even worse place.

No. 1949368

i hate it when people assume i want their pity or comfort whenever i cry around them. i am a cry baby that can never hold her tears, i’m not crying to make you feel bad or make you comfort me, i would cry all alone in the bathroom if i could. you just happen to be there as i burst into tears. get over it, pretend you don’t see it, and fuck off. i cannot control it. i don’t want you to come and pat my back or whatever. i wish i wasn’t such a crybaby but it’s just out of my control and I’m tired of people thinking I’m some kind of manipulative bpd-chan because of it.

No. 1949377

File: 1712188048886.jpg (42.45 KB, 450x470, 1095131-Clipart-Woman-Talking-…)

i've tried just about everything I can to make myself not suicidally depressed, in the past few months this has included trying to find therapists, since that's a thing people tell you to do and I have to check it off my list. I've seen two, who I vetted extensively based on their online info, and they both
>compared my problems to transgender shit
>basically just say "have you considered X?"(X being something that seems obvious to me and I have already considered it extensively) to everything I bring up
Not to sound egotistical, but fuck, am I too smart for therapy? Why do therapists have nothing to say that I haven't thought of before? Why can't I find one that doesn't pull trannies out of her back pocket every time I bring up my sexuality issues? I wasn't expecting magic or anything from therapy, but I guess I was just expecting more than… this. Is this all there is? What am I supposed to do after I've tried everything and still find myself incompatible with the world around me? Because I only see one option and nobody but me will like it (I don't even like it, but it's the only move I have left).

No. 1949380

You have to shop around for therapists; there's a lot of retarded ones afoot. I saw 5 different professionals before I finally found someone that understood my struggles and was knowledgeable enough to help me. I'm not sure how it works in your jurisdiction, but in mine there's big gulfs between psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors. Make sure you're talking with the more experienced people. When you're starting therapy, ask your therapist questions like: how long have you been doing this? What qualifications do you have? What's the the name of your approach to talk therapy (e.g., humanist, behaviorist, etc.)? Do research on what schools of thought they follow and if it's congruent to your understanding of mental well-being.
>Why do therapists have nothing to say that I haven't thought of before?
Tell them when you've thought of these things before, they're meant to help guide you to your own conclusions and discuss the possible outcomes of those thoughts. They're not really gonna say "oh do A B and C and then you'll be cured."

No. 1949386

don't worry anon! i'm a little drunk and realize i didn't really get my point across very well.

No. 1949388

I wish it was feasible to live off of one income in this year that isn’t a doctor or something. I’m too mentally ill and have essentially disabling plantar fasciitis. This is so fucked I just want to stay home and care for the house and cook.

No. 1949437

>book dentist appointment because I have possibly impacted tooth on lower gum line
>tooth hurt increases
>can't tell whether it's medication withdrawal or sensory overload or tooth pain is actually worsening
>my bitchass is hopped up on benzos
>big hullabaloo about rescheduling appointment for one day earlier out of fear tooth will suddenly burst or someshit
>sit around rot watching girls5eva after committing to brat diet and eating only mashed taters all day
>teeth pain recedes
>my dad comes home and claims it looks like a cold sore and I can't tell because when was the last time I had a cold sore
>what if it's just a huge cold sore
>I'm an idiot

No. 1949451

How do you get over the past? Everytime I see weirdos/pedophiles defending specific situations, everytime I peak and sometimes I don't break down, but I broke down again today, I don't know how people do it. I want to be a mother, but I would hurl at the thought of my daughters going through the same things my mother and I did. How can I go outside knowing I am perceived that way? How could I go outside in such a disgusting world with disgusting people? I don't know why I am crying so hard, I just fear that it's going to get worse. I feel my anxiety getting a lot worse about men. I can't get over what theyve done to me and other women in my family. I have a therapist, but it's not as easy as to think that not every man has done it, it's the fact that it has happened to so many women/girls. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to get over it?

No. 1949466

File: 1712193542537.jpeg (45.35 KB, 463x347, 646.jpeg)

Getting real bummed out discovering the amount of bad people a celebrity I admired is associated with. I kind of knew about some of this for a while but figured he just worked with them for a paycheck, but there's even more. Plus some of the recent movies he was in had child actors, although he's been in films with kids before, the other men involved specifically in those recent movies are known groomers. Idk if anything happened to those children in particular but it's making me paranoid. Also learning how desperate he was to take up this career is giving me the ick now, I used to think it was endearing.

No. 1949537

>admiring a moid celebrity
Come on now. At least you know better.

No. 1949554

I'm so very sad. I've never felt worse in my life and i've been dealing with depression since I was around 11-12, which was well over a decade ago. I've absolutely no one to talk to. My sister tells me stuff like "remember i'm here for you!!" but what is she supposed to do, she's on the other side of the world. And one time, over text, she assumed i was doing badly (even though i always tell her i'm fine) and got all pissy over it telling me i'm wasting my life, that i'm privileged, and should go to therapy/take meds (as if I haven't done those two for literal years).

I've never felt so alone in my entire life. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do to feel better. Is my brain fucked up forever? I mean surely being depressed throughout all your teens and early 20s did a number on me, no? Am i just incapable of feeling happiness? Sometimes i ask myself, what would make me happy? If i could do anything. Literally nothing comes to mind.

No. 1949579

How old are you? What do you do for work?

No. 1949607

File: 1712199409890.png (289.41 KB, 640x313, 0k2x2fa2nv4a1.png)

What the fuck happened to Pinterest? There's ads in every second row now.

No. 1949612

the fuck does this image mean

No. 1949619

It's how your knees feel when you get to that age.

No. 1949634

It's normal to me, I got only 1 ad, but then it's been some time since I updated the app.

No. 1949742

Could you tell me which version you have? It should be in your apps settings.

No. 1949745

Do you ship wranduin? Because that could be it kek

No. 1949825


No. 1949832

fucking despise being accused of samefagging when other users are infighting amongst themselves

No. 1949894

I didn’t think much of my very likely PMDD until reading someone else’s thoughts on the disorder that I’m spending a like a third of my life really miserable and that made pretty upset. I hate being mostly well adjusted and functional except for before my period. I make all these plans and commit to lots of things and then when they overlap with an episode, I have no energy or find myself extremely avoidant, sad, and angry. Even right now, I just feel so awful and self hating and angry that I want to end it all. Everything and everyone is irritating. None of my hobbies are giving me relief, I don’t want to talk to anyone because I’ll snap at them, I just want to give up. But I know it’s nonsense, it will pass with my period, and I’ll be myself again in a week or two. But fuck, I hate how it screws me over or makes me act like a monster.

No. 1949897

File: 1712212227550.jpg (27.58 KB, 308x400, 1000011863.jpg)

My manager recently asked me to have a talk with her about my performance. It sucks, basically. I cannot follow instructions, I am forgetful and careless. They cannot trust me with anything and I might get probation again with close monitoring of everything I do. I have depression and ADHD so none of this came as a surprise, but if they fire me I just don't know what to do. I honestly feel like I'm not suited for work, in the beginning when it's new, I can muster up interest in the position but as time goes on I start feeling burned out and make stupider and stupider mistakes which inevitably gets me fired. The whole thing is just exhausting. Also my suicidal thoughts are back even though I started a new antidepressant a few months ago so I have to schedule an appointment with the psych to give me something different because this is clearly not working. I am tired. Everything feels overwhelming

No. 1949907

Nonnie i might have pmdd tok, but I want to ask you… Do you have any of the physical symptoms? I don't really know if I get them so I don't know if I qualify. Sorry for the weird question

No. 1949908

A few months ago there was a stray mother cat (who I’m pretty sure had previously been someone’s pet) who had 4 kittens with her. Without going into extra detail they were not at all safe in the area they were in and they needed to be captured. I spent days and days trying to catch all of the kittens, and by the end I only ever managed to get the mother and 3/4 kittens. The last one escaped the trap and disappeared into the woods, I never saw it again.
I know it seems silly but I carry so much guilt still over this. I feel sick to my stomach whenever I’m reminded of it. I feel like I made the last moment’s of this innocent kitten’s life so scary and traumatizing. It was probably so terrified and confused and just wanted its mother, and then it probably starved to death alone. I will never not feel so terrible about this. I can’t see kittens without thinking about it, I know it wasn’t intentional but I feel so excruciatingly bad about it. I like to believe maybe somehow it survived long enough to be able to take care of itself, maybe it even found a home. But that honestly feels more like cope so I don’t have to be so sad about what is probably the reality.

No. 1949918

Don’t worry, it’s not a weird question. My physical symptoms mostly manifest in joint and muscle pain, especially backaches and ankles. I also get severe headaches. My sleep is also entirely ruined, and I’ll flip between insomnia and hypersomnia the whole week or so. Earlier this week, I slept from 6pm to 10am, then just today I couldn’t sleep until 6am. Outside of my pre-period weeks, I usually don’t struggle with sleep or bodily pain to this degree. I hope this helped a little, and I hope it gets easier for you.

No. 1949922

You’re such a good person anon. You couldn’t save five cats and I know that fucking sucks, but that does not take away of how you saved FOUR whole cats from pregnancies, fights, poisonings, killing orher animals/native fauna, FIV and god knows what else. Remember that that kitten is no longer suffering. Years of having to scavenge for food, killing other wild animals unnecessarily, scratching and being scratched during territorial fights, the anxiety of all of it… you spared all of them from that, even if that last one wasn’t in the way you intended and I’m so sorry, but I know you did your best so this was absolutely the best outcome possible. I think it’s actually amazing you managed to catch most of them so I honestly don’t think you could’ve done any better. Perfection doesn’t exist and the outcome you so badly hoped for was near impossible. Please try to focus on the good of your deed, and not the things you couldn’t control.

No. 1949930

Thank you nonna

No. 1949931

Hugs, nonna. I know it's impossible to imagine in these times that it will pass, but it will pass. Hang in there

No. 1950004

Late but gurl did we date the same guy? pls tell me his name didn't start with an F

No. 1950031

Part of my job requires me to find archival art and videos from the past, but not the far past, just until maybe the year 2000. Scouring the internet and reading old comments makes me incredibly depressed, people spoke so differently back then, sometimes comments were people trying to say some unique quip, but the general vibe was always a little goofy and hopeful. People had this sense of wonder back then. Comments today as you all know is all about judgement or picking things apart or giving a long drawn out 'experience' of yours. I just get so nostalgic about a time that was not even that long ago but to me it now feels like completely different world, almost a century ago. I don't think it will ever get better again. I dont see us relishing in that sense of wonder anymore.

No. 1950048

Could you possibly share some random comments? I'm oddly curious about them now.

No. 1950062

What kind of job is that? How did you get it? I would do the same
Seconding. I am assuming they would be very eloquent. A thread of this stuff would be so interesting

No. 1950063

>I don't think it will ever get better again. I dont see us relishing in that sense of wonder anymore.
I feel the same.

No. 1950064

I can't drink anymore because it keeps me awake. I'll get hungover before actually falling asleep, I'm fucking 19 why is this even happening?

No. 1950067

Please share your findings! A thread on the topic like >>1950062 suggested would be cool too.

No. 1950071

File: 1712231759667.jpg (67.18 KB, 1170x1318, 1712219646690.jpg)

My bfs cousin hates me. He thinks I'm too much for my bf to handle. He said so. He thinks my bf is not strong enough. My bf asked him why is he so invested and he said he wants to keep my bf safe. I want to die, maybe I need to get rid of myself to get rid of the evil of the world.

I really don't know what to do anymore. If a nonna has any idea let me know.

No. 1950073

Who cares what some scrote says? What, does he want your bf to himself? What matters is what you and your bf think about the relationship, not some literally who cousin who you can choose to not see or talk to if need be. What do his parents say?

No. 1950074

why the fuck you care what his cousin thinks in the first place?

No. 1950083

File: 1712232567364.jpg (51.01 KB, 719x385, Midnight_Hollow_gallery_2.jpg)

I hate that not enough men are diagnosed with BPD because it is inherently seen as a women's disorder and when men do exhibit BPD behavior it's so normalized that it's never seen as what it is but instead your garden variety male moment. It's in their nature. Genuinely, with the way some men act you'd think BPD rates would be more common. It's so weird that women are given that death knoll of a diagnosis like candy but men can act completely unhinged and attention whorish but maybe get away with depression. Another thing is the male/female suicide sterotype. When women attempt suicide, because they're more self concious of what they're doing, they usually use chemicals and pills. Chemicals and pills tend to have low results so it's never seen as a actual attempt at suicide but a cry of attention. It's never the fact that women don't want to traumatize others by blasting their brains across the walls, no it's always attention. Whereas men go 'fuck you all, I'm not going to just blast my brains and make it a traumatic experience for others to see and clean but I'm also going to blast the brains of my wife and children!" which honestly comes off as more attention whorish than a woman quietly killing herslef with pills in the dead of night. To me, it just shows how deep male and female socialization and mindset runs. Most women, all their lives, have to be aware and take care of others so I'm not surprised if they do the same even as they try to kill themselves. I don't know, I saw that news story about a Dutch woman going to euthanize herself and so many moids were calling her a liar and attention whore. It's weird.
It honestly makes me feel self conscious about my failed attempt. I know that no matter what people will think that it wasn't a real suicide attempt, it all for attention clearly. When that's not the case, I just didn't want to traumatize my parents further by dealing with such viscera and mess.

No. 1950100

My bf of nearly 2 years accused me of cheating and living a double life because I've been fed up sitting in his house doing nothing or being a spectator to him having more fun on the xbox with males. I have my own place and it's nice and clean and I don't have to clear up after anyone and it's essentially the song cinnamon by hayley Williams. This is my sanctuary and where I recharge and feel beautiful and can practice singing, dance around to my music at a decent volume open the windows for fresh air. My last year has also been terrible in the family losing my step dad to cancer and doing all the care at home and now being a companion for my mum while she goes through the process of grief which i also am too. So sometimes I very much enjoy being in my own space and not having to anticipate someone else's mood and essentially feeling like a piece of furniture waiting to get deputised.

So my bf projected said I lead a double life because I didn't stay at his. He didn't come up to my place either. He didn't want to game with me he wanted to game with his mates. I specifically told him i was feeling depressed and exhausted. So we fight I being up the fact he's got a fucking Snapchat as his big old age while I never had and he never introduced me to his neighbour when she has been at his door multiple times for help even while I'm there. So I went to stay with him last week and he started projecting but also apologising the thing is a mess and my trust in him is gone. He then also told me he just deleted his only dating profile and showed me the email and text he had to verify himself with to delete it. I went why was it not deleted weeks/months into us dating. He is trying to say because he had to verify logging in on his phone it proves he never used it. This cunt doesn't know about lolcow or that woman can read but you have to verify shit on different devices or if your cache was cleared our cause you're hiding search histories. He gets me a shit load of weed and my contact has dried up myself so I think I'm emotionally over it but I will be friendly to still get a good deal on weed but kek he can fuck off.

No. 1950103

File: 1712233857222.jpg (201.29 KB, 1593x1593, GettyImages-540542926-scaled-e…)

Because he keeps saying things about me and how my bf is not strong enough and he needs to protect him.
About his parents, his mom died not too long ago but I never got to meet her, my bf simply showed a picture of me and she said "She's a good one". She also told the cousin "take care of him". So now he's over protective of him. I will meet the dad and my bfs sister soon for the first time. They don't think anything about me. I'm just so fucking afraid of fucking up, I'm not a family person.

I have to add that I've barely spoken to the cousin, he just thinks I'm too depressed and too troubled for my bf to handle. He's very suspicious of me. I've never had this situation in my life.
Also, sorry for the cats, they cheer me up.

No. 1950117

I remember your post from earlier about him not disclosing any identifying information about his neighbor. Funny how he's projecting about you cheating and can't be arsed to even play a game with you. Are you sure you want to stick around with him just for weed? lel

No. 1950119

Literally, I assumed men were the ones with higher BPD rates, it just makes sense. They're often dangerously impulsive (fighting other moids, more prone to do hard drugs, driving recklessly, etc), kill people or hurt themselves and others over hurt feefes, obsessed with sex, quick to anger and are quite a mess emotionally. Everything they accuse bpd women of they've done it worse

No. 1950121

Literally we buy in bulk together so while his focus is getting an ego boost from pickmes on dating apps cause he's balding I'll focus on getting new contacts before ghosting his ass. If he's so concerned after a while he can drive to me for once. Sunday night we had shit sex and he never even cared to make sure I got pleasure out of it so I'm over it now. Ahit sex, shit company, good weed, I can do better lol

No. 1950124

>getting an ego boost from pickmes on dating apps cause he's balding
What a loser. He's going to be in shock when he realizes the only good woman he'll ever get is gone, and he's left with his video games.

No. 1950127

You might need rehab if you fucking for weed

No. 1950128

He's such a retard I said to him if you don't trust me out of your sight why the fuck should I trust you especially when a large part of your job requires you to be driving about in a van. He got so offended I called him a man in a van and said how do I know you're not a white van man creep lmao. He can fuck off honestly. I trusted him and held him in very high regard until recently, now I've looked up his Internet footprint which I never bothered doing a thorough check and I'm getting the ick honestly.

No. 1950129

The relationship didn't start out getting weed but we got into a routine regarding the illegal product over here and there's been a crackdown on dealers and my usual contacts aren't great. I would have rather him not be insecure and mental and the man he pretended to be to con me. If he thinks I'm unfaithful away from him shit, maybe I should be he's the man obsessed with logistics he clearly thinks it's feasible I can use him and focus elsewhere. I should listen to him he always tells me that

No. 1950131

File: 1712235964287.jpg (238.83 KB, 673x715, 72jjud.jpg)

Got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I want to kms. I'm literally unable to gain weight and it's affecting my self-esteem greatly I still cannot get pass 39kg because my heart literally beats so fast it burns all calories I eat. My clothes don't fit me, my arms look like lil sticks, my face looks gaunt and aged. Even my hair got thinner and looks dry, puffy and awful too. I'm so self-conscious I've been wearing sweaters and baggy clothing to hide my body, and getting french braids to conceal my fucked up ends. My nails got weaker too and break constantly, I'm always jumpy, overly energetic and anxious and people have commented on it by calling me childish/ autistic when I cannot help my elevated heart beat and cortisol rates. I feel like a fucking freak I cannot wait to get my meds I just want to be normal again

No. 1950147

I can’t wait to go back to school in the fall and focus on my studies while distancing myself from everyone I know, kek. I’m so sick and tired of the bullshit my friends get involved in as grown adults, im tired of being obligated to go to bars and hang out with people I don’t like, I’m sick of having to spend 48 hrs straight with my boyfriend every weekend. I need time to myself and one night a week isn’t cutting it. I don’t know how to do this without making people feel bad which is why I’m waiting until I’m in school so I have a reason to be busy all the time otherwise, but I can’t stand this and I always feel worse after being around people for any extended period of time.

No. 1950152

that sounds rough nona, my mum has hypothyroidism which shares some symptoms and she really struggles with it. i hope you get to have your meds soon.

No. 1950158

My mom got hypothyroidism too and she's been gaining so much weight these last few weeks even though she has tried about any diet in existence

No. 1950182

Seeing all of my friends being gendies and trannies and being friends with other gendies and trannies hurts kek. I can't let them ever find out about how I hate troonacy and gendie shit. Sometimes I feel bad, like some evil nazi, when looking at them and the stuff they post and say.

No. 1950194

I'm right there with you nonna. My friend group is full of the TRA type, there's two trannoid males in the group (both tranny lesbians, oh joy! And one is in a "lesbian" relationship with an asian women who for some reason gets a ton of "masculinizing" jokes aimed her way, like her tranny boyfriend's friends saying they'd physically fight her first before her "delicate flower" trannoid boyfriend in an effort to affirm his delusions). Only my boyfriend and one or two male friends know my actual opinion. I wish I had a girl friend to laugh at trannies with. Every single woman in my friend group is a TRA or TRA-lite. I only told 2 of my male college friends and boyfriend because the typical male never gives a shit about "wrongthink" unless you're straight up saying to systematically kill all men with them included.
God I wish I could sperg about how shit trannies are to a close female friend (who doesn't also believe gay people are 100% evil freaks too). Ranting to my bf is okay but he's not against TRAs and trannoies, he's just against child transitioning and child sex changes and surgeries. Which, thank fuck. But still. I want someone who's been in the queerio shit since like high school who understands the madness and retardation of TRAs like I do. But every woman I know of who's seen forsthand how tumblr has ruined society forever….. is a shey/they, they/them loser kek.

No. 1950211

I'm still seething over my ex, but the bigger thing is knowing that there's people out there who think they don't inherit negative behaviors from their parents, especially when under stress. My ex will become his pathetic father who lets his wife become abused by his family. My ex's mom was an alcoholic trying to cope with the fact his pathetic father could not be the one to comfort her, he hated seeing her cry. As much as my ex loved his mom and was close to her growing up, he doesn't see how much he's so much like his dad. Pathetic. I do wonder what my ex witnessed when his mom tried to find comfort from her husband.

No. 1950214

I had a extremely stressful day 4 days ago and since then I hadn't really felt the baby move (18 weeks) like I had before.
Before it was just little kinda bubble feelings.
About an hour ago I felt bubbles again and then something way more solid like a kick, it made me jerk it was that out of nowhere.
I don't know if I'm actually feeling bub or if it's all been gas or if it's the baby actually moving and I'm trying not to think about it but I can't help imagining what if the baby is dead in there and this is just gas or decay.
My next ultrasound is in 3 weeks ago I didn't want to spend $500 on another one but I'm worried I'm just kicking the can down the road, what if baby is dead and I'm waiting 3 weeks to find out.

No. 1950223

Guys, I don't think I can do this anymore. I can't even fall back on my daydreams anymore because they feel so pointless. We had a good run. I just have to figure out the best way to end it

No. 1950224

I know a couple with a 15 year ageg ap (he's 40,she's 25) and maybe I've overthinking but I'm disgusted how often he keeps posting her pics on social media. She's way out of his league and they've been together since she was 23. Am a bit jealous the guy took her around the world and buys her stuff, but I.

No. 1950230

File: 1712242217789.jpeg (65.14 KB, 736x981, IMG_0202.jpeg)

This was peak female character design and im seething that finding characters like this is so rare these days. If it isn’t moids complaining about how unfeminine it is, it’s gendies trying to trans wash them. IM SICK OF IT

No. 1950236

Screamed at someone today for trying to "be nice" stopping in the middle of the street to let me pull out but it would have been faster if they had just went. I snapped when they threw up their hands in a what the fuck gesture at me. I yelled why are you stopped in the middle of the street retard and peeled out. I bet they think I am schizo but they are the schizo ones for not being the law, they're going to cause an accident. And people where I live are always trying to back into the street when there is literally no reason to be doing that, we have normal parking lots. If you are over the age of 50 you should have to take yearly driving tests. Also I will go to back out of my parking spot look behind me and it's clear and I'll be halfway out of my spot and someone will whiz by me so I almost hit them it's like they don't even care. I'm so stressed out and tired

No. 1950242

I get that the travelling and expensive gifts may make you jealous but relying solely on an old rich scrote with a taste for young women is never a good idea. Watch him dump her the minute she gets a wrinkle or when the next pretty young thing comes by

No. 1950255

Please help nonnas?

No. 1950266

Just try not to care nonnie. I know its hard but my bfs cousins are the same and hate me very much. People will always be rooting for you to win and fail so do not pay no mind. Hating you is a waste of time and energy anyways. >>1950255

No. 1950270

I think it's fucking ridiculous that I come for a vet appointment at 10:45 and I'm still sitting here at 11:27 waiting to see the vet. I am going to be late for work at noon what the hell? And I just hear the vet text laughing and giggling like they're in a sorority. I'm going to go Karen and ask them if they forgot about me

No. 1950286

Go up to the front counter and ask them because that's ridiculous how they can't keep their appointment times. It's always human doctors that are late, but the vets are typically fast from what I've encountered. Best of luck.

No. 1950290

I don’t want to go to class with my unhelpful lab partner and sarcastic TAs. I dread this class all week starting from the time it’s over. Especially after doing poorly on the test the TAs graded. I hope it’s not as bad as I’m expecting.

No. 1950307

I've done something really fucking horrible to a moid and I'm starting to feel guilty.

No. 1950313

he's actually a nice dude, but it just gets tiresome when he only posts hot pictures,stories or reels with her.

No. 1950320

It’s ok you’re forgiven

No. 1950328

lmao please tell us what it is

No. 1950340

I called him out and dumped him girlies he called me a spoilt wee cunt and I said I'd rather be spoilt and stress free than ravaged by stress and age like he has he blocked me after that because he's the most bald insecure man in the world. Probably easy for ugly guys to catfish girls on dating apps when they've got some sad fuck (me!) thinking they've found love and future baiting and all that shite.

No. 1950343

I'm going to celebrate by getting take out and staying up as late as I want and not having to text the most boring man alive all night

No. 1950346

Based, he can mald. Have a celebration party and pour one out for us.

No. 1950359

Love my parents but I wish they'd go back already. We haven't even met up yet and they've changed the schedule (which is regarding activities for the whole family, not just them) four times in the 1.5 days they've been here so far. They don't ask, they just decide what they want to do and just tell everyone after the fact, sometimes the day of. Today was supposed to be an outing with Dad but that's not happening until the weekend now. Assuming they don't change their minds again.

I've also been told that I'm in charge of getting Mom and Grandma to stop fighting (No, I don't get a choice in this.) so I've had to arrange us three getting together and had to stop Mom from weaseling out of it three times so far. She was supposed to call Grandma and tell her this, and of course she didn't do that, so I had to tell Grandma myself. I'm so fucking tired of this. I love my parents very very much, but I can't stand them when they act like teenagers. Mom and Grandma are both being immature as hell and acting like petulant children holding their breath until the other relents, and Dad is putting all the responsibility onto me to make sure that he and Mom can leave the state with a clean conscience. Love them both dearly, but damn if I don't want to slap them so hard that their heads recreate The Exorcist.

No. 1950360

>bland paranoid moid who only plays xbox
>anon that has beautiful home, artistic hobbies, seems decent

moids deserve gum that’s been stuck on the bottom of a shoe mixed with a little dog shit that was stepped on

No. 1950373

Good. I'll be lighting my J for you tonight nonnie. He was dragging you down and you can treat yourself better. Good riddance

No. 1950380

Time to finally finish learning how to play skyscraper by demi lovato on my guitar and thank god.

No. 1950384

File: 1712250601876.jpg (126.46 KB, 872x334, 1000007103.jpg)

His emoji may as well be limp wristed the gay cunt

No. 1950402

My least favorite part of my job is definitely being held hostage by customers whenever I need to use the restroom. If there are people in here, I can't lock up and on the weekends it's especially dreadful. What's even worse is we have two entrances. I want a new job but the market is very bleak, especially for someone like me with a degree or certification.

No. 1950416

File: 1712252460628.jpg (20.2 KB, 626x418, elegant-smiling-woman-glasses-…)

A bit of a story
>browsing instagram
>find a nice reel about a woman excited that a bathroom stall has a purse holder
>woman jokingly says that the stall had to be designed by women
>find moid in comment
>moid says something really misogynistic about the mere possibility of a woman designing something and how all women are bashing men
>moid is having a absolute tantrum
>moid says that he loves triggering women etc. etc.
>reply that "I get it, I love finding men's personal information"
>says whatever to me and calls me a woman in the way that moids mean retard
>go on his profile and his profile has his full name and high school
>from that I'm able to find a site that high schools uses to catalog information about student athletes.
>from this find out he played football, is 5'10 and weighs 175 pounds, his state, his county, some friends of his who he played with.
>casually mention this to moid
>moid calls me retarded and confirms that he's not 175 pounds he's 180 and now 6'0". Retard also confirms that he indeed played football.
>follow moid because his account is privated.
>moid fucking allows me to follow him.
>on moids insta his fucking his wife's insta is there commenting on his posts
>use wife's name to find wife's facebook
>use wife's facebook, cross reference with friend of moid's facebook to confirm his wife is his wife and he is who he is.
>mention this to moid.
>moid calls me a weird stalker, noticeably adds more lols and has stopped insulting me.
>saying things like "you're not going to find anything so you can just stop and I already put everything out there so it doesn't matter stalker".
>casually mention his what I thought was his mother's first name.
>moid says I'm stupid and gives me his actual mother's first name.
>through his mother's first name find out his father's full name.
>with his mother and father's full name I find his parent's address, phone number, etc. on public databases.
>with his parents address I find his address, phone number, etc. on public access databases.
>all while doing this I continue to pester moid with subtle hints and such.
>moid just says I'm lying and bullshitting and that I'm weird.
>mention his wife's name
>says he doesn't know who that woman is
>I reply that he's bullshitting because not only is the wife on his Instagram but he's on her facebook
>no reply he ignores me and argues with other women in the comments.
>mention to moid, his father's full name and uncle's(?) full name.
>moid deletes account and original misogynistic comment, thread going with it.
>my only punishment is that a comment of me calling him fat was removed before he deleted everything.
Honestly, I feel bad and I probably should've spent my afternoon home writing diatribes instead of digitally stalking and almost doxxing a moid because he pissed me off. My heart is still beating and I am slightly sad that I did this. It was also slightly fun which makes me all the more guilty. I don't know, I feel like it's bad karma and I am studying hard in field that'll have me finding and working with confidential information, so I wonder if this'll effect my chances into getting into something like that. I don't think the government would want to hire someone who collects the information of people and subtly doxxes them in a public comment section over mean comments. The real kicker was that everything was so easy to find. His full name was plastered on everything, same for his friends and family. I don't understand why he even gave me his mother's first name when I already made it know I know his state, county, the highschool he went to, his friends name, his wife's name, etc. Did he think I wouldn't find his personal information?

No. 1950422

People who "text" with voice notes… why do you hate me? Why must you punish me like this?

No. 1950429

>gives me his actual mothers first name
Kek what a dumb faggot

No. 1950433

i mean even if i did luck up and land this position and they’re just desperate and taking a chance, why say that? such an asshole move. and completely hypocritical when every job you’ve ever had was due to a friend recommending you. leave me alone.

No. 1950435

Yeah, that was the weird thing. I would ask him stuff and he would just confirm it. Like I asked if he played football to confirm that he was on a football team at a specific school and he confirmed it. I find it really weird that it wasn't his mother's name that got him to delete but his father's name.

No. 1950441

Based af don’t feel bad nonna

No. 1950447

If moids get cagey about their dad's the dad is probably a sex pest and has even bigger red flags waiting to be exposed and the gay little son knows it.

No. 1950460

You are legendary. I aspire to be you. You are doing God's work on Earth. You should be canonized. I love you nona

No. 1950490

That sucks nona. Transbians are the worst creatures on this planet, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. So pathetic they have to make a real girl out to be masculine to appease the hulking tranny kek. I wish I had a girl friend to laugh at trannies with too. I mean, I do have my childhood best friend, but she's also religious and while she doesn't hate gay people and understands their attraction, she says it's sinful to 'act upon your desires'. And I'm bi kek. I just can't win. But I guess it's better than nothing?
It's good you could tell your male friends about it though, at least. I can't tell mine because even the males are huge tranny supporters. So strange. I hope you meet a girl friend soon to hate on trannies with nona. It sucks feeling like you're the only normal and enlightened person. I have a super intelligent, smart friend but even she is a she/they kweerio and it makes me lose hope sometimes.

No. 1950497

kekek men are retarded and this made me laugh. have a good day nonna

No. 1950500

Nonna that was actually based. I used to do shit like this on Facebook in 2016, post addresses of retards saying "I'm gonna come to your house and blablabla " and they'd get hit with a simple reply of their address lmao

No. 1950503

Nona, you're a goddamn hero. Be proud, my queen.

No. 1950520

Only attentionwhores do this and I consider it a red flag

No. 1950529

i don't know if you're the same nonna who mentions king from snk in other threads occasionally, but if so, i support you so much and love seeing you around. i'm also someone who's obsessed with a gnc woman that got unduly feminized by her creators and gets the troon (or coom) treatment from the fandom. it's awful, and we deserve better. sending you good vibes.

No. 1950535

Why would you feel bad? Men do this and worse to women all the time for no reason. They need to learn their place.
Have you read about the women who used Bumble to identify the rioters who stormed the Capitol and send their information to the FBI? They literally said things like 'Wow, tell me more!' and 'That's so cool!' and the moids they were talking to just spewed everything. Men are not smart.

No. 1950537

kekkkk nona dont feel bad. its what he deserves

No. 1950545

File: 1712256436198.jpeg (321.09 KB, 1560x1039, IMG_0403.jpeg)

I’m supposed to be working on part of my research project due today before I go to ballet and now I’m peeing out bits of light red/pinkish blood in my urine and it’s ruining my mood and now I’m not sure what to do and can’t focus on the assignment. I don’t think it’s bladder cancer and probably a UTI but I feel no extreme pain aside from a bit in my belly and very slightly when I push? It all came on suddenly but overall I feel energetic and fine. I can’t afford the doctor or urgent care I’m already in debt and in college so I don’t want to go there if I don’t need to but what if it is serious? I can’t afford to take on more debt. I can hardly afford to pay my mother rent I hope everything is okay. Fuck!!

No. 1950549

I work with graphic design and art and my family keeps being "accidental" dicks about my job because of AI. They'll come in like "they said on the news that AI is replacing jobs like yours. Are you worried??? You should be worried, you could end up jobless!!!" thank you I fucking know, can you stop stressing me out every fucking day?! Maybe I'll have to deal with it one day but you mentioning it every 5 minutes when I try to relax in my free time does NOT help in any way.
And that's the nice version, the other is some of them sperging about how cool AI is, how fast it's improving, that it's getting better and more effective than humans and so on. The blatant disrespect for artists hurt, I love art and I love the humans behind it.

No. 1950551

Did you eat beets recently? They turn your pee pink

No. 1950556

Please keep doing it nona, this is glorious

No. 1950558

No! All I’ve had is some soy milk, vegan cookies, spinach and vegan meat the past two days. I’m crying and this is impacting my assignment. I’m just going to ignore it for now and if it persists I’ll see if I can buy some medicine.

No. 1950575

File: 1712257477976.jpg (51.74 KB, 680x596, 1622187243183.jpg)

that was so iconic please don't feel bad

No. 1950586

Spinach and asparagus can make your pee pink as well nonna, they have lots of iron. The pain part is concerning tho, take care!

No. 1950612

A legend.

No. 1950615

File: 1712259493909.jpg (11.8 KB, 229x220, download.jpg)

the amount of profiles on edTWT that belong to people between the ages of 14-18 is genuinely upsetting. i pray those kids quit being influenced by that cesspool to be worse and get better someday…

No. 1950646

I'm handcrafting a gift for my friend's birthday this month, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift but I got busy. Thing is she is super critical of other peoples works and nitpicks craftsmanship saying they cut corners, she could do better, etc. So I've been filled with perfectionism dread each time I try to work on it. Now I'm rushing through it to meet a deadline and it's not my best work but fuck it. I just hope she doesn't judge me for it.

No. 1950648

i feel really bad and i know i am annoying the fuck out of everybody who talks to me because i cannot shut the fuck up about a certain movie franchise i dare not name but it's so fucking frustrating i cannot get a grip i just start blabbering on autopilot and ruin most of my social interactions these last few months

No. 1950656

Currently I'm feeling so depressed i haven't ate a proper meal in fucking months probably, sitting here eating coco pops out the box cause I've got no milk, but if I'm going to try and enjoy this weed I need to not feel like I'm going to die from famine. And this fucking song is stuck in my head and its sad and miserable because no one is wanting me to be their number 1 girl for sure

No. 1950669

I forgot how good this song is

No. 1950674

God I remember the exact day I first saw this video, when Biebs was just up and coming. Everyone did him so dirty, this song wasn't even that bad

No. 1950676

Why can’t some rich ass dude donate me a used car?? Like they have so much shit and my dream car is less than 20k used please it’s just one time what are you even doing with all that money? Think of it as a donation! Please I need a car for work…

No. 1950686

My ex was was fucking toxic but so hot so I miss him sometimes

No. 1950691

u can be my number 1 girl nonnie.
u reminded me of the time me and my friend recreated the music video for youtube. i think it was for a contest or something that we had 0 chance of winning kek it was so bad

No. 1950711

I’ve talked about this here before and I am not trying to black pill post, but I just really cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure the men you sleep with are STD free. It doesn’t matter if he’s a bar hookup or the guy you’ve been in love with since middle school, you have to assume the worst.
Yet again one of the moids I know admitted to sleeping with a prostitute. He’s 19 years old, a very average looking guy, skinny, unassuming. He looks like every guy you went to school with and you’d never suspect he’d be the type to brag about sleeping with 2 girls in the same night without “cleaning his dick” (his words) but he is. He’s not clean and there are a million more like him, please please please do not ever assume the man you’re going to sleep with is different. It’s great if he is, there’s a good chance he’s not like that, but if he is and you assume otherwise then it’s Your life at risk. Your fertility, your health, you living with the stigma, your pain.
I’ve seen too many girls fall victim to these disgusting men and it kills me I can’t do anything about it other than warn girls before it happens to them.

No. 1950739

You're right. I also don't think I'll ever trust a moid anyway though. They lie constantly. I didn't get an std from my ex but I'm shocked I didn't. (found out about his cheating later, he admitted not having safe sex).

No. 1950796

I want to rip my hair off. I had a group project assigned on Monday that was meant to be submitted today. I did it on Monday because I knew my ADHD ass would forget about it. Anyway, 2 hours ago, my partner texted me and said she didn't even begin to do her part because she had to come home and take care of her kids and she didn't have the time to finish it. I'm so fucking tired of moms pulling this bullshit every time. 

No. 1950828

Tysm, girl I love girl I love girl I love yooou.

No. 1950913

How do moids like this even get married? Imagine your husband spending his time on IG seething about women 24/7

No. 1950920

I'm so fucking sick of men but his wife probably prefers him pestering people through the phone than harassing her. Don't think that's too much of an assumption to make

No. 1950995

Going out of town for a few weeks, bf is sad about this so I promised him I’d stock the fridge full of food so he doesn’t have to worry about cooking while I’m gone. The week before I’m leaving he has been caring for his sibling’s chickens, which means collecting their eggs. So we’ve had an extreme surplus of eggs that needed to be used before my trip. In the past week I have cooked:
>A dozen ramen eggs
>Egg salad
>4 different Quiche
>Garlic Aioli
>Lemon curd
>4 Beef burritos
>4 chicken burritos
>4 breakfast burritos
>Goat cheese and sausage egg cups
>48 pierogies
>Ham and cheese paninis
>Focaccia bread
>Potato bread
>Beef and broccoli
>Chicken cordon blue
>Tteokbokki with boiled eggs
>Fresh mozzarella
>Shrimp with homemade pasta

I am so tired. I still have to make the pot of chili tonight, and then tomorrow before my late flight I have to make an angel food cake and another curd.

No. 1951006

How'd you learn to cook that all sounds delicious

No. 1951011

>I promised him I’d stock the fridge full of food so he doesn’t have to worry about cooking while I’m gone
You fucked up here. He can stock the fridge himself surely?

No. 1951017

damn girl your bf gonna be fat as hell when you get some kek

No. 1951033

If this happened to me I would spam "Kill yourself" at him until he blocked me. Or if you're worried about being banned maybe you could sign his email up for every service on the planet. He deserves the harrassment after putting you through so much

No. 1951035

I met a guy who's just my type and around the time I started talking to him, I asked him if he wanted to go to an event with me. He said that could be cool, but didn't say yes.

I've been sort of (subtly) orbiting him and taking part in conversations with him when other people were also there. He gave me his number as a result of one of those conversations, apparently to continue talking about the subject. I texted him saying something that I feel offended him, but since then he's been texting me occasionally about some of his niche interests that I don't have much to say about, so didn't respond (but still I've been talking to him whenever group conversations involved him). I'm not sure if this means he likes me.

I think he has serious issues with misanthropy and self hatred based on our interactions and my observations of him. Recently he abruptly deleted almost everything that could be used to contact him. I haven't heard from him in days. I don't know how I could approach him in a more stable way and maybe let him know that I like him without making myself look bad. I feel like maybe he disappeared because he was starting to have strong feelings for me. Perhaps I'm being delusional.

No. 1951038

File: 1712277935851.jpg (109.5 KB, 736x736, 1000017292.jpg)

I don't know what to do. So I have a friend, I love her a lot, but she's extremely obsessed with some actors and wants to turn our roleplays into a full-fledged story.
The issue is that we've been role-playing for literal years, daily, and at this point I don't even know what to write, because I also just don't know if I'm good at it.
Like she doesn't really seem to like the way I write, which is just throwing myself at the screen and writing everything whenever I get the idea of what I want to do, and then I re-read it again and again until everything kind of makes sense? But she's extremely methodical, she's that kind of person that reads the whole ass historical context, investigates stuff and like, writes everything on paper a million times before making a real story. Which is awesome and honestly I admire her for doing so but I can't, I've tried doing so and it doesn't work, I lose interest on what I'm doing originally and end up absorbing the most ultimately useless information, or I get embarrassed and never write on paper what I want to do because I used to do that as an edgy teen so, yeah, it's like a revival of those times and it makes me cringe to hell and back.
Lately I've been wanting to write, mostly because I found an amazing group of girls from here. I don't really know if I can actually write properly, but they never really told me that my writing sucks, so I guess that's a good sign? Or maybe they were just being kind… but idk, I still got to want to write again after many years not even trying to write.
But the moment I write something and show it to my friend, she obviously finds flaws and tells me so, and like, yeah, I also edit her stories and whatnot, but her criticism hurts me a lot because I know I suck, I know I don't have a methodology of any sorts and it frustrates me, making me try to develop a methodology and get frustrated again because nothing makes sense. So now all I do is just scroll to distract my wish to write and make art, it doesn't work because then I want to write and make art, but I'm so shit at it that I get discouraged again.
I barely have the energy to talk to others that aren't my friend and my family because my brain power is all retarded and focused on trying to understand how the fucking hell do you fucking write oh my fucking God just kill me already.
In resume, I want to die already.

No. 1951041

My gums have been itching like crazy for the past few days, I feel like I'm 2 again instead of 22

No. 1951042

unfortunately i do not have bladder cancer or a terrible kidney infection and will have to continue living

No. 1951045

The guy I dumped today deleted all his socials cause I called him out for cheating maybe it was him.

No. 1951048

Writing this from another man's bed. I really miss sex with my ex. He was a narcissist, an emotionally abusive manipulator, an alcoholic and a porn addict in denial, but he was reasonably fit and had a 7 incher. Penetration is very important for me, especially doggy and being pounded overall.

At the time, I didn't realize that the truth behind his duration in bed was a direct result of his porn rot, and believed him when he would tell it was just his self control and desire to please me (I was young, naive and blinded by love). We would have rough sex multiple times a day, for over an hour each time. Mind you, he always came and never lost his erection- probably the reason why I didn't suspect he was unsatisfied with my body, performance, etc. That absolutely catapulted changed my expectations and standards for how long men last in bed and their stamina.

After our split, multiple friends (of both sexes) gave me the reality check that he would take so long to cum because of porn addiction (and that he probably didn't think I was that hot because I wasn't a blow-up doll bimbo with perfect surgically enhanced and/or plastic body parts). When we dated, his porn consumption and addiction eventually became more evident and became a problem in our relationship, and when I tried to help him (lol) he was adamantly trying to convince me he wasn't.

I haven't had many sexual partners after him: one was a virgin, one was sexually inactive for a while and the other one (whose bed I'm typing from now) has a vaster sexual history than I do. He really likes, claims he usually doesn't cum fast and is puzzled as to why he is "suddenly cumming faster" with me. I just need to be fucked in doggy until I can't think. I really miss my ex's performance in bed, even though he probably was thinking of porn and other women while fucking me. He truly fucked like a machine.

tl;dr: My porn addict ex took forever to cum and got me used to being fucked to oblivion multiple times a day. Since him I haven't been uninterruptedly fucked hard for over 10 minutes straight. Who knew male porn addiction would ever benefit a woman in any way, shape or form. I can't believe I just typed that. Can anyone relate?

No. 1951049

If a guy takes forever to cum does that always mean he has a porn addiction?

No. 1951050

I had a coke addicted porn addicted ex and I had some of my best sex for reasons you've described. I use to love when we would do doggy or an intimate one I loved was him entering from behind then lying on top of my back and giving me deep passionate kisses while we gyrated like fuck. Guy I'm currently fucking hasn't been into doggy in weeks it's constantly me on top or my legs over his shoulders.

No. 1951054

No this guy is a hermit

No. 1951056

I had an ex who could fuck nonstop for three hours straight. He used to make me cum within minutes of penetration, repeatedly. He often had to hold back because sometimes I fainted from orgasming basically continuously. He didn't have porn addiction, but he used to work out a lot, lots of squats and stuff. No drugs.

No. 1951059

Not always but very, very often that’s the case.

No. 1951061

the only time my nigel lasted ages was when he was on (incorrect) depression meds he took like 40 minutes of nonstop pounding to cum

No. 1951062

Right why did the pizza delivery guy get half way to my apartment, then turn around and go back to the store? Did he forget my pizza? I hate retarded delivery drivers man stop driving high just give me my pizza

No. 1951065

Self soothing is really difficult. I am on medicine now and have been working on my ptsd/anxiety/depression for years and have been doing so well. But I had to leave my boyfriend a few days ago to return home and my period has not been making the emotions easy. I just blocked him because I feel so lonely and sad despite getting back into my routine I feel so uncared for…and it is so selfish of me to react that way. I recognize this. Maybe it hurts him? But in my head I think he doesn’t care, because he is not like me, he can be so busy and not miss me as often. I just wish we could spend more time together. I love him but I’m struggling. I know it is a me problem and I will continue working on myself but it hurts so badly to feel unloved and alone and too scared and insecure to self soothe and give myself that love and attention. I can’t depend on him all the time for the evenings I am lonely or hurting. I know that is not fair. I haven’t been doing that lately but today I was so unfair in blocking him. I do think of self sabotaging it sometimes so I can not worry about if he loves me or not. I think of harming myself as a means of punishment. But 95% of the time I am cheerful and positive and hopeful. Today I feel like a freak, and my college work is paying the price because I missed an assignment due tonight. I must learn to shape up and get my act in order I am no longer a little girl but jesus christ sometimes I wish I could have someone to hug me a million times and tell me I’m not alone and that it isn’t just me against the world but it is. Maybe I need a stuffed animal like an autist, but really I just want a best friend in my heart and mind that loves me unconditionally. And I want to continue stability and communication andbeing healthy with my sweet boyfriend. I am ashamed.

No. 1951067

I want a hug

No. 1951068

I’d hug you if I could! >>1951067

No. 1951069

I miss being a child in regards to being praised more for my mind and personality. I can't remember the last time someone earnestly said I was funny or anything. If I get you laughing regularly please for the love of God validate me and just say "you're funny" that's all a fucking clown wants in life. I'm in a rut professionally and have accepted I'm not someone that's going to rise above their means and I need to settle with just reading about other great minds doing stuff. I have no idea what I offer to a social situation apart from making pleasant conversation but I'm never even acknowledged for it. The only time I was praised for social skills it landed me as the face of a complaints department and that's cruel.

No. 1951073

I remembered the existence of that familywatchdog website, and I wish I hadn't. There was only one marker on a street that's next to ours, but there were so many markers as I scrolled down. The further south I went in my state, it was just filled with them. As I scrambled north, there were less markers yet still a few around. The men that were shown were all so subhuman-looking too. They looked like ghouls and freaks. It's all so disgusting.

No. 1951077

What are the signs besides taking forever to cum?

No. 1951079

A lack of respect towards women. Ridiculous expectations of sex and how a woman should perform.

No. 1951080

i just checked this website for my area and the map is full of them. theey look so insane. theyre all fucking old men. this makes me want to kill myswlf im tired of living ina corrupt world i want to be free

No. 1951083

how can anyone live in a world with men nonnies my fear of mwn is consuming me i do not feel safe living in this world if im alone only with my mother or boyfriend and i really just want to kill myself to go to a peaceful place and im worried something is just not right. and i think maybe im being crazy? but what if im not???? what if im right

No. 1951084

nevermind this is shameful im going into a bad mindset i should tske some melatonin and hope my medicine works better tomorrow i hope i do not get a low grade for my late assignment. bless you nonnies may we find peace one day in another life.

No. 1951086

I feel ill after checking this site for the first time. I cannot believe how prevalent they are, it looks like it's inescapable everywhere.

No. 1951088

I just remembered a childhood memory that changed my brain chemistry. They made us, a bunch of drooling toddlers/kids listen to a holocoast surviver. I don't regret it but some of the things that lady said was horrific. The only silver lining was a guard gave her a portion of his food. He could only do it for her.
But the horror story about her sister was awful. They made her watch as they did stuff to her to death. Again, we're like, kids so we were horrified

No. 1951089

Despite how filthy the world may be, I like to think of the beauty in all the things I love that make life worth living. I'm sure that must sound cliche, but we need rose-tinted glasses and sentimentality to keep us afloat at times. Have a good rest, nona

No. 1951105

Love you but he needs to learn to cook for himself

No. 1951117

damn do you have a boyfriend or a child?

No. 1951135

File: 1712285857948.gif (3.7 MB, 400x224, IMG_9889.gif)

>angry woman with anger problems
>nothing to spiritually rely on
>no friends

my life is a conspiracy, I have no purpose to be here yet I was born

No. 1951156

File: 1712286560920.jpg (73.68 KB, 512x467, unnamed.jpg)

It is really really fucking hard to not fly off the handle and get super fucking fat

No. 1951161

girl let him figure that shit out, you need a man who can cook for you(or himself) when you get sick, that's not a man.

No. 1951171

I am genuinely not trying to brag when I say this, but I am a person who has strong morals and does not back down from them, I live my life in accordance with the ethics I believe in even when it's difficult or alienating. If I state an opinion during a discussion and then later realize I was wrong, I do not hesitate to say "you know what, I was wrong. Here's where I was mistaken and why I changed my mind." I am genuine to a fault and sometimes to my personal detriment. If I say I believe in a cause, it is never just lip service, I act on it consistently even when it's inconvenient. For me, living like this feels like the only option. I couldn't live any way else. I am not perfect, but I try my best to do what's right 100% of the time.
I genuinely can't figure out why almost no one acts in accordance with the morals they claim to possess. Why is everyone a bystander, spineless, refusing to stand up? Letting others be trampled or trampling them themselves? Sacrificing other people for their own convenience or comfort? Hurting others in the same way they were hurt? Too lazy to take any action that would remove them from their daily routine of scrolling on their phones? Only caring when things start to affect them personally? I don't understand how people live like this. I cannot understand why. I don't know how they can live with themselves.

When I kill myself, it won't be because I hate myself. It's will be because I hate the world. I hate the people around me. I am disgusted by it all on such a deep level that I cannot bear to exist here. I look around and just want to die.

No. 1951175

> I am not perfect, but I try my best to do what's right 100% of the time.
Even though you’re right that society requires you to lie and pay lip service to really succeed, the main issue is that you don’t extend this line of thought to others, at least not to the extent you do to yourself

No. 1951177

I don't understand your reply. Can you reword?

No. 1951180

Regular people say stuff they don’t really mean all the time, and usually this benefits them. You are correct about that. However you said that you are not perfect, but you try your best to do what's right 100% of the time. How do you know that’s not the same case for the people you are upset at?

No. 1951192

because I can look at my actions and other people's actions and see an enormous gulf. I can look at people's words and their actions and see that same enormous gulf. People who look at my words and my actions find very little distance between them. No one can be perfect and so by that logic I cannot be perfect either, however there are definitely different levels of trying to do what you think is right, and I can observe that compared to others, I try abnormally hard even when the cost-benefit analysis does not make sense for me to do so. Other people don't seem to manually override this analysis hardly at all.

No. 1951193

KEK at picrel

No. 1951198

File: 1712288859600.jpg (38.24 KB, 250x248, 1582924752151.jpg)

literally every girl i know has had a boyfriend except me

No. 1951200

this is not the brag thread, that's in /g/

No. 1951202

how is it a brag that ive never been able to have a loving intimate relationship with anybody

No. 1951203

you've never allowed a creature who doesn't care about you as a person to use you as a human sex toy, but all your friends fell victim. That's a win.

No. 1951207

My stupid piece of shit fakeboi cousin came out as an antisemite today. Don't know what else to call it, I'm kind of flabbergasted. She has always been extremely, like, stupid? That is her only moid trait. Otherwise she is your typical sheltered middle class ftm.

She has been posting those stupid memes with borzois saying "my fellow golden retrievers we must let the pitbulls into the dog park" like dog whistling (literally) that da juice are forcing diversity on us yada yada. She posted this to a university discord… Like what the fuck. So I approached her like on text like, assuming that she was actually retarded. That she didn't know what the hell she was posting. You know, don't attribute to malice what can also be attributed to being brain dead? I explained the whole thing, how it is a dog whistle for anti-semitism. And that it definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely like absolutely completely does not belong on your fucking University Discord for board games. So she hits me back with like no, it's actually just a meme about dogs. And I don't need to look any further into a. And that I need to stop being so sensitive.

So what the fuck

No. 1951210

Good lord you're annoying

No. 1951213

The shit people will post in university affiliated discord servers never ceases to amaze me

No. 1951215

sorry but those borzoi memes are really really funny

No. 1951217

doesnt feel like it

No. 1951229

It's funny to go "da jooos da jooos da jooos" over and over again with a different skin? Guess my palate is too refined for my own good.

No. 1951230

let her ass expose herself and get ravaged by the vicious SJW she will encounter kek she will learn sooner or later. you're coddling your dumbass family member, sometimes you have to let people get fucked even if they share blood with you.

No. 1951253

da jewwwws

No. 1951258

No. 1951285

You're right. She's just so fucking dumb. She is constantly nlogging because she is such a dood. I guess I am just coming to terms with the fact that she is irritating, and I don't like her, and I am tired of looking after her, which my aunt practically begged me to. It is just so fucking dumb to watch somebody actually turn themselves retarded to own the libs or whatever the fuck she thinks she's doing. Not my problem, fuck her. She is already spiraling hard because nobody sees her as a man and everyone clocks her the second they see her.

No. 1951311

You’re doing the same shit that trannies do where they say if you openly praise harry potter you’re a transphobe, even if you’ve never said anything transphobic in your life. Maybe she’s literally just a retard and hates pitbulls.

No. 1951317

even if she gets in a tiff (get it kek) she can just pull the im trans uwu card. you literally have no business teaching a grown ass woman how to interact socially. your aunt knows how retarded she is and is asking you to babysit her for free. just let her fall on her ass.

No. 1951324

File: 1712294075421.jpg (75.78 KB, 640x672, downloadfile-1.jpg)

Hey look, I'm going to try and take you as seriously as I can. But I literally gave her the benefit of the doubt. I literally went and explained it to her. And I don't really see how you can compare pic related to playing Hogwarts legacy. So I really don't get your point of view at all. I'm sorry. Like I don't get it.

No. 1951340

Harry Potter sucked ass anyways why does everything have to circle back to it

No. 1951351

Damn, I'd argue that this is even a bit too blatant to call it a dogwhistle. Even if your cousin is that clinically stupid, I find it a bit hard to believe that she doesn't know what it means. Especially if she's posted multiple.

No. 1951355

this scared the shit out of me i thought we were being raided. is this lady okay?

No. 1951382

Thanks nonna x

Sorry maybe I should have spoilered that. I don't know, I am trying really hard to just assume that she is stupid as fuck because she is. And she also hangs around a Libertarian type of crowd so I could see them posting something like this and laughing about it, so she thinks it's just a funny meme or something? Actually I don't care I just realized I don't care. I don't want anything to do with her anymore. And I tried my best. Like if she wants to be stupid, go for it.

No. 1951385

kek no i meant the gif of the woman smashing her head on the screen all bloodied

No. 1951397

File: 1712297139293.jpg (59.17 KB, 564x942, 4638014055a956a228ffe0b3ff782e…)

I don't know if I have a personality disorder or something but sometimes I wish I was single so bad it's insane. Like my boyfriend is a nice guy and I like him and love him and all but I just get so tired of us being in the same house all the time, it's not even like he's always bothering me it's just the simple fact that I am not completely alone. Also it's not like I started out great but I don't like the habits I've developed since we started dating like eating too much and spending too much. We've talked about it a lot but it's like we're just a little bad for each other. Sometimes I feel really happy to be with him, though. Hot and cold. Idk I'm just frustrated as hell and want this all in the void

No. 1951400

anon if he was a nice dude he wouldn't be dating someone 15 years younger than him

No. 1951414

Being in a relationship is expensive. I would literally have tens of thousands more if I was single. But for the most part I grew up extremely alone and socially inept so part of it is me wanting to return to my normal, even though my gf is also very similar

No. 1951422

I feel that. I've been a retard my whole life but for about 3-4 years prior to dating my boyfriend, I was completely friendless. I didn't talk to anyone other than my mom, I didn't go out unless I actually wanted to, and I spent my time doing whatever I wanted to. Looking back, I saved so much money and had lots of fun rotting in my room. But I was neglecting my social skills. The loneliness was like torture, but I loved the freedom. My boyfriend and I have already been living for a year now but it feels like it only gets worse with time. At the start it was so lovely to live together, but now it's like oh there's just some guy here all the time. In my house. I just want the best of both worlds, but it's not possible. He was also very alone before we dated and has said that he feels similarly sometimes. I wish I knew what to do about this

No. 1951441

It's important no to self-isolate just because it's what you're used to, but the effects of doing so as a coping mechanism for years takes its toll.

We are kind of at that point too, but I don't feel bad living with my gf. I love her and there's nobody else I'd rather be with. But I have let the relationship devolve into a similar kind of mutual co-existence.

I don't know if this is just the reality of relationships or if it's a problem.

No. 1951448

how do you meet someone when youre isolated and friendless…genuine question

No. 1951451

NTAYRT but internet. Also for me at least I grew out of my bad social skills

No. 1951455

>devolve into a similar kind of mutual co-existence.
This resonates so much. It really does suck anon. Thank you for commiserating with me though, hopefully we can both figure it out with time.

Tumblr. Cue laugh track etc

No. 1951534

I literally have been in and out of the doctors about frequent fainting for about 3 years now. First was told its normal for women my age to faint, then probably low iron, got a blood test and my irons fine, went back complaining that this was accompanied by an alarmingly hugh heart rate, probably my thyroid, got another blood test and its normal. I go back and I'm told its hormones, get a blood test and my hormones are fine. This is a back and forth until I collapse at a shopping centre, I'm uncontrollably shaking, delirious, pale and sweaty, my arms are completely numb, I go to A&E and 6 hours later when its passed, my ECG comes back normal so its nothing. I go back to the doctors, its stress. I finally give up with the NHS and go private, one 30 minute appointment later I have what appears to be a POTs adjacent cardiovascular condition which causes a spike in heart rate when standing for more than a minute which worsens as more time passes, hence the shaking and fainting and loss of vision and the numbness. Things are worse now because I've had to become quite inactive to avoid ending up at A&E from passing out in thr gym, and then to control my weight I've been eating less because if I eat how I used to at this level of inactivity, I'm going to gain weight. So basically, I've been essentially told female hysteria/ silly gril ur faking it, for years and I actually have a steadily worsening, undiagnosed, untreated heart condition???

No. 1951543

>I wish I was single
There's a very easy solution to that you know.

No. 1951576

It's almost 1pm and I still haven't eaten because my mother occupied the kitchen since 8am. I'm fucking tired

No. 1951585

Why does it have to be a disorder necessarily? Relationships have their benefits but they have downsides, too, and they can outweigh the good for some people–if they're more independent, need more space, find intimacy/closer contact overwhelming, etc. I'm this way, for example, I'm currently single and I think about relationships sometimes but for the most part, I don't, and I feel absolutely comfortable being by myself. If I wasn't, I'd have to constantly make compromises, adapt to someone's needs and feel guilty for not being fully emotionally invested. And yeah, it does make you feel like there's something wrong with you while you're in a relationship. You can be expected to "fix" it, do something to become "happier", do something about your sex drive, etc. But when you're single, all of these things are not a problem at all. And you don't feel bad for being this way. Honestly, I don't know how realistic it is to find someone who'd be ok with it and willing to stay in such a relationship. I guess it's possible, when you know exactly what you want and you're open about it, but I can't really imagine how it would work.

No. 1951593

I'm not surprised at all. I bet the first doctors were too stupid to do the test that detect your actual health issue.

No. 1951603

Can't even suggest going to a bar/restaurant with friends without one of them asking for something completely different just for her even though she wasn't invited at first because she has other plans. "Can we go to this cafe instead at the other side of the city that only has frozen sandwiches, beer and overpriced soda instead of the bar where there's a shit ton of drinks and food to choose from?" girl I thought you didn't want to come in the first place?

No. 1951604

This is the same stuff I'm going through with the NHS currently, but with IBD. I know I have Crohns, I have a family history of it, a previous family doc said we need to check for it ASAP. I moved county and joined a new GP and now I'm stuck in a cycle of : Blood test result 'normal' but poop test full of blood and inflammation so lets do another blood test. Cycle repeats. I'm booked in for colonoscopy with an urgent referal but let's be honest, its the NHS so who knows when that'll happen. So for now they've got me trapped in a cycle of blood tests every two weeks and poop tests. Amazing.

No. 1951643

didn't get enough sleep last night, now filled with hatred for life and shitty excuse that is male-run society

No. 1951651

If she wasn't invited, tell her to kick sand. I hate that kind of entitlement.

No. 1951675

I'm too scared of death to sudoku and I hate it. I can't keep a job, I'm socially retarded and never looked forward to life to begin with, even when I was a kid. I'm just hoping for a freak accident at this point.

No. 1951683

Same. A lot of my family had cancer so I'm hoping for that

No. 1951686

This is something that genuinely perplexes me. I know so many women who are just normies with nerdy interests, they have a degree and a job and moved out at 19 but they remain single and can't find a boyfriend, yet friendless NEET-chans living with their mothers with no social life, aspirations or hobbies always have a dutiful boyfriend that provides for them. I don't understand it. I'm a lesbian so I really don't know about straight dating life but how does this even work? Someone please educate me.

No. 1951688

I spent most of 2023 with horrible long covid, I was literally disabled half of the year. Finally I got better and visited my country to reunite with my family. But because the retarded idiots don’t wear masks and cough everywhere, I caught the virus again mid trip. Now I’m showing symptoms of long covid again and my white blood cell and T cell count is low. Fuck this wish me luck nonnas

No. 1951689

>Blood test result 'normal' but poop test full of blood and inflammation so lets do another blood test. Cycle repeats.
Wow, why are they so idiotic. They should have gotten you on that colonoscopy immediately after that stool test and possibly given you some Prednisone or equivalent medicine if you needed it. I hate doctors, nonnie.

No. 1951690

Men prefer dependant women tbh. one who doesn't need a moid around is going to put up with less of his weird shit and is more intimidating than a NEET.

No. 1951692

I've had my own place after getting my degrees and work and tbh I have faced a lot of animosity by men I am dating about having my own space I can leave too whenever I don't want to put up with shit. I've also told every boy I've dated my place feels small for me (it's a tiny apartment) so if you would like to take the next steps and move in together we would have to find a new place to rent together. I've had men sniff around me for a place to live. I've had men accuse me of cheating because while I'm not married or living with someone I will take days apart to focus on myself and work.

I know people think it's a cope when women say they intimidate men and have difficulty dating but it's honestly true. Successful men seem to want doormats and the povo men also want easily coerced women. I'm envious of every successful women that speaks about having her own bedroom in a matrimonial home and her own bathroom. That's a fucking dream if I lived with a man it would be an absolute dream to have a whole wing to myself free from moid air, stress and grime.

No. 1951698

Honestly that seens like enough food. Also, if you don't wash the eggs after you collect them you can just put them into a bowl or an egg carton with out refridgeration for a long time. No need to rush!

Its possible she does know what she is doing and the denial is just cope. Not so easy to admit to 'wrongthink' when a friend or family member confronts you on it

No. 1951702

Hope you'll be knocked out on painkillers soon nonnie.
I met my boyfriend on tinder when I was a neet, I was so bored I figured I might as well give it a chance. I couldn't keep up with a relationship when I was in college because I was busy enough as it was. Also if you're a neet I feel like you're more likely to settle for less than if you're successful already. And >>1951690 is very much true.

No. 1951704

File: 1712322915627.jpeg (84.07 KB, 553x554, images.jpeg)

I'm so tired of being a poorfag. I can't buy all the things I need at once - I can only buy one thing per month - and I can only afford phones from years ago.

No. 1951739

NTA but it's from a pandemic era movie about a scary computer virus, nothing to worry about lol

No. 1951740

My heart is so confused and my pussy is too and I’m distraught over a lot of things but also incredibly horny so I’m just laying in bed crying and half-heartedly touching myself (then giving up) and I don’t even know the specific reason i’m crying. I hate this and I don’t even know what “this” is, just everything sucks so bad and I’m an unusually retarded animal on this shit earth

No. 1951746

I went on a date with a moid and he's cute and I like him (all things considered he's a good option for me) and now the anxiety begins. My irrational feels are through the roof and whenever he doesn't text back for an hour I assume we're done. We're going on a second date this weekend and he asks me tons of compatibility questions and is really relationship oriented so I have nothing really to worry about but I've gone on a shitton of first dates with moids (over 50) and it never worked out so it's like watching a million simulations that all end the same

No. 1951759

Most men are insecure as fuck. If a woman is successful in her career, she's more likely to have high standards and expect more from him. Most men want to do the bare minimum. In their eyes, NEET-chans are more likely to have low standards and accept him for who he is, no matter how shitty and low-effort he is.

No. 1951771

Cancer is a terrible way to go. Its slow and painful.

No. 1951772

I feel like both of you have never stepped outside in the real world. Most men target women based on the womans self esteem, naivety and perception of life. Its not about state of careers its about state of your own mental psyche. Thats why you see so many working class women lately in abusive relationship with bum jobless men who take all their money, cheat on them, beat them etc.

No. 1951782

Hello? I'm not a neet with zero hobbies, I'm a year away from graduating college. Why are so many of you dogpiling and acting like I got a boyfriend because he wants to take advantage of me?? If you really have to know why I became friendless for several years, it's because my high school friends took sides with the guy who sexually assaulted me. I guess I shouldn't be pouring out all my shit on the basketweaving forum but this is the vent thread can't a girl live lol

No. 1951784

Read my post again, dyslexia-chan. I'm agreeing with you.

No. 1951792

skinny women get bodyshamed too, and especially moids are nasty to them "stick with no tits or ass", "you look like a 12 yr old boy", "nobody wants to fuck a walking skeleton", "only dogs like bones". people are so fucking focused on the issues fat women deal with that they think the life of a skinny woman is just rainbows and sunshine just because some mentally ill teen girls think they have the ideal body. being skinny and flatchested will get you mocked endlessly by moids and most of them would never ever see you as a potential partner. please tell me how does being compared to a boy at puberty should make me feel happy about my body?

No. 1951802

??? I think you need to re-read your own post before you call someone dyslexic. Men target anyone as long as they see them and mentally easy to take advantage of and that includes women of all careers or lack of careers. Its not a neet thing and its actually dumb that idiots spread this rhetoric in 2024. Alot of career women don't have these high standards that you think they do.

No. 1951805

I've heard a few women drop that only dogs like bones around me. Honestly sounds so pathetic hearing it in person.

No. 1951808

I know a woman who's basically a spergy artfag NEET living with her parents and subsisting on weed and tardbucks and she too has a doting boyfriend, I have to believe it's a fetish thing because this woman has the personality of a grade schooler including vocal outbursts but she draws big-titted anime women and edgy MLP horror and is a pickme for racist kiwitards even after getting sexually abused by them. Somehow these women ALWAYS find a boyfriend but it's not who/what you'd want for yourself (or them)

No. 1951810

I feel like if you made this post back in 2016 i would take you seriously.

No. 1951813

>but it's not who/what you'd want for yourself (or them)

I mean if you think their boyfriends are low quality then what's the point of bitching. Seems more like you are angry that these women who tou think are deserving of being alone are in relationships. I cant believe that there are anons here who are jealous of discord relationships.

No. 1951815

I'm a different anon and this is about an irl relationship, I'm agreeing that these people are nothing to envy

No. 1951819

it's so tiring to hear all the fake concerns from women too acting like I'm sickly looking all the time
well then glad you live somewhere were skinny women are praised because that's not my experience lol

No. 1951827

Model-skinny and y2k skinny are making a huge comeback though, thats why i can't take you seriously.

If you made this post during the slim-thick bbl era from 2016-2020 i would take you seriously but that era has passed and being skinny is back in again.

No. 1951829

Deadass, it's actually awful to be called a skeleton unprovoked, specially if you literally cannot help your bodytype or weight
>I've heard a few women drop that only dogs like bones around me
Heard this too irl wtf
Ntayrt you know that america it's not the only country in the world right. If you're skinny at LATAM, the Caribbean or Africa you're cooked

No. 1951836

Again, reread my post carefully instead of jumping to conclusions. Who is likely to be targeted: a woman with a good career who seems like she won't put up with shit, or a NEET woman with no savings (no escape) who would likely jump at the chance to be a housewife? Most opportunistic men will choose the latter. I'm not saying all NEETs have no standards or that all career women are confident and have high standards, but most men are insecure and usually will not go after a woman who SEEMS more successful than them, unless she happens to exclude doormat vibes.

No. 1951837

told a coworker I wanted to get to know better abt my sister dying bc I thought she’d take it well as another coworker she’s close to did. i was just trying to elaborate on why I struggle making friends since it’s been rough losing my best friend and trying to get back out there socially. her face FELL!! i nearly cried from nerves and just kept apologizing. it was so EMBARRASSING. wish I’d just kept my mouth shut and stopped making excuses for why I’m so weird and friendless!!! at least everyone around us had headphones on or was in a meeting so hopefully no one else heard but oh my god I’m such an over sharing flop. we’ve been getting lunch and coffee every week for a few months now and we were talking abt friends moving away, growing apart, and how difficult it is to maintain friendships as adults, so I thought it’d be fine… and the worst part was I shuffled off to piss after failing to diffuse the situation and was not consciously thinking abt my expression and the IT lady was like “are you okay? You look like you just lost your best friend!” oh my god I nearly cried in the bathroom!!!!!!!!! just praying if I never ever bring up anything personal like that again they’ll all forget……

No. 1951840

Was it bitchy girls that never grew out of highschool mentalities at night clubs too? Or I've heard it in highschool by those girls that had those sparkly gifs of girls saying zany shit about being a bitch etc or their MSN profile pics would have just been big pouty lips before fillers were even a thing.

No. 1951847

>a NEET woman with no savings (no escape) who would likely jump at the chance to be a housewife
WOW. You are bitter as hell. Why can't I vent about my life in the vent thread without 20 posts about how I must be a broke ass neet? This literally isn't my life at all

No. 1951860

Again you are very naive and sheltered. This is not the 1950's anymore of provider abusers and their housewifes. Modern abusers are not providers (and if they are its rare) even in neet relationships you will be surprised to find out that the woman is also financing the dude or that she used to have a career before she went broke and lost it thanks to her partner. Alexa Nichols is a recent great example of this she got with a older dude and that makes you think he was 'doting' her but she lost her acting career because of him and was financing his life until he finally started making money and became the breadwinner and abusing her. Spare me your "girlboss high standards" shit because its not like that in real life and especially if you are not white.
You live in stereotypes from the last century.

No. 1951862

I've noticed alot of posters here hiding behind feminism so they can be bitter and angry towards other women. I immediately picked up on the seething in the posts.
It reminds me of those women who lie to themselves and say that the reason they are single is because they are hot and pretty and that men are intimitaed by their beauty and chose uglies kek. Massive amount of copium and covert-pickmeism.

No. 1951863

but that's only really relevant in fashion/influencer communities and it doesn't reflect real life, nor does it applies to all countries and cultures. and there's a certain level of thinness that is considered indeed attractive as long as they also have a god tier face and visible curves, like a skinny hourglass with small waist and wide hips but it doesn't represent every skinny woman! some of us give the impression we're just frail and shapeless…. also at least where I live, it's still expected for women to have some meat

No. 1951868

Yeah I see your point. I didnt factor in other cultures and countries when making my post. In latam and africa curvy/thick is definitely preffered. In east asian and white ares flat skinny bodies are seen as attractive or decent.

No. 1951870

I seriously don't know why the anons reeing at you are utterly incapable of understanding the very simple point you're making. They're either ESL, have some resurfaced trauma projection or actually dyslexic digging their heels in and going on completely unrelated rants.

No. 1951873

The dyslexic and esl accusations are getting tiring and so are the moid-tier accusations of having trauma.

No. 1951897

My life as I had previously enjoyed it is over. I wish I could go back go that day and prevent this past year from ever happening. This condition is for life. I don't want to live anymore but my bf is stubborn and has me on suicide watch. It's nice of him but I truly have no hope for the future anymore. I'm just waiting for my life to be over. No one truly understands how debilitating chronic pain is until it happens to you. One year is enough, I don't need to endure this longer to see if it gets better.

No. 1951904

Then get better at English.

No. 1951906

yeah I think it's also cause maybe we have different view of what is a skinny body or the ideal skinny body and a lot of people say "well at least you're not struggling with obesity" which is fair, obesity is obviously a way bigger problem and health concern

No. 1951911

everything that can go wrong has been going wrong. i don't know what i did to deserve any of this i just want to die so badly

No. 1951920

You equate being dyslexic to having trauma?

No. 1951921

I just wanted to go visit my friend because she's having a baby but hotels are fucking insanely expensive. Like I could book a round trip to Vegas for these prices. They're not even nice hotels either, they're shitty motels filled with crackheads and I know this because I lived there.
I dont understand how I was able to travel and go out without going into debt like 5 years ago when I was making less money and paying more for rent. My financial situation is worse right now than it ever has been despite me moving back in with my parents and getting a better job that pays more. This shit is insane and I can't wait til it all comes toppling down.

No. 1951936

Try Skyscanner for flights- it may help. Sorry nonna

No. 1951949

Just had a crazy debate about human euthanasia. I had 3 years of psychology and developmental psychology at Uni, i consider it a minimum knowledge… but even with this minimum knowledge i know that a psychiatrist/psychologist saying: "There's nothing i can do you're a worthless case" is not a good thing. A doctor should always recommend somebody else if they feel like it's not within their capabilities to treat. Or talk about alternative treatments, change of lifestyle..anything. You can't just drop a patient like a broken toy when all your job is to help this person. But because there's so many lazy and stupid "doctors" in the world people get this message, people get dropped and then they want to die because the doctor was their authority for life and they don't even know that they can try so many other things in their life to get better. The poblem is people are so used to doctors being shit that they are completley fine with them not trying to help patients. They defend this unproffesional behaviour because "muh euthanasia, there people need it they sad and no pill can help" I don't mind people wanting to die, what i mind is that the doctors don't even try. When you try, you try for your life, you don't give up. As a doctor you are supposed to be the hope for the patient depending on you, when it's a suicidal patient. You try with them because they can't try on their own!
I know a lot of doctors are fucking lazy, it's reality.. but it's not okay to cape for it.. these people are insane.

No. 1951954

Put in order with purchasing for 10 transmitters and 30 receivers for a techy doohickey whatever to fix broken bullshit
Get 5 transmitters and 40 receivers
Um why
“It’s cheaper”
Um yeah but it’s not what I need for my task
“Well it’s cheaper”
Um yeah i get that but it also don’t work, you picking up what I’m putting down? I need n+1 what I asked for, but you gave me different amounts like completely. So now we need to order more transmitters which is… more expensive

Literally how do moids make it through the day

No. 1952005

I have this hobby of fighting and debating imaginary people in my head but I act it out by moving my hands and my mouth without making any sound but as if I am talking to them irl. Today while I was in the kitchen, I fought my partially deaf neighbor in my head cause he was being an insufferable piece of shit and talking loudly to the phone non stop for fucking hours. I usually do this while my mom is asleep or not at home. This time she came back home without me realizing it but with one of her friends. They came from the back while I was passionately talking to the air and it took me a min before I realized they were just outside staring at me. They didn't say anything nor did I and just went straight to my room. Should I have turned this into a joke or something? It annoys me cause they might think that I am a schizo and her friend is a big yapper even tho talking to yourself is completely normal and many people do it. Not that big of a deal but I am still annoyed and embarrassed. Would most people find it weird?

No. 1952009

Nonna I’m not sure how to feel abt you rn bc I really want to see this irl and I want to hear abt your partially deaf neighbor but I’d probably also stare at you at first if I saw you silently talking to yourself idk you are fascinating x.

No. 1952016

I think what you do makes perfect sense but yes other people would think it was weird. What was the imaginary argument about?

No. 1952029

My dad does the same nonna, he's been doing it since forever. He is always sitting there in front of the tv silently arguing with imaginary beings until he realizes someone is in the room. Then he acts like nothing happened so we never make a big deal of this. I guess he is also careful to not do that in public too. Yeah people do find it weird but who cares, sounds like a healthy way to alleviate stress

No. 1952035

Kek anon, I think lots of people do something like that secretly, don't worry about it. If someone thinks it's ~~soooo weeeeeiird~~ they're turbo boring and unimaginative and their opinion doesn't matter. But for the future, you can just laugh about it and even confess you were imagining arguing with someone, why not? If you're more reserved, don't explain yourself, stay silent and mysterious. There's no need to feel embarrassed.

No. 1952043

You could say you were looking at a flying bug lol. I am glad i got rid of this habit but my bf still does this too it’s super annyoing when he’s not evne hiding it.

No. 1952044

I’m in mourning over the woman I had the most intense feelings for in my life turning out to not be at all who I thought she was. It’s like I’m mourning the death of the woman I attached my heart to but that never really existed. I’m so depressed I can’t get out of bed and can barely eat. Why is it the one time in my whole life I develop such overpowering feelings, it turns out to be for someone who was never even real. I wish I never experienced such highs of emotions because I don’t know how to live without that feeling anymore. Like quitting drugs cold turkey with nothing else to turn to. I can’t even look back on it and reminisce to cope because now I know it was all fake the whole time. I’m such an idiot. I’ve been waiting for the pain to fade but it just isn’t, I don’t know how I’m going to get through the rest of my life.

No. 1952056

I had that happen to me too. It was because the guy lied about what he does and was doing criminal shit. I thought it was a completley different person but later I found out what he does. I had so many beautiful memories that are tainted with this insane lie. But years later, he died in the meantime, I am doing better. I don’t think about that time often. That’s all there is to do, it happened and it suked, no time to waste on this person anymore. There are new beautiful memories to make with someone else.

No. 1952109

idk im the anon you replied to and ive never had a boyfriend.. i live with my dad and i dont go outside much and i have no friends

No. 1952134

There's so much of being on this site that I hate, and I wish I could leave. But at the same time, this is the only place I can fully, honestly vent my frustrations with how the world is and be met with other women who understand. Hard.

No. 1952137

Ahhhh my friend is turning 30 and I have no idea what to get her for a gift. I’ve known her for 10 years, I should know what she wants but nothing feels good enough

No. 1952149

Nona, I know how you feel. I didn't gain considerable weight until I reached my mid 20s. When I was 19, I had a waitress tell me that "once you have a baby, you'll fill out in your hips and boobs and look like a real woman." I was shocked, I turned bright red, and thankfully someone at my table steered the conversation away from that stuff. Also had an aunt say I was "half a person." Kek
No matter how a woman is, fat, skinny, muscular, people think they are entitled to telling us how they think we look. They are assholes, try your best to ignore them.

No. 1952217

File: 1712348032483.png (117.7 KB, 314x320, Nikki_-_Nintendo_News.png)

>open up Swapdoodle after X amount of years
>note was sent to me from a deleted friend that I can't see
It's the end of an era as the 3DS online services close on the 8th. I so dearly want a new Swapnote/doodle for the Switch. Please, Nintendo. It's the only game I yearn for.

No. 1952237

Ever since I stopped talking to an online friend everyday (mostly since we started drifting apart in fandoms and I'm just not the type of person to start texting someone if I don't have a specific thing I wanna talk about) she keeps posting indirects on her private about me (about how someone she cares about doesn't talk to her anymore but she totally doesn't care…?) that I know she knows I can see but I refuse to stoop to that level and vaguetweet as well or block her cause I expect her to just tell me if something bothers her and I refuse to tag along with that childish behavior but at the same time it's really stressing me out… even if she stopped vague tweeting, I don't think I'd wanna keep being friends with someone who acts like this as soon as things aren't going according to their plan. Should I just cut it off…? I enjoyed talking to her a lot cause she's the only friend in an online context I've ever made who is gender critical and I used to feel like I could talk to her about anything but this kind of behavior just puts me off too much…

No. 1952246

Why does she need to tweet about you instead of just writing to you herself? Crazyness. Is that some kind of "i can't text them first problem?" kek

No. 1952287

I know that feel, nonna.

No. 1952298

I made the mistake of asking in everyone's group chat and told her to "come if you think you have enough time before your errand" and it turned into her spamming that she want to go to…. a cafe… that closed at 7pm even though the plan was to go to a bar to stay there the whole time. So basically it was too late but I'll never to that again.

No. 1952300

I really need help controlling my food cravings. I kind of eat whatever I want now since my family wants me to eat more but now I’m scared of diabetes and high blood pressure and what happens when you eat to much salt or sugar

No. 1952323

I want to leave a fandom I'm in because I don't like the series anymore and I'm honestly sick of seeing it, but if I did that I'd lose some cool mutuals. Idk what to do. I like these people and want to keep up to date with them, but I've gotten so sick of this series that I don't want to see pretty much any post related to it.

No. 1952335

File: 1712351890748.jpg (417.8 KB, 1280x834, tumblr_odpp77p8Lm1sj6kezo1_128…)

im so depressed and suicidal please just make it stop make it stop hurting i cant take this anymore

No. 1952338

Maybe she's the same as you and doesn't want to text you without a purpose. It sounds like she's upset that you stopped messaging her but she might be assuming it's because you dislike/don't care about her instead of a natural break due to changing interests. I could be projecting though, I do similar things when I don't know how to approach someone directly but desperately want to. If you still want to be friends with her you can probably talk it out and maybe try reassuring her. If you don't want that you should probably still talk to her about it, just blocking her out of nowhere leaves too much room for speculation.

No. 1952352

Aw nona I’ve been there. I’m so so sorry you are going through this, I obviously don’t know your life but I hope things get better for you soon.

No. 1952354

I wish I could have been born with normal brain wiring that doesn't make you live in a weird state of panic all the time. I wish I hadn't been raised to be afraid of ever speaking about my real feelings and could openly talk to those around me about them instead of just shoving them away. Why do mental illnesses have to exist. I just want to be normal so badly.

No. 1952398

People with IQ under 90 are always the first ones to say IQ isn't everything yet none of the ones i met had even any EQ. They were stupid is every possible way you can be. I think not being able to undestand text driving them to completley different conclusion is why they end up stupid in all other ways besides IQ.

No. 1952402

I keep getting hives and pimples and pustules and every kind of skin problems due to stress STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1952430

thank you i appreciate it

No. 1952446

Boyfriend just dropped out of nowhere while doing some dumb online quiz that he’d probably have kids if he wasn’t with me I said what the fuck why? He got the snip and has never showed interest, reason he said is because he has money now and thinks it would be rewarding like um ok? Maybe find something more rewarding to do than playing video games all day first before thinking you should raise children. It feels like a betrayal because he’s always been like EW I DONT WANT KIDS I COULD NEVER DEAL WITH THAT I DONT WANT THEM and honestly used to act pretty sociopathic towards them saying they’re gross and loud and hopes they get hit idk just edgelord shit. And we were hanging out with some of his older friends a while ago and they said he would be a good dad and I’m like haha nope now I’m like uh ok is he influenced by all his dad friends he’s always talking to? Everyone I personally know with kids tells me not to have them and suddenly my long time boyfriend is like haha actually it would be cool and I’m like uhhh so are we done? What a fucking freak, no clue what caused this change of heart. He can’t even clean up the house in a logical way and thinks kids would be “rewarding” HAHA yeah when your fake wife is doing all the actual birthing and housework. God im already so emotionally numb from dealing with someone I love dying a short time ago and now this, I barely even can muster up a scoff. I’m so ambivalent, all I know is I’ll never commit myself to a man for the rest of my life if this ends. I wish I had anyone else to talk to, of course this shit would happen to me. I need to get a side piece or some shit.

No. 1952452

You're going to get a side piece and bear you boyfriend's spawn? Where's your head at anon. Just get a new man

No. 1952454

I'm really sick of the way some women talk about their husbandos (on twitter and the like, not here). Calling male characters feminine terms like babygirl and wife, and talking about how they want to penetrate and impregnate them. These girls all identify as "cis", btw. It's like they can only express attraction in male terms, just total pornsick brainwashing. Women are the object of men's sexual desire, so being the object of sexual desire is inherently feminine. These women have no language for being horny as a woman, particularly a dominant one, so they adapt men's language and deny their own biology. The old "omg he makes my ovaries explode!" was ridiculous and obviously not biologically accurate, but at least you didn't have this level of gross autoandrophilia pervading the entire fandom.
Feminization of husbandos has always been happening to some extent. Hell, with how 3DPD scrotes are, I'm sure some nonas would say imagining a male to be considerate is projecting onto them. These fangirls have taken it way too far though, and it's no longer cute or funny.

No. 1952457

Oh hell no I’m never having kids, that’s my literal nightmare. I meant I just wish I had a guy to have fun and fuck around with right now cause I’m venting about being mad at my boyfriend.

No. 1952460

Post #2937187491 of a nonna who should break up with her man but will backpedal and come up with the most pathetic reasons he's worth staying around for if you point it out

No. 1952463

Yep I’m a fucking idiot I wish I could go back in time 10 years and never fucking date anyone, I’m definitely going to spiral now.

No. 1952464

KEK I fucking hate it nona. We don't gaf about your retarded scrote just dump him. Why do people stay with people they hate?

No. 1952468

I felt like the babygirl trend was somewhat cute and funny but now it's so overdone. The whole impregnation and cuntboy trend is just gross, why are we stooping to the level of pornsick moids?

No. 1952471

I don't fucking get this either, I'm glad I'm not retarded enough to stay with stupid ass scrotes kek. Just further affirms the fact that most relationships are a thing for the convenience of having someone to split bills with and so that they aren't alone

No. 1952472

Because I don’t hate him…I wouldn’t be with him for so long if I hated him, that’s why I’m venting about something I heard just now that shocked me.

No. 1952482

I hate women who feel a need to constantly assert that they look younger than their age and compare themselves to other women. My mother was one of those people, when she would compare herself to me it was either "omg we look the same age! Don't I look like I could be your sister?! I look so young!" ,"your hair is so bad, look at mine it looks and feels nice! Your skin looks terrible l, mine is so glowy! You have bags under your eyes, I don't get those under my eyes". I didn't think too much of it when I was younger, but that among other things made me realize that she's in a one-sided competition with me. You don't own a home, a car, can't keep a job and don't have shit of your own, you have way bigger fish to fry than if you look better than your daughter. And you look your age too.

No. 1952486

Nta but this is the vent thread. You don't need to "gaf" about anyone's vents.

No. 1952491

I've been smoking weed flat out for a decade and it just occurred to me tonight some of my closest friends stopped hanging out with me shortly after that time and I was closely too fucking high to realise. I was googling my old username and found all these tweets between me and this great group of girls and I'm like I should message them, but then I'm also exactly the same as how they left me and they're married with kids they don't give a fuck lol. Like I went and got two degrees during this decade too but I'm doing fucking nothing with them. I could have stayed in my white collar job, still maintained good friendships and probably have my own place. Good job me.

No. 1952493

She sounds like a nightmare

No. 1952495

Dump him

No. 1952506

The weird as fuck thing is that the women I saw doing this don't even seem to imagine their husbandos as cuntboys or anything, but they still say stuff like that. Ironically TiFs are the only ones who get to talk about wanting to be eaten out.
>the babygirl trend was somewhat cute and funny but now it's so overdone
Exactly, it's not wrong in and of itself, but when it catches on longterm it shows something messed up is going on.

No. 1952513

I’m in the process of buying my first house but I don’t know if I’m a retard for getting a mortgage with interest rates as they are at the moment aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 1952515

I'm feeling down so I went to go talk to my bf and of course he does not ask how I am doing or what is wrong and proceeds to ask when are we going on another date, what he did that day, what videos hes watching etc. "If you wanted to talk about it you would have" for fucks sake do I even have to guide you on how to have a conversation back and forth? I would have been better off talking to the actual walls of my bedroom

No. 1952535

My kitten got her first heat earlier then expected and we had to cancel her spaying appointment to postpone it till she was done with it. Unfortunately, someone in my household left a door loose and she got out during her heat. She doesn’t have a collar or tag on, our neighborhood is big with coyotes and cars. It’s cold as shit today too. We have two options. She comes back pregnant, or she never comes back at all. Fuck, I want to cry. I am so angry and upset. Fucking ridiculous.

No. 1952539

My ass is bleeding, from scratching too hard.

No. 1952550

Do all men learn this phrase somewhere? My bf just texts the same things and wonder why I don't feel a strong emotional connection with him when we have to spend days apart. Feels like you're just a soundboard for them. I've been sat at his house with him not engaging in conversation to get a message from his mate to go on xbox and he's like do you mind. Then you hear him light up and laughing and you're like guess I'm just a hole

No. 1952563

I really think most men are just unfit and emotionally unavailable to be in a loving relationship. They don’t know what love actually is.

No. 1952565

When they say shit like "I'm gonna breed/impregnate him" it sounds so pathetic. Using moid language on 2d men isn't "based", you're a loser.

No. 1952567

Don't know why this post didn't start with "ex-boyfriend" instead

No. 1952568

They're texts can be so fucking dry and shit too like tells me what show he's watching, you reply oh what's it about is it good, they just reply yes its good. Especially the moids that try to act deep and complex thinkers and love to watch long form podcasts like weaponized or Joe rogan (barf) and you're like oh he's got opinions. So you ask about the topics he replies I think it's interesting and that's it. Like how's it interesting what are your actual fucking thoughts?? I've thought about it two and my last two serious relationships the man went to same sex high schools idk if that makes them even more broken socially. It's like they can just describe visuals and the present, they struggle to articulate abstract thoughts.

No. 1952570

Had the exact same shit happen to me only it's Discord instead of Xbox
It's true, I keep thinking maybe there's a chance they're not all like that but it's delusional cope

No. 1952574

Oh ffs my xbox bf got discord for day z and he won't even play diablo with me anymore. Day z such a shite game too. Oh let's play on this hacked server where it doesn't matter about accumulating resources or anything or wait I think I hear a person, Oh I'm dead let's do that again. Oh I've spawned in close to the guy that shot me haha he's dead now. Repeat like play fucking cod or something just say you love chatting up pickmes on proximity chat and you can pretend you're buff and active by moving a graphic with the joystick. You're such a provider! Fuck Gay Z and fucking Running Man Zed

No. 1952599

I hate being around people and am doing my best to isolate myself from everyone who cares about me

No. 1952600

Also I become horrible to people who show romantic interest in me, I don't know why

No. 1952611

That's what I assume. I think she's used to people coming to her instead of it being the other way around.

The thing that really bothers me is that when I reply to her immediately when I'm free it doesn't happen but as soon as I don't reply to her for 1-2 days but am still visibly online she vagues about it (and her messages were nothing urgent or anything, mostly ongoing conversations about characters)
But you know what, reading your post made me realize that I probably never really communicated my situation either (not wanting a friendship that relies on me texting them everyday) and my other friend I talked to about this just said to wait it out so I do appreciate your perspective, thank you! I'll think about how to best approach her.

No. 1952621

Kek same. 'Dated' this tif last year and kept making her cry for fun. Liked her when we were friends but when she told me liked me I got grossed out

No. 1952628

Funny how they tell on themselves by being this offended that you don't trust them entirely by default. It's basically "how dare you think bad of me? how dare you question me? do you know how fucking inconvenient this is!?", and later they only confirm they truly don't deserve to be trusted. KEK. I've just remembered how upset my ex got when I got upset, having heard him yelling at his mother for something stupid. I expressed my fear that he would yell at me like that as well when we'd start living together, that I don't know what harmless thing could set him off. "OoOooOoo you don't trust me!". Guess what, he's married now and he confessed himself he yells like a mad ape whenever they have an argument and something sounds too "venomous" to him. But he blames himself just a little kek.

No. 1952634

i have been suicidal for most of my life. i have made great improvements with my mental health but none of that matters now i suppose i was just mentioning that i have tried very hard to heal. i am medicated and in therapy. i dont want to suicide bait but i just need somewhere to let things out before i make this decision. it needs to be done. i want to fight against this, but ive done that my whole life. i think this is ultimately my fate. i don’t know why, my heart yearns for a peaceful, safe state beyond this. i love the world and those around me but not myself. this makes me selfish sometimes ironically because i grow distant, i struggle to put my feelings aside all of the time. i wish i was stronger. my heart would break if anyone chose to do this to themselves but i want to do it. im so tired of being talked out of it from my head or reading things. what is one last thing i can do for others? genuinely. im sorry to sound like a child. i cant live because i am too scared of being alone and with age have struggled to uphold all of my responsibilities. i wish i could be warm and safe and a proper adult, i wish i could love better. im scared, i am petrified but i know if i drink a lot i can stick to it. i just cant tell anyone or be suspicious because i dont want to go to the mental hospital. i should do it tonight because if not im scared ill chicken out. i dont want to die because im scared of failing. im scared of ruining the lives of those i love. but if im gone, i will have peace, and i will no longer be a burden to myself or anyone else. i hope you will all find love and peace. im sorry life can be so hard. i have read so much from you all and you are so very strong itslovely

No. 1952675

Okay so I know I've made posts similar to this in the past couple years I've been aware my therapist/psychologist is retiring. So I'm sorry if this is repetitive, but the past few weeks have been really hard and I have no one to talk to about it so I just need to vent. Last session we talked about what's going to happen after he retires and we both came to an agreement that we'd like to stay in touch either through email or text or talking over the phone and going for walks or to get coffee together sometimes. Last session he mentioned how he had done so with a few clients in the past and it didn't work out, so this session I asked what those clients were like and why it didn't work out. He was sort of vague on the details like saying the clients had trouble transitioning from a client/therapist relationship to a friendship. And that they would still treat the hangouts like a session, even referring to him as Dr.lastname and I'm assuming not taking interest in his life like a friendship would usually be like. He said one of the people was a man around his age that he still is in somewhat contact with, and the other two were women he doesn't speak to anymore. One was around mid thirties and one in her fifties, but I'm not sure if those are current ages or how old they were at the time he saw them. I was kind of weirded out two of them were women much younger than him to be honest, and surprised his wife was accepting of that. He told me the one in her thirties he used to invite to family dinners at his house, like Christmas and Thanksgiving and stuff like that. I was kind of shocked because that seems like such an overstep for me, like how was that explained to his family and were they okay with it? He said he felt she was in need of a family dynamic or environment or something like that. But it also made me sad cause like where is she now? How is she coping with having that and then losing it? And will he do something similar with me, like go for coffee and keep in touch for a little while then just leave? I don't know maybe I'm overthinking this, I've never had a situation like this and I don't know what to think so I'm just kind of worried and sad about everything.

No. 1952704

Reading the celebricows thread is such a chore sometimes, the conversations will be engaging and interesting and then some stupid ass anon will completely derail the thread with others following suit and everyone lacks reading comprehension, but when nonas will try to redirect the anons derailing they get banned for derailing, such a sad state

No. 1952708

im chugging vodka so i dont chicken out. i tried calling my boyfriend but hes tired of me. he thinks im pulling a dramatic stunt because i would isolate myself. he owes me nothing i know. he doesnt know im doing this. i just want to hear him but maybe i should not give him some reason to blame himself. im petrified. im petrified. please let me be at peace. i dont know where else to go as this all happens. i dont want to be alone as it happpens.

No. 1952719

please don't go nona. I feel the same way about life and thinking about doing it too, I feel like a burden to everybody. but we must live things might change.. drink and sleep but please still live. I wish we could be friends

No. 1952727

Yowzas switching between medications and almost having no friends to talk to about it and no job and nowhere to go except your stanky house and being so worn down by the side effects of said medications that you don't want to leave said stanky house is a vicious inhumane cycle. Sometimes I just resort to driving around town for an hour and stopping somewhere. I downloaded meetup and I was gonna download bumble bff but I have no idea what the fuck to list as my interests and what to even talk about when my life is a fragrant trash fire, I just wish I had one friend and I'm too afraid to contact the one who might talk to me after two months of not doing so. What am I supposed to say? Hey girl, I went to the ER twice and am a husk hopped up on benzos right now?

No. 1952730

me too nonna. i can be so selfish with my emotions, isolating and all… but when i hear you feel the same? it breaks my heart. i want to hold you and encourage you to enjoy the little things. allow you to feel safe and warm and loved. its such a shame so much is placed upon us. im so sorry you hurt. i love you anonymously, no matter how ridiculous it sounds i do. and i hate to flip it back upon me but i have to do this. my assignments are becoming overdue, my boyfriend i think is tired of my unstable mental health and i want peace for myself ad those around me. if i dont do it tonight what if i never do? what if nobody tjinks im serious? they cant just be cries for help. i cant be a cowward anymore. i wish he could hold me one last time. oh nonnie. please take the happy parts of me and use it for your soul. my sweet nonnie.

No. 1952745

my chest has hurt every single day since 2018. sometimes it flares up; it's doing that now, and i hate it. i just want a healthy body. maybe now that i have a decent job with insurance i can see a doctor who won't treat me like i'm just a lump of meat sitting around in their office. god i hate doctors

No. 1952747

File: 1712369780050.jpeg (95.19 KB, 828x768, IMG_1875.jpeg)

>Submit license renewal 10 days before expiring, I guess it's my fault because it's short
>Government website says 3-5 days
>License is set to expire 5 days from now
I'm going to fucking yell

No. 1952780

I just realised I meant 10 days ago, not 10 days from expiration

No. 1952784

I hope you are okay…. thank you so much… I love you anonymously too nona.. just know even here people are thinking of you and want you to be well and live. if you don't do it tonight then beautiful things will await you in the future I am sure of it. let him hold you again! please be okay nona I will be thinking of you. even though you feel so hopeless you are still spreading hope and love. there's no reason that should go away

No. 1952805

I feel like I can only do socially avoidant activities such as reading or watching a basic movie or else I start to have a panic attack. It didn't used to be this bad for me. Idk what has changed in the last year.

No. 1952809

nonnie areyou ok!? im not. scared. let me help you’ hahaah. so shameful on my endx you are strong!!

No. 1952830

File: 1712376868747.jpg (57.68 KB, 400x388, vkr13.jpg)

>feel dejected about the passage of time
>remember i get to eat some little shortbread cookies tomorrow morning
It's the little things nonnas

No. 1952840

the world did end in 2012

No. 1952854

i hate my life. i just want to feel stable and happy. i’m tired of being alone. i just want someone to care. i don’t care if it’s a friend or a boyfriend or whatever. i want to feel cared for. i put myself in uncomfortable situations just to feel loved and it’s so hard to not go back just to feel something. i wish i could fast forward to the day my life finally falls in place. i hate this feeling of limbo and ambiguity. i don’t know if i’ll ever be successful. my studies aren’t even progressing because i’m so mentally ill. i want to feel like an adult who has everything together. when i turned 18 i didn’t expect shit to hit the fan so quick. i keep looking at my kindergarten pictures wondering what 5 year old me would think if she saw the state of me now. being mentally ill is horrible but it’s worse being it all alone with no support from anybody. my parents make me feel lonely. i just fake a smile to my mother and i barely exist to the sad excuse of a “father” i have. he only cares about himself and money. i saw him rummaging the mail because i’m supposed to get college grant money in soon. i just stare at him because we both know what he’s looking for and he makes excuses that he’s searching for his packages. how can someone care this little. i hate him. such a greedy sleazy excuse of a human. i wish i had a normal family. all i want is to be normal.

No. 1952862

I just had a really bad breakdown because of my chronic pain and I'm close to ending it. Now I feel even more like shit because I made my boyfriend cry and now he's staying over to make sure I don't hurt myself. I wish I had ended things early on, I always knew my fate was to kill myself and I was wrong to stay with him for so long.

No. 1952894

I'm on the verge of dumping my boyfriend. But I fel bad for it. I've been waiting for two years for him to get better but he gets worse. He's adopted, his mother died of cancer, two of his cats died (They were free roaming), his chipped his front tooth, fails his drivers test every couple weeks, refuses to finish collage.

This guy is a misery machine. But scared that if I dump him he'll go over the edge. But now I'm miserable.

No. 1952895

File: 1712383204283.jpg (78.69 KB, 574x102, Tumblr_l_27221318167426.jpg)

I have fucking bedbugs. I want to die

No. 1952915

i dont have much to say except i feel really similar, and i hope things can get better for both of us..

No. 1952923

I got sexually assaulted when I was freshly 18 and it negatively impacted any romantic or sexual relationship progress I had going forward. I became afraid of most men because I'd known my assaulter for a while before he did, so who's to say I wouldn't get hurt again. I started getting a lot better about 4 years later after finding more men I genuinely trusted. But then, I got into a freak accident and was bed ridden and recovering for months. The weight gain and scars on me made me incredibly insecure and so even when I was recovered, I wasn't sure… and then the pandemic hit. Then years later I'm coming out even fatter and more depressed. I start changing my life around and lose a lot of the weight and I've come to accept my scars. Very very very recently did I ever have another sexual experience with a man I knew I could trust. I didn't want firsts to be tied to a relationship, especially since I was more looking to get past a sexual fear hurdle more than seek a romantic relationship, but I also didn't know if I could just trust some casual fling to make me feel safe. So it was with a friend of a couple of years and I can honestly say it was a genuinely comfortable experience. I felt safe to try things and also lean back and know I can stop things when I want to. It was nice to have a sexual experience with someone else that wasn't actively traumatic.

That's good and everything, so I did reluctantly tell my friends. Not heavy details, but the gist. I'd been with someone finally, it was comfortable, it was safe, it gave me something good to think about myself. They'd known about my sexual assault and apprehension with men and had cheered me on in the background before so I hoped they'd just be happy for me and know how important that was. Instead I got replies of whatever, we've done it before, it's not a big deal, why do you feel the need to mention that. I guess I just feel stupid typing it now. Now I just feel dumb for being so afraid so long. Maybe I'm just stupid

No. 1952939

>two of his cats died
Thats what happens when you're a irresponsible pet owner. I hope he knows its his fault.

No. 1952947

I hope the inventor of WEBP files gets AIDS.

No. 1952952

No. 1952954

god yes

No. 1952963

File: 1712389904215.gif (1.39 MB, 315x174, 685.gif)

I borrowed my brother's phone and saw he had screenshotted something about a nude ai deepfake app/site. I'm gonna confront him about it and ask if he would wanna be deepfaked getting ass raped by big burly men and I might even call him a faggot. Fuck scrotes.

No. 1952976

like he'd care?
Youre better off publicly embarrassing him so people he cares about shame him. He wont give a fuck about what you have to say
Get all your friends to laugh at him and shame him for being such a porn addicted loser
He wont really care anyways though

No. 1952977

Same, and anons constantly reposting the exact same things over and over and over and over because they don't know how to ctrl+f

No. 1952999

I don't have friends so that's not an option. I think the only person who would maybe care is our mom. You're right though he probably won't even care and he'll continue being a coomer anyways.

No. 1953029

Don't confront him. Make good on this:
>if he would wanna be deepfaked getting ass raped by big burly men
Keep the deepfake(s), wait some time and find out if he's deepfaking any women he knows, blackmailing them, posting it anywhere, etc. Then do it to him and/or ruin his life.

No. 1953052

My laptop broke last week and as a result I've replaced all my laptop time with my phone instead. It's dragged down my life quality by A LOT. I used to think my laptop was sucking out too much of my time and energy but somehow the phone is SO much worse! Everything on the phone is designed for a short attention span and I can feel how it's actively draining me out. Nothing short lived is relaxing, relaxation is a slow, long comfy process that doesn't come in phone form.

No. 1953054

File: 1712399978894.png (107.42 KB, 960x960, yes honey.png)

Why did I say yes to working on saturday?

No. 1953079

>Nice summer type weather is starting to appear
>Be me
>No friends
>All my hobbies are indoors
>Nothing to pass the time with except wageslave job
Kill me

No. 1953080

Our local imam declares the dead with a microphone and he just called a woman “the wife of (our ex-imams name)” before saying her actual name

No. 1953108

Why are you listening to that moid?

No. 1953115

It pisses me off when women complain that their nigel doesn't ever disagree or argue with them and that they want to be challenged. Give me him to me then, I'm tired of men being fucking annoying and disagreeable for no reason.

No. 1953140

File: 1712406254493.jpeg (136.49 KB, 407x417, IMG_9905.jpeg)

>jannies defending hypersensitive tranny women who get to roleplay as a moid and betray their entire sex
>after betraying entire sex and demeaning them by playing glorified tomboy persona they get to turn around and run back to female spaces when they see the consequences of their very own self-induced mental illness
>need metaphorical mommy’s teets to suck on because someone was being mean because they don’t know how to function outside of the troon hugboxes of which they came from where it’s back and forth ritual abuse and victimizing swinging on a pendulum

I wish crystal.cafe was more active because this faggotry they allow here way is too much but god forbid you want dumbass shit thread back, all of the vultures and no-fun having brain damaged users jump out to make you look crazy for wanting a thread back that was super popular. They must be into witchcraft or something because I don’t understand the sudden vendetta or hatred against that thread that almost everyone used like just hide the mf thread, that’s why they created that function in the first place. This is why I fucking hate TIFs as much as TIMs, a bunch of crybabies who’s mission is to make another woman’s life as less enjoyable as possible because they themselves are not comfortable being born a woman. All so tiresome.

No. 1953142

Because he’s speaking with a microphone you retarded whore I can hear him even with the windows closed

No. 1953205

cc is inactive because all the women who discover it and make a few posts get banned while scrotes and troons are allowed to shit up the place with cp and suicidebait all the time. zero consequences too.

No. 1953215

Nonnie im so sorry

No. 1953224

Anybody else have small boobs? They legit make me feel incredibly unwomanly. And their is this association big boobs = adult woman, small boobs = child. Idk makes me feel down and not womanly.

No. 1953226

My older sister is so ignorant about world events that it's painful. It seems like she gets all her viewpoints from fucking Tiktok. I really do not know if I can ever have any sort of relationship with her. Also, she's diagnosed with BPD.

No. 1953233

Noahfence but how are they betraying their entire sex? They’re just larping. Nobody takes them seriously and nothing actually changes for women as a result. Tradthots probably betray their sex more, their bullshit actually affects the political climate.

No. 1953235

You can’t be like “uhh nbuhhh muh hugbox” when people say it’s weird you’re so angry about this. You can post your violent impulses and people can call you schizo for it, or do you want a hugbox for your opinions only?

No. 1953245

I have small boobs that are widely spaced so I feel you, at times they make me insecure compared to other women. I have zero cleavage and they look kinda ugly when I'm not wearing a bra. If I were a normie I'd probably want or be saving up for implants or a breast lift but I refuse to let some scrote or handmaiden surgeon cut me up. Besides, there are some perks to having small boobs too. Less struggle with finding clothes that are flattering, less moids being gross about your breast size, easier to exercise, no back pain, etc. I guess it's easy for us to think the grass is greener on the other side but I'm sure having a large chest comes with an entirely different set of issues and insecurities too

No. 1953257

Do you have any outdoor space nona? I find gardening really relaxing and rewarding plus it's a solo activity that can be done pretty cheaply if you do some research. Going for walks and checking out your neighborhood is also an option, that way you can enjoy the weather and no one would think anything of someone walking by themselves

No. 1953274

Ntayrt but I have small boobs and I go perma braless. I love it and idc whoever seethes and malds. Your small boobs are beautiful free of the painful bra imposition. Become one of us. Be free.

No. 1953279

I actually love having a small chest, I would hate jiggling like a cow as I walk. It would be better if they were even smaller because they make me feel like a fat guy. Flat chests are my personal beauty ideal. Big boob = more womanly is a scrote mindset. Get over it

No. 1953283

I have a friend who says she can talk to spirits and ghosts and it hasn't been an issue to me until a few days ago when we were hanging out in my apartment and she told me that there was a ghost visiting which had a message for me. I'm used to having her point out that there's a ghost nearby now and then, but the message part was new. She mentioned that the ghost had shown her a sea shell and that while she didn't know what it meant, the ghost said that I would, which I didn't. She complained that I was close-minded and that this was the reason ghosts so rarely approached her when she was hanging out with me, because my mind wasn't open to the idea of them. She was hurt because she took my dismissive tone for not believing her, and while I personally don't believe in ghosts, it doesn't mean that I think what she sees and feels is not real to her. It's just not real to me, that's all. We ended the discussion and continued hanging out and talking about other things, but when she left it felt very awkward. I feel bad for making her upset, but also annoyed at her trying to involve me in something she knows I'm not interested in. I hate conflicts with friends in general, especially over a topic I have no idea how to navigate.

No. 1953286

Me too lol. It's the best thing ever. Haven't worn a bra since 6th grade.

No. 1953291

>I would hate jiggling like a cow
>Big boob = more womanly is a scrote mindset
You don't need to talk like a moid too

No. 1953292

I have small breasts too, but you don't have to dunk on women who have big ones.

No. 1953293

Recently, I've noticed that people often don't react when I speak. They won’t nod along and they have a blank look on their face. It makes me feel like I need to keep rambling to gain some acknowledgment. If I don't keep rambling, their reaction is very delayed. If I do start to ramble, sometimes they will cut me off, as if they haven't been giving me a deer-in-the-headlights look the entire time I was speaking.
I'm trying to figure out if this is a me thing, like is there something about me that bothers people (in the past this was only done to me in a mean girl context), or if that many people have just lost face-to-face social skills.

No. 1953314

I have a similar issue and think my boobs are slightly tuberous. I would consider a lift just because it has caused me great deal of body image issues. My lower half is thicker and I starved myself just so I could feel "balanced".

I know I have severe body dysmorphia. I think other women can relate to not feeling like their body looks normal or that it looks deformed with the way the female body is capitalized. I would look at porn or naked women when I was younger just to compare my body. Honestly a few days ago I came across pictures of nude pinups from like the 1950s and earlier and even though the bodies were still idealized (most big boobed), I couldn't get over how many had large (aka normal) sized aerolas. I have "pepperoni nipples" which I heard boys saying about women when I was a teen and felt like something was totally wrong with me, yet almost all the vintage pinups had bigs ones, even the smaller breasted ones. It's just kinda amazing how badly society treats womens bodies. We can never be good enough because the goal post is always changing and moids are influenced by what they see and what other moids say. Idk sorry for the rant.

No. 1953316

>jiggling like a cow as I walk
Don't shit on big boobed woman like that, wtf.

No. 1953320

male metabolism I HATE YOU!!! stupid boys can eat and eat and I think I gain weight watching them.

No. 1953321

my grandma keeps hiring these shitty fucking "contractors" who have to come back every single time after they did work because there's always something wrong with it. this time they caused a gas leak in her house doing work in the attic and i have to watch them lie and play in her face because they think they can take advantage of her because she's old. AND THEY DO because nobody believes me when i say they're taking advantage of her, like nobody in the family even cares and i'm just a kid to them still so of course they don't take me seriously. im the one who got carbon monoxide alarms installed for her because i was afraid something like this would happen. like i fucking hate these people man they're not good people, they manipulate her into thinking they're friends and there's nothing i can do while she throws tens of thousands of dollars of her savings at them for their shitty, lazy, often dangerous work. like she does not understand how much they are fucking her house up God i hate it i don't want these people who have no regard for her health and safety in her house

No. 1953324

And they lose weight easier too, yet so many are fat fuck slobs. At least many fat women look pretty. Fat men always look like ugly boars.

No. 1953328

I saw a video sometime back of some young guy losing something like 8 pounds just by not eating for 5 days.

No. 1953349

>they’re just larping
So are tradwives. And they’re traitors because they perpetuate an agenda that seeks to erode biological women’s right to autonomy, quite similar to the tradwife. They also desperately try to appease men by absorbing their sexist beliefs and weaponize them in arguments against those “rude, mean”feminists who talk shit about men. I’ve never seen moids engage in such traitorous, backstabbing behavior, even if they feign being feminists they all as a class stick for each other. If you’re asking me why it’s traitorous to begin with then I honestly can’t trust women fuck the idea of sisterhood
Terrible projection, go away and leave normal women alone please

No. 1953354

Why do people always gotta describe big chested women as cows? That's so dehumanizing wtf

No. 1953360

>at least fat women look pretty
Yeah, no. Fatties of both genders look absolutely awful and people look way better when they’re skinny. Women keep on more weight than men for reproductive purposes but not to the extent where you’re fat as shit, fatties have mental disorders or underlying medical conditions they need to address because being that fat is not that natural. Even when fatties bring up that fatness used to be a beauty standard for women it’s because those women were so enabled by their social stature and wealth (didn’t have to work like poor women) they became deathfats. It’s not natural for women to be fatties, period

No. 1953383

Oh no, the poor beauty standard is getting insulted. Who tf cares.

No. 1953388

How have they betrayed you personally. I can safely say my life hasn’t been affected one iota by the stupid shit FtMs do to themselves. You’re acting like they sold you into slavery.

No. 1953397

>Why do people always gotta describe big chested women as cows?
That is what they are(infight bait)

No. 1953400

that's how trannies talk. cringe.

No. 1953401

I have small boobs but many big boobed women feel like shit because their boobs are natural and have normal sag normal aerolas but porn and shit gives the expectation that they should be huge floating orbs. The beauty standard is unfair to both body types.

No. 1953404

trannies do lots of things, like eating and breathing. are those cringe too?

No. 1953407

when trannies do them, yes. but only insecure mentally ill women and tranny moids call big boobie women cows.

No. 1953410

I'm at my fucking limit. I got yelled at by some old fuck cause he's deaf, and so I'm repeating myself and then he's mad at me cause he is deaf and doesn't like when people talk a lot???
Then he is also mad because I tell him the parts and service department is closed during the Weekend and that he misread the sign. It says "9-4". Bitch, READ WE DONT EVEN OPEN AT 9 ON WEEKEND, IT OBV SAYS SALES.
Another woman was getting angry at me because Service did a bad job. I get her frustration, you pay 1.3k and your car breaks down less than a week later. However it's closed during the weekend and I cannot do anyrhing, we cannot do anything, theres no manager in the office. She then tells me "well on your website it says 10-4" obviously, you didn't read the website properly because it says in fat fucking letters that the service/pieces AREN'T open on weekend.
Fucking hell man, make it end

No. 1953412

I have medium and it makes me insecure in a weird way (sorry to piggyback off of your vent anon). I feel like everyone is always big vs small boobs but sizes that are neither big nor small are never talked about and kind of ignored. I both feel like I'm too small and too big because no one ever specifically mentions finding medium size attractive, meanwhile even though conventionally attractive is ofc big boobs there are plenty of people who specifically mention liking small or flat breasts. Not big enough for people who like big breasts, but too big for people who like small breasts. Just never met anyone who specifically likes medium. I feel like I always have to be either smaller or bigger to fit someone's preference.

No. 1953413

Good, who cares about whats happening in the world? You cant really do anything about it, it wont change the way you live. Most of the really bad stuff is happening thousand of miles away from you. Who cares? You only add useless info to your already overloaded brain. I wish i was an airhead retard tbh

No. 1953414

A little chubby not morbidly obese. Many women will have hormonal issues that make it easier for them to be chubby than males. And many chubby women dress well and take care of themselves to look nice unlike fat moids who are ugly slobs and fat. Idk just my opinion.

No. 1953416

nta but so fuckin true

No. 1953421

I just wished they had small boob sizes in stock at stores for women who are taller than 5 foot 4. I feel like the availability would help you feel less ostracized. Why the hell can't I find a 40A at Walmart or Target? Why do I have to pay up 20x to find a bra that actually fits? Idk I feel like I'm missing something and the average small chested women knows how to get around it. I hate wearing the bralettes and sports bras with just the foam and a general size, like even the L size general bras aren't going to fit me because they make me look very flat and shallow. I still have cups. The breast tissue is still there. Like I cannot wear no bra because you can see my nipples and then there's no support either lol.

No. 1953422

A lot of men say a handful is more than enough. Medium is perfect of both world imo. At least you are proportional. I see pedo anime artists draw lolis with my body type and it makes me feel disgusting and feel like shit like only pedos are attracted to me for having small boobs. At least I'm not short. It would probably make it worse. I think many women feel insecure about their breasts since the ideal is not attainable or normal for the vast majority of women. It's so heavily ingrained and pushed on us at a young age what is "good" breasts. We all kinda lose regardless of boob size.

No. 1953424

Yes I’ve always had small breasts and I was insecure about them in my youth because people would insult me by saying I’m a boy for being flat chested. Now I don’t care and I like them although I do occasionally feel less “womanly” I guess when I try to wear clothing made for a certain body type and it looks silly with my zero cleavage chest.

No. 1953429

Big tit women don't get bullied all throughout high school for their tits, don't have 0 representation in media, don't get humiliated by moids their entire life, etc. Completely different

>I see pedo anime artists draw lolis with my body type and it makes me feel disgusting and feel like shit like only pedos are attracted to me for having small boobs

I know how you feel and i hate it, the worst part is i'm also short. Even my ex said shortly after i turned 18 "whoever is attracted to you is probably a pedophile", like wtf. Idk if you are a weeaboo but i am and it sucks how i've hardly seen any non loli small-chested anime girls, only ones i can think of is the mc from wotakoi and rukia from bleach.

No. 1953431

>Big tit women don't get bullied all throughout high school for their tits, don't have 0 representation in media, don't get humiliated by moids their entire life, etc
Have you never talked to another woman in YOUR entire life

No. 1953434

but on the other hand, women only need half the exercise of a man to have the same healthy benefits. having more muscles requires more upkeep for them, and women can survive easier with less food which is cheaper

No. 1953436

Body Check Body Check Body Check Body Check Holy shit we fucking get it, you're fat and you can't stand seeing normal skinny people existing

No. 1953438

>Big tit women don't get bullied all throughout high school for their tits
You have to be kidding me.

No. 1953440

rattle rattle you were the one calling women with big boobs cows

No. 1953441

They get bullied but its kind of like being bullied for having a big cock

No. 1953444

I'm not. Women with big boobs (or trannies) bullied me all through high school bc of it to the point where i have body dysmorphia to this day. Once again, the beauty standard playing the victim >>1953441 What nonna said

No. 1953446

Moids don't get called cows, sluts, or fast for having a big penis. You obviously have never talked to moids or women.

No. 1953447

You're right, I've never interacted with either gender ever

No. 1953448

Stop talking like a moid

No. 1953449

Not to shill plastic surgery but i hated my boobs more than anything and it gave me severe body dysmorphia (wouldn't leave the house over it) and 95% was cured by having them fixed with surgery. I don't even mind the scars, they saved me from what I hated the most. Like I didn't even have pepperoni nipples, I had an entire cheese platter nipples, it was that bad. It's nowhere near small even after the surgery, if anything I have pepperonis now but it actually makes me feel normal compared to what I used to have lmao

No. 1953450

Most of this is because the woman in question is a fatty, not because her boobs are big

No. 1953451

Any further infighting/derailing about breast size will get twice the normal ban length, you have been warned. The vent thread is not the place for this discussion anyway.

No. 1953457

i’m murdering the next boomer that tells me i look bored. i just have hooded eyes, you cunt.

No. 1953461

My post has nothing to do with anything going on in this thread fatso

No. 1953469

contractor who works on my grandmas house said: it's ok if there's a little carbon monoxide in the attic, it will go up and out through the roof. like holy shit man. and she will hire him again too

No. 1953479

File: 1712421610963.jpeg (191.18 KB, 792x800, IMG_9907.jpeg)

>makes food for me and my mum
>uses bathroom
>about to finally eat
>iphone drops and for the first time it cracks and completely shatters the upper top half of my entire screen so badly
>is still able to use though lol

ughhh i’m actually not that pissed off because I know these phones are vulnerable to falls and accidents but it happened in such a split second I couldn’t prevent it and that’s what makes me so annoyed kek. i wish I was tech-savvy enough to replace my own screen but that shit looks so hard so I’m gonna have to pay for it to get it fixed AGAIN

No. 1953483

Thanks nonnie, I'm lucky to have some nice spots close to me which is great. It's just the crippling loneliness, I don't really live in a place where it's even normal to say hi if you pass someone on the street. Too bad but I guess it'll work out some way.

No. 1953512

File: 1712424305705.jpg (49.76 KB, 625x416, sun.jpg)

The days are longer now and it's starting to get more sunny and warm again. Everyone around me is like "oOh, how amazing, such nice weather, how good it feels to wake up while the sun is already shining" and so on. And I'm here, not being able to function above 25°C and getting depression from too much sunlight and you can't tell anyone because they don't understand and you are just whining because look how amazing the weather is now. And soon, when it's above 25°C for many days in a row I have to wear short sleeves because I hate sweating and being hot and then people will stare at me again because of some scars I produced when I was stupid and young. The worst part is, I haven't self-harmed in years but every summer the thoughts start creeping back into my mind until it's August/September and I'm not able to take the subway without thinking about jumping in front of it. It would be so much easier to just be more depressed when it's winter because everyone understands and has their own story to share about it, but being depressed in the summertime, hell no, that's not possible and you just need to change your point of view and go outside, catching some sunlight to boost your mood.

No. 1953527

Sad and fat. Thats moi

No. 1953537

Sounds like hell t. fellow hot weather hater
Luckily I live in the north and we had a snow storm yesterday and today was 0 degrees so I'm fine for the time being.

No. 1953551

I live somewhere below Denmark, so in northern Europe, but where do you live? A snow storm and 0 degrees sound amazing right now, we had 22°C today and it's only April.

No. 1953564

i'll accept my ban for further derailing sorry farmhands, but I truly want to know how getting called fast and a slut is only a fat girl thing/due to being fat? because it's not from what i've seen, there were thin girls with big boobs or ass getting called that plenty of times at school(derailing)

No. 1953578

i failed chemistry twice and decided to just graduate with a general studies degree and i still got the job i wanted. there's options out there

No. 1953602

Are you me anon? I always get a huge mood drop with the onset of Spring and this year it hit me like a brick. It doesn't help that I live in a place that is hot year round and we only get a few weeks of nice weather. Even Christmas can be 80 degrees sometimes. I hope there's a way you can escape the heat. I don't understand what's so great about the sun beating down on you and sweating the moment you step outside but it's like everyone else can't get enough of it.

No. 1953658

So sorry that you have to go through it, too. It took me years to understand how my body works and that I get depressed because of the sun. I wouldn't walk over bridges in August/September because I felt so suicidal that I didn't trust myself. Funny part is, in my country you can only have "winter depression", but that you can feel horrible in the summer isn't an option. 80 degrees on Christmas sounds horrible to me, at least I have the luxury of seasons in my country and some nice months to not feel like I'm dying. But we don't have air conditioners at home or at most workplace, so when it's hot, it's hot inside the buildings as well, you just can't escape the summer. Hope you survive spring and summer and maybe find a place to live where it isn't hot year round.

No. 1953670

i even miss the oversaturated movies, tv shows, music videos, and photography. now everything is shot/colorgraded in near greyscale. all the greyishness just reflects how depressed everyone is now. why wont they bring color back.

No. 1953709

i take it as a huge compliment whenever someone holds open the door for my big ugly ass

No. 1953712

i feel this so bad. last summer we had months straight of 100°f+ days here and it really broke me, it's always hot here but this was record heat. but i still have people telling me it's not that bad and that i should just enjoy the sun and summer… in that kind of weather it's like you can't even go outside for 5 minutes without feeling awful. nobody takes summer seasonal depression seriously but the winter SAD people get babied and everyone feels so bad for them. like i am tired of being forced to go outside and attend things when it's consistently 95°f (IF we're lucky) and up, it is painful and depressing and really takes a toll on my body but people just don't care

No. 1953740

File: 1712436017538.jpeg (121.12 KB, 828x1570, IMG_3033.jpeg)

i get so tired of myself and i don't know how to stop. like i'm overbearing to myself and i have no idea why but i over think every little thing. literally spent like two days going back and forth on whether or not to go buy myself some puzzles to do from the thrift store. Like why?? why can't i ever just relax or shut off my brain, why do i always have to overthink everything and come up with a million little annoying ass tasks to do and beat myself up over not accomplishing it. Like, how tf cares if i pack up all my winter clothes today or tomorrow?? or do paint touch ups or reorganize the living room? like why the fuck can't i just wake up, chill, use all this mental energy to get in a good workout inand then feel accomplished enough to just relax? fuck!!!!

No. 1953744

Idk I don't want to be that asshole blog posting but Prozac straight up saved my ass. Maybe it was just a correct diagnosis and subsequent prescription that helped - I wasn't misprescribed it, let's put it that way. It was for bulimia / OCD behaviors and I'm not "cured" but my entire life has changed for the better. It makes it more manageable.

No. 1953786

I am so sick of being useless and unproductive, doing nothing. I wish I could go back in time and warn myself that it would be like this, days melting into weeks into months into years of nothing, just fucking nothing. I don't think this can be called living. I can't afford to move out or get a car. Can't use the family car because my dad won't let anyone else touch it, and even if I could, there are no jobs here for me to drive to anyways. Online work isn't really a thing here, and every time I try to apply to an American company, nothing, it's like throwing apps into an abyss. Every day feels so sticky and useless and wasted. I'm so restless and desperate. I have no friends because I don't talk to anyone, I don't do anything, I just maintain my life. Cook, clean, bathe, that's it. I haven't bought anything for myself in years, but recently I got a planner and realized my life is empty, completely vacant. I missed my window to leave home when I had money because my mom begged me to stay and said she'd kill herself if I left. I feel trapped now, I feel like I'm going crazy, I feel like I'm going to die like this. I tried so many different psych meds back when I still had a job and lived in the US, but nothing worked. I have been so miserable my entire life, and my hope of escaping seems to get dimmer and dimmer. It's all my fault that things have ended up this way, and it makes it worse. Everything feels like a waste. It's finally dawning on me that I'm very depressed. I thought I wasn't because my schedule is very routinized and outwardly stable, but I feel like a robot running a script waiting for a miracle that will never come. I want a job, some friends, and my own place. That's really all I want. It feels so simple, but it also feels hopeless. I am feeling so much despair, but self-pity is a waste of time too.

No. 1953823

i need god to send a terf friend to me asap or i think i'm going to actually explode one day from my entire friend groups' retarded handmaidenery. most of my few male friends are tranny haters but not for the right reasons. fuck i'm going insane

No. 1953832

File: 1712440523238.webp (745.19 KB, 2000x2000, 31A2DD6B-EFFF-4E71-8CAC-DD99BF…)

Ayrt, I’m sorry anon. I’m glad you were able to move on. I guess I’m so depressed because until her, I went my whole life without ever having feelings for anyone. It felt like an alien concept to me. I was convinced I would always be loveless and I was content like that because I’d never had a taste of falling for someone. Then when out of the blue I did, it was the happiest time in my entire life, but just as quickly as it happened it all came crashing down. It’s been almost two years since, and not a single other person has caught my eye, just like how it’s always been. She was special, like she was designed just for me to love. I never minded being loveless before, but now that o had a taste I can’t go back to being happy this way. I just keep remembering how I felt for those few brief months and it’s like comparing a tropical paradise to the Antarctic winter. The thought that I have to live in Antarctica for probably many, many more years, possibly for the rest of my life, I’d unbearable to me. I can’t cope. I desperately with I was normal and could find someone else like other people do, but I can’t even picture someone I would be interested in other than her, because she’s the only one in my whole nearly 30 years I ever felt anything for. I almost wish none of it ever happened so I could continue to live in Antarctica happily.

No. 1953834

nta but I'm the original bipolar anon who was cycling through drugs and I'm still looking for that miracle drug for my bipolar. about to try latuda, wish me luck

No. 1953855

I did it again!! I let a moid derail my life for over a year for nothing! Thank god I at least didn't fall back into my isolating habits and I've already confided in my mother which is the step I always take when I want a decision to be final because I'd rather die than have my mum shit talk a decision I make that is wrong. She's what those in the industry call accountability. I'm so upset and angry! I want to scream and punch things and throw up! And me feeling like this is exactly what my ex would want too, zero compassion just kept pushing and pushing me for a reaction so he could feel self righteous. Wait until my mother hears about this!

No. 1953871

>reach out to profs ive talked to outside classes on and off to share good news about getting job i want
>positive response, feelsgood, they're happy and congratulate me
>hmm maybe i should reach out to my high school teacher who i also spoke to after graduating a few times and thought we had a good connection he was really cool, even emailed a few times
>nervous for few days then finally send quick short email asking how he is and giving him the good news
>no response still 2 days later
i hope he's busy but i'm paranoid people that went to hs with me and had fallen out of friendship with me didn't spread lies about me to make me look bad or something. it's probably because i'm not a facebook normie like he is but i never said anything weird and i'm not into him or anything, just enjoy talking to teachers i've had in the past

No. 1953875

too lazy to repost i meant i hope no one spread lies about me… some people i used to be friends with can be vindictive

No. 1953913

I really haven't been eating the best, eating too little and mostly shit like protein bars and coffee, have had the worst time trying to sleep. Just finished my first proper meal in and got super sleepy, fucking finally

No. 1953956

100°f sounds like hell, we have days like that, too, but not months of it. I honestly think we should be more outspoken about how much the weather hurts us and makes us depressed. I've recently read about a study that shows that too much sunlight makes some people feel horrible because it messes with the hormones the body produces and I wish they would research it more. At some point your body just can't function anymore, no matter if you enjoy the weather or not, but for others it's sunny and summer and holidays and sunburns, you just have to enjoy it and if you don't there is something wrong with you…