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No. 1944397

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations

don't infight, report and ignore bait, etc.
previous: >>>/ot/1923647

No. 1944404

File: 1711854326000.png (86.07 KB, 354x582, hp.png)

Yeah it's been happening for awhile now. But with hp picrel is the sorta shit that's apparently been happening.

TL;DR the new jegulus shippers keep posting their shit in the jily tag

No. 1944405

I've heard some people claim Nymphadora Tonks as non-binary kek. Some shit about her using her last name because Nymphadora is too girly, she dresses alt, and has colored hair. They start crying towards the end of the books because she embraces the name. These dumbasses just can't ever accept that a woman can be different without being some gendie retard.

No. 1944406

Seems like most of the popular gendie headcanons are with the older characters. Like yeah, there's that fringe tim!Harry headcanon, but I feel like everytime I see a gendie headcanon for hp its one of the marauder era guys (especially Regulus because he's basically an fanon oc at this point).

No. 1944412

Jegulus shippers make me want to a-log and every Marauders fan I've come across was severely retarded so they deserve any shit they get.

No. 1944419

I could imagine there being gendie stuff about Harry, but wondering about it, is Ron ignored?

No. 1944428

File: 1711859384783.jpg (55.03 KB, 304x681, ron.jpg)

Seems like it's less frequent considering 2023 was the latest I could find (then again, I'm not tumblr savvy). But they exist for both tim and tif headcanons.

No. 1944441

men with "transgirl Hc's" of underage male characters are pedophiles.

No. 1944442

It's funny cause back in the day in HP fandom (like pre-2011 when the last movie came out, dunno if that makes me old or not) the most popular Regulus ship was easily Sirius/Regulus. You basically never saw "jegulus" unless it was in the form of a threesome fic with Sirius.

No. 1944629

File: 1711891841344.png (2.22 MB, 661x5294, weebs mad.png)

>weebs and troons overreact to Japanese communist party calling it's members to report obscene material.

No. 1944633

Ok but what the hell is United Nations going to do about anime porn in reality

No. 1944637

That's calling for censorship. What do they even want to accomplish and how does that help the working class kek

No. 1944642

Nothing at all. Hollywood is arguably just as bad if not worse for involving actual actors and actresses who get molested during their careers yet the UN doesn't give a single fuck so they'll never care about drawings, unless maybe if they're super realistic and representing children who actually exist.

I hate that I recognize some of these guys. Even the few times when they want to post normal opinions that most people would agree with they sperg so hard that nobody listens to them. They're the type to greentext on social media.

No. 1944646

>That's calling for censorship. What do they even want to accomplish and how does that help the working class kek
most real communists are anti-porn and pro-censorship in most cases.

No. 1944651

They should shift focus to AV companies tha actively exploit women, but we know they won't because they are extremely shady and have deals with the yakuza. Anyways so tired of fujos and yumes getting grouped with coomer scrotes, like why the fuck do we always have to suffer because men are disgusting degenerates that commit crimes.

No. 1944654

not one person mentioned fujoshis, it wasn't even part of the dicussion and 99% of what would have been targeted would have been the type of shit degenerate moids get off to.

No. 1944660

>say fujos and yumes
>hyperfocuses on fujoshis only
lol i knew it, it's always you posting the same bait over and over. Women are always the targets of censorship campaigns anyways, it's easier to bully a woman into self-censoring than bully a scrote into doing the same.

No. 1944664

File: 1711894395110.png (82.31 KB, 738x386, Opera Snapshot_2024-03-31_0911…)

Don't worry nonna. It looks like their mostly focused on seinen shit and are more concerned with how women are being portrayed in those works. Although himes might be affected might even be a positive affect considering the state of japanese yuri

No. 1944665

nta and a yume myself but I also think yumes simply just aren't nearly as visible in fandoms, so its less on people's mind.

No. 1944666

Samefagging to say that they could still target women targeted media because if you give an inch they take a mile sort of shit.

No. 1944671

I wish i could agree with this but when it happened in the west all we got was ugly men and trannies instead. It just got worse for us while moids still get their waifus, for example look at overwatch and how all the female characters are attractive despite being a tranny/''woke'' cocksucking game, meanwhile the men remain ugly and varied. Genuinely nothing changed, because as long as men run the anime/videogame industry they are going to keep shoehorning their fetishes.

No. 1944673

Regardless this is just going to make men angry at women and blame them for this. Have you not seen all the obnoxious comments from videogamers because Japanese games are more censored now versus like 5 years ago?

No. 1944674

nta but also this, it makes them feel entitled and just makes it worse, like what happen with stellar blade and how moids are preordering the game because ''lol it makes le feminazis seethe ecksdeee''. It just makes men feel like they are fighting from freedom of speech instead of just being coomers.

No. 1944675

File: 1711895093931.jpeg (Spoiler Image,105.95 KB, 600x834, ff001501ebc0b63609c84c8b10a6be…)

This is actually very true. There is this comic (the one in this picture) where the men had petite bodies (they are adults they just had petite bodies because they are vampires who gain energy and become bigger during the night but during the day they are small) and when the comic got uploaded as josei it got taken down but when it got uploaded as seinen it is still up and not taken down. So people are only moral when it comes to josei/women content.

No. 1944676

What's the name of the comic? I can't read moonrunes.

No. 1944677

I assume this was on one of the manga aggregator sites? Wild considering the guys don't even look like the shotas that men like. They look more like bishies imo

No. 1944679

Are there any k-pop/bts fans that can fill me in on why the group look so miserable during their la performance (it’s on Disney), not a massive fan myself and maybe it’s just my lack of familiarity but it looks like something was going on at the same time or something? I’ll google it but I suspect an actual fan might have some insight.(no kpop)

No. 1944680

It's obvious to me that Regulus is only popular now because Snape is now considered problematic and Regulus is the only other redeemed Death Eater but because we know hardly anything about him they can pretend he became a flawless perfect angel, unlike Snape who stayed ugly and seething until he died. It's funny because Snape was so popular with older fans but new fans seem to see him as basically untouchable, says a lot about how fandom has evolved.

No. 1944681

kpop isnt allowed here

No. 1944682

and so we should double down on censorship.

No. 1944683

Do you want me to send you the official dlsite link or just the title?

Title: i serve twin vampires

Just a warning that the story contains non-consent in the beginning.

No. 1944686

Censorship like this will inevitably mean that women will be targeted more then men. That's why men can be straight up pedo artists and nobody bothers them but a woman can draw a non-popular ship and get death threats.

No. 1944687

It just makes thing worse for women. Things are genuinely worse now than they were pre-gamergate. Not only do we have endless female sexualization, but also trannies.

No. 1944689

Yes it was on aggregator site and its on one of those where a majority of users are josei (or fujo) readers yet they get treated like crap by the moderators.
But at the same time i cant blame those lazy moderators because its actually the dumb pickmes who go around reporting josei works that they dont like trying to get it taken down.

No. 1944699

Anon wasnt their LA performance two years ago, why are you asking about old milk. But if i would have to guess it was probably because were burned-out and overworked since during that time they talked about wanting a break from being in a group and they they want to go solo for a short-amount of time.

No. 1944713

God I fucking hate OT3fags. Any fucking polygamous ship in fandom honestly. They're always insufferable gendies who think they're different because they had the stunning and unique idea of turning a generic shitty love triangle into a generic shitty 'poly relationship' (or god forbid an 'aromantic poly queerplatonic relationship') that they pump out low effort ibis paint slop of. Like wow so revolutionary, and they flood every fucking tag with their shit, they can't tag anything properly. If I'm searching for Character A/Character B why the fuck would I want to see Character C shoved between them especially when C is an ugly fag? Sage for the rant but it pisses me off so much, the third character involved is always the ugliest and my least favorite too. Goddamn.

No. 1944725

they think theyre special and having threesomes will kill shipfag arguments in the fandom (not caring that some people have genital preferences and most of these pairings always tend to be M/F/F ships lol). poly is just another trend these weirdos push forward.

No. 1944782

File: 1711901724887.png (21.77 KB, 503x512, another psyop.png)

Simping for traditionally ugly male characters isn't something new in fandom, but holy shit, these women going "The ugly fat ogre is hotter than the bishounen" in mainstream fandom spaces are so annoying when they start to act as if their tastes were more mature and virtous.(baiting)

No. 1944790


No. 1944795

watch out, the fatty and old man lovers are going to start derailing the thread again to defend the honor of their moids.(infighting/baiting)

No. 1944813

Fat men are repulsive, how do people look at those vile creatures and become attracted to them? I'll never understand. It's absolutely horrendous. Men have no fuckin excuse to be fat. Nature is against men being fat. All men are vile beasts but fat men are another fucking level of pathetic. They should all be exterminated like the vermin they are. Being fat is a fucking sin. Gluttonous, fugly little beasts. I want to pop their fat bellies like balloons.(derailing)

No. 1944854

God can we stop with the moid sperging. All your husbandos are ugly, who truly gives a shit about whose pixels are more attractive.

No. 1944857

this topic is more about social degeneration in general.

No. 1944867

Just let women vent. It gets pretty tiring to see female characters always depicted as waifubait while male characters are allowed to be diverse and ''realistic''.

No. 1944903

Ngl the "silence doesn't mean acceptance" fucked me up.
I'm just going to stick what I like to myself. Maybe a female only fan community is impossible.

No. 1944904

If it personally offends you when women dont find your personal flavour of pixels attractive then i don't think you are ready for any form of community.

No. 1944910

You do you.

No. 1944911

>All your husbandos are ugly
Lies. Sephiroth is perfect and I can't wait to see him shirtless in the third game in full HD PS Quintuple graphics

No. 1944912

With all due respect, you'll have to get over it. You won't be able to get that here or on social media with the amount of random fighting that women do. I don't know why some women in fandom act as if all women are a monolith, and then while criticizing certain aspects of fandom for targeting women, they in the same breath do the same. The girls itt would vomit if they saw the men I find attractive kek because somehow they can't fathom that women are all diverse and have different tastes. Arguing here will do nothing, just report bait and move on. Or go to the husband or unconventional male crushes thread and feel accepted like me lol

No. 1944913

Well, that's one way to get rid of fandom discourse. Shit on people until they leave kek.
And people ask here why tumblr and twitter female communities are all shitty lmao.

No. 1944918

Same. I hate how marauders content is getting so popular with new hp fans because of tiktok. I feel like at this point a ton of them haven't even watched the movies let alone read the books.

No. 1944919

You are being so dramatic kek god forbid women shit on ugly male characters(infighting, there's a whole thread for this now, go there)

No. 1944923

> The girls itt would vomit if they saw the men I find attractive kek because somehow they can't fathom that women are all diverse and have different tastes.
You are the person that cant fanthom women having standars and asking for hot male characters. Ugly moid fuckers are so entitled. You are already winning, most scrotes in videogames/tv/anime/manga are ugly, why does it offend you so much women want attractive male characters for once.(infighting/baiting)

No. 1944924

Getting offended on behalf of fictional characters is retarded middle schooler shit but you guys also need to stop insulting women directly by calling them pickmes and tradthots for their taste is anime men. Both sides are mentally ill.

No. 1944925

Didn't you bitch on and on about ugly moids being a psy op brainwashing women for hours?

No. 1944926

>you guys also need to stop insulting women directly by calling them pickmes and tradthots for their taste is anime men.
literally no one said this

No. 1944928

It was in the previous thread

No. 1944930

The only anime involving faggot-looking bishonen men I'd ever watch is if it involves them being tortured by a female domme.

No. 1944931

The one where anons got so pissed the DM guy got called fat they derailed the entire thread over it? I genuinely don't understand why you guys can't accept women don't have to accept ugly men.(baiting)

No. 1944933

There's no way you think you can do historical revisionism for something that happened yesterday lol

No. 1944934

Nonna has to have some mental issue, seriously.

No. 1944937

You guys derailed the thread over anons making fun of your husbando, you deserved it. And now you are doing it again over anons not finding your unconventional husbandos attractive kek. Some of you need to go back to tiktok, we don't coddle moids here.(infighting)

No. 1944939

You derailed the last thread and this one.
>literally nobody
>nonna must start the revolution >>1944782

No. 1944940

I don't even like Laios. Not everyone that calls you out is the ugly moidfucker boogeyman you made up in your head

No. 1944943

So are anons not allowed to complain about fandom things that offend you anymore? she was also complaining about women with unconventional husbandos who shit on other husbandos. So i guess its fine to shit on bishies but not to shit on fat men?

No. 1944944

Why the fuck do retards think this thread is the vent thread? There was bitching about "muh I can't shit on male characters without getting attacked" in the hate thread too. Go back there.
Unless it's FANDOM DISCOURSE nobody gives a single shit about any your opinions.

No. 1944945

If it doesn't offend you then why don't you ignore it? It clearly does if every time an anon says a male character is ugly or a roidpig or whatever the fuck you start derailing over your feelings getting hurt.

No. 1944946

It literally is fandom discourse, even if you don't like it. literally just ignore it. I can't believe we have to defend our right to shit on moids, 2D ones at that, on fucking lolcow of all places.

No. 1944947

Nta but maybe because you retards won't shut the fuck up about it.
Make a moid character hate thread if you need to vent so badly.

No. 1944951

Because it's impossible to ignore when its fucking groundhog day with you people fighting over the same topic every other week just make your own thread already.

No. 1944952

Why? to coddle your feefees?(infighting)

No. 1944953

You can go to the husbando thread or the 5 or so threads to sperg about ugly men.(infighting)

No. 1944956

I know this will break your stupid worldview but some of us aren't bishiefuckers or uggofuckers, but a secret third thing that is "people who don't care about what drawn moid makes your clit tingle and want to talk about actual fandom drama"

No. 1944958

I dont like the palestine sperging and people drawing homestuck characters with watermelons and when anons are talking about it i just close the thread, not everything has to cater to your personal taste. What anon said about women in fandom dickriding ugly male characters, mostly made by moids for moid shows, while shitting on bishies made for women is a very real phenomenon.

No. 1944960

It might be a real phenomenon in fandom discourse, but the sperging going on itt is just crying about husbandos at this point

No. 1944962

Are you faggots still arguing about this

No. 1944963

Nobody is discussing the phenomenon it's all "reeeee I can't jerk off to this" from both sides, seriously just go make a husbando hate thread

No. 1944964

They aren't real, they are cartoons, don't take it so personally.

No. 1944966

>I don't like what the thread is actually for so I must sperg
Just make your own thread.
Nonna must be heard. If she isn't able to coom looking at every male character then she must correct that.

No. 1944973

File: 1711908579537.png (16.78 KB, 128x128, tired of this shit.png)

Are all female communities cursed to devolve into male dickriding? we already have lots of threads to praise ugly men, and they also get praised irl and in 99% of shows, why cant we have one single space to vent about them. They aren't even real.(baiting/derailing)

No. 1944985

Coomerchan, are you unable to make a thread for some reason?
Also, isn't the hate thread and vent thread basically okay for that?
There's also the husbando ranking thread.
You have three places to vent already, seems like. What the problem with those?

No. 1944991

These are fandom specific issues. This is the correct thread. You are getting offended over anons calling cartoon men ugly.

No. 1944993

Anyways, how do you guys deal with all the tranny shit in fandoms? It’s insufferable when a character you like becomes the designated fanon troon so every single piece of fan art of him has zippertits. It’s exhausting

No. 1944996

I don't use twitter or tumblr anymore and use filters on ao3.

No. 1944999

Unfortunately the psyop seems to have reached the masses.(baiting/derailing)

No. 1945000

Yes, absolutely. It's the worst when the character is in any way fruity or a crossdresser.
After Guilt Gear too, it's not impossible for a series to get pushed in that direction too. Scary times.

No. 1945002

On my lolcor of all places.

No. 1945005

File: 1711909287171.jpg (87.46 KB, 850x850, __laios_thorden_dungeon_meshi_…)

sorry your family didnt invite you to the Easter get together

No. 1945007

the bsd fandom consists of mostly women/girls and it’s a show that caters to the female gaze but the fandom is obsessed with shipping guys together and get mad over hetero ships .. why the fuck would you want to imagine anime crush taking it up the ass?(baiting)

No. 1945008

I feel so bad for GG fans. I decided not to touch that series at all when they made that one pretty boy into a nonbinary troon with big thighs. Horrible

No. 1945010

I keep having thoughts to make a terf fanfic on ao3 anonymously, but I fear ao3 might be too tra friendly who knows, they might not care considering they have such low moderation already. Otherwise I usually just filter ao3 tags. Doesn't stop me from getting annoyed at it when I come across something untagged or I missed when filtering.

No. 1945011

Nice b8

No. 1945013

It's my worst nightmare.
Probably impossible u less they kill the author and make a tranny cloje but then you see so many trans headcanons screaming at how it's basically canon, ngl it's unnerving.

No. 1945015

Just mute all troon related keywords and block anyone posting it. If it's unavoidable in the English-speaking side of the fandom the I only follow Asian artists. If you're only a lurker then it's pretty easy to surf the internet tranny free but if you actually want to interact with other people it's doomed unless you stick to a small friend group.

No. 1945021

So we can't even insult men that aren't real anymore? the absolute state of nu-lolcow.(take it to meta)

No. 1945022

nta but the series looks so unrecognizable to me now, the new digital art is so bad compared to the OG style for the ps/ps2 games

No. 1945024

File: 1711909950047.png (453.17 KB, 548x543, image.png)

Not a sonic fan but I saw this vtuber model recently and I thought "this is actually cute and well made" and then one of the toggles switched on displaying zipper tits, I lost my shit

No. 1945025

If the fandom is full of gendie zoomers then I just don't bother looking for fanfics. Thankfully I'm mostly into weebshit so it's easy to avoid titchop art if I stick to only following Japanese artists.

No. 1945028

Yeah, I basically opted out of English speaking fandoms as well.
Nowadays it's a bit easier, mtl'ing stuff. The issue is just how long it takes to do that.

No. 1945032

This is lowkey disgusting and I kinda wish you spoilered it. Also why does Shadow's face look off?

No. 1945034

lmaoo I can only imagine your reaction, I'd spit my drink in laughter if the vtuber went "wait a second…" then the little bobbing Shadow avatar got zipper tits from thin air.
I don't want to derail by ranting about trannies too much, but I find it baffling how deep inside TIFs don't want to be seen as men, they want to be seen as trannies, they want to flash everyone with their zipper tits to the point of slapping them on their dumb natal male husbando avatars.

No. 1945036

I have shitty taste so unfortunately stuff like that is unavoidable. I don’t really interact with the fandoms outside of posting fan art sometimes and I’ve got every tranny tag blacklisted so I do the best with what I’ve got

No. 1945038

Real men are just run of the mill, plain old completely not special at all, why would they want to be that kek? It's the reason they troon out their male husbandos, being male is too boring for them

No. 1945049

I'm very annoyed. I'm sorry but if you headcanon a character as trans, what makes you think I want to hear anything else you have to say about them? I'd much prefer it if you killed yourself! A ship that should be full of beautiful art is instead polluted with grotesque and demeaning pornography. If the character was kept a male, I wouldn't care. But why is it when a character is given female anatomy, they are berated, degraded and raped in pornographic images? Why turn a character into a woman, give them a vagina, just to illustrate being forcefully impregnated? It's vile. It's freakish. It's not even well-drawn. All I wanted to do was enjoy my husbands in beautiful places doing beautiful things, like holding hands and looking dreamy over scenic vistas. Instead I am subjected to this evil. Everyday I debate taking up witchcraft so I can curse the people who illustrate this garbage with disease.

No. 1945055

These threads have never not been a shitshow. I say this as the anon who made the very first "Psychology of Fandom Drama" thread a couple years ago.

No. 1945058

I make my own fan art and fan fiction where they aren't troons. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

No. 1945060

That thread got rightfully banned for infighting and bringing in twitterfags. I don't know who decided to bring it back but it operates the same as those threads exactly

No. 1945065

File: 1711911834042.jpg (85.87 KB, 850x1201, __nami_one_piece_drawn_by_pt_l…)

its annoying. I just want to see cute fanart of my favorite anime girls like Nami.
I dont want to see art of her with body hair, flab, and scars all over her body while having tranny flag tattoos all over her body. its so disgusting to look at im just gonna assume its a fetish to shock people.

No. 1945069

It's a shame, because that was never my intent. I wanted to talk about how psychological phenomenona like parasocial relationships, group think, entitlement, and arrested development manifest in fandom spaces. But it quickly devolved into yet another thread where people infought endlessly about fujoshis and representation.

No. 1945073

trannies ruin everything they touch

No. 1945076

I'm a weeb so I just follow Asian artists who at most will draw genderbend art and tag it and spoiler it just in case followers don't want to see that kind of stuff. Sometimes I see reasonable European fangirls too but I don't follow them because they tend tl retweet personal stuff I don't care about instead of sperging over their favorite characters and posting their art. I almost never interact with Americans. I noticed that the ones I tend to see these days with troon headcanons aren't artists or fic writers but young girls with too much freetime who spam the same memes and replace the characters' names, I'm not sure how to describe them but they don't contribute anything despite talking a lot.

No. 1945078

nta but same. I think there's tons of interesting phenomena in fandoms to discuss. One thing that endlessly fascinates me is how badly the cancel culture has gotten over the years. I remember back during the days of tumblr the worst you'd really see was mean reblogs or maybe a harassing anon or two if you even had that one. But these days the new teenage fandom cohort has decided that death threats and trying to bully people out of their schools or job is actually fine for the most imaginative crimes. The bar for what's worthy of relentlessly harassing someone over has also become significantly lower. I still remember when the Zamii incident was something that was considered unique in how bad it was, but now there's a new victim like her every day.

No. 1945080

nta but can you recommend some asian artists so i can follow them and some other JP artists they follow?

No. 1945082

Must be hard af to find tasteful stuff between AI, moidslop, and tranny.

No. 1945085

File: 1711912485700.jpg (149.19 KB, 850x1388, __nami_one_piece_drawn_by_itou…)

had to start relying on a handful of JP artists to find actual normal art of this chick. westerners have failed my girl so much. shocked they havent turned her black yet given shes a ginger.

No. 1945088

Depends on the games or manga you like tbh, tell me so I can see if I can post a few twitter ids.

No. 1945101

persona/nintendo in general, and im mainly into shounen/seinen/josei manga/anime(derailing)

No. 1945105

AO3 doesn't take anything down. If they'll allow degen minorxadult fics, torture porn, and rape fics, they'll be hypocrites to take down TERF fics.

No. 1945109

I'll look that up right now, just pray taht my laptop starts working again.

No. 1945113

I hate this too it happens to all my favorite m/m ships
>canon: close friends, A teases B a lot but they genuinely care about each other
>fanon: B has a vagina and is turned into a weepy mess. has hardcore BDSM sex with A, who is a cold unfeeling daddy dom
the way that the shy/weak/submissive one is always the one that is given a vagina is so transparently misogynistic

No. 1945120

I tried looking up terf fanfics on ao3 in the past and all I found at the time were fics made by trannies. I hope it's just a case of terfs not making fanfic that revolves around trannies.

No. 1945126

I know cryptos who write fics and they don't mention trans stuff. Which is for the better because as much as I find troons annoying I don't want to read a sperg rant when looking for yaoi

No. 1945160

There's so much brainrot into liking ugly, fat and old men. It's actually depressing.(baiting)

No. 1945162

Block western artists, especially if they subscribed to gendie wokie shit. I only follow Japanese and Chinese fandom to avoid tranny crap

No. 1945210

File: 1711916243107.jpeg (160.01 KB, 1500x1500, F_tPYWEagAAysz8.jpeg)

Ok I'm back. I admit I'm mostly following accounts about video games, I stopped following anime and manga at some point because I got sick of seeing spoilers. I recently got into JJK and found artists I liked by using ship names in Japanese, like 五夏 instead of satosugu for instance. If you don't care about shipping in general try to find tags in Japanese for your favorite franchises or characters. If you're into fandoms where Western artists ship up Japanese tags with their bullshit, just block/mute their accounts and mute words related to troonism. I was very into Gintama and JJBA but artists I liked deleted their accounts or their work, or it's been posted a long time ago so you'll have to use nitter to find that stuff, like kotteri who almost only post her original stuff nowadays. Here are some artists I like:
>@zvlku does pretty good Pokemon art but often deletes his or her art which is annoying, then there's @036_yng, @umykwa, @tttto_f
>for Persona there's @BTMR_2, @moni_nyan and @kaninn (who also draws a lot of BOTW art), and if you're into Megaten in general and not just Persona there's also @za210n, @GSLKey, @lilPong2, @tomasoup9639
From that you'll have more artists recommended to you that post about the same fandoms, which means that if you follow these new ones or check their likes you'll find even more stuff.
There's more but basically I found a bunch of Japanese and Korean artists one tumblr who deleted their account in 2015 or 2016 so I moved to twitter to follow them there and follow more accounts that were recommended to me this way.(derailing)

No. 1945360

does this stupid mod not know what baiting means(take it to meta)

No. 1945680

LOL do one of the moderators here have a ugly,old and fat boyfriend because why was this redtexted as baiting?(take it to /meta/)

No. 1945692

when i was younger i was really into this youtube webseries with a smaller fandom, fans could easily become collaborators for the series because it was so tight-knit. unfortunately, this webseries was like catnip to the "UwU rawr so kweer poly demiboy swag!!!!!" kind of people so as it grew, more gendie shit leaked onto the webseries. i was so frustrated lol so i kept my discussions and my own fanworks about the series to myself, why bother engaging with the fandom when the majority agrees with an ideology opposite of mine?

No. 1945869

seems live the only way to avoid gendies is to just create your own fandom by yourself, or to stick to fandoms on 4chan (which is another brew of toxicity all together) its fucking annoying

No. 1946266

as much as I hate "proshippers" for being annoying edgelords they are the only community I've found in my fandom that isn't full of gendie shit

No. 1946327

It's been the opposite for me, both antis and proshippers are obsessed with trannyshit. Honestly it might be worse on the proshipper end in my experience because antis just post wholesome transfem lesbian uwu t4t fanart which is annoying but tolerable while proshippers force their troon PIV into every ship and pretend having a male character with a vagina getting raped is transgressive and woke.

No. 1946409

Ive found peace in pro shippers because not everything becomes a gender narrative or discussion

No. 1946751

I feel like it depends on the fandom or particular group of people producing content for that fandom. In some I've been in it will be just based regular proshippers and others will just be anti flavored proshippers who try to booly and cancel you for not drawing gross(/tranny) porn and are just generally edgy and think not being as edgy as them makes you an unironic fascist. It sucks but in my experience it's been a coin toss, I stay in the places that are most welcoming.

No. 1946853

somehow deviantart seems to be the least toxic place to post fics/art regarding something considered "proship" or just regular old school fandom tropes like genderbending, etc. without having people try to cancel you.
lots of people on the site are either extremely autistic about their niche (usually a fetish, or an obscure cartoon), or theyre older millenials that dont want to be bothered with drama and just want to post their shit and leave.
zoomers need constant stimulation so theyre not wasting their time on the website either. Only draw back is the AI controversy, but if you dont care about that shit its a chill place.

No. 1946898

Rant incoming but: zoomies, normies, etc. annoying groups see obvious yuri fanservice/bait like vidrel and start to sperg out about their sapphic wlw rep and it irritates me. Don't get me wrong, I like yuri as much as the next person, and I did enjoy watching this even as someone who's definitely not a Mihoyoslop fan, but this probably isn't for lesbians. I mean, yeah, they're definitely in the splash zone for this (maybe…?) but the main target is some fat male yurifag who wants to see his waifus dance and grind on one another. You'd never see a popular gacha game do something like this for two male characters, anyway, unless it was explicitly a game geared towards women.

No. 1947289

>mobile game
at some point, and its unfortunate, if we have such an issue with zoomers that have to constantly take things and put labels onto them instead of just simply enjoying something then you gotta find another interest that doesnt attract them as much, or use other websites where they don't gather to talk about the thing. theyre never going away.

No. 1947303

Zoomers don't know what real lesbians and GL fiction is. They're so annoying.

No. 1947316

Can someone please explain wtf pro shipping is?

No. 1947325

Pro-shipping refers to being okay with "problematic" pairings because they're fictional. Underage/adult, abuse, things like that. "Antis" are against it and think it's bad no matter the context. Both sides are overly dramatic and way too invested in fighting about it.

No. 1947328

im kinda surprise L x Light wasnt considered proship material when Death note started becoming more popular with zoomers. Its almost as if this whole thing is performative nonsense and just a reason for people with obvious control issues to relieve themselves.

No. 1947339

Does it also include shipping from anime where the protagonists are always teens? Like, when SasuSaku or SasuNaru was popular back in the day

No. 1947342

NTA but i have seen antis defend it as long as the person shipping them is also underage and also doesnt draw or consume NSFW of the pair. Just pure, distilled retardation.

No. 1947343

That's because the art style makes them look both like adults even though technically Light is 17 at the start of the show and L is older (I think?). It's a very deviantart-core nostalgic pairing or whatever even though I never understood it myself kek. Also L was always meant to be creepy, in my opinion. Like if he was real he would be very creepy and probably smelly.

No. 1947347

Some kids will say it's weird to ship teenagers if you're an adult, but I don't think it falls under the pro/anti ship discourse usually? Unless an adult is making porn of them? Idk, I'm not 12 anymore so I'm not involved enough in the "make cartoons kiss" scene to know the specifics

Lol you made me remember the character in the show that crushed on L. She was a nerdy college student and her friend comments that it's weird to be attracted to L instead of Light. How cheeky of the author

No. 1947359

File: 1712067446116.jpg (80.09 KB, 1280x720, 1687194593312.jpg)

In general most of the anime prior '20 would be considered problematic now. Picrel, due a "bet" the characters tried to guess if this oni was a man or a woma

No. 1947364

File: 1712067842029.png (237.27 KB, 750x375, big titty nezuko.png)

>In general most of the anime prior '20 would be considered problematic now.
even nowadays anime is problematic, remember when zoomzooms started crying and cancelling the author of demon slayer for giving the lolibait character big ass tits? these delusional weebs think loli characters are ''uwu wholesome donut lewd'' and then they get angry when the mangaka showns their true intentions. Same thing happened with Dragon Maid. They want their cake and eat it too. They could be watching non problematic media that doesnt have all the pedo and sexualization problems anime has, but nah its easier to larp as an 'anti' and cancel mangakas that dont even know of your existence while still consooming their products.

No. 1947368

L was in his mid 20's when he died while Light was 18 by the time the investigation really started to pick up pace. he's barely legal which i guess is their reasoning

No. 1947370

I wish zoomers never discovered anime, or that anime never went mainstream. I blame Netflix

No. 1947377

Same, they are also so american-centered despite anime being made for Japanese audiences. The other day some sperg was trying to pretend Free! wasn't made for women because she saw it as a teen in kissanime with 50 free iphone ads. I wish they would do at least a bit of research before running their mouths about things they know nothing about.

No. 1947381

these people are masters at living in their own delusional bubble. there's no reasoning with them.

No. 1947386

File: 1712068834239.png (808.04 KB, 759x802, ranma.png)

I just saw this and everybody were missing the point: Ranma never experienced "gender dysphoria", he just got knocked out and thought he was a girl FOR HUMOUR! Because Ranma, even as Ranma-chan, always think in fighting and martial arts, not girly stuff. But no, Akana is not a real ally because she wanted boy Ranma rather than let Ranma be happy as a girl.

No. 1947387

kek true, their brain is so fried from watching tiktoks they cant even do basic research and read wikipedia for 5 minutes.

No. 1947390

File: 1712069015351.png (13.98 KB, 701x113, ranma2.png)

FR these people think Japanese do think like them.

No. 1947397

File: 1712069191423.jpg (2.61 MB, 2048x2923, tumblr_8341101bd34b0ca047eb3cc…)

They already have trannyfaggot characters like hibari kun, i dont know why they need to latch onto other characters that arent trannies. I guess they dont consider hibari kun a true and honest twans womyn because he's a closeted fag with an homophobic family instead of an AGP troon that wants to live his yuritroon fantasies.

No. 1947402

hibari kun is the earliest version of "draw a girl and call it a boy"

No. 1947403

File: 1712069620408.jpg (84.76 KB, 850x1100, __tendou_akane_ranma_1_2_drawn…)

>Akane is a TERF
omg how based of her

No. 1947411

File: 1712069899773.jpg (67.57 KB, 539x700, d8a395aaacfd7ac1dea7ee95f80062…)

definetly. It makes me laugh how he isnt as popular as other traps because he's a faggot whose love interest is a man and he's also fairly stylish rather than a walking coombait in a spinny skirt like astolfo or the catguy faggot from rezero

No. 1947412

Ranma's true self is a male though. I know these zoomer faggots are morons but that's the entire point of this story. Trying to stop the curse that turns him into a women and be normal again. Fuck, I hate zoomers so much.
Also, Akane has always been based.

No. 1947417

File: 1712070188501.png (248.37 KB, 350x490, Aoi Futaba.png)

>Dress as a woman to caught the pervert moids that abuse women in public.
>End up liking it and now thinks he's a woman.

And of course Akane never wanted to marry Ranma as woman, because is not the Ranma she knew, nor is the Ranma that liked martial arts. These people are stupid.

No. 1947424

Ranma also has the same personality as a woman. It's like not he really changes, but he is a man. It's a curse he's trying to get rid of. I grew up with these anime in the late 90s, early 2000s . Zoomers are too brain dead to think outside the realms of Steven universe and modern Shera.

No. 1947434

funny because the series has an actual cross dressing tranny who spends his time stalking a girl who doesn't like him back, too on the nose i guess kek

No. 1947436

unsurprisingly both were made by men with obvious fetishes.

No. 1947439

That had sensuality even though I don't touch mobage. I've seen worse "baihe" representation like bdsmshit, or unfortunate "pure friendship not gay btw" media because of censorship, so compared to that this was actually tastefully done, even if the target audience is moids.

In 2013 I remember proshipping was the description given to fangirls who were like "I ship it to cope!!!" about pairings like Eren/Levi and shota pairings when they were asked "why are you in support of age gap and pedophilia?!" etc. Then I saw it become a description given to shippers who would ship "incest" ships like USUK from Hetalia. Or "abusive" pairings like Rin/Haru from Free!! Or "agegap" like Shiro/Keith (kek). It just became a term used to mean "ship I don't like." There was even a call to "consume it but don't make it" but no one seemed to get that the current fic authors and fanartists were in their 20s and 30s? Until they did get it and suddenly the fic authors and fanartists need to be bullied for being pro! Unless they draw a non-pro ship to repent or something, or just deactivated a proshipper. Repeat for the next 10 years. I believe kicking out the good artists from fandoms increased the lack of skill passed down to younger fangirls and that's why there are so many discourse accounts instead of art/fic makers. Also potential artists got discouraged from the fandom culture so didn't even share anything. This kind of fandom behaviour also influenced "identifying as lgbt when straight" because it was a cushion identity that put you above criticism. Pronouns in bio were for when you didn't pass online and had to remind people to check themselves.

Pro-shipping nowadays seems to mean anything deemed objectively bad like "material that re-traumatises" to subjectively bad like "I hate this so I'm going to make a big deal out of it", but I think the original meaning behind it was partly concern over your fellow teenage friends reblogging unhealthy shit onto your dashboard you were forced to see if you didn't use tumblr savior (laptops/phones/ipod touches were becoming more accessible so 12-14 year olds were gaining access to fandom spaces and had watched their friends get groomed on msn/skype/kik and tumblr in previous years, so I think it was partly related to that). But also you have to remember that this was back when porn was allowed on tumblr and porn gifs were common, so fandom saw "pedoships" as bad ("because you could get groomed!!") but didn't blink twice at actual porn and blogs created specifically for submitting nudes (a homestuck cosplay blog existed dedicated to this, huge accessible fandom with lots of 14 year olds), and then you also have to remember that a genuine question that would get thrown around is "Why aren't there any fat people on your pornblog? Are you fatphobic?" So a lot of users had warped values kek.

I believe the MPD trend started because fangirls were fed up of explaining themselves as to why they shipped "proships" and started saying "that wasn't me, that was my other personality". Because that actually was a thing I saw until that was called out. Then kinning became a trend because iirc it was seen as a more honest way to ship a proship if you were to say you kin a character and need to be paired with your otp. Then "kinning outside your race" was racist, so DID became a thing because that way your fictional characters were your "alters" and not actually you. Basically mental illness larping started in fandoms because fangirls were adapting to ways of avoiding being controlled and getting randos off their back (blocking did nothing on tumblr back then people could still interact and harass others). Basically "proshipping" was just another extension of fandom drama among other fandom dramas about hardcore ship wars. If anyone else has experiences with fandom drama I would love to hear it.

Anyway this has a decent explanation for jp artists, who had to start blocking western people on twitter for making a big deal out of "proshipping" https://note.com/orangiah/n/n437e262ce2ce

No. 1947451

Ugh you made me remember how people used to ship UsagixNezumi in this anime/VN Juni Taisen: Zodiac War until it was learned that Nezumi (the rat boy) was still in HS (he was 17) and suddenly all the pairings were problematic and became in a "not fun allowed".

I really miss the anime, but not the fandom.

No. 1947462

Isn't the whole point that he hates being a girl? In that case, then yeah he has gender dysphoria… Because he's actually a guy with a silly curse on. Not a troon like these people think

No. 1947465

Can't believe someone would be so passionate about this topic to write this much about it

No. 1947466

It's the fandom discussion thread

No. 1947468

He does, and even he's happier when Ranma make him hit his head to return to be normal like he used to be, even as a woman. Is a curse he can get a female version, not a gender dysphoria shit.

No. 1947473

It's sad how this shit only affects women in fandom. Men don't get attacked for drawings weird shit, in fact, they get encouraged and defended by the same poeple who then go and harass female artists for doing the same. Antis or whatever wouldn't give the same benefit of the doubt to the chainsawman author if he was female.

No. 1947478

I wish men who draw and support weird shit in fandom got cancelled but no one does shit to them, they're everywhere.

No. 1947480

And this is why I only follow JP and Chinese artists. Western artists are so annoying. I wish they'd crawl back into their shit hole and stay there

No. 1947482

Yeah, well he's a man. Why would he want to be a woman if he's a man? Yeah, it's a curse. Who tf wants to deal with that in any sense? It has nothing to do with 'gender dysphoria' please take that shit back to twt

No. 1947483

i think because these women consume and are part of fandoms made by men. Its why they consume chainsaw man despite having a ''problematic'' relationshp between the ''dommy mommy'' and the protagonist.

No. 1947505

>american feelings yakuza

No. 1947511

yeah at this point if youre an anime/manga fan and want to be active in fandom, at this point learning extremely basic japanese is a must (and a nice gatekeeper too for the severely mentally ill/people with no critical thinking skills).
You can learn basic elementary JP within a year of hardcore grinding and its well worth it.

No. 1947527

hibari is popular amongst troons, you can’t really bring him up on social media without attracting him. same situation with bridget now

No. 1947544

I don’t care about gachaslop at all kek, I said that in my post. I am simply salty about people (not just zoomers, said that in my post too) holding fanservice up as uber cool rep for whatever alphabet they subscribe to. I don’t like that young girls are losing their ability to recognize creep shit either. Just because something involves women into women does not mean it isn’t for men. In most cases, it is.

That in itself is FINE even I enjoy the occasional jp kyaaa we’re both girls trope shit if the art is pretty enough I just want the target audience recognized kek. I get tired of seeing corpos and male authors praised for being “ahead of their time” (this gets applied to Ikuhara a LOT) when they just have lesbian fetishes/like yuri.

No. 1947549

Absolutely agree with you. Learning basic Japanese is a must at this time to not interact with actual retards.
Random: but people still watch anime dubbed and I don't understand their existence.

No. 1947554

Ikuhara being praised for being progressive is the worst shit ever, and I was old enough to remember when Revolutionary girl Utena was a new series online. I never ever got the annoying praise he got.

No. 1947559

>dur hur can't believe someone would write all that!
so what's better, an anon providing on topic discussion and insight that others will engage with or more yumefujo ugly male infighting?(baiting)

No. 1947563

I'm pretty sure more than one artist I followed abandoned fandoms because the Americans found them and wouldn't stop americaning.

No. 1947575

>Basically mental illness larping started in fandoms because fangirls were adapting to ways of avoiding being controlled and getting randos off their back
I feel like this also partially explains the amount of TIF's in fandoms. You can't call someone out and gather your mob with torches and pitchforks if they're "an honest queer MLM" who's into yaoi and proship stuff, they can just do an uno reverse on you and suddenly you're the problematic one targeting gays and being homophobic. People basically have a free pass to harass, police, and threaten women in fandom and get off scot free

No. 1947601

yeah i'll never understand that unless its a long running show like one piece where you grew up with it.

No. 1947605

really? i dont use social media but he almost never gets brought up in trap discussions either here or on 4chan. That was a few years ago though it wouldnt surprise me if some faggot anime breadtuber made a video about it and troons found out that way

No. 1947607

thats the guy that got outed for gropping an underage girl, but ofcourse no one canceled him the same way they did with JK rowling

No. 1947610

File: 1712076875242.png (396.83 KB, 596x444, 1712008197168857.png)

ramble ahead: I was talking to a close friend of mines about how this kind of resembles people that end up with mental disorders or pick up on other self destructive defense mechanisms in order to survive abusive environments. Like how someone could become low empathy because they grew up in an environment where everything they cared for was ripped from them.
In this case I guess in order to be a western nerd that wants to talk to modern day nerds in English on mainstream websites you have to bow down and adapt to this bullshit (which in turn just turns you into another abusive POS. continuing the cycle if you will) or you'll face constant abuse by others.

At this point being bilingual is a blessing, and even learning something as easy as Spanish can get you miles away from these people as far as the mainstream internet goes since most latinos just want to enjoy their media and not deal with politics like Americans do.

No. 1947614

meant to reply to this too. rip

No. 1947615

The spanish fandom is turning retarded too, which sucks because a lot of manga and vns get translated into Spanish first.

No. 1947623

oh god theyre infiltrating.. ok then I guess learning a language thats not on germanic branch or any language thats easy for English speakers to learn is the best thing to do kek.
reminds me of old school internet pre SM where the only way you could get substantial usage out of it was if you knew basic html coding to make your own webpage, which anyone could do with some dedication and effort if they really wanted to.

No. 1947624

File: 1712077433405.jpeg (64.22 KB, 1200x676, IMG_6002.jpeg)

Honoured to meet you, nona. I happen to be the dumbass who made the first of these fandom discourse threads, kek.

No. 1947626

I'm from a sudaca country and I can confirm: The fandoms gets retarded as well, specially with a non-conforming gender character. Which is hella stupid because I got this >>1947386 from someone who forgot the entire plot of Ranma 1/2.

No. 1947647

File: 1712078572622.jpeg (35.38 KB, 597x357, IMG_2785.jpeg)

You two are iconic, thank you for your services

No. 1947681

Fully agreed. I saw it all happen at the same time too. I think it's possible to summarize it as fandom needing to be activism. You need to always be the most best woke holier then thou person. They were always intertwined simply due to demographic overlap, but over time it became essentially a mandatory demand if you were to participate in fandoms as a young woman.

No. 1947687

File: 1712080567636.jpeg (78.08 KB, 640x480, Dw1AY5rU0AA9aAC.jpeg)

Zoomers' ship wars are something else, I just saw jjk fans shit talking each other because they ship the same two guys but not in the same orders and now they're accusing each other of being problematic but checking which version of this pairing has the most fanfics tagged as noncon on AO3. Sometimes I wish this kind of arguments would happen irl so they could realize how stupid they sound. Imagine if a massive fight broke in an anime con because several girls sperged too hard over the specific headcanons they have for their shared OTP.

No. 1947691

>they're accusing each other of being problematic but checking which version of this pairing has the most fanfics tagged as noncon on AO3
post caps this sounds hilarious

No. 1947697

I love that this Sasuke cosplayer being arrested is such a staple of the early 2000s internet.

No. 1947699

File: 1712080838203.jpeg (677.33 KB, 1179x1084, 1702508340568.jpeg)

This is fucking hilarious what the fuck? The ship becomes problematic if the wrong guy is topping? Please post caps

No. 1947704

File: 1712080943972.png (566.4 KB, 896x745, twitter drama.PNG)

Here's the tweet that started this whole mess, it doesn't have a lot of notes but now instead of just seeing fanarts I'm seeing girls with too much free time posting vague, indirect insults towards each other.

No. 1947708

This is literally such a western thing. Like, who cares. Holyshit, I hate the western fandom so much

No. 1947711

Anyone know why they were arrested? I always wondered

No. 1947713

File: 1712081171370.png (80.69 KB, 909x543, more bs.PNG)

From what I understand it's a matter of all of them arguing over which is more ooc.

Asian fujoshi would sperg too if someone was that upfront, but they keep that shit to themselves. I just checked the next June Bride Fes event in Tokyo and several pairings are treated as separate categories just because of who's on top so the fujoshi selling their comics won't start shit with each other.

No. 1947714

probably for doing pot or something

No. 1947715

It was at an anime con (I believe Anime Los Angeles) and they were arrested for shop lifting.

No. 1947717

What are you talking about? Seme/uke autism is even worse in Asian fandoms

No. 1947719

Asian fujos tag shit properly. I have never run into this kind of discourse in Chinese fandoms at least because we tag tops and bottoms specifically in fics and doujins. It's only this retarded in the west

No. 1947733

>Asian fujos tag shit properly.
With English speaking fans this doesn't matter if you tag things properly because instead of muting tags of things they don't like, people tend to just lurk and shit talk others. You just saw here >>1947704 that the first girl used a proper ship name commonly used by Western fans and then the accurate ship name in kanji and it wasn't enough kek. Asians are more like "don't like don't read" but that's an old concept that we need to bring back here.

No. 1947734

how do you find chinese people on twitter? thought the site was banned over there.

No. 1947735

Why is this problematic? They just look like two anime guys. Is there something I'm missing? I don't watch jjk

No. 1947737

It's not problematic, they just don't like the ship and want to shit on it but dress it up in moralfag language because that's all twitards know

No. 1947742

It's not the pairing itself that they consider problematic in that specific case but how they're portrayed in fanfics or fanarts or some shit. Although you'll find some people shit talking the characters themselves for being violent sociopaths or racist, especially Geto the guy with black hair and saying if you want them to be a couple which would actually make enough sense for even some powescaling shonentards to find this idea understandable you're also a racist.

No. 1947750

There are plenty of Chinese speaking fangirls on twitter but I assume the Chinese ones use a VPN and then you have plenty of Taiwanese fangirls who have more freedom online, but correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1947751

Isn’t she older than her brother/the MC?

No. 1947755

nezuko is ''perpetually 14 years old''

No. 1947758

isnt gojo also a sociopath and racist?

No. 1947761

File: 1712082561273.jpeg (44.41 KB, 640x480, IMG_2786.jpeg)

Most recent chapter had Gojo say something heckin problematic (even though he apologized for it) so fans are reacting weirdly to it
No one cared about picrel tho lol. Saw someone jokingly say “aren’t they all kawaii people”

No. 1947762

She's got the Demon disease, doesn't age and can shapeshift from baby size into adult.

No. 1947764

Not even a demonslayer fan but isn't the entire point of the show to stop her from being stuck in the age she got infected at?

No. 1947766

Yeah, you're totally right. Yeah, i deleted my original post because I wanted say VPNs are a huge thing in China. BL is also illegal in china, but chinese fujos are abundant.

No. 1947767

No Geto is the racist one, his whole ideology is how he wants to genocide non-sorcerers because they create curses. He also goes around and calls humans monkeys and shit, this was after he got his ass beat by a non-curse user who referred to himself as a monkey.
Gojo is very explicitly against this idea which is why they stop being friends.

No. 1947769

c'mon anon its obvious shes the ''400 year old vampire'' type of lolibait

No. 1947772

No he's just a normal sociopath. Before anyone tells me I'm wrong he didn't mind Geto committing mass murder all that much, I guess he was too dickmatized for that.

No. 1947778

i cant believe this is the guy so many anons unironically simp for kek

No. 1947780

>Geto sounds like ghetto
>calling people monkeys

No. 1947781

Who cares though? Geto's whole thing was the classism in the world was bs. How humans who were weaker controlled sorcerer and their moves. By law, a sorcerer cant harm humans, but humans have harmed sorcerer's before. (like the two little girls he found in the early arc who were clearly beat up by the villagers before he showed up.)
Calling humans monkeys is basically the same as calling them simpletons who haven't evolved past a certain state. It's not much different than Voldemort's antics to rid the world of muggles and make it pure wizard born.
I wish people would also understand he's a fictional character and it aint that deep. lmao

No. 1947782

He's calling non sorcerer people monkeys though. Are people trying to make this a race thing? because holyshit

No. 1947785

Yeah they're acting like normies with no superpowers at all are a separate race as 0.1% of the population who have superpowers in that specific setting. It's exactly like >>1947781 said with how some Harry Potter fans or haters will say that JKR is secretly racist because she wrote antagonists committing crimes against muggles.

>I wish people would also understand he's a fictional character and it aint that deep

But anon, don't you know? fiction affects reality! If you play GTA it's only a matter of time until you kill real people!

No. 1947794

Fandoms already started getting retarded in 2017 it just got worse recently with latin american tranny gender acceptance and americanisms

No. 1947798

I appreciate your post so much, kek
Reminds me of when someone randomly messaged me on IG to tell methey hated Geto so much and I was a shit person was cosplaying him. Like, okay?? It's wild how some people are when they dont leave their houses irl

No. 1947800

No most people just jokingly call him racist because it’s stupid. His whole journey to becoming a villain is hilarious (he’s forced to eat the curses non-curse users generate because it’s his ability and after a mission going horribly wrong he questions what’s the point in defending the weak) i promise you most people don’t take the manga or anime that seriously. JJK is like a meme machine .
Same with calling Gojo racist it’s just a joke. I know most of the users here don’t interact with the fandoms they make fun of.
Idk if over on twitter they take it seriously but at least on reddit/tiktok/instagram they don’t not really. The screenshot you’re all raging at is such a microcosm of the fandom. Recently people have been hating on the manga because it’s quality has been dwindling for a very long time but imo it was always mediocre

No. 1947803

im just gonna assume most of these people online live in some type of assisted living facility with other mentally unwell people because i cant imagine living life with that mind

No. 1947815

>Idk if over on twitter they take it seriously
Yeah, a vocal minority does, so it's not a matter of anons not knowing what they're talking about, it's just that we make fun of specific parts of specific fandoms. Mmost JJK posts I see on social media are by normies, shonentards who try to use maths to see who would beat who in a battle, actually nerds who just want to see guys beating each other to save the day or shippers. Then you have a few crazy people, the ones who sperg over leaks, the ones who sperg over ships, the ones who spam how much they genuinely hate the manga but are the first to read the new chapters, etc. and they're more funny to laugh at than the normal fans.

No. 1947817

I don't know whether to hate or congratulate gaygay for writing one of the most commercially successful shitposts of all time

No. 1947820

I am glad i hate seasonal shonen garbage they have the worst fandoms

No. 1947830

File: 1712085023299.png (962.51 KB, 601x1205, vdg6r.png)

No. 1947831

One of the favorite arcs is legit copypasted from his favorite yaoi manga, at that point I think he doesn't give a single fuck and just wants to have fun and pay his bills.

No. 1947848

I don't even ship yaoi but here's how ship wars work 99% of the time now
>dislike ship
>try to find 'valid reason' to dislike it
>if the step above fails just make something up
>start attempting to booly over the thing you made up in your head
>if that doesn't work make the accusations more and more egregious until it sticks
>all this could've been avoided by just not liking something
In the most generous interpretation I guess this stems from pressure to like a ship transforming into having to justify yourself by any means necessary, but is it really? Most of the time you could chalk it to standard retardation and middle school slapfighting.

No. 1947852

Yeah, the quality dropped significantly after the Shibuya arc, or chapter 153+
I just couldnt bring myself to care anymore about finding out Geto was really dead and then they killed off Megumi and Gojo. Once it become clear the mangaka just wanted to draw a sea of endless fighting. Including characters just to fight and die 10 chapters later, it got exhausting. I liked it so much in the beginning, but I hate what JJK had become. I'm still gonna enjoy the merch and cosplay Geto, but damn, it sucks so much now.

No. 1947858

I don't take it too seriously and I don't think others do either. I think it's a very elaborate shitpost and that's probably also why other people find it entertaining. I love nonsensical memes though so I'm definitely biased. I'm gonna keep reading and watching it because I think gege is a retarded little man, but am I really a winner if at the end of the day I'm still consooming merch of a shitpost?

No. 1947859

zoomers seem to have a thing with overexplaining why they like or hate something now. instead of just simply enjoying a character because fuck you i like him/her, there needs to be some deep made up analysis and everything. its cringe as fuck.

No. 1947860

Tumblr made it so the more verbose you are and the more justifications you have to like something the more heckkking valid you are.

No. 1947869

File: 1712086341283.jpg (172.83 KB, 1122x737, Efj3uRDXgAAT2AX.jpg)

Have you ever left a fandom because the discourse around it and the fanbase itself became too unbearable?

Specially those fandoms where the main face of it became tumblr/twitterfags, tiktok zoomers, gendies or whatever other inescapable annoying thing.

The first fandom I was really invested in and jumped ship from because of this reason was Homestuck. I don't think it needs further explanation.

No. 1947870

Yes, HP fandom. I still write fic but I don't interact with other fans because of all the retarded moralfagging over JKR, inescapable gendie/race headcanons and horrendous zoomer takes. I don't even care about gender discourse and I don't mind race headcanons that make sense/aren't intrusive but the fandom is so obnoxious about these things. I miss the old HP fandom even if it had its fair share of stupidity. I also feel like the fanfic has gone dramatically downhill in quality lately.

No. 1947872

Homestuck was the beginning of the end for Western fandoms as a whole and I will hate Andrew Hussie forever for creating this garbage.

No. 1947873

I think as long as they're not being argumentative or obtrusive about it, it's fine. It's honestly just classic autist behavior tbh.

No. 1947876

I try not to let the retarded behavior of fans affect my enjoyment of things. I still like Homestuck (the original comic, not the post-canon trash) I just don't participate in the fandom anymore. I think I've grown out of fandoms in general, though.

No. 1947877

Fandom discourse is beyond retarded now. I remember when I didnt like a ship in the early 2000s, I would just ignore it and find people who liked the same ship I did. Finding reasons to hate on fictional characters because -you- dont like it peak zoomer retardation. I dont understand how this shit began, but it's gotten progressively worse since the pandemic.

No. 1947880

I agree 100 percent with you. Homestuck and tumblr started a lot of this new discourse garbage and the newer fans moved onto Gravity falls, steven universe and now Hazbin hotel.

No. 1947884

They really do, and I hate them for it. You can like a character without having to write a 20 page essay on why they are valid in your eyes. I literally don't care that you like Cloud strife, even if I personally think he's trash.

No. 1947890

File: 1712087685614.gif (587.52 KB, 368x207, tumblr_inline_nm8z80TXaY1sru9v…)

I think Steven Universe was the start of people creating asinine reasons to hate something. I remember when the UG x SU crossover was coming out and a bunch of its fans were making a big deal on tumblr saying the show glorified incest and all this terrible shit and called the show racist etc. and started harassing actual showrunners because it dared to have one crossover non canon episode with tumblr's darling at the time.
they sperged out for days at this scene in the gif because they felt as if the show was making fun of them kek (now that i look back at it i wonder how many of these people were either schizophrenic or were copying how everyone else was reacting for attention because lol)

No. 1947896

>I think Steven Universe was the start of people creating asinine reasons to hate something.
No it wasn't the start. Steven Universe and its fandom is a direct continuation of Homestuck bullshit. Back when it started a lot of Homestuck fans started SU and latched unto it as if they were part of the target audience, it was insane.

No. 1947899

I've mentioned this before, but I think the timing of the comic (2009-2016) was such that it got popular at pretty much the same time retarded Tumblr internet social justice did, and it was one of the few big fandoms at the time that wasn't for a live-action thing starring white people or an anime. I think Hussie really shat the bed when he said the "aracial" thing, and it's clear from things like the "peachy/caucasian" scandal that he realized what a horrible mistake that was. Would it have helped if he put his foot down and said that the characters were white from the get-go? Maybe, maybe not. If Homestuck never existed though, I'm sure some other IP popular on Tumblr at the time would've been patient zero instead.

No. 1947920

I agree with this, as someone who was in the fandom at the time (OP). There were some sjw Homestuck headcanons during the beginning of Tumblr, but it was mostly socially inept weeaboo shit and didn't get discourse-y until the social justice trends which were running parallel on the site catched on.

I remember Disney and normie liberal white girl hobbies being a lot more infested with weird woke shit at the time than Homestuck, but Homestuck was probably the beginning of it spreading to "nerd" fandoms and hobbies as the most popular fandom during the time virtue signaling started to trend.

Then he truly fucked it up by acknowledging the fanbase (Alpha kids/trolls). At that point there was no going back and it's when I dropped it.

BTW, Korra fandom on Tumblr was also where I first started seeing a lot of bitching over whitewashing, that's the one that teached me about the concept which is such a popular discourse on Twitter now kek. But to me, Homestuck definitely popularized blackwashing, gendie shit, drawing everyone completely off model, "x character can be anything you want it to be!" mentality. Headcanons got really out of control in that fandom and now we're here.

No. 1947938

>found artists I liked by using ship names in Japanese, like 五夏 instead of satosugu for instance
Late, but I've been doing this for years. It's a lifesaver for things like BNHA that are popular with Americans.

No. 1947958

I could tolerate toxic fandoms since i usually just enjoy things on my own, but i stupidly got into vtubers and the downside that comes to that is that they're interactive so any fandom schizo that was mad with a vtuber because they werent collabing enough etc. were able to just shit up chat and ruin an entire stream. I gave up watching them after that experience but it really did open my eyes to how bad things can really get and that there's some serious mental illness in fandoms.

No. 1947964

File: 1712091446577.png (704.35 KB, 1100x808, sonic autism.png)

I know this might seem like a joke, but I genuinely have respect for Sonic fans. Despite the entire Internet making fun of them forever now, I have never seen a fandom be as genuine as they are and I really wish more fandoms could be like them, not liking stuff only through layers of irony or pure coom, but just being passionate about it.

No. 1947970

that one guy who does hour long videos about retarded sonic merch like the macy's sonic ballon is my favourite autist ever

No. 1947971

I gotta say, it is wild as the most autistic fandom is the most well put together and stays in their lane.

No. 1947972

i agree, but i think such dedicated fandoms are a thing of the past. i doubt any new media will ever gain such a big and passionate fandom that Harry Potter had for example.

No. 1947978

I don't understand why people can't just say they don't like a ship. Its not that deep. I don't like Catdora because Catra is a cunty bitch. Its not that complicated. (If you like it thats totally fine).

No. 1948007

File: 1712093642824.png (246.17 KB, 720x1355, here's mine.png)

So how about that fanon vs canon
I, for one, enjoy seeing tumblrfag memes be turned against them

jfc this is what happens when your knowledge of a country comes entirely from memes

No. 1948041

you just know the qrt's are going crazy on that post. probably calling them all kinds of -phobes, -ists, and an incel/pedophile for sure

No. 1948048

It's true, but they shouldn't say it

No. 1948058

This happens more to male characters than female ones. Men always gotta make everything about themselves.

No. 1948060

damn that's considered a zoomer thing now? i thought it was seen as gushing like talking about random things you like about the character just for fun/just for the sake of it

No. 1948067

kek, it's true. Reminds me of the people drawing Alastor's human form as being super dark dark brown. Or whenever you see him drawn with light skin someone comes in and comments

No. 1948075

Post some of the QRTs pls nonna who posted it.I'd do it but I don't have xitter

No. 1948085

the username is cropped so cant find it unfortunately

No. 1948092

I feel like the top is more noticeable/memed with female characters, but bottom with male characters.

No. 1948095

You're kidding right? Every single proshipper i've seen online is some kind of lgbt nonbinary genderspecial furry or lolicon misogynistic male

No. 1948109

This always annoyed me as an RGU fan. Ikuhara is a creep and despite RGU's message there's official art of the main cast (who are all around fourteen, yes they may not be drawn to look that way but I'd say their ages are very relevant to the story) nude. I think RGU is great but people always forget the others behind the project, you see more praise for Ikuhara than Chiho Saito even. Mediocre men's work gets propped up and their actions scrutinised so much less than women's, it's infuriating.

No. 1948117

Kek nonita are you talking about PatMac? His videos are so relaxing for me to watch, I wish there were channels run by women that did these deeply autistic essays about obscure merch.

No. 1948173

File: 1712103591561.jpg (147.93 KB, 1024x677, RGU.jpg)

Ironic weebs will see this and go ''omg i love wlw shappic representation!!'' I cant believe ironic weebs can be this naive, they are the same kind to praise Sonico as some body positive representation for women rather than understanding she's a coom mascot

No. 1948186

they probably see Sonico as a bimbo e-girl that is just embracing her sexuality and laud her as a feminist icon instead of just shameless coom bait for a moid audience.

No. 1948249

File: 1712106704057.jpg (42.09 KB, 450x600, Don't.Hug.Me.I'm.Scared.600.24…)

I was in the fandom in the early 10s and I remember an earlier, I guess pre-2012-ish era where the culture was fairly politically incorrect, tons of questionable fan content made that involved characters acting 'ghetto' as a joke, it was a free for all on shipping and sexual content, and all characters were drawn as bishified anime boys/girls.
I remember more general, not just homestuck related posts going around criticising bishified art and the tendency of tumblr users to make human versions of things skinny white people. In particular I remember these Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (the old youtube short film version) gijinkas that went around for a while really setting off that discourse, people were annoyed that they were often drawn as a het couple too. These kinds of criticisms never went away even though the phenomena significantly died down as a response to the criticism.
This atmosphere where people were suddenly very aware of how they were drawing characters and how it might have wider implications was created and it was like there was this unspoken rule that if you were going to draw the kids with human skintones at least one of them should be sort of brownish (usually Jake) and at least one should be chubby (usually Jane).

No. 1948255

File: 1712107167761.png (218.13 KB, 355x458, a715509ef85e16e4d8b14e0cc38459…)

God the artist who drew the pic you posted, Ikimaru, was so overrated. Hasn't improved in almost fifteen years and she has a terrible case of same-face. Picrel is something she drew like a week ago.

No. 1948256

Most RGU fans dislike him now after old tweets about him sexually harassing girls surfaced. What I find funny is how you literally couldn't criticize the series without getting called misogynistic/etc. when no one knew about that stuff but now all of the fans are acting like they knew it had bad elements the whole time as if they weren't shutting down anyone else who said something slightly negative about it.

Even before the groping stuff there was still weird shit about him regarding women. In an interview he said something about only wanting women in the anime industry and him as the only male which fans spun as an epic feminist take. There was also a joke in Sailor Moon about him being lecher with tranvestites/crossdressers as the punchline which you'd think would be cancel-worthy to them but nope, no one cared until now.

No. 1948260

Honestly more Asian artists should speak up about this kind of anglosphere woke-fanon nonsense.

No. 1948273

File: 1712107698068.png (33.35 KB, 589x345, babby.png)

I figured it out. It's the exact kind of shit you'd expect; retards calling the person -ists and -isms because apparently it's bigotry to draw a character on-model.

No. 1948278

>where the culture was fairly politically incorrect, tons of questionable fan content made that involved characters acting 'ghetto' as a joke, it was a free for all on shipping and sexual content, and all characters were drawn as bishified anime boys/girls.

I miss it tbh. Literally no one cared and just had fun.

No. 1948283

It makes no sense to me how normalfags cannot see obvious coomerism even when it hits them in the face. So many anime girls are the embodiment of "she breasted boobily down the stairs" but you're the weird one for perceiving it the way it was intended instead of being delusional and naive like them.

No. 1948284

Same people who act like yaoi is made for gay men and is "mlm rep"

No. 1948285

This is why you don't pander to these freaks. Draw what you like. Write what you like. Pandering gets you nowhere. They are like an ouroboros, eating itself.

No. 1948289

Thank you for sharing. i didn't know about any of this prior to dislike RGU. It just got on my nerves as an actual lesbian, so many straight girls would praise like as GL worthy and 'omg such perfect lesbian representation, right?' Didn't he also marry the creator of Sailor Moon? I remember that being weird too since no one questioned her Mamoru (college age) going after Usagi (14 yrs old) for years.

No. 1948292

I personally know of several. I know one Japanese artist who was a BNF in the BNHA fandom who joined Tumblr. Big mistake. She left after less than a year.

No. 1948293

>Didn't he also marry the creator of Sailor Moon?
No, Naoko Takeuchi is married to Togashi. And the age gap in the manga is smaller than the one in the anime

No. 1948298

Ah, thank you for clearing that up. I guess Ikuhara isnt married then. Or whoever he is married to, has to deal with his massive ego on the daily.

No. 1948300

I mean does it matter? I know artists that still have same face syndrome and now do art for gacha games like FGO etc.

No. 1948303

its such a shame. the fear of drawing the same type of face/body type/etc. instilled in people back then because of this dumb drama is why we get such ugly western special snowflake art now

No. 1948306

File: 1712109072459.jpg (59.99 KB, 640x960, 228f5bbb3dd9f43998d30aa21caed4…)

I always thought that was cute, and I liked reading the little comics they wrote about each other. There's a funny anecdote about how when she'd work as a colorist on HxH (between Sailor Moon projects) she'd color it badly on purpose to make it resemble Togashi's style more.

No. 1948308

They probably don't have the art styles of 15-year-olds, though.

No. 1948311

The artist should have done a canon: common moid. Fanon: TIF.

No. 1948316

one of the stories about their relationship is that Naoko dumped his ass when he said he wanted the freedom of a single guy while having her ass his bangmaid. Dude ended up changing his tune real quick when she moved on in her life without him and begged her to take him back. Need more queens like her.

No. 1948317

That's my mantra as well.

Specially from TIFs, who claim that is not made by fujoshi/feel horrified that "women see them like fetish" (lolwut) and be horrified when they see bara art (real gay art made for gay people in Japan).

No. 1948318

>I know artists that still have same face syndrome and now do art for gacha games like FGO etc
saber face is a famous meme in the community because of how lazy the artist

No. 1948321

File: 1712110073652.png (1.07 MB, 563x875, EHzdczJUcAEPa_2.png)

depends tbh. its a bit more colorful than the other artist.

No. 1948323

this looks waaaaay more skilled than >>1948255

No. 1948332

>watermelon emoji
is this like the official sign of the most annoying person you'll meet on the internet?

No. 1948390

Yeah i stopped watching SU out of embarrassment for the fandom . Started getting into SU again via tiktoks and made me realize that I wish I had continued watching the show back then.
I got into JJK for the opposite reason, I think the show is whatever but the fandom is hilarious and it’s fun to praise or shit on Gege because like others said, JJK is one massive shitpost

No. 1948400

You just pay more attention to male characters or media with majority male characters

No. 1948406

I hope this doesn’t start a shitstorm but why is yaoi/bl more popular than gl and het shipping even here there’s a clear bias towards BL. The GL thread makes me sad. I used to think it was just fangirls being horny because 2 dicks or just straight up disdain for female characters (like hating in Sakura).

I’ve seen some radfam fangirls wax poetics over how because how because it involves no women then relationships feel equal even though this isn’t the case with the uke/seme or top/bottom dynamic that just replicates the most extreme het dynamics. I never got the impression that this was even a factor outside of LCF. Sometime im 2010s shipping wars started to tend towards morality shitfighting and het ships were seen as regressive while BL was no longer just seen as spicy but also progressive. GL was rarely considered maybe because most female characters in fandom media aren’t interested (again Sakura example)(stop)

No. 1948409

>I used to think it was just fangirls being horny because 2 dicks
It's this. This is 90% of the reason. Yaoi is not deep

No. 1948410

File: 1712115110320.jpg (55.33 KB, 848x480, 15498th discussion.jpg)

No. 1948414

I refuse to read any of the fujo/yume infighting or any infighting actually .

No. 1948417

because watching 2 men youre attracted to get it on and have mind breaking sex is hot.

No. 1948420

If you already know it's one of the most infight prone topics on this site why did you bring it up for the nth time?

No. 1948428

Yeah. If no one pretended otherwise there would be less analyzing (+if the few autists could separate themselves from their hobbies).

No. 1948442

It's really not that complicated, the main reasons come down to 1) most women into shipping are attracted to men so 2x the men = 2x better and 2) male characters and their relationships with each other tend to be more developed than female characters. I'd consider the first reason the primary factor as to why BL>GL/HL since fans will sperg out and write essays over male characters with 2 personality traits but rarely do the same for female characters with about the same blandness (just look at Genshit).

No. 1948449

kek which one?

No. 1948453

will we ever move on

No. 1948471

kek, same old shit every single day.

No. 1948481

Because yuri is mainly for coomer men and trannies (and to a degree male-repulsed straight girls looking for an idealized relationship and female-focused porn) and they're lazy parasites who don't want to make content but just consoom and coom endlessly and any woman making GL has to consider this audience, so it's easier to just not do it at all and stick to an already existing female-dominant genre. Next question, no more of this retarded bait.

No. 1948488

File: 1712125672148.jpg (255.72 KB, 2048x1482, tumblr_4d9d99cc216923179c337d6…)

I'm stoned and thought that >>1948255 was supposed to be fanart of human Alastor and human Lucifer like picrel at first

I remember this exact pic of the fucking anthropomorphized clock and notepad from Dont Hug Me Im Scared going around on 2012-ish Tumblr kek

No. 1948555

File: 1712138792859.png (307.21 KB, 640x367, i-support-palestine-and-hope-t…)

>but I genuinely have respect for Sonic fans
Why? They're fucking Sonic fans
>Arguably produce more porn than main fandom furries though
>Had to irony shitpost on twitter for about a decade because no one liked them unironically
>The number one producer of lolcows
>Particularly those who sleep with their mothers
>All for a crappy game franchise about a blue hedgehog

No. 1948557

File: 1712139082482.png (1.4 MB, 750x1093, THAT YOU STUCK IN TOUGA'S BUTT…)

Slightly OT but got reminded of this famous doujin author rant.

No. 1948565

File: 1712140678683.mp4 (6.87 MB, 576x1024, joe alwyn brain rot.mp4)

This is what imagine what most swifties are like.

No. 1948600

No, men just whine about it more. They think their waifus having one single wrinkle means gaming is over and its the fault of le feminazis.

No. 1948688

Does anyone remember when that commentary youtuber(tobi, i think) called out ben the looney for being a coomer pedo moid for drawing loli characters, and it backfired when people found out she drew BDSM Todoroki from BNHA, who's 15-17, and started accussing her of being a pedo, kek. I don't understand why these retards are incapable of seeing beyond black and white. I feel like in the early 2010s and 00s everyone was capable of understanding what was loli and what was just a generic animu protagonist that's not made for pedos.

No. 1948694

i hate how normalized lolis are nowadays, sexualizing little girls (even if they are not real) is disgusting and will always be weird. same goes for shotas.

No. 1948695

ok but todoroki isnt a shota though

No. 1948713

I thought this was so gross until I realized it was by milk morinaga (lesbian manga author) and now it’s just another piece of charming female autism to me

No. 1948721

I think so. If I see someone with a watermelon emoji follow me on social media, I just block them.

No. 1948728

File: 1712156918106.png (1.51 MB, 1534x1600, 1000000913.png)

What the fuck. Taking victim blaming to a whole new level

No. 1948730

Lolis were way more normalized in the early 2000s, remember pedobear memes?

No. 1948736

We could make an entire thread on this type of japanese doujin artist autism
I hate yurishit but morinaga milk is so talented.

No. 1948743

no im too young to know about that kek

No. 1948750

this site is for people over 18

No. 1948751

>tfw people don't know pedobear
How do you people manage to make me feel so old on this site, I'm not even 22 yet

No. 1948753

oh dont worry im over 18 but still never heard of pedobear kek

No. 1948755

I am 22 and i remember pedobear being a thing, although it was used to mock pedophiles not encourage them

No. 1948756

I remember. They were everywhere online as funny memes. It was gross

No. 1948769

lolis werent normalized. people still saw lolicons as weirdos in their mothers basement, its just that people didnt blow a casket over it.

No. 1948801

This sentiment is the norm in japanese fandom. You rarely see it discussed in western fandom though, I think it's so alien to most western fans that they don't even pick up on it.
If a female character has had sex with a man, including rape and CSA she is impure and ruined forever. A non-virgin female character will only have a main role or be a love interest to the main character if you're making something deliberately transgressive, or if it's something written 20+ years ago when these norms weren't in place.
It was closer to the attitude towards furries today IMO.

No. 1948805

I don't think so, lots of "ironic" lolicons liked pedobear as a joke

No. 1948807

Yeah and I swear when guys would admit to being lolis and the worse that would happen is someone saying "ew"

No. 1948822

File: 1712160870493.png (149.09 KB, 357x609, kuma.png)

It's kinda funny to look back and see how certain content like guro and lolisho weren't made a big deal of back then in the online art community like it is today, with furries it's the complete opposite like the other anon said.

No. 1948825

Sonic fandom is not chill at all on Tumblr or Twitter. Full of gendies with nonsensical headcanon, it’s exactly as bad as other fandoms. The old-school autistic male part of the fan base just mostly sticks to Discord, YouTube, Reddit, maybe whatever forums are left. I have friends also in the fandom and even though they’re gendies, they also complain about the amount of social justice policing and lack of any interest in the canon. There is no fandom for something aimed at kids that isn’t completely off the wall on Tumblr or Twitter. Your best hope is YouTube or finding some small forum that’s not full of fans who don’t even interact with the source material.

No. 1948881

reminds me of the melt-down moids had over that one gyaru girl that wasnt a virgin anymore lolol

No. 1948910

most people knew how to stay in their own lanes and avoid stuff that made them uncomfortable. SM being too accessible allowed stupid people to join the internet.

No. 1948937

its still wild to me how japanese artists can draw lolisho and still land gigs. I still cannot believe Disney choose Yana Toboso, the shotafag queen, to work on their officially licensed joseimuke. Fucking wild that kind of shit you can get away with if you are a Japanese artist.

No. 1949004

I was about to mention that story. What a Stacy, imagine how much better the world would be if all women responded that way when moids asked for open relationships.

No. 1949010

>I hope I don't start a shitstorm uwu
>Brings up the most shitstorm-prone topic on Lolcow

No. 1949012

Ikuhara is straight? Not defending his actions if he harassed women, but given his appearance, faggy mannerisms in interviews, and crossplaying habit, I’m surprised he’s interested in women at all.

As a lesbian I always preferred RGU and especially Adolescence of Utena over other yuri content because the lesbians are simply more interesting. Morinaga Milk is good but even Girl Friends, which is basically Shakespeare by Yuri standards, doesn’t have the same level of drama and angst as Juri’s arc in RGU, Yuri Kuma Arashi which was also made by men iirc, or lesbian characters written by Riyoko Ikeda who’s a straight woman. There are a few satisfactorily complex lesbian manga written by lesbians (thinking of Pieta and Applause) but they’re short and very obscure. Lesbians are only 1% of the human population so maybe that’s just how it is.

No. 1949014

Go back to Tiktok or Club Penguin or wherever the fuck you came from

No. 1949016

He's prob bi or "queer" whatever you call it. He's a yurifag and i'm shocked he hasnt trooned out yet.
I also remember he was crushing hard on Rei from sailor moon back when he was working on the show.

No. 1949025

>crossplaying habit
If he was born in the West I'm 99% sure he would've trooned out and start calling himself a transbian. But as far as I know he's never mentioned any attraction to men in interviews, like you said he just has faggy mannerisms. As far as things go he probably only considers himself an ally considering all the gay stuff he has in his shows.

No. 1949029

Same goes for Ryukishi kek
I like a lot of his work but his loli vtuber alone is proof that he would have trooned out if he wasn't Japanese.

No. 1949032

File: 1712170870444.jpeg (998.81 KB, 1170x2100, IMG_6036.jpeg)

You can’t make this shit up.

No. 1949034

File: 1712170912901.jpeg (138.77 KB, 1169x1009, IMG_6217.jpeg)

Not to derail with jjk again but holy shit I can’t stop laughing kek wtf

No. 1949036

File: 1712170946198.jpeg (146.98 KB, 828x1792, IMG_6218.jpeg)

Samefag (not my screenshots btw)

No. 1949040

I have a feeling a lot of mangaka would troon out if they were in the right environment especially the moe CGDCT ones. Some of them are textbook AGP if you read their afterwords which is why you get so many troons calling them eggs. Honestly it goes to show how delusional trannies are if they see themselves into degenerate mangaka self-inserting into lolis.

No. 1949042

jesus christ i hate these people

No. 1949045

Aren't more incelish moids on that hill too? Knew two guys who swore off waifus with partners bar none.
Japan simply doesn't give a fuck. Can be bad or good dependent on who you ask but with so many sjws shoving DEI guidelines (read: troon pandering), It's miracle japan managed as they do in this hellscape. I may hate all the lolipandering and coomshit, but one of the few places that really get the female gaze sometimes. Not always, but given the sprawling joseimuke scene, it's night and day compared the abysmal state of women-aimed media in the west. You can't have a straight, fit fmc with a handsome mmc without retards screeching buzzwords like it's a free for all shooting gallery.
I'm curious why those aren't same sexaility and sex as the character craft better stories than the people who share these aspects? It's not a one and done theory since a straight man can never empathize with a gay man let alone lesbian despite both liking women. It's why transbian writing can be clocked so dang easily. No lesbian worth shit adds piv centric sex in their scenes unless they're a pick-me or a virgin.
Lack of good role models mentally degrades a person's mind until they meme themselves into a new skinsuit. If actual gnc people existed in television and weren't forced troon, half these guys would reconsider and stick with being themselves, not a porn fetish.

No. 1949050


I have to see disgusting fatass scrotes every single day IRL, we don't need them in cartoon fantasty worlds for fucks' sake

No. 1949058

>I can definitely understand when someone says that theyre tired of people on twitter gooning over skinny white man number 128
then look away? i hate that people with obvious feederism fetishes think that theyre above everyone else just because suddenly they can mask their fetish as being woke.

No. 1949061

I've noticed that japanese artists (who are women) seem to be the only artists who really capture the handsomeness of my husbando in an accurate and flattering way. The art is always so pretty and female-gaze-focused and makes my heart race in a way I've never seen any western artists portray him, and I rarely see them doing weird tranny shit with him. It's refreshing.

No. 1949062

File: 1712172635997.png (1.11 MB, 1289x1648, w4dsSTn.png)

The only example I have seen of wokies ever being in the right was a recent case when this woke dude wrote an article that was the most clichéd noble savage type rhetoric about the poor Japanese. Then tons of Koreans, Chinese, Singaporean and Filipinos chimed in expressing their complaint that the country that colonized them and subjected women to mass rape on an Industrial scale, wasn't actually ever colonized.

No. 1949065

>first contact between European colonizers and indigenous Japanese people
It really shows that this guy didn't do any research on actual history and just assumed shit. Indigenous Japanese people were colonized by the current Japanese.

No. 1949068

Same. Fuck, I live in America and almost every guy is obese. I hate it here.

No. 1949070

also shows that they never ever payed attention, as there are several lines where the characters talk about the Japanese invasion of Korea and one remarks about slaughtering a mountain of Koreans and a desire to return there to conquer them again.

No. 1949072

KEK i didnt know he was capable of being this cringe i remember when people would spread the narrative he used to work for the goverment or something like that

No. 1949084

Nonita are you me? Making friends in that fandom is so fucking hard because if they aren't insufferable gendies drawing cartoon hedgehogs with titchop scars and pride flags it's degenerate autistic men who unironically call characters like Cream jailbait. Of course gendies ignore this in favour of shitting on anyone who makes NSFW jokes about the main cast because they're 'teenager coded', whatever the fuck that means. Finding good fic is such a struggle too, if you ever feel bad about yourself just give the Sonadow AO3 page a scroll. Trannyshit galore.

No. 1949093

Most east asian artist make good stuff period. maybe even slavs though some of them are either tied up with the war or slowly getting affected with burger brainworms. Some days I wished I could capture those vibes in my work.
>plus sized
>glorifying obesity
Can we let characters be ugly in 2024? Why do these people put "body diversity" on such a huge pedestal when "men" have enough body diversity than is. Where's media with women being diverse but the guys share the same body mold?

No. 1949099

A lot of people said he worked for CPS prior to working on Higurashi and that's why child abuse is a heavy theme in his games, I don't know if this is true or not though.

No. 1949105

When it comes to fandoms that have been around for 15-30+ years, I just stick to reading fanfic published before 2020 (or 2016-2018 depending how popular it was on Tumblr). It sucks if you're a fan of newly introduced characters/ships, but it saved me headaches.

No. 1949111

>I just stick to reading fanfic published before 2020
Golden rule for Wolfstar fans

No. 1949118

sickening, i see why he puts trannies in his works now

No. 1949127

side note, I have no idea what happened to the internet, why the fuck has everything been so shitty since 2020? Was it the pandemic? Was it George Floyd/BLM riots? Why are trannies everywhere now and how did that happen?

No. 1949128

Participating in these fandoms was a guilty pleasure for me.

No. 1949131

>why the fuck has everything been so shitty since 2020?
We're living in the end times nonnie

No. 1949136

western civilization is becoming more degenerate. just start using JP internet instead. its much more reminiscent of older times. (hell even their websites are a lot funner to look at)

No. 1949160

they understand cartoons are cartoons

No. 1949174

>Japan, the nation of all kinds of sick hentai porn
>not degenerate

No. 1949190

Nona you replied to is living in bizarro world

No. 1949194

Possible derail but lockdown and everyone being stuck at home led to more internet socialization and navel-gazing, which is why so many people exited with a new identity. When lockdown was announced I thought more people would detransition since you weren't percieved by others in-person and have to LARP gender roles, but it was the other way around. Liberals became more identity-obsessed and virtue signal, and the BLM riots being an exception to lockdowns also made a lot of conservatives develop conspiracy brainworms and skew farther right. 2020 was when fandoms became more insufferable too, when my city went under lockdown I used Twitter/Discord more and there were so many teenagers in my previously 21+ fandoms, more pointless discourse, etc.

No. 1949197

I don't think this person is even really into fat guys. It's a variant of the attitude behind those posts that feature a woman with some horrible deformity labelled 'Like if you think this is true beauty!'. Hyping up a fat character to try and balance the world in it's favour against the aformentioned skinny white man 128. I don't think it's entirely self interested virtue signalling, to some degree people who act like this really can't stand looking at the inequality once they've noticed it and want to do something about it.
Everyone was pushed onto the internet and started spending more time there than ever before. Transgenderism is an inevitable consequence of living this way when combined with western individualism. When you're just text and an optional manipulatable image you can be anything you feel like. Much lower barrier to entry than having to put effort into crossdressing IRL. There are lots of reasons for wanting to be the other gender (obviously this doesn't actually make it real or true) and I think they were drawn out by the welcoming environment more than anything. It's mentioned up the thread but all those CGDGT autists in japan clearly have that tranny spark in them but without the environment it doesn't go anywhere.
He actually wrote some game which came under controversy because it had a theme about how men could never be women or understand women. I don't think he has much understanding of the concept really. Assuming older japanese (or western tbh) media involving gender bending themes were talking about 'trans issues' as we know them today is a mistake IMO. Those elements were not really thought of with any consideration to there being people like that in real life and any politics surrounding them. It's just a plot twist, 'character you thought was a woman is really a man!'.

No. 1949217

>I don't think this person is even really into fat guys
fatfags act like they have superior taste because they like fat moids instead of normal, fit ones. The jeff the killer deathfat husbadofag was the same.

No. 1949373

she's proof some of the anons participating in this thread are the embodiment of the "place, japan" meme

No. 1949603

File: 1712199292828.png (582.55 KB, 661x1507, gt9greth.png)

This is TIM's contribution to fandom spaces in a nutshell. everything should be about pornofied lesbian tropes.

No. 1949605

the original is already cringy as fuck but tims always manage to make it worse

No. 1949628

What are batshit insane discourse do fanboys get into

No. 1949632

powerleveling mostly

No. 1949640

who wins between superman and saitama. Its pretty funny compared to gendershit.

No. 1949641

But that’s tame. I mean compared to the anger inducing discourse that gets shared here

No. 1949657

i once saw /co/ scrotes fill up an entired thread fighthing about batman eating pussy

No. 1949661

Go check the /a/ catalogue

No. 1949673

I'm assuming for the more "perverse side" side of male fandom it would be similar, the one key difference however is they don't try to moralize about it, they'll openly admit it's about coom.

No. 1949728

Romance arguments are funny.
Harems are really just sports teams.

No. 1949782

Not only does Japan get away with war crimes but also drawn pedophilia

No. 1949785

Everything is worse now. Women tried to move the dial to make it less sexist and now it’s 1000x more sexist. Let’s just give up on video games

No. 1949858

They used to get away with real pedophila too. Think child gravure.

No. 1949876

Now that I think about it do male troons ever make their own content? I only ever see them complain about fujos dominating AO3 but they rarely ever draw or write shit for themselves. At least TIFs do but TIMs just expect everything to be given to them on a platter.

No. 1949889

Tbf trannies exist because the sexualisation was allowed, as it contributed to the scrotes pornsickness. Making everything less sexy might actually make gamer retard less likely to troon out since a lot say their attraction to sexy-for-men vidya women and their desire to play as them so they can look at their ass as they play was motivation for transitioning/how they knew they were women all along.

No. 1949896

rei vs asuka

No. 1949904

not uncommon for 4chan scrotes to have waifufag vs yurifag fights just like the fujo vs yume fights here

No. 1949906

they draw lots of degenerate porn where female characters tits and ass are 5x the size they are in canon.

No. 1950025

erehisu vs eremika wars on /a/ were more autistic than anything ive ever seen before or since

No. 1950029

It's been so long were eremikafags even a real thing or were they just contrarian shitposters? I don't remember there being many of them because almost everyone agreed Mikasa was an awful character, maybe I'm remembering things wrong.

No. 1950069

honestly I never see art or writing from them. the only content TIMs seem to make is irl pics/videos.

No. 1950102

Some write fic and tons draw fanart, mostly fetish porn. I lost all interest in f/f ships because one of my fandoms became infested with transbians and handmaidens that support them.

No. 1950176

>I lost all interest in f/f ships
god tell me about it. f/f ships are nothing but a drama infested community at this point, or gross transbian art you cant escape from. I feel bad for women thaat are genuinely into yuri and nothing else.

No. 1950203

I used to be one of those women who was mainly into yuri for over a decade, now I just avoid shipping entirely and prefer gen fic. There was always a moid problem in yuri communities but I miss when they just identified as fanboys and didn't claim to be "one of us", talking shit about how men write yuri was a bonding activity with other female fans. But now we can't criticize Alice for shoving straight sex and fetish porn in our faces because he discovered his womanly lesbian identity from reading Madoka Magica lolicon doujins.

No. 1950218

>But now we can't criticize Alice for shoving straight sex and fetish porn in our faces because he discovered his womanly lesbian identity from reading Madoka Magica lolicon doujins.

its funny how all sense of boundaries have been completely erased in fandom because of this shit. People used to be able to call a spade a spade back in the day, like if they saw a dude being obsessed with yuri he'd be called a creep and avoided like the plague (like Tom Preston and his lesbian obsession for ex), and western fandom as a whole was better for it. Sometimes certain people NEED to be bullied out of spaces because that's our instincts telling us something is wrong with that person.
Now we all have to stick our heads in the sand against reality because we can't say "no" to people anymore, and even if you make your own spaces to get rid of these people they somehow find where you are and try to control you. its fucking tiring.

No. 1950221

I can't describe the pain growing up as a kid and being into My Little Pony and seeing something I loved being ruined by a group of degenerate men, The Internet made fun of these guys for being pathetic manchildren, but they only ever treated them as a joke and ignored the fact that they were actively ruining spaces for children.

No. 1950225

I've been waiting to hear what happened to the kids who liked mlp fim. It came out when I was in highschool and the fandom back then was so crazy. I remember people shitting on Pinkie Davis because she called out the Princess Molestia blog.

No. 1950234

I guess I just got really lucky, cause I never saw any of the traumatizing stuff of MLP. I was 7 when MLP FiM came out and watched it in the morning until I was about 14. I'd heard about some of the traumatizing stuff once I got a little older (don't know from where) but never found it. And it's not like I never looked up MLP stuff. I frequented deviantart for dress up and character creators all the time as a kid.

No. 1950246

I'm genuinely curious,how though? If you ever used YouTube and looked up the show you would have come across a brony video, including this infamous one (NSFL gore and mutilation) and there's another one that's even worse.

No. 1950249

the internet isnt for children anon. I was too a child ''pegasister'' and i just stayed in my lane and enjoyed the SFW aspects of the fandom. The edgy animations like cupcakes were made to spite bronies, not made by bronies.

No. 1950251

You deffs got lucky because that was all that was on youtube when I was a kid. And happy tree friends. How terrible. Defintely aimed at children.

No. 1950256

the problem is that it only made sexualization worse. Look at overwatch, which is a huge ''woke'' game. They have nothing but waifus for men to oogle at, but not a single attractive male character because male sexualization makes men uncomfortable.

No. 1950263

happy tree friends was so good, my friends and i loved that retarded show. I am glad that we grew up with that instead of toy opening videogs and elsa spiderman slime needle farts videos. Ipad toddlers have it worse to be honest.

No. 1950268

Its a funny show but it was for sure aimed at young children to desensitize and harm them. There is no other reason why. Gross imo. Good show but made with malicious intent. Same with Salad fingers.

No. 1950269

i swear, gen alpha will get it's very own chris chan.

No. 1950274

I was definitely a scaredy cat as a kid and wouldn't dare to look past the first 3 results on any search engine including YouTube (I also stuck to YouTubers that my older siblings knew and had watched with me). Although I do remember the .exe games, but I remember the sonic one the most and I was pre-traumatized by final destination so it didn't leave that much of an impression on me.
>Happy Tree Friends
See I knew it existed but as a kid I thought it was dumb ways to die under a different name so I never bothered to look into it.

No. 1950278

>Its a funny show but it was for sure aimed at young children to desensitize and harm them
its really not, this kind of ''cute but actually not for children'' shows have existed since forever. Look at DHIMS, wonder showzen, milk chan, etc. The simpsons used to be criticized for the same thing just because it was a cartoon, even though it was never intended for children.

No. 1950281

It's a nightmare nonita. TBH my sentiments on moid characters in fandom would probably get me compared to the trannies shitting up fandoms with muh toxic yuri but I'm so tired of men men men all the time. Men as the fandom favourite, men in your alleged F/F art because girlcock is totes valid!! men in your F/F art but it's okay, it's not like muh icky genderbends, it's wholesome T4T transmasc content!1!!!1 Men are the ones drawing this shit, men are the ones forcing their degenerate tranny headcanons onto their 'transition goals' characters, even the most annoying TIFs can't compare to them, men are so fucking centric to fandom experience these days that you just can't get away from them no matter what. This is what years of tranny pandering gets you. I miss my groups of fellow spergs who had genuine love for our female favourite characters and F/F ships.

No. 1950303

if it helps you cope fujos and yumes cannot escape female/trannies sexualization in their fandoms either. I cant go a single day without being forced to see my husbando with a vagina or the yumefujo artist i follow dropping everything to pander to moids and draw big titty flavour of the month girls

No. 1950330

why are you still following that yumejo? at least with yaoi its easier to filter and there's still some western artists that draw just normal men. (though i will admit the pussy stuff is disgusting. specially with the rise of "old man yaoi")

No. 1950352

What happened to fandoms over 15+ years old is the saddest shit, fandoms that started after 2010 were kind of doomed from the start but you can actually see the degradation of the fanbase when it comes to old franchises, some even become a shell of their former self. I haven't seen a single one successfully gatekept from these people, they all eventually fall because boohoo gatekeeping is so mean

No. 1950357

File: 1712249085669.png (220.38 KB, 662x790, fivok34.png)

nta but mpreg and cuntboys have become almost almost standard these days.

No. 1950361

I stop following them once they switch to the moid side, it just sucks that it happens so often.

No. 1950363

its a shame. either the fandom gets filled with TRAs/handmaidens, or it becomes a nazi paradise where people try way too hard to be edgy and barely write/draw sincere work or talk about the show they love in terms other than your standard 4chan lingo. never any in between.

No. 1950364

Moods are so unhinged kek it’s not like it was an edgy teen making those lame gore videos it was a whole ass grown adult who put a lot of time and effort and probably money. Is this the origin of Elsagate shit?

No. 1950371

can you tiktok newfags go back? elsagate was made for children in an internet that realized they can make money off ipad toddlers watching garbage. Back in the early 10s the internet was for adults and older teens and it was plagued with edgy humor, parents were also less retarded and didnt allow their kids to be glued to the internet.

No. 1950388

Why are you so triggered that you’re defending moids’ need to degen everything they touch? Whether they specifically meant to target kids or not they were still wasting their lives doing this and effect was the same and possibly inspired real elsagate context

No. 1950389

Why are you defending this degenerate shit? A bunch of grown men investing serious time and money into making gore and porn of a children's show aimed toward little girls, do you really think their only aim was edgy humour? Trannies nowadays boast about ruining childhoods and 'corrupting the youth' and this was no different. You can't even say this is explicitly 'for adults', the infamous Smile HD was never marketed as a gore video, kids going into it expecting a cute MLP song and being borderline traumatised by its content WAS the joke. You can argue the internet is for adults all you want (it never was and isn't, especially now) but that degeneracy has no place being the mainstream fan content for a children's show.

No. 1950391

nta but some of those mlp videos are disturbing even for adults. it's also weird to defend grown ass moids who make nsfw content of a children's show and post it in all-age spaces. shit like cupcakes could've been under an 18+ filter on dA or newgrounds not posted to youtube

No. 1950411

its not about defending moids but the ''waaah think about the children'' mentality is always used to censor the internet. Children shouldnt be on the internet, there are far worse things than edgy parodies meant to make manchildren bronies seethe out there.

No. 1950419

I would rather the entire Internet be censored then a single child see any sort of degenerate fifth.

No. 1950421

>i would rather something impossible happen than take care of my children so they dont see things meant for adults
why are modern parents so lazy

No. 1950423

File: 1712252666710.png (324.5 KB, 455x386, 4328389328932.PNG)

Manchildren bronies were the ones making this content. The people getting hurt by it were little girls who were the intended audience for the show. And most parents supervising their kids on the internet would be forgiven for assuming that these preview images, whose art style looks identical to the show to a layperson, meant the video is safe for their children to watch.

No. 1950426

I remember this. I lived in NYC for decades and the raise of Bronys began around 2009/2010-ish. That's around the time the first bronycon happened. There was a lot more info on meetup.com. The head organizer was a MTF tranny. I forgot their name, but his avatar was purple. It was wild. He and a buncha other men and maybe 2-3 other women organized bronycon. I had no idea it would ever get big enough to end up at the Baltimore convention center one year. They even got big name voice actors one year.
At first I thought it was okay, but then I realized how much bigger it got that it was a bunch of adult men talking very seriously about a little girls' cartoon. On top of that, that's when MLP porn started happening. As a kid of the 90s, I would have never in my life thought about the future involving MLP porn. I hate men so much.

No. 1950430

I was just talking about Happy tree friends and a bunch of new grounds animation with my 34 year old friend last night. We both grew up on that, happy bunny, the old Hot topic etc. I think gen z and gen a are a buncha whining cowards. They would have never survived our generation. kek

Thank you. it reminds me of when I was in jr high school and my teacher thought all japanese anime was for kids, when I brought up old school shit like Ninja scroll and wicked city. "Just because it's animated, means its aimed at kids." oh boy

No. 1950431

>Manchildren bronies were the ones making this content.
stop talking about things you dont know, zoomie. They were made to make fun of bronies because they were spergs parroting ''love and peace, lets be frens frenship is magic two colon three'' and everyone hated them for being autistic manchildren. The author of that video, mister davey, said a million times he made smile HD and Cupcakes to make fun of bronies, same for .mov, which was made by a turbo edgelord moid . The idea of children even being on youtube back then was downright ludacrist, hell, AVGN and other early youtube content creators were all explicitly for adults. I just hate the idea that its now accepted for kids to be on the internet, they fucking shouldnt and it shouldnt be normalized.

No. 1950436

Then don't go online. You stupid faggots are the reason the internet is in such a shit state. Go censor yourself
>whaa whaa think of the children

No. 1950438

fucking this. and it still happens to this day to a lesser extent with shows like loud house. I agree that adults should have their adult only websites to do what they please and kids should be on club penguin or whatever. but their focus on childrens' cartoons is so fucking weird and imo they are the ones infringing on that boundary. it fucking sucks that kids risk running into fetish porn when googling their favorite cartoon characters

No. 1950439

Scrotes defiling MLP is what made me the most misandric 12 year old on Earth at the time and it hasn't changed yet.

No. 1950440

this too. Back then cartoons meant for children were super edgy instead of talking about tranny shit and feelings. Zoomies grew up with all the round tranny calarts blobs.

No. 1950448

>children even being on youtube back then was downright ludacrist
there were kids on youtube as early as the late 00s. someone doesn't remember the naruto amv days

No. 1950453

those were teens, not kids. Youtube has always been for 14yo+. I was in the AMV scene in the 00s and it was mostly adults making those cringe amvs of frollo having a threesome with ariel and pocahontas.

No. 1950468

>unironically thinking 7 year olds made Naruto amvs and not teenagers that had a bit of software literacy

No. 1950470

Kids shouldn't be on the internet in the first place, then.
You're on a site like this and you think degeneracy is something that can be controlled and blocked away entirely? It's should be illegal to let a kid fuck around on the internet before the age of 14 tbh.

No. 1950471

watching them not making them. thought that was obvious sorry for not clarifying.

No. 1950486

kids shouldnt be on the internet i dont understand why its that hard of a concept to understand. The internet cattering to lazy parents just made it worse for everyone.

No. 1950492

unsurprisingly many bronies ended up trooning out.

No. 1950499

>thinking zoomers didn’t watch invader zim

No. 1950502

IZ stopped airing in 2006

No. 1950505

Shows don’t stop being watched when they’re done being made and the oldest zoomers were 10-11 by then.

No. 1950508

No, they were 8. Zoomers were born after 97'. Also, i was talking about kids growing up with that type of shows, not zoomers watching IZ in their late teens on shady piracy pages.

No. 1950513

You were born in 96 or something and desperately don’t want to be labeled a zoomer eh?

No. 1950518

No, its just that zoomers are such faggots. I have a zoom zoom sister and the kind of cartoons she watched could rival the care bears in terms of faggyness. Ofcourse zoomers will think a bit of edge is too much and cry about it when they grew up with tranny calarts blobs like Steven Universe.

No. 1950522

File: 1712255467721.jpeg (95.49 KB, 750x550, IMG_4467.jpeg)

Hmmm you’re right the only zoomers who had seen anything like invader zim were terminally online it’s not like half the kids at school had a gir shirt and silly bands while the other half had mustache and boobies bands

No. 1950523

Most normie zoomers stopped watching cartoons at a certain point and started watching shit like iCarly. Out of all my friends growing up, I’d only met 3 that watched and liked SU and other Cartoon Network shows. The rest watched live action shows once they hit 10.

No. 1950527

Why the fuck does it matter if they were bronies or not TBH? They're degenerate men and they should all be hanged, I'll cop a ban for A-logging. The grown men spending their free time making gore videos of a kid's TV show are just as retarded and manchildish as the bronies.

Do I believe children's internet access should be heavily restricted? Yes. But I also believe these degen moids should be punished for putting this content there in the first place. I don't care about muh slippery slope, it's a fucking kid's show and they put this shit out there knowing some innocent kid who made the horrible mistake of googling Pinkie Pie or some shit is gonna stumble across it because they make no effort to actually filter it either.

No. 1950528

re runs at 3am when most zoomies are sleeping because they have to go to school. Anyways i dont know why you are such a fag, zoomers are indeed more sensitive that prior generations.

No. 1950530

oh my god grow some balls kids are exposed to worse crap on tv nowadays. There are blues clues episodes with trannies on it.

No. 1950532

From the normiest men to the most delusional otaku, in that order:
>making 5 hours long "theory" videos about what will probably happen in the next episodes, chapters, seasons, etc.
>powerscaling among characters from the same franchise
>powerscaling among characters from different franchises, for example is Goku stronger than Superman
>normies shonentards and coomer otaku arguing over fanservice and whether it should be a thing or not, with usually opposite opinions
>if a story is actually well written or not, sometimes with good arguments, most often with "if I were that character I wouldn't have done that so it's badly written, [author] is a hack!!!"
>comparing stories to shit talk the ones they dislike, or console wars, insulting people who just enjoy the things they don't like
>shipping but not exactly the same way women do, especially if they're talking about harem shit or love triangles, basically with a "who will win" mindset, see Tifa VS Aerith or Rei VS Asuka
>related to shipping, harassing the female audience whether they're into het ships or slash, or if it's just something with fanservice for women like Free!! or Yuri on Ice, usually presented like this "reeeeh it's not canon because they haven't french kissed in front of the camera for an hour straight!!!!" or "fangirls are disgusting why are they joking they want to fuck the hot male characters with fanservice scenes in that show? btw the main actress is hot, would"
>somewhat still related but straight shonentards actually having constructive debates with fujoshi over gay stuff, very strange to see, for instance that one time in twitter where they were using powerscaling arguments and references to buddhism to determine that yes, one of the male characters can use his superpowers to get pregnant in JJK
>getting into a new franchise just to enjoy all the fanmade porn
>destroying their books, cds, blurays, etc. of whatever they used to enjoy and posting pics online to show how outraged and disgusted they are that a female character isn't a kissless virgin, sending death threats to the writer

No. 1950533

File: 1712255954124.jpeg (85.5 KB, 750x372, IMG_4468.jpeg)

It’s such a retarded cope that makes me wonder if anon was a closeted brony. Yes these people spending hundreds of hours on animations that just happen to know all of the personality quirks of the characters revealed in the show as well as obscure brony memes were totally not bronies, honest!
Ok zoomer

No. 1950536

mister davey actually worked IN the show, if it makes you cope and seethe more kek

No. 1950548

Honestly this. I hate degen moids as much as the next nonna, but current parents are fucking retarded to let their kid on the internet. Gen x and boomer parents had the excuse of being tech illiterate, but millennial parents should really know better by now Im not 100% caught up on how zoomers are parenting, but most zoomers probably aren’t parents yet or have at oldest a 7 year old

No. 1950557

I agree with you. It makes me angry as an older millennial to see so many of them let Gen z kids run wild online with no supervision. Even my gen x parents at least gave me the stranger danger lesson about off and online safety.

No. 1950560

you are right and I can't believe there's anons WKing the moids who like little girls' cartoons kek

No. 1950561

File: 1712256950865.webm (844.13 KB, 406x720, 1674945769513112.webm)

There really is no excuse for being a lazy parent nowadays
>b-but i need to entertain my children
get disney+ and but them a switch or toys or books
>b-but they need the internet for school
be a god parent and make them company while they work on their hw, that way you can supervise them
>b-but what if there is an emergency, they need mobile phones
they sell super basic mobile phones that are just for calling/receiving messages, some even have whatsapp and other instant messaging apps installed, they dont need tiktok or social media

No. 1950563

no one is wk moids, how tf are you getting that from the discussion

No. 1950567

This is depressing. When I was growing up, we had one tv and all the gaming consoles were in the family living room. We were not allowed to have tv in our bedrooms. I had a laptop in 2012, but even that was basic and ran slow. I was mostly entertained by drawing, reading books and going outside. These gen z kids are literally rotting in front of an ipad all day. No matter they are all fat and retarded.
Agree with you. If they need emergency cellphones for contact, it should be restricted heavily. Kids under 16 dont need social media. My niece got tiktok at 11 years old and it definitely rotted her. She's been reading tranny acceptance books and I pray she doesnt troon out by the time she's 18.

No. 1950568

same, nonny. My dad didnt even allow me to get into the internet until i was 13. All i had in my puter was games and pic rel. Then when i turned 14 i was so happy because he allowed me to make a msn account to chat with my friends and send them dancing pigs.

No. 1950571

Sorry I deleted my og post. I wanted to correct my typos and add on a bit more. I was online by the time I was 13, but I was only allowed internet access for a short time. We didnt have fast internet and my home work needed to be done before I got on. My mom also made sure to give me safety talks so I never gave a stranger online my info. I mainly only did aim chats and livejournal stuff. Youtube wasnt around until I was in highschool

No. 1950574

i miss livejournal so much nonny. I also remember i used to trace anime art on da and i once got caught and was 'cancelled', good times.

No. 1950580

how long were you allowed if you remember? im thinking of just going full on cold turkey eventually with the web but its hard at times..

No. 1950583

>stranger danger talk
Mines was so effective I didn’t stop lurking until I was 18

No. 1950588

File: 1712258437255.png (18.78 KB, 719x178, fuckno.png)

I had to see that post again. Fuck the people that missed the whole point of the manga and fuck the tims.

No. 1950590

I remember I did some pokemon cards of my ocs and gave credits to the "base" and DA deleted them for art theft. Now you have to prove that you made the art so the mods can delete the repost when they want to.

No. 1950597

i am a zoomer but even i had the stranger danger talk as a kid and had curfews on my laptop use and internet,and was taught to lie on the internet. i remember when the 4chan raid on tumblr started there were posts warning posters to lie when they give out personal info and not post selfies,i still do that up to this day one day i could be a Finnish plumber and the other a American trucker i always made sure to lie about anything, it horrifies me how much social media pushes you to put out personal info just to have a account one of the reasons i prefer imageboards more no namefagging no followers no nothing

No. 1950620

I recently watched the live action Avatar series and there was a lot wrong with it. One thing that stuck with me was how much emphasis they put on the fight scenes and how frequently they occurred. There were probably more fight scenes in relation to the show's length than in the original series and the thing is, they kinda sucked. They tried to adapt the bending styles one to one and it just didn't work. The only time they were halfway interesting was when they had actors that could actually perform martial arts like Sokka and Zuko's actors, everyone else was just an old man or a child moving around their arms. Like Shyamalan's movie was all around horrible but at least he was aware that he couldn't adapt bending styles and tried something new to compensate (it obviously didn't work though)

No. 1950626

i thought the show was fine, idk why people are so mad about it. the og show also wasnt perfect but still ofc a lot better than the live action.

No. 1950633

I literally hate how gen z and millennial trannies have ruined everything I grew up. Leave Ranma 1/2 alone!

No. 1950634

This garbage should have never been made.

No. 1950636

Probably from 7pm to 10:30pm on a school night. I snuck on to stay up late from time to time, but it wasnt until I out of high school when I stayed up all night online talking to friends on AIM.

No. 1950647

back in the early 10s communities for children like club penguin, animal jam, toontown still existed too, along with age appropiate flash games. the internet wasn't never exclusive to a single age range.

No. 1950649

yeah but those were kid spaces made for kids, and where you actually have to 'accept' your parents consented to it. Youtube was never meant to be for children.

No. 1950675

Yeah but social media and forums were not intended for children.

No. 1950775

The "brony fandom" was the perfect breeding ground for numerous forms of male perversions and degeneracies to fester, combine, and mutate. The most obvious were the yurifags, as well as the zoophiles and there was a strong presence of pedophilia. It was an awful thing to witness as a kid. One thing I noticed was that the only thing that genuinely bothered them were the male ponies for some reason. They seemed not just dislike them but hate them. I never understood that until years later.

No. 1950779

>One thing I noticed was that the only thing that genuinely bothered them were the male ponies for some reason.
reminds me of hololive fans (which ironically most bronies moved onto after FIM ended). I dont want to say AGP is a thing here but…

No. 1950803

I was there on that fateful april fools 2017 where 4chan decided to mix /mlp/ and /pol/. I have never seen so much cancer concentrated. Its funny that, just like anime, bronies are either turbo leftist troons or turbo right wing nazi larpers.

No. 1950814

The brony fandom peak transed me 5 years before the ROGD craze happened and I can't be the only one. So many AGPs in that fandom boast about how they discovered their "identity" via cartoon bestiality porn and wanted their asses kissed for it. I was an adult then so the porn/gore/etc didn't phase me because I saw worse, but I was in a brony group where half of the men became "lesbian" TIMs and I lost my mind.

No. 1950817

These sites were literally made for children, anon…The problem is children now are creeping into adult places. Look at the issue with sephora and ulta kids

No. 1950832

It's honestly scary you can't find adult-only spaces in fandom anymore. I tried joining Discord servers(big mistake) and none of them were 18+ except for the NSFW spaces, which is gross to have in all ages allowed server, even if you need to verify your age before being allowed in. I just want the internet to go back to being for adults, i am no one's nanny and i dont have to watch the things i draw or say because a retarded ipad kiddie might be on my spaces when he shouldnt

No. 1950834

File: 1712269964889.png (211.17 KB, 598x847, r5fsd.png)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's picrel where a female character isn't just given a muscular body, but is essentially made male in almost every aspect. It's essentially elaborate Rule 63.

No. 1950839

I have never seen this save for those retarded muscle fetish moids.

No. 1950845

ayrt and what i meant is that at least back then there were places for children to enjoy with each other and yet they still could find perverse shit of their interests. everything is so much worse now that children's sites basically don't exist anymore, children are even more online and the perverse shit is much easier to find.

of course part of the fault falls on unaware/negligent parents who don't check what their children are watching, because even elsagate is gross and inappropiate as fuck despite being marked as content for kids.

No. 1950848

File: 1712270426352.png (2.57 MB, 1461x2048, HvwOMVX.png)

I have to ask, why do these morons never use real-life athletes or strong women as references to draw strong female characters instead of just copy-pasting the roided male bodybuilders?
picrel is the strongest female

No. 1950855

How come male characters can be drawn with freakishly roided bodies that would never exist in real life but the moment women have unrealistically big biceps it's REEEE HOW DARE YOU MUH REALISM NOOOOOOO STOP RUINING MY DAINTY WAIFUS

No. 1950857

kek this, muscly men in anime are always drawn unrealistic. Very few irl roidpigs have tiny waists, they are always built like fridges but anime gives them sexy waists.

No. 1950864

I hate how 18+ is synonymous with porn. I'm in some servers with an opt-in NSFW channels, but I want to be around other adults for reasons that aren't related to sex.

No. 1950902

Most of the time when it comes to female character drawn more muscular it bothers me because it's the work of coomer muscle fetishist men, personally.

No. 1950910

Happens in the FF7 fandom to Tifa

No. 1950926

While I disagree with drawing the character too off from canon, the fact I'm supposed to believe Tifa is super strong and is beating up everyone when she is as skinny and dainty as Aerith is silly. Yes, I know her abs are slightly more defined. Guess that's all it takes.

No. 1950939

Of the ones I see most on /a/…
>Asuka vs Rei (and lately Kensuke x Asuka vs Asushin posting)
>Emilia vs Rem
>Which route is the true route in fate stay night
>Erased's 'NTR' ending (fujos took over shortly after that)
>Yuri vs het shippers
>Homura vs Sayaka (who was in the right)
>Bakugou cucking Deku and general Deku hate threads
I avoid everything relating to shounen when I can, but I assume it's just a lot of power level fagging from hispanic teens.

No. 1950947

File: 1712273638593.gif (844.61 KB, 500x280, kim people are dying.gif)

By no means am I about to defend bronies here; I hate the way they colonized something for girls and made the fandom an actively hostile place to be a woman. If you claim to have been "traumatized" by retarded edgy pony shit online, you don't know what trauma even is. Sure, these kids' parents were negligent retards for letting Uncle Internet babysit their kids, but seeing gore of a cartoon for toddlers is the kind of "problem" people with no actual problems have.

No. 1950962

File: 1712273940441.png (85.33 KB, 568x454, 1681116849733.png)

Are we seriously at the point where we're critiquing peoples' sexual taste for not being diverse enough? I guess that makes sense, it's the logical conclusion of the whole whole "genital fetish" nonsense. Let's just treat what makes a woman's pussy wet like it's a hiring process and it has to be representative of world demographics. As if women aren't aggressively shamed enough for their sexualities.

No. 1950968

File: 1712274186183.png (460.5 KB, 578x899, analogue horror.png)

It's so dumb too, the analogue horror ''fandom'' is filled with children, same with FNAF. Horror has always existed on the internet. I honestly think FNAF being popular with children, a series about dead corpses of children being stuffed into animatronics by a pedo, is miles worse than cupcake HD.

No. 1950972

File: 1712274239433.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96.45 KB, 413x750, IMG_2792.jpeg)

If you were to ask me we need MORE
Jasper my beloved

No. 1950973

I just realized it's analog horror, forgive my boomer self.

No. 1950980

I always so pedobear as a joke, not actually encouraging pedophilia. Also loli was a term most normal people would have never heard in the early 2000s. Today it is VERY normalized. At least in my opinion.

No. 1950994

File: 1712275216346.jpg (260.75 KB, 600x627, peta cheren.jpg)

This. I get I was like 11 or 12 when these vids were coming out so I was over the age of that already while I think the guy making these was probably like 8 but even then it's pretty much on par with being 'scared' of peta flash games.

No. 1950997

Are you retarded? No he didn’t

No. 1951005

File: 1712275985933.png (93.91 KB, 587x351, MD.png)

He could have been lying, but his work was professional levels of good. He used to draw on-model shock art of shows like The Looney Tunes show and Gravity Falls too. I think it's not far fetched to believe he was at least a professional animator.

No. 1951009

He's currently working in the industry according to wiki

No. 1951015

File: 1712276316813.jpg (78.55 KB, 800x600, l faust sawyer.jpg)

Also, artists are(or used to be) huge edgelords. Pic rel is something lauren faust did when she worked on cats dont dance. You can also find that one infamous spongebob booklet ''behind close doors'' that was lost for some time and resurfaced recently.

No. 1951019

The other two are pretty furry coom, but the rock star mom was is pretty funny not gonna lie.

No. 1951020

These are actually kinda cute though. This kind of stuff just hits differently when you know a woman drew it, like it's obvious she drew these as jokes and not because she gets off on it.

No. 1951022

They're references to women who were famous at the time the movie was being made: Pam Anderson, Madonna, and Courtney Love respectively.

No. 1951025

MD videos are very obviously done as jokes too. It's very different from goosetranny inserting vore and female characters suffering onto his videos when he's both a troon and has a history of drawing fucked up deviant fetishes. I am not defending him though, i am just explaining the context. In 2012 ipadtoddlers weren't a thing and it was much rare to find kids on the internet that it is today.

No. 1951026

I think the scrotes working on rugrats probably did the worst one of Stu raping Angelica
Like, I like to think I'm pretty desensitized to edgy shit but everytime someone posts that it makes my fucking skin crawl.

No. 1951028

Same, cringe goofy gore that's literally some gay ass shone fight rip off and spongebob with a fat cock are funny, the rugrats stuff was vile.

No. 1951196

Given how few women were working in animation at the time, you're probably right. I have a pretty edgy sense of humor and I still don't understand where the humor is supposed to be in that Rugrats thing.

No. 1951233

This thread and most of /m/ is unwashed weeb central

No. 1951238

Exactly. It's sick and perverted and you know these moids were doing it at least partially because of some weird fetish.

No. 1951361

Is this considered "comedy" for porn addicted zoomers

No. 1951368

i am honestly surprised that except for the old man from JJK all of them are conventionally attractive male characters.

No. 1951372

You act like anons here are not exactly the same kek

No. 1951373

File: 1712296079529.jpg (100.01 KB, 720x802, 1709986854997420.jpg)

they did fucking what?

No. 1951377

at least she admits these men are toxic and garbage but they are so hot so they get it kek

No. 1951379

File: 1712296208216.png (384.63 KB, 1106x735, nHNmY.png)

They did storyboards of that
For some reason they didn't get fired for this.

No. 1951380

jesus fucking christ on a thousand bikes kill all fucking men

No. 1951381

File: 1712296360780.gif (40.33 KB, 200x265, RugratsIncredibleStoryboardJam…)

The scrote who drew it looks exactly like how you would expect too.

No. 1951383

I feel bad for laughing
>and be on model next time or i will kick your ass

No. 1951393

I won't lie I laughed too

No. 1951446

Is there a purpose to this being created? What's the context of this?

No. 1951454

It's from a storyboard jam, something production crews do to blow off steam (allegedly, I'm not speaking from personal experience here). One person starts the storyboard and it gets passed around and added to by the rest of the crew. It's expected to be funny and/or inappropriate, but uh… not quite like this.
Also, this is (as far as anyone knows) the only page left from the storyboard jam, but it's not the only one they drew. Apparently the rest were even worse. There's an article for it on the lost media wiki:

No. 1951469

Absolutely fucking horrid that this is a fun 'storyboarding challenge' joke to males. Anons that were defending a lack of censorship and 'muh creative freedom' up thread should see this.

I want to look every person in the eye who defends freedom of pedofilia and child abuse by men cast as 'creative expression'. I want them to see this and defend this vile shit. No one is willing to have this conversation in media because it benefits males too greatly to degrade humiliate and torture children and women.

No. 1951473

calm down, no one was defending this shit

No. 1951505

>There really is no excuse for being a lazy parent nowadays
It's not even that. It's just that they think they're immune to criticism when it comes to their child's internet access. So you can draw out exactly the reason why letting their kid be parented by an ipad and social media for 13 hours is a bad thing, and they'll incoherently screech about:
>but what about 15 minutes at a restaurant?
>what if I need to go outside for a bit and need to keep my kid entertained?
>what if my kid is special needs?
It's like mom and dad don't understand the core fucking root of the issue, which is not screentime in itself or letting your kid blow off a little steam on minecraft, but the absurd excess of screentime and lack of parental intervention. Why would you want your kid parented by strangers on the internet, and specifically by modern fandom? Your kid's going to see some shit they're not going to understand until 10+ years later.

No. 1951674

File: 1712320495089.png (3.32 MB, 1254x1890, C0YrYd3.png)

I'm sure this happens with other characters, but I've seen this a lot with Simon Petrikov for some reason.

No. 1951691

This video gave me nightmares when it came out

No. 1951697

This doesn't even register to me as pregnant, idk what I'm looking at

No. 1951717

No. 1951729

This is cute idgaf

No. 1951732

why is Simon a victim of the bizarre fetishes club

No. 1951741

To be fair, the “strong” character on the left just looks like a woman who goes to the gym 3 times a week.

No. 1951969

There is something deeply unsettling about moids

No. 1951981

This is actually funny and I like the style, she's just playing with the character looking like Pamela Anderson, Madonna and…I feel like the rockstar mom is a reference but I'm not sure. Also kek at the water ballon "boob" falling out of the swimsuit

No. 1951982

That's like asking why TIFs always use male bodies for their tif characters and not a female body.

No. 1952001

It's disgusting but its literally not real and the more graphic storyboards were destroyed. Chill out.

No. 1952130

why can't people just be normal and not be retarded degenerates, just say "I think x is attractive" that's all you literally have to do, why is that so hard for so many people.

No. 1952290

porn sickness is a horrible disease

No. 1952405

he looks like a meatball kek

No. 1952561

It's Courtney Love, someone literally said it upthread.

No. 1952589

I fucking hate it when moids say shit like

>The only reason women like [villain/antagonistic character] is because they think "I can fix him!!!"

Um no, I like my villain husbandos BECAUSE they're scary and/or unhinged, I don't want to change a thing about them. Sure, I'd like a chance to do spooky stuff alongside them. But I hate the narrative that "Women are dumb and think they can change any man into a sweet soft wubby cinnamonroll"

No. 1952596

I hate that shit too. I don't want to fix that character, I want them just the way they're because no stuff I do will change a fictional character.

No. 1952602

Seriously, I unironically think that the reason why most women like villains it's because they're not bound to some dumbass codes and will be actually capable to do the things that irl moids don't do, you know, like providing and protecting.
Bad guys won't hesitate to punch some fucker on the face because he looked in my direction, they will also win any fight and are usually really smart too.
But of course moids reduce anything we like and turn it into "hurr durrrrr woman caring womanly boobiely and sweet but not smort enough liek me tips fedora"

No. 1952610

he's an ugly, edgy and old man, you know what kind of people(TIFs) that type of characters attract.

No. 1952990

he also gets hurt quite often and is physically weak as well, he's basically the perfect blorbo.

No. 1953046

Both happen to Stella and Roxy from winx club and I hate it so much.

No. 1953066

From my experience online, AOT male fans fight over if the ending is good or bad and if liking and supporting the rumbling makes you an irl nazi or not.

No. 1953083

File: 1712402666379.jpg (Spoiler Image,714.06 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_2024-04-06-13-16-50…)

Nonnies did you see the "stop sexualizing nuns" discourse on Twitter? Someone replied with picrel (spoilered because it's a coomer design from NU: Carnival) and a lot of the QRTs are like um ackshyually this is a double standard, we shouldn't sexualized nuns OR priests!
It's pissing me off because we all know men aren't going to stop sexualizing nuns (or any type of woman, including little girls) just because a tweet told them to. The only people this message could possibly reach is women, because women are the only people with human decency who will stop doing something if they're told that it's hurting others. But men have no such decency, and telling them that nuns don't want to be sexualized isn't going to make them stop doing it because the fact that nuns don't want to be sexualized is part of the appeal for them, they want to humiliate and violate those women. At the end of the day all this achieves is shaming women for producing their own coomer content, men don't give a fuck because they don't have a soul so they just keep doing it, especially since they're immune to being canceled unlike women.

No. 1953089

Priests are whores and will stick their dicks in anything. Nuns are religious chaste women. Only the latter deserves respect. They’ll have to pry my Mormon missionary deepfake porn from my cold dead hands

No. 1953090

Keep sexualizing priests. Never let up. Every time someone looks at a priest, they should remember anime sexyman drawings. Keep going until moids who consider becoming priests get flashbacks to scrolling on Twitter and seeing drawings of priests in slut gear. It should never end.

No. 1953099

unfathomably based.

No. 1953101

>Every time someone looks at a priest, they should remember anime sexyman drawings

No. 1953107

the replies were mostly by feminists pointing out that you being ironic porn addict isn't doing anything to counter other ironic porn addict.

No. 1953114

I don't think women stopping themselves from cooming to dumb sexualized anime priests is going to solve the issue of men sexualizing women who have made a vow of chastity. Women aren't sexualizing priests to stick it to men, they're sexualizing priests because they have a fetish. Who the fuck cares if women cooming doesn't end misogyny. Not every single thing a woman does has to be activism. This line of thinking is how you end up with retarded TIFs trooning characters out and acting like their milquetoast het OTPs are "bi4bi" because women can't just enjoy things without making it into some form of activism.

No. 1953149

this obviously doesn't go for every fandom/hobbyist artist, but a lot of them only learn through drawn tutorials and aren't in the habit of using photo references (especially nude/nearly nude model ones), so they lack both the anatomical knowledge and research discipline to bring their buff lady vision to life without fucking it up by drawing masculinised/outright male anatomy. I've also seen that some people feel more comfortable studying (and therefore staring at) body reference material for the opposite sex rather than their own (not all that shocking tbh), but don't necessarily feel the same about faces etc (saw this a lot at uni, it's an embarrassment/insecurity thing, I think). It's a weenie beginner artist problem that you grow out of either as you age or get serious about art and do some life drawing etc.

No. 1953168

I must be following the right people because I never seen this shit

No. 1953250

no feminists it's the same just that it's you know pathetic on your part, not everyone has to be an activist but you don't have to be a degen either.

No. 1953311

File: 1712413545090.jpg (141.7 KB, 877x618, O3CHvZttyj.jpg)

Let's get back on topic. This has been discussed a few times before but I picrel perfectly illustrates the absolute delusion that a lot of these morons live in. So over the years in fandom spaces there has been a trend (started by Americans) to 'un-whitewash' certain characters, This happens with Damian Wayne(who is like the 1-4th Arab) and most annoyingly with characters who have Romani/Gypsy heritage. This person drew a depiction of what Scarlet Witch is actually supposed to look like (even though she has never looked like this in any comic depiction), and she used an actress of Spanish Romani descent as a reference, and she genuinely can't even see that yes "POC Romanis" can be white, cause she's that brain rotten by fandom discourse

No. 1953317

I'm going to edit the pope into gay porn just for you

No. 1953322

Isn't that the worst possible person to use as a reference considering Rita Hayworth whitewashed herself to get famous? She changed her name dyed her hair and even plucked her hairline higher to look less "ethnic"

No. 1953333

even when she was "brown" she still looked more southern european.

No. 1953344

look, I don't want to stir shit or defend moids or whatever, but the fetish for nuns and priests in fiction is basically the same thing regardless of if the fetish-haver is male or female– it's still about corrupting someone 'pure' or chaste/off the market and them feeling dirty-bad-wrong-sinful about it while the audience surrogate is either powerful/attractive/coercive enough to tempt them (often literally depicted as demonic lol). Then there's also ones who go for the domineering/authoritative aspect associated with the two roles. So everyone's a sinner here, I guess.

Sorry for the sperg and jumping in like this, but it's all set up to say I am so fucking tired of 'priest AUs' in fandoms/ships that have nothing to do with religion or anything remotely similar kek. Hell, most AUs are just garbage clutter in the tags, especially for new/ongoing properties (I get it when the fandom's old as fuck and fans might want to spice things up bit with a fresh coat of paint though). reeee.

Anyone else have some common/trending AUs they're tired of/noticed a surge in?

No. 1953356

I mean real life priests have shown to be degens so they deserve it in my eyes (not nuns though). But on your point about AUs being shit, I agree. They're almost always lame and boring, especially high school, college, and all the bland AUs like coffee shop and flower shop when the original media has a genuinely interesting setting or premise.

No. 1953369

such a confident display of a lack of observational drawing skills kek.

More seriously though, it is pretty wild how so many people can look at an actor or character design and then proceed to avoid drawing anything even remotely close to it. Maybe I'm just too much of a stickler for references and being on model/accurate despite style shifts, but I'd never call myself a fan of something if I couldn't manage to/bring myself to draw something instantly identifiable as being that character so that, y'know, other fans could see and enjoy it at a glance, without needing to squint and think about it. But I guess when fanart is more about you and your ideas rather than the media it's supposedly dedicated to, the fan and community aspect cease to matter so much.

No. 1953380

The funny thing is how they'll make Wanda brown-skinned and curly haired even though she's never ever been depicted this way and they'll STILL draw Pietro as lily-white and straight haired as they come. It's so weird. May as well make him brown too if you're going to draw his twin that way…

No. 1953384

Based. And even that said, female liberation starts from liberating female sexuality i.e. letting women enjoy their sexy objectified priests. I swear some anons in this thread are the worst of pearl clutchers constantly being concerned over "degenerate pornsick women objectifying men".

No. 1953391

nta but that's literally liberal feminist logic.

No. 1953396

And being outraged over women wanting to be horny over anime men is moid logic. Get a life.

No. 1953423

Explain how women being horny over anime men is going to destroy women's rights.

No. 1953481

nta and don't care about objectifying men, especially fictional ones, but I do think pornsickness/horny brainrot in women is a fair thing to talk about or even possibly be concerned over– not in the sense that women having and expressing their sexual interests is bad or whatever, but more that it's not healthy for any human to spend large amounts of their day and brainpower on highly sexualised content. Everyone knows about men fucking themselves up by being horny 24/7 and needing everything to be coomerfied in order to hold their attention, but for some reason women are considered magically immune from the same kind of overstimulation. I don't think it has anything to do with women's rights, either (other than women having more freedom to openly engage with erotic material compared to the past, but that's a neutral observation), it's just an observable shift in behaviour and trends.

Maybe other anons are just lucky and haven't dealt with other women who only want to talk about and engage with horny/smutty/spicy content or only want to talk about sexual headcanons etc. Have also noticed more hentai and male-coomer tropes/cliches popping up in female-made fan content (and original published stuff too tbh), which is also interesting.

No. 1953490

that's literally how brain patterns work, it's why so often porn fetishes escalate into weirder or more perverse stuff.

No. 1953496

reminds me fujoshis who only want to read yaoi but not shounen ai for some reason.

No. 1953498

Yeah I know, sorry for being rambly and stating the obvious, but I was trying to be clear and not sound like I'm coming for any other anon's smut or something kek. I hate treating women like we're some kind of magical unicorn monolith that can't fall prey to biological systems and feedback loops like every other organism on the planet. We all have our own poison and trash tastes too, so it's not about one thing being better than another or anything either, it's just a question of overconsumption and/or fixation on pornographic content.

No. 1953507

then what's a good way to enjoy smut? should we never think about sex and act like chase nuns till chad comes over askes our hand marriage?

No. 1953516

Pornsick women are a nightmare to deal with, you're right.

No. 1953524

NTA but she literally says it's a matter of moderation, I don't get what's so hard to understand.

No. 1953545

im an adult, why would i want to read shounen ai?

No. 1953552

ayrt and all things in moderation, smut or otherwise. I don't get why this topic often turns into black and white thinking here of either pure and total virginal abstinence or complete and utter ravening degeneracy being the only options. Enjoy stuff, just don't revolve every minute of your day around it, or your personality– don't be like a lab monkey smacking the endorphin button all day kek

No. 1953560

>I don't get why this topic often turns into black and white thinking here of either pure and total virginal abstinence or complete and utter ravening degeneracy being the only options.
Because you purityfags always treat drawing men in slutty clothing as "complete and utter ravening degeneracy" comparable to terminal male coomery.

No. 1953561

>I don't get why this topic often turns into black and white thinking here of either pure and total virginal abstinence or complete and utter ravening degeneracy being the only options
You can't be serious… Millions of women are treated lile degenerate whores just for existing in a shit ton of cultures and are raised or even forced to marry some random man and shit out kids but god forbid they could possibly enjoy sex. I don't disagree that moderation is important for pretty much everything in general and not just, idk, yaoi or whatever but some anons in other threads talk exactly like the deranged muslims in my family and in my life in general who would beat the fuck out of me when I was a kid for having male classmates. They use the same talking points but with a different thought process. Instead of "you should never look at men like that because that would make you a whore and you'll go to hell/be honor killed" it's "you shouldn't express how attracted you are to real or fictional good looking men in specific outfits because that's not feminist enough/too male centered". It's very strange.

No. 1953566

You're saying this while the whole of Booktok is getting shit on because of smutty books. Listen yes a lot of those books ARE 'trashy smut' but men have been reading books with gratuitous sex scenes in it since forever and there's a stupid amount of those books that are considered literature (I'm looking at you, Murakami). But now that women are enjoying books about hot fake men loving the self insert it's an issue. It's trashy. All the while nobody is talking about the significant issues stemming from boys as young as 10 finding violent porn videos online. And the rare moments they do, it's somehow still women who are the issue.
So yes, let women have their dumb smut or sexy anime men. Women haven't murdered others over it with the excuse that it was just violent sex gone wrong.

No. 1953571

tf has being an adult to do with reading shounen ai?`

No. 1953572

no one has ever said that, just that it shows that you don't have normal or healthy sexuality.

No. 1953575

File: 1712428064304.png (65.17 KB, 908x657, 1712353587844.png)

repost from another thread, I think picrel describes what your saying.

No. 1953579

nta, maybe she means the mc's are underage and she might prefer more mature media? Understandable honestly.

No. 1953580

you may as well tell me to go watch steven universe, that shit is for kids

No. 1953582

nta but most shonen ai manga are about teenage boys holding hands and kissing once or twice at best but they tend to be one shots so the plot is barely developed. It's not like romance in shojo manga where you can expect some development happening in several volumes and a plot where romance isn't even necessarily the main point. I agree with her, as a grown woman I'd rather read about adult characters having normal relationships and falling in love, making out or fucking for one or two volume than read a "will they wont they" story in just one volume that concludes with the main pairing just hugging once or something.

No. 1953583

there are many shounen ais with adult mcs so i doubt that kek

No. 1953585

Shounen ai and yaoi are the same thing. I doubt most are going to say "I read both shounen ai and bl" instead of just "It's bl. I read bl."

No. 1953586

File: 1712428563807.jpg (71.18 KB, 1200x818, a5ad6666f5e52a87e0a44ea62f3bb0…)

what's wild to me is that those girls don't realize that bottom gojo is popular in japan because they have a bjorn andersen-esque complex about him and not because of a higher sense of morals. anyway anyone who ships geto and gojo (no matter their preferred dynamic) is a genuine terrorist

No. 1953587

adult MC who kiss once at the end, how exciting

No. 1953588

why would shipping geto x gojo make you a terrorist lmao

No. 1953589

still better than rape every 5 chapters

No. 1953592

Vaguely related but this is why I can only read those kind of 'slow burns' (slow feels like an understatement) these days when romance is a subgenre of the story. Then yes I can wait years for them to kiss because it's not the main point of the story anyway.

No. 1953594

idc when a fictional man is raped. i will never care.

No. 1953595

You're correct, at the end of the day it's the same thing, they're marketed the same way in Japan, and the distinction between "the main characters fuck" and "the main character don't do anything explicit" can be ambiguous in a lot of manga and anime anyway. There's one I tried where one of the adult guy won't stop groping the other guy and they're both adults, there are a lot of references to sex but they never enter into a relationship because one of the guy's ptsd and yet it was published in a BL magazine.

I thought Gojo was a bit more popular as a seme when paired with Geto but maybe it's more like 50/50.

>anyway anyone who ships geto and gojo (no matter their preferred dynamic) is a genuine terrorist

kek calm down they're just drawings.

There are plenty of BL manga where there are sex scenes like once a chapter where there's no rape whatsoever.

No. 1953596

sure sure

No. 1953597

God it reminds me of the mess that is the ff7 shipping wars, I lost the tweet but there’s people doxxing each other because their precious clerith, cloti, zakkura, or whatever is the most canon and I’m like damn is it that serious? I just wanna see hot art

No. 1953598

Pretty much. Slow burn romance without an overarching plot is snoresville. This is also why gay shipping from non-romance shows is so popular because gay shows with a grand plot are rare.

No. 1953600

yet probably half of yaoi mangas have rape even when its not needed

No. 1953601

Exactly my point. If you recommend me a BL manga where the main pairing barely kiss but the story is long enough for plenty of other things to happen I could be interested. Same reason why a lot of fujoshi don't mind shipping non canon or only implied gay pairings in long tv shows, novels, video games, etc.

No. 1953603

Maybe if it was still 2004. Isn't that way tags are a thing?

No. 1953605

tbf manga in general aren't needed. It's just entertainment so why would authors give a fuck about the opinion of someone who won't even support their work.

No. 1953609

I'll admit for me it's het ships, but ironically these days the best romances I find in shows/series considered 'seinen' because for some reason that means a story is allowed to have things happen outside of the will they won't they. Though I'll say that it's hard to speak on the state of josei series as they're chronically untranslated both official and unofficial. Probably why the Korean webtoons took off so much because so many were clamoring for a halfway decent story with adults.

No. 1953610

im not saying they have to give a fuck about my opinion, i just wish yaoi authors would put less rape in their mangas and thats literally it.

No. 1953612

It's moment like these where it feels great to be a normal non-degenerate person.

No. 1953613

i fucking hate korean webtoons and how they all look the same, literal cancer for manga sites.

No. 1953615

These authors exist, go and read their books, and support them by buying these manga if you can afford it and if they're released in your country. It's really that simple. There's a lot of variety in what gets released nowadays, just check summaries online and avoid omegaverse.

No. 1953617

im already doing that but my opinion still stands

No. 1953618

because every day, i have to read about how my husbando is a gay boy/woman exists to be bred or whatever bs they come up with. it wears down your soul. the reader tag on ao3? it's even tarnished with threesomes with that white haired freak. every day, companies release merch that only exists to be paired up with aforementioned freak.

No. 1953619

sounds like a you problem to be honest kek

No. 1953620

It's a deep rooted issue in Japan where saying "stop" and "don't" during sex is seen as sexual. The women who grow up and live in such a society are no doubt going to project some of these horrible attitudes towards sex into their work. It's unfortunate and not restricted to yaoi, it happens in japanese m/f smut too. The problem there is too big to be fixed so easily.

No. 1953622

According to pixiv top Gojo is more popular than bottom Gojo (for Satosugu at least, not even including all of the Gojo/students ships) but it's pretty even.

No. 1953625

Frankly, the amount of bl nowadays that are straight up edutainment about safe words and anal health is bizarre.
I don't read bl to learn how to take care of a man's asshole and mental health.

No. 1953627

Samefag to add, it's so bad there that women are advised to say "yamero" instead of "yamete" when they're getting molested on trains because the latter is so strongly associated with porn videos now

No. 1953628

Which one is you husbando then, Geto? I mean, go tell Gege about that because it seemed completely planned by him kek. I agree that the retards saying his female coded because of his power looking somewhat like mpreg are annoying but I barely see them since I almost only check Asian artists and Japanese tags.

No. 1953629

If it makes you feel any better that's not your husbando, "fanon Gojo" is a woman/pussyboy that has nothing close to his actual counterpart other then his name, and the reason fujos want to see him "bred" is because they relate to him and see themselves as him.

No. 1953630

The only ones I saw like these were these weird af dom/subverse bl manga and after the first few ones I actively avoid them now.

No. 1953633

yes geto is my husbando. satosugu in canon is one-sided on gojo's side.

No. 1953634

I see them a lot. Also
>I want to fuck but we need to think about safety and boundaries while massaging your butthole for the next 3 months (chapters) before we're ready to actually have sex.
I also remember a kerfuffle about NuCarni because they didn't lotion up and talk about consent for the first minute in every sex room. It's just so dumb.

No. 1953635

nah gojo is too mentally ill for romance and he went on a date with utahime in the horrible jjk game

No. 1953636

I know anons are shitting on your for not entirely unfair reasons but as someone who's husbandos often end up being one part of a super popular BL ship, I get you.

No. 1953637

Who know if it's "canon" at that point (their feelings for each other only, they obviously weren't dating), it's like Gege wanted to make a BL manga at some point and decided not to because getting published in the shonen jump would be more lucrative.

No. 1953638

theres gotta be a happy middle b/c i hate reading a fic where 2 dudes who have never been with another guy jump straight to buttfucking, seems barbaric lol

No. 1953640

It's Jujutsu Kaisen, they spent how many characters just throwing them at a guy? I honestly think Gege doesn't care.

No. 1953641

if gege is a chad he brings gojo back to life and lets him marry some random women

No. 1953644

I hope JJK gets cancelled I hate you guys

No. 1953645

at least i wish western yumes were allowed to be like japanese ones and be like ''yeah i don't want to see my husbando have gay sex sorry'' but you would get crucified by 15 year olds if you said that

No. 1953646

>I honestly think Gege doesn't care.
I think he cares about the money he's getting from all of this, and I can only understand, I'd probably do the same thing if that means early retirement and spending my free time drawing yaoi fanart.

No. 1953648

Just block the 15yo tards then. I block kids on twitter all the time, I bet I blocked a total of thousands of accounts.

No. 1953649

I block/mute every single account that says "peak" and "goat".

No. 1953650

It's worse then that to be honest. Many reader or obvious MC-for-self-insert fics will be written 'gender neutral'. The best version of that is whenever they say it's gender neutral but reader/insert is obviously written as a woman except the author does everything to avoid saying boob or pussy.

No. 1953651

File: 1712430428007.jpg (55.16 KB, 452x581, otu8qxwn9mx81.jpg)

he already has a gay couple (the dude on the left is a tranny)

No. 1953652

>im upset when we are not about me

i think he had no idea what to do after he moved sukuna into fushiguro. that has obviously been the plan for a long time but the plot fell apart after that and its just been nonstop fighting that doesnt go anywhere

No. 1953653

>Days since Paki-chan incited fujo sperging: 0

No. 1953654

File: 1712430530983.webp (251.85 KB, 3465x3465, kirara-during-middle-school-an…)

from looking like a normal dude to goth chick

No. 1953656

Gaygay will pay for his crimes one day

No. 1953657

Everytime I see trannification I die on the inside. It's horribly disgusting.

No. 1953659

girls will say geto is woman-coded but jjk moids will just jerk off that to that ''femboy'' and not pay attention to geto. obviously neither are female but you know what i mean

No. 1953660

i dont have any issue with this character until everyone in canon starts insisting he's a true and honest wahman, which as far as i remember hasnt happened yet. bold of gege to portray his ~pretranition~ self at all imo

No. 1953663

I'm not even at that part yet but kek he's just straight up grabbing his ass on camera.

No. 1953664

Japan has one of the highest rates for consumption in the world, is anyone actually surprised that this happened?

No. 1953669

Shut up you are so annoying. If women all became pornsick like men tomorrow, it would do more for equality than shitting on women for liking sexy anime men.

No. 1953674

>but you know what i mean
No I don't, I don't get the point of your comparison at all.

No. 1953676

As in tuberculosis or?

No. 1953678

sorry I don't think becoming addicted to cartoon pornogprahy helps women.

No. 1953685

Gay men managed to strip any semblance of dignity out of the marines by turning it into a fag icon. We could do the same and ruin everything for men if we joined forces.

No. 1953686

lots of women already are pornsick. you're being disingenuous if you don't think that leads to some degree of spillover into their actual sexual relationships. remember when everyone was obsessed with 50 shades and there was a huge increase in sex-toy related injuries? i don't give a shit about cartoon priests, but it's stupid and shortsighted to say that female pornsickness is a based feminist win that's liberating female sexuality for equality. the proliferation of degen porn leads to worse outcomes for women across the board (like the fetishization of rape and strangulation) and you're deluding yourself if you think that's not the case.

No. 1953689

Women being into maledom isn't the same as sexualizing priests. Maledom only benefits men, and women are memed into it by pickme handmaidens like the writer of 50 shades. It's not the same as women drawing sexy priests and sexualizing men.

No. 1953690

ahh you just reminded me again of how ass fifty shades of grey was, no wonder the moid who played the love interest hated it so much lol

No. 1953691

Should A03 and other fanfic sites be deleted since they're basically just a rabbit hole of a descent to degeneracy?

No. 1953695

like i said, i don't care about the priests. the problem is that the vast majority of pornography (made by women and men alike) is centered around the male sexual domination of women. that's why i'm saying it's important to be wary and critical of blanket statements like "let women melt their brains with whatever coomshit they want."

No. 1953696

File: 1712433207252.gif (689.8 KB, 357x200, 1708727952393.gif)

>i don't give a shit about [topic of the conversation], but
This thread is so annoying…

No. 1953697

> the problem is that the vast majority of pornography (made by women and men alike) is centered around the male sexual domination of women
yeah because its the only ''acceptable'' form of sexuality for women, because its dictated by men. If we actually allowed women to objectify men then their sexuality would be more natural towards pleasing themselves firt and less geared towards pleasing and looking good for moids.

No. 1953699

I also hate female gooners, I don't think it's healthy but at least they're easy to avoid. plus they'll never be as harmful as pornsick moids(derailing)

No. 1953703

i'm criticizing a statement made in response to the discourse within this thread, not the original discourse itself (which was taking place on twitter). i don't see the problem.

No. 1953705

women cant be gooners. There is barely porn made for women to make them truly pornsick. The ones into maledom garbage arent pornsick just cringe pickmes desperate to show how cool they are to their scrotes.

No. 1953713

no I think lots of women into "maledom" are being genuine unfortunately. and besides that I have definitely encountered pornsick women before, if it was impossible there wouldn't be a porn addiction recovery thread here

No. 1953714

Thank you for mentioning that because I'd like to point out another double standard; actors like him and the guy who played the Twillight vampire are allowed to shit all over their role and the female fanbase that enjoys it. And if you're offended you're just a cringy fangirl who should shut up.
But you can't have an actress doing the same. Saying that she thought the sex scenes were gross, or that the men who thought it was hot are cringe and should be laughed at.

No. 1953717

the only thing i remember being close to that was emma watson calling her kisses with harry and ron "cringe"

No. 1953725

Anon they ARE pornsick though that’s why they’ve meme’d themselves into believing they like being chocked and slapped.

No. 1953726

a lot of women are memed into thinking liking yaoi = being pornsick, they are never pornsick the same way men are. They just like to see pretty boys and get shamed by literally everyone. Female sexuality is not ''liberated''

No. 1953729

I dont believe so, they do it for their moids. If men didnt like to choke and slap women then women wouldn't inherently like it. It's just the outcome of female sexuality having to center around moid pleasure. Women also don't buy lingerie for themselves, they buy to look sexy for their scrotes.

No. 1953766

File: 1712437244674.png (1.48 MB, 601x3643, P1.png)

I think we're all forgetting that this is what initially started the discourse, someone on twitter made a post stating that you shouldn't sexualize nuns because it's disrespectful and misogynistic, The QRTs were filled with mostly male coomers, pick-me women and "leftists". The first group openly admitted that they were degenerates and got off on it, the second group did it in an 'ironic manner' to prove that they aren't like those prudish feminists and the last group(which I consider the worst) tried to pretend that it's actually a revolutionary act and to ask not to sexualize anything was fascism and reactionary. The only people who took issue with this BS were feminists.

No. 1953768

File: 1712437310194.png (1.91 MB, 604x5425, P2.png)

No. 1953772

the priest user is right, everyone else is retarded and i hope their dicks get tangled in barb wire

No. 1953773

seeing shit like this makes me so happy i dont use twitter

No. 1953784

File: 1712438173705.png (769.03 KB, 1200x1800, wJ1lR02.png)

I know this might be really hard for you to comprehend, but if you feel arousal at something, even if it's two cute boys kissing (and let's be honest, that's not what most yaoi is and you know that) you're getting a dopamine spike, the more frequently you consume whatever gave that initial spike, the less and less effective it becomes, so you start craving "more"either more of what already gave that spike or something more perverse than that and that leads to escalation. And that's literally how everybody's brains work, including yours.(derailing)

No. 1953790

I have been reading yaoi for years and it never made me want to escalate to something ''hard''. Hell, 3DPD porn disgusts me and i bet 99% of fujos also feel disgusted of both real men and real gay porn. It has actually kept me from making the mistake of having sex with a 3DPD too, which is way more harmful than reading BL.

No. 1953793

Ngl the black clover nun was a lot less sexualized than I expected. You'd figure it be worse, considering the rest of the female characters.
People think yaoi is basically meth.

No. 1953794

>People think yaoi is basically meth.
didnt you know yaoi is the gateway drug to watching barely legal women getting gangraped and abused?

No. 1953798

File: 1712438963211.jpg (52.75 KB, 736x708, 1679167720983717.jpg)

>People think yaoi is basically meth.
The forbidden yaoi cartels…

No. 1953801

File: 1712439185096.jpg (35.74 KB, 450x495, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.jpg)

I'm fucking kekking nona, thank you

No. 1953804

That's the thing; anything can be meth. Toothpaste can be meth, sleeping on the rooftop can be meth, popping balloons can be meth/ Anything that gives a dopamine rush and If you keep doing it too much, you develop a paraphilia
Not one person in any of these threads has ever made that comparison. Y'all are more like the people in vidrel, not evil or anywhere near as destructive actual porn addicts, but we can see that this isn't normal and clearly a result of a fetish.

No. 1953805

holyshit what the fuck is that filename

No. 1953809

>liking men as a woman is a fetish
so women cant express attraction to men in any form because its a fetish?

No. 1953810

youre so right. brushing my teeth gets less effective every time ever since i started getting a dopamine hit while doing it

No. 1953812

File: 1712439501821.png (446.58 KB, 600x1525, P3.png)

Sadly, many of the responses were from women who also dogpiled on her, simply because they didn't like Christianity and thought that sexualizing Christian women was what they deserved or like the second group they wanted to prove they weren't "prudes"

No. 1953814

File: 1712439645092.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1002x1368, redditor.PNG)

>two cute boys kissing
>let's be honest, that's not what most yaoi is

Kek what kind of yaoi do you consume nonna? Yaoi cannot be compared to the way men in fandoms treat female characters and the degenerate art they make of them. A moid got picrel tattooed and I've never watched the series, but apparently she's supposed to be a teen? I have yet to see a yaoi tattoo let alone a graphic one and I'm convinced I'll never see one as disgusting as picrel tattooed on a woman.

No. 1953816

>Not one person in any of these threads has ever made that comparison.
Tbf it says drugs in your pic lol.
In this case its drugs (yaoi).

No. 1953817

potentially interesting discussion about the damaging effects of porn culture and its intersection with fandom on women's sexuality derailed with yet another yaoi infight

No. 1953819

Have you thought that maybe I just found the concept of yaoi cartels funny and that I got no horse in this race

No. 1953820

havent watched the cyberpunk anime but that character is a ''legal'' loli

No. 1953821

it was always in bad faith, like every time you purityfags try to compare women enjoying their sexuality in a way that doesnt harm them or catters to men to men watching rape on tape

No. 1953822

I watched it, she's an adult in both age and behavior and nothing is mentioned one way or another when it comes to her looks.
She's meant to be slightly older than the mc who iirc is 17, so 19-20?

No. 1953824

she's obvious lolibait how blind are you
>shorter than the mc
>wears oversized hoodie
>small breasts
>fucking twintails

No. 1953825

Reread what I wrote slower and realize I never said otherwise, just that it was never mentioned in the show.

No. 1953826

you're basically talking to a wall nonners. anons will be like "yassss hyperstimulus CAN fry your brain into being unable to enjoy vanilla sex and hobbies" for both female and male tastes (i mean we get 40+ posts a week across the board reeeing about porn addicted women that are into weird kinks like voyerism, bdsm and rape) until you mention yaoi, then suddenly the concept of hyperstimulus is no longer applicable for women to be meme'd by, kek. anyone familiar with the old horrorcows know how porn can damage a woman's brain, no matter how "based" it is to fap to gay men or little boys or w.e

No. 1953827

>little boys
Oh god not the freaking shotafag boogeyman

No. 1953828

you know what's really bad faith, calling feminists "purityfags" for opposing the rampant porn culture in society, and being offended just because they think women becoming degenerates doesn't aid feminism or any single woman.

No. 1953831

you know that anons that say its ''based'' to like yaoi say it only to piss autistic retards like you? there is a big difference between women being socialized to base their sexuality around pleasing men by degrading themselves and women being free to enjoy their sexuality without the need of that(yaoi or husbandos).

No. 1953833

you aren't a feminist you are a terminally online loser infighting about women who like cartoon boys kissing and comparing them to men, who commit 98% of crimes, watching barely legal trafficked women getting raped on pornhub. Go volunteer at a rape shelter if you want to be a good feminist.

No. 1953835

the problem is the idea that women's sexual fantasies can literally never be criticized in any way lest we risk scaring them into a state of sexual repression. the mindless encouragement of total female degeneracy (especially in fandom spaces filled with young women/girls) has the potential to seriously harm them if they engage with the wrong things. the state of our culture and the porn that predominates within it would make abusive practices the unavoidable outcome for an extremely large number of women, even if you, personally, don't engage with it.

No. 1953837

Then criticize those things? this whole retarded infighting didnt start because women were engaging in things that damage them like BDSM, it started because retards got offended on behalf of priests kek

No. 1953838

I'm completely against kids being online in fandoms at all, to begin with.
There's such a thing as having the small bit of mental stability to not get addicted to literally anything and kids being not allowed to be online.

No. 1953839

people got offended because of priests and then shortsighted contrarians said "actually, women should be allowed to jerk off to anything that they want free of criticism, and if you disagree you're a sexual fascist," which is the part that i take issue with.

No. 1953842

they were mocking you and you took it at face value because you are autistic

No. 1953845

You're probably right. They're too caught up in their fetishes and refuse to see the facts of which side they end up supporting. They've created an almost defensive wall for themselves. "It's not rape of a hyper-feminized figure that gets pregnant; it's just two boys kissing I'll end this here for now
I know what you mean. Many fujos don't seem to understand that the extreme provocative scenarios they place male characters in serve as an introduction for young women to explore fetishes. whether they transition or not, they may want to experience those fetishes themselves. We have observed cases like that in the fakeboi thread

No. 1953847

Feminism is when you're allergic to cartoons of grown fictional men kissing according to you and we're supposed to take your opinion seriously.

No. 1953850

>It's not rape of a hyper-feminized figure that gets pregnant; it's just two boys kissing
For Nona, is there no difference?

No. 1953851

god forbid a woman is into anything but missionary according to you

No. 1953852

File: 1712441104681.jpg (Spoiler Image,389.05 KB, 1280x1897, 5zs8cgxc5wu71.jpg)

>"stop sexualizing nuns"
Have they learn that artists used to sexualize nuns or priests come from even before they were born.

Spoiler because nsfw old art from 1800's.

No. 1953853

>yaoi leads to trooning out
ofcourse its always you people, none of the purityfaggots are feminists or in good faith you are just pakichan clones, go fuck yourself back to your containment. None of you ever criticize how harmful het romance is to women, you only have a problem when its yaoi or women sexualizing men

No. 1953856

This argument is so stupid, you know what it reminds me of? When people would seriously suggest that you'd eventually try to shoot and kill random people if you enjoy playing video games because some video games lets you use guns, like GTA or COD. I can't believe we went from mocking this to having so many people thinking that way and spamming their worthless opinions online because they project their terminal autism on others.

No. 1953857

The worst part is that it makes less sense. What the fuck are fujos supposed to do, escalate and rape gay men? kek

No. 1953858


No. 1953861

File: 1712441374394.jpg (183.18 KB, 2400x1801, R9r8r.jpg)

>tfw Nonna

No. 1953862

Who knows at this point. The whole "women troon out specifically because of BL and nothing else" argument has been recycled so often here I'm now expecting someone to actually say this just to spice things up.

No. 1953863

File: 1712441464957.png (1.42 MB, 907x907, sensual.png)

Is from this same artist?

No. 1953865

I now understand how any actual radfem spaces eventually turn into female separatism.
god that looks so bad

No. 1953866

Can we talk about how toxic most herships are? i can never get into het shipping because its always toxic bad boy x pretty nice girl that can fix him, like Zutara. It's so fucking boring. Don't get me started on how daddydom bullshit infested AO3.

No. 1953867

File: 1712441539995.jpeg (33.14 KB, 524x516, 41873921-8D3D-4DCD-A5CB-65E607…)

nonas please….

No. 1953868

I never stated that. I think it might lead to some and that wasn't even the point I was trying to make, it was
>provocative scenarios they place male characters in serve as an introduction
Say a 16 year old girl reads a fic where Harry Potter is whipped by Ron or something like that and it gives her that dopamine rush. So she seeks out more fics that have whipping in them. It's something she likes. A few years later,she meets someone and her idea of sex has to include whipping in it and she asks them to do it.
Now, imagine that with other even worse fetishes and kinks.

No. 1953870

whipping like whipped cream? god forbid a woman likes a tasty dessert

No. 1953874

I hate it when moids act all smug with "do women really", waving their shitty vanilla waifubait "won't hold hands until 100+ chapters in" shit.

No. 1953878

It's the same reason it's in a lot of BL stuff. Women are into it. Lots of women like the idea of a guy who's mad at the world except for them. Who looks dangerous but would absolutely never actually hurt them. It's the safety of fiction in that regard. He's not going to turn out to be beating you 2 years into your marriage.

No. 1953879

komi-san cant communicate but it was actually fucking 300 chapters i think? lmao

No. 1953880

Kids and teenagers shouldn't even be online and especially not reading pornographic fanfictions, that's a parenting issue.

No. 1953881

File: 1712441902714.jpg (35.1 KB, 500x488, 1677935865686.jpg)

I think boys kissing are cute. Cute!(derailing)

No. 1953882

i've never understood that trope, why even in fiction would you want a guy thats just a rude asshole? i would be embarrassed if i had a bf like that

No. 1953883

I hate this retarded logic that just because it still happened in the past means it's not morally wrong to do. Newsflash retard, men have been degens since the dawn of time. Why should women have to pay for that?

No. 1953885

File: 1712441954202.png (56.94 KB, 330x240, Sakura Taisen - Hanagumi Taise…)

Only romance games for moids and theather kids do it for me.

Jk, Susato and Ryuunosuke are also an adorable hetero couple.

No. 1953887

It's 99% of them.
Iirc even Uzaki-kun took around 100 chapters to confess and even then, for a while the male lead kept fainting whenever he thought of sex.

No. 1953888

I’ve never had a gender identity and I fucking love watching muscle pigs giving themselves prolapses and I don’t care about the moral ramifications. My clits opinions matter more(derailing)

No. 1953889

what makes you think that a woman is going to turn into a beta submissive faggot instead of a giga stacy femdomme after reading yaoi? do you think all women are meant to be submissive?

No. 1953891

File: 1712442052976.png (1.18 MB, 907x907, sensual2.png)

Funny how the male characters do not have the same level of detailing like the female ones.

No. 1953892

you really aren't helping your case you know that right?

No. 1953894

Well it often ties in with possessiveness. And the appeal of that is the guy being absolutely obsessed with you, and loving you no matter what.
Don't forget Rent-a-girlfriend! They haven't confessed yet but somehow it does involve numerous very explicit (and somehow able to go through the editor) NTR scenes of the ML imagining random dudes fucking the FL and getting a boner from it.
Normally I'm not one to say that a tattoo will age like shit but this tattoo will absolutely age like shit.

No. 1953895

you know why, even though you'd never admit it.

No. 1953896

I’m not making a case I don’t watch TV shows or yaoi or whatever I’m just a gooner

No. 1953898

Many of his tattoos will age like shit when the hentai tattoo thing ends being popular.

No. 1953899

most women into yaoi get into it because they are more dominant leaning. A lot of fujos admit to this every single time you bring up the ''they self insert as the ukes reee!'' argument.

No. 1953900

you get turned on by gay pornography, that's a result of serious porn addiction, you can admit that at least?

No. 1953901

Nta but KEK as someone who was exposed to weird shit growing up due to unattended internet usage, I am into normie yaoi. Children shouldn't be exposed to pornography, but the ones I know who were into yaoi like me as a teen turned out to be fine too. I recon women who get into yaoi as adults have a lower risk of escalating whatever it is that they read. Honestly most yaoi is just cute guys dating and having pretty average sex like it's not weird Step Mom stuck in the wall shit.

Based nonnie

No. 1953902

nta but is getting off to straight pornography that's morally approved like those big oily pirate novels also porn addiction or is it only when its gay boys?

No. 1953903

nta but I'm pretty sure a severe porn addiction would result in her not being able to be turned on from porn from too much exposure.

No. 1953904

File: 1712442441578.jpg (101.17 KB, 940x903, 20221226_022943.jpg)

Based and fujopilled

No. 1953905

Rent a girlfriend is genuinely interesting as a mental case. That author has some fucking problems, man. Terrible manga, but I would recommend reading reactions of people reading it.

No. 1953907

i think hes just lonely and gets no sex

No. 1953908

gap moe?

No. 1953910

He's married with kids, or at least he was.
Iirc he lives in an apartment away from them to draw his manga.
He also draws the female mc into real photos and stuff, it's all a bit interesting.

No. 1953911

I agree though the man has a wife and iirc a daughter. I read somewhere his studio is in the house BUT he still goes away to a different apartment to sleep on his own.
No he's just super into NTR. The guy he drew fucking FL in the most infamous chapter suspiciously has the exact same beret he wears.

No. 1953915

nta but i get turned on by gay pornography because attractive man = hot, so attractive man x attractive man = extra hot. it's basic science.

No. 1953916

File: 1712442806727.png (405.96 KB, 1200x849, kM9OMWJ.png)

so your saying the average fujo see's themselves as the guy in the back in this pic rather then Izuku?

No. 1953918

no? do yu think women who like straight romance and like the guy over the woman are also self isnerting as the guy? what kind of drugs are you on

No. 1953921

The average fujo sees Bakugo as a bottom bike tbh.

No. 1953924

Many fujos are obsessed with their favorite ukes and they'd rather be the ones dominating him, yeah. Some TIF troons mention this, so it's not even a fact against your yaoi psyop theory.

No. 1953925

so hes just another creep who would have thought that. hopefully his wife left him.

No. 1953926

from what I've seen from afar, he seems to depicted as a feminized bottom with all other male characters except deku for some reason.

No. 1953927

File: 1712443087389.jpg (673.62 KB, 1080x1187, Ww.jpg)

He took a statue of her on a date.

No. 1953929

Including seeing them pregnant and having babies? you know the thing that only biological women are capable of.

No. 1953931

i wonder how his wife feels about it

No. 1953932

This looks terrifying. Imagine just minding your own business outside and you see some grown man carrying that thing, making it pose and taking a bunch of pictures so he can choose which one he should post online. I'd flee at the speed of light.

No. 1953935

what kind of yaoi are you reading that has pregnancy? i know junjou romantica is up to 2848 billion chapters as of now, did misaki get pregnant and i missed it?

No. 1953936

who even cares about bakudeku? no one cares about mha anymore, hopefully jjk is next. i dont want to see gojos mid face anymore

No. 1953937

I'd say it depends on the fujo.
Some really like the screaming "hurry the fuck up you piece of shit" manly bottom aspect.
He tends to be a power bottom with Deku, iirc.

No. 1953938

spoiler this. also tbh tumblr shit like this is its own gross category, it’s not bl or gay porn at all. it literally has breasts

No. 1953939

omegaverse exists

No. 1953940

nta but stop telling anons to spoiler anything that isnt nsfw you turbo faggot newfag

No. 1953942

jjk is supposed to end soon but this is just the manga. Brace yourself for the eventual third season. I'm looking forward to it.

>no one cares about mha anymore

I really hope that's true, I hate the art style and character designs so I never gave it a try but a friend of mine was so autistically obsessed with it I hated this series instead of just ignoring it.

No. 1953944

People really act like it's the only thing that does.

No. 1953947

nta let's not even get into that.

No. 1953948

Yes, there's a big subset of fujos who want to see that and larp as a seme. Is it that hard for you to imagine someone that much into this kind of fantasy? A lot of fujos are into watching submissive ukes from a dominant pov and some of them take it far enough to troon out to become teh epic semes.

No. 1953952

Why does a subset of fujos like that content? The babies ever after crap is already bad in het works, I don't want to see it in BL.

No. 1953962

omegaverse is not what people think when they think of yaoi. Its autistic westoid shit that's so retarded even fujos make fun of it.

No. 1953964

nah jjk sucks ass i aint gonna watch another seaosn of it. my friends tried so hard to convince me its some deep masterpiece but its just so incredible mid even shit slayer was more entertaining

No. 1953965

File: 1712443892238.png (735.61 KB, 1280x720, a4w3TTL.png)

heteroseuxal coupling

No. 1953966

but she said that all yaoi was that, not only omegaverse.

No. 1953968

Mha basically died in popularity for both men and women.
I only ever read Jap omegaverse and it's 99% just heats and biting sex. Mpreg is pretty rare. Really, its more furry ish, considering it gave birth (heh) to pomegaverse (omegaverse, but they sometimes turn into pomeranians) and cakeverse (I don't fucking know).

No. 1953969

How the fuck is this retardation still going on? Are the mods asleep?

No. 1953971

she also said that women who read slash or erotica are highly intelligent but also deeply neutronic as well.

No. 1953973

i wish female autism was more studied the cakeverse thing is fascinating. How do you even come up with a world were people are either cakes or forks kek

No. 1953976

>considering it gave birth (heh) to pomegaverse (omegaverse, but they sometimes turn into pomeranians)

No. 1953977

I watched jjk knowing it was just a bunch of cute guys punching each other in the face with the occasional fujobait scenes here and there so I didn't get disappointed and the characters don't look nearly as goofy as the ones in mha or kny, which I can't watch because of how ugly the characters are. But I think if a friend of mine tried to convince me to watch jjk before I would have gotten too annoyed to want to start it. Among the two friends I have who watched it one watched the first season when it was airing and enjoyed it just fine but didn't tell me about it so I could watch it blind and the first season was boring so thank god I didn't start it too early and another one is a turbo autist who won't stfu about her favorite new thing but she just never thought about recommending it to me for some reason.

No. 1953982

i always disliked how ugly the male characters in jjk are. Gojo is really cute but the rest are so disgusting.

No. 1953985

>Can we talk about how toxic most herships are?
God yes. Straight women are just fucked in the head when it comes to het romance. Sure, being a woman raised in the patriarchy will have you romanticizing abuse and misogyny, but once it's pointed out, why keep doing it, and double down even, instead of writing non sexist stuff. It's crazy to me.

I have a few hetships that I like, where the pairing in canon doesn't have any sexist tropes, but I can't read fic for them because the ships are always twisted into sexist bullshit. I mean, I can't stand Kylo/Rey, but they are equals in the movies and then he dies for her, so he's clearly her bitch, so I thought there might be some interesting fic, but noooo, it just has Rey be some poor naive damsel who needs saving by Kylo or Kylo's a shitty person and Rey puts up with being treated badly until love redeems him (instead of kicking his ass like in the movies) and goddamn why is she always the sub, when it's clearly Kylo. I know it's mostly because of self insert bs, but why not write Rey as a self insert with power and agency and an adoring Kylo who loves to please. This is why I never go near fic for ships I actually like.

No. 1953987

File: 1712444473864.png (83.05 KB, 1240x840, aiCFFSJ.png)

Let's end this discussion because we all know how it goes and neither side gets anything. So, let's get back to a real topic. I've been really wanting to discuss the demise of the "major series" in manga/anime. MHA is still big, but I really think that when it ends, it might be the last ultra-popular series to end. I really can't think of a current series that is truly "ultra popular" these days, as a global phenomenon, I wonder if it has to do with worse quality or changing attitudes.

No. 1953990

The manga's artstyle isn't very flattering tbh. If we're talking about the anime I think the guys look way better in the second season, it's so obvious the character designer isn't the same as the one from the first season and the movie. Geto looks way better in the second season it's insane.

No. 1953991

the second season was honestly worse than the first one. i felt like nothing was happening in the second one? it was just random fights and even more random deaths. like i was so bored. but still better than coomer man lol.

No. 1953993

no people just move on to the next popular thing quicker

No. 1953999

I binged watched everything so I didn't get that impression. Maybe I would have if I watched the new episodes each week though since the Shibuya arc happen in just the span of an hour and yet it's more than half of the season.

No. 1954000

File: 1712444749595.jpg (136.06 KB, 800x500, 1712444640280.jpg)

Quit using discord and twitter as an experiment 8 months ago and I didn't think I would be so much happier without it but I am.I do miss engaging with fandom and its fanart and memes a bit, but not as much as I thought I would. I'm surprised at how happier I am without being up to date with fandom and all the good and the bad that comes with it.

I miss the art the most but it's no big loss compared to the mental space and relief from not having to walk on eggshells around (my own) twittertard mutuals and online friends and being drawn into petty drama by 25+ year olds. It felt a bit lonely at first but it made me realize none of these online friendships are beneficial for me in this stage of my life and continuing to invest time in fandom-centric social activities is preventing me for developing my real life. Being very online served me well in my teens as a means of momentary escape but I don't need it anymore, and continuing to engage in fandom politics was preventing the development of my own maturity in a way.

Nonas who don't need social media presence for work, have you ever taken a break from fandom?

No. 1954002

I talked about this in the AoT thread, but yeah series are way to fucking short now and release too quickly. Whether you liked it or not, filler episodes allowed a series to be extended by a few months. Now filler is as good as dead and we have to wait years for a maximum of 12-5 episodes

No. 1954005

File: 1712444858800.webp (58.6 KB, 1080x659, hanekawa.webp)

I am so jealous of moid romance options. Even when the characters are a bit mean like nagatoro or senjougahara its never on the same level as abusive male characters in het ships. I also envy how they have so much variety to choose from. If you are a woman and dont like stoic dominant guys then good luck finding het romance for you. All i want is a male hanekawa why is that so hard?

No. 1954008

I mostly only use tumblr and Pinterest for fandom stuff these days, but I have honestly given up as of now, I think unless we see a significt cultural change things are going to get worse, until it burns down and then we can begin again.

No. 1954009

i think it's kinda the same thing as the death of the true super star. like we have taylor swift and beyonce, but they have been going strong for decades. i don't think that anyone is going to reach their status due to the way the consumption of media has changed.

No. 1954010

cute girl, where is she from?

No. 1954015

Monogatari series. It's very fanservice heavy if that bothers you.

No. 1954020

Nta but bakemonogatari be warned it's full of lolishit

No. 1954022

Thank god filler episodes aren't a thing anymore, they only work with adaptations of manga that were amready episodic to begin with.

No. 1954024

File: 1712445307577.jpg (112.12 KB, 733x1000, 81JqwKNCocL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Closest you'll get to that sort of personality and banter would probably have to be that author's try at reverse harem, unfortunately.

No. 1954029

>anime gets significantly worse once overseas revenue explodes
Of course…

No. 1954030

oh ok then i'd rather not

No. 1954031

it’s just ugly. I think anons should spoiler everything that I don’t personally want to see

No. 1954052

No. 1954054

No. 1954082

This is just sad

No. 1954088

>it's like Gege wanted to make a BL manga at some point and decided not to because getting published in the shonen jump would be more lucrative.
If you read anything outside of Hidden Inventory arc and your doujinshi you'd know Gege wanted to make a powerscaling manga and thats exactly what he did

No. 1954128

Why would someone draw this

No. 1954129


No. 1954132

Keep fujo and anti-fujo sperging to your respective containment threads and stop derailing/infighting in this one. Any further derailing/infighting/fujosperging will get much longer ban than normal.

No. 1954136

Why do you guys always turn up 5 hours after all the infighting is said and done

No. 1954141

It's funny that it ended up circling back around to talking about JJK.

No. 1954144

File: 1712451060741.webp (72.99 KB, 640x968, IMG_5191.webp)

>browsing Skies of Arcadia tags out of nostalgia
>EVERYTHING after 2022 is about trooning out Vyse because of jelloapocalypse doing a let's play or some shit
>hmmm why is that name familiar, oh it's the same guy that tried fucking around with the new Lovely Complex dub

No. 1954148

jelloapocalypse is into scat, how the fuck is he so popular?

No. 1954158

I Googled it to see who you're talking about and not only did it autocomplete "vyse trans", the first result to that this jello fuck's tumblr bragging about it, fucking gross.

No. 1954161

God I hate it when these idiots latch onto old IPs they didn't even fucking play.

No. 1954162

I am baffled that people like him, as in literal basement dwellers that do fuckall except podcast anime reviews and let's plays, have enough reach to involve themselves in ""professional"" localization/translations, it makes no sense

No. 1954164

Vyse was one of my HS husbandos and he still one of my fav JRPG protags. Fuck these fools.

No. 1954269

File: 1712459785120.jpeg (32.95 KB, 656x468, IMG_2809.jpeg)

Manifesting that he marries Shoko or Utahime, the salt it would generate
Utahime was giving him a power up with his fight against Sukuna
Dw they flooded BL with the same tropes but they’re both men so it’s fine despite perpetuating the same dynamic

No. 1954272

File: 1712460066838.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.25 KB, 426x720, IMG_2810.jpeg)

I feel like ever since I got into JJK, I’ve been seeing more and more of BNHA. Apparently both mangakas are besties or Gege looks up to the BNHA mangaka

No. 1954275

Makes sense that two faggots would be friends

No. 1954280

Kek true

No. 1954281

If she were a man it would have unironically been a popular ship because of that scene

No. 1954291

File: 1712463106756.jpeg (930.98 KB, 1170x1583, IMG_2813.jpeg)

I want to shit on fanboys for a minute. Hate how they think JJK fangirls are some kind of “gotcha” yes some of the fangirls have been extreme and weird (Gojo figurine) but the overwhelming of fanboys are actually menaces. Never forgetting that one time there was a thread on /co/ where guys were showing off their statues and figurines covered in a certain disgusting substance
JJK fangirls are just more comfortable being deranged but it’s NOTHING to fanboys

No. 1954300

File: 1712464156699.png (1.05 MB, 1024x632, best-selling-manga-2023.png)

>I've been really wanting to discuss the demise of the "major series" in manga/anime.
I dunno why you would think that when we literally just had KnY shattering records a few years ago. JJK is right there too, and when you start talking about series that are massive in Japan but not nearly as big in the west there's stuff like Blue Lock and Tokyo Revengers too.

No. 1954312

She seems to be doing that as a joke and ofcourse it's lost on the faggots, they think with their dicks after all. On another note, why is the glasses glued into the guy's eyes? It doesn't have frames resting on his ears.

No. 1954316

Mixed sex fandoms are usually like this because the only moids who are heavily involved in fandom are socially stunted incels who desperately wish to banish all women from their special exclusive boy's club. Most obvious example is how moids can't go 5 minutes without complaining about the evil females ruining their precious shounen of the week fandom, like MHA and JJK. They have free reign to do whatever they want, ship whatever they want, lust over whatever character they want, but the second a woman does it, they all freak out. Moids should be grateful women care enough about shounen slop to contribute to fandom when all they have to offer is "could he beat Goku in a fight" posts and zoomed in screencaps of underage anime girls' cleavage.

No. 1954328

nanami is fucking ugly but only men would compare themselves lusting after lolis vs a woman lusting after a safe horny dominant old man lol

No. 1954330

OP is probably mad that he's too ugly to pull of a joke like hers.

No. 1954335

At least it's funny to see how much they seethe when it ends up with 90% yume/fujo art for story related fanart because all the coomer artists can't be assed to actually care about a series, or at least stick with it for more than a week.

No. 1954376

He's too much of a sociopath autist to marry anyone and he's dead anyway. I doubt he'll come back to life. If Shoko glues him back to life I will laugh.

No. 1954379

honestly surprised he hasn't trooned out, the way he acts in his live streams reminds me of exactly of TIMs in fandom spaces, this was the video btw.

No. 1954382

kek, but anyway I agree that these guys need to stfu because they keep posting about wanting to fuck Maki.

No. 1954383

The only time where babyfics (like, ones where they adopt a kid or whatever with no mpreg involved) bother me is when the two characters involved would make horrible parents and/or canonically express that they don't want kids. Not to mention that marriages usually fall apart after kids enter the picture. It's way more romantic to me when characters are childfree, frankly.

No. 1954384

No the hot shit with Tumblr gendies right now is Dungeon Meshi.

No. 1954386

I legitimately thought the one on the left was a dude in a dress at first.

No. 1954388

It's not?

No. 1954390

Not to be blackpilled, but moids will sexualize literally any predominantly female occupation. Teachers, nurses, flight attendants, waitresses, etc. It's not a nun problem, it's a problem with moids' brains.

No. 1954393

What!? Source??

No. 1954396

What happened to MHA? It used to be everywhere and now people don't like it anymore.

No. 1954401

File: 1712472224185.png (530.6 KB, 1080x1080, 1707896131240.png)

nta but he had a second account revealed. where he posted hi "fart fetish" stuff and he isn't even ashamed about it either.

No. 1954410

Don't get these people. Personally I think mixed-sex fandoms are best because you get a bit more variety in what you see the fandom produce. Fandoms without women have no fun fanart and very little fan produced content in general but fandoms that are mostly female can focus too much on shipping. That's what I miss about FFN being the major fanfic hub before Ao3 took over, the gender split was more balanced so there was better variety in subject matter than I often find now. Men that shit on women in their fandom spaces would soon realize that men alone are rarely enough to sustain the fan community.

No. 1954411

What are examples of mixed sex fandoms? Without them being gendie

No. 1954412

>bad boy x pretty nice girl that can fix him,
I despise this dynamic, but I understand why it's popular. The women into it thirst after bad boys and they'd rather pick a bland girl next door character to self-insert as because they're too embarrassed to get into straight up selfshipping/xreader stuff. They meme themselves into thinking it's because of the "chemistry" of the characters or whatever, but it's obvious they just view the female character as an avatar for themselves. Kacchako is a good example of this.

At least some (not all) slashers are honest about the fact that they just find both men hot and want them to bang, especially if it's a crackship.

No. 1954414

Idk what it's like now, but Homestuck used to have a pretty even split of men and women, although they segregated themselves; female fans were on Tumblr, male fans were on Reddit and /co/.

No. 1954417

I wish I understood how moids develop these kinds of bizarre fetishes. I say moids because I've yet to encounter a woman into farts.

No. 1954419

Any other example? Homestuck is dead. This is a genuine question, I have no idea

No. 1954423

I stopped reading years ago but iirc it started dropping with Deku getting seven quirks.
It kept dragging, there were breaks, the side cast are absolutely useless, and the story just doesn't feel interesting.

No. 1954428

Pokemon and other shonen anime based shows are usually a mix. The issue then is to make sure you're in a mixed space, and of course troons are rampant these days so that's annoying…

No. 1954437

Mixed sex fandoms used to be more common, at least that's what it felt like. Probably because there were fewer people online so there just wasn't much of a community if people couldn't get along. Homestuck is a great example, and lots of videogames in the 2000's through mid 2010s had mixed sex fandoms (Prince of Persia, Ratchet and Clank, Mass Effect). Actually Mass Effect is an interesting one, it's still active thanks to the remaster and it's still very mixed sex. Naruto is known for it's fujos but it is/was mixed sex, Resident Evil fandom feels mixed sex to me. A very recent example would be something like Kagurabachi, dudes were begging fujoshi to read it to try to prevent the series from getting axed so the fandom is pretty mixed. Any battle shonen with a large enough cast can become mixed sex in it's fandom demographics.

Pokemon is another great example.

No. 1954443

TF2 is another big case, but it's also an example where the male side and female side of the fandoms just barely interact with each other, there is almost 0 contact and in-fighting between them

No. 1954445

Popular TV shows like the Sopranos, Breaking Bad, True Detective

No. 1954449

>A very recent example would be something like Kagurabachi, dudes were begging fujoshi to read it to try to prevent the series from getting axed so the fandom is pretty mixed
Kek what? I need the details of that story

No. 1954464

It's a new manga running in Weekly Shonen Jump. Every week subscribers/buyers vote for their top 3 favorite manga and this helps determine the manga's placement in the magazine. A consistent pattern of low placements leads to the manga being cancelled and replaced. The manga itself is fine but it was stuck at the bottom of the rankings so people were worried it wouldn't last. Male fans bowed to the power of fujoshi and realized that battle shonen can't survive in the magazine without them and were begging fujos to give the series a chance. I can't find the original twitter post where the dude was begging but it was like 70k likes and thousands of retweets (I think he deleted it). The subreddit changed their banner iirc welcoming fujoshi.

I think it's important to note that most Western male battle shonen fans do basically nothing to support the series they like compared to fujos, who got subscriptions to vote and started importing multiple Japanese volumes of the series. I have no idea how much of a difference it all actually made but the series is safe now and has a good sized Japanese and Western fujo fandom for how new the series is.

No. 1954466

the thing is, it's only popular not because people like it but for a joke, cause Kagurabachi looks like one of the most generic shonen series possible and so male fans wanted it to be the most popular as a joke.

No. 1954468

It started as a joke but at this point there are people who actually like it. I think the fujoshi who are making fujo artwork and buying copies are pretty sincere about liking it. I don't think it will ever be a big fujo hit like MHA or JJK though just because the cast isn't big enough.

No. 1954469

Men will literally draw explicit porn of underage girls in anime or sexualize a non sexual character, but heaven forbid women want to thirst for Nanami, a tall blonde character with a perfect physical form. I love the seething female JJK fans cause.

No. 1954470

This is the most perfect explanation, kek. There was a dude at nycc going around asking random cosplayers who would win in a fight goku vs Gojo. Like wtf are scrotes so obsessed with goku? I'm glad we can't get anymore dbz now that Toriyama is gone.

No. 1954472

Goku would lose to Sailor Moon but they aren't ready to have that discussion yet.

No. 1954473

Based and moon pilled

No. 1954500

File: 1712479860720.jpg (436.33 KB, 1170x1821, 1705412782-40417-1953119568.jp…)

Is the manga any good though? Looks generic

No. 1954506

I read a few chapters and it's so fucking generic, you can probably predict everything that happens in the next 20 chapters.

No. 1954510

I think it's a good thing actually we have series now that seem to want to end within a span of 20 years instead of endlessly going on. But I also think that at least in a fandom perspective, series are definitely getting cycled through significantly faster then before. If we're talking in terms of conventions, unless you make merch of Genshin (something that has been popular for years and will keep being popular) you'll be forced to essentially continuously draw new merch every few months because people will have already forgotten about the show they loved SOOOOOO much a whole 6 months ago for the newer thing.
The Genshin thing at cons has been discourse online before too, with artists having to come out and say that it's because it's the only thing that truly reliably sells these days, and all the "omg I'd love it if someone made merch of X series" people will just look at the merch, say they love that show and then walk away.

No. 1954513

People like it because the action scenes are well done and easy to follow and because the characters are likable, the plot itself is very direct. If you want to read it you should get as far as chapter 5 at least, that isn't an action packed chapter but its the one that sets up him and the little girl he adopts so if you can't care about her/them I think everything else after falls flat because she's too important to what happens after.

No. 1954515

File: 1712481024453.jpeg (125.74 KB, 1080x1657, GD6NMivbMAEy4V2.jpeg)

This blew up on twitter, I'm glad some people understand that it's deranged fujos who keep fandoms alive kek. I recently started reading a new shonen manga that doesn't have that many fans but the male ones keep posting shit like "I hope fangirls never get into this" and "It was fun while it lasted" when someone had a post about the manga blow up. What I don't understand is what's supposed to be so nice about the state of the fandom right now, there's nothing interesting being posted. It's completely barren, not even coomers are making art. The only thing they do is discuss the latest fight and say how peak everything is and I don't understand how female fans who actually make things would detract from that.

No. 1954518

ew that guy is disgusting though i aint making fanart and fanfic for that thing

No. 1954521

What manga is it?

And yes I know what you mean, I'm reading more manga right now and it's only the stuff with female fans that has anything going on in the fandom. Men don't make or do anything, the majority of fanart is made by women. They don't just make fujo stuff they make the artwork of characters just standing there too. Men don't seem to bother making fanart unless it's coomshit of something already popular.

that's an edit and not what the character actually looks like

No. 1954528

Legit. So many fandoms would be dead in the water if not for women artists. If you go to artists alley at any convention, the majority of people selling there are overwhelmingly women. I got some keychains for the SAW franchise at a gaming con made by a woman. Men don't create shit except discourse and violence.

No. 1954529

The guys saying "fangirls are ruining our series" tend to pirate everything they read or watch so their opinions don't even matter to the authord themselves. They can keep seething and crying.

No. 1954542

>Men don't make or do anything, the majority of fanart is made by women
And if they ever do fanart it's either coom shit or wish fulfilment fantasy crap

No. 1954543

Fandom used to be pretty different. More guys used to write fanfic back when FFN was the main place for fanfic. The switch to Ao3 changed things so much because the site's design promotes shipping over other types of content and guys mostly wrote non-romance. You can find male fanfic writers on places like spacebattles but it's much smaller than Ao3 is or what FFN used to be like and I don't think it has succeeded at attracting newer/younger writers/readers. Older fandoms that are still active on FFN like Naruto continue to have more male writers involved in the fandom.

Men seem to engage in very different activities when they engage in fandom now with significantly more emphasis on video and audio. I have no idea how to explain the lack of fanart. It really seems like the majority of guys making 'fanart' aren't fans but cloutchasers that make porn. At this point I'm pretty good at being able to sus out if a given thing has a male-skewed fandom that's worth engaging in and probably the biggest tell is the age demo it's aimed at, it really looks like younger guys aren't getting into fandom in a 'productive' sense. They just passively consoom what the women make and what the older guys make.

No. 1954545

I honestly wonder why there's not more fanfic and doujinshi with no sex / shipping anymore, it's so rare

No. 1954546

Because most people can't actually write for shit an the only redeemable part is the shipping and/or sex

No. 1954557

Either that or if they have good ideas to make a proper story without sex scenes they might as well right something original instead of a fanfic.

No. 1954564

It was the switch to Ao3. Ao3 was created in response to how FFN was treating adult subject matter. Porn isn't allowed on FFN so there's no 'audience' for porn on FFN. FFN also catalogs fanfic differently where the primary way of organizing fanfic is by genre and then with an additional option to designate the main pairing, there's no tagging system. Ao3 is oriented around the tagging system, which allows you to designate multiple pairings and select from a very robust catalog of tags with a strong emphasis on romance and sex tropes. Women like romance and written porn much more than men do.

FFN's catalog system and chilling effect on mature content favored non-romance stuff more in the search results. Ao3 changed fanfic fandom almost overnight because now there was a convenient repository where they could upload mature content and a catalog system that was weighed towards romance so this changed people's perception of what fanfic culture was like. It's a self reinforcing problem, the stuff you like to read isn't there so an audience can't develop to read the stuff you'd like to write. Men don't like romance or erotica as much as women do, the sort of stuff they do like to read (and write) just never took hold on Ao3 and now fanfic is considered a 'chick' activity when it used to be close to 50/50 in a lot of fandoms.

As someone that doesn't care for ship stuff it's pretty frustrating, you need enough men in the fandom to achieve the critical mass to keep that sort of fanfic culture going, there's not enough of us girls. I don't write anymore so I'm a part of the problem. Whenever I explain how Ao3 changed fandom zoomers get mad for some reason but I don't mean to offend anyone.

No. 1954565

*people still upload porn to ffn you're just not supposed to and the site used to do purges more often

No. 1954581

Fragmentation, there used to be less stuff being produced so there was just less competition. Of course stuff like Dragon Ball got so big, how much other anime was it competing with on linear broadcast?

I think this is true too

No. 1954588

File: 1712488868046.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.67 KB, 836x1113, IMG_2811.jpeg)

It’s not Gojover

No. 1954589

I left on time before Palestine activism, it would've been horrendous experience for my mental health. Nowadays, it's just better enjoy things yourself, I stopped drawing fandom obligatory all-characters art, subconsciously wishing for validation.

No. 1954594

>a world were people are either cakes or forks
kek that sounds like the premise for a shitty, 2deep4u dystopian setting, amazing

I do think the phenomena of things like omegaverse's development and spread over the years is interesting though, same with how more minor fanon trends and concepts can also suddenly saturate a fandom seemingly overnight or migrate into similar but unconnected fandoms. It's probably due to the slow speed of traditional publishing, but until recently (with the rise of fast-fiction reads) I hadn't seen anything similar in published media (other than normal trend chasing, but that's usually more broad and less specific than what you can see in fandoms).

No. 1954619

There were a shit ton of good and popular manga and anime "competing" with Dragon Ball, so it's not just that. Unless you're talking about how popular it was in your own part of the world and not in general.

No. 1954622

nah hes dead for good, bringing him back would be lame, also hes probably having the time of his live chilling with geto in the afterlife

No. 1954624

>would be lame
Nonnie the manga is already in a pretty sad state with Sukuna just winning and even the MC is sidelined
Tiktokers are mocking the manga

No. 1954625

That doesn't mean the manga should become even worse.

No. 1954634

yes and gojo coming back randomely would make it even worse. sometimes dead should just mean dead

No. 1954645

Shipping was always hugely popular even during 90s/00s-era fandom, but you're right that the switch to AO3 and its "tag culture" is why fic quality dipped overall besides fandom being more politics-obsessed in general. I've read some crap fics, both gen and ship, on FFN back in the day, but fics on FFN were cataloged by its genre and summary, not the tags on it (unless the author noted them). I actually got tired of how the AO3 section for one of my fandoms was mostly full of fetish porn, shipping PWP, trans shit, etc, so I looked at its FFN tag instead. There's 5x less fics, but I noticed some better quality, even in a ship fic I read out of curiosity. Hell, even the moid fetish writers that plagued anime/JRPG sections on FFN moved to AO3.

No. 1954652

I feel like this sort of stupid overreaction is partly due to a lack of exposure– if you've been active in fandom, especially female-dominated ones, most of the behaviour these sheltered morons find confronting isn't that wild (unlike say some female fandom lolcows). Some people really are out there believing the stereotypes of women always being sensible and reasonable and never outwardly-sexual (especially for their own benefit and not as a display for men) that they make a mountain out of mild fangirl cringe. Pathetic, really.

(the inverse is also true imo, fanboy degeneracy and rank behaviour is so well-known these days that the bar has been raised to the point that most don't bat an eye until things get really foul or disturbing, and a lot of people view men as inherently horny so therefore that kind of shit is expected and not worth mentioning, even if it's disgusting or worrying behaviour. Fanboy lolcows of old were more notable because their weird behaviour was more novel at the time too)

No. 1954659

hard to find mixed sex fandoms in the west without it being gendie. Death note maybe was one of the few fandoms in the west that at most obsess over the characters sexualities instead of their gender. gay Light theory has been going around since I was a middle schooler.

No. 1954662

anon I feel your pain, and agree with your points. I still write the gen fic I want to see (I'm a sucker for ensemble adventure stories, which can be hard to find in published fiction lately too), but man is it draining sometimes– most of my readers are happy with what I post, but I also get a bunch of people each chapter demanding romance/for me to turn the fic into a shipping one (or to add smut). I've seen this happen to other gen fan content creators too, and it's strangely entitled to me considering 95% of all fan content within those fandoms was shipping-based. Wasn't even the case of a rarepair, either, which could be more understandable to push for. No wonder original creators often get so tired or cranky over interactions with hardcore shippers kek

(Have nothing against shippers or romance in general either, so long as everyone's having fun, but that just ain't the kind of story I'm into)

No. 1954663

I tried giving it a read. aside from a couple beautiful panels its pretty generic. It has potential but I prob wont give it another try until an anime comes out.

No. 1954673

This is "dead," that's "dead." It really speaks to how short peoples' attention spans are that they can't enjoy something for more than a year without getting bored and moving on to whatever flavor-of-the-week bullshit is next. I remember a time in the 2000s where fandoms would remain active long after there was hew "content" of the IP. Maybe instead of hyper-obsessing over things for brief periods of time until you hate them, we should go back to just casually enjoying shit on a more long-term basis.

No. 1954682

long ramble ahead.
I think it has to do with how easy it is to get into new things now which is why fandoms tend to last shorter with people now. I can just watch a new ep of an anime that aired a couple hours ago in Japan fully subbed and everything. The anticipation isn't really there. (and i'm betting if anime did the same thing like shows we do here where it all drops on one day to binge instead of coming out weekly, fan interest would be waning a lot faster).
Most people didn't have the internet speeds to download/stream a bunch of anime and watch them for free so the few anime/manga you could get your hands on, you really appreciated them a lot more.
Kinda reminds me how I used to be obsessed with mid movies as a kid (over the hedge/hoodwinked etc) because they were the only dvd's we had in our house.

No. 1954695

>Ao3 was created in response to how FFN was treating adult subject matter.
No it wasn't. AO3 was created by writers from livejournal and was created because of various stupid livejournal decisions that resulted in a lot of fanfic journals being banned. They wanted their own place to store fanfic and so not have to worry about being banned and fic deletion. People from lj back then looked down on FFN and considered the writers there below them. They called the place 'pit of voles'.

Everything else you said was correct.

No. 1954699

I've been keeping up with it and I like it.
While it's a bit generic, it's in line with how Shounen Jump manga tend to be. Hell, at least it's not another "mc gets caught up with supernatural shenanigans and has to fight the devil/curses/demons/akuma/werewolves/digital ghosts
/whatever the fuck with a secret organization with a uniform and a chuunin exam." It's more that the mc is so deadpan in his revenge seeking that it comes off as gap moe.

No. 1954717

lmao I can really tell some of you were not in FFN prior to the NC-17 purge. Men wrote plenty of smut, not just "no sex adventure/gen fics" you guys are salivating over. They wrote tons of it, and the content was absolute shit. By the way they disguised their pornfics all the time after the purge, so they never stopped either

Yes I do agree that AO3 started the porn fic craze and the writer quality fell tremendously, but I also say that's due to several factors such as the increased sexualization in the real world, the crazy misogyny women go through, the troon pandemic, the infantilization of the mentally ill, and the rising rates of illiteracy.

Also I for one don't lament there being less men writing. The less I subject my precious time to a male's opinions and written words, the better.

No. 1954719

I don't know how these anons just casually forgot about the harem fics on FFN made by men. You can even still find them on FFN.

No. 1954725

I don't understand how FFN's cataloging system "favored" non-romance when all you had to do was filter by genre. And FFN allowed double genre too, so there were plenty of adventure/romance fics all the time. Depending on the fandom, romance was the leading genre, so I don't get how gen/adventure fics were allegedly more common either. It's always been how you curated your experience. There was no "bias" and people always fucked around by giving it the M rating and wrote porn anyway. I know this because I saw it and did it myself kek

Men still do that isekai harem shit in their original works. Go to any web novel website and have your eyes scalded by the plethora of these moid fantasies complete with explicit porn.

No. 1954729

I was around for the purge, and I don't think anyone here is saying that men don't or didn't write porn and are therefore the saviours of genfic kind, more so that fandoms tend to be healthier/more varied when there's a decent mix of average male and female fans, compared to when they're only populated by one group or extremes (hell we were also talking about how current male fans allow their fandoms to wither by not creating anything- unless it's a video essay or coomer art, and even then some don't bother- and have to beg for fangirls to come intervene and save them from their ineptitude). Smutfic by men is also some of the most clockable shit ever, used to laugh about it with fandom friends back in the day kek

No. 1954735

That's just the thing, fandoms always had their own circles between the sexes. Yes it can have a mix of the sexes e.g Naruto, but unless it was specifically on FFN or a specific forum, people tended to go to places where there was more of one sex over the other. Women were more lore oriented over men who coomed over powerfaggotry. And let's be honest, men are shit at speculating. People laud LJ here as if it was some sort of bastion of fandom, but it was essentially woman central.

No. 1954762

No. 1954806

Honestly I love how horny JJK female fans are for the male characters, whether fujo or yume, it makes the moids uncomfortable. Now they have a fraction of understanding of what its like to enjoy shows that primarily have a male audience as a woman

No. 1954820

This is a bit more of a general topic, but I've noticed that every fictional world and its characters are supposed to be safe now. A story can be filled with starvation, murders and wars, but don't worry because nobody in this world would react badly to the fanon zoomer idea that Character A is a transmen and had surgery! They're all fully in support of trans rights! Oh and Character B is a homicidal maniac who in canon commits plenty of atrocities, but he supports gay rights and respects all women so don't worry about it! Like, they're totally mean and stuff but they aren't MORALLY bad!
It also encompasses moments where (and this has been going on for many years now) fans will almost force an author or voice actor to say they're in support of [insert whatever]. Even when I was a tumblr teen I thought that shit was beyond cringy.

No. 1954833

Nun and Priest outfits are just very sexy on yaoi boys.

No. 1954836

It's very tiring, and sometimes outright baffling how either a setting will get sanded down to something that couldn't possibly contain anything confronting, no siree, this is a wholesome warzone etc, or canonically abhorrent characters will be tweely depicted validating gendie shit before going back to committing bodyhorror on some faceless victim. Feels like a bit of an outgrowth of the whole 'evil character but he treats me like a queen' thing but for identity/ideology purposes instead of a common romance fantasy (not ragging on it btw, just noticed some similarities/overlap).

>force an author or voice actor to say they're in support of [insert whatever]

I thought it was cringy when fans would do this in the days before social media, but the way they hound anyone publicly connected with the media they supposedly love now to agree with their values and shit can be honestly nightmarish. I get that we like to mock or deride the ones that do cave here, but also man, what a sword to have hanging over your head just because you did a job or created something.

Also, didn't really pay attention to the specifics and sorry if it's already been discussed elsewhere, but I saw that some of the bg3 fandom was having a meltdown because one of the voice actors liked/followed some forbidden twitter accounts or some shit kek. Honestly probably a good thing for Larian to be moving on from the game, the twitter fandom at least is pretty rancid

No. 1954837

File: 1712509268658.jpg (3.61 KB, 104x65, anti_yaoi_stamp_by_scourgexfio…)

Same energy
Also why would you husbando a character from a shounen shit past 20?

No. 1954839


No. 1954842

tiny little arms…

No. 1954843

For better or worse, the Sonic fandom has been “revitalized” thanks to the recent success of the property, the Netflix series was popular, the games are getting their money back and the movies were massively successful, there is now a huge sonic fujoshis as well and the fandom encourages it.

No. 1954844

If I were to do a tier list of autism Sonic fans would be at the highest peak, even above shounenfags.
I think the only sonicfag I've seen that was actually intentionally entertaining was cybershell.

No. 1954854

If you only know cybershell you don't really know the Sonic fandom.
It's a fandom so enormous that you can't even sum it with a few words or simply claim "one side is normal while the other is all fetish furry lovers!". You can find EVERYTHING among Sonic fans… people really underestimate its reach and just how many types of people there are in it.

For example, an important but unknown side of the fandom (which Jim Sterling only vaguely mocked around 10 years ago, that's how non-famous they are) is the game decompilers and historians of SEGA/Sonic Retro. Thanks to them we know have a lot of encyclopedic information on the games which goes beyond typical fandom stuff like lore and characters, like each game's supposed and deduced development cycle, a truckload of research on prototypes, actual money being shelled out for said prototypes, proper information on the dev teams behind the games, etc.
This side of the Sonic fandom is so prolific that some of its members went on to develop Sonic Mania.

Then there's the side of fangames, tied again to Sonic Retro, which kickstarted so many indie game devs and artists. They actually made more than romhacks: so many Sonic fans built enginges from scratch for both 2D and 3D Sonic games, and some fans even went on to make their own Sonic-inspired game IPs, like Spark the Electric Jester or Freedom Planet.

Oh, and that's without even mentioning indie game composers and singers. Tee Lopes became famous thanks to his Sonic remixes, for example, and now he's a fan favorite composer

Everything I mentioned here is just scratching the surface. Even putting aside Sonic's normalfag fans, there are so many impressive Sonic fans. It's not just cringy shippers, powerlevel autists and weirdo fetishists. It's one of the most vast and genuine fandoms out there, full of creative energy and cool ideas. And part of it is definitely due to SEGA failing them so much that they decided to take things into their own hands.

No. 1954855

No one cares about your autistic diaperfag furry series.

No. 1954859

nta but I care though, I think it's pretty neat.

No. 1954860

File: 1712511719521.png (1.18 MB, 900x828, sonic fandom in a nutshell.png)

No. 1954862

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the recent lack of fujobait was in part caused by loud audiences badgering authors about characters being gay and insinuating how the authors must be gay because they wrote two male characters close together.

No. 1954864

Or it's just that anime is trying to get a more and more normie audience and they know normies would rage if there was anything other than shounen shit getting a high budget.

No. 1954870

we need another anime like free. the anime was basically a fujos paradise kek

No. 1954872

man when was the last true fujo anime that had a majority female audience? yuri on ice?
I guess male vtubers have replaced fujo anime.

No. 1954875

Eh, do most fujos/yumes even care about vtubers? I feel like for a second they were kind of getting some traction from China but at this point I don't think any otaku girl cares anymore.
Guys are certainly still pretty obsessed with them though.

No. 1954878

>For example, an important but unknown side of the fandom (which Jim Sterling only vaguely mocked around 10 years ago, that's how non-famous they are) is the game decompilers and historians of SEGA/Sonic Retro.
I also admire this side of the Sonic fandom. It's truly incredible the lengths they've gone to in the name of preservation, I live for this kind of autism.

No. 1954881

idk i just remember fujos being always into shounen, now they are into jjk and blue lock

No. 1954883

jjk and blue lock ARE shounen, dumbass.

No. 1954884

uh yes that was literally what i meant lol

No. 1954887

ayrt and maybe, but I think, at least with some western creators/companies, people are recognising that you can't just include slash shipping fodder, you have to commit to the pairing or risk insane people shrieking at you all day online for not canonising their ship (or the wrong one). Obviously not every production gives a shit, but there is a wariness there especially from smaller or lesser known ones. This stuff isn't new, but I think the intensity is.

also tbh I hate obvious fujobait (or any other kind really), because well, I know it's just bait and marketing kek

No. 1954890

File: 1712513273491.png (430.81 KB, 636x353, sf.PNG)

Man I just want to complain about how I am so sick of shounen. It doesn't interest me at all anymore. I'm tired of everyone talking about nothing but shounen in anime spaces, at conventions, online, ect. I don't even care if the guys look good or there's a crumb of fujobait or cool fights or whatever, I'm just sick of every anime fan obsessing over comics for middle school boys kek.

No. 1954892

same, the thing i hate the most about it is the fight/battle autism stuff, its in almost every fucking shounen and its AWFUL. naruto shippuden is the best example for

No. 1954893

File: 1712513468620.png (471.14 KB, 673x680, 69B55D8BC1075C0C0B81273F4385E7…)

Take the VNpill my friend

No. 1954894

I've never been interested by it and I've been into anime for a long time, when I see something related to it my mind just blocks it out automatically by now.

No. 1954895

Would Bravern count or was the audience too general?

No. 1954896

Agree. I think I've just grown out of it, personally.

No. 1954898

I'd say it's more general audience, plus it got ruined the second they introduced the loli.

No. 1954900

Then just watch or read other stuff. That's what I'm doing besides getting into JJK recently, and even then I can't remember the last time I was into another shonen manga recently. On top of my head there's JJBA and AOT but that was like a decade ago, JJBA fights are less unga bunga the more you read it and I dropped AOT way before the timeskip when Erwin is still alive but there's some foreshadowing that he'll get fucked up because of some conspiracy, the pacing ruined it for me and even then AOT is less focused on the battle themselves and more focused on the setting and big mystery the characters want to solve. I find that avoiding social media and not being aware of current trends makes it easier to avoid shitty shonen manga or anime recommendations. If I ever want recommendations nowadays I go to my usual bookstore and ask the employees' opinions these days, it's so much better than relying on people who unironically post "holy shit [character's name] is the GOAT frfr" and "[character's name] is a FRAUD" on a daily basis.

No. 1954902

Have you ever tried reading a book. Like, without pictures.

No. 1954903

Good luck getting people to look at anything else. Shounen is what's basic.

No. 1954904

i only really see them talking about Luxiem (aka just Vox) and maybe Bettel from holostars but other than that even the male vtuber stuff died after lockdowns were done

I just stick with mahou shoujo/shoujo anime/manga in general. Its nice because most moids/gendies dont care about mahou shoujo unless its Madoka since those shows are very gender conforming so the fanbases are filled with women and feminine gay men that stay in their lanes and just want to draw fanart and have fun.
Shounen was always popular unfortunately so that cant be changed but theres lots of corners on the web that arent into that if youre willing to look.

No. 1954906

>Its nice because most moids/gendies dont care about mahou shoujo
Moids and gendies love precure though?

No. 1954909

ahh i wish i was into shoujo mangas, the fanbases always seem rather small and very comfy

No. 1954920

woah really? man i guess it really depends on what corners of the internet people are on because I havent seen gender nonsense involving any of the precure shows. Though I mostly just stick with youtube reviewers and reblogging cute precure gifs/fanart on tumblr. (I have seen some tranny cure black fanart from time to time but not to a crazy amount like ive seen with shounen fanbases)

No. 1954923

Maybe it's just the corners I go on, but every precure fan I've seen (aside from Jill) was a waifufag or yurifag guy.

No. 1954928

Oh, or a gendie who only watches children’s cartoons/anime and hates Madoka.

No. 1954959

doujinshi was always filled with sex/shipping

No. 1954967

I don't even care about Sonic, I just think the fandom is actually based, but normalfag simpletons like you would rather repeat the same song and dance because Sonic as a franchise is inherently cringe.

No. 1954968

FFN might be better for you because the writers that remain using it are older. If there was any worthwhile tag that doesn't exist its to tag the creator's age. Not surprising that teenagers aren't good writers. Imagine browsing Ao3 filtering by "30+", it would probably be a lot better.

The entitlement of readers nowadays is the worst. And yeah I can see how someone might have interpreted my comment as disliking shipping but I just miss how it felt like there was more variety. I still read fanfic I just don't write anymore.

I think people asking that you write smut is really rude and presumptuous. How did you handle it?

No. 1954984

AYRT and I am actually an avid VN fan which is part of why I don't like the average normie anime fan attitude. Lots of anime fans aren't even interested in something even slightly niche, they just want to talk about muh shounen and will die if they have to read something kek.
Yeah, I watch and read a huge variety of things and I haven't watched a shounen series since like 2014. I'm just tired of meeting other anime fans irl and all they talk about is shounen and act like I'm out of the loop for not watching demon slayer or whatever. Or going to cons and a huge majority of fanworks/merch are shounen. It makes it more satisfying to find merch or prints of something I do like, but seeing/hearing it everywhere is genuinely annoying. I should've specified I'm not even talking about the wider scope of social media in my case since I don't really use it outside of tumblr sometimes.

No. 1954990

Harem is allowed what's not allowed is explicit material and that stuff would get purged too. There's still some up because FFN's moderation is shit and inconsistent. The site is held together with string and tape.

It's just a different way of filtering and cataloging, these little differences in site design can lead to big differences in what the fandom feels like. The tag system is perfect for romance where I think the subject matter has a stronger chance of people feeling upset/disgusted over being surprised by elements they didn't anticipate. A 'horror' story that starts introducing time travel elements isn't going to turn off readers the same way as a romance that surprises the reader with incest.

This makes more sense when you consider how much smaller fandom used to be, there just weren't enough people to sustain a community if you sex-segregated too much. I think our fandom experiences were different because we were just into different things.

No. 1954997

The characters being likable is probably the main reason it's surviving. I like the MC, he's cool. Western male fans never buy anything, it would be funny if the jokes about it's Japanese fanbase are real and that the manga really did get saved from cancellation thanks to fujoshi and housewives.

No. 1954998

>I should've specified I'm not even talking about the wider scope of social media in my case since I don't really use it outside of tumblr sometimes.
I get it, I've seen that irl too but the nerds I meet face to face tend to have very varied tastes as well, at worst I had a former coworker who was a huge shonentard but he didn't mind listening to me whining that some shojo manga I like have been on hiatus for decades he was pretty open minded. It's been a while since I had the usual "oh wow a girl who likes anime? wow that's rare haha? I love Dragon Ball Z too, it made me want to go to the gym haha" thank fucking god. But in cons what I've seen was basically flavor of the month 45% shonen shit (especially a lot of terrible looking traced art sold at like 15€), 45% Genshit and 10% everything else. Ironically I genuinely stopped giving a shit about new releases when I was in Japan in 2020 for the first half of the year and there were ads every fucking where for Kimetsu no Yaiba and its ugly art. Spy X Family was also heavily advertised in Animate back then, that was the first time I heard about it and it annoyed me so now I swear nobody can ever convince me to watch or read that series. I think I'm just the type to enjoy things I find by myself by chance a lot more than if I see ads or hear about it from other people.

No. 1955000

File: 1712519404215.jpeg (663.7 KB, 2946x1286, 1708627770297.jpeg)

>thanks to fujoshi and housewives.
You just reminded me of Gintama and Golden Kamuy being insanely popular with adult women.

No. 1955004

I like it, but you need shonentard blood in you to read it.

No. 1955010

Yakuza also has such a noticeably large female fanbase in japan that the creators were shocked only really seeing men when they went to events overseas.

No. 1955011

Until more sales data comes out I don't think we'll know for sure. That's the joke though because the Japanese twitter tag seems to be dominated by adult women. It would be so funny if it turned out that it ended up being a stealth josei manga kek.

No. 1955017

File: 1712519945388.jpg (196.79 KB, 1200x846, yuru-camp-season-3-new-teaser-…)

Yuru Camp's fandom being so male is still weird to me ngl.

No. 1955018

The guys I know in my country who are into these games are the kind of shonentards who compare everyone and everything to Goku, so there must be some sort of correlation there. This needs to be studied.

The picture I posted is a big ass survey from some newspaper, I forgot which one, but only adults got surveyed. So some franchises must have a much younger audience on average if you count teenagers and kids. As for Gintama iirc people knew that adult women were by far a bigger audience than anyone else because of the Shonen Jump survey, the ones in every magazine where the readers vote for which manga they're supporting the most but it's been so long since I saw that info, I think it was like nearly a decade ago. I wasn't talking about twitter or social media in general.

No. 1955022

CGDCT shows have always been moid central

No. 1955023

You'd think it'd be slightly more balanced, it's just about camping. Is there even fan service in the show?

No. 1955025

CGDCT attracts moids and troons like flies on shit.

No. 1955026

I wonder if guys are more likely to have gone camping so they have nostalgia for the activity