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File: 1710838080874.jpg (26.05 KB, 564x564, smelly.jpg)

No. 1930878

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1811472

A thread for sharing things that are too nasty to discuss in polite company, aka TMI (Too Much Information). Do you have a weird habit? An embarrassing health issue? Just want to admit something gross? Feel free to post it here.

Things could get unsightly in here, so remember– the hide button on threads is there for a reason.

No. 1931391

my latest shit came out around (estimating) 5-6 inches long and the end of it looks like the tip of a dick. it literally looks like i shat out a long dick. nearly clogged the toilet too.

No. 1932009

Got picked up and held for the first time since I was a little kid today and it felt so thrilling I'm still riding the high also I feel skinny

No. 1932447

My toenail cheese smells like peanut butter because I eat so much of it

No. 1932881

I have pica and I love tasting the wall (I don’t eat the bits, just like the taste.) I have a wall that isn’t painted and isn’t a popcorn wall and another wall downstairs. Of course I am so shamed of it, my mother even sees the carving on the wall in my room the biggest is around 4 inches (you can’t see it behind my bed)… She says nothing because she knows I will pay for the damages and that I my mental health has not been the best these last years. I know I lack iron in my body, I now take iron pills and they help not to have bad cravings. Of course I don’t really swallow the wall pieces to avoid health and stomach problems and I looked up the consequences, it made me have less cravings. I even had the tendencies to eat sand when there is construction, but the bacteria makes not taste it.
Typing and oversharing this makes me realize how crazy my form of eating disorder it…

No. 1932901

Finally its back. Anyway i took a huge shit today. Everytime i feel lighter and refreshed.

No. 1932902

Didnt mean to reply woops

No. 1932911

it's okay we're shit sisters now

No. 1932924

whenever I take a massive unbroken shit that impresses me I have to resist the urge to take a pic and show my friends. but damn, the human body is amazing sometimes

No. 1932929

also I've been transitioning to a plant protein-based diet for the past few weeks and I can't stop farting and it's sO PUNGENT. hoping and praying my body adjusts soon. farty queen

No. 1933067

Sometimes I get weird cravings for raw meat, which is funny because I otherwise really don't like the taste and texture of red meat, but recently it's turned into a craving for human connective tissue. Like mmm mesentery, yummy.

No. 1933660

My vagina ripped giving birth to my baby and I just have a dangling bit at the edge of the entrance of the canal that just hangs out and I just have to live with it now I guess

No. 1933688

I have that from my hymen and I've never given birth it's like my pussy is sticking it's tongue out I think it's cute

No. 1933694

These unbroken logs are always so fascinating and also always like the easiest dumps ever. I’ve legitimately take a dick shaped shit that was nearly 1 whole foot (12 inches) in length, a couple times. Lots of smaller 5-8 inch long in my life but the foot long poops were insane. Disgustingly awe inspiring. I always try to make my moid come look but he knows me too well and I can’t fool him into looking at them anymore, sucks.

No. 1933695

I had to quit my plant based diet cause in addition to rancid farts the gas it was giving me was so painful I was actually spending multiple hours in bed doing gas-relief yoga and crying tears. I don’t think all humans are meant to be vegan kek

No. 1934088

I always feel like I have a hair on my tongue and I have no idea why. It’s not my cat, because it happens even when I’m away from her for days at a time. It’s not hairy tongue or anything like that, I brush my teeth and I use a tongue scraper. I just can’t get rid of this feeling of a tiny hair on my tongue. Half the time nothing is there, but there will occasionally be the tiniest, thinnest piece of lint and my gag reflex is so sensitive I almost puke.

No. 1934102

I think I'm starting to get hemorrhoids. I don't even spend that much time on the shitter, i have no idea how they came. I hope I can just safely ignore the problem and it goes away on its own because I'm too embarrassed to go to a doctor and show them my mildly disgusting asshole.

No. 1934114

If it's any consolation, I have them because I do spend too much time on the shitter and they usually go away on their own. Very rarely they bleed though.

No. 1934155

Your diets are not on point, you need to figure out how to eat better and remove the solid waste swiftly at least once every two days

No. 1934162

so every month a few weeks before my period, either 2-3, i start getting horrible discharge. this has been happening since i was a teen. i had a pap smear this year and was fine, and i had a pap smear a few years ago when i was around 20 because i was worried and nothing bad came back. is it normal?? it's clumpy and smells but doesn't really itch. i always thought it was yeast infection but i guess not? usually it lasts until my period but sometimes goes away beforehand for a few days. it's annoying because it lasts for so long…

No. 1934173

I have a yeast infection because my bf rubbed his face all over my vag directly after trimming his facial hair and it fucking sucks

No. 1934174

Is it bad that when I see a guy I find attractive the first thought that comes into my mind is that I want to r word him? Like there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to have him?(we don't self-censor here, type the word)

No. 1934185

you want to retard him?

No. 1934193

keksimus maximus

No. 1934202

I have a weird numb/rough patch on my lip and a stinging tip of my tongue but I don't think it's herpes. I got tested last time I had these symptoms and the results came back negative for both types. I think it's because I have a tooth issue but I just took antibiotics for it. I feel yucky

No. 1934220

I poop every day, why do you think I spend so much time on there

No. 1934236

Just popped a huge pussy boil with my boyfriends electronic tweezers without him knowing

No. 1934242

Drink more water and get better sleep. I had horrible hemorrhoids when I was working 70+ hours a week, it was hell. I just wasn’t taking care of myself. Mostly it was not drinking water, when I made an effort to do that I got a million times better. Doctors were useless it’s not that kind of problem, they will also tell you to drink more water and you’ll be like “wtf I pay you to tell me this???” But it’s literally just a regular hydration thing for most people.

No. 1934244

What are electronic tweezers

No. 1934255

Like tweezers you tinker electronics with. I’m ESL kek idk

No. 1934261

Oh I only know tweezers in relation to plucking stray hairs and I was trying to figure out what that meant for my eyebrows.

No. 1934587

I absolutely love the spicy tonkotsu ramen from one of my local ramen places but it gives me the most horrendous, shaky, sweaty, hold-onto-the-bathroom-counter-and-walls-so-I-don't-blast-off-into-space diarrhea every time. I think it's a combination of the spicy pepper and the fatty/oiliness. The ramen is so good that I can't give it up, though. I've started taking half a dose of metamucil right before eating it and a half dose right after to try and "bind" everything together, it seems to help.

No. 1935200

I'm taking antibiotics for a sinusitis and it's giving me the worst diarrhea I've ever had. Every time I eat something it just goes straight through my digestive system.

No. 1935565

Those last few days of a period where it's just oxidized blood is so nasty. There's literally black shit coming out of my cooter.
Speaking of, I appreciate that there's so many silly words for vagina.

No. 1935570

Me but with the spicy chicken from Popeyes. I just can’t give it up I get it every time I go there even though I know I’m going to wake up at 3AM sweating with my stomach bubbling and guts hurting kek

No. 1935641

I've had diarrhea three times in the last month, like the sweating and on the verge of tears kind. Idk what the fuck is going on because I drink plenty of water, eat fairly healthily, and I haven't even been eating spicy food. Send help nonnas.

No. 1935645

You keep ingesting small amounts of feces

No. 1935704

Period shits are killing me slowly, I always feel like I'm dropping 3 kilos of shit every single time. My stomach hurts so much too, like I got punched and it made me want to projectile shit everywhere until my stomach stops feeling like a huge moth is flapping its wings inside my intestines.

No. 1935864

Could you be developing lactose intolerance?

No. 1935945

I have good hygiene, I clean myself carefully every day, but I keep getting what looks like dead skin buildup on my nipples or rather "in" since they are flat/inverted type. Currently I use lotion with chemical peel in it every now and then, but I am worried this might be dangerous. It doesn't seem to be hyperkeratosis. I can't find anything on Google it's all just vomit-inducing nipple surgery shit and advanced cases of skin conditions. I'm wondering if my bras' synthetic material is at fault, since it all began when I started wearing bras from what I remember… But going braless is not an option, so I just don't know what to do.

I'm starting to wonder what the hell is wrong with other people's spicy foods because I presumably have IBS but spicy doesn't bother me even though everyone else seems to have so many horror stories about spicy food shits. Also you all need to start drinking peppermint twice a day.

If you are around 20-21 you might be developing lactose intolerance like another anon said. We rarely hear about it but many people start having gut problems around this age. Also drink some peppermint

No. 1936047

>be me
>develop tiny white bump on chin
>trying to pop it does nothing
>eventually i give up since it's barely noticeable anyway
>months pass
>one day i notice it's become slightly painful
>get high and decide it's time to end this
>squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until i feel a pop
>out blooms a white ball of pus
>feel both disgusted and satisfied
>the next morning it's filled back up
>repeat the squeezing procedure until more pus comes out
>by night it is full once more
>squeeze again until at last it has finally emptied
>now have gross scab

No. 1936533

I'm makig period blood tea for my garden today, I hope everyone likes it.

No. 1936537

That's smart for magnesium

No. 1936933

I’ve been sitting on the toilet too long just scrolling and my period blood ran backwards into my ass hair and congealed into hard gummy clumps and I don’t have a bidet so I tried to get them out but the only way forward is to rip out my ass hair or soak my entire ass in the tub at 3am, it’s like bubblegum, I regret so much, I didn’t know this could happen

No. 1937292

Whenever I have trouble sleeping, I think about my male OCs getting gangbanged raw by men (usually has some sort of military flavor to it). It always works in the end as I sleep after it.

No. 1937296

Why is every post related to shit and shitting? Are you guys trying to LARP as 4Channies? Eeeeeew sister.(hide threads you don't like instead of posting in them, it's the TMI thread ffs)

No. 1937306

Everyone knows girls don’t shit teehee
>ewwww sister
Talk normal

No. 1937308

My vitamins are making me constipated and I'm sick of it, but I need to take my iron so I must suffer

No. 1937402

I'm feeling this, started taking iron recently and the blood burps and stomach issues are making me reconsider if iron-deficient anemia really needs fixing or not, kek.

No. 1937684

I read that cats learn about each other by smelling each other’s buttholes so now when they insist on barging into the bathroom with me when I take a shit, I hold out the butthole-wipe toilet paper for them to smell. I wonder what they’ve learnt about me

No. 1937698

Eat more fiber, drink more water, take docusate sodium (it draws moisture into your stool so you can pass it easier). Your body doesn't become dependent on it so it's safe to take regularly.

No. 1937703

start taking magnesium supplements they can have laxative effects

No. 1937993

I used a 1.5 year old lush bath bomb tonight that used to be dark purple (I cut them in half and remember what it looked like when I used the other half 1.5 years ago) and it turned the water dirty rusty oxidized blood red this time. I’m on my period and it really looked like I just expelled an entire week of blood out my vagina. Still smelled mostly nice though. I threw the other one out though cuz it smelled rancid.

No. 1937999

KEK oh my god

No. 1938569

Ramen nona here, spicy food typically doesn’t bother my stomach but it’s this one specific broth at this one specific restaurant that doesn’t sit well with me, I think it’s the oil in it that makes it worse

No. 1938599

File: 1711384011166.gif (1.03 MB, 400x400, unnamed.gif)

Got invited out tonight for a relative's birthday and it's at this one restaurant where literally every single time I've been there in the past I get hit with a wave of explosive diarrhea right after the meal. I either have to go blow up the bathroom at the restaurant for 20 minutes or painfully hold it the entire trip home depending on the timing of when it hits. Currently praying to any god up there my organs decide not to hate me tonight

No. 1938615

this is why I stopped eating out in public kek does the place have go-to bags/doggie bags to take home?

No. 1938633

probably isn't something that's rare to do but i guess it fits the thread, whenever i wanna go to sleep i masturbate until im tired, and it usually works.

No. 1938634

can you take something before like imodium?

No. 1938639

Same, it rocks. I pass out so easily afterwards and feel so rested haha

No. 1938651

i hate when i pass out intensly masturbating, i want to set everything up and get all cozy in bed so it feels good when i wake up.

No. 1938658

I’m currently trying to gain weight and I take huge shits multiple times daily. My roommate and I go through toilet paper so quick it’s insane

No. 1938659

I did this all the time before my nigel moved in with me, now it seems like it would be awkward.

No. 1938661

tell him maybe you can help each other out, like all nice couples do.

No. 1938669

I don't mind eating out if it's like breakfast or a little treat but I hate going out for dinner, it's like my body just decides to act up for no reason kek. I can't really take it to go because I'm driving there with my family in the same car so we all have to leave together otherwise I'd excuse myself early

This is what I was planning to do KEK it has to be better than nothing

No. 1938686

get a bidet

No. 1938859

I wish but I live in a dorm. My friend has one and it’s amazing especially on your period

No. 1938908

Last night, my pussy felt like someone rubbed mint on it. Im wracking my brain trying to figure out why it was doing that, the only thing I can think is that it was chilly and then I turned on the heater, so maybe the temperature change made my vagina fell minty? I masturbated and fell asleep like right after the sensation started so my memory is pretty hazy.

No. 1939378

I ate a lot of fiber yesterday and took an adderall today and I cannot stop shitting. Send help.

No. 1939381

I recommend you wipe with regular toilet paper, but then finish wiping with the wet wipes. You're not supposed to flush them, but if you only use one, you'll get clean and the pipes can definitely handle it.

No. 1939404

samefagging but update did NOT end up shitting for once thank god kek i think taking imodium before leaving did the trick so i'll have to remember that for next time

No. 1939426

hey nonnie i have heard that if you go for a walk about 30-60 mins after you eat it helps your gut release all the gasses casually so you might actually not feel or smell them since youre not backed up with gas

No. 1939437

i was too tired to masturbate yesterday and im so horny right now.

No. 1939814

i like playing with that little goopy discharge, thats like slime/snot.

No. 1941521

I’m a no gallbladder girlie that was tootin up a storm today when I had a quiche that didn’t sit right with me. My boyfriend had to go out to help his brother with something and was coming home right when he had expected that I would be cooking dinner.
He came home earlier that I thought and was was walking upstairs about a minute after I had been destroying the bathroom. He sniffed the air a few times and was like “Mmmm what’s for dinner? I smell maple bacon? Honey chicken? It smells sweet and savory”. When I denied being able to smell anything he kept smelling the air insisting that I must be cooking something.

No. 1941650

Spending my birthday on the toilet, ass like napalm from yesterday’s dinner. It wasn’t really even that hot and the restaurant didnt seem too sus. Also on my period so what a lovely combo of pain and bodily secretions.

No. 1941669

i push out blackheads on my face with tweezers almost every day. some of my skin is peeling and damaged due to that.
i've had horrible teeth since infancy due to sugary diet and neglect, never have brushed consistently since.
i pick up joint remains from the street too, and nowadays don't even bother to take the weed out and roll it up, i legit somked one that was lying next to dog shit yesterday kek

No. 1941671


BTW i had a friend who doesnt have a gallbladder either and found out after years only that she had celiacs also. Maybe it didn't sit right because of the flour. Just putting this out there in case it applies.

No. 1941682

I miss having boils, it’s awfully painful but the squeezing and having pus and blood literally drip down my fingers was somehow satisfying. It was so fun too. Spent around 10 days with it an open wound (this did suck) because no matter how much I squeezed, it just wouldn’t heal. So I covered it with a gauze, let the fluids coming out crust a bit and fuse with it, and then pulled. This finally got the core out (very big, hard, solidified thing) and after cleaning it and shoving some salt inside the horrible gaping hole (it was December 31 and didn’t have access to any disinfectants, this surprisingly didn’t hurt at all) it finally started to heal. Yay!
Got a couple more of them in my back and another one on my face. Learning about the gauze thing meant at least I could heal them faster and go through the super satisfying bit of pulling the hard core out. Overall one of the nastiest and somehow pleasing TMI experiences I’ve ever had. Got visible bullet-hole scarring on my back and the side of my face where it was so badly swollen people couldn’t even look at me without gasping, wincing and calling me football looking kek. It literally changed the shape of the side of my face. Sighing fondly at those memories

No. 1942109

I ate two bags of Lily's Gummy Bears in one sitting and now I'm facing the consequences on the toilet. I've had high fiber keto bars before, I thought this wouldn't affect me like this?

No. 1942116

KEK NONA that’s so funny

No. 1942117

Oops, I did it again. Posting from toilet, send help

No. 1942777

I'm pregnant and ate a whole head of brocolli because I was craving it and my God girls the smell of these farts are horrendous.
It hurts to try and hold them in but I can't escape how bad they smell.
My husband is home in 3 minutes and I'm worried I've gassed the house. Oh shit he's here now fuck

No. 1942783

kek! Good luck nona, I'm sorry for your plight. Those brassicas are no joke!

No. 1942788

Nona crack a window!!

No. 1942798

if your husband complains you should fart inside his mouth

No. 1942802

Awww he’ll be fine! If not let him carry the baby in his belly…..oh shoot he can’t then he shouldn’t compare

No. 1942803

fart on his pillow

No. 1942812

I hope it kills him

No. 1942842

He didn't notice and I left the door to the apartment open to air it out a bit but warned him to stay away from me and not to follow me if I bolt to another room. He's asleep now and I have my ass facing away from him.
These farts a vile lmao by far the worst farts I've ever had, this gas was not worth the craving being satiated

No. 1942849

I ate a ton of cauliflower for dinner the other day and woke up at 2:30 am with the worst gas and bloating I've ever felt in my life. I was genuinely writhing on the bed from pain and the farts were never ending. Cruciferous vegetables are no joke.

No. 1942867

I was just thinking if I could be safe eating cauliflower instead of brocolli in the future, thank you for answering my question lmao.
This is straight up sulfur

No. 1943255

Oh my god, I just had a cauliflower crust pizza today, cause I’m trying to eat healthier, and my farts have never been so bad. I feel bad for my cat, she likes to curl up under my sheets but I won’t let her cause I’m afraid she’ll choke

No. 1943562

File: 1711812076232.jpg (44.08 KB, 1000x1000, Jabra_Evolve2_Buds_Angle_10_MS…)

Nonnas, listen to my shameful, gross confession. I have a pair of in-ear headphones, the bluetooth kind that charges with its little case. There's some pins that connect to the earbud when they're inside the case, kind of like picrel. I thought the battery was on its way out, because I'd leave them to charge only to find them still at low battery more often than not. Anyways, I decide to see what could be causing it. Turns out the inside of the charging case was so caked up in layers of old, greasy earwax that the pins were completely clogged, as well as the ports on the earbuds themselves. They weren't making contact because of the layer of earwax that I'd allowed to build up over the three years I've owned them. I did notice the inside of the case was getting a little gross, but it didn't look that bad, so I kept getting lazy and not cleaning them… I went through five q-tips in the process. It was so fucking nasty

No. 1943584

One time I was having lunch with friends at a small ethnic restaurant when I felt I was suddenly getting my period (I sometimes have an irregular cycle) and it's really, really heavy. The place was so tiny it didn't have a restroom for customers and I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood so I had no idea where the closest public one would be located, so I put my handbag on my lap to hide what I decided to do - I took a few tissues and snuck my hand under my oversized shirt into my pants and quickly pushed the tissues into my panties to hold me over. I pray that I never have to do this again because that tiny tissue was absolutely destroyed by the time I made it to a bathroom to put on a proper pad and the blood had gotten all over my inner thighs working its way through my pants. Like I gave birth to a massacre.

No. 1943794

One time i was pooping with my earphones in my hand. while i was wiping i accidentally got a bit of poop on my earphone because i was zoned out and didnt notice i was using the wrong hand. I washed the poop of and from the side of the earphone, didnt use too much water since i wanted my earphones to not get water inside. I kept using it till i lost them

No. 1945370

When I was a bmi 13 anachan, I'd sit down to pee and my thigh gap was so large that flecks of pee would splash up beyond and onto my thighs if my pee stream was too strong. Idk I just randomly remembered this

No. 1945407

This makes no sense. Sounds like you’re just bragging kek.

No. 1945413

One time, I was listening to music in the shower by putting my phone on top of the toilet tank. I went to change the song and I knocked my phone into the toilet. There was nothing in the water, but it still grossed me out. I put on a glove and took my phone out, then I took off the case and soaked it in hot soapy water. I thoroughly wiped the phone itself off with clorox. It wasn't damaged at all, and I continued to use it for like a year after that.

No. 1945443

? Sorry you can't understand lmao

No. 1945559

This only upside to this med giving me gastric issues is how fucking musical my farts are

No. 1945563

I seriously hate when my stomach is all fucked up but then I need to pee but I can't, so I hold my pee and then when I can finally pee, it feels like I'm basically emptying my insides and I feel my stomach and bladder.

No. 1945966

so, yesterday i went to a family meeting, weather is getting pretty hot in here so i wore a pretty light white dress, it was somewhat transparent but from my perspective it didn't show much other than the skin on my arm and collar bone.
my uncle grilled, me and my cousins had fun and i took some pictures with them and just now im realizing that the black thong i was wearing was quite visible, like it wasn't completely out there but you could definately see the straps and a bit of the front, im now feeling really awkward thinking of my boy cousins because if they were just looking at my underwear the whole day they probably got horny for me and that's just feels wrong.

No. 1945998

I love peeing in the shower. Sometimes I wait with peeing if I know I'm going to take a shower soon, it's just so much better.

No. 1946032

id occasionally pee in the shower until i bought a rubber mat to help with slipping, ill take the trade-off

No. 1946120

I’m trying to do the fattest shit right now it’s tearing me apart feel like I’m in labour

No. 1946128

Phew I’ve done it it’s absolutely fucking huge like the size of a Guinea pig

No. 1946150

Me too, love that shit

No. 1946239

im a disgusting slob. i didn't do laundry yesterday and this morning i was in such a rush to get ready i ended up putting on the same sweater and pants that i wore yesterday on my hike. i stink so bad right now im so embarrassed. i just hope i doused myself in enough body spray that it's not too noticeable to anyone else.

No. 1946953

I burped from acid reflux but I think there was actual stomach acid because my throat and nose burned for 5 minutes. It also tasted like Taco Bell even though I haven’t eaten there in a while.

No. 1946956

i was cleaning my belly button and it smelt like the old fish food i used to feed my pet beta when i was young. nolstalgic scent

No. 1947931

Love picking my nose and getting out giant dry bogeys

No. 1948125

me relaxing when I know I have a rock hard poop to let out but i feel nothing to release yet ughhh i gotta eat some chia seeds or somethjng. any nonnies know any foods that can get your bowels moving without it having a fucked up laxative effect that ruins your stomach, prune juice works but it hurts my stomach and ginger tea/coffee is just a no

No. 1948148

Docusate sodium, drink plenty of water, you should be able to go in 12 hours.

No. 1948150

omgggg nonnie I have this medication right on my bedside table and it thankfully hasn’t expired yet when I thought it did, thank you kek

No. 1948152

Wait this was me mere hours ago, though I had to go to the pharmacy. It started working almost immediately even though the bottle said I'd feel an effect in 12-72 hours.

No. 1948153

sometimes i like to drag the edge of my credit card over my nose to see the grease that collects

No. 1948480

Prune juice. Just make sure you’re near a toilet when you drink it cos you will shit yourself.

No. 1948494

I have a weird skin tag (???) on my anus; no idea what caused this, I'm celibate so I'm sure it's nothing sexually transmitted. Is this cancer? help I'm scared

No. 1948542

It probably started as a hemmorhoid. I have one because of that and it’s really ugly and makes it difficult to wipe my ass. I once contacted a skin tag removal clinic about getting it removed and the woman sent me a bitchy and disgusted email back because apparently she’s far too important to remove ass skin tags.

No. 1949688

Does anyone else tuck their tampon string inside so they don’t pee on it and fumble around for it later or am I just a freak/genius

No. 1950603

One time my nigel farted near my air purifier and it changed color for a split second indicating the air was mildly polluted. Since then I always try to fart near it to make it change color but it never does

No. 1950616

Anon that wasn't the air purifier changing color, that was his ass particles tinting the air!

No. 1950623

It's extra funny because the light was literally green

No. 1950631

Idk if you can get it in all countries but Wype toilet gel is the best thing I've used for cleaning effectively (bar a bidet). Having children has given me the worst hemorrhoids, they seem incurable too?

No. 1950702

My cat pissed on my felt hat, I put it on a bucket to soak with vinegar and water mixture. When I drained the water it was dark yellow, ew.

No. 1950759

I overdosed on broccoli today and now I understand what the anons going on about rancid broccoli gas upthread were talking about. Holy shit.

No. 1950764

that reminds me, I went through a period where I would eat 1 head of garlic roasted cauliflower per day and little else. My farts could clear a room

No. 1951257

I had the most random ass explosive diarrhea ever. I feel like I just dropped a whole ass kilo in that toilet.

No. 1951261

sometimes a good diarrhea is beneficial, everytime I shit a lot I feel so skinny.

No. 1952559

should your feces smell like the food you ate a few hours ago? does that mean you didn’t absorb it or something? a bunch of answers on google are conflicting

No. 1952577

I had a similar experience too, except i had to do it in the best buy restrooms before my chemical peel appointment. I could have done it in the office, but they would know it was me.

No. 1952625

My poo smells like iron. Hated it at first but now I like it. Looking forward to my next iron poo on the loo

No. 1952671

One of reasons your shit smells like iron could be that you are bleeding internally. The smell of iron could be coming from blood.

No. 1952696

Nah nona, don't worry. It's just that my doc gave me some iron pills for my anemia, so that's why

No. 1952700

Good to hear that isn't serious.

No. 1952717

Thanks nona, it'd be terrifying if I really was internally bleeding or something

No. 1952728

I've had trichotillomania my whole life and pretty much every day I pluck my armpit hairs obsessively close to the mirror lol. I guess it's like a convenient compulsion to have since I don't have to shave my armpits anymore - also because I used to pull my lashes and eyebrow hairs A LOT and it made me feel so insecure, but since I switched to pulling pit hairs that's pretty much stopped! I am genius

No. 1953510

I had a boil on my mons pubis like 2 weeks or so ago, I left it alone and now it's a hard lump under my skin. I tried to squeeze it last night, I think some pus came out but I'm really not sure. I hope it goes away

No. 1953859

first time i've been naked in my own room for a while, i feel free!!! until i look in the mirror and realize i'm fat

No. 1954091

File: 1712449152956.jpg (82.61 KB, 735x728, 0d27251af0e940768c83c13f19d6b5…)

Pulled my finger out of my pussy and it was covered in this

No. 1954579

I haven't gotten a regular pimple in over a decade i get those painful cyst pimples that never goes away and leaves scars. I also get them frequently even when I'm not on my period

No. 1954615

I take silica and it stopped me from getting cysts anymore

No. 1954629

Like the stuff in those little packets to keep food fresh?

No. 1955825

I do this, tuck it inside the outer lips so it’ll be safe from pee

No. 1956674

I went to watch the eclipse in a field and brought my Tinklebelle because I was drinking lots of water. I'm still not used to peeing standing up so I kept splattering onto the pavement and onto my shoes. The third time I took the device out of my pants before it fully emptied and piss ran all down my legs. Thank god they were black pants, but I still felt disgusting.

No. 1956678

I thought you meant the fairy

No. 1956704

got my yeast infection treated turns out my "blood clotting" from previous periods was just discharge

No. 1957616

My period isn't due for a couple of weeks but during the eclipse at work I had high anxiety and bled a significant amount like menstruation? But it stopped after the eclipse was over and I haven't bled since. Spooky

No. 1957662

I have these underwear that are made of some super hyper smooth synthetic-type fabric and I always wind up squishing and poking and playing with my labia through them while I'm watching TV because the fabric makes the whole area feel like some sort of squishy stress toy. it's not even masturbation it's just that my hands love the smooth plump squishyness of it.

No. 1957665

Hey, I got my period on eclipse day too!

No. 1958616

the pressurized splort of discharge that happens when getting up from sitting or laying feels interesting and i don't dislike it. i talked to other women who say it happens to them but what is the reason for it. is it like, gravity.

No. 1958822

this only happens to me very occasionally, and when it does, it incites pure panic for me because it's usually so much and so thin that it can soak straight through my underwear and into my pants. I wind up clenching my thighs together and hobbling at breakneck speed to the nearest bathroom so I don't flood everything I'm wearing below the belt

No. 1958824

This only happens to me if I’ve gotten really turned on and horny over something. Is my vag malfunctioning?

No. 1958945

I’m convinced that nobody in the world has farts that smell worse than mine. Except maybe someone who literally eats shit.

No. 1959094

Pretty much every time I sit down to go to the bathroom, I first take a swipe of discharge with my finger and smell it. Lately I’ve been sad because ever since I got covid 4 months ago, my discharge smells different. It doesn’t smell bad or anything, but my old smell was much nicer and I used to like huff it kek. I don’t think it’s gonna come back at this point. Fuck covid. I can’t taste chocolate anymore either.

No. 1959097

samefagging with another weird confession. I’m always curious what other women’s (healthy!!!) discharge/pussies smell like. Like are they all different or is it more or less the same. Obviously this is a question I will never figure out the answer to kek. “Can I sample your pussy smell?” Kekkkkk

No. 1959103

I think I have an infected pore in my nose that I can't get to heal because it tends to crust over and I hate having things in my nose. I always end up picking it out. Lately, the area has had a tendency to crust over so much that it will tend to pull out multiple nose hairs when I pick it off. Someone tell me I am an idiot and to stop fucking up my nose hairs by picking my nose.

No. 1959106

My new boss cancelled my existing work from home arrangements so now I have to save my scheduled 8am every second day shits for the office so I can still make it to the office in time for a 9am start. Am contemplating changing jobs just to accommodate my shitting schedule.

No. 1959235

I had a cold for like 3 months straight. It's gone now but my nose is like a toddlers, fully crusted over with boogers and snot 24/7. I constantly have to pick it because blowing it just doesn't get it all. Luckily I have acrylics on right now and they're long enough to really reach back there and clear it out. It's so satisfying to scrape a giant booger out of the very back of my nose.

No. 1959268

You can sample my pussy smell nonna

No. 1959346

I can’t even really process that this just happened, but I farted as a I was peeing and the air from the fart sprayed pee out of the front of the toilet bowl and onto my legs and pants. Epic fail moment.

No. 1959349

got radioactive hot farts 2nite

No. 1959452

I’m obsessed with earwax removal

No. 1959457

Every time you touch it your potentially reintroducing grossness that could result in an infection not just to that pore but any other raw areas in your nose. Don’t put your fingers in your nose! If your hand must go anywhere near your eyes/nose/mouth wash them first, there’s a reason little children are told to wash their hands before eating and not to pick their nose.

No. 1959459

I was hoover butting the toilet because I was wet from the shower, and I peed so hard and from so high up that the water (or pee?) splashed on my butt. Gross.

No. 1959612

being on my period always feels like im sitting in a puddle. tampons feel unsafe and cups also feel weird because what if it gets lost inside of me

No. 1959633

how cavernous is your cooter

No. 1959668

this is for the nonnie would recommended the colace, ily mwah i feel better (this was two weeks ago i think)

No. 1959855

Omg nonna me too, idk what it is but just poking it and squishing feels so relaxing, i sometimes want to even do it while in public but that would just be wrong and i have tried to replace the habit with other stuff, like actual stress toys or drinking water but i do end up doing it from time to time, specially when I need to go to the bathroom.
I'll never stop buying super smooth underwear.

No. 1959867

I get these too on occasion, my suggestion is to hold a damp, hot towel on it 10 minutes at a time. Should help it come to a “head” then you can squeeze it. Sucks, it happens sometimes though.

No. 1959933

I've thrown up five times in the past two hours. I want to die especially because the only thing I ate today was the food provided at work (which had fish). Now this job is not only hell but also literally poisoning me.

No. 1960016

anon… it can't get lost. its not like it can float up into your lungs or something kek. An unaroused vagina is only like 3.5 inches long.

No. 1960068

so hungry
kek i mean i dont want it to suck up too high and get like stuck in my cervix or something, that sounds like absolute hell

No. 1960094

The opening on your cervix literally is the size of a pinhole, anon!

No. 1960095

that reminds me, last year an anon had one stuck inside her for several days and had to go to the ER

No. 1960098

literally how. was she just panicking too hard to take care of it herself? My mom tells this story of her friend who she convinced to use a tampon who the panicked so hard that she was convinced she couldn't pull it out and was gonna die, and had to go to the ER where a female nurse pulled it out normally in 2 seconds flat kek

No. 1960103

what about the sides surrounding my cervix? can't like the lip of a cup get wedged against the wall of me and the side of my cervix

No. 1960109

can't remember all the details but she did try different methods to get it out but it just..wouldn't? like every few days she returned to i think the vagina thread and vent thread with an update about it, nothing seemed to work

No. 1960114

I've wondered about this. My aunt worked in a gyno office and she told about this poor woman who once came in and stunk up the entire place. Had a tampon stuck in there for about 2 weeks. She said they had to open every window in the building once they removed it…

No. 1960124

This has reminded me about the time I forgot I already had a tampon in and then stuck another one in. I went to lay down for a bit and I felt so unbearably uncomfortable like my pussy was stuffed and full to bursting, so I thought maybe the tampon had gone sideways? It never had before, but I’d never had this sensation before. I went to take the tampon out and I could still feel it, so I opened my legs in the mirror, planning on spreading my pussy as wide as possible to see what the problem was, and I saw a tiny bit of white string sticking out? So I pulled it out and it was another tampon. I was horrified.

Another time while having sex with my ex the condom fell off and got stuck inside me. For a little while we were both frantically searching for it as we thought it had fallen off in the bed. Somehow I just got the initiative to stick my fingers inside myself and after a few seconds I pulled it out. He just said “that was disturbing” and then we never spoke of it again. I agreed it was disturbing, as I heard of condoms breaking but never falling off and getting lost in a vagina. I thought what would have happened if I hadn’t of pulled it out? Then recently, I heard of women “giving birth” after having surgery on their wombs, to things like rubber medical gloves and gauze. The woman’s reproductive system goes into a sort of “labour” and they feel terrible pain and get the urge to push.

No. 1960681

when i was a kid i would sometimes try my old grandma party dresses, i guess that awoke something on me because now whenever i see an old 1930s - 1950s movie i get extremely aroused like soaked and incredibly hard nipples for the setting, the fashion and i guess some of the men look good too, it's weird because i never see one of those movies by myself, it's always around my family.
this doesn't happen with newer movies that depict that age, i have tried but it's not the same.
whenever i watch it's a wonderful life during christmas season, it's like the horniest day of the year for me

No. 1960729

there’s no toilet paper and my sister took the whole box of pads into her room. noone is home to bring some so i’m stuck on the toilet. why is my family so retarded? it should be common sense to leave toilet paper and pads in the actual bathroom but they get pissy when i move them there. JFC

No. 1960735

>was gonna wipe her shit caked asshole with a pad

kekk wtf anon

No. 1960745

i’m also on my period. i escaped btw i used makeup wipes and prayed for the toilet not to clog

No. 1960753

im just now picturing your toilet getting clogged and the first thing coming out of it is a bunch of shit and blood in a really satanic way, lmao.

No. 1960757

ohh that’s what you meant I thought you were gonna use it as a last resort because of the lack of toilet paper kek. if the bathroom is big enough you should find a way to hide some, you should buy one of those lockboxes online that’s big enough for toilet paper/pads and put stuff in there and keep it in the bathroom or your own room. my sister got one for her food when she used to live with us because my beastly fat retarded brothers would eat every single piece of food in the house

No. 1961378

Some guy asked if I knew what boofing was. I just laughed and went yeah? What you wanna boof then polish off the evening with some jenkem? He took that as permission to boof some coke before I even knew what was happening he did it casually like he was putting his wallet away. Got out of there so fast

No. 1961391

When I flush my ears out with warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide chunks come out and they fascinate my gf, hers are always clean

No. 1961418

When I was a teenager, I actually did use pads to wipe when I had no toilet paper.

No. 1962066

When i was like 12 i loved anime. I was on this online horse rpg game website and one time a random user messaged me and send me couple of animes to check out. She said they were gay animes.. the only gay anime i knew was Gravitation but the shit she send to me…. One was about an incest relationshit between a father and a young son and the other one was about some soldier raping a priest bloody. The blood splatter traumatized me kek. But i send the incest crap to couple of my cousins and thought it was spicy, i was an idiot. How are these things even legal omg.

No. 1962079

He seriously stuck some coke up his bootyhole in front of you?

No. 1962101

Yup he was otherwise normal before that it shocked the fuck out of me. I've never been around hard drugs beyond weed

No. 1962126

File: 1713027356380.png (426.15 KB, 640x464, IMG_0939.png)

I’m on my period and I just masturbated then ate a full block of Gouda and 2 chocolate bars

No. 1962140

No. 1962334

File: 1713038199945.gif (877.28 KB, 400x225, e491e4ea-0c76-4cb6-99fc-5ce500…)

Yesterday I had one of the absolute worst diarrhea cases ever and it all happened at work. I was all fine until lunch break when shortly after I got some stomach aches after eating my food (which was nothing unusual bc I eat it most of the time and I have been fine). When break was over I went back to my workplace and I could feel that I had to shit immediately because the stomach aches got worst and yeah, I knew it wasn't a fart that wanted to get out. Anyways, the toilette situation at work sucks big time. We have three options and all of them have a downside. Option 1) is a small one without a window, so shitting there without the possibility of air your stinky mess is a big "No" from me. Option 2) has a window but is right next to some offices, where you hear everything what is going on inside and people can see who goes in and out. Option 3) Is the one that has a window and is far away from everything so you can fart as you want BUT it's the toilet that is with the women changing room, so people come and go there all the time. I always go to the third option bc it's mostly quiet when you have good timing but around breaks you will find a lot of people there. So bc it was shortly after break, I found myself with two other coworkers of mine who went there at the same time. They started to chat which took quiet a moment, all this while I was sitting there ready to shit my soul out. So they left and I took a quick shit because I knew that around 1pm another department had a break and I didn't want to get caught shitting and farting like crazy.
I could left without being seen and I thought that I would be okay for the remaining hours at work but nope after ten minutes or so I got stomach aches again and I had to shit as well. This time it was too busy to leave again so I was holding it for over an hour while I got super gassy. A really big and gross fart left my ass and I swear at least two coworkers have smelled that one. When I had the chance to go to the toilette again, I had to fart like crazy so before I could sit down I farted and shit all over the toilette seat because of it. Took a quick shit again and cleaned the entire toilette before I left. Back the workplace I felt better for a moment but it came back a third time. Thankfully around that time at work most part time people have left, so you won't meet as many people while in the bathroom but having to go three time to shit bc of diarrhea at work was the absolute worst thing ever. At home everything was fine and only felt a bit of pain in my stomach after everything but the toilette business went back to normal. I still don't know what it was but I hope I have to never experience this type of shit ever again at work. Fuck that.

No. 1962376

File: 1713039919553.jpg (228.46 KB, 736x1308, 1000018424.jpg)

I seriously hate when I hold my pee for too long (as in when I don't go pee every 30 to 45 minutes approx.) And when I go pee, I can feel my bladder actually emptying itself and my organs almost sighing in relief because I don't have that pressure anymore.

No. 1962424

One time many years ago I had to piss in a water bottle and I always remember how disturbingly hot the bottle was. It's genuinely disgusting and bizarre feeling HEAT and knowing it's your urine.

No. 1962450

Don’t wanna get banned for scrotefoiling but how the fuck do you manage to piss into a bottle? Do you mean a cup, esl-chan?

No. 1962458

You hold the opening of the bottle right up to your urethra in order to piss directly in it.

>t. a person that's been on many roadtrips.

No. 1962459

You can direct your pee stream either just standing far enough away or parting the labia a bit and pulling in the direction you want it to go

No. 1962490

Ayrt, I put the mouth of the bottle on my urethra. It was still kinda uncomfortable and I had to do a weird bend to spread my legs. And I'm not ESL this is my native language.

No. 1962555

I have a cyst on my upper thigh and hurts while walking fuck me

No. 1962559

Have you used hibiclens on it yet

No. 1962639

File: 1713057536109.webp (32.85 KB, 628x840, 9567D26A-FA05-4FCB-AF1E-75EBEC…)

I just had to leave a birthday party to rush home and poop because I didn’t want to ruin my friend’s bathroom. I can’t say I regret it though because I was socializing for 5 hours straight and had enough

No. 1962795

the fact that most women are iron deficient is such a cruel joke. I started taking iron so I maybe stop being cold and dizzy all the time and it's destroying my stomach. I'm so bloated it's painful, can't wear anything but elastic waistbands right now kek. probably gonna go fight for my life in the toilet in a bit and leave still feeling bloated. maybe being anemic is tolerable over this

No. 1962988

Kekk I wish I was more like you nonnie

No. 1963685

I have yeast infection and athletes foot. The cream tubes look the same and I accidently used Athletes foot cream ON MY VAGINA

No. 1963694

To be fair in both cases you use an antimycotic since both yeast and athletes foot are fungi so you probably didn't do anything too horrible to your vagina.

No. 1963836

File: 1713128976198.gif (1.8 MB, 373x498, 1000018502.gif)

Sometimes, when I go pee, I sit on the toilet and open and close my legs like when you're using the leg abduction machine at the gym, because then it feels a bit weird how my pussy lips open and close, it also makes a weird squelch sound because it's usually when I'm about to take a shower that I do that.

No. 1963920

I have recently picked up a bad habit of humping/rubbing pillows against my crotch and like that's how I learned to masturbate and i used to only do it only my room but now I just can't help but do it with most pillows on most rooms, whenever i feel I'm enough out of sight i just grab the nearest pillow and hump it for a while.

No. 1964233

I used to do this when i first learned to masturbate, when i was really young. It was chronic lmao, i'd do it anywhere when i had the chance (was alone). On the topic of masturbation, I know it's a dumb meme but has anyone seriously masturbated with a cucumber/eggplant/phallic shaped produce of any kind? I don't have any toys and I'm starting to get a little desperate, the only reason I'm not considering it is because of pesticides maybe that don't get washed off even with a thorough clean.

No. 1964240

I had some ground beef that was a day past its expiration, it was slightly gray but didn't smell off so I cooked and ate it. But it tasted a little weird and now my stomach hurts. Am I going to die?

No. 1964251

File: 1713153294902.png (Spoiler Image,314 KB, 480x408, Untitled.png)

Not so gross but just kind of silly and stupid, I have keratosis pilaris (harmless genetic skin condition where skin has tons of tiny bumps, also called strawberry skin or chicken skin, picrel) and I've always felt insecure about it and tried to smooth things out to little avail. I also hate shaving and suck so bad at it, dunno if it's a skill issue or just my skin being sensitive but I always get messed up ingrowns and irritation and stuff.
A while ago my nigel told me "this is going to sound really weird, but um… I really like the texture on your arms… like the little bumps and the hairs. It's like a stim toy." He is autistic. This is too dumb to share with anyone but I genuinely feel better about my body and have stopped caring about beauty standards because he has these odd appreciative takes on random details like that

No. 1964252

I once grinded upon an uncooked hotdog, I was like 10 years old doing that, since then I've not done anything like that except masturbate using a hairbrush and water bottle

No. 1964255

i know this is the tmi thread but i wasnt expecting that when i opened this

No. 1964258

no but hairbrush handles are elite. it's gotta be the way they taper, and they're usually the perfect size

No. 1964268

I've been considering that and ruled it out bc it seems way too hard. Wtf isn't it painful??

No. 1964277

Hard like difficult or hard like to the touch? kek I mean it depends on how big it is whether it's uncomfortable or not for you. Usually they're soft plastic or wood and the smooth taper makes it not painful

No. 1964288

File: 1713156368579.jpg (77.35 KB, 800x800, 1000018527.jpg)

I used to had a toy that was shaped like a lobster, I never actually put it in because I don't really need penetration to orgasm. I would just hump it thinking it was some husbando's dick kek. Since it was made of this 100% polyester fabric, it was hard and could vibrate, it was basically the ultimate vibrator and I would use it almost all of the time to hump it.
Needless to say, the poor thing always ended up covered in weird transparent goo and I always had to get up and clean it up. It was an annoying process, I ended up throwing it away one day because the battery ran out and I needed to perform an open lobster carapace surgery to change the batteries.
Sometimes I kind of want to get something like that again, but idk, I feel like my fingers and imagination have been enough for quite a bunch of years already.
It looked kind of like pic related, I feel bad about buying that thing and using it in that way, but tbh, I was a retarded teen.
I wonder just why was it that there were so many vibrating stuffed toys being sold back then, thinking about it it's kind of a random feature to add to stuffed toys unless you're a cat or a dog.

No. 1965525

I'm so sorry nonnie. It was truly one of the most unhinged things I've done. First time I've ever revealed this part of my past lmao.

No. 1966101

Drank four cups of coffee and had beans for lunch I’m loving my farts right now

No. 1967102

Can’t stop farting

No. 1967197

I installed a bidet toilet seat and I seriously can't stop blasting my ass full of water. My colon is so clean. I'm going to end up picking up my biome or some shit I bet but seriously unleashing a fountain of water from your ass feels so hygienic.

No. 1967337

It’s absolutely pointless for me to be at work today, I can’t concentrate on anything. I zoned out through this whole meeting. I need to go home and give myself at least 5-6 orgasms. This always happens to me at least a few days a month and it’s torture. Forget the concept of menstrual leave, I need horny leave. I am a useless employee when I’m going through this anyway.

No. 1967415

We have unisex toilets at my new work place and there has been discussions of having single sex bathrooms again because everyone thinks the men take pipe clogging shits. For once, moids are useful for something.

No. 1967417

Are you like… supposed to get water all the way inside your colon?? I thought bidets and bidet seats were only for cleaning the outside…

No. 1967422

File: 1713365155545.png (74.88 KB, 400x305, comfy_pepe.png)

Casually freebleeding at home because I hate how the cup makes me feel terribly constipated and pads make me feel like I'm wearing a sweaty diaper and I will absolutely refuse tampons because they are the spawn of Satan.

No. 1967457

I never understood freebleeding. do you just sit on a towel or something? how do you not get blood everywhere and ruin your pants?

No. 1967475

nta but for me I just sit on a towel (Or maybe two depending on the intensity) and wear a pair of underwear I'm not planning on wearing while going out

No. 1967478

The first time it happened it wasn't intentional. Now it is. Google says it's okay.

No. 1967490

Personally I can feel when a gush is coming and I either go to the bathroom really quick or grab a tissue for the way.

No. 1967506

>tampons are the spawn of satan
lmao wtf does that mean?

No. 1967513

ayrt, I have light flow except for the second day of my period, I just wear a pair of black underwear I'll toss in the laundry at the end of the day. My washing machine gets them clean enough. Sometimes I get some on my pants but rarely enough that it would even show on the outside (thick fabric) so technically I could do this in public as well.
Just joking, to me personally they feel so uncomfortable that I've never been able to use one. Like inserting a roll of sand paper.

No. 1967955

Damn I wish that during my "heavy flow" days I could just wear underwear for the entire day. For like 2 days I have to wear a maxi pad, a layer of toilet paper, two pairs of underwear and if I move weird it still passes through sometimes.

No. 1968605

for like months now, my laugh lines have been dry and flaky. i have pretty dry skin normally, and my skin gets pretty flaky in winter time plus i’m getting old so i didn’t think much of it. i often burn my face with retinol because i’m retarded and that causes dryness and irritation too. when the flakes got a little more intense i tried using different creams to moisturize it and shit like eye cream and exfoliators to increase blood flow and hopefully decrease their appearance and dryness (again, i am retarded). it has not gone away yet, so i get fed up and google what to do because i can’t be the only one. it turns out this doesn’t happen a lot and one of the few results said it was candida or a yeast infection. well, i got some nizoral to try because i was desperate and put it on like a face mask and washed it off after 5 minutes. it’s been like 3 days and i have not gotten a single flake since. A FUCKING YEAST INFECTION ON MY FACE THIS WHOLE TIME. MONTHS.

No. 1968619

ntayrt but i'm glad i'm not the only one with this problem. i go through so many steps to make sure nothing leaks similar to what you did and it never works. no matter how many extra long nighttime pads i wear, no matter how much tp, no matter what laying position, even if i stay completely still a ton of blood still comes out. recently it got all on the sides of my legs from top to bottom and i could feel (and see) some more dripping out on the floor when i walked to the bathroom.

No. 1968874

Have you tried using menstrual cups overnight?

No. 1969101

When I was a kid my tooth was about to fall out but when I twisted it it stayed. I walked around like that for the rest of the day and then I managed to get it out. Also as a kid I had a wound on my knee and when I would wear pants and leggings the scab would cling onto them so I ripped it off every day for a week until I told my mom about it, she looked horrified and got me band aids kek. For some reason I never told my parents about injuries.

No. 1969127

my period is so fucking heavy and messy. this morning i found a blood clot on my sink counter??? how the fuck did it get there?! there was no blood anywhere else, just one clot on the counter. i'm assuming when i pulled my tampon out while half asleep last night it mustve somehow went flying off it or something? either way it was so gross. i really want to try options other than tampons but pads aren't enough for how heavy my flow is.
how often do you typically need to rinse out a cup? would it last through the night with an extremely heavy flow?

No. 1969545

I feel the same way about tampons. They make me so nauseous and nearly pass out.

No. 1971569

Idk why but I want to feel wind against my pussy. I wish I could go outside naked and feel the breeze all over. I think it would feel so nice. Maybe this is my animal brain talking trying to get me to spread my pheromones on the wind kekk

No. 1971786

No it's really nice, I go out in a hammock and sun my vag and air it out through some thin clothing. It feels so good. Do it.

No. 1972018

File: 1713577154440.jpeg (42.39 KB, 736x736, kill me.jpeg)

Watching a video of a guy interviewing a doctor, the doctor is talking about parasites. He tells of a pacient who he found out had a dead ascaris in his bladder. How did it get there? The pacient used to practice unprotected anal sex and the partner had worms, so the worm crawled up his dick during the sex.

No. 1972032

This is why sometimes I like to come back from the beach without underwear, I take a shower at the beach club and then I put on some dress of a nice length, usually under the knee or maxi, and then I enjoy the breeze.
I wish I had my own house, with no neighbors so I could just spend a day or two being naked at the garden, that would be fun.

No. 1972040

sometimes I’ll spot an intact seed, typically sesame, sticking out ln my poop and I enjoy digging it out even though the shit feels disgusting, it’s just so satisfying to squeeze the seed until it pops. I washed and ate one as a kid once. I wouldn’t do that again but I don’t know, the way seeds come out all hydrated and plump feels so nice to squeeze between your nails. The inside is perfectly white and looks intact which I think is neat.

No. 1972043

thank you for spoilering this that was considerate, I shouldn't have read it

No. 1972048

You dig it out..with your bare hands?

No. 1972052

Im sorry anon, spoilered with love. You’re probably the first person to ever learn this so we’re now bound in some type of way forever.

No. 1972072

I have a glasses fetish

No. 1972079

File: 1713581008540.jpg (242.71 KB, 654x728, 655.jpg)

this is the 3rd time i read about anons touching their poop

No. 1972093

Like the shampoo?

No. 1972095

Haven't pooped in days. Have no urge to. Why is it like this? I used to take regular, full bodied shits daily and my bowels just don't care anymore.

No. 1972097

Grind up the seeds and make your own civet coffee

No. 1972105

tom nook looks like a sad poop. tom dook.

No. 1972117

No. 1972391


No. 1972592

Why is it so much more difficult to hold in your farts/fart quietly on your period

No. 1972597

I have chronic hemorrhoids and tend to shit blood a lot and it stresses me out but the doctor says as long as there's no other symptoms it's fine. I get flare ups whenever I'm stressed and constantly have to use the suppositories.

No. 1972632

Cause ya buns are sweaty and/or bloody, and the wetness makes those toots really slap outta there

No. 1972633

I had the worst diarrhea in years last night, not just liquid poop but straight up chunky water, and every time I thought I was done more kept pouring out. Weirdly I had no stomach ache or other symptoms and my diet is so plain and predictable these days that I have no idea what caused it. I literally just felt like I had to poop really bad suddenly and then was like…boom diarrhea lol

No. 1972637

Your immune system got triggered and emergency evacuated something, saving you from a more horrible fate.
What the fuck lol

No. 1972638

Samefagging but you need to see another doctor and maybe a butt specialist.

No. 1973061

yes, i saw people used it to kill fungal acne so i figured maybe it would do the same for my FACIAL YEAST INFECTION WTFFFFFFF i still don’t know how this happened nonnies

No. 1973248

Had one of those suction vibrators that did wonders but gave out. Recently bought a mini wand vibrator and came to find my clitoris is far too small for it to feel good at all wtffff

No. 1973341

Damn that’s awesome nonna, after reading your post I started googling fungal acne and mine looks so similar to the photos, and it’s around my mouth and laugh line area like yours was too. I’m going to try that, thanks so much!

No. 1974807

I scrached calculus out of of teeth with a craft knife because the dentist will see me in 4 MONTHS the earliest (and that's just a checkup where they will even remove it afaik). Probably damaged my enamel.

No. 1974974

I’m cleaning my depression room and found so many dead (and 2 live) roaches. I’m completely disgusted with myself, I’ve been living in this absolute filth for so long, I didn’t even realize because my floor is covered in dirty clothes The only reason I’m not completely infested is because I have a cat, and I assume she chases and kills these roaches for fun. God, this is disgusting. I’m so embarrassed.

No. 1974977

You're actually cleaning, that's the hardest part. I'm proud of you. I hope you inspire me to do the same.

No. 1975440

File: 1713821468569.jpg (11.15 KB, 550x550, d-happyface-emoticon-smiley-me…)

I love when I orgasm and it makes my body move uncontrollably. Like a spasm. I basically get them everytime (unless I've been masturbating everyday, then the orgasm is dull) and it always makes me feel picrel.

No. 1975461

File: 1713822474606.png (89.11 KB, 1296x318, star crossed lovers ?.png)

are you that anon's ex ?

No. 1975611

lol no they're not so extreme that it's like a seizure. More like my whole abdomen contracting and uncontracting and my legs tensing a little.

No. 1975612

Samefag but what's the context for that? Assuming it's snow cause of the ban. Shayna thread?

No. 1975772

Currently experiencing a sharp pain in my butthole. Wtf causes that.

No. 1975773

you got the hemmies, drink more water.

No. 1975775

No hemorrhoids, butthole smooth.

No. 1975777

umm..butthole muscle cramps maybe?

No. 1975778


No. 1975779

Sometimes hormone changes can cause a stabbing feeling in your asshole. Particularly around your period

No. 1975787

Why the fuck are butthole cramps the worst fucking thing I've ever experienced, feels like im birthing an mpreg baby

No. 1975789

I actually am on the end of my period right now

No. 1975790

Yeah its good fun, when you're pregnant you get this thing called "lightening crotch" which is the same and isnt just vagina but also stabbing pain in your asshole lol. Womanhood is suffering

No. 1975803

>when you're pregnant
when? neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

No. 1975921

File: 1713850765997.png (554.25 KB, 680x1720, hghttu.png)

I spray this on my legs and booty after a shower and I no longer get random assne and leggne. I think I will order a case

No. 1975924

I will use this advice

No. 1975933

Smellin my pussy fangers and they stank

No. 1975938

Thank you for posting this cause I keep getting shoulder acne, I gotta try this stuff

No. 1975960

my stomach is crying for help after the 5th bowl of 2 serving buldak ramen, tuna mayo salad and egg since last thursday hello. diarrhea and indigestion like yin and yang help me nonnas

No. 1975965

sometimes I fall asleep after masturbating and the next morning my fingies smell exactly like a can of pickled carrots and green beans. I bet the jews did this.

No. 1975981

No. 1976245

I caught myself in the process of passing out into my mould-clogged sink that doesn't drain. Close call.

No. 1976672

File: 1713897646616.jpg (155.97 KB, 939x498, Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_1.23…)

Anon why?
Sounds like my friend who has had a broken toilet for literally over a decade because her deadbeat lazy ass dad didn't want to spend money on getting the septic fixed and let the problem last too long. You have to pour water into the toilet to "flush" it, it's that bad. What's your excuse?

No. 1976747

Got too tempted and pulled the scab off of a wound, but it was too early and now I'm bleeding again. It hurts like shit too because it's a bit infected

No. 1977013

Welp. Something that I ate this evening didn't suit my stomach. Don't know if that's the ketchup that's been open for a while, my wild garlic pesto that I made four weeks ago or the rhubarb and vanilla yogurt dessert I made Friday. I almost think the combination of the three made me feel nauseated so much I had to evacuate it down the toilet by throwing up stat.
Guess all three are for the bin, before I intoxicate myself. I hate throwing food away..

No. 1977229

hemorrhoids can be internal silly

No. 1977251

File: 1713910930577.png (48.46 KB, 320x320, 7-71804_download-sad-dancing-f…)

So glad the nonnas are talking hemorrhoids because for the longest time I thought mine were getting bad until recently when I decided to check myself out down there, and now I know that on top of the hems I also have a pretty nasty anal fissure. The ring is broken so to speak, and my butthole looks like it has a little tongue sticking out. After a shower I make sure to put some vaseline on it and tuck it in inside, that way it's not rubbing on my underwear and hurting. I did some jogging for the first time in years today and the pain it caused me was pretty awful. Is this something you should get fixed or is it gonna like calm down on it's own?

No. 1977288

At this point you need to see an doctor before your whole anus prolapses wtf.

No. 1977307

she should see a doc but her asshole isn't gonna fall out kek

No. 1977502

I don't want to discourage you from going to the doctor because you probably should. But I healed my 6+ month fissure by never wiping, only using a bidet, eating a high fibre diet and drinking as much water as possible. Also never scratching it because it was itchy as fuck all the time. This is after I gave up prep H, vaseline and some weird chinese ass cream because they weren't doing anything other than temporary pain relief. After even more time giving my butt a rest the ugly scar from the fissure fully healed when I was so scared it never would. I will never go back to my old ways. My asshole will always be slightly dirty and pain-free idec. Good luck anon

No. 1977592

File: 1713922221591.jpg (119.55 KB, 540x540, tumblr_148e118891339b146dfe041…)

>my wild garlic pesto that I made four weeks ago
please anon you didn't eat that…..

No. 1977683

File: 1713926495329.jpg (47.85 KB, 531x450, 1000019742.jpg)

I don't really pay attention to my period blood on my pads, but today the stain was shaped clearly like a hand pointing upwards with a clear index finger, and from the index finger came a pretty straight line.
It was kind of cool, I hope I don't forget about it so I can draw it.
I will do a rough sketch of how it looked like on the pad. It was kind of like pic related but the hand was neat looking and the line was straight, as if it was done with a ruler.

No. 1977711

Nta but if you never wipe they how do you dry your ass after the bidet?

No. 1977797

I just watched a video about people dying from leftover pasta, please be safe nonna. I hate wasting food too but when in doubt, just fucking freeze it

No. 1977829

Jfc nonna what caused that?

No. 1977942

File: 1713947279382.png (111.01 KB, 280x389, 748b66eb3ae6fd640bc73f0b681314…)

Either me straining like hell on the crapper or my IBS and chronic diarrhea. No, it was not butt stuff. Either way my poopies are the shape of an elongated crescent now. I guess it took me this long to notice because I'm used to a lil' bit of blood in my stool from the hemorrhoids, but apparently it's more likely it was the fissure bleeding as it formed. Fml.
Thank you for the advice, nonna. Definitely gonna start changing my diet, not eating between meals is gonna be my first course of action so I can minimize the times I'm going to the toilet. I'm thinking I'm at least gonna go to have it checked out and evaluated, see if it's not the start of ass cancer or something idfk. The surgery they do to correct it can in rare cases leave you with complete loss of bowel control and that scares me more than chronic ass pain tbh. My internal hems already have my butthole smelling rancid on occasion, I couldn't deal if I smelled of shit 24/7 that would probably be a one way ticket to Sui-town, or my only career option for the rest of my life would be working on a pig farm or something.

No. 1978075

>No, it was not butt stuff.
Kek nonnie I didn’t think it was, my first assumption was IBS or chrons. I’m sorry though, I hope it gets better or if you decide to go the surgery route is goes well. My sisters ex had a fully prolapsed anus that would sometimes “fall out” and he’d have to wait days for it to go back in on it’s own, it seemed so scary and painful. He got his from lifting weights that were too heavy for him. I think he did end up getting surgery on it but then went back to lifting and blew it out again kek

No. 1978124

My stomach has been so upset since friday, I keep pooping and dropped about 8lbs in bowel weight. Stomach bug maybe?

No. 1978401

I had such rough sex 2 days ago I'm still bleeding from it. Not much but there's still fresh blood when I wipe, I'm not a virgin so idk what happened. Don't regret a single thing though.
Did you eat out or try anything new? Feel better nonna.

No. 1978408

Idk what you did but you should make sure you don't have a tear or something wrong with your cervix anon

No. 1978442

Thanks nonnie, it's pretty light but if it's not calmed down this evening I'll check it out.

No. 1978847

i love picking out the ingrown hairs on my legs that grow under my skin and making like a hundred scabs in one sitting. sooo satisfying. i just did this and i still have chills

No. 1978848

this is so real

No. 1978871

I used to pluck the fuck out of my hair it didn't matter whether it was ingrown or not. I don't really do it as much anymore but sometimes I do with stray hairs and it's so fun

I'm deranged

No. 1978907

File: 1713994908965.jpeg (40.66 KB, 828x450, IMG_0468.jpeg)

Got a built in retainer once and the ortho never taught me how to properly clean it, nor cleaned it for me during monthly visits.
The roof of my mouth was getting painful and inflamed, my breath smelled no matter how well I brushed my teeth and I ended up just ripping the retainer out at home. A huge amount of leftover food was building underneath it. It was so bad, it left in indent on the roof of my mouth and my ortho never questioned when I went back and it was gone.

No. 1978956

Next time you go to the dentist see if they can clean out the gunk. That's what mine did after a year and a half of buildup when my bottom retainer fell out. I've given up on trying to replace it and I think it further maligned my teeth.

No. 1978994

anon that was god telling you something…

No. 1979341

my foot hurts and I have to put medicine that reeks of garlic on it every night for like 2 weeks. i shower every day and the stench still lingers. considering laying it on the train tracks and waiting for a train to come tbh

No. 1979344

for some reason my sneezes smell of shit

No. 1979619

Sinus infection?

No. 1980297

if you do, consider scratching out the brand names from all of your clothes and items on you to become the next isdal woman

No. 1981541

I absolutely blew up the bathroom at Ulta and I feel so embarrassed. And of course as I was leaving a girl who worked there walked right in to the stall I left, ugh. I’m so sorry Ulta employee, i tried to courtesy flush a few times. I don’t know what happened but halfway through my leisurely walk in the store my stomach made the most horrifying sound and I got the “gotta go NOW” feeling and I had absolutely horrible diarrhea, my body wanted whatever it was OUT. I had an iced coffee and kale mushroom egg bites from Starbucks earlier, which I order all of the time and never have a problem.

No. 1981586

>in a college study area by myself, used the bathroom and it was clean
>another girl shows up for a while then disappear for a bit, probably in the bathroom
>go to use the bathroom a few minutes later and there's a nasty shit and unflushed tp in the toilet
>return to the study area to grab my stuff and they've already left
I swear she looked over at me when I got up to use the bathroom, we were the only people there for over an hour. She knew what she did.

No. 1982012

I have ibs and I’ve definitely ruined a few peoples days because of it. I’ll blow up the bathroom, and I carry spray with me to soften the blow, but it’s still bad. It’s worse when the person after me is a kid, or a mother with her children. I actually had a little girl start crying once the bathroom door opened. I’m sorry four year old at target, you didn’t deserve that.

No. 1982076

I piss in my menstrual pads sometimes.

No. 1982114

Ok you win

No. 1982223

Cotton, polyester, doesn't matter, underwear is no match for the thickness of my pube hair. I literally just shaved and it's still sticking through the fabric.

No. 1982253

Well yeah when you shave you make the end of the hair sharp and the stubble pokes through. If you let your bush grow it would not do that, it would be soft and curled.

No. 1982258

Nta but that's not true. Bushes poke through underwear.

No. 1982261

My bush would still poke through. I've shaved less and less as an effort to space things out since I'm not sexually active right now nor trying to be. I've always had thick body hair. Not fond of cosmetic procedures but lasers 1 of the few things I'd consider doing because I find my excess of body hair to be a nuisance

No. 1982277

then you need better underwear because that's honestly odd unless you are shaving and making the hair sharp.

No. 1982366

It happens to me as well. Trimming and better quality underwear are the answer.

No. 1982505

9 days since period start and still producing vile brown sludge. I hate this

No. 1982688

I was in an on/off relationship with an ex for 2 years. We were long distance and it was always me who broke up with him. After a few months of no contact he'd always message me again and I'd take him back because I felt bad for him (he was a mentally ill loser).

I'd always know when he was about to message me again after we went no contact because I'd get really bloated. Idk I just had to fart a lot like a pretty concerning amount more than normal which is when I knew he'd be back in about a few weeks. My farts would never be wrong. Probably half a year after we finally really broke up I got concerningly gassy again which made me suspicious. I checked my socials and he really did try to message me again through alt accounts.

I obviously never told my friends but I did tell them whenever I had a feeling he'd be trying to message me again and I was right. Maybe was my body telling me something bad was coming my way?

No. 1982703

This is hilarious

No. 1982707

you have a gift. treasure it

No. 1982716

File: 1714262583226.png (512.43 KB, 508x462, Capture.PNG)

I'm looking for shit for my sims husbando on Simsfinds and I get the weirdest ads…

No. 1982737

Please click that link and repost it to the quiz thread

No. 1982742

Nona's gonna get a megavirus if she clicks that shit

No. 1982752

i also get the worst youtube ads, i might as well have every diagnosis according them

No. 1982792

For the love of God use an adblocker. Brave + uBlock.

No. 1982822

Same anon, this makes me want someone to make a weird ad thread

No. 1982834

There’s the advertisement hate thread in the catalog.

No. 1982865

nah nothing will ever top the anon who picks seeds out of her shit

No. 1983049

Haven’t most people tried this when there wasn’t a good bathroom option nearby?

No. 1983074

when i tried doing this the piss went right through the pad

No. 1983372

I made crispy pork belly with a Chinese chili garlic marinade, I then ate it with Laoganma crispy chili in oil and chiu chow chili oil. It was delicious but now my ass is on fire.

No. 1983537

there is no fucking way you only lose 2/3 tbsp of blood for your whole period I refuse to believe it. it feels like that's how much I bleed per day. I'm curled up on the floor from pain just free bleeding on some old rags and I swear there's more than 2 fucking tablespoons of blood there

No. 1983575

Kek 2/3 tablespoons?? Who even said that? I bleed like a cup of blood a day for three days.

No. 1983718

I've looked at multiple anatomy illustrations and photos, but (and this will probably sound REALLY dumb) the bit where my urethra should be is totally smooth? I've taken multiple photos of my bits to compare but I haven't spotted the typical urethra dent. I've only seen a faint line from my clitoris to my vaginal opening.

I also have to put in quite some effort to even see my vaginal opening, if I don't ..it is just not visible. At all. I also have a (what seems to be) perineal raphe?? I can easily pinch the perineum skin like a crab claw.

What is this, am I anatomically incorrect or are these normal things?

No. 1984382

I have some sort of pimple thing underneath my tongue, gross. It has a white head and I'm hoping it doesn't end up popping.

No. 1984554

I've got really dark body hair all over my body. From my face to my toes I'm just covered in hair. I don't have any hormonal problems I think, I'm just a monkeygirl. My body hair is darker than my male family members, my sister's boyfriend, guys I went to school with, ect ect. Besides my hairy hairy body I'm actually a cute an attractive woman, but Jesus Chris what did I do to deserve so much hair?? My thighs and stomach have pube level hair btw. I bought an ipl machine and have been targeting my legs and stomach for a few weeks now, I think I'm seeing a difference on my calfs but my thighs and stomach are still dark, kind patchy though so idk… I'm ipling every other day so hopefully it'll work. I'm to afraid to get my face bc I heard that it can have the adverse affect. I bought the ulike air 3 in pink incase anyone is wondering.

No. 1984775

I don’t mean to assume, but this might just be your race. I’m a brown girl and I have the same type of body hair you describe, and it’s just my genetics

No. 1984794

I used to be like this. Religiously used IPL on legs, underarms and moustache (lol) for 6 months and for the last 10 years I get like 6 hairs on my legs a week. It’s worth it. I would shave every few days and zap the day after so the roots were visible to the machine. My monkey legs used to be so bad omfg - like literal carpets of pubes. After an hour of shaving my legs used to itch and I’d get ingrown hairs the next day so it never even got to stay smooth for longer than like 12 hours. Don’t give up!!!!

No. 1984797

My urethra is just above my vaginal opening too, its not really visible unless I really spread, its like hidden above the folds/hymen of my vaginal opening.

No. 1984806

I'm actually a white woman and am an outlier in my family lol. Most of my family is blonde or have thin and light colored body hair. I'm the only one who has thick dark hair. I'm thinking that maybe it's because a grandparents marrying native Americans in the 1800s, and I inherited their hair genes? But that's just a theory.
Did you also use it on your chin, cheeks, and side burns? My peach fuzz is very dark dispite me not touching it so I'm very scared to go over those places with my machine.

No. 1984816

Native americans are usually pretty hairless, its more likely they had kids with a spaniard

No. 1984817

>maybe it's because a grandparents marrying native Americans in the 1800s
no idea why you think that. native americans famously have very little body hair, even the men.

No. 1986597

File: 1714522840286.png (494.51 KB, 640x547, IMG_6177.png)

>havent shaved in 5 years
>shower once a week
>dont get my hair or nails done
>dont have a gym membership
>never been with a moid
>sometimes masturbate 15 times a day
>used to eat my own cum when i was younger (no idea why i did this i just stopped one day when i realised how gross it actually was considering i rarely shower)
>have to shit before i go anywhere because of ibs
>piss myself all the time bc i have retarded kidneys

No. 1986624

Anon, why.

No. 1986632

Damn anon kek you're a whole menace

No. 1986680

this is basically me but without the cum eating and masturbation part, and i never shaved once in my entire life.

No. 1986685

Based no-shave nonnas

No. 1986704

Nta but shaving is so stupid and pointless

No. 1986707

My pits take longer to get stinky when I stopped shaving them, my bush makes it comfortable to go commando, and my legs repel immature moids. Body hair is great.

No. 1986723

File: 1714536022876.jpeg (46.11 KB, 828x453, IMG_0849.jpeg)

imo shaving bumps/pimples are much worse than hair. I only trim my bush because I don’t want pee hairs.

No. 1986726

And it will cost $50 every 3 months to waste money on products to keep it smooth. The pubic region was not designed to be bald.

No. 1986730

>T. non hairy anon with blonde, light, almost imperceptible body hair

No. 1986736

Some of us are just braver than you retard stop making excuses for yourself. I'm a darkhaired Asian from one of the countries with nightmarish beauty standards for women and I still don't shave outside of the most important events like funerals or when I'm part of somebody's bridal party.

No. 1986737

I'm gonna be honest 90% of the time eating shaved pussy is hell too, it just feels bad with the bumps and stubble literally grating at your face. Lesbians should be bushed and not just because we've desisted from male expectations. Do your partners a favor.

No. 1986743

I'm a lesbian and I shave the lips and thighs just so it's convenient, hair on top is sexy but doesn't get in the way

No. 1986744

I have some italian ancestry so i am hairy as fuck and i do not shave, i only trim the longer body hair. It also helps not to wear revealing clothes.

No. 1986746

Getting a stray pube stuck on the back of my tongue kind of blackpilled me

No. 1986756

you're right, the sandpaper stubble is the worst. just a trim is good. I used to shave sometimes but I'm clumsy and razor nicks on the vulva are hell, plus I've grown to like my bush. she's cute

No. 1986770

What about waxed?

No. 1986790

Calm down dumbass you ain't getting a medal for this kek

No. 1986818

Sometimes I marvel at my long turds, not believing that came out of me after taking a shit.

No. 1986885

Why do people always assume that women that don’t shave have blonde hair? And then get weirdly bitter about it?

No. 1986890

Blonde women do have body hair and it can be dark. I'm blond and most of my body hair is very light peach fuzz but on my lower legs I do get thicker, darker hair. I haven't shaved in five years.

No. 1986922

Because the bitter anons assume that anyone who doesn't shave has light enough hair to disguise it. They literally can't fathom a woman who doesn't mind having visible body hair and assume that we're all either hairless enough to get away with it or are getting stopped in the street constantly because our legs doth offend.

No. 1987098

This is what mine is like too and I also don't shave my legs—it's definitely visible on my calves, not so much anywhere else besides my pits and bush kek

No. 1987217

Mine is dark and wiry but the women who are convinced nonshavers must be downy and fair will never bekieve it because they can't conceive of not giving a fuck kek

No. 1987666

I been having the fartiest farts that anyone ever farted this week

No. 1987765

Was eating mushrooms and remembered this
>love replacing pasta noodles with long enonoki mushrooms
>cooked some, ate rather quickly
>next day go to take a shit
>push but bootyhole dont close, don’t hear splash, feel a “hanging” feeling
>look down between legs
>indeed the shit is hanging there
>shit is just a cluster of the long mushrooms packed into shape of my intestine, unbroken, hanging out my ass
>have to grab and pull it out manually with toilet paper (it slides out easily)

Mushrooms have chitin, always chew mushrooms

No. 1987772

Did you just swallow them whole??

No. 1987815

No way but there were enough several cm long pieces to do that

No. 1990056

Why do some farts disperse quickly. but others seem to sink in and linger? I farted like a minute and a half ago now and it's still rank as fuck. My farts usually disperse within seconds. Like what is the science behind this. Air is air, right??

No. 1990076

Not into footfags in the slightest but for some reason the bottom of my feet are really sensitive. Is this just me or is there anybody else?
I don't think it matters because while I actually don't know what makes an attractive foot I don't think mine are particularly good looking.

No. 1990086

Too late for this but careful don't eat too many portobello, champignons or button mushrooms (they're all the same) because if eaten raw they have substances that could cause cancer

No. 1990087

if she used them in place of noodles they definitely weren't raw, though. Unless she's a freak

No. 1990089

Everyone's feet are sensitive I think, there's nothing special about it. Unless they are callous then I think everyone feels the same, if you want to try anything sexual with it more power to you but I've heard footfags are actually wired differently in the brain to find feet sexy. So I wouldn't worry about it

No. 1990879

went on a nice walk to the store, came back, took the fattest shit, feels infinitely better, eating food. thriving at its finest

No. 1991143

I need a bidet so bad but they're so uncommon where I'm from. I'm tired of having to wash my ass in the shower after a big fat shit nonnas
Oh wow are you me HAH, I dunno about eating my own cum though, unless licking the arousal fluids counts

No. 1991190

I have a hose that I connected to my sink to wash my ass when I use the toilet but I very consistently using it as an enema because I'm too lazy to use my ass muscles to poop. It's probably bad for my health but if feels good to be totally empty of poop. Doing it right now btw

No. 1991191

I don’t know anyone who eats raw mushrooms.

No. 1991539

I feel like I pee way too much. How many times a day do you all pee? It seems like I pee once every two hours sometimes.

No. 1991582

I have to go every 10 minutes. 5 minutes if it's the week before and during my period.

No. 1991985

Gonna go out with a 4'8 guy. I want to fuck an actual midget but he's pretty close I guess also normal person proportions so a good compromise. I'm gonna wear heels to make the difference even stronger for the meme

No. 1992451

4'8" is legally two inches under official midget height cap. Live your dreams. Ruffle his hair and then rest your arm on his head. Go somewhere with a lot of stairs. Please update.

No. 1993706

is nofap worth it for women? i only got erotica and my fingers (have roommates so no vibes)to get off with an it takes like 2 hours to reach an orgasm atp i might just give up masturbation entirely. though moids always go “i stopped masturbating and opened my 3rd eye/made a million dollars/cured my depression!” like all these amazing benefits but i feel like those are just male things but nofap for women is just like “i saved some time.”

No. 1993720

I love sharing bowls of yoghurt with my cat. When I'm finished I let her lick the bowl and she loves it (don't worry it's not sweetened or overprocessed).
I love manlets. I hate it when moids tower over me, gives me the creeps.
I inadvertently quit for a year once, didn't make a difference except I orgasmed quicker after. Maybe try to look at how much you depend on it?
How much water do you drink? When I was a teen I drank like 4 liters a day to help with acne and I was also peeing every 2 seconds, if your pee is sort of clear it's probably just pissing out your drinks.

No. 1993721

File: 1715081714705.jpg (54.42 KB, 729x573, c277b80998305d460a8b5b2f692d44…)

No. 1993723

KEK how tall are you? I can't stop laughing at this

No. 1993779

Same. I drink a lot though, I'm permanently thirsty

No. 1994316

Constipated since I like to hold my shit and I've no fruit on hand for fibre so I decided to eat 3 packs of instant noodles(theyre really small but the sodium is all yhe same) and a whole glass of milk cus im lactose intolerant, works everytime.

No. 1994482

Get a bidet forreal

No. 1994850

I had really bad cramps while I was trying to sleep, just got done showering and there were so many blood clots. I want one of those "I pooped today" shirts but with "I passed a blood clot today" instead.

No. 1994851

Sabrina Carpebter is legally a midget then

No. 1994886

Hey hey nona im on my period and passed some horrific clots today too! I laughed out loud at how crazy it was,it’s truly baffling that our bodies can do that

No. 1994989

Had a great time, he was really cool and sweet. Got mine 3x. Will see again

No. 1995059

Men say that shit because they're so addicted and preoccupied with sex/porn/jerking it that once they're able to rip their minds away from it for a while, it feels life-changing. If you only take that long because that's literally how long it takes you to finish, then I would just say get a vibrator.

Do you have a room to yourself? If you turn the tv on/music and use it under layer of blanket and a pillow on top, it muffles the sound pretty well… Or in the bathroom while the shower is running. I like the wevibe tango X, it's pretty quiet and I only need the first or second levels of intensity and it can get me off super quick if I wanted.

If you do use a vibrator too high and too much, it can desensitize you but all you have to do is stop using it for a week or so.

No. 1995107

File: 1715177870820.jpg (25.07 KB, 735x405, a750585951b7fdb34c13002309c7ab…)

Having a (lactose and coffee induced) bowel movement in the middle of masturbation/sex is the worst thong that can happen to a woman. I'm in fucking pain and my pussy is drying up.

No. 1995111

Samefag but I should clarify that I don't mean pooping, but when you can feel everything moving around in your system before you poop.

No. 1995116

Girl drink no lactose or almond milk next time

No. 1995371

god I wish I was you. I'm that short and I wanna fuck a guy who is actually my height so bad

No. 1995479

I save up my shed hair, cut fingernails, and other gross body stuff feed to my compost pile.

No. 1995532

File: 1715192431478.gif (2.13 MB, 300x300, crash.gif)

took my iron pill and now my stomach feels like it has rocks in it

No. 1995557

Iron pills scare me, I took them for a while with no issues and then stopped for a few months. I started taking them again, first time and I was having straight up green diarrhea at work all day accompanied by stomach cramps. Never again kek

No. 1995722

Sometimes I’ll shave my pussy and accidentally miss a spot and leave a tuft of hair long around the back and I really enjoy twisting and pulling it.

No. 1995780

File: 1715208254187.jpg (79.04 KB, 634x714, 1000028650.jpg)

Had to get off my usual bus early because I was suddenly on the verge of shitting my pants. Thanking every god up there for a conviently placed McDonalds where I could go blow up the bathroom for 15 minutes for the price of a small pop KEK

No. 1995787

I drank a latte and went on the train and suddenly had the worst urge to shit in my life and luckily I was able to use the movie theater bathroom because holy fuck was I gonna shit my pants lol. No lattes for me, learned that lesson

No. 1996029

Today I discovered “Egg white” discharge can be whipped just like real egg whites.

No. 1996031

thank you

No. 1996077

File: 1715223699331.jpg (119.21 KB, 1280x720, bakedalaska.jpg)

No. 1996428

I love shaving my vag cause it makes it more sensitive and you can literally feel everything. Plus, when I let the pubes grow out, you gotta get through the hair to spread it open. I know someone's probably gonna be like "just trim it", but I'm not gonna play hairstylist with my pussy. It's either bald or bush over here
How would you collect enough discharge to find this out? Actually, how did you discover this in the first place?

No. 1996429

Enjoy the bumpy ugly stubble.

No. 1996431

Mostly only happens if you're not good and consistent with post shaving care

No. 1996435

So you'll go through the trouble of maintenance but you won't just take a trimmer to it once in a while? Isn't that just making more work for yourself?

No. 1996439

Do you not have stubble by day 2? Do you shave every day ? Vag stubble sounds like hell

No. 1996444

Like I said, it's bald or bush.
I meant the bumpy part. Stubble doesn't really bother me.

No. 1996445

The fact that you have to be consistent and have an entire post shaving routine which involves time, money, and extra effort to avoid stubble or ingrown hairs when you could just have a bush that needs an occasional trim is just.. kek

No. 1996451

Who said anything about a routine? It just exfoliating (which I do when I wash my vagina even when I don't shave, so no extra time at all), toner (which I buy anyway so no extra cost) and proper shaving techniques.
>when you could just have a bush
I am fine with bushes, I cycle through both being bald and having a bush for months at a time. I'm just not interested in trimming. You guys claim to love pubes so much but also demand trimming like it's a crime to have a real, natural bush.

No. 1996455

>You guys claim to love pubes so much but also demand trimming like it's a crime to have a real, natural bush.
Anon, what? Don't stretch our words like that, no one said that. The only reason trimming is being mentioned is because you're the one who brought it up
> Plus, when I let the pubes grow out, you gotta get through the hair to spread it open. I know someone's probably gonna be like "just trim it", but I'm not gonna play hairstylist with my pussy.
I'm full bush and I don't trim so don't put words in my mouth nonner

No. 1996458

Samefag but even if I trimmed I would still shave because the whole point of the shaving is the increased sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

No. 1996471

I know this is probably a common question (and knowledge?) but is butthole supposed to have a smell? And what is this 'normal' smell supposed to be like?

No. 1996510

If you haven't pooped it probably just smells like skin. But idk I've never smelled my own butthole.

No. 1996557

File: 1715270702965.jpeg (59.84 KB, 750x611, 7C25E313-8F14-4750-A819-0CEA21…)

Whenever I see a vag with stubble it reminds me of Homer Simpson’s mouth
When I ovulate I produce like a thimble full of egg white jiggly discharge by the time I sit down for the bathroom every time, and I play with it since it’s like a slime toy. Yesterday I put it on my upper thigh and just started slapping the shit out of it, and it whipped into a fluffy, opaque white marangue or however you spell it. My new question is, if you dropped egg white discharge on a hot pan, would it turn white like an egg does? I want to test it but I live with other people

No. 1996570

If it's clean, it just smells like skin, though slightly more like sweat than your arm skin since it's folds of skin in an enclosed space. If it's not a clean person, it smells like poop, rancid BO, and unwashed genitals.

No. 1996575

It may, because cervical mucus and egg whites both have a lot of mucin glycoproteins, but the cervical mucus lacks most of the amino acids that eggs have, and I think those are what undergo the chemical reaction when cooking that causes the final cooked egg product.
You don't have to cook it in a kitchen pan to find out. Put it in a spoon and hold a lighter under it.

No. 1996579

Just put your finger on it and smell it. It usually has a strong smell since you're sweating there all the time and the skin is pressing against itself.

No. 1996586

Science side of lolcor

No. 1996681

>Roommate walks in on anon cooking discharge on a spoon with a lighter
>No just frying up my vaginal mucus

No. 1997711

No. 1997753

I'm super dehydrated so I've been trying to drink more water in a effort to fix that, avd and last night I was literally waking up to piss every like 2 hours. I actually just woke up again to pee. Plus, I have really weak muscles and an already sensitive bladder, so guess who's doing laundry this morning I peed my underwear not the bed. This fucking sucks anons, how am I supposed to be hydrated if this is what happens?

No. 1997764

Maybe add a pinch of salt to your next glass of water, the electrolytes should help your body hold onto the water. If your pee is really clear, don't keep drinking—at that point you're already hydrated

No. 1997887

It's like a yellowy clear. The thing is, if I drink little water today it'll probably go back to being super dark tomorrow. Finding a middle ground is so difficult. Anyway, thank you anon, I'll try adding salt to my water and maybe I'll drink something that's not water for balance.

No. 1997901

Why not drink broth? It's a lot more palatable than saltwater.

No. 1997906

If you’re that dehydrated you should get some Pedialyte.

No. 1998230

File: 1715373969005.jpg (63.84 KB, 827x622, ES4egIHXsAUtxo7.jpg)

Been working on my mental health lately and my sex drive has came back like Godzilla on a rampage. I feel like such a creep around my own wife because my brain is just like: "ooga booga throw her over your shoulder and go wild" 24/7 now.

No. 1998346

You will need to pee less often once you’re hydrated. I finish one bottle of water every 90 minutes at my office job so that I get an excuse to get up and refill my water bottle and use the toilet.

No. 1998352

Idefk why but I have been gassy and it has been very bothersome. Idk if it's because I eat too fast sometimes or something else but I'm having issues with this for a while now

No. 1998498

>You will need to pee less often once you’re hydrated
Nta but this has been the opposite ime
t. drinking water for 2 decades (and also almost pissed myself at a hospital when they tried hydrating me with one of those IV things)

No. 2000273

>wake up
>period has started
>take the fattest shit I've had in a while
yeah, my day's off to a good start

No. 2000292

I can't stop shitting my brains out omg my stomach has been so sensitive the past two days

No. 2001438

same kek and my body keeps making noises. so embarrassing

No. 2001567

Half the time when I need to shit it turns out to be a false alarm.
And the opposite is also true.

No. 2001590

I’ve had to start cutting the wings off my pads because the adhesive keeps coming away from my underwear and sticking to my skin making it break out in blisters and other nastiness. Hate this shit.

No. 2001777

Although I hate them, I started using tampons for that reason. Even the pads without the wings make me break out and I can't fucking handle being on my period and itchy af at the same time.

No. 2002494

I was having literally the best sex dream and then I was woken up. I could literally feel vibrations on my pussy. I don't even feel like finding an appropriate reaction pic, just know I'm still very upset.

No. 2002714

If you're able, I would recommend switching to a menstrual cup. It's much less likely to irritate your body & saves money. Plus I like pouring all the blood out kek

No. 2002764

File: 1715717886092.jpg (32.72 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-1221720569-612x612…)

My armpits always sweat & stink even after showering/applying the most strongest deodorant stick and it's annoying as hell.I want to cut the skin off them so badly.

No. 2002798

Antiperpirantes work by blocking the pores from where sweat comes out. Your body wants to thermoregulate those areas so it tries to make more sweat to compensate. That makes you sweat more and more and have to buy more and more antiperspirants. Switch to deodorants only for a while. You'll never get rid of 100% of the sweat, but in a month you will be sweating waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less.

No. 2002800

I wear reusable pads now, and regular tampons sometimes when I need something less bulky/it would be inconvenient for me to rinse & change my pad. I’d 10/10 recommend, I hate wearing sticky pads now that I’ve had nice comfy cotton ones. You also don’t get that weird diaper feeling if u sweat in them so it’s nice for the summer.

No. 2002815

Something I forgot to mention is that certain types of fabric make you sweat more and when they mix with sweat they smell really bad.

No. 2002912

i feel you nonny. one of my old neighbours had the sweat glands removed from her armpits, i wish i could do the same kek

No. 2003023

I love peeing outside, I'd take squatting in a bush over some disgusting gas station toilet any day of the week. It just feels so free idk

No. 2003041

didn't know vegan patriot posted on lolcow

No. 2003042

nta but just my two cents I switched to just plain deodorant after getting a wfh job and I have noticed that I sweat less and stink less even. Of course I still apply antiperspirant if I’m going somewhere out in public though.

No. 2003088

I didn't even know that was even possible might consider it if only I wasn't constantly broke
Thanks anon but unfortunately I tried that too, tried all kinds of different stuff like medicated showergels,organic deodorant etc hell even Duradry and Native lol.

No. 2003384

I noticed alot of my stomach issues (celiac, acid reflux, ibs) dissipating when I went vegan so it probably just depends on the person like most other lifestyle things.

No. 2003508

One of the perks of hiking.

No. 2003587

A guy I went on a couple of dates with was a photographer and a foot fetishist, and he took really nice photos of my feet. There's one particular photo I keep coming back to where my feet are against his chest, the colors are very aesthetic and it's really sexy and intimate for some reason. I feel gross even talking about it lmao.

No. 2003763

After going through my whole life thinking I couldnt orgasm from penetrative sex or masturbation, it has finally happened today. Completely unexpected if I'm being honest kek

No. 2003768

This. I've used rock salt deodorant for years and for me it works better than anything I've used before, even strong antiperspirants. The only downside is that you need to shave your armpits.

No. 2003868

My pussy smells like Heinz baked beans and tbh I feel like a british lana del rey ♥ (aesthetic)

No. 2004673

dk what's wrong with my body, it's like it holds onto a week's worth of poop at a time then lets it rip on a specific day—before it was Sundays but now it's Wednesdays. Just had my weekly shit and so much came out that it was breaching the water in the toilet. It's crazy how much poop we can walk around with in our bodies on a daily basis kek

No. 2004715

You need to fix your diet, what are you eating? Just cheese?

No. 2004827

Nta but I had her problem despite eating extremely healthy with more fiber than most people could handle without shitting themselves as soon as they stand up. In the end the only thing that worked was taking miralax every day religiously. My poop cycle is on an 7-8 day cycle somehow, so it takes that long to feel the effect of miralax and also If I even miss one or two days, in exactly 7-8 days I’m clogged up again with an ass full of giant rocks.
My average meals in a day are
>hummus and carrots or prunes and peanut butter for breakfast
>usually some sort of bean & veggie based meal for lunch and dinner (beans are cheap and healthy and make lots of leftovers
>at least 3 different fruits a day in larger than average servings (I can eat a bag of grapes in a day)
And still, without the miralax I wind up actually tearing my asshole from extreme constipation.

No. 2004894

The smell of unrendered pork fat smells so much like menstrual blood it's actually bothering me.

No. 2005221

I always have antiperspirants on but I can actually smell my bo today though and I have to say I like it but feels bittersweet because it reminds me of my crunchy no deo ex

No. 2005368

This actually would explain why some women's secretions I'm sorry, I don't want to call it juice or discharge are white during sex

No. 2005369

PLEASE nonnie I beg you please drink more water and eat some fiber

No. 2005375

Kek had the same problem this week.
No poop from Monday until today, I even ate 500g of strawberries, so I ate more than 20g of fiber.

No. 2005378

The whites, meanwhile period is the yolk.

No. 2005513

nta but i have the same problem and for some reason water and fiber never works. like i drink more than the recommended amount to the point of having bladder issues but still can't shit. and fiber foods make me more constipated.

No. 2005515

Idk I eat pretty healthy since I'm trying to lose weight, nothing that would get me that backed up kek. I don't eat breakfast most days, eat a light lunch (protein bars, salads, fruit/veg, greek yogurt, chia pudding, etc.) and then eat a bigger meal for dinner. Maybe I'm not eating enough or something?

I do drink plenty of water so I don't think that's the cause. Might have to up my fibre intake though, gotta get on that metamucil or start drinking prune juice kek

No. 2005517

What would one even say in a situation like this? I would just let my roomie assume I'm a junkie because there's no way in hell I'm admitting to frying my discharge.

No. 2005582

I heard "period poops" mentioned as a joke in a BuzzFeed video years ago and I can't help but now assume it's real. Why does pooping feel so weird/randomly painful while on your period? Just random sharp pains I guess from the muscles contracting. Taking a shit seems to alleviate cramps afterwards so that's something, but I could do without the random stabbing asshole pain.

No. 2005739

I feel sick, I had explosive diatrhea the entire evening and feel like I just lost 10kg and like I'll pass out feom exhaustion instead of fall asleep normally. I have no clue how that happened but I hate it here. I'm starving as a result but there's nothing to eat right now, it's too late to order anything and I feel too sick to cook anything.

No. 2005794

I took plan b on like april 28 and it just now made me get my period super early and my body feels fucking horrible and I'm super moody and missing my ex that I haven't missed since last year. I am fucking never taking plan b again, ever

No. 2005798

I wish you recovery luck anon, plan b is such an ass

No. 2005811

for me it was endo

No. 2005814

Yeah, I bled for three days after taking it and then, even though my period was due two weeks later, it didn't come for a month and now my period just comes at that time instead of the old schedule.

No. 2005820

used to have this problem and couldn't figure out why extra fiber wasn't helping until i found out my stomach has a hard time digesting fiberous and acidic foods. try going for stuff that has very little fiber in it and avoiding foods like broccoli, whole grains, beans, uncooked veggies, anything that has more than 3 grams of fiber per serving. going to the bathroom is easier for me now because everything gets digested easily and quickly and doesn't put up a fight against my stomach

No. 2005841

My liver in inflamed and now I smell like ammonia.

No. 2005847

I think something’s wrong with my dorm mate. I always thought the “pussy smells like fish” thing was just misogyny, but after this girl uses the bathroom, holy fuck that smell is strong. She could be shitting and the bathroom smells like a seafood wet market. I don’t think she notices, because other than pads, there are no feminine hygiene products. I have no idea how to bring it up to her without sounding like a massive creep.

No. 2005848

tell her to get her urine checked, you worry she isn't drinking enough etc

No. 2005853

Infections do cause a fishy odor, and if she's leaving a smell behind there's a decent chance it's BV. It could also be that she isn't washing properly. This is a embarrassing to admit, but I used to get a fishy odor because I didn't realize you also need to scrub the lips and the mons pubis/anywhere where pubes grow. Only realized once I got professionally tested for infections and had perfect results. It could be that she notices but doesn't know how to fix it.
I'm assuming by you calling her your dormmate that you guys aren't close enough for you to bring it up just as a friend looking out?

No. 2005873

I googled it and apparently the hormones in 1 dose are equal to like 50 mini pills which fucked me up badly. Ugh great now I'm going to be schizo for months

No. 2005876

Yeah, we aren’t really close like that, we just live together and attend the same school. It’d be rude for me, someone who’s a stranger, to give her vaginal advice. But it’s so bad. I just went to the bathroom and it was eye watering. There’s only one bathroom in the dorm too, I hate it here.

No. 2005880

you probably should tell her that even though you aren't friends youre concerned because the smell is so extreme. maybe bring a friend so they can vouch that they smell it too? just be super gentle about it

No. 2005896

I masturbate so rarely that when I actually tried to yesterday, I came after reading the title of the erotica I tried to browse. This is honestly kinda a new low.

No. 2005942

Update: I asked her if the dorm has been smelling a bit weird to her, and she agreed with me. I went on a makeshift hunt with her to try and find out where the smell was coming from, cause I did not want to mention her vagina or accuse her of anything, so she thought maybe someone left food out and forgot. We couldn’t find the smell so she reported it to the RA…it was faulty wiring. Sometimes, certain plastic can smell like dead fish when it burns. We caught it early, a few more hours would’ve meant our dorm could start an electrical fire. Now we’re both staying with friends for a bit while it’s fixed.

No. 2005950

oh so you were just fantasizing that it was her pussy, thats good news!

No. 2005954

That's good news anon! I forget electrical problems can smell like fish

No. 2005956

Tbf, anons roommate probably thought it was anon's pussy who smelled like fish. I hate to say it but if I go into the bathroom after someone and it stinks, I also would assume they have health or hygiene issues.

No. 2005970

Why do digested mung bean sprouts look like tapeworms? I had a fucking heart attack after taking a dump before remembering what I ate yesterday

No. 2006011

I popped a pimple on my vulva and it was super satisfying. It was one where the sebum was solidified but not a full blackhead.

No. 2006022

do you feel better now nonna

No. 2006100

In my defense, >>2005956 is right, she also thought I had rancid pussy, but didn’t want to say anything cause she thought it’d be racist or something(I’m ethnic and she’s white). We talked afterwards about how since it came from the bathroom and laughed about how both of us thought it was the other. She’s a funny girl and even though we never had much conversation until now, she seems chill and I might talk to her later.

No. 2006227

I can't stop eating my discharge. I know I'm disgusting but it just tastes so good. I guess that means I'm healthy down there because otherwise it would probably taste bad? I try to resist the urge but it always feels like such a waste to not eat it. Fuck

No. 2006238

I was inclined to believe this is just a fetish but you sound so distressed it almost seems like a compulsion instead? Eating discharge is not quite as eating your boogers because your urethra (pee) and several other waste is right there. It cannot be that healthy or harmless to eat that stuff

No. 2006248

How are there so many of you, does discharge secretly contain crack? What does it even taste like that has you going back to it?

No. 2006278

Try for yourself

No. 2007032

I use my magnesium supplements like laxatives occasionally. There's the plausible deniability with them that I use to tell myself taking too much at once is for the vitamin but obviously it's not. It's not healthy and I thankfully don't do it that often but I really need to stop.

No. 2007229

For science i decided to try and imitate the poses some girls do in porn, it might be placebo but for the first few times it did felt better.

No. 2007487

My pubes are tangled and I keep pulling at them. I have so many pubes on the computer chair and floor. I'm so disgusting I feel like a moid sometimes

No. 2007599

Encountered minecraft dick. It was rectangle shaped and wide but flat like it was run over by a steamroller. No balls either. Jenga block cock

No. 2007617

what do you mean no balls

No. 2007622

They simply weren't there visually or to my grasp. It was just a rectangle sticking out from his abdomen nothing beneath

No. 2007879

I got my nose pierced 4 years ago and it still smells gross sometimes. And I thought one year healing time was long.

No. 2008041

You wouldnt download a jenga penis

No. 2008057

I haven't been able to shit in four days. I need more fiber in my diet ig. What sucks is that whenever I feel like I'm ready, I just need to fart.

No. 2008106

I just wax my pussy and armpit hair raw by myself and keep touching my pussy lips lmao, they're so soft after a good waxing session. The trick is to grow them long, don't wax the hair when it is too short or it will be super painful.

No. 2008413

Is it weird that i kinda like how that sounds?

No. 2008465

i was pulling at a nipple hair that's weirdly long and some white stuff came out. wtf. kinda satisfying though. i think it was sebum?

No. 2008544

I just got my period. Not only do I have really bad pain but I have diarrhea. Nothing is helping and I'm tired of sitting on the toilet.

No. 2009249

I just read about a 85yo man getting a poop transplant. They gave him the poop bacteria from a 20yo something healthy man and it cured his health issues and made his hair grow back

No. 2009250

No. 2009256

Just noticed I have one white pubic hair. Weird at my age but I have several grey hairs on my head already so that makes sence. Will be weird if I have grey pussy by 20


No. 2009317

I am so excited for you and your wizard bush you have no idea. I wish that were me that sounds badass

No. 2009321

I haven’t worn underwear in probably 5ish years now and I haven’t gotten a uti or yeast infection since, 10/10 recommend

No. 2009475

Fascinating. I also heard about how poop transplants can be a treatment for depression. I've tried to fix up my diet and I didn't notice my depression getting better. Nonnies, would you get a poop transplant if you knew it would cure your depression 100%?

No. 2009498

>wizard bush
KEK thank you nonna

No. 2011351

My stomach literally hurts from needing to pee, but I don't wanna get up because I don't want to interrupt my productivity momentum. Also, I'm surprised I've been able to hold this long (like an hour or two?) because i have weak pelvic muscles and usually I would've pissed myself within a few minutes.

No. 2011456

anon please tell us you've gone pee by now

No. 2011461

I stopped shitting in a toilet that has a low amount of water but I can tell when someone else I live with poops because there will be little chunks of shit smeared on the toilet bowl. Thankful my workplace has a super toilet that washes everything away so I just poop there

No. 2011575

without hesitation yes.

No. 2011649

I had to pee in a Gatorade bottle today, but it was surprisingly easy.

No. 2011708

I had to pee into a cup at the doctors office yesterday and failed.

No. 2011716

I think it’s harder when you’re sitting on a toilet seat, but it’s super easy if you squat down instead

No. 2011720

I have trichotillomania where I pull out hair from around my body and it often leaves scarring on the skin, so my legs are covered in tiny little spots. To be honest, I don't understand why it's an issue? Everything is always about "treatment" and "recovery" but I just don't get what the big deal is. It's not hurting my health, it doesn't make me feel bad (it feels good to do and I have good body image), and it doesn't affect anyone else. So who cares? I know some people don't like the way the scarring looks but that kind of seems like their problem and not mine? Am I the only one who's just totally cool with having this "mental illness"?

No. 2011734

I've been doing this for years at home but with disposable plastic cups, whenever someone's taking too long in both bathrooms.
Weirdly enough I find it's easiest to do standing up, I guess since the cup is more vertical and the pee comes out vertically.

No. 2011870

At happy hour my new colleague joked about having the sense of smell of a bloodhound.
Now I’m terrified that she can smell that I have been drinking on the weekend, if I am on my period or have not wiped my ass properly.

No. 2011872

My number is 33

No. 2011916


No. 2012232

I developed it way before I had body hair as a pulling option. Pulled from my head, got screamed at and called a freak by my parents and then the kids at school next. It was bleak back then tbh. Ironically the omg you freak reactions being the perfect springboard to send the compulsion off the charts. I was the "shame of my family" for years.

Once puberty happened I thought.. people demonize body hair on women anyway so it's free real estate. Most people think I stopped years ago when I just switched up where I pull from. Only my exes knew but they kinda made the link between it and stress so let it be. I've a surprisingly thick head of hair that never had long term thinning like some get. I'm not exactly ok with still having it all these years later but the moment I switched up areas was like night and day.

No. 2012401

Nonna, if you ever test this, please share the result bwahaha
I like the squishy discharges too. I hate pants washing day though.

No. 2012425

i was eating while scrolling, thanks nonna for making me gag

No. 2012651

My farts today are absolutely rancid.

No. 2012756

File: 1716328486074.jpeg (22.58 KB, 602x402, main-qimg-64e88618dc4d502482d8…)

I moved to a new place and the toiler just smells bad all the time. I clean it, spray disinfectant spray after each use, put tablets in the water tank, but it just doesn't go away. It's like this sweet yet strong gross smell. wtf do I do I can't have anybody over like this.
It's also a german toilet so when you shit on it the smell is so strong because there's no water to mitigate it. I've never been overly repulsed by my own bathroom smell but this is just diabolical.

No. 2012871

Welcome to the TMI thread

No. 2013490

Probably the wax seal underneath the toilet. Call a plumber nonnie

No. 2013628

i didn't take out the garbage for 2 weeks (i left it on my patio instead) and when I picked up the one bag there was like 4 maggots under it and instead of being grossed out, i'm just happy i took out the garbage. won't be doing that again. i was depressed bc my ex and i broke up

No. 2013632

samefag but when i picked it up to throw it out i mean.

No. 2013673

When I pee after drinking tea I feel so cleansed and like to believe that my pee is extra healthy because of all the good things I put into my body. Farmers (the ones that grow crops) and fetishist moids should buy my bottled pee because it's of the finest quality like a magic potion

No. 2014651

I was a retarded kid, and I felt disgusting for not shaving my pubic hair around freshman year as a high schooler, so I did a hack job at shaving it for like almost a year. No one showed me how to shave (take care of myself in general) + we were poor so I used the same razor for years, I didn’t know you had to replace it in order to get a clean shave. Anyways I ended up getting a lot of ingrowns that ended up scaring. I stopped shaving altogether bc I don’t care anymore, it’s hair, Why am I as a woman expected to shave it and not men, eugh.
So fast forward to now and I’ve saved enough to transfer to fancy and cool uni. As much as I’m excited to get a degree I more importantly want to live out my lesbian sex fantasies, however I have the issue of having weird scarring all over my pubic area. Not ideal nor lesbian sex fantasy compatible.
NOW ONTO THE REAL TMi. Okay so I’m at the dermatologist getting shit for my really bad cystic acne. They explain to me how tretinoin works, that it speeds up the refinishing of new skin cells blah blah blah blah and then the brightest idea clicked into my brain. What if… I put that on my vagina…
What followed is the most grotesque 6 months of my skin on my vagina area peeling off and regrowing itself, I had a self made regimen of putting the tretinoin on after i showered every morning AND night, putting aquaphor sometimes in the middle of the day to stop irritation, and exfoliating the area with a scrub rag everyday. Yes it hurt. Yes I was fucking insane. I was a woman on a mission. I cannot get freaky with a woman and have her see weird dark brown spots on my vagina like I’m a chocolate chip cookie. That is unacceptable. Despite the pain I endured. The skin peeled off slowly and cleared up despite the pain, despite sitting in class and work with my vagina BURNING… I endured. And now my pubic area is so clear… so soft… all new skin…
And to clarify it was just the mound area on top, not the labia area. I’m not THAT insane. So yeah now I’m looking forward to summer and then starting school and hooking up with women. This is the ideal life.

Sage for retardation

No. 2016360

had to run some errands and it's so fucking hot outside holy shit i came home and immediately took a shower and felt much better but now i'm sweaty and sticky again because i masturbated and the orgasm was very mediocre. fml

No. 2016496

Through dedication, self immolation, and the crucible of pain, she is reborn a new woman. Go forth Venus, and find your lesbian soulmate after having lots of fun hook ups.

No. 2016513

Fuck low carb diets, I love fiber too much. I'm shitting like a champ again and I feel like a brand new woman. Ketofags can enjoy their fecal impaction while I enjoy my sprouted whole grain bread

No. 2016901

My clit is two and an half inches long. Idk why, I’ve never taken any type of hormones, nor I don’t have any hormonal disorders that would cause this. It looks a lot like those weird clits that trannies get when they’re on testosterone for years, but I was born like this. It doesn’t swell up or anything, but it’s very sensitive. I never noticed anything was weird until I had sex with this older woman, and she asked if I’m detrans (I am) and used to take hormones (I did not).

No. 2017064

Nonnie how are you feeling? Did you get badly? sick

No. 2017090

Every vagina is different. If you don't have any underlying conditions that could cause it then there's no need to stress. Plus big clits are sexy

No. 2017095

Have you explored the possibility that you might be intersex?

No. 2017097

This is the exact reason I’m never doing butt sex, it is just plain nasty. That’s the dirtiest place of the human body, especially if you do it unsafe. You are asking for diseases to enter your body.

No. 2017100

Don't worry nonna many women find that absurdly hot.
There's crazy variation in our genitalia, mine pussy is so dark it's almost purple and I used to be really self conscious about it before I stopped watching porn and compared myself. That's my TMI for the thread

No. 2017149

I don’t think I’m intersex, there would be a hormonal difference in my blood tests, which has never come up before. I think I just have a really long clit.
I’m glad it’s considered hot, because i got insecure when she called me her “cute hyena”

No. 2017202

ayrt I somehow survived. Didn't even get sick

No. 2017229

I posted abt this on the vent thread yesterday but I think it fits here better. I'm still shitting WAY too much. If I eat anything, an hour later im on the toilet with my guts rumbling like an earthquake. I'm drinking a ton of water and having soup (homemade, not canned stuff, very little seasoning, no meat, just a bunch of veg)

What is going on??? It's so uncomfortable, it hurts and I keep having to go to the toilet. Thankfully I work from home so my colleagues don't know.

No. 2017231

You can be exposed to higher levels of certain hormones in the womb and it affects sexual development. Not always leading to the point of being intersex but can affect genital size/appearance
> An enlarged clitoris can happen in people designated female at birth from exposure to too many androgens during fetal development. Androgens are sex hormones associated with being designated male at birth.

No. 2017354

i like digging it out kek

No. 2017364

File: 1716515811896.jpg (Spoiler Image,111.28 KB, 1000x665, don't click anon its a roach.j…)

Sometimes when I lie on my back, I pull my legs up like in a fetal position, cross my ankles, hold one big toe in each hand (so its right toe+left hand and left toe+right hand) and try to wiggle my toes in an abab-baba-abba-baab pattern, but I struggle to even do it alternately. This feels like one of those tap-your-head-while-rubbing-your-stomach exercises, but harder. Kinda feeling Dan Schneidery typing this, ngl.

No. 2017367

ok what gives, I always see women talking about this sort of chunky cottage cheese discharge but I've never in my life ever had discharge with that texture. This is the entire range of my vagina's cooking skills:
>clear, watery
>clear, thick & jiggly
>mixed clear & white, thick & jiggly
>white, watery (rare tbh)
>brown, thin & watery (around period)
>Rust colored, with little grape-skin like shreds from uterus lining (also around period)

No. 2017376

>2.5 inch long clit
>"cute hyena"
>Dark purple labia
another thing i'm really into
porn standards are literally so fucking mind-numbingly boring like there are so many types of pussy out there the variety is a miracle of nature hallelujah

No. 2017394

>wiggle my toes in an abab-baba-abba-baab pattern
Female autism extreme mode

No. 2017811

This is so weird, I'm ovulating and I'm basically dripping wet all day long but I still have zero libido, not being sexually active probably doesn't help either.

No. 2017948

Chunky discharge is caused by a yeast infection, you've probably just never had one or never had one bad enough to get chunks

No. 2019294

sometimes i wish i had a dog just so i could clean out it's eye boogers

No. 2019301

My clit is nearly nonexistent. This is horribly embarrassing to admit but Shayna's vulva is the only one I've seen that looks very similar to mine. When anons sperg out about how "ugly" and "deformed" hers is (especially that one anon who said it looked like a child's?!) I feel really self conscious.

No. 2019309

First post to make me laugh out loud in a while.

No. 2019317

after many attempts i learned that putting tissue in the toilet bowl does not muffle poop sounds, it just goes "splat splat" instead of "plop plop". it's still loud either way.

No. 2019630

nonny you have to aim your poop at the "walls" of the bowl, not straight into the water. this way it will slide down quietly and won't splash water in your ass. the only downside is you'll have to scrub off its trail afterwards

No. 2019635

You need to put toilet paper into your hand, then put your hand under your asshole so you can grab the poop as it is coming out. Then gently place it in the bowl. Now I've never tried this but I just thought it might be the solution you need.

No. 2019659

and what if she shits so much it can't fit in her hand? she'll also need an awful amount of toilet paper, otherwise the moisture will just seep through it onto her palm. plus you always go number 1 when you go number 2 so she'll just piss all over her hand. you're clearly not educated on the subject so please stop spreading harmful misinformation.

No. 2019694

are you the kind of person who pisses on the floor too because you aim your piss to the wall too and shoot it over the edge under the toiletseat

barbaric animal people

No. 2019734

I piss on the floor sometimes because my pee goes out forward if I pee too hard and it goes in between the toilet seat and bowl. Nta.

No. 2019737

Me too anon. I don’t know about Shayna’s but I also have an extremely small clit. It doesn’t even feel pleasure either, and it has like, skin covering it that I have to really really gently pull back to clean. It’s smaller than a pea.

No. 2019739

What the hell lean back nona, lean back

No. 2019898

ITAYRT, no i piss loud i don't care if anyone hears me. it's a bathroom not a library

No. 2020002

Its not normal to scratch your wet skin in the shower and be able to quickly roll up a bunch of oil and dead skin cells, right?

No. 2020032

You need to exfoliate. Use a sponge or washcloth.

No. 2020047

Oh, I do that, it's really fun! If you do it all over it coalesces into a big skin-cell snake, like rolling a snowball.

No. 2020075

NTA but I use both those things and exfoliating cloths and still get tons of dirt roll ups. I think my body's immune to soap idk.

No. 2020100

Randomly pulled a pea-sized piece of dark earwax out just now. I clean my ears regularly and sometimes I manage to get some darkened wax, but when I try to get more I can't so I figure it's all of it. What the fuck, why and how did it suddenly move so close to the opening? Why only on one ear? It's so weird.

No. 2020872

This used to happen to me sometimes because I have a big bum (not overweight). I learnt to change my seating position based on whether I’m going #1 or #2.

No. 2020879

if I'm going #1 I'll use a urine bottle, if #2 the piss just ends up on the floor (due to my mobility being fucked up) and I wipe it up with TP.

No. 2021403

I've been shedding so many ass hairs and idk why. It's like I put nair on my ass, every time I wipe more and more comes out.
Also, I pooped last night and it was penis shaped. You know when guys have a skinny shaft with a bobble dickhead? That's what it looked like, it was so defined

No. 2022058

I want to buy a scalpel and cut this little lump out from under the skin between my vulva and inner thigh that has been there for like five years. I would do it, except if it’s being removed, I want a biopsy done on it and that means I have to go to the doctor and pay out my ass just to remove one tony fucking lump. Which is why I haven’t gone on for it yet. It just offends me deeply to pay someone so much money to do what I want to do myself. Im fascinated with self-surgery and this would be the perfect starting point. But because some scientist has to look at it under a microscope, I can’t. So I’ll probably have this lump forever due to this dilemma.

No. 2022259

I have lumps too! I thought it was only one but I recently discovered there's too. Had them for a few years, I saw a general physician and she said it's probably just a cyst. Need to see a gyno though.

No. 2022270

I’m completely out of clean laundry, including underwear, so I have to sleep naked. But one of my irrational fears about sleeping without underwear is this one Reddit post about a girl who did the same, and while wiping, a big ass spider was on the toilet paper. It didn’t go up her pussy, but it got trapped in a fold and died. Pray for me.

No. 2022297

I haven’t shit for 2 days nonnas, SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE

No. 2022300

coffee, metamucil, spinach, and almonds, all at once. godspeed

No. 2022322

Well that isn't abnormal, 3 times a day to every 3 days is fine.

No. 2022755

I farted so hard that if I farted harder my soul would've come out

No. 2022827

I’m anxious that I might have a UTI or kidney stones and I’m too scared to go to a doctor or OBGYN. I woke up in the middle of the night last night because my urethra just started randomly hurting so badly, my discharge is brown, it hurts so bad when i pee, and my pee is also brown and bloody which makes me think kidney stones. I just don’t know what to do to make the pain go away.

No. 2022831

Go to a doctor before the infection spreads to your bloodstream anon. I promise it's not as bad as you probably think, you can probably even go to the ER. You just have to pee in a cup and they may take a swab sample, which is just sticking a q-tip in for a second. Not painful at all and way better than suffering through an infection.

No. 2024060

I found two white strands in my pubic hair. Does it mean I'm getting old? Will it turn all white at some point? I'm sort of scared

No. 2024077

I have had a bunch of bumps between my vagina and anus for a while and I think they're deeply ingrained blackheads that have sunken into the skin so I can't easily pop them. They say cysts eventually go away but nope, they're still there. Do I see a doctor and get them removed? The doctor would just say "don't touch them because it'll cause an infection", but they've been there for months. I could also ask my mother (a former doctor) to help me but that's embarrassing.

No. 2026040

i've been camping for the past three days so have only shit once, this morning i did a very satisfying one that managed to block the fucking pipe, and i couldn't find the plunger, so i ended up trying to empty a bucket of water in but managed to spill it over the sink instead. i have managed to unblock through filling up in the bath instead (don't ask why i didn't try that to start with, i wasn't thinking)

No. 2027274

i have a keratin pearl thats kind of inhibiting my pleasure right now. i've been going over my clit gently with a wash cloth but it becomes uncomfortable so quickly, im not sure what else to do to remove it because its really wedged inbetween there

No. 2027359

>be me, sick
>wake up needing to pee
>doesn't make it
>takes a shower to go back to bed nice and clean
>throw up in the shower
Okay this isn't funny anymore. Now my body is just being mean and vindictive. I'm going to cry.

No. 2027570

you';re like a sim with a red diamond above your head rn…i hope you got that sleep and you got clean again

No. 2027574

Indigestion and heartburn from overeating nonnas. Thought this'd pass in 20 mins but it's been 5 hours of agonizing pain tried to nap it off but no avail. Antacids made me vomit quarter of what I ate and after a 2 hr nap I'm on the toilet trying to shit something out pain

No. 2027593

It's a plumbob, poser.

No. 2027675

This is very normal, when I took it I felt like garbage for few weeks but i'm sensitive to hormones so hopefully it's better/easier for you. Take care of yourself, rest and remember any emotional fluctuations are the pill making your brain wacky!!

No. 2028308

I absolutely had the red plumbob it was horrible. I did get nice and clean and showered though, thank you for your well wishes nonna!

No. 2028544

I can't stop fucking pooping. I pooped like 3 times today

No. 2028664

File: 1717125444682.png (Spoiler Image,818.37 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_20240531-001229.png)

I like videos of men getting off hands free. There's probably a vibrator up their ass or something but the concept of a grown man cumming in his pants is hot to me.(take it to /g/)

No. 2030594

The back of my nostrils are bleeding, not dripping but bleeding because my long ass nail must of cut inside of it

No. 2030614

More of a stupid question, but do you guys wipe your ass sitting or standing? I saw someone judge another woman for staying seated when she wipes her ass and I was confused. I thought wiping while sitting was the norm.

No. 2030616

it depends entirely on the size of the toilet seat opening and the size of your ass

No. 2030619


No. 2030620

I don't care if people prefer sitting but I usually have my butt off the seat when I wipe

No. 2030622

oh come tf on

No. 2030623

I'm sorry anon, but you are in the TMI thread.

No. 2030646

ewww stinky pooo

No. 2030658

Sitting. I've always assumed that people stand up to wipe because they're too fat to reach while sat down.

No. 2030668

I follow this thot who likes to show off his (admittedly very nice) wee wee but he's insanely corny. He wears THE most hideous speedos even by european homosexual standards. Garish neon colors and patterns at the same time. He can't stop captioning his genitals the way a 65 year old dad would his vacation. Good morning to you too, mister penis. Oh no, I won't forget to go outside during the summer to stock up on the vitamin D! Also who the fuck wears (dirty!) socks to a public pool? I've seen everything but his bare feet. They're literally FUSED to his body. I can't stop cringing on his behalf but I'm stuck in a half horny state so I'll just accept my fate and embrace the speedos. I feel like such a coomer. Second hand embarrassment and arousal are a deadly combo

No. 2030671

why would you stand up lmao

No. 2030689

No. 2030743

i now keep an emergency pair of panties in my purse

No. 2030744

idk about the other anons but i'm skelly

No. 2030795

Without fail I take a massive shit of the second day of my period every single month

No. 2030840

Whenever I imagine sitting it's like when women pee in movies and the movie doesn't want to have full vulva so they weirdly crane their arm to their ass it's so childish to me to sit and wipe like grow up and stand up, display that vulva, show what Hollywood is afraid of.

No. 2030960

>stand up, display that vulva
Wha? You can't see the lips when a woman is standing

No. 2031895

I have bigger lips I was convinced I was actually an aborted man as a kid. Pretty awful

No. 2031923

Woah, I did that too! I wishfully-thought myself into believing my vulva was deformed and half-male (because it was shrivelled and red… that is normal isn't it???)

No. 2031940

the vulva includes the inner and outer lips, nona. I mean I guess you actually can't see mine through all my hair so you're kinda right but generally the vulva can be seen when a woman is standing

No. 2031961

I'm aware. I was wrong to say you can't see them cause you can, but it's not displaying the vulva like that. It's mostly mons pubis but idk. Anyway, I just thought that sitting would show more vag. I'm really not sure about anyone else but I don't keep my legs closed when I wipe.

No. 2032224

My mum let me twease her pubic hairs when I was younger

No. 2033062

My shit literally don't stink

No. 2033280

I’ve been having stomach cramps and was shitting myself all day, idk what’s happening to me but I wonder if it has anything to do with the iron pills I’m taking for my anemia.

No. 2033469

I put my cat between my legs to lick my pussy because she was crazy about armpit hairs and I was just trying to masturbate(global rule #1)

No. 2033478

hope you go to jail

No. 2033480

File: 1717411636755.gif (1.3 MB, 250x310, ew.gif)

No. 2033494

i hope she bites your clit off

No. 2033500

cats eat poop and your degenerate shit is going to give you toxoplasmosis, freak

No. 2033529

No way giggling about a cat nipping on pubes is against dumb US rules(ban evasion)

No. 2033587

I hate when my labia feels itchy after I shave but I also hate that period of waiting for my pubes to grow fully so I can have a bush. It's weird, I know the bush is more comfortable as in I'm not itchy, I don't have any weird vulvne or boils on the sides of the vulva, but the moment I experience a slight inconvenience (usually during my period) I shave absolutely everything.
I've also noticed that I impulsively shave my body when I have to go out often and I want to wear shorts or a dress, like yeah, shave my legs why not, but what's even the logic of me shaving my vulva too? I don't have sex at all.

No. 2033677

Against the itching why not try only trimming instead of full bush? Do you go fully bald btw? I let everything grow on the hill and just shave around the entrance, so then you have less itch area maybe. And doing it in the shower with a razor w a ton of blades and afterwards putting mild lotion or coconut oil helps tons too. Sounds like the skin gets irritated from being dehydrated, maybe this helps.

No. 2033683

Zoophilia is illegal, moron.

No. 2033780

banged the jroc guy again (blond muscular with a chain). I decided to mentally count how many times he said "namsayin" and he said it around 50 times. I like banging him even though he's got that pasta cock, it's ya boi skinny penis. Super respectful great lay the sort of guy that won't push boundaries, loves eating pussy and can go all night. I think I came like 7 or 8 times that night and the following morning we banged right until checkout and showered together then left. He's not my favorite I prefer more girth but a great time all in all for stamina and personality and looks and smell. On my fuck document he is color coded green, it goes red for bad, yellow for meh, green for great and cyan for amazing.

No. 2033785

I usually also try to trim which is honestly great, I did that for a few months and I never felt itchy, but from time to time I tend to fall into this weird desperation that makes me shave absolutely everything. Sometimes I even imagine shaving my head, but I don't do that because I know I would look like shit if I was bald/had a buzz cut, hell, pixie cuts would look like shit on me, I would look like a dying cancer patient that's getting slightly better but has a new tumor that formed when she stopped her chemotherapy for a few months.
I will try using creams more often.

No. 2033814

Bought a new shirt that’s backless but the fabric rides up underneath by boobs and now I have two very obvious boob sweat stains just hanging out

No. 2036857

My nose has been bleeding on the inside for days now, hope I die from it

No. 2036885

tbh i've got that rexie stink despite not even being anorexic just underweight for reasons beyond my control. it's bad and even kinda spicy in the worst way

No. 2036893

File: 1717599485226.png (735.62 KB, 529x648, 1676582690889339.png)

I ate granola with milk in the morning and I'm so fucking gassy now. my nigel had a work meeting and I was afraid his coworkers would hear me brapping so I locked myself in the bathroom and almost gassed myself. jesus fucking christ I can feel the gas building up everytime I fart. I'm burning a hole on my office chair. pic related my asshole every 3min or so.

No. 2039477

Do you ever take a dump and suddenly feel so invigorated and motivated afterwards?

No. 2041490

My cat does

No. 2041503

I get you nonnie. I've been having weird constipation and rabbit like poops lately, I hope it's colon cancer and kills me.

No. 2041737

File: 1717893817538.png (146.65 KB, 303x339, image_2024-06-08_204324548.png)

whenever i see a relatively skinny tranny with larger breasts than me i feel extremely embarrassed

No. 2041755

Eh they're probably tuberous and weird looking. Like fat boy moobs

No. 2041799

The tip of my nail went in my butthole a little when I was washing. Never had that happen before, but I'm puzzled at how my butthole was open enough for that to happen.

No. 2041842

File: 1717897890529.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.72 KB, 451x541, 3508FEBE-40F4-4D58-8D2F-1BE5DD…)

A few hours ago I had the best orgasm of my life, it felt like my pussy had achieved nirvana. I came for a few minutes and my pussy was still sensitive for at least 20. Didn’t even use my hands.

No. 2041890

oh bby don't let a tranny make you feel that way.

No. 2042270

Washed my bangs because I can't stand my greasy hair anymore but also it's going to rain tomorrow and the day after so it'll get greasy immediately anyway, the absolute state of it though it's not unhealthy but you could fry an egg on it. I'm trying a bunch of braiding styles tonight so it'll look a little intentional maybe.

No. 2042349

I've been feeling nauseous since yesterday cause I have to poop, but I don't even wanna do it cause pooping is a task. Plus I've been holding it so long it's probably gone back up. I'll have to wait until I have a real urge again, I'll just be chugging water in the meantime

No. 2042536

Just go poo when you can, it's not worth thinking about it so much. And I don't wanna scare you but bad things can happen if you hold anything in too long. Don't bring the bad juju on.

No. 2042542

I had a lump on my pubic bone and it was on me for like a week, last night I put castor oil and a heating pad on it and it’s 1/4 of the size it was last night!! castor oil packs really do work for your lymph flow nonnicas

No. 2042601

File: 1717960840408.jpg (241.45 KB, 1130x591, 1000031344.jpg)

I have so much eye boogers, it's annoying, my eyes spend the whole day producing as much stringy mucus as possible.

No. 2042670

why the fuck does bad sleep give me the worst most god awful shit cramps to exist. is it the gut-brain connection thing? i literally feel like i'm about to give birth to the pizza i ate 7 hours ago. i am in so much fucking pain pls help

No. 2043101

Just had diarrhea so bad it made me start spotting

No. 2044967

I just took a shit and it smelled like garlic, with barely any hint of regular poo smell. I'm a regular garlic enjoyer but I've never had this happen, fascinating.

No. 2044971

thank you so much nona I didn't know there was a name for this.

For me it got vastly better when I quit wearing eye make up and concealer around the eyes

No. 2045102

There was a time I was struggling to poop a big one so I just used my hands. Then felt proud that anal fingering has actually been useful for this and being relaxed

No. 2045106

I just had a major exam and pissed myself in the middle of it. I haven’t pissed myself since I was like 9

No. 2045126

When I'm hanging out with my bf I get super constipated. Makes me so fucking mad I literally was pregnant with it the other night so painfully I woke up in pain and had to wobble to the bathroom but could only pass gas. I think I might have to take medicine when he's around until I get more comfortable or not have him over for more than one night at a time. It's not worth it

No. 2045190

I just looked into "mucus fishing syndrome" and it seems incredibly fake. that's not a real illness. this is obviously caused by irritants and it's a problem when people are touching their eyes all the time, which we already knew. this reeks of pathologizing symptoms and not causes. I hate modern medicine reeee
sorry to rant I hope you figure out what's irritating your eyes or what's wrong with your sinuses.

No. 2046047

I really like eating dates. Normally that's fine, but when two dates has like 12% of my daily fiber needs, it adds up quick. Today I was a double idiot and ate a lot of dates and oatmeal energy balls. Too much fiber. Doubled my usual poo volume. I feel clean as a whistle though.

No. 2046521

My belly button is truly heinous. It's all fucked up and tight from ovarian cyst surgery. My stomach is fatter now so sweat and dead skin builds up easily and it stinks so bad when I exercise. I just cleaned it with a qtip and pulled out some massive cheese chunks. It's the most disgusting smell ever. It's like the same buildup from gauging your earlobes

No. 2046526

Sometimes when I poop a lot during the day my anus hurts as if it's going to prolapse, is it something I should be concerned about?

No. 2046538

I hate staying at people's houses because I have diet issues but I never want to be rude so I just eat whatever's given to me but then I have to hold in my farts and my stomach starts making fucked up noises and it's so embarrassing

No. 2046603

Nonnie it isn't rude to let people know what you can and can't eat, especially if it's friends or family. You're not being an inconvenience, you're a human being.

No. 2047178

how many times are you pooping? I usually go maybe once a day what the fuck?

No. 2047196

My pubes have been so fucking itchy lately. It's like a beard stub I have to continually scratch RAAHHHHHHH

No. 2047197

Damn I need to start eating more dates. I usually only poop once or twice a week. Maybe 3 times on the occasion I happen to eat more fiber that week.

No. 2047420

Two or three times a day during my work days, I drink a lot of coffee there.

No. 2047479

I splashed pee water on my fucking leg. I just scrubbed my leg and I hope antibacterial soap is enough to clean it. Still feels gross but I'm about to shower.

No. 2047495

still having my period but this is when i have the best poops honestly even when it feels bad. not liquidy it just slides out so easily and it wants to come out, love it. idc if you’re grossed out by reading this

No. 2047597

Do it, they're tasty! Just don't be an idiot like me and eat like 12+ of them in a single day. 3-4 of them at a time is a nice filling snack if you need a boost but don't want to ruin dinner. They're also expensive at the burger grocery store, so I buy them at the nearby Asian market for cheaper.

No. 2047630

nta but chia seeds and yogurt are good for that as well

No. 2048690

I cut the toenail of my big toe too short the other day and the area around the edge hurts like hell. Fuck my life. Very likely infected. I really don’t want to go to the doctors for this so I’m praying that saltwater baths will make it go down…

No. 2048718

is it weird I shave my pubes and armpits but not my legs, which are hairier than most men’s but I just don’t care about them enough to shave them

No. 2048725

I have to fart really bad when I look at men I find attractive.

No. 2048727

I puked while having a shower. It clogged the drain so now I'm using baby wipes to clean myself so I don't smell like a complete degen when I'm going to the store to get drain cleaner.

No. 2048795

I woke up with a navel full of blood and smelling foul. Wtf …

No. 2048800

If you've got an inner I would never touch that thing. I saw a Tiktok about exfoliating it with a qtip and I had scabs on it for like two weeks.

No. 2049029

File: 1718387463453.jpg (6.05 KB, 236x230, e7d54452253d929ac78ce99dc8b3e9…)

i burned my pussy because i had just used the bidet shower to put some hot water in a bucket and when i went to use the toilet the water was still hot when i washed myself oh my god i actually cursed out loud

No. 2049060

I hope you're ok, that sounds painful af

No. 2049160

i bite my nails all the time but somehow despite it all my left thumb nail managed to grow too long and thick for my teeth to handle. i gave up on trying to get rid of it and now use it as a knife. it helps me peel fruit and open food packaging. i respect its resilence
no it's not i do the same. body hair doesn't bother me as long as it's not itchy

No. 2049398

I feel like I'm gonna get carpal tunnel from fingering myself so much

No. 2049447

This happens to me sometimes and I'm not sure why. I get pretty bad skin infections so I think it might be something amiss with my natural skin flora or something - who knows! But I treat it by laying on my back and filling my belly button with hydrogen peroxide. I let it sit for a few minutes while it bubbles, then carefully wipe it with a clean cloth. You can also apply some anti-fungal ointment after it's all dry. Sorry about your belly button nonna and wishing you quick healing!

No. 2050141

Extra hot Pringles make my butthole tingle.

No. 2050348

I got a nipple injury and while it's healing fine I am left constantly aware of my nipple. Do you ever feel sad randomly when something brushes against your nipple/breast? It's like that but constant. I am in despair.

No. 2050445

Dude wtf yes, I've always had this and I thought I was the only one, it makes me uncomfortable to my core like I was just molested.

No. 2050449

i have eczema on my fucking nipple and i know exactly what you mean

No. 2050454

Sometimes I wake up and my left titty is a teeny bit sore on the side and occasionally when I flex it. No lumps so I'm sure it's just my cycle and how i lay down rather than a health issue, but breast pains are so annoying only because they aaaalwayss cause worry

No. 2051590

Caffeine makes me nauseous. I thought it was because it made me anxious, since anxiety has links to stomachaches and the vagus nerve and shit, but turns out it just fucks up my intestines and then I have to shit. So no difference from lactose intolerance. At least it's not anxiety though.

No. 2051832

Jilled off so hard I bruised my finger

No. 2052407

No. 2052428

letting a guy suck my nipples again reminded me how much i missed it and how ashamed i am to enjoy it

No. 2052433

I let my mustache grow enough to make it easier to remove with wax, which I did yesterday evening and even after sleeping all night long there's a red spot near my cheek but it doesn't look like a burn. I loon even more ridiculous than before and pray it will eventually go away. I also made an appointment to get my legs, armpits and genitals waxed at the beautician and I'm dreading it, I know it'll hurt. I've never had more than my bikini line removed that way.

No. 2052456

That happens to me plus a wrinkly finger. I feel good tho

No. 2052499

Whooooo weee first time orgasming during PIV, that was amazing I thought it was made up but no he was just giving it to me so good and rubbing my clit.

No. 2052536

jerked off and i started bleeding a bit because my nails were too long

No. 2053455

I had the worst stomach pain but it went away when I took a huge shit. I think it's because my vegetables tastes sour even though they weren't even expired, weird.

No. 2053587

I got an ingrown toenail surgically removed last week (had my other big toenail removed 3 years ago, they just took the whole nail off) and I'm taking care of the wound but it stinks so bad. I can smell it when I'm standing up so from like 5 feet away. It smells like a mix between a vagina that hasn't been washed in a month and a dog's bottom.

No. 2053600

You need some hydrogen peroxide and a follow up appointment asap

No. 2053663

I'm supposed to keep it dry, not put anything like hydrogen peroxide on it. Slightly concerned random people will be able to smell it and think I'm normally this gross.

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