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No. 1811472

A thread for sharing things that are too nasty to discuss in polite company, aka TMI (Too Much Information). Do you have a weird habit? An embarrassing health issue? Just want to admit something gross? Feel free to post it here.

Things could get unsightly in here, so remember– the hide button on threads is there for a reason.

No. 1811487

I’m in severe depression right now to the point I don’t shower, brush my teeth, or take care of myself in any way. The worst part is that I don’t even have the energy to change my underwear. It’s so nasty, I’ve been wearing the same pair for almost a week now and I know it would be super easy to change but that means getting up to actually grab them from the clean laundry. I talk about a lot of my depression stuff with people but once it gets to hygiene I can’t because it’s nasti

No. 1811493

If you do nothing else, chew some sugar-free gum after you eat. It's certainly not as good as brushing but even dentists say it can help. Add in a swish of mouthwash every night if you can manage it too, all you have to do it put it in your mouth and spit it out. I say this because you can un-grease your hair and un-stink your pits but you can't un-rot your teeth. So if you can work up the energy to do even one thing, make it something you do for your teeth.

No. 1811497

in the time you spent typing this post you can go change your underwear. maybe throw your phone on the floor, would you get out of bed to pick it up or would you still be lying there unable to get up? behavioral activation is hard when depressed but it's proven to work.

No. 1811499

I'm a burger and we don't have bidets here, so when I have to poop in a public bathroom, to make sure my butt hole gets as clean as possible, I first wipe some pussy slime (you know, the clear stuff) and use it to clean my butt hole. I usually will do this (with a clean piece of toilet paper each time of course) a few times just to be really thorough. I must admit I feel like a (mad) genius because of this and feel men are at a huge disadvantage for butt hole cleaning without a steady supply of clean pussy juice to act as a wet-wipe.

No. 1811501

This made me laugh out loud holy shit this is incredible nona

No. 1811503

I fucking hate when I have to wipe my ass with thin toilet paper and my finger breaks through it

No. 1811505

we already have the get it off your chest thread, if she wanted that she could have posted there.

No. 1811512

That’s funny, I have a little squirt bottle I carry in my purse when I’m not home, cause toilet paper just doesn't cut it.

No. 1811516

So i’m not the only one kek

No. 1811525

you are an inspiration nonny

No. 1811531

I have this terrible cough this time of the year and it happens every year since 4 or 5 years ago, I guess it's the weird weather. So when I cough sometimes it's so strong I have to keep my head up or I vomit. Keeping the head up doesn't always stops the vomit from coming up so today I just got that disgusting thing coming up but I didn't want to vomit so I forced it back down but the taste and the burning made it come back again when I had a coughing fit but I didn't want to go to the bathroom cus it was too far nor I wanted to clean the floor cus I am lazy like that so I just swallowed the entire thing and I could feel mucus or whatever, it felt like mucus also the taste of the sardine I ate earlier and the acid really hurt my throat but the floor was saved and this is what matters.
Kekk I did this once too
Nonna I am like you sometimes and I think you should put your teeth as priority because it can seriously damage your health. You won't die from dirty clothes unless you're swimming in filth (and I'm assuming you're not). If not showering that long, change your bed sheets so you won't also be sleeping in dirt, that's what I do when I'm really bad. Sheets and teeth. Telling you this as someone who also stays a long time with the same underwear and from days to weeks without showering when it gets very bad.

No. 1811546

I can relate. More than anything it's the laundry that gets me. Sure I have some clean underwear, but then I exhaust it all and then suddenly I'm forced to shower and go outdoors for something and I realise the only underwear that's still clean is stuff that barely fits or is threadbare. So I have a sort of mental block against wearing clean clothes. It's just the frustration of the whole process - first I have to gather up all my dirty clothes and sort them by colour. I own a lot of black and dark blue or navy coloured clothing and not many whites so depending on how much dirty clothes of each colour there are I need to decide how dark a blue piece of clothing needs to be before it goes with the darks, otherwise I risk not having enough dirty coloured clothes left over to justify a colours wash, and if I somehow have the energy to do a clothes wash that day but decide not to because I haven't dirtied enough clothing of that category yet then it could be 2 months before I put on a wash again.
Then I need to make sure we have enough vinegar because my clothes get really crusty if I don't use vinegar in the fabric softener part of the washing machine, and I need to gauge how much my family have been using the machine because the amount of vinegar I can use before the clothes come out smelling like vinegar seemingly depends on how much detergent buildup there is somewhere inside the machine, sometimes I can put barely any vinegar and my clothes stink, and sometimes I can fill the fabric softener container up to the limit and still not smell bad because there was just that much detergent inside the machine for it to neutralise.
Then I get stressed thinking about how clothes deteriorate from temps above 30C but how they say you need to use a higher temperature to kill germs and what if my clothes are like permanently gross through multiple washes because I keep washing at 30C but then I do it anyway because I don't want my favourite clothes to go bad.
Then I have to come back in an hour when the wash is done and be ready to put the clothes out on the clothesline (my least favourite part) AND it's winter so they need to go out a while before sunset at like 4pm or they won't dry. If I forget my clothes in the machine overnight they'll go stinky and I also don't want them on the clothesline overnight. So I need to have them hung out a couple hours before sunset which means I need to wake up before 1pm and get my clothes in the machine promptly, but these days I wake up around 2pm and it feels like the day is already over by then.
Even if I do hang them out I get to suffer through finding enough clothes pegs that aren't broken or gross/dirty/spiderwebby for each piece of clothing (I have a set amount of pegs I need per clothing item such as 2 large and 2 small pegs for a pair of pants for redundancy because I HATE when the wind wiggles them out of the pegs and they touch the ground cause I can't stop feeling they're just muddy now and need to re-wash them) which takes too long and I hate it but I have to do it.
If my clothes are still damp they go in the dryer but my family always ranted about when my older brother would go straight to the dryer instead of leaving them out on the line so I feel I shouldn't use it unless I really need to and plus I don't want it to damage my favourite clothes.
And then after all that, I need to take them in (not that bad, I hate hanging them out far more) and put them away in my wardrobe/closet but there are even times where my family does the entire process after me putting them in the washing yet the bag of dry clothes sit on the floor of my room for weeks without me putting them away. Part of that is the stress of trying to shove clothes into drawers which are full, like I have too many t-shirts to physically close the drawer without squishing them down because I can't bear to throw away clothes I wore when I was 12 for some reason.
Oh and since it's a TMI thread um I reuse glasses for drinking across several days without replacing/washing them. As long as there's still liquid at the bottom of the glass and the last thing I drank hasn't "dried into" it then it feels still "current", like refilling something you're still drinking.

No. 1811551


No. 1811554

how i have never thought of this? anon you're a genius, do you have any more tips?

No. 1811557

Yes. Second tip is if you get bloody noses often, carry a styptic pencil (which men use on nicks from shaving) in your bag. Wet it and stick it up your nose and it will instantly stop.

Third tip is if you are autistic and hate loosing the occasional pube in the shower and then having to chase it down the drain with poorly aimed water spouting off your hand, stay on the toilet after you pee and comb your fingers through your bush repeatedly until pubic hairs stop falling. Alternate solution is to not be an autist.

No. 1811604

I do this but for my last wipe I spit on the tp

No. 1811619

go team spit! we're less gross!

No. 1811620

My ED is getting pretty gross and is really starting to smell. I started off binging and purging, but freaked myself out reading abt the shit that can happen to your esophagus/cardiac issues/dehydration. So now I’m just chewing and spitting, and I have a giant trash bag in my room of chewed up food.

I even have special chew recipes? Like, I’ll take a bunch of crackers and cheese and grapes and meat, like a poor person charcuterie spread, and I’ll chew it up and spit it onto the back of my hand… and then chew it again and spit it again. It tastes better pre-chewed, imo.

No. 1811627

It’s literally a gift from the goddess. It’s the perfect thing for cleaning your ass when you take one of those dry shits that take 45 minutes to finish wiping. I don’t know why but my pussy is wet pretty much 24/7, as much as it annoys me it can be useful sometimes.

No. 1811631

The worst period of depression I ever had, I didn’t brush my teeth for 5 days and my gums went white because there was so much plaque.

No. 1811632

when I'm too impatient to sit there and shit I'll put a finger in my vag, press down where the shit is, and kind of pull forward. Instantly I can shit it's a gift from god men will never have.

No. 1811639

I do the same thing. It helps a lot when I'm constipated.

No. 1811697

I beg you to use spaces after paragraphs

No. 1811709

Wtf does this actually work? I've never thought to do that because I hate sticking fingers up there. I will try next time I'm struggling

No. 1811761

I know your squirt bottle is (likely?) filled with water but I'm cackling at the thought of someone carrying around a bottle of pussy squirt for the purpose of cleaning their butthole

No. 1811769

I used to do this and it worked, but I forgot. thanks for reminding me that I have this ace up my vag

No. 1811775

I chew any and all plastic I can find and have my whole life, plastic water bottle rings and caps, strips of plastic packaging, Pringle’s lids, whatever, and I’m pretty sure it’s what’s gotten me yellow teeth, please make me stop.

No. 1811778

Anybody else eat their white ovulation slime straight from the deep puss in the shower orrrrr

No. 1811784

File: 1702557232064.jpeg (7.94 KB, 246x205, images-4.jpeg)

Ahhh im a medfag and we learnt about this in my internship, if you have to do this to poop regularly it's because you might have rectocele which is something like 1/2 women have.

No. 1811787

See a professional, that type of depression wont go away on it's own.

No. 1811789

lmao this thread makes me feel so seen. I’ve done this too

No. 1811839

i have a designated booger wall where i will wipe my boogers

No. 1811874

I'm sorry. I'm new here, and I saw posts complaining about new users who don't format posts properly. I figured they were talking about "reddit spacing" which everyone on 4chan complains about, so I made an effort not to.
I actually love the feeling of chewing plastic but I never do it because I'm too paranoid about ingesting it. Have you looked into whether it could be pica?

No. 1811876

ok tinkerchan

No. 1811879

reddit spacing is

like this with the extra space since they need to press enter twice for it to post with 1 gap, at least thats what I think theyre talking about since I dont use reddit

No. 1811881

Reee that's why I hate the ree'ing reddit spacing, normal spaces are okay, it's just basic readibility

No. 1811908

I do fear one day I’ll choke on the plastic when no one’s home to save me. I never looked into pica because I don’t want to eat it, just chew it. I look more forward to getting to chew on the plastic ring off a drink for an hour than the drink itself. I’m probably just an autist.

No. 1811920

Yeah, I don't want to eat it either. I just end up eating a lot of food all day to replicate the feeling, since everything that feels like chewing plastic and is edible, just gets crushed completely in a few chews. Gum doesn't help because it's too soft, hard brittle foods don't help because you want something more chewy.

No. 1811925

I don't do it an obsessive amount (just once in a while as a treat) but I like chewing on water bottle caps too, something about the shape and texture is really satisfying
not in the shower but sometimes I randomly eject a large glob and I'll just eat it because i don't feel like cleaning it up and because i honestly kinda like the taste. When I feel healthy and good it tastes nice, when I haven't been doing so good the taste is off and thus a warning sign
If you don't HAVE to do this and you just want to do it once in a while, will that make you develop the problem

No. 1811931

Kindly, this thread will be a magnet for moids with gross fetishes. Either posting or jerking to its contents. I think it should be locked.

No. 1811935

Moids will jerk off to anything. Don't you think they already lurk /g/?
While I agree that these disgusting fetishist should be publicly executed, we shouldn't also limit ourselves.

No. 1811942

It tastes like this white mac and cheese brand I loved in college. If it’s battery acidy tasting I know my period will start the next day. I’ve tasted my period uterine lining too and was shocked how acidic it is. It doesn’t taste like blood at all.

No. 1811946

same and i get pissed whenever i'm too dry for it to work

No. 1811947

Lol my family would always say “just chew gum” no it’s not the same. My grandma had a fridge that chopped up ice and I used to chew that too. Still that lasts 5 minutes or whatever.

No. 1811972

Uhh mine doesn't taste like that at all, it's a bit salty but otherwise neutral. I only taste a little bit not a huge blog though. I think it smells better than it tastes

No. 1812139

I held the cold, dead corpse of the love of my life after I found him dead on our sofa surrounded by paramedics and police and screamed until my Mother pulled me away.

This happened some years ago and I have no will to continue living whatsoever. He was the only good Nigel.(at this point it's personalityfagging. use your thread)

No. 1812165

Way to bring down the mood anon, did you think this was the vent thread? I’m mean I’m sorry to hear that but come on I’m here to hear about like, earwax eating

No. 1812173

After I got my first period I had a smelly fishy vagina 24/7, and I was too embarrassed to tell my mom or go to the doctors so I lived with it for like 7 years (obviously never had a bf) and then one day it just stopped smelling like fish and I have normal discharge now.

No. 1812195

Want me to drop my co ordinates so you can mercy kill me and alleviate the excruciating misery and agony I am forced to live every day?

No. 1812206

no not really…

No. 1812207

I know we're on an imageboard, but, anon, you're especially sad. I mean who gives a fuck. I know you do, and you're trolling. Find happiness in life.

No. 1812210

Moids will get off on anything I'm not going to let them ruin everything just for their fetishes and objectification here too. They have the rest of the whole internet catered for them.

No. 1812215

I wasn’t trolling I have never seen the appeal. there’s a widow thread and a vent thread that seem much more applicable to anon’s issue if she wants to get real comfort from anons. Meanwhile we are in here posing about poop and boogers. Wasn’t trying to be mean

No. 1812221

Sitting on the toilet taking a shit that is ripping my asshole. Hurts so bad. It’s not even that big so what’s the deal. And I eat like 10 fruits a day I’m not kidding. The worst part about this is I know from experience this will take so long to heal because it will rip open as soon as I have to shit again. Pain and misery.

No. 1812223

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I can't imagine what that must have been like.

No. 1812226

I used to eat mine and also boogers until I was 10 or so and my classmates figured out I was gross. Then I started doing it secretly.

No. 1812227

I hope you kill yourself(calm down)

No. 1812242

Drank way too much and got way too high over the last two days. I've got severe diarrhea and had to wear an adult diaper into work like some weirdo pedo. It's not the first time. Hate this.
Stop eating so much fruit. Veggies are the ones that have fibre. Fruit, especially oranges, always set me off.

No. 1812245

>Stop eating so much fruit
Words that could only come out of the mouth of a devil.

No. 1812248

you are a woman with a man in your head watching you

No. 1812290

Chill out.

No. 1812302

>will that make you develop the problem

No. 1812743

I eat my blackheads and sincerely enjoy it

No. 1812775

I think I might have this. I don’t have the shit problem but there’s like barely centimeter of space between my asshole and my vagina.

No. 1812780

Me too, I always thought I was weird for it. I don't like kids anyway but if I needed another reason not to give birth… well..
And I definitely have the rectocele thing, I have to press on the outside to shit almost every time. I had no idea that was a common thing, I thought I was fucked up kek

No. 1812781

Wtf does that have to do with autism

No. 1812802

I still eat my boogers, it’s so bad and I hate it

No. 1812804

I love plucking the 3 hairs I get on my left boob

No. 1812821

same, but I've fully embraced my degeneracy

No. 1812824

What else are you supposed to do with them?

No. 1812846

Mine will not come off. I even tried Nair and it didn’t work. I have cursed genes.

No. 1812870

i have fibroids and an ovarian cyst on one side and i am having severe cramps right from my period. it is sharp shooting pains all through my abdomen. it started to become really had so I went to get ibuprofin but i couldnt even stand up fully straight without extreme pain. i still can barely walk. i am also bleeding so heavily. i have the highest tampon on with a giant diaper like pad on but an hour later is gushing out at the slightest movement. im on my last roll of toilet paper, but ive got baby wipes. ive put a black blanket down on my couch so i don’t accidentally bleed all over my white couch that isnt even paid off. my bed is smaller than my couch so i just sleep on my couch. omg the back pain is so bad and i feel like im being stabbed. i hope i dont die overnight while i sleep.

No. 1812883

i remove my falsies by using spit and just prying them off sometimes

No. 1812922

i enjoy the smell of my cooch and period blood, sometimes i’ll sit with my legs spear wide just to smell it

No. 1812941

praying for you nona, i hope you feel better soon.

No. 1812947

>the smell of a bagina during its menstrual cycle
so fucking metal.

No. 1813050

In the beginning of this month I shaved my head and now I have a horrible razor burn all over my scalp. I try not to pick since it's going away and healing, but after I shower the scabs get super soft and I like to pick a few off.

No. 1813052

Samefag, I'm honestly not even a scab picker so idk why it feels so nice to pick these particular scabs off. I think the texture of them after a shower is just nice.

No. 1813059

Have you tried Naproxen before? Not a shill lol I switched earlier this year and my worst symptoms have been so much better especially if I take one before cramps and stuff even start. It especially took out the nausea and thigh pain I would get. A heated blanket/pad has made the second best difference. Feel better, nonna.

No. 1813117

ntayrt, but I refuse to. I refuse to consume the SSRIs. I refuse to whine about what I can't control to some rich snob for $300/hr. Shrooms will work better. Even DMT, if I can find some

No. 1813312

I do this too, I actually get turned on smelling myself (when im not menstruating. I still smell myself when im menstruating but i don’t enjoy it the same way). I also sniff my own panties for the same reason. I think im the female equivalent of moids who are obsessed with their own dicks. I love my pussy, maybe to an unusual degree kekkkk

No. 1813319

nona i can relate. my confession is i shower once a week and don't change my underwear in that period but i'm also really depressed. at my worst i probably kept myself filthy like that for like a month if not more and would have kept going. the fact that i can't wash my hair more than once per week or it starts breaking and getting even more dry. makes me feel like taking off my clothes to douse myself in water even less if i'm not washing my mop, which i let mat the fuck up from shower to shower. i'm probably the nastiest non-homeless person i know and i feel like shit because there are people in worse situations than me that still find it in themselves to take care of their body but i just can't be bothered when i don't see a reason why i should. needless to say i'm jobless so i'm not bothering anyone with my stank kek and i shower the night before the first day of my uni week, and i only have three days so no one gets to see me at peak filth. i brush my teeth about twice a day though i know it feels so taxing and exhausting especially when you get told to do it but dental hygiene is seriously no joke, you don't want to suffer the consequences of something going wrong there because things like gum disease and recession and tooth decay are often permanent and will make taking care of yourself way harder than they are now.

No. 1813460

Whenever I get that copious, extremely gelatinous, clear discharge, I sit on the toilet and play with it like a slime toy.

No. 1813767

I can suggest naproxen and raspberry leaf tea + heat for all of this. t. had tumors and have awful endo

No. 1813774

my pubes are so itchy after i shower because the skin under it gets so dry

No. 1813780

i’d personally recommend taking the tampon out and just wearing pads because the pressure from the plug inside of you can restrict blood flow and make the cramping worse, at least that’s what i experience

No. 1813799

Gonna post this again because the two-year anniversary for this faithful occurrence is coming up.

>Be around Christmas two years ago. I am feeling the Christmas spirit and enjoying food a little too much.

>Have a poop so huge it ends up clogging the toilet in the apartment I rent with my then bf
>Fear and executive dysfunction kicks in
>I am retarded so hope it’ll go away. Poor some pipe cleaner on that shit
>Eventually it flushes down
>A couple of days later we invite our new neighbur over to our apartment for the first time
>The place we rent consists of a house sectioned into two apartments downstairs, and our landlord living on the 1st floor
>Neighbor is a delightful starry-eyed German worker immigrant
>We are having a jolly time until disturbing sounds emerge from our wall
>Sounds like a severely slowed down burp
>Me and bf feign total ignorance
>”that’s never happened before” (not a lie)
>Ominous sound persists for the next few days
>One day toilet is clogged again and this time it won’t stop
>I need to poop so fucking bad
>Cry to my bf who is rightfully annoyed
>Weather is extremely rainy this day and suddenly water starts coming up from the floor drain in the shower room
>More panic
>Thankfully the floor is a bit collapsed so all the water pools into the vinyl floor pit
>Me and bf are desperately trying to scoop up water into buckets
>We need to call the landlord
>By this point I am so shame ridden I persuade my bf to call him and make something up
>Bf is a terrific liar
>He begrudgingly calls the landlord
>Tells him we don’t know why but it’s raining and water is flooding
>Landlord phones some plumber on evening duty
>We wait
>I need to poop and also pee so bad I feel like death is imminent
>Nerve wracking hours pass by where we are scooping up water
>Haven’t bonded like this for probably years
>Finally plumber arrives around 8pm
>Plumber goes into the neighboring apartment where our innocent new German friend lives
>I’m informed the plumber is going to stick a camera into the pipes to look for damage
>Am mortified this guy is going to see my poop
>Eventually they get the vacuum thingy and start sucking shit out
>Smell is horrendous
>German neighbor is on the frontline
>Smell is so bad he has to flee, his smile and enthusiasm gone
>Me and bf bring out the guitar and have a little jam on the couch while we wait
>Eventually it’s over. Poop is gone.
>We throw away the kitchen utensils we used for scooping the water
>Things can never be the same
>Have probably the best poop of my life

Me and bf break up for unrelated reasons a couple of months later, but I’m happy we got to share this intimate moment before we parted ways.

No. 1813820

I love picking my ears. I have stiletto nails and there are perfect to scratch the inside of my ears. sometimes I do it in public but I try to be more private about it.

No. 1813834

I love eating my own skin, mostly around my nails. Ripping off the uneven and rough cuticles and biting the calluses is so satisfying. I do it compulsively anytime I feel the urge to "fix" the skin or when under stress, but sometimes the skin won't even need fixing and it will literally give me this "itching" sensation around the skin until I bite it. Thankfully I do this pretty carefully so even though it does make my nails uglier I never go full freak mode and start getting it infected and ripping big chunks out like I see people posting when they have a serious problem. That said I know its a disorder anyway. I just genuinely like it and can't stop kek

No. 1813843

I do this as well. Having all that 'excess' skin around my nails when I know I could be munching on it is physically uncomfortable.

No. 1813846

Is it bad that i am kind of mad that i don't really have a sex drive anymore because of medication? I enjoy masturbation because it's a fun way to get excitement on a boring day. I can get off, but it's more just more annoying and takes 40 minutes versus 5-10 minutes.

No. 1813847

kek nonna this is hilarious. did you hold your poop the entire time or did you manage to go somewhere else while this was happening?

No. 1813849

I deep condition my pubes with a hair mask, no more pube dandruff. Recommend it tremendously. The mask also soaks into the skin and it feels all soft and plump after.

No. 1813851

I love the feeling you get when you poop a long, thick and just soft enough stool. So proud of my intestines.

wtf, I enough clear slime discharge to play with

No. 1813895

Ikr, the feeling of relief I get when I do it is literally addicting. It feels good physically and mentally. I even kind of find the pain satisfying (not in a sexual way obviously) am I just an animal jfl

No. 1813901

My period was a week late and super bloody and clotty this time, it was literally never this bad. Should I visit a gyn? I really don't want to if it's not necessary.

No. 1813914

I usually wait till the next cycle to see if it reverts to normal before I go to the doctor. A weird period here and there is normal imo but if it goes on for several cycles then yeah get it checked out.

No. 1813918

I saw a post on here about using an ear cleaning kit to remove wax and it inspired me. I think I have a huge chunk of impacted wax in my right ear. Sometimes I hear popping noises in it and my hearing on that side is noticeably worse. I've obsessively tried clearing it out with qtips and bobby pins but that may have been making it worse kek

No. 1813931

I often pick at my scalp by scratching it with my nails. making my own dandruff basically and then picking out the flake. I normally don't have dandruff issues, it's all 100% homemade. This is the stim that the god of spergs bestowed upon me. Sometimes I wish I could go back to flapping my hands instead. Since scratching at the roots is bound to detach some hair, I just pretend I have a hair pulling issue.

Before I did that, I ripped/peeled off bits of my nails, but then I got a really bad skin infection (not related) that spread to both of my hands and made it impossible to do that for some time, which stopped the habit and I now get to experience having normal looking nails - which are, unfortunately, mostly used to do equally gross shit. I hate it, I became so normal and good looking, yet I have to do this one retarded thing (I mean IRL. Lolcow is like the mirror world where I only do retarded things except one).

No. 1814185

Fingernail-skin eating anon from uptrend here, I also do this with my scalp, and eat the skin/flakes/wax whatever it is that gets under my nails when I pick it. God help us

No. 1814192

nta but same and I eat the scabs. I don’t do it anymore but I used to make scabs all over my scalp and pick them multiple times a day, it felt/sounded so awesome to pick them off, and eat them if they made it in one piece down the strand of hair. No one’s alone here.

No. 1814202

Scabs on your scalp? How does that even happen?

No. 1814204

I don't give myself pedicures often but when I do I like to clean out the dead skin from under my toenails and sniff it
To be clear, I scrub my feet everyday but dead skin still collects under the nails.

No. 1814208

Scratch at the same spot and it just gets bigger when picked

No. 1814342

I really hate it when I’m trying to take a shit and when it gets toward the end I can feel there’s a lump of feces still inside of me that isn’t passing through no matter how hard I strain.

No. 1814344

that's the fucking worst. and then when you go to wipe it never ends because the shit is right up there.

No. 1814347

My farts are awful right now so I know I have to take a dump but I just don't feel like I have to poop.

No. 1814360

What's hilarious is I'm an above-average attractive woman (believe it or not kek) and I cackle inside knowing nobody suspects I'm such a gross fucking gremlin who eats her own scalp and cuticles, TAKE THE GOBLINPILL

No. 1814366

>I became so good looking, yet I have to do this one retarded thing
>I'm an above-average attractive woman and I cackle inside knowing nobody suspects
ok narcissus kek. you wanna mention it a third time or was 2 enough?

No. 1814367

I fart so much. I really don't think other girls fart as much as I do and I'm embarrassed. I eat pretty healthy and I don't like processed food but man, after I eat meat or something I'm so gassy. WHY. Like today after I went out to eat with my friends I was walking home and basically waddling because I didn't want to rip one that someone would hear. Why am I like this. I wish I could uninstall toot.exe from my body.

No. 1814385

i never fart but i always burp. have you tried anti-gas meds like bean-o?

No. 1814386

nta but I literally have never burped in my life and it always comes out the other end, so I'm gassy like anon. I can't even force myself to burp when I need to. it's a problem.

No. 1814401

you can't just swallow air and burp?

No. 1814407

I literally cannot burp no matter what i do. If I swallow a bunch of air it just hurts but won't come back up. For some reason chewing gum makes me ingest air a guess and I hat it because it just sits in my throat for like an hour and I can't get it out kek.

No. 1814414

I have so much back acne lately and I don't know why. I wash my clothes and sheets but it's been getting worse and worse. There's even some spreading to my chest now. They're gonna call me bacne from now on.

No. 1814421

That's interesting. You're definitely unique in that regard, I've never heard of someone who can't burp. I hope the trapped air doesn't bother you too much nonnie

No. 1814429

I have 3 labia minora. Should i run away to join a freak show?

No. 1814436

no that’s normal

No. 1814874

post in the /g/ skincare thread you might get some help. For me everything and anything clogs my back pores it’s insane. Sweat too much in workout clothes? Bacne. Wore a bra twice? Backne. Sunscreen on my neck? It’s on my back now and also: Bacne. Use shampoo or especially conditioner on hair? You better believe that’s hella unless it was rinsed off in a sink and never touched my back. I just have to keep all products away from my back and wear breathable clothes and it’s all goes away but I like to run so the sportsbra lines are constantly a problem even if I only wear it a couple hours, so annoying.

No. 1814897

there’s this dry patch of skin at the back of head above the base of my neck, and when i blow dry my hair, sometimes i turn it to highest setting and let it linger there. it is literally orgasmic, it feels soo good. but i imagine it is awful for you and probably makes the issue worse. but god damn does it give the tingles.

No. 1814932

Late reply. I don't remember why but I couldn't access a bathroom elsewhere so I had to hold it, and it got to that point where I was so constipated I also couldn't relax enough to pee, it was the worst lol

No. 1814951

If you like that, when you shower turn the shower super hot and have the water hit your armpit. Feels so good

No. 1814960

what do you mean? it's really long or you have literally 3 inner flaps?

No. 1814968

I have a motor-neuron disorder and (no one warns you about this) my organs are also affected. Meaning my bladder and colon specifically.
So they're semi-paralyzed, which makes it really difficult to piss and I'm basically chronically constipated. I have to give myself a self-enema with the showerhead every day in order to be able to go. I worry about what I'll do once I'm older and if the disorder stops me from being able to walk at all. Laxatives don't help either, my colon just doesn't work.

No. 1814970

sounds like you might have had BV

No. 1814996

You can buy cameras that you can put in your ear that can help you see the wax to remove it. I bought one because I have an issue with pressure in my ear that causes my ear drum to bulge outwards and I wanted to monitor it for myself, instead of constantly bothering a nurse practitioner. I also have other sinus problems and nose bleeds so I use it to look at the inside of my nose.

No. 1815001

We aren't the same anon you retard

No. 1815026

No they’re not that long, I literally have 3 inner labia. Two on one side and one on the other.

No. 1815055

File: 1702747814609.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.68 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_9633.jpeg)

Hi nonas! I hope this is okay to post. I am trying to transition from using tampons to using pads, but I am having trouble adjusting to the feeling of sitting in a puddle of my blood in my pad. I never had women in my life growing up and just started using tampons as a teen so I have no idea how often you are supposed to be changing your pad? Picture attached is how my pad looked when it started to feel uncomfortable to me - but it was only on 30 minutes? Would you change your pad if it had that much blood or is that normal and I just need to get used to the feeling? I also have really chubby outer lips so the blood just keeps building up and squirting out of the top of my lips like near the clit area. 27 pack of pads was $10 so i can’t keep changing them like everyone 30 mins? How often do you change them? Please help!

No. 1815061

Is this a shitpost
Why did you buy a diaper sized pad that things for overnight use not 30 min out and about
Change them as you're comfortable I usually change mine maybe once every couple hours if I'm out so it doesn't smell if it's at home I usually just ignore it until the situation is dire

No. 1815065

Why are you trying to transition? Pads fucking suck. I use tampons or a cup, and then reusable cloth pads at night (they're a million times more comfortable than disposable).

No. 1815066

The fuck is that, a diaper?
It has so little blood in it for a giant ass pad. I change them as often as I have to (when they're full of blood), you have to be fucking rich to change them every 30 mins, no one does that. The hell

No. 1815069

Hi, pads don't normally give you toxic shock so you can be a little more lenient with changing times. The package says every 4 hours or so but I have a very chill flow so I keep it on for 6 hours or so. This is bad but it doesn't cause any problems for me

No. 1815075

i had no idea how much blood was going to come out and i bleed heavily during my periods.

I get severe heavy periods and am afraid of toxins in tampons

No. 1815076

OT but I reverse image searched this bc I thought it was a crazy post and I didn't find it but I did find a subreddit where men post pictures of used pads they find in like public bathrooms and shit. And I can't live with this information on my own so I have to share this

No. 1815082

i change them twice: in the morning and at night. like that anon said, those things aren't cheap, so 30 minutes is crazy! you'll get used to the texture, although personally i've always only used pads and i'm horrified of ever putting in a tampon so i can't tell you anything about the difference. pretty much i'll change it if it's all full and i use pads of that size only for the first few days when my flow is heavy, and then at night to be extra safe against movements while sleeping etc.

No. 1815083

Both pads and tampons contain small amounts of toxic materials. If you're talking about Toxic Shock Syndrome, just get the super flow tampons and change them more often. Keep some in your bag if you go out. There's no need to force yourself to transition to horribly uncomfortable bulky pads. TSS is also very rare so as long as you change your tampons as needed you'll be fine.

No. 1815086

Also get some pantyliners and put those on with the tampons. If you notice spotting then that's when your tampon is likely full, so you can get an idea of how often they need changing.

No. 1815089

i was going through my highest sized tampon every hour and had to wear pads as well because i would bleed through the tampons so often. ive been reading how tampons cause cause cramping to become more severe and i have noticed less pain since wearing the pad. i was hoping maybe tampon at work and pad at home.

No. 1815096

thank you ladies! sounds like i just need to get used to the feeling and maybe get a smaller size. the gush feeling is still so weird feeling to me. will sitting on a wet pad give me boils?

No. 1815097

Damn anon. Maybe some period underwear could help too. Have you gone to a gynecologist about your super heavy flow? I've heard low iron can cause it but that's all I know.

No. 1815101

No you won't get anything like that. You might chafe a bit. Do you use pads with wings? I've found that those help a lot with comfort and keeping pad in place

No. 1815102

Nonna have you never visited the tim threads? That's all I'm saying cus I don't want to traumatize you more.

No. 1815106

Picking out a scrumptious scalp scab is one of the best feelings in the world tbh

No. 1815155

File: 1702752126250.jpeg (Spoiler Image,631.91 KB, 1280x1672, 4F3D21E8-BB03-4EEF-AD5E-E6E5EA…)

oh thats normal, you just have one side of your inner labia that isnt fully developed. its called labial hypoplasia. does it look like picrel except one side if the inner labia isnt there?

No. 1815275

Sometimes I just really need to itch my butthole and it feels really good? Almost pleasurable at times? Like its the BEST itch I've scratched except one time I did it when i was sleeping and had the worst pinkeye for three days I was pretty much blind

No. 1815297

does your butthole itch often???

No. 1815302

Not often, maybe once every few weeks (which I guess is more often than someone who's never) but I use a bidet too, I have bad constipation so I wonder if its to do with that . I always thought this was a normal occurance

No. 1815306

omg this is me but with the very start of my asscrack, feels godly but i always end up overdoing it

No. 1815307

does your butthole itch at night? it could be worms…

No. 1815308

bitch that spoiler though stop touching your butthole and then your eye wash your hands or i'm coming over

No. 1815312

Why does your butthole itch? Is it dry? Also what possessed you to touch your butthole then touch your eye without washing your hands

No. 1815314

Reminds me of this one movie I saw

No. 1815320

nta but I used to be unable to burp until I hit my 20's. Then I randomly gained the skill kek

No. 1815324

When I was young I had worms and I remember one time I took something sticky, i think scotch tape, and I pressed it against my butthole. When I looked the tape i could see a really small white worm like thing wiggling around.

No. 1815330

It is dry sometimes very dry. I have dry skin.

Also idk if it is worms, its not that chronic of a problem and I have never seen a worm.
I also itched my eyeball bc I was asleep lol.

No. 1815338

i love itching my pubes so much or just having my hand on my pubis. like a comfort thing. but i also love picking at the ingrown hairs there so much

No. 1815398

I love this thread. I have spent so much of my life thinking I was an irredeemably gross freak but I guess we're all disgusting but it's only okay to talk about when we're all anonymous kek.

No. 1815423

I also have issues with my intimate parts itching because of dry skin/psoriasis. I never had pink eye because of it though, but I also don't scratch my skin directly (and I wash my ass every time I poop) and I really scratch my labias more than my asshole.

I agree that it feels godly. So much in fact that I have to do it while sitting on the toilet because it'll make me pee.

No. 1815570

I can't burp either. It's known as retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction. Fun fact, this condition was only known after the internet became a thing, because people like me and you started googling "can't burp" and found each other. There's now a treatment for it where they use botox on your throat muscle to make it relax.

No. 1815592

really hate when I’m shitting and after it drops the water splashes into my open asshole

No. 1815596

Oh my fucking god

No. 1815597

worst feeling ever

No. 1815602

when the water splashes onto my coochie i cringe and shrivel up like a slug

No. 1815610

Lay tp down before you go so this doesnt happen.

No. 1815612

then it clogs the toilet smh

No. 1815624

Don't lay down too much, just a thin layer. I'd honestly rather unclog the toilet every once in a while if it guarantees that I never experience splashback

No. 1815711

once when I was really little I pooped and saw dozens of tiny white worms wriggling around in the toilet bowl. I was terrified but too embarrassed to tell my mom… I started crying because I thought the worms were going to eat my body up from the inside and I had to accept my fate kek. I don't know where they came from but it only happened once, I obsessively checked my poo for years after the incident and tried the nighttime butthole tape method and never saw any more worms

No. 1815719

probably pinworms but my tmi confession is i found a worm like thing on my underwear in my closet and freaked out. it turns out that's the larva for carpet beetles not pinworms. my parents still had the whole house go through pinworm medicine with me in full shame. in other words my parents should have had a good working vacuum to stop that from happening.

No. 1815735

Just wet the tissues with water from the tab before taking a shit…..

No. 1815800

“Scrumptious” made me actually laugh, fuck I miss it a lot, and I miss the dried clear yellowish fluid I got to pick out as a dessert too, but I’m glad I don’t have the nastiest part you’ve ever seen anymore. Somehow I don’t have bald spots.

No. 1815967

i got a hair splinter on my foot once and it was in DEEP so it hurt like a bitch but getting it out with a needle was really satisfying, im kinda hoping it happens again kek

No. 1816011

Like your hair went into your feet? I've never had that happen, sounds like you have soft feet nona
I found out I had carpet beetles at my grandmas when I was staying there and my dad told me to ignore them but they're soo gross omg I couldn't sleep for days

No. 1816015

>Like your hair went into your feet?
im pretty sure it was a cat hair but i dunno. it was a very small strand of hair

No. 1816030

I have trichotillomania and idc, I'm not distressed about fixing it. I love pulling out hairs and the scarring is worth the fun. I prefer to see it up close so I don't do head hair and thus most people don't know how obsessed I am with plucking
Specific things I like:
>multiple hairs in the same follicle (my armpits have a lot of doubles and triples)
>the white root (pubic hair has this often)
>the squishy, black root
>the white slime/film/? that encases some hairs
>seeing young hairs that are still under the skin and haven't emerged yet (I have dark hair and light skin), and tearing up the skin to nab the tiny unsprouted hair
>wiry hairs
>thick hairs
>when the hair "pops" out of the follicle
>when the hair slides out smoothly from the follicle
>accidentally snipping a hair instead of pulling it out

No. 1816031

That's trich? Guess I have it too then

No. 1816068

File: 1702784075110.png (Spoiler Image,11.22 KB, 390x423, lksajdlksadj.png)

no, it looks nothing like that tbh. here, i drew a diagram kek. I literally just have one extra labia minora

No. 1816190

I have trich too but I'm so tired of the scarring. I haven't worn a swimsuit in public in years.

No. 1816194

water doesn't clean as well as pussy juice or spit, it just makes the tp shred since the water soaks in whereas pussy juice stays on top. sience

No. 1816198

Fuck stop I can only get so wide

No. 1816199

you wipe your butthole with spit?

No. 1816210

no, mostly pussy juice. only spit if i don't have any pussy juice (rare)

No. 1816211

>it just makes the tp shred since the water soaks in
Nta but this never happens to me. you're either using too much water or cheap 1 ply tp, you only need a couple of drops

No. 1816213

i don't believe you. any amount of water makes tp shred when you rub it against something. Pussy juice is like jelly slime so it sits on top. again, sience.

No. 1816214

I have yeast overgrowth issues genetically (?) I had thrush and cradle cap as a baby, dandruff as a kid, sebderm as an adult, but mysteriously, I have never had a yeast infection. My doctors actually don't know why i have never had one. My pussy has always been a superstar and never malfunctions in any way. I'm proud of her.

No. 1816216

one time I saw a picture of a baby with eyebrow cradle cap and it made me cry because i felt so bad

No. 1816222

ayrt, don't feel bad, it doesn't really hurt. I actually just googled it and learned that cradle cap is just a word for when babies have sebderm, and I've had sebderm for a long time and it doesn't hurt, just itches occasionally (when you get out of the shower, after washing your face, etc). Whihc don't get me wrong, can be annoying, but it's mostly a cosmetic issue ime.

No. 1816224

>any amount of water makes tp shred when you rub it against something.
it really doesn't kek. but i do a one swipe motion instead of rubbing. idk i have god's strongest toilet paper.

No. 1816229

Sounds like you've only ever used shitty toilet paper kek

No. 1816297

I'm a skin picker and one time I got a plantar wart on the base of my foot and I absolutely loved digging into it with a pair of cuticle nippers since it would just grow back anyway. I always had a massive hole on my foot because of it. After about a year I managed to dig out the entire wart and it was the most satisfying moment of my life. It was so big, I even took pictures lol. Now I'm wart-free but I kinda miss the free skin picking session.

No. 1816301

I kinda want to see the picture ngl. I’m also a skin picker, but have never had a wart.

No. 1816306

Holy heck anon, how did you walk on that!?

No. 1816310

Did it not hurt?
I've got one at the moment but I'm too scared to pick it out.

No. 1816314

>multiple hairs in the same follicle (my armpits have a lot of doubles and triples)
I have this on my pubic hair and they struggle to pass through the skin and leave raised blackhead looking bumps. I exfoliate down there and once I’ve done that I have great fun pulling out the hair cluster with tweezers. One thing I love is when you pull out the hair follicles along with it. Sometimes I will keep hold of it with the tweezers and rub the hair follicle against my cheek to feel it’s bumpiness.

No. 1816315

I got worms when I was a kid while I was staying with my grandparents and I told them “there’s wriggly white worms in my poo” so they obviously told my mother when she came to pick me up and she accused me of lying??? Then I went to school a few days later and told my teacher “there’s wriggly white things in my poo and my mum thinks I’m lying” meaning that I probably spread those fuckers to god knows how many other children. They where so pissed off with her cos she should of kept me home and given me a pill. Also why tf would I lie about having worms? God she’s so stupid. I love to taunt her about it these days.

No. 1816321

this happened to me too?? it was a sunday morning, took a shit, decided to look at it closely, see little wriggly things in it. i was scared and disgusted and i needed to build the courage up first because it entailed the fact that i looked at my shit. when i told my mom she was like „no those aren‘t worms“ ??? why would you gaslight your child about literal worms in their stool

No. 1816330

After getting on a car accident, my my toenail got bruised. As the toenail was still stuck to the skin I couldn't remove it, so I waited. I had to drain the pus coming out everyday. For some reason my nail started to turn grey, I decided to remove the nail once and for all, it didn't hurt but the liquid underneath was absolutely fucking gross: it was darkish/yellowish grey and the stench was unbearable, to the point you could smell it from the living room. I removed the nail, cleaned the skin underneath and then washed my toe. It looked waaay better and less swollen. This was 8 months ago, and my nail is fully grown.

No. 1816345

I wear my period underwear for so long, a little longer than recommended because I love the smell of my period, I can’t fully describe it, Greek yogurt and dirt? Mmmm

No. 1816346

Haven’t washed my hair in a month, I got it wet and conditioned it a week ago, I don’t wear deodorant anymore I just shower a lot now. Someyimes I just sit and do a little bird bath in the tub cortch pits and feet

No. 1816357

Alas I don't have it anymore or I'd share. It was round and thin like a small coin, felt so good getting that fucker out of my foot kek.

Actually no, it didn't hurt at all except for just a little bit when I would dig it with the nippers. Digging into the wart was strangely painless, and I could immediately tell when I was missing it because it would hurt. There was also a lot of blood because warts have their own blood supply. From the outside the wart was just a small dot almost like a dead skin bubble but it was surprisingly deep and huge.

No. 1816443

>I don’t wear deodorant anymore I just shower a lot now
same. i stunk so bad when i wore deodorant, i think it clogged my pit pores. now i smell fresh and like a healthy normal human.

No. 1816476

File: 1702828721361.jpg (14.82 KB, 525x446, 1701865077800.jpg)

Oh boy, this is the thread for me. I'm so fucking disgusting in the privacy of my own home. I'm probably too TMI even for a TMI thread.
>I pick my nose, pick my ears, pick my skin etc and eat all of it. The only bodily secretions I won't eat are piss and shit
>I don't change my underwear every day, only when I shower
>I only shower 2/3 times a week, when my hair gets greasy enough to bother me
>I'll use dry shampoo to try and salvage my hair and a lot of deodorant if I need to leave the house and haven't had a shower
>I only brush my teeth at night because trying to brush them in the morning makes me gag
>I like to pluck my pubic hairs, like >>1816030 but only the pubic area
>when my period starts and I'm having really bad cramps, it means I need to take a fat shit. The cramps go away after that, like magic
>also when I'm on my period, I don't change my pad as often as I should
>I'll use my phone while shitting
>I belch and fart without shame, even impressing myself at times
>I enjoy my own smells. My unwashed need a shower smell, sweaty smell, pussy smell, period smell, everything. This kinda extends into a smell fetish
And more that isn't coming to mind right now, but I should probably stop.

No. 1816525

I do the same with the nose picking and eating it (which is probably related to some childhood trauma tbh). I did it in school once when I was 10-11 and got caught by a classmate who yelled out loud that he caught me picking my nose so since then, I only do it when I'm alone at home or in a closed environment (like the bathroom). And the number 2 being linked to period cramps is also a usual thing by day 2 or 3, but taking a dumb doesn't take all the pain away in my case.

No. 1816584

File: 1702834311227.jpeg (23.89 KB, 500x500, IMG_5016.jpeg)

When I was in school I used to eat erasers. I got caught doing that in a lesson once omg they bullied me so hard.

No. 1816607

I think you're me.
I'm very happy to know there's some other disgusting women exactly like me out there.

No. 1816613

I scrape earwax out of my ears with various tools. I have an addiction to squeezing my blackheads and KP bumps. I hate myself for it. Sometimes I can hold back but more often than not I can't help myself and go back to it. I also enjoy picking at other people's skin and ingrown hairs. My poor nigel suffers a lot because he's pretty hairy and has multiple hairs, very thick hairs at times plus KP like me. He gets super embarrassed about it but I reassure him and have learned how to properly care for the problem while extracting them. He's really grateful for it and I get my fix. Win win.

No. 1816620

I also pick my Nigel, he loves it

No. 1816629

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one kek.

No. 1816640

I love popping my Nigel's pimples lol

No. 1816648

File: 1702836174147.gif (2.84 MB, 640x640, grooming-geoffroys-tamarin.gif)

No. 1816652

same except my husband hates it lmao

No. 1816654

I wrote out how much I did for him and someone asked me if hes disabled lmao

No. 1816826

we are very much alike nonna, but ingesting period blood is too far even for me. but i do pick my skin and eat it. i fucking love ear wax, a rare treat. gotta be in my top five bodily fluids

No. 1817980

If im masturbating on my period and i dont want people to catch me, i will sometimes lick the period blood off my hands if i need to be quick about it.

No. 1817982

File: 1702897320913.jpg (11.5 KB, 329x289, 1393909756575.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me that an old gf used to just dig blood clots out of her cooter and draw hearts on me.

No. 1817993

kek i used to eat whole erasers in school too. it's a miracle that i didn't get bullied.

No. 1818224

I get these crazy explosive nosebleeds often. When I've blown a particularly large or jellylike blood clot, I'll send a picture of it to my bestie.

No. 1818304

My body pillow case is covered in period blood stains because I wrap my legs around it when I sleep and I refuse to replace it because I'm too attached to the image of my husbando

No. 1818310

Sometimes I push lightly on my taint when I'm constipated and the shit just flows out immediately. I finally looked it up and I guess it's a common technique called "splinting" but generally women put their fingers in their vagina to press, which I do NOT

No. 1818318

Nonas have talked about the vagina version further up in this thread

No. 1818323

I hate that feeling right after you pee where your urethra feels all raw. It’s not at all like UTI pain but it’s just uncomfortable like eww

No. 1818367

I have a uti atm and it feels like there's ants crawling in my urethera opening.
Putting hot water on tp and holding it there helps quite a bit, idk how good for it overall though.
This feeling makes me want to scrub my pussy with a toothbrush

No. 1818756

I like that the thread pic looks as of he's looking down reading our gross posts.

Anyway, I am a generally clean person but I rarely clean my ears (just doesn't cross my mind) so m light purple earbuds are stained yellow. I make sure no one sees them. If I could find the replacements for the parts that go in your ear, I would change them.

No. 1818804

Nonna, I don't want to worry you but I don't have that feeling after I pee. Maybe you have something going on down there?

No. 1818818

I have a pimple/ingrown hair bump on my cooch that I scratched off so hard, the skin came off and it's struggling to heal. There's so much fucking pain, I've been not wearing underwear to make it heal

No. 1818828

only drinking a shitload of water helped me (and getting antibiotics is the cure of course)

No. 1818910

Yeah, I do this version too. It honestly never would have occurred to me to stick my fingers up my vagina, but I’ll keep that in mind for if I ever need a little extra… push. Kek

No. 1818916

I love the smell of my own farts and if I’m by myself I will literally bend down to smell them

No. 1818923

This thread makes me feel spiritually bonded with all of you

No. 1818981

Omg I was just feeling and thinking this exactly while I read it. Same nona, same.

No. 1818991

I’ve never seen this thread before but it’s actually very affirming. Makes me feel more human and I needed that.

No. 1818998

Pretty much every single word of this is my thought process for laundry as well. To a t. The clothes pins being dirty, the clothes touching the ground, everything. And since I use the same (plastic, non cloth) basket for dirty then clean clothes, I absolutely have to wash it by hand right after I put the wash in (which I also wash at the sanitize setting). I’ve given up on sorting though. I can’t make enough of my own clothes for a load frequently enough, but won’t mix things like towels (non-dog and dog/cleaning towels go seperate) and linens. Those are the only categories. And I don’t like my bras getting crumpled or warped sitting in the basket so I will hang them over like a discreet chair back or something and then put them in last on top of everything. I also have the same too many t-shirt problem plus I have to modify almost all of them so they don’t fold into consistent, tidy storage. I never fold anything but I don’t feel as if I hate folding because sometimes it’s relaxing to do but I fold everything insanely neat and consistently sized, it’s very weird but it all comes out into the sharpest, neatest stacks of laundry you’ve ever seen an it’s very satisfyingly. Genuinely though, is this OCD or autism do we think? Referring to my whole ass post. (Reposted because typos).

No. 1819072

I have this pilonidal cyst/abscess that occasionally pops up, knock on wood that this post won't summon it and I really, really enjoy the smell of the pus that comes out of it.

No. 1819082

Our couch is pushed up against a wall and every time I pick and pull off one of my finger/toe nails or the callused dry skin on my feet, I will drop them in the gap between the back of the couch and the wall lol

No. 1819153

I have psoriasis on my scalp and I just love picking at the skin. The feeling of pulling off these huge flakes is incredibly satisfying. I know I should leave it alone because it's getting worse and worse but I keep picking at it to the point of bleeding

No. 1819163

I feel you.
My husband has a super dry scalp, I bought a nit comb and I've been using it to scratch the skin free then combing it out. I wipe the flakes on his black shirt (he lays with his head in my lap) so when I'm done I can see how much I've pulled out. So good.

No. 1819168

This reminds me, about calloused feet, the skin on my feet is so thick and hard that I cut it off with scissors, so I just have a little pile of 2cm strips of hard skin “fries”. Yes I eat them sometimes.

No. 1819190

get some azo nonna. it won't make the uti go away but it will numb the pain and give you some relief. just be sure to wear dark colored underwear because it makes your urine turn bright orange.
if this is a recurring problem you might want to get yourself checked for interstitial cystitis

No. 1819519

I shit blood on a near-enough daily basis at this point and my GP refuses to do anything about it. He says it's because I'm anxious and there's no blood and if there is it's probably just my period and I'm getting worked up over nothing. I fucking hate moid doctors so much. I can't even go directly to a specialist because this is the UK and you have to be referred by the GP or pay to go private. I've started demanding he puts on my medical records that he won't refer me for testing because he sees it as unnecessary, so that if I end up with bowel cancer (like most of my family have died of) my mum and siblings can sue the fuck out of them. I'm just so fed up and constantly tired and in pain, nonnies

No. 1819551

been feeling disgustingly bloated for the past couple days, realized yesterday that i can't remember the last time i took a shit. just took 3 laxatives this morning, praying i shit my guts out later today because i literally feel like a walking balloon

No. 1819578

why reach straight for the laxatives instead of chugging 2-4 cups of water first thing when you wake up and holding in your morning pee until the urge to shit arrives? that's what I do, works every time.

No. 1819609

Just eat more fiber regularly. Or do you dislike fruit and veggies?

No. 1819611

That is extremely fucked up to hear nonna, especially since your family has a history of bowel cancer. Is there any way you could get a new gp? It sounds worrying.

No. 1819619

ngl i dont think ive ever been constipated before so i didnt think of that kek. ill try it.
i eat lots of veggies but fruit is expensive as fuck in the winter so i havent been having much of it. i have a bunch of broccoli at home though, maybe ill steam it for dinner tonight

No. 1819719

I just took the meanest, most painful, smelliest shit. I've been constipated for a couple of days and I'm so relieved to finally get it out. To any constipated anons: the trick of putting a finger up your vagina and pushing works!!

No. 1819720

Is it dark blood? If so, that’s much more concerning than bright red blood. Please get a new GP asap. You’re going to want a different one anyway even if this turns out to be nothing, since he clearly is a piece of shit.

No. 1820523

I wore a reusable cotton period pad last night and this morning I woke up and my pussy smells like fucking ammonia. Like literal hair dye. So weird.

No. 1820552

today i shit my pants. how was your day anons?

No. 1820654

>wake up
>need to be out the house in an hour
>am vomiting stomach bile
body, why

No. 1820683

My dad, who also has bad psoriasis, and I call it our 'stamp collecting' because the bigger flakes can get all the way up to the size of stamps. I'm actually kinda proud whenever I manage to pry off one that size because with long hair it's not easy to keep them intact. I secretly want to keep the big ones but I always dispose of them like a normal person

No. 1820741

Does anyone else cry a little when they have a satisfying pee?

No. 1820754

Woke up, was taking a piss, hit my vape like the disgusting fiend I am and got so lightheaded that I fell off the toilet and hit my head on the wall

No. 1820762

The funniest thing that ever happened to me was fainting on the toilet, hitting my head on the bathtub, and then clear water shitting myself

No. 1820770

Woke up with my nose feeling weird and blocked up, but blowing it wasn't helping much. Then when I was brushing my teeth I coughed up a huge booger the size of a pea and felt better. I love clearing out the deep contents of my nose through my mouth

No. 1820772

A few years ago when I was young and very dumb I drank myself absolutely sick on mystery unlabeled liquor I found at an estate sale (they didn't realize the model I bought was actually a container for alcohol when they sold it to me) and injected more into my fucking ass. Passed out dead drunk before I could shit it out so some came out on the mattress while I slept. Dragged myself to the toilet the next morning and shat out thick goopy bloody globs of…something. My flesh?? I don't know. I never went to the doctor or told anyone because how could I.

No. 1820775

I burst out laughing. I'm glad you're ok nonninen!

No. 1820932

Horrifying thanks

No. 1823142

File: 1703183407198.png (74.9 KB, 302x271, 1689146476644442.png)

i got discharge all over my inner thighs, im never going commando again

No. 1823150

i’m trying to use the bathroom and my shit is so dry i can feel it at the entrance of my asshole but it is not coming out

No. 1823152

Sorry if this sounds creepy or disrespectful but reading that sorta got me flustered, instead of grossed out this got me blushing

No. 1823156

thank you but it wasnt very sexy kek it felt really cold

No. 1823164

Crush it by clenching your sphincter and it might come out. Counterintuitive but it can work.

No. 1823171

Hope you got it out nona

No. 1823186

Haha I did the same to my thumb wart in primary school. My parents wouldn't help me get rid of it for some reason so I just took cuticle scissors and cut it out. It was quite big (not flat, a whole fucking stump) and there was blood and all but yeah, it was mostly strangely painless. And it worked! it didn't come back. Damn what a daredevil I was back then

No. 1823202

File: 1703186317155.jpeg (63.1 KB, 711x500, IMG_9435.jpeg)

I hate it when this happens but the pic made me laugh

No. 1823205

Now imagine if we could rapidly fart on command

No. 1823235

I had a dream last night I drank my own breast milk and it was insanely delicious, tasted like cereal milk but better. I kinda wanna try it but I've got some kind of a mental block about drinking it

No. 1823256

Sometimes if I’m bored after a shower, I’ll roll around on my bed and make myself queef a bunch. I can actually kind of queef on command but only in a certain position lol

No. 1823269

What the fuck nona, this just made me laugh so hard kek

No. 1823283

No. 1823339

every time anon.

No. 1823352

Well… >>1823205
Ask >>1823256 for tips on queefing on command. It’s close enough.

No. 1823383

kek i used to do this too

No. 1823541

I get regular tonsil stones and I hate them so much. They're so fucking disgusting. I do everything you're supposed to do to prevent them but it doesn't work. I always feel like such a disgusting creature when I have to pop them out. They smell so bad when you get them out. I have no idea how bad my breath is because, idk, it's hard to tell when it's your own mouth, but I'm always PARANOID that I have bad breath because of this so I'm always chewing mint gum.

No. 1823544

I’ve tasted mine it’s like edible lotion, the only way I can describe it is sweet but plain

No. 1823545

I wish I was brave enough to fish mine out. I’m scared!

No. 1823548

I use a water flosser to get mine out. Much easier than using fingers or the back of a toothbrush.

No. 1823550

if they're bringing you discomfort it's best to get them out, it's not that hard, just gross. I take my phone flashlight in one hands and the rounded end of a paintbrush in the other and just gently push on my tonsil around where I see the stone, it'll pop right out.
I can't figure those things out to save my life. I just choke on all the water? you're literally aiming an infinite water stream down your throat, how is that supposed to work? I've tried it multiple times but gave up, i guess I'm too retarded for such advanced technology.

No. 1823555

My flosser is kinda skinny so I can get it right on top of the stone and then spray in short bursts. I'm surprised you can see them. I work off feel.

No. 1823557

They become visible when they get bad enough to cause discomfort, at least for me. Clearly they're deeper in there all the time, but I only work on getting them out when I can see where they are because otherwise I just wind up making my tonsils bleed with no results. I used to do it every day but it did more damage than good, so now I only take action when they get big enough to come out.
Does your flosser have a button on the wand part? maybe that's my problem, mine just has a dial on the base of it so it's like drinking from a fire hose.

No. 1823565

Yeah mine has a pulse button and a constant button. I only use the pulse. There's settings for intensity too.

No. 1823573

Anon this may help with your tonsil stones: stop eating lots of dairy and cheese

No. 1823574

I also have a dairy issue where it makes me break out, so I already try to cut down on it as much as I can (don't drink milk, no ice cream, stopped eating yogurt, etc). But if I never got to eat any cheese I would probably actually kill myself since I enjoy so little in life already kek

No. 1823577

you can also drink more water

No. 1823581

Yeah, I do that too (due to medication that makes me thirsty all the time). I think this is a genetic thing because my grandfather told me he has also always had terrible tonsil stones. I kind of wish I had gotten them removed like a lot of kids did back in the 50s kek, you can get them yoinked as an adult but the recovery is like 500 times worse than for children, weirdly.

No. 1823631

I have a giant zit on my ass and it hurts to sit on it. Why do I have to get one there of all places

No. 1823662

One evening during a less sober period of my life I went to remove my tampon only to find there was, in fact, two inside me.

No. 1823762

If anyone actually wants to know…get in a hip press type position, shoulders down pussy to the sky. Suck your stomach in, tighten your lower abdomen. Use your kegel skills to sort of pull in(wish I was better at describing)? And there you go.
The weird thing is…the lower a weight I am, the more I’m able to do it. I have no idea why that is. I’ve lurked ana spaces online i know, I know… and have seen some girls talk about something similar. Anorexia vagina is real I guess. I’m recovered now and a healthy weight but I still enjoy queefing like the good old days every now and then.

No. 1823767

Samefag but I can’t believe I forgot the most crucial element of the queef - pushing out after the pull in. Obviously. Sometimes it’s easier doing this while lowering your hips down. Merry Queefmas y’all thank you for listening.

No. 1825273

Currently ripping pieces of plantar wart off my foot with my teeth.

No. 1825277

Spread it to your face retard

No. 1825295

changing my pad after hours of wearing one is so relieving i feel so clean

No. 1825296

I totally feel you. Probably OCD, I've been told that my thought processes sound exactly like OCD.

No. 1825301

You can try using it in cooking. When I was weaning my daughter I made creamed cauliflower with my hind milk. She didn't eat all of it so I left some in the saucepan. Later I went into the kitchen and my husband was sat around the kitchen table with his friends and one of them told me that I was a really good cook because he had been eating leftover breast milk cauliflower without realising what it was.

If I feel tonsil stones in my throat, I wash my hands and then I stick my finger on the tonsil and press into it which pushes all the stones out.

No. 1825580

thought this said "charging my ipad after wearing one"

No. 1826166

i have a gland right next to my nipple that produces sebum and i can squeeze something out almost every day. it's like a little treat at the end of the day

No. 1826282

I threw out my tweezers to stop myself from plucking my genitals bald but just dug out a new hair peeking out on my inner labia and it felt so satisfying

No. 1826525

My again, I'm on day 4 of antibiotics and the urethra pain is gone but now whenever i need to pee its a sharp stabbing to my clit?

No. 1826541

I have been extra obsessed with plucking pubes recently but I want to curb it since I don't want to be bald there either. I also love getting the ones on the inner side of the labia majora, something about it is so satisfying but I don't grow much hair to begin with so there's only a few of this kind and I've already exhausted them all

No. 1826551

I obsessively pluck all the hair off only the left side of my bush for some reason, so now the left side looks sparse and sad while the right side is thriving and beautiful.

No. 1826725


No. 1826727

I have a super small tonsil stone and I’m so retarded with a really bad gag reflex my tongue kept moving in view of it, I’m trying to scrape it out wish me luck nonnies, it’s like really tiny

No. 1826762

gargle warm salt water first, it might even come out on its own.

No. 1826775

I think I might’ve shoved it even farther in the pocket. Whoops. It’s so small I can’t even like pull it out

No. 1826777

Well, like I said, salt water gargles are all you can do for now. Do them regularly and it should draw it out eventually. When you gargle, make sure you use your voice, go from low to high pitched, I do a little song, since it contorts your tonsils which helps the water penetrate.

No. 1826812

No one told me that the toilet in the room i'm staying doesn't flush… what the fuck? I'm just glad i didn't do other things in there but how am i supposed to "flush" it now? I don't want to ask them since i've already pissed in it i want to kill myself i hate sleeping outside

No. 1826814

If you can fill the toilet up with water (use a bucket or other container to transfer water from the sink) you can either manually trigger a flush or dilute the pee so it's more disceet

No. 1826816

Can't you lift the tank lid and manually pull the chain? Or is it not a traditional style toilet?

No. 1826876

Why not just use saliva?
It is also antibacterial

No. 1828462

late but the fact that you, someone wearing an adult diaper felt qualified enough to give dietary advice is a big kek

No. 1828547

When I get sick with the flu or other bad illnesses, my hips always hurt so incredibly bad. I've asked a few other women if that ever happens to them and they say no, kek. Am I the only one? Also, for some reason my clit will ache and get sensitive in a weird way, not exactly a pleasant way

No. 1828554

For some reason idk if anyone else gets this I’m guessing feeders do and that’s why they do whatever they do but when I’m really full, the pressure makes me horny somehow, I’m not fat and I don’t overeat all the time but when I do (it’s Christmas so I overdid it todya) I just was lying around after walking it off and I was sort of out of breath and horny

No. 1828568

I get horny when I drink too much (just generally, not alcohol) and have to pee. Literally every time. I can be sitting at work and if I have to pee, suddenly I get super horny. I'm a virgin but if I ever had sex, I'd definitely do it on a full bladder because it feels so incredible.

No. 1828570

Don't have sex on a full bladder you'll get utis

No. 1828578

How? it ensures you can pee right after, which is the advice given for avoiding UTIs.

No. 1828583

I could absolutely never relate. I hate feeling full omg. The other day I was constipated, yet my bf looked good and in between feeling uncomfortable I was like maybe if I lay on my back he could ride me but I literally asked him something like is it ugly when I'm bloated and he was like we could take a break tonight and I absolutely tool that personal as bloat = ugly

No. 1828612

Sounds more like he didn't want to deal with your shit

No. 1829220

Nothing feels better than squeezing a face pimple and the contents squirt far away, especially when the way of popping it is stretching on the sides until the pressure gives out. I love thinking that the pressure on a tiny amount of liquid can be so strong that it’s ripping my skin idk why

No. 1829241

I suck the toothpaste directly from the tube into my mouth instead of putting it on my toothbrush just feels easier

No. 1829252

I like early morning pissing because it feels like pissing in your sleep. The forbiddenness is so pleasurable

No. 1829330

This is actually why I hate morning peeing. I literally get PTSD flashbacks sometimes when I'm peeing because of the amount of times I've dream-pissed in my bed.

No. 1829333

I remember in the early 2000's they were removing tonsils left and right to every kid in my country kek. I never got them removed, but I was always jealous of the kids saying they just ate icecream and nothing else in the hospital.

No. 1829340

Your tonsils are pretty important for fending off colds and germs actually, don't feel bad you never got them removed. I got my appendix removed and while considerably more painful I'd argue it's way more useless to have that one around kek

No. 1829453

File: 1703629220118.jpeg (76.79 KB, 1170x1156, E602404B-1FB9-4E07-AEE6-0BEC9A…)

I have a bc implant and I get frequent spotting as a side effect but it’s so light I just free bleed kek not wasting my money on pads or tampons for the smallest trickle of watered down blood

No. 1829467

A rhinoceros beetle thinking about a pb&c sandwich. Hm.

No. 1829475

File: 1703631374333.jpg (198.78 KB, 720x686, MTXX_MH20231227_042453997.jpg)

I love editing bugs to be cute

No. 1829830

sometimes I'll rub some pussy juice on my fingers and then just sniff them while I watch TV or youtube. It smells so good to me.

No. 1829865

Same but I have the IUD. At most I'll get a little spotting in my undies but most of mine are black and it comes out in the wash. I'm so glad I don't have to use menstrual products and I'll never have to as long as I'm on it

No. 1832774

I remember being like 7 or 8 hanging out at my bestie's place. Our other friend suddenly noticed a bigass old toe nail on my best friend's table and cries out "who cut their toenail??", to which bestie hastily replies "i-it wasn't me". We all just sat there in dead awkward silence knowing a face-saving lie had taken place.

No. 1832804

I'm frequently fondling my vulva (and sometimes around the anal or perineal regions) when I'm hanging out by myself. It's not a sexual or masturbatory thing at all, it's just an absentminded fidgeting behavior. The squishy texture and the feeling of the hairs is soothing to my hand. I wash my hands very frequently btw like probably averaging 15+ times per day
I knew a male who expressed the exact same thing but with his scrotum, although I also know he doesn't wash his hands as much

No. 1833262

Something spilled in my bedroom trash and now there's black mold growing in there, ewww. I'm not even sure what it is because I don't throw any food or drinks away anywhere but my kitchen trash. I poured some bleach and water in it, but I think I'll just get a new one.

No. 1833328

I pick my nose and eat the boogers multiple times a day, and I also do this openly around family (but not in public, in public I go to a bathroom to do it since by now my nose is so used to it that it feels clogged if I don't pick). The problem is my right nostril has a permanent scab that bleeds every time, I also eat the scabs and the blood which tastes good but sometimes I worry if I'm going to dig through my nasal cartilage some day. Imagine having to go to the doctor for a perforated cartilage and explain that no doc, this is not from snorting coke.

No. 1833356

I don't but when you think about it it's all connected anyway. We swallow snot all day long whether we actively choose to do it or whether it passively happens.

No. 1833373

When I’m relaxing, best believe my hands are on my crotch, it’s so warm right there. I’ve had people think I’m masturbating but no I just like lying with my hand in my pants

No. 1833401

In every discussion where women question if vampires would drink period blood you always get those killjoys who assert that period blood is absolutely gross, disgusting, dirty and vampires would never drink it. Shut the fuck up, can't even get away from internalized misogyny even in a fictional scenario.

No. 1833416

Respectfully if someone asked me if I would like to drink blood with clots and mucus or blood without clots and mucus I’d go for the latter.

No. 1833429

Are you a man or gay? No? Then yes, of course you'd feel that way. Male vampires live to drink period blood and that's my headcanon.

No. 1833433

File: 1703882303058.jpg (108.31 KB, 768x512, soon to be keroppis.jpg)

When I had this discussion irl I got told it's because people don't see period blood as actual blood, as if one of males favorite sermons isn't "I don't trust anything that bleeds for a week straight and doesn't die"
I enjoy aloe vera and basil seed drinks very much

No. 1833439

It's like with or without pulp.

No. 1833444

>people don't see period blood as actual blood
Which is stupid, because so many women have anemia due to their periods. People love to act as if period blood isn't extremely nutrient-dense, it has to be to support life.

No. 1833445

Kek don’t give them ideas soon there will be a coomer series about vampires raiding menstruating women’s panties for the high nutrient

No. 1833446

I use my vibrator over my underwear because I hate the mess that comes when I do it bare. It just kind of all collects in the underwear, and I change it after every session. I’m not a gooner so I don’t do this every day, but sometimes I’ll get so much out, that when I use the bathroom, it looks like someone drooled in my panties. And because I’m a nasty bitch, sometimes I touch it.

No. 1833454

>I’ll get so much out, that […] it looks like someone drooled in my panties.
That's completely normal. That's not "so much".
I do the same (over clothes) but that's because I hate accidentally pulling my hairs.

No. 1833461

File: 1703883264260.jpeg (40.14 KB, 640x480, 50244F35-BC93-4556-89D2-46E69D…)

Only thing a period stops is a sentence, baby. My bf eats me out on my period as long as it’s in the first 2 days where it’s just bloody idc but when my period is toward the end I’m embarrassed of having brown dried blood. And I don’t feel so hot.

No. 1833464

Your boyfriend is a chad. Leagues above the average man who squeals in fear if a woman so much as mentions she has a period or has a little bit of arm hair.

No. 1833496

I hate when the wetness gets on my clit if I'm using my finger or a vibrator. I'll wipe it off with my undies or something before continuing.
Also when I use my vibrator on my clit I press it on it and then kind of push it upwards towards my mon

No. 1833503

I regret pulling out my hair. Not only is it growing back uncomfortable, it's thinner than before. When I try to pluck it again It doesn't even have that hurt I like so much. Even the ingrowns aren't much fun to pluck. And it sucks waiting for everything to regrow. Maybe I need someone else to wax me.

No. 1833506

It's so crazy how different sexuality is for everyone, because I get annoyed if I don't get any juice on my clit. The slip reduces the feeling but simultaneously makes it feel better because mentally it's hot to feel the wetness Nta.

No. 1833596

File: 1703889918580.jpg (27.81 KB, 640x360, 6b008ea72059e12840cf1a0226ff41…)

I used to love popping out my brothers blackheads. They've always been less interested in skincare than me so they always had pimples they left on their faces for the longest time. I used to pop their pimples so often they complained to my mom, and my brother actually tried to pop my mom's pimples, s then my mom made it a rule to only pop your own pimples. Ever since going on tret, I barely have pimples.

No. 1833598

only for satisfying shits

literally why i never go commando

No. 1833608

kids are so funny

No. 1833611

like OJ, with or without pulp?

No. 1833641

You ever get those weird clogged pores/follicles under your boob? Not quite a pimple or a blackhead? Pulling them out with tweezers is so satisfying. Sadly my new body wash keeps the girls fresh

No. 1833656

I had a blister in my mouth from my teeth rubbin my gums, and it was so satisfying when it finally popped. I was afraid to do it with something sharp but it finally happened when I went over it super hard with my toothbrush.

No. 1833823

I’ve been picking my scalp and eating the scabs for 30 minutes now, I feel like a monkey searching for bugs but instead of bugs it’s crunchy scalp

No. 1833840

I used a piece of hard paper to scoop the oil from my forehead and nose and I'm now genuinely disgusted at how much oil my skin produces but there is jackshit I can do about it without going full ana or using some retinoid or some other expensive ass skincare I can't afford.

No. 1833843

The Ordinary has cheap retinoid stuff

No. 1833867

do I have to use it forever or is it temporary until I fix it? I would mind adding +15$ to my monthly skincare just so I would have a little less oil. I could just wash or blot my face instead.

No. 1833890

Omg finally someone who understands me

No. 1833990

File: 1703913934707.jpg (114.4 KB, 735x1082, 4497463541c2f1156fafd461eed13d…)

I just pooped and there was blood in it. I'm not particularly worried cause it was roch hard (yeah I'm dehydrated) and I think that's why I'm bleeding. I'm only concerned because blood = wound, so does that mean shit could enter the wound and give me an infection?

Picrel is how I'm feeling right now

No. 1833992

I meant rock but I can't delete so I give up

No. 1833996

Are you close to your period? Sometimes this happens to me and I start me period shortly after

No. 1833997

My husband won’t have period sex with me and I’m kind of turned off about it. It just seems kind of immature and I’ve never had a man with an issue with this before. I’ve even had exes willing to go down there which I’m not even asking for. Also during my time of the month I’m most hormonal so that adds extra saltiness to it all. Inb4 ‘why get married’ sometimes it’s nice.

No. 1834070

Having an innie vagina is the worst. I don't care if moids fetishize it, this shit sucks. Navigating it sucks. Masturbating it sucks. It's harder to have sex with. It has always bothered me, not that I've had a lot of good experiences thus far but it makes any kind of sexual contact even more awkward because it's like navigating the fucking arctic

No. 1834078

I have an innie too but I don't understand what you mean? majority of female anatomy drawings are of innie vaginas, at worst my lips will be too puffy and I have to spread them to insert something in but it's not unusual for women. if you're having that much difficulty there's probably something wrong with your anatomy other than just having an innie vagina

No. 1834079

I’d also be annoyed by this faggy behavior and I don’t even like having period sex. I’ve never been with a dude who gave a shit if I was on my period, if I wanted to have sex they wanted to have sex too kek. As god intended.

No. 1834080

Trauma. I don't think I have vaginismus.

No. 1834085

fuck is an innie vagina

No. 1834086

This doesn’t make sense to me either, what are you talking about? An innie just means that your inner labia don’t extend past your outer labia, how would it possibly make sex or masturbating more difficult?

No. 1834093

Nta and I literally know nothing about pussy science but my first thought is that she probably has lubrication problems due to trauma and I have seen another anon in the past say her clit was too small for stimulation or something, so I assume that kind of thing?

No. 1834264

I hate to tell you this but I was with a guy like this and as it turned out he was an actual faggot who preferred a man’s asshole to my vagina

No. 1834269

He sounds pathetic.

No. 1834288

buy a dildo clearly bigger than him and let him know you will be sliding through that the entire period week unless he steps up.

No. 1834368

there are actual callous shavers you can get at most drug stores that are fantastic for this, they shave mine like one long orange peel. highly recommend for both amount of skin sliced off and the neatness of the results (my heels look much nicer than when id just pick at them while i was watching tv)

No. 1834371

i quite like the reusable pads for both breath-ability and smell improvement reasons. dont like insertables and regular pads are apparently chock full of nasty chemicals. i always found them lacking on absorbancy and just generally felt smellier in them. these days even on my period my pussy smells more normal, just average neutral scent.
i have no idea why yours did this, unfortunately! maybe if they're new, throw them in the wash before first use.

No. 1834378

This is what I would do to be petty as fuck.

No. 1834386

One or two weeks ago I had some acne all over my body because my period was even worse than usual, I popped a small zit on my thigh but it was in the back of my thigh so I didn't notice it became a huge red/purple bruise and now I feel a soft bump where it is. I have no clue what to do because it's not painful and I only noticed this yesterday when showering.

No. 1834473

Samefag, this has been weighing on my mind, so I have to confess that I lied. I know what caused the mold…I was brushing my teeth and spitting in my trash on nights where i was incredibly tired. I guess the bag had a leak so the spit leaked out. This is probably the grossest thing I've ever confessed to, I'm really sorry

No. 1834475

period poops are so insanely painful it literally feels like i might die sometimes but the relief when it passes is unreal

No. 1834564

I love when my cat eats tuna or his regular food and when I snuggle with him or have my face close to his, and he yawns and I can smell his fishy breath, the thing is I am a vegetarian too kek!! I just think everything about him is so cute. I also love cleaning his eyes, when he has crusty stuff in the corners of his eyes, I love picking it out

No. 1835176

>tfw i have female/clitoral phimosis
that explains everything about my problem with masturbation and how it absolutely never does anything for me. i'm so disgusted with myself i don't feel like going through the effort to fix it so i guess i'll just continue to live like this now

No. 1835873

first shit of 2024 let’s go

No. 1836014

Laying on my floor and a patch of it still smells sour from when I puked on it a couple months ago. I had very bad heart burn and fell asleep sitting up after taking a shit load of tums and taking my dads prescription for his acid reflux. I woke up like two hours later and puked sour milk on the floor, smelt it and puked on it again before crying and passing out on the couch. Cleaned it as best as I could the following morning but I am haunted by it when I lay on my floor

No. 1836017

Pretty sure this is universal amongst us.

No. 1836062


No. 1836070

So do I nonnie. The way I masturbate for as long as I remember is by putting my index and middle finger on the labia majora and then kind of moving the fingers up and down which puts pressure on the inside of the clitoris basically. I hope that helps. Clitoris is a pretty large organ on the inside so there's many ways to stimulate it. The worst thing about it being completely obscured is that oral does almost nothing for me, but that's the cards I've been dealt I guess, never thought too much about it.

No. 1836181

I have my ears pierced but never wear earrings. For some reason my holes have never closed. Just now I pulled out what I can only describe as a "plug" of dead skin out of my ear piercing holes. It felt amazing. I want to do it again but now I have to wait for the dead skin to build up again.

No. 1836183

I bought half hoop piercings designed for septum and put on my earring holes. that way I dont need to wear earrings ever, the holes don't close and it feels more hygienic to have a safe metal in it instead of leaving the hole open. also it looks cool when I notice I have them.

No. 1836201

File: 1704138425183.jpg (71.8 KB, 735x723, piercings.jpg)

>I have my ears pierced but never wear earrings
Same. I've had mine pierced since a baby and I even got second holes pierced in my ears just to find out I hate how heavy earrings feel. I still like how multiple ear piercings look though.

No. 1836215

I alway pee when I poop

No. 1836225

File: 1704140408369.png (1.85 MB, 1182x856, baumkuchen.PNG)

alright here we go
>I pick my nose and wipe it on various undersides and corners of furniture in my bedroom. Sometimes I'll brush my hand under my desk and knock off all the dried boogers and sweep them up.
>Sometimes I just smell my own underpants. I don't know why. I kind of like it but also think it's weird. I just like to smell my own scent I guess.
>Nervous habit: grabbing my boobs and also grabbing my labia. Working from home has made this worse because I can be hands-in-my-pants 24/7 with nobody noticing. I don't play with myself I just kinda… hold onto them.
>Maybe not too gross but I rarely use gloves when I clean. I like to keep the house clean but I also have a weird relationship with germs, like I want to be the right amount of germy. I am inclined to believe that this is one of the reasons I rarely get sick
>Sometimes I don't wash my hands after I piss
>If I sweat I like to touch the sweat with my fingers and then smell it


No. 1836250

love this thread so much, i too am mesmerized by the gross things my piercings produce, but if i can respectfully ask an off topic question: anyone know if there's a style name for that conch ring with the dangling bead strings? looks cool, i have a friend who'd really rock that.

No. 1837376

File: 1704244418236.jpg (79.23 KB, 894x916, hello-shitty.jpg)

Here are my best retarded toilet tips that I'm far too embarrassed to ever tell anyone irl kek

>use the fucking toilet brush

It's purpose is literally to clean off the poop streaks that won't flush down on its own. This seems obvious but you'd be surprised over how many people do not know this.
>sit as far out on the toilet as possible to make your pee silent
I know a shit ton of women are embarrassed over the sound of their pee, myself included (rightfully so as we've seen countless troon think it's a sexual thing just hear hear women pee). Your peeing only makes a splashing sound if you directly hit the water with the pee-stream, in most toilets you can instead hit the side of the toilet if you just sit as far out as possible as you can. Ever since I started doing it 95% of my peeing is soundless. Some women lean to the side but I find that a lot less reliable and more uncomfortable.
>poop only stinks when it's not under water
The water prevents the stink from spreading. If you're really brave you can roll some toilet paper up and push your stray above-water-poop down under the water and it won't stink up the bathroom. You can do it mid-poop session, just clasp a sheet of paper to your butthole to prevent poop from smearing while you stand up to do it.
>put a few sheets of toilet paper at the bottom to prevent poop splashing
The key is too only use a FEW sheets, and to "glue" them to the sides using a tiny bit of water. More sheets do not help more, and only make you clog the toilet. Spread a single sheet around each sides to prevent poop streaks.
>You can unclog your toilet with your hand in plastic bag
This is kinda gross but your hand stays 100% clean and dry through the whole process. I always keep a few plastic freezer bags in the bathroom in case I clog the toilet. You use the bag as a glove and use your hand to split the poop and paper blocking the way down there. Also before you do it, run your plastic-wrapped hand under the tap just to make sure there's no hole in the bag.
>Two options to fart fully silently
1 is to grab toilet paper and press it tight against your butthole as you fart. It fully just muffles the sound. 2 if you're not in the bathroom, but for example in bed or under a blanket, if you can reach your own butthole without people seeing/noticing it - if you just pull your buttcheeks apart (pulling on one side with one hand is enough) to "open" the butthole more the fart-air will just silently go out without a sound.

Ok i'm done for now, happy shitting nonas kek

No. 1837385

I wish I could finger myself in the shower standing up without my butt walls relaxing. How do girls do this without shitting themselves? Using the toilet before showering doesn’t help. Is my stupid ass just too soft and uwu pliable for its own fucking good? I wish she’ll toughen up. I’m like, this has nothing to do with you and yet you’re getting yourself involved. You’re showing your exposing your worst secrets unprompted. It’s rude, impolite, and inappropriate, and I wish you’d stop.

No. 1837441

>If you're really brave you can roll some toilet paper up and push your stray above-water-poop down under the water and it won't stink up the bathroom. You can do it mid-poop session, just clasp a sheet of paper to your butthole to prevent poop from smearing while you stand up to do it.
Anon…just flush the toilet mid-poop…please stop sticking your hands in it

No. 1837692

No you only get flush per pooping session kek
I'm joking but I've also seen establishments that charge you money to use toilets that only allow one flush per pay

No. 1837709

I don't get why my farts are so disgusting lately, maybe this is why I don't eat sweets too often, I just can't stop farting.

No. 1837711

Those establishments deserve to be stinked up, nona. Don't set yourself on fire to keep pay-toilets warm.

No. 1837712

This is the first post that’s making me really uncomfortable ITT. It’s haunting my thoughts.

No. 1837928

Pretty sure I'm ovulating on the left side this month. I never used to be able to tell but lately I fucking can

No. 1839438

I actually love the way my period smells. It smells like mud and Greek yogurt.

No. 1839468

Could be your protein intake? If you're having high protein consumption your farts can be absolutely deadly.

No. 1839471

Nona has been to the toilet mines and has come back with invaluable shitting knowledge.

No. 1839475

When I was a child, my mother would get angry with me if I used the toilet late at night, so I would instead pee in a corner, onto the floor. Somehow she was barely bothered by that.

No. 1839492

My shits are always, ALWAYS, hard as a rock and rip my asshole open so bad the water turns red. I have tried everything to fix it
>drink my weight in water every day
>large serving of fruit with every meal
>Literally even eating prunes
>Massaging sphincter before shitting
>taking warm bath before shitting
>clenching the poop as it comes out to try to make it smaller (this always makes me tear worse for some reason)
I'm out of ideas and I'm scared the tearing is just going to continue to get more severe. A lifetime of this and I'll probably be split in half from my asshole by the time I'm an old woman.

No. 1839494

Time to ask a doctor.

No. 1839495

Autists both of you, kinda cute to be honest

No. 1839506

I can't afford a doctor's visit for something non-emergency unfortunately. Hopefully my butthole tears do not progress to emergency level kek. But imagine if you bled out and died from taking a hard shit omfg the humiliation…

No. 1839518

I had a really painful ingrown hair on my pubes, but it was too deep to actually pull out or fix right away. So I got tweezers, sort of made a tiny hole at the top, and a long curly hair popped out of it. This was twice as long as the surrounding pubes, it must’ve been in there a while. The relief was amazing. I wish I took a picture of it because that’s a hair pluck for the history books. I can’t talk about this with anyone irl cause it’s gross

No. 1839527

Anon eat the fibers with a cup of water, otherwise it's going to make you gassy and your poop will be hard asf. I also thought water alone would do the trick but nope. I know this bcz I tested it and my stool comes out softer when I eat the fiber with a cup of water, fiber is very tricky you need to consume it the right way or it will fuck you up further. Also try peanuts, and doing exercise like jumping and stuff

No. 1839532

Also try different positions while shitting, my favorite and most comfortable one is fully resting my back on the sink, kinda like when you sit on a regular chair but way more relaxed, it makes things smoother at least for me, when I'm having a hard time I just do that and the chances of the poop ripping my asshole are lower I noticed

No. 1839577

Try eating a low carb diet such as keto, carnivore or paleo.

There's plenty of anecdotal evidence that it can improve symptoms of IBS and other disorders. There's also a few small studies that indicate that does work for some patients.

>A VLCD provides adequate relief, and improves abdominal pain, stool habits, and quality of life in IBS-D.

It's worth trying if you've tried everything else and nothing has worked.

No. 1839581

I have a bean-sized, firm lump under my skin in the area between my inner thigh and vulva. It's been there for a couple years now, doesn't seem to be growing or going away. It's definitely not a pimple or a cyst, it doesn't hurt and the skin isn't red at all. I figure if it was dangerous it would have killed me by now, but I really wonder what it is. I kind of want to take a razor blade to it and dig it out or cut into it to see what it is, but I think there are some major arteries in that area so I won't… probably…

No. 1839598

Kinda same, I have one or two hard lumps in my right labia area. I had it checked by a doctor who wasn't a gyno years ago, and they said it is probably just a cyst. I keep meaning to have it examined by an actual gyno. I've been to the gynecologist twice since then for unrelated reasons and both times I chickened out of asking them to examine the lump. I figure that it's probably, hopefully not hurting me.

No. 1839601


I’d still get it checked out, I had something like that just above the crack, where the spine dips a bit. It was a benign tumor. Nothing deadly but it has the potential to come back as cancer

No. 1839669

Has anyone here tried self-waxing? I love seeing the little white bulbs

No. 1839674

I tend to see those when i pluck hairs. There's something satisfying about seeing the root of the hair, i feel cleansed. At the same time i cannot believe such a thing was buried under my skin.

No. 1839710

This is still making me kek

No. 1839798

Not the best shill but have you tried pill stimulant laxatives? My former eating disorder effed up my system so now I take them to have a decent pain free shit

No. 1840278

Spoiler because despite feeling I've done grosser things, this is still gross
(and I've posted in this thread twicce)
I was getting eaten out a few days ago, and since I don't shave, the discharge tends to clump it together and it was morning sex, my boyfriend just mentioned "it's stuck lol" and starts to try and separate it with his tongue, and it just felt weird cause it was like a cage and heh had to break through

No. 1840305

Your bf is a real one for that

No. 1840319

Why was I late for work today? Because in an overzealous attempt to make the tampon not go sideways for once in my life I shoved the cardboard applicator in too far and had to pop a squat and fidget around for 10 minutes to get the damn thing out. You’d think after uhhhh 18 years I’d be better at this.

No. 1840320

I love ingrown hair/toenail removing videos so much. I wish I had more ingrown hairs so I could pull them out more often. I want the really long ones too.

No. 1840331

I've never shaved my pubic hairs, but I love plucking them with tweezers. I don't want a whole pubic area full of ingrowns, so I just have a tiny spot that I repeatedly pluck and grow out. Sometimes they become ingrown hairs and it's so satisfying to take that extra time and care to get the whole hair out with the root.

No. 1840340

I once had an ingrown hair that made a bump on my skin and when I could finally pluck it out it came out all curled up so it was like plucking out a big chunk but it was only one hair. The hair was probably like 5cm long when I unraveled it. It was so gross but so so satisfying. I'll never forget it kek

No. 1840373

My ex bf, who was meticulous about his hygiene, got a cyst on his back once, probably from an ingrown hair after haven shaved his back just one time during summer. I don't remember how but it ruptured one day and I drained it. There was so much puss and it smelled exactly like ass sweat, I loved every second of it. The cyst didn't go away so I order him to the doctor, and the one he saw also tried to drain it and allegedly was retching while doing it kek. In the end he got it surgically removed because that's what you have to do apparently.

No. 1840404

I fucking HATE IT when the tampon goes sideways it’s like what the fuck shape do you think my vagina is, tampon. Do your ONE job.

No. 1840406

Having a tampon in sounds so painful? I can only use pads because I have a really heavy flow and it feels a lot better to just have a pad on and allow the blood to flow out freely, using a tampon sounds like putting a cork on a river and it getting all backed up

No. 1840410

I had covid for 2 weeks and appropriately my sex drive evaporated into thin air, just thinking about sex was gross, but now I’ve recovered and I am suddenly so horny I cannot concentrate at work, what the fuck. When you get this honey that you can’t even function it really makes you feel like a wild boar or something fmlfmlfml I wish you could take sick days for being too horny

No. 1840417

If it goes in right, you can’t feel it at all and it’s so much better than sitting in blood all day. If it goes in wrong, (like 5% of the time for me) it’s not painful usually but is pretty uncomfortable. Still worth it to me though. But I’ve been a tampon user since literally day 1 kek. My mom was like
>you put it in? That fast? No problems? Uh… okay
And I was like what, was it supposed to be difficult? Kekkkk

No. 1840437

Dude try it, I thought the same but then I tried it and I will never go back

No. 1840470

Tampons suck, for ME it's the disposable menstrual disc (flex)
>no scraping like with a tampon if you pull it out too "dry"
>can auto-dump while pissing, emptying it then you just wipe and go about your day, can wear it for 12 hours
>no weird chemicals
>no need to boil it or reuse it just toss it

No. 1840471

i dont think i will ever switch from pads even if it means killing all the fish in the world

No. 1840474

I don’t mind tampons at all but this kinda sounds like a game changer

No. 1840476

I don't like having anything inside normally, there's no way in hell I'm putting in something when I'm bleeding and sore and dying

No. 1840490

Do you guys drink coffee or tea after you eat to help you digest it faster? A lot of people seem to get confused when I make a cup of coffee at 7 pm.

No. 1840594

So I understand that bidets are objectively going to be more clean; of course water is better than dry paper. But that said, I feel like they’re over hyped. I am not trying to sound uwu but like, when I poop it’s not exactly messy. It passes and usually takes maybe 6 -8squares to be totally clean, for the paper to show clean I mean. The paper is free of residue and I feel okay! Again, a bidet is of course gonna be better but I think the dirtiness of non bidet users is exaggerated. Unless like some people, men presumably some how get poo all over themselves.

No. 1840620

I've had this happen and it's so satisfying. I love feeling like novice Dr Pimple Popper.

My other TMI is tho knowing it's bad for my face, I like occasionally squeezing my own blackheads and zits out and watching them ooze. I hate the state of letting a pimple fester on my face. Let that goo out! Let it goo! My pores are so massive, nobody will notice if it leaves a scar!

No. 1840625

This is true for me too. My poop is well formed and firm, so when i clean myself i just need 4 wipes max. I do feel the need to use water when its runny or i'm still dirty after 4 wipes

No. 1840626

Tasted my cum and it tasted like something metallic or like salty milk. If I ever have a gf, I will never let her eat me out.

No. 1840631

that's normal during follicular phase/right after your period or after having a moid cum inside of you (which i guess isn't what happened). food and drugs can also alter the taste of your vagina juices

No. 1840632

i also tasted my cum (automatically regretted it afterwards), it tasted slightly salty but nothing to write home, just like regular snot

No. 1840694

I feel weird for not getting wet the way other women describe. My wetness pretty much never leaves my vagina and just kinda hangs out in there, I get a little discharge occasionally but if I’m aroused it’s not like anything’s coming out. It seems too sticky to drip out anyway? Descriptions of dripping or soaking through stuff or whatever have always confused me. Used to make me feel unsexy but the cleanliness is nice. Just built different I guess.

No. 1840703

Maybe I should try that. Caffeine has little effect on me anyway

No. 1840712

I went reusable disc from tampons and am never going back. It actually changes your life nonas do it. But do reusable not disposable, it’s more sustainable. It’s like $30 iirc.

No. 1840720

i wish this was me, i'm like shayna i seriously hate feeling wet its just gross and it ruins my mood whem i'm feeling horny i wish i didn't get wet at all

No. 1840963

I thought I recovered my sense of taste and smell after covid, but I have realized I can taste everything except chocolate, and smell everything except my farts. My farts smell like nothing to me now which makes no sense because I can smell other stinky things, like eggs. I kind of miss it.

No. 1841034

This is normal. Women becoming dripping wet to the point that they soak their underwear is a hentai meme.

No. 1841044

Eh, maybe not soaking but it definitely gets on your underwear if you’re very aroused. I suppose it will vary depending on the person.

No. 1841070

But shayna is dry af

No. 1841074

I like wipes better than bidets. I’ve only used a bidet once and I swear it made even more a mess and I accidentally spayed my coochie and I was so scared I got shit particles on it and would get a UTI maybe I didn’t use it right but I love baby wipes or even summers even not dude wipes because assholes have tastebuds and it felt like my booty was sucking on a mint when I used dude wipes

No. 1841080

If I've came like 6 times back to back, when I pull my undies up and go about my day it will soak my undies.
Rarely have I been so turned on it gets that wet without touching anything though. Maybe once

No. 1841153

Omg you can cum 6 times in a row? You’re lucky I can only finish once and then that’s it for the next threee hours

No. 1841155

Unfortunately i soak through underwear. When i was a teen i had no sex education and actually thought i was somehow leaking pee whenever i got turned on.

No. 1841156

man i wish im pretty sure ever since i hit puberty theres always been discharge on my underwear that my parents thought i was screwing really young while doing the laundry. theres been weird moments where i feel like my period started from warmth only to find its discharge when i go to the bathroom. pulling your wet underwear up that are now cold to go back to work is a weird type of disgusting.

No. 1841165

Your parents have a place in hell

No. 1841550

My parents have always blamed me for discharge as well. I couldn't help it, I basically always have it and my mother made me wear pads ALWAYS. Literally always. She didn't think it was discharge, she thought it was piss and that I was just dirty. I remember hating myself and thinking I was a freak because no other girl I knew had to wear pads all the time.

No. 1841765

I tried on shoes at the thrift store and got athlete's foot.

No. 1841768

Holy shit, through socks and all?

No. 1841777

how does your mom not know what discharge is? she definitely also has it like every other woman on earth

No. 1841778

i wore pads all the time for a while too because i was sick of being questioned or made fun of for it within our house. at some point i stopped caring again though and apparently the women in my family said it runs in the family. my family really didnt care about tmi talk now that i think about it.

No. 1841786

Yeah, they were these cute mary jane shoes. Happened once before too, I've never had a problem with buying second hand shoes online but for some reason in store they're almost always disgusting even if they don't look it.

No. 1841787

>the women in my family said it runs in the family
wat? discharge runs in every family kek, all women have it. i'm sorry so many of you had unhinged households

No. 1841789

new fear unlocked. I have been collecting shoes from thrift stores like candy. I will stop doing that (especially because I never fucking wear them because they're not even my style…. i just have weird shaped feet so i buy any shoe that fits me and is cheap enough that i can destroy them with my needed modifications)…

No. 1841794

All ranges from bone dry to soaking wet are completely normal, and nothing to feel any particular way about. The only thing that matters is knowing what's normal for your specific vagina.

No. 1841806

Oops, sorry nonna!

No. 1841863

Every time i trim my pubes i need to masturbate to celebrate.

No. 1841880

I really enjoy my natural scent, I know it's gross but I actually like the smell of my sheets when they've been slept-in for a few weeks better than freshly washed ones because the bed smells like me and I think it's pleasant. I'll put my head under the covers and just enjoy it.

No. 1841916

This and the "how do blind people know when to stop wiping" thing people ask have me feeling confused, when I wipe it's usually totally clean or just has a few tiny specks. Is this abnormal? I've always felt afraid to ask but I don't understand when people talk about it being messy and thought it was like a man thing or just people with terribly greasy diets

No. 1842017

I’ve had weird brown spots under my boobs for almost a year and I tried everything to get rid of them including alcohol (because I think it’s caused by bacteria?), but recently I just started using a very rough body scrubber and it’s like 95% cleared now. Super satisfied, but I feel gross knowing the soft loofahs I’ve always used never really did anything for me.

No. 1842062

My record is 32 back to back

No. 1842069

And you're writing to us from beyond the grave, yes?

No. 1842075

I thought I was crazy having a record of 18, you are truly evolved nona

No. 1842080

File: 1704602385203.jpeg (27.21 KB, 618x496, IMG_2177.jpeg)

I rarely can do more than once because of my meds, you are truly blessed queen

No. 1842081

wow thats high, I don't think I've managed that. With the right tool I can easily do 15-20 but then I start to lose interest. 14 is my record with no tools, it's a lot more tiring as it involves more elbow grease.

No. 1842082

I never counted my record, but It's probably like 12. They get less satisfying as they go on at least for me, so eventually the exhaustion cost of going again outweighs the pleasure return. I usually do 3-6 and then call it a night.

No. 1842115

If I were capable of this I would never leave my room

No. 1842579

really built up a good stink these past 4 or 5 days but couldn't take it anymore and had to scrub myself down today, hobo baths weren't cutting it. Lowkey feels satisfying and grounding to just be for a few days sometimes. I used to really struggle with showering and not doing it still comforts me maybe I like having the control. But getting very specific bath products helps too. I only use purple products and fruity stuff like grape or kids bubble bath that smells like sour candy

No. 1842581

Man sometimes women lie

No. 1842591

I lie all the time on lolcow dot farm

No. 1842648

I hate when sit down for a shit but the urge goes away. I also hate loose sloppy shits that just plop out of your bootyhole. I love a good long straining shit..
I'm drunkq

No. 1842659

File: 1704650074247.jpeg (21.45 KB, 608x598, 10E17ECD-12DB-4B8A-B15A-D0E927…)

my toenails are honestly discolored and thick and fucked up but they don’t cause me much pain and i would rather do amateur surgery every three months than present these fetid dogs to a foot doctor

No. 1842665

Girl just see a podiatrist already. Lie and say you do rock climbing or soccer or some other sport and they won’t bat an eye. It’s literally their job to look at nasty feet.

No. 1842672

It's caused by a fungus. Get anti fungal and cure it at all.

No. 1842675

Tea tree oil slathered all over would change her life and its cheap

No. 1842709

Same nona and I'm very ashamed of it, I don't think my toenails will ever not be fucked up anymore. I was supposed to go on antifungal pills for it but the GP never got back to me and I don't know how to chase it up

No. 1842737

My feet are cavemanesque at the bottom because I walk around my yard barefooted. They’re pretty on top painted toes and then you flip it and it’s grey and looks like a English muffin on my heel. Yes I scrape with a pumice stone and all that but I fuck it all back up by walking around on concrete and dirt barefoot

No. 1842765

original foot anon and holy shit, what an apt description of my feet. i keep my nails trimmed and painted black to cover the nasty but the bottom of my foot is like shredded jerky. i delight in using tweezers to pick at the thick calluses on my heel kek

i’ll look into this and the antifungals to see if amazon can save me from the inevitable podiatrist visit

No. 1843091

I hate scrubbing my mons pubis in the shower cause I don't use soap there so there's no slip. Also I hate when I wash my ass and the soap I do use there starts leaking to my vag and inner thighs

No. 1843125

I thought you said you hated scrubbing your mom's pubis at first

No. 1843127

I masturbate by humping my hands with my underwear still on so I have produced literal ecosystems in my crotch from sitting around in soaked panties for weeks and not changing them or showering.

No. 1843149

File: 1704672238305.jpg (23.09 KB, 736x670, 1688657940885.jpg)

No. 1843156

File: 1704672705990.jpg (411.22 KB, 1467x1468, 1000013201.jpg)

Does your pussy smell like garlic and onions too?

No. 1843161

are u me

No. 1843164

I wish it did that sounds amazing

No. 1843174

Go change underwear right now, thats an order

No. 1843196

ok but why do you do this

No. 1843229

I'm sorry but I have to gatekeep here, walking round barefoot is not TMI you just described having bare feet.

No. 1843230

File: 1704677381067.jpg (120.23 KB, 657x657, image_05e2acc9-0747-4aff-a84d-…)

I just saw the first uterine lining in my period, and it's surprisingly light in color. My uterus lining is usually a deep dark red, like probably around the color of these pomegranate seeds. Plus my cramps and pain symptoms have been getting worse like within the past year, when typically I have painless periods. Don't know what happened.

No. 1843233

File: 1704677503370.jpg (85.44 KB, 840x525, 2b5de045-6bfe-4c91-8637-1852cb…)

Samefag, my current lining is similar to the color of these pomegranate seeds. See the difference? I always referred to my lining as slugs cause that's what they look like, but when they're light red they don't look like slugs, just weird chunks of thin skin. I want my slugs back!

No. 1843416

pulled out a navel stone buried inside of my belly button. there were hairs (i guess cause i have abdominal hair) attached to it and everytime i pulled on it i could feel the rest of it and how deep it was.

No. 1843531

gagged a little reading this but I bet that felt amazing to be rid of

No. 1843717

I like to flex my bunghole and fart

No. 1843878

I took an adderall with black tea for breakfast and I cannot stop shitting. I was constipated for five days, but I started pooping normally three days ago so I thought I was fine but apparently I'm now just clearing out the backlog. Send help.

No. 1843911

It's so annoying how I get constipated whenever I have guests at home, I just can't shit comfortably, and then when I'm alone I have a terrible diarrhea that makes me feel like I'm losing like 3 kilos at once. My belly looks huge, like I'm pregnant, but I don't even eat that much, actually, I eat less than usual whenever I have guests at home because I'm too busy paying attention to them to give a fuck about my own food intake.
Like, on Friday I tried on my swimsuit because I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for me to go to the beach, by Saturday night my stomach looked like a pregnant woman's stomach, at night, on Sunday, I had to go to the bathroom like 6 times in a row.

No. 1843916

File: 1704724714723.jpg (30.32 KB, 552x552, 2XLEKEzesseCJ8KM9JRnszua90C-mo…)

i haven't eaten any beef since giving birth almost 6 months ago because my lochia smelled like ground beef.

No. 1843979

My throat infection got so bad I have to spit into a bucket because I can't swallow anything. I can't wait until this nightmare is over, I feel too weak to get up and eat something because I can't eat anything without it feeling like swallowing glass.

No. 1844275

a quality sex toy would make me a little less self hating whenever I masturbate but my cheapskate self does not want to spend money on one

No. 1844375

I've never felt more spiritually connected to anyone more than the nonas in the TMI thread. Bless all of you.
Anyways, I completely gave up on bowel movements and been doing diy enemas every time I have to shit by removing the shower head and sicking it up my anus. Then I just clench it with the water inside, sit on the toilet and instant-shit everything out. Feels clean as fuck afterwards and takes me like 2 minutes.

No. 1845658

My anus and vulva areas become super fucking dry and itchy during my period (not sure if it's the pads or just the hormones or blood) and I have to take breaks going to the bathroom to scratch myself with toilet paper, and I always scratch hard enough to bleed. Then it's painful and scabs form. No I don't want to go the doctor and show them my pussy so they can give me some useless cream kek

No. 1845669

Put some otc steroid cream and gentle face lotion on it

No. 1847343

I have a slightly TMI question, when you wax frequently does the hair ever grow back white? I have trichotillomania and I've noticed some white pubic hairs, which I read is supposedly from the follicle getting traumatized from repeated plucking and causing the melanization process to break.

No. 1847354

I have so many white pubes and I used to have a plucking problem

No. 1847533

Does anyone else kinda 'spread their asscheeks' on the toilet? Like holding them out and letting the seat keep them spread so your poop slides out more effectively. At least I feel like it works.

No. 1847561

i stopped washing my hair every day a few years ago cause i kept being told it was better for my hair and ended up losing a ton due to the oil build up and shit…. it’s been slowly growing back since i started washing it every day (been almost 2 years back to hair washing daily) but im paranoid it’s never gonna be the same again. i’m only 30 and female but my brother is balding and my dad is bald as fuck and i feel like i have the shittiest luck imaginable so it’s been making me paranoid that i’m just losing hair permanently lmao it doesn’t help that my hairline got fucked up the whole thing
also doesnt help that i’ve been breaking out so bad this past year…. imagine paying thousands out of pocket for accutane in your early 20s just for that shit to come back in your early 30s. i guess my hormones are fucked up from stress. might just kms

No. 1847620

It's not going to be the same because you're 30. Hair thinning is often a part of aging regardless of gender. You'd have to take supplementation for it to be restored to thickness from when it was like 20 and that isn't even a gauruntee.

No. 1847672

clearly not, i never said i want it to be the same from when i was 20 lol i just know it wouldn’t have thinned out as much as it did the past couple of years if i didn’t listen to retards on the internet saying washing your hair every day was bad regardless of hair type

No. 1847740

after i finger myself i just wipe my finger off on the skin of my hipbone under my waistband. If i have a crusty hip you know i had an excellent day

No. 1847746

>Implying that it’s a normal to have thinning hair as a 30 year old woman
Why are some people’s idea of aging so fucked up kek.

No. 1847756

my hair started thinning at 19, got a full health workup (blood, thyroid, hormones, etc) and nothing is wrong with me. Some people are just unlucky genetically.

No. 1847766

My condolences to you. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it isn’t the norm though. I find it weird when people act like 30 year old women are already aged in general and I feel like this way of thinking is so common lately and why younger women keep botching themselves.

No. 1847785

How is it now anon? My hair started thinning in my early 20s, am mid 20s now and I'm trying to do something about it. I want to see if I can get referred to a dermatologist and take medication for it. I'm highly suspecting my case is genetic because my father is bald and my grandmother on my father's side exhibit female pattern baldness. Sucks I got the generic short end of the stick when my mother has a full head of hair and so are all the other males in her family too.

No. 1847790

Nothing works for me unfortunately. I’ve tried lots of different medications prescription and otherwise plus topicals prescription and otherwise, I still am losing it. I will unfortunately have to shave my head before I hit 30. I however am an unusually unlucky case from what I can gather talking to other women with hair loss, chances are something will work for you. I just have shit luck in every area of my life so the hair is no different I guess.

No. 1847793

I said it's normal for it to thin out because it is. That doesn't mean it begins balding, your thread count just decreased. Dramatic ass.

No. 1847798

Yeah men lose their hair in their 20s and sometimes even earlier, the majority of women don’t. When women experience hair thinning it’s usually after menopause with the hormonal changes. Some people literally sound like they’re fearmongering when they discuss the aging process for women.

No. 1847824

Don’t know if this will help but I have relatives who have hormone issues who swear by an oiling routine for your hair. Don’t mind the coquette shit, her recipe actually works and she has a separate video on how she does her routine with photos of her hair before and talking about how she has pcos which does affect hair growth

No. 1847830

kekk I kind of love that she shatters a not heat safe glass bowl and keeps it in the video with a casual disapproving thumbs down while the festive music and cutesy pink theme continue

No. 1847835

had clitoridynia for a week and it turned out to be from a pill of toilet paper lint in my clitoral hood from excessive wiping during my period. it was trapped there for days. rotting. i had avoided touching the area because of pain but finally flushed it out in the shower after noticing a weepy brown liquid staining the front of my underwear from the irritation. stinky chunk. very satisfying and relieving.

No. 1847853

Sorry you went through that. How disgusting. I felt the pain in my own clitoral hood while reading this. This has unlocked a new fear in me nonna, I’m gonna take extra care when wiping now.

No. 1847862

Omg same I feel so gross

No. 1847874

I very rarely wear tampons. I just free bleed. Surprisingly nothing gets stained, but to be fair almost my entire wardrobe is black. My period is so light from being on bc so I barely bleed, for maybe 2 or 3 days. If it gets worse for some reason then I might wear one if I'm going out somewhere. I also fear tss so that's another reason I don't use pads/tampons often

No. 1848020

ayrt - thank you nona! i’ve actually been thinking of doing something like this just to see how it goes.

No. 1848117

my hair started thinning because i didn't eat enough but it started growing back when i started eating more and i am 30.

No. 1848585

File: 1705009861059.jpeg (39.16 KB, 311x400, IMG_5902.jpeg)

Men always think they have the strongest sexual frustration but I'd like some scrotes to feel my repressed blue lipped rage. I have these vicious intimate urges. I jack them off to avoid hookups and plethoras of STIs, but I really just wish someone would fuck me. All the time. Everyone says bpdfaggotry leads to promiscuous sex and short lived relationships but I'm the type who turns it inward and instead goes into long periods of voluntarily celibacy after short bursts of promiscuity. I feel so lonely in the depths of the former right now, I haven't had sex since before covid

Could be a man or woman, I just yearn someone puts rest to my frustrations. can someone hot just bang me for several days, in every position, fulfill my every fetish, caress me and nurture me, leave me breathless and blissful, then the burden will be lifted from my shoulders. Oh my god.

No. 1849060

how do i avoid toilet water splashing into my vag while shitting? i feel so disgusted is there a way to prevent it

No. 1849064

put a square of tp on the water before you shit

No. 1849066


No. 1849085

Currently shitting

No. 1849089

i'm pretty sure my roommate is having sex in the room next to me rn

No. 1849090

Thread belongs in manure.

No. 1849252

TMI unpopular opinion, a man who won't earn his red wings isn't truly in love with you.

No. 1849253

My lips are chapped and they burn whenever I lick them and the burning feeling feels exactly like the urethra burning feeling when you have a bad UTI, it feels crazy when i’m feeling both simultaneously like it almost confuses my brain.

No. 1849274

actual fact

No. 1849291

Ok so I just learned what that means and I absolutely agree. And don't even argue with me if you've eaten cum, you're the lowest of the low.
While I was 'researching' this phrase online I came across an insane pick-me's post which I can't screenshot (phone too full) but I'll just paste it here so you can rip her a new one.
"Yes. But since I’m a chick, I can only put myself in the receiver’s shoes, so to speak. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind someone using my body to earn their purple wings if I were dead. I don’t know what it’s like to be dead but sure as hell know what it’s like to be menstruating. It ain’t pleasant down there, lemme tell ya.

Don’t get me wrong, I find both to be pretty gross but earning one’s red wings is just…ew."
Raping corpses is more normal than period pussy! Just as I thought women couldn't get even more cucked.

No. 1849293

holy shit nonnie, that chick is too far gone

No. 1849297

Jealous cause you've never stained your jammies through underwear before, ain't cha? It's ok, we can't all have nice things in life.

No. 1849487

Do people honestly think you can invasively disturb a dead body and fluids and wastes just stay neatly inside it? All lids are off, muscles that spent your lifetime keeping everything where you want it til you're ready to release it don't perform that function anymore. And it doesn't all leave you in one quick evaculation at the moment of death either. Anyone sick enough to do that has no fear of bodily fluids/waste whatsoever

No. 1849894

I still want to hatefuck the guy I wanted to fuck, then I hated him, because I found out he was a disgusting pig. however, the sexual attraction remained

the enveloping intensity and energy of a wannabe hatefuck cocooning around you is worse than anything

No. 1851811

Just open an AO3 account and let it all out. Omg nonnie don't take the risk.

No. 1856510

My period completely went off a few days ago and there's no more old blood, but for some reason, sometimes when I wipe after peeing the discharge is a little brown.
>inb4 "poopoo"

No. 1856512

What compells you all to share this? Understimulation?(bait)

No. 1856709

I just took the most enormous smelly shit ever. Feeling so satisfied right now. Thought I’d share the good news with you all.

No. 1856721

The last day of my period I have brown

No. 1856725

What's the longest that you've gone wearing the same underwear? For me it was 10 days when I was suffering from depression.

No. 1856748

that'll just be the remnants of the old blood mixed in. totally normal

No. 1858467

I just did it again!

No. 1858470

It’s funny

No. 1858504

I pull on my pubes when I'm bored sometimes.

No. 1858573

I defended my phd thesis wearing a week old pair of underwear and had not showered for a week also (I did take bird baths though). It's such a nuinsance.

No. 1858867

File: 1705514971476.jpeg (1.48 MB, 2871x1878, IMG_5374.jpeg)

I just farted and it smelled like polly pocket clothes

No. 1858882

Kek I can smell it
1 month, I was very depressed. You would not believe the state of the underwear, it was so annoying to wash it, I was this close to just throwing it away but I only had 3 that time and one had a huge hole. The one I had to wash was newish.

No. 1858927


No. 1859265

I have a UTI and I’m scared it will turn into kidney disease.

No. 1859388

i crave variety when it comes to sex partners. so far i've had sex with a ginger, a chinese man, a taiwanese man, two vietnamese men, a russian guy, a polish guy and several german guys. i wonder what it's like with black and latino guys.

No. 1859405

Omg mood and lately I’ve been so friggin horny. I hate being straight because hitting on a lot of dudes and fucking them is dangerous and impractical so my fantasies gotta stay fantasies. Idk why I am so turned on all the time

No. 1859409

File: 1705541682219.jpg (26.16 KB, 633x447, 20240117_024845.jpg)

My quest to find the elusive ginger Chinese man remains unfulfilled

No. 1859410

Which ones were the best and which were the worst? I know an individual's skills don't mean anything but I'm so curious.

No. 1859483

the chinese guy was the best, although he was into feet. he was a unicorn i think, really tall with a nice dick size. the polish guy was super handsome. definitely the best looking. great body too. the taiwanese guy had the smallest dick out of all of them, but he was very gentle and got down on me. one of the vietnamese guys was a porn addict and the other one was just very bad in bed. he had no sense of rythm and i had to put in a lot of effort to enjoy it at least a little.

No. 1859531

saw a ginger vietnamese guy once. ugly as fuck though

No. 1859785

A few years ago I was taking nudes (I know) and I was horrified when I realized that the area inside my inner labia had turned white? Like completely pale white when it was pink my entire life. I started googling of course and these scary fungal infections were coming up, I found some pictures online that looked remarkably like what I had, and everyone was saying to see a doctor. I saw my gp and it was awkward because this is my first time showing any medical professional my vagina, her dominant arm was broken and in a cast so I had to spread my own labia so she could look at it kek. She just said "looks normal, but I'll refer you to a gynecologist just in case" I felt a bit better but was still nervous for the appointment. The gynecologist looked at it for a minute, was confused at what the problem was and just said "it's completely normal, could be due to hormonal changes" and sent me on my way. I accepted that I bave a white inner pussy now when one day like 6 months later I checked and it was back to the pink fleshy colour it always was.

No. 1859788

I feel like my labia turned more purple for awhile and thought there was something wrong with my blood flow but I assume it's just hormones as well

No. 1859789

How eerie

No. 1859792

Isn't that a yeast infection symptom?

No. 1859793

Clearly something was fucked up though, "idk could be hormones" is such a worrying non-answer from a professional. Maybe you did have an infection that went away on its own, maybe you had a hormonal problem that should be followed up on, like the heck?

No. 1859794

Probably several weeks to a month as a kid because I didn't understand hygiene and just didn't think about it. At that age when you're old enough to dress yourself every day but not quite smart enough to do it well yet lol

No. 1859808

File: 1705577661970.png (Spoiler Image,405.12 KB, 850x407, Images-from-dataset-A-Non-anem…)

This sounds to me like the under eyelid area turning white when you're anemic, I wonder if it's related kek
Spoilered pic because of the eyelids

No. 1859813

I think it is, but I've had yeast infections a few times before and I didn't have any other symptoms, the white area wasn't itchy in the slightest. It was like the area that was pink was now white, with no other changes. What I was worried about was this condition called lichen sclerosus since it was one of the only things that came up when I looked it up, but again, it was just white, not patchy/scaly/itchy. It was so weird
I honestly have no idea, it very well could've been but the gynecologist did put me at ease. She wasn't concerned in the slightest and just told me that vulvas have a wide range of appearances and colours and it changes during your life due to hormonal fluctuations. I was willing to accept that explanation because there was nothing else wrong down there.
It was a pale white colour just like those bottom right pictures! I was confirmed anemic by a blood test like 7+ years ago but since then I've been on hormonal birth control and I don't really have a period anymore besides spotting so I don't know if I could still be anemic

No. 1859817

If used to be anemic it could totally be lack of hemoglobin that made a usually red area look way lighter. Especially if there's no itching and it's just the appearance that's changed (and then went back to normal). Who knows, maybe something wasn't right with your diet at the time.

No. 1859822

File: 1705579339983.jpg (43.34 KB, 532x960, ouch.jpg)

I'm pregnant and have spiraled down a rabbit hole of birth videos.
Its so surreal to see what the female body can do.
My husband and I have thought about trying to stretch my vagina in preparation, but 10cm is fucking crazy big when you actually look at it.
Like every woman whos ever given birth I'm sure, I'm also worried about ripping and since the rips tend to be more towards the opening of the vagina surely me stretching myself by heaps would help?
Like doing it once a day leading up to the birth?
Do you think the drs would be like "holy fuck" if they had seen I had just stretched it 10cm before going to the hospital?
Reading this back I sound like a moid, I'm not but I seriously dont know if it would be an odd thing to do and have the dr see?

No. 1859830

Nonna the part that dilates to 10cm is the cervix. If you stretch your vagina to 10cm and then go to the hospital, your vagina isn't going to stay at 10cm because it expands and collapses like a muscle. That said, sexual activity during pregnancy will keep vaginal tissues toned and less likely to tear during birth. There's not much you can do to prep your cervix though.

No. 1859833

I know the cervix dilates, but thats not the part that tears. Its the vaginal opening and a few cms in that tears and thats what I'm meaning to stretch

No. 1859836

Yeah, you can tone the tissues in your vaginal opening, but it's not going to stay visibly stretched because that's not how vaginas work. The doctors aren't going to notice you stretched before you go to the hospital.

No. 1859838

Jesus Christ you’re a bit dim, aren’t you

No. 1859839

That’s not how vaginas work, nonny.

No. 1859841

Basically what I'm meaning is surely stretching it out is better than not right?
In my travels on the internet I've seen what some women have managed to insert into their vaginas, they obviously didnt just do that from nothing and had to work up to it and by regular use has made them able to use those grotesquely large objects in there.
I dont think what I'm saying is stupid, I think its practical

No. 1859843

Like they do perineum massages to stretch that area

No. 1859844

Yes, that's what I've said twice now, you can tone your vaginal muscles by using them. What I'm also saying is that your vagina isn't going to be visibly stretched enough that a doctor can see because inserting bigger things into your vagina, gradually, will not impact its appearance in any way. Your doctor isn't going to go "Holy fuck" when they examine you.

No. 1859848

I understand that vaginas revert back to their normal size after having large stuff in there but surely there's a period of time that could be visible, like a few hours before it shrinks back, since in those videos I mentioned those women were essentially gaped directly after.

No. 1859910

currently on the toilet taking a painful shit that just won't seem to end. i've squeezed out one big turd, 4 little ones and now it's coming out like a soft serve machine. this is what i get for being on a stupid diet

No. 1859930

lmao girl stop watching gaping hole porn. Do you really think you’re gonna have time to fist yourself or use a toy while you’re waiting in the hospital? Be real. Not even getting into the fact that you won’t be in the mind frame for it whatsoever, by the time you’re actually pushing the baby out the effects will be greatly diminished. Just ask your doctor if there’s anything you can do it terms of massages or stretches or exercises. Don’t double-XL dildo yourself for a baby….

No. 1859939

>when people this retarded are the ones having kids
our species is doomed

No. 1859940

The best thing you can do is tone your pelvic floor muscles. I've been lifting weights since I was 18 and when I had a baby it made giving birth much easier. Even the midwife was surprised at how coped with it for a first time mother. You shouldn't lift heavy weights when pregnant but you can buy pelvic floor toning devices.

No. 1859949

Are you purposefully ignoring what I'm meaning?
I see, I'll look into it thanks nona

No. 1859958

I honestly think anons are just wanting to pick fights with you because you’re pregnant and they hate that

No. 1859963

no, people are just baffled that someone would be this ignorant about female anatomy. guess that's what no sex ed does to a mf

No. 1859964

You can literally stretch the perineum, drs tell you to do it before childbirth to prevent ripping. Why is doing it way more than drs say a stupid thing to suggest?
A woman who regularly uses a huge fuck off dildo will be able to fit that dildo in easy the next day compared to a woman who doesn't insert anything at all.
Why is this a stupid thing to suggest when it comes to propping to push a baby out to prevent ripping?

No. 1859967

It's bizarre, I don't think what I'm suggesting is stupid. Perineum massages is to stretch that area, surely stretching it alot more would lead to a better result

No. 1859972

In fact I would worry that maybe over stretching could lead to muscle fatigue or weakening it

No. 1859974

I get what anon is trying to say here, she doesn't mean the vagina or pelvic floor itself but stretching the skin at the opening and the perineum. I guess kind of like how you could stretch your ears or something. Although I'm not sure if that's possible, I think the skin there tightens and loosens with the muscles in the vagina.

No. 1859989

On this topic you should look into different birthing positions if you haven't already anon. I haven't given birth myself, but became interested in this topic when I learned the lythotomy and supine position is at odds with our physiology, yet has been the standard birthing position for centuries because Medicine I guess. Several meta analyses have concluded lithotomy/supine position poses an increased risk for certain complications, including perineal tearing. Upright and lateral position is less risky and increases your chances for spontaneous birth. I think the risk of other types of tears were about the same regardless of position.

No. 1859991

Yeah laying on your back is meant to be the worst for it but the easiest for drs to get in there to help. I plan on hopefully getting a "walking epidural" which is less powerful than a full epidural and will let me move around and get on all fours. I haven't looked into the best position yet though. Hopefully my hospital allows the walking

No. 1860352

my dad pisses ALL over the seat everyday and leaves it to fucking mellow on the seat. some of it gets on the ground too and it smells horrible. i told his ass to clean it up as polite as i could and he still raged. i can’t believe i have to clean up a 50 year old manchild’s piss kill me

No. 1860562

Toddler behaviour. You should ask when he was potty trained because he needs to redo it

No. 1860626

I eat my blackheads and I like the texture

No. 1860667

this reminds me today there was this lady in the restaurant bathroom before me who left the most fragrant stench of shit that I reeled and fled into another stall

No. 1861212

Often times when I use a shared toilet at work or with friends the toilet is full of shit. And I’m cleaning it because I find it disgusting to sit on a toilet full of shit. And I’m also scared people will think I did that mess. But I’m angry that I’m cleaning someone else’s shit.

No. 1861232

Dear god anon. I was gonna judge you but then realised I eat my scabs so I guess we're both schizos.

No. 1861238

My boyfriend is chubby so he has moobs, and im bisexual so when im rizzing him up for sex ill grope his chest like boobs and at first i would catch myself and apologize but he thinks its funny. I still do it and i still feel like im emasculating him lmao but he assures me it fine i grope his boobs lol.

No. 1861254

This is one of the worst things in this thread

No. 1861256

Men are still primitive animals that feel a bestial urge to mark their territory. I've heard so many stories of men insisting on pissing everywhere but the toilet bowl or leave some other sign of their presence. My husband always leaves huge greasy shit marks inside the toilet and will not use a toilet brush. He does the same thing when we visit other people's houses. His friends think it's funny and do the same when they visit us.

No. 1861268

why do you keep that beast in your home

No. 1861311

I have no desire to be a male or anything, but having sensitive breasts makes me want to give myself a self double mastectomy

No. 1861322

First thing in this thread that made me want to puke, bless you

No. 1861336

In the grand scale of what men a capable of, if the worst thing I can about my husband is that he leaves skid marks in the toilet, I think I'm doing more than ok.

No. 1861363

>has a bf
>a FAT one
Bet you check out other girls with him you cool girl pickmeisha

No. 1861369

nonnies are shitting on you but i grope my skinny boyfriend's chest all the time even though there's barely anything there kek. it's just fun. if anyone reading this has a boyfriend, go grab his boobs and see if you change your opinion.

No. 1861384

I am spotting while ovulating. Am I dying? I got old looking blood all over my boyfriends shirt while fucking this morning.

No. 1861398

>I got old looking blood all over my boyfriends shirt while fucking this morning.

Ah marking your territory I see

No. 1861423

Sometimes I can’t stop biting and gnawing the inside of my lip. I bite it until I have a huge painful ulcer and then I bite it even more. It hurts so bad but I can’t stop, it’s so satisfying for some reason. I bite it with my two canines and I bite down and hold until it doesn’t hurt anymore, and when I eventually release, it really hurts. Sometimes I bite straight through. I literally bite off chunks of the inside of my lip and swallow them. The mouth is amazing though, it just regenerates time and time again. The amount of times I’ve bitten myself until it’s rough firm scar tissue like a lump of stone inside my lip, but if I leave it long enough, it becomes soft and new again as if it were never bitten in the first place. I don’t know what it is about mouth pain but I have always found it satisfying. I loved nothing more than wobbling and pulling out my teeth as a kid. The more it hurt, the more I’d do it.

No. 1861476

I do the exact same thing nonna but i am an ocd anxiety ridden mess.

Some days i literally can't stop. I look like a crazy person just twisting my lips all over to bite the insides.

No. 1861528

Cramping and spotting while ovulating is completely normal. Shirts can be cleaned. You're all good!

No. 1861720

I eat my scabs too. I remember the first time I ate a blackhead was when I was 12 and I got my first one, it was a huge one on my nose. My mom made me use one of those metal extractors on it while she watched. When it came out I had such an overwhelming desire to chew on it that I only pretended to put it in a tissue and throw it away, instead I took it to the living room and ate it. Fucked from day 1 I guess.

No. 1861721

I always kind of wished I had sensitive breasts because it sounds fun. My breasts just feel like any other skin on my body, like my knee or something.

No. 1861738

well I'm very sensory all over but it's a curse more than a blessing. especially around my period they feel like they're heaving and throbbing all the time. I have small to midsize boobs at best, they were larger when I was younger. so it's freaking weird to me that they're touchy feely when there's hardly any fat there

No. 1861741

Well it wouldn't really be about the fat right? It's about the nerves. But yeah I've heard women who claim they can cum just from playing with their boobs and I legitimately cannot imagine how that's even possible.

No. 1861744

I can't orgasm from playing with them alone but it does help. The area of my body from the ribs up is very sensory even compared to the rest of me and always have been. I'm not sure why. It makes wearing bras a fucking bitch though

This is a dumb tangent but a couple years ago I did my full astrology analysis and it mentioned my erogenous zones and got them right kek

No. 1861896

This isn't my TMI, but IDK what other thread to post it in. I was browsing the Medical Gore subreddit (I just like cool medical cases) and came across a post by a woman who got hit by a train saving her dog. I proceeded to lurk her post history and the way this woman posts is so fucking hilarious to me. This post she made on the Ask Doctors subreddit had me in tears. Methinks the traumatic brain inury may have impacted her frontal lobe just a tad. I kind of love her to death though.

No. 1861905

A lot of it is probably focusing on the nipples as well as the mental aspect. I would go crazy when my ex used to play with them but when I grab my boobs at home it just feels like touching any other body part kek.

No. 1862000

I was sick for a while and now I'm not anymore but I still vomit a little every time I burp.

No. 1862144

I’m about to start my period so I could feel the cramps about to start. Decided to masturbate, mistake. Had an intense orgasm followed by one of the most intensely painful cramps I’ve ever had in my life that was only solved by forcing out a shit (I’m constipated). As soon as the shit passed my muscles immediately relaxed and the pain subsided. But for a moment there, holy fuck, I thought I was going to pass out, I could barely walk, or sit. I wobbled into the bathroom in excruciating pain and sat on the toilet and started drooling on the floor, I thought it was going to come out both ends. Worst orgasm ever

No. 1862146

I just read this post and love her wtf, I hope her butthole gets better but she didn't sound annoying at all, aww

No. 1862536

The first shit when you're hungover feels so good. It's like toxins leaving my body, I always feel significantly better afterwards.

No. 1862583

Wtf I have a terrible diarrhea but I have to play DnD now, what do.

No. 1862586

We are pretty much sisters. I relate in everything BUT the plucking (because it hurts a lot) and eating earwax. Other than that, wow, i'm happy there's a woman that understands me in this fucked up life.

No. 1862613

Roll for initiative

No. 1862675

One time i picked my nose so much that it bled and hurt a lot. In the next day as soon as i woke up i picked my nose again and a GIANT BLOODY BOOGER came out. My nose felt SO CLEAN, it was almost painful to breath, so clean it felt. And the boogers were so absolutely delicious. For some days i kept eating those boogers at the start of the day, but then i got sick, most likely because of the boogers or because my nose had no defenses agains't bacteria, but fuck, i would risk being sick again to be able to eat some of those giant yummy boogers.

No. 1862690

what did the boogers taste like????

No. 1862694

Like a mixture of a bloody-mettalic taste and the normal taste of a booger, it was not salty as they are sometimes.

No. 1862755

It’s probably wrong but I accredit my insane immune system to having eaten boogers and chewing on stuff my whole life.

No. 1862792

Do you think everyone secretly eats their boogers and just pretends to think it's gross?
>eat boogers? Pick my nose? I would NEVER!
everyone says that but I don't know if I can believe it. I think probably everyone at least picks their boogers. As far as eating it goes I don't know.
I'm starting a poll. If you see this post you are obligated to respond for the sake of sample size and science. Put an X next to your answer, and always reply to the latest in the string.
>I don't pick my nose:
>I pick my nose, but I don't eat the boogers:
>I eat my boogers: X

No. 1862834

You've never tasted your boogers? I thought everyone did it at least once as kids, or while crying and the snot runs down to your mouth.
I pick (even though blowing it more efficient) but don't eat them. And yeah everyone definitely picks, idk how you can't if you produce boogers like a normal person.

No. 1862883

Not me but in childhood I had a class with a boy who ate his scabs. In was like in 3rd grade and the teacher had us huddled together while she read a book and this kid was going to chow town on his scabbed up legs. The wounds hadn't even fully healed so he was picking his legs up and causing worse bloody sores, but he just kept picking and chewing. I remember the beads of blood and him scraping the wet bloody scabs off his fingernails chewing them.

No. 1862889

I read this thread everytime i want to binge eat

No. 1862892

>I pick (even though blowing it more efficient)
not for me. my boogers are like concrete and just get encrusted around the perimeters of my nasal cavities. I have to go in there with my fingernail like an ice pick

No. 1862896

everyone picks but I don't think most people eat them

No. 1862980

Every morning I blow my nose and the most enormous bogeys come out and I can immediately breathe so much better.

No. 1863013

I do pick my nose but I never ate boogers. I do eat scabs and popped pimple contents sometimes.

No. 1863023

I'm so fucking ashamed to admit this but I guess at least I'm not alone.
>I don't pick my nose:
>I pick my nose, but I don't eat the boogers:
>I eat my boogers: X

No. 1863219

Wow, that seems almost like self-harm. I love the taste of scabs but i avoid eating them because i don't want to hurt myself more in the process.

Don't feel ashamed, nonna, i have done it for my whole life and i don't feel bad. It's a little pleasure that most people just don't understand. If i were to start to feel disgusted at things that come FROM MY BODY i would be disgusted all the time.

>I eat my boogers: X (i'm the bloody booger nonna)

No. 1863236

One time i was in a video call with my boyfriend and i accidentally ate my booger in front of him, i looked at him and it was as if he knew, and i knew. As if he had seem but ignored so that i could keep my dignity. As soon as he had to get away for something i started having a crazy anxiety attack kek

No. 1863451

There's a fruit that's been rotting in a trash bag in my room for a few days now and it smells pretty bad but I just can't bring myself to get up and take the trash out. I've been depressed and spiraling and also need to clean my room and do laundry so badly. I don't have any clean underwear anymore so I went and bought a pack

No. 1863541

>I eat my boogers X
>probably consume a tbsp of booger a day
>my nose is very boogerous
>also it bleeds
>I eat the blood as well

No. 1863581

Blood is so tasty.

No. 1863616

>I don't pick my nose:
>I pick my nose, but I don't eat the boogers:X
>I eat my boogers:

No. 1864107

I always sniff my underwear when I sit down on the toilet, and for the past 3 days my discharge has been smelling like fucking vinegar. Why? I didn't do anything to it (my pussy)

No. 1864109

i pick my nose but i dont eat it. i know someone will accuse me of lying but boogers are disgusting to me and the thought of eating them makes me want to throw up

No. 1864112

wow i responded before finishing the post and seeing all the other responses are making me feel sick, time to hide this thread again. what the fuck is wrong with you people i wish i never knew it was that common.

No. 1864123

I don't eat them either and I also kind of have a vendetta against the idea because my cringe ex did it and he would pressure me into doing it too for some reason
When I was a kid I would smear them on the walls and then cover them up with stickers, idk why but I think I genuinely didn't realize you could use a tissue

No. 1864146

update: am very sad because i witnessed my mother cleaning his mess. it’s so disgusting and sad. he had his own bathroom but fucked it up so bad with his piss we had to remove the whole toilet and get a new one. there was also a plant growing from the ground near the toilet genuinely don’t know how someone can be this nasty

No. 1864190

My fingers hurt so much from playing the guitar that I cannot masturbate rn rip

No. 1864192

No they don't

No. 1864207

I compulsively pinch my knuckles to the point they have thick calluses on all of them, then i bite the most raised parts off while I watch TV and chew on them. I have the ugliest hands in existence even if i wasn't doing this since childhood (fingers shorter than actual children, fat triangles like a baby even though I am slim, and WRINKLY for some reason, like they were meant to be bigger and just have too much skin) so they're really a sight to behold.

No. 1864237

One of them was literally bleeding earlier and the ones that I normally use have super sore blisters on them. Or maybe I’m just a baby idk.

No. 1864242

Literally bleeding from typing egregious lies on your keyboard for too long(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1864247

No. 1864253

I don't understand how to properly exfoliate the skin on my body in the shower, I bought a big shower brushes (like you see people using in old timey cartoons while someone whistles behind a curtain in the shower) and I scrub my body absolutely raw with that thang. But then when I rub my fingers on my skin, there is still dead skin that pills up and comes off just like always. Like what??? How is everyone else doing this? I'm tired of trying to use my tiny fingers to de-deadskin my entire body, it takes 70 years and it just comes back in a few days.

No. 1864322

I have thick stubby hands and I hate it, reminds me of a moids' hands. If I don't have my nails done my hands just look like a boys'

No. 1864457

File: 1705933766900.jpg (413.9 KB, 1600x1600, Q998204.JPG)

I use an African Net Sponge like picrel. It exfoliates well and helps you get into every little nook and cranny. Use warm, not hot, water if you can and be sure to moisturize immediately after showering.

No. 1864595

I really hate it when I wipe my ass repeatedly to make sure that it’s clean and then once I’m done and my pants are back on and I’m walking around my asshole feels so dry that it’s itchy and hurts

No. 1864630

I have a fissure in my ass again and also my diet is crap so my fissure never heals due to my hard bowel movements. makes going to the bathroom so painful.

No. 1864632

Try Korean bath towels. They're cheap on Amazon and are the only thing that sloughs my dead skin off. Loofahs and sugar scrubs don't do shit for me. Use warm water with no soap (the slickness from soap makes them less effective) until your skin feels softened and then start scrubbing

No. 1864636

File: 1705953151164.jpg (49.59 KB, 600x600, 1ntwsk.jpg)

Ate shirataki noodle stir fry for dinner the other day and was shitting so much after that now I have a big ass hemorrhoid from being on the toilet every 10 minutes for like an hour straight help it itches

No. 1864650

I love picking the crust out of the corner of my cats eyes. It is so satisfying

No. 1864661

maybe rub some neosporin on it lidocaine cream on top of it to numb it

No. 1864662

I feel so bonded to you

No. 1864671

Your car probably also likes it, cats groom each other to show care and affection

No. 1864676

Yeah he does, especially when he is sleepy. I think he must feel relieved afterwards

No. 1864677

I want to keep this short and simple but when i was around 15 i had gross nipple discharge apparently.
I noticed it only one time when a girl was kinda forcing me to try a bra in a fitting room and when she threw mine on the ground and asked me what were those wet spots on it i was so confused and disgusted and uncomfortable, i felt so embarassed about it that i couldn't find the courage to ask about it to anyone and it still haunts me. I didn't die yet so i guess i'm fine.

No. 1864728

Your bladder is probably literally, physically pressing on internal parts of your clit and cervix. I'm like that too and thought it was a fetish until I noticed I also get some pleasure feeling from pressing just above the pubic bone, which iirc is around where both the bladder and the cervix are

No. 1864731

I like doing this too but my cats usually don't let me.

No. 1864739

samefag but i guess another related TMI is that pressure on my cervix is immensely pleasurable, even and especially if it's very strong/rough, and i have no idea what all the women who say it hurts are talking about. idk if some are handmaidens trying not to hurt the feelings of men with small pps but the vaginal canal isn't very long, i can reach it with my fingers and it's as good if not better than the G spot (which leaves me with urethral pain afterwards if it's too hard)

No. 1864770

You get me anon, cervical orgasm is where it's at. I had a whole infight regarding the validity of vaginal orgasms and came upon an interesting study where women who had their spinal chord severed so they were unable to stimulate their clitoris, were still able to orgasm through cervical stimulation because the nerves connecting the cervix to the brain go through the vagal nerve, not the spinal cord. Anyway I have like 2 days of the month where my cervix will be a bit tender and it's a no-go, but other than that it's my favorite. I can also reach this spot with my own fingers, but I have noticed dick size making a difference in terms of getting there through piv

No. 1864815


I am this anon and I just came back from the dentist. Holy shit, you guys were right. The cleaning was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, because the hard plaque wasn’t just at the back of my teeth, it grew under the gums and became black. Hygienist showed it to me and it seriously looked like a piece of charcoal. I bled so much too, it’s been absolutely awful. This is my wake up call for me to get my shit together with this depression. They said that if I don’t start shaping up right now, there’s a huge chance I’ll lose my teeth and end up with dentures. Part of me wants to just get dentures just for the convenience

No. 1864826

have you tried using an electric toothbrush anon? i used to be like you and knowing i just had to turn the damn thing on and place it on my teeth without much effort made brushing my teets miles easier. I also recommend putting some background noise while you are at it. Good luck on your journey.

No. 1864829

my labia started growing together after giving birth meaning my vag was literally closing up. I didn't want hormones so I used dilators troon style and it fucking hurts. I would've just got a c section if i knew this was a possibility

No. 1864833

You should feel very proud of yourself for taking the step of going to the dentist anon. A dental cleaning is a fresh start so try to stay on top of your hygiene now. Try to floss and brush at least once everyday. At first you will bleed a lot, but that's because you're disturbing the colonies of bacteria fucking up your teeth. If it's not too much to do, you can swish some water around your mouth after eating. It should displace the bacteria and help prevent plaque buildup. You can still save your teeth, take it from someone who also had dogshit dental hygiene.
Have you seen a doctor anon?

No. 1864836

ayrt, I think we are vagina twins. I have the cervix thing too, although for me, there's actually a spot just past the cervix that feels even better than pressure directly on the cervix. It's the most intense orgasm for me but I don't hear of any other women who know the spot I'm talking about. I can literally cum without touching my clit at all if I am getting good stimulation in that spot, it's nuts.

No. 1864837

>Part of me wants to just get dentures just for the convenience
Don't let this excuse get to you. Pretend that dentures and implants don't exist; think to yourself "if I lose these teeth, they're not coming back". I had to scare myself like that back in the day. What I did when I was in the depths of my depression was keep my toothbrush and a small bag next to my bag. I would brush my teeth and spit it out in there, and wash the brush off whenever I went to the bathroom next. Kinda gross but better than nothing.

No. 1864839

Congrats on going to the dentist anon! I'm going to go too once I'm finally under an insurance next month, my gums are fucking pained and I have brushed but haven't gotten a cleaning in years. My bottom retainer fell out and I think my fucked up orthadonita causes my gums to recede and teeth to shift. It hurts so much it's unavoidable, but would rather get it done than be in pain! It hurts, but it's worth it

No. 1864842

I did, they just cut it back open and offered estrogen cream which I turned down. It closes back up every few months or so and I thought just running to the ER or something they'd just clip it for me but apparently not and my obgyn has super long appointment dates

No. 1864844

Dentures suck. You can’t eat anything too crunchy or sticky or hard. Your jaw bone recesses without your teeth so you’ll need new pairs, etc. You don’t have nerve endings in dentures like you do teeth so you wouldn’t be able to feel things like that oh so good crunch of a tasty chip. Take care of your teeth anon and I’m sorry the dentist sucked. You did a good job going.

No. 1864845

Why did you turn down the estrogen cream? I'm pretty sure that's the standard treatment for adhesions, even in children. I think It would help you.

No. 1864848

Are you sure that your not thinking of the fornix?

No. 1864851

first ayrt, yes, that's the area I'm talking about. IDK why it feels so crazy there.

No. 1864855

Ayrt I know the spot you're talking about, it's gives the most intense orgasms for me too. Not gonna lie, looking into this subject a lot of research regarding to the erogenous properties of the cervix is related to fertility/pregnancy/pair-bonding, so there's probably some evolutionary purpose for why it feels next tier good but that's kinda the nature of sex

No. 1864875

Good job nonnie, do you mind me asking if your teeth looked 'ill'? Or is their appearence ok? Thats a huge step. You should feel very proud.

No. 1864897

Because it would've lasted less than just getting it re opened + my body never reacts good to excess estrogen. I didn't think it would grow back together tbh I wish medical centers were more prepared for women's health complications

No. 1865030

The scary thing is that, other than being a bit off white, they looked fine. The main damage was from the back of the teeth and underneath the gums. I was extremely lucky to get the cleaning I did, because a few more months of this would have had that black plaque reach the root of the teeth, potentially even the bone. I’m gonna go every 3 months for a cleaning now. It’s a lot, but I don’t wanna end up without teeth. It’s my worst nightmare

No. 1865036

This happens to me when my diet is shit. Also even when I eat a lot of vegetables if I don't eat enough fruit I still smell kinda dusty? Does anyone else get this kek

No. 1865038

Your story is making me remember how I think I went probably two years without flossing between two particular teeth. The flap of gum became loose and it grossed me out to the point where it made me faint, so instead of doing anything about it, I decided to just not touch the area. So two years later, I went to the dentist, and got a cleaning done. The smell when the guy started cleaning and flossing that area was foul beyond description. It smelled like someone had died in the ocean, floated up, and got stuck in there.

I'm much better with my dental health habits and can floss the area without feeling faint now. I'm just worried about my gums there potentially receding already.

No. 1865046

>the flap of gum between them became loose

No. 1865071

Probably in relation to gum disease/genetics. Despite being loose, the gum was never discolored or irritated. It gave me the wake up call I needed though.

No. 1865134

It sounds like anon had pericoronitis or some shit. It's pretty gross, if you look on YouTube there's videos of people squeezing shit out of the gum flap.

No. 1865154

You mentioned pregnancy so I'm gonna join this discussion about female orgsms
Yes but it's internal unlike in men when they have a dick outside of their body because they don't give birth which means that as a woman the stimulation or movements you have to make to get these orgasms can be an unpleasant road, sex as a woman is very internal and involves so much mental gymnastics that it's literally not worth it to some and I'm saying it as a former penetration liker who got bored of it, I see masturbation or sex as a burden I have to go through for these orgasms to get some release. In penetration you can't even move you body that much or the movements take a lot, it's usually the moid who does it and based on my observations, the women who feel fulfilled in this sexual role are also into submission, bdsm, performing femininity or are pickmes because their mentality is aligned with the role. It took me some time to realize why I hate sex even tho I don't have vaginismus or any shit like that and can feel the things described ITT kek
It's not a coincidence that all porn or reproduction resolves around the moid ejaculating and female pleasure is more "internal", its not a coincidence that women are obsessed with being desired by men and are the ones who perform femininity. It's so weird, I guess it's really just something feminine and as a person repulsed with pregnancy, motherhood, many degrading sexual acts I don't really relate to it, especially motherhood is so alien to me (you all mentioned cervix so…). I wanted to brag and if someone feels like me then I don't recommend indulging in sex at all just because you think there's something wrong with it for seeing it as useless. I got obsessed with sex and achieving pleasure as an attempt to seek the feeling of fulfilment through it and it never came I hate all these talks about the types of female orgasms for a reason, I wish it was discussed differently or that at least sex education existed. If someone likes sex as a woman or not it often depends on their mental gender expression, they can feel pleasure but not like it anyway. Female sexuality (I don't mean orientation) is weird and the way it manifests mentality is weird, like femininity, pickme behaviors, performing femininity and more. Or literally… A pregnancy and motherhood. It leads to it and like you said it's about pregnancy cause woman body revolves around it.
It's weird how my opinion on sex changes based on how okay I am with femininity but overeal I don't identify with the idea of having sex as a woman so I'm not attached to it and don't mind criticizing it I feel like it explain why I'm grossed out by men, misogyny, porn and the patriarchy much more than other women and dating men is traumatic to me.I have never been raped but I have a severe phobia of rape too much bigger than anyone I ever met. Of course I fear pregnancy too perhaps it's because it's kinda masochistic? I don't know how to interpret some of these things, I also hate make up or shaving, it's hard to be an abomination of nature mentally. Pregnancy and rape is gore so…##
Or maybe my brain is incapable of not fearing men or I hate submission?(baiting)

No. 1865223

Omg is it possible that my teeth are fucked up and i can't see? I have difficulty maintaining the habit of brushing my teeth and sometimes i go days without brushing. Am i fucked?

No. 1865492

Since you're presumable <65, I'd say you're okay, but definitely start brushing at least once a day. Get your teeth cleaned and checked when you can too. If you don't have insurance and you're in the states, there might be some no insurance/low income options near you.

No. 1865571

Having the diarrhea shits at work is cursed
>having to keep walking across the office to use the bathroom
>everyone knowing you're shitting cuz you're in there for 10 minutes and flushing multiple times
>bathroom stinks like hell when you're done, next person who goes in there is going to be gassed
Send help kek, I'm still here for another hour and a half

No. 1865585

But I am eating the way I always do (healthy). I still smell like vinegar btw. I’m upset, I want my old smell back, it was so much nicer. I’m starting to think this is permanent, and if I never get my old delicious scent back again I will be depressed. It was really nice smelling.

No. 1865654

I wonder if it's age related? I had a particular smell for a long time (my situation is the same as yours - it smelled better), but once I hit I think 27 it changed. It smells slightly more like what it used to now, but still not the same.

No. 1865873

Idk. I'm only 24. The only other thing I can think of is this happened after I had covid for a couple weeks. Maybe that somehow changed my scent (and everything else smells normal so it's not my nose)

No. 1865876

I want to do this to my cat sometimes, but he would bite me probably

No. 1865877

sometimes the middle seam of my pants presses on my clit when I'm sitting down and I like it

No. 1865919

I haven't washed my hair in almost 2 months. I finally washed it today, and oh my god my hair was absolutely covered in oil. I only washed my scalp at first but then I noticed how waxy my hair still felt and how my white gunk would come off when I raked my nails across it, so I had to go back and wash my actually strands of hair. Luckily my hair is short from shaving it so it only took a few minutes. The weird thing is, my hair didn't feel oily. also, I ran out of shampoo a while ago so I used zote laundry soap to wash my scalp and dish soap the second time

No. 1865925

so relatable. i always found it strange that i like mouth pain. i also find sore gums very satisfying. i know it's bad, but i still enjoy it when they're inflamed and i get to poke my gums with my tongue

No. 1865929

>I don't pick my nose:
>I pick my nose, but I don't eat the boogers: X
>I eat my boogers:

No. 1866014

My bf just plucked a huge glob of earwax out of my ear with a bobby-pin and I just feel alright now, it was amber and honestly looked like a bedbug. So grotty. I’ve been feeling and digging for it on my own for a while I thought it was all the way back there but my bf just dug it out and now I feel empty in a good way I kinda wish I produced earwax more quickly so I could clean them out a lot. But I’m never using q tips again

No. 1866056

I have a flatspot on my head thats really jarring and gaping if you feel it with your hand

No. 1866071

i wish my skull was flat. i have a lengthy dent close to my forehead, as if i had worn a headband too often as a child, but i didn't

No. 1866214

Sorry nonna, i imagined you having a flat skull, like a box. I'm so sorry.

No. 1866335

kek i meant the top of my skull

No. 1866346

Lucky, a dick pressing on my cervix just gives me the intense feeling of having to take a shit.

No. 1866513

I've been letting my hair grow longer and while I like it like this, I hate having to pull long hairs out of my ass crack while I'm in the shower.

No. 1867641

My long hairs somehow find their way in my husbands foreskin

No. 1867724

Me and who.

No. 1868066

This is so disgusting but years ago, for the longest I thought I had BV cause my snatch had a strong fishy smell. It was literally tearing me apart, I even went on medication for it at one point. Then I figured out it was because I only washed in between the folds, I also had to scrub the "outside"/mons pubis.

No. 1868193

I feel like if I shave my pussy it gets mustier and stankier a lot faster than if I leave it hairy. God knows why. You’d think it’d be the opposite.

No. 1868315

I only brush my teeth once a day, at night. Always have. I chew sugar free mint gum after lunch at work since supposedly that’s good to do after a meal. I don’t know why, but my teeth are fine. I’ve only ever had one cavity as a young teenager, and the dentists say my teeth look clean whenever I go in. Why do they say to brush 3 times a day when it doesn’t matter?

No. 1868323

Just know people who interact with you during the day can smell your breath nonna.

No. 1868333

I don't get this, I honestly shave because I hate how I will sometimes pull a pube from my pussy or my ass while showering or wiping, but I feel like I stink less when I'm hairy. And it's the same with my armpits, when I spend months not shaving them, I feel like I even barely need to wear deodorant, but when I get them waxed or I shave them, I feel like I stink a fucking lot after a few hours with my deodorant on. I don't get it.

No. 1868335

dentists say some people can have saliva that contains more healthy minerals that protect your teeth, didnt know that until i went in for a routine and they told me! youre lucky anon

No. 1868343

weird, I’ve always thought I must be uniquely un-smelly because I never have issues with stinky sweat or pussy, but I also never shaved so maybe that’s why. Yet another win for pussy hair

No. 1868345

Yeah me too i only do it in the morning (unless i can tell i have bad breath during the day, then i'll brush again or at least mouthwash). My dentist told me if you're only going to brush once a day you should do it at night so you're doing that right nona! I just never got into the routine of brushing before bed

No. 1869091

I’ve heard other women say they like this too but for me it’s a nightmare.

No. 1869117

Me too. It hurts and feels like it’s cutting off blood circulation

No. 1869158

I've got a habit of wearing my clothes wrong (reversed, double reversed), which also happens with my boxer briefs sometimes. The other day i took them off for a shower and wasn't sure if i'd worn them correctly. I put them on the normal way but then i worried that the ass side was rubbing against my pussy. All my other underwear was in the washer so i couldn't just take a new pair. I tried to smell them, but each sniff made me more anxious and i couldn't tell which side was front or back. I tried to locate the front area from the look of the fabric but it was uniformly wet, like a long streak. Nothing happened afterwards so i guess it was fine kek

No. 1869160

Time to start wearing them correctly so it doesnt happen again. Idk how that can even be comfortable

No. 1869179

My mom has always brushed her teeth once a day for her whole life as well and she has beautiful pearly whites, gets no calculus and no bad breath. Some people are just blessed.

No. 1869234

I used male deo and I'm sweating and my armpit smells like man and it's turning me on. Smells just like a sweaty sexy guy

No. 1869245

on the contrary I personally do not use deododerent and I sweated all night and now when I walk into my room all I smell is myself

No. 1869248

File: 1706370131106.png (372.86 KB, 640x419, insanitygrip.png)

This is embarrassing but I've been dealing with an itchy asshole for several months now.

I've tried everything I could think of - Preparation H, wet wipes, constant cleaning off in the shower after pooping, sitz baths, petroleum jelly, going underwear free and with looser clothing, even some random Chinese ointment for hemorrhoids I read worked for people.

I visited a doctor who assumed it must be pinworms (without testing me) and prescribed be pinworms medication but it didn't do anything. Did the tape test and that didn't show anything either. Then I thought it must be hemorrhoids but there's no sign of them, not externally at least.

The itching is the worst at night. I have trouble going to sleep and I wake up in the middle of night because of it. My vaginal area has started itching alot too.

This is ruining my life. Any nonas that have dealt with the same and/or can help?

No. 1869250

It's probably pinworms, but reese's pinworm medication won't and doesn't work. You need real med (Mebendazole and Albendazole) from a canadian pharm (I assume you are American) or you need to look into alternative healing. I used diatomaceous earth and ivermectin to cure my pinworms

No. 1869252


>You need real med (Mebendazole and Albendazole)

Yes, it's Albendazole 200mg that she prescribed. I took two one week, and then another two several weeks later as directed but I didn't feel any difference. I'm beginning to suspect it might be some kind of skin allergy because I feel slight relief after I take allergy medication. I've got an appointment with a derm in a few days so hopefully she can figure out what's going wrong. I'm starting to lose all hope of fixing this.

No. 1869256

iim so anxious to the point that im growing warts on my fingers again. for the first time in 16 years

No. 1869275

Begging my body to please pick one orifice to splody-bleed and stick with its decision. I'm already on the worse half of my period, I really didn't need to wake up to a nosebleed worthy of a horny shounen protagonist.

No. 1869276

It could be a fungal infection. It might be worth trying an antifungal cream.

No. 1869314

I was also thinking butthole yeast infection.
nona have you already looking into that possibility?

No. 1869338


I haven't tried that yet. Maybe I will, but I'm skeptical. Why would it be a fungal infection? I've generally always kept my ass clean and haven't done anything to mess with my ass like anal sex (Am virgin).

No. 1869342

It's not like fungal/yeast infections are STDs, fungus is everywhere it's all around us. Just means the balance of good bacteria and mean bacteria/fungus got out of whack and the Candida or whatever is having a party in your bunghole kek (if that's what it is).

No. 1869357

i'm disgustingly depressed and i don't even remember the last time i washed my hair it's so dirty looking and horribly matted i feel hopeless just thinking about fixing my situation

No. 1869381

Not sure if this would make it worse, but when you use the toilet fold some tp up and wet it with hot water. Hold it to your asshole.

Its the only thing that gave me relief when I had my awful uti. Helps the itch.

No. 1869391

I wish I could brush out and wash your hair for you nonna.

No. 1869394

Anyone in their 20s with grey or white pubes? I started getting them around 15 and I suspect that when I was sexually assaulted at 10 that the stress from that is a big reason why but I’m not sure. My doctor said it was normal but I feel so ashamed of it.
Is there a way to mitigate it? It’s only appearing on one side, could that mean there is something wrong?

No. 1869406

I hate having sensitive guts because I always have to google if my poop is normal and see pictures of poop. Yes I watch weird shit… Literally

No. 1869473

It's normal, do you have greying hairs on your scalp too? Or is your crotch area lighter than the rest of your body?

No. 1869685

Just pooped so big and painful I imagine that's what giving birth feels like. It clogged the toilet too. God am I just relieved it's out now. I need to stop swallowing huge chunks of food.

No. 1869871

I swear I'm not a scrote but
how do you guys masturbate?
For me, I make my hand into a fist, lie down on my stomach, and hump my crotch against my fist. I think I'm able to get a good stimulation on my clit this way. I tried doing it the way it's done in porn before but it never does anything to me. Also I feel too sensitive if I try to touch my clit directly with my fingers.

No. 1869876

Search the /g/ catalogue, anon. We have a masturbation thread already

No. 1869879

I always take a really long time, i'm sure I could do it faster if I wanted but I just like to make it last a while and also be relaxing. I pretty much always start by fingering myself while fantasizing until I'm really excited (starting slowly and ramping up for ~30 minutes), and then I switch to rubbing my clit over my underwear until I cum (a few times, which takes 2-10 minutes). If I'm feeling really fancy and not lazy, I do the first step and then replace the second step with this >>>/g/317965

No. 1869894

There's a shit thread in /g/ too. This thread just attracts some nasty bitches who want what they say to have more exposure for some reason.

No. 1869903

I hate those wet wipes I prefer baby wipes to wipe my ass with and my asshole is so hairy I supe away my asshole pibes by accident sometimes

No. 1870017

I just use a plain old-fashioned dildo. Clit play makes me nervous about UTIs + vibration is too much

No. 1870019

This reminds of when I fed my husband too much Carolina reaper hot sauce and the burning diarrhoea was so bad he shoved ice cubes up his ass.

No. 1870399

File: 1706475726765.png (73.64 KB, 168x300, ohgod.png)


Ok, I don't know if it will work but I bought some FemiClear to put on. Is this supposed to be safe to use if it ends up not being a fungal infection?

No. 1870463

It will be safe if you got the antifungal cream that is for genital use in thrush. In my country the brand name is Canesten.

No. 1870475

Honestly if it's not pinworms it could just be dry skin. I managed to deal with this issue a few weeks ago after struggling for a month, and the only thing that gave me relief was shaving my ass so I don't pull on the hairs and make it worse coupled with exercising the most brutal self restraint ever. It also helped to be constipated for a couple of days at a time so I didn't poop and gave my ass time to heal by not having to use toilet paper. If I went into my phones trash folder right now I'd probably find tens of asshole pics because I wanted to see if I had pinworms or how inflamed the area looked like kek.
I literally had the same thought process as you did, except for getting the medication. Like other anons said it could also be a yeast infection but to me this sounds more like very dry skin.

No. 1870478

> If I went into my phones trash folder right now I'd probably find tens of asshole pics
Kek I had to do this a couple weeks ago cause I wanted to see if I had a hemorrhoid. I still couldn’t tell and just wound up with a bunch of bloody asshole pics.

No. 1870496

File: 1706483497989.jpeg (158.12 KB, 828x936, 455C1B9A-1A19-4DD2-8864-056365…)

I am so fucking horny. I’m a virgin but I crave the idea of a big cock inside me, like I can literally feel a phantom dick inside of me bc I crave it so much…… why can’t I just have a hot, cute, beautiful, submissive bf with a massive cock, I’m so exhausted being celibate and masturbating 5 times a day bc I’m so sexually frustrated. I just need a big dick inside of me, my womb craves this shit. Plus I’m getting my period on Friday so I’m insanely horny. What do I have to fucking do to get a cute and beautiful bf with a massive cock. Fuck I’m suicidal. It’s not even like I’m ugly either, I’d say I’m pretty cute

No. 1870516


>exercising the most brutal self restraint ever.

I've thought about that too but I don't think I can do it. The urge to itch is just way too strong. Props to you for beating something like that w/o any medication though.

>dry skin

I did actually try Vaseline as well. It doesn't seem to be helping either.

>the only thing that gave me relief was shaving my ass

I am very fucking hairy, including on the asshole, so I considered that as a possibility too. Just shaved it but now I think I'm just itching from the stubble. fml

No. 1870518

I'm sorry you've only had weird moid spam posts responding to you. You'll get what you need eventually, but also masturbating feels nicer 90% of the time. I love u nonns

No. 1870539

I relate exactly. It feels so stupid and over dramatic to get suicidal over these sorts of feelings. I can’t make them go away immediately, I have to sleep them off and the the cycle begins again. I don’t know if I could ever find someone to help me with this, it seems like too much trouble and risk to search for a moid that can fulfill me this way. Especially because I would feel embarrassed after. There really is no easy way for a woman with standards to overcome this and feel completely fulfillee by the end of it. I think I’m hyping up physical contact too much, I don’t want to be disappointed.

No. 1870541

I farted so hard my tampon came out. so disappointed in myself

No. 1870567

i really like the way my discharge feels in my fingers when i'm ovulating. the really gooey stuff. and i like the feeling of wiping it off while on the toilet and then pulling the excess out, as much as i can anyway, with my fingers.

No. 1870608

if it's the clear jelly stuff, I take it all out and play with it for a minute or two before I get rid of it kek

No. 1870639

I relate to this but also I’m like a super producer and my ovulation mucus is so plentiful that I have to wear mini pads that whole week kek do you ever stand up and just feel a ton come out kinda like a period gush

No. 1870648

Thank god I'm not alone. The consistency feels so good.

No. 1870843

You made me laugh, be proud

No. 1870855

>it could just be dry skin
Seconding this, it always happens to me in winter when every other problem area of my skin also gets dry as fuck. Idk how to fix it, nothing ever seems to fully help but it does always go away eventually. My mom blames the lack of sunlight and vitamin D but idk how scientific that is or if it's just a mom-fact kek

No. 1870861

hey nonna, i just want you to know that your sweet reply made me get up and wash and get the tangles out of my hair. thank you for being kind ♥

No. 1870939

I just put my hands together over my crotch while I’m wearing underwear and then grind against them while lying on my back. I can’t masturbate without underwear on, it’s really weird. I’ve had partners request I masturbate in front of them because they think it’s hot and I have to explain I don’t want to because I don’t do it like they do in porn and I’m embarrassed.

No. 1871134

I always do it over underwear too, it seems really common. It just feels better that way imo but I don’t know why. You’d think directly touching would feel better. I also have the same thing with my nipples, they’re not really sensitive at all unless I play with them over fabric, and then I can actually feel them for some reason. That one really makes no sense to me.

No. 1871168

So this nonna here didn't know that senna lax is a harsh stimulant. I'm in pain. How long will this last? I feel like I'm about to die.

No. 1871267

Have you looked at your own butthole? I ask because I had icthing that lasted for months and after trying to treat myself for hemorrhoids I took a look and realized it was an anal fissure. I treated it by using only a handheld bidet after pooping, taking metamucil, drinking a shit ton of water every day and bending over in the shower and letting warm water run directly on my butthole for a few minutes twice a day. And completely resisting the urge to scratch for at least a week straight which I failed at many times. I thought the itching would never end but it's been healed for a while after like 6 months straight of itching. I never saw a doctor

No. 1871295

File: 1706557142695.png (Spoiler Image,450.57 KB, 516x416, 3.png)

Try antifungal creams and if you see skin colored like this it's definitely a treatable fungus

No. 1871320

File: 1706558389146.jpg (35.13 KB, 499x282, blood.jpg)

This happened to me last night. I got a bad nosebleed while on my period, but it reminded me of your post and made me giggle so thank you nonna

No. 1871325

Are you the same laxative overdose anon from a different thread? If you've been having abdominal cramps for 8+ hours maybe you should go to a hospital. If you think you can wait it out try taking some paracetamol and stay hydrated, maybe use a heated blanket or hot water bottle too

No. 1871464

I’ve been having awful diarrhea for 4 days and my butthole is on fire. It gets so bad and I don’t have cream to soothe it with and I’m a burger, so no bidet. When I go to the bathroom, I piss first, and like >>1811499, if I have discharge, I will use it to wipe my ass. The discharge is cooler than the burn, so it feels very soothing

No. 1871467

Can you not go and get some sort of cream? Maybe wrap an icecube in cloth and hold it to it?

No. 1871470

I hope you’re showering after your liquid shits or at least sticking your butt under the tub faucet. Diarrhea aftermath cannot be handled with toilet paper alone.

No. 1871471

ntayrt, but I'm using squeezey condiment bottle with water until lazy moid installs my christmas gift bidet.

No. 1871475

Girl what it's nearly the end of January. Beat that motherfucker with the bidet handle until he installs the damn thing like he's supposed to.

No. 1871491

File: 1706569482924.jpeg (135.03 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_8458.jpeg)

Get you some of these
t. crohns firey butthole haver

No. 1871574

This is not meant as a jab but what kind of hell diarrhea are you having that needs a full bath afterwards??? I do shower every night of course, but I’ve never had it so messy that I had to take a bath before
I can’t get cream bc I’m both broke and have no car to drive to the store and get it. I did take the ice cube advice though and you’re a lifesaver

No. 1871637

i hate men so much, het porn grosses me out, not only because of the blatant misogyny, but also because i hate it when moids are enjoying womens bodies. like no, you're not worthy of sticking your filthy dick in a womans vagina for fun. it's so nasty. also, i'm only attracted to men who seem harmless and kind. ofc they're all rotten inside, but i like to fantasize about feeling the touch of a kind man who respects women sometimes(wrong thread)

No. 1871639

File: 1706589590226.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, hankhill.png)


No I haven't. I asked my mom to and she did say she sees alot of redness. Also I do vividly recall that a couple of days before this all started, I had gotten some of the worst constipation I think I've ever had. It felt like I was giving birth through my ass, so I wouldn't be surprised if it literally tore me a new one.

>drinking a shit ton of water every day

Still never do this enough, though I know you should for a million different reasons.

>bending over in the shower and letting warm water run directly on my butthole for a few minutes twice a day

Yup, usually I would only do this once a day at night but since this itching started I've began to do it religiously, after every single shit. I'm not sure if it made a difference, but I used a removable shower head to help. However, right now I had to start using a bathroom without one and it's a bit more uncomfortable to get the water over my asshole.

>I never saw a doctor

Chadette. I wouldn't want to see one either since U.S healthcare may cost me an arm and a leg for just one visit but I decided to because I just feel like I've exhausted all choices. At first I thought it is something that would go away on its own but it's just not.


Haven't seen it exactly like that but I was told there was redness. Probably from the scratching though.

No. 1871641

nona, you should be worried about your electrolytes. make sure to replenish nutrients and go to the doctor for medication

No. 1871645

anon… you spread your cheeks and asked your mom to stare at your hole? I considered myself very close with my mom until this moment

No. 1871648


Yeah..Embarrassing as fuck, I know, but she works in a hospital and has studied to be a nurse so I figured she may notice something I wouldn't.

No. 1871651

I have a pill that's already tiny that i have to split into 4 pieces and take one of at night. no matter how much water i use to try to get it down, it always gets stuck in my tonsils. it's horrific

No. 1871735

Maybe you can ball them up in a piece of bread? That’s what we did with my grandmas statins pill.

No. 1872176

If I pinch the area around my nipples some white stuff comes out of the pores as if it were a pimple but it isn't. tf is this

No. 1872185

Omg same, I used to pinch them out all the time but then stopped because they'd always reappear. I read once there are glands near the nipples but they don't look like glands to me.

No. 1872364

My butthole felt stabby so I used a piece of toilet paper to check, and there was a solid piece of hard plastic in there. The thing is, I don’t remember eating it. I don't even know what it’s from. Wtf just happened ???

No. 1872370

The microplastics are creating clusters in everyone's bodies. The time is coming, the plastic doom is nigh.

No. 1872658

For some reason my vag smells like period even though my next period won't be starting for at least a week or two

No. 1872663

I once swallowed one of my prayer box paper scraps as an effort to digest and see if it came true. Still waiting on that. Also I just felt like devouring paper for some masochistic reason. Can't be worse than all the gum I swallowed as a kid

No. 1873123

My office is very small and the walls are paper thin. When i first started working here i didn't realize that and i farted while on the toilet once. I didnt think anything of it but a few months in i realized you can hear when people are peeing. I can't remember if anyone was in the office when i farted but if they were they wouldve been able to hear it loud and clear. Now when i go to the washroom i always turn the tap on so the water is blasting and hope no one can hear me pee.

No. 1873211

Is it weird that I shower with my dog?
I have a very large, thick furred dog. He doesn't need a full bath very often but when he does he absolutely hates them. He splashes water, shakes water and shampoo everywhere, tries to climb out of the tub, runs around, will sit down out of reach of the spray wand attached to the tub. It's just a nightmare. So my solution has been to put him in the shower with me. I have a shower that has a sliding glass door so I just shut him in with me, he can't escape or run around, if he shakes he just shakes onto the shower walls instead of the floor and ceiling and everything else. He can't get out of reach of the shower head, I don't get my clothes soaking wet, I don't have the feeling of a soapy dog hair covered shirt making my skin crawl the whole time. I scrub him down, hose him off, hose myself off, and then we both get out clean and not exhausted from an hour long battle.

Put this in TMI because I've recently come to learn that some people find this disgusting and while I never thought it was weird, the reactions I've gotten lately are making me second guess myself. Is this really that gross?

No. 1873226

you're both clean afterwards, it's more convenient/less messy, and you're doing a thing that shortens the amount of time your dog is stressed out. i don't see how it's any grosser than bathing separately

No. 1873237

It's objectively weird, no one does this or if they do they're not openly admitting to it.

No. 1873238

That sounds cute and I'd do the same if I could close my bathtub like you. They always manage to flood the bathroom anyway and I always needed a shower afterwards from all the wet dog water spraying across the room

No. 1873239

Is she supposed to wear a jumpsuit in the shower like that one youtube dog groomer?

No. 1873240

I'm disgusted ngl
Ideally, yes. Dogs roll around in dirt and lick their own asses

No. 1873243

A little dirt isn't going to kill you.

No. 1873244

Okay bubonic plague chan

No. 1873245

a little bit yea, but i see why you do it given your reasoning. arent you worried about him jumping up and scratching you or knocking you over while youre butt naked in the shower?

No. 1873246

Did I say that? It's just weird in the sense that it's abnormal, people don't do that, it's not a judgement of whether she should do it or not.

No. 1873252

Only a germaphobe would think this is disgusting.

No. 1873326

Nonnies I just took a shit so big I literally lost 5 lbs.

No. 1873350

It would be unreal levels of disgusting if you were naked but if you're clothed, I guess that's like washing him outside with a hose or something

No. 1873353

Samefag, I read that wrong and thought you kept your clothes on. Yes it is disgusting.

No. 1873361

Gross? Not really unless your dog is literally covered in shit or piss but I doubt it. Most dogs aren't as dirty as people make them out to be. It is a bit weird to shower with your dog but hey if it saves time and you're both clean at the end it's fine.

No. 1873364

It’s not gross at all in my opinion but I would never tell people I shower nude with my dog even though it’s obviously superior to and more efficient than doing it clothes and getting your clothes sopping wet and hairy. People would think it’s weird to be naked. It’s not like the dog cares but when you tell people things like this you have to realize you’re weaving a visual tale that puts you and the dog naked together, wet and touching.

No. 1873379

Nah, I've done this. I don't really get why people find it so disgusting, it's not like you're rolling around with him in the shower and rubbing his fur on your body. Although, usually, I would towel off my dog and then get back in the shower and scrub down the shower floor (because of his fur) and give myself another rinse. It might be gross if you were in a tiny shower and ended up covered in fur, but it doesn't sound like that's the case. It felt way grosser to me to get my clothes soaking wet and covered in fur, which was what always happened when I would try and give him a bath. I always ended up showering after I bathed my dog because it was gross, finally I just realized it'd be way more efficient to both shower at once. I'd never tell people this irl though, particularly scrotes, because some people are extremely disgusting about women having dogs.

No. 1873413

I visited a relatives house today and when I went to use their bathroom, there was a big ass turd (I almost screamed when I looked at the toilet) floating around in the water but no toilet paper.

No. 1873439

It was just saying hello

No. 1873484

i never knew that i had a vaginal canal until i got my first period

No. 1873499

That's sounds normal. Idk about anyone else, but I started my period pretty young so I could easily see how this could happen.

No. 1873510

I got AYCE sushi but ate too much so when I left I threw up in my mouth (involuntarily) and I was walking down a busy street with stores like gucci, dior, prada, etc. so I didn't just want to barf on the street so I held it in but I threw up again in my mouth and finally found a Tim Hortons but the washroom was locked so I ran to where he said a washroom was (at this point I was hiding my face in my jacket with my cheeks full of puke) and then threw up there. And then I still had to take the train home. Terrible. Just awful lol.

No. 1873514

When my dog has rolled in the mud and needs to be rinsed off, I take my clothes off to rinse him off in the shower. Why would I get my clothes soaking wet when the dog dgaf if I'm naked?

No. 1873543

I don't think it's gross at all and I don't know why people think it is. It'd be gross if you were sharing bath water with it, but it's a shower. And dogs are dirty but showering them isn't too bad and it's far more practical than getting your clothes all wet. I'm curious why people think it's gross and weird, it seems practical to me and I don't even have a dog and never have.

No. 1873546

It's not gross, it's practical

No. 1873555

It's a bit gross to me yeah. But I'm more concerned about you slipping & falling. If your dog still shakes off while in an enclosed space like that, it seems like it would be really easy for him to knock you off balance. All it takes is a slight trip & you're dead from whacking your head on the faucet.
Be careful nonners.

No. 1873556

Should have puked on the gucci store tbh

No. 1873731

My farts are so disgustingly smelly I honestly think I should be euthanised for the good of humanity.

No. 1873886

I don't cry but sometimes when I'm pissing hard I suddenly stop halfway through to get a full-body shudder of pleasure. Usually helps if I'm thinking about something erotic at the same time. This is probably bad for my bladder but it feels good.

No. 1873890

this thought process is perverted

No. 1874095

You mean you don’t like the smell of your own farts? It’s a problem when in public but when I’m by myself, I like it even better when they’re super potent

No. 1874155

oh my god. i can queef on command too. i've been able to do it since i was a child. i was so proud of being able to do "fake farts". i even showed my friend one time. while i was visiting her. while her mom was in the room.

No. 1874157

How is your pussy sucking up so much air all the time to be able to queef constantly? I have no air in there to expel

No. 1874164

you use your muscles to suck the air in…

No. 1874172

How????? When I “use my muscles” down there, all they do is clamp my vagina my tightly shut than it already is kek. I’m so confused

No. 1874193

Lay and rock backwards and like hold your legs in the air and like a handstand or back over your head while flexxing always does it for me otherwise I can't. So I'm not a fan of that position for sex since the sound turns me off

No. 1874239

I like having gas

No. 1874570

I have multiple disgusting warts(?) on my feet and it hurts when I walk. I had them for over 2 years and I fear that someone might see them, they make me feel so gross.

No. 1874584

are they the white ones that burrow into the skin? I have a home remedy for those if so

No. 1874587

wanna expand upon why

No. 1874633

I just like the relief of farting while bloated especially if I’m by myself and I like stretching to let the farts out. I don’t give it to myself but man do I feel so set on relieving myself.

No. 1874635

Plantar warts are extremely contagious. You need to see a podiatrist and get them fully removed and the wounds properly dressed. They will continue to get bigger and nastier and eat away at more of your foot.

No. 1874657

im home remedy anon and if you don't have money or time to go to a doctor you really can get rid of them with apple cider vinegar and persistence. I had a really big one on my foot years ago, and I was broke and in college full time so I decided to try to cure it myself. this is what I did:
>in the morning after a shower, take a little bit of cotton ball, or rip the tip off a Q-tip, and soak it in apple cider vinegar
>apply it over the wart, make sure it's small enough that it isn't covering too much healthy skin
>take a large band-aid and apply it over top to hold it in place
>if you have to do a lot of walking, you can take some duct tape and apply over that (it doesn't hurt to remove since it's the bottom of your foot and helps it stay firmly in place all day with no evaporation of the vinegar)
>go about your day
>at first it will burn a little, but nothing intolerable. In a bit the burn will fade
>what is happening under the bandage is the vinegar is killing the skin it stays in contact with
>when you remove it at the end of the day, you'll see a ring of newly-white (dead) skin around the wart
>Take something sharp, a scalpel is probably ideal but I used a (CLEAN!) pair of toenail clippers, and cut away all the dead skin. Go as far down as the dead skin goes. Since it's dead, you can't really feel this.
>sanitize the area after this and let it breathe overnight
>repeat this process every day, and after repeated applications, you should be essentially tunneling a little hole into your foot. The goal is to get at the root of the wart, which will be visible as a black dot in the center.
>eventually you will get further and further down into the wart, until you can finally cut out the root. You know you're almost done when you can no longer see a black dot in the center
>after this, for good measure, I did it for a couple more days to make sure it would not come back
>At the end, you will have a pretty spooky looking hole in your foot, like someone hole-punched a deep little hole into your foot. The insane thing is, this will heal really fast and be totally invisible at the end
The hole in the bottom of my foot after this process was so weird looking that i was worried it wouldn't heal all the way, but these days when I look at my foot, I couldn't even tell you where the hole was. It healed together like a magic trick.

No. 1874740

I have this pimple on my forehead that I’ve used 4 pimple patches on now and it’s still filling each of them up. It didn’t even feel that big

No. 1874898

I actually can’t afford a doctor so thank you, I will try that.

No. 1875139

One time years ago when I was walking outside with my friend I felt a fart coming up and given the fairly loud background noise I tried to discreetly release it. Instead I fucking shat myself. Big time. I was mortified and didn't say anything to my friend, but it smelled pretty horrendous so she probably did notice something despite the outdoor wind hopefully masking it a bit. I just continued walking since there weren't any public bathrooms nearby and tried not to walk too weirdly. When I did finally reach a bathroom I inspected the situation and it was fucking everywhere, just this toxic sludge coating my underwear. I ended up just chucking my panties into the sanitary bin and cleaned myself up the best I could with just toilet paper. Luckily I was about to head home anyway, but I still had to sit in public transport for over an hour to get there.
This was maybe the most embarrassing TMI moment of my life, it was the first and only time I ever shat myself and I still don't understand wtf happened because normally my stool is very solid, I was feeling fine and hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary. Before this incident I never understood stories about sharting and chalked it up to moids having bad diets or lacking sphincter control or something, but I was thoroughly humbled that day.

No. 1875268

I have a small obsession with my own digestive tract and I love feeling stuff move through my body. I get excited after I eat a really big meal so I can put my hands a little bit under my bellybutton and feel my guts churning stuff around in there. I keep track of what types of foods cause more activity and I'll take a little bit of laxative every so often (not an ana) just for the fun of it. Being gassy is fun too for this because I can tell exactly when I'm about to fart because I've been feeling it move through my whole intestines. I don't care about the pooping aspect of it much, it's just fun being able to actually feel my body doing its job. I wish I could watch an x-ray of my food digesting or something.

No. 1875298

The first shit you take on the first day of your period feels like an exorcism. It's as if a thousand demons have been expelled from my stomach. I can still feel the discontent in my body but i'm so much lighter

No. 1875989

I know this post is from almost one month ago but yesterday night when I did read it I started laughing so hard, for something like ten minutes straight. My eyes were watering and all the muscles in my face aching. I had to close the browser and turn off the pc because just thinking about it would start the laughing all over again. I don't know why but the description of your "fetid dogs" was just too much for me. I love you anon

No. 1877386

i sometimes get sore muscles in my legs when i masturbated a day before, because i need to squeeze my legs very hard to come

No. 1877403

Did this yesterday. On the first day of my period I have this strong sensation that I have to expel everything from my body and I look forward to going to the toilet and just let everything out, gas, piss, blood and shit. Often it hurts because I'm having cramps at the same time but after I'm done I feel SO much better, my guts feel sore but relaxed and I love how "empty" and light I feel.

No. 1878000

my cat had a big ass flea and its bothering me that i didnt catch and pop it agh

No. 1878111

Got laid last night and 24 hours later it seems like I've gotten a horrible UTI even though I peed like 5 times. My pee was so cloudy and stinky, the worst I've ever seen it. I'm eating D-Mannose pills and praying.

No. 1878187

Tell your moid to wash his dick next time or don’t let him put it in you, that’s disgusting.

No. 1878210

That's terrible nona, please held him accountable. Don't chicken out of telling him what he caused you.

No. 1878397

I’m on my period right now and my stomach was hurting so bad when I woke up I thought I was going to shit myself in bed

No. 1878404

I'm so sorry anon, I hope your UTI clears soon. I had one last year after not having one ever and it's made me afraid to have sex at all anymore.

No. 1878626

File: 1707173576505.jpg (138.56 KB, 1200x1198, angus-cloud-attends-hbos-eupho…)

It's what I get for going home with a rando I met at a bar. I have been deliberately avoiding men, I haven't had sex in over a year but the drunk horniness took over, he looked like Angus Cloud. Now I have CLOUDY PEE.

No. 1878633

Why is my butt feeling so weird? I used to poop diarrhea but now I'm constipated, what the fuck? I've never had issues with this shit.

No. 1878654

Pee straight after sex if you don’t already, and dose d mannose afterwards. A few regular doses of d mannose should see you better soon if it’s the pure stuff, but for relief until then a hot water bottle always helps me. Feel better soon queen, love from a short urethra nonnie

No. 1879119

Do an STD test just in case.
It’s not that I don’t like them, I actually always smell them the way a wine enthusiast huffs a fresh glass and is like “I’m getting crisp overtones of berries and also a hint of egg” trying to discover what food I ate that caused the scent, I just recognise they’re exceptionally disgusting. If someone else were to smell them they’d probably retch and throw up. Also they’re very pungent. They linger in the room for quite some time if I don’t open a window and light a candle. I eat fairly healthy but I do eat a lot of eggs and I’m a borderline alcoholic, so I think that’s why.

No. 1879177

File: 1707216121827.jpg (34.61 KB, 564x423, dinos.jpg)

I was in the shower after a workout while on my period when I got a really bad cramp that almost had me folding in two. After I was done washing myself I stepped out of the shower, fresh as ever. But just then, as I was grabbing for my towel, a fucking blood clot half the size of my palm just drops out of my cooch, splat, right there on the bathroom floor in a bloody mess but intact. It was gigantic. I just stood there staring at it in confusion, surprise and awe for a moment. I had never seen this happen. It was so big there was no way I was going to just rinse it drown the bathroom drain so I took a paper towel, picked it up and flushed down the toilet. It was so disgusting yet fascinating, like a thin slice of red jello. I had to tell someone but I don't want my friends to stop talking to me so now I'm letting you nonnies know. Now I wish I had taken a picture because this experience is going to haunt me for the rest of my time.

No. 1879183

I get you completely. I was out of the shower on my period once and a clot plopped out and for a solid minute I thought that for some reason a chunk of jerky was on the bathroom floor.

No. 1879190

Omg that reminds me years ago I had such horrible period cramps while I was on the toilet, I was actually sitting there crying from the pain which isn't unusual because as a teen I would throw up from how painful my period was. When I wiped I felt something sort of weird so I looked at my toilet paper to see… a decidual cast. Had no fucking idea what it was at that moment, was actually scared I was having a miscarriage or something but I was taking birth control at that time kek. Asked my mom and showed her, she didn't know either. Had to turn to my good friend google to figure out what the fuck happened. Turns out there is some link between birth control and women shedding decidual casts, as well as a possible link from covid-19 and shedding decidual casts

No. 1879526

Eating regularly sucks so fucking bad I have to shit at 11:30 every day now. If this is the human condition I want to be executed

No. 1879530

seconding >>1879119, absolutely get an STD test

No. 1879538

I wish I could see it

No. 1879573

i hate when i queef on my period and blood spurts everywhere

No. 1879585

do you just queef randomly…? how is air getting into your vagina

No. 1879590

File: 1707244440355.png (143.45 KB, 536x364, 1589896819373.png)

when i have a bath, about five to fifteen minutes afterwards, a flood of water will leave my vagina. i heard it's called afterbath. i read on mumsnet that it only happened to other women once they had kids, but i've never had a baby so now i'm paranoid that i just have a baggy pussy.

No. 1879614

i was lying on my side and i’m not sure how this happened but i guess air got inside me and when I went to stand up i queefed

No. 1879621

Maybe you just get super relaxed when in the bath? Do kegels

No. 1879625

my pelvic floor is fine i think, legitimately had a nurse tell me it was very strong when getting a smear (which was a weird compliment to receive at a vulnerable time) so i don't know if kegels will save me here. i might just have a wide set vagina kek

No. 1879666

I really like shoving things in between my gums, especial my back upper molars. I used to do it with my finger nail or a toothpick, but I got this dental set that has a pick perfect for pushing between my teeth. It hurts and makes my gums sore but for some reason the pressure of it feels really good. Sometimes I do it until it bleeds a lot.

No. 1879673

Don't do this anon, the irritation will cause your gums to recede and susceptible to bacteria and inflammation which will make your jawbone around your teeth deteriorate and your teeth will become loose. I got a nasty infection from playing around with a toothpick that I had to go to the dentist for.

No. 1880000

wtf anon are you trying to use your pussy like gills underwater or something? All of these anons lately talking about air and water just accidentally getting in their vagina has me scratching me head. How much water in a public pool do you think has been queefed out from a vagina? Before these conversations I would have said 0.1%, but now I'm estimating much higher.

No. 1880034

18,800,000 get kek

No. 1880037

When I got my IUD my gynecologist said I was a very easy insertion and I didn’t know what to say kek.

No. 1880052

I did this as a kid but between my two front bottom teeth with a toothpick repeatedly. I liked the feeling of pressure on both sides. I have a gap between them now but idgaf it's cute

No. 1880067

One time I was closing shift at my old job and I got hit with a wave of nausea and cold sweats. I tried to fight it but my vision started getting spotty and I wasn’t sure which end something was gonna come out of so I sat on the toilet with the trash can in my lap. I was hunched over in pain with the worst cramps of my life until I literally felt my entire insides drain out. I felt way better but the toilet bowl was completely filled with blood and chunks and I flipped shit so bad because I thought it was a miscarriage kek. I went to urgent care and they said I wasn’t pregnant. At the time I figured was just the worst hemorrhoids ever but maybe it was this.

No. 1880069

were you on your period?

No. 1880070

oops meant to reply to >>1880067

No. 1880073

No I have an hormonal IUD so I haven’t had a period in years but the nurses said that sometimes if you haven’t had one in awhile it can come out all at once.

No. 1880075

yeah i was asking because there's this thing called a decidual cast where your entire uterine lining comes out at once instead of shedding little by little which is what usually happens on your period. the crazy part is that i didn't know this was a thing until recently and a lot of women don't know about this lol

No. 1880168

Sometimes I get so horny during ovulation I cry. I understand how cats in heat feel. I have solidarity with them. If it was socially acceptable in human society I would wail all day too.

No. 1880755

File: 1707325998699.jpeg (377.44 KB, 1000x981, IMG_5793.jpeg)

>dad uses washroom
>gets pee everywhere
>doesn’t wash hands
>doesn’t flush
>i hear him in the kitchen touching the bread i planned to eat and the cutlery.
im not eating today. how can someone be so disgusting? it takes 20 fucking seconds to wash your hands AND NOT TOUCH FOOD THAT OTHERS WANT TO EAT WITH YOUR DIRTY HANDS.

No. 1880759

are you the same anon whose dad pissed so much out of the toilet in his dedicated bathroom that you had to change the whole rotting toilet and now pisses all over you and your mom's bathroom? Or is it that common?

No. 1880809

yes i’m that same anon kek

No. 1880815

File: 1707329932351.gif (862.29 KB, 244x230, wink.gif)

I'm so sorry. Have you thought about poisoning him ?

No. 1880835

My mom literally is the same. She doesn't flush the toilet in the morning so when I go to take my morning piss, a pee filled toilet is the first thing I see. Plus I never hear her wash her hands.

No. 1880870


I had a roommate from Mexico that didn't flush when she peed. Could be a "If its yellow let it mellow" for some people, especially if they've grown up poor. I still think it's disgusting, though. I don't want someone else's piss splashing into me.

No. 1881030

This is going to sound gross so proceed with caution but does anyone else ever get weird phantom pain whenever you imagine something too vividly? Like sometimes I’ll be contemplating what it could be like to give birth and then I’ll start to feel this weird feeling in my pussy that feels kind of like I’m shitting out something hairy and it hurts for a moment but then it stops and I just feel confused

No. 1881064

If I get too into my thoughts my body will start physically trying to enact what I’m thinking about, which is bad when I’m thinking about like running or punching and I’m not in a space designed for it. Now that you know you have this mental power over your body you can learn to control it, I believe in you nonnie!

No. 1881180

Currently on the toilet with the biggest shit I’ve ever produced in my life threatening to bust through my already ripped asshole. Not sure what to do. It’s like as big around as a drinking glass. If I let it out I will tear my asshole severely, but I can’t hold it in. I’m about to become majority injured. If you don’t hear from me again assume I’ve bled out. It’s been a pleasure anons.

No. 1881194

I'm alive but it did not go well. to put it lightly. I was trying to avoid it (because burger) but I am going to make an appointment with a gastrointestinal doctor… I have no other choice when all else has failed.

No. 1881197

Godspeed nonna. Praying for your butthole.

No. 1881202

The hottest guy I was ever with messaged me tonight the same night my bf cancelled on me. I am just going to roleplay with ai all night to stay loyal and I turned off my phone

No. 1881216

Dumbass. Don't ignore the signs God sends you.

No. 1881221

this hot man is thinking about you nonna why are you loyal to a man who doesn't care for your time or feelings

No. 1881264

>hot man gives you attention and wants you and your bf doesn't

what was he dying or something? idk why yall even bother staying loyal to moids who don't even treat yall like actual gfs when there's hotter richer men out there who'd treat you nicely

No. 1881278

i did not learn how to wash downstairs until my late teens and i only figured it out from spending time online otherwise i would've never known. in the early years of my childhood (since about 3 or 4 years old) i would scoop what was probably the remains of a yeast infection(?) whatever that cottage cheese stuff is and wipe it on random places in my room. i didn't realize what it was until using the internet in my teen years but by that point it was long gone, idk how it even disappeared. and i guess my parents never noticed either? they never talked to me about vaginal hygiene or anything related to that, same with periods.

No. 1881343

I'm dying, I've never been this constipated before, now I had to wake up so I could run to the bathroom and shit, how can anyone live like this? And I don't get why am I like this right now, I drink like 3 liters of water daily, eat plenty of fiber and workout. I guess I get feeling like this during my period but I'm not on my period right now.
I think I will take some medicine for my colon.

No. 1881375

I think I shat like a kilo of shit, my whole lower body hurts, but I definitely feel less shitty. Kek.

No. 1881398

File: 1707387236171.jpeg (86.88 KB, 500x464, IMG_2007.jpeg)

Spoiler for semi bone-rattling but theres something so deeply satisfying about purging your guts out when you know you’ve eaten something bad. It’s the same satisfaction of taking a huge dump after a few days of constipation. You feel so much lighter and less anxious about potentially being sick later. I got dragged out to dinner tonight at a super dirty restaurant, like greasy film on the tables dirty. I had the pork (terrible mistake) and I’d been drinking for the first time in weeks too, and when I lay down to get ready for bed I could just feel my stomach aching and decided to get it over and done with. Your body knows when it wants to get rid of something, sometimes it just takes a little nudge. And now I can go to sleep knowing that there’s nothing left to come up and I won’t vomit all over my bedspread at 2am or break my ankle trying to make it to the bathroom in time.

No. 1881409

I’ve always wondered if everyone else could feel a bit of pain when seeing someone else get hurt or when reading it or imagining it. Like a weirdly feeling dull imaginary pain.

No. 1881632

I just took a shit that had to be over a foot long. Just effortlessly slid out, today I’ve eaten an apple, a granola bar, a donut hole, and had a black coffee. Im just staring at it in horror, how did it come out all in one piece?

No. 1881638

Issue is, i dont have an issue w poor ppl doing that because i understand people save on the smalesst things.
My parents are rich, we are rich enough to flush the toilet so i dont wake up and see someone elses piss. Also it is not about saving, she doesnt wipe the poop of the toilet when it leaves marks (idk how to say it im not native, the marks in the toilet). One time she didnt flush poop and AT LEAST CLOSE THE LID IT SMELLS DUDE

No. 1881650

I excuse myself from my lecture because I needed a massive shit. My stomach kept making noising and trying to shit myself and my hands were sweaty so I got up and excused myself in front of everyone. I then went to the toilet and proceeded to have a massive amount of diarrhea shoot out of my arse. I felt beautiful and delicious after.

No. 1881651

Sage but this is why I hate posting on my phone, ignore the esl-type typing kek

No. 1881660

the sensation after shitting diarrhea is so good. I feel so empty afterwards. I'm due for a good diarrhea tbh.

No. 1881692

I used assume that was discharge and let it be. I was nasty

No. 1881710

My hands smell like sewage and I can’t figure out why. I keep going to the restroom and washing them again and again but then I sit down at my desk and smell sewage again and sniff my hands and yep. I took a Clorox wipe and wiped it all over my hands but it didn’t help and now my hands are dried out from the chemicals. I wonder if it’s the building’s water…? I can’t tell when I wash my hands because the whole bathroom reeks. I hope it’s not contaminated because I just ate wet grapes with my bare hands before I noticed the smell.

No. 1881711

It was probably just dried discharge, you would know a yeast infection because it gets so itchy/painful. Still gross kek.

No. 1881719

How do you know if you have a bowel parasite? I have seen some white parts and string like things hanging from my poops. I dont want to go to a doctor like a retard just to get told it is some food that hasnt been processed. I got those small white worms once when I was a child, but these strings look a lot bigger and dont make my butthole itch.

No. 1881722

it's fibers or other food debris that didn't get digested, don't be like those retards who think they're full of worms and take horse dewormer or some shit. if you're really worried ask your gp to get your shit tested.

No. 1881765

You're probably in the clear if there's no blood and its not happening all the time, you can always test it though

No. 1881842

I hate cutting my toenails so I just let them grow out until they start busting through my socks.

No. 1881843

Do you know if the building’s plumbing is on a septic system? That can happen occasionally, especially if it’s rained recently. When you say sewage, does it have a rotten egg/sulfur type of smell? If it’s not a full septic tank, it’s probably some other plumbing issue. Id let maintenance know either way.

No. 1881863

I saw too many farmers feet pics in ot to know that might be half of lolcow

No. 1881868

No. 1881889

I'm depressed so my diet has gone to shit, eating nothing but processed junk and now I can't stop farting, it smells rotten too. I wonder if anyone at work noticed even if I think I'm ok at hiding it, it's that bad. Also gained weight, I don't know how to stop, I have to commute far so it's not helping my lack of will to do better.

I also have the same thing as >>1814407 >>1815570 which I think makes people extra gassy because it gets either trapped and hurts or comes out the nastier end. I also have intense throat gurgles sometimes because of this condition, if I were a burger I'd get botox

No. 1881902

Strange times not too long ago in ot where farmers would post at least one foot pic every few days, sometimes attached to stupid questions or to prove something, and they all had long ass toenails

No. 1881908

I forgot schizos are all about having parasites now. No sense going to the leftist doctor, they wouldnt remove the worms that make me lazy and gay. You cant get horse pills here without a vet but I guess I could eat a lot of cat dewormer.

No. 1881939

Been shitting and and puking literally since 8am and tomorrow I have to catch a flight to go see a concert. Kill me now. Was feeling so nauseous so I only ate a single mandarin orange but puked that one too. Now for dinner I tried eating cereal with oat milk cause I have no idea what to eat and I can feel it wanting to come back up. Really hope this is just some food poisoning and not a stomach bug otherwise this plane trip is gonna be very interesting.

No. 1881940

was it their own feet? kek

No. 1881961

Have some vegetable or chicken soup, you need something light, maybe have some toast with marmalade.

No. 1881967

Make sure to get electrolytes and hydration at least. Drink broth or Gatorade.

No. 1882007

nta but yeah, one of them kept making tons of posts in dumbass shit talking about how pretty her own feet were and after other anons told her to shut up she started posting them. around that same day another anon posted her feet in stupid questions to ask something health related about her toes. there's also an anon who posted her foot in /g/ in the body hair thread

No. 1882173

You're right I made plans for Sunday with him. I deserve it

No. 1882340

File: 1707460024627.jpg (29.9 KB, 375x375, 1559790760112.jpg)

why did my dumb ass have to peel at my healing hand eczema i just opened it back up and it burns like an open wound and it's an extremely hard sensation to ignore when it's on your hand

No. 1882462

i hate when i fart and feel it exit throug my vagina

No. 1882466

it's horrible when I'm freshly shaved then the fart exits through the front and my pussy claps.

No. 1882577

is it really bad that i dont wipe off excess pee from my vagina after peeing? no one taught me this, until i was 13 and it came from a male PE teacher. i was embarrassed that i was the only girl who seems unaware about this rule. i dont smell bad, really, and i have use lesser amount of feminine wash whenever i clean myself down there, sometimes i only use water. but im worried that since i dont wipe my vagina for years now, i might have a stinky puss or smth, idk just my worries accumulating into an intangible mess. it makes me insecure to even have sex cause i really do want my lover (if i have one someday) to go down on me but im scared i taste smth less pussy-adjacent. i might visit an obgyne someday, other than my usual cause she's really religious, and have my vagina checked and ask for recommendation on how to take care for it. after peeing, i do sit in the toilet for a minute or two just to let everything drip.

No. 1882592

Eating citrus and drinking milk on an upset stomach is actually retarded. Plain rice, chicken soup, bananas, toast, plain crackers are your best buds until your stomach gets better.

No. 1882615

This is all totally subjective but wiping can irritate my skin and I'm prone to UTIs so I'll pat-hold-pat-hold after peeing.

I think the rule of thumb is, its fine to use a mild soap on the outside of the labia but inside it's all pretty much self cleaning. I don't think everyone has to do it but I have an active job with an outie vulva so I like to make sure there's no smegma build up. But I'm not scrubbing or anything kek

And look… as a lesbian… not to be gross but sweat & pee & discharge are all tangy/salty. So it all kind of… blends together. As I type this I am realising I've almost certainly ingested urine traces at some point but I've never noticed it. Healthy vagina just kinda smells like vagina. If you smell your finger and it smells fine it's probably fine.

I do think its a really good idea you find a different obgyne though because it's nice to have a health professional you feel comfortable asking any and all questions to!

No. 1882692

Nonnies this is bothering me so much. It's been 9 months since I moved out of my parent's house. My diet has changed, I'm now eating things I enjoy along with bigger portion sizes. Obviously I have gained weight, I used to weigh around 125 pounds and now I weigh 135 (I'm 5'4). My concern is the stretch marks I've developed, I have them all over the inside of my thighs, as well as random ones on the backs of my calf muscles and the front of my thighs. I even have one small purple one on each breast in the same location. They range from red to purple in colour and they don't really seem to be getting any better, just steadily worse. I remember getting stretch marks on my inner thighs during puberty but they healed and turned white. Is my skin just prone to stretch marks or something? Will building more muscle help? I haven't gained 10 pounds rapidly, it was gradually over the course of 9 months.

No. 1882712

File: 1707490399614.jpeg (82.89 KB, 857x1023, E729FCEA-C3FB-4BF7-B738-BD287F…)

I’m just curious if this is a universal experience that other women get or if it’s just me. If I think of something really sexy, I get this rush of ache-pleasure that starts at my stomach and quickly travels down through my uterus and then down my inner leg muscles. If this happens when I’m standing or walking, it makes my legs weak and unsteady, so I try hard not to think about sexy things unless I’m sitting down.
The feeling is really unique (achy but somehow nice?) and is second only to an orgasm, even though it’s a totally different feeling.

No. 1882738

how the fuck are you sucking the fart into the vaginal canal and where is it exiting, your uterus? is your uterus full of farts? what is wrong with you

No. 1882745

Calm down. You’ve never had the air from a fart pass over your labia?

No. 1882757

thank you for your kind words nonnie! i only clean the outer part, i think that's the maximum you could do for cleaning your vagina, i guess. i have thick thighs so i get sweaty there, especially since its humid here and im always wearing a skirt, as its a uniform, so i have to put thighs together. im less insecure now than i am hours earlier, i really do, i just need assurance thats all. cause this is a part of me, that im wary of like opening up to or felt like i am the only experiencing in all of this and be shameful about it. and yeah, im planning on really going to an obgyne someday, or sooner, i just need a professional to also like assured the clinical parts of my body kek.

No. 1882765

It's your megaclitoral system

No. 1882770

I know what you mean but my legs don’t get weak. Maybe when I was a hormonal teenager.

No. 1882780

Yeah I always suspected my leg involvement was maybe not so normal. But then I started thinking, is this what women mean when they say something makes them “weak in the knees”??? Even though it doesn’t really affect my knees… kek
My WHAT. You know, the weird thing is I don’t feel it in my actual clit at all. Even though I’ve heard other women say they get “clit throbs” when they think of something arousing, that has never happened to me.

No. 1882788

I mean, that’s pretty weird imo, just letting it drip-dry is not that clean I don’t think. I also do what the other anon said and pat-press dry instead of wiping or use a bidet.

No. 1882791

Yes that is what the weak in the knees phrase is from.

No. 1882843

File: 1707499140919.jpg (115.96 KB, 736x875, 1000010165.jpg)

I get clit throbs and butterflies in my stomach but I don't get weak on my knees because I workout.

No. 1882859

ntayrt but I haven't either, my butthole's not that close to the front lol. unless you mean a queef, but that doesn't travel through

No. 1882988

i dont mean it comes out the pussy hole i mean if i fart while im like laying down the air will slide out through the front instead of through the back

No. 1883063

It’s not really about how close they are it’s about the path of least resistance for the air to escape.

No. 1883236

My farts go through my labia almost 100% of the time unless my legs are really far apart kek. Sometimes a bubble of it gets stuck mid way through and I gotta re-adjust how i'm sitting to get it to pop kek.

No. 1883258

File: 1707531306094.jpeg (671.9 KB, 1200x900, hannibal-lecter_30d7.jpeg)

my areola gets flakes from dry skin. I've never read how to get rid of them because I like ripping the flakes off. not every day, but if I'm alone and bored. it's like scratching something itchy and ripping them off feels great.
idk if anyone else gets them, like white thingies from dry skin.

No. 1883263

wtf no. My nipples are buttery smooth always. I don't put lotion on them or anything. I've only ever heard of nursing mothers getting chapped nipples

No. 1883651

weirdly, i have kinda the opposite. i have very dry skin EVERYWHERE like eczema makes me have half a fingernail sized dandruffs and my skin is sandpapery. my areolasare the only place where i dont have sandpaper skin along with my labia. buttttt my actual nipple is dry af, so like smooth af skin around and one very dry spot in the middle

No. 1883677

This only happens to me when I have a bad cold or the flu or maybe a particularly vicious hangover. Are you sure you’re not just living in a state of constant dehydration?

No. 1883694

happens when I wear VS bras, only VS bras too. dont know why

No. 1883705

It happens to me depending on where I live, when I used to live in a place that was very dry ass, my nipples would get flaky and dry as fuck, but now that I'm living somewhere closer to the sea, I barely have to use creams.

No. 1883850

I've been getting these since puberty. Makes no difference if I'm hydrated or not (i usually am), never been a nursing mother, don't wear bras, pretty much none of the things anons mentioned apply to me I'm just born like that.

No. 1884522

God I'm such a fucking fiend for my husbands armpits

No. 1884563

you're onto something nona cause i actually am in a constant state of dehydration. lots of energy drinks little water. I'm working on getting healthier, pilates and drinking more water.
ill report if the flakys dissapear. but I kinda hope they don't. its fun.
kek we are indeed opposites. always dry aerolas but never in the actual nipple. bodies are weird.

No. 1884567

Can you get eczema in your buttcrac

No. 1884619


As someone with occasional flare ups on the vulva, inner thighs and butt: yes.

No. 1884926

Damn. If it actually is dehydration you should really fix that. I bet some other things will improve that make it worth it even if you miss the flakes. Your poor body.

No. 1884959

I just had the most horrible diarrhea ever, my asshole is straight up burning.

No. 1885042

I'm sure you already use a bidet but honestly cold water on a tissue on your ass will feel so good, I get it a lot because spicy foods and its my only relief

No. 1885060

File: 1707682891097.png (333.68 KB, 551x550, cringe.png)

pussy-plucking anon here, I just spent an hour plucking out all my pubic hair again. Didn't feel as good as the last time and I only did it to feel smooth down there. Next time, I will just get a normal wax.

No. 1885062

hair of smell?

No. 1885111

Isn't it itchy as hell when they grow back? That's what stopped me.

No. 1885236

File: 1707694527579.png (794.87 KB, 640x727, IMG_0775.png)

I went to the theatre yesterday and had no clue what the show was about. Anyway the very first scene was a skinny moid being knocked out with chloroform, then placed on a bench and tied up with rope and his throat slit. It turned me on so fucking much

No. 1885238

Do you get a lot of ingrown hairs from it?

No. 1885239

No. 1885241

only two hairs. Wasn't worth it

yeah but i hate the feel of possible ingrowns

No. 1885243

What movie?
Anyways I went to pee mid workout and my sweaty ass ripped apart in half (felt like) as my cheeks spread and I sit on the toilet. I feel so gross.

No. 1885260

It was a theatre performance so it was actually enacted in person right on front of me haha

No. 1885285

You’re so lucky man

No. 1885287

i love the random picture accompanying this

No. 1885452

Help I’m spending half the day on the toilet

No. 1885476

Recently or always? Changes to your diet or liquid intake? Are you always pooping or is it an incomplete movement? I am no doctor but we can try to see if there's anything we can do/relate to

No. 1885876

I fully just sharted while sitting at my desk just now. And because I was sitting down the liquid shit just travelled upwards and there was shit on my vagina. Kill me now. At least I work from home.

No. 1886369

Cheated on my bf tonight with a handsome muscular black belt in taekwondo. Also I forgot his name so I just mentally call him Chad. My life sounds like bait but I'm just that based

No. 1886372

File: 1707792046698.jpeg (54.51 KB, 500x397, IMG_2450.jpeg)

No. 1886609

His real name? Albert Einstein.

No. 1886651

i am so sick for no reason, i can't stop throwing up but i have work in 5 hours (its 1am)

No. 1886667

Kill yourself(alogging)

No. 1886727


What the fuck that has literally never happened to me. Maybe because my inner labia is very big so they just kinda block the path.

No. 1886827

File: 1707833167264.jpeg (69.51 KB, 1200x675, FA559763-017B-4AF1-B730-711338…)

picrel anon’s big inner labia to the fart

No. 1887153

File: 1707852466640.jpeg (1015.07 KB, 2547x2560, 1FBE225E-6021-4442-85B9-D0F9D0…)

This is probably the nastiest habit I ever had, but when I was like 12 and all my friends had gotten their periods but me, every time I used a public restroom I would open the used pad box mounted in the stall and unroll someone’s used pad just to look at it, kek. Idk how I didn’t get AIDS.

No. 1887434

I >>1886651 have been throwing up on and off since 8pm last night and its currently 5pm. What do I do momnnies? I have been having a hard time holding water

No. 1887457

And that little boy grew up to be Steve Jobs

No. 1887462

I get why he's single he is so droll when he starts talking my brain autotunes him out. Talking to him is like listening to a church sermon. But his body is perfect, his dick is large and thick, he's muscular, he's giving and respectful in the bedroom. He's the perfect fwb. I'd honestly rather be with him casually every blue moon than my crappy bf who ignores me.

No. 1887479

No. 1887481

i had the wporst shower i was hand peeling thai chilis and after like 4 hours and washing my hands i touched my eye lid area and it started burning

No. 1887486

Milk your eyeball.

No. 1887777

Never shaving again, I feel like a mole rat

No. 1887848

File: 1707903027314.jpeg (990.25 KB, 4000x2667, IMG_0235.jpeg)

I’ve used dish soap as body wash and sometimes shampoo.

No. 1887958

He probably deserved it just don't give yourself a std

No. 1888094

I always thought “pussy smells fishy” was just a meme, but I walked into the womens bathroom at work today and was hit by a wall of the densest fish-like smell I have ever experienced outside of a fish market. I couldn’t even stay, I had to turn on my heel and find a bathroom on another floor, it was so bad. I seriously hope whoever is the source of that is planning on going to the doctor ASAP, because holy fucking Christ. I did not know this was possible.

No. 1888096

my pussy smells like pepsi cola

No. 1888109

Extreme fishy smell has more to do with bacterial infections than natural smell. A natural smell is more musky and meaty and only if you get close to the pussy. Sorry to hear about that OP

No. 1888443

Every day after showering I have to use a q-tip to scrape the yellow crumbs out from under my clitoral hood. My showerhead is almost like a pressure washer but it still doesn't get them out and it's too painful. I'm so embarrassed about it and I always worry about not getting all the gunk out. If I don't do it for a few days it gets really nasty. I was actually in my early 20s when I learned that you are supposed to clean under the hood. Just imagining the possibility of someone accidentally sucking out my coochie crumbs with their mouth while going down own me makes me wanna kill myself out of embarrassment. Am I a retarded freak of nature or is this normal?
Also my labia stick together after showering and it always makes me think of the anons in the shay thread making comments about her "peeling her labia apart" and having a "velcro pussy". It can't be a hygiene issue and I also dry myself off really well so I don't understand why it gets sticky between the majora and minora

No. 1888479

Good lord do not use a q-tip down there. That sounds like you have an infection due to microbes or cotton residue introduced by the q-tip. Go see a gynecologist, please. The only thing you need to clean your vagina is water and mild soap preferably with a low pH designed for intimate areas, and even then you only put the soap on the outside of your vulva, not inside. Also, your lips sticking together is perfectly normal. Stop reading the Shay threads or at least stop getting pussy advice from there, and I’m saying this as a shayfag.

No. 1888489

NTA but what are you talking about, anon is describing smegma (normal) and not some deadly infection she needs to see a doctor about.
I have some sort of odd malformation of my clitoral hood and I have the same problem. I actually have to se aside time to clean it out since the structure is abnormal. It’s really a pain in the ass. I also get build up that gets stuck in two tiny holes on either side of my clit, those are the worst ones and I cannot for the life of me get them out without hurting myself. So I always do it on a weekend so I can just lay around afterward.

No. 1888495

Don't be ridiculous. It's just smegma buildup under the clitoral hood that doesn't get washed away by the water. Nothing goes up my vagina. I finish my shower, swirl the cotton swab around my clit and rinse it all again with water afterwards. No infection, no irritation, no nothing. I don't even use soap on my vulva, just water. I just wanted to know if everyone else does this. Do you not clean under the hood? The hood can actually fuse to the clitoris if you don't.

No. 1888498

>yellow crumbs
does that not feel itchy

No. 1888503

No, it doesn't feel itchy. It's also not really dry more like idk kinda greasy I guess. I don't feel it at all. Thought everyone had to deal with this I guess not huh

No. 1888507

My clit smegma is more like discharge texture its never dried up before

No. 1888517

May I ask what this abnormality is? Would one be unable to miss it? Maybe I have something similar. I also have the issue with the two tiny holes. Tried reading up on it in the past and stumbled upon the term "keratin pearls" but I'm not really sure if that's really it. After making myself bleed multiple times while trying to get those fuckers out in the past I decided to just let it be. It's so insane to me that little girls don't get taught about proper hygiene at least I didn't.

No. 1888527

File: 1707953711569.jpg (18.83 KB, 390x280, white-eraser-scrap-on-backgrou…)

Samefag guess I shouldn't have used the word crumbs to describe it kek I painted to wrong picture. Like I said it's not really dry or hard but rather greasy or oily. The smegma between my labia if I don't shower is like a fine layer but if I rub it it turns into these tiny things that kind of look like the stuff from erasers, picrel. Wonder what it's like for the depressed nonnies who don't shower for weeks on end. Those coochies must be funky but I'm so curious

No. 1888536

Do you mean it smells sweet like Pepsi or does it actually smell like Pepsi? Either way this is a bit abnormal and you should try to talk to a doctor about this. I don't mean to scare you but I've just never seen someone describe the smell of their pussy that way, I think it might be some kind of yeast or something. Stay safe nona.

No. 1888566

File: 1707957110083.jpg (21.21 KB, 750x724, lana wat.jpg)

No. 1888607

File: 1707959940435.png (Spoiler Image,30.51 KB, 726x529, bagina.png)

I think it would be too hard to explain in words, so I'll draw you a picture. I'm not sure if my two issues are related, or separate things. Spoilered for bagina.
>problem #1: due to this odd part of my anatomy and the fact that my actual clit is so small (much smaller than I drew it in the pic, it's not really visually distinguishable), I spent my whole life until I was 22 thinking that my clit was hidden somewhere inside this endless hole. When I finally got out a mirror and poked around until I pinpointed my clit, I was shocked that it was not in the hole and was instead right in front of my face the whole time, just not raised enough to be distinguishable from the surrounding skin of the minora. Anyway, yes this hole collects gunk too, and it's very hard to get out or even see the bottom of.

>problem #2: these will re-fill every other week or so. I try to express the contents but it hurts really bad and I'm not able to get a good angle with both hands since the areas are so miniscule which makes it harder than it already is

If anyone else has one or both of these things, let me know. I think problem #1 is an actual deformity of some kind, but problem #2 may be a normal part of female anatomy that I just have a difficult version of, like problematic pores or something.

No. 1888609

No. 1888611

opposite opinion / untrained diagnosis (?)here nonna, I also was initially befuddled by being able to pry up the clit hood and worry about there being some space up there, or if there should / shouldnt be. I was always researching 'clitoral adhesions' to figure out if it was normal so some women will worry about the opposite, is my anecodotal point. As for issue two, that seems like it could be a normal kind of variance or indentation. hope this was helpful