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File: 1494188400445.png (613.67 KB, 1001x652, chinese bitch fashion.png)

No. 189595

What's the basic bitch fashion in your country?

Pic related is the basic chinese bitch

No. 189596

File: 1494188561787.jpg (33.24 KB, 600x600, euw.jpg)

Basic Swedish bitch fashion. I see literally everyone wearing this.

No. 189598

File: 1494189763683.jpg (18.27 KB, 499x499, 1435947573357.jpg)


>16 gb

this is so fucking spot on

No. 189600

Why specifically 16gb?

No. 189601

That looks more Russian than Swedish to me and with them it's on point

No. 189602

Nah, needs more makeup, jewellery and the boots are high heeled. Also a mini skirt, even in the dead of winter.

No. 189603

File: 1494194632345.jpg (60.34 KB, 600x600, y.jpg)

p. much every girl in my city <spoiler>including myself</spoiler>

No. 189605

spoiler + tags
spoiler tags
Nice try. Welcome to the boards.

No. 189606

File: 1494196014690.png (951.81 KB, 1308x860, bbb.png)

I feel like this is every teenage girl in the Balkans that isn't a goth or a metalhead.

Tanning and blue-black dyed hair is so popular here, to a point where my bf was surprised when I told him where I was from because he genuinely thought we all looked stereotypically 'Greek' lol.

No. 189607

This is hideous. Where do you live anon..?

No. 189608

it's the cheapest way to show off.

No. 189609

What's up with that shirt? It looks like a hideous pajama top. Do people really wear that?

No. 189611


No. 189618

seems accurate

No. 189622

Is this OC? I love you so much for this anon.

No. 189624

you're worried about that shirt? look at that ghetto mk bag.

No. 189627

File: 1494211542310.jpg (1.42 MB, 3612x2408, A06riBV.jpg)


No. 189628

File: 1494211647683.jpg (64.66 KB, 589x786, kI8B6ki.jpg)

No. 189629

File: 1494211891254.jpg (60.23 KB, 798x440, bad-religion1.jpg)

Summer fashion in my country.

No. 189630

File: 1494212048297.png (668.91 KB, 750x629, Fhxve28.png)

>paying $200 for brand name rainboots, being a brand whore in general for unreasonable items, always shopping in the bestsellers section of a department store
>messy bun + aviators & tailgating in a jeep meant for offroading while living in the suburbs
>(mesh) leggings as pants with nikes and a baseball cap

this is what i see most often

No. 189631

I used to see this ALL over my university except for the Jeep thing, that was just me lol.

No. 189632

File: 1494214146808.png (1.55 MB, 1319x822, 4895485.png)

I live in the South and would consider this kind of shit the norm. Everyone, especially women, are stuck in the early 2000's as far as fashion is concerned.

Optional but recommended: trashy tattoos, being morbidly obese, having 3-5 annoying, ill-mannered kids, chunky costume jewelry

No. 189633

Oh god, don't forget those tacky deer windshield stickers. I'm from Virginia and literally a day doesn't go by where I don't see one.

No. 189634

Oh god, that look is awful but the thing is most men don't care about fashion. That sort of thing looks hot to them since it's the way women in porn look like. I can hardly blame them if that's what gets them attention

No. 189636

Midwestern U.S. anon?

No. 189637


>>Can anons start sharing the countries they are from instead of forcing us to guess?

No. 189640

I don't know is that so weird?
Women wear shorts and sleeveless shirts during hot weather, more news at 11…

No. 189641

I honestly can't bring myself to believe that the average lolcow poster dresses better than any of these stereotypes tbh

No. 189646

This is so spot on. God I hate those fucking stable boots.

The shirt is from an ugly ass Swedish brand called odd molly, essentially all their clothes look like something you'd find in your grandmother's attic. In my mind the people who wear it are of the kind that likes to pay for the brand.

No. 189647

File: 1494225771676.png (508.28 KB, 582x1132, Han-Solo-Fathead-02.png)

ah yes, Han Solo kei

No. 189655

'Better' is in the eye of the beholder but it's obvious this place is full of /cgl/ types who are into alternative fashion and would never dress stereotypically basic.

No. 189659

I wear basketball shorts and a tshirt almost every day. Sometimes I wear a tank top when I'm feeling sassy.

No. 189660

File: 1494235334660.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_4241.JPG)

Pretty standard, I'm Canadian.

No. 189661

File: 1494235635046.png (847.2 KB, 852x660, literallyeverygirl.png)

North of the UK
I'm turning into one of them

No. 189662

ngl I absolutely adore those boyfriend jeans with huge cutouts

No. 189663

Ha! I study in Leeds and this is too accurate. The crusty caked-on makeup and greasy highlight is the worst. Nice one anon.

No. 189664

File: 1494237326242.jpg (15.62 KB, 301x273, usag.jpg)

No. 189670


this is so true. basically every bitch in my lectures.

No. 189681

File: 1494246486548.jpg (55.22 KB, 800x800, 22819-DEFAULT-l.jpg)

Those flipflops need to be bedazzled.

No. 189685

File: 1494248669795.png (1.49 MB, 1576x1024, French Basic bitch starter pac…)

French basic bitch (especially in Paris)

No. 189686

Why are all the clothes so… Bland?

No. 189689


Despite the stereotype, most French don't actually have that good of a fashion sense and try to cover it up by sticking to boring dark colors (No France, a wardrobe of entirely black cloths isn't cool, it's what emo teenagers do) and very basic cuts.

No. 189690

I wish I could burn every Le Pliage on the planet
Worse yet I once visited a fashion forum where rich American millennials discuss fashion and now they all carry Le Pliages after a few of them went to Paris and told the rest that all French girls have them. Some of them will buy one just for a trip to Europe so as not to 'look like a tourist'. Blech.

No. 189691

Samefagging: They're the uggs of bags.

No. 189696

Finland here, every other girl on the street looks like this and it's so disgusting and trashy.

No. 189698

Has anyone found themselves slowly morphing into a basic bitch? Sometime last year i genuinely got tired of people constantly asking 'why are you so dressed up?' 'are you going somewhere nice?' and variants of that nature because i generally used to wear twee/cute kinda clothes. Like, nothing fancy, but just different enough that people would stare and/or comment. Anyway, i ombred my hair and mastered a messy bun, got myself a shit load of cheap ass basic bitch clothes off aliexpress, started doing the fake lash/disco ball highlight/kylie jenner lip combo, and honestly? I've never been happier. I finally feel like a real girl instead of a weirdo, you know? Like someone guys find hot and girls actually want to be friends with. Conformity is comforting.

No. 189699

>that fucking hair

God I am glad I moved…

No. 189700

You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post.

No. 189701

Seeing people where the IG makeup irl is fucking terrifying. They never look good and look worse than in the photos.

No. 189702

File: 1494258909561.jpg (43.76 KB, 530x444, 0002047934291_img.jpg)

Basic partying brazilian girl. It's so ugly and boring.

No. 189703

No, because i'm not an insecure twat and I realized years ago that faking who you are to fit in is what makes people dislike you, and it makes you dislike yourself. If it's who you are, it's who you are. If it's not, you're probably not going to enjoy the guys who find you "hot" or the girls who "actually want to be friends with you" and if you do, it won't last long. Agreeing with >>189700 that you're underage tho fam.

No. 189704

The people you attract as a basic bitch are usually boring normies and bitchy stacys.

No. 189706

At least this is somewhat colorful and feminine. I'm so sick of nudes and dark colors.

No. 189708

Does anyone live in Korea or Japan? The weeb in me would love to know how our basic asian sistren dress.

No. 189709

File: 1494260232760.jpg (58.2 KB, 400x537, 0002047934291_img.jpg)


I guess it gets a bit more colorful in hot/tropical countries, dunno why.

But other than that, it's always the same stuff.
Same long straight hair, same super-short dresses, skirts or shorts, same hand-on-waist pose, same chunky high heeled shoes.

I mean, they do themselves, but it's very boring and predictable when you go to clubs and stuff.

No. 189711

As soon as I saw it I knew it was from Brazil. I don't like it, it's super predictable and 99% of girls and hoes here dress like that, but I have to agree with >>189706 that its colorful and feminine.
Just the fact it's not full black + leggings + messy bun is a victory.

No. 189716

File: 1494262505840.jpg (26.67 KB, 399x411, rosabuceta.jpg)

im surprised that people still use "rosa buceta" lipstick

No. 189718


Não sei que buceta é dessa cor mas eu tô chorando com o comentário

Legging + messy bun shit is tired as fuck also, but I think I prefer that to ~brazilianpartygal~.. Maybe I am just over exposed to that, but I'd rather have something boring than something both boring and ugly, i 'unno. That's just me

No. 189720

File: 1494263579021.jpg (78.53 KB, 500x750, 5745845.jpg)

I wish I could. I can't even find a decent salon around here because they only specialize in "let me speak to your manager" haircuts and chunky highlights. Even the actual beauticians all look like pic related.

No. 189721

I kinda like this look lol. It's very Britney Spears circa 2004.

No. 189723

Something like this, which isn't so bad, i guess. Garish and a little tacky, but not offensively bland. Savannah, GA.

No. 189724

File: 1494264354690.jpg (67.49 KB, 500x749, li.jpg)

dropped pic oopsie

No. 189731


part of me is like "anon are you 14? yuck. that's so tacky". but at the same time every annoying girl in my college campus looks like this… so you win.

No. 189733


spot on, anon! i'm having vietnam flashbacks

No. 189735

Nothing like southern belle fashion.

Like the prints just not the cuts of the dress.

No. 189736

File: 1494268126800.jpg (374.75 KB, 2500x2500, 2015 basic bitch.jpg)


true, adidas is the new uggs and everyone has lulus even though the only exercise they do is walking from daddys car to the starbucks entrance. the makeup part is true too, theyll have an ugly ass bun but cake their face

(although.. i do wear adidas since they are aesthetically pleasing and i wear lulus because theyre comfortable and id rather not carry around another extra pair of pants since i go to the gym every other day).

No. 189738

File: 1494268240723.png (419.97 KB, 604x932, basic-bitch-helsinki-starterki…)

These girls travel in packs and the worst thing is they think they're unique with their tastes

No. 189741

File: 1494269502863.jpg (8.05 KB, 236x333, people.jpg)

What part of the brain is missing from people not only sharing such cringy quotes online but even decorating there houses with them framed or wearing t-shirts or tote bags displaying "inspirational" and "quirky" texts about loving chocolate, being the "crazy one" or stale tame shits about unicorns. It's petty but it drives me bonkers.

No. 189742

File: 1494269745552.png (1.17 MB, 1265x634, sdfghjyuio.png)

i still see that ugly ass minion phone case TO THIS DAY. and see everyone everyone selling "lip kits" for 1/3 of the price.

and yes, we are always late to american trends.

No. 189743


this is so fucking accurate, anon. all that is missing is her bragging about going to shitty music festivals. legit know a girl who looks just like that holy shit.

No. 189745

Spain? Because that looks like 99% of basic bitches in spain, well that and >>189661 and >>189738 make up for most of the "basic but i'm totally innovative" fashion scene here kek

No. 189747

File: 1494272119982.png (841.28 KB, 801x509, Untitled.png)

i used to really like these backpacks but so many people have them now that they have lost their uniqueness imo. not that they were really that unique to begin with but something about seeing them all the time has made me slowly hate them

No. 189749

…is that…drew barrymore in the top left?

No. 189750

All basic bitches think their taste is totally unique. That's what infuriates and irritates me the most.

No. 189751

No it's Kota

No. 189752

I wouldn't say ~all~. >>189738 >>189661 and >>189660 definately have delusions of being far more interesting and eclectic than they actually are. The rest are just your average girls living their lives.

No. 189753

ugh the fucking kankens. I mean I do think they look nice but everyone fucking has them and I prefer utility over fashion when it comes to backpacks.

No. 189755

I just hate the ones that read Vogue religiously, talk very loudly about how they're going to fashion school, lols at anyone who dares to dress with the tiniest bit of creative flair, but has the nerve to walk around looking like this >>189738
ugggh im so triggered right now. i know so fucking many variants of this bitch

No. 189758

Lily Pulitzer?
>>Like the prints just not the cuts of the dress.

No. 189761

No. 189762

File: 1494278635810.png (1.1 MB, 1195x869, s0vmmYd.png)

Don't live in Japan but have been there two times and pretty much every rich 25-30 year old woman looks like this

No. 189763

File: 1494278647650.jpg (84.38 KB, 620x620, sportspic.jpg)

>>Has anyone found themselves slowly morphing into a basic bitch?

Somewhat anon. I'm not sure why other anons are lashing out at you kek but I used to be into girly, frilly Japanese fashion.

I still dress up and get asked the same questions you used to get asked, but I no longer look like a weeb. Also, I'm moving to a couple major cities soon, so doubt I'll be inundated with questions.

I basically just wear designer clothing now (mid-high range, i.e. Marc by Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton).

>>I finally feel like a real girl instead of a weirdo, you know?

Yes, I know this feeling so well anon. It feels nice.

No. 189764

Oh geez same here anon, for ref point I live in Southern US

No. 189765

Best comment so far. "rosa buceta" means "pussy-ish pink"

Please anon. At least you can't go wrong in nude and greyscale clothes; colors make them look more like annoying genki girls

No. 189767

honestly anon it's not like there isn't a middle ground between frilly cat ear-wearing itabag weeb and a basic as fuck bitch with no personality

No. 189768

>mid-high range
>marc jacobs
>louis vuitton
anon… thats the lowest most well known shit

No. 189769

File: 1494279863723.png (2.1 MB, 1900x1900, ererw.png)

I live in Italy and this is what I see everyday.
Usually high schoolers tend to dress like this, older girls want to look more polished and expensive.

No. 189771

Kek I knew some anon would respond something idiotic like this. I'm speaking as someone with a standard world-view. Only Hermes or some unknown brand are mid or high-end to you though, right? And FYI I wear other brands, but listed 2 that are pretty well-known for being both mid and high-end.

>>honestly anon it's not like there isn't a middle ground between frilly cat ear-wearing itabag weeb and a basic as fuck bitch with no personality

Yeah, I recognize that anon. I never dressed on either end. I literally never see anyone who dresses like me irl, and never dressed like an autistic weeb either. Frankly, dressing in simpler clothing just looks better on me imo. I don't really care if other people dress as they please, but agree with the anon who feels better about herself dressed more conventionally.

No. 189772

Honestly, to fulfil my need2weeb, I'll buy some secondhand Japan brand stuff from Wanboo (like more tame pieces from gyaru brands) that are similar to western styles… that way I fit in, but there's a strong chance that no one else around me will have something exactly the same.

[saged for snowflakery]

No. 189774

Mid to high end Marc jacobs and Louis Vuitton? What? you can go to the mall and get clothes by them. That's not to say they're not expensive or nice but the name dropping and using those two is wtf

No. 189775

lmfao this is literally cutiepiemartzia and she doesn't even live in Italy anymore. I'm 99% she has that exact coat, even.

No. 189777

I look like a basic bitch on days i'm depressed and can't be bothered to put any time or effort into my outfit (Uggs, yoga pants, messy bun). Ironically, these are the times i get hit on the most. Men are strange creatures.

No. 189778

Yes, everyone wears those culottes right now. I find it very elegant, but ultimately basic.

No. 189779

high end is valentino. get the fuck out with your basic bullshit. you're wearing ghetto ass luxury brands for 50 dollars a pop. you aint special

No. 189787


sage your retarded brand sperging no one cares

No. 189788

Don't forget the baseball caps….. ugh

No. 189790

the thread was at the top anyway, retard. sorry we hurt your feefees

No. 189793

you sound like you need to control your behavior better anon, i recommend taking yourself and your valentino bags to an anger management therapist.

No. 189799

Get therapy anon(s). You are way too triggered because someone wears mainstream designer brands.

Go cry into your Valentino (which I doubt you own much of, since you sound poor and ghetto as fuck yourself kek).

No. 189811

i used to put in a modicum of effort into styling or trying to put together interesting outfits that were different everyday. these days i just can't be fucked anymore. i wear the same 2 pairs of uniqlo jeggings and uniqlo everything else now.

it's weird bc i'm more in shape and confident in my natural appearance than i used to be, idk if that came before or after giving up on fashion.

No. 189817

Lmfao. Literally everyone was dressed like this last autumn and I couldn't identify some of my own family members from behind because of it. Southeastern WA.

No. 189818

anon, u sure r mad u cant afford valentino. no one said anything about owning it. r u feeling sad becuase the only place anyone would accept your 50 dollar mk bag is behind a burger king parking lot? h&m clothes cost more than that. u sound like ur 15. not sure why ur getting mad when u called urself a basic bitch. truth hurts huh?

No. 189819

marzia doesn't really dress like that at all.

No. 189821

File: 1494315248609.jpg (20.53 KB, 350x420, 95cc33169969f2b953096aa7ad00fe…)

Don't forget the trench coat. I regret not taking pictures, but I was in Tokyo last month and I swear every fucking woman had a trench coat.

No. 189823

File: 1494316240216.jpg (14.19 KB, 300x300, l.jpg)

Australian capital city university basic bitch.

I have a kanken and it's super functional! It's the perfect size for my laptop and notebook and other little bits on days when I go to uni and don't need heaps of stuff. I know they're trendy, but I find mine so handy so I can definitely understand why.

No. 189824

Holy fuck, troll somewhere else you dumb cunt. Damn lol

No. 189825

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23 with full valentino, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.
kek. keep telling yourself how 'mad' I am. Life is great.

No. 189826

Kek Sad that you have to prove yourself and how great your life is on an anonymous messaging board…:P , Don't you Valentino toting bitches have some poor people to sneer at?(:P)

No. 189827

>you're not better than anyone else
I can think of a few folks who made some terrible fucking decisions in their idiotic youth. But sure, keep defending your poor choices. I hope that helps you sleep at night.

No. 189828

Kek It's funny how people automatically assume not having high end clothes to being poor and dumb.
Maybe anon should pull her head out of her ass and understand that not everyone spends all their money on fugly highend Valentino shit :)

No. 189829

Add more thick black lipstick and killstar tier clothes and you've got Samantha Milne. Melbourne?

No. 189830

Wow, you sound upset. Don't take it personally, dude, I'm just sharing my thoughts.
btw, when I say 'vapid' I don't mean they did poorly in school, I mean that I literally only ever heard them actively discuss local gossip, reality tv and celebrities…oh, and Twilight. That's the only time they ever showed an interest in 'literature' outside of a class. I'm sure some of them got good grades because the private school that I attended would be a helluva waste of money if they didn't, but there were also more than a few who dropped out to go somewhere 'easier', and are basically living the desperate housewife lifestyle that they always wanted as we speak. Not exactly the intellectuals you're trying to portray them as. Even the ones who did bother to study ended up staying in-state for their higher education rather than get out and explore their opportunities, so I still see them as being kind of…dumb in that regard. But you know, their daddies were lawyers who took care of them until they found husbands to leech off of and they could fit into size 0 jeans until their first pregnancy, and that's what's really important in life.
Btw, our school had a uniform, so I'm not sure where you get the idea that I dressed 'sloppily' since we were all literally wearing the exact same thing. Even so, I got bullied horribly for looking like a 'dyke' because my hair was chin-length instead of halfway down my back, and a 'geek girl' because I was always reading or drawing instead of gossiping and attending football games. Reaaal stellar personalities that you're attempting to defend there, anon. Let me guess, you saw yourself as one of those ~pretty, popular girls~ in high school, too?

No. 189831

Go write a blogpost, anon. This isn't the place to advertise your sobstory.

No. 189833

>projecting this hard
Well, someone's bothered.
I don't really care whether you believe me or not, all I'm stating is that if you make your appearance your #1 priority then you are inevitably going to miss out on otherwise valuable personal development during your formative years.
If that offends you enough that you feel the need to make offensive conclusions about my character, w/e. I'm out having a great Friday night while you're online bitching. Says way more about you than Me.

No. 189834

You're having a great night out..on lolcow?
BTW Friday..??

No. 189835

>calls Louis Vitton and Marc Jacobs low-end
>Accuses other people of being appearance obsessed

No. 189836

>insisting nonono people can multitask which is why there are so many 10/10 high school popular girls with fabulous personalities and many diverse hobbies and interests
were you homeschooled? have you not been to high school at all? because that would also explain why your reading comprehension is so desperately poor.
then also
>but you can't multi-task enough to take two minutes out of your night while waiting in line for a bathroom or something to respond to a post online or else you must be a loooser topkek topkek
the delusion is strong with this one, yeesh.
Look, if you'd like to provide personal anecdotes or…statistics, idk, to defend your assertions, feel free. Otherwise you're just throwing a tantrum and attacking my character without any evidence to the contrary or any direct refutations to my arguments. It kind of sounds like a tantrum pitched by a toddler: 'NO NO NO you're STUPID'
One of the reasons why I believe what I do is because, a few years ago, I discovered the Pinterest board of one of the girls at my school. this was a member of the group that you seem desperate to defend, girls who had 'everything', and made their appearance/reputation their number one priority; came to school in a full face of makeup every day, carried a designer bag, got straight-As, practiced ballet, the list goes on.
You wanna know what her 'hobby' boards were?
Interior decorating, wedding planning, and ED recovery recipes.
so goals, much winning personality, etc. This is the kind of person you're trying to argue has such a rich inner life & so many diverse/fascinating hobbies.
Now go back to wallowing in your butthurt and I'll get back to my life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 189838

Just because I don't ramble on about my personal life doesn't mean what I'm saying doesn't have a inkling of truth here.
WHat are you trying to defend? That people who dress and try to maintain their appearance on the current trends don't have any personality?
Also, liking interior decorating is 'basic' now? Kek, never knew that having a well decorated home was basic..

No. 189840

could you fucking stop with the high school tier arguing and blogposting and continue with the humorous basic bitch kits yeesh this isn't mean girls

No. 189843

I'm in Adelaide and I don't know who that is, but there's definitely variations of it in every city haha.

No. 189849

Does outside success matter if a person is still raging inside over high school? Have they really achieved success at all, or are they in an eternal state of overcompensation?

Sorry for failing to get back on track, this anon is just hillarious.

No. 189850

File: 1494338666169.jpg (33.39 KB, 500x333, RuOAB0Q.jpg)

Are you fucking schizophrenic? Projecting so much and writing walls and walls of pure bullshit that makes close to no sense. Woo woo, I bet you think Louboutins are shoes for every situation and think Chanel IS ON POINT. You sound like the type of a girl who uses a Valentino bags lol. You sound like an absolute sperg about fashion, who discovered daddys credit card and went on a spree and now shouts about it everywhere. If you want to talk proper "high-fashion", why you mentioning the most basic wellknown shit? Price doesnt equate quality. Where are the relatively lessknown but superbquality names like Ermanno Scervino, Noritaka Tatehana, Herhcovitch or Gravati? If you want to be such a fucking diva, don't have such an embarrassing taste. Marc Jacobs quality is not in the lowend of the highend stuff, are you fucking stupid? Even Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs has superb quality compared to fucking Louis Vuitton .

The fact you fucking even mentioned the lotterywinner trailertrash brand Louis Vuitton speaks for itself.
>mfw you try to talk fashion
Can we get a farmhand here to purge this sperg?

No. 189851

Don't worry anons, she's probably partying hard on a Monday night and having to fend off all the guys slobbering over her Valentino bag fucking kek

No. 189853

This is one of those posts that will be screencapped and laughed at the hardest when you get your own thread ala mystery.jpg

No. 189854

I especially liked >189825
>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23 with full valentino, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

Dude, she just called you a dumb cunt.

No. 189855

File: 1494342182316.gif (1.02 MB, 350x229, 1491662818351.gif)

I hope both of you get banned.

No. 189856

burandofagging aside, once girls can afford to buy more than coach they get their heads up their asses pretty quick. sage for stupid shit

No. 189857

Valentino gal sounds underage as fuck. Who the fuck even cares what highschoolers are wearing when you're in your 20s?
And jesus if that brand doesn't have some of the ugliest handbags that I've ever seen…

No. 189858

I thought weebs who dress in lolita style and other tacky j fashions were the main userbase here, not teenage girls who brag about spending lots of money.

Anons please humor us with more basic bitch memes

No. 189859

all their stuff is covered in edgy studs.

No. 189860

Combination of the basic bitches I see in the UK,especially some girl I was mutuals with and now just have on snapchat. Mrm yes bralets in 5 degrees yes bby gurl.

No. 189861

50/50 anon, we used to have alot of pro plastic surgery anons and a few stick around to scream random prices in threads, especially on OT.

No. 189862

File: 1494346939896.png (630.25 KB, 1046x805, help.png)

murrica is a big place. can anyone guess where i am?

No. 189864


No. 189867

ew where on earth do people like the mega

No. 189868

File: 1494349287595.png (230.51 KB, 640x400, basicbitchaccessories.png)

the american basic bitch - accessory addition

I think it's so funny how the shit they post on instagram and what they actually utilize every day are two totally different things.

No. 189869

>just got my order from killstar in the mail

Time to move to Australia.

No. 189870

(Not trying to derail the thread so we could make a new one if anyone is interested in the same)

These are all basic bitches fashion packs and they all seem boring… What is yours though? Just wondering what farmers like.

I don't really have a well defined style yet and I'm generally boring as fuck.

No. 189871


Send help.

No. 189872

i don't know why but the cake batter chap stick is making me laugh my fucking ass off. it's too perfect

No. 189874

See also: Christian College Girls

No. 189876

anon this is too perfect.

No. 189877

I think that'd be a good thread on it's own tbh. We could even get a bag thread going! I'd be down for a bag thread.

No. 189879

You guys are fucking retarded for derailing the thread. It's copypasta from 2 years ago you stupid newfags. They probably had a good old laugh as you guys sperged out. Man this place really went to shit.

No. 189880

>tfw you'd like a bag thread but don't have any worth mentioning

No. 189881

No you faggot, >>189825 is the copypasta. I remember that thread.

No. 189882

Oh fuck forgot the damn trench coats.. Literally EVERYONE wears trench coats, especially in Shibuya.

No. 189883

All of it is. Go back to thread and look, it's still up.

No. 189884

File: 1494358318109.jpg (45.27 KB, 528x396, Pop5UoY.jpg)

No. 189886

I just made a personal fashion thread so if anyone is interested, it's up.

No. 189887

I'm doing this too anon. It's so much nicer to wear what's in

No. 189903

File: 1494368125965.png (1.97 MB, 1200x800, pinkcamo.png)

You forgot something.

No. 189905

pink camo completely defeats the purpose of camo, I don't fucking get texas

No. 189907

We have cities already overflowing with cheap goth themed costumes. No more. Our streets will literally collapse under another black fake leather platform boot or pentagram printed uneven hemmed tunic.

No. 189912

One of my co-workers wears ugg boots nearly every day and I'm just like why??? It's not cold out anymore, she constantly complains about how her feet hurt yet she always wears those goddamn uggs instead of paying $20-30 on a pair of sneakers to walk around in.

And on the topic of New England, almost no one wears bright colors like the south. It's only black, gray, and navy.

No. 189917

back to your incel cesspit

No. 189920

two words: NORTH FACE. They wear it in the summer with their Lululemon pants, Nikes, blond messy bun, aviators, Louis Vuitton bag. In the winter, it's all of the above with Hunter boots (which I do love, but still).

No. 189929

happy birthday …ayden
Oh god

No. 189946

File: 1494385483767.jpg (323.49 KB, 1600x1125, 015.JPG)

I believe it says Jayden. I'm fleeing Texas ASAP. Get me away from these fat tacky bitches. I even encountered a pink camo truck once.

Search "pink camo cake" and look at images, all of them are white trash names. They're mindless drones I tell you what. Search "pink camo [noun]" and take a shot every time the thing exists for a fun suicide method.

No. 189948


No. 189954

pls no bully

No. 189955

>hot pink camo looks pretty


No. 189956

I love my kanken too, it's lasted me a long time and I can fit a ton of stuff inside. It's a shame theres this basic girl/sjw stigma attached to them.

No. 189957

File: 1494392745893.jpg (565.4 KB, 1500x1342, mama-june-wedding-main.jpg)

camo wedding dress is the hit

No. 189960

>hot pink
that's not hot pink except for maybe the cake and gun

I'm not murkan' either and I kind of like it too, you're not supposed to wear it all at once ofcourse.

No. 189966

>mastered a messy bun
lol what the hell do you even need to do to 'master' something like that?

Also chuckling at all the butthurt replies your post got. They think they're soo cool for developing speshul fashion sense but they probably all look like flakes irl.

No. 189976

I don't know about anon but I don't know how to do a messy bun. My hair is thin, straight and I have a lot. It's either a strict and pulled tight bun or no bun at all 'cause all my hair is out of the bun before I' m out of the door.

No. 189985

File: 1494416776306.png (330.83 KB, 789x530, basicbitchukedition.png)

Basic bitch: UK Uni starter pack

I want this look to end. It's been YEARS.

No. 189990

Deep south, U.S. here, also.

Basic bitches in my town tend to wear some variation of Southern Belle (a brand) t-shirt and plain colored leggings. These shirts are always a mashup of garish colors. They're so ugly and have the dumbest sayings. I'd like to leave, but am 100% sure I couldn't handle a winter anywhere north of where I currently live.

No. 189991

File: 1494422189696.jpg (29.71 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

Hm, my image didn't upload.

No. 189998

Doesn't it rain a lot there? How do the Uggs hold up in the weather?

No. 189999

This is horrifying anon. Looks like something a 5 year old would wear…a poor 5 year old (literally and figuratively)

No. 190004

Oh god I feel you. Luckily I live in a big city and I feel like this is not as common as it used to be, but when I think of these shirts, I think of them with their Vera Bradley bags, ugly blingy flip flops, and "I wanna talk to your manager" haircut.

So tacky.

No. 190005

Oh shit, I forgot the bling flip flops. Ew. Yeah, all of that.

No. 190006

Hey, another fellow Italianon!
(Pic is accurate, but instead of the ombre hair I would have picked a degradè one, is far more popular now)

No. 190007

I'm a Brit living in the deep south, and i've noticed that the grown women here tend to dress and act in a very childish and juvenile way.

No. 190012

I get where you're coming from, sis. I remember one time i wore a simple white cotton sundress because it was hot as balls outside and i wanted to be comfortable. Let me tell you, I actually feared for my life!!! Basics were crawling out of the woodwork, snarling and sneering, asking who the fuck i thought i was and where the fuck i thought i was going. It was scary lol. These bitches actually get triggered when they see something even slightly outside the norm.

No. 190018

File: 1494445665729.jpg (51.29 KB, 640x615, CKip0QVUkAgr9Y2.jpg)

balkan farmers will understand

No. 190021

lmao this is like every balkan tourist/transfer student girl that I see here in northern europe

No. 190022

It does, and they don't.

No. 190024

File: 1494450196477.jpg (132.58 KB, 948x549, perusämmä helsinki edition.jpg)

Sorry for shitty quality but here's basic bitch Helsinki edition.

Also: only hangs out at central railway station/kamppi/itis. Tietäjät tietää.

No. 190025

>Works at: Sam Svoj Gazda
Only thing it's missing is copious amounts of self tanner/tanning bed and a trout pout

No. 190026

Back in their home country these girls are synonymous with gold digging, obsession with status and shitty house/folk music. They also tend to speak abysmal English and be overall really stupid.

No. 190027

this is so on point with underage basic bitches right down to the locations,
>>189738 these types hang around kluuvi and kallio

No. 190037

I own an olive bomber jacket. Do I throw that shit out?

No. 190042

The pink camo truck makes me think you could live near me… but the one I would see had it around the bottom and an obnoxious grill guard that said "MOVE".

Texas is some sort of awful.

No. 190045

I have one too and I'm also thinking about throwing it out lol. It's so fucking basic but I love it.

No. 190046

File: 1494464032825.jpg (4.44 MB, 2480x3508, kn.jpg)

ladies, i present to you, the irish traveler.

instantly recognisable by their (m) tracksuit pants, wife beaters, poor tattoos, one diamond earring, inbred face, rough accent and pants tucked into socks with an awful early 2000s boyband haircut, or (f) shocking fake tan, makeup that looks like Homer applied it with a makeup gun, emphasis on neon colours, hair that is never cut from when they are born, standing with one leg bent and a hand on their hip.

obvs i live in ireland, used to live in an area full of them, the wedding dresses pictured are the standard. it's common practise for them to leave 3rd year of secondary school (the legal requirement) then leave, get married, sometimes to a close or far cousin, and live in a caravan popping out babies and playing basshunter really loudly

often own loads of horses, beat their kids, are involved in drug smuggling, stealing, burglary and fights. the kids are always bastards.

(none of this is even a stereotype this is literally my, and 99% of the population's experience with them, and now they're fighting to be recognised as a subculture/ race on legal docs)

No. 190048

I am so glad you posted this.

No. 190050

haha thanks. it's very specific to here, and bang on instantly recognisable when someone is one. their facebook posts are the only thing funnier than the pics, I can post a few if anyone is interested.

No. 190051

File: 1494464347332.png (83.54 KB, 178x256, how I feel about tumblr.png)



No. 190055

what's the difference tho

No. 190056

"this is an ~ombre~. or a root. depends on your tax bracket." - willam

No. 190062

Me in the bottom left corner

No. 190063

Orange makes sense because it's used when hunting, as well. I believe it's actually a requirement a lot of places to have that bright-ass orange on somewhere alongside your camo for safety purposes.

Pink, however, I don't understand.

No. 190065

i like nordic meme backpack actually. simple, clean design, thoroughly inoffensive and quite practical. if all cancerous trends were like this.
t-that's not a bad look for a 30yo rich bitch? i wish i could wear culottes and not look like a clown. also moomins.

No. 190069

Pink is girlier than orange, that's my guess

No. 190074

File: 1494474701479.png (1.25 MB, 732x968, basic.png)

Shacker shirts, norts in the summer, leggings in the winter, chacos, converse, nikes, other basic bitch attire. Mostly sorority bitches wear pic related 9/12 months a year, then long sleeved oversized shirts with leggings in the cold. I think it is an ugly trend that needs to die.

No. 190081

I honestly can't believe these people actually exist outside of the Lifestyle channel, like it blows my mind.

No. 190082

File: 1494486126335.jpg (33.76 KB, 500x375, 414b00f5b79bdea5240bc0424c65ea…)

Everything is possible, if you believe!

No. 190083

We got something similar but more tacky and poor - gypsies/romans basically

No. 190093

Are these pikeys?

No. 190094

My dream is to see something this trashy in real life once. I mean, I'm scared of them but I'm fucking fascinated by trash and where I live everyone's got money or at least looks basic and inoffensive. Documentary material right there.

No. 190095

Please do!

No. 190096

I really feel bad for the settled knacker offspring who always have to try hard just to prove that they're not like their parents. I knew a girl in primary school who was nice enough and smart as a whip but nobody wanted to be friends with her because her parents were knackers and she always looked like she smelled bad (she didn't). Found her on Insta years later, totally unrecognisable and now talks with that affected Irish-yank accent. Don't blame her tbh.

No. 190097

File: 1494505712723.jpg (133.46 KB, 550x736, otxZV5x.jpg)


I present to you in exchange, the Finnish Gypsy.

Irish travelers distant cousins, but just as trashy. They have a lot of horses too and are always involved in trotting business. Known for stealing things by putting them under their dresses, being on welfare and stealing even more. Known also for being cabdrivers so they can rob old demented people. Gambling addiction is a given thing and you can find them betting on horses at all times. The women ALWAYS wear these dresses and aren't seen ever out. They don't date non-gypsies.

Unlike the male specimen, they can be encountered on Facebook trying to buy cheap booze in middle of the night and in the DM's of 16-year olds. The men wear a suit that gives them away immediately, luckily.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yAWTAA-Hvw Video very related, how the men dress and dance in the clubs, ( for real, not satire.)

No. 190098

ngl, I want this umbrella so much

No. 190103


Is that Kathy Bates lmao

No. 190104

It's a whole different technique

No. 190114

File: 1494536773799.png (1.26 MB, 900x1072, ghana girls.png)

Basic bitch, Ghana edition. Dashikis will never stop being a thing.

No. 190120

File: 1494538152216.jpg (2.91 MB, 4000x2248, deletelater.jpg)

at least your gypsies look nicer than our gypsies here in Sweden. They're beggars and literally ran after me once for not giving them money

No. 190121

lmao gypsies are like that all over Europe, not integrating into society, being involved in criminal activity, quitting school etc.
yeah and they're also loud and obnoxious as fuck, some stores have banned them from entering simply because they steal so fucking much. also plenty of drug dealing and knife fights
actually a lot of finnish gypsies (called romanis here) are also swedish gypsies, you're thinking about the romanian gypsy beggars in your post and they're an entirely different kind of rat species

No. 190123

I am not from Sweden but even I know them omg
Have been to Stockholm twice and I'm so annoyed by them. They will literally grab your water bottle or whatever without asking.
A friend of mine told mw that a few of them tried to steal a fucking TV by hiding it under their big ass skirts and let's not forget that they don't speak a word of Swedish.

No. 190124

>delete later lmao

jfc swedfam, you from Stockholm area?

No. 190125

this thread is a fucking anthropology lesson. fascinating in a john waters-y way

No. 190127

Here in norway we have a non profit magazine, written and sold by drug additcts and the homeless. The romani have been caught stealing the money they earn from selling the magazines. I have so many stories about them, and I do my best not to be ignorant, but i can't fucking understand what's going on with them. If it's "organized crime" as many call them here, who is behind it? The romanian mob? I can't figure it out. Are all the exposé's false? There was one guy who used to wobble around on crutches in the city, but he drove a mercedes and walked fine right into my local grocery store. I mean, if it is all a scam, why are they living like animals? They have been given options from the gov but choose to squat down and defecate in the streets, they won't accept help and keep on truckin. Sorry this is so long, polite sage.

No. 190129

anon you're replying to here, yeah some people refer to rough people here as pikeys, but these specifically are knackers.

honestly it was a daily occurrence before i moved to a diff city in the country. there are docs about them, i can link someknacker specific docs if you like.

so do I. I've never known one but have heard stories like yours. You'd never be taken seriously by other people, and if you turn your back on the knacks they kind of disown you.

will do tomorrow. prepare your ass for keks

ngl we have these here too, just referred to as romani gypsies. slightly more polished style though, than this, while less polished than the finnish ones above. notorious for begging and shoplifting

No. 190135

>shacker shirts
Thought I was experiencing a stroke and couldn't comprehend English anymore.
I thought sorority girls generally had to dress decently well (to their standards)? Someone I know who posts at least three sorority related selfies a day never seems to go any more casual than leggings and a tunic shirt.

No. 190136

not the anon you replied to but i'd love to see some of those docs!!!

No. 190137

>involve petty criminals in non-profit work
>be surprised when they try to profit off it
that's so goddamn first world
>they won't accept help and keep on truckin
what do you expect, it's what defines their culture.

shitty gypsy anecdote time:
my sis' best friend is half-romani and she has to regularly ditch marriage offers her crazy mother fixes up for her. the catch: just saying "no" doesn't count.

No. 190139

Nah, i think you misunderstood me, it's the romani that robs the homless and junkies when they see that they sell the magazine.

Idk, I just want to understand why the romanis in my country behave like they do.

No. 190142

This is honestly pretty cool, mainly because African countries rarely get mentioned and it's so fucking fun to see the subcultures there.

No. 190146

File: 1494560143989.jpg (117.26 KB, 735x663, asbury.jpg)

every girl in asbury park, NJ

No. 190147

I love how this could easily work for Nigeria, too. Just add bleaching lotion and overly yellow foundation.

No. 190150

At least its colourful and fun. Would prefer that over instafashion with uggs and parajumpers like every girl wears here.

No. 190165

That's exactly what I was thinking haha

No. 190166

hvilket blad?

No. 190167

As a foreigner visiting, I'd think these girls look super stylish. I think the girl in the middle looks stunning. I especially like what it seems to imply that girls wear a lot of jewelry. I'd love to be able to wear it without being considered peasant-ish.

No. 190171

Oh no. My mum is a fresher, 47, and dresses just like this. Even has that exact jumper.

No. 190193

Doesn't it get ridiculously hot in long trousers? A religious thing?

No. 190200

Every brazillian girls looks the same in parties… The other ones in this thread look way better imo, though that may be because I'm not used to them.

Seconding the other anons, this looks awesome, but, again, maybe it's just the exotic component.

No. 190202

A bit, I used to be such a die hard "NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS" that sometimes I still feel immense panic that nobody will know how super speshully unique I am. But, now I'm old enough to know that wearing quirky clothes doesn't make you an interesting person or vice versa, and that sometimes conforming is just a helpful part of adult life.
Anyway stuff like >>189661 used to be alt whereas now you have to go all-out to look quirky, instagram has pushed it too far to be pracitical unless you're spending hours styling yourself. Yesterday's normies now wear black lipstick and killstar so we all just look alike

OT but it's because the only acceptable women are mothering hens or harmless girly girls, anything else threatens the Texan male

No. 190209

i mean if you like it why throw it out? sure its "basic" but if you enjoy wearing it who cares what other people think. i have enough faith in you to wear it and not subscribe to any of the "basic bitch" norms anon

No. 190212

>you will never be an irish taveller
Why even live? Their lives just seem so simple and carefree, I can't help but envy them. I mean, i know the girls generally leave school at, like, 12, and most of them get beaten by their brutish husbands, but dream life other than that.

No. 190214

And pop out 6 kids apiece, and never have access to proper medical care, and live in disgusting caravans, and get married at 14 to absolute munters…

No. 190223

Much better than their black American counterpart.

I'll come back later and make one for black people from the islands lok

No. 190225

File: 1494612919886.png (1.45 MB, 1690x804, finnishbasicbitch.png)

Finnish basic bitch embodied.

We luckily stopped with those fucking uglyass jackets in 2009 and passed them onto you guys. Too bad we took the bad foundation in exchange.

No. 190226

No. 190228

sikkert =oslo

No. 190237

Is this not just general American basic bitch? In the South at university they dress like this too.

No. 190249

Basically everyone not on the West coast dresses like this. This style was popular in California like 10+ years ago though. Just replace the dunkin donuts coffee with Starbucks or some local coffee shop.

No. 190258

This is perfect. It baffles me how every girl with a bad fake tan, a busted face and those terrible fake eyelashes is a bikini fitness competitor now. I miss the days when they were just ugly gym bunnies.

No. 190314

Jepp, men har hørt historier om sorgenfri i trondheim også.

No. 190319

i would love to see more of these basic bitch fashions from other african countries, especially south africa

No. 190320

Look comfy and easy to slip on. I don't get why these are considered bad things around here. Not to mention it's a given most uni student shouldn't have the time to spent 30+ minutes styling their hair and coordinating their outfit.

No. 190335

from what i've seen they pretty much try to emulate the us over there and it's kind of boring

No. 190352

File: 1494688684676.jpg (1.03 MB, 2480x3508, n1.JPG)

friends, I have delivered on my offer of some more pics of our travelling community.
i tried to condense them into as few posts as possible.

No. 190353

File: 1494688701896.jpg (1015.55 KB, 2480x3508, n2.JPG)

No. 190354

File: 1494688711656.jpg (1.07 MB, 2480x3508, n3.JPG)

No. 190355

File: 1494688737628.jpg (1.14 MB, 2480x3508, n5.JPG)

No. 190356

File: 1494688744844.jpg (1.14 MB, 2480x3508, n6.JPG)

No. 190357

File: 1494688837766.jpg (796.71 KB, 2480x3508, n7.JPG)

le fin.

you may notice some of the blocked out names are crazy fucking long. thats because genuinely 90% of them force their spouse to keep one fb account with them. so all the names are like Mary X Michael McCarthy or Paddy Luvs Tiffany Cremin or some shit.

No. 190358

for the anons who wanted some docs, heres a few:



and some that are purely for you to laugh at:

I think a lot of big fat gypsy wedding is filmed in the UK but it is basically a lot of the same customs.


more irish stuff:

And this was filmed where I live!

No. 190359

samefag but tbh if you only watch one of these, watch the last one.

No. 190370

Ah, classic Jacinta.
Is there any Baldy McDonagh in there? Can't be arsed to watch them all but he's a classic.

No. 190373

RIP to that girl's skin

No. 190388

I think he's in the gypsy brides one linked. he's really a treasure

No. 190393

I watched the last one, it made me sadder than expected. It's one thing to make fun of older basic bitches, but these kids don't stand a chance against being one after growing up surrounded by that shit.

No. 190398

>unreal, unhuman

is this satire?

No. 190401

Irish trsvellers are my new obsession. Ranks up there with the trashiest things I've seen. Fucking nuts.

No. 190421

glad I'm not alone lol
it's such a train wreck I love it.

No. 190423

where's the ted bundy shirt

No. 190424

File: 1494731742141.png (357.47 KB, 809x648, bass pro sluts.png)

every white trash girl in southeast Alabama and northwest Florida.

may be applicable to other states.

No. 190431

Nothing wrong with that. Especially since they graduate sooner.

No. 190438

What's with the obesity thing though? I get that this outfit jay jybruit bigger girls but it's better than just giving up on looking nice all together

No. 190439

*may not suit

No. 190440

Ot but what app are you guys using to Kaye these collages? Is it polyvore?

No. 190442

MS Paint fam

No. 190443


Omg this is so spot on. Hyvä Suomi

No. 190444

The trashy first communion stuff is my fave. Great transition from my other most recent fascination: Quinceaneras.

No. 190458

Maybe its just a southern thing because of the weather. But during the week 99% of sorority girls dress very casual. When they have events or parties they dress nicely and most of them have money to spend on nicer clothes but choose to dress like a slob during the school day.

No. 190460


Obesity is bad for your health and those outfits look trashy on fattie-chans.

No. 190461

i'm usin photoshop, knacker anon here

No. 190485

its comfy as hell to sleep in or if youre swimming or something but what the fuck? its one of the ugliest things to wear

No. 190487

File: 1494794041540.jpg (57.89 KB, 706x573, state.jpg)

Guess what southern state, not flordia or georgia btw

No. 190491

File: 1494795483930.png (2.38 MB, 2228x920, clusterfuck.png)

No. 190492

I actually love that dress, where could I get one? Am in the EU

No. 190494

No. 190495


No. 190496

bingo, LA here, literally see every rich or mid class girl wear that, the low or mid lower class are more >>190491

No. 190500

I actually really like this! Very unique for basic bitch fashion

No. 190505


No. 190507

kinda reminds me of glitterforever

No. 190536

What are those shoes?

No. 190538

Thanks farmer. It's like a stripper culture, jersey shore on steroids.

No. 190539

File: 1494845212999.jpg (55.11 KB, 500x500, 1476072358751.jpg)


No. 190552

The moomin mug is lovely

No. 190590

white sandals, I literally cannot go a day without seeing 10 pairs of these, especially around the french quarter

No. 190615

File: 1494898191816.png (1.16 MB, 1376x984, Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 22.0…)

I think it's the combo denim shorts + crop tops + flower crown.

Now, the both sides of basic fashion. middle class vs sightly upper class

No. 190634

I used to live in Chile, but am the anon that guessed UK. Welp…Honestly, I think most latino fashion isn't very good, whether it is basic bitch or not. It always reminds me of shopping malls and outlet stores.

No. 190746

File: 1494988107944.jpg (475.77 KB, 790x711, sheepoo.jpg)

I actually know this feel about 'feeling like a girl and not a weirdo', but I couldn't agree more with >>189703 . Yes, it helps with getting involve with the more popular types of girls, and even 'decent boys', but the relationship you get with them feels sort of superficial. And I always come back home at night not feeling quite myself.

Now, I wouldn't consider myself a total weirdo - I wear a bit of makeup (bb cream, light powder) on not nice acne days, I like to look up the trends (stay classy tho), and i'm not a rude person…

But… my most comfortable self may not be very feminine. Or whatever that means.

Idk, just keep in touch with the wow people that can assure you a job, so you're not a burden under the capitalism system, but have integrity (like don't be super nice for nothing)… You'll be appreciated over time - it may take longer than men -, and eventually there's hope for your reflections and ideas can reach a certain surface.

No. 190757

Why are people missing the part where >>189698 says she's actually happy this way?

No. 190763

no we're not missing the point.

No. 190774

If it's anything like north GA the ged is usually gotten after their peers have graduated.

No. 190776

The basic bitch fashion in my area are uncool nerds who'll wear shitty tshirts with knee length baggy af cargo shorts and when they wanna dress nice an awful attempt at gothic Lolita mixed with wanna be punk. Ugh.

No. 190786

Seconding this, has very little to do with fashion in and of itself but fashion is often used to signify certain things to other people so understandably most people treat it as such.

I used to try really hard to fit in and I made some friends along the way, but when I went abroad for an exchange year those friends suddenly started dropping like flies. When I came back I tried to talk to them and their answer was a teenage equivalent to 'that's nice, dear' before they up and left. And that was the end of that.

I don't have many friends now but I also don't have any drama in my life and genuinely enjoy the friends I do have.
It's been years since I got dumped by my old 'friends', and when you're old enough you finally start to understand that you're 'a real girl' regardless of how you look, and what matters most is being happy and comfortable in your own body.

No. 190789

Why would going abroad change things? They get jealous? Just loose touch? Or did your style change?

No. 190798

I don't know, I was the same as I'd always been. They were perfectly fine when I left, even left some messages on my wall and stuff, then that just kind of petered out and out of the blue they got this idea that I'm stuck up (???) for having been abroad for a year. All the while I was trying to stay in touch but they kept saying they couldn't talk since they were so busy.

I came back and none of them would give me time of day. Then they fumed for a while because I gave up and wasn't chasing after them like a lost puppy like they wanted me to.

No. 190833

File: 1495045674417.png (326.99 KB, 914x557, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.25…)


They probably see you and your success, and how you don't let others get you down and it pisses them off and your very existence is triggering to them.

You've traveled abroad, probably are decent looking, decent job, and the world ahead of you. Some people really hate seeing that, as they paint themselves lower or losers.

>Then they fumed for a while because I gave up and wasn't chasing after them like a lost puppy like they wanted me to

They wanted to pigeon hole you as smug and snotty. Not really that big of a loss, but still sucks none the less.

Back to thread
>Hi from the midwest. (is microblading worth it?)

No. 190838

where tf do you live that basic people dress that autistically

No. 190855



No. 190867

it's 'microblading' basically some lady draws on fake brows with a fancy permanent marker. people think it looks 'more natural' cause they draw the hairs one by one but it looks just like drawing them normally at home.

No. 190878

That's what I was thinking. Basically everyone all winter long. Hi other Torontonian.

No. 190886

Sounds like they where just jelly then kek

No. 190936

try the sock bun

No. 190938

and those half naked little girls in high heels are disturbing

No. 190942

File: 1495105645723.jpg (125.26 KB, 986x555, Allemania.jpg)

German basic bitch fashion in my town

>sport ankle-free skinny jeans and thin Pimkie sweatshop-look jackets in winter all the time (not just for a quick run out, hope they all get pneumonia tbh)

>groups of teens wander through town very slowly cause of their big Michael Kors bags that are too large for them, looks ridiculous
>nearly every girl/woman carries a Michael Kors bag at all times, it's unoriginal and lame
>small varieties of bags are a no-no, go big or go home
>these fucking fur balls to put on your Michael Cunt bag became a thing a while ago, this trend needs to die tbh
>if it looks like it comes from a sweatshop or is a way overhyped brand item, basic bitches here will eat it up
>make sure your Calvin Klein bra is visible in public or u a fake hoe
>mfw I literally see dozens of girls everyday that without exaggeration all look the same and feel like a fucking price
>if you're a teen and you don't sport Kardashian hair and a full face of heavy make-up, you're fugly

And ya, I hate basic bitch fashion and overhyped brands, no fucking shame here

Thanks OP for this amazing thread, been meaning to contribute for a while now

No. 190947

>allstar adidas
kek. why are people fucking wearing adidas 30 years later after it just went out and all of a sudden little 15 years olds are wearing it again. tired of looking at the same played out shit my whole life. they make everyone look like they have clown feet

No. 190948

I'm from cologne and this shit is painfully accurate. Good job anon!

No. 190951

Not only do they look like a Nelly/H&M catalogue come to life, German basics legit look like they smell. I'm sorry anon.

No. 190952

Thank you! I realised I sound way meaner and saltier altogether than I intended but eh.

No. 190954

It's true. No need to be sorry!
Personally, I think they look clean but they probably smell of a ton of perfume and all kinds of products that each contain perfume and they probably use 1000000000 products everyday.
Yes, the H&M look is strong in this one!
There is other average fashion and style here but I actually really like that, so it doesn't qualify for basic bitch fashion. It's more functional, colourful, chill, natural and simple, I'd say

No. 190971

Because they're cheap enough for the average college student to buy if they save like two paychecks and are expensive enough to not break down after a year.

It's basically the 2010s version of Coach.

No. 190972

Are those really only $300 or so? They don't look nice, but i'd assume they'd have been more. $300 brand bags aren't exactly show-off tier…
most of my everyday bags cost that.

No. 190975


Yeah they're in that price range. Personally, I think they're uglier than coach/Dooney & Burke but the public wants what they want.

No. 190977

Most of the MK bags I see girls carrying have tons of logos on them, there seem to be some okay ones but they look really generic even so.

No. 190990


The logo ones are so tacky. I don't even mind when companies put logos on bags but the MK one just looks cheap. My mom has a giant MK tote but it's actually alright because it's just brown with little studs on the top with no logo.


I still use coach, i just think that for the price they look better, plus some of their bags are actually pretty cute. Ariana Grande did a collaboration bag with them that I really want but it was limited edition.

No. 190994

This. They're only 200-300 bucks a pop so girls with lower income can buy them and think they own luxury brand.

No. 190995

>>last a long time

I'm guessing this is a lot of the reason for their popularity. I actually like some of their bag designs, but can't see the point in using a Michael Kors bag over, say, Louis Vuitton (my favorite brand, no hate please) or YSL.

I've actually never touched a Michael Kors bag so don't know much about the quality, but tried their clothing and it was very poor quality. I was very disappointed, considering the brands popularity.

No. 190996

I never bought Coach, but they do have some cute designs! I've often been tempted to buy their keychains, but feel weird hanging them from a non-Coach bag.

No. 190998


They easily go for $89-150 in any decent discount store like TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. Thats why they are so popular. Some girls feel superior because they paid full price in store, while others feel smug about getting a deal.

No. 191000

What kind of purses are best? I basically just wear a cheap $40 purse I got from Sears. All I want is something that'll look cute and carry a lot of stuff and won't hurt my shoulders.

No. 191001

There's a billion different types of purses out there fam. Just pick one that looks cute, can carry a lot of stuff and is comfortable for you, we don't know what your lifestyle is like. Brand is irrelevant, but I'll tell you that a lot of HE leather bags are usually just for show and really heavy.

No. 191006

File: 1495138502802.jpg (24.46 KB, 500x600, s-l1600[1].jpg)

I buy Samantha Vega/Samantha Thavasa because they're super cute and have feminine touches that a lot of western brands don't add. Pic related I have in a few colors. The bag charm is included with that bag, but they also sell bag charms separately, which are all very cute.

No. 191022

File: 1495153042865.jpg (85.04 KB, 736x1127, katespadebag.jpg)

It really depends on what you like, anon. Check out a site like Net a Porter or go in person to Neiman Marcus to get an idea of different brands you may like.

I'd recommend whichever brand you choose to go for a cute backpack if you are concerned about your shoulders. Designer bags don't magically make your bag easier to carry, and as >>191001
said, high-end bags can be extremely heavy even. I have a Louis Vuitton backpack that's very sturdy and cute (and light weight!), but saw a woman wearing a Gucci backpack the other day that was adorable..and of course there are sooo many brands to choose from!

If you want something a bit more affordable and feminine/cute, but still designer, Kate Spade is a well-known designer with cutesy designs (pic related). Her price range is around the same as Michael Kors, although I think it's more difficult to get a large discount price so you will likely pay either full or closer to full-price.

I've never used or even touched any Kate Spade bags (yet!), but they are so cute and look pretty sturdy and well-made. Plus, she has really cute and colorful bag keychains that you can accessorize with. I'm personally extremely tempted to start wearing Kate Spade since the really unique/exclusive LV bags I like are out of my price range, especially if I want to accessorize them with keychains/scarves and shit.

Good luck on your bag upgrade anon!

No. 191026


I live in the UK and this is the uniform, add arrogant spoiled attitude on their iPhone with occassional condescending glance or hair toss with ducface while mummy pays for their shit….

I work in retail

No. 191029

File: 1495155623343.jpg (9.52 KB, 300x168, uo.jpg)


> saying kek

No. 191032

do you know where u are?

No. 191033

Okay, serious question but what is UP with all the British girls who wear unnaturally bright lipstick colors like the one in >>189738 I see it all the time online, and am going there soon. Is it really that common, and if so why?

No. 191123

They probably enjoy it.

No. 191214

just because this is a chan doesn't mean chan culture isn't fucking embarrassing.

No. 191281

The fuck. How new are you?

No. 191296

File: 1495261216203.png (90.41 KB, 251x300, topkek.png)

>a chan
top fucking kek. get out of here, hon, so you dont further embarrass yourself.

No. 191303

>implying that poster isn't completely correct
reddit memers get out

No. 191329

>le imageboard memes r from weddit
>m-my chans!!!
i recommend some light googling and an ibuprofen to cure that assblast.

No. 191357

It's mostly the people who live right in my neighbourhood but we only have 1 actual city in my state and rest is suburbs and country. Everyone in the city dresses really well though so if I go with one of the ppl from my neighbourhood I end up embarrassed when with them. I used to wear similar tops with jeans but I'm dressing way nicer now and losing them as friends cause of it kek

No. 191404

>i recommend some light googling
>actually thinks kek is still some sekrit klub bullshit
Wow, spoken like a true redditor.

No. 191501

what kind of british girls are you following?
even in the north it's rare for girls to wear bright lipstick.
the trends here are nudes and rose tones, or darker witchy colours. brights aren't a thing at the moment.

No. 192000

File: 1495653282537.png (1.04 MB, 1268x1114, basicnorwegianbitch.png)

basic bitch fashion, norwegian edition

No. 192001


Is it bad I like that top and jacket? Lol at the compression pants though. Bitch it aint 1900 anymore you aren't snow-shoeing to class that fuck you need those for

No. 192016

File: 1495660350985.png (736.19 KB, 935x725, Untitled.png)

Guess where this is

No. 192027

File: 1495661586526.jpg (26.13 KB, 600x450, phy7lk69kw2qbwe.jpg)

This is so on point, it's embarrassing

No. 192030

what is the skruf white jar for

No. 192031

spain, some part of latin or central america, or a really mexican/latin part of america

No. 192033

kinda southern belle-like, the shoes look ridiculous though

No. 192035

it's okay anon, i have the same top in black lol and i like the nyx lingerie lipsticks, it's just that when you combine it exactly the same way like everyone else that it get's boring and repetitive. how many bitches have i seen with a biker jacket, white top, jeans and adidas all stars.

it's snus, a type of tobacco that is placed under the upper lip.

No. 192046

I love seeing these. And there's a shoe pattern around the globe

Also: KEK

No. 192048

I see hundreds of girls dressed exactly like that every day. Or he "hardcore" version with a generic heavy metal shirt bought at h&m and a black choker

No. 192066


LOL. also, how awful was the parajumper trend last winter. I live close to BI, I think i see about 500 of these girls every day.

No. 192337

HM looks so nice on ads but I go into the store and I swear the clothes are the cheapest garbage I've ever seen. It makes Forever 21 look like luxury clothing.

No. 192386

I feel the same about h&m. The only good things I got from there that have stood the test of time was some soft non wire bras. Every thing else either feels gross, fits gross or just isn't what I'm into wearing

No. 192481

American women are so ugly.

No. 192496

Top pic is so tacky it's almost gyaru

No. 193381

File: 1496510991955.png (1.14 MB, 1887x793, Untitled.png)

Guess where this is…

No. 193383


I mean, probably. It's really generic popcult rubbish so it's hard to place on a map.

No. 193385

Can someone explain to me why showing off Adidas or Nike logos is cool again? Wasn't that a chav thing until recently?

No. 193386

Primark, black choker, thick instagram makeup, shoulder-free tops? I'm guessing UK, too.

No. 193388



Literally every 18 year old girl within the UK

No. 193390


So true… british girls literallt opt for all the dark ass colour lipsticks.


Any skanky rag off Missguided

No. 193393

where is this? uk? i'd like to know where sesh is basic considering their shit is pretty underground still.

No. 193422

female chavs evolved into "basic" fashion tbh. They're still mouthy, annoying little fuckers, but now they know how to online shop.

No. 193495

I really can't believe caps are fashionable again. Didn't everyone learn after that hideous trucker cap phase?

No. 193500

I had no idea that was a thing

No. 193539

Is sesh blowing up in the U.K.?

No. 193546


Yep and most girls here between 15-23 are wearing this shit. All you ever see is adverts on tv showing Kylie clones advertising stripper wear on sites like Missguided, Prettylittlething or Misspap. Mind you they are good for jeans or denim skirts due to stretch and cheap value if you're stuck for money. But most of the clothes are hooker wear.

But yeah everyone here is wearing ripped knee jeans, crop top vests, blinding awful highlighter, too much eye make up and that horrid matte liquid lipstick. There was a girl on that new telly program here called "Love or Money" its like rating your partner whether you think theyre attractive or not so much in order to get money on how low you go on them ect.

One girl on there was 21 and I thought she was fucking 35. She looked exactly like Kylie Jenner. Old - hooker wear on, fake tan and massive lips. She even gloated "Am 21! Im old enough to be your daughter!" to the presenter. The other girl just about looked her age and the guy was just ugly.

Anyone else notice white British girls mostly have the same generic look? I'm half white and black - I would say I am a fairly average mulatta and quite pretty.

You get the white British girls who do look more natural and nice. But majority are just copping for this fucking Kim Kardashian shit… all fake looking. But even in America the hoe look is what is trending right now. I can't wait for it to die out.


Its true! This is basically the new chav. Like how track suits, nikes, big hoop earrings and foundation lips were a thing back in 2000-2004. Probably because all that was inspired by Paris Hilton. This is basically the new thing for chavs and plus because Primark is cheap as fuck too - It's easier for chavs to go in there and pick all this up. Including make up too since Primark has started doing make up: highlighters, primer, eyeshadow knock offs of Naked ect ect.

I see 13 year olds in there sometimes buying the, and I think "What the fuck is a kid going to do with a highlighter kit?" I mean as a teenager 14-16 in school I did wear eyeliner and mascara but that was it. Now they have the full fucking monty going for them. Not good for their skin either…

No. 193588

omfg thanks, I love the clothes

No. 193669

I seriously doubt it. Anon's probably got a vendetta against some bitch on fb

No. 193675

You're welcome, Anon!
Shipping can be a little bit high, but even clothes that have a lower grade (like,I've bought something C-rank before) are still good quality and typically get to the US in a few days so it's been pretty worth it.

No. 194673


No. 194688


accurate but i don't see the problem with wearing comfy shoes. you posted four different types of them and neither of them are offensive they are just simple imo. not everyone cares that much about shoes so of course you'll see those pairs every other day.

No. 194689


>this instagram starterpack

holy shit

No. 194695

Fellow Balkan anon!!! Also need to add huge lip fillers.

No. 194962

i think anon's probably scottish; i always notice my friends from scotland using "sesh" to refer to a night out etc, and i thought it was bones/teamsesh shit at first, as well lol

No. 195047

lol tbh this could be ireland

No. 195113

File: 1497443903704.jpg (16.33 KB, 300x300, PICC.jpg)

I actually think pink those pastel pink uggs are cute in a weeb way.
also uggs in general, only if you fold them down like pic related.

No. 195172

File: 1497483984114.png (932.99 KB, 1284x1010, basic.png)

southern texas here. every basic bitch outfit is built around this, except sometimes they switch the sandals out for cowboy boots at festivals.

No. 195206

File: 1497536635694.png (874.8 KB, 1107x956, hm.png)

basic rich london bitch

No. 195211

Lol Chinese girls are all about that mass luxury virtue signalling. I know it sounds bad but everytime I see a Chinese girl wearing a designer bag or pair of heels, I automatically assume it's fake. Cause of all the copies on taobao. That stereotype must suck.

No. 195212

I think flat leather boots (particularly brown ones) are the most unflattering footwear ever invented. I have absolutely no idea why so many women wear them. They make your legs look so stumpy and fat even if you're skinny. Just looking at all those girls from behind, they all look bad because of those damn BOOTS REEEEEEE

No. 195215

Boots with heels are uncomfortable if you're walking long distances.

No. 195217

Crazy to imagine a Texas girl wearing clothes that are too big for her

No. 195223

what brand jacket is that? I kinda like it

No. 195224

I love these fashion image threads. whether they're talking about legit fashion we like or making fun of stereotypes, I get such satisfaction reading the threads and taking notes of pieces of clothing/accessories I like

No. 195227

>lazy oaf

Damnit I love Lazy Oaf but holy shit do the london "quirky" girls love it.

No. 195231

I live in the south and basically their fashion is flip flops, Skinny jeans, basic hm shirts,aero shirts, and once in a while a confederate shirt.Uniqueness here is 1% chance everyone here dresses the same.

No. 195253

do all upperclass southern women wear the same off shoulder blue dress?

the louisiana one looked more cinched at the waist though

No. 195269

Canada Goose.

No. 195314

london or eastern europe in mid 00's, i can't tell any more.

No. 195337

>>Canada Goose

It may be desirable, but I doubt that many girls are wearing this brand due to the price. It's ~$1,000+ per jacket.

No. 195338

Its super popular here in norway, they just get their parents to buy it for them

No. 195342

this is every single sorority girl at my college, so expensive and so boring looking.

No. 195355

I know so many Canadian families/parents that will put aside that kind of money for their children's winter wear. It's considered a sort of investment in Canada. If you spend 1k on a high quality coat that comes with a life-time warranty, you won't need to keep spending 200-300$ every single winter for a new knockoff (which is what poor people are doomed to do).

That being said, the bigger cities will have more stylish people who would refuse to wear something that makes you look like an actual eskimo, so they gravitate towards more trendy brands or thrift finds. But the average basic Canadian bitch doesn't know or care how ugly Canada Goose jackets are, they either think it's brand name (therefore ~fashun~) or wear it purely for functionality.

No. 195360

Damn anon. Those are some generous parents, although I guess it makes sense though since Norway is pretty cold during winter.

This is interesting to hear. I live in California, so maybe it's because winter wear isn't really necessary here.

That's why I feel French Basic Bitch = Canada Goose anon is exaggerating. I mean, France isn't that cold.

No. 195361

>France isn't that cold

No. 195369

I meant to the extent of Norway or Eastern Canada.

No. 195371

Sure but even in Norway you can get away with just layering jumpers under any old windbreaker. People have done it for centuries.
Just because it's a Canada Goose (TM) doesn't mean it can be used exclusively in Canada and Norway. I wear my Fjallraven winter jacket in Jersey (the island, not the US state) too when the weather calls for it, works just as well as it would in Norway or the North Pole or whatever. Also some places are more windy than others regardless of temperature.

Though I'm 99% sure people who buy Canada Goose or similar ''''designer'''' pieces are only doing it because they're trying too hard to be bobos anyway, not because they'll actually ever need them.

No. 195374

May I request link for said forum?

No. 195382

Reddit's femalefashionadvice from a few months to a year ago. Particularly the threads about "moving/travelling/spelunking to Europe (aka only Paris and Barcelona)! What do I wear to not look like a tourist?"

No. 195383

Norway isn't that cold, any regular winter jacket for 1/10 of the price or less will do. Many are just so spoiled here, and think expensive clothes will make them popular, so they refuse anything that isn't from an expensive brand. Soss or keeg is a term used for spoiled rich kids who only wear the best and have expensive habits funded by "pappapenger", daddy's cash.

No. 195387

This is true, you can get warm coats from different brand that perform just as well or better than Canada Goose. Thing is many people don't know about layering with the right materials and just want to wear clothes for warmer seasons under a winter jacket.


No. 195756

File: 1497990141361.png (1.16 MB, 1446x918, 1.png)

Hong Kong basic bitch. This was pretty fun ngl

> Vans, Adidas, or Greek sandals

> Flower printed dresses with khaki green jackets
> Uniqlo, Hollister, A&F, Aero, etc everything else. More prominent logo placement the better
> Dyed orangey-brown hair with optional dip dyed ends (usually purple or red)
> Straight eyebrows
> Hime haircuts
> Takes ~aesthetic~ photos in MK, the Jockey Club Innovation Tower or around the Quarry Bay buildings

What I find interesting is that most other countries seem to have iPhones as their basic bitch standard, while here it's all about the Samsungs.

No. 195757

File: 1497990261451.jpg (3.33 KB, 225x225, 2.jpg)

Ah forgot one thing

No. 195759

Was in a sorority in Texas. This is definitely the basic srat attire to wear to class. I'm glad I got a better sense of style after graduating, but damn was that ever comfortable.

No. 195767

Fuck, I left HK 3 years ago and never heard of Snow nor saw himecuts/people wearing those sneakers.

Apparently I'm out of the loop, but I still miss it there so much ;_; HK is so fantastic, it made me hate everywhere else I've lived ;_;

>>Sage for off-topic sad post

No. 195768

I'm just here to renew my citizenship and staying for the summer lol, I really love it minus the humidity and air. When I first arrived I was sick for like two weeks.

I guess the dark himecuts are more of an MK thing, but the straight bangs are rampant amongst the high school girls here. All my younger cousins and their friends have them. Most of my older cousins all have the dyed orangey brown hair and have graduated to a middle part lol. The sneakers are a huge thing though, they were big back home in Canada and I was surprised to find that they're big here.

No. 195769

Hahaha, gross. This is California's Central Valley-core, minus the Confederate flag.

No. 195773

Adding to this:

> Over the age of 16 and still refers to self as "Siu ___"

> Loiters MK or the pier
> Uses 300 hashtags for every post on IG, half of which are the same tags but translated into English

No. 195844

File: 1498046042472.png (1.39 MB, 1452x922, 1.png)


Korea-fag reporting. This is the state of summer 2017

No. 195848

So those adidas and t-shirt dresses are the look?

It's pretty similar to last year then, with the all-white birkenstocks and long skirts/shirts

No. 195855

I've never liked mainstream Korean girls style, to me it always seemed so juvenile yet weirdly tomboyish and masculine.
When I was over there it looked like everyone had just come back from looting WEGO. So samey and bland.

The rich/slightly older women however were very well dressed and elegant. I would envy how chic and 'womanly' they looked. Idk.

Sage for my Korean cougar fetish.

No. 196407

I know exactly what you mean. I think Korea is still very sensitive to trends, so when a new one comes around every store (excluding high-end brands) has similar stock and everyone wears variations of the same exact thing.

No. 196416

My koreaboo sister loves that type of bangs, but I personally think it's awful and doesn't look good on anyone. It's so… sparse

No. 196426

I envy you anon! I'm American, but hoping to move back within the next 2 years and apply for dual-citizenship once possible.

No. 196427

What is that thing on the bottom right? A donut? It looks delicious!

Also, is the pink can drink a Korean chu-hai (some fruit drink with light alcohol)?

No. 196438

Ew why would you want such a basic ugly jacket that costs 1000$?
I mean, I wear lolita and stacies probably wouldn't get why i'm blowing 200$ on a dress either but at least it's yoonique and speshul? But that jacket is so boring and uggo.

No. 196443

Is this what female autism looks like?

No. 196444

it's supposed to be really warm, i haven't tried it though
but i imagine if you can spend $1000 on a jacket you probably have a really nice car and don't have to spend time waiting for the bus and walking long distances in the winter lol

No. 196457

No. 196488

File: 1498481185322.jpg (1005.37 KB, 1300x868, e13feddcd2224b5e2148b0b8452671…)


Not the same anon, but I am pretty sure it's a type of corndog that has loots of mozzarella. Sometimes, it's only mozzarella lol

No. 196532

why dont i fucking live in korea

No. 197698

File: 1499556965430.png (2.7 MB, 1440x1768, Screenshot_2017-07-08-19-27-06…)

saw this on insta and it made me laugh because this applies to so many people i know irl

No. 197724

Just buy mozzarella sticks and shove wooden skewers in them anon, simple.DIY that shit

No. 197756

I'm in art school and 90 % of the girls are like this

No. 197765

File: 1499604561370.png (278.66 KB, 800x600, a34NCUSrJluAfevl_f39nDDYN4sN5b…)

This is me except no rich parents, no Brooklyn, and no art school lmao fuck

Here's one more accurate to where I live

No. 197778

I'M SORRY, DID YOU MEAN: luna slater

No. 197884

Lol i was thinking the same thing

No. 197890

File: 1499684809719.png (1.03 MB, 1066x950, humanities.png)

This one inspired me, lul

No. 197894

that's only because the Brits rip off everything we do but somehow always manage to make it more skangery

No. 197895

You've got it the wrong way around but

No. 197910

can confirm that even at a not so top university in florida some of the humanities students are like this. happy i saw the light and got the fuck outta that department.

No. 197911

File: 1499704928341.png (1.52 MB, 1200x748, Untitled.png)

not fashion, but here's some basic bitch home decor based on some houses i have seen (south east of the US)

No. 197915


Fucking accurate

Basic bitch home goods edition is a great idea btw, going to get one for Portland/Seattle hipster one ready.

No. 197921

I actually like this tbh, something is so relaxing about southern comfort, then again it may be because I'm in an LDR with a guy from the south, im finishing school soon so we can move in together so yay. But when i visit his family in LA this is what his moms house reminds me of

Sage for OT lmao

No. 197934

File: 1499719534005.jpg (29.71 KB, 400x344, ughhh.jpg)

This reminds me of the shabby chic trend that started plaguing Sweden some years ago, everything white with wall words in every room, god I hate it so much. Basic bitches here loved it and companies providing birdcages and other tacky shit made bank charging way too much for the stuff.

No. 197973

I feel like only rich kids have the audacity to dress like this and go around in public. I would feel like such a gross dirty slob.

No. 197998

File: 1499781084397.jpg (57.16 KB, 492x536, unbrushedlonghair.jpg)

i live in the only european country that glorifies them and they make up almost half of the population to the point other countries think we look like that in average.

the fashion here is outlet american trends with pic related hairstyle everywhere, bushy unkept eyebrows and no makeup (very important). it's pretty ugly, but only because girls here are lazy and don't put effort in their appearance like other countries so they all have a butch look to them

No. 197999

Which one, Ireland? The UK? Or do you mean actual Romani gypsies, in which case it could be Romania or Bulgaria? Cause Romanis and Irish travellers aren't the same thing, travellers are white (though sometimes it's hard to tell, I know)

No. 198002

i meant gypsy romanis, i quoted the wrong post in that discussion, my bad

No. 198043


that's like a "–cool college girl vegan etcc" stereotype in general tho. you see them on every other campus tbh.

No. 198044

that fucking picture oh god

No. 198091

>pic related hairstyle everywhere, bushy unkept eyebrows and no makeup (very important
Sounds great actually.

No. 198145

this is kind of like here in Portland, but less gay

No. 201672

File: 1502490527218.jpg (85.13 KB, 570x587, il_570xN.1025851544_4we5.jpg)

You forgot the ever necessary

No. 201678

File: 1502496813361.jpg (229.6 KB, 1000x1000, l.jpg)

home goods anon inspired me

No. 201688

It's what teenage/twentysomething unemployed girls in fucking Glenrothes wish they could have.

No. 201999

File: 1502823182557.jpg (107.84 KB, 654x788, wfsff_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 202000

File: 1502823546012.jpg (24.84 KB, 570x570, 43aad34ec3622351f50cb1468b1845…)

original home goods anon here.
how the fuck did i forget the tacky pineapple decor? also the "his/hers" stuff is making me cringe so bad. it always reminds me of over controlling female partners that force their interests on their partners.

No. 202002

>also the "his/hers" stuff is making me cringe so bad. it always reminds me of over controlling female partners that force their interests on their partners.
I always thought it was for hygiene reasons? I know my bf can't seem to remember which towel is his and often uses my face towel to wipe his sweaty bollocks, I've had to embroider my initials on each and every one and this seems like an easier solution.

No. 202041

monogramming your butt towels is a few steps away from printing "his" and "hers" on a key rack and other random shit. you're good anon.

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