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File: 1707249717104.jpeg (104.67 KB, 567x506, IMG_5554.jpeg)

No. 1879675

Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion drama
>>1870416 >>1870673 >>1870715 >>1870719 >>1872493 >>1878497
Britney fans punish Justin Timberlake by making Britney’s 13 year old bonus track “selfish” outperform his new single by the same name >>1870434
Taylor Swift celebrates the Chiefs win with Travis Kelce >>1870526
Blind item about an actor buying bagels for women he hooks up with >>1870560
Donald Glover orchestrated stunts to garner attention for Mr and Mrs Smith series >>1870621
Sydney Sweeney gets caught in a lie >>1870811
Billie Rutherford starts hardcore band and it’s a failure >>1870833
Unreleased Lady Gaga track streams under her real name >>1870842
Crisean gets moid tattooed on her face >>1870962
Erin Moriarty claims her new look is just aging >>1870975
Spongebob emotes like a cartoon character during interview >>1871074
Sydney Sweeney may have had plastic surgery, and may be lying about being a natural blonde >>1871099 >>1870831
Kylie Jenner stuns in shoulder pads >>1871117 >>1871121
Renee Rap as Regina George >>1871278
Henry Caville hit the wall >>1871311 >>1871324 >>1871374
Rapist Ed Westwick gets engaged >>1871704
Rapist Ed Westwicks fiancée looks like a female version of Cillian Murphy >>1871777 >>1871846
Florence Pugh shares that she and Cillian Murphy were forced to be naked on set together for longer than planned due to a camera breaking during a sex scene
Florence Pugh wears see through dress >>1871878
Travis Kelce’s pasts tweets are dug up >>1872599
UMG removes music from tiktok >>1872987
Discussion about celebricows nominations >>1871439 >>1871445 >>1871547 >>1873621 >>1873631 >>1873764
Ian Somerholder stuns in new photo >>1873714
Kanye abuses wife to sell merch >>1873863
Lana Del Rey is releasing county album titled “Lasso” >>1873885
Justin Timberlake shades Britney Spears >>1874132
Demi Moore fixes botched surgeries >>1874470
Lana attends event >>1874644
Colin Ferrel stuns in new photo >>1874674
Directer shelves movie after Jake Gyllanhall ruined filming >>1874837 >>1874957
Ariana Grande poses as baby >>1874847
Kim K celebrates daughters birthday >>1874981
Adrianna Lima stuns in new photo >>1874993
A Wendy Williams documentary is being released February 25th >>1875210
Jenna Ortega’s new film is fetishistic >>1875344
Jenna Ortega posts fetishistic video with her dad >>1875378 >>1875415
Blind item about Suki Waterhouse cheating on Robert Pattinson >>1875413
Jason Mamoa wishes he had become a politician >>1875425
Deli Lovato sings song “heart attack” for heart attack survivors >>1875450
Kelly Osbourne’s appearance has changed >>1875833
Arianna grande photo shoot >>1875954 >>1875977
Zendaya and Florence Pugh dress on theme to promote Dune >>1876037 >>1876058
Ice Slice confirms track was aimed at Latto >>1876119
New Amy Winehouse Biopic to be released >>1876578
Grammy’s looks
>>1876844 >>1876864 >>1876866 >>1876869 >>1876871 >>1876873 >>1876876
Cillian Murphy stuns in new photos >>1877390 >>1877533
Lizzo loses bid to stop suit >>1877423
Nicole Kidman for Vogue >>1877455
More red carpet looks
>>1877553 >>1877558 >>1877559 >>1877563 >>1877566 >>1877576 >>1877586 >>1877590 >>1877610 >>1877612 >>1877630 >>1877636 >>1877652 >>1877696 >>1877714 >>1877733 >>1877735 >>1877738 >>1877741 >>1877744 >>1877748
>>1877897 >>1877899 >>1878137
Killer Mike arrested at Grammys >>1877770
Taylor Swift pulled Lana Del Rey onto the stage with her when she won >>1877996 >>1878011
Charlie has ass cancer >>1878405
Taylor Swift’s new track list >>1878890 >>1878909
Sabrina carpenter and her boyfriend >>1878925
Selena Gomez and her boyfriend >>1878929
Jacob Elordi assaulted radio producer >>1879123 >>1879128

No. 1879689

like other anons said, he's based for this one and trust it to lolcow to see the truth. People were pearl-clutching about it on twitter and reddit like why are you supporting the POS radio host in this case

No. 1879691

File: 1707250612192.jpeg (465.96 KB, 1125x2147, IMG_3344.jpeg)

Tysm for the thread, anon!

She’s really dedicated to being a massive cow this year.

No. 1879693

she's such a karen

No. 1879694

File: 1707250869963.jpeg (175.21 KB, 1075x1452, IMG_8033.jpeg)

All of them?

No. 1879695

File: 1707250951816.jpeg (716.03 KB, 1170x2031, IMG_8181.jpeg)

Most random death this year thus far goes to…

No. 1879697

can she please actually pursue the action?? She said the same thing about deepfakes and I'm unsure if she's actually going through with it it.

No. 1879698

File: 1707251232704.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1150x2353, IMG_5551.jpeg)

This article remarks on the fact that Florence only partially displayed herself in this outfit, which is rather rare for her. Most of her body was still showing though, but this time she wore underwear and her nipples weren’t showing. She looked quite pretty in my opinion, but I admit, I’m not sure why all of her outfits need to be sheer, with a large slit in the skirt, and always worn with stripper heels(sage your non milk)

No. 1879699

File: 1707251333218.jpeg (887.11 KB, 873x1134, IMG_5553.jpeg)

Anya Taylor Joy looks different to me for some reason, I’m not sure what it is. Her hair looks really nice here though.

No. 1879700

File: 1707251393482.jpeg (390.35 KB, 887x1035, IMG_5512.jpeg)

Cillian Murphy 100%

No. 1879705

Was he active in the nineties? Email "9ties baby" = nineties baby which means actor was probably famous in the 90s, didn't Murphy not gain much recognition till the 00s?

Maybe Brad Pitt or Leo D. But definitely see Cillian lurking as well

No. 1879707

Buccal fat removal, lots of random plastic surgery procedures, all combined with purposeful weight loss to fit the new heroin chic aesthetic

No. 1879708

Good. Bring all the incels down

No. 1879710

'Incels' lmao. He uses publicly accessible information (he did the same to Elon) and she’s just mad her excessive pollution got attention.

No. 1879715

Oh, I think you’re right about that. He started acting in the mid nineties and he was a musician before that, but he didn’t become well known until later. Tbh I still think he lurks online even if the blind isn’t about him

No. 1879724

I can assure you "pollution" is not why she cares smooth brain. Everyone knows celebrities like her have private planes.

No. 1879727

File: 1707252865282.png (106.55 KB, 182x318, jesus fucking christ .png)

Her eyebrows are drawn on way too thick and her eyes are halfway open and look like they're slipping off her face kek. She must've been fucking high

No. 1879738

Are you retarded? He publicly exposed the amount of carbon emissions she produces with her private jet and that’s why she’s suing him, what are you even responding to moron.

No. 1879740

File: 1707253269062.mp4 (4.23 MB, 576x1024, twittervid.com_blackboywrites_…)

Taylor seemed so drunk, wtf.
"Boygenius blasts former head of the recording academy for being a misogynistic sexual abuser, then Taylor walks up & tells them she thought they were gonna do a fun interview about puppies & proceeds to ask if she can put her trophy on their heads for a photo"


No. 1879743

She's such a fucking weirdo and fake, good lord.

No. 1879746

This video is weird. She’s using Lucy like a prop and it seems to make her uncomfortable. But also, how could Lucy be like “please stop and be normal” when it’s Taylor?

No. 1879747

Shes so obnoxious. She has that quirk chungus heckin doggo millennial energy. I wish she'd just stayed a country singer so that none of us had to see her

No. 1879753

I think we’re slowly witnessing her downfall, she has been catching plenty of flak online lately. She’ll have to release another Reputation soon about how she’s always the biggest victim.

No. 1879755

Last thread Nona said that, I was like, "Nah" now i'm thinking that. Something is going to happen. I'm thinking she'll handle her break up roll out with Travis the wrong way.
Or some article will appear like "Working for Taylor Swift" where one or multiple people bitch about her or someoen famous.

No. 1879758

the way she's draping herself over her and hanging onto them is so cringe. She's wanting to shove herself into the "cool" indie girls' circle so badly

No. 1879761

I’m not so sure that’ll happen any time soon. She seems indestructible and immune to criticism. She runs the risk of over-exposure similar to the 1989 era, but I don’t think that’s the same as a downfall.

No. 1879764

Streisand effect. This may be the year she cancels herself

No. 1879767

Sure, but I think it can slowly happen. She’s overexposed to the moon and back, more and more people criticize her jer emissions (and the lawsuit is not gonna help), the popular opinion is that she won Grammy for Midnights undeservedly and that she was acting tacky and annoying, her album title and tracklist are corny as fuck and obviously directed at her ex (despite her crying every year about muh misogyny of pointing out it’s the only topic she ever sings about). I just wish she would fuck off for a while, I never liked her but she annoys me to a completely different level now.

No. 1879770

Please not another Antonoff love triangle, I will never be ok with the Lorde conspiracy theory.

No. 1879773

I find jack antonoff's body language and faces through this whole thing really odd, like I don't know how to explain it other than he's acting like he's trying to appease Taylor and not upset Lana. Love triangle energy

Sorry anon I deleted my original post that said above because I didn't link the correct post

No. 1879788

holy shit???

No. 1879790

>weight loss
She has an obese arm. If anything, she's getting fatter.(*bones rattling*)

No. 1879802

her being so thin only makes her eyes look even further away from each other somehow

No. 1879806

mods please restart hellweek(please just report and move on)

No. 1879826

I know what you mean, he kept turning around to look at Lana and didnt seem very happy, weird situation.

No. 1879827

File: 1707260075630.webp (Spoiler Image,27.66 KB, 699x1200, C079B44C-10EB-457C-9C44-D75E1B…)

Drake leaked a video of him playing with himself on twitter…

No. 1879828

i still cant get over nicki liking that tweet about how the despicable me 4 trailer was strategically released to fuck with the streams of bigfoot. it makes me think shes smoking crack or something.

No. 1879830

can’t be him, i don’t believe his dick is that big

No. 1879831

That’s all I need to know, good riddance(drake-chan sperging)

No. 1879833

File: 1707260571015.mp4 (2.59 MB, 576x1024, 9zbqMPdwys6sJhjP.mp4)

Sza follows Ariana in partaking in the shitty bloomers that look like adult diapers trend. I love a pair of bloomers but they are 100% not supposed to be styled in any way other than under a lolita dress imo, seeing them just worn as shorts is an eye sore.

No. 1879837

Have you two morons actually read the headline of the article??

No. 1879850

The way they puff out in the front is so bad, at least pull it up to your navel. Honestly that outfit is just bad she's getting chunky and her clothes don't fit

No. 1879853

Glad to see Taylor hasn't got an ego /s. That woman did not look pleases for taylor to be using her as prop she's such a self centered bitch.

She is trying to squash any negative publicity. She's currently the highest ranking celebrity for co2 emissions from private jets. She flies less than an hour chasing her faghag boyfriend across the country she could drive or fly commercial like the fucking Windsors the British Royal family do. Taylor probably can't be around the public because her personality is insufferable and she can't edit what people witness irl.(twitterfaggotry)

No. 1879855

obnoxious, can people just have the guts to stand up to her annoyingness or at least set some boundaries, bc imagine letting yourself be dragged around like lana del rey by this retard of a woman

No. 1879856

I just googled her and sza is a muslim? She sings graphic songs about love and sex all the time, man western muslims are something else just delusional

No. 1879857


She's always been chunky, she's just relied on BBLs and lipo.(sage)

No. 1879858

Looks like a dildo

No. 1879860

Imagine in 10 years Taylor is a sloppy alcoholic has been. She needs to put down the bottle

No. 1879862

Her weight is all over the place, she keeps gaining and losing weight.

No. 1879865

Is she a secret alcoholic and why her weight fluctuates so much, does her friendship with best pal gomez make sense

No. 1879867

wow that packer is so realistic, this must be very affirming for him.

No. 1879881

>>she is trying to squash any negative publicity
the fact that someone died during one of her concerts and she showed up on instagram the next day with a aesthetics story saying that girl died at the hospital and that she wouldn't be adressing it cause she was too heartbroken to do so making the whole country and media eat that shit up while smokescreening hard with the football moid just tells us she'll probably succeed at everything else

No. 1879890

Are all jets/planes and their exact location not already public and easy available knowledge? I had the impression you could just go online and find where any air vehicle is.

No. 1879892

yes they are but rich people act like theyre getting doxed when they could just use a less traceable form of transportation

No. 1879894

Oh man, anons are actually buying into Taylors feminism schtick.

No. 1879898

I was fully convinced he had a micropenis (or even no penis at all), I'm honestly shocked at the size.

No. 1879902

Yeah plus the tracker delays 24 hours, because this same student got into the same shit with Elon Musk prior

No. 1879923

kek and margot robbie is the one out there trying to lay low because she feels like people are sick of the sight of her after the whole barbie thing

No. 1879925

I have been tinfoiling about this for awhile lately, that she might have a problem with alcohol. Especially if you listen to her music, she has a lot of lyrics about alcohol and drinking, about how alcohol causes problems and one that is straight up about a struggling addict. In the anti hero video she is drinking through the whole thing basically…and the song is supposed to be all about her issues or whatever

No. 1879926

Most sites require you to have an account or pay a subscription fee to track but if you know the plane info it's pretty easy. And ownership dox are usually public when it comes to planes. Like another anon said I'm pretty sure they delay the tracking info

Putting this bluntly, it's not that hard to dox celebs. if you look hard enough you can find them on whitepages type sites, is Tay gonna sue them too?

No. 1879929

>lana is releasing a country album
kek she is desperate to win a grammy

No. 1879932

File: 1707265500830.jpg (253.39 KB, 1055x1222, lana-del-rey-quavo-hang-out-02…)

lana and quavo are dating

No. 1879933

File: 1707265504624.jpg (32.27 KB, 435x410, 86712541.jpg)

No. 1879935

This arc would be ridiculous

No. 1879943

Why was drakes meat flopping around like a silicon ruler?

No. 1879944

Even if that's the case, it's a good direction for her to go in.

No. 1879949

Agree, announcing her new album at a Grammy win was a lot of people's last straw I think. Her new album is obviously aimed at joe alwyn cuz she has no other inspiration for her material. I hate moids and even I see it as completely unprovoked, can she not just leave him alone because from what I see he's been basically silent about her. She knows how much power she has with her fan base, she is diabolical

No. 1879953

What kind of people do you follow on Twitter? Because I didn't see a single person defending the radio host.

Doubtful. He didn't know what an emoji is. Dude doesn't have anything to say.

No. 1879963

I feel like given her dated lingo in the last interview where she had to triple whammy reference marvel, Harry Potter, and lotr that its kind of obvious she has the OMUGERD A CAKEPOP personality.

Dick can't even hold itself up.

No. 1879965

I don't disagree with you but wouldn't her PR team put a halt on all the public drinking she's been doing as of late? It's almost like she's wanting to brand herself as a fun party girl. Is it because most Swifties are wine moms who can relate?

No. 1879972

File: 1707266706199.jpeg (57.24 KB, 1006x1071, 7941C701-219F-4123-9DDC-AB165A…)

He’s having a midlife crisis

No. 1879976

>her faghag boyfriend
? Words have meaning, what are you even trying to say

No. 1879984

I was confused too kek. Is Travis Kelce a fujo?
I believe this is a joke, the whole "I was hiding the world from my son" thing.

No. 1879988

Gay men on twitta thirsting over that video like it doesn't look abused as fuck? It literally looks like he has spent the last decade stretching the length of his penis by anchoring it down with a string and a kettle bell. I'm now wholly convinced he pumps.

No. 1879989

File: 1707267193372.jpg (56.35 KB, 896x846, GFikUAAbQAASXAk.jpg)

Is it because she's the biggest polluter?

No. 1879991

I refuse to believe she actually spoke any of the sentences from this interview, it had to be written by her PR team. It sounds so unnatural, like a bad chatbot, no one talks like that.

So it was a dildo, get it. We can go home now.

No. 1879993

File: 1707267331165.jpg (75.54 KB, 735x577, IMG_3037.JPG)

you’re not the first to notice, it’s a joke among popfag twitter

No. 1879997

File: 1707267516434.mp4 (1022.38 KB, 720x1280, 1707135422929.mp4)

I was wondering what was going on with her since she kept messing with Ed Sheeran's hair when she saw him, vidrel.

I fucking figured she either showed up drunk or is just starting to act obnoxious so Travis or whoever can see her on TV. Standing for a bunch of the show, drinking the whole time, dragging Lana up on stage, and acting a mess. I could sorta guess at the alcoholism starting since there were a bunch of pictures of her with glasses of wine and her guitar from the Miss Americana doc. I would like to hope she's under the influence of something since if this is her actual personality then god help everyone within 20 feet of her.

No. 1879999

They were seen together once, i doubt it will be ongoing.

No. 1880007

this would explain the weight gain around that time lol(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1880009

File: 1707268347191.mp4 (198.25 KB, 720x1158, GEP82WUeJc2ElkZo.mp4)

samefag, here’s her at the grammy’s after party kek

No. 1880014

Would you post the video of her punching and manhandling Jack Antonoff too? He looked so annoyed.

No. 1880022

File: 1707268716718.mp4 (624.77 KB, 720x720, 1707106063247.mp4)

Kek I didn't know this even happened until reading this, what the fuck.

No. 1880023

She is so fucking obnoxious

No. 1880031

File: 1707268940302.png (577.45 KB, 722x544, yiues.png)


No. 1880035

Seeing her drunkenly manhandle people is unsettling. She has no boundaries or respect for other people’s physical space. It’s uncomfortable to watch her do this basically all night. Who the fuck does she think she is treating people like this?

No. 1880044

Taylor Swift is that drunk white woman from that video that takes the cops hat off at a party and wears it

No. 1880062

good point. Especially after seeing these videos, wow that night seems..embarrassing. Maybe her team secretly hates her and doesn’t care. maybe she gives no fucks and just wants to party.

No. 1880064

I think she's on a manic high because of the illusion that everyone currently likes her. I don't think she realizes. If you watch the crowd reactions during her getting aoty, multiple celebs were trying to maintain neutral expressions while clearly being unimpressed

No. 1880068

I can’t stop watching this, I have been a fan of hers but this is scary like why is she physically assaulting him like this and why is he oddly tolerating it. He looks like he hates her

No. 1880076

someday, he’ll be big enough that she can’t hit him. but all she’s ever gonna be, is mean.

No. 1880085

I'm saying her boyfriend is a faggot

No. 1880088

There are so many videos of her being annoying just from this one night lol

No. 1880092

File: 1707271422486.jpeg (92.74 KB, 639x700, IMG_3349.jpeg)

I love Olivia’s reaction lol. Taylor was such a bitch to her.

No. 1880095

It's her swifties blowing smoke up her ass constantly. Delusional

No. 1880103

She's getting her flirt on here, I think she's playing up the "silliness" and "drunkneness" Notice how she's almost hugging Lucy (I think that's her name) while messing around with the awards.
Also PR wise silly happy photos are better than cancelling misogynists, that's very 2016 era so she's doing them a favour by derailing that comversation. She made sure to pose with so many female artists, and it probably helped all of them with promotion since she's the most currently successful one in most of these images.
She's pretty smart while hiding it under "goofiness" like you don't just accidentally make billions with your mediocre/average pop music.

No. 1880108

It might be smart for publicity and money but it’s obnoxious and dumb socially.

No. 1880179

its giving number 2 pencil(it's giving newfaggotry)

No. 1880200

Reminds me of old tea about her, during her CTRL era she admitted in an interview to essentially just liquid fasting all the time to be at that weight thin, and she for sure has an alcohol/drug problem. I wonder why Celebs don’t just hire private chefs to make them good food within a reasonable calorie range rather than doing all that but alas

No. 1880248

File: 1707291122578.png (327.42 KB, 605x639, Screenshot.png)

>a serious wes anderson film with michael cera

No. 1880249

why cant wes anderson retire

No. 1880252

The thing about Joe is that he’s a blank canvas. So just as easily as she could paint him as best boyfriend ever she can paint him the villain. The Swifties are already doing half the work for her. He has non established fan base to defend him.

No. 1880255

agreed. he's not made anything decent since Grand Budapest Hotel, he's going the way of Tim Burton, just becoming a lazy shell of his former creativity

No. 1880256

thankfully no one I actually follow but the tweets under various media outlets reporting about it were strangely pro the radio host. Then of course awful subreddits like fauxmoi were screaming that they always knew something about him was off.

No. 1880263

still matain he's better then 99% of moid directors, I'll take another quirky wes anderson movie or slatburn or the pedo-doll one.

No. 1880322

I hate to admit defeat, until I'm given anything else to work with, I guess i'm forced to admit that Drake does have a penis, it's not small and months of work is ruined. I feel fucking retarded.

No. 1880329

I'm pretty sure it's a dildo, it looks very plasticy/rubbery. Don't lose hope drake-chan

No. 1880332

drake chan I believe in you, like >>1880329 says she's trying to throw you off!!

No. 1880340

Are you one of those transvestigators?

No. 1880356

I saw on a magazine a while ago that he was really sick so it's not that surprising. Not that upset bc of his stupid 'women be talkin!' song

No. 1880372

File: 1707300454366.png (667.75 KB, 534x800, 1707291812976.png)

No. 1880374

File: 1707300771891.png (612.02 KB, 534x800, 1707291831004.png)

No. 1880379

File: 1707301132703.png (393.24 KB, 306x605, 1707292012655.png)

No. 1880384

File: 1707301463116.png (667.35 KB, 534x800, 1707291856650.png)

No. 1880387

I don’t like either of these dresses, but Zendaya looks beautiful, as always. Florence looks upset.

No. 1880394

an anon called drake-chan obsessed with saying drake is a woman. she's more tolerable than pugh-chan

No. 1880399

Continue your investigations, drakechan. The she-devil is just trying to trick you with a dildo.
I wonder if by “dark” he means like the Darjeeling express, which just had darker themes. I enjoy his movies but I agree with the others who said he needs to retire before he loses his touch
I think Olivia Rodrigo could potentially replace Taylor Swift, and that’s why Taylor acted like that. Olivia does the same type of generic pop music and imo is prettier than Taylor, and at the beginning of her career she brought up Taylor in interviews constantly to get attention onto her. Taylor swift did the same thing with other country stars when she was starting out
You know what. She really does look like a barrel of hay

No. 1880407

What did florencechan do that was so bad? She just said Florence is a rude pickme in person and hated working with her(stop)

No. 1880412

you summoned her >>1880407
kidding florence-chan, you're alright too. seriously why with the see-through clothes? it can't be as simple as advertising or she'd take the septum out and grow her hair.

No. 1880415

i posted the picture and I'm not florance-chan or whoever, just someone who saw the pictures and posted them.

No. 1880423

File: 1707303669630.jpeg (107 KB, 640x965, IMG_3352.jpeg)

Lana’s reaction to getting snubbed at Grammys. She’s such an icon, I love her lol.

No. 1880427

File: 1707303795767.gif (1.86 MB, 284x159, 1000002641.gif)

You called him a faghag. You just exposed yourself both as a newfag but also as a retard.

Dick so thin you can do the pencil illusion

No. 1880430

File: 1707303897660.jpg (205.2 KB, 1170x1437, 1000002640.jpg)

Can they like stop. This is getting tiring.

No. 1880437

Looks like some weird fallout new vegas/sky rim mod.

No. 1880438

no you gotta remember he is NOT gay I repeat NOT GAY

No. 1880456

She’s so funny, I love her. Her dress is pretty

No. 1880457

He's almost gayer than Diddy.

No. 1880460

This gave me second hand embarrassment

No. 1880477

She just talks about her too much, it's boring.

No. 1880480

something something finger in the butthole as I recall. been acting super NOT GAY since. his wife I mean beard is wilting under his male gaze (read: male gays)
forgive the shitpost farmhands for it contains grains of nourishing truth read: kanye more like kangay

No. 1880499

I see a lot of gay speculation that's unfounded but in the cases of Kanye and Diddy it's just kind of obvious. Diddy likes watching women get fucked by other men. I'm guessing Kanye does the same with her or if not he definitely is trying to psyop her into it.

No. 1880500

File: 1707306625716.png (838.58 KB, 820x1295, 1000002630.png)

Just reminiscing.

I think some of you are easily impressed. Oooh a 40 year old woman in a nightie holding a handgun ooo

No. 1880502

This is a very tragic photo for Florence kek I don’t even think she’s like hideous or anything but Zendaya is a goddess beside her, looking stunning and statuesque, while FP can barely conceal her unhappiness at being photographed next to one of the most beautiful and photogenic women in her peer group.

No. 1880508

I seriously fucking hate him, she must be so cold. I know she's going along with it but it's obviously this is all that scrotes idea.
>>1880384 this looks so stupid, it'd be fine without the rolled up sleeves.

No. 1880509

didn't that porn list of Kanye's leak? Where he said that he ranked porn and trans/gay was at the bottom but it was there. Kanye IS GOING TO DATE A TROON. He's going to date a troon and go on a full on "this is future!" rant.
I can it see it now, him dating some white dude with hard tits, walking around with a cock window next to Kanye whose dressed like barney.

No. 1880511

agreed, I wonder if another terminally online celeb like angie is shitting up the farms. out of anyone celebs high on ego or drugs (see nikki's recents) are the most likely to personalityfag. the recent blind about a terminally online celeb makes me think brad is one and we know doja is. whomst is florence chan?
dw I'll take it to tinfoil general

No. 1880515

I remember when this was all happening. Very dramatic and interesting kek

No. 1880524

Agree, that’s probably why she looks so sad. Their body language looks odd to me, I’m not sure what it is.

No. 1880527

>Oooh a 40 year old woman in a nightie holding a handgun ooo
It’s just a funny picture, she has a silly sense of humor in general. There’s also no need to make it seem like being 40 is bad somehow, aging is a privilege, not something to be embarrassed about

No. 1880531

her face is grey? who did her makeup? who lets her out looking so greasy? is it to make zendaya look amazing in comparison?
I actually really liked her in get well funboy or whatever it was, I hated harry styles though

No. 1880538

File: 1707308353090.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x1750, IMG_5570.jpeg)

Another of her themed dresses. I like that the cast are all dressing on theme, but I think Zendaya’s outfits are the most interesting looking by far

No. 1880541

Her stylist hates her kek

No. 1880545

File: 1707308547223.jpeg (596.22 KB, 1048x782, IMG_5571.jpeg)

I don’t think she was posted, but this is what Megan Fox wore to the Grammys. She has a new sleeve tattoo.

No. 1880555

>she has a silly sense of humor
Actually I think she fully believes she's hard. Remember when she told azealia banks she … wouldn't not fuck her the fuck up(??). 38 years of age.

No. 1880557

Is it real or just an applique like Dojas?

No. 1880563

i blame mgk for this. it makes me sick when beautiful women get with new moids and change their looks to align with his.

No. 1880564

for such an insecure woman I'm so sad she's slutting it up so much for MGK of all people. sexy zelda or Light for his pleasure is a lot different if she was single or with a better man. I just wish he bought out the best in her and not this weird toxic myspace I'll cut you if you cut me rawr bullshit they've got going on. and for someone who used to flex she "didn't have botox" how the mighty have fallen
feel like pure shit just want my girl back

No. 1880567

You caught me, it’s Cillian. I really can’t stand her ass.

No. 1880569

Ew it´s s oweird and schlongy it makes me feel sick like when you see a really fat rainworm while walking in the rain

No. 1880570

I hate to say it but the way he's holding it at the base is odd. I'm no shayna but I can tell a small flaccid dildo when I see it.

No. 1880574

Your description KEK its true tho it looks so wiggly and eldritch. Not even close to a flex on his part. Sad!

No. 1880615

Can't she afford a better hotel room?

No. 1880619

drake needed it for >>1879827
she's mad waiting for her to finish with her dildo, she's clearly a gold star bottom
for anyone confused, drakesha is borrowing lana's dildo etc. wait does drake-chan have a name for her yet? my bad(drake-chan sperging)

No. 1880635

Wendy Williams is coming out with docu after getting diagnosed with graves disease and retiring

No. 1880639

she needs to just skip the awards like drake and the weeknd did after they noticed the snubs. the grammys voters get off people's desperation which is why they keep baiting beyonce. they know her and jay z will keep coming anyway

No. 1880654

File: 1707319281478.jpg (78.03 KB, 595x654, IIG45bL.jpg)

Only private jet info is public and the twitter account staggers posting by 24/48 hours. If she used an air carrier not only would it be less wasteful but also not open to the public.
she can't sue on privacy when her stans tweet about her location all the time
she took a 13 minute flight to see her boyfriend. i hope she never tries to virtue signal with climate change

No. 1880658

I spent a hour and 20 mintues (all togeather not at one time) and I came to the conclusion that it's a real penis and theres a 99% chance that it's his penis. While I would not put it past him to splice togeather someone elses penis and his own upper body or this being a very well done defake, I think it's his.
I want to be wrong, this person is so rich that it's entirely possible he could contact the best animators/editers to make sure this looks very real.
It ruined my day, the floppy fat fuck, I don't know if this is something that is some kind of joke or what.
this is what happens to people like Drake who fuck too many women/men, their dicks start to act like a pool noodle. He can't get hard. If it is his dick, which at this point i'm 99% sure, but if that 1% is right then…

No. 1880659

File: 1707319581315.jpg (68.71 KB, 956x637, mI1SxUO.jpg)

dove cameron and the maneskin dude looking horny at the grammys afterparty kek

No. 1880661

File: 1707319650467.jpg (54.28 KB, 808x538, lKdm6id.jpg)

troye sivan and omar apollo were also there

No. 1880665

It does look sinster doesn't it? Why is his legs cocked open? Where all the balls? He's trying to shake it to life or trying to connect the electronics.

No. 1880666

it's Audraya

No. 1880669

Idiot boys will pull their penises out of their sockets for the extra maybe 1-2 inches of length of penis that's hidden under the skin. It ends up with terrible results cause the dick loses it's structure from damaging the ligaments cause it's stuck in there for a reason. They do it as teenagers then are fucked for life. It becomes wobbly, doesn't really stay up even if it is hard like his is, and the guy's feeling also gets fucked so he might be incapable of cumming from sex too. Apparently it's a porn dude thing which is probably where the porn sick dumbasses learned it from. Makes sex pretty difficult cause the dick just flops around and doesn't really work in many positions like cowgirl and it being soft means it bends weird too including inside of you which feels so wrong
Drake accidentally advertising his sex skills are handicapped kek(dick derailing)

No. 1880672

I saw on LSA they had "Dick reports"(ew) in drake's alledged penis and a lot of them said that he was good and it was big.
I always thought it was some kind of retarded shit to throw some people off the scent, but it does look like he has floppy dick syndrome. Like he can't get his alleged dick hard to save his life, he's always semi hard.

No. 1880673


No. 1880677

it's not out of the question tbh, it could be ONE reason or he could've gotten his dick extended to affirm his gender because he had to tiny dick.Who knows. It's such a weird thing and it's shocking to me to. The one thing i held onto was we never saw his penis, now we have seen A penis but who knows. It looks like his

No. 1880681

File: 1707321331621.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.42 KB, 1141x807, ssq7SV8.jpg)

dick reports started as a rockstar groupie thing in the 70s. picrel is just people describing on another website

No. 1880686

> well done defake

No. 1880695

And why do we even want it to be a fake penis? It's not like it looks good. As a society we should be shaming mega dicks just as much as micro dicks. No one wants to be poked in the uterus, get that shit away from me

No. 1880700

File: 1707322816939.jpg (33.77 KB, 1280x720, 67457.jpg)

i fully believe this is about trying to capitalize the online tradwife trend and make it sexy

No. 1880723

I always knew Phil Anselmo was a closeted faggot kek

No. 1880738

Reb is a great guitar player but unfortunately he's really dumb. He's self aware though, he always claims his parents made him take an intelligence test as a child and he had the minimum score on everything except for musical insight or something.
What I'm trying to say is that I really did not need to read that information about him in that image. yuck

No. 1880746

I can definitely see the rap-ettes hopping onto this trend after the “hard wig, soft life” debacle

No. 1880754

Saltburn has a female director.

No. 1880761

you could really put her in a sack of potatoes and she would look amazing

No. 1880765

Thought this was pixyteri for a sec

No. 1880767

File: 1707326970267.jpeg (966.57 KB, 1170x1179, IMG_5577.jpeg)

>French actor Judith Godrèche has lodge a rape complaint against filmmaker Benoît Jacquot, newspaper Le Monde reports.

>Godrèche, who met Jacquot when she was 14 years old and the director was 39, accuses him of "predation" and "violent rape of a minor under 15 years old committed by a person in authority." She has filed her complaint with France's Juvenile Protection Brigade.

>According to French newspaper Le Monde, Jacquot denies the claims, telling the outlet theirs was a "loving" relationship.

> Godrèche and Jacquot met in 1986 on the set of his movie "Les Mendiants," which was released two years later. Despite the 25 year age gap, they began a relationship which went on for six years, during which time the actor says she was "in [Jacquot's] grip."

No. 1880769

>Diddy likes watching women get fucked by other men.

Nona that's literally what porn is. All men like watching women get fucked by other men

No. 1880771

She’s blessed with such long limbs that she looks great modeling anything, I’m so envious

No. 1880775

He tried to act not gay right after the divorce with Kim, when he was seen with Irina Shayk, who has been suspected of bearding for both Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper. She also happens to be besties with Riccardo Tisci, who in an interview, years ago, talked about his affair with a black rapper. Tisci and Kanye were seen together quite often when he was still married to Kim, and Tisci even dressed Kim for a big event.

No. 1880776

>"loving" relationship
>between a 14 year old and a 39 year old
Someone needs to spray manure on these pedophilic fucks just like they're spraying manure on their government buildings.

No. 1880777

she's spiritually a moid.

No. 1880780

>She is trying to squash any negative publicity.
There was a twitter thread some years ago about how Taylor would threaten lawsuits against websites that had articles about her that she didn't like. The people talking about it in the thread were the article writers and they were talking about how it happened to them and how the website owners didn't have their back. I assume if the tide ever turns against her, some journalist will write an article this and it will come out.

No. 1880790

Here we go again with the dummies defending everything this pathetic idiot does.
How is this FUNNY???
A 38 year old woman holding a gun trying to act like she's on Tumblr in her ugly garbage sheet dress.
"She's so funny!" Grow up.(infighting)

No. 1880798

calm down trump-chan

No. 1880807

it's like she's aiming for the gangster baddie larp but ends up looking like an obese republican woman showcasing "fashionable" open carry at the NRA convention

No. 1880811

Wait she's 38? This whole time I thought she was like poorly aging 29 year old woman. Is Taylor 40 yet? It's crazy, kinda nice but also telling that a lot of the big female acts are 30+, but a lot of them have been around for so long. It's sad that we don't really have any true blue new superstars.
Or maybe I'm just jaded and out of touch.

No. 1880814

already posted, it's literally in the OP kek >>1875210

No. 1880819

Lmao you thought Lana was a very unlucky 29 year old that’s kind of sweet. Taylor is 34 I believe, maybe 35? She is reminding me of those ancient boomers who won’t give up their job and retire to let younger people get some experience at a good rate kek. Not saying she should retire just bc she’s in her 30s, but she seems to have an unfair chokehold and does NOT uplift others in actuality

No. 1880820

>I thought she was like poorly aging 29 year old

Bruh she released Born to Die in 2012 and it's pretty obvious she was way older than 17 in that music video. You really are out of touch

No. 1880825

I do not know ONE lala song, I do not listen to her and if it wasn't for Lolcow, I'd have no idea she exists. Not my genre of music at all, I don't even listen to modern music. I am proudly out of touch, I have no want or need to listen to lal

No. 1880827

Just your normal day of aging reddit cockettes coping. In order for them to be eternally jailbait sadbaby mads mikkelsen ballerinas, Lana has to be eternally in her 20s and everyone else an OLD 30 YEAR OLD HAG.(infighting)

No. 1880828

Kek she's Muslim in the same way people say they're Christian when they go to church once a year on Xmas. She was probably raised Muslim and keeps up the vague LARP but she isn't actively being Muslim. Shes claimed to date women, she sings nonstop about having dudes cum in her and getting high, quite literally her entire discography is about chasing dick and I say that as a fan. She said she wants to hear a hijab but can't because of the stuff she does on stage, but to me all that really says is being an artist is her real identity, not being a devoted silent Muslimah or whatever. She should stop promoting a religion she doesn't even really practice though. Especially a religion that would hurt other women if practiced accurately

No. 1880830

Where did I say that? I simply do not know much about her and thought she was younger but aging poorly, not everyone is some "cockette" or whatever you are whining about.

No. 1880831

That would be some Midwest methhead trailer mom of 8 type of premature aging.

No. 1880839


No. 1880841

File: 1707332265402.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1170x1833, IMG_4358.jpeg)

Don’t get me started on what a psycho he is but what the FUCK is wrong with her. Does she have no modesty? Not even that, self respect? How has she not be arrested for public indecency or something? Burger celebs are insane and not in a good way. Seriously. She is just a puppet for him to humiliate in public.

No. 1880846

ATP I’m genuinely concerned for her. This is so beyond bad I don’t know where to begin.

No. 1880847

Kanye has always had a fixation on women who share their nude bodies to the public, the only reason this is shocking is because Bianca does it in person instead of in pictures and videos like Kim

No. 1880849

File: 1707333145287.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2120, IMG_8210.jpeg)

what the actual fuck kek

No. 1880855

No. 1880857

I mean she was wrongly fired because she doesn't support trooning out, and at the time Pedro's brother had just trooned out.

No. 1880858

She’s also just not a very good actress. I think I’d care more if she was. Should just take the L and move on.

No. 1880863

He must have some humiliation/exhibitionist fetish. So trashy

No. 1880869

The reaction to her here will neverrr not be funny to me. On one hand you have annoying white knights trigerred by anons not kissing the ground she walks on, on the other anons malding after seeing any positive mention of her. Never change Lolcor.

No. 1880873

Both uggos. I will never get the hype for Zendaya. They both have the same twohead.

No. 1880874

Good. She never should have been fired for joking that her pronouns are 'boop/bop/beep'. I hope she's well compensated for however much money she lost for not tranny pandering.
They both have it. She's as trashy and attention seeking as him.

No. 1880875

Florence has a massive fivehead, a twohead would be something like Lady Gaga's.

No. 1880880

Didn't she start acting in shitty dailywire conservitard movies after she was fired? She buried her hatchet twice over

No. 1880881

what is the joke even? she’s gonna shoot taylor or the grammys committee for not winning? Taking a picture with a gun in a cheap hotel room is very trailer park mom facebook post

No. 1880890

So he’s admitting they were “in a relationship” when she was 14 and he was 39? Throw him in jail.

lol same. Everything I know about celebrities I learned from lolcor.

I feel like I remember reading about her escaping him and calling out his abusive and controlling behaviour. Did I dream that? Or was that someone else?

No. 1880895

File: 1707337053342.mp4 (1.64 MB, 480x882, wg_RMgNpUMhXIXVq.mp4)

North West did gyaru/manba makeup. I can't hate her tbh, she seems like a fun kid

No. 1880897

I’m not sure if anyone here knows of or cares about these people, but recently Anitta performed with Peso Pluma, and this is how she danced with him. His girlfriend is rumored to have broken up with him because of it

No. 1880899

Here’s more of their performance. Anitta also copied Peso Pluma’s girlfriends costume, what she is wearing here is almost identical to what Nicki Nicole has worn for her performances lately

No. 1880904

I feel so fucking old watching this. The make up is 100% better than in the Gyaru cows thread kek so I gotta give her that

No. 1880909


No. 1880918

I wish she didn’t have an internet presence at 9, but this kid is so cute and funny.

No. 1880928

This is the most respectful I’ve ever seen a male. Never touched her and barely looked her way while performing. If gf dumped him over this she lost her best shot at dating an artist

No. 1880931

holy shit I remember this groupie site, 11 y/o me was reading mouth agape at these sordid tales kek

No. 1880934

File: 1707339279192.jpg (1.49 MB, 3464x3464, 1000009912.jpg)

KEK I can't take this seriously.

No. 1880938

40 year old woman channeling 2014 tumbler in an aliexpress dress

No. 1880951

Wow, i never actually heard her talk before. She doesnt seem very educated or mature at all for being at her age.

No. 1880960

I had no idea she was like this when she was drunk. I really wish someone would tell her to fuck off.

No. 1880963

I love both these dresses, but feel like the white one would look on literally anyone else. Flo is so doughy

No. 1880966

Holyshit, that makes it even worse

No. 1880985


No. 1880989

modern day Princess Leia (but ugly) and female Chewbacca make an appearance at some event

No. 1881005

Idk who this is but he sounds terrible and has no stage presence.

No. 1881016

She should be arrested.

No. 1881019

This dude is so ugly I'm still convinced it's just Oliver Tree
I really don't think she did it on her own. She doesn't show the makeup being applied at all.

No. 1881026

File: 1707344492020.png (777.32 KB, 863x1411, 1000020259.png)

people were speculating about coke, but she was so tactile with everyone that I wonder if it was some mix of coke and ecstasy. Why is she touching these men aggressively? I always assumed she wasn't very touchy-feely with men, but I know little about her aside from the Kanye stuff.

In the last thread someone claimed to have seen a pic of her in a high school or college, but she never went to college and was homeschooled from age 14.

No. 1881039

anon these are text conversations. you know it is spelled coquette, which was also a real word long before infantile women used it to pedobait

No. 1881072

File: 1707350093498.png (891.98 KB, 1294x652, 5c812a51fdbbc949445fb568a57789…)

I wanna give her the benefit of doubt. She seems like an artistically inclined kid. I thought her drawing of Ice Spice was cute, and it does look like a kid drawing, albeit pretty good for a nine year-old. Hopefully she asked their makeup artists for help but did the actual look by herself.

No. 1881078

Latina nonnies, your music is nice but every time I hear it I think of this

No. 1881101

Nta but isn’t the mother of Drake’s child a pornstar? My first thought when I saw it is that Drake has PIED and can’t get hard due to porn usage. It sounds ridiculous bc he’s famous and probably has lots of women throwing themselves at him but look at Kanye and other celebrity moids who are open porn addicts. Being a coomer would explain how he met the mother of his kid.

No. 1881102

File: 1707352234778.png (2.33 MB, 1250x1350, Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 4.29.…)

>Can I put them on your head? One of them??


No. 1881106

File: 1707352347092.jpg (236.28 KB, 1908x1146, 26693152-0-image-a-3_158577146…)

She has access to expensive art tutors and her Dad did art as a kid too.

No. 1881117

good for her

No. 1881119

But not THEIR women

No. 1881125

This. I used to be a huge fan of his and I considered him my favorite director for a while but his whole shtick got old after the 2000s. (I don't know if it just got overplayed or I grew up?) Grand Budapest was great but I've been disappointed in everything ever since, and now his stuff just looks like cliches of his old work. Quirky men wearing tweed and delivering dry, deadpan lines with 1960's french music in the background, yawn.

No. 1881140

Honestly it makes me happy she’s exhibiting a little bit of a natural creative talent, something her main caregiver seems not to have any of.

No. 1881144

Glad she inherited a good trait from Kanye kek.

No. 1881158

File: 1707355276497.jpg (105.79 KB, 1280x720, 1000002657.jpg)

It looks so abused. I'm not even being snarky when I say you can just tell he has used pumps and other methods of stretching. This is definitely not his original length. A chode is still better than a noodle.

No. 1881160

A community note on this pointed out that this occurred when the plane was switching ownership. That flight was likely for maintenance and it was not owned by Taylor anymore at that time.

No. 1881162

File: 1707355438152.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.4 KB, 470x849, 1000002656.jpg)

Cannot see any photo or mention of this man without thinking of how disgusting his ass is

No. 1881164

Drake confirmed lolcow lurker. Saw the transvestigations stemmed from his ab etching, bbl, and velcro sideburns and got HURTED. He been stretching his cock with barbells for months to prepare.

No. 1881165

Diddy subjected women to violent irl gangrapes and did not partake, but watched and jerked off. Miss me with trying to explain shit you know nothing about.

No. 1881166

They do like it, they just hate that they do.

No. 1881171

Question mark

No. 1881172

He wants to be the humiliated woman. He wants to be the barbie doll. He shows her off by the trophy because it is how he gets admiration and attention from other men. He likes to imagine men thinking of her and getting aroused.

No. 1881177

Peso Pluma evades me. He looks like if finn wolfhard was dropped off in mexico at the age of 12 and left to his own devices emerging with a new identity. Idk maybe its just his tone for me.

No. 1881178

No. People are just seeing her real personality, which she has painstakingly hidden from the public for years. Now she's infatuated with a dude and thinks everyone loves her so she's letting inhibitions slip. The public fatigue cannot come fast enough im so tired of her.

No. 1881184

EW he is so unappealing in every way. His body, his face, his overall aesthetic. They all look gross to me except the girl, who is so so so pretty to me but looks grimy like the guys and wears their dumb group outfits kek

No. 1881193

File: 1707357405948.jpg (129.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault10.jpg)

This guy is rapidly aging into Charles Manson. He's got beady little rooster eyes.

No. 1881259

File: 1707363137708.jpg (144.98 KB, 884x1123, GFimfszWgAATsrz.jpg)

I will never understand why so many successful women choose the most ridiculous, no-name men to date. I'm using "man" in the loosest sense here because Miley's boyfriend looks like a literal child.

Also sick of seeing Jelly Roll's trailer trash face and repulsive heaving gunt everywhere lately. Legitimately sickening. I give him two years, tops.

No. 1881270

File: 1707363954126.jpg (117.2 KB, 786x531, 207c.jpg)

All I can see is this

No. 1881290

He has teenaged sons… he knows what an emoji is no matter how much he pretends he doesn't kek

No. 1881302

good for her

No. 1881326

KEK NONA that's so good.

I feel rude saying this but I get the feeling that Dove Cameron is so insecure with herself that she'd agree to being "poly" so that she can be "the cool girlfriend" while he runs around being a manwhore

No. 1881328

File: 1707374791252.png (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 955x1162, Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 7.18.…)

desperately attention seeking to the point of putting his wife at risk. She’s constantly trying to cover up while they’re walking

No. 1881331

This is so far past attention whoring, it's literal abuse and a humiliation/exhibitionist fetish at work. They are genuinely one of the most miserable, toxic couples I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing and I hope someone saves that poor woman.

No. 1881336

how is this not illegal? and he looks so creepy, wtf

No. 1881337

>saves that poor woman
naive nona

No. 1881338

Wtf someone should tell Kanye to become a celibate landscape artist.

No. 1881339

File: 1707376632912.jpeg (307.71 KB, 1241x1869, britneyben.jpeg)

kek, Britney casually reveals she made out with Ben Affleck years ago. Based

No. 1881341

I don't want to be that person but is she at gunpoint in this relationship? Why am I supposed to feel bad I think we all know she's enduring his madness because he got money

No. 1881346

Imagining that, he surely asked Kim to do this shit as well, but she said no and now he is living out all his declined fantasies. I wish Bianca would finally leave him. fucking hell.

No. 1881355

I mean you could probably ask that about any abusive relationship, I'm sure you know it's more complicated than 'just leave'. Also honestly I wonder if he has blackmail material? If that's how much he degrades her in public, imagine what he does in private. He's a known porn addict so I would absolutely expect him to film his own material.

Though in the end, even if she was sincerely just there for the money, I'd still hope she comes to her senses. Being dumb/desperate isn't a big enough crime for me to be comfortable seeing a woman treated like garbage.

No. 1881361

why is he always dressed in some male equivalent of a burqa now? Has he ever said why? He's never looking at Bianca with affection, either, imho he always has this look of cold aggression and hate. If I were her, I'd fear for my life. I don't care if she initially started dating him for money, I hope she gets out before something even worse happens. (I have no doubt he has raped and threatened and coerced her already.) I hope her family doesn't stop trying to reach out to her, leaving an abuser, especially an unhinged crazy one, is hard.

No. 1881362

He think his wife being naked will distract from his fatness. Kanye is literally the insecure woman who hangs with fat women because she THINKS it makes her look better. In all reality she's insecure and weird. Also, Kanye is rich, I not know why nonas are acting like this chick is just some comments making pennies like shay for attention. It's very clear that the money and Kanye manipulation of dumb people, she probably does legit think he's some god.
He probably verbally abuses her and tells her that it's perfectly normal and he controls her, like Drake he's a fat mean boy.

No. 1881367

exactly. If you look at anything from Grand Budapest and before (Rushmore my beloved), there's absolutely a style but these are all very different films. The French Dispatch was absolute ass and idg how so many critics gave it a decent review? Maybe because its not a prequel/sequel or reboot of anything kek

No. 1881368

this is incredibly cute, I know other anons mentioned she has access to private art tutors and well, duh - she still sat down and drew this, she obviously has an interest in art and any decent parent if they have the means would want to give them extra support/tutoring and support their interests

No. 1881381

I have no idea who they are but I'm repelled. This looks and sounds awful

No. 1881382

he's ugly

No. 1881406

File: 1707387872127.jpg (191.73 KB, 1063x1200, aa4c363ace35dd740a5003536a4040…)

Even in his prime, I don't get the hype. He has the facial equivalent of water boiled oatmeal without and sugar, fruit, or honey. A bland little whole grain wheaties brickface.

No. 1881425

That reminds me of an interview he did once where he said that he’s always maintained to interviewers that her has a very boring life and is a homebody, and that he only said it because that made the tabloids lose interest and he actually has a very exciting and fun life.

Those interviews where he said he didn’t know what a memes or emojis were also happened over 10 years ago, a lot of people in his age group might not have necessarily known what they were, or not known what they were called. He said in his interview with Margot Robbie that he’s familiar with them both now and that people send him memes all the time, and then Margot said that she didn’t know what they were called back then either.

No. 1881443

Kek I’m repelled too.

Anitta is famous for giving porny performances, so I’m not sure what Nicki was expecting. She attended their concert and when Anitta started dancing on him Nicki gasped and looked like she wanted to pop Anitta’s bbl.
She’s a singer too though so she could definitely find another artist to date. I think she broke up with him out of jealousy and insecurity, but Anitta is known for being a pickme homewrecker and has said in interviews that she doesn’t think cheating is a bad thing and doesn’t feel bad about it

No. 1881462

He really really was/is. Casey got all the hotness for a brief moment ahem 200 Cigarettes

No. 1881475

I actually find the top left artwork really interesting, he should get back to visual arts

No. 1881512

File: 1707397673201.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2181, IMG_5601.jpeg)

>"But you know, when I think about the girls my age … there's way more room for [male actors] and there is still not enough room for us," she continued. "It's a really good time for older women which is amazing and there's a lot for these young men, but not a lot for the actresses that I know in my age bracket."

What is this nepo baby blathering on about

No. 1881517

I have a hard time taking this serious since she's not even 30 yet. If Margot Robbie can still find consistent work in her 30s (the most recent being a literal childrens toy) I feel like she can too. Also film/TV might arguably be kinder to older women than like, the music industry too.

No. 1881522

File: 1707398949540.jpg (71.16 KB, 736x814, 6de8db889aaef99e98a71915df3896…)

Samefag but it's not like she has to play characters that are her age either. See Bianca Lawson, who always plays characters younger than her actual age.

No. 1881525

File: 1707399093645.jpg (28 KB, 608x504, 1707399084807.jpg)

she's a nepo? also the pity party started too soon considering she's at the top of her game right now, age wise

No. 1881532

Yeah her mom and grandmother are both actresses and her father is a screenwriter

She’s actually whining that older actresses have it easier than younger actresses like her. She’s saying that she only sees roles for older women and she can’t find work because she’s “too young”. Florence Pugh, Zendaya, and Anya Taylor Joy are all in the same age bracket as her and they’ve had zero trouble finding roles, it’s absolutely harder for actresses to get roles in their 30s and older.

No. 1881535

looked him up and wow he really was kinda hot.

No. 1881536

Perhaps she is not a good actress?

No. 1881596

File: 1707404711894.jpeg (674.41 KB, 1200x1653, 7CA3F24F-A89C-48C1-8A59-ED4CC3…)

The editor of British Vogue is stepping down, and he got 40 of their former cover models together for a photo shoot. No milk, I just think a lot of the women look nice.

No. 1881603

just to be devils advocate it does feel like florence, zendaya, atj and that wall-eyed west side story chick do be scooping up 90% of roles for women under 30, but bridgerton has no right to complain

No. 1881604

File: 1707405778826.jpeg (920.17 KB, 1170x1632, IMG_5614.jpeg)

No. 1881607

She could have just talked about how much easier it is for male actors, but the fact that she tried to say older actresses have it easier than young actresses just seems like attention seeking whining to me.

Actresses have always spoken out about how hard the aging process is for them, because they get replaced with young starlets, while male actors just keep getting roles and attention no matter how haggard and bald they get

No. 1881609

File: 1707406244224.jpg (48.23 KB, 500x500, c0a36934c6a400967cf14696fd9472…)

Anon you can't use her as an example, she's literally a vampire

No. 1881615

>13 min flight time
we all have the same 24 hours ladies no excuses

No. 1881624

my running theory for that night is that she was wine drunk and trying really hard to be QuIrKy and cute/funny but went too far and acted like an obnoxious sped instead.

the fact that she's nine? and able to capture ice spice's likeness at all is actually impressive. like, you can tell who it's supposed to be. it's cute she seems to have a real interest in art, hopefully she'll be able to keep it growing up in that environment.

I understood this as there aren't a lot of roles for women in their late 20's early 30's, it seems most big roles are for early-mid 20's "up and coming" actresses or "older" women. The 28-35 or whatever roles seem to go to the same established actresses who have a big name already. idk if that's actually what she meant though, kek.

KEK. this is probably more likely. Or she needs a new agent.

No. 1881636

WTF Anya Taylor Joy was born in 1996? I thought she was born in like the 80s???

No. 1881647

God true, my tv GF since I was a teen kek she is so fucking pretty and not in a generic way My Babysitter’s a Vampire I’m sure there is another nonna whose young heart was stolen by her in that

No. 1881679

to be fair, neither are most of the other actresses near her age kek

No. 1881727

File: 1707417141143.jpg (487.31 KB, 1073x1372, maxx-morando-cock.jpg)

That's just a bad picture, he looks great

No. 1881738

His dick looks great but he looks like an actual hobo whose main address is a dumpster

No. 1881754

Nta but it makes no sense to show us an image where you can't even see his face, if you're going to claim he looks great kek

No. 1881768

Yeah I'm certain she is, because she was an employee at Yeezy before they met and she still is. I know that if she decided to divorce him she'd lose her job.

No. 1881803

ofc she is. Especially after her scene in the movie X. I'm sure she has no issues fucking older men. Where are the anons who defended Jenna heavily about sitting on her dad's lap at 16?

No. 1881807

Why the fuck is there a man on the top left?

No. 1881808

Wow, she is so freakin cute!! I remembered her briefly on Saved by the bell and Buffy, but had no idea she was in the vampire diaries and PLL.

No. 1881815

and that one anon who thinks jenna's a lesbian lmao

No. 1881820

Kek right this is so gross. The worst part is that Martin Freeman looks like any average moid who could prey on a young woman, and now those kinds of guys will self insert even harder. She’s gross but young so maybe she’ll grow out of her pickmeism. Not holding my breath tho, look at Emma Stone.

No. 1881826

I don't get why people cap for him. He's not a good actor and is barely in anything. How is he still relevant aside from being the token tranny? At least I'm glad they didn't invite Hunter Schafer or that other one from Barbie.

No. 1881846

why is jameela jamil there kek

No. 1881853

i'm sorry but the only good thing to come out of Brazil is bossa nova

No. 1881854

File: 1707423161933.jpg (168.92 KB, 1200x1200, GFvjoGOWMAACOW_.jpg)

some song titles from Ariana's new album, i really hope these are all about the sponge because the mess will be delicious

No. 1881856

She was actually 20 when she did that, not 16. So she was old enough to be well aware of how weird it was.

No. 1881861

>we can't be friends (I can't be around a married man for 5 seconds without wanting to fuck him)

No. 1881864

She was literally in diapers at the same time that he was an established 35-year-old actor filming Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Jesus christ.

No. 1881871

kek exactly

No. 1881877

zayn was "exposed" by a woman he hooked up with. he found a 33 yr old woman on tinder & they hooked up for 9 months.
>they met on tinder, he dm'd her on ig later from his official ig account.
>when he found out shes bi he spent quite awhile nagging her to find a girl to do a threesome with.
>he asked her to specifically look for milfs at her job because he likes "big women"

she shows the texts between her and zayn in the video

No. 1881885

She's right, though. Dramafag here, Hollywood LOVES casting "18 TPY" (To Play Younger), meaning they want to hire 18-20somethings to portray minors without the hassle of hiring underage actresses. Once you're over 25, especially if you don't look younger, it's sort of a wasteland. In your late 20s-30s, there are a few roles for the "hooker with a heart of gold", the "long-suffering wife of the protagonist", "the sad, grieving mother who lost her child", or "single mom". There's really not much for women in their late 20s and on, especially if you're not hugely famous already, until you can play the "wise older woman" or the mother of the adult protagonist characters.
Meanwhile, men can just keep getting older and be the "funny manchild" or shlubby everyman protagonist up to their 50s, all while having hot romantic interests in their 20s (but never over 30!) It's pretty fucked.

No. 1881894

Ugh I feel so bad for Gigi

No. 1881906

She’s hypermobile which has high comorbidity with autism so there is tinfoil that she is autistic and that’s why she’s socially inept

No. 1881911

haven't watched the video but I find it so weird when celebs use apps like tinder

No. 1881978

File: 1707428974770.jpg (173.16 KB, 866x1241, 20240208_224913.jpg)

No. 1881988

I dont like Bobbi but the men in the replies of that post are celebrating and accusing her of being a cheater without any proof.

No. 1881998

Haven't him and gigi been separated?

No. 1881999

This video has no sound at all…

No. 1882006

They have but I was just thinking that it sucks that she has a child with someone like him eugh

No. 1882011


No. 1882023

I wonder what insane lie Jameela told to get included in this photoshoot

No. 1882026

File: 1707431139386.jpg (156.43 KB, 1200x630, unnamed.jpg)

it's funny how a decade ago these two (ariana and minaj) were on top of their game and revered by everyone, only for them to be downward spiralling nowadays. I hope they fall even more, it's time for new and better celebrities to take their place. So far everyone is so boring though, I thought that maybe Billie Eilish would have a secure spot after getting so massive but her team FUCKED IT UP with changing her image and now she feels so disingenuous. There's also Olivia Rodrigo but she still feels small to me somehow. any more guesses on who could take the spot of these two nonny? I guess Megan already won Nicki's spot and Taylor is even bigger than Ariana. Doja Cat is a failure

No. 1882029

>intro (end of the world)
>eternal sunshine
>yes and?
>we can't be friends (wait for your love)
This is 100% going to be about Ethan Slater and also her ex husband kekkkkkkkkkkk.

No. 1882031

File: 1707431482474.jpg (93.1 KB, 750x778, 6e05526ded38c8375b7bb83f243a27…)

has anyone been following the taylor swift private jet drama?

No. 1882036

>celebrity own private jet
Breaking news

No. 1882044

Nta but it's not that she owns it, it's the excessive usage and insane co2 emissions

No. 1882046

Lmao. Only one private jet? Ooh la la, such a regular relatable down to earth soul lmao

No. 1882052

File: 1707432565559.jpg (14.44 KB, 398x479, f2f71012a36acef00c61307c3b34ad…)

> laverne cocks

No. 1882055

That makes it worse somehow

No. 1882101

that's not tinfoil, that's a giant shitty tin brick. There are plenty of non-autistic people with hypermobility. She comes across as spoiled and narcissistic, not autistic

No. 1882133

File: 1707438712571.jpg (13.34 KB, 225x224, images-1.jpg)

It's because someone on twitter is posting information on all the flights she takes just to spend time with her current boyfriend and she's trying to send a cease and desist to that person even though this info is public for a reason, like the plane crashing and people having to be accounted for. Or so I heard.
Pic somewhat related

No. 1882137

She's not autistic, she's just narcissistic and wants to act quirky because she's the most special girl in the world in her own eyes. She even calls herself narcissistic in a song.

No. 1882139

Is it weird that I can't really name anyone whos revered as a total icon or big star? Its hard to describe what 2014 stan culture was like for performers like Nicki, Lana, Ariana, and Gaga unless you were actually online to see it; but all of the current billboard #1 girlies don't receive anywhere near as much acclaim from fans directly as the pop ladies did back then. Like sure olivia rodrigo may sell as much as ariana, but her fanbase is much weaker.

No. 1882141

i think widespread internet acess made pop culture not homogeneous anymore, everyone is vibing in their own bubble/niche

No. 1882142

There were rumors in Brazil that Anitta has AIDS, perhaps that's why he didn't wanna touch her

No. 1882148

Is her fanbase weaker or are you outside of those circles now? Shes for the 12-24 year olds and they seem to like her enough to keep her from fading into irrelevancy. Regardless rodrigo isnt on the level of any of the women you listed. Shes more like today’s Selena Gomez, just less messy. Really most pop artist today cant compare to their predecessors.

No. 1882157

I'm not outside of her bracket I just see less fan accounts, less fan interaction, less pushing hard for streams? Maybe stan culture is just dying down across the board

No. 1882159

I'm not Brazilian but tbh that sounds like something that was made up because of her promiscuity.

No. 1882164

kek this reads like a headline from The Onion

No. 1882171

I thought Casey was hot in that movie where he shoots Brad Pitt in the head too

No. 1882189

It started because she lost a lot of weight and then posted photos laying in a hospital bed without explaining why she was in the hospital

No. 1882198

File: 1707442890731.jpg (297.28 KB, 1080x1350, 426152492_1425343071740819_430…)

Karol G is Billboard's 2024 Woman of the Year

No. 1882199


Apologies for the cringey Tumblr link but holy shit I hate this guy

https://yourfaveisproblematic.tumblr.com/post/45883559709/embed(unintegrated posting, newfaggotry)

No. 1882203

Martin FREEMAN?! The Keebler elf??? Hell nah

>we can't be friends (wait for your love)
Ew. As if she even waited, she snatched that up before the baby she'd its umbilical cord

No. 1882211

>obsessive pattern seeking
>develops and ghosts infatuations at the drop of a hat
>cannot let anything go
>special interest is money
>frozen indefinitely in the past
>unreasonable need to control everything
Wait, Taylor swift is autistic(autism)

No. 1882229

>t. malding moid from twitter(scrotefoiling)

No. 1882233

damn anon you're even more autistic than taylor

No. 1882235

File: 1707447048079.png (904.99 KB, 540x800, IMG_8865.png)

her nose looks like it’s gonna fall off

No. 1882237

One of the worst nosejobs I've ever seen

No. 1882239

I genuinely want to know what happened?? This looks so painful

No. 1882242

i was bored and fell down a rabbithole watching old liv and maddie clips on youtube/twitter and she really was so beautiful. even when i was young teen i noticed her face changing between descendants movies (mostly lots of lip filler) and i could tell it wasn’t gonna age well. it’s such a shame.

No. 1882253

I didn't know there were celebs from Whoville! So cool.

No. 1882255

You've never seen Bjork?

No. 1882256

Ooh that one made you mad huh. Maybe you should put it in a horcruxe. Snap me with an infinity stone. Maybe Gandalf will whisper a better comeback in your ear always.

When you take too much cartilage out this is what you are left with(infighting)

No. 1882264

Who tf is this and why is her nose like that

No. 1882275

This >>1882141 and the music industry isn't that interested in having huge stars anymore. They cost too much money and they have a lot to lose when they flop. With nobody buying physical copies anymore, they want to put as little money in artists as possible and prefer more medium range artists who will keep a consistent following or at least won't lost them much money if they flop. They don't do things like artist development programs anymore, it's up to the artist to go get singing lessons or learn how to dance on their own. That's how we have situations like Summer walker being pushed to perform live shows whilst having crippling anxiety and having no idea of how to put on a show until she finally got some help on her own. There's also no mystery with most of these celebrities, too many are terminally online and overshare too much. We know about their surgeries, when they need to take a shit and how many lines they snort. They aren't the gods that they used to be.

No. 1882289

It’s Pluto moving into Aquarius aka the fall of celebrities and celebrity culture. The ones who will be successful are those who can fix their brand so they aren’t hated by the public (like Megan thee Stallion who is thriving right now because she’s relatable).It also explains a lot of the controversy right now with Taylor Swift and her private jet and the response to criticism. I hope Leo and other sex pests get cancelled for their private jets next.(schizo derailing)

No. 1882292

are you the anon who cheated on her partner and got cheated on as a hobby?(derailing)

No. 1882297

>Pluto moving into Aquarius
Can you please elaborate?

No. 1882300

File: 1707454423180.jpg (252.28 KB, 1564x1564, lets-discuss-dove-cameron-thou…)

she's had at least 3 nose jobs, she's gonna need like an implant now to fix this. and her original nose wasn't bad?

No. 1882303

Her first nosejob made her nose too thin already. These people really stay all day long in front of a phone camera, huh? Cus there is no other explanation on why a girl with a thin nose would think it's a good idea to have more work done. There was a boom of nosejobs everywhere on young women and no way this has nothing to do with stupid selfies. That is probably all they see, not even a good look on the mirror anymore. I just feel like going crazy with all these celebs going MJ nose and people thinking that is normal or a good look until it looks absolutely disgusting then "oh well, it is bad", nah, shit was bad from the start, it looks like a belly button

No. 1882319

bichota win

No. 1882328

i have never heard this womans voice

No. 1882330

fucking ouch

No. 1882337

you don't have to try this hard to prove you're totally not a horse girl who's into everything you've referenced(infighting)

No. 1882348

Pluto has been in aquarius during times when the people redirect their attention to their own desires and needs. Last time pluto was in Aquarius was from 1778 to 1798, during the American revolution, the Irish uprising, and the French revolution, God knows what'll happen this time kek(derailing)

No. 1882366

That's kind of the same thing that happened to fashion models after the supermodel era. They had too much bargaining power so they were replaced with disposable blonde slav teens.

No. 1882446

why is Miley Cyrus dating a SHOTA and not even a cute shota but an ugly one

No. 1882486

He's 24, the fuck are you on about

No. 1882590

I'll probably sound like a hater for saying this and I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and whatnot but I never got the hype about her looks to be honest. She's cute, don't get me wrong but she's not "omg she's so beautiful" to me, especially since she's had so much filler and her nose job is teriible

No. 1882591

I remember thinking she was so naturally pretty when I was a kid, I thought she looked like a doll. She probably could have been more successful now if she hadn’t destroyed her face.

No. 1882593

She originally had a similar vibe as Emily Browning, very pretty doll-like features but still unique and different looking. It’s sad that she removed all the uniqueness from herself. She also made her features look less cute and more sexy which doesn’t fit her.

No. 1882613

My favourite part of this was him saying he grew up in “the ghetto”. You’re from Bradford mate, chill out. </britfag>

No. 1882626

It must feel great as fuck to believe in astrology and assign a false narrative to inevitabilities and pretend you predicted them based off of planets and stars and not that it's literally obvious.

It looks severe and pinched but if she leaves it alone it would probably be fine. Kind of alarming that a lot of young girls use her as a moodboard image or inspo because they consider her surge good.

I am actually very much not. Any more projections, swiftie?(infighting)

No. 1882719

so many famous women get this insane work done and then only ever post photos or videos that ALSO have heavy "beauty" filters on them. it puts me off getting work myself more than anything else does. like it's so obviously never enough

No. 1882769

I shamelessly support this. Generations of regular people have been shamed constantly by the media for decades about EVERYTHING, even just for existing. But each one of their darlings uses more resources in a month, or even week, than one of us will in a lifetime. Just look at the giant unnecessary 2nd and 3rd (or 10th) mansions, stupid cars, designer clothes and shoes bought for one use, etc…

No. 1882814

Same. I hate how the media is trying to portray it as if she is being stalked by some crazy fan. It appeared on the news in my country and the reporters even reacted to the clickbaity title after they watched what it was all about, "oh, but he tracks everyone who has a jet", felt like they were going to add some more commentary but refrained from it, kek
Everyone is sick of celebrities doing stupid shit and then pretending they care about anything.

No. 1882817

Oh god that's bad. Can she even breathe?
Bradford's a shitstain, it might not be the sort of ghetto he wanted to grow up in but it's grim enough to understand why he called it that.

No. 1882836

File: 1707498317557.jpeg (556.9 KB, 656x1998, CAD4C3EF-C132-4E9C-A923-B462DA…)

I’m not really surprised by any of his opinions but he needs to be investigated for slipping drugs in women’s drinks.

No. 1882876

I had no idea he was this gross. I just assumed he was an under the radar modest hedgehog. The drink drugging thing needs to be looked into for fucking sure, but wow. Just wow. Just goes to show yes all moids

No. 1882898

Have anyone seen Breeders? He plays a dad with anger issues who constantly blows up with rage and screams at his kids. I wouldn't be surprised if he's just like his character from the show IRL

No. 1882911

Pretty sure there is a news story about him hitting his child

No. 1882923

Reminds me of Lilly Jean saying that people don't hire white girls anymore because casting directors are too woke.
Victoria Beckham looks unrecognizable. Her face is so botched.
I really don't get the point of putting this all out there. It seems like she wants to show everyone that she was fucking him and gain sympathy for… what? She told him she fucks women, their whole relationship was based on sex so he said "ok let's fuck women together". Where's the exploitation? She was adamantly consenting to this happening. Have some discretion ffs.

No. 1882957

why are you posting tiktokers
the only people i know that actually listen to olivia are adult men 19-21

No. 1882966

File: 1707507471331.png (425.1 KB, 612x412, Untitled.png)

Do any of you know what autism means? Have you ever been around it?
You look stupid as fuck using it over and over again as an insult or to describe someone

lol she can breathe, the surgeries don't help, but the excessive botox gives you "bunny nose", she looks like shes laughing but only her nose muscles can move.(infighting)

No. 1882967

File: 1707507477587.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x2119, IMG_8257.jpeg)

they're still together?

No. 1882971

File: 1707507640317.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2269, IMG_8258.jpeg)

No. 1882973

File: 1707507964303.jpeg (1010.25 KB, 1170x1718, IMG_8259.jpeg)

Can't believe they're making another film for that sinking ship franchise. Can Johnny Depp just die already?

No. 1882975

File: 1707508169640.jpeg (953.66 KB, 1170x1740, IMG_8260.jpeg)

This girls entire family set her up for failure

No. 1882979

How the fuck is this derailing kek it is on the topic of celebrity culture dying?(take it to meta)

No. 1882981

How does an allegation like this even begin? Did she do a photoshoot or ad with her for onlyfans? Makes no fucking sense kind of feels like a rumor she started herself for the purpose of publicity

No. 1882985

File: 1707508552452.jpeg (967.94 KB, 1170x1819, IMG_8261.jpeg)

She did say on her own OF page awhile ago that she wanted to do a "collab" with her daughter…

No. 1882986

File: 1707508708417.gif (705.89 KB, 496x360, 0999.gif)

first king charles, now him. who's next?

No. 1882992

File: 1707509105208.jpeg (974.12 KB, 1060x1384, IMG_5670.jpeg)

There are rumors circulating online about timothee chalamet and Florence Pugh after some pictures of them were posted. A lot of Timothee’s fan girls are shipping them and saying they always hated Kylie Jenner and are rooting for Florence, and some people are arguing that they just seem like close friends

No. 1882995

File: 1707509159067.jpeg (222.25 KB, 521x377, IMG_5675.jpeg)

No. 1883000

another mediocre, non milky post about florence… sigh
they look like friendly coworkers to me.(infighting)

No. 1883001

File: 1707509469358.jpeg (256.75 KB, 770x339, IMG_5679.jpeg)

No. 1883002

A rumor about an affair isn’t non-milk, anon. You don’t have to comment if you don’t think it’s interesting.

No. 1883007

Actors never hug or touch their co-stars at all unless they're fucking apparently. Is Zendaya fucking her too kek

No. 1883009

i hope so

No. 1883010

Sometimes people can see chemistry between people because of their body language, when someone hugs a friend or family member there will be zero chemistry, but when they hug someone they’re attracted to there’s obvious chemistry. When people are in a sexual relationship, people can see the tension between them.

It’s ok if you’re autistic and can’t understand body language, but allow us to discuss these things without butting in and screeching about how you don’t understand human behavior, thank you.(infighting)

No. 1883011

Zendaya looks so beautiful here

No. 1883016

what I never said you can't discuss it? I just disagree with the rumors. People are allowed to disagree.

No. 1883025

Anons, how likely do you think it is that celebrities look at these threads? And which ones would you guess are lurking or posting? It seems like they would have better things to do, but maybe the type of celebrities who google themselves might come across these threads and lurk to see what’s being said about them.

I personally think the attention-seeking ones lurk wherever people talk about them, like I’ve seen celebrities angrily comment on drama videos about them on tiktok, Angelina Jolie got caught defending herself on a burner account, and Robert Pattinson admitted to anonymously posting about himself and samefagging in infights to defend himself, and doja cat referenced something that was said about her on here

No. 1883035

I recall that doja and grimes are confirmed lurkers. I did not follow the threads, but I've read somewhere that manson posted in the threads about him?

No. 1883037

File: 1707511847496.png (19.21 KB, 348x187, exr3JGw.png)

Angie also spent a lot of time shit stirring using her burner kek

No. 1883040

What the fuck, kek

No. 1883051

Lucy Liu!? This faggot needs to shut his mouth. He looks like a mongrel next to her and he dares to call her a dog? Sorry I'm not even a MASSIVE fan of her but reading this scrote say that made me rage kek a shame the link no longer works

No. 1883056

I think its really embarrassing that she has an OF. Went from being a real housewife to being a literal prostitute

No. 1883075

It’s so gross how he treats her like a purse dog, she exists to him for show and decoration. I know she can say no and leave him, I’m not commenting on her at all just how gross and misogynistic Kanye is. She’s always almost naked and he’s always in big baggy clothes and stompy shoes, it also makes him look extremely insecure.

Aww man, why would her or her makeup team highlight it like that, they’re just drawing attention to how strange it looks. They also did a really poor job matching the concealer on her back.

No. 1883109

>It’s so gross how he treats her like a purse dog
This is so true. Even purse dogs probably get treated better tbh. I know Kim is a celebrity so it's different, but even when Kanye was essentially using her as a mannequin she still seemed like a person with her own thing. The new lady just shows up every so often to be humiliated by him and look traumatized.

No. 1883111

>She was adamantly consenting to this happening. Have some discretion ffs.

Yeahhh, I was thinking the same thing. Is it supposed to be some breaking news that he's a fuckboy? What is she exposing here? She kept talking about how she "thought it would be a one-time thing, no big deal" and then she kept DMing him and responding immediately whenever he reached out because he was horny. I hate to take a scrotes' side on this but he was upfront and said he just wanted to fuck. From the messages it looks like he's blunt and cold with her and doesn't seem to be leading her on at all. It sounds like she just wants to share that she fucked a famous person and is bitter that she caught feelings.

No. 1883119

You guys are on crack, 90s Ben Affleck was absolutely fuckable

No. 1883128

In burgerland we're shamed for having a carbon footprint because some of us don't have a choice but to drive our cars to our shitty jobs, and meanwhile Taylor has created more pollution than all of us on this site ever will in our lifetimes combined, just so that she can make an appearance at her boyfriends' football games.

No. 1883130

If I say it I'll get banned but you know who

No. 1883131

File: 1707518463754.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1910, IMG_8281.jpeg)

Did everyone just forget that Usher gave a bunch of people herpes?

No. 1883141

I didn't know lol

No. 1883143

Pretty much everyone in Hollywood has herpes now so it’s probably glossed over

No. 1883146

It's pretty much an open secret, but it always surprises me how much nobody cares. Also recently, Keke Palmer's mother let it slip that he's bisexual and I'm surprised that didn't gain much coverage either.

No. 1883157

No. 1883159

Literal who.

No. 1883184

I’ll take one for the team, nonny. Azealia Banks, and she’s likely a janny too, kek.

No. 1883194

not who I was thinking of, but also her

No. 1883203

One of the biggest pieces of evidence that woman's intuition is a real thing is that we all collectively picked up on Zayn Malik being a shithead at the start and that's why he was always designated as the evil degen ex abusive boyfriend mafia boss in fanfic. We knew.

No. 1883218

Wouldn't that goofy bitch be more at home at LSA?

No. 1883240

This question is asked every few days and anons give the exact same delusional answers.

Is this not just the plot of Maps to the Stars…?

No. 1883242

which ones are delusional?

No. 1883249

She has the same brick face as her father

No. 1883254

Phil Anselmo definetely had sock accounts to defend himself when he was getting called a nazi for doing the nazi salute during a show, and he admitted to reading bad comments about him and bitched about them in interviews. Not sure if he's still considered a "celebrity" though

No. 1883295

i hope he dies a painful death, for all the suffering his stupid ass has caused

No. 1883296

just let it die already

No. 1883299

no you(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1883301

put down the crack pipe johnny

No. 1883309

File: 1707535353108.png (22.86 KB, 588x152, Tpc7B6v.png)

No, Moore is just one of the actors she really doesn't like. Saging because these screenshots are 10 y/o. (1/3)

No. 1883310

File: 1707535571368.png (13.66 KB, 583x102, FdhQ9JS.png)

No. 1883315

File: 1707535946470.png (20.95 KB, 345x199, 969IadY.png)

No. 1883339

File: 1707537474409.png (485.33 KB, 864x1410, 1000020366.png)

Different kind of 'celebrity' but Aaron Sorkin is infamous for doing this. He had several fights on message boards and in his scripts he references the Internet & people who post online as basically the worst people in existence. An ep of the West Wing was devoted to shitting on online forums. It is a direct reference to Sorkin posting in forums about his own shows, since users were criticizing how he writes women and discussing drama about him taking credit away from his writing team. One incident is covered here https://ww-renaissance.livejournal.com/39987.html
Another here: https://bitchkittie.blogspot.com/2006/02/long-back-story-of-aaron-sorkin-west.html (picrel)
This all happened before my time (watched the WW in 2017), but it's kind of fascinating what a dick he is and was. He's still writing so I bet he's still reading and possibly using socks (as he allegedly also did/does).

"Benjamin" was his name on the site, I don't think he revealed himself as Sorkin initially. I chose picrel because of the classic imageboard replies to criticism. He also changed Rick Cleveland's script in a typical scroteboard fashion (here in Rick's own words):
>Even Toby's visit to his brother [was my idea], although I didn't make him retarded – Aaron [Sorkin] did.

No. 1883449

I saw the interview years and years ago and he was very obviously joking. The quote about drugging women though… not sure how that could be excused or contextualized in any way.

No. 1883484

File: 1707547587965.png (90.08 KB, 698x491, Screenshot 2024-02-10 12.46.30…)

Holy shit you're right. It's crazy because I was just talking about him the other day and we agreed he seems scary and angry even without knowing all this stuff. That rape comment is horrifying, I wish the video linked in that post still existed for proof but it's gone now.

No. 1883501

It looked fine in 2013. Why the hell did she keep messing with it?

No. 1883504

>Why did I get redtexted for sperging about woo-woo astrology nonsense in a thread about celebrities? I just don't understand???

No. 1883510

With all of the plastic surgery and filters, I can't even tell which one's supposed to be the daughter.

No. 1883514

This is parasocial behavior. You’re speculating on the chemistry of two people who are complete strangers to you because you've read too far into how they pose for the paparazzi. Not saying it's impossible for them to be having an affair, but without any basis beyond some vague concept of chemistry, this is just you shipping some celebrities kek.

No. 1883518

It's probably not realistic to expect someone as famous as her to get on a regular plane, because she'd get mobbed, but the sheer number of frivolous flights she takes are what blows me away. There's no way these are all for her tour. 200 flights in a year. That's more than a flight every other day. Is she visiting her faggot foobaw boyfriend?

No. 1883520

>Is she visiting her faggot foobaw boyfriend?
Yes >>1880654

No. 1883525

According to this she wasn’t: >>1881160

No. 1883530

These answers contradict each other

No. 1883539

This looks so uncomfortable Holy shit. I feel cold just looking at her. Also this 100% counts as indecent exposure. She's lucky she wasn't arrested and put on a sex offender registry and/or deported.

No. 1883622

I mean to be fair it also has to do with their interviews together and pictures taken of them without their knowledge. Timothee chalamet is known to be a huge whore and fuckboy which is why I had no trouble believing it.

No. 1883659

Interesting, maybe JM played that character as a reference to these posts, that would make it humorous. Her character in that movie perfectly mimics the exact type of person Angelina is talking about. Maybe Angelina was just jealous, JM is a pretty redhead who did a few better movies.

No. 1883662

I'm sure her schizo ass will get one purchased under an LLC or through a firm and only use it privately while using the only one under her name for business only.

No. 1883710

File: 1707573069309.jpeg (950.17 KB, 1063x1187, IMG_5707.jpeg)

Selena Gomez looks exactly like her mom. She said Selena is suffering from mental health issues in this article

No. 1883711

File: 1707573219788.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1607, IMG_5708.jpeg)

Didn’t she have an incestuous relationship with her nephew at one point

No. 1883713

She looks cute(sage)

No. 1883716

File: 1707573579551.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1170x2058, IMG_5710.jpeg)

Madonna stuns in new photos while attending the rock n roll hall of fame fan day

No. 1883717

File: 1707573630137.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1170x1762, IMG_5711.jpeg)

No. 1883718

Selena Gomez is like an untalented, whiny, fat Mexican version of LDR.

No. 1883728

anon, lana del rey is already the untalented, whiny, fat version of lana del rey(non-milk posts in celebricows should be saged)

No. 1883730

I’m sure there’s some sort of work at play here but she will always be a knockout to me. What a stunning woman. No idea re the incest tho kek wtf? That can’t be true… she was one of my first crushes in Bedazzled kek

No. 1883745

I looked it up and saw a lot of things about her and her son having an emotional incest relationship with too much inappropriate closeness, but I don’t see something about her nephew

No. 1883746

No, she is not

No. 1883751

mental illness

No. 1883756

File: 1707577666160.jpg (62.64 KB, 1101x568, 160801.jpg)

Looking like "Tiffany" from White Chicks

No. 1883769

File: 1707579138379.jpeg (300.98 KB, 578x653, IMG_5714.jpeg)

Cillian Murphy started his own production company, called Big Things, and is starring in his first project, a movie called Small Things Like These

> Cillian Murphy, fresh off of the massive global success of Oppenheimer — and as he gets ready to debut Small Things Like These (in which he stars and he produced) as the opening-night gala of the Berlin Film Festival next week — has set his next starring and producing gig with Steve.

>This adaptation of Max Porter’s novel Shy also officially launches Murphy’s production company, Big Things Films, with longtime collaborator Alan Moloney.

> The company will seek material in which Murphy will act, but not exclusively.

>Projects will be designed to provoke, inspire and explore themes that take audiences to places that can sometimes be uncomfortable, but more often reveal core truths about who we are, regardless of genre or format, the partners say.

No. 1883786

I saw this earlier scrolling by and thought it was a new pic of Ariana, wow.

No. 1883800

Js the person you’re replying to isn’t me, I knew I would get banned for it and took it with grace.
I’m not a Lana stan but a big part of Lana’s career rests on the fact that she writes her [questionable] discography and is involved throughout the production of it. She’s an actual artist compared to a former child actor who releases generic pop demos that are pitched around to every pop artist, can’t actually sing a resonant note to save her life, and has little to no involvement in the narrative behind her music. The only thing Selena has going for her is passive aggressive jabs on social media to remind news gossip sites that she exists every now and then, her makeup line, and “acting” gigs. Selena’s not old but she’s better compared to washed up actors atp, unless you mean she just physically reminds you of Lana. Both are massive pickmes though.

No. 1883847

are you trying to segregate gossip sites

No. 1883867

File: 1707586972776.jpg (70.91 KB, 1040x634, 1000009018.jpg)

So despite sending this guy a C&D, apparently flight trackers are noticing the visajet charter flights (both the actual jet and a BACKUP plane on standby) are named "The Football Era" and "Backup Quarterback." They didn't just have mechanics in case she couldn't make it on time, they booked 2 planes. ElonJet guy pointed out it's like they want the stupid flight to be tracked.

No. 1883878

File: 1707587324136.jpg (593.07 KB, 1080x3006, 1000009022.jpg)

Picrel, from Twitter.

No. 1883905

Have chronically online Twittertards and lolcow users ever seen two people from work being friendly with each other? Oh, all the scandalous affairs you might have with people you've been photographed with, kek.

Extremely bleak. She has two other daughters, I hope she leaves them out of this shit.

No. 1883942

>the Football Era
I fucking cannot with this woman topkek

No. 1883946

my fucking sides

No. 1883950

kek she's not gonna marry him, he's just an era for her

No. 1883952

No. 1883963

File: 1707593440789.jpeg (915.02 KB, 1170x1665, IMG_8321.jpeg)

They're still together?

No. 1883983

Taoris going to wait until he wins the superbowl. Then after the superbpwk afterglow goes away,next year she'll do the superbowl and release some retarded sports pun filled drag about Travis because they aren't togeather anymore.

No. 1883986

Can’t wait for the new tracks
~Watching From the Sidelines ~
~ Any Given Sunday~
~Touchdown (You Fumbled My Heart)~
~Keepin’ Score~

No. 1884003

If she does, I hope that Kelce's fans and his team's fans come together to tank her reviews and ratings.

Hail Mary (Hope in the Air)
When Helmuts Collide
Used Jersey for Sale

No. 1884017

oh great, so now he can choose shitty artsy indies even easier kek.
being a fan of his back in the day was such pain before peaky blinders came out, so many duds since he's a less successful Leo only going for "interesting" scripts. mostly interesting duds at least, I have a soft spot for red lights (which tbf, suckered Sigourney Weaver and De Niro into it too and would be amazing if it didn't fuck the landing)
There was this meme going around tumblr of aunt polly slapping him for all his shit movies years ago, his own production company is only going to make that worse. even if he has access to more hollywood scripts i feel he's going to reject them in favour of his typical fare. which would be fair if he could identify if a script might be unique for all the wrong reasons a bit better
this is so funny. unironically calling your bfs eras is peak comedy

No. 1884021

File: 1707598063691.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1931, IMG_2145.jpeg)

1. Good for her for making new music
2. That makeup and the brown lips, nooooo

No. 1884026

“Someone check on Aunt Madge, she’s posting weird shit on Facebook again”

No. 1884032

I thoought this was Khloe scrolling down

No. 1884087

File: 1707601863394.jpeg (599.22 KB, 1728x1504, EDCA3D3B-951F-4CFE-8FF2-5A6F65…)

M.I.A. had a child with a member of the billionaire Bronfman family(they own Seagram’s alcohol, have been in charge of Warner Music Group before , and have ties to the NXIVM cult) and she is accusing the Bronfman’s of paying Jay Z to blackball her and ruin her career. She is also accusing the family of keeping her son from her.

No. 1884103

>Projects will be designed to provoke, inspire and explore themes that take audiences to places that can sometimes be uncomfortable, but more often reveal core truths about who we are, regardless of genre or format, the partners say.
why does this read like they will push indie films about troonery and pedophilia

No. 1884105

Thats already what he does kek

No. 1884108

File: 1707603017997.jpeg (170.31 KB, 1080x1616, IMG_9598.jpeg)

halle and dvd will be the next keke and idek what her baby daddy’s name is. the pure fucking delusion of this he better not ever dare to abandon his child

No. 1884118

I feel so bad for her. She’s gotten nothing but shit from these shady as fuck Hollywood types and since her music never got as big as others at the time she was considered to have “fallen off” but nearly everything she’s ever made is on YouTube, and she still is making music. I hope people rally for her the same way they did for Kesha

No. 1884140

I really don't wanna be accused of racebaiting, but this seems like a trend with black female entertainers who end up with black moids.

No. 1884142

i don't think so, she has gone on several very unhinged anti vax rants on twitter. it seems like she has a severe personality disorder that she doesn't get help for. and as far as i know her situation is quite different from kesha's.

what on earth does she see in him.

No. 1884181

bruh why this twink sloan said in his new video yesterday that Timothee is over? yet I can find no news article about this
apparently Kylie gives Timothee some crazy rules to live by if he wants to be in her life, like having the password to all his acccounts and sharing his location at all times, cutting off contact with female friends(uintegrated posting style, no caps to back up claims)

No. 1884182

File: 1707606522276.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1979, IMG_8337.jpeg)


No. 1884195

this makes me want to a-log, when is she going to get rid of this stupid moid?

No. 1884200

why is he on tinder? even as just a regular person like myself it feels weird to make a tinder. you're telling me he cannot find ANYONE else to fuck? he's like the only good looking 1D member

No. 1884202

Is he still weirdly living in rural Pennsylvania? That might explain it. Didn’t he get into a fight outside a bar with someone rando a few years ago? He’s just really classless all around.

No. 1884206

Are you sure it's real though? Like it sounds fake.

No. 1884209

File: 1707608385167.jpeg (159.12 KB, 1225x1613, IMG_0368.jpeg)

These are all album covers
I see she’s taking inspiration from Lana, she’s never released so many covers like this
Anyway, this photo shoot is trash

No. 1884212

lower right one.. I kinda like it. It looks like someone finally slapped her.
Imagine having all the budget in the world for a shoot and then you come up with these "clothes". At least someone finally drew some eyebrows on her.

No. 1884214

The red makes it look like she's bleeding. Terrible lighting terrible hair terrible makeup and terrible outfits

The woman has brought out a ton of proof and it's not the first instance of a celebrity using a mainstream dating site and being caught doing so.

No. 1884224

File: 1707609207899.jpeg (404.65 KB, 871x2067, B5256D34-F5F8-41D6-BE7E-6DE7D7…)

She’s accusing the father’s new girlfriend Aurora James of pretending to be her son’s mom in order to vaccinate him. But in 2020, she said the boy was vaccinated for school in America and she was angry her choice was taken away as a mother. Maybe she couldn’t tell the full story at the time about his vaccination or she’s changing her story idk. Aurora James is close friends with Solange and Beyoncé, so M.I.A. is accusing them of being in on the scheme to keep her son from her.

No. 1884227

Bitch got them sanpaku eyes

No. 1884238

Please stay on twitter and ffs learn what the slang you’re using means. Sloan is not a twink or a reliable source, why would you listen with no receipts

No. 1884243

What is it with lazy album covers lmao. First Lana with her picsart, Taylor and low-effort polaroids, Madison with shitty Pinterest filter, Nicki and AI. They don't release high quality music anyway, so they can at least deliver some visuals.

No. 1884245

So if she acknowledges that he had to be vaccinated to attend school, why is she blaming Jay-Z/Solange/Beyonce? She sounds a little not all there in all honesty.

No. 1884249

File: 1707612029588.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.83 KB, 1080x1350, 1000002677.jpg)

I'm sorry but Madonna is so weird. Reminds me of those really gross pictures she posted over her under that bed.

No. 1884250

Celebrities don't lurk here. I hate to burst tinfoil bubbles, but lolcow farm is not known as a celebrity gossip site or even a particularly well known site at all. Doja and Grimes are an exception because they're both NLOG larpers who think this is girl 4chan because it's an imageboard. More popular sites that are actually known for celeb gossip is where celebrities are lurking- lanaboards, that kpop fag forum, lipstick alley, etc.

No. 1884251

Are there many good examples of actors who become producers so they can star in their own movies…? It's just so narcissistic kek I can't think of many genuinely good examples.

No. 1884252

Called it. She's a psycho.

No. 1884253

I can't decide if this is a bigger insult to Ariana or Madonna, kek nonnie

No. 1884256

Keepin Score is going to be a resentful Look What You Made Me Do track for sure.

This temu grandma dress. Reminds me of the garish red aesthetics and scaffolding Pretty Little Liars Opening filter they put over Kylie Minogues last video. Please somebody save the girls they're too good for this.

No. 1884257

I believe her. FREE M.I.A.

No. 1884261

Is this sexy diaper baby psychosis a result of her turning 30 last year? That's so cringe. Life doesn't end after your 20s. She looked fine a couple years before, and now in her getting older meltown she has aged herself much more than her actual age.

No. 1884262

Is she running out of money? Surely not. Is this supposed to be a PR thing, trying to look humble? Incoming PJ Harvey skinwalk

No. 1884264

Hilarious because that's the stupidest photo in the bunch. These look like photos you'd take with self timer for MySpace. Everything has become so low effort. No one tries anymore.

No. 1884266

>men care more about things they don't participate in at best and actively disrupt at worst
Cool story

No. 1884269

File: 1707613093606.jpg (55.98 KB, 381x615, evan-winiker-and-shirley-halpe…)

Lots of celebrities use dating apps, I thought there was an exclusive celebrity dating app, why isn't he using that?
Isn't that how Lana found her last two fiancees? Whatever happened to this Evan Winiker guy? News reported that they were engaged and then we never saw or heard about him again

No. 1884270

Isn't Nicholas Cage exactly that?

No. 1884271

File: 1707613152415.jpeg (173.12 KB, 1290x1464, 683D5515-5E81-47D4-8032-B39383…)

No. 1884274

She sounds a lot like my schizophrenic dad who loves to scream at the clouds.
Then why didn’t you fly to Brooklyn and get an abortion lmfao? You could absolutely afford it back then

No. 1884275

>200 flights in a year. That's more than a flight every other day.

According to statistics private flights have a much higher risk of accidents than commercial ones and are much more dangerous. This bitch is lucky her private jet didn't fall off yet like it happened to Kobe Bryant or Aaliyah

No. 1884276

What do the Carters have to do with this? Is she senile? If anything she’s making herself look worse publicly and now she’s just going to have a harder time regaining custody of him.

No. 1884278

Maybe she’s flying the plane herself and that’s why she’s never crashed. Lana flies her own planes!

No. 1884288

i thought a twink meant a gay man?

the middle two that show off the white outfit the most are the worst, is she for real with the baby outfit??

No. 1884289

Everything she does is so calculated. Imo, Taylor Swift is the celebrity who sucks the most at appearing genuine. I finally saw her acceptance speech for the last Grammy's and there's a part where she goes "this is my 13th Grammy and 13 is my lucky number…I don't know if you guys knew that". Yes Taylor, you've made it very known that 13 is your favorite number. It just gave me the feeling she was trying to be…coy? For that "relatable" thing her audience likes.

I've also been thinking a lot about her fake feminism. Her fans are already trying to spin the criticism towards her excessive jet use as misogyny, and it just disgusts me how they and Taylor just deflect all criticism with "that's misogynistic!" as if she's the only woman on the world. Taylor doesn't even care about misogyny when it affects other women. Kayla Nicole (Travis's ex) and Beyonce both received unwarranted hate from her fanbase, and I'm sure Olivia Rodrigo must have too. Taylor never spoke up for those women at all, but people are expected to care because she's getting called out for taking 13 minute jet flights? No way.

No. 1884291

God shes annoying. I dont care if I sound like a misogynist for saying that shes obnoxious and boring. The way she childishly dragged lana on stage even though you could see she didn't want to join her

No. 1884294

Are you the same retarded hoe that thought faghag meant a gay man too? God I hate some of you soo much

No. 1884295

She's the fakest of fake and everyone is bored with it. She thrives off of attention yet tries to do the "look at me dont look at me" thing that narcs love. I'm glad most people are growing fatigued of her because im sick of seeing her everywhere. She's annoying as shit and so are her shit for brains fans.

No. 1884297

>this is my 13th Grammy and 13 is my lucky number
>taking 13 minute jet flights

No. 1884301

A twink is a type of gay, like bears and shit.

No. 1884302

File: 1707615870042.png (6.26 KB, 572x341, GGALBgZWgAA4K2R.png)

> yet tries to do the "look at me dont look at me" thing that narcs love
NTAYRT, but I fucking hate it. The flight tracking drama is especially funny, albeit autistic, since all this "fear and trauma" bullshit is so fake. Why NAME your charter crew(s), put a gigantic target on another company's business jet (since she's not using her own for ocean-hopping), and then still land, windows all closed and pulling straight into a hangar to de-plane without people seeing? One second she likes attention, next she hates it and is throwing around legal notices. I get not wanting a camera on you 24/7, but she handles everything like a teenager, if it isn't her publicist doing it.
>pic semi-related, crew chatter ElonJet insinuated was making fun of "The Football Era" name
Everyone's so sick of it.

No. 1884305

I firmly believe that this is a way to joke about her flights/suing that student. Her PR team works over time, and if they can make this a joke it will blow over.

No. 1884317

she said good examples

No. 1884324

File: 1707618148580.jpg (78.01 KB, 1280x720, oh oh oh.jpg)

No. 1884327

She looks 10x better as a plastic surgery grandma than she did scarily pregnant and the size of manhattan

No. 1884329

File: 1707618613506.jpeg (505.27 KB, 1170x2517, IMG_2172.jpeg)

She’s such a pickme. Also let’s not forget she worked with Woody Allen not once, but twice

No. 1884343

Isn't it the movie where her character has sex in front of children? Jeez I wonder why it's getting criticized

No. 1884352

She got her big break because of Jay-Z signing her to rocnation. She started losing her mind shortly after giving birth to that Lehman bros heirs kid. She's a big Trump supporter/anti vaxer/ right wing conspiracy theorist now.

No. 1884375

>when you hate a baby so much that you become the baby

No. 1884399

It's pretty common

No. 1884432

Leonardo FatCrappio is a producer and has his own production company

No. 1884451

>"aww how old is little ari?"
>"she's 360 months and her bf is 372, he's growing into quite the heartbreaker"

No. 1884468

she lost the plot long time ago, between having an ED, dating spongebob and looking like raw chicken with this hair color, this is the least insane thing she has done lately. sucks she can't find her identity anymore she's 30yo because her whole persona was being a jailbait nymph uwu so frail.

No. 1884477

Not really true, don't get me wrong she is spiralling now but some of you are forgetting that her trying to be nymphette was only during a short era in her career, the majority of the time she was just trying to look like a rnb lightskin insta "baddie" black woman, the only thing was that her body was skinny. Her whole obsession was with being a urban racially ambiguous woman so i don't know where people are pulling out these accusations out of their ass.

The only time she was obssesed with being uwu frail nymph was during the first two years of her career and now when she is spiralling.

No. 1884487

I dunno, the Obama girls have taken normal flights before. Every other day? Sounds like might family or friends using the jet.

No. 1884491

samefag. Ignore what I wrote. Just read the comment about 13 minute flights. Wow, she is retarded.

No. 1884550

she's a pickme and the age gap fantasy is gross but how is this even remotely related to the incest accusations from coombrained retards? do you think that all the women dating older men are into their older relatives? are women dating younger men into their younger relatives as well?

No. 1884559

Did Beyonce say anything when Kanye had his coom induced chimpouts towards Taylor?

No. 1884566

Margot Robbie’s production company made the Barbie movie, so as a producer she essentially cast herself. And apparently she reiterated “And that doesn’t mean I have to play Barbie or anything-“ but I mean, come on, kek

No. 1884586

>leonardo FatCrappio
Kek nonna the way I laughed like an obnoxious child

No. 1884590

Did you purposefully miss the point and only name one of the multiple women I mentioned cause you're hoping this will turn into an infight, or what? I don't think Beyonce even associates with Kanye anymore but even if you count Beyonce out, there's still two other women (that I know of) who haven't done anything to Taylor.

No. 1884612

Partly culture, rebelling against suburban parents, part humiliation ritual

No. 1884616

>the sweetest romantic comedy
Even fans of the movie don’t think that, ew. Fans like that it’s weird and disturbing, and usually like the pedophilia/incest aspect, they don’t think it’s a sweet romance

No. 1884620

I think a lot of them become producers of projects they’re cast in so they have more creative control and can’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do. And they get paid more that way. I don’t remember hearing another celebrity say that they started their own company so they can star in the projects themselves, that just sounds narcissistic.

It absolutely will, he publicly praised poor things multiple times. I’m sure he’ll want to make films with themes about pedophilia, incest and rape, and he’ll of course star in them all.

No. 1884622

>I don’t remember hearing another celebrity say that they started their own company so they can star in the projects themselves
Of course they never say it out loud, but in many cases that really is indeed what they mean by
>have more creative control

No. 1884624

Everyone just ignore the bait here please

No. 1884627

I didn’t know that, that makes me like her less. There was a discussion about her in a thread in /g/ where anons were saying she seems like she has ASPD or NPD, partly because her expressions and mannerisms seem very fake and contrived to the point where it’s unsettling, like how people with those disorders can seem like they’re ’pretending to be human’. The Barbie movie was originally going to be very different with a completely different cast so if Margot had a hand in changing everything then that does make her seem kind of narcissistic

No. 1884645

mentally ill post

No. 1884653

>while acting like a 13 year old popular girl

No. 1884656

Reminds me of the pics a wedding photographer or artsy insta model will take in her garage for her instagram AND THATS IT. Wouldn’t put these in a portfolio they’re so boring. Why does she think she is interesting looking enough to slap a boring outfit on and call it a day?

No. 1884676

Idk I think it would have the opposite effect. Everyone is genuinely tired of her except for her fans, even other celebs clearly don't like her much and can tell everything she does is fake. I'm assuming she was drunk but she was so obnoxious and trying to make everything about her to snag a headline for everything. Not that I like Jack Antonoff but she couldn't even let him have a Grammy win announcement without trying to insert herself. I find it so funny that the kind of people who try to keep such a careful mask over their public persona fame-wise are the most annoying people alive underneath.

No. 1884680

Yeah but im asking for actually talented people who do it. Cage isnt bad but he isnt exactly a good example anymore. They never move on to create good projects, they just push pretentious drivel that only piques the interest of other people desperate to get acting gigs.

No. 1884695

She actually did, when it her turn to give a speech she instead mentioned Taylor and brought Taylor on stage to give a speech and they hugged. So what was the point of your post? Let me guess you are a underage swiftie.

No. 1884697

I remember people always asking in the past how could Taylor be friends with Selena who is a alchoholic and a druggie.
But now watching her be a drunk mess in multiple award shows i think our question is finally answered. Taylor is probably a alchoholic just like Selena but the difference is that she hides her alchoholism better or is more of a high-functioning alcoholic compared to Selena who looks like she is having a hangover every single day.

No. 1884699

I've actually seen twitter stans already say this, that Taylor is clearly crazier than Selena. It really is the most mediocre personalities being crafted into a persona much bigger and better than the sliver of their real selves. They are brands, afterall, what you see isn't the sum of an actual person but a multitude of people on a team trying to create a person for young girls to admire. Same with Ariana and all of them. This is why beyonce is considered seperate–she's the only one who isn't trying to talk to people. It really does take a very um large dose of narcissism to want to chase celebrity status.

No. 1884852

File: 1707670452631.jpg (32.41 KB, 501x423, 1000002683.jpg)

Noo run Ariana run its going to get you its right behind you

No. 1884853

File: 1707670552882.jpg (236.62 KB, 1080x1080, 1000002684.jpg)

Her bonespo-ing is so hilarious. Yes girl we see them! Damn.

No. 1884859

He's 60 dating someone old enough to be his child? I hate that men do this so often. and fuck the women who enable them.

No. 1884861

Zendaya is so gorgeous. She mogs them both so hard.

omg, stop making pirates movies. I thought there were like 6 movies out? Are they not done?

Good. piece of shit.

No. 1884872

>Isn't it the movie where her character has sex in front of children? Jeez I wonder why it's getting criticized
I still don't know how this was legally allowed. like jfc.. That's beyond disgusting

No. 1884878

File: 1707671714563.webm (3.31 MB, 1080x1920, 1707587798201789.webm)

Kanye is fat and soon he will have bigger tits than his wife.

No. 1884892


>Projects will be designed to provoke, inspire and explore themes that take audiences to places that can sometimes be uncomfortable>

Yawn, that is literally every theatre group/record label/theatre group ever that was started by a quirky rising star.

No. 1884898

We were talking about how narcissistic it is for people in the industry to become producers just so they can cast themselves though, and look at Jake Gyllanhall ruining a movie he was in simply because being a producer gave him creative control.

I was just saying that if she was behind the entire Barbie project changing in every way just so she could be the lead, then I believe the people saying she seems like a narcissist

No. 1884901

Margot Robbie is an actress. Acting is her job. In a climate where women are ostracized and under a microscope for every single thing they do, of course she's trying to conduct herself robotically. Still a completely mentally ill take for you to latch to.

No. 1884903

It’s interesting that Cillian Murphy would name his company ‘Big Things’ when he’s 5’5 with a dicklet.

He’s allegedly referenced watching his tiktok thirst traps that his zoomer fans make, and I’ve seen videos posted of him on here making eyes at his zoomer fans so tbh I’m pretty sure he started this production company because he knows his fan girls will flock to the casting couch. He spent enough time servicing exectutives and producers in the industry, and now he wants to be the one abusing young people who are desperate for fame

No. 1884908

Christ, there are kids right there. How long til she gets arrested for public indecency.

No. 1884910

>and I’ve seen videos posted of him on here making eyes at his zoomer fans
Where were they posted anon? That's quite the claim

No. 1884912

Jeez. Anon, there are many, many actresses. They don’t all seem like narcissistic/antisocial/austistic people who have to mimic normal humans in order to not seem like a creepy blank robot, but Margot does.

No. 1884916

Just the age old overcompensation. Less rich or famous dicklet manlets just buy huge trucks instead.

No. 1884917

A few were posted in /g/, either the attractive men or unconventional attractions thread. And in one of the past celebricows threads anons were talking about him hooking up with fans and said the fans posted proof online but I didn’t look into it

No. 1884922

How does she get away with dressing like that in public. I remember there was one where she was also holding a pillow while walking naked and i think the pillow was the only thing covering her up. Im confused on how they are getting away with public indecency.

No. 1884924

Anon lol she just has a weird smile thats it. Just because her harley character was aspd doesnt mean she is.

No. 1884928

Her smile is beautiful, I’m talking about her expressions and mannerisms. My mom has ASPD, I know how they act.

No. 1884933

You are mentally ill.(infighting)

No. 1884936

File: 1707675819005.jpg (246.34 KB, 1170x1735, 1000002686.jpg)

I'm going to be 90 years old saying "aaliyah was murdered" like that sure grandma meme

No. 1884939

Is your mom diagnosed?

No. 1884949

File: 1707677759270.jpg (55.17 KB, 655x857, 1000002689.jpg)

Incels make memes defending Henry Cavill? He's not gonna fuck you bro

No. 1884954


Whatever anon, I’m not the only one who sees it. She’s also one of my favorite current actresses, I’m not trying to insult her.

No. 1884956

File: 1707678252053.jpeg (877.79 KB, 1064x1149, IMG_5749.jpeg)

Don Murray died, at 94 years old

No. 1884961

I'm still not sure why we should be surprised celebrities get fucked up at award shows. News flash: most of them are drunk and on cocaine. Some just hide it better than others. Taylor needed a line or two to settle her drunk antics down kek

No. 1884965

File: 1707679098914.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1037x1572, IMG_5757.jpeg)

Some photos from New York fashion week

No. 1884966

File: 1707679171999.jpeg (756.11 KB, 836x1307, IMG_5759.jpeg)

Romee Strijd

No. 1884967

File: 1707679234183.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1050x1597, IMG_5758.jpeg)

Jessica chastain

No. 1884969

File: 1707679308982.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1047x1582, IMG_5755.jpeg)

Diane Kruger

No. 1884971

File: 1707679362645.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1046x1588, IMG_5753.jpeg)

Alicia silverstone

No. 1884972

File: 1707679400797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.72 KB, 300x300, 7D308E08-2596-43FE-AB9F-389884…)

Kanye’s new album cover

No. 1884973

File: 1707679418371.jpeg (784.39 KB, 835x1111, IMG_5761.jpeg)

Liz Gillies

No. 1884974

How grotesque

No. 1884975

File: 1707679497195.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1046x1593, IMG_5754.jpeg)

Hunter Schafer

No. 1884976

File: 1707679552123.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1039x1473, IMG_5751.jpeg)

Nicki Hilton Rothschild

No. 1884978

File: 1707679600778.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1056x1586, IMG_5752.jpeg)

Emily Ratajkowski

No. 1884979

ntayrt but all celebrities are narcissistic by default even if they don't seem like it on the surface (they usually show their true colors eventually). they kind of have to be in order to do and enjoy a job like this in the first place.

No. 1884980

File: 1707679654290.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1025x1545, IMG_5750.jpeg)


No. 1884981

File: 1707679656477.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1079x1735, Screenshot_20240211-191717.jpg)

Kim Petras reveals the tracklist of his new album

No. 1884983

File: 1707679745246.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1042x1569, IMG_5764.jpeg)

Page DeSorbo

No. 1884984

File: 1707679777251.jpeg (934.3 KB, 1046x1353, IMG_5756.jpeg)

Iris Law

No. 1884988

File: 1707679856192.jpeg (717.69 KB, 840x1304, IMG_5763.jpeg)

Maddie Ziegler

No. 1884989

ew why are mtfs always so porn brained

No. 1884990

Does he have no personality or shtick other than being "slutty"? Is he overcompensating for being chemically castrated as a child and then literally surgically castrated at 16?

No. 1884991

File: 1707679899635.jpeg (1014.53 KB, 984x1399, IMG_5765.jpeg)

Amelia Gray Hamlin

No. 1884992

File: 1707679944061.jpeg (841.01 KB, 846x1314, IMG_5760.jpeg)

Lila Moss

No. 1884993

Remember Kanye’s christian larp and ‘jesus is king’?

No. 1884995

File: 1707680022273.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1037x1322, IMG_5766.jpeg)

Julia Fox

No. 1884997

the way she's walking on the grate in heels is triggering me

No. 1884998

I think she was murdered by camel faced Jay Z because Aaliyah chose producer Dame Dash over J.

No. 1884999

File: 1707680063285.jpeg (783.95 KB, 865x1128, IMG_5767.jpeg)

Quinta Brunson

No. 1885001

File: 1707680139008.jpeg (997.11 KB, 1007x1337, IMG_5768.jpeg)

Ayo Edebiri

No. 1885005

I can't stand this dizzy moid

No. 1885006

File: 1707680211123.jpeg (501.7 KB, 830x1134, IMG_5769.jpeg)

Stephanie Hsu

No. 1885008

File: 1707680278353.jpeg (542.53 KB, 873x1130, IMG_5771.jpeg)

Zooey deschanel

No. 1885011

File: 1707680425085.jpeg (987.64 KB, 862x1127, IMG_5775.jpeg)


No. 1885012

File: 1707680452752.jpeg (377.63 KB, 845x1133, IMG_5770.jpeg)

Ice spice

No. 1885014

File: 1707680494194.jpeg (602.06 KB, 862x1117, IMG_5776.jpeg)

Suki Waterhouse

No. 1885015

File: 1707680528470.jpeg (377.39 KB, 808x1113, IMG_5777.jpeg)

Jumpscare Dylan mulvaney

No. 1885016

he's their biggest representation. Has a bunch of money and only goes after 19 year olds

No. 1885017

her face really is unfortunate lmao

No. 1885018

File: 1707680560501.jpeg (469.37 KB, 833x1122, IMG_5773.jpeg)

Haley Williams

No. 1885019

He's never had sex no matter how hard he is trying to convince us.

No. 1885020

File: 1707680595741.jpeg (616.51 KB, 895x1128, IMG_5772.jpeg)


No. 1885022

File: 1707680661316.jpeg (585.67 KB, 754x1111, IMG_5774.jpeg)

Ana Sophia Robb

No. 1885023

what the fuck is wrong with her chin kek

No. 1885024

natasha lyonne i love you

No. 1885028

God right she is my ideal older woman GF. I’m obsessed with the style she’s been dressing the last couple years, she looks like a rich rebellious aunt. Her hair is perfect for her it just suits her entire vibe, and I love black and gold on a redhead of her current shade in particular. She looks so luxe but also somehow laid back too even tho the overall fit is also pretty glam.

No. 1885029

If they are going to spend time idolising him the VERY LEAST they could follow him into the fucking gym.
Kek, i hope this is the year of ass cancer, i'd literally go into a prostate cancer research lab and sabotage them just to keep this trend going.
I always thought she was so gorgeous in 2013, i think just having lip filler by itself elevated her look. But of course she insists on having the dark and mysterious baddie look instead of playing to her strengths and she has to have some serious body dysmorphia fighting to have a look she doesn't naturally possess. She practically the disney version of lil kim.
Deeply unlikely except the two obvious ones such as Doja and Grimes,. I feel like if Azealia Bank knew of us, she would directly address us via instagram. I do think some would probably enjoy being here and would spill tons a milk thanks to the anonymity, or throw false flags to fuck with us. I do wish that one would do that one day, kek. But they would more than likely just directly address people on twitter if they were that messy.

No. 1885031

She's disgusting. She knows exactly what she's doing. She's one small breeze away from having a nip slip. And it's gross to see a small child there as well. Kanye and his brainless thot should both be investigated.

No. 1885034

She was 100 percent murdered. As a kid old enough to remember when her plane crashed, I didnt know all the details then, but it still got me. Seeing all the details years later is suspicious. Why would they slip her a sedative and carry her on board? She was following her gut feeling and was forced onto the plane against her will. It's so awful

No. 1885035

wasnt she heavily pregnant

No. 1885037

jfc, his ed is gonna kill him and i'm gonna laugh so hard. He's so gross

No. 1885041

>Kek, i hope this is the year of ass cancer, i'd literally go into a prostate cancer research lab and sabotage them just to keep this trend going.

Legit. I have no feelings about prostrate cancer since only moids can get it. Bring on the ass cancer for all rich celeb moids

No. 1885052

File: 1707682491545.png (363.4 KB, 544x772, C251F281-7FCC-4A93-B909-C21F8C…)

No. 1885053

Yeah I was confused about that too

No. 1885055

She looks great. She seems really funny and likeable in interviews

No. 1885061

Halley Williams is a coquette now?
She really does look downsy in some pictures
That purple color looks beautiful on her
Did she have buccal fat removal or is she on ozempic

No. 1885066

This is a joke right? Sounds like a gay man's bookmarks

No. 1885073

All this reddit schizoposting diagnosing Margot or Taylor with psychopathy for being "fake" is giving me Amber Heard flashbacks. You hoes really are getting played by angry incels lmfao

No. 1885074

its really gross how he's so anorexic that you can see the blood pooling in his legs from lack of circulation

No. 1885076

I like how in their fantasies there's always an imaginary hot woman giving a shit about them playing video games top kek

No. 1885078

I never noticed how big her head is compared to her body

No. 1885081

Clownvill can't please an adult woman with his babyhands, which is why he goes for teenagers. This man is not the flex incels think he is.

No. 1885083

I support Amber Heard and I like her. I think Margot is an incredibly talented actress (and in a past thread I said I wished she had played Furiosa instead of ATJ because she would have been perfect for the role) but she acts similarly to ASPD or austistic people. I’ve seen other people echo that statement, here and on other websites. It’s not something to get upset over.(derailing)

No. 1885084

"Gee Golly, Look How Straight I Am!" the album

No. 1885086

File: 1707684208870.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1069x1241, IMG_5779.jpeg)

No. 1885091

Someone said RDJ acts like the sidechick being taken on her first public outing with him and it is accurate

No. 1885097

It is because you are collectively crazy and parroting eachother.

No. 1885098

>I feel like if Azealia Bank knew of us, she would directly address us via instagram.
idk, I'm like 99% sure she knows LSA and many people there thinks she has an account, but she never mentioned it, at least not all that much. If she's a lurker here we're all anons and many of us have very different opinions on her so I wonder what she would say about lc. If she's a farmer (I doubt it but let's imagine that's the case) I think she would be smart enough to not mention it, unlike Doja thinking nobody would know what lc is by giving a shitty description that was somehow still not vague enough. iirc she said it was a mix between LSA and 4chan.

No. 1885102

This lame ass site would not even be a blip on this woman's radar and any anon who thinks otherwise is flattering themselves

No. 1885103

Damn, I didn't know they drugged her. I thought she took the sedative on her own. Everyone in her entourage that knew about that was a piece of shit and responsible for her death.

You've got me thinking: They've always made the general statement that she was anxious flying, but this is the only example to corroborate that. You think she'd be just as nervous flying to that island or for shows and performances, but there doesn't seem to have been a history of it. You're right, this was her gut instinct telling her there's something wrong with that flight.

No. 1885105

is all this constant gay behavior between the two of them in the last two months some attempt at being "quirky" or is RDJ going to come out? like what is going on

No. 1885109

I think she's terminally online enough to potentially know about lc at some point but I don't expect her to actually care or post here. I think it's safe to assume she doesn't know lc but if it turns out she decides to reference it to bitch about online celebrity gossip or whatever I wouldn't be surprised either. Regardless, she would never talk about it on instagram because she spends 99.999% of her time there complaining and we have too many anons who love her for her to really complain. She loves complaining about specific people, entire countries or Aer Lingus, so I'd bet on her being on LSA instead and revealing vague stuff there on anon.

No. 1885110

>RDJ going to come out?
He already came out as bisexual or bicurious long ago, then a few years later was like "omg it was just a phase you guys I'm straight actually" once he got married to his current wife and at that point nothing would surprise me anymore about him.

No. 1885116

File: 1707685551763.jpg (215.16 KB, 1340x965, 1000002690.jpg)

Oh to step inside the inner workings of JBs mind

No. 1885117

She was the producer and has a production company to get scripts into production. She said she had to fight hard for barbie because none of the studios could see it appealing outside of female demographics. I don't think she made a production company solely to cast herself as barbie.

No. 1885121


the longer i look at RDJ's hands and face the more it looks like he is photoshopped in somehow

No. 1885123

thought that this was halsey for second

No. 1885127

Taylor has been considered fake since before the word incel was popular. It's not misogynistic to say she has fake PR relationships, has a massive PR team behind her that tries to bury any negative story such as a fan dying inside her concert because they closed the roof so people couldn't pap the stage. Taylor loves manipulating air quality to the demise of others. Who's got the photo of the famous satanist Taylor looks like? She's killing people for Satan again!

Also I suspect all celebrities that are frequent fliers on private jets as potential drug traffickers. I bet there's a lot of cunts in Hollywood very interested in that side of things.

No. 1885129

he’s probably crying internally

No. 1885133

>shes killing people for satan
go and take your meds grandma let's get you to bed

No. 1885137

Not even that anon but its a popular joke about how she resembles Zeena. You should take your meds and take that stick out of your ass

No. 1885148

File: 1707687565398.jpeg (59.87 KB, 667x1000, IMG_2249.jpeg)

Ok this is super off topic because Zeena isn’t the milkiest lady in the world but I’ve always found the whole church of Satan LARP to be so obnoxious. Being goth is one thing and totally fine but actually preaching death and destruction is kind of annoying. She’s so sexy though idk why Anton didn’t put her into child acting or modeling or something because I’d love to see her in a movie(derailing)

No. 1885154

File: 1707687784237.png (543.69 KB, 443x666, 1707668318395.png)

Ice spice at some sports event,she looks like a escort. I guess she's actually using her real hair for her curly fro now. I hate her style, it's either Shayna belly skirts and big ass boots/bratz kids type outfits. Now she's back to the fashion nova cheap ig girl outfits.

No. 1885157

I assume because theres a big chance he doesn't have a sex drive (i believe a nona posted he said something like that) but he's also a gay moid, he's just constantly thinking about sex, sexualizin himself and also thinking being a woman equals sex, that it IS his personality.
Does he even have a boyfriend? Does he even hint at any kind of relationship?

No. 1885158

All female rappers/musicians/actresses are escorts/prostitutes. Fucking = ‘sure you can be in my movie!’ or ‘yeah i’ll sign you to my label!’

No. 1885164

This is Kanye's coming out party ablum, be prepared for song titles such as-
>My chick got a dick bigger than me
>They say I'm gay and happy, nigga I'm just gay!
>She naked, he Naked, Ye naked
>Straight Man
>The Gayest Rapper alive
>Yall Not hearing me (Ye Pride Version)

No. 1885165

Most sane Taylor seether

No. 1885172

File: 1707688305904.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1698, IMG_8369.jpeg)

My queen

No. 1885176


No. 1885177

All the attention starved parasites parading around as naked as they can legally get are literally so tiring. I feel like I've aged 30 years watching the last week of red carpet awards outfits get posted. You're not special for getting naked and going out you're just d e s p e r a t e.
Worst of the worst has to be Kanye, he's got a ridiculous exhibitionist fetish he's forcing on her. Can some person please just step up and start handing out public indecency arrests?
This is literally just porn. Kanye is jerking off to people looking at this.

No. 1885182

Not a fan of her pickme phases but thats a dope dress

No. 1885203

this outfit is legitimately one of the ugliest things i have ever seen. looks like a high school sewing project

No. 1885205

Same. She honestly looks like she's on ozempic herself

No. 1885206

Woah she's actually wearing clothes. Can't stand this bitch, but at least we aren't being subjected to seeing her dirty bellybutton for once.

No. 1885210

looks more like kendall jenner than kendall herself

No. 1885222

Really? I feel like she’s had more or less the same body type since she hit her young adult years, she’s pretty short and petite people can sometimes be bobble heads kek also she is pretty toned and has lean but strong legs, def not like an anachan imo and her face looks pretty healthy and also untouched thank god. Hope she never goes the filler route

No. 1885226

File: 1707693918261.jpeg (140.42 KB, 788x1080, 0C9EF587-1668-4EFC-A205-09724C…)

I’ll never forgive her for being in that shitty slave movie ‘Antebellum’ with the slave master rape scene. All that nasty thrusting and grunting for what? It was so obvious the fake liberal director and producers had some slavery fetish they were acting out.

No. 1885227

File: 1707693999207.png (Spoiler Image,396.66 KB, 1397x616, Screenshot 2024-02-11 182427.p…)

pic related, spoiler for nips. I wouldn't mind it so much if she at least wore a skirt or a little cocktail dress so she isn't naked.
Cheap party city fabric eew.

No. 1885228

She used to be my queen before she became infected by the disease of celebrity. Her first few albums are absolute masterpieces. The downfall started at Dirty Computer and it's only getting worse. She's completely sold her soul and her body and it absolutely disgusts me.

No. 1885229

Do normies think Kanye and Bianca are weird or is this couple their version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono?

No. 1885245

File: 1707695018509.jpeg (187.08 KB, 799x1144, 4D226EB4-CC93-4642-A3F0-A8C2E5…)

I don’t even like Beyoncé, but they let her use the song on Renaissance and not Kanye kek I hope they sue him.

No. 1885247

File: 1707695270606.jpg (45.18 KB, 496x319, boq.jpg)

boq's never exactly been hot but fuck he's gonna be scary in this movie. wtf is his hair?
I do like that they've added to Galinda's wardrobe from these stills at least since they're not restricted by costume changes (picrel is basically the costume they'd be wearing in that part of the show, Galinda would have a different top worn over it + a hat but this colour scheme)
he was puberty blocked at an early tanner stage so much worse actually, he's likely asexual like Jazz is but is still being used as a perma-child twink singing sex songs
terrifying, looks like a low-rent angie on crack
I'd love to know what he thinks he looks like here
it's a rehash of his original album. the original Slut Pop list was:
>Slut Pop
>Treat Me like a Slut
a song with basically three lines repeated, one of which is hoping he'll "last longer" as if he still had a penis
>Superpower Bitch
>Throat Goat
>They Wanna Fuck
>Your Wish Is My Command
the songs are around 2 minutes each because they're just pump and dump songs so the whole album clocks in at 15 minutes, i expect the new album to be the same. wonder what it's like being sexless and lacking genitals being forced to make nothing but gay sex songs. his last album attempted some "real" pop but guess that didn't sell. trying to be even mildly deeper than his usual fare was too much for what his audience expects of their dancing monkey. guess if they wanted real pop they'd listen to a pop star, not their gay "slut"
god i wish she didn't become an enby for wearing suits. she's so stunning otherwise

No. 1885249

everyone thinks they are unhinged and strange, even normies

No. 1885251

Wicked trailer just dropped

No. 1885253

still rocking that twee silhouette

No. 1885254

Looks and sounds horrible

No. 1885256

CGI mess. She will never match Kristin Chenoweth's voice or charm.

No. 1885257

Thinking the same. Her voice type is so wrong for Glinda it’s unreal, and she has zero bubbliness.

No. 1885258

File: 1707696638926.jpg (181.42 KB, 980x1506, Paris Hilton, 21st B-day.jpg)

Gay moid tries to skinwalk an actually iconic woman, ends up larping a Buddhist Hungry Ghost. More at 11

No. 1885259

She's pretty enough, like, conventionally attractive. But not pretty enough to have a runway career.

No. 1885261

Nta but isn’t there that one account Perched who gives blind items that end up being true? I wonder if it’s her kek

No. 1885263

File: 1707697026948.jpg (38.69 KB, 720x480, c9ecd4e25cb9517e87636628f9c83d…)

I agree. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging her fake feminism. If anything, bringing it out to focus will cause others to rightfully re-evaluate

No. 1885264

File: 1707697337007.jpeg (87.66 KB, 480x300, IMG_4061.jpeg)

she really does remind me of those horrible bratz babies

No. 1885265

Kate is ugly too

No. 1885266

No never! Erivo doesn't have the voice either.

No. 1885270

It’s crazy to me since that musical has one of the most famously talented original casts of its time. Like, I remember being blown the fuck away by Kristin Chenowith and Idina Menzel vocally as a kid. Especially Kristin because of how she utilized her opera training so flawlessly in the role.

No. 1885274

File: 1707698454608.jpeg (86.11 KB, 970x796, GANOidcXcAAQhHv.jpeg)

No. 1885281

Okay but loved these as a kid. Jade was bad as hell.

Years and years of this project being teased and it looks so underwhelming.

No. 1885283

Closeted men love the thought of other men getting turned on looking at their beards.

I feel like you reach a point where even the gays get tired of that. How many songs about being fisted can you do before they finally start throwing tomatoes? I guess we will find out.

No. 1885289

Praying J beebs comes out of hiding for this

No. 1885290

File: 1707699565721.jpg (46.25 KB, 600x600, 1000002708.jpg)

Please someone post some #UsherBowl reviews in the next 5 minutes

No. 1885291

File: 1707699642028.jpg (9.88 KB, 234x184, 20240101_065105.jpg)

Save us Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber save us

No. 1885292

She would be considered pretty in some small town high school but I see wayyy prettier girls at my uni everyday.(nitpick)

No. 1885298

kek do reddit gamers really think they are just like Henry Cavill? Regardless of my personal feelings towards Cavill he is gainfully employed, not obese, and not living in his mom's basement

No. 1885300

Maybe she gave birth already? But if it’s the case, she bounced back SUPER quickly.

No. 1885303

File: 1707700115483.jpg (1.5 MB, 1334x2000, 1000002709.jpg)

I think some of you are just jealous she's a nepo? There's nothing wrong with her looks at all.

No. 1885304

He's only good with computers because his delicate little hands can reach the crevices no man can

No. 1885306

kekk anon

No. 1885308

there’s nothing to be jealous of, really. she just has super bland moonface, nothing wrong with that.

No. 1885309

File: 1707700338975.mp4 (1.09 MB, 720x1280, 1707698767170.mp4)

Messy drunk Taylor era kek.

No. 1885316

can’t wait for this retard to go away for a while, she’s already embarrassing herself in every social setting.

No. 1885317

She craves attention like a middle schooler out with their friends unchaparoned for the first time

No. 1885318

>ice spice being the most well-mannered
Apologize to her.

No. 1885320

She isn't bland looking, you're desensitized.

No. 1885322

i mean colon cancer still exists and everyone has a colon
idk, i liked her in glass onion

No. 1885326

Is it a murrican thing to go crazy for any non-obese average blonde? It takes you one walk across the street to find a more attractive girl. Heidi Klum’s daughter is also a boring nepo baby but she’s better looking.

No. 1885328

File: 1707701042988.jpg (784.58 KB, 2453x3000, 1000002710.jpg)

Justin Bieber superbowl manifestation starts now.

Bitter as hell

No. 1885329

Is she doing that to get her moid's fans on her side and look like a "cool chick" for drinking?

No. 1885330

she looks like she works at panera(nitpicking, unsaged)

No. 1885331

what is ice spice doing there kek? Shes trying way too hard to pander to other audiences

No. 1885332

She's there watching sports.

No. 1885334

Right because celebrities totally don't set up situations for the purpose of a photo op

No. 1885336

Other than Taylor inviting her as an accessory, she is watching the game like thousands of other people.

No. 1885337

Gently, I know you're ugly so you saying this does not matter.

No. 1885339

are you her lookalike for you to whiteknight some medicore nepo like this? kek(infight)

No. 1885340

Oh sure, except the only one talking about it is you

No. 1885343

File: 1707701776629.jpg (478.02 KB, 1440x1800, 1000002711.jpg)

This picture of Reba

No. 1885344

File: 1707701821244.png (383.39 KB, 368x412, generic girl.png)

gay bathhouses and clubs usually get filled with this type of music so music and remixes designed just for sex have a large demand. Tim is just among the first to get popular making that sort of music in the mainstream despite being worse than even Chris Crocker's music (free britney dude who trooned out recently). They don't need him to make real music since he fits the niche of club fucktunes and they can listen to anyone else outside of that. granted gay fuck anthems don't make for a longlasting career so on his side, this album feels more like a desperate bid for money at the end. if he could have made the leap into real pop he would have abandoned this shit but gay men are pretty much his only audience, even handmaidens can't enjoy most of his crap so back to fucktunes it is.
this album was probably to get more stuff in the club for royalties, maybe his old stuff got phased out of the playlists. his career is probably over, especially since he's fat and undesirable which negates the point of him being a child transitioner to the pedo gays, so now he's probably going to be shitting out club EPs and singles until the gays find someone else to replace him. maybe someone trooned out closer to adulthood so they don't wind up being a fat eunuch
she looks fine, but guaranteed at least one blonde girl you grew up with looks like her now. her face isn't anything bad, but she isn't someone you'd spot in a crowd. nothing wrong with looking typical obviously, i think she's rather pretty, but not being fat really isn't that high a standard. her face has very little definition to it and her chin is pretty weak. cute, but she's far from a beauty queen. she's just your average not-ugly blonde american girl. nothing striking if we're being real
please let her be a messy drunk this sportsball episode, it's the big game today so she might not realise how drunk she's getting amongst all the other shitfaced fans of pigskin ball

No. 1885345

Taylor would'nt be caught dead with someone like Ice spice had she not had that shit with the racist boyfriend, it's so very transparent.

No. 1885346

Not at all. You're the same delusional bitches who come out the woodwork claiming you're as thin as ariana, look 14 when you're 34, etc nothing you say is ever rooted in objective reality. Some girl partaking in some fashion shows because her mom is an iconic 90s model should not bother you unless you're a faggot. We will never be getting supermodels back, the era is dead. I'm not going to put down women that are actually pretty just because they aren't Gemma Ward.

No. 1885348

File: 1707702080086.jpg (213.41 KB, 1156x2048, 1000002712.jpg)

Drake pouting his lips, getting his dick stretched with kettlebells, and yearly ab etching all to text minors and fly 17 year old girls out? I can't stand him

No. 1885349

I'm okay with nepo babies that actually have talent and a striking look, like Bella Hadid. This girl has very plain and bland looks, there are much prettier girls in any random college kek

No. 1885350

Go to some other site if someone calling a random celeb ugly is triggering to you

No. 1885351

why is she married to a 90 year old man i dont understand

No. 1885353

it was a rhetorical question. I know thats what Taylor is doing. Thats why i said Taylor is utilizing her to pander to blacker audiences. The autism is through the roof today.
I'm allowed to?(racebaiting)

No. 1885356

I refuse to believe this man isn't at least bisexual

No. 1885357

idk its just more like she is definitely average and not ugly at all, but she'd also never be scouted off the street or at an airport the way her mummy was. Its not putting her down or calling her ugly to say she looks like she works at panera. Its just a way of saying like, if she werent related to runway royalty she wouldn't have had a chance at making it past the interview stage with an agency, let alone being scouted at random

No. 1885359

She was groomed by him when they was working on the set of Victorious

No. 1885361

File: 1707702670048.jpg (55.82 KB, 1176x920, GGGVAYYbMAAipx9.jpg)

Yes and she already looks hammered.

No. 1885362

I hate seeing this fuckers face and his floppy possibly fake penis, he's so greasy, ugly and Gay.

No. 1885364

what does he need the lip injections for

No. 1885365

Fair but these girls are too nice to people. The kind of women calling these girls mid and average always look like fucking Pixyteri or have three syringes of filler in their face and a set of horse veneers.

A lot of notoriously predatory straight men are considered "fruity" or "zesty" by the naive. Drake routinely fetishizes girls ages 15 through 18, and grooms them. Another example of this I can think of is Anthony Kiedis, he dresses really eccentric and has a lisp often internalized by others as gay, but he's a teenage girl loving freak. They act this way to a.) Sidestep public scrutiny by being wooby and b.) Relate to teenage girls and disarm them. They think being quirky and sassy appeals to young girls. They know no other way to seem hip to them. It always translates as sugary but there are subtle differences ie dming teenage girls exclusively.

No. 1885366

She shouldn’t strive for nepo model career then, no one would comment on her looks if she was just a random celebrity child. Also >>1885350, imagine getting pressed about discussing people’s looks on lolcow.

No. 1885368

File: 1707703064354.jpg (61.72 KB, 1178x663, 1000002713.jpg)


No. 1885370

shes not ugly but she is also average. I dont have any fillers or venners so I must look like pixyteri for thinking that kek

No. 1885371

this reminds me of that "Wasted on red wine" jerma bit.

No. 1885376

Love anons bitching about calling mediocre women mediocre and then going for pt’s looks kek.

No. 1885378

It’s probably the same anon who gets triggered when we say that it’s a shame that Florence Pugh and Sydney Sweeney get all the roles because Hollywood favors very bland looking WASPy women.(infighting)

No. 1885382

File: 1707703472955.jpg (226.32 KB, 2260x1266, 1000002714.jpg)

Cgi really does make things look so boring, cold, and sterile.

No. 1885395

The way you are getting this emotional over this random nepo that no one cares about and was mentioned in passing in the celebricow thread is weird.

I dont want to "hi cow" you but…

No. 1885400

She did that cause her boyfriend shoved his 65 year old coach cause he was playing shit

No. 1885403

I'm not emotional at all. You are projecting that onto me.

No. 1885405

I mean you went into retard whiteknight mode just because someone said a nepo looked average amd then started calling anons ugly and projecting how you think they look and act like. Yeah I think you are too unstable for this thread, or are you maybe a potato doughy moonface too and thats why you are hurting? No one even called her ugly, just average and mediocre and you lost it kek.

No. 1885408

I did not. Now you're typing whole paragraphs about it. Kneejerk mad because I'm reminding you all that you, too, are regular people? Just bitter as hell.

No. 1885410

This is my first reply to you meanwhile you have been arguing for the nepos honor for a hour now.
We need to gatekeep lolcow from retards.(perma infighting retard)

No. 1885420

>made 3 posts spaced out
>'you've been arguing for a WHOLE HOUUUR OMGUUU'
You've reduced to making shit up and still won't let it go. You are the problem(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1885421

Wait really..?

No. 1885423

he's bisexual in the same sense David Bowie was
he's not and likes teenage girls instead
the emerald city looks like it's just highlighted with green, what's the point of CG if they aren't going to use it for things you can't do with a background painting or a nice set. it should be absolutely crazy over the top, more impressive than the og wizard of oz movie, practically like emeralds. even the Wiz looked better for their new york disco emerald city. also all of these costumes are dying on ari, her ed has destroyed the colour of her skin so it's not looking nice against any of the costumes. I was wondering if the bubble dress would look nicer in the original blue but I think she's just fucked her complexion which in turn is going to be rather distracting during the movie when trying to enjoy the costuming. sad

No. 1885425

File: 1707705813276.jpeg (640.12 KB, 1170x1298, IMG_2210.jpeg)

Fucking kek. Nicola Peltz cut Brooklyn Beckham out of her little movie “Lola” because he wouldn’t stop looking directly into the camera

No. 1885428

File: 1707706020544.jpg (99.26 KB, 1024x682, 1000002717.jpg)

Eww acting violent to try to show off for his dumbass girlfriend

No. 1885431

someone from taylor's pr team has found lc i see

No. 1885432

File: 1707706334647.jpg (531.93 KB, 1638x2048, 1000002718.jpg)

No. 1885433

whys he screaming at his boss omg

No. 1885434

File: 1707706480370.jpg (139.07 KB, 1004x866, 1000002719.jpg)

No. 1885435

File: 1707706669300.mp4 (803.64 KB, 828x456, 1707701629101.mp4)

The video's worse kek. I get that it's football but this kinda always looks bad if you're smacking the coach around.

I hate saying I can relate to Ice Spice but I can feel the "just look pretty and pretend you belong while the girls get drunk" vibe from a thousand miles away.

No. 1885436

Im starting to wonder if Ice Spice is autistic, did she see a camera pointed at her and went into, "Pose" mode or something. She seems so dead eyed and confused, I kind of feel bad for her.
She never seems happy, just there.

No. 1885439

She's from the Bronx and being hauled around like a purse. There ain't shit else for her to do. We've seen how Taylor has a "good time".

No. 1885443

File: 1707707055819.jpg (77.3 KB, 1792x726, 1000002720.jpg)

There's something so funny about a cold, vindictive, hateful bitch playing a character known for being pure and bubbly.

No. 1885445

>>clearly there just for the good clicks and coverage
ice spice was so real for this

No. 1885448

>a cold, vindictive, hateful bitch playing a character
who is a cold, vindictive, hateful bitch and during this part of the movie she's at best empty-headed and still selfish. it is actually perfect casting to have her play Glinda for most of the movie, it's really only at the end that she changes for good. i actually worry she's going to play glinda too nice at parts

No. 1885454

File: 1707707358760.jpg (85.28 KB, 905x875, 1000002721.jpg)

No. 1885456

Is that her boyfriend next to her?

No. 1885458

Literally nothing will look better than the original WOZ because everything was done with techniques that age really well and leave charm, not to mention the whole B&W to color transformation thing that was so cinematic and impressive to audiences back then. Nothing will shock us like that now, everyone is overbored with these CGI/modern effects. And they age badly too

No. 1885459

File: 1707707549666.jpg (321.59 KB, 1179x1993, 1000002722.jpg)

Rumi made her barbie hold a superbowl sign that's soo cute

No. 1885463

Blue ivy in the background is so pretty. They're both adorable.

No. 1885464

Oh shit, is that Posty… with CAMOUFLAGE UGGS!?

No. 1885465

I watched the trailer and Ari's stiff plastic face just throws me off

No. 1885467

I love her music to an obsessive degree but I have socially unstanned Lana because of her annoying continous affiliation with Taylor. and yes there's better things I might have done it over but none of them were as annoying as her cucking to a Taylor nonstop when she's so unlikable. especially after she has stolen her award opportunity and even her own music (Taylor ripped off the melody of an earlier song of Lana's when she wrote Wildest Dreams for example, and she rips off her songwriting style frequently too). It's just so cringe. Like bitch stand up for yourself. And if she really likes this woman and isnt bothered by her shitty goofy behavior or the way she's killing our planet than Lanas probably either stupid or a POS too tbh. I'm almost glad she keeps being publicly cucked by Taylor because it's what she deserves for associating with her kek(blogposting sperg)

No. 1885471

File: 1707707983040.jpg (25.24 KB, 736x727, 1000002723.jpg)

JB watching not saying nothing like we didn't all just play ourselves

No. 1885475

File: 1707708242542.jpg (122.53 KB, 1792x718, 1000002724.jpg)

Flat, dusty, two dimensional cgi.

No. 1885477

File: 1707708343823.jpg (131.27 KB, 1169x1243, 1000002725.jpg)

No. 1885483

I'm glad Beyonce's genes won over in the end for Blue. She was looking more like her dad when she was younger.

No. 1885484

I feel like she is in fear of having a bad shot taken of her or she genuinely doesn't care

No. 1885490

Why's Ice throwing up satanism signs?She looks possessed kek

No. 1885491

Why is her dress bodice chest lopsided? It looks so dumb and sloppy, clearly no designer was jazzed to be on this project. Also, the Broadway version never did >>1885443 Dorothy pigtails for Glinda, right? This looks so pedo-baity, so the usual for Ariana.

No. 1885493

he looks so gross lmao

No. 1885497

File: 1707709522796.jpeg (918.2 KB, 1147x1441, IMG_0374.jpeg)

Cutie at the superbowl

No. 1885502

File: 1707709996335.jpeg (135.59 KB, 720x900, F8C862DA-FD7C-4F61-B24B-787DEE…)

He’s Ice Spice’s producer Riotusa and allegedly her cousin. His father is a DJ who toured with biggie smalls. I think that’s how ice really got into the music industry.

No. 1885503

She looks like her face is in default mode kek she has been telling the whole story all evening with her blank expression

No. 1885506

Great. Now Taylor is going to be even more insufferable

No. 1885510

I knew this was gonna happen kek I will say I think it would be hysterically funny if he proposed to her in the wake of this win and she says yes only to dump him next year for the new era

No. 1885511

Can you give context? This is an image board.

No. 1885512

i don't feel bad for her. she was almost an adult. i'm sure the flirting was mutual. and she is now an adult and still married to him. again, why? he's old, ugly, not mega rich either.

No. 1885513

File: 1707711417325.png (663.26 KB, 705x748, yOHNeQU.png)

Ugh, now we'll have to hear about how much of a 'good luck charm' Taylor is.

No. 1885514

Her boyfriends’ team won the Super Bowl

No. 1885516

File: 1707711557387.jpeg (267.82 KB, 941x1188, C3021109-8C7A-4E28-B089-3E4269…)

Her boyfriend's team won. Taylor and her man have been so messy and extra I seriously expecting a proposal right there

No. 1885521

I just don’t get the casting for this, at all. Maybe I’m just biased but Kristen Chenoweth is exactly how I pictured the character and she played her so well with her bubbly, flirty, “bless your heart”-type Glinda. I just can’t imagine Ariana and her frozen face playing it with the same charm or humor at all

No. 1885522

She has experience playing the kind of character by playing cat in victorious. Unpopular opinion, but that alone makes her more than qualified. I would imagine her surgeries would have a negative effect on her ability to emote though.

No. 1885523

I'm gonna be upset if it's another Cats deal. It doesn't look nearly as horrid at first glance but if they add/remove songs or change lyrics to be more PC, it's just gonna undermine the premise I think.

No. 1885528

I mean, maybe if it were still 2013

No. 1885529

I want to see how sport commentators and Swifties dismiss Kelce's violent manturm now that his team won.
Does anyone have a clearer shot of Lana's leather jacket?
Aww, I've never seen Rumi before. She's so cute.
Ice is me watching any sports game.

No. 1885552

I’m a deranged swiftie and I’ve been so scared about him since the beginning because football guys are violent and brain damaged and this outburst kind of confirmed my fears but the fandom has no critical thinking it’s all group think so this will be, if not ignored then quickly forgotten until they break up or something happens to her

No. 1885556

Everyone who posts/lurks here is narcissistic. If you could regulate your own self esteem you wouldn't be here trying to make yourself feel better than people superior to you.(newfaggotry)

No. 1885566

>people superior to you.
must resist the urge to "hi cow"…must resist

No. 1885568

>It's just so cringe. Like bitch stand up for yourself.
How though? Was she supposed to act bitter or give the silent treatment to Taylor after the fact? I feel like it would have been much more cringe than just taking it with grace. Even with how positively Lana reacted, Taylor still got called out so maybe Lana felt she had to double down to avoid drama between their fans. Idk, I googled their relationship timeline kek and couldn't find much except for their collab and the grammys.

Cute ♥

No. 1885573

NTA but to be fair Bella's striking look is only because of getting tons and tons of surgery, she would've never made it with her natural features

No. 1885574

It’s almost as narcissistic as defending billionaires that are raping the planet because you desperately want to see yourself in them.

No. 1885579

File: 1707718632269.jpg (6.26 KB, 183x275, Z(17).jpg)

You're genuinely worried about a billionaire who doesn't know you exist, I'd argue it's you without critical thinking skills.

>This girl has very plain and bland looks, there are much prettier girls in any random college kek
Literally Bella pre-surgery

No. 1885581

You’re only worried about people who know you exist?

No. 1885591

idk i dont really consider 18 to be an adult, at this point
Bella doesnt really have a good walk or a naturally attractive face, shes a carbon copy of Mohamed kekk. Her own mother made her get plastic surgery so that her friends would be willing to hire her daughter.

No. 1885593

Wait why are you scared of football guys? Do you think they're going to hunt you down?

No. 1885596

>it’s a shame that Florence Pugh and Sydney Sweeney get all the roles because Hollywood favors very bland looking WASPy women
Like Lana?

No. 1885601

Yeah I'm taylor swift

No. 1885602

more like Arianna and Taylor who consistently get preferential treatment far above Lana ever gets despite both being boring and plain waspy whites but if you hate her that much then yeah her too I guess

No. 1885604

Who said anything about hate

No. 1885605

be serious

No. 1885606

Who was I defending? And of course I'm a narcissist, I'm posting here, like I said. By all reasonable measures, Taylor Swift is superior to all of you.
You can only cope with scraps of superiority like "Ummm well at least I'm not polluting everywhere with my private jet" "Ohh well at least I don't have a new boyfriend every 5 months" "Oh Taylor was acting soo crazy at the grammys, gross"

No. You lost
I would tell you I'm not a taylor fan but you wouldn't believe me, because you're a narcissist

No. 1885610

superior because…she has more money? what did we lost? at least no one here works with creepy abusive directors like she did with the movie Amsterdam

No. 1885611

>>idolizes celebrities just for being celebrities
nta but i have some news

No. 1885613

I literally said I'm a narcissist in the second sentence.
You're both coping exactly how I said you would, lmfao. You can only talk down to her so flippantly because its easy to not pollute with your private jet when you don't have a private jet. It's easy to not work with abusive directors when you'll never be in the entertainment industry. It's slave morality.
What did you lose? The game. Thats why you're on lolcow.farm, and me too. And that's why taylor swift isn't on lolcow.farm.

No. 1885615

Some of you aped the Angelina letters and are really desperate to get accused of something. It's sad.(infight)

No. 1885616

File: 1707721750333.jpg (68.54 KB, 888x499, 1568779679.jpg)

>What did you lose? The game. Thats why you're on lolcow.farm, and me too. And that's why taylor swift isn't on lolcow.farm.

No. 1885618

Don't worry about my post if you don't get it nona, taylor will do something stupid again soon so you can get that sweet sweet narcissistic supply you're here for.

No. 1885619

ariana grande isnt a wasp, even before she was transracial(sage)

No. 1885621

and i literally said you aren't

No. 1885622

Oh, then this might be informative for you
https://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2010/02/the_other_ego_epidemic.html(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1885630

you decided that "the game" was about fame and owning a private jet. you can either keep coping by telling yourself and others "you lost", or you can change your perspective on life.(taking retarded bait)

No. 1885641

jfc that was one of the worst articles I had ever read. of course swifties think taylor is a lyrical genius and a "tortured poet" when this is their reading level.

No. 1885648

TLP is a known pseud

No. 1885654

File: 1707725368898.jpg (41.61 KB, 500x493, 20240212_031054.jpg)

No. 1885659

No. 1885670

Don't be such a faggot. You're not a narcissist, just another neurotic millenial.(stop)

No. 1885671

>Melanie Martinez releases new music video

No. 1885673

Get help and get a better hobby

No. 1885677

Least BPD lana enjoyer

No. 1885678

I didnt think her aesthetic could get tackier than DDLG ABDL kitsch nightmare, but alas, here we are

No. 1885679

This trailer is, I guess, meant for people who have already seen the musical? I hate that it's depicting Glinda and Elphaba as best friends. Even the reveal of Elphaba's greenness is way too nice: Glinda is disgusted by Elphaba at first, and Elphaba is enraged by Glinda's fakeness & easy life. The first time you see the musical, all of that tension and conflict is established, and in some ways it is never completely resolved (imho). Which is part of the appeal of the story.

Ariana can't act at all based on these clips. I'm sad to say Cynthia isn't going to be carrying the movie either. Perhaps she was being poorly directed, but her tone and demeanor seemed off here too. If this is the best of the footage, it's going to bomb. It was always going to bomb, though. Very few musicals can succeed as movies. One exception imho is Evita. I still like that movie kek

No. 1885681

Could they have not given her shadow roots or a wig that makes her look less sick?

No. 1885683

Yeah this is going to ruin Melanie Martinez. She's pretending her crybaby character is dead, alienating your own audience never works out well so tbh I can see her being popular for a little while longer then fading out of relevancy as soon as thembies decide they don't like consooming frogs and goblincore anymore

No. 1885704

I hate how so much effort has been put into the face of this weird fairy look but the rest of the outfit looks like a weird badly fitting pink baby onesie

No. 1885714

Beyoncé looks awful. That blonde hair looks like a cheap party wig.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1885720

she had a lot of potential but it seems like she used it all up in crybaby. its been downhill since i mean, isnt crybaby dead and this new part of the story takes place in a video game? someone needs to tell her she cant write for shit.

No. 1885726

File: 1707736690635.jpg (263.64 KB, 1124x1491, cynthia.jpg)

I haven't seen the original Wicked and of course I haven't seen this one, but honestly I think Ariana is too famous to act anymore. I know those are her roots, but when someone gets TOO famous you can't fully immerse yourself into a film if they're playing a character, because you just see them and not a character. Plus we know entirely too much about her life. Beyonce had the same problem when she was acting, and even some a-list actors too imo. Even Lin Manuel Miranda too, but that might just be because he sucks or because he looks and sounds too distinct. I'm not sure how the theater world works, but I think she should've done Broadway or something instead of a film.

No. 1885728

Have you guys noticed that her videos of this era are all just her dancing around? No inspiration to tell a story anymore. At least K-12 was a whole movie and CryBaby was a story. Since this is part of the lore, shouldn't it at least have something other her dancing?

No. 1885733

it absolutely is, strange phenomena

No. 1885743

Is this the first superbowl that had it decided in over time? Screams fix lol. I don't care about football but I was happy when I went to bed last night and SF were winning.

No. 1885745

Nta but she’s more likely to go destroy the world with her 30 minute jet rides than he is to beat her ass. She’s good.

No. 1885756

This just reminded me of that Mika song featuring Ariana Grande back in 2013 that sampled Popular. She looked so pretty in this, it's crazy what she did to her face

No. 1885768

Beyonces new wig and style looks cheap. She’s got Amazon wigs on and fashion nova fits. That platinum blonde hair looks ugly too.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1885770

Are you sure? There's rumours even amongst the Swifties travis and Taylor had some big blow up after Christmas over him playing shit and they've cooled the jets now with her only showing up to games. Screams PR at this point. She was in Japan and he was asked about her Grammy win and where she was and he didn't know what country and said he hadn't spoke to her. There was like a weekend and few days between the grammys and the interview. If I won a Grammy I'd talk to my bf about it and if I was abroad I'd like to think he'd know what country I was in.

No. 1885771

File: 1707742143848.jpg (112.81 KB, 1242x1052, 7dstw7nec2ic1.jpg)

Is it so hard to post the image?

No. 1885772

She looks cheaper than most female rappers now days and we all know they look like mid level escorts

No. 1885774

Stop posting here until you learn how to use this site, newfags.(infighting)

No. 1885776

I’ve probably been on this site longer than you’ve been able to pick your own bed times.(infighting)

No. 1885778

Uh huh.(infighting)

No. 1885782

Silly zoomer(infighting)

No. 1885783

Absolute bullshit unless you're in the early stages of dementia.(infighting)

No. 1885784

Super bowl fake as fuck smh

No. 1885786

Then if you’re that old you need to ask yourself why you’re mini modding celebricows at your prehistoric age(infighting)

No. 1885790

Some of you are so deranged. I know you thought you popped off with this but you sound retarded.

Posting some single sentence about beyonces hair, not replying to anything, with no picture is the most useless way to use an imageboard and it has nothing to do with minimodding

No. 1885791

>referring to ariana and Taylor as plain waspy whites
>to defend lana del Rey

No. 1885792

So what if it’s useless? I’m not being paid to post her baby mod.(infighting)

No. 1885794

She's an honorary woc because she's obese and trashy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1885805

stan fight stan fight!(stop)

No. 1885813

File: 1707745084201.jpg (284.77 KB, 714x714, 200102905.jpg)

>>releases country album in 2024
>>lana del rey loses grammy again

No. 1885818

File: 1707746086346.jpeg (226.67 KB, 1125x1245, IMG_3365.jpeg)

Lana looks so done with her. And yes, judging from videos she was drunk af. Pathetic.

No. 1885824

Lana will be wasting her potential with country if she goes for it, her folk songs are a snoozefest with the same boring low vocals all over again. I think Beyoncé can make an actually good country album, I don’t really listen to her but Renaissance was really good.

No. 1885825

This photo tells such a story kek. Lana is OVER it, Taylor is sloshed like a sorority sister who hasn’t been in college in a decade. The dude is just happy to be there.

No. 1885830

Who wants to bet Taylor is living her college fantasy because she never went lmao. Poor Lana she’s probably nervous to cut Taylor off given the power imbalance.(sage)

No. 1885836

File: 1707747576293.jpeg (935.24 KB, 1170x1341, IMG_5859.jpeg)

No. 1885837

Beyonce's album will probably be better than Lana's album just based off of the fact that she has a wider vocal range, plus the fact she's from Texas while Lana is from New York. Lana's country music will probably just comes off as what it is, a huge larp.

No. 1885841

Honestly you’re prob spot on. She gets to pretend she’s the main character in a different kind of fanfic AU. That’s all her “eras” are, just AUs for her to play pretend in.

No. 1885844


Man Taylor is embarrassing. She's got such "tween at the mall without their parents for the first time energy". Even Ice Spice looks embarrassed.

No. 1885845

Lana looks cute here

No. 1885849

There's only two options for these two. Either Taylor is going to finally do a PR marriage with Travis because she can't seem to settle down with guys she genuinely dates, or she's going to leave him and make another album about her ex since that's pretty much what her career relies on.

No. 1885851

You know its just a film and not a documentary, right? You're going to lose your mind when you find out what happens in Schindler's List…

No. 1885857

Do you know where you are? The point is to gossip and be petty and embrace it retard. Try to live a little(taking retarded bait)

No. 1885858

"Grace" is the word we use to teach women it's ladylike to be publicly humiliated kek get in the real world we are all waiting for you

No. 1885860

I think they’re going to get married tbh. They’re basically the most popular couple in school I wonder if they’re going to run for prom king/queen kek.

No. 1885867

based on

No. 1885871

I agree I think she knows she needs to have a PR marriage because she’s almost 35 and I mean, she hangs around Blake Lively who sadly is basically just Ryan Reynolds’ broodmare all the time…maybe she is feeling some baby/settle down fever. Though I shudder to imagine Taylor as a mom topkek imagine. I also agree they are weirdly like recreating HS dynamics around their relationship somehow, it’s so odd and funny and cringe

No. 1885892

I can't help it. Yes, the hair color is awful. Yes, it's a bit tacky. But she's drop-dead gorgeous.

No. 1885900

yeah I noticed it too.

No. 1885913

What do you mean anon? Not sure what you're trying to say

No. 1885918

everything lana's done musically has been a larp, so i wouldn't be too sure kek

No. 1885921

God I'm sorry but I hope she doesn't have a child. She seems to have narc tendencies. I could definitely see her getting married or fake-married just so that she could come up with more song material, especially if she ends up divorcing because a marriage/divorce ark is what she's missing so far

No. 1885922

What interview with him was this?

No. 1885925

File: 1707754955400.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1025x1555, IMG_5889.jpeg)

No. 1885927

File: 1707755181721.jpeg (864.02 KB, 995x1536, IMG_5890.jpeg)

No. 1885928

how is this milk? she looks good

No. 1885929

File: 1707755296628.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1018x1611, IMG_5891.jpeg)

Different event but I believe it’s her most recent

No. 1885930

Like how her reputation era was just "I watched mean girls once"… like every snotty wannabe Regina on Twitter.

No. 1885931

>how is this milk
…Are you retarded? It’s a photoshoot to promote Dune 2

No. 1885932

I really wish her stylists would give her dresses that fit her body type more

No. 1885933

She looks so beautiful

No. 1885936

I think they're going to break up in a few months, then Taylor will write some songs about him and go back to dating British men

No. 1885939

No. 1885940

>unsaged photodump in celebricows thread
you realize this is a cow thread, right? take it to /g/ or something, retard(report and move on)

No. 1885941

File: 1707755858092.jpeg (544.88 KB, 1170x1506, D7162E70-35A9-443F-8491-67A9F5…)

So Josh Brolin is gay or bi for sure

No. 1885942

File: 1707755881088.jpeg (108.98 KB, 1324x1326, 4040C180-A6D4-4879-8887-868053…)

No. 1885945

0/10 poem confiscate his pen

No. 1885948

File: 1707756169352.jpg (105.58 KB, 640x960, 00f3ec13efdb4ddf96ef3f2dcfc4e7…)

I like the big platinum hair. It goes with the whole country/Texas theme.

No. 1885949

Makes me wish I didn't know how to read

No. 1885950

agreed, it's horrible

No. 1885957

this sounds like something a pedophile sultan would write.

No. 1885973

File: 1707757663978.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1737, IMG_8406.jpeg)

Old men date women who aren't young enough to be your daughter challenge

No. 1885974

File: 1707757770550.jpeg (729.7 KB, 1170x1554, IMG_8407.jpeg)

She's also the ex wife of an oligarch so hmmm very interesting

No. 1885976

there are retards in this thread who genuinely think men like this are secretly gay and this an elaborate act.

No. 1885978

Kek what if he gets Russian murdered I would laugh tbh

No. 1885980

He's always just seemed like a sociopathic creep to me, looking at the hell he put Katie through for not falling in line with his cult bullshit.

No. 1885981

I feel like this direction has good potential, but it's so unbelievably unpolished. The visuals remind me Bjork's recent work and as for the music, it's like the stuff you'd find in Sza's recycling bin folder, which is saying a lot because she releases a lot of filler tracks. She needs to seriously find some good song writers or other creatives to work with to help push her to make more polished sounding music that doesn't sound like half baked ideas.
I noticed that too, she should of have just painted her actual skin.
Idgaf what you all have to say, she looks so hot here. It also looks like she isn't wearing a lace front like she usually does, she has blended it in with her real hair at the front.
i love them both, but it's true. I do think Lana can pull it off and probably has some connections, but Beyonce clearly has a passion for it Lana could never. I think Lana should double down in the vintage aesthetic and play around making more upbeat songs.

No. 1885982

File: 1707758930388.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1884, IMG_8408.jpeg)

>The anonymous author of the notorious Hollywood gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights inadvertently revealed his identity to a Florida court last year in the fallout of a messy extramarital affair that wouldn’t be out of place in one of his website’s famed “blind items.”

>CDaN’s lead blogger, who uses the pseudonym “Enty Lawyer,” has been credited with beating major publications to the punch on several major stories—including Harvey Weinstein’s predations—and developed a certain mystique among the mainstream media, QAnon-style conspiracy theorists, and ordinary celeb-watchers.

Though a handful of profiles about Enty Lawyer have been published, they were written under agreements to keep his identity secret. But The Daily Beast has confirmed that the dirt-slinger behind Crazy Days and Nights is licensed California attorney John Robert Nelson, who in 2018 ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a progressive Democrat. It’s unclear whether he currently practices law or ever practiced entertainment law as his moniker suggests.

>In the court complaint, mistress Cassandra Crose alleged Nelson was violent on several occasions—choking, slapping, and hitting her without consent. She also alleged that Nelson told her on Jan. 11, 2023, that he had “killed women before,” and that he was “smart enough” to get away with killing her.

>Nelson was obsessive about her weight and asked her to regularly send him photos of herself on a scale, she said, even though he was aware of her history with eating disorders and domestic violence. She said she lost approximately 35 pounds when they were romantically involved.

Enty's supporters are trying to spin this as a conspiracy, but Cassandra's been talking since November about him. He sounds like a psychopath. No wonder he hates abusive male celebrities so much, he sees his own behavior in them


No. 1885992


No. 1885999

No, this thread is for celebrities, not just ugly embarrassing ones. Her outfits for dune promotion have been posted before, and celebrities outfits at events get posted all the time. We just had all the New York fashion week looks and the ones from the Grammys and other awards shows were in the last thread. It was unsaged because it’s new, we don’t only post negative things here.

No. 1886007

this isnt anything against you nonas but my god am i sick to fucking death of hearing about taylor swift. her team needs to keep her out of the news for a little while, she is massively overexposed and coming off as obnoxious and unlikable.

No. 1886012

Nah you’re right, I think most people are super fatigued of her atp. I wish she would go away for awhile too, we need a breather. Has it ever been so Taylor saturated in the media? I know she’s been disgustingly famous since like 2009 but the last year or so bleh

No. 1886020

Thanks. It's a gorgeous jacket. I want one, but I also want my team not to be one of the worst in the league.
I get the bodacious Dynasty-inspired look she's going for. I'll give her an 7/10. That said, her roots need a touch up with a hot comb and she should go back to lining her bottom lid with slightly dark shadow.

No. 1886021

Are you new or just stupid? Celebrity fits are posted here all the time and you're the only person who's ever had a problem with it.

No. 1886022

I’m a bong and I literally heard her mentioned on itv news

No. 1886023

> Dynasty-inspired look
I don't see it, I just see trashy

No. 1886024

Nah I'm sick of her too. She's the most overexposed she's been in a long long.

No. 1886040

agreed, and her fans like like massive victims if you are apathetic about swift and very racist on twitter too

No. 1886047

And that's fine. I do see it.

No. 1886054

>if I was abroad I'd like to think he'd know what country I was in.
I don't know (or care) enough about this couple to remark on their specific situation, but it's incredibly common for people who are travelling constantly for work to not only not know where their partner is, but they usually don't know where they themselves are (although I guess Japan would be a bit more obvious than most places). Perhaps hard to imagine if you're not used to it, but everybody I know who travels a lot for work to tons of different places, especially touring musicians, loses track of their own location and their partner has definitely lost track too.

No. 1886065

File: 1707765642309.jpeg (719.06 KB, 1170x819, IMG_2250.jpeg)

Kek. Didn't he cheat on his girlfriend at the time with Natalie while they were filming Black Swan?

No. 1886082

She literally left her ex because he wanted her to settle down and she wanted her career and fame

No. 1886094

He did. Funny thing is everyone was pitying Natalie while hating on Ariana.

No. 1886110

File: 1707768531408.jpeg (264 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_1594.jpeg)

Grabbed the screenshot from reddit but what in the fuck is going on with her lips?

No. 1886116

kek ok I see I misunderstood the purpose of this thread. I’m not new but I never check this thread and wanted to see some legitimate celebrity milk

No. 1886126

Wow, what a respectless piece of shit.

No. 1886131


> Literally Bella pre-surgery

Shows pic of Bella after surgery… (Yeah I know, it was not her final form)

No. 1886134

Jeez this makes me wish that Taylor's relationship is a PR stunt even more. Can't imagine that he wouldn't do that to anyone else too

No. 1886144

I don't believe that they are that often together that it could cause a fight, atm. More like, meet, fuck and bye. If they lived together, I could totally see him flying off the handle. But I also think that Taylor is not that invested in him that she would put up with that. She would just go to the next dude.

No. 1886148

The lip filler she said she "hasn't" done since 2018. Her skin is so sallow too from the malnourishment; I guess the fake tans used to cover it up.

No. 1886149

Well hopefully. I don't like her but obviously wouldn't want this brute to take his anger out on her

No. 1886165

File: 1707773446082.gif (2.43 MB, 600x600, gamerbey.gif)

Nobody posted gamergirl Beyonce?

No. 1886169

'No filler whatsoever' yeah sure. We compare people to the lady from Whoville a lot here but this is the closest match yet.

No. 1886173

Oh my god she looks so cute in this style wtf. Such a beauty.

No. 1886187

Lol this is adorable,what's the context

No. 1886190

Is that Buster??

No. 1886191

File: 1707775373588.gif (1.59 MB, 498x208, ebfcc95b75f886f7588e263cf73ebe…)

So cute, pink really is her colour hehe

No. 1886196

File: 1707775641675.jpg (99.9 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20240212_160907_X.j…)

She started a Twitch account

No. 1886197

File: 1707775744040.jpeg (505.49 KB, 1170x768, DCC8E0AC-B5E1-4BE3-A7C0-21A489…)

She’s joined Twitch.

No. 1886207

That’s so fucking cute she’s so cute aaaaa

No. 1886224

maybe this piece of shit beat Diane Lane bc she told him his poems were garbage

No. 1886228

File: 1707778490484.jpeg (701.71 KB, 768x807, IMG_4813.jpeg)

Well anons, I’ve uncovered more of his mistresses of the past. Unfortunate. To be honest I’m enjoying watching his attractiveness dwindle in his old age, he really does deserve to whither away and turn into an ugly old bag, after everything he did to his wife yvonne.(tinfoiling retardation)

No. 1886229

Emily blunt was never his mistress? What are the sources for any of these even happening?

No. 1886231

I haven’t found any pictures of him with Lana Del Rey, after someone claimed in a recent thread that she was his mistress at one time, but I’ll update if I find evidence of their affair.

No. 1886232

Damn, his dick is mr worldwide.

No. 1886233

He and Emily Blunt had an affair while filming Opennheimer.

No. 1886234

>bottom right
Felix Kjellberg!?

No. 1886237

I'm not even a cillianfag so I am not defending but where are the sources? some anon on a previous celebricow thread? also I thought anons said it was Florence he had an affair with

No. 1886238

Him and Lucy were so cute in that detective movie I totally would believe they had an affair

No. 1886240

File: 1707779307918.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3906x3069, 51A5E56D-613E-4EBF-ACF4-1FE0F5…)

the wicked poster looks like the X-files movie poster kek

No. 1886242

There were blind items about him having affairs with both women, people in the industry shared gossip online about him sneaking around with both of them, and people online lost their minds about his chemistry in interviews with them and thought it meant they had had a fling. Others thought the flirting was just PR, or that flirting & chemistry doesn’t automatically mean they’re sleeping together. He might have slept with either or both, he’s certainly enough of a disturbed whore to do so.

No. 1886243

I thought so too, and their sex scenes made me suspect that. There was a weird joke about him finding schoolgirls hot in that movie though which made me hate it

No. 1886244

eww that's such a terribly made poster too, it only gets worse when you zoom in. The masking is awful did they get some highschooler to shoop it? lol it's so blatant when you have it against the xfiles one. That reminds of the blind item about the execs for wicked getting angry at ariana for her ever changing face because of cosmetic surgery and it's probably gunna be funny as shit to see her face change from one scene to another so drastically.

No. 1886249

Oh man, I buy that. She was SO adorable in that. I loved how insane her character was kek

No. 1886265

File: 1707781571448.jpeg (Spoiler Image,564.01 KB, 1166x1156, 6B5A517B-D870-43DB-8FF6-EDD5B0…)

This promo pick for the second single isn’t it for me. I have never and will never need to see the sides of Beyoncé’s crotch. It’s so unnecessary she’s effortlessly sexy without this.

No. 1886267


No. 1886268

The X-files one is so much better

No. 1886270

File: 1707782233658.png (1.7 MB, 2084x630, Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 3.55.…)


Looks like a lip lift, too or a "Korean smile lift"

No. 1886271

File: 1707782269286.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1290x2055, IMG_3551.jpeg)

The way the light is hitting his face makes him look deformed. I wonder why she chose this to be the first picture in the set

No. 1886272

Right? It still gives me a little chill to see it. The whole show has a vibe and mood that no show today could hope to mimic tbh

No. 1886275

So dystopian. God forbid a woman doesn't have a pleasant and demure demeanor at all times. So how popular is this procedure with male clients?

No. 1886277

hate how the older beyonce gets, the more she regresses. like, 2003 beyonce would never go this far
also, i need those earrings she's wearing, can somenonnie i.d. pls(sage)