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File: 1706461849112.png (1.05 MB, 1900x1200, Untitled.png)

No. 1870170

Previous thread >>1858914
>>1858967 King Charles III to undergo hospital treatment for an enlarged prostate.
>>1859208 Kanye's 850k dentures.

Looks at the Emmys:
>>1859451 , >>1859455 , >>1859456 . >>1859457 , >>1859458 , >>1859459 , >>1859460 , >>1859465 , >>1859467 , >>1859469 , >>1859471 , >>1859475 , >>1859478 , >>1859480 , >>1859482 , >>1859486 , >>1859488 , >>1859489 , >>1859492 , >>1859493 , >>1859495 , >>1859498 , >>1859499 , >>1859500 , >>1859504 , >>1859507 , >>1859511 , >>1859512 , >>1859516 , >>1859690

>>1859618 Renee rapp saying she ageist.
>>1859811 Doja Cat's violent brother attacks Doja and knocks her teeth out.
>>1860055 , >>1860091 , >>1860155 Lana did a valentines campaign for Skims.
>>1860225 Pauly Shore proposed to Drew Barrymore on her show.
>>1860564 Dominic Fike is dating Emma Robert’s younger sister, tiktok star Grace Nickels.
>>1861249 , >>1861252 , >>1861339 Michelle Trachtenberg looks sick and fans are worried.
>>1861430 Kim Kardashian flexing all her office amenities in new TikTok.
>>1862285 , >>1861507 , >>1861638 Kanye wears a shirt of Varg…
>>1861872 Alec Baldwin indicated on manslaughter charge in 'rust' shooting.
>>1861932 Ice Spice sued for ''copyright'' over one of her songs.
>>1862068 Renee Rapp is ugly.
>>1862338 Sofia Vergara talked about the reason for her divorce.
>>1862636 Michelle Trachtenberg responds to people saying she looks sick.
>>1862662 Dominic Fike on how acting for Euphoria failed his sobriety.
>>1863564 Megan Thee Stallion will be presenting the 2024 crunchyroll anime awards.
>>1864100 lmao.
>>1864194 Ariana's PR team trying to spin the narrative of her and Ethan's relationship.
>>1864994 , >>1864999 Kanye likes being pegged.

Looks for the Paris couture week: >>1865242 ,
>>1865233 , >>1865235 , >>1865238 , >>1865243

>>1865298 French prosecutors have dismissed a complaint by French actress Hélène Darras claiming she was sexually assaulted by Gérard Depardieu, citing the statute of limitations for the alleged crime.
>>1865344 Oscar nominations.
>>1865603 , >>1865965 Selena Gomez awful and insecure.
>>1865802 Kim Kardashian looks like a bobblehead for her balenciaga brand amabassador pic.
>>1866404 Trailer for ''Poor Things''.
>>1866854 , >>1868843 , >>1866873 , >>1867136 Men creating Ai porn about Taylor Swift.
>>1867494 People upset that 38 year old Draya Michelle is pregnant by a 21 year old nba player.
>>1867513 , >>1867549 Nicki Minaj having a meltdown and arguing with random people on tiktok.
>>1867736 Taylor Swift is considering taking legal actions against the people who made deepfake ai porn of her.
>>1867883 This is how one of the people who make those deepfakes looks like.
>>1868007 , >>1868010 , >>1868013 Vince McMahon accused of sex trafficking former WWE employee.
>>1868085 Madonna dancing…horribly.

Nicki Minaj spiralling after Megan the stallions diss track ''Hiss'', people wondering is Nicki Minaj mentally okay or is she on drugs:
>>1868106 , >>1868175 , >>1868721 , >>1868726 , >>1868828 , >>1868834 , >>1868839 , >>1868845 , >>1869013 , >>1869034 , >>1870008 , >>1870126

Looks for Couture week:
>>1868144 , >>1868145 , >>1868147 , >>1868148 , >>1868149 , >>1868151 , >>1868152 , >>1868155 , >>1868157 , >>1868159

>>1868184 Bella Hadid wants to be part of the cowboy horse-girl aesthetic.
>>1868434 Henry Cavill looks old, receding hairline and ugly.
>>1868659 Austin Butler admits to using dialect coach to remove Elvis Presley accent.
>>1868970 Ben Shapiro and some random looking Druggie create a rap song.
>>1869460 Taylor Swift is temporarily banned from Twitter search after the ai porn situation.
>>1869469 , >>1869474 erin moriarty announces she's leaving instagram due to harassment
>>1870124 Nicki Minaj congratulating Ben Shapiro on his rap song.
>>1870128 , >>1870129 Nicki Minaj enabling her fans to go and doxx people.

No. 1870173

More trashy rapper drama. Who cares(infighting)

No. 1870176

You posted the same crap on the previous thread. Either contribute with your own drama or stop derailing and hide the thread. Newfag.(use reports instead of infighting)

No. 1870181

Bullet fragment foot bitch is funnier

No. 1870192

This is the first time I’ve commented on the subject. So clearly this isn’t an unpopular opinion. Also why does not want to discuss useless trashy rappers make me a newfag? I can go to twitter for that(this is the celeb thread ma'm)

No. 1870198

This thread is about celebrity drama you can ignore this thread when it's not about a celebrity you're ineterested in.

No. 1870245

Wtf cares. Next thread title will be about something else.
If you are so annoyed, then go and make threads yourself next time.

No. 1870260

The thread pic is funny imo. All the newfags mad about celebrity gossip being a topic in a celebrity gossip thread on a gossip imageboard can gtfo. Nicki vs. Megan has been the biggest and most entertaining recent celeb spergout, I'm glad it's this and not another Ariana picture.
If someone feels a need to tell everyone that they're leaving social media, they are absolutely not leaving and will be back

No. 1870269

Moid-tier, get shot in the groin

>exhibitionist feminism
What does she mean by this?
Anyway, this is like when Doja Cat got mad about a YouTuber discussing her surgery.

No. 1870275

if you have something better to discuss by all means do share. otherwise hide the thread and shut the fuck up.(just report and move on)

No. 1870284

Does Ice Spice have Down syndrome?

No. 1870285

The fact Nicki will probably suffer more hate for coming at MTS, than literally harrassing her husband's victim says a lot about the world tbh. The nona who said no one cares unless you are famous is correct.
She still had fans, still was getting all kinds of work and praise. While she was literally lying about the race of her husbands rape victim. Even her saying, "you are talking about what he did at 15!!" is getting less attention than the other shit.
Almost every female rapper was up NIcki's ass at one point, Latto, Rubi Rose is talking shit about her, meanwhile was praising her before. I do wonder how the victim feels in all of this? Maybe she's just happy to see Nicki finally facing backlash, but it has to hurt your literal rape didn't cause major outrage but some petty rap beef did.

No. 1870294

At least MTS actually brought attention to Nicki's rapist scrote husband with the "megan's law" thing, as opposed to Nicki's "umm uhh you're 6 feet tall foot feet foot bigfoot HA" looks-sperging.

No. 1870324

Since this Nicki drama is trending i have compiled posts from the survivingpettys thread about the things Kenneth did and how Nicki then harassed his victim. A summary for the anons who don't know what Kenneth did.


No. 1870330

All current celebrities (and 99% of the past ones) are trashy. Get over yourself, seriously.

No. 1870346

Thank you nonna

No. 1870394

>exhibitionist feminism
>What does she mean by this?
probably people pointing out her change and arguing against unnecessary plastic surgery? like "why do already pretty women do this to themselves"

No. 1870407

Well yeah it’s the celebrity thread dumbass. Did you take too many birth control pills this morning and now you’re in a bad mood?(infighting, scrote-tier post)

No. 1870410

Thanks for the thread! Great thread pic.
I watched three videos of her. I'm going straight to hell.
Oddly enough, her face looks more interesting to me without eyebrows.

No. 1870416

File: 1706476432454.jpg (335.63 KB, 1080x1279, 1706461147963737.jpg)


No. 1870420

Bigfoot is such a retarded insult. Megan is tall, obviously her feet are bigger than 5'2 Nicki's

No. 1870423

She really doesn't have much to say about Megan
>Ha ha you got shot, ha ha you are tall and big goo goo gaga, you expereinced the death of a parent! Ha ha ha! Roman's coming for you!

No. 1870434

File: 1706477319326.jpg (330.06 KB, 867x593, JrEU4sW.jpg)

> What we would not do is kick off our latest promotional push for a new album with a new single carrying the same title as one of Spears’ songs, for fear of exactly what has happened this week: Spears fans getting together to elevate her 2011 track “Selfish” above Timberlake’s own single of the same name on the charts, meaning the “President Of Pop”’s latest offering is publicly getting its ass kicked by a song that’s more than a decade old.


No. 1870443

File: 1706478048961.png (517.29 KB, 720x1024, twitter.png)

The funniest thing to me is that album cover. I, and seemingly everyone else too, thought it was AI since Nicki keeps using AI photos but turns out an actual 3d designer made it kek

No. 1870449

nicki's fault for using AI to begin with

No. 1870457

Relax, fragment foot isn't hobbling into your dms anyway

No. 1870460

File: 1706480091417.gif (875.01 KB, 500x264, mean-girls-stop-trying-to-make…)

>Fragment foot

No. 1870484

It’s only funny because when I read it I can hear Nicki slurring and stuttering “frag-bullet frag- frag foot- bullet fragment foot bitch” it took her like a minute and when she finally put the sentence together she sounded so proud of herself, what a train wreck kek

No. 1870520

File: 1706485006100.jpg (321.19 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240129_003405_Gal…)

Kek you know you feel off when a rightoid man with a ai profile pic is showing you support. And the barbz ofc are ass-kissing this man in the replies because they are looking for any crumbs of support.

No. 1870526

File: 1706485304936.png (217.61 KB, 470x395, Screen Shot 2024-01-28 at 3.43…)

No. 1870528

when did she challenge the body positivity movement

No. 1870533

File: 1706485767054.jpg (5.82 MB, 4080x3060, 20240129_002123.jpg)

Some of the replies made me kek.

No. 1870536

He is just talking out of his ass, wouldn't surprise me if that tweet was generated.

No. 1870537

respectfully, you have snipping tool on your computer

No. 1870544

No. 1870560

File: 1706488148489.jpeg (100.89 KB, 908x502, IMG_7698.jpeg)

This gives me a hearty kek

No. 1870579

Maybe it would be if she didn't spend a full 30 seconds stumbling to say it like she has a speech pediment
>y-y-y-y-ou b-bullet.. b-b-bullet fra… b-b-bullet fragmen- … b-b-BULLET FRAGMENT.. f-foot…

No. 1870585

>did you take too many birth control pills
Men are so retarded its unreal

Genuinely commend her for being able to go out into those big crowds wearing red after that disgusting photoseries went viral

No. 1870594

File: 1706491963074.png (699.82 KB, 596x796, nicki.png)

To the point about AI, I'm pretty sure this one is (at least partly), judging by the shitty text. She's still been posting all day kek. I love how 1 diss track made her this insecure.

As much as I find her annoying, I'm glad she's still going to the games instead of making the Twitter porn into some big dramatic thing. Feels PR'd into oblivion, but meh.

No. 1870598

I’m glad she’s having fun instead of getting upset over the weird football fans

No. 1870600

It's so embarrassing how Meg's song made her spiral, especially when you consider her age and her achievements. She always keeps talking about how haters don't faze her yet she's been losing it ever since HISS dropped kek

No. 1870603

>obvious AI art again
She's so lazy and has no standard or decorum anymore

No. 1870610

Taylor didn’t even make a big deal about the AI porn thing, it’s literally just the government who is trying to crack down on it now under the guise of ‘protecc the rich celebrities!’. Of course the only reason they’re doing it is for censorship reasons, controlling the information war and eventually implementing digital IDs. They’re happy to let all kinds of disgusting shady and illegal porn featuring vulnerable women, trafficked women and little kids stay up on the internet forever.(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1870614

Sage your dumb-ass tinfoil.(report)

No. 1870617

>I love how 1 diss track made her this insecure.
>she has 5 more songs written up for megan already
Megan's law got Nicki acting schizophrenic. Holy shit.

No. 1870619

It's even funnier when you consider it was just one line, one line was all it took
Seeing the backlash she gets is amazing to me considering how people used to get mass harassed for calling her and her rapist husband out. I think is partly because of Megan not being negative towards her, even after the collab with Cardi B, saying they were all grown women who didnt care about the internet trying to invent drama + all of nicki's faggot fans being so misogynistic and borderline racist.
Either way, i hope she fucks up and randomly starts dissing other unrelated artists. Twitter Stans were trying to twist Doja's "Paint the town red" being about either Nicki or Megan and some already thought the percocet lyric was about Nicki KEK

No. 1870621

File: 1706494602665.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1504x6734, STEREOGUM - Donald Glover Appa…)

> Donald Glover Apparently Orchestrated Those Furries At The Nets Game And Other Recent Viral Videos — And His 21 Savage Biopic Was Fake Too
The 21 Savage movie was discussed here >>>/ot/1844710 and >>>/ot/1844741
Mr & Mrs Smiths here >>>/ot/1852142 and >>>/ot/1853580
Do we think they’ll claim >>>/ot/1853625 was also part of the “campaign”?

No. 1870624

I don't think Doja and Nicki are on good terminal either since a couple of weeks ago Nicki was complaining how Doja cat didn't want a feature she did on Nicki's pinkfriday2 to be released.

No. 1870628

finally people feel brave now speaking out about the harassment and doxxing they received from barbz (nicki fans). They're always so racist and misogynistic and they always cry like little babies when they get caught or have to take accountability like there was this lady who got doxxed by a barb who would not stop harassing her so she ended up finding out his real name and identity and then confronted him on his real account and he started crying like a little bitch.

No. 1870633

This AI shit is so bad that even the number of toes are off kek

No. 1870634

It would be AMAZING if MTS had a music video of her terrorizing and shaking ass over skyscrapers on a tiny city like a hot giantess. Like LDRs cover of Doin Time except less subdued, it would be so cool. Just unbothered shaking ass while tiny unimportant ant people are screaming.

No. 1870641

You think it didn't bother her? Haha you're worthless

>four toes
>three toes
>text on caution tape is elvish runes
This bitch dont care about nothing anymore except cocaine and being mad

No. 1870649

File: 1706497615031.png (5.52 KB, 417x89, beyonce.PNG)

Just a little bit of a tinfoily prediction but I genuinely think that next time Nicki rampages, it will be against Beyonce. She's been referencing Beyonce/Jay-z/the Roc Nation label a lot recently. Just last month, she released a song that had these lyrics in picrel. If you pay attention to her Instagram live rants against Megan Thee Stallion (which I believe were already posted last thread so I won't post them) and her tweets, she repeatedly brings up Megan going to Roc Nation brunches.

The real reason why I think this is because Beyonce has shown support towards Megan and Cardi B multiple times. Most recently, Megan Thee Stallion was brought out twice during the Renaissance tour twice and Cardi B was in the tour film. Nicki doesn't like any female artist who works with women she doesn't like note that this rule does not apply to male artists. See Future and Kanye who relatively recently worked with Megan and Cardi B respectively so there's no way Beyonce isn't on her shitlist. The thing is, Beyonce is too big for Nicki to really pick on her like she likes to do with other female artists. I hope Nicki does it because Beyonce absolutely will not publicly respond to her and she'll just look crazier and more bitter.

No. 1870650

File: 1706497773261.png (461.85 KB, 593x893, nicki2.png)

Nicki's back on Twitter liking aggressive shit from barbz. I guess she has nothing better to do after eating dinner or some shit.

No. 1870654

Anon also has the ability to screenshot on their computer instead of taking a photo of the screen kek

No. 1870655

What is it with Nicki and these Michael Jackson/Whitney Houston memes? Her fans have been using them too.

No. 1870656

She is so weird. It's like she thinks she owns those women or something. I remember when Megan collabed with Cardi that's when Nicki became hostile towards Megan and started throwing jabs or shades towards her. She burns her bridges with other female artists because of her hatred for Cardi. I also think she has a internal problem with other black women, remember when she attacked Leigh Anne so she could uplift Jesy Nelson.

No. 1870658

Just laughed out loud lol

No. 1870659

Why the hell are these pictures of the screen girl

No. 1870662

Leave screenanon alone she is trying her best

No. 1870663

It's funny how she often raps about wanting to find a "princess" because she's the queen yet she'll snap at anyone who challenges her.

No. 1870666

File: 1706498680813.jpg (65.12 KB, 577x433, NONNYNONNY.jpg)

I agree

No. 1870667

Nicki losing her shit is hilarious but she will never be the next Azelea banks who is surprisingly quiet. I actually went to a Nicki concert once it was really fun. Just sucks how far she’s fallen since the pink print.
Ice Spice better watch out she’s next if she steps out of line kek.(sage your shit)

No. 1870669

Agreed, I think she will play up the Bigfoot thing and do a video as a giant. It’s so weird she’s going after her height so bad, being tall isn’t something to be insecure about at all unless the person is an “uwu coquette” type and Megan is the farthest thing from that.

>looking disturbed as they affectionately nuzzled her

No. 1870670

It's so weird to me how she mocks Megan for her height even though Meg likes being a tall woman and it's part of her brand. Nicki's been rapping for ages yet this is the best she could come up with? Her "diss" is going to be so bad.

No. 1870673

File: 1706499672831.png (496.67 KB, 720x764, nicki.png)

It's so beyond embarrassing to see an a-list celebrity arguing with Twitter news pages like a stan. I think she's literally just adopting the behavior of her fans.
That's what I don't get either. Megan basically called out her husband being a rapist, and nicki's response has been "w-well, you're tall!". Plus alleging that she's had sex with multiple men, but that's not interesting at all since, like Nicki, Megan is outwardly sexual

No. 1870678

>Nicki's been rapping for ages yet this is the best she could come up with
Honestly, Nicki has never been good at dissing. I'm not sure how many people here are even familiar with it, but back in 2017 this "Nicki Minaj vs. the world" shit started with another rapper making a 7 minute long diss track towards her. Nicki took a long time to respond, and when she did it was a few weak lines, not even a full track. Even when Cardi B threw a shoe at her head, Nicki mostly stayed quiet and her responses were lackluster. She has to go on twitter because she can't really make anything worthwhile in a studio like her peers. She was able to get at Lil Kim over a decade ago and hasn't replicated that since

No. 1870681

She has always been bad at dissing but for some reason people have collective amnesia when it comes to her and forget the bad aspect about her. Like in 2012 she released "stupid hoe" which was a diss about Kim and it was straight up garbage and I remember that music video at some point having more dislikes than it had likes.

No. 1870683

god he's so fucking annoying. he should've never branched outside of comedy sitcoms.

No. 1870685

Kek I saw her on her actual official account in tiktok comments sections fighting with random girls on tiktok too. Nicki is in a full blown episode at this point.

No. 1870686

She is still arguing with people on tiktok??? Keneth you need to take her phone away NOW.

No. 1870705

File: 1706503618739.png (42.24 KB, 589x467, nicki3.png)

I'm hesitant to say "pop culture is so fucking back" since, as much as this is extremely funny beef, it's one-sided and unhinged. Can't wait to see what it is in ~12 minutes, but this is like a multi-day manic episode. Some decorum, where rappers put out responses to diss tracks on future albums, would be nice. It's about breathing room and suspense, Nicki.

No. 1870711

Is it out yet?

No. 1870712

File: 1706504525024.png (22.65 KB, 591x540, nicki4.png)

Doesn't seem to be, she's waffling about some bullshit instead.

No. 1870714

File: 1706504643910.jpg (78.03 KB, 1283x1543, 1000002427.jpg)

Nicki claiming Meg was having sex with her own father… okay.

No. 1870715

Samefag, what the fuck is this? There's an a cappella version, which is honestly "better" since the lyrics get so lost in the track. This is weak as fuck kek.

No. 1870716

I hope she does. That would be a fanbase deathmatch for the ages.
Maybe I'm missing something, but she's guilty of the same damn thing. She went into a tail spin because MTS mentioned her haters being mad at Megan's Law. Who is she trying to kid?

No. 1870719

Dug up the Topic/label-provided version on free YouTube. Enjoy, kek.

No. 1870720

File: 1706504975361.png (302.23 KB, 500x374, 1000002428.png)

>it's not my fault I've got good vaginer
>why tha fuck was you humping on a minor
This is embarassing

No. 1870721

Funny how a simple line that wasn't even explicitly aimed at her got her so rabid to the point where she'd go and do all this.
She sounds so out of it, the slurring makes her sound drugged out of her mind. The lyrics are just plain desperate and awful too.

No. 1870722

File: 1706505136968.webp (66.87 KB, 700x464, 1000002429.webp)

Today we mourn the death of the GOAT who once gave us Itty Bitty Piggy and Stupid Ho. She has left us.

No. 1870725

This is genuinely Nicki's worst song, I can't even put into words how terrible it is. You can tell how rushed and sloppy it is, and the monologue at the end made me kek. You can tell Nicki doesn't really have anything on Megan because everything she said in this song, she already said on twitter. Also she said something about Megan "humping on a minor". I have no idea what she's talking about about but I'm willing to bet she's just making shit up to try and go to for tat.

No. 1870726

File: 1706505219111.png (139.66 KB, 441x561, huhwhat.png)

It's so fucking DOGSHIT, she uses that same whisper voice for the entire song, guessing the coke energy went all to her live meltdowns and she just half assed this shit
The last part of the song is actual ass, and thats without the fact that she spends like the last two minutes speaking/whispering idek what she's doing. I can't believe there's retards on twitter hyping this, but i'm not surprised either, barbz were conditioned to have shit taste it seems

No. 1870728

File: 1706505379001.jpg (87.08 KB, 1283x1479, 1000002430.jpg)

Just buried her legacy and made herself look like an eager hungry desperate bitch RIP if there were ever a time to use the frowning emoji it would he now. Infinite sadness.

Bitch said VERGINER and said she was humping on a minor like she doesn't have a feature about… humping on a minor

No. 1870730

Wow this was…disappointing. Maybe it's because the lyrics are literally the same thing she was saying when sperging out on twitter live/space. The 'lying on your dead momma is exactly what she said on twitter live. Either way the lyrics are literally just making fun of her for being tall, having a dead mother, bullet in her foot and some weird rumor she pulled out of her an sprinkled in. These are the lyrics if someone who was rapping since 07..

I actually had some hope thinking this was going to be decent but this is a horrible diss.

No. 1870731

It's even worse than I thought it was going to be. She and all her fans should be embarrassed.

No. 1870733

If you search bigfoot on Twitter its normal people saying it was ass and barbs posting those weak ass disses like they hit? Like "omggg this so hilarious nicki ENDED HERRRRR!!!" Umm where, now Nicki looks like a BUM constantly sitting in a dark room frittering off a bump every half hour, like she does nothing else ever. All footage of her now is just the phone panning over a dim lit giant cold looking room, nobody around her, just talking to herself while her baby is mute playing with action figures with a nanny.

No. 1870734

As far as I'm concerned, 2010's Nicki and 2020's Nicki are completely different artists.

>She just mad that no nigga ever loved her
This coming from a person who willingly had a child with a sex offender is both hilarious and sad. She's just full on doubling down now.

No. 1870735

Samefag but also, Nicki kept saying Megan wasn't on beat in Hiss but I swear there's multiple times where she goes off beat kek. I can't wait until she really ends her career, and for the documentaries in 20 years about how an a-list superstar rapper turned to a twitter-addicted tweaker. Showing Nicki Minaj's IG lives in schools could singlehandedly end the drug epidemic in ways D.A.R.E never could.

No. 1870736

holy fuck this is trash

No. 1870737

File: 1706505823237.jpg (109.58 KB, 1283x1246, 1000002431.jpg)

Not my screenshot. These people are EVIL. "She was sleeping with her father" wait are you saying her father was sexually assaulting her? How fucking EVIL do you have to be to look at every single woman who has been sexually assaulted and decide to weaponize it and claim she liked it or wanted it? Nicki is just flat out retarded, it's like she's fantasizing about this shit in her coke delusions.

No. 1870738

Apparently they mean her step-father but either way it's almost certainly a lie if it's coming from Nicki and her twitter goons

No. 1870739

File: 1706505920217.png (9.67 KB, 173x37, trash.png)

self-proclaimed "Queen of Rap" KEK. The only thing she can flex about in this "diss" is the fact her broke bum sex offender boyfriend stays married to her to leech off her money. She really fell from grace.

No. 1870742

I couldn't even understand half of what she was saying. Go listen to the acoppela version on Spotify if you wanna see just how bad her lyrics are.

No. 1870743

>Government finally cracking down on AI sexual harassment/pedo-image generating
Based. We don't need AI if this is the price to pay. Scrotes at the very least should be barred from ever using it. Pornsick faggots literally ruin everything.

No. 1870745

File: 1706506125235.png (283.88 KB, 590x1400, lyrics.png)

posting the full lyrics, some people on twitter are already putting out negative opinions so i guess barbz just posted quicker, i'm 100% sure most of them didn't even listen to it, the random lyric posting they do is weird

No. 1870746

Well since Nicki and her fans endorse pedophilia it is no surprise that they would have such vile fantasies like this or say things like this.

No. 1870748

Don't forget
>Barbz, I need a good alcohol bar
>Roman, wait, that was the bar
Plus her saying that shit will get ugly if she doesn't apologize to her mom. This bitch is so full of empty threats

No. 1870754

File: 1706506532724.jpg (69.68 KB, 567x506, nicki.jpg)

>Shit'll get dark like chocolate
Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1870755

File: 1706506570284.png (235.31 KB, 594x651, nicki5.png)

Nicki's asshurt and replied to one of the top tweets calling the song ass, among a smattering of retweets of random barbz posting lyrics. It's gonna be a long night kek.

No. 1870756

I'm confused about the whole thing. There was a tweet Megan posted when she was 16 years old in 2011 saying she wanted to slap her mom, and Nicki ran with it. If they're referring to that and trying to create some conspiracy that it was because she was having sex with her father… disgusting. Genuinely just gross.

No. 1870757

Oh she's on something, why lie. Nothing she does makes any sense, it's either coke or an actual personality disorder making her manic.

No. 1870758

Is Nicki officially a lolcow now? This is so funny

No. 1870759

File: 1706507351412.png (109.73 KB, 433x413, ss.png)

>Also she said something about Megan "humping on a minor"
And now she's being called out for her verse on Lil Twist's 2009 Old Enough when he was 16 in, picrel, and a video of her on stage twerking on a 13 year old boy in 2021 i think, can't embed both but here's a twitter link with the video

No. 1870760

it was remy ma with shether. that entire track laid into her.
>And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz
>Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj
>You paid for your brother's wedding? That's hella foul
>How you spendin' money to support a pedophile?
>He a walkin' dead man, sendin' threats to him
>I guess that's why they call you Barbie, you was next to Ken
>Talkin' about your money long and your foreign sick
>Why you ain't help your bro hide his cum from forensics?

No. 1870761

I remember the chaos that ensued from this and it wasn't nearly as empassioned as the single Megan's law line. What the hell is she coming down from?

No. 1870768

"I've never done coke" yeah, she seems more like the type to do crack

No. 1870771

Remy Ma literally did time for shooting someone over money. Ever since she got married, Nicki has been trying to push this image of a queenpin who is affiliated with all these New York gang members, but I think shes literally too scared to really go hard on people like Remy Ma and Cardi B. Cardi B also had a case against her for paying someone to beat up strippers.

No. 1870778

Nicki sits in a dimlit room cackling all by herself, her husband can't take her baby to school, her child is nonverbal, of course she's miserable and completely cracking. Splintering, even.

No. 1870779

Wait, is her child ok? Why is he non verbal?

No. 1870782

People say they think it's racism as to why she's going so hard at Meg and calling her an ape/man/picking at her height, I think it's some of that. I also think that Meg putting what she said in a song about her unexpected is what really pissed Nicki off.
Like her and Cardi never @ eachother, MTS putting that line in a song, means it's forever. It's a different level, it's not agruing on twitter with her barbz. Megan also isn't responding, while Cardi and Nicki's retarded asses will go back and forth for hours without @ing eachother.

No. 1870783

What minor? That ugly ass 20 year old MTS let grab her ass? Nicki has Shayna level of shitbrain because your husband RAPED a minor as a minor.
Trying to call MTS a sex offender for "dancing" with a 20 year old isn't the drag she thinks it is. She genuinely needs rehab this is sad.
I watched a clip of her "calling out" Jay Z and out of nowhere her eyes went crazy and she said, "FUCK NIGGA!" and then "FUCK YOU" like so suddenly like she was having a violent spaz attack. It's fucking nuts,i truly think she's on pills or something harder.

No. 1870785

Whats crazy is Nicki, Cardi and Remi are all terrible people. Meg is objectively the only one who hasn't done anything fucking wrong, she's not a rap defender, she's didnt' shoot a friend over 2k that she DID NOT STEAL BTW. She's not someone constantly fighting women over her cheating husband, wishing death on her fans family for mild criticisms, she's just a little repetitive in her music and had a drunk night where a violent retard moid shot at her.

No. 1870787

same anon, also btw, the woman Remy shot can not have kids and has a colostomy bag for life, Remi is also a huge pick me.

No. 1870789

>and out of nowhere her eyes went crazy

I always thought she has crazy eyes, I remember watching a music video of hers years ago and thinking she looked crazy, and I mean legit crazy.

No. 1870794

>Honestly, Nicki has never been good at dissing
Clearly, I literally cannot get over her stumbling her way through 4 words until she finally managed to put together “bullet fragment foot bitch.” She sounded like a 12 year old boy on Xbox live trying to put two brain cells together long enough to form an insult and can only come up with a shaky “I fucked your mom!” Im sorry but it kills me just thinking about it, that’s the funniest shit I’ve heard in a long time, she’s such an insecure spaz.

No. 1870796

I am cackling at 40 year old washed up Nicki Minaj going completely unhinged over literally nothing. Just making a fool of herself & acting like a 12 year old ghetto kid who tells her schoolmates that she's going to "jump" them after class.
She was always a dogshit rapper with a grating voice & no substance, even when she had her 15 minutes. But I figured that she would just fade into irrelevancy. I figured that she probably knew deep down that she mistakenly stumbled her way into having clout in the rap world. To see her unravel in real time looking so pathetic & pressed over literally nothing is adding years to my life. She's seriously pissed that Megan called out pedos in her rap lmao. She didn't even name names, Nicki just assumes that it's a diss to her because she verifiably fucks with pedos & rapists. Ten year old me would be so vindicated right now.
Girlie is making me wanna stream Megan thee Stallion kek. Now that I know how every stream sends random shots of pain into her amygdala like a voodoo doll.

No. 1870799

All she's doing is making me stan Megan tbh. I don't even like rap, but that is mostly because it's all just rape ape moids rapping about their own degeneracy while calling women bitches & hoes. I'm glad that we've moved past shit-tier female rappers like Nicki & the rap world is finally shining the spotlight on a smartass woman with a degree and a spicy flow who is willing to tell it like it is when it comes to male worthlessness.
I am a convert. Thanks Nicki kek.

No. 1870811

This is slightly funny to me but Sydney Sweeney got caught lying about which job she had in high school. She said she worked as a tour guide at a theme park until she got a part in Sharp Objects. This tiktoker says that she has the job Sydney claimed to have had, that Sydney never worked there, and that people have to be over 18 to have the job so a minor couldn’t have been hired

No. 1870826

I know that nonnies have mocked her disses like "Stupid Hoe" before, but Stupid Hoe was fun and high production value compared whatever this is. Same with her Remy Ma diss "No Frauds" that was classy by Nicki‘s standards.

"Kylie, kicked you out and made you stumble to the car
Barbz, I need a good alcohol bar" ???
This is just lazy and her spending half of the song simply slurring the words and whispering into the mic made the whole thing 1000 times worse. The way she keeps bringing up Megan‘s death mother (and in this song she does that in a really psychotic way by repeating it over and over again) is just tasteless. I have tickets for her world tour but I am really considering selling them.

No. 1870829

File: 1706515957879.jpeg (76.53 KB, 620x460, IMG_1959.jpeg)

Painful to listen to. I’ve been a casual Nicki fan for years and this is all of her absolute worst habits and instincts compiled in one song. Crazy to think just a few years ago she was dating Lewis Hamilton and considered an outrageous media darling and now she’s stuck in the house playing Edward Twitterhands defending her rapist husband for three days straight. We’re not even in February and this might just be the best celebricow milk of the year.

No. 1870831

she also got breast implants and then larped about "being ostracized for having boobs" and that her mom totes begged her to not get a reduction at 18 as if we all forget her being flat in her movies in the 2010s + she's also not a natural blonde

No. 1870833

File: 1706516219126.jpeg (401.27 KB, 828x918, IMG_5093.jpeg)

Billies ex Jesse Rutherford from the band the Neighborhood started a hardcore band as a side project and it’s being torn to shreds. Dude has no style or movement and it’s super watered down Turnstile clone music, who people also hate these days. Some people are also remembering that he’s a groomer.

No. 1870837

Wow, her lines have always been dogshit. And even after a decade there’s no improvement, how’d she make it this far?

No. 1870842

File: 1706517247079.jpg (121.14 KB, 361x418, GoPhYGg.jpg)

> [They're] listed under her real name, Stefani Germanotta, with no mention of her stage name.

> The three songs under that heading are purported different mixes or versions of two previously released songs, “Perfect Illusion” and “Fashion,” as well as an unreleased 2007 song called “Retro Physical”

No. 1870844

Personally I just feel vindicated. I never ever liked Nicki, I just didn't enjoy her songs and never saw anything about her personality to respect, but I loved Megan from the start. Not that how much I like their music is relevant to their characters, but luckily for me they align.

No. 1870849

Even way back in her dino-age hayday (sorry older nonnies but I am still laughing at her being in her 40s & beefing with women in their 20s) I remember people clowning on Nicki with shit like vidrel. Her rapping skills have always been zero.
She only got her clout because she was a woman who was allowed to blow up by male producers in what was, at the time, a completely male-centric industry. Sure there were Lil Kim & Eve before her, but they paved their own way out of blood, sweat & tears. And they were anomalies. Nicki gassed her way to the top riding on the coattails of males because she was not a threat to them. Or to… well, anyone.
Her being the opposite of a girl's girl will be her final downfall, and we LOVE to see it. Defending pedos & rapists? Let that be her legacy. Ultimate pickme-ass clown.

No. 1870862

>>1870715 this is honestly the worst thing i have listened to this year. who was like "yeah sounds good, release this"??

No. 1870864

>not a natural blonde
Are you sure? Maybe I’m just dumb as fuck, she genuinely looks like a natural blonde of a certain kind. The other stuff about her idk kek the hair tho I figured she was just a natural level 7-8 dark-medium blonde

No. 1870868

Vid above doesn't actually prove anything, but no it isn't shocking at all if it's a fib because actors lie about literally everything. It's what they do. I wanted to believe she was genuinely just a boob girlie that was sharing her childhood woes and I have a natural propensity to want to defend her, but I looked at the pics of her boobs and it does appear that she could have had them done. She does have what could appear as a possible scar on the underside of her areola and her areola dont tighten or get "hard" or whatever so yeah she maybe has implants. Like if you look at pictures of her topless (I felt so skeevy doing so kek so parasocial) her areola only gets "hard" right around the nipple and the rest of it remains completely smooth, like it's a tattoo covering a scar. Could just be a body anomaly tho who am I to say, idk why anyone is bothered by her, you'd think showing tits was a genuine crime. So misogynistic.

No. 1870895

File: 1706522342518.jpeg (593.59 KB, 1170x1072, IMG_0237.jpeg)

Whole tweet wouldn’t fit in a screenshot but it’s funny.

>The fact that I be on this lady mind is funny, but I love this I get paid for this ..Nicki how are you going to buy anyone’s catalog when you got liens on your publishing and your tour deal? You blew your advance from your last tour and now this tour is collateral, so you’re literally bout to tour for free cause you owe Uncle Sam money.. You wanna holler that people judge your disgusting ass husband because they’re not used to being “loved” but you know who is used to be loved exactly like you? Wendy Williams. He loved her pockets to the end, letting her do all types of drugs so he could keep digging in that purse while you sit up there looking like an ass.. That man is keeping you all drugged up and mixing your coke wit horse tranquilizers and ozempic so he can make you more stupid while taking your money and letting you look crazy. YOU HAVE TO BUY LOVE. You have no room to judge anybody on anything. You have no friends (hence why they got you out here looking like a complete maniac while they “yesss queen!” you to death just to keep their brownie points and your nasty ego under control) your brothers are pedophiles, your real dad is drug addict like you, and your lil sister is living in the projects. You might be “Nicki Minaj” on the surface but deep down inside you’re that hurt lil girl that your mom abandoned in Trinidad till you was five and that’s why you hate her, you want to take about apologizing to mothers like you didn’t hit your own mom and as it came out your own mouth you still haven’t forgiven her …Muah no family, no friends just coke.

No. 1870896

Didn't Nicki Minaj pick a fight with Lil Kim years back? Why is she such a pick me and can't stand other women rappers doing their thing

No. 1870899

File: 1706522681181.png (571.81 KB, 432x695, loser.png)

implying ari can even move her eyebrows lmao

hahaha i accidentally paused at the perfect time

No. 1870904

LOL. I have no idea who this person is but they still ate her tf up, damn. She's trying to make out like it's a character flaw that Megan has dead parents when hers are pure zero trash humans who bred more trash.
I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't determined to be such a cunt.

No. 1870909

>Bitch, you better stop that dialogue (28 shit)
>'Fore I hit Carl and buy your catalogue
Nicki doesn't even own her masters, how could she buy someone elses? I genuinely think Nicki is mad that Megan fought to get out of her shitty label deal but Nicki can't. If Nicki does, she'll probably piss her her labelmates (Birdman, Lil Wayne). Nicki can't push back against any of the male artists around her, that's why she lashes out at the women.

Also, that track is so terribly mixed. It's so botched, whoever produced it should be ashamed to have made that

No. 1870911

they were shilling poor things on the sunday evening news program/tv show which is huge here in my country and i found it weird bc that kind of thing usually happens to blockbusters or stuff that the general public hypes and expects to see not the pretentious art house that no one cared about until it started getting attention at awards season

No. 1870912

She's been in the spotlight since she was like 10, she's been a brunette all the way up until she was 18-19 and then just did the California glow up which was bleach her hair, get bolt ons, fillers and a tan

No. 1870914

I was upset too, especially since my natural boobs look pretty similar to hers and it was nice seeing big boobs in the media with sag,large areolas, etc and not just big fake barbie boobs. She wouldn't be the first one to listen to what women with naturally large boobs experience and mimic them for the purpose of being more convincing, many many cows have done this too(blogposting)

No. 1870922

true ts biggest worries right now are how she's going to make more money and fame off her pr relationship and retard fans but i'm all for punishing moids for being coombrains and all that shit anyways sage

No. 1870928

Anon is smart enough to screenshot to remove exif data but still uses the camera …(continuing derailing)

No. 1870962

File: 1706529062696.jpeg (41.86 KB, 403x481, IMG_9187.jpeg)

Mere weeks after getting the portrait of Blueface on her throat covered with a (terribly done) rose, Crisean doubles down with this.

No. 1870967

What the actual fuck. Trashy

No. 1870968

imagine how much you must hate yourself to do something like this to your own face

No. 1870972

File: 1706531216582.jpg (109.19 KB, 1170x1393, GE_FmE8bkAAzC1-.jpg)

Nicki calling a 20 year old man a minor meanwhile she lapdanced on a 13 year old….

No. 1870975

File: 1706531695881.png (96.92 KB, 235x480, Screenshot 2024-01-29 133515.p…)

Ran into this The Boys promo reel, come on Erin Moriarty… this is not "just aging"

No. 1870976

File: 1706531715007.jpg (84.83 KB, 1290x1385, GE_uRmLWEAAXPoa.jpg)

Idk how accurate that show dislikes software is but this is what it showed a couple of hours ago.

No. 1870978

It's nominated for Oscars. Of course they talk about it

No. 1870979

File: 1706532101677.jpg (36.68 KB, 650x562, GE-VqoRWEAAVVxw.jpg)

Nicki fans were posting the address of Megan's mother grave. I'm posting the one with a gray censor.

No. 1870983

File: 1706532515681.jpg (36.58 KB, 680x763, E1lQ2gCXMAIMs8X.jpg)

She looks like the Chad meme

No. 1870986

Pretty sure that screenshot is fake, that tweet is nowhere to be found

No. 1870990

Thanks for letting me know.

No. 1870994

not just a portrait, his mugshot. kek how are these people even real

No. 1871003

You've got to be kidding me. This is beyond fucked up

No. 1871006

Truly jobless behavior. This person's life must suck. Imagine being this fanatical.

No. 1871016

ariana claiming she stopped botox and filler in 2018 was a hilarious claim. She can't move her face.

No. 1871029

i just found out now about megan's "it's a discrimination to nerds everywhere" video kek i cant believe she's a weeaboo

so are a dozen others

No. 1871038

jfc, I never heard about this until now. Why isnt this bitch dragged and canceled already?

No. 1871042

File: 1706540621413.jpeg (862.41 KB, 1284x1344, IMG_5380.jpeg)

she has a bar about sasunaru KEK

No. 1871044

based fujo meg

No. 1871046

Going after someone's dead mom is the ultimate piece of shit, trash gutter behavior. This is appalling.

No. 1871050

That was completely unexpected. Sounds like Sasuke is her husbando.

No. 1871054

Not really, the stereotype of black americans being big fans of basic shonen anime is more like a rule from my experience.

No. 1871061

Yup always shonen. I’d rather have her rap what she likes about than making the 1000th sailor moon transformation parody.

No. 1871070

Would YOU wanna talk to a mother and father like that? kidding. But seriously, the true victim here is the poor baby in that fucked up household.

No. 1871071

File: 1706543152227.jpg (39.44 KB, 596x628, keksimus maximus.jpg)

"Edward Twitterhands" MY SIDES ANON. Early, but next threadtitle please.

No. 1871074

File: 1706543708724.png (241.09 KB, 317x490, He really did that with his fa…)

One poster on reddit pointed out that he pulls little Tiktok cosplay face poses during his speech and I lost it. Look at >>1869902 0:04 and 0:16 what the fuckkkkk. Dada, Surrealist, German Expressionism has nothing on this live action commentary on the human psyche.

No. 1871075

Based af

No. 1871080

Barbz are all mentality ill.

No. 1871099

File: 1706546724052.jpeg (91.35 KB, 640x640, IMG_7721.jpeg)

Her hair was light brownish in a picture of her pre / less surgery

No. 1871102

File: 1706546850733.jpeg (133.43 KB, 653x879, IMG_7722.jpeg)

In other pictures from that era she's blonde though

She was cuter without overdone lip filler

No. 1871117

File: 1706547740907.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x2061, IMG_5115.jpeg)

Kylie Jenner at the Jacquemus show, the shoulder pads on this dress looks so off on her

No. 1871121

File: 1706547893780.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1170x1743, IMG_5114.jpeg)

No. 1871124

wendy williams core

No. 1871161

Did she skin Gossamer from Looney Tunes?

No. 1871167

File: 1706550223994.gif (1.9 MB, 480x359, IMG_7825.gif)

I’m primarily a cow board user but this Nicki drama is like prime full fat milk. She’s way more entertaining than Shay and co. I wish she had her own thread

No. 1871179

File: 1706550852344.jpg (12.49 KB, 185x247, 1706547893780.jpeg.jpg)

Why does she have a hoof for a hand

No. 1871191

She always looks like she smelled something rank

No. 1871218

She went from handsome F1 driver to a rapist and murderer? Oof

No. 1871220

File: 1706552420461.jpg (4.98 KB, 299x168, arthur-fist.jpg)

She's probably adjusting herself on the seat, but it looks like she's doing Arthur fist out of context. kek

No. 1871261

Her corset is so tight, it looks like she's can barely sit down and is wincing in pain. It's crazy how her, Sofia Richie, and the likes, within months just went from curvy sexy baddie to muh elegant skinny rich wife in her 40s. After they ditched their black men Kris now wants white Hollywood for her daughters…

No. 1871262

File: 1706554760225.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1620x1615, 7998DAD2-CDC7-422A-B98E-966C9F…)

Reminds me of this heart shaped coat

No. 1871272

And she can't blame makeup either since she's wearing barely any makeup in this video.

No. 1871278

File: 1706555986007.jpg (585.24 KB, 2880x2880, 20240128_224321.jpg)

oh how the mighty have fallen… how that thing on the left got cast as regina george is beyond me.

No. 1871287

File: 1706556595553.jpeg (1023.54 KB, 1620x1092, 5B068A9B-5918-497F-8486-26BF5A…)

I feel bad she’s getting bullied by fans of the show for it, but her change in appearance is distractingly noticeable.

No. 1871289

>those eyebrows
>aliexpress tier jewellery
>fake lashes
>dead stare

No. 1871296

I saw so many people try to cope on the cheap jewelry.
>well regina george wasn't that rich, she's an american high schooler
She lives in a mansion, has her hair insured for $5,000, walks around in designer brands and does car commercials in Japan kek

No. 1871297

is this a woman or a troon? i dont trust hollywood anymore

No. 1871299

the half pearl half chain necklace is so fucking ugly, the real regina would never

No. 1871300

can you name someone who doesn't have a dead stare these days?(sage your shit)

No. 1871302

File: 1706557720331.jpg (84.52 KB, 900x863, 6qk2gn.jpg)

LMAO literally the same.

No. 1871306

File: 1706557807608.jpg (20.36 KB, 474x341, th-121431426.jpg)

>omg Rihanna is a fashion icon!!1!1

No. 1871309

Literally what you expect to buy vs what you get. Rachel mcadams was a perfect Regina and no one could take that role from her, especially not tacky ass zoomers.

No. 1871311

File: 1706558119865.png (99.08 KB, 500x265, Screenshot 2024-01-28 9.07.24 …)

Nonnies guess who that is, and no, it's not a Charlie Sheen who got fat…

I recently understood that gold just isn't for the majority of white women. And everybody looks better with some hair in their face compared to that greasy slicked-back look. Slimmer brows are also better unless you're a kid or a rare natural beauty.

No. 1871319

Henry Cavill
so that awful look was for a role or something?

No. 1871323

I watched The Boys in one go and I wasn't sure for some episodes if they didn't change the actress and had to look it up. If I would produce a show I wouldn't want my actors to change their faces so drastically that people wouldn't recognise anymore.

No. 1871324

File: 1706558561004.jpg (78.4 KB, 500x748, argylle-prem-01.jpg)

No, that's his permanent state now at the old age of 40.

No. 1871327


No. 1871332

The wall hit him so hard. kekkk it's what he deserves for being a creep.

No. 1871345

I still can't get over his tiny ass hands, imagine those touching you kek

No. 1871347

I seriously can't stand the slicked down hair all the zoomers are doing. It makes your head look like an egg.

No. 1871348

Barbs are spam buying it on Itunes, I wonder how it will translate to spotify charts and billboard top 100 LOL. They’ll buy anything with a pink wig on it

No. 1871356

File: 1706560420968.png (726.67 KB, 625x1600, Minaj.png)

sage for no milk and shitty collage but nicki still tweeting and retweeting every single support post she sees lmao. She posted a foot emoji but i didnt show it on picrel. Funniest one for me is her tweeting to the record label KEK
Also her twitter pinned is just the lyrics to her new song
i dont think thats the point, it's the fact that she realeased shit over A LINE and supposedly has 5 more tracks for Megan, who doesn't do shit, and still wouldn't confront Cardi, who actually got physical with her or Remy, who went to jail for shooting someone. For someone with such a pop adjacent quirky image you wouldn't expect her to act like she's a threat to some random sasunaru shipper with a rap career who she already had a song with

No. 1871362

does Nicki actually feel threatened by Cardi or Remy? is this why she prefers to pick on harmless Megan? low-hanging fruit?

No. 1871367

I know that face. It's Receding Hairline Cavill.

No. 1871368

The copy looks goofy, she does not have a single ounce of that intimidating and powerful charisma that Regina George has

No. 1871369

kek anon you immediately got me thinking of this

No. 1871370

I don't hate the idea of that necklace but Regina George would never wear some shit like that. I wonder how accurate her character is though in behaviour.

No. 1871371

File: 1706561328783.jpg (131.61 KB, 1080x1326, 255620806_1093170764822468_138…)

No. 1871374

File: 1706561420890.jpeg (129.42 KB, 736x939, IMG_7732.jpeg)

I swear the roids have fucked up his face and body so bad, it's not just the hairline.

No. 1871375

File: 1706561443530.png (247.73 KB, 672x743, mklp.png)

Now people are pulling out Nicki's old tweets, kek

No. 1871376

Nicki's most recent song is currently at 25 on billboard lol, bigfoot is nowhere to be scene
what record is she claiming to have broken?

No. 1871377

I’m not even that invested in her antics but it’s amazing that Nicki is more milky than 99% of actual cows posted on this site and anons still complain. Like, what are we supposed to do, nitpick Florence’s tits for 1000th time? Miss Onika is single-handedly reviving cow culture.

No. 1871378

omg he was like a nourished timothee

No. 1871381

Whatever surgery he had besides the effect of HGH, his attempt to more masculinize his face looks so awkward and dodgy

No. 1871383

Jesus wtf I knew that he was cute before but that cute? so sad
I actually think that male celebs have a lot more plastic surgery than we know about but the roids are definitely the most damaging.

There recently has been a blind item going around claiming that Camilla Cabello is constantly wearing hats lately because she loses her hair due to ozempic. It's crazy how these celebs could afford any personal trainer, skin care specialist and so on, yet the all choose the quick and easy road. Aren't they ever scared of getting those procedures or getting weird shots? I would freak out over not seeing my own face and body in the mirror anymore.

No. 1871389

He had this incelish look to him, not ugly, but kinda nerdy and a bit awkward. I was always shocked that a man with literal Chad physique has creepy gamer mentality but after seeing this picture it suddenly makes sense.

No. 1871397

File: 1706562552402.mp4 (4.63 MB, 720x720, Lpw8cJUMrXq9k1Xm.mp4)

No. 1871400

They're the perfect size to paint over 99999999 of tiny little Warhammer figurines.

No. 1871403

damn, this video takes me back. I remember the spaceship one going viral on twitter kek

No. 1871406

File: 1706562816902.jpeg (98.16 KB, 762x716, erin-moriarty-v0.jpeg)

And it's even worse now. They're gonna have to recast her at this point.
This is her in season 1, which was not "a decade ago". All the softness in her face is gone.

No. 1871409

I don't like her either but this is a scripted interaction for an entertainment event. Am I supposed to feel bad for beiber here kek?

No. 1871410

File: 1706562936969.png (243.83 KB, 640x360, ED9E318D-9E0F-432D-83BC-4226BE…)

Is the new Superman David Corenswet an upgrade or no? I kind of feel like they should give the superhero movies a rest already.

No. 1871413

File: 1706563049101.jpeg (421.58 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_7733.jpeg)

>I actually think that male celebs have a lot more plastic surgery than we know about but the roids are definitely the most damaging.

Male celebs work is less noticeable than their female counterparts (in other words they're allowed to age cuz sexism), but on some you can see pufferfish filler face, like Tom Cruise. Bradley Cooper was looking that way awhile back, worst case scenario is nightmare fuel Simon Cowell or Zac Efron's new butt chin. There is no way most of these men make it to 40-60 years old consuming as many substances as they do with no botox, no facelifts, or a full head of hair. Wigs are also super common among male celebrities.

No. 1871421

is it just me or are his eyes kinda far apart

No. 1871424

They're practically sliding off the sides of his head

No. 1871425

she was cute and pretty but i guess working in hollywood increases your chances at mental illnesses and body dismorphia

No. 1871428

Hormones are no joke. He used to be cute. He's beyond wrecked now.

No. 1871429

RIP. She's beyond recognizable now.

No. 1871439

Anons since we are going to reach celebricows #100 very soon what are some of your ideas to do for the thread reaching 100? Do we do celebricow nominations? Compile the best celebricow posts? Please give ideas before the 100th thread, thanks.

No. 1871444

File: 1706565653353.jpeg (89.32 KB, 1024x707, IMG_3595.jpeg)

They are, but I guess that’s the current trendy look in Hollywood right now

No. 1871445

definitely the nona who would post increasingly more unhinged updates about Ben Whishaw, i think of her all the time, shes the reason i became interested in these threads

No. 1871448

Nicki has been giving Azealia Banks energy..been knew she's unhinged but this behavior was NOT on my 2024 bingo card kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1871450

>If I would produce a show I wouldn't want my actors to change their faces so drastically that people wouldn't recognise anymore.

I read somewhere that they used to make actors sign a contract prohibiting them from changing their appearance drastically, but apparently they're not allowed to do this anymore.

Or they could just say she got her face beat up by Homelander or something kek

No. 1871459

I think she got casted cause she played Regina on Broadway and can sing. I don't think Renee is ugly but I don't think this look suits her, and in general from what I've seen the whole movie is lackluster compared to both the Broadway musical and the movie

No. 1871476

>cyber truck physique
>giant bloated head and amorphous face
Even "hot" men all age like this. Suicide fuel

No. 1871477

what yaoi is this?

No. 1871479

I’ve been a fan of hers for a while but I had no idea she shipped them omg, I love her even more, based fujo Meg.

No. 1871482

the old man yaoi one

No. 1871496

I can't fucking get over how hard moids seethe and project about women being shallow. even women that spend 100k on their face will risk it all for nasty specimen like this.

No. 1871516

Azealia is at least funny some of the time, Nicki’s giving cokehead outside a 7/11 at 2am.

No. 1871520

wasn't there some old photos showing he used to be fat at some point? that's probably another reason why he's like that on the inside even after getting fit kek

No. 1871530

In the thumbnail something about the guy on the right reminds me of Benedict Cucumberpatch. My brain doesn't register him as "hot" for some reason

No. 1871531

She's always so stiff and uncomfortable looking. Watching her and Kendall try to be "high fashion" is so weird

No. 1871547

Nominations would be fun! Perhaps a poll that wraps up before the 99th thread closes. I'm not that creative with nomination categories, but here's my attempt:
-Celeb most likely to sperg on lolcow
-Favorite celeb moo-niker (I would nominate "bicycle seat chan for Doja, Floor Poo for Florence Pugh, for example)
-Favorite celebricow meme

No. 1871556

Because he's not anon.

No. 1871561

File: 1706578852033.jpg (166.65 KB, 1289x1444, 1000002438.jpg)

This is what makes a man LEAVE you. Now you've got a smeared turd on your face that ruins your beauty completely. She used to be extremely cute, this is so sad.

No. 1871562

File: 1706579074533.jpg (27.67 KB, 393x600, 1000002441.jpg)

I know she's had a baby so drawing weight or fitness comparisons isn't fair, but she overall just looked cleaner, glowier, happier, put together. Girl has lost herself.

No. 1871564

Have you noticed that he still literally intonates like Spongebob

No. 1871566

WHY are his hands so small and delicate

If they had really wanted to match the movie to the times, Regina George would be a thin, Lily Rose Depp-ish type of IG baddie with a full wardrobe of vintage Dior. She would not be overweight, she would not wear shein, and she'd have a skincare fridge and a tray of Chanel lipsticks. She'd be wearing skimpy skirts, stilettos, and tiny saddlebags with constantly changing acrylic nails. They suck so bad.

No. 1871567

File: 1706579965812.jpg (74.12 KB, 500x624, 1000002442.jpg)

Light a candle for the fact that our boy ATJ is next.

No. 1871575

That's the same person? She used to be beautiful wtf

No. 1871587

File: 1706582200600.jpg (95.68 KB, 828x1028, 1000002443.jpg)

Charlie xcx shared a list of "marketing ideas" that were sent to her. Fags are so corny. You know they thought they were genius for these.

No. 1871594

Posting this obvious joke list was the real publicity stunt

No. 1871598

>obvious joke
Too much credit to the most uninspired people alive, they think this shit ~eats~

No. 1871603

Superman and Aquaman
>or a gay version of the Witcher

No. 1871609

Somebody on twitter sourced the beat, made 6 months ago.

No. 1871616

File: 1706587050812.png (1.65 MB, 1200x900, Hip-hip-artist-Nicki-Minaj.png)

Keep in mind that she lied about her ass implants for years until that one picture got released. She is full of shit, i wouldn't doubt she is on drugs.
No for real, this beef is doing wonders for Megan, kek. People have been digging through her tweets and only been finding gems.

No. 1871618

can't believe this sandy cheeks parody rap is better than her diss
All the discussion about Megan is about how she's smart for letting Nicki do the promo for Hiss and finding Megan old tweets funny and like an unseen side of her. No one seemed to like Big Foot except for the most braindead barbz ofc not sure if i should post twitter screenshots regarding the topic if it isnt from nicki and is just random users, but i'm not doing it just in case

No. 1871619

I'm disappointed but not surprised. Zoomers are ugly and getting uglier. I don't even care that they made Regina bigger but they chose hands down the most unflattering hair, clothes and makeup possible, on all of them really, and then used a mega HD camera to really emphasize their flaws.

It almost feels like the time Victoria's secret gave all their models AliExpress tier clothes, crappy makeup and hair and did the most unflattering photoshoots possible so that way when people complained they would've threw up their hands and said "oh it's because we're woke now I guess we'll drop that"

No. 1871625

I contemplated sharing this cause it's actually kind of good. But it's also kind of like a Kreayshawn song.

No. 1871626

File: 1706588719129.jpeg (47.6 KB, 680x606, GE0j_bIXQAAmqZ1.jpeg)

One of the gems in question.

No. 1871638

oh i love her. she's what doja cat tries to be.

No. 1871642

File: 1706589659596.jpg (243.5 KB, 1585x1126, image (1).jpg)

He was a fat kid with the nickname "fat Cavill". He's been doughy most of his adult life, though. He was only hot from like 19 to 23. The Superman suit was made to make him look way more muscular than he was. Ben Affleck's Batsuit was the same. Another actor that was a fat kid was Richard Madden. He's not an incel like Cavill but he has serious body issues.

No. 1871646

She was correct

No. 1871657

Mean girls is one of my favorite movies and it’s so depressing to see it get butchered like this. Why is the entire cast significantly less attractive than the og cast? Are there no modern hotties? Everyone looks so fucking bland and forgettable. Don’t even get me started in the shit wardrobe choices. And the acting? I can actively feel these young actors knowing they have huge shoes to fill and desperately trying way too hard to live up to it and thereby failing miserably. Every moment of the original is iconic. This is just… a tragedy?

No. 1871667

File: 1706593349566.jpeg (76.42 KB, 556x551, IMG_1962.jpeg)

>I’m in GREAT company
Does this bitch have fucking dementia? The last time she and Taylor were in the same conversation it was because she was calling her a skinny bitch and over the fact that Bad Blood was nominated for Video of the Year and Anaconda wasn’t. Iirc they never made up either.

No. 1871669

File: 1706593383183.jpg (62.42 KB, 1200x675, k5axfqGDq4MaEjzXjbg6AH-1200-80…)

>Are there no modern hotties?
Honestly it seems not. Or at least there seems to be some kind of aversion to casting attractive actors, maybe it's supposed to be "relatable/realistic" or something. Personally, I want eye-candy back.

No. 1871670

Nepotism 100%, or the fact bad taste is a thing with most people. I see hotter potential actors daily. Renee rapps would've made a better cady, that guy just looks like one of the background high school douche moids

No. 1871671

> Are there no modern hotties?
Gonna be honest I feel like I see tons of hot people in random drama TV shows now- not so much hollywood films. I haven’t watched the remake so I don’t know if it’s because they’re good at acting, but I’m sure the relatability factor plays a part.

No. 1871672

i dont think anybody gives a shit if that old ass woman was upset because the panel didnt enjoy her cackling for thirty seconds and repeating I got a big. fat. ass. over and over again
its so sad that being ugly is relatable for the general population these days.
Chris Briney (picrel) is not a nepobaby unfortunately they just casted a sockpuppet of their own volition. Renee Rapp is also a non-nepo baby.

No. 1871704

File: 1706597639450.jpg (230.39 KB, 1290x1671, 1000002447.jpg)

(Forgotten rapist) Ed Westwick got engaged

No. 1871713

File: 1706598099648.jpg (92.38 KB, 1170x881, 1000002405.jpg)

People's princess

No. 1871723

File: 1706598908190.jpg (62.72 KB, 1242x814, eopin979a0o51.jpg)

No. 1871724

>Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo
for…what? showing herself giving a lapdance to a dude in a chair, and then herself and multiple other women on their hands and knees, twerking their asses in the air for men? such choreography, so empowering

No. 1871744

I hate when race is used for dumb conversations like this. I want a moratorium on race discussions until 2035

No. 1871753

Reminds me of when they put ugly overweight women to model for Victoria's secret for "representation"

No. 1871757

I don't know why those celebs all have botched blepharoplasty, it seems like they always come out with uneven eyelid creases that are carved too deep

No. 1871765

So this is why he's full of inceloid ressentiment despite being "hot". I fucking knew it. He grew up ugly! Of course! What non-hamplanet would be into 40k?

You see a lot of the same overcompensating nouveau-hot behavior in ex-fatty women. You just KNOW their formative years were spent in the fug bin.

No. 1871771

Did she have the same eyelid surgery Anya Taylor joy had, to make her eyes look bigger by pulling the lower eyelid down? it looks like it pulled her upper eyelid down over her eyes too much and covers part of her irises, it would explain why everyone says her eyes make her look mentally challenged

No. 1871772

> Like, what are we supposed to do, nitpick Florence’s tits for 1000th time?
When did that ever happen? I only remember her getting made fun of for referring to herself as having “cute, perfect little nipples”

No. 1871777

File: 1706606318619.jpeg (326.33 KB, 548x684, IMG_5122.jpeg)

She looks like Cillian Murphy

No. 1871783

kekk i saw this image and immediately went to write that

No. 1871786

Wait I'm seeing people say that Megan took out the "Megan's law" line out of her song, did she really do that…?

No. 1871789

i feel embarrassed to know this but i’m pretty sure they made up. at the last VMAs (i think?) nicki or taylor handed the other an award and they were calling each other their “favorite sagittarius’” so i guess they’re “friends” but who knows if anyone will even give nicki the time of day after this. i hope not.

No. 1871799

I know nothing about her but what in the world would make her want to change her face. She had such a delicate pretty face

No. 1871815

they were memed and criticized a lot for blackfishing and dating black men, i don't get how people are still complaining about this (not you, people in general managing to find it racist or surprising that they've changed)

No. 1871846

File: 1706614703488.jpeg (838.61 KB, 1170x1304, IMG_5126.jpeg)

How disturbing

No. 1871848

t-this is Cillian Murphy through some kind of female filter face app, r-right?

No. 1871849

They both look like they belong to the sea

No. 1871852

Ok what the fuck is up with conventionally pretty actresses absolutely botching themselves? Both of them were super pretty, why are they doing this to themselves?

No. 1871854

No face filter, just a wig filter, nonnie, trust me

No. 1871856

I never noticed the eye difference til I saw the pic you replied to. It’s really noticeable that she did something to her eyes, since she’s got those sleepy puppy type eyes and it looks like they were kind of hooded. She was cute and natural looking, even with makeup and growing up into her 20s, she would have been just fine if she hadn’t had any facial work done and I would argue could still be as famous as she currently is. idk about the boobs tho, they do look natty to me but I’m really REALLY not an expert on implants

No. 1871859

File: 1706615852090.jpeg (650.02 KB, 1170x1314, IMG_5127.jpeg)

Everything about the stupid Oppenheimer sex scenes was extremely awkward as it turns out

> Florence Pugh has revealed there was a bit of an unfortunate moment on set when she was filming one of her sex scenes in the film Oppenheimer.

> As part of the film, the Oscar nominee appeared in several intimate scenes that required both herself and co-star Cillian Murphy to be fully nude, and admitted during a recent Q&A interview for Universal that this resulted in a bit of awkwardness when technical issues arose.

>“In the middle of our sex scene, the camera broke,” she told the panel, as reported by People. “No one knows this, but it did.

>“Our camera broke when we were both naked and it was not ideal timing and there weren’t many cameras. One camera was in the shop being fixed, and [director Christopher Nolan] turned and asked someone, ‘where is the other camera?’.”

> “So Cillian and I are in this room together, and it’s a closed set, so we’re both holding our bodies,”

> Ever the professional, Florence decided to use the incident as a learning oppurtunity. She recalled: “This camera surgeon comes into the room and starts [doing repairs] and I’m like, ‘Well, this is my moment to learn’. ’So, tell me, what’s wrong with this camera?’.”

No. 1871861

Yeah it’s the female version of him made with a faceapp filter

No. 1871876

People might have forgotten the rape accusation but he will never not have a gigantic head

No. 1871877

File: 1706618524383.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1807, IMG_5129.jpeg)

She always has strange and kind of awkward articles written about her, I wonder if she pays for them to be written? There are so many fawning over her see-through dresses, and there was that time she brought up how her nipples looked in a dress over a year after she originally wore it. I know it’s not necessarily milky, but I never see people talk about her or her style so it’s interesting

No. 1871878

File: 1706618649516.jpeg (797.2 KB, 1170x2037, IMG_5130.jpeg)

Wrong picture sorry, I meant to post the headline

No. 1871881

Wow, what a non story. I see absolutely no reason to bring this up in an interview, it just reads like she'll take any excuse to bring attention to herself being nude. Tee hee I was NAKED in front of Cillism Murphy and Christopher Nolan

No. 1871882

KEK, this is so bad. You can tell she frantically scrambled this mess together in an alcohol/drug fueled craze. She's insane and rambling about Megan's dead mother is unhinged. Can't believe this is the same artist whose older tracks from a decade ago I actually still like and listen to from time to time.

This is cute kek, this always amuses me

This man is so offensively ugly and creepy looking

No. 1871883

I don't understand why celebs this young are messing with their eyelids. What do they find unattractive about their eyelids? Just curious. I think my eyelids are ugly bc they are puffy, like Mila Kunis eyelids

No. 1871913

I think it has to do with retarded beauty trends/standards. Brow lifts and fox eye shit have been popular the last few years because of this pseudo AI bratz doll neotenous yet sexy baby look that has been en vogue. Hooded eyes and downturned eyes are seen as tragic right now because they’re not fashionable. Like hip dips. In five years hooded eyes might be the new genetic random trait trend people want to imitate, like freckles or a big butt

No. 1871950

if she got breast implants then why do they hang so much? i'm being so serious. i could post a spoiler pic but i don't want to seem like a moid.
i just watched her in "the voyeurs" (great movie btw) but she is naked a lot and they do not look fake. they are sagging down a lot from the size. no way anyone would get a boob job that looks like that

No. 1871955

nonnies what's a better song?
yes, and? or bigfoot

No. 1871958

NTAYRT but yeah at the risk of sounding like a retarded scrote, her breasts are not what looks unnatural to me about her. They look very normal for a large chest on a younger woman, imo they’re nice and I like that they’re not big silicon beach balls. it’s her face that seems to have had things done, and the things she’s had done age her a bit. She’s clearly very youthful with youthful features otherwise.

No. 1871976

I had to look up this song and holy shit she really went in on her i love it LMAO
Also didn't realize that nicki has fucked literally ever rapper that ever existed.
the line about her butt injections popping and meek mill couldnt fuck her for three months LOOOOL

No. 1871990

File: 1706626387435.png (320.62 KB, 844x440, shether.png)


No. 1872000

Remy Ma was fucking ruthless against her lmfao. Really wish Nicki's career ended there.

No. 1872028

Wasn't she always so aggressive about how she never fucked her way to the top and how she was only with one man for 13 years the whole time she came up? Kek

No. 1872031

You never see people talk about her or her style? You just mentioned that these articles always come out about her and her style lol.
It's not interesting at all. No one itt wants to talk about Florence

No. 1872035

Just in that song alone it mentions she's been with Trey Songz, Drake, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, Safaree, Ebro Darden, and no doubt there's more lmao.

No. 1872046

File: 1706630880975.png (338.93 KB, 399x538, barry.png)

this man right here needs a facelift and whatever that eyelid proceure is called. can't believe he's only 31? and how tf did he pull sabrina carpenter

No. 1872049

he looks like a medieval jester to me. still would

No. 1872050

he looks like a fucking burn victim and i'm sick of seeing him everywhere. i want to go back to before saltburn came out when i had no awareness of his existence. literally not one attractive feature and he's also a manlet.

No. 1872052

he looks like a lesbian. sorry lesbians

No. 1872054

Hard agree, plus he's heavily rumored to be an abusive asshole

No. 1872059

I am just…he’s like a male Shayna in terms of looking way fucking older and ran through than they have ANY right to. I’ve NEVER seen a famous woman his age allowed to look that haggard and rekt I must say.

No. 1872061

i wonder how much of this song is coincidence and how much of it remy ma actually knew. when this first released in 2017 nicki denied being in a 360 deal and being in debt — now a bunch of shit is coming out that proves it’s true. the “barbie next to ken” line of crazy too because, i think, initially a lot of people thought of it as “next to kin,” as in standing next to her brother and bailing him out. but now it means more than that with her marrying kenneth petty, and her relationship to him wasn’t announced until a year after the song released. i wonder if remy actually knew she was still fucking with ken. nicki and ken were high school sweethearts, as well.

No. 1872078

I'm from the same city he is and there's been talk about him being a dickhead for years over here

No. 1872081

File: 1706633172544.png (481.38 KB, 640x669, IMG_1184.png)

Nicki Minaj liked a tweet saying that Despicable Me 4 is being released now to mess with her.

No. 1872100

Jesus.. spoiler that shit

No. 1872101

This is fake, that tweet isn't real.

No. 1872122

He’s so hideous and I’m so angry that saltburn made him the white boy of the month. We’re going to have to watch him and his tiny leprechaun chode in every artsy movie from now on.

No. 1872146

Every single verse is a career ender in its own right
>Cokehead, you cheated on your man with Ebro, I might leak the footage of you sniffing them ski slopes
>’Pills and Potions’ yeah you been on E hoe.
>Before the butt job you was a Spongebob, sucking cocks for records, captain of the cum squad
Even the Barbs admit she never fully came back from this, the same was Drake never shook of the Story of Adidon.

No. 1872147

this is madam hooch if my memory is correct

No. 1872215

I always wonder if they all come up with these ideas on their own or if they have some agent in their ear saying that they absolutely have to get their eyelids done to be the next big thing.
He is so incredibly odd looking. They should put him in house of the dragon.

No. 1872234

i just heard the video and audio versions on youtube and she didn't its still there, maybe some platform censored it?

No. 1872315

Kek his inbred blue eyed shalow skinned face would be the perfect targaryan

No. 1872349

That does not look like Zoe Wanamaker lmfao

No. 1872412

weebs have evolved from “the blacks don’t watch anime” to “well they don’t watch my special deep animes”. Most American children like the popular shōnen cartoons. The same autism that makes it hard to believe she’d like a shojo also begets a superiority complex over finding value in the other wish fulfilment crap neckbeards love.

No. 1872415

I'm just saying theres so many mvs with sailor moon parodies. Nothing wrong if she ever does go down the shojo route.

No. 1872417

It's a way for stans to get more streams by getting people to check

No. 1872432

Sabrina has the same face shape.

No. 1872444

File: 1706658689685.png (547.72 KB, 464x580, 1CD2A103-B65E-4548-B9FC-66164E…)

I think ice spice is Timmy thic. He got a sex change and debuted as her that’s why he’s hiding his personal life.

No. 1872456

This is insane but I'm accepting it as the gospel truth regardless

No. 1872461

I’m so jealous of your eyes kek, I’ve always thought Mila’s eyes were gorgeous and wish I had that sort of “puffy” look your talking about.

No. 1872469

She dressed up as Death the Kid from Soul Eater for Halloween last year

No. 1872473

>just fuck the wolf
KEK. Her weirdness and quirkiness is so real and unforced, unlike Doja.

No. 1872479

I can’t believe people think the Nicki x Megan beef is real kek. It’s all a publicity stunt, both their sales were flopping.

No. 1872487

Nicki has been acting unhinged and attacking female rappers ever since she married the rapist. She would absolutely do something like this just out of being a nasty person

No. 1872493

File: 1706661161177.jpg (226.44 KB, 1170x1452, GFIJ9yqXMAArIiK.jpg)

(Barbz is the name of Nicki fans for anyone wondering)

No. 1872500

aw nona, thx. I know Mila is drop-dead gorgeous and that I only find her eyelids unattractive bc they are like mine. The other eyelid twin I have is Nicole Richie. I think it's from having big eye sockets and eyes that protrude somewhat? idk. Wish I knew how I got this thought in my head that mine are ugly bc it's part of BDD, I know.

That's kind of why I'm shocked that celebs who are underage or barely old enough to get surgeries are permitted to do it medically. Hollywood doctors must have zero morals because they can deny operating on people with BDD. I also wonder how men get all those steroids to 'prepare for roles' - is that even legal, prescribing them for a movie role? I know this sounds like a retarded question but I genuinely wonder how these doctors providing actors with substances don't end up investigated. Everyone knows what they are doing, and it's no different from being a pill mill(blog)

No. 1872502

No, not everything is staged. The text messages that Latto leaked two years ago show Nicki minaj talking shit about megan and calling her Big Foot even back then.

No. 1872508

I hate the nonna that pointed out his baby hands and made me hyperfixate on them thereafter, kek

No. 1872510

I know, right? The fact that shit was trending for over 3 days on lsa, twitter, and youtube made me realize the fakeness of it all. The pr for this beef really reminds me of the depp heard case and how depp's pr got youtube to rec vids of the case no matter what, even when you blocked channels reporting on the case. At least this meg and nicki shit is starting to slow down now, finally.(sage)

No. 1872521

Holy fuck, the Barbz are deranged. I thought Swifties were bad, but have they ever gone to this level?

No. 1872538

But what would Nicki gain from it? It’s killing her reputation even further and the only sales it would get her is from die hard stans

No. 1872539

Learn how to sage.
that anon believes the Depp vs Amber trial was PR so theyre not very bright kek.

No. 1872548

I think she means the fact that depp used bots to defend him and paid for pro-depp videos to be promoted on YouTube. It’s a stupid comparison because neither nicki nor megan need to pay for bots, they have enough rabid stans to do their bidding as it is. Nicki seems genuinely unstable and she’s fallen out of favour with a lot of casual fans now since she’s still defending her rapist husband.

No. 1872553

Whatever she did gave her asymmetrical eyelids when they were perfectly normal before. Idk who keeps strongarming actresses into getting this particular surgical procedure because it almost never looks good unless you were super old. Having scooped out eyelids never looks better wtf

No. 1872554

Implants don't change where your breasts point unless you get a lift. Natural breast implants (think @krotchy on ig) on regular sized boots look very undetectable. You're just used to seeing painful, tight boltons put on people that don't have any preexisting breast tissue. I have (and likely always will) defend Sydney Sweeney because she's literally done nothing wrong to anybody, but I did google her boobs and it's kind of weird they only get "shrinkage" around the nipple of her areola, that could be a scar covered with a tattoo. Not my business though. Still support her, implants or no, she's soo harmless

No. 1872558

This intellectual masterpiece mogs them both, obviously.

No. 1872563

He genuinely does 100% those who say they don't see it are just hurt.

It isnt coincidence. Just because the public isn't aware, doesn't mean that people adjacent to the industry aren't. There are all sorts of "open secrets" that aren't really secrets and are known by plenty of people, they just aren't spoken upon publicly to avoid trouble. Remy Ma knew her tea. I wouldn't be surprises if the "debunked" parts were all true as well, even if they weren't remy was just talking her shit and Nicki does the same thing to every other woman anyways, its what she deserves. Shether would have been scorching if it were wrote with all the current public info about her. Anyways how can I make this about Trina, I wish we talked more about Trina.

You're coping. I could understand why people thought the cardi and nicki shit was staged, but its evident this isn't. Nicki Minaj is in debt and having a mental breakdown.

No. 1872570

>Nicki Minaj is in debt
Were the legal documents already posted here? I can't believe she used her music and trademark as collateral

No. 1872582

File: 1706670332351.png (118.9 KB, 658x546, nicki.PNG)

Samefag, no one posted it so here's part of the paper. Nicki dissed a twitter user/blogger(?) in the Big Foot song ("Shit will get uglier than KenBarbie") so he posted these. They're publicly available if anyone wants to view these themselves. Search bizfileonline then go to search > UCC and type in Onika Maraj.

No. 1872583

File: 1706670509192.png (76.31 KB, 521x575, twitter.PNG)

Last samefag, this is the guy's response and where he posted pictures of the documents. I can't believe she's reduced herself to picking with randoms on twitter.

No. 1872584

Orbital fat loss and large upper eyelid always looks senile, actually. A lot of idiot reddit tier women get these goggly eyed blephs so you can see the drag queen clown paint on a large upper eyelid, and end up aging themselves horribly. Look at virtually any young person - very few have a strongly visible upper eyelid.

No. 1872585

This song is so fucking ridiculous. And all the yuno miles comments are so accurate, this is literally the same nonsense he would make minus the weird inflections. Still, it mogs big foot by a long shot.

No. 1872599

File: 1706672191974.jpeg (506.34 KB, 1170x1588, IMG_0296.jpeg)


No. 1872601

I thought it was some attempt at having "bedroom eyes" like Old Hollywood stars

No. 1872607

white guy from ohio said bigoted shit on twitter in 2011? Are these people surprised when they find food and cutlery in their kitchen

No. 1872614

lmfao he straight up said "i'm homophobic" there's really no way to misconstrue that

No. 1872616

Who's surprised? He seems exactly the type.

No. 1872618

They really scraped at the barrel for these huh, the only one worth caring about is the gay tweet maybe. Whoever did this were probably really upset they couldn't find proof of him saying nigger or something

No. 1872638

It's crazy people will literally dig up shit from over a decade ago now. They're that bored, huh

No. 1872646

The ant from AntZ

No. 1872680

I wouldn’t doubt Taylor’s team is bioengineering a perfect blank slate man in a lab somewhere so she can finally have a PR friendly relationship.

No. 1872697

Ice Spice is a lot of fun. I know people are mad they're seeing her forced everywhere, but this video is so funny released at the same time as the meg slash nickigate. That woman is literally just enjoying herself, she doesn't give a fuck at all. I think she has a great personality and handles the hate well, she constantly has people telling her she looks physically disabled and she is not bothered at all. Just hilarious watching her say "you not even da foht" and dance while everything else is on fire.

No. 1872700

Exactly! The only reason I can think of is that they see all these girls with crazy fox eye lifts and thinks they need an inch and a half space for makeup, but that just looks ridiculous. You can't be Bella Hadid just because Bella Hadid was able to facemorph, I dont think these women understand that. You have to have the right foundation. Western beauty such a fucking mess, getting fat sucked out of the face and allocated to your cheekbones to the point you look like a deflated basketball is not and never will be a look. I feel like there needs to be a new wave of vocal beauty workers or whatever in Hollywood to tell these bitches that they're destroying themselves instead of all these old ass tired ass fags and creepy rapey executives telling them they need to attempt editorial when none of these women have the proper structure or foundation to ever be able to mimic editorial. It's okay to not be editorial.

No. 1872702

See nothing wrong here. Hot straight men don't like or need gay men because all they do is sexually harass them and beg for a chance, it's insecure or mid to ugly straight guys that love a gay man on his arm to shell out compliments and make him feel better. Hot guys never vibe with gay men on a broad scale because it's the closest men get to experiencing the kind of predatory sexual harassment women face. Cleared. And big bitch jokes at that age are normal, it was literally 14 years ago.

No. 1872707

Oh no a football meathead making locker room jokes, my shock.
I always wonder if the fan outrage to shit like that is even worth it, knowing how deranged people get at any shred of problematic behavior. Though it's equally retarded to go back almost a decade and a half for any bit of evidence that he's a bad person or whatever. Whole clique comes across as actual mean girls, regardless.

No. 1872711

>tweets from quite literally FOURTEEN YEARS AGO
fourteen years ago i was calling people faggots on gaia online. 14 years. you're literally not even the same person from the age of 20 and the age of 34.(sage)

No. 1872715

The only people who find this shocking are either children who didn't realize that being "politically correct" is fairly recent and people openly would say shit like this (or worse) in public with no backlash, or they're adults who also said shit exactly like this back in 2010 and are terrified of anyone finding out so they go extremely hard on callouts and "canceling"

No. 1872721

File: 1706690346902.jpg (136.37 KB, 999x1249, 1000002460.jpg)

Tyla is really beautiful, I feel like she looks how Ariana Grande wanted to look

No. 1872725

these are super tame by that year's standards. i expected something worse

No. 1872726

Anon, why did you want to be so rude about this? Your response doesn’t even make sense.
This >>1871859 seemed like a weird article, so I responded that a lot of the articles I see about her seem weird to me.

She isn’t that popular of a celebrity, she doesn’t seem to have a dedicated fan base and I never see posts about her on social media, so it’s strange that articles keep being written about her long sheer dresses when I’m not sure that people necessarily care, as you said yourself. I was talking about how the weird articles shilling her were probably paid for.

You saying that I have seen people talk about her online since I talked about her by posting >>1871877 >>1871878 is just silly lol

No. 1872732

can anyone give me answer as to why so many people "Stan" prostitutes like Megan the horse and literal prostitutes like Cardio B? Their lyrics and videos to their songs are VILE and degrading. How do women enjoy this?(bait)

No. 1872742

This is literally so tame compared to the kind of shit they COULD have found him saying. Literally this is a big so what but everyone is so sensitive now, he may have to actually apologize for some mildly edgy normal young person tweets. Like that other anon said, wow so shocking that a jock is a homophobe kek

No. 1872744

File: 1706692438213.gif (505.71 KB, 220x266, 1000002463.gif)

No. 1872746

Because they act and dress the same way as those celebrities. Prostitution in the entertainment industry is so common and normalized now that some women can’t see anything wrong with it and will scream about people being pearl clutchers and ugly jealous hags if we even mention not liking it(took the bait)

No. 1872751

I still play stupid hoe it's a great song.

No. 1872752

The song is so bad, did she literally just cut her live when she was mumbling that lie on your mama shit. It is so terrible, its charted because its so fucking bad and people were curious. I had to cut off her monologue at the end I had severe second hand embarrassment.

No. 1872757

I just can't imagine trying to fuck someone who basically looks like a melting wax figure, let alone this ratman who already was married with a newborn. Ariana is fucking retarded holy shit lmao

No. 1872771

File: 1706695513021.jpg (168.98 KB, 1242x1116, img_5096.jpg)

>hot straight man in question

No. 1872772

I know every word still, it activates a part of me from the year it came out like a sleeperagent activation code

No. 1872774

You're trying to drag him but he's an all American meathead, a majority of gay bottoms worship that because they're mega pickmes. I'm not attracted to him but I know the drill. Popular straight men generally don't like some skeevy weasel trying to rape them constantly any more than their female stacy counterparts. Simple as.

No. 1872777

He looks like a Hartley Hooligan with that wall eyed gaze.

No. 1872791

swifties conveniently forgetting taylor was around the same age when she said “if you call me crazy i’ll call you gay” proudly in a song

No. 1872795

he has very hooded eyes but we just know he would look worse with a blepharoplasty, there really is no way to defend that procedure

No. 1872821

this is exactly how most moids think

No. 1872832

>if you call me crazy i’ll call you gay
Haha based.

No. 1872833

yeah esp for the time. i'd be willing to bet most guys in their 30s now that were on twitter in 2011 have tweets exactly like this. it's basically how all the dudes on jersey shore talked on tv.

No. 1872923

I hate that she was able to just take that lyric out of her song and make it disappear like it never happened. It was hardly even that bad.. and it fucks me up when i'm singing in my car and the lyrics are completely different

No. 1872987

File: 1706719305200.jpeg (253.07 KB, 1558x983, 2C9A2F06-B3F2-4B7C-BA14-DE042F…)

Maybe this will help kill TikTok’s popularity in the U.S.

No. 1872992

Tiktok is the last ‘new’ app so hopefully when it dies every other app will die too.

No. 1873004

No. 1873015

how is this shocking? she's had some kid twerking on her stage once before.

No. 1873025

Interesting because they have all big players. I wonder who will take the hit, the app or the artists who are not played on the radio and their streams come from TikTok (like Lana for example).

No. 1873029

Old news, the ones about fat girls resurfaced months ago. I’m not Taylor fan at all but it was funny when terminally online people tried to use it as a case for cancellation and nobody gave a shit bc it’s typical frat boy talk from 10 years ago. The only offense here would be homophobia and it’s not even an actual tweet, just some random response.

No. 1873038

really wondering which one will suffer more damage from this, pop music or tiktok?

No. 1873044

Lana is played on the radio and has had millions of fans since long before tiktok was even though of lol?(sage your shit)

No. 1873049

It’ll hurt TT, a bit but TT should be fine. There’s always a plethora of some “new artist” self promoting their shit tier music and trending for a couple days then a new one emerges. I’m sure the Utah moms will stop using it once they can’t use a Taylor song over their GWRM or shopping haul

No. 1873057

I never understood all these sahms who claim to be religious and then form a huge vain online persona. Shaming people for being online should be the next popular thing to do(derailing)

No. 1873073

> prostitutes like Megan & Cardio B
Is Nicki a prostitute, too, or only the women she's feuded with?
kek These are pretty tame for social media posts from 14 years ago. Most Americans today really wouldn't care about these tweets and would probably agree with them in private.
I hate when men do this. Actually push the cap down, you lazy bastard. Don't let it just sit there like you're some king and this is your crown.
I wonder which platforms will be absorbing the TT refugees.

No. 1873126

A woman that looked like this would never EVER be shilled as attractive or propped up as sex symbol in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter.
This man is ugly. UGLY!

No. 1873153

Most of her music is not meant for the radio and huge amount of her streams comes from people who found her through TikTok.

No. 1873192

Lana was huge in Tumblr and I remember her on the radio, you're not wrong though new fans are coquettes that come from TikTok. Nta

No. 1873198

>I wonder which platforms will be absorbing the TT refugees.
Youtube shorts most probably.

No. 1873204

Indie takeover!

No. 1873217

It stinks of swiftie in here again, I've only seen deluded tiktok swifties go this hard for this new dream relationship of Taylor's. No other reason to minimize these tweets(infighting)

No. 1873256

Her beau is too bland to inspire any rage, and what exact punishment should be for 10+ year old Tweets lmao. No one cares about shit like this anymore.

No. 1873260

As a person she definitely has good energy and is miles ahead of most new artists & actresses in interview settings. My problem is her performances are so lack luster and low energy. More like a groupie than a lead girl. I don’t understand why anyone would pay to see her live instead of just going to a club. Im glad shes able to have success but we shouldn’t reward lackluster artistry when women like Sexxy Red give 10x more energy in their performances. Doja started out in smaller clubs and built her skill. Ice will flop if she keeps this up because theres always a new girl with something more interesting coming along. And i bet she knows this considering she put a 16 year old to twerk in one of her videos.

No. 1873273

Should we… Maximize the tweets? I'm not sure why we should care about some sports man saying vaguely offensive shit more than a decade ago.

No. 1873278

Peak autism.

No. 1873301

No, just call him the wall-eyed shithead he obviously is and move on. 20-year-olds who write public shit like this are ignorant adults not dumb kids

No. 1873325

Vaguely? It's full on offensive, nothing to misconstrue when someone straight up says they're homophobic kek. I wonder how her stans will handle it

No. 1873345

cant wait for the contract to expire to see fans (re)digging these tweets to prove what a monster he is kek

No. 1873352

Nonnie of course it’s offensive but these tweets are from 2010. An american sports guy being homophobic in 2010 was a dime a dozen. Honestly it would be somewhat shocking at that time if an american sports guy was pro gay rights kek. It’s just not shocking tbh and most people have realized in 14 years that they shouldnt say things or think things like that

No. 1873359

for me it was bodegachan (sp?)… she needs to have a mention

No. 1873384

he's literally only a few days older than me and yet looks a decade older. Amazing how awful male genetics are.

No. 1873417

File: 1706745846503.jpg (1.42 MB, 989x1280, RDT_20240131_19041182217372328…)

Aktually it has to do with poor practitioner taste. You see, upper blepharoplasties are generally for senile ptosis. That created the false perception that hooded eye=old, and young eye=lifted/carved out, because that's the outcome of removing excess skin and sagging fat on an old ptotic person. On silly young people who seek to de-hood their eyes it ages them 20 years on average.

Big upper eyelids is also largely the opposite of "editorial", assuming it means "model features", picrel.

No. 1873423


No. 1873435

File: 1706746758884.jpeg (259.59 KB, 1383x911, 42242973-443A-4292-A624-CED5FC…)

Disagree. Hooded eyes definitely make you look older and more masculine. Deep creases and lots of lid space give a more femme, doe eyed look. Compare left (eyelid space is a bit larger, plus eyeshadow was applied to make the crease look deeper and more hollow) then compare to right where her eyes look much more hooded and the crease is more shallow. She looks 15 years older in the right pic.

No. 1873440

File: 1706747179335.jpeg (329.33 KB, 1198x1600, C92C9DC7-257E-4A3F-90A3-72267E…)

The reason celebrities look bad after these procedures is because it doesn’t fit the rest of their features. Not because x feature is inferior or ugly.

Nobody would ever dare say Audrey Hepburn’s naturally hollow, doe eyes with lots of lid space would look better in the fox eyes, taut, hooded style. Because her natural eye shape fits and complements her features and bone structure perfectly. If you have naturally hooded eyes then yank them up and make them hollow without taking the rest of your face into account, of course it will look terrible.

No. 1873445

File: 1706747388176.jpeg (66.87 KB, 640x800, 0B838658-287F-42D9-8F8D-8091AD…)

Lily Collins is another example of someone whose doe eyes fit her features and bone structure perfectly. She would look so weird with hooded eyes.

No. 1873452

you might even have a point but i dont think these photos are the best choice to prove it anon

No. 1873464

God I’m so upset she doesn’t get to play Audrey

No. 1873486

Please Google some pictures of: babies, toddlers, tweens and girls 16-19, then get back to me. Whether you find hooded eyes attractive or not, it's a fact that young people don't have much of an upper eyelid. It's also a fact that a deep upper eyelid post bleph is now considered a surgical defect to be repaired with filler or fat.(derailing)

No. 1873491

This is Ellen Paige if she actually was a man

No. 1873533

Currently snapchat are on a mission to regain popularity to compete with tiktok. They have been paying celebrities large amounts of money to make cute little videos, and have been giving high payouts to anyone who can go viral on the app. DDG, Halle Bailey's bf, has used onlyfans of all platforms, to make a course teaching people how to make take advantage of the high payouts that snapchat are giving people to go viral on the app. Once the word gets around, a lot of career tiktokers will be fighting to get on snapchat for their generous monetization.

No. 1873534

this is art

No. 1873565

ntayrt but most of the people getting this procedure aren't anywhere close to those age ranges, so of course they won't look young. idg what point the original post is making in that regard cause i don't think people getting these are trying to look younger

No. 1873585

Old people who get blephs are absolutely trying to look younger. Young people typically want to unhood their eyes, and end up looking much older. Simple.

No. 1873621

File: 1706765975312.jpeg (60.97 KB, 500x750, IMG_2493.jpeg)

if there's a poll or whatever i want to nominate amandachan

No. 1873629

New regina george actress looks so inbred and so zoomerish (aka inbred). She looks like the kind of girl who WOULD WISH to be regina george, but she can't. There's only one regina george and she was gorgeous and had the perfect look for a school bully. sucks to suck.

No. 1873631

Regina George, come on. She's literally our icon over here. Or something mean girls related.

No. 1873633

I want to like renee rapp because she’s gay but she’s just not attractive to play regina it doesn’t work

No. 1873645

She's not even gay imo, she has talked about dating men in a "gay way" before, thats why she tries to push regina george as a lesbian. She believes lesbian characters who fuck men are good rep. She also believes she's gay because of the lesbian masterdoc or comphet or whatever. She's gay for profit to be honest, as a lesbian I despise her she's horrible for our community because I already know she's gonna "discover" she's bisexual again in a few weeks.

No. 1873659

She talked about dating and fucking men on some podcast before

No. 1873679

Mean Girls was a good movie, but zoomers are both beating it to death and also completely missing the entire point/lesson of the film. They take all of the morals that you are supposed to gather from the story and completely reverse them by idolizing Regina George before her character development arc. Because omg she wears pink and is pretty and acts like a bitch.
This is perfectly encapsulated by this Renee Rapps nobody who is apparently supposed to play the new Regina. She dresses the same as her, cosplays her every move, and makes a song about how she's the HBIC. Meanwhile she simultaneously including a line about how she's gay? Cognitively dissonant as fuck. Get out of here with that shit. Regina was openly homophobic and tried to paint Janice Ian as a dyke to make her an outcast.
Renee Whatsherface tries to play into the 'bad bitch' Regina vibes, yet her song's hook is the exact same line that Regina used to gay-bash Janice (you're like in love with me). She does this while simultaneously adding her own line "can a gay girl get an amen". As if Regina wouldn't roast her fucking ass to the ground for being a lesbian.

I know it's petty but zoomers need to leave Mean Girls tf alone. It has already been butchered before, and they completely miss the point of the film in favour of uwu pink bimbo aesthetics.

No. 1873682

This is a saged post and is completely relevant to the thread. Tinfoiling that Azealia Banks is a janny kek

No. 1873689

File: 1706772807803.png (20.6 KB, 582x177, BenNika.png)

It gets worse, Nicki is now on Ben Shapiro's front lines. I'm pretty sure she endorsed him a few days ago too.. God, two of the worst songs this week FACTS and Big Foot, not surprised they're licking eachother's soles now

No. 1873690

Those people who headcanon her as gay (not even just the new one, they did it with the original too, some youtuber even made a video about this but I forgot their name) will just say that Regina's homophobia was ackshuyally internalized homophobia and some sort of projection to cover up her true sexuality or something. So basically the "anyone who hates gay people is secretly gay themselves" theory.

No. 1873706

File: 1706773887863.gif (495.65 KB, 420x224, IMG_1971.gif)

Nicki is inches away from the centre of the earth and yet she just keeps on digging.

No. 1873714

File: 1706775214387.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1804, IMG_5168.jpeg)

Ian Somerhalder stuns in new photo

No. 1873725

Which was never a big deal in the first place. It's like people trying to hang Katy Perry over true classic Ur So Gay.

I've thought about this, and killing tiktok while starting a youtube resurgence is still better than using tiktok.

No. 1873727

>minimize these tweets
All young guys talk like this. You may be able to keep them from posting them online now by scaring them, but the truth of the matter is that you aren't budging their moral compass or making them into better people, you're just making them more skilled at pretending to be empathetic and socially sensitive people. They are still talking exactly like this among men. If this offends you–and I am so serious–you are deranged.

Non-violent straight men have always been cooking when they say gay guys creep them out because gay guys go out of their way to flirt with them and creep them out kek we have got to move away from pretending to think they're harmless and being quirky. I don't condone or believe in violence to LGBT but it's clear that his intentions in these tweets were "ew stop flirting with me" not "I hate all fags and they deserve to burn". Generally when young straight guys say this, bar repressed religious and conservative types etc hiding their sexuality, its usually just them expressing that they're tired of their experiences with hypersexual guys who think they can turn them out. I highly doubt he thinks about them at all, there would be signs other than tweets from when he was 20 years old. If im wrong im wrong and will eat that statement and apologize but young athletic straight men get sexually harassed by weirdos just like the girls lol.

No. 1873728

File: 1706777504840.jpg (55.04 KB, 497x750, 1000002469.jpg)

Kek I hate when r/vindicta types try to correct me on something I'm not even saying. I don't need a schooling in what's youthful because in the discussion I was saying natural hooded eyes are youthful compared to scooped out blephs. My point is that they're misguided and have a bunch of botched bog people and miserable old feys in their ear giving them bad advice, so they think getting a bleph will mimic the stretched fox eye look when it's actually robbing them of their eyelids and making them look like the eyelid fat was forcibly removed with an icecream scoop. But yeah they associate it with elderly ptosis out of pure delusion and ignorance unfortunately. Thank you for reminding me of Sasha though, unusually beautiful models are fun to look at for me too. I forgot her last name and it took me a minute to remember it was Pivovarova. I wouldn't be surprised if these actresses think that's who they would look like after getting buccal fat removal kek so much plastic surgery misinfo and misdirection in the west

No. 1873730

You speak the truth imo nonnie. I don't think that it's discriminatory to admit that you're uncomfortable around xyz demographic of people. In fact, I think that it's kind of admirable to admit that bluntly in a way that isn't prejudiced against xyz group. He isn't saying that gays don't deserve rights. What he says is the literal definition of homophobia. He feels uncomfortable. And frankly, you can't help what makes you uncomfortable. And no one should be forced to have inorganic interactions with people that they normally would have nothing in common with or wouldn't normally hang out with.
Anyone who disagrees - look at it this way. I (and I assume most women on this site) am uncomfortable existing in the same space as a transgender MtF. I am by definition transphobic. That doesn't mean that I think trannies don't deserve to marry, to vote, or to have basic human rights. I don't want males to invade female spaces. But I also think that they should be allowed to mutilate their bodies in whatever way they want to.

This is what we get as a society for deciding that tolerance is no longer enough. Now we're at the point of trying to force everyone to be BFFs, and calling them bigots when they prefer to keep apart.

No. 1873734

File: 1706778084750.jpg (207.73 KB, 1140x1793, 1000002470.jpg)

The difference is that it's natural. Her eyes are untouched. So yeah, bleph looks ugly when done to someone who isnt old and losing vision from wrinkled ptosis. Nobody is saying natural unhooded eyes are ugly, but unnaturally deepset eyes pulled taught from a facelift are not comparable at all, and I don't think anyone was saying that outside of relation to surgical procedures. When discussing one thing, we shouldn't have to leave an "oh but [ ] is beautiful" disclaimer, because you are all presumably adult women and shouldn't need one of those. >>1873445 we are well aware and no one is calling them ugly.

Intention is important and people online are always looking to demonize while pointing pitchforks. I do not care that a 20 year old caveman said gay guys are yucky 14 years ago, automatically off of looks alone I can tell it was likely because he was getting macked on in college and had guys asking to smell his socks and it gave him the heebie jeebies.

No. 1873740

File: 1706778483042.png (734.26 KB, 910x845, Screenshot 2024-02-01 010039.p…)

Speaking of hollowed-out eyes, Ariana Grande has been looking freaky for a while now.
It's clear when you look at pictures of her from her Disney channel days that she got a brow lift pretty early on. But I think that she recently got ANOTHER one because they went from good looking to completely whack. It was right before she dyed her hair blonde. Her eyebrows went from slightly upturned into permanently surprised pinball flippers. They're so tightly pulled upwards now that the veins on her eyelids are pulled taut & showing through in a way that I've only ever seen on women 50+. It's a shame… I know she has a gross personality, but I always thought she was very pretty. Now she has that uncanny hollywood surgery demon look.
Picrel is a still from a grwm video that she did with Vogue a few months ago. You would think that she is in the middle of making an upwards-eyebrows expression, but it's just how she looks all the time now.

No. 1873742

This man looks gay, gay and ugly. Another win for Taylor swift lol. Makes sense that only fags could date her.

No. 1873743

File: 1706778652552.jpg (77.29 KB, 500x763, 1000002471.jpg)

Pause. I hate the way its being handled but I kind of get it, although I think its more of a vague interpretation best kept out of the movie altogether. Regina became a rugby player, in the og movie it would be a nod to lesbians if you're looking for it I guess and I think that's been joked about by gay girls for awhile, she made that up about Janis out of self consciousness herself and later was able to dyke out on the rugby team or whatever. It isnt something that needs to be revised or added literally to the movie, I think the vagueness is what makes the originals good in the first place. They're getting way too corny and literal now, you can't enjoy something as an individual or derive your own personal message because they're trying to force literal, overtold stories down your throat instead of leaving room for your imagination or thoughts.

Leave my dad alone.

No. 1873745

You can tell he's biologically gay by his teeth. Look at the way his bottom teeth turn in to minimise toothy head. The twotop front teeth are wanting to separate in a limp wristed fashioned way. His teeth are wilting and bent like him.

No. 1873747

What is that outfit? Why would he do that kek

No. 1873755

File: 1706779575607.jpg (1.17 MB, 3000x2003, ariana-grande-2016-american-mu…)

She was already super botched after the first lift, her brows were insanely crooked. So I wouldn't say they looked good. I guess she got that evened out but you're right that her eyes looks way too hollow and stretched out now. She shouldn't have touched them at all

No. 1873757

Unfortunately due to the constant abuse subjected to him by Paul Wesley, he now has permanent brain damage that has a harrowing effect on his decision making

No. 1873762

File: 1706780236234.jpg (225.55 KB, 1384x2048, 1000002472.jpg)

Kek ice spice said she's having a "crazy" collab on her new album. I wonder what random celebrity its going to be now.

Low effort attempt, avant garde twitter humor gets stale. Makes you sound like a jilted homosexual.

>makes sense that only fags could date her
Some of you are weird

No. 1873764

I nominate boyegachan for best poster. and I nominate Azalaea Banks, Angelina Jolie and Killian Murphy for most likely celebrities to be posting or lurking on here

No. 1873765

She got a lot of work done when younger but it looked good before (brow lift aside). I wonder if she chose to get such aggressive lifts recently with the expectation that they will 'last' longer than had she gone more conservative. As in, she expects it to age well despite how it looks currently.

No. 1873767

Someone ban the moid please.(scrotefoiling, responding to already banned post)

No. 1873769

File: 1706781029056.jpg (33.24 KB, 600x337, 1000002473.jpg)

>Iam Angie, and you are not. Life is not fair to people such as YOU.

No. 1873771


Sasha is so beautiful, she looks ethereal. You’re probably correct about celebrities trying to emulate her because she has such a doll face, but it’s not really possible because she has unique features that can’t be replicated through surgery

Annoying cow

No. 1873772

It's 4 days old… it was banned.

No. 1873778

File: 1706781729747.jpg (40.95 KB, 736x549, 1000002474.jpg)

It's such a shit lie to tell to girls. No, you're not going to look like a supernaturally beautiful woman by getting the natural fatty tissues in your cheeks burned out with a laser. Sasha was a successful model because of her unique and striking look, she's 5'9 and was 110 pounds at the height of her popularity. Her features were popular because they are not often attainable. Just like when mimicking anything, you can become a crude imitation but you're never going to look exactly like someone who was born with that skeletal structure and bone development, it just isn't possible. I wish it were more encouraged to do what works best for you and not try to mimic a modelesque look that was only special because of its natural enigma, you can't create it with filler and surgical intervention unless you have a similar foundation to Bella Hadid, and even then you have to be extremely careful. There's nothing striking about the artificially gaunt yet somehow bloated and pillowfaced look thats become so apparent now.

No. 1873797

you missed the first threads and it shows

No. 1873799

File: 1706783610229.jpeg (102.05 KB, 542x816, IMG_5210.jpeg)

You made me realize, I think another model women have been trying to make themselves look like is Ruslana Korshunova, she also has a literally perfect and ethereal face with features that can’t be copied with surgery. But her face is like the blueprint of how they all want to look, upturned eyes, straight nose, defined cheekbones, angular jaw and full lips

No. 1873803

File: 1706783811614.jpg (220.27 KB, 933x1400, 1000002475.jpg)

I genuinely would not be surprised if Erin Moriarty thought she was getting the Sasha Luss special or something. Plastic surgeons are often criminals lol.

No. 1873804

File: 1706783871022.jpeg (525.73 KB, 856x1047, IMG_5164.jpeg)

The fact that Angelina got caught posting about herself is so funny to me, I wonder what’s wrong with her to make her like that kek. I truly believe she’s on here bullying and infighting

No. 1873814

RIP. Another innocent victim of male pedo degeneracy.

No. 1873863

File: 1706787325138.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1840, IMG_5247.jpeg)

Kanye is abusing his wife again. He’s trying to sell the shirt she’s wearing

No. 1873876

Now that ice spices music is taken off TikTok she’s done for

No. 1873878

I hope so

No. 1873882

File: 1706789353091.jpg (85.38 KB, 650x475, Flz7RVJaAAMZhnH.jpg)

I always thought Regina playing lacrosse (not rugby) was a reference to Paris Hilton playing hockey to ease her aggression.

No. 1873885

File: 1706790418451.jpeg (558.1 KB, 1117x770, IMG_5250.jpeg)

Lana Del Rey is releasing a new album titled “Lasso” in September, which she says will be country music

No. 1873887


No. 1873903


No. 1873927

So straight moids are paranoid about being raped by 5% of the male population while in the same breath malding about women being wary of them. More at 11

No. 1873929

could be the most interesting alt/indie pop artist out there, was great at every genre she tried, sticks for boring and safe country ballads bc she wants second nfr and can’t handle criticism. disappointing. i hope she at least changes the title bc 'lasso' is not it lmao

No. 1873936

r/vindicta types are the exact demographic that dreams of scooping out their hooded eyes at 20 because they're so obese their bodies grow fat on the forehead and orbital rim kek

No. 1873961

Not arguing with your point but the woman on the right looks way better than the woman on the left, its not even a competition

No. 1873964

somehow he looks like a dog was a human, pitbull or husky or something.

No. 1873977

>the rad to trad pipeline

No. 1874047

Did he make her put a bath mat on her head?

No. 1874132

File: 1706812433233.jpg (112.72 KB, 1024x1723, gjaAvXF.jpg)

> Justin Timberlake shades Britney Spears with apology to ‘absolutely f–king nobody’ before performing ‘Cry Me a River’
> The *NSYNC alum seemingly took a shot at his ex-girlfriend during his birthday concert in New York City, just two days after she publicly praised his new song.
> The dig came two days after Spears apologized for what she wrote in her bombshell memoir.

Videe of it here: https://metro.co.uk/2024/02/01/justin-timberlake-makes-disgusting-comment-aimed-britney-spears-20205815

No. 1874142

Anon can you explain further? I'm stupid

No. 1874149

He's a fugly flop of a man. His career was literally a flash in the pan and nobody gives a two single fucks about Justin motherfucking Timberlake lmfao.

No. 1874154

I think it's pretty bold of him to assume his average fan has a girlfriend that this could be given to.

No. 1874159

Men are pathetic, hes still looking for attention even after everything, he could've said nothing. Sad and weak.

No. 1874167

she really looks like she has down syndrome here

No. 1874187

Not even a gay for profit, she's just gay to get male attention like Megan Fox was. I don't believe either of them have ever more than shared a kiss with a costar, let alone have a meaningful relationship/attraction to a woman.

No. 1874191

old af milk but remember when Megan Fox made up a story about having fallen in love with a Russian immigrant stripper once and people looking into it and finding no one in her area at that time fitting her description kek. also her saying she would only date gold star lesbians because women who fuck men are dirty and gross but somehow she doesn't count herself

No. 1874204

But isn't she dating a woman? I believe she might be bi at least.

No. 1874208

File: 1706817963274.jpeg (346.87 KB, 1170x2035, IMG_1727.jpeg)

Lmao I remember that!

No. 1874225

File: 1706819621294.mp4 (7.78 MB, 720x1278, XRFw6quUCbVT5Qon.mp4)

Speaking of Azealia banks…
Btw, those beads just look like she was lying in bed bored and just got hyper fixated on the idea of beading up as much of her hair as possible to me. Nonetheless, it doesn't sound like she is very phased by the situation, don't expect her to be energetic and passionate in this video.

No. 1874279

Right kek I wonder why that touched a nerve for the mods

No. 1874394

File: 1706831697004.mp4 (1.32 MB, 720x1280, Zv7o_4kO-4XPQwBC.mp4)

Sage for having no other proof, but there's speculation Cardi B joined the brow lift club after she teased a NYX Cosmetics commercial for the Super Bowl. Vid related. I fucking hate the ponytail facelift trend regardless.

No. 1874409

Went from a forehead to a twohead

No. 1874419

I always see people saying Cardi got her face done and that she always has a new face, but honestly I never really notice any big difference.

No. 1874431

I seriously think the surgeon who botched Erin's face should be put in prison for malpractice, I've never seen an actress still in her 20s get her face botched so badly before, not even Kylie Jenner's face looks this bad >>1870975

No. 1874464

File: 1706834812828.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1306, 6A34935E-449F-4592-9E67-7CF35B…)

You probably havent seen many pictures of her. The change is honestly drastic

No. 1874467

File: 1706834958122.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1819, 8D361B35-4CDD-401F-A969-6A3F24…)

Screenshot from the video

No. 1874470

File: 1706835086968.mp4 (2.69 MB, 576x1024, e8cb4ad067f608d1a439082fb1bc95…)

Here is some positive milk. Demi Moore ended up reversing/fixing the botched surgeries she got and now she looks good again.

No. 1874475

god i love her stupid laugh i hope she just ignores the speculation instead of lying

No. 1874478

File: 1706835325678.mp4 (1.45 MB, 576x1024, d18f855cd4768160b73f2cd84c8641…)

She looks so much better now that she removed the excess implants/fillers and probably had buccal reversal.

No. 1874482

File: 1706835494003.mp4 (2.03 MB, 576x1024, 5aaaa0bd908c635e8d2b9fbe9f553b…)

I just looked it up and she is 61 years old. And all this time i was thinking she was 40.

No. 1874503

kek right? He was probably complaining about getting elevator eyes from some gay guy while en route to a gang rape. Football players are basically in eye wide shut sex cults in college. I hope he gets reamed into the dirt over this stupid shit

No. 1874505

File: 1706836288938.jpg (33.42 KB, 864x401, GFH64RDX0AAhgUg.jpg)

here are some other tweets i found. He sure seems hyper-focused on "ugly women'. Did a ugly girl reject him or something.

No. 1874507

>Trailer for the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith TV series with Donald Glover and Maya Erskine
I don't want to be mean, but neither of them are attractive, intimidating, or charismatic enough to portray super spies/assassins.

No. 1874509

File: 1706836439574.jpg (73.37 KB, 1153x921, GFH64RGXQAAr4OA.jpg)

No. 1874513

File: 1706836567302.jpg (44.38 KB, 1284x631, GFH64RGWwAAEYM6.jpg)

No. 1874539

He sounds like one of those scrotes on twitter who cry about fat women supposedly blocking him from talking to their hot friends.

No. 1874564

almost all of these can easily be mistaken for farmers replies on lolcow kek

No. 1874591

Probably the reason for the mass grasping defense posts of the halfbrain tweets

No. 1874595

God this is so fucking annoying I’m so tired of race swapping and remaking movies that don’t need remaking or race swapping. It only caters to the insecure members of the aforementioned races.

No. 1874621

NOOO I've been thinking the past couple months that I like her current face and I hope she doesn't change it, her recent nose looks good. Now she is one more tweak away from Lil Kim.

No. 1874625

Girl I'm not saying that gives then a pass im just saying I don't give a fuck because the intention in what he said is clear. It was 2010.

But why? Boohoo some handsy gay guys creeped him out, boohoo he was a rockheaded ape calling bitches ugly. Who cares and why!

No. 1874627

I'm being super honest when I say all I can see is the nose job. Everything else I feel can be chalked up to better makeup.

No. 1874634

File: 1706841735047.jpg (421.79 KB, 1427x2015, 1000002481.jpg)

Hone in on her eyelids and eyebrows. Its looking so tight and almost painful, im really hoping it's just facelift tape and makeup. She was looking cute for a minute, circumstance considered. Those contacts are not cute though, her dark brown eyes are fine.

No. 1874637

>there’s something very fucking wrong with the butt
Lmao why does she sound normal and coherent here too it’s like the twilight zone
Also saying she doesn’t menace other artists? Mmmmkay

No. 1874643

The funniest thing about Justin Timberlake is that he thinks he's a shady boots diva akin to Drake

No. 1874644

File: 1706842137472.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1409, IMG_0321.jpeg)

Lana last night. She looks like the LFL era again

No. 1874645

She look like the milf who baddie in the grinch

No. 1874647

She looks a mess honestly

No. 1874650

Swifties are a scumbag fandom, remember how swifties treated the brazilian swifties who got injured or DIED at taylors concert. They were saying the most vile racist things to the brazilians who were poating about how badly taylor and her team handled that concert. Taylor and her team even made PR articles that no one was hurt to save her face and reputation but once the truth was revealed that people were injured then she went and took photos together with the family of the deceased girl because it was trending news and she needed to cleanse her image, the same way she invited Ice Spice on stage when her boyfriend at that time Matt Healy was caught saying racist things about Ice spice.

Evil woman and evil fans. Also the concert situation was discussed a couple of threada ago so if anyone remembers on which thread it was please link for the ones who dont remember how badly that was handled.(sage your autism in this thread)

No. 1874662

No. 1874671

File: 1706843512870.jpg (117.93 KB, 1920x1040, 1000002483.jpg)

She looks like the milf who baddie in the grinch.

No. 1874674

File: 1706843699519.jpg (302.34 KB, 1636x2048, 1000002484.jpg)

This is Colin Farrel.

No. 1874685

File: 1706844457014.jpeg (230.33 KB, 2048x1152, FF07FACE-5FE6-4E90-8253-619A4E…)

Atleast her face filler has settled or she took some out.

No. 1874695

File: 1706845089425.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1159x1434, 964E0E7F-200C-4C66-8F84-9F2340…)

No. 1874697

woahh she got that joyce wildenstein

No. 1874731

Hollywood is so desperate, people only cared about this movie because of the chemistry brangelina had in it and the drama it caused. Donald glover is so lame

No. 1874738

She is over 20 years older than >>1871324 let that sink in…

Has anybody actually seen the new Mean Girls? Something tells me they're gonna turn them from being bullies to being some sort of woke Robin Hood, like she is mean but only to the homophobic transphobic racist white kids… There's just no way that nowadays Regina would be allowed to be a simply cruel main character throwing insults at others.

No. 1874739

Is that him in his penguin role costume kek

No. 1874741

File: 1706848821844.jpeg (69.48 KB, 750x500, IMG_8001.jpeg)

He's known to fetishize Asian or Wasian women and she looks a little like his wife. He's got a cutesy looking face, it's hard to take him seriously as what's supposed to be a sexy spy

No. 1874755

File: 1706850431192.png (816.2 KB, 592x888, 64yu.png)

Nope. This is 2 days ago. Like I said, no verifiable meaningful relationship with a woman. Either she is bi but is afraid to be in a serious relationship with a woman, or she's lying about her bi-ness for the brownie points. She doesn't even have female friends, ffs. I feel bad as a fellow bi for judging her based on past relationships, but I just don't believe that she loves women as much as she says she does. She doesn't act like a girl's girl.

No. 1874756

File: 1706850583479.png (777.79 KB, 597x881, 6267.png)

Why is her entire Poussey out? This is the worst Link and Zelda costume I've ever seen, and these people are millionaires.

No. 1874757

Fuck this retardicus up, Britney! What a loser. He couldn't even give a blanket statement that he's sorry for past mistakes but he's growing, blah blah blah? Idiot. I hope Britney stans have fun dogpiling on him.

No. 1874766

You know what I can't believe? That this sewer RAT with whiny incel songs was ever considered a heartthrob or "sexy". Say what you want about kpoop but something this hideous is not allowed in their boy bands.

No. 1874769

every kpop boy band looks like a microencephely support group

No. 1874781

Wtfffff kek, Ben’s mocked her for years, got into arguments with her on twitter and says she’s a degenerate and her lifestyle and music is part of the reason ~society~ is so gross and hypersexualised now. Is she really that desperate for mens approval? She’s such an embarrassing pickme holy shit kek, what a fall from grace

No. 1874787

the description in the article someone posted upthread says theyre wannabe spies so it seems more like a spinoff but i still dont see the point of making it

No. 1874798

Yeah it’s kind of unbelievable how you could go to any random anime con and see a dozen better link/Zelda cosplays. Meanwhile they have all the money in the world to commission good costumes and they actually choose to look this bad

No. 1874800

>this is a spy movie
i literally thought it would be a feel good romcom with mundane daily shenanigans type movie based on the ads ive seen, no idea it was supposed to be a spy movie unless it’s a comedy spy movie

No. 1874805

File: 1706857046756.jpeg (338.35 KB, 1284x2649, D990DD17-1002-4839-A3EF-BB552E…)

Ice spice mad because people have been saying her career is over because umg took her songs off TikTok

No. 1874814

Kek sorry I couldn't remember the details. Also I'm not saying it's cannon just that I understand where they derived a joke and that it's a cool theory for gay youth if they want to interpret that way but thats what made movies better, things weren't so literal to the point the movie is rendered kind of pointless

No. 1874818

>russian woman named Nikita
This is the only detail you need to realize this is a fake story kek

No. 1874819

File: 1706860104804.jpg (22.51 KB, 258x400, 1000002485.jpg)

This was the man of my dreams this is my Charlize Theron in Monster

No. 1874820

I feel like some of you think your attempts at insult eat these people up but it sucks so bad, you will never be Azealia Banks. Back to the drawing board.

I doubt she's mad. She's from New York, she's going to talk shit back?

No. 1874837

File: 1706862205556.png (927.25 KB, 1088x1356, 027017308180183901.png)

On the 827th episode of actors being huge assholes for no reason, an article titled "4 days to bury a movie" got released in the french press. Director Thomas Bidegain tells how Jake Gyllenhaal singlehandedly managed to ruin a 26M$ production (his first american movie) in four days, by being such an uncooperating ass that the director basically just gave up everything. Gyllenhaal became co-producer of the movie, and tried to change all the script on set as nothing fit his vision. He showed a ton of strange behaviors, see picrel, was always wearing a mask, and super paranoid about the crew making him ill. One day, he reportedly went into the forest, saw a horse, and came back with the revelation that the movie wasn't actually about love, but 'the love of nature' : he thus showed the crew a Greta Thunberg speech with rock music in the background to illustrate his idea. Of course, the scrip needed to be re-written once again to fit his brilliant idea. The director then said to his assistant 'How do you say, 'getting fucked' in islandic? Because that's what's happening.'. He understood that his production was being co-opted, and decided to stop everything sooner than later. I can translate some other parts of the article if anyone's interested in the details.


No. 1874843

didn't she troon out her kid as well?

No. 1874845

They also said he said the crew should sleep in their cars so they wouldn't spread covid. He's retarded

No. 1874847

File: 1706863522203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.26 KB, 694x1063, IMG_3039.jpeg)

both this photoshoot and her positions one appear to be so lazily taken & designed

No. 1874848

I have naturally uneven brows like that and it’s so annoying, it must have sucked for her to know she caused that. The trick is to pluck the top of one brow and the bottom of the other and shade them in a bit to make them look more even, it’s hard though and very annoying, makes me look like I had a minor stroke

No. 1874850

Diapercore she don't care no more at all

No. 1874851

Your reasoning may be because of your eyelid or having a hyperactive muscle above one of your eyebrows. Even the slightest difference in eyelid sizes can cause pretty evident eyebrow symmetry. Not to be annoying in the celeb threads but maybe look into that and there are plenty of ways to tighten and correct it so you fix the actual issue and not have to spend a lot of time on eyebrow grooming. In Ariana's case her facelift wasn't symmetrical and it pulled one of her eyebrows a cm too high.

No. 1874857


No. 1874859

nta but this happens to me too, i have uneven eyebrows and my muscle on the left eyebrow is basically frozen so when i subconsciously frown only the right eyebrow makes the expression. when i notice it i usually have to force the other eyebrow to move. i don't know if you can actually fix that

No. 1874862

You can. You likely have either eyelid ptosis (yes, it can be so slight you barely notice it except something you can't quite pin being 'off') or some sort of damage to the muscle on the left side. More than likely, you just have an unevenness in an inconvenient part of your eyelid that causes your muscles to unconsciously lift your left eyebrow and keep it essentially paralyzed in place because it believes it's evening out your vision and keeping the eyelid from falling even ever so slightly over your pupil. You can numb it with botox or muscle relaxing cream but that won't fix the issue itself, a way to help alleviate it could be through getting a laser treatment done to tighten that one eyelid and use retinol on it. You can use eyelid glue or tape on that eyelid as well, but often it has to be pretty strong to prevent the eyebrow from reverting due to how much muscle has built up above your brow. People often think this is from sidesleeping but it is actually most often caused by childhood or neonatal trauma to that particular portion of your face.(derailing/ medfagging)

No. 1874863

Seeing celebrities do this feels like they expect to get praise just for being celebrities into nerd shit so they don't bother to put in actual effort.

No. 1874866

the race swapping thing would honestly be fine if they picked 2 very attractive, sexy people for it. and if they at least seemed cool

No. 1874870

Don’t forget Doja Cat and the guy who played Edward in Twilight

Yeah I have the same thing where one of my eyebrows doesn’t move the same as the other, my eyelids are pretty much the same but my under eyes are complete opposite and it’s so irritating. It’s mostly only noticeable when I smile but it’s so obvious and I notice other people look at it too, one of my under eyes bunches up like Mila Kunis’ under eyes and the other stays smooth and just sort of wrinkles a little, that and my eyebrow are the only asymmetrical part on my face and it shows so strongly. I’m going to look into ways to change it eventually, but I’m not sure if there’s much that can be done about the under eye thing. What’s super weird about my eyebrows though is the right one used to not move much but the left one did so I started really trying to force that eyebrow to move and was able too really work the muscles in my forehead, temple, around my ear even to mimic the left one so it would have the same range and it worked and my right eyebrow started moving the same as my left so I stopped really focusing on it and about a year later I noticed my left eyebrow now doesn’t move much and has very poor range compared to the right. It’s so weird I literally switched what eyebrow is like half paralyzed and I don’t even know how or why kek(blogposting)

No. 1874872

The muscles around your upper face are basically battling to try to fix the slight obstruction in your vision or slight asymmetry of the sensitive nerves around one of your eyes. The muscle becomes overworked and enlarged (kind of similar to tmj) and thats why it 'freezes'. So you trained away the issue from one side and your brain and nerves still sense a slight obstruction and are trying to correct it without your permission. You have to see a specialist and do a gentle probe of different options to fix the underlying issue or it will never go away.(derailing)

No. 1874881

That’s my face when you tell me that this is Colllin Farrell. What happened? Men aging better than women is the biggest lie ever.

No. 1874885

File: 1706868009096.jpg (57.54 KB, 900x900, 1000002494.jpg)

I never realized that's Collin Farrel, the makeup is so good staring at the pics for too long scares me

No. 1874886

nona thanks for posting this, I can read French and I can't wait to get to my destination just so I can read this. lmfao what a fucking weirdo. Is he on drugs

No. 1874887

No. 1874888

Nothing happened. He's wearing prosthetics and a fat suit for his Penguin role.

No. 1874891

Hers is from a facelift and bad botox, though. iirc she even admitted the latter
>>1874870 and others in the thread
Please don't fix everything asymmetrical about yourself. These are often very attractive features that set you apart from others. Not going to blog, just trust me. Maybe humans like to see symmetry in advertisements, photos, and artistic renditions of humans, but I don't think it's necessarily what we find beautiful irl, honestly.

No. 1874893

I already hated this outfit when she had only revealed the top part. This is just blatantly disgusting. Who is she even trying to cater to? No one but degenerates are gonna like this shit. I'm dumb for actually liking her during sweetener era and going on her tour lmao she is so embarrassing

No. 1874894

Having ptosis can make you uncomfortable and give you headaches, you don't need to soapbox about how beautiful everyone is just because there is a discussion about a commonly overlooked facial abnormality.(derailing)

No. 1874900

sorry, yeah if it is medical issue that is causing headaches, that's different than a purely cosmetic one. I'm not soapboxing about how everyone is beautiful, I'm saying sometimes deviations from the norm are more beautiful.(derailing)

No. 1874903

I’m both of those anons and thank you that’s sweet and I agree that asymmetrical faces are unique and can be really cute, it’s more of a preference on my part that I’d like to change it if possible with non invasive methods. I wouldn’t want anything that could potentially make it worse or damage my eyesight or anything. Also I’m aware Ariana’s asymmetry is caused by botched procedures, that’s why the second part of the first sentence is “it must have sucked for her to know she caused that.”

No. 1874907

Samefag I meant I’m both the posts your replying too not I’m “both anons” like I have multiple personalities or something kek, I phrased it like a dumbass

No. 1874909

I meant renee rapp is dating a woman rn

No. 1874928

haha no I understand and I'm sorry, my reading comprehension sucks today, you're right, you said she did it to herself. I didn't mean to say no one should fix anything, ofc it's a personal and medical decision. much love to you, nona!

No. 1874937

And im telling you that these asymmetries are caused by birth defects, nerve damage, or other underlying issues that will only grow more uncomfortable and noticeable over time. It's actually really normal to want to have symmetrical eyebrows also, leave people alone kek. It just comes off as condescending even when you mean well, it isnt like a mole or a birthmark.(derailing)

No. 1874943

Her girlfriend must have horrible fucking taste in women kekkkk

No. 1874957

File: 1706876834583.png (295.02 KB, 660x370, spergyllenhaal.png)

I wish he was on drugs but I think it's just being a narcissistic asshole that thinks everything that comes out of his head and mouth is brilliant genius shit and everyone around him should bend over to meet his demands. Reading the article it seems like he does it almost just to piss people off, make them lose their time and sanity to show them who's the boss. I'm glad the director canceled everything early. Here's a rough translation of the article, there's a lot:

>Movie about the first woman who sailed around the world by herself ; Gyllenhaal is super excited and brings Vanessa Kirby as his co-star (Margot Robbie and Ana de Armas declined).

>Gets really involved with the project, they work on the scenario for a whole year to fit him (I thought it was supposed to be about a woman's story?) and he becomes co-producer.
>Filming supposed to start in 2021, Gyllenhaal cancels last minute to film a show and wants to drop everything.
>Director convinces him to come back to the project and the filming starts in Ireland, as well as the shenanigans
>JG is scared of COVID (there aren't any cases in Iceland at the time), so he asks to be driven to the location instead of flown out, in a car "that is NEITHER RED OR WHITE".
>JG arrives and tells the whole crew : "Everyone here is really talented, but we have a lot to work on and need to keep our minds open. We talked about a lot of changes to be made with David (screenwriter)." David hasn't heard about that at all.
>JG goes on about how "We have to find the truth" and other cryptic shit.
>JG and VK start filming the first scene, written as a heartfelt romantic moment, but their delivery is so lackluster that the director says it sounded like a "bad Peppe le pew impression" with a weird ironic tone.
>Day 2. JG rages out because he didn't now if he was supposed to come on set at 9:30 or 10. He hates on everything and wants to re-write once again, with his own brilliant ideas:
>"Jake talks a lot about the TRUTH, insist on his character being a retired G.I., used to survival… For example, for a boat scene, he sells us the idea of him slapping a fish"
>JG says he's gonna drop everything, but after some talk he sends a text to the director that night simply saying "I adore you."
>Day 3, JG is back on set. After seeing a horse in the forest, he realizes that the film is about "the love of nature" and not a simple romantic movie (fuck that woman's story I guess)
>Shows the crew a Greta Thunberg speech with rock music in the background to illustrate his idea for fifteen whole minutes. "I’m crying, I’m crying, it’s real tears !" says JG while VK laughs.
>VK, inspired by the crazyness, wants to change the ending so that it's "more feminist and less Disney" by killing JG's character.
>She starts crying profusely too, but the director notices that she's actually filming herself for unclear reasons, to JG's disdain.
>Day 4, morning set on the beach. JG runs to swim in the 35F icelandic sea in front of a bewildered crew:"When I see the sea, I swim in the sea".
>The day goes on smoothly and the actors start finally working, the director gets some hope until sunset when JG spergs out again about the "truth" of the movie and its deep meaning.
>JG "exploses in rage" when the construction workers come on day 5 to build a set, wants them to sleep in their cars and not at the hotel so they do not "spread Covid".
>He shouts, wants to cancel all the constructed sets (one of them was a huge whaling station probably worth millions), says everyone here is incompetent and if that's how things are gonna be, he's out.
>The director finally pulls the plug the next morning.
>Some time later, VK calls in to buy the script and make the movie with JG. The director declines, says fuck them both and translate the script in french to finish the project with a local team.

No. 1874960

File: 1706877105272.png (103.59 KB, 317x340, 1000002496.png)

It's hypnotic, cant stop staring at the monumental size of his forehead. Its like looking up at the statue of liberty from below(sage your shit)

No. 1874970

Man we really need dumbass shit back.

No. 1874978

This is so fucking unhinged but funny at the same time. Sucks for all the people who wasted their time though

No. 1874981

File: 1706879365420.jpg (108.95 KB, 1080x1350, 1000002502.jpg)

Kim K posted pics of her daughters Bratz themed 6th birthday party and this is the food spread

No. 1874986

That's cute, it looks like a setup to make candy sushi. I'm assuming it's not fully decorated and that they'll have more actual food.

No. 1874989

Considering her love for beige and sterile interior it wouldn't surprise me if it's already fully decorated in that image kek

No. 1874990

At first I saw candy, then I saw chopsticks and a sushi roll mat. So candy sushi? Cute. But like surely they had pizza.. or a vegetable somwhere..? I really doubt this is the whole spread nonnie

No. 1874993

File: 1706879895759.jpg (307.87 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240131_193030_Tik…)

Adriana Lima looks interesting.

No. 1874999

She's just aging like an average Brazilian who had surgeries. Those Latino genes sadly cannot be outrun, look at Selena.(racebaiting)

No. 1875000

I agree, I'm not commenting on the gummies (they're age appropriate) just how barren and depressing her home is overall.

I'm assuming it's just an activity, but her home is so bleak and depressing.

No. 1875002

File: 1706880440043.jpg (110.66 KB, 560x840, 1000002504.jpg)

Leave her alone. 42 year old men are allowed to be offensive and ugly, why can't women look a little dysmorphic and odd from overfilling in turn. It's a learning curve, they are our first trials. 10 years from now they will look back at this and consider it cautionary, but these women are our pioneers toward better procedure.

No. 1875006

I wonder how she’s doing mentally. It must be horrible to go from being known for your looks to being mocked for them.

No. 1875014

Do you know what thread you are on autist. Other female celebs get nitpicked and ridiculed hre terribly yet we are supossed to care about your shitty has-been model. Fyi that is not because of aging but her looking botched, look at her face her fillers are migrating and her lips have the typical deflated lip filler look.

No. 1875020

Nah that would be Burn Gorman

No. 1875026

How is she a pioneer towards better procedures when she went off online and denied having any?

No. 1875030

Im confused nonnie, picrel is gemma

No. 1875060

Her gf is a homeless themby

No. 1875075

Why is she so wide now?

No. 1875128

Stealing Lily Jay's man, stealing her baby's clothing

No. 1875131

They could be pioneers by not get plastic surgery and just showing women it’s ok to age gracefully instead of becoming a botched pig face

No. 1875143

what the hell is she wearing kek it really does look like a baby onesie from the 80s

No. 1875206

Missing your ex-wife and child? Get you a girl who can do both!

No. 1875207

am i crazy for not thinking this is that bad? she looks different for sure and she’s definitely had lip filler, but she also gained a lot of weight. the eybrows arent doing her any favours, but im not convinced that this is all from filler.

No. 1875210

Wendy Williams documentary coming out on 25th february.

No. 1875225

I could've sworn she just released a documentary. If she's really going broke, I guess that explains why she's doing another one. Iirc, her parents are well of but it seems she's the real breadwinner so it must suck to lose it all

No. 1875237

That wide eyed horror movie stare directly into the camera, holy shit. This is the same woman that sucked off her husband in front of her son. She's definitely hamming this up for the cameras.

No. 1875254

>back to the drawing board
I'm just expressing my true feeling anon, sorry it doesn't rise to your exacting standards for the celebrity gossip thread on lolcow.farm

No. 1875267

Whatever curse was placed on Azealia was transferred over to Nicki kek.

No. 1875272

eugh a lifetime documentary?
That was 25 years ago nonna I’m pretty sure we’re all allowed to make fun of her present day botched plastic surgery job

No. 1875276

Is she pregnant or something? She looks like preeclamptic…the big balloon bloating throughout her face and lips and upper chest

No. 1875277

Got fat I guess

No. 1875304

she looks the best she's looked in years, but i'm v%ery disappointed about the country album, no one asked for this, does she really care about getting awards and being more mainstream? she should stick to what she's best at, THAT is what makes her interesting.

No. 1875309

Fucking kek nonna

No. 1875325

File: 1706898146622.jpg (311.28 KB, 2371x1581, botchedmoore.jpg)

She looks amazing, good for her. This picture is from january 2021, the difference is extreme. Now she looks like herself again.

No. 1875327

what the absolute shit(sage your shit)

No. 1875329

omg finally. I couldnt stand fat appalachian wannabe Lana. She's finally back to being her upstate new york mommy self.

No. 1875331

thats courtney cocks nonna

No. 1875336

where did this happen? i've been here since the very first thread in 2017

No. 1875343

It's Demi Moore in a Fendi show, nonia

No. 1875344

File: 1706899307975.jpg (47.06 KB, 736x521, Screenshot 2024-02-02 193450.j…)

Why would Jenna Ortega do this? Im so confused on why she took this role. She has sex with a older man and there are porny queerbait lesbian scenes made for men to jack off too.

She is already a established wealthy actress so im confused on why she took this role, typically its poor or irrelevant actresses who take on these type of roles so there is no other explanation for Ortega taking this other than her being a pickme.

Gross porny film that sexualizes teenage girls and has that gross "older men get seduced by evil young girls who falsely acusse othem of SA" tropes.

I always felt a weird vibe from Jenna Ortega, now i know why.
If you search up her name on twitter its literally just men masturbating over her and those scenes in the movie. At this point herfans are only men who view her as fap material.

No. 1875354

>She is already a established wealthy actress
Is she? I can't agree on that, no actresses under 45 are ''well established in the industry'', and even if some of them get roles consistenly through those years and after, they are always two steps from complete irrelevancy (Jennifer Lawrence comes to mind). Hollywood is run by men who prefer casting younger actresses next to older actors. Jena is exploiting herself doing crap while directors accept her because, let's be honest, that girl can't act and has no charisma at all.

No. 1875358

Is this the movie with the sherlock's partner dude?

No. 1875360

This is just sad. Isn't she like 20 years old?

No. 1875362

It's a humiliation ritual, everyone in Hollywood is forced to do it.

No. 1875365

Jenna herself has said that she hates being sexualized

No. 1875369

Ok but you know whay i meant by my comment. I hate it when anons act dumb. She has garnered huge popularity so the net for the roles she can chose is much wider so she shouldn't have to settle for a movie like this.
No, retarded tinfoiler, its because Jenna is a pickme and this movie is made for men who are incels and want to blame young women for "tempting" them.

No. 1875371

Apparently this movie is a mess with no purpose or message but to show how hot jenna ortega is

No. 1875373

That doesn't really add up considering this and her character in X

No. 1875376

File: 1706900302785.jpeg (974.22 KB, 1170x919, IMG_0503.jpeg)

matching couple outfits

No. 1875378

File: 1706900368323.jpeg (189.83 KB, 1170x1906, IMG_5322.jpeg)

She also posted this video of her sitting on her dads lap and grabbing his thigh, then because he wasn’t paying attention to her she said “why would you ignore me like that, you broke my heart” and slid off of his lap and spread her legs while staring at him, it was so creepy

I think she’s just a pickme who panders to men for a living

No. 1875382

I think Jenna is lesbian, she types like a moid on her private letterboxd account (she was also caught following a weird instagram gore artist who was arrested for murder or rape?) and is always fawning over other females and using neutral pronouns when it comes to dating. I don't think she's a pickme because when she is filmed in person she is never pandering to other guys or flirting or anything like that. I think she is doing these films because she thinks she has to in order to stay relevant or she is just edgy. I lean towards the latter because she is a huge edgelord in private.

No. 1875387

You are deranged for this. Its already bad enough that she took in a role for a teacher x student movie so you dont have to make up weird things about her and her dad.

Why do very straight pickmes always get acussed of being lesbian. No she isnt a lesbian and neither are you for thinking those qualities make someone a lesbian.

No. 1875389

kek that's Demi. Do an image search for "Demi Moore 2022". She looks fabulous with the correction/removal work she's had done, though.
This was back a few years ago when Sony was hacked. In addition to celebrity nudes, emails to/from celebrities and Sony were released. People saw the email address that Jolie was using and Googled it. The results showed that it was tied to an account ("thelookoflove", iirc) that was used to post comments praising Jolie and shit talking Jennifer Aniston on some celeb gossip blog.

No. 1875391

You have no evidence that she is straight. She has never had a boyfriend or expressed interest in men.

No. 1875393

>she types like a moid on her private letterboxd account (she was also caught following a weird instagram gore artist who was arrested for murder or rape?)
Idg how this part is proof of lesbianism, this is more proof of her being edgy if anything. Tbh even the fawning over women and using neutral pronouns is also done by straight women (usually the type who want to appear progressive)

No. 1875395

Meanwhile your evidence of her being a lesbian is her being edgy or typing a certain way. This thread really collects the most braindead posters of lolcow.

No. 1875397

I didn’t make things up about her and her dad, wtf? I explained what happened in the video and said it was creepy(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1875399

But she doesn't talk about being sooo queer or anything.
Not my only evidence but okay

No. 1875401

>She has garnered huge popularity so the net for the roles she can chose is much wider so she shouldn't have to settle for a movie like this.
I'm not playing dumb, I'm actually surprised that you think she actually chooses her roles, I think she hasn't the range of options you think she has. I wouldn't go as far as the anon who said it's an humiliation ritual but I doubt she has been offered an interesting role in a movie that won't sexualize her. She's cattle, basically.

No. 1875406

>She also posted this video
>posts jpeg
Nta but why are some of you like this?

No. 1875409

Some time ago, when the trailer for this hit, I've also seen a tweet calling out Martin Freeman for being a freak too. The movie was doomed from the start, what were her agents even thinking. You're not Dinsey Channel star from 90s/2000s, you don't have to do that to your image anymore.(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1875413

File: 1706902710666.jpeg (227.64 KB, 1170x207, IMG_5327.jpeg)

I hope this is true only because I want to laugh at Robert Pattinson

No. 1875415

I didn’t have the video saved, I just took a screenshot when someone else posted it in one of the past threads. I found the video though, here you go

No. 1875421

The problem is that enty thinks every other actor is gay and he's usually wrong (he fluctuates between claiming Henry Cavill is gay or a pedo), he also says the same shit about Cumberbatch and Hiddlestons kids not being theirs. Cumberbatch rumors were started by a mentally insane schizophrenic fangirl of his, not anyone credible, and somehow spread to actual gossip blogs.

No. 1875422

She could be bisexual. Wasn't she dating that stringy haired moid from Wednesday who was meant to be her love interest and got fired after he was accused of assaulting women?

No. 1875425

File: 1706904393482.jpeg (321.16 KB, 1170x1110, IMG_8011.jpeg)

>The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom actor, 44, appeared on PEOPLE in 10 this week to discuss his new travel docuseries On the Roam. Momoa shared that if he didn't end up an actor, he would've pursued politics in order to help save the planet.

>“I’d wanna do something to help the environment,” he says. “The way the world’s going, I would've, if I was still young Jason, 12-year-old Jason, I'd probably try to do something to get into politics, really fight for our planet.”

>He adds, “If I could go back and be in sixth grade, I would make my life go towards making a change.”

No. 1875426

They were never dating.

No. 1875429

This video isn't creepy. Can we not sexualize normal interactions between family members? She wasn't even directly sitting on his lap (like with her butt on him) she just has her legs over his legs.

No. 1875431

I mean, he still can. Hes only 44. Life is getting longer. He has at least another 40 years to help the clitmate? Is this retard going to put in any effort, or???

No. 1875432

She is no where near established. One hit wonders happen in entertainment too. Only people who remember and like her from wednesday are moids and latinos. Her pick meism it to maintain relevancy cause her acting would never give her a good career. Sydney Sweeney is likable enough to get more options but theyre in the same boat.

No. 1875433

seen lots of blind itens suggesting their relationship is weird like that idk i think i believe it

No. 1875434

I think it's weird as hell

No. 1875437

Ok I'm not trying to say that its super sexual but I'd also never get up on my dad like that kek

No. 1875448

Shhh, don't tell him. We have enough idiots in office here and we don't need another one.

No. 1875450

File: 1706906913430.jpeg (227.25 KB, 1125x1651, IMG_1517.jpeg)

> Demi Lovato performed her song “Heart Attack” for a room full of heart attack survivors — and some audience members were not impressed.
> “She was belting ‘Heart Attack’ in front of the ‘Class of 2024,’ who were all survivors of heart attacks,” the insider exclusively told Us Weekly. “There was a video package played before the fashion show and concert where the women all shared their brushes with death via heart attack, how they were all saved during a heart attack — one has a pacemaker for the rest of her life. Demi was smiling the entire performance, and it was really tone-deaf.”

No. 1875462

File: 1706907685022.jpeg (562.33 KB, 1170x1356, IMG_0324.jpeg)

Stoned and scrolling through twitter and see this. Why is this so funny lmfao

No. 1875469

Wtf is this real lmao

No. 1875470

She takes roles where she has sex with men implied or explicit. She's not gay

No. 1875480

It's called acting. Do you think actors are attracted to every person they have "sex" with in a movie?

No. 1875483

newsflash: actors lie and bullshit all the time for attention

No. 1875519

What a fucking asshole. Is he expecting to be congratulated for this or something? He’s a multi millionaire, he’s more capable of helping people than 99% of the suffering souls on this planet, but he just doesn’t feel like it, I guess? I hate actors, useless mfers

No. 1875522

Idk not trying to infight but it was weird to me nonna. As a young adult I never do things like that to my dad. As a little kid, sure. It seems like the kind of thing a 6 year old might do, not someone in their early 20s.

No. 1875525

When men turn 40 their heads start expanding. What causes this

No. 1875526

Are you gonna actually explain what the film is or just post a random tweet explaining nothing?

No. 1875529

I feel like once you’re past the age of like 10 it’s kinda weird to sit on your parents lap. It wouldn’t be as weird if I also didn’t see her post weird uwu I’m smol baby type content on her socials.

No. 1875533

my thoughts exactly. Not to sound like a scrote but she has her legs all over her dad (who does that as a teenager/adult?!), and the way pouts at him and says "You broke my heart" before stomping up the stairs feels like someone being flirty/"bratty" with their partner to be cute. I'd act that way with a boyfriend but not my dad in a million years.

No. 1875535

Some of you are so weird,just because it looks sexual to your pornsick brain doesnt mean it actually is sexual or that was the intention. Like i was actually thinking there was going to be something serious or gross in that video based on that other anons hyperbole but its a normal video.
The film is called "Miller's girl"

No. 1875554

>legs all over her dad
No. She has her legs bent over her dads legs and they're not even completely touching. Even if their legs were touching it still wouldn't be sexual. Stop being weird.

No. 1875560

i guess she is not settling. she chose it. maybe she wants to look "adult and sexy". or she is pornbrained and rotted like the moids she panders to. many such cases sadly

No. 1875591

File: 1706917767812.mp4 (1.84 MB, 720x1280, zbC-XM9sxW4GtGQC.mp4)

Yes its real.
She sang "heart attack" at an event for people with heart diseases/problems.
Who even approved this.

No. 1875592

>class of 2024 who were all survivors of heart attacks
…The whole grade? The whole entire grade of kids at that school all had heart attacks? Also why would she perform heart attack over 11 years after it came out and hasn't even been on the radio since? Why would she not sing something like cool for the summer?

No. 1875595

This is…how can you be so dumb holy shit.

No. 1875597

The only explanation I can think of is that they wanted attention even if bad and if criticized plan to just cover their ass by saying "but look now everyone is talking about this very serious issue!"

No. 1875607

File: 1706919948298.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x2230, IMG_8039.jpeg)


No. 1875608

Heart Attack is one of her most well known songs

No. 1875610

Maybe her management thought it would be empowering? Retards.

No. 1875615

File: 1706920473091.png (188.12 KB, 469x663, IMG_8044.png)

It's even worse without the photography staging kek

No. 1875619

Unironically, you are the autist for sperging out about it and taking me seriously.

>This is the same woman that sucked off her husband in front of her son
Wendy Williams did what now

No. 1875621

File: 1706921464807.jpeg (116.34 KB, 1290x1290, IMG_9219.jpeg)

Not cute! If those bottoms had been longer and more frilly it would have been cute, like bloomers. But that just looks like she shit herself. What even is she going for at this point?

No. 1875627

File: 1706921840218.jpg (103.28 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_inline_om2b6b6s9t1qkv52…)

Oh jeez, please Ariana stop wearing stuff that's so unflattering. She looks like she has a deformity where he torso didn't grow long enough, or like SpongeBob when he went to prom

No. 1875632


No. 1875633

She got her ass out and did porn in X. I think she just wasn't prepared for the onslaught of disgusting old men creating shrines and gooncaves in her image.

I'm not going to lie I hate falseflagging and exaggeration and fully believe its very telling mosr of the time when people unrightfully sexualize family relationships, but this video is genuinely as weird as people say it is.

No. 1875636

I think the people trying to clock her as a lesbian are just very ignorant, this kind of pickme is generally the straightest bitch there is. Aubrey Plaza is married to a man, so is Natasha Lyonne. Jenna's sense of humor isn't even real, it's clear she's just in a constant state of mimicking Aubrey plaza and Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, she's always almost on the verge of laughing and smiling. You can visibly see her holding down a smile in almost all interviews when she's acting doe eyed and quirky. Not going to outright claim she's straight but nothing about her personality points to being a lesbian unless you're a fool

No. 1875637

File: 1706922414492.jpeg (303.22 KB, 828x437, IMG_1982.jpeg)

Megan Thee Stallion has signed a one-of-a-kind distribution deal with Warner that lets her remain independent and retain ownership of her masters. Standby for incoming coke-fuelled Nicki IG Live rant.

No. 1875639

Shit. Whenever I think of her discography all I hear in my head is whats wrong with bein confidennttt(sage)

No. 1875643

Don't trigger them, they'll come in here and sperg again about how it's actually women who are freaks who all have FAS for not being gigantic gigaskulled ogres.

This is so embarassing and the vocals aren't even reaching there so it's somehow worse. They should've just got Paramore.

No. 1875644

Good for her. It seems like Megan is pretty fortunate with her deal, she's independent but still receives promotion and distribution from other labels. I can't see this becoming commonplace in the industry because labels wouldn't allow it, but it's nice to see. A lot of celebs are actually broke from being signed to labels.

No. 1875647

I'm happy for meg I'm not even a fan of her music but just seeing how shes been dragged through the mud by her peers for being a victim of a crime and an orphan has really been sickening. May God grant her eternal peace!

No. 1875664

I'm not a fan of her music nor her image either but her personality is very likeable, she somehow makes you want to root for her.

No. 1875672

I try not to get too attached to celebs but she seems like such a nice person, I think that's part of why all of these other celebrities are so desperate to tear her down. They can't handle the fact that she's actually a genuine human being kek. The way these people talk about her is so disgusting but she keeps winning and it makes me happy.

No. 1875675

Good for her. Demi looks fantastic

No. 1875752

File: 1706932268414.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1119x2164, F0DCD1A9-C150-490E-9E3B-808803…)

Ice spice arguing with fans because people have been saying her career is over since umg took their music off TikTok

No. 1875754

File: 1706932349245.png (1.4 MB, 1896x1450, Capture.PNG)

A former classmate of Meg said she was super nice and well liked. I'm inclined to believe her because she's an alt girl.

No. 1875764

aww. Beautiful woman

No. 1875818

i talk a big game about how i'm not like obsessed or parasocially in love with any celebrities but i know if lady gaga or justin bieber was in front of me i would break down crying kek(no1currs)

No. 1875825

I don't follow Taylor's relationships closely, but has he ever attended any events to show support for her. Or is it only ever her showing up to games to support him?
Can he fall off into obscurity already, like Chris Kattan?
Good for her. I hope this development and additional Grammy wins rub salt in Nicki's wounds.
Her sorry ass knows it's true, that's why she's opening up that woman for hate comments.
She seems like a really good person with fun interests. I root for her and hope she has a long career.

No. 1875833

File: 1706938550419.jpg (1.53 MB, 2000x1333, kelly-osbourne-weightloss.jpg)

Do anons believe Kelly Osbourne when she insists that she hasn't had plastic surgery?
Imo she has always had a wide and square-jawed bone structure. I think that even her significant weight loss would not be enough to cause her face to look so… different. I don't think that she looks bad. But just yassified and generic. I am pretty torn on this one because she did lose a lot of weight right around the same time that her face changed drastically, so it's kinda hard to tell.
She has definitely gotten some botox. But that's pretty run-of-the-mill for hollywood, and I think that most people wouldn't consider that to be plastic surgery.

No. 1875838

I just watched her Hot Ones episode and apparently she was not only on the bball team at uni (which she tried out for twice bc she didn't make it the first time), but she graduated a winner, and is also an anime nerd who can talk your ear off about her fave characters. She is so personable that I can't help but stan a woman winning in all facets like that. She got her 3 grammys the same year that she also graduated from health sciences or something like that. I don't even like rap music lmao. She is still goals & I love how heated she gets pedo Nick Minerge. Streaming Hiss rn.

No. 1875846

I cant tell if her face actually changed or if she just lost weight? Because her upper cheeks and lower jaw have a similar look even post weight loss to me it just looks like she lost fat

No. 1875878

what year is this

No. 1875896

File: 1706949887121.jpg (154.86 KB, 869x1390, sharon-osbourne-2002-mtv-movie…)

to me it just looks like she lost weight. have you seen her mother sharon osbourne? they look very alike now.

No. 1875898

lmao that’s so pathetic if it’s real and doesn’t fit her 'chill' image

No. 1875899

File: 1706951561433.jpeg (146.1 KB, 1404x790, IMG_3322.jpeg)

She looks like picrel now. Also I’ve always thought that she was pretty, just fat, I wonder how she would look like with only weight loss.

No. 1875901

This fucking took me out kek, she’s the gift that keeps giving us laughs year after year oh my god

No. 1875943

No one sees an average looking model who committed suicide and brings her picture to a plastic surgeon. You're disgusting for bringing a victim of sexual abuse and suicide just to talk about her looks and I think you're the only one that's after her features. You're genuinely disgusting and your ugliness is probably a reflection of your weird obsession with only seeing women for their looks and not their struggles.(infighting)

No. 1875949

To be fair, Demi is also a heart attack survivor. It’s something she had in common with the audience, and it’s one of her best known songs post-Disney Channel.

No. 1875954

File: 1706961601478.jpeg (949.19 KB, 1170x933, IMG_1536.jpeg)

You’re meaning to tell me that she had a whole photoshoot of her flopping makeup brand and she couldn’t touch up her roots?

No. 1875956

What the fuck is that background? It looks like the picture has been taken against the fat wide back of a scrote that doesn't exfoliate, unpigmented old leather. The photoshop is awful and the blush is the wrong tone in Aryana and the model on the right.

No. 1875961

Anon, you’re genuinely psychotic and you need to seek help. I didn’t know she was a victim of abuse or that she killed herself, calm down. She certainly isn’t average looking, she was stunningly beautiful. I know for a fact that women have brought her as an example to plastic surgeons, I’ve literally seen it plastic surgeons say it. I only ever complimented her features, you’re the one insulting her and reducing her to the abuse she experienced, and claiming that women can’t be called attractive if they’ve experienced abuse?? Bizarre. You need to cool it with the insults.

No. 1875971

Her eyes look so dead, wtf.

No. 1875975

>the blush is the wrong tone in Aryana and the model on the right
Fr, looks like bruises

No. 1875977

File: 1706965014569.png (755.85 KB, 863x858, 1000020102.png)

I usually like editorial blush looks, and I know about "blush draping," but she looks _bruised_. Like someone smacked her to the floor. The other models' blush looks better imo.

No. 1875986

Her top lip looks like it got stung by a bee

No. 1876006

Aw, I don't like Biber but let that anon be, it's precious that she still has a crush on a has-been like that kek

No. 1876008

This shade matching is horrible here holy

No. 1876010

I don’t understand that logic, Marilyn Monroe has the most requested features for plastic surgery, and she’s well known for having had a difficult life filled with abuse and she most likely killed herself. People still idolize her and want to look like her, why wouldn’t they? Someone having been abused before doesn’t mean you can’t think she’s pretty, most women have experienced abuse.

No. 1876037

File: 1706970942556.jpeg (691.19 KB, 767x854, IMG_5370.jpeg)

Zendaya and Florence Pugh were on Jimmy Kimmel together this week, Zendaya has been dressing on theme for Dune lately

No. 1876041

I don’t get it, was it an event solely for heart attack survivors? If yes, then Demi Lovato seems like a random choice for a performer. Either way I think it was funny, they should loosen up a bit kek

No. 1876044

It annoys me that background is kept in warm colours and the makeup is cool toned. Also, wasn’t R.E.M supposed to be space and future themed? So random.

No. 1876050

I wish actors had to dress like their upcoming movies all the time. Imagine how much fun.

No. 1876058

File: 1706972466251.jpeg (160.78 KB, 1170x1146, IMG_5371.jpeg)

I haven’t seen Dune, is this also on theme for it? It was included in an article about what the stars of the film are wearing during the press tour

No. 1876063

Yeah they better loosen up, stress causes heart attacks

No. 1876078

Do you really think these rich people going to plastic surgeons give a fuck?

No. 1876088

She talked about how "we don’t close doors at our house" and that to let someone know you're about to walk past, you need to stomp your feet and clear your throat or some shit. One night she was sucking her husband's dick with the door wide open and her 13 year old son walked past without announcing it. They all saw each other and rather than stop, she KEPT SUCKING HER HUSBAND'S DICK in front of her minor child. She's fucking nasty.

No. 1876093

I think that's just the name this group of survivors gave themselves. I don't understand it, but it would make even less sense if it were a school class where all students had heart attacks.

No. 1876119

File: 1706977894505.jpg (82.21 KB, 656x577, Screenshot 2024-02-03 173219.j…)

Looks like this is the month of rap beef.
There is some drama between Ice Spice and Latto.

No. 1876125

ik rihanna isnt mentioned but i miss her making music(unsaged newfag)

No. 1876127

File: 1706978650145.jpg (163.7 KB, 945x1677, GFYTUaKXIAAmD60.jpg)

Also it looks like Ice is spiralling too because she just posted a picture a person who gave her constructive criticizm for the sole purpose of having her fans go after them. Then she deleted that tweet after people called her out. Also the person didnt even say anything bad, they just said she needs to fix her stage presence.

No. 1876129

I think it is weight loss

No. 1876133

File: 1706978944476.png (1.27 MB, 1162x654, IMG_9213.png)


> she hasn’t had surgery, she looks like her mom now… who has famously had a lot of surgery

No. 1876151

File: 1706980004961.jpg (2.15 MB, 2133x3200, sharon-daughter-aimee-osbourne…)

She also looks like her sister, Aimee. Maybe they all go to the same surgeon.

No. 1876161

File: 1706980566315.jpeg (50.8 KB, 636x382, IMG_9214.jpeg)

Her face before looks like her mom before surgery and her face after looks like her mom after surgery.
I buy >>1876151 theory that they all go to the same surgeon

No. 1876167

A family that gets plastic surgery together stays together.

No. 1876171

Ice spice is realizing that the attention she got for her alleged looks, body and wig does not last long because there' nothing there. This happens with these kinds of pop up rappers.
Everyone knows from the beginning they aren't great but they think they are pretty, or like their bodies or create some personality for them. Then eventually the plastic is off and people are like, "Oh you really suck and you aren't even attempting to improve.
I never brought the 'chill and unbothered" persona people swore she had. It was more like, "mundane and mediocre"

No. 1876172

I get an ice spice latto at Starbucks every autumn.

No. 1876176

Am I the only one who think their surgeries look good?

No. 1876182

File: 1706981536556.jpg (23.97 KB, 480x381, 421efc808876e7ed60ae5be7cfc89a…)

Always thought she was a carbon copy of Ozzy. But now, yeah, more like her mom. And she definitely had plastic surgery.

No. 1876191

Her song is named what now?

No. 1876197

Its this song >>1872558

No. 1876200

ozzy osbourne was this pretty as a young man?? gawt damn(sage your shit)

No. 1876210

Ozzy was really cute in the 70s and 80s, he didn't start cosplaying as the Prince of darkness until his comeback in the 90s

No. 1876218

what's the milk here tho

No. 1876269

her and the sister have had the exact same work done kek it's actually uncanny when you look at the pics right next to each other

No. 1876275

shut up mod this was saged
I've beliebed for 14 years nonnie I'm not stopping anytime soon kek

No. 1876276


Scrolling too fast, thought this was Iggy Azalea

No. 1876310

It would be awesome if a talented nonny photoshopped them together for the next threadpic, haha. Guess they're equally gross and cringe.

No. 1876313

So… help? Support or start an ecological organization? Donate your money? Raise awareness? If you're gonna virtue signal at least be more convincing you dense-ass moid.

No. 1876318

File: 1706992440011.jpeg (954.06 KB, 1170x933, 1706961r601478.jpeg)

You're so right >>1875971 nonnie, it's even more evident right side up. The model next to her is making a simple facial expression but she still looks engaged and soft. Ariana looks like a coked out tilapia. Also, the ear tattoo is so blurred that it looks like dark ear hair from a distance.

No. 1876325

She really thought she was roasting a hater by posting a picture of a person with lovely facial features, nice makeup, and cute hair. Was the insult that she's fat? Was that the punchline? An insult of that caliber is going to wreck her beyond repair.

No. 1876328

Reminds me of when I was a little kid and I didn’t realize Janet Jackson got a nose job. Michael’s wasn’t that terrible looking yet, so I thought they naturally had slimmer noses than the rest of their family kek

No. 1876342

She already has taken pedo baity roles before. Her role in X was kind of pedo tier when they had her doing porn and preteen underwear.(sage)

No. 1876346

are there any male celebrities who have aged well?

No. 1876351

She is seething lol. She probably has run out of ideas since her last song was just Munch with worse rapping and literally shit lyrics and tries to create fake beef to stay relevant.

No. 1876357

My dislike for him gets more and more justified. Being a prominent actor and being born into wealth are massive red flags for a scrote by themselves but he has both of them.
I'm so sick of Donald Glover. Nerdy incels always have yellow fever.
She looked her best when she was trying to LARP as black/biracial imho, but the Latiniana Grande fit her best.

No. 1876360

the elephant in the room is that ice spice is fat herself

No. 1876375

File: 1706995134883.png (3.67 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0332.png)

Madison beer is so hairy. I know this is normal for girls, but for celebrities who can afford to get rid of it?(retarded nitpick)

No. 1876379

Anons, don't respond to the bait above.(please just report them and move on)

No. 1876400

Is she racist too? Since fatphobia is "racist" apparently(bait)

No. 1876405

What is this retarded bait.

No. 1876413

That's something the fat acceptance movement says, so it's not "bait". You can go look it up yourself

No. 1876418

People joke about Keanu Reeves and Paul Rudd being ageless vampires, but I can’t think of any others. Most of them age like milk.

No. 1876419

People hate on ice spice but I’ll give her one thing, she has never said anything disrespectful about dark skin women which is something light skin female rappers commonly do. She can’t rap, dance or sing but at least she’s not colorist.

No. 1876424

She's not "light skin" she's pale as milk, she needs to tread lightly or black people will quickly exclude her. See mariah carey

No. 1876430

Ice spice is the only mixed or light skin rapper girl who hasn’t said messed up stuff about dark skin black women pre fame. They all have tweets from their past being colorist because they get hyped up by black men.

No. 1876436

File: 1706998344739.jpeg (233.32 KB, 1170x1878, 82E38A64-A2D2-45C3-806B-9F6006…)

Her tweets pre fame. The only one who seems not to be on some “pretty mixed girl” shit like how they usually act.

No. 1876439

>the only mixed or light skin rapper girl who hasn’t said messed up stuff about dark skin black women pre fame.
probably old milk but wich ones did? i don't think that sort of stuff has been posted before on these threads

No. 1876443

Can’t she just be hairy without you complaining? Personally it makes me happy to see her, a woman with a ton of cosmetic procedures and extensive top of the line routine to maintain herself, not meticulously shaving or waxing her stomach. Wtf kind of a beauty standard is that? Hairy girls already struggle enough with people judging our arms and legs, please stop raising the bar or else we’re going to have to bathe in Nair next. Tbh the body hair looks kind of sexy on her, not gonna lie. I wonder if this might be an indication of body hair coming back as people have been talking about.(do not reply to bait)

No. 1876444

File: 1706999401867.jpeg (90.86 KB, 828x623, 25C1204C-BD36-479F-98FC-BD932A…)

Latto(currently calls her best friend who is dark skin a monkey), nicki minaji(past colorist lyrics), young Miami from the city girls, saweetie…they all have sone things imply that they don’t like dark skin women or that they’re light skin baddies…ice spice is the only one who didn’t go through that phase.

No. 1876448

File: 1706999858650.jpeg (13.09 KB, 384x131, BD4AC1C6-26A1-4C70-99CB-860264…)

Samefag. Jt saying she doesn’t like women who are too dark.

No. 1876452

Really surprised how many people still don't wipe their twitter when they start getting famous, its just too easy for tweets you made when you were a teenager to bite you these days

No. 1876453

That saweetie tweet is fine, is she supposed to hate herself for being light skin or something? That doesn't mean she puts down dark skin women

No. 1876461

This headline is so annoying to me because so many actors in America have gone on to have careers in politics. Ronald Regan became president, Shirley Temple was a foreign diplomat, Arnold Schwarzenegger became a governor. He could put his money where his mouth is and start some sort of non-profit or even just work on an awareness campaign for a charity something if he really gave a shit about climate change. He wants a pat on the back for doing fuck all.

No. 1876470

It’s kind of like if a blonde and blue eyed woman said “well duh of course I’m attractive. I have blonde hair and blue eyes”…it’s not directly saying anything directly to other types of women but it’s implying that you are prettier than them.

No. 1876486

I don't see a reason to care if someone thinks their features are naturally pretty or the best. At that point it's like damn, at least some people still love themselves the way they were born.

No. 1876505

Never said it was an issue but I notice ice spice is the first female light skin or mixed rapper that doesn’t act like that. She doesn’t seem as pick me about being mixed as other female rappers are because most of them can’t go 2 seconds without bragging about it but ice spice never does. She’s untalented but she’s not annoying like most ghetto mixed women usually are so I’ll give her that.

No. 1876522

Right? How is not an automatic PR team move? So many have been "cancelled" this way

No. 1876530

nobody other than you gives af about florence babe. she went on a talk show? wow. so interesting.(infighting)

No. 1876578

This just feels disrespectful. I really do not love biopics already because they feel like a caricaturization of a real human beings life, but this feels really unnecessary and like a cash grab because not only does Amy already exist but there’s a ton of living footage of her that you can view online for free if you want to enjoy her presence.

No. 1876582

It's absolutely disgraceful. There is a good, but sad doc already on netflix all about Amy. We didnt need a bio pic. It feels like an excuse to glorify her ED and drug/alcohol abuse. it's so awful. We both know the dad probably approvd to this

No. 1876584

File: 1707009186097.jpg (134.56 KB, 945x2048, 1000002508.jpg)

It sucks that Azealia Banks dickrides for abusers because she really does have some actual prophecy level lines.

No. 1876589

Theyre laying their heads on Dan Schneider's stomach

No. 1876591

>I'm so sick of Donald Glover. Nerdy incels always have yellow fever.
I wish more people talked about this, cause he's fetishized asian women(and to a minor extent white women) his entire career, he has tons of raps fetishizing asian women, but even in his shows he indulges his fetishes and biases, there's this scene from Atlanta that features a dark-skinned black woman getting mad at a white woman for "snatching up" a successful black man, but it's then implied she wouldn't have supported that black man if he was broke while the white woman would have, there's another episode that features an inter-racial couple, this one a goofy white man who fetishizes black woman and the black woman is only with him cause of money, so yeah it's very clear he has his "preferences" and I think this show will just be indulging his power fantasy.

No. 1876598

File: 1707009699810.jpg (353.17 KB, 2000x1911, 1000002509.jpg)

Idk im not really taking it seriously, I just assumed it was because the updo looks overteased and mess. This is the same ice spice that has taken the down syndrome comments with complete grace. I'm not going to jump to the worst possible conclusion, everyone else is doing a good job at that.

No. 1876602

Will not be supporting. Will not speak on it. Will give it the least amount of stars possible on all rating platforms. Will pray on its inevitable downfall. If these disgusting golems don't stop exploiting the death of actual special talents when it hasn't even been enough time passing. God I HATE everyone involved even the actress who thought this would be her ticket in. May the ghost of Amy piss on their rugs.

No. 1876603

No. 1876608

Honestly, Zendaya always looks so fantastic. Love this outfit!

No. 1876612

Donald Glover is so freaking lame. Childish Gambino has no hits that I can recall, his comedy is just him whining about being bullied for being nerd, and I still cannot believe he had the confidence to be shirtless for this music video.

No. 1876613

That's really disturbing. wtf

No. 1876620

File: 1707010663796.jpg (145.82 KB, 1280x720, 1000002510.jpg)

If they pulled one of his chins taut enough that would work too

No. 1876626

File: 1707010991298.jpeg (638.86 KB, 1164x972, 85BD36FE-D5A7-41AA-BC0D-474408…)

Has Channing’s face always looked this doughy?

No. 1876631

File: 1707011070688.gif (952.46 KB, 245x200, TJFjVvd.gif)

So far, every Sam Taylor-Johnson film I've watched has never sexualized/exploited women but instead objectificatied men. Even in 50 shades of grey, there's a strong emphasis on Grey's body and figure above all else. It's perhaps a rare case of a female director exploring the female gaze, and I applaud her for that. I'm curious to see how this will translate to a biopic about Amy

No. 1876657

File: 1707011846598.jpg (47.61 KB, 500x461, 1000002512.jpg)

It wouldnt. Doesn't even make sense in the plot. Amy's only men of note at the heyday of the crazy pap pics was Pete Doherty (worst case of skinnyfat you will ever see and babyshambles was ass) and that stupid awful crackhead in the skinny jeans. Hate that man so much.

No. 1876670

Sure, but is that a good reason to have her direct an Amy Winehouse biopic?

No. 1876674

>she types like a moid on her private letterboxd account (she was also caught following a weird instagram gore artist who was arrested for murder or rape?)
Can you post screenshots/proof of this, anon?

No. 1876680

File: 1707012995986.jpg (165.07 KB, 946x2048, 1000002513.jpg)

Nope. Sick of exploitation movies.

No. 1876687

File: 1707013272641.jpg (34.49 KB, 828x393, 1000002507.jpg)

Azealia has been going IN on Elon and I appreciate when she's doing this to men and not random women

No. 1876690

File: 1707013433430.jpg (85.03 KB, 1284x1196, 1000002506.jpg)

Courtney Love maintaining that Trent Reznor has a below average small penis for as long as she has warms my heart. It really does make sense, like he has that aura about him.

No. 1876691

>My dislike for him gets more and more justified. Being a prominent actor and being born into wealth are massive red flags for a scrote by themselves but he has both of them.
If you need more reasons to dislike him (and more red flags):
>is known for smelling bad/not showering enough
>dates women as young as 19
>has a weird virgin fetish

No. 1876703

He said before that he goes for white and asian women because black women didn't like him. That scene was his incel revenge fantasy, lol.
>there's another episode that features an inter-racial couple, this one a goofy white man who fetishizes black woman and the black woman is only with him cause of money
Of course he has spite for black women/white men relationships, classic malding male.

No. 1876718

File: 1707014733547.jpeg (924.79 KB, 1170x1406, IMG_0334.jpeg)

No. 1876721

File: 1707014872075.jpg (133.47 KB, 1345x1280, 1000002514.jpg)

The way that his hands are smaller than hers

No. 1876749

>Finding you is like finding Asians I hate
>But they say I got a fetish, nah I’m skipping all of it
>Black or white girls always come with a set of politics
from Kids (Keep Up)

>This Asian dude, I stole his girl, and now he got that Kogi beef

from Bonfire

>Need a thick chick though

>So it's black and yellow, black and yellow
>Are there Asian girls here? Minority report
from Freaks and Geeks

>Jewish girls eat my meat, it’s not kosher

>Relax, black chick, I think that I have offended thee
>Got nothing against the sisters, I just don’t think they’re into me
from not going back

>Yellow 911 Persian girl in the back car

>But me writin' a verse the only way they buyin' a bar
>White boys used to trip and send me over a gin
>But they busy showin' off each other Indian friend
from L.E.S.

apparently there are some other examples as well, but the fact that he's blatantly open about how much he fetishizes minority women and how much black women allegedly dislike for being "nerd"(it's because he's fat and ugly) it's kinda ridiculous he's considered "woke" by any metric.

No. 1876761

Queen even if absolutely insane and completely retarded at times.

No. 1876800

what she's doing is not rare though, i see it all the time on social media - some women who are super light or could pass as another race do this bc they're scared of not being accepted into the black/poc community. on one hand it's a bit cringe ("good morning to black people only") but on the other hand there are always people in the comments excluding them bc of their features or their skin not being dark enough so it kinda makes sense.

yikes. why does he need to be this open and insistent about his fetishes and prejudices

No. 1876841

I was just about how Ice Spice doesn't really seem to get into drama and stays In her own lane. Guess she just had to prove me wrong kek.

No. 1876844

File: 1707024451762.jpg (217.61 KB, 1365x2048, 1000002518.jpg)

She really hated being called twins because the juxtaposition between just happy to be here vs trying too hard to be sultry is kind of funny

No. 1876847

They look really nice. I think Halle usually has brown hair, the black looks really good on her. Surprised she's out so soon after having her baby.

No. 1876859

Isn't her hatred of Elon mostly an extension of her hate crush on Grimes?

No. 1876861

thats not pete doherty thats blake fielder civil

No. 1876864

File: 1707026839039.jpg (148.58 KB, 1013x1189, 1000002519.jpg)

Random pairing tonight

No. 1876866

File: 1707026980294.jpg (45.84 KB, 683x683, 1000002520.jpg)

Lana does look better I think

There was a break in what I said where I was talking about Pete Doherty separately and referred to the man you mention (whom I will not name because I hate him) as "and that stupid crackhead in the skinny jeans", lick my whole taint Hermoine.

No. 1876869

File: 1707027296768.jpg (96.54 KB, 687x972, 1000002521.jpg)


No. 1876871

File: 1707027432710.jpg (267.29 KB, 1365x2048, 1000002522.jpg)

Colson is here… for some unknown reason. Ruined the night.

No. 1876873

File: 1707027581240.jpg (81.02 KB, 843x1024, 1000002523.jpg)

Cardi B in human skin #frazzledrip

No. 1876876

File: 1707027731592.jpg (270.45 KB, 1544x2048, 1000002524.jpg)

No. 1876877

Oh man, she looks really beautiful. One of her best looks in years.

No. 1876891

File: 1707030273437.jpg (87.25 KB, 828x1244, 1000002525.jpg)

I dont think the stark black hair (with random brown ends?) suits her at all but all considered this is the most flattering she's looked in several years

No. 1876893

Wow, Lana cleans up nice kek

No. 1876894

The dress is ugly but brown is a really nice color on her.

No. 1876906

I hope she wins today, I know Grammys are meaningless but her being in the industry for so many years, heavily influencing pop music, being the only woman with an album that spent a decade on charts and not having one is outrageous tbh.

No. 1876913

I didnt realize there were so many Lana stans using lc. I've listened to her music since it's came out, but I don't know how I feel about her as a person. Thank you to this woman for giving me happy nostalgia though, my best memories in my teens and early 20s have her music in the background.

No. 1876917

People care about Zendaya and regardless of what you think, the point was that they did an interview together and dressed on theme for the movie, which is interesting. You shouldn’t get so mad about a-list stars getting posted just because you’re jealous of her

No. 1876920

She looks so beautiful, I love her hair, dress and choker

No. 1876928

her lips are crooked or some shit

No. 1876929

People pick on chloe to much they both look great in my opinion.

No. 1876946

She has an asymmetrical face like most people, it doesn’t make her any less beautiful. It adds to her charm in my opinion(sage your shit)

No. 1876949

This feels like it was intended to be a Billie Eilish subversive outfit

No. 1876956

Sure it's not filler?

No. 1876978

Theyre lined unevenly, her makeup artist also did her eyeshadow noticeably asymmetrical. She should swap with someone who isn't going to make her look like that.

No. 1876989

Pharell Williams is also one of the few who seem to age pretty well. But other than those three, they all start to look shit after the age of 30

No. 1876996

she told Elon to give Grimes her "coin," and knowing Elon, he's probably trying to weasel out of whatever deal they have, or should have had. I truly think she hates Elon more than Grimes, her hatred for Grimes is more like disgust and disdain. just my opinion though, I'm interested (academically) in the media's presentation of Elon in relation to some specific cultural issues, so I've been reading a lot on him. His treatment of women is beyond disgusting. I feel embarrassed for working on this topic even though I know someone should.

No. 1877034

duolingo is such an unimpressive celebrity, even her earworm songs are meh

No. 1877040

File: 1707049402171.jpeg (162.94 KB, 800x775, IMG_7155.jpeg)

just for fun heres her standing next to a normal styled woman of apparently around the same height lol

No. 1877046

she's hot and usually one of the best dressed in events but i just wish she wouldnt release the same song over and over

No. 1877077

It is rare if you’ve grown up in that environment(the hood). Most of them cannot wait to gush about being light skin or mixed because they know black men eat it up like grits and bacon.(racebaiting)

No. 1877127

god she's botched

No. 1877150

Jojo's bizarre adventures looking ass

No. 1877160

File: 1707059454368.png (688.26 KB, 769x568, 1707058216808.png)

No. 1877163

Surprised nobody pointed out the buccal fat like cheeks, or maybe she's making a face?

No. 1877192

Nothing wrong with a mixed/light skinned woman hyping herself. Dark skinned women do it all the time.(racebaiting)

No. 1877197

File: 1707063061311.png (88.51 KB, 730x530, y.png)

the lyrics to bigfoot dont make a fingernail of sense or rhyme

No. 1877202

noah cyrus looks way worse

No. 1877207

the elbow crook bruising kek…goodness Lizzy!

No. 1877216

Nicki Minaj is like if lovelypeaches started a rap career. This reads like schizobabble

No. 1877222


No. 1877231

Kek. I unironically love her going off like this

No. 1877233

No. There's still no reason to try to this her life into some fantasy fiction for people. Her life was incredibly sad and controlled by both her father and boyfriend at this time. Just watch her documentary on netflix. It's heart breaking. This bio pic is gonna be just as awful as the Marilyn monroe one.

>stabbing hoes like OJ

How is this considered acceptable to make a song about a piece of shit who killed his own wife and tried to cover it up? female victims are never hoes.

No. 1877236

Not the extreme red dye on her scalp. trashy ass

Super botched. I wish the annoying lana stans would stop defending it. She could have aged gracefully, but she ruined herself with plastics.

No. 1877257

her lips werent uneven like that in the skims shoot and i would hope her injector is more competent than that.
i dont think shes had it, it usually looks more drastic than this.

No. 1877273

For real. Her nose is completely crooked and sideways. She looks so bad but her dumb stans will say she looks amazing and beautiful. They're delusional.

No. 1877288

>Her nose is completely crooked and sideways.
i'll never understand why this point is so understated by people, she looks like michael jackson

No. 1877292

File: 1707069727917.gif (66.13 KB, 220x165, IMG_4911.gif)

No. 1877308

im cRYNING ahahaaha "how ethen wakes up ariana"(derailing, lack of integration)

No. 1877315

File: 1707071736766.jpeg (243.04 KB, 459x622, IMG_5459.jpeg)

Her face is asymmetrical, and always has been. She’s a beautiful woman and it gives her character, you all sound jealous.

This level of misogynistic criticism of women’s faces is why female celebrities keep botching themselves, and it’s why we keep ending up with boring plain Jane celebrities without character like floor poo and Sabrina carpenter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1877332

i wonder what she would look like now if she didnt have that horrible nose job

No. 1877344

whenever it's lana getting hate suddenly farmers itt are feminist scholars and not browsing a literal gossip board. she's ugly, cringe and botched, and you just sound like a clown defending her from every minuscule comment or criticism.

No. 1877346

Yep. An apparently we aren't allowed to stan lana or call her beautiful because she's "botched". her music and her as a person is what is beautiful to me.
it bothers people itt so much that she has fans? literally everyone has fans. no one is being delusional about her procedures. am i supposed to stop stanning her because's aging and her filler is migrating? most people don't stan singers for their looks jfc

No. 1877350

is Lana STILL shooting up?!?!?!

No. 1877354

>it bothers people itt so much that she has fans?
It really does. Do they assume all Lana fans are coquettes or something? Idk why she's hated more than other celebrities.

No. 1877361

I know right? You'd think she'd opt for smoking H because it's a little more inconspicuous

No. 1877365

it's exactly what they think, or that our dream life is living off a sugar daddy, it's ridiculous. idk why she's hated so mucch because she's really not a horrible person, there are actual shitty celebrities out there. i don't care if she's liked, either. but i do peep the comments that are negative and it's usually about her looks, and people getting upset when someone defends her.

No. 1877372

She's like Halsey acting like she's super melinated when in reality they're both almost as pale as milk, cringe(racebaiting)

No. 1877390

File: 1707075515113.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1676, IMG_5486.jpeg)

Is he trying to look like an emo boy with this haircut

No. 1877401

why is his face so fried?

No. 1877408

That bald guy from The Smashing Pumpkins must have a nine inch one, since she was obsessed with him before marrying Kurt and continued being obsessed after kek

No. 1877412

Her boob job is ridiculous. She looks like she's wearing one of those tranny breastplates.

No. 1877423

File: 1707077041553.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1925, IMG_8122.jpeg)

>A year after Lizzo won Record of the Year at the 65th annual Grammys for “About Damn Time,” the singer today finds herself facing a trial on sexual harassment, discrimination and other claims from a trio of her former tour dancers. The Marty Singer-represented Lizzo and fellow defendants Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc and dance team head Shirlene Quigley came up short in their attempt to have the explosive lawsuit filed in August gutted on free speech grounds.

>“It is dangerous for the court to weigh in, ham-fisted, into constitutionally protected activity,” LA Superior Court Judge Mark Epstein wrote in a ruling made public today, rejecting a large swath of Lizzo’s anti-SLAPP strategy on the matter (read it here). “But it is equally dangerous to turn a blind eye to allegations of discrimination or other forms of misconduct merely because they take place in a speech-related environment.”

I'm surprised Marty Singer wasn't able to force the women to settle and the trial is moving forward. Where's this kind of energy in an LA court for famous white males and their female abuse victims represented by the same sleazy lawyer, or are people in the LA justice system finally not accepting Singer's bribes?

No. 1877424

>weird virgin fetish
I will regret this but please elaborate.

No. 1877438

Looking like a rage zombie from 28 days later.

No. 1877446

but ice spice is obviously black meanwhile no one even knew halsey was mixed until she started bringing it up all the time

No. 1877452

plastic surgery is so nasty, literally looks like nikkietutorials with brown hair. all that work to look like a bogged man when she was already pretty

No. 1877455

File: 1707079320026.jpg (933.53 KB, 1170x1763, IMG_1926.jpg)

Nicole Kidman for Vogue AU, she looks so weird and uncanny now.

kek, that moon face.

filler + irish male genes

No. 1877458

File: 1707079757326.jpeg (155.35 KB, 1500x1500, 257B70D5-0D02-4EAD-9545-011138…)

Maybe some anons think the muscles are a lot, but she looked so good to me in this photo shoot like a year and a half ago.

No. 1877468

This one is rad and her face looks more like herself here. Also it reminds me of something I would have seen in my teen magazines in the late 90s/early 2000s, I like the styling kek. The Vogue one above is that same weird plastic surgery nose that everyone has now, maybe everyone goes to the same surgeon

No. 1877502

File: 1707083630084.jpg (1.53 MB, 750x704, Strawberries_HNL1306_ts1048807…)

strawberry lookin ass mf

No. 1877516

thanks for the visual aid

No. 1877533

File: 1707086723242.jpeg (903.25 KB, 1170x1444, IMG_5492.jpeg)

He’s an alcoholic and putting in so much work on the casting couch made his hair turn grey

No. 1877536

File: 1707086844276.gif (231.84 KB, 220x220, IMG_4345.gif)

Experimenting kek, he has had to have the Peaky blinders haircut for years

No. 1877537

File: 1707086852719.jpeg (759.17 KB, 1170x1394, IMG_5495.jpeg)

No. 1877545

I find it really revolting that they chose to name the movie after a song that she hated performing so much. It's been stated publicly many times that Amy hated having to always sing about such a painful experience just because the song was popular

No. 1877553

File: 1707088480910.jpg (373.91 KB, 1402x2048, 6701332.jpg)

victoria monét at the grammys rc

No. 1877558

File: 1707088791760.jpg (429.58 KB, 1463x2048, 0240201127.jpg)

dua lipa

No. 1877559

File: 1707088999284.jpg (208.82 KB, 1359x2048, 022401757.jpg)

billie eilish

No. 1877563

File: 1707089241812.jpeg (141.31 KB, 1200x1850, C84F1274-5E64-4651-8F54-9AF2AF…)


No. 1877564

I'm a bit out of touch with eyelash but I thought she wanted to wear tight clothes since she's not underage anymore?

No. 1877565

the grift must go on

No. 1877566

File: 1707089407955.jpg (245.19 KB, 1365x2048, 0204104.jpg)

paris jackson

No. 1877567

Nonna she wore tight clothes and was immediately called a fat fridge by half the globe, sexualised for her big boobs, then thousands of sex workers online telling her it was a good thing that moids she was dating as a teenager did weird porn shit to her thar made her uncomfortable. If I was trapped in a box of constant body shaming and sexualisation then I'd wear baggy clothes all the time too

No. 1877568

NTA, but you are just projecting your own jealousy of Florence Pugh and Sabrina Carpenter lmao

No. 1877576

File: 1707089992002.jpeg (174.64 KB, 1200x1850, D23ED637-6581-4367-BA61-22939D…)


No. 1877577

She never cared, she mocked other women who disliked her by talking about how her tits were bigger than theirs, flaunted/flaunts them all over IG, and posted herself in tight clothing with no issue pre-fame all the time. Stop writing emo stories, kek.

No. 1877580

i only remember her wearing something like what you described at the met gala but her general style has always been like picrel

No. 1877581

She should be directing more movies with her husband as eye candy instead

No. 1877583

i get that it's their concept and all but i really hate this

No. 1877584

Her fucking glasses

No. 1877586

File: 1707090709551.jpg (910.39 KB, 2731x4096, 4004942.jpg)

caroline polacheck

No. 1877587

trent’s been married for years now and has like 5 kids and she’s still making fun of his dick kek. never change courtney

No. 1877589

She looks beautiful, very on brand look for her

No. 1877590

File: 1707091056366.jpg (161 KB, 927x1391, 240205835.jpg)

miley cyrus (LMAO)

No. 1877592

has to be a stunt

No. 1877602

Wow her plastic surgery has really aged her

No. 1877605

I think she tried that as the next progression in her career but nobody liked it so she's back to the emo zoomer thing. Too bad it comes off as phony now

No. 1877610

File: 1707093243914.jpg (633.78 KB, 2258x3388, _213424.jpg)

olivia rodrigo

No. 1877612

File: 1707093475751.jpg (330.71 KB, 1365x2048, _213827.jpg)

doja cat with her nipples out i have no words

No. 1877615

I don't know. It's just very boring. She always looks super boring, I thought she was supposed to be an alternative girl but she's kinda kicked that I guess. She always wears the same kind of dress too, same fit.

No. 1877620

Doja embodies "Any attention is good attention"

She always makes the snottiest faces too

No. 1877622

File: 1707094638381.jpg (79.8 KB, 888x808, 1.JPG)

Only because she inserted herself into black music from the start. I don't envy her though being mixed you always gotta prove you're black enough

No. 1877630

File: 1707094979256.jpg (117.04 KB, 775x1023, 20254.jpg)

taylor swift

No. 1877636

File: 1707095145314.jpg (175.35 KB, 1013x1449, 02420404.jpg)

lana del rey

No. 1877637

File: 1707095205984.jpg (255.24 KB, 776x1254, 1000002554.jpg)

I think she's spent too long trying to emulate Megan fox, she's mentioned how obsessed with her she is. She's trying to make those early megan faces all the time and it just doesn't translate well for her. I think she's really pretty though, but she's so young and self conscious. I bet she will find her footing in a couple years and release better music as a result.

Gloves are cut way too high and make her arms look disproportionate and breaks her up into weird pieces. This could've looked beautiful if the gloves stopped either right below or possibly right over the elbow

No. 1877638

I wish Doja would keep her mouth shut because I actually do like her style a lot of the time.

No. 1877640

Not loving the Emily Strange look. You're 40 years old. She looked so good last nigth just to pull this?

No. 1877643

There is no way all these prison tattoos are real

No. 1877644

Women need to stop trying so hard to look sultry in pictures. Her posture and facial expression looks awful

No. 1877646

She looks like shes having a cramp and is trying really hard to not make it obvious

No. 1877647

i think its just too funny that even with all the popularity and coverage and means they both still cant dress well to save their lives, i guess they're not interested

No. 1877650

>referring to a celebrity as their gubment that they never use
So parasocial and weird. That's a minor bruise inconsistent with heroin use and is more likely to be a vitamin drip so she doesn't look like hot ass before the event, loser.

People are so happy to jump on Lizzo over the dumbest allegations ever. Anyone who pretends these allegations are worth their salt are just other melodramatic grifters that fantasize about suing celebs themselves or wanted a reason to shittalk her. Grown ass adults crying over choosing to stay at a strip club they could've left. Embarassing over all and all they're doing is creating a new gap between performers and their crew because they'll be too afraid to form bonds with people out of fear a so-called 'friend' will claim they sexually assaulted them by bringing them along to a club.(pointless infighting)

No. 1877651

idk why but even though she's beautiful, Olivia Rodrigo always feels to me like she's putting on "sexy" faces, poses and outfits without actually being a sexual 'person', does that make sense? Like she's just playing dress up. I always felt that way about Taylor Swift too, there's just something asexual about her like if she gets undressed she'd have a blank Barbie body underneath

No. 1877652

File: 1707095877266.jpeg (528.82 KB, 1620x1965, 5F60A2B0-409F-4779-979F-9CF0A8…)

Ice Spice

No. 1877654

Because that's exactly what she's doing. She's young, insecure, and only wants to show the best angles of herself. She's grown up under the social media microscope and just seems like she has high anxiety. She's probably pressured by execs etc.

No. 1877656

Get the fuck over it WK I didn't call her Elizabeth that would've been 10x weirder, also thats a very generous assumption for you to make considering shes spent so much of the last few years in the Appalachian region of America where shooting up is the most popular passtime kek.

No. 1877661

File: 1707096172704.jpg (45.77 KB, 500x514, 20240118_233940.jpg)


She looks so good. It's like that dumbass trenchcoat was deliberately trolling.

No. 1877662

She does go by Lizzy though? And she did at the beginning of her career, her stage name is just LDR. Do you also feel like its weird when people refer to Shayna by her first name instead of calling her Dolly even though she never goes by her real name? kek try not to forget where you are nonaritte(double replying just to infight like a retard)

No. 1877664

File: 1707096321875.gif (1.85 MB, 480x195, 1000002555.gif)

No. 1877665

no shes obviously black because she has black features.
damn theyre all mad weird looking
why wear shoes like that if you arent even gonna get a pedicure lmfao this whole outfit is so trashy
i feel like her stylist hates her and it makes me dislike her less because i just feel bad at this point

No. 1877669

isn't Stan about committing murder? Lananas didnt kill anyone…

No. 1877670

she dresses like how Shay would dress if she had money

No. 1877673

That wasn’t a rhetorical question nonna lol

No. 1877674


No. 1877675

dont like her nor her music but she looks so good

No. 1877676

the amount of body makeup to cover up all of the tattoos is insane, she is gonna leave foundation marks all over town

No. 1877677

What does that dumb joker-style forehead applique say?

You are not her friend. Its like when the terminally online call Doja Cat Amala. You are not their friends or acquainted with them beyond criticism.