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No. 1563824

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
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No. 1563836

I had been feeling so depressed in the last 3 months over my job search as I will be graduating from university soon but I had finally received a very good offer with competitive salary and full benefits and I can't be happier. I feel like I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

No. 1563865

The turnover rate is insane at my job, I've been here for a bit less than 2 years and I'm a veteran in my team so I train almost all the new hires. I'll stay for a little longer because I know they'll never fire me and I'm used to the job so it's not too stressful but once I saved a lot of money and I find an apartment to live alone I'll start jobhunting. Having that much experience will help me a lot because I always struggled finding work, even shit like part time jobs during weekends when I was a student.

No. 1563939

The thread pic is super cute I know they are kermiting but my point stands

No. 1564056

File: 1682900016079.jpeg (59.24 KB, 554x554, images - 2022-06-06T005615.328…)

I have lots of money recently because of a new job and now I have visions of grandeur. The university in my suburb has language courses and I want to spend some money learning a language so far I have in mind:

1. French
2. Russian
3. Mandarin
4. Vietnamese

I have reasons for each that vary between personal, artistic, and economic etc. And each time I lean towards one I fantasise about myself in the corresponding scenario e.g. reading my favourite novels in French, visiting St. Petersburg and speaking Russian, working for my national embassy in Vietnam.

For the amount I will be spending, I feel like I would be foolish not to career-max the experience - but I can't deny when I think of that, and think of choosing Mandarin, I'm not tremendously excited by the language or culture (trying to change that by watching some Chinese films I would love reccs btw) but because I'm an Australian and have worked in federal govt. policy for nearly 5 years now I feel like I could really maximise the combination of our trade partners language for a fun job someday.

No. 1564150

I am choosing to interpret it as them all posing for one those photos where everyone jumps in the air at the same time

No. 1565646

I definitely agree your best bet career opportunities-wise would be mandarin, you could have a job everywhere in the world with native english + fluent mandarin combination considering these two are often main focus markets for many huge companies. You could always learn french by yourself in the future.

No. 1566908

Nonas I’ve been learning how to code in the last few months and I noticed they have some tech conferences near me this month, and in their description it says students welcome. I wanna go out of curiousity and maybe to get some motivation but on the other hand I still have only very basic knowledge and no portfolio except homework projects. I’m intimidated by the prospect of not understanding what the hell they’re talking about and also how many men will probably be there. Is it still worth going?

No. 1566934

well I just found out today that I didnt get a job because although they advertised filling two positions, only one of them was open. the other one was promoting a white guy with no background in my field but years within the company. i fucking hate computer science males get the fuck OUT of economics jobs and go the fuck away.

No. 1567237

I'll be graduating from uni with my computer science degree soon but hate coding, are there any other non-coding jobs I can get with this degree that have decent pay? genuinely dreading the job hunt too since I have no internships or anything…

No. 1567389

Yes girl go get those connections and learn stuff
>also tech places usually promote the shit out of hiring women

Look into database management or information technology. Try also looking at your local non-profit job bank for opportunities, non-profit tech positions are usually harder to hire for cause the pay is shit, but that can be how you gain experience

No. 1567446

after your suggestion I started looking in the IT field instead of just computer science and there are a lot more jobs that I'd be interested in without much coding/experience required, thanks nona

No. 1567578

Glad I could help! You can do it nonita

No. 1568834

I love waiting for hours for a response from my boss and then being told "how come you dont post your work at the end of the day? you're the one with the most trouble with this" Seriously, boss, rope yourself, you're a fucking terrible leader. I grow tired of your shit nitpicking and failure to actually lead or TEACH ME ANYTHING, WHICH IS YOUR FUCKING JOB

No. 1569295

my workplace did 2 rounds of layoffs because they supposedly don't need everyone and now after every shift they go around asking for people to do over time and help the next shift because they're "short staffed" lmao so fucken stupid. every day i pray the company dies.

No. 1569319

I'm finally going to graduate with a computer science degree in two months unfortunately I didn't actually learn much coding so now my plan is to brush up while (hopefully) working an unrelated part time job until I'm confident to start interviewing for a software engineer/developer trainee position. I wish it was common knowledge that in a CS degree it's at least 80% paper writing and theory instead of actual coding though, assuming to learn programming as part of the curriculum is a total meme, it's at least like 80% self study, I'm pretty sure I learned more coding fucking around with web development in middle and high school.

No. 1569330

all degrees are mainly theory and papers, you have to look for "Applied" and "Field" type courses for "real world" work and this is also why internships are important. it's been memed about enough that college doesn't actually teach you job skills..

No. 1569789

Trying to see if I qualify to take the CPA exam but it's a byzantine process with ancient boomer bureaucracy. My undergrad experience was weird so I might have the 150 credits, but it's hard to know what they will and will not accept. I really just want a job that pays me enough to no longer live in poverty–I don't think that's too much to ask.

No. 1569793

I believe in you, you can do it. I looked into it once and noped out because it was too convoluted for me but it’s doable. I worked with a guy who had spent like 5 years worth of weekends around his full time job getting his CPA

No. 1569815

Does anyone here have a job that they initially didn’t think was a good pursuit, but wound up finding success in it? I applied for an internship that would lead to a job that seemed like a pipe dream for me, it feels weird to suddenly have the connections to possibly reach it.

No. 1569826

Apply for jobs you are generally qualified for and experienced in that pay well and provide housing and travel, although you are kind of over it? Or pursue your passions professionally although it may not pay as well but you fulfilled your dream? Or just try to go for both, whichever comes first do the other later?

No. 1569827

I have all the skills and experience for many jobs but I still have to make up a degree so they think I am qualified meanwhile graduates actually know close to nothing. This is why the degree stigma needs to go. I also found having a bunch of certifications really seals the deal.

No. 1569832

Do whatever is the easiest job (literally but also consider what drives you crazy and avoid that if it’s connected to your job, like if you hate replying to emails in time don’t do field work that requires reporting back on time even if you like field work) that pays the most.

No. 1569837

I hate my fucking job so much after being here 2 years I still make dog shit pay and do manager bullshit because I'm 'the assistant' fuck off I'm just a 'driver' on paper

No. 1569845

It bothers me how many fees there are. Especially when I'm not making great money as it is. I feel like the structure is set up as a barrier to entry for poor people who don't have a mommy to pay all these fees for them, and have to pay their own rent. Being asked for several hundred dollars at each step is a lot. And the process really is needlessly convoluted. I hope the online prep course I want to sign up for has some hand-holding for it, but I can't buy it until I know I qualify, otherwise it's money down the toilet, unless I want to go back to college, which I don't. I just need to get something to give me the edge over other candidates because I'm terrible at interviews.

No. 1570154

Your feeling is the truth. Everything is designed to keep poor people desperate so we'll stay at horrible jobs that don't pay enough while we lose decades of our lives to stress. This is what we get for not mass killing the rich.

No. 1571118

Depends on your financial situation. If you're struggling, or only have enough money put aside to last you a few months, go for the jobs that pay well. You can always leave when you're in a better position to do so. And you can pursue your passions in a side job if you want to, it'll give you experience and connections without putting pressure on you to succeed, and if/when you decide to work full time in that field you'll know what you're doing.
Find another job as a manager, it'll still be dogshit pay but slightly higher and you'll be doing your actual job instead of someone else's.

No. 1571174

Nonnies, I am doing a 1 year certificate in Web and App dev in Uni. I haven't applied anywhere for my stage, and I'm not looking forward to it tbh.

What position can I apply to? I'm too nervous to ask the school's staff lol. I know some obvious liek php dev, front end, back end, sysadmin, not sure what else..
ESL btw, thank you.

No. 1571227

File: 1683560108432.jpg (18.61 KB, 500x320, pexels-andrea-piacquadio-37911…)

Anons, I am on course of switching positions at the same company and I was recently informed that the transition will take much longer than expected several weeks if not months and I don't/won't have much to do - what can I study in this period that will make me marketable? It is a mindless administrative position that will 100% be automated in the coming years. I did a webpage design course some time ago so I know HTML & CSS

No. 1574470

I've been browsing employment related subreddits and people mentioning their salary makes me regret not choosing computer science or engineering, instead of prioritizing muh passion over money. People in my field would be lucky to break 140k and that's with 10+ years of experience on top of earning advanced degrees. Meanwhile, those who are in tech could make that much after a couple of years in the industry with just a bachelor's. I enjoy my field for the problem solving aspect and being able to contribute to a societal good so I would have probably been happy with something similar but more lucrative, with better prospects, and a higher ceiling. I used to think a low six figures salary is a lot of money to get by comfortably but with cost of living crisis, it doesn't seem enough especially on a single income, and I don't intend to live with a moid either. This rant probably sounds privileged as hell but I'm just realizing the reality of adulting for the first time and how hard it would be to live alone if you're not in a lucrative field.

No. 1574472

Oh no, only 140k? how will you live on such a peasant's pittance.

No. 1574477

i definitely feel your pain, nonna. i chose my passion and make a meager salary compared to stemies. but then i think about it: am i actually even good at computer science or engineering? i was a terrible math and science student, it was a subject i either failed or require immense amounts of planning and studying for, and every second was hell. it makes no sense to pursue something that i have no natural talent or inclination towards. if i truly only have one life to live might as well do something i tolerate all day. money is important and passion can't pay the bills, but there's always gonna be happy mediums you can pursue to get the best of both worlds.

No. 1574479

i would be able to live like a king on just 40k a year. perhaps because i have zero debts and zero responsibilities, other than my phone bill.

No. 1574488

Honestly, I live in a HCOL (live alone, pay all my own bills) on 40k and I live reasonably okay. I put about $8k a year into savings. It shouldn't be possible but in reality most people are just shitty and retarded and piss their money away on crap like doordash and pets.

I can't even imagine making $140k. It would all just end up in my savings account.

No. 1574513

As someone who also lives in a HCOL on a low salary and can afford to do most things I want, it truly pisses me off when I see people who make 6 figures struggling. Someone close in my life is like that and I am astounded by the retarded choices they make. Like people really can’t put it together that cutting out unnecessary luxuries will help you in the long run.

No. 1574517

>unnecessary luxuries
What would these be?

No. 1574536

nta but
>ordering food every single day instead of going grocery shopping and cooking
>brand name clothing and other items bought just to signal status
>Starting many "trendy" hobbies and then not using any of the supplies ever after opening the package
>Online shopping addiction and subsequent accumulation of useless garbage bought just to feel something
>Spending ridiculous amounts of money on makeup supplies and kincare snake oil
>two $8 starbucks drinks a day
>monthly subscriptions to services or facilities they do not use
>paying for their kids to go to swanky private colleges that are 10x as expensive as others while not actually being any higher quality, again for status
i could go on

No. 1574539

These type of people:
> eat out a lot: they frequent trendy restaurants or doordash every meal
> have a weird specific diet (keto, paleo, vegan) and go all out
> take multiple trips a year, esp if it's international
> a PET or MULTIPLE (YES A PET IS A LUXURY) and usually an expensive or high maintenance one
> expensive hobbies, also just way too many hobbies that they spend money getting all the gear and stuff for and then drop and move onto the next hobby
> run up the AC/heat because they can afford it rather than just change into summer/winter appropriate clothes

Not a luxury, but stupidity
> are suburban people from a home their family owned/paid living in a city rental unit for the first time but don't seem to realize it
A lot of these people are losing security deposits for dumbass reasons

No. 1574540

samefag, and who could forget being a stoner and blowing your paycheck on copious amounts of weed.

No. 1574711

Not a luxury, but stupidity
> are suburban people from a home their family owned/paid living in a city rental unit for the first time but don't seem to realize it
A lot of these people are losing security deposits for dumbass reasons

These people also tend to be some of the worst neighbors. They think their units are soundproof chambers or something

No. 1575251

I hate agile so much, and I especially hate these agile purists that are somehow unable to do their own bullshit made-up roles so they offload the ridiculous amount of their self-imposed busywork to developers. It’s bad enough that they made me responsible for a team of literal diaper-baby college hires without promoting me, but now they want me to also write their stupid little weekly reports? Fuck off. I’m a developer. If a developer is responsible for your stupid reports, then any of the diaper-babies can do it. But they aren’t responsible for it and neither am I, that’s YOUR job.

No. 1575583

holy shit, that explains all the shitty apartment neighbors i've had.
>why yes, i must have this loud passionate phone conversation at midnight. and i must do jumping jacks and pilates at 2 am while blasting shitty music.
i think america is the worst country in the world to live in an apartment, because no one here grows up in one or knows how to behave. americans only insist on giant separated suburb houses because living next to other obnoxious ignorant americans is insufferable. you would think with all the guns around people would be more afraid of pissing off someone who knows where they live.
the pets thing is huge. so many people in their 20s adopt a pet because AWWWW SOOO CWWWTTTTEEE and try to use it as a replacement for having a personality. then they realize that keeping a living creature alive is expensive. all the poor people i ever knew had multiple pets.

i've spent less than $50 on my houseplants, and they've never left a pile of feces on the floor.

No. 1576164

They have recently sent out the updated employee privacy notices at my workplace and I was shocked when I read it, mainly because in the first version they only talked about collecting our data that is necessary for being employed (age, sex, address, nationality, work history etc). That was all. Now we have to consent to being monitored by security cameras, they can check our browsing and download history, and look up when we checked in and out of work and logged in and out of our systems

No. 1576521

Tired of being unemployed (3 months). Applied to a company I did contracting work with who liked me. Hopefully they hire me. I should be out of noncompete term by now since it's been a few years. Only thing is it's in office, or maybe at best hybrid. But a girl has to eat and the pay would be great.
Yikes. Are you remote? Yeah, this is why we need a new worker's rights movement. Employers have gone too far. It isn't even about doing the job anymore, it's about harassing and controlling people.

No. 1576832

Please give me this summer job that pays €16.000 because I know I can do it and I have got no other plans for the summer pleaseee

I see it I like it I want it I got it

No. 1579091

I mistakenly applied to a job across the country because I thought it was remote. They offered me an interview. However, HR clarified it isn't actually remote. Why are companies playing themselves like this, just make the position remote and you can get more candidates other than the 3 people who happen to live in your bumfuck little town. The job is just clicking on a computer, seriously, get with the program. Sounds like they're desperate for candidates and no wonder why. Management are dimbulbs.

No. 1579101

Can't get hired for a single job
It's over, all hope is lost
Buying a tent and sleeping bag soon

No. 1579108

I'm already getting a raise next month at the job I got two months ago. Thank God for the stability of this position I landed. I feel like a functioning human in my work life.

No. 1579109

get a vehicle and a gun instead, be real free
murder anyone who tries to stop you and just drive away, it's not even a crime if you don't get caught

No. 1579575

Entering the third week after the application deadline for a summer internship I really wanted…is it time to give up expecting them to call me back?

No. 1579723

Working as security in a world that doesn't want to evolve with it is difficult. I've had this career for almost a decade now. I got posted at a school with my new position. The headteacher and assistant headteacher do not like the core of what security provides at all. They're uncomfortable with my duty to look at cameras, inspecting, and my providing them of evidence for whatever security issues noticed. I understand having security introduced to the primary end of schools and them being required to be there now feels a bit forced, but it is what it is. Shootings and other safety disasters happen in primary schools. This is my job and this was what I was trained to do. I'm really not just here only for presence and to restrain kids who are acting out. Also, with how busy both the headteacher and assistant headteacher are, they're in meetings or are off campus often, I can't wait around to be able to talk to them. I don't want to stand in a queue or hunt them down to give them suggestions or ask questions. Sometimes an email is all I can think of being appropriate at the time and it's something I'm more used to because it's how it's been in my previous jobs. When I was being trained, it's what other officers at other schools did too.
My boss did warn me about them being stubborn, feeling like they have everything under control and nothing is wrong, and he told me to try to push a little at a time, but God, there are some things I have seen I just cannot let continue once I'm aware of it. I get the kindness of their hearts and them prioritizing convenience to people they care about, but that convenience becomes a great risk to the school's safety, which is something I'm struggling with today.
I sent an email suggesting we make special badges for frequent visitors who don't wear visitor badges, because they're so well known to everyone, and they were not having it, mainly because I attached a photo of the visitors I was referring to for the day in it. Part of my incident reporting requires me to look at surveillance cameras. I see footage of myself and criticize my own self to see what I can improve on for whenever I'm handled with tough situations. If someone points out something I did and there's footage of me doing it on camera, I'm glad to see.
I'm going to reach out to my boss to see what I should do or if he can help my message be persuasive to them. I made two suggestions in my first week and they were fine with it, but as time progresses, very quickly I see the pushback. I want to not talk to the headteacher as often as I do with all this criticism and feedback, but it's going to require lots of back and forth sucking up to them like many other places I've been at first before we get to that point. This is definitely the most pushback I've gotten, but it's something I knew I was in for, I guess.

No. 1580080

Does anyone else feel stuck because they just can’t commit to a career? I feel like having many interests and trying to learn different skills will never actually help me get to a stable place in life. Is there a way to combine things and actually enjoy what you’re doing in life while also making money?

For some context I’ve been working for the family business since I was young, but im the meantime I went and studied in a stem field in uni, then didnt like that and taught myself art, then was too broke and had to do retail and finally i started learning to code too. But everything I do is surface level and I’m reaching the end of my 20s without being established in anything or having very substantial things to put in my cv. I would love nothing more than to continue leaning and do various projects all my life but I also need a roof over my head and a comfortable life. Is there a way to have both? I dread being stuck working and being abused by managers my whole life but I also dread not being able to afford food.

No. 1580082

Mass applied to career positions, respected field. Got one reply that wanted me to spend an hour taking their personality quiz. Ghosted them. They send 3 fucking reminder emails. Wrote their info@ calling them clowns and asking if they wanted my horoscope, too. Tired of this shit. If you want me to do an assesment, pay me for my fucking time. For all the companies I've done assessments for I never get a request from. They demand every applicant do this bullshit just to ghost 99% of them. I am so fucking tired of employers and their bullshit.

I also made a throw-away email to rib employers who are offering clown wages. I hope I make some HR rat cry and ruin her day.

No. 1580095

Assessment tests are so retarded. They really are for low IQ individuals, even the management positions that have assessments that basically want you to throw everything on the ground to help someone else instead of sticking to your task and keep things structured.

No. 1580126

I just did an interview for a software developer job (which I majored in) and the imposter syndrome is so strong. Even though I graduated from university, I still feel like an elementary student, I really feel like I don't belong. I'm worried I'll trick someone into giving me a job and I'll be too stupid to actually do it right, I'll mess something up bad and I'll get fired. I know it's dumb to worry about these things when I haven't even been hired anywhere yet, but I can't help but feel like a fraud. I feel like everything I did up until now was all because of luck- he'll, maybe it was because of luck. I have no idea what I'm doing at all.
I feel like a weird little baby trying to play dress up with a bunch of adults. Does anyone else feel this way? I really feel like I'm not going to make it in the working world, I'm too stupid. I don't even know how I made it this far….

No. 1580157

>I also made a throw-away email to rib employers who are offering clown wages
My hero. I am so fed up with the bullshit job postings. I like to report them too especially poorly written ones by male boomers posted on my states job portal

No. 1580202

are remote work jobs impossible to come by these days? (trying to prove a point that they are not)

im graduating in the summer and moving overseas and hoping to get a remote work job.

No. 1580216

Yes, unless you're better than all 850 applicants per listing. And I'm pretty good, but not that good.

No. 1580220

I'm in almost the exact same place and I feel the same way. I feel like a little girl playing dress up when I get ready for interviews or conferences. Do you have any older women mentors in your life who you can talk to? Talking to my advisor at my uni was really helpful to see someone who felt the exact same way I did and how they're doing 20 years later.

No. 1580302

I came here to ask the exact same thing. Are you in college? My best bet is trying to find a remote internship that has a great chance of rolling over into full-time work after I graduate.

Not sure if it would be easier to find a fully remote job, a job in a company in the country I want to move to, or a job with a company in my own country that moves me as an expat. I just do not wanna live in my own country after I graduate, if I can help it.

No. 1580342

yes, i'm finishing in July. long story short; i'm planning on moving back to south korea and i'm hoping to have a remote job for a company in america (i'm an amerifag idk if this helps)

i don't care about time difference- if i have to be awake at night to accommodate to US time zones. a digital nomad basically.

No. 1580346

File: 1684357621471.jpg (45.21 KB, 680x652, 1632801824792.jpg)

I just got chewed out by my supervisor for not keeping up with administration, since I'm supposed to write daily reports documenting my progress and activities. I hate navigating the convoluted online interfact for that though so I keep putting it off until I'm a million reports behind.
He obviously wasn't pleased with me but I can't bring myself to care too much because I know there's no way I'm getting fired. I'm way overqualified, do my actual job well, and most importantly I'm the only sucker who's willing to do work this specialized for minimum wage. They earn way too much money off my back to fire me.
Obviously at some point I'm going to want a higher paying job that doesn't suck, but for now I'm sort of happy with this situation. There's nothing to lose; I couldn't possibly get paid less, so I don't feel any real pressure about my performance. Kind of liberating, really.

No. 1580399

Because I can afford to be paid less than the standard in the industry I choose it. I could go private (caretaking but I work with an agency that takes a cut) I have way less guilt about calling out when I know my supervisor makes exactly what I make, for every hour that I work. There’s something to be said about the flexibility of certain minimum wage jobs.

No. 1580402

Ah, so are you a gyopo? I’m asking bc if you are, there might be an easier route

No. 1580414

i am not. i will just have a bachelors in asian studies and my JLPT certs.

No. 1580420

I work in Japan as a software engineer. I'd say that most of my work is remote/can be remote if I don't want to go to the office.

No. 1580444

Best of luck. We will make it through. I’m trying to go to a country that’s way less strict on immigration than Korea or Japan, but working through US tax and labor laws is exhausting. Even if you find a remote job willing to hire you, remember that as an Amerifag, your freedoms that decide whether or not you can really work abroad will mainly rely on the state in which your job’s company is located. You have to really want this, it seems.

No. 1580697

Is ux/ui a genuinely good field to get into or is the internet bullshitting me? Whenever I try to talk abt it out loud, it sounds like some weird scam to me for some reason. Maybe it’s just the pretentious name.

No. 1580700

Im not talking abt online courses btw, its just that the whole field seems like a huge marketing ploy with how everything is named/described even though it’s real

No. 1580710

it's definitely a thing but only bigger companies have a budget for it and in my experience it is somewhat looked down upon by software engineers (with whom UX designers work closely)

No. 1580726

nta but do you work in japan for a japanese company? isn't being overworked and treated harshly at work common there? how hard was it to find employment there too if you don't mind sharing?

No. 1580738

I am so tired of my job. I get paid a little more than minimum wage, no benefits, no required breaks by law so we don't get them, and we're constantly so understaffed that I never get to 100% complete my work. I actually care about what I'm doing, which helps a little, but I really feel like my time is worth a bit more than wages that won't pay rent anywhere in my county. I know I'm absolutely killing it at the job for how long I've worked there, but all I get to show for it is extra responsibilities. No chance of a promotion. I just get tired of it nonnas.

No. 1580747

I'd say you're usually expected to work overtime. Maybe around 10 to 20 hours is average. It really depends on the company though. If you're looking for a higher salary, I'd recommend checking out American companies or other high-paying countries that happen to have a branch in Japan. Salaries here can be ridiculously low imo.

If your Japanese is good it's not hard to find a decent job. I found mine on indeed lol. I think if you have N1, are under 30, and have decent skills in your field it's pretty easy. A lot of 面接 and 面談 are on zoom and google meets nowadays (at least the first round).

No. 1580751

>>1580726 >>1580747
Sorry, same anon but yeah. I work for a Japanese company in Japan.

No. 1580814

I feel that. I chose medicine because I thought I'd make a bank plus feel achieved by helping people but now I'm getting close to 30 and make next to nothing, still finishing my last exams, while my friends in IT already have a few years of experience and live comfortably.
I have no student debt but a doctor job doesn't pay half as much as I thought in my country. For the first few years before you do another set of stressful after-graduation exams, you get paid about as much as a very good hotel receptionist. So I'm looking at my future, being around 35 and barely able to pay my own rent and groceries because prices of everything are rising but pay stays the same - I am in Central Europe, we don't get paid much but our groceries are now legit as pricy as Germany or England is. Plus I'll be enjoying all the healthcare burn out.
Computer science people are also much more my type of people (read: mildly autistic chronically online) and it's really difficult to fit in the doctor environment with "positive mental attitude" sporty normies and over achievers. I can't even change my jobs now because I think med school legit fried my brain and it just doesn't work as much anymore plus I really need to hurry up already as I'm getting old. I could move abroad but that's also gonna take a few years and I'd have to leave my parents and friends here. Everything sucks all around.
People in IT can even work from home and start late in the afternoon, it's such a dream. I really fucked things up for myself.

No. 1580824

Doctors have the best job security out of any profession I can think of. Plus, while it doesn’t put food on the table, the profession’s clout must be a plus.

This is a completely separate discussion, but I’m tired of how certain fields and professions (IT, skilled trades, nursing, etc.) are sold as one-size-fits-all options that don’t take into account anything about a person’s skills, abilities, and interests. Particularly, in the US, skilled trades are being hard shilled right now. I understand that money is important, and they’re the right fit for SOMEBODY, but nobody likes to talk about the potential negative impacts of choosing such a career. It’s no different than how college was recommended universally in the past.

No. 1580966

I think the reason skilled trades are being shilled is because nobody can afford college kek. I'm in IT, I didn't go to college and I guess people think my job is "easy" but it's so insanely competitive. Yeah there's comfy remote jobs but there's so many autistic males whose special interest is computers or hacking and they're all way, way better than the average "good with tech" person. Going to my first certification class was a real wake-up call kek. Unless you have been a hobbyist ITfag/programmer since you were old enough to type, or put major hours into studying and practicing, you get out-competed for those prized WFH positions. It's not an easy field for just anyone who doesn't want to go to college and I hate how it's being shilled like that.

No. 1581041

Kek, I wouldnt care about the software engineer thing. I probably look better than most of them anyway.

No. 1581046

Also most of the software engineers Ive met have repulsive taste in graphics even by non-designer standards

No. 1581091

I spent the past year working at a school but I got in trouble at work for something kind of stupid but definitely my fault and was asked to resign so they didn’t have to terminate me.

I am realizing I have a passion for teaching but there are aspects of me that maybe make me not a good fit to be a teacher if that makes sense. I’m bipolar and have ADHD so I am disorganized, have good time management, and my moral compass fluctuates based on what type of episode I am in. I’m a smoker and a drinker and a recreational drug user.

I just feel like even if I am good at teaching and good with children I will spend my entire career on my toes worried about getting in trouble. Whether it’s for dumb stuff like time management and organization or more serious stuff like possibly saying inappropriate things while in an episode. Also the risk of getting drug tested, and I’m not an addict but I’ll be honest, I am not in the place to quit using drugs recreationally right now. I’m not there! I’m still young and I don’t feel like I should have to change an aspect of my personal life that truly doesn’t affect my work life and is done safely in moderation. But the risk of losing my job over it is always there, should there ever be a reason I got drug tested.

Does anyone know of career paths I could maybe look into that are fulfilling in the way teaching is, feeling like I’m making an impact and connecting with and helping people, thay kaybe has better pay? And would be more flexible for someone like me? I am so passionate about it but not only am I maybe not teacher material but I don’t want to be poor either. Im a little heartbroken thinking maybe this isn’t a good idea, I need to find something else good for the soul to do that is more sustainable.

No. 1581093

I have *bad time management not good lol

No. 1581378

I "ghosted" a hiring manager by reneging on their offer and telling them I've found a better job a few days before I was supposed to start with them. Then they emailed me back with a sort of passive aggressive "that's too bad, I was going to train you to take over my job."

Fast forward to today, I checked my linkedin and saw that one of their employees was looking at my profile. Kinda creepy tbh. But if they wanted me that bad they could have PAID ME BETTER.

No. 1581541

I think that's a manipulation tactic. They weren't going to train you for a better position they were going to abuse you at the lower position and dangle that as an incentive to take it. It's like when you reject or dump a man and he says "you will never find someone who loves you as much as I do" Dude can't take rejection is my guess. It shows up everywhere in life, men take it out on women in every aspect.

No. 1581545

What are your teaching qualifications and experience before this? What age group?

I have two suggestions for you.
If you have a masters you can make good money working at an international school, it's a school like your country but in another country. Or work for more affluent people, tutoring their kids is at least €40 an hour (or $40 or £40 it's the same) and a full time job with them can net you several thousand per month. I've seen ranged from €5000 to €10000. You can make a difference because the parents might be busy and you will be in the child's life for a while like a nanny or role model.

Or you can possibly teach other things like dance, sports, music that can make a difference with them too.

No. 1581546

I quit my job last week and they offered me more money because they're so understaffed but I was already on a higher than average wage for my line of work. They gave me an attitude for leaving, but the place is so badly managed and understaffed I'd rather lie down still and not generate any outgoing expenses than slave away there. Some places are just full of retards. The world could function rightly if businesses weren't so fucking badly managed.

No. 1581656

>Or work for more affluent people, tutoring their kids is at least €40 an hour (or $40 or £40 it's the same) and a full time job with them can net you several thousand per month. I've seen ranged from €5000 to €10000. You can make a difference because the parents might be busy and you will be in the child's life for a while like a nanny or role model.
They will expect you to be waiting on them hand and foot 24/7, and will also probably steal from the wages they owe you.Do not do this.

No. 1582108

processing time for my degree is estimated to take 6 to 8 weeks. really hope it gets here earlier.

anyway i am a bit depressed that not even help desk jobs/chat support crap positions have been phoning me back. i got about ~3 callbacks from swe companies that went nowhere because i can't relocate atm. totally bites. i haven't sent out applications at the rate other cs majors do either (i don't even think i've applied for 100 jobs yet kek) so i shouldn't despair too hard, just got to keep looking. but man it feels bleak

No. 1582264

man I really wanted to live in japan for a year or two but working that overtime plus a low salary is a no go, maybe going the english teacher route is better kek. I'm under 30 but my japanese is barely n3 and I don't yet have any experience in my field (computer science) so it sounds like it'd be hard to find anything decent. thank you for the advice nona

No. 1582815

File: 1684620979151.jpg (111.63 KB, 1242x973, 1622649956048.jpeg.jpg)

>spend months in culinary school
>spend half of it working in a hot spot restaurant
>apply for a part time summer job as a creche cook just to have a lazy laid back slow position for a while
>interview goes fantastic, she asks me a million questions about culinary school and working in this specific restaurant
>"the kids will be eating like royalty"
>"alright nonnie I have a few more interviews today but I'll be reaching out to people tomorrow with info"
That was 2 days ago and I haven't gotten an email. What the fuck was Gordon Ramsey the person who came in after me? Her eyes lit up when I told her I was haccp certified what could have possibly gone wrong

No. 1582973

I literally cannot get an interview because I don’t have any experience. But I went to school for 6 years in total only to fucking apply for jobs that require 4 years and want to underpay me. And those jobs don’t even want me. I know statistical software languages which is supposedly a guaranteed job and I can’t get a single fucking interview.
Whenever I think about it I just want to kms. Like I am genuinely suicidal over this. It feels fucking hopeless and I just want to die to escape it.

No. 1584461

Where I live, it would be near impossible to take out a mortgage to buy a home. You would need 20k of income for every 100k of purchasing price of a home, but properties here are so expensive that they would go for at least 500k to 1million. So you would need to have at least a six figure salary for the bank to even consider taking out a loan for you. So it's either rent and be at the mercy of a landlord or live with a moid to combine your household income. It's getting impossible to live comfortably as a single person these days.

No. 1584471

Lie about experience

No. 1584477

Two months ago, I got an interview with a local school and they were estatic about my background, they said they'd get back to me no later than two weeks. I had this job on the running up, but ultimately took another school job a few more minutes away. Last week, I finally got a call from the closer school district, pay was $2 less than what I make now. Pretty much missed that bullet. I wanted to call them back so bad saying I got a better paying job. Too bad so sad for them lol. Hopefully something better comes your way or they finally actually reach out to you!

No. 1584480

If you're a young student in uni or whatever and you're looking for your first experience in your field, which will determine the rest of your career please don't mention that you write and post fanfics on wattpad on your resume. No I will not elaborate.

No. 1584484

One of my relatives wrote her college entrance essay about writing a popular DBH fanfic and it getting attention and awards (?) on Wattpad. I love her but I’ve never heard of someone getting so many rejections, even from “easy” schools.

No. 1584517

Not that poster but I'm nervous to lie about experience because how do you fake it when you get hired?

No. 1584530

Ntayrt but I think the farthest you should go is exaggerating bullet points on your resume. Most people I know who got salaried jobs, including myself, had to do background checks on education and work history after getting hired.

No. 1584551

i need a new female character obsession. doesn't matter 2d or 3d(off topic)

No. 1584560

anon you have 9 more minutes to delete this wildly off topic post from this thread

No. 1584562

shit i thought i'm in dumbass shit thread

No. 1584806

File: 1684824060058.gif (718.88 KB, 720x390, C9360E10-8B88-4A57-93B7-B0A1A4…)

Applied for a position to be a tutor and I’m so nervous for the interview nonnies. The man interviewing me seems very nice but I’m worried if he asks me something that I can’t answer and it affects my chances. I’m so excited to have the chance to work in a school and not in food and I don’t want to blow it. I have no issues working with kiddos and I feel that I’d be good at it… but the anxiety is killing me. I’m fluctuating between being confident and scared about the interview because my ass freezes when I’m too nervous. If any nonnies have advice I’m open to hearing it
Also good luck to others trying to find a job!

No. 1585232

File: 1684870215354.jpg (92.27 KB, 1024x1015, 1681448757379-0.jpg)

>going crazy bc i am currently unemployed and have one year left till i get my BS in biology
>shadow at a coroner's office for 2 days
>its amazing, its really the kind of job i am looking to do
>"nona one of our pathology assistants left and tho im not sure if they are looking to hire a new one, email the coroner. your resume is impressive and i even sent it to the coroner"
>email coroner, feel like i did a good job shadowing as i was genuinely interested in everything, asked good questions, discussed relevant stuff, demonstrated a lot of knowledge of medicolegal system and A&P, was able to hold quality conversations with the deputies and showed the kind of person i am
>1 week later no response yet from coroner
>deputy i shadowed is on vacation atm and i dont wanna contact him until he is back june 5 to ask for an update since it's work related

i know these things take time as they aren't even certain they want a new PA but the deputy told me at their location they dont require degrees to be a PA and another PA voiced she did not want to work every single weekend. i would literally do that unpaid if it meant i could spend my weekends and days off my last year of college working in autopsy, it's my dream. i'm just anxious because not working drives me absolutely crazy, i have even considered just working retail over the summer because i'm a wagie at heart and idc man how am i gonna spend the summer on my pc all day every day fuk

No. 1585241

If you don’t hear back and you want to branch in. Morticians are normally cool people and pretty friendly. You might be able to brake in there and than move towards where you want to be in a different office. Just avoid male assistants they are creeps.

No. 1585250

the one job listing that isnt ridiculously far from me in mortuary services near me wants a person who is enrolled in a technical school for that aghhh. infact any job offerings in any coroners office or medical lab tech positions since im open to that are like 2+ hr commute (not happening) or for high level positions. there's a city near me that hires civillian forensic technicians so maybe if this doesn't go through i'll look into that. i'm really REALLY holding out hope on this particular coroner's office because i was really drawn to everything about it, not just the job itself which i already would love to do, but the people there were great and it's a small place, even the building was interesting as it's pretty old and i like that. i just want an interesting job but that place was above and beyond and i went home in such a happy mood when i shadowed. i hope i didnt screw up. even if they dont want a new PA he told me they are wanting to ask the county if they can have a new deputy on their team. im gonna try to keep in contact with him.

No. 1585295

File: 1684875479225.jpg (43.67 KB, 735x472, 6e20fc77d57153d37259436b200366…)

Tomorrow I'm working from home, my clients will ignore me again, my manager will be too busy to check what I'm doing and I have no meetings planned, for once. Time to slack off.

No. 1585371

Doctors have a strong sense of priority and guarding their personal time, then if he's an arrogant person on top of that he may never deign to respond. your email will be at the bottom of his list either way. If there is someone else there who has his ear and you made a good impression on, go through them. Is he really the one handling the whole hiring process? See if there's an admin type person who actually takes care of these things.

No. 1585373

>apply for nightshift position at hotel, they're advertising through the welfare agency so they must be pretty desperate
>they say they're desperate and I seem perfect, and everyone else they've looked at wasn't up to standard
>Tell them I'm ready to sign a contract for full time work anytime
>Get a phonecall yesterday saying "we want to hire you… we just want to make it work with the shifts we have"
>Instead of full time work they offer me borderline part time rotating shifts
>The hours are 2 days 11pm to 7am, 2 days off, then 2 days 8am to 4pm, 2 days off, then back to 11pm to 7am

Who in their right mind take this? I'm not even sure it's legal to swing rapidly from night shift to day shift in two days like that. I spent 2 minutes over the phone to clarify just that in disbelief. Even 4 day swing shifts are enough to break a lot of people, this seems like you're destined to burn out after a month.

No. 1585375

yeah i can go through the deputy i shadowed. i will ask him on the 5th if the coroner got my email. he will probably bring it up to him unless he was being super fake with me when i was shadowing. i think i made a good impression because he took notice that i am extremely interested in being a PA and i think i conducted myself well enough that he liked me and hopefully thinks i am a good fit for the office. every time we have made contact he responded to me quickly too. i'm going to ask him when he is back at the office since he is on vacation now

No. 1585380

sounds like a good idea, good luck to you!

No. 1585382

nice and wish that were me

No. 1585384

File: 1684883647160.gif (48.13 KB, 220x177, 20201109_154036_IMG_3419.GIF)

No. 1585389

my first thought is they are trying to stay under a certain number of employees to be classified as a small business or something like that. definitely don't take that job or let them butter you up, the schedule is psychotic and yes they are desperate. I would work at a retail store exclsuively patronized by people I went to high school with before I would accept that. Btw working nights is a known carcinogen and flipping is even worse.

No. 1585455

Kinda bummed out I have less than the number of vacations days than I thought because I didn't know what "prorated" means when I first accepted the job offer.

No. 1585865

Idk who else to share with

I have a job interview tomorrow for a temporary traveling nanny position. It's one month in Japan with a two year old, about €5000. I haven't gotten to an interview stage in a while so it's satisfying, and it's short term commitment and good pocket money. I am still working on my cv for the tutoring job which would also start this summer but the process for that could take a month so I am not turning down other jobs, and I would ideally have a more recent reference. I also have time to review information for teaching that student, and meanwhile I am trying to quickly relearn Japanese. I know it but it's not as fluent as it can be, one day to learn 50-100 words. Thankfully I study a little everyday to not completely forget it. A toddler doesn't need much but the mother probably does, if they are Japanese. They asked for Mandarin as well, which I have a lower level of so they might be Chinese and I am the vacation in Japan nanny.

Also I have dual citizenship but I never got the passport for my second country which I am in, I should leave on the first one I came here with but then they might wonder how I am living here for a year as a non citizen with no visa, and if I get this job placement I am wondering the logistics of getting back in the country. Is an id card enough? I might ask the embassy about it if I end up going to Japan, or rather immigration is gonna ask me when I try to leave at the airport.

No. 1586044

I would honestly ask the embassy before you go. Don't know you're specific country but it's always better to ask more questions first and save yourself a headache later. The worst that could happen is the embassy tells you they don't know.

No. 1586150

I heard secondhand that the head complimented the shit I worked on! (Though it was painted over by someone else most likely.)

No. 1586304

i could be your private french tutor for a better price, get 100% of my attention nona

No. 1586623

Does anyone here know about being a Behavior Technician for a job?
Indeed decided that of all the applications that should succeed, this was the one.

No. 1586959

Hah I did not get the job but actually I feel relief. I do not want to be a nanny and I could not go anyway. I had some childcare experience but it's not for me. I am still preparing my cv for the tutor job but I intend to send it out today. This seems like the job for me, as I have far more experience teaching various subjects. It's located in Europe, far better schedule and pays a lot more. I was just happy to be offered an interview.

No. 1587004

I worked at a hotel for 6 years in multiple positions and the shifts the managers ask people to work are absolutely fucking insane. there were many times I just looked at my boss thinking… "are you fucking serious?" (then I would do it because i couldn't say no and I eventually quit just to protect my health and sanity)
they're all sick in the head and think in terms of excel spreadsheets and labor costs and productivity quotas, absolutely can not see people as human beings with lives. wouldn't do it again.

No. 1587099

File: 1685039462067.gif (1003.74 KB, 500x267, 1644626933483.gif)

My bosses say I work too slow so they told me to track my time this week. Not just work time, but every. Single. Thing. I. Do. And then it turns out that for this thing I'm designing, they failed to notify the animation and 3D teams about this one HUGE detail of this design. They also had told me that sed detail wasn't necessary so I shouldn't include it. But yeah, bosses, I'm the one with the bad work ethic. You fucking retards.

No. 1587904

I hate corporate videos promoting diversity and inclusion, I just saw one from my company in which a white straight male tranny brags about how his manager lets him use female restooms at their office and a muslim woman feels bad about being called a terrorist for wearing the hijab. Meanwhile I've been treated like a retard for my ethnicity and for being a woman and for having a certain look from a disorder I was born with to the point where I have a career I didn't choose at all from being discriminated against, how can I relate to this retardation? I hate working so much…

No. 1588172

I am honestly so lost right now in choosing a career path…I just got my associates and work part time as a custodian but now that I need to choose a degree program I don’t know what I want at all. I am not interested in any STEM field except accounting, my other choices would be social work or marketing. I have no debt but would incur a lot by continuing my education and I have no savings either so I feel like I have to stop fucking around and pick something.

No. 1588178

My mom is a 20+ year senior manager in her company and she had to attend a virtual seminar on anime for Asian culture awareness.

No. 1588216

I'll complain less about the shitty videos I watched then, at least it wasn't a seminar, just a bunch of 3 minutes long videos.

No. 1590102

Well I busted my ass on the cv and sent it off. Right after I am skimming through it and see a typo, a word I never wrote and I do not recall changing was in there and it made me look a bit dumb. I quickly edited and reuploaded my cv but Idk if they will see the new version. I spent so many hours on that thing. I also don't want to think about it anymore but it would feel insulting to not even be considered for an interview let alone the position. I know I am qualified and that there will be others but I have nothing going on these days and I really just need some consistency and to earn a lot of money so I can enjoy life again. I hate when opportunities are taken away from me. I know I am good enough and I deserve it. If not this one there is another position I could apply for, although I don't know if I am as qualified for it but I can still try, and that starts in the fall. I might have to explain I don't currently have a degree but I am working on it, I want to finish it this year, have money to take some trips, get surgery, buy a house, survive until the next job and start up a business, and save the rest. I need something for sure.

No. 1590110

Anon they'll spend 30 seconds looking at that cv at most, calm down.

No. 1590121

File: 1685289297470.jpeg (160.05 KB, 1478x985, DD774706-EAAE-4039-9DE3-32770B…)

You sure? This isn't a typical office job, it's a five page curriculum vitae, that they asked for, surely they might read some of it

No. 1590179

Ignore them nonnie they've obviously never had to apply for a real job. Best of luck!

No. 1590185

sorry if this ends up being a novel but i help with hiring for my bosses, who own or partially own several businesses. time & time again his colleagues specifically tell me to avoid scheduling/hiring black people. i always disagree with them and ignore their request, because imo if a resume is good then a resume is good, but they keep mentioning how most of the people who come in for interviews are black. i live in a predominantly black major city, i literally don't understand what they want/expect me to do. I can't just deny every black sounding name i see at the risk of denying someone who's abundantly qualified…also i'm not a piece of shit..? why are indian people so racist when literally no other race even likes them lol? & yes, I'm quitting this job; i have about 2 weeks left. there's no HR or anything to complain to bc none of this is a "corporate" type of landscape, it's just a bunch of greedy indian people working together to fuck everyone over for their own benefit and money.

No. 1590193

I was being figurative by saying 30 seconds but yes, generally employers do not put by far as much time and attention into reading your cv as you'd like them to for how much time and effort you've put in yours. The chance of them catching a single spelling error is miniscule. You're one in tens or even hundreds of applications if you live in a real tough market. And yes I've applied for ""real jobs"" and seen the behind the scenes process of cvs being reviewed and people being hired, I'm not pulling this out of my ass.

No. 1590342

Actually it wasn't spelling, I put it through numerous checkers for spelling and grammar and vocabulary. The sentence I had wrote had the word student, he was my student, but it got changed to colleague. It's obviously wrong but the vocabulary change was manual so it shouldn't have changed at all. Sigh.

No. 1590383

File: 1685301814860.jpeg (27.77 KB, 474x398, e8aba0f1ab375db1d3f0e8f1b2e95e…)

i just got hired for a new position at the university hospital ive been working at for almost 3 years. i was previously serving lunch and dinner to patients part time but now ill be working as a unit clerk for the neuroscience department! im super excited and also kind of nervous about how well ill do. i want to go to school for nursing so hopefully this will be good experience for me

No. 1590387

File: 1685301948910.png (229.84 KB, 661x661, GET YA ASS DOWN.png)

aghhhhhh i really need this job and still have to wait a week to contact the person about it. i am going crazy they have no idea how much i need this job. i am suffering

No. 1590404

Going to be unemployed in 3 days and not possible to loaf at all, I can have no job for 3 months maximum. Do any of you guys have tips on staying productive when unemployed? To be honest my work schedule and doing my stuff around it is what kept me doing a lot and I'm worried that without that scaffold I'll just fuck around and just writing an email will become this monumental task. And I can't waste time like that, I really can't.

No. 1590415

File: 1685304190056.png (116.93 KB, 634x483, 1502999585843.png)

All my work history is retail, food service etc. But working that type of job makes me want to die so I got an associate's degree in a "good" subject and the job search has been tough. 100 applications to entry-level jobs in that field rejected because I'm underqualified by not having any work experience. Everyone around me is saying that I should just get another retail job because they're so easy to get but what comes after that? More years of dealing with shitty customers in a dead-end job while I apply and wait for some benevolent hiring manager to scoop me up? I need to start getting experience in something that could turn into an actual career. Maybe if I send 100 more applications I'll get something back. It's so demoralizing. sorry for vent

No. 1590468

I should probably kill myself because I've been applying for months and didn't even get an interview for a job that I had a connection for KEK. Well getting a masters degree in a STEM field was fucking pointless bc now I'm back to being a fucking NEET. It's seriously so hard not to go slit my wrists and sit in a hot bathtub.

No. 1590531

No advice, but I just wanna say I relate to this a lot, nonna. It's hell out here. Stay strong.

No. 1590543

Nona they pull this same shit when you finally get out of customer service too, it's just called 'industry' experience. I worked in an office job for a year doing the same technical skills I am applying for and am now struggling because I don't have experience within the specific industries. Just for some background, my job was at a research center but I want to make corporate money–not a government salary. How do people even get corporate jobs in the first place if you keep getting turned away for having no corporate experience? I'm way overqualified skills-wise but it seems they'd rather have someone who worked at ABC Bank for a year previously to make Powerpoint presentations for XYZ Bank as a Financial Analyst.

No. 1590564

Is there such a thing as getting turned away for a job because you are too overqualified or is it just a cope? Like let’s say the job says the requirements are ideally someone with a Bachelors degree who can use Microsoft Word and Excel and you have a Masters degree and have experience in software programs beyond Microsoft Office and can code in like Python or R. Would that person be seen as a bad fit for the job?

No. 1590567

Try to get certifications in different skills and get work experience in anything else. Embellish your resume a bit too.

No. 1590570

Depends on the other qualifications. Python and R immediately makes me think of a researcher, and if you're applying for a private company they may want work experience in a similar business or industry regardless of skills.

No. 1590587

Just say on your resume that whatever you did in school was your job for however long you were there for and get one of the teachers or classmates to be your reference.

No. 1590595

I think the main thing that would turn away companies is seeing "masters" and thinking that you'll want way more money than a bachelor's graduate would. Or if they think you're only going to be there a year and bounce for something more advanced, but they want someone to stay long-term. I'm not saying either of those are true for you, just that it may be what's behind the "overqualified" rejection.

No. 1591032

Certifications are scams. You pay a bunch of money for it and no company cares about it.

No. 1594499

File: 1685648254092.gif (3.07 MB, 466x498, IMG_0012.gif)

I’ve officially made it through a full year at my current job so now I can start looking for work elsewhere without worrying about how it’ll look on my CV. I’m so sick of trying to justify my coworkers bad behaviour to myself. It’s gotten especially apparent in the past month, with one of my seniors giving me super vague instructions which she never elaborates on and deadlines within a few hours and then getting on my case when I don’t deliver exactly what she requested. I’ll never forget going through a really hard personal time which affected my productivity (my hometown was basically flattened by a tornado) and she took me out “for a beer” only to start questioning my commitment to my work and suggesting I seek a different career path. Goodbye. Enjoy crying about your deadbeat husband and telegraphing how much you want to fuck the only moid in our office under 40 to whoever comes after me.

No. 1594518

File: 1685648771220.png (8.25 KB, 681x538, boomer the hamster.png)

I've been searching for a job for months, and the first one to offer me a second interview is an hour drive from my house. I'm still going to attend the interview I think, but if I get this job I think I'll be miserable. It's so far and it's in a bad neighborhood, but I'm so desperate for any bites, I can't say shit. There's a job only five minutes from my house but it's just a job as a clerk, and the other job is software development (which is what I majored in).
Anyone else do any long commutes? How did you make it bearable? was it worth it?
I doubt I would move closer as I said earlier, the job is in a bad neighborhood. IDK though, I might be able to make something work. It's all just so stressful.

No. 1594539

Does anybody else dislike those virtual interviews where you are given written questions and you record yourself answering them? The whole scripted nature of it feels so awkward to me and I much prefer being interviewed in person, it’s even worse when it comes to the technical difficulties.

No. 1594560

I haven't had a steady job for the last 6 years. How long after your studies are you supposed to be settled down in a job? I keep bouncing from place to place, it starts out good then a few months in or up to a year the company decides to do a bunch of layoffs and I get cut or they just reduce my hours to nothing and I have to find somewhere else to go. It doesn't matter if it's a big corporate company or a small startup or retail, and I'm so fucking tired of never being secure, always worrying about money and no promising career in sight due to inflation. I've never had a contract that says "permanent". It fucking sucks.

No. 1594682

Yeah, I hate those, too. I also wonder if people actually listen to them, or if they just have you fill them out only to throw out your resume without looking at it.

I think in this current world economy, everyone is having a hard time staying in any job for longer than a few years. Honestly, I wish I could offer more advice. I would say it doesn't seem too weird that you can't get a permanent contract right now, and layoffs are super common, unfortunately.

No. 1594803

File: 1685670325114.jpeg (14.36 KB, 400x400, mern.jpeg)

So I'm looking for a job as a refugee in the US and this shit is killing me. I need to work for at least 3 months to be able to get any certification of my choice, but right now I need to work with what I can possibly find or get offered.

My parents aren't very happy that I even moved to the US. They are not rich enough to pay for my college and I will have to do it myself, but they shame me for even agreeing to the minimum wage, saying that it is a shame that I work a dirty job instead of studying shit.

I really pray on some good office job but I only can hope. If i need to work at Maccies I will.

No. 1594822

Don't be embarrassed about working a 'dirty job'. Lot's of people work blue collar jobs, and lots of blue collar jobs are more secure than white collar jobs in America right now. Speaking from experience.

No. 1596885

retail isn't blue collar and it's easily one of the least stable job types. most blue collar jobs require actual skills and licenses and shit.

No. 1598750

update: finally today was the day the deputy was back in the office. i texted him, and he told me to contact the chief since the coroner is busy so i am gonna send him an email tomorrow. might be able to come in again and view more autopsies. i really, really am hoping i can get a chance to join their team of pathology assistants. they have no idea how badly i need this.
was thinking of applying to a crime scene cleanup company in the meantime. i don't really want to be on call, but my parents urged me since they know i feel like i have no purpose when i'm not working and i get depressed.

No. 1598812

The jobs you're thinking of are jobs like electrician and plumbing, hands on jobs that require technical skills and knowledge, not working at the local fast food or fast fashion chain.

No. 1598823

you could always make good money as a waitress. lots of women have paid their way through college waitressing

No. 1598842

File: 1686073080892.jpg (55.43 KB, 1024x1012, 1671267256159.jpg)

The recession is really kicking my ass. It's been almost a year since I quit my job and I still haven't found anywhere good…Tell me nonas, why is it so nerve-wracking rewriting your CV? I have to rewrite it for a better chance of employment and it really sucks.
I only have 2 internships under my belt and it felt like it wasn't enough at all. I am thinking about a career change, I don't know if it's worth it though.

No. 1598926

Just found and applied for a housekeeping job for €45000 a month, accommodation provided. I know you'll all probably scoff at a cleaning job but in my youth I did this to get by and it's honestly easy and relaxing. You just listen to music and work for a few hours a day, barely have to talk to anyone but the owners of the business. Your hours are not that early and you get every late afternoon and evening free. The only reason I ever stopped and hated my life was because it was not great pay and you started to feel like less than other people, or deserving of more in life than "just cleaning." But cleanliness is important and I clean my own damn house everyday anyway. But I've done so much all I want is an easy seasonal job in a scenic place that pays well. I can work seasonally and maybe find other jobs for winter season since I can ice skate and teach people, or learn to ski or snowboard. I can travel in the off season or live somewhere else or just work year round. I can afford to live and save to get certified for other careers.

Fuck hope I get it

No. 1598928

anyone who scoffs at an honest day of work is a retard and you don't need to listen to them. i am proud of you for working hard and i hope it's a good job with good conditons nona

No. 1598956

Thanks and also noticed I added a zero but we all know that was meant to be €4500

No. 1598961

you're welcome nona!
>The only reason I ever stopped and hated my life was because it was not great pay and you started to feel like less than other people, or deserving of more in life than "just cleaning."
one of rare good life lessons my parents gave me was that no job is less worthy than any other. we need all jobs and people who "rank" people by jobs are really small-minded, short sighted and evil. so who cares what they think? as long as you are not selling your body for sex or doing something that harms/scams others, i genuenly think a cleaning job is as good as bartending is as good as being a lawyer. a job is a job, and you should put your best effort into it so you can have pride in your work. sorry for ranting, but i really feel strongly about this topic and i used to work many "shitty" jobs myself. except i never felt shame about them and i really think that made me mentally much happier than some people i worked with/around. i really hope you enjoy your summer job nonnie!

No. 1598984

Cleaning is an important time consuming job; that's why it is so needed. It sucks how undervalued it is as a job, especially since it got spotlighted during the pandemic. Being good at something is always a point of pride. Hopefully you will get the position and have a great work experience. If you applied for a job on an oil rig or any other isolated place, take video games with you and boardgames so you have something to do on your time off. Internet can be spotty, so don't rely on it for watching stuff.

No. 1599039

Thanks. If not this specific job there are plenty others. I have always been a neat freak and as long as I am respected I don't mind cleaning. I take pride in it, a clean home just feels nice, it has good energy, it improves mental health. The job is at a resort, so it will be somewhat isolated but there are guests around, likely to have internet, and I have my phone internet. In my free time I can travel around if I get bored, I also have an online project business to work on.

No. 1599310

that's a lovely fantasy but irl easy jobs like paper pushing pay way more than hard jobs like cleaning. you can't work forever, some day you will be too old. if you work a hard job that time will come decades sooner than if you work an easy job.

No. 1599369

I'm going to put in my 2 weeks at work tomorrow. I'm excited but sad. I just had a really fun night with coworkers for happy hour so I'm disappointed to leave them but I don't like the company sooooo I gotta do me. The salary increase isn't amazing, only 7ish%, but it's something new.

No. 1599464

File: 1686116349753.png (6.59 KB, 530x511, 1675751959502.png)

I just want a simple WFH office job doing Powerpoints and Excel spreadsheets. Or simple analyst work fooling around with Python and SQL all day. I majored in CS for this. I'm swallowing my apprehension of doing call center work and just applying there. Really hoped I'd get a ~50k yearly job but I need fucking SOMETHING because I'm running out of cash.

I wish I'd graduated in the days of only needing to center a div or whatever…

No. 1599467

And how the fuck is it "entry level" if I still need two+ years experience? If you're reading this and majoring in CS or something then please get an internship god damn, I feel fucked.

No. 1599709

I got laid off from the best Job I ever had. It was my ticket out of this shit hole. The market for remote jobs is so bad but I'll just keep trying

No. 1599713

Also do any of you nonnas apply for a job via LinkedIn easy apply, wait, and then apply again on the company's actual website? If that makes sense. I recently got more certifications and added them to my resume so I want to resend my previous applications.

No. 1599715

Sorry to hear that, nonna. What was the job if you don't mind saying?

No. 1599720

Digital marketing. I have 6yrs experience so I think I'll be OK but seeing 100+ ppl applying for one job listing is brutal. P.s. should I be saying? Apologies in advance

No. 1599722

Saging* aaaaaaa

No. 1599745

Saging in /ot/ (and /g/ and /m/ alike) isn't necessary with the exception of the celibricows thread. You can still sage if you want to though.

No. 1599756

Nonnies, what are some CS jobs that aren't KMS tier? I'm so stupid when it comes to CS idk how I even graduated. I've been so scared to do anything so I just do IT lmao.

No. 1599778

File: 1686146879601.jpeg (58.97 KB, 679x680, FvnZOi_aAAA-zN6.jpeg)

Nonnas what's your secrets to m9t being exhausted after work and living a life? I work a basic 9-5 doing admin, but after I get home I feel so exhausted. I would love to make time to go to the gym more/ go out for drinks with friends/ read and engage in hobbies but I feel like I have 0 energy.

Anyone have any suggestions or motivation?

No. 1599782

It's mental exhaustion not physical exhaustion. I had to learn to overcome it too, but spending time behind screen because you feel tired instead of doing something meaningful worsens it. You need to do something that's meaningful and you genuinely enjoy to push past the mental exhaustion.

No. 1600078

Found probably the worst job ever that thinks it's serious

7 hours a day 6.5 days a week, only 2 days off per month, €600 a month

That's €24 a day for seven hours of work. SEVEN. And it's not office work it's constantly being active and talking to people. Hell no.

No. 1600081

Is that even legal??

No. 1600096

When it's a craptastic country like Greece apparently so. €3 an hour lmao

No. 1600122

File: 1686169666611.jpeg (16.4 KB, 400x275, DE9AA831-9CF5-49FA-B069-980744…)

>hear back from job I interviewed for
>get emailed back today that I have been waitlisted
>last line is :in the meantime if you know someone who would be interested in serving with us please send to them to [link]

Is it normal for places to do this? It seems strangely passive aggressive lmao

No. 1600130

One of the agencies I am with sends me jobs and they said to send them if you want to apply which I did a few times and now they sent an email out to apply directly on the site and not to the staff. It felt personal.

Another job I worked on my application for a week, get an email two days later that I was not shortlisted and the job ad was gone. They saw mine and were like "nah let's just go with who we already have, no more applicants"

No. 1600134

>please send us your own competition
kek what

No. 1600165

Fuck my job honestly I'm done with it. I'll do even less than the bare minimum until I'm on holidays in two weeks. I'm supposed to work from home every wednesday and thursday which aren't even the days I requested but fuck me I guess, and there was a strike on tuesday so I stayed home and worked from there. Now my dumbass manager decided to force all of us to come to the office on th wednesday right before I take the plane for my next trip so I decided to stay home tomorrow. I'll stay home for three days in a row this week in total and just wait for clients to answer my emails which I know they will never do. I'm not paid enough for that shit.

No, we only ever ask this to applicants we want to hire after interviews and who refuse our offers because they found something else in the meantime. But I tend to hire students most of the time so they have classmates and friends who are actively looking for the same opportunities. I think the hiring manager who sent you this email was on crack.

No. 1600168

>It felt personal.
Don't take it personally, that's probably just the agency that received contradicting information. That means the company wanted to see your application in their database and not have it only accessible to a few people.

No. 1600289

This will turn into something of a rant but, I’m new to a similar admin-like office job and have also been feeling exhausted. I also have to commute one hour to my workplace every day. I used to think I would always prefer in-office work, but now I totally see (and crave) the appeal of WFH.

And jfc, I can’t wait to one day have a job where work is work and home is home. My boss, whom I otherwise really like, is basically signing me up without a thought to all these “optional” volunteer “community participation initiatives” that are held on weekends or outside of work. I know I have the power to say no, but like, I actually can’t. Everyone, including me, is overworked during the week, with tasks that are constantly changing and schedules that are never actually stuck to.

This position is very temporary and I won’t quit it because it’s a great resume builder and I’m a college student. I’m going to tough it out, but man, I hope all corporate work isn’t like this. I would prefer a job where I know my tasks clearly and can just clock in, do them for 8 hours, then clock out.

No. 1600305

Holy fuck, can I really to this. Graduated from cs, didn't do internships because it was still COVID and I was just barely passing my classes. Skip forward to now and I'm still trying to get out of a shit job and get my foot in the door to the induso. Admittedly, I'm not as good as cs as I should be, but I can't even find any software jobs to apply to. It's like all the truly entry level jobs dried up.

No. 1600318


No. 1600327


No. 1600353

File: 1686191118223.jpg (505.55 KB, 1280x1820, casual.jpg)

Is flipping (selling stuff online) silly to consider in the year 2023 as a last resort profession? Yeah, dumb question, but it's just I have a few minor disabilities alongside severe sleep apnea I've had since I was a kid that I'm soon gonna get treatment over. In other words: I'm a loser, spent my entire youth feeling like a zombie, and have 0 work experience. I also hear online that it's harder now to flip? Idk if that's true.

For the past year I've been selling stuff online. All kinds; rare, expensive books to weird old manuals, games, and electrical parts. I also have been trying to get into repairing things to sell. I have 100s of perfect reviews, not one less then, so nothing has gone wrong and I feel like the money is actually pretty good considering how little energy I have for sourcing. Oh, and I do enjoy the hunt! It's fun.
However a goblin inside of me saying it'll dry up soon or that there's pretty much 0 safety net here compared to a "real" job, and it also tells me that I'm not really good at it. I need someone to maybe knock some sense into me. Should I force myself to get a job when I start feeling better? Also, I was kind of interested in getting into app development though that's an entirely different tangent.

No. 1600376

Sounds more like a side hustle than a profession, props to you for making it work but I definitely think you should look for a "real job". Even if you've gained valuable skills from it, a lot of places might not take that experience seriously and laugh at it on your resume if you try to look for more stable jobs down the line. You could start at either a part time or short term contract job to not overdo it with the health issues, there's lots of wfh jobs now that aren't that demanding. You can always keep at selling stuff on the side for extra cash!

No. 1600413

how many jobs have you applied to and do you have a portfolio of personal projects (like on github or whatever)? any other of you CS nona can answer this too. I'm graduating soon with a degree in CS and wasn't able to get an internship and I feel like I'm absolutely screwed. my college program didn't teach me much except the very basics either so my coding skills feel not up to par.

No. 1600426

you're right. I think my primary issue is that there's a lot of things that I just can't do that pretty much make up most entry-level jobs and I'm currently making a part-time income. for example, I have a speech disability…I am barely intelligible in spite of many years of speech therapy. so I don't even know how I'd pass an interview. wfh would be great though I'd have no idea how to navigate it considering most people probably want such jobs. I'll have to research around to see if there is anything.

No. 1600518

Nona, you can say no. Your job is exhausting you already, you need your weekend’s rest. I had a really hard time saying no at my workplace too but then I noticed that the people who would never come to those things never went through any real consequences. Especially if it’s not a place you plan to stay on in the long term, who cares if they see you as a bit stubborn. Start saying, oh I can’t that day, I’m not available/I’m busy/I have something scheduled. Don’t tell them specifics or details, simply act as if it’s personal and immovable. They can’t actually force you to go.

No. 1600524

Then you need to git gud or participate in extracurriculars if you're still studying. My github is threadbare but I participated in lots of group projects, hackathons and other activities that I could put in my CV.

No. 1600539

I’m op and realized I had a bigger problem on my hands than I originally thought when I saw your response, and that even though I’m extremely tired from the work day and have another coming up like right now, I didn’t sleep at all last night despite trying my best.

I only have like three hours to myself at home until I have to go to sleep if I want a chance at a full night, and then I can’t even sleep anyway. Now I understand what people say about corporate burnout.

No. 1600739

>undisclosed salary
>competitive salary

fuck off for real

No. 1600808

Heard back from the second job application

>Thank you very much for your application!

>Unfortunately there are no available positions at the moment.
>If something changes, we will contact you.
>We wish you good luck in your job search!

Well I can appreciate that

No. 1600834

should i quit my job?
ive been there a couple months now as a part timer – it's a lab assistant job, so nothing fancy, but also it's my first kind of nice job after working only retail and hospitality.
it's a weird environment there: sometimes the place makes me genuinely miserable and depressed, and other times its a nice and chill place. since im a part timer they haven't bothered to teach me a lot of the 'main' parts of the job, so i end up being left alone for hours usually having to find stuff to do & I usually end up just cleaning until i have an actual duty to perform.
what makes me depressed though is that my coworkers don't tend to want to talk to me or interact with me very much. i get it bc the lab techs and other assistants are busy doing other stuff – and ive had some really pleasant and friendly convos w some of them in the past when they've had time to kill – but more often than not we're working side by side for hours and most of them won't bother to talk to me.
it makes me feel like shit sometimes icl. im sure if i stay for long enough ill eventually get taught all the parts of the job, but i keep asking myself if it's worth staying somewhere each day i have like a 60% chance of feeling bad about myself.
the job itself is fairly interesting too but again i don't get to do a lot of the actually interesting parts.

No. 1600865

my uni is entirely online and there isn't really anything I could join, plus I live in a small area where there is no tech related meetups of any sorts. I guess I can try looking for stuff in the nearest city and drive the few hours there? I'm working through the odin project to try and improve my coding skills in the meantime

No. 1601102

Are there any interpreters here? Not sure what I want to ask, maybe just… how are you doing? lol
It's just that I have a degree in translation but I've never tried to interpret. And frankly, I wasn't really trained to do it at my alma mater. I want to develop this skill myself now. Do you have any tips? Do you like your job?

No. 1601105

Unofficially interpreted between people and if you know both languages well it's not too hard there. The issue with professional level is needing to know every expression, every vocabulary, and find a way to make it make sense to a foreign audience at a high speed while that person keeps on talking. I thought you would study both skills together to get certified, is that not true? I've seen programs for both, because I want to study it too

No. 1601169

We had an interpreting course but weirdly enough it was like… only for a year? And iirc we would just read and translate sentences out loud or do some general language-learning stuff, the teacher was fresh out of the same university herself and didn't really have experience as an interpreter I think. I just chose not the best university to become a linguist, there was a couple of good teachers, but the program wasn't really thought through and also not that demanding. And I was too emotionally unstable to care about that and my future unfortunately, so I'm trying to figure something out only now hehe. Even though I've been translating texts here and there (not that often), my problem is that I've been mostly just using English (for personal purposes and a bit for work) without linking it to the other two languages I speak, so to say, and it's been like that for years. So I can understand English perfectly, I can express myself in English, a bit worse, but when it comes to translation… it's easier in written form for sure, but interpreting is quite difficult for me, part of the problem I think is that I have trouble concentrating, but I also feel like I lack these strong links between collocations in English and other languages so they don't just roll off my tongue that easily. So I'm planning to translate/interpret just for myself and kind of get used to it and train my memory because it's shit atm. Good luck with your studies, anon!

No. 1601304

>my college program didn't teach me much except the very basics either so my coding skills feel not up to par.


you're basically me

i guess we were supposed to learn how to actually program outside of class. fuck kek

No. 1601487

holy fucken shit. my coworker is the laziest piece of fucken shit. bitch doesnt do shit because he acts like he has no fucken brain and acts stupid with his constant "this is so confusing i dont know how" "i dont remember how to do this" like do i have to start acting fucken retarded so they stop piling shit on me too or what. jesus fucken christ. i worked the same shift as this bitch and i had to pick up the slack. moved to a different shift and this bitch doesnt do shit and i end up having to do it anyway.

No. 1601705

Any anon here who also don't have a fucking clue at what they're doing ? I work in a big 4. I feel like my job is just to pretend and pray to make it work

No. 1601718

Yes, you're supposed to show interest in the thing you're studying by participating in things outside of school. There's many online courses teaching you 'how to code' nowadays, and many people are sick of low salaries so they retrain to get a job as developers. Supply is high so you need something to set you apart from the crowd.

No. 1602217

What kind of world is this where there are literally no jobs available? I keep getting "we are not hiring" or nothing at all and at best I see jobs that world you like a slave and require masters degrees and 20 years experience and the salary is still mediocre. I cannot get anything anywhere in any field. I have a great cv, references, experience, skills, certification, multiple languages and passports, do they need my organs too? I have to give them a kidney for the job?

No. 1602327

I got a job doing IT at a big big company and they have basically said they hired me bc I'm a girl and they got told they need to hire a few. I literally just sit around feeling retarted all day but get paid big bucks so idk. It's only been like three months so I'm worried they will eventually realize how stupid I am and get rid of me kek

No. 1602471

Applying for another job today. I'm at one application everyday now. I want to make this job seasonal if I can, and do other jobs and training in my off time. If it is full time I will probably leave once I get exhausted from constant work or switch positions.

No. 1602574

>Job posted 1 hour ago
>200 applicants

Jesus christ.

No. 1602584

Work from home, eh? kek

No. 1602774

Even worse, over half of job ads online are fake

No. 1602782

huh , what for?

No. 1602788

nta, it's either to collect applications for "later", whatever that means, or they're legally required to post job offers even if it's already decided that an employee will just get that job thanks to a promotion.

No. 1602962

Collecting for "later" means they have a database of people to replace you to pressure you to their demands.

No. 1603535

File: 1686473435211.png (8.26 KB, 681x538, 1685648771220.png)

Desperately need advice nonnas.

I thought it would look better to show I got promoted in a role, so I changed a job date to start before x jobs and thus I changed all the start/end dates for my other jobs. I have worked at all those jobs but the dates are what have changed, so they're out of order.

I work with several recruiting agencies and the guilt is eating me alive. I've already submitted the out of order resume. I'm worried resubmitting with major changes will cause me to be dropped from the agencies. Can I resubmit my resume explaining there was a mix up? Should I just resubmit like nothing happened? Keep it the same? I know it was incredibly stupid but am trying to not have karma get me.

No. 1603564

Most resumes are full of bullshit especially mens bc they dont feel guilt over this, it's okay leave it as is and go with the flow. In the tiny chance a discrepancy is brought up and you don't just gloss over it as you should, say oops and mitigate it if you want to. You don't have to answer every question you're asked by recruiters

No. 1603566

Thank you Nonna, I guess my worry is they will ask and I have no idea how to respond.

No. 1603797

did you or did you not get promoted in your role? why not just add the promotion on the resume when it happened? i don't understand why overcomplicate it by pushing other dates around?
>my worry is they will ask and I have no idea how to respond.
just say you mixed up the dates, its nbd unless you are lying about the promotion

No. 1603800

just learn actual IT support (i assume that's what your job is) while on the job. i dont think its a big deal getting hired to fill a quota but IT is in shambles right now and all the companies are downsizing. you might get fired eventually if you don't learn the ropes and become as useful as your male colleagues

No. 1603801

>i end up having to do it anyway.
by doing this you are incentivizing their laziness. do only your job, no more. if you have to do more, make sure you have paper trail and your manager is aware of it. ask your manager in 1:1s why you are consistantly picking up slack and when the coworker will start pulling their weight. also ask how all this extra work will be compensated

No. 1603802

then you need a side project. build an app/website/whatever and make it your showcase. without 1-2 side/passion projects you won't get jobs in the industry

No. 1603805

this sounds like a confidence/self image issue, not a job issue. keep your job and address your issues in therapy. also try to engage your coworkers in conversation, buy coffee/snacks to share during breaks, invite them/organise coffee or drinks after work.

No. 1603806

Yeah like I said it was dumb to do…Not lying about the promotion, I worked at the companies and the roles. I lied about working certain dates.

No. 1603809

just do your research how much this role is worth and ask for about 30% more. they will counteroffer you less but you can still walk away with 10% above market rate

No. 1603811

then if anyone asks say "oops, i messed up the dates, omg how embarrasing" rememberhing this shit is hard and it's possible to make an honest mistake. but DO see this as a learnign experience and don't lie in the future. it only makes things harder on yourself

No. 1603817

kek nona. cute. follow up on your application, and good luck

No. 1603886

Applied for another job today
It's in St Petersburg Russia which honestly Idc if I get it I'll go
It's a nice salary

No. 1604083

Today I received the rejection email for an internship I was really interested in. In the message they included this:
>Please know that your application was strongly considered.
>…we encourage you to consider applying for upcoming internships at (job)
Is this a sign that I still have a good chance to be hired in the next round, or are they just being polite?

No. 1604090

I want to apply to another job position that pays at least 25% more than my current one but I'm scared they'll contact my current employer and feeling kind of guilty since I get along with my direct manager.
What should I do?

No. 1604115

It would be a majorly unprofessional move for them to contact your current employer. It's generally understood that people applying for jobs are often currently working and you don't want your current employer to know. It would be a huge breach of work etiquette if they alerted your current job (unless you do something like list your current manager as a reference.)

No. 1604137

Its a good sign. I would take the advice and keep at applications. I got one of those one time, they basically said it was a very difficult decision yada yada please apply to this other thing (w link) etc etc. Said I was basically runner up. Not long after, I found out the one who got the position was related to one of the board members kek. I had inside info from a professor at the time as the professor had worked alongside the same program thing/remained close w some people there. I personally think I 'won' and ended up losing to nepitism.

No. 1604740

Is it bad to reject an interview for another position if I initially applied for something else and am qualified for a much higher role? I applied for an analyst position with a company and the recruiter said they’re filling that role but they wanted to know if I would consider basically a secretary position that pays half the amount of the job I applied for.
I hear a lot about starting low and working your way up through a company but I’m too bitter to do it. I feel way too overeducated and underpaid for the roles that contact me. Am I wrong to turn down the shitty jobs that are essentially receptionist roles, offering to pay me $40-69k, if I have a MA in Analytics and the salary for my degree on average is like ~$80-90k? I’m not in a rush to get hired, I’d rather wait for the right job than take a job I regret.

No. 1604748

Over ten years experience, tons of certifications and education, speak several languages, have all these skills in music, dance, cooking, and more…. Crickets from job applications besides "you were not selected for interview/you did not pass interview/we are not hiring but we will contact you if it changes" Even housekeeping won't hire me and I have experience with that

Fine I'll just go be a stripper so I can survive
Life sure is fun

No. 1604850

I know many other people in the same position and I think job markets in certain areas (like where I live) are just extremely competitive lately especially as more zoomers graduate college. You may have to concede to looking in other places and consider moving or just wait it out and keep applying daily.

No. 1604887

I think my days as a NEET may be coming to an end. I think I am going to be offered a role as a 'clerk' at a warehouse/storehouse. I'm so nervous. I've worked before, but only at a public library and it was part time. This job doesn't sound too hard, but the lady interviewing me warned me that other people at the warehouse where "combative". That was the exact word she used. WTF does that mean? I can take some heat, but if it's constant shit flinging or yelling at each other, I don't know if I'll be able to stick it out.
Has anyone else worked a job in a warehouse before? What was it like? I'm an autist so I was looking for an easy job but now I'm not so sure.

No. 1604891

You're well within your right to turn down a role you didn't even apply for, especially if it's not on the same career track. The job market for DS/analytics and other tech roles is brutal right now though, so you may have to wait for a long time to find something you're not underqualified for.

No. 1604908

warehouses can be rough and if they can't even hide it and have to admit that the place is "combative" then be ready for it to suck ass. I'd give it a try but keep applying to other jobs because that's a red flag

No. 1604913

this may not apply to every warehouse but… i had a male friend who worked in a few of them and they all had a lot of guys who spent time in prison because it was the only type of place that would hire them with their record. he's an extremely sociable person and can get along with all kinds of people but one warehouse made him so uncomfortable he was afraid to use the bathroom and he just walked out one day and never came back. and he is not the type of person to do that. i'm not trying to scare you, but when i think of "combative" i think of the environment he described to me at his previous warehouse jobs.

No. 1604915

Thanks anon, I appreciate you letting me know that it’s shitty atm. It’s been fucking rough trying to apply to these analyst jobs and hearing nothing back from the very jobs that actually utilize my skillset.
Why is it that there’s so many HR people who think I’d be a great fit for a $40k job that fetches coffee and maybe opens Excel once a month? I have a MA in data analytics like I said so I keep wondering why the hell the HR people are retarded enough to think that’s a fit that will utilize my skills best and a position that will make me happy enough to be a long-term employee. Most of these analyst roles only require a bachelor’s degree too and they want to put me in an even lower role if possible. Wtf is wrong with the hiring market.

No. 1604931

It's really hard to find a job at all where I live, let alone a decent one. But I somehow managed to do it. It has great working hours, the pay and benefits are good, and the work itself is fun. I've been working there for about half a year.
Well, I just found out that this great position I expected to be permanent, isn't. They only hired me to cover another woman on maternity leave, and I'll likely be out of work in a couple of months. I still haven't officially been told but it's obvious from some of the things my coworkers have been saying. Fuck everything.

No. 1604941

Thanks for the replies. The lady interviewing me seemed nice, and so I felt okay about the warehouse job at first, but the more I think about it, the more I feel like she may have been trying to warn me to steer clear of this position. I wouldn't consider myself soft, but I don't wanna have to deal with overly aggressive moids if I don't have to. I know warehouses aren't meant to be great places, but I wasn't sure how bad this one would be. I think based on what I've seen so far, I may reconsider taking this job.

No. 1604952

I am in my 30s, and I applied all over the world in like six different fields of work that I can do. Hotel and resort jobs for cleaning and for spa and massage, entertainment, childcare, education, translation, and coaching. I used to actually hear back from employers and get jobs relatively easily, it's like crickets now and it's strange. It's like I live in a simulation and nothing is actually real, I can't get a job like Truman cannot ever leave his town, because it isn't real.

No. 1604965

It was really shitty of them not to tell you that upfront. They are complete assholes for doing that.

No. 1605008

it took my brother about 2 years to find a job in his field (chemical engineering), but covid had a lot to do with it and he was stuck doing unrelated jobs for a long time. i'm trying to find entry level jobs since i'm graduating next spring and there's… nearly nothing. i hope it isn't like this forever, it's stressing me out.

No. 1605030

I think most people in your position would be in the scenario of mostly getting jobs through word of mouth from networks by this point. There's no one you can reach out to?

No. 1605044

Any professional artist anons? Specifically ones who would talk about their general approach to get where they are and day to day lives?

No. 1605051

You have to curate your resume so it covers the relevant experience to the job youre applying to otherwise you look like someone who hops around and cant keep a job. Dont put every experience just the relevant ones and if you can, exaggerate the time to fill in gaps from unimportant jobs. Keep it to 1 page and categorize skills, education, and relevant experiences.

No. 1605104

That's how I got a lot of work before but I no longer have those networks, I am in another continent in a country where people hardly work as it is. And I am looking for work outside of here. I know some people here but you have to imagine how competitive it is with really high unemployment rates.
Anon no offense but why would you assume I am a completely incompetent imbecile who hasn't already curated my resume? Any advice you think you can offer I am a million steps ahead of you.

No. 1605300

i keep getting extra shit to do so now i just started half-assing. dont give a shit about sanitation. dont give a shit about writing clearly. dont give a shit about doing things methodologically. results were shit? im going to put them as good anyway.

No. 1605312

I'd also be interested in this

No. 1605383

File: 1686647086411.jpg (21.23 KB, 500x375, Use this to buy drugs.jpg)

Anyone else feel like they never look truly professional? Even when I wear slacks and a blouse I feel unkept, which feels awful when you're trying to get people to regard you as a professional.

No. 1605429

I’m the same way. I don’t love makeup and honestly I don’t have the energy to groom myself as much as I’d like. I feel like no matter how much I brush my hair it’s tangly. Luckiky I don’t have an office job but I still dislike being potentially perceived as a slob.

No. 1605463

In 2 days I'll have been unemployed for two weeks and I can already feel the shift. Whatever I do in my apartment, productive or not I feel restless, but then if I go out out I feel bad for not trying enough, and just generally bad because it feels like I'm the only able bodied young adult with no kids out there. Last Friday was my laziest ever, then I had a motivational boost yesterday and did 2 hours of job related work, now today it's back to not much.

What I'm trying to say is I'm starting to lack the patience. For example if yet another buggy company site doesn't allow me to upload my resume, I just say fuck off and get up do something else. But last week I'd have persevered and tried to find a contact to send the info to. I'm just not sure how to keep this up.

No. 1605473

I have no idea why recruiters are doing that to you, maybe they figure they can because people in certain industries are so desperate for jobs right now? What you could do if you need the money or want to play it safe is take the job then apply internally to a suitable role that opens (eligibility for internal movement is usually 6mo to a year) so you'll have a leg up over external applicants while continuing to apply to suitable external roles or freelance to build your resume. Things really are shit right now, even FAANG software engineers with years of experience are taking pay cuts to find a new role.

No. 1605587

File: 1686670079008.gif (1.06 MB, 480x480, 81a40cd72da85cffce747e0d8d1b81…)

Sometimes my boss makes me feel like such a nuisance. I know it's not on purpose; we just have extremely opposite personalities and a big age gap.
I'm an introvert (I'm not shy, but not wanting to be around people is enough for her to consider me shy), kinda nerdy. She's extremely extroverted, she says she needs to be around people, traveling, whatever, and shares virtually no interests with me besides dogs and food, maybe. Do whenever I tell a joke she kinda reacts as if I am crazy, or she just doesn't get the way I talk (I don't even use zoomer tier slangs), the references, nothing. I feel like I can't show any sliver of personality around her because she literally doesn't get it, but then if I don't interact enough with her or whatever she'll get offended or sad or whatnot because her "love language" is being communicative all the time. It's really tiring. It's no one's fault either, but our department is literally just both of us so there's no way around it. I feel so much better when I'm around people around my age and even if they don't like games and manga or whatever, they actually understand my way of speaking and delivering jokes.

No. 1605749

You listed music dance and cooking as examples of skills. Random and useless unless youre aiming for… the circus? Good luck though

No. 1606194

It's the details that do it. Proper shapewear, stockings if you're wearing a skirt or dress, full makeup even if it's just the makeup that makes you look like you have no makeup on, actually doing your hair and not just brushing it and calling it a day. It's shit that women have to doll up to look professional while guys can just put on a shitty suit and look professional enough, but that's another discussion.

I work in big tech and feel the exact same way. I don't know what the fuck I do but apparently I'm good at it. If you asked me what I do, I couldn't tell you. Everyone I work with feels the same way. Don't worry, most jobs are bullshit.

No. 1606331

File: 1686742429936.png (500.91 KB, 1303x1060, gun (2).png)

> full makeup even if it's just the makeup that makes you look like you have no makeup on, actually doing your hair and not just brushing it and calling it a day.
Yeah these are the ones I struggle with, takes way too long to do on a daily basis and does not feel comfortable at all. Thanks for reminding me that I should look around for professional hairstyle inspo

No. 1606356

File: 1686746497058.gif (478.16 KB, 400x300, 1343b52b-f5cb-457e-8bdc-cf6269…)

>get degree with no available jobs unless PHD
>pick up nepo job because my dad is kind and allows it
I'm getting valuable experience and training in a field I never really imagined myself in but it's not bad at all. My one fear is if I ever try to get a job somewhere else I'll get filtered by my useless degree, especially with how bad the job market is, but at least the field I'm in cares a lot more about experience than you having a degree.
Something a bit odd is it doesn't seem like that many young people are getting into the field (probably because the training is so expensive and companies don't want to hire anyone without previous experience), so I wonder if fresh blood is going to dry out at some point. I'm the youngest person in the company by far.

No. 1606379

I’m never doing makeup for work fuck that lmao as if having product on my face improves my personal work quality. But men have to have professional hair so I will concede with hairstyles.

No. 1606382

My sister, we are truly kin. I only wear makeup when I'm excited to be going where I'm going and I want to look cute. Aka not work. I'll be clean with a neat, professional hairstyle but I will not waste precious sleeping time to do my makeup everyday.

No. 1606401

What do you wanna know? I work from home so my day-to-day consists of me hating my bosses, goofing around, doing enough work to make it look like I slaved for 8 hours, and then watching Youtube videos.

No. 1606404

a tinted moisturizer takes 2 seconds and makes a huge difference (for me) , just evening out the skin tone looks a lot more professional

I have some minor scarring and uneven tan lines

No. 1606581

I've started my first "adult office job" while doing my master's, and it's a pretty cozy job (but the pay is also kinda low). I go in and do my thing, I'm still kind of learninging things, and I feel like a lot of my days will be spent being bored just sitting there, literally waiting for e-mails to land in my box so I have something to do after I've cleared up all the mess that was left between me starting and the last woman leaving, going to bullshit meetings to talk about plans and projects that will never get done or making status reports to a boss that has no idea about what we even do in our department. I feel like I'm an alien or like I'm stuck in some awful movie, watching myself in 3rd person doing a bullshit job. The fucking self-importance of these useless meetings, everyone constantly walking over to me to tell they're busy while they fuck around reading out shit they've made chatGPT say for an hour, that I have to make an official request to discuss some shit with my colleague who I see also sitting around waiting for emails to fall in. Holy shit adult life is dull.

No. 1606593

File: 1686768113360.jpg (350.66 KB, 1920x1080, 20181221104356_1.jpg)

I don't wanna work today…just scroll…………

how do you motivate yourself to do work, nonnies?

No. 1606638

Pretty sure I’m finally getting fired from my shit-tier retail job. I deserve it, I have like 3x “points” past the limit for tardies and call-outs. My schedule has been getting leaner and leaner, and I just checked and I only have 1 shift next week and the week after that is blank. Again, it’s a fair call, but the reason they’ve kept me so long is because when I DO show up and am on time, I pretty much do the work of 3 people. And im trained to do some stuff that they haven’t trained other people on in years. Im guessing higher ups must have finally noticed the point discrepancy. It kinda sucks, wasn’t a good job, but it was easy and I was just starting to form bonds w the other ppl there

No. 1606642


Ayrt What type of artist are you? What does your work day to day consist of? How did you get your job? Pay structure? Did you go to school? Are you happy? Also no disrespect meant at all but I should have specified 'fine artist' like someone who gets grants for a gallery exhibition of cohesive works ie sculpture or paintings etc. and a year to put it together or whatever. Not that other artistic careers arent making fine art and great pieces

No. 1606732

What's a good degree for an autistic girl? I just want to be able to get a decent job with a decent wage without physical labor..

No. 1606737

what do office jobs even entail man. i have a cs degree and i am applying for tech jobs but i feel i should expand my search…what can i do that won't involve a lot of calling customers or otherwise doing customer service

No. 1606738

I simply don't and then face the consequences

No. 1606743

I'm a concept artist for a video game company. Day-to-day work consists of working in a concept art pipeline, so creating characters, buildings, props, environment art, etc. and seeing them through to completion. Got my job through a moid I knew through a mod project. Pay structure is laughable. I did go to school, but for illustration. I love my job, hate my bosses. I've had college friends go on to do what you mentioned, getting works shown in exhibitions and stuff. I think for those, you just have to keep your eyes and ears peeled to see what's coming up that can A: get you a lot of publicity and B: interest you.

No. 1606826

I'm back with an update. I got a food service job again. Surprisingly the service industry is very short on people at least where I live so I got like 6 instant job offers after a single afternoon of sending out applications. The pay is okay but I'm determined to not stay stuck here, I'm still applying to other jobs, signed up for a certification exam and practicing skills on my own time. All the anons talking about how tech is crashing right now have me worried but there's not much else I can do, I spent time and money on a degree and sunk cost fallacy etc. Really I always wanted to be a teacher and that industry is desperate for workers but I'm pretty sure I make more money working retail kek

No. 1606840

depends on what you like because it helps you want to keep going to complete the degree. do you like biology? it's a pretty expansive degree and there's lots of associates in biology offered at least around me so you could take ~2 years and have something nice to put on your resume. you can do a lot of things with a bio degree and probably get paid well. i have a year left though because of chemistry classes which suck ass. i have a minor in criminal justice because i really enjoy the topic. the students and profs in bio and CRJ are also pretty nice.

No. 1606876

I was also a person w a tech degree who didn't have an internship with covid and finally got a super good job. I graduated in 21 and worked retail for two years so an 80k offer felt like a joke at first. Apparently the guy before me got fired for being sexist so they hired me, a woman, to replace him? Absolutely baffled by this situation in general but my life is going so well because of this dude being sexist kek

No. 1606883

File: 1686788459956.jpg (57 KB, 650x500, 1671853031090.jpg)

>be me 4 years ago
>applying for college
>no idea what to do with future, just scrolling through list of majors because you have to declare one when applying
>see human resources degree
>can make decent money, not difficult to study, white collar-ish, wide job availability
>be me now
>graduated a year ago
>don't care about HR don't care about any jobs, just working at grocery store
>huge anxiety about entering career workforce
>eventually get up the balls to apply for hr jobs
>barely any entry level positions
>every position wants a bachelor's and 2-4 years of experience
>rejections or hear nothing back at all
>still don't care about hr
>still don't know what to do
>still anxious even trying to job hunt
>still anxious sitting around avoiding job hunt
I feel like a failure anons. I dont have any passions for a career and job hunting is brutal right now. I've been out of college a year and have nothing to show for it. I dont know what I want but even if I did, getting it would be tough and exhausting. Just wanna quit and live in the woods

No. 1606973

Any game industry nonnies have tips and suggestions for networking? I'm currently filling in skill gaps with online courses so I can beef up my portfolio, but itd be nice to find a community of actual women in games, not just moids.

No. 1607015

I just want a salary remote job nonnies.

No. 1607024

File: 1686794154493.png (33.27 KB, 261x281, 003 (2).PNG)


No. 1607040

What online courses are you doing?
What are you trying to specialize in (art, programming, modelling, music etc)
Without any information all I could recommend is LinkedIn, talk about all the projects you’re working on and brag about your courses.
If you’re doing programming then any “women in code” group might be sufficient

No. 1607045

I feel like a child regardless of what I wear. I can’t actually believe I understand the millennial “I can’t adult” memes now

No. 1607047

Avoid game industry, go into actual networking. There's a surprising amount of women in the networking industry.

No. 1607062

So over my job, I was really depressed and exhausted last year so I didnt take several new job interview opportunities seriously. Now I am panic applying and there are no jobs in my field. I have no one to blame but myself. This is just making me even more depressed. Hopefully, one of the jobs I applied to works out and I sign the offer letter in july. pray for me nonnas. I need it.

No. 1607117

>>1607040 Thanks for the LinkedIn tip! I forgot that existed kek I didn't think to brag about courses. I'm aiming for concept art, but taking blender courses on udemy as well. Honestly I should just get over any anxiety and just talk to people it shouldn't be this hard

No. 1608098

Computer science, engineering, accounting, graphic design, lab tech. Anything that doesn’t involve a lot of interpersonal skills. If you hate any sort of teamwork, you can always go freelance with some of these.

No. 1608115

File: 1686858869924.jpg (22.86 KB, 540x312, image0-3.jpg)

I know I'm screwed because I don't have a damn degree. I can't justify the debt load now that my failed post-highschool attempt at getting one has been paid off for several years. It still fucking hurts to get passed over for a stupid-easy customer service job because all I've got is a resume listing fifteen years of public service admin shit, not the magic paper proving I can play nice with others and maintain cognitive dissonance.

No. 1608134

I finally got a job after 3 months of looking. But even though I applied because it said the position was in person (I hugely prefer in person), turns out to save costs it will actually be work from home. I don’t have any quiet place with good lighting to zoom call from (live with family). And also I’m horrendously ADHD and can’t concentrate in my room at all. What the heck am I gonna do?

No. 1608178

Do you share your room? If not just lock the door of your room. Just make sure your room is clean and that you don't get interrupted by your family. Remove whatever that's in your room which triggers you to lose focus.
Other than that Just exercise some self control nonnie. I'm sure the job is way more important than whatever your mind wanders to.
If that doesn't work I've heard caffeine helps people with ADHD concentrate, but Idk.
If youre sharing your room or whatever, maybe try a cafe? The ones I go to aren't that loud and, you can drown out a lot of noise if you use earplugs and speak into the mic.

No. 1608437

Update: I was fired!

No. 1608629

Nta but do you work in 2d or 3d?

No. 1608836

i've been emailing and soon will be calling every coroner's office in my area (7-8 of them are not too far) to see if they will give me a chance to do anything there, shadowing, internship, job, volunteering…
i feel kind of bad nagging them but at the same time i make sure to space it out and be professional and grateful to them, because i want to be there. have also been applying at other bullshit jobs that are somewhat applicable in my field of interest but i fucking hate when they respond too fast because i know what that means…
>check employee reviews, nearly all bad
>fast turnover rate
>horrible management
>everything indicating that they have a shit work culture, people calling in all the time where you're basically on call to cover people's shifts
>and more
and honestly, i would put up with a lot of shit if it meant i got to work in a coroner's office (it is my autistic obsession). just not for a job i chose simply to have one, IF i don't have to.
the chief at the one i shadowed at hasn't emailed me back yet so i think i will text the deputy tomorrow… i hope i'm not bothering him too much.

No. 1609058

My workplace is so boring and feels so unchallenging, I've watched my colleagues discuss the same shit they've discussed last week for 3 hours. But then again, I work with really nice people and there's literally zero drama (only with outside partners we have to work with, but that's whatever) and somehow I feel like a decent work community isn't worth giving up for a more stimulating place that has a competitive athmosphere.

No. 1609242

nobody will contact your current employer UNLESS they ask for references, and you provide your current employer as a reference. also,
>feeling kind of guilty since I get along with my direct manager.
get this out of your head. you are there to do a job, to get paid. you will not stay there forever, nor should you. you can get along with your manager and that's great but never, EVER skip out on a better opportunity (more money, a promotion) because you "feel bad" leaving your manager behind. your manager WILL fire you as soon as the company needs to save some money, look at it happening to so many people right now. do not be loyal to any company or manager because they will never be loyal to you. I say this as a person who has had amazing managers in the past. business is business nona

No. 1609249

you can look professional without a full face of makeup. you don't feel professional btu that doesn't have to mean you don't look it

No. 1609252

if you are getting experience now, no one will go back to look at your degree once you finish your training. they will look at your work experience.

No. 1609258

did you ask if you can come into office anyway? if not, ask the employer if they can pay for you to work from a coworking area. tell them you can't work from home because of reasons. if they refuse, consider paying for a membership at your local coworking area yourself

No. 1609259

sorry to hear that nona. i hope you find a nice new job quickly

No. 1609333

I'll give anyone here $100 if they tell me how to deal with passive-aggressive coworkers.

No. 1609381

Nonnies I can’t… I just really can’t

There’s a moid from my workplace who’s mocking me to our coworkers because… the emails I send, as part of my job in corporate communications, sound too professional?

He tells our coworkers that because I send work emails in such a formal (professional) writing style, I’m a “corporate drone” and some kind of brown-noser. What, does he want workplace updates to come out in meme format? I get that he’s an engineer so he’s never had to deal with the business-y side of things, but like… out of all the things a coworker might not like me for, I wasn’t expecting this.

Ik I’m ranting about a situation so weird and niche, I just can’t get over how stupid he must be. I wonder if our coworkers think he’s stupid too. The one who tried to defend me is also the one who tipped me off about it.

No. 1609386

>The one who tried to defend me is also the one who tipped me off about it.
That one may very well be making the whole thing up

No. 1609390

Yeah but, we have a coworker group chat, and today I saw the offender send a message that suspiciously sounded like it was mocking me (without being too blatant… but still pretty blatant.) And it was out of nowhere, too. That’s why I’m hung up about this now — why am I so rent free in this guys mind?

No. 1609396

I'll trade you. My boss said "heckin'" to me today and I had to curb my impulse to gag.

No. 1609397

File: 1686952573272.jpeg (9.88 KB, 235x191, IMG_7199.jpeg)

>be me
>get first big-girl job in my 20’s
>happy because it’s remote so chances of being the “odd one out” is minimal
>join call with two other newbies
>immediately be the odd one out in the virtual room as the other newbies immediately blend in with the clique of latinas with lash extensions and microbladed brows
>sit in silence as I am forced to listen to them all flirt with the 2 scrotes in the “room” inbetween introductions
>a tangible moment silence settles right after I introduce myself before they go back to banter
I can’t escape my social ineptness even in the virtual world. It’s like I have a gift of killing the vibe no matter the setting. Am I doomed nonnies?

No. 1609401

With moids it’s either 1) they are mad because they want you and are treating you like shit because they know they would be rejected so it’s a sort of “pfft! I never wanted her anyway” cope, 2) he is jealous/intimidated by your professionalism, 3) he is a typical misogynistic scrote. Whatever the reason, steer clear nonnie and keep doing what you are doing. You’re doing nothing wrong.

No. 1609414

No, you're not. Nobody's forcing you to be friends with your coworkers. I sure ain't, I don't like 98% of them. The handful of people I do like don't even work in the same department of me. You'll be okay, nonny.

No. 1609421

you can either avoid them, or confront them and ask why they are being passive-aggressive.

No. 1609424

my best friend gets told she sounds professional and cold often (she does, until she gets to know someone, then she is super warm). people who say it and mean it in a negative way are either intimidated by you, or crushing on you. just ignore it, but if it causes you a lot of anguish, talk to your manager about it or talk to the person in question but wrap it up in "feedback".
>i would like to give you some feedback about the things you have been saying about me
>when you say X, it makes me feel like Y, so please in the future don't do that
shit like that works in corpo environments

No. 1609460

I'll just keep on avoiding, then. She's my boss' girlfriend so I guarantee she'd tell him if I confronted her.

No. 1609740

yeah I will try my best to complete a few side projects, right now I only have a simple rock paper scissors game plus a website homepage (all html and css) so I'll try and add more
lol guess so. I really should've chosen a different degree path in something I find more interesting

No. 1609744

>tech degree
computer science or something different? were you applying for tech jobs the whole time while you were working retail?

No. 1610126

File: 1687027422113.jpeg (153.54 KB, 956x540, 1672591705336.jpeg)

I'm starting a new job soon at a hardware store and most of my coworkers and customers are men. Like so many women, my life has been full of bad experiences with them, like bullying and abuse. Every time I'm around them, I feel anxious, inferior, and small. How do I stop being afraid of them?

No. 1610188

Forget the job search, I am tired of it, I am gonna escort.

No. 1610191

I’d advise you not to, but I’ve learned you can’t help stupid people.

No. 1610209

File: 1687033257703.jpeg (112.82 KB, 640x1014, 3C1D44D5-09D4-431B-9E84-FD416A…)

>>1610191(off topic infighting)

No. 1610226

moid tier post

No. 1610228

File: 1687034075433.jpeg (43.59 KB, 800x528, 753C92CC-65E5-4C52-ACD6-05A5E2…)

No. 1610232

I'm so tired of corporate life!!! Every job is the same!!! It's not even the jobs themselves, but all of the bullshit that comes along with it!!! I cannot tolerate the politics, the drama, the people!!!

No. 1610292

maybe an unpopular opinion but in my experience it's good to walk into social situations with men without any (negative or positive) expectations. not to sound like #notallmen!!!11 but most of my experiences with guys in my peer group have been negative (classmates) but most guys that are older genuinely have treated me with respect and that i'm just another person doing my job.
if you do your job well and are cordial it should be okay. older men still like to make dumb appearance-related comments from time to time but it's honestly out of jealousy and it's usually nothing harsh, just weird/annoying. most interactions should just be neutral in that situation.

No. 1610405

Take advantage of it. It’s not very girl power of me but whenever something remotely heavy needed carrying I played the damsel in distress. It was a minimum wage retail job so I could care less about excelling and going above and beyond. I understand your fears nonnie but you’ll be ok.

No. 1610467

What's the job?

No. 1610478

most hardware store men are very simple minded. they do think they know it all, but are easily forgetful of things. they're likely to turn to resources to for reassurance. most of them who try to act like the bigger guy are geeky and made fun of. you should be okay. the key is to keep to yourself and have all talk be work based. anything personal they want to discuss, always bring up a male in your life (husband, bf, dad, brother, cousin) in almost every conversation.

No. 1611102

File: 1687114512458.gif (10.53 MB, 500x500, anime-anzu-futaba-smoke-gqvwly…)

Can't believe I thought getting a job after uni would be easy. Really believed I'd be able to score some WFH non-job doing Excel sheets all day; in truth, not even call center places are getting back to me. All feels so hopeless.

It also sucks that I can barely find jobs to even apply for. I told myself I'd do five applications a day but everything I run into I've already hit up. I feel like not being able to relocate is ruining me. So is my restriction of needing a WFH job, but that's mostly because if anything happens to my dad I'll have to move in with my mum, and she's way out in the country…so busses won't be feasible. I can't drive due to having my license suspended. I can't get it unsuspended either. I guess I could go for customer service but it's like, why the hell did I go for something like CS if I'm just going to end up at McDonalds?

I'll keep applying of course but my bank account's getting scary kek.

No. 1611183

I've been unemployed for nearly half a year now. I got laid off at a time when the local companies in my field all had a freeze on hiring and they've only just started posting jobs again. I only found one job opening I qualified for, which I immediately applied to. There was another one, but the company took it down after only a few hours as I was finishing up my cover letter. That sucked.

I almost had enough saved for the down payment on a house before I was laid off. Now I have to live on those savings and pray for employment. It's all so frustrating.

No. 1611369

Hello guys
How do you guys deal with competitiveness?

I know I haven't given my all this semester, the thing is I was focusing on other things in my life

I still finish with good grades but for some reason, people being better than me by 1 to 3 points to exams gives me a nagging feeling that they are smarter than me
I know it might just be that they gave their all to these exams while I was not 100%

It could also simply be problems in my work method that I have to fix
But there's still this little voice nagging me inside…

Keep in mind, although these exams we are taking are not competitive, we will have competitive ones in a few years
A lot of people use them as sort of a thermometer, a way to check their level before the big day

I don't know what to do to chill out. Everyone tells me it's silly and superficially I know they're right but deep down I feel like they are better than me and "not giving my all" is just an excuse I'm making up

No. 1611373

I was in a similar position right after graduating a couple years ago and had to work at Walgreens for a few months to pay rent, but I now have a chill hybrid-remote office job. I would honestly recommend getting a retail job just for a few months while you keep applying to better positions so you don't have a huge gap in employment and so you can make some money in the meantime. Also, I'm not sure if you did any internships or volunteer work during college, but having some references and previous experience helps a lot even if it was just 8-15 hours a week. The job market does suck right now, but don't lose hope!

No. 1611401

I'm coming back to work in a few hours after a week of a splendid vacation. Can't say I'm super excited to get back but I'll have to.

No. 1611621

the girl that i trained to replace me at my old job i got along with really well. and i assumed there was nothing between her and this moid that works there beacuse he's ugly af. his fiancee recently cheated on him (i get info from someone i know who still works there). i genuinely have no fucking idea what is going on and i'm pissed off because my "source" has known the boss longer and apparently is on much better terms with the boss now because the moid went behind her back AND THE BOSS' BACK and is now telling the replacement he's going to get her on salary (this position is hourly) and will be paid literally TWICE the amount i was paid. IT HASNT EVEN BEEN A YEAR YET FOR HER. I WORKED THERE FOR FOUR YEARS!!!! i tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt the time i worked there, but i'm pretty fucking mad and i'm angry i ever tried to defend him. i was also told that the replacement is coming in now all done up since he's been having these conversations with her. my boss was told a different story than my "source" was because he asked her and he was like wtf and was furious. she even asked the replacement and was told a different story by her, and moid coworker also told her a completely different story!!! i don't fucking get it, the guy is UGLY as shit. he even tried to say shit to me but i shut that down so fast and it disgusted me because i'm way too fucking hot and young for that slob and i've had a bf nearly the entire time i worked there. but OF FUCKING COURSE moids get to do this fucked up shit!!!! on top of that i know the lady that worked my position before me he hired because of her swimsuit fb profile picture, she got fired because she stopped showing up. his ex fiancee and him used to cheat on each other all the time. if this shit is really happening i want to shake this girl and say YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT, COME THE FUCK ON!!! men need to be deleted STAT.

No. 1612377

I have to attend a tradeshow for a few hours to shill a product I only kind of understand.

Working at a tradeshow is new to me. Any advice? I've got a lot of things happening this week that will burn me out and I'm afraid I'll screw something up at the event due to stress.

No. 1613640

Fuck I’m beyond frustrated rn. The job I have is wfh which I love because I don’t have to go anywhere but I’m so sick of having to talk on the phone to idiots 8 hours a day. I’m doing all I can to maintain my stats so I can apply for an internal position that gets me off the phones but it’s obnoxious. I don’t hate the job, I just hate customers lol.

No. 1613648

dealing with customers is the worst for sure. i'm in a similar position just with emails instead and every day i have multiple times where i just want to scream at people 'WHY DON'T YOU THINK ABOUT THINGS BEFORE YOU BOTHER ME WITH IT THROUGH THESE SNOTTY ASS EMAILS!!!!' kek. i hope you get the other role you're hoping for though - and hopefully it comes with a lot more peace and schmoney!!

No. 1613692

For a long time when people typed out "uggo" on this board I thought nonnies were parodying the "uguu am I kawaii?" meme. Took me a long time to realize it was just a shortened form of "ugly".

No. 1613703

Wrong thread?

No. 1613972

File: 1687383450905.jpg (55 KB, 720x464, Screenshot_20230621-173904_Gal…)

I went in to do an interview today at a place that is like a factory/manufacturer, and I was supposed to be touring the facility and be shown some stuff but… The guy who was supposed to interview me didn't come to work today (according to the guy at the front desk). Luckily the guy at the front desk was nice, and they found some other managers to interview me, but holy shit. I was already stressed enough,and now I'm worried that my interview stuff/papers are going to get lost in the mix. The jobs not even that nice but I'm so desperate right now, ugh….
And then I was going to drive home when the factory let out and MAN was it crowded. I couldn't back my car out for twenty minutes. I guess that's to be expected at this kind of a place, but that was pretty bad. I'm so stressed nonnies, I'm not gonna make it.

No. 1614015

Aww thanks nonna!

No. 1614429

should I put my previous work experience on my resume even if it is not related at all to the field I'm trying to get into? I used to teach kids and lifeguard and do hr stuff, now I am trying to find a tech job.

No. 1614503

I would include it and highlight any tech-related stuff you did in these jobs, even if it was just using a software

No. 1614678

I'm unemployed and looking for work and I have noticed that an increasing amount of job listings are unpaid and voluntary based. I was laid off from my last job due to the company struggling with finances, though I was offered to keep my job on an unpaid contract which I declined (why the fuck would I continue an unpaid job when I can get unemployment benefits instead, kek). If the current state of the world wasn't disheartening already, there's something very depressing in seeing companies obnoxiously promising that you'll love doing a mundane job for "the experience" and yet require that you have 2+ years of prior experience in a similar position before. They list all the benefits of the job like free snacks and ping pong tables, but does not offer to pay for your commute to and from work. Dread doesn't even begin to describe how I feel atm.

No. 1614695

Yikes. Companies should be blacklisted, reviewed poorly to hell for that behavior. Abhorrent.

No. 1614700

Managing a bunch of gamer man babies is such ass. They act like somebody owes them something even if each and every one is just as useless as the last, and constantly try to muck up drama to bolster their egos. Had to fire one yesterday for it, and reprimand two others

My coworker and I already have enough to do without this shit, I'm sick of it. There's no getting away from these people considering my industry, but if you're ever in a position to hire others: don't hire dedicated gamers of the male variety. They are self-absorbed simpletons. None of our women staff have given us these sorts of problems, not in the 11 years I've been here

No. 1614708

Lol. This reminds me of those volunteer and "unpaid intern" things where you literally have to pay thousands of dollars to do unpaid work

No. 1614759

I became a working actress this year. I'm so proud and excited. I had my first starring role in an independent short film earlier this year, and I couldn't believe how lucky I was, it was such an amazing experience. Now, I am lined up for another starring role in another independent short film. The thing I'm struggling with this time around is that there is a bathtub scene. So, I was told when I'm in the tub I will be in a bathing suit and filmed from the collarbones up. There is a moment where my character stands, and it's supposed to be a side silhouette shot. Not supposed to be sexually charged scene, not supposed to be sexy in any way. I am just so fearful. I have talked with an Intimacy Coordinator and I will be covered during every part, with a strapless thong and breast petals k taped on. I'm worried that this will look bad for my career, doing this so early on. I also don't want to let the part go, because I worked hard for it. I wish they had included this in the audition process, I only found out the day before I was casted.

Should I go for this, since I will be covered, nudity will only be implied and I will have an advocate on set? Am I being extra retarded? Any advice on this is so appreciated, anons.

No. 1614763

>There is a moment where my character stands, and it's supposed to be a side silhouette shot. Not supposed to be sexually charged scene, not supposed to be sexy in any way.
if they have you in a bathtub scene it's inherently sexual. bathing implies nudity, and is going to be sexualized in a patriarchal society and movie industry.
>I wish they had included this in the audition process, I only found out the day before I was casted
they know women don't want to do this and purposefully hid it. it sounds like it may be bad for your career. i don't know personally but if it really is just above the collar bone it doesn't sound like the worst thing. but don't let anyone say it's not sexual, it's why they have an intimacy coordinator.

No. 1614822

depends what the tone of the role is… is it serious? dramatic? there's a big difference between a more 'natural' vaguely-nude scene in a serious role versus some sam levinson shit. i do kind of agree with the other anon though… i can't see how it won't be used for sexualisation. that being said, the fact that there's an intimacy coordinator is good but i think you really need to trust your gut here.

No. 1614836


It is a serious dramatic role. The director has put emphasis on the fact that it won't be "voyeuristic"
But he is male and I worry when they say the right stuff. My heart is saying, don't do this, because you're not 100% in. My brain is saying, stop being a baby, you won't even be fully nude, don't throw away this opportunity.
Thank you both for responding, helps to hear from people outside of the situation.

No. 1614906

The fact that you weren't told beforehand is a massive red flag. My friend was hired for a short film once and on the day of shooting the director happened to have an artistic vision right then and there and wanted to have a clear shot of her fully nude. When she refused it caused a big fight between her and the director, involving insults and pressure about her being labelled as difficult to work with. She almost stopped acting because of it, and it ruined a big bunch of her connections. They didn't have an intimacy coordinator, though, but these things can end very badly when the director is being vague up front.

No. 1614915

Becoming a remote email job employee is the best financial and personal decision i’ve ever made. I make more money than I ever have before and I don’t have to see anyone ever. Dream come true

No. 1614921

What does a job like that entail?

No. 1614924

Nona I seriously doubt this is the place to receive reliable advice about acting and your acting career. Wouldn't it be better to ask co-actressess for advice? Surely you have some contacts?

No. 1614925

Do you (and any others here) have any advice on how you achieved your job?
I just got my bachelors degree after a decade. I'm having no confidence in the job app process as everyone wants years of experience.
Without divulging too much information- how the heck did you manage to go from part-time retail to a full-time job in your field? One that pays well? What was your degree?

I want to know what to look out for.

No. 1614928

I'm a woman and want to get my foot in the door with a game company, any advice? I have a business degree and unfortunately barely have some ok art skills. I dream of being a concept artist and am working on learning C# and a game engine.

Best way to fast-track my way into any of these positions without shelling out mega-bux for another degree?

No. 1614936

Typing, answering the phone, basic communications in a professional setting, writing up short reports, and having the ability to clock in and out on time independently.

I don’t know if I got extremely lucky or if I just had enough years of communication experience, but my resume had 3 years of experience at the time of me getting hired and I currently only have a high school diploma. I have one year of college experience but I guess I could’ve just interviewed well? I’d recommend to reapply and reapply until they send you a message to schedule an interview. That’s what I did with the company I currently work for. Refusing to back down and proving that you really want to help their ship sail smoother is a huge part.

No. 1614952

What type of job is that btw, what do I search? I have 8-10 years of working in customer facing setting and just got my bachelors degree, surely I can get something similar… right?

Thanks for the previous advice btw. I don't know why, but I get very depressed and anxious looking for full-time jobs. My brain tells me I'm not good enough.

No. 1615337

I'll do that, thanks nona

No. 1617744

Anyone have advice on what job titles to look for when entering the career field after getting a dumb bachelors in business, but having hardly any skills others than crappy customer service jobs for the most part?
I wish I learned vfx or animation holy shit.

No. 1618049

Did you major in IT? Or do the comptia certs?

No. 1618051

I'm getting a bachelor's in supply chain management so maybe look into logistics and supply chain jobs? Transportation companies like Ryder and XPO. Depending on where you live of course.

No. 1618066

you will make it nona. if you haven't already, call up your hiring manager or TA and ask for updates (since you are scared your papers will get lost) good luck!

No. 1618067

>not in the 11 years I've been here
nona please switch jobs. staying anywhere for 11 years means your paycheck is so low comparing to what it could be. i switch jobs every 2-3 years and increase my salary by 20% each time

No. 1618068

congrats nona. just do it. you are just as nude at the beach as you are in this shoot, so what is the problem? the IC will be on the set to make sure the goalpoast doesn't get moved and you will be fine. i don't see how this can be bad for your career tbh

No. 1618071

you don't need a degree, you just need to be good at what you want to do (in this case, concept art) but tbh you shouldn't want to get into the gaming world. you will be underpaid and overworked and all your male colleagues will be incel sleasy types, while the female colleagues will be "not like other girls" schizos

No. 1619323

This is anecdotal evidence, but I'm working in gamedev, 6+ years now, never experienced any misogyny (outside some typical things that happened to me in advertising industry as well, so people sometimes complaining I'm not "nice enough" while I'm sure they wouldn't say that about a man, nothing I had to actually treat seriously though) and get paid above average for my country, so it's not like things will definitely always be bad if someone pursues the career in the industry.
My advice would be to attend events where you can meet industry people (game jams, career fairs, gaming events); and if you have the skillset for a different position than the one you desire, go for it and just pursue the one you want while you're already there, I know a LOT of people who went to different teams over the course of their employment. So for example, you want to be a concept artist, but you could do community management / qa / even receptionist! job right now, do it, you'll build connections and have opportunity to talk directly to people from the teams you actually want to be in, have them advice you what to do exactly to be good enough to join. Also even if you don't like the games given studio is producing, it doesn't matter. What matters is the people you'll work with, not the product. Easier to go somewhere else once you already put your foot in the door.

No. 1619612

Anyone else hate how most jobs are popularity contests? I’ve worked in different fields and it almost always feels the same. You can be the most incompetent employee in the building, all that matters is people like you and you’ve got it made. Used to work with this dude who was absolutely clueless and lazy, but got promoted to supervisor because he was so friendly and asskiss-y to the managers. It’s nearly impossible (in many jobs) to just do your work and go home.

No. 1619632

No because I've learned to use it to my advantage.

No. 1619639

>I have never experienced misogyny (except the numerous times I have)
Do you even hear yourself?

No. 1619715

File: 1687976151959.jpg (52.99 KB, 640x452, scared-1283751_640.jpg)

Did four job interviews for a shit tier job, and one of them was in person… Only to get ghosted.
Fuck all this. At least tell me I'm not good enough to work to my face you cowards.

No. 1619771

this is just how humans work nona. humans like likeable, nice, sociable poeple. at work, and outside of it. learn how to be that and you will thrive

No. 1619772

did you follow up by email?

No. 1619799

Not yet and I honestly know I should. The reason I hadn't was it was a huge company and I met multiple people so I didn't know who I should contact first. Plus, I wanted to write the email respectfully so I didn't burn any bridges, just in case.

No. 1619812

if its been more than 4-5 working days, you email the talent acquisition person who handled your case (booked your interviews). you might still get ghosted (its more often that you hear nothing than that you receive a "no thanks") but you should follow up anyway

No. 1619826

File: 1687987000946.gif (800.64 KB, 220x220, laughing-dog-dog.gif)

>Have a small meeting right at the beginning of the work day (like seven in the morning) to plan how things would go for an event that afternoon.
>Boss likes to bring her dog to work
>He's elderly and obese so he generally doesn't cause problems.
>At the end of the meeting, she says something along the lines of "is everybody ready to get started?"
>No one says anything because everyone's tired
>Out of nowhere her dog audibly farts
>Everybody laughs
>"Looks like [dog's name] is ready!"

No. 1619828

>Huge company
If it's an option, you might be better off working for something smaller, like a local franchise or NPO. My best experiences have been working for smaller entities.

No. 1619932

I definitely get that, I don’t think I’m antisocial or stand-offish or anything, just find it annoying how mediocre workers always get away with murder because they’re well-liked.

No. 1619940

not those anons, i agree with you on this completely

No. 1619958

Anyone here in the field of architecture? I have a question, do I need to be licensed in the US to work for a firm if my boss is licensed -im foreign and would like to find a job here-? Do architecture firms usually ask for gpa when it comes to recent graduates? Are spontaneous applications welcome? Does quality of work matter or is it about resume? Love

No. 1619970

i get the vibe that some people at my workplace are miserable but no one actually says anything or is willing to talk shit, kinda feel like everyone tolerates my boss at most.
we respect him for what he does but as a boss he's absolutely fucking awful and we ALL know that deep down

No. 1619977

What the other anons said but also managers have to be able to get along with people, especially their bosses because it’s a communication game. They are the smiling face who takes the upper bosses shitty ideas and convinces everyone below them in the hierarchy that it’s just how things are gonna be without making anyone quit. The actual work they do is minimal which is annoying.

No. 1620047

File: 1688009489436.png (482.77 KB, 563x557, unknown34531234123.png)

>graduate from college and work at local photography business
>imediately notice the quick turnaround rate but stay for 2 years anyway
>accused by my coworkers wife that I'm having an affair with him, he admits he has feelings for me even though hes 10 years older than me
>continue working for another 3 months because I'm stupid
>she spreads the rumor that I'm having an affair to everyone in office
>both of them pull me aside during workday and tell me that he's trans
>quit that moment
>now working as assistant manager at bougie clothing store and much happier but less income
it gets better nonnas. I don't know what career growth I can have working retail and dealing with customers is sometimes not fun but I feel way better and I'm not stressed out. Don't work for a small business

No. 1620049

This is so fucked up. Why would she spread a tumor that you were having an affair with her husband only for both of them to tell you that he was a tranny? What was their endgame?? Glad you got out nonna, and I hope you like your new job.

No. 1620050

…what if he's attempting to skinwalk you now

No. 1620051

File: 1688010010660.png (782.86 KB, 1664x1450, gotothetorturepit.png)

i spent two years in a job that made me absolutely miserable in a new state because i needed the experience (accounting, i wanted out of the service industry and my degree is in something i don't care to pursue anymore.) anyway i finally found a job where i'm paid adequately, enjoy my coworkers, don't want to kill myself every day. now i find out we're moving to alaska in 6-7 months and i'm filled with so much anxiety about having to restart the job application process again. i know the place i'm at will give me great recommendations, but it's so overwhelming to start over again. i went from having a strong career path in my home state (managerial role in service industry), then covid, to starting over in an entirely new state, to now again having to start all over in a new state.

i don't really want to work fully remote because i think it would lead to self destructive habits/isolating myself, but i also have no clue the exact date we're moving, just a range of two months, and that's not really helpful when applying for jobs. i guess i just needed to vent because i hate not having a set 'path' job wise. i wish i could do my current job remotely but i can't think of any feasible way to do it because it's so heavily reliant on physical paperwork

No. 1620053

he probably is. We got along because we we're both big FF fans and would eat lunch together and have to work late together due to nature of our job doing IT work for the company. He also apparently had a female "alter ego" he would make jokes about. That should've been his wifes first inclination that he was a tranny from the get go

No. 1620055

another scrote that fell into the FFXIV>tranny pipeline

No. 1620056

yeah i was getting those vibes from your post and even more now, he's one of those guys that gets a crush on a girl and because he knows he can't have her he tries to ~become her~. ugh, i'm close to a-logging… it's gross you had to deal with that.

No. 1620204

>"Hey anon I'm having this error"
>Respond with stackoverflow link with exact error and 50+ vote acccepted solution
>"This link has more than one solution, what do you want me to do?"
>"Do the first one"
>"Thanks it's working now"
I get that this sounds mundane but I solve this error for people with the same link every few months. This one person is treating me like his personal tech support. I basically spend ~5hrs per week googling issues for him. I'm a bottom level employee and I can't refuse doing this even though it's not part of my job. Just venting, anyone else a part time tard wrangler of their colleagues?

No. 1620245

Why don't you feign incompetence if you're not benefitting from it in any way? I think they're likely feigning incompetence themselves

No. 1620269

It's a bit awkward, I basically inherited this guy when other people left the team. I had no idea he was that incompetent, it's genuinely not fake. We're down to very few people so if he says to anyone above that he's having issues I will get tasked with solving them anyway. There's no easy way out of it, I just wish people like this took some time to learn or think for themselves instead of getting a salary for sitting in my daycare

No. 1620625

I was trying to put in a huge work order for a company and my idiot tranny coworker sat there as the phones rang. I hope he dies

No. 1620797

state apprenticeship thing got back to me fairly quickly. it looks a little shady but i'm simply going to hope for the best

No. 1620798

give tips

No. 1621510

every day more and more tempted to quit the job I just started not even a month ago (got my first pay today) I hate my fucking boss
>doctor calls me in to break room to chat
>he starts absolutely grilling me on shit I do correctly/right verifiably
>"(person I never see except for when I leave) told me you aren't doing these things
>yes the fuck I am???????
>get really angry, don't let it show
>can have multiple coworkers vouch for me if needed
>he starts grilling me on shit that I correct him on
>"I did that yesterday correct?"
>he says "Yes, BUT-" continues to grill me and go on and on about shit I literally
me told him I don't??

No. 1623055

nona this is a stupid suggestion because it is so subjective. my best job is the current one, which is in a huge company, for example

No. 1623060

here are your options:
>keep helping these people, but every time you do write it down/take screenshots. when performance review season comes along use these (and other) examples as leverage to get paid more/get a permanent contract/whatever
>if you don't want to do this shit anymore just tell them "i am so swamped with work right now, sorry, i can't help you. try googling the issue yourself/ask IT for help!"
>write documentation on how to solve this issue (copy/paste it from stakcoverflow), put your name on it, present it to your org as your solution to this problem. make it look like "i noticed some of you have this issue quite frequenty! i made a guide on how to solve it, you can find it here x". if anyone reached out to you again just send them the link to this document. again, leverage this for a promotion/more pay/better title

No. 1623512

I need some advice. I currently work as a lab tech in a clinic. 8 hrs a day 5 days a week. I've recently been offered a new job at a private lab and I'm still undecided if I should take it. On one hand they work Saturdays which is kind of a turn off for me. But on the other hand it's a bit closer to where I live which is more convenient. Their shifts start and end an hour earlier too. Salary wise it's a bit higher but marginally, practically negligible. There's also the fact that I'm currently not very happy with the work environment at my current job which is the biggest reason I'm thinking of quitting but there's no guarantee the new one will be better or worse. So all in all I have no idea what I should do

No. 1623518

I'd say go for it, see if the work culture is better than the one you're working in at the moment. Working on Saturdays suck though, do they compensate you with a weekday off or how does that work?

No. 1623545

That's actually real good advice anon, thanks. I get pissed off and just grind my teeth and go through the motions with these people. I'll write up some documentation and start pointing them to it, cheers!

No. 1623598

No weekdays off but the Saturday shifts are 2hrs shorter than the weekday ones

No. 1623664

Honestly Saturdays on really sucks nona, you have 50% less free time and it’s really noticeable. I don’t know how bad your job currently is but I wouldn’t give up my extra free time for another day of work again.

No. 1623698

I wouldn't do it anon, not having Saturday off is gonna wear on you eventually. Keep looking.

No. 1623740

you're welcome and i am happy to help you. i used to be like you but then i lucked out into having a really good manager who taught me how to function in corporate environenments. ever since then i have been doing even less work than i used to, but i keep getting raises and promotions. i hope it works well for you as well

No. 1623742

so considering that you work more, the pay difference is not really there. i would say try to negotiate more money to compensate for the weekend work. and also, how bad is the culture at your current job? if it is REAL bad, that would tip me toward leaving, even if i had to work saturdays. however, i'd keep looking for my next opportunity also. there is no money in the world that is worth my weekend to me personally

No. 1623774

Yeah that's the conclusion I came to. I turned down the job offer today. I realized I value my time off too much. That one extra Saturday off per week is worth its weight in gold to me. I tried to negotiate a higher pay but they told me since I'd be starting out new, they can't do that yet, but they'd consider increasing it later on down the line.
Regarding the current work culture, it's mostly an issue of me and my coworkers not getting along. We're constantly butting heads and I feel like they treat me way more harshly for perceived mistakes than they do to each other. It's like an in-group vs out-group kind of situation. Sometimes I feel like I'm in middle school all over again.

No. 1623860

funny followup on this, I confronted the person and they said it wasn't a big issue, and everyone does it not just me, even though my boss made it to seem like it was solely my fault.
also talked to another coworker today and she basically said we ALL cannot stand the boss and he stresses every single one of us and the door is constantly revolving. she said that 12+ people left our very small practice in the span of the 2 years she's worked there and if anyone quits it is always because of the doctor.

No. 1623873

File: 1688414728187.jpg (72.2 KB, 768x960, Dzyrj14UcAU2mhi.jpg)

My day tomorrow consists of a training and a meeting, and those two things will basically consume all of my workday no actual work done. These meetings are so fucking useless too, we have to sit there and listen to each other's most recent work problems and KPIs for two hours a week, even though we all work within a 10 meter radius of each other and can pretty much just hear every convo happening, but we have to keep our manager, who does nothing for us, in the loop, while she barely understands the department's role, always tells us "it's your job to understand this shit" and doesn't even report any questions or accomplishments towards her boss, even though she's like our only point of official contact. Not to mention they've been promising they'd start hiring people to keep up with the expanding workflow. She'll also start bugging us about going to all kinds of office social events, and they're just too painful a fake.

No. 1623902

File: 1688417464623.jpg (48.58 KB, 500x667, 2aa184f76b5e4a812e23a603aab228…)

I started a retail job about a month ago. They were begging me to start the day after my interview, talking about how they're soo understaffed. But for every shift I've worked it feels like there's too many workers if anything. Usually they force one or two employees to go home early every day because business is particularly slow and they "can't afford" aka don't want to pay the employees they scheduled. I feel like the only reason they haven't fired me yet is because they just hired me, but I might end up quitting this month because I've never had this sort of experience at a workplace before and I've already gotten an offer for a better-paying job that will actually let me work. Why did they even hire me?

No. 1623938

Are a lot of the people staffed also new? If so they just hired a lot of people with the expectation most of them will quit because the work/pay sucks. I’ve seen it a million times. Sign of a crappy workplace (ie retail).

No. 1623948

Is there even a point in trying to go back to school if I'm in my 30s and have never had a job? Even if I do very well academically, I'm not sure anyone could ever hire me with my history and it will have been a waste of time.

No. 1623952

You should look into trade school instead of a 4 year degree, something that will get you a job. Also try getting a part time job just so you have some job experience. You can still turn things around nona, I believe in you.

No. 1623970

that was my first thought too but no, this place has an oddly high retention rate. Their last hire was 6 months ago and most of the employees have been here for years. It feels more like they're trying to reduce employee costs and as the newest one I'm getting the biggest reduction in hours, but like I said… why hire me then kek

No. 1624000

Nonna, of course kek. If you go to school to pursue a career (like idk nursing or accounting or something), you're only going to put on your resume what you went to school for. You can give all sorts of excuses at a job interview if they ask you what you've been doing until then. You don't list the history of your entire life on a resume, especially not if you're older, where the assumption is that you've been out of school awhile and working odd jobs or doing other stuff. No one is going to have super-vision to see if you haven't.

No. 1624008

look at community colleges in your area to see if they offer associate degrees in a specialized field, or training/certificates. it will be cheaper and take less time than a 4 year degree

No. 1624021

I love not working. I love being on holidays for three weeks in a row and not giving a shit about work or my coworkers. But it'll make coming back awful, I already dread it. There's that hideous bird faced coworker who acts and talks like an annoying autist who's going to annoy the fuck out of me with his ugly voice and repetituve sentences and conversations, I'm praying to have more days working from home for the summer just to avoid him. And that middle aged muslim coworker who won't stfu about her kids and her boomer dance school and muh islam.

No. 1624595

>hat one extra Saturday off per week is worth its weight in gold to me.
> I tried to negotiate a higher pay but they told me since I'd be starting out new, they can't do that yet, but they'd consider increasing it later on down the line.
i learned that this is always a lie. and if it's not a lie it is at least not feasible for a manager to actually promise you that because they cannot know whether or not they will have a budget to actually give you that raise. i am sorry to hear about the coworkers being "in-crowding". hopefully you can find you own crowd, or just a better job going forward

No. 1624599

those meetings are also work, nona. think of it this way: you get paid no matter whether you work or sit in a meeting. when i started seeing it that way it made me happier

No. 1624600

>Why did they even hire me?
it can be a few things:
>summer is coming so they need enough people to cover for PTOs
>the turnover is very high
>they plan to open a new location to they know they will need more people
>they plan to fire low performers and only keep high performers

No. 1625071

I'm graduating in a month and I don't want to work in the field I'm getting my degree in (computer science). I can't do it. coding is so difficult and boring and soulless I hate it. with how shit the job market is and the fact I wasn't able to get internships or find any relevant work experience I won't be able to get a job even if I wanted to. simply thinking about trying to send out job apps and suffer through tech interviews makes me extremely anxious. so what now? if I can get any job that pays at least 50k and lets me have a decent work life balance that's all I need, the problem is I'm at a loss of what I can do with a CS degree that requires zero programming skills and nothing tech-related on my resume.

No. 1625075

Nonnas I'm dying but also did something so stupid aka putting all my eggs into one basket and then I didn't get the Job

No. 1625135

UX/UI or project management off the top of my head

No. 1625277

could it be you are more scared of failure and trying to fool yourself into thinking you do not want to work as a developer? i wish i studies cop sci, when i see how nicely my dev coworkers are treated (like they are a class above the rest of us) and how much fucking money they make, AND how they can work from home, i really wish i studied compsci…

No. 1625278

btw just look for internships and entry level jobs, its easy to get in especially if you go for a bigger company that wants to hire women

No. 1625384

my job is making me an angry person and I'm never ever like that, before it was hard to make me angry but I get pushed to my limit with this job

No. 1625663

Im so socially inept and have a weird blindspot when knowing what questions to ask/direction to search for. I am a travelling niche vendor. My product does very well where I have so far gone, smaller events and recurring pop up markets. You know music fests, 3 day art fest, big events with 50k+ people a day? My goal is to do several of those a year. I am completely confident my product will do well. Does anyone have any resources on how someone made their career (or a portion of it) doing a booth at large events periodically? I miss applications because some are a year in advance and they close by the time I learn the event is happening, the fees are hundreds of dollars that I dont have, I dont seem to be able to keep up with knowing when events are occurring…i make all my money from these pop up things and scramble each week to make new product. I should probably raise my prices in all honesty bc of my inventory problems but I am afraid of losing my bill and rent money. If I could focus for a month and sell over 3 days somewhere larger I wholeheartedly believe my money will grow. How do I get from where I am to where I want to be? Its like I need to schedule things a year out, which is fine sorta, but I need a tutorial? Idk I am on a fine line money wise right now but if I could get into the right venue I think I could finally start affording nicer things for my business like real displays and lights and maybe even a trip to the mechanic or hire someone to help me. I am proud of where I am but I need to learn a better business sense. I feel like I am both drowning in work and somehow not able to find enough of it? Idk, does this make sense? How do I learn to balance all this as a one person business?

No. 1625700

Who is your demographic? And do you make crafts or fine art? If you travel the Florida circuit, artfestival dot com is good.
But this is probably what you're looking for: https://sunshineartist.com/events

No. 1626133

I was told to search for management and agile/scrum related jobs, idk if I'd be able to land one though
no I really hate writing code and wish I picked a different major or went to trade school. I'm now looking into jobs as a public school teacher since there is a huge shortage and they offer fast track teaching programs to people who have degrees

No. 1626509

Ayrt I bookmarked that page, thanks it does look very helpful. My demographic…not quite sure how to answer that to be honest. I am heading toward appealing to collectors eventually, but right now my name isnt worth much on that scene. I sort of took a fine art process and downsized it to small easily producable items that have a general appeal despite being a niche process. Sorry for vagueness. I would love to work my way to having a bit of weight to my name and working on less pieces but high value ones with more intricate technique. I am good at the actual item/art production, but everything else makes me feel like I am trying to mix oil and water in my brain, just doesnt click. Kind of an autist so thats probably why kek.

No. 1627217

nta it doesn't matter who your target audience is in the fututure. who is buying your stuff NOW? you want to go where THOSE people are. good luck nona

No. 1629122

File: 1688915578420.jpeg (732.46 KB, 1179x2073, IMG_0281.jpeg)

I want to go to technical college. I have no idea what to pick and no college education but a lot of time and financial security from my wagie savings. I really like working actually but i don’t want to be in hospitality ever again. I’m a perfectionist and work well alone but I have been a manager before after becoming comfortable with the basics and I am an overly thorough helicopter teacher when I’m in charge of new hires. I live in the southern US but will probably move in 2-3 years. If you were me what would you pick? Link/picrel example of the kind of courses available in my area but obviously not my nearest school so as not to identify myself if I actually go there https://www.gvltec.edu/academics_learning/areas-of-study.html would value advice from any women experienced with working through their 20s and going to school later

No. 1629127

management sounds good, especially if you already have experience managing people. it's pretty versatile and you could land a job in any company because it's not too specific. word of advice, try to overcome micromanaging tendencies if you have any since this is what drives people away.

No. 1629130

I think I might actually not be that suited to management because of those tendencies. I don’t want to subject innocent people to my standards anymore lol. It worked out well with bosses to have that much attention to detail and being able to explain things in detail but not so much with subordinates unless they happened to also be perfectionists

No. 1629411

It’s gonna depend on you. Strangers on the internet can’t choose for you. Think about the lifestyle you wanna have and what environment you’d like to work in and which career paths are most likely to get you there.
If I were starting from your position, I’d pick supply chain management or accounting if I couldn’t do engineering. Take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1629483

anon this freaked me out because I'm also looking at this same school's course catalog to go back and change careers. Instead of thinking about what you don't like - hospitality, working with others, managing - browse the programs and see what interests you or makes you excited. Then see what aligns with your values/interests. It sounds like you have a reasonable amount of freedom because of your savings so you can afford to do something that interests you, rather than wageslaving.

I've worked in finance for 3 years and it's absolutely soul-sucking. I want to learn a trade and get certified rather than getting another degree. I'm not interested in working in male-dominated fields. My first choice is massage school which would take me less than a year to complete. I just need to pull the trigger and enroll

No. 1629933

File: 1688992459407.jpg (103.02 KB, 660x825, benaffleck.jpg)

> customer support call is at 15:00 IST

No. 1629967

nona maybe a BA or QA job? you wouldn't have to write code but having a tech background could help you land a position.

No. 1630168

I feel like such an absolute dumbass. I'm planning to work for Sephora at Kohl's as a part time job and I called in to ask to set up an interview, however the manager of that Sephora told me that hiring goes through Kohl's not Sehpora. So I ended up accidentally calling the wrong person, Sephora instead of Kohl's, and I may have screwed up any chance at getting this job, I hate this so much. The manager took my information and said she would pass it on to Kohl's but I fear I may have screwed up my chances beyond belief, and I feel the urge to call back and call Kohl's instead to set up an interview. Ugh, I hate this.

No. 1630185

Take a deep breath babe, I'm sure that happens to a lot of people. I'd say check in tomorrow or the day after to see if the Sephora manager really did pass your information on. But overall I doubt such a small hiccup would make them not want to hire you, especially if it's only part-time m

No. 1630187

I wouldn't think this should ruin your chances. They Sephora lady said she would pass on your information, but I would still just apply through the regular route just to make sure. Other than that, I really don't think you'll be penalized.

No. 1630190

You're right, you're right. I am breathing deeply and I'll go do some laundry to relax. I suppose I'm just really hopeful to get this job (so I can quit the current one I have), and start working in a store dedicated to makeup and cosmetics so I've been a little more anxious. I'll check in either tomorrow or the day after that (hopefully) with the right people. Thank you.

No. 1630317

after shadowing at the coroner's office 4 times now, not only am i coming back, but they're having me take over for a person that will be on vacation for most of August. and they're aware i want to be a pathologist's assistant there, and said this is to get my foot more in the door. so hopefully i will be at peak performance literally doing ez work while continuing to build a positive reputation there, and i will be kept in mind as soon as a pathologist's assistant retires or wants less hours. thank God, i only have a year left of school and the fear of not getting into this small field is shrinking more and more.

No. 1630415

(I'm new here so please, be gentle with me)

I was fired from my min-wage job a few months ago. It was my first job and fucked up so bad I'm feeling guilty and currently am unable to muster up the courage to go outside bc I've probably ruined my image.
I worked on a restaurant - only resisted for less than a year, and my boss caught me in such bad health state (I got sick from inhaling large amounts of mold from rotten fruits) that he fired me for being incapacitated and unable to work anymore. I begged for him to keep my job, even being unable to breathe and being in pain, but to no avail.
Now I've become a NEET. I feel like a loser, and can't go outside and show my face anymore. I wanna work again, but I'm afraid that my boss could ruin my image even more with just a single call.

No. 1630432

Your post is honestly so confusing. Do you live in some tiny town with only a few stores or something? Where every single person is aware of and appalled by someone losing a job, to the point where they can't go outside because of their 'image'? Or somewhere with no labour laws where it's legal to make someone sick and fire them for it, then call around preventing them from getting another job?

Just apply wherever you can and don't make excuses not to, people get fired all the time for much worse than being sick. They still get new jobs because they don't have the luxury of being NEETs.

No. 1630453

Nonnas I'm so exhausted that I have 10 years working experience, 7 of which is in an industry I want to continue in. I apply to entry and mid-level roles but they won't consider me because I didnt do an internship while earning a degree. Worst yet I dont have a degree. I'm so fucked. Thinking about buying a degree..

No. 1630477

Ok, I'll try to explain better. I just didn't wanted to reveal too much about myself. It'll be a little bit long.

So where I live is a just a normal countryside city, where one of the many appeals is the different restaurants and bars focused on international cuisine.
Currently, since the whole country is going towards a turbulent economical downfall, many places are cutting resources, lowering wages and firing workers to lower the bills.
Here, it's a crime to denigrate the image of a worker when your previous boss is contacted for reference by another employer, but it happens frequently, and one can only know about it if an employer warns you about it, which, well…
And yes, if someone from a higher position doesn't like you, they will do anything to a)make you give up or b) fire you. I had this happen to me many times. Stealing my stuff, breaking it, sabotaging my work to waste my time the next day fixing it all, etc. The last one was the rotten fruits.
One of my tasks was to organize condiments and fruits for the bar. The manager started to order fruits way more than it was needed, and so most of fruits started to rot. With that, I was obligated to clean (It got to a point where there was a loss of more than 40kg of oranges in a week, and that was just one fruit). The excessive mold, combined with the burnt-oil smoke, cigarettes (second-hand smoker) and bleach for cleaning it all hit pretty hard, and so I started to feel a lot of pain in my chest and back, had a fever and felt nauseous. My boss found me sitting down in a corridor, breathless, and took me home. I went to the hospital the next day and they gave me a three day rest and a shit ton of medicine to recover quickly.
When I got back to work, my boss told me I was fired and that he'd explain the details later, but would let me finish for the day. I explained for him that I wanted to keep working, but he said "how can I rely on a employee that is constantly sick?". I felt like shit, since even when I was only a bit tired (like a simple cold, or fatigue from excessive working), I stand my ground and kept going.
I don't know who had beef with me, as I was stern but not disrespectful towards anyone. Still, when a new employer call for my old boss for reference, he could easily stain my image and make me look bad with just a few words. I even considered removing any references that I've worked in that place from my curriculum, but I think not having it would be worse.

No. 1630484

Try doing something else besides food service, I’m not kidding that literally anything else will probably be a much more positive experience for you. You could work in a store, put books away in a library or count pills in a pharmacy or something. If you look for another entry-level job they probably won’t care about a reference that much.

No. 1630650

idk I was reading that QA jobs are super unstable and require being able to code to write automated tests, I think I'm just going to become a public school science teacher on a fast track program that many states are offering. I have teaching experience already so it'll be easier to break into education than tech

No. 1630705

Nona it’s a good thing you got fired, that place was horrible both for your mental and physical health. Try taking courses online on something that interests you to pad out your resume and maybe figure out a proper career eventually, apply to different kind of jobs like the other nonas said, and feel free not to put that restaurant in there if people are likely to call. Also if you don’t want it to be entirely empty, you can also write you’ve been freelancing. (Use something that you already have as a skill or make something up that won’t really be useful for the job you’re applying for, just do your research a bit on the industry). When people ask in interviews why you’re taking a min wage job, you can say something like “I need a stable job”. And good luck, please don’t lose your self worth over some horrible workplace.

No. 1630715

Wow, that's fucked up. I would be stressed too. I feel like if it was personal you would probably know why he hated you, and the more likely reason he pushed you out is business-related (economic downturn etc). I don't know for sure but it sounds like he was just trying to get rid of you for business reasons, and if that's true he wouldn't have a reason to denigrate you to other employers if they called him. Small comfort I guess. I'm so sorry you were treated that way.

No. 1630740


Nonas, thank you so much for the advices.
I had already started looking for other jobs such as receptionist, since it's not too physically demanding.
I've already started taking free courses to learn other language, to add up to my curriculum, since this is a small but highly valued skill in my country (most people don't even speak english, and the few that do, don't learn anything else beyond the basics).
I think it's a shame. I really enjoy restaurants and I hoped I could develop my skills there, but that only gave a bitter taste to my mouth that's been hard to rinse off. I guess I'll keep cooking as a hobby, and not as work. I even thought of opening my own little restaurant, but that would require a lot of money and management skills, which I don't have it at the moment.

No. 1630931

might end up getting an internship for ~$15 an hour. i'm out of uni and it feels kind of shitty but i'll take it on the basis of 'getting my foot in the door' and pray for the best. i need cash anyway. hope i get it nonas

No. 1631037

I don't know about your situation, but if you like working in restaurants, maybe try working in restaurants that are 'family oriented', or ones that cater to people with children. Although children can be annoying sometimes, there is less smoking and drinking going on, which I think could help your breathing condition. Also, I wouldn't be ashamed for getting fired for getting sick at work. I have trouble breathing too, and I think the same thing would have happened to me.

No. 1631989

I just need to vent here because I don’t really have anyone else to talk to.

I was looking at my work and college schedule for the fall and it’s giving me a massive amount of anxiety. I’ve been working full-time at a public school following their normal hours, but I have two back to back classes at college that will take up two days a week. I work FT for the insurance coverage and up until this point took two classes a semester at night. When I discussed this a bit with the admins they were fine with trying to figure a workaround, like a temp covering my position the days I’m out or having me work longer hours on the days I’m there. I appreciate that they want me to stay but I’m worried about burning myself out, and both schools restart the same week so right off the bat things could be messy. From what I heard things were much smoother to work around before the pandemic but they had a really hard time hiring last year, I was doing other people’s work constantly. I’m going to message HR soon to go over everything because this has been eating my brain for a couple weeks.

I hate that I’m putting myself through so much instead of just being able to work but I’m almost done.

No. 1632214

File: 1689204012180.jpg (199.84 KB, 650x972, 28.04.2017_028-650x972.jpg)

>"We are still in the process of reviewing your application for the role and will be in contact with you soon."
This… This is a good sign right? I'm not about to be ghosted into oblivion once more, right?

No. 1632244

File: 1689205985350.jpg (790.68 KB, 1078x1078, reality is a pug.jpg)

nonnies, how do you deal with a huge setback? I freelance mostly and I thought I was having a really good month, then a setback occurred that probably cost me about a whole month of income. I know a way to grind back the money in my own personal time but it hurt considering I really needed the win.

No. 1632265

applying to jobs I probably have no business applying to but twice it got me interviews last year. I just want to be one of those lucky anons who said someone took a chance on them and they jumped pay grades plus a better job.

No. 1632340

Wishing you lots of luck, anon!

No. 1633425

I went to a 2 year college program for Software developers. I feel like I learned everything and nothing at the same time. and i dont know if there couldn’t have been a worst time. I graduate in a couple months and I just have a shit GPA. Job huntings been rough because I don’t know where to start or how.

Did i fuck up? should I have just went to a regular 4 year University? Is tech really worth it

No. 1633521

File: 1689343321427.jpeg (26.78 KB, 268x268, E6DC2C91-40A0-465E-8117-5D49E3…)

I need to blow off some anxiety. I applied for a job I use to work for a few years ago. Just in a different state from my previous job. I also applied to a higher position I was previously training for. I had to quit because family issues. I ended up doing all three interviews and from what I know that final interview usually means you got the job and the GM is just making sure you’re a good fit personality wise and discusses wages and scheduling. I think the interview went well. It was a nice convo and I had an answer for everything. I might of stumbled on a few questions but I was still able to answer them. He said he has other candidates to interview but I’d be hearing back from them the day of the interview or the next day. He also said he that he can’t wait to meet me, but they probably say that to everyone. I haven’t gotten a call or an email. I called the hiring manager and left her a voicemail. I’m so worried that I didn’t get hired and I’m being ghosted. When I first got hired at this job it was an instant hire while on my third interview. I’m just absolutely nervous because usually they promote within or take transfers instead (technically I like to pretend I’m a transfer but it’s been 2 years since I worked there). I did get a good recc letter sent in from my last supervisor so I hope that will carry some weight…I just really hate the current job I work and I need OUT! The job I’m applying for pays $10 more than what I’m currently making. On top of that an ex employee sexually harassed me at my current job, he got fired but he keeps coming around and hangs outside or around the area and it fucking scares me. Also, management makes me work nights alone despite me feeling uncomfortable about it. Please, please call me and hire me.

No. 1633539

It's worth it. There are massive layoffs in the tech industry atm so no one has had much luck. A friend of mine worked at Microsoft for 2 years and was recently laid off. He's had trouble finding a job for the last 4 months, and his position isn't a junior one either. Your best bet is start ups if you're able to find one. Shitty pay for the first bit but getting your foot in the door is important. I have another friend that just does freelance work and he's able to support himself well. Maybe have a look around that too

No. 1633907

File: 1689375446262.gif (859.65 KB, 498x303, IMG_9344.gif)

Has anyone changed industries successfully? I’ve been in accounting for a while now and I fucking hate it. I desperately want to do something else, but the only jobs that want me are what I’ve already got experience in- accounting. How can I go about making a change?

No. 1633935

How do you feel about picking up sometime of coding or programming? Could work to push into working with finical data instead of accounting. Don’t know if that’s different enough for you though

No. 1634108

I mean, is that even still a good career? I thought all the coding shit was being outsourced to India these days. Plus, I’be heard the tech market is quite over saturated.

No. 1634111

It is.

No. 1634377

I'm currently working part time as a support assistant for a storage company. In every workplace I would chit-chat with whoever is on the same position-level as me, in this case the cleaning ladies, for info about my predecessors, about why did they leave or any possible fuck-ups they've had.

The cleaning ladies told me that my predecessors usually don't last a few months, the shortest lasted two days then went radio silence, which I got a bad feeling about because other than having to walk and commute by bus to different storage sites in the area it's fairly simple, not labour intensive, mostly you'd be indoors with air conditioning, and have plenty of free time to sit around and do whatever, after the pandemic a job like this would be popular I'd imagine.

Turns out my higher up is an absolute bitch. Even though she stays in the office most of the time and I'm out on the field she can still be a fucking arse. She would be so anal about the positions of the A4 sized notices blu-tacked on the walls, she would take a picture and post it in the whatsapp group of the workers in my area, including her higher ups, and complain that they're not parallel or leveled properly, she wouldn't fix it or tell what's wrong, and just @ me to deal with it in the whatsapp group. It looks completely normal on the photo and in person, so I measured with a ruler, one notice is placed 1 mm higher than the other one. Christ we're not some high class restaurant or 5 star hotel, it's a fucking storage company, why the stick in your ass? And she makes such complaints in the group like twice a week, I actually bought an angled ruler and film myself measuring the notices to make her shut up. She's so keen on letting everyone know I'm incompetent at my job. Her higher up that makes the decision to hire or fire has already talked to me saying he noticed that the bitch has told me to make corrections a lot and that I should be better.

Part of my job is to confirm the empty storage units. I wouldn't know if anyone would be moving in or out, I have to check every storage to see if they're empty or if someone has moved in, if there's any changes I would post on the whatsapp group. Only once did I messed up and missed a newly emptied storage. And for this when I got to the office to get the checks from her for the regular bank visit she didn't say anything, after I returned from the bank she told me to stay behind, a few minutes later her higher up entered the office to discuss something with her. Then the bitch said to him "Hold on I need to tell nonna something" and in an annoyed tone turned to me and said "Hey nonna you missed an empty storage unit at XXX site, you really need to be more careful. Ok you can clock out now" and do the hand shooing motion. What in the actual fuck.

She also did not compensate my commute fees, which was written on my contract. I gave her a list of my commute fees, she put the claimed stamp on it, returned to me, and not give me a single cent. When I told her higher up if I can claim the fees he said she already claimed the money from the finance department, submitted into the system, and that she's very trustworthy. That's when I know he would not help me in any way, and that he'd be on her side always.

I've lasted almost two months, I need the money and I can only work certain hours, I plan to quit after working 6 months maximum, and I keep an eye on new jobs every day. Fuck me sideways.

No. 1636596

nona what happened to you sucks and is unfair, but it is a good thing. if you kept working there your health might have gotten so bad you never recover. now hear me out: it's been a year. this boss does not rememebr you anymore, and if he does, he does not give a flying fuck about you. chances are no one will call him for reference. but if they do, he will not say anything bad about you.

if you want to be super extra careful, just offer a manager or coworker you got along as a reference. in any case, go get another job. i promise you this dude does not remember you anymore.

No. 1636602

hwaiting nona. you can do this!!! good job for putting in the effort
it's not bad. good luck!
just make peace with the fact life is like that. every now and then there will be a setback. you will have a large expense you didn't see coming, your client will not pay their bill on time (or at all), you will lose your wallet, etc… that is life, and these thigns are normal and you should expect them. you should also do your best to prepare yourself in such a way so that when these things happen - they are not the end of the world. usually this means having 6 months worth of savings on the side for a "rainy day". good luck nona, it's all gonna be ok
don't just wait to hear from them, send them an email to ask for updates. google how to write a follow-up email if you don't know how to write one
i am an optician but i switched industrues twice. (not counting jobs everyone can get like sales and stuff) now i work as a user researcher. i started by taking a minimum wage intern job to learn the ropes and worked my way up. i now work at a faang company. its doable, but you do need to be hard working, willing to take a pay cut, and you also need a little bit of luck.

No. 1636607

> hwaiting
kek are u a koreaboo

No. 1636620

shit i forgot which board i was on kek. my point stands, you will do great!

No. 1636623

kek sorry but I'm not the ayrt
what other boards do you use?

No. 1636625

ccc, but i only really sit in one thread there. i looked around 2c but didn't like the vibes there. lolcow and 3c are the best imo. hbu? i am always on the lookout for a nice women-only space

No. 1637837

I just got done with a job interview and I don't know how it went. I answered all the questions confidently enough, but I was watching the faces of my two interviewers and I got the feeling they didn't like me for some reason. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I wasn't the person they were expecting. They seemed to want someone older/more experienced and I'm a college grad. I've worked before but only in like a restaurant (unrelated to this field). It's so frustrating because the only way to get more job experience is to get a job, but in interviews they want someone with job experience. It's like a catch 22.

No. 1637941

This post could have been written by me. I had interview #1 by phone, the guy loved me and was tripping over himself to set me up for #2. Just had that, and the same guy liked me and was nodding a lot, but the owner seemed to despise me and trash talked my experience, even though I'm 100% qualified. People are judgemental little assholes and will discriminate for petty reasons. The reason they deny you a means to earn a living and ruin your life might be as simple as they didn't like your shirt. it's enough to drive me insane with rage. While they powertrip, we suffer real world consequences.

The real bullshit is once you work a few contract/temp jobs then everyone forever after has a problem with your resume and labels you a job-hopper. So I get punished because the job market is dogshit. I've been out of work 5 months, numerous interviews but I'm apparently always the second best candidate, which gets me jack shit and nothing. I wish I was never born.

No. 1638465

File: 1689821824678.jpg (7.7 KB, 200x200, dog-nervous-vest-thumbnail.jpg)

Starting my new job tomorrow, I really hope my boss is not as weird as he's come across over zoom because I have to stay at this job for over a year. I'm really nervous about learning the ropes since I'm on a medication that makes me foggy headed, I'm planning to just write absolutely everything down on scratch paper and then re-organize it into comprehensible notes when I get home at night. I also bought a planner for the first time, kek. I hope it will help.
Lastly, does anyone have some podcast recs? I have a 2hr commute and I'm gonna need a shit ton of stuff to listen to. Thank you!!

No. 1638647

With ai generation my dream job of teaching people how to draw us kind of destroyed in my mind. I don't want to be a children's teacher I want to actually teach it. I'm still pursuing it but I feel like it's wishful thinking. It's only job I ever wanted. I wouldn't know what I could in place of it that makes me as happy as teaching other adults art

No. 1639206

Need advice
Made a personal Instagram many years ago with my first and last name as the handle. I started cosplaying and posted those to my personal account because I didn’t want to make a new separate account for cosplay and initially I just wasn’t that serious about it. Over time it evolved into me almost exclusively posting cosplay pics there.

Now that I have my degree I’m going to have to start applying for jobs. I know most employers look at an applicant’s social media pages and they sometimes choose to pass on someone based on what they do or don’t see. I thought about changing my handle so they won’t see my cosplay stuff, but I also read that some employers will think you’re weird/skip over you if they can’t find you online. All I have for social media is my ig and a dead fb that I don’t use anymore. I’m also not sure if I’m overthinking or not. I have an art degree and work in a creative field so would this sort of eccentricity be okay?

What would be better
>keep ig as is
>keep same ig name but switch account to private
>change ig name and make a new personal account for potential employers to find

No. 1639216

that's stupid, people who want to draw will always exist. the lazy losers who don't value art are the only ones who thinks it's a replacement, interested budding artists will still be looking to actually learn from teachers.

No. 1639251

ai generated stuff isn’t going to replace shit until laws pass that erase penalties for plagiarism or whatever it’s called when someone steals someone else’s work and uses it commercially. People that want to learn art will still exist, your choice of profession won’t be any less niche then it already is.

No. 1639285

I would do 2nd or 3rd option

No. 1639304

>graduate in communications
>wanting to get a job in entertainment
>industry goes on strike

aren't I so fucking fortunate?
its not as if I don't care about workers rights, but I also need to get the fuck out of this pathetic midsize shithole town and make money. I want a career!

No. 1639320

Don't use social media at all, that's a much better option. And if you do use social media for some ungodly reason, don't associate it with your real name. You're just asking for trouble.

No. 1639339

2nd / 3rd option

No. 1639369

File: 1689904778782.jpg (17.66 KB, 495x351, kraftsingle.JPG)

My new job has me as a secretary to a huge number of Asperger's riddled balding male STEM guys. I can't keep them all straight because they look identical and pasty and all are named like, Mark. I have never missed female companionship more in my whole life. My boss ate a hamburger bun with a single slice of kraft american cheese in the middle as his main course for lunch. Also they gave me a keyboard and mouse covered in at least a millimeter thick coating of unidentified brown crust, you couldn't even see the letters and the mouse buttons were jammed with it. What the fuck?

No. 1639376

I feel you nonna. The job market is rough right now.

No. 1639387

this is terrible. find an unattended keyboard wherever the random pile of unattended computer peripherals is (there is always such a pile) and swap it with yours

No. 1639388

oh and if you can't find one tell them they have to give you a clean one bc of covid or some shit

No. 1639389

I tried. The place is huge but severely understaffed and underfunded so they can't even order me a new one since they don't have anyone able to do it due to bureaucracy etc etc. I'm gonna have to buy my own I think. Also the floors look like they haven't been cleaned ever since the building was built 20 years ago and so it's like, do I pay for a vacuum or just work in filth? No one there cares at all about it and I know if I want it to change I have to buy all the supplies.

No. 1639395

File: 1689907348091.jpg (393.23 KB, 2560x1721, 81qh 0k9gKL.jpg)

I'm sorry nonnie. Wear some thick dish gloves and take some of these bad boys to that nasty shit

No. 1639410

File: 1689910587642.png (236.38 KB, 500x550, 1687292779695947.png)

just want a job where i don't have to speak to customers reeee SOMEONE HIRE ME PLEASE

No. 1639438

factory job lol

No. 1639444

Keep receipts and maybe you can claim it on tax?

No. 1639454

Try cleaning/janitorial, those were my most chill and relaxing jobs despite the increased physical labor. Much better than rotting in an office or customer service hell.

No. 1639467

Must've been real relaxing huh

No. 1639477

I work in a big library and we have plenty of roles that require zero patron interaction, doing categorization, metadata-enrichment, caring for and studying older prints, most interactions wih non-coworkers are through e-mails. It's very comfy work that does not operate with manifactured urgency or insane quotas like most office work, the drawback is that the pay isn't great (but it's not as bad as I expected, at least here). It wouldn't work in just any library though I'm afraid, since the smaller it is, the more likely you'll also need to do reference work or book checkouts.

No. 1639561

File: 1689934168765.jpg (44.94 KB, 728x455, panda feeling down.jpg)

I hate how difficult it is to get a job in my career. There are always so many applicants and I nearly always get a generic rejection email. I did get a few positive feedback with my rejection but it still makes me feel super down. My friend who recently graduated was able to get a job so quickly and I honestly wish I could find a job that easily but at the same time I have gaps in my resume, I never graduated from uni and I don't have enough work experience in one specific role.

I have been unemployed for months now after getting terminated from my last two jobs because of social anxiety and dealing with losing someone close to me. I also sometimes don't like the whole office drinking culture and forced social events, yeah I would go to a few but I don't want to stay there long, most times I end up standing there listening to the conversation with nothing much to input plus people don't seem interested in talking to me even when I try for a bit. Sometimes I would rather focus on my work and then head home to spend time on my hobbies or talking with my friends. These companies act like they care about their employees' mental health and diversity but at the end of the day they really don't. Are all office jobs like this? Is there a way to overcome this social anxiety in an office environment?

No. 1639663

I’m starting training at work on monday and I’ll miss being unemployed a lot. I applied on a whim because it looked interesting and they actually took me on right away. The job is 6 days a week and sadly that’s the norm here if you don’t do corporate/govt work. How do I deal with the sudden loss of free time? Whenever I hold a full time job I just sleep when I get home and have 0 energy. Is there a way to get past this? I want to work on my art and physical health and still have hobbies and maybe even make games one day, please tell me there’s a way to get energy nonas.

No. 1639710

Live in a place that had lower rent so you can save some money and spend it on things you really love. I know it's not an option for everyone, but if you can save money to take a nice vacation every once and a while, it gives you something to look forward too. You can plan nice things in advance as a 'goal' kind of. Also saving money for a really nice purchase makes working feel more like working towards a goal rather than working in a slog, at least for me.

No. 1639899

I think I'm gonna quit my office job. It's just above minimum wage, so it was never for the money as I have other, more fruitful income streams from years of working on my "side" hustles. I just feel bad because it's a charity and as it's where I met my wife, I have this weird, sentimental attachment to the place. The friends I do have there are in different departments, though, and most of my team are assholes. Cocky moids who think they're better than me, and an annoying TIF who gives me shit because she suspects me of being a TERF. It's hard to get work done when I'm being constantly undermined and my superiors are fucking dipshits who seem hell-bent on tanking us. I've been mostly WFH lately, and I've been much happier now that I'm not 'tard wrangling my team face-to-face. My wife is pregnant, and our plan was always for me to quit this job, so I can be hands-on with the babies and helping her recover. I was considering going back to it at some point, but idk now. I feel bad as this is a charity close to my heart, one that hired me after a bit of a personal crisis and put a lot of faith in me. I feel like a huge asshole, even though it's not personal. I'm just not cut-out to be a team leader, I want to throttle them all, quite frankly.

No. 1639911

Don't feel bad anon. If you feel like you need to "repay" them because they put faith in you, then consider it already done by having done good work for them for a considerable amount of time.

No. 1639912

Don’t feel bad, they gave you work when you needed it but you’ve put in hard work in that place and worked for a long time it seems, so I would say the score is even. Enjoy the new chapter of your life with your family and don’t look back, I wish you all the happiness.

No. 1639933

Thank you so much, nonas. It's good to hear that because I feel so guilty for leaving a charity during an economic shitstorm. My family is what's important though, it'll do me more good to focus on the income streams that don't leave me so stressed out and grumpy.

No. 1640209

i can't do this. what was the point of going to university if i'm just going to end up as a literal janny or factory slave. factory jobs are full of insane people also. quoting everyone i know who has ever worked one

this sounds like the dream. my degree's in cs though so i don't know if they'd even pay attention to me (and last time i checked no library near me needs it/tech stuff) but i figure there's no harm in giving it another look. thanks nona

No. 1641291

I posted about being set up, blackmailed and then bullied out of my job a few months ago, going on about how much of an idiot I was. I want to further detail about how I'm an idiot.

The cops and lawyers just told me as it was happening "You may as well move on, they don't want you there, it will be awkward remaining there even if you do resolve this. You can sue, but do you really want to deal with that? They paid for your training, you weren't there long, it looks pretty harmless so far". And I took their advice, being threatened like I was did hit me pretty hard. I just let it happen, and moved on.

But they didn't drop it there, they've been going around to every store they deal with on that side of the city and spreading rumors that I had a complete mental health breakdown. I was buying my lunch nearby and a bunch of the workers there hit me up about the whole experience, one even yelled at me about how irresponsible I was taking up such a job if I have such severe mental health problems.

Don't ever roll over to this sort of thing like I did. It doesn't stop there, they take the next step and start seeding false rumors against you to hide their crimes.

No. 1641300

Just got a job selling cars! I really got up my charming game, any advice 4dat?

No. 1641307

Wear push up bras and talk softly

No. 1641311

I have a total Batman deep ass voice but noted on the brad

No. 1641322

Your only choice is to lean into your inner Elizabeth Holmes

No. 1641523

interviewers are trained to stonewall you/not show you whether you are doing poorly or well by their face or voice or how they respond to you - so maybe you did well nona! hope you get into the next round.

this is a really good idea nona. writing things down is always smart. what kinda podcasts do you want recos for? you could listen to stuff related to your job as a way to upskill, or i will drop some that i like below:
your mom house, bad friends
astonishing legends, mysterious universe
decoding the unknown

No. 1641526

you are overthinking (unless your cosplays are coomery/porny). you work in in a creative field, where it is OK to be creative and nerdy. unless your cosplays are porny you can go for any option you like.

No. 1641528

cant you buy your own and comp it?

No. 1641532

do you have friends/acquantances who work in the same industry? ask them to give you an internal recommendation when a role opens up. Like this:

>you see a job posting

>you check linkedin to see if any of your friends/acquaintances/ppl you went to school with work at that place
>if yes, reach out to them and ask them to give you an internal referral for the role you are interested in
>if no, you can cold-message someone from linkedin and ask for a referral anyway. choose people who are very active on linkedin/post a lot/seem nice
many companies have internal referral systems and use tools for that. many companies also give a cash benefit to employees who refer a candidate that got hired, so people are usually happy to put you in the system because they might get money out of it. and also, HR gives a slight preferance to applicants who came with a referal. good luck nona
>These companies act like they care about their employees' mental health and diversity but at the end of the day they really don't. Are all office jobs like this? Is there a way to overcome this social anxiety in an office environment?
some don't care. some care to a point. they care, but if your problems are preventing from doing your job… then why would they keep you and keep paying you? so its really important to be proactive in trying to get out of your social phobias. i say this as a nona with social anxiety so bad, some days i can't leave my apartment. thank god for wfh. i also don't drink. but i go to office parties and drink a cola or a mocktail and i talk to my coworkers and joke around all the same. the people don't talk to you much now because they can probably pick up on the fact you are not really interested in being there. if you can change your attitude toward attending office events, people might talk to you more. at least that is my experience

No. 1641534

i mean this with love nona, but… grow up. this is just how being an adult is. if you don't have any energy for hobbies after work then you are either
>not sleeping enough
>not eating healthy or enough
>not exercising enough

No. 1641535

this nona >>1639911 is right. and besides, why feel bad? feel happy that you will quit a job you don't enjoy AND open up a place for some other nona to take your job. the job market is shit right now, so helping someone else find a job is actually amazing. maybe you can even refer a friend/acquantance who needs a job and help them that way

No. 1641536

take this as a learning experience nona. i bet you will NEVER let someone do this to you ever again. i am so sorry this happened to you, but… at this point this sounds like slander, and something you might want to talk to a lawyer about? i think you should sue them. you can probably prove that they are talking shit behind your back, and harming your future earning potential. idk, i am not a lawyer, but i do know that usually talking to a lawyer as a consultation is free. and they can take up work and you pay them from the settlement. maybe it is time to stand up and fuck them up.

No. 1641537

if you are a woman i doubt your voice is that deep kek (and if you are not, fuck off). anyway, i see two options you have:
>become a car expert and impress buyers with your knowledge/make them trust you
>play stupid
when i worked in insurance (most customers were men) i pretty much played dumb and they were eating out of my hand

No. 1641786

You have a job, not a life sentence. I get that working 6 days a week is shit, but if that's the norm where you live there's sadly not a lot you can do about it. If you really can't stand full time work, save up so you can get by on savings and a part time job.

No. 1642151

Thanks for the recommendation, I just had my work coach suggest the same thing as it helped him before too. Hopefully this technique works for me instead of just doing the standard applying and waiting around to hear back.

>thank god for wfh.

I totally forgot I could try and apply for jobs that are more remote than in the office but then again I enjoy hybrid and want to learn on how to work in an office enviroment. anyways I do sometimes push myself to talk in social situations but I'm just so awkward with making conversations long and interesting to the person. I was also left with a sour taste when a colleague wanted to get a drink for me and I told her that i wanted a single rum with coke but instead put a double in my drink as a welcoming treat. I feel so out of touch about what it's like to be an office worker and the simple lifestyle they have outside of work. I want to try and listen to conversations but because of my social anxiety I tend to overanaylse every office social situation from who's the best person to ask about something to where to sit for lunch in the office.

>if you can change your attitude toward attending office events, people might talk to you more.

Thank you for this advice too, i'm currently getting therapy to help with how my mindset is and trying to change my mindset and attitude to be more positive instead of assuming the worse

No. 1642164

i’ve been constantly ill for the past three months and trying to avoid being absent as well as actually having a decent level of productivity is really hard right now. anyone else experienced this and have any advice on how to deal with it?

No. 1642176

god I have a relative who works in entertainment I just don't know him well. I'd rather ask him first than job hunt without asking him, but I have zero idea how to approach it

if I ask him for a favor and he does oblige I hope I'm not labeled a nepotism baby. I'm from a shit for brains town in the south and my family is the unsuccessful side entrenched in debt, but that poses different challenges

No. 1642830

you're gonna make it nona, i can tell, you are proactive and looking for input in multiple places. now all you gotta do is apply yourself. its kinda like cbt, you need to do it and check in with yourself (you can journal) to see and explain to yourself that it wasn't that bad. ps a lot of being happy at work is finding the job/crew that you click with. i used to have shitty jobs in sales where my coworkers were mean girl types. i felt left out and bullied in such places. now i have an office job and i work with a bunch of fucking nerds who have the same sense of humor as me, and who think my weird quirks are cute or fun. i am in such a nice office environemnt that i legit told my coworkers i have social anxiety and now one of my coworkers keeps an eye on me at office parties and makes sure he walks up to me and tells me he can see me eyeing the exit, then he pulls me into a conversation with cute guys trying to set me up. i mean not to journal, but work feels so much different when you find the right company for you. and you are going to do it, i just have that feeling. i will cheer for you!

No. 1642834

go to a doctor and make them do some tests and find out what is making you sick. take sick days/sick leave if possible?

No. 1642885

>hi (relative), how have you been? how's (mom/dad/wife/kids?) me? or i am ok. lost a job lately. i was actually hoping to ask you if you can refer me to any positions at your company. do you think you have any (x) positions open? do you wanna meet up for coffee to tell me more/so i can ask you some questions?
stop overthinking things. this is what family is for

No. 1642967

a coworker mentioned that our manager wants to create a manager position to take care of the the 2 teams we have in our department… like the fuck? that's her fucken job. is she going to be doing nothing while telling people to do all her shit for her? she's already telling people to go to meetings in place of her and imo shes pushing her shit for the new girl to do.

No. 1643108

Is it possible for me to change the person that I am to get (and keep) a better job? I'm tired of being fucking poor. The two fields in the US with consistently high paying jobs are tech and healthcare. I don't want to work in tech because it seems to be flooded at the moment and the industry seems to go through cycles with layoffs. That leave healthcare. I don't have the tolerance for gore to be a full on nurse, so that leaves administration. I already do office administration for work and it looks like if I get a degree for healthcare specific admin stuff, I could make 6 figures pretty quickly. My hesitation is that I'm not a decision maker generally. I hate being responsible for stuff and being in the hot seat when things aren't going well. You obviously have to be okay with those things for these management and director level jobs. So, how can I change these traits about me? Can I become someone who makes decisions easily and stand by them even when they're not 100% right?

No. 1643130

not to be dramatic but what are you actually really supposed to do if you just can't get a job? 6 months and i've just gotten rejected yet again. i can't keep doing this. i'd rather be dead. this world sucks and i never wanted to be here

No. 1643133

Have you tried going through a recruiter or a temp agency? Could help get your foot in the door.

No. 1643148

A person gets used to anything. Shit that keeps you up with your stomach in knots when you start a new job becomes mundane. It doesn't matter what that job is, because that's human nature. If you get into your field, after you're done with your entry level mistakes you'll be judging the person above you and figuring how you could do better. Unless you're an absolute bunny who bursts into tears when someone looks at her wrong you'll be fine. Never let them see you sweat.

No. 1643221

when you're on top no one tells you you're wrong as long as the business is still making money, so you don't actually have to be right. if youre in the healthcare admin field it's not like you'll be running a hospital at a high level in a way that could make it fail during your tenure, you'll probably just be thinking of ways to cut costs/labor and limit liability.

No. 1643267

Thank you nona. Also I'll ask him if his kids need a babysitter because that might be a way to make a little extra money. He's in a big city and it's going to be hella expensive. I have other relatives who I can crash with there if not him, but I just need a foot slammed in the door

No. 1643391

feeling this as a may 2023 grad. i do have a call tomorrow but it’s with a shady slave driver company. but also kek what choice do i have…none

No. 1643405

am i able to ask how you got into that career? what major? or did they ask you to join because you are specialized in some particular field? you know someone already in it? be as vague as you want

No. 1643974

>take an internship (paid) or a role that is a step down from your current
>go to adult school to re-educate yourself into a role that is more in demand
>take up an unpaid internsip that comes with a job guarantee (as stated in the contract)

No. 1643975

smart thinking nona, good job. if he is a good person you can be honest and tell him just this. "i just need a help getting my foot in the door, i will work my ass off and do a really good job. i will repay you the favor anyway i can". most people like to help out, especially their own family. good luck!

No. 1646250

I've been trying to hold out for a remote job but it looks like I'll have to take another godforsaken in office if I can't land something soon. I hate this bullshit. For once in my life I wasn't being crushed by depression and flooded with suicidal thoughts. Now it's back into the meatgrinder. I refuse to participate in society. No kids, no house, no car, no mindless purchasing, no chasing fashion trends, no watching movies, no eating out. Fuck these companies I will starve the fuckers, I am fed up. We had one good thing and they took it away from us purely out of spite.

No. 1646277

File: 1690474439648.jpg (21.09 KB, 319x400, lonely-sad-woman-paint-by-numb…)

Nonnies, I don't think I can keep doing this. I have a degree in computer science and I tried to get a job in software or just and office job but it's not working out. I get interviews but the office jobs tell me I am overqualified and the computer science jobs tell me I am underqualified. It's my own fault for not work more on internships but I can't even get minimum wage in an office setting.

No. 1646279

Edit your resume to fit the demands of the job you're applying for. If you need to embellish or leave out something, do it. I believe in you anon, you'll get your foot in the door.

No. 1646341

File: 1690480416258.jpg (94.81 KB, 564x704, october.jpg)

i work fast food while i am getting my english degree (please no terrible judgment) and the job is so draining that i do not know if i can work fast food the next two years. how do i even go about internships and getting a big girl job? im so lost and my classes are online due to campus being too far. is trying waitressing worth the stress for more money i could do that part time? what other jobs could i get? dogsitting? i feel really stuck because i do not know who to speak to about preparing for a big job and i do not know what type of job to get now to pay my bills as i finish school. i feel like this is the only part of my life causing me immense stress anymore because it is such a draining job for shit money. but all other postings in my area i look at seem to be the same. shit corporations that overwork you for pennies.

No. 1646343

Depending on where you live, try traffic control. Lots of companies will let you work part time and pay higher than minimum wage (usually around $18-22) and it's not as hard as it seems. They're always highering too, and if you get on with a good crew, you'll make good money/hours. But they would be more of a "day availability" type job rather than working after school.

No. 1646348

thank you so much for the speedy advice nonna but i just searched for the ones in my area and outside of my area and they are paying much less than i get now and only offering full time. i feel i am at such a loss. i considered tutoring but i dont know any companies to go into. i feel like i could try babysitting or dogsitting but im at a loss of where to start. and some of my friends graduating are already setting up into their big jobs and i have no clue how to even start. id do some work study but again im not on campus. i wish i knew who to speak to about this.

No. 1646401

Nonnies I just did my training at this job I found that’s unique and aligns with my interests, and I officially got their offer and will sign the contract soon. I worked hard to prove myself and put in a lot of effort, but the job is quite physically demanding and I recently had a back injury so the pain is starting to act up. Now people here mostly work on their feet (even though a lot of the work can be done sitting down) and I don’t know how to ask for accomodations and whether I should have mentioned something to the boss and coworkers before or if it’s better to hide it until everything is signed and then ask? I’m scared they’ll be upset I didn’t disclose this before or think I’m lazy but I’m also scared my back will get worse to the point where moving is really difficult again.

No. 1646411

Employers are not your friends. Once you have the job you can ask for accommodations and their should be no problem so long as you can still do the work. Maybe people standing is a personal choice on their part rather then a necessity. When you ask for accommodations be as vague as possible (I had a back injury and need to be able to sit down - don’t explain how you got it or how bad it is) and provide a doctors note as necessary but do not go into detail about your personal or medical history, it is none of their business.

No. 1646420

ask your friends how they did it?

No. 1646610

My boss shot down a really good idea I had several months ago and basically called me a moron for it in front of the whole team. Now I find out that people higher than my boss heard about the idea from the other team members, fucking love it, and want to maybe promote me for having the initiative. And now because my boss was a moron, instead of getting some of the credit, he might be known to all the execs as the dipshit who can't recognize good ideas. This is one of the most satisfying moments in my life.

No. 1646781

File: 1690505582462.jpg (127.05 KB, 931x1024, EMsaHzEXkAIHY08.jpg)

What jobs can I do with a CS degree that might be easier to get than Software/Tech? I just want to be in an office, if I can't be at home.

No. 1646959

You can do all kinds of shit, nonna. Most places just want a degree, they don't care what kind. Lots of ppl in my office job have biology or music degrees, and I have one in ag. You can do it! Just think of something you might like to do without wanting to murder anyone.

No. 1647642

File: 1690577493822.gif (1.04 MB, 220x275, casey-frey.gif)

I have this phone interview for a nice-looking company and I'm so damn nervous. I really hope I can make it past HR into a more technical space. I have to clean out my apartment though and have a goddamn funeral tomorrow so when the hell can I prepare? God I hope it works out. If it does I won't feel so suicidal.
>What's the job?
Quality Specialist.

No. 1648082

File: 1690630171991.jpg (39.97 KB, 500x367, me noose.jpg)

I just had my dream job, in my hometown, which took me a YEAR to find, WITHDRAW the offer because one of my references ass-fucked me.

She gave me 2 positive references in the past, and seemingly randomly decided to change them.

Never faced any disciplinary action, always had good appraisals.

Completely fucking blindsided me, now I had to leave that job off my CV entirely and say I was a home tutor and give a friends' phone number for that reference.

Fucking insane. Why do humans treat each other like this? I'm considering legal action. Fucking fuming.

I was chosen out of 50 applicants, I passed 2 interviews and various tasks. All my other refs are glowing.

No. 1648436

phone interview, so i assume it's the first step in the interview process. these are just a "psycho check". the HR rep just wants to make sure you are not a psycho/don't have any red flags. they will ask you a bit about your work history and why you applied for the role. tell them what relevant experience you have and show that you did your research on the company. you gonna do great nona!

call this person up and ask them what's up? could it be that they mixed up their people and they thought they were talking ab out someone else? why would they suddenly give a bad reference if they gave 2 good ones in the past? maybe you can still clear thi so ut

No. 1648715

It’s a bit late I’ve already lost the job. I just won’t include that job on my next CV. I texted her and she sent me a cryptic response and asked me not to ask for further references. Fucking weird.

No idea what’s going on in her life but giving me a bad reference will not save her

No. 1648726

Was the position better than hers? Is she jealous? You could maybe escalate it in the company if she still works there

No. 1648742

>a cryptic response
What was it? That is weird ass behavior and i'm curious for the deets

No. 1648749

File: 1690693989020.png (549.4 KB, 828x1792, IMG_4315.png)


My boyfriends mother had an argument with the headmaster when she went to collect my things after I left the job but I wasn’t involved but I expect that it would make it very difficult for me to raise the issue. It’s possible that the headmaster forced her hand
but I can’t be sure. I don’t think headmasters need to approve references.

No. 1648761

To me, denying someone a good reference and the chance to move on and get on with their lives is an act of extreme cruelty.

The fact she caught you out by providing good references previously so you had no reason to believe you shouldn’t list her as a referee is particularly despicable.

It sounds like you were an outstanding candidate if you fought 50 other people for that position. At least now you know to leave they out on your CV. Pure evil.

No. 1648964

this is so weird nona, i am so sorry this happened to you. it looks like someone badmouthed you or some drama happened behind your back and now she has a different opinion of you than she had previously. if it were me, i would fight. i would explain to her why this is weird (you gave me 2 positive reviews in the past, for which i was so grateful for, and which is why i put you down as a reference this time. what happened now? i would really like to understand what has changed, i have a feeling there is a misunderstanding afoot). is it really too late though? if there is even a slight chance that it could work, i would fight for the job i want by telling them this person has given you 2 great references before and you are not sure why this one was not the same, and offer that i provide a different person as reference while i figure all this out.

No. 1650291

So I’m really interested in learning basic UX design and began a course on Google. I’d love to potentially build a skill set and maybe even go to a technical college. The problem is that I have a baby and my husbands job is an on call position for 3/4 weeks of the month. Sometimes he’s basically gone for weeks at a time. Is this a realistic career choice for me? Could I be a soccer mom and a UX designer? Do remote positions have good work life balance? Would I be able to get into the field at all with purely remote experiences? I’d be interested in interning, I could do that from home right?

No. 1650344

File: 1690836610437.png (801.12 KB, 536x778, bear.png)

have any nonnies waitressed part-time? is it worth the couple days of stress and faking confidence for the good money? as a college student im not really sure what else there is out there for me. 2-3 shifts of running around and dealing with shitty people seems worth it if all the rest of my time is peaceful and financially stable.

No. 1650355

if you've done retail/customer service before it should be easy to adapt to, just keep in mind it's a very physical job and potentially long shifts so you'll be on your feet all day with minimal rest. but yeah i think front of house jobs are a decent method of supplementing your income as a student

No. 1650363

i currently work at the shitshow that starbucks is and make about 16/hr so while it would be ideal to have a job with low stress and 0 customers it might just be worth it to deal with the same amount or a slight bit more of stress and running around if it means more pay. trying to apply for some babysitting/petsitting jobs first if those dont work ill go the waitress route :) my concerns are my mental state/drama/drugs in the work place but i really need money right now so hopefully itll be ok. ty u nonnie

No. 1650364

sorry for the emote lol please dont ban…

No. 1650376

how am i supposed to get an entry level job in my field when even when i network they're like "oh sorry we need more experienced applicants" or they basically barely hide they only hire via nepotism

No. 1650381

samefag but if they keep letting me come in to shadow that is surely a good sign right? i graduate next may and it's a place i really want to work at. are they vetting me? i shadowed someone and i think the boss likes me but the ~tru boss~ has barely met me and he's the one who said no when an employee asked if i could cover for their secretary while she's gone

No. 1650393

Unfortunately, front-end jobs are no longer an in-demand field, and remote work is vanishing by the minute. Companies are hemorraging front-end devs like crazy, and you would need to have a Bachelor's degree to even get your foot in the door. Also, most companies are transitoning to in-office jobs.
If it's something you're passionate about, you could learn it and maybe offer your services to businesses in your area with shitty websites, but it's no longer a safe career field even if you have a degree.

No. 1650395

I got laid off in October 2021, coasted on unemployment until it ran out while half-heartedly applying for stuff (bad idea), and finally got a job. The pay is kinda shit considering my previous job but the work is easy, and I'm glad I can finally afford rent!

No. 1650434

I had a zoom interview that got rescheduled an hour later. he came on and told me it was because his son had a soccer match. I replied, "that's great," in an unbelievably flat robotic voice 3 seconds later than i should have, and he just stared at me like i'm an alien. help me

No. 1650474

I honestly don't think that's on you. It's like admitting he was late to meet a client because he was too irresponsible to schedule. Honestly shit like this is way too common.

No. 1650487

Thanks for the reply! Maybe I'll just consider it a hobby for now. I could go to school somewhere down the line, but it sounds like it's not the best career move aha

No. 1650676

I'm full time employed, have been now for two years, except for one boomer colleague whose life is about complaining, it's the best job I've had. I just wish we weren't understaffed.

I've been at work since Monday last week. I work with tourists, we're open 10am-6pm during the week, 10am-3pm on weekends, today is the 9th day in a row, going on until Wednesday.
I have no energy left for other human beings after this.

No. 1650693

I’m sorry but I laughed so hard at this. You go anon. He should feel unprofessional, no one cares about his kid’s soccer match. If you get docked points for this then it was definitely not the right job. Only a shitty workplace would want you to have no boundaries or expectations of professionalism imo.

No. 1651368

I need some advice. My art career sorta took off, then slowed again. I was operating a not so legal studio in my garage. I rent, and basically have no assets. Just making ends meet, small amount of savings. Beater vehicle, no kids, a little bit of debt. I cant turn my thing into an LLC for various reasons at the moment, and I am barely able to maintain my equipment. The slow season is REALLY slow. I had high hopes to actually make this work this time around, and it did- but I am poor and working very hard. I want to buy a house soon and thats essentially impossible at the moment. Anyway, I am thinking about doing a google cert for data analytics, busting ass on it, and trying to get a part time remote data analysis job to to suppliment income. Maybe full time. Right now my Nigel is breadwinner. I make money but he makes much more. We want a house soonish. I chose that google cert because remote work would be best as transportation is an issue, that field is hiring it seems (though less than it was), and it is cheap to obtain. I have very little tech skills but I am an analytical person- just with hands on stuff not computers. As in, I do vehicle repaors and like taking apart engines, I build my own tools ans displays, I am the handyman of the relationship, I love code break games and logic puzzles. My dad is a hardcore autistic programmer, though idk anything about the field really. I think it is something I could do well after looking into it, but somerhing I might dislike a lot due to hating sitting at a computer. I think though that if I bite the bullet and do it, earn some money over the next couple years while my art business gets demoted to 'monetized hobby', then we can build a savings, get some investments going, pay off the small amount of debt we have, be true DINKs, and purchase a house that I can build a decent non makeshift studio in and work on getting to the point of running a true business based off my art. I make sculpted jewelry at the moment but the particular craft is quite versatile and can pull in very good money if you play your cards right. My current makeshift setup just isnt cutting it, and I cant even technically be a true legal 'business' as it stands right now despite making a bit of consistent money due to the various revolving circumstances and insurance stuff. Idk. Should I just get the cert and try to do a boring data job and put off my art career or demote it to hobby(again)? I suspect for sure after 5 yrs I could go back to making good money solely on my art if not sooner. Ive been trying to make it work for years at this point. The truth is that we just need more money coming in.

No. 1651374

I'm freaking out. I wrote a book and sent the manuscript to some of the publishers in my home country after a friend who read it told me I should. I don't consider myself a writer and the story wasn't like a huge passion project of mine or anything, just a random idea that amused me. One of the bigger publishers got back to me recently and wants to publish it, and now this thing that I just feel like I did for shits and giggles could become reality. It's probably likely to be forgotten like most published books nowadays, but they still expect me to do interviews and be a face for the book to encourage sales, but I'm a very private person and the idea of having my picture taken and my face with my words printed for people to see freaks me out. I still have the chance to say no. This seems like a lot of trouble for something that won't even pay well. Still, it's a huge opportunity, but I don't even want to be a writer. I don't want to write more books. I don't even want to talk about the book, and I'm a lolcow user for Christ's sake, kek. What do I do?

No. 1651378

Nta but I was under the impression that front-end dev work is different from UX design? Like the UX designer hands over a design to the front-end dev to implement, one being more focused on graphic design (using tools like Figma and Adobe suite) and the other being more focused on actual implementation (with HTML/CSS/JS). Are both flatlining in terms of job availability?

No. 1651417

With your art and jewellrey you could start selling and or look for clients locally with facebookmarket or your local equivalent of etsy/ goods sales online without any of the frills and just sell. With your data analysis idea you could ask your father on how it is before fully commiting though I think it would make you rather unhappy and most likely lose your passion or get the word around that you can do minor vehicle repairs for cheapee then the repair shops. If you go down the art route be willing to make and mention your willing to make art of pets if your able as people are a sucker for pet memoriablia
Do it. Just say that you like your privacy and would like to publish a book under a pseudonym, if that doesn't work then at least you gave it a try then just let it sit forgotten in your home. Even if it doesn't become a big success, you'll be proud of the fact that people wanted your book.

No. 1651701

File: 1690968667831.jpg (66.27 KB, 430x574, b89515925cfef1f05c122f7e17028c…)

What are good arguments for a pay rise when I don't have any metrics about how my work impacts the business? I don't have the infos to analyze the impact by myself and when I asked my boss about metrics he told me that we don't analyze how well our products are received. And I never get any feedback after I finisehd my designs (I'm a UI designer) so I can't even say that customers liked it or something like that.

No. 1651726

I am already selling my art and jewelry. I need more money is the issue.

No. 1651751

I want to read your book. What is it about?

No. 1652998

File: 1691098433134.png (83.13 KB, 294x446, Fn6YE7ZXoAcZNYs.png)

I feel like I bombed my interview. I have no idea though. My mother said I did well, but she's my mom. This job could change my life but…oh well. At least the state job has said I passed their "minimum qualifications" test and MIGHT be selected for an interview. Also there's Amazon AM work. Still waiting on the assessment test for that.

Fuck I am tired of the job hunt.

No. 1653533

After 2 months of unemployment I saw a posting for a job that fits me just right. In the department that interests me, I studied the things they’d “prefer” and have solid experience of the things they need. It was already forwarded to the next step after 2 days of applying, no interview yet.

I can’t believe how high I’m getting my hopes up for this. The opportunities have been so sparse. Either I’m applying for jobs that are a step down (which I’m ignored for), or I’m overreaching on the chance they might talk to me. Soon as I was unemployed i really thought It’d take me 3 weeks max. I really thought I could ask to “arrange a time to talk about the position” and have someone talk to me just like that kek. I had forgotten all about the struggle of being acknowledged even.

I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up but even having a chance is so rare. It’s not like I’m applying to a bunch of good jobs. Just this one in 8 weeks along with countless others I don’t give a shit about.

No. 1653818

I have no advice nonna, but I just wanna say I relate. Will spend hours applying for jobs, many of which don't even require a college degree, only to get turned down immediately. It's brutal out here. I heard that a receptionist position had over 500 applicants. WTF is this job market?

No. 1653860

Me too. Recent college graduate, have been job hunting for months, and nothing. How do you all not spiral? I'm so sick of getting rejected from every application I don't even want to bother applying or searching anymore, because the odds are so against me even getting one interview. Why the hell is the market so bad? wtf is going on?

No. 1653885

I don't even notice the rejections for shit I merely applied to. I've applied to about 400 jobs in 6 months. What kills me is when I interview somewhere, it goes super well, they like me so much, I'm so qualified, and I STILL GET REJECTED. It had me literally crying the other day. I'm so full of hatred and bitterness from this, it's like running a marathon where every other step you get whacked in the face with a brick and you're supposed to just keep running and smiling while you die slowly. I've interviewed with about a dozen companies and usually make it to the final round, and then I lose out for some fucking reason. They never give feedback either.

It's dehumanizing. At this point I'm surprised there aren't more mass shootings. I want to just buy a van to live in and give up on life. By the time I actually get a job I'll be so exhausted and stressed out I'll have a mental breakdown after one week.

I don't think this market is worse than it has been. It's been the same shit for the last 5 years. True it did not used to be this way. From 1990-ish and earlier you'd apply to 10 jobs and get one of them. Now it's just throwing a resume into a black hole.

No. 1654096

File: 1691188518069.jpg (89.05 KB, 1079x1212, F2t-5Y2WsAEHz6P.jpg)

i really am scared that i'll end up killing myself if i can't get a job kek

No. 1654120

File: 1691190579152.gif (3.51 MB, 640x456, kermit-falling.gif)

>accidentally calls boss "mom"

No. 1654122

Sorry to find enjoyment in your misfortune but KEK

No. 1654128

Blog but one time when my aunt was interviewing for a job as a clerk at the police department, she got really fresh with the guys conducting the interview because she thought they were being assholes. On the drive home, she vented to my mom about how she totally ruined the interview. She was shocked when they called back and told her she got the job. Turns out that they were intentionally rude because they wanted to hire someone who could be firm with the kind of crazies who wander into the police department. My aunt ended up working there for thirty years.

No. 1654171

Wow literally your only options are suicide or witness protection

No. 1654234

overheard a manager from a different department and my team lead bitching about coworkers who arent willing to learn new things. like who the fuck wants to do more shit with no pay raise. i swear it feels like every week that my manager is also bringing up about how we need to learn more shit and be cross trained.

i agree with people always saying "out of my pay grade" and "not my job" but i also think maybe i can learn these new skills or whatever and go find another job where i can use them and get paid more…

No. 1654247

File: 1691199424710.jpeg (196.95 KB, 792x576, IMG_0898.jpeg)

A scrote threw me under the bus 10mins before my day was over. He CC’d literally every regional, branch, and my manager into his piss fit email. I assign products to different stores and as per his request I assigned a certain product for him. So this email comes in screeching how I didn’t assign anything which is crazy because his request was the first one I did this morning. This retard was looking up the first 6 letters and didn’t look at the first result pulling up for him which had the description of said product in the name. I immediately emailed him back saying what the product I assigned it to was and the managers were vouching for me sharing screencaps. I appreciate the support but for fucks sake please fire this fucker he’s causing so much grief and I have to clean up his shit all the time.

No. 1654721

If it makes you feel any better once my friend was leaving her bosses office and her brain short circuited thinking her boss was her mom and she said “I love you” to her

No. 1654730

I'm currently in the process of becoming a Level III security guard. Everything's been going super well, just packed into 2 months, due to state requirements. I'm so grateful my employer is paying for just about everything to get us ready. The only thing that was out of pocket was my duty weapon and gas (we've had to drive a bit). The training, holster, and psych test were paid off by them. Also, I still have to attend my psych test appointment, which I've heard is quite a challenge for a lot of people. My employer said they're full well prepared for 20% of the team to fail. Has anyone taken any form of the MMPI? I just know my appointment is a couple hours long so it's going to feel nerve wracking for me. I got anxious doing my qual, but passed with high accuracy so definitely a lot of it is just plain ol anxiety. Mental health shit has been a struggle for me in the past, so maybe that's why I'm more nerve wracked about it. I've come to handle stress way better than most that I can think about, but who knows. Maybe I'm too aware and smart for what is deemed okay.

No. 1656063

how do i use an AI to improve my resume? are there any programs u trust? everything i come across is sponsored so i don't trust them to be any good

No. 1656696

I got offered an easy part time job (like 10-20 hours weekly) that pays $50 an hour but is in a high cost of living area - so I'd have to get another part time job to supplement income. it's also out of state so I'd have to move and drag my husband with me and he would need to find a job in that state too. it's in a place I lived before so I have some friends there already and am familiar with the area. I'm graduating from college this month and my husband just got a bunch of tech certifications, I'm at a loss of whether I should accept the job and make the move while looking for other part time work or look for something full time instead while my husband keeps working at his current full time job in the meantime (it's a low paying tech job). I'm really bad at this whole being an independent adult thing kek, any nonas have any advice?

No. 1656698

Moving out of state for a part time job seems weird idk

No. 1656706

To me it sounds like a poor idea to move across states for as little as 10 guaranteed hours a week.

No. 1656707

Why would you use AI?? You just have to pick a clean looking template and tailor your resume to each position you apply for, it's not that hard. I might use ChatGPT to write a cover letter because I am bad at writing them, but that's it. What do you find hard about writing resumes?

No. 1656708

Kek it's fine nonna, just apologize and say you were tired

No. 1656722

I'm at the office now, bored as hell because I have nothing to do for now. I was the first to arrive and my manager isn't there (yet?) today. Should I pretend I arrived like 30min earlier than usual so I can leave 30-45min earlier today?

No. 1656731

If they can confirm when you came in via cctv or anything I would not. Otherwise go for it

No. 1656757

As far as I know she doesn't check and I'm not even sure she's allpwed to check unless a crime has been committed inside that specific room because laws are strict here. We don't have to clock in with a badge or anything, she trusts us to be responsible and do our job.

No. 1656814

I've had zero luck getting a job in my field (CS) so I'm kind of tempted, I guess I should save it as a last resort type thing if I cannot land any other full time job

No. 1657052

A lot of my male coworkers make me really uncomfortable at work. It’s borderline sexual harassment too. I have no idea what to do other than find a new job which is what I’ve been trying to do. One guy straight up asked me to sleep with him during my first week there. They didn’t fire him until he got caught smoking weed in the parking lot. Another man makes kissy faces at me and tries to hold my hand. My boss has been asking me to come to his place and drink and smoke with him, and sometimes he talks about his sex life with me when I’m obviously not interested. He will talk to me about the stuff he likes to do and the kinds of girls he’s hooking up with and will literally hold me up from finishing work. He even said some weird pedo shit to me about how it should be okay to marry a 14 year old because that’s their family starting years. He’s in his 50’s. A few days ago he jokingly put his hands around my throat and pretending to choke me out as I walked past him. I was so scared I ran off and hid away. I just want to quit right now but my mom will freak the fuck out at me if I do. I just don’t want to wait to land a new job. I’m so scared one of them is going to corner me and touch me or something.

I just want a remote job or a job with women only.

No. 1657067

What the fuck anon. No, that is not normal. Even for a male-dominated field. That's just not how jobs are. Your workplace is bottom-of-the-barrel pigsty. I'd sue.
>I just want to quit right now but my mom will freak the fuck out at me if I do
>b-but my mom will be angry if I quit
That's your only reason? Are you twelve?

No. 1657070

Nta, but if nonna is living with her mom, it's probably less that she's scared of pissing her mom off and more that she's afraid of getting kicked out.

No. 1657073

Look, the anon above me is being harsh, but she's right. You're going to end up being attacked or sexually assaulted, and they'll all close ranks and say you knew what you were getting into. Leave now. And tell your mom to stfu for once in her life if she can't understand why your workplace was too dangerous to continue being there.
I understand that concern but her boss literally put his hands around her neck. He's trying to see what he can get away with. Hopefully nonna responds and tells us more about her living situation so we can give her advice.

No. 1657074

>He's trying to see what he can get away with.
He can get away with literally anything because anon acts like a doormat by showing up every day and meekly suffering through all the bullshit.

Leave your fucking job.

No. 1657091

My mom is the kind of person who doesn’t like sharing space and wanted my room for a gym/office. So she had me move out to an apartment and made a deal that she will pay a portion of my rent if I got a job. I’ve told her I hate this job because the first incident but she tells me that she will stop helping me pay completely if I quit and I have to find a new job first. I’ve been applying to places, I even got to the final round of interviews for one place that pays way more but they completely ghosted me. But I’m getting to the point where I just want to leave and not wait for another job to possibly consider me. I don’t have much money right now too.

No. 1657098

File: 1691428743708.gif (62.3 KB, 302x100, DANGER.gif)

Leave your job now. The discomfort of bickering with your mother is nothing compared to your work situation, you're not thinking clearly about this. LEAVE.

No. 1657101

You should reach out to your local women's shelter. Explained your situation and they can give you resources. It's dangerous to be a homeless woman, but I'm worried enough about your situation that if it comes down to the wire, you should quit your job and take the hit to your credit over staying at your work. Eviction from an apartment takes a long time, so you can continue to search the entire time while still living in a home.

No. 1657106

Your mom sounds like an asshole, but having to deal with her is child's play compared to what you're going through.
>doesn't like sharing space
I'm not telling you this is what you should do because I don't know your situation that well, but if I were you, I would show up on her doorstep, tell her "boss tried to strangle me thanks to you, mom" (don't say "put his hands around my neck", say "strangle") and refuse to budge despite the screeching.

No. 1657123

You are right about that, my mom is the kind to keep her word on the shit she says but I just feel too anxious to even go there now. Maybe my mom will hopefully realize the reality of this situation. I haven’t told her yet because I just don’t want her trying to convince me to stay. So I think I’ll quit and then tell her what happened after.
I’ll look for some women’s shelters in this area and try to contact them tomorrow since I have nothing going on tomorrow. I didn’t even know they help with that. I feel more comfortable telling them about my situation vs telling my mom.
Honestly this is something I want to do because I already feel hurt that my mom just got angry at me for saying I feel too uncomfortable working there.

No. 1657126

and you can't lie to her that you still got the job so you keep getting her money?

No. 1657131

I don’t have much money right now so if I quit now she will notice that rent isn’t being paid fully. But I just paid rent. So I have a full month or maybe two to figure it out. The last job I had lined up strung me along for 2 months almost 3. So I’m a little scared I might not find a job once I completely run out of money.

No. 1657133

Wait, does she own the apartment or something? How would she notice rent isn't being paid?

No. 1657147

I thought I finally was hearing back from a reputable company for an interview and it turns out it was completely a scam and a mlm scheme. I feel like an idiot for getting my hopes up. I didn't even know I needed to watch out for that. kms. I have an interview with a different company tomorrow though, so fingers crossed they're legit.

No. 1657163

I didn't get it. Guess I did bomb the interview after all. I feel so hopeless nonnies, at this rate I really will end up working at McDonalds.

No. 1657224

Sorry for late response I was walking my dog.
Basically yeah, she has her name on the lease with mine and has access to the apartment’s website to make payments. She can see all my payment history and stuff like that.

When I first moved in here I was jobless for a month, maybe twoish months since she gave me time to look for something. So she was paying in full until I got hired and got a few paychecks in. She was messaging me and calling me everyday about my job search status and was just basically breathing down my neck until I got hired somewhere. I got my current job from just walking into the place and asking the manager if they want to hire me and I got hired on the spot, I was desperate at the moment because I wasn’t getting calls for interviews and being harassed by my mom. My plan at the time was to just work that job for around a year while I study for certifications in the IT field. Everything just turned hellish and kept getting worse.

No. 1657240

if she has her name on the lease she’s just as much on the hook for rent as you are so you prob won’t be evicted in the worst case scenario, the landlord will just go after her for the rent. Not to call her bluff but she’s probably going to pay the rent before it comes to you getting tossed out…. Just my prediction. In the meantime don’t go back to that job please! No matter what!! Good luck with the job search! If you’re in the US the post office is always hiring.

No. 1657263

Oh yeah! >>1657240 is right! Not only about the lease (your mom is legally obligated to pay, and I think she should since she's trying to force you to work with a bunch of rape apes), but also about the post office. I was honestly thinking of trying to get a job as a package sorter at one point when I had nothing else to do, it sounded kind of fun. Also I'll admit I'm an autist who just wants to see the back room of a post office kek.
Don't let your mom intimidate you, please keep yourself safe. Get out of there!

No. 1657323

i just want an AI to help make suggestions. My resume is complete, I just feel like there has to be a better way to word things

No. 1657374

Interviewed with hiring manager after phone screen, she loved me,pushes me for same day interview #2. The bitch comes on looking miserable like a dog just barfed in her shoe. asks me on-the-spot ridiculous questions (the equivalent of asking a tech worker to say a line of code they would write for a given problem. on the spot. no one does that in a job, why is the interview harder than the fucking job?) She acts condescending, "well that was wrong but I'll pass you on this question" and gives a handwave like she's the queen of england

this bitch would be the one i work under so i can see why the last guy left (they actually admitted someone just left!) company freaked me out in interview #1 because they came off as desperate and also referred to themselves as being "like a family". Choosy beggar. It's not often I come away from an interview thinking, "I sure hope that I don't land that job!"

But the thing is this is the fifth time this has happened to me in 3 months. We have a pandemic of miserable looking interviewers coming on call bringing an attitude with them. What the fuck is going on? If you can't even pretend to be pleasant for 10 minutes I'm not working for you.

No. 1657475

My past 3 jobs have been nightmares that got successively more insane, every time i thought it couldn't get any worse with the next one, it did.
>First one was a shop owned by a mad genius engineer who was absolutely insane and might have had a brain tumor or something the way he acted, I had to quit due to a mental breakdown from his nonsenical demands. Later the other employees also quit.
>second one was an on-call position where I was responsible for the well-being of patients 24/7, which really was 24/7 since our employees were underpaid and flaked out constantly and/or did fucking insane shit to the patients when no one was looking, there was always someone angry with you and always a fire to put out, and to top it off a slacker millennial boss who would throw me under the bus to save her image
>Third one was a business where only one person spoke english where I was made to work for 14+ hour days AND weekends or else they would cut the pay they promised me when I accepted the job at 40hrs/week (+ much, much more insane shit I can't tell you)

All this despite graduating with a 4.0 from a respected university. I got so injured at my last job and mentally tormented that i had to quit or else I was going to walk off a bridge.
Due to all this insanity I had a history of very short tenure which looks terrible on a resume, so I was resigned to having to settle for a shitty position in a company bad enough to be desperate for employees and continue my cycle of horror… but after hundreds of hours trawling job boards and a series of lucky breaks, I actually did it… I found a nice job. A normal job. I thought it would never happen to me. My new job:
>Pays me 20% more to do 80% less
>I have a normal, friendly office mate
>Extremely laid back government environment
>Everyone thinks I'm amazing for doing basic shit for them
>No mandatory overtime at all and my supervisor lets me flex my schedule when I need it

The are some cons, but i don't even fucking care after what i went through before. Before I got this job I almost settled for one that I knew was going to be a disaster right from the interview, but I declined the second interview out of instinct even though I worried it might be my only option.
The lesson is: don't settle if you're in a position to take a couple extra months to job hunt. In total I put in 52 applications over 2.5 months, and got 4 interviews (and many more ghosts and rejections.) I was really about to give up and settle but I'm glad I didn't. There is hope!

No. 1657613

File: 1691481984615.png (406.06 KB, 576x590, 9c3.png)

The shifts just keep on coming…..

No. 1657839

oldfag who hasn't been in the job market for like seven years here - i have a decent mid-level management job that doesn't involve me actually managing people as much as it does actively working with a bunch of morons who can't learn from mistakes and fail to take any kind of common sense learning when shit hit the fan. it's a sweet gig given that i get paid a fair amount (still under for tech tho) but jesus christ my sanity is slipping.

how bad is it out there right now when it comes to applying and interviewing?

No. 1658562

Any USA anons have experience in management at Target?

No. 1658720

I don't know about target, but I had a friend manage at walmart. They said you basically have to do every job there because you're constantly cleaning up after other people's mistakes/ineptitude, and the tiny pay raise is not worth the added stress. Target might be completely different, but I would make sure before accepting.

No. 1658810

Is there a professional I can hire that might be considered some sort of therapist, with the focus being on career guidance, who wont do the therapist thing of helping me find out what I believe I should do but give actual practical advice not from a mental health standpoint but a career guidance one? Someone more credible than 'life coach' (iirc those are sorta just online certs anyone can get kind of like personal trainers,not saying all personal trainers are shit but a lot are) with actual qualifications, that may be able to bill my insurance for our sessions? Almost across between a financial advisor and a college guidance counsellor? What title would I search for?

No. 1658937

Just got a referral for a graphic designer role that I am…woefully under-qualified for (I have a single wireframe + case study for school and a bunch of personal projects) but I'm going to pray and pray I can bullshit my way through the interview. This would also be a dream come true.

No. 1658960

Occupational Therapist?
Ba-dum tsssssss

In all seriousness, go to psychologytoday and search for therapists that mention "career" in their profiles, and see if you find one that seems like a decent match.

No. 1659020

Late reply kek but I am glad this was brought up. When working with Indians, my cousin complained to me multiple times. Her previous supervisor and his colleagues would converse in Hindi right in front of her. He would pick apart her work but was less harsh on his fellow Indians. She tried to be friendly but they were always supercilious when talking to her. She has worked with people of many racial backgrounds, including Nigerians, Algerians, Chinese, and Brits, and finds that Indians are the most discriminatory. For context, my cousin is a woman of mixed race who looks ambigiously black so that might have been the reason.

No. 1659286

>interviews go great
>turned down for job
>yet again
I dont even know what to do anymore, this is impossible

No. 1659337

I had an interview for a small local business yesterday and today I got a call and the owner said I got the job!! I'm so excited, the soul-sucking searching finally paid off. This seems like a place I can actually better myself, and I want to cry. There really is hope, thank you for saying to keep with it for a few more months of searching, I was so close to giving up and settling for something that would have made me miserable. Good luck nonnies!!

No. 1659352

So happy for you!! I hope I will find the job that will pay me well and let me work from home before xmas

No. 1659537

another resume question for the NONNIES
if ive worked at two different places where my job was basically the exact same thing, how should i describe the positions responsibilities for both? i dont want to just reword the same tasks, would it be appropriate to say something to the extent as "same responsibilities as listed above" or….??

No. 1659550

definitely don't do that. Use it as an opportunity to give the duties a different spin, there's always a way to make them relate to different areas and skills. Dumb example, but if you had two server jobs:
>desc 1: something about how you flexed your people skills by taking orders and waiting tables
>desc 2: something about how you balanced a high workload of multiple tables efficiently

same task, different spin

No. 1659613

you spin the duties to match the job you are applying for, you can really really make even simple jobs sounds like rocket science and high brow without ACTUALLY lying works every time

No. 1659616

hang in nonnie, the best interview I've ever had the company just ghosted me straight after and the worst one emailed me months later saying i got the job

No. 1659629

I see nonna, then go for it. ChatGPT is great for generating formal and professional sounding descriptions

No. 1659978

File: 1691681114713.gif (452.93 KB, 691x500, kirb.gif)

Officially enrolled into trade school!! Going to put in my two weeks at this fuck ass job, then I have a free month to NEET thanks to my accrued PTO

No. 1660046

congratulations, nona! Enjoy your PTO and freedom from the helljob. And starting trade school! I hope it's fun and you learn a lot.

No. 1660113

I'm being interviewed tomorrow by a company that has a ton of bad reviews online. High turnover, awful pay and childish, petty management. If the recent review I'm looking at is right, the last person in the position I'm interviewing for was bullied into leaving after refusing to do continuous unpaid overtime. Meanwhile the company prides themselves having several types of "best place to work" awards and stuff like that on their website. Obviously I'll do the interview with an open mind, but how much should I consider online reviews from past employees of a company?

I'm not really that keen on this position, so since I don't fear being dropped in the hiring process I'm kind of interested in asking if they are working on making changes to have their online reviews improved, kek.

No. 1660162

lmao this lady at work tried to complain about me to my boss because I blocked her from violating anti-money laundering laws.

No. 1660173

No. 1660209

Good luck! I'm a tradie too, ditching years of software engineering studies was the best thing I've ever done. Trades are great nonny, I hope you like what you do a lot and it makes you happy.

No. 1660259

what's your trade? (or something equal to it if you don't want to post your job lol)

No. 1660314

To answer your question nonna, if the only positive argument for you to work at that place is stuff irrelevant to actually working, so for example "You will enjoy the most beautiful view of insert city/landscape/whatever" or "You get to have fresh fruit and free beverages like water or soda", then there's some bullshit going on.

If the work in and of itself and the tasks that have to be done daily are not a positive thing, or something that is fun or rewarding, then the reviews most likely have value in your decision to take or not take the job.

No. 1660536

Nta but one time when I was going through job ads, I saw one that listed "fruit time" as perk, they literally wrote "fruit time" in it, in English, even tho this isn't an English speaking country.

No. 1661455

my coworker complains so much. today he had a stick up his ass had extra bs to complain about and nobody wanted to respond or just said they're busy working on something and brushed him off so he started making remarks about how he doesn't matter and nobody cares about him/what he says anyway. i was thinking, dude shut the hell up and stop complaining to me about things, im trying to concentrate and work.

No. 1661480

That's so annoying. Guys like that need to off themselves and do us a favor.

No. 1661925

We have one of those in our very small team of five (soon six). She's alienated herself due to it, but retirement is 3-4 years away thankfully for me and the rest of my colleagues. Hope it's the same with you, with those types you can only ever nod your head and pretend to listen while they're complaining.

No. 1664355

Nonnies is there a way to show people at work you won’t take their shit without also alienating yourself from everyone? I started work at this place where the older employees think the only way to teach you how to be better is by being horribly mean, insulting and harsh. I don’t want to take their shit but my other young coworker told me that they can be even worse and I can’t let them get me upset so easily. I want to be firm with them but my hands shake from just talking back a little please help.

No. 1664391

Don't talk back, ignore it completely and be cheerful and warm regardless of how they speak to you. Only respond to the civil parts of their conversation. Never let them see that you're negatively affected by anything they say or do. Don't be afraid to sign them up for shit with their work emails, ideally ones with values the company would frown upon, like viagra or dick enlargement surgery. Find another job as soon as you can, if possible. If not, remember that they're old and lonely, so make lots of remarks about how their family must love to spend time with them, and how happy they must be that they're so close to finally retiring after all those years in the same position (they must have so many friends in the company who'll visit them!). Be a giant bitch by all means, but be backhanded about it.

No. 1664764

i finally graduated… i'm ready to find my big girl job. do any nonnies have any idea where to start when it comes to making a resume? i don't have one (a good one at least) made yet.

No. 1664830

Late reply, but I think that’s what I was mostly worried about. I don’t do onlyfans shit, but I go to colossal con so I have a few swimsuit cosplays posted. I don’t do coomer poses in the swimsuits, but coomers will see any girl in a swimsuit and interpret it in a coomery way

No. 1664858

ask a successful adult you know (preferably in the field you're interested in) and copy the formatting they use. or just copy an online format but some of them are weird and have you include stupid stuff so hopefully you can find a real-life resume to look at. didn't they teach you this in college wtf?

No. 1664877

Weaponized incompetence works pretty well

No. 1665731

>keep it to a single page
Some people say you can do 2, but I say if you can keep it to one, do so. You’re not writing a novel here


Be sure to keep an eye out for words that are used a lot for jobs in your field, then find a way to include those on your resume

>consider making/using a template

While word documents are acceptable, they don’t exactly stand out. If you’re good with Adobe software, make your own. Otherwise there are places that offer free templates. But again, this part isn’t 100% necessary

>campus career center

Your university should have some sort of career center. You can contact them to help you go over your resume. Be cautious with this one though. At my university they had a lot of student workers to “peer review” resumes. They quite frankly didn’t know shit and gave terrible advice. They didn’t understand that people in specific fields are going to have resumes that look different from a generic one. Make sure you set up an appointment with an actual fully fledged employee

>alternative experience

If you don’t have much work history yet, you can include other things. Just be sure to elaborate on why it’s relevant. Ex: volunteer work, team captain of a sport, president of a club. These things can show work ethic, initiative, leadership, collaboration, etc.

No. 1665784

File: 1692136623129.jpeg (65.18 KB, 697x426, 8068563A-71DB-4CE0-93C8-0B1958…)

Any nonnas who travel a lot for work? I just accepted a position as a traveling software trainer that’ll have me gone from Sunday nights to Thursday afternoon. I feel like it’ll destroy any friendships or relationships I might build and I’m moving to a new city so I’m kind of concerned.

Any tips for frequent business travel?

No. 1665797

Also not really resume advice but apply for jobs you don't sound fully 'qualified' for. So many moids do the same thing, and sometimes you'll land the job. The worse thing they can do is immediately turn you down. So don't be afraid to apply to many places.

No. 1665879

my hotel does NOT want me to quit, literally just got a 9% raise out of the blue (except i HAD been talking loudly about applying elsewhere and updating my resume on the clock(

No. 1666026

coworker bitched about me and our lead, without saying any names, to our manager in front of me then not even a minute later tries to laugh and joke around with me. like fuck off.
states that people hate him because he "calls everyone out on their bullshit." when its because hes a condescending hypocritical snitch who tries to be authoritative and gets pissy when no one listens to him because hes not getting the validation he wants to show hes "right"
even the new coworker who worked with him for a month only couldnt stand him. kind of says something.

No. 1666030

Got any advice for a nona looking to get back into the work force?
I have been able to stay home and do occasional video editing gigs but I want a social, more physical job.
Any suggestions for jobs that don't work weekends? I don't mind if it needs a certificate or something, I have money saved up for that and I have time to do whatever.
I have nothing specific in mind because I have enjoyed every job I've ever had, I just like working in general.

No. 1666061

Anyone have any advice in pursuing an education/career in either data analysis or cyber security? I want a high paying job that isn't heavily focused on customer interaction. I was recommended these fields, as I also like remote jobs with little to no travel where scheduling is somewhat flexible. I saw that a lot of courses or certifications can be found for free online, however I'm sure that these won't count on my resume as a formal education since they're not accredited institutions. But I simply don't have the money to be going back to college for another degree. I am wondering if anyone works with computers, if it's true that there's minimal social time with coworkers/customers/bosses, and what your education and pay look like. Currently I work with customer service in health insurance and hate it. My bachelor's is in criminal justice/forensic psychology but I'm so disillusioned with the system here and the jobs I could get with that degree don't pay well for how dangerous and stressful they are, not to mention straight up depressing. I'm thankful for people who do those jobs but I can't. That was a bit of a detail but yeah, if anyone has any suggestions in high paying jobs in computers, I'm all ears!

No. 1666412

With your background you may be able to get into digital forensics or incident response (DFIR). You just need some certs for DF and work with law enforcement. Afaik most of it utilizes tooling to help with investigations.

No. 1666457

I have a job interview at a bank tomorrow for a teller position. I have a nice suit, and a nice short sleeve blouse/pants combo, but I'm not sure what I should wear. Is wearing a full suit too much? It is summer. Idk if I should wear a blazer or not.

No. 1666531

>You can do all kinds of shit, nonna.
Does anyone have specific job titles kek. I've been blindly applying to admin, data entry, and technical writing jobs – I haven't heard back from anyone.

And how do I apply for these types of office jobs anyway? All I have for my resume is my degree and a few CS projects (a game, a CRUD app, and a wireframe for a class).

No. 1666608

Thank you for this, I never even considered these jobs. Definitely looking into them now, they sound like something I would enjoy doing.

No. 1666647

When I interviewed for the state years ago I thought I bombed my interview. They were so stone-faced and short with me the entire time during my “panel interview” that I assumed they hated me and I cried in my car before driving home. I ended up getting the job, apparently for those interviews they’re instructed to be as stoic and as neutral as possible

No. 1666788

Do you have pics of the outfits? Either way I don’t think a suit is over the top for a bank interview

Nta but that’s good to know about gov jobs. I saw a position open up at my city’s dmv that I’m really interested

No. 1666939

I'm back to job hunting since I'm moving in with my boyfriend and it terrifies me so much. Adapting to a new environment with new people makes me so anxious. My resume is a mess, and I'm so worried that one place I worked at will come back to haunt me. I hate working so much but I want money.

No. 1667079

Definitely wear the suit, my management teacher used to always say ‘dress for the job you want, not the one you have’ and you should always dress 1 step up from what you would wear on the daily at the job you’re applying for. When I applied for all of my shitty retail jobs I wore a pantsuit with a light t-shirt instead of a blouse and it always had a positive effect/I was hired on the spot. Ii do hiring now and it’s amazing how many people show up in sweatpants/stained shirts and don’t even care.

No. 1667104

I’m currently a store manager at a mid-size retail company and I know everyone complains about retail but I love it so much, I’m very outgoing and love helping customers, and I don’t really mind the managerial stuff like paperwork/hiring/tracking down maintenance companies. However I did just graduate with a business degree and I already have a lot of people asking ‘what’s next?’ my goal since being hired at this place was to eventually get a marketing job at the corporate office which is only a couple hours away in my state’s capital, but I’m so worried I’ll be depressed working in an office when I’ve enjoyed working with the public so much. A big deciding factor is also pay, right now I’m only making $17.50 an hour/$700 a week which is lower than I’d like for my lifestyle. I feel like I’m kind of torn between being successful/making more money and having a job I look forward to coming to everyday, but who knows maybe a corporate job would actually be excited/fast paced as it’s a trendy company with a social media presence

No. 1667511

I work in a factory and generally enjoy it, I run my own sections, I'm in charge of a whole area but I feel when I tell people what I do they question my post-grad qualifications as if they were a waste of time and look down on my job.
idk nonnies, should i go back into my field where i get paid less and work more, or continue the family tradition of manual labour?

No. 1667516

>should i go back into my field where i get paid less and work more

No. 1667639

>interviewer likes me so much that he tells me to ask for more $$ when they send the offer letter
>job located in bumfuck nowhere in my bumfuck nothing state (so i'm not excited about it) but w/e, job is job
>get email today
>deep breaths: "this is it, finally getting career started, can move out"
>job location undergoing "operational changes" and "other problems"
>they're putting a freeze on hiring until they get it straightened out
>right back where i started
i want to give up sometimes. blow the couple grand i have left on meth and just die

No. 1667667

I strongly believe I have adhd or something, I hate every job I have within like 3 months of working and I start slacking off and missing goals and I want to stop but I can’t

No. 1667675

Fuck!!! I’m so sorry nona. I wish I had advice to give other than keep your chin up, I had a similar situation happen multiple times since 2021 where I went through the entire multi-round interview process, with everyone indicating that we were moving forward in the hiring process and to get ready for an offer and paperwork and then…nothing. And then after checking back in, “Actually it turns out we had to put a freeze on hiring and we’re restructuring but you were really great and we’ll reach out again once it opens up”
It’s so fucking disheartening, makes you just not want to even try

No. 1667878

File: 1692297253909.jpeg (55.19 KB, 640x640, IMG_2962.jpeg)

I’ve been applying since January and I’m still unemployed. I’m thinking of literally moving to find a job because most jobs in my field are in a specific region/city. Had anyone had luck with moving to get a job? I honestly do not want to move cities but I fear that if I don’t I’m going to be unemployed for even longer.

No. 1667888

>gets first job ever
>working as a junior designer for major company that develops bingo and slot machine games for casinos
>"wow, it's kind of odd but i think i got a good start!"
>company has a team of 50 people but the CEO wants it to operate as if it had a team of 500
>absolutely ridiculous and impossible to meet standards for game productivity
>CEO wants to meddle in literally every single meeting between the arts and coding teams
>slows down the process and productivity of both teams
>CEO only gives feedback on finished products meaning if something is wrong we have to redo the entire thing from scratch
>"why are you unable to make more games? other companies are pumping them out much faster than us!" (other companies have 10x our team)
>CEO acts like we're all incompetent because we don't work like machines
>gets fired because "we don't have time to train juniors we need more seniors to make games" (even though every single senior hire left the company in less than a year due to it being impossible to healthily work with

welp, that was something. it's not a problem to me anymore because i'm moving countries anyway but damn, that company was a mess.

No. 1667980

Nta but thank you for saying that. There are so many job listings I see that I’d like to have, but they have so many qualifications that I feel I don’t meet, so I just don’t apply. I wish I had the unwarranted amount of self confidence that moids have lol. But I think I’m going to start applying to more things like that now

Also for frame of reference, about what percentage of qualifications met do you guys feel comfortable applying for something? In my head I was thinking like 90-95%, but I see now that was probably just me having low self esteem and unnecessarily counting myself out

No. 1669177

File: 1692398742025.jpeg (251.47 KB, 1805x1354, D5E765E5-5591-4574-B892-7FFCAF…)

I failed the fucking personality assessment test applying to work at FUCKING WALMART.

No. 1669189

are there any doctors here that quit medicine? i need an exit plan but i'm not sure what my options are

No. 1669227

Have you tried going to any local job fairs? I got a job like that and i usually fail those personality assessments. Another option is to get someone else to fill them out for you. They probably won't care irl.

No. 1669270

Wtf does Walmart need a personality assessment for?

No. 1670257

Covered my mouth with my hand for a second

No. 1670282

That was me years ago when I was applying for the pet store

I'm like dude I love animals what more do you need

No. 1670296

Corporate jobs can be good if you like your coworkers, it sounds like you are a people person so you would do well in a corpo. Go for it

No. 1670306

File: 1692500019027.jpg (7.21 KB, 228x221, 1597894251907.jpg)

Been at my new place for 5 months now and it's not a difficult job, I like my coworkers, and I make around the same as my previous place, but after some crazy bad luck and a rent increase, it's just not enough. My dad's encouraging me to look for a higher paying job, but I feel so bad after only being at my current place for less than 6 months. Am I being silly worrying about my employer and coworkers over my income? I am a chronic guilt-haver.

No. 1670324

>I’ve been applying since January and I’m still unemployed.
Me too I want to kms let's make a suicide pact. Moving to a new city worked for me getting a job once (out of 2 attempts) (the other time I spent 10 months unemployed and my savings went to 0). My current survival strategy is hitting shitty recruiters up for shitty contract jobs that are so shitty no one else will want them and those employers are going to be DESPERATE so I have income until I can get a better job because the unemployment pay is almost run out.

I'd say the job market is fucked right now but it's always fucked. Not one time in my adult life has the job market been pleasant.

No. 1670645

ayrt, thanks for reminding me to finish my petsmart application. I'm just worried as an animal lover that it'll ruin my mental health, seeing people who shouldn't be adopting pets adopt them and seeing stuff like how crowded the fish tanks are. maybe you need to not be an animal person to work there. blog incoming: semi-jokingly I was talking to my brother about one of the application questions. It regarded your experience with a variety of pets. He semi-jokingly said if anything I probably have too much experience, because I was shoveling horse shit at 6 years old (but I usually hung out with the goats at the barn), volunteered at the local animal shelter regularly for a while, had pet fish, hermit crabs, ferrets, a gerbil, a guinea pig, guinea fowl, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats (the fist one I bottle fed by myself at 8 years old because my family didn't like cats)a rabbit, horses, and a miniature pony.
as did I, in a genuinely perplexed sort of way
beats me. there was a guy I was supposed to train for something at the last place I worked and he said he was only working there until he can go back to Walmart, so it sounds like he was suspended for something. probably just not doing his job. he was always late if he bothered to show up, and wouldn't do anything when he did. they hired him though.
I haven't tried job fairs, but that's a good suggestion, thanks. Bit desperate at the moment but my updated resume looks good. My BIL was a Walmart supervisor for a while so I can probably ask him how to pass it.

No. 1671015

Try to get a raise at your current place

No. 1671516

I work in software development and barely do any work these days. I get put into projects where I have no actual purpose and aren't given any actual tasks to do even if I request them. I have no idea what I'm doing here. I basically spend my 9 to 5 just doing the bare minimum and spend the rest of the day browsing the internet because there's nothing else to do. I barely know my coworkers because it's an offsite job so I can't even spend my time connecting at the water cooler. I hate living like this and every day I'm just waiting for everyone to find out that I've been basically twiddling my thumbs day in day out and punish me for it when it's not even my mistake if I was put in a project where my skillset isn't valuable.

Gambling companies are full of scumbag employers who abuse their workers. Never apply to them unless you're desperate and develop an exit plan immediately.

No. 1671631

I did a second interview with a company which went really well. Mainly because I didn't want the job after the first interview, but still did the second for practise and therefore was a lot more calm and prepared. They told me that they would contact me within two days if they wanted me through for a third interview. A week went by and I assumed I wasn't chosen. Today, however, they sent me an email stating that I had failed their test for the third interview. The test was to basically ghost me and see if I would contact them after the two days, which would prove that I was passionate about the job. Apparently this was their fool-proof way of making sure their candidates were truly hungry for the position, kek. I guess they were right since I didn't want the job anyway, but at this point I can only roll my eyes at the fact that we have to play mindgames with the hiring managers and pass their secret tests to get a job.

No. 1671776

File: 1692632730625.gif (2.63 MB, 440x330, 244634634636.gif)

A while ago in my down hours I've taught myself some minimal scripting knowledge and half-automated one of my tasks. I've been keeping mostly silent about it since I want to seem busy lol, but one day I got too deep into a conversation about Excel and slipped, and decided to just show my """program""" to my colleague. He was amazed and I felt good about feeling so smart and techy.
Then he started giving me ideas and asking me about my scripts and the data I'm working with almost daily, even though this is just some shit I'll pull up and improve when I have some free time at work, as I enjoy figuring these things out slowly, no pressure.
Then today he messaged me to say that he passed the problem by his softdev friend and he told this is like a problem for a single afternoon for him, and I have no problem believing that since I assume he knows his stuff.
I'd be the pettiest bitch on Earth if I just refused using any tool he might hand me to fully automatize the whole process, but this is something I enjoy to work on and wasn't looking into any quick solutions or trying to outsource this. I wasn't even going to show this shit to my boss or anything, so it's not even like he's taking away an opportunity to show off in front of our boss or anything.
Why the fuck do men think talking about anything is asking them to problem-solve. I'm so pissed, I want to be petty so bad.

No. 1671785

How would you say are your work opportunities in general? Asking this as someone who has flirted with the idea of studying development but is unsure if it's worthy it employment wise.

No. 1671786

Also him involving his softdev friend came after our talk today, where he asked me whether I could get ChatGPT to solve the problem. I've told him I've used it to see what kind of solution it came up with, but it was far from what I needed and I didn't want to be there prompting it for hours, because I have more fun doing trial and error than copypasting a working code. Then he spent hours trying to prompt ChatGPT to give a complete solution while I worked on other stuff…. I wasn't worried, because I knew that was close to impossible.

No. 1671851

File: 1692636954652.jpg (107.56 KB, 735x499, 35a9f3bb8237d372fb960e95354aba…)

i just finished an interview for [redacted] company and i thought it was for a completely different field until i googled it this past weekend. I am so embarrassed I didn't ask any good questions at the fuck all. I shouldve asked what their favorite product was or something. I am so upset with myself. But on the positive side of things everything I explained to them that I did at my previous position they told me I would be doing at this one so it would be pretty much the same. I felt good because I knew SAP Ariba which is a system they use too.

I am just so nervous if they ask me for a reference. I have about 3 in mind from my previous position that fits this, but what if they call my job BEFORE i give them the reference. (They haven't asked yet they said that it is the first round of interviews still.) I say that because I left my last job having a mental breakdown. I literally lied to my previous employer about my shitty dads shitty health and i ended up quitting on the spot long story short. I did explain in a follow up apology email why i had to leave and I wished them well which they never responded to. I totally get why they didnt respond and I dont blame them. I left during a busy season it was terrible but i literally was going to run onto a train track if i stayed a second longer it was that bad. I truly do wish them well though but that company was not for me at all! I seriously think I needed to work there in order to gain the skills I need and I will be forever thankful to them. But FUUUUCK im so scared if they call them. They will rip me a new asshole. I've heard them speak about their ex employees who use them as references they hold grudges. I am so dumb for not thinking that through. But again I did gain references from my coworkers. So that's good.

Apparently I was the first person they interviewed for this position and said that they will email me later in the week after they do their round of interviews. But i noticed immediately after I accepted their email request for an interview they took off their ad on indeed. Something tells me they are BS'n me and are going to hire me. (let me have this)I truly hope they love me the best. I never wanted a job more I feel like I would fit right in and it would motivate me to finally do my best. My last job was proof that I can be an amazing employee when I put my mind to it. Even when i was being "disciplined" they still praised tf out of me. I moved up $4 in the short 9 months I was there and I was even promoted and was about to be again! I think all of that praise and accolades mixed with the stressful environment made me suffer from imposter syndrome but I wish it just made me realize just how amazing I am when I put my mind to it. Anyway please pray I get this job and that I can make at least one friend lol.

No. 1671878

File: 1692638508925.png (36.4 KB, 766x1000, 1636261305583.png)

Dear Nonnie,

Thank you for your interest in employment with Lolcow.

After reviewing your resume and considering your qualifications, we have decided to pursue other candidates who better match the qualifications for this position. We encourage you to visit our website and apply for new positions as they become available.

We appreciate your interest in our company and wish you success in your career search.



No. 1672125

I'm calling HR

No. 1672136

I redid my resume based off of some random lady who has the job that I want. Now I'm scared to post it to Linkedin because I took a lot of "inspiration" from her resume. I didn't outright copy & paste but I did model mine off of hers and used similar wording for ATS purposes kek…

No. 1672139

Can someone explain to me WHY companies think it's okay to pay entry-level Data Analysts $40k? Since when is coding and data analytics worth $40k annually? The job listings I've seen want a Bachelor's degree.

Last year when I browsed the job listings it seemed like you could still make $70k at least as an entry-level analyst. So when did undervaluing labor become the norm and why do companies want to pay us literally nothing now? Data science was supposed to pay well, it feels like a joke.

No. 1672140

i want a new job so bad but my interview and social skills are so goddamn shitty. anxiety goes through the roof.

No. 1672325

same anon as >>1667888

>Gambling companies are full of scumbag employers who abuse their workers. Never apply to them unless you're desperate and develop an exit plan immediately.

you're right, sadly it was my first job and i was extremely naive and thought "it can't get that bad!" until i found myself almost crying on my desk more than once in less than a year of working there. that company also has very frequent layoffs so the team was constantly switching around and the CEO and higher ups just apparently don't give a shit that they were bleeding employees and having to replace them at the speed of sound. i did get to learn some interesting things but i'm never applying for gambling companies again.

No. 1672997

I give up. I have to settle for something in-office before I lose all my money and become homeless. I am so fed up with this shit, I'm already resentful and I haven't even had the interview yet. Fuck employers. now in office i won't even have time to do interviews for remote jobs. god i want to die, it's all over.

i started working remote to begin with because i had a mental breakdown after nearly being assaulted by a hobo on the morning bus to work. nothing like starting your day fearing for your life!
same with entry level accounting (and entry level now means 5 years of experience.) $40k. Not even enough to live on. meanwhile a fucking bartender can make $60k, no student loan debt, for pouring rum and coke into a glass.

No. 1674037

am retail manager anon and the only part of my job i fucking hate is being in charge of maintenance of the building like electricity/heating and cooling, like when i started i was still living at my parent’s house and knew fuck all about contacting companies/contractors for maintenance and like basic electrical stuff. however today i stuck it out and was on hold for almost 2 hours with our phone/internet company and i finally convinced them to send us a new modem and they admitted ours was defective/a recalled item and im so proud of myself for finally getting a solution. i have a tendency of acting a like a retarded womanchild because i never had a dad to teach me anything about cars or construction etc so even though this is a very small thing it’s an accomplishment, getting the unreliable piece of shit electrician the company hired to actually show up to do maintenance is a project for another day

No. 1674690

go become a bartender nonnie

No. 1674708

bc midwit managers and skill-less retards (hiring managers) look at Data Analyst and think "data entry is easy and not worth that much"

No. 1674719

Last semester I applied to a summer internship at a museum and didn't get it, but they sent me an email implying I was the runner up and suggested trying again in the next round. They just posted the new internships and they don't sound as related to my work and school experience. I'm not sure if I should apply again or skip it, for two reasons:
>I'm working and taking classes during the fall semester, so my availability is very questionable. Summer would have been perfect because I wasn't working.
>My coworker also works at the museum and said that if training ever reopens in her dept she would help me apply for that (the museum site says they are not posting for this until next year)

I've got a week to think about it…

No. 1674732

Nta but it a pretty good job especially if you can get a job in a dive bar that’s just shots and bottles. Usually your boss is a weirdo. If you bartend at a restaurant it’s more money but you have to avoid picking up a coke or alcohol habit from socializing with the back of house crew (and your boss is an extremely high-strung weirdo.) Hours are garbage though, that’s what really makes people quit I think. No one enjoys working every evening into the wee hours. I would love to be a brunch bartender exclusively!

No. 1674736

I, personally, have no social life and would not mind working into the miserable wee hours. How hard is it? I'm a retard autist and am afraid of fucking up too much while learning and getting myself fired. Or somehow being bad at making drinks. It feels like something you can be bad at.

No. 1674880

I posted a few weeks ago about wanting to change career fields into something computer related because I'm not making enough money. I ended up applying to university again and I just got finished registering for classes and setting up financial aid. I start Monday for a BS in cybersecurity. I'm terrified because I'm going back to uni at 28 years old and I haven't studied for a class in years. But, if all goes well, I will be in a much higher paying field in a couple years. I think I'm going to quit my current job for something easier while I'm taking courses, otherwise it will be too much stress.

No. 1674896

Depends on the bar but most bartenders don’t know how to make cocktails. You don’t have to be a mixologist. You just have to be attentive to the customers.

No. 1675196

Congrats nonnie! I also went to uni in my mid-20s and felt a little bit awkward about it at first. My first semester back in schooling was by far the worst. It was hard to get back into learning/attending classes/doing homework and even though I wasn’t that old, I definitely felt old when everyone else in my classes was a fresh 18 yo straight out of high school. I was miserable that first semester and thought about dropping out, but I’m so glad I stuck it out. I met so many great people when I started taking classes related to my major. I really recommend you take at least one fun class per semester or just a class that sounds interesting (bonus points if it also fulfills degree requirements.) Good luck!

No. 1675226

Great job! I went back at 30. Then COVID hit and schools were shut down/fumbling hard and that cost me a good year and a half, but I'm still back in it too. The first semester back at age 30 was a little brutal, mentally. I guess I felt a little ashamed. but that feeling does go away. and what I've found is that learning as an adult is 10 times easier than it was when I was a teenager. I'm more confident in asking questions now, because I'm not worried about looking cool or being made fun of or any of the stuff teen me worried about. Also, comprehension of everything is just much better overall too. If you have thoughts like "I'm going to be the oldest one there!" probably not. I dont think I've had a single class without another 30+ year old in it. These are the times of people changing careers often, exactly like you and I are doing, so we don't actually stand out at all.

Here's what I suggest as a little bonus tip! Watch college vloggers. I dont know why, but doing this really made me feel more excited about being back. Seeing other women so focused and studying and getting their education inspired me to keep doing the same. So much inspo for what to have, to how to study most effectively, etc. Above all else though just remember that future you will be thanking you so much. Going back will change you. I don't know how to explain it. But future you will be so grateful for the steps you're taking now. This will open many doors for you.

-Now, don't forget to apply to EOPS for free college books + supplies and BOG + Pell grant/SAP for free cash!

No. 1675235

There will always be late 20s, 30s, 40s, even 50 year olds sometimes at uni. Nothing to be ashamed of. Education is important and the moment we think we dont need to learn anymore is when the down fall begins. Good for you!! Proud of you, anon

No. 1675488

I work in healthcare. I'm that moron at work that people hate. I work very hard and try my hardest and people appreciate that but I for some reason just lack common sense and make so many dumb mistakes. I also have severe social anxiety and have a lot of bad situations with patients and coworkers.

My coworkers recently were talking about first impressions and after hearing about how people thought so and so might have been a mean girl in high school, when it gets to me I'm told "you seem very slow." My nice other coworker responded, "like a slow walker?" to which they replied "no, like, slow in the head."

Then my other coworker chewed me out at work in front of a patient for a mistake I had made and was super pissed. He's had to confront me for mistakes a few times, and every single time it's in front of patients or my other coworkers.

There's always that one annoying idiot at work who always makes dumb mistakes and it just sucks realizing that's me, no matter how hard I try. God, I hate working.

No. 1675512

I got fired from from a new job a few months ago after months of hazing and creepiness and a lawyer just emailed and said the department is being investigated for HR stuff and they want to interview me as a witness. All the women at that workplace have been dealing with this and filing complaints so its not just me but I'm the only one that got fired, and I really don't want to talk to this lawyer without representation. It's a really big company and I'm terrified of being dragged through the mud in court or in the media. Have any nonnies been in a discrimination case before or are lawyers and have advice?

No. 1675564

You should try contacting Legal Aid and seeing if they have any advice, or consult with a lawyer.

No. 1675744

interview at a factory tomorrow mornining nonas!! it's my autistic dream wtf
my neighbour (rip) worked at the same company and she was so sweet and bought us (factory product) and I was so awfully sad to hear. best neighbour, we used to trade books and banter. if I get the job I will do it my best every day in her honour. unironically ganbatte nonas!
leaving vidrel life soon for my GIRL, nobody bothered her in her factory and she took no shit and I will do her justice

No. 1675774

Good for you.

No. 1675810

I tried college again in my late twenties (31 and transferred into a Uni after graduating from community college) and while it can be a lot to balance classes and a full-time job, I’m doing so much better compare to when I was a teenager. I go out of my way to use online resources to my advantage, use the free school gym and go to the library all the time, use a wireless brother printer at home to print any textbooks I pirated etc. Also zoomers seem VERY computer inept so it’s not very hard to get an edge over them in classes.

I also came from a job where I tried encouraging other coworkers to take community college classes (it’s practically free) to get out. My most supportive coworkers were the younger college students and at my current workplace everyone is super nice to me about being in school. I know a lot of people shit on college but if I didn’t do this I’d be in a dead-end job with zero connections.

No. 1675817

thank you my sweet. I just blew you a kiss loaded with good luck and the best day I could imagine for you my lil nona

No. 1675834

Sending my best wishes to you! Reguardless the outcome of the interview I am certain your neighbor already feels the highest honor!

No. 1675840

Nayrt but if you dont mind me asking, and if you happen to be in the US, how does financing the classes work? I am fairly broke myself but, like you, can learn and perform so much better now that I am near 30 than when I was a teen/early 20s. I want to give it another shot. I have a 2 year degree but I suspect I can get my 4 year degree quicker than my younger self would have dreamed, but because I am not making much money now I am worried about debt etc.

No. 1675921

Nayrt but when I went to college in my late 20s it was free through financial aid. At my age, I no longer needed my parents tax info when filling out fafsa, so their income didn’t screw me over. I also wasn’t making a lot of money at the job I had at the time, which helped me get more aid. Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like you would qualify for aid similar to what I received.

I already lived in a college town so I just went there and didn’t have to worry about dorms/meal plans which is where younger college students get a decent amount of their debt from. Go to a public university in your state. Private and out of state universities have absolutely insane tuition. Avoid that shit at all costs.

Also be on the lookout for scholarships even if state and federal grants cover everything. Excess money will be direct deposited into your bank account and it’s nice to have that extra cushion for things like books, a parking pass, gas to commute to campus, eating on campus, and other class supplies as needed. From my experience they weren’t too hard to get. I would usually get 1-3 scholarships per year in the range of $400-$3k each, but most were $1k and under. Some scholarships don’t have a lot of people applying for them, so definitely apply for anything you may be a candidate for. Think of anything specific about yourself (woman, non-traditional student. Are you gay, a poc, disabled, a single mother, etc?) and see what scholarships there are for those things. My university had a website that made it very easy to search for scholarships and I’m sure whatever university you choose will have that as well. If you have more questions lmk

Oh and I almost forgot about work study. If you want a job on campus, 95% of the time you will need work study for it. It’s basically a government grant that pays the wages of student employees, iirc it’s a box you check while filling out fafsa. Most student jobs are very easy and work around your class schedule. I would recommend trying to get work study even if you don’t initially plan to work on campus. I wasn’t planning to work on campus either until a professor asked me to be their lab assistant, which I couldn’t have done without work study.

No. 1675928

Applied for a Christiaan university job even though I'm not a Christiaan. I'm not really against Christianity or anything, so I didn't really think anything of it. Holy shit do I regret it. They started asking me questions about the lord, and my relationship with Jesus. I just said that Jesus loves me and I love him, kek. I should have known better. They even asked me what church I went to and I said 'the methodist one'.

No. 1676051

What do I wear to a non-interview/networking meeting with someone who is a Director at a company I want to work for? Should I dress like it’s an interview? I need to impress them but I don’t wanna be a tryhard.

No. 1676063

You should be able to qualify for financial aid with FAFSA. When I was at CC it was more than enough to cover most of my classes, with the exception of summer courses (the school also had it that if you fail a class twice you can’t use financial aid if you take it again). I don’t get as much at a four year college unfortunately, so I use my own money for around 3/4 of my bill. (Full time students get more money.) With financial aid you also have a “lifetime” limit for how many times you can use it, but overall it seems like enough for four years worth of classes. I’ve also never taken out student loans or lived on campus because those seem like money sinks.

No. 1676677

Anons I'm going to be promoted at my job and if I accept I won't be a manager thank god but I'll have more reasonable new tasks instead. I'll earn 300€ more every month. I'm going to accept and I'm seriously wondering if that's not too good to be true given how the turn over rate is in my office and how I slack off, even if I get the job done. I don't know, it feels sudden even though I've had this job for like 2 years.

No. 1676683

At my workplace, almost no one ever does work. My job entirely involves calling out and emailing and getting in touch with others. Recently, I have been slacking a bit due to depression (doing more emails than calls and only handling call-ins) and I'm worried I will lose my job over it. I don't know what to do.

No. 1676745

Christians are annoying af and a cult. Leave now before they try to baptize you.

No. 1676747

Do you have any PTO? If yes, use some and take a mental break. If you are doing your job and no one is saying shit, keep doing it.

No. 1676794

quit my job today!!!!!!!
there was unsafe working conditions and i wasn't being treated right. i was only there a short time and have to figure out what is next but i am glad i valued my health.

No. 1676820

They can fire you if they find out you don't go to church, for living with your boyfriend, for drinking in a bar, etc. The pre hire shit is just the tip of the shitty job iceberg.

No. 1677228

File: 1693001835759.jpg (42.41 KB, 460x446, axMQOrM_460s.jpg)

Finally got a job after 6 months of unemployment. Only one interview. 25% raise. Unfortunately it's in office and I prefer remote but I more so prefer not being homeless. I'm going clothes shopping to celebrate.

No. 1677252

Congrats nonna! Good luck at your new job!

No. 1677375

Thank you for the support, nonna. I asked to work a half day today at least and came home to relax. No one seems to have any issues with my work at the moment but I get so nervous about it. I will try my hardest to just accept things as they are and not catastrophize, as hard as it is.

No. 1677423

I just started a new job after 8 months of unemployment. Unfortunately, it's the same temp job I had when I first graduated seven years ago. I feel like I have to start my career over from square one. The job market is too tough and my self esteem is in the ground. At least I'm making money again.

No. 1677521

The job market is really just shit right now and everything feels unstable. I'm not locked in my career right now but I'm struggling to take the first steps because of imposter syndrome.
Congrats! Don't forget to get yourself a treat before your first day of work.
Anon why did you lie kek

No. 1677525

That sounds awful. How they did blackmail you in the beginning and was it a reputable chain?

No. 1677580

does anyone actually have a fulfilling career, or is that too much to ask?

No. 1677594

I've noticed most job that have a direct feedback and do feel like you're actually doing something often take out too much out of people. I have a boring office job and I honestly need to pay attention not to be too checked out and keep my job.
It feels like there's a job-triangle where the sides are: financial security/stability, fulfillment and sustainability (physically, or not burning out every two-years) and you can only pick two, at least if you don't manage to marry someone that can offset a low wage.

No. 1678860

how long are you supposed to wait before getting a job after graduation? I feel a lot of pressure to get something as soon as possible but the job market is shit right now

No. 1679399

Start applying at your last semester or even your second to last. Employers tend to be understanding to soon-to-be grads and can put you on a later starting date. The job hunting process can take many months and there's also the company's hiring process on top of that. Even if the job market is shit your chances are 0% if you don't apply.

No. 1679917

Good advice nona, but I think you missed the fact that she already graduated.

No. 1680369

Congrats nonna I'm proud of you

No. 1680734

File: 1693260126047.png (22.22 KB, 128x128, ee62136b-4f13-4ed7-8e97-e69d89…)

Has anyone worked part-time at Mcdonalds? Night shifts specifically.
I need to pay my medical bills, and freelance is not working out for me anymore. I have also applied to clothing stores, gonna get some interviews, but of all things, Mcdonalds has the most payment and benefits (even as a part-time).

No. 1680875

File: 1693270815606.jpg (36.95 KB, 576x768, 1684537514455.jpg)

boss winked at me today, let the slowly escalating creepy behavior until I dread going to work begin. theyre all same nonas.

No. 1680881

Just grey rock. When he winks look away with no expression. Don't give extra attention.

No. 1681107

I've worked at McDonald's. How hard it is will be 100% dependent on who your manager is and whether or not your manager is a dick. My manager was great but I knew other managers who were shit. It's fairly easy work, especially being the fry cook. If you work overnight you might be doing a lot of breakfast which is also easy. If you need money I'd advise it. And if it's really bad you can just stop coming to work and quit.

No. 1681357

I'm sad because I have a comfy remote email only customer support job, and the managers are trying to ruin it. We don't have shifts and can clock in at any time, just need to do our 8 hours of work. (But there's also nobody to supervise you, so I do like 7 only.) It's just very flexible and relaxed.
But now the upper managers wanted to introduce special support hours where you follow a shift plan and are even on call at all times. This is something you volunteer for, but I think they didn't get enough volunteers, so now they want to change from our flexible model to shift plan model, and they want to always have someone available from 7 am to 8 pm, including weekends (which is illegal where I live.) I can't fucking get up at 7am bffr. I used to have another shit job where I started at 8am and it was hell.

No. 1681867

File: 1693335961740.png (274.92 KB, 715x559, 062043.png)

i have a job interview tomorrow and i'm already so obsessed with this job and daydreaming so much about how much my life would improve if i could finally leave my current shit show of a job… which always means that i won't get the job. i'm so annoyed that i can't turn my dumb brain off and stop getting my hopes up only the be served yet another "sorry, we're moving on with another candidate" email. i can't do this bullshit job i'm currently in any longer. i've been on the job hunt for a year now and it's so depressing.

No. 1681888

File: 1693337100303.jpg (57.03 KB, 555x949, Ep8eDxOWwAgCOmF.jpg)

kill him

No. 1682335

File: 1693386642058.jpeg (9.49 KB, 189x266, 1687960975197.jpeg)

>acquire salaried PhD position
>work on my thesis like a turbo autist, finish 2 years ahead schedule
>drop thesis for review
>"i'll ask them to raise your salary since your work is progressing so quickly" t. boss
>1000 euro raise
>mfw I'm super excited but also aware of the fact that this is probably the biggest raise I'll ever get and that my career is only gonna go downhill from here because of university budget cuts and no stabe employment
>mfw I'll never get tenure

No. 1682346

Save up your money and start a business if that's the case

No. 1682992

how do you find a remote email customer service job nona please spill please

No. 1683059

coworker at work has it too good being lazy that he complains everytime there's actually work to do.

No. 1683784

File: 1693517122867.jpg (17.93 KB, 480x326, cdfafea078ca5f1d5d1aacebda8b4a…)

Going to have one of those group dynamics for a potential job tomorrow, it's online, but I wish it weren't, I'm so stressed it would be good to be out of the house for a bit. It feels really besides the point, I am a NEET and never worked in my life, there is no way I'll be picked, it feels very humiliating, I also have to make a little power point presentantion about myself and I need to inclute a pic of myself and I hate looking at my own face, gonna vomit.

No. 1683851

Do we work at the same place? My coworker also hates to look like he's not busy so he lies constantly about doing 0 work. It's weird because everyone knows he's not doing anything.

No. 1683928

I'm panicking; is it impossible to find a job that's remote? I work part time now, finished uni, just finished a decent resume, and I'm beginning to start looking for a real job. but I feel anxious, is it hopeless? My last paycheck was $130, even for part time work that's complete ass. I'm hoping September is good for hiring (because that's what I heard) I'm just beginning to feel despair

No. 1684311

Today is the day my probationary time would be up (there wasn't one officially because of the type of contract I'm working with). In just 4 months I feel like I've already grew tired of my office job. The petty office politics tire me, even if all I have to do is listen and validate my colleagues' feelings. I really do not care about some other department head being mean to you 4 years ago, you never even have to talk to each other, so shut the fuck up.
Job is so dull I have to like build in security measures for myself not because it's hard to keep up with but because I'm so bored I forget what the fuck I was supposed to do. I can't really find challenges for myself, and I have no idea wether my colleagues are honestly interested in their jobs or we're all pretending but they aren't allowed to break character. They all focus on interpersonal drama within the company or with customers, I don't get it. It's the job itself that sucks ass, passing the frustration into people that have no control over is just so pointless, most of our customers are doing the same thankless job just trying to move things along representing others. The only way I find to cope is through working out, but it's getting pretty expensive in the city. I need an escape plan, something to get fired up about.

No. 1684894

File: 1693618001938.gif (9.71 MB, 311x177, rotating ron.gif)

Handmaiden boss gave me the third degree after she thought I misgendered a TiF coworker, when I wasn't even referring to the TiF? It went like this
>"Anon, is [work thing] set up."
>"Yeah, she took care of it."
>"Uhm anon are you referring to [TiF]?"
>"No, I was taking about [other female coworker]. [TiF] clocked off like an hour ago."
>"Okay, well, [TiF] uses he/him pronouns, just so you know."
>"Yeah, I saw the pin."
>"He was wearing a pin?"
>"Yes, it said 'he/him' on it."
Fucking hell. I didn't even "misgender" anybody and I still got grilled. If anything, my boss is the troonphobe for assuming that I was talking about the TiF when I used the word "she" (which is bizarre because most of my coworkers are female anyway.) Also, this is kind of a given, but nothing about the TiF even indicates that she trans besides the fact that she wears a pin and named herself after one of the faggots from One Direction.

No. 1685055

Anything that isn't straight is just some form of pervert. I wouldn't want a job that demands being considerate to perverts. Sick.(bait)

No. 1685606

File: 1693683519502.jpg (35.4 KB, 640x567, 5678867.jpg)

No. 1685640

Working on a resume, but my only experience is in UI/UX and front-end development and I'm so paranoid I won't be able to get a remote job (which I need because I live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere) because those fields are so over-saturated. I'm so nervous I'll end up rejected from a million jobs, but I guess you never know if you don't try. I'm just afraid I'll just get demoralized really quickly kek. Is it even possible to get a remote job in either of these fields if you're just normal-good at it rather than an autistic savant?

No. 1685644

If you're in burgerland, a lot of tech companies use software to filter through applications and resumes. The software checks for certain key-words, typically phrases that appear on the listing. Try to figure out what those key-words might be, and include them in your submissions. For instance, if there's a particular kind of software they want you to be familiar with, you'll want to include the name of it regardless of your level of mastery. For instance, in addition to listing the software you know a lot about, include something along the lines of "experience with software similar to [name of software the company wants you to use]", that way the software were flag your submission as a prospect.

No. 1685679

Thank you for the advice nona, I hadn't thought of this!

No. 1685691

The company I work for is partnered with a bunch of influencers and like, I hate them just as much as the next gal, they're annoying and vapid and impossible to work with, but I came across some reddit community dedicated to hating one of them and it actually made me miss my days here on the farm because these Redditors are fucking deranged. They can't just be normal haters and laugh at stupid shit, they're constantly directly harassing this woman and then posting it on reddit for clout, bragging about how many burner accounts they've gone through because she blocks them for it, blogposting about how so and so's fillers and botox are so botched unlike their own perfect fillers and botox and blah blah blah, and they've turned it into this whole moral crusade, as if they're making the world a better place by making fun of a D-list influencer's botched tits. The worst part is, these are apparently the idiots who've been flooding our company email and social media comments with insane shit that I have to deal with. I had to process a customer survey with hundreds of individual respondents and these dumbasses were talking to me in their responses as if that stupid influencer is the one handling this shit. Newsflash, she doesn't even know how to work excel! It's just me! And now I'm stuck working outside my damn department because our socials team needs help keeping up with this shit. I would rather that idiot have fifty LC threads than this one subreddit, these bored reddit moms are more annoying than the kiwis.

No. 1685733

I wow this. If I don't get a job before October I will kill myself.

No. 1686544

Trying to find some ways to make passive income. All I can think of doing right now is using my Canva account to make designs to sell on RedBubble. I'm in the education field, not a teacher, but my district email gets me a free Canva for Education account so I can access the paid stuff for free. I guess I'm gonna use this while it lasts and churn out some silly designs.

No. 1687044

If you enable one form of perversion you enable them all. You are part of the tranny problem.

No. 1687932

am manager in a liberal area in a ‘quirky’/touristy type of store, I’ve had shit luck hiring anyone who hasn’t been directly referred from a current employee. i finally found someone who has experience and actually has great work ethic/is very good at the tasks I provide them which shouldn’t be uncommon as it’s literally the easiest job in the world (be nice to customers, fold t-shirts, sweep once in awhile) but after 6+ applicants that couldn’t manage even that I’m over the moon. She’s a 350lb tif though which is unfortunate, and from what I’ve heard of her life it is bleak, she’s casually mentioned that her ‘partner’ (girlfriend?) has ‘DID’ and so does the other person she lives with supposedly. I don’t believe DID is real and I mostly just feel bad for her that she’s most likely solely supporting two adult munchies just because she happens to be the most capable of the bunch. It’s strange hearing about these types of people in person instead of on the internet where they most likely spend the majority of their time

No. 1688002

I fumbled the bag with my last job it was an office job and I don’t even have a degree just a diploma. FML

No. 1688072

Yeah, that's how it goes. You gotta get another office job and fuck that one up, too. And then another. At some point, you'll figure out how to stop fucking them up.

No. 1688476

I've had this kind of shit happen before but not specifically with gendies. I think office jobs fry people's brains. They misinterpret something, then no matter what you say after they still stick to their initial false assumption, and somehow you're the one who gets in trouble and has your life ruined because some sleep deprived sedentary desk jockey is a retard. I resent being born to such a stupid world and wish I was dead so I could know peace.

No. 1688504

A $130 paycheck is like something you'd see in a third world country. That's absurd. Get out of there nonna, they're exploiting you.
Unfortunately remote jobs are highly in demand at a time when every major company is pulling them away, so it's really not likely. In 2021 they were plentiful. Now the well is dry. You'll have to move or else remain in poverty it sounds like. i'm hardcore pro-remote but even i'm looking at conceding to an in person or hybrid because the remote jobs have 1000 applications. you have to be realistic. if your area sucks it's usually best to leave.

No. 1688747

I've been applying for two different positions within my current company and just got an offer on my desired one (yay!!). Interviewed for the second one anyways for practice, but if I somehow get a second offer whats the most professional way to turn it down? Should I let them know during the verbal offer or if/when I get a letter? Definitely overthinking this but I'm overwhelmed that I even made it this far…

No. 1689007

I have a degree and just took a retail job because I can’t seem to get so much as a fucking interview from anywhere else I applied. I’m gonna keep applying to other places, but I’m wondering if I should add this new retail job to my resume or leave it off? Also should I worry about how it looks to employers that I just started there and I’m already looking for something else?

No. 1689061

I would wait for the written/verbal offer from the 2nd job and then just send an email along. Honestly, ChatGPT would write you up a good email you could customise and make sound more like you.

Don't have any loyalty to a retail job, if you left they'd have your replacement in the next day. In terms of your resume, you should tailor it to every job you apply for. So say a job comes up and in the description it focuses on a certain set of skills, then write your resume to match that. Working in retail will come with some great demonstrable 'soft' skills that won't come across with just a degree, such as communication, time management, problem solving etc. etc. I think employers know the difference between a retail job and a job in your studied field. If it ever comes up you can just say how it was a great experience but the job you are applying for aligns with your life goals and you couldn't miss the chance in applying.

No. 1689236

>manager goes on holidays for several weeks after giving assignments and telling me to think about an eventual promotion where I wouldn't be a manager myself
>did absolutely nothing the whole time
>her own manager asked me to confirm if I accept the promotion I say yes because I need more money
>suddenly realize a have like 2 days left until my manager comes back and until I need to finish my assignment
>worrying about my gossip hen coworkers trying to sabotage me even more later because they started spreading rumors recently and being jealous of others
Am I retarded? Like legit?

No. 1689397

I quit my wageslave corporate job to go to night school, now I want to apply to cafes for part time work, how bad does it look that my resume has 4 years of unrelated office work? I used to work at a starbucks in college but I doubt they want to see that on a resume

No. 1689401

I think you should mention the Starbucks experience, it doesn't matter if it's along time ago, it's still relevant experience

No. 1689402

Pretty sure most service jobs don't really care about your history, lots of them are desperate for workers nowadays especially if they only pay minimum wage. I'd say it's worth including the Starbucks job if you have space on your resume so they know you at least have a bit of experience in that area.

No. 1689404

thanks, I will add it
I have had probably 3 relevant customer service/food jobs that I would list, would it be preferred to list those and omit the office jobs? Or maybe keep my most recent job on there?

No. 1689418

I'd say put the most recent job on there as well to show you've actually been employed at a full-time, steady job for several years since it shows you're reliable/responsible.

No. 1689432

How do I smooth out my relationship with the boss? I approached HR without giving her a heads up (it was a very minor thing, I just wanted to ask a question) but she really was pissed that I didn't brought up the problem with her first. I admit that I was in the wrong here so I really want to make up for my mistake.

No. 1689569

I've fucked up at like 5 office jobs so far. I'm unwilling to tolerate abuse so that causes problems when someone wants to abuse me. I still keep getting hired at new places though so I don't really care. I just got fired from one and I already have an interview for another one. There's an endless number of jobs, you can't burn every bridge when there are a million bridges.

I have my ex-manager's private cell number. I want to sign him up for spammail like weight watchers and atkins diet adverts since he's a fatty.

No. 1689682

Nonas I’ve been unemployed for almost 2 years and between getting ghosted from places/using LinkedIn for networking, I feel like I’m going to go postal. Medical billing is supposed to be entry level /high school diploma level shit and despite a college degree I can’t get a fucking job. Let alone wfh. No body wants to work? Fuck off ! No one wants to HIRE.

No. 1689770

recent grad but I feel you. I got a degree in comp sci bc I thought it would make the job market a land of milk and honey. No one wants to hire and no one wants to train anyone anymore. I see listings for entry level developers that say "this company doesnt hire engineers so we can tell them what to do, we hire them so THEY can tell us what to do" and then list off enough tech stacks to rival a start-up. Aren't most comp sci degree programs shit anyway? Why all these impossible 5+ YOE standards??? I feel like crying sometimes and then I go and look at cute pictures to make myself feel better.

No. 1690627

Update: got a call from a company that actually sounds like they want to hire me fully remote. But these fucking assholes want to pay me even LESS than I was making freshly graduated from college. The pay difference between no degree and a bachelors is a whopping $1.35. I’m desperate so I’ll take it but I’m going to keep looking for something that doesn’t pay McDonald’s wages. First job that pays more than my last job I’m ghosting these dickheads. Because fuck their cheap asses. Being this old and still unable to get beyond entry level shit is so bleak.

No. 1690667

fuck em! I hope you find something better.

No. 1691327

What's a good way to figure out wtf you WANT to do with your life? I don't really want to "live to work," but I want a proper career that can make me enough to live comfortably. I currently just have a retail job that I like but I don't want to be in forever. I don't really want to go back to school for a proper 4/6-year degree, I've been thinking of trade school for becoming a paralegal or air traffic controller. I've also considered something in tech/programming but I don't know if I even enjoy programming. Basically I just don't know what to focus on, that's always been my problem!

No. 1691334

>currently looking to switch jobs
>missed call followed by email to call back between 10 am and 11 am the next day
>reply that i can't do that because i have to work at the office and there is no way to have a longer private phone call there without anyone overhearing
>offer to do the call next week when i have my work from home day
>new email that invites me to an online interview NOT on my work from home day even though i specifically stated "i can only wfh one day a week and it's _day"

i'm so annoyed and i hate that they're probably gonna be like "ugh this candidate is SO difficult!" but jfc i've given you the exact days when i can do interviews. not to mention that the email sounds like some bot wrote it.

No. 1693569

I feel the same way. I just want a job that doesn’t make me miserable, but I have no idea where to start. There are two things I can think of that might maybe make me happy, but I’d have to get a masters degree for both. I also just keep looking at local listings and anything that catches my attention, I start daydreaming about what working there might be like until something else catches my attention. And when I do get a job I’ve been thinking about, the reality never measures up to the daydream. I just wish I knew with certainty what I want to do and to have the focus to make it happen. I honestly wonder if I have adhd

No. 1694562

>temp employee
>boss casually mentions that they hope to make me a permanent employee a couple of times
>take this with a grain of salt and side eye
>new role in my team gets advertised
>senior role which i am not qualified for
>oh well time to slowly start looking at other jobs
>boss has the impression that i’ll stay
>confused by this as they could have just advertised my current position internally if they wanted me to stay

So my boss seems to have the impression that I’ll keep working at this company if my contract gets renewed. She has mentioned this casually after the aforementioned job was advertised and that they are trying to get another permanent position (she mentions these things in a strange way lmao) as the advertised role is the only permanent position in our team.

I genuinely am not bitter about this, I just find it kind of weird that they assume I’ll work on temp contracts until they manage to get another full time position? I know they are satisfied with me and things will fall apart if I decide to leave as my role requires experience with the company and we are understaffed. Nonas how do I communicate that I most likely will start looking for other jobs in the smoothest way possible? I don’t want it to seem like I’m doing this because my feelings got hurt, I just want a full time job for stability lol.

No. 1694568

samefag, I’m retarded. my position is full time i meant i just want a permanent job lol. also, i have a masters and a solid cv so this wouldn’t be that hard at another place tbh

No. 1694572

>boss went on holidays and just came back today
>meeting with her to see what to do this semester with the client because she's forcing me to lead a small team
>"oh btw anon I'll have to make an announcement later to the rest of the team because I learned that some of them use the cubicles to secretly watch movies on netflix all day long"
>there are just two cubicles with only glass panels and yet someone thought they wouldn't get caught
>my manager's manager also told us last week she found out we were working from home when we weren't supposed to despite her not being at the office and working from another city
Someone's a snitch and I already suspect someone because of how she would complain about stupid shit, what do?

No. 1694609

I got a job that I thought might be a great fit for me but in reality it turns out there’s tons of unpaid overtime that’s just expected and the general attitude of people is so depressing that this work is making me physically sick. I can’t even do my freelance or personal projects because it’s such a demanding exhausting job. I’m planning to leave in a month or two but I don’t know how to quit. I’ve grown really close to my coworker/supervisor that has been showing me the ropes and once I leave she’ll have to do so much by herself. How much notice should I give in a place like this? And is there a way to preserve my friendship?

No. 1694611

Give a two weeks notice and hope for the best. Don't just abruptly say you're not coming back anymore and tell your supervisor she was wonderful, it's just that the job isn't the right fit for you, etc

No. 1694613

yeah what >>1694611 said. I had a mental breakdown at a job like that and quit on the spot and i deeply regret it because Jobs really do check your references. And if you want to work in a similar position having her as a recommendation would be beneficial. If you just up and quit you'll burn that bridge. While its nice that you have empathy for her having to do double the work for a little that is the risk a supervisor takes on when they become one. That isnt your burden to carry. Good luck and i hope you find a less stressful job.

No. 1694946

Does anyone actually have a job that makes them happy or gives them a fulfilled feeling? And if so what do you do?
I keep thinking about how I hate working, but then I realized that’s not even true. I want to work, I just don’t want to do work that actively makes me feel miserable

No. 1695033

I do, I'm a software engineer. Job is very cushy, not too draining, pay is good, and you have to solve interesting problems.
My biggest complaint are coworkers, some are just awful, but no job is perfect. All around I'm satisfied.

No. 1695035

I'd say I do; I'm a graphic designer, over 6 years in the same company, it's not always amazing but I'm rarely frustrated with the job I'm doing - similarly to the other anon if it's ever annoying it's mostly about coworkers / some general organizational chaos. I enjoy my own tasks a lot though and keep learning new things, pay is good and I have trust in my lead, pretty much all i wanted from a job in life.

No. 1695107

I'm a remote sensing engineer, I love my job a lot. Used to be a software engineer but hated having to sit indoors all day and I didn't like the projects I was in. Most of the money was in web development so that's what we did and I hated ruining my eyesight just to build webshops and platforms for consooming.
Now I get to work outside in the summer if I want to, and inside in winter. I love my coworkers and there's a lot of older women in the field which I like. All my work is on climate-related projects that will make an actual difference. The downside is that my salary is mediocre-to-shit because it's a public research position, I used to make crazy bank so it hurts a little but I think it's worth it.

No. 1695159

Also a graphic designer and I'm enjoying it. I get to learn a lot of things and can propose some self-lead projects relevant to my interests, so I feel I'm gaining skills I can apply to my hobbies outside of work, too (which is mostly what I care about, I'm not very career driven, I care more about my personal projects). I also work from home and I'm not overwhelmed with tasks so I can take breaks.
I feel like most of this is about the company rather than the career path, though. I have designer friends who are miserable and overwhelmed in companies (often start-ups) where they get too much work and too many responsibilities for shit pay.

No. 1696034

I got an interview for a secretary job. Not even sure how or why, I'm a fucking autist. The pay is kinda meh but the benefits are good. Should I go for it?

No. 1696139

File: 1694562283011.jpeg (13.55 KB, 180x148, 1644787298832.jpeg)

I'm working one of those shitty contract house cleaner jobs and my boss literally will not let me put in my notice. I don't like arguing and she keeps asking me to give a reason and telling me to think about it. I've given my notice to her twice already and tonight she once again ended our phone call tonight by telling me again to think about it. I've had jobs where they liked me a lot and still respected my decision when I gave my resignation. Quitting this job could be the most retarded decision of my life for all I care and there would still be no reason why she as my boss should give such a shit. She doesn't want to let me go because I very obviously have a hard time saying no and she can boss me around and strong-arm me but I've been adamant about leaving, but she still keeps demanding an explanation. The thing that made me want to quit was her making me drive up to 150 km a day without compensating me for gas, giving me incorrect addresses so I waste time/gas and not informing clients when she changed their appointment so I arrive to find the door locked and have to go home. Everything I do or say is treated like a verbal contract, I agreed to work two saturdays last month so she assumed I wanted to work every weekend, now she says I need to notify her if I want to go out of town for a weekend or "holiday" as she calls it(I went to my hometown a few hours away for the weekend which is apparently a whole ass holiday now). Having weekends off is one of the few things I liked about this job so now there's literally no reason for me to stay.
This was supposed to be a temporary job anyway and I don't really need to spend the rest of my life doing shitty dead-end cleaning jobs. I don't have a new job lined up yet but I have experience doing laborer jobs and I love them, I told her that and she's like "ohhh those are long hours and lots of driving too" bitch I've done it before and you get a good paycheck and there's actually room for advancement. I don't mind working long hours if I don't have to do a retarded amount of unpaid driving 4+ times a day. And I wouldn't have to deal with all these cunty customers. I'm super non confrontational and I should tell her that all of these things pissed me off but I checked out mentally a long time ago and I don't care anymore, I just want to collect my next two paychecks and fuck off. Everyone in my family says I'm getting a shit deal by not getting reimbursed for mileage and I agree. I don't make that much money. Sometimes I work for free because she offers free re-dos if there are any mistakes, which she couldn't do if I wasn't a contractor. I don't even get a lunch break. I'd rather work at walmart for minimum wage than do this shit any longer.

I'm very close to just ghosting her after I get my last check, which I have NEVER done before even for jobs I've hated but I'm trying to end things amicably and she just won't fucking let me.

No. 1696410

Can any nonas help me? I'm international and need to file US taxes, when do I have to pay the amount I calculated? The return is due this month and I'm filing for an ITIN with it so I can't pay online because I obviously don't have it yet. Do I wait for a notice from the IRS?

No. 1696439

NO. The US is shitass and NOT like other countries. You basically need to look up all the information for yourself and do your best to file, and then the IRS tells you if you fucked up or not.
Yes, this is predatory. Yes, it's on purpose. And I'm a little confused because I'm pretty sure tax season is in the first half of the year.
I actually have not had to file taxes yet, so if another anon can tag in and give her some advanced pointers, that would be great.

No. 1696452

The tax year isn't standart in my case, that's why I'm filing now. I tried paying online, but since I don't have the ITIN yet it won't let me. I'll figure out how to wire it internationally then. Am I supposed to include proof of my payment with the return? For some reason I can't find info on that

No. 1696533

Are you a US citizen living abroad? Or non-citizen who sold things in the US?

No. 1696540

File: 1694612786062.jpg (505.47 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20230913-084248_Bra…)

Double posting sorry but this site will have more answers than anyone here. Assuming you are a US citizen you may have until June 15 to file. If you are talking about needing to pay sales tax this month for last quarter, then you need to find which comptroller to pay, idk if that is what you need though. I cant think of any taxes that would be due this month aside from paying the comptroller your collected sales tax, which is due quarterly, and usually is paid to the state you reside so if you have a US address find that state's comptroller website and pay online. This is the extent of my knowledge, I am self employed and thought I understood my own very basic taxes, (not deductions yet tho) turns out even after researching and thinking I was doing right all year I missed that I was supposed to hold back an additional X percent to pay the IRS in April just recently. Our tax system is fucked.

No. 1696541

Girl just tell her when your last day is going to be and keep telling her. She doesn’t need any other information. When she asks for a reason, just repeat when your last day is. If she tries to schedule you past that date, tell her you won’t be there because x date is your last day. If she tries to contact you past your last day, block her number

No. 1696672

The latter.

I've read everything I could find, but I don't know how I'm supposed to pay anything without the Identifaction number that I'm filing for right now. All their online services require it and even a bank transfer won't work without that info. I'm confused about the filing date now though, I was told to use the same fiscal period as the company because I didn't get any other US income and theirs differs from the regular tax year… But now that I think about it, it shouldn't have affected my own return, right?

No. 1697220

Anons I'm going to lose my mind. We started a new contract with our client and doing the same thing as always BUT my manager wanted to spice things up and wanted to make three people in our time some sort of managers. I told her no when she asked me and then came back and begged me, telling me it wouldn't be a managing role and that her manager was baffled that I refused and that piece of shit manager of my manager is leaving the company soon so fuck her. She fucking lied. I accepted because there was nobody else anyway and I just got promoted so I'll put thag in my resume. I have to manage a team of 4 if I include myself in it but one girl had been absent for like 10 months and is still on sick leave after she gave birth, one of them is leaving in less than a week and isn't doing the job I gave her which takes like 1 hour maximum everyday and the other is on holidays and will take time to be trained, even though she's new and I wasn't allowed to choose my holidays exactly as I wanted despite being better and being there for longer. I don't want to do the work of 4 people all by myself and that's what happened last year right after I got surgery and coworkers had health issues or had issues with renewing their work permits. If it happens again I'll go get a doctor's note and stop working for a few weeks because of a potential mental breakdown. Fuck them.

No. 1697237

Off topic but you’re a temp employee with a masters? Fuck. I just got my MA a few months ago and can’t find work anywhere. Why do companies not want to hire us.

No. 1697361

it's almost thursday so i basically have one more day until i learn whether or not i bombed the interview. and from there i have other worries, e.g. getting an apartment before the job start date. life is so tiring kek

No. 1697856

Depends on the days but I'm pretty happy with my job. I work in tourism, at the tourist information office of my town, a full time job. I sometimes do 40h/week, sometimes 50h/week with the weekend but when I do, I get two days off as a compensation so I end up having a switch between a 50h/week and a 30h/week.
Since there's a lot of things happening in my town culturally, except January/February, we always have something to do.
Sure sometimes some guests/travel agencies/hotels/tour guides take our services for granted and need to complain about things the city is responsible for, when we're an Ltd. corporation and have no real influence on the decisions of the city hall, and we have to nod our heads until they leave our office. And sometimes I have the feeling I'm a care taker in a retirement house, but most of the time it's a cool job.
I get to use the time off I get playing tourist myself, and I get to visit things in my town to be able to describe different touristic sites or restaurants for the tourists too.

No. 1699085

File: 1694809881441.gif (664.95 KB, 400x300, wolf-blingee.gif)

need advice!!!

okay so I'm in the HIT program at my community college and found out they have a HIM bachelors which I want to switch into. my parents are betting on me transferring and said cc's aren't good and i won't get a job afterwords. I couldn't even transfer with the HIT degree anyways and i really want to do the HIM bachelors. what to doooo??? if i just do it behind their backs i don't even know what they'd do. my dad doesn't even know what he wants me to study (i just gave up arguing and told him to pick) and keeps changing his mind on different careers every day. i don't want to fight with my family but i thinks its best to take my future into my own hands.

need advice p2
when I chose HIT/HIM i just wanted to do the basic medical coding/billing route which isn't really that well paid. but I recently learned that some HIM people go into healthcare data analysis because it pays really well. I think I would like to do it, should I go that route? would it be worth it, as opposed to doing CS and getting a quick money making job? I'm in my first semester so I could technically change paths right now but I don't want to do medicine or anything too demanding. Just a simple, work mostly alone, easy enough, and well paying job which i think i could get with being a healthcare data analyst.

No. 1699089

Because you're overqualified and they don't want to pay you what you both know you deserve.

No. 1699134

File: 1694813041612.jpg (63.4 KB, 612x408, 269722626.jpg)

Jobs are literally making realise I live in society. It's bad enough that nature has developed human brains to fantastic computers over the course of millions of years only so that we can stare at blinking lights in a screen or lists for 8h straight a day. Add to this one hour of commute which I always have and depressions or something that make me sleep for at least 10h and daily chores and I literally only live to work for jobs I hate.

But this isn't bad enough so despite only trying to do shit fast and well there is always a fucking clique that of longtime workers or higher ups that treat you like a subhuman. In my last job we were a group of 7, overseen by two higher ups. Out of the 7 five were always, and I mean ALWAYS "ill" because you can do that endlessly here. The other two were part-time. So it was basically me doing to work for 5-7 fucking people every day, every day unpaid surplus hours, everyday I got shouted at by one of the overseers, let's call her bitch 1, never saw her working but she makes twice the money I make, like most of them.
I understand PC related shit quickly because I am one of the few in most of my jobs that use them at home since childhood, so they give me more work. At the end I was just doing the work of my group almost alone, but also shit that had nothing to do with my job like the physical mails, costumer service and printing. While I was running from one task to the next bitch 1 (or bitch 2) shouts at me again, literally says "move your ass". While I work I am being observed by them from their home office. They always have home office. We have the right for three home office days but not me because I have to do the work since nobody else is present. If go to the fucking toilet the home officers ask why I was afk and slacking off.

A coworker gets triggered that I sent her a task to correct because she fucked it up (again) and it would faster for her to correct it since she knows the gist already. Instead I get a hatemail from her on the very first day of work in which she is calling me "trash" and threatens me. It's a sub-contractor, so the union wouldn't give a shit.

One day I was a bit lucky, because bitch 2 lost her shit in front of others that aren't my group, finally making others witness the annoyance I have to deal with daily. My cousin died, so I wanted to go to the funeral which made bitch 2 angry because I am alone and god beware that she ever works instead. I calmly tell her that we wouldn't have this problem if people from my group wouldn't be always sick and maybe replaced by humans capable of doing a job. She gets louder and since she cannot think of any sensible accusations she tells me I was "never doing the mail". I always did the mail. I actually just finished doing it (50 letters) right then, so I hold the letters right into her face. She kept screaming but went away. My coworker that witnessed this later quit because of this.

This is just a fucking excerpt of how literally every job looks like.

One day sat down near a window. Then someone needs my help again because NOBODY understands PCs. Anyway I help her. I come back and my FUCKING BAG and expensive TABLET are fucking lying on the ground, because some rich 45yo twat wanted the window place. He didn't just fucking take my place telling me "Who comes first, takes" (I was there first asshole), he just threw my fucking belongings down. Luckily nothing was damaged. But I was so fucking hurt because it was just the tip of the ice cake besides the other shit.

But wait, it doesn't end! So was broken and because of this I listened to metal while doing work. We should be allowed to do this, since everybody that isn't me is doing it every day. Thing is, I had to look up an address, so I googled a moment. Another bitch I never interacted with before sees it. Hours later, she stands before me and tells me my work ethics are intolerable. Tells me I was watching videos with headphones. Stupid as I am I explained what actually happened, believing she would believe it. Next day Bitch 1 starts hell because everybody now knows I am watching videos instead of working.

Anyway I quit. But I am honest I was legit and unironically suicidal and ready for murder and just thinking about me being forced to get another job sooner or later triggers this feeling again because it's always like this. Maybe I was luckier if I had connections or something but my parents were cleaners and I was depressive (not diagnosed though) in my teens so I had hidden in a room and made no friends or developed any usable skills for 7 years and every job I can get into has those cliques that always treat others like shit unless it's someone like them they befriend. They did befriend a coworker who was also new and couldn't even boot a PC. Nobody had a problem with the fact that she just sat there everyday, doing private shit and private phone calls because she could only work when someone did things for her or with her even 5 years later.

Does anybody have any experience with this? How do you prevent this? I cannot get any of the good jobs that allegedly treat people better, am I a nobody.

No. 1699307

I've had the same experience in about 2/3 of jobs I've had. You get paid the least, do all (i mean ALL) of the work, and get dumped on constantly by deranged psychopaths. I think we live in hell and are being punished because most of "humanity" seem to be literal demons. I can't even tell you how many times I've sobbed at work because people gang up and attack and bully me and if I react, I'm the one who gets in trouble!

I hate humanity, they're just a bunch of upjumped monkeys pretending to be civilized and wise. I sincerely hope some sort of cataclysm happens and wipes out 99% of the population, and I'm not joking. I really hope the anti-vaxxers are right and the vaccine kills everyone because I can't stand much more of this. I have to continually lose a job and my income because I am being set upon by demons and run ragged. Meanwhile the cost of living is set up so a job like this barely pays cost of living…if you work fulltime and never have gaps. That doesn't work when you only have a job half the time, and the other half you're in unemployment hell!

And I don't know which is worse because when I'm employed I have constant thoughts of suicide and mental breakdowns every few months, and when I'm unemployed, same, but with financial anxiety on top of it. 8 hours staring at a screen. Homo "sapiens" my asshole, no intelligent species would come up with this shit. I can't even run away and make a cabin in the woods because every inch of land is owned by someone, all the resources are hogged up and gone, and everything is polluted and stripped barren.

Then you see some halfbrained fuckwit from school in an amazing job when you know they're a shit for brain, but they have buddies who got them in, and they live the cushy life while you suffer working a job for grugs being paid in bananas and used as the company punching bag.

I told my bf I want to die and he says, "Go enjoy some melon and have a nice evening." I feel like I've had burnout since age 4.

No. 1699513

I've had more experience dealing with crazy customers than crazy coworkers. But my current coworkers and managers keep setting me up to failure in ways they don't even notice. For once I finally have a stable 9-6 office job with some good perks but the turnover rate is insane and now I became a manager against my will for a team of four people except one will leave in just a few days, the other has been sick for all her pregnancy and after so I haven't seen her for nearly a year and the last one there is probably not going to renew her contract. And something similar happened last year when I barely recovered from surgery and it's a miracle I wasn't anywhere near a mental breakdown because at least I didn't have to worry about cancer anymore but I feel like I haven't fully recovered from the insane workload and never will. Some of my coworkers became snitches and started throwing each other under the bus for petty reasons too. I wouldn't be surprised if my office becomes like yours very soon, it's just a matter of time.

No. 1699706

File: 1694882796974.jpg (84.96 KB, 738x984, Fuo7vYuaUAE7TvV.jpg)

I want to switch careers and work in the beauty/spa industry. My ass loves the 9-5 comfort jobs with the weekend off but my heart knew Id be better off doing something like makeup, nails, lash tech, or spa tech.
Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of jobs? I just want to at least switch to doing something I love.

No. 1699777

I feel the same. After my last job I was completely numb for months. Literally dead inside, I couldn't even move much or watch a movie. It's slightly better now but I am still depressive, I had this issues even before getting any jobs but after each job it's so much worse. One of the very few things that can make me be not-sad or feel a bit alive is when I imagine some OC despot of some crazy meritocratic/technocratic sci-fi world in which assholes, nepotism and corruption gets nuked or I just imagine myself learning to incite and control astral journeys and experiencing weird shit and never coming back.
>I have constant thoughts of suicide and mental breakdowns every few months, and when I'm unemployed, same, but with financial anxiety on top of it
Yeah that's fucked too. There are people whose families own multiple houses and there are randos like me who are alone besides a mother I am taking care of. I wish there were part-time jobs that would pay well enough to live from them but lol.
And almost nobody irl understands it because they belong to the bully part themselves or are privileged or lucky enough to be popular or get a good job so nobody fucking believes you when you talk about this shit or they say you didn't try hard enough. The same fucking tough people got mental breakdowns and depressions when lockdown prohibited from going to parties for a month, but others are supposed to tolerate non-stop bullying, burnout and dehumanization.

Life only has a point if the positive things can at least even the negative ones out. If you have almost 0 free time on 5 days of the week and spend those days with jackasses like this it's literally 5/7 of your life being utter shit and the only better days are saturday that I lose due to sleeping for 13h because of weariness and Sundays that I hate because I know I cannot even stay awake for long since the next day is a Monday again.

>but they have buddies who got them in

I literally studied archaeology, asked all kinds of museums for jobs, nobody said they had any but two fucking people I know that never even entered an university got those very jobs that allegedly didn't exist because one of them has a mother being a big name the other has an uncle who sometimes works at the museum. Competence means jackshit, honesty means jackshit, even the brain capacity means jackshit unless you are a quick learner which means you will get exploited harder.

Ah yes I forgot, it's also impossible to get a therapist, just in case that you wanted to try it as a last resort. Unless you have those richfag insurances (what a coincidence).

I swear to god the fact that every job is filled by employees that are never fucking present and that bosses choose to defend them and treat the diligent workers like shit is turning me into a conspiracy tard. There is literally no logical reason for this, especially not if you are a higher up that wants money and a better output. I can only explain this with conspiracy theories or sheer insanity, which would also lead me to conspiracy theories since there must a reason for why everybody is insane.
Please don't force yourself too much regardless of what happens. Stress is poison.
I feel so stupid for only calling in sick on a single day the last four years and I announced it before, because it was the second vaccine and I wanted to warn them in case that I have some issues. Was still sick a day later but went to work. Went to work after my father died, while a friend was dying, all for what? So that coworkers can enjoy their free weeks with their boyfriends while I am doing their shit and never even earning a "thank you".

No. 1699788

I had similar experiences working in fast food and housekeeping. It changed when I went into academia, I honestly love my job now.

No. 1699812

That's a great point. During lockdowns normies got a taste of what they make other people live with daily and they all fell apart at the seams because they are weak coddled and sheltered while looking down their noses at everyone else. They'll be the first to spit on you and blame you for some moral failure being why you can't get a great job like them. Then they get one shake-up and fall to the bottom with the rest of us and can't take it. Or when a scrote loses a job and decides to annihilate his entire family, the innocent wife and kids… I've lost tons of jobs and I'm expected to take it on the chin and remain positive. But there's only so much shit someone can take before they lose it. I'm tired of having to be superhumanly strong to tolerate the intolerable.

I wish poor people and abusive parents just wouldn't have kids. You can't even live a decent life unless you have a supportive home, trust fund or can live with family to avoid rent, and a hand into a good career. Otherwise you may as well not bother. No matter how well I do in interviews or what qualifications I get none of it matters because the good jobs only hire based on nepotism, and the shitty jobs burn you up and spit you out into the garbage. Not even a degree makes a difference. I have a "good" degree and still can't get a decent job. I just jump from temp contract to temp contract and now people think I'm a 'job hopper' so I will never get hired for anything better. This trash is my life. I should never have bothered trying. Now I have to pay the student loans off? This degree has never helped me, i was told I'd never be unemployed and I would make stable middle class income. What a lie! I held up my end of the bargain and society reneged on theirs. I shouldn't have to pay this fucking loan, it's insult to injury.

I don't know why they're pushing for us to make more babies when this is the system those babies are destined to be hurled into–a meat grinder. They should appreciate the people who already exist before begging for more human cattle for the capitalist system. Imagine birthing a child only destined for soul-crushing wage slavery.

No. 1699865

>I have a "good" degree and still can't get a decent job. I just jump from temp contract to temp contract and now people think I'm a 'job hopper' so I will never get hired for anything better.
This is another big issue. The ones that get the great jobs that I met had their first job being employed in the company of their parents and/or already did a bunch of volunteer work instead of actually working, something a normal person would never be able to do because they cannot survive working for free. And yet everybody cares about those volunteer jobs in the curriculum.
Besides that there is another problem I only noticed recently, that is that poorer or worker families are unlikely to "believe" in mental illnesses, meaning that kids never get treated. I lived decades believing that I was just lazy as shit, an ass, doomed and dumb or crazy because that's everybody told me until I realised that mental issues are real and that I have some that I only try to get help for now, with 30. Meanwhile the people from academic families I know got all the help they needed when they were 10 and got the best connections, degrees and curriculum.

Nobody in my family even believes that stuff like depressions are a thing even though my own cousin has killed herself because of it. She was miserable for her whole life but nobody had the time to care or just assumed she was just stupid and a bad person. This is something people on tv never talk about. And once you are an adult getting treatment is basically impossible here because the large majority of therapists focuses on kids, since it's childhood and teen years when you notice the first symptoms.

Some year ago I asked a physician why I was always tired, that I slept up to 13h when I could, that I felt completely numb in the brain for hours after forcing myself out of the bed on working days and such and like always the reply was useless and she said I should just try harder to sleep less.
Thanks. I am trying for 10 years and working in a job that forces me to rise early for four years and it helped nothing at all. Then she said I should just do more and move. I explained that I have no damn energy and even less time. With my sleep issues, work/surplus hours and commute I have maybe 4h a day and I need to cook, eat, buy food, do daily chores too, do the papers for my mother.

In the end she told me I was just complaining that SHE is awesome, because unlike me she works, do walks, socialises with her family and whatever else. LATER I found out that she literally never worked fulltime. Well guess what, 4 hours is less than 8 hours, mindblow.
Every day I try to get better and think more positively and every day something happens that makes me angry or hopeless again.

No. 1699968

the job didn't call but they didn't send a rejection (email) either. should i take this as a good sign or have i been ghosted?

No. 1700618

You sound very young and your parents sound very controlling. Follow the career path that’s going to make you happier and maybe consider moving further away from your parents when you can

No. 1701587

File: 1695091191243.gif (3.22 MB, 498x280, IMG_1127.gif)

I’m always working while at work. I do so much that sometimes I get overwhelmed. The job itself is a completely different field than I previously worked in and the company just acquired two companies to merge with. I’ve been very busy with the merge and assignments I already have prior. A few times per day one of the ladies I work with will come in and tell the woman beside me “I got nothing to do can I go home now?”. They both laugh and chat for a half an hour about how slow the office is. This happens every day as I’m sitting there working my ass off. When I came home today my husband told me he literally had nothing to do at his 6 figure job. I was so mad and demanded he make me dinner.

No. 1701604

Might be a long shot but I wanna do massage therapy courses after I finish getting my GED and I’m gonna do trade school,
I don’t wanna sound like I make ~trauma~ my identity but I am super shy and anxious and I think massage therapy would be a nice quiet job and I would do fine in that line of work. Are there any massage therapists ITT or anyone with a similar GED+trade school plan career plan?

No. 1701613

Massage therapy is hard because you’ll inevitably get carpal tunnel and have to retire.

No. 1701665

Would you be able to talk to anyone higher than you about how the workload is spread out so unevenly? It seems ridiculous that so much is put on your shoulders, meanwhile others have so little to do that they’re going home early

>shy and anxious
You’re shy and anxious, but you want to rub against strangers all day everyday? Are you sure about that?

No. 1701756

They’re in different departments so they don’t know what my job actually entails. I’m the assistant to my boss and he directs a certain aspect of the company. I have been told that there could be someone hired on full time in our department but it’s going to be a while before that happens. This is like the third company merger this year alone so I’ve been pretty busy.

No. 1701805

it just seems more quiet and a controlled environment than retail.

No. 1701883

Massage therapy isn't for the shy an anxious, especially if you want to set out with your own business. It's a very intimate job, and you'll be exposed to all kinds of people and experiences. You can get over some of the anxiety but you should know it'll be a big challenge. What other trades can you study?

No. 1701892

Ew imagine having to massage a fat smelly pimply scrote

No. 1703023

I can't get hired and I legitimately want to die. Every time a job ends (layoff, contract, fired, etc) I have to go through months of this shit and it isn't worth it if this is going to be the rest of my life, torn between having my soul crushed by wageslavery and having not even enough time to get 8 hours of sleep, versus being in a depressive spiral from repeated rejections and poverty. i wish i was never born

No. 1703391

another phone screen in ~15 minutes. i've typed up my answers in their entirety in advance (scripting?) because i'm not charismatic enough to wing it. god i hope this works

No. 1703447

ok so my scripted responses were useless, she wanted to vet me for another