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File: 1700752236068.jpeg (314.44 KB, 1242x2452, IMG_2134.jpeg)

No. 1785215

Confess, my child.

Previous thread:

No. 1785278

My confession is I’m a disgusting phone poster.

No. 1785280

I am too

No. 1785290

Me three.

No. 1785327

I am as well, I'm not going to use my work's computer to post on lolcow, and I'm not taking my laptop when traveling, that would be stupid.

No. 1785377

Lord, we're all sinning. Most importantly, we are comfyposting.

No. 1785380

I hate drag queens but watching them get fat old and more retarded is a fun passtime

No. 1785386

I like seeing pedobaiters like Lana Del Rey get Fat

No. 1785393

Honestly, I love it. They are so terrified of aging. It accelerates being men already and painting their faces with heavy makeup nearly every day of their lives too. I dont know a single woman who wears that much makeup, and doing it every single day.

No. 1785428

I like drag queens. I am entertained by about three or four of them. The lip syncing is retarded though.

No. 1785430

I see so many drag queens saying “Its not about looking like a woman it’s about looking like a drawing of a woman” and they still look ugly as shit in their Bettie Page cosplay

No. 1785512

File: 1700767649643.jpg (30.73 KB, 480x320, 1_EHfHykuwXxK4LOP_rfQThg.jpg)

When I was a teenager,I stopped liking MLP FIM entirely because of bronies.I still can't like or think anything of MLP without bronies putting their gross hands on it.

No. 1785517

aw, a shame they ruined it for you. Personally i had tons of fun interacting with the fadom as a kid and even going to con. Weirdly enough i never got groomed kek.

No. 1785532

I remember when I was excited to get into a fandom that liked MLP again and of course 95 percent were men and 00.1 percent were trannies. I think I met 2 women my entire 3 years being a part of the fandom. It was embarrassing though and I think luckily all the people I did become friends with grew out of it.

No. 1785541

Men taint everything

No. 1785559

They dont know how to be normal and not sexualize everything, including a literal children's show.

No. 1785574

>be me, young and dumb
>"wow guys like cute shows like this too? maybe we arent so different after all"
>look at brony discussion on the internet
>they jerk off at the ponies

No. 1785768

I was watching a streamer play a horror game I'm too scared to play myself and a jumpscare happened and I gasped and immediately grabbed my god who was lying on the chair behind me and then i laughed at myself so much i started crying, all while still holding my dog.

No. 1785898

What game?

No. 1785904

File: 1700774676370.png (852.45 KB, 992x662, laborer-s-hands-male-78580967.…)

i have scrotoid looking hands. they're not huge, but a bit calloused and veiny from doing manual labor. probably not in as sexy way, but in a please moisturize way. i also keep my nails as trimmed as possible at all times and my watch is kinda moid adjacent. i was suspected for being a moid when my friend took a photo of us where you could only see my torso and hands. i like my hands, but it hurts when anons call me a moid, because i know my hands will never be able to convince them that i am in fact a perfect goddess

No. 1785909

Same I have big boney hands and I feel like I have to hide them.

No. 1785975

I still think trannies are mentally ill individuals who need psychiatric help or a stern talking-to if they're a self-hating teen girl, but most TERFs I've met were misogynistic and psychotic themselves and I don't like them either. I don't understand how someone could have so much boiling rage for trannies even if they are gross, and many of them hate straight women for having boyfriends or liking dick.

No. 1785990

Online "radfems" are seriously psychotic and hypocritical at times and will often go out of their way to sabotage women they don't think behave in a "pure" way. It's depressing and I wish the movement hadn't been taken over by this laser focus intense hatred for trannies. They're an issue to be addresses but not THE issue

No. 1786007

Post you hands nonnie blease

No. 1786009

could not be happier to be working tonight instead of having to endure my family. i have 12 check ins all night at my hotel so i think i will draw hot men on my tablet

No. 1786015

Don’t fall for this

No. 1786084

Don't fall for this. No matter how pretty your hands are, they will make fun of you ruthlessly and it hurts your feelings.

No. 1786091

File: 1700786232850.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.5 KB, 1300x916, 150015711-manicure-beauty-nail…)

No. 1786177

File: 1700792647967.jpeg (30.14 KB, 225x225, IMG_6193.jpeg)

I am so baby crazy right now! I am in a long term relationship and today I thought of having a baby around the holidays and feeding them mashed potatoes with a little rubber spoon and how they would laugh and wiggle.
It made me cry so hard WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!
(And no I am not rushing motherhood)

No. 1786178

Anon are you me? I was just thinking about having a baby and having them try all the soft, baby-safe thanksgiving foods kek. It made me happy, I can't wait to have my own family.

No. 1786181

Oh fellow baby crazy nonna, I wish you nothing but the best with your future!!

No. 1786187

You can always tell woman hands from man hands, anon. I have short nails and wide weird hands and nobody has ever called them man hands and pictures always skew proportions

No. 1786197

Kek anon you’re adorable

No. 1786201

No babies

No. 1786203

Aw, thanks anon! I wish the same for you

No. 1786442

I'm decently attractive but I just have zero game to the point only ugly nerds are into me because they can't do better, I just radiate autism.

No. 1786449

Aw anon you’re probably cute and radiate a cute dorky vibe, those nerds don’t deserve you they probably just go after you cause you seem shy.

No. 1786476

File: 1700813046771.gif (966.32 KB, 500x375, e445b02a5f51f8e93e4fc6ce23ba49…)

I was having fun and I didn't get traumatized because I was careless but also avoiding everything weird, like picrel. Sadly I got Pavlov'd into developing a specific fetish. People who put their fetishes in cartoons are evil, like those excessive fart, feet, vomit, inflation and other weird shit jokes.

No. 1786504

You sound desperate

No. 1786566

File: 1700829447261.jpg (198.34 KB, 2560x1440, 1648956000950.jpg)

A former friend of mine trooned out before completely cutting contact with me and other mutual friends. I found out his Reddit and I've been checking on it from time to time and I've been both disgusted and entertained with what he says. I don't know if I should keep checking his Reddit cuz I feel in the long run it's won't be nice seeing someone you called a friend go down the pit of degeneracy even more. I guess I keep checking cuz I'm still dumb enough to hope one day he'll say "trannies are stupid, I'm done taking bootleg estrogen" but alas, I know that won't be the case. I really need to stop checking his Reddit and just accept my friend is dead and just a gross autogynephile is remains.

No. 1786568

It sucks seeing someone you know waving the severe porn addict flag. You should check in on him but not too often. See where these guys end up in 5-10 years or so, I'm making a few before/after AGP pipeline collages of my own.

No. 1786642

Went to visit my bfs family yesterday fir thanksgiving. House was awful. The walls had holes, the bathroom looked like a grenade went off in it and the sink was holding on for life. It was dirty. It was bad. The whole house waa bad. Now im like “huh. I kinda dont wanna marry into a poor family” like i saw my future and saw my bf with a gaming set up in a matchbox flat while im working 3 jobs lol like no. I wanna marry to be taken care of. I dont want a poor broke ass bf who cant even afford a car at 30. Cant do it….. its gonna break him heart because we’ve only dated a year and he’s already talking about marriage but hes 30, has no car, still lives with his parents. I really didnt wanna be a superficial bitch but holy shit. Idk why im staying. It’s certainly not the sex ( cant make me cum during sex) or love lmao. I think im staying with him because i dont wanna hurt his feelings but im also 34 and im like “i have no one else and no one else will want me” im scared because i might not find another man at my age and i wanted to marry young and settle before i was 40 so i could play with the idea of having a baby but its now a race against the clock for me. I dunno what i should do.

No. 1786648

You're falling into the biggest moid trap there is. This is what they bank on. You WILL be the bangmaid. I don't usually post like this, but I'm your age and I can't stand to see this. Please get out. You're probably in your prime right now and don't even see it because you're wrapped up in your lowered expectations. Get out while you still can, before you sink more into it.

No. 1786652

>It’s certainly not the sex ( cant make me cum during sex) or love lmao
What the fuck, nonnie. Just jump out. Get out of there. There is no point if the sex isn't good and you don't love him. Just because you're 30 doesn't mean you hit the wall and can't get a good man. Damn, my 31 year old friend is with a 24 year old. You are worthy of so much more than a broken house and a bum. Tell him you're going through some mental illness and say "it's not you, it's me" if it hurts your feelings so much on breaking his heart. Come on.

No. 1786655

File: 1700838803482.gif (271.77 KB, 244x244, IMG_2243.gif)

You know what to do, nonnie. Do it.

No. 1786660

OP here. No offense to your friend but id never date someone younger than me lol. Im 34, id feel like i was dating a child. Ideally id prefer an older man … with a job and livable income. But its hard to find anyone in this state. Its all dirty coal and sheet met workers. I hate that i live in a poor area and thus are only given poor manual workers to chose from. I wish i could live in the city and get a guy who could take me to things i like, like ballets and plays and musicals. The most my bfs has done is take me to the mall for $5 cotton candy. Ive tried to get my bf cultured with plays and theater but he ends up scrolling for newport cigarettes memes on his phone and he doesn’t try to get theater or the arts. Oh but he loves me so much i guess.. idk

No. 1786662

wym race before the clock, you've got a whole five years before your arbitrary time limit. If anything this is the moment to look out for new potential dates because 30s is when people originally off the dating market are divorcing etc

No. 1786664

Stop trying to find a man who will take you to ballets and plays and musicals… find friends. Then you won't have to settle for a terrible scrote just because he might one day put a baby in you that he'll no doubt leave you to deal with on your own.

No. 1786668

I also just want to go on record that for our anniversary i bought him a ring, and heee bought me a mug and a stuffed animal off amazon While i went to a bouji boutique in new york and bought him a ring carved from titanium but what the fuck ever i guess.

OH i guess ge did buy a $1 button pin with a sexual innuendo on it too because he thought of me…. Ha.

No. 1786669

If ballets and musicals is what you like you should probably be making connections there. Unlike 99% of people you have this physical non-screen IRL hobby, that's a massivr advantage, use it to meet like-minded people lol

No. 1786678

This. And she lives in NYC? Girl, go live your life. Find some meetup groups or just start going alone. I got out of a similar relationship and I felt so bored and empty so I actually started volunteering after a decade of hermitude and I'm now building a local social environment with people I actually have shit in common with, unlike my ex or other fair-weather buddies. I googled "volunteers theatre new york city" and now I wish I was there. Do it Anon

No. 1786682

Where do you live, somewhere along the Appalachian mountains? If pickings are slim and some sort of career is important find some government worker like a mail man. Just an idea. In poor areas they make good money even though they constantly bitch about the salary and in a recession they won’t lose their jobs suddenly.
It’s kinda retarded to pick based on a specific job obviously but damn they gotta have some kind of job, and I’m just spitting out ideas here

No. 1786683

I think the new woke lgbtqiaqwerty+ movement has made me more homophobic and I don't like it. As a teen I too waved around a small pride flag with my friends but now I avoid everything rainbow and related to the lgb and t+. The t+ is a given but it's honestly a shame that even tho I can separate the two I still am averse to lgb content too. I won't watch shows that center gay characters, I scroll past gay creators if they talk about things related to lgbt, I shut my eyes to all things lgbt in real life because I'm just so full of it. I dont think this is what the movement wanted. I don't like that I feel like this. To add, I don't think homophobic is quite the right word to describe this since I do not hate them nor do I think anything bad about them but I just don't have a better word to describe this aversion I noticed. Hell, I'm even contemplating on being bisexual myself after all these years without realizing it but honestly I'm so put off by the movement itself that I don't even want to find out. I don't feel like I could ever be a part of that commynity, I don't even want to. The trans movement really did a number on the lgb and their acceptance.

No. 1786684

LMAONoh god noooo i do not live in nyc. Im in stuck in a hick ass town in between WV and Ohio. I just should’ve been born in nyc lol.

No. 1786685

NVM I'm retarded and she doesn't live in the city but my point still stands. You have a mainstream interest that lends itself to local meetups, do it!

No. 1786691

You say you won't date someone who is younger than you yet you're dating a broke manchild who is 30 while you're 34? Unless you made a mistake in your old post, he's younger than you and acts like a child. He's uncultured and buys you cheap Amazon gifts. Gross. The one thing I'm happy about for my friend is the fact that he is in med school and comes from a fairly well off family. I'm not interested in younger men either, but I am happy for others who get with mature partners with ambitions and a secure lifestyle. You staying with your bum boyfriend is your own fault at this point since you don't mention him abusing you or keeping you from seeing your friends, family, etc. You're just making up excuses to stay in this miserable relationship. Wake up. Go find a like-minded man.

No. 1786693

SH3. Point and laugh.

No. 1786694

It’s sadly understandable. I’m bi, came out over a decade ago, actually been with both sexes (including two serious relationships with women), worked at an LGBTQ+ business for years, and I feel so disillusioned with the so-called “community” now. Spicy straights and disgusting moids have ruined it for us. Being LGB used to be subversive and cool. It is so unbelievably far from that now that the entire culture wants to shove its sexuality down our throats. I’m now married to a guy and I don’t give a fuck about any of it. Not back in the closet, exactly, it just isn’t relevant to me anymore. I’d rather not be associated with the current movement. It’s a total embarrassment.

No. 1786703

I've been brushing my teeth in my room and spitting into the trash these past few days

No. 1786727

those nerds don’t deserve you
It's getting hard to believe it when you're invisible to regular people kek, and the nerds only want me because they see me as a Cool Girl™ who is into the same shit as them.

No. 1786795

>Being LGB used to be subversive and cool
Are you one of those people that sees sexuality as an aesthetic? It's just a sexuality, not a fashion statement

No. 1786845

No and nowhere did I say that.

No. 1786850

Okay but then what were you implying? The "LGB" it's only described that way by people that don't take it seriously, so what's your context?

No. 1786872

nta but wdym by "only ppl who dont take it seriously use 'LGB'"? theres been a not-small movement of LGBdroptheT after one too many TQ+ freaks keep dragging everyone down to their level, and LGB is a good catch-all way to describe people who are actually same-sex attracted instead of LARPing it for attention

No. 1786873

The context is in the rest of my original comment. You can read it if you’re literate.

No. 1786896

I totally understand what you mean anon. I don't mind the idea of 2 men being in love and dating. But when I see irl gay men or the ones online, I just get so disgusted. I was ok with lesbians mostly until I started using lolcow and noticing how many of them hate straight or bi women and make fun of them for being attracted to men and act like they're the ~real feminist~, and it kinda made me dislike them. I saw an anon here who claims to be a lesbian and thinks you can only be truly attracted to women if you find butches only attractive, and aren't attracted to feminine women/lesbians. What? Isn't that just emulating being straight? Weird. I don't have anything against the idea of 2 women finding each other sexually attractive and having sex, but again, it the way they act and talk about their sexuality and their superiority complex that bothers me about them. And for gay men it's their perversion and proving the "molested child to gay man pipeline" true, and how they hate women because they're not attracted to them, and how they mock women by dressing up in exaggerated ways and mimic their behavior in a gross oversexualized way. And it's worse when straight normal women copy them or support them. The attraction itself isn't the problem, but the way it's portrayed and how they associate some behaviors and fashions with it. And by extension, media containing gay/lesbian characters end up as a reflection of how the annoying ones irl act, so it's impossible to watch. They're never normal people, they're always annoying sjws. While in manga and anime it's mostly written as fetish shit with no real representation or actual relationships. Except chinese manhue for some reason, they take it seriously kek. And for bis, it's mostly just used to make a character seem cool, and most bis online fake it or think they're genuinely bi but they aren't. But in all honesty, seeing that kind of people made me question my own sexuality and if I'm truly bi or am I extremely horny and narcissistic so much so that I want both sexes to fuck me for validation. I've always found female and male characters attractive as a chind, and fantasized about both, but not equally. Male characters got more of my attention than female ones, but I noticed I get more attached to a character if they check the looks boxes and the personality+sad backstory boxes. And it's rare to find perfect overachiving female characters with a sad backstory, so maybe that's why I didn't have as much crushes on them as male characters. But even when it comes to celebrity crushes, I like both. But seeing the fake bis online makes me doubt myself, only way to find out is irl experience I guess.

No. 1786930

You need psychiatric intervention

No. 1786937

I feel like I'm failing feminism right now by buying an IPL hair removal device. So sorry but I'm tired of looking like a miniature Bigfoot. My body hair is so coarse and dark plus my skin is pale so it stands out so bad. My side burns are trying to turn into beards. I have chest hair and a happy trail I've never seen on a man. I have a mustache. I can't take this anymore. I never judge other women when I see them with body or facial hair, but none of them ever have it as dark as I do. Last time I went to a bookstore the cashier they/themed me. Ever since then I've noticed that even most tifs don't have body hair like I do. I think that dispite my hair I'm actually really pretty and well proportioned but I can't wear the clothes I want to because I always feel like a man when I'm in them. I don't even know how my facial hair is so dark, I never started to shave my face until recently because I hated my mustache and chin hairs. I never took hormones and I don't have any weird symptoms of anything that can cause abnormal hair growth. Non of my medications cause this either. IPL seems to be the best option for me. I just feel like such a hypocrite because I'm always saying women shouldn't be expected to shave, that body hair doesn't make a women a male, that it isn't gross, ect ect. But I don't believe that about myself.

No. 1786944

But I'm not schizophrenic, yet.

No. 1786945

>What? Isn't that just emulating being straight
well no because masculine women arent male or male like.
this queer stuff is the fault of heterosexuals. the ideology, grooming, most trannies are heterosexuals especially the TiMs, the people funding them are straight etc. so its odd you're specifically taking it out on homosexuals. but then again you and the other anons that agree here are bisexual so its not surprising that you're punching down

No. 1786946

this is regular homophobia, sister.

No. 1786957

Nobody's idealogically pure, we're all susceptible to pressures from society unless you have astonishingly thick skin. As long as you aren't defending it as an empowering feminist choice (like a lot of girls do about makeup etc) I think it's fair enough. Feminism can be a work in progress, we get more confident in ourselves over time so maybe one day you won't be bothered with the hair at all.

Hair removal is my achilles heel too, I already have the stigma of being terminally single/celibate, unmarried and childless so meeting bare minimum beauty standards is like a defense mechanism for me. I'm not made of stone, I hate being judged, I don't want people to think I live this way because I have to rather than because I want to.

No. 1787011

lmao what. this is just regular homophobia, you're not some tortured protagonist like you're making yourself out to be. go self-reflect some more

No. 1787021

First anon, yeah fair enough. But I still don't understand why that anon insisted only liking masculine women is true ssa. I find a woman attractive if she's naturally good looking regardless of femininity or masculinity, but I understand having a type if that what she meant.

How is what any of what I said homophobic though? Asking genuinely. As I said, I don't care about 2 people of the same sex falling in love and getting in a relationship or married, or kissing or holding hands etc. It's more the weird fashion, behaviors, opinions etc. that seem to come with it but to me seem inauthentic and more forced and learned. Rather than who the person truly is. Like, I don't think being a gay man makes gay men speak in that high valley girl accent naturally because of genetics lol. It's obviously put on. Or how some 'lesbians' online talk about how they're 'u-haul' lesbians and it's their culture blah blah balh. And that kind of people are the ones represented in media unfortunately. Not that the media representing them is good anyways kek. It's rare for modern media to have a gay/lesbian couple that speak and behave normally like responsible adults, they always have to stand out like a sore thumb instead when it comes to the writing of these shows. And I think lots of young gay and lesbian people absorb that and try to emulate it thinking they definitely have to act and talk that way to be true homosexuals, it's just strange to me.

No. 1787023

I never actually said I was bi, I only think I might be but that's something I'm not about to solve with anons here now. And this anon >>1786896 sounded a little unhinged to me too so don't lump me together with her.

No. 1787058

File: 1700863782981.jpg (100.48 KB, 600x762, 1654369833510.jpg)

most of my reactions pics are on my phone, so yeah

No. 1787061

File: 1700864026186.jpeg (143.87 KB, 1046x695, Hot_Chocolate.jpeg)

As someone who grew up in a Muslim household, my favorite indulgence is marshmallows in hot cocoa

No. 1787066

I'm stuck with a fetish I developed after watching American cartoons. I fear I will never be normal

No. 1787067

You must see how what you’re saying is regular homophobic. I’m not trying to change your mind or anything. The nicest way I can rephrase what you said is that you think typical gay affectations and culture are gross and repulse you. I don’t know what you think people who developed that way are supposed to do — completely rethink their whole life, their clothes, their voice, their style of communication etc so it’s “normal” and doesn’t gross you out anymore? We’re living in the world as it is now, it’s unreasonable of you to hold this disdain for a group of people in it because they socialize each other to act in a way you don’t like. That’s how you came off as homophobic in case you were actually wondering. Go ahead and think that way but don’t be surprised if you get called a homophobe. For all I know you’re gay yourself but like a good normal gay or something lol, like maybe you’re a perfect gay and you’re just complaining about all this slang and weird clothes and wild hair colors, like a hall monitor for being gay the right way… not to tinfoil I’m just trying to imagine why you don’t think you sound homophobic

No. 1787073

File: 1700864444298.jpg (104.37 KB, 680x693, 8jo3Yjx5o9syOeFlgOPhKji7SQ-2-i…)

TERFS are nothing but reactions to the shitty climate created by submissive spineless libfems . I've moved away from radfem stuff but I will always hate libfems and trannies. They're the ones who created this in the first place.

No. 1787148

I might know who made this meme originally, no one would remember her tumblr blog but she was fxyan back in 2018. When radblr wasn't a nightmare.

No. 1787194

>I started using lolcow and noticing how many of them hate straight or bi women and make fun of them for being attracted to men and act like they're the ~real feminist~, and it kinda made me dislike them. I saw an anon here who claims to be a lesbian and thinks you can only be truly attracted to women if you find butches only attractive, and aren't attracted to feminine women/lesbians.
Lolcow is full of mentally ill political lesbians and 16 year olds larping as blackpilled lesbian radfems married to eachother. Notice how they read this and didn't recognize it was unhinged, just started getting mad and calling you homophobic. Real life lesbians aren't like this.

No. 1787198

I was genuinely wondering. I didn't think about the socialization angle tbh, though. But why do they think they should act that way because everyone else does? If it's socialization doesn't that mean it's not their true selves? I think I'm bi but I live somewhere where being gay/bi is punishable by death (and so is being straight out of wedlock but that's another can of warms) so I can't truly act on my sexuality and figure it out properly. But I never developed any behaviors/fashion choices that align with bisexuality that I see people talk about online. Like cuffing jeans, wearing flannels etc., and I think it's weird people equate that to being bi lol. I am slightly gender non-conforming and androgynous though but that's a mixture of my nature and the trying to be contrarian to the culture I live in, and I don't believe it's a manifestation of my sexuality. Despite not shaving and not wearing makeup, I still like dresses and feminine girly stuff, sexy womanly stuff, and some 'manly' stuff, or alt stuff etc. I don't limit myself to certain interests and looks to prove my sexuality, I just think it's weird when people do that. I don't limit myself to be attracted to a certain type of people only to prove it either, and I think it's silly when people say you're only x sexuality if you're attracted to y type of people only. (Masculine vs feminine and stuff). Maybe it's because I never grew up in an lgb community so they never imprinted on me, and the ones online didn't rub off me either.

No. 1787204

Thank you. I was getting scared that I'm actually homophobic without realizing and worrying I'm gonna get banned kek. I am open to hear other people's opinions but I'm so confused by what those anons mean. And you're right that a real lesbian would probably not act that way, some of the ones on lolcow are so weird.

No. 1787246

No, the both of you are homophobic retards. Stop looking for approval of your own homophobia.

No. 1787272

Just remember, these are mentally ill people on the internet saying anything on anon. Don't get memed. I'm actually same-sex attracted and have almost given up on discussing sexuality on this site because it's been taken over by radblr/twitter retards. A few are literally just trannies coming here for validation (like "whitegloves"/Rita from /lgbt/ on 4chan or the schizotroon).

No. 1787288

>anyone who does not agree with me is mentally ill
>reeing about radfems
>reeing about the site 'changing'
>reeing about manhate
We've hate man hate for years kek. Newfag larpers.

No. 1787290

>schizo strawmanning
Just another day on nu-lolcor theyfriend

No. 1787293

>calling it strawmaning
You know we can read previous posts?

No. 1787294

Being a manhater doesn't make you a radfem, the fact you cannot see the difference between hating men and aligning yourself to a radical political movement is the problem with this site nowadays.

No. 1787297

Nice samefaging kek. Cry harder.(infighting)

No. 1787299

Samefag but:
>A radical political movement
Oh, you think that's what the rad part means and think everyone who calls you a retard is a radfem, not just someoneon who realises you're wrong. You're one of those people kek. Psyoping doesn't work you realise?

No. 1787304

You're embarrassing, I'm not that anon. Learn how to discuss like a normal person
What the hell are you talking about? Like, really?(infighting)

No. 1787309

You're strawmaning kek.

No. 1787310

Exactly. This is what they always do, kek. Insist they're based manhater radfems and everyone just doesn't get it/is homophobic/is criticizing them for "hating men" (half are kpop boy band spergs) when none of them ever are even RFs in practice or mindset, just annoying kids in an online meme community adopting any cool new identity they can find.

No. 1787311

I hate when anons call themselves radfems here. I know real radfems and they are actually volunteering in shelters and helping women. They have never opened a single radfem book in their life either.

No. 1787327

>They just think hating men for the things they say and do makes you a lesbian
NTA but who said this?

No. 1787333

But anon, they do not identify as homophobic! Therefore they aren't even though they shill the same 'if you hate men you're trying to turn women into lesbians/a lesbian' stick that scrotes believe (not suspect at all kek, not strange it's only ever about radfems and not knowing what the word even means kek). I assume it is the same samefagging retard who cries every month in meta about trannyhate and manhate and tries to pretend it's because they're a 'real' feminist >>>/meta/63479 , >>>/meta/63475 , >>>/meta/63442 , >>>/meta/63424

Anon said it best >>>/meta/63440

No. 1787339

Sorry, double post. Site fucked up.

No. 1787372

The """anons""" thinking every random anon who shits on men is a lesbian. It's a common cope for tradfags and scrotes who shit up the site to deflect responsibility for mens behaviour causing women to feel this way, gay, straight, or bi >>>/ot/1217948 , >>>/ot/1217854 . Only men think pointing out male degeneracy and the resulting hate makes or turns someone gay and assumes all anons are gay or trying to larp as gay because they post manhate (because they do not see sexuality that stands in the way of their desires as real or see men as a superior option to women). I'm straight and manhate is based. Nor does hating men mean anons are a radfem. It comes off as reeing about their pet hate they blame for why they can't get a date. It's why the tranny used to spam the same thing.

No. 1787378

and then immediately tried to shill allowing mtfs to join the site because we allow ftms.

No. 1787399

File: 1700876744378.png (1.61 MB, 1730x1299, 1700700561399321.png)

I just want to habe a bunch of babies, a whole litter even. Tfw you will never be a cat mom nursing her young

No. 1787407

I'm >>1786896 and I don't remember saying hating men makes you lesbian? I just said that I saw some anons saying only way to be lesbian is to like masculine women, and liking feminine women isn't "real" ssa. And said that some anons who claim to he lesbian here hate on straight women for being straight. How did you turn all of this about man hating=lesbian/radfem? Unless you're mistaking me for another anon. I posted >>1787021 and >>1787198, and >>1787204 only. Whoever you're tinfoiling is the same person, isn't me.

No. 1787408

Nah I think she’s a little confused (maybe because of the culture she said she grew up in, being gay being a crime wherever she is implies to me she probably hears a lot of lies and bullshit about it) but in a way she’s actually onto something about the way popular media portrays gayness and it getting memed by people. In a really roundabout/horseshoe way she might be onto something lol. But that’s a thing in every culture not just the gay subculture so unless she’s gonna look at herself and her affectations and beliefs and other subcultures and all the little things that make people act the way they are and not like their “true selves” it’s not really a revelation.
Also you seem a little crazy because you are talking about things I didn’t see her say and linking like 10 other posts I’m not gonna click on to see what the fuck you’re talking about sorry

No. 1787446

I finally get what the other anon meant now that I read your post. I genuinely think I act the way I truly and naturally am. I've been acting and thinking the same way since I was a young kid until now, similar interests and tastes and behaviors, just slightly tweaked to be more appropriate and fit in society. But people consider me different and strange wherever I go kek. Irl, on lolcow, on discord, on reddit etc. So I guess I'm doing something right and being shamelessly myself? I didn't get to socialize that much growing up except in school and online, other than that I'm looked at home 24/7, so I have no one but myself's company and sometimes, my family. So I never imprinted on anyone afaik. Sorry for the blogpost. And yeah, you got my point, guess I just delivered it in a retarded way kek.

No. 1787463

>Scott's babies look like his friends
Lol what a cuck

No. 1787466

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I really have no female friends, or any IRL friends for that matter, but I really desire having a female connection again. I turned 18, and am still living at my parents house and I’m basically not allowed to go out or do anything or have any friends as long as I’m under their roof, but I still feel desperate to reach out to people to talk to. I only really have my boyfriend, were long distance for now though unfortunately, and I get to see him in a few months, but I crave to have female friends again. I hate having to make friends with men, just because of the spaces I occupy usually online. It makes me uncomfortable. Especially since I have a boyfriend. He’s not against me having made friends at all, but I just don’t like the idea of it. Whenever I befriend a guy, it’s always he catches feelings for me and I stop talking to him out of shame. I’m glad I have my boyfriend in my life, as he’s super supportive and I just never wanna lose him, but I’m just so tired of not having anyone who can relate to certain things around me that women can relate to… it really hurts a bit. I feel rejected even though I haven’t made much of an effort to go out and make friends.

No. 1787475

I’m the anon you replied to and from reading your post I think you have to reflect on all this some more, truly. I’m not sure you got what I was saying (but also I can’t be sure I get what you’re talking about because I don’t know you like that, it just seems like you said some very very contradictory stuff just now)

No. 1787476

>the other anon
Who do you mean? Link post please

No. 1787478

It was said that anyone shitting on men is a radfem/polilez.

No. 1787483

nta but the only post i found mentioning polilez was >>1787194 which wasn't about manhate

No. 1787489

I genuinely still don't get what was wrong with what I said, but I think it's better to drop the topic to not derail the thread any further. I'm too retarded to get this.

This anon, I didn't get her point about affectations at first.

No. 1787501

The post that made you understand the post you didn’t get is the same poster (I know because I posted both lol) sorry I didn’t make it understandable the first time I guess.

No. 1787546

No one said that, were you reading multiple threads and confusing them?

No. 1787775

I just feel like I need to apologize. I'm sorry.

No. 1787805

Are you having a brain bleed lmao

No. 1787809

File: 1700900050193.jpeg (191.86 KB, 1152x718, 93FF50FE-2979-46E1-B205-E85687…)

Wiggers are grosser to me than white nationalists. There’s something hypocritical and slimey and fake. I think it’s cringe and disgusting when I see a spoiled white American brat brag about marching for BLM or their “love” of rape music. You make my skin crawl. I have bile in my throat. Spoiled brats who can crawl back to mommy and daddy in your suburbs when you get bored.

No. 1787814

>rape music

No. 1787815

>>1785215 (OP)
Found this site
Saw a boatload of useless unnecessary rules

Never coming back here

No. 1787817

All according to plan

No. 1787822

Fair enough. This place can be too cringe.

No. 1787830

I want to have all my friends sleep in a big cozy bed like this with me wtf. I just get so lonely and scared at night that I can’t sleep. I’m not a clingy person but my thoughts race around in my head so badly when i’m alone at night, I just need a human cuddle buddy. I hear some people who edate will vc each other to fall asleep, is my husbando was real I would do the same tbh.

No. 1787846

Reading the black girl problems thread with statements like "white people will always hate black people" which seems completely and utterly ridiculous to me someone who was raised in a multicultural country but without polarizing race politics, and it makes me wonder if my misandry (men will always hate and/or exploit women) is just as ridiculous and I'm just not seeing it

No. 1787853

Nah men are literally biologically defective the Y chromosome is a fucked up mutated X chromosome. White and black women are more alike than male/female fraternal twins.

No. 1787870

China is currently going through an ethnic cleanse right now. Other countries are way more racist than the Americas
In Afghanistan currently 3 women are worth the same as 1 man(Racebait)

No. 1787872

I know people like to compare their countries racism with americas but it’s not the same black people came here and we were seen the same as literal cows if not worse cuz animals get treated with more respect in this country. They really had to make a bill to distinguish if we were human ducking beings! Do you know how nuts that is! And you know the solution they came up with!? That we were 3/5ths a person! What does that even fucking mean!? Maybe white people aren’t inherently evil but to be fostered in an environment that at its core is built on racist ideologies and politics and how it STILL shapes every fiber of this country and the majority of white people refuse to even ACKNOWLEDGE its existence let alone try and help remove the system entirely is evil itself imo. How can you learn that even something that literally no one likes or asked for like credit scores were invented simply to further discriminate against black people and still not be peaked that this whole system is corrupt and needs to be eradicated. Like we are at the mercy of our credit scores because of racism. We have to pay for school because white propel didn’t want black people at theirs (and still don’t!).

But of course black people just like to complain but do the research and you’ll see the reason why we have to do anything a certain way in America is because of racism. YOU CANT STAND IN CERTAIN AREAS BECAUSE OF RACISM LOITERING LAWS! How does that not peak white people idk but I’ve grown tired trying to convince people to care

No. 1787876

I am in a very similar situation, I'm not sure how to word this and hope it doesn't come off as weird but would you be interested in getting in touch?

No. 1787894

I don't think I really miss my ex for who she is. I miss the past version of her and all the time we spent in one hobby. Also don't care for her almost daily suicide baiting.

No. 1787895

File: 1700909604307.jpg (38.69 KB, 828x433, 122490357_10157950883215805_33…)

>"white people will always hate black people"
IMO, the uncomfortable truth is this: Some will, and they'll happily try to deprive themselves/their whole country of good things just to harm "the blacks". On an interpersonal level, you can't exactly know who has that sick mentality until it's too late, so I understand the sentiment, even though I don't personally subscribe to it. It's likely easy to downplay it and pretend it's not happening if you aren't black. What country are you from, nonna?

No. 1787905

>Like we are at the mercy of our credit scores because of racism.
Everyone starts out with the exact same credit score.

No. 1787910

>deprive themselves/their whole country of good things
You got to be trolling.

No. 1787912

You're either not American, or you don't know that laws/economic policies some burgers voted in thinking they'd just harm "the other" have also screwed over white people (or you know it and just think it's worth it, in which case, lmao). Even slavery came at the cost of development of infrastructure in Southern states, but plantation owners didn't give a fuck because poor white people were still worthless scum and useful idiots to them. This is how racebaiting right wingers feel about poorfags today, too.

No. 1787922

You make a compelling point.

No. 1787923

I hate to admit it but I look so much better with makeup, I'm not talking about a full face but even a little eyeshadow and mascara makes my gaze more intense and gives me the edge that goes with my outfits and personality.

No. 1788034

File: 1700924375738.jpeg (11.22 KB, 225x225, IMG_2210.jpeg)

>bf says he’s worried I’m going to cuck him
>the thought literally never entered my mind before he brought it up
>now having dreams about it practically every night, sometimes about guys I know

No. 1788049

Well that's basically everyone with skillfully applied makeup. And the whole point of makeup.

No. 1788055

Majority of men who are "paranoid" that their gf is cheating every chance they get usually have a cuck fetish

No. 1788067

in the past i’ve had a lot of problems with internet stalking. i get really obsessive and feel like i NEED to look at certain peoples accounts. recently my boyfriends ex girlfriend is who i can’t seem to stop looking at and i told him i would download a literal sobriety app and stop looking. and i did for a while like twenty days but i was always wondering what she was posting. another detail is that when i first started looking at her account i found out she has a kid which i don’t know why but that like REALLY triggered me. it’s not my boyfriends kid idk who’s it is or why it bothered me so much. but anyways i caved and looked at her account and she deleted the post about her kid and posted MULTIPLE pictures of my boyfriend. like how are you going to post your ex from four years ago but not your child. i don’t know why this triggers me so deeply and i’m embarrassed and ashamed and i really can’t talk to anyone about it because i shouldn’t even be looking at her account in the first place but it just drives me absolutely insane. does anyone else have a similar problem/ how do i get over it

No. 1788087

maybe it is his kid.

No. 1788094

i would think that but he’s literally with me ALL the time and hasn’t seen her since like 2021. she also lives out of state. but if i found out that it was his i would actually just kill myself immediately

No. 1788096

Last year, I made it my new year’s resolution to not snoop on anyone from my past online. I haven’t checked their social media since last year. It gets easier with time. I don’t have any easy advice to follow other than you just have to be disciplined. Delete the apps if they’re making you want to snoop.
Bad nonnie, you aren’t helping.

No. 1788110

Tbh it should be normalized for mothers not to post their kid to public social media.
Maybe she privated her kid's pictures but kept her bf's pics public.

You're going native, anon. Do not look. The past is the past for a reason.

No. 1788123

Even if it were unreasonable, even if it weren't, you will not get get any real unbiased opinion here out of all places. People with the same opinions tend to mingle and anyone who holds a different worldview and stays will change her mind or leave if she weren't already told to do so. If you want to come closer to the truth try to think from an outsider's perspective, ask as many people as possible, look at different opinions to see which ones you agree with, etc. There's no correct answer I can give your or anyone else for that matter, because everything depends on your point of view. So the question is: What do YOU think?

No. 1788289

On instagram every time, I go on a random comment section people will be typing N or the N word and it’s like why is it so random? They just bring it out of nowhere they comment it on videos of dogs, it’s so unprovoked they just let their racism out. It’s so common although I don’t think it’s just white people it’s like Asians and Latinos too. Tbf Instagram is a cesspool and the same retards saying this are also saying “my gf is 6”

No. 1788351

It's definitely hyperbolic on here, not literally every man is a raping violent psychopath but misogyny is definitely very real, but it's more invisible than racism because it's so ingrained that it's easy to get gaslit into believing it's not even there. Women got the right to vote 40 years after black men, we've still never had a female president, men will throw a fit if a female character in a video game isn't portrayed the way THEY want her to be, people perceive women as talking more in a conversation than a man even if she actually talks less, and people perceive the amount of women to men in a TV show being 50/50 if only 20% of them are women, and will say there are more women than men if the ratio is actually 50/50. This stuff wouldn't happen if culture wasn't misogynistic as a whole

What the fuck side of instagram are you on? I haven't seen this once and I go on there pretty frequently. Mostly I follow interior design and fashion accounts though and those are mostly women and I noticed women don't seem to have the weird fixation on race that me do

No. 1788385

I'm glad I got a hysterectomy, in spite of the risks.

No. 1788438

Late, but you and I are exactly the same and you've convinced me to finally get one too

No. 1788492

File: 1700951160580.jpeg (43.93 KB, 1200x630, 9D4D7BD6-5893-4CDF-B4E3-1BEB1A…)

My mom lost 40 lbs on ozempic and it feels weird to hug her. I’m glad she finally lost the stubborn pounds she has hated her whole life. But I’m surprised I even have a mental/physical image of what a hug is with my mom

No. 1788498

What was the healing like? Any suspicious symptoms?

No. 1788506

I know that he's ghetto af but asap rocky is so insanely hot to me… kathy griffin gets it

No. 1788521

He looks gay though.

No. 1788524

He is good-looking but his personality is trash

All rappers are gay or bisexual kek

No. 1788534

didn't he once kicked a woman

No. 1788536

That's the appeal sis, nearly feminine pretty, yet a male whore.

No. 1788540

Healing took about two or three weeks, and only the first week was difficult with some limited mobility and pain. The incisions were so small that it's hard to even see the scars now. I don't seem to have any unusual symptoms or pelvic floor issues so far, although I am kind of worried about the increased risk of dementia, but I don't think it's that high since I kept my ovaries. I'm still vigilant for any issues though.

No. 1788558

I think in terms of decent men there are some more than lolcow thinks but way less than the average person in society thinks because we've been gaslit (or whatever) to shit about what's normal and acceptable behaviour for men. It's easy to pidgeonhole but people are so different, and develop in different ways. The way society treats men does them 0 favors. I think they should be handled and controlled more carefully than women because they're more volatile, but I have no doubt there are "good" men out there. Probably a benign offline asexual.

No. 1788560

File: 1700954673688.jpeg (87.31 KB, 439x640, IMG_0837.jpeg)

I’m so unbelievably bored without a fandom or a ship. I’m a khv loser and I just moved and have almost no friends.
I hate being left alone with my thoughts. At least fanfic filled the void.

No. 1788563

File: 1700954897445.jpg (27.35 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg.jpg)

>feminine pretty
Huh? Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

No. 1788578

I take pleasure in being awkward, as a little occasional treat.
I used to try so hard to fit in as an autist. Now I’m better dressed, and know how to integrate, I like to break the rules. Extended eye contact. Strange body language. Oversharing. Slipping a bark in mid sentence. Fuck it, I’m never mean to anyone, I’m a humble girl who tries to have compassion, I just enjoy a little mischief.

No. 1788588

Why’d you have to get a hysterectomy if you don’t mind me asking? And why is it a confession?

No. 1788633

Partly it was because I had never wanted children and was afraid of getting pregnant, partly it was out of medical necessity. I was trans (left that whole mess behind now) and taking testosterone for years gave me intense uterus cramps that had been increasing in frequency and severity. You pretty much have to have a hysterectomy if you've been on it long enough.
It's a confession because many people think women regret getting hysterectomies so young, I've seen comments on here that it's dangerous and stupid to get it done, I've seen a lot of detransitioners say they regret it, and I've told people I regret medical transition (although not that part specifically).

No. 1788640

You can hang around tv tropes until something jogs your fancy or do what I’m doing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_misconceptions

No. 1788715

yea anons here usually catastrophize at the mention of it because they think every hysterectomy is done willy-nilly. i dont regret mine either. my quality of life improved 300% and i didn't have to depend on my abuser to survive once it was done, I was well enough to get my own place and work. also nice to have peace of mind about how I could never be forced to get pregnant either.

No. 1788784

>Probably a benign offline asexual.
nta but nah asexual doesn't exist in men, not even the good ones. every 'asexual' guy i encountered was just closted gay kek

No. 1788800

File: 1700964381750.png (1.93 MB, 1668x2224, F6DDCA1D-D8AF-4F07-99CE-A8FBAA…)

I posted the last two things in the old thread on accident and I dont feel like copying and pasting them, kek

No. 1788889

I know two different guys who trooned out, one was a good friend of mine (we'll call him A) and once when I was drunk I made fun of another mutual friend of ours who also trooned out (called B). I told A that B's face wasnt feminine at all after his facial feminization surgery, and A ranted about how hurtful my comments were and how "everyone wants to kill people like him" and he unfollowed and blocked me while I laughed. My confession is that I still miss my two friends sometimes, even though I know I just miss who I thought they were before they trooned out.

No. 1788899

I get it, I had a male friend who trooned out

No. 1788900

I like to interpret picrel as two women

No. 1788918

Caught my first ban, I know I deserved it. I've become an infighting bitch since the latest influx of complete idiots.

No. 1788966

I got a ban once for saying something I thought sounded like sarcasm at first, but sounded like a misogynistic moid. I probably shouldn't repeat what I said. This was before the talk like a moid thread existed.

No. 1788975

Please repeat it I want to know, I was banned for husbandofagging once

No. 1788983

File: 1700975262251.png (778.46 KB, 466x772, 1700970081967.png)

everyone is always saying she looks horrible and so ugly in her threads and I don't comment bc I'd be accused of white knighting but I think she's really sexy aside from the extreme spoopiness. I check up on her threads just because I like to look at her pictures

No. 1789141

The idea of being provided and protected by a man pisses me off so much.

No. 1789144

File: 1700989063944.jpg (76.41 KB, 564x810, 3de79f165bce962b0b456222670811…)

I used to inhale the smell of this as a child

No. 1789180

Is it just me who finds this video so viscerally disgusting? I regret clicking on it

No. 1789215

kek I was just reminded of a Japanese novel where the sunmary mentioned the husband was asexual. Random connection to that word.

No. 1789238

File: 1701001361413.png (578.45 KB, 457x855, Screenshot_8070.png)

I love shotas and have been a shotacon since i was 10 or so. I don't have any trauma i could attribute to this i'm just a degen and don't give a shit. Disgusting, but this is the confessions thread.

No. 1789240

>been a shotacon since i was 10 or so
…Anon I don't think that counts. What are you now?

No. 1789244

If you liked 10 year old boys when you were 10 you were normal. But if it continued into adult age…yeah that is bad.

No. 1789246

File: 1701001925633.png (535.99 KB, 685x685, fLRicUv.png)

I'm 18 now

No. 1789281

I truly hate my best friend. I grown up with so much resentment towards her that I constantly lie to her just to keep my façade. Truth is I stalk her every day and I sometimes hate on her online because I can and because she did the same to me years before.
It all started when we were maybe like 12/13 years old, she used to be fat and I didn’t. So instantly that made me more “desirable” to guys. Instead of understating it, she blame it on me every time and she made my teenager years a living hell.
She used to control me in such a nasty way. We grew up and she apologised for it but I have so much hate still that I feel I’d do anything to cut her off of my life. But our friends are mutual and basically I would lose everyone and everything.

No. 1789297

I'm not a shotafag, don't get me wrong, but picrel isn't really a shota
Neither is this

No. 1789299

At least wait til you're in your 20s to act like some sooper edgy degen shotacon, kek. Unless you're into prepubescent boys irl that means nothing.

No. 1789300

I personally grew out of my shota phase when I was around 22 tbh. I mean you are only 18, and many "shota" characters are like 16, I don't think it's that insane. I remember having Waver from f/z as my husbando (he's 19), and for some reason they usually depicted him as a shota in almost every doujin I read. First and last time I saw a 19 year old shota, kek.
As long as you don't mix fantasy and real life or don't eventually grow out of it, I don't think it's that terrible. (And I get that maybe right now you don't think you'll ever stop being into it, but trust me, I was the same).

No. 1789308

This. Stop falling for pearl-clooootchers on lolcow and twitter, it's honestly whatever. Like whatever 2D boy you want for however long you want, it doesn't mean anything.

No. 1789310

You don’t have a best friend. You have an enemy. Why would you remain in that situation? If your other friends are good to you, they will listen and be understanding. Otherwise, they are also not your friends.This dynamic is not healthy and you are probably better off leaving this time of your life in the past. Just curious, how old are you?

No. 1789319

This doesn't look like shota tho.

No. 1789446

this was still so schizo and braindead lmao

No. 1789510

I'm considering getting a bf because I like traveling and hotel rooms are expensive in the cities I want to visit. I want someone I can travel with who would split costs with me and my friends either don't like traveling, can't afford it even with someone else, aren't available at the same time as me or don't want to visit the places I want to visit. And I'm not traveling with my family for the same reasons and I want to be able to relax and secretly eat anywhere and anything I want instead of being dragged to subpar halal restaurants. They don't speak English so I would have to babysit them as well.

No. 1789839

Relatable, I'm staunchly volcel but as a solo traveler I want to kms everytime I see the prices of hotel rooms.

No. 1789994

I went probably a month without brushing my teeth and finally brushed them last week, but the same is probably going to happen again. I know it's disgusting, but I have no motivation and can't bring myself to keep on top of it now that I'm a neet again and don't go outside.

No. 1789999

Bad idea I did this and the scrote told everyone I was an ungrateful mooch and that he paid my way for everything we did together

No. 1790012

bad idea, traveling alone is better, it's really rare to find a man who wants to do the same things as you, you won't have the freedom you crave, and a lot of men are broke anyway

No. 1790015

Do you hate the taste of your toothpaste? Cause that was my problem. Otherwise, I give myself dopamine drip to brush my teeth by scrolling on my phone while brushing.

No. 1790068

anon pleeease take care of them you will seriously regret it it’s so expensive and painful to try to mitigate the damage caused. can you get an electric with a timer or new toothpaste? i use kids strawberry toothpaste while i pet my cat at the sink and it made it a lot more pleasant.

No. 1790082

File: 1701049858739.jpg (23.46 KB, 500x268, 41Qhiih6HlL.jpg)

Your dental hygiene is not just about how other people perceive you. Poor dental hygiene can lead to serious issues that won't effect other people but cause you a lot of issues. Please take it from me, I did not brush as often as I needed to as a child and I'm still dealing with the repercussions. Weak enamel, receding gums, abscesses, more cavities than I can count, 2 teeth missing because they rotted so bad they had to be removed, etc… These are painful and directly threaten your health since your dental health is directly connected to your heart health. It's easy to be like "I can't be assed to brush" now but you'll regret it when your face is throbbing in pain 24/7 from an infection that you may or may not have the money to fix. 2 minutes out of your day to brush twice a day is not a lot of time.

If the actual task of brushing is what bothers you, perhaps consider trying miswak (picrel) or some alternative form of brushing. I'm pretty sure all you do is chew on it, I'm sure you could do it while sitting at your desk on your computer.

No. 1790090

>abscesses, more cavities than I can count
Samefag, just to clarify: I don't have these right now. It's just stuff that I have struggled with I know no one cares but I hate when I poorly word things

No. 1790110

I'm like you, I struggle whenever I'm trapped at home. like other anons said use a less harsh toothpaste or try listening to music or something with wireless earbuds during

No. 1790128

get an electric brush they are miles better and it's faster

No. 1790136

I used to be like you for almost a decade but either I trained myself or something just clicked idk but I can’t stand going to bed with dirty teeth. It’s kind of annoying ngl I’ll be so cozy in bed but I’ll still get my ass up and brush. Luckily I didn’t have any lasting issues but I think I might just have decent tooth genes. Most people aren’t so lucky. Take care of them anon when they’re gone you don’t get them back.

No. 1790157

I’m not on any side of instagram I get all sorts of things in my feed, it’s a huge issue that others have even acknowledged

No. 1790638

Zuckerburg loves it when people are in conflict with each other. Hatred drives engagement and engagement is the true money maker

No. 1791178

File: 1701108360796.jpg (38.68 KB, 384x406, 1632579800.jpg)

Knowing that there's a possibility my 3D husbando could have fucked nasty old men for roles has killed all my attraction towards him. It's not actually confirmed in his case, no proof, no rumors, nothing, but the fact that nearly every other actor does it means he's probably no exception either. This sounds very silly but I feel heartbroken in a sense, like it's messing with me emotionally and I don't know why because it's not like I really know him.

No. 1791189

There needs to be some kind of age limit of moids allowed to have power in Hollywood since the older moids are just there to fuck younger actors. They suck. But remember, you don't have any proof in your case nona don't let it ruin things you enjoy.

No. 1791217

I don't have a "3D husbando" but this is what I feel when I see a children in media, it's always in the back of mind that these kids were likely sexually abused in some way, I have kind stopped watching media with some exceptions, if it's a film I truly like, I download it illegibly, save it in my hard-drive but don't ever look up the actors names or careers, cause I feel I'm setting my self for heart-break.

No. 1791226

I want to fuck my coworker and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I would visit a different state just to do it and he talks about coming to my state all the time because he likes it here. This happens everywhere I work. I attract a moid and we’re both super unavailable but get that classic super close silly friendship with sexy tension

No. 1791258

Whenever I listen to love songs I don’t think of my boyfriend but of my husbando. I’m so sorry

No. 1791266

No. 1791269

when i listen to love songs i think of my ships. im sorry.

No. 1791274

The ultimate true answer.

No. 1791306

I do both depending on the song

No. 1791378

I’ve got two rats and I must admit, I do not love them. I’ve had them for about a year and three months and we just never bonded. I blame it on my constant traveling, which is entirely my fault. There was a period shortly after I got them where we got along well, they even groomed me, came to me when they saw me, it felt like the start of something… but then I had to leave the country and I didn’t see them for months, and when I saw them again it wasn’t the same at all.

I just feel bad because what am I supposed to do now? I don’t want them to feel lonely, but when I try to socialize with them they just ignore me. If I give them treats they come and when they grab it they run away from me. I feel so bad about being such a shit owner. This brings me back when I had a hamster at 10-11 and I was so depressed I didn’t take care of him properly. I still cry about that sometimes. After my rats pass away I’m just never going to have pets again. I’m sorry little friends… especially you, Coquito. I just hope you’re in a better place now.

No. 1791404

I wanna go back to college so fucking bad. I have too many interests to choose what Id go for though. That, and taking on student loans is absolutely terrifying to me. Id be willing to take on some debt if I had a solid plan on what degree to get/how Id use it to earn good money, but I am not there yet. I dont want any debt though so its going to have to be a very, very solid and stable monetary return in order to convince me to do it and I just dont think any degree could offer me that.

No. 1791474

I was racist to chav-ass britbong tourists today and called them "anglosaxons". It felt good. A taste of their own medicine.
Ryanair was a mistake. Get out of my city lmfao.

No. 1791564

I pretended to everyone that my marriage was great, never complained, wanted everyone to believe I had a perfect life. I left that horrid moid in August, just moved the fuck out, and my friends/family are still surprised and think it was "totes random." I lied for him all the time and protected him from the consequences of his shitty actions so people would think he was a good person. So that I wouldn't seem like an idiot for choosing to stay with a lazy, jealous, creepy, unhygenic, alcoholic loser. I really shouldn't have protected him or stood up for him for that long. That was absolutely fucking retarded.

No. 1791576

I’m sorry you had to lie like that but I’m glad you’re out of that situation nonna.

No. 1791615

I have had rats 5 nonnie and some of them just AREN'T affectionate. Its not all that bad, some just won't bond no matter. I had a siamese rat and she was very unfriendly, even with other rats I had she was pretty standoffish. Just try to give them plenty of roaming time and frozen veggies- pet them as they please (toothbrush if they bite). Kind of like a fish- give them the best you can and do not worry. The other option is to rehome them but depending on their age and how they are with you, they might just like your prescense or might need someone who has experience with aggressive rats.

No. 1791626

you were doing the best you could in a bad situation. Many women often hide their thoughts and you had to do it for your safety. At least you're safe

No. 1791650

I’m glad you got away from that loser nonnie. I love that for you. I’m hoping I can do the same with my moid who I hate and I tell people I do

No. 1791720

secretly i revel in the fact that a lot of artists are having to find other jobs, namely the boring same subject-y soulless churners who thought freelancing would be easy cash but its drying up quick. good. get out, find a different hobby to parasite off. while you complain about your mediocre ass not getting bux im sharpening my skills and making connections. this job aint for you

No. 1791791

i wish this girl i know would stop bragging about her life. we aren't too familiar but i lurked her insta and she seems to be someone who was born into wealth, got her current (great! excellent! incredible!) job because her parents knew people, has tons of friends and an excellent support system – a turbo wealthy normie, basically. i hate feeling jealous but i can't fucking help it my dad was a mean drunk and my mom is a crazy narcissist and i didn't get to grow up in a nice city, i grew up in some bumfuck town and now i'm back here because i couldn't pay rent. i've always dreamed of having such an easy existence of hers and it seems like i just never will until my youth's totally spent. i hate being reminded that people with such easy lives exist

No. 1791793

You sound retarded and broke.

No. 1791801

Sharpening your katana blades I mean skills means nothing, AI will steal your work all the same

No. 1791809

you are going to get replaced by AI

No. 1791847

My dad was 37 when he got my 17 year old mom pregnant. I don't think I missed out on much with him dying when I was 5.

No. 1791854

I’m easy or a slut or whatever.
I’ve ruined a lot of relationships because I like the thrill of getting into bed with someone, even people who just are terrible and use it against me and call me ugly later.

No. 1791901

I still fuck my ex and he still pays for my everything when we're together. I'm pretty sure everyone around us knows this cause he's being really obvious about it. He dumped me in a really spectacular fashion and I shit talked about him to everyone so now everyone around me is wondering why the fuck I still even associate with him. But the dick is too good nonnies, also I am a broke bitch. Elsie forgive me for my sins.

No. 1791941

my bffsie is my soulmate she just doesn't know it yet. this is very inconvenient for a number of reasons. i'm not going to let it interfere with our friendship because i've been burned that way before but it's always so painful to hear her talk badly about herself and her relationship prospects because i just want to tell her that she's literally perfect and that we should run away together. oh well.

No. 1791945

you're pathetic.

No. 1791956

How is it any different from still being together? It’s like you didn’t even break up …

No. 1791958

>The dick is too good
Oh you know the dick sucks. Your moid is probably ugly as sin too. You're just pathetic.

No. 1792013

Why not just get back with him?

No. 1792057

I think deep down I always wanted to be a tumblr sexyman and have other nerd women fawn over me.
It's so cringe but I still enjoy crossplaying sometimes to get a taste of this. Perhaps it's because fandom was my point of reference for sexuality and shit growing up, so fantasizing about being a regular woman who is attractive to other women was outside of the bounds of my reality.

No. 1792330

I do the first thing sometimes except I’m still a girl. I think about being an edgy cartoon side/villain character and everyone making edits and shit about me, making awful memes and saying weird womanchild things like “oh my god the scrunkly” and liking me better than the main cast. It’s weird.

No. 1792513

I will read a questionable M/M WWII concentration camp AU fanfiction from 2015 tonight and I'm going to love it kek
Don't think I can atone for that though…

No. 1793079

When i was 7 years old , I tried to kill a Spanish hambeast who made fun of my eyebrows. I was present at a Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate my birthday. She came up to me while I was on the horse thing and had the audacity to call my eyebrows ugly. I got really pissed of so I chased her into the jungle gym tube things. I searched for her and when i found her I crawled towards her and attempted to strangle her. But i was a scrawny kid and she was obese, so before I could get my hands around her big ass bear neck, she crushed me against the sides of the tube and escaped down the slide. I had a fear of slides so she escaped me. I then left the arcade crying. I’m still embarrassed by this memory and I wanted to cry when my mom reminded me of it. I know theres at least 30 strangers who witnessed my breakdown.

No. 1793081

Correction: I was 9, not 7 kek.

No. 1793091

These are probably teenaged males. I don’t know how it is now as I last used instagram 2 years ago, but teenaged moids thought it was funny to spam monkey emojis under black women's(and only women’s) post, even if her account and post are the most innocuous shit(example: black women is drawing a flower and her hand is visible in the video). They then excuse it as “Irony” when confronted because they are that retarded. I fucking hate teenaged males. They probably are incels now and can’t figure out why.

No. 1793104

Based, she had it coming

No. 1793106

I’ve never admitted this before but same kek

No. 1793121

I feel like a troon sometimes because I genuinely want to try out femininity so fucking bad, I've just never, not once in my entire life, had the money. I basically grew up like a dude because my parents were too apathetic to give a shit (past teaching me basic "how to be clean" rituals) and I was naturally fugg and it sucks. I don't want to go full on full face beat makeup but I do unironically want to wear a cute spinny skirt and smell like a cupcake.

No. 1793128

It's just clothes, nothing wrong with wanting to try out different styles. The difference between you and troons is that they think the skirt makes them a woman, you know that you're a woman without it.

No. 1793161

I hate teenaged males, all males should be imprisoned from when they are born till when they turn 21 and banned from the internet until they are adults

No. 1793280

You're not wrong. All the artists complaining about AI that I came across were terrible at art and woke, too woke that it actually hinders their art skills, while also being coomers. The ones who don't sperg out about it are the ones who have nothing to fear since they have a good art style and set of skills. And AI isn't even that good, it can be really retarded with its results. One of the artists who never shuts tf up about how much bad AI is, is some wokoid coomer in a server I'm in, his art style is hazbin hotel meets steven universe basically but flatter and uglier with worse colors, floating in white space because he can't do backgrounds for shit. And he won't stop shilling his twiter so people would commission his ugly art. He also thinks girl with short hair in a tank top/short sleeved shirt/jacket=tomboy, and girl in black outfit=big tity goth gf. I hope he goes mega broke for this kek.

No. 1793297

there are literal god tier artists with decades of professional experience, who did art for multimillion dollar franchises, and who most certainly are better draftsmen than you who are having trouble finding consistent work. work on your skills but keep your ego in check

No. 1793336

File: 1701268546756.jpeg (36.13 KB, 577x541, IMG_8183.jpeg)

I'm still having sex dreams about a man that I hate and it's driving me crazy because I know we will never fuck. Nor should we.

No. 1793377

But who am I going to have sex with then…

No. 1793385

I like to report troon coomer posts on places like twitter/deviantart and watch them get taken down. It's so satisfying.

No. 1793442

You are easily the biggest retard on lolcow. Businesses, comers and normies would rather have uncanny free or cheap ai art than pay a good artist what they deserve for their work. Have you forgotten how humans work.

No. 1793661

never have sex

thank you for doing god's work

No. 1793834

You are most welcome, nona

No. 1793866

I wish I were famous even mid streamer level but I don't have the guts or charisma. I have some interesting ideas some that became efamous/memes but I don't have what it takes to finagle what I've got into clout. I'm just a little wannabe

No. 1793946

I was a midtier streamer who was growing fast (1000 follow total my first 2 streams + gained subs when able to sub for an 'idea') and it was fucking terrible. Privacy invasions, people know you but they don't so you are always worried about being recognized, you never know who is watching or doing what with your life. Its been about 5 years and I regret it. I deleted my channel about 2 months in. Its glamourous on the outside but awful. Never again.

No. 1793968

AI art can’t replace graphic design yet, wtf are you saying. Like sure it can make illustrations, but not a full on logo, brand or interface.

No. 1793973

Idk how the fuck I thought this was about graphic design but disregard this, I swear I’m not retarded

No. 1795366

I can type 90-100 wpm and I type every day of my life for hours but I still have to look at the keyboard

No. 1795373

What did you do? I love when anons have contributed to internet, like the anon who claimed she was the girl in the eating spaghetti out of a ziploc bag photo

No. 1795524

I was such an insufferable grammar nazi when I was a kid, I remember in like second grade being disappointed in a friend because she made a spelling mistake, I was insane.

No. 1795692

I envy male friendships

No. 1795718

Mid level streaming is a nightmare depending on what you define 'mid level'. When you are popular enough (100-400 viewers per stream), the chat is at this weird spot where the chat is noisy and everywhere but not big enough for the entire chat to speak as one voice. It's a lot easier to have a bunch of big paypigs but low viewcount but that means a more dedicated and insane fanbase, it's not worth it. My biggest fear with streaming is the chance I might accidentally make a mistake on stream, showing private details that people aren't allowed to see.

No. 1795805

File: 1701400297261.png (81.95 KB, 275x202, 6A88FC46-EBCB-436D-9C1A-39CACD…)

Sometimes I want to get back at my ex by fucking a guy he hates. He’s really hot but the only problem is that I hate him too kek. He’s so desperate for any approval from anyone it’s a major turn off. I love my ex still but I want to hurt him too. I want to make him feel as horrible as I’ve felt this past year.

No. 1796426

I am so close to self harming again even though I haven't done it for 11 years and the only thing that's keeping me from doing it, is the fact that those wounds would take months to heal again and I don't want to go through the trouble of having to hide them and find excuses in case people ask me. I also fear that I won't be able to stop once I start again.

No. 1796458

I used to post in the Female Fantasies thread constantly, but I’m not actually into women. it was just because I got confused by a really handsome one who I saw cross dressing and got carried away.
My second confession is I still sometimes fantasize about her even though I’m not into women irl. It feels wrong though so I am repenting. But 1 question. Does it count if you repent but do it again after? I feel like it doesn’t, kek

No. 1796484

I feel like this a lot too. It feels so good in the moment and for a while afterwards, but then your stuck with permanent shame marks for the rest of your life. I wish I could cut and then after a month, shake myself like an etch-a-sketch and wind up with a clean slate again. Kek

No. 1796523

I really love foam, like the stuff pool noodles are made of, I want to bite it, smell it, and squish it. I have a secret piece of foam that I periodically squish and smell (not bite tho cause I know it’s gross). Yes I’m retarted

No. 1796559

I'm going to serve my parents watered down drinks during the family Christmas party. Praying hard that they don't notice or, if they do, that they think I'm bad at mixing drinks and pity me too much to do anything about it. I just want them to be mostly sober and not raging assholes for one night it's the only thing I want for Christmas.

No. 1796615

This is devious and I support you fully.
Not sure if available where you live but they make non-alcoholic liquor now that mimics the taste of real alcohol. If you can get it and you want to go full gaslight…it’s an idea.

No. 1796630

Sometimes I read nonnies posts in my head with the voices of characters from The Office…
Angela and Pam infighting in the shay threads is an interesting crossover

No. 1796637

I love you.

No. 1796638

Ly2 babe

No. 1796712

Remember that foam adventures video? Now it's stuck in your head.

No. 1796718

I use ai chat bots too much to the point where when my moid messages me something annoying my finger reaches to where the switch dialogue button would be then I realize I'm talking to an actual person

No. 1796724

File: 1701474055433.jpg (22.97 KB, 610x294, F7hTnlWWUAAEhJR.jpg)

I think one or both of those girls is trans now. Almost spoils the memory for me.

No. 1796726

Delete this

No. 1796736

Yeah, I just looked it up. One is a tranny and the other is a she/they apparently.

No. 1796738

I started having sex with my best friend's hot younger brother (only 1 year gap) and I don't know how to either a)stop or b)tell her. The guilt is eating me up but he's so fucking sexy

No. 1796741


No. 1796748

My best friend slept with one of her good friend’s brother and it exploded her whole friend group (not me, I wasn’t part of it but most of her other friends were) so maybe just keep it to yourself? Although it seemed like the whole group was a bit “toxic” so maybe it was for the best, she’s honestly happier now but it was rough for a while and she agonized

No. 1796751

What video?

No. 1796805

>she doesn't know
To be young and ignorant.

No. 1796830

Do not tell her, I have heard other women talking about their former ex best friends very horribly because they decided to tell them. Do not tell her until you are in a serious relationship and need to see her at family dinners

No. 1796871

I’m not that young I’m in my early 30s. Was it posted between 2014 and 2019? I had an awful job and missed pretty much everything that happened those years.
You are probably right I don’t need to know though lol

No. 1796876

I'm thinking of giving up my dreams but I'm scared. I don't want to be just another talentless tradhot or bangmaid.

No. 1796908

2009. The creators are probably the same age as you.

No. 1796915

care to elaborate a little?

No. 1796925

Sure, I'm thinking of giving up wanting to traveling and giving up creativity. My dreams aren't realistic. But if I do give up, then I'm afraid of becoming another pick me who just settles down with a boring moid.>>1796915

No. 1796926

I'm upset omegle is gone the hottest man I ever slept with I met through omegle text chat

No. 1796941

Ntayrt— I don’t understand why you can’t be creative or travel if you settle with a boring moid. Not advocating for settling with a boring man at all! But to be completely honest I have a boring male husband and we travel to fun places, I have a nice time. I can’t say I have exciting hobbies but that is a me issue, i made the internet my hobby (I guess it’s fun but… you know.) Do you live in a culture where the man dictates everything you do? I don’t get it.

No. 1796946

Felt sad and binged on 2 footlongs 1 cookie 3 donuts an d2 bottles of water earlier and am heavily regretting it. So much for caloric deficit…

No. 1796947

I live in tradtional area in my country where I'm expected to settle down. I like my freedom anyways and don't want to settle down. Most moids and my ex didn't like my creativity. I even argued with moids on certain places where they said that women shouldn't have hobbies or interests. I don't judge hobbies but mine have been judged a lot lately. But photography is getting cringe with social media and phones anyways

No. 1796949

Oh. You absolutely should not settle down with a boring moid. You need an interesting one or none at all if you can get away with that. Sounds like you would hate it. If you feel like this now it’s 100x worse with a man in that environment, do not do it

No. 1796951

share story so I can vicariously live through you as a hikki retard virgin

No. 1796953

I won't then, thanks for reading!

No. 1796958

how do you even do that. i've always wondered how binging even works. Like if I ate a whole foot long I would quite literally barf uncontrollably if I tried to eat more afterwards

No. 1796960

don’t you get full

No. 1796962

I think I found it. Wow. they are probably close to my age. I would have died if I paid $85 for 10 yards of foam though, I had real expenses. Kinda hate them lmao but they look like they has extremely cringy fun so I guess good for them

No. 1796988

Probably from stress or not eating anything the whole day. The last time I binged on eating on random garbage processed food I ended up getting diarrhea lol

No. 1797016

When I was a teenager I followed a bunch of those male pick up artists because I thought that I could just uno-reverse their shit and get a boyfriend that way (I did not get a boyfriend that way).

No. 1797114

kek me too anon.

No. 1797138

No. 1797143

They seem more fun than female ones. It would also be easier to find male friends with similar hobbies. I specially envy gymrat male friends, i asked my female friends if they wanted to hit the gym and get buff af but they dont want to lol

No. 1797144

What did you do anon, try to neg them?

No. 1797191

File: 1701527327035.png (339.01 KB, 931x470, mentoillness.PNG)

I've probably bathed about once or twice in the last 6 months.

No. 1797255

sorry I’m back to repent again

No. 1797390

File: 1701546754077.jpg (77.86 KB, 640x640, tumblr_594d85d9305d04af9031690…)

nta i'm kinda the opposite. Since childhood I've always connected better with guys and now all my friends are men, and idk how to describe this exactly but we do have social dynamics that are more stereotypical for male-male friendships. Like we spend a lot of time taking lighthearted jabs at and taunting each other, there's no kid gloves or special treatment and absolutely zero romantic/sexual "risk" like I hear some people say they experience. But I envy female friendships frequently and wish I had some close girl friends, there's a lot that I feel like I miss out on.
Generalizing, but I get the sense that women often have an opposite style where they dish out copious compliments (even if they're not super heartfelt and it's also just a socialization thing) and have a more generally supportive vibe with their peers, and are more willing to talk at length about personal feelings, sometimes I'm really in the mood for that. It's not that my friends don't care about me/each other but that it's just not our style and it'd be awkward, we spend more time doing an activity or fooling around a topic than talking about our inner world. I also have several stereotypically feminine interests (e.g., fashion, skincare) that at least nobody I know is interested in, or sometimes want to talk about inherently female-specific experiences and don't have anyone to speak to. Plus moids are freaking annoying and infuriating sometimes even if they're my friend.
I have nothing against women but for whatever reason it just doesn't come easily for me to form lasting female bonds, which makes me so sad. I don't know how to explain it besides that I just don't really click with most and it's like we never move past the small talk stage, and admittedly it's less natural for me to talk to women in the way women are expected to talk to women since I spent my life around male social patterns, sometimes I feel almost like a larping tranny.
Well, that's just my shoddily generalized experience on the other side of it.

No. 1797418

Just had the best bowel movement of my life

No. 1797424

Good for you!

No. 1797453

thanks! I'd like to thank my two cups of coffee

No. 1797469

>be me
>hate this random girl from my class
>cant remember why i hate her
>she always tries to sit next to me but acts weird
>one day she compliments me
>tries to start conversation and asks for advice
>feel like an asshole for hating her
>help her w the stuff she needs, see that shes trying to make new friends
>feel like shit because i judged her too early on

No. 1797514

I envy you

No. 1797784

I feel jealous of people who are in loving relationships and I want to destroy what they have. I want them to be miserable like me.

No. 1797811

Sometimes I can't visit /g/ because seeing nonna's shit taste in 3d men triggers me too much

No. 1797823

I can relate, I feel like such a nlog

No. 1797853

Every time I post I get sweaty and nervous because I fear other anons will recognize my writing style

No. 1797866

File: 1701583285095.jpeg (60.06 KB, 600x725, 52E07E1C-6036-45FA-A624-860F95…)

i dare any anons who recognize my allegedly super unique typing style to go do 10 push ups. i know you're reading this you sleuthing bastards. go do it

No. 1797994

Does anyone else check their posts a few hours later to make sure they didn’t accidentally post themselves or their name or something?
I get nervous about it too.

No. 1798000

Oh God yes or when your computer tries to autofill your info

No. 1798003

that's why i use incognito ugh i almost introduced my email before lol

No. 1798073

I eat haram meat behind my family's back. My uncle does it too.

No. 1798076

omg when i was on the cow too much due to depression someone kept clocking my typing style it scared me so much. Luckily people called them schizo but they were right it was me!

No. 1798078


No. 1798126

I sometimes eat pork in restaurants where I know nobody from my family will ever go to. Or at some of my friends' places.

No. 1798129

That's pretty funny.

No. 1798137

I can’t wait for this Palestine/Isreal stuff to blow over on social media and for protests to stop (which I think they already have). Because things like this always brings out the worst people and I am sick of seeing FREE PALESTINE under non related media online. It was the same with Black Lives Matter. I am so glad that is all over, the protests, the victim card playing and the vandalism of historical/war landmarks/memorials in the name of some scum criminal is in the past too.

No. 1798180

I know. The faggots are inescapable. Today I saw a video showing “how to survive a crowd crush” and a comment was “How to survive the rockets being thrown in Gaza!? How to survive underneath rubble!?”
Shut the fuck up, my confession is I’m petty af and these freaks tempt me to root against palestine instead of just being completely apathetic about the whole thing

No. 1798428

Everybody around Christmas time is like "yay Advent calendar, and making Christmas cookies, and shopping for thoughtful gifts for loved ones, and putting decorations up (just to throw away the expensive real Christmas tree at the end of the first January week) and having Christmas dinner with family and getting drunk at the Christmas market with friends etc. etc." and I feel nothing. The only thing I'm looking forward to is doing some elaborate cooking for myself that I usually wouldn't have the time to do just to have leftovers for lunch at work, otherwise I have absolutely no Christmas spirit. And that's not because my family didn't celebrate or anything, but it's always been about the food, the gift giving was a 20/80 ratio hit or miss and the people I had to spend time with tried to play nice when they were shit the rest of the year, or didn't even give it a try so it was meh most of the time.
So yeah I feel absolutely out of place when everyone else is in the Christmas mood and I'm basically just looking forward to the peace of doing whatever I want at home.

No. 1798494

Sometimes I wish I died on that operating table.

No. 1798667

I feel the same way. I'm not skilled or special enough to do anything worth doing, but I'd rather die than settle down

No. 1798671

I do the same. I actually stopped visiting this burger place because one of the workers clocked my ethnicity

No. 1798673

me too, not because I think people should suffer, but the discourse is fucking insufferable. The twitterati just projected their flawed American dynamics onto the middle East and threaten to dox anyone who doesn't fall in line with the narrative. Made me feel like I was surrounded by retards

No. 1798674

care to explain?

No. 1798692

I feel similarly. Often wish my suicide attempts had worked. There must be some reason I have to keep living, in fact I can probably name some, but often I hope/wonder if I'm living in some kind of purgatory or experiencing a dream state of "what could have been" before I finally die for real.

No. 1798867

"nigels" disgust me. Anons who delude themselves that their moid is somehow exempt from depravity despite men being rape machines is beyond me. Anons who think that birthing female children is good and virtuous when they just will be victims of those animals unless you lock them up at home forever. Extinction is the best thing that could happen to every woman, living or not

No. 1798875

I’m in my 30s and I like dating younger men to watch their down fall. Whenever I’m with a man who has goals I hope he fails at them and I take pleasure when reality hits that all their dreams will never come true. Young men always have some delusional aspirations of being a rapper or a business owner.

No. 1798925

Becoming a business owner is way more realistic than becoming a rapper unless it's just a hobby, but both are way too risky as a career. I could never be with a man like this because I need stability and peace of mind, I don't know how you handle these guys.

No. 1798933

Because she and all the other retarded moid fucking farmers are pathetic coomers

No. 1798948

Same. You can totally date younger moids on a realistic career trajectory, but I guess some people are used to drama in their lives and am feel uncomfortable when without it

No. 1798965

Same, being narcissistic is basically a requirement to being a entrepreneur. They also always want their "ride or die" girls that'll take up 3 jobs and go without food and endure intense emotional (and maybe physical) abuse when the business isn't doing well. Fuck that shit

No. 1798975

I was gonna say that the last 2 confessions are just edgy larps trying to impress the anons here but didn't want to start an infight. Thank you for saying this kek.

No. 1798988

>ride or die

All that for them to leave you when they actually become successful because they feel they need a woman who matches their new life style lol

No. 1799160

Forgive me sisters for i have sinned
I'm a digital art graduate and not only did I got into AI art but I have also become addicted to 4chan's AI threads, mostly /tg/ since they are the least coomer infested threads i found.

No. 1799164

eh. im a digital artist and ai art is pretty fun. still doesnt compare to the satisfaction i get from actually drawing tho

No. 1799166

I was drinking from 9AM to around 10PM when I fell asleep yesterday. I only drink on the weekends, but it feels like no time passed from Friday until now.

No. 1799177

File: 1701705499571.jpg (73.83 KB, 988x778, EfP2eIqXYAY0QjE.jpg)

I would never say it to her face but I have to get it out somewhere—my sister's nigel is so fucking ugly. Literal rat phenotype looking moid with beady black eyes and neanderthal brow ridge. To top it off, he's also a manlet and is shorter than I am kek. I really have to hold it together when she talks about how cute he is, like damn love really is blind

No. 1799216

I had a sex dream about Hassan Piker

No. 1799228

Oh no, your nieces and nephews are going to be so fucking ugly. Lol, sorry about your future family gatherings nonnie.

No. 1799233

Try checking the AI thread on /m/ here. It's nice.

No. 1799401

I don’t agree with the nonnies being hostile to the anon who lost her partner to a drug OD in the widow thread, and I think their relationship really seemed sweet based on the texts she’s sharing and the apparent fact he worked full time and did all the housework. But learning that he was only 23 and also had BPD, I can’t help but think he would have matured into a terrible awful scrote who would have ran her through the mud in some extremely traumatizing manner.

No. 1799404

You’re probably right, but that doesn’t negate or invalidate her pain and that nutjob troll in the widow thread needs to go gobble some antipsychotics.

No. 1799407

My condolences.

No. 1799411

Ayrt and I agree. I feel very bad for her and don’t doubt it was a very passionate, loving relationship. She has every right to mourn and deserves to find a support group of nonnas who have been or are in similar situations and she also deserves sympathy in general. My jaded older self just immediately thinks of how a young man like that could grow into a particularly awful abusive older man in seemingly the blink of an eye.

No. 1799415

Same, I actually saw her vent posts in the vent thread days before she made the widow thread, she is legit.

No. 1799424

Im very glad I didn’t, and a big reason I held on so tight to life was because I could never in a million years put her through that pain

No. 1799509

File: 1701728744301.jpg (58.26 KB, 680x481, fad.jpg)

Ever since I started working out it annoys me when people complain about not fitting in their clothes anymore. You have the power to exercise and/or watch your portions of food, especially when you are comfortably middle class.
Obviously this doesn't apply if you have a major medical issue preventing you from exercising/making you gain a bunch of weight or if you're dirt poor and can't afford to exercise meaningfully.

No. 1799542

I work out maybe 30 mins tops a day to keep myself healthy. Once you get into working out, it feels so good, that it's hard to stop. Some people are just scared to start and some people are just lazy.

No. 1799543

Thankfully I have only been intimate with guys I personally find attractive however hindsight is 20/20 and my ex fiance who was probably the most conventionally attractive (keep in mind I dumped him when he hit 25, his wall) and pined for by my frenemies was and us actually disgusting. He is who I want to erase from my sexual past. To be frank I can't remember any good times with him. I know I rocked his world and performed but he never gave me an orgasm and this is something I have never struggled with outside of him. Two of my lovers (one being current) have classic gorgeous genetics/bodies. I'm very thankful I have the visuals to reflect on whenever. I did that. I put it on em

No. 1799545

Sweetness counts for nothing, and I highly doubt it could possibly be that sweet with a BPD druggie. But she's entitled to mourning, just hope she knows she deserves better.
He hit the wall and will never recover.

No. 1799548

Forgot to mention how ugly a doughy and unappealing the ex fiance body was. Hairless chesty faggot. His vegetarian diet and habit of grinding his teeth due to his anger issues made him have these awful receding gum yellow teeth and his skin was going to shit. He also never use to flush the toilet and honestly his shit was so offensive, everything about him was disgusting. He thought I needed to go to a sex therapist and proposed during a year and something dry spell. I hated every second of it and when he dragged me to his parents not even an hour after the proposal I ended up doing a really loud fart during the announcement due to stress I can only imagine or the fast food at pizza hut did not agree with me.

No. 1799550

When I see fat men with no shirt I try to guess what bra size they would wear

No. 1799562

File: 1701734371515.jpg (33.43 KB, 300x390, Lamb of God.jpg)

the whole context of my situation is weird and would cause infighting so i won't go into detail. but i haven't had sex in over a year (2 years this coming october) and i actually couldn't be happier. no more worrying about how i look during the act. no more worrying about my performance. no more worrying about how long it's been. no more worrying about if i will orgasm or why can't i or why do i need to push through feeling like i am gonna piss the bed. if you understand the equation of that aspect of life i am happy for you but some of us just don't. i am painfully self aware and hate feeling gross like an animal. i just can't let go and i think it's not for everyone. i am maybe built different. my life is better and i'm more focused. i know what i want to do with my life! i used to be very sex driven so i am not asexual, maybe a little autistic or something but idc about that. i don't know if someone can just "become" asexual but idc about labeling it. i am just me, i am weird, i've always been different and i like who i am. i really feel i am who i am meant to be.

No. 1799567

The constant racebait usually agaisnt Black women/people has made me want to use this site less and OT very little, I used to love OT out of everywhere on this site. Now I have to wonder what bullshit racebait is being posted and it's annoying. I already see that shit endlessly on Kiwifarms, I've learned to blank out the retarded moid shit to get to the core of threads but here it disappoints me very much to see it. I know this makes me look retarded but it's just how I feel lately.

No. 1799578

Not true, I actually think racebait is taken more seriously now compared to years ago.

Some anons are forgetting or don't know that in the beginning this site only was a gossip site made for failed egirls,cosplayers and camgirls to gossip about some girl they have drama with,hate or are jelly off.
This site was not a welcoming nice site to anyone and was particularly cruel to women and to races that weren't white. Like i remember people would say the n word with a hard r (n**ger) and they would never get banned. Scrotes also posted on thus site and most of the women were huge pickmes that came from the 4chan cgl cosplay section (that's why this site was created).

So don't have high expectations for this site. Personally considering the thing this site used to be in the past it has made great advancements and changes compared to the toxic incel,weaboo,egirl mess it used to be before

No. 1799583

maybe I happen to come in a lot when it happens, I will say a lot of it gets marked but i hate seeing it all, but thats just me.

No. 1799610

I'm really terrified of that one YouTube video of that dancing doll

No. 1799634

File: 1701742689956.jpg (56.42 KB, 263x259, 68531.jpg)

Moidcore character, but i find Melona from Queen's Blade cute.
You know how some people like My Melody and such? That's how i like her, i'm bi but i don't find booby characters sexually attractive and I KNOW she is a coom character and that her hairslimeboobhandholders are so stupid, but other than that she looks so cute to me, both in the anime and in the illustrations even if she's a bit wonky there.
It's been so long but i still don't even know what she sounds like because there's no way i would watch that stuff.
I also really like her figure where she has some slime dropping from her legs and the illustration where she's taking a bath, so cute but i must sound very stupid.

No. 1799636

Yeah my confession is I have always found it hard to feel sad about drug ODs and always will no matter how “beautiful” the person was

No. 1799639

Same it’s great not having to think about or pursuing it at all. Contrary to popular belief humans CAN live without sex and it’s so liberating.

No. 1799640

Anon, I’m jelly. It does sound liberating. Id kill to have your self control and it is a flex to not need male attention

No. 1799642

Honestly, same. I feel this is a common sentiment. I don't see any beauty or virtue coming from such a person. All I see is a sick self-centeredness.

No. 1799643

I just don’t understand how people can let themselves go and then post memories from when they were half their size? Don’t you feel a little ashamed?

No. 1799645

It’s peak “fucked around and found out.” At least they die doing what they love. Hope it’s not painful.

No. 1799648

That’s what I’ve been saying like I’m sorry but idgaf I have my own life to worry about. It’s sad but I’m not gonna screech about it everywhere online to bring awareness.

No. 1799652

every time I see a couple I just assume the dude doesn’t actually like the woman and he’s just pretending or using her or doing her dirty somehow.

No. 1799664

Projection much?

No. 1799683

Me too, sorry for the late reply.

No. 1799690

nta but heck yes I'm ashamed. I had a lot of moids and women seethe at me when I looked good so that's why I stayed the way I am now. It feels safer but I miss being skinny and less depressed. I gonna visit the fit and accountability board on /g/

No. 1799702

I love her more than life itself. I would die for you

No. 1799707

same, Real Simpette Hours in here

No. 1799965

I know this is the confessions thread, but some of you actually have 0 empathy

No. 1799967

I don’t believe fat people when they say they have anorexia.

No. 1799968

Go back

No. 1799984

It’s sad for their loved ones but nowhere near as sad as a car accident or cancer or natural death. I don’t really care about people who harm themselves for recreation and then get what’s coming to them sorry.

No. 1799992

No one does. It's pretty heartless to put it that way, but in this case, even if you're mistaken, you really don't have to worry about them dropping dead the next month, so there's plenty of time for drastic intervention.
Fat people usually already have a troubled relationship with food, so sometimes they think decreasing their meals by a large % is already undereating, even if it'd be enough calories to keep a normal weight.

No. 1800175

Sometimes I feel like a hopeless addict. Other times I feel like a functioning one.

No. 1800808

Winter makes me actually want to die.

No. 1801098

I feel like I'm developing misophonia, noises are sounding sharper and more intense, whereas your hearing is supposed to get worse as you age.

No. 1801109

File: 1701859078422.jpeg (134.67 KB, 828x1046, IMG_1648.jpeg)

I’m this close to posting an “I support Israel” IG story and turning my phone off for the rest of the week. I want to tear my hair out listening to the western liberal soapboxing about this conflict and how “muh Palestine are the helpless victim and have never done a thing wrong”. It took a few hours for every major outlet to report on the hospital in Gaza that was blown up (with only a few later issuing info that it was probably one of Hamas’ own rockets misfiring) but it’s taken nearly two months for any of them to report the fact that Hamas raped and mutilated every single woman they got their hands on on Oct 7, from little girls to grandmothers. Maybe if they loved their own women and children half as much as they despise Israel’s they wouldn’t have put their lives and futures in jeopardy by starting this in the first place.

No. 1801110

Do it.

No. 1801113

women and children were murdered by both sides, but I do think it's beyond hypocritical for either side to pretend it didn't happen.

No. 1801114

Do it. I'm so horrified by the lack of support for the Israeli women and children.

No. 1801117

i genuinely dont understand why i should care about two countries fighting about a piece of land as if it matters and isnt retarded

No. 1801118

Those civilian women and children weren't fighting, they were just slaughtered by the worst of moids.

No. 1801119

yeah i know, i just dont understand why anyone should care about that retarded war as if it isnt incredibly retarded and senseless. Like who the fuck care if one of the countries ''deserves'' a piece of land when, like you said, there are women and children dying.

No. 1801181

File: 1701868801002.png (53.25 KB, 169x239, 1618968778574.png)

I had the german journalist lady contact me on discord a while back and I didn't know it was a meme at the time so I started to answer her seriously

No. 1801186

No, I just spend too much time here and I think men don’t see us as humans sometimes and I feel bad for the girls.

No. 1801193

>horny and retarded enough to consider watching porn
>go on pornhub
>see the frontpage consisting of heaps of incest, pedophilia larps and women pretending they find any pleasure in anal
>get completely turned off within seconds
Thanks I guess.

No. 1801209

Which german journalist?

No. 1801221

I'm in a longterm relationship and developed an huge crush on someone from my friend group. I feel bad for having these feelings while still being with my boyfriend and it convinces me that this relationship really needs to end (on top of other problems), however I can't bring myself to do it because he just started a new job and is hopeful for the future. I can't stop thinking about the other guy because the last times I saw him we had intense eye contact and it's driving me insane. I hope I get this shit sorted out soon.

No. 1801232

Why would you do that to yourself?

No. 1801262

I feel like an alien because I nor my bf have had social media for years. I cant relate to other peoples stresses over SO drama about following/comments/ or posts. I dont get why people are still on social media. Myspace is gone and so is my will to participate in a self perpetuated circus.

No. 1801266

The one that came here about a year ago asking to interview people about internet culture and the word femcel.

No. 1801274

i once lied about virtually every aspect of my identity to a group of internet friends that i had developed a close bond with and proceeded to abandon them once i could no longer tolerate the guilt of my mendacity. why i did this, i have no clue

No. 1801299

File: 1701877039418.jpg (70.69 KB, 1200x857, eating-sweets.jpg)

I'm addicted to buying sugary stuff just to chew and spit it out. It is a genuine addiction. I have passive income and I keep wasting that money on cookies, pastries, chocolate, etc. and then spend HOURS binging on all of it except I spit everything in trash bags because I don't actually want to consume all that unhealthy food. It's so gross and embarrassing and also terrible for my teeth but I can't stop it, I started doing this about four months ago and I've tried to quit several times but I always end up doing it again.

No. 1801310

You're still consuming those sweet things, just not as much as you would if you swallowed the food.

No. 1801323

I was hesitant to post my confession but I saw yours, thank you. You're not alone. Every night, rice or noodles by the kilo in a sitting and it's nothing to me. You get so desensitized to it. It's horrific. I've learned to supress my sense of shame.
This is not the cure-all deterrent people think it is. I'm maintaining my weight and that doesn't matter because I'm pissing away my money and my teeth are going brown.

No. 1801447

Yes I can't get rid of 100% of the food residue in my mouth, but you know what I meant. The amount of food accidentally ingested must be negligible enough since I haven't been gaining weight.
I'm sorry you're also struggling with this, I hope we can be free someday nonna. Such an ugly, wasteful habit.

No. 1802116

I thought Courtney Cox and Megan Fox were the same person until about 5 minutes ago. I have referred to Courtney Cox as "the one from Jennifer's Body" multiple times and nobody ever corrected me.

No. 1802150

I feel retarded if I make a spelling mistake in a post, delete said post, and then repost

No. 1802317

I have been using amphetamines to suppress my appetite for the past weeks. I know it's eating disordered behavior but I struggled so hard to lose weight and it's working and it's so easy. Will probably pay hard for it.
My ex didn't have any social media and now that I'm interested in someone else who has insta I caught myself skimming through his follows to check if he follows thots (and some accounts are sus). It really was a blessing having someone without social media, now I also see it different getting on his nerves to get a smartphone.

No. 1802334

File: 1701948117085.jpg (11.54 KB, 168x300, daughter.jpg)

I still feel so much anger towards my mom, despite her apologizing to me. It's not her fault and she had her share of trauma. I've always felt like a burden to her and I hate the fact that she had me so early, and I couldn't afford to do most things in life and still can't. She's apologized for not taking my mental health seriously a decade ago, but I still wish I got help then. I still can't talk to her about anything serious and I still feel so much tension with her but I can't vocalize it anywhere. I feel so much shame for even saying this, but I wish my life was different or I didn't not exist.

No. 1802353

The thing that stopped me from getting an addiction was looking at other addicts who ruined their lives and thinking "Do I want to be like this loser? No. Then I need to get my shit together." It's mean, but I never would admit it to anyone's face that I think that.

No. 1802367

I'm kind of in a similar boat, except my mom hadn't and wouldn't ever apologize to me, at least not with words, but with bare minimum actions. She told me to my face when I was a kid that I ruined her body, her health, her life, and took away all her hopes and dreams when I was born. She was forced to get married though so it wasn't her choice or her fault, but it's still not mine and I hate how she kept blaming me for it and getting me roped into her issues with my dad. She was and still is negligent and abusive to me even now in my adult years and would never let me move out already. She also always says that I owe her since she gave birth to me and "raised" me, so I have to pay her back by giving her all my paycheck money once I land a job, get her a stay in maid, new furniture, gold jewelry, expensive clothes and perfumes etc., can't wait until I save enough to run away.

No. 1802368

Are you giving her money right now?

No. 1802390

damn i could've written this. i was a teenage pregnancy baby lol, i spent my whole childhood being neglected and feeling like a useless burden. i can barely even speak to my mom now without flying into a rage

No. 1802393

Unfortunately yes, I lend her some of my university allowance because she needs it for groceries and other stuff. Dad won't give her money all the time so I do it. She returns it eventually but it still sucks to be expected to be the bread winner of the house.

No. 1802409

Well as long as you know you'll get your money back.. what would happen if you refuse to lend her money though, would that push your father to give more money?

No. 1802445

Nope, it won't. He has been isolated at home for decades since he retired and isn't aware about prices of groceries and other necessities increasing. He still thinks stuff cost the same as they did 20 years ago. And he yells at my mom whenever she spends more than he allows her to. And if he doesn't give her money, we'll basically end up with no groceries and nothing to eat. I have no other choice but to help so I won't starve kek. But she has a bank account with 10x more money than me that she's saving for "emergencies", so it kinda bothers me when she doesn't use it and relies on me. She does the same with my sister and brother and force us to buy stuff for each other because she doesn't want to pay for it. And thinks we're obligated to use our money on her and each other or else we're bad people with no sense of familial love. She's used to her rich brothers spending on her and my grandma and my broke uncles and aunts so she thinks it's a norm. But I'm not rich and it's unfair that she expects me to do this.

No. 1802555

I'm one of those gross women who wears panty liners everyday sorry. I have bladder issues and am paranoid about surprise periods plus don't like the feeling of discharge in undies even if it's a tiny amount. The liners make me feel "protected" in a way, from accidents.

No. 1802569

How old are you? You arent obligated to do anything after 18/21.

No. 1802577

nta. You're not technically wrong but that's not (always) how it works when you're dependent on them for basic necessities and/or a roof above your head. Family dynamics are complex.

No. 1802578

It's not that simple anon. Many people feel indebted or responsible for their family.

No. 1802616

I’m so tired of this response from people. It’s always the ones who had cushy upbringings too.

No. 1802621

21, but the law in my shithole country doesn't allow women to move out and live alone as adults. Only when married are they allowed to do so. So I'm stuck against my will in this shitty household. I probably can't travel abroad without a male companion or my dad's legal permission either so I may never leave. But I'm hopeful laws would change by the time I make enough money to support myself abroad.

No. 1802665

I feel second hand embarrassment whenever I see someone in public who is obviously wearing 90% shein/temu clothes

No. 1802669

I ran away from home at 18 to get multiple jobs and provide for myself. it isn't. It's called womaning the fuck up and doing something about it. No one is obligated to provide for their family as an adult, unless they are your kids. (You provide for the kids, not your parents.)

No. 1802670

I just stole a cat about 20 minutes ago. It's now mine. I don't feel guilty, I honestly don't care. It was the right thing to do.

No. 1802671

Do you live in the middle east or something?

No. 1802672

As long as you provide for the cat. Was it a street cat?

No. 1802674

I think some anons here act way too manly and not in a good way, I don't like it but I keep the peace because if I ever said something about it they'll come at me and call me a tranny or say something about gender stereotypes or whatever, but they're still insufferable regardless, their actitud sucks ass and they ironically embody several male traits themselves (besides killing people, I guess). Sometimes I feel like I'm talking with literal moids with how crass, disgusting and unnecessarily rude some are. They take pride on acting deranged and aggressive over nothing because "muh imageboard", some take pride on having shitty hygiene and not showering it repulses me, don't even get me started on those that seem almost unable to not fuck men or stop watching porn like sex is a life requirement or the self proclaimed "nglos" that unironically claim to hate women, it's hellish. Can't forget about the bitches flexing about killing cats or abusing animals. Nowadays, I find it harder and harder to find something in common with users in here, I'm not particularly deranged or extreme mostly autistic so most of the time I find myself going "wtf" at everything, but there are like 1% of anons I like, so I stay.

No. 1802678

Anon already said she legally can't even do that, estupida.

No. 1802684

I agree but I get all my clothes from thrift stores and unfortunately they're filled with that shit and LulaRoe or whatever MLM crap people buy and throw out. I'll definitely judge someone who admits to buying that stuff directly though. Just go to the thrift store if you're desperate for shein crap kek

No. 1802686

>no one is obligated to do this or that
Some anons here genuinely can't wrap their heads around the fact your legal system, level of freedom and female emancipation isn't universal huh

No. 1802688

Depends, after how much time of not feeding, watering or letting it inside does it become a stray? Especially in winter?

No. 1802696

Even worse is when they do huge hauls. I'd rather see zoomers at a thrift /second hand shop instead of wasting their money on shein.

No. 1802786

I will. But no, it wasn't a stray cat. They haven't fed it, given it water now in winter, haven't let him inside for weeks. Literal weeks. Now months.

So yes, I absolutely took that cat home with me since I by now consider it a stray. It gets to -8c. There is no water that isn't frozen.

I literally don't care anymore, except when it's about animals.

No. 1802788

I remember I saw a pregnant woman and it made me feel sick. No I don’t think pregnant women shouldn’t have sex but porn is not sex. Poor baby

No. 1802792

you're always welcome on tumblr, where you can dance on eggshells for eternity

No. 1802793

thank you for doing the right thing, give that kitty a kiss for me

No. 1802795

>poor baby
Ever looked at a sonograph vid of a baby being jostled in the womb while the mom laughs? Looks like a fucking earthquake they're shaken around so much in there sex isn't even a big deal I feel like

No. 1802797

You cool with cat killers?

No. 1802802

no sane person is, but it's not because the users are "manly".

No. 1802808

you are talking as if those anons are the majority wtf, i have never heard of cat killer anons and most 3DPDfags get bullied here so it feels like you are screaming at clouds

No. 1802823

So women expressing themselves is suddenly manly? Phew, okay.
Anon sounds soft af. I haven't ran into those types here either. We finally have a space for women to express themselves, but that's the extreme minority they want to focus on.

They really need to go back to twt if lolcow bothers them so much. lol

No. 1802835

I think we should have bullied gullible people like you more, so you would've stayed away from imageboards in the first place.

No. 1802839

File: 1701980064246.jpg (90.79 KB, 550x940, 1645369658335.jpg)

>Can't forget about the bitches flexing about killing cats
There has been one single infamous and banned poster who posted about that. Most farmers love cats.

No. 1802841

No offense, but you sound like you're from "twt" yourself

No. 1802843

>sex is a life requirement
It is sorry you are asexual/traumatized I will continue following my biological directive

No. 1802849

That's pretty normal, not gross.

No. 1802855

Orange cats are my favorite. The cutest.

No. 1802856

bye felicia

No. 1802860

No. 1802866

File: 1701980571662.gif (1.52 MB, 275x275, 1660118728269.gif)

one day I would like a cute orange cat

No. 1802869

This is cat cruelty, cats must remain under blanket

No. 1802871

Don't be salty anon, I don't even agree with what >>1802674 was saying.

No. 1802877

I love them so much.

No. 1802880

File: 1701981087132.gif (1.37 MB, 356x200, tumblr_5aeae3031e39edd99c98f68…)

Best thing about being an ugly manly woman is having massive muscles and beating the shit out of retards like you in parking lots

No. 1802893


No. 1802903

Yet y'all date ugly autistic moids on discords servers, who the fuck you think you're fooling with your tough girl larp? Lmao. Always pretending to be these based butchs when irl everyone here is nothing but the opposite

No. 1802914

Why is everyone mentioning Twitter? Isn't that site notoriously deranged and full of wackos? I wouldn't call it "soft", that place seems like an asylum

No. 1802944

I'm a massive fucking schitzo with a history of psychosis. Sometimes I still enter fits of mania or hear things that aren't real, but I'm self aware enough where I don't want to tell people because the last time I got treatment for psychosis was so terrible. I was on meds for the hallucinations and delusions and then multiple other medications for the countless side effects. I'd rather just be sort of occasionally a bit insane. Odds are one day something will probably tip me over the edge and I'll start babbling about that the bugs want my magic blood and I need to ascend asap and I'll go to the hospital again

No. 1802979

Nta but you literally just choose to believe what you want to believe based on your bias. From claiming a handful of shitposters represent the entire website to pretending you know what anonymous posters are like. You clearly don't like it here so why don't you fuck off back to where you came from?

No. 1802985

>don't even get me started on those that seem almost unable to not fuck men
Everytime I see an anon or a wanabee radfem usually lesbian ones let's be real on twitter saying this shit it reminds me of crazy religious people saying that sex is absolutely haram for women unless she hates it and does it just for her husband if he wants to nut inside her and have kids. You know, the type to strictly forbid their daughters from even having eye contact with men their age without supervision but they're wondering why they still don't have grandkids or why their daughters fled as soon as they turned 18, got married, went no contact with them and didn't invite them to her wedding? No matter which arguments you use to justify your opinion you and your ilk will always sound like this.

No. 1803000

yes unfortunately

No. 1803013

You said what I always wanted to say but couldn't put into words. You're so based for this.

No. 1803032

Good job nonnie

No. 1803039

I know what you mean and usually I’d agree that type of thing sounds like a rehashed version of conservative traditional patriarchy “women + sex = filthy whore” but she didn’t really go into detail about what she meant so I’m not sure she fits the bill. she was too vague.

No. 1803110

Neuroleptics are the fucking worst. I took them for like two weeks and decided to just suffer trough my psychosis. Have you or are you able to go to therapy? For me it made me more resilient but still fear the day I might completely lose it. Wish you the best.

No. 1803169

>don't even get me started on those that seem almost unable to not fuck men or stop watching porn like sex is a life requirement
the majority of straight women are like this, it's not lc exclusive and most anons here are against porn. if anything i noticed there's more women outside of lc, even completely normie women who are into porn.

No. 1803386

I hate autist. I'm sorry but they trigger me immensely bc I grew up with an undiagnosed mom(still undiagnosed) and it ruined my childhood and teens. Like I know its irrational but autistic behaviour just trigger an immense rage and hopelessness in me, I feel like I'm back to being a small child neglected and starved by my mom.

No. 1803395

>undiagnosed mom(still undiagnosed)
are you self diagnosing her kek. she might be a regular retard if no one else notices

No. 1803773

Ohhh my god it’s summer where I live and today I saw five lightly toned/shredded shirtless guys all doing gardening work. They all had different skin tones as well it was like a buffet. I didn’t know that actually happened in real life anyway i got so turned on I feel bad now

No. 1803776

Being a bad parent or an idiot is not "being autistic". I am so annoyed by people these day randomly spamming the word autistic anywhere.

No. 1803783

Nta but she is right about that, it is not and if you are going to go mental / get violent / die from not getting it you have a problem.
I’m not traumatized nor asexual, I daydream about hot sex with hot moids every day, but I haven’t fucked in a year and yet I’m happy and alive. Crazy stuff

No. 1803787

File: 1702032873364.gif (8.21 KB, 73x79, wizard_walks.gif)

>not a virgin
lol i hate wizard larpers you dont get to call out any other women over fucking men if you, yourself have fucked scrotes

No. 1803789

That’s not even the argument but ok

No. 1803792

i get to complain about 3DPD fuckers all i want because i have never let one impale me, you however are calling out straight horny women for being straight horny women when you have done the same thing before.

No. 1803795

I’m calling out people who think sex is a life requirement, retard.

No. 1803797

you had sex though, so you are one of those who cannot live without sex. I can live happy and free as a virgin, but you let your hornyness win over you, so you dont get to complain over other women.

No. 1803801

Nta but I'm a virgin and I still get horny and want to fuck, it's not the end of the world kek.

No. 1803802

You can have your batshit opinion on what I can and can’t say but the fact you’re a happy and alive virgin proves the point I was making regardless

No. 1803803


No. 1803805

I am just calling you an hypocrite, you are exactly the type of women you complain about. You are most than definetly just projecting your insecurities onto other women who were in your place before.

No. 1803806

i am too, i draw my husbandos getting raped by faceless women for a reason. I get to complain about 3DPD fuckers because i have managed to live moid free for 20+ years, if anon couldnt live without sex then she cant complain about other women who are exactly like her.

No. 1803808

I have never been so horny that I believe I’m entitled to sex just like I’m entitled to not be murdered but ok

No. 1803812

that's not your point, your point was that ''women couldnt live without sex'' yet you arent a virgin, lol.

No. 1803824

Yes and I wasn’t going to demand someone have sex with me if the bf at the time didn’t want to because my life didn’t and still does not depend on it, and neither does anyone else’s. You are not very smart.

No. 1803829

>life doesnt revolve around sex i can live without sex, its not that hard!!1!
>has sex anyways
3DPD fuckers are so mentally ill. They want to be based and enlightened like wizards, but they will never truly be free because they have tasted the forbidden meat sausage. You will never know what its like to live a sex-free life because you arent a virgin, it doesnt matter how hard you try to not be like other 3DPD fuckers, you are still a 3DPD fucker. If your life didnt depend on sex, then you would still be a virgin. Learn to accept yourself and stop projecting onto other women.

No. 1803839

>can’t understand the difference between a requirement and nice little bonus in life (stop)

No. 1803841

if it wasnt a requirement then you would still be a virgin. You couldnt live without sex, learn to accep yourself.(stop)

No. 1803895

>They want to be based and enlightened like wizards, but they will never truly be free because they have tasted the forbidden meat sausage
KEK some of you nonas have a way with words

No. 1804001

Anyone else come home and start purposefully frowning and grimacing after a long day? I just feel like I have to ever so slightly smile all the time (i have rbf) so when I come home i can take the "mask" off and no one will tell me shit about looking tired, sad or angry. Sometimes i even growl. God i fucking hate college, AND this country.

No. 1804070

i get secondhand embarrassment over how some women here boast about masturbating like they're so cool and special for behaving and posting like coomers. i understand we're all human and have sex drives for a reason and i'm not a "missionary for the sole purpose of creation" kind of person at all. but i really do not care about your habits around getting off whatever they involve. and if you make any remark about that to these posters, they mock you over silly shit (funny enough i've had coomers online and IRL say the same exact phrases to me!) to try to make themselves feel so special and different for being obsessed with getting off. like congrats, you're addicted to one of the most basic primal instincts programmed into us and doing what our bodies are designed to do anyway. you want a cookie for pissing and shitting as well?

No. 1804075

Kek how are posters boasting about masturbating? I've only seen it discussed like a normal thing not something to brag about.

No. 1804090

didn't mean to come off like it's a massive issue or something on here, i've been here for years and once in a while see posts usually on /ot/ talking how bad they want to masturbate/just masturbated like an insane animal in heat or how they love masturbating and are so based for it. if anyone replies mocking them or says their post was cringeworthy they immediately make a ton of assumptions, like someone can't say anyone posting about their masturbatory habits is annoying without being accused of thinking "woman with a sex drive = slut" when that was never what was said in reply in the first place

No. 1804209


maybe sex just sucks and it's so annoying that even coming here, you can't escape the libfem hypersexuality

No. 1804288

>you can't escape the libfem hypersexuality
Thanks for proving my point. I said this as a nearly 30 years old virgin so I don't even take it personally but you're being obnoxious with that shit. Straight women talking about being into men or about their boyfriends or husbands isn't the same thing as being a "hypersexual libfem". You know there's something between being a deranged nymphomaniac who hooks up with different everyday with no protection and being sex repulsed or too traumatized by strict cultures, laws or religions to even talk to men, right? I can't stand people saying retarded hyperboles like this.

No. 1804307

You're super based, thank you for making this site less retarded with your presence ♥

No. 1804313

I like to watch videos of wisdom teeth getting pulled out. It's super satisfying to me and I want to become a dentist to pull them myself.

No. 1804478

I get relived when I have my periods because that means I'm not pregnant by some moid. Maybe I have some early trauma to work out.

No. 1804507

Yeah true. That’s why I don’t think they’re a trad moid or anything it’s just bleak as fuck all around and what we’re offered is like puke on a plate, no wonder nonas abstain and call het sex gross. I can do it and have fun but I see the dregs too and it’s depressing. I don’t really like it when I get called a filthy whore for having a libido and I think some posters need to fucking chill but it’s understandable

No. 1804512

felt this way even when i was a virgin

No. 1804520

Oh I'm definitely not a virgin, but I'm glad I'm not baby trapped by a moid.

No. 1804529

Yeah, the relief of knowing everything is working correctly and I am baby free is always a highlight.

No. 1804531


No. 1804557

That's kinda odd, anon

No. 1804565

I disagree with you on everything except
>Can't forget about the bitches flexing about killing cats or abusing animals
The posters doing this don't deserve to live.

No. 1804620

Also when I had an ED I lost it, it’s good to see it back my body’s back

No. 1804625

Anon you literally chimped out in all caps about this so hard in some /ot/ thread a few days ago that everyone was concerned for your mental health. I think you have some sort of hang up or trauma to react so explosively to people talking about masturbating or being horny. I would post the cap of your unhinged post but I feel like that would be too mean kek. Anyway all that to say is it’s ironic how you call others “insane animals” when your own behavior is so extreme… fascinating the type of people we get here on lolcor

No. 1804629

Did I miss something? I’ve never seen this. There’s a certain banned user I know did this as a child but it wasn’t a flex it seemed like a deeply shameful topic she got kinda rightfully dog piled for but also kinda unreasonably because she was like 8 years old, very young, and it had background reasons. Never seen any nona casually brag about being an animal abused, she’d get instantly ripped apart.

No. 1804656

I'm glad you're doing better, nona

No. 1804719

File: 1702097320824.jpg (72.19 KB, 1079x1109, 8287276364.jpg)

I like watching those retarded "PSL gods" looksmax edits with the slowed lady gaga songs. Looking through the comments is hilarious, the scrotes who watch them act like kpop fangirls.

No. 1804750

I really did not need to see a video on Twitter with 30k likes and no censor that shows Adam22 doing the Eiffel tower sex position with other man on his wife, Lena the plug and giving the man a fist bump. I want to troon out just to not be associated with women.

No. 1804799

I do, i sometimes use it, it's comfy

No. 1804837

>I would post the cap of your unhinged post
Can you? I wanna see what she said.

No. 1804887

Kek the reply is sending me.

No. 1805080

File: 1702137870387.jpg (41.79 KB, 540x540, 56eb57a9fa0272683907b126cc0e.j…)

I'm not into shipping characters, i'm not into superheroes, i'm not into movies and i don't even care about actors but if my friend didn't drag me to that batman movie when it was out i would not be here thinking the female riddler and male batman are a hot couple, it's not even deep, i feel so played out and autistic, i hate that this is something in my brain and i needed to spit it out sorry nonas

No. 1805083

Ofc, what’d be best in case you see this

No. 1805101

File: 1702139076275.png (487.65 KB, 640x629, 1699371158135099.png)

I have a huge crush on a guy 18 years older than me (I'm late 20s). I feel a little cringe when I think I would definitely look like his daughter every time we would go somewhere together but it's not my fault I can't find any decent and available men my age. I think I lost the battle when I had a crush on my teacher when I was 17, this feeling has been following me. This guy reminds me of him and is so well read and still cute for his age and overall seems like even more interesting and better person

No. 1805488

I thought the discord logo was an alien until someone told me that it's a controller

No. 1805500

File: 1702153446358.jpeg (156.57 KB, 728x957, EAE658E0-B3CF-496C-8BA0-1CDEB7…)

I don’t help my mom out with cleaning around the house because she’s so willfully messy that it doesn’t matter. She’s not disgusting but barely thinks ahead ever so once she’s done using something that’s where she drops it and it doesn’t move. If you clean a surface off she will immediately start piling shit onto it again. Once it’s out of her line of sight she completely forgets about things. Every time I go to clean my room it takes me at least half an hour of looking around the house to locate everything I need despite the fact that they’re supposed to have ‘homes’. The vacuum has a designated charging station in the laundry room but a few days ago it took me 15 minutes of looking around the house for it before I found it behind the fucking fireplace. Our table salt has moved from the spice cabinet, to the middle of the pantry, to the counter, back to a different part of the pantry all within a matter of weeks. Picrel is what our kitchen looks like every single day. It’s not just that it stays messy, it’s that she’ll spend an hour every night cleaning it up before bed and then literally the next day will be completely trashed again because she needs to use 20 different things while cooking one meal and won’t clean as she goes. It sounds petty but it’s so fucking annoying having to relocate everything every few days just to do basic tasks. She makes it so hard on herself and me because she has no foresight.

No. 1805502

this also

i like to fap to vore(moid)

No. 1805506

nobody cares about what you masturbate to, male(please don't reply to scrotes, just report and move on)

No. 1805531

Based nona.

No. 1805585

I only had 3 experiences receiving oral sex and I thought it was the worst shit ever.
#1 was my first boyfriend who had never been with a girl and thought eating pussy out meant sticking his hard tongue inside my vagina and fucking me with it. He thought he was doing a good thing by eating me out but it was the grossest thing ever.
#2 was just sad, I didn't like him so I was just dissociating and thinking depressing shit while he did it, I can't even remember what he was doing down there.
#3 was my current boyfriend andI even asked him not to do it because I hated it because of the past experiences and I even told him that… I said "let's do it later haha… next time… ha…" but then I gave in and I think I saw god. Having a hot guy who you love between your legs looking up at you while doing all the right things with his mouth is fucking crazy.
Sorry for the hornyposting.

No. 1805594

good for you anon, enjoy

No. 1805818

i dont shave my pubic hair but I like to pluck it with my fingers when im bored so now i have some bald patches kek

No. 1806060

Might be my most bpdchan/ unwell confession but I am greatly upset that my best friend lost her virginity before I did. I didnt care when my other friends lost theirs but for some reason I became fixated on trying to outdo her. Now I've lost this one sided competition and I feel so frustrated even though I know its retarded to be upset about something like this in the first place. I wasn't even really trying to achieve this ridiculous goal, while she was out there going on dates, I was staying at home masturbating to erotica and fanfic like the loser I am. Now I can't even retreat to those because all they do is remind me how pathetic and weird I am.

No. 1806061

most moids suck at it but I notice if you get a moid that knows female anatomy and change positions it feels better. For me it feels better if i am sideways so you can also try that

No. 1806078

I've always been intrigued by the competition some girls have between themselves around this. I even knew a girl group that set an age (16) and all of them put effort in having sex before reaching it, even if they didn't have a bf. My then best friend lost it at 14 with a fat ugly guy who was 18 or 20, can't remember because she dated so many older neckbeards in her teens. When she told me, I couldn't believe it, I was traumtized for days. And a couple weeks after that I brought up my concern during a private conversation we were having and she snapped at me and told me "Are you jealous that for once I am the first to do something?". Holy shit, we were 14, I simply found it disgusting and the fact that the guy was hideous made it even less of a flex. She actually got diagnosed with BPD some time later. I don't think you're pathetic, anon, I think you've spared yourself some misery and STDs.

No. 1806084

>I was staying at home masturbating to erotica and fanfic like the loser I am. Now I can't even retreat to those because all they do is remind me how pathetic and weird I am.
This seems like the root of the issue. If you spend time here, you should know men are usually terrible and often bad at sex. Masturbating is normal and healthy for women so we understand our bodies and desires when we aren't encouraged to do so. Erotic fanfiction and erotica are part of a wider culture of women exploring their sexuality, don't feel ashamed about engaging with it and not having a partner.

No. 1806085

one time my gp discovered a lodged piece of earwax in my ear, so he ordered me to the lab to get it flushed out. i'm obviously a bit embarrassed, but lab-chan puts her whole heart into the procedure, going at it with much vigor and heroism for a good 10 minutes. alas although smaller pieces of earwax debris keeps coming out, she can never get the whole plug to dislodge. she seems a little disappointed genuinely, but recommends i buy an earwax flushing kit at the pharmacy to give it a go at home. "you can also come back to the lab after using the oil for a couple of days so we can try again" she says hopefully. i think earwax dislodging satisfies some of that same urge as popping pimples, and she is one of them. i buy the earwax kit and use it as prescribed at home. some stuff comes out, but i'm never really satisfied or sure of whether i've been able to clear out everything.

fast forward until present time. i've been down with some viral infection, so my ears have also been feeling a bit congested and i decide to give earflushing another try in case it can help. yesterday i flushed my bad ear, and gave it another try today. some tiny speckles come out until water is clear. then i decided to try my other ear like an absolute madman, just because i've never done that one before and it's probably a bit waxy. an abundance of small earwax speckles quickly start flushing out. "it's probably because i haven't flushed this ear before". i keep going at it and there's more stuff, so i'm waiting for some bigger piece to eventually fall out. suddenly it dawns on me that i have been flushing the wrong ear this entire time. this is it, the earwax plug from years ago. i keep flushing with renewed pathos, carving at the plug bit by bit, until finally a gigantic piece of wax the size of a scrunched up halved walnut falls into my sink.

i've never seen anything like it and i regret not taking photos. a little disappointingly there wasn't a large popping sound, or an immediate hearing improvement, but nevertheless the sense of satisfaction i am feeling right now is unparalleled. things can only get better from now on.

No. 1806108

Oooh that sounds so satisfying omg

No. 1806123

I’m a horrible neighbor. I have friends over almost weekly and we always talk way too loudly, listen to music or retarded youtube videos on high volume, drink and smoke and talk on the balcony at like 3am.

No. 1806133

Currently feel like im the shit

No. 1806166

BPD tings

No. 1806173

Forthing that you didn't take pics to show us that sounds so satisfying

No. 1806256

sometimes i wish i hadn't peaked and found radical feminism at all. it's so isolating and painful to be aware of the misogyny all around you, not just coming from men but also from fellow women. it would be so much easier if us women could bond together and fight our oppressor.

No. 1806298

I don't care that the based girlies are deeply problematic, their memes are way funnier than anything my liberal friends can shit out. "The right can't meme" are such sour grapes, every great meme comes from the most anti semitic racist man hating Brazilian discord you've ever seen.

No. 1806384

Makes me sad tbh. The left can't meme because everything deeply offends them. I like being in the middle, but it can be lonely sometimes.

No. 1806385

Please do better. Think about how your actions affect others.

No. 1806541

There's some lovely vtubers I've discovered and I really want to be friends with them because they're all women very similar to me and we have the same interests, but at the same time trying to participate in their chat makes me hype aware of how this is all very parasocial and at the end of the day the goal is to make money. Maybe the only way I can make vtuber friends is by becoming one myself.

No. 1806585

File: 1702230803660.jpeg (43.21 KB, 720x727, 64175420d94aa.jpeg)

I think I caught feelings for my trashy neighbor. Usually I don't mind him bcz he's a bum but today he was shirtless and wearing these long dreads and ngl I was LOOKING, he's so fine with his skinny-fit build and tattoos and that lil waist. I want to kys my family has beef with his family I'm not supposed to find him hot kek I don't know what the hell is going with me!

No. 1806612

This is like when I found tumblr funny in 2011/2012 and then everytime a funny post would become viral you always had those unfunny jealous girls reblogging it with "friendly reminder that the word "dumb" is ableist because long ago it referred to deaf people and so you should never use words like that! "crazy" and "psychopath" are also ableist because poor little schizos will see it and feel targeted! please reblog my unproblematic posts instead!" I just knew I should have deleted my account back then, no clue why I forced myself to stay just to not even want to talk to my mutuals anymore anyway, who were the one putting the least interesting and funny jokes on my dashboard.

No. 1806619

this was somehow very sweet. i hope you guys kiss

i work for a corporation and i was struggling not to crack a smile a couple weeks ago listening to one of our VPs confidently telling us about how she just recently discovered that "crazy" is actually an offensive word and how she's doing her best to remove it from her vocabulary

No. 1806761

i'm sorry this is so unfeminist of me but i just spent some time looking through 1920s erotica (well just nude or suggestive photographs of women) and i'm so unbelievably horny rn i just have to get this off my chest i did save some pictures but obviously i'm not posting them here

No. 1806822

File: 1702243970674.jpg (71.96 KB, 512x768, 1699849220401.jpg)

This is a crazy thing to say, but I feel trapped. I almost did something illegal and my family found out but they did not call the cops. However I feel like I'm indebted to them and I can never be truly free unless I'm super rich and financially independent. Like I want to take off my hijab and just be normal but I'm afraid of being filmed and caught and having my family find out and then they report me to the cops and then I go to jail. What do I do?

No. 1806828

even if it takes years please get out of your country. Be safe anon. I’m guessing the illegal thing was something dumb and not like, evil or something.

No. 1806835

Nonna your picrel is amazing. It supplied me with serotonin for the next three days, thanks.

No. 1806852

thanks I found it here on lolcow a month ago and I loved it

yeah it was dumb but not evil, Mostly egg on my face. I just need money to leave

No. 1806894

>has no desire to talk to or about men
>waaah you're trauamatzed!!!

Exactly the same as men. Celibate women get it from all angles

No. 1806909

File: 1702249688020.jpg (66.63 KB, 1019x767, agumonfigure_china12_march12_2…)

I honestly wish I grew up with Digimon rather than Pokemon.the monsters are better,better female characters (Sora,Kari,Yolei & Ruki),the episodes are fun to watch and can be emotional at the times even dark,the cool digivices,the awesome fight scenes.I wish I had all the merchandise as a kid,the plushies, action figures,the toy digivices etc.wished I watched it when it aired on Fox Kids and on Disney Channel.I don't want to spend a fortune for collectables now since it's so rare and hard to find especially the early 2000s digivices even modern digi merch can be super expensive.oh why

No. 1806921

i want to get a trashy chain tattoo on my hand

No. 1807007

I want to do something to fuck up my life. i have been boring nerd my whole life and now im a boring secretary that lives with my parents and has no friends. I think i need to get addicted to meth or something or commit a crime and go to jail. I would like to go to prison I think just for a change of pace. i'd be one of those people who gets out then commits another crime to go back in kek

No. 1807013

What about creating something, like writing a book, a song or painting? That would be fun, and less dangerous, plus it could introduce you to new friendships

No. 1807016

I like watching the movies and looking at the backgrounds. it's kinda time capsule for the time period even the shitty Angela Anaconda tie-in

No. 1807018

i'm not very creative and have no desire to do any of that unfortunately otherwise yeah that would be the best choice. i'm just fed up with the world and i'm tired of always being a rule-abiding good girl. I've often thought about just leaving the house at night with nothing but maybe some water and just walking in one direction for days and becoming homeless. if I get murdered or raped then well whatever

No. 1807021

If you drive just floor it by some speed cameras until you rack up enough points to get a driving ban.

No. 1807022

File: 1702256301346.jpg (44.42 KB, 673x680, F_9QkorboAA6FNl.jpg)

I feel like that too but I also don't know what to do. Can't get a musical instrument, I suck at art, Can't even start a podcast for the life of me.

ntaytt, but I suck at that. I suck at everything and have yet to find that niche where I would thrive in

No. 1807023

yeah but that's boring and would do nothing but stick me at home all day since i'd lose my job

No. 1807026

samefagging, but the other thing i've been considering is getting into psychedelics but i don't know how to get into that scene and i'm worried i wouldn't find any women, just creepy moids

No. 1807027

Sounds like you just need some adrenaline or new experience. Call in sick and use that time to make a random vacation, visit some concerts you'd never go to, take up some extreme sport. There's plenty of things that don't straight up ruin most of your life but can give you some thrill.

No. 1807039

File: 1702257231648.png (577.16 KB, 562x1389, 1695967701754.png)

Mood af but because I'm not truly allowed to do anything or go anywhere so why not chimp out since everything sucks no matter what? I always wonder what am I waiting for to happen? Why do I keep on going? I'm so retarded.

No. 1807046

I keep telling myself the same thing

>Wait until you get some money

>Wait until you move out and away from family
>wait until you get good at something

I'm 26 and all I have ever done was wait. But I don't know where or what to do

I would love to go skydiving but I don't have the money

No. 1807048

>I would like to go to prison I think just for a change of pace.
why? prison is boring as hell. it's not like in a tv show where there's constant gang fights going on or whatever the fuck

No. 1807051

yeah I'm a boring person so I think it would be perfect for me. I don't really enjoy doing anything in particular so i wouldn't miss anything and i could just operate on robot mode forever. it would upset my parents though. But i think they'd prefer that to me dying so it's the lesser of two evils?

No. 1807064

it is objectively better to be a boring secretary who lives with her parents as opposed to prison inmate #87687

Please, take different routes home, make a new account on youtube and find a new hobby/interest through that, go to your local library for new activities, volunteer within your city, hit the gym more often, please

No. 1807070

i mean you are 100% right, objectively. But I'm really not trying to be edgy when I say I am not right in the head, so none of that stuff you suggest is appealing to me at all. I want to suffer in some large way and it's my fantasy to be considered a lost cause

No. 1807105

Nta but if you want a toxic but semi normal life you’re better off becoming a functional alcoholic and dating guys from tinder at least you’ll have your freedom and and quit once you hit rock bottom

No. 1807106

Based Digimon > Pokemon. Cooler monsters and it is more about having a single partner than a team. Show was so much better. I even have a digivice collection. Wish I knew someone into it irl to sperg with. You can get some modern vpets for cheap(-ish, cheap for what the old devices are going for) if you know where to look.

No. 1807110

Just start tagging trains or something, dont do meth

No. 1807112

being sick often made me embrace a slow life and I am grateful for that but I really do dislike being sick so frequently

No. 1807113

kek i thought about the alcoholic part but it didn't work because this is how drinking goes for me and idk why:
>feel nothing
>feel nothing
>feel nothing
>you are now asleep
That's why i want to do psychedelics but i know you need friends to do those so you don't murder someone while high or some shit. like I do want to go to jail, but not for murder, i'm not evil

No. 1807124

I took advantage of my coworker refusing to read our work handbook and I was able to avoid doing a task that I absolutely hate for an entire year. Normally we would switch every few weeks but this went completely under the radar and no one ever spoke up about it. This year someone finally noticed and I’m so annoyed that I have to do it again.

No. 1807178

Based. Only autists like Pokemon. Motherfuckers cant even talk.

No. 1807782

File: 1702321147037.jpeg (34.89 KB, 400x400, IMG_0008.jpeg)

I told work I couldn’t come in because I was sick but the real reason is they turned off the water in my apartment today for repairs so I can’t shower and I smell bad

No. 1807826

working at mcdonalds in highschool was when I had the most friends and I miss it lol

No. 1807844

I keep imagining harming my coworkers lmao The entire time during my shift im thinking about just suddenly snapping and i start cutting people up with my box cutter. I hate it so much here but nothing hiring.

The only place that even bothered to call my back passed me up for a different girl so im kinda pissed and bitter that my 13 years of work experience means little to anyone.

No. 1807863

if it's only under your armpits you can rub some sodium bicarbonate and it will annihilate any smell

No. 1807870

i want to have my own thread on lolcow because i'm a bpd attention whore but don't have a big enough following yet

No. 1807881

File: 1702326516503.png (266.96 KB, 800x600, if i just rememered her name n…)

I almost had a fursona as a child but me not understanding how it was any different from my Warriors OC I used for actual RP on that forum kept me from becoming a furry I think.

No. 1807957

I think some fursonas are cute but I never felt connected enough to any particular animal so I never had any animal I wanted to be. Tbh, if I had met the furry friend I had in high-school before I was 16 years old, I would've become obsessed with the hat she made for me and I would've ended up becoming a furry with a donut steel oc.

No. 1807960

I love Trisha Paytas's ASMR, she is one of the only ones who actually give me 'tingles'. I actually like her in general, so that is my confession kek

No. 1807984

Fuck I loved this cat maker game

No. 1808018

Whenever I spend too much time with people, I feel like throwing up. Visiting my family from my dad's side always makes me feel sick even though I don't really dislike them. I guess they unsettle me?

No. 1808032

cardi b made a good asmr video too kek

No. 1808044

high anxiety or very elevated heart-rate drains blood from your digestive system, causing nausea and upset stomach. I get it a lot myself, stressful people seriously ruin my shits and my sleeps.

No. 1808059

I really like beatrix potter style animals-in-frocks art and that side is honestly pretty wholesome and female-dominated without gross porn

No. 1808072

I think mtf trannies are incredibly cringe and that they use transitioning as a fetish, form of escapism, and/or dealing with autism. I can never take them seriously, and HSTS are just complete narcs. Both types of trannies hate women and have deeply misogynistic morals. They're ugly as sin and rarely, of ever, pass and it's hilarious to laugh at them.
However I don't mind ftm trans. Some of them are brain dead fujos which is genuinely cringe and untreated mental illness, but the average ftm passes a lot better than a mtf, and they are less pathetic than most cis males. I would gladly date a passing ftm rather than a moid if I had the chance.

No. 1808082

>that weird mix of pity and guilty pleasure when a new, approximately 18-20 year old, guy at our work has a crush on me but is too shy to talk most of the time
Kek why am I like this. I'm 28 and I would never date a guy of that age but this gives me some weird sense of power. There's been a couple of guys like this but that newest one also gives me this feeling like I want to take care of him? He's thin and boyish and he almost always looks like someone beat him up. Today he came with a literal black eye and I asked him what happened and he said that he 'just fell' kek and I thought to myself 'yeah, sure'. Why those scrawny little guys give me those feelings

No. 1808089

I'm always lowkey afraid that Sanic Totem is a real prophet but I caught him lying before. I guess I am a little superstitious after all
Sounds cute. A 22 year old hit on me this year and I'm mid-30's so that gave me a slight ego boost but I also thought kek what a child, cute little boy is barely out of puberty.

No. 1808112

Really? If a brat started hitting on me I'd feel insulted.

No. 1808154

ftm trans are just as retarded. The only difference is they dont assault or get violent with women like mtfs do. They're still self hating morons who take T and chop their tits off.

No. 1808317

Chris Chan has beautiful eyes

No. 1808399

PT's eyes are prettier by far

No. 1808407

Hard agree. So jealous of how thick her eyelashes are.

No. 1808410

i act cutesy and clueless on purpose to get what i want. i got a moid to do my assignment for me and another to basically do my entire job at work kek

No. 1808526

File: 1702365371219.png (449.29 KB, 532x531, ghost.png)

I thought he was hot at first until I found out he was british KEK

No. 1808527

Samefag but I know the flag is right there on his chest but most fanart I saw were of him shirtless or wearing nothing at all

No. 1808528

>british moid
No wonder the mask stays on for him

No. 1808531

I'll forgive him because i feel like he made masked men more popular lately and moids should follow that example too, british or not

No. 1808537

me too kek. listened to a few voice lines and was no longer interested

No. 1808540

Every time I see this character I’m reminded of this BPD freak who is obsessed with using reaction gifs of him.

No. 1808553

I skinwalked someone years ago. And it’s still haunting me.

No. 1808562

File: 1702368844766.png (310.22 KB, 481x531, 46B6FA06-188B-4B73-B00B-3448B1…)

i tried to be like dean winchester in middle school. i wasn't attracted to him but i thought he was cool. i was too scared to get a crew cut because it'd make me look silly so i had a dumpy pixie cut but i had spn necklaces and a khaki jacket and listened to dad rock. i think it was cute of me to do that. also no i didn't have a tumblr.

No. 1808563

when i was a teen i made a whole bed fall on the foot of a moid once, i don't remember how it happened but it was my fault because he was trying to look into my phone like a weirdo and i was trying to get it back
i guess it wasn't fair and he used to play football so it must have been awful when it still hurted, i felt horrible about it because it was an accident and i've never told anyone about it

No. 1808773

File: 1702391944771.jpg (103.25 KB, 828x827, EmCxEyDVoAIT1Xu.jpg)

I'm a womanchild to an extent but it makes me happy. I don't talk about cartoons and other childish stuff I like in a formal setting or something, just with friends who are ok with it irl and online, and I'm not that cosoomerist about my interests either, resortinh to piracy mostly and buying merchandise off cheap chinese websites (except some shirts that cost 130+$ off an official franchise website kek).

No. 1808810

Tell us the details, pleaaaase

No. 1808812

When my ex cheated on me I returned every gift he gave except his sweater. I want to get rid of it but it's a nice sweater. It is comfy. I wore it the other day for the first time in a long time and felt immense guilt. I should just rid of it.

No. 1808820

File: 1702393945369.gif (27.9 KB, 500x415, æ.GIF)

No. 1808837

No. No need to throw away something you like because an ex moid gave it to you. it's yours now.

No. 1808846

File: 1702395018397.jpeg (53.36 KB, 636x382, 1CF74247-0ADF-4657-BBE3-50C7D4…)

It’s someone famous.(not Ariana grade, I just thought it was fitting) I sort of look like her, she’s not even that good looking so I’m not bragging but my boyfriend called her cute offhandedly and so then I did my makeup to look like her, deleted my old pics off of social media, and only took pics from angles where I (thought) I looked exactly like her. And then people would be like “omg you kinda remind me of her” it would fuel my delusions the truth is wtf I have some severe issues and when I told this to my (man) therapist he just kinda brushed it off as regular adolescent unhingedness. I feel like it was a manifestation of me being so desperate for approval and adoration. I am so so embarrassed and when I get compared to her now cause now I’m not even trying and I get flashbacks to when I did try to emulate that.

No. 1808850

Also I hated her. I am retarded

No. 1808935

Late, but there have been multiple. First one that comes to mind is from a year or two ago. There was some anon who said she worked at an animal shelter and loved to brutalize a dog housed there after hours. Everyone came down on her, and she replied something like "Heh, don't you know a-logging's against the rules? Don't make me report you". If she hasn't done what's needed and killed herself, I'm sure she's still lurking.

No. 1808965

I've been fantasizing about prison for approximately 2 years now. Problem is, my country's laws are so lax, I'd have to do something genuinely evil for them to lock somebody like me up.

For me there are 2 reasons: being in prison would mean I know longer have to work my shitty exhausting job, I'd no longer have all those responsibilities and I'd be also kinda ironically forced to get my life back on track (regular sleep and eating schedule which I haven't had since I was a young teen).
On the other hand I feel like you, that I'm wasting my life roleplaying as a normie. Studying was so painful to me and now working is even worse. And for what do I torture myself through all that? So that I make a good impression on my non-existent friends and partner..? It makes no sense to try to fit in normal society if it keeps pushing me away my entire life.
I'm not one of those uwu my body my choice but lately I feel increasingly like I'm about to quit (or get fired) and then take on more and more shady work at nighttime. I'm scared of losing my job but I'm also desperately craving it.
In my mind prison really seems as if it could heal me, simply a months long break from life in which I can just focus on myself. Just me in a small empty room without having to worry about anything, not even thinking about what I wear, what soap I use, what I eat…

Sometimes I also think about doing the exact opposite and joining a convent, that way my parents would still love me. But I'm so drawn to the excitement of doing something illegal…

No. 1808972

File: 1702399587944.jpg (73.8 KB, 400x545, 667fe4b4ea2d95f5aac1f78738291a…)

Yesterday I see something I shouldn't have seen and now I can't stop thinking about it. One of my aunts has downs syndrome and she helps a lot around the house, she cooks and cleaning, she used to work even at some place for people that has conditions like hers.
The thing I saw was what she's doing right now, she touches her feet a lot, and picks the dead skin off her feet, then she proceeds to eat the dead skin even though she even walks around the house barefoot.
I really doubt she washes her hands before helping around with the cooking, so I don't know what to think.

No. 1809011

You should have spoilered this omfg I'm going to throw up.

No. 1809014

I want to replace my husband's shitty best friend as my bull this year, I hate not having an exclusive guy for this kind of thing

No. 1809090

The skin is crunchy, by the way.

No. 1809125

You still have to work in prison, just for like 10c an hour. And then when you get out, you will struggle to get any other sort of job. Stop being childish and take responsibility for yourself.

No. 1809256

I've been responsible for way too long…

No. 1809680

Never eat retard food

No. 1809695

My ex cheated on me and I also returned just about everything but kept a sweater. I still wear it. It looks better on me. I will think of you next time I use it as part of a cute outfit, I hope you can do the same.

No. 1809996

File: 1702432115157.jpg (22.5 KB, 385x403, COOL.jpg)

i use my neighbor's wifi (they let me) and i forgot to turn on my vpn when pirating the sonic movie. currently shitting myself because i don't want them to kick me off of their wifi and i don't want them to know im an autist

No. 1810024

I want to get blepharoplasty so bad. I look fine in selfies but I want to cry when I see pictures other people take of me. I am so hideous and pissed off looking. I have gorgeous green eyes but they are halfway shadowed because of my eyelids. It would take two months of paychecks which is fine since I have a lot saved but I should know better than to want to surgically cut myself up.

No. 1810105

I have lurked in fandoms, for years at a time, where I vaguely knew of the lore and character personalities but only really engaged with the story through fanfiction and fanart. As I was concerned I wouldn't like the canon story & characters as much as the one I envisioned in my head based off of fandom.

No. 1810379

can't help but enjoy cats millionaire's music like yes i know it's a tranny but the tunes are so nostalgic and still appeal to my taste. soz.

No. 1810395

> One of my aunts has downs syndrome

No. 1810484

I find women who propose to men pathetic. 99% of the time it's out of desperation and the guy isn't even worth it (because if he was, why would he let her humiliate herself for him?) Plus, why would you ever pass up on a man getting on one knee begging to marry you? Why would you ever get on your knees for a man? Cuckqueen behavior.

No. 1810527

Thank you Nonna, that touched my heart. I will try to do the same. Thank you.

No. 1810561

I agree with that. if a man isnt ready to propose, he isn't worth it. More women should give men a time frame and break it off if he doesnt meet their standards.

No. 1810607

She is a product of sibling incest, but I can't just not love her when she's the nicest person alive.

No. 1810736

Oh lordcow.. I was bad.. I sinned badly. But I will be good now. I will use my talents to worship you oh lordcow. May my humble confession and my humble pledge bestow me with your blessings

No. 1810741

No. 1810744

That wasn't up for a rating I'm having a moment with myself

No. 1810752

Okay everyone keeps saying I did something wrong and fucked up but nobody tells me what it is! I want to confess but what are the crimes? What do you want? It doesn't even really matter because we both know it's not me with something to lose so be nice and also reparations I'm waiting

No. 1810823

I'm howling what the fuck are you talking about and how can you lack so much self awareness

No. 1810828

I am and I promise you I was not referencing any of your posts and I think you need some medication yourself for that seething paranoia of yours

No. 1810834

Oh so you're lying to cover. I see.

No. 1810840

No like I really don't know what you're talking about lmao get well soon?

No. 1810859

You're really funny lol

No. 1810866

When I was a attention-starved, depressed, and very self-hating young teenager around fifteen I posted my breasts online to feel some kind of "rush" or anything. I don't even think the metadata or exif data was removed. It was only once but I will never be able to make fun of any of the cows on here because I know for a fact that deep down I am no better than them and that if it comes back to bite me there's absolutely nothing I will be able to do other than suicide. I'm no longer mentally ill like I was back then but still it's one of the few things that can make me nauseous and unable to sleep for days if I remember. Sometimes I think about ending it all just to save myself and my family the trouble.

No. 1810875

Not giving you attention anymore as you're likely romanichan again but your attempt to be aloof because you're embarassed at being called out doesn't work

No. 1810885

It's fucking killing me how every new reply of yours is less self aware than the last one like lady you're the one dirty deleting posts out of embarrassment lmaooo

No. 1810888

Look… think of this way. There are literally millions of nudes on the internet. It's not that big of a deal.

No. 1810902

I do think of it that way. That photo is a blip in the sea of nude photos, but still it fills me with fear, anger, embarrassment, and genuine disappointment with myself. I just forget about it for a long period of time until I remember and then I just feel sick and paranoid for a bit. Unrestricted internet access, early porn exposure, and unchecked depression is one dangerous concoction.

No. 1810904

I'd rather have a single cropped pic of my tits floating around the internet that having delivered the worst presentation ever in front of 50 people in my first year of uni. That memory will haunt me til I die or finish a quest to kill everyone who attended such horrible presentation.

No. 1810908

Who needs moids when we can psyop ourselves into deep self loathing and suicide over a pair of faceless tits

No. 1810919

Is it really not that bad? I near compulsively imagine various scenarios on how I'd deal with it resurfacing most of it ending with suicide and it was only until a few years ago had I stopped vomiting when I remember what I did. I even vowed to stay celibate so I don't burden a future partner with what I did. I never posted my face or anything like that but I still fear that the the person who may have downloaded original file could've stripped the metadata and find my address. It's been years but still.

No. 1810936

Laying it on a bit too thick now dial it back a couple of notches

No. 1810940

My apologies anon.

No. 1810942

No worries just watching out for you

No. 1810967

I lost my virginity in the same place I got arrested

No. 1810974

Kinda based.

No. 1811008

I’m sure other anons agree but idc if a man kills himself especially if he does it in front of a whole bunch of people, men are such attentionwhores they always have to shoot them selves on live or in front of their family and traumatize the shit out of everyone. I just heard about some cosplay faggot killing himself on TikTok live, vause a girl lied about her age and I didn’t even read the comments but I just know men are like “muh men mental health” or “girls lying about their age is a problem”l”accusations” Why are men so stupid? Just drive off a cliff you attentionwhore, I bet children saw that live. Remember Ronnie Mcnutt? Stupid. I don’t feel bad for them just the people who are traumatized.
Men be like I’m so sad I should go kill myself and make a debacle of it or kill a bunch of people and then myself..

No. 1811028

Literally if you kill yourself in front of a bunch of people you are a piece of shit through and through idc how depressed you are.

Also i remember someone saying one time that yes men's suicide rates are higher (remember, women's attempt rate is higher though) but a lot of men kill themselves bc they were caught being pedophiles, embezzling, using prostitutes or some other degenerate shit. Or they take other lives with them when they kill themselves.

No. 1811139

Reasons males kill themselves:
-escape responsibilities
-to punish others
-delusion of grandeur (martyr)

No. 1811147

Sometimes i feel sorry for my ex’s current gf…. because they’ll forever have to live with the fact that im the hot ex.

No. 1811153

Agreed. I hate how women proposing now is supposed to be a way to fight gender roles or fight the patriarchy, but in the end, it's just a colorful way of making yourself submissive for a man.

No. 1811154

You think about your ex’s new gf often?

No. 1811163

Only when im having negative thoughts about my body image, but then remember shes identifys as a he/him despite dressing like a feminine version of Robin Williams character in Mork and Mindy and i feel better.

No. 1811180

That line alone made me laugh.

No. 1811210

This dumb white woman who works at a Chinese restaurant speaks with a Chinese accent when she’s working and I can’t help but be infuriated because she’s actually retarded

No. 1811213

LOL a guy told me about his brother, who would try to speak with a "hood accent" whenever he was around black people. Like, are people trying to fit in when they do that? It's not endearing lol

No. 1811221

I feel sorry for my ex’s new gf because she’s almost 10 years younger than him and she’s splitting the bills instead of saving her money or even being NEET or just studying for a little while. He’s the kind of scrote no woman over 25 would date so it makes sense. He’s also hit the wall at 100 mph and looks like shit compared to when I dated him.

No. 1811223

I’m the oposite of this I’m ok looking but my ex’s new gf is way hotter than me and the one before that but after me was super hot too. He’s ugly. Idk how he gets so much cute girls

No. 1811229

I think it’s just stupid/mentally ill people attempting to assimilate with people they revere. You see it all the time with the autistic

No. 1811284

I feel bad for thinking this but one of my exes in particular definitely does this. He dates the homeliest women for some reason. He told me he once had a crush on Holly Conrad. I think he wants the leverage of being the more attractive one, especially after me.

No. 1811616

reminds me of vid related kek

No. 1811635

I spent 5 hours cuddling a man that's 9 years older than me in the backseat of my car into the early hours of this morning. I find him comforting to be around and cute even though he's kind of a bum. Honestly he's not the brightest bulb and I once saw him door dash a vape but he is really talented when it comes to our mutual hobby and I seriously admire him for it. I'm 100% leading him on though, I'd never date him, I just really like being held by him. I don't really know what he feels for me as he hasn't tried anything at all, which is one of the things I like about him (he is very obedient). We have to go to a holiday party on Saturday and I'm planning on asking him if I can come over after and watch tv or something. I don't want to do anything, he's just so damn comfy. I wish he wasn't starting to bald and actually got a job with his bachelors so I could feel less conflicted.

No. 1811657

Kek and they say women are materialistic?? when random girls are dumpster diving for balding scrotes. You can do better than that old bum nonny, go cuddle a cat

No. 1811663

Get a dog ffs, what the fuck is the appeal of cuddling with a man you're not even attracted to. He's old and balding!!

No. 1811684

File: 1702546963912.jpg (213.63 KB, 1365x2048, 1664810251478-1.jpg)

im working on something that i know is going to get me labeled as a lolcow but im at peace with it

No. 1811691

File: 1702547784029.jpeg (60.34 KB, 550x557, IMG_1655.jpeg)

Do your thing nonna

No. 1811698

File: 1702548688339.jpeg (111.38 KB, 640x538, IMG_5788.jpeg)

I send in fake medical leave documents at least once a month. I just take pictures of old documents and change the date by doing a collage of sorts using the letters and numbers already there on Meitu, then paste a doctors signature and stamp from my mums medical papers. I sent in a two day leave paper yesterday so I could spend two whole days watching cdramas. No regrets.

No. 1811774

I lost my virginity in an AP dress last year. Not on purpose as a fetish or anything, I just happened to be wearing it and I didn't get undressed.
It was a miserable experience and I wish I never did it, and now I feel weird about my dress. Something about the fact that I did it in lolita has been eating at me and I feel the need to confide in someone. No, I'm not going to be selling it, don't worry.

No. 1811790

Hopefully you didn't damage or stain the dress.

No. 1812274

I still have to count on my fingers to figure out what number a month is. I do it in my head when I'm around other people though.

No. 1812288

I trust you that you didn't do it for a fetish, but what about the other person?

No. 1812295

I’m sorry it was a bad experience anon. Try to not let it ruin good association with a cute dress for you. You didn’t do anything wrong by having had a bad first time.

No. 1812298

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to sell it as long as you washed it, unless something stained it. People have sex in clothes all the time, no way they don't sometimes end up being resold or in thrift stores.

No. 1812334

File: 1702587004484.jpg (121.94 KB, 704x975, various.jpg)

>talk to local girl from online gaming a little older than me
>find out she is trans, born male
>oke, im just happy to be making one (1) friend bc im lonely
>but she seems nice anyway, we can share similar humour, be spergs together, i enjoy her company
>meet up irl
>seems sweet when we go for coffee
>asks if i want to come over
>hesitate, but send family my address, her mother is home anyway
>tell her im sorry for being tired, my period just started
>wraps her arms around me from behind and starts rubbing/touching my tummy and i say 'please don't'
>shows me games on her ps5, im excited to try new games!
>keeps trying to get me to lie on the bed with her
>chat, but she keeps making sexual references and talking about the sexual acts she wants in a jokey way, and her fetishes
>randomly picks me up
>starts playing with her? boobs and talking about how well the estrogen is working
>i say 'that's a little weird to do in front of someone'
>wish she hadn't acted this way, because we had been having fun and connecting genuinely before
>feel really sad and low when i leave to go home, i didn't enjoy the way i was looked at and just wanted to make a friend in the area
>she apologises later for her behaviour
should i give her a second chance? the vibe was kind of bad, although im not in any danger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1812340

idk why you're asking this here as if anyone on this website would say yes to a second chance like really. you know exactly what kind of response you're going to get

No. 1812341

Imagine being as retarded as you. No wonder you're a friendless loser.

No. 1812344

Stop using she newfag, you befriended a man and a gross pervert at that

No. 1812345

Tranny fake fantasy

No. 1812348

Still thinking about the Qt 2.1416 priest I saw today, I want him to fuck me until I get tired of him.

No. 1812350

Rapehon hands typed this

No. 1812351

Idk how to explain this but this post doesn't have a "farmer" vibe its a troon kek

No. 1812355

no. we don't do that here.

No. 1812378

>gayass r/greentext story
>ifunny image
>dumbest shit you’ve ever read
Clocked on an anonymous board, a posthon

No. 1812453

I was drunk last night and completely lost all of my posts nor do I remember enough to search for them and it's driving me crazy not knowing what I was up to on the ibs

No. 1812454

File: 1702592650567.jpg (70.73 KB, 600x666, 96c2b7880176d668091d6281268b88…)

I want to study a lot and become a doctor in literature or languages but just because I love the decorations that doctors get for their graduation robes, I also want to study whatever career means I get to have tacky pink shit on my graduation robe.

No. 1812478

File: 1702593578645.jpg (62.22 KB, 322x400, Come_get_ur_man.jpg)

Every time I see Ghost I just remember he is modelled after Samuel Roukin and I am immediately disgusted.

No. 1812626

I hate therapy, therapists and the entire psych industry. I'm happy that I basically created a need for therapy for my therapist when I was 16 kek. Maybe not a need for therapy literally, but I gave her some serious emotional turmoil and damage because she openly admitted she got too emotionally invested with me and she couldn't be objective anymore and the things I said got "in her head" too much. I was a heavily blackpilled teen, talking blackpill things about men and male nature, male sexuality, how they view women and sex, how romantic love doesn't exist, and a bunch of determinist and antinatalist shit. At first she tried to counter some of my points but then she simply wasn't able to

No. 1812642

That’s the problem, if you are depressed because you saw the truth about males and our make society, therapy can’t even help you because everyone knows it’s the truth deep down. I used to think I was strong enough to power through it and make a difference for women but I’m so tired now that I think I will probably kill myself sooner or later. I feel really bad about it though, like it’s my responsibility to stay strong and try to be the change in a small way but I can’t even manage that.

No. 1812653

File: 1702600598922.png (1.92 MB, 1245x1177, 5js0yk.png)

Everyone alive past 1960s, or anyone who isn't styled like they're from around 1920s-1940s is ugly to me, both men and women. So modern day people can have a chance but they must be styled in that particular way or else they're unattractive, even if they fit conventional beauty standards in other ways. I'm extremely autistic over hair especially, I hate how hardly anyone wears it curled, waved, or voluminous anymore except for those who naturally have it. Even then it's extra rare on men.

No. 1812671

No anon, we can't fix this world. Focus on yourself first and on gaining resources for yourself and on the things that make you happy and the things that can develop you, and if you want friends just try to seek out like-minded women. I'm still depressed but not as much as when I felt the entire weight of all women's womanhood on my shoulders and I felt some responsibilty for them, at least trying to tell them about males etc. Most women won't listen to you anyway so just focus on those who already think like you. Not gonna lie, it's hard to find them and the relationships with the rest of people will always be very superficial for me. I'm also an autistmo which makes it even harder but I think it still would be very hard even without it. It's hard to live when you can't have emotionally and intellectually satisfying bonds with other people, only superficial shit

No. 1812688

File: 1702602123717.webp (Spoiler Image, 284.72 KB, 2000x2473, IMG_2891.webp)

Making fun of people makes me feel better, especially males. I was having a terrible day today, but I instantly felt better coming on to lolcow to gawk at Elon Musk’s autism, beluga skin, tenacious balding, his polygon face and his Little Tikes toy box torso. It’s like therapy for me.

No. 1812693

There's no money in the world that would make me want to fuck anyone with that body shape.

No. 1812699

>beluga skin, tenacious balding, his polygon face and his Little Tikes toy box torso.
You are a poet, nonnie. kek

No. 1812703

>It's hard to live when you can't have emotionally and intellectually satisfying bonds with other people, only superficial shit
ayrt, yes, it is. I can only ever play a character in the presence of other people, no one knows how I really feel because it's taboo. So it makes it pretty much impossible to find other women like me irl. I always have the mask on, and so does everyone else. I've tried living for myself, but I don't really enjoy anything, and I struggle to find female artists and musicians whose work I like, so I haven't even listened to music in about two years despite trying really hard to find stuff. All my favorite artists and musicians and actors/actresses have turned out to be absolutely dog shit people, pedos, abusers, etc, i'm ready to just give up on the world and call it quits. If it weren't for my mom who would be heartbroken I would not be here.

No. 1812746

File: 1702605492407.jpg (85.19 KB, 800x410, atleastimgoodatmakingequipment…)

I call the Atelier series my favorite game series but I've never managed to beat a single game (meaning, getting a true ending) once without following a guide, and I've been playing the games ever since I watched my dad play Mana Khemia in like 2010.

No. 1812768

I'm sorry anon. I know it's hard. Have you tried to find like-minded women online and then befriend them? Also try to find something you really enjoy as a hobby. Also watch Revolutionary Girl Utena if you haven't seen it. It wasn't made by a degenerate and it's one of the most powerful women-centered piece of media I've ever seen and one of my favourites. It gets really cathartic, especially towards the end. I think you would like it too

No. 1812818

i could meet someone i think is kinda cool online but when i find out theyre fat it makes me dislike them. i feel kinda bad for doing it on an individual level but im so sick of the spread of terminally online uglies shitting up all non-business formal places with their blatant lack of tact, that the feeling gets applied to generally everyone. ngl i am also terminally online and not that attractive either, but at least i keep my mouth shut about it and work out regularly

No. 1812832

Fucking block him. You need to gain some self worth or something because holy shit, how do you forgive people like this?

No. 1812837

>wasn’t made by a degenerate
Debatable. It is still fantastic though and probably the only feminist anime.

No. 1812841

Tranny hands typed that. report, ignore and move on.

No. 1812853

File: 1702611063080.jpg (318.6 KB, 970x600, sn.jpg)

Sometimes I want to buy a sexy nun costume, and roleplay with myself.

No. 1812865

I'm 33 and soliciting sex from a 19-year-old. I'm so sick of being a virgin. I have always been on the attractive side but would always autistically shut down when it came to any kind of romance. I am just not attracted to men my age, they can keep their thinning hairlines to themselves. I keep justifying it by reminding myself loads of men act this exact way with younger girls.

No. 1812871

Good for you

No. 1812873

How is Ikuhara a degen? I thought he was a fag at worst

No. 1812911

Have fun nona, I hope he’s cute

No. 1812934

i don't even like her but the swimsuit photos and one nude photo of florence made me slightly horny god strike me down and please kill me

No. 1813127

florencechan redemption

No. 1813132

kek i'm not her, just a sexually confused bystander

No. 1813423

Good taste anon

No. 1813866

(east) asians in the us are basically white to me. and i really despise the way rich/upper middle class/otherwise wealthy asian women (it's always women from my experience) will blanket claim All of east asia and bitch at you for "fetishizing" asian culture. it's really rampant amongst chinese women for some reason – nevermind that they've never been to china and they don't speak the language…they're totally chinese and totally in sync with chinese issues and culture and you need to stfu and listen

i'm black btw i swear i'm not a /pol/fag it just pisses me off omg. why do they have to act so oppressed(racebait)

No. 1813878

reviewbrahfag spotted

No. 1813881

Why is this such a stupid yet popular opinion among online black people?

No. 1813893

I'm latina and I perceive them the same way. They often got money, privileged backgrounds, kinda fit the beauty standard by being somewhat pale/straight haired/thin, etc. I don't know why do they cry sm about discrimination, most rich asian Americans have fuck you money

No. 1813909

>I don't know why do they cry sm about discrimination
you get me. even the poor ones do better than i do because most people are interested in some facet of asian culture, all their stereotypes are generally pretty positive, etc.

No. 1813926

What I dislike about being asian in the US isn't that I feel like everyone is racist against me it's more like when you become a failure at life everyone is so much harsher towards you. Everyone has this expectation that you're super skinny, beautiful, rich and highly educated so when you aren't I feel like you're treated much worse than if you were just a random white girl working a minimum wage job and you have a BMI of 20. I feel like the people that are the worst towards me are either other asian people who don't want to associate with anyone they perceive to be beneath them or the type of people that really fetishize asians and can't even wrap their heads around someone that isn't naturally paper white and tiny and delicate and hate you if you point out the flaws in your own culture. But if I'm being honest, the actual racism against asians where you feel literally unsafe and people are yelling at you to go back to your country is more common in Europe.

No. 1813930

Asians and black people have had the exact same opportunities. I’m not racebaiting, but why does one race thrive while the other falters? I think it has to do with the culture of each. One values hard work, nuclear family, education, etc and the other culture…. doesn’t

No. 1813932

I'm half hispanic and half asian and even here in Latam they have money and live well. My mom has money too but she had to work her ass off to get here so I hope to make her proud.

No. 1813938

If that happens again just say "闭嘴,猪" (Bì zuǐ, zhū) and walk away, they always stay frozen shocked in place kek.

No. 1813942

One of them was slaved and suffered generations of extreme trauma, and malnutrition. I mean, segregation, lynching, human zoos, etc, do you really think that will not have an effect generations to come?
While with Asians they were immigrants, which is super hard to do and takes a lot. Obviously the poorest and least dedicated people did not manage or even attempt to immigrate.
Come on, you have to be really willingly ignorant to try to match two very different experiences.(racebait)

No. 1813952

>Asians and black people have had the exact same opportunities
Do they though?
Do Asians have as nasty of stereotypes as black people that literally stop people from seeing them as people?(racebait)

No. 1813955

Because it's true. You're the one who's stupid.

No. 1813957

thanks for replying to that retard so i didn't have to kek
ended up backspacing my long rant about babies being used as alligator bait and teens being shot for walking to convenience stores and guys getting tazed for changing their tires

No. 1813966

Yes, remember when Covid started and Chinese people were seen as diseased wet market shopping savages? Or when they first arrived and were given the most dangerous work possible, mining, railroad building, etc? They were both seen has subhuman and terribly discriminated as such, and now one has reached great heights while the other hasn’t. It has nothing to do with generational trauma, some people just make smarter choices than others, and one race has a harder time making correct decisions than the other(racebait)

No. 1813970

Can we please stop responding to bait? Report it and move on.

No. 1813972

NTA, but people reacted to the hate crimes Asian people received with a lot more empathy. Wasn't an anti-asian hate bill passed not long after the Covid shit went down? If you're trying to say that black people and asians got dealt with the same hand in the USA, you're gonna need to do better than that. No offense.

No. 1813983

Right, and the emancipation proclamation, the voting rights act, desegregation, and every other law put into place to protect black people just never happened and wasn’t done out of any empathy whatsoever. You can’t tell me that two Americans, one Chinese and one Black, don’t have the exact same opportunity right now.

No. 1814015

How do you feel about Cubans in Florida then? Are they white to you?(racebait)

No. 1814215

Stop responding to race bait.

No. 1814281

File: 1702695807722.jpg (21.92 KB, 400x400, 1000012665.jpg)

>the emancipation proclamation, the voting rights act, desegregation, and every other law put into place to protect black people just never happened and wasn’t done out of any empathy whatsoever. You can’t tell me that two Americans, one Chinese and one Black, don’t have the exact same opportunity right now.
Wow. I've seen a lot of stupid takes on the internet, but this just takes the cake for the year as it's ending.
The Emancipation Proclamation was put in place to free the slaves, which were majorly black people. Yes. But did you forget the section of history where white slave owners didn't let their slaves go, which forced Abraham to march down to the south and tell them a few more times to let them go or else? Black people weren't even guaranteed safety of slavery when the bill passed. They weren't given many chances to get good jobs, which forced them to keep working as crop harvesters for the same motherfuckers that beat them and sold their mothers. They weren't even guaranteed equal rights after that because let's tackle the next thing you mentioned:
>voting rights
First of all, only black MALES got their rights when it was given to black people at first, so you can't even say all black people have been given the right to vote. Secondly, black people were notoriously terrorized by hate groups and mobs, such as the KKK, to scare us away from exercising our political-fucking-rights. Black people, particularly men, who WERE brave enough to show up at the voting booth would be given "mandatory" quizzes that nobody else (whites) had to do. Or times, they would be turned away and threatened to leave entirely.
funny how you mentioned desegregation as if it wasn't black people screaming and fighting the hardest for equal rights, and risking their lives to get beaten, tazed, hosed down, attacked by dogs, shot down, stalked and gangraped, mass-murdered in their own towns, having their homes and churches burned and bombed, falsely accused and tortured for rapes that never happened, all so that someone, anyone would listen to the plight of African-Americans and look at them as human beings for five fucking minutes and allow us to have access to non-beat up drinking fountains, colleges, schools with better funding and more material, and for even a chance to sit near the front of a goddamn bus. "Desegregation" as if even when the president listened and passed the Equal Rights Act, laws never found loopholes to subjugate black people to this very day:
"We find converging evidence that Black boys are seen as older and less innocent and that they prompt a less essential conception of childhood than do their White same-age peers. Further, our findings demonstrate that the Black/ape association predicted actual racial disparities in police violence toward children."
"Employer callbacks for resumes that were whitened fared much better in the application pile than those that included ethnic information, even though the qualifications listed were identical. Twenty-five percent of black candidates received callbacks from their whitened resumes, while only 10% got calls when they left ethnic details intact."
"Employers claiming to be pro-diversity discriminated against resumes with racial references just as much as employers who didn’t mention diversity at all in their job ads."
"As we can see in Figure 1, the proportion of positive responses depends strongly on the race of the job applicant. This comparison demonstrates a strong racial hierarchy, with whites in the lead, followed by Latinos, with blacks trailing far behind. These outcomes suggest that blacks are only slightly more than half as likely to receive consideration by employers relative to equally qualified white applicants. Latinos also pay a penalty for minority status, but they are clearly preferred relative to their black counterparts."
"[T]his white applicant with a felony conviction appears to do just as well, if not better, than his black counterpart with no criminal background. These results suggest that employers view minority job applicants as essentially equivalent to whites just out of prison."
"Job applicants with white names needed to send about 10 resumes to get one callback; those with African-American names needed to send around 15 resumes to get one callback. This would suggest either employer prejudice or employer perception that race signals lower productivity."
"Our findings show that, for most types of subprime home loans, African-American and Latino
borrowers are at greater risk of receiving higher-rate loans than white borrowers, even after
controlling for legitimate risk factors. The disparities we find are large and statistically significant:
For many types of loans, borrowers of color in our database were more than 30 percent more likely to receive a higher-rate loan than white borrowers, even after accounting for differences in risk."
"When well-qualified minority homeseekers contact housing providers to inquire about recently advertised housing units, they generally are just as likely as equally qualified white homeseekers to get an appointment and learn about at least one available housing unit. However, when differences in treatment occur, white homeseekers are more likely to be favored than minorities. Most important, minority homeseekers are told about and shown fewer homes and apartments than whites"
"Nearly 20 percent of whites have used cocaine, compared with 10 percent of blacks and Latinos, according to a 2011 survey from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration — the most recent data available.
Higher percentages of whites have also tried hallucinogens, marijuana, pain relievers like OxyContin, and stimulants like methamphetamine, according to the survey. Crack is more popular among blacks than whites, but not by much.
Still, blacks are arrested for drug possession more than three times as often as whites, according to a 2009 report from the advocacy group Human Rights Watch."
“Our findings indicate that the majority of those who deliver methamphetamine, ecstasy, powder cocaine, and heroin in Seattle are white; blacks are the majority of those who deliver only one drug: crack. Yet 64 percent of those arrested for delivering one of these five drugs is black.”
“…black people represented about 47 percent of those delivering crack cocaine, but 79 percent of those arrested; while white people constituted about 41 percent of those delivering the drug, but only 9 percent of those arrested”.
“On average, blacks receive almost 10% longer sentences than comparable whites arrested for the same crimes. At least half this gap can be explained by initial charging choices, particularly the filing of charges carrying mandatory minimum sentences.”
"Sentences imposed on Black males in the federal system are nearly 20 percent longer than those imposed on white males convicted of similar crimes. … Research has also shown that race plays a significant role in the determination of which homicide cases result in death sentences."
"Georgia prosecutors have discretion to decide whether to charge offenders under the state’s two-strikes sentencing scheme, which imposes life imprisonment for a second drug offense. They invoked the law against only 1 percent of white defendants facing a second drug conviction, compared to 16 percent of Black defendants".

No. 1814282

File: 1702695829208.jpg (23.66 KB, 736x406, 1000012664.jpg)

Now as you were saying about Asian-Americans "proving" that black people "have no room for complaints":
These days, the majority of America's Asian population is only one or two generations removed from legal immigrants who came to America for merit-based citizenship. That automatically put them, on average, at an advantage – even over poor white Americans.

Immigration from Asia was historically suppressed by legislation like the Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) and the Immigration Act of 1924. It wasn’t until the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965 that immigration from Asia boomed. In just over 50 years, the population of Asian Americans went from 980,000 in 1960 to 20.4 million in 2015. (https://www.pewresearch.org/short-reads/2021/04/29/key-facts-about-asian-americans/). Today 72% of the adult US Asian population was born outside of the US. Being a heavily-immigrant population, Asian Americans on average have a better education and background compared both to the average white or native-born American and compared to the general populations in their country of origin.
Unlike in the 19th century, Chinese immigrants arriving post-1965 are predominantly skilled: China is now the principal source of foreign students enrolled in U.S. higher education, and its nationals receive the second-largest number of employer-sponsored H-1B temporary visas, after India. Chinese immigrants are enrolled in college and graduate school at a rate more than twice that of immigrants overall (15 percent, compared to 7 percent). Chinese nationals are also overrepresented in applications for the EB-5 investor visa program, accounting for 90 percent of applicants in fiscal year (FY) 2015.
Compared to the overall foreign- and native-born populations in the United States, Chinese immigrants on average are significantly better educated and are more likely to be employed in management positions. Thirty percent of Chinese immigrants who obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States (also known as getting a green card) do so through employment-based routes. The remainder qualify through family ties or as asylees.
A century ago, Asians in the U.S. were poorly educated, low-skilled, low-wage laborers described as “undesirable immigrants” full of “filth and disease.” Confined to crowded ethnic enclaves, they were denied the right to citizenship and even intermarriage with citizens. Today, Asian Americans are the most highly educated, least residentially segregated, and the group most likely to intermarry in the country. Driving the transformation was the change in selectivity of Asian immigration. Contemporary Asian immigrants who arrived after 1965 are, on average, highly selected, meaning that they are more highly educated than their ethnic counterparts who did not immigrate.
If we examine the three largest East Asian immigrant groups in the United States—Chinese, Vietnamese, and Koreans—we find that each is highly selected from its country of origin. More than half (56%) of Korean immigrants have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, compared to only 36% of adults in Korea. The degree of selectivity is even greater among Vietnamese immigrants; more than one quarter (26%) have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, while the comparable figure among adults in Vietnam is 5%. Chinese immigrants are the most highly selected: 51% have graduated from college, compared to only 4% of adults in China. U.S. Chinese immigrants are more than twelve times as likely to have graduated from college than Chinese adults who did not emigrate.
Furthermore, Chinese and Korean immigrants are more highly educated than the general U.S. population, 28% of whom have graduated from college. This dual positive immigrant selectivity is what Min Zhou and I refer to as “hyper-selectivity.” The hyper-selectivity of Chinese and Korean immigrants in the U.S. means that their 1.5- and second-generation children begin their quest to get ahead from more favorable “starting points” than the children of other immigrant groups, like Mexicans, as well as native-born groups, including Whites.
What this means is that an Asian American born to a family that immigrated here after 1965 is more likely to be highly educated and have a decent income. And that's not because of their race, that's because American immigration officials have made concerted efforts to accept educated immigrants over the less-educated immigration candidates.

If America were accepting uneducated Asian immigrants in a proportion equivalent to education in their home countries or even education in America, we would see very different results.

So no. Asians did not, and do not have the same treatment as African-Americans. I know that my people aren't perfect, and I have no malice towards asians or whites. But, when people say that black people have always been treated like everyone else…that's just not true. I don't think you're a bad person either, I just wanted to get that off my chest. I'm gonna go eat macaroni and cheese and get high now.(racebait)

No. 1814319

File: 1702699663259.jpeg (209.71 KB, 1058x1200, 0DE7FD7E-DEFD-416C-B82A-158774…)

I got really high with a bunch of latina girls and said “I am a POA: Person of Alex” (Alex isn’t my real name but you get what I’m saying). I’m so embarrassed holy fuck

No. 1814352

kek anon

No. 1814379

I don't get how anyone could masturbate on camera. I feel so awkward and embarrassed just masturbating by myself when no one can see me.

No. 1814447

Wow you're a really pure girl can I pick you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1814459

Chill out camwhore

No. 1814461

I would kill my bf

No. 1814815

girl boss

No. 1814829

Calm down I was just sharing how awkward I feel about my own sexuality

No. 1814948

Back when I didn't know what League of Legends was I thought that LoL was a pejorative nickname for WoW.

No. 1815012

No. 1815017

lol I was gonna say, that nona took the post a little too personal there

No. 1815051

I’m 25 and my nasolabial folds are getting more prominent to where I feel bad about them. I’m genuinely terrified of aging and feel afraid, like should this really be happening at 25? Isn’t this supposed to be something that happens in your 30s or later?
I feel like an idiot for even caring about this. Ik my fear of aging is due to brainwashing but I feel like people might actually think I look old because I don’t have filler to fill my cheek hollows and stuff. And yeah I am thin which makes my face gaunt and might be to blame.

No. 1815062

Nonna no, it's totally normal to start seeing laugh lines in your mid-20s. Some folks have them even younger. Don't let what the moids say in /snow/ get to you. They're retards. You especially don't need cheek filler in your 20s when your face is still settling into its adult proportions.

No. 1815067

Ty anon I appreciate sm you for being sweet. A lot of women my age in my area now spend money on botox and filler and I guess I feel like I’m aging rapidly and look worse in comparison because I don’t do those things.

No. 1815071

I find using vitamin a gel to exfoliate my face and moisturizing it daily with a good moisturizer reduces their appearance.

No. 1815074

If you send it to a partner it feels hot at the time but I wouldn’t recommend it or taking nudes in general because moids do not delete that shit and will keep it forever. I’m still haunted by the idea of my dumbass ex having my nudes and bringing his devices to a repair place where some freak incel will copy them.

No. 1815081

Do you have a recommendation of the vitamin a gel you use? I use prescribed tretinoin just a few times a week because it’s rough on my skin and will burn me if I use it back to back

No. 1815124

File: 1702750858042.jpeg (205.91 KB, 735x980, IMG_7807.jpeg)

I don’t believe in consoom product and think buying multiples of one product is unnecessary and retarded. However I do love “aesthetic” pics of nice things.
I love pics of what’s in people’s bags and pretty things arranged nicely too kek

No. 1815160

You'll be glad you didn't get botox and fillers once they overdo it or the filler starts migrating.

No. 1815166

I'm absolutely fine with trans people (well, about as much as normal people) and get annoyed about anti tranny sperging outside of threads that are about them specifically, because I like the rest of lolcow's content but when it comes to that topic, my opinion won't change. Don't kill me nonas.

No. 1815180

Do you feel special and brave? Don’t say tranny, it’s a slur.

No. 1815181

why? and why are you even on this site…

No. 1815182

I used to be an understanding lady like you until I took MTF General to the knee.

No. 1815184

>I'm absolutely fine with trans people (well, about as much as normal people)
So basically you think they're total weirdos. Because that is what normies think.

No. 1815187

i could understand being fine with tifs but how are you fine with tims after seeing some of the horrible shit going on in their snow thread?

No. 1815197

Themby newfag tiktokers who just have to let it be known that they’re not a “bigot” for roleplaying internet mean girl on some obscure imageboard. Who are you saying this for, the woke police living in your head? What can lolcow offer you that you can’t get on twitter or tt? I can’t think of much beside faggot hate and racism, which of those are you here for? Stick to whatever cow thread you came from, /ot/ is for grown bitches.

No. 1815199

I won't kill you and I agree about trannysperging being obsessive at times.
But, at the end of the day, we are right about them and I wish more trannys would listen because indulging in their disorders is not going to resolve their dysmorphia while they make it easier for men with bad intentions to invade female spaces.

No. 1815200

Ayrt and I use defferin

No. 1815203

File: 1702754760285.jpeg (391.1 KB, 828x1012, IMG_4329.jpeg)

I don’t care about tranny “sperging” because you can easily ignore it and I rarely ever see it outside the tranny threads. You literally can’t do it outside of places like this especially if you’re a woman. You’d think the amount of fetishist trannies trying to take down places like this and kiwi would be enough to understand why anons insist on this place being strictly anti tranny.

No. 1815209

nonny u based af.

No. 1815214

Let me guess, you’re a wannarexic

No. 1815218

People probably could get used to them if their only publically visible representation would be old style bad-drag looking homosexual transsexuals. They're annoying and catty, but they're not predatory to women. FtMs are just tragic. But I don't know how any woman is "absolutely fine" with AGPs

No. 1815219

Don't worry it was funny

No. 1815229

I identify as black. I paint my face with shoeshine every morning. My diet consists of watermelon and fried chicken. Getting pulled over by cops gives me racial euphoria. I discovered my trans-racial identity when I got into "black teen raped in county jail" porn. Stop complaining about "race-sperging" and accept me as a normal person.
(Kek I'm brown and just trying to make a point pls no ban)

No. 1815234

File: 1702756506727.jpg (113.42 KB, 736x981, 2f8ee2b56d33edde4dad5386098978…)

I feel this, but I want to buy a retarded maid costume or some magical girl-looking costume so I can do retarded anime poses and dances ala PT (god save the queen) in the privacy of my home.
It's just that sometimes I want to be the ultimate angel queen in disguise as a princess maid nurse cat girl with ridiculously long hair that 10 years old me wanted to be.

No. 1815235

kinda based

No. 1815237

That man is so attractive

No. 1815239

Exactly, people understood and sympathized with old school transsexuals who suffered under extreme homophobia and sexism. Those people are usually reasonable, live in biological reality and don’t feel entitled women spaces. They just want to live unbothered.

No. 1815243

Do it anon, make your 10 year old’s dreams real

No. 1815255

Based. Same here.

No. 1815336

If it's in the privacy of your own home, I say do it! Honestly, live our your best weeb life, anon.

No. 1815358

Trannies are just incels who dropped out

No. 1815366

You don't have to defend the poor trannies anon, they'll still cancel you for browsing the big evil terf forum.

No. 1815369

I'm fine with trannies as long as they don't make me participate in their delusions of being a rill woman. Idgaf if you wanna wear female clothes or makeup as a man or whatever else like it's your body but don't tell me how to act and think. I also don't enjoy it when they get vindictive just because you don't agree with them. I'll be respectful if you are

No. 1815552

Yeah do it, I'm slowly becoming the cool edgy adult I would have never dared to dream of being as a kid, there's nothing more satisfying.

No. 1815618

I think I'm seriously going to pepper spray the ugly fucking tranny that keeps using my uni's women's bathroom to take his disgusting fucking selfies in next time he comes in. I'm not too scared of being labeled as transphobic and facing repercussions. I shouldn't even have to defend my reasoning but if I have to, it's because he's obviously fucking male. And nobody can get on my ass for that.

No. 1815660

What is up with trannies taking selfies in women's bathrooms? Euphoria boner validation or what? I don't think I've ever come across a woman taking selfies in the bathroom. You use the toilet, wash your hands, and go away.

No. 1815678

fillers make most people look older imo. look at kylie jenner

No. 1815681

It’s like a little crime scene memorabilia like look I’m invading women’s space and there is nothing they can do about it

No. 1815683

2017 in a woman's uni bathroom was my first face to face with a tranny. He did not pass at all and had blue hair. He was hanging out by the mirror right in front of the stalls and I stared him down until he left (I was an older student he never said a word just left). Like it's completely fucking sketchy letting moids hang out in our designated spaced he could have placed a hidden camera anywhere. I always try and shield myself when in public bathrooms you can see me sit but you're seeing fuck all else.

No. 1815702

File: 1702773847232.jpg (52.9 KB, 720x535, 4bdedcaa245b477ba29e0bba6db253…)

>bestie's friend randomly texted her "never sniff a guy's balls"
>she tells me
>we joke about "balls smell"
>think of the boysmell meme
>I record myself re-enacting picrel but replace boy with balls
>full uwu voice, vtuber style
>play the role like the rent is due
>send to bestie and wait for her replies

No. 1815710

File: 1702774190720.gif (4.82 MB, 498x498, hampster.gif)

No. 1815743

That's so frustrating to hear. Male do not belong in women's bathrooms. They need to make a unisex room where either male OR female can go, but it's one stall. Women need their bathrooms back. I hate trannies

No. 1815767

I am so utterly relieved when I get over a crush. Doesn't matter if it's a celebrity crush or a real life one, I feel so much better when I am over it, like I took massive weight off me. Most of them fade with a few weeks or months, but the last one lasted only a few days. Somone posted a bad picture of him and nitpicked his features, that made me realize he wasn't that attractive and I felt this sped up the process of getting over the crush and now I am free. Thank you nitpicking angry anon for the post, you opened my eyes and rid of me of a stupid burden. I usually find these posts annoying but this time I am glad for it.

No. 1815785

Amazing. Sad you're not my friend, you're hilarious.

No. 1815895

Some places try to have a unisex bathroom to resolve the trannies-in-bathrooms debate but since they don't have the budget/space to add a 3rd bathroom, all they can do is rebrand the existing bathrooms… And guess what, they always go male + unisex instead of female + unisex, so women still have no women's space.
Ideally they wouldn't be an issue to begin with but I'm partial to my university's solution with housing: there are male dorms, female dorms, and a dorm house branded as "gender inclusive" which they advertise as a designated LGBTQIABCD+ supportive zone for all identities. Troons and other genderspecials are strongly encouraged to use this option, under the guise that it's for their safety, to protect them from cis terf bigots who might hurt them if they go in normal housing and bathrooms (lol). Also, the programming courses and clubs share the same building complex, so trannies are largely in their own containment zone away from the rest of campus. Some buildings have the same male + female + all gender safe space setup for bathrooms.

No. 1815936

if i grew up in today's generation i probably would've ended up as a gendiequeer demisemiquasisexual asexual abzgbt retard because when i was younger a lot of my classmates treated me like an abnormal freak for not wanting to date and not having crushes or boyfriends even though we were only 12. they also made explict sexual "jokes" every 5 minutes and believed we were too old to play with dolls. not going along with this shit made me a "dyke" in their eyes and that i had "something wrong" with me (both false). i always thought they were the weird ones tbh.

No. 1815943

I had a similar experience and I'm probably a bit younger than you because it did make me troon out a bit as a teen (no hormones or anything like that). You would've probably grown out of like I did because all it takes is not being completely retarded

No. 1815948

I got called a frigid a lot when iw as younger because I wouldn't kiss people on dares or make out with boys. I was about 12. Didn't make out with a boy until I was 15 then he molested me. The next year I lost my virginity to another boy.

No. 1815950

>don't have the budget/space to add a 3rd bathroom, all they can do is rebrand the existing bathrooms… And guess what, they always go male + unisex instead of female + unisex, so women still have no women's space.
That's what always pisses me off. The women always suffer while not a single man suffers. Trannies dnt bother men, unless they somehow fool them into thinking they're women. Even then, men kill trannies because they aren't 'fags' and some laws allow it. Tifs don't bother men. Tims bother both men and women.

No. 1816018

I grew up in a hyperliberal area, so gender nonsense was more prevalent, and I also trooned a little before growing out of it. I'd try to dress, look, and act like a boy as much as possible but never declared that I was trans or actually male because I knew deep down that it was delusional. Also I knew many men who were transphobic so I thought it'd make me seem more like one of the boys to go easy on the troon support kek. Sometimes I'd call myself male online to deceive random people but if someone who knew me personally asked about it, I'd just brush it off with some dumb excuse like "heh it's an inside joke you wouldn't get it"
So glad I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm actually largely feminine nowadays and didn't even wind up that gnc in the long run. It used to be recognized that it's very common for young girls to have a tomboy phase

No. 1816038

Yup same although I did "come out" so to speak to a couple of people but every time they actually referred to me as male I'd feel deep shame and discomfort in my stomach which was a big tip off that I'm obviously not a tranny lol. I'm extremely feminine nowadays in appearance tbh I'm only a tomboy personality wise. Glad we both made it out ok because women like us are preddy gud

No. 1816064

anon we are the same except im pretty sure mine was being in a conservative area and a closeted lesbian.

No. 1816107

same, that's why I go easy on tifs and feel a lot of sympathy for them. I could have fallen in the rabbit hole if I was born a few years later.

No. 1816153

the last two days are the first two days in months where I didn't want to kill myself. maybe upping my medication dose actually has worked, even though no medications have ever worked for me in the past. I'm still not happy and I'm pretty miserable but death is unappealing. It might be though because I recently realized how disgusting dead bodies are and it started to freak me out that i would turn into one. It's still scaring me to think about. All hard and pale and yellow and bloated. It's so scary to picture myself in that state even though I know i would be dead and not aware of it. It's illogical but it still is nauseating

No. 1816171

Sometimes this song will start randomly playing in my head and I'll have to try and not cry wherever I am. It was one of my favorite games as a kid. It seems to be happening more often.

No. 1816189

that's kinda cute.

No. 1816219

File: 1702794407424.png (282.01 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20181030-183700.png)

I really enjoy sexual tension, but I enjoy it more than the actual act of sex and that worries me. There's a guy at work I've been kind of developing a crush into, and we have been flirting a lot. Yesterday he invited me to a club and I accepted, during the ride there he asked me what kind of music I liked, and I put "Closer" from NIN on his car. We danced and drank and got kind of drunk, and when it was getting late he asked if I wanted to go to his house, and I said no. He then took me home and that was the end of it. Is just that while I've been having fantasies of riding him and what not, as soon as it turned into a real possibility I felt kind of disappointed or something. I don't even know why. Is not the first time it happens, and it has cost me potential relationships before. I talked to a friend about it today, saying that maybe I'm afraid of commitment or something, and she told me that it's probably a fetish thing that I hadn't realized. As in, I get some sort of high on being teased and not getting "release", and now I can't stop thinking about it. I feel incredibly retarded about all this, and if it turns out to be truth, then I fear that I will never be able to have a normal relationship.

No. 1816235

Think I’m gonna larp/convert to Mormonism for the freebies

No. 1816242

Maybe you just get off on being witholding (sorry not helpful nona kek I sincerely hope you figure this one out).

No. 1816268

This is so normal and millions women across the globe experience it. Men are frequently disappointing outside fantasies. I'd say you're more average than the woman who would go through with it.

No. 1816361

I've never been honest with a male and I intend to keep it that way. I've seen what those rape ape freaks say about women. I will never let them have access to my autonomy or trauma. Always stay three steps ahead.

No. 1816388

That sounds like you just like idealizing moids more. When it actually becomes a reality, that opens the gate to discovering their faults and ruining your fantasies. No one likes disappointment, so that's probably why you avoid actually getting real with them.

No. 1816483

That's not a fetish anon, you just enjoy the fantasy and subconiously know that going through with it ruins it because fantasy never lives up to reality. It's not that deep.

No. 1816497

I like to be obnoxious, mentally ill and trauma dump because it scares off men who don’t care about me

No. 1816506

great idea nona, a moid would never take advantage of this vulnerability to use you for the most degrading things possible and then throw you away with zero guilt because you're "crazy" and "broken"

No. 1816534

How is that supposed to work if she herself is intentionally pushing them away to start with?

No. 1816540

moids aren't like us, if you "push them away" they'll only enjoy hurting you more. if you act crazy and off in front of a man he's just seeing an easier opportunity for sex/rape to get away with

No. 1816597

I really love that my bf makes me a latte every morning with a design in the foam. Its such a turn on; like receiving flowers everyday.
He also makes me Carmel macchiatos that put starbucks to shame.

No. 1816604

bad move. by signaling yu're menttally ill, you'll only be attracting creeps who pretend to care in order to talke advantage of you. and by telling them about yur trauma you'll be giving them ammo to use against you

No. 1816606

That's really cute awh

No. 1816610

Pls men can't 'care' And you're only attracting men with saviour syndrome.

No. 1816638

saviour syndrome at best. acting like that will also attract the outright predatory tynpes

No. 1816674

That's really cute, nona. But how is that a confession?

No. 1816687

That receiving coffee art turns me on kek

No. 1816722

File: 1702838053471.gif (266.42 KB, 220x275, cat-grin.gif)

I get horny when I smoke too much weed.

No. 1816793

One time a guy I became friends with at university invited me to a small party at his house. It was him, his gf and a couple of close guy friends. When I got there it became apparent he was trying to match me with his bestie. I didn't mind tbh. Bestie was a tall, handsome, kinda sensitive dude with big sorrowful tortured poet eyes, a talented artist (had his own exhibition later on) and tastefully pretentious while simultaneously not being a show off like the other guys in the room. We seemed to hit it off until later that evening when we went to town, and he asked me "so what do you think about furries". A switch flipped so fast in me, I couldn't even talk to him for the rest of the night. I ended up diverting my attention to a completely different dude and ignored him whenever he tried participating in the conversation. In hindsight I feel kinda shitty about how I handled things, but furries: not even once.

No. 1816943

I’ve scared off men by being crazy. If a man doesn’t like you then being crazy will just make him think “it’s not worth dealing with this bitch even for pussy”. If a man likes you he will deal with you being nuts. I’ve done things like take my trash and dump it all over a guys lawn etc and they fucked off because they didn’t like me or find me worth dealing with.

No. 1816954

>he asked me what kind of music I liked, and I put "Closer" from NIN
>when it was getting late he asked if I wanted to go to his house, and I said no

No. 1816960

Fumbled. Could've been fucked til you lost your mind in prone position by Max the Hyena or whatever but instead you was prejudiced and bigoted.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1816973

No. 1817000

No. 1817022

Absolutely based.

No. 1817076


Thanks nona, it wasn't my intention

No. 1817089


I mean, I wouldn't mind if it wasn't a problem for me.
Last time it basically stopped me from having a real relationship with this guy. I had spent months flirting with him, sending nudes. When the time to have sex came, I was okay at the beginning. I kind brag about making he give me oral while I was on my period, but when the time of having real sex came I found it just so boring. Like I really thought "damn, I could be doing something else rn". So I made the guy drop me home, and after he left I sent him a text telling him we should stop seeing each other. I really don't know what happened. He wasn't bad at it either, I mean, maybe not that good, and I did not dislike it. It just felt kind of anticlimactic, like I enjoyed it better when it was just the sexual tension. Maybe it was just the overidealization, but to the point of stopping all contact with him? Maybe the sex was that disappointing, but to just prefer to not have sex again unconsciously? Idk nonas, if it really is just preferring the fantasy than the real thing, how do you cope? Cause that sounds depressing as fuck

No. 1817105

kek nona, i guess there is a part of my that still wonders what if

No. 1817236

File: 1702853944990.jpg (22.02 KB, 526x517, damn.jpg)

I sometimes wish to get married to a rich moid so I can cheat on him with a woman. I won't mind if he will cheat on me as long as he sustains my lifestyle. And so, people here will leave me the fuck alone and not try to set me up with some bottom of the barrel moid or not question me "r u a lEsbiAN?" just because I was never desperate for some mid dick. Ooor, marrying a moid, have a 2/3 year old marriage and just divorce him and go on with my life.
With how things are going, I don't think gay marriage will ever be legal anytime soon and it never was where I live sadly and I somehow feel indebted to my family to be "normal".

No. 1817337

for days I've been thinking about this tiktok I saw probably over a year ago. it's some guy in a balaclava and he had nice hands. even though I'm into masked men stuff, most of it is so cringe to browse I don't even try and just keep it in my imagination. but this one video. fucking hell. I remember that the account got deleted but I don't remember the name so I can't find reuploads. it's so fucking embarrassing trying to find it, scrolling through all these tryhard zoomers

No. 1817905

Honestly it’s for the best I was born black because if I wasn’t I’d probably be a conservative racist Karen. I hate homeless people, whenever black scrotes start scroting out I feel the urge to call them the n word with a hard r and I hate talking on the phone with people with accents.

No. 1818309

Stole a cat about a week ago, made a post somewhere here, hah. Took him to the vet today, pretty sure it was the one that castrated him, he asked me how I got him. I told him honestly. Wasn't allowed in, no water, no food, friends family tried to take care but can't. No one's looking so far. He nodded then gave him a chip and registered him to me. Now my cat. Vaccination pass, chip and everything.
Told him about how I'd be in spain for a week too, and how there's usually a bunch of cats with ear issues. If there's anything I could buy from him for that. "here take this, cleans ears, against fleas and other insects. For free, animal rescue is always free here."
I'll be buying more cat food to bring tomorrow, I'll be finding every stray I can until that bottle is empty.

No. 1818312

Also got a shit ton of radfem stickers too and want to stay sober. Let's see how much ground I can cover.

No. 1818376

My bf is nice, not abusive, not anything. But he does make me feel like private property. Like im not allowed to post thirst traps or anything anymore. Says my intimate self should only be for him and its like i was a thirst trap on Twitter for years. He was one of my followers ffs before this and its like uuuuh this is who you agreed to date. I asked YOU out. Like i kinda wanna leave him for someone who will let be in my sexuality.

No. 1818381

Based queen

No. 1818382

I've been self conscious about how my hands look ever since some faggot at the jewelry store called me over to use my hands as an example to show another group of men how 'some women have hands that won't match diamonds' kek, now I'm too shy to bring attention to my hands, I'm usually told i have long feminine hands but since that day i've tried my best to hide them

No. 1818388

Just had lunch, thinking of ordering second lunch. Real fat bitch hours, who up?

No. 1818392

I want to get a warm coffee and some kind of danish, what are you getting fellow queen

No. 1818397

File: 1702928992302.jpeg (85.49 KB, 810x960, IMG_8732.jpeg)

I had a Caesar salad earlier, but it wasn’t very filling. Thinkin of getting a sandwich or something next

No. 1818406

I had and to a small extent still do have car/driving anxiety mostly from a road rage incident that happened within a few months of me starting as a teen. Watching the transformers cartoon helped me get comfortable with driving after not doing it for 5 years. I may be cringe but the cute little robot cars helped switch the negative memory in my head or something and made it less intimidating.

No. 1818539

i wonder whatever happened to that other cat stealing anon from last year (or the year before?) who stole a cat from a homeless lady

No. 1818543

I think that happened three months ago, anon

No. 1818559

no it definitely wasn't that recent. i remember the post caused a lot of shitflinging cause the op seemed weird

No. 1818561

I love that for you anon. It’s hard adjusting to getting behind the wheel again after an accident. I still get nervous when I have to drive anywhere more than 20 minutes away due to a wreck 4 years ago.

No. 1818742

I don't like having my period, I can't do my job properly with the cramps I get nor can I go exercise like swimming or yoga to feel alleviate the pain. Even before starting to take any contraceptive pill almost ten years ago, I'd be in so much pain and have such intense flows for 3-4 days, it sucked ass. So I take my pill for three months straight and allow myself one period every three-four months to "regulate" the natural hormonal production instead of the artificially induced one from the pill.
It works for me, I'm not an endocrinologist so I wouldn't recommend what I'm doing, hence why I'm confessing my "sin" here.

No. 1818904

My fiance is ugly but everything I want in a man personality, mind, career wise. My side dude looks like an Abercrombie model and the sex is insane. I just want to fuse the two together to create the ultimate dream guy, but dating both is my compromise. They don't know about each other. Don't care if it blows up in my face tbh it's worth it.

No. 1818960

The side dude can't tell you have another man? And how tf did you end up with an ugly guy? That's my worst nightmare oml

No. 1819109


this is what these threads are made for. How do you find the time?

No. 1819116

I wish I was Japanese this is probably the biggest confession I have and one I will take to my grave.

No. 1819118

Kill yourself(a-logging)

No. 1819133

File: 1702976920334.jpg (199.19 KB, 413x251, zero-to60.jpg)

sometimes I think about when I went to this waterpark and I finally got to the top of this slie race thing and you had to go face first andI just couldn't do it and my boyfriend thought he was gonna race me so he went but I chickened out and this little girl maybe 5 or so beside me was like "watch me! Its easy!" and did it and I was so scared my ass was gonna make me fall in a barrel roll down and I was going to die lmao pictured is the waterslide, this happened years ago and I still think about it and ya I had to walk-of-shame down but tbh I'm built like sofia vergara so it COULD have happened haha

No. 1819141

seethe harder

No. 1819148

>that slide
>required to go face-first
oh FUCK no that's a recipe for broken teeth. you were thinking smart that day anon

No. 1819162

My confession is that i was going to reply to you in detail why japan is a nightmare country for women to live in until i realized you probably only meant that you want to be physically japanese because you like the look and now i feel stupid

No. 1819222

The retard will be just as ugly as your poor fiancé in a few years. I hope for your sake the good guy doesn’t find out about how you’re treating him.

No. 1819252

What the fuck. Should have told him "some men have personalities that will destine them to be miserable and unlovable without a partner" or something along those lines. I'm sure your hands are fine.

No. 1819254

Hopefully they find out about each other and get together and you rot alone

No. 1819268

I wouldn't be very happy if someone threw trash at my lawn either

No. 1819277

I've done something like that especially when I was young and very androgynous looking where I pretended to be a girl, then a boy, because I thought it was funny

No. 1819291

That faggot was just jealous

No. 1819301

ew,, i hate faggots. At least your hands arent full of shit all day.

No. 1819358

File: 1703000001505.jpeg (28.16 KB, 564x317, 9cdb05743e327820d230a6f19a750c…)

That soft tiktok song with the cat noises makes me so emotional and teary eyed everytime I hear it kek

No. 1819363

This is an example of how this site is being taken over, because why would you expect us to just know what random TikTok song you're talking about?

No. 1819375

lol “taken over” I literally don’t know the name of the song anon. Songs on the app sometimes don’t have the OG name. If anyone knows though please let me know. It’s like a xylophone type song with kitty meows layered into it.

No. 1819392

My nigel has a very nice throat and I want to choke him.

No. 1819396

When I was a kid, I used to eat a lot of ramen noodles. I also lived in a very ethnically homogenous area. When I talked about or saw an Asian person (like on TV or in passing idk) I called them 'Oriental People' because of the Oriental flavored ramen noodles,and I knew the flavor was a general Asian flavor, so I really thought the correct way to refer to Asians was to not call them specifically Chinese, Japanese, etc but to use the general term of Oriental so I wouldnt be assuming all Asians were a certain ethnicity. It wasnt until later in life did I learn that calling them Orientals was kinda…not great.

No. 1819417

what song is that?

No. 1819436

PP1 by Frakkur

No. 1819445

My mom still sometimes refers to Asian's as Oriental because she's a boomer.
Also pronounced Arab like A-rab yesterday and had no idea why me and my brother were laughing.

No. 1819456

took me a while to realise "oriental" was offensive as well bc in my native language it literally just means "eastern"

No. 1819503

Gonna piggyback on this and share my confession. I like 2 vastly different idol groups, one from japan and another from korea, and I wish I was born in either or in china so I can get trained to be an idol since childhood and become famous when I grow up, just like them. It's my dream to be a famous singer but it's too late for me and I don't have any talent or what it takes to be famous even without talent. I'm ugly, short, fat, and mannish, with a disgusting nasal boyish voice and super flawed skin and fucked up health issues, I'm too inbred to be beloved by millions for being cute and talented and perceived as "perfect" like those idols.

No. 1819505

No. 1819513

Plastic surgery is a thing, or you can try the free alternative of loving yourself, somehow.

No. 1819516

Idk if my autism and my anime rotten brain are working against me, but my unpopular opinion/confession is that most famous people are ugly as fuck, they're just sold to us as ideals with the use of insane makeup skills and computer graphics that makes the average Joe seem attractive.
If anything, the only reason why I get people wanting to become idols/celebrities is the cool outfits, because even the retarded gifts and luxury shit isn't that impressive tbh.

No. 1819532

Plastic surgery won't change what I dislike about myself unfortunately. No amount of plastic surgery can reverse the damage of 2 decades of neglect and shit genetics. I'd never love my unworthy of life self no matter what. I'll only be happy if I was perfect in my definition of the word. Plus the idol I like had potential from the start and got plastic surgery that enhanced their looks and removed some minor flaws, and they actually needed it lmao. While the japanese idol group is obviously natural beauty because they're average looking and aren't marketed as sexy or romantic in anyway, they're supposed to be badass and shit so they try to not sexualize them in anyway and they wear modest clothing and never show skin or do fashion photoshoots or anything and they have their own signature unifroms thay they do photoshoots in. They don't even pose in any sexual way or a way that emphasize looks, they do cool concept related photoshoots only for interviews. But I like the way they look personally and find 2 of them attractive, and they're very talented and capable live so I kinda envy that and wish I was as cool as them.
No offense, but that's definitely your autism lol. That aside, I want the luxury and gifts and attention as well because I never had any growing up and still can't afford it as an adult. It feels like they're lives are easier because they don't do shitty jobs they don't enjoy, they do fun stuff on stage instead. And the particular groups I like and want to be like are super lucky because their management isn't as strict as the stereotypical idol agency. And they have freedom and can speak against anything negative because they're famous enough it won't hurt them. The korean group in particular has some members who ended their contracts and do other stuff, but go back to their agency for anniversary albums of the group.

No. 1819535





No. 1819542

>Also pronounced Arab like A-rab
And how do you pronounce "Arab" then?

No. 1819545

This is pretty much true, the last few points of attractiveness are all determined by upkeep man-made elements like media acclaim. Personal trainer and cook, fake teeth, stylists, photographers and top docs for plastic surgery can make anyone look good.

No. 1819548

No, go ahead I need the reminder. It's not so much that I wish I was physically Japanese. It's more so that I'm jealous of very shallow things from their society like
>lower rent costs
>efficient public transportation
>their otaku culture (like offline meetups, cafe promotions, doujin events, etc.)

No. 1819550

lol the idol industry is rife whith abuse and exploitation. those kids aren't being raised in a loving and healthy environment you know

No. 1819559

Stupid to not let them know about each other. I always do! No unhappy surprises that way.

No. 1819586


No. 1819637

I know, but the abuse they go through is nothing compared to what I had to and sitll have to live through. Despite all they go through they have more rights and freedom than me. I'd trade my shitty subhuman life and current self to be one of them touring the world right now.

No. 1819641

Don't leave us. Or: we love you.

No. 1819677

Genuinely I’m scared to get old and not in a “i wanna be sexy forever” way it’s more like I just don’t wanna smell like an old person, I don’t want health problems, I don’t want to wear diapers, I don’t want to lose my mind, I try not to let it stew in my head. I’m so scared.

No. 1819683

They hated nonnie because she was based

No. 1819684

As long as you take care of yourself now, you won't need to go through any of those things, except the smell, everyone smells like old people when they're old.

No. 1819685

Good thing almost everything you mentioned is preventable.

No. 1819688

floss ur teeth or u will get alzhimers

No. 1819689

File: 1703012951473.jpeg (46.04 KB, 645x716, IMG_2401.jpeg)

>Bf spends the night
>Borrows a pair of pajama pants to sleep in and wears them commando
>He leaves next morning

No. 1819690

You'll have go burn them now

No. 1819693

No, I think you misunderstood me. I enjoy it

No. 1819695

Oh we're fundamentally different people

No. 1819696

ew eww ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww

No. 1819704

File: 1703013443439.jpeg (44.24 KB, 466x701, IMG_2402.jpeg)

When the delicious intoxicating boyfriend musk hits

No. 1819709

Confessing to liking scrote ball sweat and ass musk is the real shit. Finally a good fucking confession. But also I’m going to barf fuck you

No. 1819721

BASED ANON thank you!!
Behold the kitty song

No. 1819731

i support you 100%, dreaming of doing this with my husbando now

No. 1819744

I heard somewhere that perfume manufacturers put male pheromones in women's perfume. Since their goal is to sell it to women scents also are made to be enjoyed by women foremost.

No. 1819768

very based kek

No. 1819769

Cant wait to have a kid and telling my parents they wont get to watch it bc they scream and yell and stomp and slam all the time, vs my fiancés parents who never yelled or had a tantrum his entire life. Cant wait to rub it in their faces that they are the ones who were wrong and other adults are capable of not acting like overgrown 5 year olds. Petty yes, but after having my childhood ruined by immatyre parents I'll take some joy in rubbing it in their faces

No. 1819784

File: 1703017576382.jpg (294.02 KB, 1200x675, hggggg.jpg)

One of the reasons why I'd like to be in a relationship is because of regular sex. I'm not promiscuous, so hookups are off the table for me (and for many other reasons) and I have a high libido but masturbating isn't the same as having sex with someone you're super into. My ex was shitty in retrospect but I miss sleeping with him so much because the chemistry was so intense and good. Sometimes I'd tease him and make him a bit angry throughout the day and that would make the sex even better later on. He was into BDSM, which I'd never accept in a future partner now but unfortunately I'm into some of that stuff as well because I enjoy the power play and being a brat but I'm worried I'd miss it in the future, although I wouldn't want to introduce that shit to a moid who's not into it because I should probably be lucky if I ever find a guy whose brain hasn't been fried by porn.

No. 1819791

So does that make my bf gay? Kek

No. 1819806

Based I had a similar situation back when I felt stuck. Keyword: Had.
You can find an attractive man with a slamming career if you're already pulling both anon.
Ditch the uggo, anon. Eventually they do find out about your affairs but would attack you for why you did it instead of examining themselves.

I'm so glad I am no longer publicly embarassing myself by being seen with an unattractive man. I am having a great time dating successful, attractive men and my opportunities are greater than they ever have been before.

No. 1819809

Seethe faggot lmao

No. 1819817

Hm, no denial of your fagdom..

No. 1819819

Nta id rather be a slut than a scrotoid

No. 1819823

Even the ugliest, most unemployed men do not want your Nikocado bussy blowout. Of course they'd choose a slut over you. Shoo.

No. 1819825

It's so weird when NEETs project on this board and think everyone is like them with nothing to offer and everything to supposedly gain from bottom barrel scrotes.
You're a loyal loser, good for you.

No. 1819827

what did the deleted posts say??? kinda sad i missed it

No. 1819830

Some faggot started to seethe about wahmen who cheat.

You always know when fags post because they get so upset that women have options that they don't, even when they overcompensate and chase the straights who will still choose women.

No. 1819837

These perfumes you're mentioning are strictly advertised as pheromone perfuses, I would say it's mostly a placebo effect. Non-human animals contain an organ called the vomeronasal organ that contains receptors specifically for pheromones. However there is uncertainty whether pheromones work well on humans with some evidence showing they do and other showing they don't. Pheromone perfumes might cause dogs and cats for example to like you more, but I don't think the same would be applied to humans. If pheromones have a stronger effect than we had previously thought, which they don't, they are unlikely to dominate all the other factors so I don't think they would make a significant difference.

No. 1819838

kek, fags are so funny

No. 1819841

File: 1703019418938.png (378.37 KB, 376x534, IMG_1855.png)

When I was 15, in history class, we had to make a propaganda poster for the American revolutionary war, and instead of making an actual poster, I traced angsty Hetalia art of America and England, it was picrel. The history teacher liked it so much that he kept it and hung it up on his wall. According to my younger cousin with the same teacher, he still has it up and has no idea it’s Hetalia fanart. I would show a pic of the art itself but it’s got my irl name and my high school art instagram on it.

No. 1819868

not OP but I am an odor fag, how a dude smells is vital to whether I’m attracted to him or not. I love nuzzling my BFs armpits, stealing his used t-shirts etc. His natural scent is both comforting and arousing depending on my mood. There is some evidence body odor plays a role in mate selection, but I think people are hesitant to attribute this phenomenon to pheromones because they have a very specific scientific definition. It’s not like scrotoid musk is gonna mind control me, but I definitely have positive reactions when a guy smells good. I sometimes read up on the latest pheromone science and apparently there was some evidence alpha scrote pheromones can have a pacifying effect on other dudes kek.

No. 1819874

If this is true, this is one of the funniest things I've read in a while, kek.

No. 1819881

This is so cringy but your teacher is sweet for putting (and keeping) it up for so many years lol

No. 1819883

kek that'a great story

No. 1819898

This is so adorable. I have a similar story, back when I was in high school I had a satanic black metal phase. And I made art inspired by it and the cult of thelema, and I used it as my participation in the art club. There was a day where we'd hang the art of the club members in the school main hallway for teachers to see and I hang my satanist art proudly. The principle saw it and was like "wow cute art!", she was a muslim lmao. I threw the art away once I grew older, but I have pictures of it for memories kek.

No. 1819908

File: 1703021743934.gif (137.84 KB, 200x200, awkward.gif)

just changed my underwear (incl bra) because my faith in ( and fear of) my made up superstition far outweighs my severe depression slump. the superstition in question is that my underwear decides my luck for the week, because i only change it everytime i shower which is once a week (used to be every two). i have my midterms coming up and i absolutely cannot be wearing my neutral/bad luck ones at least for peace of mind. i wouldn't have been able to sleep if i hadn't done it today because i know i would put it off until this sunday and it'll be too late by then.
anyway my confession is that i believe each of my clothes, especially my underwear, hold a certain amount of good and bad luck and i decide my outfits based on that for the most part. no i am not a gamer in any way shape or form, never have been and in fact i HATE playing them kek. yes i know it's not true but i can't help but believe these superstitions when i made them up myself in my head i have many other ones that are maybe even more absurd and extreme involving deaths from [not] doing simple actions. i've basically been like this my whole life and sometimes it gets so bad i can't even more without checking a hundred times if i'm doing everything by my own book just in case a TRAGEDY occurs in which case i know it'll be my fault because i didn't step in the right pattern kek or the order i chose to wear my shoes in that day was at an uneven asymmetrical number or something

No. 1819922

>t. fellow hetaliafag

No. 1819945

File: 1703022848897.png (204.23 KB, 425x492, sory.png)

No. 1820060

My boyfriend knows I likes his smell so he’ll give me his worn or sweaty shirts so I can smell them or wear them, it’s comforting

No. 1820065

File: 1703026876602.jpg (51 KB, 965x667, 20230709_001940.jpg)

you change your underwear ONCE a week?

No. 1820136

unless you flashed the class, most people don't remember other people's presentations I used to sleep through them

No. 1820156

I’m not too scared because I honestly believe the help of AI will solve a lot of age related problems in our lifetime. What’s more worrisome is the obliteration of economies that’s coming first. Survive that and I bet Alzheimer’s won’t be a thing.

No. 1820164

File: 1703031741993.jpg (40.72 KB, 564x741, 35d1d543274938d0e286acc5f1c837…)

sorry nonny I am a powerful internet witch and have determined your underwear's luck directly correlates to the amount of microbes and skin cells not on it at the moment, so from now on you will be forced to change it and shower your body daily for maximum luck. the blessing/hex has already been placed upon you. this is not a joke.

No. 1820174

The smell of your coochie marinara torturing everyone around you

No. 1820181

its probably more of an alfredo

No. 1820183

Im scared of you…….can you also hex my depression?

No. 1820191

Im gagging you absolutely didn't have to say this

No. 1820230

>apparently there was some evidence alpha scrote pheromones can have a pacifying effect on other dudes kek.
Now we need some nonna with stacy pheromones to calm all us spergs down

No. 1820234

sometimes I think about how I lucked out with a cute and sensitive pussy and what a shame it is no one will ever get to see or play with it.

No. 1820242

I don't actually hate males
I think most are indifferent or maybe just a vocal minority

No. 1820338

Me too, like I honestly don’t give a shit about them. Not that I’m apathetic to how they treat women, I just don’t really need them for anything.

I don’t even mind when straight girls say shit like “I wish I was a lesbian”, because if I were straight I would totally wish that.

No. 1820365

My nephew is one of the ugliest babies I've ever seen and idk what to say when my sister shows him to me, I'd never say it to her face and I'm nice to him, but goddamn, he looks like he has microcephaly even though he's perfectly healthy. He's got the face of a shaved gorilla with progeria

No. 1820370

kekk, nonnie. This is bringing me back to that one Seinfeld episode about the ugly baby.

No. 1820386

It's not about knowing the name of the song.

No. 1820455

When I notice myself getting really angry at someone in an argument, I tell myself they're actually retarded and incapable of comprehension. I believe it for a while and it helps me calm down.

No. 1820481

File: 1703060962763.jpg (16.96 KB, 320x320, reflection.jpg)

No. 1820543

real eyes realize

No. 1820553

I want to talk to people from the friend finder thread but I've been too nervous to reach out. A big barrier for me is not knowing what to open with or talk about in general, I do and enjoy various things but sometimes it feels like I have never done or liked anything in my life

No. 1820557

I do this too. I learned at my job that people with severe mental illness don’t comprehend things normally, so you need to use simple speak as to not confuse and upset them. There’s also an abundance of autists here, who are known for being incapable of nuance and contextual reading.

No. 1820595

File: 1703071934202.jpg (30.18 KB, 393x302, nun with gun.jpg)

That's the sin of self-righteousness alright, you did well to confess. Hope you can overcome your narrow-minded ways soon.

No. 1820616

i tell myself they are being obtuse on purpose and congratulate myself for not falling for infighting/shitstirring.

No. 1820633

I'm apathetic to all human struggles, except for mine.
I only put up a facade because being a sociopath is kinda frowned upon in most cultures.

No. 1820639

Not with a hard letter A at the front.

No. 1820955

For the past 3 years I've pretty much exclusively posted here whenever I'm in the midst of one of my chronic pain episodes as a distraction, and I think it's led me to make a lot of irate posts and replies. Sorry nonnies.

No. 1820975

Stop. Stop please. I was ready to do this too yesterday with the same method and I want you to reconsider. Please live. Please.

No. 1820978

It's ok, I post when I feel like shit too

No. 1821018

it might be because i’m retarded but i feel nothing whenever a celebrity dies. why am i expected to feel something for someone i didn’t even know personally? i’m just too dumb to form parasocial relationships with millionaires. sometimes i feel like i’m missing out on stuff because of my autism but this often feels like the biggest missed social cue i experience just because everyone seems like they mourn celebrities. i think it’s stupid.

No. 1821037

It's not autism, the majority of people don't, they just pretend to

No. 1821044

Sometimes I cook meat with ketchup and onions

No. 1821052

It's normal, you don't know them. But i get that some people can feel touched by they things that they did whilst they are alive, so i don't knock those people.

No. 1821069

I am unironically the most basic, boring person to live in this century. I exist to be basic, the basic-est basic girl ever. I have absolutely no interests, hobbies, or passions. I listen to and enjoy top 20 pop songs and worship Taylor Swift (i really don't, i just listen to her music). When i find the money, I WILL be wearing the trendiest Pinterest outfits. If i was social, outgoing, and had the capability to hold a conversation I would be the normiest, normiest, may I even say NPC, person. I am exactly like the other girls.

No. 1821083

I don't think you are boring, we are all different. There's nothing wrong with not being unique and liking pinterest outfits or top40 music, if that's really true to who you are. If anything, i believe you have a soul and interests even if you don't think you do.

No. 1821092

File: 1703102552106.jpg (11.39 KB, 211x240, 45946f21b8abf41ee231369c0630ec…)

I feel like self harming again but I also feel dumb about it because I'm not a cringy teen anymore and I should've found healthier and more productive ways to deal with my depression and anger by now.

No. 1821116

Aside from the lack of interests and hobbies (what do you do in your spare time?) nothing wrong with that. 'Basic' things are just widely appealing things that are widely appealing for a reason: they're nice and enjoyable. Wanting to be unique so badly is just a product of our individualistic narc social media timeline.

No. 1821128

File: 1703104619707.jpeg (161.24 KB, 708x1158, AE51F7B5-7077-4A3F-A590-C41C0B…)

I think grimes is cute and her “potato nose” has never stood out to me I think it’s fine. She retarded as hell tho

No. 1821143

Agreed tbh. I like a lot of her older music. It was fun.

No. 1821168

I wish my dad died already, my life would be like 25% better without him and his constant drama.

No. 1821170

i wish i was like you

No. 1821236

My coworkers think I'm nice and sweet but I actually dislike and am actively annoyed by most of them.

No. 1821456

File: 1703116312927.png (1.54 MB, 1536x1024, Interior-Image-of-a-empty-tail…)

I like to walk through the men's section of retail stores and grab and touch the clothing, it comforts me for some reason. If I could be by myself for a day at a retail shop, I would grab a bunch of clothes, sit somewhere comfortable and hug the clothing for as long as I'd like. I don't know why I do this, I've never been in a relationship so I don't know why I feel so attached to random men clothing. My favorites are leather jackets they make me feel funny because I imagine they would belong to a strong, attractive man, also clothes that my husbando would wear

No. 1821462

I always thought she was cute too. Imo it's actually crazy that there is only 1 type of nose women are allowed to have (small, ski slope) and anything else gets some sort of derogatory name, it's so bizarre and really weirds me out.

No. 1821529

i’m a terf, but i love ayesha erotica’s music. and also he seems really cool and nice. please do not tell the mtf thread.

No. 1821531

some of you will throw away your beliefs over he shittiest of things jesus christ what is this pedo shit. There is much better trashy music out there.

No. 1821550

How the hell are people purchasing sodium nitrite? Isn't it all banned?

No. 1821551

You're not a terf if you enjoy listening to some pornsick coomer's shit music and think the pornsick coomer in question is a "cool guy" (okay Naruto).

No. 1821559

I’m stealing the sodium nitrite from your front porch

No. 1821565

Anon don't make me jump through the fucking screen. Please, please, please seek help.