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File: 1696935056461.jpg (326.27 KB, 1080x1440, randy-van-der-vlag-cow-nun.jpg)

No. 1722001

Sinners get sniped on sight.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1678600

No. 1722018

File: 1696936429545.jpg (101.37 KB, 736x736, c6854e7e54fe95cae0a61d7424b2ed…)

I go to my physiotherapist not only because I actually need it and he's actually good at what he does, but also because I want to know what it's like to be touched by an attractive guy with a sweet personality. I get wet when he touches me. I never say anything weird or off topic other than stuff regarding work and hobbies so I hope he doesn't see what a desperate kissless virgin I am. My face just gets red. From what I know the guy is taken and there's nothing I can do, I will just torture myself and have coomer fantasies about him. Every time he touches my thigh or my knee my brain is like
I know it's embarrassing but it is what it is. Today he was showing me an excercise I have to do at home with a roller, and he was lying on his stomach, and all I could do was staring at his waist, ass and thighs. Like I should be staring at them anyway, but you know what I mean. I will never have this..

No. 1722021

I hate my male coworkers and pray they'll get fired or will be sick enough to be on sick leave for several months everyday.

No. 1722025

Nice anon, I also know a hot pt. Enjoy it

No. 1722027

I hate them too whoever they are I hope they all get ball cancer and die. I’m in your corner anon <3

No. 1722039

Have cranked up my sinning to purposely doing little things to make the hot old man at the gym sweat, it’s working and I feel so powerful when he glances at me before lifting 300lbs or when I’m on the stair machine between circuits and I catch him staring. I even had a funny/warm convo with his non hot old man friend that’s always there and am now on a first name/greeting each other basis w that guy just to make the hot guy a little jealous. I feel like such a little turd but it’s really giving me a much needed ego boost.

No. 1722054

i wish they wrote stupid pulpy melodramatic romance books for me like they do for normal women.

No. 1722072

I want to join hobby clubs but I'm afraid there's only going to be moms/retired people.

No. 1722074

What's wrong with having a geriatric bestie? Kooky older women are a lot of fun.

No. 1722161

this anon gets it. older women dgaf and are usually based. every nonna should befriend an old lady who's living her best life and learn from her

No. 1722233

Fingers crossed! One of them in particular will not stfu, I wish he were working from home everytime I'm at the office so he would stop yelling on the phone every five minutes and preventing everyone else from focusing on what we're doing or from calling our own clients. And he's just annoying in general. God forbid I go to the bathroom a bit too often to change my pads, he'll start asking questions and try to make small talk.

No. 1722308

I dislike my coworkers and have no desire to talk to them. I'm calling in on saturday and I hope they get fucking swamped with shit to do, I don't care. Sometimes when I get angry at work I hold down the walkie talkie button so nobody can talk kek. I hate this shit job so much. I think they know I hate them because they will never ask me for help and that's fine with me, and if they ask me to do something that isn't part of my job I make sure to do it as slowly and as retarded as I can. I don't care!

No. 1722413

I say the gamer word (faggot) in public, usually complaining about car drivers as a very angry pedestrian. I feel like I'll get phone-recorded and canceled one day because I live in an extremely left wing urban area but I can't help it. And drivers who blow redlights are faggots. I guess i have autism but being almost killed makes me angry

No. 1722482

File: 1696975091768.png (952.24 KB, 1150x2200, Rui_3rd_Anniversary.png)

This is going to sound autistic and retarded, but Ive become weirdly interested in the moids in that stupid project sekai game. Especially pic related. But they're all like 16-17 yrs old. Makes me feel a bit like a freak bc of their ages. But no guy of any age looks like that tbh, so it truly just feels like having a retard crush on something purely fictional.
I don't know if Im a questionable person if i find a 2D teen boy cute. I hate feeling like a creepy moid in this why.

No. 1722483

How does liking a fictional character make you a creepy moid

No. 1722484

I don’t see what’s the big deal, if he was an anime toddler I would call you a freak, but if you’ve told me that that anime guy is 40 years old I would’ve believed you anyways.

No. 1722487

Maybe it's the tiktok brainrot Ive accumulated from listening to gen Z, but most young ppl on those platforms think liking a fictional teen boy means your a pedo.
They compare it to moids liking the younger looking girls you see in anime, but moids usually like the ones that look prepubescent anyway (like the little pink haired girl from Spy x Family)

No. 1722488

Well, you are being retarded. It’s a png that would look exactly the same whether its wikia info says “16” or whether it says “20”. The author could’ve made him secretly a girl, would that’d make anyone into it secretly a lesbian? Of course not, it’s still just a pretty drawing and it has no relevance on the kind of shit you might like IRL.
It’s not like the drawing is going to be traumatized over you sexualizing them. Please remember why it’s actually wrong to be attracted to children and realize none of those consequences apply to your weird looking bright colored husbando.

No. 1722494

I wish I had never posted any pics of me online, even though its been years I've developed a stalker problem. I hate men and ho no amount of rejection no matter how brutal sends the message.

No. 1722501

i'm convinced zoomers are paranoid about young people being groomed and brainwashed because they spend 24/7 doing it to each other without any sane older people in the room to tell them to stop. don't voluntarily psyop yourself nonnie, enjoy your bishie anime boys

No. 1722521

I hate anime. I hate all things related to it. I like studio ghibli movies but I don’t like anime

No. 1722543

Same. It's all coomer trash

No. 1722549

i hate all of it as well but my exception is satoshi kon movies, not ghibli.

No. 1722620

I'm insecure because I never went to uni. I would say it was for personal reasons, but I don't want to look for excuses, I always tell myself "if you weren't so fucked up and if you tried hard enough, you could go to uni". I still think about pursuing higher education one day, maybe when I save enough money, maybe 2 or 3 years from now. But for now I feel like I have nothing to show for myself and I feel inferior to others. When it comes to conversations, I connect better with eductated people. It's not that I purposefully talk to them because they're educated, it's only after I connect with them it turns out they're eductated, and I'm like "oh, again". Of course, you can be well read and smart without a degree, it just so happens I haven't really met such people in my personal life. The worst thing is, basically everyone assumes I went to university and they're surprised when I tell them I didn't. And then I feel like shit and I feel inferior to them. I feel like a nice and educated guy would never consider me as a serious, long term partner because of this.

No. 1723000

anime guys look the same at age 14 as age 44 - just with like one single line or dot added to denote ageing. no one would have questioned it if the canon said he was 28 instead. if you feel bad just think of him as an aged up version

No. 1723201

For as long as I can remember I’ve had daydreams which I can describe only as extremely narcissistic. I regularly daydream about getting superpowers, using karate moves to disarm a shooter, consoling and befriending a random crying person or becoming an incredibly famous actress or singer. Of course I can do none of these things irl, I’m just a plain normie. I never told anyone or even wrote it down until now.

No. 1723220

I’ve had those too, mostly when I was a kid/teenager. I don’t necessarily think it’s narcissistic, especially if you feel very overlooked irl. Everyone just wants to feel important deep down.

No. 1723238

File: 1697040240840.jpg (88.44 KB, 537x767, dylan-klebold-12-1754538357.jp…)

I pretend to be a boy on snapchat so that whenever a girl asks what I look like I send a picture of a school shooter and it always makes me laugh when they say they look cute

No. 1723242

mild ftm vibes

No. 1723258

What's with this accusation coming up recently every time a nona is genuinely a little weird, this kind of logic is why there's so many fakebois, they think weird ass girls don't exist.

No. 1723259

these creatures where ugly was this the one with the foot fetish? funny because he kinda looks like a foot himself. I wonder if it's true they were homos.

No. 1723263

How old are you? cause I did the same shit when I was a teenager, but I pretended to be a 30 year old lesbian who lived in Chicago.

No. 1723268

I'm legit triggered by the word escort, prostitute, sex work. If I hear them or read them I flinch a d I feel a pit in my stomach, I wish I wasn't this weak.

No. 1723274

Did you previously work as one nonnie? Why do you think you feel that reaction?

No. 1723275

I managed to quit smoking last year and it lasted almost an entire year but for the last six months I've been slipping up (ie fooling myself that I'm not fully just a smoker again) and I pretend to my friends & family that I'm still cigarette-free or that I just slipped up a little and have totally quit again no problem because I do not want them to know. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even be mad (my ex-smoker friend definitely wouldn't) but I just don't want it to be true!!

No. 1723278

No, but I knew someone who got killed like that, and so many women get killed like that in my country, and it's just terrible

No. 1723283

That’s a pretty legitimate reason to flinch then, I don’t think that makes you weak.

No. 1723284

File: 1697043030005.gif (1.28 MB, 500x269, IMG_1493.gif)

Just had a brain blast about my stupid daddy/daughter paraphilia: it began with Pokemon the Movie 3, Spell of the Unown. Like Molly I was a very lonely and imaginative child, her story resonated with me from my very first viewing. I think it was from her that I got the idea
>if your real dad can't be with you, then just make up a fake one!
I daydreamed constantly in those years, it was my favourite hobby and I would do it every day after school until the sun went down. A lot of my stories were about orphan girls getting adopted by some kind people who recognise her innate talent and raise her to be a wizard or an alchemist kek. My wish for a parent became strongest in my teen years when I was receiving the absolute least real life parental support, also the time when I was very much online and attaching myself to older girls with questionable characters. By questionable I mean dropout NEET bpdchan TIFs. This girl used to keep me up all hours of the night with suicide bait and guilt trips, but I loved her because she let me call her "papa" just like Molly calls Entei in the stupid movie. Of course she was kind to me at first and that's where I got the idea that she would reparent me, but that was a very brief period. I think she really regretted ever showing me that kindness too because I became so obsessed, I would not let go of the idea that she was my father. No matter how many times she blew up at me I kept trying to get her to babysit me until eventually I became redpilled and realised she was not it.
Overall it was a fake relationship, I was attached to the fictional characters she "kinned" and confused their personalities and kind hearts for hers. Did I mention I'm fucking retarded yet? In case it wasn't obvious. Whatever romantic feelings I had for her went totally unaddressed and the daddy stuff was not sexual anyway. Not yet. It turned into genuine incest kink when I grew up and got a girlfriend who enabled me. I called her "mommy" even though there was nothing motherly about her. (I guess she resembled her own mother in the sense that she was violent, paranoid, and unhinged.) At first I didn't even want to indulge in that stuff anymore because after the TIF shamed me for it (rightfully, maybe), I was concerned it would go badly again. I think this whacko mommy character saw another way to control me and deepen the trauma bond so she went for it. And like a dumbass I ignored my worries and went for it too. I got super into it again and this time we were already sexually involved so I was jacking off about it. She bottle fed me once. That was nice but I still cringe because I definitely looked ugly at that angle (all angles, really) and I was so scared of her I could never really relax, plus I don't think she actually wanted to do it in the first place. Anything to keep her paypig and punching bag, I guess. Most embarrassing behaviour on my part.
But again I wasn't really in love with her but the fictional character she used to court me. (Anime boys are dangerous nonas.) So when I broke up with her I was like fuck it nobody will ever hurt me again, I'll become a yumejoshi and my perfect sweet kind parental partner will live in my head. All well and good for a start but it's still all wrapped up in sex, I'm still craving unconditional love and it's still attached to the fake idea of a fake person. The worst part is that it's very deeply entrenched now, I live and breathe this stupid daddy kink. When I need to calm down I shush myself like an infant, suck my thumb so hard my head hurts, wrap up in blankets and cry. Honestly it's always been this way, every behaviour I described is leftover from its developmentally appropriate age (i.e. I just never stopped) but I really notice it now. I'm a mess and the last tether of my sanity is a fictional character who I think of as my "papa." I can't live without him, I need him, I want him to take care of me. I also want to fuck him so bad and it's very important that he wants sex with me too despite how annoying, gross, needy, and infantile I often am. It's so disgusting but my ideal role is daughterwife emphasis on daughter. I don't plan to change or at least I'm not going to actively try, just wait it out and see what happens.
Unlike Molly in the movie there is no magic spell to bring me my parents, there is no community who want to help so badly they'll climb inside a massive crystal castle to rescue me and anyone else I've hurt. It's just me here all alone with my disturbing ideas and desires. Thank God I have matured enough to stay away from others romantically, I'll never do it again and I'm so sorry to the people I crushed on in the past 2 years. You didn't deserve to have a freak like me want anything from you.
Also I'm sorry for saying the movie was stupid. It's not stupid, I'm stupid, it's a very good film.

No. 1723290

I don't doubt that. Do what you will

No. 1723293

Sounds like you have BPD. Get help

No. 1723297

you haven't met enough ftms. those who know, know.

No. 1723299

I'll assume you're saying this with genuine warmth and intent to help. Thank you for your insight.

No. 1723300

>be me
>want to judge you
>have my taste in men profoundly influenced by digimon as well
But still, get professional help if you can

No. 1723304

damn and i though my fetishes were weird, hope you find god anon

No. 1723306

Legit get tested. You really do sound BPD in your post.

No. 1723323

>I'm a mess and the last tether of my sanity is a fictional character who I think of as my "papa."
who is it though

No. 1723347

Kek who was it? Also this is the confessions thread, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to judge me.
I shouldn't even give you a hint, but clearly I am a BPDfag who thrives on negative attention so I will do it anyways. He's the number one Tumblr Sexyman.
>And to the anon who replied that she knows me and then deleted it
Thank you for your compassion. I feel embarrassed to have been immediately identified but my neurosis is pretty specific isn't it. Even if you couldn't stand by them, I'm grateful for your kind words.

No. 1723351

>He's the number one Tumblr Sexyman.
are you really getting off on fantasies of the onceler calling you his daughter?

No. 1723352

>Thank you for your compassion. I feel embarrassed to have been immediately identified but my neurosis is pretty specific isn't it. Even if you couldn't stand by them, I'm grateful for your kind words.

No nonny, I full heart believe you deserve to heal and be loved in a healthy way. I just didn't want to take attention out of your post. I will always believe this even if we never talk anymore, but I'm happy to hear you're (somewhat) ok! Sorry again.

No. 1723353

File: 1697046847813.jpg (22.55 KB, 355x500, fiona.jpg)

Honestly, I look like butt when I'm on my period. Acne, greasy hair, eye bags, dry skin, my face looks weird. But I like it.
The reason why I like it, is because for like three days of 'ogrefying', I let my hair get messy. I don't exercise as much. And I stop trying to look/dress cute. It's so refreshing. Like, I'm claiming my SELF back from the image that I project onto the world, and being comfy. I am discarding the image that I uphold, and this makes me feel more in touch with my real self, just being comfy, trampling the image I keep up for others. Honestly, my ego is a prison. My image is a prison. I LOVE getting ogrepilled and becoming my true self for three days mashallah.

No. 1723356

File: 1697046889056.jpeg (573.82 KB, 1179x1329, IMG_4575.jpeg)

The warden of superjail!?

No. 1723359

…the onceler? komaeda? sans undertale? please. god.

No. 1723363

oh wow you dont brush your hair or dress cute for 3 whole days wow nonny you are such a warrior i have no idea how you get the strength do that

No. 1723365

Self-destructive depressed pretty boy Ken

No. 1723368

Oldfag spotted, it's not 2011 anymore. But I'm sure you'll be equally disgusted by the actual answer so it might as well be the Onceler.
No not him either but he's probably a better choice. Isn't he some kind of freak? Wouldn't he be into it?
Getting warmer.
? The barbie doll? No. Not my type also he has antidaddy energies. He probably wants to be pegged.
No need to apologise dear, and if you're who I think you are then I owe YOU an apology. I'm sorry for how I treated you. I hope that you've been well, and I wish you nothing but the best. If you ever want to talk more then I think you know where to find me, my arms are open.

No. 1723369

Maybe it's another komaedafag

No. 1723373

i need to know now nonny pls spill the beans

No. 1723374

>The barbie doll
Kek no, digimon kaiser

No. 1723379

reigen arataka? idk anymore. smh

No. 1723385

File: 1697048066032.gif (788.53 KB, 490x323, IMG_1496.gif)

Oh absolutely my bad, I didn't realise what you meant. I didn't watch Digimon but just looking at gifs of this kid I think I get it.
Sort of, but to Komaeda is just neat and funny. Not daddy material. If he had a daughter he would not care for her, he'd drop her off a bridge.
He didn't even win the tournament, I said number 1 for a reason you guys. Don't make me say it it's embarrassing.

No. 1723386

Don't tell me it's that fucking triangle from gravity falls

No. 1723390

Am I being trolled? Are you all being purposely obtuse or is that just my self-centered paranoid BPD delusion?

No. 1723392

I was half joking with that guess but I'm honestly stumped, all the other nonnies already guessed all the other top tumblr sexymen I can think of.

No. 1723404

Not an older sexyman, not Komaeda, Reigan, The Warden, Sans… Who the fuck is it? Ice King? Megamind? Spamton (this is my strongest guess since you said getting warmer to Sans)? The Purple guy from FNAF?

No. 1723406

I was mad at my nigel last night so while he was sleeping next to me I masturbated to the thought of my co-worker, who also happens to be lookalike.
Then after I came I just felt realy sad and guilty an cried

No. 1723413

Im sorry, maybe instead of the coy "getting warmer" I should have said "nonny red hot burning fire 1 in 3 chance nonny!" He's on that list and yours too. Now you know. I accept my judgement and shame.

No. 1723417


No. 1723420

It's Sans Undertale. I can't judge considering my tastes, but at least it's not the Onceler or Komeada.

No. 1723422

File: 1697049375266.jpg (313.38 KB, 1280x1193, tumblr_o1t8rqV9vM1s682llo1_128…)

I can't judge you too bad because when undertale first came out I red fanfictions about Sans and his translucent blue ghost dick. That's not who I am though, I don't even consider him a part of my fictional crush roster anymore.

No. 1723431

It’s not that I think it takes bravery, more that it’s just NICE. There’s a positive to the grossness, in this self ownership, being more visible to myself than others. If you get it you get it.

No. 1723471

My nigel wants me to stay off of imageboards because of all the harmful content on them and he's right (just saw violence against women gore) but I feel like there's nowhere else for me to chat with other women. I don't like mainstream social media and I don't have many friends. At the moment, all my friends are moids since my old female friend group trooned out and became really gross and mean.
I'm trying to make friends in real life but I dunno, I have a hard time connecting with people.

No. 1723478

Try the friend finder thread? Once I got lolcow friends I felt no need to come back here

No. 1723480

You here right now

No. 1723503

I sometimes like to illustrate or make comics of random anons posts here, either funny or sad.

No. 1723508

somehow the weirdest thing for me in your post was when you said you dated someone in the first place. you made yourself sound like a total femcel and it kinda surprised me that you of all nonnies were getting more action than me (even though those experiences were horrible and i'm genuinely sorry you went through that. also i don't mean that in a mean way because i'd bet from the sound of it you're probably not actually ugly and just insecure, not that i would know for a fact though). nonna please don't beat yourself up about getting attached to people and being a bit weird, it's not your fault that you can't help it. you are a very kind individual and i promise you contributed so so much good to the world and to your friends' lives.

No. 1723514

I have a natural dorito chin

No. 1723521

and i have a criminal skull shape

No. 1723544

Ntayrt but this made me laugh so hard. Why a 30 year old lesbian in Chicago?

No. 1723553

I haven't been called male even once in all my years posting on here and I'm the "male brained" (cringe) kind of autist that's used awful imageboards like moidchan for a long time

No. 1723583

I feel like I'm an idiot walking on this earth. I can't handle social interaction sometimes. I don't know what joke is socially acceptable and what's not and often took jokes too literally. Sometimes I would mistaken facial expression, when I thought someone was joking with me, turn out they're actually mad. Other times when someone say something, what I thought they're saying turn out to be completely different than what they're actually try to say. Also I don't even know the difference between good and bad in terms of people, movies, songs, etc. Someone I considered a 'good' person in life is considered bad by a lot of people. And I got SO mad when someone do better than me at something and always trying to one up them. It's exhausting. Also I think that almost everyone I met must think I'm lower than them. Sometimes I hope all humanity vanished living me alone so I didn't have to deal with this shit.

No. 1723595

Yes. I hope this detail enhances my original post in some way, otherwise I'm just embarrassed to have revealed even more specifics of my cringe fantasies. Also glad to have received attention, I suppose, and hopeful that others had some fun and laughs.
Congrats on your graduation nona. I don't think I'll ever grow out of him, and because he's my papa he can never get rid of me either. The best thing about a fictional father is that even if he rejects you in a daydream you made up to torture yourself, he can be perfectly loving and supportive in the next. Infinite chances to try again.
Whatever "action" I got was totally not worth the time/energy/money/sanity investment but at least I'm not curious about sex anymore. To be honest nona you are not missing much. Either way I'm a volcel yumecel now kek so I'm glad my way of speaking matches.
Thanks for saying nice things, too. I'll try to remember that even though I'm weird I can still have a positive effect on others.

No. 1723599

You aren't malebrained, you just desire to be malebrained.

No. 1723611

I really don't, but I appreciate the compliment.

No. 1723621

God your NLOGism is embarassing girl. Mimicking them doesn't make you like them.

No. 1723625

anon… the compliment being that I'm not malebrained

No. 1723647

as inexplicable and borderline offensive as ddlg feat. sans is to me as a concept, things could be worse girl, you could be a coquette. don't give up on yourself, you're all around lovely, if we ever happened to share a conversation in the future i'll probably pretend i didn't read any of this though.

No. 1723649

Hate to say it but he might be partially right, you seem stuck in a rut. I would advise to keep coming to this one like once a week just to have some contact with women because he’s a man and could be suggesting it to isolate you further. Always keep your head on a swivel, sister. Don’t change yourself for men, only for yourself.

No. 1723689

I feel pretty bad about this but I do heavily judge fat people and they kind of freak me out on a visceral level. I'm talking about really fat people though, chubby people don't bother me. Watching them struggle to do basic things is hard to witness. And I just wind up thinking about how much food they must be eating when no one is around to get that huge, because I really can't wrap my head around it and how those portions can feel normal to them. I guess the proper way to describe the feeling is the sort of unsettlement you get form looking at old pictures of freak show people. Which I guess is sort of fitting, since obese people used to be included in freak shows since they were rare. Now it's so common people don't pay it any mind to see people that enormous in their daily lives. The fact that there are this many people suffering from obesity only in modern times though does seem to mean our constructed environment and food is at fault, which is exacerbating genetic and personality factors in some individuals. So it's not like I really blame them for their state.
I have a work friend who is very nice and we get along great but she is so incredibly fat that it's honestly disturbing to me. That's where this confession comes from because I feel bad about being disgusted. On a certain level I do think it might be kind of natural though to have this reaction– humans aren't supposed to get anywhere near that huge in a natural environment, so doesn't it sort of make sense to find it disturbing? Like it's your brain telling you
>Oh, something is really wrong here. This isn't right.

No. 1723690

One time I got really drunk and had a one night stand with a moid. I thought I was "squirting" like crazy but eventually I realized I drank a lot without using the bathroom the entire night so I essentially pissed all over his couch and bed. It was so much kek

No. 1723692

I want a woman to do that in my bed one day.

No. 1723706

as long as you treat fat people normally and understand it's due to unhealthy food now being cheap and addictive, i don't see why you would feel much guilt. it is sad to see and especially knowing for many they stress eat or grew up like this. if you're not one of the retards here who obsessed over fat people and making fun of them you really are fine.

No. 1723942

There's "gat", what you're describing is "morbidly obese". You're having an instinctual response to something unnatural. Especially now that good cost is so high even for so called 'cheap' foods, the sheer amount of food required to maintain morbid obesity means they're consuming enough food for multiple people. Don't feel bad, it's a natural reaction to an unnatural state of mankind for the sake of survival. A village can't survive if it has a giant fat blob eating all the food that can barely move. There is 0 evolutionary purpose to being obese, it's a product of modern capitalist society. Eating feels good & were all serotonin addicts anymore.

No. 1724036

I wish I'd never lost my virginity. It wasn't even a bad experience (kinda hurt but whatever) but I felt so dirty. I wish I'd said no sex before marriage or some shit at the time. I still feel gross.
Understandable. You're not a bad person for it so long as you treat them like anyone else, don't worry about it.

No. 1724071

Hearing friends talk about men hitting on them or showing interest in taking them out makes me want to tear my own skin off. It's not that I'm jealous, it's more like something about imagining myself in that situation makes me feel degraded and like I'm about to have an anxiety attack.

One of my friends was telling me yesterday about this guy at her job who she thinks is going to ask her out. I feel guilty because I should be happy for her and be supportive since she likes him, but hearing that just filled me with dread. The thought of it is repulsive to me, if I heard from a coworker that some scrote at work was telling people he thinks I'm pretty or wanted to ask me out I'd have to quit. Even thinking of that makes me want to panic. god why am i so retarded kek

No. 1724073

Do you feel similarly when guys ask you out as well? If not, it sounds like low self esteem rather than jealously. A lot of incels also get mad when they see men who successfully ask women out and say it's pathetic/disgusting to ask women out.

No. 1724077

>a lot of incels also
Go back

No. 1724085

Attempting to joining the military and have discovered I am unable to do 1(one)(one singular) pushup with proper form after being a neet for 3 years. I can do the minimum standards by pushing my shoulders up and then my hips but I'm not sure if that's acceptable. Ive also been too nervous in a preparatory sense and have left the online form test thing for two weeks and it expires in 1 day as well. I'm pretty sure I should be considering suicide or something but I find my life funny from a third person view kind of way.

No. 1724094

The thought of a guy asking me out makes me want to disappear KEK like I said, if some moid at work was thinking about asking me out I'd straight up quit. I wouldn't be able to go to work knowing there's some guy there who's interested in me. I'm not mad at them for being asked out or a guy asking them out like an incel would be, there's zero anger in these situations. Just me feeling extremely uncomfortable… maybe it's because I know how awful moids can be so it gives me anxiety knowing how they could hurt a woman I know or care about.

No. 1724096

People who can't get into relationships because of insecurities act similarly. Stop getting butthurt some girl is getting attention unless you wanna be compared to an incel who gets butthurt when other men get attention.

No. 1724100

I'm not asking about the thought, retard. I'm asking how you felt when a guy actually asked you out, thoughts are different than real experiences.

No. 1724103

please don't join the military, your likelihood of getting raped is sky high it's not worth it

No. 1724108

The last time I had a guy ask me out I felt sick and was riddled with anxiety for days, even thinking back on it now makes me feel pretty bad.

No. 1724119

I'm fugly, antisocial, fat and tall so I'm not exceptionally worried about it. Thankyou for the concern though nona. I also wanted access to guns for potential topping-self situation (weapon controlled country) so I would most likely murder-suicide theoretical rapist who would not spread influence to other people

No. 1724126

men don't rape women based on if they're pretty, they're animals who simply are looking for an easy victim. if you go into bootcamp
and such you'll lose some weight and whatever protective factor will be gone. if you are socially isolated and struggle to form connections they can see that vulnerability.

No. 1724137

It really isn't that weird to be uncomfortable in this situation, so you reject a moid, then you proceed to see him everyday cause you work at the same place, it's awkward, that's the best case scenario too, cause the mood could always be a massive psycho.

No. 1724139

Sometimes I reply to a post but before sending I remove the part where I called the other anon a retard, just to play safe and not get banned for infighting

No. 1724141

You're a coward

No. 1724143

I’ve been debating joining too but the only reasons is because I have a fetish for military guys and a fascination with guns. Plus I’m 28 am I too old?

No. 1724146

I know, retard

No. 1724151

all I want is my kids but I love them so much I can't give birth to them into this world. I can't do it to em.

No. 1724162

are you having a stroke

No. 1724173

basically yes

No. 1724179

Don't do it nonna. I had a child for entirely selfish reasons and the guilt I experience for putting her in this fucked is world is crippling

No. 1724186

You seem to have soul left so probably not perfectly suitable. I don't think you're too old though. You can also just drop out during basic and retry if moidal pattern abuse gets too stressful/you dislike it (Before you sign 4 year slave contract). Btw fratenization with the opposite sex is a crime in basic, you need to either fake being an enby retard to talk to men at all or actually get hired if you want to socialise with men

No. 1724304

i was in your exact situation kek. i can do a few pushups now but i thankfully changed my mind about joining the army. but i'm still flabby as hell. maybe you could find a good martial arts class in your area instead?

No. 1724370

File: 1697137777262.jpg (97.41 KB, 680x850, ffc.jpg)

Riley Reid was never on my radar in terms of looks inspo, I mean I heard of her and thought she looked fine but I saw a picture of her post birth and man… she's absolutely glowing. Idk what happened cause I never thought she was super pretty or anything before, but now I think she's absolutely gorgeous. I want to look like this!!

No. 1724404

I've always found her really pretty, but you're right she looks absolutely amazing and so happy. I saw in a video of hers once that she somewhat regretted doing porn because her entire family disowned her and she felt she wouldn't be able to start a family of her own one day. I'm so happy she was able to have a baby it seemed she really wanted to have a kid one day. Good for her

No. 1724584

I don't know what country you're from but if you're smart you can land a job in the military working as a translator, engineer, weapons manager, etc. You don't necessarily have to be fighting or doing anything physical. In the U.S. if you take the ASVAB and score 75+ you will look very desirable, among other qualifications. Some of these jobs you may need a STEM background at a 4-year university, though.
28 isn't too old but that's a shitty reason to join the armed forces, just move closer to a military base and there will be many military scrotes abound kek (but obvs a lot of them have issues)

No. 1724886

File: 1697194310162.png (173.09 KB, 400x329, tumblr_54f28be4c7eb0c9478200e7…)

I'm a kissless virgin and my thoughts constantly fluctuate between shamefully horny and "ew sex is disgusting I will never have sex". Today I had a glazier guy at my house because I had a huge thermal crack in my window and the glass had to be replaced. The guy was very tall and he could definitely be posted in the unconventional attractions thread and he was probably around early 40s and for moment I had thoughts like "I wonder what would happen if I asked him to fuck me right here and now" kek god help me what would happen tho???

No. 1724895

did she quit porn and speak against it?

No. 1724902

She’s absolutely retarded for posting her baby’s face on the internet after being a pornstar. Like, I hope she has denounced it and quit forever etc etc but my god. Don’t be so fucking stupid. She does look really good here tho and her baby is beautiful.

No. 1724904

I seriously hope that baby is a boy. if it's a girl, people are going to comment gross shit as she grows.

No. 1724921

I’m pretty sure the baby is a girl which breaks my heart

No. 1724922

she's a pornstart? jesus, i dont think pornstars should bring children into this world i feel so bad for this poor baby she's gonna get harrassed to death

No. 1724926

I'm an oldfag in my 30's and was raised by the "old internet" which revolved around dark banter and making fun of people, sometimes in a very mean manner, and I've unlearned most of that because I know as "funny" as it is it's just not worth it and it's what kept me hiding and overcompensating for my insecurities instead of working on them in a healthy manner. But sometimes I just come across some stuff from that era and it's so inappropriate, I still laugh hysterically because its so fucking funny despite being so mean. I don't want to cultivate that kind of a scene anymore but I'll be damned if a lot of comedy goldmine posts about online retards weren't hilarious. The humor of the bygone era had much more to do with someone being an absolute ass than character assassination.

No. 1724936

>The humor of the bygone era had much more to do with someone being an absolute ass than character assassination.
Idk some of the people mocked were harmless weebs similar to pt or the foam adventure girls, other times they were literal kids like jessie slaughter and random kids making naruto ocs

No. 1724941

Jessie Slaughter happened post-old internet, I'm talking about the 2000-2006 era. The obsessive dogpiling and witch hunts started after internet started growing more in popularity and social media started putting everyone in the same space.

No. 1725063

At this point I'm pretty convinced that I'm pregnant based on symptoms. I'm overly warm, nauseous and cramping all day, dizzy, sensitive to everything, and the most damning thing of all – my (normally flat) boobs feel huge. These aren't normal PMS symptoms for me. I tested yesterday and it was negative, but my missed period wouldn't be until the 17th-18th so it's probably not accurate. I'm so scared. I can't bring a child into this world.

No. 1725088

I would say you were being paranoid but big boobs is a tell, especially if they're sore. The pregnancy test also won't show positive until up to a week after your period too so if you miss it keep testing

No. 1725101

I don't give a fuck about wars. The current war is Israel against some other country I don't even know. I didn't give a fuck about Russia vs Ukraine either. Most people don't, they just see it as ooh aah gossip

No. 1725106

They aren't sore at all, I probably wouldn't have noticed them if I hadn't been obsessively feeling them. Generally they get sore and change size at various times in my cycle, but not this drastically iirc. And I keep reading different info about testing times–people on reddit insist tests are definitive 3 weeks/21 days after sex, but that doesn't biologically make sense to me. Either way thanks nona, I'm planning to test again next week.

No. 1725422

>t. American

No. 1725483

There's this guy who rides the same bus route as me occasionally, he's not my type but he is handsome, well dressed like for a professional job, always has such good smelling cologne and carries around an RE backpack. He sat next to me today and I told him I liked his backpack as I was leaving the bus. It felt a little scandalous that I enjoyed the smell of his cologne so much when I'm already in a longterm relationship kek

No. 1726562

I feel like an autistic womanchild for buying plushies or things with cat decals, decorating my room with string lights and glow in the dark stars and wearing loungewear with overly cutesy designs around the house but I can't stop. It's the only thing that brings me joy. I'm 25 so I feel like I should be outgrowing this stuff but the feeling just isn't there.
I don't have any friends but I'd be embarassed to bring them over if I did.

No. 1726574

I just met such a kind woman. Looked at me in the bathroom stalls and just went full "you're enough you're okay" now at our damn fucking table she's sitting there on the next table. Saw how our family is, and just gave me a kind nod. A smile. She's like 20+ so I know it's not sexual, just that it was important for her to share. And I'll be honest..
That pretty much killed me..

No. 1726579

That's nice anon but
>She's like 20+ so I know it's not sexual
What do you mean by that?

No. 1726582

>doesn't know Palestina
You've never followed the news in your 18+ years of life?

No. 1726617

Same I wanna know too, that’s an odd qualifier

No. 1726657

spent my youth being insecure about my face, so i got cosmetic surgery during covid. now i dont feel like absolute shit looking in the mirror and people are nicer to me, but there's a part of me that wonders what i would have looked like without it as im entering my late 20's. i feel this guilt when people or my boyfriend call me pretty (the boyf knows) i dont regret it, but i wish i spent a little more time to fix my self esteem

No. 1726693

I feel very conflicted. I got off a voice chat with my male friend, one that has made it clear to me that our friendship will eternally be platonic. I broke down to him about experiences I have been through before and his voice made me feel so safe and protected. As soon as I hung up I slumped to the side of my bed and started crying and fingering myself wishing it was him. He does not see me as girlfriend material. He is my only male friend. Why is life so cruel to me?

No. 1726698

When I was thirteen years old I posted my pictures various places online pretending to be a transgirl / femboy and put things in my underwear to make it look like I had a dick. I really hope nobody i know saw those posts.

No. 1726802

When I was a little kid I genuinely thought Asian people didn’t have emotions for some reason. Kek

No. 1726827

What did you have done nona?

No. 1726868

File: 1697331792204.jpg (14.16 KB, 500x353, 88_profilelarge.jpg)

No. 1727085

File: 1697354927473.gif (96.12 KB, 700x350, 167800325.gif)

I can't stop laughing at anons complaining about the lack of a new celebricows thread in multiple threads kek. You did this to yourself. I'm kind of happy about it because that thread is a faggot zone.

No. 1727590

File: 1697389851867.jpg (64.98 KB, 579x806, 1697065778396.jpg)

I've known my bf since I was a teenager and back then I clashed a lot with my parents. I ranted about this stuff to him and was adamant that I'd cut contact when I could, but now after years of me poisoning the well and him WKing me, I've moved out, matured, and gradually lost that animosity towards my family. Sure they did stupid things but they're not evil irredeemable abusers, they do love me and I don't want to mystetiously abscound anymore.
But now my bf is having a tough time adjusting, and although he said he understands that I've grown up and that he supports me making my own decisions, he's still bitter towards my parents and noticeably uncomfortable when I interact with them. My parents know about him but don't know we're dating; they've only interacted for like 10 seconds one time. I can think of a few reasons why they might dislike him too.
I feel like the burden is on me to bridge the divide I've created but man, I dunno how to go about it aside from begging both parties to play nice when they inevitably cross paths. It doesn't help that they're from different countries and wealth classes so there's a whole bomb of potential cultural misunderstanding.

No. 1727599

Isn’t there typically like a 3 day period between those threads?

No. 1727621

I went to a mostly Korean school and had a ton of Korean friends, but when I was like 7-8 my aunt had a friend who I loved and I randomly complained to her about how many Asians were at my school. I was just repeating stuff I think my brother said and trying to impress her. Later my aunt told me her friend who I just went on a racist rant to like some 50 year old Trumpy boomer was Asian. (I think Filipino or something since she didn’t look like the ones I knew which is why I didn’t realize). I was so embarrassed and it haunts me to this day.

No. 1727692

If shit hits the fan maybe I’ll finally have the strength to throw in the towel for good. Attempting to delude myself with false positivity was never going to work.

No. 1727975

My dad started making a lot of money again and it’s really bad for me to say it but I love living at home and being spoiled by him. I’m 25 and I know I should move out but my dad takes care of my few expenses, cooks most meals for me, and tells me to continue living at home so I can save my salary once I get my first job. I honestly don’t see why I should try to find a boyfriend when my dad is really the only man who has my best interest at heart and wants to take care of me kek. He was just talking about me getting married but I know how rare it is to ever find a man who makes me feel this safe and content. Since he’s been making a lot of money I’ve been getting all the gifts and trips I’ve ever wanted and it feels amazing.
my dad isn’t perfect either, he’s been abusive in the past but has improved in recent years fyi

No. 1728015

i only post on lc when im on da can

No. 1728022

my eyes

No. 1728084

File: 1697422226739.gif (858.79 KB, 220x214, F7FC25FA-DD8A-40B2-A3C2-DF9162…)

I sent a really horny anonymous ask to an NSFW blog on tumblr and I slipped up and mentioned I’m in college and they told me to get the fuck out because they thought I meant I was in high school when I mentioned having a teacher kill me this so so embarrassing

No. 1728119

for some reason when i'm going to sleep, or waking up, and am in that weird half-awake state between sleep and consciousness, my brain keeps coming up with sex toy ideas. I would write it off it only happened once but it keeps happening. What does this mean?

No. 1728137

Report them for being a porn blog kek

No. 1728144

Pitch some of your holy visions because God is talking to you and im curious

No. 1728152

Oh no, they're really bad. Half-dreaming me is like fuck yeah, that's so genius. and then when i fully wake up i realize it was idiotic and completely unsexy. But if you must know, and don't say I didn't warn you, this morning it was a strapless strap with a internal silicone bulb that only fully contracts under the pressure from an orgasm, and I guess you'd fill it with fake cum or something so the strap would "ejaculate" when you actually cum
I hope that's not god talking to me because if so, I'm scared.

No. 1728154

Yeah nevermind

No. 1728158

duality of woman

No. 1728159

That sounds great to me, ejaculating dildos already exist and that could be the next step if vaginas actually worked like that.

No. 1728421


Maybe you're gay? So that's why it feels wrong to you. Personally I'd feel horrible if it's an ugly or weird guy, but if it's a hot cool guy I can see myself liking I won't mind.

No. 1728432

Honestly good for you. Save up your salary and maybe go on a luxurious vacation with him to return the favor if you feel like it or just go alone or with some friends and have fun and continue living a happy content life without worries.

No. 1728623

I'm still a virgin but I relate to this. I had my first kiss at a new years party while very drunk a few years back, ended up making out with this guy the entire night supposedly and I was practically traumatised for the next two weeks, I couldn't even consume sexless romantic media without feeling nauseous. I felt so disgusting.
Weird thing is I was never religious nor did I grow up in a conservative household. I don't have strong feelings myself about this topic and I'm not especially judgemental about other people's sex lives. My family wouldn't care what I did so long as it wasn't hugely irresponsible. Plus I used to be a huge coomer fujoshi.
The only explanation that I can think of is that due to having been pretty sheltered due to going to an all girls school I was behind on these kind of milestones. When I made friends from people outside of school they saw me as 'innocent' (even though it was complete untrue mentally speaking, I had been browsing imageboards since primary school) and this was the main reason they showed interest/curiosity in me, so it became part of my identity, and having that stripped away from me was traumatic in some way. Or maybe I'm just an autist.

No. 1728641

Or maybe it's 'cause were dead drunk and you've got a semi rape trauma now

No. 1728766

I relate very much to her concluion and have neither been drunk nor kissed tho

No. 1728831

I've impulsively scared my mom while driving with her when she annoys me on two rides. It's horrible. The first time she was on the phone I believe, and I kept violently speeding up. The second time (today) I braked extra hard and made rough turns. In the moment I get so annoyed and don't control my anger, and iI act worse since I know I can't tell her she's annoying me because she can't take criticism. I avoided driving for years because she talks extremely loudly on the phone. Growing up every weekend morning, she would come into my room to talk on the phone and shittalk my dad so I couldn't sleep in peace. This time though I was annoyed at how she 1) kept saying something every minute about my driving and 2) I don't know where anything is in my town because I'm retarded. I hate being a dumb bitch but here I am.

No. 1728941

File: 1697492586614.jpg (10.75 KB, 268x400, fallenangel.jpg)

intensely overcome with a feeling of lust lately but it's fine because i'm a permavirgin (which i am okay with) that doesn't socialize ever so i'll just repress as hard as i can until it's all gone because i don't want this to be me but man is it hard. never had a streak so long i usually blame to hormones but it's been going for way too long so i don't know if i can anymore. i don't usually care this much because it's not that big of a deal, but it's seriously messing me up this time, i'm like an animal. it's humiliating.

No. 1728956

I’m politically celibate and I know that pain kek it really does make you realize you’re an animal

No. 1729333

Around a year ago, seeing a Shayna thread actually motivated me to lose all the weight I gained during lockdown. I spent the past year going from BMI 26 to 20. I got a lot of other self-inflicted life issues resolved on top of it. Seeing someone like her was a serious reality check for me.

No. 1729647

File: 1697567088215.jpg (20.41 KB, 400x300, by_jenna_marbles_d4z0k5b-fullv…)

I was looking up Sims 2 gameplay and seeing sims in bikinis made me so horny. Looking back, I think TS2 is the first thing that ever turned me on. Especially the making out in pic rel. So that's probably why. TS2 style making out is really aggressive. I can't think of anything hotter. I've tried installing TS2 a few times as an adult but it always ends up in an 8 sim household where they're all lesbians who live in lingerie and have orgies 24/7. So I can't play it anymore.

No. 1729656

Second confession I just masturbated to a TS2 porn video

No. 1729667

The friend finder thread hasn't been posted in recently. Is it still in use?

No. 1729677

12 year old me, is that you?

No. 1729680

When I was a kid I also liked to watch my female sims in bikinis and made two of my female sims kiss and got yelled at my by mom

No. 1729684

kek anon, this gave me flashbacks to crying to those sims 2 YouTube videos about abortions and child abuse and the bg music was always evanescence songs

No. 1729700

File: 1697571600881.gif (966.5 KB, 441x498, 558a6e9a92fcff4638d2dba33705e2…)

Reposting because I cropped badly.
Discovering lolcow made me a normal person. I didn't do anything unusual before, but I definitely had some flaws because I had mental health issues that I refused to address. I looked at how the anons were brutally honest about their opinions without sugarcoating them, which urged me to improve as a person because I might have also been a cow if things were a little different. I realized this isn't the way I want to live. I started going to the gym, developing my own opinions and stopped using the internet as much. My friends are normies now and I also have normie interests. My mental health and feelings towards my body have improved as well. It's not perfect, but it's better than before. I asked advice from anons one time about my shitty friend and got the courage to cut him off. That solved 99 of my problems. I'm going to stop using lolcow now because there's not much else to do anymore, I'll just focus on real life stuff instead and leave the weird shit I've done or happened to me behind me. I discovered this website from a Reddit post telling people to stay away because it's a hellhole here. It's surprising how my experience has been different. Thank you nonnies, continue your horny husbando posting in peace

No. 1729735

I think I'm really on the edge of losing my mind and becoming irreversibly detached from reality. Almost 4 years of friendlessness is getting to me. I feel like I'm trapped in my own head. Years ago I used to live in university accomodation with this schizo who tried to kill one of my other dorm-mates then himself and I'm worried I'll end up the same. This anxiety is part of it though. I know logically I'm not actually going to attack anyone or anything.
But I dunno what to do. I'm in my mid twenties now and it seems like every online space is for teens or millenials in their 30s.

No. 1729757

Kek I remember now I always made my sims into lesbians "as a joke"

No. 1730151

My boyfriend has depression and I'm starting to resent him for it. When I first met him, he showed me his very best self. Extremely caring, loved to please me, invested in knowing me and understanding me. I loved his view on the world and how empathetic he was to me and others. He had such a range of emotion that I've never seen from a man before. He was completely honest and told me had depression and that he was still dealing with it, so it's my fault for being a retard and dating him anyway. Because when a man has depression, it means he turns into a passive self-pitying retard who can't get anything done. I'm surprised I even think this way because I was always sympathetic to people who have depression, and I have depression myself so I know what it's like.

I know that he stews in negativity all day, he complains and vents online all day (and to me). He's had a lot of hardship in his life, so it's not unfounded. I've listened to him vent, encouraged him, pushed him to do things that he found difficult, and so on, but it's a lot of emotional labor. In a lot of ways he's failed to be the partner I expected him to be. I don't want to baby a man. I want him to improve himself for me and put in the effort to make me happy every day. I deserve that. I am often disappointed around him a lot because of this, and he just can't handle it and shuts down. At least a lot of the time he takes the initiative to talk to me about it, but he gets so defensive when I tell him what my issues with him are. And he deflects every time with "depression."

I am so resentful. I saw so much in him and it feels like a lie. He acts pathetic and it's made me lose so much respect for him. And no, not because he has emotions or difficulties, it's because he has no initiative to help himself. A lot of people have depression but still don't give up like he does. I feel like women are way more likely to get their shit together and are guilty to be a burden on their partner, while men will feel some shame but do nothing about it and drag their partner down with their inaction.

No. 1730155

I don't know how I should feel. Someone pretty close to me hurt me so much and for so long that I’ve grown up being resentful, even when I love them so much too.
For the past few weeks when I’ve felt mad, I hoped they would feel hurt as they made me feel, so I started thinking that they aren’t worthy of the people who surrounded them. Now their mother died suddenly and even when I know I’m not guilty just for wishing it, I feel like I called it somehow. I even wrote it here, how they wouldn’t be anyone without them.

No. 1730203

File: 1697631472728.jpg (116.98 KB, 244x419, 9s.jpg)

As someone who used to be a reader, I really don't like tarot, it's a load of bullshit sometimes, random and unnecessary to your problems because you can understand yourself better without it, just focus on improving and don't rely on cards. I still get the "I want to help others through my reads" feeling sometimes, to give people some solace and peace of mind, but really it's just your own thoughts talking. Believe yourself and not some cards.

No. 1730251

>it's a load of bullshit sometimes
it's a load of bullshit all the time, stupid

No. 1730309

I've been there before, it isn't easy to deal with what you're dealing with. At the end of the day, people may or may not be able to do much about their depression depending on the situation, but they can choose to not make others always bear the burden of it. Men always expect their girlfriends to deal with it for them even if their girlfriends have their own problems to worry about. I was told by my ex that he wanted me to focus on making him happy and distracting him from his depression. That isn't a healthy partnership, and I urge you to assess whether you'd happier with him, or without him and his problems. Because you have to look at this as if things will never get better and figure out if that's something you can handle.

No. 1730489

Thanks for understanding, nonna. And yeah, I know for sure if things don't change, I definitely can't handle it. I don't want to baby a man. The entitlement of it all makes me so mad, because I know men want their girlfriends to nurture and soothe them and not put any pressure on them and it drives me up the wall. Why am I expected to be a pleasant and perfect angel to a man when he isn't even close to meeting my needs? He should be making my life more pleasant, not more stressful. I swear, if this doesn't work out within the next couple of months I am leaving and not dating a man ever again unless he is literally perfect in every way.
The saddest and most pathetic fucking thing about all this is that he is not even physically my type (I like muscular fit men, but he is doughy). He told me in the beginning he was working on losing weight, and I believed him. I was attracted to him mostly because of his personality, and how kindly he treated me. He also loved catering to my kinks, too. Now that it's all gone, what's left? I feel like such an idiot. Never fall for the personality meme, sisters.

No. 1730755

idk where else to post this, but I need moral judgement. A moid gave me herpes. STD tests don't screen for it because it's so common and condoms don't protect against it It can stay asymptomatic for years or decades and shouldn't be contagious when dormant. So I don't plan on telling my next moid that I have it. Should I change my mind? Even if you think moids deserve STDs, consider he could pass it to the women he sleeps with in the future. Especially if he's asymptomatic and never even knew he had it

No. 1730830

File: 1697682392000.jpeg (292.9 KB, 700x700, product-3077421.jpeg)

Today I ate a burger for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch and pizza for dinner.

No. 1730838

Do get treatment for yourself just so it doesn't harm you somehow, and do tell the next moid you sleep with about it, though I doubt he'd care about not infecting women.

No. 1730839

I'm a trash eater and even I can't eat that. I'm not sure if I feel admiration or disgust.

No. 1730867

File: 1697686278680.png (744.95 KB, 750x1000, image_2023-10-18_233136119.png)

Doing some silly cockroach shit where I joined my ex's community dscrd to jumpscare the fuck out of him. Not that I ever would, but there is something hilarious in the fact that if I revealed something out loud, it would be so over for him.

No. 1730868

tells us what

No. 1730878

Just say you have it, it’s fine. Don’t keep it a secret.

No. 1730879

What’s the thing you could reveal?

No. 1730881

Seeking advice. I am 22 years old and I wasted majority of my life. I chose my major based on what my friends did and what my parents seemed like they would want, despite having strong interest for a different field. This is something I have been very passionate about but did not have the courage to pursue due to my own insecurities and heavy criticisms from my parents growing up.

I finally realized what I want to do in terms of career, but I am almost through with my current associate's degree. I am on my last semester, one month in. I have no interest in this major, and quite frankly I hate the people I attend classes with.

I want to take my time pursuing my true interest, but I do not think I have any motivation to continue my current major.

I am planning on harming myself bad enough to have a reason to put my life on pause. Only issue is I am uncertain as to how badly I need to be injured in order to convince everyone I need a break without being on probation by my parents for next several years to come. I have been in psych ward twice at 19 for self harm, so this time I want to make it seem accidental at least.

What's the most ethical and convincing way I can go about this? I do not want to actually mutilate myself to the point of being permanently disabled. Brain, eyes, and hands are the vital areas I do not want to damage.

No. 1730882

Do not have sex with people knowing you have an STD without telling them. They have a right to know that before consenting to sex, even if you don't think you can spread it. There are people who are willing to be with people who have STDs, probably more than you would expect. Don't be scummy anon.

No. 1730884

check yourself back into the ward.

No. 1730885

harming yourself over hating your college major and peers to escape responsibility is overkill. you could finish it for the sake of finishing it, while using some time at your college to make connections and get help to make a plan to pursue what you actually want to do. you seem very ashamed and having low self esteem. choosing the wrong college major is not the end of the world. go to whatever academic advising services your college offers. you are an adult and don't need to scare your family and friends to take a break, do you?

No. 1730892

If you got tested for it or have it on yout medical history you can get in trouble. Is it type 2? Most people have type 1 and if you have type 1 you probably got it as a kid/teen and not recently.

No. 1730894

Stop selfharming. That stuff and psych ward can show up when you're applying for schools/work, retard. You won't be able to get in certain fields

No. 1730930

some random recruiter messaged me about becoming an elementary school teacher and i dislike that my first reflexive thought was 'and get shot?'

No. 1730932

I have penis envy, I wish I could snap my fingers and turn into a man. I won't troon out though, don't worry.

No. 1730951

I'd like to do it for 3 days when my period starts to jack off and have gay sex instead of bleeding but balls look uncomfortable and golira levels of body hair is disgusting to have so I'd go back after that. that said, boobs are already uncomfortable to have…

No. 1731787

he broke up with me in april and I soured things through a clingy dependancy in may, last contact. i kept his photos though… and gained some weird dependancy on them. like, i'd look at them every hour of the day on my phone or atleast one because it allowed imaginative scenarios and i felt safe even though i knew the man in those pictures, who still held a semblance of love and care for me is gone.
lately i've seen and heard he's going around with a girl just like him, i'm happy for them…
so with that news and the pain of digesting it i fully wiped any trace of him off of my devices this week, and i feel weirdly empty.

No. 1731798

You probably won't get shot, but you WILL get beaten up and objects thrown at you by big hulking autistic moids

No. 1731809

it happened once and will eventually happen again in this country, can't blame you

No. 1731988

File: 1697784826859.gif (2.04 MB, 600x338, heyall.gif)

I have been making deepfakes of scott the woz to schlick, been thinking of spreading them around because i am curious of the reaction lol. I wanna make more but it takes so much time so i can only do it when i cant do anything more productive. I have been also thinking of selling them since they arent illegal and i know a bunch of jermafags and kpoopies would pay really well to see their husbandos masturbating or getting railed.

No. 1732000

I know you probably think it's based divine retribution because he's a moid but it reminded me of a video i just watched the other day that has some interesting points regarding deepfakes

No. 1732003

I just think it's hot. I am already a mental case so it's not like it's going to make me worse.

No. 1732009

oh just watched the video though it was going to be one of those ''porn bad because it rots your brain videos'' but its about how it hurts women. Idc if it hurts moids, most are already mentally broken from porn usege since childhood so i dont think its going to damage them the same way it does for women, and if it does then maybe they should grow a pair ngl

No. 1732020

i don't shower during the week sometimes but then take 2 showers a day during the weekend because that's when i will socialize

No. 1732024

It is and it has anon

No. 1732025

do you think that porn-brain rot isn't gonna effect you? "old man yaoi" readers are now dating 40+ year old men and think its hot and your gonna end up equally pathetic state.

No. 1732026

I’ve had dreams of fucking while having a dick and man it was so fun

No. 1732029

I wish your a happy transition with your future TIM wife.

No. 1732030

I am not into real men outside of some youtubers, and old man yaoi freaks are on the other side of the spectrum to me, they are pickmes, whereas i want a cute porn-free man thats not ugly and old, but they sadly don't exist so whats the point of dating men anymore?

No. 1732034

you are so gonna troon out.

No. 1732036

why? what would i gain from spending tons of money on hormones just to get acne and go bald? i dont understand your line of thinking lol. Men are objectively trash(90% report porn consumption, 1 in 3 men would rape a woman if it was legal, they are also going bald at 23), but i got sexual urges like normal straight women.

No. 1732037

Ayrt yeah I get what you’re saying. I wish videos like this weren’t necessary, but unfortunately you have a generation of men today who are too emotionally stunted and/or resentful to figure it out themselves, so you have guys like this walking them through it and even backs it up with some data. About deepfakes harming men, he is encouraging them to reflect on their own actions and attitudes without throwing too much judgement so guys can hopefully come to their own conclusion. It’s a typical therapy tactic, it’s easier to motivate them if they can see themselves as partly a victim too because no one wants to feel like the bad guy. Some might call it coddling.

While imo a lot of the “allure” with deepfake porn comes from the violation of boundaries, I hadn’t considered the link to parasocial relationships before, which I think is why OPs post reminded me of this.

No. 1732039

i think only moids and teen girls can feel parasocial, or at least i have never been parasocial with men, mostly because i know the pigs they are. I like scott because he has a really cute face, and his videos are funny, but i am not attached to him in any other way. i wanna make deep fakes of that scrote that got caught looking at deep fakes of a popular streamer now that i know it can lead to suicide ideation ngl.

No. 1732042

normal people don't make deepfake porn, your a coomer and all coomers will always end up worse and worse.

No. 1732044

it's not my fault that men are ugly and have terrible personalities, if they weren't shit i would be working towards having a healthy normal relationship but it's the fault i have to resort to coomery

No. 1732058

I'm a little addicted to energy drinks like some gaymer fag kek

No. 1732059

Just be celibate and masturbate to your imagination, it's literally not hard.

No. 1732796

when I was a kid i used to obsessively try and bite off / break off / cut off my left middle and pointer finger. i have no idea why. i think i saw a character in a tv show lose a finger and also heard that (probably bogus) thing about how fingers require the same bite force to detach as carrots but our brains are programmed not to let us bite them off and just got totally fixated. i never did myself any serious damage, but those fingers were often bleeding / bruised / chafed and as an adult they're obviously quite scarred and i have lost some feeling in them. kid-me was a weird proto munchie. glad i grew out of that weird phase

No. 1732861

I don't get the anon pearlclutching at you, you sound based and should spread/sell them. The problem of scrotes consuming porn is that it exacerbates their desires to harm women and their views of women being less than human. The problems that can occur when women consume porn is that they can internalize unhealthy messages about women and develop masochistic desires. Making deepfakes of the cute internet men you like is not at all something that would cause the female type of porn brainrot. Generally the problem of porn is misogyny, not the sexual content part

No. 1732963

why should i? if deepfakes arent illegal why should i stop

No. 1732997

1. While it might not be illegal at this point in time (depending on where you live, in some places it is illegal), it’s only a matter of time before it becomes so. 2. A lot of people would say, one group of people (men) doing something harmful to another group (women) doesn’t justify them retaliating in the same manner. It will probably lead to more deepfakes of both genders being made and shared, inadvertantly harming women further. 3. Imo creating nonconsensual porn deepfakes puts you on the same level as as a coomer scrote, which is unfortunately more and more common for women these days due to internet brainrot. Congrats, you have the emotional maturity of a toddler. For this reason I don't think anyone will be able to change your mind on this, you seem hellbent on standing your ground no matter what anyone says. Just know it’s possible to heal your brain, but it takes a certain amount of personal insight and willpower.

>The problem of scrotes consuming porn is that it exacerbates their desires to harm women and their views of women being less than human
That's not the only problem with nonconsensual deepfakes and you know it

No. 1733001

>puts you on the same level as as a coomer scrote, which is unfortunately more and more common for women these days due to internet brainrot.
How is this a bad thing?. we have been the better gender for so long and we have gotten shit for it. I used to repress myself so much when i was a girl because ''women dont do that!!!'', and it only hurt me in the long run. If men weren't such pigs i wouldn't be doing this, if i could get an attractive men to fuck once in a while i wouldn't need porn, but unlike them i cant hire a whore or land a qtie despite being average. It's not fair men get all the porn in the world+whores+good women to date and women get…ugly men with porn rot that will cheat on them.
> Just know it’s possible to heal your brain, but it takes a certain amount of personal insight and willpower.
ok sherlock, tell me how

No. 1733017

I feel like you are contradicting yourself a little bit because you are asking me how it’s a bad thing, while admitting you wouldn’t be doing it if men weren’t "such pig". I’m sorry you are having these struggles with finding fuckable moids, but I think there is a middle ground between sexually repressing yourself, which I agree is bad, and creating nonconsensual deepfake porn.

>ok sherlock, tell me how

I think the first step is to increase understanding of how the brain/emotions work. HealthyGamerGG which I posted further up thread has a lot of good scientifically backed videos that are aimed at people who struggle with internet/gaming addiction, about how it affects your brain and so on. In terms of emotional awareness, I think this one is a good starting point https://youtu.be/8pQBdZ3RdfA
DBT like therapy is currently considered the best treatment.

No. 1733021

dropped it there, i am not going to listen to some retard scrote who babies moids. I watched one of his ''why porn is bad'' videos and never once did he talk about how it affects women, all the comments were about moids feeling bad about porn because it made them addicted coomers and gave them goldfish brain, not because they were jacking it off to the abuse of women. nah, i think i would rather dedicate my life to make men's life worse if the only other alternative is listening to some retarded scrote.

No. 1733034

Found out the hot, slightly older (I think/hope) regular at my job is German not French and now I daydream about becoming his mean trophy fraulein who bullies him for being an old pervert.

No. 1733040

why are there so many women with the fetish of teasing old men, the effects of growing up in the lolita/ddlg/lana del rey/coquette generation?

No. 1733061

Low self-esteem. If you think you can't get a cute guy your own age you can always get an old fuck who'll greedily go for a young woman.

No. 1733067

god that's so sad, it makes her using the word ''bullying'' to refeer to whoring yourself to an older men more pathetic, do they actually think they have any form of power over these scrotes? lmao

No. 1733073

I won't even lie, it's mainly daddy issues. I'd agree with the self esteem anon too, but in my specific case it's more I love shaming men for being below me and I find it harder to fully discard empathy for guys my age.

No. 1733078

> I love shaming men for being below me and I find it harder to fully discard empathy for guys my age.
how the fuck are you shaming some old scrote whos getting younger, prettier pussy for free? wtf you are the one being humilliated by the old scrote

No. 1733080

No. 1733089

I agree men should talk more about how porn harms women, but that doesn't discount everything else he talks about in his videos. The ironiy of it is that his videos on porn applies to you as well as a porn user kek. And, according to statistics, probably like at least half of the female population.

No. 1733095

i dont think porn affects women the same way it does men. porn affects women in the sense it makes them feel bad with their bodies, but i am not watching straight porn, i am shclicking to a cute boy jacking off, it's not comparable to pickmes watching women getting fucked. Also, it wouldn't surprise me those women who do watch porn do it alongside their moids, because all of the women here that have talkes about porn said it's underwhelming in comparison to reading something. Porn makes men more prone to abusing women, there are actual studies that show men who watch even one hour of porn are less empathetic to rape victims, i am not going to abuse men just because i super-imposed the face of a cute youtuber into a guy jacking off. I am not a threat to anyone, and i dont think porn can rot my brain any further, if anything it keeps me from making the impulse driven mistake of allowing a moid to impale me out of horniness.

No. 1733098

After women had to suffer from abuse for decades because of porn - regardless of if it's as direct as being trafficked into porn or men rotting their brain so badly they're incapable of having a relationship without being emotionally abusive to women - men's biggest issue is their brain rot even though they've been screaming at us for being insecure (aka just a "nice" way of calling someone self aware and ugly) for asking them to not watch porn

No. 1733100

it's so hopeless to be a straight women nowadays. 90% of men watch porn, and the ones that don't, do it because ''its bad for muh mentol health and productivity uwu'' none of these scrote psychologists will ever bring up the studies that show men lose empathy for women victims of rape after watching one hour of porn a week, they only bring up the studies about how it gives them erectile disfunction because all men are selfish careless beings with no sympathy for anyone but themselves. I am kinda tired of being forced to be better than men, instead of men being better for th sake of humanity, at this point i have made it my goal in life to ruin as many male lives as i legally can.

No. 1733101

nta but it still leads to brain-rot and dissociation form reality, where do you think the hoard of TIFs came from.

No. 1733102

from being terminally online heterosexual white women on social media platforms where that isn't considered cool or it's considered oppressive and wanting to identify out of it. there are women out there more technically porn addicted than the average fakeboi that are totally fine. the insanity comes from being an attention whore on top of the excessive porn consumption.

No. 1733105

If you think Yaoi brain-rot doesn't cause mass delusion and then troondom, I don't know what to say.

No. 1733106

are you the schizo that think TIFs troon out because of yaoi, and not because of misogyny? TIFs aren't commiting sexual crimes against men and boys like how TIMs do to women, they are just self-hating mentally ill women. They are just the consequence of a world filled by porn sick men who want 10/10 blow up dolls while being morbidly obese and bald and shame women for not looking like perfect dolls at all times.

No. 1733108

it doesn't. otherwise japanese women, the primary consumers and creators of yaoi, would be trooning out on-mass. you are a schizo.

No. 1733109

it doesn't. it's a social contagion caused by tumblr politics in fandom spaces. asian countries have astronomically higher fujo populations yet they don't suffer this problem. it's because western and westernized fujos have been led to believe it is oppressive to be a normal woman who likes BL or because being a normal woman isn't cool or special enough for their taste.

No. 1733112

damn we sound alike

No. 1733114

didn't the fujo hater anon also turn out to be pakichan? she posted hand and her browser in one of the anti-fujo threads.

No. 1733120

you are much better at expressing yourself, i am a heavy ESL lol

No. 1733122

the TIF thread on /snow/ is filled with misogyny, it wouldnt surprise me if we had a bunch of moids from /tttt/ invading it. That post about someone saying they would have killed to look like a TIF pre-op and that she ruined herself sounded extremely moidish

No. 1733125

File: 1697890954171.png (704.77 KB, 1620x1620, 1697890851713.png)

me just like to blabber

No. 1733126

this. I remember on crystal cafe they literally posted a BREAST IMPLANT REMOVAL as a "shame of tif" without even bothering to search behind the pic kek

No. 1733128

File: 1697891233951.png (59.93 KB, 221x420, ijkmo.png)

>decide to open /lgbt/ on 4chan
>see this
lol, they really are jealous of TiFs and mald about them 24/7

No. 1733136

I would post photos of a certain lolcow on 4chan and tell the moids to kill themselves in a certain "uwu teehee" way.
She's a pornstar, but I still cannot forgive myself for doing that to her.

No. 1733156

I agree with you that porn makes men more prone to abusing women. Other than, that I don’t think the way it affects men vs women much different. The points he brings up in his videos, such as losing interest in real life partners, real life sex not being enough, needing stronger stimuli to get off, excessive use, affects both genders. I think it affects men disproportionally, but the number of women struggling with it is rising as well.

No. 1733167

>the whole point of trantitioning is getting more sex
Love trannies telling on themselves

No. 1733172

care to show any examples?

No. 1733201

Idc about scott's dignity, but you should probably not post it. Even though deepfakes aren't illegal yet, and I doubt you'd face any legal consequences by posting the deepfakes on 4chan, it's probably best to not mess with the law over fake nerd nudes

No. 1733440

I like to swallow medical pills without water, they are so bitter I get a very sweet aftertaste I can't get anywhere else.

No. 1733482

maybe unpopular but she's cute either way

No. 1733499

i find extreme sexual dimorphism to be nauseating. i know this is a very deranged statement, but it just feels rapey to me, seeing these women clad in coquettish clothing being so much smaller and weaker than the tall, muscular men they’re juxtaposed against

No. 1733504

I used to also dry swallow pills until I found out you can burn a hole in your throat that way. Be careful anon.

No. 1733509

It's disgusting to me as well, it comes across pedophilic as much as those retarded tiktokers who post content like that try to deny it.

No. 1733521

same and it's disgusting how some women actually choose (or are memed into choosing) things like that, to the extent of willingly choosing a 210cm 300kg moid as their partner

No. 1733528

I just read the instructions to put a fucking charm in my crocs and I feel like this is a new low for me.

No. 1733542

I’m slowly peaking my lefty boyfriend, I love it. Last night he showed me a men’s clothing ad with a pooner and said he clocked her instantly

No. 1733547

retarded tim-created term reducing women to their genitals, go back

No. 1733553

nta but am i missing something? this anon is kinda right, I've never seen a tif who didn't use to watch yaoi, i think its a specific type of social contagion too but non-fujo tifs aren't as common

No. 1733578

>peaking my lefty boyfriend
based and cute
>making fun of women unprompted
unbased and not cute

No. 1733589

Nonnies I find one of my lecturers this year so hot, its not that he is physically hot is the way he carries himself on lectures that make me go crazy and I cant stop thinking about having sex with him KEK He is married tho so this is just my silly little fantasy

No. 1733596

>losing interest in real life partners,
men are ugly and have shit personalities nowadays, not porn's fault
>real life sex not being enough
men don't know how to make a woman cum, not porn's fault's
> needing stronger stimuli to get off
women dont tend to have strong fetishes so this makes no sense

No. 1733601

there are a shit ton of non-fujo tifs what are you talking about, do you think tifs were born alongside yaoi? there is a straight TIF from the fucking 80s that used to say she's as much of a gay men as cis gay men because she caught AIDS

No. 1733641

nta but
>women dont tend to have strong fetishes so this makes no sense
this is true, but WHY? If anything I feel like women who get addicted to erotica/porn are MORE likely to get off in normal situations or even just enjoy sex more in general. Men getting addicted to porn basically turns them asexual but sexualizing everything

No. 1733658

i dont know, it's both something social and something biological. I have had weird fetishes since i was a tween, and i didnt even have a computer, let alone access to pornography back then.

No. 1733662

I did too, the only fantasies I were able to get off too were highly complex. I don't watch porn but I read smut, if anything I felt like smut helped me get off to more realistic situations than what I was fantasizing about (very medical stuff for some reason)

Although weird you mention the social aspect, men have a lot more access to real life sex work (strip clubs, happy ending massage parlors, dominatrix, etc) yet they still somehow end up ruining their real life sexual experiences with porn. Maybe there's a divide between porn watchers and men who consume real life stuff? I frequent strip clubs and every single one I've been too are filled with women with perfectly realistic bodies. I even remember one where the highest earner was a chubby woman with tubular breasts so it's very odd to me when men think anything less of a hentai body are literal birth deformities

No. 1733666

I got out before getting too deep but as a teen I seriously contemplated becoming a TiF and became preoccupied with trying to look male irl and online, all while having been grossed out by yaoi all my life. For me it was fueled by a mix of internalized misogyny, being a tomboy, and attraction to women. I had the message that women and especially bi/les women were cringe and wanted to be a cool straight/bi guy instead

No. 1733688

>I feel like women who get addicted to erotica/porn are MORE likely to get off in normal situations or even just enjoy sex more in general
Probably because it makes them have less inhibitions when it comes to sex? When you're more in-tune with yourself and know what you like, it makes it easier to enjoy sex in general. Women who don't know what they like tend to lean more towards performing for their male partners instead.

No. 1733816

I usually have moments in which I can’t watch shows like talent shows or anything similar to that because I end up thinking that if I was living in a first world country, maybe my life would be better, maybe I would’ve been able to indulge in my hobbies and develop skills that I just never had the time, money or just the possibility to go and do it.
I just feel sad and honestly quite envious because I could do those things, but I’m always so tired and so busy that I can’t do anything. This feeling just hits me sometimes, it’s annoying because I guess it’s good to see other people living a good life, but it’s so shitty that I can’t live a good life because even moving to another country is just starting again and being treated like shit.

No. 1733980

I'm so tired of it too, especially shit that coos over the woman being like hip-height to the man (feels very coomer-y, to say the least), but I think that's also got a lot to do with me being a fucking giraffe kek. It's an even stranger thing to see when you're as tall (if not taller) than most men or are interested fitness, but each to their own, I guess

No. 1734046

I want to piss all over a guy while I orgasm

No. 1734141

It's not just you. I'm on the shorter side (5'2) and I hate it too. As gross as he is, I did sort of agree with Ethel Cain's manifesto against coquettes, kek. It feels really gross to me when someone constantly points out how 'tiny' and fragile they are. Usually comes with a heaping dose of cringe when they start acting like a grown baby. Kpop idols do it on camera and it looks so embarrassing, I would die.

No. 1734194

I'm into androgyny so I'm biased in that sense, but yeah it feels kinda gross to see grown-ass women gush about how "smol and petite" they are next to their literal Shrek husbands. Everybody has different tastes but when you make being short and fragile and your partner being tall into your entire personality it becomes kinda pathetic.

No. 1734823

i would fuck walter white

No. 1734825

Coldest sigma moment.

No. 1734828

same but walter jr

No. 1734836

I would fuck skyler white

No. 1734860

Wouldn’t we all?

Oh wow

No. 1734864

i would fuck mike too

No. 1734903

Walt jr was hot but he'd say some retarded shit during sex in that retarded voice

No. 1734919

I had a one night stand with a discord scrote that looked exactly like Walter Jr it was some of the worst sex I've ever had even though his hog was huge

No. 1734920

I’m fucking laughing out loud at these, I love you all

No. 1735571

Sometimes when I see a nonnie describing traits that make them attracted to a fictional character, I will think of ways I could incorporate that trait into an OC, like I'm crafting artisan fishing lures or some shit.

No. 1735659

File: 1698058355240.jpg (342.13 KB, 750x938, tumblr_ca716c75328d3a2bc5349d9…)

My dad is kind of a small time cow online. I doubt anyone will ever find it but he's been using this obscure literature/poetry forum for as long as I've known, probably before I was born, and he just posts essays and walls of text on this barren website that maybe 3
other people still check. Sometimes he sort of spams it like it's his personal notepad and drops random links and short out of context messages. He also has alt accounts, I think he replies to himself
As it is a writing forum, he posts his poetry online. I dunno anything about poetry but I don't think he's very good tbh. Sometimes he writes incomprehensible stuff and sometimes he writes about our cats and how inspirational they are (he once saw our girl cat just walking somewhere and was struck to write a poem comparing her to a queen).
I think the site used to be more popular and he'd infight with people, not out of anger but because he liked baiting and laughing at them. He'd call me over to tell me about times he totally rekt people and it was always something silly like "lol I totally embarrassed this Austrian guy by revealing his lack of knowledge on European geography" but he acted super proud of it. I should mention that he's actually old enough to be my grandpa and he is retired, so he's not in the usual age group of internet trolls. My parents used to have arguments because my mom would get upset that he kept trolling all sorts of people in different online spaces and she thought it was embarrassing behavior
Another thing about him is that he is obsessed with this one musical artist in particular and has been for decades. He listens to the same songs on loop all day for years and brags about how he can tell apart when different people are playing them even though they are instrumental songs. I am hesitant to say the name of the artist since he also writes books about the guy, although I don't think they sell. Either way, I don't think he even really likes other artists in the genre, he only ever says they're not as good as his fave. He's so obsessed with this guy that he does deep dives beyond the music career into his love life and stuff. I didn't think he listened to other music but once he sporadically told me that he's a fan of My Chemical Romance of all bands so idek anymore.
He's also just kind of spergy offline. He recites quotes and references that nobody understands, monologues dramatically, randomly gets loud with seemingly no awareness, has poor awareness for gendered products (cannot tell when something like shoes is intended for men or women), and just spends all day on the internet. He's not a bad guy and I love him but I think he has autism unironically. I have no one to tell about his weird behavior so I'm just dumping it here

No. 1735689

It must be difficult dealing with such a dad but I still kek'd, sorry. I can also relate because my dad is a sperg, though not as bad as yours.

No. 1735705

Nona, my dad used to do that too. He would post schizobabble-tier religious and political essays in what was essentially the comment section of a website for a totally unrelated topic, he used to have to break them up into multiple comments because he hit the character limit, and he would get into it with the 3 other people who ever used the website until he scared them all off. When his eyes got tired he would make me transcribe his essays while he spoke them aloud, so then they would basically be stream of consciousness with the punctuation of a 13 year old. He's dead now but he would be 77 if he was alive which is old enough to be my grandpa as well. Your dad doesn't sound quite as crazy as my dad but very similar in some ways.

No. 1735708

>He's also just kind of spergy offline. He recites quotes and references that nobody understands, monologues dramatically, randomly gets loud with seemingly no awareness,
that's literally my older brother, he's married with kids as well
btw how did you dad and mother meet btw if you don't mind me asking.

No. 1736123

I want him so bad

No. 1736242

I'm not 100% clear on the story, I think his friend saw her first when she was new in town and told him that she was super pretty, and he ended up meeting her family and being her tutor or something.
Apparently my mom didn't like him at first, I guess because he's weird. She said mean things about him to her mom. Eventually they started dating though; he told me that he was in love with how "tough" she was. I asked him what that meant and he gave the example that once they were on a date and there was some insect bothering them, and she just kinda snatched it out of the air and killed it without hesitation. He said that was extremely intimidating and beautiful. They've only dated each other before getting married.
I actually didn't know that most families were patriarchal for much of my childhood since my mom was always the leader and my dad would always simp for her, even though he's considerably older than her. So I kinda thought "men have to appease women's demands" was a societal rule and was weirded out that other people's dads were the head of the family

No. 1736273

if your dad isn't autistic no one is, this is the most autistic shit i ever heard. i'm obsessed with him he sounds unintentionally hilarious.

No. 1736276

>he's a fan of My Chemical Romance of all bands so idek anymore.
Your post was a ride all the way through but this one caught be my surprise and I kek'ed. Thanks for the laugh anon, I hope he doesn't bother you too much because it's pretty funny from this side.

No. 1736282

>(he once saw our girl cat just walking somewhere and was struck to write a poem comparing her to a queen).
Kek, this part was very sweet and cute. You're dad definitely has autism and it's funny as hell.
Idk if this is weird to say, but this sounds like the average farmer's dream relationship kek

No. 1736379

File: 1698093449980.jpg (68.65 KB, 680x510, 146114_PSXX.jpg)

I will sometimes pop a few of these under my boob to heat up a little so they're softer to chew on

No. 1736417

File: 1698095201273.jpg (10.28 KB, 305x301, 1543579960676.jpg)

No. 1736418

Babybel must be heated between the thighs

No. 1736433

I have strong urges to thuggee a pedophile.
Whenever I feel helpless lately, I can't get the image of out of my head
When my mom won't let me talk, it gets so bad, it's intense and vivid
I can't talk to anyone about it because they put you in a padded cell on zombifiers if you admit that type of thing.
Kind of a rock and a hard place.
It's so vivid.
You should help children if they tell you they're still being abused.

No. 1736437

literally. my confession is i want to bone other anon’s autistic dad

No. 1736461

you go on and have your non warm and soft chewies then!!

No. 1736656

Nona your dad sounds awesome Kek

No. 1736845

I'm thinking about going on an ana-chan diet for one month. I can't stand being a fatty anymore.

No. 1736849

That will only fuck up your metabolism, you need to go to a doctor.

No. 1736884

File: 1698128263580.png (2.01 MB, 828x999, popekitty.png)

A few years ago, when I was getting my drivers license I purposefully paid for 5 extra hours just to spend more time with my instructor. He was such a captivating man and he's not aware I used him as an emotional support prostitute because I was at the lowest point in my life. I even recorded one of our lessons, although I never went back to listen to it. To this day I feel like it was a depraved thing to do, but I'll never delete it.

No. 1736885

An ana diet is far more likely to make you binge and make you feel even worse in the long run. Just do sustainable weightloss.

No. 1736887

start exercising instead of doing the easiest thing. ana-chans are not only mentally ill and have a distorted image of what is healthy, but they're also lazy. don't be retarded like them. get a meal prep plan and exercise 4 times a week.

No. 1736889

File: 1698128994173.png (530.72 KB, 783x783, Cafe-Au-Lait-001s.png)

once spat in a cup of coffee after brush brushing my teeth and my mom drank it

No. 1736894

Ana-chan diets are counterproductive and way less effective for sustained weight loss. Like you much drop some pounds pretty quick but it'll be pure suffering and you're not likely to keep the results for very long, your body will actively bitch and resist against further losses
The key to successful weight loss is mainly changing your diet in a SUSTAINABLE way. Following some miserable diet where you eat 2 salad leaves and a single egg every day for a month will mess you up physically and mentally, and when you finish or reach a breaking point you're likely to fall back on your old habits (the ones that made you fat to begin with) because you didn't develop any better ones.
Instead, you want to make permanent but liveable changes. Your new diet should just become how you eat almost all of the time, but it should still be fulfilling. Idk how you eat right now but many people take steps like
>swapping sugary drinks for plain or lightly sweetened water/tea/coffee
>decreasing the amount or frequency of high calorie foods they like without giving them up completely (e.g., still eating cookies but just 1 at a time instead of a whole box)
>eating satiating/high-volume but low calorie meals like vegetable soup
>eating out less and cooking fresh meals more (restaurants use exorbitant amounts of salt and oil, likely far more than what you'd use at home)
>using different cooking methods (e.g., grilled chicken instead of deep-fried)
As an ex-fatty-chan I know it can be frustrating to want to be thin NOW but the cliche about weight loss being a marathon and not a sprint is true, you need to slowly ease into it over time instead of throwing yourself into the deep end only to rubberband back.

No. 1736897

Literally just go for a brisk walk an hour every day, you don’t even gotta eat less, I lost 1lb a week despite PCOS debuff

No. 1736899

Let's put it into this perpective: how long you've been fat and how many times you tried to loose weight? Because if you don't know how it will go I will tell you: you will be thinking going on your mega epic proana diet for months. Maybe you will succeed in following it for a couple of days. Than you will reverse to your old habits. Than you will start again. And it will go on for a long time. Months will pass, you still will be fat and thinking that you need that anachan diet to loose weight quickly and nothing will come our of it.
Instead, just make small changes now, try to incorporate a reasonable diet and exercise plan that you can follow, sit back and enjoy the results that will come in X months.
It takes the same amount of time. Also, many anachans you see didn't start out fat and inclined to eat a lot. A lot of them are skinny girls who want to be even skinnier. So following their "advices" (even if you can call it that, remember, they are all very sick and unwell people) is not good for you as they are literally nor tailored to people who are not used not eating anything and (I can't stress it enough) not completely fucked in the head. Yep, that's the secret to any anachan diet. You need to have a few screws loose for it to work. And if you are fat (or even slightly overweight), the chances are high you are not desperate enough. And no, you can't brainwash yourself into having anorexia.
Take it from ex fat fat fatty turned anachan turned normal person.

No. 1736905

I have acid reflux and sometimes I use my discarded empty bottles to throw up whenever I’m too lazy to use the toilet.

No. 1736997

My boyfriend peaked on his own after initially being shocked when I revealed I'm a terf. I told him to look at TRA shit, follow them on Twitter and he did. It was so satisfying when he sent me more and more stuff he found obnoxious. Now he says they're all crazy and he hates them kek. He only has some sympathy left for TIFs that really make an effort to pass but he understands that it comes from internalized homophobia or misogyny.
I also don't know what a pooner is so I don't get what other nonas are complaining about and I don't care to look it up.

No. 1737044

File: 1698140039391.jpeg (498.6 KB, 828x783, IMG_0281.jpeg)

I'm obsessed with fat people. I spend so much time watching obesity documentaries, reality series and movies. I am just mystified as to how people can load up their bodies with so much shite and willingly disable themselves.

I can't believe 62,5% of people in my country are overweight. Literally just stop gorging in bread and sugar

Even people who are just a little bit overweight I think are mentally ill and worthy of judgement. When I was just 20-30lbs overweight, I was unable to climb a flight of stairs, how can people live like this?

No. 1737112

Me too nonna. It’s prob in part because I am an orthofag but I’ve always been horribly mesmerized. I try to find YouTube content related to it as well, but there’s not as much of it as I want kek. It’s one of the craziest forms of self harm I’ve ever seen, people who have food addictions and get up to 400, 500, 600+ lbs. it’s also crazy that they have enablers who will get them their fix when they’re bedridden and it would be easy to starve them. do you have any good doc or channel recs for content?

No. 1737125

I also have a fascination with obesity, partly because I have been a fatty and I love to eat. but I partly disagree that obese people are worthy of judgement. On one hand yes it’s bizarre, why can’t they just change etc. but I think there is a lot of misinformation about health out there and I think the food industry needs to be held accountable to a much larger degree. In general people know that if you want to lose weight you need to be at a caloric deficit, so why is it so hard? Imo it’s because the food we eat have changed. The food industry is knowingly being misleading about this, and a lot of research into weight loss is actually funded by the food industry, so they can keep misleading consumers and continue profiting of selling food that leads to weight gain and bad health. It’s no wonder more and more people are struggling with obesity. Many of them think they know more about weight loss than the average person because they’ve researched everything about it and tried so many times to lose weight. I think moving away from ultra-processed food and incorporating fasting is going to work for the vast majority of people. You can be at a healthy weight without obsessing over calories. You can eat pretty much anything you want (carbs, fat etc., of course we are genetically different so some people handle carbs less well, but my point is these aren’t bad in and of themselves, it's the UPF that leads to overeating). By fasting you don’t have to do anything extreme, but for example just not eating after 8 pm has been shown to stabilize your blood sugar, which will in turn make you have less cravings. I’ve recommended it before, but everyone should read the book Ultra-Processed People if you wanna learn about how modern diet leads to weight gain and why the food industry is needs to be held accountable for this.

No. 1737251

mental retardation aside i think every person is completely responsible for knowing their bodies and minds and controlling their weight accordingly, but if you're going to mention misinformation HAES and fatty activists probably did a lot of harm too

No. 1737268

I also think people are responsible for their own actions. My point is that there is so much conflicting information about health right now that it’s no wonder a lot of people are struggling with acting in accordance to their best interest. You can try to be responsible for your own health, but if you don’t know what you are doing you can still end up unhealthy. I think the food industry has a large responsibility in this because they are willingly misleading people and funding questionable research to keep selling more products.

No. 1737289

Yeah that's true but the truth is, if you simply just want to lose weight, all you have to do is eat less. You can lose weight with McDonald's and it's horrible for you. If you want to be healthy? Overall that's a different story. The difficulty isn't the lack of knowledge, Because nowadays you can simply Google anything, including nutrition guidelines from professionals with degrees and not TikTok/Instagram influencers who get paid to shill laxative gummies. The difficulty is actually being able to access the shit that's good for you. The food pyramid is an excellent place to start for a good diet, but finding non GMO fruits and veggies is the issue. Finding meat that hasn't been pumped full of hormones is the issue.

No. 1737291

Hormones in food, medicine and water are also making women ill and insulin resistant, which leads to weight gain and diabetes. I wouldn't wish fucked up hormones on my worst enemy. I've never been obese but for the past several years I've been overweight because doctors didn't take my issues seriously. Got diagnosed with prolactinoma this year, got treated for it, lost weight almost immediately. Before I got on my meds no amount of 'eating right' or exercise worked despite everyone yelling at me that it's just CICO.

No. 1737308

>You can lose weight with McDonald's and it's horrible for you
Absolutely. I lost most of my weight while having no idea what I was doing and eating like crap, so I one hundred percent agree it’s about the calories, but in terms of long term health it’s not very sustainable and we see that a lot of people who go from obese to being fit end up gaining the weight back through the years. I personally think this is because they actually haven’t changed their lifestyle and created sustainable habits.

>Because nowadays you can simply Google anything, including nutrition guidelines from professionals with degrees and not TikTok/Instagram influencers who get paid to shill laxative gummies

This is part of my point. There is so much conflicting advice and research out there about weight and lifestyle. A lot of things we used to think we knew about food at one point has turned out to be wrong or poorly understood. There are a lot of interesting discoveries being made recently but it takes time for it to become established as fact and for public health guidelines to catch up. In addition you have stuff such as food industry lobbying, poor/misleading studies, not to mention the diet industry which by design is unsustainable because that’s what's most profitable.

Anecdotally I have a friend who is clinically obese. She’s been succesful at losing weight for amounts of time but always ends up gaining again. She says she knows more about weightloss than most people, but when we talked about what type of foods she eats it’s all low-cal diet UPF stuff. She told me she thinks her problem is that she never feels satiated, but if that’s the type of food she consumes then there’s no wonder she feels that way. Of course you can frame it as being a problem with her willpower, but I also don’t think blaming fat people for being fat is very helpful for them. Because that's what we've always done and guess what, people just keep getting fatter and fatter and fatter despite this. I think in terms of pulbic health it’s more helpful for everyone to hold the food industry accountable for making shitty food and funding shitty and misleading research.

No. 1737313

I understand the fascination, especially with those 600lb types, but I can't bring myself to really judge "regularly" overweight people. Not because I think the food industry is entirely to blame, of course shitty processed food and the culture around it doesn't help, but because I am no stranger to vices. At the end of the day I think people are fat because food happens to be their vice and the dopamine they get out of eating food is too great a reward to stick to a healthy diet. A ton of people have unhealthy habits, for example I drink a lot and I smoke weed and cigarettes. By doing this I'm also damaging my health, the only difference is that those things aren't immediately visible the way being fat is. Obviously if you're heavily addicted to those things the way 600lbs people are to food, they will start showing appearance-wise, but for the most part the effects are way more subtle. A smoker may be equally unhealthy and lacking in willpower as an overeater, but the latter will face judgment just from people looking at their body when the former won't.
Now, morbid obesity is a different story the same way a methhead is different from a coffee addict, but imo if all vices caused weight gain like overeating does, 95% of the population would be chubby at least.

No. 1737337

Ehh, I don't 100% agree. Yes it's as "easy" as eating less BUT we're living in an extremely processed food landscape. Obesity was nearly non-existent back when people didn't consume ultra processed foods even when enough calories and unhealthy foods were available to sustain obesity. You know the majority of foods in the supermarket is "edited" to hell and back and then somehow we're shocked that it has a negative effect on people's bodies and eating habits and refusing to acknowledge there's a link between the two. Weight is NOT 100% a free choice when cooking from raw ingredients at all times isn't within your means, and that's true for the majority of people.

No. 1737416

When my cat sheds his claw I save them in a little keepsake box like how people save baby teeth.

No. 1737438

I did this with my old cat’s claws and her whiskers. Now that she is gone I treasure them. I think it’s sweet nonna

No. 1737733

My best friend once tried to felt a needle felt copycat cat of her cats shedded hairs, but I don't think she ever finished it.

No. 1737808

I have a bottle of cat whiskers as well!

No. 1738033

Fat men give me comfort and sometimes I go on 4Chan to ask depraved fatty scrotes on there to carve writings or hearts into their bellies and post pics of it for me. It makes me feel liked and safe but also insane and gross

No. 1738054

Why and how did you elaborate such a way of self-harming?

No. 1738073

>carve writings or hearts into their bellies and post pics of it for me

Please don't tell me you have a collection of fat scrotes with hearts/writings in one of your folders…

No. 1738074

They're the ones cutting, not me

No. 1738078

Just 2, i know i'm fucked up but idk how to fix myself

No. 1738080

You’re just self-harming by looking at those ugly moids unironically.

No. 1738084

You're not even wrong. It's kind of a masochist thing, the whole ugly bastard trope of being sullied by a fat scrote. It's a scroteish kink but it's a self-harm thing. I need therapy…

No. 1738431

I keep waiting for my boyfriend’s mean cat to die so that I can move in with my dog.

No. 1738489

im lowkey an autist and right now i have a hyperfixation on 9/11 of all things. i keep sprinkling it into conversations. my family probably thinks i’m a tinfoil chan

No. 1738507

What's your personal theory? To me it's an inside job to cover up the whole deal with the lost money. I don't believe the jet fuel/steel beams shit though

No. 1738574

I wholeheartedly agree the food industry is number one to blame for all of this. Just look at all the processed food in the supermarkets with lots of sugar in it. There is hardly anything healthy to buy except if you go for fresh fruits and vegetables and staples like rice, flour etc to cook your own food. Literally anything ready to eat is complete garbage. Coming from a poor working class family it's just true that many people are just misinformed. My mom used to give me juice and lemonade to drink as a kid because she didn't know better and thought I'd get vitamines from it, yes it was that bad and of course it made me fat. So I was definitely at a disadvantage because my family bought into greedy corporations' advertising. The state should be way more responsible and hold companies accountable but that's capitalism. It's not profitable. It's easier to say fat people are at fault because they make poor decisions. It's not that black and white.

No. 1738728

This will probably get me a lot of hate on this site but my bestfriend is a transwoman. Yes I'm going to use her 'preferred pronouns' because it's easier for me
I took a break from radical feminism because I had a political burnout and got overwhelmed with all the infighting. Ended up befriending her at my workplace. This is literally the best friendship I have ever had.
I am autistic and I feel like I was socialized as a male, severe shut-in as a teenager and browsed male dominated websites. It was so hard for me to make female friends and when I did they were not even friends. I'm in my mid 20s now and very recently tried to hang out and do "friend things" with my husband's friend's wife and she constantly flaked and made excuses. I feel like I have that autism stench that normal women hate and naturally avoid me. You know how the mean girls would bully you in highschool for no reason? Like that kind of behavior.
My bestfriend is honestly perfect because she's a good in-between of normal and aware of some online culture but never got into 4chan depths like I did. She actually hangs out with me and we go have adventures and she tells me how much she appreciates my friendship and we bond over our traumatic childhoods, our inability to make friendships before, etc. We have similar hobbies for once, like video games and plants. She doesn't push things onto me and try to make me conform like past women I've talked to have. The same woman above who kept flaking ignored me when I said I didn't wear makeup and kept sending me videos suggesting I try these looks. Sounds dramatic but it felt like she didn't even care to know me, just tried to force what she knew onto me.
she is also a gay male who was severely abused by her homophobic father and we bond over how similar our fathers were This is the kind of friendship I have always wanted. Someone who understands me or is willing to, just as autistic as me, easy to talk to, actually wants to hang out with me.

No. 1738777

I want to post about my ex in the personal cow thread just because I kind of want to humiliate her but she isn't particularly milky, she's just sad. I wish there was something more interesting to write about.

No. 1738778

i don’t focus on the political side of it so much as the trauma of the actual day and reading people’s accounts of seeing it happen. the book ‘The Only Plane in the Sky’ is very good and i’m almost finished with it right now

No. 1738784

Couldn't be me, but you've found comfort and companionship in someone and I support that

No. 1738785

Caring about civil rights (inwhich feminism falls) is all about recognising that everyone is human at the end of the day. Women are more human in the truest technical sense, sure, I won't argue basic facts kek, but you don't need to feel bad for having humanity nonna. Just remember to spy and report any novel observations when fraternising with the enemy, ya filthy turncoat

No. 1738790

You should have said this was a gay man first, I was scared you were emotionally opening yourself up to an AGP who would be fetishizing you. Trans is a spiritual concept that is ultimately homophobic but it doesn't make all believers terrible people, same with Abrahamic religions. I'm happy you found a friend. I'd worry though if he knew you hung out on lolcow or might not completely toe the party line, how would he react?

No. 1738791

it sounds like you have struggled a lot in life anon and knowing that you have a friendship that you have always wanted is the main thing here and i hope it continues happily

No. 1738792

That sounds lovely nonna. Everyone deserves companionship like that.

No. 1738793

As a crazy ex gf do it

No. 1738814

I genuinely hope this works out for you and you've actually found a reliable friend, but I'm extremely weary and worried for you. I don't trust "her". I'll be happy to be proven wrong though.

No. 1738871

I once almost caused a widescale police search at a festival because I kept using looking my nonexistent friend as an excuse to start or get out of conversations. An uncomfortable amount of people started helping me look for a guy with long hair dyed blue. Had to say he’d gone home early in the end. Godspeed imaginary friend

No. 1739033

File: 1698267807858.jpg (3.96 KB, 225x225, Untitled.jpg)

Thank you all for the kind words. I am tearing up now, it feels so good to have a friend. Someone that looks forward to your presence and remembers the small things about you. She told me she was also crying because she just appreciates me so much and I am crying a little bit now. To feel loved and wanted is taken for granted too much. Not even my parents wanted me, but atleast I have another person in my life besides my husband that does.
Yes I would not befriend her if she was interested in women. I don't really go on here much anymore, maybe once a month but I still don't think she'd like if I did. I don't know if she even knows what lolcow is. She seems very "normal" though to me atleast, and we bond over our history of assault and hatred of men

No. 1739085

File: 1698271363731.jpg (34.91 KB, 433x650, gibbon.jpg)

this is sooooo stupid and small but i wanted to get it off my chest kek. like a year or two ago an anon called some moid fingers that were posted hideous/disgusting and BULBOUS and i haven't gotten over it since because i feel like they looked just like mine, and i was already insecure about my hands it made me feel even worse. but i mean it's nobody's fault to feel this way but mine kek.
honestly to this day i haven't really seen a woman or girl with hands like mine, with "bulbous" ( wide ) tips and not the usual oval/"tapered" shape of fingertips. it was and clearly is still such an insecurity of mine, i feel like dying anytime someone points out my thumb's width for instance. and no i don't even have toethumbs i just have manly fingers like that, if i did i would just be like well it's a deformation so whatever. honestly if i saw a photo of my hands i would assume they belonged to a short man's or twink or something because i don't think they look female at all. my tips are like squarer than they are almond shaped and my thumb is twice the width of my pinkie finger kek, i'll never forget when a classmate of mine pointed that out. been super self conscious about them since i was a kid in the sixth grade growing into my body when a boy from my class pointed out how my hands were "OMG just like a man's !!!!". but my fingers are otherwise really thin and longish (like the rest of me) so it's a really strange look. i'm just lanky in general despite being only 5 foot tall. i feel like some kind of gibbon with ugly ass moid hands. no offense to gibbons, i love them. it's kind of the reason i keep the tips of my nails slightly long and not cut all the way, so i can shape them into an almond shape to give offset the width a little bit. just another thing that makes me feel like a troon, like an involuntary kikomi kek

No. 1739088

that fingertip shape is called "spatulate". I am throwing that out there in case you like it better than "bulbous", if not I'm sorry

No. 1739112

File: 1698273794205.jpeg (48.8 KB, 348x512, IMG_6281.jpeg)

huh, i didn't know they had names. thanks anon. still no weird thumbs quite like mine. it's like one width from the knuckle.and it's square/rectangular but down the knuckle its a bit thinner. i haven't even seen a boy or man with my shape… not sure how this is making me feel but just know that it's not on you kek i just have a complex. i always wished there was some kind of surgery to make my fingertips more pointed and tapered but that's objectively retarded and i'd probably lose sensation or something. it's not really a big deal i guess but feelsbad having moidish hands…

No. 1739114

File: 1698273905810.png (254.71 KB, 640x302, hand horoscope.png)

I knew a really pretty girl with hands like that, she was tall too, I guess it's connected somehow to having elongated bones.
Also enjoy this hand horoscope I just found by googling 'spatulate'.

No. 1739128

My ex bf had pointed hands according to that chart. His was the prettiest hands I've ever seen, but they made me feel like being touched by a girl which was a turn-off kek. He gave the greatest back scratches though, because even when his nails were trimmed all the way down they were still passed his finger tips. I miss his claws sometimes.

No. 1739270

My ex best friend was a transwoman and our friendship was similar to what you're describing, being my only friend at that time. This was before I discovered LC but even back then I just couldn't do the mental gymnastics of "seeing them as a woman" no matter how hard I tried. Of course we ended up having a falling out over politics and the discussion of trans rights. They were a sweet and caring person otherwise, and I really enjoyed our friendship and their companionship, but I just… couldn't do it. We were too different in that aspect. I'm happy you made it work though anon. At the end of the day, it's having another soul in this universe who loves and cares about you and such a friendship is so precious. Do they know that you used to be a terf or know about your radfems views?

No. 1739285

I just don’t know how to feel, I’m a bit sad because I wanted to buy a dress and some accessories for Halloween, but I’m trying to figure out my size. And I’m happy I’ve been losing weight because I’m obese, I’m at 91 kilos after struggling for years to lose weight.
But I’m still sad because I’m still huge and I feel like I will never find clothes that will make me feel happy and like I’m not hideous, I wish I had that confidence that other women have at any weight, like a friend of my best friend is bigger than me but she’s happy and looks cute with her clothes.
And I try really hard to fake it but I’m still not making it, being fat has been literally the worst thing that has ever happened to me and part of the reason why I’ve never been truly happy, it’s like, yeah, I can forget that I’m disgusting looking for a while, but the moment someone wants to take a picture, something inside me dies because I know I will look hideous no matter what I do. And I’ve felt like this even when I was a kid and I wasn’t fat, I’ve always felt fat, now that I’m actually fat I want to die and I feel like my life was shit when I was a kid because everyone just told me that I was fat, and I gave up back then and thought “if I’m already fat, why care about anything?” And my life is shit now because being fat is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
If I wasn’t fat, at least I wouldn’t be fat and I would have something positive in my life, but because I’m fat, everything is more miserable because I just know that everyone looks at me and at my situation and just thinks “pick a struggle”.
I really hope I keep on losing weight, I want to be at least a size medium, I don’t want to be fat anymore, I’ve been sick of this since forever. I want to wear nice clothes that look good on me, I want to be able to take pictures with my friends and family, I want to be able to go anywhere and just enjoy anything because my weight would ley me enjoy activities and the sorts, I don’t want to hear “how much do you weight??” Anymore, I’m sick of that, I just want to be able to do things without worrying about being too heavy or being an inconvenience because of the space I could take.

No. 1739307

i will give each of your fingers a smooch through the screen.

No. 1739365

File: 1698301175117.jpg (21.06 KB, 600x329, l3w1kx2xebc51.jpg)

i'm subscribed to the subliminals subreddit because it's funny as hell but sometimes i see those compilations of "totally real legit no photoshop" before and after pics of someones nose getting more angular or side profile changing or face becoming more symmetrical or something and part of me wants to give the benefit of the doubt that somehow you can just manifest a prettier face by listening to videos of music on loop with tts affirmations and that its not just angles/lighting/skincare/etc

No. 1739374

Ive been listening to subs for the past 2 years and they haven’t done anything for my looks, total scam tbh

No. 1740320

i recently broke up with my undiagnosed autist ex boyfriend after putting up with his shit for way too long. his special interest is movies (i know). i would feel so bad whenever he would go on and on about some movie he loved that i didn’t care about, especially when the cast or crew includes a rapist/scumbag with a very good pr team. he also had a tendency to mansplain that i would sometimes let slide because i wanted to him feel good about himself. my intrusive thoughts urged me to tell him to stfu so many times but ofc i kept that to myself because i loved him. one time i told him (as a half joke) that he’s going to have to take down his pulp fiction poster his dad gifted him when tarantino gets me-tooed and it hurt his feelings a lot which made me feel really guilty. i’m glad i said it now

he’s also bisexual (virgin before i met him so idrc) and i feel like im turning into a homophobe when i was at least able to tolerate gay/bi men’s flaws before. one night we were on facetime after we’d started to move on from what clearly wasn’t going to work out long term but were still saying “i love you” constantly, and i stg i heard the grindr notification sound coming from his phone. i immediately ended the call and youtube searched the sound to confirm my suspicion and it sounded the same. i’m not 100% sure if that’s what it was but it makes sense given the state of our relationship at the time it makes total sense. but i guess i’ll never know for sure.

i really should stop dating men but i’m about 80% hetero and like dick a lot which makes me hesitant to set up dates with women. like i’m now convinced good men truly do not exist even tho i’m sure there’s one out there for me but idk if i’ll ever find him. i wish i didn’t have an irrational fear of women because the one time i dated a girl it just felt so right. also im scared butch women wouldn’t like me because im not femme enough but that’s probably a little delusional. sorry if i sound like a pick me or if there’s any typos in this i just hate men so much and i’m still processing this whole breakup while also trying to get my life back in order after being codependent for months

No. 1740351

I draw furry art

No. 1740614

You could be codependent with a woman too. Fix your personal issues first

No. 1740722

i feel bad but eltingville club being the new trend for genderspecials to obsess over and farmers who were into it before this facing psychic damage is entertaining to me. i've rarely seriously been invested in media and fandoms so hopefully i never experience this myself as retribution kek.

No. 1740732

File: 1698414785704.gif (103.24 KB, 220x329, jellystone-hanna-barbera.gif)

it will happen to all of us, even YOU
>t.eltingville anon

No. 1740742

Proud of you for breaking up with your autist bf. I say this as someone with a diagnosed father- you've saved yourself a lot of trouble. I hope you can find a good relationship in the future.

No. 1740761

>one time i told him (as a half joke) that he’s going to have to take down his pulp fiction poster his dad gifted him when tarantino gets me-tooed and it hurt his feelings a lot
Lmao, hilarious anon! I have an undiagnosed autist bf too and he loves Tarantino.
The arguments autists want to make over movies irl is insane, and ofc I always have to sit through essays of mansplaining how deep his dumb movies are but if I say I am not interested or want to watch my movies he gets patronizing which would drive him insane if I were being patronizing. Mine has gotten mad at me for saying Dicaprio is a piece of shit.

No. 1740845

I started writing honest comments to men moaning about their ex online. They can't get over one woman saying them no. Saying no to a moid is literal violence to them. That's how weak minded men are.

No. 1740859

>i’m about 80% hetero and like dick a lot which makes me hesitant to set up dates with women
you do realize there's such a thing as a strap on right kek i'd say going out with women is worth a shot once you work through your issues

No. 1740947

sucks you feel this way nonna, i hope you end up finding a cute outfit for halloween and that you'll come to peace with your body regardless of it's apperance. i wish you happiness and health.

No. 1740982

This will sound like TIF shit and I’m not at all but I wish I was a gay dude sometimes, it honestly seems way easier to be a manwhore fucking other guys than dealing with the risks of dating and relationships with straight moids as a woman. The fucking gays have communities everywhere too, it seems like you can always go somewhere and automatically have people to talk to and bond with even if it’s superficial. Idk I’m probably just lonely and annoyed at the standards imposed on me as a woman attracted to men

No. 1741060

I'm going to break up with my bf if he gets diagnosed with adhd. He's already lazy and inconsistent without the benefit of outside excuses and I've never met a moid who's improved with treatment, it always becomes a crutch and an excuse to disappoint everyone around them.

No. 1741083

I dont even know you and I stand by your decision. I've met and came to know some moids with ADHD in the past and the thing about them is that they always let it take over their brains.

No. 1741133

based, moids with ADHD and anxiety are the worst. nothing is ever their fault and they use it as an excuse for all of the shit they do in the hopes you'll coddle them kek

No. 1741169

I occasionally do too and I wish I knew who you were so we could be pals and draw art for each other. I have literally zero friends in that community because they're all either male, trans or genderspecial and have nasty fetishes to top it all off.

No. 1741324

Kek you sound shamelessly horny like me. One time I got turned on when my young male physician asked me to stick out my tongue for a test. My face got red and I didn't want to do it for some reason and I cringe about it because I think he could tell.

No. 1741386

File: 1698444525473.png (5.78 KB, 332x332, IMG_1850.png)

I think I might be a furry

No. 1741395

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, nona.

No. 1741430

>community because they're all either male, trans or genderspecial and have nasty fetishes to top it all off
Yeah this is why I keep private. Thing is, I just like drawing the anthro characters and the way I draw them doesn't really fall under western anthro furry. I don't really wish to interact with the community much because of what you said and at most I'd go to a Furry Convention to sell doujin styled comics of my OCs doing things.

No. 1741454

I hope this doesn't come off as racebait but for a long time I've had some insecurity about my ethnic origin. I'm Chinese and I feel like there are only negative perceptions of us, does anyone even like anything about us in particular? People are fond of Japanese and Koreans because their countries produce entertainment but China is just associated with selling cheap toxic products and having an awful authoritarian government with human rights abuses.
It's not really about people being directly racist because almost nobody is, it's just the feeling that I get associated with negative things just based on my face and name, which is especially uncomfortable since I'm pretty disconnected from the language and culture as I'm western born and raised. Idk, maybe it's all in my head and nobody cares.
It's sort of impossible to talk about because some people will get all worried that I'm super internally racist and hate myself, and others will go all "heh this is proof that immigration is bad" and it's just a loaded topic. I don't want to change who I am, I just wish the country I'm "from" wasn't so unlikeable or such a hot button issue in the news, and had more contemporary cultural stuff that was cool.

No. 1741474

China has all my favorite current artists, their art culture is insanely rich and imo the very best, from pictures to sculpture, they are unmatched. I love their geography and as a kid who watched too much national geographic I was always amazed by it's geography. Yeah it has some controversial political history, but honestly which country doesn't? I understand your concern, but the reason China is seen as this big baddie on the news it's because of it's power and influence. I am south american and my country has a lot negative perceptions too, I relate to your feeling but ultimately you shouldn't attach yourself too much to it, ofc it will always be part of you, but you shouldn't limit yourself to other's expectations based on your ethnic origin.

No. 1741519

File: 1698456939211.jpg (3.86 KB, 194x208, 20230826_200211.jpg)

china doesnt need to aggressively market their media as much to westerners compared to japan or korea because the domestic market is already big enough, but the popularity of chinese BL novels, douyin makeup, idols, games, and donghua have steadily been rising in the west over the past few years. even though that probably is for a very specific demographic, its something. at some point i also used to wonder why china wasnt as popular, but now i honestly find it quite weird how much it feels like asian diaspora in the west are always trying to compete for having the trendiest culture. (unrelated but why do so many of them think liking bubble tea, genshin impact, and kpop is a personality) and for what its worth i don't think any normal person worth knowing would see a chinese person in public and automatically think about aliexpress or xi jinping. im kind of westernized too but obsessing over media is a really reliable way to improve language skills. lol.

No. 1741523

File: 1698457370421.png (1.1 MB, 747x836, 2m7smlce9y881.png)

you really rather associate with this kind of japanese degeneracy?

No. 1741547

If it makes you feel better, southeast Asians experience the same thing and even worse because they are treated like they are not Asian and removed from any discussions about Asians.

When people talk about liking Asians or Asian culture it's always Korea,Japan and sometimes China but it's almost never about Philippines,Malaysia,Tahiland,India ,Vietnam,Indonesia etc.

No. 1741597

File: 1698463272865.jpg (61.44 KB, 750x742, 1691260743439.jpg)

samefag but thinking about it now sometimes I feel as though my interests makes me a polarizing person that can't find a proper online community.
>Into BL and BL adjacent content.
>While I engage with normal BL media I am into furshit as well.
>Draw and write gay furshit but it's all BL in terms style, tone, writing, and subject matter so gay furfags would be repulsed at it because there's no huge muscle bara fat giga belly retardation nor is there degenerate shota trap faggotry but also fujoshi would be repulsed by it on account of it being furshit.
>The furshit I do draw and write isn't even western but more simplistic and eastern in style so not even regular run of the mill furfags would be interested because it isn't based off of Robin Hood or other western autism magnet furry media and the people who would be interested probably don't even speak English.
I create what is essentially a niche within a niche within a niche so I keep my indulgent drawings and writings to myself. And again, the community is a hellish cancer.

No. 1741603

Youre based and theres more of an audience for niche content than you might think. Still, I understand keeping things private and thats a respectable decision. Either way don't stop making what you enjoy because there's too many people selling their creative souls for money and/or views

No. 1741604

I think certain ethnicities don't like Chinese people. I'm slavic (central Europe) and I don't really care, at most I'm very curious about China's nature, celebrations and so on. I think the culture is really vast and fascinating and I'd love to experience it. It's a shame it's not more well-known like Japan's culture is. I think the Chinese people are not having a good time with their oppressive government but that's not their fault and not everything there is to a country. Chinese scrotes are probably shit but I think they'd still be better than middle east scrotes nonstop screaming at you in the streets and threatening to rape you in the broad daylight.
Blog but recently I've heard a muslim Saudi/Egypt scrote find out our friend's parents are Christian and Chinese and he flipped out, like he immediately started making fun of him (you're Chinese! Omg we have to do something your friend is Chinese lmao!) and was shocked when we didn't get why he thought being Chinese was shameful. I never thought muslims hate Chinese people so I was also surprised by the carefully learnt propaganda shit he immediately started spitting out. He also hates me, won't properly look at me or touch me kek because I'm a heathen who isn't afraid to say that I like my majority non-religious country and how peaceful and safe it is, even tho I respect religious rules of country I'm visiting.
So don't worry, I think most of negative perceptions are from propaganda shit that is fed to Japanese and possibly middle East people. You have such a rich and beautiful culture of your ancestors that not every ethnicity has.

No. 1741684

File: 1698470962115.jpeg (371.55 KB, 1223x1475, IMG_2226.jpeg)

Most people don’t like China because of the propaganda pushed in western media, Japan and Korea are liked by westerners because they allow US bases to shit up their land and their women get raped because of this. For some reason people find it surprising that a country with a population of 1.5 billion and 55 ethnic groups isn’t a liberal democracy.

No. 1741727

>their women get raped by US moids because of this
This is so unfortunately true. I've been around a lot of military and former military men when I was a kid, would hear their sexual stories. Soldier scrotes are complete fucking subhuman degenerates, especially when they step foot in foreign soil, especially if that soil is Asian. They view the world through the lens of a sociopath, and think every person in XYZ country are just toys to be used. They are pigs, man.

No. 1741769

I don't like the native Chinese culturally, whenever they've been over here they've done unpleasant or out of line things. Idrc about Westernized Chinese, Westernized Asian minorities in general are amongst the least bothersome immigrant groups.

No. 1741804

True fr, like something about being in the military makes men see the world through an inhuman lens, humans becoming objects. I hate to say it, but I think the rule applies even more when it's another race and nationality, they're more likely to dehumanise them. I'm actually glad for China that they don't let the USA have military bases there, and at least p*rnography is illegal. I am glad there are limitations to cultural export, otherwise all cultures would be the same.

No. 1741905

File: 1698499539650.jpeg (41.32 KB, 925x448, FzAfpziWcBo-Bv3.jpeg)

I'm a cis straight woman and I've completely fallen hook, line and sinker for moid propaganda. Whenever I'm horny I go straight to sites like danbooru and look at degrading coomer art of women to get off by imagining myself in their position. And it's not like I'm forcing myself to like it either - I find the idea of undergoing sexual assault, harassment, rape, violence, gangbang, forced impregnation, maid/sex slavery, etc. incredibly arousing. Nothing is off limits, my horny mind is like a coomer's wet dream - I even like ugly bastard shit, as well as anything and everything else that could also be considered degrading. The reason I'm concerned isn't because these fantasies has any direct effect on my life outside of jack off sessions, but because if and when I have a sexual partner in the future, I want to be able to truly love and connect with them healthily and I'm concerned that I'll only be able to enjoy sex by asking them to play out these extreme fantasies. I also think it's linked to a deep feeling of worthlessness, in the sense that a) any man finding me useful, even just for sex, is a win and b) that I'm not worthy of love so I deserve to be used as a tool. I want to ease out of this mindset for my own long term health and self worth but indulging it feels really good and cathartic. Idk what to do…

No. 1741909

ok moid

No. 1741914

i hate hate hate this idea that men are incapable of empathy or humanity, or that women are just “better” at being emotional and talking and stuff. i don’t know if i’m phrasing this correctly at all but i often see women say shit like
>wow i feel so bad for men! they don’t know how to talk deeply with one another (or me)
and that just feels like making excuses for them kek. they don’t talk deeply with you because you’re a woman to them and they don’t want to be saddled with your problems or come to know you on a deeper level, not because they’re stunted in some way.

No. 1741916

this smells of troonery

No. 1741924

If you truly aren't a moid, stop looking at that stuff, let your sex drive reset itself. You don't need to masturbate or do the same thing every time you're horny.

No. 1741925

men have no problem empathizing with mass killers, rapists, and pedophiles. in every single article about those three with open comments, you see droves of men rambling about the stigma of male mental health and how every (male) deserves to be forgiven and humanized and how every (female) victim was secretly asking for it anyway.

No. 1741926

''cis straight woman'' is definetly a moid/troon baiting

No. 1741932

Do you guys want me to post my vagina on here as proof or something? It's not hard to imagine that some chronically online women have been affected by coomer culture growing up, I'm literally complaining about the fact that I've been passively groomed into thinking about sex like a moid and that I don't want to be like this anymore and you retards are missing the point so fucking hard

No. 1741937

as someone with a similar issue to you (having gotten off to moid-type porn in the past) it’s really not that hard to just choose to not watch porn. simply due to the fact that it’s a waste of time and you’re fucking up your dopamine receptors

No. 1741942

Why did you ignore literally everything I said after "If you truly aren't a moid"?
>stop looking at that stuff, let your sex drive reset itself. You don't need to masturbate or do the same thing every time you're horny.

No. 1741943

Well I'm on my period at the moment and I'm horny, which is why I'm trying to avoid indulging the habit rn. Do you nonas have any actually practical tips for keeping your mind off it?

No. 1741951

how new are to use cis, integrate

No. 1741954

Just don't watch/read it. Block the sites on your browser if you have to. Using your own imagination might still lead to messed up places, but at least you're not reinforcing your sexuality with gross moidy porn cliche.

No. 1741956

This. It’s just not that hard. Start masturbating without it. Feels like it takes a little longer to reach climax at first, but it actually won’t since you won’t be wasting time looking for porn. Orgasms aren’t even better with porn there’s no benefit it’s just gross and lazy
Just masturbate like a normal fucking person instead of gooning at fucking danbooru (lmao) images. This is the confessions thread not the advice thread, there’s literally a porn addiction thread on /g/ newfaggot, go there.

No. 1741984

I read this thinking it was going to be outrageous and super scrotey because of the replies, but literally this is just your run-of-the-mill post of someone saying they have a porn addiction and ended up with weird or bad fetishes. At most anon is probably a newfag for saying cis.

No. 1742014

Do it, coward(stop)

No. 1742021

didnt an anon do that the other day? it was a vagina literally holding a piece of paper with a timestamp iirc so it wasn't shaynas

No. 1742027

that happened months ago during some other argument, that anon was just reposting it

No. 1742030

File: 1698506641992.jpg (143.21 KB, 2481x1719, 1719.jpg)

No. 1742081

I am glad most of the Maine victims are male.

No. 1742098

men just taking themselves out isn't the worst thing.

No. 1742141

Based. It's like the trash taking itself out.

No. 1742309

There's that easy peasy method site that gets recommended, I read some part of it and it seemed okay. I think it leaned slightly towards men but was pretty general compared to most stop-cooming resources

No. 1742400

why are some of you like this, smh…

No. 1742425

my confession is I'm so proud of being English that I wanna scream it to the rooftops, my people built nearly 1/3 of the planet, the most influential, intelligent, most ambitious, arguably the greatest culture and people on the planet. Ugh. I wish I could say this out loud but I'd be called a racist.

No. 1742427

Based fellow bong

No. 1742443

Eh better the British then If the world was ruled by others Imperial powers.

No. 1742476

forget being called a racist, this is absolutely retarded

No. 1742485

seethe, hate, and cry more. The Losers and never achieved anythingers of history are so cringe and bitter.

No. 1742496

Best teeth too huh kek

No. 1742504

oh baby, don't make me post my dentist after photo advert worthy teeves. It's funny though, the more you seethe the more my ego is boosted. Stay being jealous, it only validates my superiority.

No. 1742508

we all know you're from essex

No. 1742515

Aww yes. Southend-on-sea specifically. thank you for noticing our greatness.

No. 1742521

sounds like it. cheers from kensington, darling.

No. 1742535

I think my mother would have loved me more if my suicide had been successful, and she is disappointed that it wasn't.

No. 1742546

They fry kittens alive there, have no animal welfare laws and are depleted of women because they abort all of them for their moids. I hope China gets nuked and all of their heckin anti imperialism along with them.
Grinds my gears to see these disgusting countries being championed by a so-called feminist website. I saw someone simping for Stalin on here the other day. Very based as long as it's Marxist moids I suppose.(calm down)

No. 1742555

File: 1698538801696.jpeg (91.07 KB, 900x502, DED5260B-2E44-4DC3-8BCC-8EDB66…)

I love plucking out my pubic hair. I love ripping out the thickest hair and finding three hairs grow in one place. I love seeing that weird white thing near the base of the hair. I live the short feeling of pain with every pluck.

I hate how my hair grows back thinner. I’m too embarrassed to get a professional wax so I make do at home. Maybe I should buy an epilator.

No. 1742558

It’s not like you personally achieved anything lol —But that’s ok go ahead and fly your Union Jack nonnie it’s cute (I realize that sounds sarcastic but I mean it)

No. 1742568

it's not about "achieving" shit, it's that scrotes are scrotes and consistently no matter race, religion, ethnicity, they're violent rapists and thieves who love to terrorize each other but make sure women are always on the bottom.

No. 1742584

The seethe that this is generating truly marks this as a confession. God save the Queen, unironically.

No. 1742586

This isn't really a confession but I really like weirdcore/dreamcore/liminal space. I'm like obsessed with it. Also I'm 32 yet it all feels nostalgic to me.

No. 1742594

omg same, the white part is all bendy and elastic

No. 1742596

this is scary

No. 1742599

File: 1698541329067.jpg (25.48 KB, 548x559, wat.jpg)

>that weird white thing near the base of the hair.
>the white part is all bendy and elastic

No. 1742602

I wanna say it's like "buried" pus or something, but I'm probably wrong.

No. 1742603

nayrt but yes, it's called the papilla. it's more obvious on the ones you out than the ones that fall out naturally bc of the growth cycle or some shit

No. 1742604

File: 1698541669016.jpg (862.35 KB, 3456x4608, hair.jpg)

I think anons are talking about how, sometimes if you pull out a pubic hair it has a white bulb at the end. If had them a few times and they're very satisfying to pull out, I think it's some sort of white head. Picrel is the closest example I could find, they're usually a little bigger ime.

No. 1742605

wow. that looks really gross

No. 1742608

NTA but it's the root of the hair, pubic hair is thicker than scalp hair and it makes sense why the root is so much bigger
(I am also one of these pubic hair pullers but it conicides with my trich)

No. 1742612

Are you both scared that always doing this will irritate your skin?

No. 1742615

Or cause pimples if you're not cleaning yourself afterwards

No. 1742618

File: 1698542994066.jpg (52.28 KB, 1280x720, F8r4wcxXMAAsYZm.jpg)

you nonnas get it. I just put on youtube and go to town on them
nta, but shaving irritates more than plucking for me. like when I shave there's no rash but it itches like crazy for 2 days no matter what I do. also not as satisfying because it's not the same as pulling the hair out at the root

No. 1742620

i don't believe in washing hands/sanitizing hands unless it's really necessary. i don't wash my hands after using the toilet most of the times UNLESS there's someone else in the washroom because i'm afraid of being judged. exposing yourself to dirty environment is good for your immune system. i rarely got sick and i think it's because when i was a kid i used to eat things off the floor e.g. crumbs of our cat's treats and i was a dirty child

No. 1742621

i swear i saw this exact same confession a few years ago. you at least do it after pooping and before cooking food for others right? right?

No. 1742625

wait i misread your post and had to delete my previous post. no i didn't make this confession before but i believe me and that nona can be really good friends, and yes i wash my hands after pooping and when i'm cooking for others but not for when i cook myself because the heat from the stove would kill tje germs

No. 1742627

I deleted my question after that anon responded with more details KEK. Turns out, she does at least wash after shitting and cooking

No. 1742629

oh didn't see that i'll delete mine too

No. 1742631

Thank god she at least washes her hands after shitting and cooking. I was about to say, let's hope she doesn't work for the Cheesecake Factory lol

No. 1742644

I'm gonna start doing this, what acute idea

No. 1742646


understandable. I see trans as a religion. You can believe in it as long as you don't force it onto other people. I know a lesbian who finally found her peace with an FtMtFtM chick. Fortunately they are both gainfully employed so they do behave normally. Western feminism in all it's forms needs a lot of work done, with an emphasis on policy over correct terms

No. 1742648

I feel the same way sometimes. But only if I could wake up like a hot guy, no transition nonsense. At least gay guys work out and shower on a regular basis

No. 1742649

Filipinos are so good with Karaoke, I need to find another group to party with

No. 1742650

Saudis have a massive ethno-religious chauvinist complex, thanks to their wealth and religious sites. That type of comment isn't new and sorry to your friend

No. 1742653

File: 1698547763843.jpg (346.56 KB, 1035x1600, like english.jpg)

based britbong

No. 1742656

I always wash and exfoliate with a gentle toner. I hate and love the ingrown hairs, love to pluck but have feeling them.

No. 1742657

>conflating culture with government and ideology
burger mindset

No. 1742661

Thirdie mindset

No. 1742671

>I hope China gets nuked and all of their heckin anti imperialism along with them
This reeks of jealousy, enjoy your uncontrolled mass migration

No. 1742688

Definitely American you only get that type of retarded over there.

No. 1742718

My boyfriend thinks I'm ten years younger than I really am. I didn't correct him, now I just roll with it
Do I just talk to him or do I just break up? fml

No. 1742722

If you're breaking up, I would tell him the real age plus several more years just to fuck with him.

No. 1742724

Lol please do this

No. 1742726

I mean, do they not sell toxic products, use slave labor, and imprison uyghurs? Whats the propaganda

No. 1742764

File: 1698561418605.jpeg (149.54 KB, 1082x1082, 58B2CA01-4E12-4F1B-8E3F-D10730…)

Wish I could find me a man like this. I always have to lie and pretend to be soft and feminine just to be normal. It’s easier to find friends than a lover.

No. 1743606

File: 1698607424479.jpeg (411.66 KB, 828x810, C8BD9561-AFF8-4C80-B8B2-0C8F16…)

When I saw that one zoomed in shower pic of Jodi Aria’s bf looking miserable before she killed him I laughed out loud. In my defense I didn’t know what the context of the pic was when I laughed at it. I do still think he’s pathetic though

No. 1743608

File: 1698607679319.jpeg (27.29 KB, 275x271, 1652116840009.jpeg)

No. 1743622

No. 1743638

This picture is just so funny to me, I don’t know why I always thought it was some shitty actor doing a sketch for vine.

No. 1743655

If you’re being soft and feminine around men the ones who like tough girls will avoid you kek

No. 1743707

I unironically love this pic bc it’s one of the only pieces of evidence of a man being made to feel as helpless and hopeless and resigned to their fate as countless women have been made to feel by men throughout history. Jodi is based.

No. 1743988

Once in a blue moon during the latest part of the night when I can't sleep, my butthole will start to itch a little bit and I'll convince myself I have tapeworms and they're going out for a little stroll. Nothing scares me more than those agonizing moments.

No. 1744032

i want to kiss you anon this is so funny kek

No. 1744216

agreed ngl

No. 1744318

i love plucking hairs too. It's called trichotillomania if you're really obsessed with it. you are so right about the white root
I also like doing the armpits because like 70% of my hairs there are double or triple hairs in the same follicle for some reason. But I like having hair there tbh so I'm trying to cut back on plucking.
I think the beard is actually the best spot, a ton of YouTube videos of people plucking hairs (yes really lol) are of the beard and my nigel let me try a few from him and they were quality pulls. Sadly as a woman I have no facial hair of my own to experiment with

No. 1744447

Yeah, she had the great idea of photographing him before and (accidentally) during the murder. Moids love to film women dying/being tortured because they just love humiliating them even after they're dead. Now he's the one that's dead, and his most famous picture is of him looking miserable, helpless, wet and naked in from of the woman that's about to kill him. It's poetry and it's the right treatment for a pedophile who used multiple girls as their bank accounts and bangmaids. Jodi triggers moids so much because she managed to kill an ugly pedo, got his shitty picture right before, sang and did a headstand during her interrogation and played his pedophilic sex phonecall in front of his family.

No. 1745133

I clog most public toilets and don't care. But it's not on purpose.

No. 1745202

File: 1698699010847.jpeg (148.18 KB, 540x700, 1652159325187(1).jpeg)

>Jodi triggers moids so much because she managed to kill an ugly pedo, got his shitty picture right before, sang and did a headstand during her interrogation and played his pedophilic sex phonecall in front of his family.
Queen shit.

No. 1745213

whats his pedophilic phone call?

No. 1745217

Yeah same, I'm always happy when I see the Jodi memes here because we're the only people who see this disgusting male for what he is and that he deserved it.
Unfortunately this case is also heavily used for the "women can be just as bad as men" narrative even though the guy was clearly a horrible, degenerated, mindgames playing pedophile. I still hope it makes men a tiny bit afraid it could happen to them because it is just so rare.
Speaking of crime cases, it's just almost every single time I watch a case of a female murderer it somehow turns out the male victim was an abuser and the woman snapped and took some form of revenge. There was this case of a woman letting a moid die in a suitcase and in the video she said that's how she felt when he choked her. So if that's true she just murdered some useless scrote that would have killed a woman one day. Since this is a video she recorded herself while killing him I don't think she's making the accusations up.
It's absolutely fucking rare that women just kill for fun. Like Rose West was one of them but she's also really fucked up from childhood (not to excuse her, she's really horrible). Most of the time there were horrible circumstances that lead to this behavior in women.

No. 1745219

I feel things that i am ashamed to admit after seeing this image

No. 1745221

was he a pedo?

No. 1745222

He said something along the lines of she looked like a twelve year old and he found it hot. It was a played in court but you can probably easily find a clip of it on youtube

No. 1745230

File: 1698699897753.jpeg (21.89 KB, 219x275, 1654675920640.jpeg)

No. 1745234

Men getting more leeway and sympathy for their personality disorders over women will always make my blood boil.

No. 1745254

It’s still weird how she somehow managed to get him in there, but like, what else could she have done other than letting the moid die? He could’ve killed her after getting out of the suitcase.

No. 1745258

Wow I only knew the phone call before, I wonder if this letter has been analyzed by a handwriting expert to prove if it's legit. This makes everything way worse.
Don't know. Her story was that they were playing and having fun and that she accidentally left him there and went to sleep kek. I mean she could have called the police or something to get him out but he could have killed her afterwards.

No. 1745265

>Eventually, Arias orgasms, and Alexander tells her, "You sound like a 12 year old having an orgasm, that's so hot, like little girl."


No. 1745310

There’s this guy who could be in the dictionary under ”Gamer”. He also likes anime and vtubers. He’s not particularly handsome. Yet I want to suck him off so bad it’s unreal.

No. 1745370

anon are you me?

No. 1745427

No. 1745457

File: 1698714295182.png (209.17 KB, 512x512, 3.png)

I'm having more fun browsing rdrama now. Too much seriousposting here.

No. 1745470

>likes anime and vtubers

No. 1745473

Then leave.

No. 1745478

Sorry nona, no can do. I have to keep up with the Shayna thread.

No. 1745481

That explains everything.

No. 1745489

What can I say, I love drama

No. 1745543

I'm so petty that I saw a shirtless moid's icon on tumblr live, clicked on it just to go to his blog and report a bunch of posts so his blog will get taken down. I thought it would be full of porn of women being objectified but it was just softcore gay porn. I feel kinda bad for targeting a gay scrote but oh well.

No. 1745558

I think I have the harm obsession with checking compulsions OCD subtype. I’ve been dreading some bad news over this past year and have become obsessed with analyzing social media. I spent an insanely unhealthy time thinking and checking every day and I have it set up so where I can easily check with multiple accounts. Literally have not found anything for an entire goddamned year yet I can’t help myself. I literally spent hours each day and check all the time at my job. It’s bad nonnas.

No. 1745566

What are you checking for, nonna?

No. 1745569

i don't have your specific type of OCD but i also had issues with OCD checking my obsession using my phone during work hours and upsetting myself over it which was affecting my ability to act normal at my job. What I wound up doing is deleting the apps I check with off my phone so I can't check at work at the very least. I still do checking behavior at home on my laptop but I found the only thing that stops me at work is literally not being able to check. It helps that there is no wifi at my work so re-downloading would cost me cell data I can't afford.

Another thing that has helped me is saying to myself
>the past 304 times you checked this image you didn't find what you were looking for, so you're not going to find it on the 305th time.

No. 1745570

I find myself now being attracted to cod characters and I want to fucking die.

No. 1745578

welcome to my life

No. 1745654

File: 1698732485797.jpg (3.63 MB, 4000x5092, ekj5mmml5yy11.jpg)

I wear cute jfashion (mostly sweet lolita) and love to dress up so a lot of people ask me if I'd ever be interested in doing cosplay and I always say not really, no. The truth is, there is one character I would love to cosplay, but it's not a pretty anime girl like everyone encourages or expects me to try… It's the Arbiter from Halo (pic related). For some reason I would genuinely LOVE to be this creature for a day and I legitimately contemplate doing it, but it would be hard because he's a 7'10" alien warrior and I am a 5'0" womanlet. So far I've told 2 people and they were both hilariously bewildered and utterly taken aback by this completely incongruous and unexpected pick, but I really am serious. Idk how it's gonna work but it will.

No. 1745656

File: 1698732920303.jpg (128.62 KB, 1083x1031, 6f2.jpg)

Do it nonna. Do it for me. Become Arby so I have the chance of one day seeing you at a con and giving you a hug.

No. 1745679

That sounds amazing anon you should do it just scaled down a bit to your height.

No. 1745721

I'm sorry for ever being cruel.

No. 1745729

I thought I had a crush on a guy at work, but now that he has changed what cologne he uses I don’t feel attracted to him anymore lol.

No. 1745736

I've recognized my shadow self which is that I'm too attention seeking by nature. I am absolutely insufferable, but I've learned to silence myself around my loved ones. I feel like I found a relatively healthy outlet: Making troons seethe on large Discord groups. VRCHAT ones are the best. Especially on VRCHAT events where I can see their body language change on their silly little full body trackers once people give me attention. Half of the groups are easily troons so I have an infinite source of targets to piss off.

No. 1745744

kek anon, i love funny stories of people losing crushes over random things. i had a huge crush on a guy until i found out he had the same surname as my awful high school science teacher. all attraction was lost after that

No. 1745760

I kinda wanna lose my crush, hope something random happens that turns me off

No. 1745788

No. 1745803

I’m very fond of Cory Spazkid. He is everything that I’d usually hate (totally porn-addled, degenerate coomer artist, dating a tranny, annoying autist), but I can’t hate him. I loved him in sleepycast and I love him still on oneyplays.

No. 1745840

>dating a tranny
Oh is that why you never see pictures of them together kek

No. 1745848

I am wearing contact lenses today because I want to look good, not because of practicality, but deep down I think I look even worse, much older and tired. They hurt my eyes if I don't use drops every hour. I feel such an idiot for putting effort on my appearance. I exfoliated my face so much this morning that my forehead shines.I'm ashamed.

No. 1745856

Spaz kid? Wasn’t he one of the Chris chan trolls?

No. 1745885

i love nitpicking and i honestly think it's more fun to nitpick certain cows than discussing the "real" milk from uninteresting cows. i just love to be a hater.

No. 1745892

i draw art with a lot of fem dom / male being bullied (idk what the term for that is) undertones so I hope if you see an artist out there.. and you get feelings she is from here.. its me

No. 1745898

is it actual femdom or ''young sexy girl teasing old ugly scrote''?

No. 1745923

Ew no. I only like cute guys. I make my female ocs mean to them. I think its what they deserve. I don't find old scrotes attractive or fun to draw at all.

No. 1745990

based then

No. 1746046

No. 1746215

Yes he was. He was a very edgy troll/bully back in the day too, another thing that should make me dislike him.

No. 1746427

I thought I struggled with "gender dysphoria" since I was about eleven until last year after I found two trans YouTubers at that time. I was molested when I was seven/eight, started cutting myself when I was ten and then spent from eight until fifteen being groomed by multiple pedophiles online. On top of that I felt extremely uncomfortable with my attraction to women (religious family and pretty severe bullying over it in school) and still struggle with internalized homophobia that's ruined multiple romantic relationships I've had with women I loved. The fact that We Live In A Society where I can walk into a therapists office, covered in hundreds of self harm scars, from my hands to my shoulders, be open about my trauma and be pushed towards continuing to fuck up my body and ignore my real issues is insane. Hearing mothers describe their ftm daughters hit me super hard. Those descriptions applied to me too perfectly. I didn't even want to be a scrote. I just didn't feel connected with my body and everyone treated me like shit because I didn't fit in as a sensitive, young, gnc, bisexual, traumatized/mentally ill black girl. I've never gotten help with my issues and now I kind of feel like I can't without someone trying to push that shit on me while I'm being vulnerable. Someone even mentioning it as a possibility would feel so insulting. I'd never want to open up to a professional again. Seeing other mentally ill women with severe self harm scars getting pushed into these surgeries/hormones and everyone ignoring how clearly mentally ill and lost they are then making fun of them when they detransition makes me feel hopeless and so fucking sad.

No. 1746460

Thanks to otome games I can read japanese almost as well as I can english.
No one in my life knows this. It's not like it's something that would naturally come up, and I like to keep my weeb hobbies secret and don't want to explain the reason anyway.
I've never been to japan and have never even had a conversion in japanese. I guess I'd like to go some day though.

No. 1746554

File: 1698797414110.jpg (19.25 KB, 400x400, 306285555784558.jpg)

I fantasize a lot about fictional characters having sex with each other

No. 1746578

that's cool i'm proud of you!

No. 1746637

Who the fuck even cares if it would make you "autistic" at this point? You gotta do what you gotta do. Just go with the flow.

No. 1746693

I'm amazed you're fluent enough to read the langugage without conversing in the language. I figured speaking and reading to gain fluency in a language goes hand in hand but maybe Japanese is different?

No. 1746732

nta but it's totally possible to be able to read and decipher a language without being able to speak it. I think there's a distinction between being able to comprehend grammar, vocabulary, etc. (which is most people's idea of fluency), and just having a lot of experience with the language in general, and understanding how a native speaker thinks. it comes down to being exposed to the language in as many different contexts as possible. like, how do people talk in a formal context, like a business meeting? how do two close friends talk when they're hanging out? what is appropriate to say over text but not in person? you have to have enough experience listening to people talk in these sorts of contexts, and when you do, speaking comes more or less automatically. I think this is why someone who lives in a foreign country might be better at speaking than someone studying it in solitude, such a person just has more day-to-day experience to know what a native speaker "would" say in a given situation, even if both can perfectly comprehend what is being said to them.

No. 1746736

The best part of my day is right before I go to bed and I get to play out any scenario I want in my head with whatever ship I’m currently obsessed with

No. 1746761

i'm retarded

No. 1746851

nta and this is the opposite but there is a language that I can speak pretty decently but not read or write in. There's also one that I can listen to and understand but not speak in in return… though I guess that's sorta like being able to understand a British accent but not replicate one?
Anyway I think >>1746732 is right and they're like separate skills. I have a good amount of experience with how the language is used in a conversational sense but no clue about the actual proper grammar or what words look like.

No. 1746874

Sorry you had to go through all that nona! I recommend looking up "beyond trans" they have free online support group for people who are detrans/desisting (or still identify as trans but struggle with it) and they're science and evidence based and don't agree with the "affirmation" model. I really hope you can get some help becasue you deserve it, you're loveable and worthy.

No. 1746901

I feel this when I’m learning another language. I get annoyed when, besides knowing the vocabulary and grammar, I can’t see the nuances in the lang. I can’t hear an expression and know that it’s related to a certain region, a certain social group, a certain age range, a certain era, and then it’s hard to be navigate in social interactions confidently. English isn’t my first language and I have a quite good level of fluency in it, so I can notice the difference.

No. 1746906

To navigate*

No. 1746939

I don’t know if karma is real or that’s just the way life is but for years I wished for something bad to happen to this one friend I have because she made my life hell when I was having one of my worst moments in life and…it finally happened.
It’s pretty ironic because I don’t feel good about it but I also don’t feel bad either, for the most past. Like, my mind keep thinking it’s what she deserves after all.
I’m a very resentful person and knowing she will have to feel almost the same pain I had to go through (even though what happened to me and what happened to her are completely different things) it’s…peculiar.

No. 1747041

I'm not sure why but ever since I was younger starting around 6 I get the extreme urge to spin in a circle for hours. Everyday after school I'd lock myself in a room and just spin, usually with music on. I was in a 7 year relationship and I would wait till he was dead asleep, get up, go to a spare room and just spin in a circle. If I don't do it I feel really agitated and restless

No. 1747042

it's called stimming, it's what autistic people do to calm down and destress

No. 1747051

I've been told, speculated by some I may be Autistic but I have no idea. Took me from 11-18 to get diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and they said I wasn't on the spectrum but now I've heard professionals are saying SPD is not a disorder, but maybe like a lot of women I learnt to hide it in a lot of ways

No. 1747067

Same. One of my personal cows takes up the brunt of hate in alt cows and I'm certain she posts/lurks so I like to offend her as much as possible.

No. 1747673

I remember an anon on here said she lived in the town next to me and I regret not becoming friends with her. She thought I was funny and I called her basic only because I was too scared to meet up with her kek

No. 1747751

Thank you so much nonnie! I'll definitely check them out tonight!

No. 1748114

File: 1698888709012.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.75 KB, 170x231, 195D096F-2C49-4C03-8D24-5036E8…)

This motherfucker is a spitting image of a moid who completely obliterated my heart and self esteem last year and I’m still not over him? Can someone beat some sense into me?

No. 1748115

File: 1698888785181.jpg (46.06 KB, 750x567, 6dadaaa6e5aff7a298e6cdef615aeb…)

No. 1748120

That post inspired me to confess this.

No. 1748155

He legit has a jewfro lmao

No. 1748176

you could watch the show and see what a loser he is

No. 1748199

be nice to me im esl but i thought ice spice was part of the spice girls and thats why she went from like no one to famous so fast… (not that the spice girls are no one, but like they werent the hottest topic for years) and then i saw someone say she's TWENTY THREE and then i had to google the actual spice girls and hooooooooly shit lmao we're the same age and i am so unsuccessful………. that said at least i have a job where i dont have to grope myself live on camera for the world to see

No. 1748215

Nah just an industry plant

No. 1748230

File: 1698894708987.png (713.82 KB, 975x600, 800C3007-FF8A-47D8-881D-96FDA6…)

I was just slightly too old to enjoy it when it was on but I’ve seen enough bits and pieces kek.

No. 1748235

I heard the actor was annoying irl

No. 1748431

Idk where else to say this, but I've been reading some stuff from Lundy Bancroft and it's been really relatable and comforting.
I've always struggled with advice/self-help stuff regarding unhealthy relationships because it seems like everyone is an extreme of either "he's abusive and evil and you should dump him now and hate him forever" or "nothing is wrong you just need to be a better more graceful woman." This is the only resource that I've felt to really understand the confusing middle ground I'm in and made me feel confident about making changes.

No. 1748629

File: 1698926128166.jpg (103.77 KB, 500x729, black cat and ice_2017_sign_16…)

whenever i see internet famous women on social media express that they're fans of some obscure thing i like (or liked years ago), i get paranoid that if i ever post myself online and/or talk publicly about said things and build a following, people will accuse me of copying them. i get a strange defensive reaction, like i'm being encroached on in some way. part of it is envy that some people are praised for being "unique", while i've been shamed for it for a lot of my life. i've always been quiet about my tastes online and tried not to be a consoomer, but now i feel like it's biting me in the ass, because it means i have little proof i liked xyz before it started trending after an e-girl mentioned it and her fans started flooding in.
i don't want to be an NLOG, but i have such a strong aversion to being misunderstood or made out to be a stereotype of something. i wish i could just get over it, i know i shouldn't care.

No. 1748650

i googled a childhood friends name and saw her dad passed away. then i googled his name and found a link to an unlisted livestream of his funeral (i watched some of it (rest in peace))

No. 1748663

i want a bf like this

No. 1748721

my hands are cold so i wrapped them with boxing tape

No. 1748832

I saw this tan muscled tall guy shirtless and I literally cannot stop thinking about him and it’s making me feel guilty…

No. 1748880

I wish I could look like Brittany Murphy

No. 1748894

Ive been told by a lot of people that I look like her, it ive never felt pretty to be honest

No. 1748895

No. 1748961

Aw nona, I'm sure you are very pretty. Especially resembling Brittany Murphy, she was so cute. I've known quite a few beautiful and pretty women who never feel it.

No. 1749158

I compulsively check on ex's and ex-friends social media that were in my life, sometimes I go a while without searching, but it seems to come back hard some days when I'm 'bored'. Two of my ex's have children. One I don't see a lot of info on besides their obvious baiting for me to contact them. Nothing major. I don't exactly know why I do it, but I don't like feeling the urge and I should probably just resist the urge.

No. 1749484

I get annoyed at all the suicidal moids/incels posting on 4chan. I try to offer good advice but sometimes I really do wish they kill themselves so I don't have to lurk at their posts anymore.

No. 1749486

Me too, right before sleep

No. 1749487

Nonnie don’t go on 4chan.

No. 1749490

I'm trying to stop.

No. 1749502

Maybe I'm ovulating but my boyfriend and I are very secure and we're both mid 30s and I'm thinking I might try and get pregnant. I'm fed up of living in my stupid apartment, I can sell this place and get something better. I'm fed up of working and living a separate existence from my partner. We basically spend 5 out 7 days of the week together at his while my apartment is just a place for my belongings. We talk about it and I had a pregnancy scare and we were actually both disappointed it was negative. I'll never forget how he took me in his arms and said it would be probably the happiest moment of his life if he saw a positive pregnancy test from me. I want him to be the father to my kids. He's so wonderful and kind and considerate. He's never raised his voice at me in the years I've known him. We have healthy discussions if anything is off. I just want to eat him up and also have his babies.

No. 1749505

This is really sweet and I hope you two can get pregnant and have a little family nonna.

No. 1749507

Sounds serious. I hope everything works out for you both.

No. 1749570

My bf was trying to get help with a question and reluctantly decided to ask 4chan as a last resort. He knows I'm familiar with it (he isn't) so he asked me to help him and I thought it was cute and funny how bewildered he was at the process
>don't double space your post they'll make fun of you

>"what is this"

>the captcha, you have to solve it to post

>(he is scrolling past dozens of incel posts whining about women)

>"man, these guys are losers. seriously don't they ever post about anything else? Eugh"

>"why didn't it work"

>you have to attach an image, it's an imageboard
>"What? ugh fine"
>(he downloads a generic relevant stock image he finds online)
>(it fails again because it's a .webp file)
>don't have the heart to tell him that his image is too relevant and not baity enough to get replies

No. 1749571

Why even help them? You should be encouraging them to go through with it.

No. 1749579

congrats on your lovely relationship, I don't mean this in a judgemental way but are you planning to marry him before having kids? I'm in a similar life stage as you but if I got pregnant before marrying my bf I think both our parents would riot

No. 1749580

This in addition to self insert/yumejo stuff

No. 1749589

depends on where you live but there's usually legal and financial benefits for families with married parents so i would suggest it for that reason too, if nona is in a nice and trusting relationship. Like I know in my home country you get more parental rights and sometimes the govt will outright give you a lump sum per kid. And yeah it's sad but some people are rude to unmarried parents or their kids

No. 1749600

I felt sorry for them, but not anymore.

No. 1749617

i miss getting tonsil stones. it was satisfying to dislodge them manually

No. 1749624

bitch WHAT

No. 1749626

My (recent-ish) ex has made it clear that he would like a fwb type of relationship and I agreed to it, I convinced myself that it's just sex and there are no feelings involved cause I don't miss him or want him back. But last night I had a dream where we got back together and I woke up profoundly sad so there must still be lingering feelings… Confession part: will still fuck him anyway despite knowing better.

No. 1749630

yeah i gargled salt water and then poked at my tonsils until they came out

No. 1749635

File: 1698994459041.gif (1.07 MB, 640x516, 1697122367460876.gif)

No. 1749638

idk what this gif is supposed to mean but i feel like im being judged. im sorry jesus

No. 1749639

My father may have very concerning health issues but I don't feel bad for him and I'm not sad he could be dying right now. Maybe if he weren't a chain smoker as soon as he turned 14 until he turned 40 he wouldn't have to worry about his lungs. Same reason why I don't give a fuck about his diabetes, all his health issues are self-inflicted and he was a violent, mentally ill piece of shit so it just feels like he's getting his comeuppance.

No. 1749663

you should try and forgive people more, there's no point saddling yourself with past miseries

No. 1749665

weird response to someone venting about her shitty dad

No. 1749666

Fuck off faggot

No. 1749686

Ah yes I'm going to forgive the guy who would punch, kick and strangle me just for being born as a girl until I was old enough to be able to call the police if he tried that shit again. Of course. Some anons here need to go to rehab right now because only crack can cause such an incoherent reply.

No. 1749699

I'm not OP but you're missing out on being a hater, especially if you have hater friends. Not that you would know what having friends is like since nobody actually likes you.

No. 1749724

File: 1699004766375.jpeg (163.81 KB, 736x779, IMG_2540.jpeg)

>know a south Asian guy

>when we talked the first two times it was alright, and he even payed for a pumpkin spice late for me
>during the second time we talk, he acts in a way that gives me a bit of the ick, but it might just be because he’s ESL
>he mentions that he likes anime
>I’m not personally interested in anime. I watched nichijou and madoka magica years back, and maybe want to read Dungeon Meshi, but that’s it
>he invites me to a cosplay event at the college’s anime club
>it’s pretty cringe ngl
>the guy talks about how he bought a cosplay and was unsure if he wanted to change into it
>he said that he might need help putting it on
>I’m visibly uncomfortable when he says that
>‘don’t worry, it’s not like you have to undress me or anything’
>later on he texts me about an upcoming convention

Maybe I’m schizo but I think he’s interested in dating me or something. I’m not really interested in this guy, both as a friend or bf, but he’s realistically the only guy who’s ever been interested in talking to me and he might pay other stuff for me so I don’t know

No. 1749732

Ayrt, and honesty I don't know. I would only ever want to elope because my family is so broken and I'd be embarrassed by the turn out on my side lol. I don't think my parents would care as long as I was happy. I've a broken family and we're all quite independent of each other but we do wish each other the best and just want each other to be happy. If I got pregnant and was showing signs of excitement they would match my energy. I'm very aware my parents wouldn't ever come together again in the same room though so a wedding is more daunting to me than having a child and a loving family of my own that functions as a true unit.

No. 1749734

Oh and both of our brothers have kids out of wedlock and it's not shameful or anything. His sister was more traditional and got married then had kids, but me and my bf are older, he's late 30s. Since we're not young I don't think we'd have the same stigma as a 20something unmarried couple. My bf and I each have our own homes too, it's not like we're scrambling for a reason to settle.

No. 1749752

OK tradfag.

No. 1749772

you can feel free to forgive anyone who abused you if you're so inclined to let anyone step over you but dont tell other people to do it because it's self destructive.

No. 1749775

don't sell it, rent it, you don't want to be homeless with a child if your boyfriend turns out to be an abuser freak or a cheater. also your child has somewhere to live once it's old enough if you keep renting it instead of selling.

No. 1749780

That's not used correctly.

No. 1750151

I don’t get this, whenever I consume romantic media, I kind of want a boyfriend but in the same way I want chocolate after watching a commercial for chocolate. I keep on end up remembering that irl moids are a waste of time, but then I keep going back to wanting a boyfriend.
At this point idk, the idea of having a fuck buddy also seems to me like a waste of time to me, and dangerous even, and it’s also impossible to find a moid to fool around and just kiss and such without it meaning you have to fuck the moid, I guess a makeout buddy?
The closest thing I have that’s what’s keeping me from dying of self-combustion is whenever I meet with my best friend and we’re in private, I can do some of the things I would do with a moid, like kissing her cheeks, her neck or hugging her and playing with her hair.
But it’s not the same, I go back to consuming romantic media and want a boyfriend.
I guess I’m addicted to that or something.

No. 1750637

File: 1699061667450.jpg (370.19 KB, 1590x1478, Hetalia-Cover-Large-e160045698…)

When I was 13 I was almost groomed by some ugly emo in his early twenties who thought I was male because I was a weeby fakeboi who did Hetalia RP online. Then we met up briefly and I snapped out of it because he was fat, ugly and a massive catfish kek.
I remember I found out he had a gf and he answered "so what, I can have a bf and a gf" while I sang the Hetalia theme song in a McDonald's. Then I got him to unfriend me by pretending to be my own older brother and shit-talking him once I "went to sleep". I don't know if he believed me but I don't think he did. I don't know why I didn't just block him, but he lost interest and I never spoke to him again.
I cringe thinking of my fakeboi era, but being retarded did keep men out of my life for the rest of my teens (aside from this pedo) which was great. Honestly it was really nice not caring about whether guys found me pretty or ugly, I only cared about anime and learning Japanese. I wish I could go back just for that.

No. 1750658

Oh yeah, I forgot that my mom found out about this and took me to a psychiatrist and then he told me I had autism. She stopped being mad after that kek.

No. 1751422

Ive really only felt true romantic attraction to women and fictional characters.
Ive been in a few serious relationships with men (even got married then divorced kek) but I never really loved them when I look back on it. I was unable to show sympathy and acceptance for them (they were honestly low quality moids) and overtime began to hate them.
I wish I could meet a pretty girl and finally fall in love for once. But im afraid deep down, any woman would leave me for a man eventually. Im so confused.
I feel like a loser just focusing on fictional characters now. But they cant hurt me. They cant pressure me for sex like the men in my life did, even when I cried saying i didn't want to.

No. 1751434

File: 1699092752306.jpg (73.22 KB, 563x838, 20231104_040515.jpg)

I thought women gave birth through their anus until I was like 13 or 14 and yes I'm deeply embarassed about it

No. 1751566

Hey, so did I. Nobody ever gave it much of an explanation.

No. 1751688

My bf thinks I am smart and I think he is kinda dumb. I think that's ok.

No. 1751690

Don't worry, I thought tigers were female lions until I was that age kek

No. 1751726

that's just what happens when people don't get decent sex ed, it's ok nonny

No. 1751739

I just went TERF on main

No. 1751841

It's okay, in high-school I met a girl who thought penises had bones in them. I told her it was just a sack of meat, and she grossed out.

No. 1751845

Godspeed nonna

No. 1752027

why are the confessions in these threads always so tame? I'm always waiting for something juicy or even straight up fucked up but I guess farmers are good people

No. 1752030

Most anons don't feel as comfortable sharing honest things on here as they used to, imo.

No. 1752045

That might be it. Honestly I'm still debating whether I should post mine because I don't want to be the most horrible person ITT kek (even though it's anonymous)

No. 1752054

I have delusions that I live in a Truman type reality and am always being watched. I have a really vivid memory of my dad passing my hand into a suited man's after coming out of a movie screening. I was walking up the steps and went to talk to my dad who's hand I was holding and it was a younger guy, jet black hair in a suit beaming a smile at me I turned around and saw my dad and brother at the bottom of the stairs we were walking up and let go of dudes hand and ran back to my dad. I've always felt like I've had weird coincidences and people know private things about me no one should. My dad ended up leaving my family, and he's a millionaire and I'm not really sure how he truly got his fortune
I also remember when I was 12 or so he took me around to look at prostitutes late one night and was laughing at them. He would slow down as if to solicite them and then drive off when they got close enough to the car. The older I got the less actual contact he has with me but he's helped me with most of the properties I've owned and I always feel a bit paranoid about it.

No. 1752070

all the really fucked up ones (animal abusers, poop players, the one anon making some woman have a threesome with her sister, etc) were already done ages ago

No. 1752075

>the one anon making some woman have a threesome with her sister,
Wtf, I don't remember this one.

No. 1752077


No. 1752081

this was years ago (i think around 2019 or 2020?), it was some long greentext story broken into several parts

No. 1752121

My confession is that even though i love my partner of three years and want to marry him, i have been masturbating to my celeb crush for the last 3 months exclusively. I love my actual partner but he doesnt make me go feral sexually. Idc if this makes me a cheater

No. 1752124

Your pussy knows what’s good for you, dump him

No. 1752125

The vast majority of males watch porn in a relationship and don't consider it cheating, your own partner probably does too, I think you're fine rubbing it to a picture lol

No. 1752138

My pussy is untrustable nona. I only dated my bf till now, so i guess i just started wanting to try something else. I also look at every college aged boy that fits my ideal male type w the inner thought of "what if i flirt w him".
Issue is i am the ugly woman in stem stereotype and i wont ever live the stacy lifestyle. Not to cape for a man but at least my bf is personality wise really nice and respects me during sex.
But ye i dont think of sex with anyone else besides my bf and celeb crush but celeb crush is winning rn. I wish i could just have him ONCE i swear

No. 1752145

The hottest males I know are with mid women. Plus being in stem WILL put you in an advantage. All men worship money and will chase after you. You can have any college age male you want, trust me. If he doesn’t make you that horny your offspring will be a cringe nerd.

No. 1752147

what's the deal with this?
I see chads and gymbros with normal looking women while ugly males always seem extremely picky
is "going for your own league" bogus? I feel like it is when you're a woman. I always see autistic and unattractive men have super delusional standards + a chip on their shoulder but men don't really date down do they?

No. 1752156

Most Chads and Gymbros are narcissists. Narcissists often don’t choose their partner based on looks, they choose them based on how much worship/validation they get from them and how much pickme shit they’ll do for them. They often date mid women to retain the power and upper hand in the relationship, and usually cheat too.

All men are shallow, and those who date less attractive women often have ulterior motives

No. 1752164

>All men are shallow, and those who date less attractive women often have ulterior motives
I wish this wasn't true

No. 1752304

I'm pretty sure I'm a narcissists and literally all my friends tell me I date uglies and I'm mad at my boyfriend tonight because he doesn't lovebomb me even tho I'm out of his league. Not even lovebomb but a fucking compliment. Also is it irrational to get upset when your bf calls you pretty hot? Why not just hot? What's the point in being alive if I can't have the things I want

No. 1752322

Moids don’t like it when you make more than them, it makes them insecure. They’ll pretend they don’t care for brownie points but in reality they can’t handle it. They’ll resent you for being a “goldigger” if you make less than them but will want to tear you down a peg if you make more. You can’t win.

No. 1752777

depends, I notice a lot of gymbros and chads post their "ideal woman" and its typically women like pokemane or some random trailer park looking girls. Even in the 2000s playboy era they'd choose women average faces and just tan them + get bolt ons + fry their hair blonde

No. 1752795

File: 1699146010440.jpg (254.35 KB, 1280x1280, 1693524959814186.jpg)

Thank you for your kindness. I would have thought this for even longer if it were not explained in detail one day in a health class and I was confused and then really embarassed. I really thought women was shitting out babies thats crazy.

No. 1752869

File: 1699151442648.jpg (15.41 KB, 269x275, 1682468082573.jpg)

Where can you legally sell deepfakes of real people, Nonna? This interests me a lot (I'll not be your competition tho don't worry)

No. 1752880

Even if those exist they’re going to be 99% women and if she shared those resources its harmful to women in many ways. Think before you speak nonna, moids always use technology to harm us first.

No. 1752978

I regret selling my Nintendo dsi on a impulsive urge when I was short on money, (after I quit my parttime job, because it gave me too much stress.)

It was basically a Nintendo lite but with a camera and at the time 3ds then came out but I remembered my sister bought it for me with a hello kitty case, that was one of the best presents she ever got for me and I regret it so much (sorry big sis). Even if I replayed those four games many times, I shouldn’t have given it away, I could’ve at least sold it online and gotten more money.
But I should’ve kept it because I miss it so much. Plus I forgot to delete all my flipnote animatics and silly comics with half naked guys kek. I’m also afraid to buy a Nintendo switch, then a new device coming out and missing out again (probably won’t happen soon I hope) but I want to play splatoon so bad.

No. 1752984

Get a Switch and play Splatoon with me nona. I have no one else to play with.

No. 1752989

they are already doing it, better fight fire with fire

No. 1753003

nta but the absolute last thing we need is both men AND women normalizing making and spreading indistinguishably realistic porn of real non-consenting people. fucking grim and suicide fuel honestly

No. 1753022

They would just push back harder and think its okay to ruin more women's lives.

No. 1753027

why not? i unironically believe that if women raped and sexual harassed men more often they wouldnt be such bitches

No. 1753030

You're pretty retarded because all it will do is make them rape women back harder and use it as an excuse.

No. 1753034

File: 1699159296519.jpg (106.96 KB, 610x912, 1671911008515.jpg)

men dont need excuses to rape women, we have been the better gender since forever and they still have a deep hatred towards us. I genuinely think if we were as equally bad as men they would at least think twice before doing something. I assure you if women started targetting men with deepfakes they would make a law to ban them in a microsecond. I unironically like kpoopies because they make those kpop boys fear for their life, wish more women would make men miserable.

No. 1753039

Are you dense? They will literally mass use it to justify the rape of women. Shut up.

No. 1753045

as if rapist men need justifications to rape women kek are you one of those spergs that thinks ''teach men not to rape!!!11'' as if the rapist moid is some low iq downie who isnt aware of what he's doing and enjoying it?

No. 1753046

You're talking in circles. Rape fetish or something?

No. 1753049

File: 1699160001308.png (402 KB, 527x418, 1656673830728.png)

whats your opinion on jodi arias?

No. 1753059

My queen like actually she did nothing wrong

No. 1753062

but she's justifying moids killing women!!11!!!

No. 1753068

Conflating the memeification of Jodie Arias to rape is really showing your lack of intelligence right now

No. 1753070

File: 1699161056081.jpg (1.26 MB, 1284x1859, female dahmer.jpg)

so murdering moids is ok and ''memeable'' but rapingmoids is justifying them raping women? you are fucking retarded lol, i wish women were what the boogeyman incels think we are, we would live in a more equal world

No. 1753086

You are so autistic omg you clearly have a fetish or you're a male larping so you can claim we think rape is okay

No. 1753088

File: 1699161592243.jpeg (156.46 KB, 612x644, 9BEEAAE1-48D5-4DF7-96EB-2AE635…)

Sure Nona, I’d love to play it with you.

No. 1753094

i am not a moid, i am just saying if men are going to hate us anyways might as well be as bad as them. Men have it waaaaay too good for being so vile, they dont even get deployed anymore which was the only ''bad'' thing that happened to them. They deserve to get murdered and raped and fear going out, they have it too easy.

No. 1753098

Fighting fire with fire has never worked with moids, they’re set in their ways and they’ll finally have “proof” that men are just as oppressed victims as women are. We’ve already had women make photoshop nudes and RPF of celebs and actors for years and that has never opened up any conversations about how objectified women are compared to men. People including the celebs and randoms just find it weird and uncomfortable and baby the grown men.

In a way the deepfake shit is already happening, some regular men are being targeted with ai sextortion. Men are easy targets because they’re retarded and think with their dicks so they’ll send a dick pic to an obviously fake account and then be blackmailed about it. They know the consequences of being so pornsick and horny makes them easy prey but they’ve never fucking changed or told other men to.

No. 1753103

still, men deserve something bad to happen to them. They have it extremely easy, there is literally no set back to being a modern moid but they STILL think they are oppressed, might as well make their life REAL miserable. I am angry ''femcel'' never picked up outside of trannies and pickmes, i yearn for a misandrist uprising but women have been socialized to always feel empathy, even to their agressors. It sucks, i wish there was a female jeffrey dahmer kidnapping torturing and killing moids, it sucks to always be the prey.

No. 1753132

We really are the better sex and I hate that we have to be the bigger person even if we’re the victims. Nature is unfair we are less taller and not as muscular as men. Because if we were, best believe our fists would be talking and demanding respect as men do with each other.

No. 1753167

Yeah, you stupid bitch. It's totally okay to start raping and murdering just because men do it. Totally. Fuck off, creep.

No. 1753204

a lot of moids hurt people by the exact same logic of
>grr someone else hurt me so now it's justified for it to be MY turn to be the bully
it's part of why boys who are abused have an increased chance of abusing when they become big enough to do it too. I'm sorry you're clearly struggling with strong negative feelings but why not take this energy towards helping female victims instead of copying moid violence and potentially getting other women in trouble for it. Deepfakes won't hurt men as much as they hurt women and it doesn't do anything to equalize things or improve women's situations

No. 1753394

Bump because malepoasting

No. 1753807

That's why I think we should start hurting them in different ways — from AI sextortion and deepfakes to poisoning and roofying them. Btw in some countries oddly enough it's not a crime to spike someone's drink, just whatever you do afterwards. As long as you don't leave any trace of molesting them, you can't be charged of anything (and well, even if you do, chances are they won't go to the cops bc male shame)

No. 1753827

I see your point but I refuse to waste my drugs slipping a roofie to a moid

No. 1753832

File: 1699190845033.jpeg (89.54 KB, 1600x900, 58nwzuj.jpeg)

Nah she's based, we should start mass raping men. And killing them. Sick of having women tell me I'm meant to be nice to moids and I can't even fantasize about a world where we can team up and kill the pedophiles and the ugly ones while raping the pretty boys and breaking them.

No. 1753852

Ok? So you’re no different to them. When all the pretty boys are dead it will be sick cunts like you going round doing the raping. You can face the wall with the rest of them.

No. 1753864

Erm no, the pretty boys won't die, we will keep them alive for slavery purposes. And why do you think I'd start raping women? You're dumb.

No. 1753865

You won’t rape anyone you tranny faggot. Kys.

No. 1753867

Can't you let women fantasize, why are you defending males so hard

No. 1753869

I’m not defending males, I’m simply condemning you, you disgusting creepy bitch.

No. 1753873

Go back

No. 1753874

>you're no different than them!11
You'll get nothing for being better than them. They will never stop dehumanising us. Ever. Might as well make world slightly more balanced. We aren't even able to make it truly reality, and you're that angry. Reserve your empathy for women and girls.
Also don't kill pretty boys though, why kek

No. 1753877

> we should start mass raping men
this makes me so uncomfortable

No. 1753882

Shut the fuck up you tranny faggot. YOU go back.

No. 1753884

You don't have to partake, just let the Staceys do our thing

No. 1753885

>the Stacey’s
You’re all hideous degenerates don’t lie.

No. 1753887

They'd just find pleasure in it. Why waste any unnecessary energy on them.

No. 1753891

Some of you arent making jodi arias proud, sad.

No. 1753892

No, i want to hurt men. i am tired of having to be sympathetic and the better gender, it's so tiring and boring. And for what? Moids hates us and women prefeer to be pickmes. It's so so tiring.

No. 1753893

Yes and?

No. 1753894

I don't think they'd find pleasure in a serrated dildo up their ass

No. 1753895

Jodie is based and I fully get the anger and desire to hurt and get rid of men, but frankly they simply aren't worth going to jail for. Even in a world where getting rid of the worst moids would have no consequences, there shouldn't be any resources wasted on torturing them. Like just execute and be done with it kek.

No. 1753900

Okay then let's do it

No. 1753903

who gives a fuck if a woman says she wants to rape men on an anonymous imageboard? why is it important? there was no reason to clog the thread complaining and getting mad. the moids won't pat your head, thank you for protecting them from woman-rape and resolve to respect women more. shit won't happen.

No. 1753909

has to be a legit autistic anon to not understand irony kek or a moid to get angry at women jokingly saying they would rape men

No. 1753915

Kek probably the same one who got mad at the the treat your males as dogs thread

No. 1753917

>says something degenerate
>”that’s degenerate”
>waaaa stop clogging the thread and agree with me!!!!

No. 1753919

then stop bringing attention to it, dumbass

No. 1753920

I'll get back to you when I built my billion dollar empire founded on exploiting moids.

No. 1753925

>stop bringing attention to it! You’re only allowed to agree with me!

No. 1753927

you are getting angry at a joke, it's literally impossible to rape a moid as a woman. you seem angry that women arent uwu empathetic 24/7 and even think of doing the same things men do, you are what everyone else is complaining about. Let women be unhinged for once

No. 1753928

agree with me on what? not caring? are you schizophrenic?

No. 1753930

Because extremely juicy confessions cause infights and no one wants to see 1000 posts under their confession arguing

No. 1753936

If you really think it isn’t some larping tranny faggot then you’re delusional.

No. 1753937

don't let us down and make sure to spread tips on how you did it!

No. 1753938

>Nature is unfair we are less taller and not as muscular as men
This isn't the main reason as to why women have been subjugated, but rather because women are way too empathetic, caring, inhibited, and way less likely to take risks. Sexual dimorphism in humans is not nearly as extreme as other species and we overplay it way too much. For centuries men have killed each other with guns and other weapons. Women are just too scared to hurt others and also fear being hurt. Meanwhile, moids don't give a shit. Their narcissism and sheer unfounded confidence is what makes them more powerful than us. It's very much like being insane, and we know what insane people are capable of because they have no inhibitions whatsoever.

No. 1753939

nta but i love you kek
yeah I see, how annoying

No. 1753940

You are so boring

No. 1753942

File: 1699199346058.png (3.16 MB, 2732x2048, 1654602026194.png)

you are embarassing, this is why ywnbja

No. 1754101

File: 1699208270939.gif (530.39 KB, 275x269, 1653883116215.gif)

Um, I don't know why some anons haven't realized this, but a woman doesn't have to be stronger than a man to rape him. Rape doesn't always begin with the method of "fight and beat them up to tire and hold them down". There's a thing called "drugs", and particular drugs that are frequently used to sedate and knock a person out of conscious. They're nicknamed "date rape" drugs, because they're typically used by rapists for subduing their victim after luring them with a date. No fight needed, just "here, have a drink". Contrary to actually fighting and holding a man down into restraint, date raping would be way more easy for a woman to do because then it would only be a matter of drugging and waiting. Women can do this, and there are cases of women doing this. I'm not sure how so many anons came to think it's impossible for a woman to rape a man just because of strength difference, I'm not sure how some anons managed to entirely miss that there's more than one way to overpower someone, and I don't know why the other anons are getting dogpiled and verbally bashed when they're flat-out correct that it's possible to rape a man. I don't like men, and I feel considerately less empathetic when something terrible happens to them, but it is full on retarded to think it's impossible for a woman to rape a man. I'd put it on the same level as thinking chocolate milk comes directly from brown cows.

No. 1754123

It's not because of strength, but because having something forcibly inserted in you is the actual definition of rape. When a woman puts a man's penis in her without his consent it should just be called nonconsensual sex, not rape.

No. 1754124

how do you rape a man? do you put his flacid weiner on your vagoo? it's impossible lol

No. 1754140

nta but if you are the type of woman unhinged enough to drug a moid to exploit, you're probably not averse to a bit of sodomy

No. 1754142

would be funny ngl

No. 1754151

No you just put something in his ass. Fingerblast it, whatever. Also you can get a man hard while he’s unconscious or semi-conscious, it’s not difficult depending on what he’s intoxicated with.
Ntayrt but she’s right. It’s very uncommon though. Honestly not sure why we’re spending time discussing it here on lolcow, save it for the MRA forums. Ain’t no one care about a man getting raped here.

No. 1755282

File: 1699240528792.jpeg (42.95 KB, 281x1000, CD3E4048-6DEE-4F44-86D7-0028B5…)

i had a phase in high school where i used mt. dew bottles as water bottles, as in i'd drink it (or pour it into the sink because i hate soda) and carry the bottle around for weeks afterwards (until the label tore off) drinking water from it pretending it was mt. dew to look cool. what made it even more cringe is that i'm a bong so mt. dew isn't even really a thing here.

No. 1755284

Enough rape talk.

No. 1755507

16 year old brains are pretty funny

No. 1755649

File: 1699278115369.png (261.84 KB, 634x586, skeptical.png)

I've used the friend finder thread as a thinly veiled attempt to find a gf it worked.

No. 1755660

how did you do it tell me your secret

No. 1755683

thanks for the tip nonna, omw to get a mentally ill gf from lolcow

No. 1755711

>add nonas that you would like
>find out asap if they're SSA
>get them to talk about themselves/life/lore
>"wow she is perfect…"
tbh it's all luck

she's as ill as me she is perfection

No. 1755831

When I'm feeling down I always watch the Oneyplays Channel Awesome videos, they never fail to make me laugh.

No. 1755872

e-dating? or have you guys hung out? good luck with your relationship!

No. 1756085

I would pretty much consider myself asexual + low sex drive, but the one thing that makes me insanely horny is knowing someone wants me. Especially if they're objectively really hot or someone who I can tell would rank highly among whatever group we're in. I don't personally feel sexual attraction so this is entirely based off what I think other people would think. still don't want to be touched tho

No. 1756088


No. 1756115

I'm genuinely curious if there's a sexuality that's rooted in narcissism. Whenever I have sex dreams they're always about myself too.

No. 1756346

Isn't that normal though? I don't want to dream of other people having sex.

No. 1757365

I went back on 4chan and accidently made a moid obsessed and infatuated with me. He thinks I'm his gf. I'm sorry, I need help.

No. 1757374

Hire a hitman to take care of this problem for you

No. 1757381

I wish. He even said that he wants to visit me! I lied about where I lived though, like he's getting a green card from me!

No. 1757429

I just realized a good friend of mine is posting in /ot but I dont want to tell her I know. I just hope she knows she can always text or call me and that I love and support her. Shes so talented and wonderful; I hope she finds her path to happieness. Keep posting nonna! I wont mention it i promise. And the offer is still here- I have the space and you can stay for as long as you need. Mi casa es su casa!

No. 1757448

How did you find out? Does she talk about the same things on here as she does with you?

No. 1757474

good god I'm terrified of this happening to me

No. 1757484

Don't, random people have replied to me on here and said they "knew who I was" twice now. My friends are normies who aren't very confident with their English, and I don't have a finsta, TikTok or things like Discord where total strangers would get to know me from (and if I did, I certainly wouldn't be dumb enough to post on a website created to laugh at weirdos on the internet), so I'm pretty sure they were lying and trying to scare me instead, thinking I was a terminally online loser like them.
Most posters here aren't remarkable enough to be remembered, and if you stay on lolcow long enough everyone starts to type like each other. The only way you can tell is if they post some very specific personal information or are mentally ill women who spam the boards every two hours with the same old shit.

No. 1757501

They really are just schizo. Whenever I see a post like that it's generally bullshit.

No. 1757570

File: 1699355747146.jpg (14.95 KB, 300x300, 3b12b547c06e2c9c71d83abf06dfe8…)

i think i am genuinely attracted to skeletons. not in the sense that i want to have sex with one since that would be a struggle but if a walking talking skeleton in a nice outfit started flirting with me i would get very flustered. and going on a date with one would be nice. for a long time it's been a running joke with my friends that i have a thing for skeletons but i think it is actually real. i think skeletons are hot. i wish i had a living skeleton boyfriend

No. 1757578

File: 1699356869676.jpeg (61.37 KB, 256x274, BA674C6E-2AFB-425F-A23D-64C561…)

Don’t worry nonny i understand

No. 1757581

File: 1699357507232.jpg (16.54 KB, 272x364, Sans_undertale.jpg)

No. 1757587

Allow me to enrich your life. Read The Buried Years by Loreen Heneghan. It offers some world building that I think you might like and it's a short story, so it only takes ten minutes.

No. 1757590

What if the skeleton gains the rest of it's body back as he used to be in life and he's a balding fat bastard?

No. 1757593

those bones are still in there! i can fix him!

No. 1757605

Kek just peel him off like a banana I guess

No. 1757683

She mentioned a few abusive situations and I recognized her story, and also I recommended her to check out the site a few months ago (because she hated reddit and wanted a women only space). I also recognized her phrasing, but thats what happens when you have been friends for a decade.
>>1757484 I am not schizo kek, but Im sorry its happened to you. Like i said in my OP, I wont tell her I know shes posting, I just worry because I want her to he safe and happy, and recently it seems like shes not in the best situation.

No. 1757721

Join us hear fellow weirdo >>>/m/301925

No. 1757996

Calm tf down, I never said anything about raping or some sort, I’m talking about having the upperhand. Learn to read before you start pointlessly swearing and assuming brainless fuck.

No. 1758009

Thank you, fellow nonna in christ.

No. 1758011

i've been taking bites out of my boyfriend's blocks of cheese and blaming it on his housemate for fun. he's been so angry about it.

No. 1758016

File: 1699385350298.jpeg (36.35 KB, 300x300, IMG_0007.jpeg)

Made an ugly dude cry.
Thought it would feel more based but instead I just feel like shit.

No. 1758017

i also went to my friend's house and ate her boyfriend's luncheon meats out of the fridge when she went to the toilet. they're too polite to have mentioned it but i know they know.

No. 1758035

Just know that you are based, nonnie. Ignore the feelings of pity, he likely bullied a lot of girls before and felt nothing.

No. 1758045

when there's annoying kids making noise at the yard (i live in kinda rough area) i put creepy sounds through the door phone so they would get scared and fuck off and now i wonder if i over did it since there were some kids smoking weed and making noise and i put creepy laughs and demon voices through the door phone so the sound can be heard in the yard and one of them was freaking out kek sorryyy

No. 1758048

Just know that if you were the one that was crying he wouldn't have cared. Chances are he deserved it.

No. 1758109

You are a peace of shit.

No. 1758160

NTAYRT but "peace of shit"?

No. 1758172

Me but with the butter

No. 1758249

kek that's your own fault. I hope he doesn't have any info on you.
I love how everyone gets support here. There's always another weirdo who understands you.
I'd feel bad to, some people just have too much empathy. I bet he deserved it. How did you make him cry?

No. 1758266

I've been a vegetarian for 19 years and a few weeks ago I ate something with meat in it because I wanted to be polite. A woman brought something homemade to my new workplace to share with everyone and it was so wholesome. Sorry to the cow I ate! It wasn't much but I felt bad and disgusted.

No. 1758332

It happens i’ve recognized some people here before from posting very specific things. But i’ve never replied or told them I knew, I don’t get the point of that I don’t care who uses lc because i’m here too. I’ve only been surprised when it was someone I didn’t expect because of the persona they put on does not match what you’d think of as a lc poster, made me like her more.

No. 1758481

Just had semi-public sex for the first time in years and it was so much fun

No. 1758587

I have two internal voices, one of them who is legitimately insane and retarded, and another one who spends all day going "that is ridiculous, shut the fuck up immediately" at regular intervals. It's not a self-hate thing, the primary voice really is just objectively insane and retarded and needs to be yelled at to shut up or I can't function.

No. 1758590

I know it is, but now I want to mess with him after reading rape-chans post from above. Like mentally rape him

No. 1758593

Anon, you have to be sincere, not polite, what if you’re allergic to something? Would you eat something that would make you stop breathing for the sake of politeness? I’m not even a vegan but I think it’s a matter of being civilized to accept that not everyone will wat the same stuff that others eat.
Just please never do that again, be sincere and tell whoever has meat in their food that you don’t eat meat and that that’s the end of the story.

No. 1758616

Me too! Ngl, for me personally it can get pretty mentally chaotic.

No. 1758661

I've never known what this means

No. 1758673

File: 1699424900815.jpeg (58.92 KB, 720x736, IMG_2305.jpeg)

Considering losing my virginity by hooking up with a guy just to see if I can like sex. I know that I enjoy masturbation, and that for a lot of women they can’t enjoy sex unless they have an emotional connection with their guy, but I don’t really emotionally connect with men at all and I’m too autistic for even casual dating

No. 1758683

My confession is that I did it a few times with my boyfriend and honestly hated it so much that I feel like I never want to do it again, idk we did all the usual tips like going slow and using obscene amounts of lube and he focused on me but I just can't get into it. He's supportive of me not wanting to do it again but I can't help but want to rant about how it sucks so much and it hurts his feelings.
maybe unpopular opinion but i always feel really uneasy about girls hooking up with random men bc even a guy you know can take advantage of you, it feels like the riskiest thing ever to get intimate with someone that could have STDs or be the type of moid who gets berserk and selfish in bed. I feel like you're not missing out but idk that's just me

No. 1758781

I've never had sex with a man but I've read so many accounts from women who have that it's horrible, painful, demeaning and the man lasts for like 30 seconds. It makes me wonder if the anons hornyposting about wanting to get "a good dicking" are just coping.

No. 1758810

Remove your head from your ass for five seconds and realize that alternate sexualities exist to your own.

No. 1758812

I didn't say anything about my sexuality besides that I have never had sex with a man, I just said everything I've heard about sex with men sounds horrible and painful and I always hear women complain about it and how I'm not missing out on anything. Stop with your tard rage.

No. 1758838

nta but a lot of women that admit they can come from piv get treated like whores here and on normie female spaces like the 2X subreddit. ofc you're going to hear more from the abused majority than the lucky half that gets to come.

No. 1758847

The inept, shutin bitterness is so palpable. Getting angry at women for having normal, healthy sexual needs or desires is mentally ill and also very male adjacent.

No. 1758856

The original anon said literally none of that, she just said she mentioned that a lot of women have bad sexual experiences. Wtf is going on with lc lately.

No. 1758862

This rhetoric has been a reoccurring problem on lolcow for a couple of years now. It got really bad last year. Women couldn't say anything about their sexual desire like at all without being called a whore and disgusting by blackpillers allegedly, but it was probably a man.

No. 1758871

General rule of thumb is, if someone uses whore as a description of women outside of /snow/, it's a moid or one of our spergy namefags and the post can be disregarded.

No. 1758894

I dont need you to talk at me and 'advise' me when youve probably been here for like two years, I'm aware. Ew.

No. 1758908

I feel like I'm reaching a new stage in friendship when my friends start sending me shit with my husbandos.

No. 1758914

I've been here since the start and I told you that since you sounded like you took those posts serious.

No. 1758920

I highly doubt that because you're preaching at me like a newfag kek

No. 1758925

you just need to remember that some of these blackpiller women are honestly severely mentally ill. they're genuinely miserable and sick in their minds and take their own personal issues against other women.

and no i do not mean that a woman would be sick for not wanting to have sex with men, i am not saying a woman would be sick to distrust men, personally i believe that is nothing but smart thing to do, but what is sick and sign of a unwell person is the way blackpillers talk about other women, how they believe life is nothing but misery for women and that men loving women are genuinely unable to actually enjoy sex and sexuality. hell they often seem to believe that about lesbians too since they lose their shit any time someone dares to say they like pussy. if their problem was entirely with men and they just stuck to insulting moids, whatever, but they see other women as mirrors of their miserable and traumatized selves. figure out what that means when they speak horribly about other women.

No. 1758926

An ugly man himself or a lost pickme

No. 1758930

File: 1699439663884.jpeg (134.29 KB, 640x466, C734B45B-2F0C-41B2-88C5-045FEF…)


My confession is that Everytime I see a man I think of them jerking off, I’m hroessed out but I find it funny. His retarded face, Jim hunching over his phone watching bangbros

No. 1758932

Yeah, their whole shtick is hating women. They said so themselves in their thread. Hating men is a given. I'll remember their "i wish i had a privilege to be a male" post forever.

No. 1759156

My doctor stuck his finger up my ass to check for hemorrhoids (I didn't have any) and I liked it a lot. It was great

No. 1759215

Sans is a skelly, why does he look fat

No. 1759247

i'm usually good at spotting images made by ai but i reported that photo of pregnant kourtney(?) kardashian on celebricows because i thought it was that faceapp weirdo again. to be fair someone used to post pregnant chris evans ? or some other chris. i don't care about celebrities i just go there to have a laugh and i thought the same thing was happening. shocked to find out it was real and i'm cracking up thinking of the mod that saw my report but i swear it looked so fake to me. my second confession is that i am a serial repooooorter. but not without good reason/in bad faith !

No. 1759252

He's a manlet, manlets always look fat because of their height "grouping" their body closer together on itself.

No. 1759259

No. 1759394

wait wtf i thought that was ai too. damn

No. 1759526

First thing in the morning, the second I wake up I think about killing myself. Every day, for the past 4 years. So I often re-read this one fic where my husbando stops the reader insert from committing suicide. It's the only thing that helps. It's even more pathetic since he's based on a real person and played by a 3D.

No. 1759564

it's okay nona, I thought that was fake too. her belly looks massive in that shot so I thought it was shooped or an edit KEK

No. 1759769

Yeah don't worry, I won't do it again and usually I'm honest and open about not eating meat. Don't know what was wrong that day, maybe something in the water.

No. 1759839

File: 1699483684276.jpg (454.52 KB, 1242x1754, F-b-txRWwAEV_9D.jpg)

sometimes i read shojo manga and just pretend the girl is an extremely feminine draw girl call boy uke

No. 1759846

Do you smell burnt toast

No. 1759855

She means she pretends it's a trap, "draw a girl, call it a boy"

No. 1759868

I browse Reddit more than imageboards nowadays only because I just want to see content focused on my specific hobbies and my city. Used to be a heavy 4chan user but I don't find trawling through moid toxicity appealing anymore even if shitposts can be hilarious.

No. 1759869

You dont need to respond to a joke with mansplaining thanks

No. 1759870

>Do you smell burnt toast

No. 1759879

You are all genuinely children, that's horrifying

No. 1759885

i'm 24

No. 1759889

No. 1759891

Nta just answer the question dumbass

No. 1759895

File: 1699485017828.png (111.48 KB, 1094x563, Screenshot_54.png)

No. 1759896

>proving that you're also too retarded to understand a very common, low effort joke

No. 1759897

> mansplaining

No. 1759900

please forgive me for not understanding your joke nonnie

No. 1759901

This place has really gone to shit kek

No. 1759912

I'm not even going to post in the graduation thread I'm just going to dip and let them be retarded among themselves

No. 1759960

I accidentally threw away my sister’s popusas (Salvadoran naan basically) while cleaning the fridge.

No. 1759978

File: 1699488117070.jpg (162.79 KB, 1080x742, IMG_20231109_025711.jpg)

You know you're menstruation horny when 69 starts to look fine asf

No. 1759980

I did a mini cyberstalk of this guy I go to uni with and I wish I hadn't. I found his nsfw reddit and a video of him jacking off as well as a few other pictures of his ugly dick. Most of his comments were on r/teencocks, r/collegeboy and other teenage adjacent subreddits despite him being almost 30. All of this with a picture of his face as his profile pic to boot. I don't know how I'm going to look him in the eyes tomorrow… why are males always such fucking porn-addicted degens?????

No. 1759984

Make a throwaway account on Reddit and threaten to send his videos to his mom if he doesn't give you money via bitcoin

No. 1759993

muy basada

No. 1760004

Sounds like a pedo hub

No. 1760021

kekkkk yes do this

No. 1760024

You like studs?

No. 1760029

I’m sort of obsessed with this woman I know, like in a nice way. She’s like the opposite of me and there’s this kinda white swan/black swan dynamic between us. I just can’t stop thinking about her and I can’t help but watch her when she’s around but I try not to because I don’t want to stare like a creep

No. 1761844

i do the opposite and pretend the guy is a butch woman kek. we are not so different

No. 1762058

Im using the internet to pacify my lonliness again. I keep trying to build a more satisfying life, but I just don't seem capable. I am not completely unhappy, but I am very lonely.

No. 1762073

I have a hard time reading the "get if off your chest" thread because my brain interprets every post as being directed to me. Not out of vanity just retardation. I can read a post like "you were never a father to me you are a deadbeat and I don't want you in my life" and as a single women who has never fathered children I'll still get sad about letting my daughter down

No. 1762086

That's how I feel too, well, not to that extent but if the post is vague enough it's easy to feel like it's about me. I hid the thread though.

No. 1762141

I usually read a post and think I may have written that, and that I just think “yeah, this fucker [insert name] is just like what this post says”.

No. 1762158

KEK sorry but this is really funny to me

No. 1763230

File: 1699576865313.jpeg (8.35 KB, 154x139, CBC88339-9E2A-440F-AA1B-D8D216…)

The IT guy at my job is a dorky manlet gamer verging on incel territory but he has the absolute juiciest jacked soccer boy thighs. He’s not that attractive facially and has a teenager tier nasal voice but his legs are verging on perfection. I sometimes purposefully jack up my computer to get him to come fix it just because I want to see his legs

No. 1763617

I keep trying to convince myself I'm straight but scrolling by the masturbation thread on /g/ and seeing the discussion on shower head masturbation instantly put a picture in my head of this woman I'm obsessed with doing that and my body's reaction to that vision was not neutral. I feel so terrible because I'm not fully into women, but I sometimes enjoy these thoughts and it makes me feel like I'm doing something immoral and "pretending to be into women" even though it's all just happening inside my head and no one will ever know.

No. 1763648

Based as all hell

No. 1763684

The only way I'm affording Christmas shit for everyone this year is Chinese shopping apps.

Forgive me.

No. 1763688

of course i'd forgive you if you got me a gift.

No. 1763693

I work in a field that's mostly male, I'm 30 and the project I'm on has a lot of young to mid 20s guys on it and we're sometimes mildly flirty and occasionally I fantasize a bit but I feel bad because it's unprofessional and also I feel like an old hag preying on young boys. But if the situation were different I would absolutely fuck some of them.

No. 1763708

Working an office job is boring, you gotta find enjoyment and entertainment where you can.

No. 1763883

i want him to leave his gf for me

No. 1763932

If he did you'd be paranoid that he would do the same for you (he would). Don't be daft, dick is plentiful and of low value.

No. 1763945

I have plenty of dick but I'm tired of one night stands. I want a boyfriend to spend time with him but not something serious because I'm moving anyway. So I wouldn't be paranoid because we wouldn't even last longer than half a year.

No. 1763963

Adding to this, I've realised I have crushes on people who have friend groups I'm jealous of. Most of the time it's just me wishing I could hang out with their friends.

No. 1763975

You know that's not what I meant and you're coping hard rn. It's okay to just be single for a while instead of acting trashy and then hating yourself later, damn.

No. 1763992

Why is it hard to believe I don't care about him also leaving or cheating when I don't plan on having a lasting relationship with him?

No. 1764051

>I have plenty of dick but I'm tired of one night stands. I want a boyfriend to spend time with him
This is not ever said by anyone who "doesn't want anything serious", and every woman I've met who is totes okay with short term casual relationships just as long as it's not a ONS is coping, already crushing hard, and ends up getting attached and it bites her in the ass once they have to end it. You already are, since you want a specific guy, who is taken, of all things. No matter how serious you want it, if he leaves her for you it will tar your perception of men and make you more insecure in the future. That + your comment about crushing on people with friend groups you're jealous of tells me you're lonely and "not something serious" won't cut it.
I've been there with the loneliness and jealousy which is why I strongly advise you to be smart about it, fire up Tinder and start chatting to guys who already live at the new place you're moving to, maybe line up some dates if you're moving soon as you say.

No. 1764134

I get way too invested in internet fights especially when it's another person trying to take things out of context or projecting their own stupidity to avoid being wrong, it's gotten to a point where I start being walking out on my husband and kids because of it. I start screaming and slamming doors when my family tries to interrupt me during a reply

No. 1764389

File: 1699632324713.jpg (22.48 KB, 640x412, 1672120152535.jpg)

I've had intrusive thoughts since I was about 8 years old, and they're usually about saying / doing something obscene, like getting up and screaming at grandpa's funeral or calling my jewish coworker a kike or my gay friend a faggot cocksucker etc. (posting mild examples). I swear this is not bait. It's not funny at all when it happens and it makes me extremely anxious but I can't help it.

No. 1764398


you deserve to be ditched(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1764523

I think I have a nicotine addiction. It’s kinda gross

No. 1764574

You might have a mild form of OCD. I do, except my intrusive thoughts took the form of violence. I partially fixed myself by getting sick of the constant anxiety and fear by telling myself to do it. I was chopping firewood with an axe while my dog slept nearby and the fear that I would walk over and start chopping up my dog was so great that I was grinding my teeth.
So I told my brain to do. Go over there and actually do it. And there was no response. Just utter silence as I realized that I would never actually do that, that fears of doing so were pointless.

No. 1764653

this is how I'll imagine every infighter from now on kek

No. 1764662

aw i'm sorry to hear this. i have intrusive thoughts too that are often sexual and make me feel disgusting. i have to remind myself they're simply brain noise and reflect what i find disgusting, not anything about myself.

No. 1764791

Lord forgive me I’m going to hook up with the severely autistic psycho out of spite

No. 1764808

Ok I'm going to be gross but I found a porn channel of an asian guy masturbating and moaning very nicely and I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 1765149

Same, plus some of the posts there just sound psycho in general. like in the last thread there were a few wishing harm onto other women in such a graphic way that they sounded kind of moidish. it's one of the many reasons why i never want to befriend another farmer.

No. 1765265

I've been feeling so nostalgic these days but unfortunately all the good memories from my youth are tied to anime, so on a particularly rough day I cried listening to opening 2 of mawaru pengu drum (which isnt even a good show)

No. 1765274

Ewww you should harass him anonymously

No. 1765334

KEK i have a channel i watch sometimes like that too, it's the only "porn" i watch cuz western male moaning videos are god awful

No. 1765372

It is every infighter. Getting upset over other nerds on this site is a special kind of retardation lel

No. 1765404

What channel is this?

No. 1765428

I felt something reading your post, because a lot of the better memories in my teen years also had to do with watching anime, though maybe not to that extent because it's something I never shared with another person. Just know you aren't alone nonna

No. 1765747

File: 1699691539647.jpg (Spoiler Image,843.56 KB, 1080x3982, Screenshot_20231111_032310_Gma…)

don't mean to blogpost about my family but I found something that I feel like I just need to share with someone. I have an email that I almost never use, but apparently he was sending a bunch of emails to me in hopes of giving me advice each day. I had no idea about it until way later.
The thing is, all of the advice is something hilariously straightforward like
>avoid illegal things
>avoid dangerous places
>avoid men
I wish I'd seen these when he sent them, because I was actually going through a rough time. He's kind of awful at being emotionally supportive but he has his own weird way of making things feel better sometimes, like that time I was sad and he went "let me tell you about the book I'm writing" and spent 2-3 hours describing his story about animals overthrowing humans, with vivid descriptions of kamikaze geese. I completely forgot what I was torn up over but I remember the geese.

No. 1765758

This is kind of sweet, thank you for sharing. I have an estranged father who I never hear from. I receive one email every two years or so, asking how I'm doing and telling me where he lives now. He's an insane person, and if he post online, would also definitely be seen as a cow here kek. It's kind of nice that despite it all, he is looking out for you in his own way, however childish the advice is. Feel free to tell me if I'm seeing this completely the wrong way though

No. 1765780

I actually do get violent and sexual ones as well (hitting someone, stabbing someone, my two coworkers having sex, things like that) and I can't seem to find a way to mute them completely. I've tried to counter them by imagining my own sudden violent death, as in
>"I can't stab someone if I step on a landmine"
>imagine myself stepping on a landmine
>repeat infinitely
but this is stressful as well. It's probably connected to my general social difficulties and the expectation to "perform" in certain situations, and the fear of failure. It's embarrassing but I try to cope with it.

No. 1765855

Sort of related to the intrusive thoughts discussion: does anyone else do compulsive betting in their heads? For example, let's say I accidentally drop my water bottle cap. In the split second that happens, I compulsively think "If it lands face down, I'll fail my test". Or if I am approaching an intersection hoping the light won't change, I'll think "If the light turns red, my relationship will fail". I don't want to do this, and it makes me upset worrying the things might come true if I "lose" the bet, but it happens uncontrollably. It's like a weird proto-OCD. I notice it happens more the more stressed I am, and it usually combines whatever small thing I'm worried about in the moment (my water bottle cap landing face-down and getting dirty) with something big that is weighing on the back of my mind (an important test).

No. 1765865

I have OCD and I experience this. It is super distressing because I have to keep rethinking it over and over until it goes away.

No. 1765875

Do you have to like find a new situation to place the bet on?

No. 1765884

i wish i was more emotionally mature and able to handle things like an adult would. therapy is kind of helping but not really. sometimes it just feels like all the awful stuff that happened has permanently changed how my mind works and it just makes me so sad thinking about where i could be in life vs where i am :c

No. 1765909

I always feel so bad when anons make fun of moids for not knowing how to do "basic" stuff like interior decoration or taking a selfie because I don't know how to do these things either, curse my autism brain I guess.

No. 1765913

I don’t like the users who post at around this time (like 1-6am where I am) at other times users are more chill and funny and are able to have discussions with one another. Then when late night/early morning comes I’m assuming Europeans come on and start rageposting about what was posted while they were offline kek. They’re all illiterate humorless cows too.

No. 1765917

Everytime there's major derailing and infighting in multiple threads, it's around 2am - 7am in europe time.

No. 1765922

I banged AtJap13 at an anime con.

No. 1765923

Yeah I'm in Western Europe and all the retarded derailing happens when I'm sleeping lol.

No. 1765938

Are they male or female?

No. 1765948

No. 1765955

No. 1765960

okay so I’m a bong, and my auntie and uncle moved to America years and years ago, and had my two cousins, so we don’t really see them at all. My cousin, is now mtf and they are coming over for Christmas and I am so scared kek

No. 1765961

You have all the right to be scared if everyone else is okay with that shit.

No. 1766095

Same. I have never even taken a selfie before in my entire life.

No. 1766137

I laugh at my own jokes

No. 1766301

Somebody’s got to.

No. 1766310

I do that all the time because I have no IRL friends. At least I can easily amuse myself.

No. 1766517

i never realized gold was actually expensive. i thought it was all like.. old timey expressions from when it was hard to come by but i didn't think they were literal since gold seems to be so common. window shopping for jewelry mission abort i guess. i'm so dumb kek.

No. 1766563

Play dumb but ask offensive questions,

No. 1766653

anytime I get into very intense infights I have a weird urge to physically hurt things around me. I won't get into it, but I'm not proud of it

No. 1766659

you and >>1764134 should be friends

No. 1768060

If Beastars was a better manga it probably would have turned me into a furry.

No. 1768421

Retrospective it wasn’t unenjoyable and he makes good scrambled eggs, i ghosted him but after breakfast

No. 1768511

i tell people i have bad hearing, i don't, but for some reason i don't understand what certain people say easily so i'd rather just say i'm half deaf kek

No. 1768512

I wish love hotels were a thing outside of Japan. Maybe I would be able to have a love life without worrying about getting honor killed.

No. 1768516

Motels also exist

No. 1768527

Not where I live. We have regular hotels but you have to book them in advance and they're expensive.

No. 1768548

Western women don't have a love life either, sex life yes but the stuff on TV is a lie, men will all accuse you of using them for food if you wanna go on a date

No. 1768558

I live in Europe so I already know that. Even just having a sex life would be nice tbh.

No. 1768568


No. 1768572

Even more expensive and there's no way I'm booking an Airbnb in my city, it's crazy expensive compared to hotels and there are too many chances of seeing people I know and who know family members.

No. 1768597

Getting a dog has made me want kids more. I feel like both sides have so much hate, like people who want kids say that dogs are just a replacement for kids, while peolle who are child free say that dogs are so much better than kids and they only want fur babies. Well now I really want both, especially since my dog is so sweet with kids.

No. 1768739

File: 1699824627260.jpg (36.43 KB, 521x540, 329743830_1524162211416199_189…)

i like the idea of having children but when i think of the fears and realities of raising them, i do not want any. rapists, kidnappers, scammers, expenses, diseases, school payments. the risks of your own husband and family being an abuser, what if the child comes out disabled, 9 months of your life and your body forever changed and then it's a stillbirth. so much bullshit. then i read this and realized i can't even own a dog in an apartment, i can't even afford a place like that.

No. 1768768

I want to cow tip my personal cow so bad sometimes kek. I never will im not retarded but it's so tempting because she is so stupid it would be too easy though like pushing over a baby. Yes I realize I have problems

No. 1768802

Lately I've been battling with OCD compulsions a lot and I can't really explain to people why I'm "stuck" doing certain things. I hate it and I wish it could stop.

No. 1768810

I'm promiscuous and a huge liar because it's how I get my kicks. I get very intense duper's delight. I don't take anything I do seriously and feel no guilt and honestly why should I men aren't shit

No. 1768825

This is me but only in my dating life (currently not on the market). I get so bored with how mediocre scrotes are that I just say a bunch of lies to toy with them and get horny while not caring at all about them as a person. The lying is more fun.

No. 1768854

I cannot stand most women, and 9/10 times I prefer to spend my time with men instead. I have no female friends, only acquaintances, and with the women I've tried dating I've acted like the stereotypical emotionally unavailable pump and dump man. Though I have been deeply in love with one once, but it was completely one-sided. Pretty sure this is all because I spent my entire childhood and teens being bullied by and excluded from other girls and never ever being able to fit in or relate to them at all. And I still can't relate to 99.9% of women my age and almost everything about them makes me cringe. I would not consider myself a pick-me because I don't aspire to be 'picked' by men and I never actively try to make myself appealing to them in any way. I just have complex issues regarding other women.

No. 1768866

I would date you and love you with all my heart

No. 1768880

she just said she would basically pump and dump you

No. 1768885

I very suddenly remembered that one American reality tv show about some early 20s woman who looks like a kid because she had brain cancer and chemo destroyed her pituitary gland and her tard parents didn't make her follow a HGH treatment. I'm glad my parents weren't crazy enough to prevent me from getting that treatment or I would have been just like her. But then again I also often get treated like a kid or a teenage girl unless I hang out with friends and that condition heavily contributed to me being a femcel so maybe I shouldn't think like that. The confession is that seeing so many people months ago debating over whether that woman should have a bf or not because she attracts pedophiles made me feel bad about myself.

No. 1768962

She could fix her. I believe in her.

No. 1768985

i dont feel bad for suibaiting my brother bc he doesnt scoop his cats litterbox for 2-4 days on average and lets the smell permeate the entire living area, and then punches his cat multiple times when it shits outside the box. its been like this for months and any solution i suggest is thrown away and he doesnt try to get better about scooping it. any favor i do for him is taken for granted. the living space is now technically "his cats" but it doesnt even have a cat bed and sleeps on the couch or the old cat tree with visible sagging and partly destroyed scratching post. the cat food container was empty for at least 2 days and i feel bad that i only noticed it today, but then what the hell was he doing, not checking on his goddamn cat? i fill up and clean the water bowl half the time now. i resent that he doesnt take care of his cat, bluster that he does when i point that out, and then leave me to either be complicit in abusing the cat or spend my time and energy on HIS bullshit

No. 1769039

just hung out with my ex boyfriend who is a good friend of mine + my uncle at a pub (strange setting i know but it was for a music related event). uncle, who is a really lovely and dynamic person, ended up eulogising about me to my ex and poking fun at him, saying stuff like "you have no idea what you've lost". i'm the one who broke up with him and i have literally nothing against him but watching him squirm was kind of awesome. i think every woman in the world deserves this experience and i wish it upon everyone who actually cares about what their ex thinks of them

No. 1769054

I have so many top of the scale luxury materials and I'm still miserable.

No. 1769058

File: 1699840461210.jpeg (32.49 KB, 750x394, 44D42654-E93D-4BAC-B957-62C8CD…)

i haven’t shaved my pubes in maybe 6 months (little trims here and there whenever i get disgusted looking at it myself kek) i thought it would put off my moid but he goes down on me more than ever because he’s never seen anything like it

No. 1769062

nayrt but unironically from someone with similar woman issues this made my heart grow three sizes

No. 1769073

I'm hiding a whole ass trust fund from my older sister, now who is the very grown up one, maybe you should've taken care of the funeral and paperwork kek

No. 1769076

him fetishizing your bush is what it took for him to go down on you more? coomer alert. also why did you think he would be put off? he must be an asshole. not a flex girl

No. 1769078

No. 1769084

Actually I think he sounds normal and she sounds like the weird one for not liking her bush. But body hair grooming is culture-specific so she probably grew up that way.

No. 1769087

What the fuck is wrong with you and why are you trying to sabotage other people's lives

No. 1769097

since when is having an adult looking pubic area "fetishizing"??

No. 1769109

Wouldn't coomers be more likely to like Brazilian'd vaginas? What are you even saying anon

No. 1769117

me want all the moneys

No. 1769130

Nta but everything is a fetish. There’s a lot of big-bush themed porn. I think the ayrt is being weird and bit baity but it’s not absurd as a concept.

No. 1769152

Yeah but shaved/waxed vaginas are way more popular. Idk.

No. 1769181

A past coworker finally told me and someone else about our 80 year old scrote coworker forcing a kiss on her and saying something like "we may have not fallen in love in this lifetime but we will in another one I promise you" this girl was 16, only 17 now. He's a terrible person/coworker and I feel like telling our new boss about his assault on her. He's also apparently trying to find her current address for god knows what reasons.

No. 1769211

I dont wanna get over her at this point. I hope I find someone very similar.

No. 1769323

You should definitely report that, you can do it anonymously if you don't want any drama. A lot of these creeps are repeat offenders and even if he's not fired it could help to keep an eye on him

No. 1769329

I’ve been goung through a tough mental health period, I had a job that broke my spirit and my partner did some shitty things and it all really messed with my head. Now I’m trying to recover and my partner got the news of a terminal diagnosis for his mom and I just can’t empathise, in fact my initial reaction was hope he’d go be with his family and I finally get to have a break. Of course I was there to hold him while he cried and said it’d be alright but will it? It’s really hard to see my empathy die out for someone I love so much and how small issues can wear you out to the point you’re an empty shell. Is there anything more hartbreaking than to see the strongest most beautiful emotions you felt slowly get extinguished and replaced by nothing? I suppose the relationship is really unsalvageable if I reached this point but I still can’t let go.

No. 1769376

I’m dating a non-famous nepo baby and oh my fucking god he’s so boring and naive but I’m sticking around because he has multi generational wealth

No. 1769506

File: 1699879768258.jpg (36.29 KB, 540x339, c.jpg)

I have a crush on this cafe worker and found her depop profile. Considering just buying one of her listings just to have a piece of clothing she has worn.

No. 1769597


No. 1769757

skinwalker behavior

No. 1769774

Who is it

No. 1769800

File: 1699898351133.jpg (87.99 KB, 789x1024, 1691213331155.jpg)

Amazing. Unhinged feral behavior. Do it.

No. 1769844

Are you gonna huff it

No. 1770016

I watched the entire Twilight saga recently and I unironically loved it. Also I'm team edward.

No. 1770087


I’m not going to do it nonnies it was just a fleeting thought.

No. 1770174

I also have watched the entire Twilight saga recently and unironically loved it. But I'm team Jacob. So we're enemies now.

No. 1770197

I was team jacob all the way at first UNTIL he imprinted on renesmee. He ended up being creepy as hell. I liked how persistent he was with bella.

No. 1770216

I'm a bad feminist for finding feminine women attractive. There are other ways in which I fail to meet the ideals, but this one makes me feel bad since I know femininity is a result of male oppression.
It's just so cute when women wear nice dresses and do fun things with long hair. I like butches a lot too, but there is a certain appeal to femininity.

No. 1770221

Sounds like you do a lot of mental gymnastics. And coming from a metalhead, long hair is very masculine and typically looks unkempt compared to short hair kek. Can't wait until the day normies realize it.

No. 1770492

Oh yeah, I've had long hair myself and present rather masculine/neutral. There are just certain ways to style long hair that feminize it (clips, scrunchies, certain hairstyles, etc), which is what I had in mind.

No. 1770518

This but I can't find butches attractive at all.

No. 1770550

This is just my opinion but I think you need to look at it from another perspective. The traits that we consider feminine would exist even if men weren't around (long hair, dresses/tunics, hairstyles, etc) cause they're just that, traits. Also, you're assuming the only way a woman would like those things it's by getting forced to which isn't true, even though there's a societal pressure to be feminine for women, some do like that type of stuff genuinely, you're just appreciating them so there's nothing wrong about it. Just be free and love as you please anon

No. 1770561

My husband's therapist has a huge crush on me and is paying all of our bills on the DL. When he asks about it I just tell him I've been getting bonuses at work. I may get him to buy me a new car soon

No. 1770574

damn you turned that erotic transference into a bank transference!

No. 1770592

so feral right now that I'm aggressively hitting on a man with kids thinking like yeah I could give him some more

No. 1770656

Well this is definitely uh a confession

No. 1770657

Why are you leaving out the part that you sleep with him tho

No. 1770670

he's not married or old! he just has kids. leave me alone

No. 1770680

is this the fanfic thread?

No. 1770700

Shes been listening to Lana del Rey because she snuck an ipod nano into the psych ward via anus again

No. 1770730

Nonny tread carefully… psychology people are usually cluster b or worse themselves. He'll use psych magic to plant the seeds for your husband to commit sudoku and then take his rightful place next to you on your air mattress

No. 1770735

File: 1699931260280.jpeg (69.79 KB, 720x962, IMG_5650.jpeg)

My boyfriend killed himself/overdosed yesterday

F you are the love of my life. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you. I feel empty and numb. I tried to kill my self so I can join you but I failed

How could this happen?

No. 1770743

I draw on myself so I can remind myself to shower. I’m very lazy

No. 1770745

If this is true, you shouldn't be on here. I don't think it is because you shared a stupid meme with it.

No. 1770755

I'm so sorry. I'm very sorry. I hope you feel better soon . Hugs nonna I have no words I'm just sorry this happened to you

No. 1770757

I'm really sorry anon, that's terrible. I hope you have people to support you around. I don't think he would've wanted you to go with him, he probably knew how much you loved him and would want you to keep living

No. 1770764

No. 1770770

Nta but I was on here several hours after my mom died because I couldn't sleep (also posted a vent about it couple years ago)

No. 1770772

My husband sucks low-key and treated me terrible for the first few years of our relationship. I don't do anything sexually with the therapist outside of agreeing to visit him in public. The therapist also doesn't know that I'm married or that he is my husband's psychologist it was a weird coincidence. Basically - all the moids in my life suck so I might as well have financial gain

No. 1770794

underrated post

No. 1770796

Give me his number so I can get some cash too and take all his pennies from you. Pass those stacks to me

No. 1771666

I don't understand the iceberg meme template

No. 1771679

My best friend is always fact correcting me about my husbando and it embarrasses me, I know I should just git gud but I can't help but feel bad about it, my memory is usually very bad due to medication and I can't talk to her about anything without getting corrected yet again, it makes me nervous

No. 1771680

File: 1699998520893.jpeg (62.68 KB, 568x550, BAA91316-3B2B-4CB9-80FF-F469D3…)

I think Trisha’s baby is really really cute and I don’t usually fawn over kids, I am hoping against hope that somehow she will turn out normal. I know it’s like a one in a million chance but please.

No. 1771686

I every so often watch Trishas video and Malibu seems to be such a happy baby. She is very sweet and expressive. Like they’re always singing with her and you know it isn’t just for the camera as she knows all the hand movements and stuff. I think Trisha is a good mum.

No. 1771688

Honestly, deep down I really hope Trisha is a good mother, since she wanted that baby so badly, and she has had a rough path in life. I hope she is actually stable enough emotionally to prevent the mistakes her parents made with her.

No. 1771744

I unironically listen to rupaul songs

No. 1771771

tbh it's very obvious that Moses is the main caregiver to Malibu, she is always clinging to him and looking to him for reassurance while Trisha is a bit awkward around Malibu. I think since she didn't breastfeed Moses was probably the one who woke up at night with her to bottle feed her and developed that intense bond as main caregiver while Trisha just plays with Malibu when she feels like it and is otherwise not very involved with the daily parenting duties.

No. 1771778

I unironically live Trisha and have a parasocial relationship with her. I've always know about her since 2012 but 2019 is when I really started keeping up with her and I went multiple phases with her where I would be a fan and then be a hater. And now I'm currently a fan. I kind of regret some of the rumors I made up about her when I used to be a hater because some of the rumors went viral and people till this day believe it.

No. 1771800

Damn anon, did you ever see Trisha acknowledge the rumors in some way? Did you ever try to do damage control later on? Not really much you can do about it now, people wouldn’t believe you even if you had solid proof you made it up.

No. 1771804

There is nothing much I could do about it but at the time I was dealing with a lot of guilt when I stopped being a hater and tried make amends by always defending her. I couldn't access my other account which I used to spread rumors about her. I do feel guilty but at the same time people are stupid as fuck for falling for the things I was saying. I can be good with words when I want to be manipulative so once frenemies ended there were certain people who payed attention to my account and some channels even shared one of my posts thinking it was real information.

I do feel guilty I was originally planning on getting access to that account so I could make a apology through that accoun but I can't access that account anymore.

Also no she never acknowledged the rumors i made up but she did acknowledge the other rumor (they found some random man who was a convict and made up a whole rumor how trisha was cheating on moses with him) made by other people that I used to be on a discord and Twitter group chat with. But no she never acknowledged the rumors I said.

No. 1771842

File: 1700009920919.gif (307.06 KB, 91x90, 1652989996661.gif)

i hope the male loneliness epidemic is real, they do not deserve to be happy.

No. 1771858

File: 1700011439756.jpg (78.88 KB, 621x621, bd7cee455820a477078d6f67b643dd…)

Males would be less lonely if they would just hold hands more often(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1772093

Kek same. Everytime I hear someone crying about it online I get a sense of joy that this is a thing. The best part about it all is that they did this to themselves. I hope they stew in their bitterness while rotting alone.

No. 1772108

we need to bully them like how moids bully ''cat ladies''

No. 1772119

File: 1700026376998.jpg (53.63 KB, 640x772, carrot.jpg)


No. 1772125

This is dumb but I "dig" it

No. 1772129

Kek get it anyone

No. 1772131

your boyfriend masturbates to teen abuse porn while you defend him on lolcor dot farms, how embarassing

No. 1772137

It's a moid. Ignore and report.

No. 1772140

File: 1700027254208.gif (1.35 MB, 346x261, 1679862803936.gif)


No. 1772148

File: 1700027496847.jpg (226.31 KB, 2000x1333, shutterstock_754986505-e157706…)

Badum-tss. I get it.

No. 1772149

What does that number mean

No. 1772154

forget it

No. 1772426

File: 1700036286606.jpg (13.64 KB, 304x296, siiiiiiiiiiiip.jpg)

i scam the delivery app at least once a month

No. 1772677

I get unfairly jealous when I see other people get help and handouts from their online communities or favourite streamers just by writing sad messages about how they wish they had more money, despite the fact that I could probably do the same if I didn't let pride get in my way. The furthest I went was to ask a Discord mod if I could post a link to my online commission sheet where I was doing a sale in hopes to get some extra income while struggling. After all I had seen other people do the same, but since so many places have a strict "no promotion" rule, I wanted to ask first. Was told that I could leave the link up for 24 hours and then delete it, which just reminds me that pride gets you nowhere. What irritates the most is that I used to be a big part of these communities while they were still small and had a lot of people my age who I talked to daily, then as more and more younger people came in, us older ones got pushed out and treated like weirdos for still being around.

My real confession is that if I ever get money again, enough that I have a good income and money to spare, I want to go ahead and look for those people around in my online communities who, like me, don't want to a bother or ask for handouts. I want to find their empty ko-fi pages and be their first anonymous donation. I want to go to their quiet art stream with just a few viewers and leave them some money. Even 3 dollars would make a huge difference for me nowadays, and I want to be able to do for others what I so bitterly wish someone would do for me. Needless to say I would only to this for female creators in my circles, since the ones I see begging and unapologetically asking for money are mostly males. I'd say it would be out of the goodness of my heart, but the wish to do it comes from such a self-pitying place that I honestly just feel bad about it. I hope I get a job soon.

No. 1772736

No. 1772741

>What irritates the most is that I used to be a big part of these communities while they were still small and had a lot of people my age who I talked to daily, then as more and more younger people came in, us older ones got pushed out and treated like weirdos for still being around.

I hate this shit so much

No. 1772812

File: 1700066026702.jpg (30.77 KB, 400x300, confession.jpg)

I've become what I used to despise the most - a coomer. Even though it's just erotic lit and not videos, I spend an ungodly amount of time each day consuming this content.

No. 1772814

I just learned that my father has lung cancer. Most likely because he was a chain smoker from 14yo to 40yo and the damage was already done when he stopped smoking. I think I don't really care all that much. I feel way worse for my mother because she's shocked and I'll pretend I get along with him a bit better while he'll start his treatment and after that I'll move on. Anons who smoke cigarettes, please try to stop while it's not too late.

No. 1772825

this happened to me too. Granted, I'll admit that I was an obnoxious kid when I first started too, but things got worse because a troon became a mod and now borderline grooms new young users into trooning out themselves. Now the group is unusable by anyone not enthusiastic about worshipping gender nonsense and the new jannies are massive power trippers as opposed to the previously hands-off ones.
Our situation is sort of weird because we are based on something that this middle-aged guy built and ignores for like 360 days of the year, so the top man in charge doesn't really have any idea what his community gets up to. It creates this odd environment in which once a pariah oldfag managed to get a very popular mod demoted by getting ahold of the admin and presenting evidence of the guy being a predatory retard, just out of nowhere.

No. 1772831

File: 1700067024128.jpeg (82.65 KB, 342x529, azumanga daioh.jpeg)

I wish I had the cognitive ability to be a insufferable violent bitch to fucking randoms who bother, but when I'm out I'm always with my mind at doing whatever I'm doing and it just doesn't switch like that.

No. 1772866

The existence of incels actually raised my self esteem. They hammered home the point that any woman can get a scrote, it might not be their ideal but it would still be something. When I was younger I thought I was an actual ugly femcel which upset me but now I have no worries about it.

No. 1772932

Don't worry nonnie, that's not being a coomer at all.

No. 1773263

File: 1700085859569.gif (5.59 MB, 540x501, SAW_Mark_Hoffman7a5fe4.gif)