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File: 1482836506799.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.68 MB, 836x891, oh jrgee.gif)

No. 173704

Post about any art thieves or tracers you come across. I'll start with one I've recently found on Line Webtoon. They have over 330,000 hearts and are a paid webcomic artist. They go by the name of SilentMaru. They trace off of Sweet Guy and possibly other comics but I haven't found them as of yet. More information will be posted here and when I'm done with the other comparisons of traced vs. original I will post them here. https://ecstacyhearts-exposed.tumblr.com/

No. 173777

i gave that comic a quick read and the plot was horrendous, wondered how on earth it got so popular. now i don't feel bad thinking that knowing he's an art thief

No. 173784

I used to trace art when I was first starting out (I wouldn't outright trace but I would use a grid and relied so heavily on my ref that it may as well have been tracing) and I pretty quickly realized how dumb that was and how much discredit I was doing to myself and deleted everything. I don't know how someone can get paid for shit that they traced, I'd feel like garbage every day.

No. 173787

File: 1482884882382.png (732.19 KB, 696x423, how's this possible indeed.PNG)


Lmao the inconsistency. You have, on one hand, the well drawn, neatly panels and then the art style changes in a split second (picture related).
The author has no idea how to build up tension or how to build a character. They just shoved in our face the fact that the protagonist has to move in with a dude for 5 months from the prologue.
Don't even get me started on the second chapter.

I'm still probably going to read all of that because I like reading bad webcomics once in a while lmao.

No. 173789

neat panels* sorry, I forgot to proofread that.

No. 173815

File: 1482896906412.gif (233.15 KB, 250x360, 1fcdfo.gif)

So many gifs of tracing on the Sindy Pop threads, mainly on >>>/snow/198249
If you Ctrl+F ".gif" you should find them all. She's still adamantly denying they're traced, and claims it's all "referenced work, and that the lines "don't match perfectly". But if 90% of your lines ARE matching perfectly, that says something

Pic is on the thread, related

No. 173819

File: 1482898621767.png (234.92 KB, 313x461, jackie_diaz.png)

can't have a tracing thread without the classic

No. 173820

File: 1482898717812.jpg (116.1 KB, 558x1023, 1446938611134.jpg)

No. 173871

this person was actually rising to be a super successful and popular artist on Deviantart, she's actually charging up to $500 for commissions (fucking crazy), and is getting $600 through patreon. She has a nice style, so I guess I can see why, but it was recently found out that she traces the mega popular artist Sakimichan.

even worse, she has been caught tracing before, and each time she is outed, she simply abandons the account and comes back with a new name and does the same thing all over again. I read that she's had 7 accounts. http://milanamill.deviantart.com/journal/Numyumy-tracing-evidence-643958390

No. 173873

lol what

No. 173879

You should see the people who trace Slugbox like no tomorrow. Either that or heavily reference his work to the point their art lines up and their porn looks laughably bad.

They're hilarious considering they follow the guy's work to the point they study it top to bottom on how he draws things.

No. 173891

File: 1482932363230.jpg (458.97 KB, 1280x1280, fT8h6LV.jpg)

Yeah I am also very suprised it's so popular. While looking through it for traced images I was just astounded about how utterly dumb the plot is. They can't even make any of their characters interesting. Maybe it's just that one of the main characters is a Haru (Free) clone. Oh and I guess child abuse makes you have an edgy dark side and a rapist as well.
It always pisses me off when they are caught and they deny like there's no day tomorrow. It's also funny that she traced off Kuvshinov-Ilya who is another tracer.

No. 173892

I dont think the Faye one was traced. They were trying to make the drawing more life-like, and they definitely have skill

No. 173894

File: 1482933293208.png (511.65 KB, 1070x893, aR320U1.png)

I didn't make this image, but the image lines up perfectly in most parts of the image. Either way if he wasn't planning to plagiarize in the very least, he should of wrote what he referenced to show it was his spin on it. Also he shouldn't of sold that work either.

No. 173896

he came out and accepted responsibility and apologized for these references/traces. if he does heavily reference, he posts credit.
he hasn't seemed to have done it since he was called out.
ruskie does have skill and it was disappointing to see it go down like that. even those with talent and skill can be dipshits.

No. 173897

How fucking stupid can she be to copy some of the biggest artists on DeviantArt?? Does she not realize the fact that it's really obvious because of the inconsistency? She has a piece in Sakimichan's style, then she makes another one in Kuvshinov Ilya's style.

Wait, Ilya is a tracer? Damn, that's a pity, I actually liked him lol.

No. 173901

File: 1482936444265.jpg (155.63 KB, 377x317, AHAHAHA.jpg)

Sage for samefag but it's baffling how many people are defending him here
Even though the picture he used to illustrate his apology is an EXACT copy.
It's so annoying how he's trying to clear his name by saying that he didn't mention that they were original works, so it's ok!
God, I wish I never heard about this, lost my respect for him.

Also, kek at these comments

>>He's not making exact duplicates of it, he's adding his own twist to it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.


>>what bugs me is that this isn't a big issue when you use photo references, but holy shit, is it ever when use another drawing.

I'm all for using references, that's obviously something necessary when you're learning the basics. However, Ilya's works are OBVIOUSLY plagiarized. Plus, he's not a beginner anymore. He should've known better and tbh, his apology sounds VERY half-arsed.

No. 173905

Oh I was unaware he apologized. At least he owned up to it. He definitely does have skill, however he still used tracing as a crutch. It is definitely sad to see.
It is definitely a little silly but at least he credited the original artist so that's a start. If he ever gets caught tracing again though the little respect I have for him will be gone.

No. 173906

File: 1482938923134.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1078, tumblr_odisztafVy1vg3n1jo2_128…)

I remember a while ago there was this huge drama on twitter concerning Milkybreads tracing all their art.
It was even worse because they sold most of it on conventions, had an online store and made a lot of money from it.
IIRC they made an apology post after everyone turned to hating them and asking for refunds, but it sounded really half assed and tried to blame her tracing on their medicaton kek
It was even more ironic because they constantly preached on tumblr about not tracing because you wont improve and all that other bullshit.

No. 173909

File: 1482939291902.png (245.42 KB, 500x326, 5555.png)

I just realized he still traced after he apologized. I can't find where it is anymore but he did subway sketches after and he claimed this was one of them.

No. 173925

I mean it's still stupid but hey at least he's not selling the sketches anymore?
Plus, I don't think that can be called tracing, just using references hardcore, the pictures are in two different mediums so I assume he looked at the picture and drew along on paper. I hope this makes sense?
Do you remember if he at least credited the cosplayer?

No. 173933

Stuff like the Ghibli traces I would be totally okay with if he straight up said he painted over it to "re-imagine" it with a different style and didn't try to sell the works or anything. Trying to pass it off on his own is just ridiculous.

No. 173944

I always get a kick out of traced art when it becomes really obvious that the person can't draw outside of what's being copied.

Here's another one from back in the day.

No. 173945

File: 1482950974746.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 400x610, output_ezl0JQ.gif)

I deleted my post earlier, but the images line up too well to be heavy referencing. I mean if he went lengths to invert the way the seats are going I don't see why he wouldn't change the umbrella position or change the face to better suit his style and proportions. Being two different mediums are irrelevant, there are definitely people out there who would go out of there way to print the picture or just ruin their laptop screen and trace over it. Also no, he never credited the cosplayer or photographer and claimed he drew it on the train. Now again I'm not saying he's not a bad artist, he just has trouble drawing anything other than faces so he uses tracing as a crutch. Like just look at the skirt and the placement of everything, if he was using grids why did he go out of the way to change little details like the length of the sleeves or the indent of the jacket?

No. 173947

you got links? I know he says he doesn't give a shit multiple times but Id like to see the awkwardness.

No. 173948

File: 1482952548988.jpg (47.4 KB, 500x241, No-Game-No-Life-Tracing-Compar…)

Remember when the creator of No Game No Life was caught tracing?

No. 173949

File: 1482952649729.jpg (228.58 KB, 900x1172, No-Game-No-Life-Tracing-Compar…)

No. 173952

Ah damn anon that's really bad.
I mean, I thought he just looked at the picture and drew along but that's clearly traced.
Man, I wish he'd get out of his comfort zone and stop drawing 3/4 ~*kawaii*~ animu girls. He's skilled but he's blowing his potential on generic portraits.
His characters are always floating in this white or colored void, he's never drawing any background to them.
If there's anything I learned in 2016 in terms of art, it's that a picture is much more exciting as soon as you place your character in an environment. Then, you can play around with the shadows, lights, reflections and colors and your picture just becomes overall more interesting.
Artists that don't exploit their full potential and just shit on their own works piss me off.

No. 173973

As an artist myself, tracing/stealing peoples art makes me really mad. Like there's people who put a lot of passion and love into their work to make it great and for someone to copy/steal that is just wrong. Then some people have the balls to CHARGE PEOPLE for STOLEN art and act like they worked so hard on it as they soak up all the glory. That just makes me wanna scream -_-

No. 173984

File: 1482965853326.gif (176.93 KB, 270x360, 15134403_10205920051799519_166…)

More joys from the depths of Sindy Pop's traced art. Except this one is being sold on her Redbubble:

But according to her in the recent drama where she was denied a vendors table at a convention because the organisers could tell the art was traced, she claims that the lines don't match up, and she just "redrew" someone elses art.
And also claims she tried to get permission from the original artists before selling it but because of language barriers never got a reply…which totally gives her the right to sell it anyway

No. 173985

File: 1482966722113.png (336.5 KB, 800x447, 2vn0744.png)

That one popular Vocaloid PV artist that traced from stock images. She did art for Magnet, Cendrillion, Just Be Friends etc.


No. 173998



The most recent one was an artist named Junkyardrabbit. She traced some of Slug's drawings and he made a tumblr post talking about it, since he had spoken to her in the past about her tracing via DMs. Slug doesn't give a shit about people tracing his work, but i'm guessing some people kept bringing her up to him and he was fed up about it seeing she didn't stop and learn her lesson. He even defended her and gave her a heads up to not be obvious in the past. It's not so much as her heavily referencing his work, but people did find out some of her work did look suspiciously similar to his. He went on Twitter to voice his thoughts and he wasn't too happy about it. Of course, Junkyard had to defend herself via tumblr and twitter by making excuses that she uses women as a reference but it's pretty obvious.


The journal is full of salty kids voicing how they hate Slugbox and everything about him because he "should've made everything private and not public". But when you have a person tracing over your shit for a few years and they don't stop, of course you're going to bring it up to the public.

No. 174001

He really went and called her out, and for good reason. The first few I wouldn't have noticed but the leg tracings you cannot hide at all.
Her bitchfit about getting called out is the most embarrassing part.

No. 174008

File: 1482978891708.jpg (324.41 KB, 1032x1062, 31025a65ed573c1.jpg)

No. 174019


Ilya is not a tracer. I literally just came back from /ic/ defending him lol. These things in OP's image are called "master studies", it's when you copy by observation (not tracing) as a way to figure out another artist's techniques or to adopt a bit of their style. The thing is that you're not suppose to upload them online, especially not without credit. That was Ilya's mistake and he admitted it, but he didn't trace.

No. 174021

wtf? sure use it as a master study, but to claim the work as your own is wrong. when you do a master study, youre going about learning through practice how that style is done so you can apply it to your own original works. maybe if there were a slew of other original pieces, it could be defended better because there is proof that there has been development

No. 174022

>using highly stylised works for master studies
Even if they are master studies (fucking really though?), he should've stated it. Whenever you heavily reference something you should disclose that, it's common practice.

He's a decent painter, but his work is all same-face, dime-a-dozen weebshit. Why people like you work so hard to defend him is baffling.

No. 174030

>>174019 You are a very gullible fool. These works are not simply studies. They line up too well to be so, you would need a grid. Even the most technically skilled artist will have some inconsistencies with how they line up. Even then, why would he go about purposely changing a few details if it is a master study. It simply does not make sense. Case and point the sketch I lined up above. He did this after apologizing mind you, so why didn't he say it was a master study of the photo? This isn't even observing another style at the he his point. Why would he claim drawing this on a train and not saying he referenced it. It's so ridiculous that someone could believe after all the examples of his heavily referenced or traced images to stick believe he never did one wrong. Do you just not care of all the artists he traced hardwork? I won't go in to repeating of what others have said but how can you go about justifying what he did. Do you do this "Master study" as well with photos and other images without crediting them? There is a point when you shouldn't rely on references so heavily. It will ruin you in the long run.

No. 174057

>using they-pronouns
come on I can tell by the art that it's a thirsty nerd girl in her early 20's or late teens

No. 174069

File: 1483001061007.jpg (319.54 KB, 1100x1328, fb.jpg)

you're all kinds of stupid and clearly don't know what you're talking about. i'm an artist who does both commissions and freelance work for years. I know how to tell one thing from another. first of all, "master study" is only a word for studying other artworks in order to pick up the style/techniques of the original artist. The word comes from the act of studying the works of the old masters pre-20th century to learn from them (pic related is an example of a master study of a work by the old artist Bouguereau). When someone does that to a photograph like the sketch you showed, it's just called a study. Millions of artists do studies of photos, because it's literally the foundation of how to improve. If you don't know that, then you're either not a serious artist, or just not an artist at all. And btw, you don't need a grid to make a very accurate copy if you're already a good artist. The better you get, the better your observational skills get.

The problem is you're not supposed to post your studies online since they're meant only for practice, especially if you didn't ask for permission to post it. Posting "master studies" is much worse because they're somebody else's drawings, if you don't give credit, then it could easily come across as you trying to pass it as your own. That's what happened to Ilya, and that's what he apologized for. He did not trace, and he clarified that in his apology. At least >>174021 and >>174022 are mad about the right thing.

No. 174071

Don't be such a blatant fanboy, it's embarrassing.

No. 174073

File: 1483002142647.png (170.11 KB, 750x851, IMG_3992.PNG)

I have always suspected ilya of tracing but he always using the term "study" as to imply a reference of some sort. Some of the urban backgrounds he's used look like photos that were heavily filtered and drawn on a little.
Pic shown literally looks like a photo of a toy that was tinkered in photoshop and then drawn on.

No. 174074

File: 1483003038857.gif (1.4 MB, 600x600, 1423193687255.gif)

That's actually not the worst offense hes done, and the list that floats around showing what he traced wasn't even truly what he did wrong. There were numerous threads on 4chan that found out about how he filtered the crap out of real photos and drew the eyes over it to make it look enough like a 3d painting. Hence why he never showed his layers in his tutorial. After getting caught for a while, He noticeably stopped doing art that looked super realistic, and stuck with flat 2d color painting instead. So it actually was worse than tracing for what people thought- he also copied pasted filtered lips, eyes and reused it on multiple pictures. Like the rotoscope above he traced every frame from the movie and of course a lot of ppl believed he did it on his own lol

No. 174075

Irrelevant, look at it. This is not a study. I know very well what it is, my English is simply rusty and I have trouble sometimes putting my thoughts in to this. Studies don't line up like that, as I said before an artist cannot line up their work perfectly to a photo they are sketching without grids. There will be something off about it slightly, we are not a machine. You can show examples all you want but there will be something off. Deliberate ones like in the picture I lined up should set off alarms. If it was truly a study he wouldn't purposefully change things. Look at the seats, then look at the position of the umbrella. Why is it behind her in his "study". Why does the skirt line up perfectly but not things that were obviously changed? You can tell they are Deliberate due to the fact other parts were unalter ed. For example the leg or the face, which the right part of the jaw matches up as the rest did not. I will make it clear that an artist can not sync up every single part of the body perfectly. Though there will always be people that will deny forever about this so there is no point in me arguing about this anymore.

No. 174077

File: 1483003446901.gif (2.63 MB, 1200x600, 1423172965806.gif)

No. 174078

IMO all this artist did was trace the original but sexualize her face more

No. 174079

I am gonna same fag as well, but also this "study" was done after he apologized. Why ignore all my points and instead fight about trivial matter? This alone should show something, he can't even keep his apologies. Where is his credit for the photographer and why did he lie? ( I actually mixed up the sketches I apologize, these were cafe sketches. However they were after still so he still broke his apology) You can scream reference reference at the top of your tongue but it does not change the many instances were he traced, just overlay some pictures. You will see

No. 174088

>>174076 You should stop posting your art on the internet completely. It looks like dog shit, stop derailing.

No. 174090

I wonder what would ever drive a person to even consider tracing! It is a mystery.

No. 174093

How can you even defend him after all the proof posted ITT?
I mean, I understand the notion of master studying, but he's… not doing that. He's literally tracing the pose (and if you can't see that you might want to get your eyes checked) and changes the eyes to fit his weeb aesthetic. How is that practicing a style in order to pick it up? He was not only posting the
>>>>>>master studies
but also selling them.
You might also want to check
where he's, again, putting stolen art up for commercial use.
You're so, so, sooo gullible, anon.

You might think Ilya learned his lesson and credited artists after he apologized lmao.

No. 174094

Fuck I knew I'm going to mess up because I am on my phone lmaoo. I ment that for >>174069, sorry!

No. 174099

I have not seen this until now and it makes me filled with anger. How can this man ever be proud of his work? His is not even good compared to the original
>>174094 It's okay we all make mistakes.

No. 174101

New to thread here but I feel bad for admitting that I actually like the trace better than the original.
>though I doubt this dude could animate an entire movie around it, so there's that

No. 174123

Pretty sure you're thinking of a different artist with the usage of the same filtered photos of lips/other facial features. That was Irakli or Iraki (I don't remember–something like Nadar Irakli?). Some other artist challenged him to a livestreaming challenge but for some reason he apologized and said "nah, Iraki is all good".

What pisses me off about Ilya is that he's a fucking academically trained Russian but all he does is redraws other artists' work and the same portrait over and over again.

Plus when he's using other artists' work for reference, he gets so fucking lazy and ends up skewing up shit like perspective or foreshortening. The solution is in the original art, all (literally) drawn out for you, and you fuck it up?

No. 174124

I am very anti tracing myself but I remember the Yunomi drama.
Whether or not she did anything wrong from an artistic point is debatable but she didn't do anything wrong by tracing those pictures. She paid for those stock photos, so she is allowed to trace them if she wants to.
In my opinion it makes her a lazy artist but at the same time I don't think it's exactly fair to lump her in with the other people here who just rip off other people's art.

No. 174129

to be honest, i never once considered this to be theft. for a period of MONTHS there was this "redraw screencaps" meme on tumblr and this falls under that.
so i disregard this particular image as a supposed theft.
however the Death Parade redraw he did was basically a trace and had none of his signature style outside of some simple colouring.

No. 174133

File: 1483023645755.gif (716.63 KB, 667x750, 1456428406252.gif)

When does a reference go too far ?

No. 174135

God, that blogpost comparing her drawings to random reference images is stupid. You can do the same thing with literally any object or pose or gesture.

No. 174137

They could of at least repainted the hair.

No. 174146

File: 1483033346827.png (713.17 KB, 950x479, 1423151239129.png)

Nah it was the same guy. You can still find the archived threads from 4chan on it, everyone pretty much hates him there. Some anons even mockingly tried to do his same technique for a few hours and accomplished almost the same look. You don't see much of his 3d realistoc renderings so often anymore maybe due to image flip searches.

No. 174149

File: 1483034351699.jpg (512.66 KB, 2068x2236, 1423173538029.jpg)

No. 174155

File: 1483037903246.png (169.05 KB, 750x1070, IMG_3998.PNG)


Or download that Prisma app and just pick a filter. I swear that's what his "redraws" look like.

No. 174157

File: 1483038425283.jpg (374.18 KB, 984x1320, IMG_3999.JPG)

Here's a photo of a lemon I took and ran it through prisma. In two seconds I painted a lemon.

No. 174159

File: 1483039596071.jpg (98.61 KB, 616x616, IMG_20161229_122412_processed.…)

Top fucking kek anon. I downloaded a Nathan Drake pic and ran it through one of the filters. Looks almost like that redraw's style.

No. 174161

>Some of the urban backgrounds he's used look like photos that were heavily filtered and drawn on a little.
He made a tutorial for backgrounds and that's exactly what he does, he uses photoshop to adjust them. Kind of like some manga artists that draw digitally but with less subtlety.

>Pic shown literally looks like a photo of a toy that was tinkered in photoshop and then drawn on.

Since he's already been caught copying images of figures I wouldn't be surprised. I don't remember their name but it reminds me of a comic book artist was caught copying a Lego model of a spaceship in a series he worked on.

No. 174180

There is no issue with using "shortcuts". he is perfectly capable of drawing. But he makes a ton of money on patreon and sells his redraws. He comes off as a bit of a scammer to me.

No. 174187

I think he intentionally keeps a low profile because he's barely doing anything besides drawing fanart for Patreon while living in Japan. He was at the summer comiket and recently had a small book with his art published but that's it. There's no way he could do work for film or animation studios when his only draw is 3/4 portraits, and he had said he wants to make his own manga but the comic art he's already made is extremely lackluster.

The other thing is that he just makes shit up a lot, too. The "sketch" of the cosplayer is a perfect example, since he claimed to have made it while he was riding a train, but it's obviously an illustration that would have taken 30-40 minutes for him to draw.

Unless he finds a publisher to do book illustrations for or something similar he's going to be lazy and stick with Patreon fanart as his main source of income.

No. 174196

Do you have the archived links? I can't seem to find it no matter what I search.

No. 174208

Is there any reason why he's in Japan? It doesn't seem to be furthering his "career" in any way…

No. 174237

He's a gigantic weeaboo and makes over $10,000 a month with Patreon, so I think that says enough about him being able to afford to stay in Japan.

His art is also very popular on Pixiv and nobody seems to be aware of his tracing yet. Even Shinichi Sakamoto whyyy of all people it had to be him goddammit ;_; made a post on instagram about his artbook .

No. 174239

File: 1483062053595.png (1.33 MB, 1200x1200, 1449178119897.png)

Is this him ?

No. 174250

hes gross

No. 174258

Probably. I don't know how old that picture is but the chick next to him looks like DJ Gonchi from Charisma.com.

No. 174264

He looks fine to me, the only gross thing about him is his plagiarism.

No. 174327

Oh this fuckin' guy? I was wondering if something sketchy was up with him. He follows all of the heavily filtered insta-cosplayers like Anzu, using their selfies as tracework. Huh.

No. 174423

>using their selfies as tracework
If you ever feel like making comparisons to the photos and art I'm sure many of us would like to see them.

No. 174784

File: 1483276525845.png (381.1 KB, 542x410, bleh.png)

Is it just me or is the main character of Ecstasy Hearts HEAVILY based off Haruka Nanase? It took me a while to put my finger on it, but I felt like I've seen him before ever since the first episode.
I took a screenshot and flipped it and it kinda looks like him?

Sage for tinfoil hat.

No. 174797


Most Jap animu boys look like Haruka though? Haruka just portrays the typical asian guy with hair in his face, quiet and acts weird.

No. 174819

nah that hairstyle is common in animu style now. and p much this >>174797

No. 174853

Ha, I guess. It's just that his hair (and by that I mean the streaks themselves) looked a bit alike.
But yeah, all the ~*handsome animu boys*~ look alike at the end of the day.

No. 174948

No, the artist you're definitely talking about is Irakli Nadar. I spent a shit lot of time in Irakli and Kr0n threads–Kr0n redraws others' work (he's technically not 'tracing', he's eyeballing) while Irakli just makes pretty photo manips and chickened out of live streaming. This is one of Irakli's "pieces" >>174133.

I can't find the threads about the other guy challenging Irakli but here's some threads:

>tfw LeSean Thomas bought Ilya's art-book and promo'd it on Twitter
I'm salty.

No. 174975

Thanks for the correction and resources anon, but I still see kr0n as a sham. I have the same issue with kr0n by copying from reference and I do it well, but I keep it purely for studies and I definitely try to improve more dynamics, style and of course drawing it all from imagination. Any well trained artist can eyeball and copy a reference picture and slightly stylize it- for that reason I wholly disagree when people claim him to be a master artist or even someone who can compete against major industry artists who actually can draw and come up with their own designs. Well how he's making money, I guess sometimes I remind myself that people make money off of drawing furry porn so there's that. There's just normies who get easily impressed with rehashed weeb portraits

No. 174978

He did trace off that anime before he changed the art style. I'll put some overlays later today.

No. 174992

I left a negative review for Illya's book on Amazon JP but it was already removed. I'm not sure if it had enough text but I made sure it was in Japanese per their rules.

No. 174994

Iralki is a much worse artist than Illya but their methods are nearly identical.

No. 178155

LeSean Thomas is so annoying. I used to really enjoy his work but he seems so full of himself and really pushing that "I'M A BLACK GUY THAT MAKES ANIME" thing.

No. 180303

saddest part is how she became popular by tracing other people's art and some people never realized it, now she keeps getting support, even when her art quality decreased substantialy since she (apparently) stopped tracing, and now she acts like it never happened, she even deleted most of the traced work (which was like, 70-80% of her gallery), also worst part about her $500 commissions is that they were probably traced as well: http://imgur.com/a/q7bfx

she did it purposely knowing that popular artist don't usually get involved in drama (sakimi, kron, zeroni, etc), even when their own art is being traced, it has been like that since she started tracing several accounts ago, she traces popular artist but they never say anything about it so she can get away with it, what I don't understand is what kind of brainwashing she does to her followers for them to not notice it or even deny it even when there's a lot of evidence right in front of them

No. 186208

No. 186254

This really goes to show that people who whine about getting no attention for their art really just need to stop making excuses.
This bitch had NO skill but was able to bring herself to great popularity on numerous accounts just by pandering and putting out unoriginal content regularly.

No. 186262


Are you trying to stick up for the thief or are you trying to insult her, lmfao

No. 186282

What annoys me about Kr0n is that people will go "oh but he says he uses refrences!" even though 95% of his audience has no idea he's essentially just copying them.
It's not like he just uses it to make sure a pose or the lighting looks fine etc. He flat out redraws the thing.

I'm all for Sakimichan making as much as she does, as she did genuinely work hard for years and got lucky. I'm happy for her even if her art is always the same now.
Kr0n though? Fuck that. Everything about how he makes money feels like a gross scam.

No. 186295

I'm pretty sure Kr0n and Ilya are the same fucking person. They have the same art style and way of coloring.
Someone prove me wrong.

No. 186303

Dude, they are the same person. He changed his username after he got called out for plagiarism/improper crediting. You know, so he could get lose some of the negativity attached to his name.

But Kr0n numyumy and guweiz are all pretty bad when it comes to theft, Kr0n not so much anymore. Copyright is a bitch, huh

No. 186996


It's also interesting how people who traces, heavily references or copy from other artists usually gets the more solid fan-base, that one that no matter how much proof you throw at them they'll still believing in the innocence of the thief and even will deny it. There're people who defend Numyumy by saying that tracing and overpainting is something that artist do in the industry so it's completely justified, but there's a big difference between tracing photos to pull out a concept that probably will never see the daylight and tracing photos (that are not stock and are probably copyrighted) to trick brainwashed people to believe that you have more skill than what you actually have, extra points if you claim it's 100% your original work and advertise it on your patreon as such


heck, if that's true then he's a completely hypocrite will all that "I practice 12 hours a day" bullshit

No. 187030

If he was honest about the rotoscoping it would be fine, animation is time consuming enough as is

No. 281870

File: 1534559694814.png (1.54 MB, 1440x1478, 20180817_193131.png)

this girl needs to get off her high horse, honestly. "referencing" images from google doesn't suddenly become your creation.

No. 281871

File: 1534559905237.png (1.32 MB, 1440x1439, 20180817_193152.png)

Their handle is @lulubai_ on Instagram and @lulubaii on Twitter, and all of their art is not even their own. They are a heavy user of references yet get mad when called out for tracing. Like bitch, you copied it. Funny story, they got angry at the artist, Francesco Racano, when the artist approached them. Like the audacity of this girl.

No. 282922

in my experience, someone defending themselves against stealing/tracing accusations is always a dead giveaway that the accusations are true. they all seem to follow the same guidelines, those being:

1) namedrop the people that confront you
2) accuse these people of sending their friends/followers to harrass you
3) mention how long it takes to make your art, only for mean people on the internet to discredit your hard work.
4) an optional step, but if you're really stupid you can try to "debunk" the various overlays of your stolen work, either by pointing out how certain aspects are different, or by claiming that is was just heavily referenced.

this results in gullible - and usually young - fans pampering you and believing you are a completely innocent victim.

No. 296695

File: 1537171904887.jpg (328.65 KB, 1631x597, 00.jpg)

this guy @rudyao on instagram / facebook, every single stuff is basically just a trace over promo art or someone else's art

No. 296696

File: 1537171978598.jpg (598.74 KB, 1261x589, 01.jpg)

same person @rudyao it's kinda gross how popular he gets too

No. 404691

File: 1556637297210.jpg (197.55 KB, 759x817, overlay tracers.jpg)

This is gonna be a rant. I'm getting sick of seeing a bunch of overlay tracers getting insta famous and sometimes it's so hard to even detect when they just get better at hiding their references and get good with coloring overlays with enough facial distortions to bypass reverse image searches.

If anyone knows Tatimoons she definitely traces and I use to follow her only until recently when all of her followers noticed her drastic improvement within 2 weeks time. Funny enough this caught my attention when some kid called her out and said it must be fake when someone gushed over how she improved so fast. She mockingly replies to git gud and how everyone's just being a jelly hater and I regret not capping this but ultimately its what got everyone suspicious. I think she always did an overlay trace, it was only until now that she over does it and makes it more obvious when she makes the portraits have super good colors and realism but have wonky distorted features at times, with animals or accessories lacking in depth comparatively. And ofc the tutorials she posts online are such half baked crap that doesn't help anyone but only shows time skips of the picture obviously being traced.

Attached pic is her older art from 2017-2018 and its harder to find the references for the images that got her big but I never ever trust people who start off by doing this sort of skeevy shit like Irakli Nadar. I'm just putting this out there that TATIMOONS TRACES for that sweet search engine pulls for anyone curious.

No. 404737

I looked at her account and she has the comments limited. The only comments left are people praising her, seems milky.

No. 405093

Is it art style thievery if I draw my own concepts but in their style/medium?

No. 405101

Anons that screech about nEvEr PoSt StUdIeS are wrong. You can totally post a study as long as you don't try to sell it. It is good etiquette to credit and include the original work you're studying the style of, or the reference image if you've extremely heavily referenced. Most people simply type out the name of the artist for credit.

Make it clear that it is a style study and credit the original artist and you're gucci.

No. 405103

Why should they though? Like for example oekaki ms paint style (yes it can be very good), should also be credited just because a few twitter whores do it? What I meant was things drawn from scratch with no reference in mind other than the medium (this time ms paint) and oekaki.

No. 405109

No one owns a style or has a patent on it because nothing is original nowadays anymore. But you won't get far in the industry if you're copying and you might be only known as a copycat. It's better to be influenced by a certain style and add individual elements to your pieces than to blatantly copy it. Just make some studies as the other anon suggested and play with open cards. It's totally acceptable and legitimate to be inspired by a certain style and to copy a few elements. Artists do this since hundreds of years!

No. 405110

It depends. Using the same medium is completely fine but drawing your own stuff in somebody else’s style is derivative and boring. It’s always annoying to see someone emulating a popular artist’s style for clout without understanding the hard work that comes with developing your own, signature style. It’s almost on par with tracing imo.

No. 405133


Tip from my university: No one owns ideas or styles BUT no two styles are the same either.
Go ahead and take what you love about someones art and try it out yourself until you are happy with it, not until it looks the same. Maybe mix and match, let`s say you love themotives of Frida Kahlo and the paint style of Van Gogh, make your own thing out of it! (Just used those two classic ones because everyone knows them)

If you take someones art thinking "Mine should look exactly the same" and you will achieve that, no one will think it is truly your art - oh and it is also half the fun

No. 405259

I'm the one who asked the question. Very good tip, thanks. My drawings so far despite being inspired by doesn't look stolen anymore. Also, how does one make a genius art-style? (Not necessarily very good but original in this context?)

No. 405263

You literally said in their style which would imply copying another artist

No. 405369

oh god her style is hideous

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