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File: 1693109596146.jpg (25.98 KB, 325x447, 01380a19d213c76fd8b754c4eb59ab…)

No. 1678600

What is troubling you nonnie

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1647768

No. 1679062

I called my gay “friend” a faggot to his face for talking shit about butch lesbians and I don’t feel bad.

No. 1679070

I like being around kids, they soothe me. this is gonna sound weird but when I was 14 and 16 I got a massage from 2 different little girls one was my stepsister the other one was my boyfriends sister. They just massaged my back and it was nice I wish I could have it again, but my bf is the only one who massages me and it’s just not the same kek. I got irl asmr from my bf’s little sister she would show me her slime collection and her little hands and soft voice made me wanna fall asleep.

No. 1679093

I feel really guilty for having a loving bf, living in a lovely older house without rent, and being able to work a flexible schedule. Its not a wealthy life but I feel this guilt every time I consider other nonnas struggles. I grew up so poor and stressed. I went to 10 schools before graduating high school.
Idk its just this impending doom emotion like its going to not last, but honestly this is the longest time I have lived in the same space. Maybe its the anxiety but sometimes I feel like I dont deserve it.

No. 1679106

don't feel bad, you made it
it's what he deserves

No. 1679118

that must have been so empowering nona

No. 1679139

File: 1693136923740.jpeg (80.43 KB, 800x600, 009EF860-5A29-4254-A886-4FD613…)

I wish I was cute and small and petite. I wish I could wear high heels and not be like 8 feet and stand over everyone, I also hate my huge proportions I feel like a troon sometimes with my squared off shoulders and tallness

No. 1679141

i wish i was you, i wish i was tall and intimidating. let's swap

No. 1679148

I used to feel the same nonnie, but the secret is to just own it and take up the space with pride.

No. 1679191

Let's swap. I wish I was tall and intimidating.

No. 1679193

Humblebrag much?

No. 1679194

Even if you were cute and small and petite, you'd still find a million other things to hate about yourself. Fix your personality because that way of thinking is legitimately repulsive, not whatever physical features you have

No. 1679202

As is the case with many people who hate themselves, you probably hate everyone else who is like you (tall etc.) I don't feel bad for you.

No. 1679265

Nta but are you okay kek. It's so weird when people make up things about other people to be upset about.

No. 1679268

Nta but that's not true at all. You can hate things on yourself and think it looks great on others.

No. 1679270

We are living parallel lives

No. 1679276

File: 1693149197000.jpeg (29.12 KB, 448x420, 7792A14E-5AB3-41B9-88F7-7B4898…)

YouTuber I've had a stalker-ish crush on since middle school just casually mentioned he had a girlfriend in one of his videos and it fucked me up. In that moment I finally understood those moids that shit themselves over VTubers even speaking about men.
What's worse is that I thought I had gotten over it. I have a fucking boyfriend for gods sake and here I am feeling murderous intent over a man that plays video games for a living.

No. 1679352

Pretty sure I saw somebody I used to talk to from 4chan back when I was 18ish. He looked deranged and frightening in the flesh. Daym I am so grateful I did not lose my virginity to THAT kek. Bless the fact I said no in the end. Dodged an entire war zone.

No. 1679439

File: 1693157717677.jpg (26.55 KB, 735x520, IMG_20230823_052524_569.jpg)

My incredibly toxic "bestie" just got hard-core exposed/called out on Instagram. There are dozens of posts and stories from people she's hurt and treated like shit. I hate callout culture but tbh she had this coming. In a way im glad she's getting a blast of karma but I know her other cronies will continue to coddle her and she'll never change. I'm glad I took distance and stopped being her punching bag. You are not a nice girl.

No. 1679456

Are you quite sure you love your boyfriend…..?

No. 1679493

I secretly judge anyone who finds Thimothee Chalamet cute or attractive because his face reminds me way too much of Eric Zemmour's, it's like he could be his grandson.

No. 1679522

there are so many evil people in the world with much more explicitly at the expense of other people's suffering which they could end. you're fine. enjoy your peace. sympathy for the less fortunate is kind but shame is not helpful.

No. 1679530

I would be living, ngl

No. 1679643

File: 1693171141372.jpg (321.42 KB, 1915x2048, FzZ6LxfXwAAgZW6.jpg)

i just saw my husbando posted to one of the husbando threads on here, i am shook. i kinda wanna reach out but im shy and what if she's one of the yume types who dont like to share. idk. hope shes having a good day tho

No. 1679647

Who? Most anons in that thread are nice and won't be upset.

No. 1679662

who is it nona? i promise we dont bite lol

No. 1679667

thats the runway body type , wear it with pride

No. 1679677

I do which is what fucks me up the most about this.

No. 1679689

File: 1693174157811.gif (212.38 KB, 220x273, dog-shaking-dog-wobbling.gif)

i know logically that this is true and you all seem very welcoming, but im still weird/shy about posting my husbandos anywhere on the internet for some reason, so atm i am content with mostly lurking…

No. 1679713

Last night I was drunk and horny. I don't know if my period is coming early or what but I masturbated thinking about that picture of Kanyes curved penis in those ugly leggings from celebricow and I woke up this morning and cried. I do not think Kanye is attractive at all.

No. 1679714

File: 1693175342143.jpg (73.29 KB, 750x718, a lil’ feline smooch.jpg)

We'll welcome you with open arms when you're ready anon!

No. 1679719

File: 1693175619871.jpg (42.12 KB, 680x680, FzdbweYWcAEZGbE.jpg)

thank you nona ♥

No. 1679753

I think I’m gonna buy the shein knockoff of pixielock’s dress design kek

No. 1679762

Kek, did you get one of her dresses when they went on sale? It would’ve been cool to see a comparison, it’d be fun to Frankenstein the two together into new pieces too. Please share when you get it, make sure you get close ups of the stolen pocket design because no one’s ever done those before.

No. 1679769

File: 1693179205263.jpg (42.29 KB, 502x450, 1657930792283.jpg)

I was better at not responding to bait four years ago than I am now.

No. 1679774

throw me a link

No. 1679895

One time I was so angry at my brother I squeezed a little dirty dish water from a sponge into his soup that I made for dinner. This makes me feel so guilty I feel sick because he's so nice and supportive as an adult.

No. 1679922

File: 1693193328473.jpg (246.7 KB, 897x879, 1691800245654.jpg)

I have a copy of Charlotte's Web that I have been using akin to a stress ball for 23 years.
I have terrible anger; when I'm alone and overwhelmed, I put the closed book in my mouth and bite down on it as hard as I can until I don't feel as bad. It's covered in teeth marks, as you can imagine.
I live at home because I am a loser.

tl;dr, mom found the bitin book

No. 1679950

what the fuck lmao

No. 1679955

Its not that bad nonna, I have anger issues and I used to clench and grind my teeth to the point they’re mostly hollow now and almost had to get jaw surgery as a teen. Tbh most people should have items or hobbies for venting their anger onto

No. 1679971

This means a lot to me; I want you to know

No. 1679997

File: 1693198115802.jpeg (124.54 KB, 529x761, 6D8855A4-99A2-4915-9998-BC2F92…)

No. 1680056

better then me
t. serial pillow biter

No. 1680090

expressing anger made my last two exes break up with me. men are useless. i don't yell, i don't punch walls or break shit. but talking louder than usual and ranting and saying cuss words is apparently too much for a moid to handle. i never even called them a faggot although that is how they acted. i can't help it these bitches had an easier life. scrotes who grew up similarly to me are alcoholics or turboschizoid basement autists. i found that i can handle 1 man for a maximum of 2 years, and even that involves keeping quiet about so much mistreatment.

No. 1680095

why did i find this weirdly endearing kek. thats a good way to release your anger though, i think

No. 1680097

this exactly, they are conditioned to see women as docile and when it's not the case they chimp out kek.
>b-but you're supposed to endure anything!! and not complain! t-that's what wahmen do! my mom told me while she was getting beaten by my alcoholic dad (who did nothing wrong)

No. 1680105

literally, they think we're demons if we ever raise our voice. god forbid a woman hates her work life, has a painful day, or starts an argument over an actually shitty behavior of his. the men i date are all autists or himbos and the spergs tend to get spoiled by their parents so they grow to be massive pussies. i would've thought the autists understood overstimulation and the 'tism anger but no, they still expect me to be their forever thankful and gentle imaginary waifu.

No. 1680107

What type of men do you date?
Don't date:
Men from broken families
Men who had abusive/alcoholic fathers
Men who have autism or other serious health issues
Men with anger issues
Men who can't befriend women
Men who have a bad relationship with their mother
Men who are chronically online

A good partner wouldn't dump you when you're sad and angry, they'd be there for you. You deserve a good partner that won't make you bottle up your feelings.

No. 1680157

I really like that people are saying “delulu” now for calling someone delusional, it’s a cute insult tbh

No. 1680184

>Men who had abusive/alcoholic fathers
Don't date men with daddy issues in general. Or with fathers who died when said men were young. Speaking from personal observation and experience and no I will note elaborate.

No. 1680186

Especially men who hate their mothers.

No. 1680198

my "inner voice" is just my husbando's voice. i just really like his accent and distinct way of speaking so it's fun to pretend he's reading some silly stuff or giving me advice. tbh i never really had my own inner voice because i can't figure out how i truly sound like, so it's always been either made up voices or other people's voice.

No. 1680250

File: 1693221603667.png (260.9 KB, 588x436, trying to sleep.png)

I managed to talk my best friend out suicide and so I should be happy, but I'm just so melancholy that it got to this point. I was able to stop this attempt but what about the next one or the one after, etc?

No. 1680256

That's some heavy shit to carry with you, sorry you have to deal with that. Does her family know?

No. 1680271

I am deathly attracted to my ex-boyfriend's best friend, who is also homosexual.

No. 1680273

Moids really hate it when women cuss for some reason. They want you to be a perfect waifu incapable of feeling and expressing real anger.

No. 1680277

Only family is a dying absentee father who has already said something along the lines of "I don't want to hear it." The lack of family is one of the biggest problems.

No. 1680284

I noticed that they remember us as being angrier than we were, too. I'll be told I was ranting and raving and imitated in a semi-yell when I just said an offhand annoyed comment. Men are so fragile

No. 1680318

I want to be good at drawing but I don't want to make mistakes

No. 1680334

Same nona. This shitty mindset holds me back so much, it makes the act of drawing such a miserable experience that I've quit.

No. 1680347

I read the "how to devote yourself to your husbando" threads for a laugh. It's my personal dairy farm.

No. 1680362

I get irrationally embarrassed at my skill and stop practicing because of it

No. 1680377

once I was crying and my (now ex) bf told me to stop yelling. I wasn't yelling, and I wasn't crying about him. I was really really hurt by something my abusive and controlling boss did to me specifically.
"stop yelling"
I swear I felt this surge of doom and despair, nonnas

No. 1680404

Had a threesome yesterday while I was stoned as fuck, not feeling that thrilled about it. I hope the girl I fucked won’t be distant now (and that I’m not pregnant kek).

No. 1680437

so how long have you been single?

No. 1680547

I work in HR, not by choice at all, and sometimes I kind of understand why employers would discriminate when hiring future employees. I hate that I was always discriminated against for these reasons even though they don't apply to me at all because people love assuming shit about me. I'm saying this because last year I had to work way too much to replace several coworkers while having a health scare and getting surgery and hoping it wasn't cancer because one of them got pregnant and spent way more time in sick leave than in maternity leave and she's still not back and I had to fully replace her, two of them had to stop working for months one after the other until they could renew their work permits, another one was extremely incompetent and couldn't send legally binding emails without doing the most basic grammatical and spelling mistakes ever because he was our equivalent of an ELS idiot and he was a misogynist gay, I assume one of them is a little autistic too because of many things, etc. and the rest were muslims who wouldn't shut the fuck up about it at work and who never stop judging me over not being one despite us being from the same ethnicity. I'm ashamed of being associated with people like this, except the girl who was pregnant because it wasn't her fault at all obviously but the timing sucked.

No. 1680755

most of us on that thread are pretty self aware about our… hobby. it's harmless, and prevents us from misdirecting affection towards undeserving moids. it's a good way to cope with celibacy, voluntary or not.
my on-topic confession is that 3d relationships and sex disgusts me now. even if a moid claims to love you, it is not personal, not intimate, and cheap. i use 3d moids for their utilitarian purpose, but don't waste love on them. i'm much happier for it.

No. 1680934

men hate when we express anger. funny enough, it is always going to happen because fights are normal in relationships and women are human. moids who can't handle anger expect us to act like sex dolls.
i find comfort in the fact that these sorts of men will never have a lasting relationship and will end up forever alone because they will always give up as soon as anger is expressed. they will forever be in search for a unicorn that doesn't exist. gives me so much joy knowing they won't ever have someone to love them

No. 1680946

i think the nicole dollanganger aesthetic is still cute. i've seen posters on here say it was cute 10 years ago but now not so much but idk i still have an attachment to it. maybe i just never left my tumblr era. i think it also gives genuinely weird/creepy girls who vibe with it a way to express themselves instead of having to pretend to be perfect all the time. girlhood is dark, weird, and traumatic not an instagram filter or porno

No. 1680947

The things she posted were constantly literally porno, what are you talking about

No. 1680953

girl what

No. 1680979

>girl what
Are you new? Are you looking at curated depictions of that era reimagined? She constantly posted porn and it was an integral part of the era and aesthetic

No. 1681016

I love you pls marry me

No. 1681064

Nta but you sound genuinely autistic and if you're so "familiar" with that whole scene, I'm sure you would know nona isn't literally talking about whatever porn you saw on Nicole's blog.

No. 1681702

I love cheating on the scrotes I date. Makes me feel good to do what I want and waste their time/hurt their feelings. I know they’d do the same to me, so I don’t feel bad about it at all.

No. 1681766

i do still consume porn but it's like cartoony/uncanny valley sfm porn. it feels cheap and that's part of the appeal

No. 1681768

I said Alice Glass was nothing without Ethan because her music sucks ass now and I feel bad because it sounds like I was justifying the abuse

No. 1681777

I am a nervous pooer. It's never about the noise of the shit hitting the water that is irrational to me. I'd rather someone hear me complete a bowel movement via just a water plop noise over a fart noise or any type of straining. I like to stay over at my boyfriend's when he is working because then he will leave the house and i can take a comfortable shit. I am hating weekends spent together. He does not leave his house or he will literally get up early while I'm sleeping do whatever he has too, so we can spend the day together. Literally I get no relief from him at the weekend. Even using the fucking shower at the weekend he is my shadow. I've told him before I find it weird everytime I go to the bathroom he finds a reason to be standing outside of it. My mum did that to me growing up it was sometimes used to neg me like she would literally shout at me to interrupt me and I will never tell someone that because its so fucking weird and abusive and literally getting washed I can have the shower running and mask all noise but if he's about I have to consider he's just going to fucking barge in. Like he's excited he's got a 4 day weekend this weekend and I'm like ffs how many days of constipation will i have. I've said to him I get nervous and him standing about listening is annoying but nothing has changed. There is no need to be that up my fucking ass

No. 1681781

Yuck, I'm the same way nonna. He sounds way too clingy. Can you lock the door or put something in front of it so he can't get in? I'd break off the relationship if someone kept coming into the bathroom after me when I'm trying to get some time alone, you're way more patient than me.

No. 1681784

His fucking locks are so stiff they don't turn. I've had a previous bf get mad at me when I asked about a lock on a bathroom. Is this a common male thing to want to watch and listen to a woman shit I literally can't pass a movement if I think my ass is going to squeak and he's practically got his ear pressed up against the door. Like fuck off. I've went up to the bathroom before because he was watching football and before I had got up the stairs the volume had been lowered its like why the fuck are you listening to me

No. 1681788

File: 1693331264707.png (84.13 KB, 595x408, IMG_7666.png)

No. 1681789

If he knows you’re going to the bathroom and follows you should be suspicious. It only takes one moid to confess his secret scat and bathroom voyeur porn to fuck you up for life

No. 1681792

I'm fucking sick of men. Literally my biggest issue in life is not being in command of my own bowels. A few minutes process shouldn't have me dreading time together, like I'm actively trying to think of reasons why I can spend the day together but want to go home to sleep and do normal human functions without an audience judging me weirdly

No. 1681796

My pet peeve and one and only boundary when I was still living at home was “don’t talk to me when I’m taking a shit”, my family never seemed to understand.
>I’m having a poo
>right ok, can you take the chicken out and later tidy the garage I’m going to work I’ll be back later have you ever felt true fear-

No. 1681800

Bathroom was the only room in my house with a lock it became a sanctuary at times. My mum would take it as an affront you'd be sitting on the toilet then her fucking silhouette would appear under the cracks of the door. You'd go "mum?" And the stupid bitch would go "uh yes?" "Why are you standing outside the bathroom?" "how dare you speak to me like that. What are you doing in there why is the door locked?!? I need to get a towel!" It's like bitch I just got home from school wtf do you think I'm doing. Or god forbid you went to the toilet an hour before dinner she'd come up to tell you dinner will be ready soon you have to come down what are you doing why are you in there, its like what the fuck are you doing in your bathroom that you're so fucking fixated on what someone else is doing.

No. 1681804

God I’m sorry, she sounds insufferable. I’ve had full blown arguments with every member of my family through a locked bathroom door, with my pants down and a turd hanging halfway out of my ass (due to the stress tightening my sphincter) because they can’t understand why I’d be stressed at them talking to me while I shit.

No. 1681809

In a way I'm glad this is a shared experience, me and my brother both joke about toilet stuff due to my mum growing up. Like we lived in a high stress situation I am so envious of people that can feel relaxed to take a quick dump, they don't know it's an entire process to relax enough to shit. It is the greatest joy living alone and having a relaxed shit. I thought I was brave just brokering the subject with my boyfriend and thought telling him I get nervous and like to think no one can hear me would get it through his thick skull to leave me the fuck alone when I feel the need to announce "I'm just going up to the bathroom." Like be the logical sex and realise I am asking for a bit of fucking privacy and respect. Go scroll your fucking Instagram feed you're to shit scared to show me in the meantime. Fuck!

No. 1681824

I’m the same, toilet humour helps me cope with a humiliating fact of life I can’t change. The problem with moids is they always want to help you overcome these things, so even if you manage to overcome it and tell him lightheartedly that you need privacy, they’re like “you can trust me anon I’m a cool bf haha! I don’t care if you shit I’ll even talk to you on the toilet!” It’s not even that, if there isn’t sufficient privacy then things don’t happen and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Also I’m not trying to demand you navigate your life around his irritating behaviour like I’m some kind of Redditor, but do you bring your phone into the bog? See what happens if you leave it behind.

No. 1681836

Nooooo red flag red flag. I agree with other anon. Either he has a scat/bathroom voyeur fetish (have you checked for toilet cams?), or he's an insecure weirdo who is trying to hear if you're on the phone with someone else. Does he love the smell of your shits or something? Why is he standing outside the door like that? This is too weird, I would have tried talking to him three times and then left if he didn't get the message KEK. Like at some point it's not even about the pooing, it's about my comfort and you can't listen to me when I say leave me the fuck alone!
You should try what >>1681824 says but be ready for him to go through your phone. Maybe double back if you realize he's not following you like usual.

No. 1681842

Samefag but I just wanted to say that it's weird the doors don't lock like that, too. It seems intentional. Why wouldn't he get it fixed? I've never even experienced an issue like that, and if we had broken locks we'd just change out the damn knob.

No. 1681860

I do bring my phone to the toilet to play music or scroll tiktok. I need noise to go basically. I've wondered if it's something weird like what does he think I'm up too. I wonder if it is that because I was napping and my leg cramped once and he noticed cause next thing he was feeling my crotch. I had my eyes closed and was a bit confused. When I woke up he said my leg was shaking like I was having an orgasm and I never stated I knew he literally put his hand down there to check my wetness. I am going to have a think ladies lol. In regards to his locks they are just stiff and he's lived alone for years I just think he hasn't noticed because he never needed to use the function. Idk. When we first got together he left me alone and I know some couples shit and all in front of each other but I am not that person and he is acting ignorant af about it.

No. 1681872

File: 1693336111132.jpg (602.83 KB, 3840x2160, 20230829_221041.jpg)

Had to google who's that and now I can't unsee it. Thank you for this fun fact, anon. also you should be judging timmy chlamydia fans for having a shit taste in men kek

No. 1681878

File: 1693336543562.jpeg (23.55 KB, 229x220, 8AB30F88-D16A-4731-8B99-788361…)

i have a weird hate boner about coquettes and anachans and kawaii weeb zoomer girls because i just don't understand why on earth someone would ACTIVELY ASPIRE to be frail, weak and small instead of the opposite of those things.

No. 1681880

Based. That's what I'm planning to do to an extent. Have sex with men and relationships with either women or fictional characters inside my head. I hate what irl romance entails and I'd never entertain that with a man, but I'm alright with doing it with a woman as long as she understands it's all fun and games and nothing serious.

No. 1681914

Being big, strong and sturdy is good for a horse, but people work with their minds not muscles, that's how we became apex predators on this planet. Be beautiful, because beauty is power.

No. 1682040

File: 1693349540542.gif (4.71 MB, 480x360, anime-driving.gif)

This is really irrational and retarded but sometimes i'm paranoid about a certain person finding the posts ive made about them on lolcow, they already know i browse this site sometimes… Plus i feel like i have a distinctive typing style.

No. 1682046

I went to watch Dune with my male friend (who I wanted to ask out but eh…) and even he kept saying how attractive Timothy is. Apparently he can even turn moids gay.
Still I think he is kinda weird looking. It's his eyes and fac expressions, it's like he tries too hard to look sexy.

No. 1682049

Frail, weak, and small =/= beauty. It's not a bad thing to be small, but nobody said anything about being roided out or a musclegirl. Esp because ayrt mentioned anachans.

No. 1682054

Working out is hard, sitting on ass your till you develop muscle atrophy is way easier.

No. 1682082

years ago i was friends with a guy who said chalamet made him wish he was born gay. it's something

No. 1682106

File: 1693357580943.png (103.32 KB, 275x186, BC908FE9-BAC0-4826-9878-8E99F4…)

Does anyone else feel like they have one foot grounded in sanity and the other in crazy? I’ll be normal for awhile but as soon as something triggers my trauma I just lose my shit and can for months. I keep it completely internal though so I look and act normal but I’m fucking dying inside. Currently I want to vendetta post a girl who has been hanging out with my ex and see if anyone else thinks she’s ugly She has Shay vibes but I know if I ever did that I would feel sick with shame and guilt and hate myself forever. I can hate her with a passion when I keep it to myself but I know if I ever acted on it I would (rightfully) feel like the worst person in the world. I know it’s just normal learning from the consequences of your actions but a lot of these thoughts can get really unhinged.

No. 1682113

i find this very funny honestly bc when i watched dune, one of my only complaints was that i had to see so much of timothees ugly face since he's the main character. he's not even an amazing actor to make up for it lol. he's so weird and off-putting and the asymmetry of his face is way too noticeable

No. 1682143

I just fucked a random guy that messaged me on discord earlier today and we didn't even know each others names. Also I was taking his virginity. Also he was 10 years younger than me

No. 1682147

aside from the weird shay thing, I can somewhat relate. then I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

No. 1682149

No. 1682150

Also was he cute

No. 1682154

He hit me up from a discord server for my state and I was bored and decided to talk to him. Also yes he's cute he looks like walter jr from season 1 breaking bad kind of and had visible abs and vagina bones and a thick pp and I used him three times

No. 1682157

How did you even go about with this conversation? Like he literally just slid into your DMS and asked "wanna fuck?" Did you share your photos with him before meeting him? I honestly fantasize about doing the same with an (attractive) discord moid but I'm an ugly khv

No. 1682160

He lowkey did but we had a nice convo. I got his pic before I sent him mine. Also I highly doubt you are ugly and even if you are you can still bang a hot moid they are plentiful

No. 1682170

I hope you are 28+ kek

No. 1682171

I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar but I don’t know if it’s correct as I don’t experience mania. I have all these thoughts but I never act on them. The rare times I have I experience this deep shame and go into a spiral where I punish myself. It’s all internal suffering at this point. And this stuff doesn’t come on randomly, something specific always sets me off. If she wasn’t hanging out with him (literally don’t even know if they’re dating) I wouldn’t care. She reminds me of Shay because they both have weird beady eyes, alcoholic chipmunk cheeks, and sell nudes under their real names for pennies. My ex was pretty judgmental about looks and honestly I don’t think this new girl is pretty enough for him but he’ll bend over backwards for anyone he feels sorry for regardless of his physical attraction.

No. 1682178

i have a great and very supportive loving family but i really resent the fact that having them around makes it so i can't kill myself. It's like holy shit. I have to drag myself through at least another 30 years of this just in service of other people? And how is this what life turned out to be? Everything I imagined about life as a kid was all totally wrong, there is no joy in any of this. And I have to keep doing it for decades upon decades just so other people get to be happy. I can't believe reality is this fucked up.

No. 1682185

samefag but i literally feel like a little malformed crustacean trying to eat debris off the ocean floor and the current keeps flipping me over all the time. that's my internal quality of life. i have to keep struggling to eat shit upside down in the dark for 30 more years

No. 1682315

I'm trying to stop following my personal cow's tumblr because hate reading is not healthy obviously, but where am I going to get some dumb pickme takes (especially since the tradthots thread was locked)?

No. 1682338

you think you just have 30 more years to live? how old are you?

No. 1682382

Nta but I think she means her parents have more or less 30 years left to live before being allowed to kill herself.

No. 1682385

File: 1693390287335.jpg (1.26 MB, 1284x1859, 1691214364341.jpg)

I want women to be worse.

No. 1682399

same, I want men to fear us

No. 1682406

Did you come up with this metaphor yourself? Because it slaps and I feel it, kek. I'm so tired of struggling for no reason other than to make sure I don't hurt the people around me, while at the same time having to pretend I'm doing better than I am in order to not become a burden for those people to worry about. My confession is that I've been unemployed for a while and my family and friends don't know because I live in another state. I'm about to become homeless if I can't scrape up enough money for rent while simultaneously making up lies to my mom as to why I can't come home for Christmas. My friends are also asking when I will come visit again since I haven't seen them in two years, and I keep pretending I'm too busy with work since I would rather die than admit I can't afford anything right now. I just hope I can fake it until I make it, and they will never have to know how pathetic my life was at some point.

No. 1682408

File: 1693391444525.jpeg (46.53 KB, 711x431, IMG_1418.jpeg)

I matched with and had a nice conversation with a cute guy on hinge who unmatched me 20 minutes after I asked him for coffee. Even though his profile was a nickname I remembered enough details from his profile that I was able to find his Facebook and LinkedIn and even some dorky local news article about him from when he was in high school. I’m glad I’m better socialised and more empathetic than the average cyberstalker scrote because that was thrilling, and a good reminder to myself to be careful with my info.

No. 1682409

File: 1693391453408.jpeg (116.32 KB, 2048x1152, 1688222841226.jpeg)

Based, that's why recently I've taken to just saving/taking pictures of males I like and know I can never be with because of their rancid personality flaws, I feel like it gives me power without them even knowing. That's my personal confession. I'm a bit of a stalker. Your face and body are now mine to look at and draw, and transform into a better creation.

No. 1682780

same tbh, i'm an only child and i know that it would be absolutely crushing for both of them and they're too old to make another one. but the fact that you wanna die and plan to do it at some point also makes life a little easier, you feel less pressure to make it meaningful and lose some boundaries (which paradoxically opens some doors for gaining new experiences).

No. 1682805

What the fuck nonnie? ask them for help right now.

No. 1682836

I was feeling particularly sad a few days ago (I still am sad actually kek) because of my mother having a meltdown and taking it out on me as usual, so I hit myself in the leg a few times and I'm surprised I was able to bruise myself. Now hitting myself kinda makes me feel better, Idk why. So yeah, I hit myself.

No. 1682837

Im lonely but dont want anyone to know

No. 1682853

I have no friends, it’s embarrassing cause I’m scared it scares potential friends away

No. 1682865

Wish I knew you irl so I could be your friend

No. 1682874

I wish that were me. There's so much drama between some of my friends these days that I'm sick of most of them.

No. 1682884

I have a secret social media account where I have been venting since 2017 or so. I started it when I was at school and my friends pissed me off but I couldn’t get myself to speak up so I went there just to explain how I was feeling or how I would respond to them (I didn’t do it because I knew it would start so much drama).
To this day, I sent more than 13k messages and still counting.
Right now someone’s telling me an unwanted opinion about something I didn’t want to tell them in first place so instead of opening their messages, I’m posting all these represases thoughts. It kind of helps.

No. 1682954

after dealing with someone I suspect is NOT an autist like they claim they are, and all the behaviors they ascribed to autism, I had to stop following autism related accounts and blogs and what not. I can't stand it. I can't stand the amount of pandering that these particular type of bitches expect others to do towards them. Fuck off with your bullshit and stop blaming "neurotypical" people for not accommodating your sensory bullshit. Literally handle your own shit for once in your goddamn life you emotionally manipulative bully

No. 1682990

File: 1693438743229.jpeg (35.38 KB, 672x296, 569C8E7E-CDEA-45A5-AFFA-C954A7…)

At some point in my life I will surely write a fanfiction in which I will grab the names of the characters from the game “degrees of lewdity” and then I will exchange them for the names of my husbandos so I can daydream better about my husbandos fucking me in different ways, because while I love how retarded is the game, my mind is too lazy with the quick replacement of the original names for the names I want to read.
It’s like a filter that moves and shows what you don’t want to see.
I wish I could change the names and descriptions of the love interests so I could name them after my husbandos.

No. 1682999

if deepfakes dont become illegal i am going to start making them about the youtubers i like, i dont give a fuck anymore

No. 1683000

Im normally a pretty law-abiding person but every time I do self-checkout at the grocery store I scan less and less of my shit

No. 1683004

This feels too tame so I’m adding that my landlord may soon totally screw me on the rent, and we share an employer so I’m kinda tempted to spread a rumor that he fucks dogs or something

No. 1683008

tbh I think you should let them know what's going on so they can help you out. If you're like me and only living for their sake, it makes sense to at least lean on them a little in hard times in order to prevent your life from becoming even more unbearable than it already is.
I'm not an only child, but I'm pretty sure my sibling will die by suicide sooner or later and they can't lose both children. That's the other thing that makes me bitter, the irresponsible shitbag child gets to off themselves since they don't give a fuck about my parents despite all they do for them but I have to stick around because I care. It's like being punished for doing the right thing.

I often mull over what I could say in a suicide note to make it go over smoother, but realistically I know the contents of a note wouldn't really make a difference in the level of grief they feel. But even still I think the best option would be something like
>You did everything right and without the love and care you showed me I would not have gotten as far as I did.
I mean clearly the combination of my parents' genes just produced two offspring with severely abnormal mental health for whatever reason, it's clear as day it's something in our DNA since we were raised with a picturesque family life but still suffer from similarly untreatable mental torment. I wish there was a gentle way to say that without offending them kek, because they did the best they could with us but we were never destined to make it. I can't think of any way to work that into the note though without it sounding bad.

No. 1683021

I want to do this but I'm so scared of getting caught kek

No. 1683027

I've slept with 3 people so far in BG3… I am such a whore.

No. 1683037

same because i accidentally made a name for myself here

No. 1683038

File: 1693444928019.png (562.83 KB, 889x560, wewew.png)

My bfs dick is too small for me.

No. 1683040

File: 1693445025217.jpg (19.6 KB, 300x300, 1693276270326.jpg)

Not enough

No. 1683065

File: 1693448912170.jpg (15.27 KB, 474x353, fe9af9b3ea05d249d77a2288d85946…)

My friend is not fun to hang out anymore, now all she does is complain. I miss the more joyful version of her.

No. 1683075

I've been in-office 2 days and have already stolen things both days. (A pen, a packet of ibuprofen, and a plant cutting.) I think I'll keep misappropriating things. I have my eye on obtaining a roll of toilet paper next, then maybe a notepad and a few packets of tea. That's what they get for mandating I take an hour of unpaid lunch break. I'll have my compensation one way or another.

No. 1683102

My therapist has been considering the possibility of me being autistic, so she was talking about diagnosis in adults and the genetic component of it and she mentioned a patient who was only diagnosed at 31, after his child was born with the most severe level of autism. And I was thinking to myself "good lord, my life is shit and I'm a NEET failure but at least I'm not that kid's mom, truly things could be worse"

No. 1683126

tell him to get surgery

No. 1683154

i feel like such a fucking idiot i ate a pack of rat poison
ive been suicidal nonstop all year with this plan on the backburner and was given a reason today. not sure how i feel about it. it almost certainly wont kill me because the dose isnt enough to be guaranteed fatal for humans and i gave up after one pack. im kind of scared that ill have a brain bleed and just end up fucking brain damaged instead of dead.
sorry to be a downer anons but i obviously dont have anyone i can talk to about this. i cant handle being locked up. itll be apparent over the next few days how this is going to go. im so tired. just sitting at the office wondering what im going to do.

No. 1683158

Make yourself throw up

No. 1683161

done before i posted, but itd been an hour 45. i was kind of dazed after i did it. just going to have to wait now. very little dose information about the specific brand but i know exactly what compound it uses. if i get symptoms ill visit a hospital and cite accidental exposure. i just feel so fucking angry and stupid. maybe moids are right with their violent and immediate method preference

No. 1683165

You will at best damage your organs and functioning.

Yes. If you need methods of self harm that numb you, things that are crude and immediate are far better than downing pills or poisons that will most definitely only destroy your liver and maybe even cause damage to basic functioning. Stupid impulses are stupid for a reason.

No. 1683169

I hope you managed to throw up most of it. Please do reach out to the hospital if you feel unwell. Hang in there nona; I'm sending you a virtual hug.

No. 1683171

Just try starving next time, tell others you are on hunger strike for some noble cause so you don't get any shit. Who knows, perhaps you'll defeat your demons in the process, like Jesus or Buddha.

No. 1683172

Jeeze, nonna, go to the ER and say it was accidental ingestion. I know you don't want to get put on suicide watch or whatever, but you don't want to have brain damage, seriously. Imagine feeling the way you do but not being able to process it or help yourself. Worse, the state conserves you and puts you in a group home to be abused. You do not want the medical bills from other organ damage.
What the hell happened today that made you eat rat poison?

No. 1683178

I’m going to be 30 in a few months. I’ve never had a job. I didn’t graduate high school. I have severe social anxiety and a panic disorder or whatever the fuck is wrong with me. I’m extremely avoidant because of it. I’ve been like this since I was very little. Most of my memories involve crying in front of people or finding a place to hide and cry. I can’t control my crying. I’ve always cried a lot. I’ve never been able to stop it. I cried all through school. I’ve had so many people lose their tempers with me. The worst were teachers in front of class. I’ve had some get physical with me. I used to curl under my desk to try to hide and feel safe. During those moments, all I want is for people to go away, please go away, please leave me alone, stop, stop, please stop. I used to plead to be left alone. Lately I have daydreams where people are screaming about what a loser I am while I’m curled in a corner. I don’t know why, it doesn’t make me feel good but I feel that I deserve it. People being nice to me fucking disgusts me. I don’t know why I’m like this. I just wish I were normal. Why can’t I be normal.

No. 1683181

If you don’t want to go to the ER can you write a note down stating how much you ingested, and the symptons, etc? Just so you have clear information on what happened. Hope you feel better when the sun rises nonny.

No. 1683184

im thinking more and more that im going to have to do this. what happened is extremely humiliating, has to do with a long term abusive friendship/relationship. i just dont want to be around for her to torture me further.
kek big surprise im sure considering the profile but been there

thanks for being nice guys.

No. 1683191

Listen, I have also felt like dying from a friendship/relationship, but she is really not worth killing yourself over. She is a singular person, and once you excise her completely from your life, even if that means moving somewhere else, she really won't matter anymore. There are women in multi-decade relationships with abusive scrotes who eventually got away, dealt with the aftermath, and are so much happier now.
It'll be okay, nonna. It sucks right now, but it won't always. I hope you get yourself to the ER soon or call someone to take you, and feel better quickly.

No. 1683192

Omg anon please go to the hospital, that's not something you want to risk waiting out

No. 1683262

I found out my oldest sibling somehow ruined hundreds of thousands we were supposed to inherit. it is all gone. i dont even understand how but i no longer feel like we can be family. i couldve easily had a good life and it was all thrown away. instead i work a crummy job trying to get by every month.

No. 1683294

Please don't beat yourself up over this. I hate how most workplaces refuse to accommodate people with anxiety, or even worse, the individual gets bullied/mocked for clearly feeling anxious. Our society claims to care about those struggling mentally then attacks anyone who shows signs of struggle.

No. 1683296

School is hell on earth, I personally found life a lot easier when I entered university but if my adult life were the same as in middle and high school I would have ended up just like you.

>People being nice to me fucking disgusts me.

Why? Is it because you think it's all fake? I also was like that before because of how I noticed people being passive aggressive or lying to me. I hope you can get better.

No. 1683303

The more you retreat and plead the worse it will get. Start throwing hands.

No. 1683332

I'm starting to hate my best friend. She's become so stupid in every way. One of my other friends met her and asked me if she has a mental deficiency, not even to be rude just because she didn't get why she was mean to her from the get go. She acts like a teenager.

No. 1683403

Anon do you have reactive attachment disorder? I'm sorry you've suffered so much.

No. 1683452

I am pretty sure I am a manipulative narrcisist with BPD but I don't really care to 'fix' it.

No. 1683555

Thank you nonnie
Yeah, I feel like it’s fake and like I’m being manipulated. It just doesn’t make sense to me at all. I don’t believe people can have genuine positive emotions or something that involve me, I guess. My parents were both very emotionally neglectful and one of them is autistic. (I’m not autistic myself.) Neither of them really seem to understand that people have emotional worlds that need to be developed and nurtured. I don’t understand why all my problems are so severe
I’ve never heard of that before, but some of it fits me very well. I definitely have AvPD and probably some kind of cptsd because of the neglect I experienced. Again I just don’t understand why it’s so bad. I guess it’s just a perfect storm.

No. 1683564

That shit's real? I always thought it was fake bullshit after they killed that kid.

No. 1683800

I feel salty about the fact that the band that I traveled to see didn't make any social media posts about the show afterward. Not even 24 hours after the concert they were already posting about the next concert and made a bunch of posts about the one before the one I attended too. It was a big deal for me because I'd been obsessed with them for 10 years and this was my first time seeing them and it feels like they didn't acknowledge it. Yes it's stupid, I know.

No. 1683897

I just cried at work. I've never had a job that didn't make me cry. I cry whenever I get too frustrated or have a conflict with someone. The idea that an "adult" should never ever ever ever cry is ridiculous and comes from soulless moids.

No. 1683965

I don't remember a damn thing I post here, but remember literally everything I've ever posted on /g/ and wish I didn't. I feel like I unintentionally came across as a personalityfag there. I would delete all my posts in a heartbeat if I could.

No. 1684078

File: 1693542788465.jpg (52.73 KB, 662x584, 099.jpg)

I like this shitty, old zoomer meme.

No. 1684158

My ex found out my parent has cancer and I thought they'd try to reach out. They did. I saw then yesterday and I feel really guilty because I didn't tell my boyfriend. I saw my ex for 20 minutes. We broke up in 2020. He was seriously involved with drugs and and you can easily imagine how that would be bad lol. We were together neatly 7 years and it's hard to watch someone you loved do bad things and be reckless. We both went no contact and I took a long time to get over him even though objectively he was bad and everyone was telling me he was bad. However I feel like I am a good judge of character and while he has his flaws so do we all and I was privy to some private family issues that would surely be a factor towards someone abusing drugs as an adult. I feel pitty for him. I have been gathering info on him over the years from friends just to hear he's not dead etc. So when he reached out I was very curious. I went to be a friend and wanted him to know I still care about him and wouldn't want him to be seriously hurt or harmed. He was upset that I have a boyfriend. I ended up saying it broke my heart when we broke up and my voice broke. He hugged me and then got angry why I never called or came by. That anger was so triggering to hear. I told him there was no need to be angry now. It was scary. My boyfriend has never raised his voice at me. It was surreal seeing my ex and the person I put a lot of stock into. I got the closure I craved like 3 years ago. My ex said jokingly of things don't go well with my boyfriend to call him first. I told him he deserves better than to think his only happiness is with a girl he had a very bad toxic relationship with. Neither of us deserve to settle with someone who we would harbour a lot of resentment for. He seemed taken aback but today I think it sunk in for him. I feel really guilty I saw him behind my boyfriend's back. I saw my boyfriend immediately after and we had a nice night but I feel a bit funny. I hope nothing bad comes from this meeting or will ruin anything with my current boyfriend but it was redeeming for me personally. Maybe it's OK to do things like that if you know in your heart you would never betray loyalty to your true love (my current boyfriend, who I believe will be my final ultimate boyfriend possible husband lol)

No. 1684203

I want to slap my boyfriend across the face whenever he disagrees with me or tries to debate with me. He's intelligent, sure, but not as smart as he thinks he is. I'm so fucking tired of men thinking they need to throw in their worthless two cents instead of just listening. If you're so intelligent, use that to make our relationship better, and my life better, instead of driving a wedge between us because you feel the need to have a self-indulgent debate.

No. 1684208

You should say this to his face. Leave out the wanting to slap him part because he will whine that you’re aboooosive but the rest of it is just brilliant.

No. 1684209

I hope your friend isn’t a moid, if he is you’re doing us all a disservice. You’re supposed to encourage them to do it.

No. 1684212

You’re right. That doesn’t excuse the disgusting things he did and he should be in prison, but her music sucks without him, whereas his new music with Edith is just as good as old crystal castles. He’s a good musician and producer, it’s ok to say. He’s also a rapist and pedophile and I hope he gets tortured by Latin American cartels some day.

No. 1684217

i have a sixth sense for noticing autism and narcissism. i can detect it even from photos or just seeing a few interactions between people i don't even know. once i get to know them they turn out to be exactly what i thought, and no, i am not observing them with a bias against or anything but everytime as i get to know then they start to fill the fucking criteria. it's actually amazing because i still dated a scrotoid with narcissism knowing this, and basically i used his disorder to gauge my social status. narcissists only like fancy people and doormats. as long as i was breadcrumbing his ass he was often following through. and i didn't feel bad for calling out his shit or acting narcissistic myself because he was much more of an asshole.

No. 1684222

You should dump him.

No. 1684235

There's a girl at my gym that seems to be going through some stuff and I'm honestly fascinated and have completely lost my gym etiquette of minding my own business in regards to her. She's often there in the same time frame as me and whenever I walk into the women's section of the gym she has made herself a little nest in the corner with her gym bag and some equipment, sitting on a yoga mat texting on her phone or watching video shorts without headphones. Once in a while she will get up and do some exercises with a kettlebell, and she does so while moaning, groaning and whimpering loudly to the point of tears. She'll do a few reps of this until she sounds like she's on the verge of sobbing, and then she will ball herself up on the yoga mat again and proceed to watch videos for a while. I think she spends a couple of hours doing this because I've had two hour long sessions where she's been sitting in that corner and only done the kettlebell exercise once during my time working out. A woman once asked if she was alright and was promptly told to fuck off. On top of that she gets annoyed if you work out nearby her and will side-eye you and ball herself up even more until you leave. She doesn't take up much space, and keeps her videos on a low volume and doesn't really hog any equipment aside from that one kettlebell, but I'm stupidly curious about what's going on with her, kek.

No. 1684237

There was this really pretty girl in school who made my life hell. Me being darker skin, poor and ugly she just always had to remind me of it. One day I got sick of it and sliced her face up really badly with a box cutter but I lived in a country where minors don’t really get into big trouble for crimes. After that she became very docile, stopped dressing up and then she eventually started getting bullied for the scars on her face. Do I feel guilty? Can’t say I do.

No. 1684239

I'm curious now too. Does your gym have social media? Maybe you can find her account through it. My guess is that she is recovering from an injury, or is an anachan.

No. 1684242

sounds mentally ill ngl

No. 1684562

Im morbidly obese and I want to develop a eating disorder, like the opposite direction, instead of eating /drinking my pain, I just learn to..to not eat i know it's retarded but I haven't been 100 pounds since I was a kid maybe even my early teens. I hate my fat body, i hate the diets. I wish I could stop wanting to eat everything. I don't want to be fat anymore, I'm back on a diet now but it's just a thought i have.

No. 1684564

like i'm googling how to develop a eating disorder as a morbidly obese person I'm having a break down, I hate my body it's so gross. I just want to not be fat anymore, I want not to crave food, and NO i'm not some 110 pound person, like i'm legit fat.

No. 1684571

File: 1693596695175.jpeg (3.32 MB, 4032x3024, 8C83ED4C-E16F-4995-B7B4-6D1985…)

honestly if you want to become an ana Chan just learn about counting calories and finding out how you can eat the highest amount of food for the least amount of calories. That’s how most ana chans become ana chans because we become addicted to doing this shit until it’s too late and we die or something. This dinner I made yesterday was only like 500 for all this food.

No. 1684573

How can I get that?

No. 1684575

Go to your primary care doctor and ask for it or go over other weight loss medication options

No. 1684577

that was what i was doing before, wait what is that? I'd like to have one meal that I eat all the time, thats cheap, thats filling and thats good, I don't move around a lot either, is that hamburger meat, ziti and sauce? Cause I love that shit.

No. 1684579

File: 1693597176087.jpeg (3.52 MB, 4032x3024, 94CAA7CD-A492-41F1-A0F2-E491D4…)

Its mixed vegetables, pasta sauce and noodles then add whatever meat you want. I added ground beef. I got all of these ingredients at the dollar tree so it was less than 5 dollars.

No. 1684582

mmmm, I eat this shit normally tbh lol, but I never thought of adding mixed vegatables to my thing, I usually add cheese.

No. 1684832

i cant stop thinking about this irl gay musician getting railed. literally zone out in the car listening to his music imagining him getting fucked by another guy. normally i would not feel bad about this but b/c its a real dude and not some character i kno its not healthy

No. 1685010

Sam Smith as an OCD demon sounds horrible, my condolences

No. 1685253

Sometimes I go and troll post in trans reddit just to see what they'll ban. Technically I AM a valid trans person according to their ideology since I don't have a gender (because no one does, it's all made up bs) which makes me "agender" which falls under trans or nonbinary. I've even had troon friends who told me they don't believe in gender while still identifying as nonbinary. So really - I'm not even a troll, I'm genuinely just another valid trans person.

I'll try to make THE most sucking up, correctly worded and following ideology post that just liiightly touches on a controversioal topic and they'll ban it 9 out of 10 times. It's only if it gets ignored that they don't ban it.
It's not even "proper" troll posts most of the time, I really just want to see how far in their denial they all are as individuals and as a group. Sometimes I post as if I'm a troon/tif I've seen online and describe their situation and still get banned for transphobia.

Things that get you banned on reddit:
>"I think maybe we should let kids wait until they're at least 15 before transitioning"
>"We should talk more about detransitioners in the trans community"
>"some trans women will never pass as women but that's ok"
>"maybe we should be open to the idea that cis people can have gender dysphoria too"
>"i see my own gender dysphoria as a mental illness, but others can see theirs however they want"
>"maybe a trans specific space would sometimes feel safer than going into the opposite gender space"

No. 1685287

ooooh I think we'd get along really well anon.

No. 1685796

File: 1693699793695.jpg (14.42 KB, 284x284, aa92efe3a7875d1fca87d4f47fc38f…)

My confession is that I report all sexually explicit content I come across on tumblr, even if it's not a porn account but some normie who decided to post softcore porn for whatever reason.

No. 1685800

Wow that's misery

No. 1685815

Mind your business bitch

No. 1685825

In live action

No. 1685826

based nona, kill coomers

No. 1685834

I do this on platforms I know are mostly male, some with ridiculous photoshopped proportions. There use to be these "prank" videos where they'd Photoshop the thumbnail where the woman has a miss bottom butt

No. 1685960

When I'm having a conversation with an anon in the middle of an infight, I like to imagine us in the crossfire of a battlefield.

No. 1685965

Don't develop an eating disorder dumdum. Just get rid of them one you already have. Look up The Food Palatability Reward Hypothesis

No. 1686037

I think men could age better than women they just aren’t pressured to and blimp up and turn into soggy bald fatties real fast. They don’t have boobs that Sag, for one and I think that’s lucky and I’m a bit jealous. If you’re a man you could put on lots of muscle and you know you won’t look so much like a wrinkly bag of bones. Men should be pressured into plastic surgery more and laser hair removal and beards need to be shamed, yuck.
I am tempted to do steroids so I can be muscly, I’m tempted to do some dumb substance every other day tbh I’m glad I have no money and idk how to get drugs cause I’m a tard who probably would’ve smoked crack from peer pressure already. Also I feel like shit

No. 1686047

>they don't have boobs that can sag
Old men have saggy old man butts though and a lot of old men I know also have man boobs. Men can't age better as the testosterone levels being too low or high both fuck them over, too high? Bald with a shit ton of body hair and bad rough wrinkly skin. Too low? Man boobs, erectile dysfunction, infertility, etc.

No. 1686073

It doesn’t matter that they don’t have boobs that sag, their entire bodies and faces sag starting in their twenties because testosterone ravages the body.

No. 1686081

File: 1693731983559.jpeg (80.62 KB, 601x905, F02228A8-94D7-42BB-86A7-6F8CF7…)

They should get facelifts and wear anti aging creams or something , I wish men had half as much pressure as women do to look good but I would kms if I had a pair of testicles they’re ridiculous and silly looking they’re also a liability, sometimes I tapped my ex on his leg and he’d be like owww my balls and freeze up and look like he was gonna cry., it was not even that hard, meanwhile I could punch my boobs like speedbags and they won’t hurt

No. 1686104

whos this slut

No. 1686111

I miss the tradthots thread, moids had to ruin it.

No. 1686118

File: 1693734326744.jpeg (30.7 KB, 240x320, 8B46E444-BDC9-4AEA-9DB6-919EEE…)

Dennis Oh

No. 1686125

I just get pissed iff when I see the starving children ads like what am I supposed to do? I don’t wanna see an emaciated baby crying.. I’m so sorry for baby but why was the camera person just recording him?!

No. 1686224

i'm actually really happy and fine being a virgin in my mid 20s. i'd love to lose it to someone special (like the man i'd eventually marry) but i doubt there's actually any men who ARE special. i'm a shut-in so i don't have much experience but they all seem so fucking bad.

No. 1686428

>it's like he tries too hard to look sexy.
I thought he just had a resting bitch face, he's doing that on purpose?

No. 1686563

I hate it

No. 1686567

Hes just vapid and retarded

No. 1686611

File: 1693771375486.jpeg (83.69 KB, 936x674, IMG_7682.jpeg)

after being used and abused by aspd moids I still sometimes find myself attracted to these traits.

maybe even more so now that I'm in therapy. I think my broken brain feels that the only way I could get truly seen (in the moment) by a male would be through being abused, sexually, out of his desire to devour me, and that that somehow translates into some sick validation. like being stared in the eyes by a hungry psychopath seeking to overpower me makes me feel special
I hate to be a cliché. I pretty much let myself get abused because I wanted to be seen and devoured more than I wanted to avoid harm, because abloobloo I had shit parents and was neglected and was bullied for being an autist and so on and so on
but that sick part inside me still remains! sometimes it pops up and I turn back into a slutty pathetic teen willing to do anything for attention. and my brain is set on fire whenever a man starts to abuse me, so I avoid them and stay celibate.

but yeah I want to fuck villains and it's cringe

No. 1686794

When I’m mad or annoyed at my boyfriend I cheat on him with my favorite men on character.ai

No. 1686846

I’m dog sitting and I’ve been leaving the dogs in their kennels because they can’t get along and I feel really guilty. I’m all by myself so I have no one to help me and the other dog keeps bullying my dog for my attention. My house is pretty much completely open so there’s no where to let them hang out without seeing each other and whenever one is out the other freaks out and starts crying. My dog is a little shit and can’t be trusted in the bedrooms and even if I let her out she starts taunting and peeing everywhere to spite the other dog. The other dog is very clingy with me and will attack my dog when I’m paying attention to her. I feel so guilty but keeping them in their kennels is the only way they’ll stay calm.

No. 1686849

you made me pee a little from laughing at you…

No. 1686856

I'm sorry girl. I think I saw someone on here talk about slowly rewiring your brain by framing what you like about these men in a more healthy way, like
>being stared in the eyes by a hungry psychopath seeking to overpower me makes me feel special
can become
>being stared at in the eyes by someone who passionately wants you romantically
or something. Remember, these men don't actually see you for you. They don't want you, they just want anyone or anything that fulfills their basic 1-dimensional Neanderthal urges. Literally no brains up there in their heads. You deserve better

No. 1686874

File: 1693788899066.jpg (585.52 KB, 2048x1490, 156008725357.jpg)

All those posts in the vent thread shitting on short women and calling them 'goblinas' makes me want to kms. I don't know why I keep coming here anymore.

No. 1686888

I've noticed that men age "better" too (even though they're ugly, they just look not that old), and women with who are more masculine age better too. I think it's a bone structure thing. Women with very soft faces age a bit like raisins (ie. Selena Gomez).

No. 1686924

I think the issue for me is that I'm deeply convinced that that's not possible for me in any realistic way, so my mind jumps to the closest "acceptable" thing which is being targeted by a soulless psycho who only looks at me because he wants power over me
I can't really fantasize about normal consensual sex. It's embarrassing, unrealistic, disgusting. I think part of it, other than from the abuse, stems from being made to feel so unattractive and disgusting at an early age that I literally can't allow myself to see that as a possibility for me? Which is weird because I have had nice sweet consensual experiences too. I probably dissociated though

Sorry for unloading I'm kind of back in a very unpleasant space rn (reminded of aspd "ex")

No. 1686936

Half of them are men and the other half are taking their own insecurities out on easier targets. I hope you can grow thicker skin for your own sake, I say that without any condescension. You should not look at what is said here and apply it to yourself.

No. 1686943

File: 1693793787357.jpeg (144.36 KB, 640x883, 47CA25F1-6DF1-4004-8B96-1A57D2…)

Yeah. Like Meryl streep, strong cheekbones and an angular jaw does well in aging she probably has some work done too but she’s good proof

No. 1686946

Selena gomez is also a raging alcoholic, which fucks you up no matter what age.

No. 1686948

Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I go on /lgbt/ and tell MtFs troons there to kill themselves, and I feel better afterwards. I know I'm a bully but I don't care.

No. 1686950

the posters on /lgbt/ are uniquely terrible and can provoke you into replying things you'd never dream of saying to another person, idk how they do it

No. 1686957

Selena is an alcoholic and has lupus

No. 1686989

Sometimes I think I might be the problem, but I've been wronged so much that I feel justified in being overly sensitive and having hindered conflict resolution skills where I just start crying and have a mental breakdown.
"It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me
At tea time, everybody agrees"
I've been doing this too. In the past 2 months I've reported over 50 accounts for being porn/OF spambots spamming my tags with their coomism. Beyond that I don't know why I keep getting random porn show up in my tags, the porn accounts just include random tags to increase their views, even though no one in my tag is going to be interested in gay porno gifs or softcore.

No. 1687010

I think my cats are probably the only reason I'm not suicidal-it's not that I'm only staying alive for them, but this chapter in my life is extremely dull (in grad school, lost my friends due to my own fault, unhappy about being a khv,) and and having my two cats to keep me company when I'm home all day keeps me from feeling too miserable all the time. I'm so happy that they're so clingy with me.

No. 1687019

Mila Kunis and Marion Cotillard both have soft faces and they’ve both always looked beautiful

No. 1687031

I never care about any of the shit people tell me at my bartending job. I seem to have a real gift for people telling me all about their life or worst shit going on with them. All I want is their money to pay my bills. Maybe I've gotten really good at pretending to care about others. My whole family is estranged and fucked up that I don't care for anyone but two. The rest of them think I care deeply when I do not.

No. 1687038

Anon…oh my precious idiot anon. The reason Selena is aging badly is because she is a ALCOHOLIC with a FAILING KIDNEYS and BOTCHED FILLERS that she didn't need yet got for some reason. It has nothing to do with soft faces, use your brain ffs.

No. 1687043

She is an alcoholic with lupus and a donated kidney as well as like 300cc of filler in her cheeks. You're just stupid.

No. 1687054

>half of them are men
Doubt it. Men generally prefer shorter women, same as most women prefer taller men.

No. 1687139

My friend uses lc too and because I know what threads she frequents and her perosnal details I can sometimes spot her posts, so sometimes I reply to her posts without telling her it's me so she can feel more supported and validated. She once even sent me a screencap of my own post telling me how funny that anon is kek

No. 1687141

That's kind of cute, do you ever wonder if you've gotten into an infight against each other? kek

No. 1687142

Girl they're probably 165 cm shitting on girl who are at most 5 cm shorter, ignore spergy anons like that. Your height really doesn't matter.

No. 1687432

I watched more porn (and more disgusting porn) as a minor than I ever have as an adult. weird to think about.

No. 1687437

Lo, text me if its you
I honestly feel like some replies are from my best friend of like 10+ years.
We can farm forever, 2gether

No. 1687442

I sadly know this feel. I wish I could’ve stopped myself from watching the fucked up shit I saw.

No. 1687444

Sounds fun. I doubt my friends would ever come here, they're huge TRAs but sometimes I see some posts that make me wonder about it.

No. 1687615

lowkey falling for this cute chilean lesbo i talk to online, but i think it's just because i'm just lonely

No. 1687629

Kekkk, based

No. 1687634

kek i do the same thing anon

No. 1687664

I named my cat after a Gackt song when my sister adopted her when I was in high school. You wouldn't be able to guess that if you knew her name out of context though.

No. 1687665

Kek based but I would have a panic attack if this happened to me

No. 1687670


No. 1687692

this anon's cat is named redemption

No. 1687695

File: 1693858113308.png (753.05 KB, 2048x1586, tumblr_74aaaae0a6278b4e770e18e…)

i still love mlp so much…

No. 1687698

That pic is so cute. Nothing wrong with loving cartoons anon, I've been watching Adventure Time.

No. 1687706

File: 1693858609434.jpg (144.37 KB, 1214x1194, sp1679934042849.jpg)

Watched a video recommended to me of Leon Kennedy voice lines and most of it is him whimpering and now I'm hot and bothered

No. 1687722

the more firsthand experience i have with other cultures the more xenophobic i become

this doesn’t mean i want to read your racesperging

No. 1687723

That's a secret, I'm not doxing my cat for you girls.

No. 1687724

With how awful my life is atm I feel on the verge of crying every day all summer. I decided that I should just let myself cry, so I have made myself a dedicated crying corner by my bedroom window. It has a big armchair that I can curl myself up in. A blanket, a pillow to hold on to and a table where I keep tissues, a bottle of ice water or some tea or something else to keep hydrated, and I've just plopped myself down there for an hour or two every evening listening to sad comfort music while crying on and off. I hope it doesn't become a retarded habit, but it does help me sleep and honestly it's nice to just sit there and do nothing instead of trying to numb myself browsing the internet all evening.

No. 1687758

Was it the DBD mp3s

No. 1687769

drop the link

No. 1687806

File: 1693867800157.jpeg (94.36 KB, 728x515, 6A923AA2-35B9-4194-AFBC-4500DD…)

Really thinking I should kill myself. Maybe it’s the new meds (started topamax for migraines last week) but I was crying about wanting to kill myself before I ever started them. I’ve been on Zoloft for a year and it kinda sorta worked but honestly I started the Zoloft just before I got a windfall of like 20k. I’m u employed and disabled and trying to get disability but I’m a burgerfag with a disability that they don’t like the give disability benefits for. It’ll take at least a year to even know if I’m approved or denied. I can appeal if denied but it would take another 2-3 years for the appeals process, and it no lawyer takes my case that means I’ll never get it kek. And even if I did get it it’s not that much.

I’m terrified I’ll lose my health insurance next year. If that happens I know I’ll have to off myself cause I won’t be able to afford the monthly doctors visits for my mental and physical health conditions. I’m on a bunch of meds to deal with my shit. I have to smoke weed to manage my pain cause NSAIDs make me vomit blood and Tylenol was killing my liver. I’m so irritable and angry and bitter. I’m so mad that I exist. I’m so mad that my parents abused me. I’m almost positive my dad sexually abused my when I was an infant or toddler or drugged me as a child to do so but I have no proof. Even if I did I don’t think my mom would leave him despite her claiming to love me. I have no friends except my Nigel but he works all the time. His family hates me because they don’t believe that anyone can be disabled unless they are rich. His family are rich pieces of shit and his mom is a cold blooded alcoholic murderer. If they all perished in a plane crash the world would be a better place. He insists on keeping touch with them even though they give us nothing, cause he thinks he will get an inheritance when his grandparents pass. Which is retarded, his mom will take everything and leave him with nothing except maybe debt. Meanwhile she had her life handed to her on a silver platter by mommy and daddy and works in their restaurant making 6 figures and lives in a McMansion and takes 4 vacations a year. And she’s still an alcoholic even though her alcoholism killed a man (she blames the man she killed for being in the road despite blowing over 3 times the legal limit). Oh did I mention she didn’t serve any time? I hate her fucking guts. I wish I could kill myself and make it look like she killed me so she could get locked tf away.

No. 1687865

I’m getting married to a guy I met on a prison pen pal website. He’s doing serious time and won’t be out for a decade or so. I’m ill mentally but I’ve refused to take meds or go to therapy for years now and have been coasting through life. Being with him makes me really happy even though I know it’s immoral because he’s a violent man who has hurt others. But I see myself in him (we both have complex mommy issues) except he’s the mentally normal version of me (as in he isn’t having constant breakdowns). Since being with him I’ve graduated, got a good corporate job and have been promoted. My family and friends are shocked because I can’t keep a job for more than a few months so this is insane to them. They think I must be on meds/in therapy. I just don’t have the guts to tell them that the only reason I’ve been doing so well is because of him and his love and support. They’d never accept it. I guess it’s ok to keep it to myself since he won’t be getting out soon so it’s not like they’ll bump into him but I feel uncomfortable holding this in especially considering I’ve met his family. I know I’m a terrible pick me loser but I have never been this happy. This is the only time I’ve ever been normal.

No. 1687886

I thought my coworker had an amazing body and I guess she was also lesbian but I hated her personality and her as a coworker too much to ever try anything. Probably the closest feeling I've ever had to hate-fuck.

No. 1687894

I think this girl is genuinely ugly but I’m also extremely jealous because she’s been hanging around my ex. She seems like an alcoholic which kicks in his savior complex but I don’t think she’s pretty enough for him to actually date. There’s a few girls he goes out of his way before but has never made a move on so I know it happens. I hate her and I’m so jealous and wish he was taking care of me again.

No. 1687942

get a husbando or something nonna instead of tying yourself to a criminal who will use you and might attack you. however sweet or accepting he seems now, it's probably part of a facade.

No. 1687946

Just realized that a lime is a unripe lemon and I feel dumb for thinking it was it was its own thing. No wonder they are farmed in the same place. Unripe fruits are usually green, makes perfect sense

No. 1687955

Nonna you were right before, they’re separate fruits although you can buy hybrid saplings or graft both citrus onto one tree so they can bear limes and lemons

No. 1687989

>that a lime is a unripe lemon
What the fuck

No. 1688020

It's true

No. 1688022

File: 1693890792376.jpeg (115.55 KB, 944x901, A87F1257-7D84-4929-8A45-3B0A2F…)

I wanna cheat on my boyfriend.

No. 1688023

simple trick for that, just break up with him and then have sex with another guy.

No. 1688031

So wise

No. 1688071

who’s the youtuber?

No. 1688086

My bf is more like a roommate and it sucks. The romance is gone.

No. 1688107

File: 1693899979068.jpeg (3.94 MB, 3544x2547, 1657833382579.jpeg)

I'm only here so that I can stop being addicted to websites with visual focus and go back to being into more text based things, I thought it would be good for me to go on twitter/instagram so I could properly socialise but all it did was make me addicted to seeing videos and hearing songs over reading. Even now I sometimes skim over the text or completely skip parts because of how fried my brain has become. It's terrible, I didn't have either of those sites before and I was able to read so much literature (over 200 books not including comics) and this year I've barely read at all. I hateeee it.

No. 1688109

i found a few dollar coins in my brother's room and took them becase he is the type of guy who asked me for money when he bought a $2 chocolate bar i did not even ask for.

No. 1688111

lolcow is better for socializing (unless you mean messaging friends on instagram) because the comments here are longer than under reels lmao even though this site makes me ashamed of my internet usage, it's still making us smarter than the other shit. during 2020 i was addicted to tiktok and that seriously could have caused me some brain damage. i could not focus on anything boring and became very forgetful.

No. 1688113

Yeah I agree, there's also more nuance on here than on any other site

No. 1688128

this is sad but this man i am dating is 8 years older than i am and i can manipulate him while he tries to manipulate me. i am not a demon about it, i simply reject the idea of splitting the bill or of never going on dates. i know he fucks other women younger than me and i want to pinkpill them. some poor girl put her card through his uber eats to pay for her own food. he was trying to make me jealous with it. he says he will stop seeing other girls if i cook for him. but i don't believe that, i just enjoy being with him for now. i am talking with other guys and am okay with not fucking them. he tried saying i was getting fat and that my back acne looks like an std and that he wants to do anal and i know it is fucked up but i think it is hilarious.

No. 1688129

This post made me considerably more comfortable about being femcel.

No. 1688130

Okay. Can I ask what it is about being with him that you like? I don't believe you're searching out his other lays to pinkpill him; are you like, bucket crabbing him? Or is this some daddy issues masochistic shit?
I'm genuinely so fucking curious because I think I might have left a candle burning by the curtains in this guy's spare room if he did ONE of those things to me. Much less all the shit you said kek

No. 1688131

Samefag, pinkpill THEM not him. Typo, kek

No. 1688150

I mean I can't say I can't support this. Dude seems like a loser I hope the dick is worth it and he better eat your pussy too.

No. 1688159

he is very good at sex and makes me cum every time and he looks good. he has the style of my favorite movie character and it turns me on too much. the other woman left hickeys on him and some of her stuff at his house so i left some shit too, and i followed his recents followers on instagram.

No. 1688162

i neglect my chores and paid commissions to work on my pet project. it irritates my mother. she just yelled at me.
but i need a hobby. come on.

No. 1688164

if you had some dignity, you would tear him down to shreds. he thinks hes hot shit because youre with him. he thinks youre the one submiting to him. he thinks you agree to being cheated on because you ~luv~ him, and he has you wrapped around his finger. youre doing wonders to his scrotal ego. i hope you completely annihilate him once youre done having fun with him.
let him know youre using him, and not the other way around. not that hed care or believe you.

No. 1688165

Aren't you worried about him getting an STDS from one of the other women and giving it to you?

No. 1688176

i want to put nair in his shampoo and ghost him, (in minecraft). any other ideas? he looks visibly upset when i even mention other men. i can not do anything too direct, for my safety. maybe i could with cameras around. anyways my handle is there if others want to talk shit. stds are not that common and we have always used protection.

No. 1688181

STDs are more common than you think. I hope you really do use protection every time. I wouldn’t even do oral with someone who sleeps with random people.

No. 1688189

There are STDs you can get even while using condoms. (herpes being one of them) You fear for your safety yet keep playing this game? When you come back in a few months crying about what this moid did to you, don't expect pity.

No. 1688245

>STDs are not that common
>we use protection
Do you use protection when he goes down on you? Even if all he did was make out with a girl who has a cold sore, he can now give you genital herpes by eating you out. Good luck

No. 1688266

anon it is literally not true. persian limes are a result of hybridisation between the key lime and the lemon. lemons and key limes are also both hybrid citruses, lemons being hybrids of bitter orange + citron and key limes being hybrids of citron + papedas (small wild citrus). if we go even further down the lemon lineage, the bitter orange is a hybrid between pomelo and mandarin.
im so fucking glad my autism (see above) prevents me from being able to consume short form video-based/sound-based content. although i was sliding into the habit of watching documentaries while scrolling for background noise which was not good for me. i shook the habit by being forced away from my laptop and only being able to access the internet via phone, so i couldnt have multiple tabs open at once. that was only for a month and i dont have any desire to do the split screen thing now. its different for you because youre using mobile apps, but what im getting at is: tolerance breaking works

No. 1688272

you are a retard, i guarantee you are not "manipulating" a scrote eight years your senior who is getting commitment and consequence free sex from you.
ngl I cannot with these anons who willfully fuck moids who outright treat them like shit. Genuine trailer trash behaviour, so so cringe. obviosly the moid in question is the problem and I think he should be culled for his antisocial slimy behaviour before anything happens to anon, but like, god damn hetties get it together. make better choices. its literally as simple as not having sex with men who degrade and disrespect you

No. 1688456

File: 1693930664287.jpg (61.23 KB, 563x633, 1693894322389803 (1).jpg)

>was having a conversation with this dude a while ago
>he brought up this guy who he went go school with and says that he was "SA'ed" by him (he pronounced it as "ess-ay" out loud)
>thought he was trying to avoid saying "sexually assault" because he thought he would trigger me or something and said "you can say 'sexual assault', this isn't tik tok, you don't have to censor yourself"
It's been months and i still feel mortified thinking about this.

No. 1688458

>god damn hetties get it together. make better choices.
>its literally as simple as not having sex with men who degrade and disrespect you
They don't have choices though, that's the problem. Free will is an illusion. They're heterosexuals. There are no men who won't degrade and disrespect them in some way but moids are like oxygen to them so they keep going back

No. 1688460

I am considering having sad sex with my keyboard.

No. 1688468

Why are lesbians so obsessed with heterosexual women

No. 1688478

>There are no men who won't degrade and disrespect them in some way but moids are like oxygen to them so they keep going back
Honestly our choices are shit, it's try to find a moid that may not be as bad as other moids or be lonely and not get to have that kind of partner/partner affection and sex. I don't blame us for trying, being lonely and falling asleep alone sucks

No. 1688480

I've been happily married for many years. I know plenty of anons in healthy relationships. Don't let anonymous lesbians with superiority complexes tell you love is impossible, it's retarded.

No. 1688483

I know but it is like picking a needle out of a haystack, so many men suck. I'm happy for you though and hope to find a "settling down" worthy moid one day too. I hate when nonnies just expect us to give up on dating entirely or we're somehow at fault for getting screwed over in a relationship. No one should be expected to be alone just because they're attracted to men, no one likes being lonely. It's not a matter of ~needing men like oxygen~ it's just normal to want a partner.

No. 1688487

File: 1693932501751.gif (1.03 MB, 400x400, 5bf94edfe23abd7fb8c78dfd63a0cf…)

I completely understand nona. I honestly think some malicious posters just want the "hetties" to hate themselves.

No. 1688493

File: 1693932862200.jpg (24.22 KB, 512x512, 3d212568d5bc4711f9af8092bc305e…)

Aww, yeah me too, us hetties gotta stick together kek

No. 1688496

aren't only 4% of gay though?

No. 1688497

It's not really about the numbers kek

No. 1688540

What did he mean by SAed if not that?

No. 1688577

yeah they think any sane woman who's most likely hetero too telling them to live without men because they suck is some evil lesbian agenda. They are the same anons who then derrail entire threads posting about their nigels being men and cheating on them or worse.

No. 1688579

>telling them to live without men because they suck
But how is that even realistic? Just be alone the rest of your life? I'd kill myself tbh

No. 1688581

Samefag but I wanted to add, the anons saying stuff like "oh the hetties can't live without a man" or saying "the straights" in front of their posts about staying away from men are obviously not coming from heterosexual women kek

No. 1688582


No. 1688587

you dont have friends and family? i am heterosexual(and a turbo horny coomer) and even then i wouldnt want to willingly live with a man, let alone a modern one who grew up on teen abuse porn and other bullshit. Being a tomboy made me realize how useless men are, it only took me one moid waking me up in the middle of the night when i was 17 to cook him nuggies because he was hungry to make me realize that. I cannot imagine actually going through the trouble of dating 100 moids just hoping i will find one who isnt shit. I am so tired of anons comming here saying shit like >>1688128 then getting mad at their lesbian boogeymans when anons call them out for being pathetic pickmes. Either develop some standars or dont date moids and then complain about how they are shit.

No. 1688588

Make friends

No. 1688595

Yes I have friends and a sister who is my best friend but that's obviously very different from a romantic relationship, you can't even pretend that's the same thing kek. And I'm not the one who wrote that post you're referring too, I'm not a pickme and I've only ever had one boyfriend and have been single for 6 going on 7 years now, I wouldn't date any man that didn't seem like a typical shithead moid, that's why I've been single for so long. All I'm saying is if god or whoever came down and told me I'd have to be single for the next 50 or 60 years I'd off myself within the next 10, this shit sucks I'm tired of not being held and falling asleep alone. I can't blame women for trying to find a moid that isn't scum.

No. 1688636

Sure moids are shit but she could at least stop coping about how she's totally using him back and get one who at least commits to her for the time being and gives her more than double-dipped dick.

No. 1688662

Idgi, how are you manipulating him?

No. 1688696

You sound so young, it's painful. Just leave and cut him off. dealing with that kind of moid is so pointless and a waste of time.

No. 1688778

Same queen, except that for me internet brainrot poisoning has been going on for a few years. I uninstalled every social media I used (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit) and I fortunately never had TikTok or Twitter. I only access lolcow and Tumblr (for aesthetics) now. We'll get better.

No. 1688869

File: 1693962630492.png (233.54 KB, 800x800, iujkec5k0umlxdukc4bt.png)

Sometimes I eat wet cat food (like picrel). I must be genuinely built different, because I find it delicious. Cheap and yummy snack that I can share with my cat.

No. 1688871

If you're serious nona, please don't do this. Cat food isn't safe for human consumption and you can get really sick from it.

No. 1688873

I seriously eat it. How is it unsafe? Seriously asking because I eat it very rarely, usually because my cat is averse to the flavor I bought and I don't want to waste it.

No. 1688876

Pet food legally has to be safe for human consumption because of people like >>1688869

No. 1688877

cat people are really on another level..

No. 1688878

Posts like these make me lose respect for farmers. At least now I have another reason to not take any advice, any anti-husbandofagging, or any other dumb post seriously kek.

No. 1688886

it's not even about being a cat person kek, I must have an obsession with meat/fish. Even when I first got a cat as a tiny kid I wanted to eat the wet food.

No. 1688888

I was playing minecraft and collecting wither skulls. I had already gotten a decent amount of them and I even killed a ghast and was excited to get the ghast tear. Then some monster I didn't even see coming just popped out of nowhere and knocked me off the nether fortress and I fell to the lava. I did NOT wanna lose all my hard earned shit because I had a lot of stuff on me, especially not my skulls and my sword. I did the unthinkable and switched to creative mode because I'm a fucking weenie who can't handle losing all my shit to lava. I should've just died like a proper woman, but fuck it. I don't just get joy out of this damn game. I demand it. I play by its rules most of the time for my own enjoyment and I break its rules as I please for my enjoyment. This game can try to fuck me all it wants, but at the end of the day, I'm in charge.

No. 1688891

I just know they make the most insufferable moid worshipping, retarded, braindead, annoying, spergy posts in other threads too. Every time you read a retarded post its probably from someone like this.

No. 1688895

I have a boyfriend but I've been thinking about trying things with girls. I won't cheat on him of course but god maybe I just don't like being tied down. I feel guilty, I don't know nonna's.

No. 1688905

>in prison
>more mentally stable than you

No. 1688926

Do these other women a favor and leave them out of your insufferable way of validation.

No. 1688927

Nta but relax. You're getting upset over something OP said she hasn't done and has no intention of doing.

No. 1688979

Oh shut up. As if she can't experiment with other women who either want to experiment or who are okay with fucking a potentially straight girl. I'd do you nonnie.

No. 1689006

File: 1693976875502.jpeg (94.37 KB, 1440x1088, DBD4D19C-4ECA-4D46-8D4D-E5C677…)

Hope my alcoholic murderer of a mother in law who killed a man while blowing a .27 and never showed any remorse and blamed the man she ran over for daring to be in the road and made her 7 year old son blow into the breathalyzer to start her car to end up getting smashed in a car crash and feel all her limbs crushed. And then while still conscious the vehicle catches fire and she can feel it happening. And she is burnt to a crisp. And I hope the person who caused the crash was drunk and serves just as much time as she served (none) but I do hope they feel immense guilt and turn their lives around and become good wonderful lights in society unlike my mother in law.

No. 1689048

File: 1693982423883.gif (234.05 KB, 200x200, 200w-1.gif)

Manifesting this for you, nonna.

No. 1689054

why not? he drives me to work and picks me up whenever i want to. he buys me food and drinks. he does all the work during fucking. he makes the other girls buy their uber food and tries to act like he can't figure out stuff to get me to do it but i just don't. i said i am not a bitch about it, idk why you expected me to drain all of his money or something. companionship still means something to me. also you guys are crazy for wanting random anons to confront and public shame men, when in the same breath you will say they are violent. literally all i said the moid tried making me insecure for acne. the fat thing was said when we both were stuffing our faces with burgers and chugging beers. maybe you are a fancy snob but where i live there are not many rich or classy people so i don't consider words abuse, they don't hurt me and we use swear words as affectionate nicknames with friends. sorry to burst the bubble and inform you that i am not shivering in fear or crying myself to sleep.

No. 1689057

Is he attractive or something? What’s the point? Or are you just unattractive?

No. 1689058

confessing that i did not know that. i will look at monster dildos and become celibate.

No. 1689060

I love anons with energy like yours

No. 1689062

he is. literally my type. handsome, muscular, long hair he keeps styled, and nice tattoos, earrings. smells good, wears nice clothes, takes me out. makes me cum. looks like a movie star i used to have a crush on. brought me to his friends' party. he lives close and this city is a shithole. we like the same music and movies. he is not clingy so i am going on dates and talking to other guys.

No. 1689063

Which movie star does he look like?

No. 1689090

so why are you talking about doing things like putting nair in his shampoo if you're so happy with him? and why is him bringing you to one party something worth mentioning? is he generally ashamed of you or something? This whole situation sounds a bit trashy and gross. I'm sorry nona but if you don't want people to judge then maybe don't share it.

No. 1689094

Yeah, she sounds like a bait poster kek. Reminds me of the weirdo in dumbass shit thread posting about her tragic destined lover (and then her face) for attention. Also wouldn't be surprised if this anon was samefagging the "supportive" posts.

No. 1689115

because you riled me up lmao. might consider doing that for the feigned incompetence and predating on naive people (making them split the bill when he could afford to buy it for them) plus thinking that feminists are evil and only want to fuck (i told him it is not true and laughed in my head how retarded this is). sometimes i am thinking about shelling out for a monster dildo, heated blanket and cuddle pillow because men can be a pain. yes it is trashy and you are free to judge, i was just explaining myself that it is not that tragic. i work a dead end minimum wage job and live in a cramped room, i have no time or energy, so this hookup or boyfriend is the highlight of the week sometimes. it is what it is.

No. 1689118

Nta but are you dating or are you just casually hanging/sleeping together? Did you ever put a label on the relationship?

No. 1689120

>he tried saying i was getting fat and that my back acne looks like an std and that he wants to do anal
Ngl this sounds like bait written by a man who fantasize about being this tinder-god fucking his harem of younger girls and abusing a loser femcel.

No. 1689126

the scrote doesn't unload all of this at once, just when he is drunk and acting dumb or tries to get someone to do something. you think it's bait because it is missing context. i was not offended by it because he is stupid and for someone who doesn't have to give af about skincare pimples can be strange. (literally people would tell others to just shower, when it's a lot harder than that) also this has been 3 months of casually seeing each other. he tries telling me i am his girlfriend but i never agreed to that. what type of romance novel moids are you guys meeting? this is not that interesting anyway, we are horny and live close to each other. i will move, he will move.

No. 1689161

>romance novel moids
Just… don't talk to disgusting rapist scrotes. Wouldn't you rather be single than waste your time talking to an actual bottom feeder of society? Go play a video game, read a book, watch something you enjoy, instead of giving the bottom 1% the time of day?

No. 1689183

I want to sleep with women but I have no idea how to go about it. I don't want to forge relationships, I just want to have sex

No. 1689194

based weirdchan. keep doin you girl its better than rat poison

No. 1689216

I'm not a lesbian but most of the older couples I know are unhappy because staying with someone through several kids and tens of years is hard.

No. 1689224

I wish I was as good as gifs as you.

No. 1689227

A man not attempting to coerce you into sexual acts you don't want to participate in, cheat on you openly and expect you to stay loyal, etc isn't a romance novel moid, it's the bare minimum..

Your fuckbuddy(that's what you think of him I assume) is like %1 the bottom of men, how can he insult you, try to get you to do stuff in bed you don't wanna, fuck women but expect you to be loyal etc?

No. 1689232

I just gave this food to my own cat and now I want to beat you up for posting this.

No. 1689235

Try some, nonna. How does it taste.

No. 1689271

Feline paws typed this post.

No. 1689303

The sheer envy I feel towards you is tempting me to go out and eat my own wet cat food.

No. 1689457

Thanks nonnie let’s all manifest this bitches death can I say her name? It’s a super common white bitch name it’s Nicole

No. 1689466

When I was 11 I had a dog and would sometimes take a bite of his scooby snack biscuits. They weren’t bad at all. I was also the weird kid who ate leaves earlier in life though

No. 1689503

It smells horrible I have no idea how a human being can get that shit 5cm away from their face, let alone eat it. My cat loves it though. I'd recommend it if you're a cat.

No. 1689510

I would eat my pet rats’ treats as a kid, but they were little yogurt bites and very close to people food anyways.

No. 1689542

File: 1694038321018.jpg (40.02 KB, 680x680, FzCEkTkaQAEXDDk.jpg)

i miss the pandemic. jobs were mostly online, i got free money from the government, and i could wear a mask outside whenever i wanted without getting odd looks. the sites i frequent were also more active because nobody could go outside. i want it to return again but perhaps not as drastic. but i'm so evil i don't care. cull maybe ~10% of the population, but leave everyone i love alone.

No. 1689556

File: 1694040104862.jpg (40.79 KB, 563x587, cutie.jpg)

and the streets were so empty, public transport was amazing, no one would sit next to you or even use it and in the supermarket they would keep their fucking distance and not shove their hand in front of your face because they want something out of the shelf but can't wait two seconds for you to move away. I'm with you, nonna, a mild pandemic without losing loved ones would be amazing again.

No. 1689676

File: 1694050560896.jpg (107.46 KB, 1080x1347, tumblr_a898002ea8abb2e509fa2cd…)

nonnie let us form a prayer circle

No. 1689816

My ex's whole sexual confidence is based on the lie he could make me come by breast/nipple play. The reality is just that I have a fetish, and the visuals were a help to me masturbating, but somehow he thought he had such insane talent for sucking on a nipple? I had to listen to this story over and over and didn't have the heart to tell him.

No. 1689832

don't worry, the next girl will think he is a retarded virgin for believing this

No. 1689842

File: 1694067853497.png (333.99 KB, 791x876, cat-standing-up-crying-v0-248s…)

Sometimes I wonder about nonas that have mental health issues and haven't come back.

No. 1689861

I hope a strain of covid that only kills males develops, I would love for some of them to be culled. We could enjoy another lockdown while also laughing together about half of all males dying… it sounds so idyllic.

No. 1689876

Sometimes I spend time just going on imageboards to say nice things to random anons who are clearly depressed or autistic or suicidal, I try to encourage them towards healthy and positive behaviors and mindsets. I know it's stupid and cringe and I don't really know why I waste time babying broken people. Obviously most of them are dumb men and I'm not even attracted to men. Obviously a few random replies isn't going to fix anyone and most people are too stubborn and stupid anyway. I'm not deluded about that, I guess I just don't have anything better to do.
when people actually thank me and say they'll try to take my advice, however, I always choose to believe it

No. 1689903

File: 1694075931586.jpg (301.02 KB, 1221x777, duckling circle.jpg)

I'm in, as long as my brother is allowed to live (he can cook, so he would be useful) and we keep some good looking men alive to just put them in glass cases so we can look at them, kek.

No. 1689909

Nonna you were abused and used by that piece of shit waste of oxygen. It's not your fault. Abusive relationships can be very addicting and you don't notice the extent of the abuse until it's gone on for way too long and it's way too much. We all like to think that we're above being treated like that but to be honest anyone can fall for that trap. Abusive people are the masters of manipulating their partners to stay and to obey them.
I would highly suggest you seek therapy to sort out your feelings.

No. 1689920

I was a pretty perfect target, he probably knew exactly what he did. Somehow that makes me feel even more ashamed, that I was literally too autistic to realize he was using me for sex
I'm trying to get therapy, have been for a long time. How much detail should you even give when you're approaching stuff like this?

No. 1689994

File: 1694087825077.jpg (84.28 KB, 1242x842, ipfsbmqiqroa1.jpg)

A guy I was friends with has trooned out last week. He messaged me to announce it and thanked me for being "such a good friend" and that I was "an important step in his self-discovery journey" and I can't help but think that things would've gone differently had I not been so spineless about all this shit.
He was a nerdy IT guy but he'd always come across as someone who had his shit together. He was never outwardly creepy or misogynistic so I hung out with him. He commissioned me for art of an OC he had. It wasn't sexual or anything, so I went along with it. He was a good customer, all things considered.
Years later, that same OC turned out to be nothing more than a "transition goal" for the coomer he'd been all along. I was too dumb to see it. His wife became a "partner", one of many. He'd been cheating on her with other trannies for months, and he talked about it like some heckin wholesome big chungus reddit 100 moment. His young daughter became a "kiddo", struggling through her first days of school with an estrogen-poisoned ghoul for a father. I can't help but think that he wants her to go down that pipeline too.
This all would've been better had I never accepted a penny from him. Maybe he'd been too far gone before I even met him, who knows. I've taken steps to cut him out of my life but I can't stop thinking about it all.

No. 1690006

love trolling retarded pickmes by pretending to be a moid and saying they're exactly the same as the women they're trying to put down

No. 1690252

When I feel extra miserable, I put on my old LARP garb and play in the woods by myself. It's hard to stay depressed while skipping around in a sunny yellow tunic dress like a cringe fairy queen.

No. 1690927

i really don't understand how people drop out of university. barring situations like
>death of close family member
>money issues
>they're in a country where it's free (and can drop in and out as they please)
it seems like such a stupid move to me. i mean i got through university being borderline retarded and lazy and stressed out and depressed like 100% of the time and i took about six years for a four year degree (i had to take 2020/half of 2021 off because covid fucked me hard) but i still….graduated

i feel drop outs who drop out bc of "anxiety" or whatever have strong safety nets or otherwise are rich/upper middle class. i just can't see being broke and fucking around in college

No. 1690931

>I hope a strain of covid that only kills males develops

No. 1690944

His degeneracy will never be your fault nonna, he chose to be gross.

No. 1690946

i want to lose myself in a phone game so bad. i hate job apps and my visa and how companies ghost me forever and how my friends wont reach out to me first EVER. i dont want to think about going back to my home country with its seething incel problem and shit job problem. i dont want to think about this apartment with its constant fruit flies and my roommate and his cat. i just want to keep running and i know its such a bad problem that i let grow for a decade of my life. i wish i could hit a reset button somewhere but its fine ill just not get a phone game and just workout and cry sometime!!!!! i wish it wasnt so hot that id risk heat stroke if i exercise before evening

No. 1690983

File: 1694155247327.jpg (313.19 KB, 750x757, F8F43F5C-F6D4-45DB-9102-293F9C…)

dumped a big diarrhea dookie in the bushes behind the bus stop. i apologize to society for my heinous deed but ngl i am kinda proud of pulling it off successfully (didn't get any on my shoes, nobody saw me, wiped clean enough with leaves to not stain my underwear, made it to work on time).

No. 1690984

It’s ok nonna, I forgive you even if society won’t. If you gotta go, you gotta go.

No. 1690997

>does a nona shit in the woods?

No. 1691067

File: 1694168299520.jpeg (26.26 KB, 500x281, 1648256212765.jpeg)

I just had the greatest orgasm of my life imagining my husbando being forced to do iq loss bimbofication porn. I have never felt such intense anguish and self hatred ever before.

No. 1691071

I hate women

No. 1691072

File: 1694169287787.gif (117.92 KB, 220x122, wearetgsrhfdtjhmgfcsx.gif)

>iq loss bimbofication porn

No. 1691077

what porn brainrot does to a mfer

No. 1691080

I don't even watch or read porn anymore and haven't for a long time so I'm just as confused and disgusted as you are.

No. 1691082

There's no way these types of posts aren't bait right? I refuse to believe women like this post here

No. 1691083

Was your husband the bimbo, or was it you?

No. 1691085

My husbando. I need to stop browsing the Shayna threads.

No. 1691090

ever since I got this apartment there was a circle thing at the bottom of my oven. today after cooking something for 425F it looked melted. im guessing all along it was a plastic piece the crew forgot or something else i forgot and had melted. all these months ive been using my oven to cook meat, baked goods, veggies. there was probably always plastic fumes that i just now found out about it. it all came off thanks to the clean cycle but im so disgusted. guess i will find out in a few years if that gives me a sickness.

No. 1691091

Nta but there's no way iq loss bimbofication porn just popped into your head without being exposed to it first kek, I wouldn't even be able to form a picture of that in my mind if I tried

No. 1691093

nta but
>I don't even watch or read porn anymore
implies she's already been exposed

No. 1691097

Honestly I think it's cause I've been browsing the Shayna threads nonstop for the past week and a half cause I've never seen or heard of the concept of bimbofication porn until reading her threads. God, I hate myself just realizing that.

No. 1691120

Why bimbo and not himbo?

No. 1691130

Kek, oops I'm retarded and missed the word "anymore" entirely

Ew is that what she does on her OF? I don't think I've ever stepped foot in a Shayna thread

No. 1691178

File: 1694180496726.png (203.31 KB, 700x394, 1638303353902.png)

Thought I saw a picture of a cute androgynous woman online. Turned out it was young Ed Sheeran. I need to lie down.

No. 1691192

Tbh it's hard to read huge blocks of text on a screen with no paragraph breaks. "reddit spacing" exists for a reason and I wish it wasn't so shamed here.

No. 1691195

Why? That’s pretty damn hot

No. 1691203

Same reason troons are obsessed with lesbians.

No. 1691207

It's really blackpilling, this is why moids will never be forced to improve and why women will stay losing, fucking scab pickmes

No. 1691219

File: 1694182923877.png (1.45 MB, 1906x1342, burningman.png)

kek the way she described him with the hair, earrings and tattoos makes me think its literally pic related. Definitely young, and will learn the hard way, unfortunately.

No. 1691273

>nobody saw me
Bet that's what the guy my best friend and me saw taking a dump in a bush thought, too.

No. 1691276

Did I english this right? I feel like the way I worded it might make it sound like it were my bf and me taking a dump, but "the guy taking a dump in a bush that my best friend and me saw […]" also feels very ESL.

No. 1691368

File: 1694194712022.jpg (65.91 KB, 564x639, 750448c985547652186ab606f1d4e4…)

An npc in a video game I'm playing has an eerily similar voice to my manlet male professor, but the problem is the npc sounds kind of horny and sociopathic and I feel horrible for enjoying his voice.

No. 1691372

Why do you feel horrible, nonna, tell us

No. 1691379

Because I spend a lot of one on one time with this professor due to being his assistant and his voice is starting to get to me. It's just ridiculous I developed a slight attraction to a man I wouldn't even look at twice because a video game character has the same voice he does, embarrassing I know, but I had to let it out somewhere.

No. 1691382

Nah, it's nothing unusual, nonna. Don't feel bad about it. If it starts becoming a distraction, practice firmly telling yourself that work hours are not the time for it.

No. 1691551

Thank you for the kind response nonnie. Every time I come into this thread I get such thoughtful responses I always end up feeling better kek

No. 1691690

I have a boyfriend but I just want to have rough sex with an attractive woman off like tinder or something.

No. 1691721

File: 1694219642872.jpeg (6.65 KB, 329x153, download (2).jpeg)

This. I just feel bad for straight women

No. 1691762

File: 1694221600605.jpg (23.6 KB, 564x551, 724a8121270c634dde02070e030c3a…)

Have you ever seen an AU so creative that it kinda pains you it's locked behind a couple of doodles drawn by an artist who deleted years ago?

No. 1691767

YES but for me it was a fic that has sat abandoned since 2019.

No. 1691937

I'm a radfem dating a muslim guy, i feel like a fucking traitor kek. He's a croatian so he's the kind of muslim to deny anything bad the religion does and he thinks all the sexist shit about it is "mistranslation, rumor, stereotype" etc and that's why i look past it. He's sweet and spoils me and is as porn-repulsed as me, so i don't complain, he accepts my politics and even supports them, and his parents aren't sexist either (the mom works and the dad does all the chores). Only downgrade is that i feel like i'm dating a schizo because i don't believe in god myself, and he wants marriage and cheesy romance because he's a golden retriever boy who thinks life is a medieval fairytale. I can't tell if i'm a retard blinded by her love or if he's genuinely just a great but eccentric guy. I keep it hidden from some family members and some friends because i feel like a genuine clown for doing something so contradictive

No. 1691953

I need to eat better bc recently I've been very dumb and trying to keep under 1300 cals when I already have issues w lethargy and ennui. I'm the heaviest I've ever been tho (still within average weight) so I don't want to maintain or gain. I should just move more while eating the same. I think all the ED-talk I've read on here recently affected me, which doesnt help how dumb I feel. On top of trying to get my first job in this economy and my parents wanting updates every single day, I feel kinda down.

No. 1691958

As a depressed autist I appreciate it. I'm not one of them posting really suicidal things but seeing some positivity on the gloomy image forum I spend too much time gives me a small bit of hope that the world is still living for and it's not all shit. If there are anons that go out of their way to be nice when there's no expectation to, there is still at least one good person out there on earth.

No. 1691972

I love being babied, taken care of and told that i'm brave for what i go through
Not in an adult baby faggotry type way but in a genuine soft caring way. I put up a badass front but i love this shit. Love being soft when i can.

No. 1692001

yeah i do that too but not to my husbandos. one particular fantasy is giving an entitled prep boy enough brain damage to turn him into my ditzy blond puppy. i also fantasize about pimping him to random ugly men and creatures

No. 1692009

Is he Croatian or are his parents Albanian muslims that came to Croatia? If it's the latter be wary because so many of these guys do a total 180 when they marry you and their wives aren't allowed to leave their homes. Yes even if their parents are more liberal and chill Muslims. I literally know multiple women that had that happen to them.

t. Croatian

No. 1692022


There aren't really any Croatian muslims, he's most likely a Bosniak or an Albanian, both do a 180°, I've seen it happen too many times.

No. 1692027

Yead tread with caution. He's either using you for sex before settling down for a muslim woman or he's going to do a 180 when you're actually married.

No. 1692029

based if this means he becomes a himbo

No. 1692030

That's hot. I have fantasies of handsome pretty moids having their arms and legs lost.

No. 1692037

No. 1692038

File: 1694241405947.jpeg (92.36 KB, 828x818, B9DD1F5D-A39F-4FBF-9448-D58FB3…)

The vent thread always makes me so happy I only have sisters.

No. 1692158

Not too bad, but I keep sexually fantasizing about my male bestfriend. I hate to admit it, but he's a particularly attractive man. Like… tall, lean, big built and a cute face. A very caring man too. In the past(4 years ago) we were in a relationship for about 2 years and throughout all of it he was real nice with both TLC and intimacy so it's easier to imagine the waterworks but god I feel so fucking dirty imagining him whenever I masturbate. I don't like seeing him in this light.
Neither of us want romantic connections with anyone and since we broke up our bond has seemingly strengthened beyond lovers, brothers and friendship if that makes sense. (and yes I'm aware how corny that sounds) We just love and care for one another unconditionally.

No. 1692195

I don't get you people who have male friends, which is impossible enough; even worse when he seems to be the perfect person and for no reason at all you just don't date him. Why? If I had a beautiful and kind male best friend I wouldn't waste a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like that just because of some weird divide people have in their heads between friendship and lovers. What's even the point?

No. 1692240

Neckbeards larping as nonas be like

No. 1692246

She even mentioned being in a relationship for 2 years with him and it was perfect, yet she feels random inexplicable guilt for it. I bet he doesn't. Both of them don't want romantic connections with anyone and their bond strengthened after breaking up and still she feels guilty about it. Why? I at least need her to explain that to me; why the guilt? Don't the strongest and most loving relationships start out from friendships?

No. 1692597

Looking at pictures of my boyfriend from when he was 13-15 makes me feel something that I'm not very proud of. I want to protect him from everything and also hold him against my warm soft bust while stroking his hair.

No. 1692610

Yeah he totally loves you unconditionally with the kind of love men can't feel for women, he totally isn't keeping you around for a chance to fuck.

No. 1692616

File: 1694290178093.gif (1.78 MB, 350x265, 775.gif)

>against my warm soft bust
what's with the wattpad tier description

No. 1692642

because I thought it was funny

No. 1692668

I’m gonna see a doctor about my embarrassing ass adult acne and I hope she gives me some accurate I heard it shrinks your nose

No. 1692752

I’m a recovered bulimic / recovering binge eater with celiac disease and for the first time in about a year I ordered a disgusting amount of dominos pizza to binge eat by myself. I’m so ashamed and it’s going to take me literally months to recover from this. I’ll feel so sick probably all week and I really feel levels of shame I don’t know how to process. I don’t know why I did this and I can’t even afford it. Definitely can’t afford therapy. Bleak

No. 1692757

Please don’t be ashamed, nonna. I wish I could give you a comforting hug. It is hard to overcome food related disorders. Today I overexercised for the first time in a long time because I was triggered by something trauma related and now I’m having breakthrough bleeding as a result and I feel stupid and upset with myself. I understand the sub/unconscious desire to self harm in roundabout ways like binge eating something harmful to your body and I am wishing you speedy recovery and relief from your pain both physical and mental. You are not a bad person or too fucked up just because you slipped. You matter ♥

No. 1692800

i often have gay thoughts that feel real but I think it's just an illusion and they're not actually something i would do irl. It is really distracting though and I wish I could make it stop, i wonder if I have some sort of OCD that's making me think gay thoughts all the time. OCD runs in my family so i think this could be the explanation. I've read about sexuality OCD before and what I experience isn't exactly like how that condition is usually described though. I wish I could get therapy but I can't afford $200 dollars per appointment and all the cheaper therapists either look like crackheads or don't respond to my messages even though they say they're accepting new patients. I'm miserable almost all the time and I can't find anyone to help me. The American healthcare system is actually going to drive me to suicide, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, when only stable established people with good insurance or lots of money can afford therapy even though they're not usually even the demographic that needs it.

No. 1692806

Are you saying you're in abject misery because you can't stop compulsively thinking about lesbian sex

No. 1692807

i mean it sounds stupid when you put it that way, but yeah, I guess. Although the problem is I don't dislike the thoughts even though they're not real attraction and i wouldn't do it irl probably, so it just makes me confused and feel like a shitty person and so i hyper focus more on it trying to figure out what it is I'm actually feeling if i'm not gay. I realize this probably makes so sense to anyone but me and actually it doesn't really make sense to me either so that's why I need therapy because i'm clearly mentally unwell and make no sense.

No. 1692812

Are you sure you're not just a repressed bisexual or something

No. 1692815

No, I'm not. I've never had a crush on a woman i know irl, so like i said my thoughts can't be about real life. It's some weird mental issue.

No. 1692825

that sounds rough, I'm sorry nona. Has just acknowledging that the thought happened and moving on worked before? Like 'cool' and not judging yourself for it and switching focus to something else. You get better at it with practice. Even if someone's really repressed or whatever, trying to force it by picking things apart doesn't help. Sorry if you tried it already and this is weaksauce advice. I don't have much experience about this aside from intrusive thoughts.

No. 1692832

girl I'm saying this as someone who was in denial for several years, you're deep in that closet

eating a lil' pussy never hurt no one

No. 1692837

I started using cloth pads for my period a while ago and I got in a habit of smelling them. It’s interesting, the disposable pads have something in them that smells pretty foul but I like the natural scent. Some cycles are better than others.

No. 1692841

I’m 31 and my friends with benefits is 21 and he’s using me for sex and I know he’s going to ghost me for a cuter younger girl when he gets the chance but I love him so much and I just let myself get used despite being old enough to kno better

No. 1692847

i wish i had the same drive to kms as before. i didn't i think i would make it past highschool but now i'm in college and i have a career that i like but out of studying i can't see myself living a long life not because of the circumstances but because it would be just frustating and a constant of holding my feelings and i'm scared to do it and don't have the enough feelings as i did before but still i wish i did and can't see myself living happily after college (not even happy just not having to feel bad everyday) it feels as if i'm living life in autopilot and not stopping and i wish i was more grounded and that things impacted me more but everything is the same and everyday is the same but at the same time i can't connect with anyone just because i'm socially retarded and i feel like everyone has something that i don't and that's why people constantly avoid or don't wanna know on a deeper level and i just don't wanna live that long if i have to draw my feelings everytime everywhere i go

No. 1692852

I wish disboard is still a thing so I can stalk my ex and know which servers he's in. I know he talks shit about me to people and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit curious to see what he's saying about me. Also I'm obsessed and I miss him a lot still and seeing him talk to other people makes me think about the times we would text until 2am in the morning.

No. 1692855

SA, I'm retarded but I meant discool not disboard

No. 1692885

im am such a degenerate, and i wish i had degenerate female friends. i have such a HUGE kink/fetish for monsters. In particular, i have a sexual/romantic interest in one fictional non-human species in a videogame. i make headcanons and stories (i don't post them) that are just pure degenerate and honestly i kind of love it.

No. 1692887

based monsterlover nonna. what species/game?

No. 1692888

No. 1692890

File: 1694319833698.png (74.8 KB, 275x203, 8977E6AF-DE46-4EC4-B7A0-466C26…)

It’s been for the best that I’ve stayed single and celibate this past year but it’s still extremely lonely. My last break up truly fucked me up and I’ve become an obsessive sperg about it but I’m not really attracted to anyone else but my ex. I’m honestly still too in love with him to find someone else. I talked to a few moids on dating apps but they were either gross in real life or hot but only wanted something casual and I can’t get my heart broken again so I ghosted them. I’ve been trying to focus on the non romantic relationships I have but it’s so hard. Almost all of my friend are in long term relationships and just don’t really do things in groups anymore. The time I do get with them usually are only a few hours now. Seeing them all together makes me incredibly sad too. Half of my immediate family is dead and literally none of my extended family lives anywhere near me. The only person I see often is my mom and we’ve just become too close for comfort. I have no one else to really relate to and it makes me incredibly sad.

No. 1692898

I relate to this so hard nona, especially the breakup, only being attracted to your ex, and having been an obsessive sperg about it. Not even just attraction but it feels like I cannot relate to another human that wasn't my ex. I am trying to make new friends but it feels like I'm always searching something about him in other people and when I find out it's not there… it just makes me feel so much more alone and sad. Just brings me back to the time when we first met and it was so magical, like our brainwaves were just on the same frequency, and it felt so natural and real. I don't know if I'll ever have that kind of dynamic with another human being again, and it's fucking me up so bad that I've been going on some obsessive spiral of looking back on past DM logs, photos and videos of us together, and just wishing back on the times it was good. I feel so fucking alone and it makes me want to kms.

No. 1692900

I want to smoke or drink excessively but really I know that wont solve my problems and I'll be in worse health. I'm just so stressed this month. Need a damn miracle to happen with a better job that pays more.

No. 1692901

Did we go through the same breakup? My ex and I just fit together so well too. It was so natural and perfect and effortless that him leaving has left me crushed. During the break up he told me that I was amazing and special and he loved doing all of these things with me but that I scared him and he didn’t know why. I reached out to him a few months later and he kept saying he had too much anxiety for a real relationship. I’ve been alone ever since and he’s been on my mind 24/7. It’ll be a year in two weeks and I’ve been crying every day. My friends don’t want to hear it anymore and they just talk shit about him but they don’t get why it’s so hard to move on for me. It’s extremely rare fo me to just click with people like that and I barely have a support system that I can lean on like they do.

No. 1692908

Thanks Nona, I would say but I don’t want dox myself or personalityfag on here. I will say it’s from a popular video game franchise. >>1692888
I know there is a monsterfucking thread, I just don’t want to kill the vibe with my degenerate mind, plus I’m super shy about posting my own thoughts even if we are anonymous.

No. 1692938

It's sad how gal friends make hardly any time once in a blue moon to hang out once they are in a relationship. I can understand with kids, but just with their moid bf or husband they can't be away for more than 3 hours once every 6 months and it's sad. It's why I hate this whole "female friendship encouragement" trend or whatever people say to women. No. Every woman I know ends up ditching friends for their man.

No. 1692952

I want to go to a male strip club once a month to let steam out and toss dollar bills at moids like whores they are plus drink and complain BUT I feel most male strippers are cartoonish looking, too many tattoos, and not that hot. I want boy-next-door who is a swimmer or fresh faced military NO TATS no roids no waxing etc just a fresh young handsome male face like mid-20s. Or even twink. Natural looking, you know? I'd hate to walk in the club and an ugly moid comes to me wanting money and I feel too bad to not throw money at him.

No. 1692956

Why on earth would any young guy like that work as a stripper? They generally don't have the incentive to be so demoralized

No. 1692959

I think it was because I felt him being a bimbo would be more degrading, that and I can't tell the difference.
Because thinking about the fantasy now, as hot as it was, it was really fucking cringe especially since it was brought on by shayna thread reading
I wish.

No. 1693207

I listened to an Ethel Cain song and I actually like it

No. 1693268

I have a bizarre problem I can't speak to anyone about.
In the past month or so for whatever reason I have become fixated on 'human biodiversity'/IQ/eugenics. Not because I am sympathetic to these ideas because I'm not, at all. I find them and the people who shill them disgusting and often cruel. Rather it's like a nervous paranoia. I read counter arguments to the ideas but I can't trust them. I'm not a scientist, I have no idea how true something is, so even if I find a 'satisfying' explanation I immediately start to doubt it becuase I start getting concerned that I'm only more liable to believe it because it confirms what I believe already.
This has genuinely destroyed my mental health and tanked my work performance. I've lost weight becuase I have no appetite.
I'm hardly sleeping, I keep waking up in the middle of the night because my mind drifts to the topic. And I start getting paranoid, what if everyone is horribly mistaken, what if the world is going to collapse because of dysgenic breeding, what if some races really are inherently inferior or superior to others and I was cluelessly naive to ever think it wasn't the case. It just keeps going round and round in my head as I think up arguments and counter arguments. I know that these are disgusting ways to think. I would never have had thoughts like this previously.
As time goes on it feels like it only get worse. Efforts to keep my mind off it aren't working. I really don't know what to do.

No. 1693292

Anon, please, how would we as a species survive all this time if this were true? Nations historically mixed all the time and they were doing just fine. It also works like that for other animals, the more diverse their genetic pool is, the healthier they are because the possibility of maladaptive genetic mutations is lesser.

No. 1693297

Samefag but I really like all of it so far, I feel bad because he's clearly skinwalking Nicole Dollanganger and he's using the same instrumentals and similar lyrics as her but getting so much fame and recognition just because he's a tranny. I feel like I'm doing Nicole a disservice but I really like the music.

No. 1693307

this is obsessive thinking, you need to stop engaging with this shit and get a therapist who specializes in obsessive thinking. you may have to look around for someone competent and understanding, so don't lose hope okay?

>I'm not a scientist, I have no idea how true something is, so even if I find a 'satisfying' explanation I immediately start to doubt it becuase I start getting concerned that I'm only more liable to believe it because it confirms what I believe already.

you don't have to be a scientist to understand scientific papers. i feel like you don't believe in yourself enough that you are capable of understanding these things. obviously going to university classes to be a scientist helps, but you can find resources on your own to understand these things. but to be clear, this is mental illness and looking into these things is not healthy for you.

you don't have to get it off your mind, because trying to repress things makes the thoughts more prominent. you need to accept your fears and uncertainty as part of life, and take care of yourself and do what you want with your life.

No. 1693348

I am going to start my driving lessons soon and I'm so nervous for it. My trainer will be a moid so I'm just worried since all my friends had female teachers ugh I watch so much racing and know so much of it in a theoretical way but it's not enough to put into practice.

No. 1693366

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

No. 1693376

File: 1694360631336.jpg (62.63 KB, 619x350, pills.JPG)

No. 1693444

No. 1693502

Nice trips newfag, anyway you are late to the party, everyone else on the internet already made up their mind on what is true regarding those controversial topics 10+ years ago.

No. 1693534

I don't feel sorry for my mom whose had her drinks spiked multiple times (she was over 25), and had "male friends" grope and attempt to rape her while she slept. And I'm someone who usually feels rage and gets teary-eyed when I hear about women getting assaulted. But she's told me these stories in detail, and every single time, it has to do with a "male friend" she strung along for attention. This is NOT me taking the moids side at all, they should all die. Two of the incidents happened because of parties that went on until early morning, and then sleeping in a bed next to a "male friend" because yes of course, men and women can sleep next to each other as friends and he will not think about railing you at all. Deep down, women like her who collect orbiters for a living know the deal. They don't want to be friends with you. My entire life she's had loads of "male friends" and been a total NLOG. I think I was as young as 10 when I realized that hmm, surely my moms friends must have crushes on her, they keep doing her favors all the time. Women KNOW. Yeah, beat my ass for this post, but she literally let a "male friend" sleep over, next to her in bed, because he couldn't find a driver to drive him home from some party. At this point the bitch is like 45 years old. The next morning she starts telling me "ughhh he kept wrapping his arms around me and trying to touch me and I had to tell him no". Fucking really? You let a grown ass drunk ass man sleep in YOUR BED? And you think he doesn't want to fuck you because you're totally one of the boys? She loves the surprise, the "oh my god wait I think he's into me" No shit bitch, he's been orbiting you for 4 years. Stop playing dumb. Rant aside, yes, confession: Some victims, I don't feel sorry for.

No. 1693573

They're edgy /pol/fags, referencing the "redpill" meme. Probably baiting scrotes

No. 1693577

Some women are just willing victims but saying so will get you dogpiled even though it's true(bait)

No. 1693701

I'm only dating my Nigel so I can be friends with his parents. I probably would have broken up with him already (not because of anything he does, but because I find relationships scary in general tbh) if it wasn't for how much I love his mum and dad. His mum invites me to go foraging for wild raspberries and brambles, drove me to visit my friend in hospital, gives me hugs, tells me I can come to her for anything and tells me to tell her if her son does anything the least bit uncomfortable. She's a staunch feminist and an amazing artist. His dad gifted me a bicycle when he found one randomly and helped me fix it up, taught me new recipes, and has long and involved conversations with me about prop making and science fiction. My Nigel is also very sweet and very gorgeous, but with him I only feel attraction but for his parents I feel absolute adoration. We've only been dating for a few months, but I'm invited on family day-trips because I'm "one of the family now". Being told that by his mother made me tear up. My relationship with my parents is very strained and nonexistant respectively, being included in this kind of thing means so much.

No. 1693712

Don't obsess about race related superior or inferiority. Every race has their superiorities and weaknesses, asians for example have the highest academic success while black people tend to succeed in athletic fields yet those are just generalizations. Just because some ethnicity has lower or higher academic/athletic success, etc. doesn't mean a person from that ethnicity is %100 gonna fit the stereotype.

No. 1693770

you need treatment for OCD nonny

No. 1693778

More proof that males are incapable of friendships with women and there are no such thing as a guy "friend", just a very patient male who is waiting for an opening no matter how long it takes.

No. 1693782

File: 1694377000042.jpg (36.22 KB, 620x413, 1648327582606.jpg)

You sound like me at 11 when I discovered /pol/ and white "supremacists" (they are inferiorists).
Remember that these people have an agenda. It's a movement for worthless men and pickmes who need to lean on their ethnicity like a team sport to feel less like losers in their personal lives. They're not above lying, misrepresenting data and actively trying to harm random people. They make excuses for their own group's perceived shortcomings, and purposely interpret what's going on with other groups in the worst way. You probably want to believe in what they're saying because "Who would be so confident and full of shit at the same time?", but you already know high levels of delusion and cope thrive all the time, especially online, because trannies exist. The final nail in the coffin to me was how many trannies and tranny supporters are also "human biodiversity"/eugenics spergs/nazis/"former" nazis.
You can also look in the Aella and Grimes threads for examples of how people deeply into eugenics tend to look, behave and live (they are very dysgenic and mentally ill, but want to convince you they're master race geniuses). If we apply their own logic onto them, they are the abolute last people on earth that should be listened to.
They function and talk like bots, too. See posts like this consisting only of movie quotes:
Do you want to be like them? No, you don't. Never fall into using race as a crutch.

No. 1693790

kek what is this reply. what crawled up your ass and died?

No. 1693798

Did you know that you're easy to spot due to this typing quirk?

No. 1693805

this is cold but I get where you're coming from in that it sucks and hurts and is frustrating to love people who hurt themselves by making bad choices. I have trashy family that does dumb shit too. drop out of high school and now your life sucks because you make no money? wow, who could have told you that would happen. (oh yeah, I told you that would happen. and we're the same age, we had access to the same information, you just wanted to get high more than you wanted to be responsible.) but I only wish I could stop feeling sorry for my trashy family. I'm so mad at them and I still feel so much pain for them. it really sucks and I'm sorry for you to have this kind of family too.

No. 1693818


No. 1693843

Sometimes I catch myself wishing I was actually mixed white/asian, not because I'm a weeb but because I look a bit ambiguous already and people have always been so fucking weird about it and I started feeling a bit estranged from "whiteness" due to how I was treated. I'm not claiming to experience true racism and am fully aware that it's much worse than just being pestered by annoying retards and getting C-slurred by middle schoolers. I have never racefaked and obviously I don't intend to.

No. 1693930

>she was asking for it
I don't like you. You're rotted and condescending.

No. 1693995

File: 1694397349470.jpeg (44.37 KB, 520x598, C0F125C8-BA91-4EC8-997E-BEFD89…)

Sometimes I’ll read fanfics on ao3 from a niche fandom of mine and shit on them in the comments. I don’t write any myself and don’t intend to but I hate how every fandom has to have gendie shit, eating disorders, or just them taking the characters at face value and running the same three jokes into the ground.

No. 1694001

if you're ten years older he might not be into "younger girls", just saying.

No. 1694024

The fact that you know he's using you and will just leave you eventually means you have the beautiful chance to cut him off at the pass, dump him first, and live with the bittersweet and unsullied memories of a passionate fling without having to recall the pain of being left. Just saying

No. 1694035

I was about ready to get mad at you until I read the second half. You tell those gendies, nonna. You're doing God's work. I have to pretend to be nice to everyone on AO3 but actually I am infuriated.

No. 1694146

When my bf dumped me I legitimately wanted to drive over to his house and run him over with my car because I was so angry. And I was screaming and crying alone in my room how much I hated him. In retrospect, I didn't mean any of it. I love him a lot still even if we're not in each other's lives anymore, and I'd be genuinely worried if something terrible happened to him. It was probably a bpdchan moment on my part of not taking rejection very well but I feel like a bad person for having those violent thoughts in the first place.

No. 1694148

I am you. I jump from extreme hatred to love and deep regret 1000 times a day lately. I should get checked for BPD before someone gets hurt.

No. 1694161

When I look at symptoms of BPD, I'm thinking "yep I definitely have some of these." But I know people in my life who have been legitimately diagnosed with BPD and they behave in ways that are 1000x worse than how I would act. I also have a distrust of therapists and psychologists so I don't know if I'll bring myself to get an official diagnosis.

No. 1694166

To the mod that didn't ban this obvious bait, fuck you.

No. 1694170

I think I am a genuinely unkind and cruel person sometimes. I've done awful things that I get consumed with guilt and shame over and I think about killing myself. I have to keep going because I have obligations to fulfill but I really believe I am a lost cause, wasted human being and I don't deserve to be alive. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone is as stupid and vindictive as me. I don't understand it sometimes. I don't feel like an angry person most of the time but those few moments haunt me.

No. 1694262

What have you done, nona?

No. 1694294

My bf got a therapy referral and part of me doesn't want him to go. He needs it, but I know from experience that when moids go to therapy they're coddled by their therapists and learn psych speak to manipulate people around them. He comes off as a pathetic woobie so he's more likely to get the "oh poor baby" treatment instead of a shrink telling him that he causes his own problems and acts too helpless to solve them. And some of it is bitterness because I'm a blunt gnc ladyautist who doesn't get sympathy from professionals, so I got a lot of asskicking that I know for a fact he needs but isn't gonna get.

No. 1694317

One of my friends ruined her life, allegedly because of her "anxiety" but it's mostly because she's a pussy and exclusively made bad choices as soon as she became a legal adult. Now she's a neet stuck in her third world shithole (her words, not mine) and will never get a job even if she could get one just thanks to nepotism and nothing else, she just babysits her nephews for free and complains about how there's no good fastfood chains in her city. Maybe she wouldn't be stuck in there if she didn't spend 90% of her time skipping classes in university to play FF14 with your troon friends and 10% of it ruining our grades in group assignments by not even reading her parts of the presentations that we wrote for her before doing the presentations in front of the professors. Who knows.

No. 1694323

How is this a confession? Are you confessing that you're a bitch who hates your friends

No. 1694334

Doesn’t matter what you’ve done nona, Jesus loves you

No. 1694338

My girlfriend self diagnosed herself with ADHD and doesn't talk about it often or anything, but when she does reference her supposed ADHD it annoys me so much. She's depressed and unmotivated and doesn't recognize her potential, all her symptoms like poor time management can be explained by her lack of self worth since they are only exhibited when she's faced with something she thinks she's too stupid for, like academic work. She's always early or on time otherwise, her attention span isn't awful but it's also not the best because of her constant TikTok use etc. She can be impulsive and attention seeking but she's still grounded in reality. I feel so guilty for having these thoughts about her because she's genuinely struggling due to family issues. I just wish she would stop devaluing and sabotaging herself.

No. 1694359

I'm saying it here because my secret/confession is that I don't feel bad for her and I don't believe her issues are from her so called anxiety. I believe my other friends also secretly don't feel bad for her either based on our conversations but they believe her when she says it's because she's has anxiety. Now cry about it.

No. 1694374

i don't think she's your friend nona

No. 1694375

I get bored in my relationships if we're on equal footing and I'm not constantly worshipped and adored. Part of why I fell in love with my boyfriend is because in the beginning he would worship the ground I walk on in an almost unhealthy way. Now he's dialed it down and pretty much acts like a normal boyfriend now. As a result my libido is almost completely dead. I love him as a person obviously, but I get fed up and bored when he's not acting submissive towards me.

No. 1694383

If you knew her you'd say this but for very different reasons. I call her a friend because at the end of the day I still see her as one but these past few years when I contact her to keep up with her and see how she's doing she only ever give me generic one word replies. She does that with our other friends. Someone had surgery or severe health issues and tells everyone in the group conversation? She'll reply "oh no" and nothing else. Someone got a new job after months of job hunting and nearly losing their apartment because the landlord wants to sell it asap? "cool" and nothing else. Asking each other advice about something going on at work with a manager exploiting one of us? She'll just say "wtf". What a friend.

No. 1694403

I hate people like this lmao. I remember being fucked up sharing the news that somebody very close to me died, and the person I was telling said "oof". Instantly lost a great deal, if not all, of my respect for them.
And the worst part is when they try to defend it. "Oh, I'm just not good at these types of things. I'm bad at comforting people. I don't know what to say." Well try, faggot. Figure something out. It's always an excuse to be lazy or not have to do any emotional labor, but they love demanding attention and coddling from you. 9/10, I stop being friends with people like this soon after they start whining about it, and I suggest you do the same.

No. 1694420

File: 1694432356330.jpg (72.98 KB, 1280x533, cypher.jpg)

All i can say is that it feels better to be stupid among idiots than being intelligent alone.

No. 1694465

One of my old friends I barely like anymore but I see her quite often anyway because I'm scared of being lonely without someone who's also codependent. Guess that makes me a shit friend.

No. 1694476

Did you drop your quote? I can't understand what you're saying

No. 1694493

BPD symptoms are written in a way that normal women fit some of the categories (and moids fit most of them). The difference is the degree of how they affect your life.
I have a huge distrust of psychiatry specifically but therapists are fine to me since they can't put you in a mental hospital where I live.
I officially have a more "severe" diagnosis than a personality disorder but it's very possible that it's a mistaken one, I've been told that by multiple mental health specialists.

No. 1694499

>Every woman I know ends up ditching friends for their man
It's a cycle. I've noticed this too. My only friend that breaks this issue is married to her high school sweetheart for over a decade and doesn't want kids. Bless her. Her husband is an alright guy too.

No. 1694504

I feel like men do this too though. They get a gf and forget all about their friends. And people blame the gf instead of him. I just dumped my ex a couple months ago and he started hanging out with friends he hadn't seen in years and told me it's just like old times. The whole time we dated I HEAVILY encouraged him to see these friends he just didn't fucking want to because he was getting his social needs met by me and probably didn't give a shit enough to hang with them. Now that he has no gf and is lonely he is like ohh yeah I have friends. It's honestly both autistic and strange this black and white all or nothing treatment of friends when you are dating. Maybe these people are too dumb to balance it

No. 1694519

I know I’m depressed because I just got a new car and I can barely feel excitement or any emotion, just like oh ok I have this now. Doesn’t fix my life or fucked up brain.

No. 1694583

Going to my third let Women Speak event this weekend, again as a steward. Only decided to travel to Ireland because of the stupidity of TRA in the Netherlands just a few days ago. Wouldn't have bothered otherwise.. You get what you sow.

No. 1694597

What’s it like nonna? Are there really neonazis there and is it racist or right wing speaking points? Or is that just what other lefties say to demonize?

No. 1694614

It's because relationships and work can suck up a lot of your time, especially moids will demand your time and attention whereas women are more likely to quietly seethe instead and check their socials to see what he's doing whilst telling their bf it's "totally fine" for him to spend time away from home more than with her. I'm not blaming women here btw, just saying they're more likely to be people pleasers who sacrifice everything in relationships. I've certainly been one before and learned my lesson.

My ex used to whine and cry that we didn't spend any time together or go on date nights, and the rest of my time I was working. When I wasn't at work, I was with him or doing chores around the house, leaving no time for friends or even alone time, which I needed to recover.

No. 1694622

Every trans person I've met irl are very fixated on childhood and children and I think it's gross for trans teachers to be in elementary schools. They're probably fixated on kids and i don't want to think anymore about it

No. 1694671

I thought breadtube was called breadtube because 95% of the people on there are white leftist, so for the longest time I assumed they were self-deprecatingly calling themselves bread. Like, instead of calling themselves crackers?

No. 1694685

I love drawing but I'm scared to post my art online anywhere because I know I'm not very good, and social media stresses me out. Sometimes I feel like there's no point in putting so much effort into art I will probably never show to another person and it's depressing.

No. 1694693

Ironically the anons on /ic/ are really nice and helpful if you post your art there once in a while and in the appropriate threads. Probably because a lot of women use that board. Even if you show nobody it is still a good hobby to have.

No. 1694694

The ones who first came up with gender theory and tranny shit were all huge pedophiles. I don't think it's a coincidence.

No. 1694733

I am so lonely and sometimes slip into these "why do they get to have friends and why did I get left behind, why don't I deserve to have friends near me, or even regular company?" thoughts that never help and are stupid, I feel ashamed because I have no one to invite out for a coffee or to a trip to ikea. Of course I do stuff by myself because I have to, and I know some people can't stand to be alone and will chicken out on even going to the movies by themselves but it sucks ass to having to always do it all alone and seeing people of all ages out and about with friends, like I used to laugh so much and I never have anyone to do that with now.

No. 1694786

I want friends too but I’m scared of people

No. 1694801

KEK are you high? /ic/ is a dumpster fire. It’s basically /r9k/ for people who occasionally draw.

No. 1694804

File: 1694473681861.jpg (478.16 KB, 1500x800, 1689373039086868.jpg)

I drew for 3 years just for myself and now i only show my art to friends. Just do it, it's honestly less stressing this way, drawing for yourself is really nice.
nta but its very easy to filter the schizos there, i have gotten pretty good advice from ic and there are tons of resources. Just stick to the drawthreads. Pic rel some pretty good tut from some anon there.

No. 1694842

I've heard that the way out is going outside to gatherings of any kind (that are related to your interests and hobbies) and trying to socialise there. I'm trying to do that but the last time I've been to one, all the fucking people there were in gigantic companies already so I was intimidated.

No. 1694885

takarazuka ruined me because now when I see movies/tv with men in objectively attractive roles/costumes, they don't do anything for me anymore. Instead I just wind up thinking
>wow, my favorite takarazuka lady would be hot(ter) in that costume
I'm straight so this is actually an issue. Real men don't interest me anymore. I have come to the conclusion that it's been carefully engineered over 100 years to hack women's brains and make you dependent on it forever once you get a taste. I don't even fucking like theatre, that's how dangerous it is.

No. 1694900

I want to fuck an old man

No. 1694905

How much do you hate yourself anon?

No. 1694906

File: 1694484905070.jpg (7.48 KB, 236x208, hmm.jpg)

how old we talking

No. 1694908

Oh hell yeah. Those women are so handsome I loved the Lupin the 3rd one they did. It was chefs kiss

No. 1694917

I had a pretty chaotic, abusive upbringing but ultimately changed my life by being proactive about therapy and committing myself to getting better. I hate how that affects my ability to empathize with others now because nothing really fazes me and I also feel like I can see that most people deep down don’t want to fix their issues and improve themselves. That last one really perplexes me in particular because having depression and BPD was such hell for me that I always wanted to find relief. I don’t understand how people who are supposedly so anguished by their problems will do nothing to relieve their supposed pain. I guess I’m a depression/BPD elitist and I hate it.

No. 1694921

File: 1694486205836.png (28.73 KB, 1232x833, dogi.png)

I unironically think her comics are funny and cute. She's fucking unhinged but her comics are gold and better than any autistic moid made comic. If she made stickers of them I would buy them immediately.

No. 1694928

I agree, i love her art because it's so retarded. It's a shame shes trooning out

No. 1694930

The one that's like 'you are a retard' or whatever is my absolute favorite. She's so funny

No. 1694933

I have issues but he's hot
mid 40s

No. 1694937

I've always thought this. She's great

No. 1694942

The "be quiet, you are disabled" one? Kek that's my fave

No. 1694943

Nekojiru reincarnated

No. 1694947

I wish Nekojiru was still alive

No. 1694948

File: 1694488260000.png (12.1 KB, 623x494, kek.png)

I THOUGHT THAT TOO kek I love nekojiru's comics. I love unhinged women and their art.

No. 1694951

File: 1694488574530.jpeg (183.19 KB, 750x604, 83C3D962-3C3A-4DCA-A571-563BD7…)

This moid who I know for a fact got raped in the past told me he hoped I got raped a couple weeks ago so I made a joke about him getting raped

No. 1694961

No. 1694966

How can a shrivelled wurstie be hot? Gross

No. 1694976

No. 1694987

(natayrt) KEK I've never seen that one. I've tried to find her comics thru google image searching because I love them so much, but I haven't found many. Does anyone know if there's an archive somewhere, or have a personal collection to dump?

No. 1694990

Good I hope he gets raped again.

No. 1694991

You're the virgin who wanted to fuck a divorced mid forties man who wasn't showing you any interest, right? Stop. Get theraphy

No. 1694995

off-topic but is it even possible to watch takarazuka outside of japan or importing DVDs?

No. 1695027

i often think of the jirujiru diary entry where she talks about the dog running past with a kids leg in its mouth in india, or the typhoon broadcast one. she really had such a je nais se quois, no one can capture the absurd cruelty and quiet meaninglessness of life like her

No. 1695032

look at the /co/ archive on 4chan they had a lot of threads about her

No. 1695045

File: 1694502817644.jpg (210.28 KB, 736x552, 3da4f7e7232516bc873c914bbe445f…)

I'm scared of stereograms. They never appealed to me, maybe because I have astigmatism and feel like can't never see what's hidden there. But they have ominous aura to me. I'm scared that there might be something creepy/scary/gross hidden in it. I like optical illusions in general but stereograms always give me bad vibes.

No. 1695053

I actually like them but this one is fucked and actually does ahve bad vibes

No. 1695076

I still feel like men are "easier" to get along with. I know it's bullshit and they see me as prey and yet

No. 1695085

My young lady, it's because women compete with each other. It's instinct. Men don't see you as competition, ever. Women always, always see you as competition. So of course you think it's better to hang around men because they aren't going to constantly measure wether you are better or worse than them.

Women who prefer hanging out with men just like easymode socialization and don't want to compete.

No. 1695087

Women don't compete. Women who usually hang with men are the ones who get judged by women because of their bad personality but since men will befriend anyone even if they have a bad personality, those women can keep their male friends even if they're ostracized by women.

No. 1695088

this one is ugly and makes no sense for whatever silhouette its supposed to be. i have astigmatism and can see it but this ones stupid.

No. 1695101

>My young lady
>women compete with each other
male whose ball sweat I can smell all the way here
>Men don't see you as competition
Men don't see us as people
>Women always, always see you as competition
The only competition I have with other women is deciding whose pussy is going to get eaten first, and no normal straight woman with decent enough self-esteem will want to compete with half of the human population. Sounds exhausting.

Anyway go wash your penis or something.

No. 1695117

It could just mean you have more personality traits that men tend to have rather than women

No. 1695118

go die in a war or become a suicide statistic, scrotoid

No. 1695124

>Men don't see you as competition, ever.
Yeah cause they know they'll always be seen as beneath us. There's a reason people used to say "women and children first" in times of crisis, because they know we have more value than men. You are disposable.

No. 1695127

Don't forget the use of the term 'easymode'

No. 1695145

Guess that's why men neg their girlfriends and wives when they perceive them to be more desired by others.

No. 1695168

I see a row of arms with bloody fingers coming out

No. 1695179

File: 1694520465786.jpg (16.59 KB, 563x85, 180440.jpg)

Sometimes it's hard for me to watch his streams, because he looks like a mix of my two exes. Proudly self proclaimed l0lifags weebs, memed by local anime comunity into this degeneracy and further brainrot. The first one i was "dating" when i was 13, he was 8 years older, his dumb friends even recorded a song mentioning this, no one cared. The second one, 6 years older, my age was 15 till 20. He once asked me to buy him a fucking Apple iMac, can you imagine?! What a pathetic shitshow. It was more like a required play for me, and sex was so unamusing for me, even they noticed and were upset, kek. That's what an unsupervised and friendless childhood does to a kid. I hate how now i understand, that i never even felt being loved. They were/are absolute robots and losers. I've grown into a very reclusive autist, because i've never learned how to socialise normally.

No. 1695196

File: 1694522689801.jpg (43.88 KB, 625x500, _4.jpg)

Later a moid friend of a friend, again the same type visually, was telling that he was "dating" a 12yo girl… luckily, her father quickly discovered it and scared the moid away, he even moved to a diffrent town. Now i have a trigger - if a guy looks kinda youthful, skinnyfat, no masculine jaw and he is not gay, he's probably thinking of himself as a schloolboy, a little baby boy, who still needs to date schoolgirls.

No. 1695201

I had a large friendgroup but they’ve all trooned, even the irl friends I knew in high school. In my early 20s it’s hard to find normal gay women to befriend

No. 1695202

My half-brother's cousin is Robert De Niro's nephew that overdosed and I still have no idea how to process this information.

No. 1695203

Shit I meant grandson. Fuck. Either way, don't know how to process this.

No. 1695208

I don't think you should say stuff like this on an imageboard, we do get weird moids here

No. 1695209

Nta but what is anyone going to do with that information? Your half brothers knows an overdose victim? Cool so do I.

No. 1695224

i got into a horrible habit of noticing if my vagina "tingles" when i think about something sexual and now i keep thinking something isn't actually attractive to me if my vagina doesn't twitch??? how the fuck do i stop this please help me

No. 1695409

That’s sad but it is a funny long connection anon, like my step aunties cousins mother in law

No. 1695561

I feel like a terrible person for this but a I frequently laugh to myself when I remember how my older jobless neet of a brother was publicly congratulated as a discord moderator at a family cookout by my grandmother.

No. 1695729


No. 1696037

I skipped working out with my best friend by saying I had terrible period pains. The truth is I have been severely constipated.

No. 1696088

moids really get coddled till death

No. 1696246

Working out might’ve helped with that tho

No. 1696250

confession: this filled me with sadness and jealousy. I have a stupidly high paying job and I'm living on my own in a big city, but I'm estranged from my abusive parents who don't congratulate me on anything.

No. 1696257

I like SHEIN clothes. I feel so embarrassed to even admit that I even have the app on my phone, but I honestly really like the things I’ve ordered from there and have been impressed by the value for money. I’m sure some of it has to do with the different sources they use for their inventory, but I’ve found the quality of most of what I’ve received to be on par or better than what I’ve bought from smaller boutiques that charge 3 times the price. I feel like such a gross shill saying it but it’s true. I feel guilty even writing this here but I’d never tell someone IRL how much I like the store.

No. 1696264

I don't feel guilty lying about certain things in my life anymore because to me it's all just a persona I have

No. 1696380


No. 1696457

oh definitely it has helped. last time i worked out with her was the beginning of my constipation and i felt like i needed to shit my pants while attempting to jog, i also let out a loud fart so i was embarrassed to have it happen again.
i ended up jogging on my own at a nearby trail and i nearly struggled to find the nearest bathroom because the gas felt like something else lmao.

No. 1696528

Putting aside the ethics of SHEIN and your morals, do you not find the high amount of lead in their clothes concerning at all?

No. 1696537

Why not shop at Zara, bershka, mango, hm, etc but shein? Isn't shein less regulated than those other brands I listed?

No. 1696574

Depending on where you live Zara can be expensive. It's a bit cheaper in Spain than in France but I saw some American vloggers talking about fashion and filming themselves shopping at Zara in the US and it was like double the price compared to France I was shocked.

No. 1696580

Not the point of your post, but I've been wondering, since shein (apparantly) has a lot of lead in their clothes, what about regular brands like zara, only, h&m etc.? Don't those brands produce their clothes largely in the same countries/factories and under similiar conditions?

No. 1696592

Kek I’m proud of you, hope it was a good poop

No. 1696676

i hate when people ask me about my deceased father. he had his good moments, and i did love certain aspects of his personality – but he was largely an awful misogynist who said the most vile things when drunk…and he was drunk maybe 6/7 days a week.

he would call women and guilt them into listening to him beg them for sex and favors. he'd also pay (poor, vulnerable) women in foreign countries to livestream for him. he left the bathroom a mess. he whined about everything. he was prideful and cocky. he held regular pity parties. he was stuck in highschool mentally – ex chad quarterback who couldn't stand what he'd become, i.e. your average potbelly boomer.

i haven't told anyone about any of this – let them think he was a good man all they want. sometimes i think i should though, because the questions get to be to much. "what did you cook for him while you lived together, what was he like, do you miss him, what was his favorite blah blah blah"….i know people think i'm heartless + uncaring but lol. only real thing i really miss about him is that i had a quiet place to study and sleep while i attended university…

but he also threatened me with a gun once. it's like, i miss him! i really do. i miss the quiet that came with living with him. but i think it was his time to go and i wouldn't want him back if given the choice.

No. 1696683

Ah. Didn't know. Anon can try bershka, mango and stradivarius if they ship to her country. They're zaras sister brands and they're as affordable or even more affordable than shein

No. 1696736

>as affordable or cheaper than shein
What, really? I've never purchased from shein or even browsed the website but I was under the impression that the whole appeal of Shein was that the clothes were so much cheaper than anything at regular stores that it's worth the gamble of getting something shitty that doesn't fit.

What's the appeal of shitty Shein clothes if you can just go to a Berskha and get something at the same price point and try it on before you buy?

No. 1696738

Bro they've tested positive for lead and other chemicals in several investigations. At the very least buy secondhand shein, it'll be dirt cheap and some sucker will have washed/worn off the lead already. Or while you're at it just switch to thrifted clothes altogether. It's easier now than it's ever been.

No. 1696750

Lying is justifiable in many cases, especially when people are being nosy and judgmental about personal decisions that don't concern them and are none of their business.

I've lied about my ethnicity and nationality a lot because I used to get a lot of racist comments and "jokes" at my expense, my marital status (I got married as a teen and people called me names a lot, even though it was not something I chose for myself, so I hid my ring when I went to school), my job, I've lied to neighbours asking when I'm gonna have kids, where's my husband, why no kids yet etc.

My confession is that I tell all of them something terrible on purpose so they feel bad for asking and I'm not sorry because they can go fuck themselves. I don't care if they have the best intentions in mind, I've been burned too many times.

No. 1696797

I'm South Asian but cannot understand people speaking English with strong Indian accents. I feel terrible kek.

No. 1697040

I'm happily single but I still feel I have some delay because I've never dated, like a friend was telling how her hookup didn't want to get into a relationship with her because he was out of an 8 year old relationship, and everybody at the table welt "oh I see", except me, I genuinely couldn't figure out what was the connection between the two situations, I felt like some kind of retarded teenager.

No. 1697191

I have a small pillow that I sleep with every night, it basically takes the place of a teddy bear. I've literally had it my entire life- it was a baby shower gift from my aunt and my parents (admittedly stupidly) put it in my crib as my pillow (even though it's definitely originally just a decorative pillow and it says on the tag not to put it in the crib because it's a suffocation hazard kek). Anyway, at some point it just became my comfort item and I've had it ever since, and I'm almost 30.

My confession is I rarely ever wash it. As a kid, the pillowcase was thrown in the wash pretty regularly. As I grew up, every other week turned into every few weeks, into every few months, and now once every couple of years. The original pillow case is very thin now, so it makes me nervous to wash it, even though I only hand wash it. I won't bore you with the details, but a very large chunk of the pillow case is gone, so a large part of the actual pillow itself is just exposed. The actual pillow has never been washed, ever. For how nervous I am to even handwash the pillow case, I'm truly downright scared to wash the actual pillow because I worry it'll fuck up the stuffing after being thrown in the dryer (I have a cousin with a pillow comfort item and his has been put through the wash and dryer and it's barely a pillow than a fabric case with some cotton balls trapped in it). I'm a wuss and I love my pillow stuffie and I know I will cry if it gets fucked up in the wash and can't come back to his normal pillow shape. I've considered handwashing the pillow itself too, but I worry that the stuffing won't dry fully unless it's put in a dryer. I saw someone handwash their pillow and try to work out all the water and dry it without a dryer but it still ended up lumpy and weird. I just don't know how to wash it without fucking it up. I considered putting this in the stupid questions thread but I consider it more of a confession because I know it's gross.

No. 1697200

Get it dry cleaned. If it's a down feather pillow there could be a speciality cleaners shop that does it. Also either buy a new pillow case or sew one.

No. 1697222

you don't have to have dated to understand that though. it's commonly discussed that people coming out of serious long term relationships need time before dating seriously again because they are processing the old relationship. So maybe it is simply lack of social understanding.

No. 1697278

I dunno, I've seen people go from LTR to LTR, and my friend said the guy and his ex had broken up a year before she met him, which sounded like enough time to me… but you're probably right, I'm a sperg who doesn't get why people even want to get into relationships lol.

No. 1697306

I'm pretty sure it's just cotton filling so it doesn't need special cleaning but I'm worried about the cotton getting lumpy and fucked up in the dryer. Also maybe it's the sperg in me but I don't like the idea of a new pillowcase on it, it would feel like it's no longer my pillow.

No. 1697394

I don't think I can be in another relationship with a person that has mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, agarophobia, BPD, etc. Even if they can be a sweet partner sometimes, they have a certain negative mindset and outlook on life that ultimately makes the relationship doomed to fail. Saying this after getting out of a relationship with someone who has depression and intense social anxiety, who often perceived situations to be more negative than they really are. It's all so exhausting.

No. 1697441

I've recently taken up shoplifting, a little bit. Nothing crazy, just sneaking one or two items into my bag without scanning every time I do self checkout. just one little thing each time and I've stolen maybe 10 bucks worth of stuff in the last month but it makes me feel GREAT walking out of the store after getting away with it.

No. 1697587

I'm currently living off of food stamps, a part time job, free childcare, and state health care (which provides me free services, medication, and therapy). And I unfortunately don't want lose said benefits for a higher paying position. I have a degree and I have skills, but I don't see the point if I'm not going to make enough to offset my costs of food, healthcare, childcare, etc. I know my family expects more of me and I'm "too smart" for this, but why should I throw away what I have just to be perceived better by others? Especially in this economy? I hit the bottom, and it is unfortunately more comfortable here. Sorry I just needed to get that off my chest. I'll try to be better.

No. 1697603

Not too fond of myself

No. 1697607

Get reusable bags, fill them up and walk out

No. 1697614

Fuck it, don't be better. Our economy is about to crash, hard. Save your energy and future burn out for when you eventually get kicked off those benefits due to budget restrictions. Don't feel shame in using resources from a government that doesn't provide for you. You're so lucky to even have housing right now, just keep your stability and work on prepping for future crises.

No. 1697615

I was just talking about this earlier. I hate how the system is put in place to keep people dependent on it but the minute they try to get back on their feet they're punished for it and lose their benefits. I'm sorry anon, it's not a fun place to be in. I hope you can figure things out, but I also think there's no shame in living the way you do despite outside judgement because life is already shitty and hard and you should take all the help you can get.

No. 1697616

File: 1694666962740.jpg (17.42 KB, 506x348, dying.jpg)

Giving myself another 5 years and if I'm still in the same place, I'm finding out how one acquires a gun in my home country and finally ending it.

No. 1697622

you shouldn't, it's just a natural feeling of dread. I hope you find things that make it tolerable. I love you.

No. 1697632


Thankyou both you've made me feel a lot better about where I am right now. Just going to focus on being stable, appreciating the people who appreciate me, and preparing for whatever comes.

No. 1697689

I feel the same, it's so depressing for me seeing them say out loud the excuses they're making for themselves for things they don't want to do. They're believing they're telling me this, but it's all for them, to make it more okay for their head. I used to have agoraphobia, but I eventually got to that point where I'm just like, "I've been afraid of absolutely nothing for ⅓ of my life. It's consuming me and I want to fully LIVE." Seeing others not come to that realization, like for real come to that point sucks. The hardest part is knowing you can't talk them into getting to that point, they really have to figure it out themselves. It's like interacting with an addict.

No. 1697827

Sometimes when I’m off my meds I get on lolcow and post the most vile, unhinged, inflammatory shit I can think of just to get a rise out of people. It’s fun.(we know)

No. 1697829

I figured out my issue. Im getting depressed again. I get it, the last month or 2 has been rough but why does my brain make it seem as though that time was years long, like its the status quo of existance? I know depression well and I guess I was in denile about it because I had finally climbed so high. Now my brain fog is overtaking my logic and task completion.

No. 1697837

File: 1694697262232.png (612.58 KB, 702x556, IMG_2502.png)

so you have been behind all the infighting recently?

No. 1697840

Try it on 4chan next time

No. 1697860

Are you the one saying that teenage girls who get groomed are as bad as the pedophiles who groomed them?

No. 1697862

Please don't, that's not very nice of you.

No. 1697884

File: 1694700718870.jpeg (163.96 KB, 645x806, IMG_0677.jpeg)

No. 1697930

Why can't you harass moids into committing suicide with this kind of energy

No. 1697934

Because she's retarded

No. 1697942

I wish anons would stop fucking responding to people who admit to baiting and infighting. How hard is it to report and ignore? They want your engagement and attention, you idiots! Fucking summerfags.

No. 1697945

I'm not replying to the baiter, I'm just explaining why she's doing it, because she's retarded.

No. 1697947

I know you're not, kek. That's why I responded to you. I didn't feel like getting redtexted for minimodding or infighting for saying it directly to the anons responding.
I was agreeing with you that she's a retard, and also annoyed other anons keep engaging retards kek

No. 1697978

Oh ok, I thought you thought I was replying to her, lmao.

No. 1698025

cute interaction. love you nonas

No. 1698032

i feel bad when i see adults working in food service or minimum wage jobs. i cant help but think that they must hate the job and be slightly embarrassed. i only think this way because when i worked in food service, i felt humiliated wearing the ugly ass uniforms with hats and hairnets because it felt demeaning looking like spongebob while my managers wore business casual. i felt like they made the uniforms as ugly as possible as a power move

No. 1698054

Long confession ahead.
I'm originally in a DND group in my town and we were supposed to start a homebrew campaign by our DM after he TPK'd us on Curse of Strahd (which in retrospect made my life easier since I can't stand modules and the railroading built in it and writing the log for the group when nobody read it was getting on my nerves) by the summer since the DM has his summer break. Except the moid has ADHD and overthought everything and then ghosted the WhatsApp group for two months after over hyping a high level one shot to help build his homebrew world. And he wrote late at night last weekend to apologize to the group after everything with a wall of text, and the rest of the group was like so tolerant and accepting blablabla, I didn't feel any tolerance for it.

As much as I have understanding for the fact that making a homebrew world is a lot, I have one in the making myself where I've had already three one shots because I have a 40h/week job and haven't decided in which direction I'd want to take a full campaign in - I have like three possible intrigues I could pursue - , I can't stand the attitude of biting off more than you can chew when you involve other people and then you stood em up by just one day before the high level one shot was supposed to be because you felt demotivated or unwell.
Now the rest of the group is like offering to redo a module, when the last attempt at a module sucked ass with that DM (especially the feeling of being railroaded and having the feeling of whether we do something as PCs or not, doesn't matter), and everything in my gut feeling tells me this'll be absolute shit and the contrary of fun. And while I am thinking it I know I can't say it in the group in a political correct manner enough so instead I've not answered on the WhatsApp group, and I hope the whole thing dies down (since it truly did in April with the TPK) and I can maybe find another group instead. Plus the new non binary whatever fucking new players that are joining are making DND to be a fucking BDSM roleplay, asking for safe words and shit, if that's the direction the group is taking, I'd rather go touch grass and do my thing instead.
It may sound harsh that's why I am writing it in the confession.

No. 1698297

File: 1694728569714.jpg (257.01 KB, 1900x1238, droomer.jpg)

I'm a repulsive human being. I will always be a kissless autistic virgin with no real friends, living in my own head, eating only one thing for four weeks, getting fixated on things and lusting after 40 year old voice actors from my favorite video games or for my anime husbandos. Spending my free time in front of pc and then lying in my bed and masturbating and thinking about me and my husbando living in a nice house and traveling across the globe. There's literally no difference between the 15 year old me and the 27 year old me. I'm in the same mental state, maybe just more blackpilled and tired. Even when I'm on some discord and people like my art and want to talk to me I'm just quiet most of the time because I don't know what to say to them and I also think You like my art, not me, and you think I'm as nice as my art. But you 'like' me only because you don't actually know me and you like your idea of me based on my art. It's the same thing in real life. Some people really want to know me and I feel like the more I open up the more far apart I grow from that person because I can feel they start to notice my weirdness, whenever I unmask while being with someone, it's awkward. They're like heyyyy open up to us and then I say something I really think and it's awkward. When I say something I feel fits the situation, it's also awkward. It's never natural. I just can't live a normal life, I will just daydream till I die, I have a great life, an artistic career and fun adventures in my head and I would never match that irl with my social retardation, constant physical exhaustion and anxiety. I stopped grooming myself even though I was never that good at it to begin with. I can wear the same thing for one week and don't brush my hair, I don't give a fuck. I'm a slob. My room looks like Jordan peterson's worst nightmare. My dirty underwear lies on my floor. Who cares anyway. Why do I have to bother with all those unpleasant sensations when I can just imagine nice things in my head and interact with reality only enough to have money to pay the bills, buy food and shit related to my hobbies? How do people get motivated to do anything, I don't know. If someone would bought me food and paid my bills I would literally never leave my house

No. 1698298

I stand by women lying about their lives. A woman lying about her education or age will never be as nefarious as a man lying.

No. 1698314

File: 1694730707504.png (496.47 KB, 612x452, marlbaraLTD-127587904064634880…)

>hey're like heyyyy open up to us and then I say something I really think and it's awkward. When I say something I feel fits the situation, it's also awkward. It's never natural.
>when I can just imagine nice things in my head and interact with reality only enough to have money to pay the bills, buy food and shit related to my hobbies?

you sound like me kek. i've given up on reality. i just want a job right now so i can larp as a normalshit at work then come home and sink back into myself. i'll get good at art, writing, etc. and enjoy my fantasies in their pruest form. i see nothing really wrong with this either.

No. 1698316

where can i find an archive of all her stuff

No. 1698412

I don't think I've ever felt understood by someone until I read this post. Ily random nona

No. 1698821

Every time I've asked a man out, someone in their family dies out of nowhere from an illness nobody knew they had. Every time I move somewhere new one of the neighbors has some freak accident in ther home or gets killed.
I dn't know what it means but I don't like it one bit.

No. 1699751

I tell everyone that my deceased mother inspired me to go to culinary school and become a chef, but the truth is it was the movie Ratatouille.

No. 1699824

Can you move to my best friends ex, next, please

No. 1699967

the best way I've been able to stay off social media and avoid feeding my addiction has been saying stupid shit I know will piss people off, and making myself anxious and weary at the idea of opening the app to a bunch of notifications.

No. 1699993

I have a crush on a BPD-chan. The kind who has meltdowns, wants attention all the time, thinks everyone hates her, has trouble with coordinating her life, constantly fucks up schedules and oversleeps etc. But god, I can't help it. She's so pretty, like my personal 10/10 pretty, extremely funny and witty, really intelligent and observant. I literally have dreams about her, I tense up when I see her and feel a dopamine rush when she messages me. But I'm recovering from an abusive relationship with another BPD patient and I don't want to put myself through that hell once more since I know it would be the same miserable ride again. Lesbophobia needs to be fucking eradicated just so that my dating pool wouldn't be full of mentally fragile women carrying the trauma from their adolescence. Including myself.

No. 1700002

For your sake, stay away anon. BPDchans are emotional vampires that will suck the spirit out of you once again.

No. 1700045

The way I laughed so hard out loud. thank you, anon

No. 1700105

Its not my mental illness, I am simply a whore. lol.

No. 1700116

The other day I was tempted to leave a mean, snarky comment on a F/F fic which had no warning of girldick in the tags (author only warned of """lesbian""" sex at the beginning of the fic, so I was obviously not expecting cock). But then harassing someone online, even if it's a troon, goes against my principles in general so I just closed the tab. Maybe this is why troons are winning, women are just too soft! I hope you ruined a tranny's day at least, anon.

No. 1700135

File: 1694926421951.gif (2.25 MB, 374x204, 7D8A9B09-4C71-4A65-8CD5-AE7B81…)

> if a guy looks kinda youthful, skinnyfat, no masculine jaw and he is not gay,
Sounds hot (aside from skinny fat)
> probably thinking of himself as a schloolboy, a little baby boy, who still needs to date schoolgirls.
Mfw I like boyish men because they seem so non threatening. We need to just stay away from all of them they all suck even the cute ones

No. 1700142

same, we cant have shit

No. 1700262

i feel undeniable parasocial love and lust for certain fictional characters even though my partner and i consider it cheating and i donno what to do nonnies. i know its a weird boundary but i feel guilty.

No. 1700270

Blackpilling moment

No. 1700271

Kinda jealous of dogs because they can lick their own pussies

No. 1700489

File: 1694973983471.jpg (362.26 KB, 1080x1080, goldenbalance.jpg)

a couple years ago i discovered the manifestation/subliminal communities and decided to see if it worked. i wanted to get rid of my period permanently but then it actually worked. i haven't gotten a single period since that day. i haven't told anyone and lie to my doctor and mom that im still getting my period. i have hypereligious parents who are really pushing towards an arranged marriage and a ton of kids, i wonder if they would loose their shit if i told them.

p.s i tried to "manifest" after that but 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work. it seems to only work for random useless things like seeing a rainbow 5 minutes after wishing to see one or my parents coming home with a food i wanted to eat (i didn't tell them it).

No. 1700490

File: 1694974322556.png (881.6 KB, 1882x903, Screenshot_84.png)

i lurk wizchan for the wageslave thread because it's relatable when they aren't whining about female coworkers but i noticed this post and it made me so goddamn depressed. imagine realizing your mother was lonely and sad and somehow making it all about yourself again while also discounting her + being misogynstic. scrotes deserve everything they get

No. 1700493

I'm sorry but when you stop menstruating you likly have a health problem especially when you're young.

No. 1700503

File: 1694976910768.jpg (86.9 KB, 540x540, 174564564.jpg)

I thought I got my weebism under control now, but it still shows up in the most unexpected ways. The most recent realization I had was that I finish books by Japanese authors way faster, like talking just a few days here, instead of a few weeks if not months if the author is from any other country, just based on the assumption of "It's Japanese, so it's more interesting". I'm also more likely to give a Japanese book more of a chance even if it's boring, while I would get fed up more easily if it's from somewhere else.

No. 1700513

Are you severely underweight anon

No. 1700532

File: 1694982093207.jpg (5.65 KB, 187x189, telechargement_16-1.jpg)

I hate saying the word faggot (or any slur for that matter, aside from "retard" because fuck you that's not a slur) but I force myself to say it on here because I feel like I'll get shit on if I don't. I hate it, I feel like I'm too soft sometimes.
Once I even got dogpiled for not being sexually attracted to an underage anime moid, and then there's these nonas who admit to the vilest fetishes who I just wanna curbstomp and there's retards who enable and validate them. I'm a huge moralfag inside and having to hide it here makes me seethe

No. 1700536

if you are very stressed and eat little, your period can go away, but it's not worth it, because at that point your organs are getting damaged. can i suggest you try a diet rich in iron and fresh vegetables, especially around the time of your period, to stop the cramps? it helps me to eat more meat when i know my period is about to start, and during it.

No. 1700643

what problems do you lack in your life…? let people be wrong on the internet and stop dragging yourself into it. let go of conversations that you think wont be productive. you choose to have this problem by "making yourself" say slurs

No. 1700647

You feel bad about calling men faggots, but want to curbstomp random women you don't even know? The fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1700651

When I was 9-12, I was afraid of going to the bathroom at night (childish fears mixed with CSA), but I would have to piss at 3 AM every day like clockwork. My solution was to grab a towel and piss into it. I would wait until the next day and bury it at the bottom of the laundry bin so that nobody could tell.
One time, the bin was empty and I couldn’t bury it, so I hid the piss towel in my closet. I need to piss again that night and I put that towel there too. At some point, I get depressed and lose motivation to wash them, so I keep the piss towels in my closet.

My family asks where the towels are, but I claim not to know. Nobody can smell it because it’s a walk in closet with a heavy door, but the closet has no AC abd we live in a hot place, so it did stink. This goes on for YEARS before my cousin needs something from the closet, and she’s hit with 2 years worth of non ventilated piss air. I lie and say I thought it was the cat. I think my family pulled out 10+ towels, absolutely soaked with piss because I would reuse the same towel on a different spot.

My mom still 100% believes the cat was using my closet as a pee chamber, she has no idea. We bought completely new towels and threw those old ones away. I hope this makes whoever reads this cringe and wince, lord knows it makes me do the same

No. 1700655

I hope you have learned to use jars and bottles like the rest of us.

No. 1700657

No it just makes me sad I used to just piss in the bed. idk why I did it if I knew I’d get smacked upside the head and yelled at the next morning, I was just that scared of monsters and ghosts and elves. I hope you got some help anon and healed

No. 1700659

I used to hump this girl when I was 8 and she was 8 she would call me into our apartment laundry room and we’d do it with our clothes on. I legit thought we were doing it, I had a crush on her and I was sad to find out that she was doing that to everyone else too including my sister, it made me so sick inside. I don’t know how it started, we never even kissed she would just get on top of me and hump me when I pretended to be her man bodyguard. I wonder if she was a victim of CSA, cause you don’t just have that behavior out of thin air

No. 1700662

Me too but I lurk more than I post. I don't force myself to say things I don't want to say.
But sometimes I find myself saying some rude-ish stuff for moralfaggy reasons lol.

No. 1700666

that's crazy nona but I can see how it would snowball like that, poor kitty

No. 1700711

No idea if she was a victim but was not and I remember I started humping pillows and my plushies when I was like 4 or 5 so it could be that some children are just extra interested or activated by that kind of stuff?

No. 1700809

i really hope the government shuts down in october, i don't even care that I'll miss my paychecks, I have enough saved. I just need to lie around and wallow. It's monday again and it feels like yesterday was friday because I slept through the whole weekend. I wish I was lucky enough to not have anything stopping me from killing myself I am so bored with life

No. 1700825

Hang on ladies I got this one. Your cat is named Kimi No Tameni Dekiru Koto

No. 1700999

Curiosity in children is natural but trying to perform acts on others including adults is a sign of abuse.

No. 1701039

I see you have reading comprehension issues, so let me explain: i want to curbstomp siblingfuckers and pedos, and refusing to say slurs for the sake of principles doesn't mean I wouldn't want a moid dead for being as degenerate as aforementionned nonas.
>let people enjoy things type beat
Sadly we are on a platform where acting the slightest bit off-etiquette will cause a shitstorm

No. 1701063

Theres this archetype of a gamer anime zoomer guy at my uni and somehow I find him adorable, I want to bone him so bad

No. 1701118

Oh fuck no I take this back, I stalked his instagram and there was anime and misogyny

No. 1701401

nothing does it for me anymore. the spark is gone.

No. 1701469

I have such an unhinged loathing of a niche video game character that it makes me actively ashamed. Not ashamed enough to stop hating her, but enough to feel like a bad person.

No. 1701536

It's okay nonna, I have the same feeling over one character too, I tried searching for anyone who despised them as much as I did and never found anyone that shares what I feel. It made me feel ashamed, but I never stopped hating her either. Let's unite on our hatred.

No. 1701596

What character and why do you hate them?

No. 1701615

Like clockwork

No. 1701622

Tfw girl I used to be madly in love with in my teen has trooned out, not even how they used to (short hair baggy clothes) but into that tiktok makeup wearing miniskirt and fishnets kind… Shouldn't have stalked them, fuck.

No. 1701651

>Lesbophobia needs to be fucking eradicated just so that my dating pool wouldn't be full of mentally fragile women carrying the trauma from their adolescence.
Kek holy shit anon, you put something into words that Ive not been able to put a finger on. also including me lmao

No. 1701686

Kek I know, what did I expect

No. 1701732

I want my bf to get that chin lipo surgery he lost a whole bunch of weight and now his jaw is kind of droopy. I’m fucked up

No. 1701760

Males who cheat should have their dick and balls cut off, imagine how many problems would be solved around the world.

No. 1701782

Just need to vent about family stuff, this sounds embarrassing so I'm posting it ITT.

I saw anons shitting on Bechdel's Fun Home in another thread, I got interested and read it, and I seriously couldn't give a shit if Bechdel is a cringy libfem or if she's making excuses for her father having sex with his underage students, because the book resonated with me on some very deep level I almost started crying. Afaik my dad is not gay nor having sex with teenagers (and tbh if either of us has done morally repulsive things it's me), but something in the dynamic in Fun Home is really fucking similar to me and my dad. Maybe it's the way dad forced the whole family to abide to his schedules, the lack of physical affection, the way we can't talk about our feelings but talk about opera and literature instead, or the fact that I've noticed how similar I am to him in terms of personality (he has shit personality, I hate how similar I am to him).

Also I was on the phone with him the other day and he suddenly got all sentimental on me (super awkward) in his characteristic indirect way, referencing the fact that I'm pursuing a career path that was basically his dream career as well, except that he "lacked the courage" (his words) to pursue it. I think he regrets it but doesn't say it straight. I just feel really weird rn.

No. 1701816

I don't mind tifs that just want to look like Hank Hill and wear tool belts, socks and sandals. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

No. 1702026

I think I have symphorophilia

No. 1702042

I kinda like that ana "communities" are mostly women in a weird way. Being an anachan is retarded but men don't belong in there kek.

No. 1702056

elaborate anon

No. 1702177

yes and (most) tims will never get in there, they weren't socialised female so they'll never go to such extreme lengths to alter their appearance out of self hatred. most they do is plastic surgery, instant gratification.
i do hate it when a rare (true, not tif) moid gets in there and the brainlet pickmes start patting his ass, when with other women they're very cut-throat and competitive. EDs are competitive at their core, but why does it extend to women only? moids aren't your allies retard

No. 1702190

I wish to be beautiful but only for the gaze of other women. I wish I could have a public social media where I can post cute outfits and makeup looks and not have to worry about men following me and and being gross. I know women can be bitchy as well but I’d take that instead.

No. 1702195

"A paraphilia involving sexual arousal from staging and watching disasters, such as traffic collisions."
This is genuinely going to sound like 2edgy4u bullshit bait but I felt funny watching 9/11 footage of the buildings on fire and imagining molten metal inside them ever since I was young, stuff like that. I've been feeling this way for a while but obviously I'd never actually deliberately stage accidents because I do actually feel empathy for the people involved and am scared of the repercussions

No. 1702200

oh my god there's a name for this? i don't have it i was considering how funny it would be if people decided to take the rate of car accidents in the US seriously because the rates of this fetish started to sky rocket

No. 1702204

i'd give you a digital smooch of 1s and 0s if you're okay with that nonna

No. 1702215

Same. I want to be a glamorous icon like Miya-sama in Letters to my Brother. Actually the whole school in that anime would be pure heaven with no ballsack in sight, too bad about the air being thick with BPD.

No. 1702254

Sometimes I feel like this one guy I work with likes me and he's with his girlfriend out of pity, also because he got used to being with her (many people who settled down feel this way tbh), but he's a good person so he would never leave her. I feel like shit because I don't know how to behave around bim. I feel like sometimes he's more open with me and likes to be around me but then he reminds himself he can't leave his gf and he's colder towards me again. It feels like he tries not to catch any feelings for me. In an alternate reality, where he's single, I would definitely want to date him, but in this reality, I know this can't happen. I don't want to be a reminder to someone that their relationship isn't the fulfillment of their dreams. I tried to interact with him less but we're part of a group of friends who go on trips together, I don't want to miss on that just because he also happens to be there. His girlfriend never goes with us though, he says she's not interested in that kind of stuff. Honestly at this point I would prefer if she actually started going out with us

No. 1702264

Maybe stop creating a parallel universe where you know your coworkers thoughts because it sounds more like you're the one daydreaming about him.

No. 1702344

Won't say which character but I hate them on two levels, if she was a real person she would be a manipulative narc, that's the first reason. The second and more relevant is that she is everything I hate in a female character. Overly sexualized in a context that makes no sense, no real personality, only talks and bonds with her male love interest and nobody else. It pisses me off some women see her as a girl boss, when in reality she is just a character made for coomers with no depth at all. An extra selfish reason why I hate her is because she is a replacement to another female character I liked a lot.

No. 1702378

What subliminal did you use, nona? Asking for a friend

No. 1702426

Some people have natural powers to manifest easier I believe. I knew so many people who could easily manifest what they wanted but others who would fail each time

No. 1702430

Because it isnt manifesting at all.

No. 1702554

File: 1695203610144.jpg (20.62 KB, 337x303, stupidcat.JPG)

When I was 14 a girl in my friend group came up to me while I was watching a free concert at a festival in our city, hugged me from behind, kissed my cheek and said "I think about you all the time, we should be a couple". My awkward, repressed self just laughed and said "wouldn't that be something" and we watched the rest of the song in silence before I said I wanted to go find our friends. She became really awkward and avoided me after that, and I had no idea why until years later after our friend group had long drifted apart.

No. 1702560

File: 1695204701607.jpg (179.16 KB, 1280x720, YurikoCharacterData.jpg)

Sorry for late reply nonna! It's Yuriko from Gnosia (tldr single player Among Us-like). She's the closest thing the game has to a God stand-in for backstory, attitude, and stats. I want to like her because it feels shitty hating what amounts to a 19 year old cult survivor but she makes it so damn hard when she is truly an unlikable above-it-all jerk and is integral to the plot. She'd be a total Stacy farmer so she's got that going for her, and her design is pretty cool. I still sell her out every chance I get since she's too dangerous to be left alive even when we're on the same side.

No. 1702566

The "natural power" you're talking about is just being stubborn as fuck and not taking no for an answer.

No. 1702580

I'm very close to my brother, we love together and share a lot of habits so I'm always happy when I see positive relationships between adult brothers and sisters in movies, like that was my favorite part in My Big Fat Greek Wedding lol.

No. 1702744

I think I have a crush on this guy. He not attractive at all (short, fat, glasses, etc) and he is the kind of nerd that goes to MOBAs tournament and all that (he's good at them tho, like really good). And I have the hots for him so bad. Maybe a part of it is because he's been the kind of guy that listens to my rants while I'm drunk and goes all "that's so sad Nona you deserve better", and I KNOW that's a tactic men use all the time pretending to be your friend until you tell them you won't have sex with them. I even know that guy is infamous because he ends up hitting on every girl he becomes friends with. But I don't know why I am attracted to him, and I don't think it's even on a good way? Like maybe I can just have sex with him once and it will probably suck and then I can get over it. But I have this kind of desire of manipulating and dominating him? Like, I want to step on him and push him around, and brag about how I control him, and I don't fucking know why. I feel so weird about this, I mean I used to manipulate guys into giving me money just for existing when I was younger and I felt pretty great about it, so it's been almost a decade I haven't feel this way.

No. 1702745

Def. Sounds like she has a crush on her coworker and is deluding herself into believing is the opposite.

No. 1702755

sorry for the late replies

I haven't been to doctor so I wouldn't know but I don't really think so. I don't feel any different but I guess it could be asymptomatic?

nope, im the normal weight for my height!

i only listened to this one but stopped after a couple days and just stuck to imagining or visualizing or whatever it is called : https://youtu.be/twfxk9xppAY?feature=shared

yeah i think so to. I feel like if I really dedicated myself to learning about it and changing my mindset towards what i wanted to manifest, i could of had more success

No. 1702762

I stopped having periods for a long time when I was 23 and it ended up being early PCOS. You should really, really get your hormones checked.

No. 1702819

I've moved past despairing at how lonely I am. Now I feel nothing at all at the fact I have no friends or social circle and haven't in years.

No. 1702880

I’m a body horror/gore artist and I draw pretty girls murdering men. I started off as drawing shitty anime girl vent art at 13 and now I have a sizeable horror following for various horror anime girls being scary/murderous.

When I’m mad at a scrote irl, it could be annoyance or straight boiling rage, I remember their faces and draw them being brutalized by my favorite characters. This discord mod bastard talks to me like I’m retarded, so I am currently drawing him being gored by Makima.

It’s my equivalent of angry teenage girl scribbling out the face of a guy she hates, or poking a voodoo doll. It instantly relaxes me when I’m done drawing. Most moids look the same in anime style, and my account is secret, so nobody knows it’s me drawing people I hate

No. 1702888

thank you for the link nonita. the music is also calming, this subliminal is a bit longer than others i've seen but it's ok.
absolutely based, wish i could find your art. what platforms are you on? don't say your username though

No. 1702892

love that

No. 1702893

This is so amazing and I love it so much you are blessing women everywhere with this energy

No. 1702896

unfathomably based and inspiring

No. 1702902

File: 1695248088945.jpeg (87.31 KB, 600x600, 1B57E6BA-E216-4C5A-9AF5-0A36B8…)

I get what you mean and I wish the same.

No. 1702930

>and kid
nvm i take my words back

No. 1702932

integrate please cringechan

No. 1703000

I don't understand what anyone is talking about in meta discussion and never have

No. 1703054

File: 1695258055792.jpg (110.03 KB, 828x823, qXc03UU.jpg)

I'm a bosslady for a service company and tbh my most reliable and consistent workers are my reverse harem of men who I fucked and offered a job to. I just keep them at separate accounts and urge them not to mention our 'relationship' as it would be interpreted as favoritism and unprofessionalism so that they keep their mouths shut from each other. Consequently, I hire no men with small dicks nor bad attitudes. They're easier to tell what to do and they treat me with queen energy, and in fact get a little competitive in overachieving when they notice other men of my harem treating me nicely not that they know why.

Good lil worker bees~

No. 1703062

I am jealous but thanks for that watermelon image, I never knew that

No. 1703164

What did it say?

No. 1703219

Omg absolutely based you go queen, I aspire to be like you!!
PS nice image but watermelon sucks

No. 1703263

i don't remember exactly but it was something about her (this poster >>1702880 ) drawing her female high school bullies being brutalised by her anime waifus in the same way as in her first post. also that she has a wife and a kid.

No. 1703326

I am intelligent and hard working. But I am also retarded. People ask me why I am where I am, and why I am not doing X great thing, or making X money, or whatever, and it really, really hurts because I just have zero explanation other than me being an unbalanced retard and I dont know how to fix it. Therapy wont help because they cant tell me what to do in order to have better success, just help me cope with being ashamed of my retardation.

No. 1703454

File: 1695316940404.jpg (3.33 MB, 5374x3136, FLz1Iuwt.jpg)

I want to go full autist and wear gothic lolita and collect dolls. I don't know why I spent my entire young adulthood pretending to be a normie, everyone saw through it anyway. I should have just been honest about my actual interests.

No. 1703456

I always regretted not getting into Gothic Lolita. I have two dolls and they are so worth it, even if the hobby is slower than it was in the mid 2000s

No. 1703463

I hope you have lots of fun being a cool gosurori nonushka! Are you planning to twin with your dolls?

No. 1703475

I love my parents so much, I wish I could be a child and live with them forever.
I feel like I can't even visit because whenever I look at their faces, I immediately tear up. I'm so scared of ever losing them, I'm always calculating how many years I still have with them.
I know that I should feel grateful for having had such a wonderful childhood but now it simply feels as if nothing in life could ever live up to that. I also don't want a family of my own because I don't want to take on the caretaker role, I want to be the young one who get's taken care off.

Currently sitting alone in my shitty apartment surrounded by boxes that I don't even wanna unpack, just trying to distract myself with tv until I have to sleep so that I can wake up early for my shitty job again.
This is so not how I imagined my life at all…

No. 1703571

The longer I live with my parents the more I feel like I’m incapable of living on my own. I’m 30 and have never lived outside of their house.

No. 1703684

I said I would date him if he was single, so it's kinda obvious I have a crush on him. What would be the point of deluding myself when I know he won't leave his gf, which I also mentioned? You think it's impossible to tell someone is attracted to you?

No. 1703688

Do you have any evidence he’s settling though kek

No. 1703696

It gets easier nona, get yourself a female cat. My life has never been better. (I'm not allowed cats but I always pass my apartment inspections and make it work! Sorry landlord nonnies)

No. 1703711

I still like the baby blue, light pink, and white color palette despite the bastardization by trannies. Pastels belong to women.

No. 1703716

Nah that shit just looks like an Easter ego, the new iPhone colors are terrible too.

No. 1703758

I've seen anons say that trannies ruined that color combo for them, and honestly I think they are weak.

No. 1704099

File: 1695356533890.jpeg (99.41 KB, 557x767, 0ECB6FEB-AFE4-4E06-B2A8-581E40…)

i have absolutely zero tragic backstory for why im the way i am, nothing bad ever happened to me im just naturally like this.

No. 1704106

Same nona….everyone else can explain their problems away with "trauma" but with me, I guess my mind just decided to break when I was a teenager and I have not been right since.

No. 1704146

yeah, like im obviously glad that im not traumatized and had an easy childhood, i dont take it for granted nor do i feel guilty about it. just that i literally had all the chances of being a normie and im still not. kinda cringe.

No. 1704193

Yeah me too, I feel sort of bad for my parents because they did everything right and yet I've been weird and awful since I was a little kid and only got worse with age. Maybe there's some weirdo gene that skips a generation or something

No. 1704271

It's impossible to get hard evidence without entering his head. To be clear, it's not just my opinion, a few other people who know them think the same. And if you saw her and had to be around her for a while you would get that impression too lol

No. 1704274

I've never been abused, harassed or catcalled and my relationships have always been decent even though everyone says that all women share the experience of being with a crazy/abusive moid or being catcalled.
Not saying other women are doing something wrong, I just don't know what I'm doing right.

No. 1704300

Tbh maybe you’ve gotten catcalled but you don’t remember because that sort of thing tends to happen very quickly, I can’t remember the majority of times that I’ve got catcalled by moids, but I can remember the most uncomfortable ones from when I was a teen.

No. 1704382

God same. My grandma was a normal person but nevertheless 100s came to her funeral because she was so loved. My mom too is the perfect normie. My childhood was technically perfect and even now they still make sure I lack nothing and yet I'm a depressed mess and have memories of already being somewhat unhinged back in kindergarten (e.g. refusing to talk because I found my voice ugly).
Most of my parents friends have kids who are younger than me and all of them are attractive, hardworking, already have a partner and are simply happy, meanwhile I'm such an emotional burden.

No. 1704386

You're not doing shit you're just lucky to not live in a place with porn brained moids. When I was in elementary school boys were already harrassing and molesting the girls.

No. 1704394

do you live in a good area or have a better off family? poorer women experience more male violence. a lot of women first experienced catcalling as children and teens or experience most of it when younger. ~80% of women say they have been catcalled, so your experience is rare but not that unheard of.

No. 1704396

Seriously. My brothers were my "protectors" from this boy who was obsessed with me and sometimes harassed me. One day he tried to buy me from them with video games which actually worked, they came to me and asked me to kiss him lmao! I refused and was pretty pissed I couldn't trust my brothers after that. I remember being scared of him at first but he must have shown a weakness or something because something flipped in me and I can't remember why. I decided to just be openly hostile to him every chance I got. Like tell him he was gross and I hated him, I was 5 so I'm sure whatever I said was retarded lol. I think I made him cry at some point but I couldn't give less of a shit. Don't know who taught a 7 year old to act like that but they don't deserve to be parents.

No. 1704415

I feel responsible for my cat dying 10 years ago. I was young and living with my boyfriend and the situation was going sour so we stupidly decided to adopt a cat together I guess as a fix for the relationship. I had just lost my job so stress was high and a few days later he told me he was going to move even though I couldn't afford to stay in the apartment. He left to his parent's and I drove an hour to another city to talk to my friend about staying with her, leaving the cat alone overnight. When I came back, she had gotten stuck somewhere and died. I feel like it's my fault and sometimes I cry randomly remembering it. I feel so bad and don't know how to heal. I've adopted many cats since then and still feel so bad.

No. 1704418

I despise super manly dominant men because they scare me but I also can't stand submissive men with mommy issues who need to be lead by a woman. I want a proper self-assured man who can stand his ground but also respects my decisions

No. 1704426

File: 1695400783351.png (52.64 KB, 1352x1412, 31B014E6-28B0-456E-BA6C-32F6E2…)

I’m obsessed with her

No. 1704432

I understand you completely. When I was young, I caused animal deaths through my carelessness and it's haunted me since.
One, you can bring yourself back into the present by finding something square in your environment, like a door or window, and tracing its outline with your eyes. You can't skip and jump from section to section, instead smoothly move your eyes along its entire length.
Once you're no longer panicking and letting your emotions overwhelm you you can think about it more rationally.
You are not that person anymore. If you were given the opportunity to go back in time and save her, you would jump on it. There is no guarantee in life that she would have lived beyond that day even if you had saved her. She may have darted out the door and gotten hit by a car the next day. She may have developed untreatable cancer the next week. No time on this earth is certain. You are a different person, and having learned from that tragedy, you will make different decisions.

No. 1704436

where did she get stuck anon?

No. 1704437

I have this paranoid fear that I keep talking shit about trannies and that my partner/future partner or whatever troons out and shows my transphobic chatlogs. I just cannot quit alogging them though.
Just a fear.

No. 1704448

File: 1695404365370.jpeg (39.29 KB, 290x454, IMG_5748.jpeg)

sometimes i wish i could be one of those male singers from the 2000s because they really had ugly as shit dudes surrounded by loads of way too sexy women feeling them up like i know it's a gag and objectification blah this is why i'm posting it here because i feel guilty knowing that, but i just feel kind of envious kek i want to know what that feels like at least once in my lifetime. sorry. that would never happen to me but i can dream…

No. 1704506

If she's ugly, he might be with her because he's insecure. The truth is, many of the men who date ugly women do so because they know they will have more control over them, and those women will worship them because they will think they couldn't do any better

No. 1704521

To be honest, you're probably just lucky. I didn't have my first negative experience like that with a man until I was 22 which is pretty damn crazy too. But now that I'm 25 a good handful of them stacked up, and I live in a pretty safe country all things considered.

No. 1704531

It’s okay anon I love hearing about women being transphobic

No. 1704538

My ex-gf publicly and privately posted some of my transphobic rants to shame me; but her TRA friends admitted that although I had "issues", I did have a point about sexism against both normal women and FTMs, and that men trooning out in jail is suspicious, kek. Every cloud has a silver lining. Every leaked chatlog brings someone closer to peaking.

No. 1704544

You can do it if you become a punk lesbian rapper

No. 1704552

When I was in kindergarten, I farted really loud in the back of the class. Everyone looks at my table. I panicked and turned to the kid next to me and went “Ew [his name] gross” and he got bullied until 3rd grade when he changed schools and I’m kinda guilty about it

No. 1704556

No kek I'm eastern european and my family hasn't got a pot to piss in. Neither am I particularly ugly or pretty.
Probably but I'm in my early-mid thirties. Would've happened by now, but hasn't.

No. 1704557

I cant stop crying and I feel pathetic.

No. 1704559

Sometimes I think I'm narcissistic because i rate my own intelligence and looks high, but I have observed several long standing things to justify this, cause I reckon if I was truly narcissistic I wouldn't always be wrecked with guilt and anxiety about specifically how my family sees me. For instance I was the punching bag growing up in the domestic violence incidence that was my childhood. This is not allowed to be acknowledged because of the illusion my parents are good and always right. Sometimes i wish I could just do things like storm out of my mothers house when she's being unhinged and screaming at me without having to grovel and apologise within 24 hours. Not to make an equivalence with a man, but they never have to justify reasonings for anything. How many fucking mass shooters don't give a motive for lighting up a place with bullets. Why the fuck do I have to explain to my mother that her abusing and traumatising me since childhood would probably make our relationship a bit strained now. I am sick of the elephant in the room not being addressed. I'm in my 30s. When do I stop feeling like a child. This is not intelligent thinking

No. 1704562


No. 1704563

No. 1704566

I was fired yesterday and I still can’t believe it. I went to login to my work email this morning and my account had been locked. I can’t even message any of my co-workers to say bye.
I haven’t told anyone because I don’t want it to be real. I can’t tell my family. I live with my parents so I pretended that I was working from home. I think I’ll tell them some believable lie like that I resigned because they weren’t impressed with my performance so wouldn’t give me a pay rise this year. A lie so convincing because it’s mixed with some truth. I lie I want to believe. I feel so alone. I don’t want another job but I have to start applying now since I’m technically unemployed. The future looks so hopeless for me. I don’t see the point in doing anything. Nonas I don’t know what to do anymore.

No. 1704574

don't worry about it. i get fired all the time. in modern times it's normal for companies to fire people every year or two just for shits and giggles. it's how they keep employees desperate and compliant–if one lemming sees the other got fired, that lemming will start working twice as hard and never ask for a raise or better treatment out of fear. you were used as a pawn in their games. but you have a game to play, too. file unemployment and gouge the fucker, slander them on glassdoor, and leave a bad google/yelp review. you almost certainly didn't even do anything to deserve it. it's about them, not you. you were just collateral damage in the economic game employers are playing with workers. there's a reason so many people are going on strikes now. stay pretty nonna. they ain't shit.

No. 1704593

Thanks nona but I was fired because I’d been underperforming for months, they had a dismissal hearing and everything laying out examples and evidence of my incompetence. It was fucking brutal. My (now ex-)manager didn’t even say anything when I left, I texted him wishing him all the best and he hasn’t even replied. They’re all probably bitching about how much of a dumbass I am and glad to see me go. It’s so humiliating but I did this to myself. I just wish I had someone to talk to.

No. 1704597

I doubt you were actually underperforming. Companies set unrealistic metrics to milk the employees and keep them insecure and afraid.

No. 1704614

No. 1704620

For months yet they still valued you enough to keep you doing their work. If you missed something perhaps they should have trained you better. Just the fact that you are taking it so personally as a reflection of your performance tells me they are the ones who fucked up not you. If someone cares as much as you, you didn’t fail on purpose.

No. 1704621

I have a thing for Russians. I think they're the most beautiful people on earth. I love how they have both east asian and white/European features at the same time. They're so beautiful.

No. 1704636

I don’t want non Asians in kpop and I say that as a person whose not Asian

No. 1704667

I just watched the Barbie movie and I feel so bad for my Barbieland Kens, those men are probably in the slums.

I grew up with unsupervised internet access and also trauma that resulted in hatred of men. I would play games that just ended in Kens dying. I was a fucked up kid. I would hang Kens from the ceiling fan and turn it on to watch them spin. I drew Xs on their eyes to show that they’re dead, creepy shit

And my little self was graphic too. My brother had red hair gel and I would steal it to create blood splatters on the Kens. I had one Ken who cheated on my favorite Barbie so I made her carve a cross into his back while he prayed for forgiveness.

Anyways my mom found out about this and took away all my Kens, so I just pretended that they all died and that my Barbie’s lived in a girls only world, and my games became nicer. This is not a “omg based radfem” story this is “wow that kid was kinda fucked up”

Farmhands who have to watch me confess in here every other day, I am sorry. I can only Bible quote “Whoever conceals her sins will not prosper, but she who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.” Proverbs 28:13

No. 1704671

What's wrong about that tho

No. 1704681

Nah this is based I don't care

No. 1704688

This is normal kid stuff lol

No. 1704700

File: 1695427872885.jpg (38.61 KB, 736x699, sip.jpg)

Nta now I have another reason to never date a hot man

No. 1704701


My mom found it creepy as hell cause all the girls my age played with Barbie’s in happy ways, like family or princess or whatever job the Barbie had, you know? She talked to my kid therapist about it cause it freaked her and my dad out that I had this much hatred only towards male dolls

No. 1704731

This made me kek so much. I hope there wasn’t horrible trauma in your life that made you want to hurt the Kens tho. I HATED Ken, he was ugly and stupid looking, the only male dolls I allowed to date/marry my Barbies in my long convoluted soap games with friends were Disney guy dolls. Kokoum from Pocahontas was my favorite because he had long hair, so did the John Smith one. Aladdin was also good but his stupid hat was molded plastic on his head on the doll I had so points were deducted. Hercules was the one we would pretend was retarded tho lmao.

No. 1704753

I hate when people show me their "super cute dog" and its some shitbull or boxer mix. your dog is ugly and going to hurt something.

No. 1704755

I believe every piece of shit moid deserves to be torn apart by a pitbull or boxer mix.

No. 1704757

We have a dog hate thread you autist.

No. 1704759

dont fully hate dogs just the killer ugly ass breeds.

No. 1704761

Did I stutter?

No. 1704765

Nta but pitbulls are fugly as fuck.

No. 1704768

Frankly I'm just tired of doghate and pitbull circlejerking leaking into other threads. It's annoying as fuck.

No. 1704790

It's really not that serious.

No. 1704807

And I really do not care.

No. 1704857

I really enjoy Regina Spektors recent album.

No. 1704861

File: 1695442074447.png (127.59 KB, 237x275, DD0FF255-7FFF-48D0-AB8A-47B6BD…)

My ex and I have a weird relationship where we’re never getting back together but we can’t let each other go. He lives several states away and is with someone else (on and off just like us) and I’ve dated other people since. For a long time I felt he was the one who got away but my last relationship was even more connected and now that title goes to the newer ex kek. I think my older ex and I do have a very genuine connection and solid friendship but his insane fears of intimacy will keep him from having a real relationship. I was hoping he’d learn from the train wreck that was our break up but apparently not. I feel like he’s settling with his new girlfriend. There isn’t anything wrong with her but I feel like he sees her as ‘good enough’ for now but will probably bail once he feels ready to settle. I don’t think he really values her all that much and because of his own issues has an easier time investing in her because he feels like he doesn’t have much to lose. They’ve broken up once already because she was going through a tough time which really made me look at him a different way. Her depression was too bad apparently so they “mutually” ended things but I really doubt it was. They kept living together for months after that and she suggested just being friends with benefits while they were “broken up”. This really pissed me off because during our break up he created this narrative that I was controlling and obsessive for wanting a more solid commitment after he called me sobbing and begging me to drop out of college to live with him. But of course he says she made him feel safe because she said that if he ever didn’t want her she would just find someone else. The reality is completely different and what he’s so afraid of is what’s happening with them right now but of course because she phrased it properly it’s fine apparently. I want to call him out on it but I don’t think it’s my place as the ex. Hearing all of this as well as how I feel my last ex is the new “one who got away” I can tell he’s still too stupid to be a real partner. I don’t think he’s in love with me and I think if I suggested getting back together he would stop talking to me, but our weird long distance friendship is a level of emotional intimacy I don’t think he’s had since and uses as supplement to his in person relationships. I didn’t respond to him for several months at one point and he was sending me multiple things every single week. I’m at a weird point where I think I can see him clearly for the first time but the friendship has been going on for so long (and I’m not in love with him anymore) that I don’t want to end it either. I’m single but I don’t have a lot of resl intimacy in my life either so I’ll settle for his breadcrumbs.

No. 1704875

File: 1695444196179.png (56.72 KB, 860x980, 202-2020883_guninmouth-emoji-w…)

i followed my new dates before establishing either as a boyfriend on social media. not just regular social media, but one that tells you who they most recently followed. when i would see their follower count go up, i would not always be able to see who the most recent account was, but with an extension it showed me their weekly activity. so it happened that once a guy was faking exclusivity with me, he was still adding women from dating apps. i asked about one of these women, and he lied that they just met from at a social thing, but they had no friends in common, and it was after a long line of following completely unrelated women. after he caught on, whenever he was about to follow new women, he would unfollow an equal amount of accounts to not raise suspicion, but i was not even looking at their follower count anymore because the extension always showed who they un/follow.

No. 1705099

I have a fear that one day I'll open my fridge door too hard and it will just fall on me.

No. 1705129

Seeing men doing fiber arts fucking triggers me.

No. 1705654

this is only for me to confess so i can rest my spirit and consciousness but i think justin timberlake was kind of cute in his young boyband days sometimes ( outside of music videos and photoshoots ) i'm so ashamed but i can't help but find him endearing. he had a cute smile he's so walled now what a difference. good thing i'll just pretend it's still 2001. for the record idk anything about him since then except for the janet incident so i hate him but i'd like to keep it that way

No. 1705693

File: 1695516376472.png (684.1 KB, 1019x1024, dfvrv2b-2bc4a407-1050-4843-9d1…)

Sometimes, when anons post their bishie anime husbandos, i cannot differentiate if they're supposed to be male or female, sometimes i even assume they're women until stated otherwise. I feel bad because i don't even judge any anons into that stuff plus "bishies look like women/butches" it's a bullshit argument moids use, but i legitimately get confused

No. 1705712

Never found him attractive in the boyband days, I don't think I can get past the horrific styling. But I watched a movie recently from like 10 years ago and he was cute in it. And he did make a tonne of solo bangers but I'll never find him likeable or endearing as a person.

No. 1705714

Most days I'm fine but I'm bothered by it today.

I'm envious of my girlfriend's ex, but in a way I can't fully describe. It's separate from my rightful anger at him.
Even if she reassures me about it I'm scared she actually wants me to be a white man like him and that she misses the validation he gave to her. I am incapable of such validation due to unchangeable, core aspects of myself. There's also this weird feeling I have that he should have been me, that I can't quite put into words. If I were him I would have done it better or something. It doesn't make sense.
I am also afraid that I might disappoint her by not being an expert in all of her interests, so she'll tire of me and toss me out when she realizes I'm not perfectly built just for her.

This is almost definitely me manufacturing issues because I'm most comfortable with love when it makes me upset and insecure. It's what I was used to and so it continues. I'm also using this first idea to let my past gender-y feelings flare up again. In turn that makes me feel bad because she has no idea about any of this. But I know from experience that asking for constant reassurance puts strain on relationships, so I can't.
She's not even interested in dating men again, I'm just stupid.

No. 1705790

I had a friend who I may have screwed things up with, and it doesn’t even matter anyway because of her situation and the fact I don’t have many ways of contacting her at this point. Anyways, all that shit doesn’t really matter, but I have had a crush on her for the past 3 years, almost 4. She’s been taken for 2 of them. It’s part of the reason why I feel as if I should never talk to her again, because it just makes the feelings life consuming to almost depression levels. I have fantasies about her when I can, but I’m much better at controlling when they happen. But I’m stuck. I just have a feeling they won’t fade, because no matter how she feels about me, or even if I feel guilty, the feelings still persist. Like, am I going to enter a fucking relationship and still be thinking about her in the back of my head? Is that normal? Is it just kind of like a celebrity crush or something? It feels so benign now, but I have a feeling that’s just a cope. Please help.

No. 1705846

recently, i fronted money for some stuff for me and two other people, and i told them the price and got money from one/an IOU from the other. today, i was randomly able to get a deal and will end up paying less than originally expected. neither has a way of knowing about this. the one giving me the IOU owes me money from a previous IOU, so i'm not telling them and considering it interest. the other one, i'm not going to tell solely because he's male. i probably should, but i have zero remorse about ripping off a scrote and feel like it's justice to make him pay more for the group. this is the only place where anyone might 1% understand this kek

No. 1705895

i have a small crush on one of the men i know, but he has a girlfriend. he’s the perfect nigel, raised by his mom and sisters, is anti-porn for the right reasons, decently attractive, and born rich. their relationship is awful and it’s obvious they have nothing in common. literally the most mismatched couple i’ve ever seen, you’d never think they were dating. they’re long distance too. i met her, she was getting upset and yelling at him like she was his mother half the time while he tried to stay and hang out with me to avoid her jillian-tier bpd wrath. to give context, she had shown up out of nowhere that day because she tracked his location and hunted him down. it’s obvious he doesn’t like her that much, he hates talking about her at all and avoided her half the time she came to visit. meanwhile he’s explicitly stated that he finds me attractive, called me a 10 and asked me what my type is and all of that. the fact that he’s talking like that to me in a “friendly” way while they’re together is a neon red flag. but a deeply messed up part of me wants to try to break them up. i would never do that to another woman, especially over a man. the day i end up a homewrecker is the day i jump in the ocean and let the waves take me. but it feels like every time i actually like someone he’s either gay or taken. i guess i’ll just have to stay single still. men are just not worth it

No. 1705916

I am considering finally removing myself out of my best friend's life. Not because she's done anything wrong but because I have been fighting off my unrequited feelings for her for years and when I thought I had moved on when she moved away, the feelings came barrelling back as soon as she announced that she was interested in someone else. It made me sick to my stomach to see her feeling all giddy when she gets messages from him and because of that, I don't think that I can be a good friend to her. There will always be a layer of jealousy and bitterness when it comes to discussing love lives and one day I won't be able to hide it. She deserves a better friend.

No. 1705924

It really sucks not being in each other's lives anymore but sometimes letting go of someone is the best option if you really loved them. It takes a lot of maturity, unselfishness, and strength to make that decision. Hope you can find peace and move on from it anon. Good luck.

No. 1705928

For some reason they're still together and he's dishonest to her by flirting with you, seems like he wants an ego boost from you. It's best for you anon to stay out of it like you're doing now, maybe try it with him if they ever break up, but don't get your hopes up.

No. 1705938

I just wish that I could remove these feelings for her, and just love her platonically as she does for me. But right now, I am too disgusting and bitter.

No. 1705944

idk if i really find him attractive or if i just find him endearing as you would like, the kid you used to babysit or something. didn't find him cute for the same reasons as you until i watched the mtv "making the videos" episodes and fanmade "moment" compilations of the boyband sorry kek i'm going through a phase, it was so obvious he was the youngest he was just a kid kek. it's like not even the same person after the band thing was over and he was grown (obviously that's usually what happens to people kek) but tbf i haven't seen anything with him in it other than the music videos from way back which yes i agree are good.

No. 1705948

This pic kek

No. 1705954

File: 1695544599949.png (1.5 MB, 1130x1280, 40DC31EF-C095-4CFA-A8F4-7A94DA…)

Omg I had a guy exactly like this but it was while I was in my pickme youth days so he was not nearly as much a prize kek he was HOT and had a perfectly tailored to my interests personality.
He was a 6’5” lightskin mexican with light brown eyes and black hair and the most perfect ski slope nose and a Jojo character from part 3 face and he had these shoulders that went on for miles, he was a football player and I was just a drama kid we went to different schools but we knew each other from middle school and we were both into the same animes and mangas and he would play games with me and we ran semi popular meme pages on Instagram, he’d drive me around to hang out and we would go out to eat and go to arcades and stuff and there was unspoken tension late on he’d say I was cute and he’d love to have someone like me if it weren’t for his long distance gf..
I was jealous of her and he said she would go days without messaging her and that he was jealous and didn’t fully trust her
One day they broke up (shocker) and after he took me on a few dates I fucked him and it was like.. literally the worst sex I’ve ever had. I mean he was so hot, but he was a porn addict who couldn’t really get it up I gave him head for like 20 minutes and then when it was time to put it in he got soft. I am still disappointed to this day abojt how chiseled and huge he was but just had a little flaccid 3 incher (I went on to see another guy who was 6’8” and he had a super small 2 inch one I think it’s a tall huge guy thing tbh) and we “dated” for a little bit as in I was his gf with no title/loyalty he got snaps from other girls while we’d Han out and he would text them. Jesus I had such low self esteem kek, he was sort of a poser with the interests that bonded us this is gonna sound really cringe especially since berserk has blown up in popularity, THIS WAS 6 YEARS AGO we were gonna cosplay as guys and casca at a con, a lot of our plans fell through people knew we were a thing and a lot of my friends thought I was the luckiest, I kinda felt like a big deal I would walk with him downtown and it was such a flex walking with a huge hunk but he was honestly overrated. Like he was hot but what was it good for if I can’t even properly sex him well? I did a few times but it was sad and tiring. We were like this for 2 months when out of nowhere his online gf texts him and he breaks things off with me and says he’s deleting social media and we have to stop talking forever i was more insulted than like heartbroken, that was such a waste of time. He tried reaching out to me a year ago.

He KNOWS you like him and he’s reeling you in he probably likes his gf still and they’ll split up or maybe he’ll try to cheat on her with you but either way it’s a waste of time try not to drool too much over him cause he can smell the pheromones and he definitely wants you too, just reel it in.
>he said his type is exactly like me
That was intentional and all his interests and things he stands for is exactly your type.. he’s being a chameleon and that’s phony and a red flag. Maybe just wait til he’s single and have sex with him but don’t get serious cause he seems like a weird BPD shapeshifter

No. 1705963

I like how my poop smells. I’m cocky lately

No. 1705970

I hate cooking so much that I'm about to go outside on a Sunday and go to a restaurant that's open today and order a shit ton of food. That also means less plates to wash so I don't feel too guilty. I live with my parents and they're nor here, and I hate cooking in a kitchen that's not mine, I liked it when I had my own place years ago with my own kitchen I kind of miss it.

No. 1706251

My mom talked to me about taking care of my brother when she's gone, basically begging I never let him become a homeless drug addict. I told her of course, but only because she stresses so much about him that it might actually kill her. In reality when she dies, I am kicking him out of her house, changing the locks and going no contact. He is a parasite on her.

No. 1706255

File: 1695578490037.jpg (21.49 KB, 541x541, F6Z-UbiWQAAhi49.jpg)

i got blackout drunk at 6 in the morning and wrote a rambling essay
to reviewbrah why why why

No. 1706258

And you sent it?

No. 1706264


No. 1706449

Struggling a lot with eating lately. I fucked up by hinting at it to my bf. Now he is watching if I eat or not. I don’t think he knows knows about how bad it is actually getting, my bmi is somewhere in the mid 15’s but I can’t afford getting any fatter. I have no real idea how I look, if I am skinnyfat or have body dysmorfia. I hid the weight and bmi tracker on my phone but I just know he will find out

No. 1706450

it's okay

No. 1706451

girl just tell him everything it's okay he wont understand anyway

No. 1706453

Maybe he will like it.

No. 1706475

This is a weird and embarrassing story, but here goes. I was having these intense problems with vaginal pain and dryness due to ongoing medical stuff, to the point where I couldn't even have sex with my boyfriend for more than a few seconds without searing pain, even when I used my prescribed estrogen cream and we did plenty of foreplay. It was seriously upsetting and I thought I might just be completely ruined for life. But things turned around for me this year in a really unexpected way. You see, I discovered erotic self-insert fanfic and female pov hentai. Featuring a character I'm really into. I was barely aware such content existed and was totally dismissive of it before this - I never read the stuff and I still feel like it's the equivalent of trashy romance novels. I judge myself so hard for this. It was just crazy that the first time I read something I liked, I got wet like I hadn't in a really long time. The more I did it, the more I noticed my body responding. Eventually I thought about that stuff while I was with my bf (like imagining this fictional dude eating me out and fingering me while my bf did the same) and it started feeling way more pleasurable with very little pain, and I had less pain each time until we were finally able to start having piv sex again. I think my issues must have been at least partly psychosomatic (maybe I was already healing but wasn't in the right frame of mind). Sex has just improved from there and I'm really relieved and happy about it. He's happy about it. I just feel extremely weird for thinking about a fictional man while fucking my actual man. He has no idea, and what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

tl;dr husbando healed my pussy, bf thinks it got better on its own

No. 1706482

I'm lonely enough to take joy in the fact the Facebook algorithm feigns enough attention to me and therefore cares more about me than most.

No. 1706533

Don’t be embarrassed, nonna. Not quite the same but I lost my normally very high sex drive following a traumatic assault (understandably) and the thing that brought it back gradually was reader insert fic with my scary husbando. It made me feel like I had control I guess in a way? It’s also safe. The only problem you might be running into is realizing your irl bf isn’t attractive to you/just doesn’t turn you on even when he tries kek. I’m happy for you being able to experience physical arousal properly again, that’s a huge deal! Congrats for real!

No. 1706565

>You see, I discovered erotic self-insert fanfic and female pov hentai. Featuring a character I'm really into.
L-link??? I have nothing substantial to add other than I'm happy for you anon.

No. 1706568

Seconding anon’s request links???????????

No. 1706603

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you and glad that you were able to feel better eventually with the help of fic. And yeah, it's slightly problematic that my irl bf doesn't have visible abs like my husbando but oh well, at least he's trying and wants to look good for me.
omfg when you asked for a link for a second I thought you were asking if it was Link from Zelda! No, and I'm not sure if I want to share right now. I don't want my husbando to become known as the pussy doctor or something like that in the fandom even though it would be kinda hilarious. Maybe I'll post something eventually in a relevant thread (I did drop a tamer picture in the hornyposting thread once).

No. 1706626

I like Madonna's "American Life" song. (Excluding the rap portion) Yes I am aware the song is awful.

No. 1706667

That just reminded me of madonna’s “Music” song that I absolutely fucking loved in junior high Lmao

No. 1706669

I actually love the rap part I’m sorry

No. 1706707

We live together, I don’t want him babysitting me. It’s my body and I can do whatever I want with it. Fuck him if he doesn’t like me that way

No. 1706781

At bmi 15 you clearly need a babysitter. What else do you expect him to do, watch obediently as you're slowly killing yourself or at least ruining your long-term health?

No. 1706789

idk your husband watches obediently as you drink yourself into a stupor every day and rage at underage people you want to hatefuck so maybe?(schizo spam)

No. 1706791

You clearly need to be babysat. You sound underage.

No. 1706819

Well, then don't ~hint~ (you know it wasn't accidental) at it if you don't want him to know lmao

No. 1706914

are you worried he'll talk some sense into you or something? he probably won't, he's a man and men are emotionally retarded. all you have to do is phrase it like you have control of the situation even if you find it difficult to be interested by food (this is what the male anorexic I know does, he's clearly underweight but he says he's "just not that into food" lmao, and no one ever calls him out on his bullshit except his mother).
honestly I hope you get control of your unhealthy eating habits though because it's going to make you visibly sick and unhealthy early in life. it's a treatable problem if you stop being all shame-y about it and address it. you'll have much better quality of life after you free your mental energy from ED shit.

No. 1706924

I'm sorry but this is so dumb. You told him that you're struggling with your eating and he's supposed to just not care about your health? What?

No. 1706976

Everyday I'm grateful that my brain is wired for celibacy, thank god I don't have to deal with relationships and all their stupid issues.

No. 1706986

Exactly. Never met an anachan who didn’t want everyone to know she’s sick lol

No. 1707214

I miss PULL

No. 1707221

wow me too nonna. I was so young back then, but it was the first time i found a community online that i enjoyed.
I think about PULL frequently.

No. 1707234

not to sound like a fag but my sexual awakening was indeed with lady gaga. i'm a zoomer so when telephone came out i was still in primary school and the intro to the song always made me feel like i had to pee sooooo bad that one and paparazzi kek but i remember discussing this with my classmates and i wasn't the only one. to this day i can't watch it because i'm afraid of getting too horny KEK i practically banned myself from all lady gaga music videos because i would always feel like that and i got nervous about it, and it was the same thing when i discovered britney spears, the music video for toxic was basically pornography to me it took me years to be able to watch it, but then when i got to middle school i stopped giving a fuck. i still feel kind of nervous seeing the slave 4 u music video due to extreme sexiness kekkk

No. 1707256

this is so cringe god

No. 1707268

It is cringe, but I felt the same way about Shakira and the music video of Xtinas Dirty. So you're not alone kek.

No. 1707278

The song isn't awful and the rap part at least has a good message for a pop song at that time. The uncensored music video is great too.

No. 1707287

>when telephone came out i was still in primary school
That's the most shocking part of your post to me. I feel old.

No. 1707289

yeah 8 year olds are soooo cringe good thing we’re all so much cooler than 8 year olds who are lame and embarrassing. Anyway which teacher did you get for home room?

No. 1707292

kek well anon that's why i put it in the confessions thread. i wouldn't feel that way if they were released today it's just the childhood association or like whatever is the right term to use here, i felt nothing for wap for instance but tbf i don't think i ever watched the video for it, i can't really think of a better example right now sorry kek but you know what i mean

No. 1707300

I want to learn how to use AI to make hardcore, humiliating, sexual, homoerotic, and gruesome photos of some moid who ended up wasting my time. For my viewing pleasure alone, of course. Not sure if I can ask for tips. He's beautiful, and I need my revenge (for my own viewinf ofc)

No. 1707302

Nah you can share

No. 1707341

i had to stop reading shaynas thread earlier when i read that her geriatric john bought her depeche mode tickets. normally i wouldn't care but this is the same tour that I want to get tickets as a present for me and my mum, but right now im too broke and im sure that when i eventually have enough money to splurge out on them they'll be all sold out. my mum said she'd love to go and so would i. i just feel weirdly sad and bitter about this. can't believe im jealous of shat of all people lol

No. 1707360

She's thriving and you're in dust hehe

No. 1707367

What the fuck, I'm so jealous kill me

No. 1707383

Yeah, share.

No. 1707421

im mad cause she ebegs for everything and the sad thing is even if she'd tweeted 'hehe i jst bought tickets for me and daddy to go see depeche mode sum1 reimburse me $100' one of her coomers probably would've caved and sent her like 50 at least.
shaynas life is absolutely miserable but i do marvel at her lack of shame and her ability to make coomers give her money. meanwhile im struggling here to even find work to alleviate my current brokeness and can't even afford groceries fml. i want to see depeche mode but im POOR

No. 1707441

I would love to share if I can understand how to properly do it! But I also don't wanna get caught or in trouble. Still, he's a whore from what I've gathered. Moid-whores deserve the shame and degredation.

No. 1707464

I'm also jealous Shayna's seeing Depeche Mode

No. 1707466

She’s also a dumbass poser who listens to drake and probably only knows “enjoy the silence” and “just can’t get enough” by the pesh mode

No. 1707487

Women who cheat on their bfs and husbands are based. Bonus if the moids in question are military or older.

No. 1707498

i hope youve seen croenenberg's crash nonnie

No. 1707559

That's it, I'm turning into a homewrecker. If I can't be happy, no one else can be either.

No. 1707571

I'm so embarrassed, but I'm infatuated with a side character from a children's cartoon. Not enough to call him a husbando, and to make things worse he's 16, but he's so sweet and I think he'd be such a good boyfriend. There's not a lot of good fanart of him since the show is for a younger audience but it has some adult fans out there and I'll be hopefully making some art soon too. He's so cute nonas.

No. 1707580

File: 1695699452098.jpg (37.01 KB, 410x422, ariana.jpg)

No. 1707600

Those are both great songs though, you're absolutely malding kek

No. 1707666

goddamn nonnie are you me. literally nearly exactly the same situation. hope we can both find love

No. 1707733

I saw Depeche Mode this year in yurop. epic win

No. 1707758

I seem to magically draw better when I'm turned on. Too bad it only happens twice a month.

No. 1707793

And like everyone else making these kind of confessions, you're not posting who it is

No. 1707893

Why would I do that? It's already embarrassing enough, I don't want to be made fun of on a Cambodian cooking board.

No. 1707958

My boyfriend was rolling coins to deposit at the bank and found a nickel misprinted from the 70s… its worth 9k and we can finally pay off so much debt who would of thought?!
My confession is I still think hes a dork kek

No. 1708045

THATS SO AWESOME CONGRATS NONNA!! Seriously that’s really cool and serendipitous!

No. 1708083

I hate when ugly people are in TV shows. I'm sorry, I know it makes me a huge bitch but I just don't like looking at ugly people up close for hours on end.
I don't find many people ugly but when I do, i can't stop thinking about how weird they look and it really distracts me.

No. 1708107

it's okay me too nonny, there's this one younger actor (like late 20's?) on a show i watch with a massive, wrinkly forehead that I can't help but fixate on it when he's in a scene KEK it's so distracting, he looks worse than some of the 40-50+ year old men on the show too. can't help but wonder why he doesn't spend part of his paystub on botox and hair plugs lol

No. 1708123

Who is the actor, nonianna? Telllll kek

No. 1708174

Thanks nonna, may a coin (or similar) bring you good fortune soon!

No. 1708293

What if it makes sense for the character though? It's weird when someone who looks like a model plays a social outcast/loser or unpopular kid for example. It doesn't feel believable.

No. 1708316

Flirting with a reditor because I thought he was cute af he posted himself on one of the rateme subs and I’m just.. down bad

No. 1708318

pics or didn't happen

No. 1708319

requesting his feet pics

No. 1708345

Post pics of his belly, it better be either flat or with abs.

No. 1708375

He probably has a gf and is sleazy. Redditors never prosper.

No. 1708383

i have a gay friend, not flamboyant at all he's quite a pretty manly man yet really friendly and gentle??? i love him like a bro but crush on him a little….
pretty textbook honestly. finding a gay dude attractive but sometimes he questions if he's bi, i usually just tell him to try get closer to a female friend to test out the ropes but ngl everytime we discuss this a part of me gets excited- like i actually have a chance!!! i'm retarded that something in me is optimistic about the two of us being a thing- i hate it!!!!!

No. 1708395

I took a massive shit at work today and got distracted by a phone call and I’m pretty sure I didn’t flush. The asshole coworker who hates me worked the next shift and I’m so anxious he’s going to tell everyone. I sent a text after I got home and realized what I had done, apologizing if I had actually forgotten but he is a moid with zero empathy so I know it didn’t help at all. I never forget and I feel so gross and embarrassed

No. 1708786

It just makes me dislike them ! But I'd get annoyed if they were casting a really beautiful actor/tress for that role too. I'm just a bitch

No. 1708855

I did not know how to tie a bow until just now. Or, I guess I did know because it's pretty much the same as tying your shoes.

No. 1708869

I know a horrible moid with gorgeous downturned brown puppy-like eyes and sexy eyebrows. Even though he's literally psycho as shit I wish I had a POV pic for masturbation material because his eyes were dreamy and would look so hot going down on me. He's so trash that I doubt he even eats pussy but he has the face/eyes that make you wanna watch him do it unffffff.

No. 1708889

Main reason I refuse to watch shows made past 2010 is because seeing phones makes me inexplicably actually not all that inexplicably angry.

No. 1708905

i like smelling people especially if they don't have any scent put on, just their own. obviously not strangers but i'll be honest i'm catching a sneaky whiff if someone gets close to me kek. but i always like smelling just about anything, apparently my mom had this habit too when she was younger

No. 1708913

That's cool nonna. Sense of smell is strongest linked to memory so you're probably getting bits of information when you whiff things. Hope you have lots of nice smells in your future!

No. 1708967

God. Is he Arab?

No. 1708974

arab moids have ugly poop eyes. not to mention they're master manipulators and pedos

No. 1708975

File: 1695863611776.jpg (112.88 KB, 625x351, 1103.jpg)

No. 1708977

samefag but what if they stink?

No. 1708986

No he's a white dude, his eyes were so sexy/dreamy despite being literally unhinged (sigh). He also had a thick head of hair that he kinda styled for our date aisjdaiujdhasuh it was hot (that is, if he wasn't such a fucking crazy imbecile).

No. 1708998

is he 'talian

No. 1709029

No kek actually I’m Italian and pale as fuck with light eyes, this guy is of British ancestry. A lot of Italian/med moids go bald like my dad. He just lucked out with having perfect downturned brown puppy eyes. I stalked his Facebook and there’s no pictures of him without his eyes squinting with a smile. He’s a conservative moid so he’d hate hearing it but his eyes look so perfectly submissive kek.

No. 1709046

had a first date with a woman who seems nice enough but was really turned off by her saying she's afraid of cats and isn't doing everything in her power to leave her shitty job (not a bad career i'm not being a snob just an abusive workplace environment) asap… also apologizing for swearing lol.

No. 1709059

I have been having cravings for weed in such a bad way, I feel like a teenage wannabe stoner.
>so why don’t you just smoke nonny?
To make a long story short- I’m a happily recovered alcoholic. I never had issues with weed the same way I did alcohol, however when I came to terms with my drinking over a year and a half ago I told those close to me that I was done with weed as well. But, now I’m basically in a situation where I’m alone in the house for a month for likely the last time for the foreseeable future, and I have been missing the jazz cabbage in a way I didn’t know possible. I want so badly to just give in and have a fun, high night to myself during this opportunity but I know I’d be wracked with guilt because I have people in my life that would be disappointed. I guess I should be proud that I’m staying on the “straight and narrow” but man, I just want to toke up and take a nice bubble bath. Stoner nonnies, please blaze one in my honor.

No. 1709265

I desire to be sick but i would never hurt myself to be sick (unless it was something like taking some type of med/beating my head to get retarded), i also feel happy remembering that i may just stop eating and easily get sick with it. Am i a munchie???

No. 1709277

I feel bad for saying this so I'm not going to directly respond to her, but that anon in /g/ who got her lips done looks kind of cartoony

No. 1709370

When moids hit on me I love to pretend I don't understand what they mean and their innuendos so they just dismiss me as a retarded prude.

No. 1709375

does taking gummies count I’ve never smoked and don’t ever wanna but gummies hit just right for me as a first time user at 28 (it’s not really weed it’s delta 8 or whatever they call it)

No. 1709383

Getting litty right now for you nona

No. 1709419


No. 1709472

I saw that and I am glad shes happy but it made me really sad what people put their body through. I googled the procedure- its temporary botox injection whereas at first I thought it was a surgery. Her 1st pic had a smile that felt like sunshine. Was sad to see it go.

No. 1709485

For my personal situation I count them. It’s not the method of ingesting them, it’s the fact that it’s a psychoactive drug that I would willingly ingest. I wish my brain wasn’t one with such rigid logic but alas.

Enjoy queen

No. 1709738

I have been using the jungle theme un-ironically for years.

No. 1709744

The OP pic makes me I wish I was a nun living hundreds of years in the past. I'm sick of the modern world and everything in it.

No. 1709751

good for you nona, gay men get way too comfortable shitting on women and it pisses me off so much. i love butch lesbians.

No. 1709754

join me benedetta

No. 1709835

based, im exactly the same nona. i cant befriend people who i find have an unpleasant personal smell.
you have munchie motivations, but i think a lot of people do. i know i have thought similarly to this before, serious illness and suffering is uniquely spiritually affirming. i think you should explore why you have this desire and work from there

No. 1709850

>serious illness and suffering is uniquely spiritually affirming
It's really not

No. 1709857

File: 1695948364391.jpg (20.35 KB, 564x564, 8d44cf3237e3291d326f0a0c846978…)

I'm ashamed to admit that I've been delulu and running after this one moid for months even though I probably should've just let it be months ago, but my stupid brain still seems to think that there'll be a happy ending for us even though I know that life is not like in the movies. I just can't help it. I've always been the kind of person that tells friends and others to leave a moid as soon as he starts acting wishy-washy, yet here I am looking like Bozo the clown. It's like my brain is telling me to go outside and touch grass but my heart feels like there's "something special" between us and I shudder typing this because I know how dumb I sound.

No. 1709889

The feeling of hopelessness that keeps creeping up even on my best days is starting to freak me out

No. 1709919

File: 1695953658798.png (56.98 KB, 250x250, sneeze.png)

My ex scrote slit both of his wrists in my kitchen (upwards) because I wouldnt sleep with him…

So I had to hold his arms closed and call an ambulance.

No. 1709947

Should have left him to die, disgusting manipulative piece of shit.

No. 1709956

She would have been charged for not helping him if she did that. Also how would she get rid of the body if she did that.

No. 1709958

I grabbed my kitchen knives and cleaver away from my BPD ex from harming himself and splattering blood everywhere.

Wish I would have called the police.

No. 1709966

Well, that's true… i wish i could do a sad face emote now.

No. 1709998

I tend to not feel strong emotion. however, for some reason "I don't want to yuck someone's yum…" is a newish phrase that I violently hate. it isn't as though I've seen it much but it sounds so gross and kek I don't know why it bothers me.

No. 1710005

Oh yeah that one is fucking awful, I think it's the childish phrasing combined with the dumb empty platitude of 'don't criticize anything'…

No. 1710046

My uncle went no contact with me after my mother murdered my brother. She got away with it and I just realized it how convenient the timing was. He was promoted to captain around the same time.
He told my mother how to handle the interrogation. He told her how to avoid culpability. Not because he cares about what would happen to her. It was because it would reflect horribly on him.
Why did it take so long for me to put two and two together?! I remember my brother telling me he was a dirty cop years before this, when he was an undercover in narcotics.
No wonder he refuses to call me back and cut me off from my cousins. I hope he gets what he deserves. I hope he rots. I hope he is caught doing scumbag cop shit like covering up evidence. FUCK HIM. I know the truth. I know what happened. Karma will collect, Captain Shithead and I will spit on your grave.

No. 1710083

Jesus fucking Christ. That reminds me of my ex boyfriend (who I now realize was probably bipolar) who used to threaten to stab his arms and shit when he was upset with me. After we broke up, he saw me leaving a lunch date with a guy friend, and he was waiting for me in the parking lot of the restaurant and LAID DOWN behind my fucking car so I couldn’t drive away. I was so sick of his shit, I took my foot off the brake for a milisecond to scare him so that the car rocked back slightly, and he jumped up immediately, Kek. And men say WE’RE the crazy ones…

No. 1710089

I’m a wannorexic tbh

No. 1710097

I still in contact with my abusive father because he gives me money. Everytime he comes by to take me to the store, I get at least 20 dollars. I know I should go no contact but I dom't feel bad using him for money.

No. 1710099

File: 1695967701754.png (577.16 KB, 562x1389, IMG_0085.png)

I think my (much older) female boss wants to fuck. This has been going on for almost 3 years. I just want to get it over with.

No. 1710100

Hnnnng don’t let your dreams be memes, is she hot?

No. 1710106

File: 1695969370883.png (205.07 KB, 498x488, IMG_3980.png)

I think she is… I do not want to be wrong about this though because awkward. If you feel chemistry with someone, especially someone you wouldn’t normally be attracted to then they must feel it too right

No. 1710115

yo, what the fuck?

No. 1710144

Whomst nona, whomst???

No. 1710197

I love replying to terminally online schizos and pretending I know them kek, it spooks them so much lmfao

No. 1710207

I hate it too, it sounds like terminal baby talk and retarded tiktok censorship.

No. 1710227


I sign up scrotes I hate on websites/newsletters/etc about things I know they're self-conscious about (erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, etc) and/or send them sissy hipno, MTF porn and transition resources to hopefully convince them of cutting their dicks off

No. 1710343

Im sorry my life is full of jerry springer tier family violence nonna. How am I the black sheep of the family?
I cant even do anything about it. Ive been sobbing all morning

No. 1710360

at work and just took a massive shit right before the cleaners went into there to tidy. im so sorry cleaners… normally i wait until they leave so they can finish up without anyone getting in the way but it was urgent this time kek

No. 1710472

Kek I am sorry nonna. Ive done that before an apartment inspection before. It was an emergency. Felt so bad

No. 1710501

If I don’t like someone the first thing I’ll attack is their looks. If I like them or am neutral then I could’ve give less of a shit.

No. 1710511

Feeling extra charitable just gave a homeless guy a hit off my blunt

No. 1710528

My body hair is so thick and long. Im starting to get embarrassed. Im goint to trim it with an electric razor. Im seriously considering the consequences of doing it in my shower vs doing it in the back yard. If I go out back I probably wont clog the drain or need to sweep. But its kinda hot, and I think my neighbors can see me sometimes.

No. 1710529

I want to attempt suicide and then wake up to my family finally ducking there, I wish I had friends to be there too. I’m so lonely and fucked up

No. 1710570

i know it's a dead horse at this point but still. i’ve never been accused of being a moid and i definitely would be if i was more honest about myself because i am/used to be a horrible person.

No. 1710798

File: 1696032433063.jpg (11.9 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I don't know why 2016 style makeup is coming back, I thought it was ugly in 2016 and I still think it's ugly now. Say what you will about zoomers but I will take anything above blocked out brows. Please give it up!! I'm not saying do 20's pencil thin brows or that bushy brows are ugly my problem is that regardless of width they look unnaturally blocky!!!!!!!!! And it's still the only makeup style MUAs in my city know how to do!!!!! FUCK

No. 1710816

I'm excited for an era where people become fatigued by all of this and start rebuilding the foundation and going back to focusing on what flatters the individual rather than trying to emulate a silly and unachievable cartoonish mask.

No. 1710842

i hate the eyebrows too, but i still prefer them to the current soap brows trend where brows are styled straight up and as unnaturally bushy as possible. it looks good on literally no one. i also prefer 2016 makeup to natural makeup because at least in 2016 makeup was fun, you could play around with different colours and techniques. now people use a dozen different products to look exactly the same as they did before.

No. 1710861

Ewww I hate those stupid "laminated brows" where they stick straight up. It looks so bad.

No. 1710878

I still love this style of makeup even though I don't wear it.

No. 1710908

i hate it too. it looks awful in real life. it wasn't even fun at all for the girls that wore it wtf they were stressing and wasting so much money because they got used to their faces looking so made up and caked with shit all the time. now it's probably the false threaded(?)/professionally glued on eyelashes. it was absolutely a shit time and it looks awful and unnatural too. i'll take "looking the same at the end" over this, i'll even take the tan cream mousse era than this crap. it's way too much and started the whole thing of women overdoing it to the point of looking like drag queens that we still see today. hate it

No. 1710911

Of course it's. I also find it beautiful to be mentally sick/retarded (unless i am having a crisis myself) and i constantly crave to make myself sick, not to receive attention, but simply to achieve the pinacle of beauty, being a deranged woman (yes, i include being mentally retarded, like down syndrome. i prefer that over being a normal woman and feeling filthy)

No. 1710913

File: 1696036226759.jpg (442.57 KB, 1080x1080, EDITED-SOCIAL-9.jpg)

kek you're right about the drag queen look. i wish i could make a psa about contouring to let every woman know that that shit does not work in real life when you aren't up on a stage. the women you see on tiktok redrawing their noses and having it look decent do NOT look decent in real life, they look like they have random lines drawn on their noses! there's a girl who works at the ikea near me who's honestly very beautiful, but she always has dirty lines of contour on her jawline and nose. i wish there would be a trend for makeup where it could still be fun and creative but not create a standard that's impossible to meet. i still feel like the "no makeup makeup" trend is kind of sad in a way, just no joy or creativity at all but still so much effort. oh well. at least we can all agree that picrel is awful and needs to die out asap.

No. 1710922

being so mentally deficient that you shit and piss yourself is soooo beautiful you guys

No. 1710925

You can't reason with anorexics. They either recover or remain developmentally arrested mean girls in a fake competition with everyone else until they die

No. 1710937

just hit your head on the wall until you get a brain injury so bad you can't function alone and come back to tell us how enlightening is not being able to live independently ever again.

No. 1710943

eating disorders also damages brain tissue so it's no wonder they have these retarded delusions. I can't wait for demented anachan posting in 30 years because they all got early onset dementia.

No. 1710962

The trope (?) that anorexics are these brave and tragic sufferers unfortunately rarely applies, many anorexics are deeply internally misogynistic coquettes that have a spiteful, competitive and twisted mindset where they want to be tiny ballerina babies that don't have to live real lives. It's a disservice to their treatment when they aren't confronted with the causation. No this absolutely doesn't apply to all of them, but it does to many. They are not nice people and the easiest way to broach the beginning stages of recovery is to not coddle their spoiled brains.

No. 1710965

>projecting so hard
Girl… maybe the mean girl here is you who is trying to put me down by guessing i'm an anorexic. I have never been anorexic in my whole life nor self-harmed LMAO what are you on about. I have never talked about any competition or about people being inferior by not being sick. I just think it's beautiful and i'm a strange woman and a munchie in potential because of that, but never anorexic.

I do find it beautiful. What about it? You don't like it, it's a opinion of yours…

I wish, but hitting your head does not give you brain damage.

No. 1710974

ayrt I'm developmentally disabled and it's not "pinnacle of beauty", it's a kind of life I wouldn't wish on other people. I hope you get help soon, because these thoughts aren't very good for you.

No. 1710975

File: 1696039072094.jpg (24.12 KB, 600x600, f8f8f8.jpg)

No. 1710980

just keep hitting it hard enough or pay a crackhead to smash a brick on your head until you puke and pass out. I'm sure your spiritual journey will be completely worth it.

No. 1710985

No. 1711089

I'm jealous of moids' external genitals, I would want to stick my dick in so many things. I have such an overwhelming desire to penetrate.

No. 1711091

File: 1696049350468.png (66.46 KB, 320x411, I would put an SPH in this so …)


No. 1711094

File: 1696049497792.png (305.51 KB, 367x337, 1693547310114.png)

…what is "SPH"?

No. 1711095

i've felt that way before too but kinda scared wtf that has to do with your picrel

No. 1711098

Ursaring is getting this work

No. 1711100

File: 1696049653783.png (22.16 KB, 629x329, anon....png)

No. 1711101

why would you use a furry sex term on lc of all places?

No. 1711103

Fucking Pokémon was brought up in /g/.

No. 1711104

File: 1696049960524.jpg (47.94 KB, 700x486, 07-ursaring-pokemon-bear-creat…)

Hes getting sucked to completion

No. 1711105

because I am a furfag

No. 1711106

but why meowscarada specifically… so cumbrained…

No. 1711108


No. 1711109

Nta but putting on the furry lesbo lens for .2 seconds to analyze, it's the fuck me eyes and vaguely feminine shape

No. 1711112

File: 1696050485292.gif (14.78 MB, 498x280, stare.gif)

No. 1711141

i'm such a bad artist and embarrassed by it. you know those deviantart autists who have years worth of crappy art on their accounts and barely improved? that's pretty much me. i will say i am deeply depressed and find it hard to motivate myself to draw at all, so posting on deviantart (even if no one sees) gives me a sense of accomplishment. but looking back at my gallery fills me with shame. i've been feeling better now and want to try improving but god i can't believe i posted so much terrible shit in the first place.

No. 1711323

File: 1696082361709.png (281.43 KB, 464x571, Fh-pYC7UYAE2V2c.png)

I used to bait and harass men who posted abusive/misogynistic content by pretending to be a tranny scrote with an anime pfp and edgy name, and spamming them with rape and graphic murder threats until they deleted their accounts. I doxxed one of them and harassed him. I'm from a Southeast Asian country while he was American, so I never got in trouble.
I'm not really sorry. If they have the right to post bullshit and disgusting porn saying we deserve to be raped left and right, we have the right to make them feel as uncomfortable, hated and unsafe as we can from behind a screen. I'm tired of women being the "soft" and "proper" sex who can never be vulgar and practically fall apart when a man says rude things, fuck all that. All I'll ever do is verbally abuse the moid who tries it and trigger him (it's very easy, they expect no pushback so they fall apart fast).
I feel like this outlook alienates me from other women who are more sensitive, think I'm just being edgy or "freakish" and don't "get it", but I don't really care. I genuinely feel better knowing I ruined some incels' online experiences.

No. 1711337

honestly good on you, moids can be as vile as they want to women but as soon as a woman does anything similar to a moid she's suddenly the worst person ever.

No. 1711342

>Admitting you're a furry on lolcow
Basado, at least you don't try to hide it like some people here kek

No. 1711344

I would give you a veterans discount on anything you'd like if we ever met. Keep doing you!

No. 1711375

File: 1696087320898.jpeg (65.88 KB, 810x812, IMG_0104.jpeg)

I always get so cut when someone unfollows me on instgr*m even though I don’t post pictures of myself or life, maybe one a year but I do post stories of shitty esoteric memes I find funny. This bitch who I used to work with and would have considered a friend back then unfollowed me but still follows everyone else from that job she left years ago. It feels like such a random personal driveby that she has taken the time to unfollow me. Obviously there are bigger problems in the world, I have those too and I know social media is brain worms. But shit like this starts me on a paranoid doom spiral.

No. 1711377

You know what? I'm going to start doing it too, kek

No. 1711386

Good, women telling each other we need to take the high road only furthers the stereotype tha