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File: 1690763813455.jpeg (162.66 KB, 1178x683, IMG_8854.jpeg)

No. 1649478

previous thread >>>/ot/1640174

Been awhile since I did a summary. Hope I did okay.

>>1640182 Doja Cat's coomer groomer boyfriend is exposed, and she proceeds to fight and block her fans on Twitter
>>1640185 Doja back in racial chatrooms showing feet (and blabbing about her asshole)
>>1640202 Uncharacteristically chipper Cillian Murphy on half a bottle of adderall at the Oppenheimer premiere
>>1640211 Lady of the people Lana del Rey works a shift at an Alabama Waffle House
>>1640237 One of the last original crooners Tony Bennett dies at 96
>>1640244 Is a newly svelte Mariah on Ozempic?
>>1640268 Ratty Matty Healy's stunt in Malaysia leads to the entire cancellation of a music festival
>>1640317 Ham Smith releases corny gay ass song for the Barbie soundtrack
>>1640340 Ariana's homewrecked boyfriend Ethan Slater, most known for his role as SpongeBob looks like… her brother?
>>1640362 MGK fights a rando on fairgrounds (feat. Megan Fox)
>>1640484 I can't believe it's not A.I? Or is it? will.i.am and Britney drop MANJOBE, which makes Scream and Shout sound like it belongs in the Louvre
>>1640682 Ariana Grande's storied history of cheating brought back up from the grave
>>1640813 Old dinosaur Dolph Lundgren to marry 27 year old fiancée amid prognosis of fatal cancer
>>1640840 Ethan Slater's wife was "blindsided" by Ariana cheating scandal
>>1641076 Gween Stefani to divorce Country Boy
>>1641083 Doja threatens to call the Cyber Police
>>1641061 What's up with Drake?
>>1641154 in another chapter of Everyone's Getting Divorced: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello
>>1641432 Anon met annoying up and comer actor at a party
>>1641632 Bebe Rexha posts text from her BF about her weight
>>1641695 Doja continues to escalate tensions with her fans
>>1641836 Lady Gaga's latest campaign for award show season is back in business with reports of brittle bone meth head acting on the set of Joker 2
>>1641853 Cole Sprouse's foot
>>1641860 Sydney Sweeney filming for a music video
>>1641879 Selena Gomez looks different these days…
>>1642697 Fun product placement movie Barbie's marketing budget eclipses the films production budget… can't say it didn't work!
>>1642793 Tom Brady cozying up to Irina Shayk
>>1642803 Tiffany Haddish continues to dabble in image rehabilitation, revealing her breakup with Common was gnarly
>>1642876 Singer Madison Beer triggers a moid
>>1642918 Charli XCX calls Doja "grumpy!"
>>1643116 Peet Davidson sentenced to 50 hours of community service for plowing into the side of someone's house
>>1643157 Singer Tori Kelly hospitalized with severe blood clots, she is now in stable condition
>>1643426 Marina hops on the train, plane, rocket and car to Barbieland
>>1643746 Indian cinemas censor Florence Pugh's nude form during Oppenheimer sex scene, but not slender squid Cillian Murphy
>>1643781 Another celebrity breakup on the tally: Rosalia and her boyfriend
>>1643899 Megan Fox e-begs on her friends behalf while donating zilch of her own fortune to the cause
>>1643908 Asshole comic actor tries to circumvent the writer's strike
>>1643947 Megan and MGK are "wedding planning" now? Sure Jan
>>1644468 Tom Brady and Irina claim relationship is purely "platonic"… spotted again
>>1644481 congrats on Cara Delevingne remaining sober!
>>1644604 wannabe EGOT Taylor Swift in talks with Succession screenwriter to make a "Meta" television show
>>1644836 the revival of Ariana's possible affairs with married and then taken Jimmy Fallon and Jim Carrey
>>1644886 Drake acting like Drake (ew) and Playboy is now an OnlyFans MLM scam
>>1645097 Sex offender Kevin Spacey "cleared" at UK trials due to insufficient evidence, still a sex offender
>>1645273 Rest in Power Sinead O'Conner
>>1645502 Ex-redditor Simu Liu dunked on by his fellow Barbie castmembers
>>1645574 Margot Robbie's creepy childhood story
>>1645606 After success of Barbie movie, Mattel wants to construct their own MCU. good luck with that
>>1645656 Polly Pocket movie is in the works. Also good luck with that
>>1645889 Ice Spice has 16 year old twerking in her Deli music video
>>1646818 Original cut of Barbie included a "fart opera"
>>1647071 Rapper Post Bologna has a cute girlfriend who could do better than him
>>1647851 Controversy mired Doja paints her old media red in an effort to continue her album promotion rollout
>>1648174 Aaaand it looks like Ariana might be over Gingerbob Cheatpants soon!

No. 1649489

File: 1690764402256.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1525, IMG_8855.jpeg)

Harry Styles has a tattoo of Olivia Wilde's name on his leg

No. 1649490

File: 1690764475214.jpeg (734.24 KB, 1170x1942, IMG_8856.jpeg)

>Less than a fortnight after he returned to the platform, he praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis before posting the swastika image. This prompted a formal suspension meted out by the Twitter owner, Elon Musk, which has now been lifted.


No. 1649492

B-but hes so kweer

No. 1649510

who gives a shit about jews(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1649523

after seeing margot robbie and gos ham it up in barbie movie i'm kind of excited for joker 2 to be exactly the same but for edgelords. i hope they have some pretentious dance sequences together to the absolutely wrong music choice just like the first one

No. 1649525

File: 1690768612203.png (94.04 KB, 601x286, 0.png)

I wonder if these Frankie/Spongebob comparisons made Ariana go off him. Either way now is the perfect time for her to attempt to save her reputation by coming out as kweer

No. 1649540

I need to see Ariana herself and Billie's brother go at it.

No. 1649547

File: 1690769646211.jpg (389.61 KB, 1357x1854, NINTCHDBPICT000742205417.jpg)

Barbie was a very fun movie

No. 1649554

>Uncharacteristically chipper Cillian Murphy on half a bottle of adderall at the Oppenheimer premiere
he doesn't seem chipper at all. i don't get the other post calling him 'enthusiastic' either, there's no energy.

No. 1649561

I'm looking forward to it too, even though gagas method acting drives me gaga. I miss good fun movies

I'm an over emotional dumpy bitch, I cried twice especially in the last scene with ruth

It was just the right mixture of wholesome and a little edgy self awareness, and the sets looked great. The message was a little blatant but it makes sense given the nature of the Barbies themselves. My screening also had so many people expressively dressed up for the occasion which was so cute

No. 1649562

He was far more 'enthusiastic' than usual and im sure he was strong armed into acting that way.

No. 1649627

thanks op! i was going to give an idea for this thread's title but the last thread already closed before i could get to it. you did a good job

No. 1649650

File: 1690775897019.jpeg (896.38 KB, 2110x3000, IMG_3774.jpeg)

I thought about it and I think that Ariana must be in a dick drought while filming to such an extent that Ethan must be the hottest moid o around her. Not even producers, assistants, or backup dancers? I know it’s hard to believe but the majority of musical theater men are flaming gay so every straight one is treated like gods gift to earth. When she looks back on this scrote, she will be so embarrassed as she should. Imagine picrel blowing your back out. And to think this nasty moid procreated. Disgusting.

No. 1649653

> Imagine picrel blowing your back out
nonna why

No. 1649660

He literally looks like Spongebob

No. 1649694

Jonathan Bailey is working on Wicked with her but he's gay

No. 1649701

I doubt she’s genuinely attracted to him, she just gets off to the thrill of ruining people’s happiness. It’s not about the moid it’s about hurting his wife for the crime of being an underling who is happier than her.

No. 1649733

Nta but I bet you're right

No. 1649747

nta either but i believe this too. look how long it took until the headlines of her giving him "space" came out. she's likely already lost interest now that he's ditched the wife and i doubt she wants to be in a committed relationship with him. she didn't care about him or breaking apart the family he had so long as she got her own satisfaction from her interference.

No. 1649841

It was very cute

No. 1649847

>Ethan must be the hottest moid around her
Blog post but it’s retarded the amount of attraction goes toward the “lead role” even in high school plays. I lost my virginity to the high school plays lead actor and even a few months later I noticed how ugly he is and thought “wtf was I thinking”. It’s just the confidence and acting talent that will persuade you in the moment. She will be gagging over this in a month or two. The momentary attention of “I’m fucking the lead role” will wear off and he will cry over ruining his family.(blog)

No. 1649848

I’ll add that it’s only a certain type of theatre nerd that will be attracted to that. And Ariana had been a theatre nerd since she was a small child tbh.

No. 1649895

Somebody rip that mask off his head

No. 1649951

Well if you look at her dating history, apart from Big Sean and her ex husband, they were not lookers. Like Pete Davidson and Mac Miller… but this one is definetely the worst. She has also never looked worse than recently, so there's that.

No. 1649969

It's fun and silly but in the best way possible and it feels made by women (and their greasy older moid sadly) for women. I get why people wouldn't like the humor and the way the message is hammered in but I thought it worked very well in a doll setting

Deep down I hope we see more female blockbusters but I'm not trusting Hollywood to make the right decision from Barbie's success, can't wait for Uno to end racism!

No. 1650022

This might be old news for many of you but I just had to share this

I just found out about Neil Patrick Harris halloween cake. Sick bastard had cake imitating Amy Winehouse’s corpse three months after her death. Gay moids are the worst misogynists I swear.

https://nypost.com/2022/05/13/neil-patrick-harris-photo-of-amy-winehouse-corpse-cake-resurfaces/(imageboard, old milk)

No. 1650029

I remember reading about this in this thread and when I first saw the cake I thought it was a picture of gore some moid spammed here. I hope there's a heaven and Amy is there.

No. 1650048

File: 1690807208551.jpeg (112.1 KB, 640x369, IMG_2929.jpeg)

I miss when celebricow threads were simple and filled with anons discussing how small Henry cavils hands are and the peak Ezra miller related controversy content

No. 1650050

that’s fucked up!! leave our iconic brit queen to rest in peace you filthy burger nonce

No. 1650060

Henry Cavill's hands are MADE for Warhammer figurine painting, he was born for this specific task, you just wouldn't get it. But seriously Ezra's feet/claws scare and disgust the shit out of me, I'm spoilering this in case an anon is eating lunch while reading this I don't want to ruin anyone's appetite with that mental image.

No. 1650114

exactly what >>1649847 said she's a theater kid. i think this is the most important piece people are missing. that's just what they're like/attracted to

No. 1650208

File: 1690824417947.jpeg (771.14 KB, 1170x1207, IMG_8882.jpeg)

Pee Wee is dead

No. 1650214

Isn’t he a nonce?

No. 1650218

I think he was caught fapping in an adult theater where they show porn, which is gross but a thing that's very common in those theaters. It was only so scandalized because he was on a children's show at the time

wasnt aware if there were any other scandals

No. 1650222

File: 1690825986834.jpeg (147.13 KB, 1021x1556, IMG_8879.jpeg)

Kanye put North in a scrapped KKK homage hoodie from his "collection"

Poor kid.

No. 1650223

This looks like a horror movie character. And why does the jacket have a unicorn horn.

No. 1650228

He was later also caught owning pornography featuring underaged teenagers. Defenders claimed he bought porn in bulk and couldn’t help it if material featuring “random 16-year-olds” made it into his collection that way. So he was a pornsick freak at best.
Also IIRC the character of Peewee started out as a pervert and was only cleaned up after the act was picked up for children’s entertainment.

No. 1650229

It's literally modeled after the KKK robes, the horn is supposed to resemble the pointy hat

This is the same collection where Kanye had those awful "white lives matter" shirts and adidas dropped him for his praise of hitler, right after he went off the deep end

No. 1650231

Well this is a very sad realization. Why are men

No. 1650232

Oh my god, I thought you meant KKK like Kim K's initials. Kanye can do and say whatever schizo shit he wants, but that's terrible for him to put his child into. And this is the same man who was ranting about how worried he was for North.

No. 1650239

Sage but wtf, is there an Asperger’s to white supremacist/antisemite pipeline or something? How does Kanye not see how pathetic he looks right now? Kissing Nick Fuentes’ ass solidifies it.

No. 1650248

File: 1690827951025.jpeg (50.81 KB, 1024x261, IMG_1773.jpeg)

autist men are extremely susceptible to propaganda in high concentration like all mentally retarded men are

No. 1650256

I love Pee Wees playhouse and Pee Wees big adventure and always will because I watched them so often as a kid. Everyone's known he was a pervert since 1991.

No. 1650265

I literally thought this was the Doodlebob fuck Ariana me hoy minoyed

No. 1650270

Lmao anon, where is this from?

No. 1650284

This looks like those all the way zip up hoodies you could get in the 2000s

No. 1650286

Some random tumblr post I think

No. 1650287

I hope that all sewage from heaven goes straight down into Neil Patrick Harris' mouth once he's kaput and in hell. Nasty moid.

No. 1650302

He is vile and I hate that he has this uwu wholesome image, just because he’s gay and looks like a garden gnome.

No. 1650304

His defenders are correct though. He collected vintage porn that was purchased in lots; there’s no way he would’ve known what he was buying before receiving it. Iirc the worst thing he was alleged to have were very old nude images of people who could’ve possibly been underage. He was definitely a pervert but I really don’t think he was a pedophile.

No. 1650342

File: 1690836359369.png (430.36 KB, 368x615, Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 3.40.…)

Sam Smith's "outfits" get progressively worse daily.

No. 1650345

What do you mean? He's ugly too. He looks like him but with facial hair.

No. 1650346

File: 1690836638634.webm (3.61 MB, 480x852, FN0F2SYzhyBhRD6r.webm)

No. 1650350

File: 1690837463496.webm (339.49 KB, 480x852, fn0f2syzhybhrd6r_LVUx7Ch6.webm)

No. 1650354

I imagine if he did inadvertently run into that stuff that he would make the “secret word” sound and rip that shit out of the VCR

No. 1650365

Pornsick men always turn to pedophilia. Always.

No. 1650385

File: 1690840749222.jpg (389.02 KB, 1080x1312, Plp1pDo.jpg)

Angus cloud aka fez from euphoria died. He had sexual assualt allegation

No. 1650387

oh no what happened???

No. 1650388

Surprised no one posted about the Hailey beiber pregnancy rumor. Ignore the annoying youtuber and skip to 1:20

No. 1650389

She did nothing wrong. Fans need to stop assaulting celebs

No. 1650390

File: 1690841124222.jpg (553.54 KB, 1079x1467, nQdun2r.jpg)

Britney's sons are completely estranged from her now

No. 1650391

File: 1690841194548.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1290x2271, 0E80C24C-4291-43CB-B388-5E21DE…)

slightly more details. it sounds like he offed himself

No. 1650392

Apparent suicide. He lost his father a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t handle the grief.

No. 1650405

nonnie the moment he was posing with donald trump, saying slavery was black people's fault and saying rosa parks was a cia agent this should've been obvious. he's been talking like a qanon schizo for years but people only see now that he's gone nazi mode

No. 1650407

File: 1690842803997.jpg (59.99 KB, 663x847, 9LTMUh5.jpg)

Xtina and Mariah carey competing for who can use the most ozempics

No. 1650408

They treat her like garbage! Good on brit for not tolerating it! Proud of her for loving and respecting herself! I hope her spoiled rotten son's grow up and mature!

No. 1650409

File: 1690842907800.jpg (99.09 KB, 976x616, 167042356890.jpg)

If he had sexual assault allegations nothing of value was lost

No. 1650410

That's how I feel too tbqh.

No. 1650414

I’ve never seen the show and have no idea who he is but he looks like a pill head so I’m going to assume some kind of overdose

No. 1650415

File: 1690843555366.png (17.16 KB, 590x266, cardi b.PNG)

That's sad, I hope when they're older they can reconcile. I think they probably have a lot of influence from their father plus having a mother who's mentally unwell (especially mentally unwell from all the things Britney went through) just isn't easy.
What happened was, during a break she was asking fans to throw some water on her because it was hot and then this fan threw water on her face during a song. She joked after like "throw water on my pussy, not my face". When Cardi threw the mic she actually hit someone right beside the person who threw the drink, but the fan who threw the drink is still trying to sue anyway, She also threw her mic at a DJ last night cause the music was off or something.

No. 1650420

They frequently do but not always. Flinging pedo accusations around really cheapens how dangerous actual pedophiles are and the seriousness of crimes against children. Given the absurdly high recidivism rate of pedos and impossibility of rehabilitation, I personally doubt he was a genuine pedophile seeking out CSAM because he was never caught with it again or even accused of having anything else. Unfortunately I have known a male who was in treatment for so-called sex and porn addiction. He’s now serving a 20 year prison sentence for sex crimes against children so I’ve seen just how quickly this shit escalates irl

No. 1650421

File: 1690844112105.jpeg (372.01 KB, 2560x2373, IMG_2415.jpeg)

When I was a little kid I always thought PeeWee seemed creepy and he scared me, kek. It took me years to appreciate how impactful he was in the comedy world, though and I still laugh so hard at his crippled German prince character in 30 Rock. RIP.

No. 1650425

File: 1690844611923.webm (1.31 MB, 480x852, cardi.webm)

Samefag, but here's another angle where you can see Cardi shaking her head before the water was thrown. I think it may just be a really bad miscommunication on her and the fans part.


No. 1650428

Okay now her use of it is extremely obvious kek

No. 1650439

File: 1690845708645.jpg (467.17 KB, 1536x2048, F2AmTu5aQAA3fDu.jpg)

I think Beyonce may have hopped on it too for her tour. I feel bad for them. Beyonce's hardcore dieting is public knowledge and I think in her Homecoming documentary she did a few years ago, she talked about her struggles with her body and losing weight to prepare for Coachella.

No. 1650443

He had a ton of issues, a lot stemming from his father, which is why he was casted in Euphoria in the first place. Sam Levinson and his manager Diomi Cordero (who met and plucked him from rehab) both exploited him under the guise of helping him. Hollywood is bad enough for healthy, functioning people but they love to chew up and spit out those that struggle.

No. 1650447

I hope they get nothing when she dies.

No. 1650449

Samefag, I forgot to say in my post but that pic is from the 27th. I don't think she yo-yo diets but I do think Beyonce diets hard for her tours. It wouldn't surprise me if she went the ozempic route.

No. 1650481

Anon, I think about it all the time. You're not alone. Sometimes I'll go back to those threads when I'm feeling down.
I wonder if Ariana has seen this. Mac Miller war flashbacks. This is what she gets for sticking her fingers in Spongebob's holes on purpose.

No. 1650490

File: 1690847287947.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.05 KB, 640x401, D4-D090-D9-C08-C-4169-9062-5-B…)

Okay but his hands are normal, they just look small next to his big arms. Meanwhile Ezra Miller is a literal cryptid

No. 1650494

beyonce just got a boob job and lipo but she's always been on the skinny side even after pregnancy

No. 1650495

>exploited him
Girl, please. This kind of guy, celebrity or not would have ended up in the dumps. You can't blame Sam there as much as I hate him.

No. 1650497

Her sons turned out to be shitty little entitled assholes just like their dad. I just remember that audio clip of her being upset because her scrote of a son refused to listen to her and wouldn't put shoes on his bare dirty feet in an ice cream shop in the middle of winter or something weird like that, and the kid talks back to her because he was pissed she took away his phone. God, that poor woman.

No. 1650499

Thought it was Alexa Demi

No. 1650500

Might want to learn what being exploited means. No one is blaming Levinson for him dying.

No. 1650501

Bad feet tan and cornchip toes… you're a millionaire girlie

No. 1650507

An adult actor in a blockbuster tv show doesn't quite fit my definition of exploited sorry

No. 1650512

If that's all you want to see, that's on you.

No. 1650520

Ariana is just a narcissist who gets a thrill out of being the other woman and with being with ugly men so she can feel better than them. Narcs love being out of someones league. She apparently wanted a kid herself, probably saw this Ethan guy being affectionate with his wife and wanted it for herself so she love bombed the shit out of him. She doesn't care about hurting other women. She's a grade A "uwu smol princess" pick me.

What's funny is spongebob's wife was already way out of his league in the first place. Once he gets dumped by Ariana no woman will want his fugly ass. Scrotes truly are only as faithful as their options. Throw away a decade of a relationship and trust for a anorexic pick me who will toss you in a few months.

No. 1650530

his toe could slide right into my pussy!

No. 1650535

why does ezra keep getting mentioned ITT lately and in the last one when he hasn't done anything interesting in ages. i wish all these freaks would get banished to /g/

No. 1650536

File: 1690850624358.jpg (22.46 KB, 564x564, fdlfk.jpg)

Girl no, please

No. 1650542

File: 1690851743006.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 409.86 KB, 1079x1733, IMG_6137.jpeg)

Ariana and sponge have been fucking around for 6 months and she like the psycho she is, befriended his wife and played with their baby.

No. 1650543

Sorry for spoiler damn it

No. 1650545

arianas alien face needs a spoiler to be fair, she looks terrifying

No. 1650550

Wow what an empowering feminist queen. Maybe she can send some of her fat ass to her sweatshop employees so they don't have to keep starving. Dumb bitch

No. 1650562

NTA but you sound like a seething MRA kek

No. 1650565

How can you tell when someone uses ozempic?

No. 1650572

Iirc the sexual assault allegations were made by an anonymous user on Twitter a year or two ago. No charges were ever filed as far as I can tell. I'm not saying the allegations are false, but personally, I'm hesitant to label anyone a potential sexual abuser just because someone on Twitter accused them of being one.

No. 1650577

File: 1690855603899.jpg (127.8 KB, 1080x1134, NYPICHPDPICT000014369612-1.jpg)

I usually never follow or care about celeb shit, but this story really had me invested and feeling ill. Look at how she's looking at him. Can't imagine giving birth and finding out your life long partner decides to drop you like you weren't anything to him. He's so fucking ugly, his wife was already more beautiful than him and Ariana saw that as a challenge. They are both so vile, I can't wait for her to drop him and him to be left with nothing and nobody. No woman will want him especially after this. Depressing you can give a man eveything and he will still glady betray you and your new born child to get his dick wet. How can you really trust any man.

No. 1650582

I'm really curious where anons think Ariana will be in 10 or 15 year's time.

No. 1650584

Probably fucking Elon.

No. 1650586

She's going to end up looking like Madonna probably, but something tells me she'd rather khs then let herself get older.

No. 1650588

No. 1650593

She's so much more beautiful than Ariana. Not to a-log, but I don't care if Ariana's natural features WERE prettier, she looks like an anemic pet store rat with tuberculosis now, and since it's because of bad surgery and 10 years of anorexia, there's no coming back from it. She's gonna get uglier and uglier chasing pedodick while the women she tried to assert her superiority over stay glowing and aging gracefully. I've just known a lot of women emotionally destroyed by that type of cheating, where an insecure girl who cheats for sport actively pursues friendship with them to get to their man, and it's so much more evil and destructive than regular cheating. Ariana knows it completely destroys a woman's self esteem and sense of trust for friendships as well as relationships and that's obviously what she wants.

No. 1650599

I'm with you. She got with this scrote in high school, too, so she probably hasn't had much, if any, experience with anyone besides him. I feel so bad for her. She settled for a hideous, ginger manlet who aspired to be famous when she was still a fucking kid… spent over a decade supporting him and his endeavors, reproduced with him, and the second he lands a role in a potentially major film, he cheats on her and throws her away like garbage.

I guess on the bright side, she's still young enough to start over. She's beautiful, intelligent, and has already accomplished a lot career wise. Unlike her, I suspect his career is likely dead in the water, whether Wicked is eventually released or not. And when Ariana inevitably dumps him, he'll fall into obscurity.

No. 1650612

Crying laughing at this comment nona holy fuck

No. 1650619

Dropping a considerable amount of weight in like two months is a dead giveaway. It also ages them in certain places.

No. 1650630

Eh seems like every time a female oriented movie is released it HAS to be about fighting the patriarchy or whatever. It's bad enough we have to deal with it in real life, so I don't find it enjoyable to watch.
And the fact that the Kenoids tried to take everything from the Barbies and turn them into slaves and then we are expected to forgive them, that pissed me off kek.

No. 1650642

Competing with Camilla for the side hoe crown by somehow fucking her way into the royal family and becoming queen consort to William.

No. 1650652

Remember William allegedly enjoys being pegged kek, it's very hard for me to picture Ariana being into that.

No. 1650669

Wasn't his former manager also Britney Spears former manager, Sam Lufti or whatever? And Lufti went and revealed Angus's drug problems on twitter for the world to see?

He also just lost his dad a week ago. That could launch anyone into feeling suicidal I imagine.

No. 1650671

Don't put that image into my head anon. I just ate dinner puke puke puke

I thought some of the ezrafags were self aware. Not carreychan crazy levels of self awar, but more self aware than denying Ezra's abuse allegations. Why do you let me down constantly, husbandofags

No. 1650672

File: 1690864949281.jpeg (94.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8892.jpeg)

Cant she just post what the guy actually said instead of forcing everyone to listen to her shitty podcast

No. 1650673

I think he was an addict? I remember there were some interviews with him and others from euphoria where he was completly fucked and rumors that the euphoria crew were really worried about him.
Weren't the allegations from someone on twitter who was saying exactly the same thing about a gossip girl actor a few years before? I think that's why people thought it was fake. I'll try to find it later

No. 1650715

I remember watching a video that confirmed that Angus was 100% a druggie and Sam Levison wanted to fire him because of this because it was annoying him.

No. 1650732

lmao hearing her recording while she throws the microphone. I know it's not "live" but still kek

No. 1650737

Textbook BPD behavior, she gets off on this shit. She and Skete Davidson's mental illnesses deserve each other

No. 1650741

>Ariana was hanging out at the house, playing with the baby and tOtAlLy befriended Lily!
More like Ethan welcomed his "new celebrity friend" in, and Lily didn't have a choice, lest she be accused as a jealous wife.
>"Oh come ON don't worry babe, she's just a good friend I met on set"

No. 1650747

Looking like my grandma in Boca Raton before she died

No. 1650750

I personally hope she gets with male BPD poster child MKG for the maximum shitshow. He's taken too and pretending to be madly in love so it's a perfect match.

No. 1650751

The "no reunion" is especially tragic considering she’s only ever gotten into the conservatorship because they’ve threatened that she’ll never see the kids otherwise. She only ever gave in to keep her relationship with the kids, and this is what’s happened.
Saying I feel bad for her is an understatement. And I’m not even a fan or anything.

No. 1650756

I agree, and yet I also cant believe I’m saying this, but MGK would be “too hot” for her. Ariana is so insecure to the point that she will only get with men who she feels are beneath her, so that they’ll feel honored to be with her. Ever had a hot friend with BPD who somehow seems to only date ugly dudes, even though she could have her pick of handsome men? Same thing, but on a public scale. And Megan Fox was already a household name and sex symbol since before Ariana was even famous, that would have been too much for her to ‘compete’ with.

No. 1650772

File: 1690879412494.jpeg (175.75 KB, 655x1390, 88AB034B-326C-4D4E-8EF8-DB79D7…)

Beyonce did not get a boob job she had twins! double the kids which means double the milk and double the weight. Does no one remember what beyonce looks like? she is curvy she has always had big boobs why would she need a boob job lol. Also she is on a world tour since may singing AND dancing! She is not standing there the whole time like your faves do only like the first 15 mins lol. The rest she is dancing and going hard! Also she has insane work ethic she lost that weight on her own lol. Girl went hardcore vegan for Coachella and that was only 3 nights. Beyonce don’t need ozempic! Pic related is her in 2003 curvy! Sorry to stan but I’m tired of the lies about mother

No. 1650775

> Sometimes I'll go back to those threads when I'm feeling down.
Me too anon! Are you me?

No. 1650779

That one wasn't us. At least, I hope.

No. 1650784

File: 1690880314618.jpeg (184.15 KB, 819x1030, 28DFEA99-128D-428B-9B4E-4272AA…)

Also I know you don’t know what you’re talking about because beyonce has been in a thicker body for like the past 5 years! She enjoyed the weight gain from the twins cuz it made her twins and ass bigger lol. Pic related is her last year

No. 1650785

>Sorry to stan but I’m tired of the lies about mother
Im the anon who started the discussion, I love Beyonce too, she's a favorite, but stop being so tarded anon. She is a celebrity (one of the most popular singers, at that), she probably gets work done and can succumb to beauty standards and societal pressure like any other person. That's why she did such extreme diets. It's not an attack on her to speculate about this stuff. And also integrate.

No. 1650791

Samefag but not to mention that Bey had some sort of foot/leg injury before the Renaissance tour. She wouldn't have been able to exercise/diet and train like normal.

No. 1650793

I nursed her foot back to health nonnie that’s why! But seriously you’re probably right I just find it hard to believe since she is not afraid to go on an extreme diet to lose weight naturally. But again idk her just in my mentally Ill head lol

No. 1650795

It's alright anon, I understand.

No. 1650808

I thought she had BPD this whole time too! She is a whole mockingbird emphasis on the BIRD! She can only technically sing but her voice largely lacks any soul which is why she doesnt enunciate because she is too focused on sounding like a singer she likes (Victoria Monet and Mariah are good examples) than singing with any meaning.

No. 1650824

That’s sad as hell and it’s also crazy to think that her and beyonce are the exact same age, both raised in the south by stage parents and controlling fathers, both performed since grade schoolers, both had younger sisters who were also in the spotlight but both grew up to lead completely different career paths. I feel like if beyonce only had her father Matthew she could’ve very easily ended up like Britney too and it makes me sad that it’s really your own family that can make or break your life. Beyonce was lucky that she noticed when her father was being shady and cut him off. I wish her and beyonce could’ve been friends but I doubt that would’ve been possible back then. The music industry was very racially divided and cut throat back then. In the few interviews I’ve seen of them mentioning each other they always say nice things. I just found this old doc of Britney where beyonce was doing the voice over! Unrelated but beyonce should do voice acting lol

No. 1650825

Another clip of her being asked about Britney the interviewer tried to get beyonce to shade Britney but she handled it nicely. Ugh I just wish they became besties irl they would’ve been powerful

No. 1650828

The closest us millennials got to a
BritneyxBeyonce collab aka my sexual awakening lol

No. 1650829

File: 1690884005203.jpeg (589.28 KB, 1170x1213, IMG_0872.jpeg)

Yeah weird they’d all the sudden move to Hawaii.

No. 1650844

Isn’t it strange how he looks exactly like the type of person that would overdose to kill himself.

No. 1650845

> Sorry to stan but I’m tired of the lies about mother
Sperg about her on twitter instead

No. 1650846

I wish I could have been a part of Ezras cult. But I doubt it probably even existed

No. 1650859

He’s definitely reminiscent of a Mac Miller/Lil Peep type of dude, but they didn’t kill themselves on purpose.

No. 1650860

I’ve seen people memeing on TT, asking her to go for Aaron Taylor Johnson. Kek

No. 1650918

holy shit the last time I saw a pic of them they were on the chubby-fat side. I haven't seen Xtina skinny since she was a teen.
How does Mariah look nowadays?
I really hope they don't get side effects from that shit though.

No. 1651048

Bet he thinks he looks like Goslings Ken. But he’s just Ham.

No. 1651051

i'm very late but yes, this 100%

No. 1651101

File: 1690911977165.jpeg (427.38 KB, 828x880, IMG_1492.jpeg)

No. 1651118

People pretending to be shocked that that dude from Euphoria committed suicide is the most autistic shit in the world…

>Wow they caricaturized this literal actual drug addict off of the streets life struggles, fashioned them in a way to fit into a storyline about teenagers (somehow), made money off of this guy and he still didn’t use his earnings and heightened status he made to receive help or go to rehab? He continued to be a sidewalk monkey? How could Sam Levinson do this?

I think the whole “writers strike” needs to turn into a media strike. People need to have nothing to watch for a while. The idiocy across the board (the producers, the victims, the consumers) it’s all just fucking pathetic.

No. 1651126

btw this is not meant to be at all sympathetic toward him because him because he was a disgusting fentanyl addicted ugly rapist so don’t confuse it as such

No. 1651133

File: 1690915627702.jpg (168.7 KB, 1283x1181, 1690910421175687.jpg)

Lizzo cancelled for sexual harassment.
The icon of liberal feminists…

No. 1651137

Not surprising tbh. She seems like a nightmare to work alongside.

No. 1651139

File: 1690916163117.jpeg (219.63 KB, 750x898, BE883437-AA13-4A23-9525-1D41E2…)

Damn you’re right. Her oldest is about to turn 18 next month.

But does that happen automatically upon moving there or would they have to file again in Hawaii to get it extended to 23?

No. 1651144

There's nothing surprising about an insecure morbidly obese woman projecting her insecurity on skinnier people who gained weight. As for the sexual harassment, it's really disturbing because of how obvious it is according to the article.

No. 1651148

This is seriously throwing me off, I thought he already died from overdose some time ago? Wtf

No. 1651155

I think you mistook him for Mac Miller

No. 1651160

dead of anorexia like karen carpenter

No. 1651172

Not that anon. Sounds like they’re moving there, and the oldest son is going to enroll in college full time once they all establish residency in the state to extend the payments, and am assuming the younger child will follow. I’m sorry but she isn’t well enough to parent, the trauma and abuse in her life is very real, and her kids deserve to be supported and away from her. I’m ready to be told I’m missing details about Kevin beyond him being a blatantly manipulative opportunist, but I wouldn’t trust her with a hamster let alone two children and she should support them just like any other deadbeat scrote should support their kids.

No. 1651177

It happened in Amsterdam, they probably used some sex trafficked eastern european women.

No. 1651184

kek he looks like he was taking an afternoon nap, but was awoken by a fire alarm. forgetting he was sleeping only in his boxers, he just grabbed a random jacket and headed outside. absolutely tragic look

No. 1651217

No one is saying she shouldn’t pay child support, but I think it’s pretty unfair to compare her to a deadbeat scrote. She loves her kids and wants to spend time with them. Her kids on the other hand don’t seem to care about her at all, just her money

No. 1651226

if i can recall the person she came at wasn't skinny, just smaller then Lizzo

No. 1651229

File: 1690922786400.png (270.03 KB, 365x519, FatLizzo.PNG)

I hate you, Fat Lizzo. I fucking hate you, girl.

No. 1651238

I know most of her dancers aren't skinny but that's why I said "skinnier", it's just a comparison and I'm sure Lizzo was comparing herself to them in her mind while insulting them. They're exactly the type of girls I can easily imagine being bullied by girls like Lizzo because of how I kept seeing smallfat and deathfat discourse online for years and even irl more recently.


No. 1651239

one of the only times ive felt like veneers could improve a healthy smile

No. 1651244

Wtf is "smallfat and deathfat" discourse

No. 1651246

the fatter you are the more "oppressed" therefore "righteous" you are

No. 1651288

>dildos launched from vaginas
>eating bananas sticking out of vaginas
what in the fuck

No. 1651299

Same thoughts, what the fuck…it’s so atrocious to me that other women go to clubs like this and encourage the exploitation of women and treating them like exotic zoo animals to touch. Always thought lizzo was annoying but couldn’t imagine her creeping at strip clubs.

No. 1651301

it's actually subversive therefore empowering we swear!! jfc…

No. 1651353

Between Lana and Azealia all the pop girls should watch out, they're going to get hit with those curses hard

No. 1651355

im so confused. why is the lady who threw the water apologizing/ surely she did that on purpose?

and what would she be trying to sue cardi for?

No. 1651360

She hit the wrong person, and also moments before she was literally telling people to throw water at her because she was hot.

No. 1651362

No. 1651363

Does he not brush his teeth?

No. 1651382

to be fair to her, she was his original girlfriend and got cockblocked by the royal family for being too much of an outspoken feminist. if the royal fam had just let those two get married in the first place then there would've been no affair.

No. 1651387

Gingers have yellow teeth because the whiteness of your enamel is determined by your pigment genes. Redheads have very low levels of pigment so their enamel is closer to dentine colour than the rest of us.

No. 1651402

Imagine this cheating on you.

No. 1651405

She would break up with him when he asks if she can carry one of his babies. Or get a surrogate tbh.

No. 1651407

I know it sounds nasty but there’s a chance all she can give them is money. It doesn’t really matter how much she loves them, the damage is done and she wasn’t a mother to them because she was unable. It sucks because I think a lot of her issues, if not all of them, weren’t just created but exploited by others. I hope they find a way to reconcile some day, and I understand mothers are held to an insane standard, but shitty moms really fuck people (especially men) up in a profound way. You don’t just get over a parent not being a parent, and you aren’t able to escape being the child of a celebrity. Sounds like a nightmare you couldn’t pay me enough to walk into.

No. 1651408

If any of you remember how he acted on socials when euphoria came out, he was weird and overeager and trying to get attention. A lot of "Stan twitter" (mentally ill shut in gays) did not like him so whether or not the anon rape accusation is true or not is up in the air on the sole fact that a bored stan Twitter user absolutely would do that for attention in their group chat.

No. 1651418

as much as i hate lizzo now it’s funny how the same men that scream “innocent until proven guilty” and “false accusations” when men constantly do similar things are now going in on lizzo

No. 1651420

File: 1690937315734.jpeg (516.77 KB, 989x1031, IMG_8235.jpeg)

it was a real woman that accused him, her friends did too. she still posts about it. her friend was written off as a liar and euphoria fans made fake screenshots of rape kink pages from when she would be 15ish to prove she gets turned on by it.

No. 1651426

She was a parent to them. They still had 50/50 custody throughout the conservatorship. They stopped going to see her after she posted those topless beach pics on ig, which I get is uncomfortable for kids, but to completely cut her out for that is ridiculous. They literally won’t even reply to her texts

No. 1651432

>all she can provide is money
They could all get fucking jobs

No. 1651516

Is that why black ppl have such bright white teeth?

No. 1651520

He wouldn’t even need his teeth shaved down. Just pop em on.

No. 1651522

I love our knowledgable nonnies, never knew this before.

No. 1651527

Anon, I say this in the nicest way possible, but you have to stop posting about Beyonce like this. It's not actually related to any topics or milk so you're really just posting to sperg about Beyonce, and that will annoy other anons like what happens with all other stanfags. I also like Beyonce and want to be able to post about her without anons getting mad, so please tone it down.

No. 1651537

Well at least militant Lizzo haters finally have a reason for their fiery hatred because YIKES. I swear to god libfem type women can be so disgusting and moid like.

No. 1651540

A lot of people said Britney was a great mom and that’s all she wanted to be. Not her fault things happened the way they did.

No. 1651567

there were also 2 or 3 comments on the post about his death on r/fauxmois claiming that they know women who were raped by him. Anyone know if there were more accusations back when the first woman came out about it?

No. 1651654

This is so gross wtf. I was pretty indifferent towards her when she first came out until that basketball game where she was wearing that shirt with the ass cut out.

No. 1651664

File: 1690959117076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.85 KB, 1280x720, "that shirt with the ass cut o…)

at first, i thought you phrased that wrong because why would such an article of clothing exist, but no! you meant exactly what you said!

No. 1651668

Is that the female equivalent of a jockstrap? It's so ugly.

The very first time I heard about Lizzo was on LSA when she doxed some Doordash girl or similar service because she thought she stole her food. She was enraged on twitter. It turned out that the girl who was going to deliver the food called her several times to meet her and give her the food but Lizzo was too busy seething to pick up the calls and be told to get out of her hotel room. Then there was the whole thing with her "shooting her shot" with Chris Evans and being a weirdo about it as if Chris Evans of all people would give a shit about a morbidly obese, deranged woman like her and saying she really likes or admires Chris Brown.

No. 1651683

What made me hate her (before this recent news) was when she defended trannies on twitter and compared dislike of them to racism

No. 1651685

Damn. Doja, Ariana, Lizzo. Who's next?

No. 1651688

Not surprising. Everyone in Hollywood is a sexual degenerate, including your "favorites" who seem "so wholesome". You simply won't make it far if you don't encourage and participate in that sort of thing, go to clubs and parties with people with more fame/clout, look the other way for certain things, say "yes" when they want you to, etc. Anyone who gets mad when people call celebrities like Ariana Grande prostitutes "because they make money" doesn't understand how they keep getting money.

No. 1651691

Not surprising. Everyone in Hollywood is a sexual degenerate, including your "favorites" who seem "so wholesome". You simply won't make it far if you don't encourage and participate in that sort of thing, go to clubs and parties with people with more fame/clout, look the other way for certain things, say "yes" when they want you to, etc. Anyone who gets mad when people call celebrities like Ariana Grande prostitutes "because they make money" doesn't understand how they keep getting money.

No. 1651708

What Lizzo did seems more "normal" in a way. I have a normie 9/7 office job and don't have to worry about things like the casting couch or being blacklisted but in some of my first jobs I do remember managers and coworkers talking about sex all the time, in great details, as a joke and trying to make others uncomfortable or to make us participate. Some of the shit explained I can imagine some specific coworkers of mine doing and saying, especially one libfem who wouldn't stfu about the latest feminist porn movies she watched and who would be as passive aggressive as possible with all the women who looked a little bit uncomfortable or who just kept eating silently during lunch break instead of praising her. I also have a sister and a friend who went through harassment at work that seemed kind of similar, like managers calling them or their coworkers all sorts of insults for no reason whatsoever in front of everyone. And where I live and in many other countries/cultures it's normal to hang out with coworkers after work and to be force yourself to deal with their alcoholic selves while they act like you're bffs so they do and say shit you'd rather avoid altogether.

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised that a virtue signaling idiot like Lizzo was just overcompensating to hide her real personality. If she were a normal middle class woman with a normal job she'd act the same way so I don't think the issue here is that Hollywood made her a degenerate.(no1curr)

No. 1651741

Yes he was indeed caught and arrested for fapping in an adult theater. In my hometown of Tampa Florida at the sex toy megastore called The Todd. I always made sure to recant that story anytime I happened to drive by it kek.

No. 1651765

Kek I guess Lizzo is no longer just the fat yas queen anymore

No. 1651767

> Chris Evans
LSA is obsessed with him. Considering he is a white man. Don’t you remember those ghetto edits of him?

No. 1651769

kek anon that’s a perfect description

No. 1651772

I HATE YOU FAT LIZZO(sage your shit)

No. 1651783

I found it stupid how obsessed LSA was with Chris Evans, Lizzo was doing the same shit but way worse AND irl. She doesn't know what shame is. The edits were funny for like 5min top.

No. 1651789

I mean not to beat a dead horse (no pun intended) but a quick google search says he was arrested in 1991 in an actual movie theater in Sarasota. not a sex toy store in Tampa.

No. 1651793

lmao nona the very first thing I thought of when this story appeared was AB yelling “I HATE YOU FAT LIZZO, I FUCKIN’ HATE YOU GIRL” and it made me audibly chuckle. I bet that crazy puta did some brujeria on her. Hilarious.

No. 1651795

Maybe it was Lana’s curse, who else was mentioned on her “question for the culture” post? Beyoncé? Nicki Minaj? Though given what everyone knows about degenerate pickme Nicki and evidently doesn’t care she’ll probably never be “cancelled”, mainly because the majority of her fan base is faggots who are degenerates themselves

No. 1651819

kek i bet azealia is writing her paragraphs down for her IG story as we speak.

No. 1651828

sorry i will stop until milk comes out im sorry yall

lizzo disappointed me because i didnt believe it until i read the article myself and im like this souunds totally believable. Lizzo is overtly sexual and over the top as fuck its honestly why i dont really engage in her stuff. She gives annoying theater geek tease.Also her music made me cringe. But i always wanted to support her because she is extremely talented and it must be hard being a big girl in entertainment. But fuck her if this proves true.I can totally imagine her convincing her team to touch on the dancers.Like it was too specific to be a lie imo.SHAME ON YOU LIZZO WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU HOW DARE YOU

No. 1651832

IT MADE ME CRINGE and the only reason why they became so obsessed was because there was a clip from like 2005 where Chris Evans was chatting up a black girl so since then they SWORE he was down for the swirl. Older millennials are so embarrassing.

No. 1651851

That's it? They were projecting on some random lady on this video just because they have the same skin color? I just thought they liked him because he's an attractive actor in their age range and he's posting tweets against racism sometimes. I guess that explains why they were angry at him for dating a white girl despite the issue being that she's way younger than him.

No. 1651855

File: 1690988551931.jpeg (61.32 KB, 1125x423, IMG_2440.jpeg)

I hope it’s Taylor tbh. Not Ariana or her bland music fan but I remember that just a few years ago she was so beloved that expressing slight dislike towards her was met with suprise from normies and hate from her fans (and she had her fair share of controversies back then), now that she is unattractive everybody turned on her like rabid dogs. Now Taylor gets the same treatment Ariana used to (but her fans are somehow even more retarded) and I’m sooo fuuucking done with her.

No. 1651878

Does anybody know what happened to Party Like It's 2007 films? https://vimeo.com/user19442862

No. 1651887

Uh, no we weren't? We were not rooting for a disgusting slob who shows her fatass in public and twerks in front of children,etc. Anyone who supported this beast should be ashamed of themselves.

No. 1651894

"strong-armed" is probably a little unfair, he's been working with Nolan for years, he probably felt the responsibility of promoting the film as the lead and wanted to make a good impression publicly for Nolan's sake.

No. 1652052

I never rooted for her, the only ones rooting for her were zoomer fatties yelling yas queen as they were validated and encouraged by the fact her whole personality is being fat

No. 1652054

So she’s a Mia Farrow wannabe then. “Beware of Young Girls” by Dory Previn has never been more apt

No. 1652068

Or when she filmed herself twerking and showing her ass in a playground.
AB stays right.

No. 1652080

Yeah that troll is an asshole for cheating but. The ex wife is very pretty, and when a very pretty woman dates/marries an ugly rich guy it makes me think it's for the $$$/fame/whatever she can get. So the only one I feel sorry for is the baby.

No. 1652085

She was with him for decades since highschool, before he got famous so I doubt that applies to her.

No. 1652099

File: 1691008915632.jpg (80 KB, 414x694, lizzo.jpg)

I do not care about her weight but why are these fat activists constantly lying about their meals on tiktok?

No. 1652107

File: 1691009992287.jpeg (748.21 KB, 1170x1278, IMG_1038.jpeg)

Saw this coming, but at the same time I completely forgot they were even a thing

No. 1652120

I thought it was just a joke that they were dating

No. 1652150

They were probably both nerds who dated in highschool but she got better looking. Anyway I don't feel bad for him because I know Ariana is gonna probably pass him stds and dump him. He really did ruin his whole family for a relationship that's only gotten him made fun of

No. 1652159


Did his team even confirm that they were dating? If not, I'm writing it off as more Kardashian bullshit.

No. 1652163

she's already more beautiful than ariana considering all the latter is, is a selfish manipulator who happened to gain fame. no amount of physical beauty makes up for such ugly behavior.

No. 1652167

i'd say taylor has arguably been in the mainstream for longer than grande was, i still remember all the jokes about all of taylor swifts exes and her popularity escalating in what, 2013? ari may have been on a nick show as a child star but she really only blew up as an a-lister more recently, in 2016 or 2017 if i recall correctly, i could be wrong. also as much as i think tswift stans are overly obsessed, ari stans are worse because they'll constantly defend her public bullshit no matter what. i've seen them do it even now with the spongebob shit kek

No. 1652168

Agree. Taylor swift has little girl fans, like ones that don’t have social media. I definitely think Taylor is more mainstream. I can’t really imagine Taylor doing anything cancellable worthy. Outside of her boyfriend choices.

No. 1652170

I actually don't think I've ever had a single bad thing to say about lizzo besides that this was and still is nauseating. Wearing clothes like this around non-adult public family events should be considered sexual harassment lmao.

For the last time, Ariana Grande is not out here fucking oil men for money or adrenacrome. That bitch will fuck any vaguely funny man for free.

No. 1652174

Idk who they were trying to fool with this PR relationship. Everyone knows Kylie only likes black dudes.

No. 1652175

she has plenty of social media fans, they were about to cancel her for working with an abusive director last year then forgot about it like a week later kek. then there was that other thing with the jet planes.

No. 1652179

if i think back i believe the worst things she's done that's gained public attention was chasing after that younger kennedy guy, the private jet stuff, and seeming immature. the other controversies like with katy and kanye are laughable at best. and i agree with a lot of taylor's fans largely being young girls or teens, really the worst part about that is how obsessed and vocal they can be online for someone who just makes okay music. ari on the other hand caters to pickmes who will defend ruining relationships for fun.

No. 1652180

i agree, i'd been neutral on lizzo and ignoring her for the most part, but this and the recent news surrounding her doesn't sit right with me

No. 1652186

File: 1691019790682.png (37.11 KB, 673x284, 2023-764455677.png)

And this retardation

No. 1652188

kek, it's hilarious to think that this could be the result of a curse by ab or lana

No. 1652190

KEK someone wrote an article about it. saged because it's not really milky but it's hilarious


>Firstly, Doja Cat came under fire for telling her fans that she didn't love them and to delete their accounts. Secondly, Ariana Grande broke the internet after TMZ reported that she was getting divorced and had allegedly started a relationship with her Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater, who was also married. Third of all, reports came out that Camila Cabello was allegedly dating Rauw Alejandro just days after he announced his split from Rosalía.

>Fans were quick to notice that the incidents lined up with Lana's list and it wasn't long before it was dubbed the "Lana Del Rey prophecy" and started going viral on Twitter and TikTok.

>To top it all off, Cardi B then went viral for throwing a microphone at a fan over the weekend.

No. 1652192

File: 1691020249753.jpeg (389.02 KB, 1124x1696, 5639F6B2-E0C8-462D-8450-059D5D…)

forgot picrel

No. 1652195

File: 1691020364650.jpeg (152.56 KB, 1170x825, IMG_9114.jpeg)

They're coming for Beyonce next
Someone photoshop Az as a second reaper here please I'm begging

No. 1652206

File: 1691020966038.png (397.29 KB, 991x425, Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 8.04.…)

Justin Trudeau (Timothee Chalamet lookalike) broke up with his wife as well

No. 1652216

File: 1691021954879.jpeg (20.83 KB, 210x313, image0.jpeg)

I was just talking about his twink death earlier today.

No. 1652220

I would actually love to see that

No. 1652221

I dont feel like we were supposed to forgive or pity them, it was made quite clesr that they were viewed as pathetic and would never gain power in barbieland

No. 1652223

Henry Cavill has comically short arms and small hands, he has the Onision body type

No. 1652228

File: 1691023168524.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.58 KB, 1004x2048, Fu9uk-QWwAosARU.jpg)

He is very gorgeous to me

No. 1652232

He is pretty, but he still has that normal sized midget look going on

No. 1652233

This is really shocking to me honestly! I liked Lizzo and enjoy her music. I've been looking at everything everyone who has worked with her has been saying, it's crazy that she's a total bitch BTS but is able to project a generally likeable persona in public. Just goes to show that you never know what's happening behind closed doors. And the stuff with her dance captain was crazy, imagine a coworker telling you that she wants 10 dicks in her face and that same coworker being obsessed with you being a virgin.

No. 1652236

i feel like one of the only reasons why he's well liked is because of his looks, what i've read about his personality seems awkward redditor-like to me otherwise. he just so happens to be conventionally attractive

No. 1652240

Basically. He was a complete asshole on the set of The Witcher and spoke against the Metoo movement. He's spiritually a neckbeard.

No. 1652254

didn't he also groom teenagers, said something about how 15 year olds are hot, and is a gamer?

No. 1652257

I don't even like Lizzo bit situations like this show to me how things such as "innocent until proven guilty" do not apply to women. The moment the news came out everyone grabbed their pitchforks and her career is over.
Maybe she did and is a huge batch but still people are way more "let's wait for more info" when it involves a man.

I mean look at Johnny Depp he is now hailed as a poor victim despite there being as much proof of him being abusive too but again no one cares.

No. 1652258

File: 1691026107122.jpeg (360.89 KB, 1284x1418, IMG_9175.jpeg)

Here's the woman he was allegedly cheating with, Melanie Joly

No. 1652261

File: 1691026164071.jpeg (65.09 KB, 640x426, IMG_9176.jpeg)

Minister of Foreign Affairs (pun unintended)

No. 1652265

iirc he is a gamer. the second thing sounds like mgk though now i'm going to look those up to see if it's true. i do think in past threads he was said to be a nonce though

No. 1652273

Past threads showed that he flirted with teenage co-stars, he didn't outright say it though. He did however date a 19 year old so I think grooming is possible.

No. 1652279

File: 1691027166077.jpg (207.78 KB, 2000x1012, Emmanuel-Macron-21.jpg)

so disappointed it wasn't emmanuel macron

No. 1652284

Black gay men trooning because out because black American families are more homophobic so might as well believe you're a woman so dating another man could conform you enough to their conservatism, and it works for both delusions. Surface level attacking instead of getting to the root of it. Easy to do.

No. 1652290

i read some of his more somewhat questionable quotes from him.

talking about filming sex scenes:
>“You don’t think of sex scenes as showing your bum to the nation,” Cavill says. “It’s actually acutely uncomfortable being naked in a roomful of people. The very last thing it is is sexy.” He starts laughing. “The actual physicality is very uncomfortable. All you’re doing is smacking your nuts against someone, and nothing is going in.”

having been aroused on set:
>“It’s only happened to me once,” he admits, “and it was very embarrassing. A girl had to be on top of me, she had spectacular breasts, and I hadn’t rearranged my…stuff into a harmless position. She’s basically rubbing herself all over me and, um, it got a bit hard. I had to apologize profusely afterward. It’s not great when you’re in a professional acting environment and somebody gets a boner, is it? No, not acceptable.”

how he felt about the me too movement:
>He said in the interview: “I think a woman should be wooed and chased, but maybe I’m old-fashioned.
>“It’s very difficult to do that if there are certain rules in place. Because then it’s like, ‘Well, I don’t want to go up and talk to her, because I’m going to be called a rapist or something’.
>“So you’re like, ‘Forget it. I’m going to call an ex-girlfriend instead, and then just go back to a relationship, which never really worked’.
>“But it’s way safer than casting myself into the fires of hell, because I’m someone in the public eye, and if I go and flirt with someone, then who knows what’s going to happen?”

asked about the 13 year age gap between him and his then girlfriend tara king (19) who he took to the batman vs superman premiere:
>“People say age is just a number. It’s actually real and a true sign of someone’s maturity. But in this case, she’s fantastic. When I met my girlfriend, I was super intimidated. I wanted to impress her.”

there's likely more, of course, but these are just a few.

No. 1652305

I can’t imagine Kehlani “getting cursed” or doing anything to get cancelled, she seems pretty wholesome

No. 1652307

neither, but it's funny to think that the celebrities on that list who have already been polarizing figures especially on these celebricow threads have been getting what's coming to them

No. 1652314

She allegedly fell on stage, but that turned out to be a lie concocted by stans. I don't know why Lana included her on the list honestly

No. 1652330

I don’t either, I’m pretty sure Lana brought her on one of her tours. Idk why she included Ari solely for the fact that they got close after they made that song together, she should have known that would upset her, and it did, apparently Ari reached out to her to let her know how she felt and unfollowed her, Lana mentioned it in one of her six follow up videos she made after that goofy QFTC post

No. 1652333

File: 1691031971256.jpeg (139.11 KB, 1162x1166, IMG_1043.jpeg)

Didn’t he also cheat on his wife with Lana a few years ago?
Lana loves being the other woman, and I say this as a fan

No. 1652334

I’m sorry, how do Justin and Timothee look alike? I don’t see it at all

No. 1652340

File: 1691032281709.jpeg (61.54 KB, 750x500, IMG_1044.jpeg)

Anyone else excited for You season 5? Penn Badgley is SO HOT to me. The show turned out better than I expected. I watched the whole first season in two days. I want him to stalk me next.

No. 1652343

Wow… Courtney looks.. very bad. Weird how they became besties after Lana said she wish she was dead already in a magazine interview and Frances Bean Cobain ripped her a new one. I wonder if she’s close with her mom at all, considering she’s a speculated murder suspect

No. 1652346

The pic nonnie posted >>1652216 is younger Justin Trudeau.

No. 1652352

> Penn Badgley is SO HOT to me.
> looks like a man who would violently chase little girls out of the neighborhood 7/11
i am happy that you're happy nonna

No. 1652358

eh maybe if he shaved..where's the milk though? this isn't a hornyposting thread

No. 1652362

I find him hot but I hate the fucking beard

No. 1652376

File: 1691035460216.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 182.61 KB, 1154x2048, IMG_9186.jpeg)

alexa nikolas posts creepy actor brandon quinns dm's from when he approached a then underage girl (15)

he's now threatening to sue her

No. 1652377

File: 1691035484902.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 241.37 KB, 1154x2048, IMG_9187.jpeg)

No. 1652379

File: 1691035531946.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.19 KB, 1154x2048, IMG_9188.jpeg)

No. 1652381

Really proud of her for her work against predators, this is more worthwhile than any acting career

No. 1652386

I donated a bit to the GFM. She also dealt with a deranged stalker some months back who made her life a living hell. Alexa has been through a lot and takes risks that few others are willing to take

Keep on exposing predators Alexa!

No. 1652397

Bc it was a racial schizo moment. None of it really made sense, and she was likely coked out of her mind blaming everything and everyone.

No. 1652404

Shes so dumb

Yeah, it was weird and I sideeye anyone who defends it. I dont hate her but it was weird and didn't make sense, she had no reason to try to point fingers at artists nothing like her and several of them leagues ahead of her.

No. 1652405

always makes me feel grossed out seeing creepy perverts attempting to dirty talk. nauseating that he said this to a 15 year old too

No. 1652407

not in defense of any of them, but i can't see how any of them would be leagues ahead of anyone else on that list considering the majority including lana herself are pop stars who've been involved in or done stupid shit throughout their careers.

No. 1652411

Lana is a sheltered poverty larper and no, she is in no way ever going to be on the same scale as Nicki or Beyonce. She hasn't made a hit in a decade either.

No. 1652415

>I'm really good at it too
LMFAO stap it faget

No. 1652417

>I wouldn't stop u tip you had at least two organisms
my favorite typo, of all time

No. 1652424

i suppose i can agree but not in exactly the same way - beyonce keeps quiet on private matters and still retains her a-list status while lana says ridiculous shit, and nicki is a sex offender apologist. she's had some catchy songs sure, but i can't look beyond how awful of a person nicki has outed herself to be in recent years.

it can be said that nicki still has stans but honestly, i can't get why.

No. 1652428

kek i was annoyed with those messages already but the typos would just immediately make me ghost, block, delete

No. 1652434

I didnt say they're perfect and I'm not talking about socially. I'm saying Lana is not talented. Maybe once she was a good songwriter, and most of her songs were a fun parody of various things she wanted to adopt into her aesthetic, but LDR is extremely lazy and egotistical about her body of work, and she can't sing very well either. I say this as someone who loves a lot of her music pre-2014, and some of her recent covers(sage your shit)

No. 1652437

Major wattpad/quizilla flashbacks

No. 1652439

Well the size of his jaw is built for oral so maybe hes telling us the truth

No. 1652456

okay that i can agree with - i also used to like her music and i was losing interest around the time nfr came out and completely dropped out by cotc. i found myself liking her less and less, her vibes, the stuff she posted, her music. i delve into her new stuff just to see what's going on there sometimes but it's nothing memorable for me now

No. 1652470

File: 1691041724015.jpg (14.71 KB, 250x333, January_4_2012-6.jpg)

I DONT agree with the rampant misogyny and the hatred toward her solely for not hyperperforming femininity but I DO agree with all criticism about her being lazy, self indulgent, delusional etc. I used to like the way she looked, I was never a superfan but I enjoyed how she offered something different at the time and a lot of her songs were catchy and fun - cola, gods and monsters, carmen, diet mtn dew, blue jeans, off to the races, I could go on about how influential those songs were for a lot of young women not because of the message but because they were enjoyable and lighthearted, easy to play anywhere, and associated with summer or being out with friends. If she wants to be a goul and a pedestrian now that's perfectly fine, but her attitude about it and the coke-fueled narcissism directed toward woc was really telling about who she really is now. I'm not sure I agree with alot of the moralfagging about how she was a horrible influence on girls because she used the word daddy, but I do agree that she's a has-been and she sucks and puts no effort into anything she does.

No. 1652499

gay moid lurker comment.

No. 1652510

Probably a fujo commentor and I agree with them

No. 1652511

Sad as hell. K-Fed is/was a golddigging degenerate scrote loser who hit the jackpot with Britney and took sooo much of her money. You don't hear moids screech enough about his loser ass or Halle Barry's loser leech ex taking way more money than necessary, but everyone feels soooo sorry for Brenden and the circulating story about his ex wife who got money when she BIRTHED the kids and raised them.

No. 1652517

That typo is absolutely hilarious I can’t stop laughing on the train right now

No. 1652525

Maybe it wasn’t a typo and he wanted to infect her with some candida.

No. 1652526

being obesseded with gay male sex is not the "own" you think it is.

No. 1652536

The show is still going on ? Is it always the same story over and over again ? After season 3 I gave up tbh. Tired of Joe's pattern boring.

No. 1652538

having a mandela moment. i thought this dude already died like a year ago

No. 1652539

File: 1691054608476.jpg (69.9 KB, 692x987, d673ec9f7ed1da161d4ba77ce8ec79…)

sage for blogposting but I kinda get it, my mother was an opioid addict and I hated for a long time, I'm sure Britney is not knowingly abusive, but when your an addict with mental issues you can seem like a monster to your own children, as another nonna said I hope they can reconcile one day, but I feel they all need some time apart.

No. 1652622

File: 1691065193751.jpeg (793.64 KB, 1170x1195, IMG_2953.jpeg)

I hope this movie sinks like a lead balloon

No. 1652623

Anon I would gladly let him lock me in his glass cage in the basement of his bookstore. I am so glad Joe has got rid of the beard at the end of S4 though. I can’t wait for the final season.

No. 1652654

I don't get it, what's the big deal?

No. 1652666

dont know shit about her or this movie but that seems completely fair(sage your shit)

No. 1652673

Context? What exactly are they streaming?

No. 1652676

From what I've gathered, she's referencing the current strikes happening in Hollywood. I think the movie will launch on streaming services, and actors want to get a cut from the streaming revenue as they did from the ticket sales. She's saying that she's entitled to a cut from those revenues since she had to "stand 18 hours in a dress" for the company to make that movie.

No. 1652677

what is that account's (@EndWokeness) problem with this clip exactly? looks like she's doing typical union strike stuff for SAG-AFTRA here. maybe the movie she's in is stupid but that doesn't mean the actors union should agree to a bad contract

No. 1652679

The phrasing of the tweet reaks of misogyny. I don't mind that instance, but she has been getting a lot of hate for being 'woke' and basically shitting on the original Snow White on multplie interview. To be fair she does seem really smug in a zoomer way. See vidrel at around 1:30

No. 1652683

> To be fair she does seem really smug in a zoomer way
Yeah. This is what I meant when I posted the tweet.

No. 1652685

> shitting on the original Snow White on multplie interview
Another reason why she is a terrible choice to play the role.

No. 1652697

I wanted to cut her some slack since the movie got a ton of hate, but Halle Bailey got it much worse and didn't cause a fuss. In interviews she always mentionned how Ariel was her favorite princess, and kept it classy. Promoting a remake of a cult and beloved movie while shitting on it, thus shitting on the fans that would be the ones interested in watching that remake in the first place is retarded. I'm tired of the hypocritical libfem muh women in power spiel as if it was groundbreaking, you can tell she already sees herself inspiring millions of future girlbosses.

No. 1652706

>hates on original snowwhite
Based. I've always thought a pale girl with ugly short black hair was a very ugly and uninteresting design for a character who's supposed to be the most beautiful in her kingdom.

No. 1652714

>OP quoting an account called @EndWokeness
>expecting the account to portray the situation accurately
>when account has that name

Trumpchan brainrot

No. 1652726

File: 1691075339289.jpeg (154.53 KB, 750x1038, E9F447B0-582E-4711-BD49-CD70D7…)

Lizzo’s response (1/4)

No. 1652727

File: 1691075368289.jpeg (135.06 KB, 750x1037, 9E4BB7FF-F5AE-4BA4-A0CD-07EDAD…)


No. 1652728

File: 1691075533113.jpeg (165.73 KB, 750x1037, A5E4212B-2987-4BF1-8CEC-D98413…)


No. 1652731

File: 1691075644920.jpeg (71.62 KB, 750x1045, 97964DB8-D7AB-496D-AA95-67FABE…)


No. 1652736

Ok zoomer. It was also made in the late 1930s, their concept of beauty is going to be different than the Bratz doll looks the princesses all have now

No. 1652739

Expecting her to break out a flute and play Toxic Gossip Train soon

In nowhere of any of this does she apologize for anything, if she apologizes it's an admission of guilt in court. Hence the cut and dry PR response with an extra pinch of arrogance.

No. 1652750

File: 1691077785385.jpeg (205.34 KB, 1080x1132, image0.jpeg)

>Marty Singer

Oh she's guilty. Guilty guilty.

No. 1652752

At no point does she mention the strip club stuff. I was hoping she’d clarify what that was about.

No. 1652756

File: 1691078937530.jpeg (337.63 KB, 1047x1572, marty_singer_headshot_a_p.jpeg)

Looked him up and he's the most stereotypical scummy Hollywood Lawyer looking dude I've ever seen.

No. 1652759

File: 1691079442957.jpeg (107.55 KB, 883x525, 1D93B965-FBC5-4FEE-A65A-F419D2…)

There's a reason he's a lawyer and not a celebrity

He's been countersued by several people, but the only reason he continues to win is that he's got iron grip on the Los Angeles law system. Marty is the new era Anthony Pellicano. Pellicano, for those unfamiliar, was a fixer who did intimidation for celebrities and the rich and powerful throughout the 90s and ridded them of their "entanglements". I'm shocked nobody's exposed Marty or tried to disbar him

>intimidate victims or plaintiffs of lawsuits

>if initial intimidation fails then browbeat them
>worst case scenario kill them
>you know, car accidents, someones randomly fallen out of a window
>if you can intimidate victim force them into punitive settlement
>dismiss with prejudice so they can't refile against the defendant

No. 1652764

>might as well believe you're a woman so dating another man could conform you enough to their conservatism
This isn't true at all, most black people do not think a man becoming a woman is more acceptable, and we also still consider those relationships gay/bisexual or in general non-straight. Also, the the whole, "Transphobia is racism" shit isn't because retards compare everything "bad" to racism, TRA's love comparing black women to TIMs or claiming that white surpremacy is why we believe in gender etc. Lizzo's meatbrain was thinking, "Being shitty towards a "Oppressed group of people" = Racism.
Has nothing to do with homophobia in the black community, which trust me is worst towards TIMs. There was a big blow up between Jess Hilarous and a few famous black TIMs the other day.

No. 1652766

People were talking about how one of the victims admitted that Lizzo didn't even fat shame her. I'm going to watch the interview the victims did, but from what I've seen Lizzo is gross but it comes off as weird to me.

No. 1652770

File: 1691080490149.jpeg (790.3 KB, 1131x2213, IMG_9198.jpeg)

Marty Singer had a hand in intimidating a woman who crossed a comedian named Tig Notaro. Albeit years before Notaro was vaguely famous, she knew Nick Kroll. Kroll's a nepo baby, his father helps run two investigative firms that intimidated victims' of Harvey Weinsteins

So Kroll used his connections to help procure Marty Singer for Notaro, who used it to harass the woman for years through exploitation of the corrupt police and justice system in Los Angeles

It's long but it's worth reading

No. 1652776

File: 1691080680360.png (89.96 KB, 637x561, 2.PNG)

I think this is the "Fatphobia" that Lizzo and her team was accused of, I'm scanning through.

No. 1652778

File: 1691080849700.png (75.27 KB, 608x505, 3.PNG)

reading further I think this is the "Lizzo fat shamed me" part.

No. 1652780

File: 1691080934620.png (329.95 KB, 600x669, 1.PNG)

also, this is the Davis who accused her, Lizzo is gross as fuck though

No. 1652787

This interview doesn't go into the Amsterdam thing but they definitely don't sound comfortable speaking about what happened to them in general.

No. 1652801

So after reading this Lizzo didn't even fat shame anyone.

All she told the dancer was that her dancing was not as energetic as before and the dancer basicallly thought that meant she was talking about her weight. So technically there was no fat shaming?(learn2sage)

No. 1652810

She looks kind of ugly to be playing Snow White. She looks like she could have come from proana scumbags thread.

No. 1652811

File: 1691083173614.jpeg (253.09 KB, 1189x1189, 8AF21A29-0ABC-428A-88CA-CA70BF…)

jim carrey is lesbophobic and homophobic

after forcing his ex into threesomes and sexualizing bisexual women in his book, this is extra decoration on the shit cake

the poster deleted because they were likely bullied into it, and the bottom post is about bill murray to the shock of no one

No. 1652814

No one cares especially since it's old news. Maybe if he was a fat woman people would have cancelled him but he has a dick.

No. 1652816

go shove a tailpipe up your ass jim

No. 1652818

Are you okay? Are you mentally sound?

No. 1652820

What are you on about, any man that gets accused of something is assumed to be guilty, Johnny Depp is the worst example you can bring up. Most of his movies bombed after Amber accused him and he was the face of #metoo. People felt like the pirates of the Caribbean movies were “ruined” because of Depp’s new reputation.
Obviously things changed but that’s because of the trial but he was absolutely blasted before that.

I think people are happy to tear down Lizzo and jump on the accusation because she’s not exactly loved, it’s easy to hate her because of her politics and she promotes HAES

No. 1652822

File: 1691083689052.jpg (234.51 KB, 1365x2048, EO1J2N9XUAAS5RQ.jpg)

Small t-rex hands

No. 1652826

Men are given a chance for redemption arcs whereas few women are.

I'm not defending Lizzo at all, I think she's guilty as fuck, but her procuring Marty Singer reminds me of all the nasty men he's acquitted who were so quickly defended. Rapists, superspreaders, killers and predators, and that boils my blood

No. 1652828

File: 1691083952480.jpg (126.44 KB, 1500x1801, 080416-jason-henry-lead-2000-7…)

No. 1652831

Alexa's video where she shares both DM's from Quinn and Justin Long

No. 1652834

fuck her for even working with Marty Singer. I hope she gets her big fat ass handed to her in court.

No. 1652838

If this so-called witchhunt against men exists then how come plenty of abusive moid celebs like Chris Brown and Brad Pitt are still thriving in the entertainment industry? It’s a rhetorical question because you’re wrong lol

No. 1652839

File: 1691085095270.jpg (114.13 KB, 1080x1349, b2aa408ac73373b4268fb65e8375b6…)

No. 1652842

Why are his hands so small? It's an optical illusion because he's so buff from steroids?

No. 1652846

>So what would happen next? I scare you off?

No. 1652848

Ok listen I know I’m like 2 years late but I was watching astroworld crowd tiktoks today and I’m just confused as to how this even happened in the first place? That many people came together…for Travis Scott? And died for him?? That’s just pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1652850

What I don’t get is how anyone can read those accusations and focus on the so-called fat shaming instead of the sexual harassment. Her response didn’t mention it either and only addressed the body positivity shit. Is that going to be their tactic?

No. 1652851

File: 1691086442269.jpeg (959.71 KB, 1170x1386, IMG_9202.jpeg)

Singer works fast, he's already trying to discredit the women by sending anything out of context to TMZ he can use to throw them under the bus.

No. 1652859

Samefag here gonna purposefully hold an astroworld type festival that caters to trannys and gay males and hopefully all of them will kill each other by the end of the evening instead of just a few of them(sage your shit)

No. 1652863

absolutely fucking based

No. 1652872

I'm still on the fence on this whole thing but this argument of "The accusers were such BIG FANs and sang praises of Lizzo all the time" means fucking nothing. It's Lizzo for god's sake. Their boss and their ticket for fame and experience in their career. Of course they're going to suck up and kiss her ass for being given opportunities they would have never gotten before. Why would they go into interviews and not show how grateful they are.
If I worked at a prestigious company with good pay/opportunities but my boss was a prick , I would still speak favorably of them and the work to not get fired or blacklisted.

No. 1652876

Now that they spoke out they're being lambasted

No surprise.

No. 1652878

File: 1691088439124.png (17.25 KB, 284x269, lizzo.PNG)

I mean, I would assume they still had some sort of obligation (even a legal obligation) to not say or do anything against Lizzo yet. But we know all these accusations aren't sudden because Lizzo talked about them in Rumors 2 years ago before all came out.
>Had to cut some hoes loose, yeah / NDA, no loose lips / Now them hoes tryna sue me / Bitch, I don't give two shits

No. 1652879

To be fair..isn't that what Lizzo's people suppose to do? Kek these gross hollywood, "You were okay with it before".
Also, there's videos of Lizzo speaking about wanting to go to the banana coochie place, kek, I wonder if she decided to go off work hours with her dancers.
I will have to find it but she was talking about how she went to a live sex show and then she wanted to go to the ones with the bananas.
Lizzo never hid who she was.
I don't even get how "fans" could fall for her, "Sweet and empowering" act, when she was twerking in playgrounds, shaking her ass at NBA games etc openly.
She very clearly was nasty and openly sexual. I would'nt grab a donut with Lizzo and i'm a fatty myself.

No. 1652888

No. 1652893

File: 1691090131632.webm (12.08 MB, 334x640, videoplayback (2).webm)

No. 1652896

pretty sure you’re replying to the nona in this thread that believes Jim carrey is cyberstalking her

No. 1652904

Aww cute

No. 1652907

First surrogacy now this, damn and I liked her too

No. 1652909

She told on herself in multiple ways

kek should I waste my time watching this or not

No. 1652910

Never was a huge fan of her but thought some of her stuff was funny. After running across this I can't look at her the same way or even stomach watching her.

Which sucks because it was nice to see a gnc lesbian comedian but we can't have nice things

No. 1652924

File: 1691093941214.jpg (161.51 KB, 800x1091, 800px-Tig_Notaro_by_Gage_Skidm…)

Wait Tig Notaro used a surrogate? this is honestly kinda shocking cause I really liked her and I knew she had two kids, I had assumed she or her wife just had a regular pregnancy, its really fucked up that celebrities will just do this from now on.

No. 1652933

File: 1691094594497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.97 KB, 198x314, IMG_2709.jpg)

>I'm really good at it too. I wouldn't stop u tip you had at least two organisms and then

No. 1652938

women like her prefer ugly moids
they need to be a queen/worshipped but also fear/hate all other women so they get ugly simps who they think won't be "stolen" by other girls
to me it seems like a form of disrespecting yourself but whatever

No. 1652944

he is a hollywood actor, he would probably enjoy that

No. 1652946

he looks so fucking odd to me

No. 1652948

tiny baby hand

No. 1652950

File: 1691095317752.jpg (357.8 KB, 2560x2373, lkq1wvs35fx21.jpg)

When Jenna tried to get with the deformed prince in 30 rock

No. 1652951

I remember seeing a clip of her from the Ellen show years ago telling a "funny" anecdote about how her young kids had picked up Spanish from their maids and I thought that it was really fucked up, like how utterly disconnected celebs are from their own kids, like no wonder they end up getting screwed up.

No. 1652952

Sloan's next video idea just dropped

No. 1652955

Stop projecting. They were nerdy highschool lovers and she got better looking while he didn't.

No. 1652961

she means Ariana

No. 1652962

I see what you mean, I think it's the eyes + nose combo. His eyes are small, close together and downturned and his nose is wide all the way through like those Adam Driver cats.

No. 1652964

Samefag, plus his eyes are bright blue which increases the overall effect

No. 1652965

kek you sound like you're her pr person

No. 1652967

I always wonder why stans itt aren't properly beaten up with sticks, but I never want to start the infight myself.

No. 1652973

>the swirl
burgers are so embarassing

No. 1652980

No. 1652982

File: 1691097675927.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2041, IMG_9218.jpeg)

>However, a source has now alleged that Ariana and Ethan - were involved romantically for months before the world found out about their relationship, having grown close while on the set of their upcoming movie.

>Furthermore, the insider says that the pair were so open with their romance during filming that the majority of the Wicked cast were aware that they were in a relationship.

>'They were sloppy on set,' the insider shared. 'They were seen being all over each other while he was still supposedly happily married to Lilly.

>'They were seen making out at a pub in Hampstead, and they were all over each other at Michelle Yeoh's Oscar party [in March].'

No. 1652983

i wish men wouldn't walk around in pants so tight you can see the zipper/fly curving over their fucking dick and balls. i feel like barfing whenever a guy in sweatpants gets on the bus and you have to stand next to some mouthbreathing 40 year old dirtbag's visible bulge

No. 1652984

they look like siblings

No. 1652986

wtf kind of name is "penn badgley"

No. 1652989

The kind you use to sneak into the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History as security and steal the Hope Diamond

No. 1652990

He must have a micropenis

No. 1652991

idc about the racesperging over this actress because the main reason she shouldn't be snow white is that she's fucking ugly. even in press photos she looks like someone melted a shitty wax statue of AOC onto a shitty wax statue of america ferrera and then stuck a single clip-in extension on top

No. 1652992

it's fine to call them out nona since we're all anon but i also get not wanting to start anything. on the other hand stans can get really annoying on this thread. especially if they're defending a celebrity in a way where they give them a pass for shitty behavior that other people would be scrutinized for

No. 1652993

anon has never heard of china

No. 1652995

No. 1652996

kek. as much as it's funny to see this blow up in her face i'm betting her stans on social media will still try to defend their precious uwu smol kween. i just feel sorry for the ex and the kid.

No. 1652997

File: 1691098364636.png (25.73 KB, 176x294, 028XSLQ0210281ND0WNQO.png)

Just randomly clicked halfway through and ew. Why do every moid trying to groom a minor type in the same way?

No. 1652999

it's not even just groomers who type this way, just any moid trying to come across as a fuckboy type.

No. 1653000

she's extremely ungainly, clumsy, stomp-y when she walks, and generally has poor physical coordination and weird movements while being very short anf soft. this makes your lizardbrain percieve "child" and causes a confusing feeling of repulsion even though consciously you are looking an attractive woman.

No. 1653005

Same. They seem to think this is some general celeb thread and not one for milk and news specifically. There's already an entire board for fangirling but they never use it for whatever reason.

No. 1653006

white guys who look exactly like that are constantly overdosing and getting facial tattoos

No. 1653007

I thought surely she might sing very well for them to cast her. Seeing vidrel with the over the top screaming and cringe face expressions, I'm even more confused

No. 1653008

maybe we should start putting a "this thread is not for stans" warning at the beginning of each thread summary or something. if an anon ignores it that's on them. the defensive stans are the worst.

No. 1653010

File: 1691099184251.jpg (110.65 KB, 606x743, cavill.jpg)

No. 1653011

File: 1691099184420.jpg (120.54 KB, 1500x1000, kylie-jenner-bratz-doll-080323…)

kylie is doing a collab with bratz. people on the internet are upset that the doll has a darker skin colour and kylie is a blackfisher

No. 1653015

They look like Happy Meal toys.

No. 1653016

File: 1691099573459.jpg (146.69 KB, 900x1200, 900_261673b0Yw_bratz-doll-cake…)

Ew that doll looks terrible! Why ais the fabric made out of hard plastic? And the hairline… It looks like some mom and pop cake shop made a bratz inspired kylie cake, and the dress is made out of frosting with a normal doll plopped in the middle.

No. 1653017

i'm just annoyed their first celebrity collab was with kylie but tbf i never really was into the dolls. wonder if this is them trying to get some headlines with barbie's resurgence in popularity

No. 1653019

late to this but i don't think she actually claims this is what she eats in day but instead implying "haha everything i eat looks phallic haha dicke and balls amirite" it's pickme brainrot

No. 1653020

I had totally forgot about that look and how bad it was, weird choice for a collab. The doll looks even rougher with the spray foam insulation dress. They should've matched the face being 4 shades lighter than the body to avoid blackfishing accusations.

No. 1653023

>fabric made of hard plastic
right, it looks like a collector's item (and a shitty one at that) especially with it having a base. doubt these are meant to be played with like a regular bratz doll.

No. 1653026

kek, there are whole threads online of men discussing his hand size (and other body parts) and compare them to their own hand size and now I know that I have bigger hands than they do. I feel so sorry for tiny men, well, no, I don't.

No. 1653028

KEK what does that even mean?

No. 1653029

File: 1691100334935.jpeg (101.32 KB, 640x369, 1652683968121.jpeg)

old thread pic when this hand topic was basically the content of an entire thread, which was also around the time of peak ezra content

No. 1653032

didn't you already post this

No. 1653033

Security guard walks up, "Excuse me sir, i'm going to need your name"
"Uh, umm-"
>sees the pen and notebook in the security guard's hand
>sees the badge on his uniform

No. 1653035

File: 1691100623287.png (163.59 KB, 600x600, 3 Twist NEWb.png)

It means chocolate and vanilla swi-irl.

No. 1653038

kekkkkkk nona stop

No. 1653042

idk what it is about the proportions of her face but it bothers me so much, something's just off

No. 1653046

nta but yeah it was already posted. not sure why it's being posted again.

funnily enough the thread you got this from was still full of sperging right from the start, i looked back at it and i can't say i miss it

No. 1653054

i can't stand people that try way too hard to make an impression like this when they sing. i didn't care about the snow white remake but after the comments talking about her i'm convinced she was just not a good choice.

No. 1653056

I understand why I find her so insufferable now. She's a musical theater kid.

No. 1653057

Squished in Selena Gomez type of face maybe

No. 1653064

File: 1691103496938.jpg (190.95 KB, 1600x1600, kruger_impress_chocolate_hazel…)

Black troons are mostly hsts who troon out because they think being a woman is automatically becoming Beyonce.
The puffs look like ceilings in cheap apartments. They should have did beyonce or dua lipa or something.
You're life is literally better off without knowing, it's cringe to see women projecting onto the relationships or alleged relationships to make themselves feel better.

No. 1653065

No. 1653068

samefag, but the way that i am up Beyonce's ass in this post, i am so sorry lmao.

No. 1653070

Yeah, if you watch it without sound it just looks like a feeder fetish video.

No. 1653080

It's just a term some black women use to refer to relationships between black women and non-black men.

No. 1653084

File: 1691104527405.jpg (335.69 KB, 1473x827, hands.jpg)

Both girls from the Witcher have bigger hands.

No. 1653089

I don't get how that works because men are supposed to have bigger hands and feet than women their height aren't they? Or so I thought, I went to the Harry Potter studio once, you could find hand prints (?) of the three main actors from when they did the last movie and were adults and Daniel Radcliff and Rupert whatever's hands were nearly as small as mine, I was shocked. Is it a britbong thing maybe?

I hope not.

No. 1653091

Whats the takeaway? That they're dicklets?

No. 1653097

He is a female to male. A biological woman.

No. 1653100

First Drake, now Henry Cavill? Who's next?

No. 1653109

File: 1691106354403.png (388.74 KB, 860x822, IMG_9226.png)

His hands are also partially obscured by his sleeves and could be the angle and the size of his arms. Like another anon said it's probably the steroids he took for Superman fucking with his body proportions. Here's pre roided Tudors Cavill for comparison

No. 1653112

File: 1691106619467.jpeg (275.99 KB, 1170x857, IMG_9227.jpeg)

Leah Remini is about to sue Scientology and they called her bigot kek

>On Thursday, in response to Leah Remini’s 60-page lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, a spokesperson for the controversial institution put out a statement: “This lawsuit is ludicrous and the allegations pure lunacy. Remini spreads hate and falsehoods for a decade and is now offended when people exercise their right to free speech, exposing her for what she is—an anti-free speech bigot.”

>In the new suit, Remini alleges the church has “stalked, surveilled, harassed, threatened,” and “intimidated” her and accuses Scientology of a series of abuses that amount to what she describes as “psychological torture.” She specifically claims Scientology operatives sought out a mentally ill homeless man to stalk and harass her because she asked where Shelly Miscavige, David’s wife, had disappeared to.

No. 1653114

File: 1691106886602.jpeg (793.36 KB, 1170x1577, IMG_9228.jpeg)

>The 53-year-old actor, who joined Scientology as a child in 1979 and left in 2013, claims the organization’s “mob-style operations and attacks” have “significantly” affected her life and career.

>“For 17 years, Scientology and David Miscavige have subjected me to what I believe to be psychological torture, defamation, surveillance, harassment and intimidation, significantly impacting my life and career. I believe I am not the first person targeted by Scientology and its operations, but I intend to be the last,” Remini said in a press release issued on Wednesday.

>Remini has been a public critic of Scientology for several years after her break with the Los Angeles-based organization. In 2016, she co-created and executive produced a documentary series called Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which won two Emmy awards and ran for three seasons.

The only thing I disagree with Remini on is her defense of Paul Haggis I still think he's a rapist

No. 1653115

i just read this comment but yeah i agree, halle seemed to handle the shit thrown at her with more class. this snow white actress just seems kinda smug as if she's expecting that her movie will be better than the tons of snow white films that were already done before this one. that should have been enough times to suggest that yet another one, and a subpar looking one at that, just isn't going to work.

No. 1653118

good for her for saying something. they seem like a huge organization to speak out against. horrifying that she was brought into it as a child.

No. 1653135

There have been tinfoilers itt talking about child actors taking puberty blockers so that they can keep getting roles. It's far fetched but there are so many child actors, especially males, who grew up to be manlets with weird features and stunted growth, and with the movie industry being full of pedos it wouldn't surprise me. Also yes they are dicklets.

No. 1653139

These were so good! I totally forgot about them.

No. 1653152

I’m so sorry but he looks like James Holmes in those fucking thumbnails…

No. 1653153

I'm so glad she's doing this. I find cults very interesting, have read about tons, and scientology is definitely the most insidious of them all. Really interesting rabbit hole to go down if you're into true crime type things.

No. 1653162

he's somehow the least attractive person in that photo

No. 1653165

leah remini is just trying to depose scientology's current leader and move in as a new one. i don't believe she's truly an ex-cult member in the traditional sense, rather is just seething and biding her time until she can start her own.

No. 1653166

now I'm curious why you think that? is there any evidence to tinfoil that she's part of a new era cult or just a hunch

No. 1653180

Hello sister ass foundation match.
She's going to go absolutely bananas when she's older and Kimye let her out the house.

No. 1653185

I dont have an opinion about this, and I'm not just saying that to be contrarian. It's very, very telling to me how eager people are to crucify her immediately, men do far worse every single weekend they're out with their crew and yet Lizzo is being treated like she raped someone. I bet she was drunk and loud at a strip club laughing at the spectacle, teasing everyone and doing what she was doing completely unaware of the environment she was creating. It's clear a lot of these people are greedy opportunists jumping at the chance to bleed others of money, and a situation of Lizzo being loud and drunk in a strip club is going to cost her so much. I'm sorry, but oooo BIG PHAT MEANIE LIZZO was laughing and carrying on and telling you to eat a banana out of a strippers coochie? Okay???? You didn't have to participate. You could have left. Sorry but sexual harassment my ass.

No. 1653191

I'm going to be one of those rare anons to defend lizzo.
The accusers were stumbling over in their tmz interview not making any sense and you can even see by looking at the comment section that everyone else was questioning their validity in that interview, the majority of things used against lizzo are not even things she did herself like blaming other higher-ups behavior for creating a toxic environment on lizzo, the fat shaming thing seems incredibly fake and a misunderstanding since none of the women even said she actually fat shamed them instead they blamed getting told to be more energetic during dancing or getting fired on thinking that happened because lizzo thought they were fat.

Idk.. this whole situation seems like one of those where both sides are kind of at fault and it seems like one of the dancers has a personal vendetta after getting fired.

You know…Jonah Hill is a very ugly fat man yet he still has a lot of supporters and people questioning his victims. Meanwhile Lizzo is forever canceled now, goes to show how beauty is the most important thing to being a female celeb and surviving that industry.

I mean look at Ariana and Doja despite the backlash they are getting they still have many fans who support them and will forget about their scandals In a Month. Can't say the same for Lizzo.(learn2sage)

No. 1653197

And that is okay. I will open the pickle jars for you baby boy

No. 1653201

Men are so retarded it's unreal.
What good work you've done in the world? I guess making more women fall into hookup culture is good work now. She's so smug about this, it's pissing me off.
I think people think it's ironic that Lizzo is so BoPo HAES luv urself queen and then she'd turn around and treat her backup dancers like that.

No. 1653202

I stand with her.

I dont believe it either. I think they're being opportunistic and feel jilted, and i doubt she did anything that warrants a lawsuit. It speaks volumes to me that people are so happy to talk about how disgusting and gross and fat she is suddenly.

No. 1653203

Because she didnt treat then like that. There is literally no proof of that ever happening either

No. 1653205

Personally I’ve always thought Lizzo was fat and disgusting so I feel pretty vindicated right now

No. 1653212

>I guess making more women fall into hookup culture is good work now
i'd have thought some of the other pop stars often mentioned in these threads preach that kind of message more than i ever recall lizzo doing. i don't pay much attention to her but lizzo always struck me as a haes promoting kind of person.

>I mean look at Ariana and Doja despite the backlash they are getting they still have many fans who support them and will forget about their scandals In a Month
case in point

No. 1653213

No. 1653216

I mean cool I always thought her wearing a cut out thong in public was boot nasty but that doesn't make me hate her in any capacity or decide her fate off of word alone

No. 1653217

Chin BUILT for facesitting. Bicycle chan.

No. 1653219

I think people are eager to crucify her because many people thought she was gross and obnoxious in the first place. You seem unaware of how low the bar is for “sexual harassment” in the workplace; merely inviting your employees or coworkers to a strip club can absolutely be considered sexual harassment. I didn’t watch the former dancers interviews but did read the screenshots posted itt and simultaneously feel that whatever Lizzo did is enough to fit the definition of sexual harassment AND that these gals likely weren’t that uncomfortable with it but simply realized after the fact that they could turn being uncomfortable into a payday.

No. 1653221

Keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth

No. 1653226

It isnt that I'm unaware, I just think this is ridiculous. They're picking on Lizzo BECAUSE she is Lizzo. We will see what comes of this.

No. 1653228

File: 1691117496744.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 538x1054, af565debef15664a69f4291bd13d75…)

I am so mad that you guys pointed this out because now it's all I see. I hate all of you.

No. 1653231

Fuck off with your retarded spamming of this mediocre moid and go on g/

No. 1653235

It's about his extremely disproportinate wingspan, relax.

No. 1653236

It is a bit ridiculous but Lizzo should’ve enforced proper boundaries so something like this couldn’t happen. I’m not a Lizzo fan by any means but curious what the outcome will be too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to settle out of court or something like that because I get the impression the women who accused her just want money.

No. 1653241

It's obvious that this is exactly what is happening, and people are starving for dopamine and to feel like they're socially a part of something so they're jumping on it regardless of the fact that it's a complete disservice to actual victims of abuse in the entertainment industry. Disappointing.

No. 1653251

Doja's new song is steaming dookie. It doesn't even fit the aesthetic shes pushing.

No. 1653253

It just sounds like all of her other music. Ironic.

No. 1653261

My advice to any celebrity who wants to avoid a permanent cancelation is to market themselves as a neutral person. Someone who doesn't disclose their stance on politics, treads carefully, never takes sides in any situation, thinks two steps ahead.
A good example of that would be Taylor Swift. To me she is what I would consider a neutral celebrity and it's why she has such a strong fanbase and relevancy. Taylor is someone who is safe for both people who Re alt-right edgelords and for people who are liberals and leftists so she stays safe because she always treads carefully when it comes to making a stance on anything and the rare exceptuon was when she made a stance was in her gaypride music video which is rare for her to do.

Taylor knows how to stop scandals really fast like the time her former boyfriend got exposed for being racist towards ice spice so Taylor invited ice spice to her concert to sing together so Taylor wouldn't look like she supports her ex's statements.

Also another important thing bout neutral celebs is taking care of your appearance, neutrals go the safe route by maintaining a fit slim body ,skin care, long or medium length hair, outfits that are sexy but also appealing to the general public etc etc.

In terms of relationship neutrals only have one close friend group that they hang out with (example of that would be Taylor's girl squad). They don't let workers, strangers or acquantances get close into their life….and for a good reason.

Also when iz comes to social media neutrals only use it to promote their music, event or do fanservice and talk about how much they love their fans. Most of them avoid saying anything rash on the internet.

No. 1653264

Thanks anon, I'm sure all the celebrities itt will appreciate the advice.

No. 1653265

Can't believe she had a mental breakdown just to promote a song like this, like fighting with fans and all that promo for a song that…sounds like all of her other past songs.

No. 1653266

File: 1691119599986.png (662.84 KB, 660x760, Doja-cat-Boyfriend.png)

Samefag but also
>it'll take a whole lot for me to settle

No. 1653269

henry's small hands isn't even milk. this was discussed so many threads back

No. 1653272

it's not just the actions of the celebrity, i'm betting. i'm pretty sure taylor also just has really good pr

No. 1653275

It doesn't just sound like all her other songs, it's got a boom clap clap boom vibe to it. Zzz.
>she a devil she a bad little bitch she rebel
Like???? Fucking sea-shanty type beat

No. 1653277

No. 1653282

File: 1691120464937.png (613.1 KB, 581x519, tori spelling.PNG)

Tori Spelling is living in an RV with her kids


>Television heiress and actress Tori Spelling was spotted Wednesday living out of an RV at a campground in Ventura County, California, alongside her five children after her split from hubby Dean McDermott.

>McDermott, 56, announced in June that he planned to divorce his wife after 17 years of marriage.
>The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star, along with her kids — Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, 6 — can be seen sitting in a circle of lawn chairs while watching the sunset, according to photos obtained by The Post.
>After Spelling was photographed living at the campground Wednesday, a source shared that Spelling is “struggling monetarily.”
>“The mold situation [at her house] is real, but it has been difficult for her to find a place to stay during it because her financial situation is not great,” the insider told “Entertainment Tonight.”
>Meanwhile, the former teen idol — who currently hawks the “BFF Collection,” a line of home decor products with her former co-star Jenni Garth, 51, on the QVC TV shopping network — reportedly snapped at members of the paparazzi when asked why she and her kids were staying at the seemingly seedy motel.
>“Are you a parent?” said the “Sharknado” actress. “You know you would do whatever you can for your kids, right?”
>Later that week, Spelling posted a text exchange from her Realtor who allegedly “mocked” her housing crisis.
>“And, this human is a father! I guess I hold out too much hope that people lead by kindness,” wrote Spelling on the Instagram story showing the texts.

No. 1653288

File: 1691120931045.gif (444.48 KB, 500x281, 84bbe1d6f61039776c812952946580…)

To avoid controversy-be taylor swift. Got it.

No. 1653290

No I just used her as a example. Even she used to have scandals in the past but now she has become a squeaky clean celebrity. Both her and her team have learned how to market her well, considering there is always some news articles being released about what a great person Taylor is or her donating somewhere. Other celebs need to take notes.

No. 1653293

File: 1691121156620.gif (499.02 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

>Other celebs need to take notes.
…they can't all be taylor swift, anon.(avatarfagging)

No. 1653304

great more avatarfagging

No. 1653307

I think Lizzo was in the wrong, but I do agree that we don't hold men accountable for enough and everyone's pouncing to attack her because she's
a. a woman
b. black
c. fat

especially people who already hated her
and her established persona revolves around not giving a fuck. so as much as I do not like what she allegedly did, white, usually skinny moids get off doing far worse and continue to have prosperous careers, and other pop stars who aren't half as hated as lizzo are going to go along just fine because they're not fat or black, which does give an unfair disadvantage to her. she actually is talented as a performer too (the crystal flute thing was because she's a trained flautist) am disappointed as someone who enjoys her music too

I still think she's pretty scummy for hyping up Chris brown and hiring Marty Singer though.

No. 1653311

Two gifs of eminem. Calm down.

No. 1653314

what the hell was the point of this? this is just weird, especially the "slim fit" body and long to medium hair.

No. 1653316

KEK omg

No. 1653317

File: 1691121892225.png (1.44 MB, 1548x1024, cavillanon.png)

I remember cavillchan

No. 1653318

she acts like she's hedging her bets. all her post scientology stuff is so focused on herself (not where she sends her money, i mean her self-focused docs, podcast) she's either going to go full trad religion, or try to take down miscavige then swoop in and take the now leaderless scientologyfags to be her (imo likely business/career/finance-based) cult. she seems angry in a way that ex-culties tend not to be. i think it's an angry desire for the power she thought she would eventually get if she worked her way up the ranks in scientology.

No. 1653320

Use your brain anon. It's because appearance is important when it comes to being a celebrity and unfortunately female celebrities with short hair are looked down on or mocked and may lose relevance. I don't make the rules, the fucked up society does.

I wrote it bcus I'm as bored, it's not that deep but it has truth to it.

No. 1653322

That's avatarfagging and NOBODY likes these stupid elder millennial ass gifs.

Sorry I wasn't active online during the saga. I would really like to see a picture comparing his wingspan to his height though.

No. 1653324

it's because her whole image was pro-woman feminist safe space YAAAS KWEEN, and she turns out to be just a hollywood scrote. it's like when the family values politicians get caught raping little boys. she put too much effort into making her whole persona and brand the complete opposite of what she was actually doing IRL.

No. 1653325

My advice to you is to stop writing open letters to celebrities and channel your delusions into some job applications

No. 1653327

ntayrt but the post didn't make sense because there are no celebrities on fucking lolcor kek (except for doja but she'll never listen)

No. 1653328

I find it pathetic that she caped for Chris brown but I still won't add fantasies or uncorroborated claims to the arsenal against her. She isn't tied to a stake. She never bodyshamed anyone, and im sorry but a drunk obnoxious loud woman at a strip club is hardly shocking to me.

No. 1653329

Transcendental Meditation is right across the street!

In all seriousness it does seem risky of her to sue the organization and I half question why she's doing it. As someone who's interested in cults her resentment doesn't seem that odd to me, especially considering she'd been in the organization since she was a child. That's my perspective, though, everyone reacts differently to leaving a situation that dire, not to mention rebelling against it and all the power it held over you.

No. 1653336

this is a milk thread, not a shitposting thread

No. 1653347

>normal sized midget
What the absolute fuck does that mean nonnie??
Also just googled it and he’s 6’1” but since he’s so wide maybe that creates an illusion that he’s not as tall?

No. 1653353

A lot of tall men are wide, hence the concept of big and tall stores. Taller with wider bone structure, even when they're lanky

No. 1653366

Courtney did not murder kurt and that rumor was only spread because people are dying to blame women for everything.

newsflash: he was an emaciated mentally-anguished junkie with Crohn’s disease who probably would have trooned out if he was born ~30 years later. there’s no mystery here. he killed himself.

No. 1653369

His legs are long but his arms look disproportionately short. He legit looks like he got that leg lengthening procedure because his wingspan is fucked up. Idk how I never noticed, maybe I have never paid attention to his height

No. 1653370


No. 1653371

I listened to the CMBC episodes on her, and the gist of it is that she really believes in Scientology as a religion, she basically just thinks that it’s been corrupted by the higher ups and that if everyone had followed the rules, it would have been fine, lmao.

So…. I can totally see this happening.(learn to sage)

No. 1653373

Kys self hating handmaiden. Depp is the abuser period

No. 1653374

Someone posted a snippet, but here's Doja's new song. I honestly do like the song and the visuals are good (despite her still doing the edgy devil illuminati thing). But this still cannot be this huge change from her "cashgrab" pop music that she was hyping up. If the rest of the album sounds like this we know for sure that all that shit was for media attention. I liked the muscle dress in this video btw

No. 1653379

The visuals were okay tbh, I feel like her other videos had better storytelling but this literally sounds like a b-side to hot pink, shame cause the beat was actually pretty cool and would’ve love to hear her rap a bit more on it. I was expecting this song to be like how Rico Nasty sounds on her songs.
It’s a tiktok viral song for her, like most of her hits. I was expecting more of the blood covered version of her?? Especially with how much that was being posted, unless it’s gonna shown more in the next song?

No. 1653382

File: 1691125681316.jpg (479.64 KB, 989x989, quJsP5R.jpg)

Samefag, remember how during the illuminati craze everyone would make a huge deal out of celebrities covering one eye? I wonder if that's what she's playing on in this video with the one eyeball. Otherwise the storyline doesn't make much sense to me.

No. 1653383

She's like two years too late to the occultism for shock value thing

No. 1653387

I'm gonna be real for a second, although it's ot. I think if Disney is going to keep up the thing where they cast women with wide-set eyes, they should be still be pretty. Halle's eyes are on two different planets, but she's still pretty so it was fine. Rachel Zegler is not ugly but it's like she has a midget face on a regular size body.

No. 1653388

I bet she was mad she can't ride a stipper pole down into hell without people saying she ripped off lil nas x.

No. 1653390

Boring song, but the Grim Reaper is a qt. I liked the video too.

No. 1653392

She's too pretentious for that, she's playing baby's first symbology forum dive and thinks it looks deep and meaningful

No. 1653393

File: 1691127962711.jpeg (82.7 KB, 529x550, 2E5FBB8C-3F39-4FD2-868E-92778F…)

Courtney killed him because he had already started trooning out

No. 1653396

She looks slow.

No. 1653399

File: 1691128950579.jpg (581.27 KB, 850x2385, 1651848682307.jpg)

I mean what are the chances of this happening 4 times.

No. 1653407

This is rlly good. She is an obnoxious cow, but I can’t bring myself to not like her music.

No. 1653411

You can have these health issues naturally you know? People like this used to be circus freaks a century ago and they were born with a fucked up pituitary gland. It is rare though and nowadays most people who can afford it seek treatment and the treatment works well so patients look like regular short people like Lionel Messi.

No. 1653416

I'm saying what are the chances of this happening to 4 separate child actors who were playing sassy child characters and whose condition allowed them to retain their character status longer and preserve the status quo?

No. 1653430

Who knows. I get why you're wondering about it tbh. My guess is they audition for these roles and at that time they're already a bit older than they look so whoever cast them first guessed that they're going to look young enough for this type of roles over and over again?

No. 1653433

In Europe some countries (Denmark and maybe Sweden and Holland) legalized all kinds of porn, including CP and beast porn. It was featured in commercially available magazines such as Color Climax. Vintage porn forums ban any scan from CC because some of the "regular" porn featured underaged people. At the time movies like Pretty Baby or Maladolescenza hit the theaters. Some countries banned them and others showed them on TV later.

No. 1653450

Idk who that last one is, but Gary Coleman and that kid from The Middle both have well documented medical conditions that impacted their height

No. 1653483

and they happened to both end up in tv shows where there condition helped maintain the status quos of their shows.

No. 1653486

File: 1691140213150.png (683.41 KB, 621x800, img_6329-jpeg.png)

Cardi B posted a picture of two Hasidic Jewish men on Twitter with no context, and fans have been reacting badly

No. 1653487

File: 1691140267518.jpeg (132.91 KB, 587x800, IMG_6331.jpeg)

No. 1653489

File: 1691140384048.jpeg (156.16 KB, 716x800, IMG_6333.jpeg)

No. 1653490

She's been on about this for like a year I've tried telling her this too it's stuck in her fucking head

No. 1653491

File: 1691140558743.jpeg (126.53 KB, 625x800, IMG_6334.jpeg)

No. 1653500

Why is everyone freaking out, did I miss something? It's just a picture of two guys minding their business and the caption is very vague.

No. 1653504

I think it's a 9/11 conspiracy reference.

No. 1653507

I can see the implicated of posting "reminder…" and then a picture of two stereotypical jewish men.

No. 1653511

That’s just capitalizing on what would otherwise be a misfortune

No. 1653566

You should hear about the singer mary j blige! Her bum ass husband who never had a job sued her for half of everything and on top of that ordered her to pay 30,000 a month! for his adult children that she didn’t even birth! She literally had to go back touring to pay it! And don’t get me started on Kelly Clarkson and Adele. Successful women get it 10x worse because 9/10 they are STILL in charge of most of not all of the child rearing. Disgusting

No. 1653572

>that nose
>that chin
vomit inducing
dumb men

No. 1653591

Wow that's disgusting. I thought Scandinavian countries were better but I was wrong. Also the title for those movies makes me want to vomit. Sick world with sick men and women who enable stuff like that.

No. 1653597

how on earth is the anon you're replying to being a pick me

No. 1653615

His skull is looking kinda small by comparison there…

As a Jew I find it funny how she posted just one word and a picture of Hasids and people are like "WHOA! This is hateful!" Of course she knows what she's doing, but it's funny to see the "progressive" crowd fill in the blanks. If she's referring to 9/11 she's right anyway, lbr. Search "Dancing Israelis" on DuckDuckGo if you doubt me.

No. 1653616

File: 1691153774436.jpg (102.92 KB, 910x441, EyLDur7XAAMeCRH.jpg)

sage for but OT, but there was literally a social experiment in Germany carried out by sociologists, where young orphan boys were placed in group homes run by convicted pedophiles(it ended how you'd think, but was covered up for years). During the Cold War, most actual socialists and communists were either kicked out or demonized in the West. As a result, a group of pretentious pedophiles started being promoted with the intention to 1) divert young educated people into these groups instead of the Soviet block, and 2) disconnect the left from the working class. This is how you end up with legalization of cp, it took a collation of far-right, far-left, Christian and Feminist parties fo ban cp in Denmark for example.(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1653623

I'm sorry anon but she is not pretty at all. her eyes like you say are too far apart (anons also say this about Anya Taylor joy) her mole is ugly and she simply isn't pretty. sorry.

No. 1653624

> …guy on the right is my cousin
made me chuckle

No. 1653632

Yeah but this photo is new:

No. 1653633

File: 1691156009830.jpg (121.04 KB, 960x1196, unnamed.jpg)

If Halle Bailey isn't pretty, then neither is Anya Taylor Joy and a lot of other female celebrities people worship and insist are just "unique beauties" tbh. I still remember when Halle took a photo with some kpop idol, and the kpop fans started bashing her and calling her ugly/monster/etc. I guess the hatred for dark skin/black people blinded them to the fact that the two women have similar features, it's ridiculous.

No. 1653638

Nta but those two women look nothing alike at all…

No. 1653644

Ben Shapiro after all of course in fact

No. 1653648

They both have wide-set, almond-shaped eyes, wide noses, thick lips, short/neotenous midfaces, etc. The biggest differences between them are hair texture/style, eyebrows and skintone.
I saw people say the other girl is Vietnamese and previously got bullied by surgery-brained kpop stans for those features, too, but having pale skin and standing next to someone darker gave her a temporary pass ig.

No. 1653649

Anya Taylor Joy is hideous… Anon please stop lying to yourself.

No. 1653650

Wtf their faces are nearly the same aside from the eyebrows. Even the eyes are extremely similar despite hers not being actually monolid

No. 1653651

File: 1691157422661.jpg (350.03 KB, 1920x1536, retard.jpg)

she's a retarded tranny cocksucker too

No. 1653665

>elbowing a transphobe, stepping on a homophobe . the joys of walking thru NYC
they always say shit like this online but ime when i've openly said anti tranny things irl these types freeze up and stare at me wide eyed and look truly frightened, as if they're gonna piss their pants.

No. 1653675

File: 1691158563908.jpg (482.28 KB, 2880x2880, 20230804_091421.jpg)

I think Halle is really pretty, but she's getting the short stick with her styling. Her eyebrows are cute, but when they near-blend into her skintone, it doesn't aid her features. I darkened her eyebrows just a bi, and I think the contrast really helpz. I also added a little color to her cheeks because she always seems washed out, and a lip color that's more pink. Her makeup team always makes her so monochrome! I don't get it. She's an acquired taste for sure, but I love her features.

No. 1653680

nta but other than her eyes, most of her features seem pretty normal. if someone like that is hideous then everyone else must be a goblin kek

No. 1653681

yeah but at this point more and more people are seeing how blatant her PR propaganda is and it's actually off-putting

No. 1653684

Speaking of Halle she dropped a new song she wrote after getting the part of Ariel. It’s very good.

No. 1653686

File: 1691159096829.png (271.09 KB, 1222x573, Halle-Bailey-Images-4.png)

samefag, but it's also not good when she's styled to a contrast extreme. Case in point, this eyebrow color is too strong for her features, and the 'insta-baddie' shape doesn't benefit her. You can see where the arch is set too high vs the natural brow hairline that's just below the fake arch. It's crazy how sometimes something as small as the shape and color of eyebrows can throw off a person's facial harmony. And even then, she's not hideous in this strong-contrast photo, it's just not ideal styling.

No. 1653690

I'm an A-list celebrity and this helped me a lot, thanks anon

No. 1653691

You're welcome, Doja!

No. 1653693

Oh my god, I can't believe *Nonnie is on our board, everybody shut up!! I love you! I've been a huge fan since your hit single "Pixyterin' Up My Heart"

No. 1653698

they look nothing alike at all kek. and it isn't even about race. Halle's eyes are much noticeably wide apart
nobody said she is hideous, she just isn't pretty. not to play a Disney princess.

No. 1653700

That's not styling anon lol. She's wearing little makeup in that picture.

No. 1653703

File: 1691159850474.png (1.06 MB, 1372x901, hc.png)

Agreed, the eyebrows make a huge difference and she definitely isn't an IG baddie type. I think both her and Chloe had some of their best styling when they just came out.

No. 1653704

You must be face-blind, can't be helped there.

No. 1653706

not watching this until a few months later bc i want this album to flop
idk you guys but she looks gorgeous to me.

No. 1653707

She looks so cross eyed here

No. 1653708

anon "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". and in my eye, she isn't a beauty. so shut the fuck up kek

No. 1653709

Sorry anons, I didn't mean to start another fight about Halle's looks. I really only posted this to say Rachel has midget face, I'm sure she's lovely though.

No. 1653710

You must be illiterate, too. God help you kek(infighting)

No. 1653711

>nobody said she is hideous, she just isn't pretty. not to play a Disney princess.
…did you see the post i replied to anon. i think you got me mixed up, the anon i replied to was talking about Anya

No. 1653712

wait >>1653680 was a reply to
which is about Anya not Halle… the fuck lol

No. 1653714

I just think Halle looks like a child (a compliment to many I'm sure) which got nothing to do with her wide set eyes but all of her facial features as a whole.
>If Halle Bailey isn't pretty, then neither is Anya Taylor Joy
The two look nothing alike, the only shared facial feature is their wide set eyes. It's like saying every woman with a square face is beautiful because Margo Robbie has a square face and is beautiful.

No. 1653715

why are you so concerned with the fact I think she isn't pretty? why is my opinion so meaningful to you that feel the need to continue replying?

No. 1653720

I can't hold your hand anymore, but google "face blindness". What I said here >>1653704 wasn't about "pretty". I swear anons in the celebricow threads can be so low IQ.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1653722

It's not a song that's gonna be on repeat for me, but her vocals are gorgeous (as expected) and the video is beautiful.

No. 1653724

oh dear, I must have gotten confused. thank you for clearing that up for me. I hope my lack of concentration has made you feel slightly better about your own contribution to a thread currently derailed discussing celebs looks kek(infighting)

No. 1653725

No. 1653735

Her voice is so beautiful. The part with the home video clips at the end was so sweet, too.

No. 1653833

File: 1691168930206.png (1.22 MB, 1316x2428, Screenshot.png)

Barbie and its consequences.

No. 1653845

but how

No. 1653854

maybe it's like yu-gi-oh including the yaoiz potential

No. 1653882

So? The post was tinfoiling about giving child actors puberty blockers and those 2 definitely weren’t taking them

No. 1653926

File: 1691174074122.jpeg (438.97 KB, 828x941, IMG_3605.jpeg)

reminding me of the american girl twitter shitposting accounts

No. 1653929

File: 1691174193764.jpeg (153.61 KB, 1170x1452, IMG_9297.jpeg)

Meg and Nicki? This sounds like a deluded stan submission. No way

No. 1653940

> “Are you a parent?” said the “Sharknado” actress.


No. 1653981

strip clubs are 'feminist' to the un-pinkpilled masses

No. 1653990

She's 5'2, she IS a midget.

No. 1654027

i swear the "planned movies based off of toys and games" news has been posted in celebricows about 3 times now, this isn't new but ty anon

No. 1654028

we already saw this coming in >>1645606 and >>1646572 but tbf the quote by brenner is new

No. 1654033

exactly, yeah. she's not anti-sci, just anti-miscavige

No. 1654035

this video looks like what would happen if arrow de wilde fast-forwarded through the seventh seal to pick the most iCoNiC outfits
ie it's shit

No. 1654036

those celebs are all too poor to be in the illuminati. i don't believe in the illuminati shit anyway, but hollywood money isn't even close to what behind-the-scenes-world-influencing-club money is

No. 1654037

rachel segler is ugly
agree about the wide apart eyes in general but this zegler woman looks like fucking pepe

No. 1654039

it's the opposite of what you're implying. people with weird conditions that make them small are disproportionately likely to become actors or entertainers. the chances are actually quite high that four different midget/kidney disease/fuked up spine guys would decide on a career in acting

No. 1654041

?? is she implying that the fucked these two dudes?

No. 1654044

Was going to donate to the GoFundMe after getting paid today, but it appears the link is completely gone now. Anyone know what happened to it? Did it reach it's goal or get deleted?

No. 1654053

File: 1691184930123.jpg (76.43 KB, 666x570, jojoj.jpg)

Some people are starting to show support for Lizzo after seeing the accusers make no sense in Their tmz interview


No. 1654054

File: 1691184957403.jpg (57.83 KB, 640x592, keokdoek.jpg)

No. 1654056

File: 1691185008471.jpg (84.93 KB, 901x471, ijwodjo3j.jpg)

No. 1654058

File: 1691185108241.jpg (79.82 KB, 702x568, ojo3jd.jpg)

No. 1654059

File: 1691185154939.jpg (43.93 KB, 632x558, j3ejo3j.jpg)

No. 1654061

File: 1691185412224.webm (5.84 MB, 1280x720, ssstwitter.com_1691181963614.w…)

Yeah after watching this I'm thinking Lizzo is innocent in this sutiation.

No. 1654064

Did it reach its goal? Donated albeit not that much and now I'm wondering if she received any of the money at all or the men's legal teams falsely reported or pulled strings at GFM to get it taken down. Thats suspicious as fuck

No. 1654067

I don't care about lizzo, innocent or not. I hate the fact her whole personality is being overweight. she uses 'body positivity' for an excuse for being fat, I feel no pity if she is actually innocent or whatever

No. 1654075

No, it's a Jewish World Elite/"Remember who controls the media" conspiracy type thing

No. 1654076

File: 1691186526264.jpeg (741.21 KB, 1176x1744, IMG_2165.jpeg)

Allegedly it's paid

No. 1654080

You don't need to post a bunch of tweets anon, just post quotes from the video

No. 1654082

No it's not, I saw this post and the Brooklyn faggot just posted that for engagement. People kept asking him in the replies why did he crop it if it was true that they were paying people and he said that he doesn't know since this wasn't his screenshot then people asked him where did he get that screenshot from and he didn't answer. This is fabricated to make Lizzo look worse. Faggots like fabricating.

No. 1654087

File: 1691187555817.jpg (32.46 KB, 686x342, jd9e9d3u.jpg)

Interesting how he went and deleted this tweet a minute after my post >>1654082

So it's fake. lizzo never payed anyone, stop believing faggots who hate women. That coward faggot went and deleted his tweets after being called out.

I rather defend lizzo than defend a man especially a fagguete who loves creating fake drama. This is a girl's only site.

No. 1654088

File: 1691187665652.jpg (18.05 KB, 691x195, 3ojoj3f.jpg)

delete your post here too after spreading misinformation on a troll tweet which has been deleted.

No. 1654093

>I rather defend lizzo than defend a man especially a fagguete who loves creating fake drama. This is a girl's only site.
Nta but Jesus calm down, you're acting like anon was fighting with you or something. Anons should be more careful about what they post but it's not that serious as long as things get cleared up.

No. 1654098

File: 1691188526983.jpeg (235.76 KB, 1125x598, FBBCB91B-D318-43C3-B894-0C55F2…)

saw this comment on impact's post about lizzo's statement. people love shoehorning in their uwu smol idol in someone else's controversy huh.

can someone tell me how on earth ariana can be seen as a "feminist icon"? almost everything i've seen her done publicly has been self-serving

No. 1654100

Because she sang God is a Woman and that made her a feminist for some reason

No. 1654104

retarded moids were butthurt by the title without even knowing what the song is actually about. it's not even feminist at all, it's just some lame pick-me "i'll fuck you so good i'll have you think i am your god" bpdette cringe ass shit

No. 1654109

wow, that's it? kek. ariana = feminist icon is the biggest joke i've read today for sure

No. 1654146

hi angelina

No. 1654172

Pretty sure it has more to do with the fact that actors with this pre-existing condition look super young but have the ability to cooperate and say their lines better than a younger child.

No. 1654192

The idea of having actresses employed in giant franchises and films that say shit like "this bird app" is soooo unappealing

No. 1654231

Interesting how fat male celebrities are allowed to exist meanwhile fat women deserve to be punished.
Saying you don't care that someone is receiving serious allegations that may be fake just because they are fat and annoying is a insane take. She is not even that bad when you compare her to other haes celebs who are much worse. Most of her music is just cheerful upbeat feelgood songs.
Tbh I feel sorry for her. Proof that you need to be pretty, skinny and have long hair to survive in this industry because it's always these celebs getting massive hate trains the moment they cut their hair (look at how katy perrys career was destroyed when she cut her hair) or how people reacted to Camilla cabello's weight gain.
Neutral celebrity anons advice was right.

(Not saying because the linked video is more news)

No. 1654237

it had nothing to do with katy perry's hair… she literally stopped releasing music as consistantly as she was between 2008 and 2014. that'a all there is to it. she took too long of a hiatus and her new songs aren't hits.(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1654242

Ok so you don't know about the massive hate train during the bon appetite and swish era.
Most people who keep up with pop culture know that, only on lolcow in a celebrity thread would someone deny that.

No. 1654246

looking at the lyrics for her new song it looks like she is addressing her "haters" and how she soooo doesn't care about being famous and that she loves her bald head. Its giving teenage rebel phase kek.

(Walk on by)
(Walk on by)
(Walk on by)
(Walk on by)

Yeah, bitch, I said what I said
I'd rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don't care, I paint the town red

Bitch, I said what I said
I'd rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don't care, I paint the town red

Mmm, she the devil
She a bad lil' bitch, she a rebel
She put her foot to the pedal
It'll take a whole lot for me to settle

Mmm, she the devil
She a bad lil' bitch, she a rebel
She put her foot to the pedal
It'll take a whole lot for me to settle (yeah, yeah)

Said my happiness is all of your misery
I put good dick all in my kidneys
This Margiel' don't come with no jealousy
My illness don't come with no remedy
I am so much fun without Hennessy
They just want my love and my energy
You can't talk no shit without penalties
Bitch, I'm in yo' shit if you send for me
I'm going to glow up one more time
Trust me, I have magical foresight
You gon' see me sleepin' in courtside
You gon' see me eatin' ten more times
Ugh, you can't take that bitch nowhere
Ugh, I look better with no hair
Ugh, ain't no sign I can't smoke here
Ugh, gimme the chance and I'll go there (yeah)

Yeah, bitch, I said what I said
I'd rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don't care, I paint the town red

Bitch, I said what I said
I'd rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don't care, I paint the town red

Mmm, she the devil
She a bad lil' bitch, she a rebel
She put her foot to the pedal
It'll take a whole lot for me to settle

Mmm, she the devil
She a bad lil' bitch, she a rebel
She put her foot to the pedal
It'll take a whole lot for me to settle (yeah, yeah)

Said pop make money, now you try, bitch
You could use a revamp with a new vibe, sis
I don't need a big feature or a new sidekick
I don't need a new fan, 'cause my boo like it
I don't need to wear a wig to make you like it
I'm a two-time bitch, you ain't knew I'd win?
Throw a shot like you tryna have a food fight then
All my opps waitin' for me to be you, I bet

Said I got drive, I don't need a car
Money really all that we fiendin' for
I'm doin' things they ain't seen before
Fans ain't dumb, but extremists are
I'm a demon, Lord
Fall off what? I ain't seen the horse
Called your bluff, better cite the source
Fame ain't somethin' that I need no more

'Cause, bitch, I said what I said
I'd rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don't care, I paint the town red

Bitch, I said what I said
I'd rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don't care, I paint the town red

Mmm, she the devil
She a bad lil' bitch, she a rebel
She put her foot to the pedal
It'll take a whole lot for me to settle

Mmm, she the devil
She a bad lil' bitch, she a rebel
She put her foot to the pedal
It'll take a whole lot for me to settle

(Walk on by)
(Walk on by)
(Walk on by)
(Walk on by)
(Walk on by)

No. 1654254

she sold her soul to the devil and igaf who disagrees. what's up with the cannabilism?? and her stans on twitter are trying to say that it's "raw animal meat"

No. 1654255

nta but i doubt it was just to do with her hair or appearance, she also made changes to her public persona in general and made choices both music- and persona-wise that didn't appeal to the general public. i myself thought became much more annoying during her witness era, and it wasn't because of her hair.

No. 1654256

This is exactly what I was thinking when I read that–because she's fat, she does not deserve to live without punishment? Because she's fat that means it's le based to degrade and dogpile her? I don't feel like engaging with any of these people because I cannot imagine how one-dimensional and stupid you have to be to continually jump on all these bandwagons and dehumanize people in an endless loop of ignorance.

No. 1654257

This sea shanty self insert fanfic has already been posted unfortunately

No. 1654275

That's why NFR won the NME award for best album in the world in 2020…. i'd pick a poverty larper over a rape apologist

No. 1654277

Why does it always gotta be soul selling or demons with you tinfoilers instead of something more realistic. Like cmon Doja be snorting them buckets of cocaine and is having a mental breakdown. That's the real reason for her weird paintings.

No. 1654328

Mostly agreed. Halle’s eyes at least made her look like a fish, which went with the mermaid theme I guess. Also more importantly she can really sing, and that’s a big thing for a movie like The Little Mermaid where it’s part of the plot. But this other girl? Not it.

No. 1654329

Good luck to her.
Corny as fuck. I also like how she said she'll rebrand and yet her music sounds the same as last time.

No. 1654339

On its own, it's an okay song. But it's literally no different than anything she has ever done, and yet she hyped it up like it was going to be this groundbreaking edgy sound emerging from stereotypical pop. It doesn't match the aesthetician either, it's like the modern day version of when Alice in Chains dressed super grunge but made really commercial classic alt rock.

No. 1654346

> it looks like she is addressing her "haters" and how she soooo doesn't care about being famous and that she loves her bald head
the other song was the exact same shit, is that gonna be the whole album? really?
>i'm so not a pop artist anymore i'm a bad bald bitch fuck the haters
i can't believe she hyped this so much, i wonder if she'll get the same treatment of people clowning taylor for talking about her haturzz, except barely anyone likes dojas new persona

No. 1654352

I don't know if any anons here even who this is but this is the woman who went viral on tiktok for calling out doja cat a year ago for copying her "style" and for her weird imma be a zebra song. I remember she got posted in some thread here too during that time but I don't remember which one. At the time me and other anons obviously did not take that woman seriously and thought she was mental or seeking attention because doja's style at the time was so different from this woman's but now currently when I look at doja cat it really does look like she stole this woman's style. Maybe the just have a similar taste in how to look but current doja does look like eyeamki.

No. 1654357

I think she really thinks she's uglyworldwide

No. 1654360

It wouldn't surprise me if she's purposely drawing inspo from other bald creators so I wouldn't necessarily consider this a reach. Doja is and always has been extremely derivative, even in her music her sound for every song is always a 'concept' she draws from another artist and their style.

No. 1654382

I told y'all that Marty Singer does this shit he will go to any means necessary to defend his clients faggotry whether they're innocent or guilty. he's dirty as shit

No. 1654414

You only chose what you want to see. Completely forgetting how the people who posted that were trolling and some deleted their tweets.
It's a modern witch hunt up in this bitch.

No. 1654787

I love this YouTuber so much. she herself, obviously, doesn't fit this thread, but the video does I guess

No. 1654904

Hey so I looked more into this since the anon who posted this barely gave context.

What cardi did was ignorant but it wasn't antisemetic.
She was actually trying to compliment her Jewish lawyer but it got interpreted badly. Cardi recently won a legal battle and her lawyer was Jewish and that tweet she made was in reference to her quote "my lawyer is a jew,he gon eat up all the charges".

I hope this gives more context to other anons, it's extremely dumb and ignorant but she didn't have malicious intentions.

No. 1654918

File: 1691253449399.jpg (90.46 KB, 637x702, KIJDEIJD.jpg)

No. 1654919

File: 1691253570757.jpeg (174.25 KB, 1164x1428, F2o0t8wW4AA03LS.jpeg)

No. 1654923

File: 1691253680828.jpeg (208.6 KB, 1014x2048, F2xG-uSXgAA97YZ.jpeg)

No. 1654937

Stop caping for fat monkeys already(racebait)

No. 1654971

Perpetuating Jewish stereotypes is still bad even if it’s a stereotype that you think is “positive”

No. 1655084

File: 1691263681941.jpg (138.67 KB, 1500x1875, drake-sexxy-redd-071923-3-f8a6…)

Opinions on Sexyy Red?

I'm out of town, thuggin' with my rounds
My coochie pink, my booty-hole brown
Where the niggas? I'm lookin' for the hoes
Quit playin', nigga, come suck a bitch toe
- Pound Town, Sexxy Red(sage your shit)

No. 1655089

File: 1691263784165.jpeg (975.51 KB, 1170x2147, IMG_9358.jpeg)

Easy for her to say when she is a nepo baby and a higher paid actress, although I understand people wanting to get back to work. But back to work shouldn't mean "auctioning off your image to artificial intelligence scanners for $200, no residuals"

>"I’m hopeful that we can all see all sides. I’m more Switzerland. I’m not a polarized person here. I don’t like the rhetoric on both sides."


No. 1655101

Jamie better stfu before anons bring up her greasy middle-aged autistic child built like Chris Chan. Tired of these sheltered morons who don’t realize it affects even the 1% who get bigger paychecks and better contracts, there’s not enough writers not enough to make “Grammy-winning” scripts and productions that give these actors a name in the first place. Also these companies don’t give a shit if you’re Jamie lee Curtis, what is stopping the Levines and Steins from taking her likeness?(sage your autism in this thread)

No. 1655109

It isn’t. Positive stereotypes are arguably not as harmful as negative stereotypes, there’s a difference of harm between being called a lazy welfare queen/leech and being praised that your entire ethnoreligious group of people have managed to dominate extremely hard to get into industries, especially at the level those Jewish lawyers get to, hence why they represent politicians, CEOS, and celebrities like Cardi. Same thing with model minorities for example, this concept allow certain groups of people to excel in society based on the positive stereotypes (good at math/engineering, good work ethic, hardworking, clean, skinny, pretty feminine women etc.) attributed to them by not only the dominant group but other groups as well. I honestly rather be thanked for my people being seen as reliable law representatives than a scourge on society, but every group has pos/neg stereotypes(sage your racebait)

No. 1655110

>46% of hate crimes in the US target jews right now!!!

i love how they just make stuff up

No. 1655112

File: 1691265246644.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.8 KB, 744x800, emmawatsonharveyweinstein.jpg)

I know the tinfoil thread is elsewhere but I feel like Hollywood/music celebrities are like a revolving door of sex toys to the elites. Not to mention a lot of the behind-the-scenes old money Moloch worshipers use mass media to influence public thought. Just like the casting couch for Hollywood, I bet there's a ritual of fucking some old Rothschild or whatever to be allowed into a secret meeting with the true masters of our world. Maybe they're not killing babies for adrenochrome or whatever but don't forget there were quite a few celebrity names in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book. Inb4 meds

No. 1655117

not even much of a tinfoiler nona but i agree with you

No. 1655127

Nonnie that’s absolutely retarded. Stereotyping is a shitty thing to do, I don’t care how long of an essay you write trying to justify it. People use those exact same stereotypes about Jewish people as “evidence” that they control everything. Every stereotype that you see as a “positive” is used against them in some negative way by antisemites which is why it’s not okay and needs to stop

No. 1655228

Anon, you might want to tell all your grievances to her lawyer. He loved her post and reposted it on his own IG story. It's really not a big deal, she was joking about her lyrics. No Jewish lawyers were harmed by this, it's not an insult or attack, it's okay.

No. 1655259

Mkultra mind control being used on celebrities so they can be forced to fuck diplomats/people in positions of power. The mind controlled celebrity gets close to said diplomat and gets secrets to be used for blackmail. Screw Ezra Miller, but when he said actors are essentially “sex workers” I believed him.
>>‘Because, like, we all knew it was unacceptable when we fucking survived it. That’s what Hollywood is. I thought we all knew we were sex workers.’


No. 1655296

arigato bogdan grande is a TRICK ASS HOE

No. 1655297

File: 1691273486652.jpeg (295.77 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1091.jpeg)

No. 1655302

File: 1691273823040.jpg (268.36 KB, 1080x972, Whineybitch.jpg)

Ferris didn't pause your career, killing a kid and getting away with it is what did the job. And the fact that you don't see this is what makes you an insufferable manlet that deserves to be outshined by their partner.

No. 1655320

He killed a kid?!

No. 1655325

NTA but in 1987 he accidentally took a wrong lane while driving and crashed his car head on with another one killing the two people in the other car instantly. They weren't kids though, the driver was 28 and the passenger was her mother aged 63. He did get away with it, only slapped with a couple of hundred of dollars worth of fines.

No. 1655345

No regular person regardless of who they fuck gets in on those 'meetings'. Hollywood money is not old money. Sick of these q anon fairytales.

No. 1655408

Ari's entire career has been handouts from pedos she was fucking since Dan Schneider, that's why she never got any criticism for turning herself brown for her entire career. Now, she's back to being a white girl w platinum blonde hair & it has her looking as weird in the face as Kaka. Whatever she's been up to in the last couple years hasn't been kind to her face.

Ari being a POS finally coming to light is so satisfying though, after watching her for years act like she got everything she got just for being uwu kawaii and young. Bullshit, the industry does not and has never worked like that. If it did, tons more young women would be part of it. The hard truth is, Ari aged out of her handouts and is laying low bc she can't pull of singing in brownface anymore.

No. 1655410

Nobody makes it in Hollywood anymore without trafficking themselves to some degree. Nobody. That's how old Hollywood money keeps control, by not letting new blood come in and take the reigns bc they want to control every one in it. Sex is blackmail in Hollywood, nobody gets anywhere in the entertainment industry without doing something nasty that they don't ever want anyone to know about.

No. 1655412

he never paid that fine btw.

No. 1655418

>she never got any criticism for turning herself brown
ayrt, to be fair i did see her get criticism, they were just all drowned out by her stans.

aside from that, i 100% agree with you that ariana is a pos. i hope more people realize just how much of a shitty person she really is instead of remaining as braindead fans blinded by the persona she wants to portray, it really is satisfying seeing her downfall after witnessing her fake ass bullshit for years. no one should even really be surprised or denying it, but i'm still seeing some on social media defend her like their lives depend on it kek.

No. 1655445

If these women peaked and started also making terf videos for their libfem audiences they would be so powerful

No. 1655450

i’m not tinfoiling by any means but it’s incredible what that Manchester bombing did for her career. and then with Mac Miller dying… she became such a perfect victim and pure angel to root for.

No. 1655458

Ok fair, I should say "she never faced any REAL criticism for brownfacing her entire career", something no other white girl would ever be able to pull off unless they were kept by a powerful pedophile.

Since Jeanette's book dropped, Ari has been so quiet, went back to being white.

She onlyngot so popular for turning herself into the fantasy that every naive girl who wants to be a popular believes in- all you need is a dream and hope!! No, you need a handout from a pedophile & she got it.

Honestly the only reason Ari ever had fans is because she was allowed to do what every other girl wanted to do, but ONLY because she was whoring herself out to whoever she needed in order to get it. Her whole career was her chasing aesthetics she dropped as soon as she made an ass of herself with them, but her handlers censored all her backlash the whole time. Her debut album cover was revolting, obviously pedophilia as hell, and her attitude/persona during her career line right up with "spoiled, entitled nepobrat". Idk why anyone ever liked her, she's just a kaweewee version of the Mean Girls from high school pretending to be a smol innocent bean doing her best~. That's what got Mr, she wasn't untalented but she eas so up her own ass and acted like she qas better than everyone when anyone with sense knows she only got what she did bc of what she was willing to do to get it.

IDK how anyone literally believes any female is active currently in the entertainment industry without being brought in by family or trafficking their way in.

No. 1655478

Never forget vidrel happened

No. 1655479

honestly i agree with you too. the same girl who muttered about wanting her fans to die actually had fans die at that concert and while she might have been affected to an extent, it seemed like she still reveled in and benefitted from the attention she got. with that and mac miller, people probably couldn't help but feel bad for her. those were tragedies she happened to be part of. but to have fans defend to the death the bullshit she chooses to engage in - that, i will never understand.

No. 1655481

not sure if i'm recalling correctly but didn't she come from a wealthy family as well? that probably had a part in escalating her chances too.

No. 1655483

women in Hollywood, sure. I don’t think men in Hollywood are being passed around as party favors. maybe men who started out as children. but women for sure have to do depraved shit to get famous.

No. 1655499

Not passed around per se, but definitely emasculated. Black men in Hollywood especially have this thing about "don't let them put you in a dress". That said, yeah, a shocking number of straight men in Hollywood are expected to either let another man blow them or fuck them if they ask for too much or start getting too 'cocky'.

Seriously, there isn't such a thing as young people in Holllywood, especially coming from social media, who haven't somehow traded or compromised their ability to say "no" when they want to. There is 0 freedom in Hollywood, they just have much more/better privileges.

No. 1655512

This video makes me sad every time I see it

No. 1655519

File: 1691302095656.jpeg (84 KB, 750x447, IMG_9403.jpeg)

Some men do get escorted especially if they start off young, but not nearly as bad as the women. They have the chance to overcome it and obtain power in ways that women don't. Some of them become the abuser themselves. Harder to feel bad for moids when they don't have to degrade themselves every single waking day of their lives. Women never break free from the culture binds of misogyny whereas men can escape objectification into elder age and are socialized to abuse women.

No. 1655521

File: 1691302377592.jpeg (884.92 KB, 1151x1883, IMG_9406.jpeg)

>This is the first time Biles has competed since the Tokyo Games, which was marked by her notable departure from the team competition and soon after, the all-around and several individual events. The decision was in an effort for Biles to “focus on her mental health,” a statement by USA Gymnastics said.

Hope she's doing okay now. I know part of her complications were caused by customs not allowing her to bring her meds into the country during the Olympics, which can really fuck someone up.

No. 1655523

Men are coerced at the same rate as women, they're just far less likely to vocalize it.
>inb4 stfu scrote
Gay male offender rate is equal to straight male offender rate

No. 1655525

I think the video she made trying to guilt people for pointing out how sick she looks is a major testament to her true personality. She's probably one of those extremely delusional anorexics that has one-sided competitions with the women around her. I don't usually think something so harshly of a stranger but it just seems like such an obvious part of her character. She's been pro-ana since she was a teenager and actively hates everyone.

No. 1655573

This used to be true, but now it's worse for men too- still not as bad as for women, but worse than before the pandemic for sure.

True, but in some ways its harder to "get" them, many men are proud enough to say no and walk away from the money and fame. Even men who have been in Hollywood for a while aren't safe from it- Dave Chapelle drops hints on Hollywood all the time if you pay attention. Kevin Hart was a recent victim, that accident that should have killed him? Because he said no to something he wasn't supposed to.

No. 1655576

Why are you pretending you actually know this? They aren't harder to access, they're just tight-lipped

No. 1655584

Stfu scrote stop trying to pretend that men have any sex trafficking problems half as bad as women(hi scrote)

No. 1655586

Sage for double post but have 0 empathy for Ari being anorexic & it taking its toll on her face now, considering she dis it to be as young and curveless as possible until her "God is a Woman" era where she suddenly had thighs & ass out of nowhere. She starved to appeal to her pedo keepers, then tried to hop on the bandwagon when non-white, curvy women started getting more attention in the media. For most of her career she was trying to look like a racially ambiguous uwu child dressed as an adult, then switched to her fake baddie sex Goddess bit.

Thinking about it now, none of her personas have felt real since her debut, she's always felt like a pedoplant manufactured to appeal to whatever trend was floating around her target age group at the time. Her cringe Japanese BBQ tattoo, the Final Fantasy spot, and her pseudo-weeaboo album all seemed like things she was just trying on for attention because they were popular then. Her whole career is just "look at me, pick me!" Which isn't surprising considering how she got into it from Nickelodeon while other female actors were kept from working on other opportunities. Ari is insufferable bc she's all ego, she thinks bc she fucked for her career when others didn't, that she's somehow better than them when in reality she's just another temporary industry whore. Ariana who? In 10 years she'll be as irrelevant as early 2000s posters are now.

No. 1655589

>sex trafficking
stfu reactionary newfag, successful actresses and actors are not sex trafficked. Sex trafficking is reserved for children and women in disadvantaged positions because no one cares to protect or advocate for them. Men and women in Hollywood trading sexual favors for roles is not sex trafficking and its a disservice to actual victims of human trafficking to claim they are.

No. 1655590

scrote poster is some male celeb confirmed

No. 1655593

It's truly pathetic to me that some of you refuse to acknowledge reality and have instead created a smoothbrained microcosm here where you can't admit that gay men are just as predatory as straight men because you're retarded enough to think that Kevin Spacey types are #lebased because they're abusing men. So braindead.

No. 1655599

Probably because I do know this. I've been lucky enough to meet a few people and talk to them about it privately, and have heard similar stories from different people, separately. Also, if you look for it you can find tons of info about what Hollywood does behind the curtain.

Older men are harder to manipulate, the way Hollywood works now isn't the exact same as in the past, yes it's the same basic idea but it's industrialized now. People and artists are just commodities now, anyone who says no doesn't need a career bc nobody in Hollywood who is into the weird sex stuff wants anyone who isn't to gain too much power IN Hollywood. Haven't you ever heard about the mansion parties and what goes on behind closed doors there? Stories of people accidentally opening doors and seeing big stars and execs doing depraved shit that's so disturbing they left the whole party and cut off ties to those people. Some people will do anything for fame, and sadly enough of them have done enough at this point that it's become the norm.

No. 1655602

I hate people like you kek. You have a convo with one or two people and suddenly think you're some grand expert on all relations involving people and spaces you will never have access to. TLDR.

No. 1655603

I'm just meme'ing calm down

not all gay men are predators, kevin spacey is a special kind of evil. lest you forget his little friendship with miss jizzlaine maxwell

god forbid we say men are worse towards women, which they objectively are, it doesn't mean that predation doesn't happen to men, it just means women are targeted more often

No. 1655604

IDK what this day 01 infighting is about but you're 1000% correct about gay men being predatory. Worse yet may be "trans women" who try to gatekeep the gender by treating everyone who doesn't kiss their ass and treat them like a yass-slay-kween like shit need to be brutally bitchslapped by a reality check. Putting on a whole gender just to hijack and colonize it to your liking is the most male act in existence, hands down.

No. 1655606

I agree as a whole, but gay men outnumber straight men in Hollywood, particularly gay pedophiles and recruiters, agencies etc. Hence why all boy groups of the early 2000s have come forward about being molested. Im strictly talking Hollywood, not the world.

No. 1655614

Facts. Lil Nas X played a BIG part in normalizing it for queer Gen Zs. Idk how anyone was ok with such an obvious display of "fuck for favor", especially coming from a flamboyant gay black man. Then again, Hollywood has had this weird fixation with punking black men in weirdly sexual ways due to feelings of inadequacy.

No. 1655616

Have you ever stopped to consider that fixating on predators sexuality isn't the main issue but that they use sex as a form of leverage and power and control and that's where most of the depravity comes from?

I wonder how many of these predators are actually truly gay or if they'll just have sex with anything that gives them leverage over the victim. Kind of like how Maxwell would abuse the girls herself alongside Epstein. I'm a bisexual woman and it doesn't mean I want to abuse people, there's clearly something wrong with these predators and a lot of the people doing this are just omnisexual, sociopathic sadists who'll violate others bodies in sick thrill. In that case sex is power and currency to them, it's no longer about pleasure, or preference, really

It's detached from all humanity. When you're at a high enough level in the world there's no consequence for you.

No. 1655618

Homophobia has its claws deep in the black community and black men are pressured to be hypermasculine. Young black men who want to be in the entertainment industry are vulnerable targets to predators with influence because they are considered the perfect victim since they would never tell anyone about the abuse. Anyone who is marginalized in any way is viewed as easy meat to use and discard, it's a system that's been allowed to exist for too long. I think some anons don't realize that acknowledging it for the insidious evil it is doesnt discredit or erase the women and girls who are also preyed on and used.

No. 1655619

NTAYRT but agree with your first point. A predator is a predator, regardless of their sexuality. Although I'd say in Hollywood, the line between gay/straight really doesn't exist anymore, everyone is "bi/poly" now & since "gender is fluid", nobody really fits neatly into any category anymore .

No. 1655621

>gay men outnumber straight men

you guys sound like datalounge users straight up. they think everyone is gay over there.

whenever someone speculates that most of hollywood is gay I just want to remind them that bisexuality exists. and the rampant sex in hollywood would probably lean many people towards more flagrant sexuality. women are just more open about being bi than men, because men still have a machismo stigma around any form of gayness

No. 1655622

KEK now you're just projecting your essay onto me. It isnt about sexuality you nitwit, it's about MEN and the fact that pedophiles and abusers run the show. I don't need you to condescend me for forming my conversation in a way that you evidently don't like.

No. 1655629

Getting really defensive of homosexual pedophiles in the entertainment industry over here for whatever reason. Why do you want to erase their sexuality from the equation? If we are just discussing facts, there is no reason to try to skirt around it unless it's offensive to a certain demographic that refuse to admit their community has a problem with protecting predators and undermining victims. This isnt a personal AMA for you to try to make us have proper etiquette when discussing abusers or be inclusive in our language. Why are you trying to police the discussion here?

No. 1655630

File: 1691307016854.jpg (836.69 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230806_033239_Gal…)

Yup. And, since I mentioned Lil Nas X I went to check on his tiktok- he's got no posts since December, and his last few posts look like content made by regular people. He was everywhere not that long ago, wasn't he? Now he's not doing anything it looks like, and the dropoff came after he went soooo hard on doing bs like picrel.

No. 1655634

NTA but when dealing with male predators, sexuality isn't all that important. Men in general are predators, whoever they can get will do. Sexuality isn't as big a part pf sexual abuse as you think- it's dominance, control, and making the victim do what they don't want to.

No. 1655635

Nta but I have to add that gays have had a pedo problem for such a long time and they don't care to fix it. Homosexuality is the essence of male sexuality so no wonder there are so many pedos.

No. 1655639


U got any sources for that, anon? Bc I've had gay men in my life all my life & no, most pedos aren't gay men. Most pedos, even ones who prey on boys, identify as straight and often have wives and families.

No. 1655641

Sexuality was mentioned because it was contextually relevant. One anon keeps trying to steer the convo and say 'ummm akshually they're BI or POLY or' it just reeks of feeling persecuted.
>sexuality isn't as big a part of sexual abuse as you think
Omg you are so annoying. Thats because it's a MEN problem. Men sexually abuse women, men, and children. Gay, straight, bisexual. Its a boys club.

No. 1655644

Yeah, a significant amount of older gay men identify as straight and have wives and families. Enough.

No. 1655648

Lol don't get so mad, nanny, I'm not disagreeing with you, but you're using very black-and-white logic here.

Pedophilia and sexual abuse do not come from just a sexuality. Yes, it's a factor in the abuse, but the reality is much more diverse and complicated than you're making it seem. Which is why I asked for sources. If it were as simple as "most male pedos are gay men", the problem would be easily rectified by the staunchly conservative hellscape that the US has become- but its not, and it's getting worse and worse. It now involves women more than ever before bc like I said earlier, the process has become industrialized since the pandemic. Now, anyone can be a predator OR a victim, regardless of their sexuality, sex or gender.

No. 1655649

Why are you trying to mansplain dynamics of abuse

No. 1655650

File: 1691308373948.jpeg (825.8 KB, 1170x1045, IMG_3041.jpeg)

>TFW you remember you’re getting paid $9,000,000 to phone it in for a lead role in a movie you didn’t even audition for

No. 1655652

I'm not, someone else is in here throwing their biases around as facts & I'm not buying it because uh, I've touched grass before.

No need to take everything so personally, you know. If you get so bothered that someone casually disagrees with you, you're gonna have a difficult life.

No. 1655653

Him and Johnny Depp are so lucky that Tim Burton has a crush on them because they'd be unemployed otherwise

No. 1655654

You're so obviously male that it's hilarious kek stfu

No. 1655655

>Ariana who? In 10 years she'll be as irrelevant as early 2000s posters are now.
we can only hope tbh because at this point she's still got a massive fanbase. i'd arguably say she's on a similar tier to the kardashians in which they don't really care about doing anything good except if it's for themselves or to boost their public image, and yet they've lasted for several years now despite their shallow personalities. i don't know why and how people like them seem to appeal to the general public.

No. 1655661

>You must be 18 to use this site

They fucked up not casting the funeral who played Lip Gallagher in US Shameless as Willy Wonka, but I kinda get it- Gene Wilder already did it & they look so much alike they could be related. Wilder's opinion on Depp's portrayal of Wonka was great though, he hated it lol.

Understand that the "general public" now consists of a class of new adults who became adults during lockdown, then came out of it to a completely different world than before. Most of them just don't know about her past because when it was happening, they were still young enough to not care & be focused on their own entertainment, not the truth behind the artists. The pandemic was timed and planned to enable GenZ to be completely sheltered and unaware of the reality of the world they were abt to step into, which is why it's so easy for GenZ kids to become influencers and artists now just for being on social media for half as long as Millennials, who were the ones who made the aesthetics and trends GenZ are monetizing while Millennials struggled tonregain everything they lost in the pandemic. It was all a massive scam to undercut Millennials & hand everything to Gen Z in exchange for sex and marketable content they didn't even create so the profits go up the ladder & the temporary fame is all Gen Z ends up with. Never before have we had so many older artists popping out of irrelevance surrounded by Gen Zs, and it's like nobody cares anymore. I remember it being taboo to talk about sugar daddies/sugaring in public, now it's like a backup plan if nothing else works out and there's no taboo or shame attached to it like there was for Millennials. Seriously, the pandemic was a scam to skip over Millennials bc they did NOT want to well their bodies for their dreams- they wanted to earn them & have them to themselves- but Gen Z is fine with temporary attention because they're still young enough to think everything will work out in the future as long as they're doing well in the present. The amount of <25 year olds I see who own homes and cars but are still miserable bc of what they did to get them is the effect of this.(this is not the conspiracy theory thread)

No. 1655669

It's a site for women. All of your posts are easy to identify because you keep emphasizing, mansplaining, and talking in circles trying to 'teach' us in walls of text and none of it is notable or relevant.
>understand that
You're talking at us, not with us.

No. 1655673

I get that Ariana is a pos person now but talking about a kid/teen 'whoring themselves out to pedophiles' is disgusting and really weird. Even though she might have coped with it, profited from it and defended them, she was still probably abused to an extreme degree as a minor and is a victim. Her current shitty self and past as an abused kid can both coexist, so let's be nuanced and not blame kids for their abuse

No. 1655675

Oh yeah, 50 percent of men are gay rapists! Go fucking kill yourself retard. I wish men actually did get raped for real so you annoying faggots had something REAL to cry about. Wtf is “objectification” nigga, there are no attractive young males in Hollywood. They’re all obese and post-wall nowadays. Get real

No. 1655676

Fuck off to Reddit.

No. 1655678

Millenials are so bitter and obnoxious

No. 1655724

>let's be nuanced
lets not. ain't nobody trying to defend arianka(learn to sage)

No. 1655729

File: 1691315812150.png (324.37 KB, 624x611, Screenshot 2023-08-06 10.49.38…)

okay how about some good news
>A source said: “He was found by officers after being held hostage and battered on Saturday morning. He’s in a life-threatening condition and there are fears he could die. If he survives, he’ll have been very lucky.”
>It is understood Watkins was taken hostage by three other inmates shortly after 9am on Saturday morning. He is said to have suffered stab wounds and beatings before eventually being freed by prison officers around six hours later.

No. 1655732

File: 1691316087427.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, tumblr_inline_of81l7X9sJ1qebw9…)

No. 1655733

File: 1691316348957.jpg (86.62 KB, 1456x819, 268e52ab-b23b-4a08-b1c7-eb8844…)

No. 1655741

this is fucking disgusting

No. 1655752

No. 1655760

>6 hours
I get wanting to torture it, but seriously you couldn't kill it with six fucking hours?
Hopefully it doesn't have eyeballs anymore and its skin is melted off with prison napalm.

No. 1655766

He is long overdue having his neck slit wide open. I hope he is suffering and in so much pain right now

No. 1655767

Literally cheered when I saw this on google news earlier, lmao. Praying he pops his clogs.

No. 1655783

i agree with you that it's weird to blame a minor for being a victim. but i don't believe she's only become a shitty person now. it seemed like she was always a bit of an awful person even in her nick days when it was more below the surface, her being a brat isn't a recent development or something that happened as soon as she hit adult age. it's just that it's more clear now, but of course it doesn't justify being subject to abuse. i just can't stand for her being purely self-serving in just about everything i've seen her doing and yet her fans are so deluded into thinking she's some sort of feminist icon when there are other celebrities out there who have at least used their platform for a greater good in comparison to her.

kek i probably dislike her just as much as you do but in all seriousness we could allow for some nuance, it automatically makes you better than a blind stan.

No. 1655796

tbh I don't think America even deserves her competing after the disgusting reaction to her pulling out for mental health reasons. They pulled out so much raw misogyny and racism, it was ridiculous.

No. 1655802

No. 1655880

I've been trying so hard to find ANY statements by the other members but nothing so far. Have they said anything about it at all?

No. 1655889

She was 16, not 6. Hell, at 13, I knew that trading sex for personal gain as literal prostitution, no way she gets a free pass for just being 2 years under 18. She was absolutely old enough to know better and say "no", but she wanted the fame, money, and attention so she gladly did it all. Ari was the one doing the most of the weird sexual atuff on the shows, and she wss the most enthusiastic about doing it. Again, Ariana is the ONLY Nick kid who worked w Dan who has not spoken against him or alluded to abuse. She is also the ONLY one of Dan's Nick crew to be as successful after Nick as she was, because of what she was allowed to do for her career while still at Nick, unlike Jeanette & the other actors. Being a minor doesn't make you an innocent, sheltered baby who doesn't know right from wrong, it just means you aren't a legal adult yet. Ari was groomed heavily, but realize too that she came from a wealthy family and had people all around her that could've protected her AND helped her get a career as a singer- just not with the bulletproof shielding she had the whole time, and definitely not with as many big name deals thrown in.

No. 1655914

File: 1691333640149.jpg (167.18 KB, 838x860, Screenshot 2023-08-06 163554.j…)

No. 1655918

File: 1691333900965.jpg (140.03 KB, 1500x1956, Simone-Biles-Married-042323-10…)

Good for her! She got married a couple months ago as well. He's a footballer.
Nta, I know a lot of anons don't like Ariana but I don't think we need to be all "reee she was a money hungry manipulative whore who knew what she was doing!" about a 16 year old allegedly giving sexual favors to men with a lot of industry power.

No. 1655926

Why is nobody paying attention to bella hadid’s recent emo postings(because you need to post screenshots)

No. 1655958

She's absolutely stunning!

No. 1655960

because I don't know shit about them, you wanna share with the group?

No. 1655984

She's really trying to convince gen Z and a few millenials she's totally not a racist anachan, huh?

No. 1655999

>she was so nice and kind to me before she was famous! Therefore this can't be true!

I guess the phrase "money/fame changes people" doesn't exist since when?

No. 1656012

she let elon ejaculate inside her and for that she deserves nobody's respect

No. 1656051

File: 1691344942097.jpg (228.64 KB, 1170x1153, F23YfYea4AA1cYt.jpg)

As anon can't be assed to post the context, I looked it up and apparently she was gone for a 100 days (who even noticed?) to 'treat her lyme disease'. All the family supposedely has chronic lyme disease, which is not an illness recognized by health professionals. In her posts she kinda makes it sound like she is cured, so good for her I guess?

>"…This 100+ days of treatment, almost 15 years of invisible suffering, was all worth it if I’m able to, God willing, have a lifetime of spreading love from a full cup, and being able to truly be myself…"

It sounds more like an excuse for rehab or ed treatment. She posted tens of pictures of her in bed, with iv drips and all the typical munchie stuff, see picrel with the bonus body checking.

No. 1656076

File: 1691346270817.png (919.62 KB, 1460x970, Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 14-26…)

>lyme disease, which is not an illness recognized by health professionals

nonnnie are you okay?

No. 1656080

Anon said chronic lyme disease, which I would assume is different from lyme disease

No. 1656083

File: 1691346527788.png (1.59 MB, 2834x1296, Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 14-30…)

>chronic lyme disease

Which is still an illness recognized by medical professionals. Takes less than a second to google

No. 1656085

A woman's sexuality doesn't determine her value, incel

No. 1656087

The page that you got that from also says this though. Not to infight about lyme disease but it's like the paragraph right under the one you screenshotted.
>The term “chronic Lyme disease” (CLD) has been used to describe people with different illnesses. While the term is sometimes used to describe illness in patients with Lyme disease, it has also been used to describe symptoms in people who have no clinical or diagnostic evidence of a current or past infection with B. burgdorferi . Because of the confusion in how the term CLD is employed, and the lack of a clearly defined clinical definition, many experts in this field do not support its use.

No. 1656094

For a moment I was wondering how an entire family of super rich fucks gets a disease spread by ticks.

No. 1656099

>lyme disease
>implying she's not sick from spending more than the average person makes in a lifetime on coke and stims

No. 1656102

yeah anybody whose ever kept up with the hadids before the sisters did modeling knows the chronic lyme disease is just some bullshit their mom randomly diagnosed the whole family with. seems like it's just bella keeping up the bullshit tho, havent heard gigi say anything about it anytime recently

No. 1656103

I'm sorry but how the hell could a chronic illness be cured, especially in 100 days? t. I have actual illnesses and am calling bs

No. 1656113

Ok so I personally know two different people with BPD, who don’t know one another, and are both absolute nightmares to be around and both claim they have chronic Lyme disease (but never seem sick). I just assumed it was a real “invisible” disease but wondered how much either one was playing it up for attention, is it really just a munchie disease and my assumptions were correct? Kek

No. 1656129

File: 1691348079757.jpeg (72.14 KB, 1102x241, IMG_3046.jpeg)

No. 1656158

If you’re diagnosed late it can cause long lasting damage. Idk about your friends though.

No. 1656159

File: 1691349509394.jpeg (156.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9438.jpeg)

Okay now she's posting a GFM for her shady as fuck "holistic wellness" therapist. Bella. No.

No. 1656162

File: 1691349557750.jpeg (153.4 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9439.jpeg)

"my father was cured of cancer after one tea tree oil treatment" why do people fall for this shit

No. 1656169

i would love to see lizzo comment something like "i never met that bitch idk what she's talking about" bc claire just does drugs and lies on twitter all day long

god it's so funny she's lying about those texts now and saying they're fake under the guise of "i'm a recovering anachan… i- i would never fat shame anyone!!"

No. 1656202

No. 1656206

This, and I don't care for her. >>1655889 You're coming in hot in response to an anon who only said about your statement "it's weird to blame a minor for being a victim". Even though a) parts of what you said are true like Ariana not speaking against Dan, her being more successful than her peers b) teens can be treated differently than a 6 year old and c) you say you knew better at 13 does not make it any more justifiable or means anyone here's giving her a "free pass" because of her being 16. What you're saying sounds like you're throwing the teenager under the bus instead of the very adults you said could have (should have!) protected her. They should have been the ones to reject it like any adult in their right mind, if she was the one who you say was so insistent on being sexualized at that age. I will not defend her behavior as an adult, which was what was being talked about first on here anyway.

No. 1656208

Dan Schneider was at very least in his 40s when he was producing Nickelodeon shows as opposed to everyone being around 16-18. He was the adult, not Ariana or anyone else and knows better than to groom kids.

No. 1656209

chronic lyme isn't real. it's a made up munchie illness where they have random-ass "symptoms" (like being tired) without ever being bitten by a tick. it's like morgellon's or chakras or whatever

lyme disease is ONLY the illness you get from a tick that has the disease. there is post-treatment complications of lyme disease, but again that is due to the tick bite and the antibiotics/treatment that followed. "chronic lyme" is just two random-ass words used to describe a trendy "mystery illness" in clusterbees

No. 1656212

it does not exist. "chronic lyme" is not any kind of lyme disease that you get from a tick and that harms you in the way >>1656158 mentions. it is 100% not real, it used the word "lyme" in it, but these women are NOT referring to the disease you catch from a tick bite, NOR are they referring to PTLDS. it is a misused word for an imaginary disease.

No. 1656218

“Chronic Lyme” disease is literally just Chronic Fatigue Sybdrome triggered by Lyme disease. Same thing with long covid being CFS triggered by covid. People keep trying to come up with special names for something that already exists.

No. 1656223

Men dont get a metoo story. He needs to shut the fuck up

No. 1656230

Lana twerking on a table with her ass up in the air in her Waffle House outfit before her performance tonight. Thought it was a joke before I clicked on it and watched


No. 1656231

Ezra abuses women fuck that little cunt bitch

No. 1656235

Gene Wilder is the only Wonka. No one asked for this.

No. 1656246

as one of those who dislike her itt, i'm siding with this. the discourse veering into her past is a bit much

No. 1656255

Nta but it's a joke you retard autist.

No. 1656304

>fears he could die

Who is afraid of that besides him? Personally I'm concerned he won't die

No. 1656309

You're right, it doesn't! But bumping uglies with Elon Musk and having two kids with him before marrying to secure the bag does determine her value.

No. 1656312

This. Sick of this pathological liar. I remember on RHOBH their father said off record that his children weren't sick. I have no compassion for her. All she does is lying.

No. 1656315

The least these dumb celebs could do is go "uwu I go on hikes all the time and a tick bit me and now I have Lyme Disease" to cover up for their poor lifestyles instead of trying to sell the idea that Lyme Disease magically manifested inside themselves in their million dollar sanitized mansions. Did this start with Selena to cover up her alcoholic ass, or was she simply the most media-covered one?
small blogpost but when I initially heard that Selena had Lyme (ha), my first thought was "why was she hanging out in overgrown woodlands? I can't believe they made "chronic Lyme" a thing

No. 1656318

This is interesting but you forgot picrel anon

No. 1656363

Selenite Gomez has lupus not Lyme disease

No. 1656407

bone rattling aside this is the lamest insult i've ever encountered lol

No. 1656445

zoomers are so fucking annoying.

No. 1656458

you and that anon both need to shut up. especially you likely being older you should realize there's more issues than generational slap fights.

No. 1656471

I hope they take turns fucking him the stab wound

Nta but they aren't blind stans for seeing through her calculated narcissism. Girl beats her mom ffs

No. 1656475

Girl that baby was turkey basted. There ain't no way he fit that little 3.5er in anything.

I was rooting for her but no she had to join the minority of celebs who pretend to have Lyme diseasd

No. 1656480

God I remember the first time I saw these lame attempts at insult. It was really such a damning peek into her own insecurities, sorry but women with competitive anorexia are rarely ever as nice as people they pretend they are and under the surface have such a weird and embittered view of women who don't have eating disorders. It's like theyre angry and watching women enjoy life unencumbered and it makes them even madder and more entitled because they have such a tumultuous relationship with food that leaves them in constant misery and self loathing. Grimes really thought the most hurtful thing you could tell someone is that they're fat kek such a pathetic woman.

No. 1656490

ayrt i wasn't calling that anon a blind stan, if that's what you're saying. i was meaning it in the sense that a person being nuanced at least means they're better in using common sense than someone who chooses to blindly follow and stan a fake ass celebrity.

No. 1656506

NTA but of course seeing through her narcissism doesn't make someone a blind stan I'm not sure how you got that from anon's comment. There are plenty of annoying stans on social media still in denial of how much of a selfish person she is so even as much as people dislike her in this thread we can still use our critical thinking skills

No. 1656507

i thought avril lavigne started it

No. 1656523

ok boomer

No. 1656693

well said nona, i agree completely

No. 1656719

File: 1691397972413.jpeg (930.7 KB, 1284x1260, IMG_8520.jpeg)

This is all fake shit and it’s insane she’s promoting it. This isn’t even a real medical report. This is some crackpot shit. The GFM is sketchy. Chronic Lyme isn’t recognized as an actual diagnosis. The fact that retarded zoomers are crying over this is hilarious. She’ll be ok

No. 1656824

File: 1691412511289.jpeg (7.71 KB, 205x246, images (6).jpeg)


The South Wales Police investigation into Watkins, codenamed "Operation Globe", required the co-operation of GCHQ to decrypt a hidden drive on his laptop, which was found to contain video evidence of his abuses.[29] Investigators later bypassed the encrypted password to Watkins' laptop, noting that it read "I FUK KIDZ"

No. 1656826

Mjadzelics was made aware from Watkins that he was abusing a two-year-old child in California whilst the band was recording in Los Angeles.

No. 1656833

Mr bean looking nigga

No. 1656835

>16 year old girl is a who’re for getting raped by a pedophile
Sanest crlebcows poster

No. 1656836

that's so fucking fake
can't believe she thought anyone would fall for that
is she really that dumb?

No. 1656841

is that the woman who went to the police like three times with explicit proof? i still can’t fathom how badly the police fucked up this case. they’re so goddamn lucky that he was blatant about it.

No. 1656871

It's just now being accepted as a chronic illness. Just like how doctors ignored and downplayed CFS and fibromyalgia for decades. Mainly because pharma can't get you hooked on a pill for it. Not sure what the Hadids have, it's unheard of for an entire family to have chronic Lymes.

No. 1656880

I actually know someone with Lyme disease and it's a actial thing that ruined their health. Honestly this place is filled with tinfoilers who believe in the "illuminati" yet think disease like lyme are fake…the irony of it all.

No. 1656903

File: 1691417477067.jpg (117.8 KB, 783x692, Screenshot 2023-08-07 155714.j…)

Fans of BTS (armys) caused a huge commotion in a subway that lead to evacuation and other passengers getting injured.

The commotion was caused after multiple armys(that's the name of the fandom) started screaming in the subway after looking at a video of Suga showing his tattos, which caused other passengers to get scared and think it was a knife attack or gas leak which caused a evacuation.

After this news some witnesses also posted about it online which lead to armys cyberbullying that person.



No. 1656905

fybromalgya is also a fake munchie disease though

No. 1656911

CHRONIC Lyme disease not Lyme disease. And not everyone is a conspiracy nut.

No. 1656912

Fibromyalgia is not a fake munchie disease, it is a recognized medical condition you can get a diagnosis for. There is even a CDC page on it.
I'm not saying munchies don't pretend to have it, but claiming a disorder that affects women twice as much as men is fake isn't the coolgirl take you think it is

No. 1656921

yes, it's his ex

“Mjadzelics was one of six people who had spoken to the police in regards to Watkins' conduct from 2008 to 2011“

“Police were faced with a litany of reports about his behaviour, yet in some instances did not carry out even rudimentary investigation, made errors and omissions and missed opportunities to bring him to justice earlier than he ultimately was.“

No. 1656930

why must everything be a conspiracy theory kek

No. 1657140

File: 1691432154018.jpg (942.09 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20230807_211303_Sam…)

No. 1657146

I doubt that he is abstaining from sex (not currently assaulting drugged young women maybe) but it's a bit too late for that.

No. 1657165

The difference being there was actually evidence with Depp and not just people who are mad about their kid's gender identity

No. 1657171

chronic lyme disease is very different from lyme disease. chronic lyme disease isn’t recognized at all as one disorder and it is several disorders that can develop after having lyme disease. she’s going to a fake doctor for this and says her family members get cured by plants etc. she probably doesn’t have it. her mom was pushing the diagnosis and doctor on her. look at the reports from her “doctor” she posted

No. 1657172

KEK. A real medical report would use her full name, not a nickname

No. 1657178

File: 1691436314694.jpeg (748.53 KB, 1284x1683, IMG_8523.jpeg)

one of the reviews on the “hospital” bella goes to. there are several other bad reviews

No. 1657179

File: 1691436336330.gif (12.48 KB, 220x133, 176546800.gif)

No. 1657184

No. 1657190

No. 1657191

>Fibromyalgia is not a fake munchie disease, it is a recognized medical condition you can get a diagnosis for. There is even a CDC page on it.
Real "x person really is a celeb, LOOK THEY EVEN HAVE A TMZ PAGE!!" vibes

No. 1657248

Embarrassed to admit I was actually a fan of Grimes and her music when all of that shit happened. Those texts, and the reality that she actually types and acts like a retard IRL kind of ruined the 'mystery' of Grimes and what I assumed was her playing a character or something

No. 1657251

File: 1691442348230.png (1.97 MB, 1439x1753, Screenshot_20230807-160637.png)

No. 1657289

Hasbeen clown

No. 1657305

nta but I'm gonna be real with you- no, it isn't, and there's a reason why munchies always seem to have it. The symptoms change like the wind or the tide to be very convenient to whoever claims to have it and they use it tu waste time in a hospital. Why do you think only the most histrionic people have it?

No. 1657396

People really have no concept of the world around them anymore when theyre in their screens, it's scary.

No. 1657402

Fucking loser.

No. 1657411

File: 1691456588357.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2698, Screenshot_20230807-200448.png)

Universal Music Group Cancels Marilyn Manson Album.

No. 1657457

>am having chronic disease
>post treatment photo with my shirt off

No. 1657474

What a way to learn there was a Mechanical Animals repress, and then immediately learn I'm never going to get it, KEK

No. 1657502

File: 1691470749734.jpeg (199.78 KB, 828x1020, IMG_1744.jpeg)


No. 1657511

what the heeeelllll

No. 1657512

First it’s boy moms, now this?

No. 1657515

the disease has mutated

No. 1657519

Potential future TIF comment.

No. 1657525

File: 1691473759358.jpg (72.26 KB, 828x845, iggy-azalea-reportedly-wrote-a…)

What a pickme

No. 1657527

Do people no longer feel shame or embarrassment? Is that why people feel perfectly comfortable saying shit like that nowadays?

No. 1657529

This might be worse than twins marrying another pair of twins and then having kids who are cousins and also technically siblings at the same time.

No. 1657531

iggy has always been a pathetic pick me for rappers. dated ASAP Rocky who has been charged with assault several times (once against a woman). dated French Montana who has countless rape allegations. dated Playboi Carti (and had a kid with him) who choked a later girlfriend while she was pregnant with his child.

No. 1657540

what could she possibly even gain from this that's worth going public with that? disgusting

No. 1657543

>foreign born comic actor
>treats his female conquests poorly
Who is this about? I can't for the life of me figure it out.

No. 1657547

this is from 2020… i’m guessing Taika Waititi?

No. 1657556

I think the guesses were Russell Brand, Jim Carrey, a couple others

Taika would make sense. I recall he was briefly a model, and models are often trafficked and pimped out

No. 1657563

We're dunking on some naive 18 year old girl? Theyre twins. She's a kid.

No. 1657595

nta but teen or not, it's still kind of an oddball thing to say? why would a person ever want to compete with their sibling's spouse or partner for attention. unless they suck as a person there's no reason to not just be friendly

No. 1657598

Kek because young people are afraid they won't be as close to a friend or sibling who gets a significant other bc their priorities shift. It isn't some internet brainrot thing, it's just an irrational emotional response a lot of people have. Pretty normal. She was probably also trying to be funny.

No. 1657604

I might be looking at this too deep but the fact that she would have only had a problem if his partner was a woman kind of also just reinforces the stupid idea of girls having to compete against each other where there's no need for it

No. 1657608

I think its weirder that this mundane soundbite is being beaten into the ground, she's a teen. Condescending teenage girls for not knowing gay men are annoying narcissists that hate women is so stupid. Also I distinctly remember anons acting like Noah was a precious little baby when Doja Cat messaged him so why does he get the uwu smol babby uwu treatment but we are criticizing a random 18 year old girl for not being online enough to know that her (likely) joke about competition would be dissected by thousands of people.

No. 1657615

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's why >>1657563 called her a "naive teenager" and it's why I said she was "trying" to be funny. I don't expect all teenage girls to be hardcore radfems with a thorough understanding of gc theory. Esp bc we live in a misogynistic society where these jokes are made and encouraged by plenty of adults who should know better. We don't need to be acting crazy abt this.

No. 1657620

i'm not judging her as hard as other anons itt and i don't really know who either of them are, if i'm going to be honest. i thought it was a weird quote at first read, but i don't have a sibling relationship like that so i wouldn't really understand.

No. 1657704

This matches the theme of the thread.

No. 1657828

kek nona you read my mind

No. 1657875

She must really hate meg. Gross.

No. 1657910

Slightly ot but with this, threadpic, AND the news of the island boys (who are irl twins) making literal porn of themselves, I shudder to think that the year of our lord 2023 is the year of incest. That 2012 world-ending comet is sure taking its time

No. 1657917

File: 1691507090015.jpeg (895.23 KB, 1290x1284, 5F013A2F-2D29-4A41-BEC6-BAD2DE…)

Her response

No. 1657930

Why was the judge asking for her opinion?

No. 1657933

File: 1691508249336.jpeg (820.79 KB, 1290x1286, BA541BE4-F855-4D66-B7C5-5530AD…)

Apparently she was one of 70. It said she wrote to share her personal experience with him so I’m assuming it was like a character reference

No. 1657934

his lawyer probably asked her, not the judge

No. 1657935

ew she is so male identified it's digusting. no mention at all of meg, just well wishes for tory who fucking shot her. If something bad happens to Igloo Australia from one of these awful men she capes for she better not expect any sympathy from most women. maybe the men she's defending will offer her sympathy kek

No. 1657936

>island boys

Glad you mentioned that because I want to post about them but I don't know which thread it's appropriate to post about them since I don't think they are famous enough for the celebricows thread?

No. 1657940

Let's go to the Youtube hate thread >>>/ot/1631816 I wanna discuss them too! I hope I linked the thread correctly…

No. 1657944

Wow, woof. This is an all time new low for her. She has a plethora of hot young model bfs to choose from and yet she slept with this thing. It even managed to get married and have a child.

No. 1657946

Ok, I just posted them there

No. 1658023

File: 1691514891297.jpeg (1011.16 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_3016.jpeg)

Not milk but AI is terrifying. This pic is kinda mesmerising? Idk why I really like it

No. 1658028

why tf is gadot on this she is not on their level at all

No. 1658031

The Natalie Portman one looks goofy and the whole idea of this is weird and moidy. I think there’s an AI art thread on /m/, please don’t shit it up here with any more of this

No. 1658048

ngl this is kind of hot(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1658055

What happened to Natalie's arm someone help her

No. 1658071

She lost it in a farming accident. Running a celebrity tradwife cult isn't easy.

No. 1658102

They should recreate this image for real.(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1658134

Natalie Portman has a Jared Leto situation going on ?(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1658136

Clearly the photograph was taken by AI Jared Leto

No. 1658143

anon did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning?

No. 1658163

Nta but I agree with them, this AI shit is only interesting to people with zero brain capacity. It's embarrassing, stupid, downright just DUMB.

No. 1658165

im probably face blind but is this scarlett johansson, jennifer lawrence, natalie portman and who is the fourth?

No. 1658171

gal gadot

No. 1658187

This feels like something a /pol/tard would post while sperging about muh heckin tradwife wearing sundresses in a wheat field

No. 1658194

kek she's not known for having a great taste in men anyway like remember pete butthole eyes davidson? anons have already discussed how she keeps going for mediocre men and likes being the other woman to try to satisfy herself. which she never will

No. 1658204

whoops i'm somehow unable to delete and repost so i just want to add that the third to last one was accidentally added

No. 1658217

File: 1691523584586.png (794.63 KB, 1440x1079, Screenshot_20230808-144141.png)


No. 1658220

that's a terrible photo of him kek

No. 1658224

File: 1691523838913.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2022, Screenshot_20230808-144602.png)

No. 1658227

File: 1691523941472.png (842.53 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230808-144720.png)

No. 1658238

of course it is, show me one photo of him that ISN'T terrible

No. 1658258

Poor ms. mickelson.

No. 1658289

Mind you, she also said something about Playboi Carti whooping her own ass, iirc. Idk, I hope she gets better because she clearly has some healing to do but don't take it out on Megan.

No. 1658325

It is actually real, a lot of times it is women who are abused that have fibro because there's no medical diagnosis for chronic pain caused by abuse. Being stuck in a terrible situation can be enough for a person's body to turn on itself and fibromyalgia is just the name they use when there's no clear diagnosis. Saying someone has a shitty boyfriend or husband isn't a medical diagnosis but it can trigger permanent pain problems (that mysteriously get better after leaving the abuse). Shame so many of you think it's not real.

No. 1658354

File: 1691535107700.png (15.93 KB, 597x207, Capture.PNG)

And of course the pick me's and scrotes are whining. Imagine getting online and saying 10 years is too long for a man who shot at a woman. Imagine doing that.

No. 1658393

I wish it was longer.

No. 1658413

File: 1691539766487.webm (7.42 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000-832735341364782-28888…)

No. 1658431

You can tell she quickly made sure to arrange her fridge for this clip lmao. Other than that, it look pretty normal to me?
Kek, i'm glad the US legal system actually pulled through for Megan, i am happy for her. I also found out she makes $750k allegedly per show and i also love that for her.

No. 1658522

Who’s shocked? We all didn’t see this coming a mile away? He’s a piece of shit who was of course gonna kiss and tell she’s so dumb for taking the risk of him in her sphere

No. 1658529

Does Taika have a history of treating his female companions poorly though? He was married for 6 years and it appears he and his wife separated on okay terms in 2018. He is remarried to Rita Ora (in 2022), and she was apparently the one who proposed to him. I haven't seen anything that would suggest it's him unless I'm missing something? Maybe he went through a rough streak while dating in 2020 before getting with Rita or something though.

kek. This looks like some moid's AI dream harem. tradwife styling and all.

No. 1658570

File: 1691550476383.jpg (127.91 KB, 792x789, lizzo.jpg)

No. 1658577

Free lizzo her only crimes are being big and annoying.

No. 1658587

>feb 24
anon what are you trying to say from a several months old post??

No. 1658612

NTA, but I guess they’re trying to connect the dots of the banana in vaginas and the incident taking place in Amsterdam

No. 1658631

If banana pudding became sentient and then grew a human body.

No. 1658633

That’s exactly what it is

No. 1658634

oh shit, i wasn't paying enough attention to the case to realize that. thanks anon

No. 1658636

Kek. This made me laugh. They ARE stupid.
But so is he, so….

No. 1658701

File: 1691571585950.jpeg (979.74 KB, 1170x1285, IMG_3018.jpeg)

no men just a they/them

No. 1658737

Ham smith and Tim Petra’s too. It’s for unholy.

No. 1658785

>”no men”
>obvious dude right there
I can’t wait for this shit to end.

No. 1658789

File: 1691583284634.png (1.18 MB, 1439x2349, Screenshot_20230809-071548.png)

No. 1658827

This might be the creepiest thing I've ever seen that is technically SFW

No. 1658856

File: 1691590580614.png (1.01 MB, 1440x982, Screenshot_20230809-091828.png)

That's because wheat-field-fantasy-dreaming /pol/-tards are creepy, anon.

No. 1658959

File: 1691598359930.jpg (47.25 KB, 1200x690, OFJEH_55.jpg)

Tory Lanez was just sentenced to 10 years in state prison For shooting Meg Thee Stallion.

No. 1658969

File: 1691598841404.png (177.98 KB, 851x388, Screenshot (2606).png)

RIP Lil Tay. I'm sorry your parents were assholes. I'm thinking suicide tbh.

No. 1658974

Jesus christ

No. 1658977

Holy shit, her brother passed as well. Drugs?

No. 1658984

14? What in the actual fuck?

No. 1658988

File: 1691599776892.png (215.57 KB, 1264x1136, F3GiE-vWgAAxUry.png)

That's literally insane. I remember that era of youtube and IG where she was blowing up, and how exploitative it all seemed. I remember (perhaps it was on PULL? Youtube?) people were saying that her brother was kind of behind it all and her parents were either cool with it or not very invested in anything going on with her. I remember something about the parents being seperated and her dad not being involved in her life, but please do not quote me cause the details are all blurry.
>I'm thinking suicide
It says her brother also died too.

This is the statement from her family btw, so strange how they just slipped in "oh btw, our son is dead too".

No. 1658991

This is really strange and sad. Initially when I heard both of them died I thought maybe it was a car crash or something but apparently there’s an investigation? rip to that little girl. what a sad life.

No. 1658996

Other things I’ve seen rumored are that it was a jet ski accident but I don’t know how two people would both be killed unless there was extreme negligence. Seems plausible actually

No. 1658999

File: 1691600318713.png (665.21 KB, 1008x672, c83586c7836a2913b889f0045e411e…)

Samefag, just found this article about her parents. I don't think I've ever heard the part where she apparently dropped out of school at 10. I don't think that's even legal, he must've meant that her mom was making her miss days of school to hang out with rappers and influencers.

>In October 2018, Angie and Chris were granted joint custody of Tay but the latter was granted full power regarding the child's legal matters.

>Chris explained to Hollywood Life: "When my daughter’s social media began to go viral this year, I disagreed with most of the social media activity.

>"I took legal steps to stop things which I felt were dangerous to her physical and mental health and to her future.

>"I do not think a 10-year-old girl should be put in those situations and made to drop out of school so that she can make money for other people.

>"Everyone else involved in this situation is motivated by money and the possibility of making money off of my daughter.

>"I am not fighting about money; I am fighting for my daughter, for her happiness, and her future."

No. 1659002

Tinfoil but I'm worried the brother killed her and then himself. He was always hovering over Tay, he was behind her ridiculous manufactured drama and branding.

No. 1659003

Complete tinfoil but I'm thinking murder suicide as the likeliest cause. If it was a natural disaster or accident the family would be more likely to disclose details

>I am not fighting about money; I am fighting for my daughter, for her happiness, and her future
Sounds like she's not fighting too hard. Is it really that hard to ground a 10 year old?

No. 1659008

File: 1691601279625.jpg (102.54 KB, 750x735, Ezs7YM3XsAUlpfi.jpg)

>Is it really that hard to ground a 10 year old?
No no, it's the dad in 2018 saying he wants full custody of Lil Tay/Claire. Sorry if the part I chose to greentext was confusing.

The dad eventually got custody so afaik she disappeared, and in 2021 her mother and brother made a post from her IG account and made a gofundme alleging that her dad and his wife were abusing Tay. I believe it got exposed as fake but who even knows at this point.

No. 1659014

I know fuck all about any of these people but this is such an odd story, if a child is being abused you inform the authorities, you don't need lawyers or go fund mes.

No. 1659019

That’s exactly what I thought after reading their statement because it was weird how the brothers death was tacked on as a sort of afterthought and addition to their grief.

No. 1659024

File: 1691602460229.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.03 KB, 800x522, dark-past-lil-tay.jpg)

The part that's interesting to me is that they used a pic of her with a large bruise on her face for the gofundme. Spoilered because it might be upsetting but it's not anything graphic. That mark had to have come from somewhere. Bruise? Rash/skin condition? Just an accident?
The gofundme is still up and the description goes into detail about the abuse they're saying Tay faced from her father. It could be made up by her mom and brother but some of it sounds so specific. Idk what to think of anyone who was involved in this situation, it's all so weird. Anyway sorry if I'm derailing, I know this probably belongs more in the youtube thread. Seeing about her again just brought up memories of all this drama.

No. 1659040

everyone failed this child

No. 1659062

Someone on a Reddit thread said they saw her at a party in LA a couple days ago. Could be fent laced pill, purposeful or accidental overdose. If her brother is still shadowing her they could've taken bad pills from the same batch. Fent epidemic has been killing kids left and right

No. 1659066

her and her brother were only 14 and 21. probably was an accident of some sort. so sad

No. 1659071

>we ate bananas!

No. 1659110

I went to lil tays instagram and there are people in the comments saying it was karma because she flexed so much, like she wasn't literally 8 years old on the videos they are accusing her of being a horrible person. I can't fathom being that stupid and horrible that you'd post publicly with your face attached "this little girl deserved to die"

No. 1659115

File: 1691609497093.jpeg (113.69 KB, 1167x1768, pZBEIou.jpeg)

A guy on IG claims to have been on scene, brother was driving, crashed and killed them both.

No. 1659118

Minors' deaths almost always have to be investigated by the state, even if the cause is obvious. It’s called a Child’s Death Review and it's typically part of a states child abuse laws

No. 1659137

I believe this tbh. My friend and his sister both died together in a car crash and he was driving on drugs of some sort. People act like it’s so unlikely but entire families get wiped out in car crashes. I guess we’ll see but I think most of the tinfoil around this goes too far into insanity with no basis

No. 1659150

File: 1691612068604.jpg (661.86 KB, 721x1869, Mf~2.jpg)

No. 1659156


No. 1659158

She'll write poetry about how much men suck but won't break up with MGK?

No. 1659202

Hmm,I could definitely see this being Russell Brand.

No. 1659205

I'm not convinced she or her brother are actually dead. Her brother has pulled several publicity stunts over the years, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was another one. Iirc, she and her family live in Los Angeles, so I'm taking this news with a grain of salt until the Los Angeles county coroner or the LAPD releases a statement. The wording of the statement is so strange, too. If she and her brother died together, why not explicitly state that? This whole thing is really fishy imo.

No. 1659211

I wonder if this will be as riveting as Drake or Lana's poetry book

No. 1659212

File: 1691616485358.jpg (172.21 KB, 1079x470, Screenshot_2023-08-09-14-25-05…)

>“Given the complexities of the current circumstances, I am at a point where I cannot definitively confirm or dismiss the legitimacy of the statement issued by the family.”
>The L.A. County Coroner’s office told The Daily Beast that they had no record of Claire Hope, Claire Eileen Qi Hope, or her brother Jason Tian, in their system.
>Furthermore, the police department in Vancouver—where Claire was believed to be living as of 2021—said it hadn’t received reports of their deaths, either.


No. 1659215

it's just gonna get worse. people are using fairee/fae as a pronoun now, soon u can identify as kittens, ducks, lamp posts, ect.

No. 1659217

Those motherfuckers bamboozled us! Also who would agree to manage a 14 year old social media star

No. 1659218

File: 1691616851345.png (32.41 KB, 814x384, Capture.PNG)

No. 1659219

File: 1691616925744.png (27.79 KB, 1097x104, Screenshot_20230809-163320~2.p…)

We'll have to wait and find out. It's something to look forward too, for sure.


No. 1659223

i really hope its fake and her dad is just trying to let her move on from her social media identity and have a normal life. its definitely suspicious and i'm extremely curious.
the gofundme her brother made seemed like it was exaggerated and extreme. they did not want to lose the income she was bringing them and the fact that they kept mentioning her "career" and money while talking about the child abuse she supposedly faced made me skeptical of them.

No. 1659231

What in the actual fuck lol

That'd be retarded, cuz no one outside of her weird stans cared about her. Didn't her dad have custody for a while and cut off her social media access?(as lil tae anyways) I think her brother was the one who ran the lil taye account anyways.


>Also who would agree to manage a 14 year old social media star

Probably the people who wanna manage other forms of child talent but can't. Sus weirdos.

No. 1659258

Good. Hope he gets shanked.

No. 1659260

She did not write this forward, kek. The entire book is just going to be
>real eyes realize real lies

No. 1659262

She doesn't have any stans though, she hasn't been relevant for a few years. It's probably a publicity stunt if it's fake.

No. 1659269

File: 1691620806260.png (29.67 KB, 1206x120, Megan Fox Wiki.png)

She'll say that she is bisexual, but won't date women who have been with a man before despite herself having nothing but hetero relationships. A cow through and through

No. 1659277

File: 1691621464923.png (42.87 KB, 995x206, Screenshot_20230809-175208~2.p…)

She only wants and takes, gold star lesbos.

No. 1659279

File: 1691621558966.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1519, IMG_3102.jpeg)

How embarrassing

No. 1659283

File: 1691621782201.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2373, Screenshot_20230809-175748.png)

No. 1659315

Swear to god, these people better not be playing games about a child dying. My faith in humanity is hanging by a thread lol. While I would obviously rather this not be true altogether because the idea of a young life being lost prematurely is always unfortunate regardless of the circumstances, it would be super grimey for this to have all been an attempt to generate buzz.

No. 1659339

File: 1691626314848.gif (9.37 MB, 540x685, tumblr_dc6608c6d2013921b3fb4eb…)

Being a Megan supporter is harder than being a marine. Its rough out here.

No. 1659340

I'm so over celebrities talking about "muh anxiety" but then happily expose themselves to the public all the time. This is like when Shaun Mendes or whatever said he had the worst anxiety and how bad it is before he went on stage. That's totally fucking normal and doesn't mean you have anxiety. These rich pricks have all the money and resources in the world to cure their issues but instead they'd rather cry about it on social media like they know what actual anxiety is.

No. 1659351

I'm trying to lip read…
What's she saying in that gif?

No. 1659353

She was so gorgeous in that movie. I'm so sad

No. 1659354

Sorry to break it to you but people who have been medically diagnosed with generalized panic disorder and whatnot still have to interact with the public.

You can still be diagnosed with anxiety and you have to function to the best of your ability.

A person can't just shut themselves off from the world. Shit doesn't work that way.

However out of curiosity I'd like to ask…Are you an armchair psychologist?(redditspacing)

No. 1659359

File: 1691627948251.jpeg (150.21 KB, 1169x1182, IMG_5889.jpeg)

I don’t believe this fatass clout chasing leech for a second. He’s plugging his shitty company everywhere now that he has attention on him and getting roasted for it on his page. Also idk if it’ll end up being related, but this is a message that she sent last year. Unsurprisingly she had mental illness

No. 1659362

I've been trying to form an opinion on the doja cat jcyrus thing and I personally don't see how the tweet was racist and I think you have to be retarded to think it was. He was legitimately just pointing out that his friend is black so he doesn't need to be warned about cops because he already knows but I can't find anything on the grooming? Assault? Allegations, the only things that come up is a bunch of tweets claiming he did bad shit but with zero proof. No screenshot or anything. Maybe I'm the retard and I'm just missing it all but does anyone know what he apparently did?

No. 1659382

>Megan supporter
why? she can be nice to look at but all I've heard and seen from her has been retard shit. talk about a halo effect

No. 1659384

I'm not sure about the proof but I would be surprised if she didn't go for racist extremely online guys

No. 1659428

the ""death"" is probably another gofundme scam tbh