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No. 161526

Share tips, goals, low kcal recipes, exercise routines etc.
Fatties and anas are advised to keep the sperging to a minimum.

No. 161527

reddit.com/r/1200isplenty is great for recipes and general dieting advice

No. 161528

File: 1442154837488.jpg (70.96 KB, 462x700, ccuetebutt.jpg)

What is your current weight and goal weight op?

what are you planning to do to loose?

I'm 5'7 ft and 120 lbs, I want to get down to 110 lbs.
I'm gonna start yoga in a few week and I going to start swimming again. (didn't had the time this summer because work).

I'm vegetarian, and I plan on cutting every dairy product as well.

I never been a fatty, hope I never will (honestly I would want to kill myself, shallow I know) love being slim, but I'm a pear and I need to be almost underweight if I wish to have small legs.

No. 161529

I'm 5'5" and around 130 (I think, haven't weighed myself in months - I go by how my clothes fit) and trying to lose some podge from a couple of holidays (one in March, so it's taking me a while). I have no goal weight in mind, just areas of fat I want to get rid of.

I'm a typical pear shape, but my shoulders and arms have gotten bigger in recent months through work. I do a pretty physical job which has built a lot of muscle all over, but particularly my arms and shoulders. Also, my core is now quite built up as well, so I'll never have the slim curvy shape I had 10 years ago (and stupidly hid under baggy clothes) but I can at least aim for a flatter stomach, then you might be able to see the abs I know are under there!

Because I work physically hard I need to take in a fair amount to stop me being a hangry bitch, but I've been trying to cut back on chocolate and junk, so not eating it every day or at least only having 1/3 of what I used to. I've cut down the butter in sandwiches and upped the fruit/salad/veg intake to fill me up so I don't cave in to quick junky snacks. It's not happening fast because I just can't restrict to 1200 or 1500 on work days, but it is happening. I've gained about an inch and a half of room on my waistband and my thighs don't rub together so much. There'll never be a gap there, my legs are muscly and I like em that way.

I hate exercise although swimming is just about bearable. If I go for a walk I end up at the pub! I might start lifting though, as I'm trying to build muscle at the same time as losing fat.

Sorry for a long reply, but I'm at that age where the metabolism slows down and the fat starts to stick so I gotta shift this soon.

No. 161530

I can't remember how I lost my weight… I forgot how to even loose weight. I hate excercise and… I just don't know. I just give up all the time.

No. 161531

I'm 5'4 and 115, but my goal would be around 100. I miss being that small. But since i work out a lot now, i think the muscles that im starting to get are making me bigger or something

No. 161532

How do you guys do it to motivate yourself? I always tell myself to exercise 5-6 days a week but end up doing just 2 or 3. Also I want to lose 5 kg( idk how much is in pounds sorry), would it be enough with cardio and core exercise only?

No. 161533

I never had a problem with exercise. I love biking and walking, but I never watched what I ate. I finally started to cut out any snaking and wow, it's only been a week and I can already see results. I'm 5'9, 160-ish. My goal is 130.

No. 161534

First, I think of it as "fat loss", not "weight loss". For cardio, do HIIT as it's more effective for burning fat than steady state cardio. Also, start lifting or do bodyweight exercises with weights after you mastered the basics (e.g. able to do 10 reps 3 sets of descending diamond push-ups, 10 reps 3 sets of bulgarian split squats). The more muscle you have, the more it takes for your body to maintain it.

No. 161535

Im 165 cm and 50 kg, my goal is 45 kg. I eat 1000 kcal per day, and go to the gym three days per week.

No. 161536

thanks anon! truth is i was never really into exercise so now im starting to get on it little by little, i think ill get to HIIT once cardio is not as hard.

No. 161537

I try to give myself a realistic goal. Even if it will take longer, I work 4 days a week, so I try to go to the gym 2-3 days a week. I just eat a heavy breakfast or lunch and a light dinner. I work a lot at night (retail) so eating a bowl of oatmeal and fruit with coffee for dinner helps me until bed. It isn't too hard if you do what is best for your body and goals since everyone is different. I only want to lose 10-12 pounds and tone up.

No. 161538

Yeah, cutting out junk and soda makes a load of difference. It's funny since when fatties complain they dieted and worked out and nothing changed it's because they're lying.

No. 161539

File: 1442228844070.jpg (119.62 KB, 640x829, tumblr_ns68exf7Je1sh1hr6o1_128…)

Remember, diet is more important than exercise. An hour of continous jogging burns 400 calories. A Big Mac by itself (so no fries or soda) has

You can't outrun a bad diet, unless you're a marathoner or something.

No. 161540


Urgh, I wish this were true but it really isn't.
My diet isn't perfect but I neither undereat or overeat and get plenty of fruit and veg daily.
I don't drink fizzy drinks and I dislike chocolate, but I'm fat due to extreme inactivity.

I think it's something you have to manage in tandem. You can't focus on one and ignore the other.

No. 161541

Sorry but this ils total fatlogic.
Please go check secret eaters.

You can ask anybody that has really managed to control their weights, anas, models, bodybuilders, athlètes… what you eat really is the key in weight control.

No. 161542


Bitch I am a recovered anorexic. 9 years of starving myself skeletal.
I work a desk job which involves me sitting on my ass all day until I get home in which I promptly fall into bed. Rinse and repeat. Minimal activity.

I know how to count calories and log my diet to an absolute tee and my intake is ideal for my height. I also know how to lose weight better than probably anybody on this site but I know that I'll slip back into my old ED if I take it too fast, so I'm taking it slow.

Stuff your fat logic up your arse you clearly don't understand anything about metabolic rate and TDEE which are extremely conjunctive with exercise.

No. 161543


Calm down, wow. Hide this thread if weight loss triggers you.

No. 161544


I am mad as hell tho.
I know literally every fucking trick in the book and then I have some foetus come a long and try to lecture me on how I'm "overeating".

Bitch I will eat you and then purge you into my basin.

No. 161545


Wow, what the hell? I was just pointing out the flaws in your way of thinking.
I don't care about your shitty life. Just stating the truth.

You must have unhealthy habbits if your fat or overweight.
Why come to a weight loss thread if yout are so sensitive about it?

Go sit in a corner and calm the fuck down.

No. 161546

Anas who turned into fatties are the worst people on earth.

No. 161547


There are no flaws in my thinking.
I am a Human Physiology & Biochemistry graduate so I know far more regarding this subject than you and don't appreciate being lectured by what is the academic equivalent of a toddler.

No. 161548

Yeah right. People on the internet always have a fucking degree in whatever the subject being discussed is.

Portion control is the key. It has been proven a million time already.

No. 161549


lol okay, explain to me then with your psuedoscience how if a 5'7" adult with an intake of around 1900-2000 kcals of energy per day maintains a healthy weight whilst exuding a minimum amount of output in biological BMR processes only (i.e. mental reception and processing, breathing, basic biological function such as thermoregulation/metabolisation etc.) which for the average woman is known to be around 655 kcals.

So the TDEE is 2000> vs. around <655 out. That's a 1345 kcal surplus that according to you would just vanish into thin air in lieu of being catabolised into energy.


No. 161550

So your hypothetical 5'7" adult is in a coma? Because this is how you burn only 655 calories a day.

Are you sure your degree isn't from the University of Tumblr?

No. 161551


Even so moving to and from work/bathing is only an extra 200-300 kcals maximum.

Still waiting on your explanation dumbass :^)

No. 161552

File: 1442238813045.jpg (24.19 KB, 634x473, article-2534283-1A704D99000005…)

No explanation but an advice for you

No. 161553

5'9", and 180 lbs here. My goals is to be at ~130 lbs. I've actually lost 70 lbs so far, which is kinda crazy to think about.

I have a question regarding building muscle. Can I put on muscle while I'm still eating a deficit. I know that, theoretically, I should not be able to, but in practice is this true? I only do cardio at the moment, but I would like to start building muscle/toning. Should I wait until I'm much closer to my goal weight or start now?

No. 161554


See now, this isn't actually bad advice.
Since I'm having difficulty fitting activity reasonably into my schedule the answer is to reduce my intake to what would normally be dangerous levels.

>inb4 I develop an ED again

No. 161555

I don't think it's possible, but I could be wrong.
Congrats on the loss so far!

No. 161556

Definitely start now. You probably won't gain muscle, but you'll preserve what you have already. Plus strength training has so many health benefits other than just gaining muscle. Nice job on the weight loss!

No. 161557

Good job and congrats on the progress!

You can build muscle while cutting, but it's extremely hard especially if you are not a beginner. It's a constant uphill battle.

The best thing to do is start now but not for losing fat, but to prevent injuries (one of the major reasons to crosstrain). Once you've reached your target weight, then you got a head start. Be forewarned, you will gain that weight back, but in the form of muscle instead of fat. Don't think of it as bad, but as progress.

Also, be sure you are getting enough protein when you start resistenve training. It will help you fuel your resistence workouts and help your muscles recover while you sleep. Also, make sure you are getting enough carbs the day befire you do cardio, since carbs is the primary energy source for cardio unless you are doing some form if HIIT. You don't want to have you aerobic system use your muscles as an energy system.

No. 161558

what are you even going on about? the BMR, which correlates to the minimal possible energy expenditure, for a 5'7, 130 lb woman is ~1500 calories. i googled your figure of 655 and found out that the harris benedict equation contains that term; BMR for women = 655 + ( 9.563 x weight in kg ) + ( 1.850 x height in cm ) – ( 4.676 x age in years ); but that term just exists to make the calculation work out. it does not in any way correlate to the minimum possible calorie expenditure – unless you are 0 years old, 0 cm tall and weigh 0 kg.

i'm not sure where you got your degree in "human physiology and biochemistry", but you should ask for your money back. you should also not cite your experience with anorexia as if that gives you authority when speaking about nutrition. it's really quite the opposite. it's like saying "i love to lick door handles and eat people's shit, so i know a lot about proper hygiene and safety".

No. 161559


I never said I have a degree in Human phys. & Biochemistry. It's a branch of certification in my country from an independent educational provider that's below degree standard but above highschool diploma.
My experience with my eating disorder was cited because it irritates me for people to assume that people struggling with being underweight/overweight don't understand what they're eating, what they're putting into their body and how much of it they are consuming when I personally spent years refusing to even touch/inhale food because deep in my fucked little brain I ws somehow convinced that I could potentially gain a modicum of weight even though I knew logically it wouldn't, but hey, anorexia isn't supposed to make sense.

It's just annoying being talked down like that by somebody you can pretty much guarantee is younger and has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less experience in this kind of stuff.

No. 161560

lol bitch shut up you're annoying and now backpedaling

No. 161561


I haven't backpedalled once cunt do you not understand what the word "graduate" actually means lel

I can literally go photograph my certification right now and post it here if you really need me to.

No. 161562

>It's a branch of certification in my country from an independent educational provider that's below degree standard but above highschool diploma.
so the equivalent of an associate's degree? possibly from a for-profit school? that's not impressive, lol.

you're correct that activity level affects TDEE, but this is taken into account in the TDEE equations that people use for calorie counting. 1.2x modifier for sedentary people up to 1.9x for extreme levels of activity. do you think that the medical professionals who developed these systems just made them up out of thin air? they are based on measurements of people's actual metabolic rates. your 655 calorie thing is just a complete misinterpretation of the harris-benedict equation.

No. 161563

lmfao please do this

No. 161564

So you are an old overweight lady that used to be a skelleton? Must be hard to never have been attractive once in your life.

I knew you where bullshitting with your degree thing, but I wasnt able to prove it. Happy that we have an anon here who can send your shitty science where it belong, into the trash.

No. 161565



idk, depends, is 22 old?

Also just how fat do you think I'm talking here? I'm 5'7" and 152lbs as of this morning. I'm still very attractive, I'm just used to being around 100-110lbs territory.

152lbs is like obese for me.


idk what an associates degree is but the certification was good enough that it was all my university required in order to progress onto university and I even got a monetary excellence scholarship grant so take that as you will.

No. 161566

Who care about your attractiveness? You are fucking obese that's all I see.

No. 161567

Not her but in what world is 5 ft 7 in and 152 pounds obese? That is still within the normal range for BMI.

No. 161568


proana detected.

No. 161569

post your diploma

No. 161570


I was going to and was in the process of blanking out sensitive information until I realised that the amount I'd have to cut out literally all it would leave on the certificate was the shiny hologram, the border print, module codes etc. so it's pointless.

It's not like it's really hard to attain anyway so idk why it'd be so hard to believe unless you're the type of person for which an education is unavailable to you because of financial or drive reasons. It was only a 2 year course.

No. 161571

the way you worded your post makes it sound like it's from one of those for-profit diploma mills. it would be amusing to me if it was. either way you don't seem to have learned anything from it.

No. 161572


I don't think we have those in my country but I just checked/Googled and it's actually an national educationally recognised awarding body which is why it was accepted by my university and why I got the scholarship so my mistake.

>either way you don't seem to have learned anything from it

tru tbh I've forgotten shit loads. It was only a stepping for me anyway.

No. 161573

why use it as an argument in a debate if you know you learned nothing? wtf…

No. 161574


I learned shit loads and can still reel off all of the knowledge I've just forgotten most of the terminology because biochemistry and human phys. was never my primary academic interest, I only did it to get from A to B and because I could.

No. 161575

File: 1442259577029.jpg (158.43 KB, 749x744, 1441295862660.jpg)

>I learned shit loads and can still reel off all of the knowledge
>I've just forgotten most of the terminology

so you're like
"oh you know the uh, thing, with the um, DNA or whatever… it happens in this pathway or something, there's like, this chemical, and it does some stuff… in a place… yeah… something like that"

you don't even have the very basic understanding of metabolic rate that anyone who's counted calories to lose weight (besides anorexics) has. you took a random number from an equation you don't understand and fixated on it. i'm actually amazed at how wrong you managed to be. unlike the average ignorant person who holds dumb beliefs because they don't know any better, you actually consulted the science – and came out with a ridiculous pile of misinterpretations.

you're obviously personally invested in this issue. you may have fucked up your metabolism with anorexia, making it more difficult to keep the weight off, and if you can't restrict calories without slipping back into ED behaviour, then don't restrict calories. but your situation is not applicable to the average person and you're completely warping the facts that you half-remember from community college to fit your feels.

what did you go to uni for, btw?

No. 161576


>"oh you know the uh, thing, with the um, DNA or whatever… it happens in this pathway or something, there's like, this chemical, and it does some stuff… in a place… yeah… something like that"

Yeah not gonna lie that's pretty much it. I mean I still got distinctions in every module but like I said before it was pretty much to get to A to B because everybody values STEM shit these days.

>you may have fucked up your metabolism with anorexia, making it more difficult to keep the weight off

That is exactly what I've done. I'm chronically constipated and unless I overdose on coffee daily I can't shit for 3-7 days and it's horrible.

>what did you go to uni for, btw?

Whatever I answer I'm gonna get chewed out for choosing it regardless so I'll politely decline to answer that :l
All that matters is that I'm passionate about the subject and enjoy studying/practising it.

No it's not Women's Studies, Art, Psychology or Sociology before you start but pls don't be the type of person that shits on others for their academic paths those people suck. I'm an angry bitch but I don't like shitting on others for what they chose to do in life.

No. 161577

Sociology is great, you asshole.

No. 161578

i'm just curious about your major since you apparently did some sort of pre-health science course but didn't go into a medical/biology field at uni

>Yeah not gonna lie that's pretty much it.

so you don't know the material at all and you should stop presenting yourself as if you do

>That is exactly what I've done

my condolences but again the vast majority of people are not in that situation and counting calories according to their TDEE works fine for them. also please don't tell me about your shitting habits

No. 161579

You sure love to talk about your life.
Pls don't give us details about how much shit you have to push all at once out of your ass.

No. 161580


No dude I don't have a problem with Sociology at all, but it's one of those subjects that people get laughed at and belittled for studying which fucking sucks.

It doesn't matter if you want to be an elevator engineer or a lawyer or whatever, I don't think anybody should be shit on for choosing what they do in life. It's awful.


Hm, okay; Linguistics.
Shhhh no laughter I enjoy it.

No. 161581

I walk at least an hour a day everyday (weather and time permitting), I can't recommend it enough. Listening to full albums and podcasts helps pass the time.

No. 161582

Does anybody have any tips to avoid binge eating?? I've tried so many things, and I'm usually good about it during the day, but once night time hits, I just get this urge to binge. It's like I can't control myself. I tried by not having snacks or large amounts of foods in my home, but then I end up walking to the convenience store right below my apartment (I live in Japan, and konbinis are everywhere fml) and just buy loads of snacks and pig out just to feel that satisfaction. It's becoming an issue both on my waistline and my wallet, and I don't know how to stop myself once I get on the thought.

No. 161583

This was the hardest thing for me to overcome. I always stayed up late on the internet and I'd pound tons of food for no reason. I knew I had to stop if I wanted to lose weight.
Right now I'm running on pure will power. Every night the thought 'eh who really cares, just eat' runs through my head but I ignore it. I'd never starve myself though, if I'm hungry I eat, but the late night cravings are rarely from hunger, more like boredom.
Right now I will limit myself to a small snack- handful of nuts, yogurt, apple sauce etc. but that's it. Sometimes I'll think about how awesome breakfast will be. Sleeping early also helps. If I do succeed in not pigging out, I feel really good about myself in the morning.

No. 161584

meant to quote >>161582

No. 161585

well for the whole binge eating thing i make myself tea and if after that im still hungry i eat what anon above said, yogurt or granola. As for the snacks thing you could try and start buying the more "light" options? or make a list of how much do you spend into buying useless snacks? maybe seeing how much money you spent into that would help in something.

No. 161586

I personally stopped buying product that I know will make me binge.
If I'm outside and I'm tempted to buy something unecessary to eat (sandwich, milkshakes, juice loaded with sugar..), I take the money that I wanted to spend and use it on a book or a cute accessory or a makeup. Sometime I keep it in a box and when I have a good amount of money I buy a piece of clothing.

No. 161587

I mentioned before somewhere on this site that I got a corset recently. Im not using to lose weight, I just want a curvier look than I already have. My appetite is way smaller than it used to be. I dont overeat anymore like I used to, and I feel like I make better choices with my food since I can only eat so much. I don't know what it is but wearing my corset just constantly reminds me to eat healthy and stay in shape for the best results.

No. 161588

File: 1442311944773.png (2.59 MB, 2550x3300, pusheenie eating.png)

Going to sperg a little bit and try to contribute to the thread. Currently 171 lbs (from 174) and 5'6" .

My weight has fluctuated all over the place throughout my life but my peak weight years ago was 175 lbs. When I saw that number I said enough is enough and got to work losing weight. Although it went well up to losing to the 140 mark, I got a little neurotic after that and accidentally became a bit ana. I didn't realize it at the time but I had all the symptoms/characteristics and got down even further to 110 lbs, I wasn't full skeletor mode but for my body type I looked very skinny. I was like this until I got into a relationship in where I went complete opposite and binged like crazy but still felt really guilty about my eating habits etc.

3 years into my relationship now and I recently went in for my PAP test. They did a general physical and I hadn't weighed myself in a long time since I was honestly afraid. Turns out I bloated back up to essentially my old weight at 174 and again I'm not happy at all with this weight. So September 1st I got a gym membership with my partner and we've been very good about going. I actually love jogging so I've been going in at least 3 times a week to use the treadmills. Soon I would like to start lifting so I can gain more muscles to burn calories. I've also been eating much better since the beginning of the month. I'm not counting calories to avoid becoming obsessive over them, but I am avoiding starchy carbs like pasta, breads, etc. Since I've started I've lost 3lbs which is pretty decent I suppose. I'm going to keep going and hopefully get down to a much more healthy weight for myself.

Image attached is a sort of inspirational thing I made to put on my fridge for fun. I included some ideas for meals or snacks because I often blank on what I feel like eating. I've been vegetarian for over a year so thats why there aren't any meat based dishes.

If anyone wants to share some weight lifting experiences, tips, or exercises that would be fantastic. Also does anyone else get very bored while lifting? Any tips on how to avoid this or maybe some small mind games you play to keep yourself entertained? It would be really appreciated !

No. 161589

former fatty here
my mom who usually says I'm losing too much weight just poked my belly….I was gonna have an apple as an afternoon snack, I guess I won't have that apple now.

No. 161590

Interesting anon, what type of corset do you use? Is it kind of like shapewear? I've been thinking of wearing shapewear underneath my clothes to A) help with keeping my rolls in check while I'm trying to lose and B) possibly curbing my appetite.

No. 161591

an apple isn't going to make you fat.

No. 161592

Don't be so fucking weak. stop playing the victim. If you already ate a lot today don't eat, but if you are hungry, go fucking eat.

No. 161593

I bet you'll get lots of notes on your tumblr for that

No. 161594

Pffffffffft anon

No. 161595

i'm at around 106 right now at 5'1". i had dropped from 115 to 108 to 103 over the past year without trying. i used to be around 105-108 beginning my junior year of college. before that i would fluctuate between 93-103. i was loving the way i looked at 103 recently, but then i suddenly started gaining weight again. i really want to lose it and hit 99 again.

for the past year i've been lifting very heavy (like i bench my body weight for reps), so i know some of it is muscle, but i was doing the same a few weeks ago at 103. i hate the way my clothes are fitting again.

No. 161596

I don't think its like shapewear. From what I assume thats just some kind of elastic that you slide over or tighten with a clasp? My corset is steel boned so its very tough. It sure does stop you from having rolls all together because you cant bend over in it lolthe corset is very comfy though even if it makes you stiff. I got it from draculaclothing. They seem to have sales all the time and its free shipping. Normally corsets are very expensive but I cheaped out for a decent quality corset. I ordered it and it came in a month so have patience cus it could be fast or slow coming to tou

No. 161597

we are the same. im 107 and 5'1" right now and dropped from 115 to 103 last november!! i loved being under 100. my UGW right now is 99 lbs with a lot of muscle tone. i just want to have a flat tummy pretty much all day, you know?

No. 161598

File: 1442365091758.jpg (65.5 KB, 960x869, Ok1RZ4c.jpg)

This is my favorite recipe; low carb ice cream.

1/2 pound of lard
1 cup blueberries
Splenda to taste

Combine room temperature lard, splenda, and berries in a bowl until lard has turned light purple. Enjoy at room temperature. The ice cream can't be cooled or else it'll be rock solid.

Easy, delicious, low carb.

No. 161599

wow, we seriously are pretty much the same! yeah, back at 103, my tummy was almost always flat. my waist stayed at 22.5-23" all day, even after eating a lot. now it goes from 23.5"~24". it makes me sad.

i had visible abs not to long ago, and now it's all gone. well, the top two are still visible, but it sucks. and from my belly button under looks so bloated after i start eating for the day

No. 161600

i actually had visible abs at 106 recently! i think my abs come because of water weight, though, they are visible even when my tummy isn't flat. i was only able to eat/drink liquids for 3 days because i had surgery, and it really debloated me and made me lose a lot of water weight, even though my actual weight didn't budge. by the end of it i had full on abs lmao.

:( then i started eating whole foods again and the lines are gone.

i want my waist to stay at tight all day. mine can go from 23" all the way to 26" at the end of the day (if im on my period)… its crazy. sometimes i look literally pregnant if i am super bloated :( i think it has to do with height though, my taller friends don't complain about it as much :/

No. 161601

i'm jealous. i wish my waist would go back down to 22.5 or at least 23. it has stayed at minimum 23.5" for about a week now. i do remember when mine would fluctuate from 23~26, though. it used to do that last year when i was around 110lbs, i think.

just out of curiosity, do you also have a thigh gap? does yours disappear as the day goes on? if my tummy is flat, i can have a nice gap, but if i get even a little bloated, it goes away.

No. 161602


lol okay anon

No. 161603

Im doing weights three days per week, should add cardio the other to days? Its cardio better than weights to lose fat?

No. 161604

No. 161605

Generally, you do cardio to lose fat, and strength training to gain muscle.

No. 161606

different anon here, but i have a tight gap even when my tummy is bloated, i think bc of my pear shape? idk

No. 161607

I'm so annoyed, I've lost 17lb (8kg) but my tummy is bigger that it used to be, wtf. I hate it, it looks awful. I'm rather thin but my belly is way too big. So annoyed!

No. 161608

than* sorry i'm stupid

No. 161609

Maybe your body retains fat in your tummy more than other places and now that everywhere else is a bit smaller, it looks bigger in comparison?

No. 161610

i agree with >>161609. that, or maybe you've changed your diet and something is making you bloated. try pills for gas…

unless you're running very far or running moderately far pretty fast (or doing things like sparring in martial arts), cardio doesn't do a significant amount for weight loss. what matters more is what you eat. i did lose weight when i began running before, but that's because i would run when waking up, before eating, which made me less hungry and delayed my hunger. it might have done something to help my metabolism. also, depending on how you're doing weights, that might actually be more cardio than strength training. for example, kettlebells are cardio and strength. a lot of gym classes and fitness videos like les mills are more cardio than strength even though they use weights.

No. 161611

Thanks for your answers. One thing changed in my diet: usually I don't drink soda at all, but lately I drink quite a lot of Coke at work for its caffeine (I hate coffee so I take Coke instead). Might that be the reason?

No. 161612

>>161611 yes, the carbonation will cause bloating. Take caffeine pills or something instead

No. 161613

yup, I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi and I have a beer (soda?) gut.

No. 161614

Ohhh I see, so that might be why I'm suddenly bloated ! Thanks for your answers, I'll stop Coke then!

No. 161615

File: 1442499172937.jpg (42.25 KB, 300x300, lena-dunham-slutty-favorite-wo…)

Anons,I need some serious advice.

(Tl:dr version)
Im 22,5 feet tall and weigh 155 pounds as of weighing myself this morning. This is the most ive weighed in my life and I seriously look like lena dunham lol. Pls help.

From age 12 to 20 I was around 120 to 130 pounds and I didnt consider myself fat but these past 2 years ive gained so much due to stress from school and working and supporting myself that its starting to make me depressed and I almost feel like I will never know what its like to be skinny or a normal weight again since im only getting older and life is getting more stressful.
So before that becomes a self fulfilling proficy I need some good weight loss advice, I finally have my life more or less together so now I can focus on my physical appearance.
So for someone who has never ever dieted or exercised before what should I do and what is some good solid advice I should follow to lose weight?
Heres a few things about my lifestyle that might influence that answer, first off I work 2 jobs and I only get 1 day off in the week. I would prefer running outdoors to working out in a stuffy gym because im basically inside all day long. I dont drink soda (its gross) but I do like beer,however I limit myself to 1 bottle if I do drink becouse I know its bad for me. Also im a vegetarian,I dont eat fish or meat out of moral convictions but I really love carbs and dairy.
Heres a sample of my daily meals if it helps:
Breakfast: eggs and berries with avacado on toast and a coffee with milk but no sugar.
Lunch: a slice of pizza and a green tea with no sugar from starbucks( I get 15 mins off for lunch at one of my jobs, there arent too many options in that time limit but im willing to cut out lunch and just have another coffee instead)
Dinner: I like to eat out with coworkers or my boyfriend after work (usually its after 5pm at one of my jobs but its after 10pm at my other job so it depends in the day) so it tends to be unhealthy (vegan sushi,vegan ramen,Korean food,etc) and a beer. Honestly dinnertime is the only time in the day I get to relax and see friends and I would prefer to keep it, I know eating late is the worst for you but I would be willing to cut out breakfast and lunch completely if I get to keep dinner.
Sometimes ill have time for a snack during the day, ill have some fruit, nuts or pretzels from the vending machine or a clif bar,maybe a pastry from starbucks if im feeling it. Im not really a snacker to be honest but I do drink lots of tea through out the day.

I shared everything I could and I really hope someone here can help point me in the right direction. My weightloss goal isnt a number but just to look skinny again. I really miss it even though I was definitely skinnyfat at best. Thanks for reading.

No. 161616

File: 1442499653015.png (458.84 KB, 508x746, Capture d’écran 2015-09-17 à 1…)

Soda are the worst thing for your weight but diet soda are pure trash. Please think about your health and cut all the soda of your life.

If you are this huge you probably eat a lot more than you just reported, not trying to be a cunt, just saying.
Maybe going totally vegan could help you.
Having a food diary and counting calorie is a good way to realize how much you are really eating and what you can / should stop doing.

No. 161617

Honestly I usually have a really big dinner but throughout the day everything I just listed thats what I really eat purely due to lack of time and sometimes even just to save money (eating out gets pricy), I skip lunch a few days out of the week for financial reasons (so I can afford dinner out that day)
Maybe I got this big becouse I work 2 desk jobs, but im I still do the grunt work and run around the office all day.
I can post a candid when I get out of work if it helps.

No. 161618

Oh, okay. You probably know it but skipping meal is not a great idea and it's even worst if you skip your lunch and then stuff your face at night.
You maybe have bad eating patern and habbit, if you can manage to have your biggest meal for the breakfast and lunch you will probably gains a better control over your weight.
It's better if you choose to skip dinner than lunch since you use litteraly no energy (you consume calorie to do basic fonction like breathing and being generaly alive…) at night when you're sleeping.

If you are going to get wasted, you can eat like a pig and hope that your body will reject it because of alcohol.

No. 161619

Doing exercise is great but the main factor in weight loss / control is what you eat, focus on your diet first and drop a few kilos than you can start doing sports like yoga or swimming, you can even lift weight if you want a more tonned look.

No. 161620

Intermittent fasting is a thing. There's nothing wrong with skipping a meal, but this post is right in regards to it being better to skip dinner. Skip dinner or breakfast, not lunch. Dinner should always be light.

I lost some weight when i started just eating dinner. I wasnt hungry in the morning and worked busy shifts with no break and got off at 10-11pm. Then I'd eat and go to the gym afterwards (which is possibly why eating like that was okay).

No. 161621

Not eating lunch and stuffing your face for diner is not a good way to do intermittent 'fasting. But I get where you are coming from.

No. 161622

Thank you for the advice anon, if I eat healthy foods(salad,lentils,qinoa etc) for dinner is it still ok to eat late?
If thats the case ill try to have anything bad that I might be craving the night before (like sushi or ramen) for breakfast the next morning or lunch,but only a few times a week would that help?
Thats a good idea, ive been wanting to pick up yoga for a while just to relax but I never associated it with weight loss, is it really effective? And is it something I have to do in combination with other exercises? If I did it at home with instructional videos would it still be effective? Sorry for all the questions, should I just google it?
So if I have one meal a day it should be lunch, and a light snack for breakfast and dinner?
I could negotiate to have a longer break at my other job, they do offer 1 hour lunch breaks but it cuts into my pay, however im willing to make that sacrifice for the sake of weight loss.

Im sad about letting my late night dinners go, its the only time I get to see my friends and socialize and it would be hard to resist temptation to eat if im with them,but maybe If I can resist eating meat at korean bbq I can resist anything.
Whats worse is they like to go out for bubble tea and dessert post dinner and I don't know if I can avoid drinking bubble tea even if I like it with no sugar I know tapioca and milk is terrible for me especially late at night.

The worst part of all this is all of my friends are skinny, im the only one that has gained weight since college and I was bigger than them back them too, a few of them hike with their boyfriends and go to the gym but most of them dont exercise. When I ask them what their secret is they mostly tell me they skip most meals and drink lots of tea which is what I do. Could it also be stress?
To be honest in my friend group im the only white girl, everyone else is korean with the exception of one filipino girl who is the only person that really works out, could it be muh genetics or am I actually doing something wrong.
Were all around 5ft to 5'2 but everyone else weighs around 90 to 110 pounds.

No. 161623

Which is why I agreed that eating a lot at dinner is bad. If you ate a big dinner, it should be a lot earlier in the day, like afternoon. Basically a late lunch.

One thing that I think is helpful is to not eat something sweet in the morning. Definitely not carbs. it can set you into craving sweets or carbs for the day to keep that higher sugar level. I'd recommend an egg white omelette or something like that. Grapefruit is a good one. For a while I was eating those Velveeta prepackaged 180 calorie things for lunch then waiting for dinner to eat anything else. I advise chicken breast with mustard or fish for dinner

No. 161624


You can eat out and not stuff yourself, but it definitely shouldn't be a regular everyday thing. But you could eat half the plate and take the rest home for lunch the next day, so you're not eating pizza all the time (also saving some money).

At this point, (speaking as 5' 118lbs) it's probably down to portion sizes. Chances are when your korean friends do eat its probably not pizza everyday.

Youtube yoga videos are okay and could help, the problem is that you may be doing something wrong and not know.

No. 161625

I'm in a similar position with regards to eating late and not getting to eat much during the day. I don't get a lunch break apart from maybe once a week taking 10 minutes to eat a bag of chips (ukfag, I work next door to a chippy) so I graze on a sandwich and some fruit with yoghurt through the day when I have a minute to spare. My job is quite physical so when I get home I'm hungry. I'll often have a snack, then cook dinner for when the bf comes home, which means dinnertime is often 11pm. I get up at 6.30. Fuck, this is why losing weight is taking ages.

I just don't get time to eat a big lunch at work, and the few times I have in the past couple of years I've been so sleepy in the afternoon I can't get anything done.

No. 161626


I see where your coming from. A couple years ago I started dieting and working out for the first time in my entire life. (I was homeschooled since grade 2, so I literally sat around all day in my house and never moved my body.) Starting to exercise for myself was harder for me than the dieting tbh just because my body wasn't used to it at all. I recommend finding an activity you enjoy doing so when you do work out, you dont loathe it. My personal favorite is jogging and I would recommend interval training to start. You want your exercise to be about 25-30 minutes of cardio at least in the beginning. For interval training you flop between jogging and walking, so its easier to lean into especially for beginners. When I fell out of exercising and now am returning to it, this is what my jog looks like

5 minute warm up, fast walk
1 minute jogging/1 minute walking repeating until 20 - 25 minute mark,
5 minute cool down.

If you even find this too difficult at first, you could even have 2 minutes of walking in between for rest period. You'll do this for 1 week and then the next you try to push yourself to 2 minutes jogging, 1 minute rest period. And 1 week with that, you try to push yourself to 3 minute jogging, etc. Try your best but please also keep in mind to listen to your body, if you truly feel like you're pushing yourself to hard just ease up a bit. Its better to do that then injure yourself in the long run.

Try to exercise at least 3 times a week. You are theoretically allowed to do cardio as much as you want, but weight lifting requires rest days so your muscle fibers can heal. You can still weight lift consecutive days in a row, but you need to focus on different muscle groups. So say you could do 1 day legs, 1 days arms/chest, 1 day core, etc. But I personally prefer to do all over lifting routines every other day. If you can, just try googling exercise for beginners and phrases like that, you can find some good starting routines to follow.

As for eating I'm a vegetarian as well. I never lost any weight on it until recently when I cut out starchy carbs. So of course try to eat as much proteins as you can (low calorie cheeses like feta, cottage cheese, or cream cheese), greek yogurt, beans, etc etc. And avoid things like breads, pastas, and white potatoes. You should still eat things like quinoa, yams, and rice but try to limit your intake of them.

No. 161627

>Which is why I agreed that eating a lot at dinner is bad. If you ate a big dinner, it should be a lot earlier in the day, like afternoon. Basically a late lunch.

Agreed! i don't know why some people are obsessed with having a big dinner. Makes no sense to me. I love having breakfast as my biggest meal and then a decent lunch and small dinner.

No. 161628

I've gained 30 lbs and the weight won't come off. I've been on a starvation diet for almost a month and I've lost nothing. I don't even know how I gained so much. I went from 130 to 160 and I feel really gross and ugly.

I've been living off of coffee, plain iced tea, water, bananas, carrots, grapes, melons and tiny cups of rice. I have some cheese sometimes too. I do eat white potatoes but I heard they were bad. So I guess I'll stop once I finish the two I have left. My portions are very small and careful measured.

Some days I don't even eat what would be called a meal. I hate myself every time I eat anything. I never eat fast food. I think it's disgusting. The smell of McDonalds makes me sick. I also hate bread because the smell makes me gag. The gagging is uncontrollable and I can't stop. So I can't even be near a loaf. I used to think maybe that was related to celiac disease. But I've been tested twice and I don't have it.

I hate just about every gross fatty choked food out there. My only real addiction was candy and chocolate. But I quit them. I only have a few tictacs or altoids now if I want candy. I normally don't eat cake and I quit pie months ago.

I have hypothyroid and lupus. I suffer from gastroparesis. So I can't overeat even if I want to. I'd throw up. I don't have PCOS or any cortisol issues. I'm on plaquenil and levothyroxine 75 mcg.

I have almost no clothes left that fit me. And I won't buy new clothes because fatty doesn't deserve them.

My thighs are rubbing together and it burns. When I was 130 they only slightly brushed each other. I'm not huge yet. But I look way bigger than I should. Why won't the weight come off? I try to keep it under 1000 calories a day. You'd think the weight would drop off. But it's not going anywhere. I'm not very active in summer but I'm very active in winter. In summer I tend to stay inside because of the sun and the heat.

You might think I'm lying and chowing down on three big macs or something right now. But trust me I'm not. I'm really depressed. No one wants a fatty but chubby chasers. I hate my body and I just don't know what to do any more. I'm 100% honest about not eating. Even before I gained my only real crime was too many sweets. Which I have quit. Would it really take a month for weight to start coming off?

My goal is 110-115. The last time I weight myself I was 160 exactly.

No. 161629


You've mentioned a lot of stuff about diet here Anon but nothing about exercise.
Are you exercising?

No. 161630

I accidentally deleted a paragraph.

My endocrinologist says I'm not fat and I don't need my thyroid medicine increased. She wouldn't do anything else for me. I can't believe she'd look at a person who is 5'4" and 160 lbs and not think they need to lose weight. I live in America by the way. Maybe that's why. It seems doctors won't tell you that you're fat unless you need to be weighed at the zoo.

I don't know if this could possible be related. But around the same time I started gaining a lot of weight my jaw became misaligned. My teeth don't line up right and I have to put my tongue between them to keep them from hitting each other wrong. Right now none of my bottom teeth is hitting the left front tooth and pushing on it. And the outer groove on a back tooth on the right is spearing the middle of the tooth on top of it. This makes chewing very very difficult.

No. 161631

Not much. I walk a lot. I used to lift some weights and I did some leg lifts. I wasn't too active before but my weight didn't go up.

The only reason I stopped was because it started to get really hot. The air conditioner broke and when it was fixed I stupidly didn't start back up. Maybe I screwed myself somehow.

No. 161632

1) don't ever starve yourself. It's very damaging to you. It'll make your hypothyroidism and lupus worse. One of my co-workers used to do that. Now, at 26, she can't lose weight at all despite that she runs marathons. Her doctors have found nothing wrong with her. Hopefully you are not at this point.

Stick to a standard 2000 calorie a day diet. Don't stick to any if those fad diets (Adkins, South Beach). Just look up the daily recommended food meal for the average person.

2) you say that you are axtive in winter but not summer due to the summer heat? Do you not have a gym nearby that you can utilize during the summer with AC? You'll need to burn off a lot since your body is hoarding a lot due to you being in starvation mode. Continue lifting but add in some cardio twice a week. Don't do calusthenics–you need to be doing heavy lifting to build upserious muscle.

No. 161633


Well I mean you probably already know this but weightloss is a partnership between both diet and exercise. You can't eat little and hardly move or eat a lot and exercise daily and expect to lose any weight quickly.

If you want quick results obviously cardio is your way forward. It is faster but you'll develop almost no muscle tone and might end up flabby. Even running up and down the stairs repeatedly and doing star jumps is something if it's too hot to run.

If you want best results disregard cardio and focus on weight exercises.
Your body will burn energy from fat in order to power through sets, and as your muscles tear, repair and engorge they require more energy from fat to maintain so whilst initial weight loss will be slower, long-term you'll end up looking better and also even if you stop working out for a while the muscle will remain for a long time and continue to burn up that energy.

If you're that desperate to lose the weight fast and don't care about smelling disgusting and feeling irritable and craving-sugar like no tomorrow, induct keto.
You'll be dropping any where between 3-6lbs per week until it levels out and you'll only be losing fat, no muscle, whereas starvation catabolises both fat and muscle.

No. 161634

is it noticeable under your clothes? or do you wear it over your clothes? sorry i'm new to this

No. 161635

Has anyone here ever used laxatives before? Did it help you lose weight and be less bloated? Was it worth it to be skinny?

No. 161636

I think I'm going to try to stop eating so much. My boyfriend hardly eats anything at all and I feel so, do guilty when I eat and he doesn't. I feel like a fat cow next to him. I will try to eat more veggies and granola/protein bars, and a lot less carbs and junky foods. I am going to try to log my food every day now, since I'm so bad about it.

I drink at least my 32 oz water bottle every single day, and I almost never drink soda nor beer. But I know I will have to start doing some sort of cardio. There's a park right behind my house that goes in a loop that I will probably start running. Also, I should probably start doing weight exercises to tone my excess fat.

Tl;dr: 5'3", 115 lbs, want to get back down to at least 100, hopefully 95 and be skinny again.

No. 161637


Laxative use for weightloss is a myth as the active ingredient (bisacodyl) only functions to stimulate the bowel into moving waste materials that are already present within it.
It doesn't actually effect the rate at which you digest food, the only thing that can do that is a metabolic stimulant such as caffeine.

If you take a laxative after a meal the only thing that's going to happen is you'll digest the food, absorb the calories, and then very suddenly you'll have a big sloppy shit/diarrhoea.

No. 161638

32 oz a day is… very little.

No. 161639

I take laxatives if I'm bloated. Well not laxatives but diet tea. It helps because I love milk.

No. 161640


Yh a lot of people are sensitive to caffeine so it will also stimulate the bowels.
I have to use laxatives and caffeine because of chronic constipation that didn't leave even after recovering from anorexia and you have to be careful using bisacodyl because although it's used to treat constipation if you use it too regularly it will actually end up making you more constipated as your body starts relying on it.

Basically, don't abuse laxatives guys, ever.
It will not make you lose even a quarter of a lb unless you count the turd.

No. 161641

95 at 5'3 isn't really skinny… that's quite average outside of ultra-fat countries.

No. 161642

Sorry, I don't mean that's all that I drink, I just try to make sure I drink as much as I can everyday… Sorry its not good enough.

And yes, I realize that 95 pounds isn't skinny at all, but its skinny in comparison to the landwhale that I am. I'm sorry I'm not doing good enough. This is why I should eat nothing and drink only water. I apologize for being such a disgusting amerifat.

No. 161643

>5'3" 115lbs
Is this a meme height and weight here because I see it so much. Or maybe I just notic it more since its my stats, too.

Trying to lose 15lbs, too. I recently gained weight and my jeans don't fit. I split my favorite jeans in the thigh because pear shaped and I was squeezing my sausage legs in them.

No. 161644


I'm 5'8 and I'm a UK size 12

How can I get from that to an 8?

pls help ;<

No. 161645


Eat less.
Move more.

No. 161646


helpful anon

so helpful

No. 161647

>>161642 anachan detected

No. 161648

super ana chan

No. 161649

wtf. It is really skinny. You sick anorexic

No. 161650

Amerifat alert.

No. 161651


95lbs at only a tiny 5'3" is totally normal you fat cunt.

No. 161652

File: 1442706788966.png (399.87 KB, 719x624, ski.png)


this girl is 95lbs & 5'3"
"not really skinny" yeah sure

No. 161653

Hahah those pictures tell you fucking nothing about her body. She (probably you) is posing so that her collarbones poke out and her legs look skinnier.
90-100 lbs at 5'3:
These girls look normal sized to chubby, not skinny.

No. 161654

File: 1442707194690.png (199.15 KB, 551x498, dddrewer.png)

nah it's not me, but LOOK SO FAT NOT SKINNY

No. 161655

>laying down
Do you not understand how human bodies, or camera angles, work?

Take a look at the links I posted, that's what y- uh… she looks like when she's not contorting herself into weird angles for instagram pics.

No. 161656

i've looked at the pics. most of them are full dressed, duh.
I've seen this girl irl, she's at my school. She's really skinny (actually, being treated for anorexia right now). Go to Aly's thread, maybe you're looking for thinspos

No. 161657

Do you think putting on clothes instantly makes your waist grow 5 inches or some shit?

No. 161658

She's a young girl and looks like she's barely even through puberty. She has a large ribcage compared to her hips . Not everyone can obtain a itty-bitty waist.
I don't know how you can't see that she is tiny, m8. She looks like she's 10, despite probably being in highschool.

No. 161659

She's a normal, average sized girl who poses to make herself look skinny.
Find a candid full body picture of her or gtfo. The pics posted here are right out of the "random instagram bitch trying to be thinspo" playbook.

No. 161660

>looks like she's barely through puberty
…no. She has a flat chest but that doesn't mean she looks like a child.

No. 161661

Doesn't look fertile to me \_(o_o)_/`
10 was undershooting for emphasis; she does looks like someone of middle school age though. What is your cut-off age for 'child'? First menses?

No. 161662

we're not going to tell you how old you look. go away and stop self posting

No. 161663

Saying someone looks infertile and like a child is not complementary. Why would I self-post and then talk shit?
~Oohh, unless I was looking for someone to white-knight me and say the opposite of what I said, and that I didn't look like a child, but I'd have to be retarded to selfpost and think that anyone on lolcow would white-knight mw.. Wait, a sec- You're my white-knight, aren't you? Bless your little heart

No. 161664


That girl is a fucking liar because this is what 5'3 and 95lbs looks like and it's perfectly normal and not underweight at all.


Also as a recovered anorexic let me tell you that bitch is abusing EVERY clichéd ED-angle.
I used to use the same ones myself, including my personal favourite "hand on hip with top of shoulder blade angled forwards in order to twist area of arm carrying the largest fat deposit in and away from the visual line of sight and considerably slim the appearance of the upper arm".

No. 161665

Sorry mate, I guess I lied, I'm actually 5'3" ant 116. Im sure you are fine. Im obviously an obese landwhale. Sorry for being so fat, everyone, and for daring to say I thought 95 pounds was skinny. its just my goal because when i was 16 i weighed that much and i want to be thinner than i am right now. Im sorry. Wont post again, i will go back to just lurking for diet and exercise tips.

No. 161666

You sound crazy and insecure.

No. 161667

Most of lolcow's posters are. Either that, or trolls.

No. 161668

>tfw 5'2"
>tfw 1500 cals to maintain weight
>tfw wanna eat
>tfw can't do actual exercise bcus muh poor health
I just wanna eat a piece of cake without it taking up the majority of my calories. Fuk u tall grills

Also, Choco pudding
>1 tb corn starch (35)
>Splenda to taste
>2 tb cocoa powder (20)
> tsp vanilla
>1 cup unsweetened almond milk (30)
I just throw it on the burner and keep mixing until it gets to the desired consistency.

No. 161669

God I wish I was tall too. 5'1 and if I eat too much I look super fat. Thank god my metabolism is still good. For now.

No. 161670

Stop being a dramatic self-pitying bitch. Eat less and move more.

No. 161671

I'm 5'1 and 110 pound, i run,dance and cinch my waist
usually my diet doesnt contain much i like small portions of spicy or sweet food, i drink a fuck load of liquid and i like fruity teas

No. 161672

I think I have a problem with health and fitness.
Like, it's a problem, but it kind of isn't.

Whenever I do something of import, I never half half-ass it, it's always either all or nothing.
I'm a recovered anorexic. I say recovered because I'm fucking fat as hell now but I still have incredibly disordered eating. I've had a difficult time maintaining my weight and diet over the last 3 years specifically because every time I began to moderate myself I'd start to slip back into old habits. Again, all or nothing.

A month ago I moved and I decided, fresh start, new me, get healthy, get hot, and it's exploded beyond what I expected.

I'm exercising in my room every single night, mostly 1 hour of calisthenics with 44lb dumbbells,
Every morning I swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon before I take a cocktail of 9 different vitamins. Throughout the day I ensure I consume about 5 pieces of varying fruit, enough protein-based foods to repair and build my muscles whilst sucking down 5-6 cups of green tea and 4-5 bottles of water.
At night before I go to bed I take 1 dose of yohimbine and occasionally bisacodyl to keep me regular on my low intake.

In the last month I've already lost 14lbs and that's not even calculating in muscle mass I've created so it's probably even more.
My body feels amazing and is looking better every day, my skin is sparkling and immaculate, my hair is silky, smooth and lustrous, my eyes look brighter, I feel more energetic and alert, but my entire day is consumed by thoughts of health and fitness and what I can do to push it further and faster and harder and I can't stop. I even went out the other day and dropped £60 on LUSH products and FUCK THEY'RE SO GOOD.

Even as I'm typing this I'm flexing my butt cheeks individually to work up my gluteus medius control.

Have I graduated to orthorexia? Is there anybody else who understands this?

Video entirely unrelated, but stunning young girl.

No. 161673

I'm 5'3.5" and around 95 pounds. A few months ago, I was like 68 pounds, which I know is too low, so inb4 ana pls go. Anyway, I feel like absolute shit about myself now and am constantly thinking about suicide. I am disgusted by my body to the point where I can't even take a shower without it turning into a several-hour-long sobfest/self-injury party (I know that sounds emo as fuck, but I literally want to cut the fat off of my body). The thing is, as soon as I started eating more (I restricted to under 1000 calories/day for months and, before that, under 1400 calories for close to a decade without a single fucking "cheat day" or anything), I developed a massive appetite that won't go away no matter how much I eat. I can sit down and eat 1000+ calories over the course of an hour and still be ravenous even though I feel physically full. I am always hungry. I can't even sleep because I'm so hungry. I gradually started eating more and more until I was eating over 2400 calories/day every day for a while. I'm now eating no more than 2000, but I know it's still too much. I'm desperate to get back down to 85 at MOST (I have a really, really small frame) - that's where I was maintaining for most of my adult life, I was medically stable, getting regular periods, etc. Now, I'm flabby as fuck and it's awful.

Since I can't seem to return to eating how much (little?) I used to eat, I've started trying to exercise more (using an elliptical and walking, mostly, just because those are the options that are free and available to me), but I don't think it's doing a goddamn thing. My thighs and stomach are a mess. I've been thinking about getting a Fitbit and/or joining a gym to try to motivate myself to exercise even more, but I know I need to cut down on how much I'm eating, too. I can't fucking do it. I don't know what's wrong with me and I'm desperate to stop this awful hunger. I even bought some of those bullshit garcinia cambogia pills out of desperation, hoping that they'd do something, but, unsurprisingly, I haven't noticed a difference.

I have gone to my doctor and pleaded with her to try to figure out if there's something wrong with me, like my hormone levels being fucked up, that's causing me to be this hungry, but she has no ideas. People keep telling me that I just need to gain more weight and I'll stop being hungry, but that's not an option I'm even willing to entertain. I can't even fucking stand how my body is now. I'm not going to gain any more weight willingly, but I'm scared I'll keep gaining weight whether I want to or not.

Anyways, anyone else dealt with insatiable hunger? WHAT DO? This is ruining what's left of my life, and I don't know how much longer I can take it.

No. 161674

>>161673 here, I wish I could feel that feel ;_;

No. 161675

Fatty coming through.

So last year, after reaching my highest ever weight (180 lbs at 5'6"), I made an attempt to get my life back in order. Im 160lbs now, not impressive or anything but atleast its not fatter, right? Anyways, my issue is… I compared my measurements and ive lost 1" from my waist, lost 3" from my hips, and…. Gained 2" on my thighs. What the shit is happening? Im so frustrated, i dont get it. Is this normal? My goal is to lose 30lb more so i can be 130lb, will my thighs keep getting bigger though? Ughhh

No. 161676


Honestly with a 20lb weight loss you will have definitely have lost a great deal many inches than what you've recorded.

It's my suspicion that you didn't measure yourself correctly when you originally took your measurements.

Regarding your legs, it may well be that you've gained muscle there if you've been exercising.

At the end of the day Anon the numbers are irrelevant so long as you "know" you've lost weight. How you look with weight loss is secondary, changes to your health is what is more important so concentrate on that.

No. 161677

Thanks anon, ive been considering that i measured wrong last year. Ive for a fact lost the 20lbs, butyeah i guess my measurements were too screwy to rely on as accurate. Its a bummer, i was most excited to see lots of inches lost, oh well. To but youre right, honestly, i just want to feel well, and at 180 i felt garbage constantly, and i do feel a bit better now. Im still encouraged to keep going. Thanks anon.

No. 161678


No problem, I'm happy that you feel better about yourself physically and mentally.

I tried taking my measurements too for a while but I was never too sure if I was measuring accurately and it began making me anxious so I just stopped altogether.
Unless you're trained how to take them precisely maybe not bother lest you risk losing motivation i.e. "I've lost all this weight and nothing has changed, why even bother…" proceeds to stuff face.

If I were you I'd just try to rely on visual markers.
I've been examining my own ass weekly since I exercise about 5 nights a week and I've noticed a marked loss in cellulite and a gradual rounding :>

No. 161679

I'm pretty sure that >>161676 is correct. I'm sure you've lost at least 2~3" from your waist if you've lost 20lbs. That's just standard, and in my experience, it's true. As far as your legs, I also think it's muscle or you are changing where you're measuring. The best thing, in my opinion, is to measure only in the mornings and take pictures.

yeah, also short here. being 5'1" is hard. even with all the exercise i do, i don't burn that much because i'm a smaller person. then when i started counting calories, i fucked up and made myself think i had way more calories to spare, so i started overeating and not only gained 5 lbs but increased my goddamn appetite. my stomach wants more to feel satiated.

No. 161680

Do any of you have recs for good liquid or mushy food to eat? I have to get surgery in my mouth and can't eat normal food for a week or so. I've already planned on eating strained yogurt and have some protein powder to mix with water but that's it so far.

No. 161681


Do they sell Weetabix where you are?
Two Weetabix in a bowl with some semi-skimmed milk, a sprinkling of sugar and hmmmmmmm it's delicious.

Also if you own a blender you can toss pretty much anything into that.
When I had childhood tonsillitis and couldn't eat solids we blended my Christmas dinner.

No. 161682

I haven't binged in 4 days, and already lost 2 cm off my waist! Just wanted to say it somewhere. Hopefully my willpower is strong enough to never do it again.

No. 161683

Checking online it does look like Walgreens and Trader Joe's carries them, I'd like to try it out.

No. 161684

Nothing wrong with feeling good about your hardwork! Congrats anon!
I have to have strong will power too. Most of my coworkers eat deli sandwiches, cookies, chips and other garbage in the break room and offer it to me and i have to say "no sorry.. I'm trying to eat better."
I'm in my late 20s and I don't need a beer gut or disgusting Suzy skin.
We can all do it, anon, if we use our awesome self control. Asking all anons, what do you guys like to snack on when you are feeling the late night cravings or want sugar but not break your day's work?

No. 161685

baby food is tasty and super low in calories. they are extremly low in salt and processed shit.

No. 161686

File: 1443345433377.png (243.17 KB, 640x480, 1243796359796.png)

>baby food is tasty
So this thread is satire right

No. 161687

It is good tasting. A lot of people enjoy eating in their baby plates. What is wrong with having that for snack ? It's pure srategy.

No. 161688

Some of them are pretty tasty actually yeah

No. 161689

Bananas and peaches and sometimes apples babyfood is delicious. I usually have a stash for my early mornings when I'm rushing to work and have no time to cook breakfast.

No. 161690

babyfood is literally just food in mushy form. It's delicious.

No. 161691

File: 1443477905122.jpg (30.26 KB, 580x435, 46e.jpg)

No. 161692

Why not buy regular applesauce or fruit cups?

As far as baby food goes I tried everything before I have it to my kid. Some of it is better than others and I definitely didn't try the meat ones, ugh

No. 161693

Yeah I'm sorry anons but that's kinda weird. Why not just eat fruit? Why not get a blender/food processor if you need everything to be homogeneously mushed for you?

No. 161694

That's not kawaii enough

No. 161695

not all of us have kitchen access, plus babyfood is convient in terms of portion size and calories

I like to snack on baby food since I'm an apple sauce lover.

No. 161696

If you're eating baby food to lose weight you are mentally ill

No. 161697

Its too bad eat less of 800 kcal?

No. 161698

File: 1443738582596.jpg (494.2 KB, 1280x1656, tumblr_ntqflh6CCh1ubhb9ho1_128…)

Eating baby food once in a while won't hurt you, but diabetes will, fatty-chan :)

No. 161699

It's gross. Eat an actual piece of fruit you weirdo.

No. 161700

despite what ana-chans will tell you, eating less than 800 calories a day on a regular basis is bad for you. is it bad to OCCASIONALLY eat 800 calories or less? no. if 1000-1200 is the norm for losing weight depending on height, and it's ok to go over by 300 calories on occasion, then i don't know why it would be bad to go under by 300 calories on occasion.

No. 161701

this. if you eat over one day (let's say at a party or something), you can eat under goal the next day.

No. 161702

That will only put your body into starvation mode and will make it easier for you to gain the weight back. You might lose weight but it's a really bad idea for long term weight loss.

And if you're anything like me, depriving yourself of enough calories for an extended period of time could cause you to binge eat, then hate yourself.

1200 a day is the gold standard. A couple hundred above and below is not bad. Exercise more instead of eating less calories.

No. 161703

Thanks, I'll try eat better and at the least reach the 1000 cal.
I don't think that starvation mode really exists. But yes I need exercise more too

No. 161704

>I don't think that starvation mode really exists.
It does.

No. 161705


Starvation mode does exist, but not to the extent that people assume.
It's a very temporary state lasting around 2-3 days at which point the body will begin to catabolise it's muscular structure and then its organs.

No. 161706

The body only does that when fat sources are gone. Eating under the rec will cause chubby people to lose fat faster, just dont go spoopy with it. I eat around 700-1200 just based on how I feel that day, never feel like im 'starving' But i also have some fat on me hah

No. 161707


>the body only does that when fat sources are gone

Yeah, I know. I'm explaining the starvation state, not general fat loss.

No. 161708

Currently on my weight loss journey. In January I weighed myself for the first time in years and the scale said 195lbs (I'm 5'7"), and I cried for hours. The other day I got down to 152!

One exercise that I really enjoy is hula hooping. I really recommend it to people who don't like to exercise. I hate exercising (part of the reason why I got so fat), but hula hooping is really low impact, and you can do it without having to leave your house, watch a movie, etc. It doesn't burn a ton of calories per minute, but if you are doing it during a 2 hour movie it takes a nice chunk out of your daily cals. Also you can like tighten your abs while you hoop!

Are there any lolitas here? What would be an ideal weight for someone my height who wants to be able to fit into pretty most of the major brands? I've never actually been below 145lbs so I'm not sure what my waist will look like, but currently it's 32"

No. 161709

you could probably currently fit into shirred brand. to fit in standard sized non-shirred or partially-shirred brand at your height you're probably going to have to lose 30 more pounds or so. this is me assuming you have no boobs or anything. sizes have kinda gotten larger in recent years so you'll probably have some luck with your current weight if you know what you're looking for and know your measurements.

No. 161710

here. I got a Fitbit. I started doing HIIT on an elliptical, although I can only go for fucking 5 minutes at a time without taking a breath-catching break. I have exercise-induced asthma and, after doing any sort of intense exercise, I start becoming completely unable to breathe or regain my breath. I don't have an inhaler anymore, but I'm going to try to get one this week.

I miraculously started sleeping again as of a few nights ago, and my insatiable hunger is no longer present. I've been eating ~1000 calories/day for a few days now and feeling fine. I wonder how fast I can lose 10 pounds of fat? I can't stand being in this awful body. It doesn't feel like it even belongs to me.

It's stupid, but to be perfectly honest, when I was at a BMI of ~12, I finally felt "comfortable in my own skin" for the first time. I wish I could get back there without having to face all of the health problems being that underweight can bring. Fuck this world. Fuck this body. I am so beyond done with being trapped in this disgusting, malfunctioning piece of flesh. I just want a robot body.

Back to reality: I need to lose 10 pounds ASAP. Ugh.

No. 161711

I really want people to share their food diaries, I want to know what all you farmers eat, weightloss or not

No. 161712

I eat pretty terribly. Mayonnaise, white bread, microwave meals, etc. But…I eat at a calorie deficit, so yeah I'm losing weight, just on really shitty food.

No. 161713

File: 1443986029946.jpg (91.79 KB, 480x622, 4440511051.jpg)

What am I doing so wrong?

I do HIIT 6 days a week and I usually do a couple days worth of HIIT in a single day. A typical day is lunch, a snack that consists of either fruit, coffee, oatmeal with some cocoa powder, chia pudding, or "healthy" oat cookies where I omit oil for plain apple sauce. Once a month I have a cheat day where I can eat regular cookies, or go out for lunch. That's it for the day and I'm usually not hungry after that. It's pretty boring and routine at this point.

I am overweight. I've lost about 60 pounds and I'm trying to lose my final 20. I'm pear shaped and lately I've noticed my stomach is finally getting smaller. My right side is smaller for some reason. There isn't much of a muffin top on that side, but there is on the left.

The past couples day I gave in to my urges and ate two single serving cookie with chocolate chips, peanut butter, the works. No apple sauce, used coconut oil and didn't omit anything on both days. I also ate a baked sweet potato with cinnamon on both days. I looked in the mirror today and my right side now has a muffin top that matches my left side and my sides stick out again like when I was incredibly overweight. I've also noticed my face is puffy.

How? How does this happen in two days? It's making me freak out.

No. 161714

I'd like to do one but it would be kinda boring

+ i'm 5'7 and 120 lbs, don't know if it would interest anyone. I'm trying to gain muscle so I plan on getting heavier.

No. 161715

My bust is pretty large, currently 42"…

thanks for the tips! I'm not sure if I want to start buying much right now since I plan on loosing so much weight

>I eat pretty terribly
Same here. Lots of carbs (though I stick to honey wheat bread), cheese, always have an oatmeal cream pie at lunch. It's the only way I can actually stick to a diet. Though for snacks I'll have baby carrots and cucumber dill yogurt dip.

I think you are stressing out too much. If I freaked out every time my body did something weird I'd never be able to focus on anything. Try to just focus on what the scale says and don't worry about things like bloating.

No. 161716

I'm pretty overweight at 203lbs, but about a month and a bit ago I was 225lbs exactly.

I've known for over 2 years now that my weight has spiralled out of control and that I needed to do something about it.
I like to watch a lot medical/physiology themed shows and documentaries and I recently heard in one of them that it takes 3 weeks minimum for a person to change a habit.

I decided to sever my intake by half and exercise 5-6 nights a week 1 hour minimum for about 3 weeks and see what kind of changes it would make and the changes so far have been astounding.
My once ravenous appetite has shrunk to me having around 3-4 food items per day, mostly carbohydrate for energy + protein and if I don't fit in my nightly exercise before I go to bed I feel INCREDIBLY restless and uncomfortable and will start moving my legs around in bed or doing bicycle crunches just to get something done.
I have a set that I need to complete nightly otherwise I can't sleep comfortably.

It used to be that I could buy a 4-pack of doughnuts and polish them off as a snack before devouring 2 pastries for dinner with a mocha on the side. Now I can't even imagine trying to cram that much into my stomach; I would puke.

No. 161717

if you really want to, i can tell you what i eat. i over ate today, so i feel pretty bad.

today i ate:
protein bar (210 calorie one), about 8 mini cake squares… maybe more, 1/2 cup red curry chicken, a small amount of Caesar salad, a small amount of arugula steak salad, 1/2 a cup or less of pineapple fried rice, 1 shrimp dumpling, 2 pieces of an alaskan roll (avocado and salmon), a small sliver of smoked salmon, two pieces of general tso chicken, ~32 oz of coffee, ~16oz green tea, at least 64oz of water, and a shit ton of mints

my work has a brunch buffet on sunday, and we get to eat the leftovers. that's why i had so many different things.

on a normal day i have:
1 omelette (1/3 cup egg whites with 1 slice of velveeta, spinach, onions, and mushrooms), 1 can vienna sausage or 1/3 can corned beef hash or 1 serving of reduced fat velveeta shells and cheese (180 calories), 2~3 fudgscicles, 3 apples, a cheese stick or a small spinach salad with craisins and crispy noodles, some chocolate (usually 2 of the mini reeses cups), and sometimes a sort of bread like 1/4th of a bagel my bf is eating or maybe 1/2 a pancake. occasionally i eat sushi

how is your sodium intake?

No. 161718

oh, and i guess i should add that i'm 107lbs and 5'1". i go to my parents' house 1-2x a week, and i eat a LOT there. "generous" servings of healthy food followed by a lot of cookies/cake

No. 161719

I'm the same weight and height but I want to loose about 10 lbs

My lowest weight was about 100 lbs, but I've gained 20 lbs from eating shit/ not occasionally purging. I'm not posting my food diary because my weight loss is a result of healthy food but also purging so yeah. Anyone else in same boat of 'not hardcore enough to be fully bulimic but too impatient to not purge' ?

No. 161720

Isn't 110lbs underweight for that height? 100lbs definitely is.

No. 161721

I'm 5'7. At my ideal I was about 115lbs. I'm now 125, was 129 at my highest (this loss was unintentional though so it may come back). I'm looking to lose 7-10lbs, just to get comfortable with myself again, and to be able to fit my clothes. I know it wouldn't be hard to do, but I struggle with depression and finding the motivation is just hell sometimes. I'd like to be back in good shape by spring at the very latest.

No. 161722

Am I the only old anon here?

I feel like I just don't have the time to work out really. I work five days a week and average 10 hours a day plus a one hour commute each way. That's a 12 hour day essentially, and I have kids too that I need to wrangle after school for activities or to check on homework and feed. I'm just too exhausted to work out.

No. 161723

Tips for somebody who can't use their legs? I ended up hurting myself and can barely walk. I do HIIT and not being able to jump around is really affecting me. Are there any exercises I can do in my chair that will get my heart racing?

No. 161724

I've seen people use those machines that's like a cycle for your arms. I don't know how to describe it, but it looks like a bicycle pedal, but for your arms. There's also lifting weights and those strap machines where you lift your entire upper body and build awesome upper and core strength that way. Good luck anon!

No. 161725

Probably not? There are a few late 20 year olds here. Not sure what you mean by old. I'm 30 and I work 9 hour days and sometimes 12 when there's a big show, (work at a convention center) but you can still just walk and do mild exercises on your days off. Nothing too much. For the most part, you just watch what you eat and the weight shouldnt be an issue.

No. 161726

i'm 24, but i know that's not old for someone that has kids. last year i worked 60 hours a week and managed to make it to the gym. what made it difficult was not having a 24 hour gym.

now i also work 9-10 hour shifts with an hour commute each day. during the summer it was an hour and a half commute because of traffic. then i was working 5 days a week, but now i work only 4. so basically very similar to you in terms of work hours. i easily have time to go to the gym every day, but i tend to go at like 11PM~12AM and stay until almost 2AM often.

i imagine that it would be different with children, but i know a lot of people still work out. growing up, my mother worked 8 hour shifts 5x a week as a nurse. she was an exercise fanatic – had abs, ran half marathons and a full one once, etc. she basically just worked out while my sister and i were at after school activities… sometimes she'd take us to the gym with her and have us do homework there. or when my sister was at soccer practice, she'd run around the fields for the whole practice.

when i got into high school, she'd wake me up at 5AM to run 5ks with her before work/school. we would run races on the weekends, too, and she'd make me do shit like P90x with her.

your kids might be too young, but you can involve them. even do something like yoga?

No. 161727

So many moms make excuses to get fat and flabby because 'muh kids!!' when there are plenty of moms who don't let themselves go. My only issue is not having a 24 hour gym near me either. Mine closes at 10:30 on weeknights and 7pm on weekends, so I don't even get to go to the gym on weekends unless I do the early shift, which would kill me.

People can easily go cardio in their home with free youtube videos.

No. 161728

we call that "the dinosaur" at our gym.

No. 161729

Wow bitch much? Why do you care if other people are fat, I imagine having kids is difficult, not an "excuse". Maybe focus on your on fat ass and not worry about others eh?

No. 161730

This is the fit thread, fattie. Go back to HAES or wherever you come from.

No. 161731

Not against fit, just dont understand why people care if others are fat.

No. 161732

here again. I've been doing more and more HIIT on the elliptical and eating 1000-1200 calories/day. I've lost 5 pounds and I'm already feeling a lot less disgusting, but, to be honest, I'd really like to lose 10 more still. I'm not sure how long that'll take, though.

The Fitbit is actually really helping me get more active. I got a Fitbit One, and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who doesn't already have something similar.

No. 161733

Fat people are a drain on society and worthless.

No. 161734

I think other girls being fat is perfectly fine. Why would I want more competition? Life would be too hard if every girl was thin and cared about her appearance

No. 161735

Not sure if this belongs but here goes: I've been wanting a cellulite-free ass. Up until now I've heard that squats are the best way to reduce their appearance, then I came across this: https://www.t-nation.com/training/dispelling-the-glute-myth

Who should I believe now?

No. 161736

>It's stupid, but to be perfectly honest, when I was at a BMI of ~12, I finally felt "comfortable in my own skin" for the first time. I wish I could get back there without having to face all of the health problems being that underweight can bring. Fuck this world. Fuck this body. I am so beyond done with being trapped in this disgusting, malfunctioning piece of flesh. I just want a robot body.

Iktf, anon. ;_; I was 74lbs at 5'7 this year but now I'm at my highest weight ever (~130) because I randomly started binging even though it was something I NEVER dealt with (I always completely stuck to my calorie goals whenever I restricted these past few years). Weight gain happened quickly as fuck - like, so quickly I'm ashamed to even say the exact timeframe - and I know some of it is water because I have edema so bad I can only fit into one pair of shoes, but ugh. It's torture. I hate not being underweight. ;_;

No. 161737

I've gone over my calorie limits a few days this week, and I feel awful about it. Ugh… Today was the worst though.. I just get so fucking hungry on my period, like a ravenous hog. Shoot me.

No. 161738

I know that feel well, anon. I was trying to limit what I eat because I might get a job tomorrow and wanted to lose this extra pudge. Ended up binging the past couple days on pies, cakes and salty food. I can't exercise properly either because I fucked up my legs, so I've bloated up. I feel terrible and disappointed.

No. 161739

Wait a minute, are you two seriously trying to reduce calorie intake by just eating less food?

No. 161740

I'm gonna go to the gym for the first time on thursday and it's really stressing me out. I'm very afraid that I will totally fail and embarres myself bc I have almost no cardio at all. I'm so nervous

No. 161741

What kind of cardio are you planning to do?

Cardio is not a good way to lose weight if that's your intention by the way. You should first and foremost fix your diet.

No. 161742

Diffanon but what's the problem? That's what I've done and I've lost 50lbs so far

No. 161743

>what's the problem?
Uh, how about you read the posts I just quoted?

No. 161744

Uh, how about being less passive aggressive?

No. 161745

So did you read them?

>passive aggressive

Stop using words you don't understand.

No. 161746

I'm just gonna assume you are looking for a fight and I'm not gonna engage

No. 161747

Why don't you just read the fucking posts I quoted because believe or not, they hold the answers to your stupid question.

You can't just barge into the thread and spout some retarded shit and expect others to be patient with you. Fuck off.

No. 161748

I started working out a month ago and I've been doing really well at forcing myself to go daily. I don't calorie count, but I try eat whenever I'm hungry and keep my portions at a decent size where I'll feel full but not bloated/overeat, but up until a few days ago (where I caved and bought chips for the first time in MONTHS), I've been craving snacks and food to eat like mad. I feel so incredibly guilty and I'm used to have pretty good self control over not eating too much junk food but now I'm going nuts over it… After dinner I get a small apple to eat but it does nothing for me and I just want to eat chips.

Also, any good exercises to strengthen my core and burn stomach fat? I feel like I have literally no core muscles because I can't even do a simple sit up/crunch (haven't been able to since middle school…)

No. 161749

Nah, I'm pretty happy with my weight. I just wanna be more sporty and maybe a little bit more muscular.
I was planning on doing the usual stuff like cross trainer, treadmill and such

No. 161750

are you a retard? this one of the best ways to lose weight/maintain is to watch your calories /reduce caloric intake. Just eat less

No. 161751

noooo fuck off ana chan im being fit and healthy by running on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then eating muh supersized mcdonalds

No. 161752

I hope you clog your arteries.

No. 161753

>watch your calories /reduce caloric intake.
>Just eat less
Are YOU a retard? You realize these two aren't at all equivalent right?

Being hungry all the fucking time is not "the best way" to lose weight you stupid fuckface. And before you call me fat, notice I'm not not the one making an assumption here. She explicitly said she's "so fucking hungry".

Fuck off

No. 161754

What is your height and weight?

No. 161755

Jesus so mad?

They are not the same I was just saying some ways to lose weight.

If you OVEREAT normally EATING LESS will help you lose weight. EAT LESS CALORIES.

I didn't read her post I was replying to only one based on that.

Diet is a very important part of weight loss and just health.

No. 161756

You're a fucking idiot lol

The term "eating less" is something of a colloquialism and is generally understood to mean reducing your calorie intake. That's why everyone in this thread understands this but you. Now kindly fuck off.

No. 161757

>They are not the same I was just saying some ways to lose weight.

>I'm so fucking hungry all the time waah waah

>hey did you know you can lose weight by eating less lol
Total genius. Thanks for your helpful input yet again.

>That's why everyone in this thread understands this
Oh really? Because if that's true, a certain someone wouldn't be complaining about being hungry all the damn time like a fucking retard in >>161737.

Unkindly fuck off.

No. 161758

What the hell happened in this thread?

No. 161759

Same thing as in the thinspo thread, the anas and retards took over.

No. 161760

And people deny this site is overrun by fucking Anorexic bitches.

No. 161761


No. 161762

"I want to lose weight"
"You should eat less"

WOWWWWWWWWWW so anorexic

No. 161763

More like
"I ate less but that made me starve myself so now I've gained back all that I've lost and more"

ana-chans pls

No. 161764

If you can't eat less without starving yourself you are the one with disorderer eating

No. 161765

How about you tell that to >>161736 instead of me

No. 161766

You're projecting like crazy just because one poster said she got hungry while on her period. You sound like one of those "diets are a lie it's impossible to lose weight" HAES fatties.

No. 161767

lmao are you getting your posts mixed up? Having trouble following the comment chain? Or just having trouble reading? She said all that shit explicitly, AIDF-chan.

No. 161768

Obvious samefag

No. 161769

I don't get how she gets so mad jesus. not you I mean the weird prob fat anon

"eat less" = a mental condition to her/him wtf

No. 161770


Yeah okay, whoa, wtf. I'm the one who posted >>161737 what part of that said "I'm starving myself everyday so I'm always hungry and binging". I eat 1200-1300 calories a day to help lose weight, and was just whinging because this last week I've been on my period and have had a few off days where I ate over because chips/chocolate don't keep you full very long and it's what I've been craving. i felt kinda bad about it and wanted to commiserate with other dieters. Jesus. what the fuck?

No. 161771

You only quoted one post? And no really, you ARE getting your posts mixed up because the one I'm talking about has said nothing about periods.


>"eat less" = a mental condition to her/him wtf
pffthaha I fucking love it. Since starvation mode is probably affecting your thought process and perception I'll spell it out as clear as possible for you:

YOU were the ones who claimed to be hungry all the time, indicating something's wrong with your diet.

YOU were the ones who claimed to binge so much that you've increased your weight to twice what it used to be after oh-so religiously following a strict calorie intake.

I never claimed eating less = automatically bad. I claimed if you're feeling starved all the time and/or having uncontrollable urges to binge, you're probably not doing something right with your diet, hmm?

>I'm starving myself everyday so I'm always hungry and binging
See >>161767 I'm addressing two equally retarded people here and only one of them is you.

>i felt kinda bad about it and wanted to commiserate with other dieters.

So much for a support thread. I don't know how you thought your post would be helpful at all.

No. 161772

are you ok? you seem very irritable, did you miss your insulin this morning?

No. 161773


I'm >>161737 again and that is literally the only post I've made here except right now here >>161770

>So much for a support thread. I don't know how you thought your post would be helpful at all.

What the fuck? Me posting my struggles in a thread for weightloss support is….not helpful? And you blowing up on everyone for disagreeing with you is…. helpful?

I've been doing fine on my diet until my period. All I did was come in and say damn dieting on your period can be kinda hard essentially, and suddenly I'm a retard who doesn't know how to diet.

You need to calm down.

No. 161774

File: 1444666952004.jpg (36.17 KB, 420x482, Very-fat-woman-eating_13068267…)

Remember everyone, hunger is the devil. If you EVER feel hungry while dieting, you're anorexic. Craving sweets? Just cram them down your gullet immediately, it's the only healthy way to eat.

No. 161775

>loses the argument
>hurr durr ur mad lel
Step up senpai

>Me posting my struggles in a thread for weightloss support is….not helpful?
Talking about how shitty it feels to lose weight is not helpful, the last time I checked. But if you meant you wanted on the receiving end of whatever support is left ITT, by all means go ahead idc

>suddenly I'm a retard who doesn't know how to diet.

I can't tell who's who on an anonymous forum. I was just asking a question and seeing someone got so buttflustered and defensive about it is gonna make me assume it was you.

No. 161776

>Talking about how shitty it feels to lose weight is not helpful, the last time I checked. But if you meant you wanted on the receiving end of whatever support is left ITT, by all means go ahead idc

Idk, I guess I just disagree. Weight loss isn't always easy, and it helps people to know they're not fuck ups because they struggle sometimes, as long as they keep going and don't quit.

No. 161777


I never said anything about being hungry!
I don't binge!

Why are you so rude

No. 161778

You could just eat toilet paper and cotton balls like Anas do

No. 161779

wtf. Please be trolling. You have to restrict your calorie intake to lose weight. That's how it fucking works. You can't just work out and eat whatever you want, unless you are working all for hours every day.

No. 161780

File: 1444710718420.png (339.89 KB, 1600x1200, 1238300251394.png)

Uh, you do realize the poster I was describing explicitly said she starved herself, then lost control and binged right?

Do anorexics all have mental retardation? Can you all, just for once, actually read the post and the posts that come before that, before spouting completely irrelevant bullshit? I'm so fucking sick of explaining/guiding retards through the context of every post simply because they're too lazy/dumb to click on some quoted post numbers themselves. We need to implement comment threading for these dumb fucks jfc

No. 161781

Can admin sama do something about this idiot, >>161780 they're ruining the thread

>Posts should generally be serious and not overly inflammatory

No. 161782

Who were you talking about then? I'm >>161738 and I never said I was starving myself. I said I was limiting myself, as in reducing calorie intake. Fuck off.

No. 161783

File: 1444747308492.jpg (545.07 KB, 1936x1936, qsdw0JZ.jpg)

Ignore that fucking weirdo, they're either trolling or mentally ill.

No. 161784

File: 1444747337065.jpg (74.83 KB, 499x572, ENjmI20.jpg)

No. 161785

File: 1444747362874.jpg (226.49 KB, 892x755, RI6Fdaa.jpg)

No. 161786

File: 1444747477910.png (4.4 MB, 1936x1936, EWSADi8.png)

No. 161787

File: 1444747902107.jpg (576.61 KB, 1920x1920, WbpJpYc.jpg)

No. 161788

File: 1444748106394.jpg (274.22 KB, 699x699, IC4xscB.jpg)

No. 161789

I love seeing progress photos, especially the ones with dates–it reminds me that time's on my side.

No. 161790

I've lost about 45lbs so far, but I have these ugly stretch marks all over my ass and around my belly button… it makes me really insecure, like even when I get thin enough to wear a bikini I will still look gross

I use cocoa butter and vitamin e lotion but nothing seems to work. Ive been doing a lot of reading up and it seems like there isn't really a "cure" for them

No. 161791

Not really, they should fade over time though. I have some on my hips and thighs from puberty and they're barely noticeable unless I point them out. There are still a lot of cute one pieces out there. Or maybe you can try a high-waisted bikini?

No. 161792

Yea maybe! those vintage style high waisted ones are pretty cute.

I even considered trying to cover them up with makeup lol. How sad am I

No. 161793

File: 1444769724871.png (590.56 KB, 489x750, fancystrechmarks.png)

Be proud of them, only dumbasse find them ugly or make fum of them. I've never been fat nor super skinny, I've never had an extreme weight loss and I have stretch marks on my butt and thighs, they're like cellulite ; natural things.

No. 161794

I've always been really skinny, and I got my first stretchmarks when I was like… 12 in middle school and they were on my thighs. :( I was so embarrassed to change in gym class cause of them so I started putting make up on them. Don't bother anon. No one ever said anything to me about mine, no one sees them unless they're like super close to you.

No. 161795

Always been thin and still have stretch marks. Pretty much everyone has them. I dont get women who wanna be so self conscious over such stupid things. Do you never fart in public either?

No. 161796

My friggin A cup titties have stretch marks. Ain't no thang.

No. 161797

Who farts in public?

No. 161798

i'm not thin but i don't have any stretch marks yet. is there anyway of preventing them before they come in (other than losing weight, which im trying to lose 10 lbs)

or maybe i do have them. i dont have any lines (white/purple or red) on my body… my skin is pretty much one even colour other than my tanlines. i ask my bf all the time if i have stretch marks because im really scared of getting them and he says no. is there a special sign to look for if they are JUST coming in?

No. 161799

I understand being selfcouncious because you are fat
because you are ugly, have a fucked up face or dumbass haircut…
But being extra scared about stretch mark?

Moisturizing is pretty much the only answer in this time and age.

No. 161800


No. 161801

Does anyone else ever take a moment to just kind of admire their progress? I know I'm not 100% fit yet but sometimes I like to just squat and poke my thigh muscles and be amused by how much harder they've gotten because they used to be jiggling all over the place.

No. 161802

Yess. I recently started getting back into working out regularly. I'm already losing that stomach pudge. I just want to be fit again and not jelly.

No. 161803

I have a problem, i dont know if anyone will be able to help but dont ask, dont get right?

So i used to be 213lbs, i have now gotten down to 168. I have always been active but really ramped it up and not only cut out all sweets and snacks, but stopped eating refined products like white bread and white rice and white pasta and ocasionally eat the wholemean variety. Now the problem is my weight wont go down any further and i dont know what else i can cut out of my diet.

I have PCOS which i know makes it harder for me to lose but not impossible surely. I would like to go the muscle building route (my legs are very muscular, the rest of me not so much) but hear you have to eat more to do this. I'm not sure what i can do at this point, sorry for the tl;dr but any tips or advice would really help. Thank you :)

No. 161804

Are you using a calorie counting log of any sort? Have you used an updated BMR in order to see how many calories you need to cut back on to lose weight? As you lose weight/gain muscle, etc you should re-check your BMR, it will be different, you could be still using the BMR of your 213 weight to try and lose weight which could be hindering you. Just suggestions!

No. 161805

I just started working out for the first time and my arms have been slowly building up muscle! The stomach fat is hard to lose but I'm so happy that I'm getting somewhere. I started having a lot of internal turmoil about my weight vs body image in the beginning, but I'm slowly overcoming it and just trying to do my best to build muscle and live a (relatively) health(ier) lifestyle.

No. 161806

What an amazing transformation.

No. 161807

According to HAES, it isn't possible to lose weight. Obviously, I'm kidding. Great work to these women. Getting in shape and feeling better is worth all the hard work.

No. 161808

Do you guys things it would be better to get your weight down through dieting and then start working out or just start working out at the beginning? I've got about 30 lbs I want to lose. If I can get down 15 lbs in two months that would be nice. I've got a wedding to attend and I want to make sure I don't look completely awful.

No. 161809

I got my ass into gear recently to get fit and lose weight.
I started a slimming class 2 weeks ago, been following their 'lifestyle change' plan, completely changing my diet to be more healthy and no sweets/soda (I allow myself one can of diet soda and a treat such as a small bar of chocolate on a Saturday) and I've been attending the gym minimum 3x per week for at least 1.5 hours doing a mix of cardio and weights (For Cardio, either 20 minutes of jogging on treadmill or on the cross trainer followed by rowing machine and then 10-15 minutes on whatever I didn't do at the start (treadmill or cross trainer). I can see in the mirror that I've lost weight as I actually have a waist line, my trousers are loose and a top that was once skin tight is now slightly loose on me.
But at my weigh in tonight I'd gained 1.5lbs. I just don't understand it.

t;dr I've changed my diet, track my calorie/fat/sugar/carb intake via myfitnesspal, work out regularly yet I've gained weight, what gives?

No. 161810

how come people still dont know this? You're losing fat and gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Getting fit is not necessarily about losing weight but about losing bodyfat and gaining muscle. Weight doesn't matter as much as bf%.

No. 161811

this. if you're working out, go by your measurements and not your weight

No. 161812

I suggest exercising right away. Do some cardio. I recommend the POP HIIT series.

No. 161813

Those actually look kinda fun, and like they wouldn't take a lot of time. I'm going to try it out, thanks!

No. 161814

I'm 120lb and 5'6 and would like to lose a little bit of weight, but all of my friends and family are against it. Even my boyfriend. I'm already a size zero, but I don't exercise much so I have a little bit of a tummy and squishier arms/thighs.

Everyone close to me thinks it's bad, though… I guess it's because I recently recovered from an eating disorder and used to be 98lbs… But I'm okay now, and I'm basically just trying to make sure I'm eating healthier and exercising more. I don't even want to necessarily lose weight, just a few inches on some of the flabbier parts of my body.

I'm currently eating 1,200cal a day and I try to go running 3x a week for 2 miles each time. (I'm still getting into the habit, so I can't run that far yet.) I don't drink soda. I don't consume sweets. My only vice is a snack sized bag of chips twice a week or so when I'm baked and have the munchies, but even then I try and have it all fit into the 1,200cal.

I'm not really seeing much progress though… Should I start lifting to see better results? It's just difficult to lose weight when you're already pretty small.

No. 161815

Wow, I'm 125 lbs and 5'6 and I'm a size 8.
Honestly, if you're already a size zero I don't see why you'd want to lose weight. Sounds like you should do some strength training/lifting, but you need to eat more for it to be effective I think.

No. 161816

i would try adding sprints to your cardio. do some core exercises like planks. DON'T do weighted core exercises. it sounds like your diet is in check. focus on the numbers on the measuring tape and not the scale. people around me also get mad when i say i want to lose weight, but they bitch less when i say i want to lose an inch off of ___.

you don't really need to run more than 2 miles if your speed is good.

No. 161817

Really, anon? My measurements are 31-24-32. I guess I carry my weight weirdly - my ED counselor even thought I was lying when I told her my weight…

I really enjoy cosplay and I do booth babe/modeling gigs on the side for extra cash, so I mostly just want to tone up for that… You can definitely tell I'm mostly sedentary. DSLRs are very unforgiving, especially in dealer room lighting and stuff. Also I want to have a healthier lifestyle.

No. 161818

Thanks, anon! Why don't I want to do weighted exercises? Just curious! I really don't know anything about this sort of stuff, /fit/ guides and the like still kinda go over my head.

I run about a 9:30 mile right now, which is pretty abysmal, haha!

No. 161819

weighted oblique exercises will make you look boxy.

No. 161820

>size 8
Sizes aren't even worth mentioning or comparing anything to. I'm size 00 up to a size 4 depending on the place and style of the jeans.

No. 161821


Do you have a heart rate monitor? And if you do, do you ever come close to the zones estimated for your age (i.e. 220 - age etc)? I've found that as I've become fitter it is MUCH harder to raise my HR during intervals.

But intervals are only meant to increase endurance and not weight loss per se so you should still be losing weight unless you haven't recalculated your BMR. It's very possible that six days a week is overtraining and you need to rest more.

No. 161822

Mine are like 35-27-35 or something like that… Maybe my body is just weird but you sound really thin already, weight is just a number. I'm in recovery also, I guess I just have a really high body fat percentage right now but I wasn't much different before my ED. :/ I'm jealous hah.


I can fit into some size 6 items but I'm generally a size 8, at least in pants.

No. 161823

Any tips on getting back on track with eating more healthy after holidays and such?
I just usually try to finish off all the unhealthy stuff on the last day so I'll only have "normal" food left. Not sure if that's the best way but at least then I won't have any temptations at home.

No. 161824

File: 1445265534342.jpg (25.69 KB, 500x500, 416xYu0KIML.jpg)

Does the amount of calories you burn really matter in a workout?

My shins have been causing me a lot of pain if I run too many days in a row, so I've resorted to using the stationary bike and increasing the load to still get a good workout, but I still only burn half the calories I do compared to when I run on a treadmill for the same about of time (which is 100 on the bike, and around 200 on the treadmill… weak af but I've just started working out recently so I hope I can do more later).

Losing weight isn't much of a priority as gaining muscle and just being fit…

Also, what are you opinions on this thing? We have it in my dormitory's gym and I only just recently started seeing a girl use it and apparently it has a lot of good reviews but I feel like something so "easy" looking can't actually work out my core as good as other body weight exercises… It's called the Panasonic EU6441A Core Muscle Trainer if someone wants to look up the reviews.

No. 161825


>does the amount of calories you burn really matter in a workout?

If you're intending to lose fat; yes.
Calories are just units of energy, the same way you measure any other unit. When you exercise your body goes "o shit son we need some energy" and begins breaking down fat on your body and converting into energy.

If you're just wanting to get strong lifting heavy things and putting them down will also cause your body to convert fat deposits into energy for usage in your activity, and you will get better results long term, but short term you won't initially lose as much weight because it's not HI.

No. 161826

>shin splints
do you stretch before you run? have you tried wearing compression sleeves on your shins? i had to stop running for months because i kept running with shin splints. they got to the point where i couldn't sleep because of the pain – i didn't even have to be standing for it to hurt. all the orthodics, stability shoes, kt tape, etc did nothing. then my mom got me compression sleeves from marshalls, and now i can run without a problem. i haven't tried running over 8 miles, but my usual 1-2 mile interval training is fine.

No. 161827

I'm not familiar with that core muscle trainer, but if you want to get strong and toned lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises will help.

No. 161828

Are there any exercises I can do without equipment or weights in a smallish room to strengthen my core? I can't do sit-ups because I have a slipped disk, but I do squats and wimp push-ups (on my knees, because back pain, and even then I can't do many before the pain starts), and I take the bus and walk everywhere because poorfag. I wanna stay doing yoga but I can't afford a gym or classes, but would that even help? I always thought yoga was just fancy stretching.

No. 161829

Planks. Start with wall assisted planks and progress from there for a good core exercise.

Do a search for "beginner bodyweight" and a bunch of beginner exercise programs will pop up. Anything that's currently too difficult for you to perform do a search for that exercise and "progression" and you'll find tutorials to help you build up the strength to perform the full movement correctly.

No. 161830

I do stretch! Before and after too.

I thought nothing of the pain before but it got progressively got worse to the point where I couldn't even simply powerwalk on the treadmill without it hurting (but not as bad as your situation). I'll look into getting compression sleeves though! Do you think using those wrap around bandages would be a good temporary thing? Since I'm abroad I'm not sure where to look for compression sleeves… and I'd rather buy them irl than pay shipping haha.

No. 161831

i used the wrap around bandages, and they didn't work for me, but they might work for you. any sports store would have compression sleeves, and if your country has some kind of walmart/target equivalent, they might have them there.

No. 161832

Thanks anon! I'll try out the bandages but I'll definitely invest in some compression sleeves too!

No. 161833

how do i get a toned and bigger butt?

No. 161834

Lifting weights, squats, planks, etc

No. 161835

i'm so sad, farmers. blog whining post incoming.

i was down to 103lbs from 108lbs without even trying. i stayed that way for at least a month and consciously tried to lose a little more with calorie counting and cardio. somehow, i've gone from 103lbs in may to almost 107lbs now. i was even weighing 103lbs at night time after dinner, and now i can weigh up to 109lbs after dinner…

my stomach always feels bloated, tight, and uncomfortable now. my clothes fit like shit. it makes me not want to do anything.

No. 161836

I cut out junk food and soda from my diet a week ago, and since then I've lost a stone / 14 lbs / 6 kg. Feels fucking good. I'm still a hamplanet, but hopefully not for longer

No. 161837

Are you getting enough water? If that's not the culprit, trying edging your calories up slightly again. It seems counterintuitive and certainly doesn't make sense, but I've actually maintained a higher rate of fat loss at a slightly higher calorie intake per day than I was getting at a lower amount of calories. Anecdotal at best, I know, but every body's different and you seemed to be doing better with more calories, too.

No. 161838

Sorry, but you didn't actually lose 14 lb in a week. You just lost water weight and took a big shit. You might have actually lost 1 or 2 pounds.

No. 161839

i get at least 67~ oz of water a day plus at least 20oz of coffee and 17~32oz of green tea (since i've read that other liquids count towards your water intake).

maybe that was it – maybe i was just counting calories incorrectly or aiming too low. i've just started an EC stack, so we'll see how this goes! days 1 and 2 were really good.

No. 161840

Such bullshit, you haven't lost 14lbs of fat in one week, that's near enough impossible you've probably lost 2lbs at most, cutting soda and junk food out of your diet for a week does not give those results, after a year or two maybe.

No. 161841

>after a year or two maybe

Top kek

No. 161842

Kill yourself.

No. 161843

i agree that 14lbs of fat is really unlikely, but i lost 21lbs of fat in 5 weeks so thinking it takes a year to lose 14lbs is ridiculous. i went from 120lbs to 99lbs without exercise/conscious dieting. i wasn't a normal case, though. i was binge drinking almost every day to the point of black out drunk and eating shit like pizza at 3 am. maintained 98-99lbs until i started drinking again (weekends only), then i went back up to around 108lbs.

also, for an extremely overweight person, you can actually lose quite a bit of weight in a week like on the biggest loser. maybe >>161836 weighs like 200lbs and is 5'.

No. 161844

Well losing 14 pounds of fat in 1 week would mean a deficit of 49000 calories. Even if I assume she is 6 feet tall, weighs 500 lbs, and performs extremely strenuous exercise every day (lol) according to this calculator http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/#result she would only actually burn ~41000 a week. It's just not possible. She probably just lost a lot of water weight from not eating salty snacks.

No. 161845


The biggest loser is not a reliable source there was a story about how they managed so much weight loss in a week, lots of tricks that were obviously kept from the public. Although its true being very heavy means you can lose a lot in one week, losing 20lbs in 1 week is not natural even at a very heavy weight. One contestant who did that gained 32lbs in 5 days just from drinking water and now pees blood. A lot of the weight loss on that show was to do with dehydration. If I can find the article will post, it was very interesting.

No. 161846

>also, for an extremely overweight person, you can actually lose quite a bit of weight in a week like on the biggest loser.

Losing WEIGHT and losing FAT are not the same thing, and those people on TBL didn't just lose fat, they lost a lot of water too which is why they had such huge results. Note: edited for clairty as I didnt put what I was reposnding to before.

No. 161847

Ughhhhhh, binge drinking gives you a beer gut because your liver is working on breaking down alcohol instead of fat, by not drinking your liver had a healthy breakfast and went back to it's intended job.

That's why you lost the weight, if no alcohol wasn't involved whatsoever and you were over eating, it would've taken a whole lot longer for you to burn that fat off… Hence, obesity.

It had nothing to do with weight loss and everything to do with sobriety, they are not the same thing.

No. 161848

Healthy break, not breakfast.

No. 161849

This ^

It's very well documented by the contestants themselves that they gained the weight back almost immediately after being on that show, and a lot of them now have very serious health issues because of it.

No. 161850

The same thing happened to me, I was near 150lbs (5'7) because of binge drinking for almost a year. I finally was able to break free from it and got down to 120lbs just over a month.

Doctor told me that my liver was making up for lost time and was beginning to burn fat instead of alcohol. But in fairness, I also had to change my diet and exercise daily as well, so it didn't just fall off me by just quitting the booze… but all those factors helped a great deal in losing weight quicker than expected.

No. 161851

i can relate to this. Some years ago i started drinking quite usual after a lot of time of not drinking at all. I gained like 6kg in a month and a half, when i hadn't gained weight for years. It was HORRIBLE for me. Then i moderated my alcohol intake (now i drink some beer once a month or something) and started working out and i lost all what i've gained.

No. 161852

No. 161853

Yep, and its so fucked up. I used to like that show, now i feel disgusted for believing in it.

No that isn't the article I was talking about (although that article is a great read!) It was an interview with one of the male contestants who gained 56lbs back after leaving the show. It was specifically about the techniques they used to get them to lose high amounts and why most constestants end up putting weight back on when they leave.

That article you posted covers a bit of that but also how they were treated like people-I was horrified when I first read it and feel really bad for them.

I used to really like that show but also feel bad that I was not losing the amount the contestants did (however I am nowhere near their sizes) and thought I was "lazy" for only losing 1 lb per week. But I value my ability to walk and I have always had knee troubles (even when I was thin) so will not be doing the drastic things like on that show.

No. 161854

Anyone have any experience with BED and weight loss? It literally feels impossible to me. When I try to diet or restrict my eating, I just end up bingeing because food.

No. 161855

I don't have BED but I do want to try to help.
The first thing that helped me with binging or just mindlessly snacking was to remove the "bad" snacks from the house (I don't like to think of foods as good or bad but I mean, tortilla chips and cookies aren't exactly the best.)

I like to replace those foods with lower calorie/healthier alternatives that will still help curb the same cravings. Seaweed chips, unsalted or lightly salted nuts, sweet mini peppers, berries, and carob chips are my go-tos. I'm a grazer so it helps to have something to snack on.

Also, up your protein. It'll keep you fuller longer. When you feel yourself wanting to snack, try a glass of water or a cup of tea/coffee first. If you still feel hungry, you're actually hungry and it's time to eat!

Not the best advice since I'm no nutritionist but I hope it helps. I always feel hella guilty and often get the urge to purge after eating "bad" snacks so I (kinda) feel your pain. But you've got this! Don't think of it as restricting or a diet. You're just rethinking food (think of it as fuel–delicious fuel, sure, but fuel.)

No. 161856

(only available in the UK, I think)
Have you tried graze.com?
>inb4 shilling

but you can get a selection of snacks in a box and they're really handy to have whenever you feel like snacking/eating. Most of the options are healthy. You can take it to work or school or whatever. They're pretty cheap, but you can abuse free box codes to get boxes for free.

No. 161857

First, a disclaimer that I've had kind-of fucked up eating habits for a while.

I've had a binging problem for a while too. I recently did a 21-day water fast, and lost 30 lbs. I found that the fast really helped in stopping the binging after the fast for some time. Binging for me was impossible after my fast; tiny portions stuffed me.

However, once your stomach starts stretching you might find yourself able to binge again. It happened for me, and I found myself in a binge-fast cycle for a little while. I'm still at my post-fast weight, which is good. Right now, I'm trying to work out an intermittent fasting schedule where I have an eating window for a couple of hours in the day and fast for the rest. I've tried the whole "small portions frequently" thing before, but it just makes me more prone to binging because I'm just constantly around and thinking about food, then. It might be something you may want to try, since its what most professionals recommend when tackling BED.

No. 161858

I have bulimia and the only thing that is effective aside from common diet tips for me was filling low calorie foods.

No. 161859

how'd you deal with the nasty breath you get when fasting? Even when i was seriously spoopy and nearly dead, i only fasted for at most 3 days in a row (and not that often). My own breath made me sick, no matter how much i brushed my teeth.

No. 161860

File: 1446157476126.png (443.41 KB, 556x556, 1445742859146.png)

>tfw eating is literally the only thing that makes me happy and soothes my depression and anxiety
I got fucked from a young age when all my parents fed me was mcdonalds and shit. i got hooked and fucked at a young age. basically been fat all my life except the time i lost 50 pounds, got depressed again, and gained it all back plus more

10 pounds is nothing

No. 161861

Not that anon but it's definitely a noticeable amount of weight loss for non-fats.
I was 110lbs and when I went down to 102lbs my whole family + friends noticed.

No. 161862

yeah def. When I lost those 50 pounds i felt and looked so great. those were honestly the best days of my life and they were only a year ago. Feels like my new self (aka my old self now) has been gone forever now

No. 161863

10 pounds is nothing when you have 100 pounds to lose

No. 161864

depends on a person's height too. 10 lbs looks like a whole lot more on 5'0" person than on 6'0"person.

i made sure i was always hydrated and drinking water very often. i find that the more hydrated you the worse your fasting breath. i also carried around some travel toothpaste and brush, just in case, but i only needed to brush once in the morning and once before bed. AFAIR, the fasting breath waned very significantly after the first week.

iktf all too well, anon.

No. 161865

>be me
>diet successfully since last Thursday
>overeat by 2000 calories 2 days in a row, possibly undoing all the progress I made in a week all because I got stressed over a Math exam.

How do I not fuck up like this so often? I get stressed and the first thing I reach for is foodz. Not even drinking a ton of water could save me from binging.

No. 161866

yeah, i'm a hair over 5', and family notices when i go up or down 5lbs. i generally only fluctuate between 3lbs or less

No. 161867

Wtf how do you eat 2000 calories above your normal intake?

If I eat like, 300 or 400 over, I feel stuffed and disgusting. 2000 calories over sounds like it's getting into actual disordered territory

No. 161868

Shit, I meant 1000. Yesterday I went 1000 over and today 1000 over. So in total I've gone 2000 over my calories for this week.

Today I had an extra meal: A side of fries and a hamburger. Looked at the calories and both of them ended up being 1000 calories put together. It's weird because I can go all day and only eat dinner just fine, but when I'm stressed about something major all sense goes out the window.

No. 161869

Any good leg workouts that aren't cycling/running? I got shin splints so I took up cycling on a stationary bike while they healed, but now I'm having issues with my knees (dull pain, sometimes it'll even hurt to walk). I bought a sleeve for them for now, but since I've just started working out I don't really want to lose what little progress I made.

No. 161870

Swimming, maybe? It's easy on the joints.

No. 161871

Sage for whining. I am ravenous and fatigued all the time and I can't make myself eat under around 1800 calories/day lately. I get so hungry that I can't think about anything else but food. I feel absolutely disgusting and like I've ruined myself forever. And then feeling like that makes me want to just eat whatever I want because I've fucked up beyond repair. I don't think I'll ever get back to the weight I feel comfortable at (around 15 lbs below where I am now) and I'll just hate myself forever for being a disgusting lazy fuck.

No. 161872

I don't have access to a pool and actually can't swim anyway oTL

No. 161873

Thank you so much. I have been thinking about doing that, since the things I mostly do eat are not very good, no surprise there though lol. Definitely gonna actually do this now.
Yeah I think I have heard of that. They have a commercial that comes on that offers a free box to begin with. Thank you!
I would love to do a fast like that, but every time I try to fast I end up binging! Lol. There have been times in the past where I will do really good with eating for about a week or two, or I will fast for just a few days and I can notice a difference like that. But I always end up gaining all the weight back and I am back to square one. I read online that they have medication for the disorder, but I am a bit reluctant to try it.
I am 5'5" and the last time I weighed myself I was around 220 I think. For years I was stuck around 160-180 and then I got pregnant, gained 20 pounds, and I ended up miscarrying. 10 more pounds after that due to being depressed. Got pregnant again and got up to about 240-250 before I had my son, and now I am stuck at 220! I feel disgusting. I cry when I look in the mirror. I want my life back.
Since I can't seem to stop eating, I will definitely take all your guys' advice about this! I appreciate it so much.

No. 161874

Sorry if this is a stupid question but does anyone know the kit the girl in OP pic is wearing? Obviously Nike but the specific outfit?

No. 161875

No. 161876

So, me and the boyfriend were trying to be healthier together, etc, but he fell completely off the wagon, and seeing him stuff his face made me want to as well, so I've been doing not so well lately. Ugh…

No. 161877

File: 1446514420731.jpg (75 KB, 700x525, 1393980309550.jpg)

I know that feel all too well, anon.

>parents fed us fast food most days of the week with giant portions of dinner when we didn't

>weren't allowed to leave the table until we finished our food
>mom would give us second servings
>dad would reward us with food
>would give us food if we were sad
>would not eat fruit unless it was in pie or cobbler form
>grow up and lost 60 pounds after leaving home
>depressed and anxious, ballooned after not exercising and eating right
>self-conscious and even more anxious, but continue to use food as comfort only to feel bad after a binge

It's depressing knowing I have to make the effort to lose weight all over again and get used to not eating sugary shit all over again. The first few days are the hardest.

No. 161878

I feel you, I've lost a lot of weight but with my bf snacking most of the time it gets a lot harder. Once I start snacking in the evening, I usually don't stop…

No. 161879

good luck anon! food is pretty deeply ingrained.

maybe go slower? don't stop eating things altogether, just eat a bit less or structure your meals more?

No. 161880

That's really sad. You're not alone and i've met friends who've had similar situations with the eating large portions and not allowed to leave the table. I don't know if this is an american thing (especially in hispanic families) but it's bullshit. I'm glad you got out though. That is serious abuse.

No. 161881

File: 1446633685563.jpg (9.77 KB, 266x190, 10665740_10154746154475019_487…)

I'm 5'8 started at 260 pounds got there by being unemployed, doped up on antidepressants and lazy. I've managed to drop down to 250 pounds over a few weeks after getting a job, walking 30 mins a day and doing crappy lil workouts. Always have issues with binging especially around my bf.

Gonna be eating a fruit smoothie for breakfast, oats for lunch and a chicken Caesar salad for dinner for the rest of the week. Wish me luck?

No. 161882

>fruit smoothie
>Caesar salad
Yeah, anon, you're going to need all the luck you can get.

No. 161883

This. Fruit is basically candy, it should only be eaten as a rare treat. And if you weigh 260 pounds that Caesar salad is probably going to be more like ranch dressing soup with 2 pieces of lettuce.

No. 161884

>fruit is basicaly candy

Kill yourself tbh

No. 161885

lmao, I agree with >>161884

Where did this myth that fruit is bad for you even start?

That said: >>161881 fucking eat more. Fuck smoothies. Eat whole fruits and vegetables.

No. 161886

Why are you so triggered? Most fruits have a comparable sugar content to candy bars.

>fuck smoothies eat whole fruits and vegetables

Uh, what do you think smoothies are made of? Eat vegetables, not fruits

No. 161887

If you think eating 500 calories of apple and eating 500 calories of soda and chips is the same, you are a dumb fuck.

No. 161888

Yeah fructose can be bad if ingested in large quantities, but it's almost impossible to overeat fructose by eating fruit.

Don't try to make normal healthy people adopt your weird ana rules.

No. 161889

True. 500 calories of apples would contain much more sugar than 500 calories of chips and soda.

I assume you're talking about the correlation between fructose and liver disease? Yes, you probably won't get to that point by eating fruit, but that's not the only adverse effect of too much sugar. Eating too many carbs and sugars will lead to insulin resistance, lipidemia and increased proportions of visceral fat. Eating sugary fruit all the time will also make you accustomed to sugary shit and cause you to crave it.

No. 161890

Fruit is healthy, and people never abuse fruit, and i'ts not a special treat it's an awesome naturaly sugary fuel for you, period.

Now go back to mpa, pls.

No. 161891

Whatever makes you feel better about your diet, I guess. Even if it goes against all of nutritional science.

>hey maybe you shouldn't eat a bunch of sugar every day?


No. 161892

It's amazing how dumb and deluded some people are.

Yeah sugar is good, the sugar found in fruit has nothing to do with candy added sugar.
Also, fructore doesn't create an insuline response, fruit give you awesome stuff like vitamins, antioxidants and water… It's also full of fiber wich slow down the assimilation of sugar, preventing the crazy insuline spike.

No. 161893

Crazy american, not getting enough fruit and cutting them out of their diets because "too much sugar".

No. 161894

Not the person you're arguing with but I made the first comment about the fruit smoothie.

why do you get so defensive when we just try to point out that grinding up 10 fruits at once and only eating that for breakfast is fucking terrible. I actually eat fruit daily but because I don't consume 50g of sugar (b-but muh fructose) in one sitting I'm ana chan.

No. 161895

I'm not American - are you?

>Fructose consumption induces insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, hyperinsulinemia, hypertriacylglycerolemia, and hypertension in animal models.

But what does the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition know? I read some buzzfeed articles that said fruit is good for you.

Fruit has some nutrients and fiber, but you can get those without the sugar bomb by eating some fucking vegetables like an adult.

No. 161896

from your link

>the concerns raised about the addition of fructose to the diet as sucrose or HFCS should not be extended to naturally occurring fructose from fruit and vegetables. The consumption of fruit and vegetables should continue to be encouraged because of the resulting increased intake of fiber, micronutrients, and antioxidants.

Learn to read tired ass wanarexic.

No. 161897

I don't have a problem with that, I have a problem with crazy people thinking that fruits are "special treats" and dangerously sugary.

No. 161898

> In addition, the intake of naturally occurring fructose is low, ≈15 g/d, and is unlikely to contribute significantly to the untoward metabolic consequences associated with the consumption of large amounts of fructose

why don't you start by fully reading the work you are quoting?

No. 161899

Shut the fuck up. There's nothing wrong with eating fruit. You sound like you're actually retarded or some vegetable chef who has an anti-fruit agenda.

No. 161900

Not sure if this has been asked yet, I apologize if it has, but do you guys have recommendations for diet pills?

I'm currently 5'6" and 130 lbs, want to get down to at most 110 lbs (preferably 95-100). I've lost 40 lbs so far without the pills but I thought it would be nice to have something to supplement my diet, and make the weight loss go a little faster.

No. 161901

Adderall/amphetamines in general will suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism. Clen/Albuterol will speed up fat loss. Any "diet pill" that you can buy OTC is useless

No. 161902

Oof, I should've mentioned that I can't take meds like adderall because they caused psychotic episodes when I was on it. I took it for ADHD and lost a bunch of weight, it was great until my mental health got fucked.

I'll look into the other stuff, though. Thanks.

No. 161903

I would honestly sick to eating natural stuff. I use black coffee and water with lemon and apple cider vinegar to suppress appetite. I really would not trust diet pills.

No. 161904


Diet pills are how Xiaxue lost her weight. She used Duromine, I think.

No. 161905

Can you get prescription diet pills when you have a 21.0 BMI? I'm unfortunately 'Murican and even doctors think 115 lbs at my height is too thin.

No. 161906

Not very healthy, but you can always get nicotine patches if pills are hard to find. Coffee apparently works great in conjunction.
>Caffeine added to nicotine chewing gum appears to amplify its attenuating effects on appetite and the combinations of 1-mg of nicotine with caffeine seem to be well tolerated.

No. 161907

File: 1446774124605.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, sure jan.gif)

>500 calories of apples would contain much more sugar than 500 calories of chips and soda.

No. 161908

i do an EC stack. it's super popular among bodybuilders. it's ephedrine (what used to be in hydroxycut) and caffeine. ephedrine was banned in diet pills, but you can still buy it online or use behind the counter asthma meds like bronkaid or primatene. i've gotten three of my coworkers on it, and they love it. one of my coworkers (not one of the three i mentioned) had lost 50+lbs on it before.

it seriously killed my appetite for the first week and got mad energy along with jitters, but now i'm building noticeable tolerance. my boss, who used to take pure ephedrine when it was still legal, isn't taking it every day, so he said he's still feeling the effects full force.

what's really surprising me is how much more muscle i've been able to put on? since i'm not hungry that much, i don't impulsively eat shit foods and actually hit my macros.

i think it makes me a little cranky, though.

No. 161909

Enjoy having a heart attack, because you're pretty much using speed

No. 161910

How tall are you? Because if it's over 5'5 then yes 115 lbs is probably underweight.

No. 161911

that's like telling a smoker to enjoy their cancer or a steroid user to enjoy their bacne and man boobs. i'm aware of the effects since there was ephedrine in some kind of allergy med that my mom used to take and it gave her permanent tachycardia. anyway, it's something you cycle off of.

at least i'm not telling you girls to take DNP.

No. 161912

I've wanted to try an EC stack for ages but I can't find anywhere to get ephedrine online that isn't shady looking as hell, or doesn't charge $45 a box.

No. 161913

Amerifat detected

No. 161914



No. 161915

How could you be ana-chan thinkint that 115 lbs at 5'5 is underweight? That's a fatty signature…

No. 161916

At 5'5 it's bordering on slightly underweight according to the BMI, but anon said OVER 5'5. For example, 5'7 and 115lbs is underweight and 5'9/115lbs is almost dangerously underweight.

No. 161917

If it makes you feel better, here's my story.

>Mom is a health nut who's super strict with all kinds of treats and sweets

>Makes only super healthy basic stuff
>Candy and soda only once a week
>All sugary stuff is strictly banned
>Develop a twisted relationship with sugar and fatty foods, because you get it so rarely you associate it with success, comfort and relaxation and wolf it down every time it's available because you don't know when you'll get more
>Buy snacks and sweets when you grow older and start having your own money
>Move out and basically live on trash food because nobody's there to monitor you and it tastes like freedom
>Gain a lot of weight
>Takes years to get over it and learn healthy eating habits again

So the other extreme isn't good either. Most of my friends who have a healthy relationship with food are the ones who were served regular food but always had a sweet stash they could snack on in moderation when they felt like it. Like puddings, cookies, chocolate bars etc. small sweets to keep them from going on a binge.

No. 161918

>Mom is a health nut who's super strict with all kinds of treats and sweets
>Makes only super healthy basic stuff
>Candy and soda only once a week
>All sugary stuff is strictly banned
>Develop a twisted relationship with sugar and fatty foods
Dude are you me? I ended up doing around the same thing, only to develop an ED also so my eating habits veer between super disordered and diabeetus.

No. 161919

What country are you from, and where are you getting it? I have the same issue as >>161912 in not being able to find anything.

No. 161920

i live in the USA. as i mentioned in my post, i take bronkaid.


No. 161921

File: 1447127699560.jpg (25.92 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mvjomiHMrE1szg3rxo1_500…)

5'5" & 135 (probably more since I'm sure I've gained weight and I have no access to a scale). I want to get down to 110 so I can stop being having a flabby mom. I've recently tried working out at the campus fitness center but I don't really know what exercises to do other than jog/walk on the treadmill and benchpress. I have a few questions though.

1.) How do I know the calorie counter on the treadmills are accurate?
2.) How the hell do I eat healthy food on campus when almost every food item on campus is very unhealthy? The only thing I can eat is soup, maybe a caesar salad, and steamed vegetables if I'm lucky. I never eat breakfaast, but if I do I eat scrambled eggs.
3.) How do I get thin without gaining any muscle? When I say thin I mean "Japanese or Korean model with stick legs" thin.
Sorry if these are stupid questions. Wish me luck fellow farmers.

No. 161922

>caesar salad
i feel like caesar salads aren't really healthy. it's almost always deceptively high calorie.

No. 161923


>1.) How do I know the calorie counter on the treadmills are accurate?

They're not accurate at all and often even overstate what you're burning to make you feel better.

In terms of accuracy:

2) A heart rate monitor. But even then there's so many different results the equations can give you and again most apps overstate to make you feel better. To get the best results it needs to know your sex, weight, max heart rate (which will be close to 220 - age, if it's not you're not working hard enough) and your VO2 max which isn't accessible to most people.

1) A power meter. Pretty much only possible on bikes and will tell you how many watts you're outputting. Then you times by four (the human body is about 25% efficient) and you get the calories burnt. There's still some inaccuracy but it's like 5% rather than the 20-50% from heart rate alone.

Currently I just use a HR monitor and assume I'm burning like 80% of what my app tells me. Power meters are dropping in price so quickly I hope I can get one next year.

No. 161924

Figures. It's apparently only 260 cal, but with all of the cheese, croutons and the dressing itself, I doubt it.

Thanks anon this is pretty helpful. I'm pretty sure the gym has stationary bikes so I'll try using one tomorrow.

No. 161925


There's.a good chance that the bikes at the gym don't have power meters. Up until like two years ago all power meters were $1000+ and only serious cyclists had them.

No. 161926

Scrambled eggs have the highest calories in them from beating the eggs and even the higher cholesterol. I would suggested switching to poached or boiled eggs.

No. 161927

i personally love egg white omelettes with spinach, a pinch of salt and pepper, and sometimes low fat cheese on top.

No. 161928


How do I get an ass like this? Is this just genetics and its pure fat or is it muscle from exercising?

No. 161929

> Scrambled eggs have the highest calories in them from beating the eggs and even the higher cholesterol
i dont think it worked like that
an egg is an egg - same calories no matter how you cook it
(as long as you dont add oil or something)

hey anon, i faced this situation. i got from ~130 to 105 in 3-4 months.
honestly if you wanna get thin without muscle, its gonna be all about your diet.
i restricted like hell. i ate like only raw vegetables for a few weeks.
> inb4 crash diets dont work
idk ive maintained 100-105 for the past few years

No. 161930

try youtube for leg workouts or even seated leg workouts (you can do it in a chair)
its possible the shin splints are from not having a good foundation/enough muscle so you've gotta build up a bit of base strength

No. 161931

Google says the difference between scrambled and boiled eggs is just 20 calories.

No. 161932

most "nice" asses you see are either genetics or fake. the genetics are not always just pure fat, but usually a combo of a tiny bit of exercise and good fat distribution. i can't really tell from that gif, but i'm guessing it's mostly genetics. if it's an ass from exercise, she's going to have muscular thighs to match.

No. 161933

Does that mean my flabby asian ass is doomed unless I get some bulky muscular thighs

No. 161934

Actually, look it up. When you scramble an egg, it does something to add to the calorie count, which is why a boiled egg, fried egg and scrambled all have different calories.

No. 161935

i think asian butts are cute. I wouldnt beat yourself up over an ass, since most people really dont care that much unless you are some kind of model.

No. 161936

Thanks anon. I suppose its kind of hard to accept my asian body right now due to the trend of big butts and everyone in my uni is gorgeous

No. 161937

thanks anon! yeah that's what I figured haha. I guess I got a bit too ahead of myself with pushing myself to do intense running and cycling sessions rather than building up to a high intensity workout. I've slowed it down for now!

I feel the same way… I think my butt looks nice when I'm wearing leggings or workout pants, but when I look at them in the mirror completely naked, it doesn't look as nice and I just feel sad :(

No. 161938

File: 1447259194593.jpg (76.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1437926255015.jpg)

right there with you girls. when i was in high school and college, guys always told me i have a cute butt for an asian girl. but now big butts are really the thing, and compared to girls with nice asses these days, i'm pathetic especially since i barely have hips.

HOWEVER don't think that your thighs have to be bulky AND muscular if you want to build your butt up through exercise. if you want to lift your butt/reduce sagging then you might not see a visual difference in your thighs, but if you're trying to add mass, then yes, your thighs will get a little bigger. my thighs don't look bulky, and i was able to add a little bit of mass to my butt.

if you look at a lot of fitness girls, they will have big, round butts. but some of them have tiny, tiny glutes even though everything else is well developed. it's not that they all neglect their glutes – it's just genetics.

No. 161939

I'm on a diet after recovering from anorexia improperly years ago and going in the complete opposite direction and just getting outright fat.

I no longer have any real concept of portion control so it's either all or nothing for me right now and at first the hunger felt cathartic but now it just fucking hurts.
My stomach feels so empty I don't even feel hungry anymore, just slightly nauseous and weird, like the walls of my stomach are sticking together.

I might just order an 8" pizza tommorow and have a cheat day.
I have zero energy and am basically running on caffeine at this point.

No. 161940

Hey I feel you. It's been a year since I've tried to improve my eating habits. I was craving a lot of junk because I was underweight and ended putting on quite a few kilos. However, my poor diet and weight gain still caused me stress so I made an effort to to be more aware of what I'm eating and when I'm eating. Having a filling breakfast and hydration is important. And also regular exercise

No. 161941

File: 1447297844232.png (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 1435689746882.png)

Thank you, anons. I was actually doing pretty well for about a week. I exercised daily, ate a healthy breakfast, dinner and skipped snacks/dessert aside from a handful of frozen strawberries once. I ended up going on a binge yesterday and today. Nothing but sugary shit.

Not hispanic, but it was pretty shitty. I didn't know it was wrong when I was young. I saw my dad eating two large plates of food and thought that I should be able to as well. It's embarrassing to think back on how if we got something "special" I would sit there and eat as much as I could long after everyone was done. It left a lasting impression on me for some reason. Now if I go out to eat I rush to make sure I don't finish last. I don't care if others finish after me, but if I do it I feel like I'm seen as "fat".

No. 161942

This fucking picture is killing me.

No. 161943

How about you just love yourself because you're you and not hop into the next trend? I'm sure you look great, anon. Shit is always changing and women who fall into those traps are idiots. One year, it will be big butts and the next year, it will be tiny breasts and it's a lot of shit people cant control. Every ethnicity/race has a thing that stands out due to genetics, so just embrace it. I'm married to a Chinese woman and she's got small hips and small busts and I love it. I never want her to change because it's how she is. I see women who get breasts and ass implants and it's like… no thanks. I don't know, it makes me sad to see women killing themselves over a trend. (i dunno, just wanna note I'm a woman too, so no one thinks i'm some dude trying to give advice. haha)

No. 161944

That is the best image. holyshit rofl

Also, I hope everything works out for you, anon!! I had an ED in my teen years and now 10 years later, I'm still battling how to eat healthy and not overthink calories too much. I really want to have a fit and toned body.

No. 161945

File: 1447453693135.jpg (126.35 KB, 467x700, tumblr_lhpqerbzKd1qgx0f4o1_500…)

So I just started this week, and I am wondering what kind of gear do you anons recommend?

Also is the gym a for life thing? I don't mind if it is, but have any of you or know someone who stopped working out / going to the gym and still maintained your fitness?

No. 161946

Fake bulimia/binge-eating disorder and get on Topamax. It's used off-label to control appetite. Or, I mean, if you can fake epilepsy or bipolar, that works, I guess.

No. 161947

how does that even make sense? it's definitely possible to maintain your low weight with diet alone, but you can't maintain your muscular fitness unless you work out your muscles. even doing manual labor doesn't target all the muscles that would be focused on when you do direct training.

and by gear do you mean clothing and stuff? it really depends on what kind of exercise you're doing.

No. 161948

Apologies in advance for the whining.

I'm trying to lose ~15 pounds and shed a lot of my body fat, but I'm not getting anywhere. I've been much more active lately, and I wish I felt like it was making a difference. I've never had a gym membership and am scared of exercising in public, but I got a Fitbit and am walking at least 10,000 steps a day as well as doing some HIIT on an elliptical at home and doing a lot of pushups to try to build up some arm muscle. There's so much conflicting shit online about exercise and fat loss, though ("do lots of cardio!" "don't do cardio!" "lift weights!" "lift weights AND do cardio!" "it's all about your diet!" "take these sketchy pills!"), and I don't know if I'm just "doing it wrong" or if I'm being too impatient or what.

I have severe insomnia, so I'm often awake like 22 hours of the day, have no energy a lot of the time, and am constantly hungry. I feel like utter shit about my body and can't even stand looking at myself. I went to a clothing store for the first time in months yesterday, and I was just horrified by what I saw in the changing room mirror. I feel like I've ruined my body for good and it's really discouraging. I have a lot of stretch marks from puberty, and, even after like 13-ish years, they look like shit, and I also have some gross scars, so even if I lose weight, my body is never going to be nice to look at.

Goddamnit I want this.

No. 161949

You're probably just being impatient. When you're at a healthy weight and just trying to lose a few lbs, it takes ages to come off. I'm like at my last 20/25lbs to lose and at the rate I'm going I'm only losing a few lbs a month.

If you're scared of exercising in public, find an exercise that you can do at home, that's what I did and it really helped.

Everyone has stretch marks, anon. I have them. Part of the motivation for me to lose weight were some really big dark ugly ones that appeared one day around my belly button, so I know how you feel.

You might want to talk to your doctor about your insomnia too

No. 161950

I use pads for when my period comes, should I switch to tampons when I work out?

No. 161951

if you're an insomniac and don't want to do anything about the sleep shit, then i suggest joining a 24hr gym and going between 11pm and 5am. it's what i do, and there are usually MAYBE two other people there, and they're minding their own business. or try joining a women's only gym? i used to be hesitant about exercising in front of men and serious people in general, and in the women's gyms, most are old, doing very very light stuff, or overweight.

and everyone has stretch marks. in high school, i slowly went from 80lbs to 95lbs and grew like an inch, and i STILL got stretch marks from such a slow progression. i don't really care about them since they're just on my hips and always hidden by clothing. try dermarolling, though.

i would try fixing the insomnia first, though. when i`m having a good few weeks of sleep, i tend to loose a couple of lbs, since i`m spending less hours starving and eating. no joke. this summer, i only worked evenings, so i would wake up at 1pm and go to bed around 4am. as soon as i started working mornings, i started having trouble with my appetite.

No. 161952

Thanks anons. I try not to care about the stretch marks, and they didn't really bother me when I felt okay about my weight, but now that I feel flabby, they're really getting to me.

As soon as the insomnia started, I started gaining weight. I have spent many months now trying to sort out my sleep, and it's just not getting any better. I hoped that exercising more would = more tired = more sleep, but no. I'm getting really tempted to join a gym, despite how uncomfortable I feel about it. It's stupid to let the weight I'm embarrassed of and want to lose get in the way of me losing the weight. Or I might give some more at-home shit a try first.

I just wish I could speed up this process without starving myself, but I guess just about everyone who's trying to lose weight probably feels that way.

No. 161953

What am I even supposed to eat in a day lol? Are carbs as bad as they rumored to be?

No. 161954

if i diet and lose weight will i lose my tits

No. 161955

Probably, but the amount you'll lose depends on where you carry weight on your body.

No. 161956


You're supposed to eat carbs.
Carbs are the BEST unit of energy avaliable to the human body and a bowl of porridge can power you throughout the day with slow-release energy.

This is why every nation has a staple carb i.e. potatoes, bread, rice etc.

Carbs are amazing, it's just they get stored as fat easily of you don't burn off all that energy with activity.

No. 161957

It's probably not healthy but I only eat once every two-three days. I don't eat for a few days and then I use one day to eat whatever I want. I've actually lost quite a bit of weight this way and it's made me appreciate food more.

No. 161958

Is it socially acceptable to tell a close friend she's getting fat? Is there a way to do it politely, like is it better to bring it up in a joking/teasing way or be direct?

No. 161959

that's actually quite good, called intermittent fasting

I wish I could still do this but once my blood sugar levels freak out, I can't keep going on. Especially on school days.

No. 161960

Start being subtle about it. Be like "hey do you want to go for a powerwalk with me today" or offer to teach her some healthy recipes or something

No. 161961

Anyone has suggestions for appetite control? Ever since I started to be more conscious about what I eat and food choices all I can think about is food. Seriously, I could eat all the time. This is a huge problem since I'm short and carry my weight like shit (at 110 I'm a whale) and just a little weight gain would make a huge difference.

No. 161962

Drink more water.

No. 161963

So, I'm 23, I'm living by myself, and I've been dealing with my weight for the last 15 years. And I feel like sharing my thoughts, I write them out every day anyway, and this web site seems like a good place to put them. I don't want a "sympathetic" ear, that's ONLY what I get in food-related forums and newsgroups, and from "friends" and family. I don't have a "problem," it's a life-style, it's a method. And somehow, it's just too exotic or distasteful or SOMETHING to just talk about. So here, kind of anonymous, I am.

Yesterday, I went 43 hours without food. Only coffee, cigarettes, and Tropicana Grovestand Orange Juice. I wasn't hungry at all…see, food calls to food. When you don't eat for 20 plus hours, you don't NEED food. It's when you start swallowing solids that you need more.

Yes, I AM proud of my lack of need. Because, I can SEE it now, I can see how what's considered "typical" is EXCESSIVE. I see people continually opening their refrigerators, again and again, looking with a hunger that has nothing to do with food. They are forever rooted in this pattern, this ridiculous circuit, up from the chair to the refrigerator to the table, then again, chair and refridgerator and table, etc.

43 hours, then this morning, at my mother's house, a bagel and cream cheese, she kind of forced me, and I just fell into the table routine, I still wasn't hungry, and I just ate it. And later, on my bed, I felt the stone of it in my stomach, it weakened me, I had this momentum, this living off the burn of my own body, and then this shit inside me. But, my digestion is fast - after 2 cups of coffee, I'm a tube of toothpaste, I squeezed it out in one spurt. I looked in the bowl, I always check to see that it's ALL out, and…it was clear, like a squirt of hair gel. I kind of splashed around the water, frantic, a terror in me, and then, the reassuring brown again. Long tubes are nice, it's my digestion re-carving me hollow.

And that's this afternoon. There's more, and later, I'll send it.
Like, lately, I've been "feeding" pot to my bong with a plastic spoon.

Deke is always asking me for pictures, so I'll take some more, soon. My body's look is my work, I don't mind sharing it.

I like to lose weight, but I know there is a threshold, like anything, like doing cocaine, you have to KNOW where the peak is, and STAY there. You don't try to keep getting higher, because you simply can't; PAST that peak is only downhill. If you know yourself, then nothing is dangerous.

No. 161964

> I went 43 hours without food. Only coffee, cigarettes, and Tropicana Grovestand Orange Juice.
Disgusting. I prefer water, healthy food for a good skin (your skin is probably all wrinkly and shit) and green tea.
gtfo with your pro-ana bullshit

No. 161965

if they want to have big breasts or butts then why not?
Maybe they want to be sexier? it's their body, who cares

No. 161966

File: 1447744576370.jpg (391.47 KB, 1280x1280, congrat.jpg)

Enjoy shitty skin, lack of hair, constipation, and heart failure.

No. 161967

So here's what works for me:
- hot liquids. Drink a cup of hot liquid before eating anything at each meal. Broth can be salty, but it's really filling. You can find low-salt broth but personally I have low blood pressure anyway, so I need the salt. Tea is great too. I prefer really strong teas: lapsang souchang is a great smoky tea that is so filling. It's almost like you've eaten soup.
- Try eating more soup - it will fill you up faster than solids.
- Brush your teeth after eating, or chew gum / eat a strong mint.
- Make sure you get some healthy fats, or you'll be hungry no matter what you eat.
- Don't completely deprive yourself. Go to the bakery and buy one small cookie, one petit-four, or something like that when you are craving sweets. High-quality food will taste better and satisfy you more than processed garbage in huge quantities. I keep a bar of chocolate around but only allow a couple squares per day. It actually works. (Keep it in the fridge)
- Same goes for cheese. You want cheese? Buy a small block of good cheese. Allow yourself to really enjoy it in thin slices. Put it away when you are no longer crazy over every bite. This really worked for me when I lived in the UK (I thought I was just going to eat cheese endlessly but it didn't happen.)
- Sugar-free candies are OK in small amounts.
- Know yourself. If you are never hungry at breakfast, it is a bit stupid to try to follow a diet plan that involves a huge breakfast (whenever I eat a moderate-large breakfast, I'm hungry the rest of the day). If you need breakfast to get going in the morning, then eat it. Don't fight your natural urges in this way - it doesn't work. You can edit your habits but everyone is wired differently and a breakfast-hater rarely becomes a breakfast-lover (or vice versa).

I'll add more if I think of it later. Protein is something I struggle with, so maybe someone has something to say about that.

No. 161968

You sound mentally ill. Not just because of the fasting, but because of the way that you write. Get off the internet.

No. 161969

You sound like you're slipping down the mentality of an ana-chan. Please seek help.

Anyway, I found out I'm 136 lbs yesterday. I'm 5' 1.5", this is not ok. I used to be pescatarian, which kept me automatically around 120. People say I look good with more curves, but I don't want to be overweight either…I've been saying I want to lift weights for years, but maybe now it's finally time to start.

No. 161970

look at all the rustling this troll is causing. y'know, subtlety is the key in being a good troll – came off a bit too strong. also, remember to do your research. a psychotic ana like that wouldn't happily down a bagel and OJ – both calorie and carb laden. 8/10 for the rustling you've caused, with copypasta no less

anyway, this read like copypasta so i googled it, and it is. LRN2GOOGLE, FARMERS



No. 161971

Thank you, this sounds like great advice!

No. 161972

i used to have a huge problem with protein. tried protein bars, but they just made me crave candy. i love the dannon light and fit greek yogurt. 12g of protein for 80 calories. i eat two a day generally. jerky (like beef jerky or turkey jerky) once in a while helps a lot with protein. i started eating canned tuna, and that has a lot of protein for the amount of calories. some cheese has a lot of protein. also egg whites! an egg white omelette with spinach and a slice of cheese is quite good. then follow that with some yogurt.
>small sweets
this! every day, i get one of the mini reeses cups that they have loose at wawa. they're 44 calories, and you only need to buy one. that's my candy for the day.
low-fat string cheese helps since it's prepackaged. i'm finding that controlling my cheese urges or whatever is best with crumbled cheese.
i am also hungry the whole day if i eat a big breakfast. at most, i can do an apple and then still control my appetite for the day

No. 161973

File: 1447811960672.gif (1.43 MB, 381x216, 1438288723577.gif)

After one year hiatus and gaining like 10-15 kg, I finally decided to put down the fork and go back to exercise. I started yesterday walking and jogging 3 km and doing some other light exercise.

My first goal weight is 110 for now. Wish me luck anons.

No. 161974

I'm 120lbs and 5'1 and my goal is 90lbs

No. 161975

File: 1447969000074.jpg (53.71 KB, 1024x720, 1447741959053.jpg)

Questions about MyFitnessPal since I just started using it again:

>Is it actually bad to not eat the required amount of calories? As in you consume, say 500-800 when your goal is 1,200?

>Is it okay to eat something unhealthy (brownie, something fried, ect.) as long as you don't go over your calorie goal?

No. 161976

You should aim for 1,200 calories but if you eat a little over or a little under sometimes it's fine. It's okay to eat something unhealthy and stay at your calorie goal – you're still going to lose weight. Just keep in mind you won't get as much energy from that as something more nutritious so you may get hungrier faster.

No. 161977

I'm going to an Italian restaurant tonight. Is there anything I can have that's under 600 calories? Mildly freaking out here.

No. 161978

I aim for 1000 calories on myfitnesspal since I usually eat about 100-400 calories over goal. When I wake up in the morning, I actually put a "misc 300 calorie" entry with 0 nutrients on breakfast. It puts my remaining calories lower for the day. Even though I know I'm doing it to fool myself, it has worked, and I've done 1000 calories on days that I don't work out. On days I work out, I allow myself to go up to 1300.

Also, it's fine to eat something unhealthy as long as you stay within goal. As >>161976 said, you will still lose weight. If you are exercising, I'd make sure you're getting enough carbs and protein, but if you're pretty sedentary, monitoring calories is okay. Not recommended, but it's okay.

No. 161979


If you don't mind seafood, go with shrimp scampi. If not, get the plainest pasta you can get and then ask for a box and put half of it in the box so you don't eat the whole thing.

No. 161980

How the fuck are you supposed to use mfp? I just installed the app right now and it asks a ton of personal info, won't let me set my own TDEE and is overwhelming as fuck. Does calorie counting have to be this troublesome?

No. 161981

If you don't have any problems with eating excess calories I don't see why you're counting them in the first place.

No. 161982


To make sure you don't start consuming excess calories obviously.

No. 161983

most italian places I know have at least one kind of salad on the menu. Just ask for dressing on the side

No. 161984

I ended up telling them I was vegan so they made me a pasta primavera in tomato sauce and I took half home. Ty guys.

No. 161985

>trying to lose weight
>eating pasta
have some respect for yourself, tubby

No. 161986

you can lose weight. it just depends.
pasta isnt bad. are you an ana or?

No. 161987

>me ana-chan HANGRY

No. 161988

She obviously doesn't need it >>161975

No. 161989

Haven't read the thread because I'm a lazy fuck and I don't want to sift through Google searches so

If you just cut calories to lose weight can you lose weight? Just Googled this and I'm changing my question a tad:

Cutting calories isn't a very efficient way to lose weight is it?

Also, I'm no nutritionist nor doctor, but here's a site that might help with losing weight and such:


No. 161990

>If you just cut calories to lose weight can you lose weight?
>Cutting calories isn't a very efficient way to lose weight is it?
Depends on how many calories you're cutting.

No. 161991

File: 1448204138443.jpg (96.1 KB, 960x960, q6GvseQ.jpg)

I just saw this on Reddit and it makes me want to quit the gym. What the fuck. If my thighs grew that much I wouldn't fit into any of my clothes

No. 161992


She looks amazing in the after photo though.
Like, that's the thigh-pinnacle of health right there.

No. 161993

looks huge and gross on the right, only a gay man or a chubby chaser would want that

No. 161994

Whats with the Ana's on here

No. 161995

looks better on the right you blind cunt

at least shes stronger too

No. 161996

What's the obsession now with women having a huge bum, thighs and a tiny/lean top half? It's still "unnatural", why the desire to look like a body builder man?

No. 161997


The bait, you took it.

srs tho I personally don't like a muscular looking on thigh on me but this girl doesn't look much bigger than before (obviously bigger but in a nice/athletic way) anyways

No. 161998


How is it "unnatural" when it's in her physiology to develop like that naturally. You make no sense.

No. 161999

Does anyone have advice for someone trying to lose muscle weight? I've played high level hockey ever since I was a kid, and I have the ugliest huge muscular legs (I'm 5'3 and 149lbs). Does anyone know how I can get nice skinny legs starting from this point, even if I''m still playing hockey?

No. 162000

The one on the left is more twinky tho.

No. 162001

I dunno. That's how I naturally formed. Maybe from walking up hills a lot. How is thin on top and thick on the bottom like a male body builder? They tend to focus more on bulking up their upper body. Pecs, shoulders, bis

No. 162002

Not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but has anyone else here tried an EC stack? Ephedrine is legal where I live and I get the 8mg tablets at a health food store.

When I'm on the EC stack I get the shakes. Wondering if anyone else does? What can I do to minimise it?

No. 162003

yep, i'm on an EC stack right now. i only got jittery on days 2-3. are you taking too much caffeine with it?

also, i only take it when i feel like i "need" it. that might not be good, but it's working alright for my coworker and me.

No. 162004

if you want a skinny and defined body, you need to diet while exercising. Muscle + Fat = bulky

No. 162005

An EC stack sent me to hospital with fainting, heart palpitations and a near heart-attack.

I want to tell you guys to stop and just be disciplined, but I know I'll be ignored.
Sad thing is I was being extremely careful as well, perfectly measured doses, all controlled, completely knew what I was doing and it still fucked me up.

Just, just like, drink some green tea. Don't fuck with your heart like that.

No. 162006

I was like that for about a month. I took one 8mg tablet of ephedrine and one 100mg caffeine pill twice a day.

Thanks for your insight. I actually really appreciate it. Given what you've said, I think I will bring this up with my GP. I actually did stop because I knew that shouldn't be normal.

I figured that because I only took 8mg twice a day that I'd be fine. I work out and monitor my calories. I'm relatively slim. I just assumed an EC stack would boost my results.

No. 162007


>I just assumed an EC stack would boost my results

It will be you have to consider at what cost. I hope this doesn't patronising but I guess a good way to explain it would be to use the laws of energy in/energy out or equal exchange.

By forcing your heart to perform at levels it's naturally unaccustomed to and at an irregular rate, sure you're getting the increased performance, but at what cost? Something cannot come from nothing, and that increased performance is effectively at the cost of your heart's lifespan/overall health.
When you're experiencing shakes/irregular beats/palpitations, that is basically your heart saying "either you stop or I'm going to stop". The palpitations are caused by the EC stack forcing it to perform beyond it's regular capacity and then your heart begins beating out of step and then, if you're unlucky, it stops.

At any rate I'm actually relieved one person has read this even if you don't end up taking it to heart (no pun intended). Knowledge is power etc. etc.

No. 162008

File: 1448465053881.png (278.25 KB, 406x385, 1361541741680.png)

Thanksgiving is approaching and I wanted to lose weight beforehand, since I'm having guests this year.

I went from eating breakfast, lunch and multiple snacks to just lunch and maybe a snack. After not shoving food down my throat and drinking more water, I find I'm rarely hungry anymore. Before I go to bed my stomach growls, or when lunch is approaching. If I dare to eat a snack right after lunch, I feel sick to my stomach whereas before I could eat a large lunch then followed by a snack that still left me hungry afterwards. My stomach is getting smaller, my double chin is gone and a ring that couldn't get past the middle knuckle on my index finger fits perfectly now. Seeing little changes like this feels great.

No. 162009

Impossible to tell unless you take a picture while standing up without pushing your hips back, feet together. When you sit like this and have no muscle, your thigh fat just hangs down and makes your legs looks smaller from above.

I have massive fatty thighs and use this exact technique to make myself look smaller.

No. 162010

Eat less. Move more. This isn't complicated, sounds like you just wanted an excuse to selfpost

No. 162011

File: 1448662314031.jpg (66.28 KB, 540x337, 1448547708605.jpg)

I've been losing tonnes of weight while being as full as a pig every day. I basically drink soup all day long. It gets a bit boring, but that discourages me from having an unhealthy attitude to food- I accept it as a source of fuel, I eat to live and don't live to eat…And treats are all the more special because of it-

I use vegetable stock cubes and whatever veg are on sale in the shop. Spices, croutons, whatever else strikes my fancy too.

I put it into a water bottle kind of thing, and sip it throughout the day. I end up eating only one non soup meal a day most days.

No. 162012

I got lazy and hungry before and…. I ordered a pizza.

10" vegetarian with stuffed crust.
I ate the whole thing even though I'd already eaten enough today, and what's even worse is that it was £10.30! I'm a student, I can't afford to drop money like that on pizza I don't need.

I feel so disgustingly gluttonous and ashamed, I'm going to have to fast for 2 days to make up for all the calories I've just gobbled down fuck.

Eurghhh I was doing so well as well.

No. 162013

lmao take your fasting to the thinspo thread.

No. 162014


I don't know why you have the impression that fasting is exclusively for anorexics.
Fasting is, at least on a historical basis, pretty intrinsic to human nature.
It's good to fast every now again and a light fast does the body zero harm provided you don't exceed 4-5 days and continue to take in fluids and minerals.

Anyway I'm 211lbs so, like, you were saying?
I really didn't deserve or need that pizza so 2 days without food should be a disciplined reminder not to fuck up and let my gluttony take over next time.

No. 162015

have u tried making yourself puke?

No. 162016


No way never in a million years.
My older sister is bulimic and her teeth are FUCKED and she looks like shit overall. Not even thin, just kind of sallow and flabby.

No. 162017

Planned fasting as part of a healthy diet is fine.

Fasting for 2 days as punishment after eating a pizza isn't going to do anything, it's just going to make you hungry, binge, and resent yourself. Think about how bad you feel right now and don't do it again. Make healthier decisions next time you're in that situation. That pizza might have been 3000 calories but eating that much ONCE isn't going to do very much.

No. 162018


Why would it make me binge? I'm used to fasting for way longer than that, longest being… fuck, like, 12 days? That was an extreme case though.

If I continue to eat for two days all that pizza is going to get stored as surplus fat, but if I don't then every unit of energy and a bit more all be consumed for energy.

2 days is nothing; it's a blink of an eye.

No. 162019

I just downloaded myfitnesspal onto my phone to keep track of what I eat, partly out of curiosity and partly so I hopefully won't overeat my weight into oblivion. My daily intake is supposed to be 1,400 but I really want to get myself down to about 1,200 a day since I'm pretty sedetary and have been slacking on the gym. Even my regular eating habits, it seems like I eat an average of about 1,500 to about 1,700 calories a day and it makes me feel like total shit.

:( A large part of it comes from snacks it looks like, what could I do to curb it (inb4 just stop stuffing your face with snacks) or what are good low calories snacks to replace them with (no shitty 100 calorie shit pls). Also what's a good amount of calories for each meal? Should I consider appetite suppresents? Also, I currently am in Japan for the next several months, so if any Japan anons could recommend shit that isn't fruit (or else I'd be broke in a heartbeat) that'd be great too!

No. 162020

I'm not sure that this'll do it for you, but: Tea. Fills you up, keeps you hydrated. Also, do not buy the snacks. When we have snacks at home I go crazy with snacking, but when we don't… I don't.

No. 162021

How old is she?
Also this is so harsh lol

No. 162022

I'm gonna slowly devour the rest that I have because I hate wasting food (lol yeah right) but man it's hard haha. Even the dollar stores have good snacks ugggh. Japan is out to sabotage me. Even when I grab a rice ball from the convienence store it can go up to like 300 calories?!? not for the plain fish ones ofc, but I eat so many sometimes (like 2-3 in a day more or less every other day) that it adds up so fast…

Thanks for the tea tip anon! It's a good thing I bought this nice thermos recently lol

No. 162023

k. Sounds like you have an eating disorder though if you're fasting for 12 days.

Have you actually gained weight? I would just exercise a little more honestly. 1,500-1,700 calories isn't that much especially if you can walk the difference between that and 1,200 off.

No. 162024

Samefag but also

>If I continue to eat for two days all that pizza is going to get stored as surplus fat, but if I don't then every unit of energy and a bit more all be consumed for energy.

That isn't how it works unless you literally continue to consume a whole pizza every day.

>2 days without food should be a disciplined reminder not to fuck up and let my gluttony take over next time.

You're ignoring the part where I told you that fasting as punishment is unhealthy and not going to do anything. It's an incredibly unhealthy relationship to have with food.

Instead of thinking "I had to starve myself for 2 days because of that pizza last time!!! (even though it's apparently no problem for me since I have fasted for 12 days before and thus not even a good punishment lmao)" you should just think "I felt like shit and that I consumed too much when I ate that whole pizza, it didn't do anything for me, I didn't enjoy it, so I'm not going to eat like that ever again." And then just don't do it again.

No. 162025

I haven't really gained weight, but lately I've been so self conscious about my eating and lack of exercise habits so I picked up going to the gym… but now I can't stop worrying about my eating habits.

I've always been skinnyfat af and devour food to my heart's content because it doesn't really show on my body, but for the past few months I've just been consumed with the thoughts of everything and my eating habits catching up to me and turning me into a stereotypical obese American lol. I really need to start going back to the gym, don't know why I stopped since I managed to keep myself going everyday for a good while…

No. 162026

I understand the feeling. But you're definitely NOT eating like an obese American. You're eating about as much as an average healthy weight human of short-to-average height needs to eat (and honestly maybe even too little, but who knows) to maintain their weight. I really think that exercise is what should be most important to you right now, and maybe eating healthier food rather than fewer calories.

No. 162027

File: 1449275018377.jpg (114.64 KB, 640x640, 1446667290260-1.jpg)

How long have you been going to the gym? What kind of machines do you use? Do you have a trainer/look at at tutorials?

You should look into getting some dumbbells for home use, but at 211lbs (you're >>162014 right) the gym is probably less of a priority than getting your eating habits down to a healthy level. And I don't just mean overeating, but the whole guilt thing is bad for you too, and will lead you to binging even more. It's a vicious cycle.

You might not be bulimic, but you do have unhealthy eating patterns and behaviours that need to be rectified if you really want to get healthy. It's cliche but read the /fit/ sticky on 4chan and/or 8chan, it'll help you lots

anyway good luck!

No. 162028

>>162025 "I've always been skinnyfat af and devour food to my heart's content because it doesn't really show on my body"
>>162014 "I'm 211lbs"

Obviously not the same person, work on your reading comprehension

No. 162029

Thanks anon! Maybe since I've been going to the gym less and less it's been making me feel worse haha.

Nope sorry, >>162028 is right, I'm not that other anon haha! I've started going to the gym about 3 months ago, and I used to go 6 times a week for an hour (usually half an hour on the treadmill or standing bike, then other cardio exercises from youtube). I'm very petite and I'm at average weight for my height actually lol.

I've sort of just… lost that motivation to go to the gym. Even when I stopped feeling excited and wanted to not go to the gym for the first two months, I could muster up enough to get up and go down there but now… I'm not even busy with schoolwork, I just rarely go. Maybe 1-2x a week now. I feel like my depression is getting worse and maybe that's also why I've lost the ability to care enough to go lol (yet I'm as self conscious with my eating as ever). Look at my body in the mirror, I look like your average skinnyfat and it doesn't bother me except for the slight pudge on my stomach.

sage for whining

No. 162030

File: 1449416714320.jpg (28.83 KB, 468x235, tumblr_mpft3kZQAl1sxnsb2o1_500…)

I feel like shit cause I gained 3lbs from last week, even though it's probably not actually 3lbs of fat, I want to get serious about losing weight again. Probably gonna do pic related. Is it possible to lose 5lbs before Christmas?

No. 162031


Anon 3 lbs could seriously be the weight of the shit and piss in your bladder. It's nothing.

This is when I have to weight myself I do it first thing in the morning after using the toilet and completely naked. It's the only way to get a completely true reading of your weight. Even your clothes can cause a distortion of up to 5 lbs+.

No. 162032

remove this ana shit.

No. 162033

this is pretty fucking stupid.

No. 162034

I remember doing this when I was 16 and anorexic.

You dumb, naive cunt. Just eat vegetables, protein, fresh fruit– don't eat processed things or candy. And exercise. Cardio and weightlifting. That's literally all there is to it.

Get your ana bullshit out of here. It doesn't work.

No. 162035

These fucking Ana cunts. They are probably underage

No. 162036

Anybody else absolutely hate working out with other people?

I need my headphones and and nobody trying to talk to me.

No. 162037

ME too. I hate whenever people try to offer to go work out with me and shit. NO. I don't want to.

It's awkward because you have to go at their pace, they just want to socialize, etc. If I am going to the gym I want to be there for as short a time as possible. It actually unmotivates me to have someone else going with me.

No. 162038

Same. I have a friend that really wants to go jogging with me. Lameness. Different pace,no music, I'll have to talk to her etc.

No. 162039

>Don't have scales at home
>Get weighed at the doctor's every 3 months
>2011 - 2014: 51-54kg (fluctuating)
>2014/12: 56kg
>today: 58kg

I've never had to worry about my weight, but now I have a less active job and am just expanding so fast… What do I do?

No. 162040


Well for starters buy some scales.

No. 162041

>starvation mode
fatty pls go

No. 162042

get thee to a gym.

No. 162043

I'm very fat but I'm losing weight now. SW: 300lbs CW: 228 lbs.

Any advice on how to tighten up loose skin? Obviously I'll probably have loose skin regardless but I want to do whatever I can to help tighten my skin now.

No. 162044

Does anybody have any experience with Kayla Itsines?

No. 162045

add muscle; strength training, resitance training.

No. 162046

File: 1450009142684.jpg (59.37 KB, 520x297, thermagebodybeforeafter.jpg)


Build muscle
Stay VERY hydrated
Consume vitamin C and vitamin E supplements
Look into the magic of thermage (picture related) and carboxytherapy.

No. 162047

omg my sister got thermage for her flabby thigh skin, and WHOAH it looks like a 16 year old girl's thigh now. Before it was all saggy (she lost a lot of weight)

it's deffo something on my to do list for when I'm in my 50s and in need of a boost

No. 162048

Ever I started doing SS (starting strength) I've gotten really energetic and well…Stronger!

My bf got me into it, since he has all the equipment and knowledge, and it's way easier than I thought. Also don't worry about turning into a shebeast.

No. 162049


Yeah, shame it's so pricey.

I got really fat starting 4 years ago, gained like 70lbs. I'm definitely getting it on my stomach and carboxytherapy on my stomach and hips for my stretchmarks just as soon as I have the dolla'.

Actually thinking of going for a consultation on Monday for the carboxytherapy since I can afford about 4 treatments of it right now.

No. 162050

File: 1450210188760.gif (99.06 KB, 500x390, 1448843246536.gif)

Since October I've lost 19lbs / 8.6kg / 1 stone 5lbs.

I haven't told anybody/seen anybody since I've been away at university but I'm pretty pleased.

No. 162051

No matter how much weight I lose I can't seem to get ride of my back fat. I have really thin legs but that area below the waist and just above the hips is really fat.
I'm 5'5 110 pounds. I've tried to lose more but I can't seem to lose anymore unless I starve myself and I ain't no Ana-chan. And then I would be on the verge of underweight… So yeah its a bit of a problem

No. 162052

Carboxytherapy hurts like hell tho. Do not recommend it.

No. 162053

might just be unfortunate fat distribution. If you have thin legs you're probably some kind of apple shape

No. 162054

I think so too. Fuck, fat distribution is basically genetic.

No. 162055

I recently started medication that's been fucking with my eating habits. Normally I eat whenever I'm hungry, and whenever I feel is appropriate. I constantly think about eating and snacking, but keep track of my calories so I don't go /too/ over. With medication, it's become a lot harder for me to eat. I feel like I can only eat when I'm hungry, and if I wait too long and the hunger passes, I can't bring myself to eat until I'm hungry again. The thought of eating when I'm not hungry makes me feel sick. This really wouldn't be a problem but I'm barely reaching 1200 calories a day now. Would it be better to eat smaller, yet more calorie dense foods in order to meet my daily calorie goal? I'm already at a average/a little under average weight for my height, so weight loss isn't really something I'm looking for.

No. 162056


Oh, have you had it?
Can you describe the procedure and your experiences with it?

No. 162057

File: 1450377877245.png (1.84 MB, 1213x847, sdadad.png)

My long term goal is to look like a slightly buffer version of this.

Basically I want to look like I could be mistaken for a high-class escort in her 20's.

One day.

No. 162058

Who is this? If I hadn't gotten fat this would've been my body type. But more pear.

No. 162059

File: 1450384156329.png (142.75 KB, 474x473, Kate-upton-cat-daddy-dance-1.p…)


Kate Upton baby.
She's p. tasty.

No. 162060


I know how this feels except it was all at the waist.

>mfw 49kg/108lbs

>measurements are 37-30-35
>5"4 / 165cm tall

That was back in 2012. I now weigh 65kg/143lbs from 53kg/117lbs early last year. This all happened when I started taking BC pills. My doctor put me on a new one and told me to lose weight. It's not that easy though. This is the first time I have been ever overweight. I am trying now but sometimes I cannot resist sabotaging myself on purpose.

No. 162061

She's less impressive there. I'm glad I'll get a defined waist once I lose some more weight and not end up a blocky mess like a lot of white girls do.

No. 162062

pfttthhh, since when does kate upton have a waist? this bitch is CINCHED for the gods

No. 162063

kate upton is a fatass with a 5/10 face. if she didn't have huge udders no one would care

No. 162064

File: 1450535937179.jpg (28.82 KB, 575x543, Kate-Upton.jpg)



without tons of make up she is pretty average, and this is not even a bad photo with a strange grin or something like that

No. 162065

imo she looks good, although i do like a defined waist better. and most girls look average or plain with no makeup, so why is that even bad?

you guys must be super flawless 9/10 models to have that high sodium levels.

No. 162066

Sorry to ressurect this thread, but I'm having problems, anons.

I know you're going to tell me "you can't do targeted weight loss," "eat less fatass," and "calories in < calories out." I truly do know this. I am eating less and better, I only drink water (and lots of it,) and finally I go jogging every morning.

I'm actually here to ask a question, and see if anyone else has had problems with the same thing. You see, my upper arms are gigantic compared to the rest of me. I'm 5' 4", 34-26-35, 105 pounds. (Inb4 disgusting fatty pig REEEEEEEE) so I'm average, on the heavier side of average for you skellys. But my biceps are fucking 13 inches around. The same as my goddamn neck. It's extremely embarrassing. I can't even wear short sleeves because my arms betray how disgustingly fat I am.

I know, I know. I just have to eat less. I also have to exercise more. I'm not stupid. But all I'm asking is, has anyone else encountered this problem before? I have fucking Suzy arms, but I weigh at least 60 pounds less than her. Have you been able to fix it? What do you do?

If you want to ridicule me and make fun of me, it's okay. I've already told myself worse. Sorry if this is 32 inch waist chan of me, but I'm really struggling here.

No. 162067

Sounds like you are apple shaped, since you gain weight on the top portion faster then the bottom portion of your body. You jog, wich is fine for cardio but do you do anything else? Jogging is necessarily the best option for fat loss not to mention, you should try to tone your body evenly as well. Try to incorporate some body weight exercises in addition to the cardio to help with that. Watching girls who exercise buy have clubby parts of their body is usually because they just hop on. A treadmill to burn calories which is a good start, but isn't the end all be all. I have to incorporate some upper body into my work outs more too, but that's because I enjoy squats too much. I just need to find the right dual movements for me.

No. 162068

That doesn't sound right, I thought apples were supposed to have skinny arms and legs, but like a big round apple in the middle? I have large thighs as well, so I think I'm more of a white girl rectangle than anything else.

I jog/run around the lake behind my place, but you're right that I may want to do some weight exercises. I just don't want to build any more bulk on my body. But it would be good to get less flabby.

No. 162069

You won't bulk muscle, not unless you're literally going for male hypertrophy exercise routines and even then it'll take a long while. My mom works in physical therapy, she's not skinny but her upper arms look great - not flabby, just toned and a nice shape even though they're not really thin. I'm telling you this because shaping up on top of weight loss can make a real difference in the upper arm area, and you'll look nice and toned far, far before you can get anything resembling bulk. So don't fear it.

No. 162070

Awesome anon, I'll definitely start doing that. I appreciate the help, guys.

No. 162071

I think I'm just used to seeing apple shaped women who pretty much always have big arms as well.

And never be afraid of bulking up. It takes dudes forever to as well most of the time especially before it becomes noticable.

No. 162072

does anyone have tips on how to keep my calorie count at 1000-1200 over Christmas? Like what's a good way to eyeball-estimate the calories of what's been cooked?

No. 162073

What I do is drink a big cup of coffee with soy milk and a spoon of sugar in the morning, then I only eat pear, mandarin and clementine throughout the day. (all seasonal fruits)
Following those rules I can pretty much eat like a pig for all my christmas diners.

I don't know if this is extreme but a lot of my thin friend do the same as me.

No. 162074

Of course I do this for control damage only, not to lose weight or anything.

No. 162075

It is extreme, as it's a common method for anorexics as well, only they don't get a big dinner at the end of the day usually. You might want to incorporate some protein and a bit of starch throughout the day as well, even if you aren't going to have normal meals.

No. 162076

I only do this shit when I know I have a big dinner coming. My family does gigantic dinners for christmas with two or three main meals and the infamous 13 desserts, I have to prepare myself to handle such thing.

So yeah, nothing to do with anorexia.

No. 162077


I eat a big serving of steamed vegetables or raw green leafs beforehand so my stomach is about 60% full when the dinner is served.

No. 162078

Ok np, just so you know that it otherwise would be a tactic for an anachan. To they might try to purge after that kind of giant meal…

No. 162079

I don't know how much this fits your palates but I find it delicious: http://www.girlcooksworld.com/2013/01/egg-drop-soup.html

No. 162080



Can we just take a minute to give this lady a standing ovation? Way to take your life back! You're gonna make it!

Brava, Femanon, brava!

No. 162081

i cringe inside whenever i read the 'make yourself full with veggies/a big glass of water before your meal starts' or any other 'tricks' because i am so beyond that stuff and just stuff myself regardless and have no control ugh

No. 162082


Ye', good job Anon.

No. 162083

File: 1463312966020.png (188.45 KB, 724x366, 1462950677549.png)

Well self control is something you develop. Kinda like a muscle. Start small. Set yourself some easy challenges like "this week I'm going to eat only when my tummy rumbles!" Or "I'm not going to eat any junk food or sweets for the next 3 days!"

It helps to keep track of stuff like your weigt, thoughts, challenges, how lften you exercise etc. So get an app for your phone and start a food diary. I kept my food diary on the fridge. I just noted down the calories, not the foods. Have a sheet where you put a sticker on whenever you exercise and write down what exercise it was.

Once you've developed some self control you can take off the training wheels of calorie counting (if it's annoying) or whatever else you dislike…But mostly give yourself a break. Realise that you can't develop heroic self control from nothing, but with time you can grow it like a cute swole flower.

No. 162084

i was having a pretty rough time with binge eating and body image. i could hardly look at pictures of myself. especially my face. i felt like a different person. i felt gross.

i went on vacation and lost some weight due to walking a lot and not having alone time to binge. now suddenly my self esteem is up. i'm glad i lost the weight but i really hate how closely it ties to my mood. i hate how i cant love myself

No. 241617

File: 1523543459716.jpeg (200.56 KB, 1200x681, 5F0AB558-13B3-4CD9-9E1D-A8A697…)

98kilos sw
I don’t weight myself anymore because of past Ednos.

Today versus when I first started weightlifting/HIT + a decent loving gym partner.

I’d like to thank the anons of this thread and the vent thread for listening to my shitty ramblings.

Y’all can do this

No. 241633

lmao i thought you said you were 22,5 feet tall
sage for irrelevant

No. 241638

Looking great, anon!

No. 242005

i am trying not to slip back into my eating disorder that put me in many uncomfortable situations such as fainting in public and laying unconscious in my own pee until the police and ambulance came. even chipped my teeth twice by falling on my head. never want to be in that place again and the last time this happened was less than a year ago. but its so hard to lose weight while eating more than 800 cals per day. i seem to maintain a weight of max 120lbs no matter how many cals i eat (even in binge periods) but i just cant seem to lose unless i restrict. i really want to go back to at least 105lbs in the next 2 months without fucking myself up again. anyone else struggling with this and has some tips? excercising doesn't work at all for me and there were long periods where i excercised 6 times a week with a normal balanced diet.

No. 242007

How tall are you

No. 242375

165cm, i think that would be 5'5

No. 242737

File: 1523755524752.png (315.41 KB, 800x805, DEXs3eZUQAAxCMq.png)

Hi, so I'm trying to get BACK into diet and exercise…

Last year, I did really well and lost 1.5 stone. Then late last year I came out of a really shitty break up and also lost a parent, and since then my diet yo-yoed.

I've put back on maybe 1/3rd of a stone, and seeing my progress from before I know I can keep going, but I don't know how to resume and I get cravings and comfort eat again. Nowhere near as bad as before my weight loss last year but still hard to cut.

Please can people give me some pointers to start? I feel horrible, but I need to do this. I don't know where to start anymore.

No. 242874

have your tried intermittent fasting? apparently works well for people who like to snack.

No. 242890

nta but do you have any suggestion for which method works best? i was thinking of doing the 24 hour method and skipping for an entire day.

No. 242900

what if you try 16 hour fasting first? this is what I did when I started tbh

skipping breakfast or dinner twice a week (on my rest days from the gym) when that felt normal I added more days if I felt like it and sometimes an occasional 24 hour fast as well so I could have a nice cheat meal without feeling too guilty

hosnestly 24 hour fast helped me control my snacking problem, something about the willpower gets to you I swear!
IF is good if you don't want to obsess over calories and like eating (and don't have an ED)

if you don't mind me asking what are you planning to do exercise wise?

No. 242923

Hi! Been trying to get back to the weight I used to be before I got my newer job. I'm 5'8" and currently around 185lbs. I used to weigh no less than 160 about two years ago.

The current job I have now is an office type job in a little guard shack. Can't move much due to having to watch the cameras and alarm system.
My previous job was in a restaurant, so there was no need to watch what to eat. Didn't like the work environment & didn't pay well.
Also, it's been harder on me because I have BDD, I don't realize I loose or gain weight until I weigh myself or if it's significant enough.

Now that spring is here (it's still freezing but SOMEDAY) I'm hoping to get back on track, exercise wise.
The thing that messes me up is the cold weather, especially when it just hurts your face and teeth. I need to move out to another state honestly lol I'm getting tired of it.

Overall, my diet is pretty healthy. I try to avoid sugar like the plague (due to other issues) and I make a majority of stuff at home. I barely have fast food, maybe once or twice a month.
I might try intermittent fasting sometime this week, hopefully it'll help with my snacking. I've also been thinking of making more smoothies with fiber and protein foods.

No. 242926

I think I'm doing okayish lately?

I decided to replace every single drink with water, and I have two meals a day; one before I go in to work and another after.

I feel bad that I don't exercise but realistically I know I won't commit like I used to in college, so I stopped disappointing myself and chose to monitor my diet a bit more closely.
Turned out I was drinking all my calories, mostly.

After about a week of doing this I lost a pound. I don't think that's too bad. For being sedentary and having an office job, that is.

No. 242968


>After about a week of doing this I lost a pound. I don't think that's too bad

A pound a week is the recommended rate for long-term results. You’re doing great!

No. 242984

I’ve been working up from walking an average of 1.5 miles a day to 2 miles a day then to 3 and now I’m aiming for 5. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I was recently dumped by my fiancé while also having diagnosed depression and anxiety so it’s mostly battling myself to get outside and moving.

I just feel really good to feel my body getting physically tired and the muscles growing. I want a revenge body tbh. I’m not there yet but I know I can get there if I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Wish me luck!

No. 242988

5 miles is a lot actually.

No. 242992


Yeah it feels really good afterwards. I can feel it in my legs. Not sore like a workout but pulsing? It’s a good feeling :)

No. 243124

I've lost 20lbs/3 inches off my waist over the past few months just by cutting out shit food (it was the small stuff that got me, like liquid calories and an extra muffin a day). It's the first time since puberty hit that I finally feel comfortable in my body.

My final goal is to gain about 15 lbs back in muscle and obtain and retain a bf% of ~24. It's probably very different from what most farmers desire, but I'd like to be a (healthy range) chub yet strong girl and have a lean mass that weighs more than any qt thin boys I may date in the future. I plan to join a gym soon after I've become more comfortable with my form during home workouts to reach this goal.

No. 243125

what's bothering the most atm is my stubborn lower back fat that refuses to go away
I've given up on my legs looking decent so yeah

No. 243135

Fattychan here with 27.3 BMI, trying to lose the last 40 lbs of a major 55 lb weight gain over the past two years. I’ve been pushing myself to do a lot of HIIT routines and daily cardio sessions, but still don’t lose weight unless I quite literally starve myself. I’m talking less than 600 calories. If I eat over that, I just maintain my weight. I’m like 100% sure I’m not overestimating calories either because I track everything religiously and use measuring spoons/cups for everything I eat.

I’m an endomorph, and the thinnest I’ve been able to get was 19.0 BMI and that was by going full anachan not eating a crumb for weeks on end, which ended in a 6 month plateau before I finally gave up and started eating/gaining again.

What am I doing wrong? I spend a lot of time tearing my hair out and crying every time I see my reflection in a full body mirror. I just want to off myself at this point.

No. 243138


If you're having to eat 600 calories to lose weight, you should go to your doctor. There could be an underlying health issue.

No. 243139

Have you considered muscle training? When you get more muscle mass you need more calories to upkeep your body. Cardio works great when you're training your endurance and stamina, but for effective weight loss I've found muscle training to be the thing to do. Try push ups and crunches.

No. 243145

File: 1523893728304.jpg (47.38 KB, 558x836, irina-shayk-bikini-photoshoot-…)

I'm 176cm tall and 62.5kg atm. But I want to get back down to 57/58kg. I have been eating really healthy (around 1500 calories every day), and just drink water (lots of it) for three weeks now and haven't seen any weight loss.
For the last five days I've been working more than usual out and I hope that this will help me to go down.

Either way, are there any tips for already slender girls on how to lose weight when you body seems to say no, and how I can lose weight on my hips. Are there any exercises for that? My hips has too much fat on them, even when I was around 55kg. Pic related is my goal.

Also.. I'm not an ana-chan, I'm not starving myself or hurting myself. I've been weighing 55 kg for the last few years but went up to 64kg while ago. I'm happy atm with myself, I just like being thin.

No. 243146

eat only green vegetables after 3 o'clock.
if at all, use a little protein in a salad (eg chicken or mozarella or something) or proteinshakes in the evening.
might also entirely skip dinner on 2 days a week (not more or it will slow down your metabolism).

No. 243147

Thank you anon! I'll try that :)

No. 243148

File: 1523894321770.jpg (188.53 KB, 1984x1116, fitness-blogger-weight.jpg)

>im not an ana-chan
>176 tall
>goal weight is 57/58 kg
>which is underweight
>absolutely not an ana-chan!

tbh I think youre rather having issues with your body fat distributions. imho body fat amount is more important than weight.

eat more proteins overall and start running.

a BMI for women in their 20s is still nearly model-tier. And btw that woman in the image is also not just skinny, she is trained and toned af.
if youre flabby, do a lot more sport. might also need to eat a little more so your muscles can grow and you can stop being skinny fat

No. 243149

how tall are you?

No. 243151

Anon I think you're thin enough. At your height 57 would be underweight.


No. 243153

how tall are you?

No. 243154

how tall are you?

No. 243155

Thanks. I'll try that.
>tbh I think youre rather having issues with your body fat distributions.
Sounds logical. I'll try to sort that out with the tips you have me.

>absolutely not an ana-chan!

And yeah I'm not anorexic, and I don't have an other sort of eating disorders. I'm quite happy with myself, both now and when I'm 55-58kg. I'm also going to start modeling which requires me to be that weight.

No. 243303

Dont listen to them their being super dramatic, its just barely underweight.

Anyway, you not losing on 1500 sounds very unusual, im much shorter than you and dont workout and im losing on that.
I'd say measure your food to be sure and remember, liquid calories also count.

No. 243305

you might try muscle training. you can start of with your own body weight to build muscles. and no worries you wont get bulky.

No. 243307

At 58 kgs anon would be at a BMI of 18.4. It's literally 0.1 point underweight. What the fuck is up with anons here screaming ana-chan at anyone who wants to be thin instead of ~*le fit*~?

No. 243363

Not that anon but obviously theres nothing wrong with being thin if that weight is attainable for your body type go ahead, .1 doesn't really make a difference and makes as much of an excuse if someone was .1 away from being overweight for their goal however imo its not a really good idea to be that close to being underweight especially if its only for aesthetic purposes and you have to undereat to get that way

No. 243390

File: 1523980905266.png (385.66 KB, 500x435, 12463948.png)

Pic related would be my dream body.
Any advice? What BMI do i need in order to look like her? What exercises? (I'm naturally the type to put on muscles fairly easily, so i need to be careful in that aspect)

No. 243394

maybe between 18-21 (?)

No. 243430

Definitely 21. Looks really tall too.

No. 243619

I'm 5'10, meaning i woud have a BMI of 21 when i weigh 147 lbs.
That kind of sounds too much to look like her…?

No. 243620

I agree with you and I'm 5'11. When I'm 147 I'm either a little chubbier than her or more muscular. I'd put her at 135

No. 243647

Similar body type and I have a bmi of 19. Basically requires average exercise and a pretty boring diet. I’m short tho.

No. 243651

Mind sharing your diet/workout then? BMI 19 sounds ideal

No. 243679

Different anon, but I went from 21bmi to a 19bmi without doing anything but cutting 100% of dairy out of my diet. Still lazy af, but a change like that can have a pretty big impact for some people.
Dairy was a pretty big part of my diet though..

No. 243686

Any other anons living in /fat house/?
I've heard horror stories but im currently 19 in college, my mom has high cholesterol and is obese, like normal mom fat and my dad has high blood pressure and loves cooking and has a beer belly

Basically the problem is that not only is the fridge full of junk but they also make me meals oddly even when they tell me they know I wont eat it (im sorry if i sound like a spoilt kid)
Like ill wake up one morning with steak, eggs, sausage,bacon, and chocolate pancakes on my bed, I'd feel bad if I didnt eat it, i feel bad throwing it out and i feel even worse if I did, im not even fully blaming them since I myself use food for comfort

Im 125 at 5'0, not fat but i guess i would call it skinny fat, im definitely seeing some of the side effects from it though like my energy levels and looking weird in tight clothes

I can work on this in my own time but any advice to kinda force my parents to get healthy?

No. 243717

File: 1524118374993.jpg (104.88 KB, 1280x640, cry uncontrollably.jpg)

>eating 600 kcal under my TDEE
>making sure to put everything in my calorie counter app
>not seeing much progress on a weekly basis
>weigh 1kg more this morning than yesterday morning

No. 243928

Anon are you working out? Just dieting alone wont help you much.

No. 243934

Either your underestimating the calories or you dont burn as much as you think

No. 243935

are you bloated? is your period coming? are you drinking enough water?

weighing yourself on a day to day basis isn't a good idea. our bodies vary so much in weight depending on how much we drink, our bowel movement frequency, and women weigh differently depending on what stage in their cycle they're at. Try not to sweat it.

No. 243936


I lose a pound by shitting anon. Weigh yourself every 2 weeks at most and you'll see a couple pound difference for sure.
Make sure your body doesn't eat itself in order to keep the weight off. Also what others have said I always weigh more and feel bloated around my period

No. 243990

If you are eating 600kcal under your TDEE you should be losing just over a pound a week but like others have said, weight can fluctuate due to water retention etc. so if you have only been doing your new diet for a couple of weeks you may not be seeing the loss yet due to this.

Also make sure you're not overestimating how much calories you burn in a day or underestimating the amount of calories you're consuming.

No. 244836

Thanks for the replies, sorry I didn't reply earlier, I couldn't find the thread anymore, heh

Besides having walks not really. I have very little time at the moment and honestly I'm kind of lazy too.
But i've lost weight in the past without exercise too so it should still work, even if it's slower.

I don't think so, I log everything religiously and even leave some reserve just in case I make a mistake. Also I've calculated my TDEE at the most sedentary possible.

Far from, normally I just had my ovulation. But you're probably right on the weighing myself daily.

I guess I'll just have to be more patient in seeing progress.

No. 245123

any advice on comfort eating? I feel like shit for binging but ive been having insane cravings since I started birth control, I have a tendency to stress eat but I also have that weird skinny fat body type that makes it impossible to lose the extra few pounds

for reference I'm 5 foot and 125 lbs, I have a bit of "fluff" on me, chubby arms and face, belly, double chin, fat inner thighs, I'd compare my body type to june or aly if it helps, before bc, while I do have pcos, I noticed its almost impossible even at my lowest weight and I still have a bit of belly, it looks so awkward since I have to wear tight outfits for work, I guess my goal is to lose the fluff and build thigh and bum muscles, I don't expect to turn super skinny or anything but an improvement will be nice and allow me to feel more comfy in my body

any other anons like me?

No. 245130

Am I blind or are people just crazy nitpicky about her body? I can't stand her but every photo I've ever seen of her body is stick thin with big tits and nothing like Aly.

No. 245132

File: 1524641603026.png (1.27 MB, 1045x1324, 1519952100474.png)

i think it's a great idea to build some muscle! Honestly I don't think Aly needs to lose any fat, if she ate better and gained muscle she'd fill out and look lean. It's just that she's so atrophied and bloated that any fat she has is really obvious since there's no muscle to "stretch" it out if that makes sense. Ime the more muscle you build the higher bodyfat you can get away with and still look pretty lean-just not shredded.
Do you have anything specific you want advice on?

There's a few candids of her where she looks a little more skinnyfat than her posed pics, but otherwise i think it's exaggerated because she humblebrags like fuck about how smol she is and how she can eat whatever she wants and not work out, so it tempts farmers to point out any instance where she looks a little bloated or skinnyfat

No. 245152

Thanks anon! i still need to lose a bit of fat though especially in my face in arms, I just have trouble eating the recommended protein amount due to getting full too easily on it

No. 245807

for the people who go to the gym, what's your routine?

No. 245818

Upper/lower/whole body?

No. 245854

this is absolutely not true. you can absolutely lose weight with diet alone, and reading through various communities, most people diet to lose a certain amount before even considering exercising.
Exercising wont hurt, and it CAN speed up your weight loss, but it can also make you more hungry and cause you to over eat.

If you do decide to exercise along with your diet, I recommend not eating back your burned calories at first. Anything that tracks calories burned is not very accurate.

No. 245860

I second this. I started with my low carb diet three months ago and it's the only thing that's been working for me so far. I always controlled my portions and my intake, heck even went to the gym but got nowhere with it. Maybe it's something hormonal, maybe it's my age (I'm in my late 20s), I'll never know. I'm just happy I can finally fit in a size 4. Never thought losing weight was this easy because it feels like something I can easily maintain til I die without worrying about regaining weight. No gym, no excessive physical activity, just a healthy and balanced diet.

No. 245861

I usually do arms/body/legs, and twenty minutes of cardio or using a rowing machine before I leave. For a cardio-only day I’ll use an elliptical for an hour.

No. 245873

you cannot outrun or weightlift a bad diet, you can only lose weight if you eat at a calorie deficit that's it. going to the gym along with ot makes your body look better instead of a flabby mess when you finally lose the weight

I recommend doing both

No. 245882

Depends anon, i lost 30 lbs still eating like shit but working out, given im not obese, my highest weight was 137

No. 246056

What kind of workout (and how long/often) did you do?

No. 246139

Biking for hours around my neighborhood was the main one, then I'd do squat/thigh/hips/butt muscle routines and add a little arm and abs workouts in there

Also, plastic wrap meme also helped me lose weight, a big part that helped me was not stressing about it and learning to add aspects into my workout that allowed me to enjoy it

No. 246429

File: 1525068984643.jpg (58.85 KB, 720x480, 2N2v49F.jpg)

>plastic wrap meme also helped me lose weight

No. 246433

Bad enough arguing you can outrun calorie intake but shilling for plastic wraps? Damn dude. Either hurry up and get to the part where you sell the junk or quit lying to yourself.

No. 246448

File: 1525072700824.jpeg (36.22 KB, 500x500, BCD3B6C1-4534-4963-AB0A-D880A0…)

Lost 18lbs in one month by eating about 700 calories a day. 5’2 from 117lbs to 99lbs.

Depended on a “barbaric surgery diet” which is basically very high proteIn, high fiber and low calorie to keep you satisfied. Also did intermittent fasting, OMAD meaning only ate one meal a day of ~700 calories.

Dietary staples were: sugar free jello, pickles, zero calorie sodas and energy drinks, plain hot green tea or coffee, instant oatmeal, sugar free chewing gum, raw fresh pineapple, etc.

Occasional high intensity cardio via the stair master at the gym. Usually only had he energy in the morning. Was always cold. Bought and electric blanket.

No. 246451

Not trying to be alarmist but I followed a similar regimen not long before ending up with anorexia. 700 calories is fuck all, especially when you weren’t bariatric fat to begin with.

No. 246452

Bariatric diet, not barbaric kek

Physical activity is mostly irrelevant to the average female. Calculate your BMR and eat less than that and you will lose weight. It’s about what you eat 99% of the time. Most likely you’re not th special 1% either.

No. 246453

I agree. I mostly found motivation through ed outlets but I don’t currently have an ed myself, it was basically a fad crash diet to lose a year of body fat. Now I eat normally and lift weights 6 days a week. Back up to 107lbs but it’s muscle and water weight. Just needed to kick my food addiction and appreciate vegetables again lol

No. 246454

Also forgot to mention that I appreciate your concern and hope that you yourself are doing okay coping with your disorder. I know it’s a living hell sometimes and I hope you’re doing alright <3

No. 248038

I want advice. I’m 5”4 and weigh 120 pounds I think that regular exercise would be good for me so I can become more productive. I want to loose 10 pounds. Do you think I should do it?

No. 248042

You should definitely exercise. It's good for your mind and mental health and increases your metabolism. It also gives you more energy over time so it's easier to be more productive.

Personally I don't see the point of setting a goal of a specific number of pounds to lose unless you're overweight or know exactly what different weights look and feel like for you. Just see what you weigh and look like after a few months of consistent exercise and then adjust your goal from there.

Sometimes you lose 10 lbs but you feel unsatisfied because it was mostly water weight and you didn't really lose fat.

Sometimes you only lose 5 lbs but look a lot better because you've put on a little muscle as well as losing some fat.

So what's the point of picking a number that sounds good but might not be relevant to how you actually want to look and feel?

No. 248082


smells like ana chan to me but whatever. at most i can take eating 800 calories. even if i do the jello shit, coke zero, and coffee etc, by day third or so of 800 calories i feel like i'm going to pass out in the middle of class or something. how do you manage to function at 700 calories and go to college/work? legit curious, i wish i could take -800 calories but i get cranky and dizzy and lose my mind. reading people taller than me who do this crazy deficits amazes me.

No. 248252

File: 1525763059478.jpeg (129.95 KB, 244x463, 888CF047-420D-4FE8-BD74-D743B7…)

Since this is the closest thing to a fit thread; is this guy fat? He’s pretty tall, 6’ 2” or so. I’ve even seen him in person and can’t decide if he just has weirdly wide hips or if he’s fat.

No. 248253

Yeah he's fat

No. 248265

Any photos that aren't in baggy clothes? Looks like he's carrying belly fat to me but that could just be the hoodie…

No. 248515

this is you isn't it?
It's hard to tell in those baggy clothes but he doesn't seem fat, more like average.

No. 248726

Its actually not me. I was trying to think of reasons to not have a crush on the subject of the image. I thought farmers might have more realistic views.

No. 248734

he has a tiny pinhead, for one.

No. 248817

Bc I feel fat….but only on my thighs bc I have the most fat there-I’m a pear body. And I want my stomach to be a bit flatter. If I loose ten pounds then I’ll feel better. I just need the right exercises.

No. 248829

TMI, but how do you guys work out while you're on your period? I'm beginning to believe that menstrual cups are a meme, mine ALWAYS leaks during the first 4-5 days of my period, even when i'm just sitting at home, doing nothing. I'd feel uncomfortable going to the gym and doing hip thrusts or something and worrying.

No. 248905

Pads and working out at home. If you're set on the gym, wearing sweatpants but still going with pads could work.

If you're extremely anti-pad, maybe those period panties would be worth investing in for you. I have no personal experience, but they seem decent enough for a gym session.

No. 248958

Fattychan here. I've been fat all my life and I seriously want to change that. Last summer I was doing really good (gym 4 times a week, no snacking,running etc) and then all of a sudden I just.. .stopped. I have no idea why. I guess I lost motivation.. and now I just feel incredibly stupid that I just fell off like that and stayed down instead of getting back up. I've gained the weight back and them some and I just want to stop this vicious cycle already. Don't mean to make this a blog post but I just really need advice. How do I keep motivation? How do I stop the craving?

No. 248977

In my experience cutting sugar is like step #1. If you can do that, a lot of it will fall into place. B/c at that point it won't be a mind over matter thing anymore, your body physically changes to not crave crap anymore and you will be able to just naturally make healthy choices.

No. 249053

I'm gonna sound like a shill but keto diet is amazing for losing weight fast and eliminating cravings. Make sure to go at least once to an actual nutritionist who'll give you the guidelines if you choose to do it though. It's not a meme diet.

No. 249200

Rolling over calories is so great, why are many people against it?

No. 249246

What BMI do you girls aim at? I have no idea what my goal weight even is supposed to be… (I'm 1.78m/5'10)

No. 249252

All of this depends on what you want and where you are right now.

For example at my current weight my bmi is 19, almost 20, at my goal weight it'll be borderline overweight because muscle weighs more than fat.
Bmi doesn't mean THAT much.

Try to remember at what weight you're feeling the most comfortable or look the best, while still being healthy.

No. 249335

I do low carb diets whenever I need to lose some pounds but the problem with this is it does not work for long. Or should I say, I cannot endure it for much longer than a few days before I replapse and start again. However, you do lose weight

No. 249343

About 18.3

No. 249372

around 20, but i only know that because i've been pretty much every weight from the low to high end of my healthy range. when i was bmi 18 i felt weak and scrawny and right now at bmi 24 i feel uncomfortably fat. 20 seems to be where I even out when i'm working out and eating healthy but not doing anything too crazy. honestly i think it's better to just improve habits and see how you weigh and look, rather than having a goal weight ahead of time before you even know how that looks and feels for you.

No. 249424


With my period the first day is usually not that bad so I’ll wear a pad while working out, but my second and third days are always heavy. I usually avoid the gym during that time but try to go back by the fourth or fifth day.

No. 249438

>realistic views
pick one

>reasons to not have a crush on the subject of the image

are you saying those clothes aren't reason enough?

No. 257475

Has anybody ever managed to lose a larger amount of weight? And if yes, how did you do?
I'm at a point there it feels completely hopeless…
And just now I got up in the middle of night again to snack, kill me

No. 257482

stop getting up to snack

No. 257483

I lost 25 pounds in a small amount of time by sticking to 1000 kcal a day and i'm pretty short so it was a big difference.

No. 258941

don't get up in the middle of the night to snack, what are you doing!!!
yes it's possible, you just have to push through. It's tough at the beginning but then you get used to a healthier diet (and less to no snacks).
I have lost 30kg, it took a while but it's worth it.
Just be patient, if you expect immediate results, it won't work.

No. 258947

Stopped overeating. If calories in are fewer than calories out, there will be weight loss. Ignore detox memes, liars who say it’s impossible, anyone who claims you need to eat only certain food groups/take pills/replace meals with shakes (basically anyone trying to sell you their mlm junk)

No. 259281

Went from 175 to 125 in about 8 months with strict vegan diet. Weight stayed off for a few years until I slid back into vegetarianism and gained back about 25 lbs in a year. Oh well. I'd like to get back down to 125 but it takes lots of willpower and I just don't have it rn.

No. 260469

File: 1529249300206.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, b6fdb2b6smmy.png)

Anyone have any pics/wallpaper I can use for my phone home screen? I used this one for my shopaholic tendencies and it helped a ton.

No. 260613


i lost 40 pounds with CICO and walking like an hour or two a day. i ate 1200 for like six months and i still maintained when i started going for like 1300-1400 every once in a while. it was kinda embarrassing being overweight my whole life and realizing it was that easy to get to a normal bmi.


i'm short too, like 5'0 - 5'1 and want to lose only a few pounds. i want to do 1000 calories per day too! it's been two weeks and i've only lost 2 pounds. am i fucking up and over eating or should i keep at it for a few more weeks?

No. 261333

>only 2 pounds
anon? 2 pounds in 2 week is perfect. What are you worrying about? Slow and steady is marvelous for weightloss. Anything else isnt real weightloss most of the time anyway and gained back fast.

although I would advice you to eat more than 1000 kcal every fourth day or so. Otherwise your body will get used to that. Instead you can also do a day where you eat less to make up for it.
like: 1000 - 500 - 1000 - 1500 and so on

No. 261338

>1000 - 500 - 1000 - 1500 and so on
No, don't do that.

No. 261346

Agreed with >>261338

1000, 1050, 1200, 1000 is a better idea. You don't speed metabolism by undereating.

No. 262027

Has anyone here had any luck losing a large amount of weight with autoimmune/thyroid conditions? I’ve seen some anons talking in threads like moo moo, etc. but it’s really discouraging when you have these conditions and losing weight feels so impossible/doctors tell you you have to be careful about stressing out your body.

No. 262340

I gained 45lbs in less than a year out of the blue (after losing 60lbs after being diagnosed with PCOS and put on metformin and low carb diet) before I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. The only way I've been able to lose any weight is legitimately starving myself. I stay the same weight unless I eat next to nothing. My endocrinologist has not had any good answers for losing weight normally. I hope you have better luck, because my life has been hell since this diagnosis. I'm always hangry and feel like shit, people nag me about my anachan habits but I'm barely maintaining a BMI of 24 by drinking 1 protein shake a day and nothing else.

No. 262475

File: 1529842042110.png (71.87 KB, 250x241, 1eVShag.png)

I'm basically addicted to sugar. any tips on how i can defeat this problem? it's holding me back on my weight loss and making me feel like shit.

No. 262477

You should go cold turkey, once you've passed the first week, you're going to lose all cravings.
I thought I had a sweet tooth and that it was impossible, but if I managed to cut completely industrial sugar so can you.

I do use honey and I eat fruits that naturally have fructose but in small amounts.

Also, if you manage to eliminate high glycemic food then you're a winner. It prolongs life, it's severely anti aging because sugar destroys collagen and personally, I just feel better and I'm rarely tired. I've been eating like this for over four years so it's completely doable in the long run and trust me, you won't miss it at all.

You just need to endure the first week.

No. 262481

thank you so much anon!! I'll definitely use your suggestions.

No. 262486

No problems and good luck. It's going to be a bit tough.
I used to take a bit of dark chocolate on a daily basis out of habit after lunch, or sometimes I would have bread with honey and jam in the mornings but when you break those old habits and learn to look at food for its nutritional value first and taste second, it's a lot easier.

I do treat myself sometimes with sweet stuff on rare occasions that are low GI, high protein and contain only natural sugar like a banana bread, almond muffins and so on.

No. 262533

Is the dreaded week 2 really a thing. I started working out last week (I have already been dieting for quite a while) and my weight dropped a lot the first week. But this week my weight has gone up a bit and I'm hoping it starts coming off again. It is just worrying me because I thought I was finally getting somewhere after my weight staying the same for the past month. I've lost 15lbs so far since the beginning of the year.

No. 262607

Im trying to lose weight after stoping taking the depo shot i was on so far i haven't been successful any tips for someone who recently come off the shot? ive been doing some low impact work out because i got a bad back

No. 262641

Thank you for your response, anon. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and PCOS a year ago and the weight is so stubborn, it’s super frustrating cause I feel disgusting with how much weight I gained before the diagnosis and it’s like, lose 5lbs gain 3. My doctor keeps telling me I will lose weight when things start balancing out (I don’t believe that, you don’t just ‘drop’ weight like magic) but honestly as a former anachan I feel fucking horrible in my body right now.

No. 262691


did you eat something with a lot of salt or greasy in general? then it's water weight! or your period could be coming. don't feel bad, if you're following the same diet as before then its only going to be temporarily. to get rid of the bloat drink tea, or drink a loooooot of water and you'll be back to your weight in a few days

congrats on losing 15 lbs! but its important to know that it's harder to lose once you're smaller. once you're already in a healthy state and just want to get leaner, staying loyal to your diet and habits is the way, even if its slow. even if its just 2 lbs per month, its fine.

No. 277547

File: 1533694663556.jpeg (103.16 KB, 1020x1024, 226C30B4-71F7-4CDA-A0FF-DF1372…)

Not sure if this thread is still active in any way, but I couldn’t find an active one in /g/ either.

I’m very unhappy with the way I look. I am 5’2.5” tall, and 127lbs.
I want to weigh 100lbs. I think that my original goal of 95 is probably too low, so I am shooting for 100.

I began going to a martial arts training gym last week. I take a kickboxing cardio class (45 min) three times a week. Should I do this more often than three times? I could probably manage four times a week if I pushed myself. I also do yoga for flexibility.

I am planning on cutting my intake to about 1,000 calories a day. I go to school full time and volunteer, so I don’t have a very active lifestyle.

Do you think my current plan will get me to my goal weight in a healthy way? I want to have a body I am proud of and I am willing to put the work in to get there. I know that I probably view things through a distorted lens, so please tell me if I’m being unhealthy about it. Also, I’d love to hear from people who have managed to lose weight before.

I am also increasing my water intake, cutting out alcohol and soda, making my diet plant based and cutting out processed junk, and waking up early.

No. 277559

You could probably get down to 115 with those adjustments. Even for being short, the way you look at 127 is great, 120 will look thin, 115 would be kpop mode.

You losing close to 30lbs to be 100 with a small BMI already is disgusting and unachievable without full on skeletor mode. Not recommended. You don't need to sacrifice that much more.

No. 277562

> I don't have a very active lifestyle

If you do 45 minutes of kickboxing 3x a week, that's decently active. Kudos for that! I've always wanted to try kickboxing but have never gotten around to it.

I can tell you right now that it would be very difficult to subsist on 1,000 calories a day, especially when you are doing cardio on a semi-regular basis. It is definitely unhealthy to do so, even if you are not active at all.

What I would recommend is calculating your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Google "TDEE calculator" and plug in your stats to the first result. This will tell you how many calories your body uses up in one day normally. It will also tell you your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which is how many calories your body uses up while sedentary. If you're trying to lose weight, the best way to do it while staying healthy is to eat a number of calories above your BMR and below your TDEE. So for example, if your BMR is 1300 and your TDEE is 2100, you should aim for calories within that range. 1900 would make you lose weight steadily over time if you are accurately counting calories and consistently staying below your TDEE, but 1500 would get you there faster.

I also want you to know that the body you have now is one that you can be proud of. It sounds like you are healthy and able-bodied. You may not like how your body looks but it has the power to walk, run, kickbox, and do other amazing things. Try to avoid taking this for granted, and always remember to be kind to yourself.

No. 277563

If that's your current weight on the right in that photo anon, you look pretty great as is. I agree with >>277559 – 95-100 lbs is insane. Don't do that to yourself.

Perhaps if anything, do a little weight training, even if it's just some decent bodyweight and resistance exercises. You don't need to hulk out, but a strong, healthy body is a body to be proud of. Focus on measurements moreso than the numbers that come up on the scale, maybe?

No. 277565

Thanks for answering!
Unfortunately, I have no muscle tone and I don’t feel like I look great at 127. I also feel like I looked very tubby at 115. I would like to be skinny again and I think that I looked only decent at 100. However, I completely acknowledge that I have skewed ideas because I’ve had disordered eating most of my life.

I appreciate your input! I’ve been told to focus on body measurements rather than weight, I’m sure that will be a better indicator of what my body really looks like.

Just so everyone knows, the person in the photo is not me. The picture on the right is how I would like to look. Sorry about the confusion!

Kickboxing is very fun! I recommend trying it out. It is a great combo of cardio, self defense and body weight exercise.

I realize 1000 sounds very low. My BMR is around ~1300 calories, and my TDEE is close to 2000. I will admit that I have a hard time with not restricting to very low calorie goals. Maybe I could start out at 1300 a day and see if I can do more.

Thank you! It’s hard to appreciate my body because I have a disability and numerous health issues. You have a great perspective and I appreciate everyone’s input.

No. 277729

you sure you weight 127 lb in the left picture? I'm 5'1'', weighed 110 lb last year, and looked wider than your picture? unless you're compacting more muscle that im not seeing

No. 277731

anon just said that picture isn’t her, retard

No. 277735

File: 1533740238027.jpg (48.82 KB, 679x509, does-muscle-weigh-more-than-fa…)

Weight is a pretty useless method of measuring fat loss. I could deadlift my body weight and do an hour of cardio 3 days a week and still be at 127 (my heaviest) but look WAY tighter and better than my 115 skinnyfat mode.

Really abandon the scale unless you're paying for a higher end BMI calculating one (which still do a poor job). How clothes fit, how you feel day to day is so much more telling than the number.

No. 277737

this. the scale doesn't tell you anything, much like BMI doesn't tell you shit either.

No. 277820

I gained 5 pound in the last 2 weeks from going to the gym everyday. Can confirm

No. 277887

You can't gain 5 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks. Not even a noob man can do that. It's mostly going to be water-weight to help with muscle recovery and only a tiny bit of muscle and maybe a bit of fat.

No. 278126

This. I hate when women are scared that they'll look "too masculine" when they start working out. Calm down, you're not gonna be a bodybuilder from a little gym action. If it were that easy to gain muscle mass there'd be more buff guys.

No. 303065

File: 1538344140210.jpeg (47.27 KB, 642x476, Dk3Qua1X0AAAFy3.jpeg)

So, I was doing quite well last year and I went from 12 and a half stone to 11, but when my dad died I started losing track and gaining again so now I'm 11 stone 4. I want to get back into dieting and feel stupid I can't remember what I was eating and doing to begin. Please give me all your pointers. I can't put this off anymore

No. 303070

Has anyone dropped a large amount of weight and kept it off? I used to be pretty fit but I only had 30 pounds to lose to start with. After kids I let myself go and ballooned up to 30 bmi and I'd like to get it back down to 19 or so but plateaus and such always get in the way, and that would be way more than 30 pounds, probably about 70.

No. 303078

I'll fill you in with the basics but always run with what's best for your body
>Water, a whole lot. Drink all the time, especially before a meal
>Veggies, fill up on them. Eat as many as you like. They're good for you and have a lot of fiber
>cut down on carbs, less bread/pasta/rice and replace with more veggies to keep you full
>drink a coffee or green tea at least once a day, preferably in the morning (it'll get you to poop, makes sure your digestive tract is alright and not blocked up)

On top of that make sure you work out to some extent. Even if you're just walking around the block it's better than nothing. Get your Heart rate up at least once a day.

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad dying anon. I hope you're doing okay. A change to a healthier diet should help you to feel better at the very least

No. 303094

I'm going to start doing this as well. I'm sick and tired of trying to restrict my diet because it never ends well.

No. 303241

Me too anon, restricting never works in the long run.

I recently started low-carb for the first time and i'm suprised how well it's working. I always stayed away from it because I'm vegetarian but honestly it was a good decision for me and i'd recommend anyone try it for at least 2 weeks.
It stopped me bloating so much and it's making me think a bit more about my food. Literally EVERY MEAL had a ridiculous amount of carbs, and it's actually fun to figure ways around it.

The Coffee in the morning for me is more so more my digestion than to wake me up. Green Tea also works wonders but i prefer coffee (through a straw).

I still have a long way to go but I'm honestly feeling so much better then a normally do by following those 4 steps and tbh I don't feel like i'm on a diet which is a bonus.

No. 303245

I think the missing link for many people is the carbs and protein that we take in too much and not as much veggies and fruit (sparingly).

No. 303253

I think thats what was wrong with my Diet anon. Starting a lower carb diet made me realise the sheer amount of carbs i had in every meal. Balancing it out and eating less carbs has improved my diet tenfold.

No. 303551


thank you anon, everyone here is supportive. I used to be more active here prior to his death, I'll start with these and work on cutting carbs as soon as possible. I feel like because last year was a blur from my dad's illness I should have recorded what I was eating and doing but I didn't.

No. 304265

I've been dealing with depression and suicidal ideation for about a year and a half now. At the beginning of last summer I decided I would try to turn my life around and get rid of the intrusive thoughts by improving all areas of my life including my weight. I'm 5.2 and previously weighed 170 pounds. I've been counting calories and now weigh 156, I've made some poor decisions and binged a couple times which fucked me over, but there has been some improvement. Now that college has really started up again and I'm not at work all the time surrounded by food (I'm a cashier at a supermarket) I predict it will be easier to fight the urge to buy junk food. I'm hoping to get down to 136 by the end of the year which would put me in a healthy BMI range, and my long term goal is to hit 120.
The hardest part is that I still live with my family since I go to a local college, and my entire family is overweight/obese my 17 year old younger brother for example is 5.6 and 260. My mother doesn't ever have time to cook since, my father is deceased and she works all the time, so she buys quick and easily reheatable meals or fast food. I realize that it's not entirely their fault, I am an adult, and I do of my own will pick up junk food at work, but being around people eating tasty looking burgers is hard, and I give into the temptation more often than I care to admit. It also doesn't help that the 17 year old I mentioned earlier keeps mocking me for trying to lose weight "your not fat anon!" "What the heck, just eat it!" and laughing at me when he sees me comparing nutritional values on food.
I love my family very much, and I don't want to move out when I don't have to yet, but it is upsetting to be discouraged by my brothers, though my mom has told me that's she's proud of my progress so far, so that's nice.
Sorry to blog post, I just want to get it all in words somewhere.

No. 304322

>I'm 5.2 and previously weighed 170 pounds
Wow very similar to my current measurements anon. You've done so well and I hope I can reach what you've achieved some day. How many calories are you eating on a daily basis?

No. 304387

>How many calories are you eating on a daily basis?
It really fluctuates. I aim for 1100, but I don't hit it quite as often as I'd like to. Depending on the day I can get anywhere from 800-1500 a day. Not very helpful or healthy I know.
What I've discovered is that there are certain foods I will always overeat, such as chips or any salty food. I never buy them, because I cannot stick to the serving size and that really helps with calories. Also just having low-calorie snacks around helps. I buy apples and other fruits since they are easy snacks, and I don't risk inhaling the entire bag (unless it's berries then I'd totally eat the entire box).
Another thing is just saying no to eating, my diet is shit but that's not the main reason I'm fat. I impulse eat too much. Deep in my heart I know I don't need to eat at every break at work, I'm only doing it because there's food available and I have my wallet on me. I leave my wallet at home now every time I go out unless I'm intending to shop, or need to pay for something, otherwise I'll be tempted to buy food.
Really the whole process so far has just been me trying to learn self-control and limiting my options, down to less calorie dense choices. It's hard and like I said mistakes are still made, but it is doable, and at my current rate I feel like I can hit a near healthy BMI by 2019.

No. 304388

Also when I say leave my wallet at home, what I really mean is leave my debit card, I do need my license and ID, I just leave out the card and money.

No. 304414

Anyone have good recipes that are good for serious poorfags? Like less than $5 a meal?

No. 304469

Stews are good, low-carb, nutritive and you can use cheap cuts of meats and veggies. If you have a big pot you can make a huge batch that'll last you over a week.
I literally subsist on that lately because I'm lazy and a horrible cook, but other than the long cooking time they're very simple to make. There's tons of recipes out there but even a newbie can make up their own recipe based on what they like and it'll end up delicious.

No. 304470

hmm i can probably think of recipes where meals would be less than that but you'd still have to get bulk ingredients that would add up to more than $5

No. 304510

>Like less than $5 a meal?
Is that considered cheap? I feel guilty af buying frozen meals for $3-4 a pop since I'm presumably overpaying for convenience, if I go out for food I can often get something around $5.

No. 304526

cabbage soup recipes that use ground pork are the cheapest.

a very basic one just contains tomato sauce, a head of cabbage and the pork.

No. 304529

also to add, it's probably going to cost $5 for about 5+ servings.

No. 304744

Vegetable soup or risotto are my go to.

No. 304755

So I'm 24, 5'1 and 158lbs, I want to reach 140lbs at the very least and I've been told BMI calculators are unreliable. What calorie limits and foods would you guys recommend that fulfill the daily needs but fill me up and aren't empty calories?

However, even when I was skinny, I was still around that weight and I have a lot of muscle in my legs, thighs and upper arms as well as being quite top-heavy and I don't know whether that factors in to my weight much.

No. 304756


when I say around that weight I mean I was probably somewhere between 130-135lbs

No. 304768

if you like fish then bulk buying frozen white fish filets and baking/steaming them in baking paper parcels with carrots and paprika and soy sauce is really tasty. serve w rice which is also a cheap bulk buy, i think overall one portion for me costs round £1.5. there are other flavour combos too, i think buzzfeed had a video too, this is just my fav

No. 304786

Hey anon, I would say at 5'1 you should probably be good with about 1000 calories daily. People will probably tell you 1200, and that's fine too, but it will come off a bit more slowly.

Use this tool: https://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php

Also, check out r/loseit for tips and inspiration.

I'm 5'3 and was about 160 lbs in June. Been doing around 1000 cal a day and I'm down to 128 lbs now. It isn't always easy but try to track with mfp and you'll start to become more aware of how much you're really consuming and you'll adjust accordingly. Idk about your habits but personally I find diets like whole30, vegan, keto, etc. to be very challenging. I have had much more success with just restricting calories. It makes you conscious of the foods that are so high in calories you can only really have a few bites if you want to stay within your daily cals. You'll come to just naturally avoid those.

No. 304791

As for foods, I usually just do coffee in the morning. Afternoon could be like protein bars, yogurt, nuts, pretzels. Evening (when I get home from work) is where I will usually do like a 600 calorie meal which might include rice, pasta, veggies, fish. Heavier stuff, yeah, but it keeps me going through the night and morning until I'm ready for aforementioned afternoon snacks again lol. Rinse repeat with an occasional "fuck it, I'm getting pizza" day on the weekend.

Hope this helps in some way!

No. 305082


Thank you anon, you're a big help! Is pasta and rice still okay? I do like some carbs!

No. 305201

My stomach growls a lot unless I eat a big meal. I'm not even hungry a lot of the time, but force myself to eat tons before class to avoid the embarrassing loud rumbles during lecture. Does anyone else have this problem?

No. 314666

As I'm reaching my goal weight, I can't tell if I should aim to have my lowest weight of the day match up to the goal weight, or if I should have my highest weight of the day match up. What does everyone else do, and what is the most logical way to count your weight. My weight easily fluctuates 5lbs in one day.

No. 314672

File: 1540215168581.png (33.82 KB, 739x490, bmi calculator.PNG)

Bmi calculators are a useful tool, tbh, though they don't account for more than average muscles. I wouldn't go below 1200/day without medical supervision. As a short, sedentary female, this does mean weight comes off more slowly as you approach the lower end of the bmi scale, but it's important to avoid doing damage to your organs through impatient dieting. One thing you could do is 1000/day, and then let yourself have raw (non-starchy) vegetables without counting to fill in the 200 calorie gap. This is nice because you have built in snacks, and it's hard to go over eating vegetables (unlike fruit) and if you happen to go over, you probably needed it that day. Some days you might go a bit under, but over the course of a week, it should even itself out.
If you hover around 1200 calories a day, you should reach your goal weight in about 5 months, which is pretty good. You'll get there faster if I underestimated your activity level.

No. 314673

I bloat really easily so my weight varies a lot. What I usually do is just average the weight, if you keep fluctuating between 100 and 105 pounds just say you're at 102 or 103.

No. 317531

Has anyone else's body type changed after weight loss?
30 lbs heavier I carried most of it on my legs/butt/arms and so my bottom half was more prominent. And though my legs are still pretty big and my waist is clear, I think I look like less of a pear. My shoulders are now pretty broad in comparison to the rest, I imagine since they just retained/even gained size while the rest shrunk.

There also used to be a 13 inch difference between my waist and hips but now it's just 10 inches. I was hoping to retain the wide hips with weight loss but I just became very average. Is this common? To just change body types at a certain weight?

No. 317536

Yeah, you’re burning through the fat stores on your hips and waist. The difference between your hipbone and waist is just smaller without the thicker fat layer you had. Feels shitty but it’s pretty normal.

I had fat tits and now am a c cup, and also discovered that I have snake hips. Being overweight radically changed my figure.

No. 317570

Wtf are snake hips?

No. 317590

It’s a common expression for basically no hips. The span between my hipbones is the length of my hand. As curvy as a stretched out snake..

No. 317622

That sucks.
But overall I'm healthier and look better so I guess I can't complain too much.

No. 317696

Has anybody else experienced getting down to an old weight, but not fitting into clothing that used to fit at that weight?

No. 317812

me :( I gained about 50lbs very rapidly due to medication and after losing it my body shape is completely different and I'm about 1 pants size bigger than I used to be even though the scale says the same exact weight as before.

No. 317974

I'm sorry. Did your waist return to its previous size?

No. 317975

it's not a common expression
just say no hips

No. 317980

You having never heard it does not mean it’s not a common saying, lol.
My goddamn nana used to say it. Sorry you’re so shitty you don’t understand common, simple phrases.

No. 317996

What the fuck?

No. 317997

bro, your grandma knowing that phrase doesn't mean it's somehow common and hip.

No. 318004

It’s old, used in England, Australia, and parts of America. Anon getting salty over not knowing a really common phrase is hilarious. Who gets angry because someone used a phrase they couldn’t understand except children and the exceptional?

No. 318013

the anon that used the term snake hips was the one that sounded offended, what are you talking about

No. 318015

Not really related but sort of, why do sayings die in America when they live on in other nations founded by the English? I’ve seen people told off for speaking “like it’s the Middle Ages” for saying ‘a fortnight’ before so it seems like in America certain phrases just die.

No. 318018

>in america

the slang is different in every country you twat. and fyi, colloquialisms aren't "commonly used". snake hips is really dated.

No. 318019

Here's a phrase for you "Take a chill pill"

No. 318020

Yea slang is different in other countries but I’m talking specifically about sayings that still exist in Australia and Britain but no longer get used in America.

Eg fortnight not being used as commonly in the states but very common elsewhere. It’s not about the snakehips thing lol.

No. 318026

File: 1540881664885.gif (175.35 KB, 245x165, 680D5F82-3605-4BA3-AFD8-B5977E…)

‘In linguistics, colloquialism is vernacular language including everyday language, everyday speech, common parlance, informal language, colloquial language, general parlance, and common expressions’

>>colloquialisms aren’t commonly used.

No. 318028

NTA but are you dense, it just means slang, it doesn't mean it's slang that's in fashion. Why are you so tilted over this on an anon board, just make like a snake and slink back into your hole before you embarrass yourself anymore.

No. 318029

So worked up over such a minor thing. It’s okay to have used colloquialism wrong. No need to get so upset. You’re the one embarrassing yourself fam.

No. 318030

>Colloquialisms are distinct from slang or jargon. Slang refers to words used only by specific social groups, such as teenagers or soldiers. Colloquial language may include slang, but consists mostly of contractions or other informal words and phrases known to most native speakers of the language.

you're both fucking wrong. jfc stop.

No. 318034

What kinda meds make you gain 50lbs? That's a lot..

No. 318035

how did you lose it? is it possible you lost some muscle density along with the fat, so now you have a higher body fat percentage than before at the same weight?

No. 318041


I stopped taking the meds and dropped the weight over the course of a year. I'm assuming I have a higher body fat percentage now, I have a little jiggly fupa now which I never had before.

my waist is the same measurement, but my hip measurement is bigger because of the stupid fupa I can't get rid of.

No. 320896

Any ideas for vegetarian lunch wraps that total less than 150 calories in fillings? Especially recipes where the filling can be made/prepared Sunday and I can simply assemble each morning. The wraps I use are 60 calories, and I like to also have room for some fruit in that meal.

No. 324663

lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, some tempeh or seitan, a bit of hummus if that's your thing? what kind of flavors are you going for, anon?

No. 327381

i have quite a bit of muscle mass on my calves and i'm kinda self conscious about my thighs and was wondering: does running help with both problems (slimming the calves and thighs)?

No. 327472

started working at a (uk) Starbucks, what drinks are actually healthy and not unsafe on a diet? I'm terrified at how easy it is to eat toasties too and need to start packing lunches

No. 327482

You need to lose muscle, you have to be at a deficit, eat low protein and not use the muscle or as little as possible; so the opposite of what you do to gain muscle

No. 327487

I was the same, but they looked better with weight loss. Sometimes the fat is what makes them bulkier looking

No. 327496

agreed most of the time it's the fat.
i wouldn't listen to >>327482 because she's suggesting you atrophy your muscle…

No. 327599

any tips on accepting your body at the moment while working toward losing?

I've turned very self conscious and depressed - I just don't want to accept the present me. that, however, often leads to me zoning out and binge eating. it's a ridiculously unproductive attitude but I feem horribly guilty for having gained weight. how to stop? I don't want to connect weight to personlity or morals.

No. 327601

As stupid as it sounds: avoid looking into full-body mirrors or reflective surfaces (like store windows etc). Wear covering clothes. While I'm dieting I try to avoid wearing skintight or fitting top clothing and instead choose to wear baggy tops with well-fitting pants that give a slimmer look. Sounds stupid but it helps me out when I'm dieting and trying to lose weight.

No. 327603

That's a good idea. I keep convincing myself looking in the mirror all the time will "help" by making me get a reality check, but all that does is ruin motivation. I'm gonna focus more on habits, less on appearance.

No. 327614

Yeah I don't believe in weighing yourself once a week or any of that, it just gets depressing. You might lose a lot of water weight in the beginning but it'll come back in a snap, actual weight loss from exercise and dieting is slow and nerve-wracking. I'm currently dropping "the last 10 lbs" and I've noticed that it's much better not to stare in the mirror all the time and be discouraged, you'll notice yourself when you're starting to slim down when the clothes don't feel ill-fitting and you can't grab a handful of flesh around your waist anymore. I feel a lot better wearing a baggy top until I'm secure enough to wear fitting clothing, I tend to snap and binge myself too when I start focusing too much on how slow the whole process of losing weight is. Some people might get motivation from watching their belly rolls but for me it's just depressing after a month of working out with no drastic visible changes.

No. 327636


I used to weigh myself every day and I've stopped that now because I kept getting hung up on tiny amounts, like if I weighed myself one day and I was 0.2kg heavier than yesterday I'd get really depressed and feel like starving myself, even though it could just be water weight.

No. 327642

I need to stop looking at my mirror looking for changes too. I notice there's an area of skin right at my waist that folds a bit when I get chubbier but most of the time it'll just randomly start folding again. Then seeing that makes me depressed for a few days until I see the fold go way.

All I try to stick to is that if a piece of clothing feels a bit less tight, something you're doing must be right.

No. 327701


Why are you guys so obsessed with weighing? I never weigh myself but I tend to check my measurements pretty religiously.

No. 327707

I weigh myself every day because if I don't, I have no idea if I'm on the right track or not.
Somehow I just don't notice the difference in myself until it's a lot.
This is how I initially got fat and when I lost all the weight, I only realised how much I had lost when I went into a plus size store and everything was too big lol.
On the other hand, I only noticed that I was losing too much when people started to ask concerned questions about my weight.
I just weigh myself every day now or I will very likely get fat again.

No. 327711

It's a very quick and simple way to check weight loss progress. But I've been taking even the tiniest increase of a number on the scale way too seriously.

No. 334726

Sorry for intruding. I'm not so much into weight loss as much as in muscle gain.
I really want to achieve the figure as the muscular woman in the last of us 2 trailer. I was told that it's basically a lean and muscular look but I have no idea where to start.
I only do so far jogging and a bit of cardio. I ordered body weight equipment so I'm really looking forward to starting my training. What else should I look for?

No. 334938

I follow the IG person named faithlfit and she's really good with doing weight lifting stuff that anyone can do. she also looks fantastic!! I am ordering weights soon and can't wait to start. diet is obviously a huge factor in lean body/muscle build.

No. 335355

Thanks anon! btw her home glutes exercise is fantastic. And yeah, she looks great. I hope I get a defined body like hers in time.

> diet is obviously a huge factor in lean body/muscle build.

Which diet are you following? I presume it's the low carb and high protein diet, no?

> I am ordering weights soon and can't wait to start.

Noice. Mine have arrived just today. All together the plates weigh 20 kg. I barely lifted the case in which the weights arrived, but I'm starting small and my arms are already hurting but it feels so good.

No. 345530

Honestly? The fruit/herbal teas, or maybe coffee with coconut milk and no sugar. There's a ton of sugar in all the other Starbucks drinks, so definitely not healthy or suitable for dieting.

No. 345532

Samefag but my body shape is completely different after having a baby. I'm a year PP and I'm only about half a stone heavier than pre-pregnancy, but I've got a flabby rounded tummy, thicker waist, and no ass now. Has anyone got any tips to help motivate myself to exercise whilst being exhausted? Maybe some YT videos for quick workouts I can do before bed?

No. 346042

Iced or hot americano

No. 346222

I've already been lifting weights for several weeks (only 4kg for now, pathetic I know). It feels great. I'm also following this related YT exercise, please ignore the obnoxious music. And Cindy Crawford's Next Challenge workout has still remained as my favourite intensive workout.

> Or hop on anavar, lol.

Sorry, what is anavar?

No. 346304

americano (hot or cold) with sugarfree syrup
tall cappuccino with almond or coconut milk (i count it as 100 cal)
not sure if its available in the uk but sugarfree macha latte with almond/coco milk or unsweetened tea

No. 346322

Skinny hot chocolate (made with sugar-free mocha) or a black coffee with milk

No. 346324

oral steroid popular with women

No. 351467

I'm 5'3'', right now I weight around 134 lbs, which is more than the last 4 years or so, when I was around 125 lbs. Last year at 123 lbs I decided to get serious about losing weight, so in the span of 3 months I went down to 112 lbs just calorie counting, eating an average of 1350 calories a day, which seems fine for my height, but I lost my period very quickly, maybe I was overestimating my intake, but I was even using a food scale, so idk, maybe it is a low intake in the long run, but if I eat more then I lose weight terribly slowly. The worst part was that I ended up gaining all the weight back and more, up to 141 lbs in ~8 months, because I started binging after 6 years of not doing it, so I guess I fucked up my diet and ate less then I should have.

Right now I'm back on track and losing weight again, eating an average of 1350 calories again, but this time I'm not really consciously restricting, it's my body that sometimes tells me to eat 1100 calories, sometimes 1400, even a little more, which is a better than restricting every day, and I still have my period.

I'm planing to keep this up and start exercising, which is hard because I've been very depressed lately and my knee is fucked up from a previous injury, but I want to be able to eat around 1500 calories a day so I can keep this up for the rest of the year and avoid binging until I get down to 105 lbs.

I feel so awful at my current weight, like I'm huge and ugly, so I feel pressured to lose weight quickly, even more so because of my super skinny bf, who is constantly telling me to "go exercise", and "you should take up running again". I've been meaning to tell him about my history of eating disorders so he can shut the fuck up, but I'm afraid to do so, no one knows about it except for an old friend who I haven't seen in years.

No. 352259

I'm fat for literally the first time in my life. I'm in my 30's now and my metabolism has finally given me the 'lol bitch u thought'. I'm 5'5' 150, my former heaviest weight was 125 but I normally hovered around 110-115 from teens to adulthood.
Since I never had to try before, I have no idea where to even start for dieting advice. I have no idea how to eat. Does anyone have any super ass basic eating 4 Dummies type shit I can follow? Googling gives me crazy posts and blogs.

No. 352264

I'm in my late 20s who used to have the same problem with metabolism and the only thing that helped was either literally starving aka "fasting" or just ditching carbs together with the former not being a long-term solution and the latter was doable.

The thing is, I didn't eat a lot nor did I eat junk food nor did I snack, but you wouldn't be able to tell that from my weight (140lbs). I got down to 110lbs going carb-free.

I wish I could offer you any better advice. I went through so many diets and watched my calorie intake. Going to the gym and doing exercises gave me small discouraging results over so after a year I gave up.
I guess my metabolism showed me the middle finger and the carb free diet is the only thing that made a difference.
I read something about insulin resistance and the symptoms are spot on.

Anyhow, good luck

No. 352275


Writing down everything you eat helps if you don’t know exactly what’s causing the weight gain food wise. Dieting isn’t going to change everything, you have to do a complete overhaul of your lifestyle.

A good way to start losing weight is to cut back on refined carbohydrates, eat more protein, ditch soda and super sweet sugary drinks, and don’t snack. If you have to snack, do fruit, nuts, cheese, yoghurt, dark chocolate. You still need to count the calories as a handful of almonds or a few slices of cheese do add up, especially if you’re reaching into a bag all day.

No. 352285

File: 1547146570903.jpg (80.25 KB, 800x532, nuts-800x532.jpg)

>handful of almonds or a few slices of cheese do add up
This. A handful of nuts daily can make or break the weightloss process

No. 366681

I'm so upset at myself. I looked in the mirror and my face has gained weight. I've gained half a stone over winter. How do I ease back into dieting? In summer 2017 I lost two stone following my abusive ex picking on my weight but I haven't found anything since that's motivated me quite as much.

No. 366693

>I lost two stone following my abusive ex picking on my weight but I haven't found anything since that's motivated me quite as much.

if youre looking for something that will have that sort of impactemotionally, then youre looking for all the wrong stuff anon. having a realistic idea of current weight and your overall health is a good place to start. dieting and exercising to be in better health will benefit more than being tiny but mentally fucked up because of the reasons for losing weight.

No. 371417

Meal planning.

No. 373284

So when I was 18 I lost a lot of weight before uni, prior to this I was the heaviest I'd ever been. It happened what feels like with no real effort except I drunk more water and had one hot meal a day

Now I'm twenty four and while I'm not at my heaviest, I'm still bigger again. How do I get back to being healthy and having a flatter tummy, why did eighteen year old me get it so easily? I wish I could remember more how.

I want to be in proportion again and not have this extra fat

No. 373547

As someone who has done something similar but kept the weight off during college, I would recommend getting in some cardio during the day. I either go to the gym or go on a hike.

No. 383065

The year before last I managed to lose two stone and the upsetting thing is that because it was during a very traumatic point in my life I barely remember what I ate or how I did it, anyone else ever had this?

No. 387110

I really need to lose weight, but my mood crashes so badly when i'm hungry? I'm currently really overweight due to a combo of anti psychotics and over eating. Even if I only just out like 500 calories a day, I get SO unstable mentally? Is there a trick around this?

No. 387154

The mood crashes sound like your body reacting to a lack of sugar or something like that? My advice is to eat exactly what you always eat, but less of it. Denying yourself foods (even fatty or sugary ones) leads to cravings and overeating. Cook rather than eat from packets for at least 50% of your meals - meaning heated food in the oven, not from scratch - keep eating chocolate and whatever else, but give yourself a limit of say 1300 or 1500 total kcal a day, and keep to that consistently. No foods are bad foods.

No. 388955

As of today I have lost 30 lbs since August! I'm so happy, only 10 more to go!

I'm 5'8 and started at 171 lbs(used to be 129 but it slowly crept up over time until last year when it got out of hand). I really appreciate my brother at the moment, he's the only fit person in the family and he's super proud of me. The rest are being discouraging with their "you don't need to lose anymore weight"

No. 388969


If you are having sugar crashes, I suggest your train your body out of the sugar spike reward cycle by cutting it out cold turkey for 2 weeks.

I did this recently and have noticed how my relationship to sugar has changed from something I was proud of to something I realise is an addictive cycle.

The first few days are not as hard as Day 3-6 but it’s worth a try

No. 390294

I went on holiday to Japan for two weeks and ate whatever because holiday, of course I've gained weight rapidly, so I wondered what to do and stick to upon returning to get back into a healthy diet and lose the extra weight I gained

No. 390316

Been trying for a 2-digit weight for several weeks now and the scale keeps showing me 100.0 like it's torturing me on purpose. fml

No. 390318

127 for 5'2" ish is huge. 105-110 looks healthily slim at that size.

No. 390322

Oh fuck off, 57kg at 158cm is not huge.

No. 390325

File: 1553438970521.png (417.33 KB, 431x565, getbentanachan.png)

this is some anachan shit, anon.

at that weight you'd have a bmi of 23, which is healthy.

you'd look something like pic attached (taken from the body gallery) site. you and i both know that's not "huge".

No. 390355

Could you tell me which site you're using where you input all these measurements and get a pic of someone?

No. 390357

this person stores most of their weight in her arms, if someone instead stores it in their stomach it can look a lot different.

No. 390364

No. 390365

If you look at the pics of everyone in the height/weight range you listed, you'll see precisely zero of them are huge.

No. 390367

Thank you!

No. 390378

Idk, that looks pretty big to me. I’m 5’4” and 96-100lbs. IMO someone who is 5’2 should probably be at 110-115

No. 390381

jesus christ can we not start this shit again? even in this thread it’s fucking annoying and 100% subjective

No. 390389

anon, I'm not saying this to be mean but if that looks huge to you then you are mentally ill and should see someone for body dysmorphia immediately.

No. 390390

>96 lbs

You are dangerously underweight. This is a weight loss thread, not an anorexia thread, so fuck off to the hospital.

No. 390399

Lol. No, I’m not. It’s just on the cusp of underweight. Just like 127lbs at 5’4” isn’t morbidly obese, 98 (average of the range) at 5’4” isn’t “dangerously underweight”

No. 390402

Looks big, not huge. Never said huge.

No. 390408

>>390399 this is some Lola shit 'cusp of anorexia'

No. 390428

You have a BMI of 16.

Healthy BMI starts at 18.

And you're in a weight LOSS thread? Get out of here, you should be putting some on.

No. 390429

If that looks big to you then you are mentally ill.

No. 390469

Ok ana-chan you need to get some therapy right about now

No. 391226

I've found that my weight loss has halted and i'm kinda confused. I'm down 8 pounds. I have been eating 1000-1200 calories a day (down from like 4000 a day gross I know) but my weight has stayed the same for a week now? I'm still about 2 stone overweight so I've got a lot to lose.

No. 391439


You're probably just on a plateau, it happens. Time of the month also plays a part in it, I'm losing about 10-12lbs a month and I still have a week every month where the scale doesn't move. Stay consistent with the diet and the scale will catch up :)

No. 391451

5'9 and 145 LBS here. I'm down from 160 and sick of being thicc. guys seem to like it from my experience, but it just feels so mediocre.. Losing the last 10 over the next couple months, but it's been tougher for sure. I want to be 135, maybe 130 eventually..

No. 391541

Got really depressed for a while because over the past 2 months I’ve only been making small gains even though I’m following the same diet I have been for like a year and I was losing continuously. But I redid my measurements for an outfit and they’ve gone down so I’m confused. I’m guessing it just means I’m losing fat but gaining muscle? But gains for two months seems a bit OTT for me considering I’m not doing /much/ more activity than I was before. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced that

No. 391542

Same height and weight at the moment. I also started at around 160~ you can do it!

No. 391552

Awesome, you got this too! What's your goal weight

No. 391646

Was at 180 after a baby, lethargic as fuck and have never exercised. I now walk off around 500 calories per day, and count my calories and realise my ideas of portion sizes were really fucking me over. I can eat a piece of chocolate now and put it back in the cupboard and make it last a week. Before I'd eat two bars in one sitting. I'm at 169 now and it's the first time in my life I've really lost any and I'm really happy

No. 391647

Also, that has been in the course of 3 weeks, and my goal is 130. I hope I can stick with it

No. 391781

I gained weight on holiday and now my upper abdominal area is chunky, once I get back into a healthy diet will it go?

No. 391803

If it's the first place where you usually lose then ya

No. 393197

No. 399178

I'm 5'4, 134 pounds. I used to be about 125, stopped veganism and it felt like I instantly gained 10 pounds overnight. I've been maintaining about 135-138 for 2 years now. I wanna get back around being 125, any skinnier than that and I look sick so I really have no desire to be below that. I've been maintaining about 1200 calories a day for about 3 weeks so I'm really just starting out. A month ago I was steady at 138lbs so I know I've been making progress. I don't have a car right now so gym is out of the option but once I do, off to the gym I go. My only form of exercise right now is work, most days I get anywhere from 6000-10000 steps a day and only get to sit down for anywhere from 15-45 minutes a shift.

I did let myself cheat yesterday and eat up to my maintaining calorie amount (about 1700) and I got back on track today. I have a horrible problem with yo yo dieting so I'm really glad I didn't let myself give up like I usually do. I'm done with being lazy, its either this or I end up gaining weight until I'm really fucked.

No. 399605

God I just hate vegetables. I wish I could just grab and snack on raw ones like anons do. I’ve paid $200 in gym fees for four months with basically no results because I eat lunchmeat or fresh eggs and cheese instead of veggies. I have only ever drank water my whole life ugh it’s so cruel, i feel so hopeless when veggies I buy to try go bad before I can eat them all as a single person all because they are disgusting and I don’t like dressings and stuff either.
If I just keep forcing myself to eat them will I just adapt into liking them?

No. 399637

File: 1555510205380.jpg (6.12 KB, 300x200, poochDX.jpg)

Anyone has good exercise regime and dietary tips on how to lose belly pooch? My current weight right now is 55-56kg and I'm 146cm tall. I've never had a flat tummy even at my most skinniest weight which is around 48kg. Even as a petite kid/teen I have the annoying tummy pooch that I always hide with baggy clothing. Now I'm even more self-conscious of it since I've been gaining weight this past few years. I'm also an apple shape so all the fat goes straight to the stomach section. I just want a flat or at least a not so obvious belly pooch so I can wear not so baggy clothes to hide my problem area.

No. 399648

You can lose weight and still eat "fatty" foods you just have to make sure it fits in with your calorie goal without starving yourself for the rest of the day because one meal took up 50% of your daily calories. The quickest way to give up on a diet is by forcing yourself to eat foods you can't stand imo. For example, still eat eggs but only eat egg whites, cut down on the cheese, etc. Find lower calorie alternatives to things you're already eating. You can lose weight without scarfing down veggies.

Are you tracking your calories?

No. 399650

Exercise and cutting down on salt is the best way to lose your pooch, anon. Salt will cause bloating and increase water retention, while exercise will tone the muscles around your belly area.

No. 399698

File: 1555524287037.jpg (111.87 KB, 600x450, 20190417_200354.jpg)

You can't spot reduce. And while I agree with >>399650 about the salt, working your abs won't really do shit unless you lose the fat that covers them.

Also women do have some extra fat on the lower part of the belly, it's normal.

No. 399700

my advice could be limited because im an ex fatty that got down to slim results but i exercise at least 5 times a week. i watch what i eat minus alcohol oops but i still have a little pooch that hangs around. i went from 200+ 5'4" to 115. i expect there to be skin that hangs around but if we can be honest, even skinny people will have a little hang over when they sit down.

expecting photoshop results from dieting and nutrition efforts is so far off the scale of normal.

No. 399707

Feeling this hard anon, even when I was almost underweight I still had a belly pouch. Sometimes it's just how your body structure is, my friend gains in her thighs and buttocks but her stomach stays flat as a board no matter what.

No. 400055

Yeah, I also had the little pooch at 5'7 and 115. Granted I never worked out and ate horribly.

No. 404893

I'm 5'3" and 120 lbs. Can I lose 10 pounds just through diet? I'm "skinny fat" and gaining. Won't have access to a gym this summer.

No. 405218

anyone can lose weight just through dieting. it’s much easier to lose weight by limiting calorie intake than by burning calories through exercise.

just track what you eat & you’ll be fine

No. 405232

Does anyone have tips on getting better willpower to stick to diets? I want to seriously cut down on chocolate, and I've managed to cut down a bit but I want to do better and cut more. I'm just struggling because I love chocolate and have shitty willpower. How can I be stricter with myself?

No. 405233

not true. it's easier to lose weight from weight training.

No. 405234

Do you like dark chocolate? Just ration bits of dark chocolate to satisfy the craving. It's good for you.. it's bad when it's full of milk and sugar.

No. 405236

Sadly no, I hate dark chocolate.

No. 405241

NTA but shit I'm going to try this, thanks anon

No. 405252

Eat keto. There are chocolate flavored brownies, cakes, fat bombs, cookies etc that have no actual chocolate

You get the taste you want and keto also promotes fat burning over storing and a drop in water weight (most people can lose 10lbs in the first week or two just from that).

The replacements may not taste exactly the same at first but after a week or two not eating real chocolate or sugar the real thing will begin to disgust you or make you feel ill in comparison to the keto ones, which become almost "better" in taste than the 'real thing' in my opinion and in the case of fat bombs give you a nice burst of energy

Don't be dismayed if you get the "keto flu" at first, your body is just adjusting from its carb-sugar dependence. It will go away and you will feel better. Keto is also beneficial for many other reasons and health conditions, but as a girl heavily into fitness I'd say it's literally the best/easiest way to lose weight and get rid of stubborn fat stores.

No. 405253

This sounds like a good plan, anon, thank you! Are there any particular brands of keto brownies/chocolate/etc that you would recommend? I have several health stores near me that I can go and look for things in.

No. 405295

I used to get ChocZero(buy it on Amazon) when I did Keto, it's lowcarb and fucking delicious. It's a bit pricey but 100% worth it.

No. 408824

How can I reduce the size of my boobs? I am 5'4 and weigh 134 lbs. I've gained like 7 kilos over the course of 4 years and also went from a D cup to an H cup and everyday life is just a constant struggle to hide the boob monsters and find clothing that fits me.
Most of my weight is stored in my boobs, upper arms and upper thighs.
I think that my birth control is also partially responsible, but due to medical reasons I am unable to get rid off it. I started going to the gym a few months ago. I am going 3 days a week where I am doing cardio for half an hour plus some weights. I am also tracking my food and trying to not eat over 1400 calories. Until now the only result is that I got a lot of leg muscles and some in my arms but no weight loss…

No. 408852

Make sure you are really eating under 1400 with no binge days, consistently for several weeks. When you lose those 7 kilos your boob size will probably go back to normal or at least close to it.

No. 409028

just keep losing weight, 300 under your bmr tends to do the trick. i know the feeling. tbh i HATE having boobs and am growing to hate them more everyday. going to lose another 10 lbs to hopefully get rid of them almost completely. they're very bothersome when going up and down stairs and feel SO bizarre. like dumb testicles for your chest but with a nicer texture and no terrible sourdough smell, thankfully. still a sensory nightmare for me though

No. 410555

File: 1557952466776.jpg (41.33 KB, 600x600, 50510976_10156523771493891_876…)

Some heavy stuff stressed me out last week and this week I binge ate for a couple of days from the depression of my dad's death and work being abusive.

How do I bounce back? I feel like a disgusting Momokun-esque monster for it when in reality I've probably gained a few lbs not like a stone.

No. 410612

not to sound reductive but the best step is just to make your move rather than just over-planning or analyzing why it happened (and ultimately procrastinating). promise tomorrow that you'll count your calorie intake and then do it. then do it the next day, too. you can worry about adjusting amounts after you get started on the habit.

No. 411901

lost 13 pounds since the start of the year, 17 lbs more to go to reach my goal weight. i’ve only been seriously dieting for about 2 months, but going vegetarian triggered a pretty big weight loss.

just following CICO, making sure i’m at a deficit by the end of the day, & doing cardio. i give myself a cheat day every week though

keep it up fellow weight loss anons!

No. 412014

I gained half a stone from stress eating and grief and I don't know how to stop myself fully and get back on track. Every day becomes "fuck it tomorrow" and I need to stop.

No. 412035

At the age of 13-15 I starved myself from 60kg to 50kg (I'm 177cm, so that's low for me) and then spent the next 8 years gaining 40+kg, most of it during the last 2/3 years.
I just can't stop eating. It's not even that I try to keep it together and then sometimes binge, no, I just eat continiously, up to 20 hours, every single day and night.

No. 412042

Accept that you're a person that eats food, and instead just change that food. So you're going to have a snack? Snack on carrots. So you ate a couple of thousand calories? Go for a run

No. 412106

you need to start tracking your calories. download myfitnesspal & before you eat anything, check how many calories it will add to your daily total. it’s extremely sobering.

i also have a bit of an oral fixation and feel extremely deprived if i can’t chew/taste anything. chewing gum and drinking a lot of green tea helps immensely.
it also sounds like you have a food addiction that frankly requires professional treatment. see about CBT or psychoanalysis.

No. 412130

I'm 173cm and also starved myself from 63kg to 50kg when I was younger and quickly developed a yo-yo diet. It only ever stopped when I realized that I'm allowed to eat and snack without going pigging and feeling completely defeated and saying i'll start my diet tomorrow. You have to learn moderation and truly accept it. You have to understand that you have to live a life of moderation, not moving to extremes. I'm at a comfy 55kg now and although the progress is slow, I'm not obsessed with my weight like I was before.

No. 430313

What is everyone's weight loss tips for someone who lost weight well then gained again from a traumatic thing happening? I want to lose this weight and I don't remember how I did it before but whatever I did worked

No. 430321

I'm the same height and prob about 60-65kg atm, when I was 55 I was hating how little I could eat and it made me start binging. What sort of intake/exercise keeps it comfy for you?

I wanna lose some weight but do it slowly and sustainably this time. I just wanna keep my expectations realistic because I can't do 1200 cal a day anymore.

No. 430493

This is the first time I'm losing weight in a healthy manner after years of ED. This is my first plateau I'm not going into extreme restrictions to break. God, this is frustrating. But I'm just hanging on. lol

No. 430696

I'm losing weight but I don't see my body getting smaller. I dropped around 3kg and all my fat is becoming super flabby and soft and squishy but not leaving my body. Anyone else have a similar thing happen? It's so unmotivating.

No. 430710

How tall are you? And what's your daily deficit? Losing too much at a time will eat away your muscles too which will make you look more flabby.

No. 430737

I’m 170 and eating at 1200cals. I dont look flabby but my skin is just stretchier without shrinking. Just super soft unlike before where it was tighter. Its strange.

No. 430743

Sounds like loose skin, anon. RIP.
I did overall shrink after losing a slightly more substantial amount of weight (15 kg) but the flesh on my arms and inner thighs is…sad. Even with a good amount of muscle on.

No. 430755

File: 1562374227579.png (876.91 KB, 758x566, 1534140170738.png)

Had a pretty bad breakdown at the mall today when the H&M employee told me they didn't carry shorts in my size in store lol. Bouta start counting calories for the first time since I had an ED.

I'm 5'5 at 170ish lbs (was 150 last I weighed myself but I've gotten bigger) and have a pretty bad beer and energy drink addiction (green monsters, can't even switch to the sugar free version)

Will be battling caffeine and beer cravings with sparkling water. If anyone has any favourite recipes for healthy vegan stuff I'd love to see them.

No. 430760

I'm the same height as you and was the same weight at my highest. I bet you'll see results soon if you cut out liquid calories.
After keeping my lost weight off for years, I started drinking beer regularly and immediately gained almost ten pounds back. I've just quit again and already feel a difference. I love beer so much but it's really one of the worst things you can have if you're trying to lose weight.

No. 430762

Mine is the same, after 5 years it's not getting better and I'm really starting to consider surgery.

No. 430800

As others have said you don't need to just completely eat clean to lose weight. I have lost 20lbs so far and I still sometimes run to the c store at lunch and pig out on a couple candy bars… But I will skip carbs at dinner time to make up for it and go for a walk afterword.

Also if you do nothing else cut out those liquid calories, it's just too easy to binge on. I'd work on beer first as it is tough to cut out sugar and caffeine at one time. Try having a tea when you are grabbing for an energy drink and see if that satiates you.

As others have said, use MFP and TRACK EVERYTHING!

No. 431101

when my caffeine addiction was at its worst i just stopped buying sodas and shit. i wound up brewing tea all day and putting heaps of sugar in, but i was able to decrease from there to a normal amount. people i know who have gone cold turkey feel like garbage for a week, start to feel slightly better, think they're cured and run back to starbucks or monsters. it's good you have something to replace it with but you will feel like absolute death if you go from 1000 to 0.

No. 431111

I was scrolling through lolcow and I randomly saw your post anon and your problem reminds me of one of my friends. She couldn't live without sugar because her body simply needed it to function. I think it was an addiction actually. However she went to the doctor and he said she had a fungus in her stomach which made her crave more and more sugar. She bought something called 'Nystatin' (I just googled it) from the pharmacy. After a few weeks she was completely sugar-free and had no cravings and lost a lot of weight. I don't know where you live but here in Germany you can get this for 15 bucks. I think it's worth a try and it's not harmful.

No. 431115


I asked her and she said it was some kind of yeast infection (candida). They love anything sugary and also beer.

No. 431271


Please help

No. 431273

Really, a doctor said that? In my country candida isn't seen as real and it's treatment is considered bullshit alternative medicine by doctors.

No. 431274

Anon, diet and exercise.

Exercise 4 times a week, cut out any junk food, liquid calories, and alcohol, and eat healthy meals.

No. 431275

Candida is a yeast. It is real.
Your friend had the candida overgrowth in her gut which required lots of sugar to live.

No. 431288

I know, but they don't think candida overgrowth in the gut specifically is a thing when I've asked. I'm glad it worked for anon's friend.

No. 431391

Officially 10 pounds down from where i was during the last school semester. It took a few months but it's nice to finally do a bit of summer shedding and being able to keep it off while still eating what i want and enjoy 99% of the time.

all that's left for me to do is keep doing a short ab routine everyday in order to target that stubborn lower tummy fat. Does anyone have any tips on what's worked for them?

I'd like to have tight obliques and lower stomach, as I already have lines showing on top from deadlifting.

I wish you the best of luck on your own journeys!

No. 431419

if you use food to cope with trauma, first find a new comfort to replace that action, and find a way to turn eating into another mundane chore.

No. 432025

Does anyone else not get the "leg day meme"? For me, I lose weight quickest and gain muscle the fastest in my legs and its hard to strengthen my arms and lose fat in my back/upper body/waist, and yes I know girls with this body type are considered sub human (I'm reminded everyday).

No. 432034

What does your fat distribution have to do with the leg day meme? It refers to men who only work on their upper body vanity muscles, not that people struggle to gain muscle in their legs.

No. 432128

literally all women have strong legs, anon. women have stronger legs than men.

No. 432611

what is y’alls take on apple cider vinegar?

No. 432616

>>432611 I’ve only used it in cooking. Is there some fad diet or cleanse with apple cider vinegar now?

No. 432622

Height: 5'2/1.5m/157cm
Weight: 118 lbs/8.4 stone/53 kg
Goal Weight: ??? I have no clue honestly, since I want to build some muscle and get rid of a some fat, I think I'm going to just go by measurements/what I see in the mirror.

I gained a little bit of weight eating poorly lol. And the way fat sits on my body looks weird since it's all in my upper arms/legs/face. I've never really done a lot of physical activity. But when I can afford it I want to start going the gym. I'm kind of nervous though. Never tried to lose weight/get healthy but wish me luck anons!

No. 432640

I actually tried that recipe w the water, acv, honey, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for a while it was some dumb fad stuff but it really helped me get rid of ALL excess bloating for weeks. I was super gassy for the first few days and then afterwards I lost a few inches just from getting rid of my bloat. Also wasn’t eating bread at the time and it really helped. Lots of people said it tastes nasty but I actually liked it.

No. 432681

you can get it in capsule form idk if it has the same benefits tho

No. 432977

ive lost 85 lbs since 2014 but now my boobs depress me. i went from a c cup to barely an a cup but most importantly the skin on my breasts is so loose and stretched out now.

i dont want to get a boob job because its not natural & i actually like having small boobs, i just feel embarrassed by how deflated and sad they look. no where online is helpful b/c i can only find info on sagging breasts, im 24 and my boobs dont hang or sag (i.e i think they are positioned fine for my body) there's just loose extra skin on the tops exclusively.

im sure its a lost cause but any advice or insight would be appreciated

No. 432981

I'm trying to lose around 10lbs because I'm teetering on being overweight and I have no problem working out because I do it regularly, but jesus christ I just can't help my eating habits. How do you keep yourself from munching on chocolate, chips, pastries and other unhealthy shit all the time? I've tried substitutes like fruit and berries but my body just screams for fatty shit. I eat quite healthy otherwise but I just snack on sweets between meals. I feel like going crazy trying to ignore the craving. Someone please help me.

No. 432985

maybe including a sweet snack to your diet and small cbt treatments to break the mental hold of the cravings? cold turkey doesn't work for all people, some need to do the gradual ween off.

No. 433005

>>432981 intermittent fasting has helped me stop binging on snacks. restricting your eating time to a small window may help with the the amount of food being eaten. during your fasting period, when you feel a pang of hunger, take a drink of water.

i found that after restricting my eating time to a 8 hour window, i ate less and felt full quicker.

No. 433009

I do believe there are breast lift procedures that deal with that. You can always contact a surgeon and explain your situation and they can give you so pointers on what to do.

No. 433019

mine have been like this since I was 15/16 from rapid puberty and weight loss/gain in my 20s. legit want to just get a breast lift but am too poor for it. I know it's easier to get than a reduction, though. don't feel bad, anon. a lot of us out here are hiding the same thing with stealthy push-ups etc. you're not alone <3
every woman I know since I was legit in high school has screamed BIO-OIL!! one other super voluptuous girl I knew when I was 16 said she bought vitamin E oil capsules, popped them and rubbed them all over. said it was the only thing that made any difference. if that helps!

No. 433034

I went from 120lbs to 66lbs in just a few months when I was 12-13, then gained in a few months up to +140lbs. My boobs look deflated as fuck now, I'm at a healthy weight. I don't even know what they would have looked like without the ED because I developed it very early on puberty.

No. 433079

This anon again, the people I live with just bought a stationary bike, and said I could use it whenever I want so I don't even have to wait to afford a gym. MFP says I should eat around 1200 calories, so guess I'll start with that!

No. 433080

>I don't even know what they would have looked like without the ED
This is so depressing. I wish I was just normal, my dumb behaviour as a teen completely ruined my body.

No. 433127

I’m so sad. I’ve been plateauing ever since I got home from college. I’m living with my parents over the summer and I just can’t seem to lose weight. When I was away, I made sure to eat healthy and exercise everyday. When I’m at home I do still exercise everyday but my diet has turned to utter shit. I blame my dad. He’s a chronic binge eater and his habits have been installled in my younger siblings. They always beg him to get them fast food and other junk food. And I end up eating it because it just so happens to be there and I get super hungry after working out. Sure, I could grab an apple or a salad but the problem is, the fridge is always full of junk food instead of healthy food — there’s barely enough fresh veggies to make a meal. And when I do go grocery shopping, there’s hardly enough room in the fridge/cupboards with all the other crap piled up in there (ice cream, cookies, chips etc. — all supersized because my family is like that).

I’m gonna start gaining again. How do you resist eating junk food when it’s in front of you every where all the time? I have no will power at all and just end up eating it, either from hunger or from boredom. It’s so infuriating. I’ve been stuck at 144 lbs and I’m only 10 lbs from my goal weight.

No. 433255

I'm gonna try this out, thanks anon! Cold turkey has never worked out because I always end up binging but gradual weening seems like a better idea. I'll try to limit it to a small sweet snack to shut the cravings up instead of stuffing my face all the time.

I've also noticed that foods high in fat (such as dishes with red meat) hold me off sweets a lot better than light meals (like veggies and fish). Is there an explanation to this?

No. 433304

i know its not what everyone wants to hear, but if you can predict the temptation (especially in a case like this), you need to train your brain to expect to earn it first. if you work out before checking the fridge, add some extra time, reps, or weight etc to your workout routine. obviously be careful to not push too hard, but if you intake more calories you need to increase the rate you burn them. if you dont feel like adding more to your routine try going for a small walk after or doing some gravity resistant stuff on the floor in reps. it doesnt have to be a huge increase but you need to plan around the increase in calories rather than trying to avoid them altogether- youll break and binge eventually. also the hour - two and a half hours after you work out is when your body metabolizes food the best, consider eating within that timeframe.

No. 433409

thank you. i can try the vitamin e oil very easily. i bought a cream once off amazon that was supposed to 'firm the breasts' but it was full of junk ingredients and my bf complained it … tasted weird when we had sex so i stopped using it after maybe a month

No. 433496

Currently 135, my goal is 121. I decided to cut out all sodas and drink two liters of water a day, I plan on replacing my chips n’ candy snacks with fruits instead. I’ll incorporate work outs once I reach 121

No. 433603

this has probably been asked before but what can i do about hair loss? i've been losing weight after getting my hernia fixed. the shit will not stop falling out. sage for possible newfagging

No. 433958

Unless you lost a tremendous amount of weight (like, into underweight territory), it's probably not causing hair loss. It's more likely something hormonal. If you did lose that much weight, I'm not sure what to tell you except that it should slow down once you start getting to a normal weight again.
I feel you though, my ED made my hair fall out and I haven't figured out how to slow it down.

No. 450346

Being an accountant for over 15 years has made me a sphere. I need to lose 40 lbs but I'm treading water. My dad gained like 75 lbs when he stopped working out.

No. 451432

Not sure how accurate this blog really is (I mean hello, Chester Bennington is NOT John Podesta’s kid) but somehow it also linked Courtney Love to the “other” conspiracy.


No. 451584

kek wrong thread anon (how did you even do this)

No. 454091

What are some low calorie but filling snacks to munch on between meals? My pants are starting to get harder to get into and I know my new sedentary lifestyle (went from a retail job to an office job) isn't helping it, so I want to tackle my diet first since I'm still trying to figure out a time/schedule for working out. I get pretty hungry between meals (try to keep them small) and sometimes it's just straight up terrible nausea rather than feeling hunger so I want to eat something rather than wait until my next meal time (where I inevitably make/grab more than I should because I'm in a crazed state of hunger lol).

No. 454111

Still obese as fuck but you know what? I've been feeling pretty good just from eating better and doing practical things like switching to water for the majority of my meals so I'm not drinking extra calories.

I'm certainly not gaining weight anymore, and it seems to be a downward losing trend albeit really slowly. I feel like I look a lot less swollen, particularly in the face. When my friends hang out they ask if I've lost weight recently despite only having dropped a measly few pounds the past couple months.

Anyway it's not much but it feels good.

No. 454118

Proud of you anon! Slow and steady wins the race.

No. 454152

Fruit is probably the most obvious one.
Broccoli/Cauliflower/Celery/Carrot sticks with lowcal dressing, hummus, or guacamole as dip
Olives/Pickles if you prefer something salty
Rice Cakes come in a bunch of flavors and are usually like 35 kcal each
Very small bags of nuts (buy a big bag and measure out exact portions with a scale).

No. 454191

Costco sells a lot of low cal snacks. Meringues, rice cakes, veggie chips.

No. 458858

File: 1567803042872.jpg (7.83 KB, 304x166, download.jpg)

Instead of eating less you should stop eating at all so you will lose wight much faster. works for me all the time

No. 458873

That sounds like anorexia. Anorexia can lead to numerous health problems and death.

No. 458879

the girl on the right has a legit bulge

No. 458893

Lol I'd never look like this even if I starved myself, I'd require Moo tier liposuction and a tummy tuck. It's a salvation mission at this point anon, I've given up on ever believing I can have a hot body I'm just trying to be healthy.

No. 458905


No. 458907

probably just a fat pussy combined with a bush

I have a fat mound/big pubic bone and I like keeping a groomed bush and it looks like I have a dick everytime I wear a swimsuit

loose skin sucks but it goes away after a while, wearing a sports bra helps from my experience but theres always people think every boob advice is a myth

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