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File: 1679591144657.png (545.71 KB, 750x989, cat.png)

No. 1531303

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1522345

>adhere to site and board rules

>do not respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

No. 1531316

The discourse lately whining about “body types being trendzzzzuh” is very bizarre to me. It’s a bunch of women dressed like a y2k thrift thot complaining about heroin chic being “in” again but as if this is a thing driven by men. I can’t believe I’m kind of caping for men here but the trend changing is not on them. If you look at any of these points where body types other than extreme hourglass were supposedly the ideal, the media and sex idols for men still were just curvy women. These body type trends are only happening because women are randomly cycling though them and participating in consuming the TikTok’s surrounding it, making and playing the picrews, chasing the fashion etc. The ones complaining are always clearly engaging in it as well. Like just stop.



No. 1531323

you are obsessed with fujos, did a fujo break your heart or something.

No. 1531338

File: 1679592748687.jpg (96.67 KB, 500x865, Kate-Sweden-Blue-Erdem-Velvet-…)

I don't get why Kate Middleton is considered a style icon. I get the whole simply and classy thing and it works, but a good majority of what she wears ranges from lukewarm/boring to ugly and it's not really enough to be an icon. I'm not British so I don't know all of them, but I think the last time the royals had someone who could really dress was when they had princess Margaret.

No. 1531345

File: 1679593244350.jpg (116.16 KB, 1080x1080, Queen Rania of Jordan.jpg)

Samefag, if we really want to talk about royal women who can be classy but still interesting, I say queen Rania is pretty good at it

No. 1531476

the mark of a true auteur is the ability to insert depraved fetishes and get away with it. Don't believe me?

>Quentin Tarantino: feet

>Michael Bay: piss
>Ryoko Kui: Vore, guro
>Q Hayashida: Guro, transformation
>Anna Biller: retro femdom, hypnotism
>Akihito Tsukushi: every fetish you can imagine and some you can't in Made in Abyss
>David Cage: rape
>Hideo Kojima: piss and amputee
>Hidetaka Miyazaki: feet
>Hayao Miyazaki: vore, feet, hands, and scat

No. 1531479

>Paul Thomas Anderson: men crying

No. 1531481

Literally. No straight male will ever give a shit about buccal fat removal.

No. 1531545

>Hayao Miyazaki: vore, feet, hands, and scat
what? When? I feel like I'm answering scrote bait

No. 1531573

File: 1679607843357.gif (5.92 MB, 498x280, kikis-delivery-service-falling…)

nta but think about it… put on your male-vision goggles and rewatch a couple scenes in your head

No. 1531577

Nta but I did feel weirded out watching the scenes in Spirited Away where the faceless thing eats people and tons of food and then vomits them all up. I think he definitely had some secret gross fetishes, he's a moid after all. I'm curious about the scat bit though lmao

No. 1531582

There's an entire scat and multiple vore scenes in Spirited Away, think about it
This isn't the full scene or extent of it btw

No. 1531588

Samefag again. I just remembered there were weird pedophilic undertones in Castle In The Sky, with all of the sky pirates falling for the little girl, Sheeta, who cooked all their food

No. 1531594

Maybe I'm just naive but this just seems more like typical kids gross-out humour and not fetish stuff but I did find that scene where Kiki undresses a little odd though
strangely enough I did see a few old kids movies growing up that had scenes with almost naked children or children undressing and then in adulthood I found out that many of the directors of those movies where legit pedophiles. I'm not sure what the intention of the Kiki undressing scene is. Maybe it's just suppose to be innocent and come of as realistic. I have never seen anyone express discomfort with that scene in particular so idk

No. 1531599

File: 1679609482721.jpeg (15.11 KB, 225x275, 1679608383959.jpeg)

This is so cute

No. 1531601

File: 1679609597456.png (63.8 KB, 732x594, 4xANNJZlKL2mFaM3ceJGQ-yzUxYQ6t…)

Accidentally deleted thIs

No. 1531604

I don't know if it's unpopular or not but I think video essays are a waste on Youtube and most of the 'Hot takes' are stupid.
I roll my eyes whenever it's a "We need to talk about____" as the title with the serious eyebrow raised face as the thumbnail.

No. 1531605

People project so much stuff onto this image specifically it's wild

No. 1531606

I've never seen it before. does that mean I've finally succeeded in limiting my social media use enough that I don't see stupid discourse anymore? (except on here lol)

No. 1531607

This is my first time seeing this, what kind of projections?

No. 1531612

Let me guess
>white girls make drinking white claw their personality!!
Or something weird when this just seems like cute fun/funny shut.

No. 1531613

Indian food is disgusting and overrated, people only hype it up because it's colorful and ~spicy~

No. 1531619

File: 1679610796993.png (678.68 KB, 598x1257, tweet.png)

I saw this go somewhat viral on Twitter a few times and people were making all sorts of assumptions about them.

No. 1531620

What's that on their leg?

No. 1531622

Maybe they worked at a bar or something? Or where on spring break? I don't get why silly shit like this gets people's mad

No. 1531623

Looks like glitter

No. 1531626

Unless they are getting it themselves, kek. But i agree, men literally couldn't give a fuck about fashion, in their perfect world all women would wear nothing but bikinis and ass tights.

No. 1531663

File: 1679614878214.jpg (168.43 KB, 660x1825, miyazakiotaku.jpg)

Nonnas he literally said he was against and disgusted by lolicons who sexualise his protagonist. I understand being always on edge while watching movies made by men though.

No. 1531683

3d fighting games will always be superior to garbage 2d ones, it’s essentially like playing a side scroller and you might as well just watch anime at that point.

No. 1531689

>it’s essentially like playing a side scroller
This is embarrassing, nobody who has ever played 2D fighting games would call them a "side scroller."

No. 1531698

File: 1679620589209.jpg (162.41 KB, 683x1000, wspu.jpg)

Modern Conservative Women fit in more with Suffregettes than modern women who label themselves as Feminists

No. 1531700

File: 1679620870282.jpg (58.95 KB, 828x780, tumblr_05ebf8e5e3971217abbcd8e…)

relationships between cousins arent wrong or gross. first off, i was molested by a sibling as a child, so don't come at this and tell me i dont think incest is traumatic or i don't understand the harm. i do. nothing i'm going to say applies to FIRST DEGREE relatives, only cousins or further. second off, no, i am not interested in any of my cousins and i have never had sexual contact with any of them. with that being said:
>cousin relationships are wrong because there's a higher risk of birth defects
1. not really, the risk is only about 1.7% higher than normal.
2. we don't decide who can have children based on whether their children would be disabled. even when the risk is much, much higher and the disability is certain to be life ruining or life ending, we don't stop it. but 1.7% increase of risk for any slight disability is enough for it to be entirely wrong? lol ok
3. not all couples have children, there's always adoption, couples can go to genetic counselors and find out if there's any serious risk.
in conclusion, the likelihood of birth defects is highly exaggerated, and we don't control how people reproduce in any other situation so we shouldn't here.
>power imbalances will make these relationships exploitative
this is where it gets different from first degree relatives. if you're raised with someone you will never be able to have an equal, neutral relationship with them. there's a reason why people who have sexual contact with siblings or parents end up in therapy for the rest of their lives. so the prohibition on first degree incest makes sense. even if hypothetically there could be a one in a million situation where there would be no exploitation, 1. the risk of birth defects from first degree incest is literally 50% and 2. the greater good requires having a total ban on these relationships because again, 99.99999% of the time they ARE extremely harmful and traumatic.
now, compare this with cousins. you aren't raised with your cousins. you might see them only a few times a year. if you are in a situation where (for example) you have an older cousin in a position of power who molests their younger cousin, then that's wrong because of the age difference and abuse, not because they're cousins. "being cousins" is not enough to make 99% of cases abusive like "being siblings" or "being student and teacher" are. the power imbalance and opportunity for abuse is just not inherent in the cousin relationship, at least not to the extent where we need to have such a huge taboo against it.
>ewwwww sweet home alabama gross cousinfucker ahaha
at best, these jokes are 1. not arguments and 2. small minded. there are countries where more than 50% of marriages are between cousins. pick virtually any historical figure from before the last 200 years and there's a 99% their spouse was their cousin. the cousin relationship taboo is extremely new and very localized to western nations. it isn't based on the harm that these relationships cause in the form of disabilities, and it isn't based on the inherently exploitative nature of these relationships. it's based on literally nothing other than HURRR DURRR POOR PERSON HAVE SEX WITH COUSIN HURRRR. you can't change my mind but you can try.

No. 1531701

No. 1531715

I would never try to change your mind.

No. 1531719

File: 1679622922411.jpeg (73.94 KB, 640x709, 0128FE16-812C-4E1E-A166-043CF8…)

No. 1531723

pick virtually any historical figure from before the last 200 years and there's a chance they were openly a pedophile. Cousin-fucking is still gross nona

No. 1531736

the fact that the only response is either memes or "eww yuck" just proves my point kek, i'm literally right and everyone is just too scared to admit it. ok sheeple.

No. 1531746

omg girl I literally said I didn't want to change your mind, don't yell at me lol. occasional cousinfucking is fine. there's still a stigma a lot of places but it's not based on facts.

No. 1531817

If I met a rich man who cheats on me but let’s me buy whatever I want id let him cheat

No. 1531821

sucks to see women like this get dunked on because I worked as a glassy/bartender/door girl and the most catty and weird girls were the photographers and djs, never the floor staff or promo girls. promo girls were paid to be happy and lively and personable and PRETTY. most of the time they'd come and sneak into the door-booth with me, sit behind and chill with me until enough people were in/they were required for promo. we'd complain about men, life, feeling objectified (spray tans, hair/nail appointments, late night travel expenses etc., sexual harassment etc.)
these girls work hard, and they pay a lot to look good. and in my experience they are some of the sweetest people ever. if you're crying in a bathroom, guess who has your back? if you're vomiting, they're the ones passing glasses of water under the stall door. they deserve some credit.

No. 1531833

I have always had an instictual digust over seeing ANY family members attractive. It's just not naturally possible for me. Say i was condicioned it into it by western society however you want but i and many other people know that it's a natural instinctual thing. We aren't retarded, when you are in tune with your instincs and can tell what you were manipulated into in your life, you can tell the difference. Maybe it isn't like that for you, but not everybody fuctions like you.

No. 1531834

It's annoying that almost every comment on anything relating to Betty boop is called off as being "stolen" from Baby Ester, they think that not only is her voice but looks stolen and that picture of a cosplayer is taken and spread around as if it was her. Instead of focusing on who she was as a person they rather just let her be known as 'the girl who got her persona stolen by a cartoon.'
The voice actor Mae Questel says that the character was based to look like her which she looked like a stereotypical flapper girl, so did Helen Kane and Betty fits into that.

No. 1531835

>Instead of focusing on who she was as a person
But there's not very much information about Baby Esther out there, so what do you think they should focus on?

No. 1531836

>baby ester
hate it already but uuh, whomst?

No. 1531839

Betty Boop being based on Baby Esther is a misconception that stems from when Helen Kane sued Fleischer studio for copying her the court showed footage of Baby Esther to prove that Kane was not the only singer who sang in that baby voice and used boop sounds in her scat singing. Betty Boop is just a caricature of what was considered trendy/cute for young women to look like at the time so she has different elements from different female performers. If I do remember correctly Baby Esther was performing in Europe when all of this happened and there was very little recorded footage of her so Fleischer Studio only ripping her of in order to create Betty Boop is weird.
It's just one of those weird internet rumours that people cite as a fact if you look more into the situation you will discover that there is more nuance to it. There where cases where white artists stole from black artists and those cases deserves more attention but this one is just an internet urban legend

No. 1531840

They could focus on her learning scat at such a young age and her talent she had if I remember correctly I read somewhere that
Esther toured Europe around the late 1920s-30s and was the highest paying child artist.

But regarding the whole "boop a doop" thing lots of women at the time were scatting and making baby sounds in their songs. Helen Kane used " Poop" instead of "Boop" and "Poo" there were many of voice actors who built Betty but Mae started forming who Betty was later.

No. 1531841

File: 1679645147391.jpeg (284.62 KB, 1500x2000, BD4FE308-689A-4D2B-93C9-E9A546…)

No. 1531845

>I have always had an instictual digust over seeing ANY family members attractive.
Humans do naturally have this instinct (unless something went wrong like how the first anon admitted to having been traumatically molested by a sibling as a child). The instinct is so strong the majority of people even see other kids they grew up with from a young age as "siblings" and can't see them as potential dates even though it would be fully ok since they're not related.

No. 1531853

Didn't that incest anon already shit up the last thread? Why did she do it again

No. 1531857

>there are countries where more than 50% of marriages are between cousins.
Aren't these countries shitholes that treat women like garbage and refuse to let them choose their own bf/husbands because breathing the same air as an unrelated man is haram? And then once they have kids with their cousins, and keep in mind that their own parents are also cousins, their kids have weird, severe health issues and they wonder why? Because I remember reading about once a news article about a kid in the UK dying from an allergic reaction because some kid threw a slice of cheddar on him as a joke and it was enough to kill him on the spot and guess what? The kid was Pakistani and his parents were cousins. Because of course.

No. 1531859

This is definitely not the first time some weirdo is trying to defend cousin fucking and calling everybody who disagrees immature children.

No. 1531867

>2. small minded. there are countries where more than 50% of marriages are between cousins. pick virtually any historical figure from before the last 200 years and there's a 99% their spouse was their cousin.

Yes and thats why they have an average iq of 70 in those countries and an aburdly high rate of birth defects and infant mortality, and why all royalty has mad schizophrenia and are ugly as fuck and retarded.

Anecdote, I know someone whos parents are first cousins amd he is a retard with conjoined toes, underbite, autism and picks his nose and eats it in public and doesn't understand that peopel think its gross. His brother is the same way so it wasnt just a random thing.

No. 1531879

i have cousin marriage in my family and one of the families has kids with ear deformities and leakage issues, when they went to the doctor about it they told them it was because of the incest. i also live in a country where the countryside has a high rate of cousin marriages and yes those are pretty much all deformed/disabled in some way or another and intellectually retarded in ways that are unrelated to illiteracy. i can't hate them because they're genuinely uninformed and clueless but i can't say my disgust isn't still persisting…

No. 1531893

please link the cheese story bc I don't want that in my search history but also wtf

No. 1531896

A man wrote this post, only men are this obsessed with trying to explain why fucking any certain category of people is ok, actually, and here's why!;1

No. 1531901

this is the first time i've ever posted about the subject so… no.

this line of thought was triggered by a convo with a friend and we're both women kek. not everything you disagree with comes from men.

this… isn't true lmao what the fuck. no brown people from third world countries don't have an iq of 70. people will literally post shit like "all pakistanis are retarded and allergic to cheese" and i'm somehow the messed up one for not hating something that is in literally every single one of your genealogies.

No. 1531904

They reject you becasue you speak the truth, just know that you are correct

No. 1531905

It's been a while, I'll look it up gor you a bit later

No. 1531906

File: 1679658591102.jpg (76.55 KB, 648x674, 09394.JPG)

No. 1531911

File: 1679659104323.jpg (63.43 KB, 1100x744, ulnar-or-postaxial-polydactyly…)

South Asian and I can confirm this, my mom's family have been married to each other's cousins for generations and I have so many cousins with health issues
I've had at least 4 cousins and 3 nephews and nieces who died before they even reached the age of 3, I have relatives that suffer from heart conditions, asthma, deformed ears, mental retardation, I even had a cousin with extra fingers on both hands that were surgically removed

My dumbass Mullhah cousin has had 5 kids in the past 9 years, 2 of his kids are well "slow" and his eldest daughter has a abnormality with her colon and yet he believes that God will provide for him and his kids
Its depressing to see, especially with the kids cause they never had any choice in the matter

No. 1531914

8 billion people in the world and you want to stay with people you've known since you were born…

No. 1531916

as long as you aren't forcing people to marry only within families for generations this doesn't happen. also, i come from somewhere where there's one of those weird genetic groups and i see bald females and dwarves all the time. i guess we should also have a massive stigma against acadians/the amish having kids and treat them like freaks right? or we could just encourage genetic testing like hasidic jews already do and it would be completely fine.

No. 1531919

Another victim of the cheese touch

No. 1531920

if you're talking about the sibling who molested me go fuck yourself. if you're saying i want to have sex with my cousin then i already addressed that in literally the second line of my post. nope, not interested, never have been. are you sure you aren't the one with some sort of genetic brain damage nona?

No. 1531921

there are literally places where the average iq is 70 in pakistan because of severe inbreeding

No. 1531926

nta but calling someone genetically brain damaged for reading comprehension while defending incest is really something else. also denying other anons' personal real life experiences like "this doesn't happen" kek okay. you're so stupid it makes me laugh

No. 1531927

File: 1679659831832.jpeg (188.56 KB, 1170x1158, 52A6E5DA-1F60-43FB-8F7A-8EFD19…)

>cultures that force people to marry only in a small group cause low iq therefore all cousin relationships are bad
>even though normally the risk is the same as a 40 year old woman having kids
>its still bad because uhhhh arranged marriage
>even when it's not arranged marriage

No. 1531940

NTA, this is why responsible women DON’T give birth at 40. An increase of birth defects at that level seems small to you because you’re thinking of it as a little number but they are real human lives doomed to misery and suffering. If you personally knew even one person who has to live their whole life with spina bifida you wouldn’t be so casual about factors that increase birth defects. They should obviously be avoided by all means possible whenever we can. They’re actual human lives that individuals have to live, not just imaginary statistics you can sweep away as looking like a small digit, especially when on a large population level an overall increase of even one percentage point is a massive amount of people. You also want to defend individual cases and yet if the behavior is completely normalized the result IS communities with many generations of it which greatly compound the disastrous results.

No. 1531952

Are you my cousin who tried to score with me recently, despite me not being into men and certainly not a relative? Kek.
I can see where you're coming from philosophically. Eg. If two same sex or two infertile cousins in their 30s had sex there should be no moral qualms.
However, some of us just don't want to do that. I lose complete attraction to anyone who looks too much like my mom or dad's side of my family, for example.

No. 1531955

Since everyone apparently agreed on this, I would still like to say that having had only one brother, I would have preferred to have a larger family, especially sisters. I think it also has some playful or practical advantages growing up, of helping each other (in an idealized case, of course). I was very often bored in my youth and always wanted to play board games, card games or even multiplayer video games, but it would never happen. I assume having friends can also help with that, but I did not have many. I also have a small extended family with only one cousin and I envy large families in that regard. Recently I met an Asian woman who has a very large family and they all help each other with brothers, sisters, cousins, parents and grandparents. I'm sure there is some drama once in a while but it seems better than being almost alone to me, especially whenever you require assistance. On the other hand, this is somewhat related, but I am also envious of neighbourhoods where neighbours are supportive of each other and get along well. I lived in a neighbourhood for over 20 years without ever talking to a single neighbour.

No. 1531958

her style used to be okay/kind of cute when she was in her late 20's and early 30's and she got shit on a lot for not wearing slips, wearing super high loubis, wearing thongs and shit under her clothes. for some reason now that she's hitting her 40's (or is she already 40? i can't remember atm) and meghan markle is the new enemy numero uno of the british press, she's been upping the whole super matron bullshit. i don't think it's by chance either. everything she does is very calculated and there's a lot of speculation that she's doing it to be seen as more "queenly" since, if things all go well over the next few years and the monarchy isn't abolished or whatever, she'll be the next queen of england. i know it's mean but i hope that the brits finally do something about the monarchy, just to see the terror on the middletons faces when their house of cards crumble around them.

No. 1531964

File: 1679665786682.jpeg (34.59 KB, 500x500, 2386AA52-3BC9-42F8-9D07-981D84…)

Why are there images of two different women that people are claiming are baby ester? Kek

No. 1531982

If everyone can have them so that nobody wants it then again you can have it because nobody have it because nobody wants it, just like it was before. You see?

No. 1531983

File: 1679668390883.png (40.94 KB, 320x442, wikipedia.PNG)

She was a child and you can see her actual picture on wikipedia

No. 1532031

How do you listen to her music?

No. 1532036

Stop creating new threads before the old one has hit 1200 and locks.

No. 1532039

The old thread was at about 1186 posts when I made this one, please don't start crying about 15 posts. You do not have to wait until it hits exactly 1200.

No. 1532055

Maybe not an unpopular opinion on here but I don't think the banning of tiktok will be a bad thing. Even if boomers can't understand half of this shit.

No. 1532069

Wait is it being banned?

No. 1532099

Could be pretty sweet. Save all those kids from themselves and pedos and watching the worthless tiktok influencers seethe and lose their income kek

No. 1532101

I'm a doomer, what's the worst that can happen if ticktok is banned in the US?
Probably more shorts on YouTube, or youtube removes it shorts entirely.

No. 1532103

Shorts being removed I would be too good so it will never happen

No. 1532163

I shouldn’t have laughed at this but wtf
Laughing even harder

No. 1532232

File: 1679692479161.jpeg (245.86 KB, 2048x1849, A8EA9382-5CEC-4F89-8E10-B6357A…)

Fundas are worse than fujos. They’re moids fueled by the coom and are more likely to make their fetish a reality. I’ll forever laugh at TIFs who think they’re just like gay men. They don’t have the audacity of a moid to go this far. An obscene amount of them are into shotacon.

No. 1532350

I've never heard of these. Does English culture just lump them in with coomers and incels?

No. 1532358

wtf is a funda?

No. 1532376

Im not sure how much of /cm/ is actually fudans and how much is women pretending to be men but goddamn I hate the way they act sometimes

No. 1532396

Pretty sure she slipped her words, it's fudan/fudanshi aka moids that read/like yaoi

No. 1532408

Opal jewelry is not modern

No. 1532423

File: 1679724473737.png (121.82 KB, 650x540, 35.png)

I see a lot of communists and leftists on twitter, really romanticizing artwork and photographs of revolutionary women with a rifle in their hand and yes these images are really powerful, in some ways beautiful as well and inspiring in a lot of cases, but I think westerners really romanticize and fetishize these images, men especially "oh this is the type of woman I want" and there's never any consideration that the situation they were looking at should never be something aspire to really, historically women have went to war when there's no opportunity to leave, the nation is in dire straits and most of the proper soldiers are dead, something like that is actually really dark and I think men shouldn't have to do it either but they are better deposed to be doing that, it's just how biology shapes what we can do. If there was a war and I had a son and daughter, I'd be heartbroken if any of my children were conscripted but I'd rather my son go off to war then my daughter. It wouldn't be that I wouldn't love my future son it's just that I'd know he'd be more capable in a war.

No. 1532448

They're definitely men, I miss old /cm/ when it was just an image dump board with no discussion and less lame comments.

No. 1532453

Oh no. RIP. I love cheese, what a sad life to be allergic to like almost everything

No. 1532484

File: 1679736474051.jpg (68.12 KB, 1024x682, chinese-CR.jpg)

I feel like I'm crazy because I have a genuine historical interest in communism and communist countries. And online I just get gaslit coming across far leftists and communists. It's not just contemporary ones that bewilder me, like, I have no idea how white, college educated westerners got so infatuated with Mao's Little Red Book in the 70s. Go pick up a copy sometime and read Lin Biao's introduction, it's like you're reading a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet or some excerpt from the Moonies church.

On the topic of pictures. This one from the Chinese Cultural Revolution I love. It's a propaganda picture, for sure, just based on the proud, defiant poses from the young women at the front…Except if you look further in the background, and look across the faces, you just see a bunch of tired old men and women who look exhausted and want to go home kek.

No. 1532512

what's funnier is that Mao essentially betrayed all of his ideals, he invaded Vietnam and worked with the US to counter the Soviets

No. 1532519

File: 1679744129317.gif (918.77 KB, 440x300, 934108AE-66FF-4BC3-BF31-5BB0FB…)



No. 1532520

If either of you nonas ever want to start some thread sharing historical insights, I'd love to hear more.

No. 1532522

there is one on /m/

No. 1532542

I think extreme radfems and incels are the same. The way they hate moids so extremely that they say literally every single one is a predator and every woman in a relationship is basically being abused. Has a lot of energy of the kind that incels have when they say all women are awful and that any man will be cheated on or whatever. A lovestory in the making maybe

No. 1532555

I wholeheartedly agree with the first one

No. 1532556

I agree, Star Wars is boring as fuck, both trilogies (I don't count Disney movies as real Star Wars), and there were better bands in the 1960s than the Beatles.
On this subject I fucking hate the song Imagine, the lyrics are horrible, the music is sleep inducing and John Lennon was an asshole. I'm wary of anybody who has that song in their favorites.

No. 1532557

>men who rape/murder and women who say not to trust men are the same, actually

No. 1532562

I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I don't get how surrogacy is seen as more "legitimate" than adoption just because of DNA, the bio mom didn't carry the baby for 9 months and thus didn't bond with it.

No. 1532568

Not really because radfems have centuries of recorded global opression against and abuse and explotation of women lasting up to this day at the hands of men to back their claims, what do incels have to back up their claims? Some women cheat on their boyfriends or husbands? A pretty girl didn't want to have sex with them? boohoo. I don't even believe every man is bad nor do I believe radfems are always reasonable but at least radfems have good reason to have their extreme believes unlike incels.

No. 1532578

This is really basic bait, try harder

No. 1532580

The starwars movies are literally so fucking boring. The Beatles have some catchy songs so i'll give them a pass.

No. 1532582

It's true. Most of these surrogate babies have absent parents who don't give a shit about them, they only exist in the world to be property for their parents. The bond between an adopted child and an engaged parent will always be more valid than blood ties.

No. 1532592

Doing any type of drugs is trashy behavior, specifically for men. I refuse to date moids who do weed or shrooms even, it's disgusting and they should neck themselves.

No. 1532606

I kinda want to try shrooms to see how it feels like.

No. 1532613

Nta but I would definitely like to try some hallucinogens if they were regulated so I didn’t have to worry about it being laced.

No. 1532623

I was personally dissapointed. Everything turned yellow and that's it. Like looking through yellow glasses. It would have been better if I actually liked the colour yellow.

No. 1532636

Out of all the things to be curious about, why shrooms? It seems like only people with no life who want to escape themselves want to do shrooms.

No. 1532639

Nta but you must have fucked some lame guys.

No. 1532654

Id try them if i had a group of girl friends to trip with

No. 1532678

Japanese food is overrated and mid compared to other world cuisines.

No. 1532681

No, I don't fuck druggies. I just can't understand why someone would want to do drugs unless it's to escape their shitty life.

No. 1532684

File: 1679763967013.jpeg (48.55 KB, 733x356, E4F0EB27-6B3B-42DA-B994-122E2E…)

I disagree but one thing I will say is that certain radfems who are bring up that study of "sperm created from bone marrow will make men obsolete" are as delusion as troons who think womb implants are possible, the crux of this argument comes from one study from a decade back performed on rats, see bone marrow, can be differentiated into sperm LIKE cells, but the differentiation isn't fully complete. They're sperm-like, but they're not fully differentiated, meaning they're not fully differentiated functional sperm. and have no functionality, and no fertilization was performed.
see each egg and sperm gets a random set of half of the parent genome. So if you have the genome Aa Bb Cc, your gametes will have random genomes like Abc or ABC or aBc or abC… the offspring will get two randomly chosen halves it won't get the same combination the parent had….for example it might wind up with aa BB Cc.
so even it possible with large mammals, the odds of doubling up on nasty recessives would be be near impossible.

No. 1532690

agree but I also feel this way about French cuisine

No. 1532716

they make you feel like you came out of the ground.

No. 1532821

Men who are completely against porn are a red flag. Men who are anti porn are just ex porn addicts who don’t like porn anymore because it broke their dick and or lead them down a more sick path of cp etc and they had stop because their addiction was fucking up their life.

No. 1532826

Taylor swift makes music for young boring rich white women. Those are the only people who listen to her music.

No. 1532829

Man I wish I was a wealthy young swiftie. Sounds nice.

No. 1532831

Same. I Imagine the kind of girl who is a Taylor swift fan is the type of girl who only worries about her next star bucks order of what hot guy she’s going to text next.

No. 1532832

I wish I was young and rich.

No. 1532862

Idk how people always manage to get back to bashing young girls for enjoying innocent mundane media catered to them, it doesn't matter like tv movies shows music influencers aesthetics, whatever they watch or listen to gets bashed, like let them be.

No. 1532864

I never said there was anything wrong with being young, boring and white that’s just the only people who listen to Taylor swift. She makes restaurant and mall music.

No. 1532909

Idk why people say that. I don’t like Taylor swift but I know a ton of swifties and they range from middle class white (but ugly) suburbanites to brown ass Indians who live in India. I think girls just like her because a lot of her songs are relatable and she’s not a complete thot

No. 1532914

I wanted to have an epiphany but I just cackled so hard I cried

No. 1532919

let me guess you shit on kpop…well do you? that would surely make your whole post hypocritical.

No. 1532920

i dont think you get to play the sexism card when your line of defense for taylor literally is ''she is not a complete thot'' because that sounds like a moid-tier backhanded compliment.

Also her fans were teens like maybe 5-10 years ago.

No. 1532931

Literally where did I mention sexism? But can you say it’s a lie that almost all mainstream female singers are forced into a hyper sexual role. And there are plenty of younger zoomer swifties ties

No. 1532949

The first two star wars movies (IV and V) are the perfect movies for 12 year old boys, just going by how my little brothers got obsessed with them. It was sort of cute at the time watching the movies with them every year when it came on public TV.

They grew out of it though and moved on, but all the men in their 30s still obsessed over star wars to a creepy degree confuse me a lot.

I have a lot of loving nostalgia for the series for the aforementioned reasons but I don't really want to see new iterations of it anymore or come across weirdo adults obsessing over it.

No. 1532979

Just because someone has a hard life doesn't mean they have "no life" though.

No. 1533039

File: 1679803677931.gif (47.42 KB, 560x456, 1479682416279.gif)

This will be a rant but it's been on my mind for a while. I know people will seethe but oh well!!

Koreaboos don't make sense to me. South Korea is so boring compared to China or Japan. The only interesting places are Gyeongbokgung (which would get old very fast if you visit more than once) and maybe Bukchon Hanok Village (there's a reason why 99% of the pictures from there are taken on same street). That's it, two landmarks. When American missionaries started working their magic in SK, the Koreans destroyed a ton of ancient shrines and temples because they associated it with Satanism.

As someone who traveled to both countries regularly, it really boggles my mind how Korea is so fucking popular, especially compared to Japan.

Korea is empty, superficial and cultureless. It's an American clone with Asian features. No striking architecture, history is utterly insignificant outside the Korean War, culture is nothing but plastic surgery, skincare products and shallow western sounding pop music. Even the food is more boring. Seriously, what do they have? Kimchi and fried chicken?

Japan on the other hand is strikingly beautiful, gorgeous castles as well as old traditional style buildings and homes but built with modern standards. Cool history with samurais, geisha, shrines around every corner, and deeply rooted authentic traditions. Going to Japan is like going to Greece or Egypt. You can just FEEL the deep rooted history there; whereas going to Korea is like going to America, it's just a country that cares about empty superficial bullshit and narcissism.

No. 1533040

File: 1679803753904.jpg (53.37 KB, 750x734, 1666291368327183.jpg)

The AIDs crisis was a shitpost of the Gay community's own making, people of the San Fransico Gay community were told they were spreading a "gay cancer" before it was specifically identified and they willingly continued their hedonistic lifestyle spreading it to the drug community and the rest of the US population.
It's sucks for the 3% that got AIDs from deception and intentional infection but a vast majority got it from their own shitty choices.

No. 1533082

It's really simple: Koreaboos don't care about Korea they care about the flashy music and media from Korea. Same goes for Weeaboos tbh, very few of them give a shit about anything Japanese besides the popular media.

No. 1533105

this isn't even an opinion, it's a fact

No. 1533107

I like how Dutch sounds, I think it’s charming. I also prefer the Netherlands accent, Flemish sounds plain and characterless.

No. 1533111

I don't know anything about koreaboos so I can't compare but from my experience with weebs (at least in my country) there has always been a great interest in learning about japanese culture, language and traditions. This kind of workshops and talks during conventions were always packed

No. 1533115

I'm not American, but it always was weird for me how the AIDS crisis was presented as "the government betrayed the gay community". Maybe if you knew by this point that AIDS had a higher chance of infecting gays, you would put two and two together and reflect on why it is the way it is? No? Although you need to know that gays are like 100% moids, and even a deadly disease wouldn't stop a typical moid from getting the coom.

No. 1533139

This is the only actually unpopular opinion in this thread kek

No. 1533181

I like the Disney live actions. Admittedly, I only watched two or three and don't particularly feel anything towards the original movies though.

No. 1533185

You know how female praying mantis kill male ones after mating? And the species still isn't extinct because male praying mantis don't give a fuck about dying if they can mate? It's the same shit with men, they're willing to die just to coom.

No. 1533198

File: 1679831324127.jpeg (102.62 KB, 699x900, C679C093-6278-4C75-B556-8CDE7C…)

Late reply but I don’t mind heroin chic being in again. I’m skinny as shit naturally, my whole family is, and I’m happy it’s going back in style. It’s not like the previous trend of huge ass and tits with tiny waist was much more achievable or healthier (implants and BBL aren’t that great) unless you were genetically blessed.
I mostly see heavy girls (no hate here, just a description) reeeing about the new trend being inherently unhealthy and it’s ironic to me that after all the body positivity those same accounts were pushing, they can’t help themselves and shit on skinny people being unnatural, bones showing being hideous and inherently anorexic. They are mostly shitting on skinny body figures instead of simply criticising body trends or diets. They can’t imagine skinny people exist naturally just as fat people do and that it also feels really bad to hear how disgusting your body type is. Fuck them honestly.

No. 1533203

i just want for clothing brands to stop with the crop tops and bubble pants shit, which started because of the whole bbl craze and hasn't abated. please. not everyone wants their tummy hanging out, even if you have a perfectly flat stomach. i feel like that only looks good when you're going to the club or are 17 years old, which i am not.

also i wish i could find a dress like this, i have a figure similar to twiggy's here, just with a slightly larger bust and i know this would look so cute on me.

No. 1533213

Suck Punch is a good movie.

I think you mean fudanshi? I kind of agree but I avoid them as much as possible. Some of them have the exact same tastes as the typical fujoshi but they seem rare.

No. 1533228

It's so weird and depressing seeing all these fat girls wearing crop tops but still reeing about fashion needing to be inclusive and positive and healthy. As if they'd find crop tops in size 12XL if fashion wasn't inclusive. Body positivity has been their cope for so long that seeing a hint of collarbone makes them think someone is in terminal skelly territory.

No. 1533236

File: 1679837153465.jpg (88.89 KB, 640x724, 2af92a7212d6881ee338489c05fef4…)

The movies did not do a good job of selling these twos relationship. It felt kinda shoehorned.

>That what I need to survive is not Gale's fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.

No. 1533243

I agree. The movie made me not care for them together.

No. 1533245


No. 1533283

File: 1679843160608.webm (4.43 MB, 1082x610, 1648295632831.webm)

No. 1533307

>going to Korea is like going to America, it's just a country that cares about empty superficial bullshit and narcissism.
You kind of have your answer right there. Plenty of people go to Japan and never go outside metropolitan areas. People don't visit culturally significant places in their own countries. They just want to go to a conveyor belt cafe or something lmao.

No. 1533319

I mean the implication was negative

I don't know the first thing about kpop because I've never listened to it so I couldn't shit on it if I wanted to, weird assumption.

No. 1533336

Both American and Korean pop music are soulless and boring.

No. 1533342

File: 1679847780891.png (119.74 KB, 630x528, tumblr_d96d8d549c51c592becbb0b…)

picky eaters are subhuman. idc.

No. 1533344

I failed the test at "gizzards"

No. 1533352

I don't like liver, sushi, and black licorice. I'll eat everything else on the list. Is that picky to you?

No. 1533355

if it's all sushi and not just raw seafood then yes.

No. 1533356

>cottage cheese
I got 7, I think that's pretty good. Was almost 8, I like the flavor of coconut but not the texture of the flesh. Also we should stop calling the insides of fruit and vegetable "flesh".

No. 1533357

true, I hate when people start whining about food
but I won't eat anyone's head, head parts, genitalia or anus, that's just gross

No. 1533379

>2,500 partners
men can't be trusted to be left to their own devices

No. 1533399

23 I wouldn't eat on that list.

No. 1533415

By choice, from this list, I wouldn't eat only gizzards and brussels sprouts. A few other things only because they would make me feel bad if I didn't mostly avoid them. Not from this list, absolutely can't stand aspic, blood sausage, milk soup with pasta, horseradish, and kissel as a drink.
Also this >>1533357

No. 1533417

Not "picky" about anything on the list, I just don't care to eat some items and wouldn't voluntarily order them at restaurants or whatever.

No. 1533438

Reminds when my coworker told me "oh fuck the skinny body type is trendy again" while I'm myself naturally underweight. She's not even fat or anything, why does she feel concerned?

I'm vegetarian, does that make me a picky eater? Otherwise I can pretty much eat anything.

No. 1533459

I think it's retarded that they made a live action TV show of the Last of Us. It just feels weird and has completely taken me out of the franchise. I hate when something takes off in a hundred different directions like this. Where a story can't just be one experience through one medium, but has to be redone in several ways just to haul people in. It's exhausting to keep up with and I lose interest immediately.

No. 1533625

"mad woman" is a good song, maybe her only good song. everything else is boring and has no soul

No. 1533691

Spoiled brat

No. 1533693

File: 1679877058732.gif (12.92 KB, 79x41, 1676549770114.gif)

lol wtf? I'm cackling, this is such an over the top reaction to an innocent reply

No. 1533694

You must be very new to the internet to call such a mild insult over the top kek

No. 1533697

I know procreating is a primal instinct but the thought gives me such a visceral reaction of disgust. Letting a man use and wreck your body in order to pass on his genes is vomit inducing in my eyes.

No. 1533699

If it makes you feel better most of it is your genes lol

No. 1533700

Maybe I just woke up (I did) but the two-word reply is just hilarious to me for some reason.

No. 1533705

Are you also adverse to change, like puberty as a child, or signs of advanced aging like gray hairs or facial wrinkles? Oh and how do/did you view your parents/other adults in your childhood?
I genuinely want to know if there is a common connection for women who are adverse to producing offspring.

No. 1533708

I was an early developer and I hated it and wanted to remain a girl, not become a woman. I have fully accepted womanhood and aging now though. I had a good relationship with my grandparents but not my parents.

No. 1533711

Same here. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go through with it. Then I consider adoption but when I spend time in public and hear people’s kids nonstop screeching at the top of their lungs, shouting everything instead of just speaking, clanging random objects, throwing things at animals, sprinting away from their distressed parents, screaming and throwing themselves on the ground and so on, I don’t want to go through with it. It’s not like hatred or something like people assume, I just have super bad sensory issues and really severe painful tinnitus, so it’s really rough on me and wouldn’t be sustainable. Maybe I’d foster teenagers. I had a lot of friends who were in the foster system as teens and they were mostly just sad and hurt and needed a decent stable home and people who wouldn’t hurt them anymore. I might be able at least to be a decent support to a sad antisocial teenager.

No. 1533732

File: 1679882858069.jpg (85.13 KB, 1080x780, picky_eaters.jpg)

Funny how you never hear of picky eaters being a thing in actual poor countries.

No. 1533735

AGREE. One time I started an infight because I said people who constantly complain about vegetables but scarf down pizza and tendies and pasta and little debbie's snack cakes annoy me kek. Like they're genuinely an addict at that point.

No. 1533759

I'll eat everything on that list. I also love natto, black licorice, vegemite, pretty much anything that someone has made me try because it's "so gross". I actually cannot think of a single thing I don't love eating except for cilantro because I have the genetic thing that makes it taste like soap.

No. 1533760

I’m picky about how things are prepared but I’m not really picky about what things are, if I went to a fancy restaurant I’d try at least a bite of whatever was put in front of me. You feel me?

I’ve never had liver and I’ve never had gizzards, but I would not be opposed to trying them if they were well prepared. I used to think I hated lobster and a lot of other seafood, turns out I just hate poor quality and/or poorly prepared lobster/seafood.

No. 1533765

This. As long as it's not super low quality, bad tasting food, I'll eat pretty much anything. Zero respect for adults who turn their noses up at good food that's out of muh comfort zone.

No. 1533768

Nayrt but I share that nonna’s sentiment on pregnancy. It’s icky to me. I went through a phase in my early 20s where I was terrified of aging but then I when I got my first white hair I was actually super happy about it. I was always excited to grow up as a kid and would sometimes put balloons under my shirt and pretend to be a grown up. I never got big boobs, but I was an early bloomer and got acne and pubes and reached my tall for a kid but average-short for an adult woman height at a young age.

Taking care of one human, that human being MYSELF, is already a full time job. I’m no expert at it either, it’s not a well funded situation kek. I literally cannot imagine raising a child of my own even if the kid was adopted. I’m self aware enough to know that being a mother to a human child would send me to the loony bin post haste, I’d never sleep, I’d just worry about the child all the time until I lost my mind. I’ve literally gone to the ER when I was left to care for a KITTEN (not even a bottle baby like a 6 month old kitten I just had to give dewormer to everyday for a few days) because I was so stressed out I didn’t sleep for multiple days and was crying and not eating. They triaged me immediately because my heart rate was like 200+ and did a bunch of tests and it all came back clear so they gave me IV Ativan and that finally lowered my heart rate enough to discharge me. I also don’t know how to drive and have no desire to learn, cause I’m self aware enough to know I’m too neurotic and jumpy for the heavy responsibility that comes with operating heavy machinery.

No. 1533770

I'll literally eat everything listed except jalapeno peppers and licorice

No. 1533776

>Also we should stop calling the insides of fruit and vegetable "flesh".
I agree we should call them innards instead

No. 1533907

Robin Williams wasn't that good of an actor and he was in a lot of shitty movies, people remember him fondly just because of his suicide.

No. 1533909

NTA but I found out what a perineal massage was a few days ago and almost blacked out. Something the size of a watermelon coming out of something the size of a garden hose just seems cruel. It's just too much for me.

No. 1533924

Expanding on this normies are so fucking weird about mental illness when it effects actors in a movie they have nostalgia for. Like how sad it is such a happy man can be so sad or how everyone in my life seemed so upset by Bruce Willis diagnosis but I bet all those people know depressed persons or those affected by dementia and they most likely do not give them the same sympathy as some renowned person.

No. 1533928

Because they don't see the bad part of how said mental illness manifests in daily life as they would see in people closest to them; and because of that they feel more sympathetic

No. 1533930

and that we grew up watching a lot of his movies? I don't think that he was spectacular, but he had an impact on 80 + 90s youth.

No. 1533931

which is retarded. let me worry about this rich stranger with access to everything uwu

No. 1533933

It's probably also not discussed enough that a lot of these 'depressed' celebs suffer years of substance abuse. I'm sure most of them put their families and loved ones through hell.

Amy Winehouse for example. She got clean a few times and just complained of boredom. In various videos she complains that she's bored in recovery. There was nothing stopping her releasing more music taking on more projects, finding productive stimuli. And now she's remembered as some icon.

No. 1533935

Those without chronic/clinical depression or worse conditions and mental illnesses have no idea how it feels to live with it. If you tell them about your diagnosis, how it affects you and how they can help, generally they'll run out of patience and forget all about it in a couple of months, as if you had never explained anything to them, then go back to treating you like shit, making it harder for you to control your mental condition and reverting any progress you may have made if you interact or live with those people. I hate it.

No. 1533936

but anon the man in flubber was sad and killed himself leaving behind an entire family. he must have been at rock bottom cause jumanji, are you sure you're not just moaning about nothing /s

No. 1533948

The Menu was a basic movie. The idea was ok but I found the ending really underwhelming in the sense of "it was that easy". I get that's what was supposed to make it clever but I just found it boring. One part I did like about the movie was the focus on the food at least.

No. 1533951

he is known for playing wholesome(and kinda cheesy) characters so that's why so many have so much attachment to him. He also just seemed like a someone who was fun to hang out with.
I feel like after his death he reached some sort of untouchable state where you were you arn't allowed to critise any movie he is in or character he played without people taking it personal. I know that suicide is a sensitive subject but it kinda sucks you can't even discuss a movie without taking the actors lives into consideration

No. 1533966

I read the wikipedia summary and knew I didn't need to watch it aside from some clips. Also that burger looked nasty it was oozing pink juices and he let the cheese burn

No. 1533978

File: 1679922391666.jpg (23.36 KB, 365x363, eestipepe.jpg)

>absolutely can't stand aspic, blood sausage, milk soup with pasta, horseradish, and kissel as a drink

No. 1534089

I always found Robin Williams seriously unsettling to watch. Like uncanny valley kind of thing, a bit creepy too. I don’t know why but I just can’t watch his movies.

No. 1534109

Brittany Venti was completely right on the Gawr Gura debut stream lmfao
>sawmon, do u guis kno how I spel sawmon???
>wat's my favorite color :DD
no 20+ year old should talk like that

No. 1534116

It's really ironic coming from Venti, it sounds like jealousy honestly. What's the difference between pandering to weeaboo moids and pandering to alt right weirdos who call you the nword, only watch you because you have big tits and are ''one of the good ones''? At least the shark vtuber is anonymous, rakes in millions from pretending to be uwu cute and can quit at any moment. I know damn well that Venti would be a vtuber like Pippa if she was born a few years later. This is the person that wanted to have a threesome with shuwu and her shrek fiancee and dated a guy she meet on /pol/. She's the same shit with a different smell.

No. 1534117

You must be super young because people were always fond of him. I don't think his suicide even had much of an effect at all on how he was regarded.

No. 1534121

File: 1679936336198.png (137.01 KB, 958x539, firefox_57Ng9L9eko.png)

Most vtubers have been doxed, especially big ones. Idk about you, but I would never pretend to be mentally 5 and gugu talk to middle aged men.

No. 1534122

Success breeds jealousy.

>no 20+ year old should talk like that

A professional and talented entertainer playing a role should, especially since it obviously works and has led her to success. Seriously all the bullshit about vtubers and loli is just jealousy and grifting. Vtubers are the most talented women out there and it made professional legacy media female entertainers realize they simply can't compete, so they attack them while hiding behind meaningless moralfag gibberish.

No. 1534124

File: 1679936508137.png (556.56 KB, 828x728, 1649098996033.png)


No. 1534133

>Most vtubers have been doxed
there is a difference between being doxxed and being a public figure. The shark girl can fuck off at any time with her millions and live a comfy normal life. Venti is forever stuck being the pet woman streamer of horny alt right moids. It's probably impossible for her to get a normal job since her name is attached to being a retarded alt right nazi incel online.
I am not even defending Gura, i am just saying that Venti is the exact same shit, probably worse because the shark girl at least isnt siding with actual nazi incel moids and she makes the safest most harmless content you can think of.
The only reason why Venti didnt jump in the vtuber bandwagoon its because she spooke shit of gura early on, otherwise i can assure you she would be a another vapid vtuber to chase clout off of alt right moids like that sperg Pippa.

No. 1534205

>Vtubers are the most talented women out there

No. 1534212

this. she seethes so hard about other women being more successful at streaming than her.

No. 1534270

File: 1679945897832.png (124.73 KB, 798x720, 1677512024629350.png)

>Vtubers are the most talented women out there
Get an education

No. 1534276

File: 1679946201564.jpg (186.38 KB, 1300x819, 1678595757197965.jpg)

No, just a fan. The basic point is vtubing is the only truly female dominated and female created culture where the males are just an appendage, and unlike in legacy media vtubing is highly professional, highly competitive, and meritocratic. A girl wins or loses based on her personality and effort, nothing more and nothing less. A good model helps but it won't save you. In Hollywood, Netflix and Western legacy media be it as writers or actresses the bar is non-existent. It's all nepotism and SJW's hiring other SJW's. Actresses are just mannish and unfeminine or just eye candy with tits that can't act, the writers are hacks who are both painfully uninteresting, unfunny and just plain fucked in the head, and most importantly the whole industry is just incestuous. There's no quality or effort there. It doesn't matter if we're talking cartoons or movies or whatever else. It's all just dead. There's nothing as cringe as female standup comedians for instance.

Because of anonymity vtubing allows the girl to be herself, to win or fail based on who she really is, and her IRL looks play no part in this. And she can't casting couch her way into being a success, or do the ''We went to the same school tee hee gimme a job'' grift etc. Women like Venti and generally women who shittalk vtubers are legit just angry it isn't enough to have a tits or a vagina to garner attention and money, or a diploma, or by sucking the right cock. They're angry because they've been utterly defeated by other women based purely on who they really are.

You can bitch and moan about Pippa, Gura, any and all vtubers and invoke any and all deities, moral systems, politics, whatever - it's all just a tool to try to bring the other girl down, the girl who tried, the girl who won, the girl who has what it takes. Vtubing is the ultimate equalizer and the ultimate battle ground. Nobody gets privileges, everyone starts on equal footing. And many women just can't deal with that because they've been told their entire lives that being physically there and having a pulse is enough for getting whatever she wants. The prettier the girl the greater this delusion. This doesn't work in vtubing because vtubing requires you to be an actual person. And many girls just can't deal with that.

No. 1534281

>Vtubers are the most talented women out there
Inshallah this is bait

No. 1534287

I feel like Rihanna is extremely overhyped as a person. People treat her like she's some goddess that ascended from the heavens. When she's just another average pop star. She just happens to get enough spotlight from the paparazzi and have mindless "stans".

Which leads to my other issue, I absolutely hate stans. The fact that they even use a term that was meant to be used to point out an overly obsessively stalker type of fan that no one likes and is likely murderous, is crazy to me. Also the fact you can't critize their "fave" without them dogpiling you is annoying as all fuck.

No. 1534293

No. 1534330

I'm sorry nonnie but this is so pathetic and sad. Being an entertainer behind an avatar who more often than not panders to men, or men attracted to little children, does not signify any particular talent. Of course #notallvtubers, but at best they're just anime girl streamers and what they do isn't any deeper than that. Men are desperate and they'll attach themselves to any vtuber who gives them a crumb of attention, I've witnessed so many weeby dudes I met online through video games fall into the vtuber trap because they fit a perfect niche, a loli that talks with them kek. And guess what, all of them give me the same spiel you just did. They're so talented and cute and funny, they can sing and dance and entertain for hours, how inspiring and amazing!
I don't blame the girls for hustling, just how I don't blame the streamers but neither is really impressive or worthy being jealous of, aside from the small percentage that makes good money out of it. This is nothing worth aspiring to, there's so many professions, trades and art forms I'd find myself being jealous of for not being able to do before even considering being jealous of a vtuber. I'm not denying it takes certain skills to be one as is the case for any calling on the planet but it's a far cry from vtubers being the most talented women ever.

No. 1534332

File: 1679949067423.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, 1675286632687.png)

No. 1534334

I never had to deal with stans because I don't use social media, but then I started going on lipstick alley. The Beyonce and rihanna stans ruin every fucking thread, they sit aroung arguing for pages.
some of them are grown ass women with kids, who will go on for pages and DAYS defending their "Fav". Rihanna stans believe it or not are the worse on there though. They are front page every single Beyonce thread, constantly making threads about her, "My fav is a billionare! My Fav is this or that!"
So I can imagine how horrible they are online. Oh and Selena Gomez stans, I didn't even know she had a large fanbase until now, I never even heard a SG song

No. 1534345

> the males are just an appendage
> incestuous
> casting couch
> tits or a vagina to garner attention
> sucking the right cock

No. 1534386

Time to post my own hot take on streamers. The top twitch streamers like xqc, asmongold, charlie are slaves because they stream to their audience several hours a day, that's beyond entertainment work. In a regular job you do your work and you're free, they're dancing monkeys for their audience and persisting on shit diets and sleep schedules despite their money.

No. 1534388

Funny you'd post a reaction image of a mentally broken attention whore that never achieved anything in her live. Grüßi menhera-chan

No. 1534393

This, I don't know what's the deal with the venti simping recently (I think it's one anon) but she's just as male-pandering as gawr gura.

No. 1534398

I posted the original take and I didn't follow her lolcow career. I recently posted about hating anime pick-mes and came across her video where I found it hilarious how she shows gura asking middle aged men how to spell salmon like a baby.

No. 1534399

yeah, they all get told how to act by their male producers and managers. kys

No. 1534407

Being a streamer must be miserable. You have to perform several hours a day, sometimes 10-12 hour days without any real benefits.

No. 1534461

I will never get gold diggers no matter how hard they try to paint it as girl boss unless they are from some 3rd world shit hole with no way out. You’re willing to spend the rest of your life with a men you aren’t attracted to when you could’ve lived a decent and comfy life by not having children, building your credit and budgeting your money? These are all relatively easy things to do as well.

No. 1534471

I don't get the appeal of tiktok / short format content
dumb girls/boys being narcissistic in front of a camera and making bedroom eyes for validation
loud annoying music
i just can't
informative content requires length, the decrease of attention spam is truly worrying

No. 1534480

>decent and comfy life by not having children, building your credit and budgeting your money
This is exactly what I do. Some people think the only options in life are SAHM relying on a man for money vs ambitious career woman getting rich on her own, both of those are way too much effort and stress for me. A basic office job, low expenses and minimal responsibility is the true easy road in life.

No. 1534490

They could also still buy the dumb shit most gold diggers like, like Gucci bags and expensive shoes by saving for an item for a few months without chasing scrotes for a check forever

No. 1534505

Older women fucking younger men(early 20s)is not the same as older men doing it and I know people try to paint it as just as bad but it’s not. In reality it’s older women at risk for having their lives ruined when they date younger men not the other way around… statistically women who date younger men die younger and men who date younger women live longer. Younger men usually bring more drama and stress into older womens lives.

No. 1534516

Of course. It's very different because they're going against the grain, not adhering to a ubiquitous, set pattern that has existed all throughout history specifically to facilitate the oppression and control of women. Men aren't pressured or encouraged to date older women, they aren't convinced they'll die alone if they aren't willing to marry older women, they aren't told they expire at 25 and will be completely unwanted and undesirable past an arbitrary age, they aren't under the impression that it's just normal and natural and anything else is doomed to fail. The lack of fear mongering and external influence means he's really making that decision on his own, not in a vacuum designed to fuck him over and benefit older women.

No. 1534563

Seeing people above the age of 25 imitating zoomers and doing the primping/making eyes at themselves thing is soooo cringe omg. It's so weird watching Tumblr Era people nearing 30 imitating 20 year Olds because it never translates and always looks off, leave it to the kids on their little Chinese spy app.

No. 1534624

File: 1679977277650.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.98 KB, 1098x1924, F93C9C37-E494-4544-BA3E-3989BC…)

The shit women have to go through to fit the beauty standard is low key morbid and shouldn’t be normalized

No. 1534714

I would agree but atleast with plastic surgery its as elective as it gets so “have to” is pushing it and due to costs it naturally keeps away anybody besides the desperates who would willingly put themselves on bedrest (and can afford to do so) to appease their insecurities over something a lame moid commented on.

No. 1534737

A lot of weed smokers are addicted.

No. 1534741

Is it really an unpopular opinion?

No. 1534744

I think so. Most people say that they're not addicted or that you can't get addicted to weed (or the " I could quit if I want to" excuse) but it's so clear a lot of people are highly dependent on weed.

No. 1534746

In the context of drugs it's pretty dumb to talk about addiction like this bc like 95% of people are psychologically addicted to like five concurrent things at any given time. I think they can give it up, they just are bored. A lot of people smoke to pass the time or do something without it even getting them high. This is an issue with the person and not really the drug tbh

No. 1534748

Excuses excuses.

No. 1534764

I personally know a pot smoker who ended up giving himself chronic bronchitis that will now never fully go away or be cured his entire life. At a young age he’s already permanently seriously fucked because of it and sounds like a dying old man. He tried quitting to save himself and it’s already too late, he can avoid making it worse now but it will always be there. It’s seriously annoying how people act like it’s a miracle substance that can’t egregiously damage your body. It also makes people stupid as fuck with lifelong use. Chronic usage of over several years leads to decreased neuroplasticity (essentially rendering you more and more of a dumbass over time).

No. 1534778

interesting how for retarded right-wingers this now isnt a false flag. I guess if someone that you dont like goes on a shooting then its real but if its someone you share the same values as then you will claim that its a hoax or a false flag.
Also before any retard replies i am in no way defending the tif, just calling out the hypocrisy,.

No. 1534779

honestly i wish Tra's were actually smart or witty because this would be their perfect chance for them all to start claiming this is a hoax or a psy-op so conservatards can finally get a taste of their own medicine.
But tra's unfortunately are too retarded for that…

No. 1534795

Private K-12 schools shouldn’t exist.

No. 1534843

Most people only have kids because raw sex feels better and they didn’t have the money for an abortion or they needed a kid to keep the guy from completely leaving. If you feel like your parents don’t give a shit it’s only because they just didn’t wanna use a condom.

No. 1534847

Ayrt and I'm 30, I'm just not American and I didn't grow up watching his movies, I discovered his filmography and I cringed at his performance not unlike >>1534089

No. 1534874

This is only an unpopular opinion because this stance comes from projection and not fact, fact is people have children because somebody has to, and yeah raw sex feels good bc you’re supposed to enjoy the act to reproducing more people

No. 1534878

Mentally ill black women are taken too seriously and no one will doubt or rebuke their outrageous claims out of fear of being called racist.(racebaiting)

No. 1534885

>mentally I’ll black women are taken too seriously

Do you have any examples of this happening in real life? Kek

No. 1534890

I mean that’s the only reason most people have kids. They didn’t want a kid really they just didn’t wanna use a condom and couldn’t scrap up enough money for an abortion in time.

No. 1534895

Some people don't know the difference between an opinion being unpopular and an opinion being just plain wrong

No. 1534901

so how you explain people reproducing in countries that have affordable access to abortion? I think most people just have kids because you're sort of "supposed" or expected to.

No. 1534903

Then they are the second option. They had a kid because they wanted to trap their scrote.

No. 1534909

Women don't need to trap a scrote with a baby because they can do that simply by being available for sex and cooking. Moids are too simple and barbaric, satisfy them in their most basic, primal needs and they'll be too lazy to look elsewhere.

No. 1534910

I feel like in real life mentally ill white men get too much praise and attention. They get movies made about them, book written, pity and if they are attractive they are considered edgy and cool(Kurt cobain)etc. mentally ill women just get thrown in jail or killed and forgotten about.

No. 1534913

Lol a lot of women think they can save a dying relationship and make a cheating scrote faithful by having his baby but don’t realize men don’t give a fuck about that

No. 1534918

Sure that happens but not anywhere near enough to maintain or grow a population.

No. 1534919

this is not a common thing where I live, used to, but it seems women wisened up and just dump their moids even at pregnancy if they're not adequate.

No. 1534922

Sounds like you just want more attention yourself, but can’t get it lol

No. 1534929

Did that trigger you scrote?kek Come up with better race bait. Scrotes make it too obvious when they race bait because their baiting never makes sense or is realistic so it’s obvious when it’s you.

No. 1534939

You’re just fitting the stereotype by screaming scrote

No. 1534954

Communicating doesn’t work 99% of the time in relationships or friendships. Usually when people are shitty to you they know they are doing it or just don’t care. Expressing your feelings(especially scrotes)will back fire most of the time.

No. 1534979

File: 1680014977971.jpeg (74.75 KB, 750x750, 1640737014646.jpeg)

it really feels like idiotic /pol/ scrotes lurked here for two days, saw us talk about how retarded and annoying it is when twitter moids (their cousins) post insults about "white women" and get away with it (plus they use it as as a proxy to bash all women), and because their brains are so fucking concave, they've started trying to reinvent the shitbrained male wheel by doing the exact same thing, but by saying "black women" instead of "white women", expecting us to co-sign misogyny because you can't help but project your rape ape race wars onto women.

No. 1534981

i was thinking they'd do just that, oh well lmao.

No. 1535015

I disagree with you. Communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships and friendships and how I've salvaged or rekindled friendships and my longterm relationship. People are not mind readers and ime when I have voiced a concern, a lot of times the other person didn't even realize I was feeling that way. Of course it won't work if the person is already shitty to begin with though. If you do your part and they can't give you the same effort back, it's better to move on because you're simply not compatible.

No. 1535196

KEK anon, I was traumatized by milk soup with pasta and kissel in the kindergarten, by aspic and blood sausage - at home, sorry but sausage has horrible smell when it's fried that's how I imagine cooked boots smell in the old b/w comedies. Also my mom made me gardgle horseradish water when I was sick. Maybe soup and kissel in kindergarten were just low quality, I will try them again if you say you love them and give me a decent recipe nonna hehe.

No. 1535256

I don't think there's anything wrong with being "trad" and I kind of hate how women who want to be mothers and homemakers are always being shat on.

No. 1535257

The most blatant moid bait i have ever seen lmao.

No. 1535258

Samefag, but this has to be bait too. You moids are getting really good at baiting, ngl.

No. 1535264

This got buried under all the moid bait but I completely agree

No. 1535305

if you don't wear a mask in public anymore you don't get to complain about getting covid

No. 1535309

Breakfast cereal is just livestock feed marketed at humans. It's also one of the worst foods anyone can eat. Corn flakes have around 85g of carbs per 100g that's more than jam and about the same as honey.

No. 1535325

File: 1680045280899.jpg (42.83 KB, 658x892, 20230313_002619.jpg)

The only good thing that will come of AI will be when they completely digitally erase kevin spacey from House of Cards and replace him with probably Brian Cranston, and I can watch it again.

No. 1535349

Anyone who says successful and educated men only care about looks and women don’t need to be educated is lying. They rarely want to date women who aren’t on their level financially and academically because it makes them look bad to their peers. If you don’t luck out and get one solely on your looks he’s going to make sure you know the entire relationship that he thinks you’re inferior.

No. 1535364

If your boyfriend/husband doesn't love you as much or more than you love yourself, then it's better to be single.

No. 1535372

Highly skilled professionals like doctors especially look down on stupid trophy wives and will make a mockery of any peer who gets a poorly educated trophy wife. People from intergenerational wealth also usually really subtly passive aggressively look down on lack of education and success too. The most common exception is probably nouveau-riche Republicans, the kind that like speedboats. They more often don’t care if women are stupid or have nothing to offer except being tan and bleach blonde with bolt ons. I know a bunch of those guys who don’t give a rat’s ass about the inner life or minds of their girlfriends/wives, but that behavior would be either openly laughed at or underhandedly commented on with cool and casual disdain by all the other wealthy/successful people I know.

No. 1535373

I agree. My parents would also insist that cereal was more healthy than fried eggs and toast and would yell at me for eating fried eggs because of high cholesterol . For context, i was eating cereal 3 times the serving size and that probably have well over 80g of sugar. I only eat cereal sparingly when i have the craving, which is rare.

No. 1535411

Not just the social aspect, they're also pretty well aware of the congenial nature of intelligence and don't want stupid kids.

No. 1535430

Idg women who dress like women and don’t do anything to look like men claim to be trans gender men. It’s usually the most feminine women who love dressing up who do this. They make less sense to me then troon men.

No. 1535555

I prefer being ghosted over getting the “I’m just not feeling it text” if it’s a person ive known less than a month. If a guy ghosts me I can just assume he’s dead or something and save my self esteem.

No. 1535577

File: 1680068422169.jpg (118.23 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_1e95c097b8b4b4c6f7d330a…)

This will piss off lurking moids to high heaven

I find western women the most beautiful out of all the other nationalities
Anyway because I know someone's gonna say it
>BuT fAtTiEs
Kek many European, African and even some Asian and south American countries and catching right up to Americans obesity rate if not surpassing it already. America isn't even in the top 10-15 anymore and most of the obesity is from old people anyway

Here's some reasons
>American women are so much more diverse. If you ask an American to pick out some of the most beautiful women in their area, unless they have a very specific preference, they'll likely choose beautiful black women, beautiful white women with all sorts of diverse features, beautiful latinas or Asians and so on. If you ask people in most other countries to pick out beauties they'll likely just pick a bunch of copy and pastes
>America or western countries in general has some of the most hands down diverse personality types I've ever seen. You can find women who like to party, you can find women who'd rather stay inside and paint or garden, you can even find outdoorsy women who'd rather build a cabin. Too many western men are brainwashed to hate their own women so they don't truly appreciate the diversity the west has to offer, and then they go to Japan or some other country moids go to coom and are surprised and disappointed all girls there are very similar
>Western women typically groom themselves better
>I feel like westerners focus much more are actual facial features instead of just skin, hair or eye color, this leads to them picking more flattering things instead of bleaching the fuck out of their skin, frying their hair or putting some creepy Chinese knock off eye contacts in
>Better teeth, which can really make someone look put together
>I find typically 20s-40s American women are more likely to work out in a way that flatters their body type, where as a lot of countries women will just starve and get breast implants and hope for the best or insane looking bolted on bbl diaper asses and retardedly large lopsided breast implants (racebait)

No. 1535584

I don’t like how the tone of this post exalts and assumes the reader is rustling their jimmies to impress a man who would consider a woman inferior for any reason and constantly tell her about it in a relationship.

I understand the context of the post/thread though.

No. 1535599

No. 1535600

no I think you're the lurking moid

No. 1535606

You need to stay away from male dominated communities

No. 1535653

>People from intergenerational wealth also usually really subtly passive aggressively look down on lack of education
All they care about is how you look on paper. Most of them are braindead because their academic "achievements" were handed to them because of family money given to the schools. This doesn't just apply to the uber-weatlhy either as Operation Varsity Blues exposed.

No. 1535684


No. 1535738

House of leaves is incredibly overrated and overhyped, it's just babby's first postmodern book. I was so disappointed when I read it cause I was expecting it to blow my mind, instead it was just hard to read.

No. 1535743

Did you hate The Magus too?

No. 1535758

>America or western countries in general has some of the most hands down diverse personality types I've ever seen. You can find women who like to party, you can find women who'd rather stay inside and paint or garden, you can even find outdoorsy women who'd rather build a cabin
Anon, you've never been to other places, haven't you? I'm not a westerner, and women I know also have different personalities and interests. It's crazy to think that somewhere everyone is literally the same. Pretty sure even those women who don't have that much freedom of choice, still differ from each other in this or another way.

No. 1535796

Nta but male dominated communities literally shit on American women

No. 1535805

Nta but don't all men (on the internet) shit on women they're surrounded by? They just have a problem with women in general (because they, men, are a problem themselves) but want to think it would be different somewhere else

No. 1535806

I guess so, but imo it still didn't make sense for anon to say that

No. 1535815

I've seen a lot of foreign men say they love American women because it's easy to sleep with them(compared to an Arab/Korean/Russian/etc. woman where one night stands are uncommon) and the ones those men fetishize are bleach blonde with fake tan so pornstar look, which is something that's actually sad.

No. 1535821

some of the peeps marshmallows are very good

No. 1535829

This is unpopular? I like peeps?

No. 1535832

That second question mark was supposed to be a period, I'm on mobile.

No. 1535949

It goes both ways, doesn't it? (some) Western men like what they think are 'submissive' women from Asia or Russia and men from those countries like Western/American women because they think they're easy sluts. It's not a compliment to any of those women either way.

No. 1535976

Difference is, average American man can't sleep with a Russian/Chinese woman on first date without paying whilst a Russian guy can sleep with an American woman easier compared to his own country. I've had russian, chinese and arab men tell me how easy of a time they had sleeping with western women because American women didn't expect them to pay for anything and were down to have sex easier.

No. 1535983

NTA but so what? Who cares what misogynistic scrotes with double standards think.

No. 1535989

What double standard? Western women have been brainwashed to be fine with getting used by men and anon thinking that same brainwashing makes American women superior is probably a male since only men think a woman being easy and willing to spend everything on her looks makes her better.

No. 1536002

And what does it say about them that they still slept with those women despite how "easy" they were?

No. 1536004

The Op didn't even say anything about dating/casual sex, what are you talking about?

No. 1536016

>what double standard
It's okay when men have one-night stands and so on, but it's not when women do that because it allegedly means they're "used", they're sluts, "easy", etc. For some reason, it doesn't make these men sluts, and surely they can never be used, because man is a subject, and woman is always an object. That's how world works when you look at it through misogynistic lens. And btw, moids from Eastern European countries or Russia don't respect their women for being less "available", they hate it that they have to put some effort, call these women prostitutes, and go to actual prostitutes.

No. 1536051

File: 1680118703155.jpeg (154.53 KB, 856x1280, sugar-free-curd-cake-rhubarb-k…)

Kindergarten food was the worst fr I can't stand fine-grain rye bread because they wouldn't let us leave the table unless we ate it all so I always had half-chewed bread in my mouth that I tried to spit out of the window instead of swallowing it…literal torture…

I love macaroni milk soup and kissell tho I have to admit I'm a sicko who looooves milk skin so idk what my opinion on that is even worth. For kissell there isn't really a recipe since it depends on what fruit you use and how thick you want it to be BUT if you don't like the sliminess then put in more fruit and that way you won't have to use as much potato starch to make it thicker. A classic red kissell with berries is good but I really like rhubarb+strawberry as well since it's not too sweet.

No. 1536166

OP literally only talked about how American women are better because they put more effort into their looks and then argued men think other women(women of color) are better because they're easy when it's the other way around.

No. 1536168

I personally feel no interest for western men who sleep around so I don't think it's a double standard. They disgust me.

No. 1536183

I told you russian men love American women because they're easy, you told me Russian men prefer easy women and hate their own women for not sleeping with them. It's the same argument, men prefer women who are easy and I've only heard men claim American women were better than their own because of that reason alone.

No. 1536242

>macaroni milk soup

No. 1536244

She said that women in other countries are same-y (which I don't agree with), but there's nothing in that post that says they're easy or that men think they're easy.
>women of color
It also didn't say this either lol. The Op literally talks about beautiful American women of different races so it wouldn't make sense to then go and call them "easy".

No. 1536245

>macaroni milk soup
I'm sorry what did you just say to me?

No. 1536247

Didn't anon literally bring up asian women and how men go to their countries to take advantage of them right before saying American women were better? You guys really are delusional. Both your men and women think you're better while your men are seen as easy targets for scams and women as free whores.

No. 1536251

You can literally scroll up and read the post.
>they go to Japan or some other country moids go to coom and are surprised and disappointed all girls there are very similar
Again, I don't agree with the idea that people from other countries are similar but what you're saying isn't true. Anon didn't say other women are easy, you said that about American women. The argument there was that American women were better because there's more diverse personalities though, not that they're less easy. Your literacy sucks anon.

No. 1536265

i feel like what she meant by this was not even necessarily that all asian girls are the same but more that there are cultural differences that definitely affect how people act and their general mindset. for example a lot of asians look down on foreigners in some way, and that might be shocking to men who go there to try and find their submissive asian waifus or whatever.

No. 1536271

I just feel like you judge American women for being "easy" or something, and all I wanted to say is that it doesn't matter what men think and how they perceive us. I think women can do whatever they want regardless of what men expect, judge, despise or admire.
Also the type of Russian scrotes I'm talking about doesn't prefer "easy" women, they just want to have all at once like any other stupid scrote: have lots of sex without any effort, have guaranteed sex in case of the smallest effort, and date totally pure but somehow sexually experienced virgin that'll do anything they want in bed. They go to actual prostitutes because they think they're "at least more honest." Despite not getting free sex, they still think they're surrounded by whores. And there've always been stereotypes about Eastern European women being prostitues too, they'd be called natashkas and so on. Russian moids just seethe that Russian women are allegedly more willing to "give" free sex to men of color or other nationalities. Whatever you do, you'll always be objectified and demonized by some retarded moids. It just seems to me sometimes that some anons here internalized moidy worldview based on viewing women as objects and sex as something that's inherently degrading for women. The fact that some scrotes perceive it like that doesn't make it objective reality.

No. 1536423

I think the 26-35 have a lot in common with the 21-24 age group but the one thing I’ll says is different with zoomers is they are more fake. They try hard to seem more “I don’t care what anyone thinks” when it’s obvious they do. They will spend 20 minutes on a TikTok live talking about how they don’t care about the negative comments when they obviously do, they lie about having tons of gfs or bfs and if they think someone is ugly and weird they try to come up with some moral reason for bullying them.

No. 1536449

Anon is literally saying men use japanese women and that all japanese women are the same, it's racist and the way she put a fake blonde, fake tanned, fake lipped woman while talking about how naturally beautiful they are is also ironic. Anyway, you'll always be seen as whores and easy wallets by foreigner men and women unless your men and women stop chasing after nonamerican men and women like crazy.

No. 1536453

>have lots of sex without any effort, have guaranteed sex in case of the smallest effort, and date totally pure
That's any men, you retard. That's why foreign men do sleep around with American women but usually never marry one unless they want citizenship. It's also why those stupid girls who date Korean, Arabic or other guys from different cultures always get dumped when it's time for him to marry even though up to that point, the American girls argue that the man loved them more because they're better than arabic/asian/etc women. I've seen so many American women do this, date a guy from another country, look down on women who are from his country and then realize that they just got used and he tricked them for easy sex.
Having sex isn't anything to be ashamed of, getting used by men for sex is though. It's like a man spending money on his gf or getting used for his money, there's a difference and anyone who's stupid enough to get used should be embarrassed

No. 1536485

>Anyway, you'll always be seen as whores and easy wallets by foreigner men and women
You keep saying this in replies my to my posts despite it having literally nothing to do with what I'm saying. Sorry anon, but I don't care about how men that I don't date or fuck see me. Sorry about your hateboner, but you're still wrong and can't read regardless of how many times you repeat this to yourself.

No. 1536513

Horrible takes like this is why dating is so messed up too many people are too self obsessed to ever talk to anyone. Everyone just assumes shit about other people in their lives and bases their resentment on that. I also think dating is fucked up nowadays because too many people get their relationship advice from mentally Ill people online who are miserable and will give you “advice” with a large dose of misery.Everyone is just like all men are trash your man don’t love you no man ever will or all women are skanks she’ll just use you and steal your nonexistent money. We are just filling our heads constantly with reaffirming negativity and placing it on the real people in our lives with 0 nuance. Too many people are too self absorbed to put in the work to love and to be loved. Loving someone as I’m getting older I realize takes humility and actually putting yourself out there. It makes me sad all these games and rules we have to play/set up with each other. And how the internet negatively warped our perception on romance and relationships in general forever. Some of it is good though I just can’t think of it rn lol.

No. 1536519

It’s me I’m addicted. Kinda makes me sad I fell for the okie doke that weed isn’t addictive and you can quit at any time. I’ve been trying to quit on and off for like the past 3 years. The withdrawals are also real and why I haven’t quit. Apparently withdrawal can last like a month. I always tell people I’m trying to quit but I tell them while I spark up lol. If any Anons who quit the devils lettuce have any advice let me know. I miss my sober brain but the racing thoughts and heart palpitations is too much sometimes

No. 1536520

If you wanted to really quit you would it's not crack it's on par with quitting caffeine. As far as vices go it isn't that bad better than cigs or alcohol. If I want to take a weed break I simply don't buy it for a while and my appetite comes back after a week

No. 1536522

See how rude people are to anyone who just talks about wanting to quit their addiction? Nothing wrong with smoking and liking weed but why are you acting like this.

No. 1536544

You have to be retarded to think liking coffee is equal to being addicted to drugs.
I'm not talking about how men see you, I'm talking about how foreigners see Americans as stupid people to take advantage of which Americans certainly are. I %100 support foreign women who scam stupid American men and I don't care about American women who get tricked because you guys are the same as your men, you think you're superior to any foreigner even though everyone sees you guys as jokes. Imagine a first world country that has banned abortion yet still thinks they're good and sexually liberated. America sees women as wombs and whores, your politicians agree.

No. 1536546

You're the retard their "withdrawals" are equivalent

No. 1536547

>weed withdrawals are equal to coffee withdrawals
Apparently their damage to brain isn't equal, otherwise you wouldn't be this retarded. Bran chemistry altering substances which can cause psychological affects aren't comparable to coffee which simply gives your brain a boost of energy for a short while.

No. 1536548

girl I can't even quit biting my fucking nails and that has 0 addictive qualities lmao

No. 1536551

Okay I’m the addicted nonnie. Honestly you comparing it to coffee was kinda helping me out. But I just googled and although it is the same withdrawals the thing with weed is you feel the withdrawals for like a month whereas coffee you withdrawal for like a week tops. And you can always substitute it with healthier options like tea and still get the caffeine you crave. There is no healthier alternative to weed and that’s what scares me. Also I went without weed for like 3 days and I could not keep food down without vomiting to the point where I thought I was pregnant. And don’t get me started on the headaches and racing thoughts that won’t go away at night. Coffee the most it ever did whenever I would stop is make me irritable during the day at work and tired. But weed It’s debilitating in a way I was not prepared for or told about. There’s a reason why so many stoners keep coming back. I know I should’ve done my own research but I was dumb and fed into the stoner meme

No. 1536586

As a huge Dark Souls/Bloodborne fag Elden Ring looks very unappealing to me, I feel like FS is pigeonholing themselves by only making dark fantasy games and reusing the same themes and tropes, and from what I've seen the game is bloated with content and every character has a similar name (petty complaint I know).

No. 1536588

NTA but
> Bran chemistry altering substances
Anon you’re a fucking retard LMAO. How is coffee not a brain chemistry altering substance. I can’t stop laughing

No. 1536601

Have you ever been addicted to coffee? Or energy drinks? Cola drinks? Those are fucking HARD addictions to get rid of. I don’t know about the damage to the brain they do vs weed, probably not as bad, but the addiction is real.

No. 1536607

men should be paying for everything, including rent and food. the money I make is just there to be spent on myself. why else put up with a man? what can a man even do for a woman besides providing for her?
a man will never be as interesting as another woman, they're very seldom good looking (never after they hit their 30ies), they're emotionally retarded and need constant coddling, I can get sex whenever I want anyway, and they're ALWAYS autistic in some way.
a man who can't/doesn't want to provide should just die alone and childless - nothing is free in life.
why are there so many cheap women that are lowering their standards and making life harder for other, self-respecting women?

>guy I was dating suggests moving in together and splitting the bills

>so apparently I look like a cheap whore

No. 1536610

Women who split rent with a man are cheap whores?

No. 1536622

not saying that they are, but they're selling themselves that way

No. 1536623

File: 1680177389677.jpg (421.42 KB, 1338x1600, FullSizeRender.jpg)

Please respect Eastern European cultural dishes (it's just macaroni in milk kek).

No. 1536630

I had a surgery recently and for the first two days I was fed mushy spaghetti in milk. Probably the worst thing I ever had the displeasure of eating.

No. 1536631

So are the women whose man pays all of the rent in a way too though

No. 1536639

omg nonnie this just unlocked a deep memory for me… my babcia used to make this for me but with spaghetti. with the sweet milk it actually kinda slapped

No. 1536650

it's not about the money, but time and energy is finite and has a cost. everyone has their own price I guess, kek
hoping your guy appreciates that yours is verryyy cheap, and gives an equal amount of love in return (probably not though, since men are incapable of very deep feelings like that kek)

No. 1536651

The more opinions I read from women here the more convinced I am that women and men can be equally as retarded and awful.
I am glad I don’t know people like this irl and I would never want to associate with most farmers. Yikes.

No. 1536654

You just sound like a vapid asshole, incapable of empathy and feelings. You clearly never experienced love, I hope you find an equally terrible partner.

No. 1536658

>fine-grain rye bread
Is it a kind of rye bread that's a bit sour? We had it too, ugh

>I have to admit I'm a sicko who looooves milk skin

Oh wow, yeah, you're a rare kind, hehe. I have to admit I really like buckwheat with sweetened milk tho.
I suspect they wouldn't cook kissel but use a flavored powder or something. It was slimy and too sweet, maybe just a little bit sour but with no distinct flavor of fruit or berry. So I think I never actually tried a real kissel after all.
Oh, and they used the cheapest macaroni of course, it just never occured to me I could try it with better kind.

No. 1536660

Good for you anon, nobody cares if you hate us. The moids think you are a nasty whore.

No. 1536662

Most anons admit to being severely mentally ill, don't take anything you read here seriously and don't get affected by it please. If this site affects you negatively take a break.
You're proving her point, a lot of anons are bottom of the barrel retards and she's right about that, calling her a whore won't change anything.

No. 1536665

I don’t mind paying for half but I know know even though men won’t admit it they have a problem with women they like paying half. Sure they are going to pay half if they are broke and don’t really like you much but they will eventually lose respect for their partner or start to resent her. Paying half is only a problem because men make it a problem.

No. 1536669

I don't care what she thinks. She can complain all she likes, but nobody is going to change just for her. Nobody is forcing her to be here and clearly she doesn't fit in and needs to go back to facebook. This is a site built on the foundations of bullying people, of course people here are mentally ill and unkind.

No. 1536671

Men don't ever make you pay if they like you, you're doing the right thing, he doesn't deserve your effort, time and energy if he's not reciprocating.
But a lot of anons not only pay half but pay even more for men. Check out relationship advice thread, a bunch of anons admit to paying more, buying a gifts but not getting any in return, etc.

No. 1536673

You seem like the type that'd be scared to talk to strangers irl but somehow act all edgy online. If you're not 18-, this is embarrassing. Being mentally ill is embarrassing and defective. If you support bullying, you have to realize mentally ill subhumans like you are the first ones to be targeted for bullying.

No. 1536683

nta but you seem a bit too upset. maybe the unpopular opinion thread is too exciting for you?

No. 1536684

I noticed most men won’t even go after women they like if they are unemployed or broke.

No. 1536687

Clearly you do care since that post is getting you so bothered

No. 1536689

No I just hate defectives like you, you disgust me and hating mentally ill people isn't an unpopular opinion only I possess. %99 people outside think those like you are subhuman that's why you got bullied and now try to turn the table around yet still fail because even as a bully you admit you're broken and mentally ill.

No. 1536690

This looks fucking disgusting

No. 1536716

All I got from this post is that you don't interact with moids irl much and don't watch the news.

No. 1536736

I don't personally agree because I usually date people in the same financial situation as me and it's just practical in my situation to split expenses, but I do agree when there are children involved. Like girl you carried the man's children…you already PAID, why are you paying rent too?

No. 1536757

If you dislike what she’s saying and think it’s because she’s never experienced love then shouldn’t you want her to then experience love with a good partner? Don’t be a faggot.

No. 1536767

I think ableism against dangerous mentally ill people should have its own name and should become socially acceptable because it's not comparable to people being discriminated against when it comes to housing or job hunting because they have a wheelchair or a cane or severe dyslexia or a missing limb. The first category is full of abusers and murderers, and I'm even including severely depressed people like that pilot who committed suicide by crashing his plane with hundreds of unrelated passengers in it years ago including a whole class coming back home from a school trip.

No. 1536788

As a long time Yakuza fan I'll have to say that the series is becoming, if it hasn't already, the Japanese video game counterpart to Supernatural. Still love it and still consooming because I'm really not above it all.

No. 1536805

File: 1680192589021.png (316.13 KB, 1269x1161, mrp2fg07n5p61.png)

I think the before internet part is wrong. Those people would just do it in private and if they moved to a city they somehow still found each other.

No. 1536806

At least before internet it wasn't THAT easy, and also not that easy for the young impressionable kids to find themselves groomed in such communities.

No. 1536832

yeah there where underground magazines and zines dedicated to the most niche stuff way back in the 30's

No. 1536838

and underground clubs/societies for them, they were just doing stuff in real life. who knows what we don't have documented? there deffo were some weirdos before the internet's invention and always will be. but i get the point about being young and exposed to that kind of thing more easily

No. 1536840

File: 1680194533037.jpg (49.85 KB, 330x580, Blushing_girl_0001.jpg)

I can't tell when people are blushing. Their skin looks completely normal to me.

No. 1536869

Cave Johnson is the real villain of the Portal games. If Portal 2 had come out today he would have been far more hated and rightfully so.

No. 1536876

I don't get why October Rust is considered Type O Negative's best album, the lyrics are so sappy and mushy.

No. 1536882

File: 1680197620900.png (146.91 KB, 808x1548, Untitled.png)

If men can use the rough sex defense to get away with beating and choking their gfs to death then the hide and seek defense should fly as well. Fair is fair

No. 1536886

She sounds based tbh

No. 1536889

I watched a video on this and in the video and article she says the scrote chokes her, not one comment on the videos I watched on this shit ever brings up how she claims he chokes her. I know she's a bit odd but it seems the scrote and her abused eachother, this time she was the one to kill the scrote, instead of him doing it to her.

No. 1536893

That dude was begging for his life and she literally laughed at him mocked him and went upstairs to bed. cold blooded. I wish i never listened to it. Super bizarre to hear. All i could think was this meme though.

No. 1536917

Sarah is a retard who fucked up.

The difference between men who claim the "rough sex" defense after murdering women and Sarah is that men generally aren't stupid enough to record themselves doing it and leak their own evidence of premeditation to authorities. Sarah was such a fucking drunk that she used her personal smartphone to record (mistake #1) and then fucking forgot that she had even recorded (mistake #2) and then sung like a canary to investigators without a lawyer (mistake #3).

Btw I 100% believe she was abused and she wanted that scrote dead. I don't blame her for those feelings because fuck abusers and that fact explains her cold indifference in the video. Our "justice" system, however, is tough on dumb criminals who get caught.
Jodi Arias did the same dumb shit. Caught on store surveillance buying gas cans and took pictures with Alexander's digital camera that showed premeditation and placed her in proximity to his house during the timeframe of the murder.
These women relied too much on having a sympathetic jury who will care about their abuse and self-defense claims in spite of the evidence. Society doesn't even care about our abuse when we are innocent and our abusers are free roaming the earth! Don't play stupid games.

No. 1536929

I got banned for saying this one time, but I feel If I ever hated someone enough that I wanted to kill them for whatever reason, I could get away with it.
like I feel only morons ever caught

No. 1536940

I'll say this much anon: Most murderers think they can get away with it but the majority don't.
In first world countries it is extremely difficult to get away with murder. That's why you can bet that major serial killers and mysterious deaths are likely linked to collusion and corruption at a high level. Alex Murdaugh is a great example of how even if you are a lawyer with multiple corrupt authority ties in your pocket spanning generations, you will eventually get caught. It doesn't take much.

No. 1536994

File: 1680204942565.jpg (35.24 KB, 610x407, 000daea077cd51fbb932bba5f4f34f…)

Yeah, it's the rye bread that's light brown/greyish with the chewy texture, instead of the darker kind from coarse milled flour (which I love). And kissell powder really is just sugar, starch, and like. Red food coloring…nothing comparable to the real thing! Definitely suggest you try it with real fruit.

Usually in a friend group there's at least one person who eats licorice, or the pickles from a burger but I've never ever met a fellow milk skin enjoyer kek. Funnily enough tofu skin is considered a delicacy in Japan and I do like it as well, although it is kind of bland. I guess that's my next unpopular (?) opinion, that Kyoto cuisine other than desserts is bland and overhyped. Everything they're famous for, another region in Japan does better, just with less hype.

No. 1537000

I like soft bacon better than crispy bacon.

No. 1537064

Same, and also why baked bacon is better than fried

No. 1537130

Most men and women like a little physical or emotional abuse in their relationships. Calm and reasonable relationships where people act normal is boring to most people.

No. 1537144

File: 1680212817679.gif (1.5 MB, 498x259, tenor.gif)

No. 1537149

That's just your personal damage speaking. A healthy relationship takes getting used to if it's your first one but once you do get used to it your standards are raised forever.

No. 1537167

I believe if most peoples toxic bf or gf turned into someone nice and not abusive the abused person would eventually get bored and leave or become abusive themselves

No. 1537184

I did agree that it takes getting used to when you're used to relationships being a source of drama and angst, but a boring relationship is actually very comforting. Having a partner feels much better than having an opponent.

No. 1537212

Yes, that's because almost every single woman over the age of 21 in an abusive relationship is complicit in the abuse, in that they're actively choosing to be with a man like that, they like men like that and they get off to men like that.

The amount of people I see that just leapfrog from one abusive relationship to the next is just crazy. And it's not just other women, there's really motivated, successful guy I know that just bewilderingly bring chaos into his own life with some BPD bimbo that takes relationship drama right to his place of work.

No. 1537246

im the same. i can feel when im blushing(though its rare for me to blush) but i cant see it on myself and i definitely cant see it on other

No. 1537252

Victims aren’t doomed to repeat the cycle but I do think if most people’s toxic SO’s use the drama to hide the fact that deep down they’re boring. Some of the most toxic men I dated were extremely bland once you sifted through all of their bullshit.

No. 1537258

Well if you're that stupid there's probably no changing your mind so I'll quit.

No. 1537259

I agree with you but also I think the people labeling stable relationships as boring as just stupid as shit. They’ll act like acting like a compete sperg and having mental breakdowns over not being able to hang out 24/7 is true love but can barely plan a basic romantic date. They can’t identify real passion an intimacy because they’re devoid of it.

No. 1537260

File: 1680221309011.jpeg (109.12 KB, 1284x1903, 1AE329FF-DD1B-4993-A88D-5B4180…)

Pic related thinks she’s so nymphette being married to an old man but definitely will come back crying in 20 years that she was groomed like all old men fuckers do when they age out. It’s always funny how the “victims” conventionally start crying about grooming in their 30s…you were 22 girl, not 11 cut it out kek

No. 1537262

I hate risotto

No. 1537269

there is not going to be a mass peaking amongst normies

No. 1537280

they're still young and retarded so I do feel some sympathy, but most of em are so self righteous and think that getting someone's dad to "take care of you" is a flex, instead of something pretty much any younger woman in relatively good physical shape could do.

No. 1537291

Me too

No. 1537370

Pretty girls who call ugly girls , average girls or poc girls raised in white dominated environments pick mes for liking to be complimented by men or wanting male attention are being unfair. Of course you can claim male attention doesn’t mean anything when you’ve had it your entire life. It’s not fair to get mad at a woman whose been called ugly her entire life getting excited because a man called her pretty or some shit.

No. 1537382

any woman who calls another woman "pickme" is one tbh.

No. 1537386

I'm genuinely confused by this. Could you elaborate?

No. 1537397

I wish there was a thread somewhere that collected anti-trans posts from incels who are clearly a-logging. I don't support troons but I also am really fucking tired of chuds who are blatantly overusing tranny-hate to hide the fact they themselves are actually garbage.

No. 1537410

only pickmes are so obsessed with male attention that another woman seeking it gets under their skin.

No. 1537438

Thank you so much. I was going to vent about feeling undesirable and invisible to men but knowing lc they would chew me alive. I don't want the attention of creepy scrotes but at the same time I don't want to be reminded a million times a day that I'm ugly because I'm a black girl. I don't think I'm ugly at all but I know that peoples perception of me is all the way off and I hate it, it's so tiring.

No. 1537440

Most pretty girls who claim women who want attention from men are pick mes are going to be the same women bitching about getting no attention 30 years from now because they are old(unless they are lesbians)

No. 1537448

Those posts about them becoming "invisible" make me laugh so hard
"Men don't kowtow at my presence anymore and sometimes.. I'm not the most fuckable woman in the room.. woe is me.."

No. 1537461

this is a good percentage of kiwifarms. not really enjoyable or worth collecting kek

No. 1537478

is the world trolling me with how popular kibbe body type shit is getting? i've never fit into ANY of those categories, nor can i place anyone i know in any of them. it just seems so schizo…

No. 1537485

I hope so. Every body type is exampled by a severely underweight model or actress and they look identical if you crop out the faces.

No. 1537490

I would never be friends with conventionally attractive women again. It’s not their fault but I find being friends with them is too much work emotionally.

No. 1537515

This reminds me of a friend of mine who said she doesn't like hanging out with white girls because they get so much attention. She was salty they were getting attention from each other (i love your t-shirt, where'd you get it?! Kinda stuff) which was strange. What I got from her comment was that she liked hanging w us because it made her feel less uggo. I usually compliment girls of my race out of nowhere but good thing I didn't do it that day kek.

No. 1537517

It’s definitely awkward when you are around women more attractive than you and men try to make you feel uncomfortable.

No. 1537529

In my experience both conventionally attractive men and women have been the kindest to me despite me being average at best in terms of looks. Everyone else (for example average girls who try to look attractive, uggo girls, uggo guys, etc) would always try to make jokes about my appearance, weight, etc. for no reason out of nowhere. I only had one real friend in high school and it was one of the most popular girls in our class. She’d always compliment me and tried to make me feel welcomed despite getting bullied in the past. And she’s one of the only people who never ever made comments about my rosacea or acne which is one of the first things people usually notice/talk about to me cause it’s so bad. We live in different countries but now that I’m surrounded by my uggo friends I miss getting this type of treatment. Average looking people just don’t have this type of energy.

No. 1537533

Every girl has one guy they would go pick me for and every guy has one girl they’d go simp for

No. 1537534

Friendly girls very often compliment losers to make them feel better. I've been on both ends and I feel like it's a great thing for them to do tbh but like you said, I've never had an ugly girl compliment me which is weird. Maybe it's because the ugly ones are also socially retarded?

No. 1537535

I don’t want pity compliments tho

No. 1537539

Every guy goes simp for anyone with a pulse because men are apes who would fuck a shaved baby Orangutan and pay for it. (TRUE)

No. 1537542

Men will fuck anyone with a pulse but that doesn’t mean they simp for them or like them

No. 1537545

Will then who cares if they like you, they'll still cheat on you with someone they "don't like"

No. 1537561

I used to be ugly and complimenting people would get me bullied, most saw my friendliness as pathetic. I try to do it now but showing any kind of affection is hard after you've been gaslit for years. Nothing personnel.

No. 1537568

Women take compliments very well. Moids rage at compliments especially if you have no intention of dating them and it's not the very specific thing they want compliments. I always see on tiktoks about men sending rape and death threats to women for complimenting men in their life. Just the other day I've seen women get insane threats for complimenting men they work with for being nice, cooking good, etc and moids started raging about how those women probably only want Chad

No. 1537575

File: 1680247163803.png (52.68 KB, 720x1277, Screenshot_20230331-021743.png)

Btw this is a response to a woman talking about how she likes her husband's receding hairline. All the comments are raging, ripping apart her appearance and conspiring about how she's a single mom with onlyfans (she's not), she's a tranny, etc. "Men never get complimented and when they do it's super special!" my ass

No. 1537579

Eh, receeding hairlines are disgusting. I'm glad those moids have the self awareness to realize something is off with a woman who talks about liking them.

No. 1537588

You're right lol but moids need to fuck off how they claim to never get love and attention then have mental breakdowns when women do what they wanted

No. 1537589

That's what you get for lying and saying balding men look good.

No. 1537590

Do you think there's a difference between the way they stick their meat dildos inside dead animals and pretty women?

No. 1537592

Pretty people are nicer in my experience

No. 1537601

No. 1537604

>only want Chad
This will never stop perplexing me. Do we and these moids live on different planets. Surely they can't ignore billions of couples where a man is worse/older looking than his gf/wife? Does confirmation bias make them selectively blind in the literal sense?

No. 1537607

If they don't have BDD/ED

No. 1537613

They know it's not true, they perpetuate this meme just to shame women for having any kind of standards.

No. 1537615

To men, “Chad” is literally just any man who isn’t him. Every time a man complains about “Chad”, he’s just admitting that other men are better than him.

No. 1537617

I'm looking forward to her being queen and I love that suit.

No. 1537618

File: 1680255189380.png (664.93 KB, 1179x2000, Kate Middleton's Boston Style!…)

Sorry I'm replying to this a million years late, you're definitely right about Kate dressing very matronly (I actually think a big part of Kate's image seems to rely on her being seen as a mature, traditional woman who doesn't rock the boat) but I actually think that recently she's been doing the matron stuff less and trying to be more modern and daring. She's wearing a lot of suits now too. It's like her team realized they were making a mistake trying to visually prepare the public for being queen when she still won't be queen for a long time. I like her new style despite it having a lot of misses, but I still don't think it's "style icon" status. Especially not when a hallmark of her style is all those awful coat dresses.

No. 1537668

I take compliments very badly though, especially when they are coming from moids.

No. 1537780

ew why am i looking at a pedophile right now

No. 1537813

Is kate a pedo? Wtf

No. 1537814

Probably one of the men behind her in the doorframe

No. 1537905

Sorry if this is uninformed, I don't keep up with royal drama in-depth. IMO everything that went down with Harry and Meghan's drama has made me appreciate Kate's strength more. The tabloids were so cruel to her for no reason and nitpicked her more than they ever did for Meghan. Kate never gave the tabloids additional fuel for their vitriol and kept her head down. It must've been hard to be the first one to "bag" the princes; she got the full brunt of being criticized for not being good enough for a prince. She deserved to be "pitied" so much more than Meghan for how people criticized her whole being but never once did she pull the "woe is me" card like Meghan did. At the bare minimum she should be respected for being sensible (at least on the outside) and not contributing to the vulture tabloid system like Meghan did. I don't care about the royals' reputation at all, but Kate's handling of the press was a great example of not giving in to the standards that tie all of us down.
I'm glad it seems like she's exploring her style a little more, but if she wants to dress modestly and maybe a little matronly? WHO CARES. Good on her for not giving in to the whole carnival.

No. 1537955

My post(s) is about Kate's style and nothing about Meghan. Everyone's need to drag this dumb-as-fuck "Kate vs. Meghan" shit into everything is actually concerning.
>but if she wants to dress modestly and maybe a little matronly? WHO CARES
First, I never said there's anything wrong with being modest. Secondly, I care because I like fashion and many people also care about how she dresses. Kate's fashion is perhaps the most notable thing about her. She's considered a style icon and whenever you see anyone or anything talking about her, somehow someway her clothes will most likely come up. I'm pretty certain that she and her team know this and also care a lot about how she dresses and what message her clothes portray. It is important to her image.

No. 1537998

As a disabled person (5 disabilities) when it comes to the whole "should women be able to abort purely on if the fetus has a disability" argument saying that "well ANYONE at any time can become disabled!" is dumb as fuck. Not wanting to raise a child who may be severely disabled is not the same as finding someone who became disabled and shooting them in the head or something.

No. 1538184

Sorry nonna, I didn't mean to make it seem like I was venting at you specifically. I totally didn't mean to word it as though I was attacking you. I referenced your post to to segue into my thoughts. Though I agree with you personally that her style is matronly, it's moreso how the media comments on her looks that I dislike. I also agree with you that I don't get why she's a style icon, and she shouldn't be considered one these past couple of years. But if she and her team are angling for the whole "future queen, demure and modest woman" then good for them: they're playing the game they've gotten themselves into.

No. 1538595

Lipstick Alley is another thing I have issue with but not as intense as stans. I just feel a majority of the users are too out of touch with reality at times. Maybe it's because I'm not that involved in celebricows and lolcows like that, but they seemed touched. Like, I read the Raychiel thread and it's very clear Raychiel is borderline special ed. The girl doesn't even know proper hygiene, yet the posters their all think she's somehow capable of perfectly stealing someone else's face and using it in pics and vids, and it's not just shoddy editing they're all using.

No. 1538651

File: 1680373536349.jpeg (43.25 KB, 749x647, 4A186002-CF89-496E-9BCC-75AFE0…)

I’m surprised about the amount of people thinking this kid is acting like a narc or that what the dad did isn’t ‘problematic’. Like, tf are you giving a teen alcohol for? Especially since ppl in the tags are like ‘well my parents let me drink when I was 10 and I turned out fine’ or ‘we’ll it’s legal where I live so idgaf’ since there’s strong evidence to suggest that starting drinking at a young age, especially before the age of 15, is associated with alcoholism in adulthood

Maybe it’s because I grew up in an environment where literally nobody would drink outside of working class white British people or Eastern European immigrants that would act trashy af so I just kind of think getting drunk as being a gross thing. From my pov parents giving teens alcohol is either a ‘white upper-middle class leftist parent who desperately wants to be the ‘cool mom/dad’ ‘ or ‘poor people on government benefits acting like bad, trashy parents’

No. 1538665

On the contrary, there’s a strong evidence that it’s safer when parents introduce stuff like alcohol in a safe environment so they can advice and supervise and their kid will know not to get totally hammered and will understand what the limits to safe drinking are. The teen should be the one to first show interest without parents initiating first tho imo

No. 1538672

One beer will absolutely not get a typically sized teen moid drunk. Maybe the slightest bit tipsy. I think introducing kids to alcohol in a safe controlled environment is the best thing to do because then the kid won’t view drinking as some secret special fun time. It’s just a regular thing.

No. 1538674

It's perfectly fine choosing to not date a person based on who they dated previously.

No. 1538675

This opinion shouldn't even be unpopular imo.

No. 1538692

I have an aunt who let my cousins drink at family parties while they were under the legal age (I found out when she invited me to one when I was a teen). One of them turned into a full blown alcoholic and has been jailed multiple times in relation to his drinking. He’s not even 30 yet.

No. 1538696

As long as they're not encouraging them to drink on the regular I don't see anything wrong with this

No. 1538700

I get that people are concerned about the Internet Archive getting into legal problems, but I find it weird - or not, because moids rule the internet - that nobody is addressing how much porn is shared on it. If you go to many of the popular media folders and have it set to “most viewed” you can see all the dubious shit moids are saving. I was starting to get so grossed out when browsing museum folders and looking for workout videos that I really don’t care if the site gets shut down

No. 1538712

wayback is the worst of the archivers

if you archive articles incriminating celebrities or political figures, their teams or bots or fans will have all of them taken down in a whirlwind. you don't see the site scrambling to do the same thing with porn though

No. 1538714

Would it not make more sense to ban porn than to shut down the entire site?

No. 1538716

You'd think, but if you say it outloud, you'll have plenty of people coming for you preaching to not judge someone for their past and that they couldn't know they'd meet you down the line, and also, their past made them the person they are today, anyways, so be thankful or whatever.

No. 1538746

That's such a dumb reason to ban a site for. Literally a majority of sites on the internet host porn.

No. 1538777

This is true tbh. Lolcow would also be removed by that logic.

No. 1538780

>trans flag in bio
>"wtf im literally a minor"
loser behavior. then again so is an adult making fun of some random teenager's retarded tweet so there really are no winners here.

No. 1538785

File: 1680381731057.jpeg (6.53 KB, 296x360, 63916D76-DA58-42F9-8AEB-97B379…)

Well I care if it gets shut down, I’ve been using it to listen to an old radio show and I will pull my hair out if I can’t listen to them anymore.

No. 1538786

To be less subtle, I’m sick of trying to look at museum art and being forced to view a bunch of photos of naked children because moids viewed them millions of times.

No. 1538790

What’s funny is that even zoomers that are now around 18 still use the literally minor shit kek I wonder if they’re still gonna use that around 25 “I’m literally a young adult”

No. 1538792

It actually never even crossed my mind there would be porn on archive.org, (I thought, incorrectly) what would be the point of viewing archived porn when there's endless porn on the live internet. But moids be moiding. That's revolting they are using it to look at naked children, starting to think it would not be a loss after all if they got banned

No. 1538794

How do you do that? I thought it was just for books and websites

No. 1538795

They have lots of archived audio and video from tv, radio, old websites

No. 1538796

File: 1680382771154.png (253.12 KB, 1572x902, met.png)

I've literally never seen that, wtf? In any case, I think that means they need moderators to delete any fucked up shit, not that we need to lose literal decades of web history because of moid degeneracy.

No. 1538800

This is so pathetic that the most viewed is the saucy stuff. I can see how seeing this would be offputting, being reminded you are a sex object when viewing museum archives, there is no escape

No. 1538802

men shouldn't even be taught to read tbh. they should be put to work in the fields and factories among others of their kind bc even basic intellectualism is wasted on them.

No. 1538838

not the only non-pornographic image being the horse…

No. 1538940

If anything they shouldn’t have the default search result be the most viewed files

No. 1539051

Japanese is an ugly ass language

No. 1539110

this is a tranny moid looking for attention, guaranteed. The dad probably feels guilty that his son turned into a tranny and feels responsible somehow, like maybe he wasn't around often enough. So in an attempt to bond and break the ice "man to man" or whatever moids do, he offered him either a sip or a single can of beer after dinner while talking.
When I was a teenager my parents who NEVER drink allowed me to try a sip of wine at dinner once, I hated the taste and didn't have more but I felt very "grown up" and happy that my parents thought I was mature enough to taste it, kek.
So dad is over here trying to bond with his son, who runs to twitter
>uMmM i'M LiTeRaLlY a ChIoLD??
I actually agree with this tumblr poster, high schoolers these days are such fucking dorks

No. 1539121

These posts just made me realize something, when I was pretty I complimented people and struck up random conversations with strangers regularly. I think it's because I had more confidence, so I was in a good mood more often and just felt happier about the world in general. Meanwhile, I gained 40 pounds sometime during the last 3 years, I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and as a result my confidence plummeted. I suddenly feel very self-conscious and aware of my body and feel embarrassed around other attractive women. And I didn't realize until now, that I don't really compliment people anymore. I guess I worry that pretty girls just automatically won't like me now, and will just feel bothered by me or think I'm weird and awkward by talking to them. Like I guess at some level I figure 'I'm not in the "pretty people club" anymore, so why would they even want my opinion?'

No. 1539135

Confidence is definitely the key, I think. I'm what most people would consider ugly, fat and plain, but I have worked on myself to the point that I have a neutral relationship to my looks and know that being unattractive doesn't define who I am. I find that once I got to this point, my overall happiness and attitude changed and I have an easy time getting along with and befriending people.

Pretty people are more confident in general which is probably why they are also more pleasant on average, but I firmly believe that having confidence is what really matters and most people will be drawn towards your personality and not your looks. In my experience the ones who treat me like crap for my looks are moids, anyway, and I'm lucky enough that I don't care about their opinions.

No. 1539162

There is no societal acceptance or understanding of mental illness and never will be. Your family might accept it, your friends might accept it, but society never will. Young people are making a big mistake by being open and honest about their problems. I feel like the cultural of mental health positivity is a cynical ploy by big businesses to bait out workers to be honest about it, so they can more easily dismiss them if they want.

If a situation fails to get resolved and escalates, all acceptance of mental illness falls to the wayside, and that person opening up about things like panic attacks or PTSD will have dug up and thrown at them. It will forever be easy to hit back with "oh she was just having a bi-polar moment", that will never change.

No. 1539173

>I feel like the cultural of mental health positivity is a cynical ploy by big businesses to bait out workers to be honest about it, so they can more easily dismiss them if they want.
This but it's for selling you shit. Dissatisfied with your shitty life? Get on drugs and try Betterhelp. Traumatized by men? Hormone therapy, surgery, and a whole new wardrobe will help! Maybe you're unhappy because you're just ugly? Don't worry, retinol and a nose job will fix it. And if it doesn't, there's still methamphetamine and gender reassignment to try.

No. 1539211

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion in general, but it may or may not be considered unpopular on lolcow. I think being in a romantic relationship can be a valuable learning experience in and of itself, even if you are a boring hetero who has to settle for a moid, provided he's a half decent one.

I was a late bloomer with some level of arrested development and didn’t get my first bf before I was 25. We stayed together for five years and I grew tremendously as a person during that time. He suffered from some of the normal scrote tendencies like inflated ego, but I still learned many valuable life experiences. Being with him provided me with a safe and loving environment to discover myself, becoming more at ease with myself, and getting better at interpersonal relationships, for example asserting boundaries but also respecting his. It also made me more aware of what to look for in future partners and where I'm willing to compromise. Maybe achieving these skills could be possible being single too, but in my case I probably would still have struggled a lot socially if he hadn’t been my rock for those years. In the end our relationship went south and it was the best for both of us to split, but I am still grateful for the time we had together and look back at it fondly.

I think human beings are evolved to be social. I don't want children, so I wouldn’t mind remaining single now for the remainder of my life granted that I have a strong social network to substitute for a partner, but I don’t think friendships can fully provide some of the things you learn through having had a romantic relationship with someone. I recommend trying it at least once.

No. 1539212

In no universe is this an unpopular opinion
>on lolcow
It's an imageboard, it's going to be full of edgy shitposting. It's idiotic to take any of it seriously

No. 1539213

You'd be surprised

No. 1539217

nta but tbh I see it as an unpopular opinion too. Everytime people around me talk about breakups they all unambiguously treat it as if the entire relationship was nothing but a waste of time and/or opportunities, even if the former relationship ended on a good note and the exes are on good terms. But then again in my culture you're not allowed to do anything with anyone out of wedlock so when my sister got dumped by her bf of 7 or 8 years soon after they got engaged you can already guess why it was seen as a waste of time.

No. 1539219

My unpopular opinion is that wasting years of your time with a moid who doesn't worship the ground you walk on is a waste of time, and once you break up with them they might as well not exist anymore. You could've done all that self-improvement on your own, he deserves no credit for what you did.

No. 1539220

The Beatles legitimately suck so bad. Absolutely mediocre music. Maybe I don't have the greatest understanding of music history but I don't get why they're considered one of the most influential bands of all time. I feel like everyone is just pretending to like their shitty music kek

No. 1539222

They performed at a really specific point in time - at the height of radio and TV's reign. Nobody prior to them could reach that many people with their music, and these days there is no centralised media like that.
So the Beatles phenomenon woyld have been impossible in any other time frame. The Beatles are purely a symptom of their times.

No. 1539230

tbh influential doesn't mean good.

No. 1539234

>You could've done all that self-improvement on your own, he deserves no credit for what you did
That’s what I think is interesting tho. Your take seems to be very in vogue on lolcow, but a major portion of the userbase here seem to be either very young and inexperienced, or developmentally stunted 30 y/o turbovirgins. Many posters seem to be mentally ill, insecure way beyond what’s normal, and high in narc traits. I think self improvement alone is def possible to some extent, but I also think as social beings we are dependent on feedback from each other in order to grow. Yeah you don't need a relationship for all of it for sure, if you have a loving family or close friendships etc. I guess for me being in a relationship gave me a sort of safe space I felt I needed and I'm very grateful for it. I'm also think it knocked down my own narc traits a few pegs lol.

>when my sister got dumped by her bf of 7 or 8 years soon after they got engaged you can already guess why it was seen as a waste of time
omg I can see how that would suck. Thankfully I don't live somewhere that places a lot of value on marriage any longer. I hope your sister is doing ok.

No. 1539237

Not to mention you discover yourself through interactions with other people.
A lone person is like a lone chemical element, you can know your own atomic weight and a few other characteristics. It is through interactions with other people/elements that the magic happens. Some combinations are explosive, some are extremely stable, some are valuable, some worthless, but only through them you see the full range of what you can be and do.

No. 1539240

I think women should be more like young men and think being in a committed relationship is the worst thing ever and that there is always someone hotter. Women place so much importance in relationships while men really don’t lol

No. 1539242

She's doing ok now. She wasn't doing ok at all when he dumped her because the timing was awful though but now that time passed I think she's realizing it's for the best and it happened before they actually got married, which means she at least didn't have to deal with a divorce on top of it. She doesn't plan on getting another bf, she saw some guys later but it was nothing too serious and she was always disappointed in these dates. The truth is that her ex was kind of a loser but she wasn't any better. If I had a bf who behaved like my sister I would have dumped him at the speed of light.

No. 1539246

I learned some valuable things like most scrotes are super racist and shitty so I know to proceed with them with caution but if I can go back in time and never date or fuck anyone I would. It was a waste of a decade putting up with them.

No. 1539253

I normally hate analogies but this one is kinda wholesome in a live laugh love kind of cringe way. Seconded.

No. 1539255

>provided he's a half decent one.
Bar is on the floor. Being in a relationship for the sake of it is absolutely insane

No. 1539256

Most women have this mentality unfortunately

No. 1539260

kek I was waiting for this

No. 1539262

Every one of my friends says her nigel is one of the good ones and yet every time we meet up I have to hear about how this one doesn't pick up his clothes from the floor, that one needs his medicine put on his plate for him because he forgets otherwise (dinner ofc also prepared by his gf). Oh but you don't understand, he's depressed, that's why he couldn't pick up the phone to wish me happy birthday. At least he does eat pussy, you have to beg him but he will do it. Couldn't be me! I guess I will miss out on these crucial opportunities for personal growth.

No. 1539275

I had a friend go on and on about how caring and understanding her nigel is after he hit on me right in front of her but she didn’t pick up on it. So tbh I don’t trust womens judgment when they’re going on about how great their bf is.

No. 1539279

99% of shows and games described as having a ~mature tone~ suck because usually it's just a code word for dialogue consisting out of nothing but sex, drugs and rock'n'roll depression.

No. 1539284

OP here. It’s not really my point tbh. People in your life will disappoint you one way or another, the closer you are to them the more it hurts etc. etc. scrotes bad amiright, but learning to deal with that in a reasonable manner is part of growing up as much as the good times. At least that’s how I feel about it. Again, maybe a relationship wasn’t for you, now you know. I think if you’re into someone and they’re into you it’s worth giving it a shot at one point in your life.

No. 1539290

Nah sometimes being around scrotes can mess you up mentally for life and leave you with self esteem issues you never had before. I didn’t grow and learn new experiences I regressed.I was much better at 15 when I was a sexless virgin.

No. 1539292

Yeah I aknowledge that, I'm talking about healthy relationships. I'm sorry for your what you've been through

No. 1539295

Most relationships With scrotes aren’t going to be healthy though which makes them a waste of time and tbh you’re probably in a new relationship so the shit hasn’t hit the fan yet for you

No. 1539310

You sound like you are experiencing an amygdala highjack, it’s normal when you have ptsd

No. 1539314

A lot, if not most men, give red flags that they'd be pain the ass to be in a relationship with (to say the least). And people always pull this, "oh you are afraid of getting hurt", "oh you are immature", "oh you have trust issues", but curiously these don't seem to be the main reasons why women struggle or hesitate to get in a romantic relationship with other women, I wonder why that might be.

No. 1539315

No one is saying you should date people who give off red flags

No. 1539320

Nta but in my mother language, amygdala is the word we use for tonsils, so now I have this mental image that being around moids inflames your tonsils.
Okay, but now we have reduced it to less than 10% of the male population.

No. 1539325

This sounds more like a vent, bella hater-chan.

No. 1539330

lmao, thanks for the fun fact anon. Unrelated sperging but I had to google the root of the word now, and apparently it stems from ancient Greek for almond, so it probably makes sense somehow. I g2g, sending some good vibes to everyone itt

No. 1539331

There are many reasons for eating disorders. A few people with EDs try to deny the existence of certain reasons (eg people who think thinness is the "most beautiful", people who want to cease aging, the list goes on) and try to lie that they don't exist. They tend to claim it's always about a traumatic will to die, but claims like that are a dishonest waste of time. Of course a fair amount of ED sufferers are extremely suicidal, but quite a few of them really do have just have a fucked up idea of beauty that eventnually wraps into a lust for control that overtakes physical wellbeing. I don't even think that's inherently vapid, just warped.
It's just such a joke when someone waxes about how "Nobody with an ED really cares about looks" and they "just want to die", then proceed to gush about their favorite supermodels, dump edited photos of them and go on about "body goals". It honestly reminds me of when trannies try to insist AGP isn't real. The unfortunate truth is that yes, it is, and a lot of them don't even hide it.

No. 1539336

I've never posted about Bella Hadid. I did see the vent post, though, and replies ranging from "skinny is in" to "ackchually no one really has an ED for looks!!" was honestly whiplash. Let's live in reality.

No. 1539337

My younger sister is a prime example of this, vain beyond imagination and already ill since 3 years now. I'm much older than her, I know what happened (or rather what didn't happen) in her childhood, she's simply extremely into pop culture (e.g. kpop) and spending money on clothes and anything aesthetic, she wants to be as perfect as possible in every aspect of her life.
Doesn't mean she isn't any less anorexic as somebody who developed it because of molestation or other trauma, in her mind she's still as "fat" as her normal friends.

No. 1539343

Ask to check your nigel if you can check his Snapchat, internet search history, discord and text messages on his phone and then come back and let us know if you still hold this opinion kek

No. 1539350

I still have trauma from my first sexual experience. I was 14 and my “bf” was 18. I told him I wasn’t ready once after we’d been kissing and doing heavy petting and he threw a fit about how I’m a mean evil tease if I really am not gonna have sex with him, how he’s waited 3 months and men need sex and blue balls are literally tortuously painful?! And how since he’s not a virgin it’s not fair to make him wait so long.

I gave in. His dick was too shrimpy to break my hymen in missionary, he accused me of lying about my virginity and then told me I should start saving for a labiaplasty cause my “pussy looks perpetually beaten up” - he did break my hymen when we had sex again doggystyle, and thats when he came clean that he was a virgin too and he sobbed and said he was sorry for lying. But never apologized for basically telling me my vulva is disgusting and deformed and never apologized for manipulating a minor into sex aka raping me.

My vulva is beautiful. I am bisexual and I prefer women with “outie” vulvas if I was pressed for a preference. They look like beautiful flowers and are more fun to eat out ime.

No. 1539355

Jesus christ, anon. I'm sorry, I hope he gets beaten.

No. 1539360

Anon firstly what he did is evil and I've also known a man who made fun of women's bodies like that who turned out to be a virgin who was terribly insecure about his own body so I doubt he actually thought you were disgusting to begin with. He simply knew his own dick was too tiny and tried to divert your attention by shaming you.

No. 1539361

Telling the girl you are mutually losing your virginity to that she needs surgery(??) when it is literally the first vagina he's probably ever seen and this is such an important moment, hope he gets hit by a truck one day for real. Wtaf

No. 1539367

>the first vagina he's probably ever seen
more like the first vagina he's ever seen in real life outside porn, which is definitely where he got his views on sex from. this is why i'm staying a turbovirgin, most men are already pornsick by puberty

No. 1539398

>most men are already pornsick by puberty
When I was a kid I had pre-teen boys in my class openly talking about wanting to fuck naked women in their bedrooms and porn and that was 15 years ago in a religious, conservative community. Can't imagine how fucked up it's now.

No. 1539410

Technical analysis is so fucking interesting. Finance and the history of finance have captured my attention entirely out of nowhere. I am a bit tism-ed and now all I can think about is the evolution of finance and business cycles. Like a flowing cyclical human collective, reincarnation of progress and decline, forgotten and rediscovered innovation…. it's all happened before, for thousands of years, pre dating writing. These economic cycles are repeated and predictable. Technical Analysis is so full of sacred geometry, and is a living wave of collective human emotion on a stock chart. Stock charts literally resemble brain waves of a collective, kek. I am someone who got an art degree. I failed college algebra 3x til I got into a retard class to get a math credit. I am the last person on earth you'd see reading a finance textbook, but here I am and it is all I can think about.

No. 1539416

I literally didn't know they had porn on there, I only use it to find old articles about native american agriculture

No. 1539422

You're lucky. When I was in middle school guys were blasting hardocre gay porn in class and humping each other.

No. 1539447

What's up with straight teenage boys acting gayer than gay guys? I've seen plenty of gay guys saying it was like this in their middle and high school and how they couldn't afford to act like this because these same guys would beat them up.

No. 1539457

Because they know it will make girls like them

No. 1539476

porn addiction and culture on the internet, what else?

No. 1539548

Scrotes like this are afraid that you'll spread the word about their small dick so they have to find something that they think is on par with that to distract you and make you feel like you're the one with an issue. Sadly sir shrimpdick is probably still seeking out virgins to this day because he doesn't want them to have anything bigger to compare him to.

No. 1539598

Because they think it’s funny

No. 1539616

Many straight men are gay or bisexual, that is your real answer. You would be surprised at the amount of men who have been intimate with another man or jerked off to gay/trap/trans porn, the thing is most of them keep that as a secret.

This is why you never try to look pretty for a srote because he will have high standards for how you should look but then he will go and jerk off to a witch-faced femboy he found on the internet.

No. 1539618

Men don't have real sexualities in the first place, it's all based on aesthetics/tropes/fetishes and dominance/submission and just "any hole's a goal" really, which is why you have moids arguing that eating pussy is "gay" but literal gay sex is not gay if you're topping and the bottom is effeminate enough. Beauty standards are literally just societal-wide negging to get women to settle for men by lowering our self esteem, but the truth is that to a moid literally any hole's a goal. "Female sexuality is fluid, male sexuality is rigid and binary" is just projection used to excuse men infringing on women's boundaries, when it's actually men who don't have actual sexual orientations the way women do.

No. 1539625

File: 1680472152825.png (17 KB, 949x174, nohomo.png)

It’s basically establishing the social dominance hierarchy. They are extra retarded with testosterone at that age and acting like deer in rut or dogs play-humping each other.

No. 1539626

>which is why you have moids arguing that eating pussy is "gay" but literal gay sex is not gay if you're topping and the bottom is effeminate enough.

Ive seen men with this exact mentality both in real life and on the internet.

Also can we talk about the fact that men are more likely to eat ass than they are vagina? Like men would rather put their mouth on their female or male partners ass but then those same males are too disgusted to give oral to a vagina (which is way more cleaner than a ass) it's just weird.
I've seen this trend lately about men talking about ass eating but like…..when will you give your partner vaginally stimulation?

No. 1539639

Shayna to me seems like a boring cow and the anons who are still obsessed with her are bordering on autism.
It's giving the same energy as tland towards trisha.

No. 1539643

This makes me happy why I never dated in high school because so many girls were in abusive relationships with their older boyfriends.

No. 1539644

I don't know if they're actually disgusted by vag, I think its the opposite in a way. Assholes are associated with being dirty or the last thing you'd want to lick in terms of hygeine.. thats kinda the appeal. Its taboo and mens sexual tastes are headed towards everything that feels like its wrong in some way. Incest themed porn, underage girls, wanting raw sex when they're dipshits who shouldn't reproduce. If its retarded, wrong, dangerous, socially forwned upon.. they want it.

No. 1539645

File: 1680473799503.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 44.59 KB, 820x600, CDFFDD44-C831-4F31-9C01-7ADF49…)

I feel very little sympathy for detransitioners.
People who tend to become trannies already have narcissistic attention seeking tendencies in the first place, and although they are no longer trans, detransitioners retain those tendencies, which is why so many detransitioners fall down the troon-to-conservative grifter/tradwife/religious pipeline instead of just becoming normal human beings. Also, if you willingly choose to take a hormone that is known to make you bald and infertile and then you get upset that it made you bald and infertile, it’s not society’s fault that you didn’t read the fine print.

No. 1539649

It drives me insane when anachans insist that EDs have nothing to do with societal beauty standards. There was a whole study where television was introduced to a remote village with zero rates of eating disorders and within a year like a quarter of the teenage girls in the village had purged at least once. Sure, EDs are complex illnesses, but if fatness wasn’t so vilified than I doubt millions of teenage girls would chose starvation as a coping mechanism.

No. 1539651

Agreed. You also have a lot of girls suffering from horrific trauma who don't develop eating disorders (they may or may not develop other unhealthy coping strategies). I think eating disorders are a complex illness like you said, but girls who care highly about beauty standards are definitely more often drawn to dealing with their emotional baggage in that manner.

No. 1539655

It's hard to take you seriously with the your autistic scrote 4chan memes. Let me guess you also posted pooners before it got banned. Btfo moid.

No. 1539666

I feel like at first it has something to do with wanting to look pretty but then after a while it turns into something else and you become not so pretty. At one point I just wanted to see how low I could get.

No. 1539667

I feel like alot of cows are groundhog daying it. Same old shit day in and day out. You could step away from following them for a year and just guess what happened in that time.

No. 1539672

There’s barely any difference between millennials and zoomers, anyone who says ‘this generation does this’ is usually projecting.
Only real one I can really think of is that millennials were more into the ‘sex/kink positive’ bullshit.

No. 1539673

totally agreed. it's so strange. but i can't lie i do go on there just to read what the deranged anons have to say to eachother like the asseaster-chan thing kek that made me howl irl

No. 1539724

Idg why people dislike Jirai Kei I think
It’s cute

No. 1539726

I thought the only reason ppl disliked it was because of its association with bpd-chans

No. 1539783

Women really don’t know how much power we have if we as a collective said no to sex and dating. A scrote was willing to drive 6 hours to meet me to fuck despite him being 10 years younger and I’m “post wall”. We need to start starving scrotes out so they act right.

No. 1539785

I'm sympathetic to this because males truly do seem worse off from sex-starvation but the reality is that women want to fuck too and it's not a practical option on a large scale. But I am very happy for you that you've realized your self worth and have men crawling to you. 10/10 keep it up

No. 1539794

File: 1680491267462.gif (117.43 KB, 540x290, k.gif)

I'm not a proshipper or whatever the autistic twitter term for it is, but I really don't think there's anything wrong in enjoying RPF and incest ships including fictional parent/child. People who act like edgelords about it are lame, though.

No. 1539797

How did you find this scrote

No. 1539798

Bad bait, go touch grass

No. 1539799

people get too invested in real-people ships, as if they're not real people but just a character that lives in the fan-creator's head. but that comes across as psychotic in the real world because there's a real-person person in the real world that has a life. it feels like lying about a real person's life.
luckily it's usually extremely low-quality and easy to laugh off. but it's still weird.

No. 1539800

On snap chat but it’s not the first time I’ve met a desperate ass young scrote. I met one when I was 28 and he was 18 and I had him clean my house because I was too depressed to do it. Never even fucked him. I’m not even attractive, imagine the power pretty women hold which confuses me why they act so desperate.

No. 1539813

it's not the worst but it's very samey and I'm not a fan of the dusty colors

No. 1539929

File: 1680514082564.jpeg (274.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1670903440425.jpeg)

all the /pt/ cows are boring as fuck

No. 1539949

Yesss Girl slay. Men want us to think we need them but its the other way around, realizing that you already shifted reality and they come crawling to you on all fourth.

No. 1539968

Only super slim people should wear overalls or rompers otherwise you look like an adult baby there I said it

No. 1539972

I agree. Don't listen to anyone telling you otherwise.

No. 1539974

File: 1680522276023.jpg (93.24 KB, 1000x1000, Makeup-Brushes-12Pcs-kit-Eyesh…)

With eyeshadow just using your fingers and these for details/smaller areas works so much better than using brushes. Your fingers make it blend better, the colors are way darker/brighter and you don't have to wash any brushes. Brushes are a scam if you only do basic eyeshadow.


No. 1539977

Idk I don’t want to be putting my fingers into my eye shadows, though. I don’t care how clean I am. I even bought a bunch of little plastic scoops to use with my skincare that you scoop out rather than pump/squeeze out.

No. 1539983

That's understandable, I guess it is kind of gross kek. Idk I've never had an issue with it, I just wash my hands before I apply it.

No. 1539999

cheating on moids doesn't matter

No. 1540001

I admire you

No. 1540002


Terminally online.

No. 1540006

Artists who draw pieces of separate body parts suck.

>20 paintings of eyes or glossy lips

>A hand holding a object
>such artist

No. 1540024

>wave of collective human emotion on a stock chart
Just two emotions: panic and hype

No. 1540076

>fuck a shaved baby Orangutan and pay for it. (TRUE)
ANON…..why did you have to remind me this actually happened

No. 1540093

Late af and while I somewhat agree with this, I personally don't want to be in a relationship so I guess I'm doomed to be stunted forever.

No. 1540126

Needed to hear this years ago. Used to reject people because they didn’t seem marriage material right away. I should’ve gave myself a chance to date and see how a relationship functions.

No. 1540131

I like strawberry fields forever and the rubber soul album, I can see how that was influential from the 50s-80s, haven’t really heard other bands as complex nowadays.

No. 1540138

File: 1680539670624.png (1.79 MB, 1440x1202, Screenshot_20230403-093103~2.p…)

they don't even require a pulse. several times a year there is news of men, sometimes gangs of them, digging up female corpses and raping the bodies

No. 1540191

File: 1680545656435.jpeg (37.05 KB, 450x374, Adorable-Ghost-Perler-Bead-Pat…)

I have quit. I was a big stoner. I dont suggest this, but I got pregnant w my daughter and quit the day I figured out I was. Try making a schedule for the withdrawal time and find things to do out of the area you use pot. If your environment stays the same, you will too. Try a longer project, maybe reorganizing/redecorating. Maybe go out places to get out of your typical using space. Go to the library, its free. Pick somewhere youve always wanted to go. Take yourself out of your using mind.

No. 1540220

Some anons on here are genuinely unwell but I’d rather deal with imageboard women than imageboard men IRL that’s for sure

No. 1540245

Brushes are way grosser than clean fingers tf

No. 1540262

>It's hard to take you seriously with the your autistic scrote 4chan memes
Literally all of the fucking terminology on this website is just genderbent 4chan terminology. Moid comes from foid, scrote comes from roastie, etc

No. 1540265

File: 1680553295317.png (3.99 KB, 213x179, hoagie kadoatie.png)

ok mrs. 'i started using imageboards three years ago'

No. 1540301

You can’t claim your man is a nigel unless you’ve looked through his phone and see there’s nothing degenerate there l. If you claim you have a good man and you’ve never checked his hard drive or phone I don’t believe it.

No. 1540312

Also if you haven’t refused to have sex with him for a month.

No. 1540319

People who marry in their early 20s are sinfully boring

No. 1540323

Ime true but I also wish I was that sinfully boring because that'd mean I'd actually have my life in order. Wouldn't mind living a stable mundane life for once.

No. 1540326

Meh if it makes you feel better a lot of those marriages end up falling apart later down the line because they settled down before they really knew themselves/before their brains were fully developed.

No. 1540339

They are usually religious or very dumb and prone to impulse decisions, so definitely boring people.

No. 1540408

Tbh I don't think wagecucking really helps 40 year old NEETs because whatever job they do get, if they have whatever psychological problem lead to them becoming a 40 year old NEET, they're just going to be victimized at work. There's exceptions like night shift security work, but there's not enough of those jobs for everybody. Those 40 year old shelfstackers and janitors you see get treated pretty bad kek. Normies extrapolate their experience working and throw it onto mentally unwell people.

No. 1540413

I agree but wtf else are you supposed to do with 40 year old neets?

No. 1540435

You're not wrong. My mental health combusted during the most social, productive, and brave period of my life because I put myself out there.

I have a deformity alongside social and speech disability. I used to think I was totally normal, too and maybe that's why finding out the truth hurt so much. One of the 100s of bad experiences was one in which people secretly filmed me and posted me online. Someone I knew - a dormmate - showed me the post and 100s of people were going on about how I looked like a demon and should kill myself. I wish I could have protected kid me from becoming this, but I'm almost 30 so…is there really much chance to change? I've been half-neeting for years and selling stuff online which is ok money.

No. 1540436

how do you survive by neeting. Do you have family or a org backing you up.
Western neets really do live life on easy mode. Raising taxes for parasites like you.

No. 1540439

average shayna poster be like:

No. 1540440

I said I half-neet, I make my own money and live on my own but virtually have 0 social life.

No. 1540443

Also I've never followed Shayna and I find it weird people bring her up constantly. Is she that interesting? I've only been into weirdo male cows, like Chris Chan, which probably reflects poorly on me.

No. 1540444

She's an easy to digest cow because she's been doing the same shit for years and years, part of her charm is due to her hyperautist followers (they make the threads fun), she has a whole revolving cast of poor crackhead coomers and enablers so it's almost sitcom-esque. She's just an easy cow to follow and make fun of.

No. 1540545

If you make your own money you're selfemployed and therefore not a neet.

No. 1540597

>scrote comes from roastie
Scrote is actually british slang and has been around since before the internet became mainstream.

No. 1540600

oh really? say more. I'm not familiar with british slang outside of a few tv shows and moves

No. 1540625

File: 1680602840421.jpeg (93.3 KB, 720x720, ot being ugly old one in a dus…)

there is no /ot/ culture. when you boast about never browsing """cow""" boards you sound retarded.
oh, so you don't call shayna fat? you go on celebricows and call lana del ray fat? my god what a stacy! fuck off you're the same as everyone else just born on 1999.

No. 1540632

No. 1540644

>there is no /ot/ culture
This is objectively not true because if you actually used all boards you would see that, while there is a LC culture that spans the entire site, the off topic board have their differences from cow boards, but also if you hate /ot/ so much why are you here?

No. 1540651

Unironically true but I browse all the boards so

No. 1540680

The moovie room and drawboard threads don't need to be pinned.
>just ignore them
I do. They still don't need to be pinned. Both threads are regularly bumped with announcements anyways.

No. 1540697

Yes and no.
There is an ot culture, but yes, anyone bragging about not visiting cow boards is pathetic. /ot/ is definitely the most judgmental board towards farmers themselves.

No. 1540707

This. I still remember seeing anons brag about laughing at/mocking posters here who posted vents.

No. 1540718

I'm wary of families and cultures in general who pride themselves on "respecting the elders", I feel like it's an excuse for the older people to be massive assholes and its covering abuse too.

No. 1540747

peak retardation

No. 1540860

>sacred geometry
You should play with the Fibonacci retracement tool in TradingView and watch how the price hits your lines weeks later. Also fun fact, the news only exists to provide explanation for price movement.

No. 1540905

Diet matters more when it comes to mental and phsyical health that people want to admit

No. 1540917

I'm pretty sure this is the most popular and common sense opinion on earth.

No. 1540919

Anorexics are as disgusting as morbidly obese people. I think hugging or touching an anorexic is actually more disgusting, my ex was anorexic and you could feel hos bones wtf. Even thinking about it now makes me nauseous.

No. 1540923

Crazy new opinion: water is pretty important for humans. Don’t forget to drink water every couple days

No. 1540947

I agree. I mean I don't think that's an unpopular opinion regarding physical health but it is towards mental health.

No. 1541024

Only applicable to pretty women. Men lost nothing from me staying an old kissless virgin.

No. 1541030

idk if its not unpopular, why do people screech hard about muh uncurable chemical inbalance when someone suggests sitting on your ass and eating junk might impact their mental health. Most people would much rather blame everything but having to admit to themselves tehy are making unhealthy choices and thats why they feel like shit.

No. 1541031

Unpopular opinion but I don’t think depression has much to do with diet or chemical imbalance. It has more to do with your environment and your support systems. People with strong support systems are less like to be depressed I think.

No. 1541033

I think if pretty girls stopped acting desperate the effects of it would trickle down to ugly and old women since men have “a hole is a hole” mentality. They will eventually start worshipping all women once sex and attention becomes more rare and valuable.

No. 1541105

Is it really "worship" though if it just is about sex? A guy that'd die for a woman he doesn't care to have sex with at all because he genuinely cares for her is a lot more captivating than a guy that is desperate for sex and whose actions are entirely based off of depravity.

No. 1541143

>why do people screech hard about muh uncurable chemical inbalance when someone suggests sitting on your ass and eating junk might impact their mental health
Because shit diet and shit habits are part of a vicious cycle that reinforce and are reinforced by the chemical imbalance and both of those parts of the cycle make it very hard to break? You eat and live like shit because your brain feels like shit, in turn making it feel even worse which makes your habits get worse, and so on. Without support and depending on your life circumstances and mental state on a random day, it's unlikely that you'll ever get out of that hell.

No. 1541150

Korea is popping for weeaboos right now but I feel like Vietnam is going to be next it asian country within the next 20 years.

No. 1541155

The chemical imbalance theory is actually false.

No. 1541158

I doubt it, I think one factor that people don't acknowledge is that some languages do inherently sound more "pleasing" then others, most south east asian langauges and even some south asian langauges sound kinda awkward especially in music form

No. 1541162

That's interesting but I think it's been proven that electroconvulsive therapy improves depressed people's mood, at least for a while. So clearly there's some neurological factor at play there.

No. 1541292

I don't think it matters that much. Imo Chinese/Mandarin (not sure what the proper term would be) doesn't sound that nice but they still managed to get popular, at least in America, through media and food.

No. 1541330

Korean sounds rough too and they still popped off. I said viet because I noticed there are a lot of viet idols gaining popularity in kpop now and a few viet songs that are viral on TikTok.

No. 1541351

Rich and famous people should not be obligated to be public about what charities and political causes they donate their money to

No. 1541392

Rich and famous people should pay fucking taxes first

No. 1541482

Is it not common knowledge that charities are basically just groups of lobbyists/tax loopholes for rich people to funnel funds to their buddies and getting tax write offs for it? Any big charity, anyway. The only ones that truly seem to not be a profit making/money laundering scam for wealthy people are like, SOME small local pet rescues. But not even all of them, some are just people using shitbulls to make money and spread chaos in their communities.

No. 1541495

No. 1541653

it just annoys me that whenever a social issue gets any buzz people immediately rushes to twitter to ask celebs how much they have donated. I just dont like the idea of people doing a good deed and then bragging about it online

No. 1541703

File: 1680734585525.png (425.64 KB, 938x413, 8n0.png)

Anyone who wants to have kids should be aware of the possibility that their child might be an objectophile with little to no interest in sustaining a healthy romantic relationship with another human being. I feel like most parents aren't ready for that scenario.

No. 1541704

is that something you know about firsthand, anon?

No. 1541706

I will welcome my chandelier son-in-law with open arms
There will always be a place for them in my high ceiling home

No. 1541723

I wonder if plane-chan is still with us

No. 1541821

Imagine hitting this absolute jackpot as a person. You don't have to worry about the mental and physical toll dick and balls are having on you every day and you can instead happily kiss and caress a chandelier or an old amusement park ride and fondly know you are the only person to every vy for its affections. This bitch is sticking chandelier teardrop crystals in her coochie and looks happier than any of us ever will.

No. 1541844

Makeup does cause acne and bad skin in some people. When I started makeup my skin went to shot for years and when I stopped I finally stopped getting pimples with puss in them.

No. 1541857

Charities are also infested with white collar criminals, it's actually per capita the most common in those organizations. Every second charity has "managers" using charity funds to get a new company vehicle every year that they use for personal errands.

A lot of it is straight up legal too, so even beyond the white collar crime the scum are getting their cut. Just sub-contracting part of the charity operation out, and paying someone to work from home for $120,000 a year doing "consulting".

No. 1541860

Who the fuck doesn't already know this?

No. 1541863

What? This is a very specific situation. Just post your story and go

No. 1541864

I'm pretty neutral about sex work, but women are typically the only ones who can impose half decent arguments pertaining to sex work it seems. They're the first ones to point out actual dangers it causes women and how it affects men's minds since it seems like most moids now assume every single woman will do sexual favors for them with simply enough money. Men have the WORST arguments against sex workers though, it typically starts with something cringe/abusive like claiming the girl is ugly or when they attempt to use said girl as a tool to manipulate or gaslight their SO with. Then you get the pretentious religion folk who likely consume porn and sex work anyway, or miserable moids who want everyone to do a hard labor job then kill themselves due to OSHA violations they laughed off while making 9 an hour and now are pissed off a single mom can make 10 times their salary just for onlyfans or something

No. 1541867

I mean I’m not gonna look because it’s always an incomprehensible clusterfuck but they should all be audited by the IRS or comparable gov department

No. 1541875

I'd unironically rather have a lesbian, objectophile or fictiosexual daughter than a heterosexual daughter.

No. 1541876

File: 1680763819636.jpg (113.22 KB, 885x1111, Fs9pJsCWYAAKYVs.jpg)

She was right

No. 1541882

I could say the same about anyone I find ugly but I just decide not to. Jus because she is a terf doesn't mean she is a good person.

No. 1541887

She’s funny but she’s also professionally insane so I’d take her words with a grain of salt nona

No. 1541894

She right. You need to live with obese people or see obese people on a regular basis for years to truly understand that shit. Before that I would have called her rude for saying it but now I 100% agree.

No. 1541904

KEK I'm dying

No. 1541912

File: 1680770878561.jpg (145.7 KB, 985x1449, vpblgeajnv351.jpg)

She has such a way with words it really doesn't matter if she's right or wrong, I believe her

No. 1541916

women can not suffer from aggravated pedophilia. women who fuck underage, undeveloped bodies are nuts and should not be around kids but i wouldn’t call them a pedophile

No. 1541917

>little to no interest in sustaining a healthy romantic relationship with another human being
There's nothing wrong with that.

No. 1541918

i bet your makeup looks like shit

No. 1541922

That made me snort laugh, I missed her old twitter, glad to see she’s still dishing out rare insults

No. 1541928

What are they?

No. 1541933

i feel like this was written by kirbyanon

No. 1541944

that's literally pedophilia though, though I agree its not as bad as male pedophilia.

No. 1541989

if somebody prefers or has a sexual attraction to kids then they're a pedophile. not sure why you "wouldn't call them" a pedophile if they are one

No. 1542087

Being pretty as a woman isn't going to give you as much of a privilege as most anons think it's going to. First of all, most pretty girls spend a ton of money and time into their looks so that alone puts them at a disadvantage and means most aren't born with "beauty privilege" but have to strive hard to fit society's ideals pushed into women.
Being jealous of a random beautiful woman because you think she has it better is so stupid because beauty doesn't get you a high paying job, a loyal husband/wife or a happy life on its own. If those women are living great lifes, more often than not it's not because they're pretty, unless they're a model or something, it's because they put in effort and worked hard.

No. 1542088

KEKKKK She's not wrong though! This woman is a treasure.

No. 1542091

no amount of make up can alter your genes though, if you are pretty you are treated differently since you are born

No. 1542094

t. pedo

No. 1542098

women get harassed by scrotes regardless of looks, they will fuck animals for god's sake. I just wish i didnt have a shit self-steem.

No. 1542100

Yeah you're right, I got molested and received unwanted attention/harassment from moids but my ugly friends didn't.

No. 1542101

nta but i think she meant that they cant exclusively be attracted to minors, and that them assaulting minors is underlying of other mental illnesses. It makes sense considering that women molesting children is so incredibly rare and more often than not is them helping a scrote commit the crimes.

No. 1542102

Nta but I think although all women receive unwarranted sexual attention, attractive women receive it more. When I was in highschool there was a super smart super pretty girl in my class and after getting violently harassed by two guys, her academic success went downhill and she failed college entrance exams.
Men hate beautiful women who don't want to be with them to the point they'll literally harass them this much. After seeing that I was thankful for my average looks.

No. 1542103

lmao i am sorry what the fuck does that have to do with anything, how do you know your ''ugly'' friends didnt get harassed anyways? i am ugly as shit and i still get harassed. If anything my case is ''worse'' because i am both being harassed and i am an uggo. Lmao i fucking hate stacies sometimes.

No. 1542107

why do pretty women bring up being sexually harassed as something unique to them, as if ugly girls and women aren't also sexually abused and raped, and worse for them are also not believed because they are ugly. disabled girls and women are not all conventionally attractive but still have high rates of abuse because they are vulnerable. halo effect is real and studied. this autistic woman has also been a victim of sexual violence repeatedly and I mourn that, but she can still acknowledge pretty privilege is real!

No. 1542110

My point was that both pretty and ugly women can get treated badly. As you said, you also got harassed. It's not a competition, and being pretty or ugly doesn't exclude you from bad or good experiences.

No. 1542112

then why are you making it about sexual abuse/harassement? some people just want to be pretty, we live only once and it sucks to be ugly

No. 1542114

okay but that still does not make them not pedophiles, long married men go after kids and teenagers too. i could say the same mental illness thing about scrotes as well, and the rarity of the cases means nothing against the fact that they are sexually attracted to children which is what makes them pedophiles

No. 1542115

It was just an example. The original post was talking about privilege. I'm trying to say that being pretty doesn't give you as much of a priviledge as you'd think, as >>1542087 said. The different treatment you get is not necessarily possitive, because you're still a woman.

No. 1542116

I barely know who she is and I love her

No. 1542118

Do people actually not understand that having a privilege that someone else doesn't have does not automatically mean you that you will have a better life than that person? It just means in certain areas that things may be easier for you than for them. And if you are naturally beautiful you don't have to spend any extra money or time to get beauty privilege kek.

No. 1542119

I get that now and I’m not conventionally attractive at all. I’d love to be a cute girl so I can take selfies and dress up and not feel like shit. And unpopular opinion I think ugly women get unwanted sexual attention more because scrotes see us as disposable, they don’t give a shit if we never talk to them again.

No. 1542120

i mean there are a bunch of cases of pretty women being convincted of heinous crimes yet people still believing them for being pretty and looking harmless, casey anthony is a prime example of this. Looks matter a lot, i dont understand why people pretend they don't. I know that if i werent ugly i would be more confident and one of my biggest problems in life would be fixed, as dumb as that sounds.

No. 1542123

>And unpopular opinion I think ugly women get unwanted sexual attention more because scrotes see us as disposable
this is the worst, basically all the attention at get is ugly moids thinking i am on their level. At this point i completly gave up on ever dating, i am too stubborn to settle for ugly moids and i understand that hot moids would set foot near me.

No. 1542127

Yeah I don’t bother dating anymore. Pretty women do get their time wasted more but I do feel they get more respect during the first interaction with scrotes. With medium ugly girls men just go right into being sex pests because they see no future with you anyway.

No. 1542128

Even babies prefer people with conventionally attractive faces. The cumulative effect of other people subconsciously liking you more and treating you better over your entire lifetime is huge.

No. 1542129

kek although I am conventionally attractive I often feel disgusted at myself whenever I dress up. I also absolutely cannot take pictures, my self esteem has been completely destoyed by others and I hate how I look in pictures. Legit one of my biggest fears. It's not that different nonny. I'd say self aceptance is mostly about luck and not what you look like.

No. 1542130

at least i gotta say it brings me lots of joy to reject ugly men, it must destroy their ego to get rejected by the pizza face fujo sperg

No. 1542134

Why can’t some people understand that some people want to be pretty for themselves and not just for scrotes?

No. 1542139

i wanna be pretty to cosplay cute characters to be honest

No. 1542140

Yeah pretty people are nice and ugly men are mean

No. 1542143

Obviously there are other factors that affect your self-esteem. The way privilege works is that some things are much more likely to be easier for you, not that everything is your life is guaranteed to be great and everything works out perfectly.

No. 1542144

I experience both as someone who looks way better dressed up and ugly when not and I agree with you. Yeah men will wanna fuck you more but you get less respect, are assumed to be dumb, get harassed way more and some women will be hostile. I go out looking like a hobo by choice lately and it’s more comfortable.
At some point in life I think looks stop mattering that much, especially when you don’t really care about men anymore. Being academically blessed is where it’s at. Looks will absolutely inevitably fade anyway, we will all end up ugly.

No. 1542147

Being academically blessed sucks, all of the ''gifted'' children end up fucked up. Being funny as shit is the true god-given gift.

No. 1542150

This is the way
Bringer of Laughter
Brughtening up the world one smile at a time

No. 1542152

I feel like being funny is more to do with how you are raised. Every funny person I know has funny parents or at least parents who like having fun and aren't super serious.

No. 1542156

being funny is so underrated, if you are funny and somewhat intelligent you can make bank off it. And i dont mean ''late night comedian'', i mean sitting in your comfy gamer chair playing videogames and getting paid for it.

No. 1542157

my mom is hilarious and i am unfunny, it's like i somehow got the worst out of my parents lmao

No. 1542158

If you’re funny as a woman it just comes off as being a bitch to most people and most men won’t even be able to tell you’re joking

No. 1542165

what are you on about, i watch two really funny girls and they dont seem to have those problems. Even back in the ancient TGWTG days everyone considered Lindsay really funny. If anything the thing that stops more women from being funny is them fearing hurting the feeling of moids

No. 1542182

It may be other factors too. I'm very tall and average looking and I don't get harassed or attention from men often. I also have small boobs and don't wear makeup so that could play into it but I think my height has been beneficial in warding off gross moids.

No. 1542258

Chainsawman lately is just torture porn. It feels totally like Palahniuk's books at the start of his career and now. When the manga started it was inspired, interesting and the dirty gory parts were sprinkled in tastefully to enhance the story, now it's basically only gore and emotional torture porn, naked female bodies, killed small animals and children, body horror and some crumbs of story sprinkled in here and there. Mostly made to shock the audience. I don't mind horror genre but this is starting to feel boring.

No. 1542262

wow shonen moid manga that is horror being torture porn or too gory…..what a surprise.

Me tying to find a manga reader with a iq in the triple digits.(infighting)

No. 1542265


No. 1542266

Did you come here to infight? Maybe fix your reddit spacing first kek

No. 1542269

There is a subset of users here that sperg out at any mention of anime and manga it's quite pathetic

No. 1542271

Stop using the same rwddit spacing in every god damn post you make.

No. 1542303

Polygamy is going to become more common within the next 10 years and most men are going to be doing it. Women are getting tired of being cheated on and having to leave so to keep a man they are just going to let him bring women into the relationship.

No. 1542308

A lot of you people are fucking awful, but I'd rather you stay awful and gatekeep than mellow out and make this a "safe and inclusive space" for everyone. Fuck you.

No. 1542311

I think the whole looking pretty "for yourself" sounds extremely silly, but also looking a certain way for other people does not automatically mean that you're doing it for sexual attention. I think the vast majority of women put the effort they do into their appearance, not because they hope random scrotes will hit on them, but because the halo effect is going to influence absolutely every single social interaction you have with people. Every single thing you could be doing is seen in a better light when you are attractive and society is far more upset with women in particular if they aren't attractive

No. 1542320

File: 1680809226032.jpeg (31.35 KB, 900x382, B7E9CF12-3454-46A8-8877-03B941…)

No. 1542322

i'd see it more likely for women to hire male escorts en masse than live the sister wife lifestyle.

No. 1542324

the fucked up "gifted" kids are usually autist or socially inept types. most kids who do well and are socially apt are fine and better off.

No. 1542326

Gay men adopting children is the worst idea in human history. It’s straight up child abuse and the phrase “gay adoption” is completely meaningless as the case for faggots is entirely different than the one for women. The previous makes CP and the latter wants a family. All children need mothers, and being raised by females is the natural order of our species. The more men a child is exposed to, the more likely she is to be hurt. We already have a crises of brothers and uncles raping girls whilst in the presence of the mother, I don’t even want to think about what would happen without a female guardian. Tldr, YES lesbian adopting but no scrotes near children. Faggot or not.

No. 1542331

I agree but I feel like I'd get eaten alive by straight and gay men both if I said this irl.

No. 1542362

>being raised by females is the natural order of our species
I disagree, good fathers exist, just because your sucked doesn't mean every father does.

No. 1542367

nta but speaking of which, from my own personal observations when a father was terrible he was way worse than the horrible mothers on average. My own father is awful and I will celebrate his death once it happens, but from both my mother's family and my father's family, all the men are awful, except 1 or 2 uncles I'm not super close to because we don't live in the same continent, so even in their cases maybe there's a lot I don't know. If your father is a good one, can you tell me what makes you say that? I'm legit curious, because the good ones I keep hearing about from friends tend to be harmless weirdos at the very best.

No. 1542368

Humor is best correlated with good mental health and verbal intelligence. There's probably nothing inherently funny about what we find funny, on like, a metaphysical level. It's just an evolutionary trait that we have to draw ourselves towards confident, happy people.

Up until I was about twenty I was always praised for my wit and able to effortlessly make jokes in social situations. But now that ability seems to have entrophied away over the years as my mental health went to shit.

No. 1542372

>If your father is a good one, can you tell me what makes you say that?

even though he worked a lot (my mother couldn't work because mental issues, she basically did nothing at home and we had this lady come three times a week to clean up) he spared some time to play with me whenever he could and was genuinely interested in the things I did at all times. I understand he couldnt put more time in doing things to actually raise me like making me food, cleaning my laundry, etc but he was working hard to make sure I had a roof and could afford to have a comfortable childhood. if i asked for something, he wouldn't just give it though, because we weren't exactly rich, but he would try to give something to match (i.e. when I was a kid I really wanted a ps1 but then he found someone selling a SNES. he got that and we played it together a lot). sometimes my mother would scream at me for random things but he just tried to explain to me in big people words what I did wrong and that was way more helpful than shouting.

I am pretty sure there are thousands of mothers out there doing way more than that but he was a good father to me and I have nothing to complain about.

No. 1542376

File: 1680818572865.jpeg (15.42 KB, 416x403, A8568587-3815-40C3-87E7-436174…)

>Humor is best correlated with good mental health
Must be why so many professional comedians also moonlight as life coaches.

No. 1542384

It definitely isn't correlated with good mental health nonnie, a lot of the most successful comedians have serious mental health issues. Look up the sad clown paradox. Although I definitely agree that there are symptoms of poor mental health that can make it impossible to be funny (I experience that myself). I do think it's a skill that you learn and aren't born with, and growing up in an environment where you can practice the skill makes you way more funny, like having at least one parent with a good sense of humor. But you do have to have innate intelligence as well. I think I read that a lot of comedians grow up in a difficult environment and learn to use humor as a coping mechanism.

No. 1542389

While my dad wasn't very good at picking his words right, but he was very perceptive for when I was hurting. He was extremely supportive during the times I just wanted to dig myself into a hole and die. It didn't matter if I turned off my phone and cut off all contact with the world, he found me at my worst and did his best to help me during those times. My mom was a verbally abusive deadbeat who claimed she deserved more from life than she ever put the effort in to get. In a sense I learned from my dad how to be, and from my mom how NOT to be.

No. 1542391

The outlying professional comedians don't disprove the general rule. Being a full time stand up comedian is different than just being a funny person that gets by in life alright. For one it's a job that they put a lot of effort into it, for the other they're just making acute, humorous observations during lunch break.

It's like how the smartest engineers are often reclusive obsessive autists, but most autists are shut in NEETs on their way to diogenes syndrome.

No. 1542404

A lot of comedians kill themselves too kek

No. 1542410

I didn't even know humor was correlated with comedians (90% of whom are unfunny as fuck).

No. 1542412

nta, but my father is like this too. My mom is a crazy BPD-chan and is an abusive piece of shit, but my father is very empathetic, sweet, and loving. He always supports me unconditionally even if I royally fuck up. I know I have my dad to thank for not growing up to be like my mom. I consider my dad one of the rare ones because almost everyone tells me I have a very good dad and they wish their fathers were as present and caring, which is really sad…

My dad was a middle kid in a large latino family and was always served 'respect women juice' so maybe that had a part in it? idk. He's honestly really empathetic for a man and it always surprises me because he's the only man I've ever known that has been, even other men in my own family are shitheads.

No. 1542418

AYRT underage boys have the same sex appeal as animals and anyone who doesn’t agree is mentally unsound

No. 1542420

Am I a pedo if I find 18-24 year old men hot sometimes?

No. 1542422

are 18-24 "boys" underaged? like what are you even getting at

No. 1542423

Idk at my age (29)I think most people would consider me a pedo for thinking 18-24 can be cute

No. 1542424

lol anon get a grip nobody thinks that except bitter pickmes who feel like their only option is to date elderly men before they ~hit the wall~

No. 1542425

>Most people
Lmao no, my Nigel is 3 years younger than me, no one cares. My friend's Nigel is 10 years younger than she is, normies don't have an issue.

No. 1542427

you should spend less time on the internet then because no one holds these opinions in real life, and whenever they do it's obvious they aren't of sound mind. crazy controversial opinion: young celebrity of the hour is hot. OMG!!! NO WAY!!!

No. 1542472

Scrapbooking =/= collage art
If it's not involving personal memories it's a collage stop making it hard for me to find layout inspo

No. 1542477

File: 1680837589046.jpeg (180.8 KB, 1018x1663, 635F72CA-7870-4D71-B033-10D4CC…)

Jerma’s current girlfriend creeps me the fuck out because every tweet she’s made since they started dating has been about him. I know Grotto Beasts is her baby but it’s only appealing to a niche emotionally stunted market and also doesn’t fit with Jerma’s brand at all. Jerma is funny but I doubt he can fully function in a real adult relationship so they probably make it work because of that. Also new gf is a massive downgrade looks wise from Kim but Kim seems like an all around miserable person to be around.

No. 1542480

I agree with this. Having a female role or support for a child's growth is vital. Gay men need not apply. Not to mention how hypersexual gay (male) culture is.

No. 1542484

I like that her mere existence makes fujocucks seethe.

No. 1542501

NONNY NO. do not be GASLIT but stupid fuckinf retards men age like shit and are in their prime at 18-24

No. 1542515

>Also new gf is a massive downgrade looks wise from Kim
Let's be real here, you would kill to take her place in a heartbeat.

No. 1542516

Idk who this random white guy is and why all femcels simp for him but his gf is super cute.

No. 1542541

well they're moonlighting somewhere
the red light district

No. 1542662

It's fine to talk about not liking certain threads in other threads. That's the nature of free speech and sharing a board with strangers.
>"just hide it"
Not everyone has cookies enabled, so when things they find distasteful get bumped, they'll probably see it before hiding it manually. Even if they don't, so what? You can also just keep scrolling if you don't like seeing them talk about it.

No. 1542667

It's funny how people will get their panties in a wad defending or detesting lolicon lol. I don't care all that personally for it even though I used to proclaim myself as a proshipper.

No. 1542669

So you’re a gross degenerate with no morals

No. 1542670

File: 1680872188042.jpeg (26.81 KB, 622x626, 42DA8871-7F7A-4264-A001-93D48A…)

No. 1542711

File: 1680875084908.gif (156.33 KB, 246x325, get the rope.gif)

rope yourself moid

No. 1542825

I'm kinda annoyed that "just homeschool" is proposed as the band-aid solution anytime a school shooting happens or to avoid troon propaganda, a lot of people can't or don't even want to homeschooling.

No. 1542836

Nearly every time I've heard of an adult talking about how they were homeschooled.. theres some set of lifelong lingering social difficulties that comes along with it, that or they had an abusive household and the homeschooling was a form of control or a way to keep that abuse a secret. Well rounded home schooled kids don't seem to be all that common.

No. 1542847

This is all very correct. Honestly whenever I see people, whether it be here on LC or anywhere else, say they plan to homeschool their kids it kind of breaks my heart. I know people will do what they want though and parents get sensitive when you tell them that how they're raising their kids isn't the best, so I don't try to convince them to not homeschool (anymore).
>t. was homeschooled

No. 1542853

I've been occasionally "tutoring" a child who is homeschooled and I feel like people really underestimate how much work it is. The kid is in a a private online school, so there's some stuff that it's already comes prepared, eg lessons are already structured, there are activities and homework, but even then, just accompanying him through that is already 3 to 4 hours per day easily. Everytime I see people criticizing homeschool, they say things like "put they won't have friends" or anything along those lines, with the kid I'm tutoring in particular, I wouldn't worry about that at all, he's extremely sociable by nature. The problem is that making friends inst all that socialization is about, you also learn that some classmates are better than you at something or that some of them struggle more than you and sometimes you have to be empathetic and be the one accommodating others, etc.
Also, if it is good from an a academic point of view, why aren't unhinged overachiever asian parents homeschooling their kids?

No. 1542883

Nta but I've also heard a lot of people who got homeschooled talk about it as a stunting experience at best and abusive at worst. Though take into account that most freaks who say they plan on homeschooling their kids online are NEETs that don't go outside and most likely will never have kids.

No. 1542884

>Also, if it is good from an a academic point of view, why aren't unhinged overachiever asian parents homeschooling their kids?

Because they generally have jobs themselves, and view the traditional education route (school to college to career) as the means of success.

No. 1542886

File: 1680892914158.jpg (45.4 KB, 559x463, 1669294692946.jpg)

You can be a fujo and not want to troon out.

No. 1542888

It’s me I’m she! In fact I never understood how that lead to THAT

No. 1542959

I'm a yumejo at heart and a himejo next, and there are some M/M ships I enjoy too, nothing wrong with enjoying two attractive fictional men who'd make a perfect couple.

No. 1543010

best of luck then. but it's an uphill battle with coomerism.

No. 1543012

File: 1680904065023.jpg (746.97 KB, 2048x1374, FsKcZiIATX1b.jpg)

Gay men purchasing babies from women should be considered child trafficking and is dangerous for the woman and abusive towards the child.

No. 1543015

why do aesthetic surgeons always look so ugly

No. 1543066

A extremely pretty face will beat out a great body everytime

No. 1543076

NTA but I have never understood the framing of fujos trooning out as a coom problem. If anything I feel like the fujos whose main/only interest in yaoi is that they think it's hot to watch two guys go at it are the MOST sane, while the ones who get obsessed with some illusory idea of pure and special gay boy love that straight girls can never ever have are the ones most likely to troon out. The FtM thread seems to highlight the extreme coomer ftms, but the average aiden I see all over twitter and tumblr is like heartstopper fan tier, gushing over their cute and gay skrunklies and saying fujos are le bad for fetishizing the poor pure gay men

No. 1543078

This is an extremely popular opinion anon.

No. 1543219

>”But the journey to becoming parents has not been easy after three previous pregnancies ended in miscarriage.”
oh fuck off

No. 1543294

No. 1543308

File: 1680936548993.png (212.68 KB, 828x1792, 93657A3B-A85F-4700-A18F-88624E…)

I’m really supposed to believe Ezra Miller, a gay man, is interested in a hideous, obese teenager who calls herself ‘Tokata Iron Eyes’ kek the entire thing reads like a fan fiction

No. 1543326

Didn't he sexually assault and drug her?

No. 1543327

I thought he was bi. Which means this news story would make more sense.

No. 1543331

Almost like acting camp and specifically choosing women who aren't likely to believed about sexual assault was his way of getting away with it, hmmmmmmm.

No. 1543332

Ezra is bi and opportunistic

queerbaiting is marketing choice and also bait to attract women to make him appear as non threatening

and it worked

No. 1543334

She's not as ugly as exrafags pretend. She's a minor who was very smart and an activist at that which would %100 be Ezras type given his fake philosopher persona. Ezra would be more likely to date and try to ruin a smart young girl than be with a perfect looking woman his age, he's too mentally ill for the latter.

No. 1543338

File: 1680938413791.jpg (72.19 KB, 1079x507, kk.jpg)

If you need to do extensive work into getting pregnant, then I honestly think you should stop and consider that you will likely pass down your unexplained infertility. So many women with PCOS and uterus/ovarian problems seem obsessed with birthing their own blood born child that it feels selfish. You have 37290201 health problems and more reasons to not reproduce. If you can't maintain a pregnancy, take the fucking hint and stop trying to birth somebody who will suffer the consequences of your stubbornness. Your daughters don't need to deal with your shit genetics. Endo and PCOS can be passed down and they are lifetime diseases. Consider adopting ffs???

No. 1543339

Give this same energy to old men who knowingly give their kids autism or birth defects instead of women with gyno issues, retard.
1/8 women have PCOS in their teens so it's not a super rare super life altering illness that means those women shouldn't ever have kids.
I thankfully dont have that condition but I have friends who do and acting like it's a birth defect is stupid when it's a very common phenomenon between young girls.

No. 1543341

NTA and I personally also give the same energy to crusty old men and the dumb women who decide to happily incubate their rotten sperm. You’re missing that anon’s point, if you have a shitload of issues and have to spend so much money and use science in order to get pregnant, just stop. Having a baby is not a necessity for a fulfilling life for anyone, but especially not a blood related baby. I personally think IVF and surrogacy should be illegal across the board, they are complete and total wastes of resources.

No. 1543342

No. 1543344

This is a weird logic. If we're saying things we disagree with are wasted resources medically, I'd say healthcare for mentally ill is a waste as they'd be better dead since they have no positive affects on society as a whole but also pose danger to those around them.

No. 1543357

Fertility medicine is a waste of resources because its soul purpose is to create a life that doesn’t exist yet. That life not existing isn’t a threat to anyone. Meanwhile the mentally ill already exist, the only other options besides not treating them are to let them go untreated and cause chaos, or to kill them, and killing all mentally ill people would be genocide. Not treating people who are infertile will just make them a little bit sad and they will adopt or get over it.

No. 1543363

>genocide is bad
>eugenics is based though

No. 1543366

OP here, it's a given that men with shit genetics and old age shouldn't reproduce. It's not an unpopular opinion anywhere on the planet except Iraq. Though these women pride themselves in their struggles to give birth by any means necessary. It's like not about the baby, it's about them being able to call themselves a mother. My sisters have hormone related problems that stem from my mothers poor reproductive health. One has endo with a deformed uterus and the other has PCOS to the point of having an absent periods for 2 years. It's not normal and it should not be encouraged to reproduce by all means necessary. Let me state that again. It should not be encouraged to reproduce by all means necessary. Just because it's a right does not mean it's morally correct. I only found out about having shit genetics until I started trying to conceive. Like any sane person, I stopped after realizing it's not going to happen naturally. There's already so many complicated to begin with, but for starters your likelihood of death shoots to the sky post-partum. When doctors offer everything and more for fertility aid, you increase ghe risk of women dying trying to fulfill a pregnancy that should have never been encouraged to begin with. Don't act like PCOS isnt dangerous. Women with PCOS that become pregnant have a higher chance of their large babies needing to be in intensive care. It's automatically suggested youre going to get a c-section because the odds of death trying to conceive vaginally is too uncomfortable to kill both the mother and the baby. They have higher risks of stillborn and miscarriages. Why encourage high risk pregnancies over the lives of women? It nonsense. It's cruel. It's brainwashy.

No. 1543368

Mental health services help people become or maintain their role in society and benefits their health, IVF and fertility treatments literally fuck up a womans body just so she can have a minimal chance of passing her shit reproductive genes unto the next gen who will be just as dependent on medical intervention to even conceive a child. Its like comparing cancer treatment to HRT, one saves lives, the other takes lives away but the patients are willing to risk it for what they consider the “greater good”.

No. 1543369

now you’re getting it!

No. 1543371

nta but that's not what eugenics are though. eugenics would be making healthy women infertile against their wish because of arbitrary reasons.

No. 1543372

Can we really call “your body can’t reproduce but you medically forced it to and that has alot of risks im opposed to” as eugenics kekw.

No. 1543375

I would be 3rd generation of a health issue if it shows up in my 30s-50s and I die of it. I'm first generation of something else I already had surgery for (hopefully wont need again) and I'm starting to think I'm one of the few sane people on earth who know creating more kids with it is a terrible idea. Except if I said the many reasons why I wont be having kids then people would say somehow thats selfish or eugenics. Me not wanting my kid to have the same medical issues I have. That or me dying before the kid even really grows up.

No. 1543382

As a feminine cis woman who enjoys typically girly things I’d never be a terf. The only reason reatrded radfems are so afraid of trans women is competition for dudes and general attractiveness. Trans women need to put in actual effort at the beginning into being women which means that if they start transition early enough they often end up much more feminine and hot to men than ugly masculine frustrated bitchy femcel radfems who refuse to wear makeup and do things that make women attractive. Terfism is literally female version of incels, stupid retarded hateful bitches think that by eliminating trans women men will want them more. Radfems see trans women as competition. The earlier trans women transition the more attractive and passing they’ll be so hateful right wing looney radfems want to block early access to puberty blockers to ruin their lives. Terfism is literally just jealousy and hate, no wonder it’s literally only crazy bpd butch bitches that become terfs, I’d be a terf too if I was a woman that looked like a man and saw someone like Kim Petras doing it better than me even tho it was handed to me. Terfism is pure entitlement.

No. 1543383

>killing all mentally ill people would be genocide.
Sterilizing them would be ideal. If anon thinks women with fertility issues should have kids, I think women with mental issues shouldn't have kids. A woman with fertility issues is way less likely to ruin her child's life than a woman with mental issues.

No. 1543385

I thought I was in the shitposting thread reading that

No. 1543388

I think that's a tranny but i only read first sentence and stopped after how baity it sounded.

No. 1543389

I'd post a "that's bait" image but tbh this isn't even good enough to be called bait kek.

No. 1543399

Ayrt and I can agree with that as someone who is mentally ill, kek

No. 1543410

Severely mentally ill and I agree. I'd make a shit mother, but at least I recognise that unlike my mum who had me despite the insane amounts of childhood trauma and other mental issues she never ever managed to resolve. And my redneck Dr Mengele grandmother who gave them to her, and later me. Just leave parenting to those who can handle it, my bloodline dies with me though x

No. 1543458

Kim Petra’s as an example is wild

No. 1543468

Nah I’ve always been mentally Ill or at least had ridiculous trauma growing up and I’m funny as fuck. People have told me to do stand up. I was voted as the most humorous in my graduating class etc. All while dealing with homelessness and a dead mom during that time. when I did improv my teacher cried at how good I was (made me quit tbh lol).

The funniest people are the most depressed. Also I feel like the more knowledge you gain the more mentally Ill you become. That’s why it’s better to be stupid and unfunny cuz at least you aren’t having an existential crisis every 3-5 business days thinking about the state of the world

No. 1543472

Are you British? You call people rednecks there?

No. 1543489

>A woman with fertility issues is way less likely to ruin her child's life
When anons talk about women (or people in general) who have fertility issues shouldn't have kids, don't they mean not forcing it through IVF? It's been known kids from IVF often have issues.

No. 1543495

I've researched this once but I only found that kids conceived through IVF had higher average iq, probably because their kids were wealthier than other group they were compared to since IVF is expensive but yeah IVF isn't as risky as some pretend it is. I have a lot of friends who are IVF babies and most of them are smart. I'm not an IVF baby so I'm not biased.
On the other hand mentally ill men or women passing down the illness and mistreating the child because of the mental illness is way more common a mentally ill people shouldn't have kids unless it's very mild and something they can easily control.

No. 1543508

That’s cool, but your anecdote doesn’t negate that I had entirely different accounts in the women near me. IVF babies have a higher chance of autism and the drugs used increase the risk of cancer and remove a lot of the chance of ever having children without. So it forces you to return for more and spend more money. I know one women and all three of her IVF babies are autistic. I also know a woman that wanted a second child horribly and got pregnant through IVF with high risk twins. She couldn’t bear the thought of aborting one so she carried both. She lost them both in a horrifying late term miscarriage that nearly killed her and took her from the daughter she already had. The doctors shouldn’t have done it with the mental place she was in, but she had the money and they didn’t have the morals. Should I keep going? I’m glad the other children are okay, but they were still brought into this world at higher risk odds and them being okay doesn’t dismiss that fact or the fact those women are now much more likely to suffer hormone or cancer related problems down the road.

No. 1543518

IVF is seriously terrifying. Pregnancy is already bad enough, but then the body horror fuckery/extreme pain, the financial exploitation, the ethical quagmire, the chances your child might suffer rammifications, or you might… IVF people are pretty crazy.

No. 1543534

>I have a lot of friends who are IVF babies
sure anon

No. 1543541

I'm not, I'm European. There isn't a name for our version of redneck in English that fits better.

No. 1543554

Poor people who care a lot about money or luxury brands are disgusting. Especially the types that save up months worth of their salary to buy a sweater or something from a brand that's inly expensive because of the name.

No. 1543594

Hetroseuxality>lesbianism>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>male homosexuality

No. 1543596

Infight in 3… 2…. 1

No. 1543600


No. 1543603

take your porn category ratings to the porn thread on /g/

No. 1543604

File: 1680961167553.png (171.91 KB, 590x732, 025b6f6402c0e43f68a3fbed625f93…)

Metrosexuality - we know this one
Retrosexuality - being attracted exclusively to your exes
Petrosexuality - wants to fuck oil wells
Jethrosexuality - want what's under that cod piece

No. 1543628

Ehh I worked with someone who gave birth at 40 through ivf and gave birth to 2 emotionally stunted kids. Sure they are incredibly smart but one is autistic and literally bangs his head on furniture if things go off script.She has to constantly miss work to take him out of school because he does this in classrooms as well and scares the teachers and students. He literally rammed his head in the office wall and caused a big hole. She also after getting IVF ended up having to get a hysterectomy and was out work for months. He spits on her and hits her and she is the sweetest lady ever. She would cry at least once a week when I worked there. Also her husband did jack shit once he found out his kids were on the spectrum! He actually laughs at his son when he freaks out and attacks people. Honestly bearing witness to that changed my mind on everything.

No. 1543632

Having a smart kid is not worth it if they are beating the living daylights out of you night and day

No. 1543992

Madonna is really THAT girl & she can never be topped as the queen of pop. In fact, nobody is even close to her level.

No. 1543998

Drawing hands isn't hard

No. 1544001

File: 1680996109925.jpg (37.76 KB, 518x611, bevhillbillies.jpg)


No. 1544003

French/Dutch braids aren't hard to do and you're all weak for being unable to do them

No. 1544015

Its satisfying. I find drawing toned male backs and people laying down in perspective a lot harder.

No. 1544016

I feel attacked

No. 1544032

>who calls herself ‘Tokata Iron Eyes’
anon it's her real name, she is Native American lmao

No. 1544076

It's actually pretty entertaining when someone tries to bait with a long post, just to get ignored. It's like a man cumming too fast or something.

No. 1544175

Thin brows are just better. You can't change my mind.

No. 1544181

File: 1681023533973.jpg (77.33 KB, 1170x1122, FanZHk8XEAEQFcW.jpg)

really nona?

No. 1544231

Most people that get bullied have done something to deserve it.

No. 1544414

That's not an unpopular opinion on a drama gossip website.

No. 1544419

No it really depends. A lot get bullied over nothing, while some get bullied for starting shit with others and just being autistic weirdos.

No. 1544770

People who get tattoos do it not because they lack a personality, but because they lack agency over their lives and their own bodies. In a desperate attempt to control SOMETHING about themselves they start collecting doodles all over their skin, even if it makes them uglier.

No. 1544772

I wouldn't say "most" but I'm wary of people who say they were bullied after my friend in high school told me about her "bully" in elementary school, she was literally the bully in the story and didn't have the self-awareness to realize it. I couldn't look at her the same way after that lol.

I love opinions like this because they literally make no sense, your mind is amazing.

No. 1544774

scrote-tier opinion

No. 1544777

And haircuts too.

No. 1544779

i agree. tattoos look so dirty and ugly. especially on men.

No. 1544780

If a man owns a female dog, he's probably a misogynist. If he owns a dog at all, there's a very high chance he is racist, because in the US, most dog owners are racist.

No. 1544794

>in the US, most dog owners are racist
Lmao, what's the source on that?

No. 1544800

File: 1681073821328.png (525.44 KB, 1343x867, 90FE6E1A-0F74-43E3-B4CC-19FB95…)

No. 1544809

nta but usually only whites (and rich east asians) have pets/dogs
and especially hillybilly are known to love pitbulls and such muh manly power breeds

No. 1544814

here only blacks and mexicans/ricans have dogs, or wealthy whites and east asians (ugly inbred doodle things or tiny white mopheads).
because the former doesn't care about their care and live in trashy neighborhoods, and the latter can afford their care and a place to live that allows them.

No. 1544820

Anon let's be honest, most white American men are racist regardless of their dogs.

No. 1544821

It definitely feels like the case for people who decide to dramatically alter their look.
It baffles me that some people can be very fashion conscious about clothes and accessories that complement them, but completely oblivious to how tacky tattoos can look on the same body. It's pretty much an accessory you can't remove, only hide.

No. 1544832

plus if you gain any weight or get color tattoos they fade and stretch and start to look like shit. i know a girl IRL that has TWO of the exact same tattoos as luna slater, and a ton in color, and they're so tacky and ugly. same girl gained like 80 pounds and told me she regrets them all kek, but keeps getting more to go with the "old style american" aesthetic or whatever. fucking ugliest shit on the planet. only cows and people with cowlike traits get tattoos.

No. 1544834

people that complain about tattoos on other people are just racist

No. 1544835

Haircuts? The thing normal people do like every 2-3 months if they’re not growing it out? Literally touch grass lmao

No. 1544836

>only cows and people with cowlike traits get tattoos
I disagree. A lot of the time they have suffered some injustice in their life that makes them need to alter their body in some way to regain autonomy over themselves.

No. 1544837

Yes… that was the point… I was being sarcastic.

No. 1544839

Only if they own dogs.

No. 1544845

I really don't think it's that deep. Doesn't over 50% of all adult popultion of Italy have at least one tattoo or something like that?

No. 1544846

File: 1681077817123.gif (120.29 KB, 220x145, 654646546.gif)

>mfw a tattooed man with a racist female dog enters my cone of vision

No. 1544847

File: 1681077966225.gif (120.29 KB, 220x145, 654646546.gif)

>mfw a tattooed man with a racist female dog enters my cone of vision

No. 1544849

File: 1681077877684.gif (120.29 KB, 220x145, 654646546.gif)

>mfw a tattooed man with a racist female dog enters my cone of vision

No. 1544851

File: 1681077912010.png (327.01 KB, 837x837, C167AAE3-464D-4258-AAA5-B55F49…)

tbh i dont mean like tattoos rooted in cultural practices, i mean people like luna slater(picrel) who think tattoos make them look cool or give them some sort of deep 3edgy5u personality

No. 1544856

KEK the multi-post glitch just makes this even better

No. 1544866

>tfw you're not like other girls and your deep 3edgy5u personality doesn't need to be bolstered by tattoos

No. 1544874

What if they own a tattooed dog?

No. 1544877

Oh you don't like my tatts.. is it because they're black?

No. 1544887

File: 1681080879559.jpeg (33.82 KB, 750x421, 80CB3752-489E-4B0E-AE16-2376EE…)

No. 1544895

When my mom was getting radiation therapy for breast cancer they tattooed tiny dots on her to mark the area. Gawd mom stop ruining yourself with tattoos.

No. 1544899

It is allowed to get tattoos if it is rooted in medical practice.

No. 1544901

No I think God met her at the gates to heaven and said "you're not getting in with those tattoos"

No. 1544911

nta but i just wanted to say that you're a fucking retard

No. 1544914

Nta but it's not necessary for you to be a hostile aggressive retard just because someone made a dumb joke. This isn't the post like a moid thread.

No. 1544929

Thatcher was the ultimate girlboss and I'm tired of pretending she's not

I stan a queen who causes this much seethe ten years after dying

No. 1544935

Posting the only SNL sketch I think I've ever liked.

No. 1544994

I won’t be friends with women who are too hot. It would be too awkward. Like imagine a average or ugly woman walking around with someone who looks like a Victoria secret model…you’re just asking for a ton of awkward and unwanted interactions.

No. 1544996

i guess if all you see a woman for is her appearance and not whether or not your personalities are compatible, her hobbies, who she actually is as a person… i love being friends with girls who are hotter than me and i would lay my life down for them because theyre good to me.

No. 1545004

I’m sure they are hotter than you but not extremely beautiful. I don’t like constantly being compared to my hot friends or being ignored in public. Being friends with hot women as a average or ugly woman you get treated subhuman especially in settings like bars, parties and clubs. And a lot of scrotes will insult you to your face as a way to flirt with the hot friend. No ty.

No. 1545033

I hate motherfuckers that ask to cut you in line at the grocery store. “I only have a bag of chips can I go in front of you” bitch wait like everyone else just because you are buying less shit doesn’t mean you are entitled to my spot in line that I waited for. Go to the self checkout. Only narcissistic assholes would even go up to a stranger to ask to go in front of someone else

No. 1545035

Yeah I agree. This doesn't apply to regular pretty girls, imo they give more of a cheerleader effect and it feels normal to hang out with them. But extremely attractive women, like model tier, just engineer really uncomfortable social situations. It's not their fault (it's men's fault as always), but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with the way people treat you in comparison.

No. 1545056

Sick and tired of hearing about ai. No I don’t wanna see that movie that was made by ai. Shut up ugh

No. 1545109

I was bullied for being a dyke kek but I was kind of mean to people I guess I kinda deserved it

No. 1545112

girls who act like "one of the guys" are the most pathetic thing in my eyes. They have no personality other than trying to search up which memes guys will like and pretending to be just as horny and depraved as the scrotes they try to attract. I hate how they just instantly hate other women while pretending to be bi sexual to feed off of the male fantasy of two women together. I hate how they also say shit like "I can't be friends with women. I'm more like a guy" while also claiming those mentioned bi points.

Living off of male validation and losing all your sense of self to integrate with exclusively scrotes is the fastest way to lose my respect for you.

No. 1545115

Oh my god, yes and then they tease you when you complain about it “I’m not harassing you, who would want you?” Anyways what’s with all The pretty vs ugly debates , I don’t know where I stand on it personally because I’ve been called super cute by both men (probably just wanna fuck) and women (probably pitying me) and such but I’ve also been teased for being ugly af.

No. 1545117

No. 1545168

People who practiced dangerous sports like mountain climbing or spelunking shouldn't be rescued if they get into an accident, they knew the risks and they endanger more people when getting into danger.

No. 1545175

This only applies to a small minority of people who get tattoos. Most of them just get tattoos because they think it looks pretty or cool even though it's almost always ugly.

No. 1545188

You sound like great friends with amazing personalities, I'm sure exceptionally beautiful, model-tier women are falling over themselves to be friends with you KEK.

No. 1545192

I sometimes end up on this morbid part of YouTube where they cover mountain climbers, cave divers deaths, recreational stuff like that where people take on risk. It's messed up how many rescuers just end up dying along with them. Especially when the person lived a life where'd they're retired, have no spouse or kids to worry about and felt ok with taking that risk but then the rescuers who die often do have kids that lose a parent young. All because of someones hobby gone wrong. Idk how those families make peace with the senseless loss of an extra life.

No. 1545235

Let’s be real most pretty women don’t want to be friends with ugly or average women as well and prefer being around other hot girls

No. 1545242

My friends don't care about what I look like at all kek where the are you guys finding these "friends"? This literally just sounds like something a weird incel on 4chan who has never spoken to a woman would say.

No. 1545247

I was reading that more people die from avalanches than rock climbing each year, but the real fucked part is avalanche rescue is dangerous and the efforts can accidentally kill the rescue team because they have to dig you up out of unstable terrain. I don't think rich people need to climb or skii on fucking mountain peaks, especially if it's going to possibly kill them, other civilians, or a team of people trying to save their retarded asses. they should just go fuckin skateboarding or waterboarding, but I guess that's too pedestrian for these exhilaration-fried darwin-award winning inbred fucks?
>wtf I couldn't take a 70 degree slope down a fresh layer of pristine snow at 60 mph without bringing down the mountain on top of me and my family?
>MMOMMMMYY come pick me up I almost died from the repercussions of treating nature like a toy!! use ur tax dollars to pick me up so I can go zoomies again!!!

also caving deaths are usually mildly scary but mostly amusing to me. you crawled your fatass in a cave, what did you think would happen? that the cave would be naturally designed for human fatasses to fit? you wedged your dumbass in a house for eels and bats because you thought it was a McDonald's playplace for grown men? 100% deserved.

No. 1545248

Maybe you are more attractive than you think or don’t hangout with normies. Most normie attractive women do not want to hangout with uglier women.

No. 1545256

OK but this is lolcow, most of us don't hang out with normies. Also what you are saying is just bizarre to me, I can't imagine caring enough about what one of my friends looks like for it to be a factor in our friendship. What if you have a beautiful friend and she gets in an accident and is disfigured? Would you dump her at the side of the road kek?

No. 1545270

Ok but some women legitimately do have more “masculine” personalities without being misogynist. (Masculine in quotes bc I think certain hobbies and traits shouldn’t be considered male-coded by default)

No. 1545277

No shit but does that sound in any way like what OP was describing?

No. 1545278

You are forgetting about the stacy that befriends dumpy looking women on purpose to mistreat them and feel superior to them

No. 1545283

hang(ing) out is 2 words anon, I'm picturing some 13-years-old hammering out these posts based on her 8th grade understanding of the world kek

No. 1545289

Are you esl because hangout is definitely a word

No. 1545314

Hangout is a word babe lol

No. 1545317

> What if you have a beautiful friend and she gets in an accident and is disfigured? Would you dump her at the side of the road kek?

People do stop being friends with people after they become disfigured or disabled

No. 1545319

They're probably neets who can't make friends and instead of realizing the issue is their personality and trying to fix it, they act like they're getting ignored because they're ugly by the evil stacies.
People don't care about friends looks unless there's anything romantic going on.

No. 1545326

Naw if you actually are average or ugly and you’re around pretty women scrotes will be rude to you just to impress her. There have been times when I’ve went to the bar and guys would be buying my pretty friend all these drinks and making it known verbally that they don’t want to buy me anything and while she sits there and soaks up all the attention. I’ll pass and just be friends with women on my level physically.

No. 1545329

You getting less attention than a random friend and deciding your friendship is over because of that doesn't mean beautiful women don't befriend ugly or average women. You're weird for thinking that way and I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who has your mindset.

No. 1545330

Is it really that traumatic for your friend to get free drinks from scrotes and not you? Just don't go to bars then and make some shit up about not drinking.

No. 1545331


If you're out with girls who allow random scrotes to be mean to you and suck up all the attention they give, those girls aren't your actual friends. Just people using you as a DUFF. Average looking women do that to "ugly" women too. But people usually click with people they can relate too. Attractive women can relate to other attractive women so they gravitate towards each other I guess

No. 1545335

I’m not saying it never happens but I’ve met a lot of normie women who prefer pretty friends because they get more perks when going out and they want to take cute group selfies and TikTok’s. Most normies are shallow like that and befriend people for aesthetics and you’re lying to yourself if you think this women supporting women shit is real in real life lol

No. 1545336

Hard agree. Its cool that you wanna be a daredevil and try something new, but the people who have to bail your stupid ass out are just working their very important yet underappreciated jobs.

No. 1545338

> want to take cute group selfies and TikToks
I know a lot of pretty ugly and average women in the same friend group who do those things. Just because you get jealous of pretty girls and hate being around them doesn't mean everyone's the same.
I don't understand why she thinks it's that big of a deal, she really sounds weird and petty. I'd hate to be her friend at that situation like imagine flirting with a guy and your weird friend is there super fucking annoyed at you because she didn't get the attention she thinks she's entitled to. Weird.

No. 1545339

When I was in high school my best friend was the Staciest Stacy that ever Stacied and having her soak up all the male attention was great even though I felt bad for her at times. I hate dealing with scrotes when I'm out and about, so having her with me as a buffer turned out to be a fairly good thing.

No. 1545340

I can tell you're terminally online. Most normies aren't thinking about TikTok and free drinks when they make friends. They make friends with people who have similar interests to them.

You're describing clout chasers.

No. 1545343

>most normie women aren’t thinking about men buying them drinks

Do you after go out to bars and night clubs? This is obviously not true kek

No. 1545351

I love being friends with an insecure goblin spouting 4chan rhetoric who probably would kill me in my sleep because some scrote bought me a drink at a bar.

No. 1545352

She's probably hanging out in incel spaces and 4chan. They usually mock women and claim women only think about getting free drinks and male attention, taking cute selfies and tiktok videos, etc.

No. 1545353

Getting OT here and I suppose I'm an asocial freak who lives under a rock, but do normie women who are the same age as farmers, aka at least 18 and on average probably mid 20s or a little older, even care about making cute tiktoks?

No. 1545354

No. 1545355

You really must have mental delays because you left off the second part of my sentence.The when they make friends part really makes a difference. No one's going "this girl is hot, if I hang with her I'll get free drinks". Outside of a clout chasing leech.

Also, as someone who touches grass on occasion and sometimes goes to bars and clubs, no… None of us really think about that. We'll joke and say "you're so hot someone will definitely by you a drink tonight" but none of us are actually looking for that. Moids are annoying and entitled and they think spending $13 on a watered down vodka cranberry entitles them to your panties

No. 1545357

Are you a literal retarded person? Most normie women don't want drinks from some disgusting creep at a bar. Most normie women meet men through dating apps. It's complete bottom of the barrel shit to try to get laid by a random stranger at a bar as a woman. That's like something you do when you are in the biggest pit of despair in your life, have a serious alcohol problem and are considering suicide. Most women I know won't even accept a drink from a random scrote because a) it could be drugged and b) then you have a annoying creep following you around all night expecting something, potentially getting aggressive and just being a retard.

No. 1545359

Yeah. It's sad that 4chins is still out here poisoning the minds of young mal-adjusted women. Hoping she'll make an irl female friend who's only got a mild interest in anime so the normie rubs off on her.

No. 1545363

I'm an oldfag so things might be different now, but back in my days we liked the free drinks and hated the scrotes that came with them. The goal was to get alcohol and then get the fuck away from the scrotes.

No. 1545364

We have a lot of 4chan femcels here, they're really misogynistic and literally hate women like how anon seems to hate her friend for getting a 10 dollar drink for free.

No. 1545366

File: 1681139390703.jpg (62 KB, 720x790, dc921c5d41bfe391fd8f14b5a57655…)

God, the women you put on this earth to shitpost about cows are having their 100th infight about pretty women and ugly women instead.

No. 1545367

yeah because it's the biggest app there is right now with every age demographic from boomers to gen alpha and as of now and it's easy and effortless to make videos. if you're a normie, plus there's a wide array of users from like hillbillies to emos to rich villa havers so people like getting some recognition/fame there plus it's fun due to the efortlessness

No. 1545368

Maybe it’s the people in my environment but most straight women I’ve went out with act super insecure if no one’s offering to buy drinks. I don’t think they actually want to date these men they just want the validation of a man offering to buy them a drink and they also will judge you if no one’s buying you a drink. That’s why I prefer going out to bars alone or with women on my level physically. The only time I’ve met women who feel annoyed by the attention they get from men at bars or clubs have been lesbians. Most straight women get upset if no guys talk to them at all.

I’m in my 30s so this is probably why the zoomers here can’t relate to this mentality kek

No. 1545369

>Most straight women get upset if no guys talk to them at all.

Since you said you're mid 30s, I guess that's where the disconnect is coming from? I'm mid 20s and I've never seen that shit any time I've been out with friends. We just come out to have a good time. We may joke about going home with someone but no one's actually looking to pick up a bar scrote. Gross.

No. 1545370

>pick up a scrote
Those women aren’t either they just want the attention and free drinks. And by attention I don’t mean some ugly and gross scrote acting perverted.

No. 1545371

>In her thirties
>gets insecure when a woman gets more attention than her
God please get therapy. You're too old to be acting like a teen. Men buying you drinks or not don't matter. Stop using 4chan, stop obsessing about men. If you really want a bf download a dating app or meet one through your friends or something instead of competing for cheap drinks in bars.

No. 1545372

I’ve been on 4chan once a decade ago and I’m not obsessed with men. I just know me and I know how the world works and I’d rather just be friends with people on my level. I wouldn’t be friends with someone extremely rich either because it would be awkward.

No. 1545374

I'm in my mid thirties too and this sounds absolutely pathetic. I would jump off a cliff if this was how I socialized. Who the fuck wants to talk to a scrote at a bar? Unless you're freakishly ugly, deformed, missing parts of your face then you can easily get moid attention from an app and you can enjoy your social life with your friends like a normal person.

No. 1545375

That's also pathetic. Bar scrotes are the ones you avoid eye contact with in the wild. The cat calling construction workers. The weird guy in your 11th grade homeroom class who got caught jerking off in the library. Any woman with self esteem who's over the age of 23 would be disgusted with bar scrotes trying to pick them up with watered down booze.

The type of dude you'd want to hit in you and buy you stuff is most likely not going to be at the bar.

No. 1545376

** Hit on you

No. 1545378

I don’t agree with that. Most women straight women are going to be ok with an ok looking man buying them a drink and starting up a respectful conversation. Women in real life are not radfems who don’t want men to talk to them ever kek

No. 1545380

Yeah, you sound insecure as hell tbh. Only a woman with low self-esteem is going to feel actually flattered and validated from getting attention from a drunk horny bar scrote who may or may not live in his mom's basement. I could understand a young (18-23) woman getting excited if a scrote hit on her and bought her drinks at the bar ive been that dummy, but once you go out often enough or just grow up and experience life you realize it's a very low bar. And also if you go out often enough there's a chance you or your friends have accepted a drink and got roofied, so now you're actually scared to accept drinks from bar scrotes.

It's your choice to befriend whoever you want too, but your reasoning is shallow and insecure and honestly I'm starting to feel bad you didn't grow out of that phase.

No. 1545381

>ok looking man
>respectful conversation
>at a bar
Kek what the fuck. Not sure what kind of fantasy society you live in in your head but this is not what happens IRL.

No. 1545382

Yeah, they'll be okay with it. But you're missing a few key points.

A. Most bar scrotes are not the ones who start respectful conversations. Most of them think buying you a drink means you have to suck his dick in the parking lot, and will act accordingly.

B. Most dudes hitting on chicks in bars are not decent looking or decent men. Like I said, they're the social rejects looking on someone drunk and insecure for their next lay.

C. Even men know that the woman you met in the bar is 9/10 not the woman you're going to take seriously. Therefore, the likelihood of a bar scrote having civil conversation with you is slim to none.

D. Most straight women will be okay with it. Just like most straight women will be okay if no one talks to her at the bar. Because they didn't go with the intention of getting scrote attention. They're there to have fun with their friends.

No. 1545383

>have accepted a drink and got roofied
That's the one thing that's getting to me in this discussion, like I can understand wanting to feel desirable and all, but have some self preservation?

No. 1545387

Is it just women who are super young though? I have a ex friend who was worried that since I was wearing black when we went out less men would approach us. I’m not really worried about men not giving me attention around prettier women but I know the average normie woman will judge their friends for getting no attention from guys. I’ve seen it happen. I know most women are pick mes and I’m not going to risk my own comfort to try to seek out the rare ones that aren’t so I’d rather just stick to my social class where I know it’s safe.

No. 1545388

It should be. But immature grown women exist and I guess I should have phrased it like that. A mature in the mind woman will not give two shits if random moids approach them with the intent to stick their dicks in a warm hole. That's all men buying you drinks at a bar amounts too and usually once you turn 25 you start to realize that.

That's why I think it's pathetic to care and want to feel desired by these types. They're 8/10 scum who'd fuck a big Mac if he got horny enough. His validation is actually worthless and a mature woman would recognize that. If you need a quick fix of validation you're better off downloading a dating app to watch the likes and matches go up. It's much safer and you don't even have to reply.

No. 1545393

>I know the average normie woman will judge their friends for getting no attention from guys
I feel like I'm living in some kind of bizarro world with these comments today. What does friendship mean to you people? No wonder you are all so mentally ill and fucked up, it's must be genuinely traumatic that you haven't experienced real friendship or connection with another human and can't even imagine a friendship that isn't based on what you look like kek.

No. 1545398

Seriously, in all my years of living and knowing and being friends with both beautiful and average looking women there has NEVER been a time where they or I have judged each other for not getting scrote attention?? The fuck?? Like I have never had a female friendship where we have been competing for male attention with each other, EVER. Not even the toxic friendships, not even the friendships with attention-seekers. What kind of fucked up clown world are they living in because it sounds like hell and I hope to never move there.

No. 1545406

I think I was a broke 19 year old (legal here) the last time I accepted a drink. That same night another girl who'd barely had anything to drink ended up being taken away in an ambulance because her legs just went from under her. Couldn't walk. Had no idea why. Soon after she was on SM warning people that she'd been roofied and then more posts kept popping up about it happening in the same location for months afterwards. Was she stunning.. she was pretty overweight tbh. Still targetted. I knew people who even joked about how she probably wasn't roofied because she wasn't pretty enough for anyone to do that to her

No. 1545409

You lead such a sad life my God. Normal adults don't do that. Where the hell do you live that everyone is ass backwards and acting like life is just a continuation of your sophomore year of HS?

No. 1545412

I smell a freshly minted 18 year old or just another scrote larp.
The only two groups who would care about women judging other women based on the men and drinks they do or don't pull.
I remember caring about this shit when I was an insecure 19 year old trying to fake confidence.

No. 1545414

Exactly. They make it seem like bar scrote attention is something you want because it's so exclusive that only Stacie's get it instead of reality.. they're horny scrotes with the "any hole is a goal" mentality. It's sick they think that unattractive women aren't at risk for sexual violence, because they definitely target those women operating on the "no one will believe you" angle.

No. 1545423

I think it might also be because I lived life as a dark skin black woman that I see how important desirability politics are and how it also can effect friendships and how it’s not a good idea to hang out with people who aren’t on your level in the looks or financial department. I’m sure if I were white, in an all white environment I’d probably have have the more optimistic world view of looks in friendships not mattering.

No. 1545432

Oh God. Here we go with the tragic Darkskin black woman subplot. I'm also black and your issue is you're insecure with yourself and outwardly projecting it on others. If you were white you would have found another feature to be insecure and fixate over. You also probably grew up in a majority white/white adjacent environment which negatively impacted you. You need to self reflect and heal because the hurt your experienced is poisoning you. Normal women don't give their friends shit if no one hits on them in the bar. Because they don't go to the bar to be hit on, they go to have fun.

No. 1545442

I don’t hate pretty or rich people I just won’t be friends with them. I also don’t want to be friends with women who have kids or are obese. I don’t think I’m poisoning myself because I won’t be friends with certain demographics of people kek. I never said it was right but I do a lot of shit that’s not right.

No. 1545449

You're poisoning yourself because you think normal friends compete with their sexual desirability for bar scrotes and give each other actual shit if no scrote buys them a whisky sour. That's a toxic way to view friendship. Like I said, befriend who you like but the reasoning is very off and not healthy.

No. 1545450

Since when do rich people make friends with people who aren't rich anyway?

No. 1545452

It honestly makes it make a lot of sense as to how fucked up people on here are. I didn't think it was that rare to have a couple of genuine friendships. I'm autistic, boring/stupid and ugly so I just figured if I had them then other people probably would. But I think maybe I just got extremely lucky, I'm gonna go text my friends now kek.

No. 1545454

The average person is pretty fucked up so yes shit like that is normal behavior which is why I use caution and live based on my experiences and not how things should be in a perfect world. I know that women should be supporting each other and not caring about male attention but that is how things should be, not how they actually are.

No. 1545457

You have a very limited worldview in your bid to reject swathes of people first before they have the opportunity of possibly rejecting you after getting to know you.
It's an avoidant and antisocial behavioral pattern, which is why you find aggressive nonsense like 'women judge others when men won't buy them drinks' to be sound social logic.

No. 1545459

>genuine friendships

I think most people meet their best friends before the age of 22. I think after that most friends that you meet after that are going to just be aesthetic and fun friends.

No. 1545460

File: 1681144473328.png (37.14 KB, 1057x501, Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 18.33…)

I'm sorry native speaker-chan

No. 1545462

I think a lot of people here have a very warped view of human interaction in general.

No. 1545464

I reject being around the majority of men as well. I don’t need to be around people to know what they’re going to be like, most people act similar anyway. I know what the outcome of being around women who look better than me is so I’d rather not deal with it.

No. 1545466

I know what a hangout is you moron, you still used it wrong holy shit

No. 1545467

File: 1681144675037.jpg (46.42 KB, 1080x722, Hangout.jpg)

And I'm sorry, ESL chan.

No. 1545468

keep reposting but you're still not getting it kek

No. 1545469


You're so self loathing that's a bigger issue than your race or level of attractiveness

No. 1545470

Sorry, I don't speak dumbfuck. Do you hail from the lands of Shit Fartia? Pee pee poo poo (it means hello where you're from)

No. 1545471

What the fuck is an aesthetic friend?

No. 1545472

I don’t hate myself. I love myself which is why I don’t put myself in situations that make me feel uncomfortable.

No. 1545473

File: 1681145004469.png (23.18 KB, 349x420, 3.png)

>a place one frequently visits
hang out refers to the act of hanging out with someone. Hangout refers to a location TO hang out. How can you be so close yet so far

No. 1545474

A friend to just get dressed up with and go out to restaurants etc so that you don’t have to go places alone.

No. 1545476

Pee pee poo poo (eng. Translartion: retard)

No. 1545478

If you loved yourself you wouldn't care about scrote attention at bars. You'd befriend whoever matched your energy regardless of wealth or looks. You'd be able to believe that friendships between women are just pissing contests to get male attention. You'd know that while there are immature women who use other women as props for make attention, there's a lot that will call that shit out and shun those types. You're painting everyone with the same broad brush because you're scared and tired of being hurt. You can befriend and interact with whoever you want too and ignore whoever you want to but your reasoning is glaringly obvious to me. I can only imagine how you come off IRL.

No. 1545479

>Most women straight women are going to be ok with an ok looking man buying them a drink and starting up a respectful conversation
This gave you away as a male. I'm 21 which means I'm quite naive but even then, when I go out I usually stick with my female friends and all of us feel creeped when a guy comes in and interrupts us. Most women don't want to be approached in bars.

No. 1545480

I paint people with a broad brush because most people are the same. I can match energy with women who look like me too I don’t need to be friends with beautiful women because there’s nothing I can get from one of them that I can’t get being around an average woman.

No. 1545481

>t. a 23 year old who has had difficulty making friends since leaving college

No. 1545483

Nta but you sound incredibly insecure and hyper-vigilant.

No. 1545484

I have a lot of friends but they aren’t people who I’d consider close. They are people I just have around so that I have shit to do. I think finding genuine friendships after adolescence is rare.

No. 1545485

And being like that keeps me happy. I’m not fixing what’s not broken.

No. 1545488

Like I said, befriend who you want. You just come off as extremely insecure with your whole bar scrote rants. We can put two and two together. You avoid certain situations and people because you're insecure and self loathing. In one of my OG posts I said people tend to befriend those who they relate too. Most average looking women relate to being average in looks and naturally gravitate to other average looking women. Not a problem. The issue is stating you avoid friendships with women you deem more attractive than you because it makes you feel lesser. But I'll leave you to it. You don't have to justify shit here I'm just some anon on the internet

No. 1545490

I don’t think anything is wrong with being insecure though. I only think insecurity is a problem if you’re in denial about it which most people are. Most people in denial about being insecure will be around pretty women and instead of just admitting to themselves they are jealous they start being vindictive and rude for petty reasons because they don’t want to admit they are insecure. The world would be a better place of people could just own being insecure and not make it other peoples problem.

No. 1545491

How can you believe in "desirability politics" and not realize male attention isn't shit? Blows my mind that you could have that low of an iq, but enjoy remaining insecure and envious of the women around you.

No. 1545492

It's definitely more difficult. I live in a country where people solidify their friend group by age 15 and you're forever an outsider if you come in after then. But even I have made really genuine friends in my 30s. I have never successfully infiltrated a friend group but often a lot of people in the friend group are sick of their dynamic and are dying to make different friends too. Plus when you get to your 30s, a lot of people's friends are settling down, don't want to go out much, have a long term partner, house, job and kids. So if you live any kind of "alternative" lifestyle you get a bunch of new friends then.

No. 1545496

Nta but this isn't a femcel website. Go back to r/FDS and r/Vendetta

No. 1545497

It is when you allow it to dictate your life, like you are. We all have insecurities, but we don't all believe that our friends are mocking us because no smelly guy naked Kyle launched his nasty beer spit in our face while over exaggerating how much he makes a year over the shots he bought to get in your pants.

No. 1545499

>mens attention
If you don’t think your looks impact other aspects of life beyond scrotes you’re very naive. I also don’t understand why people demonize emotions like insecurity and jealousy and make it seem like a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing it’s just an uncomfortable emotion like anger that I avoid by not putting myself in those situations at all. I’m not going to intentionally put myself in situations that make me angry just like I’m not going to put myself in situations that make me feel inadequate.

No. 1545501

I’m not going to be rude with people who are hot or rich but I don’t want to be around them all the time either. I’m happy being blissfully ignorant not thinking about what I don’t have because I’m not around anyone with it kek

No. 1545502

Well-adjusted people work through and cope with feelings instead of avoiding them like a coward.

No. 1545503

I don’t want to work through anything and I’m happy being blissful in my own bubble. I’m sorry that you want me to feel like shit because it benefits others kek

No. 1545504

It's sad that even 30 year old woman is weird enough to not interact with women just because they're more beautiful, fat, or have children.
A lot of anons really are out of touch and heavily mentally ill. It's like most of you haven't gone out and interacted with real women in years which is creepy but kind of explains the weird infights that always happen.

Anyway for a boost just download tinder. You're obviously hungry for male attention even though you won't admit it since you wouldn't get so traumatized over your friends getting approached by men if that wasn't the issue. You'll see that you get the similar amount of attention on dating apps and it'll probably fix your insecurities a little. Delete the app later.

No. 1545506

Babe the issue is attractive people can make you feel inadequate. They shouldn't. It's normal to feel insecure but it's running your life to the point where you're avoiding shit. Deal with why you feel that way instead of trying to avoid it

No. 1545507

>you want me to feel like shit to benefit others
Kek at your victim complex over being insecure in your appearance. I doubt you even have friends considering how shallow and insecure you are. You probably drive people away. I sincerely hope you get picked so you can stay away from other women.

No. 1545508

Your insecurities are limiting the way you interact with the world. You would probably feel much better about yourself if you didn't use avoidance as your main coping mechanism.

No. 1545509

the difference is hang out is the verb and hangout is a noun. I bet your native language's grammar is harder and yet you fuck this up

No. 1545511

I don’t want to be friends with obese women because I like to be active and go out for hikes and I don’t want to be friends with women with kids because children take up too much of their money and time. I won’t be friends with men at all unless I find them sexually atttactive(I truly don’t get women who befriend men but that’s their life)
I’ve tried getting out there and putting myself out of my comfort zone and felt worse. I feel happier limiting who I allow into my life and the point of life is to be happy for yourself. I rarely meet beautiful women anyway so it doesn’t make a difference.

No. 1545513

Pee poo poo pee pee poo poo poo pee.

No. 1545514

The point is that you're shallow and have nothing to offer people in the way of friendship.

No. 1545515

I would be friends with attractive women under the rare circumstances that she’s a woman who really cares about her friends, does not care about scrote attention, does not seek out friends to be DUFFS and does not judge other women for not spending a lot of time on their looks but I know the average person is not like that so I wouldn’t bother

No. 1545516

most solid argument on lolcor

No. 1545521

poe poe poe poe

No. 1545523

What is a DUFF? I feel like my mental health is being eroded from this thread.

No. 1545525

File: 1681148397984.png (4.61 KB, 238x212, download.png)

No. 1545528

Designated ugly fat friend.
And girl, same. Glad self loathing ain't contagious unless you hang out with like-minded individuals irl

No. 1545534

File: 1681148873005.jpeg (291.07 KB, 2048x1367, 042D6EBB-4794-47EB-957E-B982A8…)

it's funny how I watched the movie where the protagonist is a "duff" and she's not even ugly

No. 1545550

All of this infighting is proving that anons itt do not hang out with normie women whatsoever. You do get shit on for being ugly in the presence of prettier friends and they do make comments and act out when you become the reason they don’t have people go up to them. Men will see you and think you’re there to guard the prettier girls and give them a hard time, I’ve had friends who took on that role because they cared about their friends safety and ended up getting ostracized because she “ruined the mood”. Even I get called paranoid for saying its a bit weird to go home with scrotes immediately after meeting them at a bar so I never get invited anymore. It gets even worse if you’re outspoken about how dangerous men are in circumstances like that and it just reinforces the idea in their mind that you’re bitter because you’re ugly and not because you’ve been through it yourself

No. 1545553

Nor particularly fat. They dressed her like a frump.

No. 1545555

They're not your friends and if you stay friends in spite of knowing that terrible system (and having s problem with it to the extent that you do) then you are enabling the dynamic.
They call you ugly and a killjoy not because they see you as a nagging mother figure getting in the way of their dick, they do it because they despise you, and they'd say the same if you were a prettier girl trying to be a good friend to their hateful asses.

Holy shit, do you not understand this isn't typical socialization? If this was ever you then you were duped into settling for this "friend" group.

No. 1545558

File: 1681150628027.jpeg (601.69 KB, 2996x1692, C68788E3-56B3-43B7-9000-CD9488…)

She was also characterized as nerdy and awkward. Her outfits weren't that bad. The aspect I appreciated is her two "hot" friends weren't stereotypically mean.

I don't think everyone who gets shoehorned into the duff role is necessarily catching flack because their hot friends pick them and tote them around for their alleged ugliness on purpose, sometimes you just end up in that position on accident.

No. 1545560

This is so OT but I had a friend who was in a friend group separate from mine and there was one random guy who was rich as fuck through his parents, he would just drop hundreds of dollars on his poor friends for no reason, but he had teen moid taste and would buy everyone McDonalds or video games kek. He never expected anything back though. I wonder what happened to him.

No. 1545562

I’m the anon who posted the opinion that I won’t be friends with pretty women and what you’ve described is exactly my experience. And even if your prettier friends are being hassled by scrotes you can’t say anything because you’re putting yourself at risk because some scrote will think they are being cock blocked and get violent with you.

No. 1545577

Same fag and your friends blaming you for the lack of men coming around is a real thing in normie friend circles

No. 1545584

Only thing rude about that is that she didn’t give you some of her free drinks and then shoo the scrotes away so you could shit talk them together. That’s what I would have done.

No. 1545588

File: 1681152206977.jpeg (33.93 KB, 800x450, BF106DAC-0488-436C-AD4E-437E36…)

I took and a nap and came back to the stupidest infight in the world

No. 1545589

>your friends blaming you for the lack of men coming around is a real thing in normie friend circles
Sounds like you just have autistic friends who crave male validation. I've never seen this happen, only thingy I've had happen to me was fat girls telling me they felt less attractive next to me which made me stop hanging out with them. I'm %100 average.

No. 1545603

So normies are more maladjusted and mentally ill than weaboo neets who post on gossip forums? Interesting.

No. 1545617


I think you're the one who doesn't hang around normies or have actual friends because your experience is not normal. Those people were never your friends and should have been dropped accordingly. If someone doesn't like you, they will treat you like you're disposable.

>Same fag and your friends blaming you for the lack of men coming around is a real thing in normie friend circles

Those aren't friend circles, those are frenemy circles holy shit. People who like each other genuinely don't act like this.

No. 1545624

In real life, the "duff" would probably be considered the "stereotypically hot" one. American media pushes such a false reality about what its citizens look like.

No. 1545631

It’s never happened to you because you aren’t the ugly friend in the group kek

No. 1545637

This is retarded. I'm ugly and I have hot friends and men are so nice to me when they know who my friends are because I'm more approachable than my friend, they desperately want to get invited to wherever we are going after and they want me to tell my friend that they're a decent guy. WTF world do you live in where women want to fuck some slimy negging pick up artist creep who insults their FRIENDS (people who you care for and have loyalty towards) to their faces. Hot women don't have to sink to that level, they can get almost any guy they want and don't have to resort to bottom of the barrel bar flies with genital herpes who have to get a girl drunk out of her mind to have a chance at getting laid. Hot women get harassed too and all women know how fucked up and dangerous men are, that's not a lolcor specific trait. Normie women constantly complain about men and what pieces of shit they are. Normie women want to date a guy who their friends think is desirable and not some rude freak who gets their pickup tactics from the same place as a rapist from 4chan.

No. 1545639

Nta but I wouldn’t like men I’m attracted to approaching me just so they can fuck my friends. The narc and main character syndrome in me just can’t do it but props to you for being secure enough not to feel like a loser because of it.

No. 1545663

If you're ugly you just get used to not every person you find attractive being interested in you. And people can tell if you're a seething resentful type of person and they won't like it or be attracted to you anyway, even if you don't have hot friends to look worse than in comparison to kek. I would never feel like a loser because some random moid didn't want to fuck me anyway, with that attitude you're only going to be attractive to scary coomers.

No. 1545672

If a cute guy was being all sweet and nice to me then he hits me with a “so could you put in a good word for me with your friend Stacy?”id be sad as fuck. But good on you for feeling comfy being background characters for your hotter friends but I’m a narc so I can’t do it, I already know my ego is too huge and fragile to handle that kek

No. 1545677

>“so could you put in a good word for me with your friend Stacy?”
People don't say this kek. They just act friendly and nice so that I think they are a nice person and then they know that if my hot friend asks about them I'll say they seem cool/not a creep. Socializing works on a less literal level than you think. You're always going to be a background character in someone else's life too so I don't get that. My hot friends are background characters in my life by that logic.

No. 1545678

>and they do make comments and act out when you become the reason they don’t have people go up to them.
I'm gonna be honest, I'm 100% sure that's why people completely ignore me when I'm with my friends and talk to me way more often with I'm alone or with other people like coworkers. And I'm not talking about men flirting with me, but everyone in a very general sense.

>Even I get called paranoid for saying its a bit weird to go home with scrotes immediately after meeting them at a bar

I agree with you on that, it is strange. I'd be way too worried about being raped and killed by a random guy I followed to his place in the middle of the night, especially if nobody I know knows him at least a little. My guess is that I need to stop watching the news and crime documentaries so often and seeing cases like this.

No. 1545684

This is why I like not having hot friends. I know when men talk to me they’re 100% trying to get into my pants and not anyone else I know.

No. 1545693

They're cooming to OnlyFans and messaging a dozen other girls online at the same time though

No. 1545701

>My guess is that I need to stop watching the news and crime documentaries so often and seeing cases like this.
If you regularly go home with a random guy you met at a bar you are basically guaranteed to get raped or assaulted at some point. I don't think it's likely you would get killed though, that would be unlucky.

No. 1545722

I think Ariana grande is pretty and would be seen as pretty even as an ana Chan if she weren’t famous and around average looking women everyday

No. 1545787

I can’t believe some retard actually used the phrase ‘desirability politics’ without a hint of irony, and on MY lolcor too…

No. 1545798

Most men have higher standards for the people they pick to be in relationships with than women

No. 1545824

i agree. i always thought she had cute features ever since her nickelodeon days

No. 1545838

mega cope

No. 1545842

What about pickmes who hurt other women in their pursuit of male attention? A lot of them do that often intentionally.

No. 1545978

>admits to being super ugly to the point people don't want to befriend her
>still thinks all men who talk to her are interested in her

No. 1545982

I hate how weird her plastic surgery looks nowadays but she was cute to begin with

No. 1545999

I never said people don’t want to befriend me I said I won’t be close friends with extremely beautiful women.

No. 1546023