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No. 1507975

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

Previous: >>>/ot/1491432

>do not respond to bait. do not respond to trolls or obvious maleposters. report and move on, please.

>remember this thread is about unpopular opinions, not the debate thread, or the politics thread. if you want to get upset, that's on you.

No. 1507976

Made a new thread just to say that Pride From Despair is THE best Yakuza karaoke song

No. 1508062

Sex work whether it's OF or escorting or whatever else is demeaning, trashy and embarrassing, people who do it are gross, especially if they have other options.

No. 1508068

Not an unpopular opinion unless you're on reddit.

No. 1508093

>>1508068 Or TikTok kek

No. 1508094

File: 1677258369499.jpg (95.91 KB, 730x1095, 08f00979f518bdfff205ae50c35dab…)

Skirts are very comfy, fuck pants and jeans, men and women should use skirts that flow with the wind and are comfortable, not those crotch oppressing, soul crushing pants

No. 1508102

File: 1677258737484.jpg (24.14 KB, 415x500, 2087c8ce90078e62fb6617ea236483…)

I won't ever say this out loud because women get torn down enough about their bodies and my input is unneeded but I will always always always in my heart think that curvy and full figures are so much hotter than being thin. I grew up during heroin chic being the thing and I just didn't get it. I still really don't. I recognize that its fashionable (I've heard the argument that thin is easier for high fashion bc the body is supposed to be like a hanger and the focus is on the clothes…which feels like BS but idk) and know that its what most people strive for but for whatever reason I just always felt like thicker looks so much better. I'm not attracted to men but even them too I find bigger bodies to just look nicer than when they're thin I can't really explain it.

I feel like mentally I'm back in like the 1800s or whatever where being fat meant you had a lot of food and wealth so everyone was like hell yea.

No. 1508103

Long skirt supremacy. I love them! they go with just about everything and they are so cozy.

No. 1508104

+1 this is actually how most people feel imo. Its just not very woke to admit. Voluntary sex work is just depressing, and coerced sex work is a crime.

No. 1508137

File: 1677260920034.jpeg (22.34 KB, 212x210, 5FC28BC6-1B6C-4AC0-A8B9-D7B54C…)

Ngl it’s annoying how people online are so quick to diagnose anyone with FAS even if they only fit 1-2 of the facial descriptions and just use it as a blanket justification for saying somebody’s ‘dumb’ without acknowledging the motor issues, health issues, learning difficulties etc associated with FAS. Idk just makes me weirdly annoyed in particular especially seeing that weird Moid said that a female actor in the last of us live action series looked like she had FAS because she wasn’t ‘fuckable’. Ditto for when moids were harassing Greta for looking like she had FAS because she looked like an average teenage girl

No. 1508143

also women are healthiest around 15-20% bodyfat, its men who aren't meant to be fat

No. 1508188

I just think there's something very hot about a tall and thick woman, even a bit of muscle from working in the fields. But maybe that's my thousand years of farmer genes speaking.

No. 1508225

I have the feeling that the culture I grew up in and popular media brainwashed me into being romantically attracted to men while still being physically attracted to women.

No. 1508233

It's bothering me because all I see is praise but I don't think that Mia Goth is all that great. She's really just ok. Maybe it's the movies she's in I usually just find fine and not extraordinary, and I really love the horror genre. I don't think she's a bad actress, I just find myself feeling underwhelmed. Although I also feel the same about Leonardo DiCaprio. I liked a good bit of his older films but I find him really overrated?? And even moreso now because he's just creepy.

This part might not be unpopular but Hollywood really likes to push specifc people into the spotlight and a majority of actors they push I find just really ok.

No. 1508255

Someone pointed out she's dating Shia lebouf and he has herples so I just think of herpes when I see her. Also Shai is gross so she's gross for dating him as well as the herpa

No. 1508299

Honestly though I feel the same way. Like obviously I'm not into hamplanets but hip bones and ribs are not attractive to me.

No. 1508313

dykes are objectively the trannies of the LGB community.
>both constantly crying about how everyone hates them and wants to fuck and/or kill and/or silence them the most out of any group ever despite very little evidence proving it or despite evidence proving other groups are even more at risk than they are
>whenever you bring up that their communities are full of violent retards (hello, domestic violence statistics!) there's always an excuse or it's never true, ACKSHUALLY, and and and others are worse than us anyway!
>both hate women: trannies biological women, dykes bisexual women and/or self-proclaimed femmes
>there is, of course, always a reason to hate these groups, even if it's 'WELL A WOMAN DUMPED ME 6 YEARS AGO AND I'VE BEEN POSTING ABOUT WANTING HER TO DIE EVER SINCE'
>spend extensive periods of time ranting about how much they hate said women
>'um… isn't that kind of bigoted?'
>it's not about being equal to [bisexual] women, it's about being BETTER than them - keffals meets every dykeposter on any radfem-aligned space meets every 17 year old terminally online zoomer with a lesbian flag in their social media icon
>absolutely no accountability as to how they've ruined the LGB community - trannies by existing, dykes by being the very leaders of allowing men in dresses to call themselves lesbians and enter our spaces
>get to use whatever offensive language they want but the second someone says the dreaded t-word or d-word it's LITERALLY genocide
>attracted to women? okay, well you can't stay anything bad about the moid in the dress or it's transmisogyny
>attracted to femininity in women (a shocker, i know)? okay, well you can't say anything bad about the 5'1 dumpy FTM looking ass bald fat butch or you hate butches
>always expecting strangers to tongue their assholes for existing while a tranny/lesbian while never having anything good to say about any other group
dykes are the trannies of the LGB.

No. 1508315

Didn't read all that but this smells like prime bait

No. 1508324

>our spaces
what did you mean by that

No. 1508333

File: 1677274019372.png (67.01 KB, 606x788, 1664521732353.png)

No. 1508337

someone PLEASE add the apostrophe at DON'T, the lack of it ruins an otherwise perfect reaction image

No. 1508347

looks even more wrong without it, makes you look illiterate

No. 1508350

File: 1677274733891.png (48.45 KB, 606x788, 1677274019372.png)

Phone edit for versatility plus a sad apostrophe for you, nonny

No. 1508353

The "DON'T REPLY" area should probably be remade so that an actual apostrophe does fit in.

No. 1508356

I did my best. Do it yourself non, and stop sperging/derailing.

No. 1508409

I kinda agree

No. 1508413

No. 1508426

i agree, also dykes that are overly misogynistic towards femmes really grind my gears, like they're copying toxic masculinity but it's a soft doughy woman with a bad haircut and it's really jarring.

No. 1508438

People who call themselves "monsterfuckers" should be more ashamed of themselves. They're not even into monsters, they just into the size difference aspect and the dubious consent between some huge demon fucking a woman who is often child-sized compared to him.

No. 1508442

the DV thing has been debunked a thousand times but this is probably bait so whatever

No. 1508443

What about the women in the monsterfucker thread?

No. 1508444

wrong. im into chitin, extra mouths, and tentacles, and i think size difference is disgusting

No. 1508484

Some of them seem like they kind of just want to have a connection with an otherworldly, grotesque being as opposed to being fucked by it, which is kinda cute. I notice that women seem to have a much more romantic approach to monsters in general. Still, if you want to be fucked by something 10 times your size, you should probably have a look at your own mental wellbeing.

No. 1508502

>you should probably have a look at your own mental wellbeing
Lol I'm already aware I'm mentally unwell, thank you for your concern but I won't stop fantasizing about monsters, male AND female.

No. 1508574

Most fandom tattoos are ugly, but Ghibli tattoos specifically are next level ugly to me. Ghibli movies are so reliant on ambiance and beautiful scenery, to take a character from that context and put them on a barren wasteland of skin or next to a crowd of other blown out ink caricatures and render them in lurid bright colors with thick black lines to help them age better just seems like you're taking away everything good about the original. They're artistically the same as PEZ dispensers.

No. 1508643

Fashion industry is useless. Also, I despise people who say they "express" themselves through the clothes they wear lmao. I can only accept this if they sew the clothes themselves. Otherwise this statement is retarded. You don't express yourself through things made by other people, it's like saying you express yourself through buying paintings and putting them on your wall. No, retard, you express yourself when you paint.
I literally don't give a fuck what I'm wearing as long as it's clean, comfortable and practical, because I know a piece of fabric designed and made by someone else has nothing to do with myself. I will never connect with people who pay attention to clothes, trends, fashion. They're just pathetic, vain and illogical in my eyes

No. 1508645

just out of interest, how do you feel about collages?

No. 1508650

How weird and bitter, expressing yourself doesn't have to mean personally creating something… curating and making stylistic choices is an expression of your taste. We have to wear clothes no matter what and most people are going to have some sort of personal taste or preference, in which case you may as well use indulge in what you like instead of just wearing a beige sack or whatever you consider clean, comfortable and practical.

No. 1508656

You're literally expressing yourself in the way you dress
>I literally don't give a fuck what I'm wearing as long as it's clean, comfortable and practical
Boom bitch, you're a "practical no-nonsense bitter betty" and no doubt your outfits reflect that. You're expressing yourself via clothes without even realizing it. LMFAO.

No. 1508657

Imagine having such a rod up your ass you get mad at people wearing fun sweaters. Girl you know you’re just bitter because you can’t dress yourself.

No. 1508680

You can absolutely express yourself through clothing/fashion. Petsonal style is a thing and when I dress a certain way, I feel more like myself. It's sad you don't get this.

No. 1508697

I think some people with FAS can be cute. Especially girls. I like odd looking girls odd looking men are grotty like Adam butterface driver but faceapp him into a woman and he's hot.

No. 1508698

>You don't express yourself through things made by other people
and yet you're expressing yourself with words made by other people. checkmate bitch

No. 1508720

On a site with tech devices made by other people too.

No. 1508769

>Boom bitch, you're a "practical no-nonsense bitter betty"
Not really, upon seeing my room you would never assume that because it's full of weird things I created like my art; sculptures and traditional paintings, prints of digtal art and even some pots. Because those are the things I created and they tell something about me, my imagination, feelings, ideas etc.
Your taste is just consumerist bullshit. I love gundam shit for example, but I don't believe I EXPRESS myself through buying and owning gundam figurines even though I buy and own them. They aren't practical in any way either, yet I own them. Do I express myself through them? Of course not, that would be retarded.
Woman moment
I don't need to buy words, I just… speak them. They come from me. If little babies learned how to sew and created their own clothes just like the learn the spoken language used by people for thousands of years, I would probably assume you're right. Now you'll probably want to play some eristics with me and say "but even if I sewed the clothes and expressed myself through that, I still wouldn't be the one who created the fabric itself, therefore your argument is wrong! If the silk was created by silkworms, I would have to be a silkworm for your argument to work!", but I'm not going to play with you.
Just as I expected, the responses are just petty normies who basically never created anything themselves. You think things equal your value, you. You're one step from mental 10 year old bullying others for not following trends promoted by rich faggots and influencers or some shit. Your retardation is the reason why people even started to gender damn CLOTHES and pushing people into boxes because of what they wear. Pure cringe. Change your lives and focus on something with actual value, I don't know, start reading bible or something. Boom, I expressed a highly unpopular opinion in an unpopular opinion thread, and I'm not gonna change my mind.(no one cares. stop infighting.)

No. 1508773

File: 1677316712742.jpg (147.42 KB, 400x400, 20230222_234540.jpg)

cp on homepage, be careful nonas

No. 1508776

>the responses are just petty normies who basically never created anything themselves
I make clothing and have a plethora of other creative hobbies, and I still feel like your opinion is retarded. You don't actually understand fashion and I doubt you've tried to, because if you did you probably would be making your own clothes, which automatically makes this opinion invalid. So does the "women moment" (go back to whatever hole you crawled out of) and "your the reason people gender clothes!!" (whatever the fuck that means). It's fine to not be into fashion, but to act like other people are vapid and wrong for buying clothing that they like and connect with is dumb. It's the same as people connecting with music and feeling as though their favorite songs and artists can express their emotions and thoughts.
>You think things equal your value, you
No, but people can still feel a connection with clothing and feel like they express their personal taste.
>Change your lives and focus on something with actual value

No. 1508777

>I make clothing
There, that already means my post wasn't directed at you, as I mentioned people who made their own clothes in OP. So you're not part of the discussion.
I don't aim at "understanding" worthless, petty things.

No. 1508781

>that already means my post wasn't directed at you
So? I still buy clothes but even if it didn't apply to me, I can't disagree with the shit you typed just because it doesn't include me? Would I also not be able to disagree with a post like >>1508438 just because I'm not a monsterfucker? Not to mention, you literally said the only people who disagreed were people who have "basically never created anything themselves". You're painfully slow.

No. 1508782

>I can't disagree with the shit you typed just because it doesn't include me?
You can, but it's pointless. It's like virtue signalling for people of different race when you're white (not baiting, that's just how it looks).
>Not to mention, you literally said the only people who disagreed were people who have "basically never created anything themselves
Because that was the truth until 1 person (you) mentioned you created something. I'm not the one who's slow here kek.

No. 1508785

I genuinely can't do this anymore. Not only comparing clothes to race, but also acting like you know anons personally enough to know if they do anything creative. Good fucking night.

No. 1508789

>Woman moment

No. 1508795

What is a woman moment? is it when someone is female, unlike you?

No. 1508800

Your seeing the clothes as the end point of expression, but for people interested in fashion it's the entire outfit that is the expression. The clothes are the materials, like you using paint as materials. Did you make the paint yourself? No. But you combined them on paper and the painting is the expression of yourself. People use a combination of clothes on themselves to create an outfit and that's also an expression of themselves. As someone artistic, you should be able to grasp this..

No. 1508813

Creating a painting is creating an image from the scratch on literally white canvas. Making an "outfit" out of previously existing clothes is not comparable. This analogy doesn't make sense.
Sorry I should've said "stereotypical woman moment". Fags who care about fashion and whether women can or cannot "dress themselves" also have woman moments. No difference to me. It's so stereotypical it's almost funny.

No. 1508814

You're combining shapes, textures and colours to create a 3d, wearable image. An outfit is a curated design, design is a form of art. It's sad your view on art is so narrow.

No. 1508822

The clothes were wearable before you put them into a certain outfit, you didn't make them wearable (unless you sew them yourself), you didn't give them form, you only put them together. For example, it's like comparing a shirt and a pair of jeans to two tubes of paint. And then comparing the person who simply put the shirt and jeans on their body to someone who used the two tubes of paint to paint an original image. This is so dumb.
Yes, you can think my view on art is narrow if you want. I also despise postmodern art, ah the crime

No. 1508825

File: 1677325542619.jpg (71.23 KB, 500x561, face.jpg)

I stumbled across this again, today and it seems like a silly thing.. but it's always stuck in my mind and appealed to me, and it's very true. Our face adapts and conforms and can be 'read', to a degree and by those with eyes to see, accordingly.

No. 1508837

Not always, but you can absolutely perceive someone's else personality or even mental health situation by seeing the way they dress. I like baggy clothes but my mom doesn't, why? Because we are different and our personalities differ on that aspect, she's more "put together" and professional, while I'm more casual and relaxed, you can literally notice our differences right away. Goths and preps look massively different from each other because they're different from each other and have different perspectives on life.

Clothes communicate age, mood, culture, etc, kids usually like bright colors so their clothes are colorful for example.

No. 1508839

You said it yourself: "not always". I've been to an art school and various art courses and I've been around acting students too and I can tell you that some of the most creative people I met wore plain black clothes. They were not only creative, they weren't minimalist in their expression in art either and their rooms weren't perfectly organised, basic and simple. Meanwhile some of the blandest, derivative, unimaginative and boring people I knew wore flashy clothes and followed fashion trends and fags on instagram. Of course, I'm sure we could find many arguments for the opposite to be true (minimalist clothes equal minimalist lifestyle and organised personality etc.) but that just wasn't my experience. And even if it was, it doesn't mean anything imo. To me you can only truly express yourself if you make something yourself. I don't respect those who don't create anything yet claim to express themselves. I didn't respect myself until I started creating too.

No. 1508849

you're all dumb and i'm awesome!!! - the anon

No. 1508851

This image doesn't even make sense, because having "good thoughts" doesn't make you a good person. You can be funny, positive, the life of the party, a beam of sunshine, and still a selfish piece of shit when it comes to close relationships or when it's time to make difficult decisions.

This just-world fallacy is so ugly, you only like it because it's a comfortable thought. But it's completely untrue. What's so cruel about your theory is the fact that a lot of ugly older women look worn out with 11 lines and "angry/concern wrinkles" because they've been through heavy shit throughout their lives. And what are the chances you'll see a depressed older lady walking around with a goofy grin on her face like your illustration? She's more likely to appear skeptical with a scowl on her face.

The one with a goofy ole grin, a pep in their step and their head held high might just be someone who always got their way through selfish actions and who got the privilege of staying in their own comfortable positive vibes only bubble.

No. 1508859

File: 1677332428023.jpeg (8.63 KB, 275x177, 21231351.jpeg)

they're mad because you're right anon.

unrelated but my unpopular opinion is that photography is only legitimate if everything in the frame was hand-crafted by the artist, including the camera. any human subjects involved must be birthed and raised by the photographer as well.

No. 1508861

Most of the population doesn't have the tools, money or time to make their own clothes, they barely afford food. I'm not the one to make accusations, but you sound very privileged, to believe you just can buy some damn cloth and everything to begin with. Even as an artist and a highly "manual" person myself, I can't afford making my own clothes, it is very costly at least where I live.
>Some of the most creative people I met wore plain black clothes
Okay? That's literally the point, its their preference to wear those clothes, not everyone likes black or basic clothes, but they like it, because is their preference

No. 1508868

I despise doctors. From my experience, they are not motivated by either compassion or scientific curiosity, they just want the money & status. Reduce their salaries to the average national salary and 100% of them will quit within a week. They should all be replaced by AI. You'll get better diagnosis and treatment at a fraction of the cost.

No. 1508872

File: 1677333668465.png (38.86 KB, 606x788, Tired Elsie.png)

I love this reaction pic but agree that it desperately needs a comma

Here's my edit, I tried to find the same font so the comma wouldn't be randomly sticking out

No. 1508876

Did I say anything bad about people who buy clothes? No, then why do you need to tell me that it is a privilege to make your own clothes? I know that. I also think that being so invested in fashion and following trends and being able to afford to follow newest trends is a privileged middle to upper class people thing and another reason I despise it. I came from a working class background and a single parent home where we didn't always have money for food or to pay the bills, I was not privileged. From my point of view, paying attention to clothes is extreme vanity. I know that poor people usually can't make their own clothes, and that doesn't change the fact that I don't believe you can truly express yourself through wearing things envisoned and designed by other people, doesn't matter if you're poor or rich. If a rich person buys only designer clothes and doesn't make anything of their own I have the same opinion. If you don't have enough money to express yourself then… Well, you just can't. I know that from experience since I had to work hard in a non art related field in order to earn money for a better graphic tablet for example, paint is very expensive too. I remember being so afraid to waste paint on learning that it blocked me for months until I felt financially secure enough to just allow myself to practice

No. 1508878

As someone with lots of "acquaintances" on the medical field, most of them are in literally for the money, specifically surgeons and nurses who also tend to have psychopathic/ sadistic tendencies, they love the power trip they have on vulnerable people, some dentist even perform unnecessary, damaging procedures just so you pay them later to fix what they've done. An AI, in theory, would just examine you and perform the correct procedures, no need to dodge psychos or put your health in hands of malicious individuals

No. 1508879

But why are you dodging my point tho? People have stylistic or practical preferences, those preferences are reflected on clothes. Your argument implies that our personal belongings don't reflect our personalities or tastes just because we didn't create it ourselves

No. 1508882

You have to be 18 to use this site. This is some Billie Eilish lyrics 14 year old fake deep shit lmao

No. 1508884

Strongly agree anons. It's unreal how many terrible doctors and nurses I met in my life. I was extremely lucky to find one amazing dentist though (after meeting some terrible ones too), she saved two of my teeth that other dentists wanted to remove and she did my root canals and after 9 years those teeth work perfectly, they didn't even change color, meanwhile I often hear from people who had root canals done and their teeth fell apart after a few months lmao, they also tell me stories about dentists trying to force procedures they don't actually need, like pulling out teeth or doing root canals on healthy teeth that don't actually require it, a tooth may hurt a little bit because of a leaky filling for example, but it's by no means dead. It's insane. I knew the two of my teeth were fucking dead because at first they hurt terribly and then they completely stopped reacting to temperature and I felt a pulsating sensation in the bone beneath them, and the x-ray confirmed it. Those people go to a different dentist, get an x-rey and it turns out the teeth are fine and they just have leaky fillings…

No. 1508887

Because the things we buy simply present our taste for the things we buy. It's not our vision, our ideas etc.

No. 1508889

I dated a dentist once and he didnt even wait one month before he started abusing me in every way. He started doing it during the "honeymoon" phase. Him and his friends were insane, and despite that had savior/genius complexes.

No. 1508892

i hope you're ok and it didn't last long

No. 1508893

I can't believe hoes are so mad about silkworm spit

No. 1508895

Are you the anon with the ugly bastard kink? Kek

No. 1508899

I'm not trolling, I express my genuine opinion. I suspected you might react with materialistic, vain, pathetic seethe, since most people are vain and materialistic, even here, and they identify denying the value of material goods with denying the value of themselves, I just didn't expect it to happen to this extent. You still can't refute anything I said. You retards literally compare full pieces of clothing to paint tubes.

No. 1508902

You're a pedantic retard. People also express themselves with words, dipshit.

No. 1508910

I'm not buying FULL SENTENCES at Shein.com and then combine them in order to create a monologue!

No. 1508912

Nonnas, this is what happens when you throw sex to ugly mfs. Your whole world view starts falling apart. You start to hate beauty, everything becomes a "woman moment (negative)". This is just the beginning.

No. 1508914

All you losers always resort to Shein as if everyone in the world buys Shein and only Shein. It's not like there are people out there who thrift of GASP make their own clothes!! Weak ass argument and you're ugly as fuck. Kisses.

No. 1508915

I never touched a scrote in my life, gross
Another woman moment. I could use any other store, Shein itself isn't the argument here, it's the fact you can't compare expressing yourself through words to expressing yourself through clothes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1508916

>woman moment
Kek you're a moid, of course. Kill yourself you worthless faggot.

No. 1508924

You don't need to touch a scrote to sexually covet them in all their ugliness, aping their dull-minded lack of enlightenment and taste.
>doesn't deny hating beauty
All I need to know.

No. 1508926

Keep seething and calling me names because you have no arguments, you empty husks.

No. 1508930

Shut up retard. You need a license to act like this

No. 1508931

Kek nobody's buying your shitstain art fuglychan. Your family will probably just throw away your paintings when you die and then you will be forgotten, never having made a single wave in the art community. Keep seething about women in cute clothes too maybe you'll die faster.

No. 1508934

>empty husks
Wah wah wah, post a pic of an empty egg carton or something next. It's crazy how these types inevitably end up regurgitating the same shit as their balding, pot-bellied daddies kek
>"If it's not for me, it's meaningless! Women who don't like what I like and dress in ways that please me are all vapid and empty reeee"

No. 1508945

I'm selling my digital art and the money from commissions is enough to pay my bills so I can spent the money from my "regular" job on art supplies and other things I like and also save some, I have more savings than most people my age and my own apartment, and I didn't even start that long ago.
I never said anything about not liking the way women dress? Lmaooo you can't stop making up new shit just to attack me. Now it's just mindless rage NPC protocol kek.

No. 1508946

Can you guys exchange phone numbers and maybe have a texting argument instead of shitting up the thread more? We know you want to

No. 1508947


No. 1508949

The repeated use of NPC and normie from that anon, holy fucking cringe. Unpopular opinion: people in general who use either of those terms are annoying and usually no more interesting or different than the "normies", and I'm soooo tired of seeing those words everywhere.

No. 1508950

It's a moid.

No. 1508954

Either way, my opinion still stands.

No. 1508955

>no reading comprehension
>"Muh NPC"
A bot who can't think of any creative responses and just copy-pastes lingo from bottom of the barrel scrote communities calling women NPCs, classic lol.

No. 1508960

I hate men enough to never get close to them, unlike most of women here who spew quasi radfem rhetoric and then post shit like 'my bf watches tranny porn and gives me stds and yesterday I cried because I didn't want to give him a bj and he choked me. Am I the asshole?' lmaoo and then you dare to call me a moid or accusing me of using moid rhetoric when the average poster here is way pro moid and anti-woman than I am? Get a grip.

No. 1508961

Keep seething scrote.

No. 1508963

The above post was made by someone with an addiction to degrading, abusive porn. You can smell it.

No. 1508964


No. 1508967

>my bf watches tranny porn and gives me stds and yesterday I cried because I didn't want to give him a bj and he choked me. Am I the asshole?'
Bet that's the porn you jerk off to.

No. 1508970

Nah, no one but a deranged coomer/tranny-in-training dreams up scenarios of women getting cucked by tranny porn and choked out by men, then tries to brand random women with that fantasy like it happened.

No. 1508972

>a woman disagrees with me/detests stereotypical femininity which is a faggot-made construct
>it must be a man!
Ah yes the classic. Read Scum manifesto or something, educate yourself for once.

No. 1508976

>meme-tier radfem SCUM manifesto
You're really shit at trying to blend in you weirdo pornsick scrote.

No. 1508978

Where have you been? There literally was a post by a woman who said her boyfriend choked her because she didn't want to give him a blowjob. I don't remember if it was in the vent thread, but definitely /ot/ board. I didn't make it up and it's not my fantasy. Posters here just date that kind of worthless scrotes.

No. 1508979

Solanas would shoot your male-identified ass lol. Imagine crying for hours about some clothes like a drag queen who got showed up at the ball. Faggot mentality for real.

No. 1508982

Very scroteish of you to read about a woman being assaulted by her boyfriend and to spin it into a "all femoids love assault". Very radfem and DEFINITELY woman-like of you!

No. 1508985

Imagine responding for hours to my "faggot crying" because I dared to threaten your pathetic identification with pieces of fabric. Btw Solanas would purge you for revolving your life around scrotes.

No. 1508986

Imagine laughing at a woman being assaulted. If you're a woman you're not a radfem at all you're just an NLOG kek.

No. 1508987

You hear an anecdote about a woman being abused, and your instinct is to take the story and spin it into an insult for other women you don't know with the goal of shaming them for not sharing your opinion on clothes. Dehumanization, objectification, sadism. Yeah I'm thinking Y chromosome or deranged pickme.

No. 1508989

That story was a scrote baiting, he's baiting now.
Report and ignore the OP of this slapfight it's the scrote.

No. 1508990

I'm convinced ageing isn't that bad for women, it's the visible signs of stress and pain. People see women as batteries and a beaten down and tired battery is useless. Like the wrinkled and unconditionally loving grandma is the ideal and anything else is seen as "just fucking die already old hag".

No. 1508997

Of course I'm not a radfem, radfems are mostly meme people who still want to live with men. I'm a separatist. I didn't laugh at this particular woman. I said that despite spewing radfem rhetoric it's so common to see here women crying about men treating them like shit, and yet they still choose to stay with those men. Even when they don't abuse them, they can for example just watch porn. And they still stay with them. Women are their own enemies at this point, if you're not poor and you literally can't escape from a scrote without becoming homeless, there's no excuse. Scrotes believe they can have women while still being degenerates and you do nothing to show them it's not true. Being with them is the most anti-woman thing you can do.

No. 1509000

You're not a radfem because you're not a woman at all.

No. 1509006

>Imagine responding for hours
Multiple people have been popping in to mock you.
>Btw Solanas would purge you for revolving your life around scrotes.
In reality, this is what you're doing. You can't even go four posts without reusing scrote talking points and insults because you have no original thoughts in your head. This sort of self-contradictory fake radfem brainrotted shit is the result of living, breathing and worshiping male, and making flimsy attempts at pretending you don't. No one's fooled but other dumb pickmes and the loser men you follow.

No. 1509012

File: 1677342724198.jpg (17.32 KB, 1280x730, featured-cmyk-color-versus-rgb…)

Based and true, but I'm scared to bring the RGB CYMK debate back.

No. 1509013

tangerines vs mandarins? I need you opinion.

No. 1509015

Those are the same colors except for the white and black difference.

No. 1509022

File: 1677343072221.png (77.94 KB, 1360x1146, 01-RGB-vs-CMYK.png)

That's just how they work.

No. 1509030

true but what about the color possibilities disparity

No. 1509031

Well, if RGB can create millions of color possibilities, then wouldn't RGB be closer to real life than CMYK because real life has more color possibilities than a few thousand?

No. 1509039

Do you see 16,000 colors all at once in the Lord's rainbows? Of course you don't because a rainbow is only a couple of colors out of millions of possibilities.

No. 1509047

Speaking of colors, isn't it crazy that we literally can't imagine any colors except for the ones we can already see? Like we can't think of any new colors. It's actually pretty frustrating.

No. 1509053

This almost implies there are devil's rainbows, nonny. You might be right

No. 1509058

You also can't conjure up a unique human face you've never seen before either. Humans are just referential creatures.

No. 1509072

File: 1677344551979.jpg (51.23 KB, 2560x1440, hmm.jpg)


No. 1509073

Me when my hair is black and I get anxious about something so my face turns red and I pee my pants

No. 1509074

Denying reality of my sex won't change the fact you have no argument
>multiple people
More like multiple personalities.
I haven't seen even one male shitting on fashion industry as much as I do, actually men are more into fashion now than before. You only call me a scrote because you disagree with me and for the average poster here 'everything I don't like = a scrote'. I'm not a pickme because I never talk to men about my ideas and I never count on their approval, and the basic purpose of a pickme is literally to be picked by a scrote, you retard. Even if a woman hurts your feefees by using words you don't like and shitting on other women, as long as she's celibate and stays away from men, she's still not as harmful to women in general as women who willingly date/fuck/marry/share their lives/personal space/money/house/children/time with men. You can't change that, no matter how many times you call me "sexist" or whatever on a forum.

No. 1509077

We've already moved on to talking about colors now, this fight is stale.

No. 1509082

File: 1677344848571.png (38.48 KB, 851x242, tetra.png)

This is so fascinating. Based mother nature

No. 1509084

The scrote's back again I see.

No. 1509087

There ARE ways you can prove this. These women can see ultraviolet.

No. 1509098

File: 1677345284724.jpg (84.8 KB, 1080x700, GC_Mani_StayStrong_StrawberryM…)

Pop them in front of one of these bitches and ask them what they see

No. 1509101

My unpopular opinion is that insect vision is cool as fuck. Vidrel

No. 1509141

Why is there so much less color possibilities?

No. 1509143

No, they call you scrote because you talk like one.

No. 1509189

tumblr was better when porn was banned and i hope they're forced to ban it again. i'm tired of having to block nasty scrotes and kinkfag pickmes with porn blogs who follow me despite my account being entirely nonsexual

No. 1509198

wait they reversed that porn ban that made everyone leave for twitter? when?

No. 1509228

File: 1677356491465.png (148.66 KB, 247x292, B16A1D17-90C1-4A44-87B9-EF6C2E…)

>They're just pathetic, vain and illogical in my eyes, I’m not like the other girls!

No. 1509231

God she's so hot

No. 1509240

Subhuman moid

No. 1509266

I'm attracted to some cows too but even I wouldn't touch Janke with a 10 feet pole.

No. 1509267

I appreciate and respect all the craftwork and sewing behind making cosplays, it's truly impressive. That being said, as soon they put it on themselves and walk around with it I just fucking hate it. I cannot stop making the link in my mind to the original, it just looks extremely uncanny, no one looks like an anime or most video game characters. Even pictures look terrible, the way they photoshop just enhance how not human they need to become to get close to the source. Every single time I've seen people fawn over a cosplay was either if the cosplayer was a good looking person , or their pictures looked like a child's finger paint art on photoshop. I feel like this since I was kid and it never changed. I don't have anything against people doing it, everyone is free to have fun and would never shit on anyone for it, I just never understood the appeal. There may be exceptions but this is the overall feeling I got and I know it's very unpopular.

No. 1509275

I liked the arts & crafts time at the menty hospital

No. 1509291

Dead bed rooms in relationships happens because women get into relationships with men they don’t find physically attractive but they don’t have the self awareness to figure out why fucking their bf or husband is a chore

No. 1509311

Not having any of your peers be romantically interested in you during your formative years(ages 12-21)can fuck you up mentally and do irreversible damage to your self esteem

No. 1509315

It's not really that. It's more they realize the fantasy of him was hotter than the reality. Fantasy is always hotter tbt.

No. 1509326

This is true. But I don't think its a lack of self awareness, I think its active cultural brainwashing that doesn't truly validate, teach, or explain women's actual sexuality (outside Libfem ideology and porn culture, aka male centric bullshit) and how it's supposed to feel for a woman to actually crave intimacy with a man they have a deep erotic desire for. So much of sex with men is violence, discomforting, and self loathing. It makes total sense that a woman would think that "man is nice + man loves me + man is decent looking = attraction" when sexual attraction/chemistry is completely unrelated to how good looking or kind your partner is, which women aren't told. We're literally told that if men are good boys (clean up after themselves, love us, help with kids,ect) it makes us want to fuck them. Even women believe this, but it's a bullshit cultural narrative that lies to us about our sexuality. Sure, being a good partner is essential, but sexual chemistry isn't based on good behavior. Even the best guy in the world won't sexually click for every woman out there. But women know that men they can tolerate don't come often, so they settle with the man in their life who they care about and who treats them decently without knowing their sexual attraction to him is it's own component. I think most women do have the self awareness to know something is wrong eventually, they just aren't given the concepts or even the language to describe what it is. Most women probably die without experiencing a genuinely rewarding and passionate sexual relationship that matches their secret longings. This is how women's own sexuality is alienated from them under patriarchy. It's fucked up.

No. 1509331

White chocolate is the best chocolate.

No. 1509334

I've been meaning to start wearing skirts more often because of this!

No. 1509336

File: 1677367694426.jpg (211.27 KB, 800x450, acaster.jpg)

No. 1509337

File: 1677367702783.jpg (138.18 KB, 1200x600, Barry-Callebaut-Ruby-Chocolate…)

Please stop. We all know the best choco is a good smooth milk choco from a brand like lindt or delicious, berry flavored ruby chocolate (which is a white chocolate, but way better than the regular kind)

No. 1509358

I agree in a lot of cases! While every profession is a mixed bag and being in the health care industry does usually give you some level of prestige or financial stability, I've noticed that at least some nurses are driven by a desire to care for other people, some dentists are motivated by seeing how dental professional shortages are affecting rural or poor communities, and chemists or researchers can be driven by academic interest, but most doctors are very cold, stuck-up, uninteresting and uninspired people. I've seen engineers complain about how doctors think they're incredibly smart because their position makes them trustworthy in the eyes of others, but they don't have any truly in-depth knowledge about a subject the way other STEM people tend to. This might be different for more specialized doctors, but even then they seem to care more about the specialty because it pays more than being a general practitioner than because they're really interested in that aspect of health.

No. 1509359

Im fortunate enough to have never had any bad medical experiences (even with my reproductive health, I choose doctors wisely) but one time I did have a dentist who had an odor and he was big so when he was leaning over me to work on my mouth, it was like he was putting his whole body on me.

No. 1509361

no it's from men jerking off too much, dead bedrooms are at an equal gender split

No. 1509380

File: 1677372056188.png (706.24 KB, 580x582, chocofruitnutchoco.png)

wrong, best chocolate are the one with fruits, nuts or even more chocolate on them.

No. 1509383

I don’t understand why black people liking chicken and watermelon is used as an Insult. What’s wrong with chicken and watermelon? Normies are so weird.

No. 1509387

I know why the watermelon stereotype exists (early 1900s, black people grew and sold watermelon and it was a cash crop. As a result, racists started using it in caricatures) but I never got the fried chicken one or knew how it originated because everyone loves fried chicken.

No. 1509398

File: 1677372859161.jpg (60.1 KB, 600x600, côte-d'or-chocolade-bonbonbloc…)

back off, here comes belgian praline

No. 1509412

File: 1677374043528.jpg (57.73 KB, 718x858, 1677359371005.jpg)

APPLE HEAD DOGS ARE THE CUTEST Fuck everyone who says otherwise

No. 1509420

Aww, never heard of apple head before. It's almost as cute as the doggies!

No. 1509430

File: 1677375730220.jpg (38.04 KB, 735x674, d7c85fd9a5bd1a3c6ddbabb7cc1dde…)

Aw, the cutest.
My unpopular opinion is that there's nothing wrong with chihuahuas and they're not little vicious assholes. People just don't know how to raise and train dogs, especially small ones.

No. 1509435

There were a few chihuahuas in a dog training class I took and all of them were great except for the ones whose owners were inconsistent with training. They're great dogs and not yappy when trained well and kept calm.

No. 1509440

I don’t have one but as far as I know the only thing wrong with them is their teeth fall out and it’s a terrible health problem
I used to be a mail carrier and there was one on a route I carried that would go after me if I went near their open door, and another group of them that for some reason were allowed to roam in a little aggressive pack which was so fucking cute even though it was a huge nuisance and meant some people didn’t get their mail because I didn’t go near loose dogs of any kind (better for me and the dogs not to get in trouble)

No. 1509534

Idg why men are into women with boob jobs and bbls. Their bodies look hard as rock I can’t imagine they’d be fun to have sex with.

No. 1509535

There's a scene in Birth of a Nation that depicts black people eating fried chicken, also people saw it as "dirty" because it's a greasy food that you eat with your hands. Yes everyone loves fried chicken but people are hypocrites.

No. 1509556

Because to moids a woman is when big boob and big butt.

No. 1509589

File: 1677386946314.jpg (12.7 KB, 524x353, 20230217_171642.jpg)

I hate ghibli so much, everyone's recommendations always include a god awful ghibli movie, they are objectively not bad, but I don't like them. Only one I've enjoyed and liked was grave of the fireflies. Most of them seem like "too much magic and pretty colors" and almost no succession of understandable events.

Also I hate Chuu from Loona, her face is punchable, shut up with the whole "Chuu, ice spice and Hatsune Miku are hated by no one, they are loved by the whole internet"

No. 1509590

His movies aren’t bad they are just boring af. Even when I was a huge weeaboo I never wanted to watch his shit lol

No. 1509593

Because they will do anything to convince themselves she's natural instead of admitting they like something fake, typically to manipulate other women/their gfs out of getting them so they won't be as attractive to other men or be "hoes" or something. The worst ones get extremely defensive and think any boob or butt capable of moving must be natural

No. 1509595

>In Galway City, Mohammed was the most popular boy’s name for babies last year
Is it allowed to express any concern because of this without being accused of race baiting?

No. 1509600

It's better than Jack or Noah anyway

No. 1509620

Muhammed is the most commonly used name on Earth. Read a fucking book for once!

No. 1509695

Thanks I hate it

No. 1509697

Yes. Who in their right mind name their son after a famous pedo?

No. 1509703

It’s such and ugly sounding name, even if you’re muslim I don’t see the appeal.

No. 1509779

"homosexual" moids aren't gay because they were "born this way", moid gayness is an extreme form of misogyny. The entire gay moid subculture is misogynist as fuck, the"humour" (drag queens etc.) relies mostly on making fun of women and feminity, the "masc 4 masc" bs is the strongest proof, gay moids hate women and anything feminine, including each other. When an attractive gay moid refuses to fuck you remember it's not because he has no choice and was "simply born this way", he just fucking despises you for being a woman.

No. 1509785

If gay moids just shut the fuck up and fucked other moids it would be fine but they just keep opening their mouth about hating women, hating vaginas, etc. The worse gay moids are the ones claiming to be straight then ripping apart women's existence. It's so funny watching gay moids get off on fucking strangers in some disgusting club bathroom but thinking about women's natural anatomy just makes them wanna puke

No. 1509790

thank you.

No. 1509793

This is an unpopular opinion, but also a cry for help, I think it's genuinely killing the boards here

For god's sake, we don't need so many hyperspecific threads, this is a very slow site to begin with, stop dividing the traffic into threads that people forget about after a week or barely use. /g and /m (dead boards) specifically suffer from this, there should be a main beauty thread for everything nails, makeup and stuff, and don't get me started on the endless husbando threads. There should be a main colors thread, instead of 6 other specific color threads that get revived every 3 months. We ain't as active as other sites.

No. 1509803

Hard agree

No. 1509813

Disagree on the beauty threads - skincare is 5th thread going strong, makeup 4th, and catalog and crtl+f exist, the other stuff, husbando threads, don't care about so no comment. The color threads are kinda cute though. What's so bad about threads not being super active, face it, the site just doesn't have that many active users. Honestly, I really don't think anons making threads and using them is what's killing the site, it's the retarded infighting, taking bait and responding to moids that's killing the site, along with (what used to be, getting better now) poor moderation during raids.

No. 1509818

>/g and /m
Don't do that and don't space out your post.
This trend of having hyperspecific threads with minor or none differences in my opinion started after the bunker. It has to be an idiot to want to make a fucking yellow only thread or blue or green or red or white or black… An idiot who did this thinks that /m/ is fucking pinterest board apparently. The countless music genre threads that is just fucking useless since the music genre is over a thousand total with subcategories and all, they should have just made an music general thread like the movie thread. but no there are now a bunch of music genre thread or music related that gained either no traction or a small following that quickly phased out.
Lets take the clown thread as an example the only reason it thrived as a thread from /m/ standards was because the op had said anything clown related here instead of just pierrots which would severely limit what would be posted and hamper anons from using and most likely start infights for posting clown, jesters, mimes, harlequins and arlecchinos the last two are the same but some anons wouldn't know
I looked at that husbando thread that thread that some anons were complaining about the state of and honestly they are just a bunch of cry babies that can't even follow their own thread rules and refuse to use the other husbando threads and post shit that would better fit there.

No. 1509826

Capitalism, men, transhumanism, porn, darwinism, racism, determinism, scientific god complex, Elon Muskrat, tech bros, the patriarchy= satanism, evil, anti nature, sodomy, darkness.

Women, nature, earth, anti capitalism, humanism, feminism= good, light, life, happiness, God, holiness.

Moids need to be eradicated.

Good day.

No. 1509827

Now that I think of it there really wasn't any need for that /g/ husbando containment thread at all. Anons used to post in the /m/ thread just fine. I get that sometimes they would clog /ot/ with hornyposting, especially the retarded shitpost threads because "anything goes there anyway!", or even worse bumping scrote bait threads just to "own" those scrotes which still counts as feeding trolls, but those posters should have just been redtexted and/or banned for a short enough time and redirected to the /m/ husbando threads which were always supposed to be free for all regardless of content.

No. 1509829

>This trend of having hyperspecific threads with minor or none differences in my opinion started after the bunker.
No way, we had a trillion different versions of "I think this person is hot" in /g/ before the bunker. And honestly no one mentions /ot/ but I honestly think the vent threads, get it off your chest, unpopular opinions, things you hate, dumbass shit, confessions and stupid questions threads in practice have a LOT of overlap too

No. 1509830

I guess you could specify that a thread should be its related genres
like rock and metal, emo and "dark" music in general could have its own thread, while also being a thread for hot alt dudes

No. 1509832

>while also being a thread for hot alt dudes
nah, I still think thirsting and music discussions should be firmly separated.

No. 1509834

I also think "unconventional male attractions" should go back to its "men you're ashamed to admit you'd fuck" origins.

No. 1509851

I didn't like browsing /ot/ much before the bunker for personal reasons and mostly just /m/ and dramaboards, so I wouldn't know but those threads are over 20+ threads each.
>like rock and metal, emo and "dark" music in general could have its own thread
Yes like that even though some anons would complain that their favorite music genre are different it , at least the the thread wont be dead after 30+ posts
>those posters should have just been redtexted and/or banned for a short enough time and redirected to the /m/ husbando threads which were always supposed to be free for all regardless of content.
I honestly don't see the discord between anons in the horny posting thread on /g/ and the devotion to your husbando. Anons in there are sperging out on others for being "filthy casuals" and not loving enough to be in the thread even though they are in the hornyposting, shitposting thread. And i honestly just think they should be back in /m/ instead of /g/ were real men and women, relationships, fashion and beauty and more /g/ typical thing are being discussed about

No. 1509856

>And i honestly just think they should be back in /m/ instead of /g/
Exactly, that thread was opened in /g/ only because of the "de/g/enerates" meme, the /m/ husbando threads were already always free for all, no matter how horny or chaste or devoted or casual, and since it was in /m/ everyone understood that it was a thread for fictional characters only.

No. 1509862

>de/g/enerates meme
That I think only came about because of sexual fantasies thread and when people would post men they were ashamed too fuck thread too. Otherwise its a fine board that should not have the fictional character husbando threads since they are that fictional and better suited for /m/ instead of /g/ where you talk about make up, fashion, sexuality, relationships and more /g/ related topics.
I honestly got a bit of whiplash when I saw the first thread created as it was like I was in /snow/ and suddenly saw the plastic surgery thread there
>the /m/ husbando threads
The people in the husbando thread should just go back to /m/ with their anime men

No. 1509863

yeah vent threads and get it off your chest are basically the same tho the latter was originally intended as an "open letter" type of thread where you're supposed to act like your talking to someone directly without actually doing it, also there was a rule that no one was supposed to respond to the posts but everyone forgot about that kek. but the things you hate threads and the annoying threads are definitely the exact same as eachother.

No. 1509866

>the annoying threads
Isn't those threads dead now?

No. 1509870

yes but a new one was made a few weeks ago (and is about to die like the old ones)

No. 1509951

im sick of seeing reddit terms of meaningless shit. woman has kid? accuse her of covert incest cause calling them a narc is not trendy now. shut the fuck up, they legitimately use this term on random people they don't know and act fucking outraged about it as if the woman was a damn pedophile or something. shut the fuck up for real so many actual influencers and celebrities doing pedo, grooming sex pest shit and you're crying cause some woman on tik tok told her son she was depressed or some shit. shut the fuck up.
also stop bringing parasocial into every conversation. we get it you learned a new reddit word you do not need to use this word for every fucking conversation.

No. 1509959

Only 72 babies named Mohammed in the whole country last year. Maybe they're all in Galway city?

No. 1510196

If a man is ugly it reflects his personality. Ugly men are always bad men and cute men are usually safe men. The more ugly a man is the more dangerous he is.

No. 1510198

what about ezra miller

No. 1510201

You need to change your taste in men.

No. 1510203

i don't like him myself but most people consider him attractive/conventional, yet he's also dangerous. same with that ramirez guy (until he shows his teeth)

No. 1510204

>cute men are usually can sometimes be but are not always safe men
fixed it for youse

No. 1510206

I completely agree with your point just disliked example kek

No. 1510271

Nope nope nope and nope. Cute guys can be every bit as dangerous.

No. 1510300

Not to sound like a pick me, but I think bald men who embrace their baldness can look hot (if they aren't fat ugly etc etc)

No. 1510318

>be city dwelling Angloid
>read this post
>Google Galway
>this is in motherfucking IRELAND?
I’m sorry, that is fucked up, I thought Ireland was safe. Is it some kind of common dumping point for immigrants?

No. 1510334

I believe you're right solely because of my experience with the biggest flamer I've ever known. Very effeminate gay male told me he wanted to fuck me, but he was disgusted by the thought of a vagina.

No. 1510337

Samefag, at the time I thought I was safe being around effeminate gay men, but that whole weird thing made me realize they're all the same. The Y chromosome is a mutation.

No. 1510346

I always knew people were followers but as a millennial who grew up in the “rap is crap”, being bigger than a size 2 is fat, having lips is ugly and wearing long nails is ghetto era the the shift over the past 10 years is so funny to me. It just proves people will do and like whatever they are told to like.

No. 1510349

didn't read your earlier posts but what the fuck is it with very faggy gay dudes that end up wanting to sleep with you? is it just because they haven't had close female friends and can't see anything platonically or what because this has happened to my very average, then fat ass, twice. No traces of them acting out on the hetero shit after I cut ties either, I am betting on them just not knowing how the hell to act

No. 1510354

The color threads are used as slide threads and often nefariously

No. 1510364

On the one hand this is bisexual erasure, on the other hand it's being done to men so I approve.

No. 1510374

This is schizo retarded, do you think lesbiansism is based around misandry too or has anything to do with loving women?

No. 1510439

Idk, not dating as a teenager is way more common than people think, ime it's not rare for college students to have little dating experience or not at all. Many teenagers (especially girls) are simply not into it or have fears related to dating (12 is too young anyway). Having self esteem issues or struggling with your appearance in the first place can lead to never forming romantic relationships, so it's a vicious circle. I agree though that at 20+ years old you start doubting yourself a lot if you have zero experience (also because of social pressure) but I'd say that it "fucks you up mentally" when you're also lonely/insecure in general.

>Most of them seem like "too much magic and pretty colors" and almost no succession of understandable events.
You must be into the slice of life type then lol, because I feel like this describes most anime series, including some of the most popular ones. In comparison, Ghibli movies' stories are pretty easy to understand if you're okay with fantasy settings and at least there's no fanservice/filler, but I understand that it's not to everyone's taste.

Nta and I don't particularly agree but there's literally "gay moid"/"moid gayness" in every single sentence with examples of their "culture" being extremely misogynistic, clearly this is not about lesbians.

No. 1510456

If you want to make friends on an anonymous imageboard there’s something wrong with you. For instance using a “friend finder” thread is absolutely unthinkable to me and every time I see it I’m shocked anyone uses it.

No. 1510460

Agree. You really have no idea who you’re talking to. As sad and alone as I am, I just can’t bring myself to take a chance like that.

No. 1510462

in my honest opinion I think those shows where teens date a lot are propaganda and they're extremely dumb. Unpopular but in extreme cases I see it as wanna be hoe behavior

No. 1510464

I've had terrible experiences there, makes me think some farmers might be more insane than you think.

No. 1510515

I already assume everyone here is a little unhinged at the absolute minimum.

No. 1510516

Hobbies and media are awful fucking ways to test compatibility for a relationship. I think you should definitely jabs things in common with your partner but I’ve known so many couples who make their entire relationship based off of their shared hobby despite being incompatible in almost every other area.

No. 1510614

Home ownership isn't -that- big a deal. Housing is actually a subpar investment and has been for most of history, it was literally considered a depreciating asset before the 1980s. If housing is unaffordable (more like in a bubble by every objective measure), then just invest your money in bonds, stocks, whatever else and use the dividends to help cover your rent. Houses where I live cost 1.28 million on average, but you can cover the yearly rent for the average house with just the dividends on $500,000 invested a year. You're not paying repairs, you're not directly paying the property tax and you're not paying the insurance.

No. 1510649

I saw an anon once trying to organise a meetup in the country she was visiting, she wouldn't even entertain the possible dangers of meeting strangers from the internet abroad. I assume it's just young posters being naiive, but still

No. 1510703

I get that anons get mad over FTMs being "gender traitors" as they take the "easy" way out by opting out of womanhood completely and it pisses me off too, but a lot of the times their a-logging gets too much and it's obvious they're not mad at how these women were pressured by the society around them to see themselves as "non-women" but instead consider the women themselves as "NLOGs" who think they're better than everyone else and should just be taught a lesson and taken down a notch. That's childish and short-sighted as fuck and if you tell them so they start screeching about "zipper tits" and other wonderful totally not misogynist and often even homophobic insults. Way to encourage female solidarity I guess.

No. 1510705

File: 1677499246456.jpeg (36.58 KB, 625x752, beast.jpeg)

Human Beast looked good. No fuck that he was the BEST looking Disney prince, you furfags will not gaslight me

No. 1510707

I agree, he looks like a sexy Belmont.

No. 1510709

Based post, never got the hate over him tbh

No. 1510761

you're right and you should say it.

No. 1510783

If you say gay people, even moids, are not "born this way" it becomes about lesbians too. It's the same rhetoric moids use to say that lesbians need to be raped by men so they can learn to enjoy being straight.

No. 1510792

Pretty much this. Sucks that some "feminists" are so stupid they want to chase trannies rather than wake up to reality.

No. 1510809

tbf, if you are a complete and total normie, than i can see how you would find no value in it, but that's a mean way to put it. It's like you are saying we should just be isolated for the rest of our lives if we fail to make connections irl. Some of us will never be normie or neurotypical. I like a lot of the people i met in the friend finder thread, granted i have met some terrible people too. I'd rather talk to people like me than be the token retard.

No. 1510827

100% my moid parent is this alllll the way. I remember sitting him and my mom down because I was so confused. It was right then that I realized he's a raging misogynist and it all clicked. He called a woman "disgusting" a week before with such hatred. And if course he denied it when I called him out outright for being a misogynist. I feel like I talk about my piece of shit faggot pedophile father on here a lot but it's cathartic so pls no boolie

No. 1510829

I saw at least one anon in one of the MtF threads insist that homosexuality isn't natural, even for lesbians, and something like two posters agreed with her. Hope those were just some retarded moids brigading and getting ignored.

No. 1510830

People angry at neets are just jealous. Normal well adjusted people should just shrug and maybe think they are losers. If you get riled up and angry about neets you are just jelly you can't be one. Must suck to be you

No. 1510832

desperate times call for desperate measures

No. 1510835

File: 1677516458788.png (728.51 KB, 1157x648, hwi.png)

No. 1510836

Also you don’t have to spend extra time and money to fix shit

No. 1510845

Based taste. Human beast is hot af. He was the hottest prince. I still prefer him in Beast mode, but I'll take him either way. He is top tier.

No. 1510846

If anything, gay men are worse because they wont actively rape you, but they'll degrade you, talk shit about women, but also copy everything women do like wearing heels,makeup etc. They still think they are above women. I hate gay men. Lesbians are fine (I am one) but I have yet to meet a gay man i can tolerate.

No. 1510849

no but these were self proclaimed faggots

No. 1510857

This. It reminds me of those schizo straight women who are genuinely paranoid about having their coomer Nigel whacking it to chaser porn cucked by a HSTS and that's why they act like homosexuality is an ideology or a disease created to specifically attack them.

Sadly there are a lot of anons who are genuinely homophobic trads. They sometimes claim to have nothing against lesbians (because they're not a threat to them) but only when they're straight passing and of course butch4butch is cringe and gross to them. I'll get accused of "caping for faggots" in the replies but they know I'm right. In my entire life I haven't met a person who was genuinely okay with female homosexuality but not the male one.

No. 1510878

File: 1677520540680.jpg (38.22 KB, 400x527, trumptimecover.jpg)

in retrospect, i actually find donald trump to be an interesting personality. i think his only downfall as a president was how already polarized american politics had become since the bush is a retard era and that all the crazy white trash types decided to latch on to him (i don't think he gives a rat ass about them, he just knew they were easy and insecure suckers to exploit for quick change). i think he's way, way more intelligent than people give him credit for, not einstein level intelligent but the kind of shrewd cunning you rarely see in leaders today, especially not politicians. i've been watching a lot of his old interviews after randomly remembering that one of his favorite movies is "citizen kane" and it's fascinating watching him talking to people. whatever you may think about him, he's very charismatic, personable, and knows how to draw people in.

i don't think he is this diabolical neo-hitler leader who was hellbent on sending america back to the middle ages like liberals tried to shill him as, nor do i think he was just this upstart smartass like the snooty new york elites portrayed him as being when he was just a quirky media tycoon…in fact, i don't really know what his intentions are and i think that's what scared people the most about him. at times i think he was a very self-aware troll who wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the american political game, which he did a very good job at, and at times i think he just saw an easy opportunity to make loads of cash off of dumbasses, but overall i just don't know. his persona is actually very mysterious he and doesn't reveal much about himself or his thoughts, his family, particularly his kids like ivanka and that ugly son of his, are actually the true source of whatever lolcow tendencies people ascribe to him. he just stands in the back and does that stupid smile with the thumbs up in the air and says jack shit unless he has to. i hated though how a lot of people did suffer from stage 4 trump derangment syndrome and couldn't objectively approach him without acting like twelve-year-old kids. that just goes to show how much power he had over people, literally living rent free in so many mofos' heads. it would be cool to meet him, i know my grandfather would explode with joy lol.

No. 1510892

I just don't get the appeal of Bob's Burgers, the animation, the grating voice acting, the character design and most of the all the humor, every character acts like an annoying theater kid

No. 1510894

KEK what the fuck. Some faggot gossiping about celebrities and wearing makeup is so much worse than a woman being brutally raped. Please kill yourself.

No. 1510905

I agree, specially the characters designs. It makes Family guy look like Cowboy Bebop in comparison.

No. 1510913

You think straight men won't do all of that and brutally rape you in addition to it? What kind of insane drivel is this? Imagine malding over a bunch of gay men dressing in heels so much you think it's worse than sex crimes.

No. 1511034

Dating sucks for women who fit the beauty standard and women who don’t but in different ways. If you don’t fit the beauty standard men will act very sexually aggressive, don’t mind talking to you bluntly about their fetishes right from the start because they don’t give a shit if you leave or not but with conventionally attractive girls they are going to spend months acting like the perfect guy, not trying to fuck on the first date and then after a year or so they will show their true colors and she’s just wasted a year of her life. Women who aren’t conventionally attractive have to deal with sexually aggressive men early on and conventionally attractive women deal with getting their time wasted more.

No. 1511118

except we're on lolcow where you can often find anons who claim that
>men do not have sexual orientations, there are just holes to them, as evidenced by men fucking objects/food or switching sexual orientations when they become trannies
>straight men are not attracted to women but to the performance of femininity (hence the tranny chasers and TRAs)
>men are all inherently pedos and rapists
etc. these theories on lolcow exist about all men and sexual orientations, even if it's sometimes retarded at least there are no double standards kek because anywhere else you can't say shit about gay moids

No. 1511173

I’m so tired of women being pitted against each other in the dating scene. I don’t get a lot of brash moid attention but I’ve gotten lead on and dumped so many times I can barely keep track. They’ve either left pretended to like me back for the sex or they DO like me back and get scared and leave. I had one friend who kept saying I didn’t have anything to complain about because I “could get anyone I want” but they never fucking stay.

No. 1511187

All men are garbage, but too many straight women think fags are harmless when they arent.

No. 1511309

Men want women they aren’t attracted to to die

No. 1511318

Mixed breed dogs are ugly as hell and it’s no wonder they don’t get adopted

No. 1511392

I think for me Trump and this whole death of democracy neo-Hitler narrative revealed how hysterical and dramatic Americans are. I don't care about bad orange man but tbh I'm glad his presidency is over, it really feels like 2016-2020 US-imported hysterics and discourse was completely dominating Europe, it was so annoying and tedious. US politics was all anyone ever talked about even tho it had close to 0 impact on us.

No. 1511403

My unpopular opinion in response to this is why the hell shouldn't I look at BL and high quality yaoi?? It is too fucking satisfying to turn the tables. Even though its a drop.in the bucket, and watered down and romantic compared to coomer porn.. thin skin entitled men always throw hypocritical fits when the female gaze is turned back around on them. All the haters treat the subjects as such victims uwu, but it's not real, and clearly the only haters are the same moids gaming women every chance they get. Yaoi is subversive and radical in that way. All women should get into it it is priceless and perfect in pretty much every way. And I don't mean the worshipping of gay guys, I mean the worship of the female gaze in general.

It's not real and it's not supposed to be and that is PERFECT. Such a nice deviation from the headache of heterosexual love.

The same men that hate it are the same shitbulls that turn around and use womens bodies. What difference does it really make.

No. 1511415

>he just saw an easy opportunity to make loads of cash
it's this, bye

No. 1511444

I agree with you nonnies. The Trump fanboys thinking he's some epic mastermind who is gonna drain the swamp are cringe and i cant believe some fanboys STILL want him back, but the Trump derangement sheep were so obnoxious and embarrassing. you couldn't go on any kind of site without someone seething over him. he really played most like a fiddle and was probably laughing the entire time at how retarded they all acted. I could not stand that era of politics because all the libbuhhral redditors shitting their pants over every breath he took.

No. 1511451

no matter how you look, if a man tries to get into a relationship with you, he will obviously hide the darker facets of his personality at first, so all women get their time wasted imo. men are sexually aggressive and blunt with the women they see only as a potential hook up and when they don't care about being rejected (which probably does happen more to women not fitting the beauty standard).

nta but there are zero politics (at that level) who aren't in it at least partly for the money and "power".

No. 1511487

I'm not saying there aren't. I'm saying this man's whole lifestyle and career is based on money and attention (both of which are easy for him to get, at the baseline, because of who/where he comes from). I don't get how anyone tries to read some 5D chess into it. He's not a 500 IQ mastermind, a messiah or literally Satan. He is a wealthy boomer and a reality TV star. He just knows how to play his role, and a lot of idiots bought into it from 2016 up to 2020, whether derangement or fansperging. It's like wondering if the Kardashians are actually hyper intelligent.

No. 1511515

None of the artists I know or follow give a shit about AI art because their audience doesn’t want it. Digital art fags stay losing kek

No. 1511518

Don't you tardos get tired of trying to fight over the same topics over and over? I swear you guys have argued over this like 3 times within the past week. Omg, you like AI art, so polarizing! Get creative.

No. 1511523

I don’t like AI art I’m just not shitting my pants over my lack of skill and inability to adapt

No. 1511527

They are relatively harmless compared to straight men though. And 0 chance a lesbian would say some dumb shit like this kek stop LARPing.

No. 1511541

NTA but I don't get why there are so many women defending gay men, they almost never return the gesture even when lesbians are much more under attack than them with all the gender identity BS these days. And lesbians are pretty much worshiped on lolcow, it's the only sexual orientation that won't get you shit on, so it's ridiculous to get insecure or see homophobia in anons talking about gay moids the way they would talk about straight moids. Gay men can still invade women's spaces (HSTS), they still oppress/mock women through the fashion industry and shit like drag, they can still be pedos/rapists. There's really no reason to get offended just because someone says that gay men aren't harmless, it's a fact.

No. 1511569

No one is larping. Holyshit. Been on this site 8 years and I love how having a differing opionion means you're a moid. Please, gay men are trash, but at least they wont out right rape and murder you. I hate all kinds of men, but some women defend gay men like they have zero chance to hurt you when they love to be petty little bitches and would wear most women's identities as skin.

No. 1511573

>there's zero chance a lesbian would say this
Nah girl, fuck off with that mentality. Lesbians aren't a hivemind, just like women are not a hivemind, especially on lolcow. They are not harmless and I hate that women think this shit.
The same gay men are okay with grooming young boys to be drag queens and faggots and will put down real women, calling them hysterical. The same gay men are okay with pedo shit while actual lesbians and other women are the ones who marched against it. The same gay men who spread STDs and other issues but don't want to face it and rather stay quiet. They also love to try to fuck straight men and get up in arms when rejected. They also call women horrible names like fish and cunt. Gay men are not harmless.

No. 1511612

Damn and I'm reading this just while Bobs Burgers is playing in the background, too.

No. 1511616

This. The most probable option is that he's, as you said, a wealthy TV star boomer, not some ultra high intelligence mastermind or the satan incarnate. He's been out of touch with reality all his life coming straight from his rich daddy's pocket. Just look at Elon Musk, he's the same kind of big mouthed idiot with a very similar background to Trump.

No. 1511620

Not that anon but nobody's "defending gay men", I don't see anyone denying that their culture is based on weird female skinwalking and womb envy that breeds HSTSs but going as far as saying they're "worse than straight men" is absurd. Straight men will do all the bad things gay men do to women and children but amp them up to 100 and murder and rape you on top of it. It has a homophobic undertone to it and everyone sperging out about faggots being pedorapists never stop at male homosexuals but will always set boundaries for what is acceptable as a lesbian, and salami slice the issue into all homosexuality being degenerate.

>And lesbians are pretty much worshiped on lolcow, it's the only sexual orientation that won't get you shit on

Kek I wish we were worshiped here. I wouldn't have to deal with the suspicious amount of bitterness towards lesbians and the gay panic over butches and GNC women here otherwise.

No. 1511666

They should have just removed VATS with fallout 3, it doesn’t make any sense.

No. 1511699

I agree, vats on 3/nv/4 are unnecessary and make the game easier, vats on 76 is fine though (because it doesn't stop the time it's more like aim assist)

No. 1511739

I’m playing new Vegas right now for the first time on hardest with survival but it’s not even a challenge because the AI is so retarded they don’t even attack half the time wtf is this shit

No. 1511791

Gravity Falls sucks ass! I watched it all waiting for it to get good. It’s just average writing with unlikeable characters and I have no idea why it’s so popular

No. 1511889

>nobody's "defending gay men"
how else would you call it? claiming they're pretty much harmless, just gossiping about celebrities while straight men rape and murder, and that criticizing them is homophobic.
>Straight men (…) amp them up to 100 and murder and rape you on top of it.
i don't get it, gay men also rape, murder and all that shit, the only difference is that the victims are children and men instead of women for anything that's sexually motivated.
>everyone sperging out about faggots being pedorapists never stop at male homosexuals
but all men here are called pedos, rapists and sexual opportunists, why would it be homophobic to say it about gay men. it's like saying that it's racist to say that men of X race can also rape. i have yet to see anons claiming that lesbians are also pedos/rapists, and we all know that that anon would immediately be dogpiled, come on.

No. 1511930

Italians are so stuck up and arrogant about their food even though it’s all basically the same dish drenched in tomato sauce or cheese

No. 1511949

they're good at cooking but the actual ingredients are not that special. I find it impressive but I get why others find it disappointing.

No. 1511952

Lmao I agree. Had to grow up with italian food and it was never complicated to make at all. My family made it because it was so cheap and filling. I was so bored of it and it was all they ever wanted to eat.
It makes me pretty salty whenever someone wants to grab italian food at a restaurant cause I know for a fact that being charged $20-30 for whatever plate they're serving can be made by the vat for the same pricepoint at home haha.

No. 1511993

US is the best and most important country on Earth, the whole world is envious of us, I'm proud as fuck to be American and I think other Americans tend to be ungrateful and complain way too much. We're literally the richest and most developed country on Earth. Our culture is the de facto standard modern culture across the world. People literally die for a chance to live and work here.

No. 1512001

File: 1677645162846.jpg (119.43 KB, 1024x719, 1657550434611.jpg)

>no free healthcare
>no free university
>the only free thing you get is a governor deciding if you can get an abortion or not
>school shootings
>literally just shootings everywhere
>bipartisanship, no change can really happen
>corporations keep dumping shit everywhere and destroying nature and dumping shit on the water that makes tap water undrinkable
I could go on, btw enjoy your student debt, nonita

No. 1512010

America is so fucked up, but I agree. I would never say that in public though because I'd never hear the end of it.

No. 1512011

>no free healthcare
Good insurance is easy to get through any half-decent employer and arguably it's better than anything you get for "free" in Canada or the EU. Canadians and Europoors constantly complain about their "free" healthcare which isn't free anyway as your taxes pay for it.
>no free university
If your parents give a shit about you they'll save up and cover the cost. There's also scholarships. Student debt makes people think twice before they go to college to get a useless degree. Most people with good degrees from great universities don't struggle with repaying their loans, it's largely a myth perpetuated by people with degrees in like idk gender studies and liberal arts.
>the only free thing you get is a governor deciding if you can get an abortion or not
You realize you can just go and get an abortion in a different state, right?
>school shootings
This is so dumb lol school shootings and shootings in general are extremely uncommon in good areas.
>corporations keep dumping shit everywhere and destroying nature and dumping shit on the water that makes tap water undrinkable
US has the most beautiful and diverse nature in the world, we're in all climate zones.

Your post proves that Europoors just want everything for free. US rewards hard work and punishes mediocrity and that's why we're so successful. It's a country for people that strive to be better every day, Euros just sit on their asses and wait for handouts.

No. 1512012

More people are stockholm syndrome'd into shitty jobs where they're abused than in abusive relationships, by at least a factor of four.

No. 1512015

It’s not Stockholm syndrome it’s not wanting to be homeless

No. 1512016

at the expense of the environment and other people's rights to live a health life, but I guess imperialist countries are a good thing

No. 1512021

I think it’s because they are the only “white people” country known to use seasonings so it’s went to their head

No. 1512025

You don't use the metric system nor celsius and that's why you suck. Checkmate motherfucker.

No. 1512033

You'll never be American. Stay jelly.

No. 1512035

You will never be salmonella free.

No. 1512040

>We're literally the richest and most developed country on Earth
I know this is probably bait but if it's not fucking kek imagine thinking that your 3rd world country with sugar sprinkled on it is richer than Arab oil countries or more developed than top European and Asian countries.

No. 1512042

Nta but we don't even get salmonella.

No. 1512045

>US is the best and most important country on Earth, the whole world is envious of us,
That's just some deep-seated belief Americans have, to justify their imperialism perhaps, which is why they're known to be pretentious and ignorant of other cultures all around the world. You realize that what's "best" and "important" is entirely subjective? However, loving the country you live in is obviously a good thing, so that's good for you (no sarcasm), people who reek of white-guilt and pretend to hate their country while still living there comfortably are so annoying.
>Our culture is the de facto standard modern culture across the world
American culture is literally made up of European culture and the culture of other immigrants. The US has always relied on importing technologies and people (e.g. scientists, researchers, artists moving to the US because they've been offered better funding or whatever) so it's funny when Americans claim to be "the best" like they're part of some homogeneous group of superior people lol.
>People literally die for a chance to live and work here.
This is true of every Western country and some developed Asian countries. Most of this can be summed up by "I don't know about other countries". But I do agree that people demonize the US like crazy, it's obviously better to live there than in a 3rd world country.


No. 1512047

Both Amber Heard and Depp were bad people and its pathetic to stan/defend eithe of them, both are degenerates- depp 100% thought it was super hot that she was a crazy bpd bitch- and she was into the fact that he was a famous hedonistic drug addict/alcoholic. They both probably abused and enabled each other. Yet- depp somehow came out of the trial more popular and beloved than before…
Why didn't people just brush off the trial as the bull shit hollywood spectacle that it was? Why did everyone take it so personally?

Does the culture war have such a stronghold on everyone that people really saw this as some vindication for me too? Was it misogyny? Was it just loyalty to celebrity? I truly don't understand…

No. 1512050

Everyone posting in an [xyz] hate thread should be harassed off the site, especially reddit hate and twitter hate. Aside from the fact that all the hate threads are full of the most touchy and unfunny argumentative lame-asses, the reddit and twitter hate threads are clearly full of people who actively use those sites (they probably post more there than they post here) and they should be permanently ejected from here.

No. 1512051

saemfag, Amber Heard and her actions are a blow against women and abuse victims everywhere. If she had just published the op ed but maintained that they had an toxic relationship and ended it there, she would have been in the green. She chose to embellish and make up more and more extreme claims, and got caught in her own lies. the trial will be used as precedence by actual physically abusive scumbags for decades to come.

No. 1512057

It had been a few months since i had mayo to see if it would clear up some acne and….it is not as good as I remember. Used to put copious amounts of mayo on my sandwiches too.

No. 1512067

but at the same time, isn't a big part of lolcow about hating stuff though? whether that's cows, other websites, libfems etc. it's nice to have a place to vent and say stuff you wouldn't be able to say elsewhere. if anything, threads about a single cow are even weirder in that sense, people are actively looking up stuff/checking for updates about someone they "hate", but i get it for cows who are praised by msm/social media despite holding retarded/harmful beliefs (typically troons), because again it's a way to vent and expose these people.

No. 1512069

Most of the worlds problems are very easy to solve and we could all live comfy lives with limited work. The problem is humans are just too stupid and care more about being better than each other to make their own lives better.

No. 1512072

True. We’re greedy creatures.

No. 1512093

This. They were a emotionally stunted loser couple that deserved each other, it's a waste of time to defend either and the anons who were going insane calling Amber some based FDS queen were projecting their own BPD behavior onto her. Depp himself was a drugged out fat piece of shit who left his family to fuck a girl half his age and got burned for it and Amber was a pathetic gold digger who couldn't control her meltdowns and rented a womb to get a trophy child.

No. 1512126

I think humor should be at least a little bit shocking, irreverant or offensive to actually work. That's why I find tumblr/reddit "funnymen" just embarrassing to listen to, they just say nonsensical words and there's no punchline. I'm not even talking about shittalking a specific person or group of people and context matters most of the time (I'd rather joke about handholding out of wedlock being haram with friends or with my sisters because of how we were raised than with a racist white supremacist who'll take that seriously), but apparently that's still a terrible opinion.

No. 1512127

Almost every person on earth looks bad in short hair and much better with longer hair. And by short I mean 2-3 inches at most. The exception is blading men who look bad no matter what, and a few lucky people with a slender well shaped body and head who can pull off short hair/bald head. Usually if someone looks good in short hair (because they just have a beautiful face) they still look a whole lot better in long hair.

Long hair is the human default, short hair is unnatural, it's like looking at a shaved animal and it just looks off because it's not how we were meant to look. Men only keep their hair short nowadays because it was an army thing that got trendy.

No. 1512134

Plenty of those based FDS kweens here too. Amber had huge support from LC. So many anons are slutty and trashy and have BPD. This becomes clearer if you've ever joined the discord.

No. 1512135

>So many anons are slutty and trashy and have BPD.
this has to be bait.

No. 1512136

Are you new here or something or did the word slutty just trigger you? She's right. Especially about the discord losers the starcy larping there is fucking hilarious and they are extremely messy. It's sad

No. 1512137

I love a pixie cut. Even if its not on someone blessed with the most amazing features to 'pull it off' as people say. I just have a thing for short hair on women.

No. 1512140

File: 1677671861157.jpg (48.03 KB, 564x705, b262ff3e6fd7b35f4c6920f2beff3c…)

Agreed. Women can sometimes pull off short hair, better than men in any case, but ideally something like picrel should be the minimum for both men and women.
Moids that are past a certain point of balding are unsalvageable however and are best off becoming hermits to shield them from the public eye.

No. 1512143

File: 1677672793642.jpg (58.03 KB, 550x618, Grown-Out-Look[1].jpg)

Yes any men and any women will look better with longer hair. I think it's very rare to see someone pull off a very short hair or buzzcut look, like you have to be a model or have very specific features.. but that's just me. Picrel is my personal ideal starting length for both sexes
One of my exes (male) always kept a buzzcut and it was so sad because he had nice thick hair… I felt it lessened my attraction to him somewhat

No. 1512154

No. 1512156

>One of my exes (male) always kept a buzzcut and it was so sad because he had nice thick hair… I felt it lessened my attraction to him somewhat
My bf always had short to very short hair and when we got together I convinced him to let it grow out since I told him I liked long hair. He thinks it looks messy but still doesn't cut it short because he wants to please me, feels pretty good.
My ex also had this buzzcut mostly because he was balding and it sucked.

No. 1512173

I completely agree. The way you described it as looking unnatural is so spot on. I rarely see anyone who I think looks good buzzed or with a pixie/whatever you call the generic Ryan gosling male cut

No. 1512177

Most ~perfectionists~ are just lazy as fuck and use "I'll never ever reach my impossible standards anyways uwu" as an excuse to never try.

No. 1512194

I’m guessing you don’t know any real perfectionists? Less than 100% or summa cum laude or a blue ribbon or a perfect performance review is seen as a failure and real perfectionists do whatever it takes to always be on top. If you mean the self-proclaimed perfectionists that never try anything then yeah they’re lazy as shit, but they’re not actually perfectionists. Dropping out or quitting makes you a failure. Many such cases in ex-ballerinas and gymnasts coping with their mediocrity.

No. 1512197

Pretty and tiny women who date really tall and or ugly men then treat their daughters like shit because they have their dads features or height are evil. You couldn’t keep your pussy away from ugly dick and now you hate your daughter because she doesn’t look like you?makes no sense

No. 1512201

Okay but FDS actually helps women.

No. 1512203

I feel like it kind of pisses white people off that black americans were taken from their home land and had nothing but have created this entire culture that’s suppressed any of their mainstream media and everyone all over the world even if they hate black people try to imitate it and it’s kind of a flex to have everyone hate you but still copy everything you do. Like everytime white people try to exclude black people, black people make their own thing and it’s better(for example soul train vs American band stand)and then white people cry that they aren’t included in the black version. It’s really sick and fan girl behavior.

No. 1512206

Fds really helped me a lot. I don’t agree about their stance on coffee dates because I really don’t want to go have dinner with strangers but their stance that communicating with scrotes is a waste of time and you should just block him helped me so much. No more sending paragraphs about how up set I am etc just blocked.

No. 1512215

Everything everywhere all at once was pretentious and shallow, despite trying very hard to seem deep.

No. 1512217

so much retardation in just 4 sentences

No. 1512219

It's because women like you see a victim and try to find flaws she has so you can rationalize that she deserved what happened and since you yourself dont possess the same flaws, a similar situation won't happen to you.
The first court said 10/11 of her claims or so were true so she really was abused but ugly women who simped for Depp and misogynistic men still supported him, knowing full well even if both were abusive, he would've surely done more damage as an obese alcoholic man twice her age.
Normal women who saw the texts where be detailed how he wanted to kill and burn her body before raping the corpse agree he's mentally ill but some women like you still go and defend those men and unsurprisingly the women who defend him admit they've been with multiple abusive men before. Coincidence? I think not.

No. 1512238

I call expats immigrants because there's no significant difference. I feel like it chafes their asses, but oh well kek.

No. 1512247

Johnny Depp's daughter even came out against him and backed up Amber but Americans don't give a shit about women. This evident. He was convicted on abuse charges in the UK and then the absolute circus that was the American Court case set equality back years. Like look at the fucking support a rapist like Tate can get. Fuck this world.

No. 1512265

Some women would rather side with abusers and rapists just to shit on a woman they're jealous of and then the same women get so shocked when the guy they defend treats them even worse than the first beautiful woman he abused. This scenerio usually plays out irl with mistresses "stealing" shitty men and then getting shocked when they also get cheated on like the first woman did.

No. 1512276

It's sad that this is unpopular. Everyone who paid attention to the trial (internet poisoning red flag to begin with) read their own agenda into what was happening, which in reality was nothing more than a messy relationship between two cluster Bs. The ''''discourse'''''' around it seems to be an annoying combination of the 'perfect victim' myth (in reality mutually abusive relationships are extremely common) and severe political polarization. I immediately lose respect for anyone who is not only emotionally invested in Depp vs Heard but takes a side.

No. 1512286

Bitch whatever. Depp is a junkie. Amber heard wrote an editorial or whatever and didn't even name the cunt or go into specifics. Depp sued her because of his own financial issues and that he was getting dropped from jobs. In the UK when all the details and evidence came out he was found guilty of abuse. The America trial was a complete circus and the witnesses were getting turn 2 to misconstrue and try and get Johnny that sweet publicity. It was so fucking embarrassing and any woman that has suffered in a physically abusive relationship with a power dynamic should have been reeling at the outcome. It was ridiculous.

No. 1512289

listen..i support amber but you dont have to resort to lies to backup Amber because it just makes people who support amber look like liars.

His daughter never defended amber, instead she just stayed silent and the reason for that is because she got hate when she defended her father years ago.

No. 1512290

Depends on why they left tbh. If it's short term because they're working abroad because their current boss wanted them to do something for a specific project or studying abroad for a definite number of years and never plan on changing citizenship then I can't call them immigrants tbh.

No. 1512292

Nah she gave testimony about when Amber stayed with them and Lily rose asked to leave then trip if Amber was leaving she didn't want to be around her dad alone

No. 1512301

show sources for this claim of yours. Its taken out of context and you know it.

No. 1512312

Do you genuinely believe a woman who's half a man's age and size can be as abusive as him? Most abused women fight back, that doesn't magically make the relationship equally abusive or simply messy. A man who has a history of being with barely legal/minor girls and associating/defending pedos isn't ever going to be innocent in my eyes and the fact that most women who defend him then go on to get abused by men they choose to date shows that you guys just have a soft spot for men that'll abuse you.

No. 1512323

Agree. Even this thread got its rush of bippies projecting and thinking that saying "they're both degenerates" means it's somehow defending Depp. I believe the shit Amber said he did, I fully do, and I think Depp is a bastard, but I also fully believe that she took advantage of the situation and provoked the drugged out old fart with her best psycho bitch ability and absolutely got her lead roles via Johnny being a retarded nepotist simp led around by his cock getting them for his talentless trophy wife instead of an actress who deserved them. They're both trash, their trial being made a spectacle was a fucking embarrassment, the fangirls unconditionally defending Depp despite him dropping the mother of his children after 20 years for a younger woman piss me off, the people seeing Amber as an angel even though the womb renting alone (bred from fucking Elon Musk's sperm come on) shows she's a psychopath piss me off, the entire debacle is just a high publicity white trash divorce court.

No. 1512335

This shit reads more bpd than Amber’s leaked sign nudes.

No. 1512344

The media circus is an entity unto itself; I was just talking about the relationship and the people who got super invested in it.
>Do you genuinely believe a woman who's half a man's age and size can be as abusive as him?
Not as physically abusive, no. But as you can see from the endless daily 'my mother/father/scrote ruined my life' threads, physical abuse is only one form.
I think the buzz around the relationship is a microcosm of polarization in US culture. People can't even disengage from black-and-white thinking over a stupid relationship scandal.

No. 1512389

both were equally abusive amber also abused him and even cheated on him.
I understand its unfair that people only support Depp leatherface but instead of supporting amber instead we should change society so people dont automatically take the side of a moid. Both were abusive but people only believe Depp is a victim and thats wrong but lets not act like Amber is a saint.

No. 1512391

Amber is based for "abusing" that sack of shit IDEC.

No. 1512394

Maybe he should date women his own age and he wouldn’t have to deal with crazy young immature women

No. 1512395

Anything a woman says to a physically abusive moid is abyoos it’s just desserts. Kys.
What proof is there she cheated? She didn’t. Cheating also isn’t a crime or abuse. Even if she had she’d be right to cheat on a pedo rapist abuser.

No. 1512400

A man who says he works in construction is a red flag. They are always broke and or unemployed. Most of them only do seasonal work and are to lazy to get jobs.

No. 1512413

posting this on a site that was literally built on hating on mentally ill and abused women is so funny.

There is literally a thread in w/ gossiping about a woman who got abused by her mother, married to a older guy when she was barely 18, has a shitty relationship with a middle aged pimp who is much older than her.
Hell even the original lolcow of this site was a fat woman with autism/schizophrenia which everyone though it was so funny to troll her and gossip about her.

fuck off with your fake bullshit feminism. Amber is a abuser and no you are not a based ''dark triad stacy'' for supporting her. You are a loser.

No. 1512415

It's time for illegalizing smoking cigarettes, it's barbaric.

No. 1512416

I fully support cheating on pieces of shit who rape you with bottles but I don’t know maybe that’s just me. They deserve worse

No. 1512417

She didn't cheat, you're probably mixing it up with your bf who cheated on you, anon. You should rest and get your thoughts together before you make the next accusation.

No. 1512422

%99 anons think what venus went through isn't deserved, there's like only one or two vendrttafags that hatepost on threads like venus' and they're on different boards than us so your gotcha is useless.
You're a much bigger cow than any co/w/s for defending a pedophile sympathizer abuser man.

No. 1512424

Not everyone here follows cows but it’s nice of you owning up to serially bullying abuse victims

No. 1512430

Never defended him, you operate on black and white thinking which makes it impossible for someone to have a conversation with people like you.
Very nice middle schooler insult, very feminist.

No. 1512431

>thread in w/
Opinion discarded

No. 1512432

I straight up don't believe women can abuse men, unless there's an extremely unusual power dynamic going on. Men are obsessed with the idea of being abused by women because they want to shift the focus away from their own behaviour, where they are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of abuse. It's like how a large proportion of women who get murdered by their abusive male partners were originally reported as being abusers themselves, because abusive moids will wait for her to slap him or something and then go crying to the police about how he was soo terrorized, and everyone will automatically believe him or go 'w-well they were BOTH bad'. I genuinely don't believe any man has ever been terrorized by a woman in the way that women are constantly terrorized by abusive scrotes; men just think that a woman saying something mean to them one time equals abuse.

No. 1512436

>Never defended him
ntayrt, but you can't just say this after vehemently spouting that he's an amber abuse victim and shes a POS. it's a really lame reply and you might as well have not bothered at all. there was so much more to respond to lol

No. 1512437

So which one is it? Did your bf cheat or did you never get a bf? Also feminism means having same rights as men, calling out a woman who's simping for a pedo or making fun of a woman who's making rumors to defend an abuser has nothing to do with feminism.

No. 1512438

Most scrotes consider being yelled at, being told to shower or denying them sex as abuse. I don’t take it seriously.

No. 1512439

I saw a video on youtube of a woman getting into an argument with a man (no context provided, ofc) and she threw his phone and yelled at him. So many little bitch men in the comments saying 'see!? women can abuse us too but they always play victim.' like holyshit– actual violence statics and women being murdered for rejecting a man doesn't exist. I do not believe a woman can abuse a man. they can always walk away. they are physically stronger and society believes men over women daily. Especially hand maidens.

No. 1512440

>ignoring post where i said theyre both abusers and that people should NOT be seeing Depp as the victim.

Yeah i see what youre doing, its like talking to a wall. Any more misogynistic middle school insults you got for me since i am a woman that dared disagree with you.

No. 1512444

just because your life revolves around cock doesn't mean mine does, If you have any other insults that doesn't revolve around boyfriends, appearance or sex that would be great.
I get it your a trashy bitch with middle school tier insults.

No. 1512446

Nta but if you were a man I'd make fun of you for getting cheated on by your gf and projecting since it seems like you pulled that accusation out of your ass and it seems very personal to you. This isn't about you being a woman.

No. 1512448

>your life revolves around cock
>trashy bitch
I thought you were against misogynistic insults?

No. 1512451

kek my exact thoughts

No. 1512453

No because i didnt call you a cocksucker even though you sounded like one. Also inb4 your
>nooo you should be the bigger person only i am allowed to be a piece of shit''

No fuck that, you insult me with misoginy im insulting back.

No. 1512455

Are you the same anon that calls other cocksucker when they disagree with her and keeps getting banned for doing so?

No. 1512459

again you're taking the lame way out of responding to the real content of anyones replies
>%99 anons think what venus went through isn't deserved, there's like only one or two vendrttafags that hatepost on threads like venus' and they're on different boards than us so your gotcha is useless.
though, the way youre screaming misogyny and shitposting about this makes me think you're just a moid playing woman

No. 1512460

I hate when a woman will do something like slap a scrote of shove him and scrotes will justify knocking her or out killing her lol they are sick.

No. 1512494

Probably the same moid screeching about being a black pill feminist in the confessions thread. Definitely stinks of scrote round here.

No. 1512496

Lolcow is not a hivemind and you tinfoiling that everyone posting favors these terrible threads you mentioned is retarded. /w/ is also the worst board.

No. 1512512

Anon, we all have a secret side that we don't let others see. We keep it chained, but we can't control it.

No. 1512524

I am a dark triad Stacy and you're a pro-moid boring bitter Becky pickme. You're also schizophrenic because I don't frequent the camwhore thread or the Venus threads but sure keep projecting because YOU frequent those threads and gawk at abused women getting nitpicked. Amber was based and you can suck my clit.

No. 1512570

sorry for turtlefagging. I think 80's April is the best April design-wise, i hate how in the newer versions they keep making her younger and younger, i fucking despise it. 2003 April is cool too, lover her 00's gothic-esque clothing and hair, but nothing can top banana suit april. 2012 April is by far the worst though. Sperging because they made the new april fat lmao wtf.

No. 1512589

my whole take on the situation personally is that it's two druggies getting into a bit of beef over a missing crack rock. The case should have been thrown out, especially since i am pretty sure when Johnny initially tried to take Amber to court in the UK, his argument was that an article featuring an interview with Amber defamed his as an abuser because she mentioned being in an abusive relationship, but did not actually ever say it was him, people just assumed it was. It just goes to show how you can buy innocence in the US legal system. But while i don't think Amber is without fault, she absolutely did not deserve that level of backlash she got, i actually still feel terrible for her over it. And then after all that, Johnny is still an alcoholic mess who if i recall correctly, a director he was working with recently found him insufferable, meaning he did more damage to his career more than the little article with Amber could ever do. Honestly, i hate everyone who support Johnny and treats him like an uwu angel more then i hate either of them.

No. 1512591

Rather be a big booty Judy than a big bahonka Bertha if you ask me.

No. 1512593

Does anyone think otherwise??? Banana April supremacy. She and the detective from Gargoyles were my childhood crushes.
I'd never seen 2012 April I'm mad now.

No. 1512594

Samefag, changing my mind. Won't elaborate but the banana suit NEVER should have been phased out, fucking hacks

No. 1512608

wait until you see the new reboot april
>fans asks for adult april again
>get middle aged fat april instead
they should have at least made an adult version of Rise's April, she was fun and had energy, the only con was her being a child for some reason. Also, what the fuck is this design, looks like those weird poc genderqueer twitter ocs.

No. 1512610

File: 1677715710148.jpg (106.77 KB, 2048x946, 1677708476221582.jpg)

oops, forgot to attach image. Also idk it just feels so weird to have such an older april hanging out with the torts, specially considering the reboot designs they made them look like preteens

No. 1512626

what the fuck… I didn't know April got changed so much over the years I can't handle this information lol. where did you find this >>1512610 image? We should move this to an /m/ thread we're derailing

No. 1512659

I told a woman on /g/ “invasion of privacy isn’t real if you’re married” and I fully expected to get yelled at for that opinion but no one yelled at me and it turned out to be good advice. Love this site. But I still feel like that’s an unpopular opinion.

No. 1512663

If towards a woman, you're wrong. If towards a man you're right because they can never be trusted too much.

No. 1512696

This. Especially when nowadays "privacy" refers to whatever the fuck someone is up to on their phone/computer, as opposed to innocent things like writing a diary or wanting to be alone in the bathroom. It still is an unpopular opinion elsewhere in my experience, on social media even on posts about going through you partner's phone and finding out they're cheating, the top comments are always a variation of "I don't condone invading people's privacy but…" like wtf. You share a home with this person, you organize your life and finances with them in mind, you may have children together, you possibly cook or clean stuff for them sometimes, why should they be allowed to hide things from you? It cannot be a good thing. By definition.

No. 1512715

Only thing to say is schizo moids are going to schizo and men will put a tracker on your car, tap your phone, etc just to invent reasons to be suspicious. Idc if my husband reads my messages or knows where I am every second of every day but if he was paranoid and made up reasons to accuse me of things I would want that “privacy” back. I’ve dated men like this but would never marry one.

No. 1512849

Based opinion. I always wondered what about the new Aprils bothered me so much but yeah it's because they keep making her into a teenage girl while the 80's one was clearly an adult and had the best and most original design hands down.

No. 1512897

I disagree hard. I feel like everyone deserves to have some kind of privacy regardless of their relationship. What privacy is differs from person to person the things I would want privacy on are actually very petty kek and I will agree that some things you absolutely should be sharing with your partner, but if I got married and they told me I wasn't "allowed" to have my own privacy or personal space, I would feel extremely disrespected. Not necessarily because I have anything to hide, but because I feel like that's just my right and I don't think you have to share everything. And there are some things that if my partner required me to share with them, I would feel like they're being controlling.
After writing this, I do think whether or not this opinion is right just depends on your view of marriage. I don't see it as becoming one person, I see two married people as their own people who both deserve basic respect.

No. 1512902

I hate pearls in jewelry. It strikes me as old fashioned and cheap.

No. 1512918

My parents having sex with the door open/in the living room/as loud as they possibly could and mocking me/enjoying me watching/hearing them traumatised me more than being violently raped as an adult.

No. 1512934

Well alright then.

No. 1512958

men are extra degrading to women they find extremely attractive. I'm not talking about their girlfriends or wives. I'm talking about the women who fit their sexual fantasies to a tea. it's like a branch off of the madonna-whore complex.
this is something i've observed from men talking about the women they call whores. They will criticize their clothing (for example a mini skirt or low waist pant), criticize their intelligence (because to them all the pretty women are "dumb" and all the smart women are "ugly"), nitpick their bodies only to turn around and say they are still good for hookups/sex not for marriage of course. This is because to men these women are just sex toys with a concious. everything else about them is just extra but at the end of the day they are just holes to have sex with and good for nothing else.
Two men women fall into two categories the sex toys and the moms. the sex toys are the ones who are "only good for sex". the moms are the girlfriends/wives, the women who men expect to do everything a mom did for them growing up. cooking, cleaning, basically being a mom.
Sorry for the tangent but my point is that imo when i woman fits a man's sexual fantasy to a tea, a man degrades her even more. Recently I've just had an onslaught of misogyny. From listening to guys degrade women they view good enough for hookups and finally escalating to a drugging + sexual assualt.
i don't think men see women who they do sexual acts with as human beings.

No. 1512959

samefagging, the don't see women as human thing extends to all women, some men do not see us as humans at all. in some men's mind marriage is just getting a full time maid without having to pay. just look at this psa from iran about why being single is terrible. it was basically "boohoo he has no one to cook and clean for him"

No. 1512961

Idk anon, I think these men are just extremely insecure and it's a case of sour grapes for them. They're afraid of rejection and being cheated on, so they prefer women who they think are the least likely to do that and women that lack confidende, so they can aggravate their inferiority complex even more to secure their position in the relationships.

No. 1512968

ayrt, that's a good point. it's probably the same logic for the men who go for women much younger than them or women with a drastically lower level finance/professional wise.

No. 1512995

What PSA? Can you send it here for all the nonnies to see.

No. 1513010

I don’t think men degrade women who fit their fantasy more but what they do is they get bored of them really quickly. They will kiss her ass, really chase her, take her on nice dates etc but then one day they are in a real relationship and he sees her sick, those days when she’s not looking her best, he’s aware that she shits and pisses now, they have arguments etc and he realizes that she’s nothing to admire and she’s just human and then the novelty wears off.

No. 1513019

That’s why I don’t put in any effort into looking good for my dates, bfs, etc. If they don’t like that and think all women should dress up and put on 5 layers of makeup just to meet them, at least you save your time by not dating someone that shallow. You don’t have to go through the “omg what if he sees me without my makeup on” phase too cause they’re already used to seeing you like that.

No. 1513046

This is cope. Most men treat beautiful women better both in casual settings and while dating them. A lot of men will fuck ugly girls just to do weird kinky stuff that they wouldn't do with the women they loved, that's the actual Madonna Whore complex. The Madonna is a woman they adore and feel attracted to while the Whore is a woman they see below them and only good to be used and thrown away. It's like a classic case of beautiful wife getting cheated on for an ugly mistress.

If you constantly get guys who try to use you, you're the "whore" unfortunately and they probably don't see you as pretty enough to date.

No. 1513051


I think it depends ln the look of the guy. Handsome secure men treat pretty women better, while ugly insecure men treat pretty women like shit in my experience.

No. 1513059

Ugly men try their best to get beautiful women and get mad when they're rejected. Being beautiful isn't a curse and any woman that's told me she's suffering because of her beauty was ugly as fuck

No. 1513069

Fallout New Vegas just sucks, actually.

No. 1513072

NTA but couldn't someone say this is also a cope for getting cheated on? "He cheated on me because I'm beautiful and therefore worthy of love and not crazy sex acts. The other woman is ugly and that's why he wanted to betray me to fuck her"

No. 1513101

getting cheated on has little to do with looks, of anyone involved really. men tend to cheat with less attractive women because less attractive women have less respect for themselves and put all their self esteem into what men think of them. so of course they'll happily be with a cheater because it both gives them male attention and makes them feel superior to the woman he's cheating on.

No. 1513102

No cheating has nothing to do with looks but I've heard a lot of men claim they love their wives and fuck ugly women on the side because they don't wanna do filthy or humiliating stuff to the mother of their children.

No. 1513107

Also cheating is a power move in itself for men. Some of them get off on the idea of fooling the women they are fucking and tricking into thinking they are serious about them. I mean two timing not mistresses that are aware of it. Like duper's delight shit. Extremely this includes men with other families. They just get their kicks out of the ruse and the power it makes them feel

No. 1513109

I just mean the thing about the "Madonna" is that according to the whole idea, being attracted to someone isn't a requirement or prerequisite. Adored and respected, yes, but men's attractions don't always have to do with love. In fact, the "Madonna-Whore complex" concept outright claims the opposite.
>"The whole sphere of love in such persons remains divided in the two directions personified in art as sacred and profane (or animal) love".[5] In order to minimize anxiety, the man categorizes women into two groups: women he can admire and women he finds sexually attractive. Whereas the man loves women in the former category, he despises and devalues the latter group.[6]
The whole thing being Freudian does make me raise an eyebrow, but whatever it is, scrotes will scrote. I personally don't think looks play a huge role. There are beautiful women who get cheated on, and also beautiful women who are selfish, have low self-esteem, simply don't care if a scrote they decide they "want" is already with a woman, and/or are pickmes. There are also ugly women in both categories. Men's ideas of "beautiful" and "ugly" can be wild, too.

No. 1513122

you're misinterpreting the madonna whore complex entirely. it's just male lust vs love, the difference between physical lust and emotional attraction. it's literally the concept of "wifey material". it's not that deep, and every man does it, it just manifests differently because even men have different ideas of attraction.

No. 1513124

I actually think we're saying the same thing, anon, especially on the attraction part

No. 1513125

>less attractive women have less self respect because they care about scrotes opinion of them

If you really sit down and think about it doesn’t this apply to really hot women too?most of them spend a lot of money and go through tons of dangerous surgeries just to fit the beauty standard. Unless they are just naturally hot.

No. 1513132

you're not saying that at all in the post i just replied to, but whatever.
we're talking about generalizations here and mainly a woman's perception of her attractiveness based on external opinions. of course naturally attractive women have totally different experiences than women who had to get surgery to achieve it. a woman who's never perceived herself as unattractive isn't going to have self esteem issues related to that perception, but a woman who's gotten plastic surgery will.

No. 1513136

>There are beautiful women who get cheated on, and also beautiful women who are selfish, have low self-esteem, simply don't care if a scrote they decide they "want" is already with a woman, and/or are pickmes. There are also ugly women in both categories. Men's ideas of "beautiful" and "ugly" can be wild, too.
>it's literally the concept of "wifey material".
What I'm saying is that "wifey material" isn't automatically "more beautiful" than "girlfiend material" or vice-versa, and the definition of that also changes, because as you said, men have different ideas of attraction.

No. 1513137

Nta but what percentage of attractive women you see in real life go through deadly procedures? Even the most extreme procedures like nosejobs or lip fillers are less deadly than the average makeup routine in 1800s which consisted of toxic substances. It's weird to act like hot women give everything up to be hot when that's just not the reality today.
It's just truth that ugly women are more insecure in real life. The celebrities you see that get a ton of beauty procedures don't reflect on average women you live with.

No. 1513138

But having low self esteem doesn’t mean you are attractive. Most women regardless of what they look like have really low self esteem and care about what men think. I think the idea of unattractive women allowing men to use us makes no sense because after years of scrotes being rude to you it actually makes you more of a bitch to them. It’s usually attractive women working hard for scrote validation because they know they can get it.

No. 1513139

NTA but some men also put “less attractive women” in the wifey category because women they see as too “beautiful” can give them a complex where they constantly know she’s out of their league and are terrified she’ll leave, so settling can help their insecurity issues. Same way some men really can’t date or idolize women that make more money. It’s really dependent on the moid.

No. 1513140

Most attractive women I know in real life don’t do a lot of surgeries but they do spend thousands on nice clothes, makeup, hair and injections. I don’t get how attractive women love themselves more when they’d go into debt just to be cute.

No. 1513142

Nta but a lot of pickmes and doormats are ugly women. Ugly women usually feel like they need to overcompansate for a man's love while beautiful women still have other men pursuing them even while they're with their current bf so they know their "worth" and that they can get another man just as easily.

No. 1513145

File: 1677779446508.jpg (37.33 KB, 275x275, 1643659365488.jpg)

You can hit a guy but it will never be the same as him hitting you. r/pussypassdenied is proof moids like seeing women get "what they deserve" and "Karen's getting owned" aka women being berated. They get giddy at things like this but then turn around and say "there's totally a double standard! How will I defend myself from an evil Karen?!" The only reason a woman would be violent with a man is if she was scared.

No. 1513148

I don't know about injections but unless they're buying ten outfits a day and getting their hair dyed once a week, it won't cost thousands to upkeep. It just sounds like you're petty and think those women hate themselves for daring to spend money on stuff you wouldn't. A lot of anons here literally brag about collecting pushies and spending their money on other useless stuff so hating on women who buy traditionally feminine stuff is kind of ironic.

No. 1513149

I don’t think it has anything to do with being ugly, that’s just how women in general are. The majority of women are doormats and pick mes. Look at most celebrities(hailey Bieber for example for who fits the beauty standard)they are door mats to their scrotes. Beyoncé is the most powerful woman on earth and was considered the hottest woman in her prime and she’s a door mat and a pick me.

No. 1513150

I told you to look at irl women instead of celebrities. Most irl women are neither doormats nor pickmes, we just live our lifes and date if we feel like it, most women don't actively try to sabotage other women to get men.

No. 1513151

I don’t think they hate themselves but I don’t understand how you love yourself more when you spend money to look good for scrotes

No. 1513155

Yeah most irl women are doormats and pick mes. There are gorgeous women crying over scrotes who looks like an old shoe, bragging about taking peoples man, getting cheated on and letting their scrote beat their kids. Being a pick me has nothing to do with looks because the majority of us are pick mes and doormats it’s just you focus more on the ugly women because people tend to focus on the bad shit a person does more if they are ugly.

No. 1513156

I've seen this so many times, kek. Pure insecurity. I've also seen cases of men going to women they find "beautiful", but once they're actually dating, they do everything in their power to get the women to change all the things they initially found attractive. Then, they cheat with another woman who has the same traits they made their "Madonna" get rid of. There all kinds of shitty scrote tactics.

No. 1513157

Nta of course we hate feminine things, it's literally forced on us. I try not to get too resentful of overly feminine women because some don't even try that hard, I was one of the ones who had to go all out just to get a crumb of attention so I let myself go and I'm invisible (not naturally attractive) but of course we hate shaven legs, sculpted brows and full face of makeup. That shit is hard to keep up with! And we hate that it's expected of us.

No. 1513161

All of this going back and forth about what kind of women have low self-esteem is pretty useless when there are entire industries predicated on making women feel bad about themselves and it distracts from the real problem: men. Men will cheat on beautiful and ugly women, they’ll mistreat beautiful and ugly women, and they’ll manipulate and fool reasonable women AND women with low self-esteem because women keep giving men empathy and the benefit of the doubt. Trying to make this about who has more self-esteem and self-worth is just another way to pit women against each other and make us more vulnerable to scrote behavior. You aren’t immune, no matter where on the spectrum you sit.

No. 1513162

It’s hard on a depressed day to care about buying fashionable clothes, wearing makeup etc but then you go outside and all the men look like spoiled milk. It’s so much work and for what?

No. 1513164

Majority of women don't enable that, you're literally accusing all women of doing everything for men's approval which is just not true. Like do you literally believe me choosing to buy bootcut jeans instead of skinny jeans is because I want some chad to fuck me and not because I just like the style? Or that me getting my hair cut is just so some random guy will be more likely to ask me out?
It seems like you yourself live for men's approval and you're just projecting it to beautiful women who can get it the way you never ever will be able to.

No. 1513167

Exactly. I feel like so many anons aren't seeing this and want to believe that if Nigel fucked them over, it means they're actually goddesses and the other woman must be ugly and low self-esteem. It doesn't indicate anything about either woman, enough copes. Men are just shit, end of.

No. 1513169

You can't hate a woman for having to conform into the standards society forces upon us. Like I'm sorry that you think I'm not based because I shave my legs and do my eyebrows just because you used to be obsessed over how you yourself looked in the past just to get male attention. When I shave my legs, I do it because not doing so will lead to ridicule and being seen as a weird outcast.

No. 1513170

Did you read what I said? The majority of women ugly and pretty are pick mes or doormats in some form. It’s very rare to meet a woman who doesn’t have some kind of pick me beliefs. It’s reality and it’s how we are conditioned to think and act.

No. 1513174

This is the real pink pill.

No. 1513177

It literally is not. Majority of women don't support abusers and most women don't live for male approval unlike you. Just because you believe women do everything we do for men doesn't make it any more true. Like, do you honestly believe that girls who buy baggy clothes do so for male approval? Or the women who wear super colorful eyeshadow men hate? Is it all for male approval even though doing any of those shit leads to men telling you they hate it? And if it's for male approval, why do we as women keep doing those stuff if not for ourselves?

No. 1513179

You’d be surprised how many women are quick to jump to an abusers rescue kek most women don’t even protect their children against the male abusers in their home. also the fact that you are saying ugly women allow people to treat them worse is the way a pick me would think just to let you know.

No. 1513181

This is a depressing truth and I don't think a lot of women are prepared to handle it tbh

No. 1513184

%10 or so women are like that at mosy while at least 1/3 of men have sexually abused one woman in his lifetime. You can't just blame all women and claim women do everything for male approval just because it fits your narrative.
I'm sorry, you're ugly and telling yourself those pretty girls are deeply unhappy with themselves and competing for men's approval probably makes you feel better about yourself but it seems like you're the one who's a pickme since you've been putting down pretty women for their feminine interests, the way they want to spend money and their ideologies while trying to make yourself sound like a better woman yourself.

No. 1513186

I don’t think it’s that most women are pickmes or doormats, it’s that they empathize with men in a way most men aren’t able to reciprocate. Women project their own good qualities on to men when they don’t actually deserve it. This is less about seeking male approval and more about women (generally) being the more nurturing, sympathetic sex. It’s why some women cape so hard for Men’s Mental Health when men would never do the same for us, and for their troubles they get labeled as pickmes. Or when women try to rationalize getting cheated on with “it’s just his childhood trauma that makes him feel unworthy of love,” instead of acknowledging that he’s just trash, and they get called doormats for trying to be empathetic. These are generally positive qualities, it’s just that they’re wasted on most moids.

No. 1513187

>bitching that everyone is just jealous
>saying ugly women try harder for male attention
>but doesn’t think she’s a pick me

Make it make sense.

No. 1513190

>women are just being empathetic not pick mes

Most women are able to empathize easily with men but have a very hard time doing it with other women. It’s not because they are empathetic it’s because they are brain washed to value men more and don’t even realize it.

No. 1513193

Sounds like you’re just projecting your own misogyny everywhere but go off I guess.

No. 1513196

NTA but why do you think most women are like that? Yes, there are a lot of pickmes, and no surprises, men tend to give those women the most say, but it's a stretch to say that's the majority of women. If that were true, feminism never would've gotten anywhere. This almost sounds like some blackpill "All of women's suffering is actually 100% their own fault" thing.

No. 1513199

I'm the anon that also disagreed with most women being pickmes and I think your reasoning makes sense.
I didn't put you down. You're the one who admitted to being ugly yourself before going on a rage attack claiming all attractive women live and breath for male approval which seems like your own projection.
Yeah it literally sounds like that anon hates women.

No. 1513204

Being a pick me or a doormat doesn’t mean that a woman doesn’t want rights or is far right. You can still me a pick me and a doormate while having a progressive beliefs. It’s ingrained in women since childhood and they actually have to work to unlearn it.

No. 1513206

You’re most likely a young zoomer who doesn’t understand the real world yet. Most radfems over 26 can see that the majority of women are pick mes and doormats. It’s not their fault but that’s just how it is.

No. 1513209

I am in my 30s. You sound like you just don’t actually interact with many women irl or attempt to get to know them because it’s easier to judge from behind your computer/phone screen.

No. 1513212

You really are naive enough to believe that women can be raised in a society where they are fed lies about gender roles since childhood and that it would have no effect on how the majority of us think and act in adulthood?

No. 1513215

Nta and I agree that that anon seems like the kind to never interact with women irl. The examples she gave when asked were always some outlier celebrities too instead of normal women.

No. 1513216

I believe most women are naturally inclined toward empathy, cooperation, and pro-social behavior, which is the foundation of a civilized society. Yes we are fed damaging messages through marketing and media and a lot of that needs to be unlearned, but if you think that means most women are pickmes and doormats, it sounds like you’re the one looking at them through a male-centric lens.

No. 1513223

The majority of women are pick mes because we are conditioned to be that way and most of us are doing it without even realizing it. I’m black so I’ll use my culture for example most of us are colorist and have anti black ideals, that doesn’t mean we hate other black people or want our rights taken away, our behavior is just a reaction to being raised in a system that is anti black and we actually have to unlearn those behaviors. Also, the fact that I am non-white could be why I see more extreme displays of pick me and doormat behavior everyday than the average liberal white woman would, so my opinion could be because of that.

No. 1513226

OK the og anon and I don't understand what this arguement has devolved into. I worded it badly I should've said extra "sexualized" not extra attractive. Women can be incredibly beautiful but still fall into the mom/wife material.
What I mean is how men can degrade porn stars and ig models to their hearts content, say that they will never be worth marrying and are only good for sex. Yet those are the women they waste time jacking off too. Meanwhile they praise the "wife/mom" women for being modest and faithful but after a while start degrading them for not being exciting enough and fitting into their fantasies.
It's not about pretty women vs ugly women. It's about the way men dehumanised women into categories that only serve them and mistreat them for not fitting into these categories or fitting into them too well.

No. 1513228

Those men are degrading those women because they are porn stars. Men want women who look like the porn stars but they want them dressed modest and to be virgins. They are degrading them because they are “slurs” they still are his ideal type but he wants her face and body but covered up and he wants her to be a virgin while still fucking him like a porn star at home.

No. 1513229


No. 1513231

The porn stars are just an easier example to illustrate the point. But I've seen men degrade women the same way for benign things saying they are not worth dating if they dress like a hoe (which according to them mini skirts and crop tops) but then turning around and saying they would sleep with those women.
It disgusted me so much. Apparently if a woman dresses like a prettylittlething catalogue she's only good for sex.

No. 1513238

I had disagreed with your initial post because I misunderstood but I agree with this one. Men also admit to this, that they jerk to those women and pay to fuck them but wouldn't want to date or marry them. It's so weird and they're retarded.

No. 1513242

your reading comprehension must be poor because many anons in this conversation clarified they mean attractive or ugly from the perspective of men, not universally. that's why the madonna whore complex was brought up at all.

No. 1513249

I was shocked because they said they would go actively go to clubs/parties to hook up with those women. But somehow those women were not even dating material let alone marriage material but these men felt entitled to the women they saw as marriage material. It was so disgusting and hypocritical I think I've never ranted at a man irl like I did once I heard that. Even tho I do not dress like what they described it was such a dehumanising thing to say about another woman.

No. 1513251

Thank you for clarifying, I agree with what was written about the madonna complex

No. 1513269

NTA but tons of posters weren't doing that in the least. They were literally going on about ugly girls having lower self-esteem and men cheating with them lol

No. 1513271

When men say “I use ugly girls for sex” I don’t think they actually find the “ugly” girl to be actually unattractive she’s just not his type and he’s still sexually attracted to her but men are very strict about their type, for example if his type is white, tiny, indie girls he’s going to claim any women who don’t look like that are ugly. I’ve had scrotes show me pictures of women who they have hooked up with who they label as ugly and they look fine to me. This is why I don’t really take it seriously when scrotes go on about using ugly girls for sex because they aren’t going to fuck a genuinely ugly women.

No. 1513285

I used to do it to not be an outcast too as well as male attention. I do think you’re not based because shaving your legs is a waste of time and money. And women were born with hairy legs. But I can understand why you do it.

No. 1513298

I hate how trans politics have infested left-wing spaces. I hate how they've invaded local goth and punk scenes. A lot of left-wing activists think doing the right thing means doing what's 'kind'. They cry about transphobia but suspiciously never mention TIFs in their activism. There is no critical thinking going on whatsoever. I am not calling a man she/her.

No. 1513320

Fucking based. It's tragic that long hair stopped being the default for men when so many of them look better with longer hair. It's one of the things I like about historical media, I swear to god the actors almost always look better with the long hair than how they look irl with short hair. I'll never understand how ugly ass short haircuts have such a chokehold on men/society in general (since I've seen some women getting triggered over men having hair that's "too long" and saying they need haircuts). Thankfully longer hair (or, at least not super short hair) is coming into fashion for guys and shit like fades aren't as popular. At the very least guys should hair that's long enough that it can flop around like >>1512143, which is still short, but it's leagues better than fades or buzzcuts or whatever.

No. 1513369

I don’t think anything is wrong with sex work but I think the age to work in porn, only fans, escorting should be raised to 26 but I know scrotes would raise hell because they want teens. I think at age 26+ you can handle that industry better.

No. 1513376

File: 1677797613011.jpeg (12.83 KB, 225x225, images (17).jpeg)

I'm sick of seeing every punk adjacent moid post picrel. Like don't No True Scotsman a fucking music genre, I know punk has always been pretty political but it's just so feeble idk

No. 1513380

Weren’t punks in the 80s and 90s attacking minorities and gays though?kek

No. 1513399

File: 1677798826128.png (23.57 KB, 497x114, shorts.png)

I don't get the mentality of continuing to use a platform when you have to constantly train the algorithm. Once in a while fine, but if I have to do it continuously I will just search what I want or stop wasting my time and quit the website all together.

No. 1513403

Yeah, I get that people are trying to distance punk from racist skins and white supremacists but the SJW shit is so trite. And the pro tranny punks never have the same energy for actual women

No. 1513405

addiction? those platforms are designed to miniscule detail to get you to watch and watch and watch for hours despite not getting real joy out of it. I'd go as far as to call it brain hacking or brain washing.

No. 1513443

Most women aren't wearing colorful eyeshadows or excentric clothes either though. Like you I disagree that women take care of their appearance purely for male attention, and it is a fact that a lot of women enjoy doing it. However, it is obviously something that is ingrained in us since we're born. Too often a woman's 'value' or credibility will be defined by her appearance. Of course, many women genuinely like make-up, but at the end of the day it's a tool to better fit beauty standards and hide things that are natural (pores, eyebags etc) and that men aren't expected to hide. Many women end up feeling unkempt if they go out without make-up or without doing their hair, meanwhile the standard for men is to have taken a shower and wear comfortable clothing. I'm not saying we have to stop shaving and caring or whatever. But I think it still is important to acknowledge where all these things come from. Because for now, not only women are taught to do them, they're also taught 'you totally love doing this and you do this for yourself only, it's so empowering' despite the beauty/fashion industry creating serious self-esteem issues and unattainable standards for women and always pushing further (e.g. the recent normalization of surgeries and injections).

No. 1513446

File: 1677803725852.jpeg (573.44 KB, 1269x1971, B72014C9-75A1-4074-BBA6-D1A7CF…)

I hate when straight women try to push their love for ugly men on everyone. Like when they were pushing kevin and I just saw a video of a woman claiming women are attracted to jon favreau…no bitch that’s you kek

No. 1513484

>That pasta ALONE would get me.
That statement is so bleak. So I guess a random man making pasta makes him attractive? The bar is so low. Meanwhile us women are typically already automatically expected to cook food for scrotes, and do we get them raving over us for it? No.

No. 1513565

i don't give a fuck how many partners gay men have or how many drugs they do i don't think that matters and i don't understand how anyone gives a shit. inb4 "they spread their diseases to their beard wives!" so do het scrotes who go to thailand to fuck 10-year-olds like why actually do you care if some homo has sucked 100+ dicks. why do you care.

No. 1513568

It's ridiculous that anyone can think gay male promiscuity arises from the fact they are gay rather than the fact they're men. Gay men are so promiscuous because they can be, straight men would have just as much if not more sex if they could

No. 1513577

Idk I stopped shaving and wearing makeup and nobody really cares and I feel a million times better about myself

No. 1513578

have fun getting HIV

No. 1513594

File: 1677816744998.png (1.52 MB, 973x1283, PAUL MESCAL 22.png)

Bihet moids don't usually actually have sex with men and are consistently more attractive than straight moids

No. 1513596


i hate these illustrations they're so fucking corny

No. 1513602

It's because average straight mam doesn't go to thailand and rape kids while average gay dude fucks at least 100 men. Being gay means they have a easy access to sex and have a higher chance of contracting diseases every time theu fuck.

No. 1513615

tbf Those were hardcore/white trash types in the punk scene, they had little relation with mainstream punk, especially in the 90's and 2000's

No. 1513638

Why do you care? Some women will criticize male depravity regardless of their sexual orientation, whereas faghags will scream 'yass queen sex positivity'. Whatever. On average, having irresponsible sex and a lot of partners is obviously riskier though. Haven't really noticed gay men's sex lives being a big topic in a while except around the time of the monkey pox thing.

No. 1513642

I think this is Dan Howell but file name is making me think twice

No. 1513648

I can't be racist against Arabs then? Even though they treat women as property? Because they're sexist?

No. 1513756

I actually feed bad listening to the Shayna crying audio file

No. 1513792

File: 1677847137441.png (573.39 KB, 1279x720, bae.png)

I think Skyward Sword Link is the cutest Link since OOT. He’s an innocent boarding school himbo twink. His ass is perfect. I like to headcanon him as getting frequently teamrailed by his classmates. I also love the light hearted nature of the game and the subplot with Zelda and Impa (wish they would make that game next). The game has got the Wind Waker-spirit with a bit more mature graphics. I think it’s underappreciated maybe cause of the gimmicky controllers, but it’s one of my favorite Zelda games. Legit cired at the end. Skyward Sword Link is superior to BotW-Link 365.242199 days of the year every year.

No. 1513797

File: 1677847769331.jpg (966.41 KB, 3600x1800, i30nje0fg1v71.jpg)

Honestly not a fan of any depiction of Link that isn't a kid or young teenager, also I hate how moids have ruined his character by making into some femboy tranny, same with ultra coomer moids who make porn of goddam Mario characters
also don't use terms created by gay male pedophiles

No. 1513802

File: 1677848683086.jpg (24.89 KB, 960x540, 1806541-link_2.jpg)

I'm sorry but you can't stop my thirst anon

No. 1513803

File: 1677848726263.jpg (130.04 KB, 800x1180, link.jpg)

Idk why everyone here keeps insisting BOTW link is femboy. Just don't look at fanart with him in the gerudo outfit, he has like 20 other outfit combinations and he looks handsome in every other one of them. Moids are just idiot coomers with an agp fetish

No. 1513805

suprise surprise men ruin everything

No. 1513806

No he doesn't get railed by his classmates, his loyalty lies with Zelda.

No. 1513811

A lot of beauty standards are rooted more in exclusivity, classism and maintenance than any "true" form of beauty. I started thinking about this because I was reading about colorism, but it applies to all sorts of things really.
It's kind of sad how many people think everything is just naturally ingrained, and that women who don't have certain skintones, features, body types, etc are somehow "objectively" less attractive. If you were a European peasant in the 1500s, you'd think having no eyebrows, a receding hairline and very thin lips as a woman was peak beauty, because that's what royalty had. Every culture has some "weird" idea of beauty traditionally. It's strange how we all seem to have some amnesia about it and think everyone has always wanted to look like whatever celebrity is popular now.

No. 1513812

File: 1677849510117.jpg (56.69 KB, 602x602, 6db9820405b9a0dfcd40cd6fdfe8b3…)

The femboy thing is retarded wishful thinking lmao. BotW Link just not my cup of tea tho

No. 1513822


>A lot of beauty standards are rooted more in exclusivity, classism, and maintenance than any "true" form of beauty.

Holy shiit  Yes, yes, yes, you're so right. And the thing about colorism is spot on too.

Blogpost, but I live in Asia, and all my life as a kid, I was bombarded by skin-whitening commercials day and night on TV. We even had this little children's game where we would compare each other's skin colors, and anyone who was the lightest was deemed the prettiest or most handsome, and obviously the kid who was dead last on the spectrum would get teased and made fun of. I know it's messed up, but that's how it was.

I consumed this mentality unquestioned in my younger years until I started looking at other countries' beauty standards and realized that beauty standards really aren't about beauty but, like you said, more of a way to imitate the "exclusive group" (ie, the upper-class).

For example, in many places in Asia, being dark-skinned or even just a tad bit tanned is a sign of doing labor under the scorching sun instead of lazing around comfortably inside your home. While in the West, tanned skin indicates that you can afford to have the money and privilege to go on vacations in sunnier parts of the world.

No. 1513837

nta but why would you want to be racist against anyone when you can criticize and hate them without this just fine? kek.

loosely related to previous talk, but there are so many douchebags who look super punk but are just your average dudes who think they’re somehow political by plastering themselves with studs and tattoos and anarchy signs and whatnot. The really political ones don’t give much fucks about style and are actually busy with irl activism like helping less privileged people in crisis regions instead of sharing dumb memes and virtue signaling on social media about the newest polarizing topic lmaoo. Anyway idk if this is an unpopular opinion but I hate how consumerist and bland much about this subculture is, you have such a huge dissonance between for example punk bands from the middle east who have to practice their music in secret and sing about their hate for religion and oppressive regimes and western dudebros covered in studs who live in a completely different reality on the other hand who will go “s-stop generalizing uwu~” when someone criticizes religious scrotes from different countries. For the latter it’s often all about getting as many clout and hot gurls as possible while everything else is second priority, sad. It’s just so weird how you have those “criticizing religions that are not christianity is a no-no” guys here while women who have to live under it aren’t afraid to voice their hatred as much as they can under risk of being persecuted.

No. 1513846

I know exactly what you're talking about, it's insane anon. All this shit is made up but we're essentially brainwashed into thinking it's the truth, I had the same revelation about western people and tans. I wish more people realized these things.

No. 1513863

I'm an Asian anon too, I'm curious did your mother also try to give you skin whitening soaps? Growing up my mom always gifted me whitening soaps and lotions and when I was younger I didn't see anything wrong with it but now as an adult I find it really sad.

No. 1513868

They literally taught this in my sociology course, historically lighter skin and taller height were indicators of a higher class, even in insular communities where people were all related the actual land owners would be taller and lighter skinned due to better diet and not having to perform back breaking labor that fucked up their bodies

This all changed in western europe and America cause of the Industrial revolution, floods of workers came in, who workerd factory jobs that required staying indoors all day which made them a lot paler, meanwhile the rich people fucked off to thr country side and played cricket and polo and got tanner

No. 1513880

I think for a site that proclaims itself a feminist safe-space there's an awful lot of body shaming on LC. Shayna is the best example, she literally looks like the most typical American woman, like there's literally nothing wrong with her body. Hell, I'm way bigger than her and I don't consider myself fat. Some threads on here have genuinely made me cry in the past and pushed me into considering getting ana….The only reason I post here is because there are no other female-only spaces on the internet that are not completely overtaken by troons.

No. 1513881

I always took it as shayna wouldn't be offensive to look at if it wasn't her absolute lack of knowing what would flatter her. Besides her odd boob situation, and even that isn't ugly, just uncommon, she does herself 0 favors in the looks apartment. Her body, face, hair and all would be okay but it's the choices she makes that make her fucked up looking.

No. 1513884

I think a lot of anons make generalizations about women based on yourself and maybe two other women in your life, one of them being your mother who you don’t have a good relationship with. Maybe some girls from school that you hated or envied? Do you actually think your generalizations about the majority of women being pick me whores and doormats apply to like… Malala Yousafzai or Michelle Obama? Are you a patron of RSP be honest.

No. 1513891

Lolcow has never been a safe place. Just female only.

No. 1513892

I don’t disagree but what is RSP?

No. 1513896

>bigger than shayna
>don't consider myself fat

No. 1513897

Doja Cat is actually cute and a good musician. Don't know why anyone has a problem with her, she's really cool.

No. 1513900

Teachers need to be paid as much as a lawyer or a surgeon, actually, teachers need to make a worldwide movement to demand for better payments and benefits.
We have to deal with hundreds of kids and rowdy teenagers on a daily basis, those kids don't get the support they deserve so all of the problems they get at home get reflected in school, teachers get the shit end of the stick and the worst part is that we don't even get paid enough to deal with all of that.
Of course, this should only apply to those who have studied to become a teacher, not just anyone who happens to teach because they're mediocre at the career they happened to pick.

No. 1513903

It's comically easy to study your way into teaching compared to law and med, law and med education also takes much longer to finish and working as a surgeon is of course much harder than teaching a bunch of children basic math.

No. 1513905

I agree with this. I feel like we have a lot of NEETS who only interact with their mom and try to make "feminist" talking points while putting down every women they are envious of.

No. 1513909

Lawyers and medics wouldn't be a thing if it wasn't for the competent teachers that helped them understand basic math and taught them how to read.
Do you seriously believe that mothers and fathers are willing to sit down and teach their children those things? Do you even know what it means to teach a toddler, a kid or a teenager or how completely different is it like to teach each group?

No. 1513914

I agree, a lot of anons here seem to have either no female relationships at all or very toxic and shallow ones based on competition. The huge amount of young women here who a.) have a bad relationship with their mothers and b.) rely on their boyfriends/husbands as their only IRL social contact is outright scary, bitches really need to get some female friends and fast. Real friends too, none of that "we're only acquaintances because we have something else than genuine friendship to gain from it" shit.

No. 1513915

Space shouldn't be explored

No. 1513922

You're retarded. Teachers are by average low iq and work less than either of those professions. No one would pay retards who do basic work higher than they'd pay genius level people who do higher effort work.

No. 1513923

This. People undermine teachers all the time yet praise the people who wouldn't be shit without their skilled teachers. Teaching is an extremely valuable skill and especially combined with being able to do it at an age appropriate level and take care of their pedagogic duties too is something that takes real effort to do correctly and I've always admired it. Bad and unmotivated teachers can ruin a student forever. They should definitely be paid well and treated with respect, and I'm saying this as someone who's working in STEM.

No. 1513926


No. 1513931

>rely on their boyfriends/husbands as their only IRL social contact is outright scary
i've noticed this, too.

No. 1513940

Unpopular opinion but most people suck and that includes women.

No. 1513943

that's a very, very popular opinion.

No. 1513945

I'd rather be friendless than assemble a gaggle of female friends I don't get along with for the sake of having them

No. 1513946

Not popular here since we act like women in general are these blessed angels who are a joy to be around just because we all have a vagina kek

No. 1513948

File: 1677863542686.png (229.83 KB, 461x596, male violence.png)

No. 1513949

Honestly it's not enough to increase pay, education as a whole needs heavy heavy reforms because of the way it shapes kids. School has instilled hatred for so many subjects in many people and often you only discover the joy of learning way after you leave school.
And there really should be heavy psychological vetting of people who become teachers.

No. 1513950

You do understand there are other ways for people to suck other than being a sex offender or a murderer right? I mean a woman is not going to kill me but she sure did make me feel like shit when she pointed and laugh at me when i dressed up and thought I looked cute.

No. 1513953

alright, sure, that makes sense. i've met some horrid women i never want to see again. in general, i'd much rather be around women than men but i think that goes for everyone here, since we are here after all, kek. and good friends, like actual good friends, are pretty rare. i would say i'm not really a good friend to anyone either.

No. 1513954

I definitely don’t want to be around men but I have no friends and that’s by choice.

No. 1513955

I mean, that's kind of the idea, if you advocate for teachers you advocate for competent teachers. Actually, in some universities even you have to do a some sort of test that's an essay in which you tell everything about your life, it's a way to make sure you're not insane.
Like if teaching was taken seriously, and just not anyone could get access to a classroom, we could get the pay we deserve.
It means fixing many things, from making sure not anyone teaches, to finding ways to get better psychological support for the kids, and even making sure the parents aren't fucking everything up at home. Hell, schools should be allowed to say no whenever a government wants to do stupid shit with the programs, and put indoctrinating content.
And teachers need psychological help as well because of the shit some of us have to witness, like suicides, death threats, rapes and so on.

No. 1513957

you decide what you want, ultimately.

No. 1513960

LOL female friendships are almost impossible in my experience. all women care about is constant babydady drama, getting pregnant, getting cheated on, cheating, getting nails done, hair extensions and gossiping and bitching about you behind your back.with men u can talk about trucks or sports,women are always just constantly going on about their babydaddy and who cheated on who…

No. 1513961

"Women suck because they laughed at my cute outfit" is some high school level shit. This is exactly why you people need female friends, getting over your teenage trauma of being ridiculed by 17-year old staceys coping with their own insecurities and realize that you're much more likely to feel safe and accepted with likeminded female company that have the same preferences and lifestyle as you do than you would with any moid would do you a lot of good.

No. 1513963

nta but then why do you care about appearance so much if you are asocial
I understand that said woman is being shitty towards you but the "dressed up and thought I looked cute" makes you sound so insecure and pathetic.

No. 1513966

I agree. It's unfruitful trying to be friends with the average woman because most women have internalized misogyny and pickme tendencies and a competition mindset and can't be good friends or even good acquientences. Every woman I meet even in my late 20's tries some catty shit with me. I am nothing but nice too. I'm talking about bf's coworkers at a work party, bf's friend's gfs, friend's gfs, etc. I go in trying to be nice and think we are square then hear weird shit later and it turns out they WEREN'T cool with me the whole time. They don't grow up women like that stay the same their whole lives

No. 1513969

Lol this actually happened to me at 25 and the woman looked to be about my age and to top it off she taps the male she was with shoulder to have him laugh at me too. I don’t think all people are shit, there are some nice, not hating ass, non pick me women out there and I WAS one so I know it’s possible. I’m not saying only women suck I’m saying humans and general suck ass and I’d rather be away from them if I was rich enough to do so.

No. 1513970

if she doesn't want anyone around her, relationships, friendships, men, women, i think that's fair. the reasons may be petty to you, but that doesn't matter. now, women with only their boyfriends as close friends, i'm more weirded by.

No. 1513975

Don't know how much of an unpopular opinion it is here but calling random people "colonizers" is retarded, I'm pretty certain the average young British person is against colonization.

No. 1513985

File: 1677865871179.jpg (51.28 KB, 750x750, DsRiIqJUcAAmuuh.jpg)

No. 1513989

The UK literally still has colonies retard.

No. 1513990

All unpopular opinion posts are bait retard

No. 1513992

I’m asocial because I’m forced to be that way. I used to be the kind of person who was confident in my appearance, I wanted to be friends with the pretty girls and felt no jealousy towards them, I didn’t have a mean thought about anyone and just wanted to have fun but people beat all those positive traits out of me and now I’m at the point where everyone can fuck off

No. 1513993

It's race bait is the thing on top of it being an opinion that anyone who can type and read would not have.

No. 1513996

Let's get retarded in here
And the bass keeps runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin'
And runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin'
And runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin'
And runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and

No. 1514055

Even in the heyday of the second wave of colonization (1870-1914), most europeans on the streets were pretty iffy on the whole thing and a lot were outright against it. It was the 19th century version of a space program, it bought no benefit to the average person

No. 1514061

This has to be bait.

No. 1514069

This, also
How is that bait? The average normie European descends from commoner peasant families that had nothing to do with colonialism, had no say in it and most certainly didn't benefit from it. The absolute vast majority of Europeans didn't even have voting rights until the 20th century and by then colonisation was already very unpopular.
I feel like only in the US will a random-ass person in the street get called a coloniser just because they're white, this is why I hate burgers and their shitty uneducated discourse.

No. 1514085

File: 1677872231852.webm (1.81 MB, 960x1706, cGlf0Ep.webm)

NTA but I don't get what's the big deal here, calling people "colonizers" like some insult is beyond cringe and unnatural sounding, plus is feels weirdly "fetishistic" on occasions, like non-white women on tiktok calling their boyfriends "my colonizer"

No. 1514090

Same energy as farmers calling their Nigel’s “my moid/scrote”

No. 1514091

my nigel is fucktarded to begin with the "not my nigel" is a mocking way to refer to women that claim their bfs don't do the horrible shit. Calling your bf your nigel isn't tongue in cheek cute it's just shitting on yourself for having the audacity to be hetpartnered. It's like white people making white people jokes. It's fucktarded

No. 1514092

>I feel like only in the US will a random-ass person in the street get called a coloniser
Except literally no one is getting called a colonizer while walking down the street.

No. 1514104

I swear some anons don't go outside. They just read nonsense on the internet, take it at face value, decide real life is a cartoon and complain about shit that never happens.

No. 1514120

nta but there were literally 2 major MCU films where random white people get called colonizers by fantasy hoteps

No. 1514122

>thinking a fantasy capeshit film mirrors real life
Please touch grass.

No. 1514126

>anons think real life is a cartoon
>b-but what about marvel COMIC universe movies

No. 1514129

..Do you actually think Marvel movies reflect real life?

No. 1514134

I'm the same, anon. I do sometimes still try to reach out and make a new friend but end up back at square one. Misanthropy is lonely but people suck.

No. 1514147

I'm glad digitalisation is as slow as it is in my country and I hope it slows down even more. Technology is evil and electricity is witchcraft reee.

No. 1514174

File: 1677880816104.jpg (45.41 KB, 640x559, Khokhar_confederacy.jpg)

Related to this, my unpopular opinion is that everyone(European, Asian, African, Aative American) has a right to celebrate their countries/people's empire or period of dominance regardless of how shitty it may have actually been, my people's "Empire| only rose cause Timur had destroyed every other state in the Indian subcontinent and my group of tribals managed to lead the tribals into a confederacy of plunders that lasted for 40 years and then fell into in-fighting but for my tribe its a symbol and part of our heritage, its something to aspire to and motivate you for the betterment for your nation, your people and your self

No. 1514176

Stop pakisplaining, pakichan

No. 1514184

File: 1677881384768.gif (1.35 MB, 500x380, A5FC589B-C8F4-4875-B3F8-09D0FF…)

I’m rewatching Daria today and I really don’t get why this character is considered bad ass and feminist
>always dragging her friend Jane down and making her feel like a loser whenever she wants to try something new
>constantly throwing shade at her little sister and seems kind of jealous
>looks down on everyone at school even though most of them are nice to her and she doesn’t get bullied
>lives in a mansion
>is rich
>fucks her best friends boyfriend
>two loving parents whom love each other

Daria really just seems like a bitch looking at this from sn adults eyes.

No. 1514189

I’ve realized I’d rather be lonely than trying to be around people and feel miserable. When I was a kid and teenager I was forced to be around people because I had to go to school and now as an adult I kind of have the option to have nothing to with them.

No. 1514201

Most women don’t get into sex work because of money they get into it because of validation and to prove they are hot. Most entry level office workers make more than strippers, let that sink in!

No. 1514206

You’ve never actually spoken to a sex worker, have you?

No. 1514207

File: 1677883192850.png (173.36 KB, 610x458, let-that-sink-in-260204-111978…)

No. 1514209

Europeans alive today have benefited in many ways from colonialism:
Some major examples:
> Exported criminals, orphans, and the destitute to reduce population of undesirables especially, but also overpopulation in general, in Europe. Otherwise they'd be in the same situation as China and India.
> Imported an insane amount of wealth in resources such as spices, precious metals, etc., which still funds most European prosperity.
> Countries like the UK are STILL importing resources from their colonies while the people who natively live in those colonies live in utter squalor.
> Oh yeah they also use the people from the colonies as cannon fodder in their retarded wars so not as many of them have to die.

No. 1514212

I can't tell if this is purposeful bait or you're a pick me, well done.

No. 1514216

I’ve heard an ex porn star claim that the average they’d get is 1k a movie and even less after their agent takes their cut or if their agent decides not to pay them

No. 1514217

Most sex workers are street hookers doing it because poverty, not porn stars.

No. 1514218

I've known a few strippers. They make a lot more money than you think, trust me. The issue is that most people who suddenly earn triple their previous income and are in their early 20s blow all of that money immediately on dumb shit and start over at 30 exactly where they stared.

No. 1514219

I’m talking about cam girls, porn stars and strippers not street hookers.

No. 1514220

Nta but prison colonies aren't uniquely European phenomenon, the Ottoman Empire did that at various points and only England and France set those systems up
> Oh yeah they also use the people from the colonies as cannon fodder in their retarded wars so not as many of them have to die.
It's a little more complicated then that, the people who joined colonial forces were often from neglected ethnic groups were from former Empires, my people the jats were in that position and there wasn't any conscription that your implying
Are you that baiting bunkertranny

No. 1514223

Well you said sex workers so how was anyone supposed to know you were only talking about a tiny minority of them.

No. 1514225

>I’ve heard
Ok but you have never actually had a single conversation with one, have you? Listening to an interview with Mia Khalifa isn’t the same thing.

No. 1514226

I literally never said anything about it being uniquely European?

>It's a little more complicated then that, the people who joined colonial forces were often from neglected ethnic groups were from former Empires, my people the jats were in that position and there wasn't any conscription that your implying

Forcing a people to live in such poverty that signing up to fight in a retarded war thousands of miles from their home is a good option is not that different from conscription.
And no, I'm not a tranny. I'm sick of the "but I was born recently so how can I possibly have benefited from the power structures that benefit me in easily definable ways and have existed all my life????" bullshit. No, it's not their faults, but to say they don't benefit is completely retarded.

No. 1514227

I started doing SW during the darkest part of my life when my mental illness was running hog wild. I had to be wasted to do it. I didn’t make much but I couldn’t get a normal non degrading job I could keep. I’d get blackout drunk every night on cam. I had never even sent nudes to SOs before I started camming. In reality I should be getting disability money but that’s next to fucking impossible in my country.

Even most cam whores and OF thots are doing it because they’re mentally ill and can’t keep or acquire a regular job. They’re the ones that are too mentally and/or physically disabled to handle being actual strippers. If I step foot in a strip club I’ll go into autismo mode from the loud music and weird lighting and scary scrotes all around me.

No. 1514229

I see successful porn stars the same way I see super rich and successful models. Is it possible? Yes. Is it the majority?no.

No. 1514234

>considered badass and feminist

I don't know about that but watching it as an adult she just seems like an average teenager with flaws.

No. 1514235

Thank you for dodging my question.

No. 1514254

I think it's fair to say that not every sex worker, especially in western countries, are downtrodden and suffering. A lot of these women came from privilege and should have no issues earning a decent living by working a normal job. Let's remember that cam girls and onlyfans thots are still sex workers and they have the loudest voices on the internet. Most of them genuinely are terminal attention whores and are straight up deranged pick-mes.

Different anon, but European colonialism was in recent enough history that there are still millions of people who remember it very clearly and are not even considered pensioners yet. I just think they want to deflect, but it's incredibly ignore not to think that everyone on this earth no matter where they live doesn't have the privileges they have right now without somebody suffering horrifically.

it would be pretty pathetic to celebrate the fact that your country is a shell of its former glory and it could only achieve greatness by acting like immoral animals.

No. 1514264

I'm a sex worker/stripper and I disagree. Im a minority in an area that is typically racist and while I prefer working a normal job even for less pay, it was basically impossible to do here because of no job security meaning employers can fire me for reasons including discrimination for the first 90 days, I couldn't hold down a job to literally save my life and the only way I'm able to make a living to afford today's economy is sex work or just job hop hoping one job will give me enough hours and not fire me within the first couple of weeks. If I could change it I would.

I agree on this for girls who live in California or Washington with better laws revolving around job security and wages, but even then the price of living is insane so I could see why someone would do it as a side hustle, but even then if it was up to me I'd rather work in a restaurant or door dash part time even if it means spending 80% of my paycheck on rent

No. 1514277

Anon have you tried serving? It can make hundreds on weekends. Bartenders can make more. Car sales supposedly even higher since cars are a lot higher for sales cuts. Rent is nuts here that tip jobs are the only ones able to keep people afloat if they dont have a nursing, stem, or cs degree.

No. 1514278

I don’t get how working in a strip club would be less racist than a normal job since the sex industry is notoriously racist

No. 1514280

I’m so sorry anon. I hope that things can change for you. Sorry we have such retards on here.

No. 1514281

Getting normal jobs is harder because of race dumbass

No. 1514283

In my case at least, it was because I was a very sweet and honest person, and people took advantage of me left and right. I can't really trust most people these days and most of them are self interested and cruel anyway. I hope yours wasn't the same, but it sounds like you went through something just as traumatic. Much love to you anon. I hope we both find peace with being alone.

No. 1514314

Lol bullshit. As a dark skin black woman it would be 10x harder for me to get a job at a strip club over an office job or some shit. If you want to use race as a reason you can’t find a real job it’s not a good excuse imo

No. 1514329

yeah i was reading reviews for local strip clubs (no i wasnt looking for a job) and one of the reviews was a black woman saying she was told they werent hiring but two of her friends, a white woman and an asian woman walked in and got hired on the spot i guess it could depend on the area you live in because my city is notoriously white and racist as shit but anywhere women will be treated like shit black women are inevitably going to get the worst of it

No. 1514331

I feel like even in the black areas they are only interested in hiring light skins and exotics. That’s why I’m confused when she’s saying she can’t find a job because of her race because like…kek

No. 1514336

Nta but are you really going to insist that that anon is lying because of what you think would happen to you when she's talking about personal experiences that she's actually living

No. 1514337

The sex work industry is racist and there are 0 policies to protect you against the racism unlike in a normal job and I don’t get how anyone can claim they can’t get a regular job because of racism but can work in the sex industry and I stand by that statement

No. 1514359

It’s ok to want attention from men just like it’s ok for men to want our attention. If you’re sad because you don’t get attention from guys it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 1514361

I would agree with you if men didn’t fuck moldy coconuts

No. 1514366

It's ok to want attention from men but I don't think anyone should be desperate for it and more women should realize that there's more to life than male attention.

No. 1514380

I'm sad I just don't get attention from anyone these days. It's like I have a barrier around me for no reason

No. 1514387

idk why "moldy coconuts" is making me laugh. what a funny sentence

No. 1514388

lmao yeah because people would totally not get offended if the races were reversed. the "do you think it's real life??" argument is so disingenuous because people take offense at things happening in movies (even in fantasy settings) all the time.

No. 1514390

You're literally talking about something different from the initial argument.

No. 1514393

the only people calling anyone colonizers are doing it over the internet or people with cringe white guilt

No. 1514399

Yes and white guilt is everywhere, even in movies and other media

No. 1514409

Google “Reddit fuck moldy coconut” and cry over men no more

No. 1514425

I hear a lot of nostalgia for the good old days before Trump when "most people didn't care about politics". But if more people actually care about politics now I consider that a good thing.

No. 1514434

Burger discourse permeates the majority of social media and it's cancer. I have a theory that much like Twitter, half the retards perpetuating this shit are chronically online because they are quite literally bots. Probably bought and paid for by whoever has an interest in keeping the masses uneducated and fighting with each other instead of punching up. Inb4 this belongs in the tinfoil thread kek.

No. 1514439

nonna we were already peasant farmers, literally nothing changed for my people 2000 years except roads were build and that's it, and it did end up benefiting my people in the long term, cause it finally gave my people the chance to rise above urdu speakers
what do you think pre-colonial empires were like, they were just as bad if not worse for 99% of the population
tell my why someone in Poland and Sweden have to feel about something France did 100 years ago

Colonialism was not worse then the usual empires, its just weak moids that they lost, but my people have never lost, we have jealously kept our mountain valleys to ourselves and never given them up without a fight

No. 1514440

Ew… the fuck is wrong with moids. And of course redditors think this is so ebin and funny. I hope to god I never have a son.

No. 1514452

Am the anon you're replying too.  No, my mom didn't really give me that; if anything, I was the one using it myself during that time. But honestly, how could I not have? Dark-skinned people are really treated harshly where I'm from (even though we're all literally born brown) especially if you're a girl. I've seen little girls mock another girl's skin color; a teacher "jokingly" calling a student numerous slurs for his skin color; and my aunts and uncles "joking" of locking up a cousin (inside the basement) who just came back from the sunny countryside so she can regain her "uwu pwetty light skin" back.

If I hadn't swallowed that beauty mentality, then I could've been subjected to the things I've just written above. Not anymore, though; I've moved past the "light is right" mentality, thankfully, and don't see being brown as some horrid sin anymore.

It's insane (and, like you said, sad) how I never realized how fucked up these situations were… and disappointingly, while I think we've made some progress in people unthinking this (for example, I don't hear kids playing the "skin color game" I wrote above), colorism is still very much alive here.

No. 1514461

No offense anon but have you ever been in a moid conversation? they're dull as fuck too or outright disgusting. Or maybe you live in Hickville?

Hope you aren't a Tif lul

No. 1514463

Most anons who pretend to hate men would kill their families to date an hot decent man. This was asked before if anons would give up all of their friends for an ideal man and they all said yes, I feel like a lot of manhater-chans hate men because they can't get the men they want to date and that's why they also accuse all normie women of being pickmes since they themselves are pickmes.

No. 1514465

kek maybe I'd believe you if you said ideal husbando, but this just sounds like projection at this point

No. 1514469

I don’t, most people are too fucking retarded to comprehend politics. I wish they’d stop trying and stop voting. Unless they were actual children pre-2015/2016, I wish they’d all go back to not caring and not voting and stfu.

No. 1514472

Some anon asked if anons here would give up all of their friends for an ideal bf and they said yes, how is it my projection? Also I already have a bf.
What's the difference between a husbando and a bf?

No. 1514482

I remember that! Genuinely surprised me, I really had trouble believing the answers. I expected a couple of people to choose scrotums and get dunked on but it was too many and they really tried to defend their choice and argue about it lol, kinda hope it was just a little trolling to be honest.

No. 1514488

I also thought it was trolling at first so I asked a few anons why they answered that way and they said they didn't have any friends to begin with so I kind of believe the answers honestly.

No. 1514492

I, and I think a lot of other anons, hate men because they've hurt us (or people we love) again and again. If they talked to men irl, I feel like any warm feelings would evaporate, kek.
That's crazy, glad I missed it actually. I think it may be because they didn't have a solid support network in the first place, which is a lot more important than a single partner, imo.

No. 1514505

Tbf anons on here have shitty families/friends to begin with so it’s not surprising they’d choose that option. Also you can hate men and still want a decent bf, it’s not like you can change your sexuality or stop craving affection.

I personally hate men because I’ve witnessed some awful things IRL and because there’s a lot of femicide in my home country. The tranny epidemic isn’t helping either.

No. 1514510

That's not really a fair hypothetical though, an 'ideal' moid is a fantasy that would fulfil all your needs and be perfect in every way. Not surprising if that's more appealing than regular imperfect friends, if anyone even have any. But ofc perfect men like that don't exist so in reality most anons probably wouldn't ditch their friends to jump on a dick.

Personally I don't really prioritise friendship over anything but I'm very close to my family, I wouldn't pick an ideal fantasy bf over them. Even in my imagination I can't fathom a moid loving me more than my dad does.

No. 1514541

not particularly defending her choice but obviously partners give each other gifts and most importantly share expenses in a way that friends don't.. just because your friends are rich doesn't mean you're gonna live in a big house yourself and go on expensive trips etc lol

No. 1514588

true but that's why i said 'share expenses', in general how much your partner earns impacts your life way more than how much your friends earn.

No. 1514602

Living example of someone who thinks life is a cartoon lmao. Go outside. Talk to actual human beings.

No. 1514612

seriously, does anon really believe that black and native american people like being groveled to like that? that would be so fucking offputting, the only people who want this dont leave their houses and like marketing people who think the former represent any meaningful amount of the population.

No. 1514615

I think those anons are just steering to a different topic because what they're saying (white guilt in media) isn't at all related to the point, which was that random white people going about their day aren't being called colonizer irl.

No. 1514625

TRAs and libfems use the exact same 'argument' go outside!!1!1 to pretend like their bullshit ideologies aren't widespread so yeah, try something else maybe. When you see the shit that happens in the US (e.g. Evergreen State College controversy, "be less white" diversity training at major companies like Coca-Cola etc), denying that white guilt and retarded racial theories are ingrained in academia/media is comical.

There's one anon who said that she could only see it happening in the US and everyone used that to dismiss everything else, the point was simply that there's an online trend of using the term 'colonizer' and it's retarded. inb4 'go outside', half of lolcow is about ranting about things happening online.

No. 1514637

Mandatory drivers tests every 5 years. If you fail you must take a mandatory course then test again. If you fail that you are banned from trying again for like 6 months. Fuck bad drivers this would help cut accidents dramatically

No. 1514639

That anon specifically claimed that a random person in the street would get called a colonizer. When pointed out that that's not true and doesn't happen, anons started using fictional media as examples to try and prove that it does. You can scroll up and see it.

No. 1514648

Blackwashing characters will always be fucking weird, no matter how many Americans tell me otherwise, at least on their cultural context, it is massively weird and has never good reasons behind it, it always either to cause controversy or to pretend to be inclusive and diverse instead of actually creating new stories and characters. Tiana is literally the only black princess yet they would kill themselves before releasing a live action about her, its easier to just raceswapp a random European character in European setting from an European tale I guess

No. 1514650

>If you don't believe random white people are being called "colonizers" in the streets RIGHT NOW, you support trannies
Kek holy shit

No. 1514654

holy shit indeed, i don't think you could misinterpret that comment more. it was probably on purpose but still.

No. 1514656

If you're equating people who don't believe in your conspiracy theories to TRAs and libfems, you're not arguing in good faith from the start and shouldn't be taken seriously. The conversation started because someone made a ridiculous claim that got laughed at, and now there's an attempt to try and dress it up into other things in a bid to sound less retarded.

No. 1514658

All men into tech are sexual deviants. You already know what to expect with any man who spends an inordinate amount of time on the internet. Some are exponentially worse than others, as well.

No. 1514659

it was clearly about the retarded "go outside" argument, used to shot down people whenever they criticize something that (supposedly) only happens online. and this comment >>1514602 was replying to comments that were clearly not about people getting called colonizer IRL.

No. 1514662

Yes, being called a "colonizer" by a complete stranger does only happen online (and even then, only if you're surrounding yourself with twitterfags). It's not "supposed". That anon just isn't being allowed to move the goalposts because we're not gullible.

No. 1514686

>and this comment >>1514602 was replying to comments that were clearly not about people getting called colonizer IRL.

No. 1514687

No. 1514692

This. A lot of straight women hate men because of personal experience coupled with what we know other women go through. If you factor in that a lot of anons here specifically have been through a lot of shit both family and friend-wise, it tracks that they'd pick a "perfect fantasy moid" over anything (because that doesn't exist anyway, and they've been disappointed by the actual people in their lives). Not that hard, and I don't find it blackpilling.

No. 1514696

Hopefully that anon can learn to just say that instead of replying to off-topic comments and then wondering why the off-topic discussion keeps going.

No. 1514699

Everyone did.

No. 1514751

>'colonizer' is just internet nonsense
>it was randomly used in major movies though
>omg movies aren't real life; only people online or with white guilt use 'colonizer'
>movies are not RL but people still get offended over them and they would not use 'colonizer' for another race; white guilt is everywhere
>you think life is a cartoon, go outside, talk to people etc.
There you go, the flow of discussion. If you reply to the white guilt comment and act like it's not a thing IRL, at least own up to it and don't make it all about it being off-topic after someone point out how ridiculous your comment was.

No. 1514757

NTA but are you autistic? It's been hours and you're still mad no one will take your bait. Make a retarded comment ("only in the US will a random-ass person in the street get called a coloniser"), get called retarded, move on. Don't bring up other shit and seethe hard when people aren't fooled.

No. 1514759

Kek. You're right, racebait-chan gets super mad when someone doesn't take the bait.

No. 1514765

>All men into tech are sexual deviants
hot, where do I find me one of them freaks? That's my type

No. 1514773

What the fuck do you mean where. You can't throw a rock without hitting one unless you live alone on an island in the middle of the Pacific or something.

No. 1514776


No. 1514777


No. 1514778

troon or troll more likely

No. 1514797

You like men into children or violent porn?

No. 1514823

Paris Hilton’s post justifying her surrogacy did give me troon vibes kek but IMO truly wanting your own children means accepting the risks. Dying, excruciating pain, and your body changing permanently are risks or inevitabilities that you accept when you want your own child and if she’s unwilling to carry her children herself because it’s too scary and she won’t adopt then I kind of feel she doesn’t deserve children. Beyond the rent-a-womb implications, which is objectively wrong. For her to acknowledge that death is a risk of childbirth and still be okay making her slave risk her life just so Paris can have a human chihuahua.

No. 1514847

She's not even going to raise the child herself, it'll have an army of nannies and personal teachers and she'll only be there for the glamorous photoshoots.

No. 1514937

Seeing people who throw coins away are annoying. You know you can still use that money right?

No. 1514940

What the fuck? What kind of freak throws away their change? You throw it in a jug/jar at home like a normal human being

No. 1514962

wtf people do that? I haven't used cash in years yet even I have a huge jar of coins

No. 1514963

I refuse to believe this is a real thing. My husband told me there was a rich kid in his dorm who threw away his towels after using them (instead of washing them) and I also refuse to believe that. I would a-log if I saw this shit in real life lmao

No. 1515025

Yeah I know plenty of people who throw change away or just drop it on the floor. They only consider paper cash as real money.

No. 1515040

when i was a kid my neighbor/friend would buy those giant popsicles from the movie store, then she throw out the change in the garbage. i was horrified, at least give it to me. my family was very poor for a while during this same time period, and the only way we lived was through charity from my grandpa and from the church food pantry. those coins add up! i have a jar that's been collecting for 4~ years that is $60. i will never understand the luxury that is literally throwing away money.

No. 1515049

Yes mostly men do this from what I’ve observed bc they are too lazy to even drop the change in a jar or something. I had a boyfriend in high school who would throw all of his change into the air in store parking lots bc he just hated having it

No. 1515642

Body positivity is the only feminist stance. Women’s bodies should be loved and appreciated in any and every shape. Conversely, fat phobia should be a bannable offence because some threads on here made me cry and hate myself for being a bit thicker than some women discussed here.

No. 1515646

Squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails, this is not an attack on squirrels at all, both squirrels and rats are cute and lovable.

No. 1515649

I get you when it comes to women but I do also think fatphobia against men is completely justified and should be perpetuated far more.

No. 1515652

Mean Girls, Clueless and Legally Blonde all suck ass, Freaky Friday is the only good movie.

No. 1515656

this nlog opinion just hopped out of the time machine from 2005 before my very eyes

No. 1515657

You're right and you should say it

No. 1515660

Im okay with if people hate fat people or fat women but some of the posts here towards fat women sound so mean, unhinged and moid-like that it takes it too far.
Many anons here love to make fun of fat women because they see them as easy targets. I can totally understand if you want to make fun of a fat woman but some of the posts about fat women i see here sound way too hateful that it makes me wonder if its a moid since this site is already infested with them.

No. 1515663

Which Freaky Friday?

No. 1515666

nta but I just watched both in a row and the 70s one seemed way more realistic and movielike, but lindsay's was more nostalgic and the music slaps

No. 1515670

I think body positivity in its original form when it was about anti-discrimination is fine and common sense, but its current manifestation has nothing to do with feminism. Just another way of attaching someone’s worth to their appearance. “I’m fat but if you don’t find me fuckable you’re discriminating”. It's always about being fuckable. Nowadays body positivity is more of a marketing strategy, virtue signaling and selling products for specific subgroups of people. Very capitalist.

No. 1515675

Samefag, sorry I misread your post. I agree feminists should be inherently body positive. I just dislike the movement.

No. 1515693

anon where the fuck do you find those people. Most body pos people dont care if you dont find them fuckable and just dont want to be bullied for being fat. Stop finding strawmans.

No. 1515802

i wish male deepfakes were more popular, i want to see scott the woz masturbating or something

No. 1515804

I think you are confusing body positivity with fat positivity. But yes, i do agree it has been used for capitalist gain.

No. 1515807

Gay moids need to buckle down and get to work then lmao.

No. 1515811

i was thinking of learning how to do them myself, they cant sue you anyways and i already draw gay AVGNXScott The Woz porn. I am looking forward AI advancing so i can make every twitch scrote suck cock and get gangbanged.

No. 1515813

Fat moids in general tend to get nowhere near the levels of hate that fat women get despite both of them being just as bad. To most people it seems like fat positivity is an exclusive thing for women, but a lot of fat men constantly use humour to brush off the negative implications of their weight and lifestyle and are more subtle in justifying their self-destruction by presenting the false narrative of how unbothered they are about being fat when they are just as insecure as fat women are, it's just that fat women have the balls to be honest about their feelings. A lot of fat men even have the audacity to bully and say horrible things to fat women and they are NEVER called out for this.

No. 1515816

Good luck anon! ngl, i used to be super against weird fakebois doing weird ships with irl moids because i thought it was crossing the line, but this scandal has definitely made me more neutral on it now. They need to know how it feels.

No. 1515830

Uber based, nonnie, now I kind of want to learn how to deepfake some moids I like, can you imagine? Get some random moid to film some videos and shoop the face of some crush on top of it.

No. 1515844

>“I’m fat but if you don’t find me fuckable you’re discriminating”. It's always about being fuckable.
How? This line of 'reasoning' might work with troons, but men (and even women tbh) would never take this seriously coming from fat women. Men are much more likely to send nasty comments to "body positive" accounts on social media than feel guilty. Imo the main issues with the movement are acting like obesity is not an issue when it is, and turning it into a marketing strategy like you said.

So, so true. Fat men act unbothered, use humor a lot, or justify their weight/sedentary lifestyle with "I'm a sad introverted loner into gaming" but this would not fly for women. Even though, if anything, women have more actual justifications for their weight gain (pcos, hormonal contraception, pregnancies, the fact than women gain weight more easily etc).

No. 1515850

File: 1678073105313.jpg (383.26 KB, 2560x1707, 2021.07.21-09.47-boundingintoc…)

regardless how you feel about her politics, Gina Carano should unironically be the physical standard for female action stars, One of the things I adored about the Mandalorian was that so many of the female cast members were MMA fighters/ fit women of some kind. Cara Dune both looks and acts like she could actually knock someone out, and it was great to see instead of the usual "waif-fu."

No. 1515860

i think women with long faces and long noses are extremely attractive. I'm not into short-faced neotonous women at all. Everyone seems to think long faced women are hideous and """horse faced""" but I can't understand it, they're gorgeous and exactly my type.

No. 1515875

True, she was super cool and good representation. I don’t remember what she was fired for but the same show has Bill burr who’s said horrible things but I guess it’s fine for a man if he’s a comedian? And Chris Pratt is in a bunch of bullshit despite him being a super Christian weirdo freak.

No. 1515930

She inspired me to start lifting. I really like her body type and it was nice to see a female bounty hunter who actually looked like she could fight.

No. 1516073

Teenage love is overrated and people who lament they never got to experience it are not missing out on anything.

No. 1516077

HARD agree

No. 1516086

oh my anon i'm blushing… it is very nice to read this, i've been compared to moai one too many times…

No. 1516093

>they never got to experience it
Makes sense that only losers would have unrealistic anime fantasies. Real life was wholly stupid and waste of precious nonrenewable brain matters. One must be properly miserable to lament teen relationships as an adult lmao.

No. 1516095

I had a boyfriend who was very pretty, like big eyes, beautiful long curled hair, simetric face, tall and slender. I still think he is pretty but after one year of dating I lost my sexual desire towards him. He wasnt a sexual degenerate either or had anything particularly bad. Idk what happened there. All chemistry was gone, and tbf we had a pals relationship more than a romantic one. Sexuality is a mistery sometimes.

No. 1516117

people who didn't experience teenage infatuation are the ones screaming and crying and carrying on in public over their first breakup in their 20s

No. 1516118

I saw a post on ig that made me feel sick. A teenage girl carrying her baby onto the school bus and people applauding her in the comments. Saying she was brave.
My unpopular opinion is girls under 21 should be forced to get an abortion. Teenage moms are awful for both the baby and society. It's not cute for a 17 year to have a kid.

No. 1516121

>My unpopular opinion is girls under 21 should be forced to get an abortion
That's mine too. The human race is not in danger, but don't need to breed immediately in order to keep ourselves alive, so we should take way more care with bringing another human being into the world. Did you see that 16 year old aboriginal mom who posted her baby vaping and coughing on TikTok? That's the kind of stupidity and abuse you get when you allow children to have children.

No. 1516134

I don't support teenage pregnancy, but it's an overgeneralization, anon. There're grown-ups that are just as much stupid and abusive, and there're teens who can be kind and attentive parents, especially with the support of adults. Still, surely it'd be better if teenage girls spent this time on studying and getting life experience in general. Personally I think better sex education and more accessible protection is the only solution, forced abortion is some tyrannical SS shit.

No. 1516135

ngl yes it's overrated, but then again I feel it's something good to go through so you can conduct proper relationships in the future. Even though my first boyfriend was an idiot, I was too cause I didn't know better. Now I do & I have a proper adult relationship because I didn't have to start that step as an adult & knew what a wanted/what to run from lol.

No. 1516136

I agree nonnie. Obviously I don't think teens should be having kids, but then again I've seen people wait until 30 to have kids & be awful parents & kids who got knocked up at 16 who end up being amazing parents. It can totally be the opposite too which is the generalization, but people are gonna be shitty parents doesn't matter how old they are at the end of the day.

No. 1516138

Idk I think men benefit more from failed relationships. When I started dating I was kind and trusting and secure. After several relationships I’m cripplingly insecure and untrusting and really didn’t learn much about how to resolve issues or compromise because almost all moids are incapable and the more you try the more crazy they make you. Now I’m here with all my issues with my actually amazing bf and I wish I could give him the version of me I was back then.

No. 1516153

God I feel this so much nonna. It's so sad and annoying and unfair, I know I am ruined for life with this crippling insecurity and inability to trust. Meanwhile most moids stay confident and manage to convince themselves that it's always their exes being crazy.

No. 1516168

>especially with the support of adults.
So they're only good parents because real parents step in and reduce the burden? That's like saying someone is a good mom because she's able to afford a full time nanny who's great with the kids. And just think how much better of a parent those kind and attentive teenage parents would be if they were forced to be adults before becoming parents. Abortion should be mandatory under 21, no exceptions.

No. 1516179

While I can agree and understand, the teenage brain is not developed. You have a worse chance at life being a teen mom than being a mom in your 30s. Stupid adults exist, being teenagers are literally brain dead and should not be bringing a baby into this world. Most of them dont even have support at home to begin with. A baby is expensive and you should be independent and financially stable before having one, which teenagers are not.

No. 1516180

Age definitely affects how you will raise a child. You shouldnt be having kids as a teenager because you have no money or life experience. Teenagers that are stupid enough to get knocked up and then not have an abortion are a burden on society. Who do you think cares for the baby after it is born? Most likely the parents or government assistance/tax payers.

No. 1516181

Obviously better sex education is what we should strive for, as well as access to birth control for men and women, but once a teen gets pregnant, she should not be having a baby when she is barely even lived. She is probably broke af and stupid on top of that. I was a dumb ass teen and so were all of us. Having a baby involved is extra retarded.

No. 1516194

>So they're only good parents because real parents step in and reduce the burden?
No, it's a combination of their personality and help they receive, by support I mostly meant what adults teach them about child-rearing. Good parents or in-laws do that anyway, not only for teens. Women (even young like this) should be able to decide, forcing something so invasive on another person is just too severe and vile. Once again, I don't think it's great for teens to have children, but is it much better to let government have control over women's bodies like that and make them bear the consequences alone and basically "punish" them for having sex and getting pregnant? It's honestly just the same crap as pro-life. I'm pretty sure that there would still be those that wouldn't want to get abortion even without pressure from religious anti-choice people. And even though 17 or 18+y.o. are very young, they're not literal kids, and I know a few women that gave birth at that age and it turned out fine. It's not ideal, but nothing in this world is. It'd probably be better to forbid having sex at all for teens in this case, but everyone knows they'll do it anyways. I just think it's weird and illogical when you can have sex but can't have children. Things like that can't have such a primitive solution, it's much more complex. And it leads to all sorts of bans: if it's so bad to have children when you're broke and stupid that it requires enforcing mandatory abortions, the next step would be to forbid having children for various groups of people, unless they pass some sort of test on intelligence or have certain education or certain kind of job and income or are perfectly healthy.

No. 1516205

I agree but I know government should never be involved in neither forcing women to be pregnant or to not be.
For as easily as they could mandate abortions, they could mandate pregnancies too.
Barring that hurdle: I just don't believe baby culture will ever change.
Capitalism has no incentive to discourage teenagers from having babies who will likely (sorry to say) grow up to be losers at best for lack of resources and supports.
Capitalism needs unstable, stupid people who will work long hours at dead end jobs for crumbs.

No. 1516208

Every single nurse I have ever had has been horrendous but today I fully accepted that all nurses are really fucking annoying and just attention seeking. Had to schedule a doctors appointment to talk about my recent seizure and three days later I get a call (before my appointment) from his office and it’s one of his assistants trying to casually talk to me about my disability. I told her “The appointment that I scheduled is to discuss this topic with the doctor” and she said “Oh I know but I’m a nurse, so…” …so what? So you’re gonna call me in the middle of my day off to remind me that I’m a sperg who will drop onto the floor and flip around like a dead fish if someone upsets me? Really? Leave me the fuck alone, please take your hero complex somewhere else

No. 1516215

File: 1678124833884.png (41.47 KB, 880x331, teen mothers.png)

>by support I mostly meant what adults teach them about child-rearing.
Sorry Nona, but I stopped reading there because of the delusion of this sentence. One, if you have a pregnant teenager, you're not one to be giving out good parenting advice. And two, who babysits the kid while the teenager goes to class? Who pays the money to buy the baby food? Who pays the mortgage to keep the child sheltered? Only by the parents stepping in and taking on the vast majority of the childcare duties is a teenage mother able to survive, let alone thrive. Without a financially stable set of grandparents, the baby's outcomes are horrendous, because teenagers inherently make terrible parents in our complex societies.

This. There are bad adult parents, but your chances of not being able to support your child and giving it what it needs are far higher if you have it when you're 16 compared to having it at 25.

No. 1516221

It's not out of the ordinary at all for the nurse working under a doctor to call and get preliminary info. The nurse will put it on your chart/ in the notes for the doctor so the doctor can look at your case beforehand to prepare anything they might need to. I would imagine you have every right to refuse, though. That nurse should have explained this to you. I know what you mean though, in burgerland they weigh patients in kg's and last time I asked to hear my weight in pounds the lady was a bitch to me. Sorry I don't have a scale at home bitch.

No. 1516227

17-18 year old are not kids, but teenagers and they are not good at making logical decisions most of the time. Are you seriously saying a teenager is smart enough to bring up a kid? No, they are always going to burden someone else for help. It's a cycle of stupidity.

No. 1516251

>For as easily as they could mandate abortions, they could mandate pregnancies too.
But the government has successfully mandated things for public health without mandating the opposite before. They mandate all children have to go to school, but they haven't mandated anything that forbids certain children from going to school.

No. 1516252

>One, if you have a pregnant teenager, you're not one to be giving out good parenting advice
Anon do you seriously believe there're perfect parents that are able to bring up perfect children that do everything as they're told and don't make any mistakes? It also doesn't mean that a person doesn't know anything about parenting, there're lots of aspects to it, regarding feeding, health care, teaching basic skills and things like that.
Regarding your second set of questions, there're grandparents that are able and willing to help. Without them, yes, it's better to consider abortion, just like adults who don't have a place to live and a stable income.

Some manage to bring up kids fine, they're inexperienced, yes, but not necessarrily braindead, and yeah, they need a good support system. Once again, it's not an ideal situation, and I don't think teens absolutely should be having kids. I just personally don't think mandatory abortions is a good solution and I've already explained why. As I said earlier, sex ed and more accessible protection is a key, imo, as well as spreading information about the hardships of pregnancy, giving birth and child-rearing instead of romanticizing it. If abortion is normalized, I'm pretty sure much more people will consider it instead of having kids they don't really want or can't afford.

No. 1516278

I'm a burgerfag who was impacted by the decisions of red states after overturning Roe v Wade, so mandated pregnancy is a very real threat as that is exactly what those states are doing to the point that they'd rather let chronically ill women die or allow 10 year olds to give birth. Got a dead fetus in you? Oh well, something something god's will.

No. 1516298

I should feel bad about how horribly teachers get treated by Gen alpha and Gen z and then I remember how teachers would see me being bullied right in front of their face and do nothing so I don’t give a shit

No. 1516320

It's clearly not the same generation of teachers though, unless you're an older zoomer yourself and your teachers were starting their careers. From my experience the horrible, abusive teachers were respected and would let kids bully me just because I was the wrong skin color and happened to have better grades than the others and it rubbed them the wrong way, but the very nice, competent and respectful teachers who weren't at the end of their careers were the ones treated like garbage by their students. No clue why that was always this way, it's almost automatic, and I remember it happening in my first year of high school with a young maths teacher starting her very first year of teaching and being treated like a retard or a party pooper because she wasn't assertive enough when giving his homework to do despite the students being bougie rich kids who were taught good manners all their lives by their super rich parents.

No. 1516327

You sound like a psychopath.

No. 1516331

agree with >>1516320 most of today's teachers are millennials, 25-40 years old. at worst they were the ones bullying you, at best they were just another kid.

No. 1516342

I don't consider forbidding women to have abortions to be mandated pregnancy, though I can certainly see why you thought of it that way, I thought you meant forcefully impregnating random citizens. Still, I stand by my comment, I doubt people who pass laws forcing abortions on unprepared teenagers are going to pass laws forcing women to be impregnated.

No. 1516440

White feminists like Tina fey and Taylor swift creep me out because it’s obvious that they have no interest in changing the system they just want to have the same position and respect as white men. It’s obvious they only care about rich white women like themselves.

No. 1516521

white women like them are never going to be true feminists. they will never get the treatment of minority women. Tina fey who is okay with using a gay black man as a shield for her racist asian 'jokes.' she just wants the same power as her coworker Alec from 30 rock.

No. 1516528

Sugar should be classified as a drug and illegal

No. 1516557

No. 1516573

File: 1678145172317.jpg (182.15 KB, 796x800, TOF412.jpg)

Are you going to ban coffee too?

No. 1516592

NTA but I would ban all caffeine including coffee and most tea.

Did you know caffeine can make your boobs hurt? Found that out from my doctor after I complained to her.

No. 1516662

>white women like them are never going to be true feminists. they will never get the treatment of minority women.
Doesn't seem like an unpopular opinion to me and I genuinely wonder why do white feminists keep trying so hard with the "intersectionalism" and the constant self-blaming when people have decided from the start that it will never be enough. They should stop wasting their time, and focus on women's rights which would obviously benefit all women. The idea that you can only be a "true feminist" (highly subjective) if you're a racial minority doesn't make sense, especially if you try to apply this reasoning to any country that isn't the US. And just because someone is a minority doesn't mean they understand and support all minorities, in fact they often dislike/compete with other minorities (e.g. colorism, racism between two minorities in the US e.g. asian and black etc) or openly focus on their own race because it's not seen as problematic. You can pick "bad feminists" of any race and use it to make similar generalizations.

No. 1516665

Nta but I wasn’t talking about all white feminists but some rich white feminists make it pretty obvious they don’t really care about womens rights in general they just feel pissed that even though they are rich and white they still don’t get as much respect as white men. They don’t want to improve things they just want what white men have.

No. 1516669

Nta, but it seems like you missed the "like them". Not ignoring any words is important.

No. 1516676

I agree with this, but I think that wealth is the factor here.

And it seems like you missed the "they will never get the treatment of minority women". If this was only about them or their wealth, then the comment would not have focused on race/minority status.

No. 1516685

>And it seems like you missed the "they will never get the treatment of minority women"
Yes..because the women like that wouldn't completely understand. I feel like you're just misunderstanding, the point is just that anon clearly wasn't talking about all white women who are feminists/say they are feminists like you seem to have thought.

No. 1516699

No white woman (from the US) can understand what it is like to be a racial minority (unless they go live abroad). And being a minority was part of the argument, so I replied on that point. Why would rich celebrities of other races be closer to being "true feminists"?

No. 1516770

File: 1678159091943.jpeg (946.88 KB, 1284x1244, 48CC35CE-207D-4270-B206-FB3E24…)

Women who spend a lot of time and money on their looks but have fat ugly bfs are funny to me. I just know those women think women should be beautiful and keep up their looks but it’s ok for scrotes to be ugly and fat if they have a good personality. They judge other womens looks super harshly but are screaming in pleasure every night when their ugly scrote is balls deep in them.

No. 1516779

I dunno who that is but from a glance it looks like maybe she's really facetuned. i think it's partly an internet phenomenon where self-conscious women feel the need to edit themselves in photos but don't think about it for their boyfriends which I guess is basically the same as what you're talking about except the girl isn't actually hot either

No. 1516802

That’s a whole lot of projection just for an excuse to hate attractive women. I agree that ugly scrotes don’t deserve hot women but you’re assuming just because someone cares about their own looks that they’re superficial and heavily judge people which is not always true. Women obsessed with their own appearance usually occurs because of how shitty society has been to them and how much they judge themselves and their own looks.

No. 1516832

File: 1678163808115.jpeg (55.43 KB, 500x500, 554F35CC-5901-4351-B94B-D4EC48…)

A lot of light haired and light eyed white people would be considered 10000x uglier if they had dark hair and dark eyes, like nobody literally look their way twice because their features are actually incredibly offputting, fugly, or at best plain without the eurocentric coloration and the fetishism attached to it

it's so retarded because some of these people are ugly as fuck anyway, yet they're considered ideal? coming from a dark haired white person I'd rather look at a pretty dark haired person than an ugly blonde any day of the week

No. 1516836

not this shit again, no one cares

No. 1516839

I wouldn't say this inlays with the brown versus blue debate which yes I've seen here before

more like I'm tired of my fellow women dyeing their hair the ugliest color to appease male invented constructs. marilyn monroe was naturally a brunette so the entire thing is a moid invented sham and blonde in general is a hideous hair color on most people

No. 1516840

This is a good point tbh. Most women pursue attractiveness to avoid social punishment and potential missed work opportunities and so on, not because they actually think people’s value is determined by clothes and makeup.

No. 1516841

Then there are people like Zooey deschanel who look better with darker hair

No. 1516842

File: 1678164342363.jpg (45.09 KB, 600x400, SSSniperWolf-and-boyfriend.jpg)

he's not ugly he's just fat

No. 1516843

Holy fucking shit that’s crazy how much of a difference weight and grooming are making on him, but hey I guess that’s literally almost always the case with people.

No. 1516846

Oh he’s cute. No wonder all he had to do was text her “I’d drag my balls against glass to hear you fart on a walkie talkie” and she fell in love.

No. 1516851

god this is why I loathe when moids get fat

No. 1516924

File: 1678171036676.jpg (89.95 KB, 700x543, 163.jpg)

No. 1516965

Pretty sure thats SSSniperwolf.

No. 1517086

File: 1678191396170.jpg (82.07 KB, 992x413, wirestory_119648644c6bb4ad6b2a…)

So I live in the mediterranean area and recently in Italy a ship of immigrants sank and a lot of people died. I don't feel anything meanwhile I see italian people crying over their unnamed caskets and I can't understand why.
I've been feeling like this for so long, since I was in my teenage years, that I convinced myself either I have some kind of autism or pd that prevents me to feel empathy for these things.
I feel for natural disasters, I fee l for countries actually being destroyed by war, I feel for everything out of control of the single person but…these people know what are they doing.
They know. They know there's a fucking sea, they know they're gonna get cramped in a ship with 100 other persons and they're the most entitled fucks ever.
Last year, when the ukraine situation broke down, a lot of refugees came (and some even went back because they left their families/home whatever there) but they're not running around in cities, pissing and shitting on the streets and attacking girls in the night.
When I turn on the tv, half of sexual harrassment cases it's by "irregular african immigrants" and why the fuck are they even here? And even if they come here or in other mediterranean zones, they're not gonna integrate in the slightest.
They're not gonna get used to our customs, glaring at girls that are not veiled, they don't want to speak our language, they want their spaces…stay in your fucking country.
I know I sound like a boomer but really I can't understand why people are so welcoming for other people that have a tons of sources or proof that they just bring nothing but bad things.
I'm not happy that the ship sank and shame on those women who are so mentally stunted they think that sailing with a newborn is a good idea, I'm just… neutral. They saw what was coming, so no pity.
Plus thinking that those kids or moids were probably gonna end up sleeping in our parks, shitting in our water canals and sit at the train stations asking for money, it makes me feel even more like nothing.
They bring nothing to us, nothing was lost.
I don't care if I sound unhinged, as a woman, I feel safer knowing that these young moids that feel entitled to rape girls because they don't have a cloth on their head are at the bottom of the sea. There are no cases of an immigrant doing actual great things.

No. 1517091

You will understand those women when our countries inevitably go to shit too.

No. 1517092

I've been hearing this kind of stuff since the late 2000s and as I said is not a matter of being immigrants per se but the fucking mindset which is common in muslim/north african countries. As I sad, I saw ukrainan refugees but they're not like them ever. I wont have a problem if they didn't feel so entitled and we had to pity them even if they rape us because muh Allah.

No. 1517095

>the women are mentally stunted
May someone say the same about you if you ever end up in a desperate situation where your home becomes hell.

No. 1517096

Men have absoluely no excuse to be fat, we need to normalize shaming them more than we do fat women.

No. 1517098

Careful anon, jannies love to ban anything someone says that even vaguely sounds negative against immigration.

I agree though entirely. The fact that I can’t even take the train without some mouth-breathing creep staring at me, not realizing that in most countries, staring at a woman and making disgusting sexual faces isn’t appropriate. Say something to complain about it though and it’s ‘oh, well they aren’t used to our culture yet’.

No. 1517099

By actual survival instincts, you don't put newborns on a ship with a risk of dying of starvation. Why not travelling by earth to reach another country that's better that your own? For example Morocco, Egypt? I feel like they either have been stunted due to religion (once you grow up with a mindset it's difficult to think otherwise) or either they're forced by shitty men that think that dying in the fucking sea for days is the more reasonable thing to do.
Again, I'll say it another time and if it's not clear it's not my fault: It's not being an immigrant per se, I have no problem with immigrants if they come, respect the locals and try to adapt to our customs, I have problems with people that only see the fucking sea as the only way out, get fucking surprised if they or little children (poor souls) die of starvation or thirst while the land it's fucking there and once they here they made no effort to be good people, robbing and raping people. That's the problem.

No. 1517105

>Careful anon, jannies love to ban anything someone says that even vaguely sounds negative against immigration.
So disingenuous, why do anons keep saying this? No one is banning you for talking about immigration or race (even if it's against immigration), you get banned when you racebait. If you can't discuss without racebaiting then that's your fault.

No. 1517113

Speaking negatively about immigration has gotten people red text bans. But this isn’t the thread to discuss that, it’s just the unpopular opinion thread.

No. 1517116

Not Italian but close to your country and it's the exact same thing here. I agree completely. People who scream racism/xenophobia simply don't know how the mass immigration of Muslim men affects your daily life and the whole country. And it's also considered racist to expect them to integrate and abide by the law, when the opposite (not integrating etc) would be considered racist if done literally anywhere else than in a Western country. It's sad that a big part of Europe is going to shit because of this.

No. 1517120

You know what makes me sad, nonnas? I live in a city with a district where most of people of other countries come to live, I guess because they feel better living in a block where you can understand each other by at least speaking english or chinese and you can see who came here and successfully integrated and is well respected and who is here and refuses to do that because yes but if you point that out, you're racist.
"Their country is at war, they don't know any better, nonny!"
Well, start by not robbing people, raping girls, stealing in houses, molesting people on public transportation…that could be a start, maybe. yes, this happens even with european people but they don't get the "muslim immigrant get out of jail" card.

No. 1517123

>Why not travelling by earth to reach another country that's better that your own?
Probably because you will likely be killed/raped on the way? Also, Egypt is fucking horrible

No. 1517136

The reason most men treat women like shit is because they know most women hate being single more than anything and will allow it. I can’t lie, if men were as desperate as women I’d be a monster and it’s fucked up but I get why they are so evil to women they date kek men only let really super hot women treat them like shit(rarely) but most of the time men will leave for even the smallest red flag.

No. 1517156

It's hard for me to sympathize with own parents who are immigrants (Muslim but not refugees) because they've just set up their children to be constantly looked down upon by society for their entire lives, because to Westerners you're a filthy immigrant ruining society and to people from their home country people like me are traitors who are ruined my Western values. My cousins who grew up not as immigrants are way more well-adjusted than me because they didn't grow up with constant racist bullshit. A nice happy multicultural society just doesn't exist.

No. 1517164

Many women may fear being single because they are looked down on and seen as failures for not having a manchild to take care of, or at least that's what their moms and relatives tell them when they are very young and inexperienced. Most women over 30 are fine with it and don't give much of a shit because they have been there and done that and saw that it wasn't that great. The 25-30 period is really scary for single women because there's so much pressure to find a partner and everyone tells you to hurry or you'll expire after 30. It is total bullshit, but it worked and I was scared for many years that my boyfriend would leave me for a younger girl. I was terrified because all I saw were manosphere tiktoks and shorts from 30-somethings joking about being teehee oldies with random chronic pain (seek medical help if that happens, it's not normal).

No. 1517165

>Probably because you will likely be killed/raped on the way?

But you can (not saying it always happens but) find food, along the way. You can find shelter.
In the mediterranean it's you and the sea. Plus implying moids dont' rape or kill on the ships, are you sure no one ever pushed in the water someone else midjourney? Little food, little water, no space to sleep, no shelter if it rains or if the sun boils your brain.
That logic doesnt work nonny……….

No. 1517169

>There are no cases of an immigrant doing actual great things.
That's only true for Muslims and Africans

No. 1517170

NTA but this isn't true either, kek. I knew racebait was coming.

No. 1517179

You're delusional if you think someone immigrating from Germany to France is gonna act similarly to someone coming from an entirely different and more barbaric continent, culture and place

No. 1517186

Their countries are unliveable hells for a reason. Ban me for racebaiting idc, some cultures and norms and values are more barbaric than others and I will die on that hill.

No. 1517189

I hate that it’s so easy for Africans with totally different cultures who don’t respect women at all to immigrate to Europe, but you basically have to be rich and super well educated to immigrate from burgerland.

No. 1517190

If you think a living place being bad means every single person from there is also a horrible person who can't do anything good, you are retarded.

No. 1517192

Is immigration the current lolcor flavor of the week discourse? In how many threads will you guys talk about this

No. 1517194

This is a complete non-sequitur. Is the thread being astroturfed?

No. 1517197

The green weezer album is better than the blue one THERE I SAID IT

No. 1517199

It's not a non-sequitur when you read my reply as a response to the original post, which is that
>There are no cases of an immigrant doing actual great things.
there are plenty of cases like that, they just don't see those as being immigrants because they're also European

No. 1517201

So the answer is yes.
>Only Europeans ever do great things
Beyond help, goodbye and go back

No. 1517202

Immigrant women good, immigrant men bad

No. 1517203

Based, tradthots/pickmes will eternally seethe at this

No. 1517204

I have a confession, I have never listened to Weezer.

No. 1517205

You're wrong, but I respect it.

No. 1517224

wonder if ayrt was the tinfoil faggot who was calling people kikes. Some of the closeted /pol/fags need to climb back into the closet

No. 1517230

No. 1517233

Immigrant men bad by default, immigrant women not bad by default is what I'd say. I wouldn't call immigrant women who force harmful cultural practices on their daughters despite living in a Western country good or innocent for example, those definitely exist too. At least they're far less likely to be violent like their moids.

No. 1517280

File: 1678208694319.jpg (109.27 KB, 474x699, 7adc0fc8bc592d0740eff1675b6550…)

If you don't like tomatoes you seriously need to grow up. And fast.

No. 1517283

File: 1678208802544.jpg (51.03 KB, 403x403, b6b8d62c2d67c677d66ae53bd80b7f…)

Imagine looking at this photo and not wanting to devour this. Immature.
Btw, I've noticed a link between people who don't like tomatoes and people who cheat on their significant other. Just saying.

No. 1517287

I can't tolerate uncooked tomatoes alone unless it's grouped with something else. Just let me dip it in ranch or something and we're good.

No. 1517292

File: 1678210070611.jpeg (104.63 KB, 770x533, 57DEC238-4406-4895-A3E1-53A08D…)

This is me with mushrooms

No. 1517294

Many people are allergic to nightshades though.

No. 1517298

I disagree, I don't care for shrooms. If only they had a different texture, I would like them.
They should get over that then. Having allergies is also immature as hell.

No. 1517303

File: 1678210546355.jpg (240.25 KB, 736x1104, 36c5c1d9c219dad294ccfe7ee7ad5f…)

If you're over the age of 10 you just need to stop having allergies. You're letting this beat you?

No. 1517306

Sorry for the late reply. I was speaking in hyperbole, what I mean is body positivity should be about anti-discrimination and self-love regardless of your appearance or whatever handicap you possess. You should be able to say, “I’m ugly but I still have worth”, rather than “I am XYZ but I’m still beautiful”, because the latter puts an emphasis on beauty as a virtue = we still are pressured to be beautiful = more incentive to consoom usless shit. I’m saying this as an ugly woman who used to be fat. Some women are just a bit more uggo, but it's still possible to live.

>Imo the main issues with the movement are acting like obesity is not an issue

This is also true

No. 1517310

Meghan Murphy?

No. 1517311

Sure, keep larping as someone who is allergy-free. I know it makes you feel better about your rash and sneeze ridden life.

No. 1517312

Please don't accuse me of being Canadian, thanks.

No. 1517326

KEK at this dumbass conversation

No. 1517398

>one slice
Bite right into them like a real woman, coward

No. 1517411

File: 1678220315421.png (225.46 KB, 472x838, 76e72f265fed7b28cf992ebc0d5759…)

Yeah yeah yeah. Be quiet before I blow some dust your way and make you break out in hives.

No. 1517519

Silent treatment is toxic but is useful against people who refuse to listen or are just obsessive, especially against moids.

No. 1517520

I don't get this either. If you spend time to make yourself high maintenance, why shouldn't you have a high value bf?

No. 1517545

If a woman dates a man who earns less than her, she either has no respect for herself or is straight up stupid. Look up the gender earnings gap, look up how much time men on average spend on housework and taking care of their children compared to women. It only makes sense to be with a man who earns more than you if you're going to be with a man at all.

No. 1517559

File: 1678232145789.png (1.39 MB, 1481x758, bun.png)

Plushies made for children are way cuter than those japanese kawaii plushies that are made with adult collectors in mind. They look more cuddly and inveting. You want to squish them when you see themunlike kawaii plushies which look like they would break if you touched them they also don't look soft to hug. I know that they have soft stuffing inside but something about them makes them look rock solid.
Children's plushies takes cute elements from real animals and then stylise them while kawaii plushes looks like cartoon characters and barely resemble what animal they are suppose to be. I also hate hate haaaaate bubbleheads and don't understand why it's so common in kawaii character design. A fat body gives you maximum hugability.
I collect cute things and I just don't understand why other cute collectors goes for these soulless plushies that are difficult to obtain depending on where you live. I guess there is a thrill in getting something shipped from Japan but nothing about Sanrio and similar plushies registers as cute to me. It all looks too try-hardI do like some of their merch though but their plushies says me nothing. Their characters just don't work as toys they where meant to be on notebooks and other crap

No. 1517569

I don't think I would care since I don't plan on settling with a moid and I don't want to be spoiled either, buy otherwise you're right.

No. 1517578

Agreed 100%. I love plushies although I'm not a collector, and kawaii plushies just don't have the same appeal. Whenever someone says they have a plush collection I imagine they have sanrio shit and I feel sad. They only like them because they're be popular cartoons

No. 1517581

I love those plushies too, they do look cuter to me especially for their realistic look, and cuddly appearance!
I find it ironic how much less childish these look, probably because of their natural colors and simple shapes. They look kind of vintage, and make good decorations.
I couldn't stand having one of those sanrio plushies in my house, they're have really loud designs and obnoxious colors… Even though they're made for adults, I think they look way more childish, so I find it a bit weird seeing adults actively collecting them.
And I also agree that sanrio characters look better on stationery items, like stickers and notebooks. Maybe because they're small items that aren't constantly in display?

No. 1517583

I would date a man who makes less than me but he’s still going to pay for everything anyway because I don’t tell men how much I earn. I always act extremely poor regardless of my socioeconomic status.

No. 1517641

Length of a relationship is a bad parameter for measuring the actual quality of a relationship. How can you sit there and make me feel unworthy because you were together for 5 years and then say she would threaten to kill herself if you left? You’d really rather be with that than me?

No. 1517691

someone vented about their mom being a TRA and wanting to peak her which is fine but they were mad their mom said she didn't care about sports and I AGREE with the mom but for a different reason. Sports are a net negative on the world. Prestige sports like the olympics and the world cup and the superbowl are frankly bad and cause suffering to the athletes and the communities that host the games. Rich people making deals and investing in human capital and changing the entire layout of cities with their money for a fucking game. Sports like that are inhumane, I hope the entire industry crashes and burns.

I should care if a male steals a medal from women because sports aren't going to disappear overnight and they're taking food out of her mouth, but actually I don't care what any of them do because every person who dedicates their life to competitive prestige sports is just propping up the industry for the chance at a lucrative advertising deal or whatever the actual real benefit of having a medal or record-breaking achievement is. Fuck em.

No. 1517715

Ice spice reminds me of a kpop idol. Not good live, mid music, has a lot of thirsty male fans and only liked for being cute. I feel like if she had talent scrotes would hate her more but she’s cute and non threatening to them, I’ve never seen a female rapper with that many male fans. I feel like she’s a industry plant and being pushed hard by drake.

No. 1517717

terrible name choice, cheap copy of my queen

No. 1517721

idk who that is but she looks like a downie in the thumbnail

No. 1517762

Are you trying to pull someone who's in a relationship anon?

No. 1517777

No I was just the girl after that relationship had already ended and got punished for all the shit she did.

No. 1517781

You probably got used as a rebound.

No. 1517788

Most racist white people don't even look white. I know this is a weird sentiment but think about it, the racist conservatives who pretend they're naturally "Aryan" dye their hair and wear contacts, the French retards who discriminate against brown people are the most brown people in Europe themselves.
I feel like this is super funny. I once had a literal Arabic looking "Italian" man call me slurs when I told him my ethnicity even though he himself would get searched at every airport he entered while I can pass as European myself even though I'm mixed.
That's why I think it's literally them coping about not being able to fit the European standards so they'll try to be violent against non-whites as they think they look more European than us.

No. 1517812

I feel like this is true to an extent, but only because most white people do not have blonde hair. For example, most of the world thinks of Russians as blonde when they're largely brunette and dark haired. They got a heavy white nationalism going on and it's debatable if they're even considered white. Finns have the most blondes per population and they keep to themselves in their sims language. I have yet to see a Finn crusade declaring death to all brownies. I haven't met one natural blonde who was even full of such insecure hate. It's always the ones with mousey hair who needs to cope they're akchtually dirty blonde or some shit.

No. 1517821

File: 1678254062046.jpg (226.01 KB, 1170x1598, FoDC6qyagAUvVrL.jpg)

I posted this before, There was German author who saw the rise of the Nazis and noted how stereotypically non "aryan" germans were typically the most fanatical Nazis because they knew that they were on the fringe of being considered racially acceptable. Note how the entire high command of the nazi apparatus were men who were mostly dark-haired, brown-eyed and somewhat short by German standards and who personally proved the lunacy of the Aryan "race" as a concept by their mere existence, picrel

No. 1517833

>Note how the entire high command of the nazi apparatus were men who were mostly dark-haired, brown-eyed and somewhat short by German standards.
And not a chin among them.

No. 1517840

File: 1678255498499.jpg (62.91 KB, 351x559, KarlHaushofer_RudolfHess.jpg)

I mean Rudolf hess was the only who looked half away decent, but then again he was weird even by Nazi standards, he considered Native Americans, North Indians and Iranians to be fellow Aryans, but hated Arabs and Jews and believed in a great war against the whole "Semitic race" who he blamed for all the problems in the entire world

No. 1517861

Ironically, you're the one who equates being "white" with very light skin, light hair, and light eyes, and thinks that people "don't look white" if they don't have these characteristics. But hardly anyone in Europe believes this (especially in countries where dark features are literally the most common), and people identify with their culture rather than "whiteness" as in the US (although US racial theories are coming to Europe). Also, there is so much immigration in France that you're probably thinking of immigrants being racist among themselves, because actual French people are less tanned than Italians and Spaniards. Anyway, the tired comparison with Aryans is retarded, racism in Europe is mainly related to religious and cultural differences. The European countries you've mentioned have been quite diverse for a long time now, and if you look at the models in advertisements or fashion, they don't look like Aryans so I'm not sure how you can claim that it's the beauty standard there. Most of the time, Europeans have problems with Muslim or North African men for cultural reasons. They don't have issues with Asians or other Europeans even if they're not blondes and don't look like Aryans (which is supposed to be the problem according to you).

No. 1517872

File: 1678258301765.jpg (82.87 KB, 720x660, North African Phenotypes.jpg)

same applies even with "brown" countries(which I'm sure is what nonna would think of us) like its so obvious she's american, religious and cultural identities are what matters, yes there is of course homogeneity of certain national identities but culture is what matters more, even though an Italian and Morrocan might have the same skin tone they could be more different when it comes to culture and again even with them same country there will be a range of phenotypes

No. 1517875

Ntayrt but this was very informative

No. 1517879

This, hard agree.

No. 1517884

It's pretty obvious most Europeans have issue with their culture and not skin color. It feels like a slap on the face when our ancestors fought so long for a semblance of equality and these retards bring the backwards shit we've been trying to get rid of for centuries.

No. 1517904

I think this is actually an interesting take. Of course white people have dark features, but I think light features are most commonly associated with white people and kind of hailed as the most "special". Idk about Europe but I think what you're saying is true for America.
>sims language

No. 1517907

/2X/ has become a conservatard containment zone and tradfems are using it to sperg about homosexuality being a mental illness, how acceptable racism and ethnonationalism should be and that abortions should be banned. Just lock that board up again.

No. 1517910

Agree. Not an unpopular opinion I hope.

No. 1517911

Interesting tidbit, Finns were actually considered mongoloids and not white for a very long time due to their often asiatic features like their epicanthic folds, up until the nazi regime. They were skull measured and everything to prove that they're in fact caucasoids. The "blond aryan race" nazis were so obsessed with genuinely doesn't seem to exist at all.

No. 1517916

it's not an unpopular opinion at all, that place is infested with moids and tradthots

No. 1517923

When blonde hair gets hailed as more beautiful in european countries, brown haired people start feeling insecure. I know that I used to be jealous of blonde girls as a kid and chose to only hang out with other brunettes like myself. I always felt that if two girls were both equally pretty but one a brunette and the other blonde, the blonde would be seen as more attractive by default

No. 1517944

File: 1678267382044.png (740.9 KB, 800x500, 8EE7A120-32A8-43B1-B88A-D4FACB…)

I think those restaurants that do deliberately rude service, eg “Karen’s diner” etc are so cringe. I also find it ironic, they look like they’re staffed by snowflake gender specials who would flip out at you for not using their pronouns, way more reactive and insufferable than any “karen” I’ve met

No. 1517947

well that's a thing, its simply cause those features are rarer, we have people here in the far north in Pakistan who are naturally blonde/red haired, tall and have colored eyes but they usually keep to themselves and are isolated peasant farmers, yet every couple morons some moral talent agent goes there and tries to recruit them and they shooo them off

these people get fetishized and not treated like actual human beings

No. 1517951

i don't think this is indicative of racism though. blondes are less common (like redheads) -> they are hyped up and considered different -> brunettes get insecure. imo we could make all kinds of contradicting comparisons like this (e.g. thin lips are associated with white people but full lips are considered more beautiful on women, including in western countries), but not everything is about race.

No. 1517958

> Karen diners

Is this the West's answer to Japan's tsundere cafés or something?

No. 1517970

My unpopular opinion is that adults flipping the bird on pics look retarded and act like children who just learned their first swear words. They think they are super edgy and counter cultural but nobody is shocked by this gesture aside from tradfags.

No. 1517980

Agree with you. It looks so immature and pathetic. Giving the finger as an insult feels like it should died out decades ago.

No. 1517981

Never heard of these places but Karen is such an overused meme to shame most women without being called sexist. I've seen women telling skateboarding moids to not skate by their baby on a side walk get called Karen's. It's out of control.

No. 1517992

This. Of course entitled/annoying women exist, but from the start this meme was used to shame and ridicule women who dare speaking out. It's exactly like hiding behind "white women" to be a misogynistic POS. Recently I've even seen men getting Karen'd which makes no sense, why would you use a female name to call out a male behavior.

No. 1518017

This is such a cope. One of the first things racists attack random brown people on is being "swarthy", hence morons like Varg going on about "swarthoids". Even a dark-skinned person who is culturally adapted to most European countries gets seethed at by the types of people that anon is talking about because of their features and genetics. It almost sounds like she struck a nerve so now you're trying to dismiss what she said, or you've just never experienced racism and are speaking from the "inside" and want to gaslight.

No. 1518020

NTA Varg is a neo nazi who believes in white supremacy, you're using a strawman

No. 1518021

The OP is talking about racists/white supremacist morons who call people slurs when they find out their ethnicity, not sane white people.

No. 1518026

People should get fired from their jobs for cheating on their partners. If they’re willing to cheat on someone they supposedly “love” what makes you believe they will be loyal to their workplace?

No. 1518032

This is a weird opinion lol. You don't have to be loyal to a business, you shouldn't be. And I saw this as someone who despises cheaters.

No. 1518045

only retards are loyal to their employer

No. 1518058

You’re headed for a karoshi death

No. 1518074

Why are you so butthurt because you look brown? If only their culture was the issue, why would "Europeans" get so butthurt when anyone tells them they look brown/arabic/etc? Most French and Mediterranean people look more Arabic than people in middle east because you were mixed in the past, no amount of coping, hair bleaching, waxing and racism is going to change the fact that a French woman going to a scandi country will get mistaken as a brown person especially given your obvious nose shape, coloring and hair texture.

No. 1518092

"Why are you so butthurt?!!" when you're obviously the one getting worked up and trying to use "brown" as an insult lmao. Re-read the post you're replying to, it literally says that dark features are the most common in those European countries. If Europeans look more Arabic than Arabic people though, how come racists know who to discriminate? Could it be… the culture? Yes, cope harder, the Muslim rape-apes and the backward culture is the issue, it's not your dark hair. Even your own retarded argument and face-blindness made it clear.

No. 1518097

NTA but this is such a pathetic reaction.
>anon talks about racists bashing women of different races for not having certain features, even when they don't have those features themselves
>"Nuh-uh racism is all about muh culture!!! You're just not assimilating hard enough, it doesn't matter that you were bashed specifically for your appearance, that's not real reeeee"

No. 1518099

its cause big noticeable differences are easier to point out but its culture which drives most conflict

No. 1518102

Except, even culturally assimilated people face racism and hatred if they don't look like the majority. One anon is trying to pretend that doesn't happen, like your local retarded racist scrote just sees a brown woman in public and doesn't bash her because he's a prejudiced asshole. He must just have some sixth sense to sniff out that she's somehow "not adapting to the culture well enough", and anon must be "American" to not believe this kek.

No. 1518105

Looking good is so much work
>have to shower everyday and exfoliate and wax
>if you don’t want to wax you need to spend 1k on lasers
>have to do expensive facials and take expensive pills if you have really shitty skin
>Botox, fillers blah blah
>have to constantly dye and straighten hair if it’s not the right texture or color
>have to go to stores to look through clothes for hours to find something that suits you’re body

I really wish I gave a shit enough about myself or was rich enough to do this

No. 1518109

Have any of you been to one of the countries that are discussed here? What do you think "the majority" looks like? A bunch of blondes? "Black" and "brown" people are not a rare sight, not at all, and anon's argument was literally that "Europeans look brown". So what know, are you arguing the opposite? Yes, culture is what causes the biggest issues. Of course, racists that stop at skin color still exist, but it's hilarious that you think that it comes from "white" people only. Arabs and Africans are also racist between each other, and colorism is a thing in their communities.

No. 1518110

>Have any of you been to one of the countries that are discussed here?
Have you ever even talked to a brown person to know how they're treated in any of these countries?
>What do you think "the majority" looks like? A bunch of blondes?
Everyone's stated this isn't the case?
>"Black" and "brown" people are not a rare sight
Non-white people are still a minority across Europe, just like European people typically are in most other parts of the world. Why are you in denial on this?
>Of course, racists that stop at skin color still exist
So you admit that the anon is right, but you're angry because what? You think it's unfair that these racists are getting talked about on a Tibetan needlepoint forum? Ridiculous.
>but it's hilarious that you think that it comes from "white" people only. Arabs and Africans are also racist, and colorism is also a thing in their communities.
Whataboutism changes nothing. So because other groups sometimes do it, no one's allowed to talk about their experience with it in one region of the world online? What's your point, and why do you feel attacked if that's not what you do? And I won't speak on Arabs specifically for now, but for one example, colorism only became a thing in African cultures because of white hegemony.

No. 1518114

NTA I live in a Nordic country and lots of old people from the countryside are still hella racist towards Middle Eastern people but it’s 100% because they watch too much news and think they’re gonna get robbed/raped/blown up by a terrorist lol. People from central Europe often look brown to me, but no one cares if you are Italian or Greek or whatever, they go vacationing there all the time. Agree European racism largely a conflict of cultures, not skin color.

No. 1518122

the dog hate thread makes me cringe harder than dogmoms. it just reeks of autism and old pearl clutchers when someone refers to a dog as a murder beast kek.

No. 1518124

Vehemently hating dogs or cats is more pathetic than just disliking them and not caring. I don't give a fuck if you dislike or like animals, just don't make it your whole personality and sound like a psychopath who wants to kill them

No. 1518125

>speaks like a weeb
Opinion discarded.

No. 1518127

I can only agree with the nonnas who say that different culture is what fuels racism. Never have i ever heard somebody talk about somebody else for being "swarthy", or yellow or brown. Like the fuck? Even the most judgemental grandmas in my village don't give a fuck about that. People complain that the foreigners rape, don't work, deal drugs and all that, but it's not about their looks. My experience living in europe is like this. And the insecurity about being the whitest as possible is felt by maybe like couple of teenage girls but really nobody cares if you have black hair and black eyes, you are still a white person.

No. 1518129

Nta but karoshi has made its way in mainstream media, it's fine to use it, saying "karoshi death" is redundant though.

No. 1518132

as a non weeb, no it hasnt

No. 1518134

When I read it, I always remember when I was walking my shiba inu on a leash and this weird lady walking towards me strated yelling at me to control my dog like her life depended on it. My dog was just walking ignoring the lady as she was an introverted soul who doesn't come up to people. I imagine the thread is full of insane ladies like that and it's kinda funny.

No. 1518139

this is exactly what i picture too when i read it kek

No. 1518141

So, are people that talk about getting insulted for their appearances lying?

No. 1518145

>brown and black people are still racist

No. 1518146


No but people probably insulted your appearance because they associate it with cultural traits not because of your color

>I once had a literal Arabic looking "Italian" man call me slurs when I told him my ethnicity even though he himself would get searched at every airport he entered while I can pass as European myself even though I'm mixed.
This kinda proves the point. You say you pass as European but once he heard your ethnicity he obviously had some bias against it

No. 1518149

I'm the original OP and my mother was Arabic and father was slavic, I'm largely white passing with pale skin and naturally blonde hair but whenever I mention I'm partially Arabic, some brown looking European uggo will call me a terrorist or monkey. It's pure insecurity and projection because I've never had other slavic people call me slurs but brown Europeans seem to call me slurs much more often.
Black and Eastern European people have been the least racist people I've interacted with while ugly Europeans with dark hair, skin and eyes tend to be most racist towards me.

No. 1518151

>So you admit that the anon is right
Except this was not anon's point, the initial argument was that "white racists are racist because they look brown". Anons only went back to "actually, racism is about looking different!" when they realized that the first argument wasn't working in their favor. Every anon that claims to be Italian, French, Nordic etc. and is able to talk about a specific country says the same thing (cultural clashes is the biggest issue), it's always those who talk about "whites" and "browns" that are out of touch with reality, vague, and simply transpose American racial problems everywhere. Trying going abroad or at least stop schooling people about their own countries.

No. 1518154

I'm literally brown myself by definition, it's not an insult unless you take it as one which you definitely do. Mediterranean people are as brown as middle eastern people, if you don't believe me look up genetic diseases and their prevalence in middle east and Mediterranean areas. It's obvious that both share common dna, one basic example of the genetic diseases is Familial Mediterranean Fever which is very common in both middle east and your country.

No. 1518156

I don't think Eastern Europe have as much immigration from Muslim countries as Western Europe, so there's less conflict between the different groups of people. For what it's worth I'm Norwegian and my mom got called slurs as a kid in the 70s for having a Finnish mom kek. There was a big influx of Finnish immigration and people were scared because they thought Finnish nationalism was a thing, totally schizo

No. 1518158

Nta and I'm original anon, I've never been to America and I live in Europe. Stop projecting your chronically online shit to me. It's true that brown "whites" are insecure and you're the biggest proof. You literally had a meltdown when I called you brown even though having brown hair, eyes and tan skin means you're brown and therefore it's ironic for someone like you to discriminate against people that can pass as your cousins.

No. 1518163

What your mother went through is terrible anon, I hope she's doing better now and doesn't have aby trauma from the undeserved treatment she got.
Eastern European countries have a very big Muslim population so I sadly don't think it's that. I've also had two bfs from there who we weren't racist at all and pretty chill along with several friends. Again in my experience, the worst kind of racism I've received was from Western Europeans that don't fit in beauty ideals themselves but maybe it's simply because people who have been outcasts are more likely to be racist, misogynist etc.

No. 1518166

You're literally arguing with people who have gone abroad and lived in multiple parts of the world. Try not treating people poorly for stupid reasons, especially when it's completely hypocritical of you.

No. 1518177

Thank you anon. I’m from a city with a big Finnish minority so she wasn’t the only one getting bullied. I think she’s doing fine but my grandma ironically is very racist in her older days toward people of color even tho she’s an immigrant herself lol. My point is you wouldn’t be able to tell a Norwegian or Finnish person apart lookswise, but my mom and many other still got called slurs, Finnish minorities were forbidden from speaking Finnish in public, lots of people changed their Finnish surnames to assimilate and so on. I believe you when you say Western Europeans have been the most racist towarsd you, I just think it’s due to fear of different cultures not pure lookism. What does a European look like anyway, you said it yourself that many of them look «brown».

No. 1518191

I mean I can't really judge your grandma because a lot of older people are raised in such conditions racism was normalized for them and I still feel bad she went through something she definitely didn't deserve to go through. I hope they're both not being discriminated against now and thank you for informing me. I had had no idea making up rumors about immigrants being secret nationalists was common back than and also targeted white immigrants.

No. 1518192

I think the issue specifically isn't about regular conservatives(who are just civic nationalists) rather more super race obesseded autistss(the one's who talk about haplogroups and racial pseudoscience causal conversation) more often then not don't fit their own idealized racial image even less the average population, a great example is race obsessed autist Robert Sepehr(who believes that Aryans were the founders of all civilization) is mostly non-white/european being 51% West Asian/Persian

No. 1518201

Oh my I knew a guy like that, neo nazi autistic but he was literally %100 Asian. I think cases of extreme and obsessive racism are often linked with autism and mental illnesses in general. A lot of schizos also hate jews and support nazi ideals for example.

No. 1518203

>even though having brown hair, eyes and tan skin means you're brown
Every single one of your comments contains some variation of "you look brown" as some sort of gotcha because your first argument failed miserably, and you're literally shitting on your own mother's features just to get back at mean anons. How pathetic is that? You're seething because I said that the issue is your culture. But if you face racism only when people discover your origins, the issue is obviously the reputation of your culture, it is so simple. Meanwhile I've never faced racism from "whites". Get real, you're the one having a meltdown and telling anonymous people on a discussion board "I look whiter than you!! you would be mistaken as brown while I pass as European despite being mixed!!" - you obviously have deep, deep identity issues to resolve.

No. 1518212

NTA but shut up already. You got called out for trying to downplay a specific type of racism by screeching about "bad culture" (even though anon's literally of European ancestry by half). Yes, some people from your part of the world are hypocrites about anyone who doesn't have a certain hair or eye color. Yes, your moids do harass mixed women and try to neg them using racism. Yes, people will continue to mention it. Go dye your hair or something.

No. 1518214

My mother was a beautiful brown woman and I never once mocked her features? She also didn't have the big nose you Mediterraneans seem to have if that's the feature you think I'm mocking.
How is being brown a literal insult unless you're colorist? I'm just saying it's ironic for brownies like you to be racist to brownies like us.
Also scandi-chan said central euros look brown to her so I'm not alone with that one.
It's literally general knowledge that slavs look whiter compared to average Mediterranean because Mediterraneans are more mixed. If you told anyone a slav man looks whiter than a italian one, they'd agree. That's why I think them being racist towards me stems from insecurity as they don't fit the ideals they try to force upon me themselves either.
And don't bring my culture into it, the white men that were racist to me were the ones who were hostile and sexual towards me so it's not like me being a nasty rapist middle eastern was the reason of their hatred. One of the guys resorted to mocking me after I turned him down which defeats your argument that it's about their disdain for my culture.

No. 1518217

There's something very "safe" about believing someone can automatically be good or bad based only on their racial background. I can see why giga autists and losers latch onto this idea. You can accomplish literally nothing in life, even be a mentally ill tranny or rapist, but pacify all the bad feelings by telling yourself "Ok but at least my race is xyz or half xyz, I'm better than so many people". People like Robert Sepehr probably worry because they're only "half good", so they lean into that half extremely hard.

No. 1518220

I'm the original anon and that's exactly what happened. Some male westerner friend hit on me, I told him I wasn't interested and he started calling me a terrorist monkey(kek) in our conversations even though he didn't seem to have any issues with my ethnicity when he was flirting with me. He kept telling me I was lucky I looked more European or he wouldn't be into me etc, even though I've rejected him already. He was also sexually harassing me which hadn't happened with the other two bfs of mines I had mentioned that were Eastern European, I think he was shocked I wasn't into him because they've been so hyped they think any minority girl will be running to them.

No. 1518225

I'm not kidding, I have 2 uncles who look exactly like this guy, same hair, same skin tone and even the same beard, its uncanny really

No. 1518226

File: 1678299679036.jpg (159.81 KB, 1200x675, asian_aryan.jpg)

yes, the only over the top neo nazi people (proudly calling themselves and identifying as nazi, unironically owning flags n stuff, speaking of common talking points with the ideology, etc) I've ever met in the meatspace were east or southeast asian, and were likely undiagnosed spergs. i can look at twitter for a half hour and see 50 blue checks talking about the scary boogyman that is white male neonazis out to lynch minorities any second, erasure of the many non-whites who would only hope they got that attention. internet addiction and mental illness/mental deformity definitely has a play with any extreme political or social take.

No. 1518229

to add, this is why there's a shitton of tranny nazis on 4cuck and discuck as well. it all goes hand-in-hand

No. 1518236

Earlier you described yourself as "largely white passing with pale skin and naturally blonde hair" in comparison to "ugly brown Europeans". It's too late to pretend you're a proud "brownie" when you've been looking down on "brown people" and their features in each of your comments. At the end of the day, it's Arabs and Africans who say they face racism from "whites", so where are you even trying to go with the whole "they look like your cousins" comeback? Either they don't, or they do and culture is the only differentiator. Both options go against your argument.

No. 1518269

I said ugly Europeans who don't fit European beauty standards themselves are more likely to be racist, I didn't call brown people ugly, I called you guys ugly because that's my personal opinion. I don't find you guys or your men attractive, is there anything wrong with that? Are you going to lynch me for daring to not be attracted to peoples that'll call me a terrorist when they get mad?
Also the Italian retard that was hitting on me told me he didn't find Italian women attractive himself and he stupidly chased after asian or eastern euro women only to get rejected, most of you guys are selfhating yourselves and it's obvious.

No. 1518276

i didnt see your deleted reply but from that anons post to you it seems like you a brown person were bragging about looking more white that ''ugly brown'' white people, that to me seems like self-hate.
also you sound like a pakichan wannabe, where the fuck are you cockroaches coming from.

No. 1518281

i've met white neo nazis but yeah there's a strong asian nazi subgroup and i've encountered that as well. in my highschool there was an asian guy who seemed borderline retarded and never talked to anyone, would just sit there constantly drawing swastikas. tbf japan was actually allied with the og nazis when they were a thing so it kind of makes sense. i've also heard in asian countries there's a lot less of a stigma around nazi paraphernalia and aesthetics in general, like there are nazi-themed cafes and restaurants that aren't considered de facto offensive like they would be in the west.

No. 1518283

So are we not going to talk about how Thomas Eddison stole Nikola Tesla's inventions got rich off it and till this day people in the western world still believe Edison created those gadgets. SMH.

No. 1518291

File: 1678302932568.png (147.29 KB, 652x1124, average african debate.png)

American racism is not even racism, its so utterly "passive aggressive" that I genuinely can't take it seriously and I don't understand how americans take it serious, "oh white people like mayo" "oh n-word" like where I'm from(and much of the world) racism is not backhanded, people outright say they don't like another race or just remove them, my father has talked about how great my country could be, If certain ethnic groups were just removed and never come back, and its a popular opinion among even younger generation
also its just way funnier, like this interaction between north africans and africans is funnier then any form of america race humor

No. 1518292

Pretty sure everyone has an uncle or two looking like that, whether they're German, Hawaiian, Pakistani, Somalian or Taiwanese.

No. 1518293

they are staffed by theatre children which is why I'll never go to one but I've heard from people that the insults and pranks they play are sometimes very funny and it's supposedly a good time.

No. 1518294

Funny how Elon Fag's company is called Tesla isn't it

No. 1518298

It's almost like racism is a nuanced and region-specific phenomenon. You all sound like retards

No. 1518299

Twitter is not real life, sped

No. 1518301

don't you ever get bored talking about your country over and over in every damn thread

No. 1518305

I'm talking about Africans

No. 1518308

>where are these cockroaches coming from?
Wow totally not racist of you. Also pakichan loves western whites and argues western men do no wrong while my main argument wad that I faced harsh racism from westerners who look brown themselves. Especially western men when I reject them.
Anyways I was saying it's weird for white people who can pass as nonwhite to be racist because you can't tell them apart from the people they're being racist to, anon got mad because she's probably one of those people.

No. 1518309

easy logics anons. Nikola tesla mostly known for inventing/inventions related to electricity. Elon musks cars he selling run on electricity. So thats why he calls it tesla.

No. 1518312

Maybe not unpopular in real life but definitely unpopular in certain online groups: the lesbian incel stereotype exists for a reason. It makes sense. Statistically, there are fewer lesbians than any other sexuality, and the overwhelming majority of SSA women are bisexuals and again, taking a purely statistical view, most bisexual women will end up het-partnered because there are simply more straight men, even ignoring things like social pressure. So lesbians are more likely to be incels in the classic sense of the word (which was coined by a lesbian) in that they're celibate and they don't want to be. But lesbians are also more prone to being incels in the pejorative sense. No, lesbians aren't out there killing people like moid incels, but yeah there's definitely a big chunk of the lesbian population that hold incel-type beliefs and attitudes. I've been stalked by lesbians before who were furious because I "led them on" by being bisexual and talking to them without wanting to jump into a relationship. Lesbians will also become aggressive towards women who reject them and say very incel-like things, such as calling the woman who rejected them a whore, dick-obsessed, addicted to cock, stuff like that. If you're a lesbian and you don't act like this you're fine. But I'm tired of people pretending like this never happens and the only reason you'd compare lesbians to incels is because you're a terrible bigot. No, some of them are literally incels lol.

No. 1518314

come on you know what i'm talking about
>my father has talked about how great my country could be, If certain ethnic groups were just removed and never come back, and its a popular opinion among even younger generation
you're so easy to spot

No. 1518320

I am have more pride in being a jatt then you imagine, all my children regardless of fathers will be jatts, you can't begin to imagine the pride I have in my people

No. 1518324

Why are you obsessed by Africans? You even pretended to be a biracial self-hating poster for months so you could talk about black people. Your ass is from Pakistan lol

No. 1518328

Obviously, but it's still interesting considering his family's wealth was amassed by exploiting and stealing. Use your brain please

No. 1518335

One of these Karen's Diners opened up in my city and every time I go past I just think it looks so unappealing.

No. 1518343

File: 1678305533110.gif (1.39 MB, 159x90, me-explaining-like-a-god-for-r…)

>the proudest jatt worshiping the world's ugliest neo-nazi and LARPing as Nigerian on western women's websites

No. 1518359

She's racist. That's why. When she pretended to be black, it was so she could shit on black women without getting banned.

No. 1518366

You're a literal femcel who's never ever had a bf or even got asked out by anyone but her cousin. You're someone who never goes out, doesn't work, doesn't get an education, etc. How are you planning on meeting a potential husband/bf to have kids with when you spend your time online worshipping ugly white men?
I wouldn't be this rude to you if you weren't racist and misogynistic but you do deserve it, especially after you said western women don't deserve rights for abortion.

No. 1518369

Is that why you pretended to be a half black woman from France and constantly talk about how you hate your people and want to live in America? You're like a pathological liar.

No. 1518391

50's primetime cafe at disney world did it first and better

No. 1518426

Someone on the /2X/ board theorized that paki chan is actually a self-hating gay man and honestly seeing how autistic, misogynistic and racist she(?) is (plus the borderline cp picture) I can believe it. She likes so much too, she might even be lying about being an oppressed woman just so she can shit on radfems and obsess over ugly men kek.

No. 1518429

She posted a pic of herself and her grandma though.

No. 1518432

was it timestamped? it's easy to pull pictures from anywhere, unable to be reverse searched, and claim as your own

No. 1518456

she is being witchhunted by a bunch of freaks and it did blow up into a whole shitshow so she was right about it being a risky thing to do but the latest episode of the new JKR podcast was a little overdramatic about her infamous tweets. maybe the podcast producers just emphasized everything too hard with the music and cuts but I was like… ok she was so brave I get it stop beating us over the head about it. it made her sound like she thinks she's being oppressed but from her own words she has a more pragmatic view of it than that.

No. 1518461

For someone who hates having even the most minute and retarded details of your country misunderstood you sure seem to love speaking in platitudes about countries you've never been to. Why the obsession with black people anyway? Hope you never actually come to america.

No. 1518474

>You're a literal femcel who's never ever had a bf or even got asked out by anyone but her cousin.
okay and, what do you expect me to do about that in fucking Pakistan
>You're someone who never goes out, doesn't work, doesn't get an education, etc. How are you planning on meeting a potential husband/bf to have kids
I used to go out with my friends when I lived in Karachi, I live in a backwater right now where I don't even the speak same language and don't know anyone accept a few neighbors

No. 1518478

She will never answer this because she's a subzero iq retard who hates black people for no reason.

No. 1518485

File: 1678313462344.jpg (335.03 KB, 2045x1023, 79Y5QfFIcX3A.jpg)

I still believe that pakichan is medusa
>both have a pathological hatred of Islam above all else
>both hate democracy and liberal governments
>both are extremely heterosexual and especially fond of muscular tall white men with facial hair
>both whitewash the Soviet Union and consider its fall the worst tragedy in history
>both are subtly anti-Semitic by going after "Zionists"
>both dislike rap music
>both hate America
>and both have a visceral disdain for obese people.

No. 1518500

>subtly anti semitic
lol, lmao even. maybe if you post the same thing multiple times and no one replies its because they dont care and are hoping you take your retardation elsewhere.

No. 1518502

You are so angry

No. 1518513

File: 1678315572439.png (3.1 MB, 1500x1500, chicken.png)

Chicken wurst meat

No. 1518558

eh? i don't think she's obsessively anti-islam. just a tankie.

No. 1518565

File: 1678318147061.jpeg (53.92 KB, 734x734, A4508674-BCC8-49A3-9427-0C87AA…)

stop responding to bait, fellow anons

No. 1518574

Nta but whenever I see the word tankie I immediately think of Vaush. Why you gotta do me like this anon?

No. 1518575

I have only seen her mentioned on lolcow kek no one irl seems to care about her. Anyway the comments on that video are so bleak. She is literally paid to sing and be on a stage but she fails hard and yet everyone in the comments are praising her because "she is trying her hardest".
My unpopular opinion is that I wish that the music industry and it's fans had any standard. If a singer can't perform live they should get extreme backlash. Record companies should not give concerts to people who can't sing live. I'm tired of this coddling of singers. If I was so bad at my job it would damage my career

No. 1518579

shes pretty much only famous on twitter from what i can tell

No. 1518580

I see why you feel the way you do. I think only chicken thighs are good because they are tender and easy to cook with out fucking up the texture by overcooking it. I unironically prefer tofu over meat because it's impossible to fuck it up and literally only like to eat meat when i eat out or when my mother cooks it.

No. 1518583

I am with you, but to be fair it would mean that they need to do less concerts and live performances because doing all that causes a lot of strain. Along with that, you have singers being made to perform when they sick and their ability to sing well is greatly impaired. I honestly understand the coddling in that regard, especially since concerts is where 99% of most musicians incomes come from anyways if they don't do anything outside the music industry. The issue is that people will cry about the fact that they wasted their money on a flight and imo, i don't really feel bad for those people? Those people are human, who knows if they could drop dead before ever hitting the stage, those people really need to organise a backup plan so that their vacation doesn't go to waste.

As for ice spice, she will fade away quick, there's always random fad rappers popping up here and there. Very soon her main source of income will be fashionova brand deals.

No. 1518629

People used to get famous by doing crazy stuff/ being funny/ stunningly attractive/ talented…but nowadays? You can literally be boring as hell, zero talent, no charisma, barely looks: nothing and people will hype you up to the extreme. I seriously don't get it, she's boring as hell, I would rather watch paint dry

No. 1518727

I think these days the winning combo is young, racially ambiguous but you’d believe she’s go some black in her if she told you, big jiggly ass. If you’ve got that’s features and a pop song it’s easy game.

No. 1518739

Pakistani women do get married and have children, don't they? Stop acting like your romantic failures are because of your country when in reality it's because you're ugly, useless, unemployed, racist and mentally ill. You literally hate all men in your country and all people of color as if you're not a person of color yourself.
You're too broke to ever step foot in America and even if you did, you wouldn't be able to find a place to work because you're massively disqualified.

No. 1518785

File: 1678340383735.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.67 MB, 4096x3072, 20230309_101612.jpg)

I can't believe you morons made me do this again
she seems somewhat based but her takes are rather basic and to much of an unironic tankie for my taste, but thanks for the compliment
what are you on about? the reason I'm not married curranty is cause of various issues in my family(which have worked out well for me) basically due to my living situations I have to take care of my mother and brother, which is why I'm home all day and again I live in small city so there's not much to do either way

now I have to leave and buy groceries and then make the day's meal, like I do everyday

No. 1518786

Clean ya damn nails.

No. 1518794

I can see why men are so slutty and will fuck anything that walks. If I could cum with ease like them and minimal effort I’d be a whore too.

No. 1518795

you look like a fat midget my god.. what is this even supposed to prove?

No. 1518796

Kek the Lillee jeans hand

No. 1518811

Fat and bad handwriting? Sad.

No. 1518814

The little kitty is a nice touch.

No. 1518816

cant wait for you to get your own thread, you're surely carving your spot

No. 1518828

File: 1678345920937.png (333.89 KB, 800x671, 89077BB8-E7A6-4C68-B614-726A9.…)

not fat, I just have good forearms due to Jatt genetics and having to hand cook meals everyday
thank you

No. 1518829

you may have normal wrists but your fat hands and fucked up thumb dont lie

No. 1518833

you have ugly hands, disgusting nails and you look fat despite hating fat people. I feel almost bad making fun of you because of how pathetic you are.

No. 1518836

How does this help anything? Has Medusa posted hand? How does it prove you aren't Medusa? At a point it is just attention seeking.

No. 1518838

5'7 and 56 kg, that's not fat to any degree

No. 1518842

For the love of fucking Allah Paki-chan please leave this place, how the fuck haven't mods permabanned you is beyond me

No. 1518847

>5'7", 123lbs
Are we supposed to buy that with those big ol' hands? I've seen many overweight girls with hands smaller than that so you have to be pretty big.

No. 1518855

rude, she obviously carries her weight in her hands kek

No. 1518873

File: 1678349791898.jpeg (147.69 KB, 1280x720, B2BEE915-2EF1-4410-827E-8082D0…)

not the hammer thumb and dirty nails

No. 1518934

Why do you want attention so much

No. 1518938

well she's home all day like she said so she's bored.
will we get a selfie?

No. 1518943

Never post your hands on here. Even though this is the off topic board, this is still a website about tearing people down and making fun of their appearance. I see this exact same thing happen every time.
Let this be a lesson to everyone else. It doesn't matter if you're a hand model, never post your hands for the hyenas.

No. 1518980

Are you the same person who took a pic with your little brother?

No. 1518981

KEK anon don't you know this is the second time she's posted her hand? Last time she posted her little brother's hands too for comparison what an autist

No one "made" you do anything you absolute moron, you could have ignored the conversation. Let your brother use the computer, though I still believe that rancid moidy Twitter account you doxed through a screenshot was yours

No. 1519152

There’s no point in really spending a lot of money on clothes because what makes the outfit is the hair, face and body. If you got all that you can wear SHEIN and still look amazing and if you don’t no matter what you buy you’re going to look like shit.

No. 1519158

I agree. A lot of people simply do not dress for their physique and that's fine whatever but objectively you will look like shit

No. 1519168

But why would you want to wear Shein?

No. 1519173

I did not know this is the second time. Still, for lurkers, do not post any of your body. These women will tear you apart no matter how pretty/ugly you are. They are ruthless.

No. 1519178

If you’d shop at Walmart, buy meat from the market knowing how poorly the animals are treated and shop at the mall or amazon…. if you have a problem with SHEIN you’re just a follower and a sheep.

No. 1519182

Nta but check threads in /g/ where anons posted their body, face, etc. and as long as they're not obese or ugly, they don't get insulted. Pakichan has fat hands despite hating fatties and it looks like she hasn't washed her hands judging by the dirt under her nails.

No. 1519188

Most of the shein hate is pushed by companies like forever 21, h&m because shein has better prices and they are competition even though those companies are just as unethical. The only way to buy clothes ethically is to thrift and to go to no name designers whom you know make their own shit by hand.

No. 1519191

I don't really give a fuck about shopping ethically. I still hate Shein and I can do that because most of my clothes are a cotton blend and not 100% highly flammable plastic. Enjoy your cling wrap marketed as "clothing".

No. 1519194

Idgaf about ethics and the environment because I do indeed already buy my meat from the supermarket and get all my shit on Amazon but I'll never stoop so low to shop at Shein because I want my dresses and sweaters to be made from silk, wool, cashmere, good quality cotton and other nice fabrics, I want the stitching to be even and well-done and I don't want my clothes to fall apart and lose shape after like 2 washes.

No. 1519197

File: 1678383743173.png (42.29 KB, 426x568, Mr__Popo_Artwork.png)

Why are you built like an overweight 12 year old boy? How do you fix those shrek fingers to talk about how feminists are fat and ugly? I bet you have the third world belly button going on, umbilical cord hanging free and all. Anything but Varg's paki dwarf talking BS all over this site, go shit in a hole in the ground

No. 1519199

You should be hating on most companies then. Even a lot of miu Miu items aren’t 100% cotton, cashmere etc

No. 1519201

That’s not a shein problem most companies use the same materials. You hate on shein because it’s the cool thing to do. Good luck going to Liz Lisa or forever 21 and finding 100% cotton blends kek

No. 1519202

>That’s not a shein problem most companies your the same materials
Acne Studios, APC, Toast, Arket or COS don't use shit plastic fabrics and those are my main haunts when it comes to clothes. Hating on Shein doesn't automatically mean shopping at fucking H&M or F21. You know there's more to clothing stores than cheap mall fast fashion?

No. 1519204

Yes but most people don’t have the same energy for shein like they do forever 21, expensive as fuck Japanese brands and designers brands with the same crappy material. It’s pretty obvious when people have a problem just because it’s shein and they can’t think for themselves.

No. 1519208

Organic fabrics such as cotton lose shape after several washes, that's why most fabrics have synthetic mixes. A lot of people are too stupid to understand that so they buy %100 organic fabric products, wash and throw them in a dryher instead of hanging to dry them and then lose their minds when the product gets fucked although they didn't follow the proper care guide.
Also you must be rich to be able to buy wool and silk so casually for daily outfits which I doubt you are.

No. 1519210

Not even Forever21 and H&M are churning out collections at the rate Shein is though.

Also fast fashion in general has been critized a lot in recent years from what I've seen, there's just so many brands you can't name them all individually but there's only one no-middleman company that everyone orders from straigth from China.

No. 1519212

Nta but the brands you tagged are typical popular brands with ugly fast fashion products. Just because a brand is expensive and hyped on social media doesn't mean it's good.

No. 1519217

>wash and throw them in a dryher instead of hanging to dry them
Only Americans do that, that's why you all look like shit.

No. 1519221

Typical response from a brain dead follower kek

No. 1519222

It's just a place for people to talk about their dislikes. There are genuinely issues with barking, biting and mauling with dogs and people vehemently defend dogs over people. I've seen people want to immediately adopt a dog that just mauled someone because it wasnt 'their fault. poor doggo.' shit is like a cult.

No. 1519223

What? I'm European and I had a dryer all my life, most people I know do. Clothes don't dry for 2 days when it's humid and cold in the winter.

No. 1519224

Your country is literally world-renowned for poor taste and ill fitting clothes. I can tell without fail which tourists in my city are from the US just by their horrendous outfits.
Either way, no, nobody in Europe is retarded enough to not know that heat destroys clothes and barely anyone even owns a washer-dryer in the first place, it's a typical retarded US thing.