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File: 1673281873554.jpg (25.71 KB, 456x292, c9ebd333f93c8b0def7feebabde86a…)

No. 1467923

So bittersweet
Previous: >>>/ot/1459108

No. 1467956

these threads are 10% venting, 90% telling the venters that it's their fault and they should die

No. 1467957

Tired of them crazy bitches projecting their shit onto others

No. 1467961

i want to tell my grandmother to fuck off to her houese but i dont want to be mean because she's spiteful and will probably just stay longer

No. 1467962

Especially berating women who clearly are in a abusive relationships.

No. 1467965

File: 1673284814338.png (550.34 KB, 463x463, Screenshot_2.png)

I really don't understand how you can dislike someone, but still go out of your way to seek them out. I know you aren't into me. That's perfectly fine. But leave me the fuck alone already.

I hate fake compliments too. I mean, it's transparent. You compliment me on an aspect of my work that I haven't actually displayed in months, proving that you aren't paying attention to what I create. Do you think your shallow insistence that you actually "like" me while giving me the bare minimum and ladling the best on other people makes me trust your goodwill? It doesn't. Stop giving me mixed signals and go away.

No. 1467969

Oh, and I can't even let this person know I know they hate me because that would expose someone else as giving me information they shouldn't have. God I hate drama. All I want to do is vibe in my corner, but I still somehow manage to piss people off. It isn't fair.

And yeah, I've made some bitter comments in the past (read: years ago) but at least I don't do what you do, aka gossip about people behind their fucking backs. Retard.

No. 1467977

File: 1673285303032.jpg (88.87 KB, 1125x801, original.jpg)

>boyfriend and i met over 6 years ago as teens and have grown up so much
>he used to be a shithead (i stayed with him because this is before i found fds/radfem stuff and all that)
>we grow up and we're mid 20s now, he calms down and apologizes for being a shithead
>he doesn't watch porn, pays a majority of the bills so i can go to school and work as little as 2-3 days a week
>mutual friends tell me he plans on proposing this year
>says its his job to take care of me and he actually likes it
>whenever he does something small i still feel the urge to leave him and live alone with my cats
Like today i asked him if he wanted some breakfast before going into work and he said "nah you won't have enough time". He says this almost every time and its always done in 5 minutes with enough time for him to bullshit around before getting ready. I asked him, why do you say that every single time when I prove you wrong. He says, oh I don't know. You don't need to make me anything though it's okay. I don't understand why this irritates me so much. I guess we've been together for so long and have been through a lot of growth between eachother that my tolerance for anything is very low. He really was a cunt back then and he's said sorry and is making it up for me, but occasionally I day dream about being a live in maid for some businesswoman where I cook and clean for her. I feel like I'm always waiting for that 1 thing to happen so I can smash his shit and live by myself. Don't know what to do about it

No. 1467979

I deal with chronic stress and pain as a result of my cptsd. Part of my healing journey is to finally move out, so I can process my trauma away from significant triggers, among which are my relationship with my mother. Yesterday my mother revealed to me that she will have to have an abortion. Since then, my stress levels have sky-rocketed. I had just come home from a week away, so I was relaxed and pretty healthy. But after hearing this news, I immediately fell back into unhealthy patterns. How can I abandon my mother, now that this has happened? I must protect her, so this situation doesn't happen again. I didn't protect her enough despite trying. Moreover, I must support her as she goes through this emotionally taxing time. She doesn't have anybody but me. When I was little, I worried about when I would be older and wanted to start a life of my own. I was concerned my mother would kill herself, since she had alluded to this a few times during her severe depressions when I took care of her. I feel selfish for leaving. I can't leave her alone… Even if she says it is fine, and she probably believes it, I can't agree. Things aren't fine, clearly… Nothing is fine about this.

No. 1467983

I met the guy that I thought I'd 'end up with' at 19. By 25 I felt done with him despite him not doing anything to warrant me feeling that way. I was aggitated over small things. I wasn't freaking out but wasn't happy either. It made no sense to me att. In the end he was actually the one who pulled the plug on us. There was no big fight or drama but he left suddenly enough. A few more years have passed and I just chalk it up to how much you change in those years. On paper we seemed fine but its an age where people grow apart or reassess what they want from life.

No. 1468007

You’re bored. I had a similar relationship and I didn’t understand wtf was wrong either because everything was ‘good.’ Fact is, it was my only serious relationship and I already felt like I’d been married for 20 years. It was so mind-numbing that I started getting annoyed over the tiniest non-issues just to feel something. It’s probably the same for you. You should either work on it or end things before the resentment builds up even more.

No. 1468019

File: 1673287659504.jpg (23.56 KB, 564x564, f6b5ebb25f10f94f20c1240b24b655…)

Just booked my smear test for next week and I was in tears on the phone to the doctor trying to explain that I am traumatised by penetration. She seemed understanding and said the nurse is very kind and that it was good of me to explain in advance, that we can use a small or child-size speculum etc but holy shit I'm dreading this. I know I have to do it, I know I have to be a big girl because the risk of hpv/cervical cancer is worse than the emotional distress the test gives me but…I'm so scared. The thought of having my legs up and having a nurse put it up there is just terrifying to me and I don't even know why - it produces some sort of primal fear in me and not even because of the way my vagina or body looks etc but because my brain just associates it with being under attack. Why does it have to be like this?
It's the same with penetrative sex, yet if I insert a tampon or put my fingers into myself I seem to be fine even if it's a little painful. It's just the concept of another person putting anything up there makes me so absolutely terrified, I hope I don't cry at the appointment but I know for a fact I will. And when I walk out of there, it will be obvious that I've been crying. God I don't know what to do. I just hate how fucking retarded this is, I cry about it not because it's scary but because I feel so defeated and annoyed about something that I know is medically necessary at my age (25). I have to be brave but I have so much trauma it's hard to. I'm wondering if I can just ask to insert a little bit of the speculum into myself at first but I don't know if that's allowed or if it will fuck up the test. I don't know. I have to do it and have to be strong but if I'm crying just thinking about it then I don't even know what I'm gonna be like next week.

No. 1468042

that sucks nonnie just know it's a woman doing it to you because she wants to help other women.

No. 1468055

ime OBGYNs and nurses can tell immediately, even through subtle body language, if a woman is uncomfortable and will stop/not start and work with the patient to get the procedure done in a way that's as comfortable as possible for them. It might be worth calling the office in advance and explaining how you feel so they know ahead of time and maybe prescribe anti-anxiety meds. I guarantee that they've seen many patients with trauma like yours and will try their hardest to work with you unless it's a particularly seedy clinic.
Good luck nonnie!

No. 1468057

It's stupid and I hate myself for feeling this way but being called a madam instead of miss more regularly kinda puts me down.

No. 1468060

I have CPTSD too and I just feel so compelled to give you this advice from the future- All of your mother's actions, words, thoughts and choices are hers alone to deal with. Everything she has chosen has led her here and there's no amount of mental responsibility you can bare that can change that. You can stay to help her if you choose but you are not protecting her by doing that and more importantly, you are not protecting you. Outside of your mother, maybe spend some time thinking about your life and what makes you happy and gives you value, and then consider how your mother helps or hinders you in those ambitions. And then perhaps think of what role your mother IDEALLY would play in those roles.

No. 1468077

I hate having so many strong opinions on inconsequential things. I can't even hang out with normies without being exposed either. For example I'll get asked why I don't have any digital video games or why I havent seen some tv show which leads to why I dont pay for any streaming services or watch tv and they look at me like it's insane behavior. I don't act pretentious about this stuff and I don't bring it up unless asked but I'll try to explain why I don't believe in owning mostly digital media or why I pirate stuff or why I didn't want to watch a show about teens being sexualized but then they stop listening the moment I actually explain why. Other people make me feel like everything I do is weird and and I'm tired of being questioned about it and then the explanation being ignored. Like why ask? Just to make me feel weird?

No. 1468092

this actually helped me realize what might be the problem. I think its a trauma response from severe abandonment issues and i'm blowing up these small things so i can leave him before he leaves me. the idea of him just upping and leaving terrifies me because it happened 3x to me in my childhood by my parents and other family members so thank you nonnie LMAO. just the idea of being rejected again by someone who is supposed to love and take care of me is having me tear up.
I hope you're doing okay because that sounds scary.
this is a sign for me to go back to therapy, thank you ladies

No. 1468098

Started new semester today after neeting it for the last 3 years and I havent showered in 3 months
Met a girl who failed once like me, she was nice
I’m too nervous and anxious to talk to people properly so I hope she leaves me alone but I wont push her away. I must’ve stank and looked like shit but she was still nice and kept talking to me. I’m going to brush my teeth tonight

No. 1468105

Same nonny. I am just tired of how scrotey everything is so I don’t engage with media and even feminist leaning people make me feel alienated over it. I try not to get into it so much but for some reason it really fucking offends people if you don’t take part in pop culture.

No. 1468107

Oh god, why didn't you shower and brush your teeth BEFORE your first day?

No. 1468282

why do people always bring up the statistics of never getting back with your ex? And how it's never as good as being with someone you never had a fight with? I get it but here's some basic context

We were in a loving relationship, Favorite people. Petty fight. We were separated for a year and now we're back together. Stable relationship for three years now. We aren't the same people but we also know the worst sides of the other and how to react to em now without overacting. At this point we just laugh over how immature we use to be

But still, three years later
"Oooh getting back with your ex is toxic"
"Eeew you're in an off again off again relationship? Three years doesn't matter"
Then get mad when I tell em to mind their own business

No. 1468292

I have been thrown away by everyone and everything inside and out. My family. My friends. I had some very traumatic hospital experiences so I’m really hesitant but I’m this close to getting myself checked in or I might use my last couple thousand bucks to buy a gun and blow my fucking head off. I’m so tired. I am so so very tired. Not even my parents will help me. I fucking suck

No. 1468305

>We aren't the same people but we also know the worst sides of the other and how to react to em now without overacting.
I think some people are just in love with the idea of finding the perfect soulmate and getting to know someone new and exciting rather than staying with someone you've already known. Love is hard work and I think part of making a relationship work is accepting your partner as they are including their flaws and shortcomings and working through it.

No. 1468311

That's how I think as well. That and I think it's unrealistic to have zero conflicts with every new relationship. Every road is a bit bumpy.
But also my current SO has changed so much for the better. We're both the same yet different. We both tried dating others, finding "the one" or "love at first sight" with others. We put a lot of hard work and now he's just home and vice versa

No. 1468318

We all know you know it's going to tank beyond belief, he's horrible to you, and that's the only subtext in your post.

No. 1468320

Maybe he was
but the recent years we've been together it's all been smooth sailing and happy vibes

No. 1468323

I'm happy you found a relationship that works for both of you. I wish my ex had the same mindset, instead of giving up on me everytime we have petty fights when I wouldn't have done the same for her because I was in it for the long haul. I should have known when she was already giving up on her then girlfriend when she met me, because I was new and exciting and represented "the partner of her dreams." They broke up like 5 times before we met and we also broke up many times before we completely cut ties. Maybe she just sucked.

No. 1468328

If she broke up with her ex like 5x over I call that an immature love style. Going back but not changing yourself will always have the same result. So yuh she sucked.
You love them for a reason and can see the potential, but they don't want to see that

But yuh tbh me and my current partner were both immature lovers. Thinking we were "twin flames" and corny shit like that. That relationships need to just work and conflict should never happen. And if it does well that person is evil. tbh what helped is time apart and us growing. We just fell in love with the new people we became

Cheesy rant over

No. 1468331

I thought you had just gotten back? I must have misunderstood the timeline on your op

No. 1468333

Probably because most people don't breakup over a petty fight. It's usually something big, like cheating or lying or something. So to most people, getting back with their ex who could have fucked their sister or something is a massive toxic insane thing to do.

No. 1468334

if it's petty it doesn't take a whole fucking year to resolve. petty to her. he's never forgetting or forgiving.

No. 1468336

We weren't really repairing anything, just moving on with life and along the way we drifted back together
After years of a happy relationship I fully disagree. It's why I'm kinda ranting now
the whole
"It'll never work! You wont last a month. Okay you wont last a year! Okay you wont last a decade"

No. 1468337

Yeah I mean I think it's weird to get back with someone who broke up with her for something petty, like damn she wasn't good enough for him until he slept around before wanting to go back? But that's up to her so whatever kek

No. 1468339

I was sleeping around too kek
Anyway imma hop off
Hope you guys can find a meaningful relationship someday as well

No. 1468341

Nta my ex broke up with me because I didn't agree with her terminally online definition of toxicity. Something like she would have thought I was a bad person if she knew I browsed LC. Or if she knew I was anti sex work because in her mind being swerf is a radfem pipeline to being a terf or something. Meanwhile, I had a life outside the internet and generally have my shit together, while she doesn't. So yeah people can pick fights over petty reasons.

No. 1468345

File: 1673314841723.jpg (113.83 KB, 653x680, 1672949427690713.jpg)

no coffee today due to some unfortunate reasons not even 2 hours in at work and i already feel like wanting to kms so bad

No. 1468352

I understood why I delayed starting this stupid report. The reason lies in the unclear topic. I hate when it is not specified what to write, you have no clear instructions and there is no coordination. Ok, pardon me, there are some instructions but they suck. And there is some coordination but it sucks too. I have no clue what they expect my group to write. Dumb me for delaying and being silent and dumb people around me for having zero leadership skills. But I'll make it work. I just need to struggle till the end of February and the next report will be much easier.

No. 1468353

Girl…you have to be joking right?

No. 1468355

File: 1673316498735.jpeg (75.31 KB, 239x275, 1648085165288.jpeg)

i wish i had a friend i could get vodka drunk with and play dark night scaries with

No. 1468362

Keep tabs on her. You'll see her again with a very different story to tell.

No. 1468364

I could not post during that spam thing ugh

Seriously. I was stuck in one and I posted about it once on a language learning app and some i cel went off spamming comments insulting me and I had to delete the post bc I couldn't delete their comments. I can't think of a man who hasn't hurt me, I hate them. Only one hasn't ever hurt me and I met this guy online and met him on my uni campus from a fee hours away and I was surprised he didn't touch me once, or try to force me, and talked to me after. I remember that.

No. 1468365

seeing moids with absolutely no self-awareness is always insane
and pitiable. nobody likes this guy but he either doesn't care or is trying to push through all the ways they reject him

No. 1468374

I used to have genderdysphoric feelings when I was younger that I’ve mostly outgrown, like it’s been almost 10 years, but my current bf has reawakened some of them. I think the main problem is that I sexually objectify him to a ridiculous degree. He is 100% my type physically speaking. I love short guys and he’s only a little bit taller than me but ofc a great deal stronger. I wish I was male so we could have equal strength and I could fuck his cute little butt. My bf has never expressed homosexual feelings but for some reason part of my brain keeps thinking he is totally a little bit into homo sex. I think being a fujo in my younger years is also part of the reason for my psychosis. I even talked to some of my guy friends about my concerns in a «I’m insane right?» kind of way and I’m still not convinced straight guys aren’t all a little bit bisexual. I'm fine with that tbh but how do I kill these reoccuring fakeboy feelings and can anyone relate.

No. 1468375

dying to know what dark night scaries are. i googled it but didn't find anything. is this your invention nonna

No. 1468376

Alright how the fuck do so many posters on this site all have a thing for men's assholes and want to peg men. I really do not get the appeal. Poop comes from there nonas… and pegging isn't even pleasurable for woman cause it's literally some plastic or some shit??

No. 1468377

idgi either and hate seeing man ass in general

No. 1468380

I'm >>1468374. I've always admired a nice male butt, but as for wanting to assfuck someone I've never had those feelings until I started dating current bf so I think it's just honeymoon phase having a weird effect on me. I just think he's so attractive I wanna like lick every inch of his body and be inside of him and have him completely exposed and vulnerable idk, it's a silly obsession

No. 1468388

I would like to go one 24 hour period without hearing a single lie from my s/o. Just fucking once.

No. 1468390

Honestly I think there's a huge difference between reconnecting with an ex after time apart and finding there's still a spark, and "getting back with" someone you still feel complicated and painful feelings for. If someone was generally good to you but you guys were young and insecure, lacked life stability, were too codependent, etc., etc., then I think it's reasonable that you can have feelings for them again after you both grow as people and reconnect. Most of the time when people hear you're "getting back with" an ex, they imagine an off-and-on toxic situation or they project their own experience. Say you "reconnected with an old flame" and suddenly people find it romantic lol.

No. 1468391

File: 1673321030922.jpeg (89.8 KB, 746x663, 1639195354220.jpeg)

you and your friend find the darkest room in the house, a room so dark that u still cant see anything even after ur eyes adjust. you start at opposite corners of the room and crawl around trying to be as silent as humanly possible. you will eventually bump into each other and it is quite scary and exhilarating . also since you cant see shit you can do whatever funny shit you want in your little corner and the other person can only imagine what kind of gay retarded shit you're up to which makes it even funnier

No. 1468392

You can get some clit stim from the base of the toy if you're sensitive to that, but I really think some of the pegging posters are moids. Putting a toy in moid butt is overrated anyway, the same clit stim happens from making him suck the toy off and then there's zero risk of dealing with scrote shit or bumhole smell.

No. 1468393

sounds like fun

No. 1468394

this mental image is so funny lmao

No. 1468401

thank you for the clarification, i would drink vodka and play dark night scaries with you

No. 1468403

tbh just have him eat you out the regular way if clit stim is the goal, i've only thought of pegging as a humiliation thing for the moid - wouldn't do it to a guy i want a modicum of respect for. pegging is really a meme fagmoids started.

No. 1468436

I am mentally and physically ill. I cannot work and I will die. Going through something terrible. I am losing the capacity to speak. Fell behind everyone socially. Wish that I was in school or was able to go to work. I wanted to go to school but I am too sick.

I accept my death. Don't want to settle for some moid that is beneath my value. It's odd because I am not stupid, lazy nor badly intentioned but the illness that I am going through is eating me alive. Moids that are on my level of intelligence aren't interested in me because I fell behind. I will kill myself.

No. 1468437

I cannot make money to stay alive and I cannot reach my true level intellectually or otherwise. I cannot reach my full potential. Do not enjoy conversing with people on the internet neither. They bore me and I cannot properly engage with those that have similar interests or knowledge as me because of speech impediment/mental illness

No. 1468449

Bless you Scotty poster chan.

No. 1468459

Urgh, I keep lurking on /pol/ and /r9k/ on 4chan to understand the reasons behind moid's demented thinking. I wish I hadn't. I'm so depressed and angry over it. We're nothing but holes and property to them. Urgh, why am I being suck a pickmesha!

No. 1468460

You’re on 4chan they are not the norm

No. 1468462

That's a relief, but I keep on returning. They're like a train crash I can't look away from , and they want to date women IRL!

No. 1468470

i got groped by a spic the other night and i want my body to disintegrate i feel so disgusting and violated. sorry not trying to racebait but i reserve the right to use racial slurs within the context of sexual assault. i hope he experiences immense amounts of pain and suffering in his life.

No. 1468471

Gross, sorry that happened to you nonnie.

No. 1468473

all my hours are going to this other girl who previously quit and came back its pissing me off. I need those hours when she doesn't. Yes I am looking for a new job. Tired of this place using me to fill in gaps where the other employees wont work. It isn't fair they get to sleep in or go to school while I'm the opener who isn't given the full day hours needed.

No. 1468483

All new movies suck now and basically just jerk off material. Is this the future of film? Just soft core porn blended in with shit acting and terrible storylines. Everything about the world depresses me

No. 1468507

It's so dumb that this difference even exists. Scrotes have nothing like that because no one constantly has to remind them they're "losing their youth" and they're not considered to be someone's property and cattle so they don't get the distinction of being married or not. They're just 'sir' or 'mr'. Scrotes have it so fucking easy.

No. 1468511

I need to sperg about this. I tried pegging once after my ex persuaded me for days and it totally shattered my perception of him in bed and I absolutely hated it. I got nothing out of it, no stimulation or pleasure, but the worry I might hurt him. He sounded and looked like such a bottom bitch and I hated it. I don't mind submissive men but I am turned off (in bed) by gay-ish men if that makes sense. Submissiveness in the subservient way where he does what I want would be hot, submissiveness where he just wants me to service him while he acts like a gay bottom is gross. When a woman is a sub she'd pleasure the man but when male is a sub he wants to be serviced, fucking double standards. And any form of anal is gross as fuck but especially when done one males. Worst thing is that he loved it and wanted to buy fuckton of toys.

No. 1468531

i feel like i'm in a permanent state of dissociation from watching all my family members constantly try to kill themselves ever since i was born. i dread the days before pay day because everyone's on the brink of it. i hate fighting and any type of tension because in my experience it always results in an attempt. i'm worried right now but i also feel outside of my body and numb. i'm completely powerless as no one's ever listened or will listen to me and when i try to alleviate things i just make them even worse. i don't know what to think or do but ultimately i know i still feel guilty

No. 1468537

File: 1673347885463.jpg (50.77 KB, 670x450, images.jpeg-21.jpg)

You've been very strong nonny. Take a break try to do something for yourself. Hopefully everything will be better ♡

No. 1468538

File: 1673348568668.jpeg (396.42 KB, 1071x1435, 3DCAD5E2-0F75-4999-B81C-2DFA5F…)

thank you anon i needed to hear that, i'm worried sick right now but i simultaneously can't feel anything. i really hope things get better and turn out okay too, and for you as well. have a good day

No. 1468539

welp, I don't know how I'm still surprised when a guy is revealed to be a monster, but I just found out Andrew Callaghan, the all gas no brakes/channel 5 kid is accused by a ton of women and one child of being a fucking sexual offender and hatred has consumed me

No. 1468543

If my neighbor wants to stare at me in pitch darkness when I go to let my dogs out maybe they should take their christmas tree down. They literally get up and run across their dark house when I let my dogs out, then they peer behind the wall and stare at me. I know this because their christmas tree is still up and literally lights up the whole room that faces my backyard. They think it's dark that I can't see them but I can lol. I don't get why they don't shut their sliding glass door blinds. I go to let my dog out this morning in pitch darkness out there and I see my neighbor across the way get up from their computer and do the run and hide thing. I wave jauntily at their house and smile and I see their silhouette immediately run away from the door and stop peeking at me. Haha

No. 1468547

Why are you letting your mutt off leash?

No. 1468548

I have a fenced in yard idiot their house across the way is elevated so they can see into my yard

No. 1468550

wWhy are you looking into your neighbors' homes?

No. 1468551

Take your meds

No. 1468552

You first since you think everyone else is the problem here

No. 1468553

Blocked by every single bank
Embassy hangs up on me
Cannot receive money for months
I hate my life

No. 1468554

Go back to the dog hate thread looney tune

No. 1468555

>Stares into other people's homes so much it makes the residents uncomfortable
>Thinks it's the dog's fault when called out on it
Again, you first

No. 1468557

how about you make a sign calling them out on staring at you when you let the dogs out next time? It's embarassing and they should feel embarrased.

No. 1468561

Why is anon staring into their homes in the first place? Some of you aren't socialized right and it shows.

No. 1468562

You're embarrassed because you were wrong about my fence so you're grasping at straws

No. 1468568

They have an illuminated Christmas tree displayed in the dark halfway through January and don't close their blinds, they literally want to be looked at or they wouldn't do that
Why are you upset? Women should enjoy being leered at, especially in the dark, stupid ass dog lover, you probably only want dogs to stare at you

No. 1468570

Just ignore her/him anon, they're clearly retarded like your neighbours.

No. 1468572

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person talking to herself
Get your fingers out your mouth you howling retard

No. 1468573

Because when somebody stares at you you feel it and you look. It's the neighbour doing it in the first place and the heck i'd stare back, i'd make the sign and if that didnt help i'd go to tell them off personally

No. 1468574

>Women should enjoy being leered at
The scrotes continue to expose themselves here dear nonitas. It's all bait.

No. 1468575

I see we're still full of angry trannies over here…

No. 1468578

Are you guys from reddit do you need a sarcasm tag

No. 1468579

Not to be a dick, fam, but I was extremely obviously mocking the moid

No. 1468580

Fuck off Blaine

No. 1468581

How do you read the first half of that reply and then somehow not recognize the sarcasm of the second half?

No. 1468583

Using romantic terms might work
Imma do an update on this later and see how it goes

No. 1468584

Nta but are you genuinely retarded? Noticing that someone is staring at you isn’t who you would call a freak in this situation. Besides why get mad at her for being aware of her surroundings? Women are always hyper vigilant no matter what and shouldn’t be shit on, especially when some creep is making it painfully obvious that they watch her from their homes in the dark

No. 1468586

there are literal retards in this thread, just give up

No. 1468587

File: 1673352254609.jpg (67 KB, 453x900, pants-fire-20746109.jpg)

Shopping for pants is the most excruciating experience. Nothing fits. Bigger sizes are way too big in my waist area and smaller are too tight around my crotch or I can't get them over my hips. When it looks okay from the front view, I turn around and my ass looks terrible.
Anyway do pant makers not get that women have hips? My hips aren't even that wide yet I almost fricking scrape my skin off trying to get the pants over them just for it to be loose as fuck around my stomach. I hate shopping for pants so much, people think I'm trying too hard wearing skirts all the time but they're genuinely so simple compared to devil's leg tubes.

No. 1468588

File: 1673352277976.jpg (19.57 KB, 495x619, images.jpeg-490.jpg)

sigh nonitas, i was wearing my dumb silly little girly fashion and some fag asked if i was in cosplay and that i looked really cute in my cosplay, im nearly 24 and im starting to wonder if i should cave in and dress in muted basics and lululemon or whatever else older zoomer women are doing, i love my clothes and my style but i also have social anxiety and i get this horrible pit in my stomach that im not appropiate even though it fits my body type and i do my due dillegence of also having equally cutesy make up, i seriously consider moving somewhere where picrel is more sociably acceptable just so i can have my cake and eat it too.

No. 1468590

File: 1673352364654.png (530.82 KB, 500x533, 3e9.png)

This site has taken such a massive nosedive in the last few months that it's making me miss 2020 LC

No. 1468591

It really is wild how just blindly fucking stupid our user base has gotten

No. 1468592

are you…really angry about a xmas tree? that people enjoy pretty things all year round?

No. 1468593

You should be embarrassed about how dumb you are.

No. 1468596

>I go to let my dog out this morning in pitch darkness
>their christmas tree is still up and literally lights up the whole room
>hey literally get up and run across their dark house
>I see my neighbor across the way get up from their computer
> they run and hide when they see me
>they literally want to be looked at or they wouldn't do that
>Women should enjoy being leered at, especially in the dark
A creepy moid created this bait and is samefagging like crazy while trying to pass it off as "sarcasm"

No. 1468597

wear whatever you like and f everyone else! you get one life and a short time to be young, enjoy it!!

No. 1468598

What do you mean angry? If your Christmas shit is still up right now where people can see it, then they will
Sorry, do I need to put like an "/e" at the end for explanation? tf

No. 1468599

I think some schizo is bored and is trolling this thread

No. 1468602

If sarcasm is this elusive to you, you genuinely need to be screened for autism

No. 1468604

If you think that breed of sarcasm is appropriate on an all-women's image board you need to know that YWNBAW

No. 1468607

Do you honestly genuinely believe I defended her over the Christmas tree but then also literally actually believe that women should want to be stared at? Do you think anyone, even a troll, would say "women should want to be leered at in the dark" maintaining seriousness? How blatantly does something need to be unserious before you're able to understand it? God damn, this is just sad, I know it's either a schizo or the tranny most likely, but he got me, this bait is just too juicy

No. 1468609

>women who don't talk the way I like them too are men
Okay so you are the tranny, got it.

No. 1468611

>Anon isn't aware of the disturbing raids LC has had in the last 24 hours alone

No. 1468612

You either fell so hard for the bait that you're calling the only women in the conversation trannies or you're Blaine.

No. 1468613

Spamming Josh moon's mug and Shayna's bludgeoned b-hole are a little different

No. 1468614

Yeah so you're not aware. They've been in /snow and /ot too. It's real obvious.

No. 1468615

If you're so fucking stupid that the only way you can handle misunderstanding a joke is to try to speech-police anons on an anonymous imageboard by calling them trannies, I do not know what to tell you

No. 1468618

Well that's a slight relief then

No. 1468619

There’s no point. Newfags and scrotes have changed the board culture so much that anons can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. The language should be obvious but here we are.

No. 1468620

Nta but this word vomit smells of balls

No. 1468621

Very much so

No. 1468623

This, it's been hard to tell who's who in the last two years because there's just so many twitterfags

No. 1468624

It's pretty obvious this is some weird trolling tactic. Don't bother arguing in good faith

No. 1468626

You should wear what you love, nona. At best, you could find toned down pieces from your favorite brands that you can wear on certain occasions. That's what I do for work anyway. I also love Liz Lisa and girly styles too (based on the image, I'm assuming that's a brand you love), and I wear it without a care for what others may think. Do you happen to wear sailor-style uniforms or big bows? I think that may be what triggered that moid, and I have to tell myself not to buy a certain dress if it's a bit too flashy with the bows/ribbons or sailor collar.

No. 1468628

You're right; I have a problem

No. 1468630

I hate when faggots samefag

No. 1468631

The coquette thread has been tainted by at least one for sure over the last few hours. It’s so obvious when they talk about how “disgusting” heterosexual women are. Everyone should stop replying to them.

No. 1468633

I hate my job every week I'm on a different shift pattern I cannot formulate a routine at home while trying to balance seeing friends and family I have to be opportunistic with chores prioritise certain things let dishes pile garbage build up, on my rest days I have to be busy at home and somehow fit in socialising and sleep.

I'm contracted to less than 40 hours and they've been putting me on 12 hour shift patterns 4 days a week the past two months I didn't sign up for this and the annoying thing is other coworkers have suffered through these shifts for months longer without complaining because of the money. So I'm worried if I complain or go to hr I'll be penalised in some way because other people welcome the compensation but fuck that I'd rather lie down still and not spend money than work constant overtime fuck off

No. 1468635

It really irritates me when someone uses my inbox as a diary, constantly talking about their own retarded self/problems/life, and never asks me anything about myself or my day. How fucking hard is it to show a little bit of interest in me as a person? Why do I always have to be the one who listens? And that’s why it’s fuck everybody

No. 1468636

At least you're still trying. I'm short AF so I have a normal waist but pant legs are too long. So I grew a hate for jeans and non stretchy fabric. I've been rocking sweatpants and pajama bottoms as much as possible.
I get more snippy if I have to wear something nice though

No. 1468637

File: 1673354416104.jpg (332.88 KB, 600x750, goods_2045_4.jpg)

i wish i could not give a fuck but tbh i do struggle a bit with self confidence
hahahaha youre on point nonna, im a lis liza bitch.
No sailor collar but white shirt with a big bow yeah, i think gravitating towards the more wannabe chanel/miu miu styles that the girly brands have beem putting out might be the way, picrel.

No. 1468647

I hate that I'm jealous of my Asian girlfriend (platonic). It's not about looks or personality, just the fact that her family and community love her unconditionally. My family disowned me pretty much, and it's for stupid reasons. Because I dress too western and I'm not a devout muslim. Last weekend, we hung out in an Asian community and I was like wow, your people really don't look at you crazy for wearing a skirt, huh? I think this unconditional love is the reason why beautystandards are the way they are, in part, becasue when you hate the women and girls in your own community, call them sluts for wearing thier hair out, or wear a skirt, or call them ugly all the time, treat them like dirt, other people outside that community are going to agree with that. I just got off the train and I have to hop on it in an immigrant dense area, and the looks, comments and disgusting glances I get is so f-ing demoralizing. It's like, we live in a white country, where YOU get discriminated against, and you still treat your own like trash. I will never undersand this internalized inferiority complex these people have, do I make you insecure? Nothing about me is worth disowning me for. I have a high-paid job and I dress nicely, and I will wear cute outfits if I f-ing want to. These older women in my community are so f-ing miserable instead of uplifting young girls they shit on them and engage in the targeted bullying and harassment coming from the useless, muslim scrotes. I also have a Indian girlfriend and her family are PROUD of her accomplishments. ugh.

No. 1468655

Based. Liz Lisa has some nice pieces. Yeah, sometimes the big bows can add this "cosplay" look to the uninformed. Go for what suits you and makes you feel happy when you wear it though. I wanted to try out the oversized jackets/cardigans that brands have been putting out but felt like they were just too big and awkward-looking on me. Then I have to peddle these off to some buyer online. That's my vent for the day haha.

No. 1468703

What is altering pants? My friend's 4'6 and buys jeans/pants and just alters them, which seems like the smart thing to do. She has very wide hips too..
My brother is also short and does the same thing. It has helped him save money.

No. 1468716

People really gotta stop taking everything on the internet so personally

No. 1468720

Wow anon, stop attacking me it's a joke

No. 1468722

What’s sad is that this would be a serious comment in so many other places kek

No. 1468738

Imagine finding a service offered by the embassy/consulate that you really need. So you send an email. Then you call all these numbers where the person you should speak to is just not there, telling you to call the next day. So you do and they redirect you to a non functional voicemail that ends the call. You call back and they hang up on you. So you send another email, they reply and say to call them, so you call them at the times they said and those don't pick up for an hour. Finally they do and ask you to explain and send an email and you say you already sent an email and explained, but you explain again. And they tell you they don't offer that service or help. Then they offer solutions which you already tried and did not work and they say "I've never heard of it not working." Then they say come to the consulate directly to…talk? While we are on the phone? And I sent everything by email already which you just read? So you get upset and ask why is this service clearly labeled and offered online according to the government website, and now you say it's not possible and they ask to see the website because they don't know the laws of the country they work for like typical. Then because this is an emergency situation you feel stressed out and express that and they say to stop being upset and ask you to explain AGAIN. So you explain it AGAIN. And they tell you they can offer THE EXACT THING YOU WERE ASKING FOR AND NOT TJE THING YOU NEVER ASKED FOR. BECAUSE THEY DON't FUCKING LISTEN. And they say they are gonna help you get it sorted asap. Yet they still haven't sent anything so you go back to contact your law firm to get them to talk directly.

The absolute incompetence of literally everyone is the reason I suffer. I want to live in a lawless remote island void of society, government, and morons. Those are all synonyms.

No. 1468743

File: 1673364034428.png (37.41 KB, 1756x214, femfebanon.png)

I went through some of the older unpopular opinions threads and that anon has been sperging for at least as long as those threads have existed. Pic related cracked me up. Some anons were tinfoiling it could be an old femtrip like mystery.jpg or spoony.

No. 1468765

I failed on of my exams. Only three other people in my class failed and it feels shitty to be one of the worst students. I already study a lot but I am barely scraping by, because I have a hard time to grasp and understand the the economics, law and math material. I also have a hard time to memorize stuff. I just can't get it into my head. I just feel overwhelmed. I hate my life and I am only doing this so I can have a safe and secure future. I hate studying. Only three more years

No. 1468780

i want to runaway. Currently i am saving up money to just pack my things and move to another country, and i dont plan on telling anyone about it. I know its selfish, but i just want to be free of this shitty country and i dont want my only friend or family holding me back and making it more difficult for me.

No. 1468790

Not sure why you got so much hate for this lol, my dad does that staring thing and it pisses me off because it's embarrassing and makes us look weird. Everyone can see him doing it but he always says "if it's dark in the house no one can see" but I've been outside and seen him do it and it's very obvious and the sneaky curtain movement draws peoples attention towards it which makes it even more embarrassing lol

No. 1468792

deranged moid from the dog hate thread

No. 1468794

File: 1673368575909.jpg (56.25 KB, 500x500, 1638633091332.jpg)

Fuck scrotes figuratively

No. 1468798

rooting for you!!

No. 1468815

gross image

No. 1468816

its edited you retard

No. 1468819

Im so desperate to be loved anons, it's pathetic. I believe some people can be happy without it and I'm envious of them but I just can't. My mom only gave me love when I've achieved something to make her proud, I've dated both men and women and I would always be a shameful secret, a temporary replacement, a naive idiot to cheat on, never enough to put any effort, and all of these made me more and more damaged and less likely to be accepted by anyone. I've coped lying to myself that if I get a career I dreamt of, things will magically fall in place since hey, a success! but it's just the same over and over. I'm turning 32 this year, suicidal thoughts gotten worse than ever, it just feels hopeless and all that because what, no one loves me. Why am I such an embarrassment, how to make it stop?

No. 1468821

The absolute fucking second you stop caring about finding a scrote a decent one will waltz in. Every goddamn time.

No. 1468825

I sometimes feel like my damage is visible from kilometers away and only attracts the same kind of shitty people who end up taking advantage of it, no matter how great they would seem in the beginning.

No. 1468836

I hate my period so damn much it's so annoying. I bleed for like 2-3 weeks at a time how is that fair? I hate the crunchy pad noises and I hate tampons. I hate cramps. I hate period poops. I hate my irritational anger. I wanna tear out my uterus and rip it up sometimes it hurts so bad.

No. 1468854

Oh my god this little snake at my work. I didn't want to listen to him talk to my other coworker (or ever) so I put on my headphones but I took them off at the end of their convo and he said …so im thinking, what, are you going to do when we fall apart, accuse me too? ha ha it doesn't help that the coworker he was talking to is young and sweet and probably a little naive and that he has made awkward sexual remarks at me. God i want to alog so bad… I hate his gutsss

No. 1468864

I KNOW I'm in a caloric deficit. I'm ED levels of good with calorie counting and I still am not losing weight I eat 1000 calories and work out for an hour a day and I have been at 145 for like a week. I might snap and pull a eugenia cooney fr.

No. 1468867

A whole week and no progress??? Impossible!!! But fr nona eat -300 than you need to maintain and no less otherwise you'll just put it all back as soon as you stop counting. Not to mention health complications and other issues…

No. 1468873

that doesn't change anything, moron. when we got spammed with filtered pics and gifs of nikocado's asshole, did you say "uwu its ok because its edited, not gross"? i bet your dumb ass did. kick rocks.

No. 1468899

Wtf? Calm down kiddo, is not that deep

No. 1468903

how so?

No. 1468905

File: 1673375279834.jpg (38.91 KB, 343x481, 1653237788590.jpg)

Fine here's a different pic
Fuck scrotes figuratively, seriously fuck them

No. 1468910

Damn that's a small washing machine, or a big cat I can't tell

No. 1468924

don't start none, won't be none. drip or drown belinha

No. 1468978

My ears have been ringing for days and it's driving me up the wall. I suspect it came from a neck strain/injury and it's slowly getting better but fuck it makes me want to chop my head off sometimes

No. 1468982

Petty vent but I was doing my laundry and this piece of shit moid was so impatient that I did not prematurely remove my clothes from the dryer that he had to audibly say “for fucks sake!” In the hall while slamming doors and walking out like someone told him he’s balding (which he was. I watched through the peephole.) I really hate work at home shit because now wastes of impatient air like this walk around in their pajamas doing laundry during the day. Hope he dies. I cannot stand the entitled, impatient, rude and brain dead moids of this variety. Now I can’t even do laundry during the day without being anxious I’m somehow not removing my stuff fast enough when the machine is not even done yet!!

No. 1468984

Oh yeah and out of spite I left a ball of gross looking lint in the dryer so his clothes will hopefully be extra linty and somewhat ruined. I hid it so it was not visible unless you closely inspected the machine up at the top. Okay now I’m gonna move on with my day

No. 1469008

I wish we could end moids online or I need to not take their internet footprint so seriously as I do.
My best friend's husband is on Twitter liking degenerate tweets. I can only guess he's trying to keep an audience as a musician, his music lures in degeneracy.
My boyfriend pretty much tolerates the same degenerate shit as our friend and he's like "I'm just so used to seeing this kind of stuff, it doesn't phase me." I can't tolerate it. I get the fact I used to be fine with the degeneracy for a bit, but I can't upkeep it anymore. If anyone so parrots degen shit, I don't even want to associate with them. Maybe it's just a sign I need to get offline more than I already am.
My boyfriend claims he'll be at the same page as me way before we decide to try for a child, but given our friend who's newlywed and he plans to be a father in a couple years, and he himself claims he's not so online, it doesn't seem to be the case.
Thankfully my bf doesn't have a Twitter anymore and more and more he's spending nights with me instead of his internet pals compared to when we first met, there's hope. Maybe I just need to take the leap and completely disconnect to signal to my boyfriend how serious I am about us getting offline. No more exposure to degeneracy. For everyone else, i hope social media will cease to exist and narcissists will only be able to show themselves off if they have a sliver of talent instead of being an influencer or personality people will form parasocial relationships with. Moids just need to get offline.

No. 1469028

having to deal with ppl with eating disorders is so fucking tiring. sorry you have body dysmorphia and want to binge or whatever but can we stop talking about it multiple times a day every day. sorry you got triggered by looking at a random woman who looks nothing like you who wasn't fat (which wouldn't matter because you aren't fat, not that you'd believe me if i told you) but can you just grow up please. we're in our twenties and it's getting tired and i have offered you multiple opportunities to deal with it and put yourself in a healthier position that would remove you from your immediate triggers and you won't accept it. get a fucking therapist instead of making everything i say to you about how you're a fatty and how you wanna puke or whatever, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkjfjdkfjdkjdjdk

No. 1469030


No. 1469038

My moms had fart breath for the past 6 months and it enrages me. I was just sitting here eating, and she comes over to talk to me. I gagged when she left. When she leans in to tell me something I want to fucking slap her fart breathed self. Oh god she's coming upstairs right now as I'm typing this. I'm so pissed off and I don't know how to tell her

No. 1469051

File: 1673385781937.jpg (155.65 KB, 900x826, FJ5KSJdUcAESbMG.jpg)


No. 1469053

I love my auntie so much and eat everything she bakes because she's amazing… but nonnies her rum cake destroys me every year and I'm struggling to eat the gigantic one she gave me for New Year. One slice of cake has my face redder than a salaryman's because I have an alcohol intolerance and don't drink. I don't have anyone I can share it with either since my parents have their own and none of my friends are local, so it's just me and this bundt size rum cake for the next week. It's practically a booze custard nonnas someone please send help.

No. 1469055

I told my boyfriend I think his nephew is gonna be a serial killer because he’s an evil little shit who is cruel to animals and other little kids and his parents don’t do anything about it except for plop him down with a phone to watch weird Huggy Wuggy elsagate videos to calm him down. I honestly think they should put him in counseling.

No. 1469056

You don't have to actually eat it all… Alcohol is very bad for you, as is sugar. You tasted it, so you can clap your hands in appreciation, and thank you aunt.

It would be helpful if you told her you are alcohol intolerant though, so she knows what to not make for you…

No. 1469058

My whole family knows but since I'm the only one in the family with an issue (adopted so different health profile yay), I'm expected to suck it up. Auntie makes rum cakes for everyone this time of year and my parents would find asking for something different very disrespectful, so I can't really ask. It's not too bad though! I've set aside all nights this week to not drive and account for a few miserable hours before bed, this could be way worse than it is.

No. 1469060

>watch weird Huggy Wuggy elsagate videos
Probably what's turning him into a psychopath to start with.

No. 1469062

Stupid question: Why do you actually eat it? Nobody but you knows where the cake goes.
For me it was my grandma who made food for me that I didn't want to eat and she was too senile to have a reasonable conversation about it, so I took it and thanked her and then threw it away when I was at home.

It doesn't exactly sit right with me to throw away fine food that others might like, but who benefits if I force myself to eat and suffer? I don't. My grandma doesn't either. Nobody does, it just increases the amount of misery in the world for no gain.

No. 1469063

Just tell your family it brings physical pain. I have a sensitivity to sugar so I have to decline sweets from my family and I always tell them my teeth hurt so much if I do eat sweets, I'll have to bite on a sock for hours until it goes away. I'd rather not have to do that and avoid it all instead.

No. 1469066

And his parents yelling at him and spanking him and never even spending time with the miserable creature.

No. 1469070

I'm watching Barbarian and I won't spoil anything but I thought it would be something different than what it is and I'm not done it yet but fuck this is depressing

No. 1469072

It's really dumb but I didn't eat the cakes the last few years and couldn't live with the guilt wasting them anymore. Auntie's also really frail lately and probably won't live for longer than a few more years, so even if eating the cake is an unpleasant drunken adventure I want to do it while she's still here and baking for people she loves. Better I can look back and laugh over how miserable I was instead of looking bad sad that I wasted the chance.

No. 1469074

Fair enough.
> couldn't live with the guilt wasting them anymore.
Kek, are you asian?

No. 1469079

I'm sorry but I find it wild that your family expects you to eat something that brings you physical pain. If you had a nut allergy would they also expect you to go into anaphylactic shock? Jesus. With family like that who needs enemies.

No. 1469094

Spoilered for this shit movie but the protagonist the audience is supposed to be rooting for is a fucking rapist, and the antagonist is a rape victim who was the product of incestual rape what the fuck is this it feels like some weird agenda being pushed I fucking hate hollywood why do I even bother trying to watch modern horror movies jesus fucking christ

No. 1469095

Whats the point of starting a conversation if you're not going to reply?? I already hate holding conversations so if you're going to make me put in effort then don't ignore me or just fuck off

No. 1469102

how have i not noticed this before the glass i have been drinking out of for the past hour is filled on the inside with dirt unknown to mankind what the fuck is this shit i think there is some hair also stuck i do not want to begin to guess how it got into this state and how i havent noticed i wanna die

No. 1469104

File: 1673392030536.jpg (9.46 KB, 240x240, 09aa8d86147fa14a67fda510d5df2f…)

Laying in bed thinking about how much I want to punch my ex-scrote. Not only was he a cheat but sexually coercive too, and I hate him for it. He does not deserve to live. This was years ago, but some time last year I got into contact with his current gf and basically informed her that he was trying to contact me and another one of his exes for nudes. Naturally I was honest with her and said that he was insane and horrible and that she should try and get away asap but she moved to the other end of the country for him and I feel so bad for her. I want to strangle him nonners, he's a disgusting porn addict and no doubt she's just another plaything for him. I tried to give her advice and she was really nice about it but at the end of the day it's up to her. I just hope she can get out of there and see her worth, because that man will never ever change. It doesn't help that his mother is a retard too and doesn't even hold him accountable for any of the shit that he does. I even told her that he cheated on me and pressured me into sexual things I didn't want to do and her response was, "but what about her holiday" bitch stfu I'll strangle you too. Be a decent woman and disown your son because he is a fucking degenerate, if I had a son anything remotely like him I'd kick him out and never speak to him again for the way he treats women. Disgusting stupid moid.

No. 1469105

samefag, "what about our holiday"*

No. 1469139

I really hope the thing watching me from my window didn't see my touch my vagina and sniff my hand
It feels like its leaking something but there's nothing there

No. 1469145

too late i saw you nonny

No. 1469151

Hope someone strangles him in your stead anon, so justice is done and your hands remain clean

No. 1469184

just relapsed on pretty much everything for no reason i feel totally empty and i know it will get twisted

No. 1469213

I'm so freaking bored holy shit I need something for my brain to escape into

No. 1469227

I am so tired of always having to walk on shells to not make my mom "nervous". We "fought" over something retarded, and now my aunt called me acussing me of making her so nervous she dropped her phone on the water and was shaking and almost got an epilepsy attack, over me telling her i wasnt going to water her plants if she didnt tell my grandmother to go home and leave me rest. I am so fucking tired of my family, i want to rope, between a munchie anachan mom and a druggie gross dad its not like i was destined for much anyways .

No. 1469233

I wish crystal cafe was as active as lolcow. also my parents make me wanna rope everyday

No. 1469243

I hate that friendships are temporary. I hate when we have to part ways. I can't just forget about them. I don't want to meet new people.

No. 1469247

I am currently on a ski trip, learning how to ski for the first time. My group had a female ski instructor assigned and she was really attentive and good in training us the basics I really enjoyed it.

Then on the third day (today) they assigned us a male instructor and holy shit he constantly took us to steep paths (well steep for beginners who have only skiied for two days) on blue runs (we only just finished nursery runs and did only one hour on green run). He constantly demanded us to up the speed and do parallel skiing. Lost control and fell many times.
I started getting scared to hell, actually had my legs shaking and ny heart beating very fast, just wanted the lesson to end. Told him it is too much but he just ignored it and took us on steep fast paths again.

Now I can't sleep and I have lessons tomorrow. Instead of looking forward to it like in the beginning, I am just hoping I won't die. Maybe I should skip but fuck I paid for this..

No. 1469255

I hate that no matter how much sales I make, how outgoing I try to be, nice hair, clean skin, well dressed, my social retardation slowly sinks through. The person who's more likeble gets the better job. The one who's good at small talk and conversations has seniority. No matter where I go unless I pick up an amazing specialized field I'll probably always be under people despite all my efforts. I don't think I even want to continue my degree in STEM. Hate my social skills. I can read situations but not people. About ready to shove everything in 3 suitcases to live in my car so I'm no longer groveling to make enough for rent. Tired of my life slipping by working so hard for nothing.

No. 1469307

File: 1673416017223.jpeg (66.33 KB, 484x562, 29427667-ACA6-4AF7-A397-640564…)

nonners i have a problem. i think i’m addicted to being sad. i only ever feel alive while crying my eyes out over random shit. this cannot be healthy for me kek i’m fucked

No. 1469311

File: 1673416520894.jpeg (280.81 KB, 640x640, 29817185-FA5D-4CD7-85BC-762735…)

Anyone still dealing with grief and mourning of relationship with men in your life like boyfriend, brother, father, or mentor? How do you deal with the pain of realizing that they will never truly understand, never truly pick your side, never be a true ally? Even the “few good ones”.

No. 1469317

physically repulsed at the thought i almost purchased from shein.. i am 6'3, looking fr a job and im looking to buy cheap, but good looking clothing fr the interview.. i backed out, i just can't.

No. 1469321

go to your local second hand stores

No. 1469323

No offense anon but you have to be a full on retard to think that the audience is supposed to root for Justin Long's character. He is the protagonist, but he wasn't at any point in the film made sympathetic. In fact it feels like they went out of their way to show what a piece of shit he was. Protagonist =/= good guy. Tess is the protagonist the audience is supposed to root for. I would even argue that The Mother is supposed to be sympathized with.

No. 1469333

Acquiring good female friends who have also realized the same fact helps immensely please somebody tell me how to do that

No. 1469341

not that anon but that movie still sucked regardless

No. 1469344

I've developed a huge stupid crush on a friend of mine who I can never have or be with, realistically, and I'm terrified to ever go for it and risk ruining that friendship which means a lot to me. I thought I could kill the crush over time and that seeing him irl would help it fade away but it made it a million times worse, the chemistry was absolutely there and I feel like i'm being punished by the universe and I wish he had never come back into my life this year

I am stuck in a relationship with a very sweet guy who I realize now has been more of a friend/roommate to me for the last year or two. no romance whatsoever between us in years. feels like a relationship of comfort/ convenience atp. I care for him a lot but I feel like a single person who isn't allowed to be single. I feel trapped in this life and I don't feel like anywhere is home. The guy I have feelings for is my best friend's ex. we live in different states. and honestly, I think he has feelings for me too. we sat in his room and had coffee and he got the guitar out and eventually played THIS FUCKING SONG for me. it was a very beautiful cover.

I am so fucked hahahahaha

No. 1469369

I love my mom but she has weaponized her own misery and I can’t set a boundary or drop a hint without her getting upset and then guilt-tripping me for making her sad. I’m so tired of her using me like her emotional caretaker for my whole fucking life.

No. 1469370

File: 1673423407319.jpg (276.48 KB, 1920x1781, pingu.jpg)

Went to bed, tried to sleep, stayed in bed for 2 hours, couldn't sleep, got up, looked at stupid funny shit online, still can't sleep, looked for tips what I can do to finally fall asleep, every damn tip isn't possible to achieve because I live in a loud house in one single small room. No, I can't get a quiet environment, I can't get a dark room, I can't change the position of my bed, I can't throw out every thing containing a monitor, I can't use my bed only for sleeping, I can't sleep in another room and no, I can't sleep with ear plugs because they give me horrible nightmares. And then I watched this tv show and one of the characters has self-harm scars and yes, I'm nearly 3 years without it, but now all I can think about is how easy and helpful it would be at the moment and that, if I could finally fall asleep, I could have a dream about cutting myself and all that. Just a nice little dream, something calming and not another nightmare with my parents as the main actors.

No. 1469377

Ugh yeah I've gone through that realisation with each of them. I just was sad for a while and learnt the lesson not to invest in relationships with men. Frees you up for better things and people. I'm lucky I have 2 close friends in the same boat.

No. 1469395

File: 1673428024184.jpeg (10.27 KB, 254x198, stažený soubor (6).jpeg)

Overwhelmed. I have a big presentation and a workshop tomorrow, quite a few of big shots are gonna be there. It's gonna I'm English and I haven't spoken English out loud for such a long time. I have too much to do, I'm so tired. I'm trying to get into 3 internships abroad and it's so much paperwork it's making me wanna die but I believe it's gonna be worth it. So many motivation letters and other documents to write and scan and edit and send, send back, send again. I'm studying for a really difficult, two-day (practical and theoretical) final exam too, after that there's be another terrible two day exam. I stopped working for the time moment because I have to go to mandatory classes from 8 am for 6 hours everyday for an exam that I'm gonna take next year so it's totally useless to me and I don't like my classmates for this semester much so I'm not even going there to socialise.
Last few days I come home from classes and just scroll on my phone while exam notes are in front of me and play vidya before I sleep. I feel like such a slacker. I sent two emails that had information missing from them, my brain doesn't work right. Everyone around me seems to manage just fine, are they machines? I'm also pressed because I don't have time or energy to exercise and I'm approaching 2 years single because I don't wanna be stressed by some scrote. I just want a month of vidya, netflix, cartoons and other childish shit. I want to go camping and shit too. I'm tired. At least this is my last year but it's been 7 years of pain.

No. 1469454

I was way too manic last night to cut my hair and cut too much now I look like a mormon man. Why do i do this….

No. 1469458

Do a buzz/shave nonna! You've already cut your hair short, join me in looking like a cute badass instead of a boring mormoid

No. 1469462

My boy hair is already taboo in my country kek anymore than that I'm shunned kek. Although I would love to do one !

No. 1469487

Male-centric rape-and-revenge stories are the fucking worst and I hate them

No. 1469491

File: 1673447813196.jpg (7.27 KB, 225x225, mamma mia.jpg)

Enbies are so fucking annoying. I got into uni and I've met 2 enbies they're women so far. They're both so socially clueless but one of them is so retarded I'm starting to think she has the kind of autism men have.
I met her on my history course, she was nice at first, had a backpack full of animu pins, mostly husbandos so I thought she would be one of lc anonita types of autists who are fucking great. But nope.
A little friend group formed where she is present, and holy shit she became insufferable. When I have my hair open she always touches it and plays with it even though I've multiple times said that I don't want her touching my hair at random. I always ask her to stop or move away probably having the same expression when a moid touches my ass, but she continues to do it over and over again over the course of the day.
She also likes to split hairs, especially in class. Always when we have discussion time she starts to argue with me about fucking course work. Not even my opinions, but if stuff I said was in the book spoiler alert: it usually was or checks if I've done my homework correctly and starts correcting things I've written down without me asking for input nor wanting it. She usually is in the wrong, and when I correct about it, she goes "oh well" every time. The same phrase every fucking time. What the FUCK do you mean by "oh well"?! When I correct someone wrongly I say sorry and try to learn why in the fuck I was thinking like a retard! She seems to be one of those people who got through college by memorizing every thing and not actually understanding it, inferring is impossible to her and if you infer something from the text it's always wrong. The word of the professor is the gospel, you can't have any critical thinking skills. She likes to check my screen when I'm doing an essay and remind me that I'm akshually 20 words shy from the word count minimum and I can't return it. FUCK OFF! The professor doesn't care if it's 20 words short! No one cares! It's not like we're doing a group project, this is MY essay! I can return it empty if I want to! She's visibly annoyed when I don't put a lot of effort to my school work in general, I'm an Europefag so we study English and I don't really care about pronunciation in the classes, and that makes her so mad for some reason. She rolls her eyes and corrects my pronunciation every time I say something with a typical hillbilly English accent my country has. This usually leads up to her repeating everything I say in English, and sometimes I'm asking myself if this is just a comedy show. We're not learning any new words related to our field of science, so I don't get why I should pronounce "Hello I'm anonita I liek lurking on boards" perfectly.
Her wokeness is getting to me as well. She usually stfus about political stuff, but once she gave me a stern talk about using the word retarded for context, my mother language has loads of words for disabled people, but I used the most inoffensive one, which is used in law texts etc etc. when I referred to myself, I said that I'm one of those retards who go to the bus stop 20 mins early worrying that I'll miss it otherwise. She told me how I shouldn't use the word if I'm not disabled and so on, but the joke here is that I'm disabled. I just listened her rant thinking that maybe I should tell her that I'm, in fact, retarded. I just let it slide because there were other people around, but maybe I should've said something. I'm worried that restricting how I speak is going to become a common occurrence.

Sorry for the essay anons, and sorry for typing like a retard.

No. 1469495

Dating is such a waste of time
>most men my age have hit the wall hard and if they haven’t there’s a reason they are single
>most of the younger men just want to have sex and it’s hard to talk to them because they try to talk hood despite being white in the suburbs
>men these days are willing to have raw sex with anyone so stds
>men working on their career or business think any woman they meet before “making it big” are not good enough for them. So they don’t plan on taking any women seriously until after they are successful.
>men in the 30s who have never had a car or job
>most men my race have been to jail or have 34 kids they don’t take care of
>dating sites don’t work because if a man actually wanted a gf he wouldn’t be on a dating site to get one

Does it get any better?

No. 1469499

Just.. don't date? Lol

No. 1469500

I don’t. I just wanna know where alll these Nigels are.

No. 1469502

I hate to break it to you anon, but lc autists are pretty much the same in terms of insufferableness. That's why a lot of them are ex-troons/detrans as well. It's always fun to think about having a female autist best friend, but the reality is that they're mostly annoying retards.

No. 1469503

They were scooped up already in high school or college or some anons got lucky on dating sites after a lot of trial and error

No. 1469508

you're right. i even see that kind of behavior here sometimes. i won't say which topics tend to make anons go autismo, but it's a common thing.

No. 1469510

Okay relax. I wasn't finished the movie yet, I was at the part where he was having some dramatic speech about how he's done bad things but he's not a bad person, this scene paired with the way he had just reacted in disgust to the tapes of the women being abused made me think the movie was trying to say something along the lines of "well he's sorry for his mistakes and he's not as bad as the other rapist." This narrative seems to be the one implied up until the final scenes where he betrays Tess. You don't need to explain what a protagonist is I too finished 9th grade, and I didn't feel I had to mention Tess as a protagonist because I thought it was fairly obvious to anyone else who had seen the movie. So sorry I posted before finishing the movie, I should've been more sensitive to the fact one of you would would get your panties in a twist and react like soyjack redditor and start giving lessons on what a protagonist is and how everyone else is stupid for not understanding your favorite movie. Maybe try simping for a movie that doesn't suck if your going to get so upset over people not liking it.

No. 1469511

I suppose so anon. I do enjoy reading posts by lc autists though, keep it up nonnies.

No. 1469512

File: 1673449638981.png (210.42 KB, 1144x1464, 1670935692202.png)

same nonny, i have never met a moid in my life who knew how to cook, or at least knew how to do moid jobs like fixing things in the house, that plus men looking 40 at 22 made me turn completly celibate. Whenever i get horny i take a walk and see all the busted guys who hit the wall at 20 and it helps me cool off.

No. 1469517

No. 1469518

I have met 1k guys of all races and looks online and have blocked every single one. It seems mathematically impossible that out of 1k men not one of them wasn’t a pos.

No. 1469522

Not on dating apps or social media.

No. 1469524

Nope. Unless you're just lucky and find a unicorn moid, I guess - even then you won't find them online or on apps and you can only discover the unicorn once you're already financially and emotionally in a good spot yourself.
Men really bring nothing to the table in relationships. This is why women should just put dating last on their list or drop it altogether because there are no advantages, if you date a man you have to put up with
>them aging like milk
>doing most of the domestic and emotional labour for them
>the probability that they will watch porn behind your back
>the VERY high chance that they will just straight up leave you if you become sick
However for men, there are so many benefits for being with a woman. Instant access to sex and having an emotional support maid is just three examples of that. Moids need us far more than we need them, and if anything that should be a massive turn off for any woman who has self-esteem and self-respect.
>Whenever i get horny i take a walk and see all the busted guys who hit the wall at 20 and it helps me cool off.
Kek I literally do the same thing, when you see what moids are like in everyday scenarios it's like the ultimate birth control. They're immature, physically repulsive and emotionally vacant.

No. 1469525

It’s kind of fucked that women are made to believe that we bring nothing to the table and men are tolerating us lol

No. 1469527

I was reading the lesbian fantasies thread on /g/ before bed and I had a gay lewd dream last night
I wish I can remember what it was, I'm so touch starved…

No. 1469535

This isn’t healthy but I’d rather pretend that my life is happy and great and just cry and be miserable in the privacy of my own home. No way in hell would I ever go to friends and family with my problems. That’s cringe.

No. 1469537

Kek even the ones that have been “scooped up” are just ticking time bombs of inadequacy, infidelity, or instability.

No. 1469539

The ones scooped up young will probably just use their lack of experience to cheat. Ya know “I never got to see what’s out there” fomo.

No. 1469574

I’d do it but we’d end up having sex.

No. 1469587

Nooo I had sex with this girl who is way younger than me (early twenties I’m late twenties) but I don’t really want to continue the relationship it was really awkward. She asked me out again and idk what to say. I have to see her at school daily and I like her as a friend though. I feel like an ass

No. 1469596

i need to stop texting my fwb when i get drunk. she never responds but tbf i’m not sure if she knew i was drunk bc it was tuesday night and i was being inquisitive and coherent. i’ve actually been really good about not blowing up her phone when i’m turnt it’s been a like 2 months since that happened but i ruined all my goodwill w her that one time but

also i wished her happy birthday yesterday and she sent me 3 salute emojis and “THANK YOU” in all caps like wtf? are you good? so i sent her that video of john cena announcing osama bin ladens death on wwe where he does all those salutes. i also asked her why she asked me if i remembered our safe word on saturday after we had the most vanilla sex imaginable like just curious? whatever she’s a weirdo. fuck

No. 1469600

obv I didn’t tell her the sex was basic on saturday i just asked why she asked..another thing this is really bad but she called her cat a cunt bc she kept scratching at the door to get let out bc of our room and i told her i thought she was talking abt me..eek

No. 1469602

File: 1673457019057.jpg (16.74 KB, 320x315, 1670500644269.jpg)

I had a bunch of canker sores pop up a couple of days ago and I'm going to commit if they don't heal soon i stg. I'm in pain

No. 1469603

I'm craving sushi from a local japanese restaurant near me so badly I feel like crying kek. I guess it's just been a shitty day thus far but having some sushi would make it all better. Too bad I'm a poorfag right now. God, what I wouldn't give for some fucking sushi…. kill me now.

No. 1469607

Why don’t you just block her?

No. 1469608

I wanna punch everyone who told me dealing with the big d would be an easier time for me than for my loved ones. "Oh, you'll just forget it's even happening to you!" No, no I fucking haven't. I'll go through weeks of forgetting important life skills and then regain clarity after so many days and remembering why things are such a mess. The rest of the time, I'm just confused and scared and can't always remember why or what's happening to me or sometimes who I am. I hate watching all the good parts of me get harder to express and hearing this vindictive snark come out instead like where did it even come from? Maybe I'll be so gone I don't recognize what's happening to me anymore but so far I haven't and the process is miserable. Been trying to sewerslide for months now since it's gotten bad but nigel won't fucking let me the coward. I swear that bastard will hold onto me until I'm nothing but a shell with a swiss cheese brain and even then he might not let me go. I will find a way to kms if I start forgetting husbandos though, I'd rather die than lose my yumejo/himejo cringe.

No. 1469610

i really like that pink bear character, he’s a lot cuter than rilakkuma

No. 1469611

like when i’m drunk or in general?

No. 1469612

skyrim is such ass lmao i want my 10 dollars back

No. 1469614

I once knew a moid who spent over $100 buying Skyrim 5+ times over the last 10 years. Dumbest thing ever.

No. 1469615

Like in general. You like her and you can’t even text without feeling embarrassed despite the fact you’re fucking her. Might as will masturbate at that point.

No. 1469617


No. 1469620

Save yourself the future embarrassment and just go ahead and block block block

No. 1469623

kek this was fun to read. good luck with her nona

No. 1469627

fuck. i did it <3 a weight a been lifted

No. 1469631

Good job! You should be able to goof around when you’re drunk with someone you’re fwb with. You shouldn’t have to walk on egg shells.

No. 1469632


No. 1469634

File: 1673459030152.png (12.36 KB, 512x333, formatformatformat.PNG)

We're allowed our less-than-three hearts, nona. She's not the first to fudge the formatting

No. 1469637

chill! so rude!
lol yea ur right i shouldn't feel shame for that. we used to have good text banter when i got drunk and talkative but it’s like something shifted…there might be a couple reasons for that but whatever it’s passed

No. 1469638

lol thank you

No. 1469641

I know skiing can be very dangerous so I wonder if there’s any studies on fatalities and injuries under female vs male instructors

No. 1469645

I think I am going to quit grad school. It's not like I was doing poorly. I maintained a 4.0 GPA. I just hate everything about it. Coming from a nice and quiet suburb with lots of open nature, I hate the chaos and filth of the city I moved to for grad school. I despise my classmates and the faculty who push the typical braindead progressive ideology. I have nothing in common with any of them and constantly have to wear a mask around them. Most of all, I have no interest in the subject matter and I have no clue what to do for my research project as a result. My parents kept pushing me to go into this program so that I might end up with a career but I can't stand it any longer. The last semester left me so stressed out from the combination of classes and the constant anger I felt towards the faculty, my classmates, and this shitty fucking city that I developed physical symptoms. I just can't stand it anymore. It just has been utterly terrible for my mental health. All moving here has done is made me more bitter and angry and I'm just done.

No. 1469647

saying dumb shit while drunk is normal and just requires a modicum of self control instead of trying to throw out the connection you fucked up with. expecting the same kind of engagement in a fwb as a relationship or friendship and having that leave you disappointed is already a sign that you messed up by becoming emotionally dependant on a sex-only situationship. sounds like OP jumped on the first response to take her opportunity to ghost which is also shows how incapable she is dealing with adult relationships.

No. 1469648

You're meant to format them like how it's formatted in the picture, are you blind? ♥

No. 1469649

Why do you type your name as ”anonymous”? You are supposed to leave the name firld empty

No. 1469650


No. 1469652

Calm down and report

No. 1469653

That was my vent…

No. 1469655

Dunno but you must be since you missed the part where I said she fudged the formatting

No. 1469656

File: 1673460710693.jpeg (24.39 KB, 554x554, 51A560FD-8C63-4ABF-A7B9-2B09FE…)

Y wont i dy?

No. 1469658

I suddenly have the strongest urge to self harm again. I will try to draw my husbando instead.

No. 1469659

Adults usually don’t do fwb because by the time you’re 30 you will realize how much of a waste of time they are. It’s better that she blocked her now than later. Also, fwb who make you feel like you can’t be yourself around them do this as a form of manipulation.

No. 1469660

She typed "anonymous" in the namefield. Newfaggotry. Top kek.

No. 1469672

i do agree with you that i put too much emphasis on the emotional side of our relationship even tho it obviously does exist and that’s normal/bound to happen with anyone you fuck regularly. i pulled away for a few months bc I recognized this (the difference between fwb/friends/gfs) and exercised self control and made myself busy/focus on other relationships and my work with our only contact outside of meeting up being me texting her to ask when she’s free. she also used to reciprocate the drunk (but readable) texts at one point in time even though it’s been a while. there's a lot of things leading up to this though, i’ve caught her in random lies a few times and she’s not assertive at all which i dislike but i ignored that for better or worse bc why should i gaf it’s just sex with the occasional going out to a show and drinking once every other month as a conduit for hooking up. i just thought her response to me wishing her happy birthday was unintentionally funny and i was feeling very open and flirty last night and it was also her birthday. idk. it’s the first time i’ve done that in a while so the novelty wore off. i over think all of my relationships like this not just lovers btw. she’s also going abroad for like a year in 1 month so it feels easier. i’m not a perfect person and i still have so much work to do i admit that much. it’s not right but it’s ok and now ik i’m not at a place where i can do fwb i realize that now.
hop off my dick jesus i’m literally illiterate you act like you were born knowing how to use lolcow fuck
agree but could you/someone else elaborate on your last sentence i wanna hear more

No. 1469675

>elaborate on the last sentence

I’m every situationship one of the people in the relationship always try to paint the other person as desperate and a loser. They do this to make you feel insecure and always available to give them attention when they want it but you’ll be to scared to ever ask them for anything out of fear of looking like a loser. You’re not allowed to ask for attention or sex only they can. This is why fwb don’t work because this is always the dynamic.

No. 1469676

In every* pops typo

No. 1469679

>i'm literally illiterate
>on lcf, an imageboard where we are all communicating via text
anon please just let it go before you say something even dumber. I backed you on the heart thing because lots of nonnies screw it up but you'll get piled on harder if you say retarded stuff like it's a defense

No. 1469682

But nonnie…. we all are anymouse

No. 1469687

File: 1673462587341.gif (2.56 MB, 190x200, 1646645953091.gif)

kek, holy shit no way she actually did type anonymous

No. 1469688

no fucking shit bitch have you ever heard of hyperbole
yea i agree. that was happening even though i never expressed how i was feeling to her i did feel like a loser even thinking about her in the most casual way, and that’s not to say that is solely her fault i have my hang ups clearly but it was there. like it felt good when i pulled back and only hit her up every once in a while but it felt off when i would even text her to hang out but i just buried it bc the sex was good, but u can find good sex anywhere. we just met when i was in a dry spell and now that i’m out of it there’s nothing holding me i can find someone on my wavelength easy

No. 1469695

File: 1673462945590.jpg (246.1 KB, 1927x1333, VIER PFOTEN_2015-04-27_010-192…)

Who let this tiktoker in…

No. 1469699

In a vent thread a month or so back I posted about being in an abusive relationship and not being able to get out or knowing what to do

I wanted to thank the kind nonnies who gave me support and advice to get out
I am now safe and I am free

No. 1469700

please just leave me alone….

No. 1469702

I’ve had scrotes tell me I’m bad in bed after casual sex. Honestly I’m not bad in bed, I just don’t like you. You want to have passionate and intense sex with a drunk woman who has know you for a week. Be serious with yourself, just be happy to get sex at all.

No. 1469703

Nta, but just read the rules/info and integrate.

No. 1469704


No. 1469712

File: 1673463562604.jpg (331.1 KB, 1066x1260, Screenshot_20220316-162743_Pin…)

That's amazing, nona. Best of luck to you!

No. 1469724

>Be me
>Try to spend time with my mom at the house
>Showing her something worthless I made just to talk with her
>My dad comes in and immediately just starts talking over me about whatever bullshit he watches.
>My mom gets up and just goes back to her room and I can't really blame her.
Anyways, that's how spending time with my family went today. If my parents ever ask why my sister doesn't talk with us anymore, I'll just have to say "I don't know".

No. 1469727

Just saw a friend of some sort post about them getting a hysterectomy due to troon shit soon and I feel so stupid for getting kinda angry, she knows how stupid and dangerous it is to get rid of a healthy organ, but especially an uterus. I am gonna have to get a full hysto in the near future if my endometriosis gets worse and I know this has nothing to do with me, but she fucking knows how important that organ is. She's also autistic so I just feel this all is so fucked up, I will not be congratulating her.

No. 1469761

File: 1673466268596.jpg (19.06 KB, 366x256, tumblr_59f857dc008e02e0b360fef…)

Wanted to see how long it'll take for my best friend to reach out to me if it's not me initiating contact. Four weeks and counting lol.

No. 1469764

It can go on months for me. I don't rely on friends for anything anymore and have no expectations from them now.

No. 1469801

Congrats nonna!! ♥

No. 1469802

I can't find anywhere to live!!

I need for at least 6 months to feel stability but up to a year or more is fine. I need a location nearby cafes, variety of restaurants and marts with foreign ingredients. With public transport and walking or bike ways, I can't drive. It needs to be relatively new looking and clean, with a full sized fridge and a shower I can turn around in and not touch the wall. It needs to be actually affordable and not a complete rip off price. And I cannot fucking find it at all anywhere. I am looking everywhere. This is why I am always moving around because I settle on some place so I am not homeless and it sucks every single time. Only one place was tolerable inside but location was so far from everything. I just feel lost at the hopelessness if it all. It doesn't exist. Normal living does not exist, it's all capitalistic hell.

No. 1469806

there's some things I want to do and I don't know if I'll ever have enough time and resources and it makes me sad. I want to run an indie lolita brand (even if only for a little), I want to make indie video games like otome games and cute rpgmaker stuff, and I want to start cosplaying. I'm jealous of people who have the time and money to get really into their hobbies, or the people who are able to make a good living doing stuff they enjoy. meanwhile I'm always struggling and can only daydream about one day maybe making my daydreams a reality

No. 1469820

i want to stream but my internet is trash, hate this country

No. 1469834

Hi romanianon

No. 1469839

idk why but I'm just in a really stressed, bad fucking mood. I can't pin down any one thing that's happened. I don't even know if anything has. But I am just so ANGRY and frustrated! I'm pissed off that I'm single but literally everyone gives me the ick. I don't want to date because I feel like I put so much effort into other people and its just not reciprocated. But at the same time, I am so so tired of doing everything alone. It's lonely and exhausting. I'm broke all the time because I have to pay for everything myself. I'm sick to my stomach with jealousy over my married friends that are buying homes and going on vacation and having kids, and I can't afford any of those things. I do actually like my job, but it's minimum wage without benefits.

I'm pissed off at all my friends too even though they didn't do anything. Similar to dating I feel like they just don't give as much of a fuck about me as I do about them. I often go days, sometimes weeks, without hearing from them unless I reach out to them first. They have reoccurring plans with each other and do not include me or make those kinds of plans even though we've known each other for years. I ask them to and they turn it down or have other obligations. I know deep down even though they are not bad people, these are NOT the kind of friendships I want. It doesn't make me happy, it feels too one sided. But I'm too scared to break them off because the idea of not having any friends seems so much worse than fair weather friends.

I'm angry at myself. I've been trying to get in better health and lose weight but I am extremely addicted to junk food and binge eating. Now that I'm not doing that, I'm just mad I can't eat all the food I want and I'm mad that I have those thoughts because it's so embarrassing and pathetic. Food is one of the few things that made me happy, I am realizing. And now I don't even have that anymore and it pisses me off and feels unfair. But I'm literally having medically diagnosed health problems because of my weight, it's not vanity, I need to be healthier. But I'm so fucking mad about it.

I'm just tired of being this angry and shitty and I know nobody wants to be around me when I'm like this. So on top of EVERYTHING I just have to isolate and have all these bad feelings alone. If I didn't have a pet to take care of I would legitimately kill myself, but I'm not even sad. I'm just tired and don't see anything ever changing and I'm so fucking bored of life. I exist for other people and even then they barely even care. I sure as shit am not enjoying myself and I'm mad I have to get up every day and live a life that's so shitty and boring and lonely and feels horrible, and for what? nothing. I'm just really confused and angry. I'm sure none of this makes sense. But I'm so out of sorts and just wanted to get it out.

No. 1469846

File: 1673470551237.png (76.45 KB, 340x323, 1646461790064.png)

I am not romanion wtf

No. 1469878

Damn nigga just looking for who asked

No. 1469879

words words words

No. 1469881

You really think I’m reading that essay?

No. 1469882

Nobody cares

No. 1469883


No. 1469885

I don’t remember subscribing to this blog

No. 1469886

kys samefag its the fucking feels thread

No. 1469924

File: 1673473972797.jpg (189.9 KB, 1403x1403, 1656189623706.jpg)

how come 4chan gets to have their "tits or gtfo" boys club and they have fast working jannies, don't have to deal with gore or cp outside of /b/. I just want a website equivalent to that but for women. Why is that so hard. I'm not even blaming the site's jannies at this point because they have to see cp all day, and I know how awful that must be for their mental health. I miss lolcow

No. 1469925

Here I am, once again, with the urge to quit my job and never talking to another person again. I feel like I can't breathe. I want to cry. I'm endlessly going back and forth with these feelings. Nothing ever fucking changes huh.

No. 1469957

Why tf would you post this image fuck you

No. 1469963

File: 1673475422391.jpg (40.25 KB, 720x548, 322859742_876139100242902_2289…)

Anons, are you afraid of being caught while laying low?
I had a close friend back in hs, we share the same interests and such so we get along with each other quite well. However, we did not end the friendship on good terms and there was bad blood between us. Later on, she moved with her family to a new country but she's still quite active in the weeb scene here ( we are both weebs btw ).
I want to sell some of my merch because I have fallen out of love with a character, thing is, back then she knew what kind of merch I had and I hope she doesn't keep track of most of the things that I bought because whenever I buy something weeb related I always let her know. I change all of my social media handles, block her, and even create new accounts so she does not keep track of me because she was the kind to berate or even sc stuff to talk shit about me and isolate me from my friends. Let's just say that she isn't too much of a good character.
This is the reason why I don't really post on social media anymore, I'm paranoid, and I just hope that she doesn't give a shit about me anymore so I can live my life in peace. Funny how she fuck my psyche and cause me to be paranoid yet shes out there probably living her life to the fullest.

No. 1469972

I KNEW HE HAS SOME FUCK SHIT. He was a fratboy dude bro rapper. His early street interview shit is basically the same as every fucking scrote who does it on the internet. He just happens to be genius enough to choose weirdos to interview and all he has to do is say nothing and assume the unbiased journalism LARP. Man fuck all scrotes, NEVER TRUST A SINGLE ONE.

No. 1469984

File: 1673475856269.jpg (58.6 KB, 500x634, this could be me.jpg)

i wish i didn't have to work tomorrow and that i could stay at home making stuff on my computer all day. instead i have to work on the work computer all day at work on stuff i don't care about. can't wait for the weekend

No. 1470021

it makes me sad that we dont have 1 dollar shops in my shithole thirdworld country, i want to do crafts so badly but its near impossible because they dont sell the materials anywhere. We dont even have hobby shops, so i can only live vicariously through videos. I honestly despise how i cant do most of the hobbies i am interested in in this country, want to sculp? sorry we dont sell any type of clay, want to do cute dioramas? good luck finding cheap materials to work with. I really wish i was interested in dating/having a family/going to bars or other normie goals and hobbies, because its a pain to want anything out of life here. I just want to focus on my hobbies, and i can't even do that. I really envy Japanese and American people who can have the weirdest fucking hobbies ever.

No. 1470026


No. 1470034

hope u cat

No. 1470037

no but I had a dog who liked to catch mice but she died so.

rest in peace my little mouse catcher

No. 1470051

thats how ratatouille started nonnie!!!

No. 1470067

Be careful, there's mice in my house sometimes and they always eat my blankets

No. 1470069

yea she cat

No. 1470071

I removed all my blankets from the box! I put them away in a bag and stuffed it into my closet. It doesn't seem like the mouse is in the box anymore because I jolted it around after I took out the blankets (still some random stuff in there) but no scittering or anything.

No. 1470077

I left work early without telling anyone and slept in a random parking lot until it was time to go home. Don't even know why, I just fucking hate that place.

No. 1470102

nta but the fact you paused the movie and came to the vent thread on lolcor to complain about it is really funny. you were literally minutes from the end lmao.

No. 1470122

I regret telling this guy I had a crush on him. I told him I had a crush on him the last day of work before I left (I didn’t really expect anything out of it, just wanted to let my feelings out) and then he messages me on instagram for my Snapchat. I don’t have it, so he told me to text him. He calls me for like 10 mins at night, and he asks if I had sex before (I said no) and talks to me a little bit more before he went to bed. Honestly, idk what he wants from me, because I feel like some needy whore every time I try to contact him. Was he just hoping for a hookup last night? Should I even expect anything from him? Because when I woke up, I sent him a good morning text, and idk if I was being too much. (Since we’re not even dating.

No. 1470137

>idk what he wants from me

Sex. He’s making that pretty obvious.

No. 1470141

He obviously wants to fuck you, don't look into it any deeper.
>uses snapchat, notorious for hookups and cheating
>asks you about sexual stuff at night
Don't message him at all if you care about your dignity and not letting degenerate moids fuck you

No. 1470148

File: 1673483787350.jpg (63.29 KB, 564x971, 9384b76249aadf684150cdba12eaac…)

>be me, no maternal instinct
>don't like/want kids for multiple reasons
>been consistent on this belief since i was a child and still find babies/children a bit yucky and uninteresting
>have a heavy period recently that left me with no energy
>suddenly feel some sort of urge to have a child after my period ends
what the fuck is going on? this only happens after it's heavy. it feels like my biology is holding me hostage. i don't like them, don't want them, but why are my hormones like this

No. 1470149

He wants to fuck you and was asking if you had sex before because he either likes virgins or he might have wanted to just come over quickly and get it done, but since you're a virgin he realized he'd probably have to warm you up to the idea. Proceed with caution, don't expect he will want a relationship. Odds are that he wants something purely sexual with you

No. 1470156

I've been seeing a guy for about a month. The dates are good, the dynamic is good, but now suddenly his parent has died.
I've done a lot of grief in my life so it's not so hard but it's still very very hard. Especially when i wasn't fully decided on him yet. The tiime i do carve out for myself I just want to drink and drink and forget and I know dealing with his shit is no help.
How can I try to stay in touch with myself during this time?

No. 1470162

I've been putting so much thought into this because i just feel good, feel right in myself around him, but this is not the case if he's making public puke. I'm sure he's doing grief drinking but I find it embarrassing. It's getting harder and harder to be supportive and this was the case even before. I think I will just drink.

No. 1470175

My neighbors are having a party in the middle of the week again and while I normally don't mind, I'm feeling really depressed tonight and I just wanna lay down on silence but I obviously can't. I have work to torrow too.

No. 1470186

Screw it, i am not giving a shit anymore about my parents. They did everything possible to make me miserable and i owe them shit. I am just going to focus on neeting and drawing from now on,i am not getting a shitty job for them, maybe they should have shitted me in a country with opportunities.

No. 1470208

I have no desire to talk to people or be around them but I’m still lonely. This feeling is worse than having the desire to be around people but them not wanting you around. In some ways it’s nice because I can detach from scrotes within seconds but I literally do not give a fuck about other humans and feel no connection.

No. 1470218

I hate people who have no emotional control/intelligence, get mad over everything and cause a scene everywhere they go.

No. 1470220

I'm so scared of the possibility that I could be diabetic.

No. 1470223

i feel the same anon friendships are too much work

No. 1470260

I'm tired of this current economic situation. I'm moving fast in my career yet I still can afford shit because the cost of living keep increasing.

No. 1470270

I think you should force yourself to be around people if possible. It is more painful and more difficult than loneliness, but it is worthwhile, and you might understand why people do it. I'm sure you have more to offer than you think, nonnie.

No. 1470281

It's hard to bring myself to leave my job because I'm so fucking comfortable here. I barely do any work and I have an insane amount of flexibility. It's a dream. The only reason why I want to leave is because I'm terribly underpaid, I'm making minimum wage while living in one of most expensive cities in burgerland. I live rent free with my parents and can afford my own indulgences, but I can never move out or save up for my own place. I'm interviewing for jobs and I do want to leave, but it is so hard to leave such a comfortable place. When I left my first shitty job, it was my "comfort" zone since it was what I knew, but it treated me like shit so it was a no brainer to leave. But now this is a comfort zone not only because it's what I know, but because I am treated so well. The job I interviewed for today would be paying me 20k more at minimum. That's insane, that's such a huge salary increase. But of course, more money means more work. I know I can do it, it's not that big of a deal, but it's just such a mental hurdle to go through and I know I'll always be thinking "damn I used to have it so fucking good, I used to get paid to do absolutely nothing." Also no point in asking for a raise. The pay cap for my position is the starting pay of the position I just interviewed for.

I also realize I've become such a shell of my former self. My younger self had stupid big goals but that dumb bitch achieved them. Now? I am a slug. I have no real goals or aspirations, I am just lazy. I feel like a shell of my younger self. I am a lot happier than my younger self, but it kinda sucks to think about.

No. 1470298

I hate boy moms and their sons. My mom is a boy mom and she purchased my brother a building, a house and a car but she wouldn’t even let me live with her rent free.

No. 1470317

Nona I have multiple devices, I was watching it on my laptop while scrolling lolcow on my tablet, I didn't pause it I was bored lol. I wasn't writing some formal review for a newspaper I was just casually bitching about a movie I thought I was going to like but didn't.

No. 1470322

GROOM THE TROON FOR AN ADVANCED POSITION OVER ME, I DARE YA! I will gladly follow his orders and help him hang himself with the rope he gives me. You guys are such fucking idiots it's unreal, hopefully by the time the tranny is in his new position I'll have moved on to a new studio.

No. 1470323

File: 1673497903524.jpg (71.9 KB, 524x524, Ivan-Sutherlands-SKETCHPAD-MIT…)

No. 1470327

My scrote seems to think that every youtuber/influencer is actually some megamind genius playing 5d chess every time I see something stupid in a video and comment, “Wow, that’s dumb”. He always jumps in like, “Thats what they want you to think!! It’s on purpose!! That’s how they get views!!!” even if it’s just some weird insignificant background thing that’s only annoying to me, personally. He thinks everyone shares my exact opinion and must be hate watching multiple times and sharing based on whatever it is I picked out. Fucking tinfoil tier moment.

No. 1470330

I’m so fucking tired of enby pickmes and their simps invading gaming spaces. I hate that they have to make every conversation about themselves or how they’re oh so special for LARPing as a femboy (what’s the point?). Idk what it is that makes everyone else in their orbit so retarded. I’m actually just tired of being in spaces where everyone is competing for the attention of one person for clout instead of creating a community. I’ve had people treating me like I don’t exist just because I’m not within a certain person’s social circle. I want to game with other girls without being seen as competition or a stepping stone. Why is it so hard to find people to connect with?

No. 1470362

I hate it when I shave my legs, and I get the chills, or take my pants off after a long day. It’s itchy and irritating. I would rather have the legs of a scrote for the rest of my life. Lotion doesn’t help either, I just don’t like how my skin feels with no hair, or partial hair.

No. 1470363

Been trying and waiting to get my money for a while now and since I am out of cash and food, I am basically starving until it comes. It wasn't so bad at first because I've starved before, this time I have some honey, peanut butter, basically condiments to get me by. But I am seriously getting really hungry. And like even when it comes in I have to go into the city to pick it up. I'm just… first I was starving most of my teen years, then in my 20s had bouts of not eating bc broke, even went a week without and by the end I couldn't walk, and now I am like this again. I just want food everyday of my life… thank god I have some stuff to give me energy even if only a little bit.

No. 1470376

>calling your bf/husband a scrote
>being with someone you think this poorly of

No. 1470377

Nta but it's her scrote, she can call him whatever she likes. I refer to my cat as "my little moid" as a joke because I think it's funny to call his little grump face "moid." Also she's just bitching about a youtube tinfoil thing that's not "thinking poorly of him" lol so dramatic.

No. 1470380

I'm sorry anon I've been there. Can you get a food job for extra income and at least one free meal a day? It helped when I was that broke due to insane rent here.

No. 1470386

Go to a foodbank nonnie. Or check local churches(any religion), some hand out cooked meals and non perishables daily.

No. 1470393

Sorry to hear anon, sending hugs. If you had a burner email and were comfortable sending a link to a ko fi or something I’d send you a few $$. No one should have to go hungry

No. 1470394

I'm pmsing this week and I was short itj two people this morning coming off of night shift because they expected me to stay late because someone else was late and its like I just 12 hours and had one break let me leave but now I'm upset with myself because it wasn't any of their fault

No. 1470425

So sick of the influx of retarded twitter users with retarded takes.

No. 1470438

File: 1673518080489.png (41.85 KB, 769x182, t.png)

What gets me is how they're always so overly hostile. You say something contradicting them and they go right out and call you a bitch. Also did anyone else see the anon in lolcow's own caps who posted a cap of an anon calling her a twitterfag, as if being butthurt enough to post it somehow proves she's not?

No. 1470445

Women with big boobs are so fucking mean sorry I was built like this and don't want to pay a man $$$ to mutilate my body.

No. 1470463

Thank you ladies for the thoughts. I can't legally work at the moment but I am holding out again today. I even arranged upcoming gigs and this money was supposed to help me until then. We don't have any food options here, and I wouldn't be able to use any help anyway but I appreciate it. I will call again to see what's happening.

No. 1470466

True, even "harmless" boob jokes make me roll my eyes. If they're being an asshole to you they're probably insecure about their weight or sagging or other stuff and taking it out on you. I dont think anyone actually confident about their breasts would bully other women, its a big fat cope

No. 1470469

I tried socializing today and I was a dickhead. Some guy just mentioned where he’s from and I laughed because I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. I hate how I act in public, like I perform this amalgamation of Acceptable Friendly Behavior collected from movies and YouTube video. No I don’t laugh at everything naturally and these are just conversation adlibs to try to convince you that I’m not a cunt. Being a human being with flesh is so humiliating sometimes.

No. 1470480

i started thinking about the little girl i used to be, and it made me incredibly sad. all i wanted when i was a young girl was to have a happy, normal life. i grew up in a dysfunctional home and my family used our wealth to appease everyone instead of actually dealing with our problems. i just wanted to come home to a safe place where i didn't always feel this oppressive anxiety about something bad happening if i was too happy/relaxed. the sound of doorbells and people knocking on my door still freak me the fuck out because a part of me still associates those sounds with something bad happening, like my aunt coming in the middle of the night in a violent schizophrenic meltdown, my cousin being dragged home by the police because she was absolutely wasted in public, my grandfather coming bck from work in a violent narc rage to take it out on my grandmother or, later on after she died, me, over dumb shit like a crumb on the countertop or the windows being open. the only thing i had to comfort me were my pets, and now they're all gone (either dead or living with other relatives). i remember as a child i would go out at night and look at the stars and dream of finding a better life somewhere, where i could forget everything. my parents divorce, my messed up family, being bullied in school, everything. i don't know why i went through all that shit; everyone says that it makes you a stronger person, but what little girl deserves that? how did it make me strong? i am just a survivor. i am not strong. i just know how to cope with abuse, but i am not strong. strength comes from love, not from family screaming in your face, telling you you're worthless and you'll never be anything, or wondering why your own father never loved you and never wanted you while people coo over how much you look like him. i just don't understand.

No. 1470482

I always mix the dates for 10 and 20's. My retardation caused me to miss a dear friend's birthday which fucking sucks, hers was on 11th not 21st. She has helped me a lot and is really upset with me rn it makes me so sad.

No. 1470487

File: 1673529341882.jpeg (43.8 KB, 693x524, 24B16510-89A7-4C64-A5E7-B27542…)

I wanna fucking scream

>be me, working my little job

>coworker who i’ve known for awhile comes in, raving about this plum latte she just got
>she asks me if i wanna try
>it’s out of her mug and i decide why not, i’ll just sip from a different edge
>fast forward 3 weeks
>I notice a bump on my lip + a swollen lymph node
>bump goes away, but I decide to telehealth my doctor
>doctor: “sounds like HPV”
>me: “um what? I’m not in a relationship and my roommate and i don’t share most of our stuff, plus she doesn’t seem to have it.”
>doctor: “have you shared a drink with anyone recently?”
>it hits me
>said coworker was wearing a lipstain at the time so i wouldn’t have been able to tell
>I go back to work the next day, and low and behold same coworker mentions in the break room that she actually started a polycule over the pandemic
>AND she’s sporting a big fucking cold sore

i wanna fucking PUKE i got herpes from a poly infested gang. i was so SO careful my whole life, and I’ve fucking taken all of the vaccines?? what gives?!?!

No. 1470491

I'm bad with birthdays too. I have a physical calender I write everything down on otherwise I'd never remember. Then one time I transferred everybodys birthdays to it wrong lol. I'm sure you will make it up to your friend don't beat yourself up too much

No. 1470493

So wait are you talking about herpes or hpv?

No. 1470497

I misspoke, I assumed hpv and cold sores were interchangeable but my doctor just said cold sores which as far as I am aware is a form of herpes. not the sexually transmitted kind. idk enough about the difference but I just know cold sores are super common, and he said not to sweat it but i’m still grossed out.

No. 1470498

> i got herpes

No. 1470500

You might not even have herpes if you tried a new lip balm recently or maybe have something like chellitis? You can know for sure with a blood test

No. 1470503

Okay i was scared that hpv could be transmitted through saliva

No. 1470506

Nta but holy shit nonna i thought i had herpes this whole time because I didn’t know about cheilitis. Thank you

No. 1470507

Just because you’re fucking a man doesn’t mean he’s not a scrote or not retarded.

No. 1470508

i know i will probably get a blood test but god am i dreading it. and no, no new lip balm. The swollen lymph nodes is the tell tale sign it’s probably a cold sore. Luckily, it only felt like a hidden bump before disappearing fairly quickly.

No. 1470523

boyfriend broke up with me and i landed in the mental hospital with it. i will see him on sunday because he means the world to me and i want to keep him in my life. i can't keep going on like this and i'm scared

No. 1470525

File: 1673533653731.jpg (11.65 KB, 280x498, 1672534352944.jpg)

legit thinking about getting those genious pills adhd havers eat, i dont know if i have ADHD, though i have all the symptoms but i am tired of being so anxious and not being able to finish or focus on anything

No. 1470535

Well you're definitely not getting him back as a partner if you're that desperate. He'll probably try to placate you by "staying friends" so you don't go off the deep end. The best thing you could do is give him the breakup he asked for so he can feel your absence. As well as finding some new dick, because jfc they're not worth the misery.

No. 1470537

You know what?? I'd befriend Rom*nianon. I can fix her.

No. 1470540

I miss when I was young and a “good woman” before scrotes made me not give a shit about them. I remember when I was younger I loved babies, I was more loyal, open to love, excited about guys but what did they do? Pump and dump me, do cruel shit like have sex and immediately leave without saying a word, keeping me on the line while they find “better women”. Now having sex to me is like taking a piss, I just don’t hold any importance too it. It is funny to hurt scrotes egos by blocking them after sex because they assume all women really want a relationship with them and they can start acting up after sex….that’s pretty much the only good thing that came out of being damaged as fuck.

No. 1470543

You’re pretty much trying to force him to be with you. Imagine if a scrote did this, cringe right? Cut it out kek

No. 1470549

i don't want anyone else, i just can't do this anymore

No. 1470550

i wouldn't mind if he did the same because i would take him back, he's worth it to me

No. 1470555

Well you’re going to have to grow up. Threatening to kill yourself or go mental because a guy leaves you is only going to get him to the point where he resents you or cheats. Plus, a year from now you’re going to look back and be embarrassed by acting this childish. Just block him on everything, delete his pictures and move on.

No. 1470559

> Threatening to kill yourself or go mental because a guy leaves you is only going to get him to the point where he resents you or cheats
This, he might stay with you but he will resent you more with every day your histrionics force him to put up with you.

No. 1470560

i didn't threaten to kill myself, it just ended up being too much. i don't want to let go of him because we've known eachother for years and i know i will never find a person like that again. it's just too difficult and even from a year on, i will still be like this. i think i just fucked up genuinely yet i still want to do everything i can so we can both have a happy future together

No. 1470561

> even from a year on, i will still be like this
You sound very young. You can't predict the future and that is an incredibly unlikely outcome.

No. 1470564

i don't know if there will be a future for me tbh, he made me genuinely happy and i can never replace him

No. 1470567

God, I wish I was like this again.

No. 1470568

Well if you insist acting this way just tell him that if he stays with you he can fuck other women etc, that is pretty much the only thing that will keep a scrote who wants to leave around. You’ll just learn the hard way.

No. 1470569

why though, this shit is painful and i have no one to talk to anymore

No. 1470572

i guess , i just want him around for a while, i don't care what he does, he's worth it to me

No. 1470573

I've grown old and cold of heart and I yearn to feel like I did ten years ago.

No. 1470574

i understand that and i knoe every person deals differently with their problems but this is just too much at this point. the loneliness is eating me up and i have simply no one left

No. 1470576

Yeah just go ahead and tell him that he can fuck other women as long as he comes back to you and I guarantee you be will stick around for a few more years kek

No. 1470578

as bad as it sounds i would stick around

No. 1470579

I am a very slow person and don't have enough hours in a day to enjoy daily life. The fast tempo of life makes me chronically tired and 24 hours are not enough for my speed.

No. 1470580

Well go do that and things are going to get worse for you before they get better but you probably need the learning experience.

No. 1470582

i'm fine with ruining myself at this point, nothing is worth it anymore so why not make it worse

No. 1470583

Well keep us updated on how that turns out!

No. 1470585

oh yeah definitely, it doesn't matter anyway

No. 1470587

File: 1673536413165.jpg (57.69 KB, 563x481, b6dcffa7445811988cfcce8a07bc58…)

I can't quit my job right now it would ruin my life but I am all out of fucking patience
I wish these fucking idiots a very kill themselves

No. 1470589

Working in a shared space for journalists and most tables are labelled but I was told by the people who maintain the space will label the space but basically stopped using it. There's spots where people have whole computer set ups so I don't sit at those spots because obviously they belong to someone, but most other spots just have a piece of paper with a news agency name and nothing else. I just started coming here regularly so I don't know who actually shows up for their spot and who doesn't. No one has shown up to take the spot I've been sitting at until today when some moid comes bumbling in and yells at me that it's his spot. You can just say "hey, this is my spot, can you move?" instead of yelling at someone else, but he's an entitled moid with no manners I guess. Fuck moids. People are so fucking aggressive for no reason, it's not even like we're at some briefing and scrambling to get to the front or some shit. It's just a chill space for people to work on their stuff.

The other day I left for about 2 hours to attend something somewhere else in the building, and when I came back I saw someone moved all of my stuff and it doesn't really bother me since I had all my valuables with me, but they just moved my stuff and then didn't put any of their stuff down as to say "I took back my spot"? Just moved it. I moved my stuff back and sat down and for the rest of the day no one came back.

No. 1470592

I've been in the same situation and these anons >>1470543 >>1470555 are completely right. Not like you'll listen anyways.

No. 1470595

yeah but is it bad that i'd still take him back

No. 1470598

I must’ve done something really evil in a past life only to be paying the price for it now.

No. 1470625

I just release the most amount of shit I’ve ever had in my entire life I literally had no idea the body could even hold onto that much shit my stomach feels so much relief now though

No. 1470627

I feel like I'm getting sick, which would usually be a good thing because I wouldn't have to go to work. Except my vacation starts in 2 days, meaning I might spend my vacation fucking sick. Fuck

No. 1470630

This is why I work part time. Don't care that I barely make ends meet.

No. 1470675

I'm gonna kill myself. I've been waiting for that exemption letter for months now, turns out i'm not gonna get it. I'vs shed so many tears and spend so much fucking money. I'm gonna get fucking drafted into the army nonnas. I want to kms i can't believe this. I'm in no condition to serve. That's it, im done.

No. 1470692

where do you live that a woman can get drafted? Dont kys. Most army work is paperwork and desk jobs.

No. 1470693

File: 1673544970173.jpeg (34.66 KB, 590x544, SEw3iokc.jpeg)

This week I started studying programming, and a couple of guys and I are way ahead most of the class since the guys have previous experience in coding and I just seem for once to have a talent for it so far. One of the guys in class got anxious and super stressed when he saw that we were so far ahead while he was struggling (though I overheard him and the teacher talking and it seems he is pretty much in phase with the rest), so he started considering dropping out and didn't show up today. I know it's not my fault but I feel bad, been in his position SO many times so I get what he is going through since I'm usually feeling like the class failure whenever I take any class or course.

No. 1470697

Don't do it nonny, it's not worth it. I think you will be okay- I am hoping for your safety. Keep us updated, we support you nona.

No. 1470699

Who gives a shit if a guy gets too emotional to keep going with a class. He sounds like an idiot. also, fuck your bts reaction gif. We dont like kpop here

No. 1470702

No, i live in isreal, the worst country on earth. No joke i'd rather live in russia or in some Balkan shithole than spend one more day here . Service is mandatory for girls over here, unfortunately. Death to this stupid illegitimate fucking country. The second they give me the gun i'm shooting myself in the head with it.

No. 1470703

Please dont kys, anon. You are worth more.

No. 1470704

Gee, sorry. I don't listen to kpop, just had it in my reaction image folder and thought it was fitting for my mood. Thought it was just a random dude.

No. 1470706

Why would you even give a shit about a moid failing his own class?

No. 1470707

no worries. i was being a bitch for no reason. Im gonna go eat something now. But for real, anon, focus on yourself. You are probably smarter than most people in that class. If they cant handle it, let them drop out.

No. 1470709

I don’t understand men who act slutty but still think they deserve respect because they’d never respect a woman who acts like a whore. You’re sending me nudes, shirtless pictures and all you talk about is sex but then you get mad when you’re left on read, blocked and you’re only contacted for sex or money. I thought this is what men wanted but they always hate being treated like that.

No. 1470712

She explained it quite well, try reading something for a change.

No. 1470714

Nta but That same scrote she’s feeling bad for would take her spot in numerous positions and bar her from certain spaces because she’s a woman if he were actually intelligent. She needs to stop being a K-pop faggot and stop feeling bad for scrotes.

No. 1470715

Yeah I'm gonna focus on my own shit, I just feel bad seeing someone dropping out, but I'm also a mentally ill bitch whose default setting is shame and guilt 24/7 so I pick up on things like that. But this is the only thing I've found I'm good at and I'm aiming to make a career out of this and nothing is going to stop me, even if it means bulldozing a moid or five.

No. 1470719

You need to stop attacking random people for having empathy just because you're a friendless loser who can't relate to anyone.

No. 1470720

Nonna this is going to happen with most of the others in the class. It's probably the same for any subject, but I studied programming and only about a third or a fourth of the people in CompSci 101 actually stayed on to higher level courses. Some people can't write, some people can't do math, some people can't program.

No. 1470724

Actually infighting is against the rules and your senseless shitstirring should fall under that term.

No. 1470725

Imagine caring about friendship with scrotes

No. 1470727

And what’s going to happen to me if I break the rules? Nothing kek go cry about it.

No. 1470735

Just remember that if the scrote were in your position, he wouldnt help you or give a shit. Men keep women out of certain programs and women have to work twice as hard while men live life on easy mode. You got this shit.

No. 1470737

Yeah, people like you are popular with women, I'm sure you have tons of friends.

No. 1470740

I guess you're right, I heard programming was gonna be really hard so I guess I got a bit cocky being surprised people were already dropping out.
Good point. Though I hope I'm reading it wrong but it seems that the teacher is already a bit annoyed with me being over ambitious, but maybe he was just having a bad day. I kinda went into this class somewhat prepared for trannies and general douchebags, and haven't gotten either yet but I'm still keeping my guard up lmao

No. 1470743

she literally said she thought it was a random moid to use as a reaction image and not a kpop fan do you need some ice for that enflamed anus of yours? you are just itching to get mad at something kek. relax

No. 1470745

Nothing wrong with being cocky if you're good at what you do. More women need confidence in male dominated fields.

No. 1470746

Nope I will not relax

No. 1470754

hey i'm a kpop fan are you gonna yell and ree at me now please

No. 1470757

Working from home suits people will my personality so much more. No white bitches up my ass because I’m not a friendly and out going black woman. You actually have time to learn how to do your job because managers arent bitching about poor performance even though you’ve been working there only a week! People can only focus on your work because they can’t see you. I don’t have to be fact ass friendly and watched all damn day. Working from home is heaven sent from poc, especially poc women.

No. 1470759

Naw you’re you’re ugly. That’s punishment enough.

No. 1470762

Fake ass friendly*

No. 1470765

A woman I loved really wronged me and I'm trying to get over her and I have, mostly, but the problem I don't know how to fix is that horny me still only has eyes for her. No one else turns me on anymore, and even though I know she's a piece of shit, my creature brain still thinks she's the sexiest woman on the planet. If I try to look at women who are my type, they only wind up reminding me of her and I'm back to square one. I don't know what to do.

No. 1470767

I feel like I’m alone in this but how do I as a woman in my 30s get over looks?let’s be real. Most scrotes hit the wall at 27 and I’m trying to be open minded. I just can’t imagine being snuggled up at night with someone with a big beer belly and hair all over. I know I’m not in the best shape but still I can’t do it and everyone’s starting to side eye me because I’ve been single for 5 years!

No. 1470771

Don't settle. Give it time, you will find someone that suits your tastes if you don't stress over it. I was anxious about the same thing until I stumbled upon the moid I'm seeing atm that is almost a perfect match for what I was looking for. And I was single for several years before that.
But honestly, being attracted to scrotes is hell nowadays with the majority hitting the wall hard at 27 but still acting like they're hot shit. Fuck tumblr's dad bod propaganda that made moids and women think looking like that is acceptable.

No. 1470783

i mog you but keep dreaming

No. 1470784

people like you are holding women back

No. 1470788

I'm glad to hold back retards like you but I wish I could be more effective. I should apply for farmhand.

No. 1470790

you are so cute nonna, i would be laughing my ass off if it were me

No. 1470792

Wanting to ban people for disagreeing with you? So girl power of you

No. 1470793


No. 1470799

I broke up with him because I found out about him cheating and he can’t even give me the decency of explaining things. I’m so heartbroken, I just want a hug so bad. He promised me the world, and all that followed was excuses. He always said the main thing that drew him to me was that he wanted to make my life happy after my tragic childhood, and I believed him because no one had ever been that nice to me. Really I think he just saw how weak I was, and it was taking advantage of that. I’m not going to ramble but I have no where else to turn and I’m really heartbroken and alone. I just want to stop hurting

No. 1470800

I'm a dumb bitch who's reconciling with a mildly toxic ex because I lOvE him no matter what and dick is too bomb.
He lashed out at me multiple times because I wouldn't smoke weed and take molly with him, tried to gaslight me once (literally, not in this overused insta/tiktok way) but is too dumb to actually be in any way dangerous, constantly twists events and my words to his own benefit so he can "win" arguments, is impossible to argue with without immediately getting defensive and bringing up irrelevant shit and doesn't realise any of this and thinks he's god's gift to the world.
Fuck, he constantly talks about how he does things because he's a "good person" and said multiple times that "he'd never hit me" (nobody asked!!!! I never even thought of that). Thing is, he's pretty loyal and has no history of physical abuse, he's just fucking stupid and insecure and deep inside he realises how much of a toxic mess he is. The dude is like 35 in a super successful career as well.

I never told him how I felt, just ended up letting everything fester and dumped him when things got too much, now I wanna have a "talk" with him before he can even touch me and I low-key know I'll get into this messy shitty relationship again but I'll also make him get therapy ahh idk what to do, he's so hot but fuck me, dude needs to truly realise he's got issues.

I'm gonna fucking destroy him when we meet next weekend by confronting ALL of his toxicity and he's texting me about how beautiful and sexy I am and that he can't wait to have me back in his bed lmao.

No. 1470805

Why do you bother arguing with him? If you know you aren’t going to leave and enjoy having sex with him, just accept him as who is is and not stress yourself out.

No. 1470807

Because part of me loves him and holds onto the good memories and there's loads of them too. We broke up almost a year ago and I never found anyone who makes me feel this way but another part of me is completely repulsed by him. I'd do it again, he's decent but he needs therapy asap. Whenever we'd get into a conflict I'd just see this insecure teenager that does everything in his power to defend himself from being proven wrong - classic blatant trauma response.

No. 1470808

Girl he’s 35 lol at this point you need to learn how to just be with him and accept what he does or leave. That’s the reality for you.

No. 1470809

Also, that's a good point. I'm still mad so I'll have a proper go at him but maybe I'm happy to just take the dick appointments without a proper relationship.

No. 1470813

god i understand you, i broke up with my boyfriend recently and he hurt me so many times but i am still trying to get him because i love him lol. even tho he's a mess but i wanna help him and get him therapy

No. 1470817

If you really sit down and think about is he really that attractive or are you just trauma bonded?

No. 1470819

>dick is too bomb.
No dick is ever too good for the amount of shit this 35 year old grown male is putting you through.
>is too dumb to actually be in any way dangerous
You don't know this. The fact he strangely mentioned "he would never hit you" is sus to me. Unless he's a literal retard, no, he is not "too dumb" to be dangerous. I've met men who I've thought this about too and it was only a matter of time until they did eventually become dangerous.
>he's pretty loyal and has no history of physical abuse
Doesn't matter, literally irrelevant, even scrotes with no history of this shit can simply find a woman who is vulnerable and naive enough (you, in this case, no offense) and this is how the abuse starts.
>I'll also make him get therapy ahh idk what to do
You can't make a man get therapy. If he really wanted to be a good person and a good man for you, he'd do this of his own accord. You can't fix him sis, and you will never be able to. It doesn't matter how good the sex is, you either have two options: accept that he's a degenerate scrote who will probably end up beating you soon and put up with that, or find your self-worth and leave. I seriously hope the former never happens to you, but these are the consequences of playing with moids like this - nothing good comes from it, and in a few years you'll regret prioritising sex over your actual safety and mental health.

No. 1470825

>match with cute girl on tinder
>hit it off immediately, am happy because it's so hard to having a naturally flowing conversation with people on dating apps
>she's very straight forward and inquisitive about me
>i am huge sucker for when people call me cute lol
>convo going well
>talking about something, say that sometimes I get snappy especially if I'm hangry
>she responds "emotional people are so cute, especially when they get upset"
>then she says "im more of a psychopath than anything"
>realizing as our convo continues that she sounds like a 3edgy5me middle schooler

She is so hot nonnies, I'm so sad kek. I noticed while we were talking that we're basically polar opposites but I kept thinking "nah I can make this work" because I'm a stupid dumbass, but the psychopath comment made me do a double take. I thought maybe it's just worth it to brush it off because it was just one cringey comment but then there was other stuff and I just… I can't do it nonnies. I am cringey too but the "I am so cool and edgy, look at me I have no emotions. I am ABOVE YOU because I have no emotions" shit is not my brand of cringe. I did think maybe it'd be worthwhile to meet up with her irl and maybe she'd be more mellow irl but I don't really know if I want to risk it. We already exchanged instagrams and I'm kicking myself for it.

On the bright side I am having a much more fun conversation with another girl but we both take a few days to respond to each other. I guess it's nice that there's no pressure there. It's slow but nice.

No. 1470828

The way she was describing him as insecure and stupid it made me think he was some immature 18-21 year old who doesn’t know himself yet but then she said hes 35 and I’m like kek

No. 1470829

Dating seems so fun for other women but it’s not for me. This is how it usually goes for me:
>scrote tries to have sex with me and then ghosts
>shows up a few months or weeks later trying to have sex again and then ghosts
>rinse and repeat

Usually they keep this up for years unless I block them . I don’t have all these fun dates or exciting stories. The guy either wants to be my bf after knowing me a day or he wants to disappear and come back trying to get sex.

No. 1470831

my grandma has been dead for years now, and her very wealthy husband (not my bio grandfather) is of course a huge POS and did some shady shit with the will. it sucks and i know it has prevented my mom from adequately grieving her mother but the incessant venting about HIM is making me fucking miserable. it sounds harsh and selfish but it is constant and exhausting. i can't have a conversation with her without her somehow turning it into what a miser he is/how she's going to have a scooby doo moment and uncover all of his villainy/etc etc etc. literally today
>talking about health insurance problems
"i bet the insurance he had when (grandma) was sick was super expensive, way more than we could ever afford."
>talking about what we would do if we won the lottery
"well THAT side of the family wouldn't get any. actually he would probably be dead by then segue into how much she's not going to care when he dies"
of course counseling has been discussed ad nauseum but she's put off going i think because resolving it that way would mean that she's not going to get any money (wasn't gonna happen anyway) and she would lose the great big black hole she's blamed all of her problems on for the past few years. honestly i kind of just wish he'd fucking die but i'm not sure that would even help anything at this point

No. 1470839

I am legit so weirded out by this "I'd never hit you" shit, ngl, a red sail but it's such a shockingly transparent statement that I just took it as a sign of some deep-seated insecurity and retardation because I wanted to make things work so badly. There's so much shit I was just letting slide due to my nonexistent self esteem until my gut feeling told me to run. But the fact that he said that multiple times completely out of nowhere says it all, really.
I left the relationship blaming myself for hurting him but now I realise what a fucking mess he is and my main problem was letting everything slide and not running the first or second time he pulled out a red flag.

He makes six figures in a major advertising company in London but can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're"… Like if we ever needed proof that a moid can have an IQ of a box of crayons and still get places based on… I don't fucking know what.

Nah Nonnas, thank you for advice, I was venting because I'm mad at myself for engaging with the scrote (he reached out to me) but I promise I'm not gonna let myself get sucked into this shit again.

No. 1470847

Same. It seems like I only attract these types and it makes me feel so bad, specially because I barely interact with people or men, I'm pretty reserved yet they just treat me like a hoe at face value, I really don't know what I'm doing wrong

No. 1470851

I think maybe it’s because they don’t feel I’m as exciting as other women(liking hot and cold drama, liking abuse and other toxic shit). I’m not going to be constantly arguing, crying and doing crazy shit so I just get wrote off as boring and hook up material from time to time.

No. 1470857

if she's 18-19 i'd give it a cautious pass, it's not like a switch flips at 18 and kids instantly become emotionally intelligent empathetic adults. would never tolerate this line of thinking 21+ though, at least spoken aloud.

No. 1470870

Well I hope you’ve learned to leave older scrotes alone. I’m assuming you’re under 25 correct?

No. 1470927

Either she's lying about her age (lists it as the same as my age, I'm 29) or this is just really unfortunate. I'd even let it pass at early 20s, but past 25? That's just a red flag.

I don't even know what I would do if I met her irl and she was this cringey irl. I used to know people in college who would do the 2edgy4u shtick and it was skin crawling behavior.

No. 1470940

Pretty close, 26 actually.

No. 1470943

>stop attacking random people for having empathy
I feel empathy for scrotes too but you gotta straighten up and remember the truth, like nonnie said, he'd fuck her over if he could. Being empathetic can be overwhelming at times, you have to really think about who deserves your empathy instead of aww'ing and baww'ing for anyone who stubs their toe a little.

No. 1470949

> he'd fuck her over if he could
Most people aren't like that, and the ones who are are pretty evenly split in sex in my experience, but then again I don't live on social media.

No. 1470965

Sorry nonnie. Don't ask him to explain, that's literally just giving him an opening to make excuses. Don't open up about childhood trauma to moids ever. I know it's so tempting, especially when they share theirs and you're thinking like "hey this is something we could bond over and form a deeper connection". Nope, it's not. Like you suspect, it's a way for them to dig out your weaknesses. It might not be their plan from the beginning, they might genuinely want to listen and do care about you, but they'll use it against you if they suddenly feel like it.

No. 1470975

Where are the fucking mods, did they abandon lolcow? Moid is spamming at full autism speed atm and the previous null spam is still in the catalog.

No. 1470981

“Not all men!”

No. 1470986

If your position is "every single one" then "most actually don't" is a relevant reply.

No. 1470989

Most would screw her over or not care if the tables were turned

No. 1470995

Ew a male apologist

No. 1470997

I don't do male apologia, but I do push back against retardation no matter the content. I really hate how normalized it is to try and make people neurotic on here. Fuck off to whatever shithole you crawled out of where you tell yourself that you're in danger any second of any day and everyone is out to get you.

No. 1471004

I’m still in love with my ex and I’d come crawling back to him if he wanted me. Just take me out back and put me down like Old Yeller, I’m a fucking disgrace to the female sex.

No. 1471005

Feeling alone as hell

No. 1471006

same tho, i miss my ex

No. 1471008

i hate that the only oldschool forums i stumbled upon were both perverted male degeneracy ones under hidden under false innocent pretenses assumingly to avoid the law. the first being a zoophile forum and the second being what i thought was a movie enthusiast forum that turned out to be centered around pedophelia. it's so fucking sick all i wanted was a movie discussion forum. and it was quite old too with posts dating back to 2005. i literally couldn't believe my eyes it made me feel so sick i had a panic attack. the zoophile forum i didn't even bother to look through because it was immediately because the first thing i saw was something about abusing huskies. i can't even remember what i was looking for and i got there through google images. it's so so so sick. i reported them both but it still makes me feel unbelievably nauseous i feel haunted by even having the knowledge that they exist. i wish every participant in these forums dies slowly in the most torturous manner and i wish there was a normal oldschool female only forum…

No. 1471009

>old school female forum

Gurl.com was a thing in the early 2000s

No. 1471025

File: 1673558638734.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1268x2252, 97F64C52-D651-4518-B258-D1C4BB…)

Smagefav but ahh the good old days

No. 1471032

File: 1673558918306.png (1.89 MB, 1284x2778, 844976BE-7A62-4192-BCCC-25A681…)

No. 1471033

File: 1673558962210.gif (14.75 KB, 440x450, 12_16_07_01.gif)

>normal oldschool female only forum
I kinda panicked when I couldn't access LC for a few days, there is literally NO other place to talk for women only.

No. 1471041

holy shit what would it take to make something like this again? why did it even go away? can't lie i haven't experienced the website and i wish i had ugh it sounds like it would have been so helpful. there's so much stuff too. i'd say take me or bring it back but i really mean for something like this to be here because i can't take lolcor being my only outlet as much as it's (or nonnies) helped me. how come moids have hundreds of forums of all kinds even illegal ones still up and running but we don't? we need to make a change i'm serious

No. 1471054

File: 1673560364031.png (37.3 KB, 381x276, tumblr_p5alz5UxP91wk9qzao1_400…)

No. 1471056

File: 1673560430679.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x2033, A6DB7FF7-FB34-4FDF-855A-C419DD…)

It lasted until around 2011. The main user base probably just grew up and lost interest since were all in our early 20s around the time the forum shut down. It’s interesting looking at this stuff again since I haven’t been on this site since like 2007 kek

No. 1471086

Not so much old school but in the late 2000s early 2010s I loved the dress up site Stardoll and I spent most of my time on the forums section.

No. 1471088

My Nigel's exes are so retarded. I hate the fact I have to bash on them, he's made the mistake of dating psychos. It's not that they bother him, they bother ME. They're 10% of the reason why I decided to quit social media, because they reminded me how many crazy people just exist online with nothing better to do and want to bother randos and point fingers at people instead of finding a solution for themselves. I've gotten messages from my Nigel's exes trying to use me to talk to him, even though they can easily do so themselves by unblocking him on Discord, but no, she just has to DM me from one of her 4 side accounts. I have a strong belief she fabricated a stalker to send threatening letters to her parents and herself. Nigel says she would self harm often and walk around the house with bloody legs after getting stalker mail so he believes she wouldn't intentionally self harm, but after all this, I can believe so. Nigel's ex realized she outed her side account so she went and blocked me and privated. God, why even make the effort.

No. 1471089

If a all of his exes are acting crazy there’s a reason

No. 1471092

if multiple of his exes are crazy then he probably made them that way lol

No. 1471093

But why towards me? Why do they even go back to him? Why can't they move on? One from 3 years ago DMd me as soon as she found out who he was dating me.
My ex increasingly gave me the silent treatment and after 6 years together, I up and left him. I don't go to his current gf (i don't even know if he has one or not because I'm not in his life anymore and I don't care) and try to bother her about him owing me anything

No. 1471095

How did they even get your discord and why didn’t he have them blocked to begin with?yeah they are crazy but usually all fingers can be pointed back at the scrote

No. 1471097

or he sought out unstable women for relationships which is also a big red flag

No. 1471107

My mistake was putting my discord on my Twitter and Instagram because I didn't expect this to happen, but he was still in contact with his recent ex on Discord because he is still under the apartment lease that thankfully ends in a couple months, but she went and blocked him on everything she could find anyway before he even moved out. He deleted his Twitter as soon as his ex from 3 years ago messaged me because he had her blocked once he made the account to avoid any interaction, but it didn't work, clearly.
It confuses me, does that make me unstable too? I seem to be doing quite well given the fact I'm doing my best to stay offline. Were his past relationships just fillers?

No. 1471108

i always go to the local women's center for pap smears instead of my regular doctor, they're very gentle with me

No. 1471109


nonnie i wish i could do this with you lmao

No. 1471112

i lost my job, im a neet again and now i'm getting nothing but rejections from other jobs, not even offers of interviews.
i live with my scrote who i dont even like very much but he basically pays for my existence, so.
would be great if i could find another job soon i am sick of living like this.

No. 1471114

Do you have a history of mental Illness?

No. 1471117

Men aren't people

No. 1471120

File: 1673564193490.png (805.03 KB, 934x919, Fd1LVQ9akAIXOlv.png)

on a scale of 0-10 how pissed would you be if someone who promised to watch a movie with you LAST NIGHT now told you they just watched it with some random friends in a discord call? can't tell if i am being irrational or not right now.

No. 1471122

I am so sick of the wifi in university NOT WORKING. In the library OF ALL PLACES. WTF AM I PAYING TUITION FOR REEEEEEE

No. 1471124

just relapsed like a retard and it seems stitch worthy i haven't been to the hospital in so long do they just stitch you up or let you go or will i get my mental state probed again yay any nonas have experience with post-hs mental health treatment?

No. 1471125

that's annoying nonna. i'd be pissed

No. 1471129

It's not irrational. I would be very upset and even get jealous lol

No. 1471131

maybe slightly annoyed but thats it, a 2/10 at most on your scale. you should just watch the film by yourself nonny. also your friend could always rewatch it with you

No. 1471134

10. i would honestly cry and be down for the week but you're likely not as sensitive as i am kek but that is objectively really hurtful. couldn't they have told you before?

No. 1471137

Years ago I was going to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my friend in the cinema but then he called me a day before to tell me he already watched it with some asshole who invited him. I'm pissed to this day, the little fucker!

No. 1471138

File: 1673564782065.jpg (19.33 KB, 262x275, m-29.jpg)

fuck my life. I wanted to edit a cute picture, then clean my apartment and then do some studying before bet. Then I get an ad for some game that I thought looked cute and like some boomer I actually download it. Then I waste one hour playing some stupid mobile game. The gameplay wasn't even that good just addictive enough. This is why you should never turn adblocker of your phone

No. 1471141

it was "an unplanned watchparty uwu" so no, apparently not.

ugh, i'm sorry that happened to you! i don't understand what is hard about waiting for a day to experience the movie with someone you are close to instead of some random dipshits.

thanks for the validation nonas, it just feels like extra shit because i was working on a homemade present for multiple hours for this person right before this. but it's fine, i'll get over it.

No. 1471142

Yes, but I haven't had any life crippling symptoms for over 5 years. I didn't really talk about my history of mental illness with him until weeks after we met and I stopped making a show of it years ago. Unless my social media presence and behaviors indicate something that I can't point out.

No. 1471147

I hate that most dating advice always paints the woman to be the problem
“He treated you like crap because you weren’t the one”
“Men know the right girl within 15 minutes of talking to her”
“He’s just not that into you”
“If he wanted to he would”

It always makes it seem like the woman is just a loser and wasn’t the right girl.

No. 1471148

I'm getting really fed up of existing. I was born without the innate skill that everybody else seems to have to feel curious about people or even know what traits could qualify them as approachable. I waa forced to find people to be in a group with but i didn't know a single person and every single group was full. My whole life my presence and existance has been an issue for people, i always have people being hostile towards me for not being enough of a normie and for the fact i naturally have a very limited range of emotions so it makes socialisation completely impossible. I feel like everyone is trying to avoid me as much as possible and praying that i never say anything to them. Is getting a degree even worth it anymore, just so i can satisfy my consoomer desire to live in a nice house and have nice things when i can jist live in a van and work in a warehouse with no belongings? I hate that society won't leave me the fuck alone, i don't want to care if anybody likes me and i don't make myself suffer for seemingly no reason. I feel so guilty of this being the core of my depression because it seems so stupid and frivalous. No matter how much i try to change myself to give myself a life that is worth living and to be a person who people would find to be approachable it's so fucking impossible. The universe wants me to be a worthless sack of shit and just want die. On top of that, i am struck of a ton of fiancial strains because of some expensive car repairs. I am also bored out of my mind constantly doing shit i don't want to do all day fucking long every single day, even the things that i want to do fail to bring me much pleasure as i thought it would and feel so fleeting.

No. 1471150

God, are you me? I swear to God I always have to initiate ALL interaction with my friend, and even then they give short handed replies when I do initiate. I kind of wish it was socially polite to ask "Are we still friends?" without coming off as clingy or a bitch. Hurts even more because I know they have friends who are cooler/better than me. It just hurts since we've been friends for a long time.

No. 1471161

Sucks that happened to you! To be fair, HP 6th movie is the worst one. they basically just do nothing from the books and skip over very important information. I had to re-read the book after seeing that shit movie in theaters.

Your friend still sucks though

No. 1471180

File: 1673566736628.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646360735394.png)

Anons who are unironically like "but most men aren't bad", "not all men!!" don't realize how fortunate they are if that's their experience.

No. 1471190

I set up a platform bird feeder for my cats to watch and when I woke up this morning my cats were going bonkers at the window. IT WAS A BIG FAT RAT IN THE FEEDER. It must have launched itself from my porch to be able to get access cause no way it could have climbed up there. Pretty sure moving the feeder over will solve this problem but oh my god I never never seen an outside rat in real life before it looked GREASY

No. 1471193

That's just one of Remy's family members looking for some ingredients.

No. 1471197

i want to work on my creative projects but i get so lazy after work

No. 1471200

Me too

No. 1471205

How come your experience is the only valid one and your conclusions aren't subject to reason?

No. 1471212

NTA but I want you to take a crazy wild guess as to what sex is overwhelmingly responsible for
>sexual violence
>assault and physical violence in general
>prostitution and sex trafficking

No. 1471221

No answer then.

No. 1471231

All men are biologically degenerate apes unless they actively choose to become good people and protectors of women and children. Most men can't be arsed to do that, and that's why they are overwhelmingly represented in sexual violence and violent/exploitative crimes in general. These are just facts, and the person you responded to made a pretty good point about muh "not all men"

No. 1471244

>I'm getting really fed up of existing.
I feel you. I feel that way a lot.

>Is getting a degree even worth it anymore, just so i can satisfy my consoomer desire to live in a nice house and have nice things when i can jist live in a van and work in a warehouse with no belongings?

Yes, because nice house and nice things are awesome. Also, if you run into some bad luck, e.g car repairs, it's better to have job that pays well.

>i don't want to care if anybody likes me and i don't make myself suffer for seemingly no reason. I feel so guilty of this being the core of my depression because it seems so stupid and frivalous.

There is no reason to feel guilty about this. Wanting other people to like you and wanting to not suffer are core human traits that everyone has. It's not a bad thing. And it really, really sucks, when you can't, for whatever reason, make that happen.

>I am also bored out of my mind constantly doing shit i don't want to do all day fucking long every single day, even the things that i want to do fail to bring me much pleasure as i thought it would and feel so fleeting. The universe wants me to be a worthless sack of shit and just want die.

Believe it or not that's just depression talking. Life throws crap at everyone. But people who have high levels of anxiety and depression and don't have a social support network have harder times of dealing with it. Ask me how I know.

>No matter how much i try to change myself to give myself a life that is worth living and to be a person who people would find to be approachable it's so fucking impossible.

This isn't your fault. It's very, very hard to change yourself, by yourself. (ask me how i know). It's so much easier if you have even one supporting, accepting person in your life who can give advice, point out blindspots, commiserate when things go bad, encourage when full of doubt. People who don't have that have it so much harder. Based on yourself description, it sounds like you are autistic maybe or have social anxiety disorder or something like that. If it's available and when you can afford it, I suggest trying therapy. A good therapist can do wonders. Or you can try to find a support group for social anxiety, social phobia, austism, etc. You might be able to connect with someone there. Are you in university? If your uni has a counseling dept for students, you can start there.

No. 1471247

>How come your experience is the only valid one and your conclusions aren't subject to reason?
You don't need 'lived experience' when the facts are on your side.

No. 1471250

are you ok nonnie? dating is hard ik i hope you haven't been let down bc i know what that's like
and yeah it silly since there are so many variables that could be affecting the potential partner's behaviour.

No. 1471256

Tfw I'm ugly with a weak chin and shit but it's all probably because I'm a chronic mouth-breather (I'm breathing out of my nose right now and it feels similar to how it feels when you hold your breath). It's an ugly trait and something to be insulted for but I just can't get enough air lol.

No. 1471258

wow are you me?
i tried to get into mewing once (dont judge me anons) and it actually did help my breathing, but i find it too much effort to constantly keep my tongue in that forced position.
on tiktok i heard that some people put duct tape over their mouths to stop themselves from mouth breathing in the night and apparently its actually been helpful for some people. sometimes i wonder if i should start doing that. my mouth breather nature repulses me

No. 1471259

life is a such a shitton right now, ive attempted suicide altleast 3 times during the last week and i just can't do it anymore. plus my boyfriend broke up with me and i have no hope for anything lol

someone give me reasons to keep going

No. 1471260

my problem i think is that i have chronic congestion (and maybe also enlarged tonsils) that my parents never bothered to fix. they paid for my braces but i kek at the fact that my top and bottom teeth don't even align and i also have fluorosis so i was dealt a shit hand overall in the dental department

No. 1471261

also on that note:
>tfw researching effects of too much fluoride

No. 1471262

ayrt, my teeth also don't align. i think thats been a big part of the problem. i havent been to a dentist in years rip but i do feel like i suffer with a narrow palate also, and maybe even something like a deviated septum bc like you i never really feel like i can get enough air when i'm breathing.
not that listing off all these things helps you much, but i do understand the mouth breathing struggle anon. i wish there was an easy home solution that didnt require extensive dental work. having a weak chin fucking sucks too i feel like i have to hide the lower half of my profile constantly

No. 1471263

does 'attempt' mean just thinking about it to you or how do you fail at suicide that often?

No. 1471264

that's why i still wear a mask (also because autistic). i don't care about the virus or whatever that much but. i know i look like a massive retard but i guess at least it's not my actual face.

No. 1471265

i actually attempted yes but i somehow still survive it and i'm still alive which makes me wanna try it more

No. 1471269

nonny can you go inpatient or something? 3 suicide attempts in a week is… a lot, not to state the obvious but it sounds like you need to stay somewhere theyre equipped to look after you.
do you have any family also? they might be able to help or let them stay with them for a while

No. 1471271

i can't talk to my family about it and i don't wanna go inpatient because i don't want to miss more classes. i just don't know what to do anymore, i feel like i lost everything i loved and nothing seems like fun anymore. i barely get sleep and i'm just on the edge :(

No. 1471275

i understand, but i think if youre trying to end your own life multiple times in a short span of time missing classes is the least of your worries. would it be possible to ask your college to let you take some time off due to health problems?
i know for me, when i was in a mental health crisis at university i didnt feel like i could talk to anyone, and in the end i had to drop out bc i couldnt take being there anymore. if i could go back i think it wouldve been good to request a year off so i could have the time to revaluate what i wanted to do.
also, nonny, i know it might be hard to think of an answer, but what do you enjoy doing? i think about suicide a lot - every day, honestly. right now one thing that keeps me going is finding new music, as stupid as that sounds. its like the smallest most insignificant thing, but its something to cling onto.
it really sounds like you need someone to talk to, since you cant talk to your family or ex about all of this. if its an option for you to reach out to anyone i would gently recommend you do that, but if not then lc anons are always here, too, and sometimes shitposting here helps when i have litearlly 0 other outlets lol

No. 1471277

i think the fact that you have survived 3+ suicide attempts means that you are either invincible (if so, congrats) or that you are using shitty ways to attempt to kill yourself instead of something more fool proof because you don't actually want to die. the fact that you even give a fuck about your classes shows that you are still hanging onto being a living human, so cheer up nonny, because deep down that's what you want to do instead of killing yourself.
don't die because your boyfriend broke up with you or because sleep deprivation is hitting you and whatever else is going wrong right now, just suck it up and tough it out because things are gonna get better eventually. everything is temporary, both the good and the bad bits about life.

No. 1471278

>give me some hope to keep going

If you’ve already tried 3 times this week you’re putting yourself at risk of becoming a vegetable stuck to a hospital bed because of a failed suicide attempt gone wrong and your life is about to end up worse than it already is

No. 1471279

Not only survived, but survived with no apparent damage. I wonder what even was, press a pillow in her face?

No. 1471280

i tried so many things, ive been depressed for years at this point and to be honest the main thing that kept me going was my boyfriend and my mind is basically stuck on that even tho we are just taking a break but it's really eating me up from the inside. i did try to find enjoyment in small things such as spending money on figurines or books.

sadly it's all just that little temporary feeling of being satisfied and i don't know how to keep going. i'm sadly thinking about another attempt but i'm going to let my body rest. it's just too much for me at this point and whatever i tried, it didn't help me at all.

i do go to therapy from time to time but i feel like i'm just getting worse at this point

No. 1471281

You better stop before you end up in a nursing home bed bound with bed sores kek

No. 1471282

have you ever gotten evaluated for bpd

No. 1471283

i do have liver damage and i can't use my right arm anymore which is quite unfortunate

putting myself through an od and surviving a deep slash on my forearm is quite the surprise

and it's okay if it gets worse with time, i guess.

No. 1471284

mmm no, just severe depression. i'm medicated though

No. 1471287

i think the biggest issue is that i am willing to do worse than the other attempts

i know life has its ups and downs but it's just not bearable anymore and i want it to end

No. 1471288

i'm sorry anon but you sound exactly like every bpd-chan ever. try talking to a therapist about that

No. 1471290

Thank you for going out of your way to write a thoughtful reply for me. I have talked to a councillor and a psychologist who both recommended that i get a full psychological assessment which i have already done one half of because they thought i had autism or schizoid personality disorder. I was shocked that they thought that it was so obvious because most people i've seen just don't think my issues are serious or a big deal so i went all my life like that. I've had a lot of negative experiences with therapists because of this, but i think i might talk to the one councillor i was talking to before again.

No. 1471292

yeah i will try to bring that up next session if i'm still there by then
it's really difficult and i don't have an outlet right now so i'm sorry if this is just not the place but i have no one anymore and venting to the void is atleast a bit helpful

No. 1471293

How have you not been sectioned? With the behavior you are describing it's pretty shocking that you even have a choice to leave the hospital.

No. 1471294

i think the issue is that i didn't even go to the hospital. i bandaged myself up and i had to throw up alot this past week

avoiding the hospital at all costs tbh
i even tried it in the forest but i still ended up going home with slashes on my arms

No. 1471295

i'm not telling you to do that but my god this is why scrotes have a higher suicide rate than women. women choose such pussy ways to kill themselves instead of simply jumping off a bridge headfirst

No. 1471297

this is in fact true and i should try hanging myself or a bridge next

No. 1471299

How do you know you have liver damage then?

No. 1471301

you're gonna end up as a vegetable if you do that, you retard. just go to your therapist

No. 1471302

symptoms i guess

No. 1471303

my therapists can't help me anymore

i actually have 3 therapists but yeah

No. 1471304

i think its sorta silly that youre happy to try to overdose or cut yourself and bleed to death but you don't want to be sectioned because you'll miss classes. even if you don't die and keep going to classes, what will be the point when youre clearly not in the right headspace to be learning anything?
honestly nonna i think you need a break, your current environment clearly isnt helping you

No. 1471306

i'm gonna be real with you, if you are trying to kill yourself on the daily because your boyfriend left you but you don't wanna go to inpatient because of your classes but you also walk home with "slashes on your arms" ALL WHILE HAVING 3 THERAPISTS then you are a first world faggot with severe undiagnosed bpd who needs to take a step back from whatever the fuck you are doing and realize you are being a retard

No. 1471310

academic pressure and i still have to pretend being okay infront of family and friends

No. 1471311

Why would you have 3 therapists? You're only supposed to have one therapist.

No. 1471313

well, i'm not killing myself because of my boyfriend. what happened between us was just a little drop of the issues i already have.

god knows what's wrong with me, ive been in therapy for 8 years yet i am still fucked over and this is possibly the worst. not even 3 therapists can't help me

No. 1471315

how old are you?

No. 1471316

i have 3, one for psychiatry, one for autism, one for social matters and i will have a 4th one soon also for psychiatry shit

No. 1471317

mid 20s, college student. i don't think age really matters though. this can happen to anyone and some people chose to deal with their issues in their own ways

may it be harming themselves or sucking it up

No. 1471318

File: 1673574680734.png (127.95 KB, 832x801, 025057.png)

get a 5th one for this

No. 1471320

atleast 3 of these points apply to me

No. 1471322

Why would you have to pretend to be okay in front of family or friends? Would they not notice you have lost use of one of your arms and have symptoms of liver damage?

No. 1471323

i am good at hiding that type of stuff because i don't like to worry those around me. it's always too much trouble and ive had that before.

No. 1471329

>"i don't like to worry those around me"
>walks home with slashes on her arms and tries to kill herself 3 times a week


No. 1471330

>because most people i've seen just don't think my issues are serious or a big deal so i went all my life like that.
Same here. I thought I was just a pathetic loser who could not make friends and was just a general failure of a human being who everybody hated. My mom was always calling me lazy and stuff.

But one day I saw a commercial for a drug for social anxiety and was like "wait that kind of sounds like me." It took a while, months actually, but I got myself together and saw a psychiatrist and got diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. It was so nice to know I had actual mental health issues and was not a born failure. My parents, family, and friend noticed nothing and just wrote me off as being a lazy disappointment. They did try to get me to interact with people and be less avoidant, but they thought I was like normal people levels of shy and didn't have any idea of how deep my avoidance and anxiety ran.

tl;dr a lot times girls with mental heath issues don't get noticed by family and friends. Go back to the counselor. Get tested. Try therapy. It make take a three or four therapists before you find one you can connect with but it's worth it.

I'm wishing you all the best and know you can become the person you want to be.

No. 1471331

Girl you need to go to inpatient. What you are saying makes very little sense.

No. 1471335

been inpatient before years ago, doesn't do shit

No. 1471337

I can’t take it. I can’t look at my body without thinking of the man that groomed me when I was a teenager, the only option is weight loss but Im trying to recover from bulimia and I know that’s just gonna trigger it. I cant see myself without seeing him and no amount of slicing myself up to disfigure myself gets rid of him

No. 1471339

i mean i hope i'll succeed one day, hopefully soon if possible

No. 1471340

So you don't want to worry your family and friends, but you don't have any issue causing them the most devastating emotions humans can experience? Make it make sense please.

No. 1471341

honestly it's better if they don't see me suffering actively? if you know what i mean

No. 1471342

Yeah I prefer when my family and friends kill themselves to when they talk to me about their problems.

No. 1471345

Why don't you try telling your therapists that they aren't helping you and you need something/someone else because you don't know how to deal with negative emotions aside from self-harming? Also, if they aren't doing Dialectical Behavior Therapy on you, you need to find someone who will. It was invented to help who get lost in their emotions and then do stupid things, such as yourself.

No. 1471348

I'm very sorry that this happened to you. And that you have to deal with this. If you went to treatment for bulimia, reach out to a therapist and ask for help with this issue. This a trigger, just like the thing that triggered your bulimia, and can be treated.

No. 1471350

i did that but it's absurdly hard to find anyone good around my area

i am starting to think that it's just better to give up and end it

i don't think i will have a good future anyway

i don't wanna be severely depressed in my 30s. i don't even wanna try searching for any new therapists at this point because it's not worth it

No. 1471351

In what way would it be "better"? Seeing a loved one struggle with an illness is an extremely normal part of life that everyone goes through at some point. Burying your child/friend/family member in their 20s is not.

No. 1471352

too scared of being a burden at this point. my childhood wasn't pleasant for my family either so why put them through this shit again

No. 1471355

anon you have 3, soon 4, fucking therapists and you are really trying to tell us that they are all incompetent schmucks who can't do anything? you need to work on yourself too and stop wallowing in self pity or attention whoring or whatever the fuck this is to actually improve your mental health

No. 1471356

maybe it would be better for me because i wouldn't have to deal with my issues anymore and they wouldn't have to deal with a mentally ill kid anymore i guess

No. 1471358

is there even a point for improving anymore ?

No. 1471360

there clearly is because if there wasn't you wouldn't be on lolcow.farm venting about how shitty you feel and actually out there buying a rope

No. 1471362

lucky for me i have some ropes at home though

and i don't know sometimes venting helps but i can't do it with people i know

No. 1471364

Go take a shower and eat a good meal. I noticed I start getting super dramatic after a few days of not showering because of depression.

No. 1471369

i had a meal and a shower before already.
i ordered a big time favorite meal of mine so i could feel a bit better but i ended up having a mental breakdown

trust me, i am trying everything so i don't end up doing more harm to myself but it feels so pointless now

No. 1471370

Is there a point in not even trying? It really sounds like you haven't tried very much to heal at all so far. Did 8 years of therapy not give you any coping mechanisms or insight into your behaviour? Is there a reason you've been in therapy 8 years and don't even tell your therapist you're actively trying to kill yourself? You don't have a plan for when you are in crisis, or you choose to ignore it?

No. 1471371

knowing how much of a retard you are about suicide attempts you're going to fuck up the hangman's knot and somehow break your neck without actually dying. gonna be great for your family and friends to take care of you once you are a paraplegic cripple, much better than simply speaking to them about not feeling good

go out and socialize or even just take a walk in a park, do anything but sit in your musty room and cry about how you are the most fucked up human to ever exist

No. 1471375

i just don't want to go inpatient again. my last time was terrible

No. 1471376

this is why suicide attempts aren't done at home lol

No. 1471382

You don't have to go inpatient but you could make some sort of effort.

No. 1471385

i wish i had a reason to make some sort of effort but i will probably end up roping myself

No. 1471386

>i just don't want to go inpatient again. my last time was terrible
You could have saved a lot of back forth if you had said this first instead of saying you didn't want to miss class.

If you don't want to go back to inpatient, then tell as much of the truth as possible that will not get your therapists asking you to go inpatient. Like tell them you have been self-harming but not that you've been doing half-assed suicide attempts. If that's too much, tell them you've been really tempted to self-harm, but haven't etc.

No. 1471389

well ive tried those methods too but everytime i tried to explain anything i got threatened to get put in inpatient again despite them knowing it's worse for me to go inpatient

No. 1471390

random q but how do you afford 3 therapists? are they provided free with your healthcare?
just seems like itd be insanely expensive idk

No. 1471392


No. 1471393

>mfw also suicidal, depressed, anxious but had to wait for half a year to get a therapy place because faggots like this are taking up 4 at once

No. 1471396

didn't get 4 at once, waiting lists fucking suck here too

No. 1471397

Imagine having this level of access to mental health resources that others literally die dreaming of and still not being willing to put in any effort kek. What the fuck.

No. 1471398

but you have 4 right now, don't you?

No. 1471399

damn thats fortunate.
im in the uk but theres no way in hell id be able to get so much therapy on the nhs for free, theyre hesitant to even give you one unless youre an active risk to yourself. they've been reluctant to provide me with any mental health support at all lol.
what do you guys even talk about in your therapy sessions?

No. 1471406

It’s sad really

No. 1471408

i do but i had to wait a long time

No. 1471410

So, if you tell your therapists that you are thinking of self harm, they threaten to send you to inpatient?

No. 1471411

hm well, for my current psychiatrist, i had to go to the ER first and declare that i was an active risk to myself

we mostly talk about medication and i am still struggling to properly open up

same with my other therapists, the one for my autism barely does anything even tho i try to explain it as good as possible

i am lucky that i have access here but it's just not fun when it doesn't improve my situation AT ALL

the medication i am on doesn't do shit anymore

No. 1471412

yup, simple as that. that's why i try to avoid conversations that include selfharm or suicide attempts for my own good

inpatient here is awful. got treated like shit and the nurses really just don't care about their jobs

No. 1471414

put in efforts for years before. having access doesn't mean that it will help everyone

No. 1471415

have you told your psych that you need new meds? that seems like it would help a lot

No. 1471416

already mentioned that ofc, it's been a month but still nothing

No. 1471418

when is your next psych appt? if its soon, you could bring it up again and really stress how bad the situation is for you. since they made you go to ER first and make that declaration, i see no reason to believe your psych wouldn't take you seriously and do something quickly. otherwise itd be pretty negligent of them

No. 1471419

i really don't know when my next appointment is since my psychiatrist won't respond to any calls or emails at this point

No. 1471421

How did you put in effort but not develop any coping mechanisms or insight, have no crisis plan or choose to ignore it, are not honest with your care providers, not honest with friends or family, not honest with yourself? Like what did the effort consist of? Maybe you are focusing on the wrong things or need a different approach. Like someone else here suggested you should definitely do DBT.

No. 1471422

ok, do they have a physical location you could visit then to see them in person or is that not an option? if theyre ignoring your calls thats a pretty big deal.
sorry to ask you a lot of questions anon, it's just kind of hard to sit here and not try to at least attempt to be helpful (even if at the end of the day its falling on deaf ears)

No. 1471423

i can't just walk into their office, they either want an email or a call but since they don't respond i'm fucked

No. 1471425

i think i just completely gave up. i had a good crisis plan a year ago but that plan consisted out of going back to inpatient

calling it good here because that plan sounds good for everyone

i had hope when i still had my partner but that's just not the matter right now

No. 1471428

i get that but at the same time they do have a duty to respond to you. even if you can just talk to a receptionist and really place emphasis on the fact that you need to talk to your psychiatrist immediately and that your calls havent been answered, i think thatd be better than waiting for a response that could take a long time.
also very unrelated q but do you have a job, or are you a full time student?

No. 1471430

I mean a crisis plan should be things that help you when you are in crisis. You said inpatient is bad for you and you don't want to go back, why would you put that on your plan?

No. 1471431

well i'm not the only patient and there are other patients that need more help than i do

also i'm a full time student

No. 1471432

because my psychiatrist fucking thought it was the only good thing but thank god i never went through that plan

maybe i need a new one

No. 1471433

Why wouldn't you be honest with your psychiatrist and develop a plan that you would actually see through and that you believe would be helpful to you? Or switch to a psychiatrist that you can actually work with?

No. 1471434

i should switch to a new one maybe
i just need this agony to stop

No. 1471435

>other patients that need more help than i do
i mean… considering the aforementioned multiple suicide attempts, i doubt that, no. and thats not really the point– even if you werent trying to kill yourself, they still have a duty to deal with each and every one of their patients in a timely and reasonable manner. they can't exactly turn down someone in a crisis situation because 'theres other people who need help too'.
but i dont think this line of questioning has been particularly productive honestly. have you tried a suicide helpline or anything like that? has it been helpful in any way to talk to the anons itt about all this?

No. 1471438

suicide helplines are completely useless.
they hung up on me everytime

No. 1471439

So in situations with shitty therapists, you have two options. Option 1 is change therapists. Option 2 is ride them until they start acting right.

So, for option 1, you tell each therapist this isn't working for you and ask for a referral.

Option 2 involves you taking charge of the situation and your own healthcare and pushing back when they do things you don't like. This would include things like calling your psychiatrist everyday until he returns your calls. Or calling his manager, every couple of days until someone gets in contact with you. It's looking into treatments of autism and asking your autism therapist why she isn't doing x, y, or z treatment and not letting her blow you off.

but it sounds like you don't have the mental bandwidth for two right now. Is there anyone in your life who does and can advocate for you with these doctors?

No. 1471441

why would a suicide hotline hang up on you lmao.
also, arent there ones you can do that are like instant messaging services? correct me if im wrong bc so far ive never had to contact a suicide helpline, but im sure ive seen those advertised before

No. 1471443

what do you mean they hung up on you? was it after you talked for a while or very quickly?

No. 1471445

i don't really have anyone in my life who could help me with this. i mean i had my boyfriend but besides that i don't have anyone i could reach out too

and yeah i just don't have the mental energy for anything. even speaking with a professional would drain me

No. 1471446

idk the hotlines haven't been helpful at all

and the IM stuff is too much work and i just don't really trust it

No. 1471447

What about your family or friends?

No. 1471448

hung up after i told them i serioulsy needed help so yeah

if you are really in a crisis those hotlines don't do jackshit

No. 1471450

family is not an option due to my past and my friends are like 'yeah same i get how you feel'
and switch the topic

No. 1471451

the IM stuff is too much work but youre okay to talk to LC anons in the vent thread for over an hour;;;;

No. 1471452

They're staffed by volunteers who just need hours on their record for community service

No. 1471453

your psychiatrist doesn't reply to any of your calls, your other therapists also suck and don't do anything, and the suicide hotline hung up on you after you told them you are suicidal…?

No. 1471454

the IM required an email and phone number and i wasn't too comfortable about giving those away i guess. i just feel iffy whenever i see suicide hotline stuff at this point

and i like venting here even if the outcome is not that good

No. 1471455

damn okay

No. 1471460

one of my friends had the same issue with the suicide hotline

they just don't give a fuck

No. 1471461

Bitch how do you "seriously need help", you said yourself you don't want to put any effort in. What type of help do you expect to get? You won't go to inpatient or be honest with any of your countless care providers. Can you please explain what the fuck do you actually want or expect to happen, or what type of "serious help" you think you are going to get while refusing to engage with any services that can help you or putting in any effort yourself?

No. 1471463

maybe i need help maybe i don't. i am not even sure at this point

it's just hard to keep going after years and maybe it's really better to somewhat succeed at a suicide attempt soon so i don't take up my therapists times anymore

they should care for those who really need help and who want to accept help. not for people like me who aren't willing to put in any kind of effort to make themselves feel better because they just don't see hope in their lives anymore

at this point i just have to lie so i don't end up in a shitty ass mental facility

No. 1471466

I know it's just because I'm a depressed freshman in college (I started taking anti-depressants yesterday though :D) but re-reading what I've written for an assignment just sounds annoying in it's cynicism. I can't help it though, I genuinely don't care to go to college but my parents want me to, and I don't have any goals in life at the moment, which is not to say I won't have any further down the line.

No. 1471469

>maybe it's really better to somewhat succeed at a suicide attempt soon so i don't take up my therapists times anymore
You could also not take up their time by just not continuing as their patient kek.

No. 1471470

>not for people like me who aren't willing to put in any kind of effort to make themselves feel better because they just don't see hope in their lives anymore
This is depression talking anon. You do need help. And you are just as worthy of help as anyone else. I'm so sorry you haven't been able to get it from the people that are supposed to help you.

No. 1471477

One of my best friends commissioned a beautiful painting of my dog who just passed away not too long ago, and I was crying when I saw it. I cried a lot when she first passed and I still do, but a lot less now. I cried seeing the painting because it was such a thoughtful gift from one of my closest friends who knows how much my dog meant to me.

My dad came into my room while I was crying and he won't stop chastising me because I still cry over our dog. When we visit her grave I can't help but cry thinking about how far away she is from me now and how much I miss her. I think about her basically every day. Most days I'm thinking fondly of her, her little funny habits or her sassy little attitude. I just cry because it's cathartic and I feel like it's all I can do. My dad keeps saying "you have to stop crying, we have to celebrate her life" blah blah blah. I do celebrate her life! I think of all of our happy and lovely times together! But I don't understand what that has anything to do with me crying! She was the dog I so desperately wanted as a kid, and then I got her and grew up with her and now she is gone! Of course I'm going to cry about it! I miss her! Celebrating her life and crying about missing her can both happen simultaneously! I wish my parents would fuck off and just let me cry about our dog as much as I want.

No. 1471490

your friend seems lovely and i'm glad you have someone like that in your life. pets are like family, it's perfectly understandable that you continue to mourn her. based on how you speak about her, i'm sure you gave her a beautiful and fulfilling life, full of love and appreciation, and you're honoring her by continuing to mourn your loss of her. it just means you truly care for her, even in death. your dad seems to lack empathy, pay him no mind. i'm sorry for your loss, nonna.

No. 1471515

Thank you nona. She lived a long time and I'm grateful for all the time we had together.

I know my parents really loved her too. One moment I can't get out of my head was the day of her burial. I was talking to some of the people and getting the paperwork in order but needed to get my dad to come over to listen to some stuff too. He was in the other room where we set her body down, and it was just the two of them and he was just silently sitting there and petting her. That day was the first time I had ever seen my dad cry. My mom cried too. I know they loved her too, but that's why it's so baffling to me that they have to chastise me whenever they catch me crying about her. It's not like they think of losing her as any different to losing any of our human family members… but it's like… don't you miss her too? She was a big part of all of our lives. I feel like it's unfair to say I love or cared for her more than they did, but I feel like I'm the only one who is still grieving and they've moved on already. I asked my dad if we could go visit her on Christmas day and he just… forgot.

No. 1471524

File: 1673584809608.png (730.85 KB, 565x533, meandhampton.png)

My hamster is sick I took her to the vet and apparently she has a probable bladder infection so she's on antibiotics and an inflammatory. Cost like $160. If she doesn't get better they said it might be a tumor or something in which case it will mostly be comfort care. My poor baby she's only like a year and a few months old and she's so sweet (has never bitten). She's so eenie weenie it was difficult measuring her medication but she ate it like a good girl

No. 1471529

i notice that people of past generations just try to forget about past traumas rather than deal with them head-on, maybe because they weren't given the tools to cope with trauma when they were growing up. this isn't to say that you don't have the right to cry over her, but maybe a reason why it upsets them despite them caring for her as well.

No. 1471544

File: 1673587595817.jpg (34.44 KB, 817x644, 57jtx4al9cs91.jpg)

hamsters are so sweet and adorable, it's sad their health is so fragile. thots and prayers for ur lil ham

No. 1471562

i leave the country tomorrow evening and my relationship will become temporarily LDR and it's making me so paranoid, i can't help but remember the nonnas in the relationship advice thread all saying LDR aren't real kek i can't believe i'm even crying over this. doesn't help that i just lost my earring that i've had since i was a baby and the plane ride is insanely long and uncomfortable. i really don't want to leave, i feel like such a child having a cry tantrum right now. i had to take a break from packing so i can have a proper cry break and get it out of my system

No. 1471564

Starting to believe my ex might have had cluster B personality or at the very least I wasn't the problem even though I spent a long time thinking that it was my fault our relationship failed. If she had a falling out with almost every close friend she made then maybe the problem was her

No. 1471566

thoughts and prayers for princess hammie, that's rough. I hope she pulls through.

No. 1471573

I stayed at my boyfriends after my nightshift yesterday and then went to work. Well I'm just off my 12 hour night shift got back to my apartment building and there's ladders and wet paint signs everywhere. Tonight is my last night shift. Please I know its Friday the 13th but why the fuck do residents not get notified of unnecessary maintenance. I object on the grounds of do it at the fucking weekend wtf. So annoying since out of the 5 units in this building me and one other person actually own the apartments and are not leasing and the other cunt owns her apartment and leases it out to randoms and I'm pretty sure her pedo principal husband has put spy cams all in that apartment because everytime a guest leaves the husband goes in and I hear an electric screwdriver and shit happening and why after every guest are you having to tighten the screws in the furniture are you unearthing your spy camera footage I have a feeling these cunts have arranged the painting work so they can take photos for their website to entice more victims

No. 1471576

Maybe it depends. My ex could have wrote this about me but our friend group was shared, his brother molested me and I didn't want to be around people that constantly mocked moi

No. 1471581

My aunt recently passed away from a rare uterine cancer and it’s made me worried for myself. She was the only nulliparous one out of her sisters and a lot of research suggests a link between nulliparity and reproductive cancers. I have no plans on ever having kids for several reasons I won’t get into here. However, I wish there was some way I could eliminate my nulliparous status without condemning some poor child to adoption just so it might reduce my cancer risk. I saw how swiftly and brutally it took my aunt’s life and it was heart-wrenching to witness.

No. 1471588

surrogacy? like unironically this time.

No. 1471594

Partial hysterectomy? It's the least disruptive to the body while being effective countermeasures uterine cancer. However I would suggest you see oncologist and bring up your aunt's cancer and concerns.

No. 1471607

I'm overworked and tired and losing patience with coworkers I use to be warm too. I need a new job but it's so much fucking effort to switch jobs especially when you're shitty job has the worst rota system, plus I'm also worried how spiteful they'll be in their reference. They can say I'm not punctual but they're such unsociable and difficult hours that have no set shift pattern which is the main fucking reason I want a new job

No. 1471627

From what I researched, qualified surrogates need to have been pregnant before. I wish that weren’t the case because I would do it in a heartbeat.
Thanks for the suggestion, nona. I never heard of this procedure being used for that. I will definitely talk to an oncologist sometime too. It might help ease my anxiety about this more.

No. 1471648

I don't know why I damage my sanity trying to understand the mindsets of awful human beings. It's just staring into the abyss and has gotten far beyond the point of self-harm.

No. 1471676

I am afraid and a nervous wreck. I am afraid to be homeless again. I am afraid to be put in uncomfortable or abusive circumstances for a place to sleep. I am afraid of not having an income again. I am afraid of starving again. I am afraid of being stuck in this situation over and over again because I can barely survive life, I keep hustling to get by and I am suffering. I barely enjoy life.

No. 1471677

My boss wanted to buy everyone lunch and knows I have food allergies so I told her 2 local places I can eat from. Instead of going there she came back with a giant pizza only my coworkers can eat. Another time they all got a dozen of very fancy cookies while they kept asking why I wasn't having any. It feels so awkward to see amazing food you cannot eat where no one bothers to make or buy something special for work. So you sit in the corner with nothing. Whenever I found out someone could not have dairy, nuts, vegan, I tried my best for them to have options even if vegan is a choice than a need for allergies.

No. 1471678

File: 1673612688997.jpeg (36.95 KB, 519x508, 91D52880-9505-46A8-909A-426B50…)

I hate being a paranoid mess I’m contemplating spending alot of money for hone security items for my sister because she moved out and I keep having the same running thoughts about her being in danger. I always tried to be there for my brother and sister and because of that they also grew up to be very paranoid and immediately defensive whenever a situation seems dangerous. So now I’m looking at laws for self defense and looking for security cameras. Might just buy her a self defense kit for every room and a metal door stopper, I just wish I could be there so she would never have to use any of that

No. 1471680

Did she move into a particularly dangerous area or are you just a worrier?

No. 1471681

My vent is that I can't sleep because I keep thinking about this >>1468391 post and laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

No. 1471683

She lives in a semi nice apartment but we live in a town where crackheads run rampant and everyone is starting to sell drugs from their homes/apartments. It also doesn’t help that she lives with her girlfriend so I can’t help but worry about them being targeted just for that.

No. 1471684

Have to somehow kill 1.5 hours at uni because I missed my first class and next one starts in 2

No. 1471685

All I can think about is going home and playing my video game for the rest of this evening and weekend joly shiet

No. 1471693

I have a really good singing voice but I've never gotten a single job with it because I am too ugly. Sad fucking reality. I am getting plastic surgery because I am damn tired of looking this way, every damn singer has fucking plastic surgery, and half of them can't even sing.

No. 1471698

Maybe your gimmick can be a faceless singer? I mean if there has already been alot of famous musicians that hide their identity, you can record yourself and do the same

No. 1471711

i slept a bit and i am finally going to be able to talk to my psychiatrist today and i am now in the waiting room. managed to get up and take the matter in my own hands. it's going to get better i hope. i'll update if anything good happens

No. 1471712

My IG photos are being used in two different IG spam accounts, two of those that sell "explicit content" and starts following every single of your original follows, and it makes me fucking sick to now have my face to one of those IG whore accounts and that even some of my acquaintances are falling for it.
My phone has been blowing up since yesterday with messages from people warning me about the accounts, but also ~playfully~ implying that they'd love to buy "content from the original source", and I just fucking hate that there isn't any realistic way to protect myself from this, I know it might not be as big of a deal as I'm making it to be, but jfc I don't even post suggesting pictures, I don't know why they got picked for such heinous shit but I hate it, and I don't want to be associated with OF OR ANY OF THAT WHORE STUFF.
I genuinely can't fathom how Twitter and IG whores can sell their "content" to scrotes without feeling fucking dirty.

No. 1471713

or she can wear some really cool mask, become a character

No. 1471716

I don't get young guys. They are weird. Their signals are weird. Males under 50 in 90% of situations always give off aggressive or passive-aggressive vibes and the other 10% I get are from neutrally-friendly cashiers in the shops. They can smile but talk shit. Or they can look annoyed but talk normally. Their intonations are aggressive but they are pretty open and helpful. Am I just an undiagnosed autist? It is so easy to read and understand old men and women of all ages, even when they give mixed signals it is easy to get what they feel. But younger men are fucking mystery to me and I'll probably never understand them thanks to my zero bullshit tolerance.

No. 1471722

I'm not even kidding I have auditioned with masks on. I mean there's several artists that hide their face. But it's still about getting noticed and choosing the mask, even as a niche singer.

No. 1471725

I cringe at myself for fitting the stereotype of invisible nerdy woman who can only get attention from men twice her age. There's this guy is close to being a senior citizen and it's fucking cringe and embarrassing but he's the only one who's ever appreciated me. Of course he does, I'm the prettiest and youngest he can get. It's just cringe that I have to go so old to find someone who's willing to chase me and put in effort. It's just so nice getting so much attention for once. I Am Retarded

No. 1471728

Nonas I saw some completely rancid takes today (my fault for going on tumblr and twitter before I had any coffee) and I'm just… I'm so mad about the state of feminism today. Will attach some pics. (tumblr post that made me mad here: https://www.tumblr.com/fluentisonus/706295990159900673/100-serious-when-i-say-this-is-possibly-the-worst)

No. 1471729

File: 1673619287585.jpeg (283.96 KB, 828x922, image0.jpeg)

Samefag 1/3

No. 1471730

File: 1673619317263.jpeg (239.82 KB, 828x804, image1.jpeg)

No. 1471731

File: 1673619349565.jpeg (277.01 KB, 828x831, image2.jpeg)

3/3 (get a fucking job)

No. 1471736

>>most original sexworkers or prostitutes didn’t have a choice like Lucy.
>>they were horribly victimized their entire lives.
>>you promote and excuse the degradation of women and continue to support and uphold the culture harming other women
>>most “professional porn stars” are still raped on screen not that only fans dumbasses will ever know that. They sign a contract not fully knowing what they signed up for and then get their boundaries crossed and full on assaulted. But contact! So it’s legal. CNC etc. it’s vile.
>>if you make or consume porn willingly you are promoting the assault, trafficking, and harm of women.
>>oh and porn hub has 15 years old in ads so there’s a good chance you’ve consumed csam. Pedos

No. 1471738

File: 1673619844672.jpg (4.25 KB, 225x225, HIU.jpg)

Wishing your lil hammie all the best and a speedy recovery!

No. 1471741

Try to get tested for it anon. As you are a woman, read up on women and ADHD first. It's often missed or misdiagnosed in women.

No. 1471743

Sounds like you should try not fucking dudes for a while. Like fucking them just to block them doesn't seem healthy.

No. 1471748

>how could something that promotes objectification of women possibly harm you, a woman?
There's no convincing libfems like this either because as soon as they have a bad experience with pornsick moids they'll just make excuses for them and defend them in the name of 'sex-positivity'.

Also it's really telling how the original tweet is about hating pornography and the reply just instantly assumes this means they hate or blame the woman in the porn? It's like saying you hate 3rd world sweatshops and someone responding with 'what did the underpaid mistreated laborers do to you?', absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1471749

Why is that not healthy? It’s what most scrotes do to women they fuck and don’t like. Women communicating and giving the benefit of doubt is out in 2023

No. 1471750

Oh, man that would also drive me nuts.
Sorry you have to deal with that. Can you put down a paper with your company's name to claim a space.

No. 1471751

> even if it means bulldozing a moid or five.
Fuck, yeah, anon. Keep that attitude. In CS, you will have bulldoze some moids.

No. 1471752

Imagine porn rotting your brain so much that you try to argue that actual slavery may have been consensual. Actual "maybe she was asking for it". That poor woman. I'm mad too anon, coomers shouldn't be classed as people

No. 1471755

How long we talking about here? It's been a few months, it' probably pass with time. If's been longer, you have to condition your brain to not see her as sexy. Due something like tell yourself "She's a piece of shit and shit isn't sexy" every time your horny mind turns to her. And try to branch out from women who are your type and try to find the sexiness in other types of women.

No. 1471757

" and said multiple times that "he'd never hit me" (nobody asked!!!! I never even thought of that).
FYI, if you are dumb enough to go back to him, he's totally going to hit you. He told you that because he was thinking about hitting you and decided not you. But if you accept his loser as back, it's proof to him that you will tolerate mistreatment and shit. So, good luck with that.

>dude needs to truly realise he's got issues.

Why would he do that, when women keep coming back to him even with his issues.

No. 1471759

>Whenever we'd get into a conflict I'd just see this insecure teenager that does everything in his power to defend himself from being proven wrong - classic blatant trauma response.
Yeah, this is story you've made up about him to so you don't have to accept that he's just trash. Look at least read "Why Does He Do That" by Lundy Bancroft before talking to this guy again. It explains how abusive moids think so you will actually know what's going on with this guy instead of the story you've made up about him.

No. 1471760

>even tho he's a mess but i wanna help him and get him therapy
Wha?? This never works. You are just dooming yourself to a shitty relationship. You also should read Why Does He Do That even more than the other anon.

Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft

No. 1471765

I see how that would be tiring and stressful. The only thing you can do right now is set a boundary of ending the conversation if she talks about the guy. Tell her you cant talk him anymore for your own mental health and if she turns the conversation to him you will end the conversation. And then do that every time. Your mom will probably get mad about it at first, but if she isn't completely lost in her hatred of him, she will eventually stop herself from doing it so she can keep talking with you.

No. 1471767

File: 1673622549650.jpg (59.73 KB, 562x564, 0fee23ba54233d79b9a30577f7aa80…)

There's this schizophrenic junkie in my neighborhood (it's not even a shitty neighborhood and one of the more expensive ones in my city but she lives in social housing) and you can hear her scream her lungs out in the streets every couple of days/nights. Some days I'm scared that she'll seriously hurt or attack someone. Today she kept throwing shit (not actual shit) at people and even kids who were just walking and minding their own business. She even throws shit at parents who are walking with their toddlers and babies. I don't care if I sound unhinged, I hope she croaks at this point. I wish authorities would do something about it but they don't give a fuck.

No. 1471771

>It's just the concept of another person putting anything up there makes me so absolutely terrified,
This condition is called Vaginismus and it is treatable. Talk to your doctor about it. And your doctor will probably have treated women with this before.

No. 1471775

I know that feeling. Wishing for us both to get some companionship in 2023.

No. 1471781

Im so sorry, anon. I hope you get that job soon. If you're looking for advice, I would take class at coursera or alison.com to get skilled in microsoft office or whatever is used in your field. getting good at excel and word is great for getting a basic office job. Also, get some money from your moid and have someone take a look at your resume. You can find people on etsy or fivrr who will do that.

No. 1471782

This is kind of late, but do go to the hospital. If you are worried about being locked up, then, don't tell them you cut yourself on purpose. Tell them it was an accident and you tripped with holding a knife or something.

No. 1471787

> Then I waste one hour playing some stupid mobile game.
Only an hour? I though you were going to going to say you spent the whole day playing it. What am I saying is I am easily distracted for the whole day by internet nonsense, so I'm impressed you only lost an hour.

No. 1471788

Op didn't even mention what field she works in but you're pushing your assumptions. You could've asked at least. And it happens often here.

No. 1471789

Anon, LDRs that start as LDRs 'aren't real'. Temporary LDRs are fine.
>. i really don't want to leave, i feel like such a child having a cry tantrum right now. i had to take a break from packing so i can have a proper cry break and get it out of my system
Do you know that some of the most stressful times in a person's life are moving, marriage and birth of a child? What Im saying is that it's normal to feel stress at a time of life change, like moving hours away from your bf and I assume family. It's not childish. Have that cry and don't feel bad about it.

No. 1471793

I'm going to encourage you to find that new job. Jobs with shitty hours and unpredictable schedules don't deserve good employees. It's highly unlikely the company will say anything about you in the reference except that you worked here from x date to y date. Most don't say anything because they don't want to take the risk of getting sued. If you need personal references use your colleagues not your managers.

No. 1471797

>of awful human beings.
They don't see the people they hurt as people, just as things to be used. It's a consequence of the human instinct to form tribes. People in my tribe good. All other tribes are trash. Simple as that.

No. 1471800

Wow, your boss is a huge asshole. You deserve better treatment.

No. 1471801

I sorry for what you are going through and I hope things get better for you, anon.

No. 1471803

It's huge deal, and damn, I had no idea that happened. I mean stealing pics is one thing, but following your follows, that's so fucked up. Can you report the account? They stole your photo so you can report them for copyright violation? So sorry you have to deal with and asshole friends trying to buy nudes as well.

No. 1471805

>I Am Retarded
No, just desperate. Which is a bad place to start a relationship from because it means you will put up with a lot of bs instead of ending it. So, don't do that. If this dude starts acting like trash, just breakup. Don't be stupid and be like "i have to stay because this is the only man who will ever love me."

No. 1471810

Because she said she wasn't enjoying the sex. If she was having good sex and enjoyed blocked the dude's after, that'd be one thing. But having sex you don't even enjoy, just to get some dopamine from blocking dudes after, doesn't seem like the best way to spend your time.

No. 1471814

>having conversation with bf, topic falls on plastic surgery
>mention how I think it's worrying that ps is becoming more normalized and how this affects unrealistic beauty standards
>'huh I thought plastic surgery was more of a 90s/00s thing and not much of an issue anymore, it used to be a big topic but I never really hear about it nowadays'
Wtf, has this man been living under a rock??? How has he not noticed all the discourse and cultural shifts surrounding ps, social media, beauty standards and self image? Is this truly something that most moids just do not concern themselves with apart from the most basic 'I don't like the kardashian look' opinions all of them have?

No. 1471823

Men love how plastic surgery looks as long as it's not botched/obvious, lmao. They think actresses they love who have had two nosejobs and 10ml of filler are all natural simply because they're not botched.

No. 1471840

I kind of get what he means tbh, it's so normalized that people don't even feel the need to mention it as much as before. It's not that the Kardashians don't get plastic surgery, it's that it's treated as if it's nothing and not actual medical interventions.

No. 1471850

The "single, chidless women will be miserable catladies" psyop is finally crumbling. While moids are suffering from porn addiction, nieche fetishes and can't cope with not having a mommy-mcbang-maid after they leave their mommies house, all these misogynistic "redpill"/female purity videos is being shitted out on a conveyor belt, with a 99% moid audience. I hate to say this, but while women are thriving, living their best lives, eating amazing food, travelling, being financially independent, these moids will retaliate. We need a female-only country or something were women and girls can seek refuge.
When a moid apporaches me and asks me for my number, I legit am afraid of saying "sorry, i'm single and not dating right now", instead I just say I have a boyfriend. That always makes them leave me alone, if not or if they give me bad vibes, I'll say "I'm waiting on my boyfriend he'll be here any minute".
The fact that a woman chose to be single fucks their minds and they get agressive.
I said it before and I'll say it again: when this psyop fails, and women continue to chose to be single, these moids will escalate the situation. Redpill psyops, troon bait and switch relationships, and online hookups start to fail massively and porn addiction and rapes go up, all while women are just vibing and enjoying themselves existing in a society with these animals, yall would've wished women had created a refuge city or country while we could. I don't see a good ending to this tbh. I'm going to buy a handgun.

No. 1471856

moids simply cannot comprehend that the female mind does not, in fact, revolve around them in the way that porn has convinced them so. it mindfucks them, and the only way they know how to cope with it is though aggression, because the primitive scrote mind knows nothing else. moids think they own women so it bruises their egos when we live our lives separate from them. it's only going to get worse the further along we go, you're absolutely right. i hate men so much it's unreal.

No. 1471857

File: 1673629059356.gif (877.81 KB, 240x180, ColossalDelayedAmericantoad-ma…)

I did a shroom trip with my friends but instead of having hallucinations i just became ultra emotional and realised a ton of things that i just wouldn't face and the end of the trip felt like this gif

I feel a bit awful saying that but in one take i feel like this helped me more than 5 years on anti depressants. The next 7 days after the trip i was able to break the negative toughts spiral and was ultra hopeful for the future. Rn the effects have diminished considerably but still not as worst than before the trip. I'm seriously considering buying a grow kit to microdose.

No. 1471864

thank you, honestly it would make so much sense. I have been going to a psychologist since i was a child so there is something obviously wrong with me.

No. 1471867

I have no experience in micro dosing but I had a shroom trip a few years back that gave me more clarity than any therapy or antidepressant has. I was able to take those epiphanies and make changes to my life that are still implemented today. I haven't tripped since I smoke weed a lot which helps with anxiety, but idk if microdosing would kill the potency overtime the way weed tolerance happens. I don't know the next time I'll trip, I like to know mushrooms exist but that last trip was so profound I'm not ready to alter the experience yet

No. 1471872

Thank you for the well wishes she can use all the prayers she can get. She is taking her medicine but its touch and go

No. 1471873

I had a similar experience with psychedelics. I finally understood the root of my issues and could implement steps to improve my life. It took years until my mental state became neutral because insight doesn't magically get rid of toxic thought patters and depression and anxiety, but it did allow me to act productively instead of huffing copium and being edgy and wallowing.

MDMA is great for this too, you become all but incapable of not accepting and loving yourself on it and it really changed my outlook on myself. Turns out it really is okay to be me.

(I only ever take drugs alone though, so my experiences are probably more introspective than if you roll at a party).

No. 1471878

I'm so fucking tired of people calling normal, non E-thot, non pedo-pandering women neotenous or childish looking and then getting mad that people have the gall to find her attractive. Does anyone know what I mean? Like obviously moids are retarded and disgusting and I don't trust or like their sexuality in the least but to be like "wow it's so weird how you, a woman, thinks that this woman who I find to look somewhat younger than she is to be attractive… very uncomfy wow so weird and strange and gross" like shut the fuck up weirdo, jesus christ. What, is this woman now unable to go outside or be complimented because you think anyone who might find this normal woman attractive is a pedo? Should she just smoke a pack a day and wear a burqa because ZOMG IT'S PEDOPHILIC TO FIND THIS GROWN ADULT WOMAN ATTRACTIVE REEEE. Like it's a different story with E-thots who pedo-pander like it's going out of style, I'm not talking about those degenerates, I'm talking about normal women. It's just so fucking retarded to me.

No. 1471880

The women they want are staying single but the reality is they have girls in the fuck zone who they don’t see as worthy of a relationship who they can eventually pick from. Most men eventually accept that they aren’t going to get the super pretty and educated girls while having nothing to offer then reluctantly settle for who they can. I really do wish we lived in a world where men start to suffer from having no options but the sad reality is most men do have more options than us.

No. 1471881

File: 1673630316597.png (63.5 KB, 420x294, 6c413236e2ea69c9e4833ebe2f0161…)

Bump dont scroll. Cp first page.

No. 1471884

That picture is disgusting.

No. 1471917

Agreed. They use "umm that woman literally looks like a child!!" as a way to justify seething about other women and their own fears of aging.

No. 1471919

Mmh that's what i'm a bit scared of, psilocybin resistance builds ultra quickly but at the same time i see people microdosing weekly so… idk.

>but it did allow me to act productively instead of huffing copium and being edgy and wallowing.

Haha basically what i felt like.
Tbh i'm too much of a pussy to try synthetic drugs like mdma even more so knowing that these kinds of drugs get cut a lot with other stuff in my area, while the shrooms came from a legal dealer from the netherlands.

No. 1472122

Fuck zone girls can look like supermodels, it's all about what kind of mindset you have. Successful women signal that they have very high confidence and moids have to work to even breathe the same air as them. I look very regular but I give off confidence and I put myself first in everything I do. I know conventionally attractive moids try to say "omg you are beautiful" and they expect me to fall for them instantly. I had one of those guys in one of my classes. I would ignore him, never tried to make myself pretty for him, or respond to his flirtations. Somehow he found my instagram and tried to talk. When I say I look regular, I mean it. I never style my hair or exercise that often, I wear jeans and a loose fitting top. That's it. I knew he wanted an easy lay or attention, but I did not care. He was hot but Idgaf.
I'm so sad when I see women, pretty or not, go the pick-me route bc they have sipped the "lonley catlady" narrative. I promise you, once you give off this vibe and keep it up, moids off all leagues will do anything. Why do you think they simp for pornstars, instagram and OF models for years? Those women don't respond or give them the time of day.

No. 1472131

File: 1673639780525.jpg (14.1 KB, 400x400, 100e4a1c51557ad8e1a44a76386ef0…)

I just found out that the Welcome to the NHK scene where they design an anime girl got taken down after so many years.

No. 1472138

No. 1472141

NTA but I think a video was taken down from youtube.

No. 1472142

one thing about my dad and i is we would rather get into immense financial debt amongst other near irreversible damage than to ever confront or interact with any human being no matter what

No. 1472143

True but right now most women don’t have confidence which is why this theory doesn’t work in real life because if a man is confident enough to ask a woman for her number he for sure has women in the fuck zone. Most men complaining about women aren’t complaining because they can’t get women, they are mad they can’t get the woman they want. Also, you can be a very beautiful woman and still be labeled as “not attractive enough to date” for arbitrary reasons like skin tone etc. Scrotes aren’t going to be revolting and going rogue due to the lack of women anytime soon unfortunately.

No. 1472146

File: 1673640846943.jpg (35.56 KB, 720x650, 1519826861843.jpg)

the one time I took a shroom trip was with a few friends. I was sitting outside because I felt like I was gonna puke and a guy came out and started trauma dumping about getting diddled as a kid, then broke down sobbing and telling me how hes trans and really a woman because and begging for affirmation. I barely knew this guy and was currently struggling with my own shroom demons but I had to put that aside to babysit him so he didn't harm himself, and during this I realized how none of this guys' friends came out to help him and they expected me to fill this role as caretaker for a dude I don't know. The whole experience peaked me so hard.
And then after the trip for months he would talk about this "meditative journey" we took together and look at me with sappy eyes like no you selfish, unaware bitch that was you burdening me, not a journey. I am never ever tripping with anyone ever again.

No. 1472151

What the anon in >>1472141 said.

No. 1472236

texted someone i havent seen in years and asked if she wanted to hang out and she said yes and told me when she was free. so i texted back like "yay cool how about this day?" and its been over 24 hours she hasnt responded. lmao ok cool i guess ill just kill mysef

No. 1472239

the mother of my step kids is an actual conspiracy theory Christian with a lukewarm IQ who has freak outs over vaccination but is having our 3YO visit the chiropractor for adjustments (growing pains people…). It’s fucked and I wish I could tell her off without causing drama for my guy.

No. 1472246

File: 1673645265342.jpg (72.48 KB, 720x705, 1670483318529.jpg)

>stop looking for work
>stop giving a shit about my family asking me when i am going to get a job
>start shamelessly neeting
>havent had a panic attack since then and i am actually enjoying life
fuck working and fuck my retarded family

No. 1472261

Every time, every single fucking time I'm on my first day of period, dad will come to my room and yell at me cause I didn't do a random task: listen here you retard, IM ON PAIN, I feel like shit, I cannot even move and there's blood everywhere, let me alone god couldn't you fucking ask me to do that tomorrow?? And it's always some random bs. If I have to get yelled by another scrote again while I'm my period I will fucking lose it, I'm sick of explaining such a female issue to a careless, misogynistic moid. "Just take a painkiller" bitchass

No. 1472264

Another day with nothing but water and honey. It is now starting to hurt and I can't stand for long. Why are people so incompetent…

I signed up for a program and need to go in two weeks…. why the fuck has it already been months to begin with, I need to go. I need food. I need something to go well for mr in this life, I have almost no positive memories, just so much misery.

No. 1472266

File: 1673646116862.jpeg (56.47 KB, 564x559, ee51fbf433d379987fe0c0d8fc8828…)

cut off a close friend recently. I never /felt/ that close to her, but we spent everyday with together. I knew she wasn't someone I could rely on, and we were only so close because we smoke weed and familiarity is comforting. I feel bad about it, though.
Anyways, I'm going abroad in a couple of weeks, as is she, and I'm scared to meet new people. I think of myself as friendly and open-minded, but I'm picky about who I want to spend lots of time with :/
I want to find someone I really feel like I connect with. I'm 21 and it feels like everyone my age is concerned with themselves, and not necessarily with making meaningful interactions. Immaturity is fine, but I'm worried it will cause me to feel lonely and spend the semester locked in my room, chronically online!

No. 1472268

> Our 3YO
Not saying this in a smart way or anything. I've dated someone with a kid before. We played house for a few years. There is no 'our kid' Just theirs. Playing stepmom means you get plenty of the negatives, plenty of the responsibility but at the end of the day it's not yours as long as their mother is still there. It'll ne an ongoing headache if she's like that but if you're too vocal about your thoughts then the day will come when your partner will turn around and remind you you're not part of the family. It's a shitty situation to take on.

No. 1472269

god, nonna, im so sorry. maybe going through the program will give you a sense of fulfillment? its a small start. i hope you get well and your spirits are lifted

No. 1472274

Thanks. I signed up because I enjoy it and will learn more so I am super excited for it. I also realized it's been 8 days, I have had only liquids and once slice of pizza. But apparently this is okay and considered fasting, and is good for health somehow.

No. 1472276


Thanks. I goT that quite clear. Could explain my anonymous vent post. Will stick to “the kid” moving forward.

No. 1472278

There is no ‘our’ kid, nonnie. Why did your guy have a kid with such an apparent nutcase?

No. 1472279

Are you sure? I know fasting for a day a week is considered healthy but it sounds like you're drinking sugar water for weeks on end.

No. 1472280

i have this friend who's like my semi bff since we text a lot and i can be really open with her, i even introduced her into rf (which i hide from a lot of people) even tho she's really far from that but she's more into the transphobic area (which i dont blame it since i am too lmao) but goddamn sometimes i cant stand her. Last week she invited a stranger into her apt, mind you she met him since the new year, she invited him for hook up (she always does that) and she felt something suspicious from him when she was at the bathroom so she called me and i stayed on the lane til the cops entered into her apt bc she felt anxious and already kicked him out the door bc she felt that he put a spy camera behind her back, at the end he didnt do that but she told me she felt so traumatized that she was almost having a sleepless night because of that, i told her to stop hooking up in korea because these men are way too gross, she told me that she was planning to stop hooking up, so i thought it was finally done for her and she wont be in danger anymore. Again, yesterday she told me that she hooked up with another stranger dude. She really doesnt want to learn that men are too dangerous, especially in korea with the spy cam shit, its making me angry at that point, she doesnt see that they are all profiting of her, i told her multiple times that she doesnt benificiate anything from hooking up with strangers despite being seen as fresh meat for men, but she still ignores what i am saying and still continues her shit, im on the verge of blocking her at that point because its pissing me off. i dont wanna be bother by late night calls because she felt again that someone put a camera on her room, i really told her how to not be in that situation but she does everything to ignore what ive told her, its really tiring to talk with stubborn people at that point, its like they are seeking for danger and then complain that they were in danger.

No. 1472282

I don't know how to say this without sounding rude, but don't call your step-daughter "our 3 year old". Not to say you can't love and treat her as if she's your own, but that's not your daughter or else you would have more of a say. She's their child and your bonus kid.

No. 1472284

Think im developing carpal tunnel on both my wrists since they have me keying so much shit at work

No. 1472285

What a read. Sorry you had such a shitty trip. Men are babies when it comes to shrooms idk.

No. 1472286

>Fuck zone girls can look like supermodels, it's all about what kind of mindset you have
This used to be me, and is such an embarrassment to even admit it, I was too young and didn't understand the situations I was getting into. Went through a lot of abuse so I was insecure and very vulnerable since ever, yet I grew up to be a "very pretty girl" but that didn't change the way I actually perceived myself, I still acted like I was the ugly, miserable kid that nobody cared for and even when moids could tell I was out of their league, they took advantage of my insecurities and absolute lack of self-esteem because I, in fact, didn't love myself

I envy you, I wish I could be that confident no matter what, I don't care about scrotes I'm just tired of being perceived as "replaceable" and unworthy, looks couldn't fix whatever is wrong with me

No. 1472291

Honey is not the same as sugar, it does have benefits. I had a spoonful of peanut butter for salt and protein, which is also important. I also had some wine. I want to hope I can get money tomorrow but who knows.

No. 1472294

Thanks tips!!!

No. 1472297

My sister tripped with a bunch of moids last year and it was such a dumb decision. I feel like something like that could have happened to her. I have a theory that her trip went fine but she just refuses to tell me idk

No. 1472299

WTF why does she refuse to tell you?

No. 1472307

nonny honey is composed almost entirely of C6H12O6, or hexose. It is sugar. There are trace amounts of micronutrients but nothing anywhere close to justify living off honey and water. Adding alcohol when you're already undernourished is only going to make intoxication worse. If all you have is honey, peanut butter, wine, and water, please stick to peanut butter and water it's not ideal but it's better than diluted honey and wine.

No. 1472312

I read it as she eats like that by choice, not because she is too poor to afford different food. I googled it and apparently it's advertised as a weight loss thing? IDK.

No. 1472325

Oh sorry, I saw her talking about hoping money comes through soon and thought those were the only foods she had on hand. I've had to survive on peanut butter from being broke before, so thought she was in the same place.
It's not a very good weight loss thing. That kind of sugar intake without anything to balance it out is a fast track to diabetic weight loss. High blood sugar makes it harder for insulin to work as intended (using glucose to fuel your cells), so the body burns fat and muscle instead because it has a harder time accessing the extra glucose. High sugar diets for weight loss are really dangerous and a lot of liquid diets are fruit juices, honey-cayenne, or other things with a high sugar load. Sorry to megasperg but these diets can really mess up one's health long term so I'm worried for nonna.

No. 1472327

I'm not the OP, so maybe I just read it wrong.

That's very interesting, thanks for explaining.
> these diets can really mess up one's health long term
How so?

No. 1472336

I wish I had easy access to guns like burgers do so I could kill my trashy loud neighbors and their shitty children I want it soo bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1472341

File: 1673649732322.png (359.06 KB, 480x600, Instagram.png)

I'm trying to figure out how to color change yarn without cutting it. It's working but bunching up my work, ffs.
How many times are you going to post about how you want to kill children, fucking freak.

No. 1472343

I just posted once right now… kys this site has more than 5 people in it

No. 1472346

I feel like if most users here were dating my boyfriend they would break up with him. Unfortunately, I lack the courage to do so because I like the attention too much. I feel like I'm betraying women in some way but I don't have the strength that other women do. I think part of that has to do with the fact I never got a ton of attention and I don't have a huge friend group like most women do

No. 1472348

Stop writing this bullshit and just break up with him

No. 1472350

I mean I'll gladly go on another spergfest, but if you want cohesive information this article goes into cardiovascular effects: https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/the-sweet-danger-of-sugar
The issue is less about consuming sugar outright, but consuming sugar without anything else to balance it out or slow absorption. Honey-water will cause a quick glucose spike and crash, but peanut butter has fat and protein in addition to sugar and thus will mediate how fast and hard your blood sugar rises and falls. Alcohol has an even more profound effect on blood sugar and can cause severe lows and crashes. All in all combining a mostly sugary liquid diet with alcohol is a recipe for feeling rough so I hope nonna gets new food soon!

No. 1472351

Why would I break up with him? I'm happy with the relationship, i just don't think most women would be and it makes me feel bad to have low standards.

No. 1472353

No. 1472355

Thanks a lot, I'll give that a read!

No. 1472376

If you’re happy with him as you claim then why are you coming here to seek validation from us as well? You’re a pickme for nonnies and your Scrote. Please just get some self esteem.

No. 1472377


No. 1472382

what's wrong with u.

No. 1472392

How am I being a pickme?

No. 1472394

Men look so under developed these days. I’m in tinder and most of the men look like they have fas or Down’s syndrome. Under developed jaws and heads and heads too small for the bodies etc. it’s a freak show. I have my age range set to 21-31 and all the men have weak jaws and balding. What’s goin on!

No. 1472404

Most men can easily make up for genetics just by dressing nicer, having a good haircut, beard style or clean shaven if it fits better etc… Most don't bother with the bare minimum

No. 1472418

I’m not depressed or anything i’m fine most of the time not really happy just neutral but once in a while I get these short periods of time where I hate myself and everyone and just want to cry or kill myself, only thing keeping me going is reminding myself that it eventually passes but I wish it would hurry up and be over already.

No. 1472419

Who could have guessed that making women settle down with ugly scrotes with old, rotten sperm would produce such monstrosities.

No. 1472430

That's why they're on tinder kek

No. 1472431

Just get some self esteem, please.

No. 1472436

Why respond to attention whores? She posted this for the soul purpose of draining you of energy and emotion. Such people need to get ignored or else you'll end up an empty husk.

No. 1472437

Do you have PMDD anon? Try tracking your mood for a few months.

No. 1472439

I’m so scared of dying. I get this feeling of dread every time a day is ending and I’m going to bed to sleep, I’m so scared of how everything is inevitably going to disappear. I want to live. My parents are getting older too, their faces got rapidly more old and they see it themselves and suffer. I don’t think my grandma is going to be here for more than 5 years too. I just don’t want this to end, I love them, I wish I could freeze the time. Every day is getting shorter as I’m getting older and I know that it’s gonna feel like a short moment and suddenly I’m going to be on my deathbed looking back. I can’t shake off the memory of my great grandpa telling me how he doesn’t want to die, that he loves being alive and seeing the world a few weeks before he passed. His brain was giving out and he was absolutely aware of it, it’s so fucking scary.

No. 1472446

File: 1673654904225.jpeg (52.53 KB, 479x875, 6E09737C-023E-4AA1-943F-5CAE16…)

I miss having a flat stomach and being skinny. I’m watching earth girls are easy and I want her body so bad.

No. 1472458

I’m worried the guy I’m seeing is stringing me along for sex and is seeing other girls on the side. I really like him and I think we’re great together (he thinks so too) — we have a huge amount in common and go on long dates where we talk to each other for hours about once or twice a week. We act like a couple all the time (even in public and around his friends), but he’s told me that he’s hesitant to rush into a relationship due to previous bad experiences. He’s older than me and has a lot more experience than I do, so I’m a little worried that I’m being naive. I don’t want to instigate another “what are we talk” so soon unless it comes up naturally, but I legitimately have no clue what to call my relationship to him, and I would be very curious to know what he would call me if someone asked. I don’t want to be so distrustful but I can’t help but wonder if there’s another reason why he’s so hesitant to commit.

No. 1472460

> but he’s told me that he’s hesitant to rush into a relationship due to previous bad experiences.

Lol yeah right

No. 1472469

>told me that he’s hesitant to rush into a relationship
If he really wanted to be in a relationship, he would make it official and not play silly games. Another moid being a moid. Next!

No. 1472478

need to take trash out to the bin but my asshole scrote neighbors are outside and causing such a ruckus i don't want to go out there. probably will go out anyway but it's after dark and i don't feel good about it

No. 1472481

File: 1673656782632.gif (3.6 MB, 600x600, 1671818445986.gif)

I think they did it, my family finally broke me. My mom is like 9 states away yet its still my fault that she got sick. My aunt, who only sees my mom once every two years, called me to tell me its my fault she's sick and that she hopes ''i dont ruin her trip next year'' the reason? my grandma told my mom i wasnt watering her plants(i was) because she woke up at 5pm and the dirt was already dry. I am so fucking tired, everytime my mom gets sick its my fault. I can barely remember anything from my teenage years because i was depressed and drugged up all the time. Everyone blames me when my mom gets hurt/sick, but every time i tell her not to do something she screams at me and does it anyways. I can still remember my aunt telling i have to check my mom doesnt walk close to the pool in case she falls and dies, when i was fucking 14yo. I hate that they think i have to always babysit my mom, when she's a grown ass woman and if she gave a shit about me she wouldnt do all the shit she does that could potentially risk her life. They pestered my mind with the idea that my mom could die at any time and that it would be my fault, despite she never telling me anything.
I dont care anymore, i dont care if i am selfish or if my mom dies, i am tired of having to dissociate to forget about her. I fucking hate all of my family and i want to fucking flee, but no job pays me enough to live on my own and i have no friends so i gotta put extra effort onto freelancing. I really wish i could kill myself but i have to take care of a cat, which seems to be the only living thing that cares about me.

No. 1472484

I met my moid off of tinder because I have no options. He's 5'6" and works in social services. Why would I have self-esteem? Meanwhile it seems like most women are dating guys who are six feet and make six figures

No. 1472485

In his defence we’ve only been seeing each other for a month and a half (normally I wouldn’t be too concerned at this point but the fact that it’s starting to feel like we’re in a relationship is making me want clarity). I wouldn’t say he’s playing games — we’ve only discussed this once and it was about a month into seeing each other, after we had sex for the first time, and he was very clear in telling me that he really likes spending time with me and was not saying no to a relationship in the future. I do think he likes me as a person, as the amount of time we spend talking would seem extremely unnecessary if he were only interested in sex. I think I’ll try to bring it up with him again when I see him next week and see what he says.

No. 1472486

Are you autistic?

No. 1472492

Men know within the first few weeks of being around a woman if they want a relationship. He does like you because if he didn’t he would try to fuck zone you but he doesn’t want a relationship with you. I was in a situationship with a guy for two years and he did love me but he didn’t want to label it just in case he found something better after graduating kek don’t get your hopes up babe

No. 1472495

Samefag also men aren’t like women. Just because they like a girl doesn’t mean they want her as a gf.

No. 1472497

> once you give off this vibe and keep it up, moids off all leagues will do anything
Only if you are hot.

No. 1472498

same nonna. i dont wanna die too and not see what the world is doing without me, i dont wanna miss anything, and also loosing my family is terrifying. i been watching gore vids just to be aware of how the human can leave this world randomly, everything is so random, and it makes me terrified to the point i wanna convert myself in religion incase im gonna die soon lmao

No. 1472500

its almost 2am and my friend just texted me about someone i used to know who disappeared since last week, nobody has any news on him, not even all of his family. i barely know him but he’s a close mutual of my friends and im worried he could have died or something..

No. 1472502

If that’s the case — I just don’t understand why he didn’t tell me that when I asked him… I in no way implied that I was looking for a committed relationship during that conversation as it was only after our third actual date (I really asked as a preparatory measure to get an idea of what sort of thing he was looking for). He suggested an fwb sort of situation but then immediately corrected himself to say he was actually fine with something less casual than fwb but not an actual relationship right now, possibly in the future once we know each other a little better. Since then he’s been acting not like a fwb, but like my boyfriend. He’s even invited me out to do things with his friends and has no issue acting like we’re dating around them. I just do not understand why you would do this if you weren’t at least considering a relationship.

No. 1472506

he's dating other people alongside you

No. 1472507

>I just don’t understand why he didn’t tell me that when I asked him

Because he likes you and doesn’t want to lose your attention but he’s also keeping his options open. He knows if he straight up tells you fwb then you’re going to leave or you’re going be distant and use him only for sex/talk to other guys. A lot of men like having a girl around for attention, affection and sex but that doesn’t mean he wants a relationship. A guy can like a girl and enjoy being around her but that doesn’t really mean he wants to be with her.

No. 1472561

(i swear there used to be an advice thread but my retarded ass cant find it in the catalogue)

anyway, my former friend reached out to me (a simple hey how are you?) via tiktok dms, where i dont have her added. its been a couple of months, last year we kind of had a fight - i thought our friendship was completely fine, but one day she just randomly told me she didnt want to be friends anymore because she didnt feel like i was involved enough in her life or something, and she only wanted to keep people in her life who she felt would put in effort. i didnt really know what to say to that so i just flat out didnt respond, and then she was like 'see youre ghosting me, this isnt going to work out.'
so yeah whatever, i was annoyed and upset but i didnt care very much about losing the friendship if thats how she felt.
im just wondering how much of an asshole ill look if i dont respond to her this time around, or if i actually want to bother to respond and at least try to repair the friendship.

we were pretty close at one point, but honestly… i find her hard to handle. especially the last time i met her, she seemed kind of off, and also like she was looking down on me?
she has some ongoing mental health stuff going on too, as do i, but… yeah its just a lot to deal with her sometimes. not too sure i want to open that can of worms again.

No. 1472565

> (i swear there used to be an advice thread but my retarded ass cant find it in the catalogue)
It's on /g/ kek

No. 1472572

OH thats why, thanks nonny.
whys it even on /g/;; we have the stupid questions thread here but not the advice thread, wtf

No. 1472574

/ot/ users would not be giving advice as good and as thought out as the /g/ users.

No. 1472575

File: 1673665330775.jpg (182.97 KB, 1080x1349, 275873457_474636097561657_5667…)

The topic for /g/ is officially:
> This board is for feminine health, advice, and beauty oriented topics. Direct everything else to /ot/ or /m/
So advice is covered but stupid questions are not.

No. 1472577

men will do shrooms one singular goddamn time, have an emotion that isn't horny/wallpunch rage/being suicidal and will be like oh my god i'm a woman actually.
sorry you had to deal with that freak nonners.

No. 1472579

i just learned his death right now, its been a week that he died but everyone didnt knew it until now. i feel so empty, i dont know how to react especially with my friends since they were more close to him than i was

No. 1472589

File: 1673666731450.jpg (100.08 KB, 640x835, 1631304535736.jpg)

kek anon you reminded me of this image

No. 1472590

They're all unfixably insane. Even if you have to live below your means for a while, move out anyway and break contact with all of them. You don't deserve to be their eternal scapegoat.

No. 1472592

You're not responsible for your mother. She is the one who should be taking care of you, not the other way around. Same with your aunt, and your grandma. If she thinks your mother needs care then she should step up. You did not do anything wrong. They are bad people for treating you like this and putting this on you. They cause your mental illness and should take responsibility, but somehow it is you who they say is selfish for doing everything you can, far more than you should ever be asked to do, while it's not selfish for them to give nothing and take everything, really convenient how it works out like that.

I pray you can escape their clutches, you deserve a life of your own away from them, to shine and be happy.

No. 1472613

I'm sorry for your loss, Nonna. Even if you weren't that close to him, it's still always difficult to find out someone died. It always reminds me to cherish the good times you have eith friends and family. I hope you and your friends can find peace.

No. 1472618

File: 1673669849864.gif (453.16 KB, 480x361, 1644372112404.gif)

thanks nonnies, now that i am not on meds all the time and i can think clearly it made me realize so many things about my family and how much they have harmed me psychologically. I know its retarded, but i keep thinking about my mom shouting at me out of nowhere when i was a child for dumb things out of mycontrol, like when she smashed the printer on the floor because it wouldnt print and blamed it on me and how it made me so withdrawn to the point i couldnt look at my parents to their eyes and i wouldnt talk to them because i was so scared of them shouting at me. This year i made it a goal to focus on myself instead of what my family wants of me, which i realized its someone thats not me, because making decent money last year they would still complain about me being introverted. So yeah, i am never going to be good enough for my family to be likeable to them.

No. 1472622

I fucking hateeeeeee the suburbs, I want to kill myself again. I'm sick of living with my mom, i'm sick of being broke, i'm sick of not having my fucking shit together, i'm sick of being alone, i'm sick of being abandoned and i'm so fucking sick of living in the soulesss planet.

No. 1472628

Good on you! They're terrible people, screw them and what they think. I'm glad you had this breakthrough.

No. 1472637

i got dismissed from my autism assessment screening after waiting over 1 year after my initial referral (thanks nhs), because i fit multiple criteria but not every single one of them. which i get, theres nothing i can do about it, but i just– i feel like such a fucking idiot, i lost my job and can't get a new one no matter how hard i try, and i just feel like i can't fucking do anything clearly. i even spoke at length about my struggle with interviews and not being even considered for jobs and how its been really hard without having support for anything. i just feel like the worlds biggest loser now tbh. like im so pathetic i cant even qualify for an autism assessment even though in my head it made so much sense as a diagnosis

nonnas everything i try to do i fail at. every time i try to aspire to do something, to fix my problems, it fails. i get rejection after rejection after rejection, i get shot down, i get completely disregarded before i even get a chance to prove my abilities.

all i can say is im grateful i was born a woman bc i feel like if i were born a man id be heading down the road to inceldom real fast and probably id find some way somehow to blame all my personal failings on women

No. 1472644

File: 1673672919910.gif (500.03 KB, 220x124, angry-bird.gif)

>socially stunted for a shitton of reasons
>trust issues due to past abuse
>try to use aave online sometimes; it's how i speak irl, and feels natural and comfortable
>but i'm autistic
>sometimes mess up slang somehow (??)
>accused of being a colonizer + get snide comments about "durr yt ppl always try to act white tehe"
how do i make them all kill themselves

No. 1472645

> id find some way somehow to blame all my personal failings on women
You already do. Life is difficult, and some people are not equipped to deal with it easily. It's not your fault.

No. 1472650

>because i fit multiple criteria but not every single one of them. which i get,
This seems really sus. You shouldn't have to meet every single criteria to get a diagnosis and autism is often misdiagnosed in women. I'm sideyeing whoever assess you.

I don't know how the NHS works, but can you ask for an assessment for anxiety disorders and ADHD? People with Austism are often misdiagnosed with Social Anxiety, Avoidant Personality Disorder, ADHD, etc. If you do get diagnosed with them, at least you can get therapy for something and it maybe help some of the autism symptoms. And maybe they diagnose you correctly with Autism.

Also, you can game the system with these disorders. You can read up on the criteria and tests used to diagnose them so you know exactly what to say to the doctors.

Good luck anon.

No. 1472652

>accused of being a colonizer
If you are hanging out with the kind of people who call you a colonizer, just go full SJW on them and call them ableists who are oppressing people with language difficulties.
Or tell them you speak English as a second language so they are oppressing you for not being born in the Anglophone world.

No. 1472654

File: 1673675232352.png (86.16 KB, 590x586, Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 9.18…)

Indian men are uncivilized and savages

No. 1472655

yeah, im also on the waiting list for an adhd assessment but it takes a long time sadly. some people have to wait like 4 or 5 years lol
the person assessing me told me to wait on my adhd assessment and see what they say, and she also said i should look into anxiety treatments.

but thanks nonny, it genuinely helps to hear some encouraging words. i wish i had money so i could pay for private assessments and wouldnt have to wait literal years (forever mad about pixielocks shopping around and dropping $$$ to get her DID diagnosis just bc she felt like it, but i digress)

>I'm sideyeing whoever assess you

to be fair, nhs practitioners have to work within tight guidelines. especially with mental health stuff – they dont really have the funding to give people actual support unless theyre deemed to be in a crisis or something.
basically i have to justify it to myself to stop getting too depressed about it

No. 1472658

>indians create rotting, smelly hellholes
>jayant bhandari

imagine hating yourself so much you have to cape for white people who dont give 2 shits about you. at that point why not change your name to something more western sounding, wtf

No. 1472660

>Every 3rd World country slowed down after the Europeans left. They became tyrannies, and their growth rate fell. The cargo-cult mentality of the 3rd World people makes them think that democracy and "self-rule" would improve the situation. They are forever dependent on the West.

Tell that to any Indian guy you see on the street treating his women like crap(fuck off to pol)

No. 1472663

Here's where I don't like relationships. Men really expect you to just fit into their lives. They'll say you are free to do what you want, but you can't go out and do things much because he gets jealous. He will if course go out with his friends without you, or he will drag you along. You feel like a shiny toy sitting there third wheeled to his friend. He can talk about exes and even meet them but you can't because it's obvious you are cheating and don't love him. He will say don't pay for anything I can provide for you, but when you want to spend money it needs his approval, and you can't have more because it emasculates them. You might enjoy giving massages as much as he enjoys getting them, but don't expect one back. The idea of cuddling is a myth, he is horny always. If you aren't he will feel rejected and get upset. He will say you don't live him and are cheating, isn't that familar. They will say you aren't expected to cook or clean but if you don't things will get messy fast, and he will call you lazy. Oh but if you fight or breakup he will go to the moon and back for you, just to get you back, trapped. The most I ever got from him cooking delicious meals, cleaning up, flowers, emotional support was after a fight, then it goes back to "you are mine" if you ever go back.

Man just what is the point yeah

No. 1472676

Nona you seem very coherent and easy to understand. Is it rude to ask why you feel like you're autistic?

No. 1472685

I hate when im talking about something enthusiastically and my boyfriend says like "lower your voice" or "stop yelling" in a really snide way when i know good and well that im not yelling. I had a rough week let me talk about the dumb thing i like.

No. 1472689

File: 1673681248739.jpeg (48.88 KB, 1001x626, 5306E684-95BC-4F40-BA83-06B455…)

nomnomnami was in a romantic relationship with a 14 year old when she was in her 20s and im so fucking mad that the kid was a weirdo neet aiden who had a dog eat her out because then no one will pay attention to the fact that nami admitted to meeting up with this kid and sexually touching them
nami's basically back like nothing ever happened and I'm so fucking mad when I shouldn't be
I have to live with the fact that I saw ghostbusters in full for the first time with the aiden two years before they posted the nami callout post and had to act as a middle man for her and one of my friends who blocked her on discord after the dogfucker allegations
there's too many layers to this everyone involved sucks but I hate it I hate everything about it and just remembering this shit makes me feel worse and worse
This is such a dumb fucking post I hate it all I hate that this happened I hate how small the world is I hate that I fucking played the vn they made together when they were dating all those years ago

No. 1472693

I just finished 48 hours of nightshifts in 4 days and I'm exhausted. I got my period on day 2. I don't know how I'm functioning. I did 18000+ steps tonight and my uterus was being such a bitch. I want to sleep forever.

No. 1472694

its not rude at all, dw. i'll probably end up typing a lot though so you can skim through it if you want

well, i definitely believe i have some kind of neurodivergency. i tick a lot of telltale autist/adhd boxes like trouble with eye contact, repetitive movements (i hate to use the word stimming but thats what it is), sensory problems (biggest one is loud/repetitive noises and being in crowds.)
i have trouble with social situations and often feel like theres a barrier between me and the people i interact with, and worry that im being perceived as off or weird because i feel like i cant act 'normally'. i feel very alienated from the rest of society, as if theres something inherently wrong with me.

the person who assessed me told me that they would want to see someone who is extremely socially impaired and struggles to form any social connections at all in order to tick that box – i told her that i dont feel like im completely socially impaired, but certain things like maintaining friendships and meeting strangers are a struggle, so she said i didnt meet that criteria.
theres smaller things as well that seem to fit for me, but theres no real point in me listing everything off.
the only thing i dont relate to is having a special interest. i enjoy learning about lots of different often pretty niche things and i equally enjoy collecting information and making links between things, but unlike how some autistic people are able to spout off facts about trains or whatever, i don't really have just one thing where i can be like 'yep im super into this.' maybe thats more in line with having adhd hyperfixations.

idk, between autism and adhd i feel like there has to be something going on. i was always super quiet and never really acted out as a kid so noone ever had any real reason to suspect i might have something, and now i find as an adult its way harder to get a diagnosis.

No. 1472696

Sometimes I feel like I'm over my ex but other times I feel guilt and shame because I wonder if I had been abusive and manipulative. I get these sinking thoughts whenever I read about women who are describing their shitty scrote ex, like when the scrote does or say something that hurts their partner's feelings. They put on this show of apology while crying and begging for forgiveness. Only to end up hurting their partner's feelings once again. As if their apology from before didn't mean anything. As if the scrote crying and begging for forgiveness was just a manipulative tactic.
Yeah, I see myself in the scrote's actions and I feel disgusted and ashamed of myself. But then I wonder if maybe our conflicts was just a matter of compatibility issue and we just weren't mean to be together no matter how hard we tried. Maybe she was just as toxic and emotionally immature as me and that's why it ended so messily as it did.

No. 1472700

File: 1673682291344.jpeg (21.35 KB, 282x177, 268A707D-C782-4E31-A87A-E2AD34…)

Some obsessed moid hacked my computer and put weird ass folders talking about the fbi and stuff like that on my desktop. I’m so annoyed right now. I unplugged it from the Ethernet and I’m restoring it and wiped everything off but I got too scared to save anything and just did a restore instantly. All my favorite images I hoard are gone. And some of my artwork. I hate moids so much. They probably have my address now too..

No. 1472704

Wtf, how'd that happen?

No. 1472709

File: 1673683490594.jpg (40.79 KB, 680x513, d8a.jpg)

No. 1472711

You're so powerful nonny
Rest well

No. 1472718

I must of clicked on a link or something. I’m not entirely sure myself honestly. I don’t click links from people I don’t trust though. I feel so confused.
This whole situation is about to give me a schizo meltdown. I have some problems with paranoia and this is going to make me go down hill.

No. 1472719

I’m not sure why, I have a nice amount of disposable income and free weekends and evenings but I’m not very happy. I can go see beautiful vistas today if I want to, but i don’t. Times like these are when I’m most vulnerable to “a scrote and child creates an instant sense of purpose”. I’m aimless.

No. 1472721

Clicking a random link doesn't really do that, modern browsers are pretty secure. You must have downloaded some file and run it at the minimum. Even then complete remote access is a big ask. Normally it's only keyloggers or logins for emails or social media. Moving around folders on the computer is more something people do when they have physical access to the computer. I never heard of that being done with malware.

No. 1472722

If you're depressed, getting a child is the worst idea ever. Postpartum depression is severely common and mentally unstable mothers are very likely to ruin their children's mental health unknowingly. Go get therapy or a pet instead.

No. 1472733

I haven’t installed anything recently I think. I can’t really remember. I do have a remote viewer on my computer I installed last year so I could access my computer with my phone for work purposes. But you need to put in a code for that. It happened as I was using my computer. I was just watching twitch steams on my computer and my windows locked. I tried to log back in but it kept telling me wrong password. After a few more tries and restarting my computer a few times and it finally let me in. My wallpaper was black and my original files on my desktop were gone and there was folders on there instead that said something like “FBI WATCHING!!” “Don’t click this folder!” And some other stuff but I don’t remember. My dad works with computer and once moved files around remotely on my desktop when I was a kid as a prank but he probably did that from us being on the same network. I’m so confused how someone did this. Sorry for the rambling but I hope a tech nonna might have an idea. I suspect its some weirdo online I might know. I have been getting stalked by 4chan moids for years and a lot of those files just sounded like the bullshit they spew

No. 1472737

Also why the fuck are you engaging with 4chan moids if you shit yourself over stuff like this? Take your computer to a tech shop and get it wiped, don't download stuff especially games and such from non trusted sources again. You probably got a trojan from a file you downloaded, you're not being stalked.

No. 1472738

As other anon said those things are more likely to cause you major stress which is worse than just feeling bored or aimless. Sometimes I go on breakingmom subreddit just to see women rant and it seems miserable for a lot of them, even people I know with kids tell me not to have them kek. You never know if you’ll end up resenting your partner or child and that’s a lifelong commitment.

No. 1472740

That sounds completely made up.

No. 1472743

>Be me
>Be angry with moid over something shitty he said
>Moid tries to rub my shoulders and kiss my neck

We all know how retarded moids are but sometimes it baffles me how truly retarded they are. How do they not understand that I don't want to be intimate with them if they've upset me. Omg fuck off.

No. 1472747

Is he ur bf

No. 1472748

Sounds like nonny forgot to take her schizo pills.

No. 1472749

No just a guy that I was seeing (all we ever did was kiss and cuddle) but I broke it off that day.

No. 1472752

File: 1673687283322.jpeg (48.05 KB, 500x500, 54A834BF-7DEF-4359-A285-DA920D…)

I have a shit history with some 4chan moid I dated a long time ago and his community has been bothering me a lot since then. Some guys even pretend to be friends but end up being weirdos. I have my pc wiped, that was the first thing I did. I lost my artwork and I’m sad over that. Also did a reset on my router. I didn’t download games that weren’t from steam or downloaded games recently. Probably clicked on a link.

I wish it was made up. It would be easier to pop a pill and make it all go away lol

No. 1472761

He seems retarded, you made the right choice.

No. 1472763

>online dated a man from 4chan
>thinks people can control pc just by clicking on a link
Please get mental help.

No. 1472771

Anon I'm sorry but this is not how computers work, unless you downloaded and installed a virus. It's far fetched even then. Clicking on a link does not do this, it literally can't. Take care of yourself.

No. 1472783

Just because we wouldn’t personally fuck him doesn’t mean we think you should break up. If he treats you well and makes you happy then who cares if he’s rich or good looking? That’s YOUR problem and if it’s not a problem for you then why do you care? Just because I personally want a guy taller than me doesn’t mean I think your manlet bf is unworthy. I only care that he’s nice to you.

No. 1472793

Most women aren't dating 6 feet men who make 6 figures. Stop reading incel stuff, most women's bfs are average and that's ok as long as they're happy.

No. 1472818

People say this about Jenna Ortega and it pisses me off. Short young women don’t look like children and it’s insulting to say so. She looks exactly her age, 20. Which is extremely young.

No. 1472825

tbh in my mid-20s I had men my age flirting with me out of nowhere by asking in which high school I was studying, so I kind of get it, that shit was disturbing. Now I just insult any man who gets anywhere close to me if I'm on my way to work or on an errand as a result. I've never been complimented by men in a normal way. But yeah I totally get what you mean. Anytime I see anons talking about young female celebrities and talking about how their older husbands or boyfriends are basically pedophiles it fucks me up, like sure, these guys are suspicious as fuck but stop it with the hyperboles already.

No. 1472834

Only reason why I am still here is my cat. My family won’t take of her when I am gone. They all treat their animals like crap and won’t do what they need to for her. Brush her aka fight her to brush her. Feed her decent food that isn’t a random bag off a shelf even if it makes her sick. Even bother to fuck with the litter box. My cat has a difficult personality and has never liked women ((she’s a self hating woman with a misogynistic streak I guess)). The only people who I trust with her live states or a whole ass sea away… I don’t want to burden them with having to come get her. Yet I know my family. The only reason I am still here is my cat… and at this point it’s easier to arrange something for her then go. Suicidal in the club. Let’s go

No. 1472974

File: 1673710625628.jpg (337.33 KB, 1080x703, bruh.jpg)

>received notice from ex's attourney about the house we co-own
>very real possibility I will lose my home bc this jilted manchild needs to cash in then punish me for ending the relationship bc he is a loser
>meanwhile I am a manager at work and one site has been causing me a headache for months namely due to scrotes who try to pull shit over me bc I am a woman
>slowly realizing how impossible my debt hill is to climb even though my bf promises to help me
>of course I am depressed
>can't even talk to friends who either have stable homelives and/or strong familial supports bc it's too embarassing and they cannot relate
>all I have are bf, stepdad, and my dog
>bf helped stepdad move furniture recently
>apparently my stepdad gave himself kudos in front of my bf for being a "strong emotional support" to me lately
>mfw this mf maybe calls once every 2-3 weeks and mostly to tell me what he is up to
>mfw this mf has zero patience so even when I do call him for a technical opinion like my hvac being out I need to keep it to the point cause he won't engage with my emotions about it and esp if I am being too "negative"
>mfw the most supportive thing this mf does is text me "Don't worry" about a serious issue he should 100% be concerned about as a father figure
>mfw this mf told my bf that "he can't always be there to help" me, implying I run to him for help all the time even though I barely come to him for anything at all (due to this known guilt trip) and I have no other family I can go to

Oh yanno, just trying to cope and stay sane over here.

No. 1472975

I work at a clinic, and seeing women coming in with their children who have a different last name than them is always a bit jarring to see and takes me aback, especially if it becomes obivous at some point that it's her looking after it for five to seven days a week. This was pretty unexpected to me, as taking the last name of your husband is a pretty low priority on my list of things to get worked up over, since most of the time your last name is just the name of another man too after all, but this experience is starting to make me feel different. On the other side, that one time a man came in and said we probably can't find his file is because he took his wifes last name was a pleasant surprise to the point I immediately recognized him when he came in again a year later

No. 1472981

i legit think i'm artistic and I don't know what to do. it's like i'm realizing that all the little things I do aren't "normal" and it's becuase i'm artistic and it makes me feel so confused. Of course I'm not properly decided to be it, but I feel that way.
>I often get obessed with re-reading things I find funny that i wrote/created
>for example, I did the thread picture for Shay's thread. I'd constantly look at it and giggle & or point out flaws.
>I re-read things to find words that are there or aren't there
>examples- "I'm so fucking thristy"
>I would re-read to look for a phantom word if you will, like
>I'm so freaking thristy
>I'll just re-read it to appereicate how they words were put togeather.
>I get attached to things ideas
no lie, for years, I didn't through out old diaries/papers, even if they are covered in mouse shit and are probably a health hazard and unreadable.
>I cringe when i read my old writings and don't want to read them but i want to keep them.

No. 1472983

how is any of what you said autistic (guessing that's what you meant instead of artistic)? if anything it just sounds like you might have dyslexia or something

No. 1472985

File: 1673711528030.jpg (314.18 KB, 1080x797, an artistic.jpg)

No. 1472988

Your idiosyncrasies dont sound especially neurodivergent?

No. 1472990

File: 1673711715035.png (8.36 KB, 542x151, Capture.PNG)

no i realmjdy do think i'm atistic look, I'v ebeen looking into this. I don't mean to be like, "Fhti si literally me' but it is literally me.
>I hate eye contact, I have bangs so It's easier for me to create eye contact
>I wil literally prepare jokes like a meal, sit there, and i will season, soak and obess over whats funny i[m about to say
>I mimic my sister/cool woemen around me
>see above
I havce zero idea what this menas

No. 1472991

are you 7 years old

No. 1472992

why are nonnaz so mean these days? i was deadly seriousj tryig to vent

No. 1472993

No. 1472994

you are ridiculously dyslexic if you aren't blackout drunk right now and always type like this, go get tested for that

No. 1472995

I did take a shot of vodka with cofeew but thats not my issue right nwo, I'm realizing that maybe I'm both artistutisc and dyselexic, I always had issues with the ways words were set up somettimes, so i guess oit's correct. I'm not even driunk though. I just realized that I just have issues. It's not normal I guess. Also my keyboard is on muy legs and rocking back and forth. I'm far away form my laptop.
But i do enjoy the conversatyin

No. 1472997

noona….why would you do that? …please turn off your laptop and sleep

No. 1473000

The more I think about it, the more I realize one of my friends (or ex friends idk anymore) seems to act like she's the MC of an anime or American Christmas movie. The dumb bitch acts like she's so popular because she has so many friends, but she doesn't realize she keeps everyone at a distance so now we're more like acquaintances. She's the type who tries to befriend strangers because she thinks that someone who's alone and silent for 3 seconds in the same room must be a uwu lonely, sad friendless loser who NEEDS her holy presence to be cured from loneliness. I thought she befriended me in uni because we had the same hobbies but I'm wondering if she mistook me being focused on studying more than partying for me being a loser. She did this with a girl in a hostel once when we traveled together years ago, a solo traveler who wanted to travel by herself and just asked us recommendations and she tried to convince her to come with us everywhere all the time and translated what I told her so the random girl would understand everything even if it were personal shit, like me complaining that I can't swim like I wanted to because I'm on my period a week earlier than planned. I think she even went on holidays with me out of pity because she thought I would travel alone not out of choice but because I was a lonely loser bitch. She ruined the trip by boasting about how much she hates the beach for a whole week while the whole point of this trip, which I told her multiple time, was to go to the beach. She would ruin a bunch of plans in general. I don't even get how I put up with her shit to begin with, she still acts like a 15 years old brat while being nearly 30.

No. 1473001

File: 1673712700120.png (66.72 KB, 181x146, Capture.PNG)

sleep?The day has just begun nonnita! It's 11;09am,anyway more proof of my condiotion is that my eyes often look, "Unfocused" this isn't me (i'm black) but this is how my eyes tend to look at times. Like I daze off.

No. 1473003

im also tired all the time and I don't have "Imaganary friends" but I do have charactewrs in my head. An Anon told me thatI have "Husbandos' but i'm nbot into that 2d shit. I'm into realisim

No. 1473006

File: 1673713036117.jpg (20.85 KB, 400x366, s-l400.jpg)

well then i wish you a happy night then! hopefully the hangover the next day isnt too bad .

No. 1473021

File: 1673714940656.jpg (30.15 KB, 307x258, IMG_4257_44602260132671.jpg)

My mom just made a hand knit blanket for my daughter's birthday tomorrow and it looks like a fucking tranny flag and I don't know how to tell her and EEEEEEEEEE I FEEL SO FUCKING BAD AAARRRRRRGGGHHHH I HATE TRANNIES FOR THIS

No. 1473023

I do all this and I was diagnosed with autism but I'm not sure if this stuff is related to that. I also type like a complete handicapped retard but only in private messages where I'm writing super fast and it is someone who knows me very well and I know will understand what I'm saying and doesn't mind. If you're literally not able to type legibly even if you try then that's not autism but something else that you definitely need professional evaluation and help for. It does sound like you could be autistic but also probably have something else going on too if so.

No. 1473025

Stop being retarded and letting trannies colonize your life. The blanket looks fine, not even the same colors. I wouldn't have even thought "tranny flag".

No. 1473026

It doesn't look like a tranny flag you psycho. You have a child, you shouldn't be spending that much time online that that instantly conjures up a tranny flag in your mind.

No. 1473028

It looks nice, the tranny flags are pink, blue and white or the "gay" tranny flag that has blue, green, another green and white I think.
The colors of the blanket are different to those flags.

No. 1473032

You need therapy before you fuck up your child for life.

No. 1473035

Samfag but also,
>I don't know how to tell her
Don't, wtf? Stuff that like takes a lot of time, care, and effort. Don't reject a handmade gift just because you have tranny brainworms, especially when the birthday is tomorrow. That's extremely disrespectful to your mother and daughter.

No. 1473036

Im not that drunk anymore but what I said stands, I dp type badly normally and I'm also weird about the way certain letters in words are places.
Like I'll lookl at "Mobile' and think, "Oh wow that Bile" or something. OI think i'm artutsctic because of some of my behaviors, like when I was a kid I hated eye contact and I still do, I chalked ti up to being shy though

No. 1473037

This is cute, fuck you and appreciate your sweet mom.

No. 1473038

firstly you should'nt take potures of your real life for lolcowj nonie, second of all no, dpn't let them live in your heads

No. 1473048

File: 1673716585459.png (1.24 MB, 1055x931, dworkin.png)

It's depressing that there are so many women who think not being attractive is like, the ultimate insult or self-failure for a woman. Should women who don't fit scrote-invented beauty standards and don't want surgery just kill themselves because they're so below everyone else? What about old women? Should they rope the moment they get lines that can't be injected away? Why is it (mostly) socially acceptable for men to be ugly, but the moment a woman argues with another woman, it becomes about how one or both of them must be hideous or obese? It's a general issue, but I even see anons from here try to discredit Andrea Dworkin solely because of her appearance.
A woman can be the ugliest bitch in the world, but if she's right, she's right. It does not matter.

No. 1473052

Andrea Dworking should never be discredited for being "ugly" (she looks completely normal) but for marrying a braindead scrote after spending decades preaching about radical feminism and lesbianism

No. 1473053

I just want to be attractive so I enjoy looking in the mirror and photos. I didn't even notice until I got body dysmorphia. But I was attractive to other people, which I couldn't see. I would switch it if I could

No. 1473055

Im ugly and I hate it but i have to learn to live that life and be happy with it. It's hard because even now at 28 i still connect the attention scrttoes give me (when I was tyounger) an dit takes a lot of re-progaming that needs to be done.
Sometimes i think negatuvely like trying to be pretty is "Dressing up a pig" (I'm fat).
Once I was outside and two men on two different days, called me ugly and made sure I heard, I felt like apig in make up. thinking about it makes me want to cry now, bnecause it was so cruel and I feel likeon this site I've become that way

No. 1473056

File: 1673717067246.jpeg (24.82 KB, 719x401, 31886E3A-081E-40A2-96F2-A738A6…)

I miss my ex and he has pulled some of the weirdest hit and cold behavior during our break ups and his words don’t match his actions and I wish he would just fucking talk it out with me

No. 1473058

It just makes me sad that “ugly” women have their ideas and thoughts discredited so often simply because they’re not considered attractive. Why is that? People still listen to men when most of them look like a steaming piles of shit on a hot summer day. Dworkin had some issues and yeah, she was not conventionally attractive by any means, but like you said, she spoke a lot of truth, too. As someone who is very average looking, I’m trying to be better about my own preconceptions about other women based on their appearances. It’s fucked up, it’s like it starts getting ingrained in our minds the instant we’re born that being pretty is the most important thing we can be.

No. 1473060

I'm ugly but I'm stupid too. I wouldn't mind if it was one or the other.

No. 1473063

This is very true, no wonder why Pagan India hasn't developed while Christian West is ahead(samefag)

No. 1473067

Off topic I know, but I don't understand why she initially defended pedophilia, but then later on openly called for killing pedophiles? Not sure how that happened, and it's confusing.

No. 1473070

>They are forever dependent on the West.
This is so funny when it's actually the other way around, and westerners have a direct investment in keeping those parts of the world hellholes so they can mine resources, labor, etc from them. Fucking pathetic mindset from white coping moids who want the world to ignore that they are raping their sisters and daughters and random girls, taking videos to sell to local/international scrotes (if not just selling the women/girls left and right) and rejoicing in all sorts of exploitation and evil even on their own kind.

No. 1473074

Not to be racist but i dont like african bus drivers. not cause they are bad drivers, but its winter here and they set the thermostat to 25+ and I die from heat stroke

No. 1473075

You're more than likely not ugly. You said that you're overweight which can hide the features that make someone stand out as beautiful. I've seen both men and women lose weight and go from being average or unattractive to good looking. Don't listen to moids because they will say anything to make women feel bad about themselves.

What she said was at one point a widely held view in academia. It never went away and we are seeing it's resurgence. Dworkin is like anyone else, while I agree with a lot of what she wrote, I find some of her writing on politics to be particularly prophetic. She was still human and therefore flawed. She at least had the humility to admit that she was wrong and change her opinion.

No. 1473076

everyone should strive to be healthy

No. 1473099

The only thing in life that’s going to make me happy is being desired by scrotes I find attractive and that will never ever happen so I’ll never ever be happy

No. 1473120

I just ate a sandwich with raw onion and now my breath stinks and I have no mints

No. 1473132

no i am ugly, i look like a fat monster, I hate looking at myself in the mirror. It's funny because I remember being young and like
>If nobody tells you are ugly would you think you are ugly?
and the answer is yes.
I made these post while very drunk and I apologize, I also meant, "Autistic" not "Artistic"

No. 1473145

How do I tell my therapist I want more medication? Right now I'm only on ADHD meds and she knows that I have at times crippling anxiety but she has never mentioned prescribing me anything else. Do I just tell her that I want Xanax the next time I see her or what lol?

No. 1473160

Some days I am really happy and confident, and it goes well. But some days I am just so unsure of myself and I feel gross. And I think it's ptsd due to all the abuse. And so sometimes my mind tells me I am hated by everyone and don't deserve anything, and I can't do things right so I mess up. And I don't know how to just be confident and relaxed all of the time.

No. 1473171

Communicating with people is so hard and I always come across as a disinterested stuck up bitch no matter how warm and friendly I try to be. Me trying to be normal and nice is just stiff and robotic. Also my art is stiff as hell and it looks weird and my writing sounds stiff too like a 2010s YA novel and I need to fucking improve all of these things especially the last two because they're all i have

No. 1473176

Tell her "I'd like to discuss medication treatment for my anxiety". Can your therapist prescribe medication? If not you will need to get a referral from her to one who can. Either way, the way you need to approach this is "I think medication will help me manage my anxiety better" and not "Xanax now!"

No. 1473178

>And I don't know how to just be confident and relaxed all of the time.
No one is confident and relaxed all the time. Humans don't work that way. The issue is can you recover quickly when when feeling unsure and gross. Sounds like you can so, congrats.

No. 1473196

I'm so hungover and my in-laws are visiting this morning which would be manageable with a hangover but they are smokers and the smell of them is making me wanna hurl. This is all my own doing

No. 1473204

File: 1673731813631.jpg (250.24 KB, 600x496, wow-im-stupid-e19a8e831e.jpg)

Decided to rewatch Sharp Objects. I can't put in words how stupid I am, I know what it does to me and I'm doing it on purpose. Someone please give me some pills so I'm not that stupid anymore. Well, at least I know that I'm stupid.

No. 1473209

I have a crush on one of my close friends but I can’t say anything to her about it out of fear of ruining our friendship and she has a boyfriend and it’s driving me insane. I’m trying to ignore it but it’s hard as fuck.

No. 1473213

My housemate decided to dry fish in the oven. Now I smell like fish, my clothes smell like fish, my room smell like fish, and my eyes hurt. At least the temperature outside is above zero and I can open the window.

No. 1473216

>mom comes back from her vacation
>i have to hear her shout across the room about how her boyfriends daughter is a piece of shit and retarded
>she's the sweetest girl you will ever meet and is very obviously just a bit stunted over her brother being on a coma
>grandmother opens my room door
>''your cat is crying go feed him''
>''i just feed him''
>''he's so skinny, you are not taking care of him!''

i hate my family so much, if i were good looking i would open up an onlyfans just to get away(i am glad i am ugly). I swear to god no matter what i do they find a way to criticize me. It's also HILARIOUS how my mom/aunt/grandma hate each other but seem to get along well when shit-talking me. I wish my other side of the family was better, but my dad is shit too.

No. 1473220

File: 1673733029642.jpg (13.07 KB, 331x291, cat (20).jpg)

My elf nipple hurts

No. 1473223

No. 1473227

I quit my job today and while that makes me feel better and more hopeful for the future, I'm REALLY dreading updating my resume and applying to places. I should have just put in my two weeks but whatever, I'm young and I can afford a few stupid shithead mistakes. This is a learning experience. I'm gonna enjoy the next few days to relax and then focus on finding a job. I'm so lucky my parents are fine with me being unemployed until I find a better job. Thank god. Still, I wish I could have stayed because I love the people there but they were really fucking me over by cutting down my hours and I really really want to save up for school. My paychecks were getting embarrassingly small and they couldn't/didn't want to give me more hours.

No. 1473229

Nonas I vented before I was thinking of going somewhere and now I’m in Iceland, what the fuck should I do idk bars or nightlife here- I asked a couple of women where they’d avoid so I’m at one they said is good towards the end of the night. I’m wearing my hiking shoes can I go to a cuter more lively spot? Help

No. 1473230


No. 1473232

And also vent I felt genuine relief I could lord this site at the bar luv u all

No. 1473233

thank you, i cried a lot today but i wish he wouldnt have done that. its not in my nature to cry for men but this one hurts me because he seemed way too distant with everyone and just died alone, it hurts and i wish my friend didnt have to go through this pain right now

No. 1473236

No. 1473239

My little sister got a boyfriend I don't know anything about him but she came to my room sobbing her eyes out because of something he said so I want him dead

No. 1473246

File: 1673737756834.jpg (76.67 KB, 713x476, DuFth-MWkAUvRZz.jpg)

Welcome to Iceland! I hope you have a great time while visiting. Can't really give any advice regarding the nightlife here since I personally dislike it and drinking in general but here is a link to Reykjavík nightlife I found online for tourists https://guidetoiceland.is/reykjavik-guide/nightlife-in-reykjavik from what I can see there are more helpful information too, all free.
It's good you're wearing a great pair of boots instead of high heels as you will do a lot of walking along with the all of the snow and slippery side walks, it can be a bit dangerous. I apologize for not being more helpful, I do have one more advice not related to the nightlife which is that for groceries the cheapest store is Bónus, the one with the cartoon pink pig and if you want to buy alcohol physically you can only buy them in pubs, clubs, Vínbúðin and the best price for it is in duty free. Are you the anon that posted on /g/ where to meet Icelandic guys and more? Been a couple of years but it always been stuck in my mind

No. 1473249

Has anyone here dealt with long covid before? I caught Covid at the end of last year, and while my infection wasn't too bad, I still don't feel up to normal. I feel like I have a ton of brain fog, fatigue, and muscle pains still. It sucks because I thought I was getting to a better place with my health before the infection.

No. 1473251

ntayrt but your posts read like shitposts to me because of how they were typed

No. 1473253

I hope to visit iceland one day

No. 1473257

Just had a very weird experience at the gas station. I walked in and grabbed some stuff and stopped by the energy drink cooler. Right as I started looking some guy pretty ok looking came down the aisle and I didn't know how far he was going so I stood back a little and made room for him. But he stopped just before the cooler I was at and went to get pop. Then I went back to looking at drinks and then he said to me "Can I help you with something?" and I was thought huh does this guy work here (in my head) and I'm like "uh, No?" and he said ok and grabbed what he needed, then doubled back and grabbed something out of the fridge I was standing in front of and I said oh sorry and he said nah I just forgot I needed that. Then I grabbed the energy drink I wanted and went up to the register and checked out after him then never saw him again. Why did he ask if I needed help? Did he mean literally or like in a snotty way like "can I HELP you?" I swear something weird like this happens to me every time I leave the house it's like people speak to me in riddles

No. 1473267

he just wanted to assert weird moid scrote aura nonnie pay no mind

No. 1473269

I tried to self harm for the first time in my life and every knife I used was too blunt. I even used a box cutter and it was too blunt. I literally avoided self harming because I have shit kitchen utensils.

No. 1473271

No. 1473272

If you take nothing else in your life as a sign, take this as a sign. Don't hurt yourself anon. It isn't worth it. You either regret it and feel stupid every time you see the scar or you turn it into a habit.

No. 1473281

I was not posting about Icelandic men ever!!! Ty for typing this out, it made me smile. Your(?) country is beautiful, I’m mostly here for hiking but just wanted to get out a bit more than usual

No. 1473286

File: 1673742905754.jpeg (901.21 KB, 1170x1161, 8E5FC1A1-75BC-4BEE-848A-B2042A…)

It’s my birthday next week, and I’ve been feeling pretty sad about the fact that I moved to a new town with my fiancé and don’t really have any girl friends to see or celebrate with. My spirits were lifted when I found my mom sent me a birthday package in the mail! I opened it and…it’s an elastic, “core shaper”/waist trainer thing. So that I can “hurry up and get in shape and look thinner before my wedding!”.

Thanks, I guess

No. 1473294

My manager coughed directly in my face on Thursday without apologizing and I felt ill within a few hours, now it's Saturday and I have a painful cough and it feels like someone is squeezing my eyeballs like they're stress toys. I just hope that bitch is having a way worse time of it than me.

No. 1473296

i feel like i will never be able to find a boyfriend because of my preferences and it's making me sad

No. 1473300

It's pretty frustrating that a lot of society doesn't understand that parents can be bad sometimes. A while back I saw some online story were basically this dad was yelling at there adult child about how good they have it and how they ask very little from them. Everyone in the comments was defending the parents. Now to be fair, I don't know the circumstances of that exact case I saw, maybe the daughter really is a piece of shit, who knows? But honestly, I feel like the dad seemed really unhinged.

I mean, of course I'm biased because my parents were 'rough around the edges', to put it lightly, but I don't know why everyone always thinks the child is in the wrong. I won't blogpost about my cringe past but basically I guess you can't imagine what maladjusted or even physically violent parents are like if you've never had one. I've seen people tell stories similarly to mine where people respond with 'There's no way that happened, that sounds fake'. Honestly, it's great if they can't relate but I don't get why everyone has to jump to conclusions. IDK, it's just been bothering me lately.

No. 1473301

I realized that all the few times my family has called me this month has been because they need something from me and it kinda hurt.

No. 1473304

Offended by a stupid tiktok my old friend posted but I'm not saying shit because at least I don't literally cry over kpop men and go to 20+ concerts in a year all over the country for dollar store BTS. Dumb bitch literally has tiktoks posted of her opening Stray Kidz albums and crying about it, and posted a list of all the concerts she went to. "It makes me happy!" Seek help you cringe bitch.

No. 1473305

phone works both ways

No. 1473306

Sure, but I'm self aware enough to not suddenly call someone just to ask for money or free babysitting.

No. 1473310

Nta but kek shut up. Why would anyone reach out to people who clearly don't actually want to talk to them?

No. 1473311

Man, moms are crazy.

No. 1473345

Ovulation is giving me the most bothersome and annoying sore throat I've ever had. Every time I swallow there's a piercing pain on the left side of my throat. It hurts to talk. Lozenges and throat numbing spray doesn't help at all.

No. 1473348

Could it be a swollen lymph node?

No. 1473351

The left side of my neck is as normal but there's a lymph node on the right side of my neck that's the teensiest tiniest bit enlarged. Just ever so slighty bigger than normal.

No. 1473353

I totally get this. Something else that bothers me is movies/TV shows where the parent characters are assholes the entire time, and then at the end they're able to apologize and "talk it out" with the child and everything is happily ever after. And the moral of the story is "They act like this BECAUSE THEY SECRETLY CARED the whole time!" It's so unrealistic. Most parents like that lack the maturity to just sit and listen to what their child has to say.

No. 1473355

Trying to get rid of old items by selling, donating, and trashing. It's just hard because the items remind me of some memories from dead family including my parents. I try to tell myself at the end of the day even if I lost everything me existing is a huge piece of my parents though.

No. 1473361

What makes me not have motivation to lose weight is I was called ugly and ignored when I was thin too so it seems like a waste of time. I can get why women who were once pretty when they were thin and want their pretty privilege back but I didn’t have any then either.

No. 1473364

File: 1673754169285.jpg (58.51 KB, 736x778, 2b059c59b15bb39aff7008dcb77c95…)

today feels like a sad day i don't know why either and the more i try to justify why im sad the more frustrated i get because everything that could be bothering me is grasping straws..anyways i like this dress and id get it if it was made from better material

No. 1473371

People say with age you mature but I find that I’ve regressed in so many ways. I’m worse off in my 30s than in my teens and 20s
>when I was young it didn’t bother me when other women were pretty and I didn’t get jealous of other women
>I had my own hobbies and life was just more exciting
>I wanted to meet new friends and loved getting to know people
>didn’t compare myself to others I just always thought “I’m me and you’re you. We both have