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File: 1666995312359.jpg (53.34 KB, 640x630, mjj18aqva3251.jpg)

No. 1390131

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.


No. 1390606

Last thread reached limit so here we go
>I’d never walk up and slap a bear in the face bc he took my picnic basket, he’d maul me to death. Why do women think they can assault a man and not receive the same kind of result
Admitting they have the impulse control levels, rationality and problem solving skills of a wild animal, kek. They can not help exposing themselves. I think it's safe to say that moids are sexually aroused by women being hurt or violated at this point. If they weren't, these videos and subreddits wouldn't have hundreds and thousands of visitors foaming at the mouth to see a woman being assaulted. Same goes for violent porn.
TLDR: man admits that men are animals. What else is new.

No. 1392491

File: 1667161858400.png (10.84 KB, 497x163, firefox_BdI4xLtZcw.png)


This subreddit is full of coomers crying about loli games getting censored and they love their porn games while hating on anything made for women.

Feel free to call me out if this is normal, but I haven't seen this amount of neckbeard energy outside of redpill subs in a while

No. 1392494

File: 1667161977928.png (122.73 KB, 637x822, jji.png)


No. 1392496

No. 1392499

They also hate women so much they get off to see them being “put in their place”. They don’t see them as people, just bitches who reject them or are annoying because of whatever incel rhetoric they consume online. If you pay attention they rarely have pity for women even if they go through horrible shit they’ll say it’s annoying meanwhile some man will get a paper cut and they’re like wow this is so fucked up my heart goes out to you bro, they only have empathy for males.

No. 1392503

This made my day. Thanks nonnie

No. 1392504

KEK that women knew what she was doing and did it right. That guy is getting what he deserves the fact that he even recognizes her as an extremely attractive women and still chose to cheat on her and now acts upset that he cant keep her for himself is top tier comedy

Also check the way he sneakily tries to weaponize his kids as if him cheating wasn't the cause of hurt in the family

No. 1392506

Anyone else noticed how men have been calling Twox some extremely feminist sub? It's the most bare bones sub in existence, I guess they really can't deal with women saying that being assaulted by men sucks.

No. 1392511

lol what, when I used to browse reddit, twox was extremely handmaideny
>we might be called twox but transwomen are women! also our mods are transwomen!
>not all men!!

No. 1392514

It still is, but I've noticed in multiple random comment threads that they consider it overly feminist and men hating of all things

No. 1392518

File: 1667163541383.jpg (142.34 KB, 860x684, pills.JPG)

No. 1392520

File: 1667163641772.jpg (102.13 KB, 893x776, pills2.JPG)

No. 1392524

>handmaiden for transvestite
>marries said beta moid despite not desiring children with him

Sorry if the radfem crew lynches me for it but this bitch retarded

No. 1392526

I seriously don't understand moid mentality. Why cheat on your wife in the first place, despite how great your sexlife was, only to feel guilty about it and express how much you still love her? His action only make senses if it was based on fundamental lack of respect for his wife, on selfishness, and on the need to control/possess her.

No. 1392682

cmon, this reads obviously fake
the account is even 2 days fresh

No. 1392718

File: 1667174151592.jpeg (203.49 KB, 945x1142, E728724C-03D6-4E74-B84D-C38C30…)

yeah, think this was posted some threads back?

No. 1392761

Anything that's empowering to women is redpill to them

No. 1392764

File: 1667177507725.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

This woman is absolutely based, I love her!!

No. 1392766

So what, being honest about how nasty scrotes are and enlightening women is apparently incel shit? At least we don't have to make up random shit to force our narrative to work, just open the local newspaper and there's material right there, even just talk to scrotes irl, the shit that falls out their mouths is pinkpill material a lot of the time. Also, isn't 2x a tranny coddling zone?


I can't imagine being this fucked up in the head, i hope they kermit.

No. 1392964

I've told every male I've been in a relationship with that if I catch him cheating he wont get a confrontation. I'll just start cheating too while planning my exit.

Much better for getting your point across than the pathetic "I'll cut your dick off!!" threat some women make that just boosts their ego and makes them think they're attractive. No matter how durr redpilled they are, they can't deny its easy af to get sex as a woman.

No. 1392985

play stupid cheating games, win the prize you most deserve. fucking moids.
my ex tried to get me to see troon hookers with him, noped the fuck out. pornsick scrotes die alone with your withered chamomile-scented dicks in your lonely hand

No. 1393622

File: 1667253885276.jpg (168.19 KB, 983x1280, IMG_20221031_230010_794.jpg)

Which one of you wrote this? Kek

No. 1393632

Funny how these same moids will riot if a cop shoots a man for attacking them, then they magically understand what excessive force is. If it's a woman they think she deserves to be brutally murdered if she shoulder checks him while walking away and that's equality, even though they know damn well they would never do the same to a man

No. 1393634

That's such a weird reason to believe it's fake lmao. People make new throwaways to confess all the time

No. 1393640

For some reason I always get AITA screenshots on my explore page and I can't believe how many people fall for what is 99% obvious bait. It's either people larping as the asshole and making up a ridiculous strawman scenario so they can enjoy reading insults for whatever type of person they're larping as, or humblebraggers painting themselves as the hero and the other person as horrible like "my bigoted mother in law screams at my kids and kicks my dog. AITA for calling her a jerk?" The few times someone is in an actual ethical gray area or wants genuine advice, the commenters don't know what to do with themselves and of course it doesn't get screencapped and passed around

No. 1393735

File: 1667260252342.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1604x1493, 2F5D1740-4FAE-4E7F-989E-102C5E…)

Came across this a few weeks ago and it was such obvious LARPing but all the comments were praising OP for ruining his brother’s life for being kind of annoying. The kinky people disagreeing with him and rightfully saying this was way overkill we’re all being downvoted to hell. Creeped me out just how far these people would theoretically go to get revenge when they could just tell these people to fuck off and move on with their lives.

No. 1393842

This is fucking hilarious.

No. 1393853

File: 1667266541319.jpeg (510.42 KB, 1125x796, 94678D55-5C6A-40D0-9D4F-EDADAD…)

just the usual intruding of women spaces

No. 1393859

>the corrupted princess
Porno creep.

No. 1393864

How much do you nonnies want to bet there is some coomer shit under their reddit handle if you click it? Let's find out!!

No. 1393866

As if he would even understand anyway.

No. 1393869

I love how frequently you can clock Reddit trannies by username alone.

No. 1393871

File: 1667267160595.png (12.95 KB, 653x162, Screenshot 2022-10-31 214532.p…)

Of course he posts in r/actuallesbians. Close enough.

No. 1393897

I'm so fucking upset. I had the misfortune of reading about something on reddit and they are trying to normalize the acronym "CSAM" (child sexual abuse material) instead of CP (y'all know what that is). Their reasoning? "Because porn implies that it's consensual". Can scrotes please die and become educated? There's not even any reason to change the acronym. It is what it is.

I hope this doesn't become the new norm. Thoughts on this, nonas?

No. 1393905

CSAM is a more accurate term and I don’t understand what you’re mad about. I am anti-porn but in the average persons mind, porn is something an individual chooses to participate. Calling images of child rape or sexual assault “porn” makes it sound less horrible than it is.

No. 1393911

CP has always felt gross to me but changing the name is useless and just keyboard warrior bs

No. 1393915

That's the thing though. Porn is disgusting on its own and is supposed to be repulsive enough. Therefore, why change the name? Keyboard warrior bs indeed. Just smells of men being misogynistic and justifying their porn use at the end of the day. If it's a little 18 year old suddenly it's consent

No. 1393921

I understand where you’re coming from but keep in mind that our anti porn mentality is unfortunately not the norm. Plenty of people firmly believe there’s nothing wrong with pornography and many even believe it’s empowering. By calling it “child porn” it makes it sound like it’s just another category of pornography like “MILF porn” or whatever.

No. 1393930

Not to mention how bastardized the term "porn" has become, with it being applied to anything 'aesthetic' e.g EarthPorn, FoodPorn, etc

No. 1393931

I’ve been seeing that too, was it on the Delphi murders sub? I don’t think calling it porn is an issue, that’s what they use it for and I’ve never thought consent would be implied in any way when children are involved. It’s obvious to everyone what CP is. CSAM is just a confusing long acronym that everyone not terminally online is going to have to ask what it means. It might be more respectful terminology but then that also waters down the intent.

No. 1394045

File: 1667278506009.jpeg (305.34 KB, 828x1405, 73C4D297-1ADF-46C9-BF99-E82B91…)

First of all, the bar for men’s appearance is in the center of the earth. Second of all, very classy to thirst over some Jack Torrance mf who’s explaining the details of a case where two girls were brutally killed. Pickmes can’t fucking help themselves, like why did this have to be a post.

No. 1394047

I saw someone in the comments comparing his appearance to Christian Bale in American Psycho. Not only do they have bad taste but these true crime people need to learn to have some tact.

No. 1394052

God this is like when desperate women on Twitter were losing their shit over Cuomo. It was so embarrassing

No. 1394093

Kek it’s like they’ve been on Reddit too long and think it’s normal to thirst over any person for any reason, also consuming the propaganda to try to make women attracted to uggos. No one fucking cares, go fuck your ugly ass boyfriends and drool over fat old men elsewhere. Those guys look like any human you see at a fucking gas station or having a smoke at the bar, not a supermodel where you’d be potentially distracted by their looks. Imagine explaining a huge breakthrough in a highly publicized case while a true crime freak is thinking OMG SO HOT I WANT HIM TO DICK ME DOWN. No excuse for that cringe degenerate behavior, they still haven’t closed the investigation. Shit if I was fucking killed for some sick fetish and some bitch on Reddit thought it would be quirky to post that I’d materialize in this dimension just to smack them.

No. 1394248

I saw this the other day and I couldn’t believe the upvotes and comments. It’s such a ridiculous story, complete with an overly detailed backstory of the brother being in the ICU as a baby (what adult would even bring that up??? lmao), finding the ring receipt by total chance, and parents that won’t ever see fault in their precious bratty golden child. Even for such a fake story, it’s still kinda disturbing how many people are cheering the OP on for breaking up his brother’s marriage just for being a jerk. Posting some long fantastical revenge porn story must be the easiest way to get karma kek.

No. 1394258

considering most of them are wannabe Patrick Batemans, he probably is loving the comparisons

No. 1394264

Lol fake or not a wedding is only once for most and so is a big deal esp when they already told the guy to not pull any tricks. Proposing at a wedding? Do it over a romantic dinner lol people like that deservingly "fuck around and find out"

No. 1394447

Damn. Moids are all effed up in different ways….

No. 1394490

File: 1667312346864.jpg (50.69 KB, 700x700, b5d684cb3a1ccb4fa75df3d2a9a3d6…)

>Christian Bale in American Psycho
Bateman-like character aside, where???

No. 1394491

turning your own wedding into a circus because someone was rude is not a thing that happens irl

No. 1394493

now every normie sees any man wearing a suit and a tie as Christian Bale. get me off this planet, i am tired.

No. 1394524

This is why women shouldn't bother with the "feminism is for men" shit for even a second. They won't accomplish anything, they will just go in circles forever trying to accommodate male degeneracy, and soothe the feefees of some shitty epsilon male failures who will still not return any favors and just defend male crimes to the grave.

No. 1394555

Men call anything that involves women talking among themselves or anything female-centred extreme feminism. The leftist ones use "terf" for the same reason.
They don't care to research the nuances between feminist groups, that's why they couldn't differentiate a handmaiden libfem from a radfem if you put a gun to their head. They always lump them in the same category because they simply hate women in general.
Men hate the "feminism is for men too!!" type of woman as much as they hate the hairy manhating catlady radfem archetype. I wish more women would see through this.

No. 1394619

I can’t believe the men’s rights sub still fucking exists, it’s so crazy how males can easily build and keep a community based around validating each other’s victim complex and hatred of women. It’s chilling how many users there are because you know there’s thousands of idiot sheep men who are easily influenced by that kind of dialogue. Even after all the incel terrorism committed irl, no social media site can take it seriously. But god forbid women have a place to talk about their standards and dating. Look up misogyny in search and all you get are nsfw fetish subs focusing on degrading for sexual pleasure, but there’s no womensrights sub….and moids still think they’re more oppressed kek if it wasn’t so disgustingly depressing I’d laugh

No. 1394628

File: 1667320586479.jpeg (368.68 KB, 1170x1819, 1CD04AA5-CFAC-4981-8F19-4B12C1…)

woman creates a tik tok about the exploitation of young preteen girls by their parents and how the demographic of their subscribers are predominantly middle aged men. Reddit somehow gets upset that she focused on the fact that it’s mostly men subscribing to children.

No. 1394643

Men commit 99% of sex crimes then act victim when people look at them weirdly for following a child model account

No. 1394653

The way they play dumb pisses me the fuck off. They always do this and think they're so clever lmao.
Yeah sure, middle aged men are known for being so genuinely and innocently interested in mommy family vlogger content! I'm sure they're tuning in for the cleaning tips and the recipes! Such a coincidence that the family vloggers/homemaking channels who don't show their children don't have the same statistics in male/female viewers as the ones who do, right?
>Are we to believe if it's male it's a pedophile, but if it's female, she's just a fan of the child?
And guess which sex class of the two commits nearly all sexual crimes against children. Interesting how factz and logic stop being relevant when it's time to play the victim.

No. 1394655

>Are we to believe if it's male it's a pedophile, but if it's female, she's just a fan of the child?

No. 1394658

People were trying to defend these statistics on Tiktok too by claiming they were all kids watching while logged into their father's Youtube account. Everyone's so quick to defend moids.

No. 1394659

They way they play dumb and act like professional victim makes me want to be VIOLENT AHHHHAAAAHHHH

No. 1394662

and if that were true, the numbers would be consistent through all the accounts but somehow, they’re not. one 13 yr old girl had 83% of her subscribers male. but another had 44%? i’m willing to bet the variable that determines these numbers is how blatant the child porn is.

No. 1394684

I just realized that all those youtube channels that have kids in their video 'pool party' or whatever know exactly what demographics are viewing it. Fuck this earth.

No. 1394731

Imagine getting "soo pissed off" on the behalf of pedos.

No. 1394745

“WhY Is iT aLwAyS aBoUt GeNdEr” because 96% of people who sexually abuse children are male, 76% are married men. Because 97% of child pornographers are men. Because over 80% of child traffickers are men (and many female sex traffickers are being trafficked themselves. They use girls being trafficked to reel in other unsuspecting girls bc they are more likely to trust another teen girl than a random man). Because men have proven that in every single society where male power and sexuality goes unmonitored and uncontrolled, raping children is practically a cultural practice.

And most of the female audience is likely other mothers or teen girls, top comment literally mentions this.

No. 1394761

File: 1667329555610.jpg (72.93 KB, 780x808, IMG_20221031_231503_457.jpg)

On the topic of pedo scrotes

No. 1394767

This is autopedophilia I’m—

No. 1394768

Fucking XY moment jfc.

No. 1394780


No. 1394796

64 percent upvoted.
Troons aren’t predators, though.

Goddamn scrotes

No. 1394814

Years ago
> If we could legally castrate pedos then the world would be a safer place for kids
God I miss those simpler times. When a pedo was just a pedo and they didn't have all these other paraphilias sprinkled on top.

No. 1394905

All the f*cking time. Men act like anything that isn't complete ball gargling handmaiden subservience is rabid man hatred. And since FDS was taken away, they have to set their sights on the next women's space. The irony is that women hate two X. It's nothing but trannies despite the name.

No. 1395090

But if I said that men are predatory animals that have no place in a civilized society, then I'm wrong

No. 1395092

File: 1667346308147.png (164.11 KB, 971x940, sounds twansphobic tbh fam.png)

but forcing lesbians to take "girl"dick is totally valid tho!

No. 1395168

i think the quote is fucking weird and not the best way to talk about young girls but she's sort of right. childen are removing parts of themselves that they've never even explored yet.

No. 1395448

“Being loved for who you really are is BAD and TORTURE”

No. 1395530

File: 1667383746355.jpg (836.38 KB, 1080x1455, tceq2ks7qag91.jpg)

I can't even laugh at this, this is so pathetic that it hurts

No. 1395531

temporarily embarrassed Party leaders kek

No. 1395537

>Being loved as a woman is a trigger for them
>Ignore their misgendering kinks that include "getting turned on from men telling them how feminine they are" though! Cis people have it all the time! Had nothing to do with regret!!!

No. 1395538

Ask them if they'd rather their child be alone with a random man or a teen girl, who usually is most accounts on TikTok

No. 1395548

Replies aside i agree with >>1395168 that it's weird af to put an imaginary scenario of a girl having her breasts caressed as something that could potentially change someone's mind. Breasts are unnecessarily sexualized, it's men who get the most pleasure from playing with them, not women; "lover's caress" would be better applied to literally any other part of the body as far as female pleasure it's concerned. For me it sounds like she's more concerned about moids hypothetical attraction and loss of it if a woman dares to remove a breast.

No. 1395624

You can't be serious. Just search "boyfriend doesn't play with my boobs" and you get hundreds upon hundreds of pages on social media of women complaining about men not touching their breasts. Id probably even say most men are too porn sick to enjoy caressing and it turns women on more. Where do you think the thing of women needing lots of foreplay comes from? Do you think women exclusively get turned on by just their vag being played with? Do you think lesbians just eat each other out and that's it?

No. 1395633

Clicked through all the top results, and almost all of them is women who don't have breast as seen in porn, which is probably why their coomer partners don't touch them? I think overly sexualizing breasts is something seen much more commonly than other way around.
Even if I'm not 100% right about this for which I apologize, I'll still stand behind the thought that having a male lovingly stroke a body part won't change one's entire outlook on life and it's giving too much power to moids to assume that it will.

No. 1395634

im not even going to say anything because im tired of the infights here but wow some of you will really do any mental gymnastics to defend creepy tradtard women who dont give a shit about womens rights.
I bet you would also side with that woman who harassed that woman in the bathroom because she thought she was trans.

No. 1395666

I didn't defend her at all. I just said women like having their breasts played with
Regardless of the reason, why would women be upset and not be able to get turned on if they didn't want their breasts played with and it was only for men? I do agree that breasts are overly sexualized (reread that since anons seem to think you can't disagree with people on one thing without disagreeing with them on everything else). But acting like women don't enjoy breast play is laughable. Even moids enjoy nippleplay sometimes

No. 1395807

I don't feel terribly comfortable reading that quote but the fact that TIMs are constantly talking about pubescent female bodies in a worse way.. sexualizing breasts from the moment they start to grow. Imagining that they're automatically this crazy reactive erogenous zone for every woman. Blaming their obsession with young girls on gender dysphoria. None of us need to be talking about girls bodies like that but how come they only pick up on how gross it is when it's not their own group doing it? They make out like its ok for TIMs to talk about breast buds all day long but then get all 'protect the kids' over this? Its one rule for me and another for thee.

I don't get a thing from my breasts being touched. Never have, I've had scrotes confused by the fact that it varies because they buy into the idea too. It varies widely and cutting off a teenagers breasts is fucked up for plenty of reasons outside of sexual potential. They could've just said it in a less creepy way but theres still an insane level of irony in how quick they are to see the creep factor in this statement but never in any of the messed up shit transwomen say while they lament about envying real female puberty.

No. 1395833

Yeah you're right, breastfeeding would have been a much better point and the fact breasts have lots of lymph nodes that are often removed in a mastectomy that can cause tons of circulatory, immune and thyroid issues. I think Allison was trying to use the same argument that's often used against circumcision (female or male) but did so in a way that accidentally came off as creepy. There's better ways to discuss how surgeries could affect someone's sex life in the future though.

Troons are fucking perverts about breasts though and they always try to switch conversations about women's bodies. It's even worse when they body shame women's breasts when they either have stupid bolt ons or lizard eye estrogen injection tits

No. 1395843

She shouldn't have said it out loud because it's bad optics but you're a retard if you think wanting to have your breasts caressed is some trad moid conspiracy. Is it okay that I love it when my gf plays with my boobs or am I also a tradthot? May I please have permission to be thankful that I didn't let my childhood dysphoria ruin my future erogenous zones?

No. 1395850

youre the retard for not understanding that there is a HUGE difference between you and the other retard wanting their retard boobs touched and a difference between a tradthot telling girls to not hack them off because there will be no moid to touch them.

Reading comprehension.

No. 1395854

File: 1667407748730.jpg (45.71 KB, 976x549, Obvious Tradthot.jpg)

>a tradthot telling girls to not hack them off because there will be no moid to touch them.
Are we still talking about the cap here?
Isn't Allison Bailey picrel or are they talking about a different Allison Bailey? I really don't think picrel is a rightwinger caping for moids but what do I know.

No. 1395901

Best to just not mention the breastfeeding thing, because many TiFs don't want children and really wouldn't be persuaded by being reminded that they're baby factories.
>the fact breasts have lots of lymph nodes that are often removed in a mastectomy that can cause tons of circulatory, immune and thyroid issues.
this is the best to mention, which most gc people ignore. It's always immediately jumping to breastfeeding, sexualization or overly dramatic mutilation screeching. The actual health consequences should be shared more and how they're not worth it, unless you actually have cancer etc. I don't like the idea of friendly fire towards cancer survivors and calling their actual life saving surgery 'mutilation', it just depends

No. 1395909

Every time I go on /r/tinder I feel like I'm essentially self harming with the sheer amount of misogyny and hatred for women they have there.

No. 1395985

>Current crushes
>Dove Cameron
Such male taste in women as well

No. 1396010

File: 1667417674587.png (2.22 MB, 624x4472, Screenshot 5.png)

I swear every post on r/aznidentity is somehow manages to be more cringe then the next

No. 1396014

File: 1667417830524.png (150.91 KB, 854x727, 1644810072254.png)

No. 1396019

Kek this is just accurate though, films with this exact plot exist, OP just changed the cultures around. Could actually be a based parody/satire if written well

No. 1396044

KEK I'd watch that tbh

No. 1396052

I get that was his point, but this specific guy(and many of the users) genuinely believe that ancient chinese people were taller then Europeans and that there's active disinformation campaign by Hollywood to make asians seem shorter

No. 1396085

Yeah lol. An anorexic with lip fillers. Lesbians hate underweight girls unless they have some weird kink for overpowering and obvious cosmetic work

No. 1396651

I probably would have had a child already if I didn’t know there’s a 50% chance I’d have a son and this what he could become.

No. 1396753

wow this is much better. I've threatened dick cutting and havent gotten cheated on. not sure if that's necessarily why but boost moid ego is the last thing I want. It's not because I find them uber attractive, it's just my imagined go to if i was cheated on. don't know why but i seethe and just blurt it out. It's like rape to me and the punishment is fitting. It would be difficult for me to have random flings even though it's easy because I find it gross and if I've just been hurt by someone I deeply care about the last thing on my mind is sex. I could still threaten cheating back instead, then decide what to actually do in the moment

No. 1396985

File: 1667498705815.jpg (265.9 KB, 1080x1050, reddit.jpg)

Nonnies what do you think about this troll? It doesn't seem like just an "average" troll.

No. 1396995

am i supposed to know who this is?

No. 1396998

this is even more funny when you think about the fact that china was a colony of britain.

No. 1397012

how is it funny ? also only certain regions of china were under british control, it was never under colonial control

No. 1397148

China was never colonized as I far as I know. they did have taiwan and HK taken from them by the shitty brits however

No. 1397257

File: 1667512422005.png (56.14 KB, 986x776, grdgd.png)

I'll never get over how reddit loves to sperg about male rape never getting taken serious while those are always the top comments whenever there's a post about penis inspection day, pederasty in ancient greece or other or some imaginary, some not so imaginary, situations where young boys get sexually assaulted by men is hitting the top.

No. 1397740

Disgusting pedos

No. 1397832

File: 1667555078016.jpg (321.13 KB, 1080x1579, update.jpg)

The moid has no life lol

No. 1398500

are you self-posting? who is this, you posted this person before and didnt answer to the person asking context.

No. 1398563

File: 1667609850069.png (119.11 KB, 720x669, Screenshot_20221104-215200~3.p…)

I had to share this one I found today kek

No. 1398574

"childhood trauma" shut the fuck up. Go look at a tree. Pick up a leaf. God I wish I could cull mouth-breathers like that.

No. 1398736

File: 1667634555753.jpg (21.56 KB, 500x500, IazJWlU.jpg)

Tbh, I hate emoji only responses too.

The thumbs up he complains about I don't like it either, but the one he suggests as an alternative, I decidedly hate it. It always reminds me of that Emperor's New Groove meme.

No. 1398922

I agree with this, it's so annoying when people send back single emojis as responses, this doesn't apply if the conversation is over or they're just reassuring they got a piece of information

i unironically have trauma from horribly abusive moids in my life using the same responses which often led to me being verbally berated, attacked, and then he would make me send him pics of me crying after manipulating me into a mental breakdown for 15 hours straight at least once a week, single emojis, one word responses are all a trigger for me but I don't tell anyone or make people stop

No. 1398934

When you type up a fancy ass email in accordance with company guidelines, the right format and everything, with clear titles for every paragraph (like a TL;DR), full of legal warnings and your signature with contact info at the end. Then the boardmember sends back just a thumbsup -sent from my Iphone, in the middle of the night, after he didn't show his face at the office all day again. Yeah, I don't like it either.

No. 1398990

Because jail = man on man assault (meaning their grown asses are at risk), but Greek pederasty = man on boy assault (so they can continue to be in charge)

No. 1399246

Hey text is one of the main ways people communicate with each other now, it's completely valid to be critical of bad communicaters especially when it pertains to employment and relationships

No. 1399352

File: 1667687796117.jpeg (635.75 KB, 828x1221, 1652212C-0C35-47FC-AD75-879AF7…)

Genuine question I’ve had for awhile that this post only reminded me of - why has it become so popular to tell your employers stuff like this? Hasn’t it always been something you are not supposed to do? Like you don’t have to say “sorry I left this here, it’s because of my diagnosed adhd!” You literally could just say (and most people would just say) “oh hey I’m sorry I left that there, I was busy with another task and forgot it.” Is it becoming normalized to just unprompted use mental illnesses as an excuse for everything or is this just a small population of retarded people with no social cues being really loud online?

No. 1399596

Lmfao what's porn then? Woman sexual abuse material?

No. 1399857

File: 1667740503680.jpeg (288 KB, 945x1257, 6F511462-8EFA-4D8B-988E-FBBBA8…)

I hate how much Reddit adores this guy

No. 1399858

File: 1667740539617.jpeg (427.11 KB, 945x2114, 1859646E-C81A-43ED-9693-2692C8…)

No. 1399861

he definitely did this because she is not his type lol. Beacause he had no problem flirting with that blonde girl from witcher when she was 16.

I guess Millie's face is too adult for henry pedo cavills taste.

No. 1399879

File: 1667742709427.jpg (241.62 KB, 2000x1332, Henry-Cavill-heureux-et-amoure…)

this man is an annoying fat nonce and i'm sick of hearing about him. he looks like shit too, it's crazy how a man can fit every conventionally attractive and generic trait of masculinity and then still look like a perverted sleazy businessman who'd try to sniff and take pictures of your feet under the table of a restaurant. i guess that makes sense as to why reddit moids obsess over him

No. 1399896

> a perverted sleazy businessman who'd try to sniff and take pictures of your feet under the table of a restaurant
too spot on. go to jail, anon.

No. 1399902

Looks don't mean shit regarding someone's personality so nobody should be surprised by any of the things you've said, and yet. I think he was very attractive when he was younger though.

No. 1399917

File: 1667744872472.jpeg (36.79 KB, 320x400, 68C51454-98F9-4BFF-A407-3ABB36…)

Men age like caca

No. 1400040

He's so fucking ugly and obviously goes for underaged women, but men will defend his ass to their graves.

No. 1400163

File: 1667756372060.png (561.52 KB, 1170x2532, CC053C01-9E6F-4FF6-8607-778F38…)

Does anyone follow the troubled teen subreddit? I only follow it very casually and can’t tell if mods are having a schizo meltdown or if someone is being actually stalked. These people seem delusional about their importance and the relevancy of the troubled teen industry. If someone from their personal group is indeed being stalked or whatever the fuck, why share this with the entire sun when it doesn’t involve them?

The mod who made the posts is u/rjm2013 and you can see the weird posts in their history. This is part of a recent post and I’m just so confused lmao it sounds like schizo shit but idk

No. 1400214

He still has creepy eyes.

No. 1400274

I mean yeah they're schizo but I can't really blame them, those camps are designed to make kids paranoid and traumatized. Can't even get real mental help as an adult because you're (justifiably) terrified of the entire industry.

No. 1400331

The roids ruined him. He used to be so pretty.

No. 1401342

File: 1667837194868.jpeg (213.78 KB, 945x1225, 08DECBD5-1D5A-4DF6-9897-130252…)

I spend too much of my time on Reddit than is healthy but it keeps reminding me of why i dont want to be with a man ever

No. 1401346

File: 1667837261365.jpeg (295.95 KB, 945x1487, 81659B8B-4481-4811-A2F7-1129C4…)

No. 1401349

Weird justification. They always gotta make their "kinks" as uncomfortable as possible for women and then use mental gymnastics to cover it up. No one wants cum up their nose, sticking to their eyebrows and lashes and stuck on their hair

No. 1401352

File: 1667837531587.png (1.65 MB, 1042x1184, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 15.19…)

Of course this absolutely hideous moid is getting coddled by the reddit retards.

No. 1401354

File: 1667837605806.png (338.7 KB, 894x1372, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 15.23…)

>Everyone awkwardly skirting around the subject of the subreddit to give him weak compliments.
>Just lift bro!!
>A redditard so ugly that even a disabled moid is better looking than him.

No. 1401358

File: 1667837757577.png (97.47 KB, 1090x434, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 16.14…)

And let's not forget the obligatory "if you're too ugly, go and get a prostitute in a third world country". Imagine any poor woman or girl who would have to be anywhere near this scrote's junk. I would genuinely kill myself if I had to go near him in that vicinity.

No. 1401359

looked through the comments, most of the top comments are mostly trying to be nice but telling him he does look below average

No. 1401367

is there something wrong with my brain I don't see any beard

No. 1401369

the retard replying to him… telling him he's ugly is brutally honest but saying he should seek out desperate women is straight up a bigoted subjective opinion that could lead to real life harm being done. fucking moids

No. 1401388

Yes thank you nona, I'm glad I'm seeing others feel the same way. If 'child sex abuse material' is a thing on its own because children can't consent, when deepfake child porn makes its way into the mainstream, will that be called CSAM, or will it be called child porn because it's the "good kind" of porn? Honestly, so much of it reads like the way MAPs try to rebrand themselves by not using the word pedophile. We need to call it what it is. All porn is sex abuse material. That's literally the point of porn.

No. 1401409

I assumed he uploaded two pics and in one of them he shopped it out to show people how it would look and anon posted the shopped pic?

No. 1401410

nta, I know you're being sarcastic but isn't the point of porn to be degrading to women?

No. 1401422

File: 1667840185284.png (646.91 KB, 854x778, Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 16.56…)

Yes, he uploaded a pic of him with and without beards. Imo he looks a million times worse with a beard. Not sure why everyone told him to keep it.

No. 1401432

File: 1667840593895.png (1.64 MB, 1140x641, d6aa6570-9c6f-4928-b999-093d85…)

Why can't he just date another woman with down syndrome? There's plenty of communities for that. Do they think ugly or women with physical deformities don't exist? Or do they believe all men just deserve 6+ women and looksmatch don't exist?

No. 1401434

I agree with you on the point moids are clueless and uneducated on porn however I do think the name change is a good one. before it ran the risk of sounding like another 'genre' of porn. porn use can be a slippery slope into worse and worse material and I think for coombrains they're already out there watching facial abuse, extreme BDSM, the jump to cp is easier when you call it cp, I guarantee they convince themselves it's just another genre, especially when what little empathy they have is already clouded by coom, it's easier to make that jump. CSAM hammers home the horrific nature of the material and I hope it gains traction.

No. 1401438

call deepfakes SCSAM. the extra S meaning simulated.

No. 1401446

nonna im pretty sure that’s treacher collins syndrome.

No. 1401474

Well whatever the fuck he has. There's deformed women out there he can just date them

No. 1401551

File: 1667847820636.jpeg (169.72 KB, 740x1024, 79696912-FBCB-4EA0-91BE-A0D5B6…)

much of reddit also adores this man and downvotes to fuck if you bring up he abused his girlfriend.

celebs probably also have bots on reddit, I don't think that's talked about enough. like how depp's former attorney PR propagandist admitted to using them. makes you question how much of this "support" for certain celebrities is organic

No. 1401553

File: 1667847921107.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.6 KB, 640x252, 89273C0D-9BC7-4DB2-8535-24E4E2…)

My account just got permanently suspended for this

No. 1401555

they're just afraid to hear the truth

No. 1401556

The fact that he’s ginger makes it even worse.

No. 1401568

I see comments that are [ Removed by Reddit ] always on stories of women who have been sexually assaulted or been in terrible situations with men. God forbid you say men are shit and wish for retaliation against them but all the porn subs that focus on misogyny/rape scenarios/being hurt etc. is fine and can have hundreds of thousands of members. So there’s proof that mods scan the comments and remove all negativity towards violent men but do nothing about the very concerning users I’ve reported who comment blatantly about wanting to commit sex crimes or endorse pedophilia/rape/death.

No. 1401589

Think about how many scrotes with hurt feelings had to report you kek

No. 1401615

Boss shit

No. 1401622

No. 1401661

You're absolutely correct though. I'm not sure how moids got so unappealing so fast. Maybe it's feminism opening our eyes when our mothers just avoided/didn't know the truth about their sperm donors but, I just can't see myself getting married and having kids with a moid. I'd rather go to a sperm bank and pick out the top 20% baby juice. Most moids are short retarded losers with fail lord genetics that don't deserve to be passed on. I out earn a decent amount of the scrotes I know, so now they just seem completely useless. Hell, they're even getting worse at sex and looking good (being muscular).

No. 1401678

I can't help but feel bad for him though, he needs plastic surgery so badly

No. 1401689

No. 1401718

He looks like he had his face ripped off by a wild animal and this is the reconstruction result after a few decades.

No. 1401807

Its so fucking weird how pedophiles and admitted rapists will stay up but they'll permaban this shit

No. 1401819

File: 1667863043468.jpeg (273.72 KB, 800x500, BB69402A-86C7-4E73-AD5B-546857…)

crouzon syndrome
which there is some surgery out there for but…it might be too late for him. poor guy. why would you post to a “brutally honest” sub if you know you have a physical deformity? i wonder if hes even self aware. men generally struggle with that kind of thing

No. 1401820

Yet you know that second poster would freak out if a man wanted to cum on his own face. Cumming on anyone’s face is a kink about degradation or ownership and it’s disgusting.

No. 1401849

Treacher collins doesn't affect your brain in any way. It would be kind of creepy for a sentient person to date a person with Down's, imo.

No. 1401860

I think they're telling him to keep it because if he was babyfaced he'd look like a younger downy type kid, instead of a grown man downy. That's the only reason I'd see to keep the beard because otherwise, yeah I'd say he's look better without it. Hopefully he meets a nice girl (or guy, or troon or whatever I guess) and lives a decent life. Maybe he could go on a developmental delay discord and meet someone. It seems like that's where he'd most likely meet a girl with a similar intelligence and willingness to date someone else with a genetic condition. Not sure why the scrotes would immediately tell him to go get a hooker/desperate foreign women, as if women with genetic conditions who are high functioning enough to want relationships don't exist. But ya know, scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1401863

Oh, well shit. I'm >>1401860 and I thought it was a developmental thing. I guess in that case he should go see if there's a support group for people with his condition. He's likely to meet someone he connects with there.

No. 1402094

>Do I keep my beard?

I know Reddit men have fragile masculinity but holy shit beards do the majority of them no fucking favors even when they're not hideous and don't have poor genetics to hide.
We need to start shaming men for pubic hair on their face like how they shamed women for hair on our crotches (and at least society doesn't see our muffs whenever we step outside).

No. 1402100

To men, anything slightly uncomfortable sexually is a huge deal to them that can never ever be done, even if it's for women's pleasure. Meanwhile women are expected to take a while variety of uncomfortable and painful sensations and pretend to love it. If women developed a thing for rubbing their discharge all over moids face and hair then they understand "that's gross, it smells, it sticks to my hair, it gets in my eye and hurts"

No. 1402176

They couldn’t even get me for hate speech, so they had to hit me with the “bullying and harassment” kek.

No. 1402178

kek is this a joke?

No. 1402408

I’ve been wanting a dog so I’ve been doing a lot of research. I was looking up the difference in temperament between male and female dogs and basically every place on the web said males are more prone to aggression and becoming territorial- except Reddit.
I read threads of a bunch of Reddit moids claim how female dogs are so much worse, how male dogs may be territorial and aggressive it “wasn’t as bad, and just for show”. I swear this is just what they reflexively do for male/female relations in general. Yeah male dogs are 6x as likely to bite but not all male dogs and I have several personal anecdotes about how female dogs are worse and the male dogs I knew were all just misunderstood. It’s exactly how they react toward human male criminals and women who cheat/lie and how apparently they’re so much worse. Because getting cucked is worse than getting killed apparently.

No. 1402438

File: 1668031758846.gif (2.04 MB, 290x195, 1572026451849.gif)

you went down in a blaze of glory!

No. 1402442

they'd understand but only for themselves and go through mental gymnastics to mansplain how "those are not the same!"

No. 1402459

In my experience, females are protective in a good way. Every female dog I have come across has a motherly protection to them but growing up I was told they were bad because they bled and can have babies. There was this big black lab/newfie mix I knew who'd check on the kids and go door to door in the house to make sure the kids were sleeping/ in their rooms at night. She did her patrols and even adopted in a little kitten as her own "puppy".

Meanwhile most male dogs I've come across have been aggressive (depends on owner and whether they take care of them or not tbh). I have to put my dog in a pet stroller with netting because my dog and I have been approached by these male dogs and have been attacked a few times. I have to carry a dog spray now. It's always dogs who aren't fixed, you'd be surprised how many don't fix their dogs and if the dogs are male, the attack is so much worse because they have assert themselves. Every man I've come across says it's cruel to neuter a dog and take away his balls. But they fail to realize that if a dog is not neutered they will get prostate issues down the line just as mine did. Neutering my dog was the best thing I did for his health and temperament.

This is just my experience though. I wish you luck on the dog research!

No. 1402476

i dont understand why dog owners are such shit owners.
Like most cat owners take their cats for health checkups or get them neutered meanwhile dog owners dont give a fuck.

No. 1402482

Who cares about temperament do you really want a dog that will constantly be rubbing his wet boner on everything? Yes even fixed dogs get boners

No. 1402491

>Every man I've come across says it's cruel to neuter a dog and take away his balls
ugh don't get me started on moids who are ok with spaying female dogs but not neutering males

No. 1402495

seems dog owners are more likely to project themselves on their pets

No. 1402507

I was watching a Netflix documentary about cats and some Japanese guy was saying dogs view their owners as God and cats view themselves as God. I think cat owners in general have more respect for their cats so they treat them better. Dog owners seem to be more inclined to treat their dogs like unwanted children while cat owners tend to want to spoil them. Obviously it's not true for all so no infighting please.

No. 1402526

that makes so much sense to me because moids imprint on their dogs
>"When you cut off his balls, you cut off MY balls"

No. 1402562

My shitty stepdad never neutered his dogs and we bad pit bulls. They’d literally kill each other and other dogs in the neighborhood. One of our neighbors ended up shooting one because it was mauling his dog. The only time I ever saw him cry was over that rabid dog.
And of course, he said neutering dogs take away their manhood so he refused to do it. He refused to spay the female dogs too not for any other reason other than that he didn’t want to spend the money. He insisted that the females were “infertile” anyways despite them having litter after litter, so every new group of puppies was a miracle. So basically we just had a hoard of rabid pit bulls that kept breeding and killing one another. The only nice one was one of the girls, but she was pregnant so often she stopped caring about her puppies and just let them die.
Because he only cared about the dogs manliness and didn’t want to pay any vet bills we spent years wasting money and time on a pack of wild, sick, injured and aggressive dogs. I am surprised they didn’t attack a person, I guess they were too busy killing one another to bother.

No. 1402723

Ntayrt but i watched that documentary and it was so cute!

My favorite part was the fan experiment they showed carl is so adorable!

No. 1402966

File: 1668061976831.jpg (274.02 KB, 1080x1644, disgustingredditmoids.jpg)

Found this. It's disturbing as fuck and has 450 upvotes too. If this is real, I feel so bad for any woman who actually had sex with this scrote

No. 1402972

And this is why i will remain a virgin even if i get plastic surgery to improve my looks down the line. Jesus fucking christ scrotes do everything they can to be the worst towards women as possible and get so many asspats for it. Meanwhile nonnie above says something i consider light slander towards moids and she gets perma-banned. They are truly glass cannons.

No. 1402974

Can you post an uncensored version? Come on nona I want to see the thread and downvote the scrote

No. 1402976

im sure some nona got radicalized because of this print

No. 1402980

Sorry, I found this screenshot and it was already censored. It was from a thread on r/greentext. I don't think the original comment (or even the thread?) exists anymore, I tried searching for it.

No. 1402983

File: 1668063241588.png (21.55 KB, 646x215, redditcanbeoksometimes.png)

I'm cracking up over this reply

No. 1402993

If they hate that women are "allowed" to have standards (not really), then shouldn't the solution be to stop dating ugly/fat women or whatever? Can someone unironically explain this to me? Everytime I point this out moids seethe and then claim I'm jealous ugly or fat girls are getting picked over me.

No. 1403002

they dont date them unless you think getting pumped and dumped while the moid is internally thinking what a subhuman you are, is considered dating for you.

No. 1403012

That's true but my point still stands, if ugly women are supposedly getting tons of messages with attempts too woo and men wanting to have sex with them, of course they have the right to be picky, hypothetically if everything they said was true the best solution would be to stop hooking up with ugly and fat women even if it's just desperate/pity sex but they get too much pleasure out of earning women's trust, getting them in an extreme vulnerable and exposed state then betraying them

No. 1403021

The way he even says “targeted”…scrotes can’t help but reveal themselves.

No. 1403027

File: 1668067443567.jpeg (355.29 KB, 1170x964, FC93C3A2-3CBD-4C0A-870B-82802C…)

it’s a minor thing but why does male incompetence get such a pass imagine being this fucking retarded you can’t order a slushie and you have to ask fucking Reddit. this faggot would have better use as cannon fodder

No. 1403041

I've seen this same sentiment said on reddit a lot, and it never fails to make me extremely fucking sad.

No. 1403048

Reads like serious social anxiety.

And that's one of the reasons why you don't fuck men on the first date (or the second etc.)

No. 1403096

As an ugly woman all my life I've felt like men looked at me like a was an animal and damn… it's true.

No. 1403101

Male animals are always shit compared to their “female counterparts” because they’re not the real deal. You’re not getting an actual dog, you’re getting a dog-shaped parasite. Even their meat tastes worse.
Also, obviously, the male hivemind extends to animals too. A scrote’s dog could piss and cum all over his bed and he still wouldn’t get him fixed because “MUH TESTICLERINOOS.” They’re retarded, what do you expect?

No. 1403105

Female dogs are FAR better than male dogs. Male dogs are straight up idiots and have behavioural issues very often, especially if they're not fixed. I've had female dogs and they're nothing like the stereotypical dogs that drool everywhere, are aggressive and invade spaces, they're often calm, affectionate, protective and gentle. Local trainers here also recommend female dogs for training (calmer and learn better) and as guard dogs, because male dogs are rendered useless as soon as they smell an intact female while a female won't care about a male and will defend her territory even if she's not spayed. It's also the reason why people who want to breed their dogs will often have to carry the female in the male's territory, because otherwise she most likely won't allow him in her space right away even if she's in heat (that's how it is in my area at least).
Basically, the female is always better even in dogs.

No. 1403128

File: 1668080984540.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1647x1436, F08E52A8-9F70-4484-B08C-47F6B2…)

“Little girl, you MUST whore yourself out to the retarded boy to entertain him. Don’t you know your place as a member of the servitude sex class? We will let your future employers know if you refuse.”
At least there’s a happy end to this story, she told her parents and she got off from detention, and they’re now making the retarded counsellor pay for it.

No. 1403130

Average male Dog Owner. Are you sure he didn’t get off on watching their balls jiggle? Sounds like a faggot to me.

No. 1403136

Words cannot describe how much I fucking hate male autists/retards. They're so coddled and pandered to and you always always have to change your ways to accomodate them, but female autists are almost always expected to act normal and you know, be a respectful person.
I was always put near the retarded kid at school because "I'm quiet and I can teach him" how about no? No one but their parent and guardian should teach or coddle the autist. It's their fucking job to make sure that they can act like normal people around others. I was forced to be friends with some male autist who would throw tantrums frequently if you didn't do everything he asked, but those were considered "meltdowns" so I had to go along with it as a child myself.
I also remember another male autist in my town sitting next to me at mass (I'm from a religious town) and the fucker just starts blowing kisses and grabbing my waist and pulling me closer to him. Funny how retards are suddenly less retarded when it comes to sexually assaulting women.
I'm glad this girl was able to stand up for herself, fuck that moid.

No. 1403140

File: 1668082554158.png (197.08 KB, 490x512, 123454.png)

I'm about to explode.

No. 1403225

I'm glad her parents stuck up for her. I took a course as an adult and had to navigate something similar. We were both mid way through our twenties and I'm gay so I was ready to handle it myself.. but the staff inserted themselves to try and play peacemaker when I just told him to stop following me around all day. I was frank with him because he needed to hear it. The staff in this place seemed to be terrified of anyone who held a 'protected group' card so I had to play my gay card pretty hard just to be listened to. I was never rude but I was not going to placate a man who followed me around like a lost dog. He was a lil unhinged. No woman in her right mind would be safe around him if she played into his delusions or tried to be his friend as a consolation. He was a sexually frustrated man, not a harmless kid. The staff were all female so I had a hard time grasping how they could be so unaware of the risk he posed to any woman he got too attached to.

He later started following around a different woman on the course. She acted totally oblivious to him, she'd often come into class telling us about dates she went on. I would watch his face during it lol. The last I heard this guy had walked out in front of traffic on the way home one day. He didn't get hit by anything but he was playing chicken with cars while having a meltdown. He never came back after that.

People don't want to accept it but autist males aren't these sweet lil things when they have hormones mixed in with their obsessive tendencies.

No. 1403344

File: 1668097805904.png (52.86 KB, 965x393, for fucks sake.png)

No. 1403402

Hard agree, retard males are dangerous and the coddling they receive makes them even more so. They’re just as horny as any other man, and a good chunk of them have mental problems that make them hyperfocused on sexual things. They want to fuck but they can’t fuck, and this will either result in 1. Their parents buying them monetarily compensated rape 2. Violence with women as the victims. Seems like the only humane solution is to have them fixed with the same chemicals wasted on trannies, but that seems impossible in the near future as long as children are still under a male’s thumb. They won’t even have their aggressive dogs fixed because “B-B-BUT MUH TESTICLERINOO’S!”
Truly bleak. One more reason why children should belong to their mothers as property exclusively.
I’m so sorry you had to experience that, but I have to say you navigated it very well. I wish the next girl can be as fast-thinking as you. Hopefully he gets a nasty surprise from a drunk driver when playing around in traffic.

No. 1403423

My account was perm b& for saying it isn't a good idea for women to date convicted felons. They don't like common sense there.
because pedophiles and admitted rapists are running the site.
honestly, really ugly kids/babies should just be mercy killed. especially the males, because they will go on to shoot up an asian massage parlor like that one nasty scrote last year. ugly men are dangerous. they can't admit that they're hideous, they still feel entitled to a hot gf they can abuse and rape. when they don't get their 10/10 sex slave they get violent. ugly women don't really commit violence though, they're pretty alright, just a shame they have to suffer. mostly they keep to themselves and develop hobbies like knitting. amazing how much of a difference the deformity of having a Y chromosome makes.

No. 1403470

Once again with the titanic women and children shit in his main post. MRA. Also, who ever said men can’t like cute things? They’re the ones who give each other crap for that, it’s not the fault of women.

No. 1403540

samefag there was this teen male autist in my grade school class & he sexually assaulted almost all the girls including myself. The school knew about it but nothing was done supposedly because he was a retard and had rich foster parents.
I wish nothing but the worst to male autists literally all of them are dangerous either sex pests or murderers.

No. 1403944

File: 1668128789506.jpg (425.25 KB, 828x1046, legbeard.jpg)

this entire subreddit makes me cackle

No. 1403949

File: 1668128893753.jpg (638.22 KB, 828x893, paddict.jpg)

No. 1404231

Wtf is that cringe post by 'jasminenicegirl'? I hope she knows that no matter how hard she white knights for men they'll never do half that shit for her, and in fact a good portion are probably likely going to take advantage of her wierd pickme-ism.

No. 1404452

Bet this moid doesn’t appreciate the fine art of gay bears shoving horse dildos up their asses. I fucking detest these types of men, who think cooming is appreciating high art.

No. 1404901

File: 1668154570394.jpg (521.53 KB, 828x1792, R9pOLqs.jpg)

giga pickmeisha NLOG

No. 1404905

File: 1668154798177.jpg (468.98 KB, 504x698, mghzlhz.jpg)

and to complete the charade:

No. 1404946

I hope that whoever invented the concept of things that are already there naturally (like the human body) being art shoves a big log up his/her ass because it's the most pretentious shit I've ever heard. Art is about craft, skill and effort. A porn movie isn't art. Having sex isn't art. Cooming isn't art. They're just regular actions, and porn exploits and twists female sexuality for male physical pleasure. It's nothing more.

No. 1404960

I guess we're all on the same boat. I got permabanned for saying people are usually more accepting of trans women getting plastic surgery than cis women. Most women chimed in and agreed with me but trannys lost their mind, mostly because it takes away from their illusion of "trans women being hotter than actual women" and when they get treated like actual women they want to commit mass suicide. Meanwhile pedos, rapists, etc will stay up and no one cares

No. 1404967

This man jerks off

Objectively is high art.

That’s where Reddit and twitter really differ I think. I’ve seen more defense of cis woman getting plastic surgery/ “gender affirming” surgery not being limited to transgender people on twitter like pretty often, at least in passing on my own feed. I avoid those Reddit spaces.

No. 1404968

Possibly but it's a fairly new thing, back in the day if a woman had big ridiculous fake boobs she'd instantly be labeled as a dumb fake bimbo, if a tranny did the same then it's just needed for their mental health and it's swept under the rug. I remember seeing years ago a documentary about a tranny sugar baby who got 3 nose jobs, multiple boob and butt jobs, etc and everyone in the comments was defending him or saying "it's sad they should have to prostitute themselves to get needed plastic surgery". But in a video about a woman with tubular breasts getting plastic surgery everyone was just saying half assed "love yourself,you don't need surgery, you get what you get" even though everyone knows damn well if it was anything outside of a plastic surgery discussion they'd be ripping her apart

No. 1405072

File: 1668173482367.jpg (107.2 KB, 684x749, reddit.jpg)

No. 1405084

Meanwhile women never justify violence towards men because of all the cock and ball torture porn they watch

No. 1405127

Dennis Reynolds

No. 1405145

im an ugly woman who’s sort of a butterface and yeah I’ve had guys straight up tell me that they were embarrassed of me so they strung me along

No. 1405194

for me I've had palpable annoyance for the sin of just existing in their space, it's wild

No. 1405218

>the human body is art
Sounds nice and all but the same men who say this will then shit themselves over a woman having a lil body hair.

No. 1405294

shes trolling obviously

No. 1405371

And they only want the same copy and paste figure

No. 1405445

the fuck youre bumping for without milk? Kill yourself.

No. 1405518

Was bumping for CP. Why so hostile? Are you a pedo?

No. 1406047

this bitch needs her own thread jfc…

No. 1406161

>he could go on a developmental delay discord

That's every single one of them

No. 1406206

File: 1668247797039.jpg (142.5 KB, 736x779, ps5.JPG)

No. 1406236

I don't see it. do you think >>1403944 is also her trolling?

No. 1406260

>Cums in woman
Also men
>Nooo I don't have time to take care of the baby I made by nutting in you I want to GAME I literally NEED it to live!!!

No. 1406570

File: 1668274769195.jpeg (200.65 KB, 1778x1000, 5d01a3342500004e12e09528.jpeg)

It's not crouzon, it's treacher collins. Anyway I hope that mf never gets a gf because you just know his scrote ass wants to reproduce and create more fuglies. Like the evil pos in pic rel.

No. 1406927

File: 1668292238343.jpg (137.38 KB, 1214x612, 5Ts0gE6.jpg)

>doesn't want a scrote that gawks at other women
>"op must be demisexual"
the state of these retards

No. 1406934

Redditors will demand that men NEED to gawk at every woman except their girlfriend/wife, but then scream and cry abuse if their girlfriend/wife was looking at every man besides him.

No. 1406958

Of course he uses a woman as an example of how artistic porn is
>the human body was built to do
The female body literally isn't built to do anal

No. 1406959

silent hill looking mf

No. 1406965

Does nobody know what love is anymore

No. 1406976

Why don't you go suck a diseased dick then, moid?
Exactly, these same assholes will say "sex work is respectable and a great way to make money", but won't do it themselves.
Used to be if you didn't support sex work, didn't want a polyamorous relationship, and/or didn't feel the need to hookup with worthless scrotes, you were called "demisexual". It was popular tumblr-think, but I guess this mindset still exists on reddit. Wanting love or respect means you're some completely different sexuality and "not normal", it's fucked up.

No. 1407003

File: 1668295484831.jpg (29.83 KB, 688x248, LjDGqjg.jpg)

i can't tell if this is a pickme tif or a gay faggot trying to tell a woman how to feel.

No. 1407480

So I actually just looked it up, and fortunately the two people in the picture aren't related, or even from the same country. The dude in the picture just arranged to meet the kid as a gesture of support.

For once, a situation is way less horrifying than it appears. Go figure.

No. 1407650

This reeks of tranny

No. 1407672

I hope no self-respecting woman ever touches or entertains her

No. 1408147

I used to browse reddit because it has sizeable communities for some of my more niche interests, but nowadays it feels dull because people on there are so fucking dumb and childish. Are the users posting on the AO3 subreddit on average 13 years old since all they seem care about are the amount of kudos they get and not the content of writing.

No. 1408161

definitely a pick-me, many bi (or "bi") pick-mes brag about objectifying women together with their scrotes, including the one and only Erika Moen

No. 1408546

why would she want to touch other women nona? vaginas are icky! she only pretends to be bi because men find it hot, i'm sure

No. 1408598

This "I don't mind when my bf looks at girls, infact we at them together!" Shit skeevs me out so bad. Imagine not just a guy, but a guy and his gf both eering at you and discussing. Absolutely disgusting…

No. 1408631

File: 1668400653699.png (138.93 KB, 638x987, oh the irony.png)

>I heard my wife shittalked me with her friend
>my fee-fee hurted so I shittalked her on internet
he posted an update one month later said the wife apologized after he showed her his reddit post

No. 1408635

Never ever ever ever have a child with a man.

No. 1408696

File: 1668406862893.jpeg (12.71 KB, 169x169, FD61AB4B-4879-4C76-B6B8-21DE65…)

Oh my god no what is this I hate it that just gave me a jump-scare, good lord

No. 1408697

Over here looking like an Aphex Twin music video

No. 1408699

I hate this so much

No. 1408707

can anyone explain why redditors get so triggered if you look at their posting history? it's public and if you're embarrassed about anonymous internet posts, maybe you shouldn't have posted them in the first place. i don't use the site often but it takes like 30 seconds to have a quick scroll through to determine whether you're worth my time engaging with or you post weird fetish or misogynist shit

No. 1408708

Because you can easily bring up their sordid post history to humiliate them

No. 1408712

I got called “pathetic and sick in the head” for doing that because I went on some MRAs account and he was posting about his erectile dysfunction.

No. 1408719

I hate women who think it’s ok to objectify other women just because their tub o’ lard scrote refuses to stop doing it. They’re just as bad as the ones who go on dating websites to try to find a woman (and it’s always a woman - never a man that could potentially emasculate the tub o’ lard scrote) to share between them like an object. For the woman to use as a prop to impress her husband. As if you where a vibrator to be stuck between her legs into her smelly cooch for his benefit. God damn I feel so bad for all of the escorts and prostitutes who have had to put up with this repugnant facade for the benefit of a couple who want to experiment. God I hate women who resort to scrotery.

No. 1408730

i used to do this with my first bf because i thought it was normal?? idk but fuck dude it makes me cringe so hard to remember fuck fuck

No. 1408775

how old were you

No. 1408797

>after he showed her his reddit post
kek as if this shit is real

No. 1408854

If you use post history against someone and it's not relevant to the discussion at hand I find that tacky. By all means call out weirdos but it just makes you look like your ideas can't stand on their own

No. 1408887

File: 1668424611489.jpeg (71.35 KB, 750x398, EA2DB8A1-FC56-4372-9B51-6B318B…)

I got permanently banned from Reddit for commenting "TIL woman doesn't mean to have XX chromosomes and a womb, what is a woman?" in a reply to someone. Can't say I didn't anticipate this but this is ridiculous. I see all sorts of deranged pedophiles and racists on Reddit whose posts are deemed to "not violate any rules" but the second I acknowledge literal biology I'm reported by some seething tranny and censored. I'm pissed because I was involved in a lot of mental health subreddits and enjoyed helping others, plus I've had my account for a lot of years and it had a lot of history. Guess it was time to get off this trash website anyway though

No. 1408892

what do you expect they had a tranny mod with a literal child sex dungeon

No. 1408893

I wonder what the response would be if you didnt get the ban, a bunch of sexist stereotypes?

No. 1408896

lmao janny is a tranny. they banned me for the same rule violation when i used to post on pinkpill. the wildest thing i said there was to have no mercy for psychopathic predatory scrotes.

No. 1408898

I didn't even get any attempted answers to my question, just the typical responses of "are women with hysterectomies not women then" and "what about intersex people with different chromosomes???!!?!!!" that they repeat every time that question is brought up because they collectively share 2 brain cells. Those arguments are so easily refutable too, it's not even the "gotcha" they think it is.

No. 1408931

> "are women with hysterectomies not women then"
I almost think they want women who've been through uterine/breast cancer to feel like they're on par with transwomen. With how often they randomly bring this shit up.

No. 1408936

>ugly women don't really commit violence though, they're pretty alright
>mostly they keep to themselves and develop hobbies like knitting.

well damn nonny I feel called out kek

No. 1408941

>"are women with hysterectomies not women then"

I hate this kind of question with a passion and it just shows how they fail to understand biology 101 and how ignorant they are. Even a woman with a hysterectomy and both her breats cut off will forever be a woman. Troons and their sympathisers shouldn't even be allowed to participate in discussions like these, since they're too stupid to understand the basics and it makes discussions around this topic pointless. That's why I also fucking hate the term "uterus-havers". It's not about a uterus or breasts and it makes me sick that we get reduced to these parts of our bodies (because moids only care about us bearing children and having breasts), so much to the point where people will change the entire definition of the term "woman" just to protect male feelings once again, so that they don't have to feel bed about their sick fetish of skinwalking us. No one thinks of changing the term "man" even though FTM's exist too. No, there's always something to nitpick when it comes to us. Men really think that troonism is some type of build-a-woman shit. I'm sorry these retards try to silence you nonny.

No. 1409007

>a woman is someone who wears spinny skirt! But also you don’t even have to do thay, just literally say you’re a woman and you are.

No. 1409578

Are tranny's even actually oppressed? Seriously question. Sometimes it feels like they get more rights and defended way more than anyone else

No. 1409586

It's especially weird because it feels groomy and I feel like most of the women would just stick by their man no matter what grossness harassment he did to women and that they use them being female to gain the trust of other women to offer to their shit tier boyfriends. It's also especially gross when women encourage their boyfriend to have coomer behavior and like they purposely want to keep the man low. Moids already act like women are out to get them for wanting families and enjoying dates and such, why can't they pretend like pickmes who encourage them to harass other women and watch porn are purposely trying to keep them porn addicts/creeps so they stay weak?

No. 1409614

I feel the same way as this woman so much. If i knew moids could actually respect this line of thinking i might give them a chance. Knowing most of them are nasty and awful makes me really confused at the idea that women will still have hope for them. I don't even trust anons boyfriends and husbands respect such boundaries themselves, i always have to wonder how much are they coping in their relationship just because they are so afraid of being alone or having no father for their children. It's depressing. The stupid redditor comments are the icing on the shit pudding.

No. 1409622

Women who do that kind of stuff are no better than women like Ghislane Maxwell and others like her who have no qualms about luring young girls to satiate their moid's desires or send them off to be trafficked. Pickmes are just as horrible as abusive and vile as abusive moids a lot of them times and they deserve to perish in male prisons. Idgaf.

No. 1409707

>Women silently gawking at other women with their soymoid is the same as literal pedophile sex traffickers
I hate pickmes who creep on women as much as the next gal but those two aren't comparable.

No. 1409841

I think nonna was referring to unicorn hunters looking for a third

No. 1409927

Women looking for threesomes currently still isn't comparable to actual rapists and sex trafficking. It's a slippery slope though for sure of how much they'll let their moid get away with before calling out his behavior or let him face consequences for his actions

No. 1409955

> we're confident and secure
> we even have a fully established theres no second chances for cheaters agreement!
> you prob aren't secure like us
Its like satire except you know its not

No. 1409971

anon have you seen some of the horror stories that have happened to women that have been lured into these unicorn relationships, yeah its on the same page as rapists or even murderers.

No. 1410015

I'm outing my most retarded phase here but when I was much younger I was 'the third' a couple of times. Both relationships immediately imploded even though the night itself seemed to go well and we'd planned to meet again. I felt like a curse ruining peoples relationships but that's probably how it generally goes. The man wants it more than she does (she's just trying to be a cool gf) so the reality of going through with it is a death sentence for their relationship. I don't view those women as the bad guys. Its a shit lesson.

And then the scrote hits you up right after the split wanting to meet alone. Doesn't give a fuck about his break up .

No. 1410030

they also literally do traffic women sometimes, pay foreign women for it or go to prostitutes and contribute indirectly to trafficking.
My experience has mostly been
>sleep with bicurious woman
>shit is awkward
>think she never wants to do it again
>suddenly get a message from the boyfriend I was never told about or she got right after
>he claims she said I'd be okay with having a threesome
>me being an obvious butch dyke, very confused why he thinks I'd want that
>rinse and repeat until 20's

No. 1410140

File: 1668532462905.jpg (74.27 KB, 945x675, Capture.JPG)

r/subliminals is full of this

No. 1410144

What's the difference? He looks weird in the after pic because it just looks like he has to shit

No. 1410153

He raised his eyebrows and found out about filters kek.

No. 1410158

File: 1668532843084.jpg (80.59 KB, 880x930, Capture.JPG)

No. 1410163

File: 1668532949883.png (1.64 MB, 1832x1334, 1CF1F243-58C4-4902-8713-8FF801…)

totally not okay to call trannies men in r/fightporn but it’s definitely okay to say this shit.

No. 1410166

This is not only pathetic but sad as well.

No. 1410177

File: 1668533255184.png (1.1 MB, 992x1356, Untitled.png)

looking up "polycule" also leads to entertaining posts

No. 1410191

I thought the dreads were part of the couch at first and I had to do a double take when I saw the hair comment. Absolutely nauseating

No. 1410216

>gross ugly coomer look and nasty dreads
>pretends to be native american
this is a quadriple whammy

No. 1410230

The SJW gatekeeping dreads is just as retarded. Talk about a nonissue.

No. 1410660

File: 1668561209561.jpg (433.57 KB, 1439x2345, Screenshot_20221115_191243_Red…)

Reminder that it is easier to find support as a sex offender on reddit than a gender crit woman

No. 1410665

File: 1668561633128.jpg (226.57 KB, 1439x656, Screenshot_20221115_191926_Red…)

Plus these "my fiance/husband/bf has CP charges reassure me and give validation uwu :(?" posts

No. 1410667

This is real. holyshit. Men really do live life on easy mode. How are subreddits like this okay but not lesbians and terfs?

No. 1410682

A small possession of what…?

No. 1410693

Could they maybe try not watching child porn or something? It can't be that hard

No. 1410694

how come TRAs can dox tumblr users and reddit users with no repercussions but it’s illegal to call a pedophile out his name?

No. 1410701

Child porn. That's the only thing you could possess that would get you arrested as a sex offender.

No. 1410702

Because almost all pedophiles are men

No. 1410739

Were it not for the subreddit name you'd think he got caught with a little bit of pot with the way he phrases it.

No. 1410752

Yeah. It’s pretty much anything men want goes while women should only be allowed to have what men want them to have, which is why womens rights subs get banned for not catering to men while porn subs can just have real women and not troons and no one bats an eye, same with the pedo subs staying up, it’s all catering to the retard sex.

No. 1410910

Moids are obsessed with the idea that us women have been fooled into thinking we aren’t in any danger around men, like we all think we’re are some warrior princesses because of 90s cartoons.
I think they like pretending we are all stuck up stupid bitches, and they’d love to jump at the chance to “put us in our place”. Moids are often obsessed with retributive fantasies when it comes to women, most likely stemming from their butthurt over us “withholding” sex from them, and that unfairness has to be addressed somehow.
When moids see themselves at the bottom of any hierarchy (in this case, access to sex) they start fantasizing about “fairness” and reclaiming what they think has been wrongly taken from them. Fantasizing about smug women getting bodied by xy chimp strength is just one example of males being obsessed with the idea of women being punished for their insubordination. Notably they also love “the wall” and the idea of a sexually unavailable woman getting her just desserts for not dedicating herself to a scrote when when she should have.

They think we think of ourselves as hot shit, when really it’s an admission that THEY themselves think we are, and it makes them fuming mad. The male ego can’t stand the idea of someone having more value than he does, even when it’s he himself and his inability to restrain his desire towards women that gives women so much power over him in the first place.

There are so many subreddits and places on the internet in general dedicated to seeing weak women getting harmed by men. They love it. It’s like their fucked up version of an underdog story but instead of a homegrown rpg hero taking on the god of evil, it’s a poor oppressed man punishing these selfish sex-hoarding females.

No. 1410912

This is why americhans are so based. Just wait for a scrote to tresspass on your property so you can blow his brains out. Sadly I'm only allowed to have semi-autos and my country is cucked about self defense laws. Live your life because the poor third worlders can't, sisters.

No. 1410916

> sex-hoarding females.
100% this is what they see us as. It’s why you’ll find male communist types supporting prostitution, they see women as a resource.

No. 1411087

This is such an astute analysis of men and their love/hate relationship to us. They can't have the women they desire, so they must perform two feats of mental gymnastics to retain their sanity: 1) they have to convince themselves that what they wanted wasn't that great anyways, that all women are worthless, shallow, entitled, narcissistic NPC's whose only contribution to the world is what's between their legs (sour grapes), and 2) they must rewrite the narrative so that they aren't just unlucky, sexually unattractive men in the lower rungs of the hierarchy, but VICTIMS of a new destructive ideology (feminism) that is tearing the social fabric that used to exist between men and women apart. It's similar to the narrative of the white supremacist; once upon a time, they were kings, then the other [insert outgroup here] came and destroyed that which was their god-given right to possess, i.e. a position at the top of the hierarchy. In the case of incels, they think they have been deprived of social status because women (teenage girls) aren't forced to submit to or depend on them for survival. In other words, women aren't forced to falsely flatter or take on roles of subordination to survive, which is the worst thing imaginable to the male ego. That's where the retributive fantasies come in; whenever a man posts on Reddit about how he wouldn't give up his seat for a pregnant woman on the bus, or frothing at the mouth at the thought of beating the shit out of an aggressive woman, he is imagining his poor little victim self exacting revenge on a force he feels has been oppressing and causing him harm all throughout his life. But men are totally in control of their emotions and should be in charge of everything, unlike the weaker sex.

No. 1411385

File: 1668627659656.png (51.43 KB, 1012x390, stinky.png)

On one hand it's fucking hilarious the stink twins are terrorizing this moid, on the other how do you even smell so fucking bad that can't be healthy

No. 1411625

Their living situation makes zero sense unless he's being housed by a mental health home or halfway house. How would even the biggest slacker go and stretch out a 3 yr degree for 8 years? they'd be put on academic probation no? Why would two women who play video games all day decide to be roomies with some supposedly neat freak moid? If it was a housing situation out of his control they wouldn't room genders together

No. 1411694

this sounds fake and gay

No. 1411866

Holy shit anon, can you elaborate?

No. 1411941

Either this is fake or the girls are trannies.

No. 1412095

I should stop showering so I can terrorise to moids around me. Thanks for the tip Reddit stranger, have your gold

No. 1412471

File: 1668718922770.png (148.35 KB, 634x616, wholesome.PNG)

>I allowed my wife to take one hour break from watching our kids and it was worth it because she brought me donut, coffee and a smile"
Wholesome 35k+ upvotes content, the bar is on the ground

No. 1412484

>women are never allowed to be freed from domestic servitude, “me time” can only happen under the pretense of always remembering to put the family before it
>men, of course, have no expectations of such and are lauded for doing less than the bare minimum
tale as old as time.

No. 1412504

Don't read this if you don't want to hear about child rape.
Around March 2021, Reddit hired Aimee Challenor as an admin after he had been volunteering as a mod for free. It soon became an automatic ban to mention his name or say he was a moderator, because as several other moderators (who would be banned for saying so) pointed out, he had not only hired his father David Challenor as his Green Party campaign manager despite his father having been charged with raping and torturing a 10-year-old girl, but that he lived with his father while he was raping and tortured that little girl.
He later claimed that he didn't hear or know about the little girl, let alone the rapes, but the fact that it was a two story house makes this lie very hard to believe.
Protests among reddit users grew even more and bans became more frequent when it was leaked that overwhelmingly, Aimee moderated and hung out in r/teenagers, r/lgbt, and r/lgbteens where he had been private messaging several underage children and encouraging them to hide things from their parents.
Eventually, the uproar and bad press became too much and reddit fired him while using the excuse "We failed to google who he was before we hired him." Nowadays they pretend like it never happened.
Also he was a member of the Trans Advisory Group for Stonewall, Britain's largest tranny pushing organization. As well as in 2018, he joined the Liberal Democrats, becoming the Diversity Officer of his local party. He was suspended in July 2019, after tweets appeared on his partner's account admitting to having sexual fantasies involving sex with children. One of the tweets by Nathaniel Knight's account read: "I fantasize about children having sex, sometimes with adults, sometimes with other children, sometimes kidnapped and forced into bad situations."

No. 1412539

File: 1668721795479.jpg (113.01 KB, 675x690, RDT_20221118_05474781243137522…)

We both know what he mean to search

No. 1412564

You shouldn’t have marked out this degenerate’s username.
>searching for “big brother” and “hidden camera”
>over 800 updoots
Disgusting how incest and no-consent is seen as normal.

No. 1412570

what does the warning look like? I know pinterest has one too or like "report this content"

No. 1412576

yep, if you're a woman over 18 you're seen as 'fair game'. that was the worst part about hitting adulthood as a woman, i wasn't afraid of aging, just of losing that barrier from being underage. idk how to fully articulate what i'm trying to say but i hate how people act like it's only bad to covertly record minors/say creepy shit to minors/''shoot their shot' with minors, it's creepy for full grown women as well.

No. 1412592

Good. Stay afraid, demon. Your soul will burn

No. 1412596

Yeah you’re in the category of to-be-raped. Being a minor is the only thing protecting you if you’re female.

No. 1412832

idk around 18, i was trying to be the cool girl freak in bed watches porn with you always DTF girl and it was also cool to show how supportive and trusting i was, after all women are hot and have a big ass so how are men supposed to look at them and not immediately think of anal)

No. 1412863

File: 1668749272950.jpeg (416.22 KB, 750x974, F4CCA2D3-7702-4DE8-9C70-83B34D…)

OP has severe pain with sex and is distraught because she caught her bf guzzling porn for the 3rd time. He justifies it by saying he is sexually frustrated because she “never wants to have sex”. Obviously the comments are ridiculous and compare her struggling with her bfs porn addiction to her being an alcoholic who keeps exposing themselves to alcohol



No. 1412864

File: 1668749301973.jpeg (511.38 KB, 750x1109, 7DF8617F-7807-4F9A-BA69-654445…)

No. 1412868

don't take shit nonas say so personally

No. 1412871

File: 1668749667966.jpeg (272.77 KB, 750x725, 29802FA8-3E58-4819-95AD-177EE5…)

Oh I found one more doozy

No. 1412880

I like how they view porn as an essential resource to jerk off instead of literally just using your brain to imagine scenarios or simply focusing on the sensation. Men are evil and will use the consumption of porn as a way to make their partners feel bad about not being at the beck and call of their penis at all times, that’s the entire reason.

No. 1412890


Not my screenshot but here's the degenerate.
Idk which is worse, people joking about it or people telling him it's not that bad because they got away with worse.

No. 1412921

Nothing makes me want to alog more than moids and handmaidens saying a woman needs psychiatric attention because she feels sad her boyfriend can't stop himself from watching big ass mommy milf gets stuck in the dryer porn whenever he's alone.

>"comparing her to an alcoholic because of HIS porn habits"

>"saying she needs to work on herself because of HIS porn habits"

And this guy needs a rope

No. 1412961

Sure, owning a sex toy is totally the same as watching two strangers fuck (who may or may not even consenting to the act or to the footage being uploaded). Coomers are fucking braindead. If porn is that important to you just stay single. I can't imagine going out of my way to get a girlfriend and expecting her to be okay with jerking it to random women online.

No. 1413004

exactly how i felt lol ik that's a bit deranged but living in this world as a woman is deranged.

No. 1413014

I highly wish the internet reacted to moid abuse stories just like how they react to women's abuse stories. They get nothing but love and support regardless of how retarded they act, they could leave their wife and get an 18 yr old pregnant and then bitch about how he was abused and now he has to pay child support for both parties and no one would dare doubt him, tell him it's his fault, laugh at him, question if he was a good partner or anything else. Women could barely say they were groomed online when they were teenagers with people coming in and sperging about how funny it is and how stupid they are.(not related to reddit, derail)

No. 1413018

Kek I'm sure every moid and their dad in jail for online porn related crimes has an excuse on why it was totally an accident

No. 1413020

It's the other way around kek, secure women would put in boundaries and not be afraid of telling their partner what makes them uncomfortable, insecure women pretend to be cool with porn, cheating, etc. Their comparison to vibrators are stupid too. The equivalent would be a pocketpussy or another male masturbator. He's actively involving real life people into his shit. Moids can barely handle when other men are there emotionally for their girlfriends (even after they, themselves refuse to be there emotionally), if women looking at hot buff guys with massive dongs as the norm and everyone told men to deal with it or else they're insecure and abusive men would quite literally mass suicide

No. 1413034

File: 1668769037339.png (118.12 KB, 731x551, Screenshot 2022-11-09 192244.p…)

btfoed by a tomboy

No. 1413035

I get the feeling that it’s all heavily embellished, like she probably just raised her eyebrow and that was enough. Luckily this particular tranny is female so she spirals into self hatred instead of absolutely chYmping out.

No. 1413049

We will never win nonnas..

No. 1413056

It’s actually pretty easy to win. Simply don’t date men. Never had a problem like this in my life.

No. 1413147

its so funny that they think the equivalent comparison to a man consuming porn is a woman using a vibrator…its almost as if theyre insecure about their ability to pleasure a woman…and actually it makes me think of how porn showcases these incredibly dramatic fake orgasms and it probably makes men think that thats what they should be doing to women. like if they cant make a woman cum like that then theyre failures. serves them right for being coombrain retards kek

No. 1413148

they were probably wearing a posture correcting bra like forme (i couldn't remember the name and when i googled the one i have it popped up "Thomas from Kentucky has just bought a power bra" lol)

No. 1413172

File: 1668783175064.jpeg (199.59 KB, 750x647, 4F288EF6-F5BF-460F-83FD-49E6E5…)

No. 1413173

File: 1668783229616.jpeg (129.31 KB, 750x688, CF2F23FC-864C-4A19-B441-DC9EBC…)

No. 1413179

File: 1668783837659.png (83.57 KB, 1324x1142, askmen.png)

Classic male behavior. Always blaming women for their problems. I underlined my favorite parts. This was a thread on why males flock to Andrew Tate and other "alpha" lifestyle coaches. The real answer is this: because shit attracts flies. Also, is that guy implying that starting a family is a human right?

No. 1413180

Elon Musk ruining twitter for the snowflakes is the best thing he has ever done

No. 1413192

Some of us are just retarded. I asked if I could buy an envelope at the post office or if I'd need to bring one myself.

No. 1413195

They’re always so pathetic.

No. 1413206

>is that guy implying that starting a family is a human right?
He isn't just implying it, he said it verbatim. What he really wanted to say though is "every man should be entitled to own a bangmaid incubator house slave". Literally the reason why marriage exists in the first place, especially back when women had no legal rights.
Any scrote who thinks like this should absolutely kick the chair. It would do the world a favour.

No. 1413407

Are they stupid? They cant be serious. More unemployed guys are in relationships more than ever and on top of that they tend to actually be the ones cheating while their girlfriend financially supports them. In the perfect age of the 50s most women wouldn't even look at them twice unless they have a good job, are healthy looking and don't act mentally ill 24/7. They can barely handle any of these. And ofc they rant about "men not being able to afford a house"…like? Women can't afford it either kek it's not a gender thing. Most people nowadays aren't able to financially escape from abusive partners. By their logic all fast food workers and everything else would be exclusively single men right? Then why can't they explain why so many poor men are in relationships without saying something shit like "wellll she's probably using him for appearance/status/emotional support/etc"

No. 1413469

>if you watch a lot of porn, you must have a high sex drive
I don’t understand this line of logic. I don’t think porn addiction = high sex drive. If they have high sex drive, wouldn’t they rather have sex with their girlfriends/wives instead of having a date with their hand and milf incest porn? Seems more like illness and a broken sex drive.
There’s other ways to deal with horniness anyways that don’t involve cheating on your partner. Moids have some self control ffs.

No. 1413855

It has nothing to do with sex drive. Everytime a scrote watches porn he gets a dopamine rush that makes him feel better. Porn is literally addictive to the brain like a drug that they need to intensify more and more everytime they use porn to masturbate. 20 years ago you would be a weirdo for proudly proclaiming you watch sister incest porn even around moids. It's not shocking that porn is interwoven now in memes even very young teenagers are familiar with. Porn companies realized the grip they had on the male psyche, how much money they could make from it and started an entire propaganda campaign to associate themselves with the "cool awesome good guys" and not the skeevy creeps you avoid making eye contact with because you can feel them undressing you with their eyes. From being "lgbtq friendly" to planting trees they managed to convince everyone its okay to consume "hilarious" amounts porn and meme it even if its sexual abuse material or the extremely popular implied SA videos. No matter how hard a scrore tries to convince you it's a normal healthy part of sexual function hes brainwashed and lying. It's voyeurism turned up by 100. Men used to drill peep holes in hotels and take disgusting pictures through women's windows and porn is literally just that need but repackaged.

Next time a moid bitches to you about how YOU have problems because you're anti-porn just remember the uproar pornhub caused with scrotes when they made the decision to remove videos they couldn't verify the source of because actual literal rape, revenge porn and CSA videos were found on their site. Men were literally mad violent exploitative videos were taken down even though hundred of thousands of videos still exist because it minorly MIGHT affect their coom. All the semantics they bring up like "its okay they're both consenting actors" "it's her choice and she makes so much money". They don't care if it's an actress or someone actually getting exploited they care about that dopamine rush they get from being groomed into becoming insatiable vouyers thanks to online porn and porn company propaganda.

No. 1413981

no i get exactly what you mean. im turning 18 in a month and this is the most dreadful thing about it to me. the number one thing that has always gotten people to take me seriously and react with disgust when i tell them stories about men being inappropriate with me has been because of my age. People dont care about men preying upon, objectifying, sexually harassing/assaulting, or generally treating girls/women terrible once they turn 18.You go from being protected and treated as a helpless, impressionable child by everyone, then the second you turn 18 that entire safety net drops from under you and youre instantly expected to fend for yourself against the massive slew of predatory men. And if any of them succeed in preying on you? No sympathy. People will witch hunt male porn communities who host countdowns for 17 year old female celebrities to turn 18, but the second they turn 18 theyre just like "Oh well, on your own now. good luck", as if theres even a fundamental difference between sexualizing an 18 year old and a 17 year old. I remember people being disgusted with the countdowns over millie bobby brown, but the second she turned nobody gave two shits about men saying vile things about her online anymore. Its so fucking bizarre.(come back in a month )

No. 1413991

File: 1668842058246.jpeg (334.34 KB, 750x1184, B390A590-C65C-4A15-A8ED-E23E62…)

Ah yes, the “overdramatic” incel movement. You know, the one that hasn’t shot up schools, bombed women’s volleyball teams, murdered their girlfriends, fantasized about raping teenagers or plotted to kill entire groups of women if not succeeding. I fucking hate reddit

No. 1414013

I read this like slave owners feeling oppressed and put upon because they don’t have slaves anymore. Life is so hard when you have to do work, if only former slaves could be more sympathetic. Cause you know if they don’t become indentured servants (out of their empowered fee choice of course) to help us out we’re just going to start murdering them I guess!!!

No. 1414022

the amount of people that not only believe those street interviews are real but also think theyre valid indicators of what society in general thinks has really shown me just how gullible people, especially men, on the internet are, especially when it comes to things that they think "proves" their victim status. Theres been multiple instances where these interviewers have been proven to alter the audios on their videos to make it sound like theyre asking the random people on the street different questions than they actually asked them in person, paying the people in the video to say a certain thing, or cherry-picking which responses they do and dont include on their channels. These channels have been outed for all of this shit hundreds of times, and people still continue to believe them.

No. 1414041

File: 1668850954127.jpeg (242.95 KB, 1200x853, CB664AA8-0726-49B0-86C6-B416F4…)

Elon Musk is a fucking snowflake who spent millions on Twitter just so nobody can criticise him without a ban. When a senator brings up the fact that he doesn’t pay tax he calls her a Karen and compares her to his “friends angry mom yelling”. Wtf? He’s literally the most powerful man child in the world. He’s not some le ebic troll, he is the butt of his own joke.

No. 1414117

File: 1668860381583.png (474.83 KB, 768x1476, 1656943267547.png)

top voted post or r/FTM_irl(ayden meme sub)
look at some of the comments

>When covid is over and I can travel again, I unironically, 100%, plan to pass myself off as younger in places I'm only staying in briefly. Be in my late teens again, only as a guy, for a few days/weeks. (And hopefully be happy to move on, both figuratively and literally, afterwards).

>Same. Probably why I'm so immature. I never got to just be a stupid boy and do stupid boy shit in my teens. Im constantly making up for lost time.
>I started transition, then I went to a mall for the first time in a while. We had to pass through the small boy's pajama section to get to the bathrooms. I saw little footie pajamas with dinosaurs on them and I started crying right there in the aisle. This was that feeling. I got blasted with it like a shockwave. A sense of grief for something I never had, but could have. There are things I appreciate about being raised a girl. Like knowing that crying over kid's pajamas in public is okay sometimes. But I spent my entire childhood looking back over my shoulder to things I was being cordoned off from. I gave up, for a long time. Now I'm just trying to play catch-up.

No. 1414157

File: 1668863342679.png (281.2 KB, 478x360, tumblr_ngayy40nsK1r9dsjvo1_500…)

I grew up playing with dinosaurs, shopping clothes at the boys section, choosing the boys toy at mcdonalds and wearing star wars/regular show pajamas. What the fuck was stopping them from wearing whatever the fuck they wanted as children?. I never see them complain about their parents being conservative, it always sound like they grew up like totally normal girly girls and then were brainwashed by the troon mk ultra machine.

No. 1414163

the thing is, their idea of "boyhood" is either a yaoi fantasy and or an 80's coming of age movie with a boy protagonist

No. 1414167

Maybe their parents were really conservative? Otherwise I don't get it either. The world imposes gender expectations on children very young, but it's been common for decades at this point for western parents to allow pre-puberty girls to explore their interests, whatever they may be.

No. 1414184

The logic behind this is sexist at best. For a group of people who think they're so fucking progressive they sure love sticking to gender stereotypes. Boys don't get pushed out of the vagina wearing dinosaur pajamas, it's not inherently a gendered thing, hello? Marketing sure is powerful huh.

No. 1414215

it is sexist and complaints like this are usually red herrings for the actual problem, that being the cognitive dissonance that comes with tranny brainwashing co-opting “born this way” messaging from lesbians and gays. they’re left scrambling for “reasons” why they’ve always been the opposite gender and want to be validated for their self imposed mental illness. i also suspect a lot of them feel bad for going through life uncritically to that point, so they overcompensate with hysterics so people don’t look into it as much.

No. 1414262

>but it's been common for decades at this point for western parents to allow pre-puberty girls to explore their interests, whatever they may be.
i totally agree with this, i would say its waaaay more common and accepted for a girl to grow up tomboyish than a man to grow up ''femenine''. I grew up in a shitty third world country and i only got judged once, by a babysitter, for dressing my club penguin penguin as ''male'' kek but i told my parents and they scolded her for not letting me enjoy my game, it was so petty.

No. 1414445

File: 1668880247745.png (65.63 KB, 314x368, 1647863391584.png)

r/FTM is such a gold mine for unironic uwu fakebois, seriously no actual male on reddit has ever made an account like this

No. 1414475

the dino nuggies addition to this is perfect

No. 1414483

my male siblings and cousins were given bicycles and rc cars and lego sets and things like that and no matter what i asked for (usually hot wheels and lego) my parents bought me barbie dolls and then screamed at me whenever they found naked barbie dolls. i literally couldn't put the shitty barbie clothes back on the dolls if i tried to swap them. my family are mildly conservative but all the women have degrees and jobs and no one even goes to church. tbf your parents are probably my age.

No. 1414496

>it's been common for decades at this point for western parents to allow pre-puberty girls to explore their interests, whatever they may be.
This WAS common in liberal homes but is no longer as common with post-modern regression. I dont get this mentality of "my parents didnt enforce gender on me therefore any kid that had theirs enforce gender is lying or being melodramatic."
Society is obviously not a progressive utopia of all parents letting their kids do whatever they want if these women have dysphoria from their childhood. Families fucking up their daughters didn't suddenly stop existing because girl power was a thing in the 90s. It's insane to me that women suddenly lose the ability to conceptualize other women being raised like show chattel just because those women identify as trans. I would honestly feel kind of pissed looking at boy pajamas myself, thinking back on how I had to wear sequined bratz pajamas, pajamas with pompoms glued on, bedazzled pajamas and pajamas with shiny tinsel woven into the fabric, all girly shit I couldn't sleep in so I developed insomnia from practically fucking infancy. Some girls weren't given the privelage of being allowed to choose their clothes, toys, or even play outside, that was my childhood. My home wasn't particularly conservative either, my mother just liked to treat me like a doll. So I get the envy tifs feel.

No. 1414637

File: 1668893173645.jpeg (311.19 KB, 750x1212, 3544E893-BEF2-46B6-A4EF-0DA244…)

r/truecrimediscussion is full of bpd chicks being bpd

No. 1414643

they are right though??? I find it weird that you took this and not all the other thousands of posts where they salivate over male serial killers.

No. 1414649

it was just the thread I was reading through, the thinly veiled threat at the end was the cherry on top kek

No. 1414666

True crime is also full of retards who think they’re detectives by just making up bullshit in their mind and acting like it has any basis in reality. It’s like a real life Clue game to them or something, not to mention the people who have almost no understanding of crime, human reactions, and the investigation process. It’s always very entertaining if not infuriating. They give themselves mental illness treating some horrible crime as if it’s personal to them and project onto the victims

No. 1414682

based af remark, you mean. men who abuse women do, in fact, deserve to be murdered by those women.

No. 1414701

my parents are 50 kek, i guess america is more conservative than my literal shithole

No. 1414765

File: 1668903129547.jpeg (151.7 KB, 1242x1237, 1667959557893.jpeg)

No. 1414767

ily nona

No. 1414769

this makes me laugh every time

No. 1414805

>never got to just be a stupid boy and do stupid boy shit in my teens.

Ah yes, those “idyllic stupid boy days” of awful BO, punching holes in the walls and doors, getting piss all over the bathroom floor and seat, and screeching at your mom that shes an awful bitch for not letting you eat pizza rolls in your crusty ass room.

No. 1414844

File: 1668907148234.png (41.57 KB, 909x338, redditor meets farmer.PNG)

Saw this on /r/StupidQuestions, good for her kek

No. 1414876

I'm curious as to what exactly he is leaving out of this story. Clearly more went down but he just has to spin this as a 'her' problem. Sure he asks, "Wut I do?" but he leaves it so vague that the Redditors can't tell him.

roughly 16 hours ago he comments
>Moving on is probably my best bet but I just wish I knew what I could do different.

6 hours ago
>I will probably see her again when I go out again. If that conversation opportunity presents itself then I won’t hesitate to ask “so what was up with the other night?” Definitely not going to text though.

Leave her the fuck alone lol

No. 1414890

If his story is to be believed it was most certainly his small dick lmao.

No. 1414891

He probably stank real bad.

No. 1414901

I genuinely don't understand this. He obviously loves her, thinks she's pretty, says himself they had a lot of great sex, needs her and so.. why? I don't get it.
I know "men" is the typical answer but there still must be some reasoning going on in his head, it's so weird and contradictory that I am interested in the psychological explanation for this because it makes no sense, even if he was sure they could never be caught.

What makes it even weirder is that men think or know that it's easy as fuck to find another sexpartner as woman. She could have 10 other guys if she wanted (and maybe even has 10 others right now).

No. 1414922

Does anyone hate how redditors think Elizabeth Holmes needs to get more jailtime? Scrotes are deranged

No. 1414942

File: 1668912932885.jpg (40.51 KB, 400x400, 164367015088.jpg)

Its not really ll that hard to understand. Moids will do anything that they can get away with, he though his actions will not bringing him consequences and so he did it. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

If we didn't have laws they would act like animals.

No. 1414988

>But but II want to be able to fuck whoever I want during our relationship
>It kills me when you do it though
Meanwhile tons of doormat women are living his life and they didn't even cheat. Plenty of women are expected to allow their boyfriend to exceed insane boundaries men will violate with female "friends", that men would most likely kill themselves if women ever did to them. Hell it's hard even finding a single moid who doesn't have a ton of teens catfishing him on discord. Now you're practically expected to allow your man to have nudes of other women on their phone. Meanwhile if you had another man's dick on your phone they would have to be put in mental hospitals

No. 1415064

I don’t even get this case, I only read a bit about it. She pretended her company was worth a lot of money? Man idc, that guy who raped and cut off the arms of that girl in California only got like 8 years. “Defrauding investors” isn’t murder or rape or something heinous. Was she stealing little old ladies’ pensions or something?

No. 1415075

A 29 year old man has no business being with a 22 year old girl. She could have felt extremely uncomfortable especially if she knew he had a lot of sexual experience.

No. 1415076

I hate this whole “oMg I FoUnD a CoOl RoCk” shit. I swear nobody has their own personality anymore.

No. 1415091

She wasn't stealing any pensions. She convinced richfags (mostly scrotes) to invest in her shit, which was smoke and mirrors (but not any moreso than all of Elon Musks promises), and even though investing carries inherent risk of failure… because she did it to the elite slave-owner class she will be put away for a decade.

No. 1415195

"definitely not over text" he is trying to avoid evidence of harassment.
i don't know, 29 does not look so old. i dated one in my 20s with this age difference and he was not a creep, quite a dumb himbo. age difference was only noticed when he talked about his "boring" friends all settling down yet he felt too old to go out. i took it as a red flag and moved on.

No. 1415207

lol, lmao even. He was probably weird and dorky the whole time which wasn't a dealbreaker at first, but then he smelled like food and reality set in and she realized he wasn't worth the trouble. kek what a stacy

No. 1415233

NTAYRT but it's sad that in most places evading taxes or just pissing on richfags gives you more time in jail than murder or rape.

No. 1415235

because the government makes the rules, so of course they say cheating the government out of taxes is the worst and whatever the subjects do among each other is whatevs, as long as it isn't against the government or the rich scrotes they have deals with

No. 1415253

File: 1668939695455.jpeg (899.66 KB, 1170x1198, 9847F789-9132-42EF-B627-AFEB89…)

leave it to reddit to “both sides bad”, re: on people who hate pedophiles and pedophiles themselves

No. 1415254

of course, its where the chapo refugees headed once r/chapo was banned for too many cases of raiding other subs, anyone have that tweet where left wing bros talk about how targeting pedophiles literally promotes fascism

No. 1415255

I hate arr slash rule 196 so much it’s unreal. Literally the worst of terminally online gen z males.

No. 1415260

the racism and sperging in that sub is so bad people made multiple new ones, don't go into the comments of any post with even a picture of a woman total shithole plus Reddit always ban actual decent subs and keep that garbage around

No. 1415261

File: 1668941827933.jpeg (112.6 KB, 750x417, 10335A56-F6A5-48F1-9135-ACC7C7…)

No. 1415268

tbf the only person i have known who openly said the sort of stuff this meme is talking about was a pedophile themselves who was just projecting to throw people off their scent

No. 1415270

File: 1668943407109.png (78.16 KB, 716x514, lmaoo.png)

No. 1415274

What a retard. Where else did he think he got his HUMAN body from if not his fucking chromosomes?

>chromosomes don't matter

Then why are you so desperate to overwrite your genetic instructions

No. 1415283

Always the trannies appropriating real genetic disorders of real intersex people to push their made-up agenda. How ableist of them.

No. 1415402

Late replying to this, but if she has to take care of the kids so much why isn’t he bringing her back coffee and a donut and a smile every day?

No. 1415410

I don’t get why they can’t just use their hand/and or toy and their imagination. I don’t have to watch porn to get off, I just use a vibrator and think. No harm to anyone because I’m not supporting sexual exploitation by needing to view porn. Why do scrotes NEED to see women abused or they just can’t coom? I don’t understand, but males are so weak.

No. 1415418

This. Why even be trans to begin with if chromosomes don’t matter and we’re all the same? Have you ever noticed too how someone will insult men and then TiMs get upset over it? It’s like…I thought you were a woman bro, why are you mad all of a sudden?

No. 1415826

File: 1668979164508.png (328.69 KB, 1342x1306, Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 1.15…)

This is from 3 months ago, but I can't stop thinking about that scrote who kept insisting on having sex to the beat of this crazy song and the story went viral for how just godawful the song was. It's so much worse than I expected and I simply choose to believe that it's not real.

No. 1415828

(2/2) and this is the song.

No. 1415844

File: 1668979701445.jpeg (51.38 KB, 640x239, 5DCB7CE6-FAE2-4BA8-A0FE-790238…)

I can’t stop laughing, and all the fucking comments are talking about it on yt.

No. 1415846

this song turns really good if you think its a bunch of kittens singing

No. 1415849

Considering the circumstances I think you’ve made it even worse.

No. 1415850

LMAO what? How can anyone fuck to that, that’s hilarious.

No. 1415852

For real, not only was I so unprepared for the song, the comments made me laugh so hard I literally cried
>it sounds like an inflatable clown toy falling down the stairs
>a moment of silence for that poor woman suffering 2 years of this

No. 1415878

>Offending pedophiles
Kill me

No. 1416458

There "women coffee emoji" thing really took off on Reddit. I don't know where it originated from, but it's funny how both low and high effort "men ain't shit" posting will either be removed or at least downvoted into oblivion on big/general subreddits, but huge threads of "women moment" and the coffee thing will be near the top any time any woman says something stupid. It's literally just the same "joke" boomers use when they call shit women's logic. If anyone ever wondered if time is linear or circular, now it loops back sooner than ever.

No. 1416471

I don't get the coffee emoji thing at all. It's autistic as hell and once again proves that moids bond over misogyny. What else is new.

No. 1416474

It originated on Tiktok I'm pretty sure but I'm not sure why it's a coffee cup emoji. I've seen them do something similar with emojis to be racist too.

No. 1416693

File: 1669055310883.png (39.76 KB, 1352x1032, What's something men go throug…)

That's funny how the title says "What's something men go through that women think is exclusive to them?" when on Reddit, you constantly see men insisting that THEY are the only ones to ever experience things mentioned in picrel and no woman ever feels unloved or lonely.

No. 1416697

they need to grow some balls

No. 1416707

The most basic human desires for love and touch.. apply to men too? Woweee I'd no idea.

No. 1416709

>men can also get postpartum depression
Being stressed about your new parental responsibilities is not the same as the hormonal roller coaster that happens to women after pregnancy. By this time next year even non-tranny males are going to be claiming they get periods too, calling it now.

No. 1416718

It’s always “I want X!” and never “DO I deserve X?” with men.

No. 1416763

And yet this toxic little man will hurt any women stupid enough to try to give him love because he’s been a greedy little black hole since he was born. I’m sure he cries about his npd mommy too.

No. 1416784

File: 1669060023596.jpeg (108.93 KB, 828x207, 21E67699-B6AC-4ACB-9E8A-267B97…)

He’s married and a charmer.
>>because at some point I’d raise my voice and then I was automatically the bad guy.
Right. That's what's happening to me for ages.

No. 1416817

File: 1669061064209.png (1.28 MB, 2352x2274, Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 12.0…)

>men assaulting and beating women
i sleep
>women shipping fictional characters together

No. 1416820

Is this an aiden?

No. 1416822

when will these TiFs understand that fujos dont care for 3DPD gay moids, no one is schlicking to poopy assholes and AIDS.

No. 1416824

Of course people are going to want to murder pedos when governments and communities around the world simply give them slap on the writs and nobody bothers to provide permanent solutions into dealing with them. I don't think it's an indicated of actually being homicidal as much as it is having actual frustration for law. But yes, pedos need to play mental gymnastics to make it seem like we are the bad guys for condemning their evil ways.

No. 1416836

I can't imagine what its like to be part of a demographic that gets objectified… damn those evil women and their cooming ways? kek

No. 1416852

must be

No. 1416863

Wow, this made me kek.
There is way more lesbian porn that's basically made with male consumption in mind…of REAL WOMEN. Irl, there's constantly men launching themselves at lesbian women, countless amounts of them have felt violated and harassed by straight men who fetishize it. There's some men that even seek out lesbians on purpose to try "converting" them or demanding threesomes. It's constant. Gay men like that are privileged so not once can they suffer from actually being objectified to their face by a woman, or even at all; fujos don't give a shit about their molerat selves. It's likelier he will be objectified by another gay man. There's 0 threat coming from women, yet these MRAs still want to invent one no matter what.

No. 1416876

MLM subcultures aren't that public and are tied to specific online platforms, so he could just not read manhwa and fanfictions. Straight porn permeates fucking everything which is why men think coom ads and giant playboy bunnied on billboards are just part of everyday life.

No. 1416888

>mangaka write homo romances because they like the power inquality, so why won't they just write a straight romance with no power roles
Honestly it's probably harder to write a female character and remove every real life negative experience they had as women in Japan than to just make up idealized, dreamy guys french kiss.

No. 1416934

I dont want to torture pedophiles bc I'm not a freak like them. I want them culled from humanity like how pigs are slaughtered.

No. 1416968

I dont want to torture pedophiles because i dont want their gross blood to stain my clothes and touch my skin, they should go straight into the electric chair.

No. 1417457

I agree. Torturing pedos achieves nothing but prolonging what should be the inevitable: their death.

No. 1417476

Bitches like her are soulless. Your Nigel watched children get raped online and you defend it. There's no excuse for this level of retardation.

No. 1417621

This. I don’t understand anyone who rides and dies this hard for a scrote. I’d have been out at the first sign of degeneracy because that stuff never goes away.

No. 1418367

File: 1669162517181.png (74.67 KB, 685x821, cri.png)

>open reddit
>first thing I see
>close reddit

I gotta learn to stop going there…

No. 1418370

you can tell they are troons, any sane woman knows squishing your boobs is painful and uncomfortable

No. 1418373

Oh my god these are definitely troons.

No. 1418498

>t. was raised in a conservative Christian household with strict gender roles and internalized them

No. 1418521

File: 1669172797510.jpeg (148.16 KB, 750x731, 11A620AA-09B7-4CB6-A60F-758EE7…)

The comments are actually full of people defending child porn mangas and loli, wholeheartedly. All comments agreeing with the doc are downvoted heavily. I fucking hate reddit

No. 1418547

File: 1669175013319.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.03 KB, 828x1009, 1669132481517.jpeg)

spotted on /snow/. is it a moid/troid larping as a tif or an extreme nlog trying to prove she's one of the guys? you decide it's like troonception

No. 1418549

Breeding kink is a gross tim fetish, so yeah def larping. Tifs are disgusting but they seem super self conscious of their womanhood so they would never have a ''pregnant'' kink.

No. 1418554

Um, that's kind of the whole point of that sub

No. 1418556

sorry i am not an expert on weird kink subs

No. 1418559

a lot of tifs have a breeding kink unfortunately but that particular post is worded in such an over the top way and the added zoophilia makes it feel like it could have been written by a coombrained scrote. i don't think it's impossible it came from a woman but it would have to be someone trying very hard to be liked by men/share their fetishes

No. 1418666

Some women (like many TiFs) have horrifying fetishes too tho. Like that woman fantasizing about being a sheep murdered and raped by Ted Bundy in the bad art thread on /m/.

No. 1418677

File: 1669191334934.png (48.83 KB, 905x122, deaddog.png)

5 years ago /r/trees was kind of funny, there was actually a "no dead pets" rule. But "due to popular demand" it got lifted and now the sub is inundated with shit like picrel. Stupid as fuck. If your first thought when your dog dies is to post him on a weed subreddit you're a fucking faggot

No. 1418678

wtf I thought this was /r/pics

No. 1418688


he posted it to kill your buzz just like too many birthdays killed his dog

No. 1418697

File: 1669194121863.png (18.02 KB, 725x197, trannyy.png)

i hate these fucks for crawling into every single miniscule women's space

No. 1418698

>If your first thought when your dog dies is to post him on a weed subreddit you're a fucking faggot
Lmao I kekd but honestly you’re absolutely right.

No. 1418728

What do you even call this shit? Internalized pickme-ism?
It's certainly not painful or uncomfortable if you have more insensitive boobs, since nerve endings tend to be spread out on bigger breasts. But it also brings no joy. Men that go "if I was a woman for 24 hours, I'd just play with my boobs all day" don't understand how unremarkable it'd be in like 2 minutes, and 90% of what porn shows on the actresses' part is pure performance that feels like nothing to women.

No. 1418753

Posting your dead pets anywhere on the internet is pathetic. You either have friends and family to comfort you or you need to work on yourself. Either way, nobody else wants to hear about it.

No. 1418821

A bit different, but I hate the "pet tax" trend. Like if anyone even tangentially mentions owning some kind of pet, they either add an image to their post or someone goes "WHERE'S DA KITTTTYYYYYYY" in the comments. The post could be "There was a major earth quake in my city today, I had to grab my family and my cat to run to safety" and then posts a derpy image of the cat. Maybe I'm just no fun.

No. 1418827

>there are very few subreddits I feel comfortable in
What level of imagined persecution is this. reddit… not welcoming of trannies? kek

No. 1418884

I think it’s more posting it in a random subreddit or other space that isn’t related to that topic at all. Like, there are subreddits and groups specifically for people grieving their pets, which I don’t think is strange in and of itself. But why would they post it elsewhere it’s so weird. I think it’s like this >>1418821 people just want the updoots for posting an animal or for sympathy.

No. 1418921

File: 1669221269126.jpeg (87.83 KB, 640x314, 644471F9-2A8C-41AE-8CD3-682385…)

No. 1418924

I'm with you nona. At a minimum, it's mildly annoying because i don't really care about pictures of dogs or cats, but sometimes the animal is really ugly or obviously not cared-for very well and all the comments are stupid scrotes making up cutesy words to describe the animal's disfigurement/ailments and it's so gross.

No. 1418933

theyve even infiltrated vindicta sadly. Ive seen trannies even on vindicta which sucks….

No. 1418943

i am actually in tears right now. i don't care if this is fake; this is the hardest i've laughed in MONTHS. thank you anon

No. 1418978

what happened to the whole "pick on someone your own size"? bet this failmale wouldn't throw fists with a bigger moid that he knew would kick his pathetic ass.

No. 1419005

File: 1669226844661.png (249.24 KB, 1032x1750, Screenshot 1.png)

r/Destiny user gives a passionate defense of why loli/shota hentai does not any lead any pedophilic fantasies and actually decreases child rape by giving pedophiles an outlet instead of harming real children, and claims anyone against loli/shota is a fascist conservative moralist

No. 1419006

File: 1669226876139.png (140.11 KB, 1029x990, Screenshot 2.png)

No. 1419182

File: 1669234450099.png (1.44 MB, 1312x6336, rddt.png)

This is probably the worst thing I've ever read from this hellsite. For the love of all that is holy, I hope it's fake.

No. 1419206

Fake or not OP deserves to be slapped

No. 1419248

Unleashing my fujo powerlevel to pyrokenetically burn this degenerate who thought comparing anime men kissing to depicting child rape was a smart take.
One isn't based in reality because it depicts scrotes having the capacity to love. The other is very much based in reality because scrotes regularly abuse children.

No. 1419292

File: 1669238971853.jpeg (162.01 KB, 902x644, 1560188923593.jpeg)

This. Comparing female weebs reading gay romance to lolipedos is such a shit take that reeks of someone who doesn't know jack about what he's talking about.

It still baffles me there's room for debate around lolisho pornography. There is literally no good reason for it to exist. And yet, you see this amount of research and effort put into trying to defend the disgusting scrotes wanking to it. Really makes you think, uh.

No. 1419321

>Wife finds out her husband was taking non-consensual, inappropriate photos of his female secretary. Has hidden folders of it all.
>Wife finds out that husband was ejaculating in tupperware at work, knowing that the secretary would eat out of it. The secretary was unaware of this.
>In the end, wife blames the secretary for "dressing too provocatively" and "looking like a pornstar", completely ignoring the fact that her husband took non-consesual photos and fed the secretary bodily fluids.
>"Men around the age of 30 are nothing different than a 15 year old boy in the middle of puberty"
This woman is an idiot. I hope it's fake too and that this is just some stupid fanfic. She doesn't have kids with this moid yet and could easily start over. He's just going to continue this behavior.
>"She didn't sue him, which I think speaks for itself!"
Maybe because she knows sexual harassment isn't always taken seriously, and your husband is already a lawyer who has connections and the money to fight off charges?

No. 1419331

Oh my god I want to fucking die

No. 1419384

it was kinda cute when that started but the whole ordeal is getting tired now.

No. 1419504

hope they both die painfully

No. 1419555

not saying its equal, but I doubt in any society other then one where lolipedoism was rampant, shotafujoism wouldn't exist as even a concept

No. 1419581

the first yaoi manga was about shotas, actually. I honestly make a distinction between lolifags and female shotafags. Females literally almost never rape, let alone rape children, so i dont like to held them at the same standars as lolishitters. I honestly dont mind if a woman likes shota, they have never caused problem and are most likely just into it because anime only has 2 male types, big hulking roid monster and uwu cute shota, so they probably just like twinks and shotas are the closest thing to it.

No. 1419606

Which manga do you consider to be the first yaoi manga?

No. 1419613

wasnt that one about the tanned and the blond boy? cant remember the name of it, it was set in some private european school for boys.

No. 1419616

File: 1669267599864.jpg (188.8 KB, 984x1440, ed5ea5a9e5cc078f700d1b21039548…)

samefagging, kaze toki no uta.

No. 1419618

Even though its not hurting anyone, I still think it shouldn't exist as a concept, children(even fictional) should never be sexualized

No. 1419634

>When I was her age, I knew exactly how to manipulate a man sexually.
what the fuck does that even MEAN

No. 1419641

To be fair about kaze to ki no uta, it was shown very clearly why Gilbert (blonde) was the way he was and it was very open about how abuse from an adult effected him.

It is yaoi and there are young characters but I wouldn't really call it shota.

No. 1419646

nonna it doesnt matter how you sugar coat it, its shota, they are 14yos kek.

No. 1419650

the chinese are the same the people that made Genshit hired a loli artist for their new game.

No. 1419654

I like her work but while I don't personally view it as shota I want to acknowledge your point of view.

I guess I don't view it as shota because it is sexual but it isn't (imo) porn for the sake of stimulation the way even shota aimed at males or loli is depicted.

I may be conflating the fact that I don't view it as such with the reality though.

No. 1419655

we have had this discussion before, its clearly an eroticized child rape manga, not as bad as lolicon but still its the principle of it
Japan is a morally backwards nation that deserved to be occupied by the Soviets and Chinese
don't bother
I was talking about the PRC chinese

No. 1419692

It's okay anon, I had to look up a video on youtube about how the self-service machines at the post office work before I had the confidence to go in and use one. I think that some people just have a fear of doing things for the first time, no matter how scary or uncommon the actual task is. The fear of not knowing what you're doing and "looking dumb" (which is entirely normal) keeps people from living efficient lives.

No. 1419847

Maybe I'm just out of the loop but what about this guy is evil? Did he do something awful?

No. 1420158

>a man needs what seems like a doctorate bla bla bla
I hate when they say we all look for men that make above $250k, are above 6'2 and give us cash daily or some shit.

No I just want someone I find attractive that has a job and won't murder me. Apparently that's too much and I should settle for these lower tier abusive moids. If I have to fuck you every day and live with you, ofc I'm not gonna settle.

Example of what I came across yesterday: https://igotstandardsbro.com/

Apparently wanting a non-obese, single man 20-26 that's taller than me and makes at least $50k is being delusional "cat enthusiast" (another thing they think is an insult).

No. 1420474

File: 1669323050495.jpg (51.28 KB, 693x485, 2xu9j47.jpg)

>use it the same way as/on ours
The post is already cringe without the troonery, but what the hell is this supposed to mean? Women's clits don't penetrate.

No. 1420494

its so fucking funny when scrotes think women are sad when they can't find a man that meets their standards. masturbating doesn't render us unable to orgasm and we are required to have social lives outside of romance anyway, so being single is about as emotionally painful as not being able to afford the particular car you want.

No. 1420502

this is so fucking sad and despicable, i just hope this is fake but sadly i know women like this who victim blame in real life so maybe this is real.

No. 1420538

small-dick havers AND sympathisers alike should be genocided. A man is simply an extension of his penis therefore a man lacking in penis is lacking in essence. He is bound to be a dangerous degenerate. Toleration of degeneracy breeds more degenerates -> degenerates breed societal collapse. Notice how Romans loved small dicks and they all raped little kids as an appetiser after a big meal. And god killed them for it.
Libtards will say small dicks can feel good… so can killing the homeless by injecting them with copious amounts of heroin as to evade blame. Just because something feels good doesn’t mean it’s morally acceptable.
You could be the worlds bestest mister nice guy telling the silliest jokes doing funky tricks with your micropenis and you would still be a despicable beast. Dignified women don’t get associate with shrimpies and their owners. When hunters shoot the stag with the biggest antlers, they don’t intend to fuck themselves in the ass with it. Don’t fall for the mental gymnastics of men (demons.) They are trophies to be collected and shown off to friends.
Don’t worry I won’t actually make you cum. I just fucking hate micro-men. None of you get a chance.

No. 1420793

File: 1669350495721.jpeg (1.91 MB, 3465x3465, 7E725707-8C90-493F-AE54-7569E2…)

No. 1420809

Sounds like a MRA that's been living under a rock. There's plenty of research on porn addiction negatively impacting people.

No. 1420814

It’s not masturbation addiction like he says because women who don’t have access to dildos don’t go into withdrawal symptoms. A woman would just continue in like normal with her hands. It’s the same reason we don’t say coomer men have a lube addiction. His comparison is so stupid. Men are broken and most can’t fathom masturbating without porn. Hell I bet even if you could get them to jerk off to their imaginations alone they wouldn’t be satisfied. Their monkey brains are addicted to analogs of irl sexually available women.

No. 1420840

That's because women can masturbate, even to other people and it very rarely affects their sex life, relationships, expectations or stos arousal. Men will see a hot actress or something and immediately find their wife les and less attractive, nevermind even thinking about what porn addiction does in a relationship

Porn addiction subreddits are good for men but some of them are so cringey and basically thought they can do whatever they want in life and then only face consequences later. I remember seeing one of them doing an AMA and he basically admitted to horribly traumatizing his wife and she ended up with Stockholm syndrome but he was totally fine with it and it's okay because ~recovery uwu~

No. 1420898

Aren't a lot of the women involved in the 'mpreg' fanfic/fetish community TIFs though?

No. 1420901

What's LL/LLM?

No. 1420904

Low libido/low libido male

No. 1420922

tl:dr moid is in denial about porn addiction creating dead bedroom relationships what a shocker

No. 1420975

kek thank you for this based rant nonna

No. 1420991

File: 1669383715933.jpeg (553.08 KB, 945x3182, B99E6263-432E-41E7-99ED-C90E19…)

Reddit is commonly for pedos, i hate stupid comments like these

No. 1420999

>I call bullshit on the argument that somehow drawings will push them to do crime
But that's literally the truth. Any person closely working with pedophiles and csa victims will confirm that in the case of males, drawings will satisfy them only for a short period of time and then they'll get tired and seek the real thing. Mentally it's the same thing with porn, a man who is into porn will get tired of "vanilla" things and seek more and more deranged things over time and will be unable to get aroused without it. It's proven.

No. 1421005

Even in that mini documentary from vice (which I imagine this discussion came from?) a pedophile said that these pedo mangas gave him ideas and fantasies he would probably never think up by himself otherwise, this kind of thing absolutely is enabling and worsening the state of these people.

No. 1421054

Just do the "men: baby bottle emoji" back at them, it makes them furious.

No. 1421091

File: 1669395666376.jpeg (195.83 KB, 945x867, DB350278-D96C-4395-84DF-E53110…)

No. 1421116

GAMP confirmed

No. 1421121

File: 1669397491139.png (865.45 KB, 733x674, made me smile.png)

alog alog alog

No. 1421326

File: 1669409850393.jpeg (80.92 KB, 826x551, F248E9BC-A8C0-40FA-9DC5-C52018…)

No. 1421331

he's only sorry because he's now a fag, he wouldnt watch porn if he cared about his gf. Why are men like this?

No. 1421462

you are 100% correct and I love you for saying it

No. 1421668

Porn addict enablers are just as bad "you can't help your kinks, you're just born with them! Now watch porn to discover yourself". They always love using that to wake up moids main character syndrome shit too since moids can't seem to talk about themselves without attempting to make themselves look like the mysterious main character in a movie. They're coomers and consoomers truly

No. 1421784

File: 1669449010162.jpg (368.53 KB, 1080x1243, IMG_20221126_084637.jpg)

Actual good post on reddit

No. 1421792

sorry for dumb ot but I had no idea he's called Jimmy in the English version, I always thought it would be Ron based on the dub I grew up with kek

No. 1421882

File: 1669467987412.jpeg (1.38 MB, 945x6775, A396AA50-5729-40FB-A9C9-6E7AF0…)

No. 1421884

File: 1669468262969.jpeg (159.99 KB, 945x1093, 4D176040-6FE5-45A7-8980-1A3636…)

The post for context.

No. 1421906

I swear to god Americans have the most retarded understanding of race I have ever seen, my father only ever told me this regarding racism "agar takath nahi toh bol math" which means that unless you are sure that you can physically beat the other person in a fight don's say shit or you'll get a beating, he said this to me after a 5'8 pashtun girl beat me for making a comment about her bad teeth

No. 1421907


No. 1421909

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but are you paki-Chan?

No. 1421912

you can decide that for yourself, but think of it like this, the pashtun ethnic group are only found in Pakistan and Afghanistan(and very recent refuges in Europe) currently Afghanistan is under Taliban control and as stated those refuges are recent so I would not have a childhood experience with them

No. 1421930

Do you realize nobody actually cares about this stuff?

No. 1421944

File: 1669474622255.png (3.09 MB, 1284x5404, 1977AD88-43D7-4AF3-976A-2DE3C3…)

TLDR woman is “accidentally” sent porn from a male friend, she realizes the level of violence against women is present in porn, tries to discuss it with friend who assures her that those women consented and enjoy it. She also has an edit with a DM sent to her about how if she wants a man to stay in her life she needs to “get used to having the sex he wants” and mentions “throat-fucking” as an example.


No. 1421948

File: 1669474988639.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x1920, C3FCAC67-4C36-4CB6-8261-B91EDB…)

Here’s a comment from a woman who has since been permanently suspended despite keeping her words and voice reasonable.

No. 1421962


No. 1421968

Reddit admins have been Perma suspending everyone who doesn't pat their head and enforce their coomer fantasies. Meanwhile subs where people admit to molesting kids are alive and not going anywhere

No. 1421970

Its the stories like these that girls need to be acknowledging more. Men are truly the bane of our existance. How pickmes can even exist while countless other woman tell su about these things is beyond me.
Dick will never serve you, any pleasure you gain is at the expense of yourself not the other party.
Typical scrote reddit energy.
No woman can simply exist without another male or male sympathiser coming along to correct/censor her even when she is 100% in her right to do/say things.

How bleak this society is for those deemed as less than a man.

No. 1421973

Even nerdy and smart women in TV shows were always undermined and written out to be boring, nerds that is undesirable and no one wants to be friends with. Even in Zoey 101 Quinn is constantly inventing amazing new things that quickly get blown off and ignored so the other girls can go shopping or do other girly shit. It almost seems like propaganda geared towards little girls that if they are inventors or work hard, then they're nerds and not desirable to any man besides a medicore to ugly one, whom will only tolerate and not love them.

No. 1421975

>despite being sort of hypersexual in my youth..
This is what men want hushed up. That the cool girl who had a crazy sex kinky life in her first few years of adulthood.. goes on to reflect, understand the underlying issues and regrets ever going near them. That even those 'totes kinky girls and fun girls' who they once put on a pedestal tend to wake up and then find the memories of fucking them gross and regretful. Eat it up scrotes, its the truth.

This is also a large part of why men love to claim that women nearing 30 are no longer desirable, because very few women are blind to this shit by that age. Even the ones who previously partook in pleasing their every whim tend to wake up by then.

No. 1421976

Something that infuriated me after reading the comments was how multitudes of people felt the need to say her title was “click bait” because her friend sent her a “tame” porn video and she went out of her way to see something more violent. God damn, how is it normal for a male friend to send a female ANY porn? If one of my guy friends did that, even “accidentally” (yeah fucking right), I’d never be in contact with him again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in group chats where people have sent the occasional nsfw meme or something but I’ve never had any friend just straight up send a link to pornhub or something. It seems like crossing a boundary.

No. 1421977

>Learn to deep throat in the way my fake porn shows or we will find a woman who will happily do so!
Yes. Please do. Who wants to be with a man who needs to cause permanent bodily damage to you to get off? The threat is so weird because men will cheat regardless of if you overperform for them or not, if they didn't cheat based on how much women would do then pickmes would never be cheated on but that's they're main target when cheating on women

No. 1421979

>This is also a large part of why men love to claim that women nearing 30 are no longer desirable
So true. It’s not like there aren’t women in their thirties who are beautiful and have a lot going for them (which men are threatened by), but they also don’t have the naivety that comes with being a teenager anymore. I’ve literally never understood men’s obsession with preying on young, naive women, but then again I guess it highlights the differences in what men and women want sexually. Men want an innocent victim to dominate and corrupt, women want someone on equal footing who has experience and would know what he’s doing/doesn’t have a problem with putting his needs aside for hers.

No. 1421980

This. Also why do random ass men feel the need to send this shit to women they don’t even know? I hope she reported his ass, not that Reddit would do anything about it.

No. 1421983

Sorry to blog but your post reminded me of how in high school I was obsessed with this guy and we had a FWB relationship. In reality, we weren’t even good friends, he just wanted the benefits. I was naive and stupid and didn’t really understand it all at the time, and I never got anything out of it, it was just me giving giving giving. Years later I got a message from him asking if we could hook up again and I went off on him. He was so pissed off but it was incredibly rewarding to finally let go of my anger after processing it all before blocking him. He’s fat and balding now and can’t keep a relationship or job so it’s like karmic justice.

No. 1421987

From my experience, even when men do get the perfect young girl to dominate and corrupt they simply ignore her most of the time, mostly as a manipulation tactics or because they're cheating, nitpick her body, and emotionally abuse her to the point where he just blantantly seems disinterested until he wants an ego charging station. When you're older the moids who do want you are more serious and willing to carry through with commitment, be emotionally available and comply with your needs since they're more serious about being in a relationship with older women. Plus older women are more likely to leave when they need and not put up with scrotes bullshit, and "testing you", and ignoring you 80% of the week, and gawking at every other woman as if you're just a piece of dirt that he's forced to be with.

Moids who claim women need to saddle up and get married are likely just coping for the fact they likely won't be able to get an older woman who is more likely to have their life in order (so unemployed/low paid moids can mooch) where as young women are likely to not be financially stable and they'd have to put in more effort financially

No. 1421988

File: 1669478519933.png (287.45 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20221126-085951.png)

Mods are removing comments that copy the post that got her banned, so that shows that it wasn't a mass report -> reddit admin steps in situation. The mods of twoxchromosomes themselves are banning women and removing comments that say porn is harmful to women.

No. 1421992

I hope this is a wakeup call to redditors who think "big think= good" and will just agree with whatever reddit admins tell them is right or what's upvoted the most

No. 1421994

File: 1669478805807.png (430.23 KB, 1079x1950, Screenshot_20221126-090531.png)

You're also not allowed to tell anyone the mods are men hahahaha

No. 1421995

Men should be forced to listen to the honest opinion of their first/big age difference gfs a decade down the line. A lot of them honestly think the teenage girls motivated by self-hate or an unsafe home were really into them.

No. 1421997

Pretty sure TwoX and Feminism and all the major "female" centered subs are all at least partially moderated by scrotes and you can tell. They're always aggressively pro-porn and sometimes anti-lesbian and ban you for saying anything they don't like, as you can see here. Men need to stay the fuck out of feminism because they're only self serving perverts.

No. 1421998

Ages ago an anon linked an AMA of a german doctor/therapist who worked with non-offending pedos. He clearly stated that porn and animuh is a huge reason for moids getting fucked up and eventually actually acting out on their sick urges. I also remember that he said that the best treatment is chemical castration because many of them are hypersexual and when losing that, they also lose the urge to assault.
He also said that the only female "pedos" he ever met weren't actually pedos, they had other mental illnesses and were just paranoid that they might be one.

No. 1422002

Nonna i love the way you put your words here

No. 1422003

Don’t forget pro-troon. There’s apparently huge crossover between MtF subs and twoX. Wouldn’t surprise me if twoX also has a TiM mod.

No. 1422004

Yeah. When I dated an older scrote it was because I was desperate to leave my home and didn’t have any other support system, not because I had any real feelings for him. I guess he knew that though. I hate men.

No. 1422005

They're extremely predatory towards girls with abusive parents and even sexualize daddy issues. The worse ones are the moids who want to pretend like it's about physical appearance/not getting around even though they go for physically unwashed teens who are out of shape due to depression and have high body counts, meanwhile pretty virgins in their 20s-30s are ignored by these men

No. 1422006

I dated a groomer the vast majority of my teen years and this is on point kek. He's probably somewhere bitching about how "teen girls are BETTER" but like…if it was so great to date a teenager why didn't you treat me like you were actually afraid of losing me?

No. 1422008

>what’s going on in her head
what was going on in YOUR head when you left your wife, who created your children, for lustful reasons?

No. 1422103

At first I thought the woman tying up her hair meant that she was getting ready to beat his ass LMAO

No. 1422573

They think dating teenagers are great because they are autists/narcs who are incapable of treating any woman with dignity. They like that they can just be abusive pieces of shit like usual and inexperienced, low-self-esteem girls will tie themselves in knots and prostrate themselves to keep their groomer boyfriends. Adult women usually won’t tolerate low value high effort scrotes anymore.
You shouldn’t ask why they don’t treat their girlfriends right, just understand they are subhuman failmales who literally lack the mental faculties to preform basic exercises in empathy. There’s nothing you can do about these men other than letting them rot and die.

No. 1422766

There was a post on reddit a while ago about a woman describing her rapey abusive ex and then ended with "now he's in a bdsm relationship with a beautiful submissive woman". It seemed like such a larp I wish I could find it

No. 1422814

It's because moids tricked women into thinking dating lots of people= slut and no one wants you so they try really hard to grasp onto whatever they can to avoid a high relationship count

No. 1422836

Taiwan was never colonised by UK. It was colonised by Japan and now has been colonised again by Han Chinese (aboriginal Taiwanese are the original people). Am Taiwanese.

No. 1423031

Pretty much, I was one of the women permabanned from twoxchromosomes for daring to suggest the space should be for….people with twoxchromosomes.

No. 1423051

File: 1669556204723.png (167.55 KB, 721x592, lesbiangang deleted posts.png)

the deleted posts in r/lesbiangang is a good place to find based lesbians. the top posts are are mostly women pointing out the obvious sexism + lesbophobia in "inclusive" spaces and why they need their own (without trans, nonbinary, pansexual etc.)

need i mention at least one of the mods of that sub is a TIM.


No. 1423168

File: 1669565474994.png (123.25 KB, 657x903, twox.png)

Has this been shared before?
I saw this way before I peaked and didn't think much of it but kek.
It reads like creative writing.

No. 1423217

at the hospital? do doctors not have access to medical records for patients?

No. 1423234

I discovered a bunch of my posts had been shadowbanned on reveddit that I thought were still up on various subs. Some of them "automod removed". I'm not buying it.

No. 1423256

My fave trope. The woman who gets mistaken for an mtf, gets abused by people and has her eyes opened to 'the trans struggle'

I tick all the same boxes listed in their self description, short hair, deep voice, athletic, not femme dressing.. in my experience people jump to think lesbian. That's about it. I sure am glad that my life hasn't been one of tranphoobic abuse where I get locked into rooms with deranged men while medical staff cheer on me getting my ass beat. If you're to believe reddit than thats the expereince fo the average gnc woman kek

No. 1423257

I was wondering about that too. That post smells like bullshit. Why would a medical doctor who's gone through 10+ years of school carelessly and mistakenly fill out a patient's form. Also would healthcare professionals risk their careers just to harass a tranny

No. 1423284

Diff anon but I've seen this type of post in several variations. Trying to make out like the average woman is one short hair cut away from being in their shoes. A scare tactic to elicit allyship. This could happen to you too! type bullshit.

No. 1423327

Of course, and they also tell you "your roommate is a dangerous psych patient" kek

No. 1423839

File: 1669599998466.png (98.24 KB, 702x527, okbye.png)

r/lesbiangang literally just wimped out and it's only a matter of time before it's the next r/actuallesbians with this slippery slope, back-breaking nonsense.

No. 1423942

How is it that the askgaybros subreddit manages to survive despite saying the same kind of things about TIFs and not liking vaginas?

No. 1424169

Men are very fragile creatures. They don’t like mean words.

No. 1424392

File: 1669649826844.png (149.32 KB, 631x825, image7.png)

lmao one of the mods is a troon. disappointed but not surprised at all

No. 1424788

No. 1424827

File: 1669674802081.png (110.62 KB, 835x636, crybabymoidreddit.PNG)

I bet he's conveniently leaving out that this play date group thing was for moms only. Not for some scrote ultimately looking for brownie points with his wife.
Aren't men statistically more likely to be child predators? I don't blame those women for being warry, especially showing up to a mommy and baby meet-up.
Many comments blame women for men not being seen as parents when that is entirely men's fault. For years they shirked responsibly. They take the kids out once and expect all women within a 100-mile radius to bow down and blow them.

No. 1424828

what a retard, this guy must look/act like a giga creep because my dad often went out alone with me as a kid and no one ever assumed he was a pedo KEK, the mystical power of not being a hunchbacked redditor…

No. 1424837

all reddit moids complain about how they are treated like pedos when they're out with their kids in public and honestly? its a bunch of bullshit. whenever men are out with their kids alone they are praised beyond belief, at how wonderful a dad he must be spending time with the kids! Men get praised for the bare minimum and then these retards started expecting to be praised for such basic shit that once nobody gives them a compliment they start screeching "it must be because they think im a pedo!1!"

No. 1425088

File: 1669691030490.jpeg (311.77 KB, 828x1083, 0C28C91D-FCA0-4B37-894B-DFD49F…)

Reddit males are so stupid

No. 1425123

males throw a fit over this, meanwhile >>1410660

No. 1425159

Yeah my husband takes my daughter out all the time and he always tells me how random people praise him constantly and tell him what a good job he's doing and then when I take her out by myself I'm basically ignored. Most people act extremely in denial for most actual pedophiles but men think they're having they're necks breathed on if they're nice to kids? Right. Gordon Ramsay got treated like a god just for being nice to kids kek. If you're a man and people think you're a pedophile they probably have a good reason to

No. 1425160

There was a meme posted about how women give silent treatment and I commented that men are usually the ones giving silent treatment, straight women and even GAY MEN agree with me kek but moids got so fucking butthurt and asked for sources and said "no no way". Luckily I was able to find sources from relationship therapy sites stating men usually stonewall 80% of the time and moids went dead silent. They're such projectors

No. 1425503

jfc how does that sub even exist. a sex offender of any kind deserves death. not support. you can't be rehabilitated, you don't deserve support. i don't care how young or old you are or how much you've changed. death.

No. 1425521

I 100% believe that when a redditor whines about being pegged as a pedo, that it is truly because he gives off creep vibes/autism and so parents are put off by that weird energy.
Typically, men are praised for doing even the bare minimums with their kids, such as being spotted in public alone with them. They gotta be some weird MFs to get such a hostile reaction for presumably no reason.

No. 1425550

>Luckily I was able to find sources from relationship therapy sites stating men usually stonewall 80% of the time
I had a relationship with a guy who did the whole silent treatment thing. We lived in a tiny apartment together which made it worse. He would make it very obvious that something was up with him and would then snap "I'M FINE!" through gritted teeth whenever you asked whats up. It was like he wanted you to beg him for answers and when you gave up that pissed him off even more than anything. So he wouldn't talk but didn't actually want space either. No way to turn that into anything productive because its purely about punishing you. Dragging out the tantrum for as long as possible. I'm just glad I was experienced enough to see it for what it was. A younger me wouldn't have known what to think of it.

The whole stroppy "I'm fine!" thing has become this meme where they claim only gfs do it. Like if you're not dating men then how can you claim to know what its like?

No. 1425600

>group moms can be sexist as hell
DOUBT. Like other anon said, he was most likely the only man there. He probably looks like shit and invaded a mommy/child session. what a pathetic loser. and the fact that he has a wife and child. women need to up their standards.

No. 1425835

I've seen other posts (with massive amounts of uplikes) where men going to a playground with their own kids claim to overhear moms calling them sex offenders. That's is some good hearing they have…

No. 1425961

File: 1669747921590.jpg (388.52 KB, 715x1111, Screenshot_20221129-184032_Chr…)

No. 1426006

I'm not really sure what a play group is, but I assume they had a contact with his wife before. He probably got there as a total stranger and acted shifty and apparently didn't even say hi or try to talk to any of the moms? There's really not a worse way not to seem like a pedo than coming to a playground and then avoiding eye contact or talking to any adults present.

No. 1426055

File: 1669753020802.jpeg (556.87 KB, 750x1163, A50505C2-238C-4478-BEAF-46EC40…)

Femcuck shit

No. 1426218

I don't think Redditors are in a position to complain about FTMs being forgotten when the tranny subs on Reddit are notorious for focusing almost entirely on TIMs.

Also, TIFs aren't as prominent in conversations about tranny shit because they have less systemic power on account of being female. This is compounded by the fact that they're terrified of being accused of "talking over" TIMs. It's literally just males centering themselves and trampling women like they always do.

No. 1426467

File: 1669772303004.png (63.43 KB, 1095x435, mahubby.png)

No. 1426490

Nah wait, he'd rather jerk off to a photo of her than actually have sex with her? When she's right there available to "snuggle up" with him while he's jerking off? What the… But at the very least, it's better than choosing porn over the wife.

No. 1426550

Maybe she'll edit her boyfriend and his wives wedding photos as well

No. 1426555

Yeah. These dudes are either fucking paranoid or literally are creeps and are mad women clock them well. And if, hypothetically, one of these dudes did diddle their kids you know damn well redditors would be screaming their head off on "why did you let your child around strange men??? What an irresponsible mother!" Women never win

No. 1426561

who the fuck writes like this? and why would you share it in a female space? literally reads like moid fantasy fiction

No. 1426637

There are tifs who do troon out to play into their gay fantasy but it's not the majority, most trans men have girlfriends and live like normal men, meanwhile they try to convince us it's only a coincidence that all tims just happen to be lesbians and poorly passing kek

No. 1426652

He quickly swiped off the femboy frotting porn tab and opened his designated cover album for this exact scenario

No. 1426808

This seems so wild to me kek I know it’s supposed to be wholesome somehow because most males jerk off to teen rape porn but using your wife’s random professional photos as pornographic content instead of um idk literally just imagining your life partner in your head is strange.

No. 1426824

I’d rather be patted down by a ftm than a mtf yes.

No. 1426835

File: 1669801486083.png (716.37 KB, 1526x850, Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 09.41…)

I am so sick to death of men being coddled. This guy literally looks like an amputation where all that's left is the nub. This right here is why ugly guys think they get to be entitled to any women at all, let alone seriously attractive women. If I had this guy come up to me to hit on me I would be personally offended. I will always eternally be furious that it's only ever okay to be mean to a guy if he gets turned on by it.

No. 1426847

Eh, I think this guy looks average and has a fairly friendly face, it's just he's a tub of lard. It's not "besides the extra fat", he looks a steep staircase away from a heart attack, but he's overly concerned with his face for some reason. Obviously the ones talking about wetting their panties are fucking retarded.

No. 1426849

Seems like the "brutally honest" part is only for women kek. Anyone who calls a man or MTF troon ugly gets down voted like crazy
>t. Been banned from the sub for calling men and troons ugly

No. 1426857

No kidding, I went through recent posts and while I don't even see anyone even being all that mean (I assume because mods remove actual "yeah, you're ugly" posts) for men it's: yeah, mate, average, but lovely energy, keep being you" and for women it's: you're kinda pretty, but fix the teeth, curl your lashes, put on some makeup and your nose does not fit your face

No. 1426858

File: 1669804433416.jpg (490.56 KB, 2304x2048, -z769shqNao08BG.jpg)

This, weight loss can really change a moid's entire face and fundamentally who they are

No. 1426861


No. 1426865

Sad how people seem to have automatic sympathy for moids and humanize them more, even if they’ve done horrible things and why are these women on Reddit jumping over themselves to compliment a fatass and give him life advice

No. 1426877

Moids believe that their toxic behaviors that they always blast women for don't actually count if they're doing it then just use bullshit reason why
Silent treatment
>But but she made me do it!! By asking me what's wrong! She should've known!
Emotional outbursts
>Anger magically isn't an emotion though!!
>No no we're just discussing reality!!
>We're just pointing out what's wrong!!
Obsessing over appearance/brand names
>Doesn't count because the designers are cool and smart but women just like stupid overpriced bags!
Talking obsessively over a single form of entertainment (game, movie, etc)
>Uhh it's art and welly written
Bad jokes
>It's not bad! It's just not your humor uwu
Not having boundaries with the opposite sex
>No no you're just prudish and taking it out of context!!
Thinking everyone wants you
>But but I'm sure she is though!!
Blowing money on schemes
>But but this crypto will totally make me tons of money!!

I swear the average moid whether he's a 20 something nobody or boomer john are more like the average suburban white woman than they think kek

No. 1426988

Tbh there’s a lot of people who literally can’t visualise anything in their head.

No. 1427029

Reddit is convinced women get complimented and praised constantly so need to be humbled while the poor scrotes never get anything so it always comes off as overcompensating for that. Same as those posts of fathers or husbands doing the bare minimum that Reddit goes crazy for while any post involving a woman will both be scrutinised for her appearance/motives as well as sexually harassed.

No. 1427129

This he was probably looking at something degenerate right before.

No. 1427132

I hate that women are treated like we always have a laundry list of things that need to be fixed or covered up, meanwhile the slobbiest scrotes are told to keep doing what they’re doing.

No. 1427256

File: 1669835863899.png (4.92 MB, 2228x1742, basede.png)

Shit like this is why I still go on reddit. Love to hate it

No. 1427278

Not gonna lie, this is kind of cute

No. 1427377

File: 1669841117548.jpg (41.06 KB, 501x286, 57de2ffcf76546342e1e907884be88…)

I kinda like the art she has potential to be a good artist. This is really sweet and harmless. I'm glad she is having fun

No. 1427538

File: 1669846402158.png (1.11 MB, 1364x1085, Le funny memerino!!!!!!.png)

>decide to visit reddit frontpage after years of ignoring that shit
>this is one of the top posts
good to see that ryuk-chan is still kicking!

No. 1427552

100% of men deserve to be in the shit pile

No. 1427555

80% of men are in the shit pile because they are dumb, pea-brained lazy entitled scrotes who expect women to do full time work, take care of kids and also do the domestic unpaid labour. They deserve to stay in the shit pile.
Of course we don't want to associate with these degenerates, because women are on average smarter, more disciplined and generally better than men. This is why we have better school grades and are performing better than them in many industries.

Men are only reliable for physical manual labour and taking out the garbage. If they want to cry about being in the shit pile so much they can start by taking accountability of their actions and knuckling down in school/jobs. But they won't do that, because it's easier to blame women for their failures.

No. 1427598

I hate seeing men cream themselves over this whiny bald faggot who pretends he's not privileged when he makes millions going up on stage making room temperature opinions you can read from double digit IQ retards who think they discovered the secrets to the fucking universe in a youtube comment section for free.

No. 1427683

i did a job that required actual labour, boys my age would've had a panic attack, punched the wall, and gone back to their dank bedrooms to watch anime. they would've cowered at the sheer ferocity of romanian women, this i know.

No. 1427711

It reads much more like a woman's fantasy to me. The idea that her husband loves her and deeply desires her enough that even when he masturbates it's only to her. Sad that even in her fantasies she can't imagine a world where her husband doesn't masturbate to porn.

No. 1427732

Meanwhile every single way in which women supposedly have it "better" than men exclusively applies to very attractive women and are not truly privileges but just the many ways men try to bargain for sex. If you are not an attractive women, you are invisible to men outside of when they want to make fun or complain of you. Plus women being valued by men for attractiveness means that for the most part your status cannot rise and will only fall, those "80% of men" have near limitless opportunities to improve themselves and yet they continue not to do so. All men do is project jfc

No. 1427831

Kek men are so fucking dramatic when it comes to work. I once argued with a guy online and he made a song and dance about how "any woman in the world would never be able to handle my job I made so much money" and it turns out he was a DISHWASHER at a restaurant kek as if women haven't been doing that for generations unpaid with zero sick days. Another guy I knew made a big deal about how he was super successful and women use him for his success and he was just a sales rep at a phone store. Another made like 13 an hour at a call center and acted like he was doing some insane job that took massive tolls on him that he needed to abandon his girlfriend to drink and hookup every weekend kek. Meanwhile most women are working full time at the very least if not working two jobs and acting like it's nothing. I knew so many women who were nurses, caregivers who get beat by old people and wipe asses and lift up vegetables all day, then go to their part time restaurant jobs to be on their feet and get yelled at and even then it took zero obvious toll on them. Why did all men suddenly turn into pussies that most 18-21 yr old girls have more work ethic than them?

No. 1427833

It's even more sad that women thinking their husbands being attracted to them seems unreasonable to ask for

No. 1427838

And who put those 80% of men in the position they're in…? Uhhhhhh oh right, their fellow men kek. So much for brotherhood.

No. 1427870

i wonder how many husbandofags are in relationships with real men. it's common to say they can't get anyone, but lots of women can get a man. it's just that men ain't shit lol.

No. 1427878

Most incel posts are made by moids who already have women they're ignoring kek. I knew several women who's boyfriends would come out of nowhere to rant about how "women only want Chad that's why men resort to hentai/mail order/etc" all while they had real life girlfriends. Makes me wonder how many of these fags have gfs irl

No. 1427902

File: 1669865168690.png (62.3 KB, 1034x593, Screenshot 6.png)

that's kinda cute, she seems like a sweet person

No. 1427906

She's too kind and real for reddit. I always look forward to her posts because they're just so adorable. I hope she doesn't get sour dms from the cringetopia post.

No. 1427907

this is cute but idk why she picked ryuk. He doesnt get much development or character reveal. Hes sorta just a plot device.

No. 1427926

I worked a job where we had to work fast in multiple buildings constantly active doing shit and boys on my team would always do one fucking thing and then sit around on their phone while me and the other girls were walking past them frantically finishing our group tasks, they wouldn’t even offer to help and ignored when I told them to do things kek it was so retarded and annoying how lazy they all are. Then they cause drama and yelled at people causing fights and never got reprimanded. Not to mention all the creeps and pedos that never got fired despite management knowing about it.

No. 1427964

Women have a better work ethic than men because they have greater empathy and can realise how their actions can fuck over the people around them and the ones with kids/people to care for understand what they are working for and value them over themselves.

No. 1428033

Same in my experience in my first job (fast food). Moids would constantly rage quit over stupid shit like being told they can't get high at work, they wouldn't prep, follow basic safety rules, make up rumors and flirt with all the teenage girl coworkers. Women were the ones taking care of everything 90% of the time

No. 1428044

I can see it, he has a lot of cute moments with Misa.

No. 1428060

File: 1669878225720.jpg (74.93 KB, 649x657, 1648192561514.jpg)

this is pure, distilled sovl. Love to still see it in this oppressed antihusbando society.

No. 1428089

I’d say well over 80% of men don’t deserve to breathe the same air as any women. They should be mass culled.

No. 1428107

Upvoted by some IT guy that gets paid to do 30 minutes of actual work in a day, thinking he's oppressed

No. 1428120

Samefag, going on a bit of a tangent, since I work on a team with these type of guys. AskReddit likes to have a "which jobs you think are overrated/overcompensated" thread every now and then, and it's always lists off sales, marketing, X coach, Y counselor, but somehow I never see software engineers or sysadmin type jobs mentioned or upvoted to the top there. Even though it's not their marketing department that sits all day on reddit posting about their failed approaches on r/Tinder, but they're entitled to a big check even if they put out is mediocre garbage.

No. 1428262

They understand if THEY do it because they believe it's hard because they experienced it. They cant believe any job that they don't see portrayed as hard on TV or they experienced as hard must be hard. They don't have the mental capacity to put themselves in others shoes or to even ask things they're curious about instead of outright making shit up. They especially do this to women and claim female jobs are all cushy even though they'd kill themselves as nurses, teachers, etc

No. 1428286

i wanted to post my work to r/colorization because i have no idea where colorizers even gather, the majority are older, gatekeeping men.
Anyways i post the image, flare it as i thought correct,, aaaaaand, not posted.. so i message the team thinking its a karma issue, i dont use reddit so im confused thinking its a filter issue too. Well i get a message back from a mod who i found out to be the only mod of the subreddit saying my post was "clearly done by AI" wot? i had colorized it using hue changing a sepia photo, probably not a common technique so i send him my PSD file, he says "this proves nothing" and tells me upscaling is clearly AI and my flares are wrong
so i go oooohhh, image upscaling in photoshop i guess counts as "AI", not wrong, just not how "AI" is used when referring to coloring, usually those shitty auto colors you see online. So i message back saying i changed my flares to AI as base, and he can reinstate my post.
NO, he continues to argue with me at this point saying my photo was "already colored" its a fucking sepia photo, where do you see pre-coloring?? the original photo is IN the PSD. So i tell him i want to speak to another mod for a 2nd opinion, and he tells me hes in fact the only mod on this not so tiny sub reddit. So at this point my autism takes over because I spent 5 hours trying to make something post-worthy if anyone was interested in not-western photo colorization just for a middle aged man to tell me my photo is fake and gay, so I find out his social medias and it comes clear the entire subreddit is a circle jerk of a few artists whos photos all look similar and shittier than even my first attempt at colorization and no it's not a hard thing to do, and he SHILLS like crazy. Retarded fucking subreddit. it doesn't sound so serious when I type it out but I just felt fucking disrespected that something I worked on was discredited because 1 guy said so and it's not in-line with normal coloring. My fault for trying to use reddit though

No. 1428402

File: 1669902142441.png (240.55 KB, 1906x1222, evareagescrote4.png)

Oh look a scrote fucks up his marriage by being selfish and lazy. Is blindsided bc surely he wasn't "that bad" since he didn't hit them. Well he never cleaned anything or cooked or made actual money… but he was happy to be a leech so why wasn't she happy to host??
Now looks for pity points and threatens to become an hero. Yeah you get what you fucking deserve, his biggest mistake is assuming people will miss his useless ass.

No. 1428405

No. 1428410

"I'd rather traumatize my kids by commiting suicide than provide for them and stay present in their life; and with my journal I'll make sure they'll blame their mother on losing a loving father by selfishly filing for divorce and pushing me to suicide"
What a worthless scrote. I hate the journal part, it's vile. Claims to be doing it for the kids but it's all to make himself look good.

No. 1428414

yeah hope that "journal" ended up in the trash where it belongs

No. 1428416

>Coomguy777 asking someone who is posting about being in love with a fictional character if they’re autistic

No. 1428418

Damn, that sucks. Sorry that sub is run by a neckbeard loser anon.

No. 1428420

NGL I can agree with them in a sense. One time I overheard my uncle describe how he felt some racist robber guy deserved to be raped with a shattered glass bottle until it killed him or something. It shocked me how easily he came up with that scenario and made me feel really unsafe, considering there were some holes in the walls (from punches) too.

No. 1428424

>she said I put my comfort above her and the kids
>I’m gonna kill myself because i can’t handle her and the kids moving on from me
>I can’t think of a bigger sacrifice to make for HER
honestly he’s not wrong, they’re better off with him dead than hanging around being this self-serving and toxic for the next 40+ years. hope he gets hit by a bus (in minecraft) before the end of the year and leaves his family with a nice insurance check instead.

No. 1428660

File: 1669914742150.png (43.14 KB, 809x301, RedditHypocrite1212.png)

No. 1428665

Oh, and to add his Gf isn't actually 16 but 14.

No. 1428672

henlo based department??(in minecraft)

No. 1428683

I never wanted to kill a random user so bad. I can only pray its a fucking retarded troll.

No. 1428691

Moids will be against abortion and then refuse condoms for their personal pleasure. Whoops, who could’ve predicted that babies are made from unprotected sex.

No. 1428698

This reads a lot like someone who is very worried about losing his source of income. He even said "she didn't give me enough money for an attorney" lmao. All this whining about his kids and the suicide baiting is nothing but emotional manipulation and blackmail. God knows why that marriage actually fell apart. He sounds like a mega narc.

No. 1428713

Situations like this are what I think of whenever I hear men telling women 'we don't need abortion just close your legs' or 'just take BC dummy' etc. They always have some answer thats either you living a sexless life forever or you taking birth control for decades on end (I mean it never fails!) Meanwhile this is them when they're met with the reality of it. This is their level of decision making and precaution taking. When its not just some concept they're debating and its real life and.. affecting them. They want it gone.

In my twenties I knew enough women who had abortions. Because of where we live they even had to travel to another country to get it. Take time off work, book a flight, pay for flights and accom. Didn't have family there. Stuck in another country processing what they just went through. Its usually the man who is screaming 'you better get an abortion' straight off the bat. They don't beg you to keep it. Idk why so many men make out like the average scrote is dying to save his baby. When push comes to shove.. THEY want that abortion. They don't even wait to hear what the woman wants. They make up their mind in 5 seconds flat.

No. 1428726

>be husband
>no job
>no childcare
>yell at the working parent and kids
>ex-wife isn't allowed to date because he promised to love her forever
>this is the ultimate form of his love apparently
God save us from the "eternal love" of men

No. 1428745

>I won't have to struggle to work some crap job just to pay child support
Yep, it's about money (and psychotic jealousy obviously). Does he not currently have a job? Why would he suddenly be 'struggling at some crap job' because he needs to pay child support, wouldn't that be his current job? His wife is doing her residency so maybe he was banking on that doctor money. And the phrasing is so telling 'just to pay child support' - like financially supporting your children is unimportant and that he's doing them a favour by not doing it??

What a selfish piece of garbage. Ironically they would be better off without him because he sounds like a family annihilator, but if he wasn't crazy they would be best off with the money he owes them.

No. 1429058

>I'm totally against abortion
>Except when I get my child girlfriend pregnant and it benefits ME

No. 1429063

Yeah my mega Christian ex begged me to get an abortion during a pregnancy scare and now posts pro life stuff kekek. Rules for thee not for me

No. 1429263

File: 1669943289581.jpg (149.87 KB, 381x912, coomer.jpg)

No. 1429267

File: 1669943582548.jpg (101.24 KB, 1079x804, Larkin-Love-4.jpg)

Slightly relieved after seeing this on the front page to find Larkin Love is a woman (picrel) and not the shortlived 00s British indie band with a similar name

No. 1429328

>can i take her to get a abortion
just take it out back and shoot it, it's retarded

No. 1429504

boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies

No. 1429527

Someone had to give birth to this

No. 1429528

Stop spamming lolcow with praises of infanticide tf

No. 1429530

>they wouldn't prep, follow basic safety rules, make up rumors and flirt with all the teenage girl coworkers
Moids are 100% more gossipy at work and most moids have sexually harassed women at least once

No. 1429532

File: 1669962354476.jpg (402.62 KB, 1439x1912, Screenshot_20221202_002545_Gal…)

This is what I think about every time I think about having a son or encounter boy moms. You're raising a chronic masturbator at best and a possibly violent lunatic at worst. It's like littering.

No. 1429579

He will be posting on MGTOW within a year, insisting his life has improved drastically.

No. 1429697

Have you Nonnies noticed that makeup subs are infested by ugly troons wearing lopsided eyeliner & fishing for compliments, but skincare subs are mostly safe because troons don’t have the capacity to understand how skincare works

No. 1429698

Anon she’s talking about the moid

No. 1429756

The gross, almost fetishy, violent fantasies are never out of feeling empathy or injustice if they’re coming from moids, since they don’t even tend to actually care about victims enough to be angry on their behalf. It’s even weirder when they’re fantasizing about someone who’s just a petty criminal. Somehow, I don’t see these people call out men in particular though, most of the moral outrage I see about wishing pedos/rapists harm is directed at women. You would think that when they post memes like that, it would be directed at the men who don’t even have empathy enough for victims to justify that reaction but then you go on twitter or wherever else and they’re just lecturing women who want pedos/rapists who get to harm them and get away with it, to die.

No. 1429860

Every time. I’m pro-choice but it pisses me off how men never care about how the entire endeavor will affect the woman with planning it out (if you can even get access to it), the emotional and physical toil of it, anything. They can only see how THEIR lives and reputation will be affected when they wouldn’t even give a shit about the women or child in the first place. I hate scrotes so much.

No. 1429864

I just think about the YouTube channels where guys are pretending to run a show a la To Catch a Predator but it’s less about caring about any actual victimized children and more about living out their moid fantasies of violence and being praised.

No. 1430241

File: 1670012219830.jpeg (964.55 KB, 1070x1874, 3959FA94-3FC3-4F56-879B-5737E6…)

How are women on Reddit like this? She seems to be questioning if his behavior is okay or not? How is your first reaction not to leave immediately?

No. 1430253

When you are abused like that you doubt yourself anf play down the awful things

No. 1430258

He wouldn't have been like that at the start of the relationship - speaking to her like that would have been a slow process so she becomes used to it and thinks it's something she's done.
Can confirm, was in a relationship where he said the exact same shit about wanting to do xyz sexual thing, be sexy and wear lingerie all the time as if that shit was normal. You think it's normal or it's because you're not doing your part as the perfect gf or wife. She should leave regardless, but it's hard when so much of your energy, time and effort is invested into a moid that has convinced you that you're the worst woman on earth for not catering to his every need.

No. 1430259

No. 1430264

I wish the FDS subreddit made a stand against the admins instead of removing the community aspect of the sub to shill their "brand"

No. 1430271

no kid is worth staying in a relationship with an abusive moid

No. 1430335

Man I just rawdogged reddit with my feminist opinions and got mass downvoted to the moon and back keeeekkk

No. 1430340

Money can be an issue and could fuck the kids' futures significantly, so I can understand that. But confusingly in over half of these posts the man is unemployed and leeching off the family, so it's really mind-boggling

No. 1430342

so living in an abusive household won't fuck up their lives?

No. 1430344


Same. Idk what the fuck they were thinking. Trying to set up a separate brand/website doesn't work like 99.9% of the time. I even signed up for it before I discovered other woman-only spaces and it was difficult to browse, had no community, and was overall just a sign of it beginning to die.

No. 1430347

Nonnies, forgive me for the semi a-log but I really thought about heating cooking oil and throwing on the moid's crotch if he ever said that to me or sent me a shitty message.

No. 1430353

It's hard to say what trajectory one's life will take after a big move. Sure you can say "he called you a bitch, take the kids and go" to a married person, but not everyone lives happily ever after, those are just the stories that get shared on reddit, and you won't and can't take any responsibility as a random "wise woman on the internet who read a bit of Lundy Bancroft"

No. 1430364

you sound stupid af

No. 1430374

You'll understand once you're not supported by your parents anymore

No. 1430419

She said she took care of him financially for four years so she would probably have better finances without him. American women get gaslight to hell and back by moids about how they're always sub par in a relationship no matter what

No. 1430421

that's rich coming from someone who's clearly underage.

No. 1430435

I hope this woman is okay
That man is raging and it’s not safe for her or her kids to be around

No. 1430444

I've been warning for ages that the plan was to turn it into a brand. She was never planning to take a stand, she always wanted to create a brand. The subreddit was used to farm posts for her book and that's it. She was into sugaring (unsuccesfully, she paid for her ex) and this was her 'dark triad' way out. It was never about the community the moment she got involved, which was pretty early on.

No. 1430449

File: 1670022701001.png (166.14 KB, 672x840, Scre.png)

The birthday bitch is broke. He doesn't take care of the kids besides picking them up from school. He drained his wife's money and left them unable to pay rent because he wanted to fuck around with other men in a hotel. Give me one good reason the woman in this situation should stay.

No. 1430452

File: 1670022955226.jpeg (549.48 KB, 960x2079, 84BFE1C4-98DE-4414-A88A-BC7DE8…)

Jesus Christ. Trannies bitch about “transphobia” way more then black people bitch about racism.(bait)

No. 1430460

to be fair, reality is transphobic

No. 1430465

What anon, don’t you remember how medieval Europe destroyed HRT stocks and took away trans kids before they escalated to driving the jews out of their cities? Don’t forget the great knee high sock burnings in 1930s Germany. Educate yourself.

No. 1430499

File: 1670025602025.png (471.98 KB, 860x848, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 6.59…)

Wtf is up with moids who claimed to be abused? Who wants to bet that he is the cause of her alcoholism

No. 1430516

What the fuck is a Q?

No. 1430519

>I said all things being equal she needs to stop drinking or leave
>She's just left
I laughed. Based

No. 1430521

every moid on reddit has this carbon copy tall tale where he or his buddy is victim of horrific abuse by his ex gf/wife and act like there's some sort of evil woman pandemic

No. 1430530

File: 1670027442761.png (116.96 KB, 2148x266, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 7.30…)

Who wants to bet that he's the one who killed his wife. jfc

No. 1430542

In his comments, he said, "She has nowhere to go"
He's a well-off crypto-bro. No doubt he probably told this lady he'll take care of her and to not worry about money. Good for her for leaving. He comes across like soggy milk toast in his comments too.

I wonder how many are fake sob stories. RIP to that lady if real

That subreddit has a story where a woman packed up her alchy husband's shit after he took her car and went drunk driving. Cops found him and he got a hold of her, telling her how awful he was and he's gonna kill himself LMAO
Wtf is up with scrotes pulling that? Any rightfully negative reaction to their theatrical fuck ups and they storm away and threaten suicide kek seriously catch any story on reddit where the woman catches her moid fucking up and it's the same song and dance.

No. 1430545

same anon. Drinking and driving isn't a theatrical fuck up but a big one. But the point still stands that they'll pull the seppuku card the moment they get called out

No. 1430549

How is he a well off crypto bro? He's a moid nurse. I hate those

No. 1430561

He dabbles in crypto but brags about being well-off. He's probably one of those travel nurses who make big bucks. Anyways, yes still a scrote.

No. 1430581

File: 1670030016938.png (447.59 KB, 868x3716, RedditFaggotry44.png)

>Two Teenage girls almost die
>Redditors proceed to make rape jokes

No. 1430586

moids gonna moid
hate that one depicting the man's wife as a jealous hag bitch. it really is their porno fantasy

No. 1430657

>Yeah I filmed teenage girls in the bikinis because HYPOTHETICALLY my wife would be jealous that they're on the boat
Because two teenage girls are just going to magically appear on the boat? Also if the title didn't mention they were teenagers moids would be ripping them up in the comments about how their ass and tits are too small/saggy/they're fat or whatever

No. 1430722

Got suspended because moids were complaining about women complaining about motherhood because I said "you should see how men complain about their cushy office or restaurant jobs"

No. 1430757

Moids don't have a single thing that basically divides their life in two like getting pregnant and delivering a child is for women, even fatherhood is only cathartic to a few. It really only reminds me of maniphesto-anon writing about how men can't manage to find meaning, and are scared because women are meaningful. And I don't even want kids.

No. 1430825

Imagine if all women just chose to get surrogates, and then throw the kids to nanny's. That would be crazy right? Well that's men's reality daily. Zero responsibility and they can walk away anytime they want and they date expect custody when most of them can't even remember how many scoops of formula go in the bottle or what size diaper their baby is. Or even worse the moids who ditch out on their kids life and come back when the kid is successful expecting friendship or whatever weird intentions they have. So many moms could easily cut their costs and household labor in half by simply downsizing and throwing out their lazy husbands. It makes me wonder why women who do majority of household chores and are the breadwinners even bother trying

No. 1430830

9 times out of 10 you could always backtrace men's behavior to see why their way acts in a way they complain about. Once saw a guy complaining about how his wife was dealing with bad PPD, couldn't produce milk and had mental breakdowns, went to his profile and turns out he was trying to hook up with teenagers in his city all day while his wife took care of a newborn. I called him out on it and he DELETED HIS PROFILE kekek. The fucking audacity

This guy seems like a fake rich dude and probably gets happy ending massages every week and drives them broke trying to spend money on crypto swearing "it's gonna work this time babe trust me don't get that job"

No. 1430831

>So many moms could easily cut their costs and household labor in half by simply downsizing and throwing out their lazy husbands.
idk how many times I've read this advice on breakingmom, where single moms said that raising your children alone is hard, but it's harder and more expensive to have a lazy ass husband who does nothing but complain all day long.

No. 1430857

By their logic, trans aren't clockable, right? So how could they possibly be oppressed if they put in the effort to look like the opposite gender? If they were right they would just get assumed as any other woman or man and no one would care. Any sort of "transphobia" would only really affect perverts who thought putting on a dress and dollar store lipstick made them a woman

No. 1430884

I wish I could remember the vids title but I watched a video lately where a woman talked about the uneven distribution of work around the home/parenting in homes where both parents work. The man gets home and doesn't lift a finger but mom works the same amount of hours and is never afforded that ability to switch off after work. When she's home she's the one cleaning and seeing to the kids while dad has his downtime. Hes off the clock.. mom is never off the clock. Men haven't gotten the memo that if you're in a 2 income household you can't justify the same old tradition of 'dad needs to chill out after a long workday' routine.

I fully expected to see an influx of 'not my nigel, hes great' in the comments but no. So many women who'd already left their husbands and who described it as taking an added burden off of them. It reduced their workload and dad even takes the kid at the weekend so she finally has that downtime she never had. Because he now HAS to actually be an active parent and do shit himself during that weekend visit. If they stayed with him they'd never get a minute to themselves.

No. 1430900

- Posted about how grown ass men and the boys in my class used to sexualize my high school uniform

- Moid cries out “what about muh men’s issues??” (Typical)

- I lost my patience and not very politely told him about male crime statistics: Men are responsible for roughly 80%-90% percent of all violent crimes. If he wants to protect muh men maybe it’s better to directly address this issue because I’m not the person who is raping or killing men

- Apparently there’s some anti feminist twitter organization in this country who are triggered whenever women speak about women’s issues. They organize a mass downvote campaign against me

- Post history is the most basic white suburban dude content with a sprinkle or patriarchy and racism

- a post I talk about a teenage boy raping a girl in my school gets like ten downvotes because they can’t accept the facts

- One girl and one dude comes to my rescue but the hivemind manosphere posts multiple insults under each comment.

- They downvote my other posts of course! They literally prove that men are impulsive, and prone to ganging up on women.

No. 1430901

I feel this so much. If I was a man I'd love to have kids, but as a woman? My entire life would change.
It feels like most girls nowadays somehow believe that they're gonna be the exception, that their future hubby isn't gonna be as lazy as their dad and all other men on earth but that just never happens.

No. 1431052

A lot of my friends who are married with kids share reels complaining about unfair work load at home or men getting a pat on the back for tasks women regularly do. I think it just dawned of them that regardless of men being liberal, educated etc women will still perform most of the household tasks on top of having a full time job. My friends are the educated bunch tho, the religious trad types are in a competition of who’s gonna be the best human footstool to their semi abusive husbands

Of course women are realizing the ugly truth. Otherwise men wouldn’t be coming together in private Reddit subs, discord servers and manosphere spaces to organize downvoting and verbally attack any woman who dares speak about women’s issues.

No. 1431102

>I feel this so much. If I was a man I'd love to have kids, but as a woman?
Yeah, I'd love to just throw money at my family or drive them around, and be called a good parent. A lot of men promise to "be there" for their wives, but when the kid turns out to suffer from developmental problems or is in any way difficult, they just work more hours (that, if they don't just leave) and the wife has to figure out everything on her own, and will be called a shit parent anyway.

No. 1431132

It's not even when their kids have issues, I've seen with all of my friends and younger family members who have completely healthy, normal kids that the women do a lot more than their male partners, literally no exceptions. The women manage the whole household and have to instruct their male partners to do things instead of equally carrying the mental load. 9 out of 10 times, fathers won't do shit on their own and wait for their wives to instruct them to do it. I think that women don't realize that when their male partners promise they'll divide the work load equally that their men will still expect them to do all of the managing and delegating tasks for them to do and that men have significantly lower standards when it comes to taking care of the household and kids.

No. 1431171

>She was never planning to take a stand, she always wanted to create a brand
Which one are you talking about?

No. 1431247

i honestly don't get why these women don't just take the household management labor into account and assign their husbands more housework to make up for it? they make it sound like he does what he's told - if he doesn't do assigned work, obviously just dump him, but if you're the manager and he does his assignments then as manager you literally get to decide what's fair.

No. 1431270

>AITA for making my husband do more housework as a compensation for the mental labor it takes to assign every single task in our household?
That'd be a great AITA post, I'd love to see reddits take on it lol

No. 1431379

Ava, which isn't her real name dw, but she has multiple accounts and is the main owner of the brand. The sub was originally started by a self identified femcel, not my words, so please don't attack me over it. Shortly afterwards Ava got involved. The rest of the women involved are inconsequential and probably have little to no power to decide what happens or which direction is taken.

No. 1431435

fuck em reddit nerds

No. 1431437

kill yourself(a-logging)

No. 1431568

Lmao I’m guessing that this isn’t the site for you, nonnie

No. 1431602

File: 1670113245236.jpg (26.87 KB, 640x320, 1593703946441.jpg)

No. 1431614

File: 1670113871678.jpg (20.52 KB, 340x262, 1656771713601.jpg)

Y chromosome detected

No. 1431616

Kek, i bet he's seething that she actually left.

No. 1431777

File: 1670123356444.png (89.69 KB, 1174x395, pedodefenders.png)

No. 1431809

I had my doubts that porn fries your brain but this removed any doubt I had. Men genuinely can't tell reality from fantasy. this is so fucking disturbing

No. 1431849

Honestly I think going through posts on a sub for alcoholism is low hanging fruit

No. 1431850

This is so stupid. There are some people who are genuinely pedophiles and can't help it but only retards act like porn and media consumed doesn't play a big part of it. Funny how pedophile rates in countries where womanly and mature features are idealized have very low pedophile rates (example: Italy) but countries known for idealizing child like features such as Japan or in America where teens are fetishized had skyrocketing pedophile rates. it just seems like a lazy way of saying they aren't going to bother to change porn, media, etc to stop fetishizing kids because "they can't help it" as if ex porn addicts haven't straight up admitted to going gay or being into beastiality because of porn

No. 1431855

Sounds about right. my first job I got fired for crying in the break room but some moid would call out all the time for being hungover and goofed off, flirted with freshly 18 yr olds, etc and no one cared

No. 1431860

This just shows why men should never be fathers and should die out. Even fathers of infant children would rather defend pedos than think of the safety of their children. I want to be a mom but the todays landscape is still so unfair towards women. I feel angry because I know I could give a child a good life but moids don’t deserve women looking after their mistakes. They need full accountability for their sperm deposits.

No. 1431965

if you go the actual sperm donor route it's at least what you signed up for. not saying it's good but like.. if you have a child with some moid the usual way you get the bait and switch

No. 1431971

men are always complaining about feminism turning women into man haters, but nothing beats just listening to men or reading the shit they write, really makes you realize what they are better than reading any feminist text. Most feminists really go easy on men, even radical feminists still humanize moids and put their shitty behavior down to socialization. But moids tell on themselves, they're not fully human. Reddit is the biggest pinkpill, the average redditor has views little different from redpill or incel moids.

No. 1431976

File: 1670146908053.jpeg (1.08 MB, 945x4849, 927B71FE-5E2F-4E20-A562-DF4266…)

No. 1431981

based Korean feminists

No. 1431998

Nice to see the regular old rainbow flag for once. Weird that he brings up south koreans being homophobic while making a point about these oh so scary feminists carrying the gay pride flag. Is feminism newer in korea or something? Everything they said is what has been said and debunked on feminism in the past in the west. Somehow I doubt it's really like that, as based as it would be.

No. 1432000

>false rape accusations
>lots of sexual assaults and sex crimes
That's not adding up

No. 1432087

Isn't Korea known to be really brutal on women? sex crimes, society expectations etc. Feminists there better be just as brutal

No. 1432103

I went and found the original post and the comments are nothing but moids complaining about the draft

No. 1432177

Fuck Reddit. Replace the www with “old” and you can get past their shit mobile site without the app.

No. 1432182

Korea is a shithole for women. You will be mocked for not looking perfect like a doll all the time, openly. Spy cameras are assumed to be in every large public washroom. Their redpill incels have a massive hold over their male population (since most Korean males are wimpy internet addicted bitchboys). Pedo shit is not seen as an issue much like Japan. Plus the woe is me I don't care about anyone or anything attitude their males have. Every sexual assault is assumed to be a lie without evidence, and even then that evidence will be brutally questioned or ignored by most. Clubs have had a big problem of spiking drinks (as in the bartenders themselves doing it).

No. 1432194

South Korea is among one of the rare countries where there is more femicide than there is homicide (more ratio of men killing women than men killing men).

Of course the only people complaining in the comments are korean sexist men and a koreaboo white woman.

No. 1432195

stalking is also a huge problem in korea and in some parts of japan too unfortunately.
Really tired of americans and south east asians who watched too much kdrama/kpop and are drowning in pickmeism tell actual korean women how to feel and act.

No. 1432199

Plenty of women don't want to be called feminists either in my shithole heavily patriarchic country, because when your future prospects and work networks depend on your good standing with male bosses and business partners, you have to be a "cool girl". That's the exact thing feminists in non-first world countries protest against.

No. 1432214

That’s the only way I was ever able to browse there, their new/mobile interface is impossible to navigate.

No. 1432250

chrome has an extension that automatically redirects to old reddit

No. 1432259

What spaces did you find?

No. 1432392

>men have significantly lower standards when it comes to taking care of the household and kids.

This. Kitchen counter could be covered in crumbs, junk mail and half empty chip bags and a man still wont take 5 minutes to clean it up because “its not that dirty yet”. And don’t even get me started on working behind the bar after a male coworker who leaves everything unwiped and sticky

No. 1432397

File: 1670181671071.png (46.38 KB, 851x240, Screenshot_244.png)

Men are actively drafted so feminism isn't needed actually!!!

No. 1432542

Too bad Korea isn't at war so there would be fewer men finishing their military service alive

No. 1432636

They also left out vast majority of men in service aren't even being put in combat positions kek. They'll be a damn cook or something and make microwave meals and act all high and mighty about it. Funny how women don't dismiss men's concerns over things women inevitably face but women seem to not be allowed to speak about issues until men's lives are perfect like the spoiled babies they are

No. 1432682

>false rape accusations and humiliating males occurs daily
And? I’m supposed to care? I hope they continue this based behavior.

No. 1432710

oh no, Korean men are getting fucked by laws that men themselves created

No. 1432718

File: 1670198879980.jpg (136.45 KB, 760x1013, 9cb631a95921b6c0891652f9d8465e…)

Lol the Korean military conscription is a joke. It used to be 3 years but they kept lowering it so now it's like barely a year. They have shops, gym, arcades, karaoke, free starbucks coffee, barbeques, birthday parties, etc. and they're even allowed smartphones and video games. It's more like a fucking camp kek. Apparently they don't even need to shave their heads these days, and they get PAID to serve and receive all sort of benefits, and being scrotes they'll always have advantage in the job market above women anyway. They really are just massive entitled manbabies.

No. 1432735

God i love these women. Men need to be punished and beaten purely for existing.

No. 1432738

Kek, not the ball pit.

No. 1432747

i have seen mcdonall ballpits with more blood, sweat and action than that. Men arent even useful to die in wars anymore.

No. 1432748

Maybe I'm just a prude but jacking off to photos that are not inherently sexual seems skeevy

No. 1432761

It is absolutely skeevy. If men are so "visual" why can't they visualize and fantasize about their wives instead of jerking off to innocent pictures?

No. 1432777

>literal impossible beauty standards
>spy cams in bathrooms
>despite controlling society males are incel bitches
>pedo shit
How every Korean woman isn't Aileen Wuornos is beyond me

No. 1432822

Anynonny who wants to know more about the reality of being a woman in South Korea should read Kim Ji-young Born in 1982" by Cho Nam-ju, it touches on pretty much all those things happening to Korean women

No. 1432838

Please give me the strength not to a-log.
Korea is horrible for women. Sex crimes are rampant, and you are looked down upon (even fired) from jobs if you are an open feminist. Women have their roles, which is to go to school, get a degree and then marry a man for his wages to become a housewife. There are no powerful women in Korea and you are openly judged on your looks, which is why plastic surgery is huge there. Look at the burning sun scandal, where there was tons of evidence of girls being drugged and assaulted, with texts and photos included and the men involved got no jail time. fuck south korea and even worse, fuck koreaboos.

No. 1432840

They also do military themed plays. It's basically a big vacation for the men who have to go in. No one really takes it seriously. If north korea ever attacked, SK would get wiped.

No. 1432858

Based. On mobile I also replace "old" with "i" to get a mobile-formatted site instead of constantly having to zoom in to read the comments on old reddit

No. 1432868

my fingers are crossed

No. 1432906

Not to mention most men in military cheat the entire time. They rape women in the military, do drugs with their buddies, get to brag about traveling the world and get three hots and a cot for doing literally nothing. Military is truly a senior trip for moids who act more single than they ever will in their entire life and they get to come back and pretend like they're the most noble people in the world when in reality all they did was having a camping trip where they worked out and raped foreign women. It's also an easy escape for shitty men who wanna escape from child care. But you aren't allowed to say anything negative about it because moids act like being in the military means the entire world should be sucking their dick

No. 1432915

Men are the least visual kek and they usually have shit taste in women. They'll pick dumpy cosplayers with 6 different filters and greasy ass makeup over naturally beautiful women like Monica bellucci. It's even weirder when they claim fertility or something because I guarantee if you get men to name their top 5 it will be anorexic women with lip injections and/or breast implants where as even straight women would probably pick more fertility signaling women over men

No. 1432938

can i just say that i hate soldiers? my boyfriend was in for a few years (yeah i'm a hypocrite) and the shit the guys in his unit did was so infuriating. they all acknowledge that newly enlisted guys usually got married quick and bought expensive shit just bc they could. but if a woman dares to date a soldier/veteran, she's called a dependapotamus. they even have a term for women who cheat, i think it's like Judy or something. like people call cops misogynistic, soldiers are on an entirely different level. oh, but you can't call them out bc they're "defending our country."

No. 1432947

Y'know…it always peaks me that most false allegations are made by men yet men pretend men are the most earnest snowflakes. Obviously it's rarely sexual ones, but men have 0 issue with saying lies that could destroy a woman's reputation and then proliferating them. Hell, there's research showing that men are more likely to lie for self benefit and be Machiavellian.

No. 1432959

If you mean "Jody", that's the name they give the guy the girlfriend is cheating on them with.

No. 1433131

>men have 0 issue with saying lies that could destroy a woman's reputation
Yep. If they cared they wouldn't be so quick to scream about how all women lie, because who cares about already traumatized victims second guessing themselves and facing backlash?

No. 1433135

If people are supposed to distinguish between fiction and reality for lolicons, then why can't they do the same for fujoshis? Why do I never see people defending fujoshis to this extent?

No. 1433141

Police and military have the highest rates of infidelity.

No. 1433143

I think it's usually lolicons and NLOGs defending loli, normal people either don't like it or just try to ignore it. It's up to fujoshi and their boyfriends (or gay male/fudanshi friends) to defend BL (and they would be justified in doing so)

No. 1433182

yes I hate it so fucking much

No. 1433187

do you think they get an extra hour

No. 1433199

To add onto this you can literally get fired from your job in south korea and be mistreated for simply cutting your hair short because due to the rise of feminism that is now seen as aligning yourself with radical feminists views which to koreans is the worst thing you could be. I forget when exactly but didn’t a man expose as a female streamer for being a feminist and she was harassed so severely to the point she took her own life too? But yeah men in korea are the ones that have it hard because they have to go to what is essentially a summer camp for a year or so and because if they sexually abuse a woman they might be called out for it, oh how my heart bleeds for the poor men and the injustices they face, truly the most oppressed class of people.

No. 1433326

File: 1670251223196.png (379.29 KB, 836x2252, gghhjjtt.png)

Reddit attracts current and former military scrotes. This one dude is a walking redflag and how I suspect every military guy is. Condescending and holier than thou. He can 'admit' his problems so that automatically makes him better than most but if his gf so much has a bad day (probably because of him) he's ready to gaslight her.

what's with Redditors Trauma dumping and oversharing on that site?

No. 1433343

File: 1670252608908.jpg (105.58 KB, 828x664, l8l4hcg3ssq81.jpg)

what about the fact that nations like Finland, Denmark, Singapore, Greece, Austria, and Israel also have active conscription and they have comparatively far less misogyny then korea, how do korean MRA's account for that fact, my father and elder brother were conscripted and they tell me it was like University with a lot of PT, it was still difficult but my father considers it an experience of hardship that young men should go through to be self reliant and learn skills to defend their homeland
I mean the average Russian teenage boy is probably seeing more combat then Korea men have in over 70 years

No. 1433347

File: 1670252845803.png (30.89 KB, 986x234, FD09E9CF-F0AD-4A31-A7CD-E20D65…)

The good ending

No. 1433353

Males openly admitting they were raped are liars. The rape rates for boys is so low post-puberty it practically never happens in first world countries. Men who were genuinely molested by other men before puberty don’t remember it well or simply hide it due to shame (like women) unless they can someone manoeuvre it to benefit themselves (unlike women.) They seem to feel less shame regarding the incident and will easily lie about experiencing terror they never did. If a man claims he was raped by a WOMAN- run. There are no exceptions. Run as fast as you can.

No. 1433354

Yep I talked to a Korean feminist and she said that there are more and more news stories of women getting fired or not being considered for jobs bc some moid told the boss they’re a feminist or “femi”. Plus the most recently elected President ran on a platform of anti-feminism and one of his promises was to “address” the issue of low birth rates and female separatists by assumably forcing them into marrying Korean or Hannam moids because the birth rate and marriage rate are low and most women want nothing to do with the average Korean moid. But yep feminists are evil misandrists and women are totally equal in every way to men!!

No. 1433357

I want all Korean women to a-log and go on a killing spree, but women dont do this. instead they voice their opinions through protests. Women will never be as violent as men, no matter what injustices we face. The SK president said feminism/women's rights in SK is not his problem, and if women want feminism so bad, they should fight for it themselves. Literally he said this. Koreaboos who fawn over those plastic monsters piss me off the most since they dont give two shits about the plights of women there.

No. 1433366

Notice how the most evil men (korean) have the smallest penis. Surely god is trying to tell us something

No. 1433368

If there was a god, men wouldnt exist.

No. 1433369

File: 1670254186795.png (616.71 KB, 2730x2048, new_recovering_population_dive…)

it might be fucked up but I'm kinda curious how south korea will turn out in a the next few generations, misognystic turbocoomer men on one side and rightfully pinkpilled women on the other, both refuse to have children and working till they die in a hyper individualist capitalist society, will a bottleneck effect with the upcoming population

No. 1433371

Come on, it’s a metaphor.

No. 1433384

File: 1670254706819.jpg (24.67 KB, 338x500, 41VI5c8r5FL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Not entirely your point but your post reminded me of this book that theorizes that instead of continued overpopulation, we're going to see a steep decline soon.

Wouldn't that be great kek

No. 1433392

File: 1670255025782.gif (8.42 MB, 1024x677, South Korea population pyramid…)

>Not entirely your point but your post reminded me of this book that theorizes that instead of continued overpopulation, we're going to see a steep decline soon.
I mean wasn't this well known since the 2010's, but its worse in Asia then all other regions cause their birth increase and then decline was so drastic, even in the west it was still more gradual, even Arab world is having a population decline(thank god)

No. 1433400

If you anons have sources for this I would love to see them and use them against moids because it’s quite funny that men are more likely to lie about rape despite being sooo scared of muh false accusations. I’ve noticed this with tranny mtfs who claim to have been raped by female exes or even random “cis women” at a gay bar, it just doesn’t happen and you know they’re fucking lying but some actual research proving it would be the most damning evidence.

No. 1433404

I mean men are statistically more likely to be raped by other men then they are to have a false rape accusation made against them

No. 1433458

File: 1670258680807.jpg (150.74 KB, 898x820, tip .jpg)

Tipping culture is going way too far. I'm not tipping the housekeeper. Here's a tip find a hotel that pays you a better wage. Also the talesfromyourserver sub has some insane entitlement, waiters crying over perfectly acceptable tips. Like you literally are choosing a job where your attitude and the customer's whim dictates your tips don't go crying about every shitty one you get. Work on an assembly line or telemarketing if you want a steady wage. Oh wait it's because they are full of SHIT, they love the tip culture because they can hide it on their taxes

No. 1433461

you sound poor

No. 1433462

Israel conscripts women as well, but for 2 years instead of 3

No. 1433463

post something actually egregious then? leaving anything other than actual money as a tip is rude no matter what

No. 1433465

Just throw it away instead of taking is so personally? So fragile

No. 1433466

ot but I hate how the older women are labeled as "surplus" just because they outlived the genetically inferior males of their age group. The younger skew for surplus males shows how misogyny screws a society though, didn't SK parents recently have a mass realization that their adult scrotelings aren't going to care for them as they age?

No. 1433471

I'm not from a tipping culture so I don't have the full picture but leaving fake money as a tip seems like a shitty joke.

No. 1433473

as a non anglo I still don't get this, In most of the world if you give a service worker money they will be offended by it, cause its like your giving them to charity

No. 1433480

Tipping housekeeping has always been the norm in the US. I don't want to tip them so I always leave up the do not disturb sign. Tipping culture is bullshit but we should be shaming employers, not the employees.

No. 1433483

They ignore those fucking signs half the time and still expect a tip, funny shit. Also they steal

No. 1433516

do you mean you live in a non tipping country? anon should just move to a non tipping country if she's too poor to tip.

No. 1433522

YOU and the anons in the replies sound retarded and sheltered. The problem here is not the tipping. The problem here is that the tipper gave them a 1$ voucher for some game place. Pls anyone anons with a iq higher than 70.

No. 1433529

I understand it perfectly well I'm making fun of her for being entitled do you get it now

No. 1433538

there is a difference between not tipping someone and giving them items, might as well give them your clothes and call that a tip.

No. 1433544

most countries don't tip, just americans and british are the only one's who care about it

No. 1433548

It's actually quite sad. A lot of the suicide deaths in SK are because a lot of elderly parents who left to die in horrible conditions. SK is a shameful country. I dont see a future for them in 25 years. Their economy is tanking and they are just repeating the same mistakes Japan did in the 80s. The fact that half the country is monopolized by 5 giant brands like Samsung says it all.

No. 1433551

100 percent this person is male. Even at the poorest, I still leave at least $5. Leaving nothing once I leave my hotel and end my stay is so rude imo. I dont like tipping culture either, but I have a soft spot for house keepers in hotels.

No. 1433572

A lot of places (Europe) tip waiters, movers and different types of service personnel for a job well done. First time I hear about tipping cleaning ladies at a hotel though, that's not an expectation here

No. 1433575

didn't have that experience when I was in Germany

No. 1433588

But unlike waiters in the US, waiters elsewhere don't depend on tipping for money. They have a fixed salary.

No. 1433594

And? NTA but not everyone gets to be rich

No. 1433612

Leaving a tip under $10 isnt even rich.

No. 1433692

Anon might be poor, because she can't afford to tip. The people who demand tips also sound poor, because they get angry when they don't get tips. What's your point?

No. 1433694

Apparently, in Japan, a lot of poor old people commit crimes to go to jail, you know, free food and accommodation. It's pretty sad.

No. 1433697

I tip the valet/bellman at the hotel it's not custom to tip housekeeping. What's next I have to tip the front desk?

No. 1433705

Go to a sperm bank or adopt a cute little girl nona

No. 1433710

Is tipping housekeepers as commonplace as tipping waitresses? I'm a burgerfag and this is the first time I've heard of tipping housekeepers. Are they also paid under minimum wage like waitresses? Sorry for OT I'm just curious now. Wanna make sure I haven't been a total ass in hotels my whole life.

No. 1433717

>How DARE a servant be offended by an objectively rude act!
Kys anon

No. 1433875

It's common enough that I've seen the tip envelope in every hotel I've been in, but I've never tipped them and all my friends admit they've never tipped them.

No. 1433964

I always leave a few dollars or so when I stay at a hotel, but I don’t get regular daily housekeeping (always use the do not disturb because I hate people cleaning around my stuff) and I usually don’t stay anywhere that nice. Just figure it’s a crappy job and a few bucks is better than nothing. I didn’t realize they expected tips, now I feel sorta bad.

No. 1433965

Definitely not as commonplace, I was a housekeeper years ago and my old workplace pooled the tips and gave them out when there was enough for each of us to get about $20, which was every 6 months. IME business people were more likely to tip, the worst tippers were hockey parents because 1) you know they have money to burn because they put their sons in hockey 2) they would let their stupid sons trash the room and would typically not tip a cent 3) they were all drunks. One time one of them so kindly "helped out" by collecting a huge garbage bag of half-full beer cans and dumping it on top my housekeeping cart where it leaked all over my paperwork. They were also all stuck up cunts. Fuck hockey parents.

No. 1433984

you also a leaf?
also i hate this discussion but anons saying that not tipping will fix the system are retarded. tipping benefits staff at high end establishments so they advocate for it. people who work at fancy restaurants are the one getting the most out of it, so punishing workers at cheaper places just adds to the problem.

No. 1434028

I always leave a $10 bill if not more even though I make every effort to keep the room clean, put the used towels all in a designated spot so they’re not splayed across the room, tie up my garbage bags so they’re easy to throw out, strip the bed before I leave, etc. Housekeepers at hotels have arguably one of the worst jobs in the country, minimum wage to clean random people's cum, shit, piss and blood, they deserve it (not to mention they're almost always minority women) and honestly I don't understand the ree-ing from nonnies in this thread for leaving a ten in the envelope provided. I sure as hell wouldn't want their job, google "worst housekeeping stories from hotel workers" and see if you'd want to do that for your entire life. It's sad and repulsive how people leave their rooms, and when I can I leave a $20 bill.

No. 1434036

Yeah, I know everyone hates tipping and it’s gotten more egregious lately, but idk what the solution is. The only reason people take on waiting jobs is for the (somewhat) flexible hours and tips. Serving sucks. People will literally scream in your face because their medium well steak was slightly more medium or their Diet Pepsi had too much ice. I don’t know why anyone would bartend/serve if not for tips, it’s just not worth the stress and 9 hour shifts with no break if you’re only making minimum wage.

No. 1434086

Americans are so weird.

No. 1434098

I'd say Anglos in general are weird

No. 1434120

Everyone is weird. There isn't one ethnicity that isn't.

No. 1434127

The tipping debacle getting to you huh

No. 1434162

File: 1670300820016.jpg (1.27 MB, 1440x2060, scrotedegeneracy.jpg)

How can a woman see how coombrained this male is and not stay 5000 feet away from him

Rotating video of the "Gingerbread house"

No. 1434164

Yep. When I made less than $300 a week if I couldn't afford a minimum of $5 tip at a restaurant or something I wouldn't go. If you can't afford a tip and eat out frequently or order delivery you shouldn't be doing that in the first place, seriously just get rice, beans, chicken and veggies that will last you a few meals and be tons cheaper. I especially judge people who get doordash or pizza delivery and then bitch about how they can't tip…like? It's a luxury to have food delivered, back in the day you'd have to walk your own damn self or bring food to work. I remember some door dash drivers use to complain about how nurses and doctors who were obviously making good money would barely tip even though people living in trailer parks always left appropriate tips

No. 1434168

tbh tipping doesn't bother me at all when i'm giving cash directly to someone who did work for me. it makes me happier if none of the tip goes to management or owners. i feel like if you're going to cheap out somewhere, do it by shoplifting at big warehouse chains.

No. 1434169

It was always weird to me how moids always labeled women by their age and would constantly make it known how older women "won't do well" in the dating field… Like okay? Vast majority of women are married with kids by the time they're "old", I promise you they don't care about dating and aren't worried about you. Imagine seeing some grandma in the grocery store and immediately thinking "wow she has no market value" like what?

No. 1434170

nta but its literally just you americans and brtish who engage in this pointless behavior

No. 1434171

that's just an incel with access to an oven, zero sign of any woman's involvement

No. 1434173

Nta but everyone is going on and on for hours.

No. 1434174

IMO not tipping is worse than shoplifting. Usually if someone tips you're taking away time from the person's wage and some people will end up making less than minimum wage that day, sure they "should be fighting for a better wage" but usually people who are working like that need the money and don't have the means to take off work to riot. Shoplifting affects nobody, at worst they'll just start locking up items but big chains have shoplifting insurance anyway and it's illegal to punish employees because of shoplifters. If anything shoplifters are creating more LP jobs

No. 1434178

I understand some servers but other servers can be unbearable. I had a high school girl scream because I left her a 5 dollar tip on a 40 dollar order after she accidentally put in my order twice (would've only been 20), like you're in high school, outside of rare circumstances there's no reason you need to be making 30+ dollars an hour. Another time I got an attitude from a massage therapist for tipping 10 dollars on a 100 dollar massage like wtf

No. 1434181

>IMO not tipping is worse than shoplifting
If you sign up for a job that says it's $1 per hour, you need to accept accountability for it. Tipping is not compulsory and it's the fault of the people working in this sector that they need to beg for money from people who are not their employers. Shoplifting is scummy because it causes businesses to push up their prices to compensate for the loss, can cause shortages in certain situations, close locations which is problematic for the people in the community in some cases and causes security measures that ruin the shopping experience for consumers. If you only make $1 in an hour, that's because that's what you signed up for. I think the worst part is that the amount that's considered acceptable for a tip keeps going up to ridiculous levels, it's why i rarely go to sit down restaurants and i would honestly prefer servers to not even be there and use a computer.

No. 1434234

People are just trying to survive.

No. 1434270

brits don't tip

No. 1434282

You are a fucking retard and your anger and hatred is so misplaced, inshallah you never have to work a food industry or hospitality job.

No. 1434294

If you live in a right to work state it can be damn near impossible to find and hold down a job so you take anything you can get, not to mention many restaurant workers work two jobs but that doesn't mean they deserve less than minimum wage for their time. Why not just tip until everything with restaurant pay sorts out so that way people can survive?

No. 1434304

Nah I agree, servers tend to be so greedy as someone who use to work in management. They'll brag about how they make like 600 dollars over the weekend alone but then blow it all on drugs or recreation or some stupid shit all while expecting an insane tip from every table or else they're "barely scraping by". The worse ones are the servers who are backstabby towards new employees by writing them bad reviews or complaining about them in attempts they will get fired as if new people aren't just trying to survive as much as they are. Many servers are bitchy and very cliquey in the workplace and create most if not all of the drama

Other aspects of tipping definitely need to be acknowledged though like food delivery drivers since they're often chill, use their own car, and can only really deliver one at a time where as servers can do multiple tables at once plus food delivery is a huge luxury anyway. Then you have other services that are weirdly now becoming tip based that never have before like fast food and spa services.

No. 1434338

Stfu about tipping nonas you all sound like redditors

No. 1434353

they probably are given the infestation of men we've been having.

No. 1434362

How is the tipping infight gendered? Plenty of women refuse to tip and are assholes about it

No. 1434365

This is vile, I fucking hate how porn is violent abuse instead of sex. I hate how men see sex as violent use of woman’s body instead of something two people take part in.

No. 1434366

File: 1670322578026.jpeg (369.28 KB, 617x1008, DA20997B-F6CD-4671-BDD2-400C75…)

No. 1434373

because men are more likely to blame people who are victims of circumstance. also most servers/housekeepers are women so again, men are more likely to shit on them. how can you not see the connection? as for anti-anglo anon, she's probably french.

No. 1434376

File: 1670322871555.jpeg (375.92 KB, 1134x2194, BDA73211-1099-430B-83F3-3ADC64…)

I don’t get how women find this funny. Genuinely happy that even when I was a pro-porn libfem I would never be this braindead to praise something so childish and disgusting. Male humor is so superior right?
Also OP is most likely male because he has nothing but gingerbread porn on his account.

No. 1434401

Maybe but only men shit on women now? Plenty of women shit on people in the hospitality industry, it's a class thing not a gender thing

No. 1434405

no one said that, but if you believe most of the tipping arguments itt are women i don't know what to tell you.

No. 1434406

you love to see it

No. 1434418

“Legal options”
Is he asking for state enforced rape??

No. 1434423

Kek males really need someone else to manage money for them if they fall for shit like this, imagine thinking that would actually happen. no brain, just coom

No. 1434443

Its already creepy how men delight in finding old schoolmates on onlyfans or people they know irl. This just adds another layer of creep to that. It's stalker vibes

I'd think that even women crazy enough to do OF don't want anyone too close to home following them.

No. 1434451

I don't even know how men can joke about "when does she start an OF" or be happy when they find their acquaintance online. Ugly men in the old times at least just tried to clumsily ask someone out on a date hoping they could see something, now they literally sit there going "go and take nudes so I can view them for $5" as if it's not some insane thing to even joke about

No. 1434510

you’re so right, sometimes they’ll even blow it all it on food and rent, it disgusts me and i don’t understand why anyone would give these people money knowing they’re just going to spend it all anyways

No. 1434514

File: 1670333118004.jpg (285.32 KB, 1080x2218, os1w65pfpvn91.jpg)

i was reminded of this pathetic sub

No. 1434522

Men's Rights Activism truly attracts the most low IQ moids. In all his drivel he couldn't even provide evidence that women don't have empathy, but goes on a tangent about a woman who pretends to be a man, online dating (because that's what this is all about), and men's favorite thing to misunderstand, evolutionary biology.
>Empathy doesn't exist in women. There is no evolutionary advantage
Well for starters, women literally do all child rearing, even in today's ~equal~ society. What evolutionary purpose would empathy have for men? Their only goal in life is to cum in a vagina, and that explains most of their fucked up behavior.

No. 1434565

Men who do most of the violent crime like killings and rape have empathy but women don’t? Men who shame women for reading romantic books or watching romantic movies, who showed in studies that their brain sees women as objects instead of people? Men who shamed women for centuries for having empathy and called them emotional because of that?
How would not having empathy in women be evolutionary good when women are the ones to bear and take care of infant helpless children.
Notice how his empathy women should have Is only about men not being able to get sex kek.

No. 1434578

he wants his money back but is probably worried about getting in trouble for engaging in prostitution.

No. 1434597

Where did you get "food and rent" out of "drugs and recreation". The server job in general is good and there's definitely a lot of good servers but the restaurant industry in general is filled with toxic people who play high school

No. 1434601

So many men assume that most women are doing sex work and it's so fucking creepy. I use to work with a moid who would say he thinks a woman "is doing tryst/onlyfans/etc" anytime she takes off randomly or hides her phone.

No. 1434610

>ruin the shopping experience
oh my god nonny what the fuck

No. 1434616

Imagine caring this much for a measly 200 euros. Just take the L and go.

No. 1434620

Is there ever a post by these types where they don't throw 'women get more matches on tinder than me!' into it. Like thats how deep it is. Thats the big hate crime they expereinced before they decided to declare all women devoid of empathy.

No. 1434645

Reddit is full of liars and content theft. I posted a drawing and then a year later it gets reposted in the same sub and gets 3x as many points with someone using the same fucking title pretending they drew it. Or my exbf posting my dog (that he hated and was jealous of) for karma on his personal reddit account. Or just today I saw someone post a very unique and delicious looking cake on multiple cooking subreddits. It got lots of attention. I wanted to refer back to the recipe and look at it closer and notice all the posts about it were nuked. I looked closer at the comments on one of the posts and OP was exposed as stealing the pics from some obscure foreign baking website

No. 1434690

the fact that men really think they need rights at all just because they are forced to pay child support for their own shitty decisions to try to run away on the mother. Men really think they are entitled to sex and women live life on easy mode, despite being the victims of violent crimes from men. Men do not suffer from violent sex crimes.

No. 1434695

Funny how theyll constantly flip back and forward from "if you don't do what I want I can easily find a tinder thot to happily fuck me" to "we don't get enough matches on tinder". What's even their obsession with matches? If anything I'd prefer to get less because you don't have to sort through as much people, sugar daddy scams, assholes, trolls, etc, just to find one person. But the issue is that these men don't want one person they want a whole harem and tinder ruins their fantasy and they hate it

No. 1434702

Yeah imagine if women regularly abandoned their kid (without actually losing adoption rights) and all they had to do is pay a few hundred dollars a month. They get the right of knowing where their child is and getting as involved or uninvolved as they want and all they had to do was pay. They'll get a full nights rest, be able to party and shit after work, hook up without worrying if strangers in their home are going to diddle their kids, don't have to prepare kids for school or anything else and all they needed to do was pay. At last minute they wanna bitch about custody or whatever but not actually pull their weight when it comes to the hard part of parenting and will never actually admit how hard it truly it

No. 1434717

If you like being stalked by security guards and being harrased by overbearing staff just day so.(enough derailing over tipping)

No. 1434732

Lol. I lived in the hood for most of my life and at worst they'll just put more security tags on things, even stores with high shoplifting rights don't have LP officers on your ass unless you're purposely acting suspicious. Even then, if say, 5 people shoplift a couple of items a day at a store it would barely affect them as long as if everything is insured which most big box stores are. If 5 people at a restaurant didn't tip it would completely fuck over the servers average wage and even more so if the person is a delivery driver and can only do 1 delivery at a time and they could be getting less than minimum wage because of it and a lot of these people rely on tips for basic necessities like food, feminine hygiene products, gas, etc. I don't agree with the asshole tip based staff that they need to get a minimum of $10 tip for every order but shoplifting won't have the same affect on the average employee as non tipping does

No. 1434771

It’s so dumb because as if it’s of any use for women to have 200 ugly fuckboys wanting to use your body as a fleshlight, overpower you, possibly give you herpes, act like assholes to you and then never see you again. Which is literally what most of the “easy” or “free” matches women get are, just really desperate ugly men wanting to fuck and disappear. If moids used their brain for once they’d realise they wouldn’t want this either.

No. 1435012

I'm bi and women are so much more thoughtful on tinder. More thought out bios, putting in more effort with responding, more flattering pictures, etc. Id much rather have less matches if it's more quality over a ton of ugly fuckboys who will call me flat or fat if I say no and want to pump and dump. I'd even argue that it's easier for men to find a meaningful relationship on tinder if they actually put in effort so there's no point in begging for hundreds of matches as long as if you have at least a couple of good matches, or even just one good match you end up being in a ltr with is enough. Why do they just want more and more matches? To fulfill their harem fantasies? Well they should stop living in an anime then

No. 1435225

File: 1670374510686.png (150.41 KB, 1458x1422, Kate 1.png)

No. 1435227

File: 1670374584236.png (398.55 KB, 1322x3170, Kate.png)

Are reddit men even human? What the fuck is up with them?

No. 1435234

No. 1435264

This has gotta be fake right? How do you write this and not know what the judgement would be? Lmao. The roomie is just leaving notes around with the word cunt written a bunch of times and that’s not threatening?

No. 1435266

what if i said i want every single moid in this world to be in this situation, with their brain eaten and slave to their own coom, but without real women involved of course?

No. 1435269

File: 1670376958739.png (18.37 KB, 869x19, Screenshot 2022-12-06 203520.p…)

Everything makes sense now, kek.

No. 1435295

It's obviously fake like most posts on aita. You can tell with how the OP replies are meant to be as infuriating as possible plus it's written as typical ragebait.

No. 1435296

didn't know incels were allowed on reddit lmao

No. 1435357

File: 1670382761481.png (1.13 MB, 789x847, Tardlyingforepoints.PNG)

exactly. Men on reddit lie all the damn time about having a girlfriend/wife. I can believe that there are women who put up with this shit but reddit is plagued with loser scrotes wanting attention.

Picrel. clearly, it's a karma farming account, back when it was loser moids doing this shit and not bots.

No. 1435363

they’re all quarantined/private by now bc it’s the only way to avoid a ban. i think kotakuinaction is quarantined/privated now too.

No. 1435379

File: 1670383483035.png (47.99 KB, 855x535, Basedmomu867.PNG)

A thread asking women how the man reacted to being rejected when proposing. Lots of horror stories.

Besides pic related, because the woman didn't give a shit about a dead scrote kek it's a lot of horror stories. Men stalking, men lying (duh), trying to guilt her into saying yes, Stalking her years later to guilt trip her because all his problems are because of her and men beating the women up

No. 1435614

Post a link or something?

No. 1435679

I am laughing so hard at the fact I got to the 6th sentence and immediately knew "kate" was a man.

No. 1435688

If men weren’t such violent retards I would leave notes with “tranny” written all over them. Disgusting fuckers.

No. 1435711

This is most probably fake, but it is true to life. I've seen a woman rent out her place to a troon and his "GF" (both a single mom and those two dudes signed up for the facebook ad and the mob pressured her to give it to the trannies) and they turned the whole place upside down, destroyed some of her father's books and left rotting food in the kitchen then disappeared and left threatening voice messages from throwaway phones for her to remove her posts about it. So the events aren't unrealistic, only OP's reaction to this shit taken he also lives there.

No. 1435747

This is peak scrote excusing scrote behaviour, they can never ever hide it. Get harassed, have your laundry thrown around because the unhinged freak has a meltdown? Your problem female, deal with it like an adult. Fellow moid has his ego hurt because women don't want to cater to his delusions? Poor him :(((

No. 1435753

50 bucks say the OP is "Kate" who hoped for validation.

No. 1435809

I don't know why people claim that most posts on AITA are fake. You can usually tell the actual fakes pretty quickly, and we all know people who have done the stupidest shit we've ever seen in our life. I watched a woman who was a good friend sell her paid off house and move into a rental apartment because her roof was leaking and she didn't want to take out a loan to fix it because she was afraid of someone holding a loan over her head.

No. 1435838

God. The soap thing. Dumb motherfucker wants to play stupid “I don’t get why they’re bothered by the soap”. It’s not about the soap, it’s about someone feeling comfortable enough to go out of his way to mess with other people’s belongings in order to terrorize them. Like duh, it would be one thing if it was an accident but it clearly wasn’t. Intent is a thing. What was his intention? To upset them. I hate this kind of pretending not to understand shit.

No. 1435841

They’re mostly in r/actuallesbians now

No. 1435931

So he knows that "Kate" is dangerous and violent but doesn't want to release the girls from the lease

No. 1436210

why are "daddy doms" always either manlets or lanklets

No. 1436263

oh I forgot the lardasses. my bad.

No. 1436295

You know what's annoying about reddit? It's 25% of the internet, yet produces nothing. Every single funny screenshot is stolen from twitter, tumblr, or 4chan. No one mass shares reddit screenshots except when making fun of them. It's just this giant useless parasite that exists to sell shit and sway public opinion while feeding on the blood of other, better websites.

No. 1436409

To be fair, that was pretty much the point of reddit, to centralize the internet and bring everything on one platform. Oh, and reddit has always been full of literal fake users and bots because the founders wanted to make it big quickly.

No. 1436419

All stupidity and redundancy of reddit is worth enduring because r/nosleep exists there too. Some stories people published on this subreddit are best horror I've ever read.

No. 1436470

It produces a lot of semi-fictional personal drama stories on its relationship subreddits, which gets reused by truly the most derivative "creators", reaction youtubers and buzzfeed journos

No. 1436530

It's ironic too because they act like they're better than every other social media site

No. 1436687

File: 1670459700586.jpeg (366.86 KB, 1170x1359, FDE790C6-4CC8-45E5-B040-EC6970…)

tik tok of a woman showing how her boyfriend destroyed his gaming setup and punched through the walls after she turned off the router because he was screaming at the game while she was working from home.

redditor: “yeah but both sides are bad!! she should’ve left the apartment!”

No. 1436828

Imagine if women started destroying a bunch of property, they barely bother defending women who destroy things if men cheat on them or rape them or something but turning off the router and "they're both bad"???

No. 1436831

Men learning about therapy language was a mistake.
>when mommy grounds me from vidya for screaming and smashing my controller it's actually a sign of her own poor communication and her inability to relate to my emotions in a healthy way. perhaps bitch mommy should have enforced a reasonable boundary by working from a cafe.

No. 1436893

redditors always play the “well we don’t know the full story” when women are on the receiving end. it’s only gotten worse since depp.

No. 1436961

Only on reddit do men feel like they're a catch just because they hear that a lot of men don't even wash their ass. Congrats on being at the level of higieny most women are at 6 years old? Stop working on yourself, king, you just need all the males to be even more shitty

No. 1436962

That's what makes reddit moids marginally worse than moids on any other site including 4chan.

It's funny the only original content comes from advice subreddits and other parasitic mediums such as shitty youtube channels and crappy articles repost the content. They aren't even good a sharing new shit, they constantly repost the same content so many times.

No. 1436963

>poor communication
The fucking audacity, imagine if women got violent every time a man communicated poorly. There wouldn't be an unpunched wall in any house.

And we all know she probably asked him nicely a million times, tried 'sitting down and having a conversation', nagged and begged and got ignored anyway.

No. 1437078

It’s always women that are expected to work around whatever the fuck the man is doing. She should go all the way to a cafe to work and earn a living, don’t you dare tell him to shut the fuck up while he’s playing a very important video game! Said without a hint of irony. When i see takes this dumb I think, it has to of come from some sheltered, coddled teenage boy who hasn’t worked a day in his fucking life.

No. 1437093

Me reading this: Kate sounds like a transwoman
>girle bonding
>never had a female roommate before
>unspecified "accusations" levied at Kate (sounds like going through their underwear, or sexual harassment)
>going crazy throwing housemate's clothes on the floor instead of just placing them somewhere else
>sending people notes addressed to "cunts"
>writing notes that are just "cunt" over and over
>Kate and I are both transwomen
bingo. Imagine being in the house with some seething troon writing "dear cunts" notes to you every day

No. 1437095

File: 1670490664066.jpeg (316.74 KB, 634x1008, FE6410A9-8FF3-4613-AFF5-A8AF82…)

No. 1437097

why? kids are little shits and whippets are really meek dogs.

No. 1437100

It’s written in a really over the top way. Like the children all swarm over and start screaming “doggy!!!!” Like a bunch of autistic toddlers, and then collectively stomping on it when it bites one of them. Meanwhile continuing to scream “bad doggy!!” children are retarded but not this retarded.

No. 1437105

you've never been to the uk, or had kids. really though, kids this young outside unsupervised will be that feral. this doesn't sound that insane to me, you can just say you hate dogs.

No. 1437118

I agree it sounds fake. Kids do behave that way sometines but the post is written in such a overdramatic attention seeking fashion, makes me think it's bs.

No. 1437139

Seems a lil too tryhard to be real. A pack of wild 7 year olds start assaulting your dog while 2 adults look on in horror? k

Posted one day ago and now their account has been suspended.

No. 1437239

File: 1670505817249.gif (230.03 KB, 220x172, B0C146B3-26E6-4A51-B352-A609F6…)

>you’ve never been to the uk
>just say you hate dogs

No. 1437242

I was once walking my dog and this little girl burst out of her house and screamed my dogs breed and just ran up to pet him without asking. Kids are fucking retarded. Her mom was right there laughing

No. 1437253

I've been hearing counselors saying this recently and I do not agree with it. They claim saying, "Do not text me past midnight." is a bad way of setting a boundary because it puts the onus on the other person. Instead you should say, "If you text me past midnight, I will block you." because then it puts the boundary on something you can control.
I'm in favor of telling people no, full stop. They can figure their own shit out.

No. 1437256

dogs > british children

No. 1437276

Jesus Christ I saw that! And I saw the comments which were subtly defending the crazy boyfriend. Most still sided with the woman tho.

Imagine your loser stay at home boyfriend who’s permanently attached to a shit stained gaming chair going on a violent chimp out because you have to work. He punched HOLES into those walls

No. 1437280

Kek 5’5” is taller than some of them

No. 1437281

This is 100 percent fake. They're acting like they're in some south american shit hole where kids distract you and rob you. Why would there be 7-8 unsupervised kids SUDDENLY coming out to pet your dog? Also, if your dog is scared, you pick them up and leave the area. Moids posting for attention again? Most likely.

No. 1437287

Hettie women, please up your standards and stop dating man babies.

No. 1437292

bongland just be like that

No. 1437302

brush your teef

No. 1437383

>punched through the walls
"well you BOTH need to communicate better and set boundaries" is the standard reddit response even when a male is doing shit like this. So balanced.

No. 1437429

he may have punched multiple holes through the walls but she told him "no" WHICH IS LITERALLY JUST AS BAD MEN HAVE IT SO SO HARD WAAAAAAAH BOOHOO

No. 1437439

not linking because it makes me want to throw up

front page of reddit. 17k+ upvotes. r/tinder post is literally a sex pest bragging about raping poor girls in the phillipines and getting pats on the back for it by other moids.

some comments are actually calling the creepy out but then you still have delusional moids claiming that maybe OP is handsome despite h is obesity or that obesity is genuinely attractive to these girls even when this disgusting moid brags about how they cry afterwards

No. 1437456

> literally a sex pest bragging about raping poor girls in the phillipines
How are people like you even real?

No. 1437458

File: 1670517723369.png (1.07 MB, 1505x1717, rt.PNG)

You probably mean this post and as much as I hate any kind of sex tourism… these girls are reaching out to him. I agree he's a sex pest and should die but this is not rape.

No. 1437469

samefag, i looked at more comments from OP and genuinely hoping he gets murdered soon♥

No. 1437472

I'm pretty sure it's an incel LARP, he uses so many tells and immediately jumped on the attention to make an AMA where he spouts more edgelord incel shit.

But even if it was real, it's some fat asshole having consensual sex with women in the Philippines, allegedly without lying or paying. It's whatever, I don't care. Pearl clutching this hard over that makes that poster look more unhinged than the redditor.

No. 1437733

File: 1670530139647.jpg (370.49 KB, 794x992, sexpest.jpg)